Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 26, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 26, 1843 Page 1
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TH 173?WMUM*. 3385. To tbc Public. THE NEW YORK HEKALD-daUynewapaper?pabliitai-d (wiry day of the year except NowYear'?4ay and Fourth nf Jnlw Prion Q rt>nti nnr rnnr?OP 17 0& DAT All mum? postage* paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or $3 13 por annum? postogoa paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of ' the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing ast. It hat the. largest circulation of any f after in this city, or the world, and is therefore, the test channel for business nen in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash In advance. J PRINTING of all kinds, executed at the most moderate PI > prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PsorsiKToa or the Hkrald Establishment, North west corner of Pulton and Nassau streets BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN KOkAL MAIL STEAM *H1PS, Of 1200 tnus and 440 horse power each. Appoiuted bp the Admiralty to sail between Liverpool and Boston calling at Halifax to land and receive 1'assenseugers and Ker Majesty's Mails. wwHSBBKaKw H1PKRN1A, Captain Charles H. E. Judkins CALKTONIA, Waptain Edward G. Lou. Al-AOI.V CapMin AUiandt* Ryrie. COLUMBIA, Captain N. Shannon. BRITANNIA. Captain John Hewitt. Will sail for "oslou, via Halifax. from liverpool. from boston Acadia, Ityne, 19;h May 16th June Colombia, shannon ?th June 1st July t Hibcruin. Judkins. 19 h Jane lfi-h Inlv ICal'donia, Lott, uli July 1st Auk These shipscarry experienced surgeons, and Fiances' Pitent 1 ife lloats. No berths secured until paid fo-. Apply to D. BHIOHAM. JR.. Agent, je6r No. I Wall street. New York. FOR HALWuPi^W^rKRrOOL. The Rayal Mail Steam Ship COLUMBIA, N.Stn nnon.Esq Commander,'will leave Boston for the above ports,on 8a urday, 1st of Julv. Passage to Liverpool $120, | , Passage to Halifax, 20, Apply to D JJRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent. j2lr No. 3 'Vali street. ' - ? DRAFTS ON IRELAND. kc . which V W19 can be sent oy the steam ship COLUM*)C.trp*k Bl A. sai'tng from Boston on the 1st July. Persons visiting or remitting money to any iiiCUIiaav part of the old country, can at all times obtain liotn the subscribers Drafts ats ght for any amount drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, also on th* old established banking h-use of Messrs. Present , Orote, Ames A Co. of London, which are paid free of discount, or any charge whatever, in every province and county, besides all ihe inland towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, thereby snswering il'e same purpose as Bank of England and Ireland notes. Ap !y to, or audrest, if by Irtter, post paid, to ROCHE, BROTHERS fc CO. Si Fulron .treet. j2L.r next door lo the Fulton Bank. r f-f. - DRAFTS ON ENGLAND. IRE,.-V<Jw-j50w LAND, kc?Persons ah ut remitting mo?eNk hey to their friends ill the ''old country," I,"- .l-evllit c-n be supplied with Drafts, in sums of 1, 2 3. >. 10, 23 k ?50, or any smont. payable on d< min ', W thout diseeu it or iiov other cha ce, at the National Sink of Irel-ud, Proviucial B ink, do., Messrs. James Bulf, n k Co . Bankers. Lon-'on. 1 Earned k Co.. Exchange and Uise uu' D .iik, Lirerpool, Eatrin Bank of Scotland, liJeeuork B inking Company. Sir Win. Fo-bes Hunter St Co., Hcotleud, and t <r br nche? iu every .post town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland (St Wales, which draft* will be forwarded by the "S.toiner Caledonia," that 1< ave* Beaton the lit July, by W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their Oenera' Passage Office, 43 Peek Slip, cor. South it. N. B.?All letters from the country mast come poit paid. Jejttr M. m. m, MARSEILLES LI VSTTTTPACKKTST^^ The unrienneutioned ships will be regularly dispatched from hence and Irora Manri'lea en the 1st of each month during the year? From New York. Marseilles. COITKIK.H. Cant Dtiggan, i June 1. Aug 1 TKKSCOTT. Cap*. Myrick, July 1. Sep 1 HELLESPONT, Capt A damn, Aug 1. Octl COltlOLANUS. Cap Haile, Sep 1. Nov I H'KY THOMPSON, Chp Sylvester. Oct 1. Dec 1 Tlicy are all ccnpered and copper fastened,and have excellent accommodations for passengersThe price of cabiu passage w ill be $100, exclusive o, wines ndlnjuors. Oomis addressed to the a gents, BOYD It HJNCKEN, will be forwarded free of other .barges than these actually paid. For freight or passage applv to BOYD & HINCKEN, Agents. No. 9 Tontine Buddings, or ' S. BROOM fc CO., snSO r 103 Front street. FOR NE\ KLEANS. LOUISIANA AN1) NEW (RK LINE OF PACKETS For the better accotnmodatm^of shippers, it is intended to despatch a ship from this ?ort ou the 1st, 1th, 10th, 14th. 20th, and 2'itu el each mouth, com.i curing the 10th October and continuing nntil May, when regular dgyi will be appointed for the le will be j revented during the summer mouth*. The foAcwmg ships wiii commence ihi* arrangement : hhip YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Billiard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship 8HAK8PKARE, Captain Miner. Sli p GASTON*. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVlLLE, Captain Mumford Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Slap NASHVILLE, Captain Diekiuion. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight, siaap LOUISA, Captain Mulford. Thrse ships were all built in the city of New Yjirk, express for packeu, ai-e of li^t draft of water, hare recently been IfwlY coppered and put? splendid order, with accommodation! lot passengers uue'iuiilcC for comfort. They are commanded by experienced master*. Wlio will mak* every exertion to giro 8eneral *ari*faclion. They will at all time* be towed up sod own lhe Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owner* or captain* of the*e *hip* will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, preciou* Hours, silver or plated ware, or for any letter*, parcel or package, *ent by o rpnt on board of lliem, unless regular bills of lading are taken for the same /ved the value theieon expressed. for freight or passage, apply e. K. COLLINS A CO., 56 South it., or HULL1N A WOODRUFF", Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward .all goods to tlieir address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually na advertised, and great care will be taken to hare the gooda oorrect' ly measured. m4 REMlTTANCtS TO IHKLAND, Ac.?The snbiciiher continues to t-ansmit money io sums large jUMKasor .mall, to persons reiiding in any part of Ireland in the same mauner as h?, end his predecessor in business hare done for the Uii thirty years and more ;al* any part of England. or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or pemonallT deposited with him witn the name of the penon or persons in Irei-nd, England or ffeoiland. to whom it la to be sent, a'd n?.irest post town, will be immediately transmitted and ijisiil cc .idio^ty, uud a receipt to that effect gireu, or tor- j lu lirit msnuei hi ?>?;, or claims on persons in any part of Irrl- ml, Kurland or b'coiland.csn be collected by the subscribrr lor rvrie's residing in auv part of the United Slates or Canada, and vtul be paid to them accordingly j IT Im'r CLKOKOK McBKlDK, Jr , 82 Cedar at. l?f- BLACKBALL OH OLD LINK OK LIVKRbMWVPOOL PACKETS?FOR LI VERPOOL? Regular jjtfUfcbl icket.nnd Mil. on Saturday. the lit July. The remark-Die fast sai'iug packet ship OXFORD, John Knhbour, commander, will positively sail a* above, her regular day. The accommodation! oftnis aniierb packet, for cabiu, 2d cabin and steerage passcugers are onanrpaaied by any other ahip art,lit Those retnruius to the old country will find it to their interest to aelcct thia conveyance in p-.-ference to any other. For passage, apply on board, foot of Beekmau street, or to the (Sbscribera ROCHE, BKOTHKRS & i.O., 3.'