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June 12, 1843 Tarihli The New York Herald Gazetesi Sayfa 3
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[ a??????????n 00- sHEHMAN'S LOZENOE8.? The famous Lot?D(r< manufactured hv Dr. Sherman, of New York, are now tllthe g?>,nere and elsewhere. What betterormore appropriate remedy can (here |>oiiiibly be for colda than bit unrivalled Cough I,oiengea, or lor the cure ot worma in both children titi?i adulta th in hia celebrated Worm Lozenges, which the little rogues cry for whenever they ta?te them We have tried some of his Headache Loxenges out wive*, and they actually cured one of the moat distressing we ever had, in less than ten minutes. We g.? lor all such medicine in preference to taking that which requires us many hours to do the same. l)r. Van Yorx, 91 Chesiut street, lathe agent for Philadelphia.? Public ledger. Dr. Shetmsn's Warehouse is at 108 Nassau st. Agents, 110, '273 and 4A9 Broadway; 'J'27 Hudson street; 87 East Broadway; 86 William street, and 139 Fulton street. Brooklyn. ftty- PilOFESBOR VELPEAU'9 CELEBRATED pill lor the cure of gonorrheaea, gleet, seminal weakness, and all mocopuruleut discharges from the urethra, are only to be had genuine at the College ot Medicine and rnarmacy. a perfect cure guaranteed in every without confinement, tainting the breath, or disagreeing with the stomach. Price $1 per ho*. Office and consulting rooms of the College 97 Nassau street. W. 9. RICHARDSON, Agent. N B.-Patients residing at a distance can have a chest containing a sufficient quantity of Professor Velpeau's celebrated remedy forwarded to any part of the Union, by addressing the agent of the college, and by letter, |>ost paid, describing case, and enclosing three dollars. Guaranteed to cure. MONK* DltKKET, Sunday, June 11?H ill. The general improvement of the trade of the country ( and the buoyancy which is increasing in all channels of enterprise, is producing the best etfects upon all descrip tlous of property. So great has been the change pro duced in the condition of the Harlem Railroad, that on Saturday, two per cent was ottered tor the January dividend. The Long Island Railroad will undoubtedly be made the channel of communication with Boston, and as such, its prospects are daily improving. Thefollowi g is a comparative statement ot the Banks of New Orleans :? Banks ok New Obleans, Mahch I and June 1, 1*11 Mar. A t June 1 Banks. Cir. Dep. Cir. Dep. ji Bank el Louisiana. 621,026 1,98), 137 1,000,728 2,116.8.5 a Caiia'& .-aiihiug Co. 12.760 15,110 20 875 8,211 ? City B ink, 121.120 277 (51 112,77(1 812,169 ? Louisiana State Bk, 11,067 254,123 115,263 562,6il "C Mechanics' & Tragi dcrs'Bank, 338.355 1,076 915 189,750 1,306.162 v4 lUuion Sauk, 106 655 307,701 84,570 312,266 1,272,083 4,016,619 1,851,000 4,618,520 In liquidation Citizens' Bauk, 261,335 322,831 555,221 299,533 Consolidated Asso'n, 206.390 38.156 170,355 32,187 Commercial, 195,010 10,661 ? ? 662.765 401.118 725.576 332.020 Total, $1,934 848 4.4IT.7G7 2,579,570 4 980,540 Jlstets Specie Jlssrt* Speae ai, f Umkof Louisiana, 7,786 417 2,249,86ti 8,415,817 3,029,647 , a> I Csnll V Banking Co. 5,129,762 2:4,803 4,818,466 40,572 S < icy Bank, 3,125,14:4 335,690 3,154,018 481 761 Louisiana Sta'e Bk, 2.606,040 338,741 2,801,181 665,625 'Z Mechnics' & Trasi deis' Bank, 3,487,138 970,595 3,861,374 1,632,968 dj lUsion Bank, 9,852,400 245,086 9 908 417 400,832 31,937,'80 4,164,781 32,762,113 6,30',415 Citizen*' Bank, 8 976,351 780 8,856,018 8 534 Consolidated Atso'n, 2,762,054 162 2.669,143 145 Commercial, 3.588,651 30,714 ? ? 15,327,1.56 ? 31,65G 11,525,071 8,699 Toul, $17,314,3.16 4,196,439 44,287,381 6 310 lli Nov. 26. Jan. Marih[. June I Coins, 38.281,665 34,628.623 31.987,280 44,287,184 Specie, 3,805,764 4,596,787 4,164,783 6,310,114 Circulation, 1,197,890 1,816,237 1,272,084 2,579,570 Deposites, 3,774,099 3,420,212 4,016.619 4,980,510 This table shows, that the banks have the utmost dirti culty in extruding their credits. The specie in their vaults has increased $-2,200,000, while they rose but $600,000 The ihiled bsnks have not been able to recover their position, nor are they likely to. On the contrary, some ol the six that pay, find difficulty in sustaining them selves. We have recently entered into the) state of trade he. tween Great Britain and the United States direct, and also between the British colonies and the United States, showing how great hat been the devclopement of busi uean, iu me muiuui Huvaningo 01 uoui countries, consequent upon the increasing liberality of their commercial regulations. We will now investigate the state of att'airs between this country and France. The existing regulations with France are not the most liberal on her part and have undergone but little change since 193*2, when, tho convention which governs present intercourse between the nations was held. The retults of the investi gation will show the fact, that the restrictions which France imposes on commerce, actually injures no trade but her own. In fact, an impartial investigation of the trade of all countries, proves incontestibly, that where one nation removes all restrictions on commerce, and allows all vessels to come and go freely, and another na. tion imposes restrictions for the short-sighted object of " encouraging" its own trade, the eflect is always the reverse. The country without restrictions will obtain all the trade. Hence, a wise policy would ba to remove all restrictions, without reference to the movements of other countries. The longer they clog their owu trade with restrictions, the more will it be for the benefit cf the free State By the convention of June, 1823, each country seemed to its own flsg certain advantages, by imposing discriminating duties on cargoes brought in the vessels of the ether, and additional tonnage duties on the vessels. Thediscriminating duty was not to exceed 30 francs, or $3,7rt per ton of merchandize. These discriminations were gradually done away with by the terms of the treaty, and both nations now enjoy equal privileges in ? *>>?ci? ?" > ivmmBc umy i eiuB H?c francs, or 94 cents per ton measurement, determined by the French vessel passport and the Americans register. This duty is, however, higher in France than is paid by vtssels of any other nation. Other countries pay 77 ccnls per ton, except Ureat Britain, which pays 30 cents. This would seemingly give a great advan'uge to those countries, the Hanseatic cities .for instance, to proceed to France and take cargoes for the United States on better terms than even French vessels, and the reverse to take cargoes from the United States to Great Britain; hut the results of the trade show, that not only have American vessels monopolized almost the whole trade, but a portion ot the carrying trade of Fraxce in addition. We will first,from the Tieasnry tables, take the imports and exports in direct trade between the two countries,distin guishing the vessels in which they were carried, as follows Imposts and K sports snwirs Francb and thb Unitmi .-tatii Import! from France Exports to France Jim nit. Foreign. Jim vtIs. Foreign. 1879, (1.6781.9' 1->0,881 6.330,209 .764. i>J6 1810 7 5.9 868 182,330 9,320 782 580,3f>4 1134. 15.796,195 1. 49,378 11.481,405 1,234.319 1835, 21 <<96 4 tl 918.9(5 17,666.204 97(1 8 0 1836 , 34,785.663 1 829 754 17,941.377 1,6.78 0.7 1837 . 20 26?,0i9 1 8 8,6 5 15.759 391 2,090,523 OH, 16 371.7 8 1,397 U79 13. 46,198 1,377.216 1819, 30 411 039 2.I2J.281 13,724,031 2,242 074 1840 15.54B.775 2,024,101 16 836,996 2,07.580 1841, 2/.478IU9 1,4.7.7,703 17,271,066 1,139.3"! The exports to Franco in loreign vcnels have doubled, as also have the'-xpoits iniAmerican vessels. The pui chasisof American produce on the part of France, it wily be observed,are by far more regular and iteady than the import! into the United Statea ol French From 1830 to 19.36 the latter increased 500 per cent! and fell $18,000,660 in 1838; roaa nearly a* much in the next year, and fell oft'an equal amount in the aucceeding one. These violent fluctuations make only the feverith vacillation* of our ab?urd paper *yitem, which to-day give* the means of purchasing luxuries of France on credit, Irom which liability the bankrupt law gave the mean* of escape ? Thi* is purely a currency matter, and not one of interna tional regulation. The steady currency of France preI vented much fluctuation in her purchases. The carry ing was, however, nearly all in American vessels We mayno w present the French account of the total imports aud exports ol France,shewing the proportion done by French and by foreign vessel*?the values expressed in francs, and are official values fixed by a Royal ordonnance ol IMS Value of Imfortj into V?A*rE, nisTiRauisHina the Total imps. Importt PVnehnli I'or'nvslt by tm try lanit Or'd total ll?7. 