Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1843 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. >?W York, Turodnjr, Jan? liT, 1843. Thr <>rrat Bunker 'illl Herald, rublished or superfine paper, containing a lull account of the celebration oi Bunker Mill, consisting of tb? descriptions, and Mr. Webster** oration , accompanied with five splendid engraving*.comprising 1st. A rare and original view of the Battla of Bunker Hill, w hich took place on the 17th June, 1775 ; exInbitii.^ the array oi the American army, engaged in deadly conflict w ith the British troop*, their ships and thar force*. lad. A % lew of the procession forming on Boston Common. 3d. A view of the procession crossing Warren Biidge. -ith. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the north, 11 it looked on the day of the celebration, with the flags above and crowds below. btb. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the southern bay, as it looked on the quiet Sabbath morning after the. Celebration. Ag?-nt* will please transmit their orders before the edi tion w ill l-e ioI'I, *? tnu uemana is unpreceaeineo. \rne price, wholesale.lo agent*, $S per hundred, or eight cent* per copy. Retail, 12$ centa. To be bad at this ottice. Mr. Bennett's Visit to Ecropk.?The proprietor ?l this paper sailed for Europe yesterday. He did not carry with him any such certificates ol acknowledged proficiency in duplicity, meanness : nd falsehood, as those recently awarded to one or two toh rably well-known emigrants from our shon s. But he bore with him the cordial regards and b?st wishes of many attached friends; and the pleasing consciousness that a life of honorable, unremitting toil?unblemished integrity?and steadast adherence to truth and independence of opinion. had met a not altogether inappropriate reward, in his occupancy of a position, unequalled in point of importance and influence, byjthat of the conductor of any press on this continent. Mr. Bennett visits Europe in pursuance of arrangements made a considerable time since, connected with the extensive and increased value of the foreign news department of this paper. But this is not the most important object of his journey.? The existing social and political condition of Great Hn'.ain, and indeed of the whole of Western Europe, presents numerous subjects of the most exciting interest. Everywhere we caitperceive indications of the rapid approach of a new era in the history of the old world. It is the eve of a mighty revolution. Institutions covered with the hoary honors of antiquity are destined soon to be remodelled or overthrown. The popular voice fit gins to be heard in the great political drama. On all sides, the thoughtful student of the " signs of the times," discrvers encouraging omens of the birthday of a new and better ord< r of things. Enough, to be sure, there is, of agitation and conf usion and doubt ; but the believing friend of liberty and the human race well knows that before long, a system of peace, order and universal freedom will be educed from the present chaos. What more desirable, then, than at such an eventful epoch, tobe able to lay before the American public an authentic and impartial record of the character and progress of events in the old world. To tlip discharge of this important and acceptable task, Mr. Bennett brings powers of no ordinary vigor and aptitude. Familiarly acquainted, lor many years, with the state of parties in Great Britain: observing, with no indifferent eye, the growing influence of republican America on the institutions of Europe? gifted with a sound, discriminating judgment, warped and biassed by no partialities or preconceived opinions, he will be able to lay before the people of this country, a more fair, comprehensive und intelligible statement of the present coudition and future prospects ol Great Britain, than could be expected from the pen ot any other disinterested observer at present in this field. The announcement of Mr. Bennett's visit to Europe, and his intention to communicate to us the results of his observation, has, indeed, already excited a great deal of anxious anticipation in many quarters This is not surprising. As we havejust remarked, there never was a period in which the affairs of Western Europe created greater interest on this ride of the Atlantic. The letters of Mr. Bennett will give us the earliest and clearest intelligence ol all the movements in the European world, and thus satisfy the very reasonable anxiety of all wlifi infprpcfpH in fhpsp matlpro We have only to add at present, that in the early part of the coming autumn, Mr. Bennett intends to return to the scene of his successful labor, enterprise and talent. Movements and Doings.?The Hon. T. H. Ben^ ton.Hon. J. J. Crittenden,and Hon. Wm. J. Gravesol Ky., and Hon. J. P. Phoenix, of New York, ar rived in St. Louis on Friday the 14th inst. The Hon. T M. T. McKennan declines being a candidate lor re-election to Congress. We hear it rumored that Captain Stockton wil' probably be offered the Secretaryship of the Navy. Judge Carroll of this State, member of Congress elect, from the district recently represented by Francis Granger, is now in this city, at the Astor House. Major General Scott, Captain L. J. Beall, Captain M G. Freeman, of the Board of Exa initiation ; also, Lieutenants Gilham, Tower, and Blair, Kendrick, Roberts, and Clarke, of the U. S. Army, have arrived from West Point. Also a mamrity of the graduates from the first class of cadets at West Point, have arrived. The above all stop at the American Hotel. The examination in the case of the Scotch murderess, has, we are informed, been still further ixistponed to next Wednesday week, instead of next Saturday, as agreed upon by the parties and sanctioned by Mr. Commissioner Rapelyea, when the case was before him on Saturday last. The Repeal Agitation.?A good deal of feverish anxiety was exhibited at the repeal meeting in Washington Hall last evening, respecting any reference by the speakers to Mr. O'Connell's abolition s|>eech Each of the orators was asked whether he meant to allude to it, and received an admonitory hint *f the propriety of observing caution. A " raw" has been decidedly established in this movement. Pitiable?the Pltbtian's diatribe against the celebration on Bunker Hill. We confess that we i jI-? a c l ?u:u:.:? .u_. naiujy }?iTT}iaicu lurouLii an caiiiviiivu vi uiai accursed spirit of party malevolence and folly, winch has so frequently disgraced the party press in this country. If ever there was a national festival? a scene of rejoicing in which the hearts and sentiments of a whole people mingled in one anthem of ho|w> and triumph, it was that of Bunker Hill. The mau who could dare to treat such an occasion with levity or disdain, d the fate of him, whose unliallowtd hands prolaned the ark of the covenant. Thk Streets ?Nobody of course expects to see clean streets in New York until the millennium dawns upon us. What inexcusable waste of eloquence it is, to implore the Common Council to ge t rid of the city filth Friends of cleanliness and the public health, ye may keep