Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 22, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 22, 1843 Page 1
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TH I Vol. II.?lo. 109 hvl* 33H1 I r3==r========r====r===r======== To th? Public, THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?pub liahed every day of tha year except New Year's Hey and fourth of Juiy. Price 9 cents per copy?or fl 98 per ancum?postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday - i._ Mu? ai nor nAr.v nw ti 19 Dtir annum? UlUlumjj?*|?iur u| ' cum |/wi vv|?j V w* ? j-? postages paid?c?uh in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation ol the Harnld is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and inoroasic,, aat. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in this dry, or the ioorld, and it therefore, the hett channel for hutints: men in the city or country . Prices moderate*?ccsh in advance. PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the man moderate rices, and in the most elegant style, v JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaOPRIBTOH OW THF HVKU.D E|T4ftl.(?HMri*V, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of JIM tons and Go horse power each. Appointed by the Admiralty to sail between Liverpool and Boston, calling at Halifax In land and receive Passcuseugers and Her Majesty's Mails. aSHHH&ss HlBERNIA, Ci[tsin t>ailrs H. E. Judkins CALEDONIA, fc'jitwn Edw.rd G. Lott. ACADIA, Captwu tl>nod? Ryrie. COLUMBIA, Captain N. Shannon. BRITANNIA. Cspinin Ji hn Hewitt. Will sail for Boston, via Halifax. raoM LivaarooL. raoii boston. Acadia,, Ryrie, It h May lLih J''ue Colombia, alanoon 'th June lit July Hibcruia, Jadkins, 11 I, Jn..e 16 h July C'.lrdoiiiv, Lou, till Jnly 1st Aug These shipscairy experienced surgeons, ant Fauces' Patent 1 ife Boats. No bertha seemed until pai l fo- A paly to D. BillGIIAM. JK A??nt, jeSr No. Wvli street, \r* York. DHitlr I S ON ICELAND, Ec . W <ch sypZmjew""* can b- sent by the ?>e m ship l -ULUvli&h Bl/i. nil s from B's in on the 1st Jti'y fersotia vi.itingor rerai<ting m?n-v to a- y " s^MfcSHS* pn-t of ihe nJJ c ultry, can at a'l tim?r ob titiniroihih .ul?e','h*r' Dr f's etsght forsovsm u*>i Jr?w?? direct on iV It ,yal B ink of Irt-I , d, ?!? > on th ol'.sl Lii?tedbanbia^ li on of iVi m s Preatot , (J oir, A??*a & Co ol Lond n?, w? ich p id :r??e of di?c my* or huv li.rue whatever, in. v n p o *iid c. ua.j, fts-aid*-* al! he -u'aod t<j*v*s through u KiwI'O'J I Kind. y cot laud aud Walrn, t' ?r bv* ?u\\ twenug taoie piupohr so Fan* o' KoicUiifi iutl Ireland f notes. Ap dy ti n Ad . i-.'l r I V** p*?t i?*id tu h-r%r i is* fimiTiLMic ?, n<\ m j21 r ' unit dour to ihe Knllon Bank. ?" jST tfiL " 4& PASSAGE FROM GRKAITRTVAK* ANDTHELAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool ou the 7th and 19th of every month.J Persons wishing to tend to the Old Country for their friends can muke the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have tl.i.31 come ont in this superior L.ine of Packets, sailing from L iverpeol uuuctually on the 7lh and lBlh of every month. Tie V will also have a first rate class of American trading ships, sailiiic every si* days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Roche) is there, ts see that they shall be lorwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come c at, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, mahout any redue tioii. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Facets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, viz:? The OXFORD, fhe NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has been extended to them so many years, lor which they are grateful. These proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can stall times obtain Drafts at sight for any amonnt, drawn direct on the Koval Bank of Ireland. Dublin, also on Messrs. FRESCOTT, GROTE, AME8 It CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Blanches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. App.r.oraddr.M,(ifb^^o.Btgm^ijEji8 fc 15 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Kulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favonte Line for their conveyance, in preference to anv other. d27 r PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND Jk m. m. m. NO completed extensive a'?l important arrange* menlsfhr bringing out passengers from the old country , lh?- subscribes* can * ith confidence lufoim those who may wis to setI tie fog friends to rmigrnte the present season (1843) that ih j. (, will ted it their interest 11 make the necessary arrangements with this li e; b- int; th- oldest or longest established on of this port, it is well kuown that rhat tlic arrangements are complete?dhe shipa of tl>e first class s.iling weekly, and th- accommodations fitted np expressly foi the comfort and convenience of passengers Should those settled for decline coming our, the passage money will, as nsual, be refunded to the party from wlium it was received, without deduction. A free passage per steamer from the various ports of Iielacd and Scotland, to Liverpool, can be secured if desired. Ap r'y W SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 17? Pearl St, Or to C. ORIM8HAW It CO. 10 Goiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafts on London, LiterpooC the National Bank of Irr'and Northera Banking Co. nd National bans ol Scotlitm, ?? sight, and for any amount. Apply as above. ml lm*r .'HE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. J?j. jk ?&?> XSL mSL M wlk To tail from New York 16th, and from Liverpool 5th of aach monin. Ship HOTTINQUER, 1QM Mm. J ,,.l Ira Buraelv, < ,6,h Ju'7* New ahip LIVERPOOL, 1154 ton", 4 nh Anmr John Eldridge, . iillhAugnit New *kuj2 p.1,oal \ 8hip ROji,h BrTiMn"850 t0n" \ 16lh October. .These snbstautial, Mil sailing, Brat elm ship*.all built in the eity of New York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, ann will be deipatched pnuctuolly on the lflth of each month. Tbair cabin* are elegant and eommodiona, and are fnrniibed with whatever can conduce to the eaie and comfort of patsenger*. Neither t' e captain* or owner* of theie *hip* will be reipon ibla for any parcel* or package* lent by them, nnlea* retrial bill* lading are ngned therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULL It MINTURN9, 87 Sonih atreet. New York, or to FIKLDKN. BROTHERS It CO.. jell r Liverpool. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, kr?The UrM^y snliaciiher contiuuea to traMmit mumy ia tuna ia ge jaBMaror .mall to rr rains ren ting in any part of in 1 tod in the aame manner a? he, end hi* oredecesMi in huiiucrs have done fc the la* Ihi.t7 jerru and more ;t!* any part of Eng. land, or Sroiland. Money remitted by letter (poat raid) to the tnaicnber, or ? peraonallv deposited with him wita the name e, the pe<*?n or peraona in Irel ud. England or Sietlani. to whom it i* to fcu arnt, ard i,e.>ria? p a'town, wi'l be unirediatelv'ramniitied and paid accrrdtug y, and a te eipt Zo tnat effett nlvea, or tor warded to rrie?eu It In lire manner m lUe'. or .daimi on person* m a> y pt! of Ireland, Euiiar*? 11 en* d cm he eoli?et?d by t*>e mine ber for per e-arta'd iw idhou pa t of toe United Suito* or tt* nada, end w i I oc p .id to 'hi m eeenidingly. I iT lm*r QeQKQlr McB HI OK J', n C.dsr at. rff- NEW LltK LIVERPOOL PACIKTB.?''aeket 'id n I.I 1. ? I lie at VrHiH fn?t kklltltif Fnf fart Hhi/ JUSb O.vl.hl K.Cupt Wm Ski d , will Mil poi?uvsiv as aa?*i, ht4 rrguiur day. The ah>i>? ol 'nta IN W ill I*<*9 tom bor'h-a and upwtrrs, *rd 'heir actoinmedation* fct cabin, second uhlt, and atoeia'e puieugrrs. it ? w M known ate superior to au? other iiue ol pscke's Tnoae wishing lo serui r berth*should notfai' to makeearlv pplicrtion on V. erf or to W. liJ TAPaCOTT. 