Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 24, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 24, 1843 Page 3
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Puteiifcri Arrived, Oknoa?Biia Dard.ino?M* N- Icini, of riTmouth, Man. Ht JjHni, PR? Bri? Archel*u ?B Kba'z. NacrrttAi?Brirr Tho? llotli ?D'u Mar-atia Du'eatroda. La UiiAraA?bcbr Hepewtl ?J 11 Uill, lady, tun and Mr trat. ^a* OBLSAKt-Bliip Danmcu*?John Ltcda, lady and ??r? nr. Mr? Km-iinn Aunible,. hilJ and aeiraut, Mn William Mimee, ihrre childreu aud terra"!, two Misica Sja-e I?17 in t.'ie llef l.f. Mobh Bliip Alexander? S P Eaahnex. MobiLa?Schr P-n- piu<>?vrc01 Mud ledy, MrSraigle and ladv, .wr Headvt Mr* "ilinctoo. Savannah?Bng O B I am-r?MraS ltcid.Mrs K W Heineiiiniiii, Mr? H J IVjn, Mr? M H Pinhauc aud tenant, Mn G IJempton aiirtrhil , Mr? II ? Farrar Mm H<im-iinBH, Miis M J Lax ton, S Reed, H S Karrar, N Gilbert, H Joa'in, Mr Hrnllordri 4.ArV,e<J '" de|. B Bnatwiek, W S Lawtonjr, H D Tefft, W P Ya tfl, 8 A Jonei, U J Morrison. Korrlcii Importation a. Aitwi ie?Ship Klird?23 eUi !in?eed oil J C Muller?9 do rvoUeuioi fit >'*venat-dt?3 pkga toorder. VairviTAi? Brig Tlios t utu?67 bdf maar 100 bia do 161 hd* 43 r.e? 20 Hi'a niolaiici 180 do aurar Holt k Own?3 bxi augar BettSiVoae. La Guayra?Schr Hopewell?49 haga coffee O Whilaker? '07 Duiilh fii Couii'-cry?169 Aym?r k eo?79 J Hindlej?7* H ) I Hch effelir?71 T De? Art-? 3 Hooper flroilifra?18 1 B lliu :htor.?19 C B Hatch?35 Q Ladd?73 J Hunt k co? 17 1 ?'* ,n~353 M??ou Ii '1 liompwni?3 t ird cagea 1 monkey 1 bo* J B IVrry?7 bbla gam ? <lo hilrwi Murray k Lanman?I bo* J Draper?104 baga coffer M irlanl fit Couiiuer)?40 do J II Mmtell ;er. - T I'non?Brig Rrar-$3?i0 A Hubbard liro-20 pam rum J Ii Weimore fil cie?16 do 16 caaWa molaaci 71 hhdi augar B De r or**' ac r-o? pan* mm Ayinar & co. , Mayaouet.?Sri* Adaliue?150 hhda 19 tc? lugar 17 cks moUssee V Harmony ill co. liomtitii: lmvorl*tiun? New Orleans?Ship B*uj MorpD?111 hbls pork A Averil & co?.601 ?icks 199 bb.s wheat 1000 bales hemp to order?37 do J&DM Oeco'. , , New ()ki.> aii-Slip Damascus?51 bain cotton Meyer It Stnekei ?2u9 Masl'rs. Markoe It co?18 do 1755 Ibis cork 57 do ' J Sfd 283 kens i*r> 28 lids hsais 91 hbls Suvd in, Sane St Co? ' 4 nds ! bacon hHK !ioit?275 pias leid Thatcher (k Scott?165 1 b's whoa' 27 do llaxieed J H Meyer?27 do 513 bbli wheat C ltoleib?15 oslei biiusiuir 309do cotton to order. Mobile?Ship Alexander?177 b le cottou Smith It Milit? 15 F Or.It'iD?12 T Bcdrwi'h?71 J it P Rhodi ??38 Alantou St t i he ? 1 6 G Collim?13 W Barnwell?100 to order. 8r Maris?'Mir Viritini >u?k0 bales cotton J Merrill?10 t'en'rr Stc-. ?10 Paid m in lit 'J'ayioi?10 Holbronk It Nelaon Apalacmicola?Schr Wanaw?70 balee cotton H Coit-49 Ban tow It I'oi*?19 Center It co?l bbl tallow C hides H BerI er?121 bales to order. Savannah?Brin O B L-knsr?157 cks rice U.ay It Cicsby? 18 bales eo.toti Paeiuelre, Ki'burn it lingers?33 C Cvrville?21 1' A (loid u?75 W h It S Hil*s?9i Doorman, Johnston h co? (i Pi Graves?J5 firkins halter J Wood?50 to order. JO."RTTTm~E~' Werald Ship 3lut?r* and Agenti* We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of VesseU will kiVc lo Commodore Robert Silvey, of our News Fleet, a Hi tort of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vessels S|Kiiten on their Piasage, a Cist of tbecr Cargo, and in* Foreigu Newspaperi or News they may haTc. He wili loard them, nn their arriinl. Aun-r, *ml Car. Itspqiideutv, at home or abroad, will also confer a laYOT by tending to tins Oihce all the Marine Intelligence tlicy can obtain. Nautical information of any kind will be thankfully received. k?ORT OK IEW YORK, JUNE UN nurs SI I MOOR RISE! 146 UN 7 12 | HfOM WATER 6 26 Cleared. Ship* Francois lit. Atnaworth. Havre, C Bolton, Fez Ik Livingstou; Natch'-z, Waterman, Valparaiso, Howlatid St Asi iuwall; Orpheus, Hill, do Saml F Youurs; Mete, ( Pre) Vleyer, C Bremen, Oelriclia St Krnser ?Baniue Teaser, Crockett jr. T'homaston, Neamith, Ln da & Co.?Brigs Utile, (I'm aiau) Lange, Hunhoig. *chmidt St Balchen: Brotl.era, Maynew, Ne?vita .BeltStVose; Ocn Onatave, (Fr) Chaudonet, Senegal, Jtovil St Him ken; Will, Lnckhart, Si Bait* T S Mclilea' ainitea Juan J de Cartagena, Keliar, Machias, Bieit Ik Vose.? h rhnTOcean. Fivnn, Vera Cruz, llirgous Br< tlirra Ik Co; Swallow, Kobii.son, Norfolk; Select, Jones Newbern, INC. S L Mitchell; NL McCresdy, Sumers, Swansbaroi, NC. A B Cooley V Co; Pacific, Smith, Cuba, Aymv ft Co. Arrived. Bremen ?lnn Klaid, Weaaells, 47 days fiom Antwerp, with oil, to D St L. Schumachei?111 steerage p*uerg -ra. 22d i at. olF me Highlands, saw an American man of war brig. Shm Damascus, Bliss, 20 days Irom Niw Urban-, with cott .u. &c to master. Ship Bt nj. Morgan, Julius. (of Philadelphia) 20 days from New Orleans, with wheat, Sic. to Nesmilh. Leeds St Co. Ship Alexander, Andrews, li days from Mobile,with cotton, to Taylor St Merrill. Barqu .< Archibald Oiacie, ltice, 22 day* from New Orleans, a la Hampton lioads, where she touched for orders, w th 8000 1 uihels corn S hhds bacon to W. K. St C Hitchcock. Sardinian brig Oardauo, Sciacaluga, from Oetoa, with 497 Poxes oranges 1044 do lemona 110 cases maccaroui to Lucca 1'ilmieri. Brig Csnonicus, Coupland, from Trinidad de Cuba, June 8, with 789 boxes 82 lihils sugar 287 do mobiles to Chaste lam St l oaveit Brig Archelaus, Crowell, 11 dayi from St. Jehu, PH. with 17 hUils sugar 19 do 74 bbla molasses to Thompson It Adams Biig i ho?. Cut's, Peikiu, 12 days from XSeuvilas, with sugar. to J. Kichardiou.. British brig Terpsichore, Cellerton, 27 dayi fiom Peruamtuco, i" ball.nt, to Duuscomb It Beck with Brig Adaline, Pugh, (of Washington, NC.) 11 dayi fom Mayagut/., FK. with sugar and molasses, to Teicr Harmony Brig Star. Risl.y, 10 days from St. Croix, WE. with ingar, ito. to A. Hubbard k Co. Brig Geo. Henry, Blakely, II dayi from Torki Island, with 4000 bushels lalt to M. Piatt, belt no American vessels. Brig Nahmakanta, Baker, 24 dayi from Apaiachicola, with Ci'ltqn, to Post k Phillips. Bug G. B Lainar, Hahnemann, 7 days from Savannah, with cortt >i. kc. to Dunham It Dimou. Brit Snow, Snow,7 days from Savannah, with 340 bales cotton to 1). Mal'bir; 47 to older. Pchr Ostiich, Ellis, 12 dayi f:om Port su Prince, with 2S9 hagi coffee 101,900 lbs logwood to A. C. Koittere. Lilt brig Warrior, from Pniladelp'.ia. and olheri ai btfora. Schr Horewe'l. Btker, from La Umyra and Porto Cibello, .'line T, w i'h collee, to Geo. Whuaher. 'j he H. wis r.ff Cant j"1 av, 90tli ir st. Sailed in co. with schr October, Crowell, for dial imore, w Inch spruug a leek on thi 8 h and put back with two f. .t sv?l?r iu her hold. 22d, saw t la.1 rigged brig ashore on Banerat Shosl?doubtless the Pearl, before icport-d. Briiish schr Mr rning otu, rrnb.-n, 8 days Iroin Kieuthera, v .th f u't. o P. Bnleu k Co. r-chr D'lawarr, Rowe, 8 dsys from Eleulhrra, with MOO doz j inr epplr s SO huuehas hauanu to Curtis Aarrly. Schr Poo piuo, Dyer, 21 da; s from Mobile, wtth 300 cedar Icigs to Ceuter k Co. ? Schr Mary Clark, Swett, 11 days from Key Weit, with sugar, '"schr Warsaw, Bmdick.SO daji from Apalachicola, with cottcD? to ii..titer. 8c1k W*iuna, Borrows, from St. Marks,via Baltimore 3 di, with cot ton, to master. Schr Isabella,Thomas, 6 cays from Sw&nsboro, NC. naval stoY'f. to aster. Schr Suixrb, Beunftt, fiorn Washington, NC. with naval stores, to b. L. Mit hell. Schr Wave, Holbrouk, roin Thomaston, wiih lime, to the Schr Packet, Muich, 7 days from Saco, Me. with lumber, to in. iter. , . ?... ac^r Reaper, Hewitt, 3 days from Virginia, witli wood, to master, S hr Cambridge, Hall, 3 days from Boston, witn mdse, to maiur. ic'r Benj. Bigelow, Be arse, 4 days from Boston, wiih mdse, to mailer. Hrhr Van Buren, from Lubec, with plrster. ; cnx N. L. McCready, burntrs, Kail Hirer. Below. One (hip, one brig Sailed. 8'mis Caledonia, (Br) Liverpool; McLellan, Tor tlie Baltic, pud oil.en. General Record. Loas or Brituh bbiu (Jraisvillk ? Car.t rerkiiw, oi the Thos l.ults, lro?n .Neuvitas, report* that the Granville, (Br) l.vie, booed liom Neurits* to Hal.fax, waa wrecked q. ar Key 'OoLfiiea'ou the nigl t of iliciC liult Vessel and cargot-.t.fy kn?kotli nun c.l at Halifax. Grew saved. Brio Kmmj.imv) Cajt Kling, at Chart'ston from Tobaaco, 1 ut in I- ak< and ill d stress. She was bound t j Antwerp, got feature will, lean g Tobasco, wiih a inlo: oil board, which L rnke rudd'T braces and caused her to leak Hiuce leasing, ait of ne situ hare sickened. bnoer Niaoara, from fhiladclpl.ia for New Hasen.with co>l,s'riick up n tne rocks elf 01 ,ck Hock Harbor,ihe captain iiusukiug the lig .t for aome other il.animation Vess. I total crew a yuu. Kmiokaut Ltwr-Cap! M'Donnell, of the J>ne Duffle,#! 4/_at>?c firm Olaa*ow, haa b-eu fijed Jb 1(1 . terliag, for having <i? coard mora p??eeugera than tue tonnage of hia venal allowtil accatdng the 5th and 6th Victoria, c. 107. LaUnohkd.?A beautilnl thip called the Antelope, vtna R launched a'. Kaat Bo?tou on Wedneaday. She ia intruded for the China trade, atd ia to carry 14 gnna. Whnlcmeii. * An at Wratport 20'h iaat. United Statea, Hick*, from Pacific cean, Talc*'nana99 daya, with 700 a;'. Spoke off M.uanfueio Feb 3, Coin Mt ni?, D >wua. Falmouth, 14 mo* out, 500;, llouvie ii, B aytou, NB, 22 inos i at. 500; 15th, Kuph.atea, do, 9 mot, 300; 2id, Callao, Norton, do, 4 m ,a, 70; Tnnoleon, Bay llra.d^, 41 ir.oi, 1050; 27ih, latS9, lou 78, Nautilus, Mason, ko, Ijonlila, Sailed Irom Sag Harbor 18th, Rebecca, D scows, 8 onit g on; J9th, Wellington, Sanford, South Atlantic; 20th, Co'umbia, hdwards, do. Gen Scott, at New Bedford, reports In addition?5pike, laat o He11. BaJieiu, Manchester, NB, 300 bbla ap and 2 large wha rlongaide. ATetter from Capt Hale, of the Harveit. FH, dated Sept 4, .1.42, reporta her in Klug George's Sound, with 850 lib1* oil. On tne pea.i-ge out, Joa Severance, of NBedford, fell from alolt A letter Irom Capt Bit lie*. of the Timoleon, NB, 'epoita H'eakint March II, Courier, Merchant, NB, S mo* out, 203 bbl* rp oil. Spoken, Willi*?', of Micbiu, 10 dava fiout Matani-.a. (or Boaton, off <;?