Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 23, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 23, 1843 Page 3
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I dius would t?W>' Irriglit foi " Cuwri iu<l a market," in opposition to oil the tmhIi of Europe. Now,the untaxed House at io and Baltic vessels drive him from the trade ? The uune la the caae with all manufacture!. The woollen mannlacturera at Lowell,for 100 lbs. of wool, which cost 10 centi per lb., pay $0 duty,the Englishmen $J- The former pay a $i per 100 lb?. for indigo, the latter 3.The former paya 20 cents peijgallon for olive oil, the latter 16 cents.? In order to enable the New England manufacturer to pay all these expenses, 60 per cent duty ia laid upon the woollen cloths. This gives a premium to the smuggler who injures him mere than free competition could, and in spite of the high tariff his busineaa becomes worse ; and be therefore smuggles wool, and the wool grower is 1 mined without remedy. All this ruin, demoralization and destruction of trade, ia baaed upon the assumption that | a few miserable political lawyers can regulate commerce better than those engaged in it. " Protection," in short, means to tell the people that thay are not only unfit to govern themselves, but even to conduct their private concerns. Males at ths Stock KMhangs. 20.000 New York 5*i. 1655 98>i 27 ConOibiitionship 100 7500 do 1858 98>* 100 Boston &1 rov lOO 101 2000 Ohio Sites, 1060. 130 88X 05 uartero ?n Ji 5000 do 80 75 2? b3J? J0J? 10,000 do 87 X 600 do 30X 40.000 do 87)2 3*0 do 30k 504)0 City Kites, 1870 98H 175 d? 30 IftO **? Mechanics' Bank 99X 50 do b60 30X 3000 Illinois Boudi 31 loo d> b30 20X MOO do 30 70 Mohawk St Hudiau 33).. 3000 do 29)* 25 do bnw 31 i 2000 do 29)4 50 do a 10 34 4000 Keutuckvahrt Bonds P6 50 do 160 34% , 4000 do Bond* 97 50 do 34 3000 Indiasa Bonda 31 J5 do b60 34X 3000 do 30X 25 do nw 34 in ahra State Bank 90 10 Anb St Roch HR i30 91 25 SrventhWard Bank 88 25 do 94X 175 Del It Hudaon 103 25 Pa'eiaon RR 52 25 Karmera' Tru?t 22X 50 do 51 25 Kqoitable Iaaurance 100 25 do 5l)? 2.0CintonCo 23 50 N Jeraey RR 8lX Second Board. 1000 Illinois, b3 31 50 Lon6 Islatd RR a30 31X 450 Hailem 3D* Sew York Public Stock Bxchanpge. *10,000 U 8 6V 1862, 113 k 25 Cauton Co 23X 5700 do 113X 25 do 23 5ia>0 Water Loan, 1858, 98X 150 Look bland RR 51X 2000 Kentucky 6'* 97k 125 do 51).' 4( 09 do 97k 50 do e 51X 1000 do 97k 100 do C SIX 1000 do 97X 5(1 do 7th July 51X 1000 OhioG't, '60,b3afop* 87.X 50 do *15 SIX 2000 do 87X 50 do alO 51>? 1000 do opK 87 125 do bnw 51X 21100 do blOaftorx 87 X 85 Anb (k Roch HR 91k 10(H) do b3 do 87)4 25 do 190 9 1000 lllinoi* C'a, 1870 31 100 Del St Hiidaou 102 104)0 do 3IX 200 Hulem RK 30 28)0 do 30 25 do b!5 30)4 1000 ludixiia 50 year Badi 22k Second Board. <,000 Illinois 6'?, ^O. |bl5 31 3008 do 30X ,0i.(l do b2H 30X 4000 do b3 31 .,000 do b30 St 50 Look liland HR i3 51)4 jO'O do aJ 30 51 do 51k State of Trade. The abundance of money is slowly operating upon the produce marketa, and will gradually send prio-s up. Jlthtt?Sales 300 barrels of Pots have sold at ; for rVarl*. heavv at *5 374. K ivhiskey?Mat ket dull ; common western sold at 22 cents. Salt?Onondaga at $1 per bbl. Hay?North River 40 cents. Provi$ioni?There is less doing in Ohio Pork; Mess and prime at $0 60 and 11 60 ; Beef, country, city inspected, at $8,06; prime is scarce ; Lard, in kegs, 6| eta. Cojfe*?Brazil firm at 5} a 8jc ; Luguayra 7J a f ; in St. Domingo, at 6ic, cash. Corn Trade. Sinee our last report, llour has taken a fresh start on ano'hertack. During the latter paitof the past week, prices were gradually declining, and had reached nearly $6 per barrel. Our quotations to day show an advance of about two shillings ner barrel irom those given in our last report. The salsa are extensive, ond holders are firm at present prices. The receipts to a moderate extent, but hardlyequal to the demand. The receipts at the west were cut off for a few days, in consequence of a breakage in the Ohio Canal, and the supplies were greatly diminished, but on the resumption of navigation, the arrivals of ilour at Butrale were larger than the boats in requisition were able to take. As soon as boats can be louud to take it to the east, it will come forward in immense quantities. This f>VP.itpm?nt artH nrlronon in Aaiix will maaitd ?? ?? culators, who do not watch the movement* of the floating produce between thia city and the great west narrowly, a speculation based upon nothing but small receipts lor a day or two ; (for, with the evidences that we are daily receiving ol an over abundant crop,just ready to harvest; it cannot tie founded on the probability of a short crop) cannot exist long enough to Deneflt the holders, manufacturers or producers in the interior. The increased demand and improvement in prices, created in this market, from whatever cause, extends itself through all the markets of the west, and accelerates the forwarding of supplies, and oauses a reaction that must fall on the shoulders of some pretty heavily. Without any foreign demand, with all the foreign markets largely stocked and supplied for a long time to come, with a fruitful season, and encouraging reports from every section of our country, with part of the wheat crop harvested,and beyond the dangers attending growing gram; with all these facts plainly placed before us, on I what can rest the slightest foundation lor a permanent improvement, or even tho power to maintain the lowest prices that have ruled the flour market since the opening v ot navigation. The demand for consumption in this and every other market at this season, does not go so far beyond the re ceipts, as to cause so sudden and so great an improvement in prices. It is a speculation got up among the dealers, backed by individuals seeking employment for their idle capital. From the sales made in this market, we quote Genesee, common brands. ?5.871: Brnndvwiae M'lSi I Miuhigaa and Ohio, common and good, $6,31} a 6,37}; fancy brands, Ohio, $5,37} a 5,60; Alexandria, $6,1 3}. The improvement! include all discriptions. Holders of Genesee were holding ou for $5,60, a shilling over our quotatiens. Rye flour, is not in much request; we quote nominally,$3,36 a 3,37}; Corn neal, Jersey, at $3,87} a 3. Wheat m scarce and in demand, we notice sales ot Illinois in small lots at $1,14 a 1,15. Corn arrives in large quantities, but the demand is moderate, and prices tending downwards. We qaote Maryland at 56 cents; Northern 66 cents, both measure; Ohio via canal at 65, weight. At Boston.the 31st instant, there was a good demand and prices slightly improved. The sales have been large. Uenesee, good common brands, $6,37 a 5,60; fancy brands at the usual difference; Ohio, perfect of good brand, $5 a 6.13; choice and fancy do $6,36aA,87; soar and imperfect, $4,60 a 4 75,cash;bakers now buy Ohio freely, the ditiarence being wide between that and southern; sales of Pe. tersburg, $5,13; Fredericksburg extra Eagle, $6,76; Georgetown, $6 .17 a 6,76; Pennsylvania and Michigan, $5,13 a 5,3) per bbl. cash. The market closes poorly supplied with southern descriptions. The market was freely supplied with western Corn, mostly of a poor quality. Sales of southern flat at 66 a 67 cents for yellow, 63 a 54 lor white; Kye flour, Philadel phis, $3,36: Corn meal, kiln dried, $3,87. At Cleveland, the 17th instant, the iioats were coming ia freely, the breach having been repaired. The receipts forthe precedin* two dsvs were 16.360 hhls nt flour oo an) bushels wheat, and IS,730 bushels corn, making the total receipts via canal during the firat two weeks in June Barrels of flour. Bushels wheal. Bushels corn. 33 936 49,444 17,730 At Baltimore, the 31st Instant, the flour market was pretty firm. Howard atreet waa quoted f5,19?. At Buffalo, the 30th inst., the receipta ot flaur and wheat wore immense; every veaael came filled to its ut 3 moat capacity with produce. The receipta, during the preceding twenty-four hours were 15,000 bhls o( Hour, and 30,000 bushels ot wheat. Under the heavy supplies, the market remained firm, and prices were well sustained. Flour was sold at $4 69, and wheat at $1. The hulk of the flour received from the west will be shipped for the east as soon as boats can be obtained. At Rochester, the 33d inst., the flour market was quite active, and prices tending upward. The total amount of (lour shipped from Rochester, from the opening of navigation to the 14th inst., is 47,334 Mils. Wheat was selling at (1 06, and flour at ?4 63. Statement of duties on Hour and grain into Canada from foreign countries, exhibiting present rates, and the rates after the 6;h of July Total present. Tolalafte> July 6. Wheat Flour, tree 36 or 40d per nbl Flour of Meal, all other, irec f Orain, all kinds except wheat, tree f Wheat, unceitain, but will probably beSftorGOd p<r quarter of eight bushels, or 7} cents net' bushel. Amount of flout and wheat arrived at tide water in the Id week in June. Total to 14th June. Flour bhls. Wheat bsh. Flostr bhls. Wheal hsh. IB41. 66.396 6 191 ska ?>7 so nna 194*; 46,359 6/ifii 380,806 132,062 1843, 60,399 13,896 300.966 66,886 Receipt* ol llour, wheat an<l corn, at Buffalo, during the first two weeksof June lor this and the preceding year:? 