43 Feck slip, cover Bontn at. The Oarriek sails frora Liverpool ou the 13 th August.? Fersons wishing to send for their (riemls can hare bionght ont in he'.,or any ol the regular line, or favorable terms. Drafts for larac or small winr payable on demand, without discount or ?uy other charge, in all the putt towns of England, Iretaud, Scotland or Wales, un also be obtained on application as abr re. The Hottingner will ancceed the Oarriek, and sail the l?th July _ JI tec k.?gar fOlt LI V ERI'OOL.?Regular packet of the 2Mb |Blh June.?The rery sujienor. fast sailing packet shir JBGNEaOARHICK, Captain Skeddy, will most poaitiyely m sail as abore. . \ Haying rery anperior aeeommodationa for cahin.seeond cabin I and ttecrnge passengers, person* wishing to embark shonid rvaks early application to JOSETII McMUMKAV, ion Pine st., cor. South. I The above will be sncceidsd by the splendid picket ship ?. Patrick Hetirv, Cart Defauo, end sail on the 7th July. . Persons wishing to send I'nr their iriands in the old ( ' conntry, can have them brought ont by the above ship, or I. any of the regular packet*, by applying a* above ; if by letter I poet paid. _ _ JH r I A>sam. foM LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Kegulsr Packet ol 29th June.?The Splendid Facket Ship i jBmM?GARR(CK, Captain Wm Stiddy, of IMS ton* will positively eail as above, her regular day. For freight ot passage, having aecomrrO'J'.Mons nneqna.led for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, er to E. k. COLLINS It CO. * Wouth street. '1 no Peeket Ship Roscins, Capt. John G illins, ot list luus. will succeed the Oarriek, and sail the 35th of July, her regular day. (. iters for the ships of this line will only be reeeired at Gilpin't and Kale's News Room. Pawengen may rely ou the ship* of this line sailing penetasl fans advertised __ j IT ?c ~Jkffe HOT riLAcg BALL LINE OK PACKETS JHCVKOK LIVERPOOL?Packet of the latJnly-The JHMNMM*ph?''diil last sailiug packet ship OXFORD Captain Hntiboue, will be despatched as *boy? The accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage pasaenuers. by this ship, are u?turiM*?fd?T w,,*w wiahmir to aeciiie bertfiaahmild mule early application to .. a JOJ,N h*rdman, 61 Hou'h atrert, Bret W ,|| it N B?The renin pa bet of tlie 25 h June cm nt ,Ki( prraengrre at the lownl late I' H? \ hoar aet dins for Iriei da riaidirg mi Urtat Britain oIrelKnd, can have tli.-m brought >>nt hy the naguiar packet, aailiuit wtekly from Liverpool, at the loweat raiet. an i Ural , fu: Utah* d, aa nana I. lor anv imwiat. payable withoni i.i count throughout the United Kingdom, on application ?. eaabve^ j?u id* LONDON Lint: Of PACKETS?Faciei i.~t?? WHfh H Ju y? I heaidrndid. new, faat aailnig t hp .?MwMLVlt. 1 i'hiA, < upt E E Morgan, will aail poai ietiy aa ?tio?r, her r?|inUi day. Hiring inperiorarcommoi'atiooa for cabin, aerond r bin nl aire rage ptaamge-a, for peaaage early application a.ionld be .made im board, er to 4 W. k J. T. TAF?rOTT, jtlr 41 Perm.Slip cot HcMh at E NE NJ SEW JEKbEy haTLIIOAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. K*rt rwl??eil to '45 cent!. From the fort of Cenrt Uxtlt ttreet, New York. (JCre. v drr?SondaTe e*<epted.) JLeivet Ken Yoik Leave* Newark At ? A. M. At > P. M. At 7 A. M. At IX P. M. 'J "to. 3 do. 2 Jo. 4 do. II do. 4 do do. 5^ do. 5S do. WX 7* dr. f>4 <lo. S34 Co. t <lo. ON SUNDAYS. From !he Toot oi U?wrtlajidf street. Leave New Vorh, Leave N?warl? At 9 A. M. and <X P. M. At i3<JP. M. an.f 9X P. V. .UW YORK, KL1AABKTH rOWo, Li-.?e Ne-.v York |.??v? Klinhelb Town At 8 A.M. At 3 P M. At 7 < A. M. 3< P M. 9 do. 4 do. M, 7 do. U do. 4 V - o. 10 Jo. 9% do. 5J4 do. 13 do. The traine Tor Weitficld, Plaintield, Boaudbrook, Somerville, tie., connect with the;9 A M, aad,4XPM train# lrorn New York, daily, Snmlays excepted. Fare between New York and Klir.abeth Town 35 cenu. Fare between do and Snmerville.75 cents. NJTV YORK. AND RAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Rahway. At 8 A. M. At 3 P M. At 7 A. M, At 3 P, M. 9 do 4 do 8 do S% do 11 do 4V do 9N de 9 do "2 do lljf do NEW YORK AND NEW bUUNSWJCK. From foot of Conrtland street. New York, daily. Leave New Yorb. Leave New Bruuswie* At 9 A.M. At 4 P M. At 6 A.M. At DM AM 5 <i do 7 * do 8X P. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave Ne w York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M and 4J? P M At 11X A.M., and 8* P M. Fare, ciehpt in ikt Philadelphia trains between New vn-b am" New BrnnawicV. 50 cents Between New York and Hahway >5c?lu. Pasteimen wno ,>ru<*u.<-theirticketr a; the ticket oiuce, i* teive a ferry ticket irr ii,*. Ticket- are recti ce-4 by 'Ne ot tactor only on the ilny whet, purchased t? 1 3 <*r StTJfJiTEX jfKp,JNGfTHtiNY. NEW YORK A ND PtilL <? U elLl! 11A K.t 'LKOAD LIN E U RfCT, Yia" Nlwalk , New Brunswick, Princktoi?, Tbanton' boddeii'towa AND BCPMItO'lOW. L<'avi"i,'Ni v *" t 1 a?1 y fr:h< > i , < u tlaodtIt .vi o-ni<j? Liue ai 9 A M.?Mail Pilot Line a. 4?* * VI 1 <- Mormon Line proceeds to Bnrdentown. i?m thence by st_ v - boat to l'hiladelvhia. The Evening Line proc-eds dire t to Camden ( ippovitc to i -i -'i .11 n; wiiii mi cpanin r l c 'I*. Pisa- nyrrs will procure thi r tirlta's at the ofti e f ot of CouriLndc street, where a comnodiont steamboat.* ill he in readui* ??, with bagg ige crates on hoard. Pniladrlnhia bigg ige cra'ea are conveyed from city to city, without he ins opened by the way Each train i? provided wi.h a car in which are a. ardneuu and i teasing rnomi expreaaly lor the ladies' uae Returning, the linea leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut itreet. by steamboat to Boidentown at 7 o'clock, A.M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'clock, P. M. The linea for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7)i A. M., and 4 P. M. beings continuation of the linea from New York, jet NEW YORK, SCHOOLEY'S ***- _ MOUNTAIN It EASTON.'. Leave the foot of Conrtland street, 'daily (Sundays excepted) at (o'clock, a.m., by railroad Jersey city to Morristown, thence by Post coaches through Mendhain,Cheater, Schooley'a Mountain, Andsraon Town, Port Golden, Wadiingtou, to Eaaton. At Washington, a daily line intersecu to and from Belvidere For seau apply te J. Hill, at J. Patton'a, Commercial Hotel, 73 Conrtlandatreet. N.B ? Extras furnished at the shortest notice by applying to N. B. Late, United States Hotel. Morristown. invll Sm ec FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST &&& | AhHOClATION PAsSAAJfi'OFl' Utica, $2 00 Koeheiter, $3 00 Syracuse, 2 33 Buffalo, 1 34 Oswego, " 33 Up. k. Lower Caaada5 34 For passage apply to ' i*l. L. RAY, mil 3m 93 Barclay atreet. New York. Nfc-s. ARRANGEMENT. FARE AN1) e HEIGHT REDUCED. jkfin an Regular mail link-for proA. V10e.,N( e AND BG8TON, via 8TO!*jE^MjS-IMi'i'ON AND NEWPORT?Composed ol'the followiag ?u ~?noi ateamsrr, running in connection with the Btonine'.on aid Roe ion and Providence Railroads:? M *sa.vchUSFTTS, Cant Comstcck. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDE sCE .N.aRRAfl' s SETT. Ore of which v.ill >?? New York daily (Sundays e*crptedl'rom Pier No 1, Place, N. Hirer, u 5 P. M A.HR VNUK VIENT8. Toe RHODE I. A* D, Captain Thayer, on Monday, end W-t.ei'sr lor 8ttni^jton and Newport, and Fiidey for 8< on i nirr,>'i Inr Ai'VTl' ETTS.CaD'ain Comstock,on Tuesday ?d I'.-itrtena for h'toLicrt n, and "atnrdny for Stoninpton, e?r|Hn' a .d "rori lence. Pi?s. -iert, on the arr'?*l cf the steamers at Stouington, will hp uuM-dnirly forwent-d in the aplendid and coinmo V iC?ool IUi:.o-d?o Posdri.ce and Boston, and if I Vrwport wi|l rra erd ?u the steamers on Monday, Wed dand 8-tnrdar, and nt> 'he intersr run* days, proceed ria o-ntni,! id H 'll -f to P orii'ein-e. and fiom thence in the i'kib" Inlet, without any addirio al c: arge. Tickets 'o' the route and steamers' beiths can be secured on board, or at the uAicr of HARNDKN It CO . N0 3 Wall ttreet. (rT'Otand after the lOih uei, f eglit will not be r? ceired and for #a-tied ih"r h?l'p<% ?P d tn9 tm* m I P OPi ??.'-? LI v E Oh STEAMBOATS fVlM Jjl pf KO 4 ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock, P. M. XaJBsfti'ln.ottsh Direct (Suni'ny'e et'epied) from ti ?l?amonil Pier in*er Conr lanJt and ' -b rrj- stiteis Strambcit Ri?C K8VEH, Cspl A Houghton, will leare Monday, ?Vodne?