Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 12, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 12, 1843 Page 1
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-s-ssBasBRgasaa TH *#l. XX.?Ho. 1IH) ? Wkol* No. 3811. To til* Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?dailynewspaper?putiishej every day of tha year except New Year's day and Fourth of July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or 17 30 per an an*, ?pottage* paid?cash in advance. '? HE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday tr.orning?price 8J cents |>or copy, or IS 13 por annum po dagea paid?oaah in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of .h? horabi ia mar thihtv thousand, and increasing est It hat the. largrit circulation of any faptr in thii city, or the world, and it therefore, the belt channel for hutinett Men in the city or country. Price* mod era to?cash in advance. I HINTING of all kind*, executed at the moat moderate price*, and in the moat elegant Htyle. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiBToa er thk IIkiiild Kitabliihmrnt, Northwest cornet of Fulton and Nassau street* BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ItOXAl MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of I2U3 tona and 140 hone power each. Appointed by the Admiralty to anil beteeen Liverpool and thutou, calling at Hali'ai to laud aud 'ecrire Paairncengcr* and H-r M jettr's Mada. HIBEHNIA, Oma n i>ail,a H. E. Judkiu*. CALEDONIA, E<rt?D Edward G. Lott. ACADIA, Caiitwn Ah tauder Ryrie. COLU MBIA, Capuan N. Snannon. BRITANNIA Captain J- lui Hewitt. Will aail for oaton, via Ha'ifax. raei* LtvaarooL from aoaroa. Acadia, Hyrie. l?h May 16th June Columbia, Shannon <th June lat July Hiberuia. Jndkina, 19 h Ju. e 16 h July Cahdoiiia, Lott, 4ih July lat auk Theae ships cairy experienced surgeons, an l Fiances' Patent 1 lie Boats. No bertha aecnted until paid fo- Apply to D. BUIGHAM. JR.. Agent, ie6r No. a w*u atreer. New York. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. 1'Kc Reyal Mail Mum *hip ACAuIa, Al*sender Ryree, Commander,will leare Boston for the ab ire porta, on Friday, 16,h June Passage to 1 irerpool fl20, Passage to Halifax, XO, flprn io u sniunnm, ji . Aprni, j7ec N" 3 Yah street. FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS Oil THE WtsT A-BOG1AT10N PA-SAGE OFUCE TO ALBANY. Ut'ca, $2 60 Rochester, $3 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 JO Oswego, 2 23 Up & Lower Canada5 50 For passage apply ro M. L. KAY, in23 3m 93 Barc'av street N?w York. NF.W YORK, BCHOOLEY'S arww4R|Kp.MOUNTAIN k EA8TON. Lra>e n,e loot of Courtland street, daily (Sandays ei'-eplrd) at 8 o'clock, A. M., br railroad f om Jersey city to Morriuown. ?' uce by Post coaches thr< ugh Mendhain,Chester Schooley's iVIoi'ntaia, Andersou Towu, Port Colden, WaAi>nutou, to Kaston. At Washington. a daily line intersects to aud from Bel-idere For seats apply to J. Hill, at J. Patton's, Commercial Hole1 73 Onrtlaud street. N.B ? Estns furnished t the shortest notice by applying to N. B Lu.e, United State* Hotel MoTistown. inrlt 3m ec NEW V'UKK AND KING ?'o> 8 i EAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE l,"*NE. aMfl mSH For Kingston, and Delaware and Hndson SLjZjESfc wit H 1 K-v,tttAL,D and NOB The EWE"ALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New Tot't foot of Murray street, every Monday and t nnrsday at 6 o'elock P. M. Wil leave Kiugston (Rondoat landing) e>e:y Wednesday anu ftaturdav at 3 'clock. P. M. 1 he NORWICH, Captain John aamaels, will leave New York, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. W.I I leave Kiugston (llondont landing) every Tue ay and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. T.he EMERALD will leave the foat of Mnrray street every Sandy morning at 7 o'cl-ck. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'rlock same. day. For fretght or passage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW A CO , ail 3m*r 164 West street. RTdTKN ISLAND VKRRV. FOOT Qm "'HITK -'AlL iT-1h: >I<I mboau 3fciMZSE-ST\Tt. m I-U'DER and SAMSON will iKDuf llowa until further noneLe ve New Yo k 8 9 lu. II, 1 2 3)?,5 6 7. Leave dtaten Island 8 9, 10. II, 1 2, 4,5 6 7. Leave New York ai d Stct u Island sverv hi.uroa Sunday. P 3 ? Excursion to k'otl Hmilt'U. Sundays evccptrd. Leave Fort Ham.ltuuTK A. M., retumiug I ram New Yo>k Da P M. in r am NEWARK AMU NEW VOKK?Ktt.e LvSair only 1254 l.euis !?The i[ leudid steamer ZBaZswfl^SE. PASSAIC, Captain John Uaffy. On and afer Moo'l.-y, June 5th, will run as follows Leaves the foot of Batelay street, New York, at 10 A.M., and 4 PM. Leaves the foot of Centre street, Newark, at IK A.M., and IK P. M. Krcight carried at very low rates. alt Sm r KOK LONDON.?Regular Packet ol Juue the ?flfW30ih.? The Sjleu- id packet shin RW1TZERLA VD, JMHklisE. Ku'ttht, master, will sail as above, her regular day. Having veiy superior accommodations for cabin, Jnd cabin, and steerage passengers, persons wishing to emb.rk should make early application on boaid foot of Maiden L-uc, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, l'O Pins street, Corner < f South. Psrsons'wishing to send for their friends, can have them brought out by the above ship, or any ot the regular packets by applying as aneve. (jl by letter, post paid ) ill r ft'OK LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Keenla fS5fn> Packet c! 25th June.?The Splendid Packet Ship JufiMBfeOAKHI<K, Captain Wra Suirtdy, of 1(03 tons will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having acc ommodations nnequa'.ied for splendor or eomfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to E. k. COLLINS St CO. M South street. Price of passage. *180. Ine Packet Ship Rocius, Cant. John C dims, of 11M tons, will succeed the Oarnek, and sail the ISth of July, hut tegular day. Letters for the ships of this line will only bs recsirod at OUpiu's sod Hale's News Room Passengers mav redv on too ships of this line sailing punctual l? as ad?--tised. m28r i~LD BLACK BALL LINE Ok PACKETS ?n|V FOR LIVERPt'OL?Pacuet of the 19 h June-The jNMn>wrll known tint cl*sa packet shin ENGLAND. Captain Bartlett, will be despatched as above, her regular day Her accommodation* for cahin.2J cabin and steerage passengers, are unsurpassed by any other ship.?lh ?se wishing to secuie berthaahoalii mak eearly application on board or to JOHN HEHDMAN. 61 South street, near W -II st. N B?Paaaage from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales ran lie rngag-d with the suba-fiber by splendid first class packet ships sailing weekly from Liverpool, aod Drafts rau as usual be iuiuished tor any imouet, payable without disconnt throughout the United Kingdom. Apply at ako'e. Je5 ee i Mr p lin LI T bnruuii.'neinisi |wrin ?' mrum ?The vera aupenor, Tut (ailing packet ahir JHOBbUr*ITKD STATES. Captain Brittou, will moat ptituny Mil u above. Having very tupenor accommodation* for cabin,second cabin and steerage pasaengers, peraona wishing to embark should tonke early application to JOSEPH McMUKKAV, 1 no Pine at., cor. South. T^e above wi'l be aoccard'd by the tplendil picket ahip UuTick, Capt Skiddy. and ?ail on the 25th June. Persona whmg to tend lor their Irienda in tlia old country, ran have them brought nnt by the Above (hip, or any o< tha regular packets, hy applying at above : if by letter goat paid. jr > AdHP- BLACK BALL, OK OLD LI E LIVKKPOOL wPpTV I*Al .K r TH ?Only rer nlar Packet that mi's n 'hijMuHHtolk ii oi J ne ?The ce'rbrnee, fait (ailing Picket tin < >UuAND, Cipta'u Samuel Baitlett, will a.,r loaitively a* above, her re jular day Foi !>* ( ue in c,bin, arcond r-bin. nnd stefr'gc having ap eudid acceminoda im i, apply on board, foot of Berk-nan atreet, or Pi the anbacr b ra. KOCHB, BROTHERS & . O.. J5*ultrnat _ N-* do-ir t? ill- Fm on B ink P.S.?Tha elegant racket ahin OXFORD, ?f OOnr iiiafurthen, will succeed the England, and aa I lor Liver ool on llie lit of Jn'y, her rr anlir day P* rtona aendiug for rheiT frieuda can hare titan) brought out in either oft e above Parkna, th? former tailing from Live;P??l 0? 