Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1843 Page 1
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? -1 Wgggi LL TH ol. IX.?Bo. J01 ?WttoM Bv. 3373 WILLOW GROVE! M WILLIAM9B1 RtJ Long I.IW, in Vint at, near V jW llir Bmiwick Budge ? I'he aVofr h >uie u?w open 5i 'o i!i? public, whne m*v be bail winei, liquor* aua ciK iri rfihe belt description. The Iccation is ul. with cooling and ?iry a Hon jl 6'*r a TO LET ? The modem bum three atmy O'ic.h J -? cllii g, No 16 Grren ilreet, finished w.lh nlver furor tare, ni"iblp mantln au I grates throughout A Rue lar.'r yard with urr r lailiug cialeru. Will be let low. For furiher part culera apply to AITKEN. BROTHERS. ie2-lm*ec o. IM Fnlt"" *trcet. jMA. BAROLAV STREET?TO Ltl-ine and c m odious thrie story brick house. No 5r psrclsy pjtsirrri, bunt and occupied by Mi. Thomsa Breoks until the i'ci'ut t'ine. lu excellent order and fitted with evr>T coareoK nca for a large f-eailv, and srukteo directly in 'rout of Co lette Place. For terms apply at No. 110 Water street. m?5 im'r GENIN & VAN VRANKEN'3 VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOB GEN riB viftN, Wi?"IG''INO O L? 2Ji OUN KB?PRICK $3 50. rv THE. Su'-senhers have introduced Hie ab?<e U"?ied Js3e> hat tor suinmci wear. Br cuinpariiiK lie weigh' ol this aitn-'e Alto lilt average weight o' llie f.npiwiug hats, the . nperior arvatiiag. it posensrs orer lor summer wear may be r??d K ton. i he average weight of the ord.nary for hat is KVg ounces, do do Pauama 5% do do l eghorn 4 " rtein* f 11y convinced that no style of isBsur hat heretofore wo n has met with it*general approSat.ou wni' h a hat | oases aiug all vho quiliti't, vix* Pgh'urss, hauty, durability and chrayness, would he aure to receive, we have devoted much atteut'On to th manufacture and flubbing of the new style now in ro< ucrd by us. Kio the worn apptobaiiou express d by gi'iulemei. who have examined ti.em, we I'eel satisfied ,li*t tliry need only to be seen to b fa ly rrp'eci ited. GENIN lit VAN VRAVKKN, m20 lm*ec 214 Br adwny. opposite St Psn'*s Chnvch. W?? THE KOCH i H OK JUt.Y! BOOT* AND SHf 'EB . (-heap riootand Shoe Market. No 509 G'eenwich street ? L idirs arid gentlemen a-e ad i?ed to call at ha above store and ) o iile rloinie ves with reasonable sninmer -non, slippers gtii era lie miaeun in the neatest and wo?t fashionable style, and sold . s he -p if net a little cheap r 'h?n rltrwherr. Heads ol fu' will save money by c llnig here, et the cheap depot D u't forget ha number Clinlou Cheap B"Ot and S oe M rate, No 519 G.eenwuh street, comer Spnng si. jiB im*r LOOK AT THIS! ^|g Boots, of best quality, (4 to $4 50 K erien, do do 3 to 3 50 Fine sewed Btieti, 2 50 to 3 00 Pegged do 2 53 Morn co do 3 25 Seal Skin and Grain do 1 75 to 2 00 < lo h button Gsirrrs, 1 25 Prunella do W 2 10 Kin? Calf Shoes, stitched,. > 2 00 ?'? f hoes, 1 95 to 1 75 Buy's Sue sewed boots, 2 25 " neg ed beets, c-lf,...... I 10 " 8-nLkin an i Gr.i.i, 1 I2X " Y ine Calf Shoes. 125 " ' Kip Shoes, 1 '0 Youth's 8twe B j t*, 1 00 te 1 50 LADlES' BOUTS It SHOES.?Ladies, in rhc?? S'nresyou wit| fiud toe greatest us r inent of Gaiter Bints, Slippers, B i?lti s, Tie , Pnuella Buskins, In ht and dark colored half O diets, House bltpp-rs, whi a and b'ack satiu slippers satin Kft'te &, Mufi mid Chin'rei s gaiiers, bu-si: ?, slippera, nvs, sod ill of t r kinds of boot* and a io> of our own nsauuficrui in* with the bent of F ench goods md wi nnted to be the but and as cheap as the cuea^esc, at 3rt7 B o tl way and 92 Canal it. j:t tnr tJHE'fOtts b t AHM L " AND 1.A8F8 MADE TO OKDFR By E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, (Basement,) Uue D >or from Coortlandl street. . J?mr4 K 8U8ER. Bootmaker, and maker ol Lasts, an "Elve" of Clerce of Paris, bens leave to inlorm his frteuds .tad all the a n.itears ol a getiilcirMoly "eh.unnre," that he cin uow make, in New York, with the best French ma eiials. all that is so perfectly made, in taria. by his master the celebrated bootm iker Clerce, whose numerous customers ou this side of the Atlantic, are resp. ctfully invited to try hUSEK'8 boots and lasts belor* they despair ol being "chausses" m New Y-rk, alter the nicest, latest Paris fashion. Alt \ the genuine Paris Jet Blaek Varaishsold. m IB 7w *r BOO'I AND SHOE STOKE JOHN HttAD\ respectfully informs his friends ar-d the oublic, mat he but commenced business in the above line, .t No. 99 Nassin stteet. where he will thankfully receive and faithfully rucu't. all orders be may be favored with ou he moat reason*b'e terrni for ash ?22r 90 BKOAD ?VA Y. At-4 S. KOB1DER, FRENCH BOOT MAKER. from Paris, has an assortment of ready-made Boots -nd Shoes,of the best calf skin,for Five Dollars, sum; tioi to any other hon maker iu the city in 10 im'ec ejjf. TO THE LADIES?200 pair prime O.iiter "tb-SfV boots of all colors and sizes of the latest fathi n, Misses aud children's Goiter boots and Buskins, L'dies Bus kms. Tics aud 81 ppns, a sood article, from i to 8 shilling*. A'so, a good assortment of Gentlemen's prime cill stiich boots, city made, f.-om 2 75 tot dollars, warranted ; good fine pegged boots, from 12 to 18 sbil ings. A'so, Boy's boots, 8 to 12s ; ' Jeuts gaiters, quarter biota and shoes of all descriptions in greot abundance, at Walker's cheap store, 419 BmaJ way, corner Canal street, m8d Im'ec T FAD Fir-Ed AT 4 1-8 CENTS PER POUND-Tbe best ll<stwyMsm made, It is m d' by coiupiesston, in such a insnnrr as to g,re i greater strength in proportion to its w?ulit, than it con have bv any o'htr mote of roaanfsctore? T >e price is 4 l-2tui>v pound, cash, payable iuvaiiably ou ue Pun block t'? pipe, the beet and ?arest article for Croton \Va.,r, i d ?h IIv free from ell the poisonoui qualities of bad, prcpoit'oo.rbly low O readied lor putting op the I rot"* IVan r fmuirr. Il.ju e a. the lactnrv, southwest corner of Cmial Elm strre.s, New V -rk, o' jell,f m JAMe-S E. TERRELL. 