{)? M? ?br the pilot b' at Naw York, flak Hill, 10 daya from Matanzaa lor Boaton?by the eame. Kr'iiklm Oreen, of Newport, lor Boaton?by the itue. J, ff< la n, of Philadelphia, for Button?be the aame O Waahington, Jate 20, lat 28 24, Ion 74 47?by the Snow, at llit* port. , . Oeeau Queen, NOrle.ana for i.iirrrpool, no da'e. off Sand K-v ? bv me Pain vacua, at thia port. OilUut M. ry,6 data Pom Baltimoi# for Porto Rico, Jane III, lai 31,1 jU 6.'i 4!h-bv the Terpaichore, al thia port. Agnea, Boa'on to? NO'leaua, Jane 7, lat 25 20, Ion 14 39?by the Sarah Hand, al Philadelphia. fore I if u Porta, k'llUTHKkt, Juno 19?In port, Florida, Motl; Eiptditioua, kMani', Del iwa.e, Howe, for NYork, at.on. Thimphu nr. Cu?t, Jnoe 0?In port, B Atmrr, Career; Coidov.i; Canton; PenaacoD, Kilgore; Adelaide; rrneline, .nan? deaimalietia not lepotted. Hid May 20. Allietli,( 'hat?, 4'owrat 2l'h, Vadiid, Benedict, Hamburg. St JoHOt, PR. June It?Inpon.Krbreca.for N York, 3daya; >ei|wr, w tg cargr ; Atlantic, hue; Cheater, for Boaton. Nuivita*, Jnna II?In port, Ambaatgdur, (Cr) fur Halifax, IVUvaoutx PH. Jane II?In port, Wm Schroder, for Portion), Id tit 12 daya; Trtjtn, lot NYotk, do, the only American v ratal a. ^. -v _ ,St I noiy, WK, Jine 11?Sid Diltn, Verchuit, of Scitnate. i ,NYnrk In port. Klirt, Li rhwi <(, frr NYorir, nrtt day; .. with Tutlle, lor NHttet. d , th? only American vea??la. llivilMi Juno 13? In port, Aquatint, Moalier, ltd (ienevu. nffm, tor Cionatadt. uken up nv ?2 S?; Thracian, Cmnn foi M,atari Ilea, at Jt't 2< Gil; Alea'o, Wnricq. lor Cowra and Nonh Ml a, at ab ut C2 5?; b k O |ja, Thai'.' r, I rum Antwerp, arr about 5th, to load for I 'ronaladi via B.u on, O IV. KniKhl, Saflord, lor Beaiou ab ml ilth; Willi im lor Co about Ilth. Tr naaMBUfo, IVI ay 21?In pert, Baltimore, of B h.imore, irpti; Swea, utir. Mid !>;h, Leader. I;<>? ! ol Africa. Qfruicc, Jnoo 18?Arr I'omona. lUe, Dublin; lloron. Cooper, Newcaatla; lutrrpid, (Jarlett, Liverpool; Cat>, Smith, Bnr team; 19.h, Obercin, Addle, Londonderry; Blende, Crawford, Jrecnoch. Mb', a baioue d. eply laden, not reportt d. Cld 19th, onilituli in, INeill Belfast; Mnntefiorer, Duffill, and John, Leiuhtou, Briatul; 8t John,, dot China, Whipple; t^nebee, Lit nil urn, and Canada, Ad nm, Liverpool. hake Port*. Bprrai.0, June 21?Arr Superior, Mnnron, Michigan City; Owafciinitah. Vloorijomerv; Wionebayo. Kimball; An dusky, Datiiou; L linir'.oii, Anderann;Commodore, Doireit; Btieto, alnyler; Alpi, Hork; (Irani, Ma'l Bnlinnnre. Sprauu-, i 'le'vr audi Virgin!1. Dunglaas, St Joteph; Kebsrr.c Wagataff, Chica , ; Anion, W la n; Julieite.f rin*lr. and Troy, Knwrd, D* .Ol; Nib II k, (J .lleaoie, olid T? * Mr Heigh*, IInrun ; S Am*rist, Bradley, Veriml ion; Weitem Trader, O'Couurr, hnacr Sind sky. t.'LKvanifVD, June 19?Ait V Wa d, C owl, Dunkirk; C m I ridae, lleltfineh; Madison, Wake; N Biddle, Norman; North r .irolii a, Tiavi r?; Lt vinmon Amlerai n, x gyle Hit.d;C'eTi land, (% on ard; John Oraut. Mollm; C Cronaa, Welch; Baltiirore, B, ratine, ai d Walter Joy, L ey, BnfTik; Hoveue, Chaljaiara.Oiwemi; Wm Otiuball |lami'Mn, Toroulo. Cld Sanr duakr, Daviaon; Alpa, Hork; H Crevolin, Caldwall; Keiudeer, 1).?ison; 9wiiniuz&lt, Montcomrr r; WiDDrbiB". KlfflWI, -idJ Lrv:, AuUervw, Buffi u; Missouri, Jenniscn, Uswtijo; Kl'< 'i Bonsou, Hounds. do. Home ? orla. 7 MOMAiToif, Jjiue 15?\ir K^cirier, Vem I, New Yoik; Lv iud* Snow,'I runde, NOrlems Cwl's Hsad, June i7?Arr Cowditch, kmery, aa<l * lis-.belli, Snow, Bdui;or for Wist ludie*. i "KixaiMi. luue 20-ar- Little M?rv, 1 roll, at d K >/. ibclli, Nil' -eriuD, N York. Cld Cybe *. Edmunds, Cub* Oi.oulhstkb, Juue 17-Air Mercy St Hope, limp en, N Y- rk. 7 *Lr?i, JjDe 20?8'd Fort Hill, Gr-y, and Clinton, II Hint?, Pin d-lpki". I -nr< n, June82?Arr Kockill llusiiit. NOr'eids; H: Andri V, Storer. Liveriooli via llamn'iui Roads: Hi- h-rd Ta)lor, K< li ison; A'debarou, Coin-rv; Win Henrv, Thomdit ? . and Di< ill li. 8ii'*?m, fc Yor' ; Outvie, Mn'oi; Transport, Nlckr t-u, and Balance, INick?r?i>n. Albany; Denmark, H d r. Ceii lei-iirt.LI. Telrgapkiul. Undine, I uihmdii, fm Clinjeston; Ituby, khiliaelphia Cld Franklin, K'inball, Halt Iaaiei; VI; -i??i ifer BiiNnnh, ml iii lev i'i o aid Rueuos Avres ; Henry, Olii, 8i Johns, PA; J u-Qct I) urmnu'il Y-nuif, Philadelpill ; Pennsylvania, Crovtll.nrd Floienc*, L veil, NYork. >?.w BiDroau, June 2l-.\rr Sr.inn. Wocd'a 1 ole; O<0> giai>*, Alba y. Cld Mandarin. Collar, Cowea, i pHiiviDKRct, Juue 21?Arr Hannibal, Decitir, Follv I.and- j I0> Va; ISaove. Fiddler, Philad'li Ina; I'rrarveranre. Hebron, I Roi'il mt . Sld J tines Bai li iik. 1)'UKr. Pi.iladelnhia: Monaicb. I i yi'T,auO 11 irdibrabble, Dnis, Albany; Wiilnd, Miller, N Yoik. P all Hitkb, June 20? Arr Orandev, Uilch iat, Richmond; An audit Oshorn, Rouitoat. I'nuTOL. June 21?Arr Lady Washington, Jones, Itoud .nt; WiUrd, NYork New ifivtN, June 22?Arr Samuel Deouelt, Banks; Daniel Op.Miwin. ?nd Vlaiy Virginia, Philadelphia. I'aHTroBD, Jane 20?Arr Toltrii, Tyler,and John M P rk?r, Toci-er, N York: 21>t, O ceola, Ho'ines, Mobile; T<"'urs>ee, Bdv aore, Philadelphia; Spe'ker. Tucker, NYork; Velocita, Q*i<ies, K imi oii. Sid Wave, Pellon, and Eaglo, Frjucis, NYork. A i.baist, Ju> e 22?Arr Vintage, Bearse, and Itenry Cu-lis, Hallec. Boston; T W Th?'ue, Norwich. Philadelphia, June 22? an Bar ih Htnd, lltrrick. N. w Orleans; MerJitnt, (Br) Beck, St John, NB: Woodlauda. (Bi) J'diuaton, do; Main, Pre?--v; Brilliant, Mclutsie, and New Z-aland. Pold-id, Luber; Independence, Stuart. Fall Hiver, Edw Franklin, Lushing, Boston; R Williaira, Biuhbs, N Hm'U. Below. Kspeleta, Ames.Trin'dad de Cub a. Cld Polemic, Bearse, .Montevideo and Buenos Ayres; Abigail,Grant; R.iln YVeln, Sears, aud Shv'ock, Matthews, Boston; Genertl Warren, D\y, I'ortsm.iti'h, NH: Dnskv Sally. Humphrey, Dnrcheoter: Siatn, Grant, and Chir'rs, D< dge, Brighton, Mr; Elizabeth, Bourne. Nantucket; Marietta, Ryan, Weldeii, and Murv Aun it Caroline, Corson, F II Rirer; Oregon, Corson, anil Parogen. Cherry, NYork; Glide, Cieasc East Greenwich; J F Crouce. Ti-inliri, Providence; Convert, Girduer, Newport. Arr iu the Schuvlkili. Lewis Bruce, Studlry. and J-tnes, Hall. Besom; New Zealand, Poland, Luboe; Monitor, Bes'e, New Bedl'rrd; Elizabeth. Bourne, Nau uckel; A 9 Johns?d,Taylor, and saac J ackson, Toby, NVork Arr at the Philadelphia m-l Reading Railroad Wharves. Richmond?June 21. Win M Uo gers, Harding, and Liberty, Towiisetnl, H .at<>u; Trim, Wtl'et > a>-d Harriet 8t Hannah, South, N York; Robt Rautoul jr, Wb. Iliehl Mil Baltimore, Juue 22?CM Cem Warrington, Uatehell, La On i, ra Alexandria. J me 21?Air Reward, [Br] Eaton, 81 Thorn a.- ; Muzirt. Revn-ldi, Boston; Susan Ludwig, CuiliiuK, Thouiasiou; Krauk, Bruiou, NYork. Richmond Juue 2i?krr Li.hUbot, Ulrner, Thomas ton; Weymoutft, Couch; "ami C Abbott. Bowken: Catharine Wilc ix, Liscomb, and Olivia Brickell, Tilby, NYork; Fulcrum, No iis, Sandwicii. Sid Parlliiiu, Allen, Bremen; Pamlico, Stoddard, Hmeh-.m Norfolk, Juar 21?In Himpton Rnadi, Tiber, Covill, l,on- I don: also a light ba que ankuowu. Sid Angora, Meaus, West Iniiits. Tliareaie onwards of 50 sail of Vessels wind bound, amocg them are the \J S shin Marian, and brig Bainhridge; i Ma gaiet Fmbes, and Princeton. Charleston, June 1>?Arr Tybee, VcOorn ink, NYqrk; Nancy Jine, Smnh; Island, Howell; Leonora, Collins; ! Adsoi, B irkmaa; Mooo, Hayes, and KoV.t Treat, Trett. New York; Hideout. Cook, v rankle rt, Me; Attakapss. Hayden, Thoinsston; Anrawan. Swasey. Newport, Bl; Cumberland, l.o ke, New Lordor ; Wandopasto, Eddy, Kail Riser; Suian Jai-e. Fletcher, Boston; Emma, K'irg, 'i'onaico; John. Young Camden, M*. Old Potest King, Kelly, Matauzas. Sid AInxr Mitchell, P.att. NVoik. I New Ohlkans, June 13?Arr Kvevard. [Bremen] Haake, | Bremen; Eleanor, Dubbi, :v'iarseilles: Orowler, Spear, Bostou; H Aden. Birslow. and Algonquin. Williams, IN York; Holla, Pool, Philadelphia; (Jazellr. Allen, Providence; dlafford. Brewer, Liverpool; Canary, Biker. Falmouth, Ja: Naroleon, Brown, J nnaica; Dante, Soddard, 8 Ann's B?y Ja; Tu?k?r, Lo' ell, and Agnes, Hunt, Boston CM Milt ui Diclitou; L BY THE PRESIDE N'T OK THE UNITED STATES. TN Pursuance of law, I, JOHN TYLER, Frc;ident or the J- Unite'' States ol Aueriea, <1o herubv declare and mils known that l uh'.ic sales will he held at the undermentioned LmmI Offices in the State of Illinois, at the perioda liertinaltrr desienaicd, to wi' At the Land Office ct l.nou, commencing on Monday, the thirtieth day ol Ootob-r Lrxt, lor the disposal of the public lands within tl e undermentioned townships and parts of township", to wit:? North of the base line, auJ East of the tliid principal meridian. Township' tllirtv-six. thirtv-aeven. tliirtv-ciirhf ihimr-r.;... forty, forty-four, and forty-six, ol range oue. Towuahins thirty-*!