your powder dry. Piuwtuws or Fottrikrism ? Brisbane is lecturing in Philadelphia with success of appropriate smallneas The papers there give due credit to the iibuti* ot true city, n>r lie persevering anvocacy 01 the doctrines ot association. " Honor lo whom honor i? duein the maxim of just and enlightened t nloHi'pliy, and in this instance we have great plea ure in adopting it Through good report and through had report the Trtbunf has stuck to CharleB Fourier, and to thnt print his disciples in this country are mainly indebted lor their public existence. We may merely add that the creed is worthy of the exponent, and the exponent worthy o| the creed. The nineteenth century produces all sorts of vegetables. Cokhkctiov?It was a man called the "Rats," an J ail tli'* Regular " Rat Catcher," that lough t on Sutsn Island on Sunday last. Another Repeal Meeting.?The seventh large Repeal Meeting was held last night at Washington Hall. In the course of the evening, about #2U0 were collected in Bmall sums. The Chairman was CharleB O'Connor, and the meeting was addressed by Messrs McKeon, Reece, Barber, icc ; but as the meeting did not commence till 9 o'clock, and did not break up till midnight, we are compelled to postpone a lull report of their proceedings. Another Rebellion in Canada ?The leading article 111 the last Montreal Herald (24th inst.) contains startling news of another contemplated rebellion in Canada. The urticle is as follows:? Organization of Anotheh Rebellion While the Loyalist* are counselled by their rulers to forget and forgive, while the participator* in the late rebellion* arc raised to the seat of power, und no means left untried to 1 -i I .u . i .. . >,?' ?VM iut I'UII Ui io> nil! in in? ui'ini 01 inn ormui population, unether rebellion i? organizing in the midst ot ui. Startling as the anertion may appear, and well io, when the French Canadians have had favors heaped up- 1 on them at the expense of the mote deserving Colonists of other origins, it is no less true. We have heard for some time past that bodies o. Cavalry have been maneuvering in the neighborhood of St. Philips every Sunday, mounting and dismounting, charging in squadrons, and going through all the evolutions ot regular troops at the word of command. On Sunday last a body ot Infantry was seen by some officers of high standing, drilling upon the north bank of the St. Lawrence, some miles below Montreal. Some were armed with muskets, othors with tusees, and many had shot belts and powder horns slung across their shoulders. They were commanded by one who carried a drawn sword in his hand, which he waved above his head when giving the word of command. The men appeared to be tolerably disciplined, marching and going through their exercise, tiring in pompanies, lie., with great steadiness. Meetings are being frequently held in Montreal, which Bre largely Httended by the French Canadians, and secret societies, having for their object the dismemberment of Canada from the mother country, prevail throughout the French districts. Outwardly all seems peace, but mischief is brewing rapidly?the British Government has been warned, let it beware. I ? Tiik Laundry on Statkn Isi-and.?A good deal of excitement has been produced by an expose of the new health regulations adopted by the resident physician of this port. From a variety ol communications on the subject which we have received, we select the following, which cotnes front a very respectable source: Autor House, June 94. James G. Bennett, Esq? Sir : An annonymnus correspondent in this day's Herald attempts to shield Dr. Van Hovenburgh, tne new health officer, from the public odium justly attached to him lor his unnecessary, outrageous, and uncalled-for detention of the clothes ol the passengers per Koscius at his wash-house on Staten Island?price one dollar per dozen. To do this, he attempts to throw dust in the eyes of the public by adducing a section of the law which has no more to do with the case in quertion than chalk has with chesse. The Koscius was not subject to a quarantine of two days ; the section quoted by your correspondent applies to vessels lrom the West Indies or the Mediterranean , but Liverpool, w? give your correspondent the benefit of the information, is a pott of Great Britain, and consequantly is not subject to the law quoted by him. For the benefit of the Health Officer, deputy or apologist, please publish the section of the L applicable to the Koscius?Title 11, Art. 1, 8ec. 6 " > < ry rerselincluded in the first class (viz. vessels iron a i eign port having forty or more BMMngt b includes the Koscius) shall be subject to r ;th of quarantine and other regulations as the 1 -tli> nil designate and enjo Hence it will bo seen thut us detention of C) Ur. Van Hovenburgh's wash house, price one d- per dozeu, is merely an exercise of despotic pow ' We again call the proper authorities to look into matter, assuring them that if black mail is to be levi m this lorm upon Europ n passengers for the benefit ol the Health (irticer an ite, 1 for one shall come to New York by anothl rout We see by the I'ost l Health Otticer has gone into the business of tran sseri ger? also. This will bring more grist to th Youis, \SSENGER. ?orne authoritative ai ine6s seems absolutely necessary. 110 doubt, now that the public attention has been properly excited, appropriate measures will be adopted to prevent a repetition of the annoyances which have so justly elicited these complaints. Dows and GuiTKAtr.?Tiiis house was said in our paper ot yesterday, to have t-uflered by the infidelity of its late clerk, Robert II. Davis. The amount of his misappropriations, we understand to be about $10,000; but we have full confidence in the information obtained from those well acquainted with the house, that this amount, even if wholly lost, will not in any matter affect its ability to meet promptly its liabilities, nor incapacitate it to continue as extensive a business as heretofore, and with the same safety to its customers. The house promptly prosecuted thejvarious individuals, who, it believed, had become possessed of the abstracted funds, and has full confidence of being able to show that they became possessed, under such circumstances, that law and morals will alike make it their duty to refund. Those suits are yet pending, and at the earliest opportunity will be brought to trial. The fact of the lose, we understand, became known to the r_: i m i n-:* : 1: 1? -i?? menus ui uuws auu vruuctiu, unmcuituriy aner n was ascertained by themselves, and the particulars have not been made public, from prudential considerations, growing out of the course intended to be pursued with the civil suits, and not from any apprehension that publicity would impair their credit wherever they are known, or diminish the amount of their future business. " Eyes Right."