Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 29, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 29, 1843 Page 1
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r TH Toi. IX,?Ho. 17a.MWui* Ha. 3W" FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The K.val Ma.I Kteam *hip OOLU viBlA. N.ShannoH.Esq Commander, will leave Boston foi thaabova poru.on Ha.uraay, lit of Julv. Passage to Liverpool '*} Tassaite to Halifai, /.WW 2' Apply to D BRIOHAM, Jr.. Agent, jllr No. 3 val. street. DRAFTS ON "}'?LArlP\,*c w,',c!> slYrQ-_>u) can b>-sent oy the Horal Mail steamship sZ'VlT, COLUMBIA, sailing from Boson o0 the lit July. P.-rsous sending mousy to their arfSotiSrtSir rcla ires residing in the old c..dulry, can at * all ti n s ul?.*iu f.nui the subscribers Drifts at a ght for any amount, on the Roy I Bank of Ireland, alsoou th> old esublulied biokin.T h use of Messrs. Preacot , Orote, Ames 81 Co. of Lo. d..i., which ire paid (rcn of discount, or anv charge whatever, inrrory town .hrooghout Englaud, Ireland,Scotland and Walrs, thereby aniw. riug ihe same purpose aa Bauk of Englatni and Ireland notes. Apply to, or address, if by letter, pu*,,a' ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO, 35 Fulton street, j17 r _D#itt ,'?"r *0 'he Fulton Bank. f f-Tin.-? '!CAFf8 ON ENULA.^D, 1KEy/J LAND, fco ? Persons about retnittiue mo .k tir y to their friends^in the '"old country," 3, j, 10 , 20 k ?50, r an* amotit. payable on demand, wit'iont discount or any oilier cha ge, at toe National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bs-uk, do., Nfrnri. James Bult, Sou k Co.. Baukeai, Lonr'ou, 1. Darned k Co., Exchange ami Disci tint B uk, Liverpool, Kwtern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Conipwy, Sir Win. Forbes Hunter k Co., Scotland, and thr br'Bchea iu every, post town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland k Wale*, which draft" will be forwarded by the "Sitsmcr Caledonia," that leave* Boston >he 1st Jul*, by W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, At then General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South it. N. B.?All letter* from the country inuat come poet paid. Jeljr NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. To iihrum New York on the 25th and Lirerpool on the ltlh nl tack men/A. tfjjjjjfc ^T??m New YorIt Ship GARRICK, Captain \Vm. Skiddy, 25th Kebruaiy. Shin ROSCJUS, Captain John Collins, 25th March. Ship 81DDON8, Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th April. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyiter, 25th May. from i.irtiRroeL. Ship 8IDDONB, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th February. Shvp 8HEH IB AN, Captain F. A. Depeyiter, 13th March. Slop UAKLUCK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 13lli April. Stop KOSClllS, Captain John Colliue, 13th May. Theses hi|>e are all of the tint clase, upwards of ION tens, onilt tnthe city of New York, with inch improvements a ecoinbine great K'eeU with nunsunl comfort for passengers. Every care has been ta*en in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price ol passage hsitce is S100, for which ample stores will be wcv. led. These ships are cpminanded by experienced masters, who will make eTery exertion to give general aus faction Neither the captains or owners of t\ eil.: j-swill be responsible for ar y letters, parcels or package, seen by tnem, unless regular h- Uj of lading are signed therefor. For freight or nassxgfc, apply to E. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South st., New York, or to WM. k JAS. BROWN k CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packets will be charged 12% cents per single sbe^ t; 50 -ents per onnce. anil-newspapers 1 cent each. f3 r " e OK NE\ KLEANB. LOUISIANA AND NEW . IRK LINE OF PACKETS Foi the lietlei accommodation of shippers, it i* intended to despatch <i ship from this nort ou the 1st, 5th, 10th, 15th, 20th, and tSth ol each month, com i dicing the 10th October and continuing an il M r, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will be ) rerouted during the summer mon'hs. The following ships will commence this arrangtmant : fimp YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Slop OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUIfiVILLfc, Cajaain 'lu/iL Bhip SHAK8PKABE, Osptain Miner. Ship OAJ3TON, Captain Latham. Ship HUN'TSVILLE, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULOEK, Captain Lvavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Cnptain Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in the city of New York, ripress for packets, are of light d.aft of water, hare recently been i' wly coppered and put iu ydeudid order,with acroinmodatioua lot passengers unentailed lor comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every eirrtiem to give 3rneral satisfaction. They will at all times be tow ck up mid own the Mississippi br steamboats. Neither the owuers f captains of these ships will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated wait, or for any letters, parcel or package, tent by e rpnt on board ol them, unless regulnr bills of lading are taken for the same .and the value.thereon expressed, for freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS & CO., 56 South at., or HULL1N Ik WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail punctually as ad ertued, a?J ft oa; care will be taken to have the goods correcily mcarr- ?. ins OLD ESTABLISHED PASSAGE OFFICE. NO. 61 SOUTH STREET, N. Y. v PAHhAOE to and from Great Britain and Irelsudfvia Liver poo' ami London, by the regular pscksfc, tailing weekly to and fro n Liverpool, and in and from Loudon on the lit, 10th, and Wth of eachMHL The ruoscribcr list macla extensive airstgv i' - : - ring out i rrii r iiit', and can, with great confide ee,. lire osc persons sending lor their frieuds.that every dne an 1 iiSgemat'ention will be shown them, and all wi n cru nark with the in. asia je can also be engaged from Liverpool ?i. ect to New Orlesiu, Mobile, Savannah. Ba'umnre, Yhi'adi Ipnta, B ton, snd to the tbffereut ports of the British Trc riuc s. with these arrangrmcuts, together with the ad- I vantage which his Liverp ol correspondents possess, being la gr t vpowiiert.aud rxte >sivrlv engaged in the freighting usioaae?having J st year despatched Howards of 100 first class ships to the various ports of the United States, with freight and panel,gers. The facility offered by this eitablishment is nn1. ........I n.,U IV.,,, 1.,.. v.., .? h, i..l<Vu, ,. i. ., i?, ,.m. ptoysd in tile line tlicre caD be no drtcn'inn whatever, which \ will b-- ga. i interd The price of puuKe will Oe at the lowest rates, an h aid May of those seat lor > eclinc coming, the paa a.ig-mor, oa rammed as customary. The steamboat fair ftcai tr.r 'liKVre-t ports to Liverpool ,au,as utual, be secured. fline rrmi.tiug money to their friends can have drafts to any a.ieiuM, . nrablc in all the piinc pal tovrna, without discount, throughout Great Britain aud Ireland, au arrangement wh <'h lias given the greatest aariafaction. The subscribe* hopes to rsreive a continuat'on of the public jsuanatc, which h.i teen so librially bestowed for many yrarsl>?st. For further particular* apply, (ifby letter post l?id) to JOHN HK RDM AN, 61 South at, N V, or J. k W. ROBINSON, No. 16 Goree Piazzaa, George's Dock, and 1 Neptune st, Waterloo Dock, Liverpool. A hENTB. ? Th s.J Timmins, Es' . No. 165 South Front at, Philada. Patrick >1,1 ton, Vaq. Buffalo. N. Y. Josr.h Kir Patrick .Pittabnrgh, PaMiehl MeQ-ade, Utica, N. Y. J. A NooDoiu, Milwauhie, Wisconsin, Ty. I Chs. MrOorkcv, Dubiiipie, Iowa Ty. J. it Elliott, Detroit, Michigan. Con elms Cahill, Peru, Illinois. J 'hu R.jfu'y. lloches er, N. Y. N. 1).?The subscriber is also at ens for Arst clnss packet ships sailiri: every few dty iLrs fr >m New York to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, and Savannah, by which passage can be seemed at the lowest rate. rn2?r M M > ORK AND HA^^^^ACKKTB?Beeouu Clue ?The rhipsofthis line will hereafter leave New York on the 1st, and Hane on the 16th of each mon'h, as follewr, viz:? From Nnc York From Havre. Nsw thipONEIDA, t 1st Marcn. t l?th April. Captain < 1st July. < IBllr August. James Funek.f 1st November.