Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 25, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 25, 1843 Page 1
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TH al. IX.?Wo. 174 Waal* ? . 3384. BRITISH AND NORTH AMKHICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIM, Of IMO tons and 440 horso power each. Appointed by the Admiralty to tail between Liverpool and Boiton. calling at Hali'ai to laud and receive Passeutt niters and Her Majesty's Mails. H1BERNIA. Car tain Charles H. Judkmi CALERONlA, Captain Edward O. Lotl. ACADIA, Caiitam Alexander Ryne. COLUMBIA, Captan N. Biiauuon. BRITANNIA Captain Jchn Hewitt. ' Will aail for uoston, via Halifax. ruaM Livaaroon **?.? ?9,T0" Acadia, Ryrie, 19!h May 16th June Colombia, SMiannon <th Juno "t July Hibrruia, Judkius, 19ih June 16*h July Caledonia, Lott, nh July Thaae ihipscairy experienced anrgcona, and Frances' i'ateut 1 lie Boata. No bertha aecured until pai I fo*. Apply to X). BRIUHAM. JR.. Agent, f je6r No. a Wall atreet, New York. \ FOR HAL^^ANDW^KRPOOL. 1 The Reyal Mail Meatn hhipCOLU MlJIA, N.9h->nnoH,Ksq Commander,will leave Boston for the above porta,on 8a urday, lat of July. Paasaire to Liverpool $120, Passage to Halifaa, 20, Apply to D BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent. j2lr No. 9 Wall street. - DRAFTS ON lit ELAND. Sic. which can be sent oy the slesm ship COLUMBIA. sailing from Boston on the 1st July. Persona viiiting or remitting money to any part of the old ouniry, can at all limrs ob tainLoui the subscribers Drafts atsght for any amount drawn direet on the Royal Bank of Ireland, alto on th* old rstabliahed baukip.g h; use of Messrs. Prtscot , Orote, Ames tt Co- of London, which are paid frue of discount, or any ihuge whitever, i rxtry province and county, besides all the inland towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, thereby suswciu.g the same purpose as Bank of England and Ireland uotrs.' Apply to, or address, if by letter, post paid, to ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO, 36 Fulton .treet, jU r nest door to the Fniton Bank. - . DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRKLAND, 8tc ? Persons about remitting mof| ^We*u'5r lo friends in the ' old country," JJAit csn be supplied with Drafts, in sums of 1, 2. **^ " iss 3, 10, 20 & ?50, "i any ainont. payable on depiiuJ. w tlinnt discount oraiiy other chn'ge, at the National Bank r>f Iielsud, Provincial Bmk, do., Messrs. James Bulr, Sou St Co.. Bankers, London, I. Barned St Co., Exchaugr and isiacoiiui .u im, uMrriiuci, c.n'ieru dbui 01 ocoiiauu, o-ieeuork Biukieg Cmnpiny. Bir Wm. Forbes Hunter Si Co., Scotland, and ttie branches in everypost town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland Si Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by I* the "Sltamor Caledonia," that Laves Boston ihe 1st JiiIt, by 1 W. Si J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their 'Jrneral Passage Office, 43 Peck Blip, cor. South st. N. B.?All letters from the country must come post paid. Je gt FOB NEW 0itLEAN 8?LOUISIANA AND WFJ^VWEW YOUR LINE?Regular Packet?To sue/ o?!?54K ,-id the V-csthurg?The last sailing packet ship OCONEE, Capt Jackson, will hare immediate dispatch. For freight or passage, having handsome lurnisiu u accomrnodatinas, apply on hoard, at Orleans whaif, loot ol Wall st. orto E. K. COLLINS Si CO. 5t> rsonih si. ' Shippers mayrely upon baring their goons correctly measur cd, lhat the ships of thisline will sail punctually as advertised. Any guaiauiee to that effect will be given eud fulfilled that may be required. A/cuts id N. Orleans. Hullin Sc Woodruff, who will promptly orward all goods to their address. f he packet ship Louisvilln, Capt. M. Hunt,will succeed the Oioars. i22 .'HE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. iSt m. To tail Irotn New York llilli, and from 'Liverpool ith ol' each month. BhipHOTTlNOUER, 1050 tons, J Ira Burselv, $ l6t" Jl"rNew ship LIVERPOOL, 1150 tons, Ia,, .. .JehnEldridge, > 16111 NCW ""SlwrX:?: lOM1'?? September. Bhip ROCHESTER. 850 ton., 116lh October. "Iiese substantial, last sailing, first class strips,all built iu the city of New York, are c tnmamled by men of esperiente and ability, ana will be despatched punctually ou the ltth of each np'Uln. I Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can coudnce to the cue and comfort of passengers. Neither t' e captains or owners of these shirs will be responsible for any parcels or packages sent by them, nnlesa regviar bills lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage atiply to i WOODHULL It M1NTUFNH, i 87 South stiect.Nrw Yotk, t or to E1ELDEN, BROTHKK9 It CO., it J! r Liverpool. REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, kc-The l?e.ibcr continues to uausmit money miuius la-ge JMuMMhtor >mall. to persons residing in any part of Ireland in . the same mauner as he, nd his i<redec*ss?r in business have dour for toe list thirty years and any part or England. cr Scotland. Money remitted hy letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or la-rsoually deposited with hira witu the name of the person or ' persous in Irel-nd. England or Sioiland, to whom it is to ha si nt, u-tl nearest p > : town, vri'l be inimediatel* transmitted aud paid ixeordingiy, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the sender. Inrikt manner in mey, or claims on persons in any part of I re I end, Euclaod or fcot'aud, can be collected hv the subscrihrr lor persmis resid ng in any pa-t of the United States or Ca! pads, and Will be pud to them hccordiuglv | i i7 'm?r QKOKOE McBHIDE. J^, 82 Cedar stxjfjc BLACK BALA OK OLI) LINK OK LIVERJW?WrOOL |>A< KETS-KOK LI VKRHiOL?Regular jjlJ^Bfispacliet,otid s ills on 8 tturrl?v thi- i?t July. The rema.a lilr last rai'ing packewmp OXFORD, John K-thbone, cotntnander, will positively sail aa above, her regular thy. The aeco-mnodatiout ofti. is sntierb packet, for cabiu, 2d cabin and itecrase passengers a'e unsurpassed by any other ship alloat J liore retorsion to the old country will liud it to tli*ir interest to select this conveyance in preference to any .i!h?*r S'or imss/ac* jannlv on hoard, foot of Beeltman street. or to the subscribes ROCHE,BROTHERS & i.O., 35 Kultonst. Ne*'. door ta the Kulton B ink P. S. The now aid magnificent rocket ship MONTEZUMA, burthen 3150 torn, will succeed the Osl rd and tail lor Item Lire tpoul on the 19th Julv, her tegular dly 1 rrtoui sending Tor their frieuili can have them hronglit out in her or any tl the packets of this line, which sail fioin that port on the 7th aud 19 li of every month. Drafts at light lor anv amount, on the Royal Bank of IreIii.?l and on Messrs I*rescott, Orole, Ames & Co., Bankers, Lend in, which will De naid free of discount or any chirae, in erery town throughout England, I reland, Scotland and Wales. For passage, apoly as above j24 J *OH LI VEKIOOL.?Regular packet ol the 25th |M\June.?The very superior, last sailing packet ship gsslBt." s ?'? ?'sc captain Shoddy, will mo?l positively sail its above. * Having very superior accommodations for cabin,scr.ond cabin sind steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark should maba early application to ! JOSEPH MeMUKKA V, 100 Pine at., cor. South. The ahoye wi'l be succeeded by the aplendsl packet ship i Patrick Heury, Cepl Delano, suit sail on the 7th July, f Persons wishing to seud tor their frieutts iu ths old conatiy, can hare them brought out by the above ship, oi any ot ths regular packets, hy applying as above ; if by letter I postpaid j!4r I (Air KOK UVKHPOOL?NEW l.lNK-.Keculst C Xi'^^WPacket ol 25th June.?The Splendid Packet Ship HX ^MmKbUAKHICK, Captain Wm Ssidtly, of 1003 tons will positively sail us above, her regular day. For freisht or L psssaye, hating aecommodations nreqna'.led for splendor or B .. eomfrt, apply on boarJ, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall stieet, or to E. k. COLLINS % CO. ' * South street. l'ne Packet Ship Koscins, Capt. John Collins, ol 1104 ions, will succeed the Oariick, and sail the 25th of July, hot W regal.-; day. I Lettrre for the shipeof this line will only beteceived at Gil I pie's ano riaie's News Koom. I Passer , -rs mav rely on lite ships olthis hue sailing rsnetlt' I I In.adtrrl.sori l!7rc FOR LIVERPOOL?The New Line?Regular ?