Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 28, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 28, 1843 Page 3
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to 1837 a man ol lair standing could readily procure from some cue of the great London House* an acceptance at ^ 8 to 8 month*, with which he could purchase to almost ' any extent, allowing the good* to pais through the hand* of the correspondent of the London House lor their security. The ruin of the London Houaes was inevitably involved in this system, and when three of the largest tailed, the amount of this description of paper running on them, was ?12,000 000 or f 60,000,000. A large portion of this has passed under the bankrupt act as far as the claim here goes. In 1837?8, the imports were small, but swell" ed again in 1830 to as great an amount as ever, under a new system of credits, which were the State Stocks. The sales of these stocks abroad in the yoars 1838-9 were over S100,000,000,and w ere pushed to an enormous extent by the Id. S. Bank. The bills -lrawn against these stocks formed the medium of purchasing goods abroad, instead of the old system of acceptances. They had. however, a different foundation. The former acceptances of the London houses depended upon their disoounts at the Bank of EnglanJ. The sales ot State stock denended unon the confidence of l>rivate capitalist*. The centre of the bank expans.on ; was, therefore, changed to this aide in 1839, and wai supported on the apparently immutable baais of public credit- j Tho old system of credit emanated directly front the , Bank of England, and its vibrations were felt to the re. motest corners of the United States When it suddenly,in ( July, 1&36, closed the flood gates of its discounts, convulsion overspread the Union like a tornado. Through the instrumentality chiefly of the United States Bank, stocks were substituted iu the succeeding year. Those stocks were issued, however, far in advanre of thu ability of ma ->y of the States to pay, and a large portion of the interest wan pai 1 by new loans. When, therefore, mthe spring e alarm on the boundary question,accompanied by Webster's famous throat oftaking possession ou the 4*h of July, stocks became comparatively unsaleable, tlio only prop of the whole paper expansion was knocked away. The United States Bank staggered on, aud fell in the following October. From that time dis- 1 creJit has followed discredit?explosion after explosion 1 lies taken place?bank alter bank and State after State has declared its insolvency?until every species of bad and 1 doubtful credits have perished. If the above average of I bankrupt liabilities lor Illinois holds good for the Umor, $360,000,000 nf individual debts! have been expunged. | mear |>/v,uuu,uuu 01 nan*, capital nave ueen put in liquioation. The population of tn?country has increased 10 per cent, andita products 60 percent, and general trado is fas1 gatheiing volume and impetus, but there now exists no medium of credit! between this country and Europe. There is no means of .purchasing their goods but with cash?cash earned by the labor of the farmers. The descriptions of goods which that cash will purchase have been greatly reduced by the passage of an oppressive tariff. Hence the trade of the whole country can grow only step by step, on the solid basis of actual wealth, struggling against the oppression of governmental enactments. Under the old system, of buy iDg goods abroad on credit and disposing of them hers at prices cieatcdbythe supeiabundance of the paper circulation, a tariff however high the rate of its imposts, would not check trade. It only had the effect of raising the level to which the banks might swell their circulation, and so far from checking, increased the imports. As aff airs now stand no goods can lie bought abroad except for cash. The banks, many of them have ceased to exist, and the others cannot push out their credits. The conclusion is it resistible, that without credits, and with a prohibitive tariff, there can be no speedy revival of commerce. It will slowly follow in the woke of renewed confidence in American stacks, and a return of Congress to constitutional laws and equal rights. Sale* at the Stock Exehsngs. $6000 N York 6'?, 180J 1C9V 100 Mechanics Bank 00 6000 do 5's, 1855 90 50 Bk Commerce, full loiti 5000 do 1858 lou 10 Oh.o Lite sad Tiast 19'J 2!56 City 5's, 1858 90^ 10 do 89 1750 do 1860 99>fc 50 Life ai;d Trust 100 1000 Indian* Bunds 35 100 Farmers' Trust 25 1000 do b60 36 15 Faicle lasurnnce 100 2000 do s30 35 20 kijuilable Irs 98 3000 Ohio 6's, I860 8934 25 Canton Co nw 25 5000 do btO 90 15 do 2tJi 9000 do 90 2 5 Aoh St Roch R R giW 5(00 do b60 9 i 25 Mohawk K R blO 35'4 7006 Kentucky G's, 10 yrs 9834 50 do $3 35' 3000 do 98X 300 Harlem Rail.oad 32b( IUVU uu SlU "??7g JU (JO I >1)0 32% 2000 lliinon Bends 33 V 100 do b30 32V 4U00 do 33>? 60 do ?3 Jtf,V 2000 do 33 25 L Island Kailroid 52 V 50#0 do 160 31,V :n do 52V 14 shas Stale Hank 119 100 N Jersey Railroad >30 81)5 50 do b60 80 Second Board. 2000 Kentucky 6's 98V 4000 Ohio 6'>,! 860 s in 4,914 5UD0 Ohio 6'j, I860 >60 89)5 1000 do do >30 89V New York. Public Stock (exchange. $5001 Gov't 6's, 1862 b20 I'6)4 300(1 do 31V '.000 do b30 116V 1000 Ho 32V lyOO N York 5's, 18',0 97 10( 0 do b'O 32V .1000 do6'?,1862 C'PK 110V 1009 do t>20 32V kiwi do 110)5 30 >lia> Kat inert' Loan 24V :i000 Ohio 6's, I860 90 100 do 2( 4000 do 90 V 50 do bthw 24V 1000 (lo >10 90 10 do 25 2000 do 3d> aft 0|<K 90V 50 do bihtr 21V B 111)0 dotdiaftoiK 90 V 2?0 do 24V 10(0 do bids 90*4 200 do tbw 21*4 mno Keuiucky6'> blO 9R)? 19 do 2lV 200u do bthiv 98V 100 ITa-lrin Railroad 32 V 5..00 do 98V 100 Li liland Railroad 52V 1000 do *10. 98 V 25 do OP2 52V 2000 HliuolsCa'l6'?,1869 31 v 150 do 52 2000 do 31 25 Canton Co H30 25V 100 Illinois 6'i, 1870 slO 32 25 do b30 25V 1(000 do 39 >4 50 do 26 I Oiil do bwk 32V 25 do 25V 1(100 do blO 32V 26 do b30 26V Second Board. 3060 (Jov. 6's, 1862 b33 116V 1000 Illinois 6'>, 1870 33V (000 lliiuoia 6's, 1870 33 10.0- 0 Ohio 6'?, I860 b*8 90 1006 do do Mon 32V 25 Fa>m:rt' Lioan >3 24 100 do do buw 32V 25 do b 18 24.V State of Trade. Flour?The demand is quite limited and the receipts small. The late advance in prices was so sudden that purcnsser* nave leu inc market, determined to wait the turn of the tide, which mutt coma very soon. We quote tales of Genesee yesterday, at $6 68j a $5 75. Ohio, round hoop, $5 60} a $6 62} .Michigan, $6 62}. Southern, at <.5 60 tor poor quality, ltye flour is iu taircequest, and quotations rule at $826 a $3 37}. Corn Meal, Brandy wine is fair at $3 12} Jersey, $j Ofi a $3. We quote salea of prime wheat at $1 20. The supply is small anda good demand exists. The receipts of corn are to snmn ext-.nt, sites ot Maryland at 56 a 66, weight. Virginia ft-l^od. measure. North River, 66, weight. Rye is i.c.d at no ct, hi which small sales are made. .dj'.r. - r v are i t demand and sell Irealy at $4 62}, sales i:T .?L t...jdred barrels were made yesterday at that rut.. fva- a.^ not so active, we quote sales of small lots ot >S 16 Cotton?T.ic 8"1 s yesterday will reach full 80:)bales. Prie -r are not m-.terially changed by the late operatloas. We qaut? New Orb ins, good fair, atfiaflj; fair, 7}; middling f:ir, oj i. 7, L'plund, good fair, 7j|, middling fair, 6}; lair,7. P> orinong ? wo notice sale* rrime, at $9 60 a 9 63$, and Meat at ft I ft"; a 1163$; Sales aour and muity .Mesa at J>9 hiBeef is quiet, I'rime $0 a 6 35 and very little doing. ' l.ard is steady at 6$ a 6|; lor prime leaf in kegi; bbls ft J a ?}. Prime La..l ia scarce. Oreaae Butter is in good demand at 6. Cheese ia dull, the stock is not heavy. Wo quote 4 a (Jo. Hay?We quote sales for shipment at 3ft a 40c. Very little country offered on the stand. Oil?The sales have been confined to small parcels, ami have been made at 33c, for crude Whale. The receipts at this port and the East have been largely increased by several arrivals. Corn Trade, At Albany, the 34th inst, a sale of 3ft0 barrels of mixed brands, Oeiii sce and Michigan, made at $5 69 a 7ft. We quote Ocnesee at $5 7ft, and Ohio and Michigan at 6d lrss. A sale of 5000 bush. O >ts at 39c; 1000 bush, shorts at 1.1c. At Cincinnati, the 331 inst., no change in price, the market remaining firm at f4, at which between ft and 600 btils. were taken yesterday from Canal and Store. About 300 bbls.were received by wagon,which were sold chiefly at $1. inspected. At St Louis,.Juno 17tb, there was no change in the pi Ice of wheat. It may be quoted at 70 a 80. Flour hangs heavily at former quotations?4 60 for countrv brands, $ft for City Mills. At Cleveland, the 13J inst., tho boats began to arrive from thebnafcthe evening before last, and the Canal re ? umi, i?,w?4 Dnis. oi nour, ana 7.9.T1 bushels of corn. The market opened yesterday morning with n sole of 100 bbls. of flour ol a favorite brand at >4 60, anil tome smaller lots wet e taken at same rate. A sal- of 6000 |>l>ln. of "Cascade" Mills w ith its usual proportion of second and third qualities n' 94 76 all round, right draft on New York at par, brought all fair qualities of flour up to that ] nee, and fiee sales were made during the rest ot the day at that price. This morning the same price was early obtained lor laige lots, and thedrmand continuing veiy active, pliers advanced to 9*-, and one sale of 600 bbls C C, Mills at $6. That price is now refused for the best qualities. The sales of yesterday and to-day are believed to be near 16,<HI0 bbls, a considerable proportion of it for C .n.ida stdMi The sales of wheat have been free at 91- f'orn has I alien oft in demand, and the holders have withdrawn II om the market. The highest price we hear of paid for Mess Pork is 911, hot the quantity offared is very small. Prime propoitionate. flrlahtnil (lllnn I I nil li' Unrl,?l For tho work, eudiitg Juno I. 164 head heel cattle f 2 7ft a .1 'J.I per cwt. h'atl lat hogs, nett >1 87 a 2 26 per cwti lead aheap 60 a $1 37 prr hd. head theup purchased for Southern market. 