Newspaper of The New York Herald, 29 Haziran 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 29 Haziran 1843 Page 3
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f The conit intly increasing Legislative restrictions du riog a period when all other nations have been diminish in|, theirs have bean the principal cause ol this. It is a . ^ ,i singular fact, that with those countries where the trade > has been most tree, and in relation to which our restric tians have been greatest, the result has been in their tavot and in other cases the reverse. Toisnaoe Entered the United States ra< m Eacii 1 Country in "827 and 1841. 1827 1813. _ American, Foreign. American. Foreign. 13,318 361 18.370 674 312 - 357 "If d,3 . ll.MI 2,760 7,107 11,774 West ladles, 8 935 ? 1.882 Hollaud 31,662 414 26,591 3,592 Hutch E lud<es. 2.020 ? 507 ? " W luuiej, 17 872 2 2 12.488 939 " liuitna, ? ? 1.726 ? * Belgium, ? ? 10 121 HI Iiaure towui. 18.793 1.174 15..',91 34.181 t.uitlfiixl. 183,232 62 118 3117,988 121.899 Scotland, 7 763 10.113 8,019 23,118 Ireland, 8.872 8 817 781 17,882 Gibraltar, 10,946 ? 2.377 ? >1a!u, ? ? ? ? lure Good Hope, 125 ? 219 V ilithK Ird'ei, 1,99*? 2,130 6,108 ? " W Indies, 13,687 26,796 68,112 39,3o9 !" Hoi <lnraj, 1,133 219 1.344 1 030 " liniaua. - - 2,745 13,171 . " Am Colonial 60,802 60,676 408,754 392,611 Auitridia, ? ? 1.840 H? African Porta, 171 ? ... ??1 -T. France, 76,089 7.619 121 731 18 848 Kf W?ii Iodiea, 38,268 7.737 1*.7M 3,391 ft Guiana - - 1.713 F Vi Africa, - 73 - 203 { Hayti, 21,361 3.791 34,889 718 1 Spain, 9.056 1 157 26,767 3.441 * 'I'eneriffe, 1,916 ~ 2,161 1,128 ! Midilla, 794 ? 1.366 ? : 1 uba, 138,996 1.470 199.6&4 11,920 Hpanuh W I, 15,129 556 51,071 143 Poitagil, 21,306 ? 13.0 0 2,185 Madeira. 2.691 313 2,5lil 148 Fayul, 2,015 237 1,611 ? 2 lane de Verds, 1,196 ? 926 ? lair, 10,313 207 13,751 2.098 Sicely, ? ? 12.7C9 3 746 tiardenia, ? ? ? ? <1 cecr, ? ? 215 274 Trieate, 1,825 ? 0,259 1,961 TnrWy, 1.062 198 3,953 130 Morocco, 105 ? 290 163 T- xa?. ? ? 30,80.4 129 Mexico, 10,088 1,077 17,981 5 010 Tetn'ila, ? - 11,961 1 658 New Grenada, 12 150 794 287 722 Central America, 3,731 ? 2.223 115 iliaril, 22,380 37.709 11,681 1,503 A'gentine H'liub'c, ? ? 13,726 2,319 Oiaidatice " 793 ? 1,127 510 Chili, 1,023 ? 3, .72 300 Too, 1,086 ? 129 ? Patagonia, ? ? ? ? Hi-nth Auieucs, 2,132 ? 736 ? Chun, 8,889 ? 11,966 ? Europe generally, 1,110 ? ? ? Alia " 1,312 ? 2,279 ? Afric> " 2 460 ? 5,811 868 W hid ei" 130 ? 88 ? Sonth Shi, 11,362 ? 32 347 ? Sandwich l>landi, 397 ? 693 ? A llanne Ocean, ? ? 1 185 ? Uncertain, ? ? ? ? Dentnok. 888 ? ? 111 ' W Indies, 11,878 158 21,667 2 957 " fc, 99 ? ? ? To til, 9'8,361 137 589 1,631 709 736.414 \ The Spanish trade has been almost entirely prohibitive f ou her part, aad the result has been a iliminution in her . (Snnage, and an increase of 300 per cent in American tonnage entered from the United States. The American vessels cleat iug for Spain are freighted with articles . mostly "prohit'iled" by the law of 1825. This is an in" ? ^ stiuctive lesson with the British West Indies. Where the regulations have been liberal on our part, the American tonnage has incroasod 62 per cent and the British 50 per cent. Nearly the same result is found in the North Ame" rioan Colonial trade. France has pursued a restiictive policy, nnd the result is that increase is nearly all in American bottoms. The same with the Island of Cuba an4 tha Spanish West Indies. Had it not been for the onerous tariff weighing upon our shipping they would have monopolised nearly all the trade. salts at (lis htoch Kichangs, $150( 0 U a 6'?, !8t>2 115)6 1000 Illi's Bds 1870, blO 33S 1)008 > York 6's, 1862 110 28 shas Mechanics' Bk 99)6 31,00 Indiana Bonds 35 30 FuUin Bank 112 2008 do 34)6 100 Bk ( oinmerce,scrip lOCk J000 do t30 31 '.i 50 Farmers' fruit 23)6 22,00 Ohio 6's, 1860 8cjJ 100 do 23-, 1000 do blS 90 50 do 23)6 1850S do 90 100 do s3 23)6 IrOO Kentucky 6's,30 yrs 98)6 