*3FV Packet l?th July?The uew, iidrndid Nrw York JUSfabuilt I'acUM ship HOTTINGUKH, In Bnrsley, nmuer, 10'0 ton*, will sail as above, her regular day. For freight or passage, having Istge and commodious atara rooms, apply to the Captain ou hoard, weit side Burling Slip, orto WOOUHl'LL fc MINTUBNS. 87 South street. The superior uew packet ship Liverpool, Captain John Kldridge, ICO tons, will succeed the llottitiKuer, and tail on her regular day, ISth August _ j34 r iff OLU IJOT<:T~BALL. LTnk OK. PACKETS tfJwVFOK LIVERPOOL? 1'acaet of the 1st July-The jpNMSwsph'ndid fast at.iliog packet ship OXFORD Captaiu Hail bone, will be des|>a:ehed as above The aocommodatioui lor cabin, 2d cabin and steerage pas aetigrrs, br this sh'p. are unsurpassed?Those wishing to secure berthssltouM uink early application to JOHN HEKDMAN, *1 South street, near Wall it. N B?The regular pn'ket of Uie 35ih June, Csu yet lake passengers at the lownt 'ate r S? I hose sending for Iriends rinding in Great Britain oi Ireland, can haT? theai brought out by the Wgular packed s ii11in; weekly from Liverpool, at the lowest rat.-a. and Drafti fmuishrd, as usual, lor a-y amount, payable without dis count throughout die .United Kingdom, on apphc?tiou si aaakve ~ j20r i?>. NEW LINK LIVERPOOL PACKETS ? Pacbei I wSjFW f'h June?The si tendid. fast sailing Packet Hhii * JBmL OAK RICK, Capt Wui. SViddy, will sail poaitieeh as above, her regular dur. The ships of :1ms line are all loot tons bnrth-ii and iii'~ards, and their *c ommodations I, r iluii second cabin, and ateeraac paasenuers. it is well known an anpeiior to any other Ihte ot packets Those wishing to scctirs bertha should not fail !o taakecirly application on hoard or to W. h J. TAPSCOTT, 47 Peek slip, corner South st. The Gariiek sails from Liecrpool on ihe 17th Aasnsi - fVrxmi winhimi lo ?en'l for their (rienda hive them Won*h <>at in her, or any ol the mtnmr line, on fnuirnble lenn* Drill* for lane or **nall io?o? imynble nu ilern uiri, without dnciunt or any oilier rhar*r. in &n llie |K>*t lownt of Knglnud IkI.rdJ, Scotland or Wale*, <nn al?u he obtained ou application n> nix re The Hottiniruer will inrceeil the Otriirk, ud nil the 16tl July _ j2ir_ LONDON LINK OK PACKKTS-Packet ol lit. VF*** ll,".' 'TT,'. 'je ?ld?'ndid. jtew, hat llilm* prikrl ilii| AnUbV11' OKI A,? apt fc k Mor*an, will nil positively in shove, her r.*nlai day. H triii* ?uperi.?r ncciunmiMlaiiou* for cabin. lecoud ribin and ?l. I ra*e imi'UKe i, lor |uuu*e eirly application ihoalil te made ou board, or to W. U J. T TAPtJOOTT. jtlt ? Pen Slip eor Smith it. 44*r fOR LOP'OON.-KcruUt Pnek.t ul the lit July I he tjrnmd picket .hip VICTORIA, Capl. Mor JnAAbuxu, will *eil ii Rhine, her rt'*aUr day. IIkviii* rery superior accommodation* for cabin, ?ml e.ibin iiikI vtarrcRe peuen*rri, person! wishin* to emfo-rk ihouli mnka early application to JOSKPH McMURRAY, It# Pine itreet, corner of South. Pvriotis within* to send lor iheir friend*, can hire then hron*ntoal by the abore ihip, or any ol ihc re*alar packet*. hi o| il. it it above, I if by letter, [mat paid ) itir ^<* ?3/1*1 NKVVMtK AM) N KW YOHK-jr?r~, ftp8* iSp**** ""'V ' enta !?The ?| lenilid iteame NW... i In?PASSAIC. Captain John (Jalfy. Ou am afiel Mmi lay , June vh, will inn aa follow* Leave* the foot of Baiclay itreet, New York, at 10 AM. an 1 t P. M. ? Lea yea the foot ol Centre itraet, Newark, at 7H A.M., an. 1 ly" M. rietfht carried at eery low rale*. alt (mi f E NE r new jersey railroad ajffd trans^ portatlon company. 9'rem the loot of I'-mmUiidt street, Nm York. (Every day? Stvadavs e*reptrd.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark At 8 A M. At 2 P. M. Al 7 A. M. At 1X T. M. 9 do. 3 do. 3 do. 4 do. II do. 4 do 9 do. 6X do. 5X do. ll)X 7X do. t X do. 9\ do. 8 do. ON SUNPAY8. from lire foot o! Cvorllandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At t A. M. and 4X P. M. At 12* P- M. and 9X P. Y. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York Leave Elizabeth Towa Al 8 A.M. At 3 P.M. At 7X A.M. 3< P M. <1 do. 4 do. HX do. 7 do. 11 do. 41( <o. 10 lo. ?X do. IX do. 12 do. The trains for Weattieid, Flaiufteld, Bouudbrook, Sornerville, kc., connect with thei9 A .VI, and. 4X I'M trains from New York, daily, Sundays excepted. Kare between New York and Elizabeth Town 25 centi. Kare between do and Somerville, 7S cenla. atlfv YORK, ANU RAH WAY. Leave New York. Leave Ral.way. At 8 A.M. At 3 P.M. At 7 A. M, At 3 P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 do t>X do 11 do 4% do 9X do 9 do \X do 11X do NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. Krom foot of Courtl&nd atreet, New York, daily. Leave New York. Leave New BruuawW At 9 A.M. At 4 P M. As 6 A.M. At 1IX AM 5X do 7* do 8X P? M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At 9 A M and 4^ I' M. Al IIX A.M., and 8X P M. Kare, exchpl in tke Philadelphia trains between IJew Yo-k and New B.-onawfe1*, 58 centa Between New York and Hahway 15 cents. Passengers who ;>rocnre their ticltru at the ticket mner, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Ticketa are received bv 'he col doctor only on the or.y when purchased. mil 3 n*r NEW YORK. BUHO'M.EV 'S ^a I > I MOUNTAIN AND EAS- ^QXa^l? 3SEP^S?.Via K.acil Somerville R Hmil nrv?i>uad"w Kor Sclioolev'a Mouutain, leave pier No I > orlli river, at 8X o'clock A M. daily (Sundays excepted) by steamboat to Kuv.ibethport, or leave the foot of ( ourtlaml street at9e' cioci a m, [>t -i j ivauroau 10 jmi/meliilown, me nee connect with the rari for Soinerville cmcliea, iheuce 20 miles to the Mountain?arriving early iii the afternoon It'll haslou le??e as above proceed bv railroad to Homer vitie, coaches from thence (only 31 miles,) arriving in Kasl</ii at 0 o'clock. ,'i'hit .on e, ou account of the short distance by coaches, nn kins it by far the m ?l pleasant and expeditious, commends it self to_publictratronage. Mr. Hauderton.the proprietor at So merrille, has provided him,elf wi'h carriages aud horses to ac commodate private parties with extras at the shortest notice, aud on reasonable terms For seats apply to H D. Hope, Merchants' Hotel, -It CourlUndt at. Passengers from Fliilad-lphia to Schoolsy's Mountain will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'ch rli, A M., by Mew York railroad liae to New Brunswick. Splendid coaches frcm theuce, arriving at the inonutain early same afternoon. j2:t 2in*r NEW YOKK, HCHOOLKV'8?ws.^T_ MOUNTAIN fc KAHTON. Leave tie: foot ol Conrtland street, daily (Suud.ivi eiceptrd) at 8 o neck, A. M., by railroad I' om Jeiiey city to Morristown, tneuce by Post coaches through Mendham,Chester, Schooley's Mountain, Anderson Town, Tort ('olden, Watlnuittou, to Easton. At Washington, a daily line intersects to and from BrIvulere For seats apply to J. Hill, at J. P.itlou's, Commercial Hotel, 73 Courtlano street. N.B ?Extras furnished nr. the ihortest notice by applying to N. B Lore. United States Hotel. Mo-ristowu. invil 3m ec KOCKAWAY iPAViLLION?LONG ISLAND RAILKO\D. ?a?"^ Trains nron this road leave Brooklyn, South Ferry, for J.rraica, where coaches are in rradi ucia lor that d-ligh fit) resort, the Marine PavilISSHEi. I'on, at the following hotira, viz Half psat 'J A. M.,t o'clock aud half pa?t6 P. Yl. Returning, Jamaica at 8 A. M. 12 M. and 5 P. M. for New York. Fate to Jtmaica.ys.; through from 'Biooklyn to the Pavilion,"% cents. je2( 6 w*r kOK BUKFaUo AND ALL 1'AKT8 Ok THE WEST ASSOCIATION PAwBAOE OFklCE To ALBANY. Ulica, S2 00 Rochester, $3 00 r<v>?cu?e, 7. 25 rtunaln, 3 50 Oswego, 2 25 Up. & Lower Ceaadai 50 For passage apply to M. L. KAY. m2J 1m 93 Barc'av (treat. New York. NE w aTTkA NIit MENT FAKE AND h RKKjHT REDUCED. an REGULAR MAIL line?for proVIPENCE AN1J B"*TON. via STONSfc^JtiL^LlXUTON AND NEWPORT?Composed olthe following superior steamers, running iu connection with the Swuington and Boilon and Providenre Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Comatuck. HHODE ISLAND, Capt i'hnyer. PROVIDENCE. NAKKACMNSETT. MOIIEOAN Our ofwhich will 'ease New York d.'.ily (8itnd?y? escrpted) I(?? 