Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1843 Page 1
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I T H Vat. IJt.?Ho. 170 Waal* Ma. 33?? BHIT1SH AINU MOHTH AMERICAN HO VAX. MA IL STEAM SHirS, f\r iiua .mi AIM hrtrmm M??r Meh. Appointed by the Adiniieltjr to Mil between L'verpool and Bostorn calling at Halifax to land and receive 1 assensengers and Her Majesty's Mail*. HlBERNlA, Certain Gharlee H. E.Judkine. CAl.EnO.NIA. Certain Edward Q.LoJt. ACADIA. Captain Alexandw Ryne. COLUMBIA, Captsin N. Snannon. BRITANNIA. Captain Jthu Hewitt. Will eail for "oston, via Halifax. rROM LIVKB'OOL. FROM BOfTOIf. Acadia, Ryna. 19th May 16th June Columbia, yfiannon eth June lit inly Hiberuia. Judkins. 19ihJuue 16th July Caledonia. Lott, UhJulv lit Aug These shipscairy experienced surgeons, aud prances Patent I lie Boats. , ? . No berths secured until paid to-. Apply to D. BIUOHAM. JR.. Agsnt, jeSr No t Wal' street, New York. DRAFTS ON IRELAND, tic , which ''-Tnf 1 ftt-B can be setii <%r the vteiin ahip COLUM?'A. saitius from D: sum on the 1st Jnly. Persons vi-itiug or remitting money to any part of the old country, can at all timea obtain hom tin >ubscrihi rs Dr .fts ata ghl for any amount drawn directoti the Hoy,il Bink ot Ireland, also on th' old (stablished banking house of Mrtsis. I'rescot , Grote, Ames it Co of Loudoo, which are | tree of discount, or any chuge whatever, in every province and county, besidesall the inlaud towna ihioughout England, itslaud, Seotlaud and Wales, thereby answering the same purpose as Bank of England and Ireland notes. Apply to, or address, if by letter, post paid, to ROCHE, BROTHERS He CO, 3i Kultou street, j31 r next door to ihe Fulton Batik. f-r^~L.m uKAFTS ON ENGLAND, 1REx06?afci5"w LAND, Stc ?Persons about remitting moV to their friends in the ' old country," *n||IuA^ csn be supp'iad with Drafts, in sums of 1, 2 3, 5, 10 , 20 k ?50, or any am out. payable on dein oid without discount or any other cha ye, at the National BauU of Ireland, Prorincial Bank, do , Messrs. James Bult, Son 6t Co.. Bankers. Lon"on. 1. Barned & Co.. Exchange and Discount 1) nk, Liverpool, Eastern Dank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Win. Forbes Hunter & Co., Scotland, and the brsnchea in every pott town throughout Ecglaud, Ireland, Scotland St Walea, which drafts will be forwarded by the "Steamer Caledonia." that leaves Boston the IstJnlv, by W. Ik J. T. TAP8COTT, At their General Passage Office, 13 Peck Slip, cor. South st. N. B.?All letter* from the country must come |>ost paid. i Je lit PASSAGK FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND m m m m. HAVING cnmpfflrd extensive and important arrangemenu for bringing out pusengars from the old country, the subscribers can with confidence inform those who may wish to settle for friends to emigrate lie present season ( 1843) that they I will find it their intervst to make the necessary arrangement! with this line; bring the oldest or longest established out ol this port, it is well known that that the arrangements are complete?the shi|>s of the first class s tiling weekly, and the ac commodatious fitted np eipressly for the comfort and conveui * euce of passengers. Should those settled for decline coming out, the passagi money will, as nsnal, be refunded to the party from whom it was received, without deduction. A free passage per steamer from the various ports of Ireland and Scotland, to Liverpool, can be secured if desired. Ap ply to SAMUEL THOMPSON. Old Established Passage Office, 373 Pearl it, Or to C. GR1MSHAW Ik CO. 10 Goiee Piazzas, Liverpool. Drafts on London, Liverpool, the National Bank of Ireland Northern Banking Co. and National bang of Scotland, a< sight, and for any amount, ^fply as above. m8 lm*r ,'HK NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. rfrav ifray ^ MHV To sail Irom New York 16th, and from 'Liverpool 5th of *ac> month. Ship HOTTINOUER, 1050 tons, j ,6th Jn,y New ship LfV^OOL. 1150 tons, J ,#th An|rn,t New shin Great Western, 1250 tons.) IK,i, Philip 5l Woo-'house, ( l6lh S'ptcmberIShip ROCHESTER, 850 ton.. J .... n?tnK.r Jeli button. 116th 0??ber. These substantial, last sailing, fust class ships,all built in Che eityof New York, are emmanded by men of experience am fthilitv. llllu will b? deiHALr.hftd liUiirtlinllv nn th# lArfri r\f manY Imon'h. Their cabins are elegant and eommodions, and are furni*he< with whatever can coudnce to the eaae and comfort of passen gei*. Neither the captain* or owner* of theie ?hip* will be reipon sible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unlet* regrla bill* lading are ligned therefor. Kor freight or passage apply to WOODHULL St MINTURNS, 87 Month street. New York, or to FIELDKN. BROTHERS * CO., )e21 r Liverpool. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fcc.-Thc \iyj^V?ah?ciiber continue* to transmit money iniums largi JWNKaor small, to persons residihg in any port of Ireland u the tauir manner as he, and hit predecessor in business have done for the last thirty 7errt and mote ; any part of England. or Scotl and. 1 Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, 01 personally deposited with him wito the name of the person o persons <11 lrel*ud. Euglaud or Sceilaud, to whom it is to b< tent, aval nearest post town, will he immediately transroittsi * and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or lor W*rP?d to the tenter. In liar manner money, or claims on persons in any part c lrelud, England or Scotland, can be collected hy the subecr: Der for periapt resid ua in any part of ths United States or Ca nada.and will be paid to th-m accordingly. ji7 Isi'r ijEOHGK McBKlDE. Jr , 82 Cedar at. I'Uh LI V EKt'OOL.?Regular pacKelol the 25tl mf ": *!> June.?The vers superior, fast sailing packet ahii GAR RICK, Capain Skeddy, will mo*l positive!; aail as *eo>p. Having ve^kguperior accommodation* for cabin,second cahii and steerage baeugers, i?r*ous wishing to embark sbeuli make early appMation ro " JOSEPH MeMUKKAV. 100 Pine St., cor. South. The above wiMCbc succeeded by the splendid picket sluj Patrick HaggJ, Nkt Delano, aud tail on the 7th July. Ps rsons mmM ? send their lnends m ihs cl? country, est wm brought out by the above ship, o any o( by applying aj abeve ; u by leitei ^oitpaid. ~ jllr *+&* k'Olt LIVERPOOL?NKW LINE?.Keguu Packet of 2311- Jane.?The Splendid Peckel Shi] A4*?H?OAllHICK, Captain Wm Ssiddy, of 1003 too will positively sail as above, her regular day. Kor freight o passage, having atconiuiodaltons unequalled for splendor o somfort, apply or board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall itreel c to K. k. COLLINS & CO. t* South (treat. 'i or I'arkct Ship Roscins, Capt. John Cjllint, of 113 ton* w>!l ?ucr?--l tb? Garrick, and the 33tli of July, he regular dr.j. Li.teT s ror the I hips of thii line will only be received at Gil pia i stij Hale's New* Room. Paneng. is may rely on die shipe of this line sailing pen?tu*| |ya?r.dr?'t ted jl7_ec_ AAtff- KOK I.IVKliPOOL?The New Line?Reaula Kft3?SVTVkel 16th July?The new, splendid New Veil triWr '' l?ck>t ship HOTTINGUEH, Ira Bursley in" er. 1030 tons, will sail as above, her segular day. For or passage, having large aud commodious stat rooms, apply to the I aptain on board, west side Barling Slit or(o WOODHULL It M1NTURN8, 87 South streetThe superior new packet shin Liverpool, Captain Joh Kldiirige, 113# ton*, will succeed the Hottinguer, aud sail o her regular day, lti'li Argust. jtJ r AflK: OLD BLACK BALL. LINE OK 1'ACKJCTi Jj^KOK LI VI?K POOL?Packet of the l?t July?Th jpHflbeideiidid fast sailing packet ship OXFORD Csptai Rii.nboae, will be despatched as f.bore k The aeeomuiodstious for cabiu, 3d cabin and steerage pat tenner", by this ship, are unsurpassed?Those wishing t secnie Derthsshonld mak early application to ' . JOHN HERD MAN, 61 South street, near Wall ?t. f N B?The regular packet of the 25th June, ctn yet Uk passengers at the lowest late I' S?1 hose sending for friends rtsiding in,Great Britain c Ireland, can have them brought out by the stgular packet ailing weekly from Liverpool, at the lowest rale*, ana Draft fmniihed, as usual, tor any amount, payable withont dii count throughout the (Uuited Kingdom, on application a native" ___ > r, w Li^r. Livr.m uub l AtRMs -racif iflfV *4th Jane? The ?i,|?udid, fatt sailing Ticket Shi MhKi QARHICK, Capt. Win Skiddy, will tail positivel at (bare, tier regular day. The thiin of that line are all HO torn hairth'U anil npwartlt, and their accommodations for cabin second cabi-j, and ttaeraae passengers. it it well known ar anperior to anr othtr line of packets Thote wishing to aecur herlhtahonld not fail to make early application on board or to W. ?t J. TAP.