Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 11, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 11, 1843 Page 1
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TH Wmt. II,?Hp. JM ? Wtooia 3370 a TO LET ?Th? miidrru built Utroa *??ry ||? rltli.K, No 16 Ordou alract, liuiatiril with l\?ru? In'ti, him bio iitaullca *u m tU>? thf aybout A Jur latyo yard with dcy r lailiuy viairru. Will ba let low. foi further put culiraapply to AITKKN, BHOTHKHU, i(Mm*rc o. iM Fllltii" ?lr??t JtaE BArtTTAT-iTTiT!icT^7ineT^Th: .loajfti or nuil com.,<o<1inua thr? alory brick houaa. No St Birnaj XpBiatr?rt. iiiiit auil mci*pmiI b? Mr. Thouna Br >oha at.til Xopira-ut urn*. In e?ct Haul ordar ana nttatl *"[> convenience foi a lar?r family, mil aroaKot ilirecily rout ol Coi|.?n liana. > 0f tarma apply at No. MO Watar alrrat. ml I in Or VALlMBLk f^AL EhTAIB, The fust tale of tha J*ch?ou Eaiaoiathad tyol Brooklyn. will positive y takatdaee ? > wedu.aday.lhe .EJflLltth curr ut.atlh* Merchant*' Ki change Hit maps io nil (hare eitiibiied. A mora |iu tcular advertisement will appear in tho pvpert i n FhdlV ilT'f h OENIN to VAN VRANKEN'8 VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOB UKNTLEnRN, " TFKRiMINO ONLY 2J< DUN KS?I'BIUK $J 50. IB THE Subscribers have mttuducrd the abo'e tinned Jffeu hut mi ninmri By comparing ilie weigh. ?l tlni aitic'e witli I lie average weight ol the following hati. the ,upenor nnvaiitagci it poaseaara over ill. in tor auniiuer wear may bo rand Iv teen. 1 ho average weight of tlio ord.uary fnr hat ii tiV euneoe. do do I'tiwinaJh *' do do Leghorn 4 " lienor folly eouviuced tluit no itylo ol summer Imt hrretolore wo.ii Inn in.i with the general appro kit.on wlii'h a hat | oanrt >1110 oil iho qualities, VIT- ItghtMM, beauty. durability and che.tpneia, wonld be ento to rtooivo, wo have devoted much at foul onto the maiiulactaro and fiuiehing of tho new alyle now t.i m lucrd by ua. Kin ? the waim apptobaiiou erprras d by gentlemen who have examined them, we feel aatiiHrd ihat they need ouly to be aeeu to b.< fn ly appreci tied. OKNIN fc VAN VHAMKKN. mKlin'ec 111 Hr ndway, opposite Ht Pau'a ChnrehTHE FOUKTH OF JULY! BOOTf AND SHOES f heap Hoot and Shoe Market. No 419 tlreenwich afreet ? L idiea and gentlemen a'e ail i*ed to call at 1 he above atore .nid p.n> id. ih-mse ve? with .ei* matile animner loota, altppera iiat ria fee. in.tde un in the neatest and mo?t fiabiouable alyle, and (old .> cheap if not a little cheaper 'hail elae where. H.-*.la ot (amities will aavo money by cilliug here, at tha che. i. dr pot. 1). n't forget h? number Olintmi f'hrap B ot and S. tie M irkel. No 4C9 O.ceuwuh atroel, coiner Hprttig at. Jal lm*r . j-obk A-rfflis i , Boots, of heat quality, $4 to St 50 H'etieh. do do J to s 50 F'ue aewed Bool*,"* I 50 to S 00 Pegged do *40 Moro.'eo do 2 24 Seal Shin and Grain do 1 15 to 2 0<) w Cl? h button Oal'ert. 2 25 P'nnella do 2 00 Fine (talf "hoes, stitched, . 2 00 pa f hoes, 1 34 to 1 74 toy's Hue aewed bontVj* * 2 24 ' pegved booU, c If I 40 " Seal,km and Uriio, I I3X 11 biue Calf Shoes I *4 " K P Shoes, I '0 Youth's Bewe Bo t>, 1 00 te I 40 LADlKS' BOOTH fc SHOES ? I.adiea. in 'liea? fores you will find ma giiMleat au r metit of 'lailer B .Mi, Slipper*. B lakini, Tie-, Poiaella Bothnia, luht and dark c ilored h ilf Utiteia, Hoots blipp-ra. wlii e and h ack satin slippers atariti gaile.i, Mia*, a and Childrens' gaitera. bifkl-i, slippers, tie*, and all other ki .da of boots and tho a of our owu manufacturing with the beat of K cneh goods gnd WIOUM to be the b.?t and a* clieap aa the cheapest, at 317 B O'dway and 92 Oaual at. j1 mr? OHKUOtl* It t.AHII L. PAlll0 BO'?TS AND I.A8T8 MADE TO ORDER Bv E. SUSEIt. 175 firixulwav* (BattmeiU.) Our Door from Cnnrllandt street. C HUSEK. Bocitinikrr, an 1 BUM ol Lasts, an "Eire" of fierce of Paris. beya lewe to mlorm liii frtruds ,ud all the a oatrura of a gaaiilrmmly "eh.ttatuie," that he can now make, in New York, with the best French matetula all that ia ao perfectly made, in f aria, by hia maatei the c< Irbrated b>oim>k"r fierce, whoae numenma citttomrta outlnaaide of the VUnit it. are reap etfully invited to try BUSKK'S hunts and laata Itelor- they despair ol bring "chauaaaa"iu New Y .rk, nher thn iiieett, lateal Paris fashion. Ala i. r' e ienuiue Paria Jet Black Varnish sold. _m 0 7w r BOOT AND 8HOK BTOHK JOHN MKADY reapoctfaliy infnrina his fncnda and the i uoI'c, he hna cnrainrucrd business in the abovr line,at No.hi Naesnn street. where he will tlnnklally icceive and I'anlifuliy eieeute, all nrdera he u.ny be faroreJ with ou he in"et rea?on b'c terras 'or caah ' ttr 90 ^i(0 \ i) vv y 8 HOBIDEH, KRKN'f H BOOT trom Paria, hit an assortment of ready made Hoots idiI 8hoea,uf the brat calf akin.for Kire Dollaia, auprrioi toanioMier bovi inak-r in the riry min im*ee TO THE LADIES?200 pur ,.riine Qaiter bootaofall coluta and aizea of (he l>teat faihl n, m'asea aud Children'! <1 titer bio's and Buakina. l'dma Bua kiua, Ti a and SI pp.-ra, a v<?mI article, fiom 4 to I shilling*!. A ao, a good aaaoitmrnt f Oi'iittrineii'a p ime rill atitch boots, city made, f-o i 2 74 tot dollars, tya-raoted : good line peaaed boota from 12 to is a'nl inita. a'ao b v'a b io la. 8 t 12a ; 1 vi.La aaitera, qn irter b iota and ah >ea of .11 deacripliona in great abundance, at WaUcr'a cheap store, <10 Bros i way, earner Caual at< eet, ipm lm*ac Notice and KEMOVaT.-K. a Art I aULI , lately Ideld Fulton at. having OissolvrJ by mutual rnnarut hta coIiartnerahip lor giving all hta atiruiiun to the Picm-m otynr tna ueaa, respectfully informs Ilia friends aud ihe public thai he haa motived Ma old Daguerreotype ataud from IKItd Fulton ft to 23i Broadway, 2d at.irv, whrie ha haa fual openeii aevaral rnv ka.-ra received hy the la<( arrtva'a, rnutaiinttg 1000 Kreneh Oaaurrrr.nyi-e rlatea. No. *1 .<ud in warranted Frruch Acne malic Lenses. mil all the rhrrriiala ueceaaary? rotnplrte appa ratua He will be very glad toaee all hta old cuslotnris visiliu. hit new place. I' to give a call?23S Broedwny, 2d story, rooma Noa. v and I. n?< lm"t D KMoVAL? I' MAt'.n, Hair Dresser iuJ Wig Mnger, ha removed f on 162 to 119 Broadway, a Irw doori b? low the Frankliu H use, arid opposite John atraal. Hivi grt'tednpa new r oni in the moat fashionable style, he will continne the tame business, and will be pleased to see hit old friends and patrons, and others who may favor him with a call. He lias also private rooms for Ladies' hair dressing rod jampooing This powerful Extract 01 Janpo my is considered by thousamts J>f New Yorliera and strangers as one o' toe healtlpoal articles or the cars of dtndrnff andatrenglhening (he hair, is approved by the Faculty of Medicine in Paris, aid iNitented at Washington. Nothing ? more pleas tot and delighlfnl than to go through thia operation in the handa of P. MA KB. inS 'in*' removal. AIRS. O. NEWCOMBE, TOBACCONIST, iciim her f'A siurerr ackno'viedgrmrnu for llie very liberal patronage extended to her f. r he last II years, and would bez Irave to inform her patrotu -nd the pnhlic geueially that she has removed her old ost/iolished sniff aou tobacco warehouse to the spacious etorr Ne 4 Wall street, Moriuser bnildiugs, where she wonld invite the atieution of connoisseurs lo her large and wetfeelertrd stock of Foremn ,uid damrsri* snuffs. Just received from Hamburgh a large anpply of VarinaYKanastrr (1st, 2nd and Jrd quality J old and very anperior Tnrkiah Mpaniah, Bcafarlalli and Porto Rico, smoking tobacco; cavendish (variona kind',)aud line cut chewing ditto. A choice aaaorimeat of the best brands of Havana and Principe cigars, constantly on hand. Fancy pipes, cigar MM. sooff botes, pocket lights. Chinese tinder lie kc All of which for sale on the most liberal terms, wholesale or retail. Btr-ngers and country dealers are invited to call previous to making their purchases elsewhere m4 lm*ee fpl) THE LADIES? BTR.KER'S SOLUTION -There I is ao occasion to wear Is se hair on account of tha colTr of the hair. Lsdiee are often troubled with a pain or disease in (he h ad, occasioned bv (be pressure of (he false Irair. Ladies can have gray t>ar cha grd (o look aa wi II at ever i( did, w thou( injury. Mr. ff. has a room etpr?aaly to be teuded by a lady, at AI?o. Mr. b. will change geutleineu's hair lo say ?h*de or color Druggists wenld do well t- keep It for sale in other cities, as hu .ibng dyee are goiug out of date Whole 1 sale aud ret ill, at No. V Chatham St., oppoti e the register's fll.r*. n,i ?taire. m M?tBl'r SIULKN-Ou -tiuday night 3Wh May., a sloop -igged, thsrn built s-il boat, wi h the uame "Celeste" on tne stern ?it shout 17 fee' long abalt. with a snort deck forward : washbaa di innniLg to the stern; gi ded figure he d ak howsprt., s h? le ID 'he deck falop.t J -~|'f? a bona) sit inches f> Ward of die mm; punted ire n bottom, white boot top wi.h a red,blue and oiac streak above .... Any information by mail, or otherwise, that will laad to the racov-iy ol the boat end arres^ol^ hc jlotf^-r of ^ther, will be liberally reward-d. mftuoni D" " IT"' ~ New H-iTen, C< Nrw Ha-en. June 8. 