Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 14, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 14, 1843 Page 3
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<fc>TO THE PARK ! TO THE PARK ! !?" In ,i, Repeal of the Legislative Union, Ireland usks no dismemberment Irom Great Britain. She claims only a restoration of her domestic Legislature, as she bad it for six hundred years belbre the Union. She requires only that she be allowed to govern hcrsell?to manage hei own affairs in her own way." JUSTICE TO IRELAND ! The Friends of Ireland?all who believe self legislation to be the inherent and inalienable right of man? nil who ran sympathise with a noble ami ann-h oppressed people, snuggling lor that right by piaceful, moral means, und ior so stiuggling threatened with the scourge of " Civil War." are invited to attend a Meeting in the Park, this (Wednesday) afternoon, at hall past do'clock, Much highly important business will be transacted- It 1* requested that sll those desirous of seuding forward their contributions by the next steamer, should hand them In to some one ot the Executive Committee, or other friend, before tho meeting. Bv order. B. O'CONNOR, Secretary. ft7- FRANK UN SALT WATER BATHS?CAS TLE GARDEN ?Who that has visited, and returned relreshei* and invigorated irom these splendid and healtny resource* in a butting summer, has not acknowledged their efficacy. Under the superintender-e of the philanthropic malinger, Mr. Thomas, they have acquired a more than common notoriety, and diffused through society in all its branches, a desire to secure health and cleaullnt-aa at a moderate expense?indispensable in a season ot peculiar heut and unhealthiucas. The shower batliu ura. tniturinr In aauv u/i? have seen. UPd the WllOle establishment ranks lor order, neatness ond propriety in the first class *f public institutions. {^CHANGES OF WEATHER?From extreme heat to cold.materiatlv produce a change in the 'health'* of man! And wo see lor the last week, that influenza and sore throats have spread over the city like a prevailing epidemic; almost every person has a touch of it, some severe and some light. This complaint, unless attended to in time, is liable to prove fatal: it comes irom a clogged matter around the inner vessels of the throat, which occasions the sore throat. It is truely astonishing to stand in Tease's store, 45 Division street, and see the great rush for their "llorehound Candy "?their sales have more than doubled. Happily for the " human family" that this remudy will certainly euro influenza and sore throat in its worstforma. A moment may be too late?von that are sick , go and get well. Head the following from an emi nent physician, you that have the influenza :? Gents?Please send by bearer six dollars worth of your llorehound Candy, at wholesale price; ho will hand you the cash for it. It appears to possess properties to cure the influenza; and, I must Bay, I was astonished at the mild operations and perfect cure of one of my patients. You ought to advertise it to cure the above com|daint, as it would be doing a benefit to numbers Yours, 8tc., C. HELDEN, M. D. Sold at 45 Division, 10 Astor House, 273 Broadway. QCjf- THE CAUSE OF CONSUMPTION.-Simple as these complaints are usually considered, no one can deny their being the most common cause ot this fatal and distressing disease- It is indeed a melancholy truth that thousands fall victims to Consumption every year, from no other cause than neglected colds. Yet we find hundreds, nay thousands, who treat such complaints with the greatest indifference, and let them run on for weeks, and even months, without thinking of the danger. At first you have what you consider a slight cough or cold ; you allow business, pleasure, or carelessness to prevent you from giving it any attention. It then settles upon your breast?you become hoarse, have pains in the side or chest, expectorate large quantities of matter, perhaps mixed with blood; a difliculty of breathing ensues, and then you find your own foolish neglect has brought on ( this distressing complaint. If, then, you value life or health, be warned in time, and dent trifle with your cold, or trust to any quack nostrum to cure you ; but immedi ately procure a bottle or two or that lamous remedy Hie Balsam ot Wild Cherry, which is well known to be the most speedy cure ever known, as thousands will testify whose lives have been saved by it. B|l'rice$l. Sold by Isaac Butti, 125 Fulton, corner of Nassau st, Dexter, Albany; Mrs. Hays, Brooklyn; Oorliam, New Haven, and at the publication office, 187 Hudson street. QtJ- IT IS REALLY FUNNY TO SEE THE TRI BUNE and the other papers of that stamp turning up their type in sorrow for the reception of the President ; bat the ladies who use the Balm of Columoia, from 31 Courtlandt street, always leel thankful that such an article is made, as it stops the hair tailing out, restores it again when bald, and keeps the head tree of dandruff. (47- PRINCE BOBBY T. SHOULD PUT A LITTLE of the Chinese Hair Eradicator on the end of his flowing locks, as it will shorten them to the right length. Ladies of the most tender skin can use it without the least harm. Positive proof will be shown all who call, that in five minutes it will remove hair from any part of the body. {((^ ROBERT S. BERNARD, the Inventor of Bernard's Cholera Medicine, from Norfolk, Virgina, has located himself in the city of New York, for the purpose of giving more extensive circulation to one ol the most valuable family medicines ever discovered. This medicine is not like the many thousands ol nostrums now before the public, professing to cure every disease the human family is heir to, but its curative powers consist in curing diarrhoea, bo wel complaints, colics, cramps, spasms, summer romplaints in children, and the "awful Asiatic Cholera" itself. The certificates to the efficacy of Bernard's Cholera Remedy, are not such as are generally given to patent medicines?they are given gratuitously by the most respectable inhabitants of Virginia, and we challenge the world to show such a list. Call at 167 Broadway. OQ- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S CELEBRATED pill lor the cure of gonorrhea, gleat, seminsl weakness, an t ell mocopunileut discharge* from the urethra, are only to he hail genuine at the College ol Medicine and Pharmacy. A perfect cure guaranteed in every case without confinement, tainting the breath, or disagreeing with the stomach. Price $1 per box. Office and consulting rooms of the College 97 Nassau street. W S. RICHARDSON. Agent. N. B?Patients residing at a distance can have a chest containing a sufficient quantity ol Professor Velpeau's celebrated remedy forwarded to any part of the Union, by addressing the agent oi the college, and by letter, post paid, describing case, and enclosing three dollars. Guaranteed to cure. illyN E a M RUT. Tuesday, June 13?0 P. 01. The accounts from the west,in relatio i to the general feeling in the markets, and the prospect of business, are of the most flittering description. In the port of Cleveland, Ohio, at a late date, there were eighty sail of vessels arrived irom and clearing for every point on the vast extent of the lake navigation. Money was increasing in abundance. The rise in wheat and other produce, by accelerating the flow of money into the hands of the far. iners, m addition to the proceeds of the lata loan, were all tending rapidly to restore that feeling of buoyancy which the liquidation of the banks last winter, in some degree helped to destroy The public have become convinced that their welfare is by no means bound up in banks. Money in return for wheat is far better than on promissory notes. In all directions the same stata of affairs is apparent. The general wellareof the country is rapidly improving; and were it not lor the destructive imluence of the tariff, would now he highly prosperous. The next steimer lrona England will have arrived by the end of the week, and will, undoubtedly, bring better news. The dicposition in theitock market teems to be to await her arrival. Transactions at the Board were small, at a decline in prices. Ohio 6's tell 1 J; Kentucky 1 percent; Indiana J; Long Idand J; Paterson i per cent; Mohawk 1; Farmers' Loan 1 J; Harlem ]; Stonington 1 per cent. At the new Board, United States 6's sold at 11:1 J. The prices were generally higher than at the other board. To-morrow is to be a great day on the Harlem road The President and suite are to go out to visit the high bridge, the stupendous water works, &c. Several new an 1 splendid cars have been provided by the company, forming a mode oi conveyance far superior to that of pri vate carriages, as they are not impeded or incommoded by the crowd. Pursuant to the act of Parliament of last year ordering a return of the light sovereigns, for coinage, the amount received at the Bank has been as follows IFtighl. Falne From 'J4th June, 184'J, to April 1,1843, receiv> <*d at the Mint from the Bank, -704,697 lbs. 9 07.. 