<'sT ?nd Fnd." evenings. at 1 o'clock. Ste?mo- at SOUTH AMERICA, ' at tain L W Bramnrd, will lease Tuesday, Thursday snd Saturday evenings, al 7 e cVck. 8'r.imbnat NOHl'H AMERICA, Captain M H, Innd-ca at ia'i.m d-ate pUree. will lease Tu s'ay, Thursday an,' Satnlsy pfternnnna at S -,'cleek Pa aenv ei? taking this Line of Boon will invariably arrtye in Albany in ample ume to lake the Morning Train of Cars for th? pas or west. (J"^The above boa's are new and 'ubrt-D'ial, are furnished g.ui new and pl-giu- state roryis. and for speed and accommo uumvui arc uunvmica wu tri" jiu?i???u Fouvsnst or freight, apply on board, or to P. C SrtinUt at the office on the wharf. jc!9 lw r Jgm stVEN D'CLO, K MOBMNO LINE. For Albaor, Troy and Intermediate Landings, 3KMBJEE>from the tteamboat pier at the foot of JMrclay street. The EMPIRE, Capt. 8. K. Roe, leaves New York on Monday. Wednesday and Friday. The TROY, Cant. A. Solium, om Tuesday, Thursday and Sa'urday. at 7 A . M Breakfast and dinner on board. j I7r | NO MONOPOLY-FARE REDUCED. New Independent Opposition Line for AlbaSC7jESLnr direct. Fare 50 cents. No charge lor Berths. Deck pans*3* VJ cents. The new and commodious steamboat NEW JEK9EY, Ogtt. R. H FnreT, wl'l >a*e the loo* of Barclay street, New York, every Monday, Wcdnesdsy and Friday even'iit, at 7 oVIock For freight or pes.ace apply on board. Freight taken less than tow boat prio.? The New Jersey ir furnished with elegant at 'e rooms, and accon c dai'cu is net s-irpas ud by a: y ste-m boat on tn? H niao-i r r ? 1.7 NEW YORK AND KINO tiO* ? KAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE I." IE. ASM uagg For Kingston, and Pnl .ware and Hudson W tnal?ateamboaia EMERALD and NOR *S560E. * it h. 1 he emerald, Captain Joiid Keteham. will leave Ness ' 1 ork foot of Murray street, every Mobday tud Jpcradayati i e'rloek P. M. VViil leave Kingston (Rondcot landing) every Wednesday | and Saturday at 7 "'clock. P. M. I 'I he NORWICH, Captain John "atuuels, will 'eare New I Vork, foot of Wd :cr, tlr-et, evety Wednesday and HmurtLy at I 1 o'clock, P. M. W.U leave Kingatou (Rondont landing) every Tno ay and Friday at! o'clock, P. M EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave th< font of Murray street every " undy mornina at 7 o'ch ck. Heiutmog leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock tame. day. Fir freight or paasare ?_ njijbiAifiouii, pnnbi;*T ?* uw-, aJ13m*r 164 Weatatreet. .MM Mm >OR NORFOLK, RICHMOND, CITY iB*""""" kc- V? Steamer BOSTON. XiMdH3utiipuin Holmea.?The atrong and anbatantial Steamer Boelon, will commence rgular tnpa between New York and Noifolk, Va., leaving New York every Saturday alt o'clock, A. M. ind Norlfolk every Tneaday morning. P.iaiage and fare to or from Nortola, $10 Forward Paaaengera do do 8 P.taaaiie from Richmond. Citv Point, ?e., hy one of the river ateamcra, and per Boaton from Norfolk 18 Forward paaaengere, do do 9 Paiaagc to Norfolk and baek, retnrn trip II Forwr.rd Paaaeng-ra, do do 11 Freight *ahen at the nanal rntea. For freight or oaaaage apply to the Captain on hoard, or to WM. TUCKER, mj ' eod WThkF'r No. S6 Broad atreet. MIA TEN ISCANT) FERRY, FOOT ^aOF WHITEHALL ??T?The atearaboati m " y? (SLANDER and SAMSON will run ae folio we nntil further notice-? Leave New Yo>k 8, 9,10, II, 1,9, JX.V 6. 7. . Leave Suten Iilaud 8, 9, 10. 11.1, 9,4,9,6.7. Leave New York ai,d Slatcu Iiland everv honr on Sunday. 8.?ttienreiou to Fort Hamilton, Sandaya evcepted. Leave Fort Hamilton 7x a. M., returning (rem New York ix " IR- ill r HAMILTON flu USE. KURT HaM"flg iP|g3>ILT''N -mwThe ateamboata STATEN 9C9EKrl',(.4M)rTt mil SAMSON will ran every day (Sandaye eyrent d' d ring the aeaaon.aa followt:Leave Fori (I unil'en at 7X A M. and 4 a P. M. Ne . York w hitehvll Dock, at SX P. M. Thii arrangement m.y h relied on aa permanent, aa ita con* untaaaee will 1H>! deoend on any contingency. ilJ 3mr NtWARk AND NEW.'YOkK?Fare AnanSeiKa" Cenu !?The aylendid ateamer PA "tMA It ., Captain John (Hfrjr. On and are* Monil. y. Jane Vh will tna aa followa :*? Letvra^tl.e f?o, of B . clay atreet, New York, at 10 A M., iun i r. nit L.ea??eihe fo*t of Centra afreet. Newark, at 7)4 A.M., and 1 % P. M. e'reivM crried a' re-r lowratet. nl?*mr "i .MVle " _AKHAN<i?MKNT FOR H iHt 8Bt'R)Ml,iinR Branch, Ocean B .ic? r.tini, Knmaon, and Katontown La J m* ihr i uu it.e li ne' poaege. The new Steamboat HBS"'S.VMy < at i ii > Jui.u P. Corliei, will leaie Katon, ,v i t fnii"'* g -r, " '"<) y, the ll't of June. ta?t., and run aa fol oat, to ?i : a?: K \".h, I oai the foot of Kobinaoa ' re-t. ?* tv M.udaj, Tut d y, Wrdueaday, Thuraday auil h riitnf, at 7 o* ' it, A. M Me no i tig, will leaec Katontovrn a on r c't of he . buTt d^ra at I o'clock, P. M. On ti ill !?. r Ne? Y< tk at 2)4 o'clock, P. M., and Ratont wn Lai d.tia on S i. d 'Y* * lo'tlnck.P. M . and Ocean Houae a' < a'a'ttcU Phe SIlttKW.aBU K V will rno aanborefwwa *er per mi' i gj Uo.i! fnrihcr uo.tce. All baggage at the riak of the nwot re N. ft ?" tar. a it ill be in attendance to conrey pataengera f otn tilt iforeaai J lauding placet to IPT ran of the conntry raquirt.d. jt II W Y ( EW YORK, THURSDAY MAYOR'S OKFICK, > Chablkiton. 8. C . J.rne '0, TO RENT KOR A TKIIM OE YEARS, OR FOR SALE, BA That Urge and commodious ei.tablishment known I j. -V the (.'haileafti Hotel, situate i.i*! patt of the citr XJjLfroptiug on Meeting slrert, sruth on Hayue street, an adjoining the egtensiee range of wholraale stores; raat a Hotel street j north Ou Pn canty atrert The hotel is about 11 feet br about 175 fe- t deep. Idnr stories high couuinuig abou HI parlors aud rhitmbera, beaidea the dining for ladit and gentleineu; a'so, bar room, readu g room, offices, sun rooms aud kitchen; alto, fire siorrs and a harbei't room, i basement, and fronting on Havne s'r et?a Inge cistern, coi taming aocut 85 000 gallon, aud a force pnrnp, in case ef fin attachrd thereto; also two wells on the premises- The whol fmnt of the Hotel is embellished Willi a spacious two stor collonade. Term i of sale will be, a credit eitending over a neriod of a Irxst 8 yrars, and conform sbly to the provision! of the lat "9-a:t t'i'u L?m" Act,' secured by mortgage of premises; ar proved security will be required ou lease or sale. Proposal addvsti'd to the Mayor of Charlrstcn, will be received unt the rS a July nest. J. 8CHNIERLE, Mayor. N. B ?'The following newspapers: the New York Heral and Counoi It Enquirer; the Boston Cou-ier; the I'hiladrlphi United States Gazette ; the Baltimore American; the Nei Orleans Bee; the Mobile Register sud Journal will iusert th above in a conspicuous place once a week until the I6lh p-os mo, end forward their accounts fur payment to Courier officr )ll toJylSr __ JML TO LET?The upper pait of a modern, three stor pTw house, with the back room ou first story, to a small get ^ ULteel family, with privilege of cellar, croton water, In situated in a nleasant neighborhood, and within three minuu walk of the City H >11. The present oecopants consist of gentleman, wife and two children, and having more room th* necessary, would like to let as above. Trie rent will b moderate. Kor further parttdnlara, address by note at this 01 fire to H which w il be attended to. ja 1 3t?e a TO LET.?The modem built three story brie dwelling. No 16 Green street, finished with silver furn lure, rouble mantles anJ grates throughout. A liti large yard, with never tailing cistern. Will be let low. Kc furtherpart cuUrs apply to AITKEN, BROTHERS, je2-lm*ec No. IBrsluwilnet .y* BARCLAY bTKEET?TO LKT- 1'he "legal and ctm . odious three story brick house. No. 62 BarcL JiJlKsirre t, buiit and occupied by Mr. i nomas Brooks unt the i es?nt time. In escellcnt oider and fitted with ever convenience for a large family, and situated directly in front < Con i e I'lace. Kor tcnni apply at No. 110 Water street, uiva 1 -ii w r 1 O LET?At Harlem, at the loot'.of 121st street, S jit > vtnienl end comfortable two story dwelling housr .."Atfl w l" pleasant L kitchen. There are thirteen lots, h it.esa.ii m I a or less; situated ou the Harlem r>vei; a dod u e i ii i! fret front; and stub'si sufficient for ten or fifl*e lioise . Go In* place there are six or seven cheriy trees iu fu PexiiUg, peech tiees, currant bushes, rose Duihes, and ever thiin c lo?