1843. 1643. Flour, hbli, 05,067 117,941 Wheat, bushels, 135,416 134 010 Corn, do 26,776 11,653 L The total of flour, wheat, be., lauded at Buffalo from the commencement of navigation to 15th June for three seasons, ii alao appended 1841. 1843. 1843 Flour, bMs, 215,658 908,491 343,491 Wheat, huah, 313,049 278 643 260,613 Cora, J ... ?i9 64,291 16,879 Oat*, ] a,,IW 83,477 4,000 The harvest in Virginia has fairly commenced. The Richmond Compiler saya?" The crop ii said to be tinuau. ally good. Odo of the inoit extenaive wheat grower* say* he never had aurh a flue crop of wheat before. The cropin thi* region i* flrat rata " A correspondent writing (rom Cincinnati, says?" After comparing ell the crop and anti crop croaking accounts that have been published, they will bo found to veiily a prediction ma<te in a lurmer letter, that although the wheat was injured in some sections, yet owing to tne unusually large (juantity of seed sowed, we might safely anticipate an abundant harvest." The above are only a small example of the numerous repons we umiy receive from the molt important grain glowing auction*. Ia one short month we shall have it in our power to giro more <lnciile<l accounts of the yield, and the effect it will have on prices. Brighton t attic Market . Monday,f June 19, 1843.?At market, 160 heef cattle, 1ft cows and calves, 800sheep,and 876 swine. 60 lieel cattle unsold. Pricu?>eef Cattle? Last week's prices were not suntai. e I. We quote s lew eatra Sft 60 ; first quality ft a ft ft j second quality >4 ftO a 4 76; third quality, 4 a 4 DO. Cows sad Calves?Hales at ft?, 19, 44 and 47. fihrep?Lots were sold from f I 80, g4 and 4 AO. Swine?Former prices were not sustained. A lot to pc Idle at 4c far Sows, and 6c lor Barrows ; nnd a lot ratter large size 3} for Hows and 4) for Barrows- At ratsil * (ram 6 to Married. On Thursday evening, by Jebn McHeley, Jonathan D. Ha km is, Esq. of New York, to Mrs. Mas* Ann Mitchsi.l, onlp daughter of the late William Prince, Esq. of Plush ing, Long Island. * n Thursday morning, 22d inst. at St. Luke's Church, by the He*. Mr. Forbes, Mr. William JaNu Csllikb, oi Brixham, Devonshire, to Miss Eliza Bagu, of Ycovill, Somersetshire, EnglandV Boston papers please copy. Died. On Wednesday evening,' the 'list, after a lingering ill ness, Mr. Francis L. Rkingeahd, iu the 29th year of his age. The friends and acquaintance of the family aad those of his brother in-law, John De Ruyter, and the members of Columbian Lodge No. 1 oi the I.O. of O. F. find the order generally, are respectfully invited to attend his fune. ral this afternoon, at -4 o'clock, from his late residence, corner ol Henry and Uouvernetir street. On Thursday, the 22d inst after a lingering illness, Mrs. W. E. Hossack, aged AO years. Her friends are invited to attend her funeral on Friday, 3Sd inst. at 4 P. M. from 27 Greenwich street. Paswngcrs Arrived. LiraarnoL?Packet ship Europe?8 Otuble, led* and fainiI*, of Canada; A Kitley. A Broadhesd H Kernan, J Taylor, J Smith, A Lynch, Mrs 8 Furber, E Fniber, Miss 8 Furber, Brooklyn. ArAi.AcmcoLA?Bcnr Seminole?k Johnson, am 11 m me stealage. Foreign Importation*. Liverpool?Ship Europe?10 pkgs K S But'srlield?13 do P Chouteau & co?1 do C Adshcad?19 O Ebn inner?1 Bailev It K'tetii'?29 Smith, Thnigerlt co?10 Kisdlrr St co?3 L J Wj eth?1 Ingo'dsby St Boiaceau?1 Gillespie It rtnedwell?14 J Van Nest?1 C B Conaut?1 D Bulkley St sou?I R L Lee?8 J Gihou?C K Marshall?1 Ba<nham & Baldwin?I J W Wendell ? 2 W W Sesmour? 1 J Mil W Strasbnrg?1 J Lefferts?1 H Baylis?10 W Whitewright?3 E Corning St co?2 K Patrick? 33 Garner St co?12 Hiplay St Crane?I HHeuwick?30 rs copper J Macv Itaon?60 tons pin iron S Thompson?319 bills iron G W Shield'?30 tous coal 2030 ska salt C H Marshall?200 baa tin Phelps, Dodge St co?XI66') Nevius, Towusebd St co?L830 C P Leveru h?24 Of to order. Palermo?Ship Vesper?100 bis filberts >00 do almeuds 270 do sumac 100 do walnuts C00 do lemons 25t0 do oranges 30 ci manna 30 do paste 100 kegs maccaroni S Broom?1029 boxes to order. Domsstlc Importations. Ar ai.achicola? Schr Seminole?134 bales cotton W Barnwell?43 De Peyater St Wlntinarsh. MAfiIT 1M E HERALD. Ship Plaatnra and AgentSi We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will cirt to Commodore Uoueht Silvkv, of our News Fleet, a Re port of the Shipping leli at (he Port whence they sailed, the Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, an 1 any Foreign Newspapers or News they may hare, lie will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Ufftce nil the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nantical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. POliV OK HKW VOKK, JUNK ?3 #VR RISES 4 31 I MOO* RISK! 1 II Sl'll SETS 7 32 | HISH WATER.-- 5 27 Cleared. Shipi Caledonia, (Br) Coilm, Liverpool, Maury Brother*; H All ii. Wilson, Charleston, O Sutto? ?Brn Opeiianito, Vc??, Ht Jaun de Cuba^ Telegraph, ( Br) Wella, Uatbado.s. Viddh 'oa k Co; Colonist. (Br) Duiker, Yarmouth, N8 J H Braii.e; John B'iitleit, Fa.leu, Elizabeth City, NC. T McAdain ? S hra Daty Chase. Downes, Aux Caves, 8 W Lewis; Iowa, Con&nt, Camden, Me. ABC oley It Co. Arrived. Packet ship Europe, Kb ber, from Liverpool, May 2(1, wit) C. H. Marshall and Goodhue It Co. Ship Vesper, Sylvester, 05 days from Palermo, Gibialtar I2il May, witli fruit, to 9. Broom. Left ship Exchange, for Boston 5 days. Brig Lowell, Keller, 6 days from Machias, with lumber, tt B.ettfc Vose. Brig. Clarion, Le'and, 8 days from Lubec, with plaster, tc Nesmiih. Leeds It Co. Schr Srrninole, Allen, (torn Apalachlcola, May 3', with cotton, to Wm Barnwell. Srhr Teazer, Greenlaw, 6 days from Eastport, wi h mdse, ta P I. Nevius St Son. Schr Select, Jones, from Newberu, NC. with naval stores, to S. Mitchell. Sthr Ann Maria, Baxter, from Newbern, NC. with naval storea, to S. Mitchell. Schr Hobetl Bruce, Lawaon, 7 days from Lubec, wit l plastc-, to master. Schr Splendid, Crowell, 4 days from Bosteu, with master. Sehr Patriot, 6 days from Thoni'ston, with litne, to master. Schr Antilies, from Thoinasten, with litne. Sehr rianet, from Betigor, with potatoes. Schr Aid, from Boitou, with mdse. Below. One ship, unknown. Sailed. Ships 11 Allen, Wilson, Charleston; New York, Martin! v..,? I-.,,. u. a.,..v v?. v..... ?.?.l tn....i n /?.. uu gee, Jackson, NOrltans, anil others. U?n?r*l Ilccord. Lauwch.?A fne b ig of 3*>? tout, intended for the China tiade, wits to be launched at Last Boston, afttruooa of the 22d inst. Quebec , June 17.?The Whinn, on May 28, pa sed the hall of a large ship, waterlogged; there was nothing standing abuse the decks, except the ataucheons; appeared to have bright aides, and lo be about 300 tous. On the day previously, piss d a topmast, heel upwards, seemed to be held down by the rigging. Whalemen., Arr at New London 15th inst. Conuec'icnt, Crocker, NZruIrand, with oil and bone. Hid 19 h. Electra, Wrrd, FaoMk Ocean Hailed from New Bedforj 21st, Mercator.Cook, Indian Ocean: Juno, Cook, Atlantic. Two Brothers, Tiukhatn, NB, off NHolland last of Notr, hat 1100 bhls lustead of 100 as reported. A letter from 'J'alcahuaoa -e|>oita i-nk'-n, on the line. Ion 1'S W. Dec 22, Young Hero, Brock, Nant, 100 apm; Nautucke', Gardner, do. Bin; Ganges, Pitman, do, 120; Chailes, Gardner, NB, 150, Mtrch 14. off Mass.<fuero, Wm 0 Nye, Bu'dington, NL, 6 JO sp2t>00 wh; Eliza Adims, H ,lley, Kit, 300; Euphrates, NB,3j0; Virginia, Luce, do, 160 wh; Henry, HaUm, 300 sr. A letter from Cavt Carey, of the Chat Diew, NB, dated in Jsn, lat II 38 S, Ion 124 E, re, oris her with 600 bbls oil, 6 inos out, all well?to cruise till keb, and then btuud te North West Coast. Spoken. England. Bar.lctt, hence for Liverpool, 1 day out, was teen 20lh i st. off Moutauk?by the Europe, at this jiort. Rochester, 2days hence for Liverpool, June 19, lat 40 10, Ion 72?by the Cahaw bu, at this port. Spnag, Metauzas for Cowet, no date, ofl Cape Hatteras?by the Seminole, at this port. head? Rhino, Baltimore (t r Windsor, NS. June 20, off Cape May?by pilot boit J as M Waterbury. Haute time, Acorn, Philadelphia lor Button?bv the tame. Win Neiltou, Morns, from New York, June 10, 16 unlet fiotn Po.tau I'rtnce, bouud in?by the Mary Augusta, at Baltimore. Ostrich, for N York, Juut II, off Cape St Nicola Mole?by the saute. 'Ellen Kiug.' from South side of Cuba for Boston, June 18, off ape Hauerai. St Andrew, S oier, Liverpool via Hampton Roads, for Boston. June 18. lat 39 48. Inn H9 6?hv the Kierliite Rnslnn. Ll.anor, ljubbs, Marseilles for N Orleans, June 3, lat 21 45, Ion 82 1. Mtdfonl, Wilbur, NOrleans forCowea, May 28, Ion 60 30 Ciatou, Tome, Mobile for Liverpool, same time autl place. Kortlgn Porta. Havana, June 10?Sid Kussrll, Matauzas. to load for Ku' rote. In port, Llltwoilh, for Boatou, uext day; Willia/i, do, lew days. Port au Prince, Juue 10?In rort, Maria, Stetson, of Philadelphia, arr 8 h; Justiua, Miepheard, of Baltimore, from New Yora, arr same day, with lo of fore topm at; Champion, ami ()in?r, of Boston,arr 9th; Paudora, Paston, for B istou, to sail lllh; Sarah Catharine, Krazier, from Baltimore, via Cape Haytien, arr 9th. Quebec. June 19? Arr Jaue'. Duffle, McDonnell. Ulastow; Whim. Kctt tt, Hartlepool; Mohaira, Jump, Ulasirow. C d 16tb, Favorite. (J.eenhoru, Glasgow; Beauport, M< ripan; Bn ush Tar, Keyarr, and Coluinbiue, Tayior, Loudon; Aid, Tilltuan, Newcastle; Miracle, tlliot, Liverpool; Saliihuiy Harrison, Kay, Hull; Blessing, Bundle, Portameiith; Maiy Ann, Woouworth, Sunderland; 17th, Crusader, Wilson; Alexander, Lirt' le; Kurope, Uubb, and Isabella, Wilson, London; George Wilkinson, Brown; Spermaceti, M- on, and N'ettor, Smith, Plymouth; Sa-ah Stewart, Low, Belf-st; Mars, Lauitil'u, and tteaolnnon, Wright, Liverpool; Countess of Loudon. Hu chin -wu, o..