. Fulton at. Neat door ta ih- Fulton Bauk P. 8. The new ard magnificent packet ship MONTEZUMA, burthen 1130 lent, wilf succeed the Oafird and sail for from Liverpool on the 10th Jnlv, her tegular d iy Persons send nut for their frieudi can have them brought out in her or any i f the packets of this line, which sail from that p'?rt on the 7th and lii.h of every month. Drafts at sight'or any amount, on the Royal Bank of Irelaud and on Measra Preacott, Orote, Amu h Co., Bankers, Laid in, which wll be paid free of discount or any ch'rge, in every town throughout England, Ireland, fcotland and Wales. For passage, apoly aa above j211 AdRg- *0* LIVERrOOL-Tha New Line?Regular k*WW Packet 18th July?The new, splendid New York giir packet ship H OTT1NbuEM, Ira Burnley, umater, Idio tona, Trill sail aa above, her regular nay. Wot freight or paatage, haying Isrge and commodious state rooms, apply to the I-aptaiu on boa'd, west aide Bnrlina Slin or to WOODHULL At M1NTURNS, P' 87 South street The anptrior new raeket ship Liverpool, Captain John Kldiidge, M'O tons, will succeed the Uotttnguer, nnd sail ou her regular day, 18th August. j24 r jrfl*- l LD BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKETS MBwV*Oh LIVERPOOL-I'acget of the lit July-Tiff ndol fast (Siting packet ahip OXFORD Capiat KaliiiiSjS, will he despatched aa above. The aacommoiLtions for cabin, 7d cabin and steerage passengers, by this ship, are nnsnrpaasrd?Those wiahiug to secure berthstlioiild mnk early application to JOHN I1ERDMAN, 81 South street, near Wall at. M It?'I I.. - i.. ?r ,i._ is,i, I,,,,- ... ..l. .. _ . ..? ... ...? v". J" w.?? pataeugen at the low? ?t rate. ... , _. p H? I hoar aetdicg for Irlenda rteidirg in Oreat Britain or Irel "nd. c?u have them brought onl by tne rt-gular packet* lailiiis weekly from Lit erpool, at the loweit ratei.ani Dralta (?;imne<l, ee niual. (or any aironat, payable without diaoonnt throughout the .United Kingdom, on application aa aaubre i20r X??- KOll LONDON.?Regular Packet ol the lit July. JFJyVThc iplendid picket ihip VICTORIA, C?pt. MotJhMmi*". wi" u above, h?r reitnUr day. IttvniE ?eiy Mioenor aceommoda'inna for cabin, Jnd cabin, and iwaaengera, periona wishing to einh'rk ihould make early application to JOBRPH McMUKKAY, 110 Pine itreet, corner ol" South. Pertoni wtihmg to tend lor their fricnda, can ItaTethem brought out by the above ihip, or any ol the regular packet*, by appl) it K ?? a hove, (it by letter, p, ?t paid ) jil r .erftaf- rOK NKW OKLKANS?LOUISIANA AND if'^NKW YORK LINK?Hegular r?liM-To mc .rf| ".:jtce*d the Vicaaburg?The fait tailing packet thip OCOflKK, Copt Jackion, will have immediate deapateh. ItrfraiiM or puiaage, naving handmome lumulo u accommodation, apply o? board, at Orleant wharf, foot ol Wall t. orto R. K COLLINS St CO. 5? Month tt Hhippert mayrely upon having their good* correctly raeaaur d,and that the ahipi of thit line will tail punctually ai advertia d. Any koar.tuite to that effect will be given and fulfille* that may be requited. Agen'tin V. Orleane.flitllin !t Woodruff, who will rroatyt ly forward all g ioila to their addreil. The i.vket (tip Lottiayilla. C?I>(. M. Hunt, will lacceed the Ocopar. | }2 | ?BMBg E NE N lift- ?,EW. LINK LIVERPOOL PACK KT8.?Packet I IJWV JZ'? J"pc -The ii l?mli<l, f??t lailmx Packet Ship I "innr iv, i iijit Win Skiddr, will Mil positively as above, her regular day. The slops of tlys line u? all 1M0 torn qurthcii upwards, and their accommodations for cabin, second cabu, and steerage passengers, it u wll kuowD are ol'u-.r Hue <> packets Those wiahiiiK to aecura berthsshould not fail to make carlv spplicatinn on bo?rd or to W. St J. TAP8COTT. 43 reck stin, corner Smith st. The Gar rick sails from Liverpool on >tie 13th August.? Persons wishing to send for their trieudscaii hive tnem luought out in her, or auy ol tne regular line, on favorable terms Drills for large or small sianspaynble on demand, without discount or auy other charge, in all the |>ost tnwnr of Euglaud, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, can also be obtained on application The Hottingner will succeed the Garrick, and sail the lfith July_ j2:r ddtf- LONDON LINK OF PACKETS-Packel ol the KKfrVht July? I he rulendid. uewr, fast sailing packet ?hip JBdMfefaVICl'OKlA, ( apt K K Morgan, will sail positively as above, her regular day*. Having sui>enoraccommodations for cabin, second cibin anil steerage iMsaenge-s, for passage early application should be made on board, er to W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, j2lr 41 Pec* Slip cot South St. jk ttf, Ml aaL sBL SSL fA88AOK FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. (Sailing from Liverpool ou the Till and 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country fertheir friends can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have thein come ont in this superior L.ine of Packets, sailing from L iverneol I unctuallv on the 7th and 19th of everv month. They will alio have a first rate class of American trading shijs, tailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm (Mr. Jamet D. Roche) it there, ts tee that they thall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the partiea agreed for not come tut, the money will be returned to thote who paid it here, without any rednn tion. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Shins, viz:? The OXFORD, The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has heen extended to them so many years, fur which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bauk of Ireland, Dub I in, also on Messrs. PRESCOTT, GROTE, AMES Is CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Blanches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Apply, or address, (if by letter, postpaid.) ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO. S5 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bauk. N. B.-The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort aud advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other. d27 r ifit ^ OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. No. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. PASSAGE to anil from Great Britain and Ireland, via Livrr pool and London, by the regular pachas, railing weekly to and uom Liverpool, and to and from Lofilon on the lit, 10th, and 20th of each month. The subscriber hat made extenuve arrangement! to bring oat cmigranti, and can, with great confidence, assure those persons sending tor their friends,that every dne and diligeut attention will be shown them, and all wio embark with them, t'asiage can also be engaged from Liverpool direct to New Orleans, Mobile, Sarannah. Baltimore, Philadelphia, B > ton, aud to the different ports of the British Provinces, with those arrangements, together with the advantage which his Livarp ol correspondents possess, being la ge shi|mwners,and extensively engaged in the Weighting usiuess?having I >st year despatched upwards of 100 first class ships to the various ports of the United States, with freight and passengers. The facility offered by this establishment is unsarpasscd, aud from the large nnmber of first class ships employed in the line there can be no detrnMon whatever, which will be guaranteed. The price of passage will be at the lowest rates, an I should auy of those sent for decline coming, the pas sage mouey will b-r returned as customary. The steamboat fare from the different ports to Liverpool cau,as usual, be secured. Those remitting money to their friends can have drafts to any auionnt, i ayable in all the principal towns, without discount, throughout Great Britain and Ireland, au arrangement which has given the greatest satisfaction. The subscriber hopes to rtceive a continuation of the pnblic patiouage, which his been so liberally bestowed for many years past. For further particulars applv, (if by letter post paid) to JOHN HK.RDMAN, 61 South st, N Y, or J. 8t W. ROBINSON. No. 16 Ooree l'iaxzas, Qeorire's Dorlr. and 1 Menmne sr. Waterloo Dork. I.ivnrnnnl I j?OEN*TS. Tlmi. J. Timmin.