Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 24, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 24, 1843 Page 1
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TH ol. IX.?171?W nolo Ho. 3383 To (tin Public. I THE NEW YORK HEBALL?dailynew?jiaper?published every day of the year except New Year's day and fourth of July. Price 3 cents per copy?or f7 3d puf *a" inn-postages paid?cash in ad eance. THE WEEKLY HERALD? tmhlishedevery Saturday morning?price cents per copy, or $S 13 per annum ? postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing oat. It has the largeet circulation of any paper in (Ait city, or the world, and is therefore, the beet ehennet for bueineee ween in the city or country. ITicea moderate?cash in advance. l'RINTINO of all hinds, executed at the moat moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES HORDON BENNETT, Proprietor or isr Herald Establishment, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassnu streets is I M MM ft slRRjtNGEMENT. NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINK. DRKCT, viainxwaax, Naw Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton' Boanr.NTonN and Burlinuton. Leaving New Yoik duly from the fouof Coiirtlandt it .Mo-iiiug Line a'.9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 43a P. M. Tne Morning Line proceeds to Bordentowu, troin thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. The EveUioglLiue proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Phil >delphia) wiih iU! change of cars. Passrtnters will procure their ticlreis at the offi-e foot of Conrtlaudt street, where a commodious steamboat.will be in leadinrss, with bagg ige crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, without beiugopened by the way. Each train is provided with a car iu which are a, artmen's and dressing rooms expressly lor the ladles' use ReUrniog, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordentowu at 7 o'clock, A.M. and by railroad frctn Camden, at 5 o'clock, P. M. The liues for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7X A. M., and f P. M. beinga continuation of the lines from New York, jed ~ "DRAKTB ON IRELAND, Ike. which /WifcSpll can be sent oy the steam ship COLUM BIA. sai'ing fioui Bcs'on on lh? 1st July. ji_ Persous viuitiuft or remitting m?u? y to any part of the old country, can at all times ob lain f ;om the subscribers Draft! at a ght for auy amount drawn direct ou the Hoyal Bank of Ireland, al>? on th- old established bankiug lit use of Mmms. I'teicot , Orote, AmnkCo of London, which are |iaiil free of discount, or anv chance whatever, inevery proviuce and county. besidesalhhe inland towna throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Walea, thereby answering the same purpose at Bank of England and Ireland notes. Apply to. or address, if bv letter, post paid, to ROCHE, BKOTHER8 4 CO, 35 Fulton street, r jjl r next door to the Fulton Bank. - ? DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRE/ M|PtLAND, &c ?Persons about remitting monev to their fiiends in the ' old country," can be supplied with Drafts, in sums of 1, 2 3, 5, 10 ,20 Ik ?50. or any araont. payable on demand, without discount oranv other chaige, at the National Batik of Ireland, Provincial Biuk, do., Messrs. James Bult, S >u & Co . Bankers, London, 1. Barned Ik Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, (.iteenock Banking Company, Sir Win. Ko bet Hunter & Co , Hcotlaud, and the branches in evtrypost town throughout England, Ireland, Scot'.eud k Wales, which drafts will be foiwardtd by the "S.eamer Caledoiiia," that leaves Boston 'he lstJnlr, by W. & J. T. TArSCOTT, At (heir 'jeneral Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South st. N. B ?All letters from the couutry must come post paid. Je 22r I THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKET n. -m MTo sail Irom New York 16th, and from Liverpool 5th of each mouth. Ship HOTTINQUEB, 1050 tons, J Ira Burselr, \ JnlT* New ship LIVERPOOL, 1150 tons, I ,?lh ?, JohJfcldridge, > 18th Au?B?' , Newahip Oread Western, 1250 tona.S a.-, PhilipTt Woodhonse, ) 16th a'Ptcmber. Ship ROCHESTER, 850 ton., i n?.?iv,. Jah Button J 16th October. These substantial, last sailing, first class ships,all built in the city of New York, are commanded by men of experience and I ability, ana will be despatched punctually on the 16th of each month. , Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of paneu K era. Neither t e captains or owners or these ships will be responsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, unless regrj&r bill) lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage -- ppl v to WOODHULL It MINTURN8, 87 South street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., jejl r Liverpool. ?<?? REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Its.?The oj-y JV ?i h?ruber continnes to transmit money in turns large JBaMKsor email, to uexsnns residing in any part of Ireland in the taaie manner a? he, i-ml his predecessor ui business have * done tor the las; thiity yerrs and more; any part of England. or Scotland. Mom y remitted by letter (post paid) to the tmbveriber, or penonilly dep -sited with him witn the rame ef the peison or persons In Irei*nd. England or Broiland, to whom it is to be sent, ard nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid ?ccori!iugiy, and a receipt to that effect given, or lor wanted to tbeeeewer. In line manner uvjuey, or claims on persons in any part of : lrel'nd, England or Scotland, csn be collected by the subscriber lor persons residing in any pa't of the United Stttes or Canada, and will be paid to them aceordingly. j 17 lin*r OKOKOK McBKIOE. Jr , 82 Cedar at. iff- BLACKBALL OK OLD LINK OK LIVERkWfVrOOL TACKETS-KOR LIVERPOOL?Regular JiUBiHwPacket,and tails on Sainrdsy. the 1st July. The'remark bin fast sailing packet ship OXFf )RD, John ttsihbone, commander, will positively sail as above, her regular day. The accommodations of twit superb packet, lor cabin, 2d cabin suditeerase passengers are unsurpassed by any other ship afloat. Those returning to the old country will find it to their interest to select this conveyance in preference to any other. For passage, apply on board, foot of Beekman street, or to the inbsc.iber* ROCHE, BROTHER9 It ?,0., U Fultcnst. Next door to ill- Fulton Bank P. 9. The new and magnificent packet ship MONTEZUMA,burthen IliO tens, will succeed the Oxford and tail for from Liverpool on the 19th Jnlv, her legular iliy Tenon* sending for tbeir friends can! have' them brought oat in her or any < I'the packets of this line, which aail fiom that poit on the 7th and 19ih of erery month. Drafts at sight lor any amount, on the Royal Bunk of Ireland and on Messrs Trescott, Orote, Ames It Co., Baukeri, Xjwhuju% wniuii win uu imiu irre oi uuuuuui ?i auy tinrnr, ui every town throughout England, Ireland, ticolland and Walei. For passage. ap^ly a? a bore j2l t Agf rOK LIVERPOOL.?Regular pacfcel ol the 25m MCJflV Jnuf.?The very superior, fast sailing packet shit JHsHbOAliSICK, Captain Sheddy, will mo?; positively ail as anore. Having vsry sanerior accommodations for cabin,second cabin and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark shonld make early application to JOSEPH MeMUKKAY, 100 Piue St., cor. South. The above wi'l be succesdrd by the splendid picket ship Patrick Henry, Capt Delano, and sail on the Tlh July. I'trsons wishing to send lor their friends in ths old eouutrv, can have them bronght out by the ahoro ship, or any ot the regular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter te poet paid. jll r #'OH LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE?.Regular kflWPV Packet nl 2stl June.?Ths Splendid Packet Ship ' . aiBfih(iOAHKICK, Captain Win Sgiiidy, of 1003 tone will positively sail as above, her regular day. For freight or i passi>,-?, having accominodalions unequalled for splendor or comfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street, or to _ E. k. COLLINS ft CO. 1 South street. The Packet Ship Koscitis, Capt. John Collins, of 1131 tons, will succeed the Oarnck, and sail the 25th of July, her regular daj. Letters for the ships of this line will only be received at Oil pin's end Hale's News Room Passengers may rely on the ships olthis 1ms sailing ppu?