'h' 7 h ?[ Auanu. a.,d the latter on the 19th af th t month. D.afta on h -Koja Ba-k oflr land, and on M aara. Pietcott ti o r. Amet and Co , bankera, London which are a paid free of diaeonni in every town throughout England. Ire * land, Scotland iud Walea For piaaege ap ly u aboye Jt r IhKW LINK L1VKRPOOL PACK S.T8 ?Packe fefjryy I6*h Juie?Th- splendid, fait aailiug racket Shin SUiL ROCHESTER. C.npt Button, will Mil poaWvely na ao. ve, her regular day. The ahipa of hit li"? are all isot tuna bairth-u and npwarda, and their accommodations fur cabin se oi'il cabij, an I Hectare patacogeia. it u w. II known are auperinr to anv other line of packets. Thoae withing to seenra bertha should not fail to make early application on bi-ud, foot of Bur-tog Slip, or to W. JtJ T APdCOT r, 43 Teck (>ip, nor ei South at. Tha Rochcater tai'a from Liverpool on ihe 5th Argu?t ? Peiaona wishn g 11 actid for their frieudt can h ivc tt.em b ought out iihev or nth r fi t. c'ara packet thip., tailing from Li vrpool weekly on favo. rbl* terma ii,.i.-r . ... . - . . ?,_,i,i? ?? ..:,i discount or any o her i hi ge, in a'l the post t/iwur of Ri g'siid. I, Ecottlud of Wales, can also be obtain*<t on ai pl.c-.ii, n as ib've. j'fl r I'ACKKi Ft?R HA Vltfc?? coiid Liu< ? I he aMI^Vship ON h.IOA, James Fnuk, ma-ter, wll sail on the JfiCiCal't of Joly. BOVD 81 H|N( Kk N ujJr t Toatme opilding. Wall at. FOR RIO DirjAVj..lRO-^To ml '5 t? J-u? kAV^WThe last sailing cop ered and copper fastened ship jfiMlLo \8TON,Capt (). Eliiitdse, will positively sail as a.c rr F>>r pass tge only, having r legem farnishad accommodations, a: ply on boaid at Judil wh itf. or to fc. k colLInb it no, jldv _ 5? A nth -treci. gon "-m'u' a >i >KW ?'OHF LINh.?P sitiriir First Ileum > HSlfcfaeket?Toe fast sail ng packet ship OCMULOKK, Captain tVe*. haunc iwo thirds of har cargo engaged wi.l have immediate despatch. For freight or passage, having handsome furnished acroni modatioas, snnlv oa r??t ol Wail t.orta K < ()l LINg % LO. A Knath si No good* will he received af e r Fiiday evsning, 16th lust.* >u*y leiy upon n.>in? then go Us correctly lueasut ad.gad that Uia ships oI this line will sail pnneinally as advci tiaed. Any guarantee to that effect will be given sod fulfill-, that may be required . Agents in N. Orleans, llallin A Woodruff, who will prom at It forward all goods to then address. The packet state Oeonee, Captain Jaekson, will sneered ike Oowelgse. jssl* ec E NE N WILLOW GROVE. laL WILLIAMKBI RO Lou* I>lam', in First at, near SliB Buetivvicls U' uljcr ? I he ?*>nv< h' use isu'W open JW?.to the rnblic, where m*y be hail wiuea, liquors anu ciKara of the beat description. The l< cation la delightful, with cooling aud airy a bo a jli6*r JgL TO LEI ? lu Jamaica. L 1. a modi ru h lkthiee I FjW a'o.y h< ur, in first rate ord'r. Possession t iven iinuieX'mdnuely. Apply to JAMEi H'.HRIMAN, J10 Jt" r.: In ih Village of Ja neira a l'() LK'i ? The modern lui" llirer sony d" cllii U. No 16 Uriels street, fluialied W'lh silver furui Hire, n arble mautlea and grates throughout A Hue larre yard wish uev r lading cia em. Will be let low. For furtherpartculars apply to AITKEN, BROTHERS, jel-lra'ec o. >33 Fulton street. M BARTTUAV-STREEf-fO LEf-the elegant l"!B and ci m ..odious three atorv brick house No 63 Barclay OflLxrect, built and occupied by Mi. Thomas Br oke until the preaent time. In excellent order and Acted with every convenience for a large f-mily, and si uated directly in rrout of College Place. For trrma apply at No. 110 Water atreet. m36 lm*r VALUABLE HEAL ESTATE. JKs. The A it sale of the Jackson Km e in the c> ty of I Droosiyu win positive y case piaee on w tun' suar.uie iJjLNih curr ui.aiilis M;r.hauls' E change The maps aie all there exhibited A more psr icuiar advertisement will appear in ti.e papers in Friday. j8H* h GENIN & VAN VRANKEN'S VENT1LATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOB GEN TLEMftrv, WEIGHING ONLY 2% DUN KS?PRICK $3 JO. THE Subscribers have introduced the abo?e ntmed bitlor sumuici w<ir. Be Mauuiai Im weight ol thie article with the average weight of the following hate, the u,>erior anvautagn it |>ossessrs over th. in lor sum.ner wear may be aeen. 1 he average weight of the orihnary fa r hat ii ounce*, do do Panama 5% " do do Leghorn 4 " Seinv f lly convinced that no style ol summer hat heretofore W0'n. has met with the general appronatiou whi< h a hat [osses siug all the qua'ities, viz* lightness, beauty, durability and cheapness, would be su'e to receive, we have devoted much attention to th- manufacture aud finishing of the new style now in roduced by us. Fro*" the warm approbation express d by gentlemeu who have examined them, we feel satisfied that they need only to be seen to be fa ly spp'eciated. GENIN k VAN VRANKKN, ui36 Im'cc 214 Br ad way, opposite St Paul's Church. THE FOURTH UK JULY! wgpBV BOOTS AND 8HOE8 _ Cheap Hoot and Shoe Market. No 509 Greenwich street ? Ladies and gentlemen a*ead ised to call at he above store aud provide themselves with seasonable summer roots, slippers. gai*ers, tic. made up in the neatest and most fashionable style, and sold as . he ip if not a little chesp-r than elsewhere. Heads ot will save mnuey by calling here, at the che .o depot. Dt n't forget 'he number. Clinton Cheap B-ot aud S'.oe M .met, No. JC9 G.teuwuli street, corDer Spring sl ji 8 lm?i JLOOK AT THIS! Boots, of best quality, $4 to $1 50 French, do do 3 to 3 50 Fine sewed Boots, 2 50 to 3 00 Pegged do 2 50 Morn co do ; 2 25 Seal Skin aud Grain do I 15 to 2 Oo Cloih button Oai'rrs, 2 25 Prunella do-. - -w 2 CO c*;.... t'.ir ?i ... mi Calf ho**, ' 1 25 to 171 Boy'* Sue fewed boot*, 2 21 - pegwed boot*, elf, 150 " B*alskin am Uriin, 1 12)? " Fine Calf Shoes. l 21 " ' Kip Shoes, 1 CO Youth's Sewe" Bo 't?, 1 00 to 1 50 LADIES' BOUTS It SHOES.?Ladiei, in'hese smres you will fiud ttie greatest ass r ment of Oaiter B lor*, Simper*. Buskins, Tie>, P>nnell* Buskins, lieht and dark colored half O titer*, Home hlipp-rs, whi e and b'ack satin slippers, satin gaiter*. Misses and Childreos' gaiters, bu-si-s, dipper*, tin, ?nd all, otter kind* of boot* and shoes, of our own mauufictur ing with the best of F rnch goods ard wiuanted to be the best and as etieap a* the cheapest, at 367 B oidway and 92 Canal *1. j3 tnr OKKOOtts A t-AHlLL. PAHH BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO ORDER By E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, (Basement,) One D oor from Courtlatidt street. E 8USER, Bootmaker, and maker ol Lasts, an Ive" of Clerce of Pari*, begs leave to inform his friends and all the a miteurs ol a gentlemanly "eh?nsture," that he cm now make, in New York, with the best Krench ma'eiials all that is so perfectly made, in t aris, by his master the celebrated bootm <ker Clerce, w'rose numerous customers oo this side of the A(Untie, are r. sp ctfuliy invited to try SUSEK'S boots and lasts belor they despair ol being "chausses" iu New Y rk, after the nicest, latest Paris fashion. Als'<.tl<e genuiue Paris Jet Blaelt Varsish sold. miQ 7w *r BOOT AND SHOE STOKE JOHN ItKADY respectfully inform* his friend* and tne rublic, that he has commenced business in the above tiu?,at No. 09 Nassau street, where he will thauktull) receive and faitlifaliy execute, all orders he u.ay be favored with on he m'*st reason' ble terras (or rash il2r ~ M BROADWAY. 8. MOBIDER, FRENCH BOOT MAKER. Irom Paris, has an assortment of ready made Boots ana Shoes,of the best calfskin.for Five Dollars, superior to any other boo maker in the city mIO im'ec Akri TO THE LADIES?200 pur prime Outer boots of all colors and sixes of the litest fas hi n, Ms* and children's Otiter boots and Buskins, Ladies Bus ki-i, 'lies and Sl.ppers, a good article, from 4 to 8 shillings. A ,o, a good assortment W Geutlemeo's prime ctll sciich its, city made, from 2 75 to 4 dollars, sya-ranted ; good fine ..