>in ?d lo make it a del ghtful residence. Eishin li s*. ia'c. Kaquiieof MR. PANDl.K, opposite the place, c ut THUS W. BUYER, No. 481 Washington street. Th above v ill be Lt at a cheap rent to a good tenant. .I 'll r.i * r wry* K LOsslcUlL, i UWE.?Kor sale, the large Consem iKwi'nry, with all the extensive apparatus attached theretl ^ the garden^ (late Mr. Perry's,) Henry st, Breoklyi W. lltJsSKLL. Florist, on the premises. W. Hnssell has a'sjfor tain at low piices, a euperb col'ti tton of fine healthy I'mo's iu bloom and in pot*, ol it--raninm: roses, veibenas, violas, dahlias, azslias, rhodod uidrons, salvia: poteuillas, cleinaises, cactuses, mag no'i it. honeysuckles, an other desirable greenhouse and garden plants and roses. Bouquets beautifully m nlc up to order. A ll orders for ll cities ol New Voile an i Brooklyn, delivered free of ehnrgi and punctually attended to. jl52w?r <\ A blHST HATK MOHoK FOR SALE? ?LsSr>(J,eat Bargain?A ''err superior large bay hoise.wii action and perfectly gentle in tingle and doub harness He is admirably calculated for a one borsa coache or as a match horte The owner parts with him from no faul b itm.-elyaa he has ditcontinued keeping a liorae. Ha co $100 eighteen months ago, and will be aold a great bargaii muquire at the Livery stable No. 2)0 Woosttr street,eorner i Wposter and Fourth sis and Washington Square. HI 3t*n Jka THE FOURTH OF JULY! BOOTS AND SHOES. Cheap Boot and Shoe Market. No 509 Greenwich atreet.Ladies and gentlemen are ad" ited to call at ihe above atore an provide themselves with seasonable summer coots, slipper: gaiters, Ac, made up in the neatest and most fashionable styli and sold as cheap if not a little cheaper than elsewhere. Heads ot will save money by c.lling here, at tb cheap depot. D?.n't forget the number, Clinton Cheap Bo< and Shoe Muket, No. 509 Greenwich street, corner Srring s jeQ lm*r LOOK AT "THIS! Boots, of best quality, $4 to $4 40 French, do do 3 to 3 50 Kine sewed Boats, 2 50 to 3 00 Pegged do 2 50 Moro-eo do 2 35 Seal Skin and Grain do 1 J lets I 00 Cloth buttou Gaiters, ' 1 I 25 Prauella do II f 03 Fine Calf Bhoea, stitched, I I I 00 Calf *hoes, 1 3 I > [ i T5 Boy'a Sue sewed boots, \ I 2 25 pegged boat*; calf, I 110 " Sealskin anl Grain, 1 12K " Fine Calf Shoes, 125 " " Kip Shoes, . | 1 00 Youth's Sewerf Boot", 1 00) I 1 50 LADIES' BOUTS It SHOKS.-Ladies, ?u rf f emrcsyv will find the greatest ass r.ment of Gaiter Bl .. Slipiuw Buskios, Ties, Prnuella Buskins, iirht and daH stored ha 0 tilers, House hlipprs, whi'e and black satin slippers, sail gaiters. Misses and Childreos'gaiters, bntfcins, slippers, tie and all other kinds of boots and shaes. of our own manuftctui 1 ng with the best of French goods,and warianted to be the bei and as cheap as the cheapest, at 367 Boad way and 92 Canal a jjlmr- GREGOUl St CAHILL. PARIS BOUTS AND LASTS MADE TU OHDER By E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, (Basement,) Cue Door from Courilaudtatreet. E SUSEtt, Bootmaker, and maker ot Lasts, a s^MW'ElTe" of Clerce of Paria, begs leave to inform h friends and alt the amateuri of a gentlemanly "chsosinre, that he can now make, in New York, with the best Frene mateuals, all thet is so perfectly made, in laris, by his tnastt the celebrated bootmaker Clerce, whose numerous cuttomei on this side of the Atlantic, sre resp.ctfully invited to tr SUSEK'S boots nod lasts before they despair ol bring "chau es" in New York, alter the nicest, latest Paris fashion. Also, the geuniue Paris Jet Black Varjish sold. m 10 7w*r TO THE LADlEn?200 prime Gaiti nslBB/*r boots of all colors and sizes of the l test fashi i Misses and children's Gaiter boots and Buskins, Ledies Bu kius. Ties and Slippers, a good article, from 4 to 8 shilling! A'so, a good iki'i.tintnt of Oentienua'a prime ctlf ?titc boors, cty ni-v<t . i ml 75 tot dollar,. vyamuted : good fit pegged boots, fiom 12 to lgthil iugs. Also, Bov's boots, 8 I 12? ; "rots tutors, quarter boots Rod shoes of all descriptioi iu jteat aurt.dauee, ut Walker's cheap store, 419 Broad wa] corner C-nal street, i"24 lm'ec UUO 1 AND HHOfc STOHfc. adCVWSJ JOHN KKADY respectfully informs hisfneiu and the public, thst he has commenced business in the abov line, at No. 99 Nass^.n street, where he will thankfully tecaiv and faithfully eieeute, all orders he may be favored with o he most reasonable terras lor cash ?S?t GENIN & VAN VRANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, KOB OKNTLBMKN, 9WK10HINQ ONLY 2% OUNCES?P1IICIC ?J 50. THK Subscribers hare introduced the above name b hat for summer wear. By comparing the weight of th article with the average weight of the following hats, the snp< rior aavautagei it possesses orer them for summer wear ma be readily seen. The average weight of the ordinary fur hat is OK ounces, do do Panama 5* " do do Leghorn 4 " Bring fully eouvinccd that no style of summer hat heretofoi worn, has met with the general approbation which a hat [ossc siug all the qualities, vix- lighluess, beamy, durability an cheapness, would be sore to receive, we have devoted much a teution to the manufacture aud finishing of the new style no iu rodnced by us. Prom the warm "approbation expressed b g -nilemen who have examined them, we feel satisfied that the need only to be seen to be fully appreciated. OKNlN Ik VAN VRANKKN, n1lm*M 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church. A YACHT FOR SALE, ("YB,seven tons burthen, nine months old, aud in perfect sa ' in* order, well fonnd in every respect, such a< awning f cock cut, anchor, grapling, cables, patent sheave blocks, sai aao n?g i g of the very best materials, a complete sett of Has rlrats n il rudder head of brass, hat a beautiful cabin, fine fi.led an with lockers, cushions and looking glasses, spy glas a id o he* fixtures appertaining to the same : has s large rati aerator under the cockpit, that will hold 100 lbs. ICE, sloe rw*o,l MTn.i iniiin Innilli l.n.lh Va fi.l l..b a t been?, it iu href, It inches deep, SH wide midship*, boU.d o k 1st. n w. i( .ing 1000 ibi., and those that know the advsnug of leverage i??'c, will at once see that she cannot be knocks down iu . v|o 1), and in ease her bottom is store she eann< sink. ?s sli- h u the buoyancy sf 2000 weight or cork betwee her s.uts and, and is a very last sailer, for further pa tirmars, inquire of J. JKNNlNUS, m to lm*m 102 Broadway, cor John st, no stairs, front rooi CROTON WATHJR. "? HE Tinned L?ad Pipes invented by Mr. Ewbank. are, i A the "oi inion of a very large i.ambtr ofthe best chetnisl physir.iaus anil moat scientific me% of the aye, the only lea pipes that can be nsed wi'h safety in conducting this watr Very srent dinner ol poison is incurred by the use ol ?ny othe Physicians and other scientific meu refer to numerous cias wheresii kn-is and death has cc nally resulted from the nse c the common lead pipes. The subscriber has made arrangemenl to keepon hand a f"ll and constant supply of the tinned lea pipes, which he wi'l *'ll fo plumbers and others on the moi favorable rerms. JOHN O. CASS, jeldm'm 71 Broad at-eet. CHOTON WATER?DAY'S FIRST PREMIUM IS OIA RUBBER HOSE is confidently recommended fo any pnmoses for which leather is used, and is warranted to poi ess the following projier'ies t? 1st. It is perfectly tight under pressure of the Croton. 2d. It is made nf the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew t injure in the least. en>! ragutni no altent'on. 3rd. It is not destroyed by commit id contact with oil* (rease, lior stiffened by cold weather, nor can the rubber d< cempose, as infcri.r articles sre in no case used, hhoul the least complaint be made of the Hose, not possei sing the above properties, it will he taken back, ft anytime in side ol six months from its purchase, and otner Riven in el i.hinge without charge. 