( 16*m Dec. Ship BALTIMORE, ( 1st April. ( 16th May. Captain < st A nun it < 16th Sept. Edward Fpnck.f 1st December ( 16th Januaiy. Ship U riCA, f 1st May. C 6th June. C'ai>*ain < 1st September < 16th October. Frederick Hewitt ( 1st January. . ( 16th February, New ship ST. NICHOL AS, C 1st June. I 16th July. Captain < 1st October. < 16th Nor J. B. Pell.f 1st February, f i?lh March. The accommodations of these ships are not surpassed, combining all that msv be rrqnired for comfort. The priee of cabin passage is S id. Passengers will b-supplied with every requisite with the evceptionoi vrities and liquors. 6lor.<*a ii.fomled for these vessels will be forwatded dy the subscribers, free from any oilier, than the eipr sses actually incuuelon them. For frnelit or rauage, ai r>ly to BOYfk It HINClkEN, Agents. jeZbte No 9 Tomiiie Building, cor Wall aad Water sts. old line liverpool packets. Me M M fTTIE TOPCTVE of Liverpo^^^^Wreaftsr be nespati hen in the fallowing order, ezqrpting that when the dny of sealing fang on Sunday, the ships wil sail oullie succeeding day. Ths SOUTH AMttHIC.Ci For LijsrpooL <1S,n0D?I r, , )2ri 1 NOV 19 D. G. Bailey, t Feb | Mat 19 The ENGLAND, (Jmvs |) An> 7 1M n*v xrr I. ) '? Dec 7 B. L. Valtt. (Feb l? AI)r,i y The OXFORD, I Jul, J ft, 19 W) tone. <Nov 1 f)ae J.Karbbene, / Mar-?< i \pr,i J , The EUROPE, i July 19 ?"pt ? (ho tors, . (Not ij Jan 7 E.G. Marshal c Mar 19 May 7 The NfXRTH AMERICA, CAuit ] Sspt ? II tons. < D-e 1 Jan 19 Lowbev J Arr'l 1 May II iu?n. r?T 1? 'Jc' 7 !H?;nn?. lV,0It " f,b ! T. B. f"<pptt. April 11 7 The CAMBK1UUE, , Sep. 1 ?>? J7 V'4 tona, (Jan 1 Ji W. C larrtow.i May I Jane 'J Tb# COLUMBIA, ?<T? ? Not ? 7Nt?M, J?o l? M?' ? O. X. OR May 19 J?!T . 7 I' regards ll'? day of eallin*. will b? oblPfTta M heretofore. Thp price of ontw*fa is now filed At Una Hundred Dollara. Tor which empte stores ofererT dsscnptWi wiLI be provided, with the s^iptitm of wines and liquor*, winch will be fnnushed.hv the sicwstls. OOOUHUE It CO.. 94 Sonth St.. C. H. MARSHALL, J* Burhiw-slip, N. T. je?4 iTh BARINU nwoTHKHH Is ?:(? L pool. ft? OU LIVKit POOL?NKW LlNE-.Kegnlir icket of 15th July.?The Hnlendid Packet Ship OBCIUS, Captain John Collins, of 1109 tons, tail ns nhore, her regular day. Kor freight oi ivmr aecomiaodations norma, in) for splendor o> acmfort,apply <n board, at Orleaiu wharf, foot of Wall street m to K. K. COLLINS k I f), m Honth street. Pric? or paia.'.griKiO, 7 i,e Parent ?Mp Sidd >oa, Captain T,. B Cobb, of KWi Ions, will sifceed tse Roscias, and sail the 21th of Auk. ha reKilar Jay. ram '.i' r? may rely on the shipe of thia line setting peretea' l?aaa<l?eriised. Jeffll 4sSJj?-' K<,T: I I V f Itli >' l|. ?'I be New l.i ?e? Itcgnlar lijjdPVPa ket itiili Julv?The r w. splendid New Ynik JK??r ml, packer Fli p H'lTTINtU KH, In Bnraley, master iOVi ions, will -?l as above, her regular day. For 1 t in passage. h?iu* Urue and enmmndinnt state ' IMIl,apt ly to th? t,ai>lain <> board, west aid?_Bnjlin* S'ip, ^ TUUUMULL * miflTUft^S, I I ( I ?? f 11 EJVE NI ??& HEMITTANCE8 TO IRELAND, fcc.?The jCX*y subscriber continues to transmit money in sums Inrge JHbn&or juill, to persons residing tu any pr>rt of Ireland in the Mine manlier a? he, end hit predeunts'ir iu business haea done lor the lasi thirty jesis and mort ; any part of England. or Scotland. Money reunited by letter (pott paid) to the subscriber, or pertouallv deposited with hirn witn the name of me person or | pertoni iu lrel<ud, England or Scotlgnd, to whom it it to be f nt, aid lienrrst poet town, will he immediately transmitted and paid tceordiug'y. and a receipt to that efleet given, or lor warded to iheseuler. In like manner money, or claims on persons in any part of Ireland, Ku: laud or Jcot'ai!d, can be collected hy the subscriber for oersai t rctid un iu auv pvt of the Uurted Steles or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly. j 17 Im'r (^COKHK McBHIOE. Jr . 82 Cedar stlAfr OLD BLA'K BALL LINE OK PACKETS dBrlWKOR LIVERI'OOI Packet of tlic lit July?The uSWHCssplendiil fast sailing packet ship OXKORl) Captain Karri bone, will he despatched at above The accommodations lor cahin, 2d cuhin and steerage passengers, bv this ship, nre unsurpassed?Those wishing to secure bertlisshould mak early application to JOHNHEKDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall st. N B?The regular packet of the 25th >nnc, csu yet take pasaeugers at the lowest rate. P 8?1 hose serdiog for Iriends rtsiding in Great Britain or Ireland, can have them brought out hy tne tegular packets sailing wtekly from Liveriiooi, at the loweat rate*, and DrnlU famished, as usual, for any amount, payable without di?couut lliroaghou: the ,United Kingdom, on application as as above. j20' UNITEDLlNEiOE LIVERPOOL PACKETS SjfiS?> ing and favorite Packet Suip OHIO, Captain H. Lyon, will sail | uDciuallr u above. The accommodations of this ship for cabin.second cabin and steerage passengers cannot be stirpais-d. Her between decks which are very apacioui, are fitted up with a d agree ol comfort unequalled by any other packet in port. Tlioie about visitin* the " Old Country" cannot fail to be pleated with the arrangement! made for their comfort. The juice of passage being remarkably low, those wishing to tenure berths should not fsil to mate ea-ly application ou board, foot of Dover street, or to W. J. it T. TAPsCOTT, 43 I'eck Mb, corner South street. Persons wishigg to tend for their fiiends, can have them brought out in first-class American Packet Ships, sailiugfioin Liverpool weekly, ou favoiablc terms jc28 ec AsKke VOK LIVERPOOL.?Regular pacltei ol the 7th tfflORFV Julv.?The very snpenor, last sailing packet slop Wrnr HKNRY, Captain Delano, will poslively sail as above. Having very superior accommodations for cabin,tecoud cabin and iteerage passrugers, persons without to embark should make early application on board, foot ol Maiden lane, or to JUSKPH McMUttitAV, 100 Pine at., cor. South. The above will be succeeded by the splendid picket ship Virginian,fCapt Allen, and tail ou the 13th July. Parsons wishing to send lor their frieuds in tha old country, caD have them brought out by the above ship, or any ol the regular packets, by applying as above ; if by letter postpaid. )V r LONDON LINK Ok PACKKTS?Packet ol the Mm 1st July-1 he splendid, new, fast sailing ptckn ship dHfiBbVlCTtlKlA, (.apt K K Morgan, will sail positively as above, her rrgular day. Having superior accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passeuce-s, for passage early application should be made on board, or :o W. & J. T. TAP8COTT, j2(ec 41 Peck Slip enr South St. dijMr k OR LONDON.? Hegnlar Packet ol the 1st July. k^yyVThe splendid packet ship VICTORIA, Capt. MorJngMfckugau, will sail as above, her regular day. Having very sui?rior accommodation! I'or cabin, 2nd cabin, and steerage passengers, persons wishing to emb?rk should ma ke early application to JOSKl'H McMURKAY, 100 Pine street, corner of Sooth. Persons wishing to send lor their friends, can have them brought out by the above ship, or auy ol the regular packets, by applying ?s above, (it hv letter, post paid ) j*l r KOti uLflis(IOW ?I'acket of 2nd July.?The JRCTyfii.t class, last sailing packet ship WARSAW, Capt JBnlbaHawkiDs, will sill punctually as above, aud has ver? cointo. .etile accommodations foi a limited number of passsugera, if early application be made on board foot < f Dover atreet, or to W. (It J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Peck slip. cor. South st. Persons wishing to tend Tor their lrieuda to coine direct Irom Glasgow, have now an opportunity ol deing so? iach >t may not again occur this season. Drafts can alio be obtainsd for any amonn', payable without duecunt in every post town in bcotland. Apply as above. 