-aged bouts, from 12 to ISshil ings. Also, Boy's boots. 8 to , 12s. i ,Jeuts gaiters, quirter boots snd shoes of all descriptions I in great abundance, at Walker's cheap store, 419 Br oail way, I comer Csnsl stirei, m24 lm*ec I T EAD Pi IE 14 AT 4 1-2 CENTS PER POUND?The best -L-> ai.d rheaixit ever made, It ii m d? ly compression, in inch a mauuer a* lo give i' greater strength in proportion to iti w-ituht, than it can have bv any other iiio11* of manufacture? The price is 4 1-2 cup?r pound, caeh, payable invariably on delivery. Pure block tin pipe, the beat and sarest article lor Croton Waier, a'd wholly free from all the poiaonou* qualities of lead, pronortionably low O dm received for puuiug up the Croton Wat' r lit'urea. Inqui e a the factory, aouihweat corner of Canal and Elm strieu, New York, o' jelii 6'*m JAMt.S E. "ERRELL. VTOTI'CE AND REMOVAC.-K. A AtvTAULT, lately L* 1S4H Fulton at. having diaaolved by mntnal ennaent hia copartnership, for giving all hia attetitiou to the Dagnerreotype bnatneaa, respectfully informs his friends and the public that ne has removed Ins old Daguerreotype stand from I68K Fallon at. to 23i Broadway, 2d story, where he has jnst opeueo several Bickagea received by the last arrivals, containing 1000 French agnerreotype Platra. No. 30 and 40 warranted French Aeromatic Lenses, and all the chemicals necessary?con^ dete appnrams He will be very glad to aee all hia old customers visiting his new place. Please to give a call?235 Broadway, 3d story, rooms Nos. 2 and 3. ml lin *t DKMOVAL? P. MAE*, Han Dp-tser and Wig Maktr.has removed from 162 to 189 Broadway, a lew doors below the Franklin H >nse, and opposite John street. Htvi gti'tednpa new room in the most fashiouable style, he will c mtinne the same basinets, and will be pleased to see his old friends and patrons, and others who nay lavor him with a call. He has also private rooms for Ladies' hair dressing and jampooing This powerful Extract ? Jtmpomy is considered hy thousands of New Yorkcs and strangers as one o toe healthiest articles for thi. enre of dtndrnff and ?trcogthening ihe hair, it approved bv the Facnlty of Mrdieiue in Pans, a id patented at Washington. Nothing is more pleasant and d lightful than to go through this operation in the haml?< I' P. MAES ma m* RK VIUVAL MK8. O. NKWOOMBE, TOBACCONIST, returns her sincere acknowledgements for the very lib?r tl patronage extended to her for ihe last 13 years, and would hee leave to inform her patrons and the pn'ilic generally that the has remcved her old established snnff aud tobacco wirrhoute ro the spacious store No 4 Wall atreel, Moniner buildings, where the wonlil invite ihe at'eutionol sonuoit.enrt lonei large and well selected stock of Foreign aud doinetti tnulfs Just received from Hamburgh a large supply of Varina's.Kanaster (1st, 2nd and 3rd quality.) old and verv superior Turkish Spanish, Scafailntti and Porto Rico, smok'tig tobacco; caveutilth I vnrinna kinil?. t * rid linn ml cha?ino <4ittA A choice assortment of the best brand* of Havana and Principe cigar*, constantly on hand Kancy pipes, cigar cute*, muff boxes, pocket lights, Chinese tinner kc kc All of which lor tale on the most liberal terms, wholesale or rttail. Strangers and country dealer* ore invited to call previous to makiuit their purchases elsewhere ml lrn*ec TO THE LADIES?STK.KER'S 8'iLUTION -Tiiere is no occasion to wvar fa se Inn ou account of the Mluf of the hair. Ladies are often tronhled witka paiu er disease in the head, occasioned by the pressure of the false hair. Ladies can have giay hai- changed to look aa well aa ever it Hid, w thout injury. Mr. 8. ha* a room expressly to be tendrd by a lady, at his residence. Also, Mr 8 will change gentlemen's hair io any shade or color Druggists w.ulddo well to keep it 'or sale in nrhrr cities, as humbug dyes are goiug out ol da e Whole tale and retail, at No. V Cnaiham it., opposite the registei'a (Bee, up alaira m 2:1? im*r OTOLEN?On "nnday night 28th May. lust, a sloop rigged, f sharp built Sail boat, wi h the name "Celeste" ou toe stern ?it about 17 feet long abalt. with a snort deck forward ; wash' boaolt ruuuiug to the stern; gi ded figure he d ak bowtprn , a hole 1., the duel (stopped ?ph a bnu,.) tii inches fr ward of the masi; painted . re, n bottom, white boot top wiih a red,bine and ol<c< streak above. Any ihlormatiou by mail, or otherwise, that will lead to the reeov?>y ol the boat and arrest ol 'he thief, or of < itber, will be liberally rewarded. BIRDsEY BRUPKd, New Haven, Crk New Hi?en, .June 6, '8<3. 8 6i*? UI I AKS, WHOl?? A L E AND KtnTAIL.-ltt Broad" w.ry. near ?a ker street ?MKHSR8. PH, ERNST anilumr Hi Mllll. Holla, m.niiraemn. annl,l ,?n.rl. fully coll the attention of rhe public to their establishment, No. 305 Broadway, where they keep count nily on hand an eiteuaive asaorunent of tine-toned guilarn, hni.hrd id the beat "yi'i I ninimentt from this manufactory, long favorably known in ihe United 8io(ka. where it receitert the fint premium awarded hy the American tnnlitnte, for the b at duitn, are made of each materiala end in inch a?ni?er?or m nner, j enablra the maker to warrant them r>. atand any c'm >te. Hfaoge a before puichu nig elaewher", aro r?quested to call and eiamine the apleo lad workmanship of theii inarrumcnta, and aaueitan toe or' ea. '1 hey will tie found lower <hao at any other house in the city Mr. Ph. Erne, Trofeiaor of the F ute and Uuitar, begt lerre to nnuounee that the above strati, emenis do not lruerler? in the leaar with tna othereng grmeiitn; lie mill continnea to give leaaoua aa Ih'i Br nifa i. .r " -Ik ?t tv< 'tn LIGHT ! LIGHT!! A BKILLIANT \ND B-A'Tlk'Ui LIGHT KOK ^.,00. ? "ALK ACKMT AN HOUR CJUItk-Ll, no ..uepeed walk in d 1 kuess, ?ten he clentent kZ ligl t may ha had at a merely uo oinal eipeu>r. Terry la new raieui L.mi>a, for hur 11.? auy kind of laid, ul'ow, or oil, without previous prepar-tln n inconvenience or liabil- V to get out 01 order. Ik destined to ahed a moat bsnrfirent light over thw da a plane'. En erpriae and competition have brought the !'#hf 0' aeicnc* and letters mro literal contact with th. nv da of H our population Yet, how thill they per it, and 1 a bleaaiuga, uuleaa dii.irg ihe -n'y honra of |e aur t wh'ch m. at of our iiiilena p xen, the abaence of ihe >un be s p,.lic<1 by aome other luminuiy, w oae raya .hall he free to ail I A near a proum uion to this great drogria 11 in haa ju ,1 h en -fferlcH 111 the invention of Tnry's Lard L mp, a single one of wh elt mil- b mad* to lnht i ptrior, withou smoke or aiorll as btillikt'tlr aa the ben aatral lamp, at an si|>en?-ol but half a cent an honr. All lo.ers of I gh' or eernoisy, or I oils, ar? invited to call and wBueaa their opnritron, at K HAKHInON's, 211 I'earl me t, N. y N.B. Liberal teima will he olfere-' in d-ale ? j ? im?r r pOLMA t'? LONDON MUdlAUD, ia.r imp Phliauel" v phta ZOO keys second and line ZOO pigs Lead 10 bhla Alum Alao on hand? Printing Pal era-ZOXta MX1T 2?X?S UXM 21X31 ZtHXjZ Together with a gt neill assortment of wnting and wtapping p?P?ra, foraale by H. KlNUBl.KY, mtllm'T ID Mardeu Lane. W YO EW YORK, MONDAY ft NEW FIREWORKS LABORATORY, BY JOHN TRAOARDH, PYROTECHNIST, FROM SWEDEN. MESSRS KOLLKEKUA TKAGAKDH Wave the honor to inform the public that they have an exteu sive anil varied aaaoitmeul ol Fire Worka, of all and ev ry kind at their ealabliahmeut. at Hariiinua L,.n.