Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 21, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 21, 1843 Page 1
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* -L - I I TH =*? ? Tol* IX.?Mo. 108 ?Wkon Mo. 33HO jontiiou A.IU nuni n Aivibmi/An ?v* BTEAM SHIPS, Of ISOO ton? ind 44# horme power each. Appointed by the Admiralty to tail between Liverpool and Bo.tju, calling at Hall's* to laud and receive raaaeneeugers anu Hrr M ijeatv' Mail*. HlBERNIA, K. Jndkiiu. CALEDONIA, feutaiu ICdward U. Lotf. ACADIA Captain Al? gauda* Kyne. COLL V. H|A, Captain N. Shannon. UiliTA N Nia Caption I hu Hewitt. Will toil for I tton via Ha'tfax. fROM MVItRFrtOL JTHfcM B04T0IV. Acadia, H\rm It h M ty 16th J'ine i Columbia. a'auaon tt Jane Ut July Hibtruia. Jndkutt, 19 h Jj e 16 h July Cal?*d"> i\ Lvtt. ;ih Julv lit Aug Th.*e tli racatiy experience 4 turgeona, an i Frances' Fttent I lfe roafa No bertha aacaied until nai i fo- Apply to i). BIIKIHAM. Jft.. Agent. jetr No * Wall a tree l, New York. FOR hALI^^^^P^^ERPOOL. The Reyal Mail >t am hhip ACADIA, ADi unlet Rvree, CommWer, will leave Boston for the abive porta, cn Fiiday, 16.b June n?.in In T.iv,mAnl e:on Pafaato to Halifax, 20, Aprlvto D BRIUHAM, Jr. Agent. j7ec N?. 3 "Val1 street. MiW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY, i NEW YORK AND NEWARK. rip*??. Pure rodnceilto iili cents. From the toct of Ceuitlandt street, New York. (Every dny?HuHdays cicertad.) Leaver Now Yorb Leavea Newark A 8 A. M. At 2 P. M. At 7 A. M. At 1R P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 3 do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do 9 do. 5R do. 5R do. 10R 7R do. 6R Ho. 9,*4 do. * ONBUNDAYS. . From the oot ol 'Jonrtlandt itroet. Leave New Ycrk, Leave Nawarh. At 9 A. M. and tR P. M. At 12RF. M. and 9RF.NI. NEW yolfi!, ELIZABETH TOWN, _ I.?ive New York !.*?? Elizabeth Town r At 8 A.M. At* P.M. At 7R A. M. SR P M. 9 do. 4 do. ?R do. 7 do. 11 do. 4R '0. 10 Jo. 9R do. 5R do. 12 do. The train* for Weatueld, Plainftalu, Boaudbrook, BomerriUe, kn., eotniect with tlie.9 A M.and tRPM traio* lrom New Yorli. dailv. Snndavi executed. Fare between New York end Elizabeth Town 15 centi. J'are between do aad Howerville, 75 cent*, wyw VOKJf. AND KAHWAY. l eave New York. Leave Railway. At t A. M. At 3 P M. At 7 A. M, At 3 P, M. 9 do 4 do 8 do G% do 11 do 4% do 9^ de 9 (io r% do 11 % di NEW YORK AND NEW SRITNSW' From foot of Conrtland street, New York, daily. Lear? New York. Leave New Bniii??"o At 3 A.M. At 4 P M. AC AM. At 11* AM 5X do 7U do 8>k P. M. ON SUNDAYS L*?ve New York. Leave New Bmniwick. At 9 A M and 45lf P M. At I1XA.M., and IH PM. Fare, eschpi lu tka Philadelphia trains, between New Yo'k anti brnnswirV, 50 cents Between New York and Bahw&y 56 cents. {'Rsscupers who jrocnre their ticaets at the ticket oince, to teive a ferry ticket arratis. Tickets are received by the con doctor only on the rtcy when pnrchased. mil 3m#r ~ SUMbtUn JiWtUfNQESENT NEW YORK AND PllILA DELPHIA RAILROAD LINK. DRECT, Via;Nkwakk, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton' BoRDENTOWN and B url i no ton. ITjkouoj^^IX riudlU. Leaving New Yoik duly irom the fo'.tof Conrtlandt at Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Lioe at 4% P. M. Tift Morning Liu* proceed* to Bnrdentown, Irom thence by strambnatto I'hiladelihia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without chance of cart. Pami ngers will procure their tickets at the offi-e l"Ot of Court laud i street, where a commodious steamboat w ill he in readincta, with baggige crates on board. Pr>iladeli hia baggige crate* are conveyed from city to city, wi'hout b-iog oprueu by the way. Each train ii proriled wi.h a car in which are a, artineuls and dressinc room* eiprtasly lor the I die*' u*e Ret- mine, ihe lines lease Philadelphia from the foot of Walnu' Deer, by steamboat to Bo dentown at i o'clock, A.M. I and by ruihoid from Camden, at 5 o'clock, P M The hue* for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7X A. M., and If. M. being a continuation ef the line* from Wt* k ork. je4 NORliiLRN ANbWhSTKRN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Snbtcribera havio* com, leu-d ilieir aranirrment*, are n"W pre|<a/ed to forward paste errs o all the Northern and Wettr m States ?Dd Canada, hv dailT lin?? of tow hoars, railroad: ami **e <mboa's, via the North 'ivrrand Erie Canal, Upper Lake*, Pl> ladclphia and Pittatngh Ohio river and Caual route* The following are a lew of the moat important poi .t* Via Uti a, BnlTalo, Pottsville, Galena, 3, rocusa, Cl-Veland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oj .v* yo, Detroit, Ciuciunatti, Kingston, Rothr-ter, Mnwaukie, 8t. Louis, St. Johns, Lockior, Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Also to anv Dart of Ohio, Illinoia, Missouri, L'ditna, Michigan, Teimeieee, Kc. tuciy, Wucsmin, Iowa, L nper am) UwtiCamida. Having given atirh nuivi rani antiaOu in their London and Liverpool Intra ol p-caeta, the atbs-rber* will endeavor to make the preaent undertaking equally deferring of public fa Voe, The ttet lion of rmigrauta aid other* it iuvi ed to the follow low rntra of raaaage to f it of be moot important , oints, fitly other piece* on I'.t tr ut b .list (J* illy low, vitt? Vlica, SI Mi ' ..lum'*a, S* "0 ?t Lonii, $14 CO styacuae, 17- a.n|uiki, J 75 (folcni. 1180 Kecbetier, 2 00 Detroit, 6 tilt < Altaoa. uttnlo, 2 5i *. il weukie, 10 00 Toronto, 4 10 <>a? go, 2 JO Chic mo, 10 01 Kingston, 4 50 Eli*, 4 50 Pitta burg, I 15 II miltou, 4 50 Cleveland. 5 50 l.ioct'nai, 13 09 Mont'eal, 5 00 For further pellicular* at pi j ?o W.kJ. T TAP8COTT, at their General I'aaaaur Olfi ?, Peck alip cor f outh at. Tale Notice?Thia office ia not connected w ith any other in Una city f'?r FOK hUFFALO"A8rD ALL PARTS OFTHfc WE6T - infdr BflHPbn ASSOCIATION PA-aSAUa: OFhlCE ToXMANY lTtica, $2 00 Hocheater, $} 00 Svracuf*, 2 25 Knffalo, 1 50 Oewcgo, 2 25 Un. It Lower LanadaJ 50 For passage apply tr k Ml. L. RAY. mJJ Im 9J Barc'av street New York. NEW YOHK. BCHOOLKY'B am JBBBBCILMOUNTAIN A EASTON. Wlr ,'|t>, utt loot of Conrtland street, daily (Buud.iys eseciu-d) at i o'c'oek, A.M., by railroad f am Jersey city to Morristown. thence by rott cosehn through Mendham,Chester. Bchooley 'a Mountain. Anderroo Town, Port Golden, WaAtinstou, to JCatton. At Wair.itiK'.on, a daily line intersects to and from B<l*idere For acts apply te J. tlill, at J. Pattou'i, Commercial Hotel. 71 CinttUnd street. N.B.?Extras furnished M the shorteat notice by applying to N. B Ln?e. United Buta? Hotel. MoTiatown. mcli im ec r comjUK^Witenai*!- and important aisangemeuts for binigiug out nssseuKsrs from the old country, the subscribers c.iu with confidenc e inform thoae who may wish to settle for friends to emigrate the | resent seaaon(lt43) that they will find it their intere-t 11 make the necessary arrangements with this li ,e; b-ing tha oldest or longest established out of this port, it is well known that that the arrangem-nts are complete?-the ships ol the first class tilling weekly, and the accommodations fitted up expressly for tho comfort and couTemenc? of passengers. nnonia moif tenirs iot aecnne coming out, the pattage money will, ae, be refunded to the party from whom it wu reoe-ivrd, without deduction. A fiec iwaeate pertiramer from the eariout porta of Ireland nnd Scotland, to Lirerpool, can be aecvrrd if deaired. ApPyU> SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Katabliahed Pattage Office. 