Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 18, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 18, 1843 Page 2
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/ ? ?i?l C n'ttroa the Corrction or Errors,?June 15, - Present, the Chancellor, Senators. Rartlit, Rockee, Denniston, Dixon, Fly, Faulkner, Foster, Frank in. Hard, Hopkins, Hunter, Lott, Piatt, Porter. Putnam, Rhoadee, Scovtl, Varney, Works, Wught?21. Horatio Miller and others. pitintills in error, ys Deforest Manice, Deft in en or. Mr. J. W Gerard, resinned his argument on the parttd Deft in error ' 1 ii i? ? 14, [Ipuou ,,t 11,.. ? lunt ItAwurnn, 11, u (' li, i, . cellar. Senators Hard tj Bockrr. Chamberlain, Corning. D*nniston, Dixon, Ely, baulkner, Franklin, Foster. Hard, Ho ikin*. Lott, Piatt, Porter, Put n-un, Rhoades, Rost, Varian, Varney, Works and Wright, 23. Horatio Miller and others plaintiffs in error, vs. D-ti>resi Manice, defendant hi error. Mr. Griffin resumed his argument lor the defendant in error. Unreported proceedings ol yesterday?Miller vs. Manice ?Mr S. W. Gerard closed his argument for the defendant in error. Mr. Geo. Griffin commenced for the defendant in error. Trade or thk Canal.?The following is the amount of tolls received at Pittsburg, during the brat six dnye ol June ; In 1843. $3087 04 >'iU4 17 In.favor of prc*ent year, $943 37 Phila. Ijtgr. Emigrants.?The St. Agustine News says?" A party of eight emigrants trom Newark, New Jer- 1 st y, arrived at Indian River on the 25:!i ult. in the schr. Mary Clark, from New York They landed in safety, and immediately proceeded down the river six or eight miles from the Pierce, where they purpose settling." Trade of Sr. Louis ?The St Louis Democrat of the 3rd instant thus recipitulates the steamboat trade of the previous week : Fifty steamooata have arrived and about the same number departed, during the week, laden with produce or merchandise. Of the following nrticles there have been exported, MOO hogshead and 'M ions (in hulk) of bacon : 1000 sacks ol corn ; 8((00 barrels of flour; 2000 bales of hemp ; 27,000 pigs of lead ; 900 barrels and kegs of lard ; 1300 barrels of pork ; 900 hogshead of tobacco; 2000 barrels and sacks of wheat. And diere have been imported, 100 hogsheads ol baeon : 1000 sacks of corn ; 2500 barrels of flour; 1300 bales of hemp ; 20,000 pigs of lend : 700 barrels and kegs of lard . 000 barrels of pork ; 1100 hogsheads ot tobacco; 5200 barrels and sacks wheet. Nauvoo.?A writer in the St. Louis Gazette, who lately visited Nauvoo, says he was inlonned hy the Mormon Prophet, Joseph Smith, that Nauvoo contains 16,0<)0 souls. The temple has advanced about 16 or 20 feet above ground, and will take several years to finish it It is estimated to cost from *>3(K),000 to -400,000 The Nauvoo House, a splendid building inteudid for a hotel, is in progress of erectiou. Seventy Mormons with their teams and traps passed through our city this morning. Marriage Question Settled.?We understand, the Synod of the Reformed Dutch Church, hy a vote ot 18 to 22, decided to permit the marriage wiih a deceased wife's sister. ^Freight Transportation on the Boston and Worckstor Rail Road.?The quantity of merchandise which was transported on the Boston and Worcester Rail Road during the six months ending on the 31st of May last, was 32,723 tons 6cwt. ol which 19,231 tons and 10 cwt. consisted of merI'll liulup f rgtis uirfctl llnu/ur/^o fr.wt. J to *?|'?* "IUC II *7111 I M'PiUII, iillCI IO,If 1 tons Hud 16 cwt. of' merchandise brought to Boston. Ol this amount 9,841 tons consisted ol merchandise transported on the Huston and Worcester Railroad alone; ot which 7,971 tons 19 cwt. ol merchandise conveyed upwards from Host on; 20,1-4:1 tons 19 cwt. were conveyed to or from the Western Rail lload, and 2,738 tons 7 cwt. to or from the Norwich and Worcester Kail Road The amount of merchandise downward from the Western Rail Road to Hoston, the greater part of which was brought from Albany, wfls 10,792 ions 17 cwt. in which were included 16,911 barrels of flour. Of the quantity transported to or from the Norwich Rail lload, about one halt consisted of merchandise conveyed directly to er from New York. In the downward transportation from the Western ioad there was an increase, compared|with the corresponding period ol last year, of about 6000 tons The upward transportation to that road was of about the same amount as in theloriuer period, viz. 9,331 tons 2 cwt. The whole transportation in th" six months ending May 31,1842, was 26 612 tons 15 cwt; increase in the six months of the present year, 6,110 tons 11 cwt. In the number of passengers on th-* road in the last six months, ihere was a slight diminution compared with those of the same period of the preceding year.?Boston Adv. The Bowdop* Esiate.?In the Justice's Court, was entered the action of the President, &c., ot Bowdoin College vs. Robert C. Winthrop and Amos Cotting, sor a forcible entry on the premises at the corner of Bea :on and Bowdoin streets, in April la.-t, r.ow commonly known as the "disputed territory." Counsel retained:?For college?Jeremiah Mason, Simon Greeuleaf, C. G. Loring, R Choate, B. F. Hallett, B. R. Curtis, and P. W. Chandler. For ttie heir of Gov Bowdoin?Daniel Webster, Franklin Dexter, W. C. Alwyn, J. R Adan.andC G. Paine. The case stands continued as a matter ol course, and we shall probably hear no more of it iu the Juatiesli Court.?Boston Pod Pleading the Baby Act.?Jesse D, Bright, the Loco candidate lor Lieut. Governor of Indiana, pleads the " baby act" to the charge of having signed?not a note?for that would have been a small matter?but a petition for the recharterot the U P. Bank He says fie was about eighteen years otd at the time, and humbly repents of the crime, and craves the forgiveness of the democracy. Do pardon the indiscretions of boyhood, and restore .lease to full favor ? Buffalo Com. The Lost Schooner?Masters of vessels f rom the upper lakes, continue to st>eak of the spar of a vessel seen standing above water near the Betseys. Pome supposed her to be the Brewster, which left Chicago in May for this port, and others deemed it to be the Chickaloni, both of which ves uls have been seen during|the pasi four days eastward of the Straits, bound down. As soon as the upper lake fleet, now coming down, get in, the name of tlie lost vessel will doubtless be made known.?Buffa'o Com. Wrecked.?On thebth instant, a small vessel of about lorty tons, cleared from Chicago for Milwaukie, with a load of flour, since which she lias not been heard from Piece" of a wreck, however, have been picked up on the beach, and the conclu sion is thai she has been lost with all on board?the hands, and Henry Conking, a cierk of the Messrs. Carter, of Chicago.?Clcv'an/I thrald. Warlike ? Her Majesty's armed steamer Minos, Cant. Foal, caine into port yesterday on her way to soine Canadian Naval Depot on Lake Huron, the name ol which we can neither spell, write or pronounce. Phe is the blackest, dirtiest looking crait we ever boarded, and her very ludeousness is cal cuia ea lo trighten an enemy ? Detroit Uai'y Advert iter. A Strike.?The Crawfordsville (la.) Reviev of the 3d, says there has been a general turnout of all the h.mds on the line of the Wabash and Erie Canal Irom .Covington to Lafayette. It is said that between three and tour hundred of the laborers collected mlront of the store-room of Messrs. Moorehead, llall Ac Co., at Granville, and demanded the payment or all arrearages, declaring at the same time that unless their wag-'s were increased they would quit the line. Death hv Lightning.?The Lycoming, Pa C zette announces the melancholy death of Mr. and Mrs Stewart, at their residence in Lycoming township, on Sunday evening, the4ihinst. They were engaged, on bended knees, otkring up their devotions to the Supreme lieing, when they were struck by lightning, and instantly killed. Four small chil dreu liavs, thus suddenly, been deprived of an affectionate father and mother, and left to the mercy and protection ot an all-wise Providence. Hew striking the admonition?" lie ye also ready, lor ye know not when the Son of man cometh." During the storm on Saturday morning last, while a Mr. Evinger, of Floyd county,Indiana, and another young nun were in a stable, a horse near them was killed by lightning, and Mr Pi's companion severely shocked. Mr. E. carried h'm into the house, where he tound that his wite had been killed There | wh- no damage done either to the house or the flu- I hie, .in<l the two building* were some forty or fifty | v r?J ilia mil Irom each other. '1 l is is most, Bluer both deaths must have been caused by the same explosion ?Iaju Jour , Jun< 7, rbk Crops.?The harvesting of wlieat has commenced with us. It turns out generally better than usual. We anticipate from what we can learn, that there will he more made than sufficient for dono stic consumption. W? hope now to hear of our milx shortly supply nit: the. southern and eastern portion ?l our State, with as good tlour, (for we know they can make such,) as tail be obtained in any junket.? MUUtigtvi U, (Ga.) Unorder, b'h mxl Iui-osiTion upon hMiGKANts.?7'lie JVlilwaukie Courier ol the 31st ult., complains of a grievous tin p. snion which has been practised upon some bun dreiis ol poor laborers in New York and other Las' in cut*.- It berius, according to the Courier, that I .( idtnlls had heen put in circulation in New York, V w Jersey, and else where, slating thai three i labou is would be wanted upon the harbor works at .Vlilwaukie during the present season ; arid in cuii?e<|iience ol this notice hundreds ol jioor Irishon ii have made their way to .Vlilwaukie, expending le u i " ail iii the ellbrt to gel tliere at the earliest I 'h "lien' The Courier adds that not in ore . iii j ??111 ,i r*|i?-i,<iri] ii|ion the public work... ill i iluc iii till ilimymr, ami of courts that there w.i- no auch deiruid tor Utiorera tta iheac epurtou* iMiidlulla re, refuted. r I ke rSciennlic Ktpcihtion under the command ?>t hinji. Fremont, U. "* A , mil ih? I'lratute Part) under the lead id Hir IVm It Hit wmi, fljollnnd, v - rer*|fCte.| 'ti le.tve Wt i, nrl, Miwoutt, where they h i I rnr.iW|?e<!, the - "<h u!t. , ME * N. HiLThvA. ?ViKT#tS&? tfmad*?y, op wv aite the Tirk, re>KCtAillf io*onna hrr enatonjera ami the latitat generally, tl?ai the hat jus ?? crtred by in? laf? tintala from Cart#, irtetil eain, NHnrrniitf larg?