Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 27, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 27, 1843 Page 3
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! cstjta. If 1(1 percent m allowed on the mortgage! out of the city, the deficiency of the stock will be $4'J0,IXX), or 40 per cent, making its prefent value 60 per cent. The j w hole thing i? a whitewashing affair, to smooth over the delinquency of one let of men and the negligence ot another let at the expense of public credulity. We have received the Comptroller's report for the State of Connecticut. The following are the receipts and current expenditures of the State for the ytar commencing 31st March,in the years 1841,18?, 1843 b'tKAKCK* os* Connecticut* 1841. 1844 1813. Current executes, 93,461 86,9'8 91,384 Receiptt. B tlauce April 1st, 18.918 11,517 19.S78 Foreit'd bonds, 1,787 2,316 1,586 A Villa of Cou??, 1,189 1,268 1,393 State Prison Pf'is, 5,0(0 13 000 2,542 Tex ?, 46,299 47,301 46,780 Bank 8'otk, die , 27,943 32,191 3),919 Pdblic lar ds, 11,199 106,797 114,329 101,902 Pu'p'us in Treasury, 811.517 $19,878 $23,105 The Slate haBfaome old revolutionary debts unliquida ifi<i oi snout f i,a?j only. The property oi io? wu eieto in bank stock, or subscriptions of the State to the capital of sundry banks, which may l>o withdrawn on giving six months notice. Bale# sit the Stock Exchange. $5000 NYorU C's, 1851 107)4 SO Vicksbarg Bank 5)4 5?t0 Ho 18?( 1H8X 10 do 2X 30(11 do 160 109 10 Mu'n?l lusnrsnce 93 , 51*0 N York 5's. 1843 99*4 30 Merchants' In 06 lt'0 Ohio 0 ?. 1850 MX 55 Aub * Koch R K 91)4 5OC0 Ho 7'?, >90 1VIX < do 93 1000 do 105 5ft Harlem Raihoad 32 loon l-di m? BoHs 34)4 525 do ;<2X 7C00 Kentucky 6's, 30 yrs 9R 5l do nw 32*4 7 00 do 98X 5(10 do ?30 32 60110 do 9Bl?' 50 Ho 1)30 32X 5000 do 5'? 8)4 100 do blO 32 X 3'0> Illinois Bonds 3! 125 do 32X i'OOO do 32)4 25 Stoniniton R R SOX lot tlixs ftlech Bkc Am 8ii 25 do b60 3)4 8 Ohio Life & Tiuit 89 Second Board. 5000 Ohio 6'>, I860 89)4 139 Mm Mechanic* B'k 99)4 5000 do > 3 89>? 32*4 10 Ohio Trust Co. 89 Hew York Public Stock Exchange. $1000 S Yo-k 6's, '862 108)4 30(10 Illiuois 6'*. 1870 31*4 2080 do nr>g 109 1 000 do btw 3'S 4090 Gov't 6's, 1862 b30 115X 1H0II Ohio 6's, 1860 op* 19 18080 do oiu H4J4 20S0 do org 89X 12000 Kentucky 6's D!0 9-)4 1000 do lOdiflopg 89k 9000 do 98)4 2'00 Ho >10 89X 1000 do slO 98)4 50 rhas N A Trust 4 1001 do |20 97)4 230 Long Maud R R 52)4 '000 do bow 98)4 50 dr> ?30 52 won ili> >20 91 110 d > slO 5 % 1000 Illinois 6'>, 1870 3lV 25 Ilirlem Railroad blO 32!* 8000 do 31)4 25 < antoo Co 'ii\ Second Bnard. 23.000 Gov 6'*,'62, bl0anpgll6 2,000 Illinois 0?j, 1870 3I& 10.000 do b30 1 2 0110 do *30 32 2,1100 Ohio 6't, I8G1, 89W 10.000 NY5?. "61 blUafop 101 2.000 do cpg 89>J 1,000 do 5*> c 1121* 5,000'Illinoit 6'.', 1870 32 1 000 Km n-ky 6's blO 08'4 ^ 1,000. do 31 J* 100 Stis Sion. UK 015 31 State of 1 rade. Statement of tolls received at the Collector's oflire in Albany during the 8d week in June 1842--3 :? 1843 $6,879 28 1949 5,614 76 Excess in favor 1843, $1,204 62 b* Whole amount received up to 32d June, in the same years:? 1943 6.$80,883 79 1842 76,122 72 Excess in favor of 1843, $4,76107 Merchandise shipped third week in June, 1,884,524 lbs. Flour arrived do do do 41,997 bis. Wheat do * do do do 3,536 bush Cotton?Operations in this article are quite small, the receipt* ate very limited, but do not vary much from the demand. The sales of Mobile rate at 6J a 8c; Upland Florida, 5J a 7i; New Orleans and Alabama, middling fair, 6$ a 6Jc, good fair, 8 a 8jc. Jlsht$? In good demand and price* steady and firm, particularly for Pots, which we quote at $4 62$. Pearls dull und heavy at $5 25. in fmlr rannn.l on.l nll In ??4 1 - ? 1- *-?>-> ... -w, .... ... ua.l'l,,III 1111) IIC1U The talcs rule at $3 86 a $2 63} lor ordinary, and $3 81} a $'2 87} for fine. Salt?We quote sales of Onondaga at $1 per barrel full weight. Flour?The market to-day has been much less active than last week. Receipts have been light, (which is undoubtedly occasioned by some difficulty at one of the locks near Utica,) and thedemand to a fair extent. Sales et Genesee have been made at $5 7ft, although some dealers ask more, but the anxiety to get up prices is among those who have purchased on speculation. We quote from sales yesterday, Genesee $f>7ft, but we think $5 81 i would be the full extreme of the market. Ohio and Michigan $5 59 a $5 9-2}. Prices cunnot reach a point much hcvond present quotations, unless a demand a great per oent larger than exists at present springs up. Cattle market. There were in market 1000 beeves, 1 SAO sheep and lambs, and 8S caws and calves. The prices for beeves ranged from $4, a $6, a (6 60. Cows and calves sold at prices ranging from $-20, to $as, n $-28, all sold, Sheep fetched from $1 50 to $3 76, and lambs from $1 50 to $3 7ft, left over 50 unsold. Brighton t at tie Alarkct, I Jtrnx 31.?164 head beef cattle, $278 a 9 '2ftper cwt. S48 head tat hogs, nett $1 87 a $-2 35 perewt. 46-2head sheep, 60 a $1 37 nerhead. H.M head niirclinf,2 fnrftnulli. crp market. 12 milch cowa, $S 74 a $ 10 35 per head, tiled. On Monday morning, the 26th inst., Mr. Join* Jonxiorr, aged 78 year*, a native of Italy, for the last fifty years a resident of this city. The friends and acquaintances of the family and thole of his sons-in-law, F. II. Way and Dr. T. Marselis, are respectfully invited to attend bis funeral this afternoon at 4$ o'clock, from his late residence No. 122 Cherry street, without further invitation. On Monday evening, Jnne '.'6th, David, son of David Wills, aged one year, seven months and seven days. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend his funeral this afternoon at 4 o'c lock, from the residence of his father. No. 101 Greenwich street. Hiram Clark,aged 28 yeuis, engineer late from Mexico. His funeral will take place this day at 3 o'cloek, from No. 181 Elizabeth street, hi* friends and those of his family are invited to attond without farther notice. His remains v will he taken to Greenwood Cemetery. On Monday morning, tho 38th inst., Anx, wife of Chas. McCusker, in the 83d year ef her nge. The triends of the family and those of her brothers 1 John, Tatriok and James Mc.Barron, are respectfully invited te attend her funeral this afternoon at 4 o'clock, from her late residence. No. 183 second street. I On Monday, at Hoboken, N. J., Hiram Woooaurr, senr. aged 73 years. Ilia ft iends and those of the family are resrectfnlly invited to attend his funeral without fuither invitation, from the hotise of his grandson, Hiram Woodruff, junior, IUohoken, 2 o'clock this doy. His remains will be taken to New Lotts, Long Island, for intarment. ?. On tha 28'h instant, after a painful illness, of consumption, Mr*. Eliza, at the age of 33 years, wife ol Adam Miller. The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend her fhneral from her late residence, No. 2 Blercker street, near the Bowery, on Wed nes-Jay, the 28ih inst., at 6 o'clock, P. M. Weekly Report, of Interments In the City and County of New York, from the 17th day of June to the 24th day ot June. 1343. 12 Men ; II Women ; 37 Boys ; 38 (Jirls. Total, 178 DISEASES. Apop'eivl: AspliTXT, I; Asthmi, t: Casualties, 1; Cho'e?a I fintiim, 2; Co'is, I; Consumption, 37: Convulsions. 10: Croup O' Hivis, 1; Delirium T.emeus, 1; Diarrhoea2; Dropsy, 4; Dronsy in the hesd, 9; in the chest 2; Dysentery I; Kpilepsy, 2; F.rvsipelsa, I; Fever pnrrrcrsl, 4; do remittent, 5; ilo typhoi I, 3; Mco-nry couah I; Iutluei ii, 4; I*-ll inmatiou I: letl mmstioa of hrsin 9; Inflammation ol bowels, II; do of eh?st. 2: do of kidneys, I; do or lun^s 13; do of stomscli, 2; dopt throat, 2; t|o of lirer, t; Insauitv. 3; Intemperance, 2; Malformation, 2; Marasmus 9; Old aye 7; Orctnic disease of hesrt.6; Rheu natism 1; fcrofnla. Is Small Pot, J; Sprue, I; Snic d?,3; Tceth'Ui 1; Ulcers, I; Unknown, 1. ASK. Under I year, 33; 1 to 2 years, 13: 2 to 5, 10; 5 to 10, 13; 10 to 20, 7; 20 to 30, 18; 30 to 40,22; 10 to 90. 24: 50 to 60, 16; 00 to 70, 11:70 to 80, 8; 80 to 90, 2; unknown, 1. places or isartviTT United States, 121; Ireland, 29 ; Ifnglsnd, 9; Germany, 6; Piaiic-.l; West Isilses. I; unknown, I. Of the above, were from the Alms House, Bellevu-*, 7; Hospital, R II, rue, ||; Hospital at BliCi well's Isliud 5; small Pox do 1; Long Island I , Colored persona 10 WM. A WALTKUS, M. D.City Inspector. ''itv Inspector ? Office. June 24, 1843. Passengera Arrived. i Hav*f?P.eketship Baltirrori?James T Caldclengh. K.n ol Philadelphia; Balliirzard D;veyii*r, of France; Josi ph martinet Deicampe auti joaepn 1*1 rottillo, ofbpiin, nod 268 in the iter race. OicNrvKooj?Brig: CiiUec?Mr. Hall T. Pollard,of lile of Pinei. Panirngrra Sailed. % lulhr picket %hip Onmcl, tailed yraterday for I.irerpool? Jimri G Bunnell, Kaq lady, child and ???>? lut, ol" INnw York; Dr Wm E Johnaon, lad* and nn>ui of Camden. 8 C- Mr Henry 8 Johnaon,do; Mr D i*id Mn ?. Jr. of Srlem; M Thn? C Mr go An. of *ew Orlear.a; Lnid Tul tmore, ol London; Mr ' iliumid Coffia. of New frit; Mr John Gibaon, of Mobile; Mr Benjamin Hoffman, of New York; Mr Jtmra Webb, of do; Mi Kclrert Halfie'il.of Jimaira; Mr Sam tie I And-rami, lady, rhild and ari?anr, of Eug'and; Or J B Willi in?, ol New Yotk; Mr Samuel K H'rnmoitd.of Onieva; Mr Petti V B. iiv ioIi, of Mobile; Dr J B O.