'i Pier No I, Battery Place, V rviver, at 5 P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The uHODE ISLAND.Captain Thayer, on Monttay, and " .'nesday for StoniDgtun and Newport, and Ftiday for jingfon l'he MASSACHU ' ETTS.Catvaiu Comitock.on Tueaday iud Tnurtray for Stoningtsn. ana Satiirdiy for Stoniugtou, Newi>ortaad Providence. raisetiRvri, on the arrival cf the steamer* at Slotiington, will be itninrdi itely furwatdrd iu the iplrudid and coniino<Kus Cars of the Kailrovd to Pros dence and Boslou, and if for Newpart will pra eed in the steamers on Monday, Wednesday and 8 <tnrdav, and on 'he intervening days, proceed yia Stcutmton Krilraad to PmMnn. and fioni theuce in lite iteamer lolas, witliont any additional charge. Tickets lor the route and ateamert' berths can be aeenred on board, or at the office or HARNDEN It CO , No 3 Wall atreet. |L/""On and after thr 10th nut, freight will not be rrceiyed anTforwarded after half-|wat 4 P M m9 6m*m NEW YORK AND KINO Ml ON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE r,"*VE. ^M|f| sot For Kingston, and Delaware and Hndson Canal?steamboaU EMERALD and NOR "Th^^MKI^LD, Captain John Keteham, will leave New York foot of Murray street, every Monday and J'nnrsday atS o'clock P. M. Wnl leave Kingston ( Knndont lauding) e?ety Weduesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock, P. M The NORWICH, Captain John Satnne!i, will leave New York, foot ofWarren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at i o'clock, P. M. W,II leave Kingston (Rondout landing) every Tue ay and Friday at 1 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foal of Mnrray atreet every Suudy mummy at 7 o'clock. Ketnm.iig leaves Kingston at 4 o'i lock tame. <lay. Kor freight or rassaie apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, BAhLOW 8c CO , *213m*r 164 West street. *''mmeh akkanue.mknt for fc-^?yr3?SHHKWSBimY-Loi?a Branch, Ocean 3EiiJBJK>Mniiit. Black Point, Ktimsou, and Eatontowo Landing. thr< ugh the inner passege. The uew Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Jonn P. Corliea, will leave Eatontowu Landinic on Sunday, the 4th of June iu?t., and run at fol Iowa,to wit: leavirg New York, from the foot of Hobimoa treet, every Monday, Tueid iy, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Returning, will leave Katontown Landinic on each of tlie above dav?. at I o'clock, P. M. On Saturdays will leave New York at 2K o'clock. P. M., and Eatontewn Landing on Sundaysjt 1 o'clock, P. M.. and Ocean House at 4 o clock. The SHHEWSBURY will run aa above (weather permitting) until further notice. All baggage at the risk 1 of the owners N. B?Stages will be in attendance to convey passengers from the aforesaid lauding places to any part of the country reonired. je 13 ^Mfl 0M HAMILTON HOUSE. FOKT HAM^^?*^3slLTUN The ateamboata 8TATEN JBL?JK?dE_ INLAND I1 It nnd SAMSON will runevery Jay (Suud.iys escejited) during the follows:? Lravr F<'rl (i iin11 ton at 7H A. M. and 4 % P. M. New York, Whitehall Docs, at 3ij P. M. Thii arrangement may be relied ou as (permanent, as its continuance will not depend on any contingency. jl.Vlmr MAYOR'S OFFICE. ) Chaiipkstoi*. S. C , June 10. I8<3 J TO RF.NT FOR A TEH.vl OF YEARS, OK FOR SALE, That Urge and commodious establishment known as the Chulestin Hotel, situate io a central pert of the city. JL|^fronting un Meeting street, south on Hayne street, a 'J ailjoming the eatensive range of wholrsale stores; esst on Hotel street; north on I'ipckrey street The hotel is about 150 feet by nbont 175 feet deep, lonratories high, containing abont 112 parlors and chambers, besides the dining rooms for ladies and gentleineu; a'so, bar reom, reading room, offices, store rooms snd kitchen: also, live alorrs and a barber's room, in, ami fronting on Hayne afreet?a laige cittern, containing aw lit 85.OWl gallc nt, and a foira pnmp, ui rate of lire, attached thereto, alto two wrllt on the premitrt- The whole front ofthe Hotel it embellished with a apacioua two ttory ' coltonadc. Teimi of tale will be, a credit eiirndiug over a period of at 1 leatl S ) ears, mil conformably to the prorniona of the late "Slaic Kire Lo.ii Act, 'tecured by mortgage of ore mi let; op1 pnitrd lecnnty will be irpired on leatr or tale. Proposal! addri aard io the Mayor of tharletton, wll he received nntil t the liih July nett. i J. BCHMKRCI4, Mayor i N. B.?The following newspapers: the Mew V nrk Herald 1 end Conner It Kiuimrer; tlia Button Cortilert the I luladrlphi.i , United Statet Oa rttr ; the Baltimore American, tht New i Urleint Bee; the Mobile Kegiater and Journal will invert the i ahorc in a rnoip <m lit place once a week nntil the 15th p">yimo. and forward thrir aeci nnra for pevment to Conner office. J2I lojyl.'.r aMl I O PHVSIciAMM-KAKvt bf)K AaTE.?A phv t jyijW tieian living near a very pie ate nt tillage about thirty JetMLmilea from the city, and who it clUtltivelv engaged in I "i* pnjfeiiion, wcttld dispose of hit entire eaiabliahtneot. Ail mint diate practice throngli a nioet beautiful country, and dai' lv acceit to the city, render thit an opportunity mrs physician ra ely to be met wuh. The f*rm ctntitracf about llfiy acrrt lit rooo laud, in II high title ,.r rhe crninei 1 an- a fcood In ??? , carriage house, tns'rn, ice honte. kr , ?i well ai almost ever* variety of font tree*. A-lilcss \V K S, at the cilice of the Commercial Aove tiaer, | or apply at No J3 Pine itrert, where more minute particular! , will he given. |2| |w*m jM KUlt NALkl-On reasonable and .1 :comn I p<W ttrini, a new house and lot, pleasintly situated ihNu1 JLmLvan street at the head of Hiaoton street, Brooklyn. impure nl S. K. JOHNSON, t onntellor, St.-. No | Froi.l treet. or of I). A. WOBBIN8, .Mason,280 IVail tt., Brooklyn |2' 6t*r ____ a TO LJCT?At Harh-m. ut -lie toot of ISIat atreet,a corivsiiieut end eotn'i rtablr two storv dwelling, with pleasant L kitchen '1 here are thirteen Ion, lie llu t.i.n. m oe or Irst; situated on the tivrlein r-rei; a dock, I i.nnilred feet frot.t, and iUhlei inffirient for (en or fifteen hone . O.i the place (here are tit or seri n cherry trrei in full iiramiK, pench treei, currant huahei, roae ruih-s, anil every l tiling c ilru' i.rd to mike it a del ghtfnl residence. Pishing t i? strata. Kmiuire of MK PANDLK.^oj posit.OI , No. 481 Wnthiugion ureet. i The shore will be let at a cheap rent to a Rood I I JtMt* r m-| o l e i"?ill a iraall K'litrel r.imile. Without children, the second story wuh privilege in Kitchen 8te.,o( the veiv pleasant house Nn.b'i Second Avenue coturrol i street. Kent moderate?For fntther inhumation ea i|Uirr on the prrrniaes.or of ... jelit 3t*r OKO. MONTOOMltKV, 31 I- ultnu Market. w vo VEW YORK,SUNOAY M M bAKCLAV STREET?TO LET?The elegant ffTjW mid com odiont three ?torv brick house No 51 Barclaj ajUUL'treet, bunt and occupied h? Mi, i noinu Brooks until the ;ires?nt lux. In etcelLul order mil tilted with every convenience for a lante Itiuily, aud truatcd dir-ctly m I'rout of Coll'ite I'lace. Kor terms ??>ply at No. 110 Wntir street. mii I in* r JUIt TO LBT-'!> modem Mini Jure ..inrv orick dv. villi e, No 16 Oreeli street, fiuished with silver furui iaiftiiiH , marble mantlet an I urates ilir ualiout A fine lar<e yard, with never failius ciiteru. Will be let low. For further luutcultrt apply to A1TKKN, BROTHERS, je2-lm*ec - o I22 Fulton ttreet. jnM KLOKICUl i Uffifi ?For sale, the 'a ite C >u?sr? flfflql'ory, wilh all the elieotive a|i|ieratui attached tlieieto, JL, it the aardcu. (late Mr. Perry's,) Henry st, Urm klyu Kor fur her puiticu'irs apply to 1 W III ISMKI.I. k'lori.f ..oil. ...i.e. W. Kussell hai aiu lor s? e al low piices, a iu|xrb col'cction of fine healthy Flams in hlooni ami mpots.ol geraniums, roan, TrilMMa, violas, dahlias, aztliaa, rhod.idandrous, salvias, putru.llas, clematises, c ictuses, ninguoli linneyiucklei, and other desirable vri.nonie and gaideu plants and roses. Bouquets beautifully made up 10 order. All otderi for the cities of Near York mil Brooklyn, dalivertd tree of charge, and punctual!