*. En . No. 165 Sonth Front it, Philada. Patrick Milton, Es,).. BufTilo. N. Y. Jnteih Kirkpatrick, Pittsburgh, Pa. Michl McQaade, Utica, N. Y. J. A Noomau, Milwaukie, W nconsin, Ty. Cha. MeCorkev, Dubuque. Iowa Ty. J. K. Elliott, Detroit, Michigan. Cornelius Cahill. Pern, llliaoia. John R'guey, Roches er, N. Y. N. B?The subscriber is also avent for lint clan packet (hip* ailing every few day days frun New York to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, ami Savannah, by which passage can be tecurt l at the loweit rate. mjtr SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. N'.W YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINE U RECT, v^a Newark, New Brunswick, Princeton, Trenton' Bohpentown and Bt'ri.tniiton. I Leaving New Yoik daily irom the fovtof Coiirtlandt at. MorniDg Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4X P. M. Tl'e Morning Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philadelphia. | The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to : Philadelphia) without change of cars. Pnarnirers will procure their tickets at the offi'e (not of Connlauilt street, where acommodions steamboat,* ill be in readiness, with baggage crates on board. Pniladelrhia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, without being opened by the way. Each train is proviled with a car in which are a, artments and dressing rooms eipresslylor the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut >treet, by steamboat to Bordentown at t o'clock, A.M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'clock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Phlladeltdiia at7H A. M.,and 4 P. M. being a continuation of the lines from New York, jet NORTHERN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. i ne subscribers having completed their arrangements, are now prepared to forward passengers <o all the .Northern and Western State* and Canada, by daily line* of towhoata, railroada and ateamboata, via the North riverand Erie Canal, upper Lakea, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Ohio river and Canal routes. The following are a few of the moat important points Via Utica, BulTalo, PottavilW, Oalena, Syracusa, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oswego, Detroit, , Cincinnatti, Kingston, Roeheater, Milwaukie, St. Loul>, St. John*, Lockport, Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Alio to any port of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wisconsin, Iowa, . Lpper and Lower Canada. Having given such uuiversnl satisfaction in their London and Liverpool lines of packets, the subscribers will endeavor to make the present undertaking equally deserving of public fa vor. The attention of emigrants and others is invited to the follow low rates of p usage to a few of the most important points, any other places on the route being -qnally low, via:? Utica, $1 to Columbus, $1 00 Mt Louis, $14 00 Syracuse, I 70 Sandusky, 5 71 Ualena, II 00 Rochester, 2 00 Detroit, 6 00 Canada. Buffalo, 2 10 Milwaukie, 10 00 Toronto, 4 fO Oswego, 2 10 Chicago, 10 0} KLgstou, 4 10 Erie, 4 50 l'ittsbnrg, 8 75 H?milton, 4 50 Cleveland, 1 10 Cincinnati, 12 00 Montreal, 1 00 For further particulars applv to W. 8t J. T. TAPSOOTT, at their General Passage Office, Peck slip cor Month st. Tate Notice?This office is not connected with any other in this city. Ifir NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS. PORTATION COMPANY. foiSKfo LaSMtfa " !^v"y^FaNiTrT! JST Fare reduced to 93 cent*. fnin ihe foot of Cenrflawdt etreet, New York. (Every day?Susday* r*<epte'l.) LeaveiNew York Leavea Newark At ? A.M. At S P.M. AtT A.M. At 1* P. M. 9 do. ) do. * do. 4 do. 1) do. 4 do 9 do. 5t< do. 5S do. fVC 7hf do. 6* do. "M do. 8 do. i. ON SUN DAY 3. Erom the foot ol Ceairt'mdt ?t-eet. Leave New York, l.ea-e Newark. At 9 A. M. and i\ T. M. At PK P. M. and ? < P. M. NEW VOltk. ELlZAnKTM TOWN, Leave New Vorh I.eava l.lir.ibeth Town f At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7? A. M. J* P M. 9 do. 4 do. K't do. 7 do. 11 do. 4k <0. 10 in. do. 4* do. do. The trainafnr WeaiAeid, l lair.hrln, Bonnithrook, Somerville, ac..connect with the,9 A M, ' 'S P M trrim liotn New daily, Handaya cicepled. rare between New York and Klivabeth Town 75 eenta. rare between do and Homervilla. 74 cent*. I* YORK. AND RAHWAY. Leave New Yoik. Leave Railway. At 8 A.M. At J T M. At 7 A. M, At3 P, M. ,? i 4.v 1" * ''o 6K do U do 4V do 914 ,|n 9 do NEW l/OHK A Ml Krom fool of Loarlland sireat, New York, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brnnswiev A,t9A.M AM P.M. At * A.M. At MM A M 5M do 7M do 8M P. M. I ON RUNDAY8 i Leave N?? York. Leeve New Brunswick. At? A M and H P M. At II* A.M., and ?* P M Kara, eichpl lu Ike Philadelphia trains between New Yo-k and New Branewiek, M cente Between New York and ifahway 13 cents. Passengers who procnre their ticked at the ticket office, re eeive a ferry ticket gratis. 'I'iekete are received l>v the cou doctor only on loe day when purchased. mil ?w*r NEW YOHK, BCHOOLKY'B wm. _ JdttSBa.MOUNTAIN A KASTON.. mlf?t ? Leave tie /not of Coortland atreet, daily (Hnndays eircpted) ' aMn nock, A.M., by railroad fiom JerVey city to Momstown. ( thence by Post coachr? through Mendham.Chrstei. Wehooley's , Mountain, Anderaon Town, Port I olden, Washington, to , K.aaton. At Washington. a daily line intersects to and Irom Belvidere Kor aeata amily to J. Hill, at J. Pittnn'a, Cnir.mer- ; cial Hotel, 73 (lourtlandatreet. . i N.B Kilns furnished nt the shortest notice by arriving to < N. B. Line, United Hwtes Hotel. MorrUlown. uiyll Jm ec ( W YC EW YORK, MONDAY A i'HE NEW LINK OK LIVKKPOOL PACKETS. JBL MK Jftk. ifiL 22Sm To sail from New York 16th, and from Liverpool 5th of each month. Ship HOTTINUUEK, JOiO tou?, J Ira Burirlr, { 16th JulTNew ?hip LIVEKPOOL, 1150 loua, I ,.tu . JohuiCldridge, I l?th Aucust NeW,h,Prh5rw':Xr t0U'1 >6th September. 8hipHOi?ffi'8S0,?n - 116th Oetobrr. Thesr rnbataniial, fail Bailing, first class shirs,all built i:i the cityol New York, are c mummied by men of npericu a and ability, ana will be despatched punctually on the ISth ol eaeh month Their cabina are decant nod rommoilinna ami are fiiriiiahrit with whatever cau conduce to the ease and comfort of passengers. Neithert' e captains or owuers of these ships will be respon sible for any parcels or packages sent by then, unless regrjar bills lading ? ;e signed therefor. For Ireight or passage apply to WOODHVLL 8t MINTURN8, 87 South street. New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS It CO., je3' r Liverpool. ? NEW YORK, SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN AND EA8- .affix* ^--7- Via K.aml Somen ille R Homl lev's Mountain, leave pier No. I sorth river, at 8>4 o'clock A M, daily (Sundays excepted) bv steamboat to Elizahethnorl, or leave the foot of (.ourtlanil street at 9 o'clock A M, bv N J Railroad to Klizvbethtowu, thence couuect with the cars fir Sciueriille coaches, thsncc zonules to the Moun'ain?arriving eatly in the afternoon For Easton lea*e ?s above proceed bv railroad to Somer vilie. coaches from thence (only 31 miles,) arriving in Kastvu ataVciiek. This mtre, on account of the short distance by coaches, in \ kins it by far the m <sl pleasant and expeditious, com mends it self to publicipatronmje. Mr. Sanderson, the proprietor at So merville. I as p ovidttl himself wi li carnages at d horses to ac commodate private parties with extras at the shortest notice, and on rrasonftbie terms For seats apply to H D. Hope, Merchants'Hotel, II Courtlandt st. Passengers from Philadelphia to Schoolev's Mouutain will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock, A M., by New York railroad line to New Brunswick. Sp'endid coaches frcm thence, arriving attiie niouutaiu early same afternoon. jZi 2m*r ROCKAWAY-J'AVILLI'>N?LONG ISLAND RAlCROAD. Trains upon this road leave Brooklyn, South Ferry, for J-iratcs, where coaches are in read i nets lor that d-ligh ful resort, the MirinePavil."SEHELliou. st the following honrs, vi/.Half past 9 A. Vl.,4 o'cli ck and half pasts I*. M. Returning, leave Jamaica at 8 A. M., 12 M. and 5 P. M. for New York. Fare to; through from Brooklyn to the Pavilion. 75 cents. jeI4 6 *?r TOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS Ok THE WEST A>80C1ATION PA^AUr. O F h 1 CEToALB^W^ Utica, $2 Of) Korhf*ter, $3 00 8viacuae. 2 2*? 