250 4II..I6 1W.I'42,U07 366,(01,102 199,62 926 .565,8<'4.2,:6 1828 48 935 453 l3S.972.IMi8 4111.907,483 383,769.888 6<|7,h77,3 1 1839 . 84 , 78 936 179.374 370 420 7 3.326 193,6(3107 1 616.331,397 1139, 234.373.V94 .96,3 8,Hi 47'.<93 931 187,641.499 618,338,431 11831, 203.0 3 884 130,106,489 331,9.0,373 178,903.178 312,823 331 4 18.12. 2.7 312.S7l 224 238 , 67 471.381,138 181 291.203 632.872,3(1 1831, 271.133 334 188,961,82.7 467 I 7.178 226,138.773 693,273.732 18(4. 39 ,369,?33 92,708,618 494,278.341 283,915.795 720,196.336 1831. 263 141,070 211.418,2.70 479,759,1 0 280,967,376 760,720,696 1836 , 3(17.109 270 109.000 378,001,000 327.60",000 983.600,00k * 1ICI7 281,3181,9481 279 7,0 1.00 54!,(80.000 261,8o0,1)00 807 8 '0,000 . 818 317,400,000 311,8(81,(810 6 9, 0 ,000 307,900,000 917,10 '.Olio i 1819, 37 7,7(81,(8141 283,400 oflo 636 100.0(10 290,9(8,019! 9l7.00?,0<l0 | I84K, 369,1810,000 .485.700 ' 00 734 300 000 297 000,o08 1,031,300,000 , 18(1, 340,.700,080 415,000,000 773,500,000 313.980.010 1,121,4011,000 | Valuf. or lixroRTs fiom Frani e. Total by Prnrhvtl* For flu iu nea. Hy land. Or'd total. 1827 , 237 , 29 660 2 0,304,530 445,634,2(0 136,767,066 602,401,276 1228, 218,961,1186 225,144,8(8 4(4,007,128 165 913,304 609,922 631 829, 216,785 846 223,362 443 440 348,291 167,470,333 607,8 8 646 I Sill 188,918,261 220,115.434 109,031 695 167 610,769 572,66 1 061 nil. 191.193,457 2*3,029,491 451.227,930 163 941,%! 618,169,911 812, 743,079 717 2.3 35! 633 488,431,372 207,8.70,760 696,282,132 l??l, 239,9(8,358 318,460.'201 330 408.539 215,908,753 866,3:6.312 1814, 239,981 876 13 , 76,578 494,160,451 216,744,581 714,703,018 1835 , 264,39.3,28 3 348,7'W.8l2 6 1,193,194 221.227,084 814,422,218 I8J6 , 277,208,000 4.39,600,000 716,980,000 244.400,000 971 (10,800 1837, 8 2,400,1810 269 Mtn.OO'l 3-2,3 81.000 233 800,000 758 100,ntO llll, 273,800,IHNI 418,8,0 600 W4.80O.880 281,180,000 935,900 00) 18,19 111.300,000 441,600,080 736,9(81,dOII 246 480,000 1.(103 000,00(1 1840, 115,700,18(0 19.1,7.81,(110 7 26 600,000 281,300,000 1,01(1,900,(100 1841, 312,100,0(.0 (68,1.(81,04.11 780,3(81.(118) 28 >,100,000 1,063,4(10,000 1 The cx|>orti from France in foreign vess. 1*, increase', ' it appears, steadily Uft pr cut, while that in French vessels rose only So percent. This spenks volumes for the injury which ? government doe? to its own interests by pretend in-( to restrict foreign* ra from trading with its citizens.? We Will now pasd to French tonnage arriving in the Vnited Status at different period* I j FHI.NCH TONRAOE AaBITIISO IS 1HK U.MTED STATE*. 1930. I Ml. From Tims. Tom Danish West Indies, ? 57 France, 3,459 12,539 Frmch Weil Indies, 6,948 3,394 Spanish West Indies, 385 ? Teneriffe, ? 278 Hayti, 149 20*4 Mexico, 700 261 Africa, 818 302 11,258 17,030 The increaae it willjbe seen i* very small. The French official tables throw much,more light upon the tannage movement than do those ol the United States. The lol lowing gives the precise movement of tonnage between the two countries for several years. ?unnn.i mrum rmsct: from thi: united BTatis, for a o.KiKor (tins. Frenrh. Othr nation* -Im'ran Total I8J7, 12,871 230 79.9(3 92.214 ! B?8, 7 719 60 71,760 8 319 1879, 8,280 ? 92 .'08 100.488 1830 , 5,905 670 97,168 101,723 1811, 8,307 654 97.944 76.903 1832, 16,766 824 90,022 107 6 2 1813. 15,615 594 95.148 111 457 1814, 16.282 563 91.142 113,287 18 5. 9.391 2,012 102 901 114,320 1836, 15,654 2 501 1,0.689 118,811 1810, 25.271 434 15 766 177,4.70 1841, 14,220 489 150.505 167,214 Tonisaoe Cleared from France, for the U Status 1827, 4,275 136 49 514 53,925 838. 3,i 90 1,763 41,248 46-81 1829, 1,967 1,144 53,873 76,981 1830 , 86 1 748 4I.M7 43 4 6 IIISI, 11,755 3i>7 50 519 62,602 1832, 15,129 1,247 63 282 79,6 8 813, 13 593 1.688 73 116 88,'2' 1814, 11,501 3,521 66,309 8 ! 334 1835 , 8.868 5 914 65.916 80.698 816, 12,813 9 290 78 677 1(0 8 U 1810, 14.291 3.209 81,326 93,82n 18 1, 12,703 5.012 81 480 102,197 Tho French tonnage entered Franco from the United States increased but in a small degree, while the American tonnage increased 100 per cent. The proportion of trade enjoyed by other nations is unimportant, and injures none hut French interests. It will be observed that the amount ol American tonnage cleared from France is uniformly much less than that entered. The difference is '.he carrying trade enjoyed by American shipping between France and other countries. Thus, although on paper, French trade is protectel by a miserable short-sighted system of government, it is really bound hand and loot, s bile American shipping, comparatively free at home, can contend against the world. The present tariff, however, by a clone calculation, imposes a tax of $1,000 en every American vessel of 600 tons This tact is more destructive to American navigation than all the restrictions which foreign ingenuity could contrive. We will now annex the Trench account of the Imports into France fiom the United States in 1341, with the duty collected on them. The imports are divided into the gross import, and the import for French consumption. The difference goes across Francu into the interior of Europe, Switzerland, Belgium,Ac.:? iMr.'RTS INTO FhaNCE FROM THE UNITED ttTATE? Grass Import. Imp for'n. wirticlet. Quantity Value. Value Duty /rants francs frants Cotton, kiloiirm. 66 135.7'4 ll9.la6.3S5 90 6 9.224 11,23 U'R 1 eaftobacco, " 11 22'79 ,5 8'>3 9'9 21,637,731 15 134 Kiee, " 3 9 3.074 1.573,206 1.420 98! 97,305 Potash, " 2 22' ,7 07 1,314 024 1.157,76! 3:8 351 A't'jof oak, pieces, 3 49'.f05 1 13'733 1,'53 420 6 961 Whalebone, kilg.m 280.925 983,2!R 1,125,183 115.767 Haw hides, 736 819 691 069 847 652 9 353 Vanilla, " 2,905 726,250 177,500 3,?73 Provisions, " 814.20 581 HR3 2.764 1.45' Coffee. " 574.757 ' 88,51 1 220 736 268 87.5 Palin hats, pieces, 1410 084 418 719 267 2 4 21 58' l>ye wooils, kiltrrm. 2 602 875 5 o57> 249 5-9 23,328 Volatile oi', " 8,488 266 28) 151060 19,148 Quercitron, " 708.6)9 tii I 0 295 20 1 36.08:i Pratli K' I"i"'i, 10.7 0 2 1 400 215,-00 56 Wax, kiloxrui. 83,805 167 6i0 202 116 8 934 Cocoa, T 151,155 136.043 95 073 6!,482 461)-at floor. " 113,101 39 585 375 265 O.hersriiclea, 1,968,20.1 1.619 ) 91 275.11.. Tout francs, 1811, 157.07 ' 691 121 490.961 I2.52!,997 " do.Is. 1841, 29 450 754 22,592,053 2 347.673 " " 1810, 32,967,440 22.115,566 2,351,3 4 The average customs duties on the whole import into France is 7 per cent only. The enormous impositions on tobacco, through the government monopoly, are an internal regulation from which French tobacco, of which the crops is from 34 to SO,000 hhda. is not exempt. The exports from France to theTTnited States, with the French export duty, were as follows. :? Kxtorts from France to the United States. Crrojr Exports. Exp Fr.Prodais. Falue. Value. Duly. Jtrticles. Quantity France. Francs. Francs Sits Uidi, kilo. 800,358 H3.477,7.!5 i2.724.9l8 1,311 W'olUni * 697 091 14,819,lit 14.867,.45 69 Cottons " 374,671 14,130 949 11,118 861 <42 Wi es. litre 12,261.787 7 222.686 7.183 934 2,977 Plain WOrkr, kilo 146,760 6,870.1100 )22,5.'0 3,'77 Color, it silk " 61,187 4,862 764 98.896 460 Lea her goods' 129,010 4,8 6,806 4,829 : 88 3.68 Lawn, he. ? 4.608 660 4.662 076 207 Mattery 401,66 ! 3.324,802 3 262.562 1.091 Brandy, litre 3,974,132 2.786,106 3,774.771 4,361 Eartheuw.k sUss ? 2,'82 2,2 2 716,282 7.619 Madder, ki'o. 1,907,607 1,907,507 1,907.507 10,49' Peifuuier7 " 202,028 1.4 4, l? 1,414,196 5:8 O'aaSont ? 1.310 642 1,308.402 3.699 Olive o I, kilo. 769,434 1,318 038 159 .100 246 Dine us " 69.108 1,881 838 665,344 1.19 Volatile oil" 12.231 1,213 100 828,9011 23 Stationery " 302,000 1,030,191 937 3^4 765 Wa'cbri ? 1,033,6.3 113,1ST 286 Other am lei ? 13.426.216 i0,168.748 27,306 Total frmcs, 1841 183.562 013 121233 199 64,521 " $ 1811 34 417 878 22,731,293 12,098 " S 1840 23 529 456 15,142,410 8.256 Under the tariff* ol 18)2 silks were free; 25 per cent is now impound. In 1841 the United States customs collected Iromthe above reached (4,437,000, being about double the duties imposed in France on U. S. produce under the new tariff*. Il the silk goods are reduced 50 per cent in amount, and the other imports remain the same, the du. ties collected in the United States would be (12,00u,000 on (16,(00,000 of French geods, or 76 j>er cent against 7 per cent levied in France en American|goods, but this will no1 l>e the case, because the trade will be destroyed, and the government lose its revenue. The imposition oi the tar riff* was a mere juggle; it never was intended to "protect American industry;*' that cry was got up to catch gulls The projectors of the scheme well knew the lolly ol such jiisiciibV' mcvi'jni n an auit'iy Ily u esiruy lug me Op oration* of the merchant!, to force an accumulation of specie, an i thereby to stimulate a new paper expansion, a new rise of prices, which should enrich all holders of goods at the expense of the consumers This was the operation in 1S3J. The scheme is likely to fail,however, through the complete breaking down of the banking ma chinery,through which it was to have been brought about. Corn Trade. The operations since out last report have been to a moderate extent Trices do not vaiy much Irom our last quotations. Osneaee is firm a' $5 I8$a6 16; Gto.fcetown o 11$; Michigan an I Ohio 5is 11$; Howard street 6 11$; Brnudy wine 6 60; Alexandria (6 The receipts are very large, and are increasing every day. At Philadelphia, the 10th inst. there was no change in the price of flour, and the week's transactions have been only to a moderate extent. Hales of 3 .'iiNisl.tlUO bbls Tenn. ind Onio flour tor shipment at $5 per bid lor common and lair brands; hi bbls at 6 25 per ptiir; extra at 6 60 For city use sales at $5a6 11$; and good brands at 6 16. One or two sales of western were made at a fraction less than tb Bya flour has advanced. Salts ut $3 11$ per hbl. Corn meal?prices have advanced. Sales oi P.