12 milch c o*i a |6 25 per hed. Foreign Markets, Tout an I'maca, June 13?The market n exrcs*ivrly '.nil, plenty oi produce but no purchaser*. American produce m very plenty. We have about 6000 barrel* ol Klourcn hand, without the (.lighten demand. Coffco and Logwood are high and scarce. Havana, June 17th.? Mol?s*o* i* very scarce, and good sweet is very difficult to be had ; it may bei|tiolc<| at I to , IJ ?"; vltisoovado at 2j r?. Suj .r_ our market for the la*t week ha* presented no now teititre calling lor particnlai notice, prices in general bring about the range ol our last limitation*, and hut little doing a.ore animation i* looked isrtliis week. We t|U ite I loretei 7 a I#; do regular ? a 10 a 01 * lltf; cerrienti? lupertore* 64 t, n ftj n PJ; do good 4| a 8} a ft t P; / J do ordinary 4 a 8 and 4} a ?]; white 9] a 10; do current 8] a 94; do interior 74 a Hi; quebradoa 0 a 04; do inferior a] a 5]; and do inferior 4} a *; cucuruchos 3 j a 4]. < otleo?A slight animation haa taken place in thin article on account of some orders for Europe and your port. Fine coftee, none in market; lat quality, 8} a 7, 3d do 6a 64; 3d do, 6 a6}; Triache, 3 a 4. Rice?The cargo of the brig Arabian from Charle-ton, which haa been on hand for aome time, was sold this week at 9| a 9|. Some 48 tieraea of inferior quality "till remain in first hands. The stock of rice on hand is large. Flour?Since our last review oi the market two cargoes hare arrived I'tom Saniandcr, which have been disposed of at($9j a 9j[; the 300 bbls. brought by the Hero realized $14]Lard?During the last week several lots of lard were placed at the following ratesInferior, HI; superior, $13 in kegs; and in barrels at $11 a 11]. Our supply of lard is consider nble. Candltt?Some 300 boves of northern tallow candles wore sold at $14 the quintal. Hoops per M,84 a 43; lumber u hitepinc, M. 15 a 17; p p minimi i?u xa;; snooKR, tihd ti a 7 tr; do box tt rs. Beans, white, 8 a ISr; Beet, No 1, 2, piimcand Mess. $6,ia 7,4; Butter, American la a a J, Candles, mould, 13,4 a 14,4; Sperm. 30 a 34; Cheese, Am. 10 a la; CodiUh, per 30 lb box a u 4; Flour, Philadelphia and Baltimore, $13; Hams, Am. <|l. 8,4 a 11; Lard, 11 a 11,4; Onions, 100bun 6 4 a 7; Pork, N 0 and Eastern and Mess, 9,a a 13; clear $14 a 14.4; Potatoes, bbl $4; Rice, qql 4,4 a4,0; Soup, yellow, 7 u 8,4; Ho. ney, gall a a Molasses, keg o! 6.) gal J a 1, Sugars, as. sorted J, white and ? browis, 5,9 a 6f, 9j; wbitealone 8} a 10; brown alone, 44 a A; yellow, 6^- a tij; Segars, $H a $26. Kxrhutifr - On London, 011 days sight, 8J u 9 prem; New York par a 1 prvm; Boston, par do; N. Orleans, par u 1? nominal; Spain 3 u ft J prcm; paris, 2$ a 4 dis. Frtights?We have to ra| ort a slight improvement in freights for the past week. Two large American vessels were engaged, one for Cowes at ?-1,Us 6d, .and the other for the north at Ti,10s; another of the capacity of 1800 bxs at ?2,lfts lor Cowes. These rstes will probably be sustuined, inasmuch as the stock of sugar in store is quite considerable. For the United States but little offering? rates 8 a 9 bitts the box, aud 4 bitts the sack lor coffee. PI arrled. On Tuesday, at St. Thomas' Church, by the Rev. Dr. Hawks, Austin Phillips to Mart Annk, only daughter f Charles Cox, Emi , all of this city. * Vied, On Tuesday morning, June 37th, of consumption, Mrs. Cathkhink Warrkn, aged iSyears. nor irienu* ana acquaintance! ana those of her brother, Patrick Kstferty, are respectfully inTitcd to attend her funeral thii afternoon, nt 4} o'clock, from her late residence No. 33 Columbia street. On Tuesday morning, June 37th, Mary Ml'Clowh, tuc wile ol William Garabrent, in the 60th year el her age The friends and acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral, this ufternooa ut 4 o'clock, from her late residence, No. 130 14th street. On Tuesday morniug.37th inst.,near Wallabout, Brooklyn, Miss Ett, daughter of Mr. Samuel Smith, of New York. Her remains have been removed to Smithtown, L. I., for interment this afternoon. On Saturday, 34th inst., at Newark, N. J., Mr. James Srr.ncE, aged 54 years. At Dedham,June l,Capt. Lewis Coi.burn, a revolutionary pensioner. In Reading, Dea. Benj. Pratt, aged 84j. He war in the battles at Lexington, Bunker Hill, and White Plains, and died on the 17th inst., during the exercises on Bunker Hill. Passengers Arrived. London?Packet shin Ontario?Mrs Bowu, J T Bows, Mm M A Bnwu, Mix S K Bown. Vliti H K Bown, Mm K H Bowu. Masters W K and E T Bown, and three servant, of Winchester; A J Shsw and lady. Miss A J Shaw, A Shaw, Masters <' A and W A Shaw, Philadelphia; J W Lees, Newark; A Watsou, New York; Mr Ha'c and lady, Illinois; Mrs Yeldain ami family, of Stains?66 in the steerage. Passengers to Arrive. Savannah?Biiu Exact?Mrs KeuihHW.Mii J W Mrs A Huntington au-i child. Mr? A 8 ereri Mn Heudricksnu and four ciuldien, Mrs I)r Van Buieti, Miss tVilliainson, Miis Bradley, Com Keuiliaw, (j K Heudricksou, A Bievtm, K F Trowbridge, J BloUdard, Mr Lawrie, Mr Curtii, and K Hutchison. Foreign Importations. London?Ship Ontario?2 cs R 1, Maitlaud & co?18 pkg* John Uitiou?3 VV R Brad'sh?66 Geo Mili>??62 pkg. Cl*'k & McCnmin?1 c? Mr Whenham?1 Aiawson Brothers?I F Wilkin?I J A Ackley?I bal? W Vy*' ?I pkg J W Wright ?1 A Smith?les Charles KinK St co?I Barber Brother*?1 bo* M Cuthbertiou?40 casks to order?2 en do?2 Win- / Sr. Puluam ?2 the Collector?' Cheater, Clark Si c?.6 pks L J Cohen?2 J W Hollerlou?R S Koharuon?4 c? M Livy Brother*?5 e? <J Meyer Si Sou?M ca-k. JB rstow & co?19 elites G B More wo. nl Si co?20 cask* 17 <* 44 ok** to ord r. Vi.ha Crux ?Briii I'eteribiiric?16 hilt* cochiueal $1390 Harcoos Brothers it cu?I ci e wax futures A C Itissirie Si 0. ? I liax do$1000 J B Lssala?$423 K Hawlev?$300 M de Puga? $1231 Juan de la Urairj*?$4293 Berne & Trott? 22 ba'es Koat skins $1000 h' del H >?o?$500 Howlaud Si Aspiuwall?$1190 A I'a'rulli?$3700 S Perron?2 bales jalap 194 do iknra $700 U Si T Bchcoumaaei?$2110.1 Bourhrud Si Theb ud?191 bales bide* R< nard 81 co?'7 boxes wax figures 1 do mineral s'.odcs Hargou* Brothers. St Jaoo?Schr Outesie?SI bin's sugar 78 bale* tobacco 422 bags coffee Thoinpem Si Adams. M A R I TTM e"" H E?A L D . SlUp rrf as tar a and Agents. We shall esuieui 11 a favor, it Captains of Vessels will cive 10 Commodore Hoiicrt Sii.vey. of our News Fleet, a K? port of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the Vesstls Spoken on their Passage, a Luc of their Cargo, ami rov Foreign Newspapers or News they may bate, lit will 1 food Umdi immediately 011 their airitnl. AxeuU soil Correspondents, ai home or abroad, will alsu confer a favor by ftcndiiia f<i tmt ?II Mm ? i. 11: *^? 1 obtain. Nautical Information of anr kind wi' 1 bo iliaokfelly received. *-l>UT OK 1SW VOAK, JUNK 28. tun 4 33 | MOOIf SETS 8 18 SUIT SETS S3 I HlflM 19 32 Cleared. Ship Hasten, Kldri lite, Kio de J meiro, K K Collins St Co ? B i '|ue Coutior, Mayaguer, Kilch k C? ?B.w Snow, Snow, Thnmastott, Nevmi.h, Leeds St Co.?Schrs William, Barnes, St Jobu. NB. Soule, vVhituey St Co; Jona Smith, Browned, Wilmington, NC. .1 Ogdeu; Le< tuiue, Hart, Uichinoud, Allen St r.ixeuu; Ucean, B lrtham, Baltimore. Arrived. Packet ship Ontario, Bradnh, from London and Portsmouth, Mat 20, witti tcdse, to tjritineli, Minturult Co. Geo. Low, of Boston, died on the passage, of consumption. Slop Souihport, llcrbest, I'roui Havre, May 14, in ballast, to (.? Bulkley?200 pasrebgrrs. Swedish bug Victory,5'j days from Uotteuburg, in btllosl, to Dickson St Co. Bog Altec. Colby, 21 days from Triaidad de Cuba, with 2IS0 III sugar, to master. Tor A was hnuud LO Cowes, pat ill here iu dis:r- ?s, leakijg 200 strohrs per li.ur, having sprung a leak second day out. B:ig 1'eti tsburg, Larkiu, 19 H vy? from Vera Cruz, witn spocie, Stc. to Htigois Bruiht is k. Co. Left U. 3. ship Vincennes, for Peusacu a, 10 days,all well. Brig I0iii|i es.aiio, Collins, (ol ?<ewOrl<nui) 10 d.iys from St. Juaude lot lleiuedus, Cuba, willi 192 liliila sugar to A. C. i<? s?i? re it Co. B.-ir B lie, Mvers, 4 <l?ys ffom Wilmington, NC. with naval atom, to K. S Powell. Schr Oulesie, Jenkins. 16 dai fro n St. Jagj tie Cuba, with sugar, & - to S. YV. Lewis. Daniel Ilowei, mate, tiled on the liaiieKe, seventh <1 -y out. Schr Pamyl co, Kulfoni, 6 days from Waahinittou, NC. wi h naval ?to es, to S. L. Mitchell. Sail <1 in co. with aclir Ailtiii .lie, M?tt? for N Yolk. Schr Chis. K. Thome, Sun li, I days fram Wilm-uglou, NC. wi h naval stores to J Oitilen? 