127 Itr PACKE'I Kl?n HAVRE?Second Line.?The tB^Vship ONKlDA, Jame> FuuU, niaater, will aail on the iXSaSBlstofJaly. BOYD & HINCKEN j3 r 9 Toutiue Building Wall at. ""iSt FOB NKW OltLEA th??LOU ISIAN A AND agWWNEW YOKK LINK?Kegnlar Packet-To sucWSAf.. etd the V icasburg?The fast sailing packet ship OCONEE, C>pt Jackson, will have immediate des|<atch. VuifrciKdt or passage, having handsome lunnsiu-d accommodations, apply on hoard, at Orleans wharl, foot ol Wall st. orto K. K COLLINS ft CO. M Soathsi Shippers mayrely uivou having then gocds corn ctly uieasur ec.aod that tbe shins of thisline will sail ,.nuctnal:y as advte Used. Any gnataineo to that'tfect will be given and lu'.hlied thai may be rcijuired Agents in N. Orleans, Hnllin it Woedrnlf, Who will protest ly forward all goods to their address. The packet shit Louisviiln, Capt. M. Hunt, will succeed 'he Oronne. i22 NhW JERSEY RAJEKOALt AND TKANU-L PORTATION COMPANY. atsga NKW Y'JTK AN.TNTWST Kits reduced to !4Ct cents. Krom the foot of Courtlandt street, New York. (Every day?Suudays.eii epted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newark .1 8 A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 A. M. At IK T. M. 9 do. 3 do. 8 do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do ! do. 5X do. 5W do. lOtt 7K do. do. ^ 9S do. I do. ON 8UNDAY8. From the foot ol Coortlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At I A. M. and 4\ P. M. At 12*P. M. and 9K P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York Leave Elizabeth Tows At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At A. M. 3< P M. 9 do. 4 do. JlVt rln. 1 <1a U do. 4V <o. 10 do. Sri do. 5>4 do. 12 do. The train*for Weuficid, Plaiuflelu, floandhrook,Somervil!e, fce., connect with the,9 A M, and. 4X I'M train* lrom New York, daily, Suwlan eicepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Town 26 cent*. Fare between do and Sornerville, 76 cent*, wirvir YOUK, AND UAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Railway. At i A. M. At 3 P M. At 7 A. M, AtS P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 do 6% do 11 do 4X do 9H da 9 do 'Si do IIX do NEW YORK AND NEW UKUNSWir*. From foot of Coaitland itreet, New York, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Brunawiau At 9 A.M. At 4 P.M. At 6 A. M. At 11 Si A M 5X do 7V do 8>{ P. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Druniwiek. At 9 A M and 4X P M. At 11* A.M., and IXPM. Fare, exchpi in the Philadelphia train*, between New Yo*k and New Brumwiek, 50 cent*. Between New York and Hahway 15 cent*. Passenger* who procure their ticket* at the ticket othcc, r* eeive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the cod 4ector only on the day wlieu pnrcha*ed. mil 3in*r rota uuffal,o and all parts OFthe wITbt association passaua oFkiu^\^fLBAN^ Ulica, $2 00 Koeheiter, $3 00 Hyraciiee, 3 26 Buffalo, J 60 Oswego, 2 26 Up. k Lower Canada5 50 bur passage apply to M. L. KAY. m2J Sm 91 Barclay atreet. New York. ?NEW YOKK. SCHOOLE Y'B MOUNTAIN AND EAS- /egThe^-t_Via E. and Somen ille K Koad. ilev** Mountain, leave pier No. I ivorth river, at 8X o'clock A M. daily (Sunday* excepted) by aleamboat to Elizabelhport; or leave the foot of Lourtland atreet at 9 o'clock A M, by IS J Railroad to Klizabelhtowu, thence connect with tfie car* for Sotnervilie r.o?che?, thence 20 mile* to the Mountain?arriving early in the afternoon For fciiuton lea?e a* above, proceed by railroad to Somer ville, coache* from thence (only 34 mile*,) arriving in Eatton at 6 o'clock. Thia iou'e, on account of the iliort diitance by coache*. ma king it by far the m >*t pleaaant and expedition*, commend* it aeif topnblicipatronege. Mr. Sandevaon. the proprietor at So mervil e, has p/ovded himself wt'h carriage* and hortei to ae commodate private partie* with extra* at the ahorteat notice, and on reasonable term* For seats apply to H D. Hope, Merchants' Hotel, 41 Courtlandt *t. Faasmger* from Pliilndilnliia ro Schooler'* Mountain will leave I liilidelphM at 7 o'clock, A. M., by New York railroad liae t < New Brnnswick. Splendid coache* frcm thence, amring attne monntain early same afternoon. >33 2in r NEW YOKK, ^ . JBKM.MOUNTA1N k EASTON.' jfr Leave tiic foot of Courtland etreet,'daily (Snuday* eirepu-d) .1 in ..A^b A M K* rmlrnmil f nm iVtnrn.t.>wn tnence by l*osi coaches through Meadham,Chester. BchooleyV Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Golden, Washington, to Easton. At Washington, a d.illy Hue intersects to and from Be leidr-re Knr seals apply to J. Hill, at PatlO'i'i, Comtnereial Hotel, 73 Conrtlanastrtet. N.B ?Extras furnished hi the shortest notice by applying to N. B. Lots, I' States Hotel. Mnrristnyyn. my 11 3m e? ROCKAWAY PAVILION-LONG ISLAND HAILROAD. Trams nri'ti thu ros<t lesre Brooklyn, South Kerry, lor J'trstcs, where roaches are in readi ness lor that delighifnl resort, the MinoePayilJSBIELlion, at the following hours, yiz Half past 9 A.M., i o'clock and half |>a?t# P. M. Returning, leare Jamaica at * A. M.. 13 M. and 5 P. M. for Now York. Kara to Jamaica, Is ; through from Brooklyn to the Pavilion, 76 cpntx. je8t #w*r_ NEW ARRANGE M E NT. kARK AND ? HEIGHT REDUCED. esW?a/M, KKOULAlt MAIL MNK-FOK PRO(% J~| tJ*"'AND BOSTON, eta STON" t MMW INOTON AND NEWPOH'T?Composed ol the followinit superior Steamers, running in connection rnlh the Btouingtnn and Bimon and Providence Railroads'? io A99AtHl!!HTT8, Lapt Comstock. HHODE ISLAND, Cspt Thayer! PROVIDENCE. N A HH AO AN SETT. MOHKOAN. One of whirlt will lease New York daily (Hnndavs excepted) from Pier No 1, Battery Place, N. Hirer, at 5 P M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND,..Captain Thayer, on Monday and Wednesday for Stouinston aud Ne<V|?>rt, and Knday for Stoningtou. Plie M ASSACHl)'ETTS,Captain Comstock,on Tuesday yd Tnurseaj for Stonmgtsn, and Saturday for Stomngtun, Pasaemters, on the arrnal of the strainers at Htornngton, Mil bf immediately forwarded in the tplendi I 'n't Commo ,YVis I ars of the llailrosdto lWidence and Boston, and i< fn? Newrairt will rraceed in the ateamers on Mnnilay, Wedneadar and *aiurday. and outhe interTenmg daya, proceed ria Stonington Kailrsad to Provide m a. and fiom thence in the team r loins, without any additional charge. Tickets lor the roots and steamers' berths can be aeenred on board, o, at the off.esi of fc , w>? |t? [L?"n0 end after the l#th lust, freight will not bar?cel*ad ana lor ward ad aftat halfpaat 4 f. M. * W Yt :W YOKK, THURSDAY 0? foijuth ok iui.v kxcuk8ion? i'kkth amioy and nkw jK?UHUNs\V UK, lr.mi Uirrlay atreet wharf, it 9 .Mock?Th; In it i <1 ideijient steamboat RAR1TAN, Cant liana Kialirr, will iniku an exrnr>ion to P?rth Ainboy auJ New Brnniwick, on Tnetda*. Jnlv 4ih. Icaring the foot of Barclay it. at 9 o'clock, ttkiiiu the ontaide poiary*. ?ff""ling pleasant vi?wa of the bay end li ibor tha Narro ?a, the I'ublie Wciki, the (|?.vi luline, Hook L'ltht I tndiutt at t'eith Ainboy, au<l proceed direc to New Hrumwick. Ketniiiintt, leaves New Brui.kawick at \ before] I*. M. aud Perth Amboy at 3 o'clock, arriving in New York at OA P. M. fc'ai' for ti e whole rxctnaion, 'ifl c?ot? Fami'ien aud pleaanre pallet will find thie the moat pleaaant ?nd healtbfnl excursion on the 4ili. The Haritan hat ample accommodation auffii-nt to'aff. nl tanf-cmu The hou tof d-pTtnre w ill be im c m1, |*28 lw*ec ?