4 dwts. 14 grs., ?9,.">69,597 9 91 Returned te the Bank, 9,437,76.4 3 3} Remaining in the Mint, ?886,796 17 8} Tho following arc the names of the new directors of two of Ike Western Railroads ;? Attic* and Buffalo R.P. Auburn and Rochester O Lee, of Buffalo H. G Gibson, Canandaigua P. Bennett " Charles Sevmour " S. G. Austin " Oliver Phelps R B. Heacock " J. M. Sherwood, Auhtrcn ? Walter Joy " Joseph Fellows, Oeneva I. T.Hatch " W.V.I Mercer, Waterloo G. Bruce, Lancaster WASackett, Seneca Falls Stephen King, Darien W.S.Whitimore, N. Yark Henry Hawkins, Alexander Wm. F. Weld, Boston J. P Vevder, Canandaigua Nathl Thayer " Albert Banta, Vienna Jacob Gould, Rochester Vv. Sturgis, Boston, Mass. L. B. Ilotchkiss, Vienna Wm. F.Weld " A. Duncan, Piovidenco. In these two railroads there aro three of Boston and one of Providence, with one New Yorker. This is a powerful indication of the growing ascendency dT the eastern states over the great lines of communication in New York. Whilo Bostonians are spreading their influence, sci/.ing every avenue of trade,and building un a bu iness that must soen rival New York, our enterprising, farsighted and patriotic capitalists are squatting in the Bank parlors, lending money at call at 4 per ecnt to stockjobhois ! If they can eke out a dividend on tho ricki tty Bank capitals, they aro astonished at their own wisdom, sagacity and succesa. The position of meney affairs Is very extraordinary. Money is exceedingly plenty, and as it aocumulntes without stimulating any renewal of activity in the trade of the country, its valus is constantly diminishing. The ro lative position of the United States to England is sar.h that the foundation o! ft salon of prosperity more dura bl than has ever before existed is laid, and trade would undoubtelly revive rapidly and lucratively, but for the dreadful and blighting uncertainty which overhangs the commercial legulations of the governments, c'he commerce 01 the country, and consequently all other interests, are bound hand and foot, through the baneful effects of that state of uncertainty and disposition to "change" so eloquently described by Daniel Webster, Esq. It is of tho utmost importance thut our'ccmm?icial relations shoun be permanently Bxed on abtsisof unrestricted trade, aud opposition to monopolies of every sort- In the attempt to protect particular interests, by Jepaii..1? from r<publican principle of equal rights and privilege* to legislators become lost in a chaos of demr.nds for protection. Every new regulation only mokes some ucw one necessary to repair the injury done by the former one. Under the ancient regime ol France, this was pushed to an excess which threatened totally to paralyse the industrial employments of the whole kingdom. The " Journal des Debats" recently stated that a sudden panic has scizej the agriculturalists of Brittany, in consequence ol the airiral at Moilaix.of a vessel liom the United States, laden with batter, salt meat, clover and other seeds, which, notwithstanding the heavy import duty to which those urticli s are subject, have been sold at a cheaper rate than those produced in France. " The consequence has be< n," says the Deshats," that aery has lit en raised lor a protective duty. It is necessary that weshoul-1 repress these demands for commeteiul restriction which have lately gained ground, other vise we shall arrive at a state of absolute commercial isolation, and by degrees we shall be induced to re-establish the customs' lint s of the ancient regime between the different centres of production, to prevent the accidental full of prices in oho department acting upon the neighboring towns." The protectionists in this country are already preparing the way for similar regulations here. The advocates of protection are already proposing some restrictions to protect the new manufactories of the west, Indiana and Uliuois, against the superior capital and experienced skill of New England. Vermont feelsthe rivalry of the west in the Boston wool market, to a far greater extent than she does that of foreign countries. Protect ion between the States cannot, of course, while the Union laits, be effected by the actual imposition of duties, but it is aimed at through the operation of a monopolizing National Bunk. Such an institution, situated in Now York and governed by oaitern capitalists, having branches in each State of the Union, can build up or ruin trade in any section of 1 the country, by the inflation or contraction of the currcn. cy at particular points. If any particular scction'cngages largely in manufactures, or wool raising, or any other employment, it will be encouraged or crushed by the in llation or contraction of leant at the branch in the centre ol that business, at the dictation of the supreme junta at the mother board. If the price of wool it to be raited in lllinoit and depressed in Vermont, an expansion at the former, and a vigorous and relentless contraction at the latter, produces the desired result. The designs ol manufacturers under a large National Bank, would be perfected, to the ruin of the producers. The wealthy manufacturers of New K.ngland, with their immense capitals, presiding orer a National Bank, when about to make their purchases of woo), have [only to " put the screws" to the the wool districts, and writhing farmers must disgorge their wool for what the " protectors of American indus try" choose to give them. If, on the other hand,salesof manufactured goods are to ho cncourgod at the south and west, ths funds of the institution tlow therein abnndance, the dealers procure what accommodation they wish goods are in demand, prices rise, and planters and farmers ' are encouraged to consume on credit until their lands full within the grasp of the manufacturers. This is the pro' jected machinery by which the liberties and industry of the people of the Union are sought to be enslaved. Sales at the Stock Bichanga, $1500# Ohio6's, 1856 00 50 shas Steuingtoi Kr b60 33J? MI00 do I860 13 90V 15 do 32 S 5(100 do 91,S 225 do 32 16SOO do 90 50 L Island lilt blO 5"4 5000 do slO 91 350 do 51 3000 Illinois ipil bods 3H3? 50 do blO 51){ 20C0 do 31 50 do 51>? 3000 Indiana bonds 35 50 do 51)4 1000 Kentucky 6't 97,S 50 do s'O 51 801-0 do 97 1H0 d > ?3 51 <5 stias Mech's Dk 79 100 do slO 51 20 Bk Coin, full 100,S 100 N Jersey RR 65 50 il< scrip loo 75 Paterson Rlt 51 100 Farme's' Trust 25>? 100 do 52S 225 do 25s 5 Aub k Rccli RR 93 92 U B Bank 5 20 d-> 91 10 l.afayeite Bk, Cin 52 30 Norw ich & Wore 2-ftv 59 VickiburxBk V/i 50 Mohawk tk Had opg 37 50 do 3 25 do bCO 37* ??<; IT a I-- Pa ton J ? >. >? 1?C JU HO 37 60 Outibnlionihip lot 100 26 Harlem KR bnv? 32 10 Merchants'Esc Co 3% 60 do 3t% 180 Can on Co 25% 10 Uiicalk Schen 117% 60 do 26 90 da 117 6, 26 do blO 26% Second Heard. $2006 Ohio 6's !)1!i 160 shas L Island RR 51 6010 do b3 88,''i 50 do b30 613^ 100 shaa Canton Co 25 100 do 51.% 10 do 25% 100 do b00 611, 190 Merc-ants'Bk par 50 do b3 61% 50 do 99 New York Pnbilc Slock Exchange, $1000 Uov 6's, 1862 112% 1000 Kentucky t's 97% 4000 do s3 1123a 1000 do S3 97% 1000 do b3 112', 1000 do 97% 20000 do p3 112% 4000 do b!5 97% 1C00 Ohio 6't, I860 oi if 91% 1000 Indiana $'?, 25y >30 36 inoo do opk 9?)i 350 shas I. Island RK 51 1000 do 90 50 do buw 51 2000 Illinois 6'?, 1870 (10 33 100 do nw 51 1000 do blO 33 50 do 50k 1000 do 33 50 do 130 50% 2000 do 32% 50 do 50% 1000 do bio 3:i^ 150 Canton Co 24 % 1000 do lilO 33.Si 5# Harlem RR h:?0 3Mt 9010 d > biiw 33>* 25 do b30 32 $2000 lllino s 6'?. 18T0 3*% Second Board. $11000 Illinois 6'*. TO b:w 31 250 stai L Island RK b3 51 1000 Ohio 6'i, 1860 90 U State of Trade. A fair amount of business ii doing for the season, which at thii period of the year is usually dull. Produce is firm, and a fine export demand exist* in some articles. Oi/i?Crude Whale 33f cents. Provisions ? Tork is firm. Prime, $9,62J; Mess, $10,62}: Old Prime $9 21, and Mess $10.35. Beef at $8 50 for City Vless, and $6.1*2} a 6,25 for Prime. Lard for export, ktgs Prime at 6} cents, with some at 5} a 6J cents; Hams at 4}, Shoulders at 3} Flour?Ohio and Michigan, $5; Genesee, $5.12}. NewOrleans is dull, $4,87}; Georgetown at 6,13}; Alexandria and Richmond County. 6; Howard sreet, 5,12}; Brandywine, 550; Rye Flour, 3 26; Brandy wine, 3,26; hhds at 13,50; Ships Stuffs, 13 cents. Jishts?Pots at $4,62}; Pearls at 5,56} a 6,50. Grain? Illinois (or milling at $1,12} cents. Corn, Northern, at 58 a 59. Rya at 73} cents. Oats at 30 a 32. Whiskey?Drudge is at 23c. For Mils. 23} a 24. Hay?The market is heavy at 40 a 43 cents. Freights. Ciiarlkitox, June 10.?We continue to quoto 6-l6ths dull, lor square hags to Liverpool, hut would remark that a lower rata has been accepted. No engagement has been madeto Havre since our Ins'; our quotations ate therefore nominal. Cotton, in square bags to, New York 50 a 63} ; Rice 2} per tierce. To Boston, square bags 50 cts. Ji nrrlcd. On the 30th of May, by the Rev. T. C Oakley, Mr. John C. Marsh, to Miss Loiusa D. Prxt, allot this city. Died, On Tuesday, 13th instant, Aisisa, widow of Hezekiah Whitlock, in the 66th year of her age. Her funeral will take place this afternoon at 3 o'clock, from the residence of her son, Kdwin Van Antwerp, 14 Tark Place, Newark, N. J. Her friends and those of her son, are invited to attend, without further invitation. Pasungert Arrived. Baracoa?Schr Win Wi'son?J Kneel?i.d. Foreign Importations. Baiacoi?Schr Win Wilson?156 biles tobacco 23 nieces mahogany 30 logs cedar Aymir Si co?701S e con nun 700 shaddocks <59 bonilira banan ia 7071 bia ginger Cropse v Si Uilm rtin?30 liiinctipa bsn-naa S00 nl nta |0(I pine apt iM MM RO|N (o maater?' bi'ei tobacco J Biuccland Sisal.?Brig D*lawa e?40 bdls deer rkins 4 bbl copal A Patru^o ?I7J ba'ea heinp R do deer skins Bnnchand Si Yheband? 