-COTT, 43 Perk tlip. corner 8onth tt. The Onrriek tailt from Liverpool on the 13th Anguat.Pertont wishinn to tend for their friendi can hive U.em bioiifh out in her.or any of the regular line, on favorable terma Draflt for lame or amall mmt parable on demand, withou diicount or any other < harge, in aft the |?ott townr of Kngland Irrlnnd, Scotland ,,r Wales, can alto he obtained oil applicatio aa a hi re The Hottitigner will ancceed the Uarrick, and tail tie 161 Jnlr _ 4^ LONfoON LlStt OV PACKttTd?fteketoi th , ifSVV I:1 Vh" Miling p?ckft ?hi JHKVh l OH1A, Capt t h. Morgan, will tail positivel at above, Iter rsnltr day. Hiving anpenor accommodation! for cabin, aecond cabin an ateertge passengers, for pattage early application ahonld b made loard, or to W. k J. T. TAPSOOTT. jjlr 41 Peck Slip cor Snnth at. V JJJ- FOR LONDON.?Kegnlar Packet o( the IttJuli aflflfWThe tplenoid picket ahtp VICTORIA, Capt. Moi JnUkboan, will anil aa above, her regular day. Having very tnpcrior accommodaiioua for cnbin, lud cabit and atnerrge pattengrri, pertnnt withiug to emlxrk thoul make early application to JOSEPH'McMURRAY, ICO Pina ttrect, corner of South. Peraona wtthitig to tend (or their frienda, can havelhei brought out by the above thip, or any ot the regular packets, b applying ?t above, (it by letter, post paid.) ill r mi i\p. rvrrv na i nr.-oramu uiur,-jn 0W .I..P ()N'?,|UA, .I nn FmViW, m?<HT will nail on th JSttLlUorjulr. BOVD ft HINCKKN jTr .9 Tootiue Pudding Will tt. KOH RIO DC JA>HHU?To nil 25ihJnnr: JHM^.'1'h.' lam lailinit cop e red and copper fattened thi ^HHfcGASTON.Capt O. Jnldrldgr, will | oailively Mil a above. JTor panjagr only, having elegant fnrniahed accommodation! apply on board at Judd'a wharf or to fc. K. COLLIP>S 8t CO., j I Or is Snnth atree irtK. . Jf'JUWgy y nJ-h-AJN B-1,0 DI WTATiN A AMI . l .? v ?T*Kegnlar Packet?To am JHHK.<e<(l the ?icaaburg?The faat aailing packet ahi OCONKfci L?ipt Jmhiod, will have immediate despatch. Kor freight or pa?*ag?t banug hnudaonie lurmih, <1 accon modationa, apply oa board, at Orleaua whart, foot o( Wa at. orto K. K COLLINS (a CO. M ftoath at lihippar* mayrely upon baring their gonda correctly rueaau d.aad that the ahipinl thia line willaail pnnctoally a? adve tiaed. Any gnarauise to that effect will be bitcu and fnllUIr that may be required. Agenta in N. Orlema, Hullin ft Woodruff, Who will prom* ly forward all good* to their addre aa. Thanackat ahip Louiarilln. Gi|it. M. Hnat, will tuceaed Ih Oeonee. 12a 4MQ d?L HAMILTON IIOU8K. KOHT HAY laL ^HiTiJ*" The ateaniboata 9TATKT jK?4C3K_I-(LA M)h it ninl SAMSON will run ever day (Snudaya aaceoted) durum t*ic tsaaon, aa tollowi;? Leave ffort Hamilton at TH A M. and 4 P. M. '# Nni York, Whitehall Dock, at JH P. M. Thi* arrangement may ba relied on M i>er rnanent, aa ita con bnuanc? will not depend on any contingency, j|j 3mr I ~ i E NE j NorTiWR Mli "TOTern p: migrant passage office. The Subscribers liaviuc completed their arrangemenu, an n?w prepared to forward passe g''rs to ill the Northern and Western States and Cabailn, he j.tilv lines of towboau, rnilroadi and steamboats, via the Noith river and Kna t anal, upi*r Lukes, Philadelphia and l*iita!>uikIi. Ohio rive and Caual routes. The following are a few tit the no at utiiwitaul points :? Via Utica, Buffalo, Pottsville, Hsleua, Syracnis, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oswego, Detroit, Cincinnati!, Kingston, Rochester, Milwaukie, St. Loots, Hi. Johns, Lerkport, Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Also to any |>ort of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana. Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Iowa, L pper and Lower Canada. Having giveu such universal satisfaction in their London and Liver|>ool lines of packets, the subscribers will endeavor to make the present undertaking equally deserving of public fa vor. The attention of emigrants and others is invited to the follow low rates of passage to a few of the inost important points, any other places ou the route being equally low, viz:? Utica, $1 50 Cnluinl'Hs, SB no St Louis, $11 00 Syracuse, I 7.1 Handnskf, 5 7J Udlcua, Ik UU Rochester, 2 00 Drtroit, 6 0(> < anada. Buffalo, 2 JO Milwaukie, 10 00 Toronto, 4 ffl Oswego, 2 JO Chicago, 10 oil Kingston, 4 JO Erie, 4 JO Pittsburg, 8 75 H-milton, 4 JO Cleveland, J JO Cincinnati, 12 00 Montreal, J 00 For further particulars applv to W. Hi J. T. TAPSCOTT, at their Oeuerat Passage Office, Peck slip cor Sonth at. Tate Notice?This office is uot connected with nuy other in this city. __ _ jl6r NEW JEK.SEY RAILROAD AND TR AN IMPORTATION COMPANY. ^ ^ HWWH JgQUHPM MM| NEW YORK AND NEWARK? Kara reduced to X5 cent*. From the (oat of Cennlandtitreet, New York. (Every day? Sunday* excepted.) Leave* New York Leave* Newark At 0 A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 A.M. At 1* P. M. 9 do. 3 do. I do. 4 do. II do. 4 do t do. 5k do. 5k do. 10k 7k do. Sk do. 9* do. 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot o( Ueartlandt *treet. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. aud 434 P. M. At 12k P. M. and 9k P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York I.eav? Klir.abeth Town At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7k A. M. 3k P M. L 9 do. 4 do. 8k do. 7 do. ' 11 do. 4k eo. 10 do. 9k do. 9k do. 12 do. The trainifor Weatfteld, Plaiufteld, Boandbrook.Homeiville, ke., couDect with the',9 A M, and 4X I'M train* Irom New York, daily, Sunday* excepted. > Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 cent*. Fare betweeu do and Somerville, 75 cent*. kf YORK, AND HAH WAV. 1 Leave New York. Leave Railway. At 8 A. M. At 3 P M. At 7 A. M, At 3 P, M. 9 do 4 do 8 do 6k do II do 4k do 9k da 9 do 5& do Ilk do NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Conrtlaud itreet, New York, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Bruu*wi?? I At 9 A.M. AK I'M. At 6 A.M. At Ilk A. M 5k do 7k do 8k P.M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Brnniwick. At 9 A M and i\ P M. At Ilk A.M., and 8k P M. Fare, exchpt iu tke Philadelphia train*, between New Yo>k and'New Brnniwick. 50 cent*. > Between New York and Kahwar 25 cent*. Passengers who procare their tickets at the ticket office, re reive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickeu are received by the con doctor only on the day when purchased. mil 3m*r summer arrangement. NEW YOHK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINK D RKCT, ViaJNewark.New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton' Bordentown and Burlington. jlB Leaving New Yoik daily from the fovtof Courtlandt it Morning Line at9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at P. M. Tne Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, lrom thence by ' steamboat to Philadelphia. The EveuiuglLiue proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Phttadelphin) without change of cart. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office loot of Courtlandt street, where a commodiont steamboat.will be in readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, without being opened by the way. Kach train is provided with I a car in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly lor i the ladies'use I Returning, the lines lease Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o'clock, A.M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'clock, P. M The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7X A. M., and r 4 P. M. beings continuation of the lines from New York, jet r ( L>eare the loot of Courtland street, daily (Snudays esrepttd) at 8 o'clock, A. M., by railroad Jersey city to Morristown, theoce by Post coaches through Mendham,Chester, Schooler's Mountain, Anderson Town, Tort Colden, Wamiingtou, to Eaaton. At Washington. a daily line intersects to and from Belvidere For seats apply t? j. Hill, at J. Patton's, Commeri cial Hotel, 73 Courtlaud street. t N.B.?Extras furnished at the shortest notice by applyiug to r N. B. Lose, United States Hotel. Momstown. myll Jra ec j FOR BUFFALO AND ALL FARTS OK THE WEST 1 >SVl 1sql bssbbeukkbbd , AS" HOC 1 ATI ON rAsSAOa, OFHCE TO ALBANV. Utica, $2 ftO Rochester, $3 00 i Syracuse, 2 26 Buffalo, 3 60 . Oswego, 2 26 Up. fc Lower Cauada6 60 For passage apply to m. l. ray. m23 im <12 Barclay street. New York. P NEW ARRANGEMENT, a FAHE AND l> HEIGHT REDUCED, r <001 REGULAR MAIL LINE?for PRO' & tT**r^3*V1DENCE AND boston, via BTO.Nae^E-lNUTON AND NEWI'OK?-Composed of the following snt>erior steamers, running in connection with I the Bteuington and Boston and Providence Railroads:? t MA8HACHU9ETT8, Capt Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. narbaoan8ett. li MOHEGAN. fine nf wh.rh will !? ? l\f.w V.,?l# -l-il,. I U.. r ed) (roin Pier No i, Battery Place, N. River, at j P. M I ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAN D, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and ' Wednesday for Stonington and Newport, and Kuday for . Stonington i The MA88ACHU BRTT8,Captain Cnmstock, on Tuesday ' aijd Tnurseay for Stonington, and Saturday for Slnningtou, Newport aud Providence. ? Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, ? t^lbe immediately forwarded in the ipleudid and commocWus Cera of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if ? for Newport will prareed in the stenners on Monday, WedB nesday and Saturday, aud on 'lie intervening days, proceed via * Btouington Railroad to Providence, and from thence in the " Steamer lolaa, wnhont auy additional charge. Tickets for the ronte and steamers'1 berths can be secured on board, or at the office of 0 ? , ^ HAKNDEN It CO, No 3 Wail street. IL/-On and after the 10th uist, freight will not be received and forwarded after half-past 4 P IVI m9 6m* in * NKW YORK AND KINO STON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LKME. r For Kingston, and Delaware and Hodaon * Canal?steumboats EMERALD and NOR ? 9E2HCK.W10H. i- The E.MERALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York foot of Murray street, every Monday and I'bnreday at 5 o'clock P. M. ,t Wul leave Kingston (Kondoat landing) every Wednesday n and Saturday at 3 o'clock. P. M. r The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New a York, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at , i o'clock, P. M. ?' W.ll leave Kingston (Hondont landing) every Tue ay and - Friday .it I o'clock, P. M. 6 EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foet of Murray street every Snndy morning at 7 o'clock. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock tame day. t For freight or passage apph' on hoard, or to 1 WILLIAMSON, BARLOW 8t CO , t a313m#r 164 West street. ! _B_r 1 mM KOH NORFOLK, RICHMOND, CITY n v. o,-...... uiuthm i "apt?tin holme*.?The atroug and anbataulial Steamer Beaton, will CNUMM r?gular trip* between New Ymt and Norfolk, V*., leaving New York every Saturday e at 8 o'clock, A. M. :md Norlfolk every Ttieaday morning, P I'atrage and fare to or from Nnrtola, $10 y Forward Paaaenger* do do 8 Pmaaua from Richmond. City Point, $c., by one of the d river ateamer*, and per Button from Norfolk 1} ? Forward paairnger*, do do 9 Paaaage to Norfolk aud back, return trip 15 Forward Patteng'ri, do do 12 Freight taken at the nanal ratei. For freight or naaaage ajply to the Captain on hoard, or to WM TUCKER, L m2 lm eod WThfkF*r No. 56 Broad atreet. _in-| -a STATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT ' i3~"l' WHITEHALL nT-The ateunboau ? 3CLJB3E-STA I r.N ISLANDER and SAMSON will run aa fullowa until (urther notice:? Leave New Yoik 8, 9, 10, II, 1. 2, 3X.&. fi, 7. n Leave Staten laland 8, 9, 10. It. I, 2, 4,5. 6 7. T Lerv* New York aid Statrn 1*1*1:0 every hour on Sunday. . " S.?Kicnraion to Fort Hamilton, Sunday* e*eer>tcd. e Leave Fort Hamilton7K A. M., returning Irani New York 3)% e ill r NEWARK AND NEW YORK-Fare 2PjY UX Lenta'.?The at lendid ateamer pAS8AlO, Captain John Oaffy. Oa and p after Monday. Jnne 5th, will inn aa follow* 1 Le?*a?lhe fool of Barclay atreet, New York, at 10 A. M., and 4 P. M. h ] Leaje*lh?footo( Centre atreet, Newark, at 7* A. M? and Freight curried at very low rate*. *16 6m r_ I <?Jfc?Jg W Him***. Mark Point, Kntnton, and k.atoumwn p Landing, through the inner paaaege The new Steamboat BHKEWlHtUHY, Captain Jonn P. Corlie*, will leave Eatonl toe 11 |,amlil>K on Snnday, the tlh of June nut., and run aa fol II low*,to wit: leaving New York, from the foot of Kobinaon '.rret, every Mouday. Tueidvy, Weduetdey, Thursday *nd r Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Returning, will leave Katontown p Landing on each of the above dava. at I o'clock, P. M. On 8ai nriiaya will leave .New Yoik at %% o'clock, P. M.. and K*tnu. trwn Landing on Sunday* at 3 o'clock, P. M . and (Icean Honae I at 4 o'clock The 8HKKWSBURY will run aa above (weather permitting) until fnrther notice. All baggage at the riak of the owner* , N. Stage* will he in attendance to convev pa**enger* j. from the aforesaid landing place* to any part of the country re^ ontrrd )e II T BUt>1 AM) SHOE STOKE. ?K0iV JOHN Kh.MJY rraiiectfully uil.irni* Inafrieud* and the public that he hna commenced biH'iie** in tha above line, at Nil. M Naaaan afreet, where lie will III <nkuilly receive l- and taitlifnlly eiecnie, all order* he may be favored with on he moat reuonabie term* lor caah. *33r W TO ..i1 -,->i i TTnnr-' wnn. a v ai .xjii vv i ujvjVj rnii/Ai im MAYOR'S OKEICE, l (/HARLrsToit. S C , J me 10. 18?3. J TO KENT KOK A TERM OK YEAUS, OK FOR SALE, ri Tint Urff and commodious establishment known as T^W the Cliailesloii Hotel,situate io a central purtofthe city, JLlKfrnntiug un Meetiug street, south ou Hayoe street, and adiuiuiott the extensive ranee ol* wholesale stores; east on Hotel street; north ou Pitickaev street The hotel is about 1)0 feet bv about 17) fert deep, (our stories high. coulaiutoit about 142 parlors and eh sinbers, besides the dining rooms for Indies and ifutlemeu; a'so, bar rootn, retdiog roum, ulftee.t, store rocins aud kitchen; also, five stores anil a harbei's room, in basement, and fronting ou Havne street?a linen cistern, containing aoout 85.000 (tallrns, and a fotce pump, in case of fire, attached thereto, also two wells on the premises. The whole front of the Hotel is embellished with a spacious two story colloiiadc. Trims of sale will be, a credit unending over a period of at least 8 years, and conformably to the provisions of the late "State Eire Loan Act,''secured by mortgage of nreiniseu; approved security will be injuired on lease or sale. Proposals addressed to the Mayor of Charleston, will be icceiscd until the 15th July next. J. HCHNHlKLK, Mayor N. B.?The following newspapers: the. New York Herald and Connor It Enquirer; the Bnstoa Cou'ierj the Philadelphia United States Uazette ; ihe Baltimore American; the New Orleans Bee; the Mobile Register and Journal will insert the above in a OOMpMMIU place once a week until the Dili p'oximo. and forwaid their accounts for payment to Courier office. ;2I lojyDr M'J'O LI* T?The ii|.per part ol a modern, three story house, with the baca room ou fir t s'ory, loasual' gruteel lainily, wilii