-tu.-l lyassdserliced J 17 ec "'is?- FOR l.TV EH POOL?The New Line?Regular tCHV IV ket lfith July?The new, splendid New Yo k packet yliip HOTT1NGUEH, Ira Bnriley, tn-sier. I0M) tons, wtll tail as above, her regular day., Eor Ireight or passage, having large and commodiom state rooms. apply to the I .auuin ou board. we?t aide Burling Slip, orto WOODHULL Ik MINTURV8, 87 Sonlli street. The superior new packet shir Lirerpol, Captain John Kldndge, 1150 tons, will succeed the Hotuuguer, and sail ou her regular day, 16th August. ill r tiLD BLACK BALL LINE OK PACKETS JMWFOH LIVERPOOL?Packet of the 1st Jnlr-The ,'^Wrspleiidid fast sailing packet ship OXFORD Captain nathooue, will be despatched as abore. The aecommndations for cabin, Sd cabin and stecraae passengers, by this ship, aie n mm passed?Those wishing to secure berthsshould pink early npplication to JOHN HERDMAN, 81 South street, near Wall st. N B?The regular racket of the KmIi June, cm yet take piuset,gen at the lowest rate P 8? I hose setding for Iriends rtsi-ling in Great Britain or Ircl'ind, can ha?c them hrourht out be the segnlar packets sailing wsekly from Liverpool, at thn lowest rates, eni Drafts k furnished, as usual, lor any amonat. payable without disM MM throughout the uited Kingdom, on application aa l>">1'f - i,0r saos NEW LINK LIVERPOOL PACKETS?Packet 77ih June ?The splendid, fast sailing Packet Ship SmmtOrn OAKRICK, Opt Wm Sltiddy, will sail poaitieely ?s .move, her regular ilatr. The ships ol tlys line ate all 1#00 tons lautli'U and upwards, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabi i, and ateemge passenger*. it is well known are superior to miv other line of packet*. Those wishing to secure berths should not fn'l to early application on hoard orto W. fc.f. TAPSCOTT, <3 Peck alip, corner South st. The Uarrick snila from Liverpool on the ISth Augnat.? Persons wishing to send for their friends can hare them hiought i tit in her, or any of the regular line, on favorable terms. Dralts for larar or small sums payable ou demand, without discount or any other charge, in all the |*>st townr of England, Irrl.iud, Scotland or Walri.cau also be obtained on application as a be vo The Hottingnct will succeed the Oar nek, end Mil the 16th July ___ i2>r LONDON LINK OK PACKETS? I'eeliet ol the wM(9Wl<tJn y?The ?y|cndid. new, fiut sailing packet laip jMMHfaVli: 1 OHlA, (Apt K K Morinn, will sail positively as ibovv, her rrgulat day. M tviug sniwnor accommodations Tor eabn, second cabin and steerage tvttatnge-a, for passage e?rly application ahould be made on board, or lo W. k J. T. TAPHCOTT. j2lr 4> Peca Blip cor South at. 14/- KOR LONDON.? Hegular Packet ol tlic tat July. (oJvWThe splendid packet ahip VICTtiHIA, tjapt. MorMtawni. will aail aa above, her regular day. T mug very auiierior nccommodauona for cabin, 2nd cabin, nu.l tterrsge passengers, persuua wishing 'o emb>rk ahould > ,a he early application to JOHKPH McMURKAY, 1(0 Pine street, corner of Month. Persons wishing to aend lor their friends, can have them bn 'tthi out by the above ahip, or any ol the rennlar packets. by ' I . ' ' ' , l ' "' . a J ) I 1' i "KiiII Kit) Dr. .1 AM1;I? '?T.I ?-,il Ii Jam? hiVn, 1 he laat veiling roptered and cooper faatened ahip jMMlaOASTON.Capt O. Eldrtdge. will positively tail aa > ?!' 'V Kor passage only, having elegant fnnuahed accommodation! apply on board at Jndd'a whaif or to K. K. COLLl>S fc CO . jlilr K> South atreei. E NE NJ NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AM) TRANS- I milTATU>N IH)^1PANY^^ V?rt retlut-ctl to 545 cent** Vrrm the foat of Conrtlandt street, New York. (Every day?Sundays tKcpwd.) Learei New York Leaves Newark At 8 A. M. At 2 P. M. At T A. M. At IX P. M. 9 do. } do. I do. 4 do. II do. 4 do 9 do. 5X do. 5X do. 10X 7X do. ?X do. * 9X do. I do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Uuurtlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Nrwe.rk. At J A. M. and 4* P. M. At 12X P. M. and 9X P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York Leave ttlixabitb Tows At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7X A. M. 3 < P M. 9 do. 4 do. 8X do. 7 do. 11 do. 4X eo. 10 Jo. 9X do. 5X do. 13 do. The trains for Weatfield, Piainfielu, Bound krook, Sonierville, fce.,connect with the',9 A M, and.4JKPM trains hum New York, daily, Sondays excepted. Kart between Ntw York and Elizabeth Town 25 cents. Kare between do and Somer-ille, 75 ceuti. erfwr YOKK. AND 8AHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Kahway. At 8 A. M. At J P M. At 7 A. M, At 3 P, M. 9 do 4 do 8 do 6% do II do 4\ do 9X do 9 do *.j2 do 1IX do NEW YORK AND NEW uKUNBWICU Krow foot of Courllaud street, New York, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Bmuawier At 9 A. M At 4 P M. A: 6 A M. At 11X A. M 5X do V-i do 8X P. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Brnnswick. At 9 A M and \\ P M. At II* A.M., and 8* P M. Fare, tichpi in tke Philadelphia trains, between New Yo-k and New Brunswick, 50 cents 8,t>r,n N..? Vnrlr It thu'i, v it r>m. Passengers who procure their ticket* at the ticket ofhce, re eeive a ferry tiofcet gratis. Ticket! are received by the oou ductor only on the day when purchased. mil 3m*r ?aM NKW YI ?RK, SCHOOL E*'8 MOUNTAIN AND EAS- .fgNe iSBB5?Via K.and Humeri ille K Road 3?bE5sE?? For Srhooiev's Mountain, leave pier No. I North river, at 8)? o'clock A M. daily (Sundays ixcepled) by alcamboat to KliTibethpoU; or leave the foot of Conrtland street al9i.'elock A M. by N J Railro?d to Klizabelhtown, thence connect with the cars fjr SouiTVille CMche-, thence 2(1 inilei to the Mouu'ain?arriving early in the afternoon If or Kaston lea?e as above proceed by railroad to Some r ville, coaches from thence (only 31 miles,) arriving in Eastou at B o'clock. This ion e, on account of the short distance by coaches, m*. kiujt it by lar the m >st pleasant and expeditions, commends it self to pnblicipatioiioge. Mr. Sauilerton. the protirielor at So mervil.'e, has piovidtd himself wi'h carriage! and horses to sc commodate private parties Willi extras at the shortest notice, and on reasonable terms. For scats apply to H D. Hope, Merchants' Hotel, 41 Courtlandt st. Passengers from Philadelphia to Schooley's Mountain will leave Philadelphia tt 7o'cItck,A M., by New York railroad line to New Brunswick. Splendid coaches from thence, arriving at the mountain early same afternoon. j?3 2m*r fllllflKl NEW YOKK, SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN ?t EASTON. Leave the foot of Conrtland stree', daily (Suuiiayo excepted) st 8 o'clock. A.M., by railroad Com Jersey city to Morristown, thence by Post coaches through Mcudliam.Chester. Schooley's Mountain, Amlersou Town, Port Coldeu, Washiugtou, to Easton. At Washington, a daily line intersects to aDd from Belvidcre Kor scats spply t? J. Hill, at J. Patton's, Commercial Hotel, 73 Courtland street. N.B.?Extras furuislied at the shortest notice by applying to N. B. Lute. United State." Hotel. .Morristown. in' II fin cc KOli HUFFAL.O AND ALL PARTS OK THE WEST ASSOCIATION PASSAGE OFP lUSTt^LBANYT Utica, $2 00 Rochester,- $3 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 50 Oswego, 2 25 Up. & Lower Canada5 50 For passage apply to M. L. KAY. m23 3m 93 Barclay street. New York. NEW ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND ? RKIUHT REDUCED. /gM REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PROVI PENCE AND BOSTON, via 8TON3K^UULuE-1NGTON AND NEWPORT-Composed of the following superior steamers, running in connection with the Btoniugtou and Boston and Providence Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Comstock. RHODE ISLAND. Cant 1 haver. l'llOVIDENCfc. NA11RAOANSKTT. MOHEUAN. One of which will leave New York daily (3undays excepted) from Pier No 1, Battery Piece, N. Hirer, at S P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wrdiietday for Stonington and Newport, and Kiidsy for Stonington The MA8SACHU *ETT8,Captain Comstnck, on Tuesday aud Tnnrseav for Stoningten, and Saturday for Stonington, Newport and Providence. Psisengrrs, on the arriral of the steamers at Stonington, will be immediately forwarded in the splendid and tommiiowns ' ars of the Railtoid to Pror deuce and Boston, and if for N vpert will pratced in the steamers on Monday, and Saturday, and on the intervening days, proceed via nnt ton Rail rued to Providence, and fiom thence in the imer lolaa, without any additional charge. Tickets (or the route and steamer*' berths can be secured on board, or st the oflice or HAKNDKN It CO , No 1 Wall street. OTT^On and after the 10th iust, freight will not be received and forwarded titer half-p-isi t P M m9 6m" m NEW YORK AND KINO STON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LTJE. jtgL For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson ?steamboats EMERALD and NOR SC^aoK. w ic ii. The EMERALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York foot of Murray street, every Monday and i'hnrtday at 3 o'clock P. M. Will leave Kiugston (Rondcut lauding) every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samnels, will leave New York, foot of Warreu street, every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M. W.ll leave Kingston (Rondoat landing) every Tue, ay and Friday at t o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foet of Murray street every 8oudy morning at 7 o'clock. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock same, day. For freight ot passage apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW k CO . all 3m*r 164 West street. .MM HTATEN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT fle3?Sw3*OF WHITEHALL ST.-The steamboats SESiiSE.8TATe,N [SLANDER and SAMSON will mn as follows nntil further notice:? Leave New Yoik 8, 9,10, II, 1. 2, 3S*.5. 6. 7. Leave Staten Island 8, 9, 10. 11^1, 2, 4,5, 6 7. L.eave r*ew scrs ano suicu istanu ererv hour on nunday. P. 9 ? Eicmsion to Fort Hamilton, Sundays deemed. Leave Port Hamilton 7^ A.M., returning I rem New Yora Sl4 P M. ill r 0m NEWARK. AMU NEW YORK?Fare LaJnSf only I2S{ Lenta '.?The t| lendid steamer SCoIEJE- PASSAIC, Captain inhu Daffy. Oa and afcar Monday .June 'i'h, will rua at followa Leaves the foot of Barclay atreet, New York, u It A M., and 4 r M. Leaves the foot ol Centre street, Newark, at AM., and WP.M. Freight carried at very low rates. sl< *m r mm _>UMMEW"AKKAMUKV KMT KOK AiBclSLti^ hllHh WSBURY?Long Branch, Ocean Home, Black Point, Kiimton, and iLatootown Landing. through the inner passage The new Steamboat SH HK vVBnU ItY, Captain Jonu P. Corlies, will leave Katontown Landing on Sunday, the 4th of Juua in?t., and run as fol lows, to wit: leaving New York, from the foot of Hohinaon street, every Monday, Tueadty, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Keturning, will leave Eatonfown Landing on each of the ahovs days, at I o'clock, P. M. On Saturdays will leave New York at 2S o'clock, P. M., and Eaton tewn Landing on Snndavssr J o'clock, P. M.. and Ocean House at 4 o'clock. The SHHEW9BUKY will run as above (weather iHrrmittiug) uutil further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners. N. B.?Stages will he in attendance to convey passengers from the afortsaid landing plactt to any part of the country required. js 13 Mh PACKET KOK HAVKE?Second Line,?The flffWahip ONEIDA, James Punk, master, will sail on the JGMLl'tofJuly. BOYD It HINCKEN j3fr .9 Tontine Building Wall st-t "rajA BARCLAY STREET?TO LET?The elegant ffTT? and commodious three story brick bouse No. 53 Barclay Jyilstreet, built and occupied by Mr. 1 nomas Brooks until mc pirirni Liinr. in cvceiieui nrrirr ma uitea wun every convenience foi n large fimilv, and mnated directly in I'ront of Coll-ge I'lace. Kor letmi apply at No. 110 Water itreet. m?S lin*r ______ n TO LKT?At Harlem, at the loot fof 121at street, a convenient >nd com'brlable two itorv dwelling In me. ?Ja.with pleaaant L kitchen There are the 11 m<> m>reorlen: uttiated on the Harlem r-vei; a dock, one hnndrrd leet front; and ttahlei lufficient for ten or Afteen honei. On ihe place there are tiv or lercn cherry trees in Inll bearing, peach treet, currant buihtl, roae cutltee, and eveiy to make P a mIMBM ratidence. Kiilnag ti it rate. Knqnite of Mil. TANDj.K, oppoaite the r'ace, or ot THOS W., No. 481 Waihiugtun street. The above will be let at a cheap tent to a gocd tenant jtott'r jmm TO L.K 1 ?The modern l>"ilt three imry nnck CTm dwelling, No 16 Oreen itreet, flushed with eilver furni ?Jgture, marble mantlee and grate* throughout. A Ane large yard, with never (ailing culeru. Will be let low. Koi further particulate apply to AITKKN, nnOTHKRH, )ea-ltnl>ec No. 123 Fulton itreet. MAVOK'jT C^UCK, > Cmahlkitoi*. H. C . Jane 10, 1B'3 5 TO RKNT FOK A Tib MM OK YKAKS, OH t._, , KOR 8ALK, rntl large and commodious tsUbltahvnent known aa the Chat lei ton Hotel, aitnato in a central part of the city, fronting on meeting itiett, lonth on Hayue itreet, nod wg the extenaire range of nl>ni>.,i.. mki m. Hot'I street; north on PmcS aey street The hotel u shout 160 feet by nboot 171 feat deep, lonr stories hinh, containing about H2 parlors and ch tmbere, besides the dining rooms for ladies and gentlemen; a'so, bar room, reading room, offices, store rooms and kitchen; also, fi?e stores and a barber's room, in basement, and fronting on iiavue street?a lame cistern, containing antu; SV000 gallc ns, and a force pomp, in care of fire, attached thereto, alto two wells on the premises. The whole front ofthe Hotel is embellished with a spacious two story collonade. Trims of sale will bo, a credit estemliag oser a period of at least S years, anil conformably to the provisions of the late "Slate Fire Loan Act.'' seenrcil by mnrtgsge of premises; ap prosed recurity will be irqnired on lesse or sale. Krooosals undressed to the Mayor of Charleston, will be received until the iStli July nest. J. HCHMKKLK, M.vor N. B?The following newspapers: the New horlc ll-rahl anil Courier It K.nqiiirer; ihe Boston Couriers the I hiladrlphit Uuited States (lacelte : the Baltimore American; the New Urletus Bee; the Mobile Hegister anil Journal will insert the above in a conspicuous place once a week until the 15:h p-osimo, ami forward their accounts for payment to Conner office. j?i tojylkr 77 ST It A V KH-fmm I un'c Hay. a cheannt Horse, /Xsmf*> with a small star on his lice and a switch tail?came XXZjudowII the Bowery after a gentleman's wagjp, withoat either s idHts or linlle. I'issse rtlnru htm to 11H puiton St.. and all etpenses will be paid. | jc3llt*r BtJLL It WKlOhf. W V ( 2W YORK, SATURDAY LUC1NA CORDIAL, on T1IK ELIXI R OK LOVE In olden tune,lain odk the Jews, Tint miin a accord wife might chooa*? Winer li'at, by Kmt'n unkindly doom, N<> children to;e to bleat hii hone. A (Dieted ilim, the Roman matron Prayed to Ludae, the midwif-'s ratron ; Eeyptia" wires, iu such nciiti*. Called to their aid the Prie?ts oflrria ; And rven now. the meek Hindoo? Warm ai her climr, and lender too? If rlii d'eta t wrlve inoulha f'ora her bridal Kilts weeping to her scuteless idol, And with rvard hauda, in accents wild, Petiiiont Bramah for a child : Kor well the knowi. Lore tlinoa to bleta The Hindoo Led ?f bvreuntss. 