3 M Oswego,' S 25 Up. k L'ower CanidoO 50 Fur passage apply to M. L. RAV. m?3 2m 93 Barc'av street New York. INK-* ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND FREIGHT REDUCED. sa REGULAR MAIL LINK?FOR PROfl^SJL?g.VlDKNCK AND BOSTON, via hTONTVr-pJt r INOTON AND NEWPORT-Composed oltho following superior steamer?, running in connection with the Stouington and Boaton and Providence Railroads:? M/iSSACHUHKTTS, Capt Comslock. RHODE ISLAND, Cart Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARKAOANSETT. MOHEGAN Oue of which will leave New York daily (Sundays eiceptedjfroin Pier No 1, Battery Place, N. Kiver, at 5 P. M AHRANUE.ViKNTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stonington and Newport, and Fiiday for StomnKtou. The MASSACHU "ETTS,Captain Coinstock.ou Tuesday and Tnurteay for Stonington, mil Ratuid v for Stonington, Neeporiaud Providence. Paisengcrs, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, up 11 be immediately forwardrd in the splendid and commoiflmos Cars of the Railroad to Prov.deuce and Boston, and if for Newport will praeeed in the steamers on Monday, Wednesday and Saturday, and on the intervening days, proceed via Slonington Rail re ad to Providence, and fiora thence in the steamer lolas, wilhont any additional charge. Tickets for the route and steamers' berths can he secured on board, oi st the office of HARNDEN k CO , No 3 Wall street. C"?~On and after the 10th iust, freight will Dot be n ceived andforwarded after half-past 4 P M m9 6m*tu NEW YORK AND KING SIGN STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE LTSK. 4cM For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson ^ 1 h-MK'll A I.IV Kllil 3B 3W3K The EMERALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York foot of Murray itreet, every Monday and 1 nuriUay a( i o'clock P. M. Wul leave Kingiton (Roudout lauding) every Wedneiday and Saturdav at 3 o'clock. P. M. The NOHWICH, Captain John Samnela, will leave New York, foot of Warren itreet, every Wednesday aud Saturday at S o'clock, P. M. VV.11 leave Kingston (Koudout landing) every Tue cyaod Friday at J o'clock, P. .M. EXTRA TKJP8. The EMKKAI.I) will leave the font of Murray itreet every Snntly moriMiia at 7 o'clock. Returning leavei Kingston at 4 o't lock Kor l'remht or panate apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW it CO , all 3m?r 164 Wei; itr.-et. At* SUMMER AKHANUEMKM FUR flTlggJ^?3HHKWSBURY-LoD? Branch. Ocean 3EaBaflLa9L,l)misr, Black Point, Kumion, and Eatontown Landing, thrci'gh the inner piii'gr The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Cartsin Jonu P. Corliei, will leave Eatontown Landing on Sunday, the 4th of June in't., and run aa tol lows, to wi.: Irovirg New York, from the foot of Hnbimoa itreet, every Monday, Tueid-y, Wedursday, Thn-rday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Returning, will leave Kaurntown Landing on each of the above davi. at I o'clock, P. M. On Saturday! will leave New Y?ok at Jk| o'clock, P. M., and Eitontewn Landing on Sundaviat 1 o'clock, P. M , and Ocean H.nie at 4 o'c'ock. The SHREWSBURY will rn-i ai above (weather permitting) until further notice. All baggage at the riik of the owners. N. B ? Stagei will he in attendance to convey pnneugeri f'om the aforesaid lauding placea to any part of the country required. i? 13 .MQA NEWARK AINU NEW YORK-Kare only 13K (-euti!?The i| leudid st-viner 9SH3L PASSAIC, Captain John (Jatty. O.i and after Monday, June 7th, will run ai followi Leavei the foot ol Barclay itreet, New York, at 10 A M., ml 4 P.M. Leavi the foot of Centre itreet, Newark, at 7X A.M., and IK P. M. freight carried at very low rates. *'< r OA HAMILTON HOUSE. FUST tlAMI L't'U IN The steamboats BTATEN 3L_liKJC-l^LANDl< K end SAMSON will runcvery day (SiiDdaya txcepted) during the aeaeou. a* follows:? Leave Fort Hamilton ?t 7X A M. and 4 ? P. M. New York, Whitehall Dock, at 3X P. M. This arrangement may b? relied on a* permanent, ai ite continuance will not depend on any contingency. jt5 7mr MAYOR'S OFFICE, ) Charleston, H. C . J.'or '0, IB'3. J TO RENT FOR A TERM OF YEARS, OR FOR SALE, JBA That large and commodious establishment known ae CTw the Chatletton Hotel, situate in a central pa't of the city. X^flLrronliug on Meeting stn rt, south on liii)B? street, and ad)?iuing the eiteneiye range of wholesale SP res; east on Hotel stieet; north on Pieckney street The hotel is about lid feel by aboot 175 feet deep, four stories high, cont lining about 112 parlors and chambers, besides the dining rooms for ladies and gentlemen; a'so, bar room, reading room, offices, store rooms and kitencu; also, flee stores and a haibet's room, in basement, and fronting on Havne street?a Uiue cittern, con tainirg atiotit 85 000 gallcns, and a fotco pnmp, in cate ef tire, attached thereto: also two wells on the premises. The whole front of the Hotel is embellished with a spacious two story collonade. Tetmt of s lie will be, a credit extending oser a period of at least 8 years, and conformably to the provisions of the Jite "State Fire Loan Act, 'secured by mortgage of premises; approved security will be required on lesse or sals. Proposals addrrsstd to the Mayor of Charleston, will be received until the l.5ih July next. J. 8CHN1KRLE, Mayor. N. B ?The following newspapers: the New York Herald and Courier It Enqairer; 'he Boston Couiiert the Philadelphia United States Gazette ; the Baltimore American; the New Orleans Bee; the Mobile Register and Journal will insert the above in a conspicuous place once a week until the 15th proximo, and forward their aecouau for payment to Conner office. j21 tojylSr mi 11 iiiiBiLinnn-r/iRvi rwii bim,.?a phvlieian living near a eery nleataDl village about thirty milei from the city, and who if esteuiiv civ engaged in demon, would dispose of hn entire eatahliahment. An immediate practice through a inoat beautiful country, and daily access to the city. Tender thia an opportunity tor a phyaicim ra-cly to be met with. The farm consists of about fifty ? res of eor a land, in a hitch state of rullivi'ioii. On the premnea are a good house, carriage home, baru, ice house, Ac , aa well as almost ever* variety of frnit trees. Aildieta W K 8, at the office of the Commercial Aove tiaer, or apply at No 1*1 rin? street, where m ire minute particulars will lie given. i24 lw*m JgA FOIl SAlilC?On rrasotiahle aud accommodating terms, a new house and lot, pleasantly sitnated iu Naa' jf ? street at the head of 8iantou street, Brooklyn. Inquire of 8. B. JOHNSON, Counsellor, Use. No I Front street, nrof 1). A. KOBBIN8, Mason,280 Pearl at., Brooklyn. )2i 6t*r tTO LILT?At Harlem, at the lootiof 121st atreet, a Convenient and comfortable two atorv dwelling hense, with pleasant L kitchen There are thirteen lots, be no more or less; situated on the Harlern r vet; a dock, one hundred fret front; and stables sufficient for ten or fifteen horse . On the place th"e are sis or seven cherry trees in (nil bearing, peach trees, currant bushes, rose bushes, and every Uung c ilcnloted to make it a ilehghtful residence, fishing n at rate. Knqnire of MM. PANDl.K, opposite the place, or ol THOa W., No. -181 Washington street. The above will lie let at a cheap rent to a good tenant. j20?fr jBT io I.kT ?To a small genteel family, without chil[j-jj dren, the second stcry with priyilegein Kitchen, (kr.,of very pirneant nooae i-vo.on ncritiiu nv^nne corner nt Fourth ilreet. Hent moderate?For farther information tainire on llie pretnieee.or of jr2< il'r <)KO. V?<> VTUOMFH Y, :n Fnlf n Market. tUAHCLAV 8TKKET?TO LET?The elegant and ccmniodioua three atnry trick houac No. 51 Barclay alreet, built and occupied by Mr. '1 norma Brooke until eacut time. In excellent order and fitted with every convenience for a large family, and anuated directly in Iront of Coll'ge I'l ice. F'or terma apply at No. 110 Water atreet. ml 'i lm"r a I U LK'l - I lie modem bmlt three atory orick I I dwelling, No IS Oreen atreer, liniahed wuli ulrer lumi Lturc, marble inantlea and gratea throughout. A hue large yard, with never tailing ciateru. Will be let low. For further particulara apply to AITKEN, BFIOTHKR8, je2-lm#ec Mo. 121 Fill ton atreet. 11/ A'fi I'l ? * M> ' WitLLKKX lower Uian ever.?At