privilege ol crofou water, he. siiiiated in a t>len.i.i?it neighborhood, and wi liiu three unuutes walk of the Citv H ,11 The ureseot, eonsiBt of a gentleman, wile ami two children, and having mote n><<in then necessary, would like to letaa above The teul will be moderate Kor further pariidulars, address by note at lhi? of fire to H. which wil be attended to. jll lltse a TO LIST.?The modem lonii three aroty Brirlt dwelling, No 16 Urern street, bundled with silver furin lure, marble mantles aui grates throughout A fine large yard, with never tailing cistern. Will be let low. Kor further particulars apply to AITKEN, BHOTHEK8, jeJ-lm*ec No. 122 Kulton street. M BARCLAY STKKET?TO LET?The elegant and commodious three story brick bouse No. 52 Barclay street, built and occupied by Mr. l nomas Brooks until the preseut tiuie. in excellent order and lilted with every convenience for a large family, and situated directly m frout of Coll'ge Place. Kor terms apply at No. 110 Water street. in25 lm*r jgMk O LET?At Harlem, at the loot :of 121st street, a FrB convenient and comfortable two store dwrtliug house, XuML with pleasant L kitchen. There are thirteen lots, lie the sainr. moieorless; situated on the Harlem r<vei; a dock, one hundred feet frout; aud stables sufficient for ten or fifteen liorsei. On ihe place there are sis or seveu cherry trees in lull bearing, peach rices, curraut hushes, rose nuthrs, aud every thing calculated to make it a del'ghtful residenre. kishing li at rate. Enquire of MU. PANDi.K, opposite the place, or oi THUS W. BUYER, No. 101 Washington street. The above will be 1st at a cheap rent to a good tenant _j2?6t?r JQgg KLOKlCUl, i l)KE.?Kor sale, the large CouservaWRltory, with all the extensive apparatus attached thereto, aak^at the garden, (late Mr- I'eny's,) Henry st, lireoklyu. Fur runner particulars apply to W. KUSHFLL, Florist, on the premises. W. IlnsaeII ha* also (or sale at low piices, a sui>crb collection oftine healthy l'lan't in bloom and in nuts ut geraniums, roses, vrrbeuas, viola*, dahlias, azalias, rhododendrons, salvia*, poteudlns, clematises, cactuses, maguoli >s. honeysuckles, anil other desirable greenhouse andgaideu plants aud rases. Bouquets heaulilully made up to order. All orders for the cities of New York and Brooklyn, delivered free of charge, and punctually attended to. il52w?r sfl A FIltST HATE HOKoK KOR BALK?A -AawV>Oreat Bantam?A "err superior large bay horse .with ' ' ' y f,.,? action and perfectly gentle in single and double harness He is admirably calculated lor a one horse coachee, or as a match horse The owner parts with hun from no fanlt, l>jt in.'iely as he has discontinued keeping a horse. He cost $100 eightaen months ago, and will be told a great bargain, enquire at the Livery Stable No. 250 Wooster street,corner of Woosterand (fourth sts and Washington Square. i21 3t*rc ^ thk Fourth ok julyi ^0Pif BOOTS AND SHOES. Cheap Boot and Shoe Market. No 509 Greenwich street.? Ladies and gentlemen are advised to call at the above store and provide themselves with seasonable summer boots, slippers, gaiters, lie, made up in the neatest and most fashionable style, and sold as cheap if nut a little cheaper than elsewhere. Heads ot families will save money by calling here, at the cheai> depot. Dcu't forget the number, Clinton Cheap Boot and Shoe Market, No. 509 Greenwich street, corner Spring at. jt8 lm*r ^00 LOOK AT THIS! Boots, of best quality, $1 to $4 50 French, do 1 to 3 50 Fine sewed Boats, 2 50 to 3 00 Pegged do 250 Morocco do 2 25 Seal Skin and Grain do I 75 to 2 00 Cloth button Gaiters, 125 Prunella do 2 OS Fine Calf Shoes, stitched, 2 00 Calf Shoes, 1 25 to 1 75 Boy's fine sewed boots,* 2 25 pegged boots, calf, I 50 " Sealskin and Grain, 1 12)? " Fine Calf Shoes, I 25 " " Kip Shoes, 1 00 Youth's Sewed Boots, 1 00 to 1 50 LADIES' BOOTS It SHOES.?Ladies, iu these siores you will hud the greatest assortment of Gaiter Boots, Slippers, Buskins, Ties, Prunella Buskins, light and dark colored half Gsitera, House Slippers, white and black satin slippers, satin and ail other kinds of boots and shoes. of our own inanufacturi tnr with the best of French goods,ami wanantcd to be the best and as cheap as the cheapest, at 367 B -oadway and 93 Canal st. j3 imr* GKEUOKl It CAHILL. I'AKIS BOOTS AND LA8T8 MADE TO OKDEK By E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, {Basement,) One Door from Conrtlandt street. E 8USEH, Bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, an " L'of Clerce of Paris, bens leave to inform his friends and all the niuutetirs ol a gsuUemanly "ehsuasure," that he can now make, in New Fork, with the best French mateiials, all that is so perfectly made, in 1 aria, by his master the celebrated bootmtker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic, are respectfully inrited to try SUSKll'S boots and lasts beiore they despair of brim, "chantsea" in New York, titer the ulcest, latest Paris fashion. Also,the genuine Paris Jet Black Varjish sold. mIO 7w*r Jtf? TO THE LADIES. ?mm p.or prune Outer boots of all colors and sizes of the latest fashion, Misses and children's Gaiter boots and Buskins, Ladies Bus kins, Ties, and Slippers, a irood article, from 4 to 8 shilling. Also, a good assortment of Gentlemen's prime ctlf atileh boots, city made, from i 7i to I dollars, warranted ; Kood fins pegged boots, from 13 to Ushil inKs. Alto, Boy's boots, 9 to 12s.; Gents, gaiters, qu titer boors and shoes of all descriptions in Kreat abundance, at Walker's cheap store, 419 Broadway, earner Csnal street, m24 lm*ee GENJN Ac VAN VRANKEN'S VENT1LATINW GOSSAMER HAT, FOB GENTLEMEN, a WEIGHING ONLY 2% OUNi ES? Pit ICE $3 60 THE Subscribers have introduced the above named a hat lor summer wear. By comparing the wemht ol this aiticle with the average weight ol the following hats, the i uparlor auvamages it iiossesses.over them lor susnner wear may be readily seen. The average wvight of the ordinary fur hat is ounce*. do do Panama 5X " do do Leghorn 4 " Being fully counnced that no atyle of auinmer hat heretofore worn, haa unit with the general approbation which a Iml | oaaea ing all the quilitiea, fix' lighlneaa, beauty, durability and eheapneta, woulil be sure to receive, we have devoted much attention to the manufacture and fiuiafiing of the new atyle now introduced by ui. From the warm approbation eiprea??d by gentlemen who have examined them, we feel aatiafied ;hat they uer.d only to be seeu to be full* appreciated. GENIN St VAN VKANKKN, tn26 Im'cc 214 Br-adway, oppoaite St. f'aui'aChurch. a yacht for sale, r"\F" aeven tons burthen, nine monlha Id, aud in perfect tail- ] O mg order, well found in rveiy respect, such ai awuitig lor cockpit, anchor, grapliug, cables, pateut aheave blocki, aaila and rigging of the very beat materials, a complete aett of dags, cleata ami rudder head of braaa, haa a beautiful cabin, finely fitted up with loikera, cushions and looking glasses, apy glaaa, and oilier fixtarea appertaining to the aatne ; haa a large refrigerator under the cockpit, that will hold 100 Iba. ICE, aloop rigged, carriea aquare topsaila, lenmh 24 feet on deck. 9 feet beam, iron keel, 12 inches deep. IX wide midships, bolt don kelaton weighing 1000 iba., and thoae that know the advaataae ef leverage power, will at once aee that ahe cannot be knocked down in a squill, and in caae ner bottom la arove ahe raunot aink, aa ahe haa the buoyancy af 2000 weight of cork between her aidea and ariling, and it a very laat aailer. Por further partiruiara, inquire of J. JENNINGS, in30 lm*m 192 Broadway, cor John at, up ataira, front room cTt ot o n wlv tTHc rPHE Tinned Lead Pipes invented by Mr. Kwbank. are, in 1 Ihe opinion of a very large liuinli-r of the heat chemist, physician.