'Ml. t GU11'AHS, WHOLKHALK AND Ky.TAIL.-Jg Broed w.?y. Dru *Va ker aireel ? VffcaSRS. I if. tKNSl BCHVHDT k VAUL, Ouitar m nufactnre.a. wou'd respectfully call the arteotioa of ihr pub'ic to their establishment, No. MS Broadway, where they ?eep const ntty on hand an extensive asaortment of fioe-toued Ruit irr, lini'hed in (lie beat "ykli I ;etruments frnm thia manufactory,. long favorably known in (he United Suica wliere it received the fir?t preminm awntdrd by the American (nstirnte, for the b at Ouitat, are made of anch material^ ?nd in inch ampenor in nner, ?a eu b'n the miker to warrant them t? atand any c in ttr. 8t anye a before inch i? iiir elaewher-, are rt quested to call aid examine the tpleo iad wnrkrnai ahip of then initrttmcnia. ami aa-.erta.n t' e pr: ex. They will ec found lower .hau at any other house in the city Mr. Ph. Krn?\ Profeaaor of the Bote and <}nitar, beR? leave to nnnouuee that the aboTe arran. etaents do not Interfere in the leaat with hie other engage me ips; he atill rontinuea to rite Mi Br .ailway, oe?r Walker at m? lm*r r LI< ?HT ! LIGHT!! A BH'LLIANT AND B^AUTIFM I.IOHT TOH halt a cest an hour SURELY, no ?.ne naed walk in da kueaa, wren the Heereat lifhI way he had at a merely do ninal rineme. Teny'a new Pateut L?mpa, for bnr .ing euv kind of laid, tallow, or oil, without previous preparation, incontcnletiee or Itabth y to ret tut ol order, ta Jeatlurd to ahrd a moat haneOceot over th a dark planer. En'rrpriae andompeti ion hate brouRht the lUli* o acei.ce end lettera into literal con'aet with the mi. da of r 11 oir population Ver, horr iholl they perceive tt, and i i hletiii (a, nolraa d i leg he cply hone of |# aitr.- wh'cli on at of r ur itif-na pva-et., the absence of ihs inn he a1 pp ted by eosie other 'uminaiy, w -ae rtya .hall he Iree to ail I A reai I a p onmaiina ro ihia yreit dendeiamm ha? jit.t b en iTeete.' in ihe iuren'inu of Te ry'e Lard L inp. * a.ogle one of wh ch inir b- mrda io l.|ht a parlor withnn unoke or amell,?? hril'iaii il? at the btatnatral lamp, at au ttpenae ul but half a crnI nhinr. A I lo er? if I ght or eeenomy, or loth, nre io?ired to call j and wiuitsx their operation, ai E HAHKIaON'H, In i earl at e--t, N. Y. N.B. Liberal loima will he offered to deale a ) a m*rc CCABPA'8 OIL ? I i t I rC Tu.lUR III It twin a kJ n? iht me "i t ir medicine ? there can be no doubt of it, prnofa are coining from ev?rj quartet of the conatrr, n>t . olv in tl e Imn of letter', ctr aud oral te.timoniis, hut in the ah pe of good hank notes or her.' can ?indeed, an nnmena. airnrot h <a beeu sold,. nd ih? sale* are dailt increasing Thnar wh >aell ear iron pet a hate d-clared war again t old bc<n?? 1 bat it it of no use, those who have been cured by kit O I-a hoer, are all oo hta aide. Phyaictana and Buigeoua highly recomm. nd its u e. ho d by A B. k D, D nggiata. No. n Fulton atreef. 77 Kaai Broadway; 171 Broadway. .7 j,e,c (VoUa.VB LONDON MU8TAHD, per ahip PhiLd7l V phia 80<l krgi arcond aud fine 20' piga Lead M nbla Alum Alan on hand? Pti .tioe Per ere?j?Xtt itXTT 21*18 UX?f HXll 2?HXjj '1 ngriher with a grneinl assortment of w, mng and wiappiim pep It. for sale by 8. EV, JhB lm*r I*' >ta;den Lane A&lOL TOlt t.| V k. H I'OOL?HcynLr i'?. kel Ikih Juin WjqCy~Yh,e *!egaof f.iat sailing New Voik teckil tin, MHbRfl* Hh'TKK, Jnhu Britten, master, will sail 01 tin iwu.ii nay, Igih Jane. for frrigh. or pataaHe. hating tery splendidarcommodationa apuly to the Laptaiii ou hoard, weataide Uniting flip, or to > WOODliULL k MINTUHN8, _ . . .. ? tl South street The fine pew packet ahip Hottinguer. 10^0 tons, Bnraley, master, will su cceed the Hocheater, and ?eil ou her regular day, j J wc E NE i NEW FIRKWORKS LABORATORY^ BY JOHN TKAUAHDH, ikciinmt, kkom sw'kok.n. I1^'^ KOLI.BKHU It Tit AOAItbil I in v a Uia honor to litl-irm (Ik* Amrruiu public tlut they lute .pi citcu lYeiU'l v Iflrj aMordneiit or fTi<?? Worka, of ail ami ev-rv iltiu .it then t tubliahineut. lit llnrainiua Loi.u Dock iu New if?1*/' * 1,1 ,r"m t'lty, otToa?t? \rw York which they <?!!>r to CoramitUae nnd others, si the moat fRVwrat>lc |?rirr In the mukrt. Url i viur in lire u?w tuole priueiple o( * moderate nih price lor a Rood article, t.iry fe*Jue*t |Sr fiv ?ri of the public At the ebove place, or t the aiorn of Doberl J<fltii?teu, No. ft I Court audi atrrer. All order*, ou nnv icu'co* an* or variety ,prompt ly .111 uded to, by Atldueaiug the auharribm at cither of the Above p| %rra NICHOLAS A. KOCLBKUO Ik J TttAOAHDII, inv ?-Kiaa r H.ummhib Louu Dork, New leiaev. K1 liEWt >K KS OK ACKKKS, tVi" KOIJH'ril JULY. 1841 /lOl'NTRY nnd city d?nli<n iu Hrpworha, will (llid it Ia Y- ' lliru iiilr.intiK* tn ci I n i?l rwiniiM tin a* etiiiva ni.nrlinrnt nf itin laat quality. m 14. A YL'IFKlb'M oldc.O* It liinrui, 8d Intli.un itiert. A lame i|iiuiititv ?l lirr cmcknra ill?t ,? triwd. Itmurmbrr tin ?ig" ol tho two m.imniotli ?Uv rnrbeu imumIHc ii,;?ni.4|v#r IflKKWOIlKH flY tiu. SiANf P.M I ?D MOHAN St Co Pyrnurli .iiti, 7t''huttiA'n ttrart, nfTi-r. <1 inliiy nml in in>to mjv in tint <) nay oilier country. The n'iovc have been inanufnctuted by ihrm fipre??lv for Mill mar ket; alao can tell in-tbi cheaper llian Auy vender in t >wu, ai d tin iraiitre ell u mla fiom tlirir Attire. No ddliiur from lliia plan? No. 711 Cliat'iain ntnet. Uoodt delivered lo any part of the ei'y free of r>|ieiiee. N. B.?mnibit ou Kireworltief eop?r''or quality. with crimen ll. red, purple, green, yellow anil blue linn. Abo, coloied Inc. bv iti- iHiiiud. jl lin*rr HAMHIIMt APaHTviK.NTS. in Iloutlon atreet, near Uroadway to let, to irerilleiiieu, with hrralilnil noil lea, or lull board ifrruuired References n t| <irati. Ki ouirn at the bar "t Niblo'a tiardro, or i.t the houie, 411 Houatoii auret. mll-la*ec IIAIIIII1 T I I.MO! MAI II I U ITINtv! IIAIIt till I'iNT) KILL, Die Illimitable Hair Cutter, Ukcs this up Moid of hi tormina hia friends and ilie public in general, llial lie lim nMr?d foot the Tontine IttMiiii t<> hia Ola Sum N o w> I carl airrei, up ataira. immadiult'ly adjoining 'be I'eiirl Hlrerl lioiiae, wlirrr lie will lie id nanl t? operate ou nil who inn" favor In in with a call, iu bit truly inimitable ulyle of Haii Cutting, which, lor elegnipeof drtigii iod beauty ol elocution, u paatea nil.' tli liv of tlio kind lie rtolore lulroducrd Into the United Stales The various br.mcliea of wink dune at the following moderate prima luimttaole Hair Cutting, liU canta. Uo do Curling,; 13K " H perior dlmviog, CK4 " m9lm*r rflLLl Aftf) SALOON. NO. 4 UAKCLAY 8T1HCKT, THKb'.K DOORS I5KLOW Til It A Mp.HICA N IIOTICL. rH'K HKDUCK1) to Oae Hhilliuit iwr [liindreil. from B A M. to 4 I' M.?Tlia aubacriber informa Ina friend* and I ilia public in general, lliat or hat Yive N-w B'lli iro '1'ablra, in eparate apartments?two in them per (tout aaloon? two iu the rear aaloon, and ou* ill the front room?all in lirat rale order. Mini t MU viaitinit tbr rlt.ihllalnneiit Will br farm trod villi a private Cue, lor hieeiperial itae?the table- b-.u. in dillereiit np.i menu tlio proprietor tl.lllkl it will rrudrr it more elect mid >i reeeble lo gentlemen visiting Ilia liouar. ALSO. TWO KINK BOWLINU AI-CKYH IN THIt BA8KMK NT. Hia Bai will always bn unc-ed with the clioiceat Wuiea and Liquors and the best Began to be Sherry Coliblnra, Mint Julepa, I'liuchce; uuds in a m.'inucr not to be surpassed. N B.?Tne apartments base undergone a thorough refilling ?new pai-er, printing. *oir7~0"ur.lp<neii will please to co-imtuncate any neglect of duly of the atteudanta, at the bar. YKANCIB MONTKVKBDK. jmMI ta*r 5 Barclay street. TRKASIIRY NOTES LOsTT I OST, by tne auhacriiirr, bcl Wren Mir ciiiee of New York l-i an i I'biladelpliia, a poekr I incuoraudum book, containing ihe following Tienaurv Nofee :? A No I9JM 10 Joue, 11142,6 per cent, to Syl. Brown \ _j , eiieors-d 2G lone, '8121?- IN B l?'.*i 10 ? 6 ? 2b ? 10421 gk 100 A IfiM 10 6 ? 