12h iln Icmp Hnwlanil Si Aspiiiwall. At-I CatkS?Schr Dsty ( base?474 lugs coffee 5!) 500 lbs logwood 33 stoks uiahrg <ny S W Lewis?',Rn bsga coffee 3 do old copper T M 111 "i?1)3 o.igs cuff, e A <- Hoaiierc. MARITI M K H E R A L L) BiUp Uluisrs and Agenda Wr ihsll esteem it a faror, if Captiina of Vessels will giyr (0 Commodore Koar.RT flii.vnv. of our Newa Kleet, a i'e poet of the Sbipplug left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vearcls S|>oken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and a is Foreign Newspaian or V-wa ihey may hare, lie will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also coufer a favor by seudiug to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they ran obtain. Nantieal Information of any kind will he thankfully peril' ' POUT OK NtlW YORK, JUNK 14 SUI* RISKS 4 30 I MOON RISKS- " R 39 line T -01 mich 10 8 Cleared' Briis Russian, 8imrsnn,Cadiz. II Havilaid Sit Co; Janet, (Br) Blown, 4 flat j' w. Bur1 ay St Li villa St vn; C an, ( Danish) Dunham. Port au Plait, Aymai Si Co; Arab. (Br) Howe, !4t J ,hn. NB D H Hobertsm,; New York, Meriymaii. Bith. Me Neamith, Leeds k Co; Levant. Websier, New Haven, do dr.; Splendid, Crosby, Providence, J Dwell Si Co?Bclia Coaa'ant ? Antigua, A Hubbard SiCo; Clarendon. Holmes. I li >mvtton, Neamith, Leeds k CCatharine Amanda, Teal. V ,| nnng'ou, NC. A B Coolcy k Co; Hegulns, Hawkins, do, t, S lowell Arrived. r R?P!!i59?? Lf online, Wiriirg, 36 diyt from Bretreu. in uni aai, iv uijvi? mi pataeiiKrra Hri? UeUwirc, Ron, 15 daya from, wi.h rkini, 8tc to 8-hrWm. Wilton, Fulltr. 9 diy? Birtcot, with logwood and truit. to AvmarltCo. Sclit Duty Cliaae, Downi, 11 days Iro n Aui Carta, with logwood and collre, to 8 W. Lewia. SchrAtia oud., Ti lr?'d, f oin Waahtngton, NC. and J dayi from Orracohe, With t.a?tl a'.oret. flcralrl Marin* Corrtanondenca. Otrn'k or the llnooc laLAitiisa,) Newport, June 12, H41. S Ar 9tli. K.elio, Anttln, F ill Ku r fur I harltaton; Blur i (out a, Jo for Til l idelpi'ia; J nnr? Lunp'irr, Ke- ny, and V i ail'Bi. Heath, Providence lor NYo'h. Arr lOili. Aim Muia, K?ll Hiv rfi --; MiramU, Perry,Thomatton for NYorh; * W IlridUy. J laei, Bay Hi ?er N< ; rankfe, Ch*v, H itli Hirer tor N If oik Arr litli, V antic, N Yora for Kail Hirei; Juno, Browu, Proridance (or N York. Sid Kclio, Charlettoti. (iantra: Kncorrt. hhiichm Doitia, c?Pt. Alriander, aailrd from Saraonahfor Lirerpeol t u Uie nth ol March laat. and had not ainved when 1 ' ' a Uf>, 19th u'l. She b*d a cargo of W balcaco.tcn : |?v r, ir ... ? M i ? i <! I r ri? ' nitty. Lou ok ichr Kiia Whiilh.-Wc learn by the Wafer Wuch, I p* Hofffluo fM Ntv OflaftDifrom TobiTCOi ilmtUia r 'Ahirler, of I'tulad Iptllftt reached Tobaaco on the 16 h M it, iw ith Cajl D. Daviasou tDucrffr, lbe i?l nd of Lai Arena, on which re*f the aclir wa? to?-lly wrackffl uu if *** liih. The F# W. waa from L rmi hoitid to Mrw Crt?^r< . r .. _ ... hii> Klohidian P. a t. from ^Y?'k for ^ hV '< . 2 ..ll?.Mlr?nii!e.!\Ko/li.r Hand on lh^ 10 h mat I ilt* soot Wh?u Ifivt seen,?il" hid alf Oil* *'? trT" " ? off Her situation Was consider* d diogeroa*. ? PaKTIIULAHS OK THE ('arTVJIlE 0' tME A OA Y.l.M k. 0? Pint apki i'hia ? Opt Dnutuli wiites that " Alter anmng *1 Vi m Cruz. from NewOrlcant, I recliA't red the htig t6 pre .?Co thence r.o Lerma. On the 27th April. Coin Moote arrive., there .trd had an tnir ig' tneut ? ith the Mezican 'fiaanrnn, and succeeded in getting into Ompeschy; the Ada Klin and senr Kamiy i f Baltimore, both .1 chorsd close 111 shore, under tne protrcti in of Lnrni, aecord'UK 10 ordrrs. Two ughts alter- ^ wards w. were hoar id byru armed fo ce from Campeathy 1 wu forc-d from my hi ig aud einfiurd aa a prisoner on board a gun beat, and with th? briit and icbr.waa hr u$ht into this place, a ter slipping the small bower anchor and chili), where we now lemaln, without receiving the mal eat asjiiUtise Iniui Amcic-u C'Misul, w ho is a native of lltia phce.and come- < qu -ut'Vt kes veiy liit'e iutercst in our affairs." LauacH.-A beau ifu' ship of 403 tona, wa? tauni h d at M ittvpoiseli On Saturdsy She is owned by U 81 iVi Starbuck 8t Co, of Nantucket and in called the Kmpire Commerce ok New York ?The arrita'aa' this port for the wo ek ending the loth inat. were 15 ships, II baniuaa, y9 brigs, 107 achra. Notice to Mariner*. Natkiation ok Tint MnziMuiquE ?The following commnti'cvti n relating to the Shannon, Luckett, frtm Shields for [ Aden, and the Shoal in the Mozambique Channel, on which he j above vessel wa? wrecked i i October Inat, hai been rece.ved ' from the A Imiralty" The Lordi Commissioners of the Admiralty having rec-ived inforination tint the Shanuon, Luckctt, w aa loit 111 October last, on a reel, iu the Mozamb'quc I Channel, ill1 lat 12 '4. Ion 46 30. not laid down inthe Adinirilty I Char's their lordihina dei m n right to make known for ilia in- I formatiau of 'he tiade east ol lh? Cape of Gocd Hope, that an Admiralty ('hart has been nullified, showing the shoal ou which the Shannon has been lasl, laid dowu eiactly iu the latitude and longitude slated." Whalemen, Arr at New Ped n d 10 h inst. Favorite, Yo"ng, NZejIinit, Bay of Island) J 111 20, wi'h 1000 hhls wh and BOO spoil. Left Henry Tube, of and for Warren, few days, to touch at Hi > de J ino rr> "poke Dec 20, off cast 1: ipe of New Zealand, Mrretire, (Jrav, Slouingtoa, 230 wh 41) sp; Jan 1, Montezuma, Nl, 2630 bbis. Arr at Salem I Ith, Mt Wallaston, Hose, Pacific Ocean vie Km ,le Janeiro, with 7C0 bbls wh 400 do s) m oil?aoltl >2(111 wh at Rio. A rr at Newt ort 9tr, Bow ditch, Sowle, from Providence, and sld for I'acific. Sid Leouiilaa, Pacific; Ann Mari.t. do. Arr at Sac Haibor lflth, Su ermr, Cartwright 32 days from ClOMtUa, Si Helena 13, with illy oH? oil and 7i)0(l I lis bone.? Spoke Jan III, lat 44, l"n 49 30 W, Alcione, Payne, 8H, 3 whs. bound to lh? NW Coaat; Portland, Payne, do hil Ka-r; 21lh, Pembroke, 500; Neptuna. NL, 500: Arab, I" H. 3 w? s; Feb5th, Kir,ma. MB, 3 whs; lOih, Jison, Harris, NL. 13 whs; 12 h, At Untie, Bridgeport. 5 whs; March 1. North America, Uriniia'd, Warren,6 win; Uth, Milword, FH 650bbls; 19th, Ontario, wivvm," ii, >iru, sin, in <1 iv, iuu iv cj. mi run, tin, luuu ; Pin , Ametican. Cooper. 13.A0; Tuscirora, White, Coldspriug, 1750; Harvest, Youngs, Bridgeooit, Kif0. Alio arr, France, Kd wauls. 91 diys from Crozettei, and St Helena 44, with 24)0 hhls wh 220 1*0 sp, 18,000 lbs bone. S'd 10th, Neptune, P.erson, NW Coast Arr at New Loudon 10th. Halcyon, Lee. from Crozettes Mch 2). St Helena Apiil 20 with 3)0 bhls wh, landed 160 spm at the Western Is'ant's. Returned in couseiiuence of the mutiny of crew. Columbia, Smith, was at Dilatation Island J in 6th, with 1200 bhls elephant oil. Heard from March 20. Romulus, 650; CaJmus, 900; Hannibal, 850; I henix, Briggs, 1300; Nimrod, 900. Spoken* La Dnchrsse d'Orleans, Richardson, NYork for Havre, Jane 9,14 honrs out. W? vr, R igem, Richmond for Somerset, June 11, tat 38 30, Ion 71?by the I) uy Chase, at this port. (Vroi. (Fr) Porto Rico far Marseilles, May 21, tat 29 N, Ion 53 W. North Star, Smith, Biih for Gaalalonpe, May 33, tat 29 55, loo 59. Meridian, Williams, NOrleacs for Hamburg, Jane 6, lat 37 30, Ion 63 30. Millinoket, Tierce, Bangor for Uuadel.upe, June 7, lat 38 10, Ion 06 20 Jthn Crosby, Hopkin*, Bnugor for Martinique, June 8, lat 42 45. Ion 68. Vermont, New Yotk for Sniinam, out 2 days, June 9, tat 40 7, loll 70 37 Susses, Havana for St Petersburg, 11 days out, June 4, lat 31 20, lou 69 25. Ten Brothers, Crawford, New Orleans for Gibraltar, June I, tat 29 45. Ion 76 16, 14 days on:?by the Paris, at Boston. Foreign Ports. Arx Caves, June 2?In port. Col Taylor, Wells, of and f?r Boston, w tg outgo; Thoosa of and from do, jnst err, ln? only Am vessels; Columbiana, [Br] for Antwerp, wtg cargo; British brig ??. iust arr from If.iiriii . vi, Man Sisal, M?v 29?8Id Oeu Marion, NOrienus. In port. For* re?t, (roin NYork, arr 27th; Grecian, for N Orleans, ?oou. Earacoa, Jane 4?In port, Comet, Nickerson, from NYork, just arr. Prut Petre, Qmd. May 19?In port, Rebecca C Fisher, Johnson, N'Haren just air; Lyilia, Ilslrv. Portland, ilo; Robin Ho al, B-rr-, do; Mais Ilill, G orfelown, SC do; Cnr't'iu, lohiif n, NYork, utiso'd; Woodstock, Baker, lor St Thomas, tie*; day; A' n Louisa. Tillett, from K.ienton, just ?rr; Pamlico, Puffer, for Washington, soon; W H Turner Refers, Torto Hie), do. ^ Montekp.t, Calirornia. Mar h :il?In port, Admittance, P :t< r on, fiooi Boston, l>7 ilsvs, art id; Barnstable, Hitch unc. Qi r.BM' Jiiuc E?Air K'nidi ve, hirth, Bordrnn* Chi Aberdeen. Uuffey, and Aja*, Charter. Liverpool; Nile, Jel i'ler, Soiulc land; Aihlphus. Lmnim, Dublin; Try Attain, heacock, Cork; Irrhnd, Ma shall, and Countess of Durhim, llorg, GlcCestL", Clio, Crown, Paastow; Jane Browu, Wyllie, GlesRow. Montreal, June 9?Arr Win Parker, Sewell, Liverpool ? Old Lady Scatjn, Tewperly, London. / Horn* J'orts. Lubii'/ une 5?Sid Plato Peiry, Philad'liJi a; Fair Dealer, l Olive Klizibeth, W>niiebeac.h, NYork. Fast Maciuas, June 2?Slil Caroline, Brown, NYork; 4ih, Mary, Chase, do. Pmospkct. June I?Arr Alvert, Viaal, NYoik. B?r?