* anil moit acicutiIn- ini-u ol the age, the only lead Vipr that can be need with sifety iu coudiiriiiiK thit water, 'ery great danger ol ponon it inenrred by the nte ol ?ny otlitr. Phyaieiant ami olhrr teientiAc men refer to name rout raaet wherelickueti and death hat ac ually reiulted Irom the ute of the common lead pipra. The tiibacriber hat made arrangement! to keep on hand a l?ll aud constant tnpplv ol the tium d lead piprt, which he will tell to piumber* aud other* on the inotl favorable termi. JOHN C CASS, ,e la I in* in 71 Drool tt'rel. ROT O N WA'IK.K-UAY'S KIKST I'UEvllU.M IN IJlA RI'BBKK HOHK it eoufldeutly recommended for any purpotet for which leathtr it nted, and it warranted to pottett the Allowing pro|>ertiea >lit. Ib perfectly tight under pre it n re of the Croton. 2d Ipa made of the ttrongett fabric*, and will not mildew to injure I the leait. tnd reqnirei no attention. Srd. Tt it not dritroyed by coming in contact with oiler greate, nor ttiirened by cold weather, nor can the robber derampote, at inferior artielei are in no cate med. Should the leait complaint be made of the Hote, not poaartting the abote propertiet, it will be taken back, at any tune intide ol tix month! from lit pnrehate, aud other given in exchange wilhuat charge. 4th. Conpling and jet pipet will be atuched without charge. Buyert will notetliat we are clearly tatiilied that thu hote (the proem ol making which it uuknowu to any otner in the trade) a jtut the article long wanted for leading water and many othe* lininde. HORACK H. DAY, j 17 lm*r Siiccettorjo Roxbnry I. K C. 4i MainenLane. GABI' I.I. k HUdHhis, fii.inbe't, at tot comer ol Jo Ti aud Nttaan itreelt.NcW York.?Hotitet fitted upon the molt approved plan, with Croton, Water Cloaert and Hydranu ot all detcriptiout. Bulla titled np with Boilert fot Hot and Cold water, Lead and Iron Pipet of tiie beat quality $ Sheet Lead.lKorce and Lut Pumpa, and all article* :n their lloe ofbutmett, to be had on reatonable trrmt. Ordert receired far Kire and Oarden Hoae. The inbicriher* flatter theintelrei from the long experience they hare iiad in the above batiueaa in rhiladnljihia, to give uiiivuraal ?a(itfarliou to all who favor them w>th their patronaye. RRVKRRIVCKI. Samuel Ktuli, Kt.j , llegitter of Watering Committee,'Philadelphia _ Joteph Itatitoct, umiaer, ditto Ot-orge (Crtlmuu, A>tuUut|o( thr IHarriiburg Water Work*, d ttn J. O. Kwiug, Plumber, ditto A. L. Kiienhnt, No. 38A Oreeuwirh r.reet,,New York A.'1'. Cochrane, ditto, ditto, ditto J. Kabiurau, 41 CImrlton (treat, ditto J?lin L. Wilkin*, lit Kultou (treet, ditto jei 1m*r THINK SOU VOURSKL, V ICS, BICSOHK IT IS TOO LAI ? . THOMA8 WILLIAM HAtlf ICR'S COUUH MKDIA CINK?Thi* medecine ha* been before the public for 12 year*, which n prool oi it* being a good mediciue. It ha* cared ce*e* of A*thma JO year* (landing, ha* iieTer been known to lail in one caar ot the Whoopiug rough. It can be giyen to babiea 3 Jay* old with perfect (alety K >r cuunha and cold* there i* udt a better inrdicine. Put op lu bottle* it 12 ifj, 15 nd 5d cent* each. Sold wholciale and retail at the uffice 2lWj William itreet, taree doori|*onth ol Berkman (treat. Remored from 5T 1-2 Bowery. ttold<atifcBowery,corner Walker*!. T M La e? I { i . ?! TMI .ifVttM t?t ' }( <lT 'BK j ORNING, JUNE 23, 184 LUCINA CORDIAL, AD TH IT ELIXIR UF LOVE. Ill olden time,{among the Jews, That man a second wife might choose? Whose first, hy Fate's unkindly doom, No children bore to bless his home. Afflicted thus, the Human matrou Prayed to Lncine, the mid wife's patron ; Ksyptiao wives, in such a niiais. ('alien to their aid the t*rie<u oflrsis ; Aud eeen now. the meek HindooWarm as her ciiuic.and tender too? Ifehi'dless twelve mouths from her bridal Flies weepinit to her senseless idol, And with rn'sed bauds, ill accents wild, Petitions Bramah for a child : For well she knows. Love shuns to bless The Hindoo bed of barrenness. So much for love in day's by gone. And savage customs in your owu ; But say, esen now. does Love's commnmon Bless in our laud, a sterile nuioa I No : ofttunes conjugal felicity, la thus disturbed?ay, e'en in this city. Yet may the barren, if they try The means, "increase and multiply." With ' Love's Klixir" for lui Iriend, The childless wife's roomings end. But not the proereative power Alone., is this Flmr'sdower. Consumption's ills it will prevent. With vivo' clothe the impotent; Suppress a gleet, wlute'er its date, And all life's fhlictiniis renovate. Eruptions from I e skill it chases, Ami brings back beauty and the crtri'i : 'Tis woman'* tru?l?and ne'er deceive* lier Krom Eluor Albus it relieve* her; Ar.d e tch disease, (Willi proper care, too,) Her fair atiil Irairile form i* heir to. These are but truth*, who call* ihem fictioa Shall hare stern proof in contradiction. Letter*?all form* ol attestation? From the savau* of every na.iou; Witn grateful missives 'roni all quarter*, Penned by Disease anil Ouaeki ry'amariyia, Thousands who liy, witn llulleritiK breath, Almost within tliejaw* of Death; Now in their nightly prayer* repeat Thank* to Life'* friend, in Nassau street, An . sometime* name the very number? "Ninety-two Nassau,"?eaen in their slumber ; Or, dreaming of Disease's orueal, Cry out for the 'Luciua Cordial." Person* ordering this medicine from the country, by tending a remittance, can have it boxed up and sent to auy part of the Union. Price$3 prrhotllc.or 821 per do/en. It is alio for sale tu Philadelphia, at 90 North Hixth street, mil lin'ec MONTHLY REPORT OK THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, NO. 75 CHAMBERS STREET. CASK* CURED. 14 Inflammation of the eye- 4 Disrai'S of the liver, lids 3 lutlam'u of the bowel* 3 Syphilitic Iritis 3 Vomiting. Gastritis 2 Amaurosis, three under 8 Diseases of the Womb treatment?doing well II Syphilis 0 Opacity of the cornea, 6 Dyspepsia slight 12 Whites, or Kluor Albus 8 Styes, by an operation 21 Gouorrhcaa 4 Onanism 4 Kerer I 3 Erysipelas * 7 Secondary Syphilis 7 Ulcerated sore throat 5 Pilea 12 Gleet?cured by new 6 Dnbo, by a new method o I remedies treariiii-iiL 3 Diseases of the heart 4 Bore Nipple* 2 Dytentary successful, suaeictL orgaiTioNS. J OperatioDa for hare lip 21 Strictures in UMthra b 5 Operationa for squinting an improved method < 3 Operationa for Hydrocele cure 12 Hemorrhoidal Tumors re- 3 Operations for fiatule i moved Ano. 2 Club Foot?cured 2 1'olypus in the note 1 Kncysted Tumors 4 Adipose tumors removed 5 Ulcers on the lefts cured) 1 Larue piece of boue re 2 Phyinosis moved Ironi the arm 0 Abceaies opened I Amputation of finiter 2 Tonsi it removed 1 Cancer Breast 1 Gravel cured 1 Uvula removed 2 Ketentiou of Urine DR. H. BOSTWICK Attending Physician and Surgeon. C. McMANUH, Apothecary and Secretary il Imee MHSTWlLLlS, Lsdy of Information of future events an< what has pasted, learned in astrolnuy and astronomy gives ladies private lectures on this science, st her rooms, 26 Elizabeth st, fu doors from Houston, near Bleecker, and ha constantly on hand corn and cancer salve, and a rare cure fo the ague, and if any of her medicine is purchased gives infor inttion iiratis. jelg lin'r DEMUVAL?I'. MAES, Hair Dresser and Wig Maker, na Cv removed from 162 to 189 Broadway, a lew doors below th Franklin House, and opposite John street. Having lilted up new room in the most fashionable style, he will continue th tame busiuess, and will be pleased to see bis old friends an patrons, and otliera who may favor him with a call. He hs also private rooms for Ladies' hair dressing and janipoonq This powerful fcztr.actnl Jampontiy is considered by thousanc of New Yortert and stTangers as one of toe healthiest article for the cure of dandruff and strengthening the hair, is approve by the Faculty of Medicine in Paria, and patented at Washing ton. Nothing is more pleasant and delightful than to go throug] this operatiou iu the hands of P. MAK.8. ml 2m*r \XTATcHK8 AND JEWJCL.L.KKY lower uian ever.?a, ?* the subscriber is conitantjr receiving all descriptions gold and silver watches. of the newest styles, direct from t>i< manufacturers, 10 England, France, and Switzerland, he i enabled to offer a larger assortment, and at mocli leaa pricea, a retail, than any ottier hon?