8 passe niters. Schr Sttrliug, Tayior, 4 il lys from W ilmijgion, NC. with luVBlatoira, to master. Schr Win. Thompson, 4 days from Wilmington, NC. witn tiaval stoics, to master Scnr Kleauor, Jou-s, Siliyt from Elctilhera, with iOOO dozeu 1'ine appLi to Crcsey k tiilmaitin. Schr rair Tlay, Young, fr m 1 hiladelpli'.a, v.ith cojI, to the master. Schr T. B. Udell, Smith, fram Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr Mail, Saunders, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Sail art. B igi Falcon, ( Br) Pitt, Bermuda; Avind.i, Howlaud. Belire, Hon; United Stater, West Indies; Caiib, Porterlield, Denn;r.ira; Sullivan, Charleaton, and otners. Herald ."tarlns Correspondence. Omen of the Uhodk Isi.arvotn, ( Newport, June 20, 1841. t 24th, anr. Tasso, Almy, NYork; Glyuuus, B.Ueilee, Hondout f) Providence; D.tu.el Biker, Baker, Pnilad lor ds; Union, Kail Hirer for NYork; Amanili, Ostium, do for do; Ainos nirdtall, Budn'l, Philad; Heroine. Baker, fin NYork Pustfin: PI .nr.. ?l,,n.l .< I... II,va ..... I tf-ii - , w v. .. . ?v i.wi, tuniuiau, ucvtis, rail Hiv?r lor N /"rk. Uth, nr, Oi volt, Hul!, Savannah for Providence?On llie 18 h lost, n- ;il 3(1 l..u 71, ts-rieiiced u severe gale from Itis NK lo Se. ^sti.fted deck lo-d !ke ; Craven, Godfrey, faun'! n f<r Philsd; Xuloda, Oweua. tin Kileulon, N C; W m Miisatdi, Ketne, l'tula . lor B istoa; Pmuh <k 0 irli ig, P.rwiuckrt, lor >i kink; Vl.Kiuian, Carailiers. Providence for do; Geo Poll, <:?, Casey, B istoufor Newberu; John Clarke, Collins. Pawturktt for Philadelphia; George & Hemy, llirlow. Ira YVaieham f. r NYo.k; Guile, Phillips 'l's'iuioii, lor do. S'd.Uind Uelkuio, Wace, James fhirboui, Superior, Squire k Brolh-rs, Ana Ui/. belli, Bella del M ir, aud Palestine, Philadelphia; I induce, Baltimore; L,ewi? S| leer, Kappalunnock; Time. Vhsiuia; Harah, Noifolk: Union, AmaHda, and OreKfU, NYoik; .Men diaii. NYork: frame ami Supeiior, Albauv 2f>th, sld, Craven and John Clark, fur.Pnilal; Smith k I)arli K,nud Virginia. NYoik; Geo Pollock, Newbern, Glid-,auu Geo k He"iy. .NYork. Utiikrai Itaeurdi Uhii; Kl.ORt .of Bosnia, from St J nro de Cuba, was spoke :i about 9ch in?t. oil' Cu ti tiegos by the Cbedabueto ol' H ililax, iNS. The inate reported that her captain had died li po.l two diys heloie Iter sailiuu?liid that anstlier captaiu Was proemcd, who died the first innht out. The fr'lurn was only a short distance Irom l i. iifueitos, aud tin in tie wn vdvised by the captain of the ('. In make thai port, which he was ciiJeavoiing to d > ii'hkcr at Ht.a?C ipt,' I the hr r Pandora, at Boston fin 1'a" Prince, remits having fallen iti with en the llthMiy, (at 83, 10, N. Ion 71, 10, W on Ins cmward passage, and boading she wreck of a bruan'iee of about IliO tons, wt ter lo.ged, hei pun: was black wpli a win e streak, white arch on her aie.n, lull, I hen I, about ft feat f main m ist aim ding, foremast a ,d leiwspiitgoue.Oi.e anchor on her how, all her ironwork I aintrd n il, anil np; rirml lo be t new v.ssel Shou'dilnuli she had been in t| at situationaoutlt 3 mouth.?uight c inline on was obliged toabni d m her vn|i' iciiiui nuu crrw <?i mi? ? nip fPlTe air?vy?l The ?lni> ?rn? lost by dliftiof atltor? :ii a rapid curn ut in Providence < h\i.ncl. b< HR .mkhai.p.? I'ne rrpoft published '*( tll3 loai of lliC iota ol Ire iMnetald, Allen, fioin Noilolk for Etitpott, t tf li V Head, takm Irom (he I'oitUiid Arklli, i* snnHiard to be en I'npoMtion of two feilows, our irprrientiiiK hnnaelf ae the captain the otlir r at the doctm ol the eclir, ami as Mir only peranna s.ved from the wttck It ia aupiot. >1 thry invented the atory for the purpoie ol "rriiinR the wind" from out philanthropic n? ikh'oora down e ut. W hiticiMan. 8 Htr 8ttA?0Tt, Carr INoaata ? Sometime aiorr we reportrd the mutiny on lo.ard thit alup and the death ot the ctplain, w Ithont ttiriiu the paiticnUra ol the traneartinii. 'l hr following We lik I tout I lie ISi w Bedford Mercury : ? We liter been politely f voted wi h a le'trr Irom tlir acronil irate of tt.r alnp Hoje, of thia pott, giving an account ol the in .tiny on boaiil ahip Mlt iron, ot b airtiavm. Tlie follow u g " an eitrai t " Thr Sturnn had lost eleven ol net mm at Ocean nod Air'niton I lands, end bad >nkrn a me uative> 011 bo tnl iu place of llirtn; but they did not prove tuod men, ana Uapl Muru icti nil d tJ go to Port Jackson for Others. " Shore days liter (no ititii Kiteu) wha'et were raised, wheu the hoala weir lowerrd in piliaipt, lenviint t pi Noma, ahoy, mid J ii'.titra onboard to hi palpp A tnira a attic a and kilicil, and tlie bona b id vime in i iiniiitol o.t p, w hen the aiatialt ol ill ship Wert ditt titritd t?t?e at I h b.i I matt* The boa's luim J lleiy made lor Hie slop, hiiiI on eiipiuarlnug lirr learn il Irom ihr boy who wan aloft, tint the ua iv?? bid nut.iter* 11 n car am Attrmptt wrre midr by the bo t'a crrw to bo o. the ilnp, bit they wi re repelled by the natives, w ho had arm> d ihrin-cirrt with catting trades. 1'hc ship in the mean in ^ i.iiiiiT ? t ime had been gotbffore the wind. ami the boats had great dilCcul y ruktepii ? up with her. The hoy.who si ill continued ale ft ,w:*a ordered by ,ne mate to cut the sails clear of 'he yard*, . which lie did by pasting from one unit to the other on the ] * iy ; ami in the evening, the boats came opto the ship, *"*" . the second iiitttet sivioK his cr^w instructions* to boaiu the j hip when they heard the report of a musket, got overboard t and swam to her. and climbing up tH# rQddtv iiieooedod IB g< r ii?K into the cabia thr< ugh the window. fiethejloa ed some t muskets, and was arming himself, when one of the natives ^ came down, artueci with a cuilaas A severe conte t ensue1, ^ and the native getting the wo it, ?au upo d. rk, when another came down, w h >m the second mate ahot de*d. At the report , of the musket, tlie boat1* crew tuahed on hoard, and foupd one of the natives armed with u cutlass and knife, who, making res-stance was shot. The < iher concealed hims'lf ' i d was uot fntmd until the neat d y. wheu he wni put in irons, *? d car t rieu ?d?o Sydney, where the bharcu nrrived id January last. Pornhontir, "f * cwprt, 3 moa out, witn 2 whta, was spoken I 24'Mnst lat ?5 I n73 30? by the Outeiie, at this port. Arr et New Loudon 24th mat. Pein roke, 060 wli 200 si>, 6000 !bs boii" Sp ike Mch 2, Congicts, XVI\ atic. 12 whs; llth, 4'-- | uedoa. NL, 700 bblt; Dove. do, .610; 22 1, Neptune, da, 1100; i 29'h, Fhenix, 900, hound to Desolation I?la id. Letters from Capt AUyn. of the Krauklis, NL report fier at Crt ztVttu Mch 16. with 460 bbls elephant nil. II id lost JJfevi N Y; fcrui at Walter, of tie many rud John Caldwell. Germ, Nickeraoji, ?f Pro*ine*iown, 2J-* nontlti out, 13 bbls ] oil?Spot en IHh iust, lat J8, ten 78 n 1 At AkarO'B iy, New Zulrnd, KrbH, ships Lagoda, Mrx e-Ik, New Bedford, 16 mos 2i(i() rhl< 01 , all well, bound on off tii ire grotttid; Bopniafe Klin. Co An, Dnsbnnr, It n>"a. autt (100 ail I; John & K 'wa d, Hud up, N Br dl,nil, 21 mos, 800 bbla II h, Moctezuma, Tower, do 18 unn, 3200. would ciuiiravear i for i|>; air at do I7tl?, ship (Jot Troup, Jenny, New Btdloru, IJ moa, 1200. I Apokon. Royal Sovereign, o| London, hound K, June I, lat 13 40, lou 37 50?b? the Ontario, at Una "ort. 'Meridian, i f Georgetown,' steeling K, Jun: 8, lat 41 50, Ion 46? by the same, Ctementiu', ( Btent) Breman for Baltimore, 4!) days tnt, 22d June, ou Georges Bank?by the aarne Persia, of North Yannmith, 10 daya from Trinidad for Hambunt, Jaue 23, lat 34, Ion 70?by the Kinprei"no, at this port. Itulm, from Liverpool, June b. lat 21 50, Ion 55?had loat t er niaat ou the pass-go out from Bermuda? by the Pembroke, at New Loadoll. Azelia, Oardner, N York for Gibraltar, May 15. Oibtrs, (Bremen) signalized 20 mi'ea Shi of NW Paaa, 16th iust A ilupstaudiiiK SB, having Boston signals, and a white bargee with blu? swallow tails, waa passed May 26, lat 14, Ion 41? by the Nnrl'alk. Casilda, Cienfuegoa for Matanzaa, to load for I hiladelphia, June 10, off Lie of Piuei?by the Cordelia, at Boston. Mazeppa, Smith, Havre for New Orleaua, Jane 10, off Mala'. zas. , Attn Louisa, Btaeoe, NYrrk lor Vera Crnz. 8th it st, lal 28 76 Ion 8! 57, la days out, br the David Coffin, at Kail Hiver. Aurora, (3 inasird) Trinidad lor Boston, s'guatiztd 19lh iust, lat 35, long 75, 15 days out. Foreign Perl.s. St Ja?o dk Cttna June Id?In port, Gsllin, for NYork, 3 days* Amanda, Ames, do,4; Taiquina, Lutll .in, diig; Henry Lm iIs, Humphrey, do; Kleetro, I'ackaid, Wilmington, IMC. err 8lh; Monsoon, Boston, do. Havana, Jui e 10?Arr Cyiua, H: Thomis;Sixou,Liverpool; Christian, NOrteaua; Aik. Mataazas; Ottoman, Antwerp; llih, U 8 sclir K1 i11, Chagrea; Ceylon, Sierra Morena; Ellsworth, Cardenas. Cld Partridge, Boston. Cld 12'li, Husaell, Matat.zia. Arr I3ll>, Sinyrua. Ainstedim. 'i'mnidau dc Cuba, Juue !)