* ami aplend ?l at aortineut of Yilliuen, ?n?bioiUenra# 8ilk?. and "UMtr Ne* iiootla for Dreiaea, Lat'e* and b ?'icy (tooda, of all ueicrip tlOfit N. B ?In the Drrt* Making Department all order* promptly executed iu t^e urnrit ?u<l uio?t approved b rench ttyle, beam superintended by .i l iJv *b? Iimju- i *rnve- . *utl who hav had einerieove u the iwittfaihionnble Prelum hoove*. Wi:l open >?vcnl run o( French Miliuery. Monday, May amtniv of t -p >llc>, T.ultltU Diettes, tplr-did rmb'oidrrrd C*p? for lidiet, of * very uew ttyle, entirely differed liooi ,iii- before offe ed; r'fli B lege (ireur*, < hilditnt* Halt, aim * general avorlinrut?f fancy article*, which will br pat at a very low at utoel. ml* lm*ec TO THK LADIES. FASHIONABLE MILLINERY UOOD*.?The proprie T treat M itt S. KI NO, daughter of the celebrated Carl King, offer* for tale a m tit fleet and choice atiortineut of Mill tier} Onodt for the spring trade, never at yet preteuied to the publie, both at regard* (ha quality and cheapness oi (he article* Tre attortmeul counts* ol the followiui The celehiated Silk Hat, called CASOTTK A LA RACHEL, which it indeed emblematical of Parisian tatte. SHEHRKD SILK, entirely new end original ttyle, and Lawn Hat*, do do An entire new style of Halt, called " V.ODINK CAPOTTK8, CHINESE COTTAOE8." rant and English FANCY STRAWS, of the fineit tenure, in great variety. The proprietress respectfully toiiciti the ladict to favor hei with a call, end etanuue her elegant arid varied itook of Millinery for Iheuit.-lves, beloie they purchase eltewheie, at it will be a cree.t laving to them ia price, and a great advantage at reyard* Lie variety am) quality of the good*. MISS 8. KINO, Mairazi de Model, _ ail lmr _____ 293K Broadway. 1ST It AW GOODS. T BENNETT, 21 Johntfreet, Imi-ortcrand Manufacturer Ol Italian, English, aod French Strew (io idt, mptctfully informs hit cuttoii.ers [hat lie cntinnes to receive a> cettiont to hit t| Iroihd iM(k nl Ladict' faatnouat'le Straw Ho nets, inade of rhc moti superior quality of braid*, and offered now to the j ullir : : reduced prieet; fix.?English arid French Dunstable*, I tali" i Knilandt. Piince Alb-rt Brndi, Fancy Shell and Imienalt, Victori < Braid* (a new and splendid arti cle.) Tuscans, Brilliants, v.encti w naienoue (a pretty article for summer *e'r, possestiLg D e lightness, color and beauty of 'he chip, aud the strengt.i and durability ol the Tuscan), French I.acr, Franch Chip, Modeua, tec. fcc. The above-mentioned articles are manufactured 111 the most superior sttie.aud in the latest shapes, particularly iu the Orleans Gipsy, the most fuhionab'e cud inert becoming shape introduced this season. mSi 1m * r FASlilONAhTTk~SUMMKK GOODS. rPHE Bubsciibcrs offer to strargters and citizens the Iarirest f and best selection of new and fashionable Roods to he h mid in anv esi-iblishmeu: in this city, hat nut hern established in this citT since the year 182# mid ho Id inn cuiistaut cirrespo* deuce both In l'.vris and l.oinloii. Their assortment of the lol lowing goods will -t all limes be found extensile, rich and feshiouaDle ? Scmfsof rich Satin, IMoliair aud ;Si*k. pla'u btaclr, figured bin k. gold aud silver In tire d. fancy colored, fcc. Ike. Cravats of Italian, English, German and French Silks and Sa'ins, plain aud figured,black rich fancy figured, ike lie. Ike. Ulnars of kid, iroat sltin, silk, linen. Lile thread and cotton of all qualities anu description. SuspFnders, English, German, French and American, in great variety, <f tiik gum elastic, lu kskin, plain and with springs, einbioidered, etc. tec. Under Garments, ?ijk, merino, lambswool, cotton, linen, thread aud buikskiu shirts and drawm. Shirts?Linen aud musiiu shifts rnad-i in the most faithful and fashi.-liable manner Linen Co I* rs and l)re?s Fronts in great variety and forms, round and square corners, Byron, tec. tec. Pocket K< rcliitfs of all descriptions, ready hemmed fornse, Spitalfield, India Linen, be. Dressing Gowns, Hosiery. Purses, money and riding Belrs, Umbrellas, WalkingCanrs.and in factall articles appertaining to a geutlrmnn's wardrobe. The subscribers would par'.ical&rlv re commend their supeuor a llele, the Improved .Minerva Shoulder Brace. Tlusarticle is intended to brace the shouldcis aud expand the chest, and wil1 be found of immense bout lit to all persons of slud ous h&bita, or persons of either sei who hate acquired the habit of stoo|e ng To t hihlren who have acquired that habit, they will be found invaluable. They sti'l continue the manu'acture of their celebrated elastic Stocks, Starf and Cravat Stocks. PAKSF.LLS & AGATE, Old established Linen Drapers and Stock Mai uf^ciurera. 79, SHIRTS. 79. WILLIAM UTlttKT. 'T'HIUD BASEMENT BELOW MAIDEN LANE, N. Y. 1 ?I* undoubtedly the cheapest Shirt Manufactory iu the city. Wholetalclenlers will find this assertion to he nothing lets tlitn a posiUTe fact. It i> not the intention of the subscribe! I-) make this advertisement <i| pear as a piilf, but he incre!*< wishes to announce to his frn cd? a id custruieti, Usai hr hes oja-iird the above establishment to supply Diem W'th Shirts, Collars sutlBosoms .,t a much lower rate than they have hithetto been in the habit of pa) ing clsewiiere. H. ARON0ON. Senior partner of the late firm of A HON SON it WILSON. H!7"'Be particular in the number, 79 William street, third basetneut below Maiden Lane, N. Y. P. H ? Parlicul ir atteuton patd to private orders. jl l'n*r VTAl'OLb'ON COUttTlN, No. lf.JK Kultou stmt, oppo TN ,it, St. Paul's Church Y'ard, aval's himself of the columns of the Morning Herald, to in'orm his Irieuds and cm comers who may routiuus to honor htm with their patronage, that he continues the Wuir aud L'uuor trade at ho old store as above, ami that he haa uow ou hand an rvcrileiit and (all assortment ol French Biardy aud Lienors, of trench end Foreign Wines, of the best ijuanty, vintages and brands, which he will sell by he barrel or ga''ou, hv the case or doseo. He lias also lor sale fine French Vinegar, Olivet, Capers, Sect. He beipi also to recoin"iend to the favor of the public, his commodious saloon, whuaar he It eps comtautlv on li-iid the tinest VassachuseiTs Bay Ovttert, (fresh or pickled.) His bar is furnished with cat ital Chablis Sautrur. ,-anteme, Barsic, Chauiherliu, aud Cnainpaaur wines. A cold collation, a la Kraut iise, eveiy evening. Families sapt It d toordvr with ovsters,wines, &r.. o'iO lm*i piANO-KOK'l ES?Toe subscribers resiarctlullv inform A their Irieuds anil the public tu giueral, that the) have removed from their 'ate place of basiuess. 341 Broadway, to 114 Franklin street, betweru Church aud West Broadway, where ihey will continue to manufacture lb sir Transposing Pi.-uo Fortes. This instrument fo/mi a beau ' ul, rich and new eitenor, both in shape and neatness, bf?i(!*s a tone fa!', brilliant and melod ous. The great advantage derived fiotn this new invention is, that music niev he traiisp'-sed into any key desired to suit the vocalist, or lo. an -cc unpin, inent of any other instrument, and their'ore Worthy the uileuiion of the amateur, rs well as the artist. A large assortment of tablet Piano Fortes, rosewood aud mahogany, 6 aud ti>? octaves, with French grand ictiou, are also constantly kept on hand, and wi'l be sold at s redn ed price. Old Tiaou Fortes taken in eschauge, also Piano Fortes kept lot hire L1NDELL. WKNNEKSrROV 8t CO.^ FOK S*LK?A ii? ? |)|(itire mil hoat, about aevenlern leet U.iu, built y a C il iait workman, wnli centre board, veils aid raging ail complete. !?he il coDnde ed to be a tine model, end a fait nailer- Will be a 'd ' brrgaiu aa the owner hu Lu further uae for it. Kor p'ther particulara api Ir to Mr. Yatea, at the Jeriry City Glaaa Manufactory, where the boat can be aeen. jit 6t*r T'WINKS, Sir? BriiliKirt Sein Twine. Bale and Ball do Gotten Wrapping fc Sun do Cotteu V am and Wicll. Gotten Warp, kc. American and English Show Thread, of varioua nnmbera and qualitiea, lor tale in lota to suit pmchnaera. be 8. KINGSLKY, in23 1 m T 117 Maiden I.ane. TO COTTON AND WOOLKN MAN U KACTUKKK8 AND CALICO PRINTERS.?For aale. an eicellent atone building, with water wheel, and a good ''.ream of water, with a good huae end out building*, four or five acrea of land. al> in good order, aituated at Oodwiuarille, four unlei noi'li of Patenou. N. J.,recently occupied aa a cotton factory. Any peiaou wuhmg to atart the above buaineaa, would do well to call, fot further parlicnlart, on JOHN A. VAN KIPKK, Corner of Tallman end Bud.e vtieeta, iiiltlm'ec or 55 Gold at, Brooklyn. N. V. PHILADELPHIA IMUUEKKEUTYPE I ESTABLISHMENT. EXCHANGE BUILDING. HOOMSK St 27. THE Subscribers, having or rcured ihe Airrncr for the aale o' 1 VOIG TANDEM S I'AGL'KKKKOT YTK APPARATUS, constructed ecoruiug 10 I'rofeaaor I'edvjfa calculation, have r :i I ami a larL-e MMItfMkt Oi tiMM A| pirates, and-.rtists aa w*l'a amatetrrs of their art, wishing P pioeum a good apparatus, wi'I find it to their advantage to i roc ore inairaineutaof tlna ronatructioii. Thev alao have latel? import ed a large quantity of German and Kiench platea, and all tee cheinicala u.ed in their a t, which they warrant in every leaped, aa they are inatle to their order. Polishing subsiancrs, and morocco ra*?*s. and ah necessary rnateriala, are mid on t ie inort rc. von iblc HUM. 1 he following gentlemen have agreed to act an thei-agentr, vii :? K. Wlvte, Esq . 17j Broadway, N.Y. P Hur, Esq., Wuahiugton. LI.C. Dr. A. Caapuii, H'cnmoud, /a. P. Laurent. K?o.. Savannah. Ga. All communication* (pi tt pud) and orders .accompanied with remittance", will be promptly attended 10, and vhould be directed to W H LANGE.NHMM, )c 3tnr ICxchamtt Building, Fhtle. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, III, Urtt 1^9 Chatham ettwrf, New Yoik. And 116 Fulton Street, Brooklyn. Aoaa t J't Undream ru n WnCbb*A(,lt A.Ni) KICTAIL. rrflt CANTON TK.A COMPANY continue to offer tot X n'rnie end hayi-nt J'?\? ol arery Teriety end atyl*. Their aaanurneut a^cci-.' r include* the moat deliciou* and powerful grr.det o lirer-i .! l;lnck ?erjr pa< ka*e hear* the Unnp of neatnet ?et'd elr.1 e end the leaa therein ere an r atUTMeiiwI Ir. :.? in and sir that th.'irquality tad rower will lept in nniinr'ueo any climate. Theiravatem of prrieeiitiu* nr." ?i? rl<vs aca-ccly to be excelled. It itnuwdutl '' " '.! t.-. the rul.U of thecuitouitt. etnecial.y with . ip'ct t.> K?.|;ht end quality,an I un r reMed cheat out. AHpn'-'if" re ca[!ed upon to return anr article* wh ch tail to r:v t em t * fjlicat aalitfectt >11, which rhe money will be cheerful.