4th. Coupling and jet pipes will he attached without chargi Buyers will note that we are clearly satisfied that this hoeefth process of making which is unknown to any other ia the trade is just the article long wanted for leading water and many othe liauids. HORACE H. DAY, j 17 Im^r Successor to Roxbury I. It C 43 M.iinrnLani fvABECL, A III llHEH, numbers, nt t..s r,.rr.rr of Jot VI and Nimi atreets, New York.?Houi'e li'tad op on th moat app'ored plan, with Croton Wnwr, Watar Cloie'a an Hydrant* ol all deaerinlipne. Balha fitted op with Boiler! for Hot and Cold wa'er, Lea and Iron Pipe! of toe belt quality t Sheat Lendjkoree an Liil Pump!, and all a/ticlee :n their line of buiineii, to be Ha< on rtaionable tirme. . Order! recnreil f r k ire and Garden Hoae. The inhaeri here flatter ihemaelres from the long eaperienee they hari had in the ahoye ha!ineia in Philadelphia, to gi?e unirenal la tia faction to all who far or them wth tlieir pationaye RRraitKncRa. Samuel Kmh, Eiq , Kaguter of Watenug ComaitUe.Thila detpliia ,, .. Joaeph Haaeock, Builder, ditto George Erdmnu. AwiiiantSof the IHarr iburg Water Worka d.tto J. O. kwtng, Plumber, di to A. L. ICiatahut, No. 288 Greenwich a;ree?,{New Yoik A. T. C iehrane, duto, ditto, ditto J. liabiiitau, G Charlton Greet, ditto i"hn L. Watkina, III Knl'on itrcet, ditto )ej lm*r LfHKNCH CAKCKL LAMPS, Candelabra!, Lnitrea, hi " ?Ti e auhaerihera hare jaat opened a iplendid aisortman of iheie gootia, together with a rariety of other ai tielra in ihi liue, of i-Dtirelv new j?tvle?, An inspection :>f ihem i? invited Depot of Mechanical Lamps, '0 John "tree A. OIACON h K. U. SAX I'llN, mJ:t lm*re. Agetita. % )RK I MORNING, JUNE 22, LUCINA CORDIAL, OH THE ELIXIR OF LOVE . is J" olden time,(among thr Jews. j That man a secmd aril'a might choose? d JVhone first, bv Kale's unkindly doom, ,B No children bo'e to bless his home. >0 Afflicted thu?, the Roman matron it Prayed to Lunne, the midwif-'s patron ; a Ksyptiai wives, in sach aciisis. e Callea to their aid the I'rieut of Irs is ; u And even now, the meek Hindoo? W?rm .. h., -1 ...A .-..A !. II ell! dless twrlre mouths from her bridal 0 * lies weeping to her senseless idol, T ,w'"1 ra aed hands, id acceuts wild. Petitions hnm.ih for a child : t For well she Itunwa. Lore ahuua to bleaa e The Hindoo bed of barreuueaa. [" So much for lore in day's by gone. And enrage cuatoma in your own ; " But aay, eren now, doea Lore'a communion Bleaa in our laud, aaterile nnien 1 . No ! ofttimes coujugal felicity, la thus disturbed?ay, e'eu in thia city. 1 Yet may the barren, if they try * A * means, "increaae and multiply." r With Lore's Kluir" for hrr frieno, The childleaa wife "a repminga end. But not the proereatire power ? Alone, is this Klixir's dower. v. Consumption's ilia it will prerrnt, With rigo? clothe the impotent; ? Buppreaa a gleet, whate'er ita date, # Aud all life's functions renorate. n Kraptiona from t e akin it chases, ie Arm bnnga back beauty and the gracea: r. 'Tie woman's trait?and ne'er deceives her Krom Fluor Albua it relierea her; Aud each disease, (with proper care, too,) k Her fair and fragile form ia heir to. >- These are but truths, who calls them Action ie fchall hare stern proof in contradiction. >r Letters?all forma ol attestation? From the tarsus of eveiy nation ; With grateful roisairea Irom all quarters, Penned by Disease and Quackery's martyrs, ,t Tlionennda who lay, with fluttering breath, y Almost within theiuws of Death; fl Now in their nightly prayers repeat j Thauka to Life'a friend, in Nassau street, ,f An < sometimes name the rery number? '"Ninety-two Nassau,eaen in thair slumber ; Or, dreaming of Disease's ordeal, - Cry out for the ''Lucina Cordial." ' a remittance, can have it boxed up and lent Co say pirt of the * Union. Price S3 per bottle, or S3I per dozen. ' It in &l?o for sale in Philadelphia, at 90 North Siith itreet. fj mil lm'ec V MONTHLY REPORT OF THE ? NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, NO. 75 CHAMBERS STREET. casks curkd. 14 Inflammation of the eye- 4 Diseases of the liver. - lids 3 ludam'n of the bowels , 3 Syphilitic Iritis 3 Vomiting. Gastritis : 3 Amaurosis, three under 3 Diseases of the Womb ' treatment?doing well II Syphilis 6 Opacity of the cornea, 6 Dyspepsia , slight 12 Whites, or Fluor Albus "" I Styes, by an operation 31 Gonorrhoea 4 Onanism 4 Fever ,| 3 Erysipelas 7 Secondary Syphilis 7 Ulcerated sore throat 5 Piles 12 Gleet?cured by new ti Bubo, by a new method cf ' remedies treatment 9 Diseases of the heart 4 Sore Nipples _ 2 DyseDtary A successful suboical eritaatio.vs. , 3 Operations (or hare lip 21 Strictures in Urethra by !e 5 Operations for squinting an improved method of 3 Oiieratioss for Hydrocele cure ' 13 Hemorrhoidal Tumors re- 3 Operations for fistnle in ' moved Ano. 3 Club Foot?eared 3" Polypus in the nose 31 3 Encysted Tumors 4 Adipose tumors removed L 5 Ulcers on the legs cured] 1 Larue piece of bone reJ 3 I'hyinosis moved from the arm J o Abccsses opened 1 Amputation of linger 2 Tonsi is removed 1 Cancer Breast id 1 Gravel cured 1 Uvula removed s, 1 Retention of Urine s; DR. H. BOSTWJCK Attending Physician and Snrgeon. >e C. Mc.MANUB, jt Apothecary and Secretary. il 1m ee t- AA KM. WILLIS, L?dy of luloruialion ol future events and W what has passed, lesruau in astrology and astronomy 4 gives ladies private lectures on this science, at her rooms, 365 | Elizabeth st, ten doorj from Houston, near Bleecker, and has constantly on hind corn and caucer salve, and time cure for the ague, and if any of her medicine is purchased (jives infor O&MOVAL?P. MAEM, Han Dresser and Wig Maker,hu " removed from '63 to 189 Broadway, a lew doors below the Franklin House, and opposite John street. Having tilted up a new room iu the most fashionable style, he will continee the same business, and will be pleased to see his old fiiends and patrons, and others who may tavor him wiih a call. He has also private rooms foi Ladies' hair dressing aud jampooing. This powerful Extractor J impoany is considered by thousands of New Yorkers aud strain ers as one ol tie healthiest articles for the cure of dtndrutf aud strengthening the hair, is approved bv the Faculty of Medicine in Pins, aod patented at Washington. Nothing is more pleasant and delightful than to go through this operation in the hands of P. MAES. ml Jm*r tlTATCilKH ANDREW E L L K. It Y lower man ever.?as ft v V the subscriber is eorrtauilv receiving all descriptions el q gold and silver watches, of the d-west styles, direct from the , oi&nalactnrer'. in England, Fiance, and Switzerland, he is r." enabled to offer a larger assqftinent, and at mnch less pnees, at ,t letail, than any other honsertu the city. Gold watches as low I as $15 each. Watches and jewel) ery exchanged or bought. All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery lepaired in the ben manner, and warranted lower than at any other place in the city. G. C. Allen, importer of watches and jewellery, whole sale and retail. M Wall street, no stairs. rn&is lm*ee fi A IpTTlNT ViP.NTS BY THE CHAMBER OF COM\? A MEKCE AND BOARD OF UNDERWRITERS.? . These are to certify llmt " R. Brnmley, Joseph T<nkham, " T. H Merry, A. Cartwiight, Bsml Candler, Russell Stnrets, y were appoiuied by our respective boards, as suitable persons s- .. ... .. as..;... w ? i ? .u. d?. ,.r v. . u Y. Morris a? Cork, auif we lecoromend ihera accordingly, in all eases where thin i?-ivicei are reijmied. _ The Chamber o,' Commerce of New York, >r (J. Jas. O. P Oiden, President, j, Johu L H MeCracken, Sic'y. i The Board of Undirwriteri of New Yerk, 5. AW. Ogden, Preiident. h Walter K. Jouei, ic Sec'y of the Board of Underwriters. :o New Yeik, June 9. 