^jP-1 ei SJ- .tUAM) Kxi'iirrnni to the Kitluui: ha. ika, Ke..jyjJ*ctery Tueiday, 'i'hunday aud Kri'ay moru7?? ilr ;,,i" -'ti-- i-"n landing at Kort Hamilton each y. Kare S'l can's fo'the exenrion. The alrarabnat SUPK.KIOK, Capt. J.O. i ild, will eommeuc* her regular trips on Tnurtday morning, June 15th, lr im the pier foot of Chambers st^ at 8 o'c'ock; A mot at, qnarter paat 8; Canal at. | .i?ka, I ? I?w. 1, Limiciy, ijuarici 10 y% oaiPCnue rcrry, Brooklyn <11; foot orPikeat quarter past 9; an I Pier No, 1, B ittery, at hall past 9 o'clock for the Fishing Banks off S tudy Hook. A haml of ln ,jc jg engaged. Refreshments on hoard l< xtra bait In malnd gratis. The celebrated fi.hrrman, Capt. Praeock, villi hi. harpoons is engaged jH hn*re NEW YORK AINU KINO STUN STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE I.NNK, jgaI Kor Kingston, and Delaware and Hndaon fl/77 Canal?ateam boats EMERALD and NOR SJfc^SaaR. w ic h . The K.MK'iALD, Captain John Ketcham, will leave New York foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday ati o'clock P. M. Wnl leave Kingston ( Koudcut landing) ereiy Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock. P. m. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will lease New York, fool ofWarreu street, every Wednesday and Saturday at i o'clock, P. M. W.!ll-ave Kingston (Rondout landing) every Tue. ay and Friday at) o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the foet of Murray street every Snndy niurmng at T o'clock. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock siitne.da7. ' Kor freight or passage apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW St CO , a31 Sm*r 164 West street. ~jm NEWARK AND NEW YORK?Fare r-^-ojerris" only 12SJ t ents !?The splendid steamer Hi """ITft PASSAIC, Captain John Gatfy. On and after Monday .June Oih, will run as follows Leaves the foot ol Buiclay street, New York, at 10 A.M., and I P.M. Leares the foot ol Centre street, Newark, at 7X A.M., and IS P. M. Freight carried at very low rates. a!6 6m r atm taUMMF.R ARRANGEMENT FOR s H H K W SBU KV-Loug Branch, Ocean House. Black Point, Rumson, and Katnnlown Lainliug, through the luuer passage The new Steamboat UII I! L li/U.Ill II V I - I... .n ? ?11? ?III - W?. town Lamliug <>u Sunday, the 4th of June in-1., anil ruu aa Cot lows,to wk: leafing New Voili, from the foot of Kobinaoa street, every Monday, Tuerdsy, Wednesday, Thnraday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Returning, will leave Katontown Landing on each of the above dava. at I o'clock, H. M. On Saturdays will leave New Ys'ik at 2>? o'clock, P. M., and Eatoutewn Landing on Sundays at 1 o'clock, P. M . and Ocean Honae at 4 o'clock. The SIIKEWSBURY will run as above (weather permitting) until further nonce. All baggage at the risk of the owners. N. 8?Stages will he in attendance to convey passengers f oni the aforesaid landing places to any part of the country recurred. . je 13 . M HIMTEN IrtLANU KERRY, FOOT ttn--',i23?3*0F WHITEHALL oT.-Tho steamboau Jgr^af # STATB.N ISLANDER and SAMSON will run as follows until further notice:?Leave )>ew Yo-k 8, 9, 10, II, 1 2,3^,5. 6 7. Lea'e stalen Island 8, 9, 10 11,1, 2, 4,6, 6. 7. Leave New Ycrk and Statru Island everv hour oil Sund^. P. S.?Excursion to Fort Hamilton, Sundays excepted Leave Fort Hamilton 7X A. M., returning Irem New York P M ill r HAMILTON HOUSE. FOKT HAM& '^pfS'lLTON The steamboau STATION as"'v" ?' SAMSON will ruuevery day (Sundays excepted Id iring the season, aa I olio ws:? Leave Fort Hamilton at 7X A M. and 4 ? P. M. Nest York, Whitehall Dock, at 3*< P. M. This arrangement may bs relied no as permanent, as its continuance will not depend on anv contingency. jlS 3mr MAYOR'S OFFICIO. ) Charleston, S. C , June <0, 1843 ) TO RENT FOR A OF YEARS. O FOR SALE, MtL That large and commodiuua establishment known as the Charleston Hotel, situate in a central pail of the city, fronting on Meeting strrri, south on Hayue street, *iid adjoining tlie extensive range of wholesale stores; east ou Hotel street; tinith on Pn ctnev street The hotel is spoilt 160 feet hy about 176 feet deep, lour stories high, containing about 112 parlors and ch ambers, besides tb rg rooms for ladles and g-ntlemen; a'so, bar renin, rendu g room, offices, store rooms and kitchen; also, fire s ure I ana a hsrhei't room, in bnsetuont, and Ir-nting cu H tvue s'r et?a Imge cittern, contaiuirg aot ut 86 000 gnllcns, and a I'otcs pump, in esse ef tire, attached thereto; also twn wells on the premises- The whole front of ihe llolel is embellished with n spacious two story collona-ie. Tr ims of sale will be, a credit extending over s period of leaitByrars, and conformably to the provisions of tlis luo "Stii, hire Loan Act,'' secured by mortgage of premises; ap proved security will be leouired on or sale. Proposals add.'rsit d to the Mayor of Charleston, will be received until the 16th July next. J. SCIINIERLK, Mayor. N. B?The f Mowing newspapers: ths New York Herald and Conner fc Enquirer; 'he Huston Con-ier; the Philadelphia United States Hazelte ; the Baltimore American; the New Orleans Bee; the Mobile Register ind Journal will insert the above hi a conspicuous place once a week uutil the 16th poiii j21 tojyl5r Mr.O PH * 8iCl AN S? FAR vl (UK ? < LE.-A phi sician living near n very pleasant village about thirty mitrs from the city, and who ia extensively engaged in till p,o(f?n .11. W( uId dispute of hn entire establishment. An immediate practice through a moat beautiful country, ami daily acresi lotha city, render this an opportunity tor a physician raiely to oe met with. The firm ci ousts of about lifty acres of eoou land, in a high state of cultivation. (Jo the premises air a Rood hi use, carriage house, baru, ice house, fcc , as well as almost ever? variety of full trees. Adthess W E 8 at the olfice of the Commercial Auve'tiser. or apply at No J3 Pine street, where more minute particulars will lie siren. j2l lw?m MFOR SALE?On reasonable and accommodatniR trims, a new house and lot, pleasantly situated in Nassau street at the lira I of Stanton street, Brooklyn, inquire of S. E. JOHNSON, Coiinicllor, 4t?. No. 1 Front street,orof D A. KOB81.NS, Mason,280 Pearl St., Brooklyn. j2l 6t*r MTU LET.?The modern built three story onck d? ellicg, No 16 (Jreen street, finished with silver lumi lure, marble mantles and grates throughout. A hue large yard, with never failing cisteru. Will be let low. For further particulars Apply to A1TKEN. BROTHERS, je? lm*ec ,vo. 122 Fulton street. Jrug KLORfiSUL CURE.?For sale, :lie laige Couscrv .|KM|tory, wilh all the extensive apparatus attached thereto, wA^at the garden, (late Mr- Perry's,) Henry it, Brooklyn. For farther particulars apply to W. RLi-SELL, Florist, on the premises. \V. Russell has a'sofor saie at low prices, a superb col'ection of line healthy Plants in bloom and in pots, ?I geraniums, roses, verbenas, violas, dahlias, azilias, rhouodaudrous, salvias, p'demllAs, clematises, cactuses, m iguoli ,s. honeysuckles, snd other desirable Krcei.huaio and garden plant* and rose*. Bouqin ts beautifully rn ldr up to order All orders for the cine* of New York an I Brooklyn, delivered free of charge, and punctually attended to. il52w'r THK FOLK f'H OJf JULY! BOOTa ANU SHOES. Mieap Boot and Shoe Market. No 508 Greenwich street.? Ladies and gentlemen a-e advised to call at the above store and provide themselves with seasonable summer boots, slippers, gaiters, tc.