Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 16, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 16, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX.?Ho. 103 ?Wbon Ho. 3370 R^IGRA^T PASSAGE OFFICE. The Bnbsciibers Inline completed their arrangements, are l>?w prr|>ared to forwaid gers'o all the 'Sonnern ana State* Jini Canada, hv drily lin-? of tow boa's rai roadi aud s'e.itnbni's, via the Noilh rivrraiid K'le Canal,Upper Lakes, Philadelphia and I'iitsbu gh. Ohio nvei and Canal routes The following are a few of the n>oit important tyia Uiji-a, Buffalo, Pottsvillv, Ovlena, Biracasi, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oiwego, Detroit, Cincinnatli, Kingston, Rorhe.ter, Milwaukie, 8l. Lonlj, St. Johns, Lsckpor, Chicago, Louiaville, Montreal. Alio to any port of ... Ohio, Illinois, Mn.onri, Indiana, Michigan, Tenuesiee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Iowa, Upper sud Lower Cauada. Haying given such universal satiafac i*/n in their London and Liverpool linn of packets, the subscribers will endeavor to make the preseut undertaking equally deserving of public fa ... * "I lie inemiOD 01 ruiig rums uuu nmcn it iuti c i u> mi ,wilow low rates of pisstge to a f wof ihe tnost important i otnw, any other platea on the rr ul? b-iug -qi?lly low, vix:? Utica, SI .*>0 '"olumim, Si 10 Ht Louis, $14 00 STtacLis, I 7i *4>udnskv, j 75 Oiltn.i, U 00 H"ehester, 2 00 Detroit, fi 00 ''anada. Buffalo, 2 5i * ilwru'tie, lit 00 Toronto, 4 '0 4'a?tg'>, 2 51 C cigo, 10 01 Kingston. 4 10 ' Kii-, 4 10 Pittshnig, 8 75 H luiltoo, 4 10 Clerrl?nd. 5 10 t iucn nt i, 12 0J Mont eal, 5 00 For further particulars ami! 1 to W. It J. T TAP8COTT, at their Unueral Passage Ofll e. P? ck alip cor South it.. Tate Nptice?1Thia office ia not connected with aBy other in Ihii city. j 16; NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS POKTATION COMPANY. NEW YORK AND NEWARK. From thr fool of Cwnrtliuidt street, New York. (Kvenr day? Sundays eKepted.) L-a?n New York Leaves Newark At 8 A. M. At 2 P. M. At 7 A. M. At IX P. W. 9 do. 3 do. 3 do. 4 dc. 11 do. 4 do 9 do. 5X do. 5H do. 10X 7? do. fX do. 9X do. 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of V-aurtlindt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4* P M. At i2*P. M. and 9* P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWP., Leave New York !.???< Elizabeth Town At 8 A.M. At 3 P M. At 7? A. M. 3X P ,M. 0 do. 4 do. 8X do. 7 do. U do. 4 9k >0. 10 lo. 9X do. 5ha do. 12 oo. Thetreinafor Vveanncid, Plainfiela, Boom) brook, Soineryille, fce., connect with thc,? A M, and 49k P M trniua from New York, daily, Sundays excepted. Fare bri ween New York and Elizabeth Town 35 cenu. Fare between do and Sonierville. 75 cents. atk?v YORK. ANT) RAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Rahway. At 8 A. .vl. At 3 P M. At 7 AM, At 3 P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 do 69k do II do 49k do 9'< da 9 do X do 119k d > NEW YORK AND NEW nRt'vuwirtr From loot of Couitlaud street. New York, daily. Leave New Vorr. 1 'ire New 3'unaAt9A.M At 4 I'M. A 6 AM. At I1J* AM 5 ik do 7 4 do 8h r. M. O.N SUNDAYS Leave New Y "fc. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M and 49k p M At IIA? A. V)., and 8* T M Kare. <ichp in tke Philadelphia trails between New Vo-a and Vera Rrnniwn1. 50 cent! Between New York and Rahway 15 cents. Passengers who procure their Hearts at the ticket oincc,. e ceive 4 terry ucKei rriuc. i icueu arc rrceivru uy mr-uu itwcfor onlv oi? fhe or.v whcu purchased mil 3m*r WILLOW GROVE. aWlLLlAMNBI RU Long Llano, iu Kirat at, near the Basnwick Bidgr ? 1 he a*ov-. h mse 11 Daw open to the public, wheie may oe had Wines, liqnori ano cigars rf ihr beat description. The li catioa la'ul, with cooling an t airy ?iho ? jl 6'i MTO LET ? t he modern hum three story onck d" eltii g. No 16 Green ?tr*?t, finished with silver furniture, rexrble mantles an I grater thr< ngnout A fine large yard with m-VT tailing cistern. Will be let low. for further put culira apply to AITKEN, BROTHERS. je2-lm*ec ." o. 122 Fultnti itrcet. BARCLAY STREET?TO LET?The elegant and ci m odiona three atory brick home No 5? Barclay ureet, built and occupied by mt. 1 nomas Brooks until tfce prea nt In eir.llent order ?nd fitted with every convenience for a large f-mily, and trusted dir-ctly iu <ront of Co:l?ge Place. For terms apply at No. 110 Water atrect. m?i lm*r GENIN & VAN VRANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOll GENTLE wKN, WPIOMINO ONLY JX OUN ES?PRICE S3 50. fg THE Bnhacribera have introduced the abo?e named hat lor lummei weir. Bv NgMW the weight of this article with the average weight ol the following haLs, the -nperior aovatnagrs it poaaestea over them tor auunner wear may be reed ly seen. The average weight of the ord.nary for hat ia 6'4 enneea. do do Panama 5% ** do do l.eghoro 4 " rieiu- fully convinced that no style ol sumn.rr hat heretofore woin. has met with the general appronatiou wlrii h a hat [ caaea 1 arig nM the iina'itiri, via- lign'nrii, beauty. durability and cheapneaa, would be aure to receive, we have devoted much at teat on to lh- maunlactum and finishing of the new atyle now in roiiaced by na. Fro*' the warm appmsaiiou eipreta d by geutlemeo who have eiamined the in, we feel auliafied .hit they nerd only to be aaen to b fu ly app'tci.itrd. GENIN * VAN VBAVKEN, in26 1m *ec 214 Br adway, opposite St Paul's Chnrch. ? y THE FOURTH OF JULY! gafliTf UOOTfc AND SHOES . Cneap Hoot and Shoe Market. N> 599 G-eeowich street ? Lidies nud geutlemeu am ad ited to call at ihe above store and provide ihemtcives with lestonable summer loots, slippers, gai era, he, m iOe up in the neatest and most faahiouable style, and sold .is the >p if not a litre cheap-r <han eltrwhere. Heada ol faniil.ri will save money by Calling here, at the chem depot. Di n't forget -he number, Clinton Cheap B?ot and 3-ioe M >rliet, N?. 5e9 Greenwich atreet, corner Spring at. j*8 im* r i-OOK AT THIS! Bouts, of beat quality, Si to F'eLCn, do do 3 to 3 50 Fine aewed Boots, 2 50 to 3 00 Pegged 0? * J 5) Moro co do 2 25 Seal Skin and Grain do 1 75 to 5 01) Clo h buttcu Gaiters, 2 25 Prunella do 2 10 Fine CaH Shoes, etitehed, * CO Calf ho"S, 1 25 to 1 75 Boy's Sue sewed booti, 2 25 nrg .ed boots, c dr. 150 " 8-aLsio an i Gr.tin, 1 12){ " him Calf Shoes. I 25 " ' Kip 5huea, 1 '0 Yon'h'aSewe Bo t*, 1 1)0 te 1 50 LADlES' BOOTS It SHOES ? Ladies, in 'hes* aoirea Fnu will fiud tne greatest ass r menl of Gaiter B >"ta, Sli perr, Raskins, Tie-, P'tiuelli Bustutu, lirht and dark colored half G.iters, House Slipp -rs. whi e aod b ack satin i'iji|>eri. satin gaiters. Miist a and Childre. a' gailera, boaaiis, slippers, lies, and all on cr kioda of boots and shora of our own mauofieturi ng with ihe beit of Fieuch goods and wi isu.rd to be rli" beat and aa cneap as the cheapest, at 367 B o -d way and 92 Canal at. jj mr OBBOOKa k I -A H11.L. J'Altl % 0UUI* LABIB MdiiL i ?? wnur.n By E. SUSERy 176 Brotuitray, (Brncmmt,) Unr 1) >or from ConrtUndl street. E HU^EU. Bootmdirt, nod maker ot Liuti, an tdVHS 'Klve" of Clerce of Paris. begs leave to iniortn hi* friends ?uil all the a outrun ol a gentlemanly "rlimtsure." that he c?n now make, in New York, with the brat French ma dials. all that u no perfectly made, in I aria, by hia maater the celebrated booim iker Clerce, whose nomernns customers on this side of the Atlantic, are reap-etfully insited to try RUBRICS boots and luu belor- they despair ol beinx "chinsses" in New York, alter the ulcest. latest Paris fashion. Alan, the genuine Pans Jet Blaek Varsish told. miO 7w?r BOUT AND SHOE nl'UKk. JOHN HKADY respectfully informs his friends mid the laihlic, that he hat commenced business in the above lin.', at No. 09 Naraan street, where he will thankfully receive and faiiiifuhy cteeute, all orders he ?.ay be favored with on he tn"at reason'b'e terms lor caah '23r ?o ffKoATi^vyTk 8. ROBIDtR. KHE.NCH BOOT MAKER from Paris, his an assortment of ready madBonis un Shoes, of the bestcalf skin, for Five Dollars, supr lioi l o apy other hoo maker in the city rnIO lm"cc ; ,sw_ TO 1 Hit i.ADIio.i ??u) pair prime Oilier ?se(W*w" hoots of all colors and site, of the litest fas