-aecen, ol Camden, 8 C. Foreign Importations. Ha*???Ship Btltiinorr?:l curt P Hareon?2 W 5eht?4 l inhei 8t Bambuun?2 Deraiamca it Bound?I II Seybct?J W B Umper?2 AT Stewart h co?4 W H Gardner?I Hareilivi Si c ?' (foodiate ft co? 8C M Divii?19 Theriot Mail1 l> ird?2 O D fc G llavilaiid?17 H Gelilliam 8c co?12 Beooar, Gin iou k co?I Mill It 'I'homf s >n?I H dabatl?2 A H Ward 8i iii-S Wi?bf, Btnigc. tk Sl aw?2 Underwood, T literal Sc HI ir ?7 Honard St co?3 H Dorm inconr ?2 Boiceau St Poach?I A Major?? Gay, Laaaac St i\oel?2 Victor tn Achiilii?37 St tinttri '?l J C Ciutici? 2 |)or St Allen?2 Lane, L<mton N CO?1 M Mannn?2 Bailey fc Kitchen-2 .1 A Voiankeo-21 d Brialhanpr St < bun?2 W Wyae?4 Jolly Krieret? 2 Mwada fk 8.,-ddtid?IS B > l?ernoi? St co?| Mo-an St l.ehn?10 H It H Owen?I .1 M, Kinn?I Aitatrn, WilmordiuR * cn-J K Collin* ?4 Colvill It bleiiiiiic?I \y' Br.we.-23 GJ??.?-iO K s Jew.I er- 6 < nllomb St Lelin?7 L Pallivu. t?I J M Sh.iW?! J A Kliot?! l)r Kdliih?1 (i Viirtl?' ?- u 1 ,i f? H.. ? ii^Kr *n Ik mm?1*9 H Dofl U?2 K iienuy?2 Me? ke, P ?'t h c ?iL Ooldnhn'il'"' ppidi Cluiil It co? i i*olieiiin< ft I a?en?t?il? I Ch?um?u, Hchiimpf * co?i 1, Speller? I H Wei iner?3 F rth?l<li>? ft mi?1 B II "'I?1 Bi?k? ft < ,>? K <; r.olrtoo-l B .ydft l?inc?tu?I Wiley ft Putnum-i K ft II limit ht?I W Kruilr.rk?1 J I' Hire?1 U*le ?c Ma?we|t_| ^ m & r,i?2 J K hi Fell*?1 K i*l*i<ir?2 Muhey?14,000 fr*. ?, W T Wil.ln?.'3,9821 <1 l.olllur?201 Sinilh & V(?M.l-llo A Banket Ik co?10 A S. lunette?3135 Morm ft i iimnin ?l |)r ) Inr ft Uupriet?I C II S "'do?I b It 'll, Fol ft Liruitit. n?I I' i K.miiiW? i J Jay?| A Mtllct?I A C lieMiii ?I CCottiea?I | % J lice?1 O II Kchiiinle.? ?5cmci, bvkcti wioc Mid bur ilonea J I rooplei \ I - M A R r T I ME HERALD PWKT OK RJUW IOU.K, JUNK '44 l'* BUB < ISlMOIJIf B1IK* 1 4C I If 38 I MIOH 31 Mhlp Muwn ?nd Agent* We shall eueem it * favor, if Captains of Veisela will give o Commodore KoanRT Siuvbt, nf oar News Kleet, a He jort ol the Skipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the /eneU Spoken on tlirir Pu-?, a Lot of their Cargo, end me Koreiitu Newspapers or News they rn .y hare. It? yrtl' joard tlietn immediately oa their arrival. Atteiita and Co.espondenLs, at home or abroad, will al?o confer a favor by vending to Una Omce all the Mariite Intelliiienee they em buiiu. Nautical information of any iticd will be thankfully received. Cleared. Brigs Aratid", Howland, Belize Hoip'u'-ai, B Blanc; United Sutra, Writ ladies, Nrsmiih, Le. d?8t ('?; Caro, P?rteifi-ld, Demtrara,, Fonerfc; Kh'coii, Pi t, Bermuda, KA i?ii ,r\irS"!.liV*"o. ^harleitna, HC Geo Buckley; Albert, Woodhv, Key Wait and Port Leon. J 1m Ocden J.? Bcnrs Brazos,Crocker,TmpCI, J Ogdeu; A'biou, Mitchell, West Indies, Nesinith, Lreds & Co. Arrived. ft Packet ship Baltimore, Funck, from Havre, with Boyd Ik Hltelw The Baltimore left H.vre OB the 20'h .vlny, md hiu been since .Monday, ijth. to the westward of Georges 8h ia_l, mo?t of the time cam and thick weather Ship Tuieerora, Wii.te. from Ind an Ocean, with 1885 bb!s oil U 00U lbs bone to J H Jons', of Cold Spring;, L 1. I5rip .iii7.eo, Pit wi>, 16 da) s from Cicnfut gas, with ICO ton. copper ore. to kverett & U.itell Left blip Freighter Bluechard, of Port laud, waiting c.igo; bin Mary, ol do for do? Sailed in co with brig Klleu, Chase, for Boston. Tht C |lcsl foretupmaat, Co'uoibiain iclir S.n J >ie y Las Auimss, Magitiolo. 15 days fiom MartCaibo, with 121 bigs coffee 27 bblsfoil.806 hides 700 kins to A Avauquercn. Left brig dram', for New York in 2 days. S hr G:u Washington, Hu'aester, 3 days fiom Baltimore, wi h hid,- to m 'iter. Win H Gibbons, 2 days from Folly Landing, with com aud oat? io H P Havens Schr Vict iria, from York Hivor, with wowd.1 Schr Amity fioin| Philadelphia, with coal Sloop Frauldin, liom Naw London, with oil. Mailed. Packet ship Garrick, for Liverpool. General Keror<l. The ichoouer F.mcta d, Allen aailed from Norfolk ou the 3d I May. b.uud to Esstport, with a carp > o' corn aud tl >ur. On the JOlh of M.iy, 75in'lcs hW fn in Cily Head, ihe was ilisairsl-d, aud in clearing the wreck nice men were lost overboard and drowi ed?Captain aid cook only saved who wire taken utf by an Kiiglish vrssel bonud to St John, NB. Frmn St John lb y ubt ined pas age to the Kennebec, and were lirounlil to Portland in the steamer hull ress. t he following is a list of lie persons lest Joseph Anderson and Heuyr Mardcu, owners; Win Fhtcher, Jaines Me'rher, John Brown, P'.ssen^ers; Wm N Kennedy, mate; Jacob Brown, Henry Cole, John itii,her, seam.n. The schoocer Grandee, Cor/.ens, of Salem, while at anchor in the river at W'lmingtOH, NC, wailing for the tide logo to sea, was struck by linli uioz?carried ewev in>inm?i x,,.,,. the gaft topsail, cut ber mam threads in three pilCII. with other damage. Site had relumed to Wilmington prtvioua to the 23d i' stau'., for neecsaaiy repair*?There was one mau by the nam: of Let I <ud, who was much iuiured?The 0001 and t .e other man were counderaoly hurt. Her hull was not damaged. The brig Pear', wai still aahore on Saturday. She has a? yet seitaiu. d co damage, and was perfectly safe and Unlit. Whalemen. A whale ihip war otr ('old Spring Hubor yeaterday mora Of firing for a pilot. She ia l?p[ used* to he the l uscacra, V*'' :te, from the Crozetie Iila.d?, with a cargo ol oi'. Spoken. Ship Harriet, of Bridgeport, 25th March, with 1200 bbIt oilby the Tusnrora at this pott. Curie w. for Philadelphia, June 24, Iat40,4fi, Ion 70, 58, by the pilot boat Charlotte Ann. Koreljfii Porta. Vat.raR.atao, March 20?Philip Hone, Perry, from New York At Ponee. PIl, about 12lh iutt. Overman, to nail aaine day fcr Turka laland; *nu, Towne, lor Baltirnore. iu2 d?; JEolva, Hadley, for NYurk in 4 da; Mary Averill. Hitch, for do Idg; Venn.:, Pratt, for di, 4 da; Taic|uiu, Sparta, [on rhore stck]? The Forest was at Onayeniila, to aail (or Newburyport iu 3 daya. S'd from Gdlvraton, 10th iutt, Star Republic, Hendley, New York. C'd at Bermuda, 9th inat, Ava. Chate. Turka laland. The Wm Thatcher, Decker, 7 da Im Philadelphia, Jamaica, pasted Bermuda irat. Arr at 8' John, NB 21-1, brig P I Neviua, S.onp, Baltimore; Richard, Baker. Alexnnd-ia Montreal, June 27?Cld, Brilliant, Barr, Greenock; Auxitiar, Bariidge, London. Lake Ports. Buffalo. June 24?Arr, Arorn, Brown,Cleveland; Mariner, H H, Huron; A<lii, Pratt,Toledo; T Corwin, Case, and Lyon, Drake. Huron. Cleveland, June 22?Arr, Caroline, Cla.k, Buffalo; Jette Smith, Orotawend, ami M Kreme, McKintatrv. Buffalo?Cld, Caroline, Clark, Maumee; Acorn, Brown, Buffalo; Josephine, Wheeler, SaudosUy. Home Porta. Hartford. June 24?Arr. Henry Cliaae, H'gby.NYork; Parallel, Corwin, do; Swan. Mills, Kintat n; Henry Spmiger, Welters, Philadelphia?Sid, Florence, Tyler; S|>eaker, .Tucker; Eleanor, Dalbier, do. Nf.w Haven, Jane 21?Arr, Preaident, Friabie. and Empire, Thompaon, New York?Sid, Daniel Goodwin, Baymore.aud M ly Vt.;'tin, Hcaa, t lulr.delphia. Philadelphia, June 26?Air, Columbia, Berry, Ilalif.x, NR. Richmond^ June 27?Arr(lonick, O'Grier.^NYork mi roiut.Liyae, ineoDOId, Liverpool; Obeil.n, Knspp, IIsmburR. Gkorovthssn, DC June 19?Arr, Mareppa, Colson. NVr.rk, hound to Bui* si i'lc; Fanny Coit, Hayden, New York?Cld, Chaa Hammond, Taleott, NYork. i hakivston. June 23?\rr. Miry Kimball, lnir.iham.Tliomail.).; Ei' o, Austin Fall Hiver?Cld, Hannibal, Morisuy NYlik; Milker pi are. Herder mi, Liv-rpool; Gronte, Hull, N Vorli?Sid. Kip rt. G rdlier. Pro* ideDCc. Savannah, June 22?Arr Jsme? Howe, Bsth, Me?Cld, Atlantic, K'.Hn'ou, Cork; Dusks, Kel y, Boston, (another report ays NYoik ) PorvLeon, KIa, June le?Arr, R \V Brown, Kelly, New York?Cld. Vhii Burn), Bibcock, NYo.k **>1 500 WAy'' " -O'l i-'n-.n.rv Surunty, cnehilfof tP jAJCrvy which unproved culnr-t-J, -a in. ihree lime* the interest on the nbove sum. Security will a)an ve Riven for the poymenr of the interest in this city. Ad Ir A? box SSGpucr Post OlBcc. .l3S 3t r WANTED ?A situation -stenehe-in asehool, by a vouur man. who is considered well quali'teil lor RivinR instrnction in ihe various brioches of a Road Kualish eilncrion. He wculd prefer hiviiiR his attention confined to English Grammar, Geography, Ar thuctir. and Geometry. Addie?s to H.G. L t nrouRrvtne t'?s; rffice of this city. je 25-31* r BOARDING ?A few Single Geutlcmeu.or Gentlemen and their Wives, rail be accommodated with pleasant looms an.l hoard, by api lviiis ar 91 Vesr.v street in30 Im'r BOARDING?A family or two ran be handsomely accommodated with hoard rt Ncwvk, N.J. The situation is one of the most dr iightfnl in the place, and but a few steps from the sioppinR pli~e of the rail cira Korlurther information apply at No. 27 Maiden Lass. m27 lm*r GENTLEMEN and their wives, orairgle Rrntlemen can be nr.cotnmodstrd with huard in a most desirable and pleasant loca'iou, within a few minutes walk of the Fuliou and Catharine Ferries. Applv No. to Ad imsstreet, Brook'yp, L. IReference en hsngrd ji-2P eoa2w*r J^ANDSOME APARTMENTS, in Houstou street, necr ??- uruaunvny. in;ici, lo grniinmrn, with oreaatasl ar.U tea, or full board. if required. References required. Enquire at the Niblo's Garden, or nt flic house, 411 Houston street. m ?l-lm*' c HANDSOME APARTMENTS in Houston street, close to Broadway.?To let, to gentlemrn, with break'ast an ! tea. References required. Address, bo* 203 Park Post office. mi2 1m '"d*ec rPO LfTT?Splendid large rooms, will luruished, fir Single A Urnt'cmeti. with b rakfast and tsa. Enquire at Si Walker str?e?, ncsr Broadway. je4 lm*rc BOvTfifc?FOURTH OFTTTLS. BOOTHS aronnd the Perk and Utttery, on the 4th of Jnly nest inay be obtained by applying at the Miyo 'i Office during the present week, between the hours of ft and 10 o'clock in th m imng, or 3 to ft o'clock in the afternoon By order, i27 3n??fi M()>t()N CL-HKK. first Msrshal. LO a 1'?