% made up in the neatest and roost fashiouable style, and sold as cheap if nut a little cheaper than elsewhere. Heads ol will save money by calling here, at the cheap depot. Ucn't forget the number, Clinton Cheap Boot and Shoe M rket, Ne. 509 Greenwich street, corner Spring it. jeg lm*r LOOK AT THIS! Boots, of best qnality, $4 to $4 50 French, do do 1 to 3 50 Fine sewed Boots, 2 54 to 3 00 Pofflted do 250 Morocco do 2 25 Seal Skin and Grain do 1 75 to 2 00 Cloth button Gaiters, 225 Prnnella do 2 OS Fine Calf Shoes, stitched, 2 00 Calf 9hoes, 1 25 to I 75 Boy's line sewed boots, 2 25 pegged boots, calf, 110 " Sealskin and Grain, I 12X " Fine Calf Shoes, 125 " " Kip Shoes, I 00 Yonth's Sewed Bouts, 1 00 to 1 50 LADIES' BOOTS* SHOES ? Ladies, in these notes yam will find the greatest assortment of Gaiter Boots, Slippers, Bnskius, Tier, Prunella Buskins, Iirht and dark colored half Gaiters, House Slippers, white and black satin slippers, satin gaiters, Misses and Childreus' gaiters, bmsius, slippers, ties, snd all other kinds of boots and shoes, of our own mannftctari ng with the best of French goods,and warranted to be the bast and as cheap as the cheapest, at 307 B oadway and 92 Canal st. Jlimr* OHK(iOKg fkt-AHILL. i'AKH BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO OHDKK By E. SUSER, 175 Rrondway, (flavmcnf,) One Door from Courtlandt street. K. S'lSKK, Bootmaker, and maker of Lasts, an ^^^^B"Elve" of Cl-'co of Paris, begs leaTr to inlorm his friends and all the n'mit'n" of a e?aitleman!v "ehatisinre," that he ran nose roalte, in New Y orb, with the best French materials, nil i'"it is so perfectly made, in I arm. by his master the celebrated ''ontuMhrr Cl-ree, whose numerous customers on this side of the Atlantic, are respectfully inrited to try St 1(4KK'S boots and "ml* beinra they despair o( being "chausses" in New Vorh, after the nicest, latest Puna fashion. Also, the genuine Taris Jet Black Varnish sold, mio 7w *r | BOOT AND SHOK STOKKT JOHN tlKAI'Y respectfully informs his friends arid the nnhlie that he has commenced business in the above line, at No 94 Nassau stre*t, where he will tnauklully receive snd faithfully aieente, all orders he may be favored with od he most reasonable terras for rash. a27r TO THIC LADI KS.?2(10 pair prune Gaiter wlW boors of all colors and sizes of the latest fashion, Misses and children's Gaiter hoots and Buskins, Ladies Bus kins, Tirs, anil Slippers, a good article, from 4 toB shilling!. Also, a good assortment of Gentlemen's prime call stitch boots, city made, from 3 75 to4 dollars, warranted ; good fiue lieggrd MOta, Irnm It to 1(1 a lit I inga. Also. Boy's boots, t to 12a.; 41enta. gaiters, quarter boots and shoes ofall descriptions in great abundance, at Walker's cheap store, 419 Broadway, corner Canal street, m24 Im'ec tiKNINiV VAN VK AN KEN'S " VENTILATING GOSSAMER HAT, FOB GBNTLEMKN, WEIGHING ONLY OUNCES?PRICK S3 54. f? THK Snhscrihers have introduced the above named hat lor snminri wear. Hy comparing ihe weight o| this article with the average weight of the following hats, the ?uperior anvatitages it possesses over them for summer wear may be readily seen. 'I lie arcrate weight of the ordinary for hat i? t>V onncew. do do Panama 5)fc " do do Leghorn 4 rif mt fully connnced that no atylo of i-.immer hat heretofore worn, has Met with the general approbation which a hat loaara ma all the i|iiiliiie?, vif lightnraa, beanty. durability ami cheapne?t, would he ?nre to rrceite, we have Jevotrd much attention to the uiAuiilACinre and liuiahiug of the new atyle now iii'rodnced by n?. P"ro? the warm "approbation etpress'd by tentlemeu who hare eiainined tliein, we feel aatiafied ihat the) need only to be teen to be fully appreciated, UKNlN at VAN VKANRKN. mWlm'er til Broadway, oppoeite St. Paul's Church. I"\K HOUaTON, Denim, haa returned to New Voeli 17 Mo,.ma in f\,fk Plate, Id d.' I from Broad w.y, mm,, a ,l? >RK I MORNING, JUNE 29, 1& LUC1NA CORDIAL, OR Til V ELIXIR OK LOVE In olden time, among the Jews. That mm a ircnnd wile might choose? Whoie firat, by FaVa unkindly doom, No children bore to blaaa Ilia home. A'flicted thai, the Roman matron Prayed to Luc'ne, the midwife'i |>atron ; K< wivea, in inch a ciiaia. Called to their aid the I'rie*ti of Irsis ; And even now, the meek Hindoo? Warm aa her clime, and tender too? Ifchi dleaa twelve mouths from her bridal} Kliea weeping to her acuaeleaa idol, And with rvscd hinds, inacceuts wild. Petition! U ninth tor a chil l: Kor well ?h* knows, Love ihnm to bleu The Hindoo bed of barrenueas. So much for love in dvy's by gone, And lavage customs in your own ; But aay, even now, doei Love'icommunion Bleu in our laid, a iterile union 1 No : oftiimei conjugal felicity, la tluu diiturbed?ay, e'en iu ttiia city. Yet may the barren, if they try The means, "increaie and multiply.". Wi'h 'Love's Elixir" for h-tfriend, The childleu wife's repiniugi end. But not the procreative power Alone, ii thn Elixir's dower. Cousuinption'i ilia it will prevent, With vigo' clothe the impotent; Suppress a gleet, whate'er ill date, And nil lifeTi functiont renovate. Eruptions from t e ikin it cliaiei, Aral tiring! back beauty and the graces: 'Tis woman1! trust?and ue'er deceive! her From Fluor Albui it relieve! her ; And eich disease, (with proper care, too,) Her fair and fragile form ia heir to. Theae are but trnthi, who calls them fiction Shall have stern proof in contradiction. Letters?all forms ol attestation? From the savani ofcveiy ua.iou ; Witn grateful missives from all quarter!, Penned by Diiaase andQuackery's martyrs, Thousand! who lay, with fluttering breath, Almost within the jaws of Death; Now iu their nightly prayers repeat Thanks to Life's Irieud, in Nassan street, An sometimes name the very number? "Ninety-two Nassau,"?eaen in their slumber ; Or, dreaming of Disease's ordeal. Cry out for the "Lucius Cordial." Persons ordering this medicine f.oin the country, by sending a remittance, can nave it boxed up and sent to any part of the Uuion. Price $3 per bottle, or S2I perdozen. It is also for sale in Philadelphia, at 90 North Sixth street. mil lin'ec MONTHLY REPORT OF THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, NO. 75 CHAMBERS STREET. 14 Inflammation of t)i? eye- 4 Uiifm'i of the liver, liita 3 mflam'n of the boweli 3 Syphilitic Iritis 3 Vomiting, Gastritis 2 Amaurosis, three under * Diseases of the Womb treatment?doing well II Syphilis 6 OpaeMr of the cornea, 6 ijyspepsia slight 12 Whites, or Kluor Albns Styes, by an operation 21 Gonorrhcea 4 Onanism 4 Kever 3 Krysipelas T Secondary Syphilis 7 Ulceiatedsore throat 5 Piles 12 Gleet?cured by new ti Bubo, by a new method of remedies treatment 3 Diseases of the heart 4 Bore Nipples 2 Dysentary successful surgical operations. 53 Operations lor hare lip 21 Strictures in Urethra by 5 Operations lor squinting an improved method ol 3 Operations (or Hydrocele cure 12 Hemorrhoidal Tumors re- 3 Operations for fistule in moved Alio. 2 Club Knot?cured 2 Polypus in the nose 3 Encysted Tumors 4 Adipose tumors removed 5 Ulcers on the legs cured; 1 Large piece of bone re2 Phyinosis moved from the arm 0 Abcesses opened 1 Amputation of finger 2 Tonsi it removed 1 Cancer Breast 1 Gravel cured 1 Uvula removed 2 Retention of Urine DR. H. BOSTWICK Attending Physician and Burgeon. C. McMANUS, Apothecary and Secretary il lm ee NEW YORK PASSAGE ASSOCIATION FOR THE PROTECTION OF IMMIGRANTS. THE PROTECTION OF EMIGRANTS. pOPY OK RECEIPTS GIVEN THE EMIGRANT:? G New York Passage Association. Kstablnhed for the protection of Immigrants. All engagements of this Association, (with passengers) are guaranteed lie bonds in a heavy penalty, held m trust by his II >uor, the Mayor of the city ofNew York. No. Nkw Yonx, 1S4 Uer<IN".d of Mr, llie suui ol dollars Cen-.v tor passage of persons, equal to full passengers from New York. To one hundrrd nouuds of luggage on the Kiver, and fifty on the Canal and Likes, free fo each full passen-ger. Eitra baggage fur t ue hundred p >un 11. f'tiis Receipt euritles the bearer to a Beat postage on the Uivei, and a f'aasage on the Canal. S To Albany or Troy. Agent. The following persons compose the above Association, and have made nrraugemeuta with the consent of the HealthOfficar at the (duarautmc, to have an Agent in constant attendance to carry out their intentions, b-cked by tome of the most woithy and bcnevoliu t citizens and merchants of this city. K PUTN A vi for Troy and Erie Line. GEORGE W. AMDEKBON, Troy and Buffalo Line. JAMk~ 8. WYOKOFF, Proy aud Oswego Line, H. STORK, Hplixuce Liuc. J. MeDONALD. Leech k Co. Line. ^ "I s .2. & e . ? -fs ?