80 much for lore in day's by* gone, And savage customs in your own ; But say. esen now. d res Love's communion Bleas in our land, a sterile onion 'I No ofltiines conjugal felicity, Is thai disturbed?ay, e'en in this city. Yet may the barren, if they try The menus "I...? nee nr.J l.l^l- ? With 'Love*! Klixir" for hrr friend, The childiesB wife's repining* cud. Ent uot the proereative power Alone, ii till* Klixir's dower. Consumption'* ill* it will prevent, With vino' clothe the impotent; Hupprvss ii gleet, whate'er it* date, And all life'a function* renovate. Kruntion* from t r akin it cliaaei. Ami hnugs hack becuty and the grace* : 'Ti? woman'* trn-l?and ne'er deceive* Iter Kroin Kiuor Aihu* it relieve* her; And etch disease, (with proper care, too,) Her fair and fragile form is heir to. These are hut truth*, who call* them fiction Shall have stern proof in contradiction. Letter*?ill form* ol ntirstatiou? From i he rnv*us of every na ion ; Witn vriteinl missive* iroin all qua'ters, IVnne i ty Disease and Quackery'? mar.yr*. Thousand* vilin lay, Willi fluttering biealh, Almost within the jaw* of Death; Now iu their nightly prayer* repeat Thinks to Life'* friend, in Nassau street, An . sometimes name the very number? "Niuety-iwo Nassau,"?eaeh in their slumber ; Or. dieamiug of Disease'* oideal. Cry out for (lie "Luciua Coidial." Person* ordering this medicine from the country, by tending a remittance, csn have it boxed up and sent to any part of the L'nioa Price S3 per bottle, or S31 per doien. It it alto for sale in Philadelphia, at 90 North Miith street, toll lm'ec A YACHT FOR SALE, | 1K seven tons burtheu, uiue month* Id, and in perfect stil" iug order, well fouud iu every respect, such as awuing for cockpit, anchor, grinding, cables, patent sheave blocks, sails and rigging of the very best materials, n complete sett of Hags, cleats and rudder head of brass, has a beautiful cabin, fiuely fined up with io kers, cushions and looking glnases. rpygUss, and oihci fixtures aopenaiuiug to the saine ; lias a large refrigerator under the cockp.t, that will hold 100 lbs. ICE, sloop rigged, carries squate topsails, length 24 feet ou deck, 9 feet beam, irou keel, 12 inches darp, 314 wide midships, bolt d on kclstou weighing 1000 ibs.. and those that know the advantage of leverage pow er, will at once see that she caunot be knocked down in a sou all. .and in .-i... I...i,..m .. ....... -n ink, as she Itdi the buoyancy of 2M00 weight of cork between her sides and selling, ntnl is a very last sailer. Cor further particulars, inquire of J. JENNINGS, m30 lm*m 192 Broadway, cor John st, un sUirs, front room CllOTON WATKR. THE Tinned Lead Pi. es iareuted hy Mr. Kwbank. are, in ib.e opinion of a very large numb?r of the hesl chemist, physicians and most scientific men of the ate, tin; only lead Vpes that cau be used with sifety in conducting this water, cry crest danger ol po-soii it incurred by the use ot any oilier. Physicians aud other scientific meu refer lo numerous cases wheresiiku-ss ind death has &c ually resulted Irom the use of the csmmou lead pipes. The subscriber has made arrauKements to keep on hand a fall and constant supply of the tinned Irad pipes, which he will sell to p umberc aud others on the most favorable terms. JOHN O. CASS, jeIfl tin* in 71 Broad st-eet. CKOTON WATER?DAY'S hIRST FKEV1IUM INDIA RUBBER HOSE is confidently recommended for any purposes for which leather is used, and ,s warianted to possess the following properties 1st. It is perfectly tight under pressure of the Crotou. 2d. It is made of the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew to injure in the least, and requires no attentiou. 3rd. It is not destroyed by coming in contact with oiler grease, nor stiffened by cold weather, uor can the rubber decompose, as interior articles are in no case'used. Should the least complaint be made of the Hose, not possessing the above properties, it will be taken back, at any time inside ol six morn hi from its purchase, aud otner given in exchange without charge. 4th. Coupling and jet pipes will be attached without charge. Buyeri will notethst we are clearly satisfied that this hose (the process ol making which it uuknown to auy other in the trade) ii just the article loug wanted for leading water and many other liquids. HORACE H. DAY, j 17 lm*r Suceessorjo Roabary I. R C. 4} MaiutnLana. P ABELl. & HUGHES, Plumbers .^al me^coruerot Jonu moat epp-oved plan, with Crotou Waier, Water Close's and Hydrants of all deicrptiout. Baths lUteo op with Boilers for Hot and Cold water, Lead aud Iron l'ipes of the heat Quality ; Sheet LeadjKn-ce and Lilt Pumpe. and all aitieiea in llnir lice of luaineu, to be kid ou rrotouah'e t ma, Onlen re.-e.yed fir Eire and Garden Hole. The tnbieriberi flatter themselves from the long experience they have had in the above bmnien in Philadelphia, to aire universal aatit fiction to ail who favor them w tli their patronage. RKFKKEPrc'KBSamuel Rush, Esq , Kitoiler of Watering Committee,'Phila delphia Joseph Hancoelt, Builder, ditto George Erdmin. Aiiiitantioi the IHarr labort Waterworks, d tto J. O. Kwing, Plmnbe-, ditto A. L. Eisehhut, No. 283 Greenwich street, New York A. T. C lehrane, ditto, ditto, ditto J. Rabinean, i'j Charlton itreet, ditto J"hn L. Wathiui, II, Fulton 1'ree', ditto je5 lrn*r Wnd| KLOKICUL i UltE ? Kor aale, the large Conaerv*IfSql'ory, with all the extensive apparatna attached thereto, *dkat the garden, (late Mr. Perry'a,) Henry it, Brooklyn Kor farther paiticulnrs apply to W. RUSSELL, Florist, on the premises. W. Rniaell hai aUo lor sate at low prices, a auperb collection of fine healthy Plants in bloom ana in pots, <,! geraninmi, roiea, veibenai, violas, dahliai, azalias, rhododendrons, salvias, potential, clematises, cactuses. maguoli ia honeyiucklei, and other deiitable greenhouse andgaiden planta ami reiea. Bongneti beautifully made up to order. All ordera for the citieaof New Vork and Brooklyn, delivered free of charge, aud punctually attended to. j!52w*r THE FOURTH OF JULY! <4lP^ BOOTS AND SHOES. Cheai> boot aud Shoe Market. No 509 Greenwich street? Ladies aud geutleinen areadviaeu to call at the above store and provide thcinieivci with reasonable summer tioots, slippers, gaiters, fcc, m.tde up iu the ueilest aud moat failuouahle style, and sold as cheap if uwts little cheaper than elie where. Heads ol families will save inouey by calling here, at the chean depot. Don't forget ilie nnmher, Clinton Cheap Boot and Shoe Market, N?. 509 Gieenwtch atreet, corner Spring at. je8 lm*r LOOK AT THIS ! R/VAt. gaf ke.t ambIiM fti tA #.4 A/1 French, do do I to 1 SO Fine sewed Bne.i, 2 30 to 3 00 Pegged do '30 Morocco do 2 35 Seal Skin and (Irani do I 75 to 200 Cloth button Uaileri, 225 Prunella do 2 03 Fine Calf Shoes, Hitched, 2 00 Calf Shoes, 1 25 to 1 75 Boy's fine tewed boots, 2 25 ncgtted boeU, calf, 1 50 " Hraltkin anil Urain, 1 I2X " Kine Calf Shoet, 1 25 " " Kip Shoes, 1 00 Voulh't Sewed Bimu, 1 00 to 1 50 LADIES' BOOTS It SHOES.-Ladirs, in these stores you will find (tie greatest ass<.i .mcnl of (iaiter B iota, Slippers, Bnaliiiit, Tiet, Prunella Buskins, lirlit and dark colored hall (laitrra, ilouae blippert, white and black tatin tlippert, aatic gaiters, .Misses and Childrens' gaiters, hntaict, tlippert, tiet and all other kiuda of boots and shoes, of onr own manufactori nit with the best of Krvneh goods,and warranted to be the betl and at cheap as the cheapen, at 367 B oadway and 92 Canal it j3 imr* OHEUOHir It CAH1LL. 79, SHIRTS. 79, W | ; L I AM ITRKKT, THIRD BASK ?ii N I BELOW MAIDEN LANE, N. T: A ?|a nudoubicdir tha cheapest Blurt Manufactory in the city. Wholesale dealers will find this assertion to be nothing less than a posture fact. It it not the intention of the subscriber to make this advertisement appear at a pnff, bnt he merely