VV ihe mbacriher ia conetantl* receiving all deteriptiona el gold and nlver watcliea. of the n-wait etylee, direct fro, Ihe mannficturerv, in England. Fiauce, and Switzerland, hen enabled to offer a larger 'leortment, and at much lent prtr. a, at letail, than any < thcr honee in the eily. (fold watchea a? law it $ia each Watcliev and jewellery exchanged or boeiht. All watclm warranted to keep good time, or the mom i fe:nrned. Watchea, c leek a and jewellery tepaired in the beat manner, and waw.wted lower than at any other place ij trie ti'y 0, l''.Allen, importer ol watchea and jeweller/. ? ole Hie and vend, M Wall?utat, up alaire ny-ia l,n?n J. iJ JL-1 gggl IRK I 10RNING, JUNE 26, 184; KLOKIl.'UL I'UHK.?Kor (he larite Conserv..KjHrory, with all the extensive apparatus attached thereto, oJWat the xardrn. (late Mr. Terry's,) Heury it, Brooklyn Kor furlh'-r particulars .11 idv to I VV. HUBbKLL, florist, on the premises. W. Huisell has also for sa'e at low prices, a superb collection of flue healthy I'lan's in hloom and iu pots. ?.l ifraniums, roses, verbenas, violas, dahlias, azilias, rhododaudrnui,salvias, poteoillaa, clematises, evetuses, niaguoli is. honeysuckles, and other desir ible is>< ei hmse and gaidrti nlauts and roses. Bouquet* heaii'ilully nude U| to order. AII orders for the ciuciof New York and Brooklyn, delivered I red of charge, ud punctual it attended to. jl6 Jw'i __ THY. K()UHI H OK JULY! 3^5 ?|M| BOOTS AM) SHOES. ?g^BV Cheap Boot and Shoe Market, No 599 Ureenwicli street.? Ladies and genll-meu vt advised to call at the above store and provide theimelves with seasonable summer hoots, slippers, nailers, kc, maUe un in the ne?trst and moat fashionable style, and sold as che tp if net a little ch, S|>er than elsewhere. Heads ol will save money by callinn here, at the cheap depot. 1)< n't forget the number, Clinton Che ip Boot and Shoe Maiket, Na. 509 Orcenwich street, coiner SpriUK sl jeS lm*r HOUR AT THIS! Boots, of best quality, $4 to $4 60 French, do do 1 to 3 50 Fine sewed Boats, 2 60 to 3 00 Penned do 2 60 Moro'co do 2 36 Beat Skin and Urain do 1 75 to 2 00 Cloth button Uaiters, 1 26 Prunella do 2 CD Fine Calf Shoes, stitched,.* 2 00 Calf "hoes, 1 25 to 1 75 Boy's tine sewed boots, 2 26 penned boot*, ctlf. 150 " Sealskin and Urain, 1 12X " Fine Calf Shoes, 125 " ' Kip Shoes, 1 "0 Yonth's HeweO Bo.'ts, 1 00 to 1 50 LAD IKS' BOUTS Si SHOES?Ladies, in these su.res you will liud the nreatest assortment of Uaitrr Boots, Slippers, Buskins, Ties, Prunella Buskins, lirjit and dark colored half U.iters, House blippers. while uud black satin slippers, satin nailers, Misses auil Children*' nailers, buskins, slippers, ties, and all other kinds of boots ami shots, of our own mauufacturi un with the best of French goods,ami wartauu-d to be the best and as cheap as the cheapest, at 367 B oadway and 92 Oaual st. j? irar" UKKUOUn Ik CAH1LL. PAHIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO OHDEK By E. SUSEH, 175 Broadway, (Baument,) One Door from Conrtlandt street. E SU8EK, Bootmaker, and maker ot Lasts, an ^^fBV'Elve" ol Clerce of faris, begs leave to inform his iriemlsand all me amateurs ol a gentlemanly eliaussure," that he can now make, in New York, with the beat French ms'eiials, all that is ao perfectly mule, in I aria, by hia master the celebrated bootmaker Clerce, whoae numerous cuatomera on this anlo of the Atlantic, are respectfully invited to try SUSKK'S boots and lasts belore they despair of being "chauases" in New York, alter the ntceat, lateat Paria fashion. A lao, the genuine Paris Jet Black Var.iiali sold, mio 7w*r JLnt UUU1 AN L) SHOE STOKE a*JfcV"Sr JOHN BEADY respectfully infonna hia friends andihc public, that he has commenced bnaiueas in the above line, at No. M Nassau street, where he will thanklully receive and faillifnlly eiecute, all orders he may be favored with on he moat reasonable terms for rash. ?22r alUv TO THE LADIES?200 pair prime Gaiter ntWr boots of all colors and sizes of the lateat fashion, Misses and children's Gaiter hoots and Buskins, Ladies Bus kins, Ties, and Slippers, a rood article, from 4 to 8 shillings. Also, a good assortment of Gentlemen's prime ctlf stitch boots, city made, from 2 75 to 4 dollars, wa:ranted ; good fine ponged hoots, from 12 to 18 shil iugs. Also, Boy's boots, 8 to 12s.', taenia, gaiters, <]uarter boots and shoes of all descriptions in great abundance, at Walker's cheap store, 419 Broadway, comer Csnal street, in21 lm*ec GENIN & VA"N VKANKEN'S VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOB GENTLEMEN, a WEIGHING ONLY 2% OUNCES?FIIICF. $3 30. THF. Subscribers have introduced the above named ? bat forsuininei wear. Uy comparing the weight of this article with the average weight of the following hats, the superior uovautages it possesses.over them for summer wear may be readily sceu. 'J he average weight of the ordinary fur hat is SK onnces. do do Panama 5 li " do do Leghorn t " Being fully convinced that no style of summer hat heretofore worn, has met with the general approbation which a hat (osses siug all the qualities, viz- lightucss, beauty, durability and cheapuess, would be sure to receive, we have devoted much attention to the inauulacture and finishing of the new style now in'roduced by us. From the warm approbation expressrd by I.... ....... I f I ,1.., need ouly to be seen to be fully appreciated. QEN1N & VAN VRANKKN, m26 lm?ec 214 Broadway, opposite St. Paul's Church. CROTON WATER. bJMlE Tinned Lead Pi^es iuveuted by Mr. Ewbank. are, ill A the-opinion of a eery large number of the beat chemist, physicians aud most scientific uieu of the age^the only lead pipes that cm be used with aafety in conductinit this water. Very great daiiKcrol poiann ii incurred by the u?e ol ?ny other. Physicians aud other scientific men le'er to numerous caaea where an kn-ss tad death lias ec ually resulted from the uie of the common lead pipe*. The subscriber has made arrangcmeuls to keep on hand a (all and constant supply of the tinnrd lead pipes, which he wilt ?cil to piuiribrri and others on the moat favorable terma. JOHN 0. CASS, lelSlm'm Broad at'eet. CBOTON WATER?DAY'S t IH8T PREMIUM IN J)1 \ RUBBER HOSE i? confidently recommended for any (impose* for which leather is used, and it warranted to pnasete the following pr-pertics iX It is perfectly tight under pressure of the Croton. 2d It is made of the strongest fabrics, and will uot mildew to injure in the least, and no attention. 3rd. It it uot destroyed by coming in contact with oil or grease, nor stiffened by cold weather, nor can the rubber decompose, as luferi. r articles are in no case used. Should tli- least complaint he made of ihs Hose, not possessing the above properties, it will be taken hack, at any time inside of six mouths from its purchase, end other given in exchange without charge. 4th. Coupling and jet pi|>*s will be attached without charge. Buyers will note that we are clearly satisfied that this hoseflhe proerssof making which is unknown to any other in the trade) is just the article long wanted for leading water and many other liuuida. HORACE H. DAY, j 17 lra*r _ Successor to Roxhury I. R. CMS MainenLane. /^J,ABELL. It HUOHES, Plumbers, st ins coruer ol John aJ and N'ssau streets, N w York.?Houi-s fitted up on the roost approved plan, Willi Croiou Water, Watar Closets and Hydrants ol all descfplions. Baths fitted up with Boilers for Hot and Cold wa'er, Lead and Iron Pines of the best oualitv : Mheet Lead.,Ko'Ce and Lilt I'umpa, and all articles :u thtir lice of buiiaeit, to be had on reasonable t. rins. Orders received for Kire aiid Harden Hole. The subscribers flatter themielTet from the long experience they have had in the ahoie business iu I'li ladt Iphia, to give universal satisfaction to all who favor them w th their patronage. F.IVCKS. Samuel Kaah, Esq , Register of Watering Committee ,'Phila drlphia Joseph Hancock, Bailder, ditto Ueo'ge Kidman, Assistant jol the IHarr sburg Water Works, d tto J. O. Kwiug, Plumber,ditto A. L. bnehhut. No. 288 Uieenwich street, New York A. T. Cnrhrane, ditto, ditto, ditto J. ltabinraii, 4'i Charlton street, dilto J"hn L. Watkina, II) Kulton ?'reei. ditto jei lm*r 79, SHIRTS. 