<>n the efentu* of the I6lh instant, on board steembtat South America, a pocket book- co :tainiuir turd'y notes and papers n' no valne to an y Pi .son but the owner. Alio a sum of money, which the finder is welcome to, by tetnriiiug the nous snd papers through boi 650 nppei ro?t otfice. jtT lt*m MEUIC ATfcD VAPOR UA'l H5i are etc )inmend?d by the Krculty for the cure of the prersi ing Influenza. The Baths are administrrr d at reduced piic-e, at Mrs. Carrol 's Estardishrnent, 25 Court laud, ttrret. Sulphur Baths foreruftions r f thcskin. open from 6 A. M till '0 1* M. j24 lw r AJOTlCE?Ihe subscriber intends being sbsent fro n the i *Dl' ft'ly emoowered Mr. JOHN e. A. 8ANFORD to act for him dniine his sbssnce. Office 39 Ann ?<;rrt. p. CHOATBAIJ. JR jnw at. '??. j22 2vr*r IO. OF <j. F.? The Brethren I Constitution Lml (e Nn. 1 "I' the Independent!: nit. r o. Good Fellows, sre hereby notifird ten: the regular semi-a- mini Hireling for electi in of 1 (Ticers far the ensuing ter n, w ill take p'sce on Tuesday evening next, June 27th, at the LoV Room, 300 (Cast Brondwar. Punctual attendance it r?rticu|ar!v rrqnesten. Bv onlerof WILLIAM I. I IKK, (I. I'. Hsnrt Hapkins Q. Bo rr'ary. _j14 BMT A CARD TO lilt. L A I11 . o ? The Mbterlbar begs rcItectlull. to inform the lad et of thit city that in consequence of his liainz cop pellet! to qui the tt"re he a- 1 r-tent occupies by ilie beginunig nfntxt August, he will offer nil that period his selection of Slrtw G ums < iptidrrabl? heh.w prima eoat fheato \ eomiit of Bmnrti of ev.-rv, tiunaid ? viny of the mmi fashions le ?hipei and mstrrtalt. c us:sti.g pro ctpallv of English Out stables and French tpltt Straws, A'ber's. Brilliants Mod mat, Amazsue*. 1 tncan, Shell braid, he. lie The whole cf which sir wurnmed in bo prfec' end fully uuual to any offced at other tiers at ttueh n't her prices. JOHN BllKTOx, 32H IJ .wrry, j27 6 *r 2 rloonf'Otn Hester st. TO HOTKL KICEPF.RS, STEAMBOAT fUOPKIF f- TOH" and Places of Public Amusement. fce?JAMF-8 (I. MOFFKT, *121 Prince street, New Yorh, msnnlacluret asuperior nrtir.ieol Sheet Brass, suitable for liniuz stsiu, which he off?rt for sHe cheap. He elto ftnishe* and put* them cn in a tnperior style, at the th irtest n tire, md on the most reaimiahlr terms m2l lm*r <111A N< 1K A HI .! ; LOCKS F(>lf~iSALE.~ JAMES KYLE'S INVENTION. QJHlTABl.b'. fer 1; Its, Off,, rs. and Store doors, where ralVty 11 required. Persons in want of a first rate article for that purpose, may obtain the tame by applying at M" II sin tumid st, co of Hudeon. je?2 im'r TO FARMERS, AOUlCULTUItALlSTS, Ate. 'PHB snb<crih:r having t Iten the AanciiliurM Warehouse I lately orcuried h ' Mes?r?. h. Dnna t (ai? retpvctlully incites th- attrn i -n f those pe-sens who are in want of nitielrt in his lit e, t h s stoc k ol P ongus, Fanning M.llt, Horse Powers. linker. Forks, he. titc , which, ai h? mtetde to roufine himself strictly to ac.ish is ensblul losell at gyatl> 1 dee 1! prices. Wtr- Cloth, and Siev. s , ( every description constantly on baud, or mads to otd-r at the ihortest untie I). L CI.AWHON, J26 :i'*re If,7 IVnter street. XhT sTD.IC i?1A( HlSf,?line ol Fi.-kk'i Patent blnugle CJ Machines, which nn he worked either by steam or horse power, nn 1 will cut 20,0a# thinelet in one d IT, hut litt'c used and in prime order; wilt be so'd ve-y low on immediate application 10 GHOSH I.VI h SCHRF.IBEK, 73 William street. It can be teen e.t the store of "HinsilD. ?. DUNN 8t UU , jttlflR iglW'atrratrr t. \i;\v i an'cv stuijiv KALCONER. HAStAl.l. & CO JT7 Rromlwv,\ wmlil moat rra|>rcifnlly arijiiaiut llir latiiee of New Yoik and vii iniiv. thatthey ha?o opened * very rich aun.tniMit nf embronlflit", i,hi el and K.incr Oooda Rich Hliet. Lac* CerdatMla.trim tied with Lutnd Kriago hU. k an i Olcred f Ok l.oog Hl.avrla, very handacme II?vv\ SnU fipmr HM.wia, vry ricn Kii i Embroidered Uliwi and Handkerc)iiefi dollar* trimmed and iintiinimrd A wry lnudaems a??oriin-nt of Mna'ina and Pna'a Alt". Olnvea, Hniery and Kiftbona. )v27 4t*m "cutlery. WM, WILD, Mnnnf cturcr and Iinrnrier of Cutlery, No. ltd Di.iai in atrert, ol'rra to ill? tr.vte, chvap lor rash, a |>,-,n;i ut asaoitniR t of on?, to o, Jbrac aad lour bl ide knhi i, dftii i nmi? m MMinNii Aa Mr|ierintmda :l e tnanuf ctnrioR ol hi* gooda, he ran r?ri rp.uJOi'd ihetn to he nun I to ti>r tre.i ma: u'aotured gnoda in the oily. I lia rouutry dev.rra woala do vrt-li to call trevioui to I urchaaintt elaewhere. mi7 lm*r A T a veiv laige and resectable meeting of the cUit na of New York, opposed 10 thr unprincipled. c arl rnd anil de mocraiic proceedings ol the irricnt Maiket Committee of t'ie ('nininou ci uii. i, iu removing the permit butchers from thru s'alls in W.i-liiug'oo Maiket and oil er markets, w ia held pur' urn to a call, at Ouua'a Sixth Ward Hotel ou a.tuid.ty even tug, 24lb insf. 'J he call of ihe m*etiug lining been"read, Tlicouhtlus Civil waa called lo the chair, and John fc. K'aa appointed Secretary. After some npprorri'te rt m rks from the t hair, a commit ?e of ruree waa aripoin ed, loii^maed cf Messrs. C. K. Newman, J )hn D. Kelli ck, end Jeremiah Halsy, to draft reiolu ions e?preaaive nl the a-tiae of the in etiur. After t lie c nam Iter retired, Michael W.tUh waa loudly ca'lcd for who aroa- and ad d eaierl the meeting iu an cloi| tcut aud effective apeech until ill" rttitrn ol the committee, v. no re|>cr.ed the following reaou iani Keaolvtd, That it ia with the mist aiucere r gr?t and d ep in miticvioa vee have witnessed the sad difference betw ecu the pro eaiiona aud p aitice of several Democratic members of the p/rtr uiComtnou Council,wh > are indebted for the pout iocs they noiv occupy iu that In dy to i ur ex rtinus, aud to tneir own perfidy in subscribing to docrr'tiea wloch tneir actions have aiuce con luiively proved they never ci.uld have either loved or 'elieved in. Heao.ved, Tint aa honest, devoted, and practical demirrala, we are i ppoaed to proaciintieu, inotiopo]y, aud every species of speci-l h U'llatioii, come from whataou ce it may; in conformity with which, we i ftest in the nv at aolemu and uetei mined manner air instill* high li tinted outrage now attempted to be mm. trii by the iVlarset Committee um?n a number m honest and iodm ri< n i men, wt ose only menu of tiibtia'ruce i> the stalls, v liich lliey luve I-gaily on.u led foi years, and fr< ni which lliey are now aboutlu be expelled at the earnest tolic,tali ii ol a few bloated iri<<Bor?ilu's, vt ho expect to add to tlisir already nveilliwmg coffers by denhv.uf tfi-permit biitchen aud their families of a subsistence. vvhich were unanimously adopted. After the rdootion of the reio'utione, Mr. Charles K t'sewinaii heiu? ca'led fir, addressed the meeting f ir a length ot lime, ij an eh nuent and stirring speech, at ih? occii i >.i of which M*. Wn'rh offered the foilawing reaolu.iuii*, v. Inch wie ad >p < d:? Keolved, Tnal a committee he eppt iutid, to cooiiat ol M .'isrx. M charl Walsh, IJury A cn'arius, aud Th'OpSsliti Civil, to coif r with he MarketCoininitiee-iu refat'Uca to the pro no ed i image, and that they b. empiwi'ed, in roi juiict ou wiili ihe offircts of thia mc-t'Ug, to call anoih r meeting at sue i time atd place a* lliey (t all de.unite and take such o'her atepi as the natare of the caae shall drill nil H ?ol?rd, 1 h n we, a? a body recommetd the permit bu'rlieta now h lding stands in WasliiugP n and other markets, to rt ttin them uutit the qu -stion bs really tested. tin mo ion of P. Luff, the proceeding* of this meeting were otderid lobe pub ished iu the fallowing paper*, yix: TittO Huu, Aiiiora, Kveuiug Poal, Morning Her. Id, and Tiibuue. On moticn, adj umttl. THEOPHILU.S CIVIL., Chairman. Jrro. K. Roai, Secretary. je 27-1 *r CAUTIIr.N ? Counterleit halamamlrr lion Hales having made their appearance iu Auction Kooms aud elsewhere,la another unfailing evidence ol the great superiority f Wi'iler's uvahwM* guttM 'atiainat An Dampness having formerly bjeu ih-ouiy objection agaiust them, and tliat u.iw having b?cn effectually overcome, renders the in a perfect article. The rtiblic are assured that lh? subscriber is the onlv person authorised to sell nr dis|K>se of the genuine Salamander, and that all W ildcr's Hafts, sold hy him, will he rpunl in eve-v rt tpect to those tested in furnaces, or in accidental fires, where v illi.hie hooks nud ps|iers have been preserved unharmed ill the most intense hem for many hours, securely locked in the Mulaa ... ,1 ... ?l,.? il,. e,.,.r nil,., .nf,. ,..,1 to the same heat, hive been rutire'y comuined. SILAS C. HLKRIMG, j27 6tdy?3!?y r No. >39 W .ter street. P. A. EACOSTE, MANUFACTURER AND IMPORTER, HAS 'he honor to inlortn the public, particularly the Indict ?f New Vork aal its vicinity, that he has jn?t opened a store No. 309 Broadway, where they can find a large anil splendid as-nument ol FR'NOES, GIMP-*, CORDS. TASSELS AND TRIMMINGS. Alto. Military germcuts, such at Epiulettea, Bel's Stc , every articli of the above line may be made to order at a very slioit notice jr20 3w*in pOLMAh'S LONDON MUSTARD, per alup I'htladel v phia 200 Itegs second and line 200 pitta Lead 60 bills Alum Alto on handPrinting Papers?28X12 26X37 21X36 11X21 21X31 2t*XS2 Together with a general assortment of writing.and wrapping pap*re, for sale by S. KlNoSLEY, in23 lm*r 117 Maiden Lane CHAMPAGNE, CLARET, POUT, ISHKRRY WINES, fcC. 1 00 BASKETS Champagne Wine, first quality, in quart J.VJV and pint bottles. 