1 > m -M l) V A L.?P. MAk.e, Han L)r uer an d W ig Maker, has -IV removed f om 162 t"> 189 Bioulwiy, nfcwdoors below the Frinuliu H n?e, and opposite John street. Hivi g (bled upo n. w . on iu the moeC fashionable style, he will contiuue the aame business, and wall be pleased to ace Lit old fiitndi and pitrota, aui other* who nay favor hiin with a call. lie haa a!?o private rnotnt for Ladies' tiair dressing and jampooiug. This powerfal Eitracto Jampo >uy is considered by thoasanda of .New Yorkers aod strangers as one ot toe healthiest articles for the core of dtndrnff and strengthening the hair, is approved br the Faculty of Medicine in Pans, aod untested at Washington. Nothing is more pleasant and delightful than to go through this operation in the hands of P. MAK8 ml im'i REMOVAL. MHS O. NKWCOViBK, TOBACCONIST, returns her sincere H'k nowledgemrnu for the very liberal pitrnnage ih nd-d to her f.r the last 11 years, and would beg leava to infotir her patrons and the I'unlic gcue.aily that the l as rem. vrd her o'd established snuff ami tobacco w irehouse to the spacious store No I Wall street, Morimer bnildiugs, where stir would invite 'lie alleution of connoisseurs to i>er large and Will erleeted Stork Of Foreigu and damcfi snuffs. Just rrenved fumi Hamburgh a large supply of Variiia's.KaDnst'r (1st, 2nd and 3rd quality,} old and very superior Turkish Span'sli, Scifa.latti and Porto Rico, ttnuk'Og tobacco; cavcuUirh (various kind',) and fine cm chewing ditto. A choice assinmeui of the best brands of Havana and Principe < iters, constantly on haod. Fancy pipes, cigar cases, scuff hoses, pocket lights. Chinese tmiirr he lie All of which lot sale on the most liberal terms, wholesale or retail. Stranger* and conntiy dealers are invited to call previous to ina uug ' heir purr Wea eiaewnrre mtimttw pUI I'AKS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.?3?J Broad w.ry rear Wj Let ureal? MESSRS. Pri. EKNsT SlCH VIIDT k MAUL, Guitar manufacture.i, woo'd revpectInlly evil the attention ol ih' public to their establishment, .Nil. TVi Bioadway, where they aeep const nuy on hand an eiir naive aaiurtnient of tine-toned guilirv, hni.hed in the beet atyle. AH I ttrnmen'e from thie mannfactorv, long favorably known in 'he United Stem where it rereieed the tint prein 'in iwirded by the American loiti'nte. for the b it Guitai, are made of an eh niaten tla 1 nil in aueh a >U|>er,or m nuer, -a eu bit the maker to w arrnnt them to atand any c mite. St rngr a Deiote pu cli < ing elaewhrre, are ri queeted tn rail aril examine the ai-le iad wotknianahip of thai, inatrumenia, and tie tut n tr e oil re 1 hey Will be found lower han at any < th- r I ottae in the city r Mi Pn. Em . Proteaen r of the F nte and Unitar, begi leave to viununre that t'na above arrau eraenta do not interim; in th> lent with Ina 'Utter rugrgrinenia; he aiill couluiuea to give lenona a? u-nat, at Broadwav near'"alkt-r at m2< !m*r LI'iHT! LIGHT!! A BRILLIANT AND Br.AUTIKul LIGHT FOR HALF A CENT AN HOUR SURELY, no < n- need walk in da kneaa, wt>en the e'eareat light ir ay be had at a merely nominal rapenre. Tetiy'a near Patent L. m(a. for barring auy kind of laid, tallow, or oil, without i rreiuna preparation ineonvrnience or habth.v to get out oi orlrr, MMriHlilNIMalMpinluaMITIf thi? dark idnnn'. En rrpriar and competi'inn have Brought ihe light of teener-nileitrr. into 111< ral contact with thr muda i,I II i U' iHipmaiiou It1, how vhall lory perceive it, aud i t Ol -i I gv, unit at >l.i irg he i nly honra of le aure which uu at ol ' or, insert I <etea,, the alnence of iha mu br si p,i ten by gome Other nmuaiy.w UHii kt ftwN ill I A rear a p nnmoiiia to 'hn great detidng um en effected in hr Iiivun'ion ol Tr ry 'a Laid L mp. ? a"igle one of wh cb inn h- in" d 1 to I a hi a pailor, wilhou vinoke or auiell, ai hril'iantl a* the beat aural lamp, at au tipente of but half a cent u hoar. A I lo en f 1 ght n ercDomy, or I oth, are in*itrd to call wfeutti their oporation, at E HtKHhON d, I 8if i em! ?tet, r*. Y. r^.C. Liberal will h# offered to deile * ) I im*rc rVO TIIE LAUILn?8 I K.KEH 8 8 LUTIU.N ? IfiUM I is no occasion lo wear la *e h-iir on account of ihe colot ol the hair. I.adl?? are ofteu troubled wi h,? pain or disease in the hrad, oeeaaioimg by the pre.??wre ol the false hair. Ladies can have giav ohat.ged 'o look aa well aa efer it did, w thoni injury. Mr. . haaa room e*pr?aaly to bo tended hy a lady, at lna n-aideiicd. Also, Mr P. will change gentlemen's hair to any nh.ide or color Druggists would do well to keep it tor aala * in other eitien. aa humbug d?rn are going out ol date Whole ale ?t.d retail, at No. T. Citiatham at., opposite the regiatrt'a die-, apataint. m tk? fm*r PR WHihKlrKN"."OWUUtJT. OQ (iRKt.hWII'H feTKr K near the B?ttery, N. Y., re00 ape<wI<.11y informs the i nhlie, that nmo- irtne msnel.uidie ilt .! eaaea which lie Ina attended, raat.y of them haee beet, otier i d on by othe. professors wiihotit sure? and prtn.unrrd bv ilium i',i ntable ; vet he li?a never (ai.ed to eradicate thi I d.? use clfuct a |a rfcct en re dra.,|ta of even disadvantage ^ whieh inaj have presented l*plf. ana in tuaiiv instances alraist againat hope. It is thin anpraredifiled seeceaa in nia treatment 01 the (hr.herwi eonanl ted inen able) dia'aira f'he e e, ih"i enables him wI'hciinfidenre l? r? fer the nlllicred wh. ina* he unar lu.nuieil with him and hie mild mode of treating the dimrder of .hie organ, 10 numerous reetored petieuts in the firet' lusa of society, respecting hie pioessiouai ible abilities and hit pre-eminent skill ae an occnliei. (,'hn'oie itiH iininatioii ol'the eyelid, or aore eyea, howevct loui, stauding. can lie effectual.y and p. rmanrully enied; films a p. cks, he lemoved and caied without surgical opeiat-on. < 'amract* removed by any of the operations practised here os in Europe. .. BTBABI8M1 *. (f.ommoniy called crgnintingl cared iu a (ew seconds on Gurrin'a celebrated plan, which ia free from pain or danger. U. f Office Imnra fro?. g A. M. to 1 P. M,, after which honra II ila.,a 'Inor I'allellSS Iro'er D" AK; t 8' bl HEu?Without wishing to interfe e with the purlieus ol au> of our worthy neighbo-a who prefer to ll e en ear trumpet, and thna laih. r wi.h great d'fflcu'ty a liltl>- 1 whtl iiaai'l *o Item. or be restored lo 'h- u?e of tlieii lie u |.r? 111, -ml hear ah th .1 is said. wr caun?t heln re maisinit thai a medii ina CiIImI 'Scarpa's Oil for Deafness' lie la rly been introduced, which hida fair to an t IfecIII >1 < me for the most ohann-le case. We will only add to ihi. b gristion tha it is <o be had at A. U Ik D HANDS 7li f ultoustreet, 273 Biogdway, and"7 East oionlw y. ' ? jit iwia*m ( 'Ol ua.i'a ht?iaUO.N MUHT'ABD, i>tt ?hip~~RiiTadel - v/ phia :? Ian.i kegs second and fine HOo inga Lead .VI bbla Atom Also on hand? rrinbng Par era?tgXlt MXXT HXX UXM IIXJI ttHX? 1 ogether wuh a aaaortmeni of willing.and wrapping l apera. for sale by H.'KlNOHLEY. nl im't lit Maiden Lane. E NE NE NEW FIREWORKS LABORATORY, BY JOHN TRAOAHDH, PYROTECHNIST, KH??M SWEDEN. VfBSSHs KOL! BMiNti TRAOAbbH hare the honor . 10 tulmm the AnrriMn public that they have an exten jirc an i vmed assortment or Fi.