1841. jl_l r ? TREASURY NOTES LOST. ' f 08T, hjr the inbacrioer, bet ween the eitiei of New York - Li and Philadelphia, a pocket memorandum book, containing the following Treasury Notea ta A No 19555 10 June, 1042, 6 per cent, to Syl. Brown.1 . ? endorsed 06 lone, 1141 ? g 100 8 B 19666 10 6 26 1042 ,*S ? 100 A 19560 10 ? 6 ? 20 ? 842 jS 100 _ A 14000 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 1041 -8 50 B 34(01 10 6 ? ? 1042. S-5 60 C 14402 10 ., 6 ? U .. 1042 toB. Human and R. L. Myers, 30 B 11265 2 Mar., 1043, 6 per cent, to 8yl.Brown, endorsed 12 March, 1042, to B. Rnnvan and K. L. Myers, M 9 C 20865 25 April, 1842, G. Loyal I, endorsed April, 1042, ? to R. L. Myers. 40 ?- ? y 0660 All persons are forewarned against the payment of the above notes. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of the book and contents, to the subscriber, at 75 South Krout street, or Messrs. " Allibane It . 0 Potilh Wharves, Philadelphia, or to Mesur*. Bryan It Mairland, 174 Krout street. New York. Philadelphia, 27th May, 1841. . ' m30 lm*r (Signed) R. L. MYKKS. Z riViiCX OK JK-KKKSON INSURANCE CUMPA I U NY?Office 16 Wall street. This Company continue their business of insurance against loss or damage by fire, on goods, wares and merchandize and also, on vessels and their eartrocs attains! lots by inlano navigation. - D1RH.CTOR8. Thomas W Thome Kliiha Kiggs il- ThomesT Woodiuff Benjamin R Robson or John R Davison francii P Sage la Thomion Price. Joieph Allen s John H Lie John P Mooye |y Mesei Tuckir James ? Holmes* is, Caleb C Tunis James R Whiting i- Anson Baker Wm K Thorn >p Jeaeph Drake I red Hawley Pt John C Moantt Thovnus Morrcll n _ THOMAS W, THORNS, ProtidoM. fe H CO. T. VIOPK. A*?r*tarr. wit T irt n LICtHTT LIGHT!! u A BRILLIANT AND BEAUTIFUL LIGHT FOR r- HALF A CENT AN HOUR. SUKKLV, no on? need walk in darkness, when the cleareit Imhi may he had at a merely nominal etpense. Teny'a new relent Lamp*, for burning any kind of lard, tallow, or oil, without previous preparation, inconvenience or liability to yet n out ol order, is deitiuad to shed a most beneficent light over t. thia dark planet. Enterprise and competition have brought the d I IS lit of scmce and letters into literal contact with the minds r. or ell our population. Tet, how shall they pereeire it, and its r. blessings, unless dming ihr only houra of lemure which most ? of our rmrens pisress. the absence of the sun be snpplied by if some other nminary, whose rays shall be free to all 7 A near la approiimation to this great desideratum has jnit been effected <1 in the invention of Terry's Lard Lamp, n single one of which it may be made to light a parlor, without smoke or smell, as bril'iantly as the best astral lamp, at an expense ol bat half a cent ?n honr. r" All loiors of I'ght or economy, or loth, are'nrited to call ir and whncss their operation, at E. HARRISON'S. .. >1) I'earl street, N. Y. _N.n. Liberal terms will be offered to dealers, jet Im'rrc CUTLERY WJ1. WILD, Manufacturer and Importer of Cutlery, No. lift Piri'ion street, offers to the trade. ch?ap for rash, a ,1 beaitti'ttl assortment of one, two, three and fonr blade knfcres, ,1 with a Tarirty of other goods. As Mr. W.superintends the manufacturing of his goods, he can recommend them to be eqnal to the best manufactured t. goods in che city. The country dealers woald do well to call previous to pnrchising elacwh-rc m37 lm*r . Tf? r.OPPRtt.PT.ATR Ar MITSir. PttTNTRttH ) AND PUBLISHERS, &c. 11 FOR SALE, a first-rate Iron Copper-plate or Marie Print" Itw Piesa, (twen.y right and n hall' inch roilrra) Hat ' bred in use but a abort time?ii in perfect order. Alio, one oi n twenty an inchet, and a wooden one of twenty four do. a They will be aold at a price worth a purchasers prompt d nttentioe. Apply to R. W. TONE, m3l Itn'r 10 4b?rtlandt street. Nrw York. J P. A. EACOSTE. S MANUFACTURER AN i> ?MPOK . ER, LJA8 ihr henorto inlorm the public, pnticnlarly the ladiea II of New Vork ant its yicinity, thai he haa joat opened a " store No. 369 Broadway, where they can hud a targe and ap'endid assortment o( FR'NOES, OlMPi CORDS, TASSELS AND TRIMMlNUS. Also. Military garments, audi aa Epaulettes, Bella, kc., every arlicl? oi the above line may be made to orderat a vriy short ii'itu ' ji-20 1w*m . /vyi.jtAN'ft LONDON MUSTARD, ptr ahip Philadel L phia:? >00 krgs second and fine 200 nigs Lead 50 bids Alnm Alao on hand? Printing I'M era?11X42 KXTT 24X30 14X14 21X31 2SXXS2 ; Together with a general aaaortment of writing,and wrapping . paprra, for aile by 8. KlNtrSLEY, J mil lm,? lIV Mriden Lane . i DANK OF ENGLAND NOT?;8, Sovereigns and Login h , O .-.ilrer, btoght and aold. Lniubermen'a Bank. Warrrh, Pa. bong.tat A 1. SYLVESTER'S I jl7ec 21 Wall at, and IM Broadway. IERA 343. Sonnet to Hoboken. Bleat epot! where nature placed her richeet seal, Engraved by beauty 'i touch, as if she'd seem To trace a lovely picture In a dream, Fraught with more charms than waking art can leel! Thou art a bower, by gentle wavea careaaed. Where the worn spirit finds u soothing reat ; And far removed from icenea of buay strife, Along thy peacelul groves and leaty dells, Draws in pure streams of renovated life, And owns the influence ol thy tranquil spells. All wiae and bounteous ! thus the Creator's hand Has spread his blessings o'erthis favored land ; Near to thecrowded city's reeking streets He plants, sweet Hoboken, thy cool retreats. London. [Correspondence of the Herald.] London, June 3, 1843. Important Events in Ireland?Great Alarm about Re peal"Political News?Fashionables? FSte at Hotford Home. Dbak SIR? The Repeal agitation in Ireland is assuming a most formidable aspect, and the Times discusses the question of how far the Government shall venture in the endeavor to suppress it, with that cautiousness and hesitation which is indicative of the |ierplexity and trouble of Her Majesty's ministry in the management of this semi-rebellion. In the mean time f (10 (TAtrflrrtmorrt oonfnnta itooll With iKp rpmiivnt r?( some of the more active repealers from their offices as magistrates, and they fan the Hatnc of discontent without venturing on any effective measure to arrest its progress. Mr. W. S. O'Brien, M. P., for the county of Limerick, had a controversy with Sir James Graham in the House of Commons on the subject of the removal of magistrates for attending Repeal meetings, and has since published his own resignation as a magistrate in consequence. On Tuesday last 1 was present at a very interesting debate in the House of Lords on the subject of the Repealugitation.and in which the Duke of Wellington, Lord Aberdeen, the Lord Chancellor, Lord Whamclifle and others defended the acts of the government,while the Marquis of Clanncarde,the Marquis of Lansdowne, the late Lord Chancellor and Lord Campbell, and severely censured ministers for their vacillating course of policy. All parties concurred in admitting the danger which menaced the country from this agitation; some of the ministerial defenders described the meeting at Cork as enormous in point of numbers, amounting certainly to 160,000 to 200,000 persons. I learn that troops and munitions of war are at length ordered to be transported to Ireland, but as the Repealers have exhibited a fixed determination to agitate peaceably, and not be the aggressors in any way, it is difficult to imagine in what manner the military forces will be rendered effective. In the visits I have made to the House of Lords and House of Commons I have observed in a majority of speakers a hesitation of manner which 1 attribute to a fashionable affectation, and which in my poor opinion detracts materially from the effect of their remarks. Lord Brougham, Sir Robert Peel and many other of the mo-' ible and popular debatersare tree froiirthii mannerism, but the majority indulge in it. Amongthen able, experienced and laborious members ot t louse is Mr. Hume, who never speaks but wh e has something important to say, and who r aits down without having inculcated some iciple just in itself and convincing from the mod ot its enforcement. Mr. Hume is a zealous friend of America and delights to extend civilities