?Sid Emetine, Jordan, Boston, lu port, CoroovH, Morse, Iroin Havana, lor Cowes, so n; B Aytnar, Carver, from do, to loail for turo|>e; John Odlin.Hauov?r, do do. Persia, Chaudler, for Hamburg, soou; Canton Peltiugil .for NYork, 4;Peusacnla, Kilgnre, do, 2; Grand Turk, Nirlols, wtg IH Adelaide, Baker, for Boatou. nnc; Shamrock, Smith, from St Thomas, lor freight. Condor, of Plvmouth, had not been ai Trinidad?the Coidova was miataken lor her by ( apt SliaukUnd. Poht u ' hinl'k, J me 13?'u port, Wm Ni ilaon. Morns, fm and for NYork, iiuc; Mar,a. Section, for Philadelphia, do; Jirtins. She| heard, do; Cnanipion, S< nle, for Boaton, aoon; Sarah Catharine, Krazter, uuc. Omar, Keud&il, not reported. Lake Porta. Clkvicland, June 23?Arr Rochester, VaDtaaael, Buffalo.? Cla 2ld, vValter Joy, Lacy; Dololiiu, Mcf'loy, and Whig, Per'out, I!ii 11 Mo; Datil Webater, Swetlaud, Oswego; GeuHousC'i, Persons, ORdeuaburgh. Home f-orte. CALAta, June IS?S'd Olive, Haskell, Barbados*. Kasi port, June 14?Arr I jura, Admia, New York: George, Lnt kin,do; 17th, Ledi, Spionl, do; 21>t, l.trcttia, Wade, Phi ladelphia. Sid 13th, Suaan, I'ettee, from Calaia, Barb-does; Teaz-r, Greenlaw, NYoik; 17lh, Pandora, Bailev, from Calais, Bnbadoes; Mary St Susan, Hiuda, Alextudria; Only Daughter, 1 ucker, N York Dkbh Isi.k, June 17?Arr Conititutiou, Richardson, Calaia for Philadelphia. Glouc ksi kb, Juue 22?Arr Balance. Kuowlton, NYork., June 21?Arr Angerctta, Crowell, NYcrk S.d E H Herri it, VVilkrns, do. ^ Boston, June 24? Arr Platina. Mans on, New Orleans; Loo Clioo, VVipnin, Savanuah; Katmr.u h, Davia, Philadelphia; Allen Kiug, Min ou,_ Cieufnegoa; E gle, Drew, Miragoane, St Domingo; Cordelia, Clapp, Trinidad; Chickaiaw, K-nd'iek. Baltimore; / corn. Howes; Kiln, Wheldrn; Bei j Kiaukliu, Klmu; Casilds, G'>o lell; Volts, Tuttle, aud Ligouia, Smith, fliiladelr liia: Win Davis, Seara; Homer, K-ut; Keeside, Langlev, -ud Maize, Pi'.labury, NY"tk; Osk Hill, L.iueolu, Matauzaa; Elvira, itackelt, Savannah; Sciluate, b iker, G -orge'owu, 01'.; Leiington, Hubbard, Philadelphia. ' Id Caroline. Studley, I'hiltdel.'hia; Cornells, Davia; S A App'etou, Nn keraon, and Nile, Caali, N \ < tk An 23'h. Paudora. P.nLon, Port ail Pince; Columbia. Dyer, Trinidad; Parl'idge, Merrytnt'i, Havaui; William, Crocker, Matauzav; Jefferaon, Milla; Susan, Wasgat', end Koiciusko, Bobbins, Philadelphia; Cotuit, Nicker* >tr, aud Detroit, Cammed, Alb nay; Emulous, Small, New York. Air ?fiih, Norman, Shacklefurd, Wilmington, NC; Zone, Crowell, Philadelphia, Cld Robtu Hood, b'isk. VtilpHrsiio; Plymouth, Goodhue, Montevideo and Buenoa Ayr>a; Alexander, [ttuss] Prenrz, Stettm via NBedford; Declaration, Lowder, Philadelphia; Harriet, Bacon, and Outvie, Marstnn, Aiuiiiv, v/smr, i'-hk't, in i orK. oia^rn, ?ma p to -naw, fresh. Fiankliu, N Brown. Messenger, Rocket, Martha Kins in.iu, Laurel, An'arer, Creole OiceU, Metamora, E I' B'ck, itml frm the Roads, Lacy; 25th. wind NW. mode rite UrifTou, Malts, Nrw England, Kalco, Uaui.i, Win Teno, Home, Monroe, John Dunlap. New Bedford, June 25?Arr Sea Bitd, (Jale, Baltimore; Tomous, Shearman, NYork Providence, June 24?A*r Orav T ift, Lnsett, Charleston; Oriou. lleatli, N V; Tt nidation. Weill, NY. 25lli?Arr Sit sauia, PuIIcb, Frederickabtug; Win Young, Adam*, Bait; Pa "elia, . Philadelphia; Dsn Baker. Biker, d i ; Allan, Vauchan, do; Olyun u*. Satterley, Rondoni; Ariivsl, Jane, do; Extra, Terrell, do; Empire, Dayton, NY; Editor, Dsvton, do. S'd, wind W. Virginia, Carrathni, Newberu, N<.; CIimhle.ike, I'oai, Bait; Denmark, Heriimtti, ISa'ive; k iddle r, l'lilli deli liia, Peneveranco, Hebron, Hondout; ProvideBCe, Brown, NY. Kall River, Juut 22?Arr David Coffin, 8 nitli, Apalachicola. Ai.haxv, June 2G ? Arr 8 K Smith, Billr, NHaven; I ilex, (Jihbi, N Bedfmd. 8ld Talent, Btiea, ami Ornament, Senddcr, Bolton; Celrtte, Wright, and Tantivy, Chapman, New H iven; Pheuix, White, Haiiihrd; Essex, Darter, Providence. Newark, June 26?Arr Three Mary*, i unnell; Unexpected, Jackaon; Knuci* Corv, Wriry, and John Henry, Mullen, N Y"rk; William. Biri.n, 8'. John NB Philadelphia, June 27?Cld Wm M Rogers. Harding. Boston, R salie, Hnl, St Croix; Einily, Beinadmi. St J ago de Coha; Lewis Brurr Studley, and Globe, Iroua, Boston; HO King. Vaudnren Kail Kirn; America, Southwurtli, Middli own; A Lord, I'. t. NYork. Richmond, Juue 21?Sid Commerce, Krag, NYork; Union, Paine, Boston. Norfolk, June 24?Arr Mary Jiue, McMatli, N Yo-k. Sid Sidney, B mard, West lndi-s Kri m H'mpton Road*. John Marili II. Poythrrss, Antwerp; Clyde, Theobald. City Poiut? In Hampton Roads, Zealand, Connies, trorn Richmond lor Button i harlkito*, lure 21?Arr Emily Knight. <'Arnd..-v, Ms.? CM Hichinond, Chruey, N York; Murslhou, Brown, Boston; C-th rine, [8w] Suudaun, Antwerp- Paul T Jones, Ireland, Philadelphia. Sid Columbine, [Br] Watch, Liverpool; Nonpareil, I'ope, Newport, HI; Treinont, Chase, and George,Hull, N York; Augusta, Lsrch, Matanxu; Waccimaw, Viuceut, W mh, Sava:si?aii. Jnue 23?A;r Kranconis, Crabtree, Liverpool ? 9M Evict, Johnson, NYork. i'alatka, Kla. Jane 9?Arr Ocn Lafayette, J trvia, NYork. On Si J iliua liar, O oZ'mHn, for NYork, wind bound. mobilk, June 17?Arr II-'- rtw, Carr, aud Coinssu', Lennox, Liverpool. Old Alabama, Wood, tloj Ohio, Hatch, H avana, wi;h return carso from Truiillo; M.uico. Nichols, llartund; Cahoiia, M i'stoti, (^nebec; Lncr tia, Ilea, 1'rovi ence; Seluia, Smith, Harlf >rd. Cid 19th. Hermitage, Badger. Nautz niw ori.v.ams, June 19?Arr Wr.i TeM, Oirdine.r, Marseilles; European, McLrlLn, Lnrrpool; Krsdlt J icob, [Brr] Warken, Bremen; Peiu Bailey, Boston. Alt round on the bar Jane Koas, from Liverpool. Cld Wellington, [Bi] Mclutvre, Liverpoo'; Ooo-vii, Otia Anlwer ; Cyrioiare, Macloon. Bo?ton; Cornwall, Lis'gau, Hali'av; Ororgi ma, McLsllan, Hichinond; Kidtlia. Small, NYork; Neptans, [a] llilliui.iio. WANTED?A tiluatinn as ba.-keeper, by a young irmu, an American, i f atradv habits, in anyrreyecc bin establishment Tli* aJvtrtiver would have no objectiona to leaving the r i'.y. Good references w ill be viven. A line addressed to J. L. at the office < f tliiipiper, will meet with immediate attenti n_ j28 lt*ec ijb 1 KOO WANTED.?On Coin ry tfscunty, one half of jp 1 jrJVJVf which ii improved cultivated, and rrnts for mora tnan three times ilis interest on the above mm. Security will alio He ttivi n for the paynien' of the iuterest in tliit city Addri ii bnv 59 Upper Post Otfice. i2li 3t r \17anted.?a situation e?teacher inaichool, by a young ** man, who is coiiaidt'ed well qualified for giving initrnction in the various branches of a Rood English education. He wr uM prefer having his attention confined to English Orammar, Geography,Anth-nrtic and Geometry. Addren to R.(l. L t tirongu.the Cost ofliee of this city. j?25-3t*r t>oako want ed ? * pem'crDan ami l?iciy wish botrd in i AA a reipcrctible private f.iroiiy wh*re tharc are nootlier boa tiers, with one room aud bed room, lurnitli Ml, i'i the luwr p\rt i I ins rity oreleired. A 'me add-cssed 10 "Gentlemannud left lit the office t f rhis paper, wiil he attend -d In. j ;8 lt?ec HO A HO I NO.?A few Single (fcnthmin, nr Gentlemen slid their Witi i, can be accommodated with pleasant renins ,,nd hoard, by a r"'l vines' 51 Veisy street mJO Im'r p(lAK()INH-A family or two < au hs handsomely acr.omO modeled wth board "t N-wa-k, N. J. The situation is ope of the inns' delightful in the place, an.! butafew steps from the slopping place of the rail cu? Kor inrthsr iuform llion apoly at No. 27 Maiden Lane. ?i?27 lir,* r ria(J LKT.?Splendid large rooms, well liirnisheo lor Single A Uer.t'etittn. wuh bicakfnst nut tea. Enquireat 84 Walker ?ti?e\ near Broadway. je4 Im^'c UOii' . 'Ka lCK, New V or',, J,,;,.. i?n,-E NUUHH MAIL.?Letter Bagi per lloyal Mail S earner OOLU.ViBI A.vh'co lenr#w Boston on Saturday rest, the 1st ofjuly, will bo close i at the npp-r and low*r Post Offices, lu this <iiy, on Kudny, the 70.h instant, at 45 inimHes past lour . '.-lock, P M. j28 it r JOHN LOHIMKK GRAHAM. T. M. OOtiTIIS?KOURTHioK JUIf. DOOTHS amnnd the Park and Battery, on the 4th of July nest, may he obtained by ap; lri"g at the Mayor's Office during the present week, between the hours of 8 and 10 o'clock in ih? m rn tiy, or 3 to d o'cl"c'i in the afternoon My order, JI7ttu*m M0N9GN Ol. KKK, kitat Marshal f O. of (J. k'.?The msmbersofth* New York I.ndgr, No. i I, are hereby notified to attend a Quverly ineetina at tbeir i Lodge-room bh ikspe'rc lintel, cor. of Dutne an I William I street*, on Wednesday ctiuii g, Jo oe 78.1813. By order of H. BOOKER, U S. f. 8. KleC'ion for offic rs. j28 lt*er I VIOITNT CBOTON (HBD> N. neir 'h- l>.n >1 j ?'l If cs. rroir l l li at , et. The sobsi r her >es|.ectftilly i?f irms , lis fii-mil and the public in Ceoera1, that In- li s op-lied the , ahave (Jarilr', and is uow h a ly to'furnish ih -in wiih the best , of iqirirs, w ties, scgais, and olhsr refreshments. boiioui ts beautifully in ids np at low pri'-c*. NOAH THQWELL. NOI'lCJC?-1 he sohsenber intends being absent fron the city for mme lime, and h's fully em were.I Mr. JOHN , i\ A HA N KOlll) to ad l.n linn <4ii in hia absence. Office 39 Amtitreet P. L'HOATBAU, JH lull' 3!. '813. _ ii' I oTK'll'Ai LK.H?i H. PKALZUKAK, Dculut mi>l Oiiti ! O tiio,Canal ?>, Nil 110 ( Hemuviid I mm Broad aray y | |M% i rona'.autl? mi h Hid x largo araurtmriit of Spertirlea lor ?li oil ' sitff led end fir ?i. Iitrd i>er?oi>? Alio, every hind of Sprct cle Olaaici. je R lm*cr ' LAluTk Bacon?fl HtW. B icon. 3'i B tire It 1.x d. 2/J K?(t? I aid, Kot ral; by K. K. COLLINS V CO., ' llflrr '6 rotnli utrcet. ClAUTlUN.?Counterfeit Salamander Iron Safea having ti ' made their ariieeraoce in Auction Kiromt nod elae?liere,u , another uultiling evidence id the great upermritv > f Wilder'* | invaluable guard! aiiiiiul fire barnimeaa hiving formerly \ Per u ill-on y objection agtiutt (hem, ami thai now having v b-en effectually overcome, render! ili-m a nerleei article, c The | ublic are aaiured that the subscriber n the onlv perron , euihonvrd to sell or dispose of the genuine Sal nninihr, a-id I that all 3V ilder'? Safe!, !o|d b> him, trill he |i a I in e?e*v re- , spect t > those tettrd in i'uruaces, or iu iccirlteul diet, vtlieip ? vtlu h',? b inks and pipers hate been reserved nnhaiined in t th mnet intenir Kcat foriu?D> hou.s, areuru'y locked in the , Pa i* a, der wh u ttie roatenn of every other a.tie r *, red n to ilic imiii' heat, h ;ve been em irely com limed. i, SILAS C. HfcMKINO, JI7 6:dy? r No. 139 Water street. j BY THE PKKSIDKNT < ?F TllK UNITED I STATES. ? . , = N | uriuance of law, I, Johu Trier. President of the I'nit'd ' . SuiUiof Amfmm. do hereby declare and make known, that ; ublic talc* will be held at (In* uuderineiiiinued L>nd Offices, u the Ten it ry of iowi, at ill i perioda hereiuefter designated, o wit:? At the Land Oilier at I>u Bnipie, commencing on Monday, ho slgteenth day ol October lieu, for the diaposal of toe public arnli within the luniu of the under uuntioued tnwnshtpe. nx:? ** S'orth of the b'lao line, ati'l Knat of the fifth prineipil meridian, Towuihips eighty-two and eighty three, of range o?e Townships eighty one.t ighty-lwo and eighty-three, oi range i p, ?" I te Townships eighty-one, eighty-two and eighty-three, of tange i llrer- ee Township eighty ihree, of range fi?e. mi Ail Island in the Mississippi r.ver, cut intug thirty-;uc