<;on, Jnue ID?Arr Mariner, Kidder, NYork Portsmouth, Jtiue 7?Arr I allejrand Kinwlton, B Itim'e; 8 h. Block li iwk. O i\ is. St Thom is; 9th, Montann, ICIdrn'Ke, NYoik. Sid 7 h, Miettaiid, Frost, Richmond; G-b Waneu, Day, Phi'adelphis. Newhitrtp.'RT, June 10?Arr Va'halla, Harris, Wilmington, N't'; Hudson, Tarr, NYoik; Klvira, Kniflit, Gcnrctown. Boston, Julie hi?Arr / leaander, ( Kussian) Preiiss Buenos Aries; Liberty, Towtsrnd, Philadelphia; )l:h. Walpole I homas; Paris, llofimau, and Chatl am, .Murphy, NOrhans; Fredk Wsrreu, Pr'tt, M?uilla; CtmqM, S|irn*u?, Glssnufol) Deborah, Handy, Chirleston; A'nares, Crowell; H nn*.Howe?; Wm Pann, Tar lor; Southerner, Gibbs, and Mary, Trefeih?p, Phi adelphir; Thos W*ni;s, Djuuhty, Washington, NC; Jane Sally Frances, Bailer. Hudson, NY; Ja?per, Nicliersop. New York; Biliiier, t'uttrr II, Cheiry field lor NYork; li h, Forester, IllRltius, Mohi e; Enctue. Cooksen. Phi'adelnhia. (lid St i nwiei c . Hodge, Loudon; w in M It g?rs, Harding; Holder Bortl'n, Baker, ami Robert W iln, S?a's, I hilail ill h a; AM Hile, Chase, and Deposit. Kri ilrirk, NYork. Nkw Bedford, June 1ft?Arr Kllen Hodman. Shtplietd. N Yo k; i th, Industry. Cushin ib. do; Thr> a Brothers, Oarnsou, do. J n Bui ett, Godfrey, Charleston. Below, a baicjue supposed the Mandarin, from NYoib. PnovlDKRcr, Ju'ie lft?A r Thames, Friner, Savanna^; Mryunicook, St Marka via N York; (Jlide. Cressc, Philadelphia; J > L Long Hawkins, NYcrk. 8ld Advarce. O rdnrr, Alba' ny Arr lilh, VainMra, Wall, Nfw Orleans; Time, (iairison, SuflTo'k, Va; Mare, Howland. and Trvall. Uiblis, I'a tiinorc; Paragon, Cherry, Pail d?l| h a; Jt lui.Buriough, Albany; Champion, Yonrg, and Times Oiks, sYoik. Sailed wind NW In NK. Wolga, S'oddard, Wash ngtou, SC; Tlios Fenner, Nick erson; Amy W Leeds, F.ndicotl, and Oregon, Oorsnn, Philadelphia; Union, Smuh, Ba'tiino.-e; Maigarrt Ann. Oodfrey, < a e May; Khzibeih fk Rrbrcci, Or> n, Albany; Jnuo, Stirgas; Liberator. Olover: Van Bureu, Corwin; Capitol, Smith, and M ami. Tucker, NY?'k. Sao Hahhor June 6?*rr Rebeca, NYnrk. Albait, June t2? S'd Florence. Lovell, Boston; Win Penn, 8a"in-ft. NHnlford: Ks*prr Kc lrey, NHavrn Phi i. a of. lp til a, June 13?At Berry, Scars. Ku'port; Ann Klzabeth, Smith, Newport, h I. Old Win Kennedy. Ma>tin, St Thorn is; Angola, Bell, k'alnourh. Jam; Monro-, (Jilch-ist, Boston; Palestine, Stephenson, and Lr.deinii Ik Kfir.a, Price, Fall River; John F Crunch, T omlin, and A Lord, Pitt, New York. Below, Teat r, St Joh ., NB. Baltimore, June 12?Cld^Maria Atwell^St Thomas ^ Wilder, Shihb'ti. Thomaaton. Sid Eliza EDen, Portland; Son. Sinningtnu; Aurora, Boston: F A Seward, Troy. Nokfoi.ii, June 19?Slrl Morea, Smith, Boston. Arr llth, Ta??o, Moore, Point Petie, tiovl. CHAKI.ItSTOtv, June 10?(* Id Unvcoe. Zetega, Lirer| 03!; Calhoun, Myer?, N York; Undine, Cnthinan. Boater; Suli Elly, [Frl Dnipajot, St Louis, Senegal; Conservative. [Br] Carrey, Co k end .1 rnkt. Iu the otliris, Harriet & Jcine, Connor, fiom Liverpool. Mi nit,ft, Juoe 5?Cld Jupiter, Rose, Glaatow; Dibditi, Bkoltied. Phil ulcli hia. Nr.* June Arr Suvi h, Rian, Gibraltar; Monaco, Wording, NYork; Fidelia, SmnM, Baltimore; Doa Amigoi, jeirer, and Dtctdida, Wplett, Bircciona. Below, Burlington. Hamp'On, PADthea.Gov Davie, and Canton, b iund cut. Cld Edwin, Itobinaon, Provn'euce; Delaware, Patten. Havre; Medenaa'h, I hate, aud Nahint Wuiior, Boaton; Waraaw, Hathawav, Rio ile Janeiro; J H Adtmi, Rothfoa, Bremtn; Prinoe of O ange, Draa, Liverpool. LONG BRANCH, NEW JERSEY, "BATH BUILDINGS," (Formerly Renahaw'a ) THIS wrll-'tnowii and delightful tea hathing eetabliehment will he opened for ih-- reception of visitors on and after the 2'th June irat. The building* aire uadergon* a comi.lete and thoinugh repai', and no i Aorta will be apnred to maintain the deierrr illy high reputation which thia estab'i hmeuthaa hetrt >fore ar qiireil. The pr ce for biaHinc will be $7 per week, instead of the former price of $trt, chi'dren aid servant*^ half rri :e Young people, not requiring much room, will find accomtno latn g ti rmi The ateamer Orna, Curtain Allai e. from the Fulton markct en I the ateamer Shrewsbury. Cactatn Coili??, frm the font of Rohinann at, will each make a dailv tiip between New Yotk and Lonx Br Dili. Stageawillbe in readiocta upon the arrival of either of the above bona at the Ocean Heme, to convey ptaieiigers immediately to Long Branch Fare fr, in New Yora to Lonr Branch SI. JAMES GilES'N. Long Branch, June 12,1813. ill lrn*r TO MERCHANTS, AUCTIONEERS. Ace. A GENTLEMAN, thirty years of age, having been connected wito mercauti'e pu auits in 1 11 ci'y for the past eight yeata, wiahea to engage as assistant taleamrn, cu'. door, co vitrg, or general clerk,or in any other departinet,t where hi? aeiviera would ommai.d an adt unite coiroenaation. A note aid reared Import, office oftne New York Hrrald, will receive prompt ai'ention. ill It* re DKAPTS ON IRELAND, lie?Persona wtahngto cud monev to their (rieuda in tht old c?u ,trr hv the Boston steamer of the I6t'i mat., csn be anpplied with drafts for any amount, ptraKle on demird, without d'tconnt, or any other charge whitsnever, in all the post towns throughout England, Ireland, Sc.tlaod aud Wales, on application to W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, ctitici South itre'l. N. B. Prraona rending "la money to be forwa'.'ed to their Irieods in the eld c. uut y, * dral. lor the amount will be forwarded, free oI p >atage. JItf MIJ'ICAL -Nil I'UKK. nH J EVAN* hat rawoved hit Old (J eu'a Heed Ilia penary to 100 Ch?tham, near Pearl afreet, wh'ri he rotitin a hi? a fe, ?perdT, and effectual treatment and cu e of II d< lieate diaeasra inri ?h. re the real old Dr. E'ant will he f und by It a iiuttieront it qa ring frie" da 'I age, ati no , n d forty yeara' caper ciiee intttle a t racti'inner to p e'ereiiee, hen Dr. K. ottld d reel the attention of a dtaceruiut p"bltc til an investigation of hit Claims. He wtahe* the pnfiiic to kit .w tlaat he lit> nothing to do with -ny office in Peek ri'ip Hit rh'.rgea etc moderate. Hit consulted tut are cull lential. Di K. i tare ti > pe re? la of acdietM lor the cure of one tpeciel ofiliaea- for ti, and particularly alteudt to gleet an 1 atrietur, a. jll ;t?r HUNTEKTA'' ri-P'.NSAHY. 3 Piviaion atreet. ca'.ibHalted in IIIIS, f>r lite tale r.f the f>moi* Hunter'i lied Drop, no" known for da ttunarilleled curat all "ret the United roat't and funit, in dieeoaea that hava batfl d the ahilt of 4 >nie ef (lie moat t miurnt physician*; a tv nothing of i he linnc'redt t f doe'i'it I ha atn-t up like mushroon a all orer the eon atry P, 11". tl l"r rial, avarrant d in all ease*. No other plaeI I til. H't.r" ;e . 1 he till a'tic e I e obtai erl Thu meeicine c iBO-1 be < bit ned in Bnaton, Malt., alihnngn a COCntaif it u iprcart ad over thai city. Neiihrr can it bi < h'.alned III Albany. A counterfeit it told in .Vlai tea line. Buffalo mis -g ncy, ho. 1 Lidwty Block, Uoiiimai.-i il atrct. I * It* r f 11 ll'l H .1? .hill -aiea phra lung Uopuer, a atspcrior article, a ' manufacture d with gieat c?m Iroin the beat ore, computing a full attorinii lit, from Hi or to il or, f ir a air by j H K. K COI LI NH m lit) . ;g gamh at. new komt i'oit urncc. June it, mu E'NULIIH M kll, ?Letter baga p?r royal mail atramer 1J Acauis, which leaves Boston on the 16th inatant, will be rinsed at the upper aid lower pott nflics en Thnrad.iy, the t5ih imt ,at <1 mirutea past t o'clock, P. M. jU 31' JOH.t LOHIMKK ORAHAM, P. M. MP** IXT AN T(T l ' ? A partner w o w u'd b shir 10fflrui'h ?