20 ? 043 -S 100 A 340UH 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 1043! X . 00 B 3o 01 10 ? 6 ? 20 ? IH42J SA 00 C 34102 0 6 ? 11 ? 1842 to B. Huugau anil K. L. Myeri, 00 B H203 8 Mar.. 1142, 6 tier cent, to Hyl. Brown, endnrsed 12 '?! It. 1812, to ll il iiivan and tl. L. Myers, 00 C 20860 20 April, 1842, U. Layall. endorsed April, 1811, to R. L. Myers, 00 tooo All prison* are forewarned against tlie payment of the above notra. A liberal reward wilt he paid f< r the return of the book and contents, to the subscriber, at 73 Month front street, or .Messrs. Allibiue A ??. I fntitli Wharves, I'nilarielpliia, or to Vlrsara. Bryan A Man and, 170 front street, New York. Philadelphia, 27th May, 1*43 m30 liu*r (Higned) '4. L MYKHM. (.'ASH TAILORING EsrAHLlSTiMENl'. SPH LLIPB, Meiehant Tailor, (late of 7 Attnr Honse, Broadway ) imorras'd with ilie necrtiity ol BslM| the riiirnc v ol the times by ihi rruuciion ol his p ices, and fmdiug it'unpoasible to do so while subject to the mormons outlays a Bro ilway MllMI necessarily incurs, hasdeurmined ou ilie only wa to t ffe'-t this?without diiptragemaut to the-in*lily of his giirinrni*-, ha has, therefore, ieuiore<4 hit establishment to 136 .sA'SrtU STREET, corner of Berkmtn, where Kenilrtnrn can now bo supplied at a drdnction of ten per eeut Iroin his former low prices The following ia anbuiiltrd mi rely ts a specimen of tbe thrrgoilig assertion I? Hopertiiie ('oils maoe in the brst style, from %'6 to $18 him da, of the finet; iinali y, 18 to 22 Chill e Ves t. . 2 73 H. I' beg. cjer'nsioo, to ob'erve, lh? shove artie ea may 4. 'eli, il ou, in II ras,Miero, to he rf the most genuine Irs. ri, i'd lower than any other house furnishing ih- same r ny of ariic es i I 'tnr "daguerreotype apparatus. JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN. 72 Nassau, near John stieet, N. Y. HAVING the Li ua gionnd under hia own inspection, and arranging ihrin in the camera nbscnta himself, he feela warranted iu aayiiig that operators using his apparatus have ob tainid more success then those using cameras with foreign lens, for the latter aie ofieu ioiperfec , and still ofiruer imp operly i linaiotl Tl.? nil??rinpr rniupifi a frill for hn cnmrriu. Hi* teen years practice aa Optician enables him to grind and ai ran* r Lena to anil the purpoaa for which tbey are wanted, a * lin'w F.NTI.EMK.N AND LADIES' LEFT OFF WAnVH 014 si?O.ul'eintu or icinilies desiruus of couvertiLg their Irtt off wealing apparel into cath, can tlnam for the same the highest c?h t rice. To I ami I ea and gentlemen quitting the city or changing, having a y superllu its effee a to dispose of, will (' ixl it n u h t-> their tilvauiagc to aond for the subscriber, who will atteud htrm at their reudence by apn >in'tnent II LKVETT. N'o. 6 John at. a"?l 114 Varir k at. New Yo.k. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. C loi long cleaned, altered and j^airrH. j I Or DTITnT oa VP MEKfI\G on LONG IrLAND, eommeticu g Monday, Jane I2.ii, mar liempateal drpot. ?Ti'krta for pas?*gf SS cents, (31 per cent leas than the nanal 'are] for sale u36P.rk K iw, 24J Ceutre street, o- 243 Hodaon atieet. New Yor? ; to l ? the corner ol Tearl an I High s'reeu, bronklyn; or aitnemeet'ig in Co mnhiau Ha l thu (Friday) even'tig. The cars lease the Btooklyn sonth Ferry at 9 A.M. and I P M. Bond on tne giound. Charles Fit.h, N N. Whiting, T. F. Bury, and E Jacobi, are among t' e sprake.a. Mr. (southard, tor <he commit ee. The Apollo It i'l ii eii'l "lien for leclu ri three t mea on 'he Rebtvh, .iud Coin nbian II t'l, 263 ( atrert, ou ?lotd.y, Tuesday, Wednesday. a- d Fridtv eveoiuga jl 3i#ce NOII' All per-not hiviug any Irgil c'aitnngaiuai. Ja.Bt D ininick.late of th : city of N. Yoik.biiirhcr,deceased, ire requester lo piescr.t the saute wuh the voucher* thereof, ro the iiuecri .rr, e. ;he h sua No. 9* Merrer atre f Also, all thoie p. d* hied to I he ratal of a lid deceased, lo make p-) ment be It. re the 20,h day of November ntlt to ANN M. DOMIN1CK, Fi"g. mTO to Nvll 6mlt*w*8r Fh lTTin OF JKFFKKHON INSURANCE CM.M PA NY?Office 36 Wal' itreet. This Company their hnaaaesi of tusnraure against lost or damage by lira, on ;oods, wnres and merenaudize and also, on vessels and their gargoes against lot* by ''?? Thomas W Thome K.liana Kigga TiioinasT Woodruff Benjamin R Kobaoa Johk K Daviton Francis P bag# Thoir acli Price. Joseph Allen Joku H Lee John P Moore Msaei Tucker James E Holmes* Caleb C Tunis James R Whiting Auann B.akerJ Wm K Tharn Joseph Drake lrad Hawley John C Morn It Thomas Morrell THOMAS W, THOENIC, Presidsnt. 41 V.O. T HhspV" Seereiarv mltv irb thk ancient and wonderful hTmpihv, of ' J. CHINA?Deserbed, Illustrated and Familiarized.?K. | MAHMNfcCO have jnstreceived Irom Lnndou a m tgiiih" ni illiiBirxreH hoik on China, which thrv inrrud to issnc in monthly parta, with all (he aide of engrav i it and printing com- ' bined, to pn ernl a beant'tnl and inatru'tiTe account <v th l aa toniahiug n..d intercatin; c mutry. The aniiquily. the gran deor, tiuil the exclusive character nl the inaiiinu na of China. MMHMM to miit at he prraent hmr, peculiarly appropriate an i dr?ir ible, cona'deriug the intereat which ia now felt in ti e United Hutea, in cunuection with the fact of oar com inrrc al oprranoua brnu ao mucn rale ml d with that aiugular and wonderlul n.ition. The work will be leaned in nmnben containing three eleel engraTinge in each. Plane 30 centi H. MAKTIN k CO., my7-lm*r K John atr?et. DY&PEPStA. ! A few daye aince, I announced in the pareta of thia city that I had re-umed tne practice for thia m iat dut eaatue dia- : rate, and atated alao, lhai aiuCe the pttolicatioo of my hook, I { had made inch additional diacoae lea. a* to induce rao to beieee, ihat I c u d cum ihe moat ohitieate. ai d in eceratncia a. no matter of how long at iodine, enter which I line- been p aeti u.g upon it, and I'm I it to answer my moat atig'i ue cap etatinna in all a,< a aud I have now iu mnch confid uc? in in im pormnce and o ility m , tfeoti g a permanent cn'e, tha I hnve no he.itatiou III aaylua, th tic nuot imagine a fit o Depends. under my nnuirdi it- ca-e that I c innoc tote. OLIVER II ALVTfcP 21 Vataan at. )>9 rmdkWec ^ eoi. Cedar at and 13 Chimbi ri at. MONTHLY REPORT OF THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, fNO. 73 CHAM1<.HR STREET. , . oaane cutan. 14 lntlvmmition of the eye- ? bieeaeee of the lirer. - ? l*, .. , ... ' inflam'n of the boweta 1 Syphilitic Iritis 3 Vomitiug. Uaatiitia 2 Amanr. aia, three noder ? Diseases of the Womb treaimeiit?doing well II nyphilia 1 Opteity of the comae, asiapepeia alinht 12 Wnuee, or Floor Albna 1 Htyea, by an operation 21 Gonorrhoea t Onanirm 4 lerar 3 Eiyaipilaa 7 *?co, dary Syphilis 7 Ulcerated aora throat 3 Piita .3 Gleet?cured be uew ? Bobo, by a new method of remediel tre-tmnit 3 Dieeaeea of the heart 4 Bore Nipple* 2 Dyaentary at-crcaarrt. anoint. rrtatTioFa. 3 Operatiopa lot h-re up 21 Stiirluira hi Oarihra by 3 t i|ierannna lor ii] >inting an Improved m. tliod o 3 Ope'ation- lor Hydrocele core 2 HemnriSi Tuiaora re- 3 Opentiona for fatule in m -yed Auo. 3 Club Foot? cured 2 Pn-jpua iu the noae ? Hi eyau-d Tnmoia 4 Ada,use in./u,is rt mryeJ 3 Ule ra on tne lega eared. I L i|c ,>! e# of (one re2 l'hyin< m n ored trom thr aim A berate, epened 1 Amputation of finger 1 Toon arainuTtd I Laucrr Bteaat I Gravel enr?d 1 Urals removed t Retention of Urine DR. H BOSTWICK, ? ... Attending Phvaician and Surgei nC. MeMANUN, ' Apothecary and Seereury jl Imec W YO MEW YORK. SUN DAY M VAN v DRY OOODS. rPHK Snbid'ibrr Has ! a ?< It of Dry Ootids, COD* J- aitiitttf of O ov?*b |f miPM- Lu%**, ft hb his, Kmbrodsrirs, Mtnlim. kf. >ii I0lf <1 rt ii??ich olrt* i ?l? ?v" Court iiidt itrrol. Tl.ry Imvi b?ru |?urch*i*il <>ririri|i?|ly nt nut'i n ?????! durum i?>* p ?|?rniy. mu'I the u l.iti-, v*ill Un It) sire (i.i.-..i |> I,- * (y o4 bmiict rl it Ii; b? (do nt ! ??'. t hoars n w atv! sir oHil m l ?li? l^j s<u/i A If w rich W| rk a tk loitir *h ?wIo, iml a sm.Ul I'H of *"r?* r'i Minimi* from .iiiriiou tin* ?l i> - IU0 iifw a t !? I -il1' I'm**' Is ' :<*!>? ip hosif i y nud v ' ?? * II f' MO )HR TO LkT AH AIIUVK - A Imk? w.-II iiu?t*u Uii'inunt mi *sr i'if saiiim |>l if, *% i? i fonr tw** furuiilo'l rooms, ami bl? lor ou# or two small la oiluia Too liiuuioo i ^ rod for mi rial* Hi' hotist*. and (ho bssoiniMit it will auitfil (otliif b n oris. Jo Id lO?f ./. v STONE ALL itetpr el 'ull y inf.