.U-IO# aces, funning puts of sretious thirty-four and thirty -lire u loamlnp sevculy eight, ol ratgc lliiee. Not h i fthe baae lije, and Weat of the fifth piintipal men" dian. 1 own?hir? i iglily-lwo auil eighty-three, ofr uiga oae. At the Laud Office at Fairfield, commencing on Monday,the lecond il iy of October ne*-,fur the diapoaal ot the public lauda here mallei designated, vie:? m North ol lite baae line, and Weat of the fifth printipal meri<liau. g! ToWUaliip Seventy ail. of rases nine. A i islan I in ill* MiatiiMppi nver, forming par.* of retina* M Venn-en. eighteen, and Liueteeu, 111 township Ulty rigut, nl rai ge iwo, and p<rt* of sections thirteen and twtuiy-four, ol I al township amy-eight ol range three, i j|( Two ?riiall islands in the Mintsiiipi river, forming part of j section tlx, i t township seveutv, of ra' ge <.ue, einl parts of it rtioi I one ami twelve, iu township siveuty. f range two. Ci Auislaudu the Mississippi river, fomnuir part*ol sections M fifteen, siit>eu, twenty-one and twenty-two, except thn' p?i- ! j, witliia toe lin.itvt f section sixteen, and two ; ,, islandi in tlie Irtine nv?-r, one ol them forming a portion of ; K twenty-iix ind twei ty seven, and the J oilier nn.s of lectioin twenty twe eaJ iweuly-seveti?all in t, township eevruiy-four of range two. ? Three iiliu l? 11 tne Mirstsiippi liver, forirvng part* of seclion* twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-seven, twenty 'eight, i twenty i iue and thirty two, iu towuihip levrtity-me,of range ' one. Hniou Itland and sixsiusll islands iu th? Miitiivirii river. *1 formiuti paiti of sections three, nine, ten, fifteen, sixteen, twen ? ty one, twenty-two, twenty-tiirre, twenty-six, iwciity-sevca ? and thutv-four, escrptso of Huruu Island ai lie* witlnu | w the limiia ofsectii.v liiteeu, i j townehi.i seventy-two, of range one. I' An island ia the Mississippi river, forming part of xeclioo a' three, in towuahip seventy-two.of tauge one,and part of iccllou thirtv-li ur, iu township seventy-three, of range one. An island iu the Mis*issippi river, forming parti of eectiou twenty-two, twenty aeveu and tl.> ty f.ur, in towns i|i seven- 1 ty thine, pf renin mm ti Four iilauds in the Missis' ippi liver. forming paits of sec n tioos rweuty-tight to thirty-five, inclutivr.i i town-hip seventy o seven, oi ixngr on -. ri f, luds anpropii itnl by law, fur the use of schools, military ,cr \ oilier purposes, will be excluded from sale. d The sales will e ich he kept open for two weeks, (unless the tl lands are sooner disposed of,] end no longer; auil uo pnvate en- r tries of laud, is llie townships so off red,will be adimtted.iictil afier the t miration of the If.e i wo wi eks. j Given uodrr iny hand, at the Ci y of Washington, this (| eighllh day of June, An ' >miu;, <t43. r JUiLN TVLKK. BV the President: " j T1IO. II BLAKE, i <'ominiitiouer of the Genet &1 Land Offi-.e. , NOTICE TO PRE-EMPTION CLAIMANTS. J Every person entitled to the tight of prc-?mp'i n to any lauds wiltnu the limits of the townships above enumerated is required to estab'ish the tame to the satisfaction of the Regitter and Kec iver of the proiier Laud Oflre, and make payment rl therelor. at toon at praciic ihle after seeing tint notice, and before the day appointed tor the coiifnencemrnt of the public tale 11 of the towLshipembraciUK the tract el timed, above designated; otherwise r ucti claim will be Ibrfei'ed. THO. H BLAKE. Cummiiaiouer of the General Laud Office. je?tl It aw to20ct r NEW YOliK PASSAGE ASSOCIATION EOR ( THE PROTECTION OK EMIGRANTS. pOPY OK RECEIPTS GIVEN THE EMIGRANT:- i ^ New York Passage Association, a KtUblithcd fur the nrotecliou of luuniitrauti. I All engagements ol this Association, (with passengers) are a guaranteed be bomls in a heavy penalty, held in truit by hit Iiouor, the Mayor ol the city ofNc n York. No. Km Yori, 181 Received of Mr, the turn of dollar! I Centt, for paaaaite of persons, eqaal to full paaaeuifert from New York. To one hundred \ pounds of luggage on the River, and fifty ou the Canal and Lakes, free for each full pasteu-ger. Extra baggage for one hundred poundt. Tliit Receipt entitlea the bea-er to a BoU passage on the River, and a Passage on the Canal. To Albany or Troy. Agent. The following persons compote the above Association, mid , have made arrauqementi wiili the consent of the Health" ffi -?r . at the Uoarantuie, to have au Agent in constant attendance to I , carry out their intentions, backed by some of cue mutt woithy I and Driievniri t citizena and mcrcnanta ol this city. K. PUTNAM, for Troy aud B',rie Line. OKORUtt W AN0KR8ON, Troy and Buffalo Line. JA.VlfcS 8. WYCKOFK, Troy and Oswego Line, H STORK, Hrliouce Line. J. McDONALD. Leech lit fo Line. i i * II ^ ts 43 "T3 5 OJ ^3 ^ * I 13? E * * From New York to ?c3 i"o th ?r^ sg ~ lis i? *i I ^ a-s fis.s fls fiss Utica, New York $1 25 SI 75 $1 2.i $0 10 Syracuae, do I 50 2 00 0 25 n '0 Oswego. do 1 7a 2 1101 0 15 0 00 Rochester, do I 75 2 25 0 <0 0 00 Loekport. do I ?5 2 &5 0 50 9 00 Buffalo, do 2 00 3 00 0 55 0 00 Erie, Pa 0 75 4 00 421eareland, Ohio it to 4 50 Toirdo, do 0 80 5 00 Urtroit, Mich 8 SO 5 00 MillWankie, W. T 0 90 9 00 Souihport and Huciue.du 0 90 9 00 Chicago, 111 0 110 9 00 Passage, ?ia Rail Road, from Albany or 'lroy to buffalo? $5 00. ^RmIh of Passage via Oswego and Wetland Canal. _ Q ? Ji O i From New York to 1 e Bp 5 cq 5 gQ o a ? . .E *5 2l s.= * a-c 2-** "Sk 2-? ' SCj Ji>3 o hlsL f,!j ? Oswego, N.Y J2.fl S~ $ ~35 t ? Hackett's Harb r, N Y. t CO 55 5 01 J Kingston, Canada MO 55 5 10 Toronto, ilo 3 5 0 65 5 5(1 * Niagara, N.Y. 3 50 65 5 50 0 Ogdrnibnrgh, N. Y. 4 50 65 5 50 . Hamilton. Canad< 00 65 6 00 , Detroit, Mich 5 V' 65 7 CO Milwaukie, W. T. 7 50 60 1100 Kaciue St Nou'hport. W. TV 7 50 10 11 00 Chicago, III 7 50 80 11 00 Michigan City. In<l 7 Vi to 11 oo { Miti of Pattagt vi*.-PMil*4*lpkii in Pitt?bur*k. From Steam Boat I Cxtra 5 IkltlMI New York and I luggage allowed each to Canal | |ier 100 Iba. passengers free o Philadelphia $3 25 I $ 75 . li'dlidaysburgh,- 7 01 I 1,50 ' Johnstown ?50 I 2,00 ' Biairsvtlle 2,25 0,50 I 2 50 100 lbs luggage on the Kiv-r end 50 lbs ou the Canal and I .^..a.un. voiiuiao HUUCI ? jrma oi .ige nail . prire. Infant fee. ,T Wf, whose names are hereunto subscribed knowing the im- ? positions Out have Ion ' been practiced on Che Emigrant, do most cordially approve the abnye rates if pinner, and recommend the cncour gemeEt of ibis Allocution, who hate given _ bonds lor the faith! I performance of all their engagements, which bonds are held in trust by his Honor the Major of ,ihs c City of New York, for the benefit of the e.migraut. " Rivned? si GKINNELL, MINTURN fc CO.. London Line Packets. CHA8HfL MARSHALL, } Liverpool Line PackeU. E. K. MORGAN. Ship Vic.oiia. * J(f "rPAL?X W?iLEY \ Loudon racket.. ? WOODHUL'l A MINTURNS, Liverpool Line Paeketi. y Mayor's Office, June lOih. 1813. V T, Robert H. Morris, Mayor of the city of New York, do o certify that botds htve beeu eiecuted to me at Trustee for the benefit ol immigrants who may take passage in the trans- tl portetion lines hereinaft-r named, by I'ufijs Putnam for Tioy and Etic Line; G'orge \V. Aod sou, Troy and Buffalo Line; fi J ames S. Wyckolf, for Troy aud Oswego L uc; H S.ork, for b Reliance Line to Pittsburgh; and J McDons.ld. for l.eecy It Co, Pittsburgh ' ine; said bonds beiug in the penal sum ol J Kive Thoasand Dollars for each said Line, conditioned fir the faithfnl performance of all their ei.n'rarts and ihose of their J agents Willi immigrants, which bonds are filed id my office, for , the benefit of persons inikuig contracts with said Companies or ? i lie*ir ntenls for passage asaloreaaid. > (Signed) ROBERT H MORRIS, ' IS 6t*r Mayer of the city of New York. | 'PO HOTEL KEEPERS, STEAMBOAT f'KOPRIK- ' * TORS and I'laeet ol Public Amusement, fee.?JAMES I G. MOPPET, 1121 Prince street. New York, mannfsetures a- ' superior article ef Sheet Brass, suitable for liuiug stairs, which lie offers for ile chsap. He also finishes and puts them on in a superior style, at the shortest notice, snd on the most rea SOCsnle terms. mJV lm*r r A/J EDIC AivTi) VAPOR it Villi srer. < u by the f?' Faculty for the cure of the prevailing Inllueuri. 