-e Works. ol' ?!l ami e? ry kn <1 nt IholTcstahlishii out, at llaisimur ijom Uuek iu New jM-ev. a halt in Ic [rara J< isey City, opposite Yet which they offer to Corn.iuUees aui othera, at (he unit favorable prieea 111 the market. I3?l . vine iu the new trade piin< ij.le of * moderate rath price for a enud article, they reqieit ihr farms of the : uhlic at the above place, or it the t'ore of Robert Johnston. No. 51 Con'tjandt street. All urdcri.ou any scaleo1 air.e or variety,promnt lr ntt-ud 'd to, by addressiDg the subscribers at either ol the above plates. NICHOLAS A, KOLLBKRO8t J TRAOAHDH, mr 7-im?r Harsimns Lour D"ek. New Jersey. FIitE WORKS, CRACKERS, &c. FOURTH JULY, 1843. pOUNTRY and city deOera in fireworks will find it to C their advantage tJ ca I and examine an ex eniive aisor:rnent ?.f ilir -eit gudlitr, at K. AYLlFFe-'S old e.t i li linn ut, 86 hrtli.nn street. A tailje quantity ol fire cruekert jmt ret.ri?ed Itemeuiber tne sign oi the two mammoth sky rorkrts and cold kit. n.3<Jt"4jy*r RNKEWOMKH BY THfc MANUFAC lUKCrtS. D l MOK&m & CO Pyroteih ists,78 1 -hatha"! street, offers o ihe puolic a splendid asanrttneet ofFirtwalu, suiar.or iu q uiliry ?ml um:i >( r > au> in this o any other c.,u try a The above hive been inanufactuted by them egpres* I for thii mar ket; alioe.111 tell 111 ich cheaper thin nuy veutltr iu t wu,a <1 go Tautee all g ods four their atore. No peddliuir from this place?Nn. 78 Chat-am street. Goods delivered to anr pari of .lie o y fiee of expense. N. B? xriibit on Fireworks of super'or quality. with crima< U red, parple, greeu, yellow aud blue Area A'so, c-loied Cre.b* ihe pound. jl Im're OKFiCE OF THE NEW tORa KQUliABt-E INSUHANot COmPAN 1. June 5th, 1'43. AT the annual election held thii day, the .following geullemen were choaen Director (or the ensuing vear:? Menrv Vatea, Limbert ' nvda-n, Abm O T' ompion, Shepherd Kunp, Silas Hlmes John P N-?f.itli, George H j.elve, John Q J .on, Hirvet Vv.ed Paul hp ffird, Jo-ei h \V Puryca, H b-<t L smith, Hen y M.-.wland, Christi 11 (1 Baud, Jainea O Ward, Peter A Ha-gous. James Gillespie, J ones K Cooli-y. Gird er A Sane, Joseph Bouchaud. And at a subsequent meeting of the B. ard LAMB?RT SUt DAM, Ksu , *a< uoauimously eltcted President. JOSt'PH STRONG, Becretrry. Thi> Couioanv continues 10 mare np?int lots and damage bv F're, and also against burglary or housebreaking, ou tne toitfav rable terms. ilO 4i*rl?< ta 14 AIPOINTvENTsTT JHK t II AM Be.K OF e.UVl MKHCfc AND BOAKD OF UN bhHWRl i'KKB.? These nre ticeiliiy that R Brumley, Joseph T nkham, T 11 Merry, A. Cartw.ight, 8'ml Cannier, Russell Bturvis, were ap,.oin'ed by our respective boards, a? aivtable persons to act as Maiiue hurve, ort (or the Port of NswYo a,and 11 Y. """orris a' C erg, anu we lecommeud ihtm accordingly, in all cas"s where ihsi se vices are reqn ed. The Chamber o? Commerce of New York, G. Jss. D T Ocden, P'cii'ent. r< h i l. ii inrurwifn, ni c'f. Tile Board of Undirwri'trs of New York, \^x. Ogder President. Walter H Jones, Sec'y of the Buaid of Under* liters. New Yotk, June 9. 181'. jl' r Bt OK-KEKPING. MB. W K. BARLOW tesiieccluliy announces that lie has succeeded MR. C. C. MARSH, n his business as an Accountant aud Teacher of Book keeping in 'hit his inoin 86 I edar street, where he will continue the same ihuroogh course of instriiction and piartie.e, to succ atfollr f Mowed by his predecessor Mr B. solicits (he pa tioua*e of the meicantileromtr.niiicy.and resiectullj ask iheir arie..tiou to he following card 5? "C. C. MAR8H, Accountant, retnras lii? gate'nl acknowledgements to his nnm r us lrteud< for their lo g continued pitrnnai e. He lias now d scontiuutd his hnainess in this city and ir succeeded to the s nip by Mr. W K Bulow, whom he confid ntlv commend. to the favor of the mere unite comm ui y as a gentleman of i xcellent chsraeter, thn.r ugMy ncu'amted with I he sriei ce of Booa-teeping and emi end) qualified to imiart instruction. He respectful! i b-sp. aks for his snccessor the public favor to which he hunseil h?s been ?o lauelv indebted 0. C. VARSH.'' His terms are reduced to suit l he times to tiO w ic twill entitle the pupil to receive instinciion until he is thoroughly (.unified forihe coan ing room. IV. K. BARLOW, Accountant, I10 1m#r S8 Cedar t'rect. UNCURKE.NT MONEY ol all kinds, purchased at >he lowest market raca. BKNK OK ENGLAND NOTES, sovereign*. and English Silver bought and sold at 8 J 84 LVESTER'S, liostr t2 Wall street si d 130 Broadway. BLOCK LETTER -lUNu. " pHEAPESTiu th-city?A E. HITCHINffS. the in cntor v of the splendid BevoleJ Block Lepers, h's removed Irom 70 Pike street, to ?72 Broadway, wheie ha conti ues to manufacture. Piain and F lcv Gilded Black Letter 8 gns, Irom M cents to tl 15 per foot, measuiing length of sign paiate*; do f'om 37 cts to 5(1 cen's. ? ouulrv me chanu aiH othen rnii he innntled wi'h letters nr got bf sendint length of apace required, wi'h order for payment in t'-e city. N. B?Painters snpplieJ with plain and fa"cv letter* on <he shortest notice. Markicg Piatei, Brands and Biaud Pattern* made to orda'. jS6t*r F KAN KLIN SALT WAIBK BATHS. CASTLE OAhUiN ?T ,c prop ieiors, ha*ii C "vailed themselves of the txue-tenc of the year. ,-nd conformed to the rug. gestir is ? f manv of the.r scbacnbtra. bn leave uow to pre se.nt' '' em, and the public in general, the moat rom.lete orrang i-nts for i nhlir ?u<l prm*>< bathing Shower bain* npoo r improved pro-ipla, and ^oya' swimming achon', that ever s < ff-red to public p-trouag* Having estubli<hed a con..lit anil tbori'n."h aucceaaioii of aalt water, uli MM matter , it comi leii-ly xc'nded. Tne Franklin Bith ia now read? a* i t usual a'ation, the north aide oM'a?tle Garden Bridge. Boohs are op-n f r the teas n anbtciption, and the inspection of citizens and atrangera ia respectlolly ? licited. j-4 wee IJRI1NCH t ARCKL LA.viI'S, Cand'lannu, Li alr- a, fee ?Ti c subscribers have jnst opened a splendid ataoilm-nt of these g?oos. together wi'h a variety o< other a tirlea in the line, of entirely new styles. An inspection >f 'hen ia iurited. Depot of Mechanical Lamps, to John tree,l A. DIACON It E. D. SAX TUN. m23 lm*re Ageuri. FAN Y DRY "GOODS; tyHK Subscriber has jnat opened a a t ch of Dry Qroda, con-I tistingof O o*e? H .sie y, Ltcea, K tb ins, Kmhroderies, Mu-liua. he. hi 16H Ortt nwtch streetsbove Courl ndt ?tr- et. Ti ry harr Drcn purch.itd nnucipiliy et ancti n aid during the p'eamt apr-ng, aud at the srason is late, will he a Id at re dueed pric-a. U oil b nnet ribbons at It; h<?t do at Is 6?t; 4 h;-te? n-w at'le atr ped and aha lei] g nz Hihbroii A few rich tlick a Ik long Ph-wl*. and a small lot of Kre. ch Muslins Irom enciinn thi* d i)?400 new style striped -tin P "n.a * la # ': cheap boairsy n> d ?' irrea H C. MOOHE TO LET AS ABOVE?A latgs well lighten Baa* ment uui'er tl.e same pi .ce, ami lour new fnruithed rooms, suit ble for or a or two small ia oiliea The sir nation is good for an eating House, and the basement is well anited to that harness. jclO lw?r BILLIARD SALOON. NO. S BARCLAY 8TRKKT, THREE DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL. DRICE REDUCED to One Shilling ?