hi n, M'sscs and rhiMi?u'? Ositrr b >o'a and Buskins, L Bus kins, Ties end St.pp. re, a rood article, from 4 to 6 shil|iii|r6 Alio, a food aaanitment of Oeotiemeu'a prime eslt atileh boots, city made, fro n 3 76 to 4 dollars, warranted ; good fine , i*aee J hooti, from II to lltshil ings. Also, Bov's hoots, 0 to lis.) f'eiit* gaiters, tit after hoots and shoes of all descriptions in great ebnudaor.e, at it hiker's cheap store, 41!) Br >ao way, corner Canal street, in?4 ltn#ec DR. wiikr;i,Kit, OOCULI8T. oq OREe.N WICH sTH t E T, near the B?ttery, N. T.,r?. 00 sprrffally informs the t nhlic, that amorg the man* hundreds o. ?a?e? whirh he lies attended. n,at.y of them have beet operated on by other profeasors wiibon sneer at and pronounced by thorn in< nrahle \ Vet ho li-a never fai ed to eradicate th? disuse and s (feet a I>r rfect CTe dcanst# of even rhsid vain-g, which may have presented rttelf, and in niaii? instances alm-at again.I hope. It is it-is aopreeedeni-n socetit in nit treattnrni 01 the various fkiiheito cousid red men able) d.srasea f ihe i" e, ill it en hlea him with confidence is refer th-afflicted whr ma, h? >niacr|iiaiuti il with him and his tnild mode ol tresiiug the dnorder ol this organ, to numeront restored patients in V<> firs' * Ian of to, irty, rcs.reennt his pro casionaiable abiliriet ami his pre-eminent skill as an occnlist. Chrome inflammation of r|,c eyelid, or sore eyet, howevei lOM Handing, can ho effectnil.y and p rniaur utly cu-rc; lilms p . aItr n inuved and cmril willmnt tiirgical 0|*iatr?n. (,atararts removed by any of ti e operations practised here oi in Etrupe. BTRABIBMUd, fCommnnlv called P<|uAmsikI cored in a few seconds on uorrin's celebrated plan, which it free from pain or dauger. *" Otficr hours fro,- a A. M. to I P. M,, after which honis he visits nut door natients me |,n#ee DEAF a i S a CUBED?Without wishing to interfere with the privileges of any of our worthy neighbors who prefei to u e ii ear tiumpct, aud ihnt gath-r wi.h great difflcii'ty a little of what is t.iid to Ike.n, or be restored to 'ha use officii nani'al organs, and hear r II rh at it stid, we cannot lie In re marking that a mediciuv c ailed ' Scarpa's Oil for Deafness," hn la ely neen introduced, which bids fair pi prove au "(fee tu tl (lire for ihe most obtiiiine ca??. We will onlyaild t. ihn ttion thai it is'o be had at _ A. D St I) S.ANDi, 78 y u'tou surel, 873 Himdaiv, and 77 Ka?t mo'ilw y. CO I.MAN'S LONDON MUSTARD, per ship Philadcl phia 800 krga coud ard fine 20 i nig* Lead 60 Ibis Alnm Also on hand? Pai era?38X43 26X37 31X36 11X34 31X31 31HX33 Together with a geneial assortment of writing,aud wrapping pspcit, for sale by 8. KiIMsMLKY, mB lm*f MV Maiden Lane 1)11,1 H I if* k.Xl v A i (I ?, on 11 | ... > i I England. lie I mil, I' and Pent land, in snmt of jfJ, ? ,i , jC'S, jCJh, in any nmonnt, for ule at ?. J. Av LVKSTF.h'S j|g? i 99 sVall atreet and IR> Broadway E NE i SHIRTS, SHIRTS, BOSOMS ,V /Iffrl Jf j||v^X BOSOMS te COLT ARS, XL I Jjj- jr AH COLLARS, nL'b tr | SHIRTS, f :4Lib rty corner of ^jj ;'J*, ? ijf corner of William tfreet m Will iin ?trect. *? TVl'OKTANT TO sol THEAN *NJ tt'E'TRHN j-.yi* KoHANTS, \ni> country healer* in uBMtnAL-The iub?criber hanuK entered ?o'<? abovs Ji e etcluiivfl) m oaf ctneed ??T i uubcri of iudostnius f?males in ti>> s citv, and u<h like the Troe hum >uK and mMiy o ben in the tame liue, if hoar i mivt'ilmng their irjsh ?t Jorr pri 'tr iu order to eutr p the uowa*y. e-hi?'?. B soma .trd Colla i, ina* be had in any qo intit es to rait the nurrhiM?? *t ?he ab??re C'trb1 shtiifut waritinred for durability sad cheapness to be uaaurpdjstd. Call and judge for yonrsrlir n. M. WIL?HN, Late Arousou 81 Wilson. wnra ruuiu r-mcraocr ir?c numocr, i* wwny ?-i Wiltumit jl3 4t*? c NEW FIREWORKS LABORATORY, BV JOHN TRAOARDH, PYROTECHNIST, KK'?M SWEDEN. MESSRS KOLI.REKO& TBAOAHDH have (he honor to inform the American pnhlic that, they lisve an xten ire ana varied ?s:>ortu?eui or Eire Works, of a'l and ev ry kind at lhei> tilshlisliu ent. at ('animus Uiilk Dock in New Je.jey, n half ni;le from Jersey City, opposite New Yo'k, which r>ey affcr to Committees and others, at the most fav?raMe prices ir. the market. B'l ev>ngiu the n?w trade prineiple of a moderate rash price lora good article, they request ihr fav->w of the public at the above place, or t the store of Robert Johusioo. No. 51 Court 'audi street. All orders,ou any scaleo' size or sa'iety,prompt ly altrnded to, t>7 addressing the subscribers at either ol the above p'aces. NICHOLAS A. KOLLBKRUIt J TRAOARDH, mv 7-2m?r Hamulus Lone D' ck, New Jersey. FIitEWORKS, CRACKERS, Sec. FOURTH JULY. 1813. /"COUNTRY and eity deslers id lireworks, will find it f U theii advantage to ca I and examine an ex'ensive assortment nf the tiest quality, at K. AYLIFFe'S oldest*' li huirnt, 86 - haiham street. A laige quantity ol firecrackers ju>t received Remember the sii(n of the two mammoth slrv rockets and yold ke.v. m?Pi"<jy*r CUREWORjfS-BY THE MANUFACTURERS. :D " MOHAN Si CO Pyroter h lists, 78'-hatna'ti street, offers o ihe punlic a splrudid ast'.ntmeut ol Firewoks, su|ierior in q lality and n atu*ss to any iu this or any other cou?iry. The ijhrivr hive been inauufaclured by them expressly, far this mar kei; alsoe<n sell m <c*i clivapr r than any vender in t an ranter all a ods f om their store. No peddliug from this place? Nn. 78 Chat nam strict. Goods delivered to any part of the cry free of expense. N. B.? : xi.ibit on Fireworks of super or quality, with crimson, red, purple, green, yellow and Dlue fires. A'so, cloied fire, hv the pound. jl tm*ie At P. IN T . ENTa BY THE CHA.Mttr.lT OK i-OVlMEKCE AND BOARD OF UNDERWRITERS.? These arc tncemij that R. Brumley, Joseph T uVham, T H Merry, A. Cartw>iaht, 8 ml Candler, Rossell Starr it, were appoin'ed by our respective hoards. a> nu'tnb'e persons to act a? Marine burse, on lor ih? Port of Nr w Yo u, and li Y. Morris a? C erk, and we lecomiueu.l ihem accorduglv, in all cas-s where ihet se vires are requ e l. The Chamber o.' Commerce or Nov York, ((. Jst. D 1' Osdec, Trident. John L H McCracken, Sec'y. The Board of Underwriters ?l' New York, A't. Ogden President. U\.tf?r II Sec'y of the Board ohUnderwiiters. New Yeik, June 9. 184J. jll r BOOKKEEPING. MR. W K. BAKlOvV respectfully announces that he has succeeded MR. C. C. MARSH, in his business as an A-countant and Teacher of Brok keeping in this cuv,at his room (8 ' 'edar street, where he will continue the same thorough course of instruction and piarti~e, so successfully f llowcd by his predecessor Mr B. solicits the pa ttouagr of the mercantile comiiuuity,and resiect<nlly ask iheir artei.tinu to 'he following card "(!. C. MaRsH. Accountant, retnrns his gatelul acknowledgements to his rum r us Irttuds for their lo g continued pttronase. He has now d scontinutd his business in this city and is succeeded in the me by .Vlr. W. K B irlow, who n he confid nil. commend-to the'avnr of thr mercantile comm <nity asa gentleman of >xcelltnt character, thou ugoly acquainted with the science of Book-keeping and emi eutly qualified to impart mat ruction. He resperifull > b-sp<aks for his successor the public favor to which he hunted h-? been so largely indebted "C. ft. V ARSH. His terms are reduced ta suit the lim-t to fill w icy will entitle the pupil to receive iusticctioii until lie is thoroughly qual.fied for the couu ing room. W. K. BARLOW, Arr.ountant, ilO lro*r 88 Cellar street. BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. AC. BAHRY ARTIST IV HAIR FROM LONDON. ?The re?l Heads of Hair s ill stand pre-eminent above all others. Their peenliar light, gossamer and ventilating < bci.ig shaped exactly as the natural hnirgrows ? their elasticity and their superior material and woiknianship, as well a? their style of finish and arrangement, all combine to form such perlrct heads of hair, that they must be seen to be tally appreciated. A new system of the art of Wig Making taught in fire legsons. See a xpecim-n of Barry's Wigs aud Meal..s, which w ill satisfy the most fastidious that he is ttie he-1 and cheapest ma ker in the city?US Broadway, coiner of Liberty eireei. up stair*. jt 2*?is*tn Fit* KLIN SALT WA I'BR fl iTHS. CA - lLs. (i.,ltDr,N?Toe propielors hayi.ig availed t1 emaelves 1 <iri tioe'icne ol the year. and conrorm<d ? the-uu: iiia < f BUT of their subscribers, b g leave row to pie IIIM t"'m. ui 'In public idccD'iuI. ibo ml complete, ar rangemrnu for public aud Jirvate bsthing Shower baths up id ?n iropr ivei'principle, and noys' swimming actinol, that n. r was *iIf*red to public patronage llarinx establi-hed a coustaut auil thorough succession of salt water, all surface matter u completely r xc tided. Tnr Kraneliu Bath is now ready at i s usual station, the north tide o? t'a-tle Garden Bridie. Baolts ar? op> o f r the seasou snbsciiptnm, and the iuspection of citizens and strangers is respertlullv > licited jel wee FAN Y DRY GOODS. T?HE Snbscribet has jnst o|>ened as.tick of Dry Goods, eonJ silting of Gloves. Hosiery, Laces, H hbous, Kmhroderies, Minims. lie. at 16)4 Grernwieb street above Courtl indt street. Thev hire oeeu purchased nrincipslly rl aucti n aaa dunug the p-esrut spring, and as the season is lale, will be sold at re duced priC'S. G od h nnct nbbons at Is, b-st do at Is fid; 4 botes new stele striprd and shaded g'UT.r Kibbnns A lew rich bl.