'f'lie a Hatha are administered at reduced prices, at Mrs. Carroll's q KaU lishnient, 2i Cnortlandt street. Sulphur Baihi forernp-, ol flsOli, asmilMall M ,.lli? M VI las I? - si 'l'HIC TKUE JUCTJtA T 9 AKSArAHlLLA frois JJ 21 Ui urtlaud sl'eel it ftMiiiiiiir a popularity ii?vrr nelore ( kiiown, ill fact it 11 sod at a teatonable price. auil it made ol |t, ai Kord rr.atemlt at iur other. On* tiial will ? uni icce the u oat sceptical. To lie liau only at above, price il eeutt per r bottle; $4 per dnseii ihlr || UAH.KY'8 VITIUS AND SCALPS. J" r|'HK import ince which nil air;i have attached to tli Head ol . a. Hair, ft aelmr index of the ?alu- et on p?nonil mui, -n I whi n by some capricious Irvak of N Mure ilia human form it deprived of in lair |>r< >|>ortiou. Art if marled to, iu order, by artificial meant. to i apply the deficiency, Heuce have ariaen ihnar wonderful discoveries which bid natiirt defiance. Barry's Ventilating and ?Jn?t?mer wins A*D scALrs. The complete success that the above named has met with in lie mivufacnre ol bis unrivalled holds ifnair, for the last two j'etn, far eicecds his most sanguine etpeCMtions Hi res pec .ally to ici;s i Oi l, c irili lent of satisfying the must fsstiliout tint lie is the hett atul ehespest maker in the c'ty They :an be had onlt nt 148 Brosd *?y, corner Liberty street, up itairs. I nvate rooms for lilting Wigs ai.d'l'ou pr< t. 'i is ims m ME I )TCA UAI It ION?N O i'UFK. T*0 8tf is ;t? a il?htw In u? t dMti?ld? Tut citf * A hbonn<11 v uh ftdfcriiiiuK 0? ctor? (?elt mm? d) *n.h ft long fr< irnn; ol ntlr??fft'iy ol ihem Freer ??w >1 Oflltff, WOlIf ftt A'tlkfti through I '.?in? best l> ftli 11 to mike lliein urodnee their It i|.|ota?. Il you rei|cire inediral t id from an o:d eipeticneed n nyiicim and smgeon, rail r.n Dr. Kvans, formerly > !" I'eok ' flip, uow .No. Ilia Khnthnm stieet, near fearl it. Slew York. '[ vner' thp mildest and inott npediii iui plaa of treatment in nil inaMcwill MMIRIIfti 1,1 I'll- Doctor luu hart lorty ye sis raperience In entemire J, loipitnli and mi prirmelpnciice. Hit faintly medicines for vari- f iui miruei, ?re highly e (toiled j1' Attendance 'nil It) P. M OtTicra well arran ted far p iracy. 'Y j 78 1 *r > 11 r. "I 11 e: Vol 'UK HifiMT?THB.N <D) A H k'.AD," ' 1' was David Crockett's immortal watchword, and it up I : ? with itrcnt force to th? selection of medniD-s Kmpinci cJ matt of their "universal pauaceu," warranted to con evetv oinpUinf, from conn on the tot i, to inbercUa of the lun.s. Jetievc the in not; they only with to rsliere the plethora ol P? onr po-ie, and c ire not islint rlfct t their iinitruini ui wu *n our pe*son if you want inrdictnen etdorird by the CnraB- c* tit of hnndreda of men wbore nainea you k-ow, and whose implr. word is isctrtl s?a thotMand niths.selret ihonn preparuo ' y Dt. J lyue-.a plirsi ;i u whose still and whose c.ha act' rare dnuhlc Knarantec eaaintt imp liitioii. In the history oi pal- I noturv dineai- there is ui record of cares mote aatoiiinhii g .*11 ileise performed li/ .1 line's Kspf ctor?nt vVe will no; ny th .tt'will u r Consumption ill its worst rtnRet; bir it nil H . I>'y li . rest lo l.e Ilih pvt entt ssl o i. i e?red to tj e |.(ioru a atid-i ill the fntsl s\ inptoms ol t isr disrrse l" Bold br A B fc D. Bands, drnggistt, No, 79 Knlton ?treet ; ih 7J Broauwny; 77 Kast Broadway. jM 4Uns*r it, ACC'l ION SALE*. THOMAS BELL. Ancn >ur*.r f*V BELL St HOW Attn .1- ??*" ?. J1 .inn i?id Ilk /'Wlwufi' .WEDVK8DAYAl 10o'clock, in the an lea room, Large Furniture Rale?*n e.rgant, estensive and vhiabl netyotiirst rate aecohd hand and new honathold andctbi t furniture of all deac'nttona THURSDAY, At 1HK o'clock i i the sale rooms. El'r" hale o' Puiio Fortei?10 sp'eueid second liandand new aii'i order of the Hhrriff audi Receiver in Cbai Xiao. three second W? do f->r ecciiuut i f whom 11 may conrn. The ibove comprise som, of the Inst end moat npprot *d itmai'u'j. by celebrated m altera "*'e poeture. KKID * Y At I0f< o'clock iu the aalea room. Dry (Juids, ('lothing, ai diilr.tged mercliaedii.e. SATURDAY. Luxe aale of elf (taut furnuu-f i the aale rooms. V ON DAY. 3d, At I0X o'< luck in 'he aalaa room, Pawnbroker's sale ol splendid watch's. ;?wrlrv, Bold and | l?er diamonds, 8tc , by ord'rot Esther Levy, pledged ver 18 ontha. W 1. (' AucTioneer. PLENDID FURNITURE, BY CATALOGUE, BY ' CAKTKR Si CO. i Friday, ftltli June. it I0>a o'clock, I I the Store No. 3i# Brn dw iy, (3 .thic II II, a very rateniive anrtinent of Cabinet Furniture, by the nnt'urera ill MftVtmntntril of the beat in.rrrnla, to cl< se Sprin; Ivatiors, coin aluiR of superior inahnRany F ranch bedsteads, ?ir and velvet rockets,enclosed *un staiile, w?rd robea, ho ik I laea, plrirmit sofas, three-luurtha ami full French chairs, iniras idaewit'K rockers, div <11, n<tninsna, r<nl and cet tie tables, t reasn K bureaus, tna>ble and in-hoysny top, cob. flow-, anda. ileska. work table *ud pisno atools. Also, table cutlery, I lassware, tliutirrai cl milet acts, Sic Cslllouilcs le.ily ou .he sy pre?ioua, wlien the furniture may be eiaiu'tted. Stl-p it- I i a aud wilt.tut rescue J1B>St*eC VV . HhlHi.f.V. Auctionc r I A UDTION NOTICt?( Barn lir a is China, Ulau end Karllienwate ? Ti r auction sale cl Ihe lartfe anil varied nch contained ill the store 8 As'orH'iiar, const iititf if n ileudid variety of dinner, tee anu toilet aeta; a l irne assortlent ol rich cut Rlasa. wines, tumblers, cli iinpaRiies, decanters c .: UMa aiUaiTi ru*n, m(smis, pf phpi vu, dy?ahac ?m. 'ritii.R ileskr. Sic. Stc, will he cout ued on Thursday next, una 59th. '1 he ureal bargains obtained by purrhaaera duiiur if past week, nmat ke un inducement ro a'l who are i t want of ?rh U'liel'i to attrsd N. B.?The atoie to let and fixtures for sale. 1382t*ee K SIMPSON 8 Aator Home. AUCTION < Alt!)? hAIITKK A < O . N... Hi Mr.rod* way, Uothic Hill, ben to iiifornt the | ublic tliai tUev colmue to tnskr very liberal advances, to any amount, on Kmiturr, and all d<acri|itioiis of Merchandize, eii|i?i for auction r private sale. ItrRular sa'es ol new and ate nd hand fututurr will take place pi cry Weduead ty ami Krnlay. s.ilcs of Vines and (i iceriet on Saturday, and I) y (food's o.i Tueraya. Kcturns will be renderen tne day alter ihe tale, or on lie same dav, il required. No iutcreai or min con. missiou hatitcd ou the varices. j 38-3'end *ec AUCTION NO'llCK. VAlUABLK STOCK OK fx OOOD-* ATIAUCT10N ?W. W SHI'LEv, Aue looser ?Tliii dty, Wednesday, June 211 li, at 10 o'clock, at >11 Coleman's Store, 303 Broadway. Third anil last air of lie vain tblt-stock of an importer iroim; 10 Europe >n a IVw ays, coLintiUK oT Ladies and Gentlemen's Gold Watch s, Jo d Jrwelrv, art Willi diamond*, pearls and ntlirr p-eeious tones, Ol'l Oil PainiiriKs. 3 1'iano Fortei. ' upiuht. rosewood nd inlaid Bureaus and Pi-r Table, marble top, Work Table lo.. I Mantel Clocks, Sic. A?le peirm 'tvy by catalogn *. I 20 It^ec A UCTION NO'i'U'lS?J00 Uhoire Ounbir Dahlias,? iw i|. IX kins Jm. Rollins will sell at their store 13 ilman it'eel, on Thuraday morning in a', at 10 oVIock. MO Double Drill as. leitly park d in MSkota and warranted. Alto, a lor of liue sinuiiik ( anaii--s i28 U*M NKW YORK ?i BOSTON SOUNiJPTliOT ft WEN PRESCOTT, rilot. or takes charite at master and pilot of reiaeli hound io New lledlord, over Nantucket Ihoalt, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Keunel-eck aud O THER 'ORTS. Office nt Krye Si Shaw's nauiieal atore, 222 Water tr it, corner Beekman. Reference to a ol Mrrclmuls, ind the several lusurance Couroaiiies iu this cite Boston, ind Portland. ill liniaf l? mail kT7k kastTndikh MESSRS. HAKNUKN St CO. will make up a plaHsibait a'tin ir Express acrl Konun Letter Odice, for Jnii.a mid the East Indies direct, by the United States btoreShip FREDERICK WARKKN, whichsills Irom Naval Station. Charles own, Mass.on the 1st July. Letters recurved until Friday,30lb ?t p. M. J.'7 2tr HAKNUKN St CO UNI TED LlNEtOF 1 1VKHPOOL TA< KETS UaMV ? Packet of 1st of July.?Tire well-known, faitsailJHHBms ink ami favorite Packet Ship OHIO, Captain H. L,ytin, will sail (tinctuiillv as above. The arrommodations of ibis ship f ir cabin, second cabin and iteeiane passi iufers cmiiot besu-paned. Her lietween decks which are very spacious, are lilted up with a d ijree ol comfort juriiualird by any other packet iu port t'lin r ilinin ,;,inn. II.. 'our ,...l> r?. I t., kn aleased Willi ilie arargrinents mule lor ihtnr comfort The nice of nan 'go br ii g remarkably low, those wishing to secure >e.ths should not fa11 to inakr ra Iv application oil bo ?rit, foot >f Dnvtr street, or to W J. & T. TAPdCOT T, 11 I'eek Slip, corner South st'cet. Perrons w shi. u to send (or their frietds, can hsvr them trough I out in ItlMliH Amgric ill Packet Ships, sail imr I n in Liveip'ol wek'v. on f.ivoiahl e terms 1128 ec I LD BLACK BALL. LINK OK PACKETS jfSfWKOU LIVER POOL?Packet of the IstJuly-The 9&MBM?rler did fast taping packet ship OXKOKD Captain Rutnbouc, will be despatched as nbntn Theaatomnioditious for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage pasleugers, by this slop, are unsurpassed?Those wishing to iccure berths should muk earl y application to JOHN HERDMAN. 