*. n Tiaruii, 1 ort.sinoiJiii j LJeary. aurMi, tori; Jfiiif. ( ujtaiice. Faint < nth; Ann, Crotftiti/tt), Bristol. . AloftTRKiL, Jiiue J7?Cld Apollo, Walker, Dundee. Gibraltar, May 18? In pert, Vesper, Sylvester, I'aleim, for > Von. Trieste, May 24?In port, Sea, Delano, and Albertina Joyee. uno. only Am yrsseIs. Amsterdam, May 30?Arr Geo Hvan, Rogsn, Boston. Lake Port*. Buffalo, J?ue 20?Arr Columbia, Tyler; Illinois, Baik; Mnj Giver, Kyle; Toledo, Haakiiii, aud J K t'orter, Kossmsn, St Joseph; Queen Charlotte, Hohliard, Sandusky ; Moigi.iua, Prase, and N America, Callard, Toledo; Buffalo, Tyler, De roil; Gazette, Minor. Rod CrevoliB, Canldwrll, Cleveland; Brewster, Wood, Chicago anil Milwaukie; Hudson, Seymour; Marengo, Stewart; Chickaloui, Mead; Congress, huos, and C Walhir, Harding, Chicago; Sara'sga, Vorce, Toledo; Vic.ory, Cook, .VlautneeCity; B Barton, Martin, Grand Haven Home Ports. Ki.lsworth, Jane 17?8M Arhoreer, Trewnrgy, NVork. Bath, June 13?Arr Holuu Hood, Berry, Point Petre. Gusil; 18 h, New Vork Merrvman, NVork. Cld 19ih, Lion, Mi lay, Ma riuniue. Sid 16ih, Fox, Norton, do; 17th, Ch tries, Sylvester Jamaica. Poktlapid, June 17?Arr Cyhele, Deeriug, Frankfort for Matonz s,l3th, Two Friends, r'.aton Kiclimoinl; (lrldii Gray, Waxs. NVork; 19;h, Kaule, Hinckley, Wilmington, NC. Sid 17th, American; Motto,; 18th, Ontario Boston, June 21?Arr Stilling, Sj mines, Manilla; Washington, Slunk land, Trinidad via Holmea Hole; Lion, Baxter; K.I, and Sophroma, Dayton, Philadelphia; Council, Bakrr, Richmond; Coin m hi a, Kent, Alexandria; Montr Xuina,Stewart, G?orgrtown, DC; America, Crowell; J Cooley St Co, JCIdinlge; Trio, Nickerson, and Wolcott, Ryder, New Voik. Cld Wcodsnle. Ke*d, Calcn'l ; Salem, Prime, Anx Cayes; Otho. Perciral, Oeoritctowu, D ; Dorrr. Perciral, Baltimore; Palm, Eldtidge, I'mladvlptiin; Lomaa, Olif. Albany; Compliance. I'atlert.m; Friend, Lntr.ll, and Mall, Nieliole, New York. Hid Shaw, Kdw Bl kr, Joaeph Atkim, Monument, Kin; Dcliai.ce, Philadelphia. Below. Roekall, NOrl-ar.a. Signrl for 1 ship, 1 barque. Arr IfUh, Mrjratie, True, Philadelphia New Bi dkorii, June HI?^rr William, Baker, 8t Mary a, Ua; Erie, Oibba, Albrny; Helen, Perry, N York PanriDEircx, Jim* 20? Arr Atlantic, Hobinanu; Lady Clinon. Cranreer, and Denmark, Herrimab. Philadelphia; Equator, Hiurgea; Juno, Sturgea. Mid V filant. Heath, N York; Au ora, Bunder ant, and Clio, Tinker, lioudout, Sid Vienna,Hallock. N York. Newport, June 17?Arr VVarikiuco, Atkiua. Baltimore for Fall Hirer; Manon. Hcr yrr-n, Cha'reaton for Proa idanee; Sutler, Al?kauder, Baili for N York. Bid a lirrla oi 16th. An 18th, 1 ime, Oarretinp, Prnrid. uea for Sulf 'Ik, Va; Meridian, Lewie NYom lor Fall Hirer; Itonciui, I'reabv, Taurrou lor York. Sid arrirala of 17th. Arr I9lh, New York, Munro, f'revidrnce for N York; 20th, Th'iru. Defana, aud I,ode una in E:iXa, It ice, Kail Hirer for Philedelphre; Palestine, Hrer-nron, Ho do; troero, Batea, NBedford for do. Sid Koacina, and New York, N York. New Lokdoit, June 13?Arr Lawnncr, Par.a, Albrur lor Norwich; tJth, Franklin, Smith, l> York; Dili (Jeo k Mary. Holt, town; Equator. Sherwnij,I N York lor Peon . nr. HaaTionn Jane lh?Arr Maiinioti. Smith. Mobile; #?v?, Pelton, Mew York; 2l)ih, Miry Klicabeth, Smith, do; Belle, Brooke, Albany.!?Y, June 21?Arr New Jersey, Bell, Philadelphia; Two Brnihrrs Uondapecd Bo?l< n; I'hrnii, While, Hartford; Oen Ueftey,''olemin, aud Nmict Finley, Adams, .NbuIiicUoi;. Shi Alfie-', N Void; Two Brothris. W irdwell, PruTiilenre; Mohawk, Hartloid. I'mn.aiiKi.rHia, Jnue 22?Arr Pallas, Biancharo, New Yorli; l liarles. Dodge, Boston; Kokert Hantoul Jr, Sheffield, Port*mouth, NH; Hetald, (Joodwiu, Newbtiryiioit; H L Parker ( urtis, Middletowu. Ct. Below, N;w Zealand, Poland, Lut-er Cld Da Plata, Michael , Hirer La P.ata; Vnninia Trsdet, Steward, Pernamhnco; H Fuller, Fuller; Teeter, McKentir, nod Bmeline. Nichols. Boston; Ach'ah U. Douglass, Prori drtne; (Jen Scott, Host, N York; V iruint-s, flail, fall liter ? A't at the Philadelphia and Reiiliug Railroad Wharrcs, Rich rnond, June 'hi?II bl Wain. S-ars, Boston; Tcmlin, York, do; Acton, Lambert, N York; H< llrspout, Woodbury, Newburyperc (Jc n Bishop, (iloaeester; -Mary tc Caroline, Corson, Cape rla\; Rambler, Smith. Proa pee t. Lawns I) 1. Jane IB?Madeline, for Falmotuh, Jem; Win Kennedy |,r Hi Thomas, Biamlvwine, Pertiambuco; Coruvi, Klrtgs'on, Jam. aud Nouparei', for Torto Rico, hex gone to ?s-',"v wi aiuce ITt silo, mill utlirr irurli, ujinra uui ascertained Baltimore. Jane 21?Air M iry Anautta, Kirwau, Port an Prince;! hatuhooohee, Doaae, Haraua; Perseverance, F rankfort ; Hi-leu Mar, Canine; Spy. Albany. ALEEANDaia, Jane 21?Mid Liirana, Newburypart; Win Back. NYc>rk; OlODOko, Kailpnrt Richmond. June 20?Air C'nion, Paine, Boiton; Commerce. Kiaxg, N York; 2 it, Li.1 lit foot, Thoinaatou; Weymouth, Kami C Abbott, Catharine, and Olivia Bnckell, NYork; Fulcrum, Beaton. NoaroLE, Jane l??Arr Bolivir, Barnard, Nantucket for Baltimore", Nile. Br'l, B.iitou lor Richmond; Diadem, Liacomb. Brutol. (Id lie now u, Skaati, Liberia; Auicm, Meana, Writ I, din; Nancy, (Br) ilreie, Turka Island. In Hampton Roads, Arrtnusa, Baxter, Clia lcilon f.r Boalon?put In on ac count of head winds. MAVOIt'S OFFICE,) Naw York, June 21, 1M3 ) NOTICE?Notice ia hereby git en, that on Monday next,the tfSlh iuatant, peraoni duly authorized to kill dogs running at large without rnuzzlee, will ruler upou the performance of their duty. Thia nonce it Kiaau that zitizena may hire tl eir dogs properly muzzled, and that the r theirs may not be moleated in the i<eiformauce of ilinr duty. J23 2t r ROBERT H. MORRIS, Mayor. NEW YORK PASSAGE ASSOCIATION EOR THE PROTECTION OF EMIGRANTS ! ANOPY OF RECEIPTS UIVEN THE TVIIIItaNTr ^ New Yo(k Passage An'-ciation, Kalablithed lor the protection of Immigrants. All engagements ol this Association, (with passeugers) are guaranteed b? boutls lu a heavy i>eii.tliy, held in trust by his Honor, the Mayor ol the city of New York. No. Nkw Y>h?. 184 oakokn fkkb ADMISSION TO THE i.JRCUS 25 CKNT8. Received of Mr, '.hesuinol dollars Centi, tor passage of persons, cjual to fall passeugtrs from New York. To one hundred uounds of luggage on the Kiver, and fifty on the Canal and Lakes, free for each full p&saen-ger. Extra bjgg'ge lor one hundred pounds. Tliis Heceipl entitles the bearer to a Boat (usage on the River, aud a I'assage on tlie Canal. To Albany or Troy. Agent. The following perso us comiiose the above Association, and i have made arrangements wi.h the content of the Health!'Hi -er at the Quarantine, to have an Agent in constant attendance to l carry out their intentions, hacked hi tome of the most worthy end benevolet t cvtizrns and merchants of this city. I R. PUTNAM for Troy and Ifirie Line, i GEORGE W. ANDERSON, Troy aud Buffdlo Line JAMES 8. WYUKOFF, Troy and Oswego Line H STORK. Keliauce Line. j. McDONALD, Leech ft Co. Line. T2 1! s SSo 5. 2 ft w-5 "2 t ^ a I K O ? toft "2 TS ? i ? S ? From New York to "2*3 s? ?-3 . SS -2, ??2 gO (S * |.8 ?S &S hii Utica, New York SI 25 $1 75 $0 20 So t,B Syracuse, da 1 50 2 09 0 25 0 (.0 Oiwetfo. ti<> 1 73 2 HO 0 r? 0 00 Rochester, do 1 75 2 25 0 40 0 00 Lockport, do 1 85 ! fi 0 50 0 CO Buffalo, do 2 CO 3 00 0 55 0 00 Erie, Pa 0 75 4 00 Cleave laud, Oliio 0 80 4 50 Tolrdo, do 0 80 5 00 Detroit, Mich 8 to 5 00 Millwavkie, W. T 0 90 9 on Southport and Hacine, do- 0 90 9(0 Ctiwge. Hi o so o oo Passage, wa Kail Road, fiom Albany or Troy to Huffao? $5 00. Rates of Postage via\Oswego and Welland Canal. ? S v. ?, -W M E m jR ^ From New York to eg Sii dq | K) ? 1 o 5 E 5S ?2 8.S J5 a ; a ? H ? ? o SO feJ 5. i Oswego, N. Y fi 10 $ $ 35 2 Sackett's Barber, N Y. 4 CO 55 5 00 i KiiiKstuu, Canada 4 f0 55 5 00 , Tnront-', do 3 50 65 5 50 Niagara, N.Y. 3 50 65 5 50 > Ogdrnrburgh, N. Y. 4 50 6 5 5 50 HamiHou. Canada 5 on 65 6 00 i Mich 5 60 05 7 00 Milrvaukie, W. T 7 50 80 1! 00 Racino * Southport, W. TV 7 50 to U 00 Chicago, III 7 50 80 11 00 Michigan City, lud 7 51 10 1100 Rates of Passage via. Philadelphia to Piltsbureli. From Steam Boat kxtra 5 < lb. luggage New York and luggage allowed ccli to Canal. per 100 lbs. passengers free Philadelphia $3 25 $ 75 Hollidayabargh,- 7,01 1,50 Johnston u 8 50 2,10 Blairsville 9 00 2,25 Pitcbu'gh 9,50 2 50 100 lbs luggage an the River and 50 lbs on 'the Canal nnd Laks free for each afult. Children under 12 years of age half price, infants free. We, whoso names are hereunto subrcribrd, knowing the impositions that have long been practiced on the Emigrant, do most cordially approve the above rates i f passage, and recom meud (hi- encour geineut 01 mis Association. who hase given bomls for the faitht <1 performance of all their cngpge i enr.