Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 10, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 10, 1843 Page 1
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Tit jtx . Vol. IX.?No. 137 ? Waul* No. *309 To tti? Public. THK NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper-published every day of the y car except Sew Year's lay and Fourth oi July. Price a cents per copy?or f7 96 per annam?postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday momiay?price 0} cents per copy, or #6 19 per annumpostages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing net. It hat the circulation of any papei in thit city, or the world, and it therefore, the belt channel for bueincei men in the city or country Price* moderate?cash in odranee. v/ PRINTING of all kinds, sxecnted at the most moderato prices, and in tlie most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PnoraiKTox or tbi IIkhald Establishment, Northwest comer of Fulton and Nassau streets BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN KOVAL MAID STEAM SHIPS, Or I'-OC tons and 440 hone power each. Arretted hy the Admiralty to sail bttwem Liverpool and bo.ton, calling at IlaMax to laud and-eceive Fasten stagers anu H-rMjesti's Mail'. HIBERNIA. Catfa n ChailisH. E. Judkinx CALEDONIA, tdi(Ufn Edward G. Lott. ACADIA, Capt#u Altxaoder Ryrie. COLUMBIA, Ca|H?n N. Snaiinon. BRITANNIA Captain Jilin Hewitt. Will sail for uaton via Halifax. i a?M Livtawoi. from soitow. Acr.dia, Krrie 18hM?y lfiih June Columbia, *'aonon <tf> Jane 1st July Hibtruia, Jndkins, 19 h Jui e 16 h July C I' du: la, Lott, 4ih July 1st auk These shi| scarry exptrieuce I surgeons, an-l Fiances' Peteut I lfu "oats No berths seruted nctil pai I fo Apply to U. BHIGHAM. JH Ait'nt, iofir IM? 1 Wall Street, New York. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Ratal Mail M am i-hip ACAulA, Al under Ryree, Commander, will leave Boston for the ah ive porta, cu Friday, a 16 h June Passage to Liverpool t<20, * Passage to Halifax, 20, Apply to D BKIUHAM, Jr. Agent. j7ee No. 3 "Yah street. NEW YOKK, BCHOOLEY'S oc ^PJfiMOUNTAIN k EASTON. flgfgfeaj Li-.'.m me loot of Courtlnnd stree', daily (Su..d iys eretltil) ai 8 o'ftioek, A M., by railroad f om J-r?ey city to Morris town, thence by Post coaches ihr. ugh Mendhatn,Chester Schooley's Mountain. Anderson Town, Port Coldrn. Wasliiuatou, to Kastor. At Washington, a daily 'ine intersects to and from BrWulere For seats apply to J. Hill, at J. Patron's, Commercial H ore' 73 Ci urilaud street. N.B ?Extr*s furnished , t the shortest notice by applying to N. B Ln >. United Btstes Hotel Mo'tistown. invjl 3in ec NEW YUKK ANIJ KlMi 8 I UN B i CAM HUElUHT AND PASSAGE I.'NE. ^ga For Kingston, auil Delaware and Hudson ^L~. Canal?iteambuats EMERALD and NOR 3F^5CS.wich. The EMKhALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leare New York Toot of Murray itreet, every Monday and tnursdayatS o'c'ock P. M. Wi I leave Kiugston (Rondont landing) e?eiy Wednesday and Saturdav at 3 "'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John "amueli, will leave New York, fooi of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at S o'clock, P. M. W.ll l-ave Kingston (Rondont landing) every Tue ay and Friday at I o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leare the faet of Murray itreet every Pumly morning at 7 o'cl ck. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'' lock tarn- day. For freight or pn?a:e apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BAHLOW & CO, a2l 3m*r Ifi4 Weir street. NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. eBgBBS*afflaa'iaH Fare reduced to MB cents. Framthe loot of Ceunlandt street. New York. I F-renr day?Sundays e*? epled.) Leaves New Yo,k Leaves Newark At 8 AM. All P. M. At 7 A- M. At 1R P. M | g do. 3 do. t do. 4 dr. 11 do. 4 do do. 5'< do. 5* do. !0R 7X do. ?K do. 9X do. 8 do ON SUNDAY*. Fiorn the foot ol C-urtUnd: scieet. lifsr? Nr w York. Leave Newark. Ai 1 A. M. tml IkP. M. At I2/4P. M. and 9% P. M. NEW YORK. ELIEAUKTH TOW I*. New York Leave Elisabeth Trws At 8 A.M. At 3 P.M. At A. M. 3 4PA1.. q do. 4 do. y% do. 7 do. | 11 do 4|< 'O. 10 Jo. 9X do. J S* do. 13 do. | The trams lor w esiucid, riainneia, uoondorook, somervuie, Ac., connect with clie,9 A M, and 4 JA F M trims from New York, dailv, Sundays excepted. Fare be rweeu New York and Klizabeth Town 35 cent*. Fare be:ween do and Somemlle,75 cents. Iirw VORK. AND RAHWAY. Leare New York. Leave Rahway. At 8 A. M. At J P M. At 7 A. M, At 3 P, M. 9 do 4 do 8 do 6% do 11 do 4JA do 9'd de 9 do 'Jt do 1IX d > NEW VORK AND NF.W ?HITN*Wirn From foot of Conrl'eiid street, New York, daily. t,?fr New Vor". '.eave New l?r'ni?? ? At 9 A.M. Alt FM. A 6 A M, At IDA A M 5 -4 do 7^ do 8* f. M. ' ON 8UNDAY8 Lease New Y "k. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M and i\ P M. At ll>A A.M., and 8* P M Fare txchp in ike Philadelphia trams between New Yo-k ano "Jew Hriin?wiev. SO cents Between New York and Hahway :5 cents. 1 ra^seuevrs wno procure their ticaets at the ticket oiiice, re ceir e a ferry ticket aTitia. Tickets are reeeived by the con dncfo' only on ihe or.y when rn re based mil 3m*r SUMMER JiRRANGEMENT > NEW YORK AND PiiILADt.LPHIA KaILROAD LINE L) HKC.T, Tii Ni.wana. Vnr BattnawiCK. Peiwcetow. TarriTow' i BoRDENTOWN AND OURMNOTON. LeaTi'g Npw V.i k d.ilyirom the lo tol Coonlandt it. Moron g Line a' 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at \\ " M. The Morning Liut procerdi to tloideutewn, truin thence by kiwbwi lo twadel h>a. The Eyrinns Line proceeds direct to Camden (oppoiite to Ph l-dmphia) with ui chance of cars. Pm* will procure their ticker* at (he ofR e f ot of Ciiu.-iUnd' slre-r, where a cum ni oion steamboat* ill be in * re dint w. wi-h r-agg He crates on hoard. p. il?d* Ii hia btiie w craiti are coi.reytd from city to city, w h ut h. i'ifonr md by f.e Wty Each tr io is piori 'ed wi h a c.i in which are a. ar.iueii'i and ousting ro..ini cipreaily lor I the I die*' me llituiiiinit. he lioei leare Ph ladolphia from the foot of Wali nit> fen. by >at to Bo Hemown ar T o'clock, A M. aod by Tallinn) from Camden, at J o clork, P M The hurt for Brltimore lea?e Phi lade'jilna at 7X A. M., and ^ 4 P. M. being a coptinnaiioo i f the linei from "*ew Vork jt< FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST ASSOCIATION TA'SAUE OF I" ICE To ALBANY. Utica, %l oo Hoeheiter, $1 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 2 50 Oswego, 2 25 Up St Lower CenadaS 19 For passage tppiy to L. HAY. ufl >"i 92 Barcav it'eel New York. PASSAGE OFFICE. The Subieibers harin< completed their arrangements, are now prepared to forward paiae luri d ell the .Norihern and Write n States and Canada, hy daily llnea of towboara. rai.roadi and I'eamboail, ria the Noith rirerand Eria Canal, upper Lake*. Philadelphia and rittabnigh, Ohio river and Canal routes. The following are a few of the moat important Viiita is Uti a, Bnffslo, rottsvilW, Oalena, Mtrarnae, Ch-Telsnd, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oiwego, Petroit, Ciucinnatti, Kingston, Rorhe ter, Miiwankle, St. Lonlt, St. Johns, L?< kpor , Chicago, Lo'tiseillo, Montreal. Also to any p.?rt of Ohio, Illinois, Mlnonn, Indiana, Michigan. Tens, nee, Kentucky, Wiiriaiin. Iowa, L rper and LoWt r Canada. Uawinn wia.i. ?..!> . .in. .a.. I aiallaf..* i its In fhfir f .Ollllnn ?nii Liverpool Intel 01 |?0lrll, thr sohucribera Will endeaVT to mike the preartit undertaking equatl) frse tlilt|r ol public I* v r. I'etioot iWint to emigrate In any of the *' vr places are requested to cell on the -uhscrtbera before t* sing tht ir or raiigemenrs, aa they c<>pAd"iitly b lure the it ancemeuis they Con offer ore such tis cannot foil to prove highly ?iit?geou?, and they pled e thrmselrea that evr ry attention iball be paid to it-n/e comfort no deapiti h Kor further particulars aipl? to W. It J. T TAPSOOTT, at theirOeneral mir raeaage Office.?? Pock ahp cor f omh at. STATEN ISLAND FERRY r<tot of Whu*h*l| atreet. OU and alter Thursday, Jena the lit, iaa aieamboata 81 AT KN ISLAND** and SAMSON. Will make the lo" lowing trips, until further notice LEAVE 3 STATICN ISLAND. LEAVICS NEW VORR At ?,? 