?a member of that meritorious corf s, the National Guard, complains terribly of our reporter's criticism on the appearance of the 6th company at the Bunker Hill celebration. Our correspondent remarks, apologetically, that the position of the company with respect to the band, was very unfavorable?" they could'nt hear the music half tfie time." They aieall very gallant, well drilled fellows, we doubt not, but such rain as that j which greeted their advent in Boston would have spoiled, pro tempore, the feathers of the finest birds in the world. Father Matthew.?This great apostle of temperance will not be able to visit this country during the present year. He has. however, notified the Catholic Abstinence Society of Philadelphia, that he will meet them next year. Plenty of work for him here. Not Gone Yet.?There is no truth in the melancholy rumor that one of the most distinguished of our North River Captains had ceased for ever to " swallow." We saw him yesterday morning in the full tide of health and spirits, and the only evirlp?nr#? of nr#-v'tnna fi^ranflpmcnt U'nn thp fart that was bidding "good morning" to every body he met?the poor man having apparently got very dieordered notions about the progress of time. The Robbery at the Astor House.?With all his cleverness, Jim frtetson did'nt catch that rascal who cleared ofl with the rilver forks and spoons ? Mr. S. complains very loudly, however,of the inefficiency of his police assistants. Had they been properly awake, we doubt not the culprit would now be fulfilling his destiny in the Tombs. Steam Boat Accommodations.?Complaints are very frequently made, and not without good reason, respecting the accommodations on board of the beautiful steam boats which navigate our noble rivers and ocean lakes. The grievances of the ladies, God bless them, demand immediate redress They are condemned to all sorts of annoyances? chief of them, sequestration from the society of the gentlemen, except at the supper or breakfast tabic. There should certainly be some, arrangements made which would enable the ladies and gentlemen to enicv each others society, and save the former from continual condemnation to the company of squalling babies, black chambermaids and disagreeable individuals of the teminin" race. Then again there are many poor devils, the state of whose exchequer will not |>ermit them to occupy seats at the table in the cabin at meal time. Could there not be a refreshment room, to which the passengers could resort ad libitum t " Can any oood thing come our 01 Na/arkth V -There are yet some vestiges of civilization in Florida. They bung a man there the other day for killing his wife. Navai-?East India Squadron ?The U. S. store vessel Frederick Warren will sail for China from Boston on the 1st of July. Letters sent to the Naval Library and Institute, Navy Yard, Charlestown, Mass., post paid, will beforwarded to the East India squadron Thk prevailing Epidemic? Scene in a Country Doctor's Shop.? A few days ago a friend of ours, laboring under the prevailing epidemic, on hia way to the Vlochter, New Jersey, stepped into the principal doctor's shop in Hsckensack, when the following conversation occurred between him and a very lady-like, tall, genteel woman, the wife of the doctor, who was absent on his daily round:? Patirnt?Could you mix me a prescription, if you please, madaml Lady?What kind ol a 'scriptionl Patient?I'll write it?here it is-.? Pulv Doveri, xii. grs. Hydrarg- submur., viii. grs. Misce. Lady?(Calling to a young man in the kitchen,) *.?eorge, wnere s me uover's powders! George?I dun'now? I b'lieve there's none mixed. Lady?Can't you mix nonel Geouge?Yes?if I know'd what to mix 'em with. Patient?Never mind?give me a lew grains of ipecacuanha. Lady?(Calling to the fellow in the kitchen,) George, where's the ippeycacl George?1 dun know?it's one of them bottles with the yellow stuff in it. Lady?(pulling down one out of twenty bottles, not one of which had a label on it.) I guess this is it?however, you can taste it and see; and if there's any mistake, why 1 shan't charge anything lor it. Stop?no! 1 b'lieve that's yellow arsenic. Try the stuff in this bottle. The patient took the yellow stuff, in his hand, out of compliment. Patient?Now, give me eight grains of calomel. Lady?George, which is the calomel 1 Gkokgk?(Still in the kitchen.) One of them bottles with the while stuff in it. Lady?Oh, I guess this is it?(taking down a bottle,) George, where's ail them grain weights 1 George?I dun know. Lady?Well, I guess the children have been here and carried 'em all off. Never mind?1 shall have to guess at eight grains. And pouring out about thirty grains, she handed them over to the patient, exclaiming, "There, I've given you good measure, any how." Patient?How much is all this, Ma'am 1 Lady?Well, 1 guess it's all worth about a shilling. The patient paid the money, and as he left the doctor's shop, threw both the " yellow" and the "white" stuff into the gutter ; determined to get his prescriptions mixed in New York hereafter. The Influenza.?It appears that the only radical cure for this annoying epidemic is a vapor bath. All the victims of this troublesome visitant had better, therefore, visit Mrs. Carroll's establishment in Courtlandt street, and let all their sufferings evaporate. The New Mirror.?We have just inspected a monthly number of this elegant periodical. We were perfectly aware that this is the age of cheap literature, but really we were scarcely prepared for such a penny worth, as the General and his curly-pated associate, present us with every Saturday. In the quantity and quality of letter-press?the beauty ot the engravings?and the general excellence ol , the whole work, no other periodical here can hold a candle to the " Mirror." i Theatrical Movements.?Theatricals in this < city are several degrees below zero?always excepting Niblo's Garden, however, which is in the < perfect noonday of its success and popularity. At ; the Park, even the rats are starving, and will pro- < bably soon vacate the premises, and leave the ricketty old barn as silent as a church-yard at the i "time when the wasted brands do glow," and the screech owl makes night hideous. The Chatham is brushing up lor a new, and of course successlul campaign. Mrs. Brougham has gone to the West?Buffalo and Cincinnati. Chippendale is doing tolerably well in the city of pork. Miss Petrie is a great favorite there, being < very plump and very rosy. The Italian Opera Company of New Orleans have been engaged at the Chesnut street Theatre. The Olympic, in Philadelphia, has re-opened auderthe management of Peter Richings. Wallace, the new Paganini, has of course en- \ chanted the people of Philadelphia. Dempster was giving concerts at Rochester by the latest accounts. Jones, the late manager of the late Tremont in Boston, is cutting his way to fame and fortune in the practice of surgery. Mrs. Hardwick's Concert went off beautifully last night. She is a very deserving artist, and her little daughter is quite a prodigy. Niblo's.?That figure of fun Burton appears this evening, for the last time. He is an excellent cure for dullness, and his audience are never disappointed in their demands upon him for amusement. The characters he assumes this evening, are amongst the very best he plays, Jenkins and Mr. Brown. There is a solidity and substance in Mr. B.'s acting, that renders him