*, which bondtare held in truat by hii Honor the Mayor of ihe City of Mew York, for the benefit ol the Emigrant. Signed? OnlN'NKLL, MINTURN & CO.. London Line racket*. CHAS H|V VaRSHALL. | Liverpool Line Packets. E K. MORGAN Ship Vie.o.ia. Packets. WOODHULL & MINTURNS, Liverpool Line Packet*. Mayor'*Office, Jane 10 h. 1813 1. Robert II. Morris, Mayor of the city of Mew York, do C'rlily that boada have been executed to ine at Truitee for the benefit ot immurm!* who mav take passage in the transportation lines hereinafter uim?<l, by "u'us Putnam fotTioy and kliie l ine; (Jrorae W Anderion, Troy and Buffalo I.ine; ' Janus 8. W?ckoff, for Troy and <)?weitn Lin?; H Siork, for Iteliauce Line to Pittsburgh; and J MrDonilo for I eeoy St Co, Pittsburgh I m?; *aid bond* being in ihe i eual sum of Five Thouaaud Dollar* for each *aid Line,conditioned fir the lai hful i rrfo.miucu of all their rnutrncta ami those of their agent* with iinmicrant*. which bond* are filed in my ofTirn, for the beurlii of persons miking contract* with aaid Companies or ih* ir ageuis for passage aiaforeanid (Sigted) ROBERT H. MORRIS, j 23 6'.*i Mavd of the city of New York. CHAMPAGNE, CLARET, PORT, SHERRY WINES, ScC. 100 BASKETS ChainpiKDc Wine, firit ijuality, in quart AvJ\r and pint bottle*. 150 B.iske.s me hum and low priced Champagne of diffeient brand*, in perfect order. 30 Ca>k* Bordeaux Claret, ol very good quality. Al?o. Cl-ret id cues,of every gradSherry Wiue*. suitable foi Sherry Cob en Port Win*, of every variety. , Also,? Hockheiiner, Marcjbruuer and other Rhenish and light Sunimtr Wines For sale at fair prices hy P. W. ENOS St SON. je?36t*r 91 Front st. cor Ooverteur'* Lauc. IMPORTANT TO TRAVELLERS AND HOUSE 1 KEEPERS?Lile and Property Preservers?Patent Self Cocking Revolving Pistols, wkjah can be discharged tis times in as m >uy seconds, merely liy pulling the triggrr. The chamber and barrel are in one niece, nud therefore caunot be blown apart like *otne repeating putols. The construction i? very simple?ihey can be draw n fiom ihe pocket ami used with oue band, without the loss of a moment. Kor traveller*, house aud (tore keepers, captains, pltnters, public officers, and o'hers, they are an indispensable article, as they can protect their lives aud property if attacked by ma jy persons. If Planters would arm themselves with this weapon, they would have no came to fear tlie insurrection of their slaves. i nr puouc are luvueu in examine ine same, as ineir sinipiieity, being warranted not to get not of order, and their perlect afrty, will certainly recommend them overall othen. Whole ale and retail. J. G. BOLEN. 101 Brotdway, m'6 Im enl i?*?e between Wall and Fine stt, EVery lady her own dre.-s maker MHM. TK.NTi.EH at CO , beg leave t? inform the ladies of New Yo'k and its vicinity, that they intend to give instruction i: their new patrut system of cutliog ladies'dresses, habl't, sleeves, voltes, collars e,ps. fcr.., of every deseri|i(ton, sue, f .shinu and style, by ? hi-h svstem any laily is enabled, altsr three hours' instruction, to cat any of the arid articles, not only in the very best, hut also in an economical, m inner, without any risk of a m'slit. The nhicribers may be Inuud at their roomt, 2iU Wi'liam st, w'-'ere thev will teach their its tern f.nin 9 lo 12 A M , and from 2 to .1 P. It. Terms far mstruclio.?One la Is $J. including implements^ two ladies $5; and in classes exceeding two, 12 etch , including implements The 'uitrucion it given by ladies, and no charge mads adrss complete satisfaction is given j 15 Im'r straw" goods. T BENNETT, 21 John street, Importer and Mannfactarer ol Italian, English, and French Straw Goads, rcspsclfully informs his enstomers that he canlinues to receive accessions to his splendid stock of Ladies' fashiouable Straw Bonnets, made of the most superior quality of braids, and offend now to the publicr.l reduced prices; vis.? English and French Uunttables, Italian Hollands, Prince Albert Braids, Fancy Shell and Imperials, Victori t Braids (a new and splendid article,) Tuscans, Brilliauts, French Whalebone (a pretty article for summer wear, possessing the lightness, color and heaatv of the chip, and the strength and durability of the Tmnni KreuchLace, Krendi Chip, Modem, fcc. lie. The above-mentioned nrtielaa are manufactured |l the moat superior style.and in the latest shapes, particularly in the Orleaua Oipsy, the moat ftshiouahle aud moat becoming ahape introduced thia teaaon. ml1 lm*r UITAHS, WHOLKSALK AND KKTAIU-3% Brnan ' wny, near Walker (tract.?MKMUS. PH. ERNST SCHMIDT Ik MAUL., Onitar mannlarttirrra, would respect- 1 fully call the attention of the public to their eatahlialnnenr, , No. 39i Broadway, where they keep constantly on hand an etteuaiye aaaortment of fine-toned guitars, finished iu the beat 1 style. All Iuatrumenti from thia manafaetory, loug favorably known in the United States, where it received the first premium awarded by the American inatitnte, for tlie b-al Unitai, , are made of inch inateriala and in anch a in|<erior m-nurr, aa euablea the maker to wariant tlx m to atand in\ in?r.Strangers before purchasing elsewhrr", am HqllltM to call ' and eiamine the apleu lad wotkmanahip of their uiatrtimenia, ami MMTtail They will be found lower than at any other home in the city. Mr. Ph. Ernst, Proleaaor of the Date and Uuitar, hega leave to anuonnee that the above arrauaemeota do not Interfere in the h ast with bit other engagements; he anil continues to give teaaoua aa uanal, at Mi Broadway, near Walker at mil lm*r HIGHLY IMPORTANT. 'PC OWNERS OK MORSES.?8. BUSHEL, practical 1 Veterinary Surgeon, would inform the pnblie he hvi had aeven yeara practice in the Britiah Army. S B will pay erety attention to horiea at th? owner's stable. Chargn moderate to anil the timet. lie wnnld inform rarmrn who?hoiaea require physic, that the most appropriate time to call wnnld be on Saturday, aa they will he ab'e to nir them on Monday. All kimla of liorae medfine kept eonatantly on hand. Via Balla of erery deaeription, price 25 cents; eongh and condition powders, 25 centa; hliateriug ointment, 15 cents; hoof ointment, 12H centa. A anperior article of horse linamen'. for sprains, bruiaea. kn , price 75 centa. Advice gratia, at hia residence, No, 49 Robinaonatreet, corner of Greenwich atreei. jel lm*ro DR. WHEELER, OCCULIST. OO GREENWICH BTKKKT, near the Battery. N. V.,rtOO apectfully inforina the public, that among the many hundred! oi raaea which he haa attended, many of them hare been nperated on by other profeaaora without auceraa and pronounced hy them incurable ; yet. he haa never failed to eradicate lh" disease and effect a perfect cure despite of avery disadvantage srhich may have prevented i tar If. and in inauv almost agaiust hope. It ia tlna unprecedented auceraa in hia treatment ,il th> virions (hitherto rouaid>red incntablet diaessrs i f the > a., no- .. .,i.-. ..n.i-.? . ?c?. ? ... nr, niii * ..-1.*- in r- |> irirt in1" nOlIC ICO WOO ' may he unacquainted with him and lin mild mode of trentnu, irder of tins organ, in HWIW restored pnrients in the '' hut class of society, respecting hit ptole ssintMiable abilitits ' sud hit pre-eminent skill at an ocesliat. r Chronic inflammation of the eyelid, or tore eyes, howevet lout! Handing, can he effectually and permanently cured; film?. c ap"cka, ic removed and cured without snrgtcal operation. Cataract* removed by auy of the operation! practised here or 1 in Mrope. 8T UA BI8MV 8 , (Comuiotilr called !h|n*abia) cured in .1 few teeonda on 1 Ourrin't celebrated p!?u, which is free from paui or danger. e tj r Office hours Iro n g A. M. to 1 P. M,, after which honrs 1 he visits ont door palienta ml lm*ec * PORT I'til J bSK KKMAIrK tft.i. , ii rpHK8g?, far-fautrd and eelabrs ed Pills, non Pertain*. d wa paresivs. I > be >t toned ? te , twi n Pealiiveit SMoMthe, gati*-1'isl Inf XXTANTKD-A milium by ? r< i|?>i<- )?uu * . *? chambermaid, waiter, nane, or matran, or to auiit in waahing rr irouin.'. I'le iae to inquire at No 'i'j Dnatie alreet. i jtsjt^rjrc _ ^ AXTANTKD?A aitnaiion na porter in a atore by a miJille ** ?*rd mm wlio k ? native of tlia city,and th#rou*hlv convrraart with every rarl ol it He wonld make Inmaelr ceuera1ly uarlul.and ran gira il.e moat ratiafactnrv references * to lion aty, aobriely am. capability. Addreaa G. C. at the <>mce of thla paper. 122 It r CLOTH CAP MAlKHB and Ar>preniie?a wanted iinine diauly by E. V- CHI OH AM, j2l 2t*ec I'A Maiden Lane. TNKtJS MATIO.N WANTKD?Of OH W A LI) BKNCi KKNDOKK a n<tive of No'iibcr.?. Oennany. He emign'rd to the Unite.I Statea in 1841. He ii iiippoted 11 be iu ?