*, thirty-seven, thirty-r ight, thirly-jin-, forty, and fortv one, of range two. Townships thirty seaeu, thirty-eipht, thirty-nine, forty, and forty-one of mi<~ three. The aouth east quarter of section fourteen, and tha trull. wt at quarter of section rwenty-fonr, in township thirty three ol ran re one. The s< nth west quarter of section two, in township thirtythree, of range three. The east half of the north east quarter of section twenty-one, >od the west half of the uo-th west quarter of section twentytwo. in township thirty-sis. of range three. , The west halrol the north-sast quarter of section twenty one in towrshin thirty one, north of the bare line, ol rat gc our, wnt of the thiid principal meridian. The esit fraction of the northwest frtc1 ional quarter ol rsction twenty-' ue, (on the east side of Hr ck river, J in towi ship forty-three, of range oue, east. North of the base line, and East of tire fourth principal me ridie 11. Township eighteen, of range two. Townships eighteen, twenty-four, and twenty five, of range three. Townships eighteen, nineteen, twenty-four, twenty-Gve,ai:d twsntv-srt, of range four. Townships eighteen, nineteen, twenty-four, twenty-five,and tw-nty-sis. of range fire. T<i'\ nship twenty-two, of range six. Towns' in twenly-lhrer. of range seven. The nor.neust quarter ol section thirty, in township eighteen sf i UBC one. The n >r ur-ecst quarter of section thirteen, in towi,> nns Ur n, o! large one ... The nai tneast f.actional quar'cr of section thiriy four, in towuslnp twenty-one, or ra-ge two. The east half of the ooriht-aat quarter of section eighteen, in township tweuf -tiree, of range rou'. Tr.e sast half ol the a- utheasi qnarter ofscction seventeen in township twenty-one, ol range seven The west half of the nuithwest fractional quarter of section lire, in township twenty-one, of rruge uiue. The southwest quarter of see.nou three, and ths southeast qnarter of stc'i' thir.een, in township twenty-two, of rang: nine. The west half of the northeast quarter of section thirteen, in township twenty-thrre, ol range line. The weat halfof the southwest quarter of section twenty, in towuship fifteen, and the east half of thesouth-west q larier of region twelve, in towns!.ip twenty-eight, of range ti u The northrat quarter o' *ectton three; wot halve* cf leeiioui KIUdNVtl) *oulh .half of lection a tat Mi; tuth hall and * >u hweat quarter ol ?ecLi' D fourteen; eait half of aectiou fnftreu; rait ealf of lection *evente*n : writ halve* of srcuoti* eighteen and nineteen ; north halve* of *tc iom tweniyotie and twrutv-two ; louth halve* and no th*vf*t quarter* af irction* thirty and thirty-one ; *outh half and northrait quarter of aeclisu thirty-two; lontti half end north-wc*t quarter of arclicn thirty th:e?; aud the soulhwe-t qna.ti r ol t-c'ion thirty loi r, in tnwuthip thirteen. The north h -|ve* of aectiou* one to six, i .cluitvr; soutnweat quar'er of laarioonx; ?t?t halvi*. aectiou**e vui, euMtm, mueteeu, thirty, and thirlv-one, aud tile norlli-wrat - inner ol xection t wuiv-tbiec, in towuahip fourteen of range four. Section* three, ten, fourteen, fifteen, aad twenty-five; north halve* of irction* ne, two. tour, fi e *ix, ?evrn, twenty-one, twenty two, .and twenty-fi ur; touth halve* cf ?e-tioui eight ai d.twen.y th.-re; weit lis ves of (action* eighteen, nineteen, thirtv, and thirty-one; outh-w-l quarter* of sections *ix.*even and twrnty-four; iou haiitquartei* ol arrtion* four tweuty, aud twenry-twc; northweit quarter! of section el-veil, and n? r.heiut quarter of (eclion thirty-three, in lowiuhip fourteen, of range *ix. North of the ba?c line, ard Weit rf the fonrlh [.rincipil me" riditn Towu?h'p fifteen; the east part oT an ialan ( in Hoelr river, in 'ciou iht c n; alio fr<ctioual irction* eithteen an; nineteen, in townihip ieveut*?n, of r.itige two. Fractional irction* uinrtetii anil tweutv-one ; west half of fractional sertii u twrnta-two ; north half r| aeelion twentyfive; e \at half of nnnhesat quarter o' ?ec ion twruty-iti; *i u'li halve* of aectioi * iweuty-*?ven aud twenty-tight, and nuthwo?t q arter cf irction twenty-right ; north half rection th'ity ; northeast quarter, aoalh-weii omiter, north hill of nnithwrit qn?it<r, aud wet half of * ixlhraal quarter of lection thirtv one : leriiou thirtv-Iwo. en-rut iha wcat half if the uonhWfit qnutcr; aectioua twenty-nine, thirty-three, and thirty-four, and the weat half of the north-writ <i tartar of arction thiity-live, in lownahip aeveuteen of rauite three. Fiaclirtnal icctiona twenty one to thirty two, inclnaiee and (action thirty-ihr-e, in townthip aeventaen ol range four Fort of an uland in the Miaaiatirpi rirer, in acction mrce, iu ti wnahiti fifteen; fiactioual lectmua rne, two, cleten,fourteen, twenty two, tweoty-thtrc, twi nty aeren end tURNNt.i( i'iwn>nipiiateen;aud the fractional arction lit ty-iix,in the frac tiona' townrhip aevel teen cf rauttc ex. At the Laoo Olfice at Chicago, cotninancing on Monday, the twenty-filth da ol W -pteii.ber next, lor the dtipriil of the public lenda hereinafter deiiunatctl towjt*? .North ol the baae line, and Ear I of third principal meridian. tional towuitipi thirty-one and thirty-two, botdering on the Indiana Utate line.ol range fifteen '1 lie mat fnaciiou ol the a< uthieeat quaiter of aectton aix, in trwnalnp thirty -three ol range four. The cut half and uorthweit qiarter of the north eaat quarter of arction three and the north n.alf of the nonh-weat qnarter of the lame tecti >u. in townthip thirty-n-ne, ol range ?ijtht. The eaat half of the eouthena' qiaiter of tectum fifteen, iu towutlnp forty-three, of r.anae elcv<n. 'lite nor'hweat quarter ol aeciicn twelrc, in townthip forty, of ranjte th rteen At the Laud Office at D inaille. commencing nn Monday, the lecoatt dav of Uctotrer next, lor the iliapjaal ol the public within tlie I.mite of fractional towuihipa twen y-eight,twentyniiir, and thirty, north of the laaeline.of rau>e ten, wen of the ttccnd principal meridian. At the Land (office at KaiktukM. commencing on Mondav, the aiiteetnh day of October nrxt, for the diapoaal of the public lauda within ini- limita r f Ih# (NtjMMt qm-ter of lectum -iiiri *, hiio me inuJineit in iun quarter ol the sane section, on itland twenli-fout 111 the Mississippi river, in sownship thirteen, son'h, ol range time wit Atthe Inn iOlhte at Kdivardsvilla, roinm?iirinj < n Monday, the niuth nay ol October net', for the ol the i ublie lands within the limits el fractions1 lrd.otit thnty-ODe ami ihirty two, iu tow nth p tit north, of raige ten weat, and fractioml aee.tion towuship six north,of rarge elen n weat,constituting talai ih numbered tixly Mid amyous, iu the Mississippi liver. At the Land Officr at Qttincy, commencing on Monday, the twenty third day if October nrit, for ihe of the tmolic landa within ihe limits of tic nnd<"m;mio..ed tracts, ?ix: ? No-Lh of the bate hue,' ntd K.tat of the fourth principal ireridnan The north half aud aontlu nlc|uarter of section twenty-tbree, to rownatiip four, of isnyc th'cu 1 he noithweatqutrter of section txeuty-two, in township aeven, of latige aeaen Linda appropriated by liw, for tlie u.e of iciools, milita'y.or olhar pur nose >, will be included aale. i be sales will each be ker t opi n f jr ?w o wer hi, (unless the lands arc sooner ditposea ?() aad ue lonarr; aud no prirate en trustor land, in the twnshipi soolTcred, will be admitted until after the mi ir .tion of the two weeks. IJisen under my baud at the City of Washington. this euhth flAV nr June. Ani.o lliimitn If 41 if niv 'I'l'i h' II U> the President: THO. II. nLAKE, Commissioner ot the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PKK-K.VTTION CLAIMANTS. K '< ty iicncn eutitled to the i inkt if |>re empuon to nor 1 We w 11IIII ihe limits of the townshipt above eurimerat-i', n re qni'fd to establish the same to the ??t ifo tiou of lire Register and Receiver of the proper la< d office, and m Ice par men there or at soon at practicable alter sec inn this notice, and b*fite the da v appointed for tin commencement if the pn lie tele nl the township, embracing the tract claimed, above dcsigwttctk OlhetwtlC such claim vt i.I be forleit'il TilO, H BLAKE. Cofnmisaioter of the General La,.d Urflce. |e It Itaw to HOctt I MI Kl? III Isil REPEAL ASSOCIATION. Am rting ill tl. I'pited In-h lte|*nl Assoc a'ion ol the ci y of New Yorb, will beheld in Watlti a on Hall, Broadwas, Moi dtv cveinni, fS'h .lime r it o c oclc. By the inloitn 'ion received by the 'at' I'tcket, "he sttsra'to . of Ireland at the | r s. ut criiit r quires 1)1. n drfatigmit t. rnone ot her fneiolc, and calle fwi nuorhif demonetration in behalf afher k'oiI urcanie. By o.der, BARTHOLOMEW O'CONNOR, jr2l 2t*r _ liecieUrv. NhOTMJfc?1 he subscriber iilerili being absent from the city for tome time, and h?t tally emnowered Mr. JOHN *"' V SAiM'OKD to act for hint during hit absence. Omee ill lun ttrnct. P. CHOATKAU, JK J'i te 21. ifltt. j22 2w*i I (). OK G. K ? The Brethren ?I C iistitution L<d;e N". 