-rk a lie long Shawls, and a small lot of Erei oh Mutnns trnm auction this dt)?200 new Style striivd silk P on.sat Is 6d; cheap hosieiy and s' ?es II C. MOJKE TO LtT AS ABOVE?A largs well light.tu Bas-ment miter the same pLc>, ami fonrt'ew fnruished rooms, suit ble for ooe or two small la oilics The si uation it good f r an eatiu? house, and the basement is well sailed to that b. s n -ss. je 10 lw?r MAitT JN'S CASH TAlLOllINO ESTABLISHMENT. 104 William Sirert, Cornet of Jinn Street, fS decideJly the cheapest in the city. There it always on I baud atelu ctstock of seasonable goods, pneehased for cash, whir-h will bs made up to order in the style of make, fit, trim out* Sic . th a hat given such general satisfaction dtr'ng Inall Mm years,and aia positive saving ot U per cent. Gentlemen are requested to call and examine. Those .whe finish th'eir own goods, can lust e them MADE AND TRIMMED. Piers Coats, made and trimmed, - V 0? ta SI SS Frock Coals, *o do t 00 to 9 54 Pants and Vasts,- 115 to 104 Over Coats, t 00 p) II M Tanns? Cash on delivery _apU Ira VICHAEI * vanTlW BILLIARD SALOON. NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN HOTEL. ? PRICE REDUCED In One Shilling per Hundred, fio A. M. to 3 P M.?The snbseriber informs his friend an 1 the public in general, that oe h is Fire New B Hi tro Tables, ,u separate apartments?two in the upper front saloon?two in the rear saloon, ami una in the front room?all in tirat rate order. Each get tiernau visiting the establishment will be furnished with a private One, Cor hit especial use?the tablet being <1"' lerrnttpa ments the proprietor thinks it will render it more select and a reeible t? gentlemen visiting bis bouse. ALSO, TWO riNE BOWLINU ALLEYS IN THK BASEMENT. His Bar will always be stoeaed with the ehoicest Wines and Liquors and the best Segars to be had?also Sherry Cobblers, Mint Juleps, Punches; mads in a manner not to be surpassed. N B.?The apartments hate undergone a thorough > slitting ?new taper, painting. Sic. KT'Gentlemen will please to communicate aay neglect of duty uf the attendants, at the bar. FRANCI3 MONTKVER.DK. rachH tm*r _ 8 Barclay street. " cash tailoring establishment. Sri'LLII'S, Merchant Tailor, (lute of 7 A star House, Broadway.) imi'r?ta?d with the necessity of uee'ins the exigency of the tunes hv the iMUCtioB ol his p ices, and finding inmt ossible to do to while subject to the mormons outlays a Boo rfway loeMion necessarily ii.enrt, has determined ou the only tvai to effert Una?without dupingement to the anility of his gartnenis; he ha?, ilierefore, removed bis establishment to 130 PiArtS.\U S1KKKT, corner of lleekman, where gentlemen now be inpplird ut a dednetun of ton per cent Irom his fo-mer low prices. 'I lie following it submitted merely ?s a specimen of the foregoing .insertion Superfine Coats, rna^e in the best style, from $<g to $IR Extra do, of the finest quality, Ik to 22 Ch-tlliii Ves s, , 2 75 8. P lies. It-are,in conclusion, to ohierre, the above articles may be relied on, in all irapeett, to be of the moat geunine description,and lower than any other hon?c fnrniihing th? tame in Iny of artic ea. )l 'mr U'RENCH CAKCEl. LA.vtl'S, Cendci.-bras, Lustres, Jte ?T e aohac ibers have jn?t orened a splendid assortm-nt of lo se gco. i together wi'h varo-ty ?' other aticlraiuthe line, of entirely new st\Irs. An l .apertiun I hem ia invlied. Depot ol MeChauical Lamps,' 0 John street, A DIAOUN ft E. D. SAX TUN, mil lm*rc Agents. MONTHLY RKPORT OK THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, NO. 75 CHA.MUe.HM STREET. . . . . cases ruur.n. U lpilammation of the e>e- t Diseases of the liver. ., .... 3 iiillam'u of the bowels 5 Syphilitic Iring S Vomiting. Out'it is 2 Amaurosis, three under I Diseases of the Womb treatment?doing well II nypiuljs 6 of the cornea, fi dyspepsia slight 12 Whiles, or Fluor Alb"s 1 Styes, by an operation 31 Gonorrhoea 4 Onanism 4 Kcver 3 Erysipelas 7 Secondary Syphilis 7 Ulcerated tors throat 5 Tiles 12 (sleet?cured by new 6 Bubo, by a new method of remedies treiimcnt 3 Diseases ef the heirt 4 Bore Nipple* 2 Dysentery srcrgsirUL It'uoirst. own vtions. 3 Operations for hare iiii 21 Strictures id Dsiihra by 5 flprrations for rrj tinting an improve 1 method o 3 Operations for Hydrocele cure 12 Hemonhoi Jal Tumors re- 3 Opera trout for fistnle iu moved Ano. 2 Club Foot?cured 2 Polypus in the nose 1 Encysted Tumors 4 Adipose tumors removed 3 Ulce rs on the legs rare J; 1 Lirgc pice of bone re2 rhymnsit moved from the inn 0 A bee ste? opened 1 Amputation of finger 2 Tonn a leiuuvtd 1 Cancer Breast 1 i travel cured 1 Uvula removed 2 Ketrution of Urine DR. II. POBTW1CK Attending Physician and Surgeon. C. McMANUS, Ap stliaetry and SecteUry jl im ee - ... . - W Y O NEW YORK, FRIDAY M LUCINA CORDIAL^ OR THE KLIX1 R OF LOVE. In olileu limn, em v g th" J<ws, That mm i tee <1 wife .1 uihtclui Wli li it. b\ Ft ?*"j mill <1 . dot in, No mil r 11 v?? c Idea nit i ome. > (11 c'td tl x , t-.e li minn iniU'in Pr?)*il ro 1 111 lop, the ii i '?) 'i | a'rou ; K.vplia wiws in inch a ciiaii ((illiiii (otlieir aid tlic !'i in ti "I lr it ; A d even no*.'he mcli li nda ? Warpi as her c' h-. ?iid triiJert. ? I1 clii (lies* twelve mouths f-om liei Initial Flics weeping to hi re iiielm idol, And with ra scu hands, in acrcuts wild, !' tnion' Hr <in ,h lor x ebil I: F' r well ih- I niwt. Lore shuns to bleu The Hindoo tied I bd'ieunrss. So much for love in diy's by gone, And lavage easterns in your own ; Bunny, even now. d ei L ivi'scommunion Bless in our In d, a sierili: nniev 1 No (ituiinet conjugal Ol'ciiy, Is thui ditiu'hed?ay, e'en in this city. Yet mcy the bares, if they irv The Bitai'i "iucre tie ii.d o nltiply.*J Wi n 'Love'i Bil nc" lur li rlrieid, The childless wi c's reiiniugs end Hut Dot the p-n-reative power Atone, ij this Elur's dower. Consumption's ills :t wi'l prevent. With vivo- clothe the tmoorent; Suppress a gleet, vshat- 'tr in date, A ii. II Ulr i f 'ucnout re novate. Krepttons from t e skill It chas-s, And 'rings hark besutv and ill* graces : *Ti? worn in's 'ru t?and ne'er deceives her Fluor Albus it relieves her ; Aodr rh disease (with pri|>er care, too,) Hi r fair and fr-uile form is heir to The>e are hut truths, who calls them fiction fr hail tiarcstern i r ?of iu eootr uliction. I.rite's?all forms ol atu stetion? Ft mi thr savers ofevriy ua ion; Wit i gr missives rotn all quarters, Prune. IV Disuase and Qus'ker-'s mar ys, Thousands eh.i lay, wnli fl mating breath, a lmost withiu/he jaws of leaih; Now iu thru nightly prayers repeat '1 h iuk> to Ltfc's friend, iu Nassau street, Ad soniet inrs uamc ill- very Dumber? "Ninety-two Nassau,"?ea-u iu their slumber ; Or dieauiiDg of Durase'i ordeal. Cry out for ths "'iu'cina Cor'itl. Persons ordering I In i in dicibr f orn the country, by sending a remittance, c iu l.avr it hosed ti,> and ent to any part of the Uuiou Price 83 p-r bottle, or S2i per dozen. It is also for sale in Fni'adelph't, ut 90 North Hizth street, mil l'U*ec Dtt. J FRANCIS, O0UL.IST, MS BROADWAY. HIS Orisbriteo preparations fo. Uiseis s of the E es, have proved to be one ol the it ea est d sccveries that b s ever br-on mad*. Thevatepe fi-ct cu e* fo* all i-fl inmstory dpease'of the eye>, for weakness of sight, and o htnalmia. and ueaer fa I in remove uebulas of the luug-il standing with u' any surgic >1 0|>eidiiuir, their ?flu: cy ni curing ?ms osisand removing cataract has boen trjlv anonishr g, mlieo liopo ha lied an incases believed Jto be iucjrable bT nnn> of the facu'tv The n-oie.