withes to anminaee to hit friends and customers, that he has opened the shore establishment to supply them with Shirts, Collars and Bosoms at a much lower rate than they have hitherto been in the habit of pnyinit elsewhere H. AHONSON. Senior partner of the late firm of AKO.NSON It WILSON. IC^Be particnlar in the number, 79 William street, third basement below Maiden Lane, N. Y. P S ? Particular attention pud to private orders. jl lm#r PAH Id BOOTH AND LASTS MADE TO OKDEK By E. SITSER, 17fi Broadway, {Basement,) One Door from Conrtlandt street. E. S17HRK, Bootmaker, and maker of Casta, an jg|im"Ilre'' of Cleree of Paris, begs leare to inform his friends and all the nmatenr* ol a gentleman'r "ehanasnre," thnt hp can now make, in New York, with (he heat Freu'h meteiiils, all thrt ia so perfectly made, in f aris, by hi* master the celebrated hootmiher Cleree, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlintte,aro resprctfnlly invited to try SUSKR'S boot* s?d lists belors they despair of being "chaasses-' id Now Yo't, iflor *hc nlceat, lateat Paris fashion. Also, the genuine Paris Jet Black Varaish sold. ' BOUJl A!SU ?HOt H'i'OHE. JOHN KK.ADY respectfully inform* hisfrisnd* and the nuhlie.that he has commenced business in the above line, at No. 99 Nassau street, where he will tlianklnlly reran e aid faithfully everute, all orders he iuay It farored with oa hamilt reasonable trrmt for raah ?l?r TO THK I.AD1KS.?2tio pair prime Gaiter hoota of all color* and aire* of the latrat fashion, Miaaea and children's Gaiter boots and Bnskina, Ladies Bus kiua, Ties, and Simper", a aood article, from a to g shilling j. Also, a good assortment of Gentlemen's prime call stitch boots, city made, from 2 75 tot dollars, warranted ; good tine pegged boots, from 12 to IR ehil intra. Alan, Dov'a boots, I to I3a.i t'ents. gaiters, quarter hoots and shoes of all descriptions in great abnudance, at Walker's cheap store, 419 Broadway, corner Canal street, mtl Im'ec GENIN & VAN VRANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, rop okntlkmkN, WKIOHINO ONLY V\ OUNCKS?PRICE 91 50. f? THK Snhscribera have introduced the ahoae utuied hat lor anmmei wear. By comparing the weight of this article with the average weight of the following hats, the superior nuvamaget it possesses over them lor summer wear may be readily seen. '1 he ayersge weight of the ordinary fbr hat is Sid ounces, do do I'anama 5* " do do Leghorn 4 " Being fully convinced that no style of summer hat heretofore worn, has met with the general approbation which a hat losses sing all the qualities, rlf lightness, beauty, durability and cheapness, would be sure to receive, we have devoted much at tention to the mannlacture and finishing of the new style now introduced by u?. From the warm approbation esprrss'd by gentlemen who have esamined them, we feel satisfied 'hvt they need only to be seeu to be folly appreciated. UttNIN lit VAN VHANKKN, in38 lm"ec 2H Rt^adway, opposite St. I'aul's C.hurcli. RANK OlT KNGL\N1> NOTKR. Sovereigns and Kngliih *-? "liver, bought and sold. Lumbermen's Bank, Warren, Pi., bought at S J. 8* i.V B"TKirs Jl7?c 22 Wall *t, and Hs Btoadwiy. IRK I MORNING, JUNE 24, 18 Ueneral Session*. v Before Recorder Tallmadge, and Aldermon Martin and Scoles. Jamm R. Whitino, Hsq, District Attorney. Kriday, June i.i I ?Ditordtrly Housi?Jmnes J. Turner was tried lor keeping a disorderly house at 117 walker street, convicted and sentenced to a fine of $60 and imprisonment in the city prison for one month, and until the fine is paid. False Prelencei.?Holdridge Dewey was tried on the above charge lor obtaining a pair of horses, a barouche, and a set of harness in October, 1841, lrotn Henry Johnson, of No ? Thomas st., by false representations. It was proved by prosecution that accused gave a deed of 400 aires of land located in Pennsylvania, in the town of Milford, near the Delaware river, which it was stated was afterwards found not to be the property of accused. On discovering the fact the barouche and horses were restored to the complainant. The defence, conducted by R. M- Lite, K?q. oi Philadelphia, assisted by A. P. Mann, Esq. proved the valility of the deed of the land, and thus fully established the innocence of the accused, and the jury acquitted him without leaving their seats. Assault and Hattery?Patrick Tenney, Catharine Tennoy and Sarah Mulgrew, were tried for an assault and battery on Francis Fox, of 43 Mott street. The Jury acquitted them forthwith. David McKenzie convicted of assault and battery with intent to kill his wife, was sentenced to the State Prison for two years. Israel Hallenstein convicted of perjury in a trial of the Fishblaats, was sent to the State Prison tor two years. Charles Stearns convicted of forgery in the third da. gree for forging a letter on the Cashier of the Union Bank ot this city,to obtain the plates o( the Dank ot Kentucky, was sentenced to two years at Sing Sing. The Court then, after hearing several motions and discharging a number of prisoners, adjourned until the first Monday in July. Pnerto Cabello. [Correspondenceof the Herald.J Puerto Cahki.i.o, (Venezuela.) ) June titli, 184ft. ) James Gordon Bennett, Esti ? My Dear Sir Having made arrangements to forward you per every opportunity, the latest papers published in this country, I improve of this occasion to send you the four last numbers of the "Liberal," a Caracas weekly paper, up to the :M)th May, ultimo, and shall be happy to learn that lliey may prove satisfactory to you. It appears that in consequence of the Provin upon the National Bank (bo called) established last year, the Directors found it convenient to contest its payment, and in fact the judicial tribunals decided in favor ot the Bank; but upon the meeting of Congress this year an able exposition of the case was made in supi>ort of the rights of the "Diputnciim Provincial," and after due consideration. Congress approved throughout the proceedings of the Provincial Government. However, public opinion seems to be divided in relation to the case. The Directors of the National Bank appear to be determined to stand upon their reserved rights by resisting to the last the encroachments of the authorities, and have made out a tolerable good case, by quoting lroin the opinion of the Supreme Court of the United States, giving the decision of a similarcase, to wit, State of Maryland versus United States Bank, some years since. Indue time we shall see which |>arty "comes ofl " victorious. I have nothing of particular importance to communicate with regard to business transactions. "Julaps" are in abundance, and one of the principal articles of trade in Puerto Cabello. We have not been troubled lately by Comets or Earthquakes, which were so very annoying to the old maids and young ladies in March last. The schr "October" sails this afternoon from this port for Baltimore, and schr "Hopewell" direct for vour port, leaving no American vessels here. Coffee 8 a 9c; Hides 7 a 8J per lb. I remain, respectfully, yours. La Gunyra, I Correspondence of the Herald. I 1 La Gttayra, June 1, 1843. i Dear Bennett ? Do not think, because three thousand miles distant, that your valuable journal, never roaches us; no, quite the contrary, they regularly come; but with all their regularity the quantity never satisfies the demand. A banker, of some note in our capital, immediately upon the arrival of any of the "Flying Squadron" from your city, writes a long letter, inquiring for the "New York Herald," and its superior "money articles." I have often given him a hint to send six dollars,'which would guarantee a regular perusal. The most important matters for conversation is the "crisis," wnich has been a tough subject for our congressmen. They talked upon the matter until they became tired, and then, like prudent statesmen, adjourned, and went home to plant either their "small potatoe seed," or something else. The devil of it is, the Creoles think that their banks are the cause of it, and on Sunday last the two great monsters, " El Banco Colonial Britanico"and"El Banco Nacional de Venezuela," held a "Junta" together at Caracas, and also called to their aid the various representatives of foreign powers residing there; but as yet the fruits of their labor have not had publicity. The first named insti'.urion is a branch of the Colonial Bank, London, (he latter was established about a year and a half ...J ?. ... ti,n ciuuc, uuun me i'aiiuunkc ui uic kuvciuiuciii, ujr (our monied m?