unapproachable ; he always bolds unlimited control over the risible muscles of his audience, and sends them home well pleased, which is a great desideratum in acting. Miss Ayres also appears in two favorite characters, and we expect a crowded garden will witness the varied attractions of the evening. Bowxry Amphitheatre.?The beautiful acts of horsemanship which are nightly presented at this establishment, are only necessary to be witnessed to be admired and applauded. Go to-night ar.d satisfy yourself. _____ Later from Tampico ?A private letter from Tampico, dated the 2d inst., contains the following information:? Business here is as dull as usual, but we have lately had some ten or twelve arrivals from Europe of vessels laden with merchandize. This will probably give some animation to Commerce. Fifteen hundred men, forming part of the troo|? ii'hn na nl I n 1 a fp>rt 111 Vnr*u!An 1 n n < I ll#?n* upafpr. ",,V ... . HW*V /VB,Vi day. J The seat of government of this department is about being transported to Tampico. This will greatly augment the importance and add to the population of our town. The schooner Virginia Antoinette, Capt. Delvnille, arrived here from New Orleans in five days, but did not succeed in passing the bar till yesterday.? N. O Bee. From Trinidad de Cuba.?Capt. Ames, of the brig Espelata, reports it as very healthy at Trinidad on the 8th inst , when he sailed. That side of the island was perfectly tranquil. The market was overstocked with American provisions; the stock of molasses on hand was about t'.v.'HH) hhds., the price of which was cents per gallon. All the box sugars, about 22,(Kg) boxes, had been bought up |or European market. Several American vessels were loading at very low freights?to St. Petersburg the rates were ?2 5s, 2 7s, a ?2 per ton ?U. 8. iiazelte. Wabash and Erik Canal?A rupture in the banks of this canal, caused by the late excessive rains, has closed the navigation ; it is expected that in the course of a fortnight it will be Hguin opened. The whole country in tiie .Wabash valley is overflowed. Death ok a Judos.?Judge John B. C. Lucas, Inle Iiirlffe of the United SMHtes Territorial Court ot Missouri, died in St. Lome on the 31st ult. at an advanced age. The Boundary Commis'ionkrs?On the part of the United States and <Jreat Britain have commenced operations at (Irand Falls on the St. John. AcytJirniD.?vvjlliam If. Plntt, recently on trial in Augusta, Georgia, lor the murder 01 Mr. Harding The Auguata Chronicle, speaking of the result ol the trial,say*:? II such a verdict met any other than the execration of the great mass of our population, it would indeed he a deep disgrace. Saorilkok.?The Cathalic Church at Newcastle Me., was entered by some scoundrels, a few nighty since, and utensils, Asc., of considerable value des troyed. A beautiful baptismal vase, presented to the society by Bishop Chevereaux, was destroyed. Steamboat Empire.-We have received the following communication relative to the merits of this new boat, in which the successlul operation ot Lighthall's " half-beam engine," has, we believe, been satisfactorily established i ? Editor op the HeraldSir Believing you to be a friend to improvement, Ihave been induced to ask the favor that you will, by malting a true statement of the perlormance ol the steamboat Empire, correct the erroneous im pressions that are abroad in relation to that boat, and ihe hall beam engines, which in my opinion, both for workmanship and working are unsurpassed in this or any country. It is true the boat was started before she was ready; every thing was new and nadto be tried, and yet what new boat ever did what she has done on her second regular trip, to surpass in speed the lastest boat on the river, the South America! Generally speaking, a month at least is allowed a new boat to get ia order, but the Empire started from the "score" at a speed of eighteen to nineteen an hmir fhrmiah tins wutnr na aupprtRin^d hv Mr. Stevens, and a number of scientific gentlemen on board. Now if there is a boat afloat, and in perfect running order, that can accomplish even that s|ieed, 1 should like to have her named, even at the present time, while the Empire is running for the purpose of getting in order. She makes all the necessary "landings," overhauling the opposition boat in the bays, and gets in before ner; and let me tell you the Curtis Peck is no easy boat to beat?she ranks amqng the fastest upon our waters, being small and easily handled, she will make the same landing in half a minute that takes a large boat four minutes; and when boats are going a mile in three minutes and a quarter, having ten or twelve landings to make, admitting thev both make the same, one boat must be a great deal faster than the other to do it, and yet the Empire has done it,< and every day will do it easier. In about a fortnight's time the Empire will be in perfect order, and if you will then come on board yeu will be convinced that what I have stated is true, and will see a boat .and pairjof engines worih looking at. Ttie Empire left Albany on Saturday last at 20 minutes past 7?made six landings, which occupied in all 24 minutes, and arrived at New York 35 minutes past 3 o'clock, making her running time 7 hours and 53 minutes, against tide from Poughkeep sie. lneourtis reck started a minutes Deiore/, was passed at Dobb's Ferry, about 22 miles Irom New York, and arrived 8 minutes after the Empire. Both boats made the same number of landings. Yours, &c. June 21st, 1843. We remind the owners and conductors of these boats that however friendly we may b; to improvements in our mode of locomotion on water, yet we cannot allow any trials of superiority in speed or capacity, which obviously endanger the lives of passengers to pass without merited rebuke. This steamboat racing has been in too many cases allowed to go unpunished. It should be at once put an end to forever. City Intelligence. Melancholy Suicide.?On Saturday last the Coroner held an inquest at No. 27 North Moore street, on the body of Mr. John Fatrullo, a Scotchman, aged 34 years, who was engaged with hisprother, David the wine and liquor trade, at No. 131 Mulberry street, and who committed suicide about half past two o'clock on that day, by shooting himself in the head with a double barrelled