-un. meal at $3 76, -1 80alSI, and Brandy wine at 1 04 per bbl, Hales of 130 nhds at 11 60a Ii *7$ for Brandy wine. Tenn meal is now held at '187$ Exported this week 3,791 obis flour, 781 do r\ e flour, rO hhds and 1/119bbls corn meal. At Baltimore, the 10th inst, the market was rather dttll. and prices tending toward a further decline At the close of last week sa es were made from store at $6 16 On Monday holders submittal! to >i small decline, and on Tuesday and Wednesday sales were made of good mixed brands a' 6 l?l$ Hoi lers have offered to sell ireely at fS, hut the transactions are only limned. A sale ot several hundred bbls, all ol one brand, was made at f6 8$. \V. quota the store price if good mixed brands now at *5 We art' unahlo to numf a definite rfceipt price today. City mill- (lour?A saleot 4(M hhls was made on Wednesday at $A 37J cash, an<l this i( the euly transaction in this description which has come to our knowledge It is generally held at A AO Hoiqiiehaiina flour? I'he last Hales were at $6 25, and at this price parcels of tresh ground, in handsome order, are now hold. At Bnir.ilo, the Oth instant, flour was passing ott freely at $4,33 a *4 60 Wheat w as held at $1 a $1,( 6 The r. ceipts were large and quantity afloat was immense. The amount ol fliur anil wheat shipped Irom Butlilo, on the canal,front the 1st to the ?th June, inclusive, for the years 1842 and '43. is as follows: ? 1343. 1842 Flour hhls 63,203 81 t?6J Wheat, bush 70,648 39,996 At Cincinnati, the Uth, flour was in active demand ot $4,09 a $4,IS Hales to arrive hail been made at $4,26. City Mills w ere holding on for $4,60. Wheat selling at ""in", I evnpis small. At Alexandria, the 0 h, Hour was selling at $4,74, wheat (red) $1 a 1,04: white do $1.06 a 1,10. Foreign Itlnrkell, Havana, June 1.?Our rice market ha* improved; 98" casks were disposed of at It) is per arrobe-,490 casks is the only rice held in first hands, lor which 9) is has tie en r> fused Our dealers are hut scantily supplied, and 1 look rjr a further rise within ten or fifteen days. Our aug ? market is uncommonly dull. 1 quote whites at 9alo| is; yellows ftjatt); and hrowns 4Js6 rs. Coffee has hecomicarce, with some demand lor N. Orleans?with no Ists it market?-ids and 3.1s command CfMfljrs. Molasses in <h mand at J rs per krg, besides the c?>ks. Freights are on Ihe advance; last charters ?i -is ltd a ?-i Ins for Cowes and a market; at this rate none ot the vessels in port Could now he had, and in a few days jt'i 16s will he given Kxchange on l.ondon 8} prem. .New York lal, fid days Freights, Moau.r., June 3.?Business in this department, as far aregard* foreign shipments, have been exceedingly dull this week, only one engagement having traiispiierf sine our last report, which was tor Liverpool at II 3-i.I,without commission*, ( nastjvise,Jiowever, dining the early psit ol the week, - ere more activ. , md> engagements wet. effected at Jc per lb and $'i |*"r liala. To day there ha been rather less ottetinir and rates are nominally $1 lor New Yoik, nndje for other nothern |>orts. flnrrted, On flit lay, loth inst. by the He v. Henry Anthon 1> I)., Mr. W si. H. Disaaow to Miss A. Di-airrn, ml of this city. CtMfiiKrn Arrived. Havana?Ship Hfllftpi nl?Vn Mary L Wilann, Mialer W ' ' ' Ihi Autumn H me-wav. Pickard, Jam.* Heurt. Wdi 8 Ledvaid, Htnry Tw. Him, Franritco'Onill, J a<|u.iii On II, Kdwa il B ryu'ir.< n'< Ken mica, Cnpuiu Win 8 Hovt. Matthew Weber, Piblo Barn, it ?B lrqoe i aroline? Vlr Henley, lady and child,Mi?? Koat?M id ateerase. ' iHNruitooa? Barque Kllen?Joaiah Ogilvy, C Johua.m.W 8u' in m. D B ruea, J Putt-ifer VIi hilb?Hmp Kmtdein?D O Cook, H II Cook K Curlii, Miaa J Jordni ApalachIcoi.a?Brig I. Copeland?M Ncunr, lady ind ton, Mi M;. ir, M Sloan and lady, Mr Greer. lady and rhild, Mr H d nr an diugl ler, Mc-aara. Youu., M*yer, Aur.ii, -Mi U idkin and lad' Savannah?B in WiUon Fuller?Mr. CUghorn Mra Cop. VIi hick; Mra Gilliam, Mrt G Ibrrt, Mn Ouerard, Mia Weat, Mi it Copp< Villi Mount. Miaa Wilder, Miaa, H n li,., tw Mima Hciidrickann, W Bi. ker, K L Morria, H IG be i I Oucrar-?29 in ai-eraoe AViaaiH-Brie C int.Ill?Mr- J KWild'r, Mia Inaeraall. Mia ,la d> n. Mm J Wm iliuri , child in" uurac, Mra Jorna i, . nr ciiildr?n .? 1 two .eirmla, Mra T ylor, rliild and unite, lira Ut'dwi i, Mra Hirii>, Miaa Wayne, Mm B.aa, Miaa 'iirkc Miaa MrNiah Mm H meuway, Mitt Black, Miaa Buih.nk, Dr J a Mori U D. Plioa W nhtmra, W J.LnAtu, Ma.tei W slihurn. Foreign Importation*. Havana?Ship Hel!'annrii?fli' baa ttgar GOO dozen piue apii'ea 8|,< liieato&ro?lOObl-a leaf fob .ceo Haimony It ii y? 2 do Autniii Ked ii?110 nnfl "-g ira P A H Rtumld? 3" 0OH Mia F M oli?12,000 K Brnhond. Havaoa?SclirDu edi'L.?.05 Inla 39 lea trioleates M Tayloi? 2 i d. do I) Stern. Cava- a?Bi ig Fieem n?274 biida 7 rca 2 bb!? mol .asca 150 pmnpain. 8p iflnril St i ileal; n St Bah ta-Brig vVill?28 G9I o il' uonlei 25 hbla aweet no - tatoea 5 <h r nr KS Scble.singci?I nfd Ie>-<1 4 tusks I n 5 c !?; i 4'MI M*x c ii do I in I poo lit"' italic nieces I Can in it ( o. I'ln dilphi-?I libs ininarlhdi :i lib s n il brass I b l-i--u vi? rcrats J * Hi-nri?I be* old silver 2 bans spoor F S b, ti'r?i l" r?I bo* ii itoise sbrll to mister ClCNFtlKaoa?Bark Kllen?3.14 h ils inohss'S 10 tcs do 15 v lag 1 In or lio:irv 1 I 0 Chaa elain & I'onvi-il? * mi! i J Ogilh ? I bbl molasses J Shieldi?ti htnls molasses J A <iiu?I bo* Librae?I bo* in'/, to' tiler. MiTiiioHD*?Bri/ Crnsot ? 3/.i lu>e< oittou03 hnlrs A BriWer?91 il'i 321 bi t s A CRsetli. Mitjni ?B.ig Botml 1.0?271 lids saga-,M Taylor?370 b*i do J S Tayl. y. ? Britt Juan J de Cart grua?206 lids 1 tc molasses De Prys'crit VVhitinarsh. fkinittlli: Jupiirlatlniii N'kw Osi.-ans?Brig (Je.irgiau.i?90t0 buihels corn 400 b .'Is wheat J H VI Ibaiilis. Mobilk-Ship Km! 1cin?30 ba'es cotton W Bloodgond?Mltl Maaton (It H .hrr?139 w (JiK -'OO O dhuv & 0?132 I'& J Hindi'5?11 A Averill?30 Whitney St Wheel"?187 bales to order. Aula i Hicola?Brig Li Oopeland?III bales cotton N A Pii'iicli?5 Grant Si Brror?22 S war 81 Palter?292 Parmellf. Kilhuru St Ho?ers?96 Bn.'an St K.ieelsud?8 pltgs Posl & Phillips. Savanaah ?Bog CI nto?Oftbalrs cot'on Boormat), Johnston it jii?91* F ross?2 bxs J Lecouut?1 do A BulkLy?590 bales cot on 10 cks vinegai to order. V1 A K 1 1 1 ^ H K Ii A L 0 Ship i^lattrra and A^tnUi We shr.ll e?teem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will tny. to Commodore Hobs:ht Silvky, of our News Fleet, a He port of the Shipping left at (lie Port whence they sailed, tiie Vessels Spoken on iheir P .srage, a List of their Cirao, nud an* Foreign Newspa|?rs or News they m ,y Iiat* lie wd board tlieni miiiiediately on their arrival. Agents and Cmrespondents, at home or abroad, ssil. also confer a favor h) ending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind tvil' be thenkfally received VOHT OK WWW VOH.K. JUNE HI urn bum 4 30 | full moon 2 15 IVl? ?FT4 7 29 I itll.H 8 31 Arrived. Ship Hrllerpout, El'ia, IIda' from Hitrana, with su-ar, Ac to Sp. (ford, '1 iTmoii A Co. Sl ip lil ti, Hammond, 2) davs fr m New Orleans, wiih cotton. Ac t Staio 'ii & Fruit. Slop Mor- , F'amlera, 15 d :ys Nl bile, with 809 ba'ei CO t.iu, t ordri Ship Emblem, T ilbot, 13 daTi fr m Mobile, wi h cotton, to H". D HirlbntACo. Bremen ba.cjB'Caroline, VulkmaBti, 37 daya from Bremen, wi ii"'a'. to Nwltcriui A PiFruitadt?194paaieiiBara. U rqne Ellea, Cobb, 16 dta a frr m CieuliUBos.wiih molinri, to Oh ntclaia A PouTert. Birque loi n Brower. Sutton. 