* attended to. il9 2w*r THK KOUKl'H OK JULY I Jb f BOOTS AND SHOES. . Cheap Boot and Shoe Market. No 6011 Greenwich street.? Ladles and gentlemen ire advised to call at the above store and provide themselves with seasonable summer toots, slippers, gai'cra, Sic, made up in the neatest nud most fashionable style, ami sold M cheap if uot a little cheaper than elsewhere. Heads ot families will save money by calling here, at the cheap depot. Di n't forget llie number, Clinton Cheap Boot and Sno? M >rket, JNw. 609 Greenwich stieet, corner Spring St. jel lm*r _ LOOK AT THIS! *Jj| Boots, of best quality, $4 to (4 60, do do 1 to 3 50 Fine sewed Boots, 2 60 to 3 00 Pegged do ... 2 50 Mom co do 2 5fi Krut Skill and Grain do 1 75 to 2 Oil button Gaiters, 2 26 I'ruci llu do 2 03 Kmc Calf Shoes, stitched, 2 00 Calf' hoes, 1 25 to 175 Boy's line sewed hoots, 2 26 regced boots, calf, 150 " Sealskin nud Grain, 1 12>f " Kine Calf Shoes, I 26 " " Kip Shoes, 1 00 Youth's Sowed Boot. I 00 to 1 60 I.AUlKS BOUTS Si SHOKS.-l.adies. in these stores yon will liud tlie greatest ass r.tnent of Gaiter Boots, Slippers, Buskins, Tie;, I'liiurlls Buskins, In,til ami dark colored half (iii'via, Houae hlipp'rs. white aud black s?lin slipperi, ni*tin palters, .Mi?sf? and Obi'drem' gaiters, busams, slippers, ties, and nil other Itimls of boot! and I'lun, of our own mnnufscturi UK with Ihe ben of hreuch goods tuiI warranted lo be the but and a? cheap as the cheapest, at dt?7 U oadway and 32 (Jaual st. jl imr? (iKKUOKi Sc CAI11LL. I'Alth BOOTH AND LASTS MADE TO OKDEll By E. SUSEH, 175 Broadway, (Bamnunt,) One Door from CuurtUndl street. E. SUSKK, Bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, an r?SgtWS"ElTe" of Clerce of Paris, bops leawe to inform his friends aud all the n n.ileiirs of a gentlemanly "ehauasure," that he can now make, in New Voik, with the best Ifrench materials, all that is so |ierferity made, in laris, by his master the celebrated bootnnker Clerce, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic, am respectfully luvitrd to try HUHKR'H boots and lasts beior' ttiey despair of being "cliauases" in New York, after Ihe nicest, latest Tans fashion. Also, the genuine f'aris .let Black Varjish sold. uilO 7w *r BUU 1 AlVlJ StiUESTOKK aM^Sf JOHN It LADY respectfully informs his Iricudi ami the public, that he has commenced business in ihe above lie.', si No. 93 Nassau street, where he will Ih ink fully receive sod faithfully eiccu'e, all orders lie may be favored with on he m"?t reasonsble terras for cash. ?22r TO THE LADIKH.?20(1 pair prime Gaiter boots of all colors and sizes of the. latest fashion. ?V1 and children's U.ntrr boots ami Buskins, Ladies Bus kins, Tiei. and Slippers, a rood article, from 4 to 8 shilling^. Also, ? ?uoJ assortment of Gentlemen's prime ctll stileh boot*, city mode, from 2 75 to 1 dollars, tyarrauted : good :~tue Iftftreil boou, fiotn 12 to 18 ohil iiiys. Also, Boy's boots, 8 to 12s.; Geuts. Kilters, quarter hoots and shoes of all descriptions in great abundance, at Walker's cheap store, 419 Broadway, corner ('.ltal street, m24 Im'ec gen1n & van vran ken's ventilating gossamer hat, FOB GENTLEMEN, WEIGHING ONLY 2% OUN< E8?PRICE *3 SO. f? THE. Subscribers have introduced the abnse usined hat lor suminei wear. By comparing the weiKhtofthis Utiols with the average weight o( the I'ollowiuK hats, the >uperior aovantaars it possesses over th'.m lor summer wear may be readily srell. '} he average weight of the ord.uarv fur hat is t>K ounces, do do Panama 5.14 " do do I. rat horn 4 " ileitis folly convinced that no style ol summer hat heretofore won. has met with the general approbation which a lint i oases siuit all the qualities, via* lightness, beauty, durability and cheapness, would he sine to receive, we have devoted much attention to the inaDitlnctnre and liuiihimt of the uew style now iu'roduccd by us. From the warm approbation etpress>d by gentlemen who have eiamiued tliein, we feel satisfied that they need only to be seen to be fu ly appreciated. GENIN (a VAN VBAVKKN, ui2b lin* ec _ 214 Br adway, opposite 8t. Paul's Church. croton-" water". THE Tinned Lead Pi es invented hy Mr. Kwbauk. are, in the opinion of a very large numb-r of the best chemist, physicians .mo most scieutiflc ineu of the age, f lie only lend niy s that c111 be used with s.fety iu conducting tills water. Very t reat danger ot |io sou is incurred bjr the rise ol 'uy other. I'liysiciaus and other scientific ineu reler lo numerous coses where si'kii' is imi death h is ac ually resulted irom the use of fh#? 4* li> kI iiirtPt 'Phs. tuhuprthpr hn? maV arrdnirpniPiili to keep on hand o (?li and constant supply of the tinned Irnd l uxi, which he will tell to p umbers and other* on the most favoisble MM, JOHN C. CASS, j e in I in * in 71 Biotd sreet. KOTON WATKK?DAY'S MUST Pitt iu M IN DIA RUBBKK HOSK n confidently recommended lor any purpose* lor which leather it used, and li warranted to pos e?* the following pr perlie* 1st. it is perfectly tight under pressure of the Croton. 2d It is wide of the strongest Uhrics, and will not mildew to injure iu the least.nod requires no attention. 3rd. It is not destroyed by commit to contact with oil or, nor siitfrncd by cold weather, nor can the rubber decompose, as luleri .r articles are in no case used. Should the least complaint be inadr of th? Hose, not possessing the above properties, it will be taken hack, at any litne inside ofs,t mouths from its purchase, tad ouier given in ei change without charge. 4th. Coupling and jet pipes will be attached without charge. Buyers will note tint wc a-e clearly satisfied that this hose (the processol malting which is Unknown toauv otner iu the trade) isjusl the article long wanted (or leading wattrand many other liquids. HOKACK H. DAY, j 17 Im'r Successor's Knvhur7 I. K C.4S iVIaineul.ans. ft ABEUL He HUUHKH, numbers, at to* comer ol JoSq u and N'ssau streets, New York.?Hous-s litttd upon the most approved plan, Willi Croton, Water Close* and Hydrants ol all deserpiions. Baths liiteU up with Boilers for Hot and Cold water, Lead aud iron Pipes of toe best quality; Sheet Lead, Ko-ce and List Pumps, and all a.trcle* iu the it lite of Lusintts, to lie aid on reasonable tr rms. Orders received for Kire and Garden Hose The subscribers llatter themselves from the loug experience tney have had in the above bismess in I'll ladelphia, to give universal satisfaction to all who favor them with their patronage. *F.rF.KKt*CKS. Samuel Hash, Ksq., Htgister of Watering Committee, Phila del pit i.i Joseph Hancock, Builder, ditto George lirbmiin, Assistant-ol the IHarritburg Water Works, d I to J. O. Kwinc, Plumber, di'to A. L.'oliiit, No. 288 Greenwich street. New York A. T. C.irhrane, ditto, ditto, ditto J. Habniean, 4'i Charlton street, di;to J'din L.Walkins, lit Kulton a'reet, ditto jei 1m*r 70, SHIUT3. 70, W | L L I A \1 8TIIKKT TH1KD baskmknt bklow maidkn'lanb, N. Y: ?Is undoubtedly the cheapest Mhirt Manufactory in the city. Wholesale dealen will fiud this assertion to he nothing less than a positive fact. It is not the intention of the subseri1 ber to make tins advertisement appear as a puff, hut he merely wishes to announce to his friends and customers, th.-t he has opened the above establishment to supply tlirm with Shirts, Collars andBcsoms at a much lower rate than they have hither lu wccu IU uic unoii ui ("tying (licwncre H. AKONSON. Senior pa-tner of the fate Arm of AROMWN k WILSON. \LS~Be particular in the number, 79 William street, third basement below Maiden Line, N. Y. P S.?Particular attention ji?i<l to private orders. jl lm*r LIGHT! LIGHT!! A BRILLIANT AND BKAUTIKUL LIGHT KOK IIALK A CENT AN HOUR OUKKLY, no one Deed walk in daikness, when the clearest L7 bulit may lie had at a mi-rely nominal cipenie. Terty'i new Patent Lamp*, for burning any kind of lard, tallow, or nil, without previous preparation, inconvenience or liability to Kef cut ol order, u destined to shed a inoat beneficent light orer thia datk planet. Enterprise and competition hare brought the light of aciener ami letter" into literal contact with the miuda ol all our population Yet, how shall they perceire it, and in bleaiiiiua, nnleaa dining the only hour* of leisure which moat of onr citizen* poateaa, the nbaence of the aun be supplied by aome other uminary, wlioae rav* shall he free to all I A near appron iiiation to llua great desideratum ha? just been effected in the invention Of Terry's Lard Lamp, a single one of which inn be made to light a