-?n i ceitific ues to h i sacu at the office,will attest the trn h of the.e sbserval one. We, ih>. u dr surnait.liuvi ig witn?s*cd astonishing cures per IO men ov w. j r r ircia on tr e b'ind. on ; iu.caies behaved to be HicurabV when all hope had tied ti htsira iim?y recommend himitsas.f* and skilf.l o-nlis:, nn.l lie ieve Ins preparations or-o c 01 the greatest discoveries t>cr made lor Disease* of the Cyes:? Duncan Dauber, Pastor of the M' D iu;nl at Churth. S. H. Cone, Pastor ol ihe Km' Biplist Church. Jahti Pecs, Agent of the H ma Missionary Society . Jnc I) Bro#ier. I'a.ter I ih* No Ih It iptiit (JhuiC'i. A. Wheeluck Par tor of the li th Bi '.tut < nu.en 'oaepli Andrade, Komau Catholic Priest, tl P. ter's Church, Hi relay it J tine* Miluor, Rector of Stint George's Church, Beekman treet. George Olennr, M. D., Member of the Roval College of Surgeons, Leudou. and of toe Med c'.l Society of New York. Pat cuts at'endea to at the office ou >eaioa ih r.terms. H onrs of attend tnre Iro n 9 A A. to 5 P. M. J'?e consideration for the poor. 'these preparitdii can only be had at Dll J. FRANCIS', 633 broad way \iy~ Artificial K.yes inverted, which cannot be di-tinguished from uaturnl, without givng tie slightest pan. je7 lmdrHtwy*r DYoPEPdlA. A few dayi since, I announced in the papers of this city that I had re umea the practice foi this m >?t dut easing disraie, eDd stated alio, tha sn.c the publication of my b iok, I l ad made inch additional ditcove ies. ui to induce me 11 oeieve, lha' I c n'd CU'C the in?t ili'tioate. a d in eterate cis s no matter ofhow long striding, since ?i icti 1 liav b en p ami sing upon it, and fin I It to UIWM my most ?nugn lie eip ctstions in all '-a.'S s.d I have now .o much C 'ufid nee in its iin po.-'auce and ii ility lUi-H'ecti g a pe i in mint cure, tha' I hnvc no hesitation in sayiuu.lh rlc uuat imagine a c-se 3 Dyspipsia, under my immediate cam. mat' c moot cure. OLIVER tl ALSTh.D 24 Nanaii s'. ifQ lmd&W*PP I'm *nrl7'i l'.hrnih?n?f j? uspknahd uikhifci. A/TADAMK COHTKLUO, Keuiale Physician and Uraduatt as Midwife, otters her pmleisionil services to the Indies of this city nod country. The anatomical and physiologic*1 peculiarities which distinguish the female from the male, iinpose upon her diseases and (mictions altogether her own ? Many o. these diseases arc excerd-ngly complicated and obscure, requiring an accurate kt : v.-ledge of the female s rite in M treat them with success. Madame Ooetello haviiu.- had long experience and surprising success in the treatment ofniseasrs i.icidemal to heitet, _ap firises on the point of SMBMMM, or those suffering rum suppression, irtegularity, obstructions, kc. that she will br hapjiy to atlord a comfortable temporary home at her resideuce wane they can llvvays have toe best medical treatment and the most macron v cure and iiursms, 01 il , reirrred, will wait op and attend them at their own houses until perfectly recovered Madame C. pailicolarly begs to impress eu the minds of ths delicate, thst the orScinrer personally in every case, so thai hesitation or dread need never be apprehended. IN. B.?Mad-mr ("niello would inform ladies residing ont of the city, whose health would not admit of travelling, that she would Unvote tier personal attendance upon them in any part it the United Slates within reasonable distance. Madame C. can be consulted at her resideuce, M Lispenard street, at all utiles and with toe su iciest regard to the withes ol her pstieuts A I . ommnnicstionsaxid letters inusl he Dost paid. m?4 I Wire MEDICAL ANL) SURGICAL CaRU. "SC1ENT1S CREDE SI VALERE VIS." NOR IH HIV hR DI sPK.NbA It Y, 20l>4 Ktiiton s're' t.nesr O ee* w ch street.?D.ic'or VIORMISON, Member of tne Rot al College ol Bu'ge ns, London, and ormerly Bunreoo in the Bn ish ?*?y, euniioues to he c iuu t d court Initially Irom g o'clock, A d. to 10 P. M daily, on all d seasts of a private nature, aid all those dis'Truing ay mptuuis cons qn- ut on ii judicious trei'mrnt and <lie imprudent use ol q.iack ine*i iurs A rrgular med c il reuc itp<u, wnh an er eii ire pr .fines of oyer 2! yean, en-hle- Dr M to adipt ine proper rvinedies to the va i us Cons itu'iin* as well as to the Vari <u> lorn s of thwse lusniioos mal .dies. ilr. M. is daily comu'trd by pa tients when the le uius ss tn.noms have bren o ly chccssd still leari ,g thi Poison toluik in the system nn-il ultimately ii deTel >pes it. elf in th deplorable sia.e ol "Sec 'nd-ry Syphilis." la all c?ses Dr M wa-ra ti ap-ifeet cure MMM tnercuiy or delet'tious d'ug, or cji fi -ernent from bu liness ? I ii some forms of the disease enrrt me perfuimed iu Irow 1 to 5('ays, and in proportion wi h mi.igratit c\s?t. Birietuies of thn Urethra?Ob tiuctiom in the urethra, tu-Ii as tinctures and enlargement of the proatmt" g aud, accompanied wuh much ir.italiou and dull pai, in those parts ate || mr of ihe cot.sequences of mil-treatment Dr M. cures stiic'U'es in a scientific, insnner, pro-no ing their absorption with utnnyp'in. In sou e advert-sen-enti os the subject of sti ictuies, tne svmtom i ate dt fiued? h a is delu>i n. bee use eblaritt ment of the p oatrare giaud, kc. would pioiluce aualc pons symptoms It is cruel to to.tu-e patients with bougies, file, when m ea'itv there ii i-(i iter nrs Ilr VI i. h-im. 10le consulted where patrol" here heeu ii j irtd by such ac.use. i (Jonsiilu'l nal Debility?Thon-auda nl young men are an'feuug (ninth' e?n q euc of indulgence in a secret dt tiuetise habit, atid whu.e u. rves aie'.ur her injured Ir m the UM of Nouru rod op tn.d-d Specific, Wni n stimulate toii'dnc* greater deprea.ion. Ih. M irein rich ci r i on purely pathological urthctp'ea nud ncrerfiiU in establishing a cure .tric'-lyco' filen'iai." Lette , o.t paid, and containing a Tee of fi, will ensue p*c* acnpQona and ad*t?e, or 'or $ udiainee nilt b? foi wanted and a rn e warranted ?y hit a hut >ry ol' hiacuie in de tai?Office 204H Kul.on ?t. near Greenwich N B?With two or three eaorp ions, Dr. M it the only qna'iliiid mlvcitsing Piintenn in the city. j-12lm*r I He. i ft!VATIt. 1 ItinAl'lBi!..?Thia la a littie roinine 01 I rrrtain uiaeaare, in whivh trie ort convenient'rat* aeaaa of care are atatad in the plaioeai possible manner. Am sot only are directions cir eu for the mure aimple and recent -, but thoie which hare fallen into improper handa, and continue on from month to month, are pn-ticularly dwell on.? <uch nrrtr.nt will aec immediately the difficulties which im eede their rare, whatever they ro?y be, at well a? the plan te be pnraned in each particular eate. It u obtained only ol Ih* author. Dr. I'-alph, lit Greenwich at. Trice 11. Dr. Iialph alrotabea thie eppo.-tuity of caying thai he may be conaulted on tor peculiar disease# *Do?t to, ai|bta privati rsaideurt, r.t ?i.y hour. Awrr-, however, of the deep add ;tmt solicitude which -aaay fael to conu't a perron of integrity ss well aa etrnericncc in Iheaa po.-.nlir.'com;d"'iiu. the author d?ein? i| tr?[ it fa tiTr the fonownir short rite tellof the opportunities lie mu J r.d ui 61 nimaelf for tuii truit. knd thla he 11 lb' raorr inclined toss aany have aaaer"! hint th.r.t, far want of of this rud , thar hsvo selected fr >tn a i ?t of adreriismg people the I jue irho bed loss.# 1 pioat of won 1-rfitl cures?but not without tha bitterest repentance. He i!.-refore b<.T? to atat* that, bands Ht rank ?? , be Vc. Itc. he 'r.t. :ci watching tb*?e diaeaaee, both ii I osnitv end ci;y practire. r r*ore than thirty y?r?, end h:ia publiahed two editions of a | rant npttwif OU then. Alto that hr. lias Mimnial latter* , *?Ilia rteit rr.'i*??ltt r*lT? rlana of Kt*repw,lo the moat emr 1 nrtin Amer-v-e? fir A#tl?7 t'oorer to Dr. Mott. of N.T ad |}?. 