> Hundred, from I 1 A M. to 3 P M.?The subscriber informs hi* friend* nod the public in general, that ne has Eire N'W Billiard Tsblet, in separate npa-tinrnta?two in the upper front raloon?two in the rear saloon, and one in thy front room?all in tint rate order. Etch get t.rman rial tins the establishment will be (nrniehed with a private Cue, for mmmu u?e?tlie table' being iu different apa m nti the proprietor tlnnka it will render it more elect and 'cteble to gentlemen visiting his house. ALSO, TWO VINE BOWLING ALLEYS IN THE BASEMENT. Hia Bar will always be stocked with the choicest Wines and Liquors and the best Serart to be had?also Sherry Cobblers, Mint .Inters, Punches; inide in a manner not to be surpassed! N B.?The apartment* hare undergone a thorough refitting ?new paper, psiniin*. aic tt"7" Gentle men will please to communicate aiy neglect of duty ef the attendants, at the bar. FRANCIS MONTKVKRDK. mehlt tm*r 5 Barclay street. STRAW BONNETS AND EMBROlDfcRlES, BELOW COST. MISS FY.QODEKROY will sell, for some days only, a large asi rtment of goods in tl e millinery line. Ladies are invited to call at 319 Broadway, opposite the C?rlton Hi use )ll 3w?r CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. SPH'LLIPB, Merchant Tailor, (late of 7 Astor 1'onse, Broadway.) imnress-d with 'he necessity of merlins the etigency of the limes by ihe retraction of Imp ices, snd finding it'imi ossiblc to do so while snbject to the enormons ontlsya a Bro dway location incurs, has determined en ihe nnlywa to effe-1 this?without di?p iraeemeut to ibe-iutlity of his garments; he hu?, therefore, removed hit establishment ' to 136 nAv8aU m'l ItEET, cmner of Brehmen, where 1 Kenilcmen can now be supplied at a deduction of ten per cent ' from hit former low prices. Ihe follow i:.g is snomilted merely as a specimen of the foregoing asseriion :? 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Wimw li ?t, by F. ?'? unlti d y "loom, N" ehiHr n bo e to h!??., nU ?time. * fflicreil tli?j , the lt >inn instrnn P, i>id to Lu< iue. th- ini'wi' 's yatron ; K.yptu wives in such aciisi* Col leu to the'r aid die Pne ti <if Iris ; A id even no? the mrk II ad* ? Warm at her dim-, and t* 11 lei t ? I' chi diets twelve mo ohi I om her bridal Filet weep tig to her s-Mire' it id,)'. And with ra ted bauds, m acceuts wild, Petitions Hr.imh lor a chil I: K >r * ell ?h ku >wi. Lo?e shuns to bless The Hindoo bed 'I bf i'DDess. So murh for love in d iy't by sr<iue, And savage customs ill yonr otto ; But say. eten now d es L ve's communion Bless in our I i"<l, a s erile uiii"o 1 No oitti.ins conjugal felicity, Is thu' di?iu h?,l? iv, .'en in mis city. Yet ui.iy i he bairea, if they trv The vneos "increase nod multiply.". Wi li 'Love's e l sir" lor li rlneod, Thu childless wi e's reiin'cgs cud But aut the p-oerentive power Aicne, is this Fbxir's dower. 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We, ihe n de s>tiar-t,h avng witio-aied nitonnhinc cores per(o med bv Dr. J b'rtccis on tt-r b'ind. ou-i iu cases believed to be incarable la hrn nil hope hid tied.u hesita iuaiy r-*comuietid him as a vf i skilful o -oliat, and believe his preparations a. o e ol the gi-attsl discorcries eter mi ic lor Dise se* of the Eyes:? . Duncan Duuh'r, Pastor of the M-D mgsl ?t Church. S. H. Cone, P-utoiol the Kir*" B-otisl t.hurch. John Pi cu, Agent of the H -me Missionary Hoci.-tr. Jac b Broniier. I'aiter ' f (lt<: l*Oith Urptitt Ciiurci. A. Whrelock Pa-forrfthe h th Bi tiitChuron loiepil Audrade, Rowtu Catholic Priest, hi Piter'* Church, Barclay at Jimea Milnor, Rector of Saint George'* Church, Beekman atrert. George Glenn v, M. D., Member nf the Roval Col'-fe of Burgeon*, Lordm. and of the Med cal Society ol New York. Pat tut* attended to at the office on -ertomb e.terms. Hour* of attend tuee Iro n 9 A M. to A P. M. Pus coothieratiou for the poor. 'I hue pre par it oiu can only be hid at DR. 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Since the urrival of the steamer bringing the news of the repeal movements in that distracted country, and the declarations of the Duke ol Wellington and Sir Robert Peel, with the responses of Mr O'Connell and some of the Lish Roman Ca'holic Bishops, the excitement, both in this city, in Boston and Pniladelphi t, is trem-udous, and we presume equally so in everv other section of the Union where the news das reached. On Monday evening lasi, a meeting of the Repeal Association called by public advertisement, at the Washington II,-ill, Broad way. 'Ihe meeting was organised, and the lion Moses G. Leonard, M. C. was appointed Chairman. So great was the rush, and so desirous were the persons who composed the meeting, to contribute to the repeal rent, that the Chairman was scarcely allowed time to explain ihe object of the meeting, or the Secretary to read the minutes of the last proceedings. From half past 7 o'clock to hall past 10 o'clock, was occupied in receiving the contributions of the repeal votaries; and during this short time, no less a sum than $700 was collected,nor was the collection confined to particular class. The whole of the Irish population turned out mi maue, and as far as tune and space would admit, they all paid in their contributions. The aristocratic merchant and the humble laborer were seen at the same time, jostling through the crowd, endeavoring to lorce their way to the platform to hand in their subscriptions. In short, men, women and children, of all classes of our Irish citizens, vied with eachother in their enthusiasm and devotion to (what they think is) the cause of their country, and to te 1 the truth, we never witnessed at a repeal meeting before,such excitement, and so determined a disposition to assist the people of Ireland in repealing the legislative union between the two countries At half past 10 o'clock the persons on the platform 1 : 1 / .1- ~ I a -I - /* - - : - urcumu^ rAiinnpiru liuiii uic 11' cl l JlllU Ml IK )(ja 11 (HI occasioned l>y the number of [lersons congregated in the room, and the heat of the weather, the meeting was adjourned until Tuesday evening at seven o'clock, and on that evening the room was filled to overfl wing. John McKeou, Charles O'Conor, Ro hert Dillon and Gregory Dillon, Esqrs., with several other influential citizens occuped the platform.? Jesse Oakley, Esq., brother to Judge Oakley, was