-3 "? V 5| ?g ?w o sr From N?w York to *?0 *"3 5S h Ij * ||| II |l ij Sa.S flg ftj? lltiea, New York $i 25 1 7a $0 2o $0 00 Byracuse, do 1 50 2 00 o 25 00 Oswego. do 1 75 2 00 0 15 0 10 Roche iter, do 1 75 2 25 0 40 0 00 Lockport, do 1 ?5 2 25 0 50 0 00 Buffalo, do 2 On 3 00 0 55 0 Ofl Kric, Ha 0 75 4 no Cleaeelai.d, Ohio ;o 80 4 50 Toledo, do 0 80 5 00 Detroit, Mich 8 00 5 00 Millwaukre, W. T 0 90 9 04) Houthport aud Racine, do 0 90 9 00 Chicago, 111 o 90 9 00 Passage, via Kail Itoad, from Albany or Troy to Buffalo? $5 00. Rglen of Postage via Oswego and \Velland Canal. Ft | Tt 0 ? a. d 1* !?? -5-3 From New York to ? e >3:2 ^ ? cq ? 1 _ ? E? JS i? f-| ||d 2_ fcw C/-.-3 O fc) E Oiw Oswego, N. Y $2 CO $ t 35 $ Satgetl's Harbrr, N Y. 4 00 55 5 Ofl Kingston, Cauada 4 00 55 5 00 'i'oronto, do J 50 65 5 50 Niagara, N. Y. 3 50 65 5 50 Ogilembargh, N. Y. 4 50 65 5 50 Hamilton. Canada 55 00 65 6 00 Detroit. Mich 5 r>o 65 7 oo Milwaukie, W. T. 7 50 10 11 00 Racine fc Souihport, W. T.- 7 50 so 11 00 Chicago. Ill 7 50 80 11 00 Michigan Oily, lud 7^50 80 11 00 Ratet of Passage via.-Philadelphia to Pittibsireh. From Extra 5i lb. luggage New York and luggage allowed each to Canal. per 100 lha. passeiigeii free Philadelphia $2 25 I $ 75 I HnllidiysbBrgh,- 7,0* I 1,50 I B jo z.uu Blairlvtlle 9.00 2.2J Pittsburgh 9.20 2 M 100 lbs luggage on the Hirer ami SO Iba on the Canal an Lake free for each a'nit. Children tinder 12 year* of a** half price. Infan'afiee. We, whnaa uainea are hereunto anbacribed. knowing the imposition* that hare long been practiced on the Emigrant, do most cordially approve the above rates if pueage, andrecoiamcnd the encouragement of ihia Association. who hare giren bonds for the failhf.l performance of all their engagements, which bonds are held in trust by hia Honor the Mayor of ihe City of New York, for the benrAtol the Emigrant. Sinned? OrtlNNELL, MINTURN V CO.. London Line Packets. CHA?HH marmfall. } ^irerpool Line Packet.. K. K. MORUAN Ship Victoria. JOp" Vlk!| wStftV 1 ?-?*? Line Packet.. WOODHULL * MINTURN8, Lirerpool Line Packeu. Mayor's Office, June 10th. 1843 I, Robert H. Morria, Mayor of the city of New York, do certify that boada hare been executed to me aaTrnateefor the benefit of immigrant, who mar take passage in the transmutation linea hereinafter named, by Hni'ua Putnam for Ttoy and Erie Line; Oeorge W. Andereon, Troy and Buffalo Line; James 8. Wyckoff, lor Troy and Oewego Line; H Stork, for Reliance Line to Pittsburgh; and J McDonald, for Leecy St Co, Pittsburgh Line: aaid bonda being in the penal rum of five Thonrand Dollar, for each aaid Line, conditioned for the tanhfnl performance of all their contract, and thoae of their agent, with immigrant., which bonda are filed in my office, for the bentlii of pertona making contract, with aaid Companiea or their agrnia for paatage aaatoresaid (Signed) KOBKHT H. MORRIS, j23?t*r Mayer of the city of New York. rkPKICE Or JEKKKKSON INSURANCE COMPA " NY?Office 88 Well itrael. Thia Company continue their buaincaa of inauranca agairut lora or damage by Are, ou good., ware, and merchandire and alao, on Teasels anu their targoea againal loaaby mbwid nayligation. Thomas W Thome Eliaha Kigga ThomaaT Woodruff Benjamin It Kobeoa Julia K Danaeo Francis P Saga Thomaon Pried. Joaeph Allen John H Lee John P Moor# Mere a Tucker Jamea E Holmea' Caleb C Tnnta June. K Whitiug Anaon Biker Wm K Thorn Jnaenh Drake trad HawleV John C Maarill Thomu Mnrrell THOMAS W. THORNK, PreaidaM. SfO. T. HnPIt, mltT irk CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. yj PHiLLIi'H, Merchant Tailor, (late of 7 Aitor Honae. 0? Broad war,) impreared with the neceaaity 01 ?" tin* the rngeiicy of ihe timer by the rrdnctioa of hia imrri, ami find nn it imrmrible to do ro while rahjert to the enormoai ontlaya a Brordway location nereaaanly incnra, haa detarniiued ou lha only way to cffeet thir?without iliaparviemeiit to the mality ofhia garmenra: he haa, therefore, reinoreil hia eatabliahment to 136 .NASSAU HTKEK.T, corner of Beekman, where gentlemen can now be anpplied at a deduction of ten per cent from hir former low pricea. The following ia anbuiittcd merely t? apecimen of tba foregoing ".raertion Superfine Coata, made in the beatfrtyle, from fl to $11 P.ilra do, of the lineal quality, II to J"> Challle Veata, 1 75 8. P. ben. ooncluaion, to obaerre, the above articlea mar ba rafied on. in all rraperta, to be of the mmt aeonine deacription.and lower than any oihy? koala farniahing the aaiag gitaljtvof aitlalaa. Itkmi ggSBSBBggggBgg? J1?U A 13. Rochester. [Correipoadeuce of the Herald.] Kochkstkr, June 2H, 1843. SnUtnce of IVohott, the Peculating Lawyr?'Hut Milleritet?Pol it if $?Popularity of the HtruLl. Dear B.? Our County Court inn this day concluded its hps.sion, and has, among other things, tried, tound guilty, and sentenced, John J. Wolcott, u member I of the bar, admitted last October term of the Supreme Court held in this city, for stealing law hooks from his professional brethren. The young man was a graduate of Middlehury College, Vermont, and heretofore sustained a fair character. Judge Sampson, in passing the sentence of the law, commented on the numerous advantages which he had enjoyed, and the opportunities he had neglected. As the jury only found him guilty of |>etit larceny, (although he stood indicted for grand,) the punishment was confined to fine and imprisonment, to wit: six months in the county jail and a tine of one | hundred dollars. Our usually demure city was last week startled from its propriety by the arrival of a tribe of Mtllerites, with a mammoth tent, which they pitched, and held forth iu tor one day only. The succeeding one being rather rainy and gusty, the saturated canvass fell with its own weight, and caused an awful destruction of bonnets and finery among the numerous congregation. Yesterday they held a meeting in our s|Hicious Mnrket Hall, but were compelled to desist by some loafers throwing ink, &c., on their charts, a circumstance which gave ths majestic head of Nebucliadner/ar an awfully black eye. Our politicians are on the qui vive from trie first Judge having signified his intention of resigning C. M. Lee, FT M Haight and H. R. Selden.are the legal gentlemen most talked about for his successor. Your paper is in great demand, and is looked U|?on as uulhoruy by all our business men. Yours, &c., Saml. Wki.lkr. New York. I Correipondeuce ol" the Herald. I Cozzkns' American Hstki., > Nrw York, June 24, 1843. 5 A Correspcnulent in Gotluim? Talks of various Matter*?Hotels?Hie Drama?Private 'Iheatricals. My Dear 11.? When I made you the rash and unforced promise to correspond epistolarily, with the regular, ty of the chronometer clock which decorates St. Pauls, or either face of the City Hall cupola, 1 certainly had not given to the subject the amount and kind of consideration it most peremptorily demands. But you will hereby have an especial eye to the fact> that your correspondent, ?