-ii,a i, it frletlua I In I ||. Ii laiaol -il Itia I inner luminal iii 111 Kiillmi alrerl, lie'wrrn llioiilwae nml N aaiu atreel, wlieia tin u |ira|".vrtl In tifiniioiiiile dinner au'l p.wtioa, rluha Sir. in tua f irmer well known at le. 8|MC nut ami .my rnouia fur Kaleiauri I oioiiuitleea, fJourta rtlnnil lii' k in CJDattnt icadiueaa aa in former timet. HuiN K i.c f mun v pt||v.AI'ICHT in ill-111y?A K II ITi.UI NrlH, tha inreiitnr '-c >if the apltU'l'il B?r?i? i lllnck Lattera, h<a lein iveii Iroin 70 I'ikc a'faef, "o '71 Bt.iylw iy, wlieio In riinti u?a to uitnu lift-,a I'am ami K i oi OiUed Bln'k Letter A gna, Iron. VI eanla to ii 7> |<ai (not, lunnauiiiw lenllill of a i(ti twiute i UO fioiu 77 rla to .Ml i'rri'a. iuii<ry HI" c'lail'a ill * in It - re can lie aii|>|iUrii wi Ii let tort or a (ill In aruiliiii loNtfilr of apace ro.|nicil, wi Ii orilri lur payment in l?e city. N. II ? I' tinloia aupiilieil with plain and l.v c v (altera on (lie aliorteat notice. M.tikinti I'latta, Uranda and Blind I'atlariit S allll O'dar, i>0t*r I A I)? I .111 koi a I'i ,.e Leaf l,ar<l. for a ile by J | III I K K. COl.LI ^M V t () Mi H.nilli atre-l QUACKKKY USUI) IIP'!! fpiIK. daya oi the monater Qu ickery ?r* numbered; hia rcitrn ' Will aoou b over, ami the tlinntalidl (ItlU ( i?? of ibiiMMtmli who ar~'tillering und*r aerr I i Ura?f4, and th? equally iutol* rrn le imposition* ol unprincipled mercenary qua )< , noy uow rejoice at tli *ir approaching deliver uii e. Tim dark veil oiui)N'?ry which Ina hitherto enshrouded the tru tuieni of thrao hi** iaea, i? lomovnt. uud th* mcini lor obtaining it lief ia (I'ncnl wiihiu l- e rtmc't oi a I. Let llioa* who are wise avail t'?r uiaclvea of the oppo tunif with lit delay, mil procure at once n copy o' the Mrd <v?l (l ip'r I* ? ill* TM'meHV nf a-rrrt >fii<-?ari. b]f flu jiiitly crlrbmlfld Ur VAlJUilhN, for many y t I il ? i i in? i; fcj i by loiftQOI Ull Dublin L"?'k th>apnul ? I Ilia trmiiar couuilia a clear ami ili??r? ugh caaiiini ilion o< V cue real diai'tac*, in all ll.eir virutta forma, witfi utelul mid ? (irctud ?"d-a ? f ir'Atwut. which tall na ay uudrratnml And or c ii i v* nil <ui ti c la of 4 imyfleUi), nr Hh of ilnoviry * Fnis work cminoi f*P to prove inva'uahl* to travellers, aeafiriiu iiimi Aii l otbrra, who are cfeu placed iu aiUAtloua where thry eanuol oh'aiu medical ml vice. It may bo obrniio'd at foe Hook at* ml, Oi Naaanu at. comer of KuUon at Pritt? I la. All? MtlOQ Wtt'lOl $l,hy pott, will lunona cop! fabhfally (orwai J?d to th?m. m 3V i m r At: a hd? HOMA* ROBKHTB * GO* Dibffitii tud M*diciut? Venaer?.uf t'raue (/ourt, LoriImi, M.nKH Place, Mauchea (imi d 101 Bioidv*nv, New York, re?|i? tfnlly ?nn<u ce to the | ub tc ihn* h viru u ceded in c dling Attend !? to t?w ii iuv ilua ?e Mm iciue, 'Ti. r'a Life I it's, ' anu i i fit ** ay briua no * fn'ly tailed, ?i? d i a au -ceaa a t curative | lulled, beit t'? siale lbit uo mod ciun ? vei offered to mankind h la ao rai I lly ohtmned anrh diatinK'Hthed c Ji b-ity, and li a'taatioo bmIf ibaf it any pn <?l Iht (ilviHltd fir^d fnib ii? atraorol trj hotline f rin * n ' not b ?* dblttd ! The proprietor* are there-lorn doubly auti >ua to recomm ?nl ti e Fill' to those whone loo o( health by dyapppciaor ihcti nu* tic tli Cliotia n <| lift A apeedy nod cm ill rem, v<iti"fl The opii iona of ita value Ly aoine nf ill* lr a* in- dicil men of lie. diy ia a i iirc found ic on tli ?t i a anccuaa d ?ca u d?i end upon any ay are in if advertiai<u or *nrrarci ua puffing, lwt up ii itiowu viriu"? nmot'g't tli iia %* Ii rcV* mnirr mi'diMf ? ouiieu.enfa mid hi, Ii rliai ctrr for i itevii y, pb ce Irm oulnl ilin poe*ilrilitv nl .tnliuif quicktry. I lionrnta lioliei a fit ' <> liavr the (>eimlaaii)i? of |)r Killer,of F iUdelilin, for attti k Ilia strcng reooinii eurUtiou of tin* me <-fth *ae IMIa iu d?ramted lo'iarv compl i ita, nd tlyioa Ileum tie *\ rnptoma Oyaiicliii. it nbted teatimouy ?ta liii tin ubJic ore beglrnii'K to underai *nd and apieci-ite tlieaiio* rior rtRcacv < ftbia mild mnliriuo lo the powtriul * U'Kativea hit luvu been hiih*rto ?olo ilie*in in lite >h ipe e|| Pi |?, wlin b ina mve reli f f ?r a la art spree of hilt always nt Inn ttpiise of lb* yatem, by enfeebling it Mid rendering it more liable to receive ag tin olliai tern jlalnta. The lame high medical authority, in describing the simple virtuea of tin* inediri <r, aai a: ' A< It differs in m my rr?|ie?la very me inl y from ill pills tli t have hob rto bean brought b <<i? tha public, it it advi-ahl- lo make ilie |ml>lic acqu ilit il wilh the Kuirrinl properties they poaiess I'er 'a Lite I'd'i.aa u i urgativ , nir rouml to n t v< ry it< oily?ioil cil when llirv 00 purge freely it ia owing leu t> llleir purgative i|U tlllira <hnu ine veiy bad coudilion of tlieayatem tin y areactiua upon. The vi geiable lugiedlinta of wnie iliey arc atiictly romp aed will in all instances client rally decninpnae the il le>e'ioua inatiei ia generated t>v viri tit ranara, and impedes ' e villi and organic up- raliona nl nature m the buiiian frame. Tlieir action it pru.dirtily by decomposition?invigorating nv itirriaaing the 11, lie and ipialny i 1 the blond ? <tr< iigiiieinng all the organ el' f-dually without any of that atiinulaling effect ao in putOntlVM genrrilly." i hey are arid retail at moat of 'lie reaprrtable dniggiata in Ni w Yoik, and hy duly upon nico agent- in evrry city aud t-.wn irum Ma ne to I,ouiviaoa. Canada, ilie Uriliah province., Havana, the Wrat ludi. lalunila,. ud South Aintrica, in boxea, 1 .ml ' 'i centa rerl.. Tealimouula of ure from person wlioiediacaaca were cftne irnat invelrralg Itiud and ot long standing, may he aeen at the office of T. Kn jells It Co., Clarendon Houie, 304 Broadway, lli T l.t floor. Country Agents will pleas* addreis let tr boa 907. post office ml', m E. VTOS. 175k "I Broadway, leapt cifulle iovi'ea the eilizma J.N nf af> y rk, aud t? raons Irom briui who may beam jnernieg in ihe ei y, to cv I it hia room and < * unine the auperioni ?ci nem of If lyurrreniyii- P'oti aits, gr upi, and sketches ? b cli ha ia now eth.lri ing gi .'a t u ly ,.lr Whir la the. in -nnl ?< te er of a n?w. auperh. a il eoailv apinr tla, nv whicn lie la riiauird to t he rite liseiieaiof a V, III! r '.mm y ,??? mvwwva ' * >' w< - v.? .. ... , ami in a mamier an peifret,. raphic. and distinct aa I > equal in apt ear n c the m<>at beautiful and liuuhml copp-rpUle, Heel, or in ir nut ii< arin*. Without ilfiir ii . to il-roii*1' from the pretentions of o h- r Pi lessors of he Phoiorr tph'C rt, ' e lrarle?sl? eii'llilK'i ihr win'* world 10 produce parr i-.t of the siz'.accurac y,m iutria tie value of those la hie hMMhob, mJm cl imu.1i r mil tua io uae m any part of the slobu ei her in extern, canacuy 01 coat rqual to his Mr. White be fx to add, that notwithstanding the infinite supe'inrity r>f his iwtiaitt, aud he feeing ill mil v person cap III of pr OuciiK, on a single pi ite, in a f*w a.conds, enrrret ?nd beautiful likenesses of groups of f urn sis to ten persons, his rhantes are an est i-mely moderate at to place w.'hin the re eh ot lodi idiali of the most limited means, ihe auiiite to procure a truly .p'endid r. esiinil? rf tin intrlvea mhJ frii nda. .* Ilistuc lo t givrtr in the D v i-rotyp- *ri-uce andall the orcesaary appuntaa supplied, on le'sonahle teum. " T7()K "ALk?An ri' a Miuary luttruoien' ctli d llie Pii" hu-m-iuic'iu, made b/f'e c-lebrtedT Mia'tal, iuv?ot r of the Metrouorn The Paths,mou;c m acis w tliout the fingering of itnv leiformer, and trodutea a harmony rqn I in to an orchestra of ?-*t? srtistr. but at tin same urn* in. t me. hire no bii t in common with nose of an orean, I i fifteen feet in height by right feet six inrhrs in w,d h Toe k'ys, w hich are ofst'el, emonnt to .31 in unmber. aud are of ndm,table w< rLmatiship There are at pr'sent six cylinde i ad'p ?d to the instrument, Which are set with the loilowiuK 11 e?e i f muiic, T'x The Overturn to Lodoitk*, by Chrrubi i; Haydn's G aud Militrrv Htmnhony; two Mibuiry Marchet hy Moectietca; a Piece by Peethoreu; and Ood Save the *11.2 The ia trumrnt 's i layed b r the m ins of five beautifully perfect wh-els, end bv bell iwi o' v ry ?m ill d'meos' ns, li iing unwarda i f 40) bane's, comprising fl 't?