also in the room. Mr. McKeon was called to the chair The last night's proceedings were read, and the chairman rose and stated that talking should be dispensed with, and action should be the order of the night. The collection of the rent then commenced. and was carried on with great spirit up to nine o'clock, at which time the meeting was addressed by a Mr Melvin, who made a very flowery speech ; his language, however, was any thing but complimentary to the English people 01 their government. He was followed by the Rev Mr McCarran, an Irish Roman Catholic Clergyman, who spoke at considerable length of the injustice and tyranny of the British government, and in the strongest language denounced the threats of Sir Robert Peel and the Duke of Wellington, and defied thern to carry their threats into execution. A Mr Wallace nextaddressed the meeting, and denounced the British government in very unmeasured language. After he had sat down,the collection of the repeal rent was resumed and continued up to 12 o'clock, when $200 was collected, making the aggregate collected on Monday and Tueeday evening $900 Shortly after 12 o'clock the meeting was adjourned to 7 o'clock on Wednesday evening, for the further collection of the repeal rent, and to make fur'her arrangements to carry out the objects for which they met. Oil Wednesday evening the adjourned meeting came off, and if possible a greater degree of excitement and enthusiasm pervaded the multitude ih in at either of theiyrm?-r meetings Ex-Governor Sew rd na* calfWTn die ciiir. The following is an extract from Mr. Scwird's speech :? " There if another circumstance which bring* me here The lite arrival by wUich we have received intelligence from acros* the Atlantic, reveal* lo un quite rettiiinly the approach of am if which culls for the redem|>tion ol all ihe pledges the people of Ireland have received fram this tide of tbe Atlantic; and although there is no occasion of domestic interest which wou'd prevail upon me to withdraw Irora the retirement I now enjoy, 1 havefel i my duty to appear before you on this occasion, to theeul that if my opinions and sentiment* anould he deemed of auy worth by my fellow citizens, your countrymen at home might rest assured of our > mpathies with the great and magnanimous eflerts they are now ma king. ' come, thereiore, to ndeavor to preserve tor Ireland the peace which is no w threatened ; and 1 do believe that only can he done by all the communities ot civilized man on this continent and on th > o'her- by all the nations of Christendom ?of the Civilized world?declaring their earoejt conviction that Ireland is tight in her de mands, and by making known that her * rugeles for justice have enlisted the sympathies of mankind." Such is the language held out to the Irish repeal era by the Hon. William Henry Seward, late Governorofthe State ot New York. In the lace ot the British nation?in the face of all Europe?he calls upon the nations ot Christendom, av, of the civilized world, to enliet their sympathies with the Hsh repealers, and declare their earnest conviction that Ireland is right in her demands. It this language (hacked by a subscription of #25 000, which, it is contemplated to make up bclore the present excitemet subside?) be not encouraging and and spiriting on the Irish repealers in their unreasonable demands and uggressinns on the already thwarted and tattering government of Sir Robert Peel, we do not know how much further the Honorable ex Governor could go, except he put himeell at the head of the sympathizers, marched into Canada and took possession ol it in the name of the Irish Repeal Association ; but although Mr. Seward may no', deem it prudent logo thus far, it will he seen there are others determined to go the whole hog. Alter Mr. Peward had sat down, the meeting was addressed by several others ; but we d<? not deem their speeches of any importance, except that of .Mr. McKeon. This gentleman spoke in his usual strain of condemnation of the British government, and concluded with th* following resolution Resolved, That a committee of three be appointed to prepare an address to the People of France, appealing to them to organize repeal associations to co-eperate with the American people in aiding the Irish nat'on in its pre sent glorious struggle for independence. This resolution was adopted t>y acclama tion, and Mr. McKeon, Major D-tvezac and Mr Wyinbs, were appointed a commitiee to prepare the address ; snd tell it not in Gath, Thos O'Connor E-q and Mr. Wymbs, are to be the bearer ol the addres? to the French nation, and Hre to assist in organizing repeal associations in that country.? What will Louis Phillip, the Queen's cousin, sav to this 1 It was then announced that ,070 was I the amount of the collection lor the three evenings, and the meeting adjourned to 7 o'cIock on Thursday evening, when the collection will be resumed, and arrangements made tc hold the great muss meeting in the Park. Ir. the course of Tuesday night's proceedings, a letter was read from an operative in the employment ol James O'Connor, enclosing 980, collected amongst bis brother operatives in Mr O'Connor's establishment. A vote of thanks was passed to this person, and his letter inserted on the minu'es of the proceedings. It was also announced that twenty five ol our most respectable Irish fellow citizens, had authorized the chairman to put down the ir namealor #100 each, making in the aggregate #2,500; but the mo't startling announcement of all was a letter receive.) Irom John Mullen, E-q , in which he enclosed "i promissory note for #1 000, and stated that there were twenty of his frtenda who would subscribe a similar sum each, to equip an army and tuke possession of the Canadas, in the event ol Sir Robert Peel putting down the repeal quebtiou by physical lorcc. We confess we were not prepared for so startling a proposition as Mr. Mullen's, nor did we think our Iiish lellow citizens were so deeply imbued with the spirit of repeal. We repeat, we were not prepared for such a demonstration as was made the two last fveni i?s, nor did we believe that the people ot New York had ever hearti y embarked in the same bottom with the (treat agitator. We knew that they occasionally met at the ,,ev Hi-hop I lull 's Tabernacle and at other places, but we thought thoae meeting* were got up merely to let cfl a little itae, anil to make capital lor some |>olitical mountebank, who wanted to ride into office on the necksoi his Irish fellow citizens; but the meetings which are now being held are ol ad tie rent stamp?tliey a re,a* we said helore. composed ol all grades, trom the meri hant to he hodman,ailvteing with each oihrrin 'he ex'T ssion of their sympathies for their lellowcountrymen and in devotion to their father land, ! two amiable traits, we admit, in the national character. As to Mr Mullin's proposition,we doubt the practicability of taking armed possession of the Cansdai, although we have no doubt that 50,000 IERA *43. mm might be raised, equipped, and officered in the United States bv th*- Iri-h citizens and their friends; und thai these SD.tKXI men, with the assistance they would mo-t certainly r ceive Irom the sympathizers on the borders, and Irom the disloyal and dinffect ed in the Canada-*, w mid do incalculable mi chief to the British, and, peradvenriire, would shako the power ol that government to Ha verv centre in those provinces Having seen the drmnns'rntions hat nr now he. ing made in thi.