parlor, witlion; sinohe or smell, aa brilliantly aa tlie heat ail rgl Inmp, nt au ezpenae ol but half a cent in MM. All ln,rra of bght ot economy, or I oth. are invited to call and whooas their operation, at E. HARRISON'S, 231 Pearl atreet, N. V. N.B Liberal terms will be offered to dealers. let lm'rrr D EMU V A I.? P. MAKM, Hair Drrsaer and \Vig Maker, has IV ri,m,.ved froe. If,? to Ian Itrosdwav. a few doors below the Franklin Home, end opooaite John street. Having fitted np a itfw room in lh" most fsthioneble ffyle, he will continue the MI batmen, and will plenaed to ace his old fiitnidt and patron. aud otliari who may favor him Willi n call. Ha Km alio private room* for l.adiet' hair dressing and jampooing. This powerful Retract of Jmnpoouy it considered hy thousands of New Yorkert soil strangers at one ol tiie healthiest articles for the cnre ol dtndrnff and strengthening the hair, it approved by the K icnlty of Medicine in Puit,ttalMtitttl nt Washington. Nothing la more pleasant and delightful than to go through lint operation in the hand* ol P. MAKM. m I 2in*r A VAOHT for salb, r \K seven tout bnilhen, nine mouthy Id, no I in perfect tail' ' inn order, well louud in every reaper t, aueli ri awning lor roi'li pit, anchor, granting, cables, patent sheave blocks, > ills and rigging ol the very best materials, a eornpirtr ? It of flags, cleatt a nil rudder head of brass, hat a heantlfni cabin, liuely tilted tip with lo kert, cnthiout and looking gl utei, spy glass, autl oilic fitturet appertaining to the tame;; hasa line refrigerator muter the rorkpit. that will hold 100 lbs. IC R. sloop rigged, carries t?|iurc topsails, lens lh 24 leet on deck, 9 (eel be mi, irou keel, 12 inches deep, ]l( wuln midships, bolt d on kr ltton wrighing I0W) ilia., and thoie lint know the advantage ef leverage power, will at once tee that the casnot be knoeked down m a tipiall, and m cat* her bottom it stove the etnnot the liai tlia bnoyitncy of 2M0 weight of cork between i her aides aud telling, and it a Very last sailer, f or lui flier pari tieitlari, ininirr of J.JKNNlNOS, in ill I Itt Broidwav, HOT John It, gy twill, I rout room HIGHLY IMPORTANT. 'PO OWNKKS OK IIORSRS.-A. BU9HKL. prictiesl A Veterinary Hnrgrnn, would inform the public that he hat had seven years | raetice in the British Army. S B. will imy every attention to horses at llie owner'e liable. Charges moderate to anil the timet He wonld inform carmen whose hortet require phytic, that the molt aupropri He tune to call wonld be on Haiiirday, at tlivy will be ab e to uae ikem on .Monday. All kinds of hone tnedi -me kept einitlaiiily on baud Vit Balls or every drteriptloa, pure 25 e.entt; eongh tnd condition rowdeve, *5 eenft; blistering oinuneiil, 15 cents; hoof ointineni, |2)t eeiiu A tuperior arlirlr of horte linament, for tnraint, hrniart, Ike., price 75 cents. Advice grant, at hit retidruee, No. 49 itobinaoo street, corner of Greenwich street. ' jel lm*m >RK I OKWIJNG, JUNE 25, 184: I.UCIfNA LOItUI AL?, OK THK KMX 1 H OF LOVE III 11 tit'to tlintv.JinoDK til# Jews, That ill mi a see-md wile might choose? Whose first, by Fa e'? unkindly doom, No ehildrr u bo'c to lilts* liii t oim Afflicted thn>, ihe Human mitrou Prayed to LticHie, the midwif '? imtiou ; Hi. yptia . wives, in auch aciiaia Called to their aid the Prie?ts of Iraiw ; A id eveu uu?. the mc ?k ILude i? VV.irin a* her clime. huiI render too? II eht diets t welve ino'ithi f-om her bridal Kliea weep-ng to lier scusehs* idol, And with ra ted hauda, maeceuti wild, Petitions Ur irn th lor a child : For weM th- knows, Love ahuua to bleaa The Hindoo bed of barreuueaa. 80 much for love in day'a by grille. And savugr customs in your own ; But any. even uow.d ra Love's communion Bleaa in our land, a sterile union I No oflliui. a conjugal felicity, Is tliui distu 'led? 1 y, e'en in this city. Yet insy ihe barren, if they try The means, "increase and multiply," Wiih 'Love's Kluir" for h r friend, The childless wile's repimngs end. But not the procreative power Alone, is this Klmr'silowcr. Consumption's ilia it will prevent, With vigo' clothe the imiaitent; 1 Suppress a gleet, whate'er its date, And all life's functions rrnovste. K motions froin t e skin it chases. Ami brings back beauty and the graces : 'Ti? woman's trust?and ne'er deceives her From Fluor Albus it relieves her ; And each disease, (with proper c re, too,) Her fair and fragile form is heir to. Theae are but truths, who calls lliein fiction Shall have stem proof in contradiction. Letters?all forms ol attestation? From the savant of every ua>iou ; Witn grateful missives 'roin all quarters, Penned by Disa.isc and Qoackerv's martyrs, 'J honsands who lay, with nutieiiru breath, Almost within thr jaws of Death; Now iu their uightly prayers repeat Thanks to Lite's frieud, in Nassau street. An sometimes name the very uuinber? '"Ninety-two Nassau,"?ea*n in their slumber ; Or, dreaming or Disease's ordeal. Cry out for the "'Luciua CorJi si." IVrsons orderiug itiii inrilicuic (he country, by sending a remittance, can nave it boxed up anil sent to auy part of the Union. Price S3 perhottle.or 121 iwrdozeu. It is also for sale in Philadelphia, at 90 North Sixth street, ititl lin'ec MONTHLY BKPOHT OK THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, NO. 75 CHAMBEUS STREET. CASES CURED. 14 luiliinniation of the eye- 4 Diseases of the liver, lids 3 mflam'n of the Dowels 3 Syphilitic Iritis 3 Vomiting. Gastritis 2 Amaurosis, throe under H Diseases of the Womb treatment?doing well II Syphilis 6 Opacity of the cornea, 6 Dyspepsia slight 12 Whites, or Kluor Albas 8 Styes, by an operation 21 Gonorrhoea 4 Ouaiiinn 4 Ksrer 3 Erysipelas 7 Secondary Syphilis 7 Ulctirated sore throat 5 Piles 12 Gleet?cured by new 6 Bubo, by a new method of remedies treatment 3 Diseases of the heart 4 Sure Nipples 2 Dyseutarr SUCOKSSKUL. (UBQIC4L ornRATIOMS. 3 Operations for hue iip 21 Stricture* iu Urrthra by 1 Operations lor squinting nu Improved method ol 3 Operation* for Hydrocele curt' 12 Hemorrhoidal Tumors re- J Operation* (or fistule iu moved Ano. 2 Club Knot?cured 2 Tolypu* in llie uo?e 3 Kncyitrd Tumor* i Adipose luinor* removed 1 Ulcer* on tne legs cured,' I Lure piece of bone re2 I'hyniotis moved from the arm 0 Abcesses opcued 1 Amputation of linger 2 Ton*I <s removed 1 Cancer Breast 1 Wravel cured 1 Uvula leuiored 2 Retention of Urine DR. H. BOSTWIOK Attending Physician and Surgeon. C. McMANUS, Apothecary and Secretary II 1m oo DEAK vfcSa CURED?Without wishing to interfere with the privileges of any of our worthy neighbors who prefer to u e an ear tnnnpet, and thus gather with great difficulty a little of what is said to them, or be restored to the use of their natural organs, sud hear all that is said, we cannot lielo re marking that a medicine c tiled 'Scarpa's Oil (or Deafness," has lately been introduced, which bids fair to prove an i-ffec tuil cure for the most, obstinate case. We will only add to this it it is (o be had at A. B St D. SANDS, 7S Kullou street, 273 B load way, anil 77 East Broadway. jlO 2w? " barry's wigs and scalps. rpHK impost nee which all *uc? have attached to th Hfad of Hair, is a clear index of the valu? ?et on ix rson d tixure, *nd whan by tome capricious Irmk of Nature ih* hutntu foun is d?