|< Dock lu New Jrr'ev.ahalf in'le from Jeraey City, opposite New Yo>k which they otfer to Coininitteea and others, at the moat favorable priceaiu the market. B?i rviUK in the U'* trade principle of a moderate raih price for a fcood article, ihcy reqiest ihr favrs of the public el the above place, or t the alore of Robert Johnatou No. 51 Court audi strict All otdera.cuauy scaleo1 site or variety,prompt ly attr tided to, by addressing the aubacrfbera at either of the above places. NICHOLAS A. KOLLBERGA J TRAGAHDH, my 7-8tn*r Harsirtna Long D"ch, New Jeraey. ~~ FIREWORKS. CRACKERS, tec. FOURTH JULY. 1843 pOUNTRY and city dealers id lireworka, will find it to v then advantage to ca I and evamioe an ox euaire asaortmeut of the best quality, at K. A YLIFFt'H old e*ta li hment, 81 i liaiharn street. A large quantity ol firecrackers just received Remember the sign ol the two inaminoth akv rockets and gold key. thSOtiRjy+r FIREWORKS BY THE MANL/FAC'I UKEKS. D r MOHAN & CO Pyrotei li .lata, 78 1'bsthain street, offers o the puolic a splendid assoitmeul ol Firrwn.ka, superior n, qraliiy and n-aini as to any in this o-any otliar coumry. Tin above have been manufactured by them rxpresrlv for thi* mar ket; also can sell ni ich chaaiier than auy vender in t an, a d Mil 'Mince all K oils liom their store. No peddling front (Ills place?No. 78 Cliat am street. Goods delivered to auy iiart of the ci y Tree of espruse. N. B.? "-ihibiliuu Kirewnrks of super or quality, with crimson, red, purple, green, yellow aud Line flies A'so, c loied fire, bs the pound. jl lui'rc OEK1CE OK THE NEW YORK EQUITABLE INSUHANoE COMPAN s Jane 3th, 1H3. AT the auuual election held this diy, the following gentlemen were chosen DirdCtois (or ihe ensuing sear:? Heurv Vaies, Lambert 1 uvdain, Abin U Thompson, Shepherd Kuapp, Silas Holmes. John P N-smith, George Hqielec, John Q J met, Harvey Wrrl. Pan! bp (ford, Joseph W Duryea, R b-'tL smith, Hen y Kowlsnd, Christian H Baud, James O Ward, Peter A Haigons. James Gillespie, James f Cooley Gardner A Sage, Joseph Boeehsud. * lid at a subsequent meeting of the B< ard LAMBERT SUV D AM, Esq., was unauimoosly elected Tresiuent. JOSEPH STRONG, Heeretrry. Tin. Coiouanv coutinurs io insure agsiost lots and damage by Eire, and also against burglar/ or housebr-akiug. on tne most lav rable terms. 00 4r#r It la M APPOINTMENTS BY THE ( H\M?r K uriUH MEKCE AND BOARD OK UNDERWRITERS.? These are toceitiiy that R Brumley, Joieph T nkhnm, T H Vlerrv, A. CartwOght, S ml Candler, Kussrll Stars is, were eppoiu'ed liy our respective boards. n? sii'tnble persons to act as Maiiue t-urve, or? for the Port of >,w Yo a, and H Y ^orris a> C e>k, and we lecommeud On m accordingly, in all can's where t He i se vice a are reou el. The Chamber o.' Cummetce of New York, G Jtt D P Oudtn, t'le'd'eut. Jcho L II M"Cra< ken, ^ec'rThe Board of ITndsiwri'ers of New York Ahr. Ogder President. Waller R Jours, Sec'y of the Boaid iTUudn witters. New Yoik, Jim-9_18ja. ,n , nv> a.-ivc. n. r nx *.t. MH. W. K. BAKLO W reapecttulty auitouucea that lir ti.ia succeeded MR. C. C. MARSH, in his business i> an Accountant and Teacher or Book keeping in thia hii mom 88 Odar street. wheia lie will contu.ur the tame thorough course of instruction and practice, ?o suec-aafnlly f llowed by hia predecessor Mr B.aolicica the |ia tiouage of the meicantile community and real ectull) aak their arte..tion to 'he following card "C. C. MARSH, Accountant, returna hi* g ate'ul rckniw lodgements to hia num r us Iriend* lor their lo g continued ptlronate. He haa now d ac utiuutd hia business in ihia city andi>succeeded in the a ine by Mr. W K B irlow, whom he coufid-ntl. commeud. to the lavcrofthe inerciniile cnuim-ui ty aaa gentleman of ncelleni chuACler, tho < ug'-ly aca -ainted with the acieuce of Boon-keeping and em1 eutly qualified to impart insiructiou. He respectfullr bespiaka fur bis successor the public favor to which he himact I h a been >n laryely indebted. "C. I\ |V ARSH." Hia terma are reduced to suit w ic will eniicle the pupil to receive iusriuctionuntil he la thoroughly qualified for the conn ing room. W. K. BAltLOW, Accountant, ilO lm?r 88 Odar atreet. UNCURReNT MONEY el ail kinda, purchssrd at the low??i market ra>a. B?NK OF ENGLAND NOTES, Sovereigns, and English Silver, bought and eold at S J SVLVF.STEH'8, tiostr tl WaH atrwet ai d 1M Broadway. FRANKLIN SALT WATEK BaThS, CAslLe. OAkDiN ?T .e prop ieinra, having availi-d themaelvea of the exoerienc of the year, and conformid to the -uggetlioiis i>f manv of their subscribers, b g leave liow to pre sent to t^cm. and the public iu general, the moat rom.lete ar rang- m-atr for tuMie ?ud private bathing Shower batna upon snimproved principle, and hoya'awimming aehool, that ever wis .ff-red to public patronage Having etlabli-hed a con(ImhI .mil rhnrmnrh nieeeuinn ftf ?ll eeor nil nnrffl? nun,. I i> completely xc uded. Tnr Kr&usliu U.ith is now re?dv a' i's usual station, ih? north side o'Cattle Qsrden Bridge. B mks art op-n f r the sea*, n snbsc'ip'iiin, and the inspection of ci'ir.sns and strangers is re?pcctl.lly' s licited j. 4 wee I^HKNCH ' AKCtL LAiili'8, CdUiielanras. Uuslj. s( lie ' ?T-e subscribers hare jn>t opened a ipendid of 'hese K?o> s tngerhtr with - variety of other a ticl-s in the line, of entiielv new stvles. An inspection >''hem is iuviled. Depot of Mechanics' l.smpa, '# John "tree', A DIACON k E. D. SAXI'ON, mJ3 lm*rc Attend. HAIRCUT UNO! HAlK CUTTlNo! HAIR CU l T'NG H1L.L, the inimitable Hair Cotter,, takes this method of informing his frieDdsand the public in general, that he has removed from the Tontine Building to hit Old Stan. No 16 Pearl street, on stairs, immediately adjoining the Pearl Street House, where he will he nl ased t? operate on all who mat favor him with a call, in nil truly inimitable style of Hair Cutting, which, for eleganreof design t'.d beauty ol execution, sti passes anv thine of the kind heietofore introduced into the United States The various branches of woik done at the following moderate prices :? InimiiaDle Hair Cutting, ltX cents. Do do Curling.! 11)2 " 8 perior Shaving, 6)2 " ra9 lm*r BILLIARD SALOON. NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL. DRICE REDUCED to One Shilling per Hundred, from I a A M. to J P M-?The subscriber informs his friend* and the public in general, that ne has Five New Billiard Tables, in separate apartment*?two in theurper front saloon?two in the rear ealoon, and one in the front room?all in first rate order. Each get t-eman visiting the establishment will be famished with a private Cue, for his especial use?the tables being in different apa ments. tne proprietor thinks it will render itmorr elect and a reeeble to gentlemen visiting his house. ALSO. TWO FINE BOWLINU ALLEYS IN THE BAUKMIM'. Hi* Bar will always be itoeked with the choicest Wines ami Liquors aud the belt Besara to be had?alio Sherry Cobbler*. Vllnt Juleps, Punches; made iu a nm.nuer not to be surpassed N B.?'The apartment* liane undergone a thorough refilling ?new paper, psimin*. etc. !?7*(tentlr!nen will pleaae to eommnuieate auy neglect ol duty of the attendant*, at the bar. KKANCI8 MONTEVEUDK. mchl6 1ni*r 5 Bare'ay ?tr?et. TO COPPEK-PLATE Ac MOsKT PRINThRS, AND PUBLISHERS, Arc. FOR 9 * LK, a fint-rate Ir-u Coppe'-platr or Mn?ic Printin* Pie**, (tweny t ight ami a ha'l inch roller*) Ha* been iu u*e hut a *hort lime?i* iu perfect o-d> r AI*o, one ol tw- uty *1* inct.ei, aud a wooden one O' twruty fou* do. They will he *nld at a price worth a i urcb*?er? prompt attention. Apply to K. W. TONE, mil 1m?r 16 Cortlan- t strr?t, htew Yorli. (JASH TAILORING ES TABL1SHMEN t. SPH LLIPS, Merchant Tailor, (late of 7 Astir House, Broadway ) imprrss-d with he necessity of u.eetin. the exixency nl the times by the reouciiuaol hup ices, and findtn* it'impossible pi do so while subject to the enormous outlays a Bro dway location ne?es*atily incurs, ha* determined on ihe oulywa to effe t tins?without di.p-ragetnent to the iml'iv of hi* gsrineuts; he ha*, therefore, teinored his establishment to 136 .sAsSaU STREET, corner of Beekman, where gentlemen cau now be supplied at a d> dncttun of ten per cent Irom his former low price*. The followiug ia submitted merely aa a specimen of the foregoing assertion >? Supertitie Coata. ma><e in the br st style, from $'6 to f 18 Extra da, of the finest quality, II ro 22 Chill e Ves s, 2 75 K P he* cnrclnsion, to observe, th* above artic es ...... K. ...i.-j ..., n ? ... k. ,r.i? ? description,and lower than any oilier honse furnishing ill' Mine ' u litv of sitic es 11 imr VI I. SIC A*. INS'T <UMg.\ TU, vV hoi-sale ,n<l Retail ? 1 i'l J. K WOLTKK, 116 Wet Bro dwray, nfrri lot ulr I new art of Br .t? I atiumrma, ?a B gles Tiuinpets, Trombones, Corn* b, Fr nch Huiut, and Opneliurs There instruments are w -muted enrol in rrtry reap cl, aa the lubacnboi i< a taor ol Music himself Lruilna slid immbrrt of Binds nil find i good aitictr