79, WILLIAM STREET, '"THIRD BASEMENT BELOW MAIDEN LANE, N. Y: T ?li undoubtedly the cheapest Shirt Manufactory in the city. Wholesale dealers will find this assertion to be nothing less than a positive fact. It is not the intention of the subscriber to make this advertisement appear as a puff, hut he merely wishes to announce to his friends and customeis, that he has opened the ahove establishment to supply tliem with Shirts, Collars and Bosoms at a much lower rate than they have hitherto been iu the habit of paying elsewhere. H. ARONBON. Senior nartner of the late firm of ARONRON It WILSON. [TT-Bo particular in the number, 79 William street, third bailment below Maiden Lane, N. Y P. S.?Particular attention paid to priyate ordere. jl lm*r LIGHT! LIGHT!! A BRILLIANT AND BEAUTIFUL LIGHT FOR HALF A CENT AN HOUR. OURELY, 110 cue need walk m daiknrsi, when the cleareat hJ light may be had at a merely uoaiiual expense. Teny'i new Patent Lainpe, lor banting any kiud of laid, tallow, or oil, without previous preparation, inconvenience or liability to get out ot order, is destined to shed a most btneliceul light over thii dark planet. Enterprise and competition have brought the light oPscience and letters luto literal contact with the minds or all our population Yet, how shall they |>erceive it, and its blessings, unless dating the cnly hours of leisure which most of our citizens possess, the absence of the sun be supplied by some other luminary, whose rays shall be free to all 7 A near approximation to tins great deaideraium has just been effected iu the invention of Teiry's Lard Lamp, a smgle one of which may he made to light a parlor, without smoke or smell, as brilliantly as the best astral lamp, at au expense ol but half a cent an hour. All lo>ers of hght or economy, or I oik, are invited to call and witness their operation, at E. HARRISON'S, 2)1 Pearl street, N. Y. N.B Liberal teims will lie offered to ileilers. jet im*rrc REMOVAL-1'. MAES, Hair Dresser and Wig Maker, has " removed from 163 to IB*> Hroadway, a lew doors below the Franklin Hnn?e, anil opposite John street. Having fitted up a new room in the most fashionable style, he will continue the same business, and wi'l he pleased to see bis old filends and pstinus, and others who may favor him with a call. He has also private rooms for Ladies' hair dressing and jampooiog. This powerful Extract ol Jampoony is considered bv thousands of New Yo'kers and strangers as one ol tiie healthiest articles for the cure ol dandruff sndstreiurlheuiug the hair, is approved by the Faculty of Medicine in Pant, and patented at Washington. Nothing i.a more pleasant and delightful than to go through this operation in the hands of I'. MAEH. in3 2rn#r A YACHT FOR SALE, OF seven tons bnrthen, nine months i Id, aud is perfect sailiug order, well found in every respect, snch as awning lor cor* pu, iuc ior, k'ii'iMi'(t cinirs, patencsnrave piocss, tans and rigging ol the very best materials, n complete sett of flags, cleats and rudder head of hraai, has a benntifni cabin, finely tilled np with In kert, mkjm a-nl looking .-I ?*?. ipv glass, aod othei fiituret appertaining to the same , has a large relriIterator under the corkp.t. that will hold 100 lbs ICE, Hoop rigged, carries square topsails, length 24 feet on deck, 9 feet he tin, iron keel, 12 inches daep, Jj< wide midships, holt d on k. Iston w< ifthitiK HMKi ihs., and those that know the advantage of lest rage power, will at once see that she cannot be knocked down in t squill, and in case her bottom is stove she cannot ink, as she has the buoyancy el moo wenthl of cork between her sides and selling, acd is a vr*y last sailer. 9 or further particulars, inquire of J. JEN.NlNUH, inOO lin'tn 103 Broadway, cor John st, np stairs, Iront room HIGHLY IMPORTANT. TO OWNEK8 OK HOUSES.?9. BUSHEL, practical Veterinary Surgeon, would luforin she public that he haa had seven joars practice in the British Army. S B.will pay every attention to horses at the owner's stable. Charges moderate lo suit the tiroes. He would inform carmen whoa* hoisrs require physic, that the most appropriate time to call wouhl be ou Salordny, as they will be able to use them on Monday. All kinds of horse medicine kept ronetantly on hand. Vi* Balls of every description, price 23 cents; cough and condition powders, 23 ceuit; blistering oiutinrnt, 23 cents; hoof -i 111 *nrin, cenu j\ iiiprrior article 01 none nuament, for nrniui, bruiaee. Sin., price 7J crnte. Ailvice (ratie, at hn rrnidruce, No. 49 Kobineonalreet, corner of Greenwich alreel jel lm*m \ DAMS k CO.'S NK.W VOKK AND N'EWAKK KN /A I'll ICSN.?The pnblic are reapecifnllT informed that i i a < eitabnane.l an Kipreee between New Yo ? UM Newark, N. for the tr?ii?n?i?einYi aud tpredr ilelire of raokaaee, bund let, money, kc.kc.; the collection of not }, end billj, and all other hoiin*sf appertain me to an Kapaeu Ordere for articlea to be returned by the Yapreaa will k* dolircred free of ciiarae. Ofloe in New Yorh at No. 7 Wall atreel, and ia Newark, a #M1TII'9 Newepaper Depot, No. 120 Broad at. Leeee N*w York at I1K A. M. and 414 P. M. Ltivc Newitk p 1 A " ?e1IK P.M. *nM ADAMS k CV. IERA i. LUCINA CORDIAL, OR THE ELIXIR OF LOVE hi i>ld?n tiinr.lainonie the Jew?. That man a second wile iiiikIh choose? Whose first, by K lie's uukiuilly doom, No children bore to bless his home. Afflicted lhn?, the Human matron Prayed to Limne, the midwile's patron ; ICsvptian wives, in such a crisis. Caflen to their aid the Priests of Irs is ; And even now. the meek Hindu ? Warm as her clime, and tender too? llchi dless twelve mouths from her bridal Klies weepmK to her s-'useless idol. And with raised hands, in accents wild, Petitions Bramah lor a child : Kor well she kuows. Love shuns to bless The Hiudoo bed of barrenness. Ho much for love in day's by none, And savage customs in your own; But say, even now, does Love's communion Bless iu our laod, a sterile union I No : ofttiines conjugal felicity, Is tlms disturbed?ay, e'en in this cityYet may the barren, if they try The means, "increase and multiply." Willi 'Love's Elixir" for h-r friend, The childless wife's repining* eud. But not the proereative power Alone, is this Elixir's dower. Consumption's ills it will prevent. With vigO' clothe the impotent; Suppress a gleet, whate'er ita date, Aud nil life's functions renovate. Eruptions from t e akin it chases. Ami brings back beauty ami the graces : 'Tis woman's tru.t?aud ne'er deceives her Krom Kluor Albus it relieves her ; And each disease. ( with proper care, too,) Her fair and Irigile form is heir to. These are hut truths, who calls them fiction Khali have steru proof in contradiction. Letters?all forms o( attestation? Krom the snvans of cveiy nation ; Witn gratrlul missives Horn ail quarters, Peuneo by Dis-ase and Quarkrrv's martyrs, Thousands who lay, with llutleriug bieath, Almost within thr jaws of Death; Now in their nightly prayers repeat Thaulti to Life's friend, in Nassau street. An i sometimes name the very number? ' Ninety-two Nassan,"?each in their sininber ; Or. dreaming of Disease's ordeal. Cry out for the "Lnciua Cordial. Persons ordering this medicine from the country, by sending a remittance, can have it boxed up and sent to nuy part of the Union Price t] iter bottle, or S2I ner dozen. It k also fur aale in Philadelphia, at 90 North Sixth street. mil lmrec MONTHLY REPORT OF THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, NO. 75 CHAMBERS STREET. cases cured. 