*priveil of its fair proportion Art u reiorfed to, in order, I?jr artificial means, t'? ripply thr d'firiHiirv, fiance li wi- arisen those wonderful discove ips which bid u iture defiance. Barry's Yaniiiatini and Ucayinsr wii>3 Aivij The einiirJ* micri'H ??mi rh? ab rr named has met with ill tlie nitetil' <*'<i e ol hie unrivalled heads r.l'nair, (or the last two years, fur exceeds hit most sauguins expectations H' respectfn'ly snlici i i ct I, roulilent of sati<f) in* the mint Uxtiiliom ttint he it th i heel iud cheapest mak?r in the city Tll?V CM he had mlr at 116 Bi.xdT.iy. corner liberty street, <p stair*. fiivate roeim for fluioit Wi,s and Toupcr*. je24 2wmi_m_ T<Hfc PuKVAIUNW EPIDEMIC?The e u nothumbetJ lir frr this Wide spread sickness ituu >lctxlisur's Univer s.ti Heal t k Ointment The foltuwiug i> from or* ol our most worthy ctuz'DS, whoee eon wae so eeTerrly rfflcted that hit (ace and breast were much twol en tore throat, tkr lie. Nr.w Ytxtx, I7tu Jure, 1813 Mr JaMv.s McAustxr:? SirI ti*d ? b * of your oiutnient. nnd made trial of it ou your recommendation, and your irlliU't me you would lot tharite me anything ifit did uol cure my son 1 have uow to oil r m? th.nikv tuyou, . ii'i win lulnrin vuu that ine areaaiui pains 111 ln>clirn'. Mill I lie lisrrassniK cough lie ha.:, hnve entirely-left hi)>>; > i^l am aware th?t it was ell tiffing to the virtue ?f your ointment It h?d BO) hceu applied three houri, before ne >a<d to inc. lather. I feel so much better. I uiied it *i you told me, anil kept hi.a clout lor three ilayi, and am alad to tell you that he will be able to rriuine hit duties uu Monday ueit. I have further to add that iiolh'un else bit your uintun-ut has been nsed for the aid or cure or toy son. With h artlrlt gratitude I am yonr? with great re-pect, WILLIAM ABHW1CK, 68 Hester street. To be obtained tit ? McAlisler's Oil Store, 56') Pearl street; and Division, comer of Allen ktieet. Or Th mas Hitler. '04 Cherry street. David McAlutcr, 3?9 Bleeeker street. .lames Vincent, '24 Allen street. Brothers Hibbard,% Inhn street. Joseph D. Stewart 21)7 Hudson street. Dr. Ja'res Corel, 132 Sulli?au street. N. B.?Any person using ilns Ointment according to directions, . nd it not proving sntisfactorr, their money will be refunded. Price 25 cents. J22 t*r 'PHK Till IK. EXTRACT OK BAHSAPARILLA from A 21 Cuurtlaud snect is iiainimt a popularity nerrr before known, in fact it is sold at a reasonable price, and is made of as good install?h as auv other. One trial will convince the most sceptical. To be had only as above, price 6# cents per boltle; %i ner dozen iMr ~ TREASURY NOTES LOST. I" OBT, by the aubicriber, bet ween the mties of New York Li aud rhiladelphiu, a nockrt niemoranthCn book, eoutai&iag the following Treasury Notes A No 19555 10 Juue, 1842, e per cent, to Syl. Brown,! ?i endorsed 26 Joue, 184 2 88 J 100 B 19066 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 1842 1 *5 u. IliO A Jims m ? 6 ? 20 ? 1812 I <~7. 100 A 34000 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 1842 -g 60 B 34001 10 ? 6 ? 26 ? 1842 j ?-* 60 C 34102 10 ., 6 ? II ? 1842 to B. Ktiugsa and K. L. Myers, 60 B 11266 8 Mar., 1842. 6 percent,to Byl.Brown,endorsed 12 March, 1842, to B. Kuuvau and 11. L. Myers, 60 C 20866 26 April, 1842, G. Loy&il, endorsed April, 1142, lo H. L. Myers, 60 _ j v. r w jA660 notes. A liberal reward will be paid for the retnrn of the book and contents, to the subscriber, at 73 South Kront street, or Messrs. Allibaoe It . * South Wharves, Philadelphia, or ta Messrs. Bryan ft Maitlsnd, I7? Krone street, New York. Philadelphia, 77th May, IM3. m30 lm*r (Wiuned) R. L,. MYKKH. AITOINTViKNtS BY PHI? (JHAMBKK OK COMMJCRCK ANU BOARD OK UNUKKWHIl'KKS.? These art tocertny that K. Bnimley, Joseph Tinkham, T. H Merry, A. Cartwright, Semi Candler, Hussell Storms, were aptioinied by our respective boards, as suitable persons I to act as Manue Surveyors lor the Port of Nsw Yo k, and R Y. Morris as Cerk, and wr recommend them arcordiuuly, in all cases where then services are reclined. The Chamber o.' Commerce of New York, t). Ju. U P Ogdrn, President. John L H. MrCmcken, See'y. The Board "if Underwriters of New York, Abr. Ogden, President. Walter H. Jours, ^PecV of the Board of Underwriters. New York, .loiie I, Iflll. jtl r OK KICK OK JKKKKKSON INIUMANCK OOMPA NY?Office K Wall street. This CoinpsnT tontiuoe their linsaneas of mtoranes utmost loss or damage he firs, on goods, wares and merrhandire and also, on vessels sua their entries attains*, loss by inland nar izatioo. OlflfCC'OHM. i Thomaa W Th?ree Klisha Kiggs ThomasT Woodrof) B-njamtn R Hobeen John II Raviseo S raneis P Sage Thomson Price Joseph Allen John II Lee John P Moors Metes Tucksr James 1C Holmes' Caleb (I To ol James 11 Whitini Anson Baker 'Vin K Thorn Joseph Prahe Irad Hawley John C Msrrill Thomas Morrell THOMAf! W, TIIOUNK, President. ?tfl) T Mfll'V",. rieeretsrr ml) ieh CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. O P'I'LLIPS, Merchant Tailor, (tale of 7 Astor House, Uroadway.) impressed with the necessity of tsretin* the esigeucy of the rimes by tht reduction of lot purrs, and moling It imi'OMIDIC lc> III! I" v> niir mgri'i urine ril'irianni imimyi n Bro ilway location ueee???nlv mean, lim il?t? rnuued nn tli? duly wit , to effeet tint? without dii|i<riitrment to the inality oi' hi? Rartnentai he bat.lhrre fore, reinoyed hit rttablitriment to I t?i NASSAU S'l HKKT, corner of Beekmau, where netiilemen ran dow be ?ai plied at a ilednrtion nf teu |>ef rrtil Irom hit former low prion. The following i? lobmitted merely ?? n ti'imnen of tbe foregoing aiedrtion Superfine Ooita, mtilr in the be?t style, from '8 to $18 Kilr.t do, of tlx finest quality, 18 to 8? Chill.o Vet ?, I TS S. P. begt leare.iii conclusion, to ohterte, the above arfidet link be relied uu, id e!| ti-tperts, to be of the niott genuine dttrnptioo.and lower then toy other liuute famishing ih? i.nne in.lltyofarticles. il Imr WATCHES AM) IKWKI.LKKY lower than eyer.-At the tuhtenber it constant ? receiving all doaenptioea el (old *ud silrer watches. of the u*west styles, direct from the manufacturers, io England, Kranee, Mid S wiirerland, he it en-iblcd looffer a larger uMortinent, and at much lets prtcet, at iet 11, than any o ner home m tlie city. (fold w tehet at l,? teti'ieaih. VP-trhes -rd jewell ery efhanged or S. ti?1. All w".tehee warnuled to k-e| g ?*, tune, r the money re in-:; d W ('ids and jewellery teysiri 4 in the r est manner, and warranted lower thin at any oth'r plaee in the rity tJ.C AHeo, iiniHitter of witches an) tewrlleryl whole i<le auu retail, 10 Wall street, np stairs. inU-is liu'tc % i i et i 1EKA A. ST? mpa(?'0<l. lCorre?i>nn<teiicr of the Herald.) Hbmpstkad, L. i., June 1H, 1H43 'lit? MUltrites in TenU on lsmg Inland?A Spy in tne lutm/i of inrari? i/rgieii of me runaiict? yi Night with the Brethren in the Straw?Terr iffic Struggle for Grace, Glory, ami Sancti/icatiim? \ Morning Prayer Meeting?Retirement of Deponent in Dugout Totiik Editor ok the New York Herald: ? The end of all things is surely at hand. True, the red-headed comet, with his tail whisking hall way across the universe, has "left for parts unknown," without further damage than the laying up of Father Miller among the killed and wounded; and the recent earthquakes have abandoned the work of demolition, half accomplished, in the West India islands; and the shower of brimstone at Baltimore on the 23d April, was not followed by the dread blast of Gabriel's Kent bugle; but still the faithful disciples ot the immaculate prophet, stand resolved, that " In Eighteen hundred forty.three. Will he the year of Jubilee." A portion ot the Millerites are now in encampment on Long Island, within a mile of this village. Arrived at the ground at six in the alternoon, yesterday, accompunied front Brooklyn by Brother Filch, and others ol the brethren in the cars. Encampment in a beautiful grove ot oaks and huckberries. and made u;>ol nine large tents forming two hkicb of a square, with tlie preachers stand on the third side, fronting the area within, which is appropriated to seats tor the congregation, with spacious avenues at the sides, and a broad aisle down the centre. We had scarce arrived within the sacred square ol fanaticism, when a benevolent brother recommended us to the hoarding tent.were temporal refreshments were to be had of half the quality and double the prices of Gosling of Nassau street, yet these refreshments were "good what there was ol them, and plenty such as there was." " Give glory to God, brother, lor these blessings. He sends them free, and our charges are in proportion. Glory to his holy name!" and the venerable bro her insisted that we should take a cup of" strong coffee ; " for it will help you. It will help you to pray, young brother, and with the addition ofaneggor two you would be still stronger lor the good work. Glory to God!" On complying with the first branch of the brother's re commendation, we walked around the tents of Israel. At the door of the first one we approached, a group ol beaut iful girls were collected, embracing each other after the lashion of the Graces, and vibrating like a bush of roses in the