#?n the city. OoUl watches aa lay aa $15 each. Watches and jewell ery exchanged or bought All watches warranted to keep good time, or the money re turned. Watehea, cloeka and jewellery repaired in the bet manner, and warranted lower than at any other place in thi city. 0, C. Allen, importer of watehea and jewellery, whole ale and retail, SO Waif alrret. up stairs mtt-ii lm*ec PPU1NTMJ0NT9 BY THE CHAMBER OK COM MERCK AND BOARD OK UNDERWRITER8.Theae are to ccrtil y that R. Bromley, Joaeph Tiukham, T. M Merry, A. Cartwright, Sanil Candler, Unaaell Storms, were appoiuied by our respective hoards, aa suitable peraom to act aa Marine eurve ,ora lor the Port of New Yo It, and R Y. Norris ai Clerk, and we recommend them accordingly, il all cases where their services are rtouired. The Chamber of Commerce of New York, (J. Jas D. P. Ogden, President. John L. H. MeCracken. Stc'y. The Board of Underwriters of New York, Abi. Ogden, President. Walter H. Jones, Sec'y of the Board of Underwriters. New York, June 9, 1811. j 11 r rKKASWKY NOTLS LOST. r OST, by the subscriber, bet ween the cities of New Yorl U and Philadelphia, a pocket memorandum book, eontalninr the following Treasury Notes A No 19555 10 June, 1842, 6 per cent, to Syl. Brown,! j endorsed 26 Jane, 1842 "J W B 195% 10 ? 6 2b ? 1842 o e> 10i A 19558 10 ? 6 ? 20 ? 1842 fcE 14k A S4000 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 1842 -S ; 5< B 34001 10 ? u ? 26 ? 1812 g-d 51 \j J'lOVf iU O ? 11 It IO?? LUB. Rungau and R. L. Myers, A 0 ] 12V) 8 Mar., 1813, 8 percent,t . 8yl.Dro wn. eudorted 12 March, 1812, So U. Riuivan and k. L. Myeri, it C JOSf) 25 April, 1842, O. Loyall, eudoricd April, 1842, 10 R. L. M yen, S All persoiu are forewarned against the payment of the abovi notes. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of the book am contents, to the subscriber, at 75 South Front street, or Messrs Allibaue ti ??, 8 South Wharves, Philadelphia, or ti Messrs. Bryan Ik Maitland, 178 Krout street. New York. Philadelphia, 27tli May, i843. m30 ha'r _ (Signed) H. L. MTKRB. OFFICE up JJCFFJCRIBON INBTTRXNCK GOMPA NY?Office Jfi Wall street This Company con'iuut their hnssuess of insnranee against oss o: damage bv fire on goods, wares -ind mercnaudr/ie and also, op vessels end thei cargoes against lots bv inland navirMinn. DIRECTOR i?. Thomas W Thome Elisha Higgs ThomasT W.rodtui Benjamin R Kohsos Jobs R Davison Francis P Sage Thomson Pries Joseph Allen John H Lee John P Mines Meses Tucker lames E Holmes* Csleb C Tunis James It W luting Anton Baker Wn, K Thorn Joseph Ortkn Irui Hawley John C Mtsrnt Thomas Morrell i t * jl i rcamaoi. ICO. T. HOP*, doef^tirv. mis e lit LIGHT! LIGHT!! A BRILLIANT ANI) BKAUTIKUL LIGHT SOI HALS" A CENT AN HOUR. OUHEL V, no on* nerd walk in darkness, when the cleares hJ light ?my He had at a rat-rely nominal ripens*. Terry'i new Tatenl Lain pi, for burning any kind of lard, tallow, or oil without previous preparation, inconvenience or liability to (e ant ol order, is destined to ?hed a mnt henrtieent luht orei Ml dark planet. Enipifal ami compel itiou have brought tin light ol sciriicr auil letters into literal contact with the mindi of all our population. Yer. how shall tncy perceive P, ami Hi blessings, unlets (luting the only honrs of leisure which raosl of nnr citixeni possess, the absence of the sun he supplied by some other uminary, whose rsyt shall he tree to all I A neat appron mm on to this great desideratum ha* just been effected in the iuventiou of Terry's Lard Lamp, i single one of which mav be made to light a parlor, withoni tinoke or smell, at brilliantly as the best astral lamp, at an espente ol but half a cent m hour. All loiers of I'ght or economy, or I nth, are invited to call and witness their operation, at K HARRISON'S, 211 I'earl street, N. Y. N I! Liberal terms will tic offered to dealers. je< im*rrc CUTLERY WM. WILD, Msnnfseturcr and Impoiter of Cutlery, No 1(0 Division street, offers to the trade, cheap for cash, s beantt'ul assortment of one, two, three and fonr blade kntves, with a variety of oilier goods. As Mr W. superintends'he manufacturing o( his can recommend the in to be equal to the nest manufactured goods in the city. The country dealers would do well to call previous to purchasing elsewhere mT7 lm*r TO COPPER-PLATE \ MUSIC PRINTERS, AND PUBLISHERS, See. FOR HALE, a fust-rate Iran Cupper-plat* or Mnsie Print tng Press, (twenty eight and a half inch rollers). Has been in use hut a short tunc?is in perfect order Also, one ol twenty an luchrs.and a womleu one of twenty four do. They will he (old at a price worth a purchasersprompt attention. Apply to R. W. TONE, m3l lin*r 16^ortlandt street, New York. P. A. EACOSTE. MANUFACTURER AND IMPORTER, HAS file heuor to inlorm the pnhlic, particularly the ladier of New York and ita vicinity, that he haa jnat opened t> otore No *10 Broadway, where they can find a large and splendid assortment ofl FRINGES, GIMPS. CORDS, TASSKL8 AND TRIMMINGS. Alao, Military garments, anch aa Kpanlettea, Bella, kr , every article of the above line may be made to order at a very ahort notice. j?20 3w*in fvOLMArVS LONDON ~MUSTAMD, per ahip Phtladcl v/ phia WO bega aecond and tine 200 pica Dead .Ml bbla Alnm Alao on hand? Printing Papem-MXtl J6X.T7 24X36 14X34 11X31 HHX32 Together with a general assortment of writiun.aud wrapping papers, for sale by 8. KCWsSLEY, mil iia't lit Meitui Lane DANK OK ENGLAND NUTfcS, Sovereigns and Knglnl, " Silver, booght and sold. Lumbermen's Bank. WarMn. Pa. bought at ?. J. SYLVESTERS jPec 21 Wall at, and 1M Broadway, IEH A 3. Vtckaburg. ITorreiponilence of the Herald.] Vicksbttrq, Mish., June 7, 1843. A$?amnation of Dr. Hagnn?State of Society. It is with the deepest reirrst that I inform vou of one of the most outrageous murder* that ww ever l>erpetrated in Vicksburg, this day, a few momenta before 3 o'clock, almost 111 the centre of our city. A youtis man about 27 years of age, by the uaiur of D. W. Adams, a son of Judge Adams, of Natchez, basely assassinated Dr. Ilagan, the Kditor and Proprietor of the Vicksburg Sentinel. An edi tor, who is thoroughly and extensively known as the defender of the poor man's rights, the advocate of the rights of the planters, mechanics and labor, inp men, and against the notorious swindling hanks with all their satelites. The Doctor wiw one of the most quiet and unobtruding gentlemen we had amongst us, and had a very large circle of strong friends. The fact are as follows This assassin came from Jackson in the morning cars, armed with three pistols, with premeditated determination to cowardly murder him on sight, although he took good care not to have it known, until after the atrocious murder was committed, lie by enquiry was shown th>* house where the doctor boarded, and stood wailing to see him when he should come from his dinner, and the Doctor not knowing him, he would seek some pretence,lor killing llllll. The doctor alter h while made his fatal appearance on the -Ireet, and about one halt the distance vkfu yitrusij iroru riis ooarnm^ nouBf' 10 iiih omcr,inc villain came up behind him unawares and struck him with his cane. The doctor turned round and caught hold of the assassin and threw him, although the doctor is a small man about 5 feet I or 5 inches high and weighs about 12(1 lbs.; and the murderer is about H feet high and will wsigli lli'llbs. It appeals ; his intention was to let the doctor defend lumselt as much aspossible so that he could have some pretence for shooting him I ought to have said murdering him in cold hlood. Whilst they we' down the murderer being underneath pulling out his pistol the doctor attempted to rise; he caught the the head and held him down in such a manner that he threw his arm with the pistol over the doctor's left shoulder and shot him through the heart, and the doctor fell a murdered man. Hood God, how re voltingto the feelings of a civilized community,and yet 1 have heard some of the hankitessay he ought to have been killed a long time ago. What would they not see done to carry out their hellish purposes But so it is. The planters, mechanics and laborers have lost in him the strongest advocate of their inalienable rights. Accompanying these lew lines 1 send you the editorial for which the Doctor has been mar dered. There has been the greatest fraud perpetrated on J. the citizens of the State of Mississippi, by a few head men of the State, from the Governor down; a and Dr. Hagan in exposing them has been the second victim?