*, 0C av flutes, hid hois, rliiionets, trout.eta, ies, bo na, b .sonna, and other maiinnienis I. has xlso C'nnr cted with it U rrisnu'e. s tsirof eyinbtla, two Tu kisheyrob. a. and a donhle diiim Ntw eylrudeis may at any ime he added with I (ih, hichtntyhe set uron tnein by any we'l exp* ie cedorsa builder, and will uot cost more ?n tit abo'it $ 0 This ingeniiua i leee of mechai ism is .uscei lib'e of bein < taken lo nieces, ?o th tii in y ?e easily t anapnr ?d from one place to soother 'I h-re air only tlree xtmilui inauumeota i i ?x stmee; one hu ol .mailer time si ?n? '"ib'rD inld stuns ear. ax i f-r Atn i-a lor the price of $ 0 OKI; a scroti I lias been to d I) the Pioee-fH xinvotVi n ?; auo a thud it iu the (oa.rsiiou of h Duke ot Le chtnihura, at V,u ich where it plays lu.h r?_ ,n. ...e K. U..II L I,., mi,i I., .11 II|,M,. who haTe r.siud Mnri.cli The of the present one ii deair mi of lieboaing of it, and ready 10 an mil to a ronsi le-ab'e sacri'tee To ?iDat< U'< of music, or managers of museums, or o'.ner p'acea of public amuserretit, no port-r npp-r.un'ty cmld be offered. For fitithefpartiitilars, terms, conditions, apply to CH vRi.ES F.*Y. )9 3 ec 1.1 fou h William street New y It 'PHK MOST DK.LJOHTKUL On ALl. EXCURSIONS. 1 ?A aai acroaa th* HuOaou Hirer to H oboken, and then a walk 'o the F.I yuan Kiel a along the ru eeoingiy besucifol rnd piclorevjae shores of ihe pi >ce, will prore the moat easily occoii nlishrd and a'.tractire of all the rural eicnramna that cm be made from the city The grounds now pr-sent a ch'roiing asi>? et. the trees beine moa'ly in leaf aud the soil corered with a ne.h turf. The wnks a-e in excellent order, hiving hem cmiai-'erahlv emhehiahril the preaeut apfn* tn'9 ?w ee PO.Mh.ROY & CO.'S EXPRESS. ' pHK ha?e i immrnctd rn nlng an Finreas, to ? en' from Neta Ymk. Bridgeport. Ntw oen, Nevr Mil'or-I. Kent, No'th C*naa?, Wi-t Stotkh-'-'ge, Albiny. and inteimrdiate p'aees, tn II a atonic and W-a era Railroads. fo >h safe >iid s' eeilr transportation of .ptrie, bank notes psckagra bun Ilea ol goods, 'ighr fre gh', lie . lor the payment and col lectiuu of b I'a, notes, drafts acconn'a, Use , on i for the promo* delirery a ul ex tcuii n ol orCera, commits on . aud erriads, in t e city of N'w York, for other places npon the ro-ie. F-om New York, Tuesdays T u'idars.and Haiuruaya. From West 8t rckbiidse, Mondays, Wed irsnays. and Fridays This line connects Witi Messrs. Pomeroy It Co's New Yotk Albany, Tror. B'iffdo, Ch.^sg? and Canada Express Alto, the New Hsven Htitford mid Boston, and the Philadelphia, Baltimore and Waahinsrton Kspresses POMF.ROY k CO. No 1 Wad street Net Yo k. Jrs ?r y va J Cs lian.e. Albany ~ " 11ARNDEN ft CO. ENGLISH, FRF. >i'H, BELGIAN ?t *ME?ICAN EXPBF.HB. FOREIGN I r.rT' it OFF C?. % ur,\tKAI. FORWA' DING > COMMISSION HdUSE. Piiocipal i fli ea ai l agenta : ? Messrs Willmtr and Smith, 31 Church e'ree', Liverpool, England Messrs. Varlean, Mnirs and Co., 3 Ahrharch lane, London Mctan Emerso'i and C > . Ptri- and Harre S mrirl He ght. Kan . American Co'.snl, An'wrro Beltium Mraart. Hvuden and Co., No. 3 Wall street. New Yoik Onto dmo, 'ho. R Court at act, Boston Messrs. J and J O Woodw,id, St. J jhn'a, N. A. t W. O nllrey, Halifax, N S I . W. Wheeler, ' ro?idencc, R I. Woodward. New Orb-ana, La. Haruden and '"o. willreceiee and forwa d by the Royal Mail liners from Bo t"?, or by tha Steamer O est Wis ern, rnj e Sailinc Packets from New York, tpscia, amill pstcaia, .Tidies, b.iiea aid eases of gomts, to any pa:t of Cnglaud. . eland, Scotland Belgium or K ance. They ran a ovl* liae ol ?x'iste Care between Bistn and New V otk; and their N'ew York ' d Beaton < (Bees are depot f r daily rxpresaes to all the principal cities aud loans iu thy , nitcd St* es. . , ... _ Letter R g. for all rir't of the world are kept at theirB lain" and New York offices, where 'rttrra e u b< prepaid u desired Mrichan'e and n h? rs who hare corr a-i nd nts m the r.?n i nenr and India, by r-mi nig funis toHird'n and Co , at Bos on end New Ymk, cm hire I uir le 'eta prrpii i. Th-y ano piy pu u-ular at ention to th, , lemtiou of ("us'on, H use Older, in host is. New Y'ik.ntid Lixeipool. M rhinta snd nlbe a raiding at id :i from wy o' the boy. it es who are desire so' Vant-fi' i c ools evllrr thin : ) my other s.-nrm , would do weil to f. res d than c trica, roicsf. at d order* to mem. Bi la of Exchange 11 sums to eii', on Engl ind, 1 ela d, Scotland, Belgium, ?i d bunco, insy be o tsined a h.-ir offices in New V ikgi'dBoa'on Al' goo a u,ust be markei "Harcden and Co." I.N B ?II rnd n and Co. are atone cs s>ua ble for th' loss or iiyary nl.iny arnclra, or prop-rty of abv deaf itption c im aitlrd I .o their es? ; nor >a any risk eimmid by nor ran any b? attached to ihe New ieiaey Hteamhosl Visiga'i n IVaipnT. by ?hicn 'hen crates ar.-, or mar be t ansiO'icd : uor ine New Yore, Proridenc . and Bo? ton Ra.lrosd, or Ihe Boato i and Pro ruldnee Railroad Corporaiiona, in is spec to th ir c'gleets at i I anytime. MAdND MtCO. J'*I Nor J Wall atwet, New lord. 1 ?? || | i | ? |RK I lORNlNC, JUNE 11, 184a Pittsburgh.! I'?i>rn?|H>mlrii<-?of llir ll?mll.| PirrsHiiHuii, I'.i., June ft, II you h?vi' uot visited ihm Cyrlopeuu city this veritable vulr -niiim of the new world, then, Mr Editor, let me tell you, it will he <|uiir iinpoaaible lor you tofnnn nuy pist conception* ol ita nuiurnl hruttIH'H nod its artificial blucknriw, from descriptions. Tim facetious Mr Cattin, nuibor of " The New Purchase," lim truly mild, that " K ih not nil emoke you now nee?there is Home lire here loo " Indeed therein, Mr. Outtin; there ih it lire here tint would have driven tluit old good lor-nothing heutheninli god of n blacksmith, Vulcan, uh mud na it March hare; lie would have covered Kin old fitee with Iiim leathern apron, and ran oil in despair lor the very sparUa, cindern, nmokn and dust, which overwhelm the city, and, at tiniea, pin out the Iight I'roni the Htara, moon, and nun, anil ohacure the heHvrns Could Vulcun have lion d iron ahalta ofaucli gigantic dimensions a* ore daily turned out here?think ye. Mister CuttiuJ " Mich powerful big" pillars?teu und twelve inches in diameter, ami more than aa many leet in length! No no, Vulcan, even Jupiter to aaaiat him, would have made u worry figure in the classics, had the PittstiurgiatiH been cotetnporaries with Inm it< the IicIIowh and anvil; and, I dentil verv milch, il the c |. aliitl abode ol that old obsolete (>0(1 ?! the (ireeka, Waa more cur hatlf ingly heiiiitilul than im this charming town ol Pittsburgh, with ii* (klJMKI inhabitants?ilr 7(1 churches ?Uh couatlexrf m uiuiuctoiiett? iih aeiniuury?itn theatre- and itn Court liouae, as large and more beautiful tliuo 'he cai'lliil ol iIn- Imii|itn* Mute; tin numerous bridges, spanning the Alleghany and Vbuiongahelu,whose embracing waters glide ipiielly down on culler aide, mingling in one hroitd stream helow the (own, and hearing upon iIh swelling bosom myriads ot hiimuii souls, wlio are dashing down the tide of enterprise with n vigor and dauntletvneu peculiar to tiiese regions. Much depression in the business of this, as well another large towns ol the west, has been experienced here; but the wheels of trade are daily ussuuiing a motion ol' more encouraging celerity. The merchants are doing a better tiusiii'-ss this than last year; mechanics are getting better wages, and better pay; that is, instead of a miserable rag currency at a depreciation of 20 to to 25 per cent discount, and orders on the stores, winch they were obliged to receive lor their labor last year, their services now command more in amount in gold and silver, or the billsol specie paying banks. )'h* manufacturers have been obliged, pretty generally, to come lo tins; though ii is lamentable to nay, that there are not wanting instances wherein then- rich owners of coal mountains, iron beds, and belching foundries, would prefer to pay off the poor operstives, through the sweat and toil ol whom they have become princes in wealth, with a depreciated currency. There wus a general turnout a short time since among the factory girls Tltey demanded better pay, and more of it; and, ufter the nulla had remained shut down for a day or two, they accomplished their object, and now tilings in thst i|uarter are all going swimmingly on You inny be surprised, perhaps, to learn that even here, in this comparatively new country, there is, verily, for all the world, as decided an aristocracy infecting, if not in fact, hi casie, as exists in Great Britain?ay, and as cordially hated, too, as are the rich landholders ol the " sea-girt isle," who would fain do a benevolent thing lor a bondman utadis fllUTj IIUl villi, MMMIMMII, IflllU lll-tivy UUIUrilO U|'UIJ suffering millions ul home! This