* ?nJ i iomptly refunded. Country merchant*. pol.iic eauMis v.u, he-da of (em.lie*. end ihipmaatcra will ftud it a deco'.l ad tiitate to tarpl/ 'hemeclrcafrom thie eatablial. Orm-irrr JATACOIFI' r a1 cyday. Order* from el pert* of t ic i.. tut t*tu:*a ?T*c?tcd wita promptitude end >,paten. (1^ Tbo only werch u*e in1* men* for the eeieofMo**ua a celebrated p.!*'. Tea. m20 la**.* GABKLL, k HUOHKH fuun't ?, at tno corner of John end N*aa?u atrteta, ,N a wr Vo l .-Huaiia title J up on th# moat apprortd plmi, un r u n, W?:ir Cloac a and H'drain* of ?'! .'e-erlpti. in, ilatht fit cu o(*w-tin Hi ,lr-a f r'"ct and Cold water, Lead and Iron I' t ea ot ti c 1 cat qualu] ; cheat l.eed Korce .in-' Li't I'nrr an 1 i. " e rleaiuihair lire of tu* E??a, to be htd on rreaonable t' rmi. Oidcra rece red fir Kite and Garden Hoie. The inbteiib? ti fatter t tl' arlitl from the loi g rxpe leuee t'cy hrar had in the .i Vm t !.? an , ?* 1* I. It -Iphiy, to *ive unirvraai *? tial'action to at) w o favor them w-th their | neonate, irtriaiaiki. Samuel Ku'li, Ki , U?R?* rt ol Wate'iu* Coinar'ltee.'Pliil idelphta Joaepii Hrneock, Buldrr. ditto Oeo'ite Krdintiu Avui erljol the ' V'arr iibtuf Water Worla, J O. J& ft iiiff, V bt f, 4 i l A I.. Kuenhat, No. 2M lifreaw n h s reel,{New Vok A T.' Hirtic <it to, ditto, duio J. I'atmir.tu, r 1 \rltoi* trr?t, ditto J "I in L. VV in i ? . ' t ? jo J lm * r THINK OK \0\ KSKi.V r h, IT IS TOO L\ r . fPHOMAB WILI i H K HAil I R * COUGH M KDI I ( I \ K?'i ! . < . :i it n b?eo beforo Um pablii foi It jreofi, which ii ptoal oj mibtiicigood ntJieiM* ItlMiciiti UM o( A tUDOIDK. hu 0< 1 r blCB klMWIItO liil mono ? <>? p,. W?ioopiru' < ou^h. It i:au bo ki\cti f btbtea t i Id vnih perfect mfoty Kt conubt and * *-|?u i. m iie, Put ip in botlm it It Hi 5 Ad Vi CCBtl ticll. Bold WhoUjMlt lad IP III It th# <CJRC4 2* ? Willi ii. ? I'loorctoaihot BoeIt nan street. IUom to.i frtn i-t B w. jr. -?? i it.lotiryiCMaif IViHifiii r T ?. tm ( A>11 TAiLOKINU KSTAMIJMI.viKN 1 ^ l 'I I.LII H, M<rrluiit Tailor, (late of 7 Aalor llonae, 1 I'medw it,) impreaard mth the oerruiir ol n ee'.iu* the 'ilk1:"! 1 lino-shy ilie re.'iirtiuof Ina pur 'a,, ud lon.iii* tfimi ii'iih'i tod Din w h i1 c tuhji 11 to the enormous outlaya a Bro-.'way iii. ii nreeaaanly iiicnra, hatdetermined on th? only w i to cllcrt rhia?wilhunt dii|' i<ttnm-ni to the -u. lily of lua garnim a: jo- hu, I hare fort, leutoted hit r-.labllinnit-nl to 136 iNAHSaU HI ItKK.T, curu* of Ui-tbri an, wheie aeotltnien can now be imiilie I at a drdnrtiou of im jer cent from hit former low priest. I he following ? aobinitted merely aa a ai eeimen of tba ( aaacrtion Sniwrfih* CoaU. mode in the b*?i a:yle, from ti to tit Kilre do, of the fioeat Ol ali.y, U In 2t Challie Vea'a, 2 7J H. r. beta Irate,in roDclnaion, to ohterre, the ibm aitielea may be r<Tied on, in ail rrapeeta, to be of the moat genuine dear riieion.and lower than any oilier honae formatting the anme <iuai|t) of aiticlaa. II lmr ?????????? ? I RHVlCI V AL?l". MAK*. Hail Uiruti nntl Wig Mauri,III* irmoTril from 162 to 109 Broadway, a lew dcnra below the Kntukliu H ow, and <>(H>o?iir Jotui atreet Havi h ii'ted u|> a new i oiii iu tin- moat luliintutble at) Ic, he will cooliuue llie tame bu?iu> aa, ai.d will lie |>lra*ed to *er hii old Irieud* aud ;!Oit?. uid otlirra who n ay lavor hiui wnh a call. H-ha? ilao private room* for Ladle*' lour dreuiug nud jainpooiug. Tkii iwwerful Kitractoi Jampojuy la eonaiderrd by Oiouiauoa of New \ nrkera and atrauaera aa one oi tiie healthieat article* 1 for Iht cnie ot drudrutf rod ?lr< ogtheuinK the hair, u aj,|>(OTrd ov itu: ratuuv 01 .aieuiriue iu r un, anu patented at Washington Nothing ' motepleasant tad d< iightful than t>> go through '.tin operation iu the haud?"f P. MA'S. ml ?m*> A. A. SAM A.NO8. NO. 6 WALL AND m BROADWAY. otfeis fur aalr ti e following arti.ies. vix IS Bales ol supeiior Uuisa Tobacco. 10 Uhei of vnnoos qualities ol Havana Leaf. to Drenis ol tnperini Turkey Snmkiug l'obacco. IS Bags of shoice Colfee, 'or family n*e A small lot ol Arrow Hoot and Cocea Nut. 10 <"aa#? of 10 md 6 dm each Scafarlalti Smoking Tobacco, C Dot bottles one pound each Natchi'ocbes Snuff, ol New Orleans. 190,000 Lord Byron Regalia Tiabucos, Canones and Tana tellss. I.a Norma do aud medium site. Venus Regalia hi boxes ol 100 aud iu 50. PI '.illation Srgsn and Manilla Cheroots. Aurora ( axadores, Wo-v title. K? guridcd, PortH&tanos, La Kmpn i?',U ins, Pm ill Van ai d I'nncipees. German Tobacco,iudilferriKqoi'ilics and Spanish. An lut.rttment of cliewiiiK tobarc >. pipes, bowls, tubes, ambers, snuff boxes, aegar cases, ntalcliei ol diffcreutqualitiei, lone Turkish theny stems, aud a general assortment ol papei aegnrs, tit; Uircia. Meudoxa, Peril, Star aud Lod Byron and many other aitirles two uumerous to mention?all are offered at wholesale and retail. Alio, 8 casks of Pill or Wafer Boxes, of different sizes. m2HJ rn*jr CURLED HAIR, ski) HAIR SKATING. 90 nnn POUNDS south American Curled Hair, of jsJV/Vs various qualities. Also, a genera! assortment of of ilair Sea'iug.plaiu and Injured,from 1 j lo 10 inches inclusive, suitable lor upholsterers aud cibiuet makers extensively manufactured aud nlwavs on baud lor sale by us, JOHNSON & GREEN, No. 152 William street. Orders from nil parts of the United .States executed promptly and with fidelity, for cash, approved city acceptances or ollu r CHEAP'CA^II TAILORING E8TABLlSHME.Nl', 02 John street, near William. GENTLEMEN in want of new anil fashionable Clothing should call nnil examine the subscriber's select itock of goods before purchasing elsewhere. A trial will he sufficient t-. couviuc" the most economical, thai for beauty of lit, style ol workmanship, and at such low jt ces, this eslabliihment cup' not he surpassed Ly any other in the city. Superfine wool black Krencb or English dress and frock coos as low at $12, warranted a good lit. and mtde and trimmed of the be?t mitr rials; English and French fancy elastic cassimere iwnts 5 to $8; gvruliro.iu*. di'llings, tweeds, summer rassiineres, 3 50 to S:>; v'-stilus, silk, satin, Marseilles, Valentin, Sic. 8c 2 50 to $3. Making nil in imnug dress costs 7 to $9, frocks 8 to $10, vests and pints I in to $2. All orders thankfully received and punctually attended to. in* Imee JAMES LAC.V ,82 John at. KNTLEMEN AND LADIES' LKKT OFE^WAHD"ROBE?Gullemeu or lamilies desirous of converting their lei', olf wcaiing apparel into cash, can obtain for the iar..e the highest cash inee, To famihes and Kentlemen quitting the citv or changing residence, having aoy superfluous effects to dispose of, wi'l find it r uch to their advantage to send for rhe subscriber, who will attend t.lemai their residence by appointment H. LEVETT. No. 6 John st, and 144 Varick st, New York. A line through the Post Office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired. niy20 lin*r TREASURY NOTES LOST. f OST, by the subscriber, bet wren the cities of New Yorl. Li an I Philadelphia, a pocket memorandum book, conininini; the following Treasury Notes:? A No 19ii5 10 June, 1812, 8 per cent, to 8yl. Brown. 1 ; endorsed 2C June, 18121 ~ - ion B 19556 10 ? 6 ? 2b ? 11112 It - 100 A 19558 10 ., 6 ? 20 ? 1812! j-3 100 A 31000 10 ? 6 ? 28 ? 181? o _ 50 B 31001 10 ? 6 ? 2S ? 1812J c"3 50 C 31002 10 ., 6 ., 11 18s2 to B. Ruugan and K. L. Myers, 5' B 11255 ? Mar., 1812, 6 i>er ceut.t 8vl.Brown,endorsed 12 March, 1842, to ti. Hnuvaii and H. L. Myers, 50 C 20885 25 Apnl, 1812, (J. Loyall, endorsed April, i842, to H. L. Myers, 50 $55U All persons are forewarned against the payment of the above notes. A libcial reward will be paid for the return of the book aitu cornents, to the subscriber, at 75 Soul i k'ront street, or IVIessir. Altibaue U . I South Wharves, Philadelphia, er to Messrs. Bryan it Maitfind, 178 Krout sueet. New Yotk. Philadelphia, 27,li May, 1843. m30 lui'r (Signed) 11. L. M1EII8. OK KICK OE , JEKKEKSON INSURANCE COM PA NV?Office 36 Wstl street. This Company continue their bllllf Of if ure ice against loss or damage by fire, ou yrodj, wares and merchandise and also, ou vessels arid thrir care ts against loss by inland navigation. DIRECTOR*. Thomas W Thome Elislia Kigts ThomasT Woodruff Benjamin R Kobson John 11 Davison k'rancis I' Sago Thomson Trice Joseph Allen John H Lee John P Moors Moses 'i'ucksi James E Holmes' Caleb C Tunis James K VVhitiiH Anson Baker Win K Them Joseph Drake Irad Hawtcy John C Msarstt Thomas Muirel) THOMAS V.', TIIOUNE, Presiding *i f O T li'il'a". KrrreiS'V i.i'ir igb iiiLLiARD SALOON. NO. 5 BARCLAY STREET, THREE DOORS BELOW THE AMERICAN ..HOTEL. utti' c. to ?;ne pniiuin.; per imnareu, tro t A. M to 4 P M.?The subsciiber informs nis friends and the public in general,thatue has Kite Nm Dilli.trd T h'rt, in | sep.aratr apartin?u<a?two in the upper front saloon?two in the rear saloon, and one in the front room?all in lint rate order. Each *(: IM inuu v sitin* the eit:-.'.V,Ulir.