271 Pearl at. Or to C. ORlMsHAtV h CO. 19 Ooiee Piazua, Liverpool, e Draft* on London, Literpool. the Ntttionivl Bnnk of Ireland Northern Banking Co. .lid National ban* of Scotlnne, a. tight, and Cor anr mount. AppW " above. pig lm?r .HE NEW LINE OV LIVERPOOL rACRETb. Jfe m. ml Te aail trom New York 15th, and from Lirerpool 5th of each month. BMpHOTTlNGUKR, 1059 tona, J 1#lh Jalr. New ahip LIVERPOOL, 11M tona, I .. . John Eldridge, \ I6ln A""" New ahin Great We.lcrn, ISA? fn*. J ...l R-niemh.. Philip P. Woo'honte, ( l?h September. Ship RO. ^HlljJTER. m ton.. j 16(h October. rhetr lubetanual, laat tailing, flrat clata thipa.all built in the c M M New I oak, are c mmanded hy men of ei|>erienr.e and a nliiy, auj will be dctpatchc I punctually on the 16th of aaeh month. Their cabins are elegant and rommodiont, and are furnithed with whatever can eondnce to the east- and comfort of patten Iter*. Neither l e r iptaini or ownen of these thipt will he retpnn dkkbut itMaMtt tahwaMte 1m , i?. .lull bills lading *re signed tli?re(T>r. Kor freighter passage apply I" WOODHULL It MINTUHN8, In Mouth street, New York, or to KIKLDKN, BKOTHKKS h CO., >e!|i r Liverpool. MtW LINK LIVKHPOOL PACK * TS.?Packet PXTtV W'h June?Thr fpl-ndid, Out tailing Pocket Mhtr JmUmrn (HKKIlK. Capt Win Skiildr, will mil positively a? on ?v,, her reunUr aar. The slops 01 'lti? line are all lino t.-us tmr h' ii and upwatus, and their .icioniinS'lations 'or chin, se'.ord c.\0i , mil steeraro pwiengris it is W'II known me sup' tior to aar othti line ot psche.s Those wi,hing to secnit be 11lis should not fsil to make e.irly application on b ird or to W. Ik J. TAPaCOTT 43 l e. k slip, eor er Hou'h st. The Oertiek sails frons Liveriniol on ihe 13th dignst ? I'n nons wuhiig to send for their friends can h ive U.em bioughi out In he' jor an* ol ttie n gu ar line, on favorable terms a? Oralis for latse or small sums |.arable ?u deinsnd. without (.lacouiit or any other charge, in ail the post tcwur of Kuglaud, Irrl in.i, Ve iiland or Wales, can also be obtained on aipiieition as .iln ve. tVfhe Hntungoar will sncecsd tha Uarriek, and sail tha Hth Wf' iliac ???????? B NE NI NEW ARRANGEMENT. KAKE AM) KKKIDHT REDUCED. -/SI WEGUl,\K MAIL LINK?FOR PRO fessrk^.-rs??VK')H N( K AM) ?TONWi. fff TT-INUTON AND iNEWI'OAT?Compo^d ol the following ju.vii,)riteam?r?, rniiDinit iu co'juection with the atauiiiiitot^^.d ButtonLandJ\ -) iJeoce Railroad*:? IV1 41S,\('1IUS"'TT- I.apt I' RHODE ISLAND, Ov' ?h?ytr. PROVIDENCE NAR1AU AN SET" MOHEOAN One of which wi'l i ,.? .s't* York d-.ily (Suud-iya cterpted) !rora Pier Mo 1, Battery Place, N. rtiier, at 5 1'. M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, t'aptr.iii Thiyer, on M?n<i*p, and Wet'iiea-lay for Sioniugton and Newport. and k\id.y lor Stouing'ou The \1A8SACHU ^ETTS,Captain Com?tock,ou Tueaday auil T.iuracay for Stoningt'.u, and Katuiii.iy for Sit uiiuloj, Newport and Providence. Pnaengera, oil the arrival of the ateamera at Ptoiii'iyroD, mil be iininrdutrly forwarded in the pl-ridi'* and loo mo(IfruR Cara of the Railtoid to Prov deuce and Bnatnn, atal if for Newport will era eed in the ateamera on Monday, Wednetday and Saturday, and on the intervening diya. proceed v.a Stomupton Kailraad to Providence, and Com thence in the a'eamer lolaa, without any additional charge. Ticketa lor the route and ateamera' bertha can be aeenred on board, or at the office of HARNDEN It CO , No S Wall atreet. (L/~Ou and after the 10th iiut, freight will not be r* ceived andforwa'drd after half-paat 4 P M m9 6m* m .Miry ^Si P OP1.E'* LIME OK STEAMBOATS g,?rijS-^3* KOK ALBANY?Dai'y at 7 o'c'ock, P. M. Through Direct (Snaday'a ea<rplcd) from t e eteamhoat l'irr ret . ren Conrtlandt and l iberty atieeta Steamboat KOO ESTER, Capl A Houghton, will leave Monday. Wednradav and Friday ennnn. nt 7 nV'nelr. Btcamboat SOUTH AMERICA, Captain L W Brsinard, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA^ Captain M H Trur?dell, landing at intermediate places, will leave Tiusday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will invariably arrive in Albauy in amide time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the easror west. jTT-The above boats are new ard substantial, are furnished with uew and el. pint slate roovia, and for speed and accommodations are uuiiVallcd on the Hudson For passage or freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schulti at the office on the wharf. jel9 'w r ,^in jm *ZVEN O'CLO K MOKNINO LINE ?i K>r Albany, Troy and Intermedia'e Landings, 3tvJkUE.fioni the steamboat pier at the feot of Barclay streit The EMPItE, cap-. 8. R. Roe, leaves New York on Mondav. W>due-day and Frid y. The TtloY. Csrit. A. tio him, oa Tuesday, Thursday and 8* ur 'ay. at 7 A M Breakfast and dinner en board. jITr -?Wert N't MONOPOLY?FARE REDUCED. *111 ' <^r**7i New ludeperdeni Opp >siiiou Line lor Alba* t* ew y .,r djlrct Fare 5ii ccou. No charge lor B.riot. U ck .'Assage 2i ee ts. The new and CJinm idiom steamboat NEW JET3EY, Ca(t.R.H Fu-ey, will ei.etheloo of B relay street, New Fork, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, at 7 o'clock. For freight or passage apply on board. Freight taken less than tow boat rricrs Tlie New Jersey u furnished with elegant st te rooms, and forsrccdand lu'coinm.datlm is uot surpassed by any steamboa' on th- H "t-nn riv-r ji7 NEW YORK AND KINO ? i ON 8 I EAM FREIOHT AND PASS A OK I.TfE. For Kiugiton, and Delaware and Hndaon fl. iu!"l?i vSr''-"-'? -EMERALD and NOU The KMKKALD, Captain John Kctcham, mil leave New Vorlr foot of Murray atreet, every Monday and iburadayatS o'clock P. M. Wt.l leave Rimtaton (Kondrat lauding) every Wedneadny and 8aturil.iv at 3 ?'cl >ck, P. M The NORWICH, C-ptain John "amnela, will leave New Pork, foot of W arreu atreet, every Wedueaday and Saturday at )o'clock, P. M. W.U Lave Kingtton (Rondont landing) every Toe. ay and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foot of Murray atreet every Sandy morning at 7 o' Returning leavea Kingaton at 4 o'clock enaie day. For freight or paaaage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW It CO., a'lSm'r 164 West atraet. MM FOR NORFOLK, RICHMOND, CITY ft7- rWMrF01N'ri Va. Steamer BOSTON. 3KaaJKsK.<aplniu Hclmea.?The atrong and aabatantial Strainer Boaton, will commenca regular tit pa between New Yorlt and Norfolk, Va., Iraving New York every SaturJa at 8 o'clock, A. VI. and Norlfolk every Toeaday morning. Paatage ?nd fare to or Irom Norfolrt, $10 o. .1. J Passage from Richmond. CitT Point, by one of the river steamers, auil per Boston from Norfolk 12 Forward passengers, do do 9 Passage to Norfolk and back, return trip 15 Forward I'aiaengTS, do do 12 Freight taken at the uiual rates. For freight or passage apply to the Captain on board, or to WM TU0K k'.R m2 lm eod WThltF"r No. 56 Broad alreet. M fcUft /Ok H PATEN 1 -LAND FERRY, FOOT gVTT.llt-iryaOF WHITEHALL sT ?Tha -te'inboals 3S-?^e63K-STATr.N ISLANDER and SAMSON will run at fullows nntil (urther uolic* Leave New Yok 8, 9, iii, 11, 1 2, SK.5- 6 7. Lear* fttaten Island 8. 9. 11) II. I 2. 4.5 6 7. Leave New York aid Btatm Island every hour on Sunday. P. 8.?(Excursion to Fort Hamilton. Sand'ys e'eerted. Fort Hamilton 7H A. M., rettunin;: (ram I lew York 3K P M. ill r tMn Zgk Hamilton house kokt hamILTQN ??The stenmboats STATEN SL> ^SS8Li,4LANOi<'Uand SAMSON will runevtry day (t udrys mcrpted) during the lollows:? l. are Fort Hamilton at 7K A M. ?utl 4 ? P. M. Ne.i York. Whitehall Dock, at 3K P. M. . hi* arrangement may b? relied on at permanent, si its connuance will not depend on any co^tuiRoucr. jl5 3mr *?, MfiWAHK AND NEW YORK-Fare only 12K Lents !?The sr lendid itctmrr SCmMQBL PASSAIC, Captain John Oaffy. On and after Monday.June 5'h, will rna as follows Leaves the foot of Baielay street, New York, at 10 A M., and 4 P. M. Leaves the fost o( Centre street, Newark, at 7K A. M., and IK P. M. Freight earned at vary low rates. a!6 *tn r dfl oUMMKU ARRANGEMENT FOR SHHK W 8BURY?Long Branch, Ocean jKatiiiflGeBL House, Black Point, Rumwn, an<l Eatontown Lauding, though the iuuer passage l'he new Steamboat Ml KKWM nU IIY. Captuii Jonn P. Corliea, Will learc Eatoutowj Landing on Sond ty, the 4tn of June in t., and run as lol lows,to wit: luvirg New Yoik, f'nai the foot i f Kobiasoa street, ev< ry Monday, Tue?d v, Wed i-sdav, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Hemming, will leave Fe.iontown Landing on each of the above dava. at I o'clock, P. M. On Saturday* will leave New Yoik at 2H o'clock, P. M , .:ad Eatnntewn Landing <m Snridavt at 3 o'clock, P. M . Hon*e at 4 o'clock. The SHKKW9BURY will ran Mabore (weather permitting) until farther nonce. All baggage at the riak of the owner* N. S.?Hilars will be in attendance to convey pa?