1 f tin* Independent < rilrr 01 Good Fellows, i re heieby uo tifi il thai the regular iriui-i meeting for elicli >u t f eflici r? fir the ensuing term, will take place on Tnesuay i veiling net , Jiuie J7;ti, Bt the Lodge Ho.mi, 10# Kast Brnadwa*. I n'.ettul at'eudance ia particularly rtqnestae. By mdorof WILLIAM I. IIKK.O l*s hi why Hapkins o. Secretary. .i'm lt#r hmT OIlfcOTIN'J GALLKHY TO LKT AT SAIUTOOA SPRINGS.?The subscriber hat a line Shooting Gallery, recently fitted Un on the louth iioe of Kiauklin i.ju ire, and a few rrdt wist of the United Stan t Hotel, vrhich . e offrrs to le.u? for a specific season, or let upon iharrs to torn* mau compe'v it to take char.'r o( it for the season. The galltry it localed . ir-cilv iuth-rear of the bowling alleys o: tit-siibsrrrioer, ami otferi great inducements lor a y uiig mm who would like to aneud a few wet ks st the Sp' A pplicatl'jn ma It bo made early, otherwise this opportuui.v will he gone. j 13 3 "r JAMK9 HAPA. rpo HOTKLI Kh.r.PKitS, STEAMBOAT *1 UOl'KIIC l TORS aud Placet ol Public Amusement, dtc.?JAV1KA <i MOFFKT.II1I Price- street. New Vorli m-.iinforture. ?. superior article e?f Sheet Brass, suitable for lining Hairs, which he offers for s le cheap. Jlc alio finishes and pan thein ou in n superior style, at Hie shorten uotice. sml ou tl e moat reaion..Me terms. m2J lwi*r THE NEW MIRROR, Rvery Number embellished with A BEAUTIFUL STEEL ENGRAVING. edithj bv O. P. Morris ard N. P. Willie. REASONS FOR TAKING TIIE NEW MIRROR. | THREE DOLLARS i ANNOT BUY so much of litirary A awl 11ctori <I value in any oilier shapr. fifty two highly finished steel engravings are given in the course of the year. Th- literary conhnls are the fr>shcst aud best that can be fin mallet by |ks txpirienced taste and industry of its euitors The type and paper are tot excelled by those of any othtr periodical. Jl splendid book to bind and preserve it iu your hands at the c'ose of the year, 0011 ..lining every thing of current inlriest worth r~iura.bcriug, and many invaluable gems of literature au<l art .1 delightful visiter to your family circle is sneli a Saturday pai or. Ity the year each number costs but five pence, thouah tlirre R e III it Sixteru Iiayes ol the clioirest in titer,and a pic ure such us cculd no: be bought singly at the priut shops tor lesi than two shillings. It will cost you nothing to send your subscription, as pestmatters are aulhoiiztd to enolote it to the edit <rs postage free The New Mirror is a novelty iu letters ind iu art. It is a Satuid ty paper, containing sixteen i.upe bly printed octavo pages (enclosed in a cent cover,) and a costly and beautiful steel engraving. Kiftv two of these are gneu ill i lie course of the yeai?an experiment I ilht rto uuattcmp ed either at home or abroad?together with eight huudred and thuty two closely piiutedipug* s i f the rhoieest matter, and all for tne trifiing aud very disproporti med ccs' of ihiee dollars n year to subscribers. Ilisrditec willi girat ca.e. aud e ri'heJ with or g nal papers iiuim mr. mil writers aj int auy. it teenslu grainy every reader of taste, l>y coterlul skeicl e? ol society, tiles ol romance sod humor, gay ities and gravities, domestic ana foreiuu cnrieipondnnce, wit *ud pathos, and lilfiary, musical, ami occasionally dramatic criticism, lite very I jw n*. which it is published ylacrs it ttliiti tlte MM It of iwry oue disposed to obtain \ valu tide, atuueiug tuu rstiu'd parlour journal, publisbtd in weekly numbers, but also in'tnded for preservation as a choice volume for the library, filled with me gents of literatare and tlm line arts. Those yvlio send the amount < f subscription di ect to the qnfeisigued, will reccivr the payer by mail or otherwise with the utmost punctually and enclosed in stiocg wrappers, so as to yrescive the eugroviugs from i jury, in most c-unlry places it is impracticable to have agents, but any person denting to subsciibe can have Ins letter,enclosing the amount,franked by the nearest postmaster, ( who has the tilth, aud generally the courtesy to do sor)ani by sending directly to the undersign id, all r sit of disappointment will be avoided. PKCKHAM 8t Co.. j21 ll*r No. 4 Ann street, near Broadway. NOTICE OF LOAN TO THE UNITED STATES. Terasurv Department. > , Washington, June. 16,1813. J NOTICE is hereb* given that proposals to lend to the liuited States seven millions ol dollars, or any yoiti >u thereof, in sums not less than ten thousana doll-rs, will be leceived at this Department until, and on, the tweuty sixth day of Jure instant. 'J he proposals will be sea'ed and indoised "riorosals for 'loan of 1813, and will be addressed lo the undersigned. They will st-te the amount, in cash, which will be loaned for every oue hundred noilars of stock, redeemable at the p'easure ol the United Slat's at auy time alter ten years f'om the issue thereof; hearing interest at the rats ol fire per cent per annum, aud payable s inl-ciiuuil y ; aud also the stun, in cash, which will be 1'iaucd lor every oue bandied dollais of a similar stock, benring interest at trie late of lour per cent per annum, payable srtni-iunually- The persons offering may propose for both kirn's of stoc.i, iu the alternative. The sums which may he accepted.will be requir'd to be raid to the depository ol lha United States, newest the places ol re sideuce of the per?nus respectively whose offers may be successful, on the 30 h day ot June instant Aud uotn.e ol such acceptance will be immediately given, specifying the dep.sitory at which the loan is to be raid. Th. r?.........? :. ? iv .i :-i. ? ? v ^iMiivui icsciioB tu iikii ur nKiii 10 accept proporals for any amount leu than seven millions of dollars, and also to accept any part ol a bid, as the interest of the United States nay require. Certificates of stock will be issued to the lemleis as soon as they cau be tilled up, tinder tne authority of the act of Congress approved Mi ch J, 1843, entitled '' an act to authorize I he re-iuue of Treasury notes and for other purposes " JOHN C. SPENCER j 19 t2lth Secretary of t^a 't'reaswiv MAYOR'S OFFICE, > .New York, June 21. 1S43 S VTOTICE?Notice is hereby gi?cu, that on Monday next,the J-N 2oth instant, prrsocsdulv authorized to kill doits rauoiDK at laige wrheu; muzzles, will enter upon the performance or their duty. Tl is notice is giwn that zir zers msy have tl eir tlogi properly muzzled, and that the cflicersmai not be rool??ieil la the peiformance of tkaii dnty )23 2t r ROBERT H. MORR15, Mayor. NEW YORK PASSAGE ASSOCIATION EOR THE PROTECTION OF EMIGRANTS, ptorv oh- RccBirn OITKH the KmowAIfTs? C New Yoik Passage Association. Established for the protectiou of Immigrants. All ??g rgements ol this Association, (with passengers) are guaranteed hv bonds in a heavy penalty, held in trust by his Honor, the Miyor of the city of New York. No. Nr.w Yons, 184 Received of .Mr, ilie sum of dollars Cents, lor passage of persons, final to full pauengcrs froui New York. To one hundred pounds of luggage on the River, anu fifty on the Canal and Lakei, free for each full pisseu-ger. Extra bsgg'ge lor one hundred pounds. This Receipt entitles the bearer to a Bo?t passage n the River, aud a Passage on the Canal. To Albany or Troy. Agent. The f illoivniK persons compose the abore Association, and have inade air.riiiietnenn wt.h the coutriit of the II' .IlliOfli ?r at the Ciu\ranlin?, to hire an Agent iu constant attendant e to carry onttheir intentions, backed l>r aome ol'the meat worthy and benevoler t citizens and merchants of this city. K. PUTNAV1 for Troy and trie Line UKOKUK W. ANDK HStt.M, Troy and Buffalo Line. JAMts 8. WYCKOFK, Troy and Onaego Line. H. HTOHK. Krliouce Liue. J. McDONALU. I.eech ttCo Line. sis -g t o.bc i 2 * ? t ? ?. -St 3 3 = br, - ? 3 c ?? o E * From Nuw York to ?"8 SS ?\a o o c a -g^s ^ *2 -lo | si U til i-1? l->"5 I* S ? 1,'ti.a, New York $1 25 17 7j $7 2n *0 (0 8)r.sense, do 150 2 00 0 25 OlO Oswego. do 1 73 2 00 0 15 I' 00 nocntficr, uo 1 ~'j 2 20 (MO 0 00 Lorkport, t'o 1 f5 2 a# 0 00 0 00 Buffalo, do 2 00 J 00 0 55 0 00 Krie, Pa 0 75 10* Cleareland, Ohio 0 80 4 50 Toledo, do 0 80 5 00 Detroit, Mich 8 10 5 00 Millwaakie, W. T 0 90 9 00 Br-uthpori and Kacine, do 0 90 9 00 Chicago, 111 0 90 9 08 I'liut':, via Kail Hoad, fiom f.Ibacy or Troy to kuff.ilu ? <5 on . Rale* <>/ Pasia^e via Om-egu and It'elland Canal. oZ itT ? = = ? 5-5 ?$ 1* | i>3 From New York to I = ? 4 5 SB ? ? ? e s f 05 5 s ll oj<v ?r gC S-3* a <3 Oawego N. * ?2io $ * 15 $ hackrit'a Haib r, N.k. 4 oo 55 j ot Kinmtop, Canada 4 r0 55 5 00 Toronto, do 3 50 85 5 50 Niagara, N. Y. 3 10 65 5 50 ()g tenthnrgh, N. Y. 4 50 (5 5 50 llxmilton Canada 5 00 65 6 00 Detroit, Mich 5 5" 65 7 10 Milwankie. W. T 7 50 to II 00 llacine <t Sauihpott. W. T.' 7 .'0 10 II 00 Chicago, I" 7 50 80 II 00 Michigan City, lad 7 5i to ll oo Ratti of JifiNf* vim. Philadelphia to PilltbatrtK. From Steam Boat kitra 5> lb. luggtge New York and luggage allowed c ell to ('anal. per 100 lb*. pataetigera free Philadelphia $2 75 9 75 Hntlidayaboriih,- 7,0 1,50 Johnatowu ..... 8 50 2,10 Btainville 9 00 2,25 Pittabii'gli 9,50 2 50 100 lb* luggage on the Hirer and 50 lb* on the Canal aud Lak* Tree lor eech a.'ult. Cbildrtu under 12 year* of age half ptire. Ws. wlmid nainr* are her* uufn kuhirnhr d litmu inar il?c im. poaitiont t iat hare long been prae ticrrt on the Kinigrant, do int >i cordially approve the above rate. <f ptsaaiie, aud rec iiam<-ud the cbcour gtmenlnf ihii Am ci'lion, who hare kivio iond. for the Uithl il performance of all llieir engagereu't, winch hond. are held in dual by Ida llouor the Mijor of the City of IMcw Yoik, for the benefit ol the emigrant. Sinned? OnlNNk LL. MINTURN Hi CO.. Loudon Lire racket.. CM Aa "V V\RalfALI., | L>T?rpool Line Packet.. K K. MORtMN Ship Vie.oiia. JV" Vl"x W?itV:Y \ Line Peck.U. WOODHUcL 8t .vtl.N'l URNH, Lirrrpool Line racket.. Mayor'. Office, Juno 10 h. !BI1 J, Kohert H. Morri., Mayo/ of the city cf Mew York, do Ctrtify lhatbnnlr have been eiecnt d ftp mc m Trn.tre fur th-benefit oil milligram, who may take ptuaga in ihe transportation hue. hereinafter nameo, by Hii 'n. Putnam forTioy nnd Krie I ine; (Jeorge W Ander.on, Troy *nd Buffalo Line; Jamci S Wjckcff, for Troy .ml Oawego L lie; H S;o:k, f>r Hi liauce Line to Pitr.hnrnh; .ml J M< D in'Id for leery A Co, Pur.ahnrgh l ine; .aid bond, being in (he renal "urn of Kivr Thmiaand Dollar, fur earli .aid Line, conditioned f n the I n I I'nl i erforin nice of all their contract* .lid thoae of tin ir t. ? ,tl. .,.,1. >l.,.l.k?l.... r.i.-i:.. ? -- * the henrlit of peraont making conirtcta with laid Ccmp.atie'i or th ir agents for passage asaioreaaid ( S'ltoed) ROBERT I!. MOKKM, j<3 6t*r Mayer of the city of New York. f UITAKN, WHOLESALE AN1) HKTAlL.-3? Uro.vd W w y. near Wa Iter strret.-MKWUtS. I'll. EUNbT bt IIMIDT kr MAUL, Ouitar mainU icturen, would respectluily rail the ailvntieii of the publir to their establishment, No. Br.. 11?. v. where tliey keep const nlty on hautl on en- ..nve <ui irunrat of liuc-tooed guitars, hfuhe.l iu the best tyle.