-ieut will lie furnished with* private Cur,for bisespecal iuc?die tablet b-.nig in different apa menu, the proprietor thinka it will rendrr it more select quo a. eahle to iientleineri visiting hi* home. ALSO, TWO KINK BOWLINU ALLKYH IN THE BASEMENT. His Bar will always be stocked with the choicest Wines and Liqnor* and the best Hegars to be had?also Sherry Cobblers, Mint Juleps, Punches; made in a manner not to be surpassed. N B.?The apartments have undergone a thorough refilling ?new paper,painting, arc. 0~0entlemen will please to covimunicate say neglect of doty of the a'lendonti, at the bar. FKANC18 MONTEVERDK. mchl( tm r 4 Barclay street. DRENCH CARi'KL LA>lI'S, CaDdelatrru. Lustres, ate T ?Ti e snbscriliers have juit opened a splendid assortment of the?e cooes, together with s variety of other a tides in the line, of tnlireiv new styles. An inspection if ihero is invited. Depot of Mechanical Lamps, ;0 John street. A. DIACON A ?. D. BAXTON, m23 ImVrc _ Agents. STRAW BONNETS AND EMBROIDERIES, BELOW COST. MISS FY. GODEFKOY will sell, for tome days only, a large assortment of goods in the millinery line. Ladies are invited to call at 3t9 Broadway, opposite the Carlton Hi.use. ill is'r WATCH MAKERS AND WATCH JEWEL, LERS. f B WALLI8 A CO., No. 146 Broadway, 2d floor, be? tweed Maiden Lane and Liberty stre-1, wonld respectful ly acquaint their friends anu the public, who wish to harr chronometers, clocks, uinsic buses, or any description of wetchet, however fine or intricate, lepaired o jewelled. Alio, e?ery description of 'sesptments repaired or made new, ruby rollers forriuplea, pallt ts fur ciironometers, ruby cylesr'ers for lenities, mby pins lor le'ers, dijmond caps, Ac., and watches jewtflt dm a style not surpassed by any hi Eajopc Kusees a "ti wheels cat, ami teeth roui.ded; public clocks and hank ' trie pieces kept in order by the year, as aso-at. From then long eiperrence itj tPr trade, tliey posssts tfie capncity an,, every facility required to make entire, or any parts ol watch*.s. equal to any iniiHvrted, and will give tho best of reffereuces il rrqnired. Charges moderate. mil lm*r pO THE LOVIEK8_Ob BliTEUiOH BLACK TEA? A Howqna's Mixture?This extremely lielicions and nupara!leled Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Europe, just i lunette;), is now for sale at in. Canton TeaCompany* f fmrrs Tea - stanhsiirnr Jt, 121 t tatltamsi "?aw Yum, .mil 116 Fn I ton street, Brooklyn?in ssrksge,. fries 4" cents sad *i each m?5 lra*tn J. C. STONE ALL Rcspeetfnlly informs bis frirmls that he hug resnmed htv former DU?iot?? at 131 Pulton street, brtwe* u Broad way ami a '.sun street, where he 11 i oepa cd to accommodate dinner au.l tun te \ ! a/tie*, clubs Sir. in hit former well know .1 si le. Spacious and a rv room* for Uelerence Committer*, Court* .vtftial, Ur. k; ineantlani readiness a* iu forincr timet. je?lm*r HIGHLY IMPORTANT. T<0 OWNERS OF HORSES.?S. BUSHEL praetctl A Vetenn iy Surgeon, would ir'orm the public tbat lie he s bad seven ifran practice in the British A'my. 8 B will pay every attention to horte* al ihe owner'* (table. Charges moderate to suit ihe tunes. He would inform carmen whose hoite* require phjsie, that the mo?t appropriate nine to call would be on Saturday, a* the will be able ' > u*e them on Monday. A" kind* of horte medicine kept con*'ant I y on hand. Vi? Ball* of erery detcriptin i. pr ca 25 cent*: cony 1 aud eond'tion pewder*, 25 cent*; b'.r.eriug ointment, 25 cant*; hoof oint ient, li!>* ct nt? A superior article of horte ni.rnrn, for ipraiu*, brunes, Ik" , pr'cr 75 cects Advice gra *, at h i r iiliui , No. 49 H'ibinscuitreft, corner of Or enwich <ueei. jel lm*m DEAKNtS* CUHEU?Witbout ?ishing to interfere wuh the pririlrgrs of any of oar worthy neighbor* who |>r?'? r to u e an ear trumpet, anil thn* gath-r wi'h great difficulty ? little of ?Mt to nrid to them, or be restored to the uce ofl i natural organ.*, and hear all iliit i* ta'd, we cannot lie Inn marking that a medicine c died 'luiytliOil lor I), nne**.l.a* lately been introduced, which bid* fair to prove an ?ffe nul cure for the mo*t obstinate ca*e. We will op'y add t. this sug-esliou.thai n i*'o be h id at A. B 8c I) SVNDj, 79 Fulton street, 273 Broadway, and77 Katt Broadway jH)2?* A YACHT FOR SALE, OF *arcn ton*burthen, nine moutht (Id,aud in peifect naillug order, well found in e?ety re?|iect, ?uch a- awuiug lor cockpit, anchor, grayling, cablet, oitrnttheave block*, *ails anJ rigging of the very br?r material*, a complete ??ti of da'/*, r'eats and rudder head of brati, ha* a beantif ti cabin, finely fitted an wi:h lo Vera, cushion* and'ooking glaasrs. *pygl>u. u.d oilie* future* aopeitaining to ihe same'; hai a large rehire rator under the cockp.t, that will hold 100 lb*. ICE. sloop rigged, earrit * *iuv topsail*, lennth 24 feet on deck, 9 leet I. am, iron keel, 12 niche* deep, 3>< wide iP'dahiti, boll d o i ki'-h.nw v .iiig I0W) lb*., ami tli iliat know the adsanta ?( leverage power, will at once tee that the cannot be knocked do*, u in . s ju ill. and in r ne ner bo.tom it * ove tin- caniiiu ii k, as sli* b-? the buoyancy wf 2*00 weigut of coik between her sides and selling, and is a very last saili r. F or luriher pi> Ueuiats. imjuire of J. JENNlNUS, m30 I in in 132 Broad war c- r John *t, up tiair*, Iront room A UK ATI I HLOW TO UUACh'ERY. JUST PLUMHIiLD, and for atlc, wholeaa'r mil retail, 10J Nassau street, Tim Medical Umdc; or, Every Mas llif Own Physician, in tvhi 'i if roll ineJ a Incni nil thorough eiiniiRaiioj of a certain disc se, li all i'a fru'orn, with Iiini Ir ant! < inoili-? of tri a! Tienr, w hii:n . II n ny iihdrrtlaiid ami |ir?-licr, wiihmr the aid < f a Ir ticiaii.hy J ho Vawtheii. M. I)., for twenty yearn priuc pa phyi'ciaj ol the Dulum Lock Il<>?pit I. "This is <he only really good book ntau' on the aabncl," ay* the Lotnli n Lancet; "anil mint, by crearii'k a enrr in ibr worst rase, for one or two alrlliuga, < Iftrlua'U biruk up the bum rat of tne .pink doctors." A loaf-jiaid oidrr, enclosing one ilnllar, dirai'ird to IIOI LAN D 4i (JLOVILH. New l'otk City, will pr >cnr? acrpy nt tin work Or 'i.: m ot, free of iMialaitr, to any pi,l of the Unit) il States,or the Canada*; or Hirer ro.n i will be tent lor twodillar?. j. I in d\ Urn v*r QOLMAN1 LONDON MU8TAHU, per a up I hil.idr I 20U Urira second aud fine 2IMI nigs Lead SO nbl< A I am Alto on hind-Printing I?( r??2kM2 2.XT7 21X36 HX24 21X31 L1HX32 Togetbr r witli a neur al assortment of writing,unl wiarpin* paiiera, fa. n t by 8. KINOSLKV, ii.2l lin'i IIT Ma.ilrn I me | MrOKl A> i I O OLD OUUNTKVMKflr- MEB8MP * H AUN DKN It CO. will draw at their Ciprraa aod hortn,. Letter OCu e, No. 3 Wall a.reet, amall hilla of eichtnge Iron 41 to 4lM, in sums to toil, payable at sight, for the atcoram o^110* ol iieriob* wialniig to remit to their friend* in England Ian I. or Hrotlai-d. The fetter bags lor the Royal Mail 8teamera for Lire apoo arc (lap op ai their office. If or far .her information apply to HAKNDEN^CO. i-?u" sr*. iVitibiCAL. KKIB TOOTH w A8H?Prepared from tho'orKirsi r* eipetlNo.l tlola rtreet, New Yrok?The Urns Tooth Wub i* pore!* * vegetable preparation, poueuioi the propor < tier o ft leftiuui! tiie teettiand month renoriuK the pnm? toe ' health. ilate, end preventing any nnplea?ant taste or odonris the mouth, whether ariaiuu frets docereri teeth or frou t d?; It n designed la be used w ith a tooth or ash, and will b? foam* lo iui>eriede the aeecrsky o fa powder .keeping the teeth clean viid prerentiu;' the mar.iig iwny uf the pu It m the toetb. It i< particularly uaeful in case* of spungy gums, restoring theci lo a healthy elate, and causing them to contract around ihe teeth. In painft'l affections of the teeth and Roma, arising from aipoaure to cold, it will he found highly beneficial. It la particularly serviceable to oee the Orria Tooth Waah at night jut before retiring to reat. This method la recommended by eminent dentiau, at by ao doing all partielea of food which aeeamalate during the day are entirely removed, and the month kept through the night in a clean, meet, aud healthy alate. Sound teeth aad white tettn a.s the moat taluablr portions f poor humanity; bat how many neglect the attention ue eeaaary for tlieir preservation, even when ausrotiuded by all th? aea-'.e needed Among thcac we know of none more pleaaanl and effectual than the Orria Tooth Waah -it cleanses and whi lens the teeth, strengthens the gams. cn fin the mouth, and sweetens the breath. We recommend it. are to all, young and Id ?[Boston Morning Post. The Orria TeoJi Wnh ia rlie beat ?*trrgcc: wn ever (tad ? aar cii?nie!.?I Bosioa Transcript. frt sale l y the principal drugg-nta in tl * city tad t SHERMAN'S LOZENGES. IJ'NOKMOIJS quantities of these popular medicine are aold a during the year, and anil the deoimid is cona'antly lucreatIiir In lire year* the Doctor has gone from a few pounds o to f>7 tons in n year, ami where it will stop we cannot conceits While Sherman's Lozenges a.e ao pleasant lhat "children cry for them,"they are wonderfully elficieot, or they would not be natrou zed by our worlhirst citizens, at for iuatance?Ki-Muyor Clark, J. Sherman BrowneM, Ksq., Hcgiater of the city, W. H. Btinn, Esq. deputy register, lley. Mr. Dunbar, of the McDougal street Church, [lev. Sebastian Sireeter, ol Boat' n, lley. Mr. Anthony, of the Oneida Conference, Hon. Senator Archer, Col. J. C Zalniskir of New Jersey, and hundreds of others of the like high r? sprctabilitT. Sherman's Worm LozenRes?Tested in over a million of cases, and acknowledged by the medical facnltyto b? Ihe only s fe and certain worm destroying medicine in the world. They are prescribed daily by nearly all oar physicians. Sheimau's Lozenges alone hare any reputation?ihe Doctor is n member of the Medical Society aud a skilful practitioner. Sherman's Camphor Lozenges?Headache, sea sickness, palpitation, lowness of spiitts, aud despondency, cured in a tew minutes by them. They haye been fully rroved in a multitude of cases aud never known to fail. Shirtnun's Cough Lozenges allay all tickling or irritation of the tkroat or latigs, prompts eucctorttion ana cure the most hsrranitiq cough or colds in one day; also, asthma ana whoop| ing cough, and tightness of the chest. Consumption has repeatedly been not only relieved but effectually cured by ShcrI man's Cough Lozenges, when nil other means failed. Sore V iprlrs positively cured by Sh-rinnn's Pap llarv Oil. Ho.ii a" 106 Nss< i?.i sti-e(, and sold by agents, at 83 Bowery, 77 K??i Broadway, -21 13'cocker st, 227 Hudson it, Hushtou hi A?i>iowall, .New York; 1J9 Kulton it. Brooklyu; J VauYnrk' 89 Chesnut it. Philadelphia: Dr Red, cor Gay and Sartoga sts Bal'i .lie; Thomai, 147 Main it. Cincinnati, Oliio; A Oath iiie, 4 Htanwiz Hall, Albany; <; Dyer. Ji, 42 Writminster it, Providence; Redding. 8 State itreei. Boston: rn25 Imr DK. FH.UCHT vV A NGe.K'.S unrivalled Chcniica' Prepamtioui, Poisou*, Ac.?Tlie Coin; ound Chemical Wlmle Oil Soap, a ceil.uii preventative against the attack of all descripti?U3 or insects ou rose bu. hes, grape vinci. Trait trees, plants, Ac. There probably never was no unnponad wore effectual in its application than the Chemical Wht le Oil Soap In no instanc* will it fail, when pr iperly applied, of accomplishing the object, adding at thv same time to the clrdaliueig and fertility oi the plants, Ac. The ditlicaltv many have heretofore cx pericucrdin cultivating 11 >wrrs, Ac , in shielding them Irom the attack ol insects, has deterred manv f.oin raising thern,liui this difficulty can be en ircly obviated by the use of the Soap, which is very simple in its mincer of application, and on account ol its cheapness is ace sible to ?ny sgtent. Also may be ob an ed the celebrated Poisons lor the totsl extermination of nil desuiptioLSof vermin infesting houses, barm, gardens, Ac. The Tied Bug Poison is iuf llible and by a proper application will most effectually di stroy the vermin, and | rereut a re'u.