*engera fioin the aforeaaii landing place* to an; part of the country required. J* IS tdg REMITTANCES TO IHKLAND. kc?The V*ffV, iher contiune* to tranatnit mnucy in *u nt la>g* JWEmor taaall. t > ptttOM residing is any part of Ireland in the aatne manner a? he, :nd hn NMMMM in business have done for the lac. thirty years and more; any part of England. or Scotland, Monty remitted by letter (pott paid! to the ie'wciiber, or personally aamltli with him Wlta the na-ne ?f uta petaon or persons in Irel-nd. Kjgland or S,oiland. to whom it is to be sent, a-d nearrst pist town, will be immediately transtnitterf and paid according1;, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the seu ler. In like maimer maney, or claims on prraona in any part of Ireland, Knilaud or Pcot'and, can be collected hy the subscriber for perieo* retid ng in any pa?t of the United Stales or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly. 117 lm*r Of'.OROE McBKIlTE. Jr.W Cedar at. grfrJ* rOK LIVKKI'OOL.?Kevnlar packet of the 2Stn 4fAJinc.-Th' very superior. that tailing packet aluy riKdMwOARHlCK, lap'ein Skrddy, will most poaitirrly ail as above. Having vary snprrior acconimodationa for cabin^econd cabin snd itcerage passengers, persons wishing to embark ahonld maka early application to JOBEPH MeMUHKAY, 100 Pine St., cor. South. The above wi'l be merer d-d by the splendid preket ship Patrick Henry, Capt Delano, and tail on the dlh July. Peisona wmhiag to tend tor their friend* in the old conntry, can have them bronght out by the above ahip, or auy ol tharognlar paeketa, br applying aa above ; if by letter pott paid. _ jU r FOR LIVERPOOL?NKW LINE? Regular r Packet at Jitb June.?The Splendid Packet Ship caL'W4*UAIUMi:K. Captain Wm Saiddy, of 1003 ton* will positively tail aa above, her regular day. For freight or paiiage, having accommodation* nneqnal/ed for splendor or -.omfort, apply on i oard. at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street otto K?K ro&iLmaftoo.m** &***. Toe Pacliii S'np Roacius, UapL. John C illins, (.1 II 0 loin, will succeed the Oamck, and tail the Wth of July, liar regular day. Letters lor the ships oi thia liue will only be received at OUpio ? ee l Hale's Newt Room. Ftstnugcis may rely on t ie abipe ollhia line tailing ptnrtul 11 ti advertised jl7 ec t Ll) BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKETS afyfV FOll LIV KRPOOL? Pacgei of rh* 1st July?The jHrnbsSi'le'dirt ta?t t?i'iu* packet ahip OXFORD Captain Ha" bone, will be despatched at above The aerommodatiout lor cabin, 3d cabin and iteerage peaaeugen, bv thia th'p, are unsurpassed?1 hose wiahing to secure berthsahould malt early application to JOHN I1CRDM AN, 01 South street, near Wall ai. N B?The regular pa'ket of the 3Vh June, cm yet take parteugrr* at the lowr itiate P H? l hote aei ding for Iriet da rlaidirg in Oreal Britain or 1'eliud, cell have them brought rot hv the wn'arpacketa tailing waekly front Liverpoui, at the lowest rates, in Drafts fuitiiahed, at usual. tor any anwuat, payable without discount throughout the United Kingdom, on application as tUiWve^ j20r Jit FOR RIO Dt JANJtlRU?To aril J5-h Jane? MJaV ' he last tailing con. rred and copper fastened slop MHKtOASl'UN, Capt O. F.IUridge, will (ositivelj tail aa auove. For passage only, having alesaDt fnrpithed accommodations apply on board, at Jndd'a wharf. or to IS. K. COLLINS k CO., IMIr 56 * uth .tree?s,!!AVlWir? a* V'1 HAVKt?Second Line,?The ji?f ,f c i i 'OA, Jnme. V unk, matter, wll sail on the flfeMKul't of July. BO VD It Kim Kb'N J3* . 9 routine UoiMtug Wall if. . TO LET.?The modern ham three alory onch dnelllt ?, No 16 Ureen rtreet. liuialird with eilrer furnitaie, marble mantlfi and grain throughnnt A fine Inrar yard, with never failing eiateru. Will ha let low Kor further part enlaraapply to AITKEN, BROTHERS, jeMin?ec i>o. IM K a It on ?tr>et. M BARCLAY STREET?TO LET?The elegant pTW and ei mmodioua llirre atory bnrh hpttae No. M Barclay limit and occupied br Mr. inomis Bmoka until uir luearnt time. In cicrllent order and lilted with ever* eiouiM i< net- for a large f mi'.y, mid aiuiateii dir.cly > iron! of ..'oll'ge VI,tea. Kor termi n|>ply at No. 110 Water atreer. mitt lm*r TO LET?At fliilim, at the loot of J2lai atrtet, a . V eohreiucut .mid Cvm nruible two alorr dwelling hi uie, SjJlvritl. ple.vant L kitchen There are thirteen lota, he th^aiii? in ro or Una; ailna eil on the Harlem r??ri; a duck, eue nnndi-d tret front; and atablci aclhui. nt for ten or lift'en horae i. Ou the place there are ait or levco chert? treea in lull bearing, perch tieee, currant boaliea, roee cmh-a, and eaery thint C ileu't.rd to make it a del glitfnl rcridenee. Kiahmg li at r,.'. . of MK. PANDl.K, orpoailr the place, or ,l THUS W BUYER. No. 4(1 Waahiugtnu aircrt. The i ' e let at a cheap rent to a (nod tenant W YC SW YORK. WEDNESDAY LUCINA CORDIAL, OR TH8 ELIXIR OF LOVE In nltlrn tirae.Min < k th? Jewi, TH?t rami ? tvc ' J wile imiiht choour? Wliri??* by Fi.e'j unki illy doom, No children bine to blest hi* I nine. /Ifflicteil thn>, the K Miiao matron PrHYtd to Luc Ine. fhr >ni<lw>t -V . .Irnii E:yptl&.< wivci. ri men seiis'J Calle? to their aid the T ie*ti r.f Ir'is ; And even no*, the in ii Hnlo >? Wi'ni at her or me, and it rider t e? If chi diets tweivr moi.tlut'Cm her bridal Fli-? weeping to iier seiitrltss idol. And w'tli rs ej hands, in accents wild, K -tni m. lii mi h 'or a chiiJ : K ir well -h- Miatvi, Lo?e shuns to bleu Tli.i H'tidoo he<!. { bttrrvnncas. So miuh Ibi lore iu diy's by none. And savage customs iu your owu ; but say. even now. d es Lore's communion Diets in our !ai d, a s'erile unien 1 No oiltiines conjugal felicity, ia thui disiU'hed?ay, e'en in this city. Vet uiay i he barren, if they try The means, "increase and multiply.", Wi'h 'Lore's Klisir" for her (rieo.d, The childless wi'e's repining* end. But not the procrratire power Aleuts, is this Elixir's dower. Consumption'! ills it wit prevent. With vigo- clothe the im,>otent; Supprssa a gleet, wliate'er its Cite, A 'O all life's (nocuous renovate, r.rnpiioos from t e shin it phases. And I'tnigs bacg beuuty and the graers : 'Tis worn n's tru t?and ne'er deceives her J> i m K'nor Alius it relieves her; And r ch disease, (with proper care, too,) hirr fair and frnrile form is heir to. There aro but truths, who calls them fiction ! hall hatestero i roof in contradiction* LeiUrs?all t'o.uu ol attestation? F roiu tli' savaus of every union; Wim ur tierul 'rom all quarters, Perntej Ly Disease and Quarters's mir yn, 1 housands ?h > Uy, wiin fluttering breath, Almost within thejiwscf Death; Now in their nightly prayers reiicat 'i hank) to Lite's friend, in Nassau street, An sometimes name the sery number? ' Ninety-two Nassau,"?earn in their slumber ; Or dreomiUK of Disease's ordeal. Cry out fur the ''Lncina CorJiil." Persons crdi-rinx thii m-dicme f run the country, by sending a remittance, can have it bused u.i and rent to any put of the Uuii'U Price $3 per bottle, or 821 per doxe'i. It is also for sale in Phi'auelph'a, at 90 North Sixth street. m>l |g*ii MONTHLY 11EPOHT OF THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, NO. 75 CHAMBttKH STREET. CAit:s CURED. 