13 dayi from Apalachicola, witi' co'ton. 11 .Meb'jina A Br iwrr Bri. Will, Loi k'l.irl, f'om St. B ir'.a. June I, with fruit, Ac. t?F 9 Schleasunte'-. Bri* N. uvitMi, aicFrrlaod, 12 daya from St Tli m <i Tia Pt Petr< On d i'. bfcll-aar, to Nestnith, Leeds A Co. 4th lust. Eian d a vejM 1, app n-iit y haa'.eru, bot out up. about 100 torn u"h-n?bottom minted nl ck. Brig Borodino, Tro't, il dais fmn Matanzw. witu aiizar, to J O Ward. Sloop J. I). kiali, Fursyth. for NYork. aaile I 7 d iv a befor . Brig Freeman, Hilmati, H Havana. with molasses, toM Taylor. Brig Juan J. deCartnrena. K,!ltr, 12 days front Malanzs. with molasses, m R. I'. Buck Brig ' rnaoe. Variriuzer, 2! days from Matagorda, Tex is, with eot'on.loA Caselli. Brig Independence, Kruse, 22 days from Matagordi, Texas, wi h cotton, lie. to order. B igOnlharine, Robii,son, I? days from Ntw Orleans, wiih 12,000 bu?h -ls co*n to Allen Sr Whittlesey. Brig Oeorgi iua. Ua*is, 12 days lroui New Orleans, with corn, to Badger k Peck. Brig LawrsnceCoiieland. B iker. 13 dtys from Apalachicola, wi ll coit"n, to J arnh in Prig CI sit t u, I yon idiys f om Savanmh, with cotton, to Btnrges fli Cletr 1 an Bug Wi son Fuller. Cobb, 5 d iys from Savannah, with cot ton. to Dunlieni k Dimnu Br g Judo, Lewis. 4 dayi from Ororgelowu, SC.with cotton, 'o A A*eri|l. Brig O'iv., J ir-e . 10 days Irom Rastpott, with plaster and 1st ,, to P 1 Ne iu? St Son S-hr Bra/.o?, Line n, 17 davs from .Maiameras, Texas, with 3317 hi< e? to H. Soutlimayd k S in Schr Dresden, bte rn?, 12 diys from Havsna, with molasses, tv M lav lor. Scltr Meteor, Cnrtis,? days from R'etithera, with 2200 pine apple 230 water melons 1 ton I gwood 10 do fustic to Croi sey k ' li'm "tin Schr Ta?so, Alms, 17 days Irom New Orleans, with 8000 bnsticls corn to Th ones n k Adams. Schr M'd son, Kell ,r, 10 f oin New Orleans, wiih nio lanes, 11 I Cram; 31 6'* gallons do master 9 hr Ah'X. Cheshire. Hath-way, from E izabeth City, NC. with ii v I stares, t' Bryan k Myitis; d ..... v <>u, w 'uti-, iiuiii i yiiiixilll, laij.wirn nival Stores, to Brti"' 8c Maul ii<l SchrOej Franklin, N'lson, 3'la.'sfrom Newborn, NC.with -.lava* s' <res, to n. PikterSt Whitmirsh. Sehr Ki , (?: AS g, 3da-a from Nrwntm, NC. with nival sto?es to M. PI it Schr Swallow, 'lobins'n, 2 tliys from Newl ern, NC. with nav I stores. to W 8. Bants. Schr W. E Bi d,' nrsnn,7dfy? frim Key Writ, with tugar, to K 8 VMtlatul?6 passengers So r Lvir'.liunt, '-uhtas, 3dais from R chmond, with llour to Allen 8c a*f; ?'0 passengers 8 -hr In e, West, 10 days Iron Kastp-rt, with lath, 8ie to the inaater Slo-.p Sirt r. Mo ?e. 3U ilaya froui Gi'veaton, via Key West 2 day a. with cotton and lodes to order?3 p'lsengers Ornvral Mevorit, Fr mi JoHt* Hill of M'chtat. was towed in below Boston, and tell t (Jo iires IIItid , when |he was t ken in tow br sr met Fi -In K -nil bought in e city. She is badly injur d, and w II disc.ia-gc 'on-pau. -chh Warwick. Cli- ever ( Salem, from Bostou for New '/. al old, uelor? rep h ted ai r;n de Jai ei'o in distreis, h id repai ed, anil w s about rea -fur se A|iril 25. Hrr -rp-irs w-rmiu h greater tliau was at first sup; oaed. is it *a? f un necessar o utdeti Iv or ft her and to capper her anew "ma ' aaoLinc, of New ( utypott, which wa? ciplted near W? y odd) Hand dr ve ashor-ah. in f?u m.lea ;ve.t f'om tne II- d id iDai niol weut to I i.-cet?,ait of cattro saved, ud h H i d u In the bearh < uLiosioN?' hi Veiitee, V Chariest n,on ih J6'h ^pril, 1 ? 48 IC, Oi. 9 50 e <e i.n eou act with . Bri.tih b rqne, w och c -rrud Aa ; the V 'a bow prit jtblionms and a pur ion ol the eutw-ter; it b in,; night and olo in.; he ivy at the time, could not ascertain What dam. g>- the b'tque ana-Mined. iA lialtnten, Win Hi nry, of Proviere', ?p-Ven 30th ult lat 27 10, loo 87 15, 5 ih s at. 380 hbli?i y 1 lie G or?i ma, a' ihi port. Gein of rmviucetown, spoken r6th ult. Ut 27 50,lon 89 50? by tl e Catharine, at this port. Sailed Ir- tn i.e 9h tost. Bowditch, Sou'e, Pacific Ocrau A letier from Valpaiaiao, dated Feb 71 reports thar tin- Magnolia. Simmons. of and fin NB, fot NW Coast, touched off ti,e port th it d iv au I s: il (I ajain A leuer from 4 :*pt Place, of the Wil 8t Liv Packe . ret orr? ner at Asceusiuu Island, (lat 7 N Ion 158 E) all well, oil not stated Spoken* Fore ter. of 8?!em, IS days from NOrl-ans for Baatou, Jnuc 7, lit 33 57, loo "6 30?by the Cm oe at this p. rt. Ki ict, 9davs hen-e 1 a Savsunah, offCiin- Looko'it? bi [he W Fnl'-r, at fhi port. i iletidnwrr, of Castine St j igo for Boston, June 9. lat?, Ion 7 2 29?by the Wilt, ai this port. Eilw B! ike, 1'rinnl d de Cuba for Boston, June 7,1a 3i 3. Ion 7t 10?b th- Mudi-on, at this port N L Mct'ready. Pr. videuce f?r NOrlesns, June 3, off Florida Pi*sa-i?by the Tano, a this port Or -at W-? it . (a) heo-e ( r L. v rpon1, war ?ee i 29 li ult, I it 42, I u 58-by :he Car 1 inr, at thi? port. Sh in ock, I'rnin Trtnidd de Cuba, June 9-by the Neuvilai, a' this port. America, Mobile for Europe, Jui e 5 lat 33 20, Ion 77. Foreign Porta. ."CtMsour.tios Msy 26? lo port, 'Mvn,' ol P.rrtlami, dog. Ail" n-e o B sti 11. d 1; Cittsen of M chias. dir for NVoiC: A limit ?'and Cm Hi Hon mh>?; Hi'en. do, dg. Hatasa. M y 2-t-Air Kn h ml. h ?? /,? Virrk Sid Ad-I iii', Li coin, d : 19 h Mili um n , Vinii'K, B ?uin; Palestine, Stun e?-"t,ili>: h r ukl'u (Jrcn. Newport, III; 30ih, Dresden, St irii . N V rL. qukbi c. June 6?Arr John Mil n Watt, Cieerpiol; Candi, Kil oil Hoi.l-hi*; 7t', Sir Win W..lace. Hiabind, Aberdeen; Uraui . hociii ?: r. Boid'.ui; i Tenini' tir.O en, 9at >uu h; II i, Kn a,!o?e. F ilh Bordeeiu CI I 7ih, Lo-d Stanley,; Tmaty, ' Hifei. md Btrbadn-a Ore g. Loudon; Ai'mral,Steer, Hull; 1 hi*tle, Tli in t?, -ud Ko.e M , r>?m,White, vV Stafford; I , n< u'd, Ho.naby, Oporto. 7lh, Redwing, Vorke, (lialw iv ; J m A Kliiabeth, Collins, I ynu*, A?tn a. M irriaoi; Clyde, M n lira; Jolili. Heirll n. Syria, I iii, and Ar 'ilea, l.i erpo>l;Gi><rruor, 'J.'Milan. I, in ricli; tAaterhre, Dud a, Ine nth; Ivui ry, Cr I'lmo. I'eur.iu, e; Belle, Padatnw; Queu Victoria, 8 Mr . rami, Pwl'hi o,. June S?' Id K vorite (J m h rn, Glasgow. I altf Porta. Buffalo, June 9?An H (lav. It" t, Huro> ; Owannngah Montgomery; Oneida, F.afa, sandask- Davison; Merchant l ib tot,, and Jullelte (,'rn gle Cr Tel uil; K"inde-r, U?v to' ; Bugbrr, Tiltou, and N kick, Gillespie, IVIed ; M Nov, John ion, n? mr, T Cor win, t nr. Milan; La i'er, Vrredeu, Bandmky; Albau;, linioo, 81 J aepli; Emily, C'hate, Huron n I Milan Home i orfe (liKDiirn, M' Inne 2? A rr Cib-riy. Bl.inrhard, N York. ,lkm Jau? 9?Arr Sa'tin Upton, Smiuam; Ha eeiC S ua' . t h irleati li 8?it !?, Jnue li'?Arr Marthi Kiutmati, D?nn ar.n, Jer mie; S ul ii "Move ,|Pl,i'ad?li Inn, L wit Biuc- , Stmle r, do; Po?i It ,y (Ira . Bdli or ; Aur'ln, I nn at, >iul Pillow, i u. W ailing oti X. Cld k'i ink In, Tracy,Tr nid id; Coinrneice I'.og, ,s. St Jage; Ida HatlMt, Baltimore; Delaware, Fuller, P' ii d-'pin; Mogirt Keyaolda, Aleimdri*; Houier, Kmc ItreKide. i i.glee.and Fancy, < h,*c. NYo k. Wivmoi tii Jone 9?Arr Abbatt'nla, 8awvt". Richmond iNantit kft Jiiiic 7 ?Arr Count, Potter, Bal'imore. 8ld Dili, I li inpion, D ew, and Senator, Robinson, N York; *.lei t, ?t cy Al lianv Phovidkbui, June. II?Arr'C-in, Diabrnw, Albany; Glide, Pi,i ip<, N k , rk. ul. wind K Int i, scar. Kirn in, i-a'tun tr, Mineiea, Biimri Pbiladcl 1 J * la an, he, r, Kenny; Ti na a on. We'll. J a Go a n Vol. JKi >u. ut, T h r: Aurora Mnrdei.iit;' i n. Doing ,.d Mrrcn nt, Lew la, N Vork Haut ronn, Jo n-9?Arr k.nn i.'ltl Arnold, New V* ik Sid L sinter, Ely, do; k K e, Fraucia, dot Mplendid, Slnllee, Poiladri|hia. ?r, Jane ()?Arr Jaieet Heeler, NYo-fc Sd Clarion. C'Olrm-n Bnaio >; Pi ot, Handy do; Pnenll, While, Hartford; H-lle Viuot, Poiil ml, t The aun nuc,mtiit yea'erilay < f iheaiil eg nf the achr rranaeoil wit mijtAke Richmond June 9? 9rr Hcwy , ' e,-Km, aid New York.' Sd F nir, Berry, F li hit ii nee ii g, Mai ua, New Y rk, W ? , ,, ,,?i it ,j u, '| ? Krienria, F. ion Porfl n . ' HARLrsTON, Join g?At Champ on, ?A ,rreo. Him ; V, '", I'iu rtipf , Liv, ri'ol (.'Id Sulli* *i ??io*n, NY? k , far on, Harrio'?n, f reu id nc ' d 7th On Waireo, Kay, | ?i e c Sid c.i nq r-r MeAal v Liierponl; Aia'i . ' iil<l (i i now; On -u.u,, Bon ne. Boat n P ai l,i (ib, oy 26?Cid Vugiuia, Burrow*, t? Itiuinre lid \ a k rk Niw Okleaki, Jum f?Arr Temcio, [SpJ Oita, Baiceiuua , Chi Rappahannock Uromm >u<l; filmy. unl lluke. [Br] Rn'hioiin. Li??in?ol; I'nitnl Huirs, flwantou. Boston; r L. Voir, Gould, NYotlr QTOLk'.N rom the rmbirriher ;i-i ihe tenth day of June, ah * ?l'01,8 Check on tin- Bank of New York, certified bv 'he hayinf Teller, ilr'vtn ami milortr.l by Mrun. Cnhooue, K nury k Co. for $1000, dtled June 10, 18)3 All persona aie < an lioiml '? nuit iee iviug or in y ?niil Check. ?i paymen' the.e'fli ii beeu alopjied Any periou re'u tiirig the time to rh' ?nbib?-rib?r oryiyring iu ormaiiou wi ere Ine asms luay be fottrj ?hail be liberally rewarded je!2 ll'm JdHKI'H H YORK. It Wal' ?tre> t F' UKNIHH D RllO.VIH TO~UttT,lor iinirle O-utlemen beautifully limited at 27 Bimd it reel; elan wan'eil, a good plain rook, with food city reference. Apply ai ab ve jel?1t*re qPAKK "a 01 l " K?1 William W Pilchard, of 226 Broad 1 wir, hiTi b. en public y accused by laaec Walton, pi lltit atreet, near Bmtdway, o< inbb ng hie garden ol certain ptaiiti. end a*l'it>it them, roueeyirnr lie money to my own uae Thit charge I di-uy , aa I know he haa done ao to r b me o' my characrrr au 'hrow me eut of employment, th* h.- nay mcuoooti7.e the lu ine.? W,\1 W. PRIt Ht'D Da'en New York June 12th. 1847 |el2 2 *ut Df.afpf.84 CUITe )?without wishing to inteifc e with the privilege! of an of our worthy neighbors who prefer tou e an ear t'limiiet, and that gather wiih great difficulty a little of what ii laid to them, or he re t to red to'h'Uto of their natural organa, mkI heir all rh at ii aid. we cannot hel.i re marking the' medii inn died 'Bearpn'e Oil lor" ha? |.? ely been introduced, wb ca bids fair to p' ? an efli-ctu-l cu-e for lh" moat ohsrin'te ea?e We will oii'yadd to hi. ? ire all <>11 'h ; It It' I he h-til nt A O & D.MVNDH, 79 Ku ton ttraft, 273 Bioadw^y, *d<17t Katt* y. jli 2?i?*m TAKE NOTICE. 'PIIK ?UB8C!HBi.H VI L DK.i IVKH A I.BI T'lKK on Tin^ittiCi itxt Twidn otffht, 13th iott ;it f1"* oncerf Hail 1C(> Won w % , ari'l he wouhl like 'oh^eaii