-n of them, as hundreds can testify who last sumiitr were so forluoatr as to m the use of them. The and Mouse l'oisou, when administered according to th - directions, s warranted to dr ve from the premises the rats and mice, and p: ndvaot.igcs ovrr nil other nreparslioi s here tofore brought 111 use, being ree -om all deadly mm oral poison, such as ciroiivc suhliina'c, Ac ; digs nndcits ma; eat i f (he same without ihe least inju y. Aula, motns, cockroaches. Ac., are all effectually eitciminated Also a geceral assortment of raie chemicals and dyers' articles such aa extract ol" logwcod, do qiicrcitrou, HtUMIl' bark, acids initiate ot potash, white sugar ol lead, nut galls, Lrouiue. iodine of irou. do mercury, do lead, do sulpha*, hy driort potash, iodine sactate of Iron, sulphate < f mor-aiir, vi r atirip, suli hate of cadnieune, osiJe of' Iver, do ol gold hv'driod perosiiL* o iron, plalina. cia. uret of . ol east mil lunar c.iiistir, eopaisi, capsules, b onzes, tabovrages cloride ol'.o U, sc|u < i luouia, sweet s irits nitre, (Jrausille's lution. acetic culortit I , and sulphu ic ethers, Ac.; .Swedish levchca, seidlllz sud sods cowilsri, urewe: s lozenges, pcllunierT,.Oolll?a soils waltr. Urislol'j saraaparill*. togelh-r witli a general rssortmeut of drugs, Sic , all ul svlrcli are fur gate cIimsp by UK Lfc.WH KCUCHTWANOEB. j 14 2'awlmia*w ? Wall street. ( DK JAMK8 W. ATI RIUUE'S TINCTUHK KOH IN- 1 digestion, t r Dyspepsia?'1 his invaluable remedy, which during th last fifty years hut saved thousand* from the jaw s of 1 death, both iu Euroi - and America, is now introduced public- ' ly to the many victims who are suffering from the a'ove named distrt ssiuK disease The proprietor withes it decidedly 'O be understood, although he takes this uicthod of uitkiug the remedy public, that the Tincture is not ctlculaled tocureallthe 1 diseases incident to the human Irtiine, but merely those induced by a disordered state of ilie alimen cry canal, and known as loauMMMM01 Dwp usi i. The tSItj si a single bottle will prove to the most sceptical that, by fillowitiK the directions sshich accnmt anv it, tlint tcrible disease miy he entirely eradicated Numerous tcstimouiils in?v be s:to by applying to Messrs. Carte Ik Nephew, cornerot Water siiet t auu Maiden lane, Knr sale, v ho rtalr and retail,at tlie ebove named store, and at 118 Bowery. _ m3Mm*i i i""il i1'K N A ill) til' It KKT. A/TADAMK Ct's'I'r LCU, Keuiale Physician and Uraduate kvJ- as Midwife, ; !! ? her pi services to the ladies of this city so ! cou.ipy. 't he anatomical and physiological peculiarities who h dtstm o;sh the female from the male, impose upon liej rtjissi M fan ti ,i.s lltofsthsi bet owu.? Many o i these diseases err exceedingly complicated and oh retire, requiring an accurate knowle Ige of ilie female system to treat them with success Madame Cosi-lio havi. c bad loag eipeneuee aad surprising snccess in the tie.iinirui of diseases incidental to her sex, ap prises ladies on the paint of coptinemcnt, rr Ibose sulTeiiug from suppression, .rrtrily, obstruction*, fcc. that she will he happy to nttord a com tot tbte cinporary liouir at Iter residence, where they can ri> ays have the best medical treatment and the most matronly ca-t >:.d or if preferred, will ssait on and attend them .it iheirnwn houses unfil perfectly recovered I vs..i <> -t... - .1-. - > -l_ delicate, that she ot.'r >* personally in every nue, ao that heiiution or dread need never be api -eheuded. N. B.?Madame Cost<-'lo would inform I .lies residing out ot the city, whose health v.aid not admit of ttlYtllioi, that ?he would devote lifi persoual attendance upon ti.em in in* part of the United States within reasonable distance. Madame C. can be con?ni;e<i at her IMMMM),it IsiepMHd street, at all times and with tne strict' ?t re*m<1 to the wishes ol her puienta A I cooamunicaunusaud letters must he o<,ii paid. m24 Im'rre DEAFNESS. DRS. CASTLE te EDWARDS, AURISTS, qoi BKuADtV AV.-Ki. set OOl " | ehceif-jlly comply with the request of Lieut. Mclutoah, to testify that ne was invalided home as unfit tor duty, in eousr*urnee of to al deafnr-s and ducha-yes from his can; that while iu New York, on his war to hnitlauri. he placed himself under the prolesan nal rare of Dra Castle and Edwards, AurisU. Under their trestinrnt i.e .ecorrrtd his heating, ant' has r-turned 10 his military duty. Buied, H. MeNEVEN, M. D., SurireontoH B M Kotces, Jamaica ACOUSTIC DROPS. A sure cure for mc.pieut dr tfnets, earache, pains, buzzit gs, or singing sounds in the er rs, collections ol har I wis or vitiated secietiom of the orit.ius Their Ac. mstic Uil lies been a popular remedy as a curative in all diseases of |t < ears for upwards of ISIIf) ve.irs. Offie-S removed to 331 Broadway, corner of W bite street. mil lin?r DOCTOR vOi;i;sKLl*. PRIVATE ADVICE.-!!" IS IMPORTANT WITH I MANY PEOPLE innee lof MEDICAL ASSISTANCE, th it they obt-in Kood advicr p ivai-ly and prompilv. All who nuy thus desire to consult a riofcssional friend, should by all rneatia cbt iu and read ihe hook called the " Ruhieon," The f. urth edition, which has been recently published, is much improved, and rr.larced I nearly fhlM times its former size, and r mb'rces msny suhrects and diseases not before slludrd to,(hat will be eapecmlly interesting to invalids who lor many reasons m.iv possibly h'pp-(i to need advice The work is w.itteu by Ur. Ufego./, w ho is still in the pract'c of Ins pril'ess'on at No. II Barclay at near the Ps k. I le various lorrriiof bodily and mental weakness, incapacity I aud suffering which come under the head of Privale Maladies, | are fai'hfully delineated^ sud the beat practical method of ob Ichiiiik si.uii'i ile um. u ? ' wihb p-iiuiy juu irraciiiviny nu iy.?tl to ti e use of all those who n ay unfortunately need its Trundle ass'sMnce, of wliAtyvei iRe or sex. That ooilton of the work treating upon Imeotence, Ban.- nets, ?nu a certain tie atnirtful habit of youth il indiscretion, from whence rt?ult* "eon?l8tatioral debility," will bp found both useful anil instructing to all classes?it iaa friendly. y?t lilent monitor where ensunt or se*a?l debility has made tlirea.r-iing lipoids upon the health or constitution, anil point* out Dot only t'.e means ot escape, but tne cerp 'nty of restoration. The work is written by a phvtieion of ecpeiiencc, (who it still in practice imhn rity.j It thowshow often p're t* rud other* are deceived bill* i.utwa'd phyricil appearacvr?how the at'entiaion oft e frame, pa! m tat ion of the luarf, derangement of the i < ivout riteiu, cou?.h, indigestion, r.nd i train ?f sympton.* indie-ti-e of coniumption, are often ascribed to wrong c n*t? when in ri llity thev e thee- i MUMNgf atialluniig ami periiieiuu* practice alike deatinctitc to fie mind tin) bodv; The price of the bonk i* the aarne a* he etofore, SO Cents. Koi ?ale by the author at hi* residence No, II Barclay street, near Broadway, and at the follow nig agcuei a. whic.i are drug atorea;? San la'. No 79 h'niton atreet, corner of Gold street. 'a, " KG Williim ?tiret,n"?r Maiden lane. nv 'a. " ? Kt',roii atreet, corner of Water atreet. David !vr Is it i_'o.'?,77 Kaat Bio.-.dway, corner of Markt t-at 'a. No. f,J Bowery,corne-of Walker alrert. Or. Churches' Dispensary, No. 189 Bowtry. corner of Spring atreet. Dr. A. W. White's, No. HG Delaucy atreet,corner of Suffolk atreet. Chilton's, No. 89 Canal street. It w''l be sept oat iaa sealed envelope to those who may dcaire * > to order it (T7" Ordeis 'jv mail cuclastng f I, directed to Bo* S67, if post paid, will pay lor the hock, which shail be sent immediately, ??directed, line wise fiee of poatm. m27 im*r mTo f A11 M r.KS. UUA3IICM"?, * AGKICb L.TU Hi?Tb a ? BUTTKH.MEKK, Druggist ?m! Chr.miat, Iroin Kuglaud, SB Km a street. New York, would earoesify direct the attention of all concerned III tile welfate of horses and cattle pi the folic wine invaluable mcdieioea, prepared according t" the formula ol one o( t'.e moat eminent veterinary surgeons now practising in the south of hnglaiid, aud procured by the pre tent propi ictor of eonsidarable cost. DIVKKTIC I'OIISK HALLH?Iheae balls are a radical re.nedy for all diaoiders in horses, arisiug from impurity of the Mod, giuss ll union, and obstructed perspiration, such as grease in the heels, swelled legs, strangury, gravel, emotions on the sluu, Ike. 1'licv maybe ndiniuiatered at any l nne or *' Dj w i h nice of die., or mterfe reoce with usual la Dm Aline mil iii ine year, when none* generally undergo a ehantfeof lalblt, the regular ore of Il eie belli will p*ovr high ly benefici I,ai'tl rwu it preventive of many diaeaaea to wloi li, at rim iraaoii, linrara am imtoIi irly liable. Sold in pacitmra eOhUMBing ?i? balli. 3a., with amide direction!. COKUiAL h K.LOiN l)HI\K-I>eridedlr the heat inr.h eme thatCfamadwuyafered, forall dleeiwie! hdfSji Ml tie, ariaiMt from cold, tuck aa hidebound, frvera, leaa of arpetile, ihivi-rinjc, cough*, nooviug, loat of milk, he. Sold in package*, wiih direction*, 3* cacb. CLKANSlNU DRINK 'o new Calved Cow*? la of infi iMte aerviee and ilionld never lie oonlied, in all ca<-a wlirir the p'acenta. an nudiniv, or draining, ia obetrncted. It uoi onlv forward* lilt diardnrgr. bin moat admirably afford* iialun liinrly avaiatauce, in einelliiiK that ealraneona matter, which impede* the courre of in* alimentary eaiMl,prr?eulnu the fill filinenl of ita proper (orctinn. Tin* drink *l?o ronnteracla a variety of complainti '< which the animal la afterward* liable, whilatthe flow of milk i* wonderfully promoted. In park an**, Willi directiou* 3* l>d each. ItKD BOTTLK?Kor inhdninit inflammation and morbid awellinga id liorir*. alio an vicellect coolini lotlou, for ielatrd aineart, hriimei, *p*aiii?, railed back* wound*, lie In bottle*, with direction*. 3a (id lach. N< atable mould be without it. VULNKKAI'.V BALSAV-Knr eradicating warblea i, lioraea healing cuta anu wouml*, however deep or Mgntvaled, alio an application to cankrra >u the lieof aim rjuitk prober decidedly the beat rrnmdy th't can be naed. Should ben evtrv atable. Sold in botllra, n it., direction*, la fi.l earh. InHDIAI.. rUKOIMi, Af.D WORM BALLS, LI QUID, k-.. he. At thia eatabliahmeni, the ui mill cannon i* inv ariaii1 v nblflli ed. m the aelerrior.*nn;... ThVhh Tan?** r b ks< - eipti on s ?j. b."'