gun. He had been occupied during the forenoon paying some bills, and transacting business at the Custom House, and returned to the store about one o'clock. His brother asked him soon alter if he would go down town and take up a small note, which was due that day, and not returning as usual to dinner, or to the store before tea, some uneasiness was caused among his friends. On his iirotner returning iu me uo&ruinc: uuuse in me evening, be inquired if the deceased had returned, and was inform, sd he had not. He then sought him in his bed-room where he found him lying on his face, at the loot ot the bed, quite dead. Dr. Hudson Kinsley was immediately summoned,who, on turning the body over, found the head shockingly mutilated; the mouth, cheeks and lace blackened, land shattered to pieces, and a gun lying at right angles with the body, between the knees, with which it was apparent that the unlortunate man had completed his own destruction by placing the muzzle in his month. He had attempted once before to destroy himself by strangulation, on the 'J0th April last, aad came very near accomplishing his object. No cause could be assigned for the rash act. The inmates of the house heard a report as it from a gun about hall past two o'clock, but took no notice of it. Verdict, that the deceased came to his death by shooting himself with a double barrelled gun, loaded either with buck shot er ball. Accidentally Drowned?Joseph Thompson, a colored lad, aged about Id years, assistant cook on board the steamboat Indiana, Captain Gillespie, lying at the foot oi Courtland street, was accidentlv drowned by falling into the water, while attempting to go on board the boat. The plank, which was lockeJ as usual, had worked off to the edge ol the boat, and on his stepping on it, it turned over, precipitating him into the river. He sank immediately, and did not rise again. Every eflort was made to rescue him, but before he could be got out, a lapse of some Hfteen minutes occurred, so that life was extinct when he was recovered. Verdict, accidental drowning. Bi.'rglart.-?0flicer Ruckel arrested three boys named Michael Hogan, Peter Ruland and William Nesbitt, who bad committed a burglary on Sunday afternoon at the store of Joseph Riley, No. 116 Maiden lane, and stole therefrom live pairs of boots, worth three dollars and iwuuiy uvc ueuis jn i jiaii. ouuio ui iuc uuvlb wwc iuuuu on their feet, and the rut they had sold to the father of Nesbitt, who keeps a cellar in vVilliam street near Spruce. They succeeded in gaining an entrance into the store by mounting te the window of the second story by means of the sign, and undoing the latch. They were discovered by Mr. Hiley, who happened to go to his store about three o'clock, when the young rascals jumped from the second story and made oil'. Attkmptid Buralary.?John Hilliken was caught about 8 o'clock on Sunday night, by watchman John Heed,attempting to enter the house ot Mr. Andiew Dow. den, No. 105 Wooster street, by the basement windowfully committed. Takiro Milk by thi Wholesale.?Freedoms. Newton, Nathan K. Sbcpbard, and a fellow named Goodrich, were seen by Elisha C. Dodd, of No. 383 Greenwich street, to carry ol two cans of milk, containing each fortytwo galionsol the value of $12, from the wharf at the foot of Courtlandt street. A warrant was issued, and the parties arrested and fully committed. Common * ouiicll. Board or Aldermen?Monday, June 36?Alderman Lee President pro tem. in the absence of Alderman Purdy liom sickness. Petitions presented and referr ed.?From a number of merchants in Cedar and Pine streets, from Na.sau to Broadway, against permitting stages and omnibusses from standing or running through said streets. From ?r imam nwiuicug, uiiouuB ,.c. ?......... .?. .. of Fulton Ferry lor five years. I'rom Joseph K. Mount and others to have Kast Broadway lighted with gas From J. C. & R. L. Stevens lor the exclusive useof wharf foot of Barclay street. Hawkert and Peilari.?The committee to whom was referred the resolutions of mechanics and merchants, relative to hawkers and pedlars, reported favorable, aud asked a reference to the Committee on Laws and the Counsel of the Board. Alderman Tillou reported an ordinance which was referred to the same committee. Lunatic Jlsylum?The Committee on Charity and Alms House, reported in favor of erecting an additional buildiugon Black well's Island for the useol lunatics. Park Theatre.?The Committee on Assessments reported in lavorol reducing the assessment on the I'ark Theatre Irom $100,000 to $70,000. Adopted. Special Election in the 13<fi Ward.?A report and resolution authorizing a special election in the 13th Ward, lor Alderman, iu the place of Alderman Bonneil, deceased, to he held on Tuesday, July 11th, was adopted. Pmtponemenl of Sale of Jlmeiimente.?The report asking lor a post|H>ncment of the sale ol property lor unpaid assessments advertised on the lJlh of June, to the 7th of July, was adopted. Crolon Wettr in the 12th Ward.?The committee to whom was retcrred the introduction ol Croton water into 9V,h street, and 7th avenue, and also inte the Asylum lor indigent colored Inmalei, reported unfavorable, on the ground that tho 19th ward and that portion ot the 10 h. had obtained release from taxes to support the Cro. ton Water Works. Adopted. Water Cemmltiioneri and the. Comptroller.?Acotnmu* nication was received from the Water Commissioners asking that the Comptroller may bo comnellud to issue warrants payable to their order, instead of the present practice of issuing payable immediately to the persons to whom the money is owed. Referred to same committee. Thr Crntnn Frethet?A communication fromthe Counsel of the Board, stating the fact that the Messis. Bailey's bail recovered a verdict of $53,865, at a recent Circuit Court, in Westchester county , for dam ages done to their works by the great freshet of the Croton in 1841, and asking power to carry the can t to a higher court, was adopted. Collector of the ]hth Iford.?The Comptroller ro|>orted Alfred Batton. 1st.' Collector of the lMh Ward, as behind hand in his accounts in tho sum of $100 and upwards. Pttrchaiing Jltiened IaiIi A csmraunication from the Comiitroller, asking lor an appropriation ot $940,000 to purchase lands, to >? sold for assessments, on which no tn<l wus oil,ml, win referred fo tli.i Committee on finance. The Governor of the Stale.?Alderman F.MMsxs presented r resolution, railing upon the Mayor to ascertain whether fiovernor Bouck.on III contemplated visit to the counties adjacent to Now York, will extend his v if it to this city on the fourth of July?Adopted. Tn< < rait of the City Watch.? Alderman Tn.i.or olTerei a resolution, enquiring into the necessity ol increasing the number ol tlie city w atchmen, and alsa the propriety of inert nse of their puy, if the. Committee, to whom the subject was referred, report favorable to their going on duty at dusk, and remaining until sunriso. Iteicrred. Public Contracts Alderman Tiui.or presented a reso lution, compelling all persons hurealter taking contiacts fiom the Corporation to make an affidavit in connection with the same, that they ore the only person cr jiersons interested in said contruct. Referred to Committee on Laws. Juror*.?Alderman Tn.t.ou offered a resolution calling upon i he Assessors to muke public the period ol closing their last assessments, In order to allow persons not com pelled to do Jury duty to k't8 notice to the County Clei k, thus preventing the numerous excuses for non-attending juries made before our courts, and securing a full attendance ol the pa: .el. Adopted. The Street Contract Alderman W* i rhmsn moved thut this subject be the special order of the day for the next meeting. Adopted. Repeal of Executive Poweri of Execultot Committee! ? Alderman WirtsMis called up the report and ordinance of the Committee on Laws, on the resolution of inquiry as to the expediency ef modifying or repealing ordinances, I Ac ,conferring executive powers on standing commi tees, j which was read, and made the order of the day for next Monday, to which time the Board adjourned. I Court of Errors. , June J6.?This Court was occupied yesterday with a continuation of the arguments in the case of Buydam, Jackson and others plaintiffs in error, vs. the Tutriotic , Bank of Washington, defendants in error. Mr. Theodore Sedgwick opened for the defendants in I error. Be fore its adjournment, the Court agreed to commence ' its next term at the capitol in the city or Albany, on the second Suturday of August next, at 12 o'clock at noon; and that appeal cuuses be first hoard at that term, and that no causes on writs of error be heard until the fifth week of the term. Court of Common Pleas. Before Judge Inglis. June 26?Neville e?. Brower f Spencer.