m itiy of 'h rn hI m e tin k rs a? wil! please t com* Ai d h.-ar him. H? charges nothing for s^rv"- * i ... f /R \ OLE AV RLAND ITT ANTK.O? V ?fu \ i i for >* nice urn >rt littiv K*rl -.bout 15 "? \f n old in \.ti in * 'ii i, orao ach work ?smight b** ' x ?eot* d of a poriiK f :,r-r an*. She in of tcspccLablt purr is Phase apf?ly ut 77 K.rtt street, i car Ut A? cuuo. .i-i?:<T WJ A ^ j I*'- (7? \ n for a yon i I? j n a private fam W tjr r>i n. mi i child en 1 tl c pitAO fo fit. Aa h do im i iv ac< infortib I omr, *h is whintt to receive r hoard .til eqiva'eor f??; hei i.?r?iC: . Plei-.c address u ft Herald oflkc. jM U?t WAN! S A HliUATiON?As assistant in a reipcc'ob' 3 academy or ft ffoverntai ?u a private family, by a lady who tint had s*re? l years - viwricnce in the educ-non "f ynnth. Vhe ii uM v cnmpetMU t ?t? act the ordinary brancea of a polite Kojrhsh education, together with Kreiich and Mutii ; sin , I) awing, Hp uifth an! Italian, -he hit u > ? bier.iion to g < to thoi ^0tti i r io acc dk u v i iimily f i Kit in. 8 It t* not to mu '.h an ohjart as -a 'cspectibl - home SuisUctorlefer nce be civen. A .idr-?s H . C. at tint J68 11 ****** B(h'. Il'MNM ?A f w S uch (it iii fiii' (i-iu'emi li !.' thai Wires, can bo iceammodal ?i withph ita t r?*?mt aii'l boi d. by apidyin * a' '?I Vt fie ri m80 1m*l B? ? > H 111 \ ?A ?ii Iy r 'v > ?;m br ImiuIsomw I i?- < f . I i? *1 w 'h ' '>i111 'l *% w k, A' J. Tt ?* ftirua 1 one of th moat delightful in the place, an i but a few steps from the nop. m* pUeofthe rail cirs Kor furfh-r information apply ai No. 27 M liticu Laue rn27 hn*r AM)SUMK APAHTMKNi 8 in H >usto? arr-et ' ^ fo Broadway?To let, to gt*irlem?u. witbbreik ait and tea References required. Address, box 203 P irk Post oflic. Hill Irn eod*ec L 'A T ?Splendid it rooms, well furuuhed f> Si-vle J G. i.t'eivu u. wnh b.ea <fast uu4 lea. inquire at 8 . Walker at at, pcu Broadw v |e4 lin# c T^fllS HOT } O I) SALT-WATER BATHS ? :tl. io > o' -tie-it IN. K third pier ? ui < Canal atreet, ere now opeu for 'he accommodation of both lad-ea ?u-' cut emeu, frum unnrite uulr 10 < *cl<nrk a' 11 lit. Fire Ticki m to Waim D ith. Si; hingle Bath, f> > rut-; Cold Ba'h, \i)4 ceota |i 6 In' r DiCH aRD DAW otherwise DAWEd, fmmerlv n1 "im IV Heim'a. in the l?ie of Wight, dressBtitt'A, whowu bom alout lli? year I7< 6, hi d it m p .*ed io hire beeone i" American cit 7.en alioul the year lt:S it requeued t >ivl.\ postpaid, to Mea?r? Be'trin an ! Anleranu,2 Add,'hi Ten .ce, London, Great Britain, with m' delay, as lie will lusr torn tftlqt|tiat'v to hi, advantage Vl? i- rappaMdto km cut* i d tan American n vv Application may a'to be n.^d n vtour*. Qcrai* II John LaU'ii' N?w V ok JI :u; r "JUSTICE TO IRELAND" REPEAL HEAD QUARTERS, WASHINGTON HALL, UKOADWAY. rkHD'-ROF REPEAL PHOi'KSalO* TO RECEIVE yJ 1HE PRE"Ii>ENT.?The Repeal Martha 't Aidtaie ,* nu tied to meet at th- R'penl li ad Qiarteri, Wnnhi gun fiall B'ladway, at 10 o'clock, They ate eipcct'd to p car mouuitd. Ii in desired that the horsemen ihouid meet i uoctjaUy id Broad meat a I2 0'cl<i<k. The gioy hone" will form near Wal1, in B'oad ancet, end ill' d ik 1 OfM W'll In m o.i the '?ft of ihe gteya L. .? renc? Lamrton w I! act a? Chief Aid in charge of tlie horaemeu. wra iug preen icrf and r<c'iad" wnh indite ol he H la* i n H* Wi'l b" knitted hy EJw.ird $ho ii'1, q ii i, Thnmaa Mal.iuy, J.mii Carr'd! Dttnel Major, li r Int S nil Pei? Mjtrrav, W n. P. P w. -s, Andrew Cairtgao, J din Hanrahau, Mich?el GtfTaaV.C. 8 Nlotu. and "icnai .S Eimuri. Toe la: It r two gentli m. o will be especial mtlitautt lot ? Onief Aid The Itepeal r. on foot are rc,ueit"i to m-et at Bowling Green at 12 o'clock fhe following'gentlemen aa Aula, will have chartr of all Rep-alert on foot, and a>l the Aidi w'l w nr r em c >ekadra a-dhidg *, vi7. : ? Win !> > i. dr, Hi Ii VliOuir , Martin tt'at-ra, Pet er Yd .ninth'i' . P G Waloin V. fa."el t ?>J> Kdw For;eiaid, Thoa Wh't C>- ., iua ililey, Tin mat Mirtin, Jame?> ur,>1>y , P'tiick Doeherty, Patrick < n'rihill, Phomia Lynch, J dm ( oiiw-av, Bryan M Cahill, John Heauv, f utid N O i* u. Patrick Mnore, J ir.eph ( it.- y The Rep-il.-rt o i foot w ill be undci th charge ni Win Oohtelt, 2d Chief I Aid, t feci ally atiialcd by t'ori.cL .a llilry^ lid J m ? Mur ,> >. i in i;uu7Un nu<l liang. Will D" I : II. 1? II1U .1 tTaininjiti u Hall, i he A d? are rioiie.tcd to cine mounted to thi Hall. Ordkh or Pboceisi"!* or tiif UNITED IKI Itl Kr P Al, A^^Ut- i iTION OK VEW VOHia A"l??vi i ?i ii or iteihh't??Aidi. (' v ilc d f H i?emeii Executive Com nillee M' .nt- d and in Carriage*. lCo n| Arm c m mi. Mount'd axil in Cat it ex. Patriots or 9d, la a Bui ii nr ir. wnt. K'UrHoriea. .V gi r-lm is'd B.r <1 Repealers, on Foot, with Bannerr, Fl'fs.ltc. New V or . Jon iO. 1813 By ordei of he i i mmittfs f Arr uk> m-iiii. E 9 Derrt, B (1'Conu r, Eucne A Cai-erley L L'ogtoo, J m B N'ichiil'oii. JAMfc BEHUEN Vlar hi' o( Repealers New York, Jauc i2 184S Commit ee of A "angt ineni*. ltt Ward?Nico la Dim i.d, D uirl Mo una. Id Jain.? K lit. Pv ick t?. il ey. 3d P (1 M i icury. P?iric? Henry 4 h Joliu CnUaii V d bho till. Deuiiiii Mallius. 5th Patrick Ker i? m, Kriu.nO'Keiliy. tth Win Di miu, J dm McUiO'P, Constant ioe Donohn. 7th Bartletr ?miih, P.-ter MrL uglilin. fill Mic ?? ' n ine1 lev. Tim ?hy Morley, 9th Th an K I> ,, Hand i. Erode rick. 30th John T vv m a, Bri'ii Me h.11. 1 t i VVm r Power*, J e* Mmphy. j2 h Aud"W a' iiui, hl>i Q'lin '3th 'I' emu A Cinco J m - Dtrcey. 34th Mchae (laftore, 'I J Du he. "th Timo' v D v ey. Th in * W|(e!an. 'hli J < uH i J ie|i j P Fi na. 7ti i T m an. , h i* O''< * ly. 6 Ii tVa d?Johi* Uvrrr. t 'ii le .1 H. urial BcneToleut Society lain Ward?Iohix i olmai President Shun rich Soicet* 7th " artl? Pat* eg < las K do do. 1 di Word?Jjhx vlc. K DK, P eaideul 11. U. Benevolent Society Resolution' proposed by vir. Wvmbs R ioivi d, That it b - sogseatrd'.nail friend* of Irrl'td that ?i b ngaii ii on miloaiy du ynnth-d'v of lie reception oi Tr President, thi' the. rwrtHep-i, Bd.s e mpi uout y uvi-i heir uniforms thai they in iv he km wn hi Kejn alT?. k Ivfl. Tha. th.- same be mi gesie i to all fiieuda i Ire l.nid h-lni.gmg to the diff- reui Iiir c mjinnies of the citv ai.'l i" viriniy H"oivid Tht the Yoa'U Hepe tiers appevr in the prncmsio'i wilh uteei ribb nastreumiu fiom their hats, and ?s m-uy at ??ib!e wnb m n i oh U oid w liite tr iwer< Th : om nit ee of A i it neon in 'Ii rridl'itu I'rra mittee of ih s Aisoci'Hon meetlthe 'onimit'n ol Arrai g.-nienta t this in ee at ten o'cl . Ii A M je 12 it VOLUNTEER CORPS OK LIUH I INFANTRY DIVISJ >\ OKI Eas. New *ork June ?th, 1443. IV turtuanee of an invitation frmn the Joiut 0 mmiUe*. h Ho*'i>nH , ?he Common Council, to unit*' wit mem iu t(-itinit, with honor and d,a'iiictu*u, the Chief Mag ahafe I the U> I e l S itea? Til ? orpa %iil |> rade on Monday, he I *1 iuil Th Division will he lu meit m vv ??i B- ad way the right .u .1 111 ?treet It wil he ev ewed b* the Co manda-n ajuimmedi trli herearter march to the B ttety whe e t ? await the arrival of lie P eatdeni. The f il'r.wing will be h o dr of tgau titii n and par d FIRST BKIUADK? (JEN W M. L. vi ?RRIS. FIK8 1 BATTAL'OV?COt. e.WKN Eighth Regiment of Light |> lan'rv, fI'res.di nt (J.iar ) rum. kiui' B n -a. Captain Mtyher, Fran-lin Blues. Ca. taiu Smith. SECOND BATTALION?MA fOK KOK Sec md Iteg'ment f L*ght loft *rv (Washinat -n Oiirds ) I.ivi g?t n On id?, Captai It * r. SECOND BHIOaOE?OBN MAY ("HER. kirnt Bntii ioB?Colon I Hare. Lg't'iOir1 i a. tun Vine-nu Iodependei c> Otnrda, ("apt in C ims. ,V o t orm r? Ou rda ("-ptain \1i?h?r. Union Hifl-m-n, Cat tain P k--r. SECOND BATTALION? OL'?