*ii, Juan Chaves, Juan Elizondo, Wm. Ackers and Adolph Woifi. I enclose you a copy of the port charges at this place, which are thus:?Signal Master, #1; Captain of Port, $3; Health Officer, #3; Interpreter's fees, 1$5; Consul's fees, #5; Custom House charges, 80^ cents per ton macquoquino. Business continues dull. Coffee in Caracas a 8; Hides 94 a 9i; Indigo 10 a lOirs.Flor. The Hopewell leaves no American vessels in port. Key West. [Correspondence of the Herald.] Key West, June lo, 1843. My Hear Sir? l The Rudolph Oroning, reported in my last, came i into port on the 4th inst., and is now receiving re! pairs. She was thrown keel out, and examined [ yesterday, and the carpenters upon her report her bottom, with the exception of her keel, perfectly sound. Her owner, W. H. Hall, Esq., I.understand, intends to send her to New York immediately. Her aim oiciii uiiiurro uuu ('lanK, are an pro- [ nounced sound and in good condition, and the car- I penters say that so far from the stern frame being started, as was at first asserted, the pitch about it is not even started. The Admiralty Court, on the 5th instant, made the following decrees:? In the case of the Rudolph (Ironing's cargo, libelled for salvage, it gave the salvorB33 1-3 percent on its value, anu all expenses paid. To the salvors of barque St. Harlampy and cargo, 33 1-3 per cent on the value of ship and cargo before expenses paid. In the case of Fonsica against Haly, for a marine tort and breach of marine contract, wherein the damages were laid at flthO.tKH), the Court dismissed the libel,each party paying his own cohIs. This case is a singular one, and I will hereafter report it fully. The brig Alabama came in yesterday from New York. Schooner Robert Mills sailed yesterday for Grand Terre. N?w Orleans. [Correspondence of the,Herald.] New Orleans, June 13, 1M3. Pear Bennett:? The two arrivals from the coast of Yucatan yesterday, confirm previous reports of a cessation of hostilities between the peninsular and the mother country; and, also of the sailing of the whole Mexican fleet, with the exception of the Montezuma and the Guadaloupe, and an American schooner (the Badger) recently purchased for a tender, ine steamers were laying on L.erma on the 3<i instant, anxiously waiting for the appearance of Com. Moore beyond the reach of the guns of the Cnmpeachy forts. Thus far the steamers have suffered no damage, and had not a single man killed! all reports to the contrary nnthwi'hstanding!! One shell from the Austin struck the steamer's wheel-house, but without doing any injury excepting wounding one person in the heel! The Mexicans are determined that the Texinnn shall not rscape a third time. In the last engagement, the Austin had five feet and a half of water in her hold, and had to be careened over to keep her from sink ing. As it was, she Install her powder except the upper tier of boxes ! The Mexican guns can throw [ annul one mile farther than those of Moore, and i the steamers can always maintain their distauce. (>n the correctness of ihe preceding facts, you r m 1 rely. YourB in haste, Lkkma. , lEttA Albany. [CorrripoudaDce of the Hernltl.l Albany, June 22,1843. Albany?Repeat Meeting a Failure?Tyler GuardFourth of July?Anticipated Koto Between the Catholics and Protestants. Sir :? After all the exertions which were made to arouse the Irish, the pretended Repeal meeting was very slimly attended last evening. Although the greatest exertions which possibly could be, were made, to congregate a large assembly, llut it was decidedly and completely a failure. There were no more persons present than ordinarily attend our ward meetings. One ol our most respectable citizens had consented to officiate as chuirman, but when about organizing, the honorable gentlemen was found to be among the missing. And in order to make a virtue of necessity, Harent P Staata, the most unpopular man in Albany, was hoisted in the chair,amid the hisses of more than filtv Irishmen. A resoecta ble number of Vice Presidents and Secretaries were appointed, either of whom would have Riven better satisfaction us chairman, than the blustering, intermeddling bladder of wind, who presided. There then appeared to be much difficulty in getting orators for the occasion. Gafliiey and Dagger and Costigan were expected to be on hand?neither appeared, lfut a Mr. Hickey, ail original son ot the green sod, was prepared, and from his manuscript, edilyed the audience with a patriotic display of gusto, froth and history. He is undoubtedly destined to become a barrister of no ordinary calibre, in his own imagination. Alter the conclusion of his oration, some wag or two called out lor James M. French, the proprietor of the Catholic Atlas; but Mr. F. shrewdly suspected the call as a mere burlesque, vary wisely kept inum, although it is understood that he will be compelled to exhibit himself at the next meeting. Being a standing candidate for Congress, he is engaged with much effort to obtain the support of the Irish in advance for the next contest. At this stage of the proceedings it was announced that a wonderf ul speaker from the city of New York was present, and that by permission, he would make them a speech. " Bring him eat?bring htm out"? "Who's ihe grate repairer"?"Mount him on the platform"?" Hurra! hurra!" And forward comes Marshal Jenkins Bacon, Esq.. late editor of half a dozen penny papers, and standing Assistant District Attorney ot the city of New York. The way he blarneyed the Irish was a caution to McKeon, McMurray, ami Maclay. Marsh will cettatnly be a member of Assembly next winter! Tbe joy of Tyler's Guard, on learning that | the President would not visit this city, is beyond conception. They knew that the whole duty and responsibility ol getting up a reception devolved upon themselves; and although they had inveigled Garry Lansing, James 'laylor, and a few other of our respectable citizens, into tiie measure, still it is well known that the citizens would not have contributed in any way, nor partaken in the least, in the matter. The death of Mr. Legare, though a heavy affliction to the country, was a fortunate circumstance for the Government Tvler paupers in thin city. It was expected that the Fourth ef July would have been celebrated with unanimity and patriotism, becoming a decent people. But the manoeuvres which have occurred prove that the whig pa tv are not willinir thnt .inv Hemnerat shall he eon spicuous on the occasion. The orator and marshal having both been selected in reference to their bitter political character, will dampen whatever ardor was possessed by the democrats. I am sorry that this silly circumstance should induce any one to withhold his patriotism on that great day. Several of die societies have already noticed thia measure of partiality. There is more activity among the members of the Montgomery Benevolent Society in making preparations lor the -1th, than among any others. This society is