- like the spirit of a youth That means to ha of note, begins betimes ; and he will anticipate due credit in consequence thereof. It would unquestionably be to you a source of satisfaction, and I am confident it would give me unfeigned pleasure, if it were in my power to do such justice to the arduous task I have undertaken, as is done by numerous gentlemen correspondents in various quarters; by way of illustration, the racy, agreeable, and most readable writer who in former tunes was accustomed to address the Doctor from itpder a bridge at Gjenmary, and who now sends his missives to Messieurs Gales & Seaton, from the Edgar House. By the bye, where is the Edgar House I Now, were it within the compass of my " Gillot's patent" to indite such peculiar epistles as he indites, whether from under a bridge or over a bridge, or from the Edgar House, or from the yet more classic mansion of mine host Cozzens, there cannot be a doubt but that 1 should more truly deserve the very clever remuneration I am to receive fer divers and sundry " well written communications." But, my dearsir, there are very many doubts on tlys head, for truly has the poet written? ut-ur-uin iuh ruicui men entirely ^r>ui, The pen i? mightier than the sword. Behold The arch-enchanter's wand ! itself a nothing ! But taking sorcery from the master hand To paralyse the ('{Bsiirs?and to strike The loud earth breathless! * You will readily call tomind the reply of the gallant Colonel Miller, when asked by tieneral Scott at the battle of Bridgewater, if he could take pos session of an exposed and dangerous battery, which at the moment promised to be very annoying to our troops. " I'll try," was the memorable answer.? Such is my resolution. Though I am not competent to equal the " entirely great" who have preceded me, and may perhaps be thought to copy many of their faults, without being able to compass their beauties, yet with iny best energies, "I'll try." As you may perceive from the addreiw of this letter, I have adopted your advice in the matter of inns, and find myself, as, from its wide-spread reputation, I had every reason to expect I should, most capaciously, comfortably, and luxuriously located in a hotel, which, in all its appointments, surpasses any thing I ever met with in London, Paris, or imperial Borne. This, I am tree to confess, is saying a great deal; and I know not what receotion I may encounter from the very worthy and almost unexceptionable Bonifaces in the aforementioned "flourishing villages," and yet it is advisable and nighly praiseworthy, under all circumstances, to speak the truth and shame that terrible old vagabond who goeth about like a roaring lion. Nor is came host of the American a total stranger tome ; for 1 do remember him presiding in year* bygone, over that mountain mansion upon the edge of the West Point " plain"?the site of our only national school. When our mind's eye looks back upon the merry roystering hours passed within and around that coolest of all hotels?the many fairy forms and sparkling eyes, and gay intelligences we have met there, and patted from perhaps forever? the motions of our spirit become as dull as night, and the truth which is a truth comes more fiercely forcible upon us?we are growing ancient! But the memory ol those happy days will remain ever green, though we should live to the compass of an hundred years We have found mine host still the same as in olden time?full of anecdote, overflowing with obliging good nature, kind, amiable, accommodatini? to everv hodv Upon returning to tfie commercial emporium alter bo many years of absence, it becomes one to employ his time with the best advantage. This has been done. Among other matters of no inconsiderable intereflt, the various courts of law and equi- ' ty have received attention, together with the admirable (!) police system of this great city. But hs several days ol severe investigation are requisite for the full comprehension of such weighty matters, and us the beauties of the aforesaid jiolice system are not to be discovered except after much laborious inquiry, it is proposed to devote a iuiure communication to these matters. The interests of the drama, it would appear, are not now so much attended to as in former days, when we were boys together. Yet, at this moment crowd upon my mind Scene* of bright day* forever left behind, Bewildering viiion* of enraptured youth. When hope and fancy wore the hue* of truth, And long forgotten year*, that nlmoft *ecm The laded trace* of a morning dream ! As this letter is extending itself unreasonably, and an opportunity has not been had to say one halt we had wished, let us revert en pattant, to a subject connected with theatricals, and tor the present block the game. Happening to find it agreeable and convenient to be in the vicinity ofUnion Park, a lew evenings since, we were taken bodily into possession by an enthusiastic young friend, who, accoutred as we were, insisted upon attending a private rehearsal ot London Assurance at one of the most elegant manainnu in 17lh street. Arrived nnnn the linarda we found a good|y company assembled, all prepared to take part in private theatricals. It would not be precisely the ton to criticise these matters, but we cannot, and will not, be hindered lrom expressing our great gratification with the events of the evening. Especially were we delighted with the personation of Lady Gay, assigned to a lady of majeHicform, a noble and beautiful face, and who exhibited, by her reading of this part, a cultivated taste. May this not be the'last of private theatricals, for aside from being entirely innocent in inemse.vrs, tnry are sources 01 menial improvement much more io be valued than the small talk of gossip and scandal too common in our day. High authority we have for these things. That is, such high authority as may be gathered from the court of her Majesty the Queen?from Counts and Princes, and last, nol least, from the great Boz. Au < rtvoir O. W. A Gharmino Design ? A novel and pleasant thing is to be enacted in Baltimore on the 4th July. A large number of Sunday School girls are to form h lloral procession, each one carrying a mosa basket filled with flowers. These are afterwards to be disposed ol, and the proceeds applied to a charitable purpose. Could not something -umilar be gotten up in our quitt and goodly city 1 1 I r n JLJ M.W Wn Tw? CtiM, | Romaic* mo* irk li<* ?y Vm <ti ?? Th? I following extract ol letter. r*<e>?ed .? ?4*anaah [ Irom one of the party romp ? ng ,? kiiwdinna to the Rocky Mountain* under >ir W?, - ???, will | bo read with pleasure i? Fno* tmk Kxesnmo* to t*? R'?it tomi Ifnhan bom tavursd by a fnead h following ogtract ol a loner, ntfitrt la >a??anah Ironi one ol tho iwirty <the hifduioa ta | tho Rocky Mount turn uadrrfir Wn? Stuart " 1 have |ii(ki| now about ton dayaia May. My tent is pitched in tho centre ..I a grove of oran I H|H'lo tree*. which are now in loll m-m, and It tho air with tho ino-t de!n imu |?-rtume Tbrar, with wild chorry tree? ami ?ar>- w dun'w, Incut a kind ol connecting In k l? ??>rn th? on lb* Missouri and the I'm rio, an n-rr, a era dual Irnniutn .1 lioin tho f< e* ol f.< i< r? o ,r>to lb? grass ol 1 ho Prairie Here you might - o iho moat beautiful laud., .j gaol- n ?er projected by a Downing, or other nrti?t. . d u 1 to terlertioa by tho hands o| nature < >ir ram, pr> ~ ai* generally a vorv animated s? one It i? ro nj-od ot tea toata ol difnnat ahapt a tad caion vir Wdiiam> ? very elegant, und lnrg< 11 ontaia a doaoa |ioo|i|o. They arc arattorrd without order among the shrubs, in such a riot inter, |iWMei boy may lie all aeon Ironi aomo point- t>on?ra y. da ring the day, the apacet botwooa the toata are tided witn men on horseback and on foot, vi-iuag our Tartar village on bwinoe, but at night the aroao becomea picturesque, whoa the firea are gaily burn ing in Iroat el tho tenia, and throwing their moving light on the grout*! winch have torined around thorn The other night wo had a regular dramatic jierlocmance. A piece of Shakapearr'a played 1a the real old Sliakspeureuii atyl? "One ol the Wdgons which wo are going to take with iih, represented the halconv, at which Juliet i# Billing in tne nnxinttgnt, and mii-mg on Itomn u general, an: Komeo in iMtrticular A ti a at able Iantern represented the moon The natumuwrrr of course not less different from those which might be seen at ilaymarket, or even at the Park n New York. Juliet wore, however, around Iter brow wreath ot tl> w? m which wan never eurt>?Mieil by any worn on a stage. The performance