160 Baskets me'iutn and |ow priced Champagne of diffe.ent brands, in perfect order. 30 Casks Bordeaux Claret, of very good quality. Also. Claiet in cases, of every grade Sherry Wine*, suitable for Sherry Cob.ert. Pmt Wine, of every variety. . Also, Hockneimer, Marcobrnuer and other Rhenish and light Summer Wines For sale at fair prices by P. W. KNG8 k SON. je23 6t*r 91 Front gt, cor Ooverneur's Lane. STRAW GOODS. 11' RENNHlTT. 24 John street. Imnnrter And Mann facta rer A of Italian, buglish, and French fttrsw (loads, respactfully informs lua customers that lie c?utinucs to receive a> cessions to hu splendid stock of Ladies' fahiouable Straw Bonnets, made of the most superior quality of brudt, and offered now to the public >.t reduced prices; viz.?Kuglisli and French Dunstablrs, Italian Ilut'ands, Prince A!b*rt Br rids, Fancy Shell aud Imperials, Victoria Braids (a new and spleudid arti cle,) Tuscins, Brilliants, French WMleboM (a p-ettv article for summer wear, possessing tlie liuhtness, color and beauty of the chip, aud the strength nod durability of the Tuscan), French Lace, French Chin, Modena. itc. Ac. The above-inentiou d articles are manufactured iu the must superior style.aud in the latest shapes, particularly in the Orleans Gipsy, the most fashionable aud most becoming shape introduced this season. mS1 ln*r ONE DOLLAR ONLY WILL MAKE EVERY LADY HER OWN DRESS MAE-KR. MH.H. TICNTisKR lit CO , beg leave to inform the Ulies of New York aud its vicinity, that they intend 10 give insttuction i: their new patent system of cutting ladies'dreises, habits, sleeves, yoitss, collars cape, lie., of every description, size, fishion and style, by ?hich system any laoy is enabled, alter three hours' instruction, to enr any of thu slid articles, not only iu the very best, but also in &u economical, manner, without aur risk of a misfit As the uadersigned will remain Only for a short lime longer iu this city, and to instruct their useful system to the public iu genolph-v have reduced their price for instruction,. ap^v4Utf>ifi?,:JUltdo.f?.r;, -TiWi<ArJt?r F,tWmuid at their rooms, 251 Wi'liam street, from 9 to 12 A. M., and from ? to 5 P. M. 'J lie in-arnctiou is given by ladies, and no charge made unless complete satisfaction is given j2f lm*r FIFTY CKNT8 PKK BUT l'LK^Bv letters patent of the United States. The chief vntues i.f the Tlicopheroui or Medioat-d Conipourd aie, l?t. Its bracing, strengthening, and clnrifi inu r ro, ntics. 2J. Its gently stimulating ill* action of Ill- thin. 3<1. Its producing and encour'giag ? reaction ill llie bulb or ror t, snu par icuUrly iu the palp. which receives t'ie veate's sod uirvi, giving life end vigor to'he hair. 1th. Its finalizing 'lie circulation of (lie tluoh hth. It free i-g the sk in from thaiffteta of pornirmou, tcuilf, and dmdrtill, and disp.wi g tli- nair 11 curl. 6tli. And it* frequent,lite will preserve the hiir in be uivard health to the latest period of life. Principal flic at, Hti Broadway, corner of l.ibeity street, up stairs. Warranted to keep in any climate, being free from all auimal grease. jej'-lt'm VONDKU8MITH INDIAN UotfiiH BALM. rPI!|M medicine hat he-ome established, and iu the eaiinntion J- of all who have tried it, proved preeminently auperior to every medicine of the present rtay.iu use.ior the cu-e o, c turns, colds, consumption, bronchitis, rlifftcu'ty rf breathing, pain in the aide or chest arising Irom <olds, hotrseuesa, prorate extecton'.ion, anil nigh'aweais, , c It has pgOStWa the mosc astonishing cure that ever was produced hy anv medicine, and has gained the most powerful testimonials, among which are tne follow in,: ? New York, June 23J, '843. To the Afflicted: ? I have hem for aix years diitretted with a severe pain in the side aod chesr, accnnipauied with a dry couth. I have tried ncin-r ins courh reined)*, bnt funtid no rrlmf from any ol' thrrn. i Wsm induced, u|>r>n the urgent solicitation 01 my fiends, to try V oider.mi*1! I tdian Cnnh B Im, md before 1 had taken the thi'd boit e I wa< rrsteed to mv he ilt?. ABRAHAM MORTON, No. 180 Knlton street. New York. Caution? None i-re genuine wuhont the signature of the proprietor upon the table of the bottle Prepared autl sold by K. W. VoNDKKSM'TlI, Sole Proprietor, j 27 2:en,| i??m No. '61 Greenwich meet HUNTSRIAN DISC. NSAKY, 3 Dirision at. established in I8J5, (or in? sale of the famous Hunter's H?u Drop, urw known fot n. u'ipar Ped cures rll orer the United Swes aril k'.iirope, in diieas of apriettc nature th'.f hare belli'd the skill of some of the moat emiient n' y.icipns, aiy nothi or of the hundreds ol doctors that start up like mnshtoo is all eeer ilic country. Price SI pr r rial, wart nted lu ail cases. No otoer plac- in thii tity c mi li e true aiticie be found After h ivintr iesil all the little books piin'ed on this disease, and nacd all the rfieilicines so d tlsewhere without bei j* cured, try ti.ij, a id ifit docs noi cure you we will not tike your money. This | medicine cannot be obtnurd iu Albany je28 It'r MEDICAL CAUTION-NO PUFF. n^O Stranirrrs a: d others?h? Dot dec-irrd. This " city T abounds w ith adrerti ing Dcctors (sell naintd) with a long string olti les?ranv of thein eerer saw a college, or only walked through i ?the bes* p an i i to make thein prod are thrir diplo-ea,. If you reqnire mrdi'al aid frorr. an oil eipeii-nced poviiriiu and smgtou, call on Dr. rCvacs. formerly of IVc.k No. lua < .linthain street, near Pearl st. New Vork, wi ere th^ mildest and most exrediti: us plan of (reatinrnt i n all canndeniial tases may be de elided en. Th? Doc. or has had foriy years exprriencc i'l fltenrire bos. itals and iu p irate prac i te. His family medicines or various diseases,are h uhly esto'ici Atleudance 'till It P. M Offices well arranted for piir tcy. BARRY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. rPHK import nee which all air s have attached t.i ih Head cf I Hair, is a clear index of the valii* rt ou orrsousl lustre, nl when by mine capricious fr? ik of Nature shs human firm is MpilfM of lis lair proportion Ait is n-s irted to, in order, !iy j artificial in' .on, to "apply the il ficu ncy. Hence hare arisen il.ose wonderful discoveries which bid u.sture dt(iauce. Btrry's ' Vculiiatiuit ai.d (Joss m-r WlldS AND HCAtrS. | The c impleta sure ess that the ab re named h.ism-t with in Ih' 1111, ufrc'ive o( Ins unrivalled heads if hair, lor ihe last two yean, far esccrds his most isuguiue espeeiatinni Hi respectfully solicits a ca l, conli lent of satisfy nut the most fastidious that lie is Ih * best anil cheapest maker ill the cty They I can be hsd onlr at 116 Bruaslsray. corner Liberty street, up I stairs. Private rooms for httinit Wi,i and Ton pres. | _jeJ4 2w ins * m I ?I)K SURE YOU'RE RIGHT?THKN GO AHEAD," | ?* was David Crockett's immortal ava.chworJ, and it applies with jresl force to |M selection of MdttlM* Eaparica boast of their "universal psnne.eas," wariauled to cine eveiy | complaint, from corns on the tors, to tibereles ofihe Itums. i Believe them not; they ouly wish to ulieve ihe pie1 hurt ol your purse, and c ire out whst efT.u t iheir ura'rtima na?e uystn I your pc-snn. if you want medicine* eadirsrsl by the Ceriid I r ,te a ol hundreds ssf mm whosa names you know, and whose ! simplr wrid is sscrrd as a the uisnsl os-hs.sel'Ct those prepares ky l)r J tyiie?a physi nasi wli >te skill and whose eh* acternre a ds<uhte ifiiarsai.tee cga list imp >sition li Ihe lintorvol pnlmonarv d.sraie mere is no record of cures moie astonishing P an ihore performed hy Jaane's Ktproior. nt tVe will not say tlottit will ii >> Consumption hi m anr tn sites; lor it libqii'slisinably lin retimed in he illh p t enta win appeared te I be I shorn if under all the fat sI symptoms ol t',a! sliseasc I Hol.l llr A K Hi I) Mo.I, VVltli'nlN,,, i > \ H . v j2f? ItiWT LAMPS!! HORN'S LAMPS." " TJOI1V-. l'ATKNT SOLID BOTTOM OLAMB a* FOUNTAIN LAMPS."? For chemical nil or r.a n phun ?The* Lamps have now b-coire celebrved, and rsou in fly in- d.ard srr in fact the admiration and wonder of >11 v?bo ii e ihrm ; the m-Ht splendid in rpi" irao.'e, Ilia inrs eronnmic 11 'U-f gire a Ilk IIIum -pi ill- d in h illisncy and du rain lily; and none art- in pari'Clly tatc,simple and ei av to mnnaiie anil trim; i'iir lamp will give in. ra lie hi than tix iperrn rand Ira, at an i X, 11 nir of I ii ih hi hilf a rnt per hanr. All who examine suit ' in. them ill nil-, admire th-na for Iheir b-iutilul neat ni praranrf, a mp'icitf, safety anil ecanomy, ann above all, forthe anprriora dewlor at llieir 1'ght. And, i , I , it w < ulit seem Ii -y are d- lined 10 bi c me ill univerial likli , 10itreat has bee mc tin ir ft-irai d hb old ilierr. hi rny who yet prefer the I g.t, let them lo .k nailieypasa Meiara, Bands & Co' Store, e >mer of bioalwnjr and Clumper ?t, an i I nadreda of other 11 irei when- ihi V naye the trne linlit. Kor fnither particulars f II at No. 13 . Kill.on at., (new build ng) t'-e only place in New Y.