14 luflninitiation of the eye* 4 Diseases ofthe lieer. lids _ 3 itiflam'n of the bowels 3 Syphilitic Iritis 3 Vomiting. Gastritis 3 Amaurosis, three under S Diseases of the Womb treatment? doing well U isyphilis 6 Opacity i.f toe coruea, 6 Dyspepsia slight 12 Whites, or Fluor Albui 2 Styes, by au operation 21 Guunrrhes* 4 Omnirm 4 Fercr 3 Erysipelas 7 Secondary Syphilis 7 Ulcerated sore throat 5 Piles 12 Gleet?cured by new 6 Bubo, by a new method of remedies trei'ment 3 Diseases of the heart 4 Bore Nipples 2 Dysentary successful suboical opunaTtoirs. 3 Operations (or hue hp 21 Strictuies in Uiethra by 5 Operations lor squinting an improved mi thwl oi 3 uperatinuv lor Hydrocele care 12 HemorihoiJ&l Tumori re- 3 Operations for fistula in moved Ano. 2 Club Foot?cured 2 Pol) pus in the nose 1 Kucyited Tumors t Adipose tumors removed 5 Ulcers ou uie legs cured. 1 L'rge piece of bone re2 Phymosis moved from the srm 0 Abe,esses opened 1 Amputation of finiter 2 Toasi is removed 1 Cancer Breast 1 Gravel cured 1 Uvula removed 2 Retention of Urine DR. H. BOSTWICK Attending Physician and Surgeon. C. MoMANUS, Apotheearv *od Heeretarv illmee DR. J. FRANCIS, OCUL.1ST, ?8S BROADWAY. 'LTIS Celebrated preparations foi Ductus of [the ?<es, have Id- proved to be one ot the g'ta est discoveries that has ever been mads. Thev are peilcct cu'es for all iadimmetory disease* of the eye?, for weakness of sight, and ophtnalmia. and never fa.I to remote nebulas of the lougrst standing without any surgical operation: their efficacy in rnriug tins osis a-.d removiiig cataract hai been trulv aitotiiihirg, when hope had lied, eno incases believed to be iucurable bv man* of trie facu'tv. The numerous certificates to be seen at the otfice.will attest the trtrhof ttiese sbservatiouv. We, ihe uade sitrueil.having witnessed astonishing cures perfo-med by Dr. J. Frarcis ou the blind, ano incases believed to be incurable when ell hope had tled.u hesitatingly recoinmeud him as a safe and skilful oculist, and be neve his preparations are one ol the greatest discoveries ever made for Dise-ses of the Kyi:? Unocal: Dunbar, Pastor of the McDougalst Church. 8. 11. Cone, Pastor ol the First U-ptist Church. John Trek. Agent of the Home Missionary Hociety. Jac h bronner. 1'aiter < I the Noitli Haptut Church. A. Wheeicck . Pa-to: of the Hlh BatuC Church. Josepli Andrade, K.iw.u Catholic Priest, bt Peter's Church, Barclays! James M'lnor, Rector ?f 3>iut George's Church, Beckman trect. George Olennv, M. D., Member of the Rot*! College of Surgeons, London. coil of the Med cal Society ef New York. Pat tnu attended to at the office ou reasons*) eltsrms. Ilouri of attcDdsnee Iro n 9 A. >1. to 5 P. M. Pue consideration fcr the poor Tht?e prrpar-rons cm only be had at DR. J. FRANCIS', 638 droadwar. 0T7" Artificial Eyes inserted, which cannot bs.ditlinguished from natural, without giving the (lighten paia. j?7 ImdrStwy'r It LISPKNAllD SITKEET. VTADAMK COS i'ELLO, Female I'hyncianand Graduate "A at Midwife, oiler* ber professional >ervices to theladie* of this city and co'intry. Tut .M.xtomissl nod physiological peculiarities which disliiiKuish the female from the male, impose upon her diseaies "ud fuuetioni altocetner her own.? Many o. these diseases are exceedingly complicated and ob scare, rtajuinuj: an accurate h'.oviie-;t a of the female system to treat theia with success. Madame Con. Ho h .vine nad long and surprising success m the treatment ol dic-ases incidental to her sex, up prises la.l>e i Ml Um pout of c iafiueinent, rr those suiTc usg from snpprcM'ou, irregularity,obstructions, Ac. that she will be happy to afford a comfortable temporary home at her residence, whcie they can always have the best medical tre'tmen'. and the most matronly care end nursing, or if preferred, will wait on and attend tlirm at their own house* until peilectlv recovered Madame C. particular!) heirs to impress en the minds of the delicate, that sh*'iiSciates personal!) in every case, so that hesitation or dread need never be appreheuded. N. B.?Madame Csstsilo would inform ladies resithug out ol the city, whose health would not admit of travelling, that (lie would devote her personal attendance npon them in any part of the Uuited States within reasonable distance. Madame C. can be consulted at her rv-ideoce,to L>isn?narc street, at alt times and with tne strictest regard to the wishes ol her p -bents A I roinmuuicassousaod letters must be post paid. m?4 1 m* rrr MKBTwiLLIS, L?dy of Information ol future events and whet has passed, Irsrneo i? astrology and astrouomy gives ladies private lectures on this science, et her rooms, 303 Eliiabeth st, ten doors fr in Houston, near Bleeckcr, and has constantly on hand corn and e?'cr salve, and a su e cure fur the ague, and if any of her mcdic<ne is purchased gives infor matron sratis. iel9 lm?r GENIN to VAN VRANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOH GENTLEMEN, a WEIGHING ONLY OUNCES?PRICE $3 36. THE Subscribers have introduced the above named V nuimnei wear. Bv comparing tne Weight 0| this article with llie average weight ol the following hau, the superior aoyautagra it poaaeuea over them lor lummar wear may be readily seen. The average weight of the ord.nary Air hat if (? enneee. do do PaoamaSji , . do do Leghorn 4 " Being fully convinced that no style ol summer hat heretofore worn, lia* uet with the general appro nation which a hat roues sing all the (]ual|lies, viz* lign'neu, beauty, durability and cheapness, would be sure to receive, we have devoted much attention to th? inanulactnre aud finishing of the new style now introduced by us. Fro-n the warm approbation egpreued by geullrmeu who have riamined them, we fe-1 satisfied hat they need only to be seen to ba fully appreciated UENIN i VAN VHAWKKN, ni26 lin'ec 814 Br adway. optxisite Ht. fall's Chnrch. Aj THK FOURI H OF JUbTt iL *J8*W BOOTH AND HHOK8. Cheap Boot and Shoe Market. No MS (i'ecnwich sireet.? Ladies and gentlemen a-e ad ireJtocsllat he abova ttoia and provrde themselves with leisouabie umiiier roots, slippers, gaiiets, tic, made up in the nestest and most fashionable style, and sold r.a chop if uut a little cheaper 'ban elsewhere. Heads 01 will save money by c King here, .t the cheap depot. I) n't forget 'lit number. Clinton Cheap Boot and Snoe Miraet, No. 409 Oicsowich street, corner Spring st. let lm^r LOOK AT THIS! ^tgmg JiflWT Boots, of best quality, $4 to 84 Ml Fretcn, do do 8 to ISO Fine sewed Boots, I H to I "0 Pegged do I 3d Moro-eo do 2 ?5 Seal Shin and Grain do 1 75 to 2 On Cloih button Ualtrrs, 885 Prnnella do t #3 Fine Calf Shoes, trirehed, > 00 Calf 'hoes, 1 83 to I 73 Bov's fine sewed boots. 8 84 " pegged boeu, Cilf, 1 40 " Sealskin ami Orain, 1 18H " Floe Calf Shoca, I 83 " " Kip Shoes, 1 Wl Youth's Sewea Hoots, 1 0# to ISO LADlF.fl' BOOTS fc SHOF.8.? Ladies, in thaae stores yam will find the greatest asa r.merit of Gaiter Bvots, Slippers. D'lskins, Tiev, rmeella hitshirs, li^ht aud dara colored half u men, nnmo on ope r a. w ruin nno oiaca aaiin anpperi, antin gnileri, Mlaeaeand Ohi'droua' gaitera, hnatita, ellppera,tiea, and all other kirnli of boot' ami ahoea. of onr own ntannfictnri ne with the bant of Kr'neh imode and wartanted to be the heat ?uJ ( cbeap at the eli?a. eat, at 3B7 B nedway and !H Canal at. ji mi' OKf.UOlO *< -AIIILL TAKM BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO OK0ICR By E. SUSER, 175 Bnnulway, (Buiement,) Ona Door from Conrilnodtttreet. K BUSKK, Bootmaker, and maker ol Laata, ap ^m'Tlvr" ol Clerca of Tana. bega laaac to mlortn lna Iricnda and all the a nnteure of a gentlemanly "ehauaeore," he cm now make, in New York, with the heat French matrnala. all that la ao perfectly made, in I aria, by hia innater the celebrated bootmaker Clerre, whoee nnmeroaa cuatomera onthiaaide of the Atlantic, are raip.rtfolly invited to try SUHKH'H huoaa and laaia before thay daapair ol being "chantaaa" in New York, niter tli? nleeat, Inteat Parte fashion. Alan, il ? genuine rarij Jet Bl-tek Varjiah aold. mil TW*r ____ ^ To IKE UADlbn.?KM pair prima Uniter b"ota of all colore and ;irea of the I iteat fanhi n, VTaaaa anil chi'drea'a Oaiter boota aid Buakina, LdieaBna bine, Tica. and Slipper', a cot u nrtiele, from4 to I ahillingC Alao, a Rood naanitment of OeotLmeu'a prime c:I? atltrh boou, Citv made, f ro '2 75 to 4 d.llara, wa-ranted : good fine Kneed boota, from It to 'latnl inga. Alao, Bot'b boota, I to M ,4enu. gaitera, <|uir'rr boota and tkmii of all deaeriptiona in grett bandnice, at VValkor'a cheap alcve, 419 Brunt way, corner O'nal atraet. mlt Im'ec Bw.ll AND SMufc ciluJUt. JOHN IlKADf reapactfully informi hia frianda ttiil the pohl'C. that he hae co '' - f hi?a?e??a io the above 'me, at No. M Naiaan atirat, w m w >i; Uia t. receive and faithfully eaecnte, all ord? .