10,12,* V, At i| a . M a > V J,,,7P i! r LJH.5 8 7 P. M. On Sunday*, Icarea eyery h ur, froua I A. An io7 P M n>M r Jk-SrtL. h OK f.OP'DON -Rrful" Packet to- Jnr.. the nJyyY 'Oili ? The ap'eo-Id Picket SI in WICLLINOTON JMMkb D. Ch.tdwick, maater, will aatl aa above, her rrguUr Having vety au. eror accommotla inns for cabin, ?nd cabin ami tt'ir *e passengers, in ri ns wiahtre to rntli rk anou o ib.. ks early application on boa.d foot ol VU'ikii I. ne, or to JOSEPH McMURRAT, |t 0 I'ina sirrnt, c oner i f South. Terrona wnh.Dg to sand lor their Irieoda, can have ihem br..t |t n out hy the above allip, or any 01 the regular parked by ai. I, .a ?b ve, (i< by letter, post paid ) mM r A+MT t'Al KEl EOH HAVRE?Herond Lior-lhe hicTTV'b'l' ONEIDA, Jame riuik, ma?ter. w.|| sail outhe I jZ&aUlit ofJuly. BOVD A HINCKEN. Hji r ' Tontine Building, Wall M. E NE NJ a i 'm LET?The model it built three story brick d* elll it, No lfi Ureru street, finished W'lh silver furniture, rnerblp miuti. s anl grates tliruuSout A. fine i*r4e yard with ? r i4;ij?g ci?rra. Will b- let low. Kor furiticrj-irt cuLri apply ta ; . AITKKN, BROTHERS. _je2-lm*rc o. ?22 Fuko.. Mfet ilEk BARCLAY S 1'KKhiT?TO Lfc I ? 1'he ileKdut ( !j| * c'odious thr. estory brick house, No SI BircUy L?'reet, buntftud occupied by ;Vlr. Thomu Brooks uutrt ire pies-nt tune. lu escellent order ?ud fitted with eveiy convenience for ft large f mily, nud siuVe-i ilir-ctly in iront of t*oil'ge flac?. b or teni?j apply at No. 1!0 Water street. ni'S lrr.*t ~~~ ~ valuable KEAL, EaTAie;. pr. me list sale of the Jacatou Etta e ia thocityof j* 'ff Brooklyn. will positive v take plaee on rVedii-tilay.lhe JUiS.Mih carr nt, at ills Mn hauts* E Changs The inapt are all I'icre exhibited. A more par icmar adver.iscmeul will appear in the psoers ci> Kri'iav jg t*k li EN IN to VAN VRANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOB GENTLEMEN, 9WEIGHING ONLY OUN K8?PRICE $1 50. THE Subscribers have introduced the abo*e named a tmc. tor snmmei wear. By coiupnriug lire weight o| tlna article with the average weight of Ihe following halt, the n,ierior aovautagcs it possesses orer tlum for summer wear may be read If ?een. '1 he average weight of the ordinary for hat ii 6 V ounces, do do Panama 5'4 *' do do Leghorn i " deinr f j 15 y convinced that no style of summer hat hr re tofore wo n has mei wilh (beguncr I approbation w hi h a hat | osses ting all the qua'iii.s, viz' pg'i'nrst, beamy, durability and cheapness, would be sire to receive, wc have devoted uiuch atteut on to the tin nul icture end ftuirhiug of the new style now ill roi'ueed by us. Kro?' the waim approbation, express-0 by gentlemen who have examined them, we feel satisfied h'tthey need only to be seen to be fn ly sppreci .ted. UENIN St VAN VRAMKKN, tn26 lm*ec 214 Br udway. opposite St I'au 'sChnrch. bPLEND'D SUMMER HATS J^O FI'H, lespectfullv invites the ? uti"U of the public to his new stale o' Short Nan Ku Ha's, of all thides colors, which i\.r e'egrnco, lightness. dunbility, lituulv ol finiih and it vie of brim, ciuiotbe sur.mss d by anv art'dc in ihe ri y. Ha has also, of h tame style, a beautiful aiticlc of 'tgh; Beaver H.ts, t d au ?x'eu?ir? assor>m?ni n''Leghorn, Panam and Spin log H u. O'l. aNDO KISH, _j83tis?m I3T Brotilwae, two doora i b ive ihs ( iiy Hittiil, THE KOURI'H OK JULY! ,-lfc r OtP^ BOOTaAVDbHi'ES Cheap Boot and Shoe Mnrket, No 509 (J-eenwich ?i tect ? LiUies and gentlemeu a cad iatd to call at he above store and pro. iilr thetnse ves with easuiiable summer 'oott, slippers gai ers, Stc. m me up iu the neatest and ino.t fashionable style, and sold ...s ohe.p if nut a little chnap-r than elsewhere. Heads ol will save mnuty by c Ihng here, st the che.n depot D. n't fo-gei ha number, Clinton Cbeap B'ot and S or M met, No 519 G eenwrch street, comer Stnug st. jtg lm?r LOOK AT THIS! Boots, of best quality, $4 to (4 50 KreoCn, do do 3 to 3 50 Fine sewed B?*tr, 2 50 to 3 Oil Pegged do-? 2 5J Moro co do J 25 Seal Skin and Grain do 1 75 to 2 on (Mo h button Gain rs, 2 25 Prunella do 2 00 Calf hoes, 1 3} to 1 73 Boy's Sue ?e*cd boots, 2 23 pegged boots, e lf 110 " 8-aJahin an i Or .in, 1 12){ " Fiur Calf Shoes 1 25 " ' Kip Mints, 1 '0 Youth's Sewe B i t>, 1 00 to 1 50 LADlES' BOOTS & SHOES ? Ladies, id 'hes? siores you wt'l hud tne greatest ass r (iieDl of Gaiter B >ots, Slippers, Boskt.s, Tie , P uuellt Buskins, lirht and dark c ilored half Gtiters, House bltpp-rt, whi e and black satin slippers, satin gaiteis, Miisrsand Cltildreis' gaiters, bti?* Us, slippers, tits, ?r,d ail ot> er ki'tds of boots and shot s. of our own mauuficturing with the best of Stench goods and wi'ianted to be the best and as cheap as the cheapest, at 3t>7 B o>dway and 92 Canal st. j3 inr - OHKBQKi Ik CAHILL. parh bo<?ts and lasts made to order By E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, (Batement,) One Door from Courtlandt street. e SUser, Bootmaker, and maker ol Lasts, an 410^7" El vr'' ol Clercc of Paris, be us leu-.' t" inform his friends and all the anateursof a gentlemanly "chaassure,'' that he can now make, in New \ ork, with the best French ma'eiiala all that is so perfectly made, in I aris, by his mastet the celebrated hooim >ker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic., are resp- ctfully invited to try SUSEIt'S boots aud lasts belor they despair ol being "chautse>" in N'ew York, alter the nicest, latrst Paris fashion. Also, the genuine Paris Jet Black Varsish sold. mfl 7w*r BOOT ANl) SHOE STORE. JOHN BEADY respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he hat commenced business in the above line, at No. 99 Nassau street, where he will thanklnlly receive and faithfully execute, all orders he u.ay be favored with on he mt'et reason' bte terras (or cash ?22r 90 BKOAL) '-VA V. 8. ROBIDER, FRENCH BOOT MAKER from Paris, his an assortment of ready made Boots ?nd Shoet.uf the best calf skiu.for Five Dollars, superior to any other boo maker in the eity mlO Im'ec ? TO 'IH?: I.* lllk'.M ?AMI ruli- .rim. boots of all colon and six?* ?f the litest faiiii n, M:sset and rhild<*cu'? (J: iter b?or* and Bus *iin, L d i s Bus Uii?s, Ti?-s ami SI pp*ars, a send article, from I to 8 shilling*!. A'so, a giMwl uiorimeiit f Gent-mci'. p ine cilf sinch boots, city m uJf. f>o 2 U>4 d ?llars, ifa:rmfed : good fiue peg^e 1 boou. from 12 t? 18 ings. A-so. B iy'ilnoli, 8 to 12* ; ' -nU gaiters, quitter b>ots and sh of all descriptions in gr? nbtiud iuc *, at Walter's cheap store, 419 Br >ai *rny, ' i er Canal street, ipH lm#ec . OTICE AND RE\IOVAL.-K. A. ArtTAULT, lately * 18IX Fulton ?t. having dissolved by mutual coustut hi? coKrtuerslnp. for giving aU mi attel tiou to the Digurrrr otype ii ueu, respectfully tuforios hi* friends and the public that be has removed hit old Daguerreotype stand from )68X Fnlton st. to 235 Broadway, 2d sturv. where lie has just openeu several Kickages received by the last arrivals, containing 1000 French atraerreotype Platrs. No. 30 and 40 warranted French Acromatic Lenses, auo all the chemicals necesaary?complete appa ratus He will be very glad to tee all his old customers visiting his new place. Pleaae to give a call?235 Broadway, 2d story, rooms Nos. 2 and 3. m< lm*r DiMUVAL?P. MAk. *, Hail Dresser and Wig Maker, has ? removed f om 163 to 129 Broadway, a lew doors below the Franklin H >u?e, and opposite John street. Havi gfirednpa new room in the moat fashionable style, he will continue the same business, and will be pleased to tee bis old Mends and patrons, and others who t. uy favor him with a call. He haa also private rooms lot Ladies' hair dressing aud jampuoing. This powerlnl KsMBtM Jampoouy it eousiuered bv thousanus of New Yorkura and strangers as one o' t,ie healthiest articles for the cure of dtndriiiT end .trrngthening the hair, it approved bv the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, and patented at \vaihiugton. Nothing is more pleasant and delightful than to go through this operation in the hands of P. alAfc.8. tn3 tm't REMOVAL.. Mrs. O. NKWCOMBK, TOBACCONIST, retnrns her sincere acknowledgements for the very liberal patronage ritcnded to her for the last 13 years, and would beg leave to inform her patrons and the rublic generally that the hat remeved her old eitahlishetl snuff auil tobacco warehouse to the ipaci ius store No 4 Wall street, Morimer buildings, where iti? urnnlit irivif? tVis* ait?iitinn n( cntnini??