>rk, where they are lor eve wholesale and ic toil bvj.l) Kay at Co. Beatchrm eil oil 62 cen's and campl.ine 50 cen.a pi r y illon. A liberal deduction byih? Inrrell to aeil ugaiti? nla.. on I .ii una tongeuts oro bora, to aell egiin. je 2.1 dm er. f M'ts WliLM, L- dy of llif'rotation ul Intnre ryrnu atnl what hna pastel, lesrusd pi astrology and aalronomy gives latliea prirate lectures on this science. at her rooina, 265 b.linaheih at, ten doors Ircm Houston. near Bleeektr, and has c instantly on htn I corn and cancer anlye, .and a erne enre for too ague, and if nuy of her meci'.no is pnrchsaeJ gitea itifor i inniion gratu. jet* lm*r PY Till-: PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. IN pursaauce of law, I, J ,hn Tvlrr.Pretideut of the United Htateaol Ame-ica, do here v ilcclnrr aud mikelniwn thai public ?lira v?i>I i* held at th- -ill lermentiou-d Lmd Ollicre 'a ll.? Male of Mi?a iori, at the period! hereinafter drug ua'ed, to wit: At rialtaburth, id Clinton r uuty, the seat ol the Lan.l Of fice f r the I'lattj nut net i f Miaouri, r.ouimenciag oa M"u d?V thr uiotn day of October neit, for the di poial of the public la'di within the uudr mentioned townahipa aud tracli mal townatiipa, to wit:? Norlhof the hue In r and weit of the 0th principal meridian, aud weatol the former western homid'ry of the 9tate. T.iWiuhipaiatf-two, ol range thirty f.-ur Townships ?i?ts -ooe aud sixty three, ol tangc thirty-fire. Townships rix'y two and sixty four, of range, thir'y-.ix. Towmli pa a xty ojs and ixty-tl ree.of range thirt\-teren. Townships a'tti two aud aixty-ft ur. of range mi t> -eight The west half of towuship aixt/ oue, ol range ihitly -nine. If racti >'ial township sixty-'.wo. and township inly -four of ranpe forty. b r ctiitinl townships sixty-two ai d sixty-three, ol range fj'T-cnc. Fractional to vnshipi siity-'.liree rod sixty-four, of range I f*'ty two. Noilh of llw -an Iin? ninl writ of tli'* 5th principal met Jinn, and rait ?f the former w>?trru brunuarr of the State Towm hipi IIIt* one and ml) -two, of rauge iweuty-ieveu. Towu lii,u I'itT, mtv-oLe ami aiity-iwo, of range tWiutveiirht Towciliip m:i oue of rang* twenty nine. Alio, nt the iime pinee, commercing on Mouday. the thirteenth day of November, next, lor the diapoiil ol the public iMida ? ulii i the limiti of the undcrmentioued townihi.n and fractional lowuilupi, viz ? North of the b-ue line a d weit !of th?5th principal meridian, aud weit (( the former writer i b unitary of ilir State. Krartioua towmhipi fifty, fiftt-. ne, fnl)-three.tiftj-fite,and fifvteveu, of .atiue imrti-tnree. Towmhipi filly-two, lift)-'our, fi ty-ix, fifiy-:i)tht, and lixty of range thirty-four, fractional lownilnp fifty-one, towmhipi fifty-three, liftt-five raettoual towuit.i.i lift) - even, and towothipfi ty -am ,of range tmrti- iie N rational townilnp< fifty-fonr, fifty-iii, and fif ty-ieven, and t iwnihip liity. ?f range thirty iii. Kiact oual u wiiiliiii filiy-live, ofty-iiv, fifty-eight, and fifty nine,of laugc ihirti-itveo. Kracitonal towmhips tif.y-lire and ?ixty, of range thirtytight. At the I.and Office at Lexington, commencing on IVio'idty, thv lecoud d-v of Octonrr oext, for the dupnal of ill: public landa within the limit-ol the.undermentioned towmhipi,to wii: North of the baae line and weit of the fifth principal inefidiau. i o wnihipi thirty - it, thirty-i.reu, aid thiity eight, of ramie fjttrtren. fowuihipi thirty five and thiity-ieaen,of range frteen. Towuihip tbitty-fivc, of r*ugri urteeu ?ud lioeiern. Towoihifi thirty-live, thirty-ill, ihnty-jeven, and thirty eii:ill, ol rin r twcnty-nue. Pownship tl.irlv-s ght, of range twenty-three. Towushin thiiiy-nipe, of range twen.y-eiy lit, Towiihi.s thirty-eight and thirty-nine, ot raugo l**eulyniue Township forty, o! ranges thirty-one, thirty -:wo and thiilythree. tviinh- west quarter of section twenty-one, and the uortli-eart ai d north wcat fraerinnal qasrtera of sect on twentyfour, iu towuahi|i fi ty oue, south ol Missouri liter, of reuse twntv-sii. Southwest quarti r of section seven, in to wuskip forty -tiue, ofrauito tweui y-seveu. Li mds a''Pio|>riaied by law, for the use of schools, military, or other I uriHises, will be eicladed from sale. '('lie sales will each be kt-pto;ieu lor cwo weeks, (uulrss the lands ate loourr disposed ol,) and no longer; and r.oprivate el tnesof land, in th? t >wusliips so offered,will bcaduntteo until after the tip ration of the iwo weeks. Giieu under u>y hau 1 at the City of Washington, this eigh.h day of June, An no Dountii, 1813. JOHN TYLER. By the Piesidenr; THU. K BLAKE, Commissioner of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. K.ser v prison entitled lo the right of pre-emption to a' y lands w-thin the limits ol the townships above enumerated,is required to est-blish he sa ne to the satisfaction of the Register and Receiver of the pr-'uer |auJ office, mid make payment therefor as soon ai practicablenflrr MSlog tins uo'iee, and belor- the day appointed for ihe comtnenceinenr of ih? public aale of the township, embracing the tract claimed, above designated, otherwise such claim will be forfeited. J HO. H. DI.AKE, Commissions r ol the Oe-eral Land Office. jefT It aw to 30Oct r NEW YORK PASSAGE ASSOCIATION EOR THE PROTECTION OK EMIGRANTS. pOPY OK RECEIPTS GIVEN THE EMIGRANT:? New York Passage Association, r.iiatiilulled lor trie nrotecliou ollmmigrauti. All ugrgeaieuui " tliii Association, (with passengers) are gnarauleed be bonds in a heavy |>eualty, held id trust by hii Honor, the Mayor of the city offtew York. No. New Yohe, 181 Received of Mr, the tutu of dollari Cents. for passage of prrsous, r i to full pniienKera from New York. To one hundred liouude of luggage on the River, and fifty on the Canal and Lakev, free foi each full pissen-ger. Extra bsggige for one hundred pounds. This Receipt entitles the bever to a B jit passage on the River, and a Passage on the (' .ml To Albany or Trov Agent. The following persons t11 abo\ Associati' nd have made arrangements he Hi lltl at tlie Quarantine, to hare t t in constant attendant e to cirry nut their intentions, b b) voine of tne mast worthy and bcnevolrt I citizen* an ehunti of this city. R. PUTNAM, for T ml Erie Line. OKORUE W. A "*> .10,N, Troy and Bnffalo Line. JAVIfca B. VVYt Troy and Oswego Line, H. HTORK. Rrli. Line. J. IWcDO MALI), Lvtrh at f 'o. Lioe TZ i w w t. * ? S, &* E ? -=! v -St 3 c a ' I? From New York to ?<? ?"5 ^ "ft 11 - ISC 1? ?- <^1 u= irS tinea, r*ew frii $1 7j $u 2? So to Syracuse, do I 50 2 09 0 25 0 '0 lljwego do I 7a 2 00 0 15 0 00 Rochester, do 1 75 2 >5 0 *0 0 00 Lonkport, do I 75 2 R5 0 50 0 00 Buffalo, do 2 Oil 3 0J 0 55 0 Oil Eiie. I'a "7* 1 nn < !?.veliuil, Ohio ;o 80 4 JO Tolsdo, do ? 0 80 a 00 Delioii, Mich 8 to 5 00 Millwaukie, W. T 0 90 9 00 Hnui'sport and Kacine, do 0 90 9 to Chicago, 111- o 98 9 Oil Passag:, via itail Koad, f,om Albany or Troy to Buffalo? ?5 00. _ Rates of Passage via Oswtiia and Wetland Canal. "5 -a 5T ? H n a q o C 5f a 2 ? 2. e-a . a . a IfroM New York to ? = ^ ~ | *5 H ? g? sr H 2*o SI 35-3 ? Hie. ?5sj Oswego, N. Y 11 10 S $ 35 S Sacaril'i Harb r, N Y. 4 fO 15 1 00 Kingston, Cauada 4 10 55 5 00 Toronto, do 3 50 61 5 50 Niagara, N. Y. 3 50 65 5 50 Ogilrnshurgh, N. Y. 4 50 65 5 50 Hamilton Canada 5 00 65 6 CO Ile'rnit. Mich 5 3" 65 7 CO Milwaukie, W. T 7 50 tO 1100 K.icinc k ^outlipoit. W. T-- 7 10 10 1100 Chicago, III 7 50 80 11 00 Miclii?an City, Ind 7_50 40 II 00 Rates of Paeiagt via. Philadelphia to Pittebureli. 8 loin Steam Uoa: ?xtra 5 lb ,ugg*ge New York and luggage allowed ech to |>eri00lbs passenger* free Philadelphia $*75 I TTl Hollidiyshjrgh,- 7.01 | 1,50 Jnhnttowu 8 50 I 2,K) U'airsnlle 9 00 j 2,25 rnt?nu j;n m. ri.w I t oo | lOo ibi lugiinBr ?n the Hiv. r and SO lbs on the Canal and Lika frc* lor each a.'ull. Children under 12 years of age half price. Infau We, wli ?? uamea are her. unto aubicribed knowing the impotili in< that heve long been practiced on the Kni'iirant, do inoatordiallv approve the above ralea >f paaaage, iud rec ne.111 Mnl the eiicn'tr grine at of ihia Aaenci'tinu. who Inve given bon a for the laitht 1 performance of all their engage .rente, which hniida are hel-t in truat by hia Honor the Mayor of tthe City of New Yoik, for the benefitol the emigrant, binned? O'tlNNtLL. MINTURN It CO., LondoD Line Packete. OO'lDHUR 8c CO: i r o i in, r,,L.t. CHAS H. MARSHALL. $ Liverpool Line Packete. E. K. MORO VN Ship Vieioiia. Uon,?n Line Packet.. WOODHULL Sc MINTURN8, Liverpool Line TickeU. Maynr'a Office, June 10.h. !813 I, Robert H. Morrie, Maror'of the city of New Yoik. do c-rtify that bordi h-ve been executed to in* ?a Truatee for ih-benefit ol iminiitriiita who mav take paa.'g- iti ihe trampollution lura herein*!'