composed of persons most deadly opposed to the St. Patrick's Hibernian Society, and at the last anniversary I >re upon their banner an inscription so extremely offensive to the Irish, that a terrible row was momentarily exacted. Should the same banner appear in procession this year, 1 have no doubt but that the most dreadful consequences will ensue. Yours, &c. Jeremiah Auburn. [ Correspondence ol the Herald.] Auburn, June 20, 1343. State PriMm?Influenza? Religion?Sin? IVicktdncts?Crops, Spc. Mr. Editor:? It is a long, very long time since I have seen a correspondence from this villa in your invaluable news journal; and taking it for granted that a brief letter from this quarter would not be wholly unexceptionable, I have taken the responsibility of ad dressing you, and while I am thus writing (3 oclock P. M.), the sun's rays pour down upon us, apparently in all his strength?it is most insufferably hot; the mercury up to 90 in the shade, and not a leaf stirring, not even a poplar?so dead is the calm. But notwithstanding all this, the heat, dust, dirt, and a slight touch of the prevailing influenza, drowsiness and laziness thrown in, I am determined upon sending you an epistle uninteresting as it may be, and leave it at your own option to publish it or not. We have about 725 convicts now confined in our prison, and they continue to come in the fastest kind. But a good deal of sickness prevails now in this penitentiary ; over 150 are laid up with the influenza, sore throat feu., so prevalent everywhere just now, even in your city; but nothing serious is anticipated to grow out of all this, if early care be taken, and proper means used, which is being done by our worthy prison physician. Dr. T. Dimon, a gentleman and scholar in every sense of th- word. 1 believe all concur that the prison is under very judicious management. The change of men, and of course measures, last spring, will prove undoubtedly a lasting benefit to the prison, and salutary to the State. Tne Fiscal Agent, salary #1200 and perquisites, is John Beardslev Esq., formerly President of the Cayuga County Bank, ex-Senator fee., a gentleman oi wealth, rigid economy, strictest integrity and a prominent man in the great and glorious temperance reform. W. F. Doubfeday Esq , ex-Congressman, is keeper, salary #1200. This gentleman, in my opinion, makes a better editor (he is now editor of the Cayuga Patriot) than keeper. He lacks energy and discrimination, lor a gentleman holding this responsible office. My informant is a deputy keeper under Mr. D. a warm and sincere fripnd of his, who respects the man, hut thinks he lacks in this particular. General Gridlejr, the only whig officer within the precincts of the prison walls, \ officiates vet as clerk in this institution?courteous. bland and easy in hia manners, concise, exact and rigid in his official capacity, he is an honor to the office, and justly merits, as he certainly receives, the respect of all who know him. His loss would be severely felt by the prison, and could hardly be repaired in this community. The Theological Seminary is in a flourishing state?the number of students in attendance about W)?quite a number in the senior class graduate thi* summer, in August?but, verily, the laborers are few. Religion, pure and nndefiled, is at a very low ! ebb in this part of Christendom. Ministers and people seem to have fallen asleep, nnd sinners are crowding the road to eternal destiuction, unheeded and unreslrained. Apathy seems to have got a hold upon the churches, and with an iron grasp is bowing them to the earth. Infidelity reigns paramount. That old serpent, the devil, is in our midst, artlully leading astray Irom the paths of rectitude and virtue the young and unsuspecting, deluding them with false notions and unhallowed desires ol themselves and others, thereby wounding the cause of our Redeemer, and putting him to shame. Never in my life, during a residence of ten years in this village, have I seen so much thoughtlessness, gaiety, tun and wickedness, as is manifested at the present by the youthful portion of our citizens. Sabbath after sabbath, instead of attending divine service, Hundreds prom mane our principal streets, ride oul tor pleasure, drive over to "Sexton's," and in numerous other ways convert this hallowed day?a day of rest tor man and beast at the command oi God?into a day ot amusement and secular enjoyments., <p* Last Sabbath, at the close ot the morning service, i as the daughter ot one of our most resectable citi- , zens was returning home from church, wiilnn a t short distance ot her residence she was violently as ' saulted and thrown upon the ground, and an attempt | made to violate her person, 111 oi>en day. The cries ^ and screams of the young lady almost immediately ? brought hundreds to the HjKit, not, however, until ? the villain had tied, having been most tortiinately un p puccesstul in nccomi>li0tiin? luu hrlli^h desire* j Being pursued almost inslanlly by hundreds, he o was soon captured, alier making violent resistance, | ? and lodged in jail. Th#black hesned scoundrel is ? au old Stata prison convict?came oul but a tew i 1 # L P. Prlca Two Unti, daya ago, and has bet a loitering about here apparently ior no good puriinae Next September, rest aiwured, lb* will go back to his old quarters, where he may do the State some service, and where he ought always to remain. Business is tolerably good, ol all kinds?money is growing more plenty here every day. The rise in wheat haw effected this to some measure. Wheat is worth 8s t?d?Flour, #6. More anon. Cayuoa Awrui.i'o>iri.*'i?ATior?.?Thi Villaob of Bovi sm villi: is AiHKi ? It is our melancholy duty to record one of the moat diiiiatroui event* which Providence sees fit sometime* to direct again*! the work* of man. The village of Boucherville, which stand* about ten miles below Montreal, on the opposite aide of the river, and contained a population of over a thousand souls, is no longer in existence. Yesterday morning the bright situ rose upon it* happy dwellings, and its cheerful leoking spires -at night he set, hut the wretched inhabitants wept in anguish over the ashes ol their homes. The village was built along the right hank of the St Lawrence, fronting the river for about a mile, aud four iirinnnal streets ran back to the rear. There might have been about two bundled houses, most of whidh were of atone, and niHiiv ot them twos'ories high. With barns. stable* am! uther outhouses, it formed no mean collection o( buildings, and had many wealthy familii among it* inhabitant*. By six o'clock the most of the village wan in flames; but the Church and the Priest's rcaidence were vet among other* untouched, and for aome time we hoped, that a* they stood on the hank of the river, tife strong wind would carry the flame* from them. But a flight alant in the breeze brought either flame or ember* to the roof of the Church, and it ennght. We are rath< r ot opinion that a good deal mu*t have been snved out of the church; for many people could be aeen carrying article* from it towurd* the river. Now what iatohe done? The tint thing we would moit respectfully suggest, might be, tor the caahiera of the bank*, trusting to humanity for the subsequent approval of their director* to advance ?ib each, to purchase bread lor the miserable creature* who have thus been made beggars. Bread they must have to-day. There la no time to go round for subscriptions; women and children who yesterday ate a cemfortable dinner, in a comfortable home, must feel the pnngsof hunger before now. A boat must he despatched to them, as soon as all the spare loavesof all the bakers are collected; it wont do to wait, nor to talk, the poor creatures must be fed, and in order to feed them money must bo got at once. The public will