--The Court was occupied the entire day with this case; which was annul v an action for trespass of no particular importance. The facts arc simply these : Mr. Neville, the pluintiff, occupied the premises No. 6> Broad street, as a refectory, the fixtures and furniture whureot were levied on and sold by the defendants in February last, under a landlord's warrant; and the plaintiff now sued them as trespassers, on the ground that their warrant was informal. The defence rested mainly on the arrest of the plaintiff to the proceedings at the time oi the sale. The case was submitted to the jury, but no verdict was returned at the adjournment of the Court. Vice Chancellor's Court. Junk 26?Assistant Vice Chancellor Sandtord will hold a term, and call his calendar on the first Monday of July , and there will be i o term in August. He will hold a term at Albany also on the third Monday of July, pursuant to an appointment of the Chancellor, when the tollowing classes of causes may be brought to a hearing, viz.: Original calendar causes of any class pending before the Chancellor; any calendar cause pending before the Vice Chancellor ot the Third Circuit; and fourth class causes pending in the Second and Fourth Circuits. {ftjp-FASHIONABLE ARRIVAL.?Gin. Tom Thumb, Jr. arrived at the American Museum yesterday, and was groetedby a crowd of visiters. Hu is as captivating as ever, cuts a great swell among the ladies, and shows off' his Boston accomplishments in fine style. At his other engagement many were disappointed, by deferring their 1 calls too long. For the accommodation of families and children performances of legerdemain, be. take place in ths lecture room every atternoon, at lour o'clock, be sides the evening performances. {& THE MOST EXTRAORDINARY LIVING creature] that the world ever produced is exhibiting ai rtuit s now j ork museum?ti is a pernor JMsus Jiaturte. It i* scarcely possible to describe it The upper part of the body resembles that of a human being, the legs and srms have peculiar appendages attached to them similar to the claws of wild animals?it runs about upon all fours, yet it has the power of speech, and is as merry as a cricket playing pranks from morning till night. There will be a performance this afternoon, at 3 o'clock. Delarue, Mr. Brouwer, Miss Adair, Miss Blanchard, &c. appear. 0Q- ON THIS MORNING, AT 30 ANN STREET will be published the THE TWINS, AND OTHERTALES, By Frederika Bremer, Authoress ot "The Neighbors," "Home," &.c. (Copyright secured.) The high reputation which this lady sustains as an authoress, renders it unnecessary to say anything in commendation ot these delightful stories. They can scarcely fail to excite a deep in. terest. Price 13? cents, $1 for 10 copies, $8 per hundred. Sub- , ject to periodical postage only. Address J. WINCHESTER, 30 Annst. ? ' ( METALIC TABLET?This is the most perfect the wonderful power of producing the keeneit and smoothest possible edge to a razor, in a tenth part of the time that is required on a hone, at the same time doing . away with the unpleasant use ot oil and water. It is the same size as an ordinary strop, and as simple in its use With one of them the means is ever at hand of keeping razors in perfect order. The first cutlers of England and Fiance have them in constant use, and recommend them. The celebrated M. Millikin, cutler to the Royal Navy, 301 Strand, alter using one five years, rent a certificate of its superiority to the inventor, where it can be seen, with many others lrom the most scientific gentlemen ol this country. O. 8AUNDERS, Inventor and manufacturer of the Metalic Tablet., 163 Broadway. QQ- A CURE GUARANTEED.?THE COLLEGE OF Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, established for the suppression of quackery, is now prepared to treat all diseases of a private nature, and offer to all those atlicted with these distressing maladies advantages not to be met with in any other institution in this country, either public or private. From the constant correspon- j dence, and from private arrangements, between the mem- , hers of the College and the most eminent Professors of the Medical Institutions of Europe, all improvements in tho < treatment of these diseases are forwarded to them long j before they reach the majority of the medical profession of this country. All persons who have used the celebrated preparation of Professor Ricord, "The Parisian Alterative Mixture," can bear testimony to its being the most powerful remedy ever discovered for primary or secondary syphilis, strengthening the constitution, whilst eradicating the disease. rroiessor Valpeau's discovery, in bis Specific rills, for the euro of gonorrhw and gleet, has raised him itnmea- , surably above all his contemporaries in this particular branch of the profession. With such celebrated remedies, together with the combined skill of the first medical men t 01 inis uoumry, mo i/ouege ie?u saiisueu mai ine good B work they have undertaken, "the suppression ol quackery,"will receive the patronage it deserves from that ' portion of the public requiring their services. d Terms, for advice, and all medicines, $6. s Office, and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau street. \V. 8- RICHARDSON, Agent. " N. B ? Patients living at a distance, by stating their disease explicitly in writing, giving all symptoms, together a with the treatment they received elsewhere, if any, can ? obtain a chest containing all medicines, with full direc. ' tion for use, with a guaianteeofcure, by addressing the A Agent of the College,-post paid, enclosing $5. n Cg- THE PREVAILING EPIDEMIC INFLUENZA. T Dr. Wistar's Balsam of Wild Cherry?Nature's own Pre- o scriptioB.?A compound balsamic preparation oftho Pm- c nu? Virginiana, or " Wild Cherry Bark," combined with the Extract ol Tar, prepared by a new chemical process, n approved and recommended by the most distinguished fi physicians,and universally acknowledged the most vnlu- p able medicine ever discovered. For influenza, coughs, colds, asthma, whooping-cough, catarrh, tightness of the ch?it, bronchitis, liver complaint, Ac., it is the best medi- c cine extant. Numerous physicians in different parts of tho country '' have given up their old prescriptions lor this balsam, and 0 voluntarily testify that it possesses A HEALING EFFICACY 1 in all diseases ofthe lungs and liver, hitherto unknown to the medical world. c Trice $1 ; sold by Isaac Butts, us Fulton, corner Nas- . sau street, (and at the depot for cheap publications! 