-city, in Bostnr ! c . delphia, and that w ill be made nil over in : t wnerever the Irish are?and wfure are the t? >. ve 'ear mat the Ltuke of W~|| ngion and I -hen Peel loat siglu of their habitual prudence, when thiy de. clared that they v/uuld ,iut down repeal a the ; unit of the bayonet. Wi have no doubt if those two great statesmen could have foreseen ihit hi tr tlllinieit declarations would have caused such excitement and alarm mnongst so large a portion of our citizens?a state of thiugs so likely to disturb the friendly and amicable relations ill it now subsist be tween the two governments?we nieir tips would have forrver rem.lined sealed on fhe subject; lha.1 they would Imve allowed the repeal question to worry ttsell into a consumption, and die a natural death. Boat on. [Correspondence ot the Herald ] Boston, June 10,1843. Bunker Hill Celebration. Presuming that your numerous readers would be pleased to be apprised of the progress th"t is making towards the grand celebration of the 17th, I have taken the liberty to condense, in as brief sphc" as possible, the arrangements, both civic and militarv, so far as have been announced, and hasten to lay them before your renders, knowing that they cannot prove otherwise than acceptable. The order of procession, so lar as arranged, was published to-day (^aturdaf,) and, as it will be copied in toto in the New York journals, it would be unnecessary to recapitulate it at this time. The procession will undoubtedly be the largest and most imposing that was ever witnessed on the American continent, far surpassing in grandeur ihe magnificent Harrison celebration in Boston in 1840, ?nd the superb Croton pageant in New York city last fall. It is computed that not less than fifty to seventy-five thousand persons will take part in the r>rro?.aui,>n leadi nir (mm Huston CoinniOl to Bunker hill, presenting a truly grand and subline spectacle. The associations connected wiih ^e spot, the high renown of the orator, the occasisli of the celebration, and the presence of the d stinguished visitors who will honor the ground with their presence, all combined,will attract to Boston and Cbarlestown on the 17 h, a multitude of strangers such as was never before witnessed at any similar festival in this country. Seveniyto eighty military companies from abroad have already signitied their intention to be present, from which fact alone, your reaners will be enabled to judge ot ihe surpassing splendor of the procession All the principal societies in Boston, the Hibernian Association, the Mechanics' Charitable Society, the Odd Fellows, Fire Department, Cincinnati, Free Masons, and a host of other bodies, will help to swell ihe vast multitude which will throng the streets of Boston on that occasion Triumphal nrchep, banners, flags, decorations, devices, emblems, tnoitos, and appropriate ensignias will he displayed in the principal thoroughfares, and adorn the mansions ol the inhabitants. The theatres, museums, banks, hotels, and public buildings will be suitably decorated, and numerous private edifices in the range ol the procession, will be adorned with flags und paraphernalia, iu honor ot the glorious occasion. It is expected that from twenty to forty bands of music will appear in the procession, including several from New York, and they will add greatly to the interest of the scene. The line of procession will lorm on Boston Common at 10o'clock, and probably march at 11,through the streets designated, to Bunker Hill, and,alter the oral ion will return to the original starting place. where it will be dismissed. There is to be a collation at Faneuil Hall in the afternoon, at three dollars* a ticket, at which are expected to be present the orator of the day, and other distinguished persons. Arrangements are m iking to have a grand display of fi.eworks on Monument Hill on the evening ot the 17 h, and the display will undoubtedly attract a large concourse ol spectators. Other arrangements have been made, but I have no more room to enlarge. Yours, Diqby, Jr. Circuit Court. Bvfore Judge Kent. Jest 13Jonathan F Bridge vs Vonmnitlh H Hart ? This was an act Pan of trespass agiiurt lelemlant, It taking at a timet, sundry ijuaimti* s < h-m; r, goods, merchandize, Vc., to the uinoU'U c f-l 3-JJ S i"l?? case i? still on, and will he fully report* 1 to in i o\r. Oeneral .Sessions. Before Recorder ralluadgu ami Ai.lern'sxi Scoli? and Martin. Jami i R. Whitiso, E?q District Attorney. Mosdat, June 13'h?I'hrtriulol Franklin S.Byrnes, a fori* : on the Manhattan Bank, iu the name of Simeon Draper,.jr., wi.s postponed until the August term, in order to allow defence to procure testimony hy commission. Tim trial of Alexander C. Barry, for libel, was set down lor uih nay ? wennesuay. Pus or Uuilt* John O'Donni-U and William Hay? ! man entered a plea of guilty i lor an assault and battery on Stephen He-eldon Jimij Oiaai, alias Kihbins, was tried Tor burglary in thethiid Jug roe, in breaking into the clothing atom of John Major, -J3J Canal stres t, and an aling a quantity of clothing, valued at JtJ89. Augustus Nichnlls, an accomplice or the prisoner, waa admitted aa State'* evidence,and teitifii-d that the accused, in company with witne a and a man named Hales, broke open the clothing store, stole the property, and deposited it with Luke Laydrn. of Cross street, who has since been indicted tor receiving stolen goods. It was also proved, by another witness, that the clothing was left as stated by the previous witness The de'encc endeavored, tiy a certsin Miss Sarah Porter, to prove that the cccused kept her company and slept with her that night, and thus prove ar. a/.fti?but she couldn't confess, and the case was submitted 10 the jury, who ieturned a verdict of guilty, and the court sentenced him to the State prison for three