61 South street, near Wall it. N B?The regular parket of the 20 h June, ctu yet take passengers at the Invest rate. T H? I hose seidieg for Iriemli rtsidieg ill <irt?l Britain or Ireland, can hs?c tin hi brought out by the s?gnlar packers ailing weekly from Liverpool, at the lowest rates, and Drafts famished, as usual, lor any amount, pnyaole without discount throughout the United Kingdom, on application as Msbve * j20r LONDON LI INK OK PACKETS?Packet ol the I't Ju'y? I'lie spleudiil. new, fist sailing psiket ship KSmBbVICTt>HIA, Capl C E Moigau, will tail positively is above, her tegular day. Hiving suixiior accommodations for eabin, seronil ribin end teeroge psssenge's, for passage early application should tie nade on board, or to W. h J. T. TATHCOTT. j26ec |1l Peek Slip cor Snnth St. aAac*- PACKET KOR HA VKE?Second Line,?The sdrft^V. ship ON H.I DA, Jellies Kuuk, master, w>ll sail on the EKMKt'st of July. BOVD St HlM'KKN J'J r ' ' !l Tontine Hiiildnig Wall st. silm t| PftOI'LE'm I INK i?K STEAMBOATS L*r?w3?Kr)A ALBANY?Daily st 7 o'clock, P M. mrnmmmJBBLmmlLm 1 tar on it 'i Direct ( Sundays eseepted 1 I rorn Le '.leainbt/it Tier net - em t'otmlniidt ami ( iberty treeta Steamboat ROcHb'STKK, Cap! A Houghton, will leave 1 L'ucaday, Tiiurtd* t Mid Saturday evenings. at 7 o'clock. Hie.tinboat SOV'Jn AM Kb IDA, Captain L W Bramard, 1 rill leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, at 7 1 VocW. t Steamboat NOttTH AMERICA, Captain M H Truer del I, ' andiCK at interin*diAto placed, \%ill Icare Tuesday, Thursav and Saturday afternoon?, at .*? o'clock. ! rorpAsaaue or freight,apply ou hoard, or to IV C. Schaltt at he office on the wh*rf. Jf26 <W f A MOKNLnU I,i nk -Knit ALB * N Y, \ TKIIV, R"?l Intermediate Landing,?Kioin , SKaawAKijE- tili loot ol B""rl if Tlifl low-prea-nre iteatnnoat I'JIOY, Capt A Gorliam, Ihia, i I'ttesday Moraine, ?t 7 o'olock. ThnLow Pmwre Steamboat KMPIHK Capt B K Hoe, D Weaneid iy mo'nitnr 't 7 o'clock. I Noti *.?All Oooda, Kreiftht, Baggage. Bulk Bdli, Specie, r any ntner kind uf Property, taken, tirpad, or put on boar 1 h? Boau ol tlii. Lino mint bo at the ink of tins owner, of ncli (i ioil* Kreight, Burgage. It' J27 r , ISBj *ik MORNINO link iKOK ALBATY7l\ rt4l-?|J>6K; o'clock A M?Kare 5i c'tili 'J'lie low I LvibbP'oin"' ?le,mlii*t ALB AN Y, Lept L. let iu?, will leave fi>ol of,Barclay, on Thnuday u-otMug, Ju^e i ttli. i Her regular day* ar? Tnotday, 1 Inratlay an I S itnrdar Kor puarge apply "tt boaril. kie i ht talien at tin low at ' iter. - M Imrc ( _,?i| KOK ALBANY, THOY, end Ii tcrmcdittu ( g--'gi'*TI> plaeei ?1'lie aleainli iat BVVALLOVV, Caii baJDUE. A. .McLean, will leave thr In t of I'nurtlatiil irn-t, Una atltruoou, (Wedneaday) June 28tli, at 5 o'cloek. t2?lt r , ^.ii no MO NOI'OLY? KAIIK KfclHJCKD. New Independent (>pp?iliou Line for Ali a ( IMrWBHbB ' y uiirvi. jt mc i'u tini^c iui . lertht. D-ck passaite I2>4 cents. i The new and eoiiimotfioos steamboat NKW JK18HY, :,|t. H. H Kurty. will leave the foot <>f Barclay street. New i 'ork,every Monday, Wednesday and h'nJjr t vcu't k, at 7 'clock For freight or pasture apply cn board. Freight taken less Iran tow boat prices. The New Jersey is furnished with elegant it te rooma, and ar speed and accommod ltlon is not surpassed by any atearnoat on ths Hndson river. j It III I mm HiUKTU (!> li'l.V K.XI ITISI >N? j I'KKTH AMBOY AM) NKW , HanLlflUE-BKIT.NHW CK, froui Barclay street wharf, i i. *J o'clock?The last .vd pleasantsteamboat RAKITAN, j lain Isase Kisher, will make an eiearsinn to P<itli Aintioy , nit New Brnuswirk. on Toesda*. July 4ih,leavin|t the luocof ( J nclav sr. ,t!) o'clock, taking the outside passage, affoiding deasaut > lews of the nay all I h nhor thaNario 's, the l'ubli j Atorks, the Qaarr iiitine, Handy Hook Ipght. Stt?landing at , 'srth Amhiir, and proceed ilirec: to New Brunswick. Heiiiinnir, leases New Biunfcswirk at l> before J I". M. and Penh linboy at 3 n'cloek, arriving in Ne w York at 4>k P. M. 'are for tl e wh"lr evcoiaon, SO e?uis Fsini'ies end pleasure pa lies will find this the moat pleasant nd healthful vsctirsinn on the 4th. The flaritan has ample ac immodatiou sufBri-nt tojaffiid general aatnf<ction The on's of d'p <rlure wdl tie pip e n a1. p '.'B 1 w " i t jKtk (iltA^I) e.a n - r ixi t. tt.e Fishing Hauls, / jjOevriv Tuesday. Thnrulay and Friday m <rt.- s Xa?JHUtLnPts I'lirio, landing at Fort Hur- r t hi each w v. Fare 57 cen't for lis- -scur ion. The strain- h oat HI PKKIOK. Capt. J O mi l, will r inmete I -i r'gutar , ipa on Tnarsday mnriiinc, Jane Ij-h, In in the pisr f-mt of a h,ambers at, at 8 o'c nek; Amoa si, ijuarcr past 8; Carul st. i hi pist 8; l'ier No. I. Ba'fery, 'Piait?r lo 0; ( atl i i ,e Krrry, | rnoklf n. at 9; fct of Pike at ,|iiirter | ail 9, an I'm r vo, I. . ailery,st hall past 9 o'clock for h ( K rhit a B mks eff Samly o ik. A baud of mafic is etig n ctl. Refreshment* ou sard Kitra bait fnm shadgrn'ts The celeb'aied lish'imiti, r apt. Peaco-k, with hi. ha-pn Mia is enyaard illl?*ec K BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. {, jB[ jajt v j|L ^Uj, 'xr-K^j- ":?i^V^OWH!Bi A l*ur?c for 900 will be fivcn to mmroff on [iic*N if * >iq'*e on Toeid ty, July 4?l? Vile heats: b-*t th'ec id iWe; rt pe *11 ho if r. Carrj in^ ketch weiut t. h'ntfiea to hr midi It. Smit^ 'i, 31 P?ik Jtnw, by 9o'clock P. M., Tliur?d?y, 11 i ,r "t , - i, ?. , more m I t < < " '<) FARMERS, AORICULTURALister&c. "' "HB anbicr.ber hntiu* tilieoilir A?ricullurnl Warehouse t< l*t"ly occupied btr Mruu. f. Dunn Ik I '? , lettpto ttu'ly t) y|te? ilit attt-n<i u r.f thote yenom who are iu w nit of arti- i. n in hot lice, to h.? atock of T nn?h?, Kanniny Milll, Honr iwera. Haiti t, Kotlu. *r. Ike , which, at he intends to confirm \ mself itictly to a cash business, lit it enabltd to sell at c -ratreduced Dffin. i Wir- < loth, and fier-a of every descriptionconstantly or. ad, or made to order r.tthe iliortest notice D. L. CI.AWHON, " iif. V'tJ ir Water street. * Hi NOL?"MAt:Hl S jt-One oi FBmiS Pateut Shinelc ,. M irtmft, tal icli i hi t o worked either by Meant or h " wer. nti'i win cm 20 ooo shiofflf id one day, hnt litre n?f? d in prime nrder; will he '?!<! ve*y low on immediate appli Hon to UKOHHIM k HCHKKIBKK. . H Will-am A It b? ?*<mi (t llir atnrir of MK?MR?. * Pl'NN A ? ?>. 213jn Ik1 tv it. r Jlr? t. CHANr?KAHI.K LOCKS FOK SALE. JAMES KYLE'S INVENTION. [UITABLI. It B Il k', I'lfirr*. on t !*" ? iloora wrH <rr 1 ra'tly n rri]inrr'i. Prr?on? in waot ?i a ll-it ruo i1 o for it parpom, may obtain thf am* by applying at % Hor.m-.od J cor of Hodaoo . jWl lm*t MM!:../ RilblKa O A H I'KN Di'eelor, M,. I"H J MIOTON WKDNW.??DAV. ?r.?e 2?. Hi coin) e'gha ,<l the re Mimicement ff MAOKVIOMr.LLK C4LVK. W ho will ?n>ev iu Aii <?r'aope a i f Le Domioo No.r. I'he pe rformance Pi rommeii' ni p>*? 7 nVlorli pra^ia#!^, ?H h tk. Oariun In "L? Doniino Noir" Anher A I'm t ? Inch ? ill t < iir??- tiled 'lie kkiiiI opera in 1 act* >( LK l?f?M ; ^ O Nf)|M. ( THK BLA< K DOMINO) AiiacV, (t|.r Hlack D'liniuo.) Mile Cat*" Brume, |?.r conliJauie. Mailame Ltioiil Jiciiithe, M.itlnrn U?o'- H i hillou L. i Toarie'e, M'llc L 'ui?r Kouce ile M??eiirr,,i Min>i M ttichef JuluilO L-eon t Lord Klfort, Here unille <iil fcpi, Bernard Me'chior Baarher Lc'nli, Nun?, No?lenatea, I), ine?ti.|ii .a, fcc. i.i?i..> >. k.ii i - -. ,,,r ..I,, '., inn ....... . . .HI n. , mriail lion for rr< inrumio in ? Oirdeu ridOitiid Saloon TUB PROMENADE MUHICALK, "Vlnrh i nr <> "inch lalttficliou ' IM nr.will en-io euliern he perod o| intrrmitiion. ml in nrd-r t> render th'i depart ne ut worthy ih- n u?i<:?l < harai Itt ill" 'he ea'iblirhniaal, \ Splendid Orcheatt'v haabren ?e::urcd Mnaieal Director, I/. C. H?M Ni||hl? of the b reuch "oinlar*. Wrdnead ?y-, 'liiU'l 411 1 S it rday* Niah'ji of the Knirlith Company?Toerdnva ?> il 'Jhurid-?y? in ahicli oceaain i Mr V K Burton win uppaar. IT. A ?'ri" t Police will be in attendance ?ml preat car# ^>ki ii to prevent the admiaaion of Improper pen ria n- r.eke'j Kifty Centa. M iv lie hail ?t the .la il-.n i.uriiw he day. O" A limited number of Srexm T'ckeu will lie tba oaed o'. p-Tit K I'llh7a TT. ? Benefit of Mr John Eivher. THIS KVKMNII, wil' h- perlonn-d, HEIR AT LAW U. Pnnehii?, Knhcr; c^-kiel Homeapnn Plicide Af'er which, i ore a variety i I l)nu?? Tnr?aelude with ALL AT COVENTH Y?O ibhlti > if, Mr And-rtm B'uev, SU cti; fit, 27 eta; tjalk-ry, |i>$cu. Ilnn.-t oiien at 7, perfo in ineei rominenrr it bull put 7. A IN K tlfcJA IV THKATUK, WALNVr sf~' IMIII.ADKI.IMIIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MISS CIJ8HMAN. It-uelit of Mr. Diieinn:. THH EVENING. June 28, will be performed TOWN A COUNTRY Toe Delude with PUKT i Y (URLS OK STILL BERG ink r E A. MARSHALL l.cnee. flowery A niDliltnentr.. A MANN AND HI TV U 8 WELCH, PROPRIETORS Hoxca 25 cents; I'i', UK pciita Doora onoii at h ilf punt 7 Performance to commence at lo'doea, THIS EVENING, Juue 28, the neiforinauce will UHKKK wIutRIORB RETURN. Corp > real Eleiibi'ity by Maater G. W .ahinitton Chambers 4 Iron ml and Lofty TumUii/ic by the Cmn|>.tny. Iiitermiuion of IS miuutea?after vtbir? MR. W B. CARROLL'S SOMERSET. BOUNDING k GRKAT DOUBLE LEAPING. Plate Si'iniiiiiK, 8ic., l>v Mr Hobba. Peasant'? Frolic, by Mr Carrol. To conclude with. THE SPRITE OK THE SILVER SHOWER. Knueatrian Direrl ir, Mr. Cailwall vler. Clown, j. Ooaim. ANKHICA8 KIIHIMIi-. AND /EHIAL GARDEN. TWO PEItE' l RM A NOES EVERY DAY. Kirat performance at fonr o'clock. I*. M. Ermine performance at half put 8. Great ami wfiiihtt imluccmcnta hvaletGEN'L TOM THUMi JK to fore to hut rielt to Canada (or one we?.k only. He on be ami at the Muiet'in all this week at all hour* ilnriinr 'lie ilay ami eveiiitnr. Mr. HARKING rON. Mr. H. O. SHERMAN, tha rocaliet. La Petite I .tUuo. the ilameuae, anil others. BALOON ASCENSIONS every ilay ami erenmit. Albino Lay, Phreuoloitical Elimination*. Grand Coaranrama, kr. Price of adiniuion 20 centa. Children under ten n?lf price. ilKW VOKK *??'