class is not very numerous here; but it coiripriaea romtt vry ricn nif*n, who employ their wealth, not in creating bumiickh, wInch inif(!itb<* advantageous not only to themwelvcs, but also to the numerous operatives and laboring classes, hut rullier in ache men calculated to augment their alreadv swollen fortunes, at the expense of the many. These are the dronesof this busy hive oi industry; and, depend u|>on it, they are not generally regarded very affectionately. Politically, Pittsburgh is most incorrigibly whig, ol the moat rabid description Clay in the political Cod of these coal-pitH and "fiery furnaces;" and wou'd get a majority here now of some three to four thousand votes The "blue noses," as they are called, or fractional cryslalization of abolitionists and anti-maaona, are friend.i of Ceueral Scott, and would fain elevate him to die Presidency. Their light, however, burns " powerful" dim?almost as obscurely as- ttiai ot the f irndo of " Cap'ing Tyler," wbn numbers, all told, aboui a li iker'a dozeu! Calbnuu is not strong among tbe democracy of Pittsburgh?and Webster is hated for his Baltimore speech throughout all the regions of coal, dust arid pig iron, from the sources of tbe Alleghany to the rnmiih of the Ohio. So says Madam Rumor, who you know, Mr. Bennett, has a thousand "unruly members " Cans has many friend here; and whig*, demociafa, and "blue noses," all unite in Haying thai lie is an honest, enlightened patriot, ami would make a good President of the United States. Tne susjiended philosopher of Kindrrhook has sown his cabbage seed pretty plentifully in " these here diggina j" and it is suppoaed by some, that cold slaw and sour croul will come in very plentifully in the autumn; though of this, since the frost on the 21 inst.. which was snow on the Alleghanies, and has destroyed much fruit and many tender plants along their base, there is much doubt There is not much quarrelling in the religious circles of Pittsburgh; for. among the dispensations from the seventy churches, a sufficient variety of every known and unknown doctrine is inculcated, to please all tastes and gratify every religious whim The Catholics here, as generally, in every large town elsewhere, in this country, have the largest church, and occupy the most conspicuous site.? They comprise a numerous body, and are greatly on the increase. Theatricals are at a low ebb There is a very good house, otherwise than it is exceedingly dirty ?resembling somewhat, perhaps, inside, the interior of a gilded coal pit. The bills and advertisements hav ing fiirmrigly announced that an Iodisn wouid perioral in a new drama, written exptesuly lor the occasion, I had the curiosity to look in and wiiners the wonder. The pit and gallery were crowded with ihe most rabblish looking and acting herd ol rowdies that I have ever s'-en conirregated in any theatre. They were ^decked out in ragged coats, broad brim straw hats, U^arsain caps, blacked eyes, battered nose and very sooty faces. They frequently called the actors oui by name, even during the performance; blackguarded the orchestra, comprising the full and satisfactory number of just four musicians, and made tne house reel in beating time to the music with their feet. There were very lew persons of any description in the boxes; and only five in female apparel ! The performance was a little the rudest of an v thing that I have ever witnessed in that " line." The poor Indian seemed to be about the only one of the "troupe" that possessed any talent or fitness for public exhibition ; and his task was such an under toe affair, that he inns; have despised himself, after it was over, for having any thing to do with if He was a splendidly made tellow, of most gigantic and finely developed proportions. If he must degrade himself by turning player, pity he could not fall into proper and competent hands, who would take pains in bringing out some of the noble and characteristic traits of his savage life. C. E. J. Washington. f Corwondeoce of the HmJd. | Washijioto^, June 8th. 1843. R'lln, hnrxda fit/la. A war has broken on* among the ball-giving gentry of this rr-tropolie, who assume to be the leadets of Ion when nothing more is requisite than a brainless head, an impudent swRggcr, and an empty purse, to give them that distinction. It would seem, however, Irom a handbill just issued by a worthy wine merchant of this city, Mr. Edward Simms, that one of the chief getters-tip of assemblies here, who calls himself a lawy--, but briefless, and who is mainly remarkable for the bulk of his whiskers and the length of his feet, has !?een deteeicd at last in a very discreditable fort of employment. The (ollowing extract Irom the handbill will explain the matter, and develop? a transaction that all here were both disgusted and shocked at, at the time "In December, 1810, lie" (Mr Charles L. Jones, the small fashionable referred to) "was very actively and personally engaged in getting names at ten dollars each" (which, by the way. was intended to exclude the poor but resectable portion of the com munity) "lor a ball to be given in the ensuing month f M ireli, under the pOfUlar title of the 'Indignation Ball* e inf rm?d tne that Mr. C*ru?t had de rnand'd a very high t rice tor the u?e of his roome on that occasion, and that he (Jonet-) had offered him (Can-i) jffkk) tor the sa ne, whtchlue retused. He stated that ?tr. W. A Bradley sou il sell htm a ?hare in the theatre, and begged that 1 would see IV, Qtuiion and purchase out his interest, touting tne that money could be made on the ball To my regret 1 purchased Irom the Doctor aa my next step, (and I am not much of a dancer ) The money nrceanary to twiati the building by the 4th ot March IER A I. wn* rained To aconmpliali tlii* (including the ex penae of the hall) #6,177 14 were rnpiir d, U which ( Mr. Jonee contributed three hundred nnd lilty dot- , lari Alirr the hull, he drew about nine hundred j dollar* beaidea which, In* received one hundred i dollar* lor candle holders mid *iri|? torn from Mr i ('arum'* r oma, declaring'" Mr. Ilradley und my?e|f tllli( the u*H*mhly fund.4 were deficient ithoul lliHt amount, oiherwiae he would not Intve celled iiimui riihvr of ua for that num." ( And thiM in the worthy who k?'m up uiweniblieb here annually, and contrivrH to a?aociatc with him , honorable men, who o| cotrrae are ignorant ol the contemptihle trickery in wfticlt they tire made agent* mid who ili'malit they were urn-octaling with a Mouth men id IcuMt The whole matter haa heenhlown hy Mr hi Sunma - and what haa all along been artr tntaed, haa heen proved, that iIiim "idiuhhy genteel" Iiiim lieen nt IiimiIiiIv wnrk i rum tliu iniiiiient lie he came ii Ititli or iihm' iiilily mmuMcr, iimi been |>rucIih ink mi the credulity til iIk* public l?y anting up an nrmhlies with some other mi.ill Iry, and than putting money hi Inn |iiiri"' ?li'iiHtinn and on roust UK .tt the expense o| inherit, and acquiring > inrt of notoriety lint nollilug 1'Ihp could five h I iii .VI r ijiitimn' tt pone will, however, Iny him hereafter on the shelf, IIH if ought to do, mill nt the name lime enable 'lie uuhlic to understand how they linve been dupe J? how very little integrity or t<<-n 111'y ii requires to he considered here aaa lender ol (heftm uml of wlntf Hort of personage* it in constituted lint "P'Xm i?