Alao, Vi- 'IUS Guitars, and B"wa of every descrintiou.? Italian and Ceimau Sir ngs, for Hariia, Violia, Al'oa,, Dr table Bias -nd Ouiiaia j?l 2??*rc THE ANCIE.VT Ail) WUMULKrUL felMMHs OF CHINA?Described, llluatraied and Familiarised?H. MAH I'lN A CO have just received Iroin London amignificeni illustrated work on China, which they intend to issue in monthly parts, with all ill* aids of engraving and printing combined, to present a beantital and instinctive sceonut oi th t as tonishing and intereatiuc country. The antiquity, the gran dear, aud the eicluaise character nl the inatilnti ns of China, r. nder aach an aceonut at he present lime, tiecnliarly appropriate ana desirable, considering the interest which is now fe I to the United Utiles, in coauectinn with me Let of onr coin me re al operations beinij to macn eiiend d with that singnlar and woudcrtul n-.tion. The wurk wi>l oe issued in numbers containing three steel etntraringt in each. Price SO cenu U. MAKTI.N k CO., my7-lm*r ?6 John str-et MONTHLY REPORT OF THE NEW YOKE MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE. (NO. 7S CHAMtt-.K* STREET, csaga cvhcd. It Inflammation of the eye- 4 Diseases of the liver. lids 3 ii tlam'n of the onsrels 7 Syphilitic Iritis 3 Voinm g. Uattnt s 2 Amaur. sis, three nuder g Diseases of the Womb trealli.e t?doing well II wypnilis 6 Op city of the cornea, 6 Dyspepsia alight 12 *vones,or Fluor Albns g Sty es, by an operation 21 Oonorrhma 4 Onanism 4 Fever ;t Kiysiylia 7 Secondary Syphilis 7 Uh ciated sore throat 5 Pilra 12 Gleet?cured by new 6 Bubo, by a new method of remedies trestmrnt 3 Diseases ul the heatt 4 Hora Nipples 2 Dysentery evcccssriTL sraou si. < rs astioiss. j Operations In. hue up 21 iu Uaethra by 5 Operations lor iquintlOB an improved method oi 3 Operation' lor Hydrocele cure 12 Hemorih. I.isl Tiimota re- 3 Oper-tious lor fiaiule in moved ? Ano. 2 Club Foot?cured 2 Poypus in the noae J F.i cyaled Tnmois 4 Adi.use in r? moved 5 tile* rt on (nc lent oared 1 L tfgf i?i? ce of tiout r*2 I'hymrsis moved irom the aim 0 Abceaaes niieneil I Ampnunen of finger 4 I Oust a rt mused I Caucer Biraat 1 t friivel cured 1 Uvula removed 2 Retention of Utiue DR. H BOBTWICK, Amending Physician and Singes,n. C. MaMANUb, Apotherarv and tteeretary. jl Imic RE E 10RN1NG, JUNE 12, 184c LUriVA CORDIAL, OK THE ELIXIR OV LOVE 111 nldrn mm , ain<> K ihThat in 'ii a kec ?<! wilt* tmulu chooseWnngi" ri sr. by F.i e'a utikn d'y iloum, N'^r.niicfrt l bo e io bleu in?. otne. * ffl*ctfii thn , the K xtian ir.i'ron Pi-*ytdroLu i?e, the mi wr E ypti.i 10 such a? Ui? L tUe'Mo their aid the Pne-tioflr is A ?l vtu now. ilie meek H u?lo ? Warm ai her ciori-. and *. u fer t?o? rchid<e?s tweir* mouihii <>m her bridal b "es weep uu to her s*'ii?eh as idol, And with ra mo hands, in a< cents wild, P? tuions br im ih lor -i cbil 1: E?t fh'kn *w%. Lo?e shuns to bless The H ridon tied nl burriniint Ho innrh far love id tl<y' by gone. Anil savage (Uinmi in your own ; Bar any. even now. d ei L -ve'ac immunioo Bleu in our Iv d, a t'erile union ? , No oil timet conjugal fel'ci'y, Is thui disturbed? iv,. Vu in tma city. Yet ui?y ihe bare*, if il.ey try The meant, "lucreate and multiply," Wi'h 'Love's H i xir" lor li rlrienu. The cluidleii wi e't repiuingt end Bui not the proereauve power Alnue, it this Eliiir'edower. Consumption'* illi it will preveut, With vivo- clothe the in.Kirrnt; Hupprttt a gleet, whale'er itt date. Ami all 'lie's fnuullout rtuova e. Kraptioni from t sliu itchas-s, And l-rtugt luck beauty and the graces : 'Tit wiiiu m't tr? i? iu I ne'er d ceivi-t her brum Fluor Ali.ut it lelii Ves lie< ; And e ch diaeate ( with proper care, too,) H?r fair and Ir-gile form i? h*ir to The?e are hut nutlit, who eallt .hem liclion hhall have ttern i r of in cootr idictiou. Letteu?all foimt ol alo station? From the tavant of eveiy na ion ; Witn grite'ul miui-et rom all qus'ters, Peuuec i v Disease and Quae ker< 'amar.ya. Thousands ?h-> lay, with llutteiing breath, Almnai withiu thejawaol death; Now in their oichtly prayers repeat 1 haults to Li'e's I'm nil, in Nassau tt-eet, An somal'ines name the very number? "Ninety-two Nassau,"?earti in their slnmher ; Or dreaming o' Disease's urrieal, Ciy out for ilia "Locum Cordis'." Persona ordering ihit m diu-ue the country, by sending a remittance, c<n have ir boxed up and-eut to any part of the Union Price tJ per bottle, or J2I p, r d< xen |r is >la" for tale in Phi'ndelphia, at 90 North Hixth street. mil lm*ec EXCHANGE HOTEL. BALTIMORE. rPHI;i* home havinK nndrrgjone many imp< riant alterations 1 and tluir'iruh repairs. having been in part refurnished with rich and elrganl furniture, u again npeu for the reception of COMUf. The position of thii Hotel is <00 well known to require a de tail of its advanti'ea It is copfessed to be, for reotle ol business or plessurr, one of the most favorable of any id the rity The present proprietor intends that care and industry shall not b- waniiuft to imnrove its nam-al advantages, under flit superintend slice, and he respectfully solicits the patrouage of his friends ana the public. JCRASTUS COLEMAN. EUltim re, April 30. ISIS. *2J -.Htwir SHARON SPRINfJST PAVILION, mcOMARIE < Ol TV , N. If .?This side did and comm idiuiis Hotel havn g been nlsrned, repaintta ami refurnished in tne moat elegant m-uner throughout during ihe pat winter, will he oiieurd lor h" reception of visiters by the subscribers on the 23th of .vlay tuning. The alterations and additions to the interior will enable them t i an ommoHaV a in ch grea'er uuiitb-rof visiteis thaulormerly and in a manner n (fording eveiy couifb'l n.d couveuience The promen de grounds wi I be hsndsnmeli relal<i?-nt iih a view to affn d th- most advan.agenus piospert of the sur fund ne Ciuniry. Tlie roads 10 and about the Springs a e being im P'oved aud u. w ones opened for greater aci-oinniodatiou o equestrians The grt u'i'ls and water < nurses in the v citpty ol die Bath H"n*e have also been t?atefuily laid ont Th- B th H m e is being enluged mil mncli i pnfed aud willaccouimo date al' ? ho mt> des re to bathe. There are tour new end span ous Bal'Ailrys which l ave laielv ber n erected I'lie intern r arrangements of the Pivilion ire an. h is to affnrdevery attention ro the comfort and wishes of visit-rm wi'h a well organized corps of serv tuts^ and .n short toe subscriners will be piepired to receive their visiters in a manner uol to be suri>assed by au estiiMi'hment in the coun -y. Of ihe Wh'te HulpSnr Water of dharon Sprniii it can be | eaio ii i? u?u aurpaeeeit ay auy thing 01 inr knid in til- known wor'd f>i ih- cure f rh an'i'ic, cutnue?u*,biliou i and dyaprp lie coinplaintt. and for th* cur? of ervacpilae, a It rhmm, aero tula, li i-r complaint, aud genera' d- hility, aa hie brru c. reified by aoine nfihe moat eminent mm ic I profeaiora By a rrc?kt ana'yeia made for thr proprietor* of the Sprinira, be one o'th-m >er eminent ch-miate in this Country ( Dr ChiI on OI New York) the followiuK reanlta have been obtained I rum ana KaiioD ol water;? Or line. Sulphate of Magneaia 42 <0 Suli hv e of Lime 11162 Ch nride ol 8 >dium 2 24 Chloride of Magnetinm 2 40 Hydi eulphurer ol Colinm ) 2 