*nin her Inrtr* Atwl well selected stock of S"orelitu aud demesti snuffs. Just received from Hamburgh a laigr supply ol Varina's.Kanaster (1st, 2ud and 3rd quality J old aud very superior Turkish Spanish, Scafa lalti and I'orto Rico, rinokoia tobacco; cavendish (various kind-,) and fine cut chewinii ditto. A choice assortment of the best brauds of Havana and Principe -MKars, constandy o.i hand Kaucv pipes, cigar cases. SLiiff botes, pocket lights. Chinese t'Uiier Sic Sic All ol winch for sale onlhc most liberal terms, wholesale or r?l*il. Ptraugers and country drab rs -ire iuvned to call previous to makinc their porcnases eUewhere ml 'm*ec PO tAk LADIES? rR.KCRI SOLUTION ?Than ' IS no occasion to w?ar fn se hnr on account of the Cm'f of the hair. La-lles are olteu troubled wi h,a pain or disease in the It- ad, occasioned by the pressure of the false hair. Ladies can have gray oar changed to took as well as ever it did, w thout injury. Mr. 3. his a room espr. asly to be tended bv a lady, at his residence. Also, Mr. 3. will change gentlemen's hair 10 any shade or color Drnggists would do well to keep it'or salt in other cities as humbug dyrs are going out of date Whole sale and retail, at No. V (.haiham St., opposite the register's dice, up stairs. in 23?lm*r UITAKS, WHOLtSALK AND Rk.TAIL.-34i Broad w/y. near ** a ker street?MK^S 118. PH. KKN?T 8CI1VIDT Ik MAUL, Guitar manufacturers, wonM respectfully call the attention of the public to their establishment, No. Ml Broadway, where they keep const nny on hand an extensive assortment of fiue-toned gnitars, tini.hed in the best style. All T itrmmsinla from fltta mnnnfflpfnrv Ifiuff Cm vnra hi V known in the United Strtvs where it received the firitpremium awarded by the American Insti'nte. for the b at Ouitai, are made of such maletiali ?ud in auch a >uperior m nuer, as en 'blta the tinker to warrant them t aland any C m ite. Ht'nrige.a before pinchi?nut eiaewhere, am requested to rail ami examine the a, Ion rati wmkinauahip of then iiistiutncriis, and aa. ertau t'e or' rs. '1 hey will be found lower than at any other hnnae in the city Mr. I'o. Krntt, Prufesaor ofthe Fate and Onitar. brga leave to nnnounee thai the above arrau emeuta do not Inirrlerr in the leaat with lira otherengagements; he aiill continue* to give leiintia aa uoial, at 3!?i Br noway near Walker at in24 lm*r LlTTHT ! LIGHT!! A BRILLIANT D BEAU TIF u' LIGHT FOR HALF A CEN I* AN HOUR SURELY, no . ue need walk in da kneai, wr.en tha clearest light n ay be had at a merely nominal expnn'e. Teny'a few Patent L.mpa, fur bar-jug auy kind of lard, tallow, or oil, without ortTioua ureparatmu. inconvenience or liabtjt.y to get ut ol order, ta destined to ahed a moat beneflcoul li.hl ovet th a da k planet. En 'rpriar *?d eompeii ion have brought the o'science and letters into literal contact with the mn da ol all onr population Vet, how rhall tnej perceive it, and i'i bleaaitiga, unit as ,l,r. irg iho enly houra of le aitre which nr, at of our cilir.eea p ta ea,, the absence ofihe inn be nopp^re t by ome other .ununary, w oae raya .hall be free to a,I I A rear a proximuion to ihta great de.idera'um has ju.t b;en -feeten in he inveiri'in ol TVry's Lard L mp. ? ami I a one of i^lich miv b met! to light a parlor, witnoti anmke or smell, as brrHiai. I. aa the beat astral I,imp, at au axpeuae ol but half a oent n hour. A I lo era of I ght 01 economy, or loth, ar? invited to call and witueaa their operation, at E HAKRInON'tJ. , 3 I ftarlaliarl, N. Y. N B I.literal 'omi will be offered to deale a j t ml* r'C iCARPA'H OIL ? l i e deaf. re all rc n iing ill irhtarpg U try th? u e in t ia medicine ?there rag be in doubt ol it, pmota are coining from every qn irler of the coumrv, u ?t only in tl e loim nf tetters, c?r ihcarea ami oral tei timonrea, but in th- ah. pe ofgood bank noiea or hare eat ? lodred, an rmmenae .mount haa been told, UJ the aalea are dail> increaaing Thoae who sell ear inn, |-ta. h.tved cl?red war again t ?>ld Scan a? bat it ia of nn nae, thoae woo have been cured by hit O I?a boat, are all on hn aide. Pnyaiciana and Muig-ooa highly recommend its n*e. bndhvA B. Ik D, D uggiata. No. 7# Fnlton atreet; 77 East Broadway; 27J Broadway. i7 lie.* pOLMAiVS LONDON MUSTARD, per ahip jhuiaiiiphia:? !Hin kega second and fine 20' piga Lead 30 bins Alum Also on hand? Printing t'ni era?JUXll 28X27 2lX38 UX24 IIXJ1 2IHX32 Together wi h a geneial .,a?urluioiu of Witnug Jim wappiug I pap ra, lor sale by 8. Ki.NUsLEY, in23 lin'r '17 Maiden Lane .1 MruH I AiVi TO OLD COUNTRYMEN? * M AHNDEN CO. will draw ar their Express and Fnreig t.elter Office, Nti 3 Wall street, small bills of eichange lio, 42 to ?IOn, in turns to anil, payable ar sight, lor the atconam ,i daciou nf persons wishing lo remit to (heir friends in F.nglen ' Ireland, or Scotland. Phe letter t>ags lor the Royal Mail Steamers forLirc rpooi re also made up attharr olfiee. For further information apply to HARNDEN k CO, I Wsllitree Agents in London?MACLEAN, MARRI8 k CO. Liverpool?WlLMER fc SMITH e W YO EW YORK. SATURDAY ! NEW FIREWORKS LABORATORY^ BY JOHN TRAOARDH, PYROTKCIINI9T, Klt>M SWEDEN. MEf-SKS KOLLBC1UJ & T1IAGAKDH liave the honor i t<> inform (lie American public that they liive an exleu ire an.I r tried aetorlmeut nl Eire Works, of nil and ev-ry kind, r.t theii establishment, at Harsimus Uols Dock iu New Jersey, a half nide from Jersey City, opposite -ew York, which they offer to Committees and others, at the most f\v?rable prices ill the market. Bel evinu in the new trade principle of a moderate cash price for a good article, they req Jem the lav os o." the public at the above place, or nt the store of Hubert Johnston. No. 51 Courtlaudt street. All orders,on any scaleo' sire or vairtv,prompt- I ly attended to, by addressing the subscribers at either of the above pltees. NICHOLAS A, KOLLBKROItJ TKAOAHDH, mv 7-3in* r lf,irsi'nus Lou.' P"ck, New J?rser. i FiitEWORKS, CKACKblRS, See. 1 FOURTH JULY, 1811 I /COUNTRY a' d city dealers in tireworka, will And it to ] then advautiure to ca I and examine an ex motive assor'mi-nl of the neat quality, at H. AYLiKk'fc.'S oldesta* li linnut, 86 I hatha in alter t. Alante quantity ol fire crackers juvt received Remember tne viit"ol the two mammoth sltv rockets and /old ke.v n?:wt"<jy*r ; GMUEWORKS BY THE MANLVACI UKEHH.-?D i " iVlOKAN St CO Pyrotei h osts, 78'"hitnani street, offeis o'he public a Sllleudlll assoitme. t 111 ll'irrws In sllliennr ill <1 lality and n.aiu-ss Co any in this o aay other c joutry. The I shove have been mauufactaied by ihein espresslyfor this mar ket; alio can ? |l in u'h cheaper tli n any vender in t *n, a. d i KH 'rantee all v oils l oin their Itorr. No peddliue from this i l<l IM ? \o. 78 Chatham strr ct. Good* delia ereil to any part of i the cry free of espenae. N. B.?iihibit on Kirewnrks of super or quality, with criin- ] aun. red, iiuri'lr, green, ynllow and blue liiea. A'ao, On lined fire, In the pound. jllm*rc i HANUSOMK APARTMENTS, in Houiton etrret, nea' 1 II road way to let, to gentlemen, with bie rkfast and tea, or 1 lull board if required Mrle'ouces required. K qnire at the bar t Niblo'i (j..rden, or at the houic, 411 Houston atteel. tn i>i- i in*i-c [ AGENCY WANTK IJ?A gentleman occupyn g a store | (op, n to the stra-1) In the npper part of Wall atret t, near , U o il a ,y, la dasiNMM -O u dor ake the agency of aonie inn n | fnturo g, m< rrautile, p-t-ut-or any other respectable bnsi nuts Apply to b ? No 191 Upper Post '"fier. mi lm*eodr I HAIR HTl INO! HAIR CU I TI.Nu! HAIR CU i UNO HILl., the illimitable Hair Ctuter, takes thia method of lulormine In* frieuda.and the public in genera! that he haa removed fr ta the Tontine Building to his Old Stain. No. 8G I>arl street, no stairs, immediately adjoining the Heart Street House, witre he ?s ill he id ssi-d to operate in all who may I favor hitn u ilh a call, in bis truly inimitable style of Hair Cutling, which, for eleaanceof design ai d beauty o< execution, U passes anr thine of the buid h< etolore introduced into the United Stares The various branches of woik done at the following moderate prices I? iuitrot&ole Hair (Jotting, 12H cents. Do do Curling,! 12}4 S pcrior Shaving, 6,'? " m9lm* r BILLIARD SALOON. NO. 5 BAKCLAY STREET, THREE DOOUB BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL. RICE REDUCED to One Shilling; per Hundred, from I U A. M. to J P M.?The subseriher informs his friends ami the public in general,thatne has Eire N-w Billiard Tables, in separate apartments?two in theui per fioiit saloon?two in the rear saloon, vnd one m the front ioon,?all in first rate order. Each i!