and confer obligations on our countrymen who are worthy. In the intercourse that I nave had with Mr. H. I have found him a gentleman of ea-y address and courteous manners?possessing a rich fund ot information on all subjects of controlling interest, deeply versed in the science of political economy, and a consistent defender of popular rights throughout the whole of his long parliamentary career. Although no movement is made here in American securities,yet I find parties express ing ins opinion iiiai on mc iicuurrrucc ui auy outbreak in Ireland?and I must confess I do not see liow it can be avoided?the B.itish public will begin to think of placing their spare, funds iu good American securities. Although I should greatly regret tp see this country involved in a civil war, and trust it may be avert ed, yet it such an event does occur it will give a shock to the British funds that will long be telt in the Exchange markets ot EuropeThe improvement, noticed in my last, in the manufacturing districts, is still sustained, and if the Irish Repeal uuestion does not unsettle the affairs of this country 1 have reason to believe that it will be continued. Every intelligent merchant and capitalist here is gratified at the favorable news from our side of the water, and all sensible persons feel the importance ot the trade with America, the decline of which has so seriously affected the general prosperity of the British nation. The Queen and Prince Albert are at Glaremont, and the fashionables are languishing lor lack of the sunshine of royal favor. The principal theatres are very well supported this season, in comparison with the last two or three years, but on my last visit to the opera the house was by no means crowded. Grisi and Mario were the only parties whose songs were encored, and on the whole the enthusiasm was not very flattering to the distinguished vocalists Cerito danced in a new ballet, but it is by no means eqnal in agility to Fanny Elssler, although she excels her in grace. The house, with its six rowsot private boxes, is quite imposing when a full and fashionable audience attends. Cerito is young, and has rather a pretty face. The great Derby race at Epsom came off last Wednesday, and was, as usual, attended by an immense concourse oi the people of London and its vicinity, of all ranks and conditions. Private carriages, with splendid appointments, were jostled by jaunting cars of rude workmanship, and drawn by mules and donkeys?omnibus and post coaches? gigs, tilburies and cabriolets?beer carts and ale wagons?together with nondescript vehicles, of all imaginable shapes and sizes, mingled and jolted, and liwU?<l an,l rfiA4?rf>M nlrtni? the Onsen's hishwflv. in a manner not to be described. The morning?loran English morning?was fine; that is to say, the rain fell in moderate showers at intervals?and the course was in verv fair order. The race was won with ease by Mr. Bowes* bay celt Cotherstone, coming in on a common canter: No sooner was the winner declared from the stand than numbers ot carrier pigeons were dispatched with the news to the metropolis, the inhabitants ot which who were absent, having been, in a lew minutes, as wise as their more fortunate neighbors who attended the race. The way the money changed hands, and the champagne corks flew, was a marvel to the uninitiated, and in half an hour the money and collation were safely deposited in the places appointed for such transitory and evanescent materials. The |>robability is that a quarter of a million of dollars changed hands at this race, the winners of which were redolent of smiles, while the losers shrunk away in silence to brood over their disappointments. And thus ended a day on the race course. The weather here is quite rainy for the season, and some anxiety is felt for the growing grain crop. I observe, in the Times, that some of the Catholic church dignitaries in Ireland are instructing the clergy, in their respective dioceses to insert in the forms of prayer, immediately after that in behalf of the Queen, one especially applicable to Daniel O'Connel, the liberator. When I add, that several J'rotestant magistrates, not favorable to repeal, have resigned their commissions, on the ground that the removal of their fellow magistrates, who were Repealers, was an arbitrary exercise ot power, you can judge of the extent of the movement, ana the danger which threatens the government. General Green is here,and has improved the opportunity to enlighten the statesmen of Great Britain in regard to the true state of things in American, and the importance ot cementing friendly and reciprocal I commercial relations between the two countries. No private citi/.en has ever been enabled to impart such varied intelligence in quar , ters calculated to exercige a powerf ul influence on , public sentiment in England, and indulge the hope i that his exertions will have weight in correcting many erroneous impressions, and removing those rooted prejudicss,which, while they exist cannot but operate to the mutual injury of both countries. If | the British Government understands its true inter est it will improve the present opportunity,settle all ] questions with America which remain in a state oi abeyance, and place the relations between the two ' c luntnes on a permanent and friendly footing. As the Queen has now returned to London we may ex pect a succession of fittt of ihe most ruhtrcht and fashionable description, and already the btau mtmdt t have commenced operations on a scale of unsnr- J passed splendor. Among the number that have been given during the past week I may be permitted to notice two at Holford House, the beautiful mansion o I James Holford, Esq , in Regent's Park, one ol ^ w htch came ofl on Monday, and the other on e Thursday evening last At about ten o'clock the ? guests began to assemble, and at twelve the spa- '' clous apartments, consisting ol seven beautifully a II, D. Price Two Cents. lurnished saloons and draw mi moms, were filled wnlt the rank, beauty and fashion of the West End, who entered into the spirit of the scene, by tripping the light fantastic toe through the mazes of the giddy waltz, the measured cotillon, and the stately quadrille. Ah Mr- Holford [is unfortunately still a bachelor, ihe honors of the mansion were most gracefully and appropriately performed by the Baroness Dimsdale, whoflf cnnrtPdV hiiiI ni/r^pflhl# mnnnsru Isant a hi?Ks? zest to the enjoyments of the evening. Among the hundreds of elegant and accomplished ladies who constituted the| particular attractions of the ftie, I will he pardoned for noticing the two beautiful, graceful and intelligent daughters of the Baroneaa, who were the cynosures of all eyas. Skilled in the fashionable languages of the continent, and familiar with all the objects of interest which are scattered over Europe, their conversation was peculiarly agreeable and entertaining to an American on hia first visit to thin storehouse of antiquity. In the gay circle at "Holford House" Gen. Dufl Green. Col. Murray and his charming and accomplished daughter; Mr. Strong, of New York, and Mr. Ford, attached to the legation at Denmark,were all the Americans whom I observed. The evening passed oil most delightfully, the dresses of the ladies were generally conceived in fine taste, and the show of diamonds and jewelry which flacked and sparkled in the glare emitted Irom the costly chandeliers, was brilliant, and constituted an appropriate foil to the bewitching g^nces of the lair beings who were at once the pride and the fascination of tke scene. Between one and two o'clock the spacious supper saloon was thrown open,and'he guests, for the time being, abandoned the music and the dance tor the more substantial but less spiritual enjoyment ol champagne and accompaniments. The unwelcome intrusion ot daylight dissolved the enchantment, and the company retired to dream of new enjoyments for the future. Mr. lloltord is the senior partner ot the banking house of Holford & Co. of this