evening breeze to the following chorus, adapted to the air of Erin go Bragh :? " And will sing when wu get to the banks ol salvation Of sweet Jesus, who left all the glory of his station To save poor sinners, of every tribe and nation ; When we meet, dearest sisters, in the Kden of love." Harsh and grating gulterals proceeded from the interior of litis tent?sounds resembling the suppressed roar of an irritated hyena; we approached the ladies, and a glance revealed the siiectacle ?f a young Yahoo rolling in the straw, with a weird sister, wrinkled and vacant, talking to him ol faith. "Relieve ! have faith! oh, have faith! and the Holy Ghost will coine right down and make your soul bile over with glory !" "Ah! boo-boo-boo-oo ! Mercy?mercy! Ob! boo! boo! boo!" "Have faith, 1 tell you, have faith! The Lord will never ui? :r* I?1? u <.;,u'? r. ik. .... ,.i UlCBO y?JU 11 yuu UUIl l uavr laivil. Ill uir UI another tent, Hitting in the leaven, with his back against a huge slump, was another youngster, who, I rum lus hardy aspect, led us to supjiose that he lollowed the water. Over him stood a couple of young sisters,wisely keeping oil in their lamps,like the five wise virgins of old, and singing trom a book, which the brother of (he stump held up lor the purpose,? "Hood morning, brother preacher, Good morning all around, Come tell me, I beseech vou, IIow came you to this ground; I thank patient Jesus that we are Christians hound To worship the Lord on this consecrated ground. "Good morning, careless sinner, Who disobeys command; Why urn you not btllictedT Or why not deudund damned? Vou may thank blessed J. sin, who did redeem you well, Who is pleading with the Father lor to keep you out ol | hell." Several of the brethren collecting in the prayermeeting tent, a liyinn was struck up, ar.d forthwith came the eld rs from various quarters, hat leva, and in their an in sleeves, each bearing a plank under his arm to accommodate the gathering crowd with seats, and each catching the chorus, and straining his lungs to the utmost, chanting as he drew near the scene? I "With dencc 1 now draw nigh, Aud Father, Ab bay Father, cry." After the hymn, a vehement prayer was ottered up by a tall, sallow-faced, dyspeptic-looking brother, whose grizzly hair denoted mm a man ol exiwricnce, and not to be trifled with in appealing to the Holy Ghost. When he had concluded, Brother Jacob- I arosa to an exhortation. He. enjoined upon his I brethren and sisters?forthe v were mixed up inexplicably on the benches and in the straw?"not to pray without anobiect God cannot answer prayer if you know not what to prav tor. You must pray for something?something definite : you must have some particular blessing to ask ; and you must pray, pray, pray, (glory! glory! glory to Jesus!) mightily to God, or the world will go by the hoard before vou get your prayers answered. (Gries ol ainen.) Now, brethren, whal do you want! Sisters, what would you ask of the Holy trhost-" A sister rose to her feet?a rather pretty young woman ; married, we should presume, from the benevolent expression of satisfaction which lighted her countenance, and said very deliberately, 41 Well, I want to go home to New York to-morrow with my soul sanctified." A withered laced sister wanted another inlusion 44 of grace into my soul, so that I may love Jesus, like J loved poor Jeerns that's dead and gone and another Ireckled faced spinster, no doubt a speculator at Fulton market in lettuce and radishes,44 wanted her own soal converted, and then sanctified, and then filled w ith glory, and she didn't care how soon (Jabriel struck up alight." 44 Halleluver!" 44 Now, that's something definite," resumed the ministermg brother, 44 the sisters know what they want. What have you to say brothers'!" A superlatively republican looking brother, hard1 favored, hard-handed, and hard-headed?altogether a hard looking customer, stood up, and in the name ' of the Lord proposed to edify the sisters and brethren in a lew words. He was'from Attorney street, New York; and whether Welsh, Milesian, or Scotch, wc have not learned. He dashed like a Christ'an, however, at once into a confession of his miis. " Yas, I was once fa grant piirsekewter, (groans) as grant in a small way, as Saul of Tarshish, for 1 rakollek once on a taim, when I workad lor Mr. Bateman, brother you know'd all about it, (the officiating priest here directed the attention of the ladies not to the speaker, but to God?"fix your attention on Clod," and the sisterhood looked at the renroving brother, with tears in their eyes ) V'as, 1 raaollek, (achow I) onccofbein' at a dinner, and one of the brethren, was a go 111 forfo a-k a blessom, and I said what are you a doom of? And he said askink a blesson of God?do you think I could set down to niv dinner like a hog, you haytlien of the yearth, without giving thanks (criesof omen!) to C?od T It cut me to the heart, and I set to work and, and, and, yas I got the jierril of grant proice And then I prayed for my wife, and he cast his eves upon a dark-skinned woman in the straw) ami once when I was laying all aloan in bad wetli me baby? (here the dark-skinned woman took a stout baby Irom (he arms of a young girl, and after examining its linen, changed it, and again gave the child in charge to its voluntary nurse j>ro tcm.) in bad weth me baby, and I believed us that how that the Lord would blase her soal, and I lelt it as queck as that ! (clapping Ins leathern hands together)?jest as quack, blsss the Lord ' (Glory, glory ! sisters, look to God ; let the brother talk ; but you keep your hearts fixed upon God. Make room lor those young ladies ; but the young ladies preferred flie threshold, and the company ot your unliable re porter)?yaa.l've ben on the say, ana the sliet*? tak h dale of officers to manage her. But now, thank t?od, F*ui in the old ship Zron, copper bottomed and fire-proof, with only one officer, and that's King Jeans. and if we mate the piratical 7 i nf hell, we II call up King Jesus nut ot the cabbon, and we'll bombshell old Belzebub, and grape-shot him, and skyrocket him, and blow him out ol the wnterwith the Paixhan it nils of salvation. (Ilamen ! Allelooyer! Blass the Lord !) Several other choruses were sung?and sister Krazuruin, among others, let oil in prayer. We were informed that, under her powcr/ul eloquence, in an exhortation before we arrived, a white man and a negro were converted, giving glory to Hod j and amter Krazurum. At twilight, lamps were hung up in the trees, creating a beautiful effect <>f light and shade among I the dark, green foliage. The horn blew, a miseru ' I LD. Pric* Two Conta, me iFjrmci urn II, nuti i n?- l * (>!* CHOie pHRM in from all sides. Brother Charles Fitch late of Newark, preached from Acta 1, v H It wan an elaborate, labored discourse, the object of which waa to ((improve the falacy of a millennium, and to establish ttie tact that wtien Christ oometh, he shall come and reign witlt the saints, " forever?even forever and ever." A collection warn taken up. and the congregation warn dismissed. We applied to a brother tor lodgings "Oh! yea here brother, take this gentleman to the tent of the brethren. It waa done. The interior of the tent was commodious, and the leafy floor being covered with a thick laver of straw, there waa a bed already ol 18 leet by 12, per admeasurement. Following the example of the eight brethren, my fellow lodgers, I dolled my coat and boots, and lay down in a parallel line ujion the straw; and when we had all been neatly covered by a net of clean second-advent counterpanes, I was just on the eve of congratulating myself upon a comtortable night's rest, in the straw aforesaid, when one of the brethren elevating Ins head, proposed a little song. It was II o'clock; but I knew from that moment thai the case wan out. The brethren commenced Hinging in a low nasal tone, sitting up like sick men in the straw:? " A* I went down in the walley lor to pray, I met King Jusus a cummin' in the way, And he sai l, are you comiu' in the walley tor to pray 1 O 1 glory to King Jesus, For he blest my soul." I continued in my horizontal atiitude, litJening to the sounds without of Irogs and whip-poor-wills, when suddenly the melody of several