1"ptt V cI i t-lnhi*., . ** '. ?t?*-r?; anil further. i hat he h*? (be *-.i*-:|rrj cf referring lo aln-f?t teery phyai- , l ?a of rreiertj-e 'n this e 'y. ." 'oihi * e?e to elated, lie eon- , eeirca,aabit','rhcr' I ' c ' " ':pc * -. f-e-a y.ho a/r itran. ' gnre to hi? I Coev'tt-tcee r*?f Iq tie., and for ineh ho h?a ( . Uttler rirtlte C 't-loi"* rscv tlii-g n-'eeia-y for a aprtor ?.rd f*orata ec ?. Ills forwarded as ruey b? directed, nito|1 \ rr?5 \ a AMRRICAN HOTfcl*. NEW YORK-rtartae n* ' it plefed the r?p i a end el erafo e ol ih> A ? r can Hotel, ; and the adj it ong h irsefwh c i I h?*e -niieio.' .0 it) I rni>ect , ully solicit fri.m my f.ieii'U end .he pnb'ic r e< n inaeii >n th? ir pntronnen Thr rittia'ion i? aa ao. d a? thai o >nv airtnlar ' eetahllabmen in the city It front* on the Ta k. and the kmin t ram i? immediately oppoaitr fha houte hae been n>.'wlycir- , i>e cri, and i-vfrythinB ,he*ooiihly reprir 4, jit endrni'iC W .i, k. roZZEVt. t l?K'N I'KlfS1 A ,v 11 MINDI-.KS WAKMi. < ?V|>, ' Not. 'Jfl f?n?l II (hrld rtrvnt, N. Vork, April, H43. 1 PRICKP '1RF.ATI.V liKDUCRD. THK. IIOK I'HIN rivC? l'RK8? MAI HINC. AND 9t'V h ' MA nUFACT'iRV, hi coineiioiMice of the add nun of . uew and improved inarluro-ry to tlieir worke, aed the rcduc "" lion in the coet of matenele and labor, ar? enabled er-atly to ? reduce the priori ol their l'r<aaea, and ol I'riotera' and Binder*' p maienala geiwally. a? will be seen by their newly printed , rimilar, to which they beg leave to refer. Thia eatabliahment I* at ill under the nrraontl tuiwrinfend 1 atir? of Hit Nisn M. Hob and UoaapT (lua, and they atanw thrtt friend, that, notwi. hi tending the are.t reductiua m v pnies.a1! articles manufactured hy Una ntnldisnment shall re- l tain the hiuh irptttaii ui which tli y hire hitherto anstanied. n It wi I a ao be their com tent endeavor to itrprove the quality ll ol them iu ev* ry p.rticu ir. I nry ft.itler rh. mar Ivea also thai |t heir o.U friends will u ?t only cou i uue tli ir fnvo hutlho riiitera generally will apnret i tie tli te endear.-re n lurniih the 4 ery "eat articles at haiely rarauneratini pricea. Orders fro", nuy pait cf the cimutry 'or nil nticlea nsed by p Printers or Oindeis, inc'udiiut J'ypts, Ink. Tatar, Ike . will be etecuted with the greatestc <re und promptitude, and on the h. it lerrri*. ll Jobbing work and repairing will be none at the lowest poa si hie pricea, with avciy atleu'ioiiand et|adltion. N. H.?All articles n.aimf ctured by tnia establiahment will bestamiwdlt HOK k (,() ,ao ihat |>eraous Irom abroad may sol be imposed upon with ajrwriotaj articles, mnsie in innta ion J of 'hen*. Trintera ofnewapapert who publish this adrertiieinent. wi li this note, three timesbelore the first < I Jnlr oeii, sod arnd on# of thaw tap n to ns, will be entitled fo psvm -l <f their o ll on buying four time* the amon jt ot it. *i40ia r RK I ORNING, JUNE 16, 1843 Nutchci. rCoir?ipuudfUc? of the Hrrnld.l Natchez, May 3d, 1843. John Jones of Mistisnppi token up Col. Johns m? O'iI Tecumtch's Heroism?Ktoquenre?Goodness? Popularity? Tost*? Piety ami Positiveiuss. James Gordon IIkn.nett : ? Dear Sir:? Col Richard M. Johnson has gone from among ii9, leaving an indellible impression on the hearts ot thousands ol his countrymen, of his superior abilities, unspotted integrity und exalted patriotism. The political antagonists of this distinguished statesman, and the pirtizans and parasites of his competitors, may seek to conceal or disguise the fact of his unbounded popularity tor ihepuipose of gratifying a sordid ambition, but as an eye wiiness to his reception in this city and Louisiana, I can safely confirm the truth of the observation made by onroldesi citiz-ns of opposite political sentiments, that the penp'e ol ^ Louisiana^ and Mississippi have uvf? ...UI...V.WV. ...V Dti'iiv uc^ttc in CIlllIUEHilPIII, applause and gratitude tor the acta of any other public servant that lots heretofore visited (Item : unless we may except the first visit of General Jacksnn to the South, after the battle of New Orleans. I witnessed the reception of Mr. Van Buren at New Cleans in the spring ot 1842, and ol Henry Clay in this city some three months since, and I leel bound in candor to state, without fear of contradiction, that the demonstrations made in behalf of Colonel Johnson, far exceeded theirs. It is not my design to make invidious comparisons between ths promi nent men of our own or of the npi>osite poli ical party, but I must be allowed to express my lirnt conviction that no one ol the illustrious personages whose names have been connected with the highest office in the gift of the American |>eople, enjoy at this time equal popularity with the mass of the people in our own aud sister State, with the venerable ex-Vice President. I have beheld with pleasing emotions the gratelul homage of thousands of hearts heating in unison,spontaneously paying ajust tribute to one of the benefactors of our common country. I have witnessed the eloquent and impassioned expression ol the war-worn citizen soldier, and telt a thrill of delight at the expression ol that generous sympathy which " links the hearts ot noble and brave soldiers to each other." For three consecutive days the military of our own City honored the Colonel's visit with unequalled enthusiasm. 1 speait the language of truth when I say that oil greeting their distinguished guest on parting, a large number were seen to shed the truant tear drop, as a witness of thesincerity ol tit- attachment and admiration tor the Colonel, and their regret at the separation. Rest assured this ceremony was rio unmeaning pa (leant -it was an evidence ot their sincere Iriend ship, and it spoke the common sentiment of thoussands who, during his short stay among us, sought to evince their regard tor the honest and patriotic defenderol American honorand liberty. Wherever he went, whether at Baton Rouge. Bayou Sara, or New Orleans, the same feeling that animated the ct'izens of Washington on the return of Col Johnson from the scene of his glory, seemed to animate all classes. In descending the Father of Waters from Natchez to New Orleans, it was not enough to hail his presence by the firings! cannon on meeting steamboats ascending the river, but insignia* and devices paint ed in large letters upon flags at the different plantations were frequently seen, like ihe following : 41 R.. M. Johnson, 1813," *'Col Dick," "Thames," "Patriot and Hero,' >Jcc. Arc. These demonstrations are only noticed for the purpose ofshowing that his presence was hailed wherever he went wiihthut enthusiasm which characterises the American people in paying respect to those who have filled the meassure ot their country's honor The published accounts of his reception at Jackson and Vicksburgh, show a general leelir.R in his behalf which surpasses the most Bunguine expectations of hisfrtends. If it be true, a? I have, already stated, that the recent visit of Col. Johnson proves conclusively to the minds or the unprejudiced, a popularity unequalled by any of the distinguished gentlemen whose names have been suggested in connection with h nomination lor the Presidency, in order to ensure our sup port of bis claims tor the nomination, we have only to enquire further whether he iH honest and capable He has shown himself to be a talented and able writer on all the prominent measures that hav- agitated the American people since lie first (v z 180a) enter?a ,i i:.. i ? i ,i.i L i? i 1- j en me- j 1'11111.111 nu ii.i , auu ins i rirnuH no not claim Tor him the tmuscendsnt abilities which phine forth in the councils of the nation so conspicuously among our firrt orators, yet he has proved himself adequate to the exigencies of all occasions in Congress; and on his recent visit he has been so felicitious in his si<eeches on more than one occasion a9 to command the admiration and npqlaiise of the most influential and talented men in our own and sister State. I have listened with the p-ide of a native American to the pathetic and eloquent speeches of our first orators, hut their exordiumhave never more sensihlv nflected me than *ome of Col Johnson's happy efforts while on his late visit And are