\KL BEN SON. City ,;u irds ("apt ia Ma nn Monroe B'u Captain I'ru homtn?. B-u on c-lists, Captain B-' ? Temi-eranre Qua d?, Ci ! u, Le* Tie- Divj ion will lie iindir t'immediate comm md f MejorOeneral L'.yd tu horn other rt of th c '|? mi l rrt i for da y By order ol M ijor General O. 8 DOUtiHTV CHA9 BUTI.r K J A. and Acting Am am . THIRTY-FIRST DiviToN OF INFANTRY. New Yoilr, Jiine 9t' 1213. The Offie*n ol thia Diy-'ton, off duty, ire vi ed to ??em bleat the ' 'tty lfrtel o i Mond *V lh? 1'th ttiiiant 3 o'clock M iii fu'l uhi I im f'hiO if-l, Kiedanl "tad w II if convenient. he ounted) to miUe wi h the H? i. rafle fh- t" rp im tiou, in the rrceptinu o 'he Pretidint of ti e Uu 'e 1 Tit-a. By o tier it Mai r General G" O S "0> OHTY CHAN F. BUTLER J A and A-tint \.d D lam. i hi eo-:ti*r MEDICAL AND SURGICAL CARD "SCIhNTls CREDE SI VALERK VIS." \TO " IH M1VRR DISPENSARY IJ S Fo i i atr?*t.n#ei ! " G r wic.i ifrrri ? Doctor VIOKMSON. .v'- moer ol thr tfoval (-.'liege of Hu 'ge ne, I ' nil.HI, and fonn il\ Hnibeou <n tii-Brfuh ??*y. continue# to b. <-.tikm11 <4 c onflilani i :llc from 8 o'clock, A ?1 .to in P. VI daily, uti oil ii .fun of a pr. v i'a nature, aed *" tb *e dilthlung symptom* con*. qn' nt on i'jjrticioin trevm?nt and 'h" imprudent use of qu irk me , i in A r *ul<r med'Ctl r.i.-c itmn, with mi ejtei. ivr pr c.r? of oyer It ye.-e, m-hlee D M iii ad mt 'li? or >u?r lameil to 'he vs i "? e natiwii ns n? well a, to the v.ri nn forr ? of thi*c iu*i 'iou* mal'dira, L/r. M n dii'y comnlird by pa litiit* where the la uing f, mulomi i ire brrn nilvehrekal -till Ira -1 u tb. poi.on to Inrk in thr ayetem n'il nl'i.uao l, i devel e* it I" *h deplorable ?h,i,ie oi "iWeniliii Hi nbilia " In ill c?i;? Or M wa.rat. a p< rfi et rarr with, ut , mere, ty or delefrioti* ding, ore ...Aiieinent from haainen ? I i ?< me forme of the diee -re core* aia performed In Irom ] to 5 !* ?, ?ml in to portion wi h invtgnaut cue* Hi ictni'e o( the I'r> ti.r*?Obitiuctiom in the urethra,mi-h n itticture* and ei.lai. rinent of ih- proetrne u and, aecom i pa. ru <> ih nnicli irritation ai d dull pm . in pait* ate ( ? nir of the eo e. qa'iine of mil-treatment D - M on e? tneturei in a eiantiflc minuer, i>r.>in < i' tt tneirabaorption i r itb .nl ny pain In eoinr advert.*e>r> no the aohjactof , t'iriarea, toe evnitom lie dr fined? I h e le .lelmi n, I. r in nl ..m-nt of tba proetra'e aland, fcc would pio.lur uvriaone ey.npinme It i? C U'I :<? torture patient* with bona v., ke. wbenr. elite here ie "o etriciii Or. V it , c.nnul'ed * here ne'i. n hare been ioj n?d hy en. h acourar. , Conetitu i tul Debility? '['h.tmaiid* ol young men ate * ' le tl.g Irom lh" C >ir'c| ene e of i diPgrnce III a eeeret .1 ... ,. a >i?e ' ah ', t d wii. . i o rin .. likar ltd ml fttW the ..te "f Noam a and pr tended diucifie , win h al'tnnia . o v top dec. t r. at. r <lr pre*>i in P, Vt t.eiie inch r.eit I . re' i ?ho..fral nil ci 'c* and never f ii* m < r re ' t ic ye i\A feoriai " ?L tie o i paid, aid oti'.iiu ng a lee oi t , will en*nn p r i . * iii.l Miner, >r lor $ Itn d cinn v il be forty Tile. ad a ure w rr t'd ky oi- g.v ng , h it '. o1" III* r u .u tv ?Office 2.11H Killlon et. .ear G.eenwich >. B ?vVith two or three rtccp, Or. M i? the oul> jnpibcdeJreitietng burgeon m the city. . jell iui*r I AUCTION'-. VHOMAt itk.i. Ajcu mesr. ry BI...L k I i>WAKI>. V,rtt N.i. ? ?? ?. i?. IIS f Mi I.NUAV, Atlil)?o'.l rk. *i ih* idle room*. Larue tale of ih aiock ol a watchmaker nnd jeweller?comproing 'K ml attor:.. eu of article* in the line, watcht*. piui,'lugi, chain, tr uUct> a.lver ware tk<Alio, a laige mil inl) uiliil b t of valuable good*,With watchei nud jewi try, cine p[rdge,l for eve twelve month*. TUKVDAY, At 10)4 o'clock 111 'he ?a'e room*, . . Large idle* of eieaant muu, able dry good* o' all deicription* 10 continHarirn Alio I he ? ck ri| a large whideiale and retail dry (mod* Here ?hoti'ty, glove* clothing, *hirt?, tii?i>euder*, irumn ug*. F,e ch and Kiie h cl thl, raoioicrea veit'ng*, ?ominer cloth*, liugle im' ed Ike. A 1*0, fr-*h imporied c tlicoei, mn.liii*, linen*, lace*, miliueneiy Ac. Alio, 2 trunk* elegn?r clothing nirable for the ?ea?on WK NR*DAV. At '0)4 o'clock, in the i del room The u* e?ten*i?e a* or'memo' new an I aerond hand cabiue t and hou?, boh''u i i nrr of all doeriprion* Alto alarm a di tonal lot of, I,- ant* mini hind furniture removed "torn Brookla n fur cinveumnce of *ale Same time, a auperbltork of ciiy made wairauted cabinet ornitu Also, by virtue of -n t??i?nmeiit, It first rate *ofu, 0 do do rock ug ch or* 8 do F'etieh be ? i ad*. Cataiokur* ou Tu<*d.i< ahem on I HUH.8D \ Y. At 10)4 o'c net ,in the .ale* mo n. makeisaud rhni<*eoId paiati1 c A<so, a pnv te library <>' 500 volumes choice boobs. F IDA V, At lOoYl >cU, at the tales ro< m. l.Pr& itale of pUtTo m and other?cden, with weghta form 25 to2)00 lot. orthi the i eptioil of t t ide W ' \K ' KM, Auc ? Mirer VTA*.CMC b \ I. K ?.F H.\> IIONABLE FI'KNfv ' it H u ? V, "? itf a lid (1 s w re, hy Ctltir Bhtl ( o. .n r . .t . ;|ie II' mdway, (J hie H II, Wednesday 1th J ' <i ill i ? c. . (.outittiuu ol every article of 'uruitUfe rvitdoinihe uw:?? manner and Intent fashion, viz f i in if all ut ma, hail m it nd fl?''' " tlifi %awiuv: ?:hni?t, tiuno* and sewitur rChen, o tiding bureaus, end and mi b!r top eentoe l?'t ^ ' 'to t ? dir.v h"<eau% hrt-ak a**. tablet, in ho Kieii?* >i ihtra'b, marble top Wdhhiiaul* Wdidrobrs biiolouex, d<-<ks St.Ai^o, Blur dinner nud toilet sets, i/orv band ? cutlery, rur ? d iut'U, u i.tin1 n?, gl .%t, di.hi'#. ifcc S.ilo without resrrv? U It , IV i.d* MCCS Tl cit. .lo. ,r.i will be ready on Monday, when the fiirni* luxe ma| t __ J n ^ f ; .1 < I L1 v K ?K ?U v Ii li NY ^ tiy*TH'>Y, ni'd Intermediate L*udiiig??*F e I i f . F<oin lb foot of Barclay s'reef ? P t* i, ?v I re Ml "hiboar TKOY, Cipi. A. U rhani, on I il - ; i'q ock I M 'ti ? .? Ail Ffright, Baggage. Bank Bills, Specie, j . rkii i i roperty. I !< a, mi pa I, >>r put n bo if | the HnuU >1 tnin Li meat be ut the risk of the owners of such O i1 ft ight, B m pa lb j itr M PEOPLE1** LINE OF STEAM BOAT 8 b O < ALHAN V? Daily at 7 oY ock, P. M. T&rw., ....TltuJfgL in rough direct (Sunday's eireptrd) from ti Pier betaeeu Cmirilandt and Liberty stieets Steamboat ttOC E9TKH, Capi A Houghton, will leave j Monday, Wednesday and Fridav eyeiiiriK* at 7 o'clock. trim boat -OUTH AMKHICA, Captain L W Bruuard, will le wt Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 ' oY orb. Bcamboat NOKTH AMEKK/A, Cantaiu M H True deli, la? (I nt incerin diaf.e pucea will leave Monday, Wedi j ay ?! Fi i.i if uu rnooni, a '> o'eltck P-istei gen taking this Line of Boats will mvariably arrive in Albnny in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cart for toe jeat - or west. (]'7"The above boats are new subittntial, arc furnit1 ed l new iod el a nt state rooms, and foi apatd aid aocomno dad i .* aru umiyiulad on tk? Hudaoo Forpattage or freight,apply on board, or to P C ^ehnl z m i Hi ( on the wh.rt j 12 lw r Jta THE NEW 8T1CAviBOAT SHUKWS AcTzftiptJ* Bl'KY, ' a; tain Join l*. t'orliee, wiM >av. jL?Jilf nr. Ea'out' wii i undone on ^uudiy, li- 4th of Julie list , inn iuii as follow*, to t? it?leavinu rw York from tlif toot o* Kobiimou ?lre<", evew Motility, Tueiil'.y, Wtd in* av J ho id i valid Kii '*t. ?t 7 o'clock, A M Re u'oirit will leave K?tontown L. I'dinn on eicii of the above <lov?, ' I o'clock, I* M. Oi^S tuidjs will leive New tore at o'clock. I* M and Eatontowu L ndiie on Su duyt at II o'eln, k I' M, nd ' ce.ui Houie at 4 o'cioc Tht Shtewc ury will iun luao ivc i weather peruiiiti g) nut I farther notice. A I I IfiMKc .a lie rt*k of the truer* i aiontow.V Juu- I, lr43 H ?Siuyr? w ll be in nttuue'ance to convey pamentteri fri m the aforenaid laudi ugt placet to any part of the country rt* iju ied- j '<r NEW kOUK fjffiK it BOSTON SOUWH Lt ?T. I iH'KN PHESOOTT. Pilot, or ukrt charge at matter ami " pil?r of rctsrIt bound 10 New Bedford, Nantnrkei Bhnalt BottoD.t'artamoath,Portland, Kenneb?ck,*tidOTHI?R PORTS' ea?! ol New York. Office at Kryr V fiuie'i 2'i Water tlieer corner Beekman. llrfrreiice to a 'riuu'bei '?i Merchant., an . the several Inturaice net ,iu tic* city. B ?lon, an For'I nd mid mm AKOK I IVKHPOOL-Rennlar Packet Ifith June aTltwW ?Tlio e!t*anr. last tailing New Y >'k packet tlnp JplQfaKOCHK'iTKH, John Britt> u, tauter, will nil on nrw eirular Hay, 16fh June. > or freiKh or pataa.;e, hating Tery.tpleudidarcomm iHatimit '.pt>ly to the i.'a|>lain mi hoard, writ title B ulna Slip, or to WOOUHULL St MlNTUHSB, 87 Smith ?treet The fine new packet ?hip ilnttiURuer, 10.0 tout. Burtley, matter, will ?u ceed the tinchetlrr, ami tail <r. her regular day, ltlih J.It. jj rc BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. THURSDAY. Jone I5h--Pur.e $70 Two Mile "eati m harnett; free for all linri* t ii'ver trotietl for a porte Entri.t to He ma eat R Smu'.'a. 3 Pirk Row, Monday, Jane 12th,b\ 9 o'c o k P. M , three or mo'e to make a r.ce. Imuiediat'lv ? rer t?ke $100 nib, li ft H Weitlrnff unmea lir in DnteHeti. W in Whaler p?ine b- ir Hector. W s |ie> d i.Rinf a vr g 8n ffl . Swe-i?stak* Nn. 1, two mi> Hen* i h?rnegi, for hours ne?er won a par e user 130 SuMICO h It. Htoke No t?