28 Veg- table enrae:ive n.alter J 160.94 Sulphuretted Hvdroireu Oa? IS cubic inchea. T' ear Spruga are within a few houri' ride of Albany, Troy Saratoga, !?chenecia'ty, U ica, Itr.; ai d "re acceaeible eithri rom Oaaajohane, on the Alba..y aud U ica, where po?t coachat dai.y await the anival of the morning cara Iron Schenectady and Utica, to corn ey v.ei'ora to the rtpnnga. a diataice of about eig t milea, trtving in tune for d<nu-r; or hthr tump be frotn Albany to Cherry Valley, by d tily atagea, wing abmt forty five milea taeatof hr citi of Albany. Prraont leaving New lork in the ?yem*>g boat for Albany, arrive at the Sharon Springe the n-t: J-y in time for dinner C_ARK, UAKDNKK St HASKELL. April 29, 184 S. a3Q r?d3m*r ^TRAW BONNETS AND EVIBKOIDERiES, BELOW COST. MIS* FV.GODEKHOY will aell, for aome daya only, a large aaa rtrnrut of gooda >n t' e m Hirrerv line. Ladi-? are invited to call at 319 B oadway, oppoeitr the (;_rllon H< uae. j 11 2 ? ?r COLLECTIONS on all par.a of the United Statea. made on the meat lav orable terrna by S. J. SYLVESTER, i10 firr 12Wallvrreet and 'JO Bn adway FAN Y DRY GOODS. THE Suheciber hie met opened a a . ck of Dry Grode, con1 mating of O ova H >aie y, Lien, K tb ina. Krahroderiee, Vlu.line. ic. it l(!^ Greenwich tfcet above Cour I Midi atrrei. They have Or en purehaa-d nriocip illy rt aucti n and dnrinu '"e p ea?nt aprmg. and aa the amraon ra late, will be a dd at rr dm ed pile a M od b nnet ribbons at la; b- at do at laSrl; 4 n ,iea n>-w atvle atT'prd -nd alia led gur- Kthbona A lew rich kl ch a Ik long *h 'W'a, and a am-11 lot of k"re ch Marline from anciion thia d iy?200 ucw atvle atrio'd rilk P u i a? la 6 ; cheap hoaiely a'd ?'"ea. 11 C MO DIE TO Lr.T AS ABOVE ?A trig* well lighten bia-ine'-i un er In* aame pi c . aun lorn nr ? furuiihnl inoni. auit blr fur On* nr two email la mliea Tne ai nation i? g mil for an eatin Imnae, and the baaemeut ia well auitrd to that b aineaa. jr 10 lw?r j7fJ_aTONe.A LL Reaprclrnlly inf "ma I i? frieuda th it h h_a -rauoa-d hi. foimci butinesa at II! Fulton ilreet, between Btoulwtv and N aim atrret, where he i? ptepa ed to arc' mm date dinar r and a upper partiea, t loba Sir. in hia f >rmrr well known at I*. Siwconaard .ory rooma for tteteence Commit'< < ?, f'onria Miftial Sir St in r ntU'U indineia M in formrr IMM< j*?lm r BIl.1-9 1 K kXCwA G1"'. on all pana nf K.i gUnd. Ireland, ami Scotland, la tuini 01 si, i. i , i i jfo, ;a uiy am uut, for ?ale at 9. J- l.V b.9 I K"'B, j|ll a r t? Vrll afrre" nd 'HI Rrnadwae. BLOCK I.KTTSTR -ION CHKAPK9T iu ih-city?A K H ITcHI NrtB, the inrrntor oftlir aplrndnl Br?ri" Block Ln'rr, h*a reinored Irom 70 Pike nrwt, to *71 Br. aHw.iy. wheie li couti art to mano f?'t re P tHH and F i.c GiUed Bl'ck Letter B g ?, trom 5 i cent* to il 75 per loot, mruming length of go paintn ; do f'om 37 cti to bOreu'a. ootrry me Ciaa'a n 1 othrn ran (>r tupplled wi'h l?ttrr? o. a fin In trndiu < Irngih of ipare rriimrtd, wi h order (or payment in t r city. N It ? PH.n'rra m: plird with liill ai d la cr lr,tt*'a oti th? nhortrat moire. Marking Plat'a, Brand# and Bi md Pattern' m da to o de-. ififit'r POMt.ROY & CO.'S KXPtiE&S 'PH K au^-aenb. r* hi'e cotninrnced ru uiog an k'*p-e#a, t a in" from v'r-? Y ok Bndgrpirt, New own, Nrw Miliord Kent, No th C tnaan We t Sio- kb ''ge, Alb ny aud .uteimriliate |i'area, ?ia H o atopic and W-a eni Kajtrtud# fo 'hi aafe Mid a red" trautpoitntl >u cf pine, bank uorei p.ckagea bun lira ot g ii.da itht frr glo, Be . lor the payment and col Ircion of b'I'a, notea, drafts t?c<>nii's, Be , an I for the pmmo dnnrry a dri euti ii ol orirra con.inn on and errinda, in t e rity of N? ? York, for other plaeea nnon the ro re. K'om New York, Tueadara T undat a, and waruruaya. Krom Weat 8t trkhntUe, Motidrivs, Wed iHiaoar*. ?nd Fn^yi Thia liu? coonectt wit i Meim. romtfuy b Co ' New York Albany, Trov, Bu ?f U, Che 1* and Can da biuret* Alio, -V I... LI . U..,f X 4 u 1 .1_- hti.ilL ; Baltimore an I Washington Expresses rOMEROY It CO. N? 2 W,nl if e?l Ve?Vo k j9 t' r K*i fr'x'han c. Albany MADAME OO0TELLO. L'KMAI.K PERIODICAL. riLLA-Unwimitd in even " cmp where the monthly periods liaxe hccomr ir reanlxr from colds or other causes Their certainty c iclinn hai Uug been acknowledged by the medical cuiranot, tad hundreds that hare uselessly tried virions Imaxted terdelies Cnrr k someatsrt ueceteary to their use; though ihei contain oi medicine detrimental to the consti'ntioti \dd ?i liven fcMtii toal! thoer who use the Pills, by Madame Cos teilo. M L.iaener.l ?t, where the fills aold arnoin-. !'ne?i o.s hnv m'LUmerir I At N ' UAAMIMAT1VK BU>AM ? 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[Correspondence ol the Herald ] PiERMoi?rr, June 8, 1848. Drar Brnnktt: ? We have long wished for an opportunity t? give ourfrienris in New York a call to come arid view the wondera of the lar-famed Erie Railroad, hut have deferred it in hopes ot bemg able to eff-ct the removal ol the pipe laying fraternity Irom the work; believing that then, a trip through Old Rockland would afford pleasure and satisfaction to all We are yet, however, doomed to disappointment, and as to the mere invite we have been anticipated by the pipe layers themselves, who in a communication to the " Courier," subscribed " B."conclude by asking the New Yorkers to call and "examine the merits and capabilities of this important work." Thr palpable deception that is apparent in almost every lineof B's statement, renders it scr.rcely worth a notice ; and were it not to show the despicable means adopted by these men in their endeavors to prevent any person from being employed on this di vision, who will not become a tool to subserve their destructive measures, we would pass it, believing, that the true friends of the road in your city, are ful ly aware of the design of these anonymous communications, that are so frequently put forth by the rent* nant of the old direction. We think it is rather small potatoes in these men coming before the public with a minute statement in regard to a pretended extension ol seven miles, when all remains dark and doubtful in relation to the four hundred and fifty miles Mark also the zeal of your friend Webb; how he talks about the apathy and indiflerence ot our citizens; apathy, indeed?call you six million dollars apathy'? The small potatoes of B. is ;>erhapsonly equalled by the celebra ted vegetable calculation of your neighbor Greeley; in which it was demonstrated conclusively, that as ihe Company ate now carrying X number ol quarts butter-milk perday, at four cents perqnart, therelore, tlie eastern division will yield seven per cent, unit " pay for itself in ten years" We think B.'s communication may be considered a second edition ol the call to the New York carmen and butchers to subscribe for "one share each." Siep tip, gentle men, and pay a cool hundred to the cashi* r; hut do not say anything about the two millions that have been spirited away Some effort has been made, and some mc?n< y expended, to trumpet this seven miles to the community through your city papers; it has been called a continuation, an extension of the Erie railroad.? Webb extolls the liberality of our Middletown neighbors. Now this is all well enough, but the object aimed at by "B " is very dilferent. "B " tells us that seven miles have been add'd? that he lias passed over it?and "thinks that its location and con struction reflect great credit on the engineer, Mr. A O. Morton " "B." is vary minute in his report of the seven miles. He says the undulations are beautiful?now up-hill, now down-hill, die See.? Mr. Morton, no doubt, can appreciate the honor that is heTe thrust upon him lor having completed this seven miles; but il "B " thinks this will divert the attention ol Mr. M. and other engineers, Iroin the manner in which the work has been managed on the east-rn division, he will find himself much mis