years. Oibbs then addressed ike court, avowing his entifu innocence of the offence for which he was convic ed. The court then ordered Nicliolls, the Siate's evidence, to he arraigned, and alter giving him a severe reprimand, for bia acknowledged participation in thoburglary, stated that although he d? served aa much punithment as the prisoner Oihbs, yet the court were bound to discharge him, he having been used by the prosecution ss a witness. Edwasd DsLLwiom, formerly porter foe Lawrence St Hyatt, was tried for petit larceny on a charge ol stealing a pair of steel-yards, a shovel, saw and hammer, Stc. The tools were found in possession of the accused, and it was proved by defence that they were left in charge of the accused by Mr Meeka himself, and when the property of Meek* was levied upon by the sheriff they were removed hy the accused, but not with a felonious intent. The jury | immediately acquitted him, and he was diacharged. Die complaint should never have been entertained hy the police. Jo his Thompson, a young man a native of Baltimore, who hud foi inerly been in the employ of Collins Shepherd, inn keeper, as an hostler, was tried on a charge of burglary in tin- third degree, in entering the (tableo! Mr. Coliina, and Ceiling n tingle net of harneM, a aad.ile, lie. rheaccuaed made a full confemion when arreated, w liich waa read to the jury, arid they found him guilty. The Court aentenced him to the State priton for two yeara. William Miinino!) waa put upon hia trial on a charge of committing a rape on the Oth of May, upon the bod v of a little girl nam >d Mary Matilda Knight, redding at the coracr of Ru'g.-ta and Diviaion atreeta, with her lath'r. The complainant ia about 10 yeara ot age She cate.l to the jury that ahe WM tij. in the garret anaking a bed, when the accuned came Into the garret and thiew her on the bed. (The witneaa here became ao excited from teara aa to be unable to proceed ) She continued after aom*- delay aa foliowa He then pat hia hand over my motith and violated my perron : I could not make any noise beranae he held me ao tight; tbia waa done in my own bed room. the accuaed and hia wife boarded with my father and aleptina room near mine; my father Keep* a porter home and ha? lived there ninor the house <v?a built. In thecroaa examination it was elicited that Knight, the father el the child, and hia wife lived ur.comuriahly together, and were now occupying separate dwellings. The girl's statement on other pointa w a* any 'hing but clear to the minda of the Jury. Dra John Miller and Hilton stated that they examined the body of the girl, and appearancea preaented reaaona to believe thaf a rum? had nun committed on her person. The testimony for proieciition cloaed, and it being! o'clock, the Court adjourned to II thia morning whei. the defence will proceed with the examination of their witnesses. Thc Oaann Jcar came into Court and Mr. LewiaCur tif, the foreman,txtated that owing to an arrangement by the Grand Jury to hear the rase ot Shipmati on Wednea lay. he wiahed to he exctned from the dutiea of hit ata- I tion pendn.g that examination, aa he wa? intereatad ir. one ol the hanka that hud lost tun l? hy Shipman'a conduct ? The Court re|vcied Mr D'uke Milla to serve aa the fore tn <n .Miring thia mvuttig at ion. A Noll*. Paotiqui w:?a entered on the indictment gainst Elmer B.uilrtt, for an assault and battery on Joteph Guiick, whomt hair he pallid. St rrmoR Cottar- Adjourned. Severii.y Imjiirko ?The individual attacker' iiul tie at ft i in Broad street on Wednesday evening by some ot the members of th> Good win h 'gi *- \ Company. lire da> gercnely ill at John's Do v rare Tavern, Callowhtll an! Bros' tf c " is s i (itover.irom the State of Kentucky, n<i ai tu- time ( f the asaault was in company with several tr ends, t ' LD. Prlw Two Cent*. .^TR*KT PKDDt.iNf}?It i* with much pleasure that I have observed lately the sentim me ot the public press generally, in relation lo this maner. I' has often been a source of am prise to me, tha'a city like New York, whose merchants are alike proverbial lor their enterprise and sensitiveness <m any point that ail etstheir'Ji'HL rights, should eo long have tolerated this nuisance. I trust, however, that thty have n< * anused tbe'iiselves from their lethargy, md opened ibeir evea to a sense ot their danger, in Huston. Philadelphia, ?nd in tact every large city of the Union, no pedlar is found in the public streets tad thoroughfares It is reserved for New York alone to be overrun by these i>ests, and that only through the apathy of our citizen:). I hnve notice J. however, lately, several meeting* of mechanics ana merchants in regard to this, at all of which s'roog re-olurinns have been passed, deprecatory of the evil. Petitions have also been presented to the Common Council, whieh have been referr d in the Hoard of Aldermen to the Committee on Ordinances. It is to he hoped, that the gentlemen composing that committee will net promptly on the subject; and should they not, it is the duty of the citizens to exprrss their sentiments fearlessly, by holding public meetings, Arc. The landlord should hear in mind lhai I is iuteiesi is also at stake; as how is it possible tor his tenant to compete with a class of men wfio swarm around his door like locusts, offering goods at such prices, frequently, that the material of which they are composed could not be purchased lor If such is the case, how csn they have come by them in nn honest wayl The mechanic1 the bone und sinew of our laud, is also deeply affected by this system How can the merchant give htm employment, if he cannot find sale for his goods it a reasonable profit 1 Place yoursell in the neighborhood of any of our markets on a Saturday night, and you will see our wives and daughters purchasing from these itinerant hawkers, in preference to patronising a regular store keeper, and lor what reason 1 They are under the impression that they are purchasing lor one half the value, hut this is not always the case. When the pedlar knows his customers, he takes very good care to make them pay a good price, thinking that they do not know the difference, and he will impose upon them 11 this v as duly considered. I think that the custom of this class ol people would very soon tall oil. And in fact it isthe duty of every family, as well as their intereat?because every one ia more or less affected by this traffic?not to countenaace them in any way, and they would soon be put out of the path of the honest tradesman. As 1 said belore, public meetings should be called at various points in the city, and if we cannot get redress through our city auworities, demand as a right front our Legislature, (fte enactment of laws suHicietit for the protection of trade. Every fair dealer is interested in the matter, and 1 hope it will not be allowed to rest,now that the ball is in motion / An Oi.d Merchant. Thi N*it Cosoaits* ?The next Senate of the United States will coniiiit of 2A Whigs and Mr. Rirea, and S3 Locos there being two vacancies to till iu Tennessee and one in Maryland Should the locos get those three members, they would have a majority, or parties would tie, according as Mr. Rives might vote. But we think the chance* are at thia time fn furor or the Whig! baring the next Senate. The state* hare elected member* to the neat Houae of Repreaentatirr*. 