(Col. Shelton first, by drowning himself)? caused by the imbecilitv of our Governor. f Although the doctor lias been cowardly and base lv murdered, I hope his chair will be filled by some fearless man, who will deal out justice to the planters, ?tec., be defending them against their common enemies, and brand the murderer and his accomplices, whoever takes sides with him. for the assassination of a peaceable citizen, with eternal infamy . and disgrace. Truthi liowetl. * [Correspondence of the Herald.] Lowell, J une 2Iat, 18-13. James Gordon Bennett, Lbu-? ? Dear Sir? e Yesterday was a day of commotion in our city.? ^ It was a grand gala day with the operatives, and i- the thousands who thronged our streets at an early hour betokened the commemoration of some unJ common event. About ten o'clock in the forenoon, >i our beautiful companies, with several from neigh boring towns, were seen marching through the I streets, equipped in military regalia. A long rnval| cade of citizens, and numerous societies were seen, } all wending their way to the south entrance to the city, where were already gathered about two acres " of the most beautiful young ladies, besides numerous , official functionaries, police officers, ex-Mayors, ^A-muviuicii, aim very many mcinurra ui our vmy government. A dense crowd poured from every quarter, till nothing hut one vast sea of faces could " be seen. After waiting some time, " lie comes" resounded through the throng; eawli one pressed closer, the women crowded, the men scolded, the 1 hoys huzzaed, and every eye was anxious to see the j President. Every flag was unfurled, the brlta of the city gave utterance to merry peals?the City Guards were making a thundering noise with their two ten pounders, and the whole town was m an uproar. Verysoonour renowned President Tyler with his suite arrived. He was conducted by Messrs. Hopkinson and Mansea to the platform erected for the occasion, where he was introduced tothe multitude. Dr. Huntington, Ex-Mayor, bid him iu behalf of k the citizens a welcome to their hospitalities. 1 The President in a short speech replied. acknowledging the welcome invitation to come jj and see our thriving city. He was happy to find j himself in kind hands, and had no doubt but he j should be pleased with the place. He, then, with ? Messrs. Sjiencer, Porter and Up?hur?his sons, Roj berf and John Tyler jr ,?Gov. Morion. Lt. Governor Childs, Hon. C. Cashing, Com. Nicholson, exi Governor Hill, Hon. Abbot Lawrence, and several i, other gentlemen, entered the carriages, and passed - through the principal streets, lollowed by a numer 11 I oils cavalcade and citizens on foot. A? he passed ' I along, a welcome was shown him by the banners I streaming, arches, the numerous throng upon the aide-walks, and the ladies who filled every window, ' cheering and waving their white insignia." The President rode in an open barouche in company with Dr Huntington He was particularly polite to the ladies,and generally won their approbation : At one o'clock the military arrived in front ot the J Merrimack House, and the President and suite alighted from the carriages, and were inducted to the rooms already prepared by the Committee ol Arrangement. He verv soon, in Company with AldermanTilden, Postmaster Robbins,taam ! Lawrence Km), with bis company, visited the Treniont cotton mills, the Merrimack print works, the Middlesex woollen mill and the carpet mill. The President expressed himself delighted with these works ol art, having never before been in any mill ?l the kind. He saw the machinery all at work, the operatives all at their employment At halt oast one. ! he returned to the Merrimack House, where he i I partook of a sumptuous dinner sot up by Colonel j Larabee. At the table several short speeches were , | made, toasts drank, and all went oil with good , ! spirit. Agreeably to previooa arrangement, 11 pre* J J cisely four, the cars were ready, and the President and Kuest soon n oved oil amid the continued cheeri nig of the immense multitude collected around | The President came here not hy an invitation from our city government, for they re| d to 1 appropriate a ovnt of the funds of the city to pay , the expense; but hy an invitation got up hy i individuals, and a subscription to pay the bills For i the course our Mayor antl Aldermen took, they are | now getting the reprehension of the mass of the people. They have a perfect right to withhold the public funds lron? every public or private purpose they see lit. But a niggardly course una public oc casion, when we are to receive the chief executive officer of the nation, is by all considered dastardly 1 in the extreme. We learn that two of the AJder' men have resigned their office since the President left,owing to the censure cast upon them for their re| jusal of an appropriation The clique ot Tyler men in Lowell is small?our postmaster, assisted by Mr. Cushing, minister to China, who by the way was our representative before we discharged him tor forsaking the true principles he once held. They rallied a tew of the taithtul, while the (rue wings were only lookers on. John Tvler was not honored in Lowell, but ourcoostitution teaches us to venerate our President. Robert Tyler, with his flaxy, woolly hair, could also be seen in the same carnage with his lather. Upon the whole, we think we have done our duty, and were John Tyler to receive from us his deserts, far dillersnt would have been his reception John Jones of Lowell i i' * Boston, I Correspondence of the Horald. | Boston, Wednesday, 4 P.M I The Shades, June 21,18-13. > Death has cast a gloom over this community in the removal of the Hon. Hugh S. Legare, and a general feelipg ol sadness jtervades our city. The tings on the State House, the Common, 'n State street, and the shipping, are at half mast, and his decease is considered a pt'.bkc bereavement The funeral took place this morning at 10^ o'clock, at Trinity Church, at which were present the Presi- , L D. *rlc? Two CtnU, dent of the United States, Heads of Departments, Governor of Massachusetts, and a vast concourse of distinguished functionaries in Church and State. The Rev. Mr. Watson and Bishop E&atburn officiated on the mournful occasion President Tyler leaves this atternoon tor New York via Stoninpton. Anions; the distinguished obituaries of the oust week, may be enumerated the Hon. Mr. Legarr, Hon. Parker Hurnell, Judge .Simmons, Col. Andrew, Heuj. Lynde Oliver, Esq., and Mr. Lincoln, late Warden nl the State Prison. Boston is quite deserted since the celebration, and as the dog -Uar begins to rage, the ilitt. of the metropolis will be off to the watering places,and Nahant, Saratoga, Niagara, Jcc., will be exchanged for the sultry and crowded city. The. engravings ol the Hunker Hill Celebration in the Herald are considered here the hvst representation of the pageant that has been published. They reflect great credit on the artist. The Tremontcloses on Friday with the benefit of the manager Afterwards it opens as a lecture room and church. It is supposed that Boston will not be long without a iirst class theatre or opera house to supply its place. The National will do a prosperous business after the closing of the Tremont. Mr. (J. Adams is now performing there. Among the host of strangers who visited our city on the 17th, were a "jovial party of New York Pilots " who, it is said, came on their own hook, in their own wav, and, of course, of their own accord Geo. B. Williams, a good-looking Englishman of J">, was arrested at the Providence depot on the 17th in the act of picking a pocket. The Eastern Railroad transported last week over seventeen thousand six hundred passengers, exclusive of the military. The " fat girl," and Tom Thumb jr, are the principal lions in Boston at this time. The Athenaturn Gallery of paintings and sculpture in now open. Tint Weekly Herald will be in great demand next Saturday, in Boston, containing, as it will, the beat account, wiih illustrations, of the President's pilgrimage. The lieporters ol the Boston Courier and New York Herald are much extolled here lor the correctness with which they reported Mr. Webster's speech and the proceedings generally. The weather is now intensely warm, and vegetation will go ahead in earnest, alter the backward spell of weather. tlreen |teas, cucumbers, strawberries, cherries, iYc., have made their appearance, and our epicures are luxuriating on the exquisite dainties ot the land at Parker's, Talt's, Ryan's, [Ingham's, and other fashionable Kestauranis. P. S.?Mr. Bates, of the " Shades," sends his compliments to the reporters and editor ot the New York Herald. John Junks of Boston Avon SorliiKM. rrnrrwfli>rm<l??nc? of the Herald. 1 Avon Springs, June 13, 1843. Beauty of Avon?Salubrity of the miter, tif< . My Dear Sir: ? Tlie nine for the visitation of the "Avon Springs" has now arrived, in point ot time as well as weather. For a lew days past we have been permitted to enjoy a warm sun and balmy atmosphere, and it bids lair tor a continuance. A few boarders have already arrived, and are blessed with the luxury of the Avon waters,{and tha healthful and cooling baths. A new mode has been adopted by some families who are here. They have come on with all the paraphernalia necessary tor keeping house in cottages, erected for that purpose. There are many cottages at the Springs,and in lis vicinity,that can be obtained bv families who should wish to sit under their own "vine and figtree." One family from Canada, whe have adopted the latter course, are flourishing in a moat genteel style, to their own satisfaction and health. Tlia landscH|ie presents a beautiful aspect to the eye of the traveller as well as to him who is visiting the Springs. The dark waving grass, and fields of grain extending for nule.s without interruption, save by the dashing rivulet, in whose clear water the trout sports, and the swallow laves his wing! Now cast youi1 eye west over the "valley of the Genesee, through which rolls in grandeur that well known river, the banks of which are adorned with trees and shrubbery, inviting the weary traveller? the seeker of repose and quietude, to lay him by, or stroll along and taste its pleasures. No one but him who has visited the Springs, and made excursions in the country, can appreciate the comfort and happiness to be derived from a stop at this watering retreat. To the pedestrian, the gamester and angler, there is a tine held lor the development of his eni ergies and tact. For him who wishes to behold | beauty, nature's beauty, in female forms, let him come here, and to him it shall be realized! W. H. O Hnsmer, Eaq left this morning for the city of New York. He has in his possession an unpublished poem, the "Yonondio.' Its style is that ol ihe "Ladvot the Lake," and contains that which will be read with interest by every lover of ( poetry. His description of country, character of the Aborigines, and their battles is very beautiful and I thrilling. The crops,on the whole,are not as good as general. 1 Wheat in this immediate vicinity is pretty fair, but : ott, in the adjoining towns, the prospect is not more I than hall a crop. Corn was pretty much cut off by ! the late frost. Otherspring crops fair. Lko. BOOK-KEEPING. ! V>1 " VV. K. UAKLOW reapectfally auuonncea that he Km , I"I succeeded MR. C. C. MARSH, | id hit buaioeaa u nu Accountant aud Teacher of Book keeping in liis city,at his room V8 Odur street, where ha will cooliuua ' the sttnc thorough course of instruction and practice, so suc! crssfallv ll.iw.d by his predecessor. Mr B. solicits the pa troimgr of (he mercantile community,and respectlully aak (heir mention to the following card "?!. C. MAHHH, Accountant, rrlarns his g'atelul acknowI ledgnnet.rj to hii nnm-rnas Iriends for their lo-g continued IRirumrc. He It is now il'scnutinusd lm business id this city! and it succeeded in the fine bv Mr. W. K Barlow, whoui he confidently commends to the lavorof the mercantile comment ty ia a gentleman of scellent character, thoonghly acoi aimed witli the science nf Book-keeping uid einiicntly qualitiod to iinnart instruction. He respectfully bespeaks for hi* sncceaaor the public favor to which he hncseil has been ?o largely indebted C. r.. VIAKSH. Hii terina are reduced to suit the times to tiO, woich will entitle the pnpil to receive inatinction until he ia thoroughly nualilied for the counting joom. VV K. BARLOW, Accountant, i 10 ltn*r It Ledar street. 1 A A. HAM AN US. NO S WALL AND 289 BROADWAY, offer* for salt ti e follow inn article*, ?ir r? 18 0 ile* of inferior Ooi?a Tobacco. 10 B ile* of ? irinu* f|ii?lili?? of Haeana Leaf. <0 Drtrn* of ?ii|i?rior in key Hmnkiiig Tobacco. 12 Baa* of choice ('offee, for family "?e Aiieall lot of Arrow Knot ami ' ocea N'nt. 10 < fur* of 10 ami 8 do* etch Hcala/lntti Smoking Tobacco, 0 Dor. bottles one pound each Nnrchi'oche* Sooff. ol New Orleans. 190.000 L"iff Brrou Rifili* Tnboco*. f'toonr* and Pans, telle*. La Norma do anil medium aire V eutii Hegalia in hole* of 100 and in 90. Plantation Segar* apd Manilla Cheroot*. Aurora tlaiadore*. WooHyille Hritnridad, Port Harauo*. La KmpreKa, 0oi a, email Yaraend Prinoipee*. Herman Tobacco, iu different qualihea ami Hpeuiah. An aaeonment of chewinx inha, c, P'pe*. bowls, tabes, unb rs, aliuff boie*, segtr cases, matches of different qtaliCiet, lofr Tnrkr h . herry' *lema. and a general assortment ol paper legar*. ?it: Oircis, Mendora. Pent, Bur and Loid byron and inauv other article* two nninarout to mention?til are offered at whole*,ile and retail. Alio, I casks of Pill or Wafer Boies, of different tir.e*. mM lm*r rpo THk. LOVKHS or SUPERIOR BLACK I llowqna'* Miitore?This eirremeiT delicn.n* sad naparel'?*ed IVa, *o highly eclebrated in Chin- *nd Europe, itst em etriad. i* nt* for **le at '.lie Canton TeaCompany'* f?enee*l Pea ' .atabliabrornt, 111 ''hath irat NawVaet, and 116 f*l ton street, Brooklyn?in r'cksg?a "rie- Oaenuaod ? aecb m25 '"'*m _ _ OENIEAL FEZMTXNa fc?o 1 AnLilsHM ENT, n. w. corner of kulton and nassau 8ts. Is supplied with every material necessary for the prompt, neat, and economical etecutinn of erery description of 2?<LSJ?3 3?S Mi53JS32'3. Public attention is requested to this establishment, in ths an1 trance that ample satisfaction will he eiren?as regards typo, raphy, press work, and ch irm s?to those who require fancy or rommon, large or small work cheaply and expeditiously scented. LABELS. CHECKS, W A V b ills. ci rcu l a r ^ show bills, ball ricrbtr, stkamboatbills. bills of LADltfw, railroad bills. cardr, hiaok bills. catalogues, pamiphlk rs. 11L l H It ADS, ha.ndbil 8. notes. SKau&aHs I HE A IKES, CIRUUSSS, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, Or any other places where the largest description of printing m rrjuired. The facilities for thu work are nor njnalled by any 'dice iu this city. Tor, besides the large issortineotof iPLAW sAljQjd ?WWAayiJWrj'.Ai /Yr^y This eetahlishment has the LAKUEHT PHENNKk IN THE CITY. Ureat pains have been taken to provide rsety material thai eau iiieaibly be of service,and therefore peraous having >eci?sion liar Showbills, will And it greatly to iheic advent ?e iu patronize this eetabfishinent. Any size or form of Bill can be famished si very shoe* nottce. X

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