-' named, by "ufoa Pot .am for Tiny and Kiir I in. ; O-orgc W Anderaun, Troy end Buifalo l.iue; Jem1 a S. W|ckoff, for Trjy and O'wrgo L ne; H S.oik, for Reliance Line to Pitlal.nrgh; and J Mi Dun. Id for I eery A lo, Pmabnrith ' ine; aaid b nnJa bring in the trail anm of Five Thousand Di.lle.ra lor each aanl Line, conditioned f >r the lit I.f"l perfo in 1 lire of all their cnb'r>ct* and thoan of their at:flits with iiumi. rants, winch bonds are tiled in my office, tor the benefit nf person, nuking contracts with raid Companies or ihtir age ms fur passage at aforesaid <tbgufd| KOBKUT H MOKUI3, jJ16c*r Mavc of ihe cty of New York. DAGUERREOTYPET JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, 73 NAHfAl' ?T . MlXT TO Ji UN ST. rpHB subscriber d< voted hit aiirutiou 10 gunning aud arrarg' fug Lapses, prev vus to UagUcrrc's discoveries, sicre th u the ureal demand for Camera* lias given liisn coniUBt rinp'oy me in, and with inch practice he fens warranted in saying that IMtnWMWt* C'.iist raited by linn, life lithe improvements III ,t rnali e oiieralors to ob'ain success. Photrgrai lis generally inutt h held in a car'ain |>ositinn to appear distmcr, those la hen with my apparatus are free from ths defect. Thorough in structions given if rtquired. Oiilrrs accomnauird with cash, pro-u| tly aitended to. ja 3S-lm?i PHILADELPHIA DVUUEKREOTYPE ESTAHLISHMENT. EXCHANGE BUILDING ROOMS 36 & 17. THK Subscribers, having or icured th* Ageiicv for the sale of 1 VO OTANDKIt 8 DAGUK.IlKKOTkPK APPARATUS, constructed according to Professor Pel/.val's calculation, hare on hand a I'igr assortment of these Apparatus, aud .rtiits as well at amttriirs of their art, wishing to procure a good appar-tut, will foid it to their advantag e to irocure ins'rinni-nts of this construction. The* also have lately iin|>orlrdal-.rge ipnuiity of German anil Kreno plates, and all the clieinicali n?ed in their a-t, which they warrant in every respect, as they are mule to their order. Polishing substances, viol Morocco Clara, aud ul| necessary materials, arc told on the most ic? nimble terms The fallowing gentlemen have agreed to actus their egen'.i, v i at. K iVh to, e;*?i , 173 It mad way, N.Y. P. Hias, Ks<|., Washington, D.C. Dr A. Caspari, llicnino id, Va. P. Lau ens Ksip, savannah, Ga. William West, Ks<j , c iucinuaii, Ohio. AI! communications (post paid) and orfltrs,accompanied with reiniUancet, will be promt tly attended to, end liould be directed to W k V. I.ANGKNHKIM. jellinr Kirhmik'r Bnililmg, ThiU. TO COPPEK-PLATE V MUSIC PRINTLRs! AND PUBLISHERS, <fcc. COR SILk', * fnat-r'-te Iron Copper-plate or Mmit Print" mg Pirn, (teremy l ight awl a hall inch rnllera). Iia> b<Tii in lie but a abort nrae?1? in perfect order. Alio, one ol t w-tuy an indiea, and a woiadru one ol twenty four do. They will be aold at a price worth a r nrchiiaera prompt Uteotioa. Apply to R. W. TONE, mil lm*r I* Cortlandtatreet, [Mew York. TO THE PUROC. it inil TO iMOO ?Mr. KHANCI 4 H. CRUMP, Wateh ijJliv/O Maker, IK (iiand atieef, bega to infonn hit fitenria ami the public, that independent of the watrh bual >taa, he la I r pin ! to m ike adraniea in rath, on gold and aitrer watrhea. Jin m inda, filter tea aette, apooua, lorkt. and eTery d'? riplion of gclil or miter in ant ahape, intended lor iinutedin'e aale. i ? !? 11 my amount paid for old gold and ailyer. Watchta of rvrry dctcni tion repaired an I warranted. 241 (.fraud atreet. jeM lm*r ICliUN rs.-M.L: . THOMAH BKI.I.. Aneiuui.r nY BELt. ft HOW t ?*ea Hut. U jinti arid II* fUEHDAV. At 10X o'clock, io the ralea roo ". Large ta'e of elegant aeaaouahle dry aooda eoeaiarin* of hoeierr, jtlnrea, clothing ahirta, toapeucera, thmmiBea.French aud Knsliali clothe, caaannerea Bud veatiuge, rummer cl .tin, lii mi, d'lllinre, afiirta fc?. Alt", iu conriuuati in, 'he heat eelectioa this eeaaon from the eate naive atr i k m n wh , I, tale and retail dry go .."a arore, r claim br order cifthe aaaiigneee, compriaiuir a verr choice variety of aitka, annua, lacea, ribboua liuena, cirah ma. mualitia, call a oca, ahee'iuga, a'tirtiuga, table Iiuen hoeiery, glovea, fcc. iu lot> toanit. Al o, drtu d'ete, merino, dri'liuga, veatinga, fcc. all < f winch will be acid in lotatoaui* pit rhaeera. A'an, om a*pa ilia lathe, rret Orginally 1MB. | A'ai, two more turning lather, and pjaitively the balance of i tmicui9<;a>ri| ucoini, or. WEDVKSDAVAt loH o'clock, in the tales room, 1,'rt<r Furniture Hale? Au e.rK<nt, eiirunrr unci w * I until vatiety o| first rue secohd hind and new household nndcabl net furniture of all detentions. THURSDAY, At tOK o'clock i , tli- tile rooms. Estr? bale ol Puiio Fortes?10 spV o id second hand and new Piano Forles, by order of the Hlierff ami a Kereiver in Cb ancerv. AI?o, three record hand do. for account of whom i' may concrru. '1 he abot e comprise some ol the b< st and most approved iiitlruau uts, by ceirbiated iimk-rs Sale pot,tire. F KID * Y. At 10>{ o'clock, in the sales room, Drv (ioodt, ClothiUK, a* d ii'r <u*d meichaudiLe. HATUKOAY. Kiike sale of elreant Ininituo i the tale rooms. Y O W'uA Y, 3d, At I0K o'clock in lie sales room, Pawnbroker's sj'c of tpleud'd watches, jewrlrv, void and silver diamonds, tie , by Older ol Either Levy, p'.edkeu uvor 18 mouths. J IHN I'. SON. Auctioneer, By JOHN H. WOODJaTK, No JJlFultonst. THI* DAY. TUrHDAY. At 10 o'clock, at 131 k'u| .on street. Mortgage Hale of h urt>i ire, by v irtae of a mcrtRage, a lar e qnanii'y o1 household inrni'ure.cnitrti in 2.lifted sofas, Is fa i'?"i?innu, I iiih1- nr? HriiiK uurcu H 11.11 Illl'rur,? ?* * bur mil, 1 Kgvpiiin mtile ton ceuue table, 2 m 1(105*0 do, fining and lea Jo, work do, in itio/niy Fr men rh i", ran? s a' do, inintrl k'n ss-s, 1 i r do. looking do, 2 solem i I gi andoles. 2 astral lonpi 2 c'ocks and shades., nil pointing*, I ciegin' Wi t>>n rs'prt, 2 Kiutrr s do, 2 ingr.i i dc, u a, 1 supe-i 1 he ?v b'ren.h bedsit- id, in h st.irrodi, bin) ten .' ?, v?i is.11 .1*, liii. Aim, bt linn* nfm riicilliiD, I l?'(t "i K U u <ic .U. t tin ill do, w 1 ii * ?iu II lot nt tn-dr 10m (on i n r a ' 1 swell qaanj v ,?f dry co '?, b ov .. Hi jit t1 *f iK M a M1N M( )ONb.Y AoctT " AUCTION NOTI K-Kire Works-B o-ne-Ik Co will ell tti<* 1 ay at III o'clock . *1 No 91 ,1'iiileu . aim, a '*peirir asso Intent of w.inintrd Kira 'Voiks, vix: Sou nieces, rein imcMiin, itiri, p-.lm tr n, vrif-cil wh-eta, lloiuan caudles,serpents, tnang es, rockets, B ugola Ilk' 'U, i-iiiDI. Vlattrae crosses, 11111 in 111 at * d pit Cel. See. ?lc. Alio, KM) units lire i-rnrkrrr, also, an [|TOKe ol put .Is; .,l<o, I awcrd, Ipur gold eptulelis, I niuillet, 'ud one belt. Also, an invoice of luir and othc bru h'-s. Also, 4 iron safes; also 12 doi damaged p iwdrr fl isks; alio, slot off.liny soap. Calalo oes are now ready. j*|7 It*in AI'I'TdlN MITICK.-Messn Trowbri'ke St < ?. 3(11 Broadway, willjifTer at auction his m >r?i it at 10 'clcc'f, a cbo or lot of-ec r.i, wines, liipinr., te a, etc. 'J Ins sale is Worthy the atl-tuion if oonsi mrrs, as aa eiainnidliou "f the goods will prove. The sale will be peremptory, to iav advain saiidoth r expenses. Some as choice segirs and liq tors w ill l>- nffeir d is can be found in the in 11 kit 1 if-li'v rpitlt FIRoT S ALK ol Mod-m Paintings, by air .Native A and H si ent Artists, will take place in Snow 'Cilleiv o Arts. 322X Broadway, opnoiite t' e Hospital, on Wednesday morning, at H o'slock The collection cons sts of the most beautiful variety of suhjrets and all ipiendoBy lram?d They arc now ready I r.x tninati"ii with catslognes. Toe gallery will he lights d tip 011 M n il iv aud Tuesday t veniui's for ladies id genii* men. Ad" it. inn fcs. its 3fec NKW V<.UK Hjfffijy Ik BOSTON SOUNT) PD.OT. OV/KN PKK8COTT. Tilnt, or takes charge ns tnasterand pilot <>i v.siela bound to New Bedford, Nantucket Shoals. Boston, Portsmouth,1'nril.iud, Keuiientch .aiulOTH Ell TORTS east of New V oik. Office at P'rye it BuvV222 Water atie. t, corner Beekuian. Reference to a nnuiber of Merchants, and the several lnatir~nce Campnuies in this city, Boston, nod Portland ml* lrnisr MAIL, WT)R"tt AWTNDIES~ kMWy MESSRS HAKNUKN A CO. will make up a JjMMsahai; a' th. ir K*nr-a? and Kottivu Lrttrr Office for Chi..a an! th- Km Indies ilirec', bv the United A'a'es More Ship PHKDKIU'. K WARREN, wlicli suls from Nival Sialiou. Chariesiown, Mass.oi the In July. Letters received until Friday,30th. at fWP. M. j!!7 2tr ^ HARNPKN & CO. V OH CI V EUI'OOL.?Regular packet ol the 7th iliE*cX> lulv?Th- ver, superior, last s'iling packet sh p jBaJfcJ'ATHK K HE.NKV, Captain Delano, will poitively sail as above. Ha viiut very superior accommodations for cabin,secoud cabin and steerage passengers, nersous wishinc to -inbark should u alls eirly application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JOHKTH McMl) UHAl, 100 Pine st., cor. South. The above wi'l be succesd d by the spletidi 1 p.cketship VirKiuun.tCapt Allen, and .ail on the 13th July. parsons wivhia* to send for their friends in th. old Country, ear hive them brought out bv the e.bovc ship, or any ol ilia regular packets, by applying as above ; if bv letter past paid. j2tj tff- FOR uLA-tiOVV ? '.ick.t of 2u'i Jii:v ?The ft'st class, tat* soiling packet shin WARSAW, t apt JQMMBfii'l.f^ltiui, will t til punctually a* above, and has ver. com u ...plr ecco'Omedstiona f.i, a limited tiumh.v nl" nan., . gera, ifeaily BppliCat.nn h- made on board Too' f Dover street, or tJ W. (k J. T. TAP8COTT, 43 Peck >li|i. cor. South Pcrioni wishing to tend Tor their Iriend* to cmne mrect from O.asgow have now au opportunity of dtiig 111 Weh 1 Mty dm' eg?in occur ihii icuni. Drafts can alio be obtained for anv amoun', pa/a.Ie without di'onut in every pott fwu id t cotland. Apple as 127 Itr _ ^ VA.kKB.L KUH T&wHrtowkW=^ j3 r Tontine Kuildinff Wall at. eMn' ~*m Pr.OPLfc'H LINK t ?K STKAV1BOAT8 flLii J~?ai3*-'flh ALDAN V?Daily at 7 o'c'oek, P. M. Direct (Sundays etrepled) troin lie M? miunnt I Ww 'rtfvi'Ortlamli and Liberty st.