> will h i pigml ? ?nll, ill i' n < '. in A'"i." Men miiMi |my for their lolly i ne wipe merchant i ivulied io lie fashionable, and Iiim 'in < ifl-red hy 1 ulteui|itinK to cut u figure in laabii .u h'e lite ?h 1 Mihere io which hit previous habit- lint renuered ' linn wholly unfit, Charley HeeniH to have been too 1 wily lor hntli Inn asiinciate*, unit wnn n< quiring money mid notoriety, not reputation, while they were , Kniniiih nothing. Mr Simma'liundbiII has produced a kooii ileal of Htnuneuient and noine excitement here, ii ml I thought lie- subject might lie tnl'Trst, ug to your reader* ami thone who have participated in the assemblies of the Metropolis John Jon km ok New Yohk. Mrs F. Mii.i.kk.?We have hud shown to um, and now present to our readers, ari nuthen i cated copy, under the seal ol the State of Connecticut, of the act of the Oeneral Assembly of that Slate, divorcing the ludy whose name we have mentioned, from C F Miller. We are informed that the teatitnony oflered on the trial before the legislative committee, wan of a very peculiar character, and such an fully justifies and nuniainn the mioiik iiiii^'i'tK'' I" <>><' preamuie in me act. i ixarguments of the counsel on bothsidea, were particularly hrilhunt and effective, as rni?Itt have been anticipated from tbe high professional reputation ol the gentlemen retained. Mr. Ingersoll, of New Haven, who finished his argument in favor of the petitioner on Friday laMl, ih Mind to have surpassed all his former forensic efforts. Miller was present du. 1 ring the summing up, and hore the IremendoUM flagellation lie received with the fortitude of a martyr The act panned the House of Ast-embly by a vote ol 135 to 31, and the Senate without a single dissenting voice. The t ieneral Assembly ol Connecticut, unsolicited by the petitioner, and to mark the opinion entertained by that body ol tlx- merits ol her case, and tlx- sympathy of the members with her sufferings, passed a resolution changing her name from Martha E. Miller to Martha K. Hlackwell. Mrs Hlackwell is now, as we. are informed, residing in aipuet and secluded manner at Stamford, i;onnf< ti'Mit; und hh ehe ih in u initiation in which ahe cannot be ilandcred with impunity, (in wan the cane before her divorce, it in to be preKurnrd and hoped, (die will be permitted to rejrfwe undieturbed by rtlniw or violence, in the retreat ahe hut choaen. The act and resolution ol the (<eneral Awmhly are an follow* ? At (ienetal ol the Stateot Connecticut, hoiden at II irtloril III ?ald Htate, on the flr?? Wedneaday ol May, in the year ot our Lorl one tbouaand eight hundred nit lorty three : ? U|>on tne jie^ition of Martha L. Millar, of the town of Htamlord, in the county ol Knit field, how ing totbiaAa aernhly, that ahe waa married to Cbariei f Mi.ler on the 24tb day of September. A D ISM, and hu alwaya.on her l>an, fxi'hfiilljr discharged the dutie* impose 1 uj on her by the mirrti'ge relation, but that the aaid Cbarlea F Miller, ( hy rep-uted acta ol 1.1 treatment, violence and cruelty, made it necraaa.-y lor ber to leave him, and while the, th< aaid petitioner, waa residingin aaid Htamiord on or about the middle ef He (it?ratter, A L). ISdJ.tbe aaid Cbaiiea V , Miller came to the home wheraahe waa then residing in aaid Stamford, aimed with a aix barrelled pittol, loaded ( with powder and ball, arid violently aeized the petitioner, , with the intention of forcibly taking ber away, threaten- , I n (? t t V ,.. a u art, > 1 , rr ,. I,, b 111 f, r, .. nr.* ... L n , 0 .... I a ' with him. that he was thereupon Inarmed of nM piitol, but left the petitioner unconscious arid wtiKlrii, and with her health much impair* d, (rom the > tlectf ol hia violence ' and the terror consequent thereon; that ori a aoWquent 1 occasion the said Charles V Miller came to 'aid B'auiferd with the avowed determination ot committing nailer violence o a the peraon o( the petitioner, but waa liniucces* ful in finding her, and that a terwarda, to v it : on the 25th day of J.inuary, A. D. 1943, the laid Charles V Miller again came to fail Stamford and secretly entered the room in which aba wai sitting, that be forcibly dragged b* r therefrom, with great brutality and violence, down the > taira, and by the aid of "-ei-tain of his companion!. then preterit, thriut her into a carriage, and notwitb.tar.dtng , her entreaties and acreami, carried her off by force aaid Stamford,to thecity of New York, ?xpo?erf to the in ' clemency ef a cold ?inter day. in health, end with | no other clo*hing on, than what >h* had wot. jg her roam , that the said Charles P. Mi'ler for sys < n? ber restrained ot h> r liberty, and < gj city of New Y r j that le alter*.:' too < her to t Norfolk i1. Virginia. ag*m?t b?r wi'l, ,i-.| 'rom I her friends and acquaintances, and hti? for the timer in- t terpontion ol friends theie, ha would nave ak? i herb*. , yond the Juriadi tion of the United Stater as v ill more , i.. 11 I I _ K_ ? I. .. ,1 .. I . L _ KlMjf nun .1 IO), ' 7 I Iflth day of March, A D I94S. The petition 'foreaaii baring fx en duly and leg ally aerr< d oo the aaid Chatrle ' F. Miller, by leaving a true and afetted copy th-reof, I end the order ol notice thereon, with the laid Charie* I' t Miller, on the 8fb day of April, A D 18-U w?? rtturne) i n-cordiDg to law to the office of the Secretary of tbil State. And the aaid Martha t Miller,the aad petitioner, now appearaby herself and counsel io prntecute her taid petition before thi? General Assembly; and the taid re pondent.the and Charlei F. Miller,by himself ant bit counsel, alao appear* to defend again?t the laid petition, and baring made answer thereto in writing a* on fill? thit General Astembly haring enquired into '.ha fact*, do flud the allegation* in aaid petition to he true, and do find the allegation* in the respondent'* aniwer, except to far at the aame are connatent with thoae of the laid petiiiec, to be nntrtie: therefore, the Senate and Houae of Repreeentstire* in General Atwroblr, Tnat the marriage relation now >ubtitting between the aaid Martha E Miller and the aaid Charlea F and the tame hereby it diaaolred; and the laid Martha E Miller hereby it divorced frnari the taid Charlea F Miller, and the, the aaid Martha E < Miller, hereby ia dtclared to be eole, tingle and unmarried. ! 8i*tk or CoaxacTicvT, ( ' Office of Secret ry of State, > I I hereby certify that the foregoing ia a true copy of re- ( cord in thiaofiice. In teatimonr whereof. I hare hereunto ret my haad. and [t ? J arti*<vi the real of the said State, thJ? fifth day ot Jane, A. D. 1943. NOAH A. FHKLPS, Secretary of State. At a General Aueablr of the Slate of Connectlcat bolden at Hartford,in Mid State, on the flrvt Wstaeaday ot May, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight ban dredand forty threeResolved. by the Senate end House of Representatives in General A?embly convened, That the name of Mar tha K Miller, of the town of Stamford, in the county of and the earn- h-rebr i? changed to the name of Martha E BlackweU. Star* or CotrsacTiccv, aa. jr Office of Secretary of State j I hereb* certify that the foregoing is a true copy of re coid in thi<0(Bce In tettimonr whereof. I hare hereunto aet tny hand, and [l. ] affiled the oeal of the eaid State, thia tlfth Jay 01 Jane. A. D. IMS. 1 NO\H A PHELFS. Secretary of State. Fix* is Fall Rivnt, Mass?The Sella of our village were nine, and the alarm of fire cried at about half pa*: 12 o'clock lest night, or, as it had then got to be. morning It proved to be at the lowrr lror Works} by the big enimney, trab pond and huh hill, when we arrived there, the entire rool of that immense building, which is 3H0 feet lung and lm feet wide, was m one sheet of flame, which lit up, as it were, the whole heavens. Br one o'clock it began to crackle or give way, and *o down in large masses, and by or bgfoee two o'clock, that vast property was reduced to a heapot "mouldering rum* The w nd wassouth east, which J carried the flautea directly U|X?n our 1 ay, or re ;t is likely that the extensive A met.can Pint Work a belonging to the same eorr.ptny, wonld bar-* shatrC the same late Tlte fire took to one ot the due#, to * hat is called the packing, or wrap trot baiaimg which was alao destroved. Vk'n have have had but I little opportunity to get any iden respecting the j amount of the loss, hut hnve heard it estimated at ? ! ? t>r?Agowan*? of i* iVarnMM C'kiS. m i utm. I H LD. Prl?? Two OenU, 'I'm* Howowium Ioi.sniio The British authorities,who, with lilt" ol Lord Pail let, hove not possession of Ilia Sandwich Islands, appear by the advices troio Moo nliila to lm cariying matteis with a high hoiol 'I'ho (allowing lire someot The official notices which lisva I teen circulated l>y tho Bntlsh cninmiaoioiiura for the governin out ol the Sandwich lolamla I? Office ol the British i omiiiloolon for tha Ootr i ! , crnment ol the Hmnlw Ich Island#, llonolula, JHlh reh. IH4d i I'iiVilli* notice li hereby given that an additional dulv ul one per cent ml valorem, will ha payable on all goodis liimleI train vmela nrlvlng it these lalanffa altar this lute, whh the exception ol goods sworn to he Untie.1 far in excitation, By order el tho commissioners. (aignnil) AI.KX MMI'ION, ( joint II. MICA, } Micietarlea. (Mtti'i ol the British I'ommloaion, Itc. ) March 8.1, IH4a. < I'uhllo not I en ia herel.y given that Mr. Jules iJmfult, consul of Vi anca to the lute Ijuvei nim nt, having Intlmatiul to the commlsulon that he dec lines to lay hrlointt his authority lor acting us lepreomitatlva of Viaace in these islands, ihn commission will not recognise him Irom this ilnl In <hat capacitv. By 