<.ine of the wertein ft.tea. Hln.uld tbia inret the eye el" an* peraou who can uive information reanectina him. ihey will confer a ereat fivor on hia brother, Kwold Beuckeadorf, by writii'K to him, care of Mr Eiiher, German Hot* I, 116 Cedar ?t- The weatern parura will ilevac conv the ttboTe. j^ft^m " ' HOAR 01 NO ?A few Single Gentlemen, or Gentlemen and their Wires, can lie Accommodated with pleasant rooms and hoa-d, hy applying at >1 Ve?er street. rn30JiiPr BOAKOlN'l?A fnmily or two can be handsomely accortirii'dated with hoard at Nswark, N.J. The situation is one of the must delightful in the place, and but a few ate|is from the stopping ida'e of the rail cars Kor Inrtiier information apply at No. 27 Maiden Lane. ni27 lm*r GENTLEMEN and their wires, or single nentlenien can be accommodated with heard in a moat d'tiral.le and pleasant loca'iou within a few minutes w illc of th- Kulton anil Csthiritte Krrrirs. Apply No. 80 Adams street, Brooklyn, L. I. Heference eiihanged jc2neon2w,r A KKW GENTLEMEN of steady habits can be acrmnino <? dated with fOOd board and pleasant rooms in a private l.imilv, at 201 Knltc.ti street. Alto, a lew day boailert COD be accommodated on the innat reasonable term. A pallor and bedroom to let, wn'i or without ' oard ail ee HANDSOME APARTMENTS in Houston street, close to Broadway.?To let, to Rcntleinen, with breakfast and tea Rpfcreurrs repaired. Address, bo* 208 Park Post office. m12 I in eod*ec HANDSOME APARTMENTS, tn Houston street, near Broadway to let, to Keutlemcn, with breakfast and tea, or full b ! if reunited. References required. Enquire at the bar at ,\ibio's Garden, or at llie house, 411 Houston street. m2l-lm*ec rPO LET ?Splendid lnr;e rooms, well furnished, for Single A O'Pt'emen. with mil tea. Enquire at 82 Walker Mr'fi, Deir Broadway. je1Jm*rc TILLIl l' V KOK H \ LK.?A superior London made Tilburr, has run hut two years, and is new paiuled this spring, for sale cheap. Apply to MESSENGER'S Stable. in30 2w ?fi 58 Lninhor street. ONLT TWO SHILLINGS EACH. NOW on hand, black and colored Hit mner Stocks, for sale at retail for only two shilling* e -eh, he je23 lt*rio IRA PKRK.liO. 74 Maiden lane. B|l L8 OK EXCHANGE, pivable at sighton all nans of Elulaud, lieland and Scotland, in sums of Jv5. i.iu, fcl5, ?30, to any amount, for talc at S J. BYLVK.STKR'8 j.7 2? Wall sireet mil 130 Itroviway. rPHK EXHIBITION Ok THE N ' TlONAL At AUE.YlY I will close on Tuesday the M of July, at 10 o'clock, P. M, No picture of the present collection can ever again be seen at the rooms of the Academy. Adoration 25 cents. Catalogues 12^ cents. je21 2w*rc VTOTiCtt?The subscriber intends being absent fro n thr J-' city lor some time, aud h?s fully em?owered Mr. JOHN K. A. SANFOHD to act for lino limine hi# ebssnre. Office 30 Aun street P. CHOATKAU, JK. Jnn? 21. 1843. ;22 2w*r OHINtiLE MACHINE?Oue of Flaw's Patent Shingle C3 Machine?, which can be worked either by steam or hone power, nnd will cut SO,000 shinnies iu one day, but litt'e uard aud in prime order; will be aoid very low on immediate application to UKOSHIM & 8CHKEIBER, 73 William itreet. It cau b# aeen at the atore of MESSRS. 8. DUNN 4 CO , j22 3'tn 187 Water atreet. CHANGEABLE LOCKS FOR SALE. JAMES KYLE'S INVENTION. OU1TABLE far Bank*. Offices, and Store doors where C? safety is required. IVreniis in want of a first rate article for that purpose, may obtain the seme by applying at 9" H ammond st, cor of Hudson je'2 lm*r CORDIALS, ?C JOHN P. ANtiUE, No. H2 Fulton street, mannlacturer of " Cordials, Cheriv Brandies. Wine llittcrr.. hr . oifeis lor sale n handsome assoitment of Coidials, omong wmcn are:? Noyau Cordial, Perfect Loth Cortiix, Hose do Cinnamon do Lemon do Pennenniiu do flow do Aontsent do Orange do Life of [Wan do Also, Wine and Staoi litons Bitters and an article ot cherry Biaudy, which is well worthy of the attention ot notes and tavern proprietors and others. Gror-eri, country merchants, end the public iu iteneral ?ui>plied on the most liberal terms. jell iu??t H'Kfcrxctl I ANUEL L1A1YJI S, Candelabra*. Lustres, ?e ?Tt e subscribers have jmt opeur<l a splendid assortment oftliese goods, togetln r with a variety of other articles in the line, of entire! v new styles, An inspection if them is iuviled. Depot ol Mechanicnl Camps, 3# John street, A. DIACON k ?. D. 8AXTON, m23 lm*re Agents. ANOTHER LOT OF SEGARS. HABANKK08 HOUSE ? For the gratification of our be loved patrons, we will commence on Hmtrdiy, the 24lh instant, lot No. 2 of the "uDparillclled in the history" of septus, superfine impend Normal ; also common do; first rate Noriegas, Pauetelss. CflDgreior, K-galits, P'autatiou. Dametis, dir., he.; rqual to the late lot the fust, ia delicious arometicrt vor, nulducss, white ashes and mr derate price. The only snp rrinrily that lot the ascinid has over its worthy [ridecesser IS, a elastics! apt, a recommendation that needs not paneemsts to he dulv anpieciati d. We have a lot of "reserve" for the glorious and greatest day thai the world has sern(thc 4th of July,) which reseve will make the ttarallel of that of " la Utrdemor, mats elle tie ce rend ins." Prices?Wholesale and retail, 15 aad 5(1 per cent below the mtrket prices. PENA 8t R1VA8, 12 Beektaan street near Nassau street, N. Y. je'3 li*k 9 Mslgjt street, Hsbaia, UNTERIAN VlwPKNSARY?No. S Divi.tuu st es Itblished in 183), for the sde of the famous Huuler s Ked Dtop, now known for its unparalleled rurts all over the United r tales sud Europe, in diseases thst hive baffled the skill af some of the most etrineut physicians, ssv nothing of the hundreds of doctors that start up like tnu-nroorrs all over the ctuutry. I'ricr $1 per vnl w irrinpid in "II eases. No other place in this city cau thr true a't cle lie tound. This mediciue cannot he obtained in Albany. BufTato ttue agency No 3 Stdwny 1? och ' j33 1t*r NO CURE NO PAY. DU COOPEK, of 14 Duane street. between William and Chatham streets, takes this method of informing the citizens and strangers,that he still aflodts relief to tile afflicted of both s-xrs, aud may lie always consulted with the utmost confidence iu the worst cases of delicate diseases Dr. Cooper, from a residence of many years in hospitals in Europe,devoted to the trratnu ut of delicate diseases, and from an extensive nrattice in this city, for the last ten years, in tins particular branch *f the profession,xuarautrrs a sife,speedy and effectual care to such persous ns put themselves under his treatment. Recent eases cured in two or three days. Dr. Cooiwr uses no mercury or any ot ,-r ! uv-n ui iru-liciue Dr. Cooper's mild and judicious m , if trr -intent w>11 require no interruption from business or du ration in diet Persons afflicted with protracted and dei i >. ills cues, IHf4 I Ot 'esnair ,,f complete recovery. Dr. Cooper informs the public that he is the only regularly qualified surgeon who advertises hi Duane street, and exhibit! no diploma front the Ktuvvesaut Institute of this city, procured by lalie< ertific >r? a: tl fi'sr pretences. The most tu violable ?ecre?y obtcr?ed m nil c in ulutt tui. Separate offices so at patients cannot comr in < 11 u t betters, post i?id, attended to. Charges irxu<! - rate . OAceopeu from 7 in the inorumc until 10 o'clock at night. Odice ]4 Uuaue street. j23 1in*r VO.NDKRSMITH'S INDIAN CODuH BALM. 'PHKouly true remedy forcnu>tin>f>liou of tht^utgi,coughs, A co'di. bronch'tia. difficulty of breathing, pain in the side or ch-it, ageing Ironic Ids, hoirsetieas, profuse cxp. c oratinu, night sweats, fcc Tnis medicine it rrcomtnended and u<ed hy the moit intelligent person! tu the Cn ted States, by numerous professors aud rresi lents of colleges, phyticiaDi of the ermv, navy, lid hospitals, r, ho c ms<der it t e best end most eitiaordinaiy medicine for coughs and colds they litre ever used. The following certificates are fiom the most respvctsble physicians in ihe city of Philadelphia : DksrSih: We feel unequivocal pleasure in the opportunity now offered us of ripre>*iuit our approbatory opinion of your I ml an 1'auga Balm, and the success we have eve,- obtained from i s administration. We have used your medicine in upwards of li ty cases, compiising all stige? of diseases, from m cipieut colds and coughs to advanced phthisis, and have iuvs ritbly found immedia n *elief We rrcom neitd it cheerfully lu all cases where ihe chest and lungs art afflicted, particularly u coosnni|tiioii, with scrofulous dia lints. Knr chmntc coughs pain in the ufiast, spitting of blood, k- ., we have no ht siution in prcuouaciug sour medicine unrivalled. Yours most rcsnecifnlfy, W ABHINiiTOtN ATTKN. M D. Arch it. Wil.lilAM BIRD, M. U , H K tiirmoiint sr. LLVI hKONAHU M.I) .Coats St., I'hilad. flundrrdi of other certificates liny be examined at the store ol the proprietor. < a itioi ?None are genuine without the signature of toe propiietor written upon the label of bot.le. Prepared and sold only by E W VIVNI1ERUVIITH Hole Proprietor, iein 2weod it?m No. 161 Oreenwteh strrrt, N YrFHK PltKVAlLINO EPIDEMIC ?There nothing bet * Ur lor this wide srread aicknrse than Mr Alistei't Universal Healing Umtmrnt. The (olio* ing is Irnm on? o'our most worthy ciliX'lu, whose ton ?ai ?o severely filleted that hit fice briaat were much twoien.tnie throit, tie Sic. Nxw Yogi, l?th Jane, 1813. Mr. James McAlistir Hit:?| had a box of jonr ointment, and made trial of n on your recommendation, and yonr telling me yon would not i barge me anything if it did not cure my aon I have now to offer me thanka to you. and will inform vou that the dreadful |'i>iia in hiacheat and the hnrtrtsing cough he had, have entirely left him; a d I am aware that it waa all owing (o the rirtue ,f your ointment It had not been applied three honra. belore aeaaidtomr, lather, I feel ao much better. I uaed it aa yon [old me, aurt kept him close lor three dava, and am (lad to tell roil that he will be able to retuine hie dn'.ieaou Moud.iy neat. I have further to add that nothing elae bit your eiotmeDt haa Jer II tiled for the aid or cure of my ion. With h tartly It grain ud?, I am yonr* with great re-pect, WILLIAM AAHWICK. CI Heater st*eet. To be obtained at:? Mr Abater's Oil Htore, 453 rrarlilrcet; and Division, corner .f Allen street, Dr Th' maa Hitter, 184 Cherry street. David McAlistrr, 329 Bleecke* sticet. James Vincent, 124 Allen street. Brothers Hihbanl, % John street. Joseph D. Stewart. 