-nal "? c*pf ft I in rash t? r-v nrrt bin.sell in the Utlorii'I luitn?ss kaiil establishment fix ated rn the Bowery, and dnirg a first rate business, or fans* i ertnri should ? nit the go>d and fit urea, they will b'aold. Kor turthrr information ci'1 at2*7 Bowery, betw en || niit.m tad First sts. jlfff'C WANTED? \ situation tor a wire a mart little girl. about U ve ra old. to wai' on eloldrrn, or do ancli wo k as mi|tht be < kpertcd of a person i f her age. Sh " 11 of irspseuhle |<a renta Pirate apply at 77 F.rat atrret, near let Avenue. Jalijrr WANTS A bIftTAlToN?Aa assistant III a leasee on ? academy, or-9 governess >n a private family, by a ladv who ha a had aeveral yeara esperiei re in the education f youth She ii full, competent to reach the o-dinarv h ranees ol a polite English education, logriher with Krrnrh and Mini; ; elio Drawing, Sp>m?h end Italian. She hia n ? h)cetion to go Sooth of West, or to nfcmpaev a'amily to Europe. sila't ianotiomU h an nhjert aa a leapectable home. Silislactori ret'- r-ncescHn be given. Address M. 0. at thia office, jfi H U Htt*r BCARU-A genllr man and lady and two tingle airtlfWJ' all be rccorntnoilated with lull or part'al hoard or oatd some rooms.furnished or unfurnished,* iftiont board,in a a nail fsiiiily. why ilie-c -sill be coot er boirders, in a in xiern built hou'C int'ie immediate virinity > f the Washington PaGround. Terms very modrrate. AddiesiJ. K I) . it ih office ol tm.?? j'' 3t m. _ Tina inovii * . Single Gent'emen, or Gentlemen and B .h , w 7 k -modetrd with pleasant rooma a v-a Wires, cau be Me..,. . * ,,,301,0., and boa d, by apidvinea1 11 Vaaey atm?? ? BOAKDINQwA family or two can be haadimi Vo lucilitrd with board at N?wik, N.J. The situai.~ one of the moat delightful 111 the place, and buta few steps from the stopping place of the rail cars For umber information apply at No. 27 Maiden Lane. m27 lm?r HANDSOME APARTMENTS in Houatim strict, clear to Broadway.?To let, to geutlnncu, with break ail ami tea References rei|inrrcl. Address, bog 203 Park Post office, mil lm end"ee fpfi LKT ?Spletid d lir.e rooms, well lurniiln'd for Si glr L Oenl'emen. with b.raltfait an I tra. Ej.juire at 8? Walker sti'et^jtearJJroadw \y. jet lm*rc AKKW OE NT tiiCM BN of steady be acceinniii datnl with good boudaiid ideaaaut rooms in a private family, at 2IM Kultnustrret. Also, a lew day boadrrs can be aenomun dated oil the most reasonable term. A parlor nud bedroom til ler. with "r without im.sril. "S re FUR.NI8H*D ROOMS to LET ,for single O-nilrmm he ulifullv sitnntrd at 27 Bond street; also wanrrd, .a good plain cook, wiili good city reference. Apply as ab ive Je I? 3t?ec dhlft REWARD?Lost, by a lady, 011 the I2;b iostant, besjplV/ 1 wren Philadelphia and tl is c ty, by tneCrmJeii and A-nboy line, a small lilacU in irocco gilt pocket book, containing three ten collar bills on the btnit of North Amrrica. one ten dollar ti Ion the Duct liauk, two five's, PniUdelphia banks, not lerollectrd wliich, tvv 1 fire's Wisconsin Mtrine anf Kite Insnraic-Co , ard a lew mrmirandti'ns. 'I he word 'Souvenir," in ,ilt lexers, on the outside of ill* pocket book The tinder will rrciivethe above reward and thanks of the owuer by Ir ving itat the stare ol George Cook 81 Co , INo 91 Heaver Bf NewVnrll nr:.tll?. ,r, .e of fr.nL lu Rr?lh?, M? II ('< mmerce sr. Philideli hia. jUSt'ec REWARD?Lost ou WedutsJay. ihe 7ih iust .between y Bor lent iwu, N. J , (iu the railroad c ir?) anil New York, a i iue bix, about tlree feet soua-e. con aiuiutr ihe poiirnit of a Kent eme i, hay in* ou it, in iult, "Keen Dry," wh ch i? repeated on srveril sides of the boi. The alnve rewa d will be raid ou delivering it at No. 6) Broadway, Mrs. Plirner'a. j U 3!*ic NOTICE?Ihe 'irl who lank two pecei ol needle worktd edgiutrs from the itore No 74 liudion atreel, on Moutlay tnorniuK, is requested to reiurn thetn, as the is known, and will be exposed, should the above detcnptiou of goods be offered for sa'e, please detain the guods, aud send notice to the above number. Jit 1t*k OLD PORT WINK ANI) OLD BRANDY?The subscriber offers for sale very superior Port and Brudy, expressly to: summer nte, highly recommended lor ill-prevailUK epidemic. i. 11 111'. iT D A V 19, J 11 Itr corner Wil Imm and I'iue ?t. A AMERICAN HOTEL, NEW lullK ? Hiving coin- I pleted ihe repairs and alterations of the A*nt ricau Hotel, and the adjoining house (which I luvc anntxeuio it) I respect fully solicit from my friends and ihe public a ci ntumalim ol their patronage The situation i as uood as that oi any similar establiahinen' in the city It fr..iit? on the Paik, and the Kouctain is unincdiately opposite The l.ou c has been newly carpe'ed, aud everything thoroughly repaired. Ill endlm?rr WM. B COZZXNff. UOK SALE?Anew pleasure snl boat, shout seventeen feet -* long, builtvy a !i >? rite w< rknian, wi h centre board, sails and urging all complete. Sip- is corside ed io be a Hue mode1, and a last sailer- Vv ill he s I<1 i b irgaiu as the owoer has no further use for it. Kor further par.iculars r.pilf to Mr Yates, at the Jersey City Ul iss Mi'inifietury, where ihe boat can be sceu. jit 4 ?r T70R 9 ALB. CHEAP?38 pair i f Carrier Pigeoua. tube seen " at D POWEl.L A CO'9 , live poultry stand. No. 9 Enlton narket. New Y'nrU j I Iw'r rp BROWN. STONE 8EAL ENOhAVER. has r? in ,v-f ed to 733 Broadway, opposite lire Para. Coats nf arms, crests, cyphers, At . engraved On it inc. La lies' seals, pencil cases, signet rings, Ac , engraved s* iih coals of arms names, or anv device. Coals ol arms fonnd and painted. Books of Heraldry kept, with upwards rfone liuudted thousand namss. J >4 2t?r BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. ?r - ?? ?;^ Thursday, Jure 15, * o'clock, P. M. Swtepsteaks for $300. H VV odruff names br. in. Dutchess. Wm. Da met b . tl H?Ctor. Wm Reed names gr e. t??stll?. Two mile heats iu hsruen. Immediately after, a match lor J2H0, between Wm Wbelsn's b. g. for ihouteiand J. Woodruff's b m. Knahion. Two mile heats in harness. Also, a pacrtg mrti h for $ X9. betwreu the pacing horses Ktaderhook Pony and ludtan .Ned, one mile hex s, under the sadl!e. jit Zt'ee IlED ilOUSE PLEASURE GROUND. A^nr^e^r' ? ^ li ree'i u fu r, fre- for all trolling hones, carrying what they pleaie, to c< ma off on Kri day next, at I o'clock Kntrrrs are to be nude the ilay preTicns, at the Red House or u. .1 W??| Hotel. fit Ifec "SHIRTS, SHIRTS, BOSOMS tfc^^W^'ljllVvKw BOSOMS <te nor.t ars. I Iff ill Mr TaVk nnr.r.Aiis -iff-mm' ii ul,bctt II shirts; In 14 L,berty corner of ^ LIBERTY ST. , jf coruer of William itreet William itreet. rMTORTANT TO SOUTHERN AND WESTERN I Me RcHANTS, AND COUNTRY DEALERS IN OENEHAL ?The aubacriBvr having entered into the above II j?, eiclmivrly m oafectared or i u Jiben of induitiioni Itina'ra in til l city, and not like the Tror humhoK. and many othera m tbe lame liue. whoarj advert nine their traih at low pri e? hi older to entrap the uowaiy. Shim, Bciomi jud Col!a-i, mar be had in any qu latit'ei to rait the parehaien at the above eitab'iihment. warranted for dnrability aid chtipaeii to be uuiuriiaticd. Call and judxe for yonrselv-i. M. WILSON, Late Aronsou St Wilion. Be ca'eful to remember the nnmber, 14 Liberty. corner of Willnm it. i lit 4t*ec TAfi. EEL'CHT VV A NOEIt'S umirvlied Cheuiica1 Prepare-L-e liona, I'iiiioh*. tke.?The Command Chemical While Oil S*oip, a certain preventative against the attack of all deacnptinni or inaecli od roie htnli**, ({rape viura, frait tree*, plants, See. There probably uerrr !? ? no compound more effectual in its application than the Chemical While Oil Soap In no instance will it fail, when properly applied, of pccoinp'ishuu the object, adding at the same time to the cleanliness and fertility o' the plant*, Stc. The difficult* many hare lietetofore e* perienceil in cultivating 11 iwrn, Stc., in shielding them liom the attack ol insects, he* deterred manv from raising them,but tiiia difficulty can be en irely obviated by the use ot the Soap, which ii very simple in its m>ncerof application, and on acconut nt il* cheapness iu< e sib'e to any eiteut. Alio may be oh an ed the celebrated Poiion* lor the total eiterunnation rf all deaciiptiop* of vermin infesting house*, barns, gardens, Stc. The Hed Bug Poitnn ia infallible, and by a proper application will moat effectually distr >y the vetmin, aud prevent a retu n of thvm, a* hundteda can testily who last lomttt were 10 lortnnate a* to mike use of them. 'I he K it and Mouie Poison. w hen administered according to lha di-rctioni, a warran ed to dr ve from ilie premise* the rat* and mice, arid p< **<-i>r* ai!i mages over all oilier nreparttior* heretofore brought in use, being tree Irorn all deadly mineral poison, such as orosive sublimate, Itc ; d> g* and cat* may eat rf the aame without ihe least iuju y. Ants, moths, ccckroaches. Sic , are all ffeciually etlriminated Alto a general asiorimeut of rare chemicals and dyers'articles. such aa extract of logwood, do iiuercitron, do tanners' hirk, acids initiate ol potash, white sugar ol lead, nut gall*, Ironiue. iodine of iron, do mercury, do 'pad, doiuiphu*, hy diiod potash iodine lactate of iron, sn'pliite rf mortaine, Ttr aline, salt hate uf radtneune, oxide ofsiltrr, do ol gold, hvdriod parOliM 0 iro , pi''nn, cr a urvt of , otass-tun llltr css Stic, copaivi, caisulrs, b.oiirei, siborrmos cloride of so la, r<|U i anionia, sweet s Irits nitre, iiransille's lotion acetic cmoric and sulpku i: etlieri, Sic.; Swrd.s'i letches, leidlnr and sod i powders, Hrtwer'a losengis, itll'd loda water. Bristol's ?rr?.tiarillt, together wnh a general rssort nent of drilga, Sic , all ?l Fh r.h are I >r aale cheap by UR. LEWIS KKUCHTWANOBR. jll 7 awlmia*tn 3 Wall street. CHEAP CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT, 11 l.)