*-.i i moo visiting the establishment will be (nnunted with a private C'le, 'or his especial use?the tablet being in dilferentapn menu, the proprietor thinks it will render it more re!e- taud irraMr to gentlemenvisiting his honse. ALSO, TWO NINE BOWLING ALLEYS IN THE BASEMENT-. Jits Bar will a.lwnys lie s:oc>ed with the choicest Wine* ami Liquors end the bps: Srgars to be had?also liherry Cobblers, Mint dnleiis, Punches; usde in a manner not to be surpassed N B.?The apartments have undergone a thorough rebtung ?new paper, painting. *c. (C^Oentlemeu will please to communicate aar neglect of duty of the attend nits, at the bar. FRANCIS MONTKVERDK. inch 16 1m*r 5 Barclay street. TREASURY NOTES EOST: , I OBT, bv the subscriner, bet weeu the cities of New York U an Philadelphia, a pocket memorandum book, containing the following Treasury Notes:? A No 19)63 10 Jaut, 1842, 6 per cent, to Syl. Brown.1 enoomd 26 June, <312 I s -r 100 < B 19666 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 18421 o S. l'O ' A 19668 10 ? G ? 20 ,, 842 ' fcS 100 I A 3400U 10 ? C ? 26 ? 18*> C 60 i B 3<401 10 ? G ? 26 ? 1842J 60 C 34(02 10 ., 6 ? 11 ? 1842 to B. Rung in and R. L. Myers, 60 ' B 11265 8 ilar., 1812, fi percent t' 8yl.Brown,'odors- i ed 12 ^areh, 1812, to B. Kanvan and K. L. Myers, 60 C 20865 25 Apul, 1842, (i. Loyall, endorsed April, 1842, to R. L.Myers, 50 $550 All persons are forewarned against (he payment of the above lilt'S. A liberal reward will be paid for ihe return of the book and I Cot leuts, t.> the subiciiber, at 75 loMIt Kioi.t street, or .Messrs. Allibane (k ?, Pouch Wharves, Philadelphia, or to Mesirs. Bryan Ik Mait'and, 174 Kront stieet, New kotk. Philadelphia, 27th May, 1443 m30 1m*r (feigned) *. L. MYER8. GASH TA1LOK1NU ESTABL1SHMEN L'. SFH LLIPS, Merchant Tailor, (late of 7 Astor House, Broadway ) imprrsa-d with he necessity of u>eet>n< the exijency of the limes by tho r< < ticii ,n ol his p ices, and finding it imt oasible to do so while subject Co the rnorip >us outlays a Bro liwai I' #?lUn III- tlv II SJM, has d?li I milled on h* oulywa to effe t this?without di.p iragetneni to the iUilny ofhis garme'is; lie hs?, therefore, leinore'his est lblishinent to 136 .vA-SaU II mGJi cottier of Beekinan, wlieie i goii lemen can now be su; plied at a di ductiou of ten per crut irons his former low prices. i 'Ihe following is submitted merely ts a specimen tf the i foregoing asser'ion :? I Sui.-r n.e floats ina-'e in the besr utile, from if. to t'R , Km-it do, of the fiuts'. quality, 18 10 22 1 Civile Vea a, 2 75 8. P beg, leave,in corc'usion, to ob'erre, the abo"e arlic ea may be relied on, in all reaperra, to he rf the MMgeDuine | descripti >n,and lower than any other houae furnishing the tame , jit lay of anic'ea. jl inir t DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS. i JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN. 1 72 Nnaaau, near Johnatieat, N. T. ' LTAVINO the Lena ground uuder hia own inapecliop, and ' II arranging them in the camera obacura him?etl, he feela 1 warranted in sat iug that o|ieratora na ing hia appiratua hare ub tain- d more aucceaa th>n tho.j uatug cimrraa with foreign iena. ' for the latter aie ofieu i-nperfec and nill ofietier imp operly ' atijnated. The ail'irliaer requests a trial for hia cameraa. 8ix ? teen yeara practice aa Optician enablta hiui to grind and ar- 1 rnn? t Lena to auit the purpoae for which they are wanted, a ' lm*ee HE UNDKR9IONKl>, W. A 8 WKTt being aboufm ] leave for Eu ope. on or ab mt the 8th inst lot the pur pose ol tranaactiiig buiiueas (or rtie fall aid aping mid", on ' commiaaiou or otherwiae, and in ending to give Ins narrit nUr ' atteu ion to the pmchaae of Paria fai,c? gooda rmMoidr'ita, J French and Belgium la. re (aa he will n it !?othFranco andHoi- 1 land.) irapectfully rrqueata the patronage of those peraoca wno miy * iih to oidrr aucn artic'ea, naming them thai ruch o'dere will be promptly attei>d. d to, and moat parncu'any tu fi led; flattoring hiuiae'f IBM lorn lua kuowu opp iriunitiea of being , competent to lu ti I auch tleniluds, persons who may etiiruai him v ilh coimni.aioue wi'i irel no heaita ion on ihe auhj cl. I W. A. S. ritnrua thauka to hia frier da aud the public p..r ihe i f'rylib-ral ppiooage beatowed upon Inin for a number of J yeara,and rea|iectfu!lr rtqueati a coutinnance of it for hia aui - X craaor L Scbeltema. who will receive a I billa due to hi n, and j who ? i'| aeitle any claims that may be outstanding ag io ai i im . at 258 Broadw.y. W. A BMETS. ? j >iw?rrc * I He. JuOHT llr.LIHH 1'KLl. Or Ab . mAt S I ?A aai MM tli- HiUoB ilfay 10 ttlfclhlB,Ml Bail walb o the Fbaian Knl a a oug the ex ee nig y beautiful J ud picturesque .h ><e? of ihe pl.ce.will prove ihe inoat i a?i!y t accon nlohrU and auractire ot all ihe rural r reunions that can 1 be mad- fmm thr city The gr..unda uow |ir- aent a charming up. ct, the tree, being moa'ly iu leal and the siilcovrred wiih a rich turf. The vra.Ua a-a in excellent order, hiring heru C"n?"'*'ahly etnhelliahed the preaeut apnng n'9 or e? . < rfMi.t. uf Jr.f b brloOlN lis?LL.B. t.u.iHA their bnssuess of insurance against I ?i or damans bv fire, 1 on goods, ware* and merchaDdize aui) al*o, on vessels uJ their urgoe* against loss by ^nKnd na? igation. Thomas W Thome Klisha Kiggs rhomaaT Woodruff Benjamin H Hobson J ibs K Davisep Francis P Sag* ThoiMon Price, Joseph Allen John II Lee John P Moor* I M**rs Tucker James K Holmes* Caleb C Tuuis Junes R Whiting Anson Bakerf Wm K Thorn Joseph Drake Irmd Hawley J John C Marnlt Thomas Morrell THOMAS W, THOKNJC, President. ' Hfll P HOPK. Secretary. ml J T irb rPHK AMIIK.Nf 'AND WONDKRkTJLTEMI'lfl*: OF ! a CHINA?Described, Illustrated and Ksmiliarited.? K. MAHl'lNstCO have jim ieceive.1 from Lninion amtguificeut illustrated work on China, which they itneud to inur in monthly part*, with all the aids of engravi .g and printing poin- | bined, to present a beaut tul and iustiuotive recount 01 in tas ? toniahink a d in cresting c >nutry. The antiquity, th* r>an- r Jrnr, and the t'Tclntive cliaiacter of the iustituti ,us of China, J r-uder such an neo innt at he present time, peculiarly appro- I priate an 1 desirable, eonsideritig the n,terest whirh is now fe t k in the United St-tea, in MMNtM with li.e Let of on rem merc al opi'rtt'or,* being ao mncn etteud d with that singular l and woudettol n.lion. The Work in I oe usurd in numbera 1 containing there ?t->ei -pgr,wings in each. Price Ml centa tl K. MARTIN k (.0., a mv7-lm*r K John str-eL DYSPEPSIA. I A few days since, I announced in the papers of this city that I had re nmed tne piactice for (his m iat dist sssins disease, and stated also, thai sine- the | nnlicaiion of my book, I l ad made inch additional discove'ie*. aa to induce me t believe, that 1 C n'd cum |be most olwtiaate, and in eierate cas-s. i no maiter nfhow lung standing, since wl.fch I ha?- heeu p aeu j am* upon It, and fin I i' to answer inv' most sangu-ne esp eta- i lions in ail . air* a, d I line now so inuche inlid nee in n< importance snd n ility mi t ffecu g a peiuiauent cme, thai I have > no hr.uatiuo in t I c uuot imagine a c at- 0 Dyspepsia. under my immediat ea-e, tnat I emuoi cure. . OLIVER HAbtTlD *tNs?sans . 'J ieh lmdkw*rc ??u. Cedarst and ;A i ,h imbersst. . MONTHLY RKPORTOF FHI I NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL f INSTITUTE, (NO. 77 CHAMB-.M* t* 1'RKET. |( oases runrn. , .1 Inflammation of the eve- S Diseases of the liver. I lull 3 ii llam'n of the lioo ela , 1 Sytihilitic liiti* J Vomiting. Untlltn . 2 Air*nr< ii?, three under I Diaeaara of the Womb {, trcuin,out?doing well II pmlis , 6 Op'City of the cornea, 6 Uvapepua alight U wnuea, or Kluor Albtu i 1 fltyea.byau operation 21 Oononhma f a Ouanixn 4 berer 3 Kiyiipel.ii 7 Hecondary Syphilta 7 Uleeiated tore throat 3 Pnea 12 Uleet?cured by new 8 Bubo, by a new method of remedin , treatment 3 Diaeaaea of the heart 4 Bore Nipple* t 2 Diaeutiry (rccnmrt'L auHoic?r. mean-noNa. r< , 3 Operatior . I..I h ir up 21 Blriclu.ea in Uerthra bi r 5 tiprrutiona lor nj inline an itnproteu method o r 3 Opeealioui lor Hydrocele core , >2 Hi inonhoiiel Tumor* re- 3 Operitiona for fiatule in , moved Ann 2 Club Koot?cured 2 Po j pua in the note . H cyated Tainoti I Adi.ote imnoii nm'red I" 4 Ulc< rt on tne legi cared 1 L ige po ce of tone re2 Ibymi'iii itored from I he arm Abcraae? oi-ened 1 Ainputiiiun of finger ii i J'Ouai arunurtd 1 Cancer Bieaat I Orat el cored I Urtla removed t 3 Keteutmn of Urine < DR. H BOSTW1CK, \ Attending Phyncian and Burgee . r C. MoMANUS, a Apothecary and Secretary illmec RE I MORNING. JUNE 10, 18 J. O. 3TONKALL Reipect'Vly inf >-niH tiii fimtia th :t h- h ? -nrum-d hii former buiineatat 131 Fulton rt:*'l, br'wrrn Broadway and Nauru ur?et, where h.