207 Hudson street. Dr. Jan ea Covel, 112 Hullivau itmt. N. B.?Any peiaou nsiug this Oiutmeut according to direcions, end it uot moving satisfactory, their money will he r?nndid. Price 25 cents. j22 t*r nK. KKUCHT WANUKK'S unrirallrd Chemical preparation!, P.iisuBf, fcr.?The Compound Chemical Whale Oil 4oap, a certain preventative against the all irk of all ileirrtploua o; insects on rose bn,hes, grape Tiues, fruit trees, plauu, kc. There prnbahly never waa no eomponnJ more effectual iu v appliraiion than the I hrmical Whale Oil Soap In no iui iae< ?ill it fail, when pi iperlv applied, of accomplishing the ibjeet, adding at thv one time to the cleaaliurts and fertility II llie |ilants. Str. The rifficoltv many have lierelofore ei ic-irured iu cultivating tl >wrrs, In, in shitIdiug them (rom he u'frk ol ti.srots. lies Jeterrrd inauy from raising thrin,but 1 his difficulty can be en irely obviated by the use ot the Soap, vhieh it veiv aimple in its niMiierof application, end on acNfKII itsrhaapuraa it aei e tible to any eatent. Also may be ob'aired the celebrated Poisons lor the total (termination nf all delicti ptiona ol vermin infeatitig honaea 1 larua, garden*, he. The lied Bug Tnianu ia inCalliblc mil bv a proper appliesion will moat effectually destroy lb' vermin, and prevent a eturn of th?m, aa hutnlredi tan teatily w ho last summer were | (I to III ate M (BMllIM of thorn. 'I he Kit and iVlnnae Poison, whenadmitnatered according to . he 'li rrtiona, a warraned to dr vr from the premnea the ats and mire, nud p< asesaesadvaiiliges over all other prepare iorta heretofore hmnght in nae, being ree 'roin all deadl v mm tal potann, aneli as c iroai*e sublimate, ke ; dr gi andci'.seiay MMikiMia without the MM! ii.jii y. Ajttt, Mllil, MM* , oarhea, fee., are all elfrctually eitnmioated Alao a general aaiorimetit of rate chemicals and tlyeia1 artilea Menu evtraet of logwood, do . ineicirron, do taBOetv' nrk, actda primate ot polaah, white augar of lead, not gallt, 1 ronine, iodine of iron, do mercury, do lead, do sulphii-, hy ' rind potaah iodine aactate of imu, aulphate of tnortaine, vcr i tine, anli h lie liMIM 0* MO Mail a r, OA Ol U, IfMltl I eroiid'o iro , pi uina, e?anuret nf rotnicum lunar nunpr, I opMvr, eapmlta. bioaaes, an ovragea clonde of mm,an < *ohm, awert spirits nitre, OranvTlle'a lotion acetic, ctiloric i i,d tulpbn ic ethera. ke.; Awediah leechea, seullilz and soil t owdera, Brewer'a lor.e ng>?, pertmiiervbottled aoda water, I iriatnl'a aaraaparilla, together with i general assortment Ot oiga, he , all of which ere for aale cheap by l UK. LkWItJ rcUCHTWANOKK. ( j 14 2Uw1bu*M 1 Wall atreet. ! ? ' . n. ... !' . b' IM*. if k lliiv. ? Vii.n ? 'tiliMi.: KKIDAY. At 10H o'clock,in the aalet roo Large talc of rlrtitut teaaouable dry gooda coaais'mg of hotter?, ?lorrt, clothing thirti, aaapendeta, trmiiiinm> reuch and ?ntrltah elotlia. cta?tm;rca and yeaiiiu,?, aommer clotha, lit roi, drlllltlkt, thirta, Ite. Alto, iu conttuuali'tD, the beat aeteclipn thia aeaaou from the eatenaiva atock ot a wholesale and retail diy go x'a atore, cloattig b? order of the aaaigneea, comprtaiuc a ver? choice e triet? of stlka, tuioa, lacea, ribbon*. lineua, ginghams, minima, call eoea, sheetings, shillings, table liuen. hosiery, gloree, kc. id lotatoauit. A! o, drap d'ete, merino, drilling?, Teatinga, Ac. all t f which will be acid iu lota t suit rurchaaeia. Alao, one aaperftne turninr lathe, eoat oigiually $2i0. HATU It DAY, At I'K o'clock, in the talea room. Large end anlemlid aale of eleitant fnrmtuie, by catalogue ?i ? ,.e - c.m ,t,, up house keeping, including slapst evrry article desirable aud useful in housekeeping. Alio, umr time, a large itock of auperior city made cabinet furniture, all iu fine order. Alto, witnout reserve, to cloar sales and pay eipenaea, a number of really choice articlei of elegant furniture Alio, tn satisfy a judgement, 7 fint rate aofas, 9 do French bediteadi, 4 rockinr chain. Alio, to cloae aalei, 10 rc'ar poat bedsteads. Also,at 12 n'rhinU precisely. 1 aecoiid hand and 3 new Pitno Fortes, rosewood and mahogany, part of them ol auperior touch, lone, and linilh, aud he the most celebrated makers. MONIM * At '0^ o'clock , in the aalei room. Large, ex'ensive and extra aal* of elegant auinmer clothing, consisting of about 300 eleeant, fashionable aud seasonable gar merits, made in a superior inauuer and of the best materials. Also, the balance stock of a merchant tailor, ? number ol remnants of cloths, caaaimera, merinos, drillings, Ac. Ike. Also, 4 dor. gue shir's, ac. BK.nJAmTn moonky, Auctioneer. A UOTION NOTI' K.?Brandy, Wines, (Hismpsgnes, A Fruits. Ac ? B. m'lo.nky, St CO. will sell this day st 10o'clock at No. 91 Maiden lane, a superior sasortmeni ol Liquors, viz ?200 jr. casks Sladeira; 30 d?i old Coguec Brandy; 130 casks Port, 100 casks Muscat; 30 caaka Sauterne; 300 bosei Muscat. 4011 nr.arc Clare'; JO botes Ahtiulhe; 74 do -unroa; 24 do Marasch'no; 100 biskets Anni/.'tte; 2.4 bogs s Kjii Verte; .4* do Itraudy Fruits; 40 do Olives; 30 do Cornichons; 26 doUtuffed Olives, with Anchovies; aud 100 baskets Champagne. These goods are all direct from uuder the Custom House lock. Also, 2 Iron Safes, Catalcgues are now ready. ie 23 1r*rrC BY < AHTKlt Si Co. AUCTION NOTICE?Fiid.iy. 23d June, at half i ast 10 o'clock, at the store No. 3'6 Broadway, Gothic Hall?By catalogue, Furniture. China, Cutlery, Ike to repay the spring adrancea Large sale of very elegant warranted cabinet furniture, made by some of the bast uiatiuf'Ctiire a iu the city, itdtpting wardrobes, book cases, work tides. mahogany nun narb e lop centre tables, elegant aofai, 8 4 aril Kiencb inahcgany chain, diaaus. card tallies, tea mil hreakfsit t ihlrs. parlor rocketa, nurse and sewiDg chairs, sleg*nt dressing bureaus, marble top washstsnds, French hedsteads, Ac. Alt , an invoice of ivory handle cutlery, tnmhleis, cut glass dishes, wine glasses, china dishes, 'ea and dinner sets, Ac. The catalogues will l>? ready ihi day Malay, when the furniture may be crammed. Kvcrf amnio olfereil will rositively he sold to the li'ghesl bidder Also, a splendid grand action pianoforte j?t 3t*r ss?9 N h.W Y'HIK, Si Ht?0|.V. V'9 MOUNTAIN AND EAS3B^Bt.Via R.and Someraille K Road. For Scnoolev'a Mountain, leave pier No I "sorili river, at Ilk o'clock A M. daily (Sundtys excepted) by steamboat to Eliiibetliport, or leave the foot of Conrlland street at 9 o'clock AM, by N J Railroad to Klizibelhtown, thence connect with the cars for Hiiri'mlle couches, thence 20 miles to the Mouirain? irrviugrarly in the afternoon For Fasten lea?e nil above proceed by railroad to Homer viilo, coachea Irom thence (only 34 miles,) arriving in Easton at fi o'el. ck. Thia ioii'c, oil sccomit of the ihort distance by coaches, ini king it by far the most pleasant aud expeditious, commends itself to public.patronage. Mr. Sanderson, the proprietor at He mervil'e, has provided himself Wrh carriages ami horses t > accommodate privite parties with extras at the shortest notice, and r.a.nnal.l. farm. For scats apply to H D. Hope, Merchants' Hotel, 41 Courtlamlt st. Passengers from Philadelphia to Schooley's Mountain will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock, A M., by New York railroad line to New Brunswick. Spletuliil coaches from thence, arriviug at tne mountain early same afternoon. j2 t 2m "r Jll GRAND Excursion to the Fishinu Banks, every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday morn:9E?_JB?^3?_iiius durinc the season, landing ?t Fort Hamilton each w y. Fare SO cen's for the exenr'ion. The stramboat 8UPF.RIOR, Capt J. Gould, will commeuce her regular trips on Thnrstlay mommy, June 15th, (rem the pier font of Chamhrrsst, nt 8 o'clock; Amos at, quarter past 8; Canal st, ndit past 8; Pi-r No. 1, Battery, quarter to 9; Catherine Kerry, Brooklru at 9; font of Pike st. quarter past 9: and Pier No, I, Battery, nt half past 9 o'clock for ;h? Fishing Banks off Sandy Honk. A hand of m rsic is engvred. Refreshments on hoard Kxtra bait furtrshrd gratis. The celebrated fuhermau, Capt. Peacock, with his harpoons, is engaged. .ill Im'ec iMQ SEVEN O'CLOr K MORNING LINK For Albany, Troy and Interirediu'e Landings, 3KaMJK^C>from the steamboat pier at the foot of Barclay Street. The EMPIRE, Capt. 8. H. Roe, leaves New York on Monday. Wednesday and Friday. j lit: i i, ivnin. a. wuinam, on i ncsuay, i nurstiiy ann 8.1 uruay, at 7 a. M Breakfast anil dinner on board. jl7r 4ncrmonopoly?fare reduced. New liule] cndeut Opposition Line for Alba3G?iHQE_iir direct. Fate 50 cents No charge for Berths. l)r ck p.