!m ?lr*c!, near Willuin. GENTLEMEN in want of new and t.uhionahle Clothing alioti d call and riaroiur (he suSrrriber'a aelect itnrkoi" goods before purchasing elsewhere. A trial will he snlficirnc to convince the moat economic vl. thai for Imaniy of lit, atyle ol wnrkminili.p,and at aueh low pr cea, thu e?tab!nhineni can not be su'paaaed by any other in the city. Suiierfiue wool black Erench or English ilreaa anil ficck coais ai low aa Sit. wjnanted a good fit, and nude and trimmed of the belt mite rata; English aud French fancy elastic raaaitnere nenta 5 to $8; gaSthfOOM. diillinga, tweeda. maimer asaimerea, 3 SO lo S'i; vesting*, lilk, satin, Miratillea, Valentia, llr. k~. 3 JO to S3 Making end mmmitii; drraa coal? 7 to $9, frocks 8 to $10, vcats nud pint* I Stl to S3 All ordtra thankfully received and punctually attended to. to* Imec JAMES LAC V ,M John at. HULL'S TRUSSES. NOTl'lk. TO RUPTURED PERSONS. PERSONS tlBicted with ruptures may rely upon the beat inaunmentnl aid tlie world alforda, on appli auonatth' offic, No. f Veecv alrret, or to el her of ih-agents m the pm.c pal towns in the Uurtrd 8-aies. lie careful to <i irnne ill" onck pad of Hull's truaaei, to ace if they are endorted by Lr.Hull, in wriliue None are Rename, or to be relied upou ?? good, without liii signature Mauy reraona have iiudert ,keu <o vend itnitaiioua of Hnil'a celebrated rvsses, and thousands are imposed upon in conseijueticc Theae imitation ciurot be relied upon; they are mad> by umbilful mechanics, and aru no better tliau the o.diu.iry riuascs. Renins hale bteu lilted up at No. 4 Veley street eiclnaivly for ladies, hating a sepirate entrance lu<u> the buaiueat depart met,!, where a female is in constant attend ince to w tit upon fem le patients. m2Q Im in IMrOK IA.Nl t o OLD I UHN t HV>le.>.?Mf.oraia* ^ H AKNDEN li CO. will draw at their Eipreta and Eorenrti Lsttsir Office, No. I Wall atr< et small balls of eichauga from S3 to AlOfl.iu soma to mil, payable at sight, for the ar.cninmnla.ioa of peraous wishing to remit to their frienda in England, lit! ird, or Heottaud. i'lie letter l ata for the Royal Mail Steamers fbrLise ayool tye alao mada up at their offic-. b or ftirlhei information apply In HAKNDKN % CO. I Wallstrn a Ac* i" iv London?MACLEAN, MARKS 9t CO. LlSern ml-Wlt.MKR A SMITH I PORTUGUESE FEMAJvE PILLS. 'THESE far-famed and celebrated Pills, from I'ortagal, ?r* 1 wa rercr ve, to be obtained in (i it rcant?J , 3v"nj? treat aaiglrn rha lau salaw foytia sag. AUCTION ,-iALiv-. THOMAS 15K.I.),, aecti meet. BY BE El, * HOVViHB. (Mtirn Hot. II jIhh i'id ill Pulton itr'*. ) "WEDNESDAY, At'OH o'clock, in thi uln rona Tl>? usual ntcnai** asiorlrnentof new and second hand cub nc t and household furniture of all deaeriprioue. Alan, i l?r. t a drional lot of elet ant a? coud hand furniture removed rim Brooklyn for convenience of sale. Wnne time In aupcrb slock of city made warranted cabinet urniture. Alan, by virtue ofan ai'ikmiiciil. H first rate aofia, fi do do rock nit chnra 8 do French b* a'e.ics. Calalo, n :aon Tueaday afternoon THUKSDAY, At lOH'o'c'ock, in the aalea moil'. l arge catalogue inle of plain fnrtci. hz the moat celebrated mikeia aud choice old painti' g. A ??. a private li .rary of 3M voloinea choice hooka, enmpuai it beautiful rote wood aud mahogany prise aud premium piano fortea. Alio. .1 aecnud hind itiatiiimeuta, br celebrated mnkera; 1 beautiful cnttige d i, nearly new, including al o ether til ,e a> valuable aud elegaut pi inn fortea aa have beenoffried tins ara on. Alan, 31 valuable ancient and modem paintings bv celebrated maatera. Alao yo roll choice bnolia, which will be aold in lota to rnit Al o a lam* and vVuible am, rt incut of waiclies, jewelry, p-ns, rings, chain*, keys, nriism'iiti, fancy artielea, ailvtr, gold and plated ware, p edged jewelry, watches, fte. FttlDAY, At 10o'clock, at the aalea room. . *'s ol platform aud other aeilea, with we ghti form ... VF,T? _ ,t,v the attention ol ,? tiade. 25 to 8100 I ha. troi v?, " ' ,nk o c'ock. , dry good', Taliuhle eh Alv*? o.aeortment < I'e?a .nam.. > ,TV i1A1Iiw.,, thing, ht iitry, glovca, fancv artielea, cm,. ' -'oiha 'caaaitrnnka superior clothing. I.oudou and French V tnerea and vesting*, do tntr m?r cloiln. I'Hctia. diiliiogv. ? ; Wm Tv. SHIRLEY, Auct'r, AUCTION NOTICE?The sale of the fashionable itch ol china, glaaa and rarlhenware, table and li >e cnt'erv. dteat ne caa-s, Ur , contain-d in ihestore 0 Astor House, will be cor tinurdou Friday morning unit, June lfi, at 10 o'clock. N B. Private sales very low, e? the coucrrn will be closed immediately. II. SIMPSON, 8 Aster House. join BEVJ. MOONKY Anc 'r. Auction noiick-b. mooney a. co. wii eiiou Wtdneadty, It'll June, a lull aisort'rieut ol lire crarkert, an I fireworks, cnnsiitmg cf Konuu candlei, brugoli t lights aerpeuti, an,dies, Sic. Ac. Also, an invoice ofhrass mid ateel barrelled piste's. To be said by small or large lota, to suit the trade. J j at" r W. A. IaRTEH, aucicumt. " CATALOGUE BALE OF FASHIONABLE FURNITURE, Cutlery, < rocki-tv and 0!i?>w?re, by Cart r and </'o. a( the stura, No. 316 Broadway, O ithic II if1, Wednesday. Htli June, at half past 10 o'clock, consisting of every article of furniture, invde in the hi st maimer ami latest fasbioii, vir. sofis, sola beds, mahogany chvus of ill patterns, liair sent lUrl velvet rockers, s?w ing chans, nutse ami sewing rockers, ottomans, divans, dressing bureaus, csrd ami iflaible top centre tables nlaio 1 and t diawer buieaus, breakfast tables, imbo Kaiiv Kreuch In dneads, marble top washstands. wardrobes, bookcases, desks, Stc. Also, Blue diijiier ami toilet sets, ivorv h.iud> eut'i ry, cnt anil pressed tumblers, elass dulies, Stc Hale without reserve to repay ndvar.ces. Ths catalogues will be ready on Monday, yrlisn the furniture may De e sa MM, j 10 St r MORNING LINE? FOR ALB* NY, TROY, and lutermediale Lsmliugs ? Kiom Xs?JLX. tha loot of Baiclsr srreet. The Low Pressure Steamboat EMPIRE, Cap! (I It Kea, on Wednesday morning at 7 o'clock. Notice.?All Goods. Freight, Baggage. Bank Bills, Specie, or any other kiml of Property, nk-u, skipped, or put rn board th' boats ol this Line Arose I e at the risk of the owners of such Goods Freight, Baggage, fee. jllr a?n aa0l PEOPLE'S LINE (IK STEAMBOATS ALBANY?Duly at 7 o'clock, P. M. ^K*jCj* Throagh Direct (Monday's < t-eptrd) from li e Steamboat Pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets Steamboat, (Jjpt A Houghton, will leafs Monday, Wednesdav aDd Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Sti irnboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L W Braiuard, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'c'ock. S'eainboat NORTH AMERICA. Captain M H Truesdell, land xg at iutcrmrdiate places, will leave Monday, Wcduesday and Friday afternoons, at A o'cUclt. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will luvarlvlrly arrive in Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. tT7"The above boats are new and snbstantial, are furnished with new and elegant stnte iinini, aud for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. For passage or freight, apply on boar I, or to P. C. fichal'.z at the office ou the wlnif. jel2lwr JOI GRAND Excursion to the Fishing Hanks, iJ*every Tuesday. Thnridav and Friday morn3EsBwflEdE.iiigi duriui the se ison, landing a! Fort H imilton each w>.y. Fare 30 cen's for the ricur-iou. The steam boat SUPERIOR, Capt. J. Gould, will crmmetca her regular trips on Thursday morning, June 15th, Irnm the Pier foot of Chambers sf^ at 8 u'c'ock; Amos it, quarter yastfi; Canal st, nan pail a; risr in1. i, Danny, ij'iariei id -j, duitiiui. *-*.117, Hrni.hlrn. at ?; font of Pike it iniarter rait 9; ad i pur no, 1, Battery, at ha 11 put ;i o'clock lor ;Iib Firlniit Binks < ff Sandy Hook. A of m ine 11 enifti'i il. Refreshments on h aril Kitra bait furn *hedgratis. The celebrated itnau, Capt. Peacock, with hi. harpoaus. it engaged, j 11 lm*eo m ahmmkh AtlRANUEiVl KNT kuil "~TI* H H H K W S bI' IIY? Look Branch, Ocean JKm_JBLjKLH<>ii<.