-eets Steamboct KOLHKBTfcK. Capt A Houghton, will leave Titead.iv. Thuradev uid Saturday eveniinra, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat nOL'TH AMKhIDA, Captain L W Bernard, will leave MootUy, Wednesday and Kriday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat NOKi'H AMKIUCA, Captain M H True?dell, lauding a' interui-diatr places, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Korpasaage or freight,apply on board, or to P. C. Scholia at the nmce on lb" whirl'. je'.l, 'w r .MM sgM H, V K - I ndTpms at 7 .7c.oca. KOH Al7BAN y?Wiilionr Lading?If requeued, purKsi^BasSL'rcircs w ill he IsuO'd at (he Western lienor Altauy. ilwua in tuna for the morning train.?The splendid staamer DIAMOND, Captain A Klower.will leave t'i? new Pier at the out <>f Barclay street, ihia afternoon Tuesday. June 27. ar V oel'ck. For passage or freight, apt It to Thoi J. Hill, at the oflion on tlie stea-nb mi pier, or ro che < tp-ai i on bo oil. i -7 r Wa MORNTnO-LINK'?Fi'lt ALB 'Ny", J* TRlJY, n id Intermediate Landings ? Fiom X?9UL th- loot ol Biuelm ctrett. The low-pres ure steamboat TUl) Y, Capt A Got ham, thia, 1 nesdiy Morion*, at 7 o'ol ick Tilt Low Pressure Steamboat KMI'IKK Capt S H. Roe, on Wtanead ty mo'uing -t7 o'clock. Noti e.?AIM tooc'.a. Freight, **gg~lf- Bank Bills, Specie, or Any otner kind cf Property, taken, tainpsil, or pit on board th Boa's ol tbia Line mint be at the riak of the ownera of uch Goods Freight, Baggage te. - j27 r jMQ ttm NO MONOPOLY?FARtC KKDUCKD. CU l. New Independent Opp aition Line lor Alba -SEaffdHUE-nT direct. Fare 23 cents No charge lor Bering. D ek passage 12.Si re..ta The tew ani ccinmidioua steamboat NKW JK'ltiKY, Caft.R.H Fu*ey, will'e ive the loo of B-relay rtrert, New York, every Monday, Wednesday and. Friday ereuug, at 7 o'clock For freight or pastage apply on board. Freight taken leas than tow boot prices. The New Jersey " furbished with elegant It te room', and for spaed and aceoiniuodatloD is not su-paared by a>:y steamboat on the Hideotirirrr. j,7 .IMei fjm GRAND K.*cnriion to the Fishieg lianas, Q?-o5Sx-i3eetery Tuesday, Thur-diy ard '"/i \ m * < .VHhawJBUHL,ini!( furiii? th- s-'sou, lai i . at Fort 1 !-?< ilton each v v. Fare 5'1 e?n*afo* th ?se'u iti Th s- -n beat SUI'KUlOK, Capt J O iilJ. wi'i fi- m i t tier tabular tups oi Thursday mon-tug, June 15 It, I- in ,i? vi r f> t of Chambers sr. at 8 o'clock; Amos at, quar r an b; 'Jot. .1 si, nail past 8; ri?r No. 1, Ba tery, quarter io 9; lis-'i ..t 1- u>, Rrookltn at 9; fvt of Pike at quarter past 9, " Pei o, I, B sttery.M hall past 9 o'clock lor .h- Kisht. g B -nks ffB ;n-Jy Hook. A baud of hi'jsic ii eugo.ed. It- I.esbine'jfa on board Kitra bait furn shad gratia. Th? celeb.a'.ed liahermin, Capt. Faacocfc, Wl h hi. ha-po 'W, is engagul jli liu'i-c MLOS1 en 1 hunriay the 22a mat., a white Havana Poodle Do*. Iiaa a brnaa co'Ur "n, with the owner'a tiaine and rratdeuce on it;a lineral reward will lie eiveil bv i' avion it at the office of this pa> er. j2S ec CI INGRKSS HAL L, SARATOGA SPRINGS. tTMII* celebrated an I f.i-l i mahle Ho'el hi recently under I H u e the mri'Uiomnih r-inm i ii.i n-w!y and liaudiom Iv tttrtii hed, r.U' iinowr-advf rilier, ei>i? <>l the pnb'ic. The esbillii .rtient n uod-r the ? u,* rriii hi .f n proptitor. Munaer, woo will he mo t hippy to renew I ii alttn una to hia loimer i a 10 it and lii-ndi. <"h>r?re?s Hall i>ei "ated pe ir i' e celehrtti d Cocttreaa ?p iur, at whi :h a Bane 01 Mn ic w ill tdar, at at 'led honra dm i or toe aeaaon. Acani *? wi I alwaya he iu readiness to convey paiaeo.'e'a to a"d ftotn the ai'road depo , free of (htrae. K??rv attention will he paij to a iait-rs,to on be th ir atay *grt e thle, an 11 rieei will he i e. >ufi, in ity w : th the n'mer. frniatnia. Jni e 2lith 'git 'in r CATS KILL MOUNTAIN HOUSL. At T'? . I-IrsK OH' HAHD?Thu well kuown, charminu icnmir retro al, < n 'W open nnder the napeM': t?ndence ot the auhtcri vr. To the m uni itidace'nrtirs to t i il the Mountain, (turli as ilie nl'tio t houmllraa ?isw frutn the I tiAharil i he m affl i hrwi I IdPlirn V a t I h a 1 a I I *' nti 1 tin. lilt-urn i ing atmosphere) wi'l ha added eveiy effi rt upon the part i.f the proprietor (in (henhape of caretul attention, well furoiahed tables, atd all the deii'mr ?? well at tubf otitis of me se.uouf to eltord cuinfoit and pltasuir 10 I n ?ii i'era. C L. BelACrt. June, 1112 A rejnlar Line of IVst Coach*? i? established forthe conveyance ol vianers to ' he Mi untr'ii Heme, immediately after th" landing ?'b ran at (' idkll', jrZ7 2mr f^L'll AHS, Wl IOL,HA I Tk AND KKTAIL.-Itt Broaa 'T wry. near Wa her itreeL? MKdSRB. HH. KHNs r 8'JHMIDT At MAUL, Iraitar in Miiilactiireia, woo'd reapedfully rail the atteinioa of (lie public to their eatabliahma nt, No. 391 Broanway, where they km-p const-ally on hand an eiienaive assortment of fine-tone I guitars, |ini<hcd in the best style. All losrrttmeqts from tills maonlartor/, loug favorably known in the IJnilrd 8r res, where it rereivrd the tint premium swarded by the American Insli'nte. for the b at Ot11t.11, are n.ade ofU-irh rnateriala nud in auch superior en-blea the rn liter to warrant them to stand any corn <te. Ht range i s before porch mug el-rwher-, are lequeated to call and esamine the aple i tad workmanship of then inatrnmenta, and areerta'n the pti ea. They will oe found lower lhau at any oth?r house m the city Mr. I'll. Krnat, Trolessor of the F nte aud Guirar, begs leave 10 muwnu-e mitt inr noove arramcuienia uo in>i interfere in the le at with hi? otner?'iK'*?ineu't; ha <ill coutiuwee to give leteotie aa nam), at JOi w iv n??T w?lk?il mM lmmr i.MtvtK < ANT Td TIArKLbEM AND HOUJB 1 KUKPKHH?Life and Property Preierveri? Patent Self Cocking Kevolvinii Piamla. w1, ich can I* divchargcd lit timea in aem my eecoudr, marcly by , ulling the trigger. The chamber and biml ere in our iiece. end tli.'tefore ran out bo b!i<?u ?;nrt. like wire repealing pietola. The ronatmciina > very eunple? hry eau be drawn liom the pocket and naed with one hand, without the loaa of \ moment. h or travellere, home and atnre keejwra, iapttina, planter*, public ofhrera, and o'hera, they are an mdiapenaable article, aa they can rrotect their iivea.ind propeily if attacked by many permit*. If Hantera would arm Iheirvelvea with thia weapon, they would have no eauae to fear the inaurrection of their aiivea. The pnblie are invited to eirmine the eame, aa ther airrplieity, being warranted not to get ont of order, and the,r perfect aalety, wiTl certainly recommend them ovar all oihera. V* hole aale and retail J. O. HOt.KV, Id! Bro'dwv. V.JB Irn eirl ia*rc he w " '.V II a- d P, e ?rt. DK \|f TB. payable.t.iaM on all pa-" of Ki gUnd, Ireland and AeotUnd, inaun.v *' Vwi-pa- trl n ? for tale at h, J. A If h? KB 1 ft?*T|, h f a iVail atreet and 110 Broadway. \ >!l'SEMK^ :... IIBLOI 0ABPII Direwor. M' JOHN S'iTON TU".*DAV. a, L.i-t xi.htof -lr ''UHTON'J ka|i|ea'U C n? N'?Htof K I or Cti'e Kmt > i<ht I ii ie<uou of L U uitce. Tl r |wr(i>rmMt? in Cunmriii ai h*",-D*at 7 n'eloelr dwi?T, with tin* ongiual O'er'aie t / i.? o, h? 'lie (Jrini) OrcftetCra. A'ter whiei- t*r po, u a> < *> i 'ita, 'alied KlL . l?K CirnK: Or, A Dav ?l (tie rt-c a. ViBr?w>, Mr Bar ou Mr? Rrnwa, Mitt Arret f/'t Mm Horn Mr Mi'.dmay, Mr Caller Doctor, Mr Aixlor.oo Uetwecu the Piecrt, hi' m hou '? iotenni-tion fir ptotwti t'lc iu the tfiiiten ett'l Oreii*! Stloon Tile: PtfOM/.NAOK muhicalk, Wh'rhaa?e in rrurh leliiftc't u In' n o* ,witi ?gnn enliven the p-r-cd < I mteriainiotl, nil ft *r*l-r 11 render th'i depart me lit worthy lh* ir,uiic*l hrtMi ter <( 'he eitahliahmiat, A Splendid Orchellli haiheen le cure it Musical I'irictor, II. C. Hill Overture, by L'i'nl Peiofer, br the I'rand Oicl,?? ra. The evruiust rule ui imcnti to rooclu d Willi. Qui time this 3C II 'U, '' ? a 'ert lece C 'II'U (>H(iU *?*; Or?A Tiip . ? Ontna Oreet' Jeokin;i, Mr BarU.a Betiy Fiat ikm, MiiAvei Kti'r, .M"? HO'D Tcm k iin, Mr Vidr iou I.nri-r, MrOeeoi Nicihti nl lb- Kreacli Co"V?. >*?Vi inlaw VVedneidiyi, Kriilati an ' Hit "dtvi Nish'i of the Kualiih Ooni,'V v ?Tn< win *rd TMrnltTt on hick oeraiion Mr W K Suite.i *. I ypenr. A a'ri't Police will b? aiu-tnl ,:n.e nil giaat caie takeniIn prevent the ulinininn of i*o; i: : -?? na f 1'ickeU Kilty C? ntl. M iv bo it the Jaid daring the day. O*" A limited number of Seatou 'I wui be dii KWOIt'^ V - .1 kilo. Be ieflt of Mr t Shew. I THIS KVKNINO, ?ill b? peri. aed. RIVAI.S? Falk Uu! Mr J .n ; i L*' i it ()' I i Al. K rtnw; Hir j A , ' ion * V -nluie, lid- .. in i Tori hnl' i 'l im r inl.illuil in r t,5 ude wi'h KENT L)aY?ilirtiu " '! > >;l ca, j, |) :j! i' -s i?. Ilonra open It 7, ~ PTTTK TJI-.1 \ t R. J lis' s-l-t'KH K|>?*c lie: % H" in F men ' \e*r? ? M- JO t r* Kf ? K'I ? .> i 'uil h ?? ( . i,,ut.uuee to bin li' i.u mil I i u'p'ir .h.i ti fi.<i B . fit i.t thia T'en're, wppoi r d - r WHlutnln, "Kb lui ijimii-, on rtli. il oicn ion mill bii nrroiiineif otc n. u'j ? aril n e.medtcf TH< IJEtR A" L<W D ictnr I'hiikIo*. Mr J iim Knher; X i-', v'r Pllride t,~ ' / Pi.,erly, Mia Vernon; Ibce v, M ? Huu h^'ei- wi eh Mr Li Ito* ',? '( appear n a Harlequin Dan r, Mr C nri**''ham o^ra in a t.omic Dime, a it Li Petite Celeatr in i jl.'