187 Hudson street ; Badger, Newark; Dexter, Albany ; Gor- ti ham, New Haven. (tg- A DIALOGUE.?Hollo ! Charles, my boy, why, * you look like a galvanized corpse ; what on earth's the matt' r with you 7 Ah! Tom, it's no joke; I've got this awful influenza?a discharge from my nose, eyes and mouth, equal to the volume of three Croton hydrants, and a pain in my right side that troubles me more than all the rest. fc Psha ! man, never say die. Do you want to be well in j 49 hours, eh 1 Yes, Tom, I'd give $190 to be sure of being well in a 0 foi tnight. ii Well, Charles, I should make $99 60 out of you if I gi were to tako you at your word. In the first place, buy a box of Petera' Cough Lozenges, price 25 ceats ; that will 1' give your cough and cold a quietus. But my aide, Tom, my side ! My liver's in a dreadful tl state. v Lay out '25 cents more, Charley, for a box of Peters' d Vegetable Pills, and if they don't put your liver to rights t< in'24 hours, I'll give you leave to bury m# alive. u Exit Charles hastily, in the direction oi 125 Fulton st. N.B. This was two days ago ; the sick man is now well. {JQP-TO FARMERS.?The attention of all farmers, and all who own carriages ami harnesses, is called to the Oil ot Tannin, which u ill double the wear of a harness or carriage top, aad make i1 look like new leather. This it will do. It softens and renovates, and gives old worn out leather a sti ngth that is surprising. Ho one should fail to use it, as in all cases where it does not give satisfaction the money is returned. To be had only at 21 Courtlandt street, by the bottle, gallon or barrel. Call and sen what it has done. {K7- THE BEST DENTIFRICE IN THE WORLD is Sherman's Tooth Pasta?it is very pleasant to the taste, sweetens the breath, hardens the gums and keeps them from aching and decay, and gives them a pearly whiter nsss, unknown to any other article. Whoever wants a truly delicious preparation should get this popular paste. So great is its reputation that some have attempted to get up a Tooth Taste in imitation, but it is no more like the genuine than brick-dust and molasses would bo. The genuine is free from all gritty sensation, or injurious ingredients, and should tie used by every one wiio values a good set of teeth and a sweet breath. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at 108 Nassau st. Agents ?110, 273, 450 ami 001, Broadway . 77 East Broadway, 227 Hudson st , 1H8 Bowery, 88 William st., 10 A?tor House, 130 Fulton street, Brooklyn ; HO Cliesnut st., Phila-, 8 State St., Boston ; and 4 Stan wix Hall, Albany. {ftT- THE HIGHLY CONCENTRATED EXTRACT ot Hursaparilla, prepared by the College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the city of New York, established lor the suppression ot quackery, by the preparation and sale of genuine medicines. This nowerful purifierdillars essentially from the mix ture solii by the ill uggists under the nnmeol Sarsjpaiilln; it ii composad of the most purifying and strengthening medicinal roots nt present known to the mrdicsFlnciilty, manufactured by a medical process, with an npparatm imported by the Colli gc from Paris, and not in the possession ol any other establishment in New York. Its piepa ration ia superintend* <1 by scientific medical men, perfectly converaant wnh the curative powers of each root, and he exact proportion that one should bear totho other. It may now be said to bo the only preparation ot Harsaparilla prescribed by the regular medical practitioners of New York, and has been universally lound to possess the most po 4-erful control over all diseases ariing from an impure ktate of the blood, such as scrofula, unit worm or tetter, rheumatism, pimples, or blotchas on the lace or body, malignant ulcers, sccondery syphilis, sail rheum, and a.l all actions arising from an improper use of motciiry., Sold in bottles, three times the strength of what is ordinarily said for flarsaparilln, 7A cents each ; In cases con- ( raining half n dozen, 00j In ditto, containing ontt dozen, $0, cnreltilly packed and sent to all parts oftlin Union. W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent i Office and consulting rooms of the College, #7 Ntssnx street. tl BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. It is officially announced that the Hon. Abel P. U|?ehnr (the present Secretary of the Navy) haB Jeen appointed to act as Secretary of State <i<i interim.? Nat. Int. Sales or Stocks at Philadelphia yesterday. 5 shares Sdhuylkill Navigation, 43); $1000 Cincinnati Water WorKS, 89); $659 75 Penn a 5'e, 1854, 46); $800 do, 1864 40); $50 do. 1864, 46). A1W Board?25 shares Schuylkill Navigation 43J; 6 do h'armt-ia'unl Mechanics' Bank. 34; $300 Lehigh 6's Mortgage, 60; $2000 Penn'a 5's, 6 Klat, 46); $500 do 5's, 1865, 16); $200 do 5's, 1864 , 46; 204 shares Schuylkill Naviga:ion, 43). LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NEWS. Pnii.APk.PHiA. Jan- 36?Arr, Columbia, Benr, Hilifsx, NS; Albany, .Nave, New Yoik; Wakefield, <4 nun. I'or inoke, Itiver; Jolm Buck, West, Deep Creek, Va; Mary Anu Cathaiiuc, J ilicsoa, 8 '(folk, Va; New lerie y, Myers.Albanyr Ir.rnside?, Mar hain, Hartford; Black Diamond, McMurlie, Aibtny?Cld, R salie. Hill, St Croix; Emily, Bernadou, StJago de Cuba; Clieiter, Vaudjke, New Orleans; Maitlacd, Kdlan, . Yaunmth, NS. ,, , Baltimore Jane'6?Arr, Hortenkis, La-ub-rt, NewYork; Roauuke, Cusou, Tonre, PR; Try all, Oihbs, r.ovidence; Cnbi. Nasi, Elizabeth ciry, NC ?cld, Oileana, Lewis, K10 Jane. r> and a market; Dequeue, Young, Dcinararaj; Michigan, Ttrry, New Ycrk; ( hdt tthouc'iee Uoaue, and lroubadour. O.ilium, Boeiou?Sid, Columbia, Cooye', Laiuayra; Caliouchee Doaai-, Boston. (Kf-GENTLEMEN WHO HAVE S1ANBY OR RED Whisker* can find a dye that will color the hair any shade, from a light brown to a jot black, and will not stain the skin. It is made by the celebrated chemist, J. Comstock, M. D., Hartlord, Conn. To be had only at 31 Courtlandt street, near Broadway. The Magical Pain Extractor Salve should be kept la ? the house of every tamily, as it will save life in every case ii the vital parts are uninjured. Besides, it is the best thing in use lor hurts, brui <es, sore eyes, Sic Sic., and will stop pain in live minutes. Be sure that you get it only ot Comstock Si Co. Piles?Hay's Liniment is warranted to cure them. Purify the Blood- by the usee! the Extract of Sarsaparilla, made by Messrs. Comstock Si Co , which has performed some very remarkable cures. Price 60 cents per bottle, $4 per dozen. Sick Headache?Sphon'a remedy, warranted to cure. Deafness can be cured by the Accoustic Oil. Prioe $1 per bottle. Dandruff and Hair falling out, completely cured by the use of Oldridgo'a Balm el Columbia, which by over 1ft years use m tuts country, has proved the best hair restorer ever made. A Pamphlet that contains much useful matter, and one that every family ought to have, is to be had gratis to all who will send forthein. Tho prejudiced we don't expect to send until they have spent ten times, without benefit, what our medicines would cost them, to tryto be cured by a physician. All the above to be had genuine only at 21 Courtlsndt street, near Broadway. 