< i?a? ' (<- >r wiihoo he m<-at reaaonable terraa fat owth. >lti f IRK I if MORNING, JUNE 21, ! NEW FIREWORKS"]LABORATORY, BY JOHN TRAOAKDH, PYROTECHNIST. KHOM 8WK0KN. MK*?KH KOLLBKHOfc TKAOAltUrt have the honor to inform the Anti-ricaii public that they have an eiten ire an I v iri-d aaaorimeut or Ki.e Work*, of nil atnl ev-ry kind, at thei'eatabtiahineut. at Haraimus Ijnr.a Dock in New Jersey, a half m'le from Jersey City, oppoaitn New York, which they offer to Committee* and (.mora, ut the moat far?rable pricceiutne market. Bel rviui hi the u-w trade principle of a moderate rarh priei for a good article, they request'he lav ri or the public at the abovr piace, or .t thcatore of Hubert Johuatou, No. M Couit laudt arret'. All older*, on any scale ol aire or variety .promot ly attend;'! to, by ajti caaiuit the anhac.ribcra at eiliier ot the above pl>-.*e?. MCHOLj\nA, KOI LJKKUSr J 1 HAOABDH, my 7-2tn*r Harsinma Loan D"ck, New Jrtaev. Fluli WORKS, OU\CKKIis, tee. FOURiH JuLY. iMJ COUNTRY and city dealeia in hreworke, will find it to their advantage to ca I and ea.uni<ie an ot enaive aasortmont of the beat quality, at H. A YLlKKm '3 old eatabli>hmeut, 96 i hatliam etie< t. A luge quantity ot tire cracUen just received. Remember t.,e n*" of the two manunoth iky rocket* and gold key. u>wi"<jy*r GMRKWORKS BY THK MANUffACTURKRB. D " MOHAN Jit CO PyrotechuieM, 78 Chatham atreet, offer* o the public a apleuJid assortment ol Fireworks, auperior in qialtty ?nd u atu'Si to any iu this ot auy other country. The above have been iiiauufactuted by them espresaly for this mar ket; also can sell m ien ch?ai>er than any vender in t wn, ai d KUirautt e all it ml* from llieir store. No peddling from this place?No. 78 Chat iam ?trccl. (Jooda delivered to auy part of the city free of c*|>?ii*e. N. B.?iimbit.on Fircworka of tnperor quality, withcrim OU red. nnriile nrvn w-llnu. ,?r .1? 11 ?1 1 firti, in ihe pound. ' jMm*rc PHILADELPHIA L)VGUEKREOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT. EXCHANGE BUILDING. ROOMS 26 fc 27. THK Sub?. ribera, having pr icurrd the Airnc for the sale of 1 VOGTANDKRS UAOUEKKEOT ^I'E APPARATUS, constructed nc nrdiug 10 Professor Peizval's calmlition, hare on haud a I-rue hssortmeut of these Apparatus, tud artiils ,i> wrll at amateurs of their art, wiihi-g to procure a good auparatut, will li ,d it to thru idvtulage to wgiuM initruineuta of tint construction. That a'so hare lately imported a large quantity of German aud Kiench plates, and all ti e chemicals used iu the ir at, which they warrmt in every re pect, as they are tnade to tlu-ir order. Polishing substances, M morocco caert, and all uecrss?ry materials, are sold on thi most reasonible terms 1 he following gentlemen have agreed to act as their cgenti, viz K. While, Esq , 17s Broadway, N.Y. P. Haas, Esq., Washington, U.U. Dr. A. Caspari, Kicnrnond, Va. P. Laiireus Esq., t-av tuuah, Ut. All communications (p. st p ud) and orders,accompanied with remittances, will be promptly uttrniled to, end >hould be directed to "W (k V. L.ANGENHEIM, jerl'rar Eieliamic Building. I'hila. rt-UITAKS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL.?J95 Bronti 'T _ vv. y, near U'a lier street.?ME ASKS. PH. ERNbT S' U VIH)T Si vijvUI., Guitar m nu'aclurrrs, wou'il respeotfu'ly the bileati <u ol ."h- public to their establishment, No. 355 Hi. away, whete they keep const >nt!y cu hand an extensive osiorunont of line-tolled k', lini.hcd in the beet style. A'l lis :ru menu from thie manufactory,. long favorab'y known in tlie United Hi. r?e whore it reeeiyed the first jirtmimn awarded hy the American lusnmte, for the Ouit .1, ate made of inch materials ?nd in sucli amperioi m NM, tl embles the maker to waiiaut them to stand any Climate. Strange1.* before porch muit elsewhere, nre rrnuested to call and examine the S|Jeo Hd worUmauship of their instrumenis, and WUH 11 till in es. They will lie found lower ihao at any otlvr house in rfie cityMr. l'h. Kruit, Professor of ihe Flute anJ Guitar, beg* leave to aauouncu that the above arrausemeuts do not interfere in the least with his other engage me ucs; he still conlinnes to give lessons a* usual, at 3!ti Broadway, near Walker ?t m24 lm*r TO COPPER-PL ATE <\c MUSIC PRINTERS, AND PUBLISHERS, Jcc. p*OR SALF, a flrst-rate Inn CmMkH or Music Printer mg Press, (twen y eight and half inch rollers). Has been in Use but a short time?is in rierfeet order Aim nn? of twenty .ix inches,and a wooden one ot twenty fou' do. They will be told at a price worth a purchasersprompt attention. Apply to R. W. TONE, ui31 lm*r i 16 Cortland t street, New York. A. A. 8AMANOS, VTO. 6 WALL AND 2*9 BROADWAY, offer, for .ale IN tr'e fi>llowing?rtk-les. via 18 Bale, of superior Guita Tobacco. 10 Bale, of raiieo. qaalilie. 11 Havana Leaf. 40 Drum, of .uperior Tnrkey Hmokinj i'obaccO. 12 Bant of choice Coffee, tor family ate A cnall lot of Arrow Root end <_ ocea ut. 10 of 19 and 0 duz each ScalarUt i tjmoking Tobacco, 6 Dot not .let one pound each Nrtchitoche. Buuff, ol New Orlcai.a. 190.003 Lord Byr^n Regalia Trabnco., Canone. and Tana telles. la Norms do and media n aize. Venus Res ilia in boxes ol loo and in 90. n-iut .ti u Segari and Matiill tChr.roola. Auro:a < .iz idottt, tVoi-tii'e Segnrrdid, Fort Havanos, La Kmprca, (In a, fcrmll Yarn and rrincipeet. German Tobacco, in different qualities and Spanish. An aaio imeat of chewing tobacco, pines, bowl., tubes, ambers, muff box's, trrar ci"i. matches of differ, ut nu itines. lone Tnrkn.h i herry atcrna, iod a general aasortmcnr ol j> .pi-, irgara, vit; Ouiiii, .Ylardnz i. Purit. and Lonl Byron and iiinoy othi-rartiele- t*ro nmneroui to mention?all arc offered at wholesale au J retail. A'ao, 8 "JtakB of nil o> Wafat Beta*, ordifferent at tea. m2g I tii * t COUDIALb, CiO. JOHN' P. ANOUfc, No. 92 Fn"ot? atr.-cV mannliemrer of Cordial*, ChrriT Brandies. Wiua Bitter*, are . offais lor aale a handsomea?ortmetu ol CoidiaU, nmrrnt wnuro arc:? Novau Cordial, Perfect Lore coram. Hose do Cinnamon do Lemon do i'entiarmnn do ("lore do Aniii?n do O'ante do Life of Man do Atao, Wire anil Staochtors Bitiera and an artir - nt > hem Btandv, whicl it well worthy of the attention nl nine it and tcvern proprietors and otlien. OTO'fri, country mercnnnta, nuil the poh'ie in g*rrral implied on the most liberal termi jva ?? Tiltt LDVelta !* nUi'sUtum BLACA '! KAJ Howijoa'i Minture?Tliii extremely debet..ui and uupm ieled Toa, ao highly relebru*! in chin nc.l Europe, jut i:i porta.1, ia now lor inle at the Csutou T*a Company'* < lenrr j'ca V.itiMiihwirut, 111 Cbath?m?t N*w Yi?? , end 1)6 Ful ton itreit, Brooklyn?.:! o.naL- tz Piici U '<nn ui-i t rail m'i 'jr*?n CfKENCH CARCUL LAvtPsI, C>ud. LdMlu, Stc ?T e itibicriberi h*ve jtnl opened a ip'rndid niaortm-m of their g"o,i, t-ige h?r with * rariety ol other a ticlca in thr line, of entirely n?w itvlea. An ioepeetion ihena it iuTileil. Depot of Mechanical I ami*, 'I John ?tree*, A DIA' ON fc K. V SaXI UN, m23 lin*rc Attend. EVERY LADY HER OWN DRE-'S MAKER MK"*. TKNThKR ti CO . beg Intc t? inform the la ii?? ofNn York and iu eieini:?, that ll.ry ; in'end ;o giro init uct<OD i thiif new piteutayitc a of cutting Udea'dretie* lvol ?, i.