- i? wr i'.a oil to divn.-r andtuppcr partine, nlubi Sin, mhi* f r m r \v?l! known at In. S.vcouaand airy room? for ttn'erence Cnminit'era, (,'ourta Mirtnl. Sic 8c: iuCaDitilit leitlugi) a* ill former limes. jea I ai r BLOCK 1 KTTEH ?KJN-t. pHRAPICHTiu-h-ruy-A K HlTCHINflS th? in-fntor U/ of ihn aplendxl B' vr1 i Ui .<>k Lettert. h<? rem r?cJ Irom 70 PiUn street, 'o >71 Bnadw iy, where h- couti un lo manir fit it P.ain and F ic O I It'll 111 ok Lrt'nr S Kii?, Irom 50 rentt lo 1125 per loot,,; leuK'h ofa gu pa'tite. ; do fiom 37 eta l? 50 Cro'l. oini ry me chan'a 'U ' o'h-ri can be aqppl'ed wi h lrttera or gni b tend in i length of apace required, wi h order lor payment ia te cuy. i\. B ? Pamtera (applied ? ith |>!*iu and fa' cv lett?ra on the ihorteat notice. Marking Plain, B-toda aud Brand Patterua tn de to'. iSGt*r IP WUtTl,' 1SJO*. 175Si J8' Drool way, respectful!* invt'es the citiz?ns J.' of ^ew V.'lk, and intoui rom abroad who may be sooorniogiu ihe ci y.tocil it his room* aud extmiue the supsnoriiicinieni of Daguerreotype Portrait!, groups, aud sketches be is ,nw eslnbi iug gr,.:iif u If .dr. White li the m-nuli. ta er of ;i n-w. superb, aril costly ippiritua, l)V which he is enaol-d to t k? ttie lil'rries. of a whole family, or group of eight or ten ocr-ous at onetiac, ind m a mo r.erao neifert, raphic, at.d diatinet a* to equal in ipgeamiC" the moat beautiful and finished copp-rplate, steel, jr in zz siut ucavimr. Without dcuir m to <ler< gate from the pretensions of o h*r Pr ilrssoia of ihe Photoaraph'C rt, 1 e tonr!esrl> ch'lli ng-s 'lie whole woild to p oduce ptr.r i < ofthe siz ,accurac",oi ijtriu lie value of those in his exhibition, as there i no o li rappari:nt >ii use ill any pan of the globe ei h-r in extent capacity or ;o*t < qual to h t Mr. White b> gs to edd, tlit not with tan ing the iufn'te inpe'iority f his po'tsait". and he aeiuu rh mils" person caps>1 of pr r1 oc lug, ou a singl plite, in a f w s< conds, correct lid bcairilul like esses ol groii|s of f om six to ten persona, ns charges are so rxtemely in idera'e ? to place wnhiu ths well n dividual, of Itie ino?t limited means, ihe ahiuf. to jiocure a Iru'y p'eadid csimile <f thi mssWrs .* ins' ii In s gitrii in Mir I) go-retype*ci nee and alI .he necessary npporiius supplied, on re sonabla :eim?. j7-?li " -OARS PROSTE'^TUR of a v- K i th'ishineut on a new plan, ?ui h na i i please t very bod,, t be called tlie " Hubs < ros House" The rapidity with which the killii g time, ami poimnu g blersod ladies pi.ffi g roorcrn, lias spread ibr ugliout his coun r>?the rise of the dut'es on segars. which has ed many a b to usm-n totalis devoid of any knowledge of the lo^ncco, to supply the market with ari king trssh hi the shape lfs gars, and tire u- iveita crv of 'c-n' get a good S'g r,"has udutrr d ill'subscriber to ist iblishin tli a city, a house to be ;he reservoir of the very oenm of H ivana rod riinctpe Pegars, is well s the rendezv, as of the contioisseu s nd Otalers ol ;h*m. The arrange ants'h J til-' Haoaneros ' have made to k cure a con taut aid uuifo m supply of the weed in all its tlrsrv. are the most ethcient and wphoot the reach of compeit'ion, and whst ssill Bflfrru thein to *u-ply the hotel keep- rs, publicans, the l ade aid be p hlic, 20 per -em h: low the market p ice. For this and to faithfully fulfil what we promise, besides our arra' g mem with H bin-, we hav? adopted nod inlend to c-rry i to ilie ut onst c t einity, the fund in-ntal p'au if not selling or purchasing any thing whatever on credit?to ci ry our business in a quiute srnce of rational econouy. and Amer'Cau industry. The " Haianero ,' will boldly ami firmly in i ch It tin' hea' of ihc iu'W pMUU Of " rtsh IT It# IB | 111dtli ry, act vitv and economy . We, iu enr honorable ui datakmg, on'T n" dbutagugle irt 1. we arc conpniai jndin of ? bin, th rtfuregive as crfecr assurance that we will plane our >.1.1110111, insure a r ipec'able ih re ot patronage, bui d a hndsomi lor inn, bee n e A cericsn citizens, and many each of n- a lovely blue ei ed Aineric n beauty The Hahanerni will or very hai pv to eceive orders to send to H'Vaaa or PriuCipe for any qna> tity of segars, tobacco leaf, M jagtia, St i It: , without any advance, so aa 10 enable ereiy bo'lv to receive the goodj from the Cu-tom house. Gentlemen iu the country de>iious to smoke a good srgar, will ri ceive any quantity they may with by sending the money enclosed in a It t er by the esp esies, slating the qua ity. size, Ike they want, and will be delivered, at sight, to the saaio carrier of ine e*pies?es On 8am dav, the IOth inst. the store will be wide open No 12 Bergman <tiret, iwu doors front Nassau with toe most cijuimte assortment for the wholesale and retail, aod by way of experiment w II beaold oy the bui eh of ii aegara, the best imperial Light Normas, Cat one's size al4i. er hunc'i ; also Noriegas, P imaveras, Pauttelas, (Jougresos, Plantation, Krgalias, Dami'as, he he. A I- it*r bag for all the porti of Cuba will be kept at ihe HaInneroa House "up to the lataat hour ol drpartnr-of ills vesicls ; also a Bnllelin with the day of departure and arrival of vessels on thai line. A. D I'KNA, K. HI v AS, H fleekmsn vlreet, v. Y. 9 Mali ja siret t, Hahaut. N. B ?In a few dtyswe will publish a pamphlet euti led " Direction to "lookers and Dire verv of the O id of the Smoke," by A. D Ptna P.ufesaur of smoking and inrmber of he Hnb neros House. j9 2l*k FOU 3ALK?An ixtia r'invy insirumenr cill-d the Paiha m uicou, made b( 0 e c lebr>ted T. Mse'zel. luv-nror of the Metrouom Tne Pa'ih-.mi>u:c >n acis w.moat the finJering of any ne>f.irmer, and iroduies a liarmouy ?qu I iu O'ce to an orchestra of - x'.v artists, but at ihs same inn iu tane? h?ve no hi. g n> com.noi with 'nose of uu orvan. I i. fifteen feet in height by eighi feet six ioohi s in w>d h Tne k> ys, < hich ere n| steel, dinounl to 91 in number, and are of adm>r>ble workmanship There are at present s.x cyliiideis ilrptdjoths instrument, wM li a>? set with the following The Or rtur. to ?odoisk', by Chciubi i; Haydn's G and Milit re mi'hony; two Miliar? Marches by Moseswv?.?, , Pi.r. he I ..-li.,,...,,. >, ,1 VI ..I .-sr. : lie - 11 II The i. Nnnni ni ? 1it eil b I't in ns o' five b-aut' ully perfrctwh ela, nd by ball iw o'v-ry rm ill d men" ma, fi mir l.rwardi < f 40J bane's, comprint* fine", uc av llura hvi Soil, < 11 ioneti, tram, eta, trombones, tto-t.n, b ua.iotu, a..d llhei' ii>m,nia It hna all > c norclrd wit", it a triautf'a. a la rof cymbals two Tu kisli cymb' ? and a donble drum New cylmUers may at auy 'ime be rdded wuh f eah pieces, bicb miy tie art uron them by any wr I expe ier ccl uryan itrlder, and will not coat more 'o in aleuit $ a. Thia injeniiua leer of mechrt.inn ia riucei tib'e of be in* taken to pieces, ,o hit it m y beraaiiy t ampor d from one pleet to soother 1 Ii *rr are only three stmil-i in<liu<nenta in (I atruee; one but )l mailer d me ai n?. or Ir-ru aold aomr ear? ag > f"r Am i -a lor the price of $ 0 01)0; a seeou.f hit been ao'd to the P ine- f 8yx >ny at Vi n a; au? a th"d ia ii the poaieaai >n of h Dukeol Le chUuhnry, at Munich where it plays in ih< Dn'e'a priva e tnmi>e and muat be well koown to all thoae who hare yid'il Mtio.cb The owner of the preaeu' one ia deairjnt of . iapcsim of it, tod ready to an' mil to a rouai leable sarri'"ce. To amat u a ifmntic, or matiayeri of tnoounn, or otner p'aca of public imnaeinebt, no belt r rpp <r un'ty oald be offered For fa,herpartttii ara, tertoa, tide n Unions, aoply to < H a.R' E9 F ?Y, |9 3 *c >5 Jou Ii "'illia'n atieet Mew V ?k NO llyr ?All (le-roua hiriuv any I, a u ckumiuui, Ja.Us D miuick,la>e of tit: city ( N. Yora.fcu chrr,decea?edtrre tifti atr e to p eaent the aanr wi'h the vouchera l.ereof, ! > the u uteri irr, a' ihe house No 9> M r e-atre-t Alan, all ihoae d hied to ilie ratal ofaaidrttc used, to make payment be lore be 20;h day of November next to ANN M. DOVIINICK, Bi'x. m?0 to Nvll *mltaw*9r POMbROY & CO.'S .EXPRESS "PHE auhaenbrra lia'e commeuctd ru nlng an Fxpreaa, to a Hti' from York. Bridgeport, Newman, New Millord. <i nt, No tli C.oaxn. We.t9io.Uh 14ge, Alb my. and inlennrliate placet, via H it atonic end W?a e,u Kai'rnads fo rh, ?fe ?nd a red* transportation of <p,cie, bank noiei packages, un lira of g md? Mght fre eh<, fee , for the paymer.t and col ecnon oi d i i, qui' , urairs icc 1111 s, ar , an t ,or inp pri m I livery a dfx citi n'rlorilera cimniii on aid errindi, lu e city of N- ? York,'or oilier places anoo ihe ro'te. K?mn dew York, Turtd us, T U' d?