?i wiif^a irnMof theii vital (hull h ttflKblv obiftT. *e im<At ?crnpnloi'i .rcnwey in Ihe |.rep r?.n? <4 pl.T" ????' me."r?i-if? ?re pmporrd m.d told tiolj.i.olT ? ih? MedUtl hnm.m MMirtre.t.thten door, from Or?.d,op lhi'e^"a PrompJr .?cuud. >U !?'' [ I ? longley*sT great western in wan panacea. \U HtN tVKIl thoa art tick, .hy atoioach and head opprea: tad.thy bowel* eotiive, or exhibiting other ay Diploma of evil condition, and it oceura to thee it miylil be well to call 'I**1 the doctor, or boy a boa of pill*?tnen i* the litne. irtiahtwov, for thee to procure a bottle of this Pau'cra. And whenever thon thinkeel. a? a prudent man,that it miitht be well to have tome b; od family phytic in thy home, for the benefit <>l thy wife and little onri, in care of nred ; tlieu a'to thou hooiiltt iO?e no time by delay, but while the liberal and care lul reeling i? on thee, atteuu to iis dictate*, au| ply lliyielf with Ihiinfil'cme, and tave thy.ell coat. .1 . "an^eea it a pure vegetable cathartic; it 11 p'eaaant te l';? W* '? freely taaen hy children; it operate* agree* ,.Ti ? WIl.^? I'ain; it If 1 vet tone to the ttoinack and bowelt. auu icATCB tntm iij & goou condition: it acts ?t an alterative nri>u the liTcr, the auimach. and the llood, therehy panfyiuit thespriPgs of life, and in the treatm nt of dyspepsia, and all the varieties ol bilious disease, which so inuch abouud. its success is unrivalled. lu Asthma, the reliefis almost instantaneous, and nearly as certain <u that the medicine is administered. The Panacea ii moreover, considering the uamoer of dote, in bottle the cheapeat cathartic iu market. The Hon Hooeri Mouell, iudge of the sixth circuit In the atatc of New York, aaya ol thia medicine?I have found it the heat remedy for bilious attacks, to wlrtch I am subject that I have need. A. O Kanaom, Kaij , lawyr r, 64 John street, New York,aaya ?I ha i been an invalid for 12 yea.a. much of the time incapacitated for doing business, from dys|>ei<su; constantly costive, troubled with a dry hard cough, tore throat, Ike My health ii comptranvely resiored nude' the use of this remedy. I would not be vt i'hoot it ou any consideration. tlanin Hawluy, ibaq., of Biugbamptoii, N.Y., aaya that aftcra protractrd bilious attack of two mouths dura'iun, and the failure of two counts of salivation, and all the ordin-ry modes of treatment to restore him, while suffertug from nausea, vom itmg, Irun nddy.,eo'< ry, I was induced to tiy your I'auacea, and from the drat use of it, my pair ful symptoms began to giv? way, and in one week 1 was able to siatt for New York ou ha siuess My api>etiie returned, and lam now in better health thin 1 have r moved for two yean past. Dr. West, of iiinehamptoii, says?Ihave used your Panacea iu my family, and have repeatedly prescribed it for patients un der my care, and am satisfied ihat it is always a safe, and in very many casta an invaluable medicine. It acta as a laiative without nausea or pain, and while it effectually obviates costiveness, acts upon tha stomach aud liver at an alterative, coracting ascidity, and restoring the healthy condition of those rgans. Dr. Eldridge, of Biughampton. recommends this medicine as the best remedy within his knowledge for Asihmn, for cleansing the stomach and bowels, and purifying ill* blood. I have testrd its merits, s..ys he, in my practice, and I do cot hesitate to say that u If tho most palatable, aud at the same time the most effective cathartic I have ever used. I do earnestly recommend this Panacea to the public patronage, aud e*|>ccially to the patronage of ihc medical profession. Gibs Orcult, Cst|., the well snowu host of tbe Thrnix Hotel, Binghamptou, was greatly atHicted with dyrpepsia aud bilious attacks. Says he, I Was sptedily relieved ou using vour Panacea, and Ventura to say that it is the most effective and excellent cathartic medicine now iu use. Mr, T. A Thayer, merchant of Binghaiiiptoii, says?I was mucli iroublt d witli cosliveuess, aud was eutirr I y restored by the use oftne Great Western Indian Panacea. I have used the blur pill, and iu my opinion ycur Panacea is a complete aubsti Mr. C. knapp, merchant of Binghimplon, says? I was afflicti ll with liver complaint, ami a general derangement of (lie stomach ami howe Is. Ltsr January 1 procured a bottle of your I'auicea. It'rom (hat time to this 1 nave used iu all between one and two bottles, greatly to liu benefit of my health and spirits lhad not taken more than half a bottle, btfoie I lelt like anew inn. As a cathartic and cleauser of the system, it ts of all others the most effectual and yt t agree bio rt mody that I have any knowledge ol. 1 will not, if lean avoid it, be withuul this me.licioe in my family, as a family mediciuc; and as a pre entive to disease it i? invaluable Mr. A. K-iiicltild, of Lisle, retorted to the Panacea after au t aleattark of inlhinimat'o on tne Inngs. with great benefit the diseated organ and to his general health. Mi J unes Bigler.of Nesvonig, certifies that his wife was sef.-rely afflicted with the asthma, so that she could n t sleeper . st nights, except by being bolstered up in a sitting posture.? After taking the lirsl dose, of this Panacea, she reined to lest, and slept (juicily through the night. A pan ol a bottle entirely it -.tored her to health. Mr. Steph- u Woolvvrtou, ol Union, was more than 65 years of age, and had been for leu years and better bioUeu down with a complication of bodily ailments, among the most afflicting oi which was the nslhm i. He cotumeuced taking the l auacea in November, 1810, aui, iua lew weeks, to his geat sutprise, was coutpl- tely restored to ceatlli In June, 1842, he says?1 continue to enjoy as good lieai'h as 1 ever did iu my youthful dtys. consideiiug my advanced age, and am able to attend tow It ol mv business us well as I ever cou,u at alls* period of my life. Mr. It. 8. K.tlon, of Bouckvillc, s-vs?I h nl been afflicted with r.stlim i from infancy to the age of 88 years, and much ol the tune 1 could uulsleep, eat, or transact business,except iu misery. After ttytug every thing else, and coming to the conc'usion that his dm ase was incurable, Mr. ?, finally lesoited to the Panacea, and found almost immediate relief, Some live mouths after he commenced t king it, he says?I hare cni Uiiued tome tlie Panac- i moderately, until I have taken its r.*1 two and a half bottles. 1 am now comparatively well, nudpJo uot hesitate to say, 1 believe the Ponces is an etfec.nal cure lot ssthiun. .Mr. j. Mather, of Schuyler, had been afflicted with asthma t.-n oi tifteen years. The Panacea relieved him, and before he li.ul mken n 'It abottlc, he says lie could sleep ijuislly the enI r night. A sou of Mr. Win. N. Audros, at 46 Broadway, New York, aged eight years, was afflicted with a serious ulcer ou the head, wiled a scrofulous sore, which covered almost the entire top ol kit h 'fttl. Learning tl.c nature of your Panacea, says Mr Anil ros, mid tlie uuinetout cures it had effected, I was induced to obtain a bottle, and liom fa uaa'nv sou is entirely restored. This last case esliibitjjpSwtrikiug imiiit of view, the purifying iffects ol the P.iii.-cth months bloud. The certificates iu full, Irom which tl-eabuvr its rm--nt it condensed, may be seen with the ?g' tits Price $1 511 pei t-utlie?-nu lot i?!? at the r-tnripu Uifice, 351 Broadway- Ithe New Vnts patent u ediCtlie stov*,) and hy tilt ; uiilisli. il a-rculs Inton. me e-tv md tie I'ntati m?5 lm*r MADAME GUSTELLO" PEMALE PKRIOD1CAL PILLS-Guarauteed >u even L case whete the monthly periods have become ir regular from colds or other causes, 'l'neir certainty ol acliou hat long been ackmwleuged by the medical yofesaion aud hundreds that have uselessly tried various boasted icme dies. Care is somenmei necessary to their use; though the] contain no medicine detrimental to the constitution. Add-? given gratis to ail thole who use the Pills, by Madame Cos tello, 14 Lispenard st, V7herethe Ptl's *;* sold genuine. Prict >1 net boi tn?4 tm+ric JAIINt'B UAnmillAllVE. BrtL.J?A.VI II IS Wei; known that retnl<tr physiciaus are shy oi endorsing the vir lues ni any ol that class of r> meoii s Comm mly called "petenl medicines," but so conspicuous hare hecu the urative proper liei ol this preparation in its wonJerHsleffecri, tint some ol thi first ph>stcieas iu Peuusylva n, V-irylnnd and other Stttes have voluntirily come forward and tarnished Ur Jayae witt certificatesof its saiiitive U UueDCr. Ills uow extensively pre scribed ia medical i ractiee, as a re edy for cho.era inlauiuui dysentery, ckolic, dy spepsia, aud all diseases lioir a disoidertd act on,.! the itomath, liter, intestines, or uervrs whether in children or |<eitoits of adutt aye. It acts direc I) numi the secretin s, and parities'he hlood, b? putif injc Llie tlerr cuts of wi ich ir u composed. Sol i at wholesale au.i re t-il.bvA U k D. SauJs. druggist*, No. *9 ku'tonst. Alio, solibvD Bands k Co, No 7< Esst Brosdway; A B Sands kfo, >o.27j Broadwiv. Price 50 c s. jllgvv'm ~ PRIVATE SELF-GUltET nOCTOR JOKDAN'o bpecilic Package*, Not. 1 and 2 be for the prompt cure of secret diseasrr, are not any new nostium, either of foreigu or domestic origin. but have ben tully tested for tbe last ntue years wit i rummaging success Each package contains every" requisite for the cure of thesr disease!, properly adapted to the varied symptoms, accomiw nird by the Monitor, a private treatise on secret maladies wherein is every direction, with all necessary advice. Thess packages were the original ones for the suppression oi qauackery, and from their well known popularity, have had . host of imitators. Guarantee, in cases whore additional mrdi vines are required, ao further charges made. Piice 13 each Persons ordering by letter [always post paid] mast say^whethe: t';e p'Ckas* is rrqmr'd for gonorrhoea or veaereal disease The Monitor alone is 50 cents. One collar post paid ensuresi free. Doctor Jordan's Specific Packages enable the patient t< make a prompt cure without suspicion. Sold only bt Drug Store 60 Prin-e street, corner of Marior street, a few doors cast of Niblo's Uaideu. Private rntrinci and offices for consultation, 69 K Marion street, continuation o Center street ooe door below drugstore. m2G lm*r OlK AS I'De.Y COOPKH'S just v celebrated aud trulv elfi cacious Salve for corns, biles, tumors, St-., is been basely counleife.trd and sold to an unknown rxten We caution el aglinsi burii.g without a carcib'exomiuad'n, Toe Only geti nine is sold at 357 Broadway, and br K >adir i, Peei.a an I Co. 11! Water street: Wiloyint, Mabre aud Cmi p, o'l Maidei Lane, wholesale dip :gisl?; a'?o by the reputah'e