A.I Instruments from tliii inmufactcrr, long favorably known m the United Stares, where it received the liritjireriiioni iw.niled br thr Ann in in Imll'iite, fo? th-h tl (Jiulm, Tsu<h mat .mi i ...I in in. h i ope nor u. liner, ?? en Met the maker to w on ipt them to aland any chin tic. Slryugrts before pure hum* elsewhere, are rnineited to call and ei iiiime the spleo ltd workmanship of their instruments, an,I .toena il t'.e nr* et. 1 hey Will he luuiid lower than at anv , i'i?r I,i,ute in trie rity Mr |'n Kmtl, Professor of the F'nte end (liiifar, hegs lea?e to i inouiiee that the ahore arran?ei?eiila do not interfere ui the least with his other ettgngemrnrt; he anil coutinnea to give Itee una at usual,at 193 Broadway, near Walker at. mU lrn*r ?? bbbb^H^BI WA NTf.n-A v cimi: h visl.ts i iitiM'in!) a? porter in a >ine wli ilratle < r rrtiil grocery atore He i? * iltinu to male li'inulf useful ip it ueral The aery beat of city re'erenm. Ho lua le?rurjg to auit the Luuntaa. AddrCa? a >'uf to M. Mc at thia office. i2l 1t"r WAINTED?A ,n ;wti 1 iu a hv a nnl.lle aned in IU who aa i alive ol the city,an?l then,utility toilver..vt with *icry i artnl it he wcuhl in.'lie liuiivell t.en?rally ui< fut, and imii cii't llie moat aatiafacror* relereucea a to ho" atr, lobrieiy am. capability. Addirsa G. C. at the office of thia paper jM 3t r TN fun MAT I ON l^ANTED?Of OlWAbD BK^C 1 KP.NUOKK a unira of Nornbrr*. Oeimany Me eiriltn'ed to the United Statu in 1813. He i? aappoaed P* be in tome of the wcit'iu Ht.tea. Should t'nia m et the eye ?f an* pettoawhocm t,o?e information reapectin? him. they will cooler a reat l'eTor on hie briih-r. ICwold Heuckeadorf, by wri irif to b in, care el Mr Kiiher, Oermtn Hotel, 116 Cedar it. The wialero pa|?n will pic ue copy the aLoy*. j*2tt#m BOAKM.NU-A lew S-u.le Gentlemen and thnr Wiy?t, can be a"cninniudaied with plcajam roorna and heard. by aprlyjpf at 51 Vcier afreet. in30 lm*r DuAltMN .' ? A '.Mi .,r two c.'.u bn hiiidaonirlv accuinO modeled w tn houd at, N.J. Tne aituaiiouu oue of tli- moat da icitful in the place, and but a few ilepa Irom i tor siop.niu pss <- 01 tne rail ears Kor lurltitr information apply at No. 27 Maideu Lane. m27 Im'r AKEW (JKN'I l.K.MKN of steady habits can be acroinu.o dated with good board and pleasant rooms iu a private family, at 2ul k'uilou street. Also, a lew day boaders can be actummcdattd on the toon reasonable term. A pallor cud bedroom to lc, with or withost hasnl si ee npHKHK O t kOIMt OtINTI EM.".N can b- IMOfMX dated wirh n'rasant turrished apartments, with hrraklast n I tea, .0 41 W ri| llin :ilw iv jt4 3t*r 'V t l'MOKK>Mi?NAL MEN OH OTHERS ?An~.>7X porttt'-ity ofuhtaiuiuK a splendid Kront Room in Broadway,(wither without Board, if 'npi'ired.) may be had ut'emeiy 'ow. Plense a: ply at 465 Broadway j24 11 m KEEN HO iiaK PI TAN TS AND l?Ot B LK DAHLIAS. at N'bhi's (Jirdtii, on Tuesday, 27th Jane, at hall past 9 A M ?^ ILKI NS St ROLLINS will soil bv auction a choice se'rrlion ofUrerli Mouse Plants mid Double Dahlias, nut of the well known coHection of INiblo 8t Duulap, all of which arc warrai_ted tin '_() n in j!4 3.#in QHIP HARUKAVE FROM LiVIBfr >OL?Cousijriiees per this ship will please send thiir peim ts on board, west side Burliuit blip,without delay. Ai| troods not permitted iu live days .a" 'iib'e to be sent to public store. VVOODHULLk MIM'UKNS, j24 Itr ______ ?7 ho ith street. Packet sli P oariuck, foTCTIv e k ro oLT-Pai enters bv this ship will please be na b isrd the straiuboat Merculrs, at Whitehall, oh Monday, 26 h itst , at 12 o'clock, at which lime the ahio will sail. Letter huts will at (Jilt ins'and Hairs' News R' oins at IIX o'clock. j2l r MET)ICVI'a.D VAPOR MAI HA are rt commended by the K. caltv for the cure of the preveilitig lillu.n/i, The Baths are administered at tedueed prices, at Mrs. Carrol 's Establishment, 25 Courtlaudt street. Sulphur Bvln foreruplions of the skin, open from 6 A. M till !0 IV M. j2l Iw r HAINDdOME APARTMENTS, in Houston street, near Broadway to let, to gentlemen, with brenklast and tea, or lull hoard. if required- References required. Enquire nt the bar at Niblo't liarden, or at the house, 411 Houston street. M-la*K TO LET.?Splendid larte rooms, well lu?uiahed, fir 8i"gl? Oent'etnen. wiih bicakfast uul Ira. Enquire at 81 Walher ltr'et, pear Broadway. )e4 Im+ec BlI LS OK EXCIfANUfc. payable at sight on all orris of K.uiilaud, lieland and Sculland. in sums of f.'i, *.iu. a.15. ?30, to auy amount, for sale at 8 J. SYLVESTER'S J17 22 Wall sireetand 130 IHoaiiway. DKAETH, payable atsight on all parrs of England. Ireland, and Scotland, insums of f 5, ?|r CIS ?20, tn any amount, for sale at 8. J. SYLVESTKB'S. j24 4> r 22 Wall street and 110 Broadway T UMBERMEN'8 BANK .NOTES writed si Ld S J SYLVESTER'S, j24 6tr 22 Wall st ami 130 Broadway. CCOLLECTIONS made on all psr'i of the United States, J Canada and Europe by S J SYLVESTER. jHOtr _ 22 Wall ?' and 13(1 Broadway. p)U AFT8 AT SIOHT on r h I idelohu anil Boston, for sal-. uneur-eut Money ol att mii ili hr.n jli' and -o'li at S. J *YLVMTER 8, j'4 6tr B WmI St. anil 130 Brnadwsy. OHINOLK iVIACHI N K ? One i f Kl'ng's Patent Shingle hJ Machine*, which can hi* worked cither by steam or horse power, and will cat B.M ihiorhi in oca day. lit little used and in prime order; will he sn'd very 'ow on imm-diate npplication to UROHHIM & S0HKK1BER, 74 William atreet. It can bo seen at the store or MESSRS. 8. DUNN k CO . )23 3'm 1Water strer L CHANGEABLE LOCKS FOR SALE. JAMES KYLE'S INVENTION. C U IT A BI. b'. for Banks, Offices, and Store doors, where * * safety is requird. Persons iu want of a first rare article for that purpose, may obtain the same by applying at % II immond at, cor of lladson . je'2 !m"r CORDIALS, c?C " rOHV P. ANUUK, No. 92 Fultou str?of, maimUcterer of si Cordials, Chrrry Brandies. Wine Bitters.*re . offers lor sale a liaudsnine assortment ol Cordials, Am >ng wnico nre'? Noyau Cordial, Perfect Lore VMM, Kote do Cinnamon do Lemon do Penpermiui do Clove do Annise*n do Orange do Life of Man do Also, Wine and Stanohtons Bitters nnd an article ot cherry Brandy, whicl is writ worthy of the attention ol hoieit and tsyern proprietors and others. Urorprs. country merchant!, and the public m trem ral supplied on the moat liberal terms. j?i> m?PRENOh LAftCKL LAMPS, Candelabra*, Lustres, Sic ?Tt e subscriber* harp juat opened a splendid a?sortm?nt of these *ood!, toypthfr with a variety ol other a'ticl-s in the line, of entire1v new atvlea. An inspection n| thcni ia iuvited. Depot of Mechanical Lamp*, 50 John street, A. DIAOON fc E. D. 8AXTON, mJSlm*re Atrnn ifELLry DOUBLE EXTRACT OF SARSAPA RILL A CANDY. FOtJll Packages of th'a t'acdv contains ihe ac ire princ pie of twppouu'Ja of 5arian?rilU root, find ia w.nraitedto be the beat remedy in diseasta arising from impurity of the blond, rr inmp'ea on the fire, tilotrhea or?m the skin erysipelas, salt theum, scurvy. scrofula, or king's evil, i 11 ita various furnia; congh* ami coldi, ihcumatiam, oostinste cutanenua # illntior?, hile, chronic inre ryri. liuir werm, cr tcttir, i?M! -.'grinent and n in of the bnnea and jonita. atuuho-n ul- I ceri, srphillic symptoms, ijin'iifi arising from tha us? of mrr curv. female derangements of every kiud, particularly thoae arising from relantioa. See. &e , and more partirul ulv wli n thear complaints arise iretn a particular deprivation of toe will be found ;n this form of Kelly's Double L? tract of saraiparilla to prolines results more to be likened to the effect of a charm than as the remit of medicine. Mend the following, and then decide:? t'nbk of Dvaptraia tan Dropsv. Mr. Kelly?Dear Sir,?I have been afflicted to' right or nine Tears wi:h a iliatreaaniK pain in mv stomach, c sriveiiess in my bowels, my limbs very much swollen. After eating my mrels 1 was in great di.treia for a abort ti r.c, and then threw np what I had eaten. In abort air, I hiv- siarce'y found rest orcom IV rt f'lirinir that, l^ncrfh of timi? I h,i vi? r ii-il nil bintlt of m^fli> cine I could think uf, to litle or n ? nlvi .pure. and hid .ilmnit given up all hones of etr r getting ?ny rrliel", b- i'nr now 78 vears ?f age. I saw the advertisrm*nt of yi nr Douh'e Kx'raet of Sirsaparilla Candy, nuJ 1 thou -ht I'd try occe more. I have taken it now about six weekt, and it hat completely regulited my *?tem. I now eat anythug that cornea b-fnro me, and have not been tick t'nce 1 eomnieuc d taking it. I sincerely ard heartily tl ank God, and render biv k > vl will .mil thauka to you, for 1 relieve vnur Candv h?a been the m*ariof Kivine me health and comfort in my ol I age. You are welcome to mike any ui? of thii you may think proper JOHN JAC KSON, Williamaburith, L I. May'Sth, 7841 Sta-e of New York, King's County, is John Jackson, witli whom 1 am personally acquainted, appeared before me this 5:h d?y of May. 1813, and being br me duly awom, aaya that all he ha? stated above ia substantially true and correct in every partir nlar. Subscribed aud sw-rn before me, thii 5th day of May, 1843 J N. JACKSON. Nath?hi?l Pahish, Justice of the Peace. Tina medicine can be i urchaaed of Mr Kii'ly, wholesale and retail, at the G Mum Confectionary, 2st>k B'Oadwav. and 2tT Bowery N.Y ; John J icksop, North Second street, William i burgh i Venj. Handley, 15 High street, Brooklyn, and D. S 'I. 3'e Brut street, Newark, N. J Price 25 cents per package, or fi?e tor one dollar. j2| 3r is eod* m I'.Ali f< Y'.S WKiS AND SCALPS. THK i put uce wl ich ai: rit'-S tunc ,.t: !