-rvrj, yokel, colli c !'* Ac , of ftTery deiTi.itiuO. _ _ c-u: L- L:L ' ? - 1 I i a-iju aifi* uy ill 11 t?i"iii any lauy 11 rdio'"'', nttvr three hrtin' inatrnrtio t, toen' nny of the arid ?'iiele? n t o dy in the very beat tttHMU an economical, m mi-a witfii ul auy ilk 'f ori'ifii The labicriben may be found at their r.ioiTti 25i Wi It im it, w'.ere the* will te: cti their m tern T-nui 9 ?> i2 A M , ajd f om 2 to 5 P. Ma Termi for ? .truct o ? One 11 <r $3. inclu licg imp>cm*n'i; two ladiei $'i, nil iu claiiei eic:r<lniK two, S2 each , including implrmen'i Th: nirrueiiifi in I yen by la liet, and no charg- m tda nnlru complete aatiafariioii la given j I'i 'in r STRAW BONNETS AND EMBROIDERIES, BEIaOW COST. |\AISS FV. QODF.KKOY will aell, for tome dayi only, a lirife aii.rtnicat of goodi in the millinery line. Ladict are invited to call at 319 B.ondway, oppoaite the (Triton Home. )ll l?*r STRAW GOODS. " TBENNKTT, 24 Johnatreet, Importer and Mannfaetarer ol lu'ian, Ibnsliiii, and French Straw Ooadi, reipactfully inform! tua tuiromeri thai he centionei to receive a-cee ion> to hia i. len lid itock ot Lidiei' ftahinuahle Straw Bonneli, made of the moat au|<erior anility of brairli, and offerrd now to the public at reduced pricea; vii ?vjngliih and French Ducit'blet. Ita'ian Rnt'andi P'ince Alb*ri Brnidi, Fancy 8'iellan l litpirih. Vn:tori< NMl (a new and iplendid ?rti cle.) Tuieani, Brilliants, Franch Wha'ebone (a pretty article for mmmer wear, posaeuicff the lightnesa, color *nd beanty of the chip, and the strength and duraoilitr ol the Tnican) Kieach Lice, French Chip.Modena, fce. me. The above-mention?d articlei are lumnfactnred in the moat anperior itvle and in the latent ihapei, pirticnlnrly in the Orleaos Oipay, the nioit fuhiomble ana moat becoming rhnpe introduced thu e.non. ml' lai'r UKUTUN WATER. TH' Tinni <1 L-ad Ti e? invented by Mr. Ewbnnk. are, in the orininn BT a very large Ltimb.r of llir beat ehetnti'. phyiinina -ud mo?t icimtific men of the age, the only lend P'||'? that cm be nied wi'h ail'ety in condoning tbia water. Very ure,t dormer o' ;>o mo ia incurred by the uie <il ?ny other, rhvaieuna nnd oilier rcieutific ineu refer to numerous caaee whireii. ko a -ud MB hr? ec uall> re; o'te I irnin the ute of the c ?mmiii lend pit oa. The autiacriber he* made .itranyrm?nta to keep on hand a fn:| end enuatant inppiv of the tinurd lead pipta, which he will irll to p uinb-rr and ntbrra on the mo?: favortble terini. JOHN IT. I'AkS, jetftlm'in "I bro-.d at eet._ koto"*-"wVTBK?y\Y't? iHsT rHEV;iuM IN DfA RUBBER HO HE ia confidently reeommended lot any purpnnet lor wliicli leather i* naed, and ia warranted to potten the following pr-pertiea Int. It i? perfnttly light nnder pre aenre of the Onion. 3I It ia made of the atrnngeat fahriea, and will not mildew tu itgnre in the l?-aat. and reonuea no attention. Jrd. It ii not dratroved by comma ia contact with oil or greaae, nor attfTetied by e<dd weather, nor can the rnhher deenmpoae, aa inleri r articlea ara in no caae naed. Hhould the leaet eomrlaiut he made of the Hoae, not poaaea arm the above propertiaa, it will be taken back, at any time inaide o'an montha (mm in pnrcnaae, and other given in ea char ye without charire. Otli. Coopling ari l jetpipea will he attached withon charge. Bnyera will note that we are clearly rnliafied that this hoaefthe pmr.raof makior which ia unknown to any other i i the trade) tajaat tin article long wanted for leading water and many other lia-iirfa. HORACE H. DAY, J17 lm""r flnccCiaor to Rmhmy I. R O.ti MaiuenLane OKA BATHINU AT DEAL. -The anbacr ber reapeeTuI ho |, in oimi the eitilrnt o. New York, that he haa removed from Loo? Hi inch to Di al, and taken t e large and convenient h oi c, i v t < propeity of Jnaob CeHiaa, ntaNMa,M whjgb placg i.e hai mid tireiuaraPrr arraiurmetiU for the reception ofvi-it r? an' w II be opened on the lirat day of Jnly neat; and brum .-etermined to nay eaere aipuiuvi o the m n n.i ure tnd cnm'ort of hi* gue i *i and at the mom- tinefeilimr tha'iklvii f <r put faror*, lie hereay i:oiifident'y mtieiti a > litiu ol puilie ivtromgr. COrtNKLIUS LANK. II , ihte eihory J-in? 11. I8H. j 18 ' w* m NAI'ULl'ON COl KTIN, No. )t>8>? Ku ton atrot, oppo aitv St. ranl'l f hnreh Yard, ?ri\iia nnnaelt of (he column* of the M mi og Herald, to in >Ttn hi* Iriendi and cnitomer* who may eon iuii to houoi him with their patronage, that hi cootibiie* the Wine and Lienor trade at hi* old atore r? abate an! thai h- hat now on hind an eie-ilent and full asaortmet.i ol Franch Pnndy and Ln|*ora, of French and Foreign Winea of the boil qutuly, nnt.ign and brand*, which ho will tell h\ tie birrel oi i t'lon, br the caae or doten. He ha? alio lor aah fine French Vinegar. Olivei, Capera, lie He beg* il?o rn recommend to the layor of thr pnhlic. hi cmnmodion* aatoon, whore he heeiw eonitmilr oil h nd th I: eat v aeaichn'cit* B*y Ovafri, (freih or pickled.) ilia bill fur-shed With Chiblie, S .nir nr ;>antenie, Banae Chamliert i, and Champa me Wine* A cold eollation, a I. Fnn?tire, e -.* y evening Kannlira aipplii d morder with orite't.wino*. lie mjB Im'i ^Hl THK t LHLK;.?1 t.e proprnlor ni the Htuae No. I A KaIcoii ?ireet, known a? Pe Ifiall't Ktl h*u, return* hit am eere thnrka ti all thoae who hare been pleated to faror him with their patronage at liia former p'n*e ol huamrai, adjniinu , and tnkra th?piea<ul t.ccaaion to inform them that he ha* opened hi* Aelnon a* ahorr, wh-ch lie tin*'* will bear coiepi naon with any inilnr ratahliahmeut in the city; and wheie alio, hy unri .nit'i o at'eHtion, tog, ther wi h a delo.-miua ior not in he tnrpaa?d in the catering line, he hopea ti ie tiro i cantiniMnre of hat pntrnn ige, and for which nciihor pain* n ji aipenae hare baeu ?pared. DAVID I'e. VHeiALl.. Ji li JERA 1843. Angaitai [Correiponilene* of the Herald.] Anan?TA,r(Ga ) June 15, 1843. Dear Sir :? A very serious atfray took place'not an hour ago at the railroad depot at Hamburg, S. C. between Robert Burns, Mr. Grout, and a Mr. Merill, runners tor the Pilot line and Opposition line of stages for the South and Went The difficulty atose between the partiesBoliciting passengers to lake their respective lines, when Mr. Grout insulted Burns, who mSiantly drew a bowie knife and cut bis throa' ? Merill stepped up to Hid Grout when Burns iinmediately drew his wewpon u.hid him, cuuing his body severely in many places that it is teared by his friends will prove fatal. Washington City. [Correspondence ot the Herald ] Washington City, June, 1843. Jas. Gordon Bennett, Est] ? Sir? in trie ftew xcik fc.xprei3 ot me Lt n 01 .viay, there is a denunciatory attack f om this |>l ce, on the management of the In h! houses of <lir United States, for a long time under the itipcriutendence of the Filth Auditor of the Treasury, which I dtem it but just to thai olhc r to n tier. Some years since,the Fitth Auditor employed Mr. Isaiah Willi em IV no L-wii, of ltoaton, to r< fit several of the light houses, which was ptrioiinrd in so unsatisfactory a manner, his services were dispensed with, wtucn so t x isprMU'd him that the establishment, under its present sujienntendent, has been the ohject of his ceaseless abuse ever since.? One of the lulil hous-i s relim d by him consumed more than eeveuty j??!l--na of oil to ilie lamp annually, whilst our Item light liouets, the lights of which can be seen nnicli further, consume thirty-five gallons to the lamp, or less than half consumed in the one refitted by i i n And the Fifty Auditor conceived that his diry ir> the public r quired him to have it refitted on a Lt iter end more economical plan, which wr.3 done. Mr. L-wis was also sent to the mouth of the M ssht-ippi, to superintend the erection of a light house tin re. Gave the location, plan, foundation. Arc <Ste. to the contractors, Messrs Hammond it Co , troni Massachusetts, and after lie hiul BHperin'endrd it, at le ist one story high, had it taken doivu, hy which lite government lost about $13,000, and the contractors bitterly complained that they were compelled thereby to submit to great injustice, lu short, the Fifth Auditor thought he could dlet nu that tl he employed " Mr. I. W. P Lewis, civil eng.ueer, trom Boston," in erecting and fitting up uiat.y > the light houses, alter his magnificent p mis, wc rntghi have the houses, but they would be daik, for the Treasury would be insufficient, aftersi'm^ing millions for their erection, to buy oil to light theni lie, however, waa placed at the head ol a survey ol the light house establishment. about a year since, and alter being engaged in it some time, quarrelled with and discharged the captain and crew ol th' vessel engaged in it, and the survey was for the time susjiended What it cost the government lam unable to say, but rumor states that he received $6 per day Irom the time the survey was suspended, some time in August I think, till within a lew days of the close ot the late session of Congress, to make up his report of the survey. What value the survey will be to the government, you may judge, when you learn that the report of it is a tissue ol misrepresentations throughout, as you will find by reading the accompanying testimony, furnished by the very men on TIw u?li.r in ll.? I Kxpress, for aught I know, may state truly that the President was opiioaed to the employment of "I. W. P Lewis,civil engineer, from Boston," to conduct thissurvey, in opposition to the judgment of Mr. Forward; tind if so, clearly discovered his eagnci'y; for it has proved a "stale and unprofitable" affair, I should opine, to the govt rnment. The #6 per diem, and the "run of the kitchen," is not a bad job lor Mr. Lewis From the foregoing, no o le can he at a loss to divine the origin of the hos'ility . f J W. P. Lewis, civil engineer, of Boston, to the present manage ment of the light-house establishment, which will probably be continued so long as there is a hope that il the present superintendent could b- supplanted in the management of it, Mr. I. W P. Lewis, civil engineer of Boston, would be necewary to conduct it. But allow me to enquire why it is, that all who are really interested in having an efficient lightImtfCP ouafprn fonflir in ni.ininn lko? our,. ?# present managed, is equal, if not superior to any in the world 1 Compared with eiiher the English or French system, it is decidedly superior, end administered at greatly leas expense, as by reference to OHge 4 &c of the enclosed House document, No. 811, 27th Congress, 2d session, will appear; the averag'* annual cost of the English lights being $2,460, whilst ours is $911; and it the testimony cf the best practical navigators is to be relied on, ours car be seen the greatest distance. But so farfrom there being any complaints ot the inefficiency of the lights on our coast, there is an overwlieln ing nt sf of testimony, from practical seamen others, who know what they say, that our lights are equal to any in the world. An accurate comparison ot th" cost of maintenance of the French lights with oum, cannot be so readily made, from the mode of keeping their accounts; but ol the efficiency of the two systems, the official evidence in doc 811 will demonstrate ; a majority ot theirs being but harbor Hguib, miu caur.ui u?* wen niori* linn v miles, ire qiiently but fi, and none more tInn 27 ur ti, w Uiist we have amp'*- and cunclu.ive f'biimonv 'hat our best lights, in f.trorable weather, arefeen ".Winnie" "Asa sample ol llie correc:ne-s <>t the writer tor the Expre-#, before alludrd t?>, it is Maud that tiie light-houses at Mmmpoy (Mint and Naii'iicket, ar butl2milesiiiitt.ini from each oth?'r, H-,d lit-ii semi distint, m> tr??m either is visible. I Joe. SI I. page ?, wil.ehow you who reliance is lobe pleccci on that atatenien1 Tue writ? r ol' that communication is either utteily ignorant a bo t what he write*, or ha> wil'ully mi r the iru h, there is official evidence lore, that in r ear weather, one light can be seen fr.-ui t!ie slier, 'h distsnce being 19 miles, and w Inch yoti will find in doe. 811 Th? wnlrr nl.n tiifr-nno u itmiKlj tho truth ,1 the Five Amlitors'statement, thai Cnpe Henlopen light can he s en 3?miles of the many sources whence that si item is derived, you will find in the let'er of Mr- ^'irden, wh eh follow?. Mr. V. hnsnot no.v,nor ? vet nail any iTii.ial relation to the Fifth Auditor?wa eotiicly uokawwn to him, and volunteered the lerrr r, and whr?e testimony , when known, :s unimpeachable. Ay the ability of Mr 1 Wm. P. Lewis "Civil Knaineer front Boston," in Ins remarks about tfie C?p- Henlopen light house will he canvassed at Hnoin>-r time, I will pass thai branch of the con.mui.icatiou with quoting the lei ten? Lewis, June '13 I, 1JM0. Sin -B drg on my way down the Bsy. as the. pilot o' the packet ship Shencnrionh, a hen abr. a?t ol the Ledge. I made u ligh*. whih prove' to be the light on Cape Hen lopen. at b" distance ol Si miler, ulthough the night wat not lavorshle lot set tog the light at the greab st distance Since the ns\v |*ut< rn ha? tieen put on, it ha* beenthi greatest light' havrevei aeen. I fcm respectfully, air, Your obPilirBt ??rv?nt, S.gmd HENRY VIR.DEN, Branch Pilot, I will notice no more of the communication to the " Express," ns it is all wide of the truth, n? the fore going specimens, excepting, perhaps, that portion ol it which informs us that the President was opposed to the employment of Mr 1 W. P. Lewis, Civil Engineer, of Boston, in the survey of the light houses, and which, it is very probable, is quite true, and for which the President cannot he too highly commended. But, after all, the assaults on the management of the system have elicited the admirable order, effi ciency, and economy which prevail throughout the whole, and made them lamiliar to thousands who never, probably, would have heard of the ligh houses; and the closest scrutiny is invited into all iU> operations, by those really interested in ail efficient system, Rnd competent to judge. You know how rigidly the Committees of Congress examine all estimates for appropriations for the public service, and yet it h a fact, that of the ap( nations made for the erection of light houses uno litflit Imiuih. Hinoiinliiiir to *11 <alM9nH , n ? iiiin^u ujmm estimates previously inade, the sum of 9283,337 h?been returned to the surplus lund? a tact which h?. no parallel in the puoltc service. And th:e arise- i probably Irom the necessity under the law of Con i Kress, ot having all the housta and boats cycled arm \ limit under con'rnct, which gives tree scop" 10 iaii competition, ludeed, there can be no collusion e among the agents, as all accounts in relation to i are settled and adjusted by officei*, having no othei ( connection with it, the agency of the Filth Audtio being merely immaterial No committee ol either f House ol Congress, who has ever carefully exa I mined, but has highly commended it, as have ui t those really interested in an efficient system ol lights. r as this is a subject closeiy connected with the en- ' tire trade ol the country, 1 shall reour to it again t A.B. Prir-. Two C?nta, New Harcn. (Corrrspondaneaof the Herald.] Nxw Haven, June 19th, 1843. City Muting?No litctptum of the Prttidtnt? Great Coni/rscension of the Codfish Aristocracy MR- Jab. G RKNNKTT? I presumed that any news which has any regard 10 the movement of the Prthident would he acceptable to you and your numerous readers, arid 1 thought I woild give you a brief account of the movements that have hem made in thin city. A city meeting wia called by the Major at the Uity Hall (which means the State House ci lldG W Saturday afternoon, which was vt.y fudy attended. The