01 lerof the commissioners. (Mlgnedl A L K X. HIMPMON, , Joint H. MKA, j Secretaries. Office ol the British Commission, he I March 1st, IMS ) Public notice in hereby given that all British suMnct*. uiiil I ha luhjecta of ililxena of other rountnea fothei than the natlv ? ul the arrtilnalago,) having any claim lor land III the Handwloh laljiida, whether by h-aae, written document, or in virtue ?l orru|>ancy, are required to <iil in am h rial ma to the r.omn laeionera on or before lie that of .fuiie neat, falling which, no r.lalini will lie llernaftm In Id valln (unlcaa tlie lioldera ul thnac clalma hall be iikaont Irom llieae ialanda dining the lulatvening |iiice ) The cnmnuaalniiera will not enter upon tba validity of tiieae rlalaia at jiraaeui, tuit will cauaa all the ilreda and ulalui* aa |ireaeut?d to be rogiaterod for luttare dec la lan. By order ol the rotntnlaeioriara, iHigued) ALBX HIMI'BON, I Joint II. HKA, j Hecretarier. OOlce of the Brltiab f omaoiaaloti, kc. / Marrh 4tb, IU4a \ Public notice ia hnraby given that the conimiaaionera Intending lo gnuil linnaea to a H ulled uuintierol huuaaa III thia town and iieightiorhond, f.rth'iaale of ,apirituoua li(|Uoia, Irom and alter the flrat ul April, lor each ol which licenaea one bundled and fllty dollara will be cbargedare ready to rerulve written appll* utioua at their office on or beiote the I liih mat., fiorn tboae who ate deelroua ot lining an Hennaed. By oider of Hie commiaaionera. (Higned) ALk.X. MIMI'HON, i Joint H. HKA, 5 Aac ret anna. The following, however, ae.trna to cap the climes. The |aoi king ia indeed deprived of hia power by theae inaolent loieignera? and hia opiniona are to he diaregaided, tinleaa he apeaka with " the aanctiun of Lord l'aulet,Mor by the biithoiily ol the Britiah coainiaaiou ! rtia,. ,.i >1.u urit..I. a? i March ?, |H45h 5 It la hereby publicly intimated that the publication mill diitrihtitlon of a apeer h atatrd to hara beea made by Kamehkiarha, on 1 ha i*th of V> liruary, in a pa par entitled ' Official correapondence relating 'o tko Into prorl lioruil cession of the Sandwich lalanda"? wit entirely without thn authority of the Itight Honorable Lord George Paulct, ortbo cornoiiaaluri appointed by him: that was delivered without the sanction of Lord Ueorga Pan let, mid formed 00 part of, and h>d 110 connection with, the arrangement* by which the aovereignty of theae talaod* wh? provisionally caded to Great Britain. By order of tbaoommiaaioner*. (Signed) AI.KX M1MPHOV, 1 Joint If . UFA, S Becratariae. The following 1a the copy of a memorial to tha Praaidant of the United State*, now in tha Marchauta' reading room, for aignaturea ? MEMORIAL The tiuderaigned, merchanla arid otbera, citizen* of tha t nited State* an ma ot whom are eatenairaiy engaged in commerce with the Hawaiian faiarida, and ail deeply mtereated in the political, civil, and reltgioua proaperity of that nation, have heard with aei.tiinenta of aorrow and indignation, the newaol tho late proceeding* on the part of Lord George f'au/'d, commanding H- B. M. ahipGary {fori, terminating in the proviaionai ceaaion of that group to Great Britain. Firmly believing that the cftahliabmeiit of the national independence of tha Hawaiian Maude upon a Arm baaia. ia eaaential to the due preaorvatton of the commercial righfa of all nationa in the North Pacific, and that tha Hawaiian Government, If left lo iteelf, and treated by ether naiion* with Justice and courteay . ia fully compe terittri disrharir*. all Its lelatinna l,o( rifilv for the main l< nance of lUown internal peace. km} the aecurity of prion and property tool! who vuit their ?hore?, hut to conform to all the lettled ptuciplti of international law; a id believing aUo that the permanent of them by on \ foreign power would prow exceedingly irijorioua to the commeir.ial and mercantile interests oi Amaiican citizens, moat particularly to these engaged in the whale fnhery, we do reipec'iully preaent to your conn leratlon them vjewa, and auhmit whether under existing cursor itanr-ea, it n not expedient and proper for the mtcresta of American trade in that quarter ol the globe, that the American Government ahould make e decided rrmon trance againat a measure ao deatrnctire to Ha boat inlereata. The ientimenti exprewed in your message to Congreaa jf December Slat, IM2, in regard to the telaucaa of :hii Oorernmect with the Hawaiian Gorernoaent. and ta relative pontion to other powers, meet onr lull and lordial approbation, and we request that they may be nadethe bans of a communication, (if in your opinion -.oniistent with the intere ta of tee American Governmailt) from thia Government to the Government of Great Britain. We remain, air, with aentimenta of respect, Your fellow citjteos. To the President of the United States. Teoi.mjc lit the Uams ?The flag of fieoeml Cam has, it seems, been hoisted in this city. He is a great friend of Repeal, and there is no saying what can be done for him in "these dirgios " The folowi.ig communication is worth a corner in this conflection, and so we give it:? Mr. hrviktr The divi-ion in the democratic party between the "riende of Mr Van fJuren and Mr. CaJioun ? raught with danger to our success. The breach >etween them seems to be incre.ieog, and it is a n itier lor serious consideration whether either of hem could be elected if nominated I arr. satisfied ihat those gectlemen wnalo be among the first to propose a different choice if they thought that tneir noimaation wouhffcause deieat; for they are equally desirous of aecurng our ascendancy as a party, and mainUtntng the g'eat principles of democracy As a democrat, I regret that SLy difficulties should occur to mar the prospect before ae; and I suggest that it is our duty to give up any personal preferences that we may have, and e?>ct a man whom the whole country would eheenuilv aid zealously support. If the position that I have assumed be a correct one, the question occurs, who could most ?ucces^ fully compete with our opponents* and I assert that the nomination of General Lewis Cast woukl be received by the great mass of the party wrh the highest gratification, and that tbev would unite as one man to secure his election There is sotbiaf in the character or sentiments of Gen Cass to prevent the democrats of everv part of the country from sustaining him Every ;*?htieal act ha? been accordng to 'he strictest principles of drmoceney; the greatest j*rtof his lite has been devoted to the ser Ilff Ot n? CWIIirrT : ma ?"W1 UI ?oT?-rurneai are ihose of a patriot and a K?>tnu, ic the tm'tj; good ot the whole people, and to such aa idmmstration a? w. act tor 'he hen*fit of u?e forking man, and secur* to hm eooal rtfhta, eqaai iririlere*, and eqoal enioym?ots. with the maa of ealth?h? laemphatical'y a man of the people, and >oe who ha* risen to hit present h'fh and honorable wwit'nn ont'ded by nche* or tfc* amutance of powerful fr*-d*?his pro'-r1'* ?r* :v?? ?f a firm and int leidinf l^mocrat. a which farh he was reared ind wh eh h* ha* a!w?TS "astaineri. 1 feel coafilent that with bis n.ime nscrbed on oar banner, ictory would he cera'n. and the defeat of oorop>ooent# orerwhelmng I hope'hat these re mar Its r II ca'l forh 'he op niona of other democrats?U?e ubjert is an important one, as the success of the arvnu? depend on the decision TaJOtarrr Impoktaht to Boo**r~L**s ?Crsrrw Horaa, i,\ -*Ton, Ja , May 16 ?A ' wo***, a r-?wct >t wtiich nouce has been g.rra to . mrr^swon r? of her Ma esty's Customs. n J*r the psora** of he 24?h and S&h section* of the set of the Sch and nh \ ictooa. ch 47. ot tb- w nfti ol ?eh worts nibsistme. ? aid on :re tar e. m UK Commercial Rooms. *o* the ntf rnaauon ot 'be pohnc I ae atention of import ens sf bnoka. ,>*mp?iw'-a. See trom he United trtates ot Am-r-a, is part.cslarfy direcled to th' said I -*t. a.? ail reprints ot r.aeuah works, he copy nfht of which at present snoeua*. will be >n mporut .o into this Island, se:xed and aesaroied inder the 17th section, b?h and 6 h Victoria, eh 45Tn*Kan;*T* RaniTnJi?This trwtite was oomriencrd in l*?t. and nearly tinnier, m 1S21 trie . nt-ded to be lanncbei on Tuesday n- it Diaenwona cm Jeca lenftk) I" ltitrsw* b-endlh. a* 1 J ?IVepah at bald. * " Castas Haass Measnte, isas Her 'e?d drsiMfct of water ? ?summed aj *1 teet >rw*rd, and 22 all Armament?O poand cannon des on spar deck: St ioa# runs and 4 bomb cannon n 40s deek?her nnmtur ?! fans i? $i.? r*d. t>*> SO<

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