his services, both in the council of the nation Htid on the field of 'tattle,for nearly forty years, distinguished alike tor superior talents and pairioiic devo ion to the best interests of his country, to he forgotten, while his opponents significantly enquire what paramount claims he prefers for so distinguish ed an elevati nf Meitjinks the pages of history, where his name may be recorded, will declare that he has won tor himself a bright memorial of disinterested patriotism of modern times He hasemulated the generosity ot Aristidep when he sought a voluntary banishment from the Roman senate ; and while hislove ot mag nanimity might forbid any acts of his own to secure a nomination hy the National Convention, yet his admirers and friends will insist upon the presen'ation ofclaims. which, we think are, in the aggregate, unequalled by any other member of our party already spoken of in connection with the Presidency. And what claims, I ask, is worthy of more seiious con federation in the eyes ol a true philanthropist than the clearly expressed will of a majority of the people 1 Shall a minority, composed I care not of what materials, arrogate to themselves a dictatorial su premacv in the disposition of the highest and most lionarable office in the universe 1 More especially when a surreptitious course nnght endanger the final triiimnh nf thntt** iiinHampntnl nrinrmlt a whiph u/n all cherish dearer than the success or expectation of any man orsetoi men ? The true oracle of democracy would not hesitate to respond that the will ol the majority ahould govern ir all cases, whenever it can be clearly ascertained. The friends of Colonel Johnson claim for him (and the friends and advocates of Van Buren or Calhoun's nomination who are candid und not inattentive fc the indications re tently manifested in behalf of Col Johnson do not ifsitate to admit) throughout all rlusseo of society, in this part of the country, from the highest to the lowest, a popularity unequalled, beyond all doubt, by either of the other candidates; and yet it is not unusual to hear the opinion expressed that a little log rolling will, unless strongly guarded against, succeed in defeating his nomination. This opinion is undoubtedly founded in the fact that the friends of Col. Johnson (although they number, both in Louisiana and Mississippi, an eaual number <f distinguished men with those who sun port Mr V?n I'uren, and much greater than those of Mr. Calhoun,) are so inactix'e that the lew friends of Calbottn, the defected politicians of Van Buren s ind Jackson's Administration,seek through the public prints to give the impression to other portions of [he T'nion that Van Buren and Calhoun are the only names mentioned here in connection with the office. But should the time of the holding of the Coni-entiou be inaceordance with the expressed wishes >f the Democratic party of Mississippi and other States, I believe that the omnipotence of the people *ill exereisc a ronrroiitng i?wer over the insidious fesigns of the clamorous office seekers, thwart thai tnholy ambition which would avoid a true expreelioti ot public (" ntioipnt, and give the nomination 0 the individual who will unite in his support those :ont> ndtng interest-, which must in-vttably secure t triumphant victory to the Democratic party. We believe the nomination of Col Johnson would >e haiied with joy from one end of the United Mates to the other; and his friends, seeing the ne , wsstty of using some of that vigilance which i< the | irice of liberty, are determined to urge in a res(>ect- | ill but firm manner, those claims which we honeet- ( y hrlieve are parnmount to any others. Such men nsOol. Johnson numbers in his support | vould scorn to detract from the fair lame of our , lonored and illustrious ex-President; but they be- , leve that having filled the office with fidelity and onor lor one term, the venerable ex Vice Presidcm hould be declared Ins legitimate successor. , So Ur us the wruer ol tins article is concerned. 1 was his pride to support Mr. Van Bureti in 18 Kind should he be again nominated, he will support , nil with all the energy ol h.J humble abilities , John Josks of Mississippi. Whites* Haicsosu ? Receipts for the wark ending u?e 101*43. IH4-J 1 Pa'sengers, ...$6,773 A,3(19 freight, li" Am 4,011 Total, 11,77# 10.330 | J IERA r-== P Rational Academy of Design. C'1(W. Kkadinu tiik Dkclarict 10n--II Sanderson. ?This picture i.1 little better than a caricature The painter serum to have mistaken confusion lor action, and grimace tor expression. But had it pos sessect arty merit ot design, that quuli'y would have been lost in its execrable drawing <>ut of the number ot figures crowded upon the canvass, there is IKfitively not one that can be called even decently drawn Mr Sanderson must pardon us when we say that it savors somewhat o' lolly ed pies'imp lion to exhibit a work ol so ambitious a kind, while yet comparatively ignorant ot the very first pi met pies of his art. it is possible that lie mav l>av some natural capacity?if so, we woo d .o''t. lini to render it avatlabl-, hy making him-e.t acquainted in a degree with the anatomy of tit.- huu-.o figure, the theory ot color, and the general pimcip! s of art. err ... i ,??v iiou_t tr it,./tir.'u ?Mr. llottin's conception of the scriptural mirtitle he has chosen for his auhject, is at least original Vot only do ihe beasts H|>|>eur indistsised to injure Daniel, but from their antics,we are led to conclude that the Prophet must have had something of the Van Amburgh about bun, aad had been amusing nimHeji by teaching his compiiniona to dance. They are in truth most harmless, innocent looking ir.imals, and we can imagine that they could, like bul ly Bottom, "Roar you asgently ap a sucking dove." ivfr. Hoffiu's tHlent for burlesque is evidently of a high arder, but we cannot approve of his employing it upon subjects of this nature Let him cnoost-his next theme for un historical composition from Sbakspeare, Milton, or any of .he standard |toets, and thus while we may enjoy the humor of the thing, we shall not be scandalized by u travestie ot scri|>ture history. 66 "Jcenk in a Barn?J. G. Cionnky, A.?This is a verv amusing and cleverly designed little picture. The expression of the negro's lace is remarkably spirited. The style of color throughout is too drv nnd hard, a fault which we observe to be com mon in works of this description. Atmospheric effect is sacrifined to unnecessary detail?es|>eeially in the background.} and accessories. This is a drawback upon Mr. Clonney's otherwise capital picture,which we irust lie will avoid in future works The best medels in that style of art to which his genius seems to Lad him, are to be found in the Dutch and Flemish schools?in which the most elaborate finish and fidelity to nature are united with brilliant coloring and magnificent effect ot chiaroscuro. 125. Romeo, Jumkt, and Friar Lawrence?O. B Loomis.?We have been called upon in th" course of these notices, to speak of productions sufficiently ridiculous and contemptible, but here we find actually "a lower depth." Alas for Shakspeare! are not his works sufficiently caricatured almoat nightly upon int* Hinge ' uul muw our very utaucimcD | join inn conspiracy to insult kus shade! We are positively ni a loss how to speak of this picture; it is as Dick Swiveller would say, " a great and unmili gated stHggerer." Passing the figures of the worldrenowed lovers, which are like nothing in " the heavens above or in the earth beneath," come we to the friar. We remember while a boy, to have seen a notable German invention, an oblong bos, irom which the lid being taken off, a most ludicrous figure would suddenly emerge, causing a mingled sensation ot astonishment and amusement. Much such a sensation did we extierience when we looked upon " Friar Lawrence" as portrayed by Mr. Loomis? and we verily believe from such a model that gentleman must have obtained his idea of the figure. Oh ! Mr. Loom-s, Mr. Loomis, oh ! and oh! ye academic "rule" mukers, oh! 2-12. Artist Fhowino His Work?W. S. Mount, N. A ?We have seen this picture in various exhibitions, and as a composition it is certainly spirited and natural ! he expression ot wonder anu iicimiration i a the lace of the country man, and the amusement, yet evident gratification of the arbst, arc very humorosly conceived and skilfully portrayed. The style ol color we cannot approve; it id hard and uneflective 219 Portrait of a Gentleman?W. Wilson.?A spirited and lifelike head, the beet of the six pictures the artist has in the exhibition. Mr Wilson with care and study, may aspire ju tly to high eminence in his art. 188 Sea Piece?G. R Bonafield.?An agreeable sketch by an artist ol Philadelphia, who bids lair, eventuully, to rival Birch, now the best marine painter in America. The sky in this picture is atmospheric, and the water is very transparent, with a pretty effect ot motion, It is badly hung. Is that also l>y ''a rule" ol ihe Academy 1 181. Mammoth Cavk in Kentucky?It Gigioux. ?This f.rtistmust be indefatigable in his vocation, for he has favored the exhibition with no less than thirteen specimens of his |>encil. Fortunately they are lor the most part really works of fair merit, albeit we could have been satisfied with half number. Thianieiure is the most amhn it.u-.. but bv no m*ans the best of hi* effort* T! e eft ct isp'ramed, and lias too much ol" the scene pawiterV trie!; about it. Mr. Gignoux's forte lies in tin deiin a'ion of quiet natural scenery?his loliHg tou .especially, is very free and graceful, hut he cannot reach the sublime. K7 The Gamester? 12. Rousseau.?We have before noticed ihis wonderful picture; but we advert to it again, b-eause it Has lately received aneddi tional attraction, in the shape of a written explanation, which the artist has given tothr public, in compliance. we flatter onrself, with our hint to that effect. The gentleman with the copper complexion, and exceedingly tight-fitting inexpressibles, is, w are told, " The Gamester," who, " after a night spent in debauch," finding himself ruined, proceeds to terrible and and summary vengeance. Accordmgly he discharges a brace of pistols at two amiable ladies, who tiave favored him with their company. One of the pistols tHkes effect?the other misses fire The fat fair one, lying rolled up upon the floor, is 'he victim?and she certainly appears in a sail plight in me miaet ot me nunouo, rortune" tanes mi npiwiu'iitv ot Hying out of the window?while " Mipery" reveals herself Irom behind the curtain. All is in confusion and most admired disorder, so much so that the very perspective lines of the room seem to look wildly in every direction for a " va mailing point"?which, lor our part, we see no prospect o( their finding. Altcgeiher this pictorial moral allegory is a unique affair ; and Mr Rousseau is a genius ot the first waier. We would sua gest to the Academy the propriety of immediately electing him an N. A^ Literary Notices. Duffirld's Rrply to Stuart?This book purports to be ' Millinarienism defined ; a reply to Professor Stuart's strictures on the Rev. G. Duffield's recent work on the second coming of Christ; in which the former's lalse assumptions are pointed out, and the fallacy ot his interpretation of different important passages of scriptures are botli philolcgi. cally and exegeij^ially exposed." Published by Mark II. Newman, 19ff Brnndway of Political Economy?By Win At kinson, with an introduction by Horace Gree|py? Tribune buildings. Tlnspamphlet contiins the prin ciples of Political Economy, or the luws ol Nation .?l wealth, developed ny means or me rmisnnn law of government?, beii g the sutietance of n case delivered to the hand-loom wruver's commission. It appears to contain the Fourier view of political economy, and is a mass of fslse facts, false view*, and trash from beginning to end. An Awpiii. Tragedy?The Washington (Arkan an?) Telegraph, ot the 2lth ult., brings us intelligent-ol shocking murder* rommi ted in Moore Fabre, Oachita county, Arkansas Mr Etra Hill, o| the firm of Hill and Hutler, was the owner of five negroes?a man and hi? wile and ihcir three female children, the eldest about fourteen, and the youngest about nine years olrI. Mr. Hill, on the loth ult., gave the mother order? to do certain work, which -he refused, and heing threalened with punishment, she ran and made her escape to the woods Her hits band then seized a cluh hxc and made an attack upon Mr. Hill, inflicting several blows, when his daughter, a girl ol fifteen, interred between them, and received 11 blow intended lor her lather, Rrid fell 10 the earth mortally wounded. Mr. Hill finally overpowered the negro, and wrested the axe Irom him. His little son, a lad of fourteen, ran to the house for a gun loaded with buckshot, which he disiharg?d into the shoulders of the negro. The lellow, lowevcr, did not fall, but took to his heels. He bund his vile and children upon the banks ol the river, and having explained to them the crimes which he hsd committed, he insisted that they rhould die will him, and afier much constraint lie . uiccreded in drowning himself and his three clnlIren. His w ife escaped by clinging to n tree. A >-?rty in pursuit discovered her hi this situation, end ,, mlisequently recovered the four bo lies ofthe drown- ,, 'd negroes, and buried them. Mr. Hill's da lighter itill survived at the last accounts. In Disastrous Firk in Chrsrirb, Mass.?The cot on factory, grist mill,saw mill and store, owned by j 0| Mr. Elisha I' neks, in ( lie-lure, near -Stu'h Adams, ri in the village called the Harbo-, were entirely de- r? moved by fire on Saturday ni/ht hint 1-"-? from h J26.000 to #3l).OU0 Insured lor only #A,()OU /, L,D. Mw Two C?nU, Circuit Court. ~ ' Belnre Judge Kent. juwr IS?Jonathan F. ttridgf vj. Monmouth R. Hait-Thia wan an action of trnaapa* brought agHinit ttie ?herilt tor aeiling and lev y nig upon a large quantity ot lum tier an . oilier goods, a* (m ore reported. The it vy was made in December upon thecontoiita ol a lumber yaid at llie rtiueroi Win and Hairivon aireela, on an eiecu'ioU in lavorol llio 1'uinpKina county Bank, against k tig it Coihtirn, Albany, the reputed o? nera o! ttie y ard. 1'iaiutilf was in |MHsjas>oii ol the yard, and the name ot N. Coibuiti, who lived at llliaca, ^tiut baa been dean lot aome n.ontliu) waa over the door. The plariuill claim* to have b en agent 101 Mr. V Colhurn ; uiao tuat he bail ac upled dralta from King and Colburu to the value of the stock The oca on hand tviiata d to be wunn * i.ihi'i, ami sold lor 1 he damages ore laid at $10,1100 O'l me part 01 the plain nit it i* contended tllut the right wt owuerahip was Vested in him. l'he da. tcudunu ou the other hand deny the claim. A great amount ol testimony hat been brought lorward, and the case :a etiil on. hoi plaintiff, Meaara. hoote and Daviea ; for defendanta, Messrs. Edward (lamhoidJ. C. ilart and Mr. Humphreys of Ulicu. In t.tinmberal Beiorn the Junic 16. ? In re CliatUs U HunUou.? Bumlon ia a seamuu belonging (o tile ahip Indepi udence. On the 7th of June last, In* term of expired Borne day* previously lo that day, he was guilty ul a breach ol discipline in reiusiug lo obey older*, and by atriking bia aul>erior othcer and knaCKing him (low o. Buhsi quently he got ii lo a bout and attempted to get on aho:e; ho wan purnuedaud brought hack, where be bus aince been attained. A habean corpus was lanued by Bi.n It Benedict, and the case cau.o on ibia mei mug keiore In* lienor the Rccoider. On the pari ol ike prisoner, It wan contended that hi* detention wua illegal, inasmuch n? hia leiniot enhn ment hud expued. It wa* also contended that the ?tili*iiuent was illegal Irom the brgiiioing, li hung a minor ut the tiuie, and the counent ol bia ana n>other in ver bliving been given. Mr. Barret, who upp. and lor the District Attorney, to the brat ground upon which bi* discharge wa* aoiigut, replied thai the bieuch ol dikcipline conipjained ol Wus cuniuiltled previous to the expnuuoii ol his lei in ol culi-tn.tnl, ana ihut, thertloie, hewasMill aineiiahle to the naval code; in support ol this view he ci ed seveial recent cubes. As tome next ground, ho aidhe was taken by suipiise, thu ulh iuvit upon winch the habeas corpus was issutd not having disclosed mat Ihci. His Honor the llccuider took the suiue view and r. mauded the piisouer, hut said that