went oft beautifully. Alter thin gn at gala came some songs, and tlien the mtinnger announced,that the iirtlorniaDrea were over lor the night, amidat thundera ol applause, which given you an idea ol how we a(>rad our tune in camp in general. The Howera are beginning to bloom in abundance. " We are about one mile Irom the boundary of Missouri Htate ; nnil within a mile ot a Methodist Mission, which I took great pleasure in visiting the other day. 1 returned Irom my visit with thehope of seeing, one of these days, the dawn ol a new \<e riod in the hiHtory ot these panr aborigines, who inhabit tins portion ol the country There is a school at the Mission, where about a hundred Indian children are kept as boarders at the eg|>en?r of the establishment. The boys have several work shopa The girls are taught to kuil, spin, weave, sew, Arc I need not add that the greatest care is taken ol the moral education of these children, aa well aa ol their religious instruction. " " Sutuiuy Morning.?We have the brightest Sun day morning, a gentle stirring brcexe?birds of all kinds singing in the little trees?the incense of the crab apples ascending towards the bluest sky. We shall not leave until to morrow." J1UJIJ KV1XJ M DJ aBNSKAL PKZNTXNa ESTABLISHMENT, N. VV. CORNER OK KULTON AND NASSAU NTS. I* supplied with every material necessary for the prompt, u??t, autl economical eiecutiou of fiery description ot Public attention i> requested to this establishment, in the asaranre that ample satisfaC'iou will be given?as regards typography, press work, and charges?to tlioac who require fancy or common, large or email work cheaply and expeditiously executed. LABELS, CHECKS, WAYBILLS, CIRCULARS, show bills, ball tickets. STEAMBOAT BILLS, BILLS OF LADING, RAILROAD BILLS, BUSINESS CARDS, STAGE BILLS, CATALOGUES, PAMPHLETS, BILL HEADS, HANDBIL'S. NOTES. *a>JK StBW U? RuRUH) rou THEATRES, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, Or any other placee where the lanteet description of printing ia required. The facilities for this work are not equalled by any oiBce in thia city, for, beeidet the large assortment of lr\LAiliM AIMS) ?laMASWlMYAtL VYITJ, This establishment has ttie LARGEST PRESSES IN THE CITY. Great paine hare been taken to provide every material thai can possibly be of srrvice.and therefore persons having occasion for Showbills, will find it greatly to ihair advantage to patronize thia establishment. ir,/-Any sue or form of Bill can be famished at very short notice If TYPE AT REDUCED PRICKS. TYPES, AND ALL OTHER PRINTING MATERIALS MANUFACTURED AT CONNER'S UNITED STATES TYPE AND STEREOTYPE FOUNDRY! Corivkr or Nassau armAnts Streets, NEW YolCk. CAN BE IIAD AT EIGHTEEN PER CENT DE DUCTION FROM OLD PRICES. I'HK undersigned respectfully lutorms the Old Patrons of the Type and Stereotype Foundry, formerly known ai Jam* Cotvtsrn's, ami more recently as CotsvgR A Cooee'i, tad the public in general, that tnev are prepared to raecnte orders for PRINTING TYPES, PRESSES. CHASES, CASES, IMPOSING STONF.S, INK, FRAMES, and every other article necessary to form Complete Priuiiap Establishments, on as favorable tanna, and of anfgood a quality as any other eatabliahmaut ia the United States. rrcw mien, ria tovkd. old raicgs.'rgH fount). Agate, w> ?uu. Agate. lot cents. Noupareil, 66 .. Nonpareil, M ? Minion, 54 ? Minion, 66 ,, Bniini, 46 ,, Brevier, 94 ? Bourgeois, 40 ,, Bourgeois, 46 ,, Long Priuiar, 36 ? Long Primer, 42 ? Small Pica, 14 ,, Hmill Pica, 40 ? Pica, 12 ,. Pica. 10 ., Borders, Cuts, Br ut Rule, and all other articles manufactared at this establishment, at the same rerlucad rates. New Articles got np to order, on being furnished with patterns. The Type east at this establishment, is, both in the style of Kace and the material of which it is made, particularly adapted for service in Newsiiaper Triming. All kinds of Stereotyping furnwhed to order. N. B ? Such Newsimpen as will copy the above three times, will be entitled to nay in Type,on malting a bill of lour times the amount or the tnree insertions al BOOK-KEEPING. MR. W. K. BARLOW respectfully announces that he has sneceededl Mil. C. C. MAttBH, in his business as an Accountant and Teacher of Book keeping in this his room tl Cedar street, where he will commas the same thorough count of lustroctiou and piaelice, so sneer ssfullv fallowed by his predecessor. Mr. B . solicits the pa tronage of the mercantile community,and rett ecfnlly ask their arteotiou to the following card >"C. C. MARSH, Accountant, returns his grateful acknowledgements to Ins son mars Irieuds I or their lo g continued patronage. He has now discontinued his business in this city, and is succeeded in the same by Mr. W. K Barlow, whom he confidently commend, to the favor of the mercantile commanjty as a geuflemaH of eieelleot character, thoroughly acuoaioted with the seieuce of Book-keeping and emiuently qualified to impart msiruction. He respectfully bespeaks for his successor the puHie favor to which he himsetl has been so largely indebted. "C. C. MAR8H/ His terms are rednced to salt the times to tit, wnieh will eruirie me [<upu u| recrire luiirneuou nntil ne i* uiorouytuy iiual fieil fur the cofminir room. W. IC. BARLOW, Accountant, ilO lm*r M Cedar atreet. A YACHT FOR SALE, OK leTen tone bnrthen, nine month* i Id, and in perfect wiling order, well fonnd in e??ry re?pecf. each iu awning for cock pit, anchor, grilling, raM'?. potent *heaee blocke, wile (ux) rigging ol the rerv beet material*, > rempiote eett of Bin, cleat* and rodder head of bran, ha* a benniifni aahin, finely fitted an with'*, eaahirae and looking *l??e? epy gt**?, and other future* nprerteiniug to the wme thaui a large refrigerator nnder the ctKkp.t, that will hold IW Ibe. ICE, (loop nned^carriee er)tiare toreatle, leoeth 14 feat on deck. 1 feet beam, iron keel, II inchea deep, wide midahine, bolt don krleton weighing IMM tlx., and thoee that know the advantage #f leverage power, will at once ear that the cannot be knocked down in a iqntll, and in caae ner bottom i? wore aha cannot sink, aa *he baa the bnoraner ef MM weight of cork between her aide* and ariling, and < a eery laat nailer. for farther parurniara, iD'imre of J. JENNlNUH, in JO lm*m 143 Broadway, cor John it, np atair*, (root room APPOINTMENTS BY THE CHAMBER OF COMMKRCE AND BOARD OK UNltEKWRITERS.? Theaeare tocertuy that R. Brnmley, Joeeph T'nkham, T. H Merry, A-Cartwright, Rami Candler, Rnwell Stanti*, were appointed by our reepertive board*, a* amiable periona to act aa Marine Bnrve. or* (or the Port of N?w Yo k, and K. Y. Norri* a? Cletfc, and we recommend them accordingly, 10 all eaie* where then *erncea are required. The (ih nn ber ol Commerce of New York. <?. Jas. D r Oiden, President. John L. H MeCraeken, Sec'y. The Board of Underwrite or New Verk, Abr. Ogden, President. Welter K. Jones. Sec'y of the Board of Underwriters. New Vnik, Jane ?. 184J. jn r HULL'S TRUSSES. NOTI'K TO RUPTURED PERRONS. PERSONS afflicted with ruptures mar rely upon the best instrumental aid the world affords, on application at the ifflce, No. 4 Vetey street, or to either of the agents in the iriceipsl towns in the United States. Be eire Ail to r a amine ;he tinrk pad ol Ilnll'i trnssi s, to tee if thee are endorsed by Dr.Hall, in writiuit None are genuine, or to be relied upon aa [nod, withont his signature Mauy persons hare undertaken to rend imitations ol Hull's relehrated trusses, and thousands are uiposeii upon id ronse luetics. These itnitnti >us cannot be relied upon ; they are nude by unakilfal mechanics, and are do better than the ordi isry trasses K lotni hese been fitted up at No. 4 Vsisr street, eieloairely or ladles, baring s separate entisnca fiuui the beainasa departps'.t. where a Tenuis is Ik ooesual sttsndsacs to wall upo* swale patients. * la

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