taken. If "B." is the disinterested friend of the road that he pretends, let hint continue his wiredrawn report with the rest ol the division. We want to know who built the -Mi miles?who is responsible for the construction of the eastern division?who is entitled to the credit or censure?who built the tresjje work on section 5?who constructed the pier at lappan?who superintended the excavation on sections 5 and 11?who built the depot at Piedmont?who designed and recommended the Bank?yes, Bank 1 II it is not a Bank, what is it 1 And here we would observe, in order to account tor our apparent hostility to this division, that we have no fear that the farther progress of the work will be retarded by an exposure of the management ' that has so long held swav in Rockland?but on the contrary, are convinced that the work can never proceed until these men withdraw from theCompany In regard to the seven miles, about which there has been such a hue and cry, we will state that it is not an extension of the road, but belongs to the eastern division, and should have been completed, according to the report ol the engineers, prior to January, 1841 Neither has it been finish* d by the inhabitants ol Mtddletown; and we will here give our authority for what weass*rt. On page 34, doc 284, assembly May, 1841 S. P. Lyman, the Commissioner, states that the east division extends from New York to Mtddletown H. C. Seymour is and was engineer of this division. In the report of the Directors to the stockholders, February. 1841. page 7, it is Hated that two miles are graded at Middletown. In October, 1840, it was reported that the eastern division would be opened on the 1st Decern ber. This report was based ujam the calculations ' of the engineers and contractors, and these men yet affirm that the division, including the s?ven miles to Middletown, could havrbeen ready (or operation by that time, had not the progress ut the Company been thwarted by the pipe layers. We lay some stress upon the excitement in rela tion to these seven miles, as it has been the meane ol defeating: the contractors in their rec nt eflorio to remove the men who are now the only hindrance to the progress of the road The immediate result of our remarks from Rockland, in your Herald of the 17th ult. was the ai>potntment ol T. J Waters, as receiver of the effects of the company, which the people very naturally supposed would include the eastern division, and it w-ts so reported in many of the city pipers; but their p'(? layers tell us that such is not the case, tud that we are only to have the road west of tioshen.and the money that is not yet paid in, while they are to retain the eastern division, and all the cash on hand. This beautiful piece of impudence we consider hquiva'ent 10 " B " putting the dexter thumb upon his nose, and then performing certain gyrations with the sinister fingers. However, we will see. We are aware that what has been said in regard to the o,teiiing ol this division conflicts with the di rectors' report oi February, 1811 Nor have we any renson to be dissatisfied with that report, which, we behave, was presented in good faith to the stockholders by these gentlemen, who compiled it. But we do not say that lliese gentlemen were deceived hy the " wire pullers," when they were informed that the opening of the division would he " nimlered by a delay in the arrival ol the requisite iron, and the effects of an extraordinary s'Oim." That we may be fairly understood, we say that the President and fifteen ol the sixteen directors at that time, were impose a upon oy ine aeqirnie pipe-iayers. jik only Hcinnl obstruction was the excuvu'ions on weijon* five and eleven, and these, we be-ieve, were intentions', in order to remove men from 'he work; and that we may not be mistaken on (bis ,?otnt, we a?k why th'S same A. C. Morton wad removed ftom the seven mi'es at that time?spring IHI1 ?and sent we?i oi the Calicoon 1 Whv G. K Kotfina* was removed trom the su|>erinfendency, and sent west of Binghnmion 1 Why the supervi -ion of S. P. Lyman, in mat ers re'ai ng to the ear division, was no longer r< quired? he also being sent west > I But we leave this painful mbiect for the present; we say painful, and your readers would think so, were they in constant intercourse wi h twelve or fifteen contractors, who have losi their all by these swindling operations?over j>8?,000 in the aggregate ?add to this some four or five hundred laborers cry irtg for bread, and you will admit that we have something to struggle for. In our next, should another be necessary on this subject, we will strike i he shaft deep. _ ? And now a few words in relation to the invita- f 'ion, and we close. Our village belles are really c inxtous that "dear Bennett," ol the " Herald" -hould visit Piermout. And now'hat our village has become the grand converging point of the most stupendous channel ol infernal intercourse that this t van, world has ever dreamed of, we think that we r iave some right to expect a fair share of attention t from the gieat men ol the age. Hy the way, speak nig of great men, nsk our old triend Alderman ' Purdy, ll the tour of our worthy President, John ' Tyler, cannot he so arranged that the President may pass over "our" road Nothing that we are i ware ol could add more to the interest ol thtsgreat i public work, than a visit from the President ol the i United States. And more than this, in no part of he Union would the President receive a more ordtal and enthusiastic reception than in Hock- ' ind county; hecati'e, in no part of the Union can I 'he pure, iincontaminated, unterrified Jeffersonidn democracy be lounil more strongly delineated than hi o'd Rockland. We hope our |iriends in New York will duly consider this matter Those New Yorkers, who wish to see the Krie " road, must slop at Piermont. The grand error has ' been that this place was entirely overlooked. 'I his error is applicable, more especially, to that stupid larce, the State investigation ; this rommiit e was ol led ny the pipe-layers to the top of Tuuimans ' i' LD. Prlc? Two Unu, Mount, and directed to cazc west upon the setting sun; they were then as.k< <1 it they could not distinctly oerceive Dunkirk in the rii?iHnc?r; to which th? uiilefatigable Mac replied? and that without straining his optical nerves very severely?" Certainly ' rertHirily, gentlemen, there can tie tm question as to this matter! Let's drink !" Verilv Mac's eyes were red with wine.?See report '284, Assembly, 1841 'I hose who visit our road tor pleasure, will do we|| in get some information during the voyage to Piermont, from dial prince of good fellows, Capt A II Shultz. The captain is always on hand with agooo ?i?iry, hho is thoroughly acquainted with the beat hunting and fishing grounds on the route. The fishing in tlie mouniHiu streams ot the Ramapo Valley, is said t? he unequalled in thia Plate ; and the scenery through this valley in probably not quailed in the world for its wild native beauty, the stupendous grandeur of which rivets the attention ef the traveller on every wide And it is in this charming valley that we now purpose the formation of an association upon the true democratic principle? an association that will throw all the humbugs of i )wen, Fourier, Brisbane and (Ireeley into the shade The site chosen by our young Democracie is posse* sed of great natural advantages, the soil is very productive, there is abundance ot excellent wood on the mountain lands?water powers to any extent, and buildings, machinery, and all requisite tools already on the ground; litis can all he obtained for leas than #20,000, and immediate possession given But die greatest inducement lor two hundred mechanics to secure possession ot this land, is the fact, that the lest iron in the world for manufacturing purposes is procured in the immediate neighborhood: the blast luriiaces of the Messrs Pier-on can be put