< ?, and *.turoays, From Welt It ickbiid.e, M rudiyt. Wril i'idivi. lod Fridays Thi? line con"e< ts w t i Mrsus. Pomeroy * Co '? New York, klba-.y, Troy, BuT Io, Ch r <ir and Cm <1 Express Alio, he im Horn HtflM M Boston, .li.d tlie Philadelphia, lol imore <nJ W iliiogton Expi. im POMEROY k CO. No J Wall street Ne? y0 |c. Jfi'T v?5,rt ban f Albany nt.yTi.EMrN AND LADIES' Lr FT OCK WAi DrJ R( B<l-O ul'rinrn o. latnihcs nesir ui oi cotiTertiLg .heir Irit off waving apparel iuto cam, cau obtain for the tame he higlie?t cash i r ce. To lam I es ?nd |Mtli m quiring the ciiy or changing rrsideice, harng a v iupeillu .ua efftc s to dispose of, will find it o u h tnllieir advau'age to send fo ihe misc.riber, who will attend litem ai their residence by apooin mrnt H LEVETT No. 6 John st. aid 114 Varirk ?r, New Vork. Aline through the Post Oilier, or otherwise, will receive rompt attention Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired. jlOr ADVENT CAMP MEETING ON LOVO ISLAND, commenrn g Monday, Jane I2ih, near vi drpor. -Ti keia for parage 35 cents. (31 per cent 'esa then lb? nsnal are] for sale <t3hPiik Row, 245 Centre street, or 213 Hudio . tr? i t, New Yon. ; and a' the comer of Pearl and Hign ?'re-ta. irooklyn; or at the mrem g in Co nmbtati Ht l this (Fridiv) veto ? The cara If ne the Brooklyn Bonth Ferry at 9 A. M. nd I P.M. Hoi,d on ti.e ground. < hrrles Kit. h, N N. Whiting, T. K. Birre, and E Jicobs, ,r* among t'-e speakei* Mr. Hontoard, lor the commit ee, The Apo lo lli'l is s'ill tten for lectu n three .met on ihe abut h, and Orlo nbian lit 1,263 Grand street, ou >loi d ty, rueiiday. Wednesday. a> il Kridtv evenings jh 3tW?e J I Oi b.N?Ou -nndsy utgbt 28th May. lust, a aloop tigged, -o ihirn built sail h tat, wi h the unite "Celeste" ou Cue stern -it abont 17 feel long abalt. with a snort deck forward ; wash loaida >unn>i.g to the stern; gi ded figure he d, oak bowsprit, a role in ihe deck (stopped "t 111 bting) til inrhes fj ward of he mmr; painted t rem bottom, white boot top with a red,bine lid Macs sire ill above. Any .nformstiou by mail, or otherwise, that will Isad to the eeoyery oi the boat and arrest oi 'he thief, nrof nther, will be ibrrally rewarded. BIROeEY BROOKS, New Haven, Con. New Hiven, June 6, 1811. i|)gt*r 1IARNDEN to CO. English, fre?ch. Belgian a * merican exPttKrli, FOREIGN LETTER OFF CK, fc uE\(. IAL gUttWA' UINU & OUIV1.V1IBSIUN IIlIUBK. P.i.ieipil i (II tea and iigeuia : ? ilcaar* Wi'ltner and Smith, 32 Church atreet, Liverpool, Kullliri i1<-?nn. Vaetraa, Mairaaud Co., 3 Ahchnrcb Une, London r1??ar* Kmrrron and l!o.. P'.ri anil llarre I moel 11% *hi. Eiq . American Oo?-ul, Antwerp Belgium rlUatLden ?nd Co., No. % Wall atreet, New York )nto ditto, ^o. n I'mnt ?t eet. Boa ton ilr??r?.J ?tnl J O Woodwaid, St. John a, N. it. V W (J id'rey, 1 la'ifa*. N S I. W V> heeler, ro?id.-uee, II I. I. Woodward. New Oil- sua. La. Haroden and ' o. will receive anil forwa t by ihe Koyal Mail I'eimi ia from B i I 'D or by the Steamer O eat Wta'ern, end lie Suing I'.ckeM from New tort, ape tie, rrnall pnevia, audi i, b ma aid raaea of go-'da, to any put of England, reland, Scot'and Belgium or H ance Tnry run a dail? line ol Kg ira* Care between Boiton and <ew York; aid their New York "d Boaton effieea are depot r d ti'y ??|u??*ea to all the principal eitiea aud towna in the nitrd St > ea. Letter B ( for all parta or the world are kept at theirBoati" id New York olBeer, where Irltarae n be prepaid il d V1? ichan and o hen who have rorr a" nd'nta on the ron'i etii a I, I< lull*, by rim iiik fundi toHiridoi aud Co , at loa on and New York, can have their le r?ia prepaid. Th-y a ao ptv p u noilar at ention to the < aecation of Cnaron II id*e o'der- in Biwt n, N''W Yoik. and Liverpool. M rhiuta md othria r- aiding at i diata ca from any o' tie bov It ri who are deatronaol oh'a nir-g their gioda e tiller by ny other gnttiCe, wonld do well to furwa d then e..tnea. voic 'a. in d oidc a to tocin. Bi la of K * ihitige iuiami to anil, on k'ngland, I eV d, Sent, ird, Belgium ail ? lauce, may be o tamed a ih-it office* iu ?Jrw Y ik and Boaton AH g o a mint b marked " Hamden and Co." N H ?|| mil n aud Co are amur 1 ra .,ma ble for fh loaa or njU'V oleuv armlea, or prop rty olauv deaC'iptmn c rn nitten i their ear ; m>r 'a any r?k ..viumd b* nor can any bait a?-hrd to ihe New Jeiaey Steamboat Navigati n Compan*, bv ihicli'hen eratea ar , or nia? be tranatoried : nor the New i foia. Proa ideuc . and Bo* ton Ha Iro d, or the Boaton and Pro- | ideuce Kailroad Corporation!, in > aprt... to th ir e ntenu at ovtima. HASNDICN fc CO . jtk r No. 3 Wall atraat. New York. | TERA 43. Adstreaa to W. V. Wallace, Eiq. A wreath for Wallace? chnplet for hii hrow ! Fair would 1 weave ; but where, of what, or how I Not OBSOf dowers, thing* beneath thu skies, 1 His genius will hia name immortaliae i Flower? may hud and hlojiem 'neath hia feet? 1 Un'ading laiircla or his hrow are meet. I At morning's dawn, when minstrels of the air t Make glad the grove, wurhle wild music there ; t Or shall I wanner near the silver lake, I When on its surface ripnles o'er it bietik 1 i Or by the gushing fountain Khali I stand, Hoping from thence an emblem to command 1 Or shall I rove to grand Niagara's shore. And catch the music of its mighty roar 7 Could I a substunce but of sound compose, I'd ara?p at air whmi south wind round me blows ; ] Or could a gem be formal of perfume sweet, t I'd pluck it trom the ro?u. the sight to greet. Of soagof bird I'd form a texture bright, Which would not dim e'en on thy hrow of light. I wauld condense all the suit hues of heaven, tvnun to ttn- eye the tinted how In given j , Andth we would blend with mich a witching grace, '1 hat they might hold eVn at thy Mile a place. Th-n as a gem, pclipsing all the rest, IM catch tile sou lei that lovers love the best, > And gather from the mght bint's ri.sgie throat, The trill* which 011 the air so sweetly float? Aud form a wreath, such as ne'er me' the sigh*, ' To grace thy brow, and give then new cteligut. Nkw York, June7,1813. * Nome Video. (Corresiiondrnee of ihe IleriJi' ] j Monte Vidro, April II, 18-liI. ? James Gordon Bennett, Esq.:? J Dear Sir? v As the brig Dircgo leaves this day for New York, ^ I shall collect the latest news. The U. S. ship John ti Adams, officers and crew all well. j The invading army are two miles from the city, j, and skirmishes occur every day or two, with little K or no loss on either side ; the foreigners in the city ? are determined to take up amis in defence of the t city and their property. The French are under | arms; a considerable number have been landed I from the fleet. The English are determined to follow their example, if Ihe Commodore does not pro- r tect their property against the invaders It appears t front the proceedings of the Commodore to iImv t that lie has determined on complying with the re- J1 quest of the English residing here Commodore Brown had his ship, brig, and schooner in the har- , bor, and the English Commodore had all his ves- j sels warped in between Brown's and the city?with 0 springs on their cables, and laying broadside to bear on Brown's fl-*et and the city, and all the launches i of the Alfred (English) Admiral ship, armed, with 1 men and guns, moved into the harbor at 12 o'clock ] M ; at sun-set returned to the ship. No fighting today. By ihis step of the English Commodore, it , appears the blockade will not be sanctioned. I wa-< , informed by <m officer of the John Adams that if , tne English did not acknowledge it, they should j not. All merchant vessels this day warped out of c the harbor to ihe roads, to be clear of ihe shot from 1 the English and Brown's fleet. Business at a stand ? ?provisions high and scarce It is the prevailing ? opinion that the invading party will be compelled to retreat, with some loss, as winter was setting in, and the troops poorly clad and fed. I I send you papers up to the 8th, which will give you previous news. Mr. Editor:? Something very amusing, and at the same tune o very annoying, took place on a recent journey of 1 some passengers on the New York and Erie Rail- . road route Irom Piermont to New York, at the ten J o'clock trip in the evening. Passengers are supplied . on ihe road, and at the station, with tickets for , berths Irom Nos. 1 to 100, but the astonished travel- i ler finds, with surprise and dismay on entering the < steamer, not one single berth, but instead thereof c paltry mattrasses thrown over the dining table, 1 chairs, benches and a few cots, without sheet or a pillow case? aships'counterpane the only covering, J and the gracious privilege allowed them, after riding ' between -10 and 5t) miles, either to take up with such a accommodations, orns the steward unceremonious- tl ly tells them, take a standee, until the boat, carry- ti uig n nowr I?m.H of bleating calves anil sheep, ar- ? rives m New York, alter a weary sail ot three hours n He finds himself at one o'clock, P. M in a strange P city, and lias either to seek a hot?l, or if unacquuint- * ed, spend 'he night without sleep, alter a tedious, tiresome journey, at the most unpleasant time of day * ' ruly an accommodating company. Office holders ? are getting lot apou the spoils, and the poor people p are obliged to pay, and to shift for themselves. p Oms of Them. * V Expedition to the Rockv Mountains ?The Savannah K.