| d to til- H??d of * Hair, it .1 cl' ii milri of the vnlu- ft on perton I fu"re, Mnl wh?u by mine capnciont freak of N it it re ilia litamau form it dep'ived of lit fair proportion Art it retorted to, in order, br artificial intent, to mpply the dtliciency, Hence litre amen thoie wonderful diicove let which bid nature dtfiai.ce. Birry't Veulilttinit audUot??mer WKiH AND SCALru. The complete tuccrtt that the a bore ntinrd hat met with hi the innett't "I III! ntirivalluil head* i fh^ir, lor the I it two yearr, far rtceedi Ini matt itnguine iipeetatioua lit reipec lolly tolicita a ee'l, confident of aatitfyintr the moit fattidiom that lie n the be?t anil cheapett maker in the chy. They can be had onlr at M6 Broadway, comer Liberty itreet, up itairi. Prirate roomt for flttinft Wojs andToupctt. je2l 2w mi*in THK T1U K KXTKA.-T O* 8AK8APAKILLA from 21 l.'ourtlmd at-ert it gainntr a popularity nevrr before known, in feci it i a to'd at a reatoraMr price. and ia made o( aa good ir.ateii'li at anv other. Ona trial will coniipce the mett scrtdical. To be had ouly aa above, price H eentt per bottle: $4 Per doren i2flr ^TMIE PltE VAILINO KPIUJCM10 ?Thete u Dotti ng betA ter for tins Wide icread aicknria than M? abater's Unirer ?n! Hralii g t hutment. The following it from or' of onr moil worthy cit z-n?, whose ion was 10 teerelj- >ffl:t?d that hit lace and breast were much swol en. ?nre throat. lie lie. New Yo^c, 17th Jane, llll Mr. Jami i Mc.lLisTgn : ? 8iiI had a boi of j onr ointment, and made trial of it on yonr recommendation, and your telling me yon would not rhaigc me anything if it did not core my in 1 have now to offer ui? thanks to yon, and will inform voit that the dreadful naini in hi* cheat and the hanasslug copgh he hai , have entireIv left him; a <\l am aware that u wai all owing to the virtue of yonr oiaunent li h?d not been applied three honn, before neraoltoinr. lather. I fetl to much better I n?;d it aa yon told mr, and k?i>t him cloae for three days, and am alad to tell von that lie will be able to reanine hit duties on Monday urit. I hair further to add that nothing e!ae bat your ointment hai been uted for the aid or cure of in v aon. With h jrrlfelt gratitude. I am your? with great re-pect. WILLIAM ASHWICK. SI Hntcr atreet. To he obtained at:? Mr Sinter's Oil Store, 5S1 Pearl itrect; and Di-ision, corner of Allen street. Dr. Tin mat Hitter. IW Cherry ttreet. David vtcAlitter,374 B'eeckc atieet. Jamrt Vincent, 24 Allen ttreet. Brothers liihoard.D'i lohottrer*.. Jotridi D. Ste wirt. 207 Hudtoo ttreet. Dr. Ian et Covrl, 132 Hullnau itreat. N.B.? \ny person using ilm Oiutraeut according to direcliont, i.d It not nrovnig tatiifactorr, ll eir moLey w II be re?Uiid d fric? 'li rei tt. j22 l*r H~ UNTEHIAN V ItO'.NSAKf-No. ? Divition tt et t ih'iahed >n 183 >. to' the t dr of the famous Hm.ier lted Dro\ now known for it* unparalleled cures in diseases of a private :i*'n<e all over the United State* and b'.nrone, that hire bain I the skill ertOBM of the Boat rmmrnt pnytiian*, i*t no lung of the hn drrdr of doctor* that it.irt np litre mushroom* *11 ovrrlhe ceuntrv. Price $| per ml, w irnitad in 1*11 'cue*. No other place in this city c*u the trno art cle be found. A f ter I ma irg re- d - II the little honks on this diiea*<>, and nied all the medicine told elsewhere,without being cured, tr? thie, and if it doe* ii-I cur-yon we will not tilre >o?r money. Thi* m-d ciue cennr i be obtained lUjAlbmif. L'nM'.ilo ttue agency No J Hidwa- KB oik. j24 U*r P KNiUiVK.N AND LAOIKS' LkKT OKK WAKDaJ IttTVr.?lientlemi u or lamiliet desirms of converting their left oil wetting apparel into cnan, can obtain for the same the cash price. To l.tnnl rs and gentlemen quitting t'.e city or changing residence, having any upcrllu.iu* effect* to dispose of, will liinl it much to the it advantage to lend lor the subscriber, who will attend hteta at their residence by appointment H. LKVJ.TT, No. < John st, and 144 Vanck st, new Voik A lioa through the Post Office, or otherwise, will icceive prompt attention. < I-; h ng clt atifd, aitc.-ed .--id repaired. stay2-1 lin*r "" MKDICAL CAUTION?NO PUFF TO Si II Ker* and otlirra?be not deceived. IMt city i ida wtili adyr.iiti i< D. ct ri (aell ...rued) with a lm.? tin .? i iilei?many of t!.un never "w a c- lit-g<\ or only ? ; e I through it? lie heitplnn ia to niaae them orodure tticir il 11 in it. If you r?n lire aid 1 on au old experienced I,h ,, inidturgr.ii.cill oj Dr. K.taua, turnieilr of I'.ca Si , n uv \ v M Chatham at ret. neat IVarl f . New York, wli' re the inlil-ai and utott ape Jiticua | Ituol treatment in all cot fi .earill eiae? mu I e depended on. 'Jh? Deem hit bad forty yjira rxprr'etire in tHenaire bintii.a'a and in priva:e practice. Hit family medicine* fi r tano i? diveta a, are highly extolled. Attendance 'nil 10 P. M. 016cea wall manned for privacy. jM Itwy ltdy*rc 'M OTION OA MI . THOMAS BKU.. Auetuvr,.-. BY nn.L k HOV/*n<i , MtwTit 33 jSrm mil 11 "> l?uli.t c .nrt. HATUHDAY. At i..*< o'clock, in the ralea ronm. F.nve mil .plrndrd a?> elegant ftwnitm*. by MUloeue ?' ompriiiDg fk* futire f !e(iii? nrniinr* of a family in* ipic ut Il ium Lrrpinir, MicludiLg alnon ?r*'Y article deairaUe ami oarful iti houeeki epinjt. , A lio.aamr titnr. a larse atock of superior ,n*Je cabinet furi ru e, all in flue onier. A l?o, witi out lesrivr, to e'one rale* aud pay ?ipe.."e,? * DUIK Vr I.fir illy choice artirlra of rlritnil fnriiitare A lao, to misty a judprrnrut, 7 first rate sofas, 9 do Frrncn hcihrrails, 9 rrckuif c'lairr. A 'ao, to rloar aaVs, 10 re'ar post brdatrada. A 12 o'clock preciirli. I second hand aud 1 tiew Pi-no Kor'ri, loscwood and imhcKiuy, patt of th? m ol auieriur totu h, tone, aud finish, ami h? the moil ceh hratnl link# ra A so, at 12 o'clock, * > gold lever watch with ill aril aU'1 fob cliaia, par: gold seal, ho lc, by order of the marshal MOMIWI, At 'OS o'clock, in the sales roon*. Larue, e*'en>ive and extra ?.rl? of elegant summer clnthinir, con- i?:i*g of abotn :)U0, htklOMMt iud sensonah'e garments, made in a superior manner and ol ill b-it MttlKH Alio, the bal.'tce stock of a merchant tailor, < number ol remnant* of c'othi, caiiiin rr, merino*, drillings, he. he. Alio, 4 doi pile shir.s, he. TUK8DAY. At I0S o'elocv, in the iale? room. I Large sale of el-irur seasonable dry goods c insisting of hosierr, gloves, i lo'hi.ig slur.a, luspecde-s trimmings,French niid Knilish clothe. ci'imens and ver iog., summer cloths, liertM,drilling*,shirts, he. Aim, iii continuation, the best selection 'his season from the estenaia-e stock ol a who I, rale aud retail diy go ids store, c'nsing lir order of the assignees, coin j?ri nog a verr choice ?irieiy of silk a, satins, Irres , ribbons, linens, ginghams, muslins, enli coes sheetings, shillings, table linen hosiery, gloves, he. in lot* tosuit. y Ai o, drsn ri'ete, mrrns, ilri'lii is, veatngs, he. all ( f W 'ich Will be sch! in lots t- a.-.. i ii . ' AUo, one siipeati o uirci i, lit e, cost o'gi "ally I2'.<lB. H. TTmTsON, A act! AUCTION NOTIC*' ?^'etches, Jevaery, he?JACOB S. PLATT will aril Tliii Day, at Kl o'clock, at the stare 21 Plat' street, for cssh.topiy .in advauce, an invoice, consistipg of fi e gold and silver lever, lawne anil vertical watches ; K. glisti anl A'nenciiu Jewelry, Ot rmsn silver Ware, line Cutlery rn card), he he j2l lt*m whanffhhbhxmi KOn IIALIKAX AND LIVKKPOOL. The Ueyal Mm! Mt??tn Mhip OOLU *1BIA, N.Sli nnon.Ksq Commander,will Icare Boston for thrabjve ports,on Ma urelay, Ut of July. Passage to Liverpool JI20, Passage to Halifai 20, Anilyto D BRIGHAM, Jr . Agent, jtlr No. 3 "Vali street. rockaway pavillios-long island" kailro\d. Trams upon lliia road lenve 'Brooklyn, Month FVny, for J?irnica, where coaches are in 'eadire.a tor that il?ligh'fill retort, the M iriiie PavilH9K9EE I'"ti, '< the following hours, I1/. Half pist 0 A. M ,4 ' VIr ok nuil half past 6 P. M. Returning, lerre Jamaica at tlA. M.-12 M.niid'5P M. for New York. K ue to Jamaica, ?a.; through from Brooklvn to the Pavi'iou, 75 cents. jeC4 i*> v*r jaat KOR ALB ANY?Without Lauding? Phe ^^^g???nJ*spleuiiid stcamhoit DIAMOND, Opinio A. SK^SBUKsKlower,will leave the new Pier at the foot of Baiclny street. This yfierunon at 7 o'clock. Passengers taking thia host will not be detained nrou the bar. at hot draft it an light that she can piss at any time of tide. je'24 Itr ,m?l 0m skvbn o'cloi.k morning link J* Kor Albany, Troy and Intermediate Landings, rKanflKudK-fiom the strauihoat pier at the foot of Barclay stret t. 1 no r, i.m irvp\, i apt. g. it, rv>r, leaves rsew inn co mouday. Wednesday anil Friday. The TROY. Capt. A. tin, on Tuesday, Thnraday aud Satumay, at 7 A M Breakfast and dinner r.u board. j I7r UIVI JI NQTMONOPOLY?KAKtt REDUCED. ' New Independent Opposition Line fur Alba-9E5b3K3K_uv direct. Fare 63 cent* No charge lor Berths. D-ck passage 2S cents. The new and commodious steamboat NKW JERSEY, Ca| t. R. H Fu'ey. will leave the loo* of Barclay street, New York, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, at 7 o'clock. For freight or passage apply on board. Freight taken less thnn tow boatpncis. The New Jersey is furnished with elegant st.te rooms, end for spaed and accommodation is not surpassed by any steamboat ou the Hudson river. jP sMM 401 HAMILTON HOUSE. FORT HAMII, TON ?The steamboats STATEN 3K?6GC.1SLANDKH and SAMSON will rnnerery day (Sundays excepted) during the season, as follows:? Leave Fort Hamilton ?t 7H A M ?ud 4 -, I'. M. Ne York, Whitehall Dock, at 3)? P. M. This arrangement may b? relied on as perm inent, as its continuance will not depend on any contingency. j 15 Jinr mm URAND Excursion to the Fishing B.