01 the 85 member* returned by theae State*, the Locoa hare 67, the Whig* IS?Loco majority 49. In la?t Congrea* the Whig* had a majority of 8, irrihe ai>ore. It ia clear enough, therefore, that the neat Houae will begiren up to Lncoiocoiitn. Tlio remaining State* "elect their membera to the Houae of Itepresentotiri'H un follow* : Mu?*achu*etti, June 96th, : : : 6 Louisiana, lat Monday in July, : : 4 N. Carolina, lat Monday in Auguat, : : 9 Alabama, " ' " s : 7 Mi*?i*"lppi, " " " : t 4 Kentucky, " " " : : 10 Indiana, " " " : s 10 lllinoia, " " " : : 7 Tenneaaee, lit Tliuraday in Aug. : : 11 Vermont,l*t Tueaday in Sept. : : 4 Maine, 3d Monday in Sept. : : : 7 Maryland, lit Monday in Oct. : : 0 Michigan, " " " : : 8 Maw Ji-Mev OH TneaHav in fin" a Pennsylvania," " "it 34 Ohio, " " : s Si Rhode Island, undetermined. 188 During fifteen vears ending with the beginning oftha next Congress, the Whigs have had pooaeuion ol the General Government hut one month.?Springfield Republican. Thk Ick Business?Few persona are aware of lite oxtent ot this hubinr ss a? the j resent time, or of lite enori mus quantities ih it are almost daily shipped lor the Souiht tho E-ist and West Indies ? While nt rharlestown on Wednridey, we noticed with n considerable decree ol interest, the loading of the ship I lorchester with this article. At the end ol the Warren Bodge there is a receiving house tor die ice, as it conies down on the railroad from Fresh Pond. The ship lay at the end of the wharf, some 40 or 50 ynrds distant Irom the ice house. From this building to the sh'p was laid a species ol railroadbeing constructed ot five pieces of wood un inch in thickness, which were laid on end, three or four inches apart, each piece being covered with iron?the truck, ;f so it may be called, is about eighteen inches wide Where it starts Irom th" building, it is a shut ' inclined place?this gives the pieces of ice running on it a momentum which carries them a i:?n*i(ierni>ie distance?laborers along trie line witn picks force tnem the res> of ihf way. When they arrive at the ship they are directed by a man into a triune of their h>z< . and at ance lower' ed into the hold?one frame coming up ou one end ct the windlass while the other is pawing down ? The pieces of ice generally are about ten inches ihick, snd from eighteen to twenty inches square. It is astonishing to witne.-s the rapidhy with which <he work is done. It cannot occupy any great length of time to loud the ship. The operation ia worth looking at.? Burton Merc. Jour. Amur or Rfvxsdv JoHnton, E?a?The Baltimore Sun not Iff s a ilitficulty in co.jrt between the above r timed gontlemtn and Oeorge R Richard?on, which ibrautenad he moat serious consequences. Mr Johnion wat arretted and compelled to give hail in the mm o' $10,000. to keep the peace towards Mr. R'ehardton?and the Bun idda : "Mr. Richardson bed not been arreatod laat evening, and it wai thought had left town. We suppose, however, that he will be induced by bia friendt to appear and submit to tbe uariant, inasmach at it It impossible for him now to challenge Mr. Johnson, e> the latter could only meet the friend of Mr. Richardson, by the conditiona of the bail. And Mr. Jobnton can neither challenge Mr. R. nor leave the Stata for a meeting, without a forfeiture of hit bail We understand that arrangements ware in progrettyetterday afternoon, from whicn wn expected a favorable issue." THI Casal. Am t of tolls rea'd from lit to 7th June, IMS, $94,9M 91 " " " " 1843, 14.SH 91 Increase during the same time in '43, $13,441 SO Total im't tolls ree'd to June 7th, I-<43, $103 573 40 " " " 1043, 01 935 91 Excess in 1843, $fl 3*0 If [Buffalo Commercial. Accidknt and WoNDtttrm, Fscapx.?Yesterday (Friday) afternoon, the canal bridge half way between this ritv and Whiteatnwn, fell with two teama which were croamng it One wae a tobacconlet's team in which was Mr- Asa Montgomery and a friend. The other was a carriage in which were a gentleman and two ladiea and a child, whoee names we have not ascertained. The whole were precipitated into the canal, into the midst of the ruins of the bridge. Mr. Montgomery and hia friend and the oiher gentleman, ladiea and child were all rescued, though all ol them more or less injured. A line boat coming down hnd barely cleared her stern from under the bridge, and the afternoon packet for Syracuse, with a full load, was iust going under. The bridge fell noi more than threr Iret from ihebow of the packet, so that tha bow struck the bridge almost Minultaneously with its fall into the water. The decks and cabina ot the packet were covered with passengers, and had the accident occurred an in sunt later, a learnii loss oi me mum nave enauea.? We Ho not recollect ever hearing of a narrower escape of so many persons ? Utvn On: Vjirmont.?A Whig State Convention is to beheld at Rutland on Wednesday, the 28th instant, tor the nomination ot State officers lo be supported at ihe September election. A Congressional District Convention, assembled at Burlington on the 8th instant, noptinaled as candidate for Representative of that District, the Hon George P Marsh of Burlington. Carrying Coal to Newcastle.?A vewel left this port for Maine the other day, laden wuh ship umber The succeeding day another cralt arrived here from Maine witha load of the aame material. "Exrhange'S no robbery," but we cannot understand what kind of profit it is, thai grows out of this sort ot swapping ot commodities. Maine is one vast forest of sh ' timber, while little of the article can he found in this State lonugious to ihe Sound Still trade runs in curious channels sometimes, and it is iieasiwle ihe ship huild*-ra in Maine are not content without >n?? r'ing >nto their craft, some sturdy Coilecticul timber. People fiod out, now and thea, hat s- mething is raised in this little State beside* wooden nutmegs ? Swi Haven Mem Cam.

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