female voices in co operation with our singers, were heard at the outside ol our lent, round which they walked and sung, looking tor the door ; hut the door was shut. Brother Croaker, a big fat man, however, arose from his nest in the straw, and admitted the sisters. The singing, the praying, and the groaning,screetchiug. howling, sobbing, wailing, gnashing, ripping hikI tearing then commenced in earnest. It was a confusion for several hours ot every variety of glorification, all glorilying together, and each determined to be heard above all the rest. " Klo-KIo Kraaa ! Dloly, Ulery, (very quick) Dlery! It's here ? I knew it?come, Jesus?we're waiting?set the pwor world on fire?hum 'em up, the unbelievers, it they will not hear ihy word !" In an under tone ? " who is that young man, brother I" " I have my suspicion that he's a reporter?look at the paper in Ins hat, and besides"?" dory ! glory! It's good for us to be here !" " Yes, sister, it's werry good." " It is good, my Jesus." " Yas, its hexcellen, mi Lord!" " Dlory ! dlory ! Hamen!" This sort ol jargOH was kept up till halt past four, when the morning chorus of the birds came in troin all sides, n sweet rehel Iroiuthis shocking mummery ol "the Miller and his men." At five the prayer-meeting commenced; but disgusted with such blasphemy, I arose, paid brother Vinegar-eye a shilling tor the privilege of the straw, and decamped. We had the brethren, however, all the way hack to Brooklyn, upwards of twenty miles, in the cars, singing their songs unique, and descanting on the certain destruction of the world very soon. Some ol them declared their doubts, but still held themselves in readiness. They were all a sallow, sickly set ol creutures as you could wish to soe. The only way in which 1 could stou their "glory !" in the cars, was by giving a distich of " Tippecanoe and Tyler too." after the manner ol 18-10. Miserable wretches are they all! And their orgies are like Hamlet's mur ut, norrinie?musi uornote : uiuiy, Mu>y dlory! Hamen!" Truly. Moses in the Bosh. Repeal In Pnteraon. A call was made tor a Rr|>eal Meeting for Friday night to coine oil at Archdeaeoner'slong room,(museum hall;) at an early hour, the room was filled to overflowing, but still not one quarter could obtain admittance, there/ore the meeting adjourned outside in the open air. Main street was one dtnse muss of human beings in trout of the museum, and the windows ol the houses on the opposite side of tin- street were crowded with ladies. The meeting organised by apf>ointing Andrew Parsons, L?|., Chairman, who said, in taking the chair, that he went lor repeal heart and haud, that is, to a certHin extent, as tar as the moral sympathy went, and if that would not do, he might go a /true further. A Mead was appointed Secretary, who said nothing; and Mr. Power, Treasurer, who took the cash. The meeting was addressed by Mr. Mullen, from | New York. Mr M commenced by asking it all could near, ami n not, tie wouiu dp onngeu 11 iney would inform him of the lucl; being answered in the affirmaiivr, hp said, I am an American citizen, , and as such i sympathised with the t eople of Irelaud? Who dares to say that we caunot sympathise with thun without a breach of national faiihl Ireland, the nem of the ocean, has been ground down by the oppression and cruelty of England, until her starving millions were leveled with the dust, but will she stand this forever 1 No! (cries of no. no, she n-ver will ) Mr. M. went on to recapitulate the grievances Ireland had suffered for the last three centuries. Mr. M. having spoken some, length ol time, from the top of the piazza, in front of the museum, his voice began to fa I him, so he gave way lor Mr Eugene A C'asserly.of New York. Mr. C. addrensed I naU,|M .... lilt* llirruiiiK in an ci^ucm imoiiuci ivi u< ? i j hour, amidst tremendous cheering. He said the repeab rs ot Ireland wanted ihe sympathy of the Americans, and he hoped their sympathy to night would assume a tangible form. Ireland had slaims upon us; it was lrvlaud that first sympathized wnh us in our struggle for Independence, and were we now to lefuse our aid to struggling Irelandl No! he was sure we would not?look, says he, at your own declaration of Independence, and there,side by sitie, are the names of Hancock, an American, and Montgomery, an Irishman; the names of Franklin, an American, and the immortal Charles Carroll, of Carrollton. Mr. C. retired amidst three of the wildest huzzas, that made the welkin ring. Mr. O'Connor, from New York, was then introduced. He made a short, but brilliant s|ieech. By this time it was growing late, so the meeting adjourned inside to take up the cash. I have not heard how much was raised, but the report out side ia that it is quite liberal for the size of the place. Mass Kri'Kai. at Wii.UAMaBi'RGii.? Agreeably to announcement, a meeting was held Friday evening at Willianisburgh, in front ot the King's County Hotel The meeting was organized bv calling John A. Cross, Esq , of Brooklyn, to the chair. _ _ I Dan it-1 Kuan, t-sq., aiit r an eloquent appeal, ottered the following resolutions, which were unanimously adopted:? Resolved,That in the Repeal movement now going on in Ireland, we see the birth, the germ of that spirit ol human liberty, which is destined at no distant day, under the fertilizing power of free inquiry, to stretch its gigantio. branches over the face of the nabitabie globe. Resolved, That considerations of universal justice overleap the narrow boundaries of territory, and, grounded aa they are, ujh>ii natural and revealed law, the people ef this country have the right?tho seme right to disseminate by peaceful means political light in foreign countries, and to send their money to doit with, ioo, that the Christian world have (through the medium of their foreign missionary societies) to diffuse knowledge and liberal principlea?loes in either case, mora tatal to despotic l<owrr than cargoes of powder ami hall Resolved, That the threats ol tho British Ministry to send an armed lorcc into Iraland to stop the mouths of 1 her people in asking (he same rights that are extended to j the people of England, Is an aflront to tho moral sense of j the world. The meeting was eloquently addressed byMeaarn. Ryrne, Rergen, Barber, Brown, and o.her gentlemen. Mr. McKeon's absenre, and also Mr. Can's, wm ovillained fine hundred dollar* were enllenteH on tli** wot, making about #15<i that they have now on hand. Ii?t*ar.*Tivii prom Campracht?Captain ratteraen. of the achooner Fanny, ro|<orta that on the 3d May, at 3 o'clock. A M., while lying at anchor oft Lertna, waiting for bailaat, waa boarded by an armed mob, who lorcihly took i>oweaainn of the v?rmh1, driving the matter and crew below, alippid her anchor and chain, and took h?r into Campcachy, at which place *he wan detained until the 3t)th of the name month, whan the Captain waa informed that ho waa at liberty to proceed about hi* huaineaa. No atiafaction or remuneration wa* offered for the detention or the anchor and chainSeveral officer* of the Yucatan gun boat* atated that the order* from Oovernor Mender were, to aink, burn or tan? poaaciiMon ol any Ameiican veaael that they ahould lind off Lerma-which order* were attempted to be carried into effect en the 17th May, by the achoonar Titan, a Yucatan man of war, while cloae into Lerina, and ahe 11 red three time* intoth" American achr. William renn?Willi the American en?ign flying at her peak. Nothing bat the timely approach of the Mexican atoamer Montezuma *?* <.! her from capture or iteatruction. The officer* of the Guadeloupe in oonveraation with Capt. P. declared that uo one in that veaiel waa killed or wounded in the action of the Ifith. They acknowledged that the ateamer waa atrttek by a ball below the water's edge, earning a leak? thia damage waa immediately repaired. Commodore Moore and the Texian agent* at CampHachy, immediately after the capture ol the?chooner fanny and brig Klixa, gave notice to the Oooerworot Yucatan that they would not approve or participate in the Capture ol American veaaels-but, on the contrary, exerted themielre* to induce the (lorernor to releaao them. ?A. O. Courier 14M in*/.

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