*- : THE WOULD CHALLENGED TO PRODUCE A NO VELTY HALF SO WONDERFUL f It i? a beiuu a-pi't'tllf forming the long looked for connectin? link between 'lie MONK V AND WOMAN SPECIES! It ii colled CASPAR HAUSKR, Jr., and "ppcars to he a conjunction of the hined end t|iiadruped. about 25 ye <ra old. h wen discovered in tli: woods in Rhode liland. duriig the laic Dorr excitement. Two perrnrmtuce* ever* day, at th ee and half put eight o'clork, p.m., by Mr Delarue, the treat mimic, Miss Adair and Mr Brnuwer, the eociliits, Mna Blaucha-d, the Female Jonler fcc. r*" Admlnioato th-whole only one SHILLING. NIBLO'S.?W E BURTON respectfully his Bmeli and Inst appearance, on Tim tday, June 29'h, when a new Borlelta wi'l be produced, called The Wager, emhndyiuir aoine of the most lacgh ib'e scenes in the novel of Chart's O'Vlolley, and intrudi'Mng ihe celehraled Judith Mae-,n to ill- nonce of the New York public. Also, me comic bml-.ttael Aniintl Magnetism, wliereitt Mr. Burton will indulge in aeveral verv iitraordmiirr ctp-rimeuia in Mesmerism, Phrenc-Misinetitinir, Ucthe whole of which are warranted not to tail. Miss Ay res will a) pear in a popular cha rarler. j2H2tee PARK TUKATRK. MR. JOHN FISHER'S first BENEFIT in Fifteen years?Mr JOHN FISHER ieipcclfully bees to anUOUiire to Ilia friends anil the pnhlic, ihar Ipa first Benefit at thia Theatre, la"ppni-t-d lor Wadoeidir, ?8ib Jnne intlanl, on w hich occasion will ha nermrmed ' olein in's sterlim coiuedy of THE HEIR A ' LAW Doctor I'anglo", Mr John Fisher: 7, -ai-l, Mr Plaeide, Lady Dui,erly, Mrs Vernon; Cice y, M s Hunt. After wtreh, Mr l,a Hoy will appear in a Hail'<|'iin Dance: Mr O -oree Cham pent in a Comic Danee, acu La P, tite Cebate in La Cachae* allot'whom have in the kiuih-st m innti voluuteered th'ir aerveaa. To couclude with (Ii at time in Americs) a Comic Hrarna, njr rna rcienrute,! author or r<na an.. . ondnn. ealtiled All i>t Oorcptiy. or. I.ove, Law ami L>atni, in which Mr Andertui, from (tm Mobile Tlrntre, will appear. Together with tneptia ipaltne ittba ra of tha company W7 Twnt*r Hl)I>( IK BIT TN'-HKABEO ATTKAC I'lOINH !?r"nncerta d'Ete a la Muaard oti the nfreruooni n f Monday*. Wcdncidaya and Saturday" Free to the public. The proprietor of the Pavilion tithe Elyaiiu Vn-lii. that faTorile and ut equalled place of rutniner reaort, hei(? Irave to inform the public, that at great eapeuae he h'* effected an engagement with tha' celebrated leader. Mr Mvera, who. catiated by hie excellent baud, will rive a aeiirs of i.iatru mentil cunreifaoo the lawn in frontof the Patilion, the firat c ncert to b? iven on We Ineaoar, Jone Mth. Kiom ihr decided eucceaa that attended hia corcerta laat leaton, t, e or ipr.etor confidently anticipatr* that thia effort lor the grall'lcatioa of the public will utret with a general apmnL jitcw'm T'i H'OBdKKN?KLV*IAN FIELD??UICASD KXHlA BITlON FUSE TO ALL ? I he propri-tor of the above I>med plrce, rver ?ii?ioin in ainii e the gie it maaa of citizen* nonary vim tnia agree, rue mm )i aliny regorr. la Mimtion i) Ina apleudid B? id. proposes t" five ihr followm/ perform ini i a, to wi Tliu nliy, Ju le ?3 ISI3, daring the llternoon, Mr H ml will make a'Tei nfi: A>criisli>ii mi the tena'Cord. ;o the ex reme li-ight of 300 fi-et and luck Prof G rvey will nrr the [ileai ure of apina'1' g on lit creaaen*. cord?in thii act Mr. O a'mili alone. lie will alan have the pleaiurr of introI it cr iik liia aon.atT.'ed tin- s nun. Olilmtor, id a viiiatv ot ioau ut f-a'S not to b>- excelled bv toy oilier iu the wer'd. Peinritiniirea to commence at 3 o'clock, P. M. jig 2i*ec 'I'll E KXHIBITIO.N OK THE N*TlONAf, At AD EM V 1 will clnac ou Tocailay the l.h of July, at 10 o'clock, P M, \o pictnre of it,c preaent collection can ever again be men at be rooms of the Academy. Ad ii'ivion ?5 cei'ta. ' atair.gties '2X centa. jr3! 2av*rc \RCH STREET THEATRE. (PHILADELPHIA.) To LE r. T1IK BOARD OK AlJErsTS OK THE AHCH STREET * THEATKE, Phil .ilelp' ia, arc prepared to leaiethe unlditig fur the aecaou of 1813 '11. ov a longer neiiod. to an ente-ptiiiug manager, up u veiy liticrnl terina. Applications addressed " Board ol Airentaof the Arelratrert I'Iicy re. Phitr.deli lua " lettat 59 Market street it the.S W tome r of 1th arid Market, or with P.M. Lafrmrrarie pto. 100 Jrown arret, will lie attended to. Phu.4f>klphia. June 15. 1113. jell'!? ? FIRE WORKS ISAAC EDGE, JR., PYROTECHNIST. "pilE mo-, extensive, varied, and brilliant cihifcitional Eire ? .? ..rr iih.uui.giKim III 14.11 III ruy otocr country, are low ready (or delivery on the Inweal trriua, in loll to nit cum nilteea and partioe for the eel britinn ol Fourth of July, at the IJnirxl Stntea Lntiorntorr, Jeraey City. Oiden left with J W. Holbert"u, 75 Maiden Lane, or a Mihlo'a or Cattle (titrden, will receive immediate attention. < foods drlit rred to any fart ol the city lite of eipekae. rny 24 tojuio it'ec NEW FIREWORKS LABORATOKY, BY JOHN TRAOARDH, rYROTKCHNIST, FROM SWKDKM. VfKSSKS KOLLBKK44A TK AO AH OH have the honor *1 to inform rhe American politic that they have au eitenire and varied assortment or Fire Worki, of all and every nud. at Iheir raiiblislnoent, at Harannua Dock in New leriey, h half mile from Jeraey City, opposite New York, phich they offer to Committees and other*, at the moat iav.,ra>lr prit ? in the market. Bel evnnt iu the n-w trade principle ol a moderate eaah price for a nood article, they request the farms of the public at the above place, orat the (tore of Hubert Johnston. No. 51 Court landt street. All ordera, on any icaleot aize or variety,promptly attended to, by nldrctstnit the subscribers at cither of the move placet. NICHOLAS A. KOLLBMlOft J rHAOAHDH, my 7-iim*r H'nimut Look Di ck, New Jeraey. FIREWORKS. CRACKERS, etc. FOURTH JULY. Ill], "lOl'NTIlV and eity dealtn to hreworka, will find it in their advantage to ca l and evamire au ? ? entire aaaortunit of the heat quality, at K. AYI.lKKP. S old e-.ta' li.hmcnt, 6 l. hatham atirrt. A lanfe quantity ol fire crackrra jnat re* ei?ed. Keineniher ute sign of the two mammoth akv rockela nd gold key. ______ liiMhKjy't AI It K W(Yft K 11V tint M?\l;if*i:i Ifllk-utl la MOHAN it CO rriolechaiiU, 7* < 'iltthui Mrrtl, offer* oilie public a splendid assortment of ffirrw* It*, superior id oality and neatness to any in this or my other country The h<>vr lure bern manufactured by them ripressl/ for lhi? mar et; also ran sell much cheaper than any vender iu town, and ii 'rant' e all y nils fn>m tlie r itnre. No | ddliu* froui this I see? N o. 78 Chatham street. lloods delivered to any tart of tie ci'y free of expense. N. R.?Kiiibitiuu Kireworbs #f siifier nrquaitly, with crimon, red, purple, itrsen, yellow and nine fire*. Also, coloied re, bv the pop lid. lin'rc I I I AKS, WHOf.KSAl.K. AND KKTAIL.-3H Br.M.i * w.y near Wi Iter vlreet ?MK?SK?. PH. KU.N8T CIIM I l)T it MAUL,, Uuitar manufacturers, woo1 J respectilly call the aiteutmn of I lie public to their establishment, io. W> Droniway, where they Keep const-nily on h ind an tensive assortment of fio-i-toned K'liUrs, linwhcd in tlie best :yle. ... All I >*rrnuir!its from this manufactory, Iouk favorably tiown in the Uuited Sure*, where it rei civcd the lir?tprelimn awarded by the Ainetican tnatiinte, for the b< at (luitai, e made of such inalciiat* and in such a nperior in oner, a* n ibli s the tnalirr to warraut them f" stand any cl in ite. 8t angels before pinch ill tig elsewhere, ars requested to call lid es.inline the spleo Isd woikinanship ?f then instruments, id ascertain the pth rt. 'Ihrywill be found lower than at ay ether house in the city , ? . Mr. I'm trust. Professor of the ffiutc and fJuilar, bens leave > announce that the above 'rran.clients do not Interfere in le least witli his other #ii?a?emeiitii common ro *ito ssons as uiov. at Jo. Ilo <> n-ar w.llor st mM lm?r VATi H KM A Nil IKVVKLLKRY lower than ever.?As the subscriber is cci rtant.v leceivmi all descriptions ?f old and silver wai hes. of th>-n-west strles, direct Iroru ihu 1 uiufactorcr?, in KnflAnd. Kiancr, and S* overland, lie is uab'-il to offer a larger assortment, "iid at mnch less prices, at rail than another hotiseiu the city. Hold watches as low -- ur noua ni. II wit. h?? wnrr.Mi'rd c.i k-ep itiumI tuna, or the money ra-ued. Wnrahea, clecki and ,?we|ltr? ie, ?irt.l >t> the o*?l utie^ aii.l warranted lower than at mr lihrr nine in the ly. O, C. Allen, importer of wntchae anJ lewe'lei > wholela an 1 r- til'. in Will ?ir? at. in miia ;tt- I mr ttln. VVll-Lr.H. I,?,iy of info nation ol future event* and what mi I "??< '. learuau in aattoh *y ami aatrouomy rei Utii-a prirata lacturra no thia i< lenee ?t her r io.n?, JM xabeih *t, tan iloora fr< m HmiTon near Hleeriar, a'.d ha? niuotl/i n h in i com and eai.ei r *'?*, '.ml ? ii'e cure fjr "ituc, and If auy of her tn-i'n- na i? i tircheje *i?e* in/orlimnVTatff i*ii lm*r tVRi'UUUfiat Jh'KMAiaK <f.K8A far-tamed and relabeled P-lla, V rt> IV-tnaai. .. h? perceive, 10 be obuioed ?n lbi? remsiAl lal om Me l?* f#?m M*i