-nks, every Tuesday, Thursday and Frr'ay m 'rn3^vMCSSK?ini.s during the seasou, lauding at Fort Hamilton each w.y. Fare 53 en's for th? eicnr ion. The steamboat SUPERIOR, Capt. J. G uild, will comuieucr her regular trips on Thursday morning, June 15th, Ir-in the pier font of Chambers st, at 8 o'clock; Am is it, quarter past 8; Canal st, tail past 8; Pi-r No. 1, Battery, quarter to 9; Catherine Ferry, Brooklyn, at 9; foot ofP.kest quarter past 9; an I 1'ier No, 1, Battery, at It *11 past 9 o'clock for :lis Fishing Banks off Sandy Hook. A band of na sic it euga.rd. Refreshments 011 ('apt. Peacock, with In. hano-Jiii, it tmnvril jl( lin'ec NEW YOKE tfWfV h BOSTON SOuffljfW)T. OWEN PRKSOOTT, Pilot, 01 tvkea charre a? tnnilerrud pilot of resects bound to New Kedfcrd, Nautur.kei Shoals, B oatoQiPortionouth, Portland, K en n? iyrk.anlOT HE 11 PORTS east of New V ork. OAcs It Fry* k WMUftNlli corner Beekmati. Reference to a rtimwr ol Merchants, the several insurance Oiupnj.iei iu this city,. Boston, and Portland. mil Im'sr irfjP POK NEW OKL'.ANS-LODIHIANA AMI it5f*VNEW YD UK LINK?Regular Pat lirt?To iucflUnW.' -ceil the VI'"I' UiS?The font sailing packet ship OCONEE, Opt Jtckson, will hare immediate despatch. for freight or passage, having handsome furnished accommodations, apply m beard, at Orleans wharl, foot ol Wall it. orto K. K. DDI.LIN'S U CO, N South si Shippers luayrely npon having their goods correctly measor J, and that the ships of this line will sail punctually as advertised. Auy gpataMee to that effect will be given and fal&lied that mar be required. Agents in N. Orleaui, Hnlliti 'a. Woodruff, who will promptIf forward nil gnoda to their address. Tnenai-iiet ship Louisvilln. Cap:. M. Hunt, wi'J ioccewi lha Oconee. 122 MFOK SALE?On rtasopable and accommodating trrms, a new house and lot, pleaiintly situated in Nassau street at the head of Siautoo street, Brooklyn. Inquire of S. K.JOHNSON, Counsellor, k?. No 1 Frnn' treet.orof D A. KOBBI.NS. .Mason,220 Pearl it., Brooklyni2' 6f r AbE '10 LET.?To a small grntrel family -.1111001 chilprB dreti, the second story with privilege iu Kitchen. Ac.,of l\JJL'he very pleas tut house No.69 Second Av -nue corner of Fcnrth street, lleut moJerate?For further infirm itiou e?qoir? on the pWWim, or of j,2( 3t*r OhO MO'lTOOMEKY, 31 Fult,n Market mof a modern bsiilt two s.o<y b.iclr home with marble m<utln, and coutainine nine ro mi, with basement .?ml ante ; p earautly situated near WishiiuMa j^qure, end convenient (0 two hues ol SfSSIS ;iud to the pnfiltp of crutou water. To a small family, such cs a widow and n>r children, this wonld be 'ound an etrcelleut hi tae aud the rei t tn ide ve y moderate?>ay (75 or (lliO or hilf, or the tame propor inn for | the whole, if desired The use of h furnished parlor can bo had in addition if wanted. Ei quire at 11 Barrow street near Six'h Avenue. je2< 3ti?* r M il) Pi 1V 3lCI ANh?KAR it KOK haLK?A ph?sician living near u very nleiscot id'age about thrr-y iniles from the city, aud who is ezteusirely engaged in his pro'essinn, wculd (tiitmse of his entire establishment. An immediate practice through a most berutiful c luutry, and daily acceis to the city*, rei der this au opportunity inr a physician ra ely to be met with. The farm ri utiots of about fifty acres of r v a land, in a I ig i slttc of cultivation. Un the pteuities a;e a uoml h. use, ctrriagi- house, P iru, ice house, Stc , as w< II asslasiad suit ?anet, i t nittree*. Addieis W E S. at the office of the Commercial Auvctiser, or apply at No 53 Pine street, where more minute particulars will b? given. )2I Iw'm BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. MONDAY, June ?fl, at 4 P. M ?Purso $10(1; one mile heats, belt three in rive, under the iaddle Jl Woodruff ei ten bt. y Hector John Spierr enters bi g B.ip> K. Tims en ten b g. ladfp.*n<lance. _ j?4 Hty FfRE WORKS. ISAAC EDtlK, JR., PYROTECHNIST. THK most extensive, varied, and brilliant'exhibitions! Fire A Works errr in.ninfaettired m do, or any o'hrr conntry, are now read? for delivery oo the loweit terns, in lot* to unit committees and partiei for the Celebration of Fourth of July, at the United State* Laloratory, Jersey City. Order' left with J. W Holberten, T5 .Maiden l.ane. "ta Niblo's or ''nslle Garden, will rcceiee immediate attention, floods drlivered to atiy part ol the city frre of expense. inyJItoJuJO i*"ec NEW FIRE WORKS LA MORATORY, BY JOHN TRAOARDH, PYROTECHNIST, FROM SWEDEN. MKSSIIS KOLLBKKOA TltAOAItl/H have the honor to inform the American rnbnc that they hive an exlen ire and T.iried a??orlm?nt of Eire Worlts, of all anil evry hind, at Ifn-ir establishment, at Ha'simus Long Dock in New Jertey, ? half mile from Jersey City, o,i|aisite .New York, which they offer to Committers and others, at the molt fa*?rable pricsamthe mirkct. Bel evingiu the new trade principle of s moderate caph priee for a (food article, they reipr.-t 'he far'is of the lublicatthe above place, or at the. store of Robert Sonnston, No. 51 Conrtlandt street. All order*, on any ?caleo( sire or vafieiy,promptly attended to, by addressing the aubtcrtbers at either ol the above places. NICHOLAS A. HOLLBKHUfcJ TRAOARDH, mr 7-Jm'r llarsimns Long Dock, New Jersey. FIREWORKS. CRACKERS, See. FOURTH JULY, :S4J. COUNTRY and city dealers in fireworks, will iind it to then advantage to ca.l and examine an ex'ei.siva assmtmeut of the best iiuality. at H. AYLIEFf/9 oldceta .luhux.ut, leived. Uonmnber me ?.*"of the uo mammoth ?kv rochet* and gald hay. rtiiioti <jy *r ifluEWoRRs IU frit MAN I If Al il HttltB. D T MOHAN St CO. IVml^kiMU,71 rhitlwni ilrttt, offer* (o the tiiudic a rplriidid aamrt incut ol KiraWaih*. iupemir in quality and ntaim ? to nuy in tin* or any otoer country Tiie above have been manufactured by them e*pre?ly for thi* nur ket; alaocau aall much cheaper than any vernier in t>w?,aid itnaiantt'e all g-od* from tiirir (tore. No peddlnnr fro-'t thta place?No. 78 Chatham itri et. Uooda delivered to any nail of the city free of evpenee. N. B.?Inhibition Kiieworkt of cupermr quality, with criininu, red, pnrnle, graen, yellow ami blue fuel Aim, mimed Are, by tlie pound. jl Im*re |.N I'lIKHUANUK of an order ol the Surrogate of the Conn ty ol New York, notice it heretiy ijiven t > all twrtona bavina claim* agatunl I'etcr Murphy, I ite ol the city ol New York, gentleman, decerned, to present the Mine with the voucher* ih- rent, to the juhirriher*, at the office 'i n dmund *. Herry, No. Jl W ill atreet, in the eity ol Ne w York, on oy before llie eighteenth day of September neat Dated New York, the 15th day of March. 1143 JAi 1)11 IIAHVe'.Y, JAMKs C. UK LI.. in tn lawOm r Ad mi nut fa lor* with the n 11 innereo. fcf * I'll I.?All pnraoM ha v lag any lr g < cum Ji.K* 1-N Dominick.late of thcity of N.'ch: r,d. c. <n i requ*atte to pieieiit the nine with the voucher* It ereot. to tlie iibrcriifr, at the hnn?* No 9? Mercer *trect. Al?a, all tnoae indebted to the ev'at of Mid dec a?cd, io make p'yment belore the a.h day of Novernvrnrar^ y UOMJN,tK| ^ ml'O to Nvll 6mltaw*8r 1 't AM I 'S!\.V1 . Ifllll.O'M (MIIMCH L)itc:or, Mr. .IOH'b RFbTON. HA'I I KHA ? . JIM- 21. BENEFIT OK MONH MATHIEU. ''otuciir \|; tliira brgi r-?i wi lfully m announce to the lw Jt? no 1 k-i ' nm n of New Yet*. |4irtl< ulsrle the French rstioei it. In I..? I, t> Benefit v-111 Hike piece this eeenis*. end hs i'"' * the d vr n ii'ied tltaetioDS <>( the ?e?er?l nseiesl |>issss ?r I cte I w ill meet ti eir apnrnv *1 h ?t in I t of t'eeee .Yllnuft US! IIIK> I Hi IJtl' | ,, II , Beconti 11iihi nf < i t Krniierrnat B inrgeon. i lie elietln will |t if^rrn two pnpaUf OTertu ei of noiiioi *.id A iS-,t i j.n'gen.l im It il by-Xtim-ar Prevail Tlu* PO'fnrrnvnee Ciimmeti. r at lnlr 1 o'clock precisely, Willi the oiigun.1 i vrim r. to l?r |}4V??I re, Aober. Aftrr which, fir.t t New Votk. PAhSK. MINI; i f. pifTblBUTnn. ''hehunlsrd, M U? ?eonvill?i Uo Inriii.iic. ?; Xethicu Ov.rtare?' L i pie roleine'"?Ko??n." ACrrr whic i LK8 RENDEZVOUS BOURGEOIS. fo>e, M?d Laeoart DtU.r.vicd, Moui Math p. a Bttwcea ihe trcn<l hi.<1 tbi'd pi-rci of theOpera. h?l/*n hom'a intrunituon for "f inc-ade in the Oudeu .ikI (Jr.i I Riiouu THE PHO.V1KNAPK MUHICALR. Wli ch pan- ?> much r.iliificiinn lea' ?c? op,will airun enliven the |?ix,d ol intrrrr.iaiiou, in I in rrd'r to rrnlerthia department worthy lh-imai-il < ImraUer of the ri;ahli>hin?Bt, A Splendid Oriheatia lu? bean aecur' ri. Muncal IJirrctor, U, C. Hill The performance to cnncl>d* with, fi'?t lin.e hern by the French Company, .he Mniii'i Comidettiof UNE l'ASSlON Aetru-tc e, Mad'-rll* Lrp'r Dupleta'a, Mom .VUthirn N:v*hti ol the ! tench Companr? Vondet a. Wiilneadaya, p rid i?? uu I Saturday! Nishta of the Kuir'.iah Oo.o, nnv?-To- nari and 'JTirndaya on *hich occaaio i >1r W K. iltctiiQ wtti A fri< I Police will be o> attendance and stoat care taki u to yire vein the adiiu laion ol improper [>ereona I f Tickets Fifty I'ciU. M iv he I id at the 'J.nd :P daring the day. O** \ limited number of St awn Ticketa will b? dia posed o'. t* tlna inr.o a tw* THIS EVENING, will be performed. CHAOS IB TOME ? AGAla-. Afierwhi.