another l.uhtas corpus might be issued, and the question ol the legality of the original eulistiueiit put in issue, and disposed ol ou the next hearing. Mr. Benedict slated that he would amend the alhdavit, and issue another win ol habeas corpus lorthwith. Burnlon, who was prefi nt in custody of hail a doxen matines, it a periect Adonis. There w ere several respectable h malts present, who we were intormed are his relatives. Wwrd s ourt. Befotu Justice Kirk land. Jutin 18 ?A. briiton vs. J C Macy.?The plaintitf in thu case is proprietor ol the "Baraceii s Head," recently opened in Veiey street, near Bioailwuy, and is arid has been delendaut's landlord lor tile last 11 yeais. itnicy rents Irom him the premises, 16 Church stieet. The circumstances ol the case are these On the morning ol the 3?tn oi May last, Macy cume to Brittou's stote and inquired ol Button's niece it Button was in. She asked him if he wanted to see him particularly; he said yes, he wanted to pay him his lent , she stud she would send him round when he came in. Butlci: went next morning to Macy's shop tp receive hit reut ; u receipt book win produced; BriUou signed e receipt lor tho reut, when Macjr seized the receipt book und rim up ttuirs with it, without paying Britlon the rent. Britton wtut to the Police end made complaint heloie Juatice Talker, who immediately scut an officer to subpoena Macy loithwilb. Macy made hia appearance and the mugiatrate aworu him, but thinking In in too much exci ed, udjouintd the proceedings to next morning , when the parties again appeared, Mr. Harrison unending Macy aa counsel. Justice Parkkr usaud Macy if theie was any person present when he paid Button the rent; beriplitduo; the Justice then said, " Macy, you have _not paid Button the money ; do you authorize me to strike Mr. Button's name Hum the receipt, as having obtained it without paying the money to him f" Macv said " Yes." A civil suit was then recommended by the magistrate, lo settle " tho rights ol the parties Britlon accordingly swore out a summons of dispossession. Macy Hied an affidavit, denying that he owi d Brittou ony rent. A jury was erapu?ueled to try the issue. On the trial Macy produced the d? position ol a witness, who swore that he was present on the 11th or 12th ol May last, when he saw Britton sign the receipt in qaeslion und receive the money. The receipt was dated 1st ol May. The proceedings before Justice Parker were testified to by himsell and hve mere. ? " - ....I .unr ? "" '? |MC?u. when the receipt waa signed. Alter the summing up of counsel and the charge ui the Judge, the cue was given to the jury, who disagi red an.i were dibcliaiged. For p.aintitf, Measi> llaiiaher and Karle , lor defendaut, Meier*. Holt and Haruao >. General Metaloni, Before Recorder Tallrniidge and Aldermen Scolei and Merlin. Janes R. Whitino, K?i| , Diatrict Attorney. Jl'ME, 14 ? The Loltrry Can.?The trial ot Joieph Hough, o -J2U Broadway, lor a iling a lottery ticket 10 Alpheiif It Turner on the 1 it ol November lax, war continued tiom Wednesday. The delenCc, conducted by (h'chi a, K*q . railed Benjamin F. Mannier who was engaged as a cieik with Hough nt the time the ticket was sold, and also Stephen H Kuapp, who was a clerk in the same other. They neither remembered selling the identical ticket in qurit.on, although the first witness though: that they had a similar ticket in the oiticeon that day. Hp then Called Turner, the complainant, who stated that he did not obtain bills of indictment on all the tickets that he purchased?that he had some of them now at homo and in .lie tottery other where he went, they being a lit. iif shorn selling tickets, he cnanged one mat bail drawn a small prize. No other testimony wm ottered .and the ease ?m ben aldy summed up lor defence hy Mr. Dut-Hfn. The District Attorney reviews., the testimony for the prosecution, and was extremely seve-e u|>on the practices of t< e latleiy brokers I this C'ty. He avowed his determination to piosacute to the utmost of hit anility, every indictment for the violation ol the lotti ry laws. The Recorder briefly charged tue Jury, who returned a verdict of guilty. Plea of Guilty.? Mitchell Chartry entered a plea of guilty to a second indictment for at and lorcen v.uad being convicted on ano her indictment for a similar oltrnce.w as sen'enced to the State prison for two years on each indictment. Davio VIcKkhik was tried on an indictment lor assault and hattery, with intent to kill hia wile Agnes enthe'JBih ot May, hy attempting to cut her throat with a tazor. The olienre was proved by the wife, and also that the accused had been lujnird en the head hy a fall while at sea, which at timei It-It him partially inane. W M Pkick, Esq , was assigned aa the counselor accused hy the Court, who urged a? a plea that he w>i not accountable lor the act thus commuted while laboring uuder partial insanity Tom the effects of rec< nt intoxication, the tail and the recent loss of a child. It was also proved that he said he intended to take her lile first, and his own afterwards, which he attempted to accomplish by cutting his own throat after he had made the attack upon his wile. The jury returned a verdict of guilty, and tha Court ordered h m to be remanded lor sentence. FoaraiTRD Rscousixascss ?The names ot the fallowing persona having ham called, and not answering, their recognizances were declared forfeited?Stephen Conroy, for petit larceny In stealing a black silk handkerchief and seven yards ol (Jet man linen?hailed hy John Mi-Roy and lames Moody. William Darling, tMerick Roach, Mich'l Higgina and James Murphy, hoya, for petit larceny in stealing brass door knoha, lie , from tha house of Wns. J. Riome?hailed hy John N. Darling, Oeorje Murphy, Miles Higgins and Michael Murphy and John Riley. Fiobp ? Israel Kantian, convicted of a technical assault am) hartcry on finish ?chwackhofer.was fia?d six cents. ISUCHAKa P L> ? *? IIIIHIII li'fl Wll Bii'i 4UUII i-uvi usii'i , blacks, rhnrge<l with malicious trespass in stripping the bark Irom ornamental trees, between ?8ih and 00 h streets, were iliscbarged, the Orantl Jury having dismissed the complaint" against tlit-rn. The Court then adjourned toll o'clock thia, Friday, morning. British Interference in Liberia ?The Philadelphia Colonization Herald states fhst " English cupidity" is hankering alter Liberia. A new map of Africa has been g it out, on which a claim is laid to a large portion of the Liberia territory Mr Arrnwsmitlt, royal geographer,told an associate ol the editor of the Herald.that the map was commanded by tigh Hiiihon y. The article concludes with staring, [hat a Committee o' Parliament, who hate been aking testimony tha past year aa to Liberia, are fathering all the testimony they can adverse to tho nthts ol the present governors, and that the report d the committee recommends to the British Government the constriction ol a fortress in the very teart of Liberia. The late of (he Niger expeditien has dissipated he dreams of the commercial aggrandisement infulged by Britain, previous to the failure of that iseiidoplulantropic speculation. Liberia now offers he most safe, direct, and desirable access to the treat valley of the Niger; and we much tear that he insatiable rapacity of England will disregard -very obstacle to her obtaining lor her starving ma lutactnrers and clamorous merchants the monopoly j| that important market. We have hitherto addressed our ap(?eals to the jhilanthropist and the christian. We now eart.estly inmmend thia important subject to the moat se"ioiis consideration of the American patriot and da teaman. Jl.tnTi at the HuAitHAtiaois Canal.?An express rrived in Montreal yesterday morning, for troops r? erotved immediately to the Canal. The rioters are said to have broken open and piliged several stores} Hnd are parading the town and iciaity armed and in grout numbers. O il! ol the rioters put a loaded | istol to the bead f Mr. Crawford, one of the Contractors,anu ihreatited to blow out bis brains it the wages were not lised to ile a day. Capt. Jon-'s and ki? company ave b it lor the soen> ol disturbance ?Momrta \rrald of ltkfi ins'

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