in inimr diaie operation, which would soon become a source of wealth to the association. In connection with the above, 1 would here stale, that in 1840 I proposed to the Erie Company the introduction of cart iron rails of home manufacture, instead of the expensive rails imported from England; ihis was rejected at that nnie, and I have on v been able to try it on a very limited scale since, but will Hoon have an opportunity to put Ihese rails to a rigid practical test, when we hope to show that American rails can be furnished superior to, and for li .If ihe price of the English The English rails lor five hundred miles . i i u - - ,,, v?., hoi, wiin me pri*spiii nunes, over $3,000 (MM) 1 lir cast riii's propound car. be furnished tor hill that amount. This, it wid be Hem, would he an immense saving to the Erie Com. any, and at he Harne time a source of greut profit to the ai-aociatton. I here was a blow-mit on a small scale yesterday at Middletown; but a* it was got up by the pipe-layero tor effect, we ol course could not participate. I wo or three ol the editors who have received stock for se cret services, w< re invited; and how far dinner was h packed utlair, may be learned from the " Express," where this tare- is reported at length ; and among the Hayings and doings in relation lothis"se. ven miles," Mr. Bowen is introduced to the company hh President, when, of course, Mr. Bowen makes a very eloquent speech, congratulating the people on the "extension" of the Erie railroad. But not one word is said about the three mill.oiis, nothing about the chief engineer; neither are the contractors mentioned. The modesty of this man, urging himself upon the community at this time as Piesidentof the Company, is unexampled, arid had it takes place at Goshen instead ol Middletown, we would have had a second edition of that popular song, " riding on a rail." These seven miles were nearly all graded, and all the iron delivered twelve months Bince. It has now been completed, mainly at the expense of John M Wood, the contractor; who now holds over quo.uuu worm 01 hiock. We understand thai nearly all ttie contractors on this division have determined not io accept the scrip that the Company now propose to issue, ui less Bnwen and Seymour are removed from this division. This scup is payable in five years, the interest to he paid annually from the proceeds of the Lasteru division Now, the contractors are lully aware that under the present management the division can never realize a dollar. We will send you next week, a list of the per. ons employed on this division, when it will be seen that there is at least one dozen officers employed, who are of no use whatever to the Company. Horace, who has received -nine stock lor his strenuous eflbr's to introduce the buttermilk, whs one ot the invited guests to the dinner; and on his return, stopped to view our intended "Eden," was much nleased with the location, and immediately proposed to take an interest in the Association. But our deinocracis mean to oppose this; Greeley is in tavnr ol Brownson, Fourier, and Brisbane, or transcendentalism, absurdity, and nonsense. We are in favor ol the Bible, the United Slates Constitution, and the New \ ork Herald, or the religion of God, common sense, and the proper adaptation of circumstances. Hence issue is joined ; and we here slake our democracy against all the Fnurierism thar can be introduced during the ye <r 1K43. But 1 must conc'nde, as our sheet tails. Try and visit the Humapo Vallev soon?we want your opinion in relation to our "Eden " If you cannot come, send one ol your Arirls By the way, we have something in anticipation for some ol your airy spirits A marriage that creates no little excitement in our usually quiet village, is to be celebrated next week; one o| our young engineers lead* the lovely Miss S to the altar of Hymen Great preparations are being m de, and we look lor something superb, as the parties belong to the aristocracy of ihe village We need ourold chum, Bill A , to tire our sp rits in this aflair The fact is, a man oeee half Ins z?si for the "fine arta" when, alter ai* months' hard labor, he funis himself most beantilully bamboozled out of 810.000 cash These pipelayers have raised the very mischief with our aflecnuns. Fain would we ramble among be lovely scenes ol Tappin's Vale, ai d muse on the beauties "I creation "Where are ih? friend-ol early youth?" "Sweet echo" answers, "Sic transit gloria mondi." Ifours ever, Old Phil. P S. Greeley visited Sylvania. "small potatoea has fell?carrots (iz " Fire in Bristol, R I ? About ten minutes before 12 o'clock last night, our citizens were roused from 'heir BlU'iiber* by the distressing cry of fire, which proved 10 proceed from the Brv-iol Steam Mill, wh'ch was smirk hi livhlrmiff Th(. /*! ji.f 1K1 thr likhtning of which H'ruck the mill, was remarkahly heavy, and no doubt uwaki tod most of those in town who were ash ep. Th<- interior of the building, with most of the machinery, was entirely destroyed. Ali the cloth and most of the yarn and raw cotton were saved. Fortunately, it was entirely calm, consequently the fire waa confined to the lactory alone. Had there been a strong breeze, one hall ol the town would inevitably have been destroyed. The old house next South of the factory waa pulled down,and wan the only building injured, the factory excepted. Mr Wilmarth, the night watch of the factory, immediately n the lightning striking, ran to the upper story of the building, and was instantly prostrated to the floor, as isrupposed, fr?>ni the effects of (he sulphurous air lie wan tnken up msenpible, and shortly recovered his sen~e? This, we believe, is the hesviestfire that hssoccurred in tins town since the Revolutionary war, when a portion ol it wasdestroyed hythe British. We are happy to state thai no person was injured The hu'ldtng, machinery, tec was valued at $120,000 8 xty-two thousand only insured, at the billowing offices : Mainifsr.tuiers' Mutual Insurance Co. Pro* *1X000 Washington Insurance Co Pros 10.000 Hartford Insurance Co. 10,000 American fntursncsCo Prov. toono Protection Insurance Co Hertford, 10,<00 Georgia and Trust Co ft.OUO $03,000 America* Cokmihoi in the Gunr?We are inform d by maater* of vessel* trading from thia rity to Camwar h a .and other port* in the Oulf of Mexico, 'hat our "tnim-rce mlf Ta very much for the want of the preaeuea f an armed vp*?#I of our country in the Gull. Ii i* not nng Once, the render will remember, that an American chooner waa impreaaed hyr the Mexican vessel* of war. nd compelled to carry coal forthem; and more recei.tly, hat two achoonern appro# him Lerma were intercepted y the Yucatan gun boat* and their cargoea *?ierd. At tie aaio" time that theie libertiea are taken witn Amerian veaaela, thoae of other cauntrie* trade with perfect npunity. Two ltrgliah vesael*. we are ii formed, went oto Lerma, and unloaded without molestation, altnoat at he initio moment that thoae order 'he American Color* vere aeized. fheee thing* happen, hecauae there i* alvay* in the Oulf one or more English vi-aaela ot war for he protection of the commerce that sails under that flag. Indeed, our* ia the onlt naratimo nation that haa not een competently represented in the Oulf, during tha uig time that it o?? dia'urbed hy the desultory warire between Teaaa and Mexico, and Yucatan and Mexico )ur Government ought, however, al waya to hare one or iore cruiaera in that sea, without reference to the diatur.incm conai (jupnt upon the petty warn which may he oinx on. A < onstant exhibition of the ability and dliunion to p-otect the commerce ol the country can alone ake the Government respected along I he coast, and give tr trade an equal chance with that of othern?New Orant Bulletin. Capital PrNisH.wxxr.?The Connecticut Hour* Reprcte n In liven hy a vote of 121 lo flf), have re. oteH the bill tonboli*b najuuii punishment.