^ in-as No ?a der ihe saddle. 8tal?e >o. 3 ? Vlit- lie*t?, beit three ?u five, to wagons, with drirn to fwgb 910!b , f for Itonsi acvar won ? -??r-? ovii ?30. 9n fAO. r? ft l ?t*? e? Lo el. ae the 'oh In,,? i>\ Q o'clock. P. VI i K 4 curb's tbrer or more 10 nukf a ra< r, tc Km trott <1 f vwh Kb Jkb# J lv '0 h? Parse SjOO (h-?*t mils heats in ha-iiess tree fir all $100 ?o k t ? the 2nd best. ihr.-c or more to inakr a rare V n pet for fhis purse to be mule a* H. Smith,*, by 9 ,ct" k I M Juif nth i'Q n*< XTO'll ' *T ? The members of the difT--eiii Wont " <u ? r hi* ity in b'Ook'Tti si retpottfall i i itt? an djouru'd tne ti u on Monday rv 12'h ins'..%at ri?h' o'cloca, to i' ak? fuither ?r MiKrments f r the a jnaiic ev* u*? to sreompstiv b- ?Jre i ent of the Unr dSfitesiTO" t'e Vhyv Vvd to Cast'e (Ivdea. on Tursdnv rieit, at 12 orrb ck. M Ptnon havingboits and feeling desir-ius it pa. tin 'Ug, are resi* c-fnll- invited to a'ten I j I 2t Ai'h'.W tiK NTl.f.Mb.N ol sir-uly habits can he iccorui 1 t'-u with gone bond aud plens<*ut rooms in a private fan ly, at 2k Fulton street. Also, a lew day boaders can be r. m ltd I on the mast ruBoninle tsni a patio* ud bttbooD t rfth or skh 'if KMta ti \/f EDICAL AID?DK. GLOVER, aoorisas those who d VI *jf- tL. < n i.It a ph v?ic sn of regu Dcoiod ' cq ir'. in lid prac will xperience, thit he will b" found at u s of li ?? ? 4-i r h' ii r u the d y ? remaning ^br Doctor has Vcr * iL prs ico It', lost 14 toots in thit oltr; n m h ? ir'io nr. r il tn-vis-^u on th o?* uiseues that | have c' v wt .'Ina at'eii i;in durint tlmt tins Th- recent dis ii . ;.. m h i v Iiu put into his hands som-new ?> m*dicj. i*it quick in performing cures Hi* medici..-? i. Ht f .T.rre|? at S , \i itn *1 uee*?*a.v dir-cri nd *m b ,. .. n?, treatment, and c .f. Offi ?s it. No 2 Aum v> *? i? rivate entranto* 4th door t-om the M iuum I !. ; d > r j 12 lr ec vo i'tiva INDIAN COUOH BaLM . i r-j d. *f#r con?u?> pt.ioo of the lo. K'. Couphs * Co !? I-'-icrli fin. difficulty tf hfsathiiig^ poin in the side or eh it, <vim u "i; c Idr, ho;rs* noss, rrolom e*p? com ion ; This medicine i? r *c< nv?.ei,d< <) ltid u*ed hi ib? /no UU k - |?ers >ns imhe Uu tc 1 States by nnmcrou*. f n fents of oollosso, phytic* a us of iht rm?, nv ,nd puals oho c *nvder itt eb-st -nd wst evtr-ni i. >1 1 r COB in lid c Ids th V h t\ 0 0 Of Bfl I T? ' ? l certificates rc fiom the most rt sped bi<- phv i thi ti f Philadelphia i lu -i? : We f 1 m ? qu v eal pleasure iotha opportutity u tl .V, .h . 1 etpre *i?u nr approb tory opinion of y u. I id rfuK Wa in, i\d 'i e sncces. we h ve rv?r f,b unci fi ..ii i's ndmiri'str ?tion. W? h .ve used y? ui med.cine in u,%w r I, of li tv cases, compriiiiiff all *t*tfe- of diieas-from ii.c.pii .. colds ai.d ' oiuhs ?o idranced ph hisis, a< d ha * inv - j inMv imn'if iiiiini'ilia r e'lel Wcrrciim n?d it chc-riv1 inilfcimwhcN he cheat aod langs in imio'cii, partieslii m consumption, w rh scrotal us dn hiti* p'or r.hrouic r uwh I p iiii in the chest, spittir g f blood lie., we have do hesitaiot. lii pn uouHcing your in d.cine nnriv died. Ycu'S mo*t rmiTr fulfy 'T(?v ATTKN M p.A chu WIM.IAM HIKD \l U , 44 caiim u . i LfcVI i. (siO^'A1 I) vi.0 onm it, Hiilail. Hundred! of other crrtifi , g m y b" ' ihiuhcH h( th it i o'i 'he proprietor no ? Son*' 'ire gruuwo without 'he si?aat'ire of u.e proprietor *r Urn upon the label of b??t le. I Prepared an * told only by K. VV. V >ND- HS vilTH, S ? e P oppefnr, jelOSwcod i**m No. 10! (lr*?nwch tr **r. N Y. HULL'S TRUSSES NO I I TO KUITURED t'EKtfONfl. P L.R80V S affl cred with van ore may rely njion th b ?r * inairameipal aid fh- wo?M affords, on app icaic n at the offi'T, No. 4 Ve*ev street, or o ei her ol th** af-ut? iu the prinC', -?l town* in fh* IJuired Bmim, Be carrfui to i mii , the l ark pad ol Hull's truces, t? * e if th*? are endorsed by Dr Hall, id writing None are gen-noe or to be relied upoo as good, without hia signntore Many persons ha?e undertaken o vend imitations of Hull'* c< i) ilea russes d thoa da ire mooted op ia eon* ju<nee I hf ?e imiuti via CaiihOt be relied op n ; the *? 1 mad* by unskilful mrcfianirs, aud are o bfter ihau t e do MfT tfl K.'onis have been fitted op at No. 4 Vetey street. eiclnsively ' for ladies, having a *? pirate entrance fro n the business d - >nt me lit, where a female is iu cousbuit attendance to wait np? u *'' fem le . atients. rr*2fl 'm a DU JAMES W ATTRIUGK'S TINf TUJIE KO IN- >i digtstion, r Dyapepsl < ?''I hit i vnnnlve rem-dy, w ir . ?\ daring th last fifty years h <s s iven thousands from thejae ? ot leath, both ia Euro ind America, is now introdu d uhlu , lv to the many victims who are sun -ring from the a*?ovf named ( distressing disease The proprietor wishes it decidedly to hi n understood, although he t'kes this method of m kug tbe rerro _ dr public, tnat the Tiucture is not c?l<uHt?d to rure s'l tlidilfases incident to the tinman irune. bui merely thos# wduced bv n disordered state of the atimen *r? c <nal. and know i, ' a? Ind'testion or Ditp*ntia. The m l of a single bottle will * it iivi* to the mint ifi'iifirnl ??? .r Kw fiilnutino ,t. 1 ' winch a. com. aur it, lint' te nble di*e*M may be entirely cm I I l.ctted Nmnaroua t ttiinotiials m' * be i. e.. b\ applying ; I Mrtat*. Carte It Nephew, cornerol Water street and Mailer I w ane. Kor ?*le, who e?*lr a.'d ret ill, at the ahoTe named atorr I I' intl at 11? Bow-ry. in10tm*r " IvR wTTKKl.KR, OCOUL1ST. > ) IIHKKNW|l II kTK- V. I ne t the B ;trrT, N. V J'J aperxfully inform* the public, tint among the many no Iredt 01 > .i*e? which he ha? attended, runny of thein hare he. > enteil on by o'.lie pr?>fot?..r? wuhont tucc-tt ami prom unci 1 ijf th?m incurable ; yet he he* nerer fai'rd to eiadict.e tl locate and effect a |>c rl'rct cure denote of , Terr d.t-drai.i \f I rhtch may hare pr??ented ilfelf. mil m mailt pittance* aim" .gaunt hope. |t it thit nnpreredenten tuccttt 10 hit treain 1*1 >' the ? rioot (hitherto eootid red inenahlel dneatt I e, that eU'l' et him with couddence |? refer the afll cied wl nay he unac iu tinted withliitn anil lot mild mode ol tret-n , |( he iliaorder o* hia organ, to nuiro-roua rctioted patient* in t ira' lata ol toc.ety rea-ecing hia pio eaaiou name ablh tr. ^ d ln< iire-em'neut a, i'l a- an oeru'itt Chronic loll '..n ation "flhc ev.lid "t tore eye., howev |o.i^ .'a , dot c in be effectwaliy and p rmau. nily cur ?; "In. i> c*? Ac teiiioaed and cu-ed without Mirme .l ope.atien t amracn removed by any of me operation* practiaed here or .a ?.ar >pe sTRABIHMUd. 'j ii m a oily cited ".junoioa) cured in a few te-oudt -n i)i r u' c le ra'-d plan, wh eh it free from pun or da.? e, '< l xfic honrt f-ou. g A M. to 1 P. M,, after which In urt it rltua out duor patieato. u>4 lut*ec ? ' A vlUShMKN I 1 1 1 iv.iirr*?4<i?Hi>K " ****" OPKNfcO KOMJTHK SKA?ON. Dleilir, Mr. JOHN HkJTTON , MOND \Y. Juuf 12 b. nurd niiht 'if h. ri? ry h- Anber, ol . THk Bi.*< K DOMINO Mlie i .ALVK ?< Annele. Thf l>rrf irmiicr 1-. fti mwn- at h If |?a-*: 7 o'clock prrcitcly wrh I ke < ivr,iuie to "L- Don.iui ,NcirM Auh?r. Afire ho OVT^iff will b" f rn'fd, fo* lb? hir'i imt ID Ni'W \p'k mjrm'1 o|?r*, 111 th-re acu, mtuic by Aubar, conpoaer ,f L'AVBASkADMf'K ! FR\ DlA VOl.O ! LfcS DlAMANB D". I.A COl'RONNE. tlTD A' 1 JEON Ein'[lid LK DOMi NO NOIR, ( r H K HI. A''K DOMINO) oKTimcTon. Anir-l*.(t'-e Black Uomiriu,) . M'ilc I' l?e Brimtir, K?r couliilnute, Madama Loeonrl Jaeiulh*- U""-J Until**. Hob iioq Lt TourieTf, M*ll? L K'**r homo dc Mauirena, Mom M tticb^r .lllli -no, Li coo I L??r i -'.Ifort, neu nrilJn Oil Peres, Bernard Mclcnor Btucher I ordi, Nuns, Noeiciatci, Domciliqnea. he. In rehearaal 'he opeia- of L'Kclair, by II leref,rcom pnierofLt Juive Li "mor re, Lea Mnrtyra, a id the Pottillion of Lrn|- m-an Mtiin' by Adam, composer of La Braneur ile I'futoi), Le Chalet. Ike. Tuetday?Third appearance o Mr BUKTON. Nights of the French Compiny? Mondays, Wrdaeadtye, KroL'a anil Sat >rdaya Niah* ol the English Company?Tup. lays and Thttrsdiya, on aliieh occasion Mr W K Ru'ton will appear. CT^" A a'rt' t Police will he m fattcmlirrn and great care taken Co present the admission of improper p?rsnti? 1 I'tckru Kifty Lenta. May he hail a' 'he (far'Vn d ttinj Mir Hy* A. limited number of Season Tickets will he ilia" posed o _. " Patfk fHK.I'fItlt, His kxckllenC V THE PHK-IOir.NT, Attend it by I i, anile, arid the '' jiniiiitter of A'raHicenaenta, ail hoi.. ' the T 'r w t i 'h-ir > >-n. r t oa o rn;nr THI EVENING dune l?fh, wiJI li performed, ALV1A M ATE It?C"Ont I' ?,.Mr Bubo; .il; Venice, Mrs Rr uith'm Af- hell M A N D ATI'' It WHtT'',.H A >?Ij-andfiiher Whiteliea I M I*..??!