dniggisti throughout the country. Price 25 cents per box, and warranted Priucip?l office 357 Broidwav. New York myjt lm*r IMPORTANT TO FEMALES. DH. MGbVKAU, offite 129 Liberty street, near Oreeu wich street, whose great success iu the treatment of corn plaints arising from the suppression ol thi menses, has gained for him so great celebriety,deems it but jus tice 10 acknowledge that mech of his success belongs to thi truly wonderful effects of 'he Portuguese Female I'llls, lo whio he is agent, and importer for the United States. Thei certainty in nil female obstructions Is surprising. (See adver tisemrnt on last column of lourth page.) Dr. Meivean can be consulted on all complaints incident n 'sins'" Wlh lh' s yieres' nils lrn* IvSsw [AYNK H I1AIK TONIC.?A fins head of hair is an aeso J lute requisition to ft male beauty. Evrn >t. Paul, who ret taiuly was no flatterer. aavs, tint lot a woman to have lout: hair, is a "glory to hi r " To thoie ol the lair sex, then, win nave bet ti xnorn of thu "gloty'' by geu' ral or local disease, or other causes, we recommend as a '-.loratiie, Jayne's Hair To n c. It is a feet established by u' lnpenrhtble evidence, tnat it will reproduce hair u am lialil places, au iflcct whicn, al though claimcJ f r ell pieiaruions for ths h<ui, lias been s> far ds we Irm w, aecornpl'ihed by n ine, except Jayne's if i Toric Bol l by the qua. lily, or at retail, by A B. (k i). Sands drnggi'ts, No. 79 b'ulton ai. 77 Kas: Bruadwsv, and 2/3 Broai rv. I.?,,l. . r.? II TO THE LADIES?81'K.KKK'S SOLUTION.?Then 11 no nccasiou to wear la'se hair on account of the color o (he hair. L*dit? nir often troubled with, < |> '.in or disease 111 ihi head, occasioned by the pressure of the farsc hair. Lailh a car have gray hair changed to look is well as ever it did, w Hum injury. iMr. S. has a room evprrssly to he tended by a lady, a his u sidence. AI?o, Mr. S. will cnaugr gentlemen's harm any rlmde or color. Drucguta would do well to keep it tor salt in other cities a* humbug dyes are going mu ol date Whole sale end ret ul, at No. V l.tmlhatn St., opposite the icg ster'i Ufa, en stain in va?im*r MKDU'Alr /i M) MIKi.lCAL C.\K I i." ~ "SCIENTIS tJRLDE 81 VALERE VIS." ^ OKTH HI VER DlSPKNbAKY, 2inhi hultou aire' t.nea I-' Greenwich street?Doctor MOHHlnON, Member of tin Hr.) al College ol Surge lit, Londou, and tormerly Surireon n tlieUri'ish sr.vy, coliliuues to he c nsu'trd confidentihIIj Irom U o'clock, A. vj. to 10 P. M. d ill), ou all disrates of a pri rate uaturs, aid all those disiresMi g s, ui|i>ouit collar ipi' nt 01 isfadteiwt tres'.meoi mm iht istyndiM Me of quick trie r i jiin a. A rt gut t medical enne niou, wuli au eiteiMire |>rvc ties of over 21 years, enable-. Dr. M. to adipt Ihr proprr rrme dies to the v.'. ititu constitutions as well asto the vari mi lorn) of th ?e insidious maladies. Ur. M n daily consulted by pa liantawhcr- the leu ing si in,noma have been only thcesud till leaving lbs pi> sun lolnik in the .yslein until ultnnai.l) ii drvrl itiesitiell imh- deplorable shape ol "Secondary 8y r.hilis." lu all c-si's Dr M. wtrra t< a prrlect cure wuhou mercury or delefrious drug, or coidiuenieot fiom hu iineis lu some forms ul the disease cures are perlmmed Ul Irom J ti i day s, and in ptoportiou wi Ii rMiignaut cues. Btrictuies ol the Urethn?Obitiuctious tn the urethra,mrl sssliicturrs ai.d enlugerient of lbs pro-irate g:,i"d, arcmn I inieil w ih much irnfetion and ilnll pel j in th- se pails ait si me of ihv cousei|Bcines of inal-trealment Di jvl.cnrc?;iic met iu a scientific manner, promoting their absorpnoi wnh 'l't any prill. In enu.e advert sen enls oa the subject ol strictures, the s\ intoini ue dr lined? I li s is i'eluii ?n, bt.c im enlarge iii'-nl of the teostraie uiainl, bee. would prodnee au iU gooa symptoms It it cruel to toitu'r patients with bougies 8tc. wlicu lu re a'ity there is no stricture Dr. VI is Irerpieiitl) consulted w hcie pa'iruu liave heen injured by snrli n course. Consliluti nal Debility?I'Iiohm-hI i ol youug men are tub irmu """i "' i q imti ? < imminence m * aecrfl (It struetitr habit, and wfioic iirrvea aie nir |,er injured Irorn tin die w Noatiti ?ud i?reicti?l-ij Specific*, wm. n atminl\U onIy to i)nU(,'( fcreati r d? p i hdii. I)i. M. hotis such C'Ovi oi< pun ly i athnlojfual |*in ciplt j and m \cr Lita in raiibluhuic ? cure ' ?tricilv corfi Itmui." * poit | anl, aLiI cou'emmx a lee of $*>, will e iimi e pie en pilous and iidiice, or f or $ (? mrd ciuci ?^ ?11 !>. foi w ndcu and irn c # oraiitid Uy Pit mv.nK' \ hitl ?ry of hucu? ill de tal!r"n Knl.on ?t. or ir tirfetiwiclt N IS?Willi two or three eaeep md?, Dr. M ! tlis onl) 1 m'lfied r.dreih?in?r Suiteou in rli#* ? itv. 12 in?*r I JULIA* THUSrfBa. Ml'IDl. lO HUirUHEl) i'KM?ON8. t |)KHS0aS .HIm-.mI wnli rupture* may rely upon tna l*e? * Hint * ti rii?-nfoI aid ihe world affords, on appj^niion at t In office, No. 4 Veii-y ?'r rl, ??r to cidicr ol ihr ?K?iid ill tl i principal town* in ih?* United 8tate? (te cnr? fu. to ?i mim the tine K pad of VI c 11 *? front**, to me if thry *t* i od<>r* I?j Dr.Ilull, in wnini iiMi 110 fslifn Bpou * good, without l?i? ?i|pn fnre. Many f crs ma luvc undertaken o v# rid I tut; ii ?) * Mud i cetehiaud r<ii?et, and thousand* impose*. upon in ronsiqueiiee. j Ik *e noi'.nti ?i?? c tiiro*. ha mied ui o i; they ar mad'- l?y uimkiiful im c lauica, nod are lo better ill in ll.eo.di uarytrtiMta. ^ 11 toon li ft* bren f?ff# d up at No. i Yejey sr.eet, i irl.mvr h for ladies, ha?.mi i sen watS ft?f nnca Iro.n I fie biMintai d-jan inent, where a female it in coiwant attendiocs to wait upoi fem 7c .atieutt. ?n20 I in m LEItCHlCH-LKKOflKS-LBK.- HKS. . t fiO |WW) LARGK health* ttaceciiah nud German Leethee OV/,VA/U ?just leceiretl ;cr K'iUlJ, Ft tuklin and Howard from Hani bare aud daily espeeted. 10.000 Bweedieh; aud Utrna.i Leeches, pe, Sir I?MC Now tou from Hamburg, boi e.le at the loweat market unee by O. A. It H. WITTE. mil lm*r Importers of Leeches. <46 Pearl at. , DICNTIST.?Tothose who hare decayed teeth, and hare neglected to hare them attended to, either from fear cfita not reiug properly done, or the birh price uiually charged, etui now ha*e ruv operation per'orined pertaining to the tar th. in a caretul and proper manner by calling on W E. PARSONS, 21 Vetey ?t , where lie ii in attendance at all timet, and prepared to fill teeth and intert, from one to a full aet, on the heat priuciplea now known by any deotiat in the city, for priera that will corrrapond with the timra, and within the meana of everyone Mr. P; invitea all in need of hia aervicep to call on him and thay ahall not be diaai>pointed by any operation not being properly performed, and in lact perfect eatiafaction in all ea ea will be jtiven. N. B aiiectmeni of hia work can be aeen in bia office, a?d reference? given if required. m 22-ltn*r BRISTOL S HAttSAPAKII.LA.?Tina prepar-ti n of Saraaparilla aurpaaaea any thing heretofore offr red to the pob'ic ai a rrnovator of the human avstein. I ta recommend 1tion by the medical faculty ia inch, thoae afflicted with diaeaaea of tl.e blood or ueivea cannot fail to be fully convinced that i'. will perforin all that ia c aimed lor it. Korsale by reputable Druggiata and Agents throughout the country. , CITV AfiKNTa rot THK lilt OP BUIiTOL 1 IARSAFARI1.LA. William Burger, w'-oleaale agent, 40 Couitlandt atre-t.and 188 Greenwich at; and at retail at the following placea ? Milh.m'a I'harmary, 183 Broadway; Kuihtou A Aanuwall. 110 Bro<.dw lv. 86 William it, and 10 Aator Mouac: Jam.a Byrne, M. D , 63 Bowery, and John Byrne. 30 Fulton, cor. Water at; Robert Leggett, M D.. 17 Avenue D; B QuiaAenhuah, 709 Greenwich at; A PHI 207 Oreeuwicii at ;J and J Coldiiiktou. corner of Spring *nd Hon?t"n atreetjlD H Burtnett, rinrd Avenue, corner ol Eighth ?;; Philip Merkle, 333 G and atreet! Daniel B Tocker, 367 Grind at; K 11 Trtpn, 160 Diviaion at; and at,360 Bowery; John B Hatt, 348 Graud. cor Norfolk at; Wood aud Morrison, 209 Greenwich at; K Cromwell's. 201 Grand it; Smith's Medicine atore, No. 347 Broadway; J. L?ggett, IT Houtton at; A McClanry's, cor. Diviaion and Eldndge at; Drug Store, cor. Broome aud Suffolk at. May card A Noyea, Bo.ton ii,r<2vSnor, cV*ei Providence. R I. W S B ackenridge it Co .Norwich, Conn. Dickinson ik Goodwin, Hartford, Conn. D. Smith, jnnr. A Co., New Haven, Conn. Henry Duel, 43 York at, Jeraey City. P. M. Cohen A Co., Charleaton, 8. C. 1. G. Reed. 143 Fulton at. Brooklyn. L. I. ml Im *r TO THE LADIES. PDA HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER. ilS neyv irutrumeut for the radical cure of Prolapaua Uteri or Falling of the Womb, by external application, ant-taediugtheuaa of the objectioual Peaaary, ia confidently meuded to the afflicted aa thetaeanaof perfect restore health, it never having failed of performing a ovre, evan uioei the moat aggravated circumatsncea. The Supporter haa attained a very high character in Europe aa well aa in thia country. It ia adopted to the entire disute of I'aiaariei.and all other rwufu.1 surgical expedient.,in the Lyingin-Hoapltati of London and Paria, and ia "v-va* elly recontmended iu Euro, e by medical men of the^, 't In thia country ?