14 Inflammation of the eye- 4 Diseases of the liver. Ihla 3 intlain'n of the bowels 9 Syphilitic Iritis 3 Vomiting. Gastritis 2 Amaurosis, three under 8 Diseases of the Woinb treatineut?doing well 11 Syphilis 6 Opacity of the cornea, G Dyspepsia slight 12 Whites, or Fluor Albna 1 Styes, by an operation 21 Gonorrhcea 4 Onanism 4 Fever 3 Erysipelas 7 Hecoudary Syphilis 7 Ulcerated sore throat 5 Tiles 12 Gleet?cured by new 6 Bubo, by a new method of remedies treatment 3 Diseases of the heart 4 Sore Nipples 2 Dyscntary successful, burqk'ai. ofkratiohs. ,3 Operations (or hare hp 21 Strictures in Usethra by 5 Operations lor squinting au improved method ol 3 Operations lor Hydrocele cure 12 Hemorihoids! Tumors re- 3 Operations for fistale ia moved Aim. 2 Club Foot?cured 2 Polypus in the nose 1 Encysted Tumors 4 Adipose tumor* removed 5 Ulct rs on tno legs rured,' 1 Large piece of bone re2 Phymosis moved from the arm 0 Aberssea opened I Amputation of finger 2 Toust ? r'tnured 1 Cancer Breast 1 Gravel enr-d I Uvula removed 2 Retention of Urine DR. H. BOSTWICK Attending Phyeician and Surgeon. C. McMANUS, Apothecary -nd Secretary il 1m ec DEAF vKSiTlUkED?Without wishing to interfuie with the privileges of any of our worthy neighbors who prefer to u.etui ear trumpet, nnd thus gather with great difficulty a little of what is said to them, or be restored to the use of their natural organs, end hear nil that is said, we cannot lie I ore ha? la.i ty been introduced, which l?nl? fair to prove nu e (Tec tuil cu'e for the inoit obstinate case. We will ouly add to this suggestion, that it i?'o be had at A. D St D. SANDS, 7S> K altoo street, 273 Umadway, and 77 East broad way. i 10 J?? BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. | rPHK i-rj oil inoc which all agrsbave attached to the Head ol A Hair, is a clear ! Tides of the valui ?et on personal figure, en 1 whin by rotne capricious frvali of Nature ill* human form i* deprived of iu fur proportion Art is resorted to, iss order, by artificial means, to supply the deticieucy, Hence hare arisen those wouderlul diacore-ies which bid nature defiance. Barry's Ventilating and Uou*mer WIHH AND SCALPS. The eomplt te success that the abuvc named has met with in the m inuf-eui e of hit unrivalled heads ofnair, for the last two years, far csceeds his most tauyuiiie eiprc'atiom lis rssMM> fully solicits a ca t, coulideut of siliifyrng the most fastidious that tie ia the best aud cheapest mailer iu the city. They can bo had oulr at 146 Broadway, corner Liberty street, up stairs. Private rooms for fitting Wigs and Toupees. jc2? 2w ins ' in '"PHE I'ltEVAILlNt* EUDICMIC ?Theie is nothing betL ter for this wole spread sickness th in Mc \litirr's Univer sal Healug tlintm-nr. The lollowing is from one of our most worthy cluy-ns, whose sou was *o severely ?fflcted that his face and breast were much swol'en. s .re throat, die fce. New Yont, 17tli June, 1813. Mr Jamks McAlistir Sir:?I had a hoi of your ointment, and made trial of it on your recommendation, and your telling ine you would not, chargo me anything irit did nor. cure my son. 1 have now to offer my thanks to you, and will inform you that the dreadful paint in Ins chest and (lie harrassiug cough he had, have entirely left Inn; a 4,1 am nware that it was atl owiug to the viitne of your ointment It had not heeu aiylied three hoars, before he sa<d to mo, lather. I I'etl su much better. I used it as you told ine, anil k?nt Ins close for three days, aud am glad to tell rou that lie will he able to resume his duties on Monday nest, have farther to add that notions else but your ointment has been used for the aid or cure of my son. With li arlfelt gratitude, I am yours with great re peet, WILLIAM A&HWICK. 68 Hester street. To be obtained at t? Mi: Abater's Oil Store, 053 Pearl street; and Division, coruer of Allen street, Dr Th' mas Kitter. l(M Cherry- srreet. David McA lister, 329 Bleecke' stieet. James Vincent, 24 Alleu street. Brothers Hibbard, 96 I oh n street. Joseph D. Stewart. 287 Hudson street. Dr. Janes Corel, 112 Sullivan street. N. B.?Any person using this Ointment according to directions, and it not proving satisfactory, their money will be r?fnnded. Price 25 cents. j22 I'r IIVSPKPSIA A few day* since, 1 announced in the paper* of thi* city thai 1 had resumed the practice for this most distressing diseaae, and dated alio, that line* the publication of my book, I had made tnch additional diicore'ie*. a* to induce me tu be ieve, that I coti'd cure the mod ohitiuate, and in eterate ca*e?. no matter of how lonj^ standing, since which 1 have been piacti sing npon it, and find it to aisawer my mod sanguine eipvetalion* in all cases. and I have now to much c.onlidiuce in its im portance and utility in effectn g a permanent cure, thai I hare no hesitation in saying, tli<t I c?uuot itnaitme a caae ot Dyspepsia, under my immediate care, that I crnuot care. OLIVER HALHTED, 24 Nassau si. i r?lmdkw*ec cor. Cedar st Mid 7f> Chambers st MADAME OUSTKLL<). T7EMALE PERIODICAL ni.L8-Ouaiai.teed id ersn r case where the monthly tieriods hare become ir regular from coin* or other causes. Their certainty of action hat loug been acknowlrugrd by the medical profession, toil hundreds that hart uselessly tried various boasted remedies. '.'are it sometimes necessary to their use: though they contain 0' medicine detrimental to the constitution. Adds* given gratis toalltho'e who use the Tills, by Madame Cos tefto, Si Lii?cn*rd it, wheio the 1'ills srs sold genuine Price $1 rwr hot ni74 Ira'ric 'PHE TKIJE EXTHAl/T Ok SARBAPARILLAfriim 1 21 CoU'lland st'fCl is gaining a popularity never belorr known, in fact it is so'd at a reasonable price, and is made ol as good mateiirls as iuy other. One trial will the inosr tcr ptical. .To be nau only as above, price id cents per bottle; S4 per rinvrn. i20r PHILADELPHIA DAGUERREOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT. KXUH4NUK BUILDING. KOOMS Jt> Jt 77. I n', nnoicnoin, naving procurer! in' ngenc? lor me nit 01 VO.OTANDEK'9 DAOUEKRICOT YPK APPARATUS, constructed acmrding 10 Professor Pet aval'a calculation, hare nn hanJ a large a*?ortmeDt of these ApiMratua, and artiata aa wall aa amateurs of their art, wishing to procure a good apparatus, will tiud it to thnr advantage to i rocare instruments of tlui construction. The* alao liar' Irately imported a larKe Quantity of Orrmau and K reach platea, and all the chamicala uaed in their art, which they warrant ineyeryrrapeef, is -hrv ar? inaile to their order. PolirhiDit ?nbstanc??, and morocco raaea. and alj ne'raaary materials, are told on the moat reasonable terms 1 he following itentlemrn hare agreed to act i their agentr. via.:? K. White, K?'i , 17) Broadway, N.Y. P. Haaa, Esq., Washington, D.CJ. Dr. A. Caapari, Richmond. Ya. P. Lnurrua. Eat., Savannah, (it. William Weat, Eat r Cincinnati, Ohio. All commnnicat'ona (poat rml) and order*,accompanied wlih remittaucea, will b# promptly attended to, and rhonld be di rected to W ?t ?. LANOENHK1M, jel3mt Exchange Building, Thila. BOOK-KE EPINU. JldB. W. K. DAHLOW reapectfully announce* that he has a* I aucctcded. MR. C. C. MARSH, in hit banneia aa p.n Aeconntanl tod Teacher of Bonk keeping in thia city, at hia room la Cedar street where h- will continue the tame thorough conrae of instruction and practice, to ancccssfiillv f .11 owed by hit predeceaaor. Mr B. aolieita Ihe |ui tannage of the mercantile enmmanity,and reapeetinlly aak their artention to th* following card C. C. MARSH, Accoantanl, relnrna hia eratetnl acknowledgements d> |,ia unrnirova Irienda lor their lo g continued patronage. H hat now diaeonrinned hia basinets in thia city, and it succeeded in the anne by Mr. W. K Barlow, whom he confidently eomrnendv to the lavnr of the mercaniile rommimty aa a gentleman of raeellent character, thoionghly aco-rainted with the actroce of B->og-keeping and emmeutly Qualified to impart fatruction. lie reapecifnlly bespeaks for hit aucceaao. the pome fayor to which he liimaetl has bean so largely in debted. "C. C. MARSH." Hia term* are rednced to ?nit the times to f iO, Wnich will entitle the pupil to receive inatinciiou until h* ia thoroughly Qualified for the coam ing room. W. K. BARLOW, Accoontant, >10 I in ? r M Cadar atreet. UPFIOK. Ui Jl.rr&HKU^ INrtlJRANOK OOMrA NY?Office X Will itr*et. This Company coounar (heir bnuaei* of imof-tnee againtt lo<? or dain.ur* br fir* on Koodi, warn and merchandize and alio, on TeMcli and thei araoei aaainatlnwby ^u.hjidjiiv^aooa. Thome* W Thorne Kliah* Ki?r? L Thomas T Woodmff benjamin It Rob*on ( John K P.arisnu k'rancn f Ha** < Thomion i'rice. do?*i>h Alien , John H Lm John P Moor# , r M**es Tnc.k*r Jainea fc Caleb ( Tanii i ? Anson Baker Jv T3&. T ho maa Vl orre 11 JohnL .7*rr.u ,yHOMAg W| THORNJC, PimmUm. f J6U. T- BO!'*' WWWMif. MllT '?