city,and haaa branch of his establishment in New York. His courtesy and attention to many American gentlemen has contributed largely to their enjoyment, and his princely mansion has frequently been opened to our countrymen of distinction who have sojourned heie while on pleasure or business. The Liverpool cotton market lias been steady the past two weeks, and the market closed yesterday at previous rates. The passage in the House of Commons on Tuesday of the Irish Arms Bill caused tne English tunds to tall nearly on* per cent, but they rallied again partially. The Times of yesterday comments on an article in the Democratic Review, on the subject of the prospects of American trade and finance, and admits, at the close of the article, that those connected with the business interests of Great Britain are anxiously awaiting the returning prosperity of America, as the British manufacturing towns depend greatly 011 the demand from our country. Trusting that the improvement in our trade will continue, I remain your ob't serv't. L. Thk Influenza-?We have received the follow mg very iiiicrcbuug uuiiiiuuiiiuttiiuu uu uic ireauncni of the prevailing epidemic, from oneoi the most intelligent and respectable physicians in this city?Dr. Nelson?for many years the principal medical attendant at the Hotel Dieu, Montreal, and now practising amongst us:? 8m :? Being frequently accosted thus?"Doctor, what is good for the influenza?" and observing that the greatest num. ber of cases require little to be done for thair removal, I take the liberty of scribbling what follows, as an answer to the query, and as explanatory oftheeure of all slight cases, useful in all the severe ones, and beneficial to the poor, who cannot always get that ready advice which they so often want. All severe cases will require the care ef a physician. Influenza, Catarrh us Epidemicus 'or Rheumatesis, the disorder now so prevalent that there are few families in which one or moie cases do not exist. The greater num. ber of cases are slight, especially when the diaorder attacks the young and rebust, but when the aged or the lecble suffer under it, the disease ia a severeene. Accordingly, the symptoms vary much in different individuals, according to age, temperament, or a habit of suflering from coughs, rheumatism,or nervous aifeetiona. All these states of bodv make so many varieties of influenza- Some are troubled with simple disturbance about the eyea, in the nose, throat and lungs?all thoae surfaces which are uaiuiaiij c.i|*/bv:u iu mc Bit . uiucii, uim, ruuuic muicular p>in?, more or leu severe, partially or generally, throughout the whole body? rheumatosis ot German writer* Laitly, there are thoie, the aged especially, who suffer most from prostration; but all these lorms of the disorder may be present in the same individual. The objaat of the present communication to your widely circulated paper, is to recommend a single remedy, cheap and of easy access to the poor, and to oaution them against an iqjurious one in this disease, namely, bleeding, either general or by leeches. In all those case* in which the first class of symptoms prevail, let the patient smell fre. qnently at a common "salts bottle," or a vial of spirits of hartshorn or ammonia, they are all the same: and by putting the vial to the mouth, to draw a few deep inspirations of the volatile matter into the lungs. Let this process be repeated two or three times in an hour, and it will give more speedy, and greater relief, in all slight cases of the first class, than any other remedy, and will be sufficient for a cure. It will also be essentially useiul in the severe cases; and in those of the third class? of prostration? a few drops of the ammonia, or hartshorn, ought to h? inl/nn iniomal l? A ..Ant ?f sail taiaka the old fashioned mixture called lac ammoniaci. However, it la as a local remedy, to act en the disordered surface.tbat its use i* advised. The principle will be recognized by allphysicians versed in molecular organization, and those who are deficient in that knowledge may do in this instance as they do in all others?act upon the faith they imbibe. 77 White street. BOOK-KEEPING^ VI H. W. K. BARLOW respectfully announces that he has 1*1 sncceded _ MR. %. C. MARSH, in his business as an Accountant and Teacher of Book keeping in this cil v, at his room SS Cedar street, where he will continue the same thorough course of instruction and piaclice, in successfully f Mowed by hia piedecessor. Mr. B. toilers the pa nonage of the mercantile community,and respect, ally ask 'heir irteution to the following card "C. C. MAltSH, Accountant, retnras his g-atelul acknowledgements to his uum-r'as trieuds for their lo g continued patronage. Helios now discontinued his business in thia city, and is succeeded in the ssine by Mr. W. K Bulow, whom he confidently commends to the favor of the inercaaiile coram mity as a gentleman of excellent character, tho oughly acquainted with ihe science of Book-keeping and eminently qualified to impart instruction. He respectfully bespeaks for his successor the public favor to which he hicnsell has been so largely indebted "C. C-. MARSH." ri:_ . I I ,,, .... . .. ... ?.? _. ..u _:|1 entitle the pupil to receive instruction until he ii thoroughly ileal Tied for the counting room. W. K. BABLOW, Accountant, iId lm*r 88 Cedar etreet. A. A. 8AMANOS. NO. 8 WALL AND 289 BROADWAY, off* re for eele toe following articles, tit. J? 11 Bales of superior Ooisa Tobacco. 10 Bales of various qualities of Havana Leaf. 40 Drums of superior Turkey Smoking Tobacco. 12 Bags of choice Coffee, for family use A small lot of Arrow Root and Cocoa Nut. 10 Cases of 10 and S dos each Scafailatti Smoking Tobacco, 6 Dos bottles one pound each Natchitoches Banff, of New Orleans. IM.ooO Lord Byron Regalia Trabucoe, Canones and Tana tellaa. La Norma do and medium site. Venns Regalia ia boxes ef 100 and (n SO. Plantation ffrgart and ManilliCheroots. Aaroia Caxadores, Woodville Segnridsd, Port Kavsnoa, La Kmprrssa, Gni<a, "mall Yara sad Pnneipeea. German Tobacco, in different qualities and Spanish. An assortmeut of chewing tobacco, pipes, bowls, tabes, ambers, snnff boxes, segar cases, matches of different qualities, long Tarkish cherry stems, and a general assortment ol psper segara, nr.; Garcia, Mendota. Peri?., Star and Loiil Byron and many other articles two numerous to mention?all art offered at wholesale and retail. Also, 8 casks ef nil cr Wttfcr Botes, of different sfrea. mM Imtt rpO THK LOVEKS OF SUPERIOR BLACK IKA? A ITowqm"e Mittr?r-?Tliii ertreraeiy deiTfieet and unparalleled Tea, ? highly celebrated is Chin* and Rnwipe, )a?t ienoorted, i? now for aale at the Canton Tan Company a Oeneral Taa Katabliehmrot, ill Cbath-mat Ni?7i?i, and lit Knl ton atreet, Brooklyn? in peekagae. Price M ?au and Si eaeh m?5 '*?*m _ oaira&Ai fimzsro ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. CORNER OF FULTON AND NASSAU STS. [a aupplied wit'i every material neeeeeary Tor the prompt, neat, and economical cMention or every deacripnou of IT&B1&X 3?ffi MI33RKS33& Pohlic attention la requeued to thir ertabliahment, <11 the *ainrauce that ample aatiaCaciion will be givee??? "F-?rd? typeiraphy, preaa work, and chargea?to thoee who require fancy or common, large or amall work cheaply and eipeditioneiy agecn.ed CHECKS, wr w*' 'hanhb'il. V: ""fro rom THEATRES, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, .It ?nv other placer where the largest description of printing if aoied. The rteilitiei for thi? work ere not e?jnilled br any en in thi> city, for, besides the lenre assortment of ami? ?MWAIB!I8J,u,A& ^rtn, Thi? establishment has the LARGEST PHKSSRS IN THE CITY. Ireat pains hare been taken to proride eeeiy material that anntiBibly be of aeirice,and therefore perrons baring oceaiod for Showbills, will imd it greatly to iheir adrantage to atronire thif e?t.tb'i*hmeiit. (T?-Any ai*e or form of Bill can be famished at rery iljotl Wttce *>

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