\i??ge 2i cents. The new and coinmadiom steamboat NEW JERSEY, Ca[ t. R. H Knrey, will leave the foo" of Bircl&y street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday eseun g, at 7 o'clock. For freight or fiaasage a; ply on board. Freight taken lets Uus tow boat ptrieta. The New Jersey famished with elegant st te rooms, and for speed and accommodation is uot surpassed by any steam boat oil the Hndsoa riyer. j]7 dtfk .morning link?fur Albany TROY, and Intermedisre L'udings ? Fioin ^ the foot of Bnrclsv s'reer. The Low Pressure Steamboat EMPIRE Capt S. R. Roe, on this, Satn day morning at 7 o'clock. Noti e.?All Goods, Freight, Baggage. Batik Bills, Specie, or any other kind of Property, taken, a-iir.peJ, or pit oi board the lioats ol this Lias roust he at the risk of the owners of snrh G-iods Freight, B isgvge, St'. j*I3r fi/M FOR ALU AN V, TROY, and Intciueitiatt mm > rrr*" swallow, r?,.t XaJULA McLean, will lear* the fool of Conrlqnilt street, this afternoon. June aid, at 5 o'clock. j23 Itr NKW YORK tflpfry (It BOSTON SOUND PILOT. YkWEN PRESCOTT. Pilot, or takes charge as master and " pilot of vessels bound to New Bedlord, Nanincket Shoals, Boston,Portsmonth,Portland,Keuneteck,audOTHKR PORTS eisl of New Vorlt. Office at Fry* Shaw's. 222 vVat'r street, coruer Deek mau. Kefrrence to a buinoer oi MereWautt, and I t)ic several Insurance Csiuoaiiirs in B<>tion. rvud Portland. ml* tmisr ?fl STitAYKD-Krmn 1 utiie Bay,a cbtiiiu! Ilf ! I ?a small star on liis face ami a switch tail?pmr f ' > "A ilnsrs ihr B.inni nflar 11 gentl'BISII'? *U<m, Withonteithrr saddle or bridle. Please r> turn him to 111 Fulton St.. ami all en?nses will be paid. je2i U*r BULL It WHHiHT NOTICE OF LOAN TO THE UNITED STATES. Tagaatrnv 1)kp irtmi-nt \ Waililugloii, June 16. 1S13 > VTOTICK is lirrehr given that proposals to lend to the Uni Is ted States seven millions nl d ill >rs, "t any oo ti >n 'hereof, in sains not l<*ss than ten thiiusau I doll'rs, will be received at this Ltepntm-iit until, find on.lh- tweiily-siith dav of Jnce insiaut. The proposals will be scale I nud iud rsed "Proposals fur'man of 1811, ' ami will he addressed to the uudfrsigmd. They will sl*te the amount, in cash, which will be loaned for every mi" hundred ..ollars cI stock, redeemable at the pleasure oi the United Hi it's at any time alter ten years from the issue tnereof; hrariiia interest at the rate ol fire tier cent per annum, aud payable t. ini-aunuil y ; and also the sum, in cash, which will he I aued for every one handred dollars of a similar stock, bearitiu ion-rest at the rata of four per cent per auuurn, payable emi-'uuually. _ 't'he prisons slfeiiug may propoae for both Itio' s ofstoca, in lh? a'tern.dive. 'I'm- sums which in ty be accepted,will be rcquir'd to be i aid to th? depository ol the United States, ne -res' the places nl re si lence of the per .nns respectively whose ort-rs may be inc. cessful, i u the JOh d<y pi June nisi u.t And uoti e ol such accept-tics will b>-iinmrdiately given, specifying pis drp sito?v at ? hich the loan is to he raid. The Di | itmeot reserves to iisrlf the right io accept propnsals for any -.mount less ih tu sr veu millions of dollars, and also t-1 accent any nirt of a bid, as the interest ol the United r. ay rrquire. Certificates f stork will be itsued to H e I'uders as soon us they cau be tilled ui>, under the authority of the act ofCougteasapproved Mvr i j, I84J, entitled" an act to authorize ihe rc-issue of Treasury uoies and for other purpose* " J4H1V C. 8PENCER j 19 t2lth Secretary of the 'I'reaamv 4AKIC MANSION HOUSE HOTEL, HEAD'S, PHILADELPHIA?SOUTH THIRD STREET. For Familiii and Gmllrmen. JOSEPH HE * U reitwc'.fullr njn iuu? ?? to hi? old friendr " a.,d the public, that he baa re-opened the Mamion I Ion lately kept by him. The entire re novation of tint establish ment for the accommodation of families and Kentltmen, with tv* long riperiance as I huinb e services, he hopes for a (hare of public pair .nage. What with the tupply of the beat that rhi m irkall Inrniah, comfortable lodgings, good <v uirs arid good cheer, hia every effort will be directed to the latiafactioa ol In patron* The New York 4'ourier & Enquirer ; New York Herald; Boston Courier; Baltimore American, Washington lalobe; Midiaoniati; Iticnmand Enquirer; Hichniond Whig; Charleston Courier; New Orleans Picayune ; wi'l pleaae inter! one month and aend their hilli to the Mausou Houae j?.J Imr THE WOODCOCK. DOBKHT SINCLAIR reaireetliilly inform* hi* Irietda and IV the public, that he liaa opened the houae No. 411 Houston street, (one door eaat Irom Br Midway,) on a plan auniitr ? the 'Shads*." He will be prepared to 'nrntah anch ralrealitnrnu aa are uaually served upatauch ealabliahmen^. The Alea. Winn. Liquor*, Segsrs. Ike., he flatter* himself will not suffer by compana-in with any in tre rite; i at o, this the puhlie (whose iiatrouace he solicit*)mutt be tne lodges. N. B ? Depot ol King's celebrated Verbena Shaving Cream, R. SINCLAIR, proprietor. jUdti* r SANS SOUCI HOTEL, BALLSTON srA. THE Subscriber hiving become the lessee of tlna eatabliah present* it to the ose of the travelling public lu the handsofMr Beach, who receolly brcinie the owner, it hat been efT'cientlv repaired,and offers evpry desirable couveiiiencr to gratify the taalea and secure the comfort of visitants. I lie inhacnher,aware of ths rr"ferenee for the mineral witertof haratcga, will procure a e instant supply St such in ervala and 11*1 |>roi*rtio?. It it the ofjee: tr. make I hi* eatahluhment * preleranle reaort fur famihre and those who choose c inilort urn! qui ?, rather than the crowd and tumult n( out inter w . terin.: I lace. Tim manner ol its cnnairnetiou?tne apac ottsuras of ill looma, with in larre. ahadcl grounds, admiribly adapt it In ihat purpose. Still more effectually to accoinpltah it, ihe ?nb- , ic-iber I in rrrilly l? reduce the ran of i liargei to those who fasot him with any eoutitiuingei'eiit of palm, age; and in j nil things will eudeavor to promote the enoveuienca and enjoyment ol hie gueste?>u u? way reducing ihe an pliet and comfor a hitheito provided for their entertainment. The home ir now open, and in complate preparation. H. 8. WARREN. 1 Ballaton Spa. Jane. 13, IS jcM lm*rc 0 ALT WATER BATHS.?NO PUPK.-Cemc and tee fm 1 ' tnuraelf the largeai Swimming Bath in the United States, n tfw h?sl local iou the city ..ffords. south side Castle (fard'i bridge, at the Uaitery,having a fine pare run of sea water a'mnsi pvtrv moment; An* roomy Private Baths, equal to sea hath> Lames' swimming II I'hs .u.d I' ivate (laths, Willi every ai onimodatiotr, in imrfrcr aaf-tv, n atness and comfort. Couieete.1 with which is one of the most pleasant Saloons and Re , reshoienu Room in the city; Promenade Deck Shower Bairn, , kc . Ac. J. HAUINEAU, Proprietor ? j at at p c HO DOES' CELEBRATED LONDON BITIER*. There hitters are highly reeomn ruthd by 'he medical fa n ulty ol Europe, as a restorrtive for tlie appetite, and aie ilo ositrva coie for lever and ague, and can #e obtained at ill in nmcioal hotels in the United States. . r Sold, who csale only, at No IH Enltonet, one door Hoi Dutch st. Price $1 per gallon. , .. . P. 8. (Country merehaata are requeued to eall and esamiu. for thrmaelvea. . .. . . _ _. .. Agents for Boston, Masa., M. .f* Blake A I rumbnll. cu ??r Milk and (federal its; for Pmvi iciiee. K 1^ Mr T Sp-i. per. No. IJ West Water st; for Salem, Maaa., Mr. O. uluain No. I? fcaeei at. JIT !? ?? iX. >1 C Ontit UAKDRN. Oi-fft-.r, VG JOHM HKFTON. V'KIDAV. in., n. BENEFIT OF MADEMOISELLE CALVE, Who will appear fli Hen n n '.? u. w ..| -rt iu thin- acta of L'ECLAIH Thr performance to eomrreiH - nr h?,f-pe?l 7 o'clock creiiifiy, with the origin!I orcitare to L'Erltir. which will be petf nroed by (he Grand Wreheatrj, led end conducted by thtl highly ta'euted rrofewor. Mi neicur PreTnet. DlaTBIBUTIOI*. Henrietta, M'lle Oal?e Madame liarbel, M'me Lecoort ' 'oael. M Lecoart Ueonii. M Kichar Between the aecoud ard third acta of the Opera, hall an bomS inteimiiaion for rnmrnade in thr Garden and Grand Saloon. THE PHOMENADE MVRICAE, Which rave ao much latiafactinn last .ra-on.wili again enliven the period of intermiaaion, and iu ord?r to render thia depart mrut worthy the mnaical character of the eatahlnhuient. A Splendid Orchestra liai lieen tecsrerl. Musical Dirrrtor, U. C. Hill Nights of the Krench JCompany? Yonday, Wrduesday*, Kritlava and Saturday! Nights of the English Company?Tneadnvs end Tnnradiys, ou ?hi>'k oeeaiion Mr W K Bnrton will spiear. p*~^ A strut Police will be in attendance and great care taken to prevent the admission of improper peraoiia r^Ticketi Kitty Cent!. Mav be had at the 'Jarden during the day. ITT" A limited number of Heaaon Tieheti will be die posed oi. NIHLO'S HARDEN. MADEMOISELLE CALVE. BEOS to auuuuee.eihe app-intment of KttlDAV.iJd instant, foruer BENEFIT, on wlnrh orranon will he produced, first time in New York, the in-w opera in tlirre nrti. of _|22 it is r L'ECLAK. H A It H THKA'l'Uia. Ticket Night THIS KVENINO, will lie performed. PAHIS A LON DON. To conclude with the NEHVOU* MAN?Mr Aspen, Mr I'lacidc Buses, SO cli; fit, V> eta; Oallery, I'H eta. Iloor! oi>eu at 7, performance* oiiiinriu e it hall pc.i 7. Bowery Aniuhllneatr., A. MANN AND RUEUS WELCH. PROPRIETORS Sotra IS cents: Pit, IJH eetila. Orion ota-ii ai lulf past 7. Triform 1 co fo commence at 8 o'clock, THIS KVENINO, June ZJ, the larloimmce will rmoiuerra with INCA8 OK