-, Black i'oiut, Ituini u, and Eatontnwn Linking, through the inner passage '1 lie new Steamboat sh rkwsbull Y, ' arnin Jonn P. Coilies, will leave E itoutown Landing on .Sunday, the 4th of June tn>t., and run aa ful Iowa,to wh: karirg Nov Turk, ftoai the foot of Kobiaaoa a rret, every Monday, Tueid-y, Wednesday. Thunday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, a. m. Keiuruinir, will leave Kaioutown Landu u on each of the above dav?, r t | o'clock, p. m. On Saturdavi will leave New Yoik at o'clock, P. m , and Eaton tewu LandiuK on Siind ays a' I o'clock, P. M . anil Oceau hnun at 4 o'clock. The stlkewsbu ry will iun ai above (w?ather i?e rmiti iofc) u utii i'm the r notice. Alllnggige at the riak of the owner*. n. b.?Stages will be in Httenda'ice to convey passengers (" 0111 the aforesaid laudimt placet to any pr. ol' the country require^ je 13 NEW YORK lM|y St BOSTON SOlJMJnLOT. f)wkn i'hescott, Pilot, or takei charge a* master and " pilot of tesseli bound to New Bedford, Nantucket Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth.Portland,Krnnebeck.audOTHEl< ports eaat of New v ork. olm at Kiye st Siiaw'i, "Vil Water street, corner Bcekinan. Kelereuce to a .number .of Merebauts, and wv.sral Inanrflhr* I 'titntuiiiei iu fthi* pitv. Ki.imn niwi Portland. mil liniir "Tjfrg- KOK UVKKPOUl-UJiTiiUr Packet IMIi Juue kTJHrV? The e'eiraiit. fast sailing New York packet ship iAitllfcKOf 'H K-'i'KII, Julin Britten, mailer, will nil on heitegular uay, Ifcth June. For freight ou>y, haying rciy e|l<u )i<1 accommodation* apply to tlielCaptain on board, writ side Burling Slip, or to WOODHULL U MINTUHNR, 87 South street. The fine new packet ship 11 >t t nipriir r, 10*0 torn, Burilry, m uter, will succeed the iiochesler, and tail on her regniarday, 18 h July. jit ce Mk FOK LIVKKPOOL.?Regular patkeiof thetttn JMP^ .Ioii -.?The I erf int er.or, fait sailing packet inti JBSBbUAIlHlCK, tnp'ain Buddy, will ino'l positively ail as a bore. Having rery inperior accomir oditioos for cabin,iccnnil eabi, and iteerage passengers, persi ns wiihrng to embark shouh mak* early application to JOBKPH MeMUKRAY, luO Pine St., cor. Booth. The atov.' wi'l be succeeded by the spleudi picket ship Patrick Henry, Capt Delano, and sail on the ?lh July. Persons wishing to eeud for their friends in the old country, cao hare them ftrought out by the abuse ship, oi any ol there.'nlar packeu, by applying ae above ; if by letter poet paid. jl< r sees t>?w LINK LIVKKPOOL PA <JK x/l'? ?Kark? 16th June?The i| lendid, fast sailing Packet Ship mmmrn Km HhSl'KH, ('apt Hnttoa, will sail positively as abovr, her regular day. The shi|is of Ihia line a-e all l#00 tons hiurtheu and upwards. and their accommodations for cabin, sr^uuu iirrrovr iMJini^crs. u is wen kuowii ire superior to any other line <>l packets. Those wishing to secure berthe should not tail to make earl v application on b> srd, foot of Bnr.iiiK Slip, or to W. tit J. TAP3COTT, 43 Teel< siip, corner Snub at. The Rochester tails fro'* Liverpool on 'he 5th At gust ? Persons wishing to tend f? heir friends can hivo tx.em (nought out h her, or oth>r firat class packet aliipi, sailing from Liver[M:il weekly, ou favorable term* Dralts for large or small sums payable on demand, without diacouut or any other charge, in ad the post towns of Euglaud, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can also be obtained on application ai iio re jio r ?*?- I'At KKT KOK HAVRK? "ecoud Line?The ItWM^abip ONKIDA, James bunch, mtit-i, will sail ou rjjfJLT.o. |,tof July. BOYD & HINCKfcN. Agents, jU?e "No. I Tnutioe Umlifinv, Wall sr. FOR liRKKNOCK. SCO 1'l.AN U?Itrgniar Pa< ket of the lOJt June?The aple did packet ihn 3HfaAUI TATOH, Captain Henry, will punctua'ly sail as a iove, her leitul lr diy. These desirona of proceeding direct to Scotland, or the north of Ireland will find this vessel very romlcrtably li led op for the accommodation of cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, Who will be taken at low rates. For further particulars apply to C apt. Henry, on boa-d the ship, at old Slip, or to J. McMlJKHAY, j I4e? .00 Piue st. KOK LIVERPOOL?NKW LINK?.Rertular <i Packet ol 25th dnne.?The Splendid Packet Shi| a!jpw^liAKKICK, Captain Win Hgiddy, of I0O3 tons will positively tail as above, her regulr.rd'y. Kor freight oi passa/e, having aacominodalious tiiic.ina.ied for rlenuor o; | comfort, arnly on board, at Orleans wharf, fool of Wall street, r to K. k. COLLINS k CO. in Scn"h suett. Price of pasteic*. fltO. 1 ne Packet Ship Kncins, ( ai t. John C dims, of 1] h tout, will succsed the Oarnok, and sail the >Jth of July, he 'Sunlar day. Letters lor the ships of this liu* will only ba received at Oil pin's and Hale's -News Room. Passengers may rely on the ships of this line aailiAr P?i Meal |y asadsertieed. ;I1 r rOK Nr.W ORhhAN is?i*l IU inl A.N A AN I #*5VNk.W YORK LINK?1*. silisely hirst Itegiile vWKePaoket?Tne fast sailing packet ship OC V1U LOKK. Captain Pret. basing iwo thirds of her cargo engaged will have immediate despatch. Kor freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, aprly on hoard. ?' Orleans wharf, foot of Wail st. or to K. K COLLINS St f.O. M Kouth st. No goods will be received after Kiilay rvriiisc, 16th inst. Mhipiwrs mayrely u?ou ntvitig tneir go ala eorre.tiy me.aanr ed.and that the ships of this line will sail pnnetoa'ly as advertised. Any guarantee to that effect will be given and fulfilled that may be required Agents in N. Orients, tinIIin Sc Woodruff, who will prompt ly forward all goods to their addtesi. The oaeket shin Oeouee,Captain Jackson, will succeed ikt Octnnlg e. isH r FOR LIVERPOOL?The letter baas of the royal mail steamer Acadia close at Haraden h fo 's Kipie>s and Kote gn Letter Wtfice, on Thursday, the 15th iest , at o'clock, P M. Tney also m ke up a hig for the ovrr'and mail to fni'ia. , ie. HARNIIKW It CO. rjft BONO It PARK, fashionable haltera, 198 Chatham equate The patronage of onr friends and the i uolic is resreclfuilv tnlicifed jl )3t*r TWENTV-FlVK 1KILLAKd REWARD. M THREE HOCNUH, (English Harriett,) were stolen on Kiiday night or Ratu-day morning last, from Mtnniesltnd, ono mile nhove Msuhattauville, on the Noilh River, named Korecst'r, Countess and Clar'. The dog is whitieh, with iwo blaclt spats on the body, tlea bitt-n. with blark head, r-d sh errs, very ih nt, the tips cropped, tail a little curleJ an I thick. Count's* is much like the dog, hat less flea bitten, ears broader, (he ends cropped?lias a good deal the look of a pointer. Clara is white, with the etception of ihe herd, which is r#> ish with black spot near the tail The abo'-e rewa'd will be pud for t'-e apprehension, or iufnimarine I -admit to Ihe detection of the thief, of thi'ves, on appliu gat 77 Wilismsf, no stairs. Any gentltm in to whoer t<id digs msy he i IfereU In. silt,. r knowing anything of then wliaicnb mts, wi.l conf, r a great favor by giving information, through the post office or otherwise, to the subscriber J. W AUDUBON, j 13 3t*m 77 William street, tTHK owner ef a neat three story house, having me-r* room than la requisite for hia Ismtly, is d-s-roas of ?ent ing a part of the saneioa espectsble favily, wilhiul | ill. To inch a tenant Ihe rent wi'l be I w Kor p'r icn la?s apply on the prrmisra, '.OKI sibeih, befween Broome ate ( bpriug sit )ll Sfr I TW1NKH?:oo hales Bridpert Wine Twine, c '".prising a I complete aasotmeut from iH lbs to }S lbs, of inpcr'or I qn.htyand k CO , M South st ' AMUSEMENTS. nTilL o't oardri. OPENEDTEOR THE SEASON. Dlemr. Mr. JOHN SVETON. WEDNESDAY, Jan. Mth. Lait night of (hp B'aek D >mtno, auJ lait right bat one rf M'll.' dvi'i. lu r n? 'laracp of the great sorrrg. of (hp Black Domino, and the u i?p a<'miri<mn and appluae wilh wh eh the aing""ii*? ?f M'lle Calve ?rp mghtlr reecircd, the op-ra waled Ih i s?. unit lor Uw lot timg. I lie performance com me n at half-paal 7 o'clock preciaelf, with tke i Ivaiiutp in " |,p L'o nmo Nmr" Auhcr After lb* Ovcrute, will h* reiviped, lor the lait tun# in N?w jroik, agnni o|x rc, iq ill re acta, inutic by Anbrr, composer ol L'A VIB ASSAD R ICE ' FRA 1)1 A vi),.M Lr.S DtAMANS DK LA COURONNE, AMI Ai AEON Entitled LK DOVlnNO NOIH, (fHB BLA< K DOMINO) tlMTRISUTION. Angele. (tl-e Black Domino.) M'lle Calve Hrmit'e, h r confidante, Madame Lrconrt Jaeinlbc, Mall.lea Urtn'p. Kob'llon La Tcurierp, M'lle Logier Horace de .Viaiearera Moo a M Richer Jllll <110, LfCOO't Lnr.l Klfort, Deaaonvilla O l Perez, Bernard Melcninr Buacher Lorili, Niiub, Noviciatea, Domeati.jaea, fcc. lo rebeanal the operag of L'Ee'air, tuniic by Halerey, com po er of La Juive. La Favor te, Lea Manyn.aud the Pcatillion ol l,oii jin ao. Mime l,y Ailani, eoiapog r of La da ^ restou, Le Chalet, Ire. IT?- A ifrirt r.:'?c will lie n attendaacc and great care ta i. n lo prevent the ?aiii.'*?ioti of improper pcraoua. . 't"7~Tiekrta Fifty Cinti. May be had at the Oard.n daring th-day. O" A limitrd number cf Season Ticieta will be die poted or. ?? I'aitH, iiihanp . MM. AND ,VIM BKOUOII \ .M. TH! P EVEN: NO, June lib, Will lie performed, A LADY AND Ok ' Ti.KMAN IN A PECULUH P* KPLEXI no PKHDICAM KNT. A'ter winch f H AKHPKA RE'S DREAM. 