>-publican publishes the following letter 11 Irom one of ihe parly engaged in ihe expedition to ? the Rocky Mountains under Sir Charles -tuart:? ge Fort Louis, April 30. w The lateness of the season has caused us to delay w our departure a fortnight alter the time which J*1 had been originally designated. Nor shall we be :? able to leave the norders ol civilization, which are aj about three hundred miles from here, immediately f(1 after reaehinsr them. Partly in oider to let the grass ? grow a little li'ghvr, partly to accustom ourselves to it the life of the wilderness, we shall spend a week or two in camp in the neighborhood of Westport. fc Our party is composed of about rwenty gentlemen and some thirty servants, or rather muleteers ? There are three Englishmen, lour Germans, sad two B Frenchmen. Three of the Americans are from Raltimore; all the others from the bans s of 'heMis sissippi. The greatest numbi r serin to have no ( other object than to spend a pit. san summer, and ^ improve their constitutions by tin xposur to hot ei and cold, rainv and dry weather. There are, how- b< ever, several young men whom the lo-e of science decided to join the flag of the descendant of the C Stuarts: There are four botanis's, two ornitholo- w gisis, and two doctors, and one gentleman of 'he party, a poet. He issaid to be one nt the eoitors < f ^ the Picayune, in which ne writes lines under the (t name of "PtiaiflM " ct At this place an old and experienced mountaineer ci has been appointed commander-in chief of onr ex- ol pedttion, and leader of our caravan We shall look "t rather fierce, with our guns and rifles, pistols and v butcher knives, our blanket coats and other dress- ?' ball articles. A German painter is going with us. to immortalize our beards and costumes. One of ,j the doctors has provided himself with the latest frac- , ture machine and all other instruments of torture i, belonging to his profession, whicn he is exceedinn lu an vi ntiu tn fru /in on m t* n( fi i a n p ur I rioi.rl j tl Each of us has t tken about ten dollars' worth of C Indian currency, viz:?blue and white beads, ' Knives, vermillion, hawK bells, and bra*s rings? f With this we expect to keep our wnrdrobes in good order, and procure for ouraelves all the luxuries of ? Mill life. n We are to travel part of the way in compaay with 7 a corps of United States soldiers, under Captain ai Fremont, who has been making a survey of the Far 01 West lor some years past. 1 am told, also, that I" some Roman Catholic priests will avail themselves te ot the opportunity for mining the mission of their jn church in the Rocky Mountains. D ????? #i From Florida.? With pain we have to record an pi atrocious atttempt at murder by Indians, in the vicinity of Newmansville, on last Sunday or Monday. T Of the truth ol the act, there can be no doubt ? Cl Unquestionable au'hority has been received at this office. The sufferer is a lady ; she ha? been dreadfully injured, but in all probability will recover. Of * trie oanu 01 Indians vpresumpuonj oniv iwo wrrc seen. Sam Jones and his gang shoulo hare hern f* driven from ilie territory before the withdrawal of the army.?Savtinnah Rej> Mi in*!. ti Cuba.?A line of telegraphs is about to be estah- t(r lished from one end of the Island of Cuba to ihe other. The Island is about eleven decrees, or six hundred and sixty miles t.i length. It is expec'rri intelligence will lie transmitted from one extremiiy to the other in eight minutes. ? Illinois and Michigan Canal ?It gives us much pleasure to learn from the Albany Argus thai it any rate ihe canal will be recommenced (the work of excavation) at least by the first of September, on the money already subscribed, and in two years it is calculated that the waters of Michigan will flow into the Illinois river. The speedy th completion of the Erie extension, the Miami exten- ei sion, and the Illinois canals, will mark the commend ment of a new era in the revenue of the Erie canal, and the prosperity of all interested, either di- I rectly or indirectly in the commerce ana business *' of the teeming west.? Ru/ftUo Com. "r A Contkmplatkd Outhag*. ?It is stated in the ,f( Boston Atlas that at the Anli Slasery Society Con n" vention, held at the Tabernacle, in Boston, on * Tuesday, it was voted to appoint a committee to wait on President T> ler, during his visit to Boston, h|'( ind request him to emancipate his slaves; and the committee was also further instructed to prepare an c? address, to be signed by the members of the ( on- 104 vention, to be delivered to the President on the sanu -it occasion. It can hardly be that the citizens ot Bos- , ton will allow this contemplated outrage on its hos- tai pitality to b? acted out. P* , f. 1 LD. Prl?? Two Con Ul. In Chuneery. Before Moater Cambreleng. Jimr 9 ?Mrt Nancy Beach ra. Mutet Y Btarh ?It will )c recollected that aomu time ago, ai. older ot reference waa made by hi? honor the Vice Chancellor, directing the *1 miter to fix a proper aum to tie allowed Mn. Bi ach for ler maintenance ((ending the litigation now exuting be . ween hcrielf and Mr. Beach. The Maiter hai prepared l dealt of hi* report, by which he baa reported that % 16 >?r week will be a fit anJ proper mm to bo allowed her or alimony pending the cauie. Court of Brrora. Preiident the Hon. Senator Iienniaon. Ju<?r. Cutter et al. T*. Doughty.?Mr. Staple! occtl. ?ied the court the greater part ot the day, ahortly after which their honor* adjourned to 10 o'clock thia morning. Nupeiior Court. Before Chief Jnitice Jouea. Jirm: 9?lYilliam Ouvn v* Kdio'd ./. Chrulumon ? I In-'wan an action ot replevin, t roiis[?it to teal the right >f plaintiff to retain certain property! conaieting of u pianiity of liquor*, *eiz*d by Owen, which uereintha kkvouioii of tyhristidi.>oot'iti'lar tiie followiag circuiu* itanr tw: In December, |h ii. u perion of the name of Jone*, i cominiHiiou merchant, whi employed by tbn plaintiff to ell the property in qucation. Chri*tian*ou celled on 'one*, and ..tiered to in ome the purchuaer, and repreented that he, Kichardion, owed i.o debt*, aave about iOO, which hi owed to hi* brewer, and offered lour prom *ory note*, amounting iri theaggrrgute to three hundred ,nd fifty nine dollar*, and pavatile in 0, 0, and 1J week*, one* cloaed with him, and the liquara were delivered ind the netea taken ia payment for the aauie. The nigut d the iume day Jonea got piivato information that Ctriaianaon waa in inaolvent circum*tancea, that the property aonld be likely to he taker, in execution by other credinrn, and the plaint iff w ould be likely to loae hi* debt ? Jpon tin* information, Jonea come to Cbriatianaon'a prenisei and found lliu Hquora, or the greateat part of them, ying in an alley in the rear of dc.endantN premiaea, and mt being aide to make any aatiafactory arrangement with um, he canned a writ ol replevin to be iaauad, and the :ooda aeized and redelivered. Defence?that theaale waa n ordinary one, mailt in good faith ; that the note* were lot due when the property vraa replevied, and that under he circumatrncc* tbu contract cannot be retcinded. til* lononr charged the jury, that aa to the law of the caae here waa no