repay it, the public must repay it, if the directors do not sanction it. Wo have purposely omitted pourtraying the agonised feelings of the wretched villagers, It would have been improper forus to state simply Irom imagination, the anxiety of lathers and mothers as they gazed on the houses of their neighbors falling a prey to the flames; and still less to harrow the feelings of our readers with a supposed description of the awful agony of suffering, with which the parents must have seen the infuriate monster swallowing up their own. The dreadlul truth will exceed in horror, all that mere fancy conld paint. A list of the sufferers will prove a census of the village. The names of some of the residents wc have ascertained; among others, M. De Bourherville, Seignour, M. Do Orosbois, M. Lacoste, N. P., Dr. Wilbrenner, Joseph Wilbrenner, Land Surveyor, M. Lsbrocquorie, J. P., Roy, Tavern keuper, Laberriere, Fleurimond, Montarville, Secord, Proud, Bruyere, itc ? Montreal Herald, 31st msf. i' It K A y i f I? V Nt 1'1'KS 1.11ST f OST, by the subscriber, bet weeu the cities of New York and Philadelphia, a nocbet memorandum boob, eoutniking the following Treasury Note? A No 19555 10 Juue, 1842, 6 per cent, to 8yl. Brown.1 j endorsed 26 June, 1842 I ? J 100 B 195.16 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 1842 ) o? 100 A 19558 10 ? 6 ? 20 ? ,842 f 100 A 34000 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 1842 1 * 58 B 34001 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 1842J SJ 58 C 31002 10 ., 6 ? 11 1842 toB. Rutignn and H. L. Myera, 50 B 11255 E Mar., 1842, 6 ner cent, to 8yl.Brown, endorsed 12 March, 1842, to B. Ruiivan and K. L. Myera, 50 C 20865 25 April, 1842, U. Loyall, endorsed April, 1142, 10 II. L. Myera, 50 2550 All persons are forewarned against the payment of the above notes. A liberal reward will be paid for the return of the boob and contents, to the subscriber, at 75 South Front street, or Messrs. Allibane lb ??. 2 .South Wharves, Philadelphia, or to Messrs. Bryan U Maitland, 178 Front street, New Yorb. Philadelphia, 77th May, IMS. m30 lrn*r (Signed) R. L. MYKRS. Appoint mbnts by thf. chamber or cOW MKHff; AND BOARD Ob UNUBRWRITBRF.These are toccrtiiy that H. Brumlev, Joseph Tinkham, T H Mcirv, A. Cartwright, Siml Cannier, Russell Hturgis, w-i ;>oiu'eU by our respectiye boards, as suitable persons to act as Marine ?uree,on lor the Port of New Yo b.arid M. Y. 'Sorrw ai U!e k, and we recommend ihem accordingly, in all cases where iheii services are reunited. The Chamber oi Commerce of New York, (J. Jaa. D P Ogden, President. Ink,, I. H vc.rnA.? Tlie Board or Undarwrirers of New York, Abr. Ogden, President. Walter H. Jones, JSec'y of the Board of Underwriter*. New Vnik, June 9. IB43. jll r CHAMPAGNE. CLARET, PORT, SHERRY WINES, AC. lOn BASKETS Chsinimgne Wine, first quality, in quart X\I\J ai.d pint boltlei. ISO Buk* i meoiom and low priced Champagne of different brands, in perfect order. 30 Cask" Bordeaux Claret, of eery food quality. Alao. Cl?'ei in every grade. Sherry Wines, suitable for Sherry Cob.era Poit Wine, of every variety. 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J -Wlv'si fiOLMAVU LONDON MUSTARD, per ship Philadcl Vy phia :? 200 kegs second and fine 200 pigs Lead 00 bills Alum Also on handPrinting Pal era?2gXt2 26XJT 34X36 14X21 21X31 3>*X? Together with a general assortment of writnut.and wrapping papers, for sale Or 8. KlNliSLEY, m23 Im'f I IT Maiden I.awe kSTRAW BONNETS AND EMBROIDERIES, BELOW COST. Vflf?A FY OODEFROY will sell, for some days only, a i-Yl large ajsrtinent of g.mdt iu the millinery line. Ladies are invited to call at 349 Broadway, opposite the Carlton House. _ Jll 2w*r STRAW GOODS. rP BENNETT, 34 John street, Importer and Manufacturer ' ol Italian, English, and French Straw OoadB, respectfully informs his customers that he continues to rereivs accca ._ 1... _,.i i.,i I, ?| | .,|.?, r..k.n...kl. ?!.. B?n. nets, made ?f the ruosl superior quality of braids, mid offered now to the public t.t reduced prices; vu.? English and French Dunat*blet, Italian Rutland*. Prince Albert Braid*, Fancy Shell and Imperial*. Victoria Braid* (a new and aplendid article,) Tuscan*, Brilliant*, French Whalebone (a prettv article Tor lummer wear, |>osaeaaing the lightneaa, color md beauty of the chip, and the atrength and durability of the Tuscan), French Lace, French Chip, Modena. fce. Ac. Ths above-mentioned artielee are manufactured in the moat euperioratyle.and in the lateet ehapet, particularly in the Orleana Oipsy, the moet feehiouable end moet becoming fhape introduced this season nf Im'r LIGHT! LIGHT!! A BRILLIANT AND BEAUTIFUL LIGHT FOR HALF A CENT AN HOUR. SURELY, no one need walk in darkness, when the clearest light may be had at a merely nominal exrente. Tarry'a new Patent Ltmpa, for burmug aur kind of lard, tallow, or oil, without previous preparation, inconvenience or liability to get out ol order, is deptined to shed a most beneficent light over this dark plnuel. Enterprise aud competition hare brought the light of ecieuee and letter* luto literal contact with the mmd* of all onr pofblatmn Yet, how ?Sgl| rhey nereeire it, anil it* blessings, euleps dming the only honra of leisure which must of onr citircns posrtiss, the absence of the sun be supplied by some other 'nmitiury, whose *}** shall he free to all f A near aprrovi matfon to this great desideratum hna Jnst heen effected in the invation of Terry's Lard Letup, a single one of which miv he made to light a rarlnr, without smoke or smell, a* brilliantly as the best astral lamp, at an s'pense ol but half a ceui in hone. All Inters of light or eeonnmy, or Ioth, aro invited tu call and witness their operation, at E. HARRISON'S III Pearl struct, N. Y. N.B Liberal terms will be offered to dealers, let lm*rrc_ CUTLERY WM. WILD, Manufacturer and Importer of Cutlery, No. IM Division street, offer* to the trade, cheap for c.ish, a beantiful of one, two, three aud four blade knives, with a variety of other goods. As Mr. W . superintends the manufacturing of his good*. Im can recommend them to be equsl to the best manufactured goods in the city. The eonutry dealers would do well to call previous to purchasing elsewhere mt1 lm ' TO COPPER-PLATE Y: MUSIC PRINTERS, AND PUBLISHERS, See. F'OK 8 \LK, a first rsce iron laepver-mew m?.,c ? limine Pre*, (twenty ei*ht and a half inch rollera). Ha? been in nse but a abort time?n in perfect order. Atao. one nl twenty an inehea.and a wootdao one of twenty four do. They will be ?old at a price worth a purchasers prompt attention. Apply to R. W. TONE, mJI l?#r _ _ H l-ortlandt stroet, flew Yorb. Mlt? WI LLl 8. Lady of Informatian of fntore erenta and what haa leased, learned in astrology and astronomy lives ladiea pnrate lectures no this snenee, at her rooms. M fcliaobeih si, ten doors frosn Houston, near Bleecktr. and liaa -distantly mi h inJ com and cancer salsa, and a sn-c care for he ayoe, and if any of her it purchase! aires mfor natmn aratis. j?l> im?r r IJUMllVAl? P. MAK8, Hair Ureaaer and .Via Maaer, oaa tv ,moved iriun In3 to IK) Broadway, a lew doors below the 1'rtiikini Hon.-, and opposite J.jho street. Han a lilted np a ewroom in the most fashionable st?lr, he will continue the urea business, and will he pleased to see his old fViends and at oaa. and others who may taror h.m with s call. H' has ' <. private rroini fur Li-ties' tun .iresaina and jlrnpooiUK. Phis powerful Kstr ict ol Jimi oouy is considered by tlwusaiida f Na f Yorhera and sir.tnaeis as one o< tue healthiest ariiclee hi the cure ol dsndrulf and strengthening tha hair, la aigwOTed V the Faculty of Medicine in Pini.aud nitrated it Wa-hio? n . N"thuu i? m >rspleasant tud delikhti'el tlian to <n thmugts h>s oi?ratiou in llm ImihU of P. AIAKB. mi ln?*i