-hGKA?D''ATllEtt WHITEHEAD I? ? K.r .| IVI.j., I Mr Pl>e. le To rnrr',.,1. . ill. THUMPING LEGACY?Jerry Oini.ous, W H \V,.;wn?; Kilippo < Jcio-I'm >, Mr l'-is' er. Boars, Mi eta; Pit, JicU; Gallery, l*M-cts. Honrs 0|>?a at 7, perfo'tnatir ri coininoncc Ht hall past 7. AJMKH.IUAN THHATHB, WALNUT >T. PHILADELPHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OF MISS CUSHMAN Benefit of Mr Conner. THIS KY EN I .NO, June 24. will I..- it-rf. ime.l WALLACE. Alter which A LADY AND GENTLEMAN IN A PERPLEXING PREDICAMENT. To c?i?!ude with NICHOLAS NICKLEBY. in IB r E. A. MARSHALL. Lesaee Ilowery Amphltnentre, A MANN AND RUFUS WELCH. PKMPKIETORS Moies, 25 cents; Pit, 12)$ r-'Mft. floors own iw half pint 7. Performance to commence at 8 o'clock, THIS EVENING.'June 24. ilie peilorminre will with WARRIORS OF YUCATAN. Comic Song, .ilr Lathrop. K-inestriau Feats, ny Mr Hobbi. Mr Hobbi will introduce the wonderful Domestic Hone, Mexican. Si ill Vaulting ond Pyramid, by McFirland and the company Mre Gneein in an act entitled tti? Manic Changes. U'au'l Classic Exercises by ih- Four Hungarian Cousins. The Sailor otT Duty, by Mr Waterman. Intermission of 15 minutes?after wluen Mr Cadw.ill*.det and Little Oleuroy will rids a magnificent three horse net New Comic Bonn by Mr Lathrop. Unrirallrd H tscmaiishiii. by Mr Carrol H'ltnor Thritt, will ni^H-ar <m the rorde volatile. Metamorphoses of ihn Stek, bv Oossiu aid Mr Lipman. Little Ulenroy iu a das itig and demur To conclude with, fur tin- tir?t time, MR. W. B. CAHUOLL'R SfMEUBKT. BOUNDING k GREAT DOUBLE LEAPING. Equestrian Director, Mr. Oauwallader. Clown, J. Uossiu. CIKCU*?VACTXHALb GARDEN. Under the Man?(remetit of MKBbKB. .BANCKEH, O SWEET, k D. GARDNER GARDEN FREE. REDUCED PRICES Pit I2X cents? Boies 21 cents THIS EVENING. June 21, 'he p-rfotinanee will commence With ft* Hiul interesting act ol HOitr KM AN SHIP, Bv Mast*r A. Vincent. Mr. Johnson will introduce the Pony P itnny Elular. Horsemanship hv M*s. Gardner. Tight Rope by Mr. O Hweit Mr George Warrant in hit equestrian scene of four Transformation}. Intermission of 30 minnie*, for premenade sad rufreshmenU The prr'orTanee in the v.,1. .,n will continence with JACK KCBINHON, And Ilis Monkey Jack Robinson, Mr B Williams M.nhnui; 1'iing, ths Monkey, Gardner Fancy Dance by Mad-roi.i?'l? An 10I. 'I'nconclude w ?'h VIHUINIA I I'FIDH. Cuff, Mr S Johnson Ham Johnson, t) e Dandy Neyro, B Williama Rose, D Uudoci tt.r'f'ooii pp'n at 7K o'clock?Performance comuieacsa at I o'clock No L<i: i unattended by gentleman will be admitted. A linuteo aiimSer if He .nor. Ti-keta wi'l be told at $) each. Tlie Cara and Broadway Oinuibuasn ran to and from urn Vamhall i'lrcm o' lil 12 o'clock in the evening. >23 8t*r Pr.dMI'8 8BW VOKK tnv*Kvm AND PICTURE (?ALLf.RV Broadway, oppoaite the t.ity liail. ADMISSION UNLV ONE Q. Mr. H. BKNNf.TT. Manager. The following nerformcra are engages.? Mr DKI.AHUE, who wi'l give hia mnch admired imitationa ofKean, Kcmble, Forrest, Booth, Ilamblin. fce.. and alao n trednca aome bmnoroua sketches. Mr b BROUwKR, the celebrated eomicaiuaar Miaa ADA!It the much adrni'ed Hongstreas. Miaa BLANCH ADD. tlie Grecian Jiiggleress. and apian did performer on the inuvcal irlrsasa LA PETITE Ok RKTO, the Uaii euae. If?" Kntertainmrnt on Saturday af'ernonn at three o'clockEvening Performancea in the Lecture Room to commmcnco a quarter peat 1 o'clock. AlHEKICAff HUMKIIK, AND jKKIAL GARDEN. Opening of the Garden ou the root of the Museum. affording a fine view of the bay, rivers, adjacent town*, and tne moat cool and delightful promenade in tlie world: Croton Water la tunning freelr in each it ore of the Muaena. ANEW AND BEAUTIFUL FOUNTAIN With more than 100 jeta has beeu arectad in the nuuaena,? BALOON ASCENSIONS throughout the dav. sod |F I REWORKS in the evreing Mr. HARRINGTON, the Orest Ve.itnloqniit and Magician, ia engaged. Alao. Rnr FHANDI jr<). tne'proprietor of tne lenowced Italian fantoccini. Mr. H G- BHKR.VIAN, and La Petite Lenin, k: 1 On the first of July W'll ba opened a new and araeiodt Hall, containing articles nt trade, minnfarlure, the arts, commerce, c rof biisinrss. he . 'tmilar to the I'nirs of the American and Mechanic Iaatitpte* Contrihulo are rcuaested lo cut and ohtjin circalara enu terma imme>l>ritir. fr ee of admiaiinn 25 cacti. Children nnder ten Itr If price. jclBr OIONORA ANAIDK ( K XTRLLAN OIAMP1KTRO. Prill'" Dni'.ni of ihcpT'-.e irv Tlieat/?? ol lia'T, will fire a Or i d V. cai .ind J :itru '"orient, at the Aoolle ivileon, ou J'noeday eveni"-, the 27di ineua'. ??M?'od by "mnor Kn liio Oiampietrt, Pnuci 0. I' t!.e Objc, and Mr. 1 iitim, w ho will t>*eaide it IV Pitao Fort 1 ickets One Dollar, to bi> had at the Mui c Storea, Hotels, and at the door. Ko/ Air h r unrliru1 -a. we imali bit Fa. JelOt^r CO\l' V rTT^oK^voiA'. AVll IN-iTltUMKNTAL At -J IC? .Vti I'' MD V1CK r*spertfnll? annoni ort to her I'. i d? ".r.d the pub'io 'to' the will give her l.unerrt at the Ap'dlo 8ilr n, ou Monday rciting, the ihlth mat., on which oo< atinn the will hi assisted hv li-r brothi r. Mr. AUSTIN FHILLlf". MAltYA HAHDWK'K will alio have the honor of making her second appearance before a New York au iei.?#. aiid a ins; " Uavatina, " I'm naeen of a fairy bind " rompo^id by J. P. Knijht, aud trie c-lchrtted "Northern lleimn. the wordi by Wennr-. P. Vorr ?, Krij , 'he music by Citl I Horn. Thit child it only three tears old, and u prouounceu uv the lint professors, to be llie*gTatrsl maiical genius of this or In other age. Mm. Hirdwick liaa also the pleasure of uyint she wilt kc w iated by rll the leading protection of the city, wno !>?? in ihotkindett manner given ihrir rain?hie services: their name* will be duly announced. Mr H.T. Tiann will preame a, the Piim Ifnrt- Conductor Mr. lieorge Loder. Tickets M cents each ; children under 12 rears 25 cents each, to be had at the runout inutic stores. Kali particulars in fnture advertnements. I IS 6t"ee HUB< >KEN. i TN'-REABED ATTRACTIONS '.?Concerts d'Kte a la I ' lutnrJ (ill the afternoons of Mondny*. Wednesday* end *aturi'avs Free to the public. The proprietor of the Pafilion ?t tin- Elyai in >?ielIda. tint fivnrite and unequalled place of summer rraort, h?it? Icaeo to inform the public, that at great eiprnse he h <? effected an engarrmrnt with that celebrated leader, Mr M vers, who satiated by hie eicellent band. will aires srii** of metrnmeoul coneerta on the lawn in fiontof the Paeilion, ihe firal r ueert to be t ireo on We loeioay, June nth. Krom the decided sure*** that attended hit enrceria leat season, ti.e pnvr.rtor eouhdeuify anticipate* that thu effort for the gratification of the public w:ll inert with a general approeal _ jli Iw'm SINGING. TV* ADAM 8U TTON, hsriog arranged to t etum to Italy the * I begiimiug of August, purposes ret elling pnpila until that tine,to aire frnsbing lessoua tu the Italian,ffianeh. and Kogliah tyle of Singing Her method is that pu"urd t.v Bnrdogni and Vatcai, the brat mailer* in Kurope, increasing the itieiuui awl compius with astonishing rapidity. Her nnrilt will twee the adri.uge f her siugitig with them, which rtn he punned by masters nlons, who hare been cmiaeut sinner*. I .antra de irousof availing tlierntelve* of Madam Hntton'i limiteil ?tay, n ay ascrrt tin term*, Ike., by eppliratiou at 77 < h*mbera street, fiom 9 o'clork till 2. mJO :m-i rpII KTK X H1BITR> STc7F TH K~N * TlONA I, Ai.ADICMf A will close on Tuesday the I h of I1) o'clock, P. M, No picture of the present collection nan en r again ha aeeu at the rooms of the Academy. Ad n rsiou 55 rents, Catalogues iJH cent*. jrtl ie'rr ARCH STREET THEATRE. (PHTLADELPH1A,) TO LET. THK BOARD OK AUKruTK OKTHK ARCH RTRIET THKATHt, Phil il.'lj.' a, me ..r; pared 10 lnn<?? uin ru.'ditig f r the eeatoti of ISO It, r.r a lomri-r period. to Nnet,Urj,ii inn manager, npnn ve>y liberal Itrma. Applicaiioni *<ldrrta?'l " Boa il of Agenta of the A'ttli trrr*t 1 higire. Pt.i'r.dalph'a.1- left ?t V) Market itreet ?t the*1* W corner n' tth and Vlarkrl, .>r wnh P. M. l.aioqrra.'e .to. ICO Cri wb tt'ect, will ho nt ended to. Pmnpfi.rHit, June 13, 181 i. jeli n't PHILADELPHIA D X.HUEH REOTVPE ESTABLISH Mi.NT. KXCHANOfc lUBLDIMi, ROOMS J* A ST. H'HK. Subeerihere, having pr iruwl 'he AgJ^vfor the ?e|# ? A VO OTANDKR S daUI'KKHKOI kpfc ArPAKA* TLB, enoe'ractrd ae'ordiiig w frnfrnoi Ptwnl I eiltiloll ii, h*Tii ou hood * large tgei rfineBt Of UiOie Appomtnt, *ud i rf to to io wtll At-tin tit on of neir ,rl, wulu^g i i procure OR. Oil onitroiut, Will liad it to rhcir advantage to trocure ID* trumvDUof tliit e..nofmotion. 1 lie* ?l?o have lately t?i.ort* ed a lir.o ii'iAntiiV of Otri?n and ? iviich plotet, and el. tie ei-r lie,ill n?ed 111 thur o r, which they warrant in every re* 01*1' It they ore mod* to rheir order. Pnluhing tubtraneet, ah i aoroe. > c<?t. ml d|Mt nary material*, ore Mild on the mo'trroioiJ.Ma term* The f, llowiug gentlemen have Agreed to art " their egtnti, vn K ' h.*t . 173 Broadway, N.V. P llio?. Kfj., Waahingtnn, l?.C. I> A. Oeopart. Kiciimond. Va. I" Laurent r.*ij.. >ava:in?n, tie. M Plain Writ, t.?i| , Cincinnati, Ohio. A cot'imuiiitMiioua (poat paid) and oidrra,occ< ni|>uiitd with reint tt&ncM, will be promptly attended to. md 'fiould be di:e ml to Wkr, LANOKNHUM, je t?nr Kvehinic Bnihh'iR. "bila. POHTI AiUhhfc p'f.MALE dA'i. i" 1. ta.-tan.c.l and ceitbrtted IMI*. ? * n frttatel.go * .it fcrtni, to bt olonoiliii it iin-MUt eeiiettiuaa

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