* LD. Prlca Two Canta. Klo il? la Plata. rt'ofTMpoodeueeol the Humid.) Rio dk la Plata, May 10,1843. Dear Hm: tl- l'- l uri " " * ~~ ' me rrcuvu ourvciie wuqurue arrived at Kio de Janeiro 29th April from Monte Vidro, bringing dates to the 18th idem?having made the voyage from Kio to Monte Video and back again in the short time of seventeen days. The Coquette was despatched from Rio with an invitation to the French Admiral on the River Plata station to attend the marriage ffctes of the Prince de Jeinville and the Princess Franqiska, but the grave aspect o f affairs prevented the admirul leaving his post, and the corvette returned the same day she arrived. As formerly stated, the French had taken up arms, were organized and drilled, mustering 24 companies of 2,5<? men, infantry, and fi pieces artillery. The enthusiasm was great, notwithstanding the opposition of the French consul, a decided Oribista, anil doing all he could to disarm them, though in vain. It was rumored a sortie was shortly to be made, to force Oribe to levy the siege. Rivera's forces had taken possession of Colonia?Maldonado was also in their hands. Probably H ivera and General Paz (the commandant in the city) were combining for the meditated attack. Oribe remains in the greatest inactivity, and is fortifying his camp. The English minister at Buenos Ayres, Mr. Mandeville, had upproved of the proceedings of Commodore Purvis in regard to Brown's squadron, and in refusing to reconnoitre the blockade. President Robub'b fiftieth anniversary had been celebrated with solemnity, but with Iras porno than usual On the contrary, he had issued a decree forbidding the application to his name, in official documents, of hit* adopted titles, Illustrious Restaurador of the Laws, Hero of the Deaert, and Defender of American Independence. He was henceforth to be called simply Captain General de la Provincia. To make up for this shadowy sacrifice, the same sagela announces ttie arrival at Buenos Ayrea of a deputation Irani Paraguay to arrange sundry matters ot ltniHirtance and mutual benefit with his excellency the Governor. When it is known that this is the first diplomatic mission from Paraguay, which country, during the Dictator Francia, and even his present successors, has followed an almost Chinese exclusivenese in regard to foreign relations, combined with the late failure of Great Britain to establish a diplomatic agent there,* i? seems that Rosas has succeeded in his plan to establish a kind of supremacy over this tine and hitherto little known country. The navigation on the river Parana into the very heart of South America, and combining the states of the Argentine Confederation, the Montevidean Republic, and Paraguay, has lately been carried on exclusively by the Buenos Ayreans, or by vessels provided with licenses from the Bh. Minister of the 'nterior, purchased at high rates, which lHtter system was, however, put a stop to by Rosas, when made a subject of controversy ana dispute in the Montevidean papers. j. ue ivjeuiouisi episcopal vynurcn nad held a meeting, the American consul, Mr. Amory Edwards, chairman. Their newly appointed clergyman, Rev. Mr. Noma, who arrived from the United States in December, had opened service in his new church on the 8th January. Don Pedro li. visited the Chamber in state on the 3d May, announcing formally to the Deputies she marriage ot his sister Donna Franciska and the French Prince, which was celebrated on the 1st of the same mouth. The Prince Francois Ferdinand de Joinville is '25?the Princess jUBt turned 18. Yours, Sec. An English envoy, Mr. Oordon, arrived latt fiimaier at Buenos Ay res, on his way to Paraguay, but was refussd by Rosas permission to proceed up the Parana river, the usual route to Paraguay, under the plea that he considered tumult, as chief ot the Argentine Confederation, as the most suitable authority to conduct any ministerial or diplomatic intercourse with such a country as Paraguay, situated far up in the country. Mr. Oordon had then to return te Montevideo and try to perform the journey ovor land, which was considered hardly practicable. Ho sueceeded, however, under escort of Rivera's troops ; but shortly aiter his arrival he wac sent out of the country, under the plea of his having tried to introduce vaccina inn OP lomn nlhur M/nialltt 4 Pkdcction and Death.?The Pontiac (Mich.) Jacksonian gives an account of a wicked and deplorable transaction, which resulted in the death of Miss Caroline A. Clark, who is said to have been a handsome, well-informed girl of eighteen, reHiding in the family of Alonzo Plumslead, of Northville?her Beducer, who is son-in-law to Mr. Myers, the step-father of Caroline. Her death was attributed to the effect of inturies inflicted to procure abortion. The girl was taken away among strangers, where she died. Of course the particulars are of a churacter that will not permit their publication. It is said, however to have been a very aggravated case. The Jacksontan says: The scene presented on the arrival of the afflicted mother and sister Irom Detroit, is said to have been heart-rending to the last degree. When the sad intelligence was commuuicated to that too fond and unsuspecting parent that her daughter lay in the cold arms of death at Farmington, in this county, it required the utmost powers of iiernaston on tha part of the messenger, who was despatched lor that purtiose, to convince her of the fact. She could not and would not believe it. She was sure that her child whs then sife with her friends in Toledo, and she remained partially incredulous until she arrived and saw her with her own eyes! The wife of the vile seducer was also present, and, with all the eloquene* and earnestness of woman's confidence and tried vtiona, protested her husband's innocence and lite ? qx.aeihihty of his having had anything to ?? i- i- r|wirniMiii 01 ho ioui h crime, until ner mouth was Hoard by his confession to her lace that h?' was indeed the guilty wretch ! I'lu mated la still at large, and it is said there ia serious doubt il there be any law in Michigan by which he can be puniahca The law punishing such ollences was re|?ealed by the locofoco legislature last winter, and tho seducer and destroyer will of course escape. Senator Greenly, who has been nominated by the Adrian Watch Tower as the locoloco candidate for Lieutenant Governor, was the author of that repeal. He introduced the bill into the Senate, and it was hurried through that body without debate or amendment. Here is its legitimate fruit. Horrible ArntMrT at Murder.?A man named George Brown, residing in Saltlick township, Fayette county, Pennsylvania, recently attempted to take his wife's life by administering arsenic to her. He first put it in a ginger cake, which he gave her to eat She, however, suspected all was not right, and after chewing the cake a while, deposited die contents of her mouth into her hand, and descried the arsenic. Failing in this, he took advantage of her sleep at night, and poured arsenic mixed with water into her ear, which had the effect to cause intense pain. The monster had been arrested, but was liberated by giving security to the amount of $?oo. Dr. Haoaji.?A later account from Vicksburg. contradicts the report that Mr. Adams, who killed Dr. Haganof the Sentinel, commenced by assaulting him from behind. It is stated that he mado several demands of him, before he struck. But it acs^wtijD) obnsrai rmzxrmo ESTAHLTSHMENT, N. W. CORNER or FULTON AND NASSAU 8TS. I* supplied with every materisl necessary for the prompt, Deal, and economical execution of every description of a?&a3?s <3?? fr&aaraaam Public attention is requested to this establishment, in the aesarance that ample satisfaction will be given?as regards typography, press work, and rhargea?to those who require fancy 01 common, large or small work cheaply and eipeditiously eiscuted. LABELS, CHECKS. WAYBILLS, CIRCULARS, ST E A M?fo AT*BILLS, BIULS^OF LADUjO, B%?r ros THEATRES, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS. LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, Or any other places where the largest description of printing is required. The fscilities for this work are not squalled by any office in this city, for, besides the large aisortmentof rAKits) ?fiaMtaauifBTuPJMi, wri, This eatahliahment has the LARGEST PRkSSRS IN THRS CITY, Jreat paiua haye been takeu to provide every material that :an poesibly be of aerviee,and therelors psrsoiu having ->ceaion for Showbills, will hud it greatly to iheir advaataga to ationixe thia establishment. t^Any site or form of Bill ran he furnished at rery short lotiee " OHOTS, payable at sight ou aTPpa'ta of England. Ireland. Le and Scotland, inaums of K5, ilO. iil}, t#*?V amount, draaleat 8. J. SYLVESTER'S. )94 ? r VJ IVall Street and IN Broadwge