<!. To eonc'tide with the farce of tlie ItilSti TUTOIl?Dr, O'Toole, M'. Bioni li <ni Ui'iea,'ill eta; Pit, !"> Cta; Gallery, l"S eta l)?ors onenat 7 iirn< r nao'ei common- e at r.mI iiut' CH* rilA 1 1'HKA r~ KEDU< TION OF PIU' KS Kirat S? (I i hird Tiera 2fi. Pit I'en'* MOMIMV F.VE v 1 NO, wi I be perf rme.l, I LIND BEG OA It OF HK.rilVAl, -Iin.n Mot. foil, W UJ A'ter which th SWISS < 0 '"TAG*.. Li-aette, Mr?Th rue. A'trr ahirli K-ntai ky Miuii rlt. I'ocon cladc wiih ihe W .Ot. PERLA Dnott i>i?? >> i Ue!or> 7?curtain rise* at 7X o'clock pre ci?rly MKKI(J N THKATHR, W\LNU f ST., PHIL A DELPHI A. IJNDF.H THK DIRECTION OF MISS CU8HMAN. MON DAY EV-M -G J ilie I2lh, will be pert- r'ned, L' VIC'S SACRIFICE r.? n.include with OLIVER I WI ST? -aiiC/ Sj1 ea, \1i?? ualnnaw in.c r k a. Marshall. i.e???e. AiHJsn.o SPW i ?, a no harden T|lE PRESIDENT'S ARRIVAL. ORAND I'OLIDAV ?REPEATED PERK IRMANCK8! MONDAY luue 12?Hav ami E*?uiui[.?N p'ace in New Yiire will ff >rd ?o fine ?n oppoTtmit'V 'or wiiiir( all the Eea iritis* Ot the day Ii the linden on the i.iol the Moirtiti, "the new B'LOONIES and ion windows! Iron II ft II B -adwav. From the top i f the Mu mm a dia* in- ' ?te>? inav be had of rur be tlPful Ra??tbe tl,-?t appear nee in the n itow? of :he ?tet nrr ni'miii m tha P ?*'deut, Ollie of St''' ftr THE FIRING OF 8 X NATIONAL ALUTF.S ! Ir> m tie F<r > and IJ S ?hi|iefwnr the landin* of the Pree t end ?ni e?bi? review iif the noon?ti e |>na?iiiir of the Ur nd Pr ir-??ion I'WI E in > n' o! the Mui-nm and the MILITARY II" VIV W IN THE PARK! Cf ilon W iter u inenii'ir f'e< l? in rh >mtv or the 'Itneum. ANEW AM) PEA(JTIFUL FOUNTAIN ! Wi-1. more than IIMIjefa. hi been wrect I in fi.i- Mni?"in ? AL > ) \ ASi;k N-IONS ;arinj(( i mi 'he .lav, and FIREW RKStathetv tuns Mr HA H HI NO TO.-., the Great V nt l iinPt an' M igirnu, i <tiKi*ed. A ?o, Mr. H. (J. .-H R i AN, Le P''ite Ce'i'o, Ac HRST PEKKOHMAN' Eat It o'clock mcciaely. and rape* e I iliroeahrut the day and evmut at aocli h i ir? at ?ot to Hit' r'ere with the out. d o all ct'cle. Pre of ndmiaainu 2b ceuti I hi dm. uu.iet ten half o ice. jellr iTT,A?..v A AKVS k ?;t.rv Ali=.?..a ..r? Rroidwy, n nioaitr fh City Hal". AND ADMISSION ONLY ONE SHILLP'O. Mr H HE NET I Mai.-iae THK GIANT G'llL FOR TWO 'MVS MOKE WIN ST RE I - OF T RE K HI\E: Will KATfcKlNA IIAHKHN'I H Mr JO-K HABfkNW HT, md Mr. AN.-ON WARNER. Mr 8 BROUWER. the celebrated conic linger. MitiHLAM lt*'>D, the Grecian JuifglrreM. and iplendid prrti'ti .rr oil lie muncel ?!?i?ci. Vim s MMIli. tin ii h at'..i ea S ..iimtreii. I A PETITE i'" KK'J'O. iti Dnineme A performance will take [>l ice ev.ry afternoon at 3< 'clock. Evening l erforniane-i iu die Lecluie Knoru to cumrueuca at 1 CA8TLK(>AHOKN GRAND GALA D A V ! In honor of the T' ??i . n o In. Ui. ted !*iat??, JOHN TYLKR. The Proprietor* o' C it'e Oa d> u, in honor of t r arrival of ill- Pr ii ie t of 'lie I'nit'il "kia'ai, *i I give then firit iplen did eil.ibiti u of _ FIREWORK* To raorr " Eveuirig?Got a,, by 11? celebrated Pyroternut Ii" c Edge Jr. Tb Evening'! Kntertaiiimeiiti will ci tuence at half past 7o'cloc*.w k O- Al. RO' KET AT INTERVALS. A d it b it 11 ?i II ii'c'nrk he El'.i'nlion ol KIRK WORKS Will c ii-mciice I" ' i.'llowing order via: TWO *FLE DID vKKGHANi-TAN LIGHTS ! Th? will In. inmate the whole ulterior ol the Oulcn ? They wil' 1 a - 'eei-eiied by i BRILL'A.V I ANT) D ' ZZ ING PIE' E Alfr ?ln:'i i nay 'fin n ch ne <'eii >n, Called the peim'vian <;k(p? ! : iLarg? on. i'Ou d K i *-(? with <fold H'in. 'I'he n111 rh *dmi-iil l.?i'l?..- e.?- c MAOlo L ok TtiUBL 'V Klirt'K aOT ! Two I "U'l I Rocket with ' I'm Miramera. Aheeuiiul 'I'll'- Piec called i>* H i AK (IK INDKPENDK.X'K. ic Sic. T> i- w hole ?o c 'Pelade wih 'he M\'<NIKK'ILN 1" TEMPLE. The (Jitd'ti wi I be brillimllr ill'i limited wuh lere.i I thoua-nd t ti fired lamia. Th- New Vol. Ban Bund, under their leader. Mr. I.o hun will | eifonn during the evening ibme aiipropru e Mull'-, kc. Pyotecniat to the Oaideu?ltaac Kilfe, Jr A fTii-i* tit Police it ttuaved to preta ?e order, aud no im printer p< non? ad H led to the Uird-n indr any irelence er itea-r. Admin i nn '0 ecnta?''hi'den half prieo jell A POL! O HALOON-RROAliWAY. Tl'fc-D Y. J'Tl. JU.NK H41 MR. W V WALLACE, at th' i.n?ral wuh ciprtuad ou hia Inn Conc-rl, b? ei to ai>n< unci that he will hart the honor ol firing ANOTHE' AND I.ABT CONrKR r, BEKOI'K MM DEPARTURE, On TUESDAY, ?A? I3(A In,Unt, APOLLO ;VLOON, Asmted by MADAME BUTTON, MK8 < K HOHN, Arid othrr rminen t >li n', which wi'l b- ilu'v aunooucsL Laad-r ol the Quintette, r. U. C-Hill. tr^Eor Pn fr-.mi. e, neeimail bill*. Ticket! AO renin each?to be hid it the Munc Storei nd Hi'. ?, and al loo doo a Concert to coir'nen o at A o'elotk. jS MR. H MAHKK, (Leader of Much IP. Olympic Of be. t-11 teipecifollr aniiooncei to hit frieuda and the public hat M firit_ _ yij.,/1 i, am) INLTRI'MKNTA1- CONCERT,. Will take pi ice nM ndat Kretiriy, June Ihh, lll< J, at'he A, oilo "i, -alien he will he aa-nted b. ihe folic wia? emi! lit A'tiata, who have kiu tly voau'.eetcd their valna le ?ert c*'t Mr? k" l.oder, Mr Vauctr Mr A Phillip", Mn O. Horn, Mr Kini'i, Mr W K rj, p eno; Merara. Tiaim ai d Alpera, l>no; Mr J A Ky e.tln e; Mr O l.eiler, who hill preaide the Piano * An int i anon haa been forwarded to Hi? Eicelleney the Prtaid- tji and ?uite, who will honor the Coucrt with his preet re. T clr-ta 53 centa each. To comaienceat igh: o'cloek jeil ?-?r J VT p ?ui'? "I ill- hem '? in. t? I "i d p-'tlnre ' '( i in ope ? The H5I "'EK'- h> ? ihr honor n on-ouLre rhe' fii i. and the i old c inar ihejr lea nrii Tar, well C-ti rial t keplieeiiiM nil y nmr, '2th at.. ?t rhe Somen Li - art eornm- a t I1. oVImk Tiekei. o fv had (h* uatnl ? lac * mi r fht* tJ or. u Of pa t en i ' ic s r?4,l hi||? ) : I ttr fll-BI 'IV FOR SAL ? a -n| nor I on'loii made Tilbu " ry, h?a r"D ?'iit t?ci y.tra, n >< ew painted (hit pong, or Ml. rh#?p. Apply t? biESSENGEh'S Stable. m1> lw*?t 51 Lumber ttreet. FIKE WOK KS ISAAC EDWE, JR.. PYROTECHNIST. rHK moar .are aiv.. v?ri.d, and bnlli rit rthihit'ooal Kir. Work. av.r mai uly'tured eiMo- or any ol,-r r country, nr. lowr.ady for < n the tefm?, in I ta rn ?nit comnilt.ea and purlin for ih. fi llbr"(ion nl Knarlh of J?ly, at the uited Star.. Laboratory, J.raey City. O-d.r l.'t with ' w Holhert n, 75 Ma'd.n Lan.,'or at riihloV (Jird.n, will r?< .iv immed-at. att.utinu ( Ii ilrii? to any pert ot thr ritv frft of eipeaae. my 21 toJulO i?*.e SINGINtt ADAM SUTTON, having arranged to i aturn to Italy rk 'I b.giu: ug .f Aoauit, parpoira r>n ei> rig puinla until lb11' in-,to K>v. rikiJhUi* Ieaaoua iu the Italian, Ki. ucn. anil Knalial' iy'. ot Sinaius H.r method ii that poraurd t.y Bnrdogui a'.v 'actti. tha firat aiatt.ra in Europe, iiicreaainu the are ont I?? W'th-atonn ouR rapiditv Htr pu| ila will have " > lar i: * ot h.r og'ng with, which can ha rarae.d > aai.ra alone, who have been eminent ami,era. Ladi.a "? ronaol availing th.inaalv.s of Madnn. Suit >ti'a limit.u are* iy aacert.iu cr .a. Ac by application at 77 ' 'hambera at?at, om a n'. I orb ti'l ? ' _ ti* 7. *' ?dvaticr? on ail d.aciipnon of Houmhnid Kor lure, J Or.r.n.a iio a. ? ' ?i' ? ion Snwf |J9 (fnllnnW"' "" "" nm^" " "7 HAH KY'S Wllitl A VI) Sf'A LP8 V O. BA"RY, AKTI?T IV HAIR FROM LONDON. Thr r-*l Heeda ofHaireitll etan l pre-eminent abore nthera. 1 heir teitiliat light, ansaamer tnit ventilating leiaeter?their hei ? ehaped' ???'!? ? ,h' natural haimrowe their ela'i'CiiT the>r inferior mfirriil ai d workmanship, welt ni rhfir a'vie of fiai'h and a rangemet t, all combine to ifiH ( .eh pertrot heada of hair, 'hat they tnai' he re-n to b? illy apiwiafpd. .... \ new ararem of rh? art f W.g Making taught 10 fire lea ,n? nof Snrry'i Wi?s mil Soil ? *hichwili ifii'V the moat faatidioua lha he 11 the '>s?t aod rheapoat ma r in the ci'V?H6 Broadway, cottier of Liberty ?tr?e' ep lira. jl twia'm FOh MOUi.81. Ft. MA Li. FILLS. 'IIKSI. tar famed and celebrated Pilla, feniu I'ortairai** a we earftT*, to I* oht anted in t .owner*; ??ee.dra"' MEDICAL. ~~~ VH J KVANJ haa rea..v.o hia Old Otifl'i Head Die pemary to 100 C'.thim, near Pearl atreef, where he II'III lahiaa fe, rpeed i'. and rfkctaa'rrea'ment mdro-eof i|. lie ire diaeaiva, aod wh re the roalold Dr. Eraoa will be ind b r h a lie nit roue t .qn rnpr fr e tl? It age. eeiaoc and v yar.' ex e- rnce -mi'le a racti'i .per to p rTerence, n Dr. K nulil d reel ti> atrenti.m if a ditceruin* prblie n nreatigati 'n of hit ealirn He wiahre the rnhlie to w th't h? h 'r not ing< wi h iny "fllce in P-ck Slip. ehargea ire " odarate Hi? eoinalt'tiona are CioBdenriaf. Oi K . n'i 11 ' j nr It of e.liciue for the cure 1 f one apoeiot lis .-a- fen |1, and po ticn'arlv itrmda to gleet and strictures. Or. K keep* for sa e Dr Huniri'a genoine Red Drops, in M ma and owe dollar bottles?(excellent.) )U lt*m^

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