* sustained uy me irauiui: lugmi- ioi?ju>i? of Collate* and Hospitals, and by *1' ths eminent private peatlificoeri. Uoonu have bseu foruithsd exclusively for ladies, at No. 4 Yesey street, having a separate entrance from the business departuient, where a lady ia in constant atlendaoee, to apply Trusses and Huppoeters to female oatientl. m5 Imr NO CURE NO DH. COOI'EIl, of 11 Duane street, between William and Chatham streets, takes ill's mrlhodof iiilonninH the ciii7riii and sLrauKcrs.lnat he still nftodis relief to the afflicted o both scars, and may be always confined with the utmost njn lideuce iu the worst cases of delica'e disease*_ Dr. Cooper, from a residence of many years iu hospitals in Europe.devoted to the treatuxut of delicate diseases, audtroinan extensive practice in this city, for the last ten years, iu this narticnlar Draurh >f the profession,guarantees a safe.sneedy and effectu i cure to such pe-sous its put'themselves under his treatment Kecent cases cared iu two or three days. Dr. Cooler uses* no mercury or any other daiiKerntis medicine Dr. Cooper's 1 mil J and judicious mode of treatment will require no interrup1 tion from business or altera-, on in diet. Persons afflicted with protracted and deplorable cases, need not despair of complete 1 recovery. Dr.Cooper informs the public that he is the only 1 reKularly qualified sttriteou who advertises in Dunne street, nud exhibits no diploma horn the 8ti>?vesaut Institute of this city, l procured by lalsecertificates and false pretences. The ino?t in 1 violible vecrtsy observed in all consultations. Separate offices so at patiems cannot come in coniact. Letters, post |>aid, at. tedded to. Charges moderate. Office open from 7 in the morninn until 10 o'clock at night. Offlce 14 Duane street. ui13lm*r i QUACKERY USED UP'!! i fTMlK days ot the monster Quackery are numbered; his reiitu A will soon be oyer, and the thousands and tens of thousands i who are suffering under seer*t citrates, and the equally intolerable impositiout of unpriucipled mercenary quacks, may now tejoiceat their approaching deliverance. The dirk veil of mystery which has hitherto enshrouded the treatment of i these diseases, is removed, and thefineaus lor'obtaming relief is i placed within the reach ol a'l. Let those who are wise avail themselves of the opportunity without delay, and procure at once a copy of the .Medical Guide fir the irca'ment of secret , diseases, by the justly celebrated Dr. VAUWHfcN, for many , yea's the prinei|<al physician of the Dublin Lock Hosiyiul ? I This treatise coniams a clear and thorough examination of Veuereal diseases, iu all their various forms, with useluf and i effectual mod's of treatment, which all may understand and pracicc without the aid of a physicmu, or risk of discovery ? This work caunot tail to prove invaluable to travellers, scai farina incu and others, whs are often placed in situations wherrthey cannot obtain medical advice. It may be obrainrd at tne Book stand, 92 Nassau ft. corner of r KuHon st. Price 75 cU. Any person sending $1, by post, will i haveo le copy faithfully lorwaided to them. m 35-1 in' r CAUTION TO FEMALES. MA L'A X k. ttEBT&UL. ?ILMAbr. rii*?lClAr<, *f.'? inform ladies who vitii a proper dr.icacy, have a ieou cancr u the treatment of their com plaint? eacept by ona o( i h? ' ?wu ici, 4i? in ail casesthe vteoda to tnem personally,her < serience, k saci'ee and knowledge enables her to do so. XI - dsema it accessary to iuit? this, as she does not wish to 1 f classed with the prstettdrrs continually uppeariujt and disippe i lug, advertising as "Kemais Physicians, who too iRiioraut ai incompetent toernie!;?? am obliged to act some scarcely lev i Ignorant anaelt to etpcriment instead. Consulting parlors cud r?:t Jecee 141 ttreenwich street, between Coartlaari; and l.i i herty streets >fo>?rt of atley'suea from j a.* F. iV . ! sltto'r __ t t'JSMAUr. MUWrMLl r li-liCi 0*V tisH to the celebrity, efficacy, and insane Me saceau if jisdarae Heard's Vernal* Monthly iv,is in all casss of irregtilaiity, suppression, or step rags oi those (unctions of n* 1 tars upon which the health of every (e it ale depends, since tlieii introduction into the United States, now about lour years < ecrmeileils arid imitations are constantly attempted to l i 1 stinted elf tor the Kennine Cheep commou pills aie purchased . at twelve cents r bos, ptt aP "> different botes, eaa called? ' "topia'e Mor.thl; t illr." with the object of selU n; tueio, tl 1 yoK?bIe, at one or te-n tloHais a boi. females are uieref'ne etniicued asairst vie't attempts to irowosc upon them, it a i ae/Reient hare m state that all female Monthly Tills are comtcrfeits, etcert these cold at Mari'in* ltrsirlTs Principal Jfi ? It* Greenwich it"??t, New for* a*. J I tnairi street, bosion. Price f 1. Madame &?'t#!l's rien*tare is wmtep rn the corer feach hot. I P. H ?'Ibtj eaa ie used ?? married ot staple, by follow n the .'hectitas endued truae ol each bo*. Hold also by'? youMsc; a: 'It' Grand street, corner of Alien, New York. J ai*ta?r TO islAkJ.i-KJ) LADIES. MAUAM* REMTKLL'S PR1CVKNTIVK POWGEf.:,. ?Thasn iBi alusblc TowJeiahave been universally adopt* d , ! r.ercpe, Dai r iiuc; in par..cunr, .iHu^nuc-, 01 inmr ic"i, u well aa by tliotuandaiu this country, ? br 101, the otily nil.', nfi, ant! effiraeioti] lemedy lor married laiiit*, <?.hOfe reaiib . forbid* a too rapiil iocrcx*? of family. Madams Keilrll,** if writ known, ?a? lor tinny yenit fit [ nai? Phyeician iu the two prije'ua! rfin&lt Hn?piLal* in fc>roee?thoie of Vienna and Tint? whew favoreo hj her great , exp*iisnct fud opportunities, ?!>? atl?.M<l tliat celebrity : Ifco** KTer.t diwortrief io medic: I c : tao tpcciall? ad?, tad . to (hefemate frame, for which hei mediriora now ataud nn.i rallfd. af well iu thu country a* in Europe. t!,racoon .t? r with 'he phy?ioloifT ar.d *11*10017 ol the lenale Ir.une. eu&bit her?by mcrt'g the decline and i!l health of tnrrned lemelct. teaire in the merdiau of life, cud the eotiee?iuen: rapid ai ? often apparently inexplicable etcr?* -* hie I eon* ru mmyi fond mother to a premature /rare? to their true *ojroe?to ar r?e at a kuowlei'trc of ilin rr.mary Cxp*ra of female itniii, itroat?eipr ciaiiy f wirritd lema1 *?which, m liltjf, leu * foe dieewrm o 'her celebrated " f re**?tiie !\iw<ie?. Their adoption p.a* itero the tr.evne of prexervis* not mly the realm, bit eeen th* ' f? of auttyen affectionate w'f* ttd fond mother The adeei ?i*e: .tain a the ptpoiUnce of lit.* i .1 . ft, ar.f *v limetiny the 'ui benent* rcnticna to thomarid* by their ajr* lioa, wonld woxt retActfnily aiopxr me aictilion of the iter fed, by all that thee hold near and dear, to their rooiider.-l'.ia U it not -,ei*e and yirtuonc to preve.-.r enM to which ,ve arr ta t. ject, J?rtimple and health e within oar eon tied. V\? diipaaajonate, eiruotn, apit enliglvrned rnird en!! uiheriai ingly anereer i.uho aff initiee "rice Ave dollar.a pr.-Uv, reer inprjHed rriin fail v.-! particular direction Xof can be forwarded vny pm( of the Uoitell States A' t letter* mutt be pojt paid. > : i vnittued to MdDAMK UK A TELL, Female Fhyflriac. Principal ol.'ce, MS Greeswiek treat, New Vork Office novrs Iron ? A.M. to > n clock I' M. Bot'pn o'r.fe No. d Umili a'" In'r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. rnrear er> aao recreant) M > U. DS BOUDELOqiJE, M. D.. i < t'.TUOAl rpMK Scientif.e corahiuatinn cf ir.(tiedi'i]ta of whicn i c?e * fill* are corrirpied, have uiada thr "1 the wonder and a.lm1 I ration of the wor'd. I'liey a - ?r:o*rti '11 over K.uro,<e t<> ui . | the coly | or- til fti eredthet haa proted inrai.-.tlr , 1 rrrtnin in prntinr.iuK the noathly tenia Their cerwictar, in eft r r.Mrt, heiog inch met ther ronir not be Bteil doriat; prenutncy, , I fnr mitij{!.yi milii, Mre, and healthy, they er.- ? ;r-.?.;v to I ; produce ntiacarriait* if uaed itmioy mat period The direciioni are t/aui'aiiHl into Kntriitb ,er.d ere e.tti-'o <1 1 ronnd with the ?e*l f the impotrrr, ete'n od Kaeh hi \' ! ttiua the eiro.-ttr.T3 of M. de imudrlooue, aui* the Krv u', di ractio.u l.ate the nmMore of l)r. f .MWiVtAI ', a?'her and ayo'ii for tltr contineol of Attic ie?. They can he uruinitte'i be mail to tc? part of he l.'n .-d State*. Sold by Dr. V. Mel? ean, a?rut end importer for ti c Ihnled Muttri. office lib Liberty atrcet, near Ore- nwicli atreet. I'r.ce Si?hall hotel S3. Mo> hall bntri innt by mill. Sold, alio, by appointment of r K. M? at 120 (,'herry itreet, near Catlienut it Lettan 'Incited to L>r. P. >irlre?n, Ovi Ne? lorlt, wi'l ra*e< with immediate -tteutioo. All ?tter? ia>* he po?t paid. iiiie limlStw vi AIIAMIi R E S T K E L , , ' i I ITolCiANt 0(1 i ran4?oc?, ul J tricti klroct, btlfraet Courtlaudt oad Lilicitr-urcAU. w i* t p the c?n bo roui.ilud rt.t.i ;hr it-itu)- conndruc o ?e.i ' ?liiaf?UJciJeut to '! : f~:i?l; frame ' ilrtull'texpenescii tud kcuvsle<'.?? in ih? it cf cuts ofism.tic im-^iilirtT. *tor;, ?upp7?jn , L.:., ! ivii ti -eqwire but t few den lo cifrcl * pcrfe#. ' in rr. Lid- i -f iniut nroptr mtJiCJtl attMuUjue during out Cntuttt (>i otUi iniqHMtiot, trill b? MMNwklt . * ' . :nnr, i?,m rri'*tr *i,l ;r?..rct?bl? Bi'.r'1. l'/eventi?r .orrde-*." for m Anted lviie?, m >*t it' l".\:e or ;ri:?rim?i healtkfoibidi ? too nind i :iar.-a??o U:m~ r, ; 'till be trot 'ot rrvl :o >.ut part oftho United Su>i. Pn? Si a p?ek?g?. All Lrtton (p"?l r*'d) eddrkwed to 1 box Mf New Vork. Botlon Offive, No ( r'.ttei ?tr?ot.'' ; N. P.?X.ideirie RKHTiiltli woatd iLform luliri r??id, .< ' c?? of thr cur, vrVee li?*ltn would nntnlmit of tr*Telliu?!,th:,l he would derm:*'.etpereoriAl eltondence upon them in *?/ **rt of t in Uciii'd Sipie? wilhm r?ajonabl<fdnt*iK-?. al3 2io* [ ovr,< OUKTBHIP A v L> MARRIAGE -?Jut pqbliihr<l I'hyniolotcic <1 Myileiie* end RerelJliou iu Lo?c,Uourt * uliip nd \1 ,rri.i e?on infallible guide book for mimed tnd | ?li?l?', in in ,? ri of tin utmoit imp otitic 8 to the limnvj reor ' Uy Eiikcuo Brcklmd. M U. Tianel.iu d frem the St IVii edi lion, t>? Philip .VI. Howard. All mi 1 lie II litrer* iliilt considered in tins work, ore "Me Hrleiiippefieewt.? eia?> uid jronog mimed m im "The r.aoira ol.and ceitiin cu-e for bnrreuneae." "Tlio trie ill Dennitnmd c-uruhiii." " The d m?er ol aolirary prnfticn, atnl Im w tin- hnbit >n?V he renioyed, if* efTecticnred."? . (-1, .i mot ItfMMjMlwy, wiih iiTtlliw n?Ilia for eradicating from jb? !? the *? d? ol a boylm or l> lahlpiiV puei in " "OwapriUf, Willi II -wlT ducorernd modca, baa. .1 III vifUtilwi principle!, lor ll" p;tv?ntl n, or propil.iUinii there ,,| " Ml|tHWVlh||(. "Dim, with IM MM MM MNm 9WI hreoroiuR to the van ui ihapoi and comile*in*e." The moat anepiciou?|eie*no lor wedlock" "And moil other nnllerinf intcreit in iiiiu'e Mid m irrird life, narcltlii lha i rmciniil tnhjecu boir iiniicrd." Kor aile whnlmntc and rrliiil at 10} .Nh??iii itrrrt, V Yoik. A p<?t panl onl'r curium u one dollar directed lo HOI. I.ANI) 8t IJLOVEll, New York City, will proenre a ropy of work, brum lent to nuy part nl ilir United 8tntn, or the C.mi daa, or three copiea will beirui lor two doltara. |r J - illmkwT * PliBLI8.IKUUMl.YUY H JABtKS UO&1UUN BHNnriT, N W. OOR.NKRaFULTON AND NASVAU 8TltElfi 1 8 H Til Maw Yobs llr.mi.u? A duly paper, murd errjy morn up Oi tho with piiei lenn i utryaiib l ristri (nruian.-d ui tii'i-r; e :. r, I. r nj ap . . ticr.dh, oh remittance in advance No pipM in t, nulea ,tid in adtan'e Tut Wckei.t IiltKauD?lulled eyny Saiurilty miirniit 11 nine o'dork?price lie unit auiiiirtn u nl? | rt i opr? laruiihr to connlrr iubicrib'ri n t'.ij i r maim, in rdvaree.or it u nae rati for any aye u' r i period, ^B CMH>rm<i(a m ra.iiiiu i. '?> ?? ih?o laltara a ^B iAMai f> M? fl??< ? ? - mil . ^B

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