0C7- A FINE BAHAMA OREEN TURTLE Will be served this duy in soup anil steaks?in addition to which m will be found a Billot Fare, comprising the choicest varieties, at the All Nations Hotel Restaurant, 111 Broad way. HONEY MARKET. Monday, June 20?O P. M. This is the day for opening the proposals for the new United States loan of 1>7,000,000, advertised for. Theresuits will be known to-morrow. There is very little uouor, irom rne general leciing, uut mat tun siocx, aa well as other sound descriptions, will go abroad, directly r indirectly. The stock market evinced a better feeling to-day, and % rates generally went up. Harlem Railroad { per cent; Stonington J; Kentucky J; Illinois}; Indiana }; Y.York 5's oi 186 j, l per cent. At the new board there were salea ef U. States fi's at IIS}, buyer 30. On the 14th inst., at Tuscaloosa, in obedience to law, ;he Governor, Sccrotary of State, the President and Directors ol the Bank of the State of Alabama, were occupied n destroying the notes of the Branch Banks that have seen withdrawn from circulation. The amount of notes >1 the Mobile Branch destroyed is about $800,030, and that >fthe Montgomery Branch $960,000, making $1,810,000. rhose of the Decatur and Huntsville Branches, as well as >f the others thus destroyed, will be officially stated next week. The labor of registering the notes as they aro lurnt, is considerable. This is the true path to national inaneial independence, as woll as individual and cellec,ive prosperity. With every "sybil leaf thus exorcisod, he powor oftho arch enchanter, debt, over the property )1 the industrious, is diminished. At New Orleans, on the 16th, $79,061 in specie arrived rorn Tampico. The English frigate Spartan sailed from I'amiwr. fnr Holifu. riatHavnnfl u-itli *1 ?nn one in :ie, probably to go out in the packet of the lit proximo "rom Boiton. JuJgmenta for the following sums of money were obtained by the Improvement Bank at New Orleana againit the 'moa Bank, $1,790 s7>? Mrch's jl Traders', 6,00672 uouiiuda Hiate Bk, 6 606 72 B ink of Louisiana. 6,006 72 f ;?u?i Bitk, 6.606 72 Cut Burn, 6,6.6 73 JarrolUou Bank, 6,606 72 vith interest on each from December, 1341. j The quantity ol Michigan State scrip absorbed anddesroyed last year was $120,000, and the amount now out- t tending is about $100,000. The amount of the delinquent ax bonds outstanding is $80,000. The delinquent taxes ;ue the State amount to $160,000, and tho lands will be old i ; October. The scrip and the tax bonds ere there , ore certain to be absorbed this year. The Courier and Enquirer of this morning contains an udaciously impudent putt'for the New York Life and , ., U1 v>i>ucvuvu ? ? CJIX1. U?.V1U ?UD lastcr in Chancery, of Nicolls'frauds. The report is a nero detail of the manner in which Master Nicollled the vhole board by the nose, and pocketed near 40 percent f the whole capital before it was discovered. The frauds i ommenced, it appears, in 1637, and the report ia loat in stonishment at the resplendent talents required to make I ilse entries in accounts never examined. It statis aa fol. ows:? His great skill, combined with business habits, uniting ' onstant application with trireme accuracy aud rapidity, lone enabled him to p riorra the almost incredibla labor licse varied occupations required. The highest evidence f his accuracy and skill consist in his having bean able 0 long and so successfully to conceal such extensive raudV j . These talents enabled this man to take $349,760 out of a | apital of $1,000,000, without discovery. On the 3d of I anuary.sotne weeks after the explosion, the following no- 1 ice appeared for the information of the atoekholders I Resolved, That from the examination of the assets and iabilities of thecompuuy, the beard is satisfied, and so tata lor the information of the public, that any loss tahitk he company may sustain will not impair its capital, nor xcced the sum of two hundred aud lorty thousand dolars. W.V1. BARD, President. This $740,000 has now risen to $349,000, and the stock- , toldcrs and public are amused with a detail of ths manner ( ? n which the money was stolen, aDd a general aummary / f the present condition of the company. But that Which 1 of real importance,viz. a detailed statement of its[a(Tairs, 1 othatallcan judge of its value, is withheld. The folowing is the summary :? We have also thoroughly examined and investigated he affairs of the company in relation to their liabilities; re nave inspected me iwokh ana siuminea laeomceis uu. er oath, in relation to this subject, and we present the jllowing table as containing an accurate account of their ssets and liabilities :? Ltabililirt of the Company. Capital, (1.000.000 00 Deposits in trust, 3,337,0*1 67 Trues of accumulation, 304.403 99 till I? pa-able, _ li'O.OO.i 00 Fund for sunniries granted, lut.441 64 Life insurance tUud. $3,300 00 Hecrivenhip accou t, 98143 Unclaimed dividends 4/63 00 Premium see unt, 7.731 26 Iiueiest due by ttio company, ' "" :,S (1,917,600 33 Jlnets of the Company. londs and mortgages nut of the city i f New York, $7.04 1 519 34 lends .iiid mortgage* in the city of New York, $913,441 33 kduct esti mated loss, 74 (00 00 839,114 33 Ion Is, 48.630 34 )educt estimated loss, 10,3u0 00 ?? 33,333 34 3 lis receivab'e am! stock loans, 207,350 63 Jcduct estimated lost, 34,513 00 ^ ^ liorks owned by tbc Comi>any, 487,383 97 deduct loss. 4l-7<9 " 445,501 3? . i Ural estate at cost n'. the time of pur <Ii.ur, .127,1,02 BZ Jrduot estimated Ion, (ij,2li5 47 ??? 26!,117 15 Jn iriliaiiiliip account, 86101 Ja.h due lioin couutv bank?, bciuif for latere*', colli cted. 2i'7nH w .etlcr of crrdi!, J).18(1 20 '.xchaDKO on Condon, 2' Cx .h in^r ou Ainuerdim, 21,278 7! ' ash in Manhattan B.inR, 2,352 22 ninr incr account, bond ?nd moftcaii*, 1,872 02 Jash ill Bank of the Bute of New York, 25,29t) (Hi $4,204,489 10 I iabililiei, J'?l7'fi22 " A ale ta i * Bl)< ?*? Balance of liabilities 0Tr* assets, 113,199 v2 The lorcgoing is the It of onr investigations of the onccrna of the company, ai they were on the lint of Janmry last, unaccompanied by any detail of the facta and ireu instances which havo brought ua to the conclusion* wo now present. In the repoit to the Chancellor it is imposed to exhibit the aflaiia of the institution in a much noru particular and amide manner,in relation to the mode if our examination,ami the various objects to which it l is been directed. So far ng concerns tuc investigation, >ur labors are now brought to a close, and we respectful y present to the company the foregoing summary of hem. JOHN SAVAGE, xarii rsVI i MAnrr Now Vork, May 6, IMS. Thia j? entirely uimatlafactory. The company Iiho "00,000 of mortgage! out of the city. Wlicre i? HI ^ How much intnrnot ii delinquent, and what depreciation, JjS I any,hu boon allowed? About 8per cent only ha! ke<n fm illowed on the city property, and ?0 per cent on the real : u I