Mayor opened the meeting by reading a resolution to appropriate a uum not exceeding $600 from the City TrpaHiirv to uivs? Pwi ? -r? n- * ~ * a upct icucpuuUf which he redd in every clear aiyle, with hu left hand in (lis breeches |*>ckett half way to the elbow. Then commenced the commotion?"Mr. Mare"? "Mr. Speakah"?"Mr. President"?" I move"? " I wish to move"?and they all moved, and aome made very bad moves?finally, a very email man, named Atwe'-r, moved to amend the revolution by adding ihn Slju be ulao appropriated to help defray the expense* of the Fire Department celebration on the 4ih ol July, which amendment was decided to be out of order, as the meeting was called for the express purpose cf in-ul'itia Mr. Tyler. Mr. C. A. Inijersoli made a few very chic remarks in favor of Li e first resolution, 1 u: ii bad no effect?you might i.aweilc st |>cari beforeawute. Jut!ge L?o?fett,of ' outer chdaibei" meiucrv, spoke. n^ainat the resolution?he was opposed to tue Common Couocil's thrusting their long fingers into an empty treasury, to give receptions to acting Presidents, fcc. Old Doctor Skinner also made a few remarks, hut all we could understand was that he could recollect when they used to catch long clams in Hartford?so the resolution was voted viva voce to be laid on or under the table, and a new resolution made by James F. Babcock, Esq.,editor of the New Haven Palladium. I do not recollect the exact words of this new resolution, but it was to this purport:?we condescend to allow all those of the citizens who leel disposed, to pay their respects to the President, in any way they choose? this was nasaed immediately, and the meet ing adjourned. So you will perceive that in care the President should visit this city he is to be treated with all the disrespect and contempt the ultra whigs and the codfish aristocracy are capable of manifesting. It has been rumoured that another meeting is to be called by those who wish to treat the President with that respect that is due the office of Chief Magistrate of this mighty nation; in case there should be eucha meeting I will inform you immediately. John Jones or New Haven. 1'Iilladclplila. [ Curr. ipoudtuce of the Herald.J Philadelphia, June 20, 1848. 'Jiie Preeident't Reception?Conduct of the Corporation?Political Marueuvret about the Fourth of July?Cricket Club. James Gordon Bennett, Est*.? Dear Sir? The excitement of the visit of the President of the United Stales having passed, we are left to fall back upon our wonu-d quiet, and the citizens to re fleet upon the conduct of eur city councils in reference to this matter. The sentiment of disapprobation is very general upon the subject; with but one excep'ion, I believe, the editors of our daily papers condemn, in plain term?, this want of courtesy, and I have reason to believe that the senior editor of that paper is not res[>onsible for the letter addressed in its columns to the President while sojourning among us. We are not emulous of distinction tor want of the ordinary courtesies of lite among decent people, but n'imjiortr, these wiseacres have their conduct to answer for to an insulted community. No political excitement ia Philadelphia can ever be po'ten up, tint will excuse, much less justify, want of common decency. Our Courts are rapidly hasten ng to a cloee for the summer season, and nrponrina for their summer lour, wiili the judges, lawyers, and peaceable cm/.me, while the noisy office holders and office hunters are making arrangements by preparatory meetings to celebrate the fourth ef Jaly. The praiseworthy efforts of several of our city papers have failed in bringing about a general jubilee on me coming anniversary of our nation's independence. It will be confined to politicians, whe, in promoting their individual schemes for political preferment^ loose Bight of the legitimate objects of a fourth of July celebration, and convert that day which should be sacred to freedom and freedom's cause, intoose of trickery, hypocrisy and deceit, for o? what eLc is politics in tiie present day computet]! Jf the memory of the virlu's, toil and rufierir.g ol our forefathers in hallowing the f- 'i'th of July, could for a moment be culled up and fmd place in the bosoms of our noisy itoiiucians, how rami and sublime would be the vprcfaMe upou that day of our assemblage of freemen around th- altar ol freedom,offering thanks to the (red of battles for the attainment ol (hat victory, which gave ub, as a natioa, our charter ns Ireemen, ami established institutions which are our pride, and the admiration of the world. Let every patriot stay at home till the day is celebrated as it should be, and intrigoing politicians taught that that day at least is to be exempt from their maraudings upon the people's rights. VesterJay a cricket club from our city, with some of their friends from New York, enjoyed u fins mutch, between eleven married and eleven single men, in a large field near Camden, New Jersey. The single men w>r? the victors. We understand that a cnallenge lor ai.iatch istoukt p.ace between club :u our ci.y with on'* in Gotham. Who (hall gum the vie oryl isihe quet'ion. There is already much feeling on ihis*ui>j? ct. An rrno-r, Hamilton. IfOStOM. [Corrc?poni!ercB of the Herald.] Boston, Monday, j June 19,1343, 4 P.M. 5 Although the grand celebration ia over, yet Boston is throng*, d with strangers, and it has been a continual holiday since the glorious 17th. This morning the President visited Lowell, and ia to re*" ? '? ? * > ikii ilnmnnn unit view the Vivv Yard at Charlesiown. The New York National Guards paraded to-day through the principalstreefs, and attracted universal admiration as a well drilled and gentlemanly corpi. It was decidedly the crack regiment at the celebration. After visaing the Navy Yard, they will partake ol a collation at Faneuil Hall, on invitation of the Hancock Company. Yesterday, the President attended Trinity Church in the forenoon, and visited Mount Auburn and the princely mansion of Mr. Cushiog in the afternoon. In the evening he attended the Handel and Hayden Concert. Robert Tyler, innr . n to address the Repealem to-night at the Miller Tabernacle, and a mast exciting time is expected. There is also to be a torch-light procession ol the Boston Firemen in honor ol the Aloany Fire Company, who have been invited to partake of a supper. The President is announced to leave Boston on Tuesday morning for Albany via Spnngfiekl. The Government despatchea received per the Columbia. were delivered to the President at the Tremont House Col. Webb, of the regular army, made quite a conspicnous appearance m ihe grand procession. The Herald, containing the fullest account, as well as the most accurate, of the President's pilgrimage, continues to be read with avidity not only at the Merchants' Exchange, but throughout the city generally. The hotels are literally crammed, and the restanrants and eating houses have done an extensive bu sinew The " Shades" has been well patronized, mid Briirham'a Saloon und Parker's Restaurant,hsv* be?n crowded Co overflowing daring the past week. The Theatres have also been well attended, and *s the Tremont ta preparing to close, the old stock tcior* have announced their tarewell benefits, enioh, it is hoped, will be well patronized. Russell sings at Mrs. Andrews' concert to-night it the Melodeon. A very few accidents occurred on the 17th, and inly a small number ol pockets were picked. All the Military Companies will I 'ave to day, and y to-morrow, the banners and flags will he all urled, and Boston will relapse into its usual calmless and sedatrnebs. P. S. ?President Tyler visits the Mayor and the Mansion of Hon. David Heoshaw, this evemug. rhe ladies of the President's suite are also enteranted si a levee given by a Boston belle. Yours, fee.

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