'I'o ba uillowrd by the YIAHRIKI) K iKE. To ciiic'ude ?i h a unves-ia of OTHELLO, buses, 60 els, I'lt, 26eta; (Jallery, 12). e;s Doora open at 7 perfonnaiicca ciimincnee at ball peat 7. CIIA I'll A M THAiA I'lB-*,. REDUCTION OF PKICEB Fir?f. Se-onu and t hird 'J lera 26, Pit I'^fcot* THIS EVENING, wi1! be perlnrineJ, BUMP*?AbrlHaitiIiomi. Mr Hilabey. Alter which the LADY AND THE DEVIL Durum the evening the ormioal Keii'ucky Milatrcla w II ipiaar To c nelnde wtlh the BLIND BEGOAR OF B&THNAL GREEN. Lloori ope; lidfpaat 7?curiam riaea at 1 o'clock precisely. AMKRIOAT THJC ATltK, WALND * ST., PHIL.AUKL.PiUA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MI88 CUSHMAN. THIS EVF.NInO, June Mth, will be performed, THE BIX DEGREEsioF CRIME. To conclude with LUCKY 8 1'ARS. mIt; r E. A. MARSHALL. Leaeee. fltttKun, AND .KK1AL GARDEN. Opening of (lie (Jar leu ou the root of the Muaeom, affording a fine view of the bey, rirera, adjacent towns, aui the moan cool ami delightful promenade in the world! Croton W?tcr ta mooing freely in each atory of the Muaeuin. A NEW AND BEAUTIFUL FOUNTAIN ! With more than iniljeta. has been erected la tlie Museum? BALOON ASCENSIONS throaghonr the day, and FIREIVOH KS id the evening Mr. HARRINGTON, the Great Ventrilci|iiiit an I Magician, is engaged. Alao, ,\lr. H. O. bHKIt vi AN, L? Prtile Cento, he On the first of July will be opened .1 new and apariotta Hall, containing articlea of trade, mauulaeture, the aiu, commerce, cards ol bnainraa, Ac , similar to the laura of the American ana Mechanic Inaiuutra. Contributor are r<rested to call a>1 otruin circulara anil terina imuiediatelf. Pr cr ol 25 cents. Children under ten half plica jeHr I'l.ALK Ii NKW UtfUH ffll?KUa Broadway, opposite the City Hall TREMENDOUS AT^'HAC riON?SEVEN PERFORM ERS. AND ADMISSION ONLY ONE SHILLING, Mr. H. BENNETT, Mauager. MINSTRELS OF THE RHINE : Miaa KATEIIINA HABERN CHT, Mr. JOSE HABKRN1CHT. and Mr. ANnON WARNER, Mr S BROUWER, the celebrated comic singer. Miaa BLANCH A KD, the Grecian Jugglereaa, and apleadid performer on the musical glasses. Miaa S A D A lit, the much admt rd Songstress. LA PETITE CEMETO. the Dausenae. A pcrfoiinauce will take place every Wednesday and Satl f dav afternoon at 3o'clock. EveumK Performaucea in the Lectnre Room to commence at 8 o'clock. tlkcus-VAUXliALl, uaKUEN. Under the Management of MESSRS. BANCKER, O SYVI" ET. fc D. GARDNER. GARDEN FREE. ADMISSION TO THE CIRCUS ? CENTS. THIS EVENING. June 13, the performance will commai as with A GRAND WALTZ AND STAR KNTRF.E. Mr. Johnson will introduce the Pony Fanny Elaalrr. Haraemnuahip by Master A Vine rut. Hack wire by Mr Wanlner. Mr. W J elm.on on two and three htries. Tight Hiipu by Mr. O. Sweet. tl.><<i> by Mil. Gardner. American Tar by Mr. George Sweet. The equestrian part or the pnformance will conclude with the Giant aud Gianteu Intrriniiaion of 30 minute,, for promenade aLd refreshment!. Fancy Dance by Midimi isc'le Au ml. Comic Soph, "Nothing at ?ll," by Mrliltiiair. !"ony, "O'er the bine mountain,' by Mrs Sweet. Sony, "My nose aticks our a fett," by Master Vincent. Coinic Dnett oy Mr.and Mrs. Gardner. Medley I'as Seul by Mademoiselle Auiiol. To conclude with LOVE IN A BUSfLK. IT?"Doors open at7>? o'clock?rnriormaace commences at o'clock. No ladies unattended by gentlemen will be admitted. A limited number of He'son Tickets will be sold as $5 each The Cars and Droadtv.iy Ornmb'isses run to and IromU.e Vamliall Circus uuiil 12 o'clock in the evening. j 13 3t*r APOLLO SALOON?BROADWAY. TUESDAY, iJTH. JUNK. i8I3. Mil. VV. V. WALLACE, at the general wish eipressed on bis last Concert, beta to announce that he will bare the honor of Kmuy ANOTHER AND LAST CONCERT, BEFOHK HIS DEPARTURE, On TUESDAY, Ik* 13th Intlant, AT THE APOLLO SALOON. Auiitcd by M fDAME SUTTON. Ml< S. C. K. IIOHN, Anil ntlier eminent tale n?. which will be dulv ?uni>ntic?d. Leader of the Ouimette, Mr. U. C. Hill. Tjr~?nr Programme, ?ee small bi I la. Ticket! 'jO cents tech?to be hail at the Muiic Store* aad H Pels, and a* the doors Oucerl to eommen'e at I o'clock. jl SlNCHNCr. MADAM SUTTON, hasing arranged to i etnrn to Italy lha beginning of Aogmt, purposes receiving pupils until thai time,to give liuishuig leuob* iu the Italian, Fi -oeb, and EnclMfa style ul Stuping Her method ? that pursued by Botdngm tt* the lint ma*ten in Kurope, increasing the atreucth ie* eom, . i* with astonishing rapidity. Her ro| ill will hare tiw 01 her .isiging with them, which can be pursue* by masters alone, who h. te been eminent i.ngen. Ladiee itw irooiot availing themselves of M-iImh Snttim'* limiteu hit, may ascertain terms, Ike., by ippficatinu at 77 Chamber* street, | from 9 o'cloek till 2. mX lie*; Hoik >k en. fNCREASKD ATTRACTIONS !?""oncerta d'r.te i la ? Vin, rJ on the rfreruoons of Mondays. Wednesdays and 8atnrdaya Kre? to the | tiblic. The proprietor of the Pavilion a ihr Klysuii thit fircnlr and ut<<|ualled place t( summer retort, lieyi Irare to inform tlie public, that at (treat expenre he hit eflVcted au enaazemeiit with rhat celebrated Nader, Mr Mvera, who, aaaiatej by lire excellent band, will rirea aeiiea uf instrument. I c? ncerta on the lawn in from of the Pavilion, the firat concert to be i iveD on We Ineaoay, June nth. Krom the drcuNd aocceaa thai attended his correrta lea t eamu, ti e proprietor con'ideinly ant<cipat>> that ihn effort lor the uratihcauon of the public will mtet with a aeneial approval jiiilw'm V1 ? 9ICAC INbTHllMhN TH, Wholesale rmflUtail.? I'l J. K. WOLTKR, IIC Weit Bro'dway, offers lor tale a new set of Brass lastrumenri, as B (lea. Trumpets, Trombones, Cornets, French Hums, and Ophirlides These iostrnrnents are warranted correct in every respect, as the snbaenber is a Professor of Music himself. Leaders and members of Bands will find a food aiticle. Alto, Violins, Uuitart, and Bowa of every description ? Italian and Cermau Str uys, for Harps, Violin, Al'os, Cellos, llonhl. R... >,..1 (litliui -! >? ~ FIRe works. ISAAC EDGE, JR., PYROTECHNIST. THE most eitersive, varied, and brilliant .exhibit'onal Fir* Works ? vrr maniifartnred a0u< or any other country, era now ready lor delivery on the lowest termi, in lot* to tail committee! and parties for the celebration ol Fourth of July, at the United States Laboratory, Jersey City. Oider> left with I W Holberfu, 75 'Maiden Lane,'or at Nlblo's (iarden, will receive immediate attention. Goods delivered to any part ol the city free of eipenaa. my 24 toJuJO ia*ec haknden <te co. I|*NtJLISH, KKKNt H, BELGIAN k A MKRICAN Kile, FOREIGN LKTTEH OFFICC, k GENERAL EOKWAHDING fc COMMISSION HOUSE. Priuciiial oKcea and agents : ? Mrsirs Willmer and Smith, 72 Church street, Liverpool, England VI'iSM. Madras, M-iri and Co., 3 Ahrhnrch lane, London Messrs. Emerson and Co., I'aru and Havre Samuel Height, E?j.. American Coesul, Antwerp. Belgium Messrs. liarnden and Co., No. 1 Wall street. New York Ditto ditto, No. I Court street, Boston Messrs. J and J G. Woodwaid, St. John s, N. B. A. W. Godfrey, Halifax, N. 8. U. W. Wheeler, frovidence, K. I. J. Woodward. New Orleans, La. Haruden and Co. will reeeive and forwa d hy the Royal Mail Steauieis from Boitin, or bv the Bleamer Oeat Western, end (he Sailing Packets from New Vork, specie, small parcels, handles, hoses acd cases of goods, to any part of England, Ireland, Scotland. Be'gtum or h ranee. They ran a daily line ol Espies* Cars between Boston and New toik; and their New York end Boston rffices art depots for daily espresses to all the principal cities aad towns liu the United Sts'es. Letter H?gi for all parts of the wotld are kept at theivBostsq and New York offices, where letters e>n ha prepaid if desired. iVIeiehants and o hers who have correspondents on the ccnti nent and India, by remitting fouds to Harnd-n and Co., at Boston and New York, can have their letters prepaid. They also p?y pan icular attention to the eserution of Custom Huitse orders in Boston, New Yoik, and Liverpool. Mir ui . i.. .11.. .;lu.u . -iimn ivi i uiiim ! irom <nr o' thr shore eit ea. who are desirous olobta mrg their goods raillei than by iiv other source, woald do well to Icrws d their e.trier, invoices, atd orders to them. Bi Is of Ki change in snins to suit, on England, Irelai d, Boot land, Belgium, and ITranee, may be obtained ai iheu offices in New Yoik and Boston All goods must be marked "Harnden and Co.* N B ?H'tndeu and Co are alone resporwhle lor the loss or injury olauy articles, or prnjierty of any description committed to their ear'-, nar is any risk ^sitimrd hy. nor ran any be attached to the New Jeieey btesmbosi Narifttion Comjwar. by which ?heir crates are, or mar be transported ; nor the New York, Proridence. and Boston Ha.lrosd, or the Boston and Proridence Railroad Corporations, n rts^ciro their c .ntenu at anytime. v HA*NDBN k CO_. I(*> No. iW illitrrel New York TO I'HILAl'KU'lllA KKADERlT rpHE AOENCY KOR CL1KEHCUH'4 TRICOPHC1 |<i.I,"d his b?eu withdrawn fiom Thomas Bogne, Hair Cut'er, who has no longer auy connection with the sale of it errdrrrk Brown, eorner nt Chesnnt sod Kiith itreete, C. kVullnl nr. Hair Urrsirr, Sooth kninth street, ere the newIf appointed % cotit Co whota 4 iftfge supply of both si*et has id?( b *en sent. By Irtte a pa'ent o' th- lUi'ed States, I l.rehuth's Triec[h-roue, or Patent Medicited Cf>mps,uud, is now scsnow edged by thousands of ladies anil gentlemen, who use it daily, o he the only remedy to present Biidness, sod to resioie tl e isir that has fallen off or become (Inn; ro prereut ere* hair, o core end rerun*' e?ery appearance ef senrf or dandruff from h# head, acd to keen it in the most health,, soft aid glmey Itate, yat fiea Irom all Oily and greasy appearances. J13 3t ins*r

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