.e'i'ic ; alt of wlmm have in the kirn'rat niinuir rohiu'e 'ed th-.r aervic.a 'la eouc'uile with (li at time in Amrrit') -' om-e L'r una, by fhn relrbratnl author of P.rin i?. o .1! eatitlu I All . t Coventry. or. I one, 1 aw and Lit'-., in w nr.'i M? A"dertoo, f?om the Mobile I'll a"?. W'll h , tr. '%'< i--br: with ttwpin ipelwawthrnio'tl ompariv '*72"iia*r "nMLlllt AN TU -A" .iK, vV ALNU v'hlfT I'llILAfrRLi'MlA. UNDER THE DIRE "HON OK MISS CUSHMAN. THI? EVENING, J inn 21, will lie perform"! LA?T D a Yh Off PO in EH. Toco elude r itli BUM BASTE * VUHIOSO. tn H r W. A. M AUSHAI.L. Le?aee jfttwery Aniphltneair,. A. MANV AN!) HUKUS WELCH. PROPRIETORS. Unxea 2.1 cpiim; Pi', I'bj renw |t or? onrui at half paat 7. Performance I" comment-'- nt 80 etucn, THIS EVENING, June 27, tb- performance will rorum*? C'- will' OREPK WtHHIOHH RETURN. Corpireal h'lenbility l.y Muter O W hmrfton Chamberv. New act oft <j?a atria "lain by Mrati ??in. Ground and Lo'ty Tu-oLlii i; by i'io '"om|,any. Li'lle Glenroy 111 n daa'<iuu and Ouir< Hntnnr Thri't, will arpenr o? the eo? ,e volant*, Tlic Sailor oif Duty, by Mr Water?,au. lutrrmiteion of IS minutea?i.r'er wh co MR. W. B. CARROLL'S H-MKH'v.T ROUNDING It GREAT DOURI.K LEAPING. Plate Hninniuit. li?., by Mr Hobba. Peasant? Erol.e, br Mr Carrol. Mr Hobba will introduce the wonderful Domeatic Hon* , Mexican. Toconelada with. THK SPRITE OK THE SILVER SHOWER. The Sprite, Mr Cad* <l'ade r Kirat Cupid, Mm MrKarland Recnnu Cup d, Ma?t Jenainxs Third op. (I, Matt Acinar Kqucrtrian Director. Mr Cartwallader. Cluwj, j. Goaain. AJHKHrrAn SPHEI!:' . NO A;^IAL garden, two PKRK< RMANCK8 EVERY DAY. First performance at fmr o'clock, P. M. Evenii g performauca nt half put 8. Great B'nl wr.inHTT induce- enta h??e'et GEN'L TOM THUM.Jit to forego his visittnCciiada (or one ?e?.k only. Hecubo seen at the Musrrm all this week at all lioura doriiiq the day ard rrniiif. Tliia wnulrrfal dwarl baa becoma in cclrbia'uil rhut a deacii tion of lii a*etr a unncceistry. I ut for he inforiii.t ou of itrina*r?, 'he Mnnager stales that he is I be HMAI.LEhT t>er?nn tlrat rye* walked alone. He ii hra thy, ronuat, lire'y, in'e.liBent, talkative, well pro piopml.ou, II years old, 2) iuche? h'sh, and weighs inly lifteen pound-. Mr. HARRINGTON, me prince of Mui(><ni an' unequalled Ventriloquist i< re*, niteffed. A'ip. Mr. H. O. 8HER rtiA N, lite voraliu. La Prlite Uenur, the dauaeuie. aud others The Garden f fTo-da a cul aud ile'ijtl rful promenade The Nl- W KOI I l?TAIV ia em'oyed and admired by all via'to-a. BALOO.N ASCENSIONS every da* and evening. Albino Lav, Phrenological Eiamruatiooa, Grandl/oamorama, ke I nmcnan prenariliaua arc making to calibrate tiro Glorious Fourth of July. Pr Ce of admilltrin 2-1 cenll. Children en.l.r l> BOM. J.CU'..s,i.n<.~s1e.l?MFJ) TO' pit M DUCK A NO VfiLTY HALF SO WONDERFUL ! [T7~ The ran?t remarkshle and curious NATURAL CUK O-ITV ever discovered, ii eng'ged every day and even isg ihl wrek it v t, ACft-'S Ktr.W vr?*?-'t It a being a ptrrctly forming the long-looked lor connecting link Oetwerp 'he MONK- V AND i'UM\N SI'E< IiCS ! It is called CASPAR HAU8ER, Jr., and -pi-esri to be cimjmctli n of the hiotd and quadruped, about 2S ye-rs old. It ?>.i discovered iu th - woo ls in ithn.'e Island dart- g the late D >rr excitement. VVh-11 esnght, itseaa perfectly wild, srol uuabl,- to inter a sound like the humsu voice It has sine* He-ti tnuaht to talk, and now r inverses llu-utly, though ia quite broken l-iualnli It r un and skips sprig -tly on all f- ur? ; is very native and good osturcd. and possesses, in a re vMikable desrte. the gtiuncrs and geitmes of tne OUKANO OUTANO ' 'I'wo iierformanees every day, at three and half past eight o'clock, p.m., by Mr. Delarue, the great miaaie, Miss Adair sod t*r iirouwer, the vocalists, Misa Blauchvd, the Femala Juggler. In;. Admission to tbe whole ONLY ONE SHILLING. hohoken. INCREASED ATTRACTIONS'.?Concerts d'Kte a la I Mus-ird on the afternoons of M >n !.>ya. Wednesday- and 8aturdavs< Free to the public. The prof rietor of the Favili'-'i at. the F>eli?, that fiv-rite and ui equalled place of summer resort, H-gs Irave to tnlorm the public, thst at great exp-ute he Ii -a effected au engagement with that celebrated leader, Mr Mvi-ra, who, es-ia'ed bv hi* excellent bind \?i'l_ rive a amies of iuatru i.en' si c neerts on the la an in Treat of the Pavilion, the first e tei-rt to be iveu on We'penny, luna Hth. From the decided sure- <s 'hat attended his coi c- rta 'est eaion, t. r proprietor coef-frii !y ant cipatrs that this elf >rt for the gratl cation of the public will neat with a general approval. j J 3w*in G'llE EXHIBITION ? N">'i*jO^aTTafTXfTe W* ' will c'ose on Tuesday the 4 h i f ui>. ?l 10 o'e.lo k, i M? No picture of ?ne pre-en'colle .in cm -rer agsi. He ieew at the in ms cflhe Academy, A Imiaaion 25 cents. Catalogues HX eeota. j-i't?*r5 aiNQLNU. VTA IHM SUTTON, haimi, sjrttp/rr-' hi i?tn-n to It-iv the t* srinnniK of An;nt, pnr|>oersreceiving pniela ou I ihst n .e 10 pre fmishir.t Ictso'is ill the Italian, ni uttls.and k.Dfiuh in e <il Si 4- in. Met method is liixt purtVrd l.r bn'dcv n ud V ? < <i, lh? MMt i. ii'" m En: pe, iricrruinti toe r.'n.u and w.itMiio is'iun; ri'Jt r her |U, t? ?<i| neve the "??! ' < ul V' liiiriiiy i-. ' wioc'i fw l? puis red Mr vu .? l-re. who have b ?.u ,>n' nil* ?..-n.ra. Ce.T"ai trailing thri"? 'tes .Mrdjn Sui r|i'i!n"*ri day, ii'7 ? i ii er?s. *? ,!,( 13; ties'tno at n ?i<eet, *i i a o% lock ' ! 9 mtr fn* t ARCH STREET THEA HtE. (I'HTLADBL^ PHI A,) TO LET. r|VIR BOAHD OK AOKPiTal OK THE AIU.H SI PELT I THEATRE, Pnil ilelnna, are prepared i<# ieete />?. iu diiilC f.r the aeanon of 1813 '<4. Of * louver ne.iod. tn. _?.'U rli(iiiv rn jniir, np n vei y I literal terma. An liCj'Him addressed " Boa'd of Agents of rhe A'Mi ?freet Thra re hhilrrialpliia," leflat 59 Market stve.-t "t trn-.S w corn* r oi 4th ami Market, or with P. M. Lefmimrde in. 1.0 Crown it er t will I n f Mended to. PHIL4DKI.FHIA, JlUr !5. '9i3. je;5 'm?? 1'IIIE WORiCS ISAAC EDUK. JB , I YROTECHNI8T. THE mmi este-aive, v.-.ed. cj brilliant rthibitioral Eire Wotkt ever m;i .nf* ' m \I.i, or any other country, era now rtady t-.r delivery i thi .* at It im, in l la in nut cornmit'ee* and parties t r lit c?l -br-M n of K iurlh ol July, at the United St r-- Laboratory, Je'i , iy. Order- le t with J. W tloi'oe.fn, 75 Maiden Lane, or a Niblo'sor aatle O rdeii, will receive immediate attention. Oni/di delivered to any jiart oi :b- free of ei|?ate. inyil oJu:i0is*ee NEW FIREWORKS LA CURATORY, BY JOHN TRAOAHDH, PYHOTK.CflNIHT, KK'VM SWEDEN. MESSRS KOLLBERO k THAU* D'll.ive the honor to inform the American prbfle r' -iey h. ve an eiten i?e an<l varied assortment or Eire tv'orks, of ell and every kind, at their eslablisliineut. at Hsr-imu* ',o < Duek in New Jer?ey. a half m le Irotri Jersey City ' odW New York, w liieh they offer to Committers and others at tne moat invvrmblepriceainthe market. Bel evmv in the new trade principle of a rrode -?ie rajh price for a good article, they request ihe far ore r,' ..he , nblic at the above plare.or ?t theatnre of Robert JinosloQ, >o. 51 Conrt laudt street. All ordera.onany scale o. sire v? iety.prompt If attended to, by addressiuit the aooac.ibcrs At either ol the hove pliers. NICHOLAS A, KOLLRKRG k J TKAOAHDH, nivT-Tin'r Hartimm Loov Jock, .New Jersey. FIREWORKS, CRACKERS, -See. FOURTH JULY, lit). < hOUNTHY And city derlert iii fireworks, will God it to vv their adrALtave to ra I and einnioe no ei entire assortment ot'llie heat quality, At H. AYLIFF&'S old eitv li.hmrnl, iM < hath-m slicet. A larre quantity ol fire cracker* jam reirired Itemember toe aiunol the two mammoth ekv rockets and sold ke*. bJMjr'r L"11itkw'>uks Itv" in.-. manuVAC j irRkM?D r MOHAN Si CO Py.oteih'iUU, 78 hithaur itm t, offers to the public A ipli-mtid assortment of Firrweikt, luper.or in qn.iiity end i)' .\iu ?? to Any in thi? o-say other eon-try The a'lute have been m?nu factored by them r?, re?ely for ini? mar kel; iIao can eell mich cheap r than nny vender in t iwn. and limr.intec all it od* fioro their store No peddlnw froro this place?Nn. 78 Chat lain tlrret. (Jooda delivered to any partof the city free of eapente. ... N. B ?e-i.iihition Fireworki of enper or qualify. with error on, red, purple, green, yellow and nlue lires. Alto, colored lire,bv the pouud. Jl ltn*re W A1 t,llrs ANU"JMV"* L,Lt.'? * lower uian evtr.-A? the tuhtenher i? eonffnnt.v receiving ill description* ef fold and silver wiichee, of l> tr-wett ttylet, direct from the rnAiiol le'irere in Knsland. k-nnce, and Switv.rrl.ind, he la riiAb'ed tooffer a lanter "Mqrtmeiit, and ai moch lett prices, el icuii, then eov other h?ote m the city. Oold watches as lew la til each. Watches and ,ewcllcry eschanged or honaht. AJI wan hrt wirreDUd to keep (rood time, or the money rcinmed. Watchet, eloekt and jewellarr repaired in the Ve?t OTJUnrr. fuiu ."w?r uma ai ?ht oin*r pi xct ?D Lli? city. U, C. AHpii. importer of w?tch*? ?ud inwnlfery, whole t?l* *t?l retail m Wall gtrrmt nr* ttatrt. m9>?? 1m*#r 'ptTTJlK LOVKU8 i)i' BUPKTUOH HI.AI* ffcA. /lSw<'"* ? MjltWrThn ettremeiv and nnparnl' led Tts, no IiikKIt celebratad in Chiun and Kuropc, iani im"ortsd, it now On tr'a at uw Canton Ta?Company b (laiatil 1>* 1 nwMinh?oo?t, lit <'ia?thoinnt N?w V? and It* ITtil (<u atreat, Hrix kirn--iu ancknua*. Cn'? ? -#? ? a?i4 Si aaeh rn'5 'i?*?a fOK l'UUUK^fc" ehMAl.fc. t ?'/ rHKBK .'ar favwd aid eol?b?n!*d ISlta, 5 n frtoaaun I a< p"-t ta.ti, k? i in "it iin it i Saaatawan ? salon aha ??: mi?n fo?rfi .

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