aubatantial difference betceen 'hp partie*. f they, the jury, ahould be ot opinion, on lb" evidence iow be'ore tliem, that the defendant intended ?0 p-7 he property, then the contract waa a lair one, ant? could lot be invalidated. Hia Honour then went on to review lie caaea cited by counae), and mated that in hi* opinion hey did not apply to the preaent caae. It would, he aaid, ie, however, for the jury upon the evidence before them o *ay, whether the contract in queation waa one entered nto ny the defendant with a view to get the property of he p'aintitf into Ira poaaeaaion, intending not to pay for it, lia Honour then recapitulated the evidence, coiamenting in it aa he went along, and gave it na hi* opinion that the ale and delivel y whs perfect, if there were not aome thing H iikId i>nii>ul oi 1 fk vv to in vol ilntaa fhnm In thifl via* i r\ t ? j ?o ? ?" ?? - r""M laid hn Honor, ii involved the question of (alio represanleutatious, made by defendant to plaintiff; they consist ia bit?hi stated to plaint ff he owed nothing but to hit brewer, when in point ol fact ho did; by these reprssentaions the plaintiff was induced to give the propertv. The pieation lor you to decide, tvatlhe delendant in full credit it tho time, and did he mako the purchase intending to >ay for it 7 If upon tho evidence you come tothatcondusion, I am of opinion you should Hod for the defendant; tut you are to take all tno facta with yeu.aad acan them vhon you are deciding on the intent of the party?but if ou believe, under all the circumitanceaof this case, that e obtained those goods under false pretences, Intending iot to pay for them, then you should find for plaintiff- Tue ury are to bring in a st aled verdict to morrow. N.B. Hunt for plaintiff, fumes Smith for defendant. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Jem. 9.? George Paltn vs. Elimi Plum?This was an ction of trespass eu the case ; the damages were laid et >3000. The plaintiff, an uxtensive merchant in this city, was n the month of May, IB4'J, applied to by Samuel Brookes, me of the firm ot Richards, Brooks IsCa., of the city of Troy, merchants, to purchase goods from him, and at the .ametime, a* was alleged, produced a letter, written by .ho defendant in the namoof the firm of ?. and D B Plum, who am also merchants in the said city of Trey, and adIresaed to plaintiff, stating that the said firm of E. and D. 3. Plum knew the said firm of Richards, Brooks It Co , ind that thny should consider it perfectly safe for plain* iff to sell Richards, Brooks It Co. any thing on time : that he said E. and D B Plum had traded with the said firm f Richards, Brooks It Co. long time ; that said firm had t all times paid the said E. and O B. Plum promptly, and !iu( said Richards, Brooks (c Co had all through the hard mes met every thing at maturity, and believed thattbsy 'ould continue to do so in lutnre. l.'pon the strength of e ri-pn^HtiUUoii contained in mid latter it is alleged that laintitf miu induced u? m il Rickaids, Brooks k Co. ouds to the amount of 1311. It shortly altar appeared tut the lirrn of Richards, Brooks k Co. were insolvent t the tim<> of the salu ol the good* made to thorn by plain iff, and in January, 1843, they applied to bo discharg d from all their liabilities under the bankrupt act. It ay. eared from the teitimony of their assignee that their rsonul property amounted only to between f MO and 600, and that thoii real estate was mortgaged for its full alue to E. and D. B Plum, to secure debts due to them y Richards, Brooks <c Co. On the part of the plaintiff, ia alleged that the defendant was aware of the insolveny of Richards, Brooks k Co. at the tiane he wrote the tter in question; and that it via under the false repre* mtatioriH contained in the letter that Ike plaintiff deeR itb the firm of Richards, Brooks k Co., and the action as brought to recover the amount of the gooda told to lelnst named Qrm.froin the defendant, Ebas Plum. ASr the examination of the arsig ee had been gone trough with, it was agreed between the parties to refer II mattors between the parties embraced by this action i the arbitration ef Henry P. Edward and W. B Bonny, -qi s , alter which the court adjourned until this day at ) o'clock. Counsel for plaintiff, Mr. Sherwood and Mr. Sandford; ir defendant Mr. Mann and Mr. Pearson. Ocnnral Seaetonn. lefore Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Martin and Seoles. j*M?i K Whitiw.i, Eiq. Dint net Attorney. Nollk Pno?tqui?In the case of Jacob Goldimiohdt, dieted .'or an assault and battury on Johanna Oreenal.1, with intent to commit a rape, a noli* ptoatqui whi ntercd by the Court, as the complainant had repeatedly sen absent when the raae waa called. Jacob Fisher was tried for an aaaault and battery on * atherine Anderson, of 83 Cannon atreet, on the 16th of larch last, war convicted and fined f 10 Joikph William* waa trieil on a charge of burglary in e third degree, in entering thr Bowling Saloon of Robt. . Corlia, in Broadway, under the American Muatum, on e-Jlstol March, and atealing 18 silver spoons, an over at, and other clothing, valtiad at fA3. The accused waa lugbt by watchman Lencrattin '.he act of breakiBgout r the building, and the atoleu spoons and aome of the ;her property found in hia possession. The Jury canicted him, and the Court rrmandrd him for sentence in ider to ascertain hiicorrect age, hu mother aliening lat he is but IA. NoLLr.Paoir.qui?In the caaeof Mary Jane Tatea, inisted for keeping a disorderly house at No. 3 Benson reel, a nolle prof qui was entered, she having removed nm the pn rnisea. DikoHAttorD ? J.imti Mehan, indicted for burglary in 1e first degree, in breaking into the dwelliug house of ) T. Green. No. 4 Bowerv. in Anguat but. in com nan vith three other young men, end arreting clothing ralud at $80, witr.etae* appearing against nm fnr the last three terms of the Court. Joh* AisDiasorr and William Wrtirll, two boys, rere tried on a charge of petit larceny, in stealing $17 -om the money drawer of Eider It Painter, 78 Dry (treat, 'hey were seen to enter the store during the temporary heence of the clerk, and a chisel that matched the merke 11 the drawer waa found in the possession o( one ot tha artiea. Tha jury renricted them, and the Coart senin red them to the penitentiary lor si* month*. T homo McCh'srt, alia" Brown, iadicteil for burglary i thoaecond degree in entering the dwelling bouie of aniel K Minor, No. 80 Sarenth itreet, on Friday laat, itorad a plea of guilty, and was sentenced to the Btata rison for flee year*. The Juror* were then discharged until Tueaday neat, ha court will meet thi* mernine at 11 o'clock, to hear a tae of atflliatioa, and then adjourn until Tnaaday. Tha Oraud Jury hare adjourned till Tnaaday morning. s ourt Calendar. Circuit Court ? Nos, 49. 88,00. 114, 110, 08, 100, M, I, 191, 40, 99. 90. 94. Ut, 09, 101, 109 , 70, 74, 81, 80, , 08, 110, 117, 00, 100. Surra ma Court-67. 3, 07, 77, 70,70, 00, 99, 08,04,107, . sfl, 07 00 P0,9l, 09.9J, 04, 08 Commoi* Plras.?Tha Court ait* this day to hear mollis. Canat. Toi.i.9.?Statement ot tolto receired on the inalfltif this State, to the let of June, in the years (lowing Rec'din Rrc'dhi Total to Day April Ma*. Itt Jan*. nav. 1939, 10H,n|9 40 801,638 30 409 666 20 42 1840, 91,939 67 294.13d 32 349 129 79 43 1841, 91.349 04 393 099 49 449 314 49 36 1843, 191,118 30 268,238 96 >9 396 94 43 1843. _ 344.468 46 346.463 46 31 The tolls thus far have exceeded last year's. At lerste (or the same number of 'lays, the year 1843 teredo 1842 over one hundred thoustnd dollars. Mkxica* Decseet.?Niw DtTTitt April 6, 1843 ?Art. A duty of ?ix per cent. ad valorem thall be paid on 1 Ior?oo<1 exportad Irom the porta of Carmen, Tobeaco id Vuca'an. Art. 3, Thit dutiea thall be paid from and after! montha >ni the date of the pnhlicatJou of thia Decree in the Ca111 of Mexico. ipril 7,1643?Art. 1 During the war now carried on by saico.igainat the rebeiR in Texaa, and the di aidereU in icntao the import dutiea, aa flxed by the tariff of April ll., 1 u43. ihail n? mere tted twenty par cent. Art. 3- Ton white, yellow, and died cotton cloth* and licee* to wh'Ch the decree et the tecond of Dec?mber, 13. relates, thall only pay the amount ot duty therein abliihed on them Art. i. The increaae ahall go into effect four rnontha af ' the publication ol thia deerte in the capital of the RebUo.

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