rEUir. Cotnic Song, Mr Lathrop. K.iineatriaii Kr in, ov Mr Liproa->. Mr llobb! will inlioducs the wouilerfnl Domestic Horsv, Mrlicv . H'i'l Vaulting ami Pyramids by McKarland and the rnmpao V Mn Uoiain in nu art entitled the Magic Idiengea. Until I Classic E*cr< it< by tli- Four Hungarian Coasim. Intermission of 15 minutes?after whien Mr C'adwallader aud Little (Jlenroy will rid*a magnificent three hone act New Comic Hotig by Mr Lathrop. Mr Waterman will represent the Carrauche Wnrrti". Signor Thrill, will appear ou the enrde toi?o>* Metamorphoses of the Siek, by li m n ami Mr Lipinan. Little Uleurny in a daaoiug and da>uu? act. To couclude wuh, for ihe lirst time MIL W. B. CAHIIOLL'R HvMRRRKT. BOUNDING k GREAT DOUBLE LEAPING. Equestrian Director, Mr. Canwalladcr. Clown, j. tloaaiu. CIKOUH-VAUXIIALL OAKDRN, Under the Management ol MESSRS. .BANCKKIt. O SVVI- ET, k D. GARDNER GARDEN FREE. REDUCED PHtt E8 Pit I2K cei Boiea 2b cenu THIS EVENING. June 2J, ihe perloimance will commence with a new and interesting act ol HOUSEMAN SHIP, By Mailer A. Vincent. Mr. Johnson will introduce the Tony Fanny Elaaler. Horsemanship hv Mn. Gardner. Tight Hope by Mr. O Sweet. Mr George Sargeaat in his equeatrian aceue of Four Trans formations. Intermiaaion of 30 minutes, for promenade and refreshments The performance in the SaUon will mmmence with JACK KOHlNsON, Aud His Monkey. Jack Kobinaon, Mr B Williams Mashnng I'ang, the Monkey, Gardner Other chsracten by the rompauy. | raacy uance r?y mauamoueiie AU'iol. To cone I tide with VIRGINIA CUl'IDS. Caff, Mr 8 Johmon Ham Johnson, the Dandy Nexru, B Williams Bote, D Gardner 0"" Doors cpen at7X o'clock?Performance commences at I o'clock No Indira onntleudrd by gentlemen will be aitmittrd. A limilr.i number ofHcsou Tickets will br into at $5 each. Tl" Cars a-d Binadwiy Omnihass?? mu to nuil Iroin ti.e Vaushnll C'rcus uiuil 12 o'clock in the eveiiug. j2J 2t*r f>hAt.K'H 1HIW VilUK AND PICTURE GALLERY feroadway, opposite the City toil. ADMISSION ?Nl,y ONK SHII.UIPO. Mr. H. BKNNK.TT. Wlnonaer. The following performers arc enKaiteu? Mr DELAHUB, who""i'l ?i*e his much adnvretl imitations of Kmii, Kimble, Forrest, Booth, llamMia. Ac., aim alio ui treduca anmr humorous sketches. Mr S BKOOWKH, the celebrated comic aim?r Miss AD AIM, the mtirh adoii'ed Songitret*. Miss ULANCKAlin, the Grecian Jugglrress. aim i|drn did performer on the imia cal iriruaa DA PETITE CKHETO, the Uaiueoac. ITT" Entertainment on Safutdey afernoor at three o'clock, fcveuog Performances in t:ir Lecture Itooin to co'i amrnce a<|nart*r iiuat a o'clock. A1UKUICAK HVSRre, AND A3RIAL GARDEN. Opening of the Gardeu on the roof of the Moaeum. afrordit t* a fine view of the hay, riven, adjacent towns. aim trie moat cool aud delightful pri meoadc in tne world: Crolon W trr n running fierls in each jtory of the Iviuteum ANI'W AND BEAUTIFUL MlUlsTAIN ,i? i . ' -. RACOON AHCKNHIO.NH inrnoglinnt the de-. aimtKIRV.WOKK8 m theevming Mr. HAKKINGTON. tne Vein nhepn :t ninl Magician. is e.uttaacd. A'*". Miv Kb A NDl^t'O, i; r '|<r<>|irirtor of the renowned Italian hautoceiui. Mr. II O HHK.R VI AN, and Li Fruit Ueuin Ac On the firat of July will be opened new anil ?nae,on? Hill, containing articles nt trade, manufacture. the eitt. routine rre, cards of busiiu ?a, he., 'miliar to the fniri of the Anirncau end Mechanic Institute*. Contribute a ere rrnnealen ui < an and obtain circulars and terms iminediaieif. Pr os of sdinistioii 24 cents. Children under ten half price. jeUr CONCKRT OK VOn Ali A Nil INSTRUMENTAL MUSI';?Mrs. HARDWICIf retpectfullv anunonces to her fiirr.dsand the rtiblie, that she will give her Concert at the Apollo Saloon, on Monday Kerning, the 26lh lnat? o" which occasion she will he .un ited hv her brother. Mr. AUSTIN PHILLirS. MAKYA HAHDWICK will also hsee the honor ..f making her second appearance before a New York audience, slid iiug ' Cavatiua, " I'in rjueeu of a f*irr bond," rnmpoaed by J. P. Knight, and ihe celebrated " Northern Hetrani. the words by George I'. Morris, Esq , the music hv Clias K. Horn. This child iionlr three rears old, and is prononiireu ui the first professors, to be the.greatest Mimical renins of tnia or h?e other age. Mr*. Hardwick has also the pleasure of saying aha win tie assisted by ell the leading profession of the city, who ne>? ill the kindest manner given ihrir v,'lu?blc sirsicca: their namea will he cl ly annouiie'd. Mr H.C. Timet will presine a. the I'iauo Knrte. Conductor Mr. George Coder. Ticket! JO cents i acli ; children under 12 years 25 renta each, to he had at ihe various Mimic stores Kull ptrlieniars iu fu turn advertisements. ) IS Us* ?? SIMUUMU. \1 ADAM BUTTON, having a',aimed to letnni to Italv the "* beginning of Angaat. pnrpoac.a receiving po pilau mil that give hMihnnt l???nni in the Italian, C i, nrh anil k.ngliah atyle of Hir'un Hrr m'lhoil it chat puratied l,v Itnrdocni and Vaecai, th? lirat noil'ii iij Europe, inrrratinw iw airru,,,, and tomiMii with ajtnmahira rapidity. R?l i*|ili *111 here the advantage of hrr vuging with them, which can tw panned by maatrra alone, who h ive been eminent aiiigera l.rmra deiiroui oi availing tlit inaelvea of Madam Sntiop'a ftmireo aiay, may a ? un tei'- i, &c., by indication at 77 Cbemhera atrret, from 9 'clock till 2. mm iip : ARCH STREET THEATRE. (FHTIjADSLPHIA,) TO LET. r|'HK BOARD OK AOKNT8 OK THIS ARCH STREET A THEATRE, I'hil iilclphia, are prppared to leaie the nodding fur the araaon of 1813 44, or a lotnrer neriod, to an enUrpnaing minager, npin *ery liberal terma. Application* addrria' J " Board of Agents of the Arch itrert Theatre, Philadelphia," left at 59 Market meet at lha.H W corner of 4th ami Market, or wnh P.M. Lafnnrrnde ran lotl Crowu etteet, will he attended to. PHILADRLFHta, June 15, 1843. jtl5 r *t FIRE WORKS. ISAAC EDOE, JR., PYROTECHNIST. THE mo?t eiteuaive, varied, and brilliant >ihibitional Eire Works aver maunfaetnred mi dim or any other eoautry, are now rrady lor delivery on the Inweit terma,in lota to ami com miitera and parties for the celebration of Kourth of July, at the United Stntn Laboratory, Jeraey City. Order. left with J. W Holhert-n Maiden l^ine. or a Niblo's or Castle Garden, will receive immediate attenuou. Goods delivered Co any part ol the city free of expense, my 31 toJuIO is'ec NEW FIREWORKS LAHORATORV, BY JOHN TRAOARDH, PYROTECHNIST. FROM SWKDKN. MKHSRS KOLI.BKKGfc THA<JAI<L<H have the honor Co iufortn the America.i public that they hare an ratensive and varied asaortmeut or Fire Worha, of all and every kind, at their ratabliahment, at Haraimua Lot* Dock in New Jeney, a half inde from Jersey City, oppoaite New York, which they offer to Committees and others, at the moat fav?r?ble prices in the market. Bel eviug in the new trade principle of a moderate ryh price for a Hood article, they request the favom of the public at the above place, or at the store of Robert Jonnaton, No. SI Conrtlaudt street. All orders, on any scaleol site or variety .promptly attended to, by addressing the subacrfbers at either of tiae above places. NICHOLAS A. KOLLBKRGfcJ. TRAOARDH, iny 7 1in*r Harsimns Lomt Dock, New Jeraay. FIRE WORKS, CRACKERS, See. FOURTH JULY, IMS. f COUNTRY and city dealers in fireworks, will And it to v their advantage to ca.I and examine au ei'ansiva assort int*in in i nc urn ijiiiiiiir, iu ii- n i iiiF p Fi ? oiu eaiaruuriinrui, Btt * hathain atirrt A i mr ijuentity o( fir* erackrra juu reicived. Remember the iiiih of the two mammoth ake mckru tad **IJ he a. mJOtnlji *r 171 REWORKS BV THE MANUfACTUHKHS. D MOR AN AGO I'yrolechniala, 79 Chatham atreet, frr* 10 the public a iplrndid aaa'.rtment ol Firewaika, anp. in inalttv and ni aturaa to any in thia or any other coaurry The tnove h.ier been niannfactnted ty them eipreaaly for thia mar ket; alao can aell much cheaper than any render in tiwn, and t'larantee all t oda from their ttore. No peJdlin* from this place?No. 78 Chatham strict. Good* delivered to any part ot he city free of etpenae. . , N. B ? Kihibition Ktraworka *f auperor quality, withcrnalon, red. purple, wen. yellow and bine nrea. Alao, colored 3re. by the pennd. jl lm*rc PHILADELPHIA DAGUEK REOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT. KXt'HANUK BLTILDINU, ROOMS 36 A 77. ftamr Siil.trribrra, havin* procured the Agrace for Uie aata of I VO"oTANDKR'S DAUUKllRKOT YPE AITAKa TUS eonatructed acrordin* 10 Profeaaor Prtieal'a calcn htion', hare >>n hand * large aaaurluieut of theae Apparatna, ,uil .rtii'a aa will a* unatenraof their art. wiahing to procure i Komi apparatna, will lind it to their advantage to procure iu iiriimeota of thia r mat ruction. Thee alao have lately importd a la rite .pautity of Oarman and 9'ranch platea, and all the pect.aa ihcv are made to their order. PoIhIhd* mbaluicn, ml morocco caae*. and all ueci-aaxry material*, are *old on the ><>?t rraaonable terrna The fullowiuu gtuJcuieu ha?? agreed i act aa theira?enu, via K. White, Kag ,175 Btoadway, NY, P. Lauren*. Kao., Baeanmh, U*. William Wr*t, Ka.) , Cincinnati, Ohio. All communication! (|>o?t paid) and order*,accompanied wlifc imittancea, will ba promptly ati'nded to. ami honld he daicled to Wlf. LANOKNHKIM. jallntr Kichauge Bnildiag, Phil*. I

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