25 Neptune Ins 91 1000 liliuo>i Bonds 33)6 ii Utica 8t Sche'y R R 118 2000 do i30 33 25 Harlem Railroad 31 0100 do t>3 33)6 50 do 130 32 20 o do s30 33)a 300 L Island Railroad 52 ;000 do s30 3 1 50 BtjEimf.oa RR nw 31)6 5000 IllinsW lids 18C0 33)6 10 do 31 2000 do lt70 >30 3 3 Second Board. $1000 Kentucky 6's 98)6 700 State 5't, 1855 99)6 2000 to 98)6 125 thai Far uen'L slO 23 New York Public Stock Exchange. $4000 Gov't 6's, 1062 11 )6 2000 Illinois 6's, 1870 slO 3 >,y. 3000 do boo 117 2000 d> C 33)2 400 do 116 1000 do 34 108U do 116)6 8000 do SlO 33k 15,00 _ do b45 116)6 6000 do 33U 1007 Ohio 6's, 1860 org 89)6 10000 do bl5 33)6 two do 90 3000 do blO 3Jk . 90 i Kentucky 6's 99 2000 do 33S 2000 do b8 99)6 2000 d > bt 3JV , l' 2000 . do 98k 2000 do t)7 33V IOuO UV? C 6 J, I860 buw 31% 3000 oo blO 33% 100?> do bow 31% MOO do 151 33% 3000 do buw 33% 700.) do 83% 20011 do blO 33 13000 do 33% I #06 dc 430 32% 25 4h? Stouira'n RR.b'O 31% 1060 Illinois 6's, 1870 s 0 33% 100 do 1. Island R K 5 % 1300 do >10 33% 51 Farmers'Loin 24 3006 do *30 33% 25 Patenoa Railroad MI0 53% !000 (1) 410 33% 25 do buw 53 Second Board. $10000 OfT't 6'?, "62 OPK 116% 11000 N Y 5%, *61 opg 103% lOOO Illinois <>'?, *70 Mr 34 50 >h&4 L lil4ud R K tw 52 I00U do 13 34 50 Stoning lou K -4 b3fl 32 1000 lUi'* Ca'l 6's,'60 c 33 60 Kai's Loan bwed'y 23% 200) do 6's, "70 Slibnw 31% 25 Harlem K II tw 31% State of 'Jtrade. Flour?The market for thi* article (till continue* active omidering the receipt*. The quotation* for yesterday t did not show auy alteration* from the previous day's prices. The sales rule at $5 fid J a 4 75 for Oenesee ; Ohio, round hoop, (A 56} a A 63}, flat hoop, $5 56} a A fid J, Michigan, $6 5t)J a 5 62} Georgetown, $5 50 a A 62} ; Brandy* wine, $570; Richmond County, $6 63}. Quotations for southern brands cannot be considei ed otherwise than nominal, as prices are constantly fluctuating, and denoting a decline. Rye Flour, we quote small sales at $3 87} a 3 50. Corn Meal, Jersey, S3 93} a 3; Brandy wine, $3 13}. AVhsat, we quote small sales ol line Illinois at SI 33}. The s'ock hithismarkutof any quality or kind is very small. Corn is very dnll, and previous quotations with difficulty sustained. We quote sales of southern at A4}c weight; Virginia and Maryland 64 a 66, measure. Rye has fallen off in price and improved in receipts, so that a fair supply is in the market, we quote sale* at 67} a 69c. Jlihn?The salts comprise about 300 barrels, Pots at S4 62}, and firm at that quotation , Pearls are very inactive, but small lots told at $5 26. Cotton?The sales will reach full 610 bale*. Holders and operators are patiently waiting the arrival of the Great Western before they mako any extensive movement; prices consequently continue without change, and are merely nominal. Proxitiom.?Ohio Pork has become dull; upward of 1000 bals at $9,50 lor Prime, and $11,50 for Mess. New York Prime sold at $9,60, and old uniiiRpected Ohio jf'ume $9,37}. Beef is dull, u sale ol City Mess $8,37}; Pickled Hams brought 4}a4}?ts; 08 do Pickled Shouldei* 3}<8},-Western smoked Shoulders command 3}a6} cts Ohio Lard is firm, and prices have an upward tendency; the tales are not strictly prime, at 6} cts; very prime 7; and fair te prime, 6}b6{ cts. Grease Butter is in request .? at 6 cents, with sales to a considerable extent at thi* rate. New Cheese is very inactive; Herkimer County sells at m 6*5} cents. b Hoy?This article is dull and price* have slightly declined. We quote sales of North river at 36 a 38 for shipment. Fink?Mackerel arc scarce, prices rule for No. 1 $9 02}. Dry Cod at $3 76. H'haUbone?Sales at 34c, nett. Fruit?The sales that daily take place arc to a fair extent ; prices now rate at $1 80 a 1 62. The cargo of the "Carrier " sold at $3 (or Palermo Lemons ; Genoa Orange*, slightly damaged,$2 26 a 2 60; ICleuthara Pine Apples can be bought in suy quantity for $6 per hundred. llcmp? Sale* of Si*?l at $130, on time; Missouri, due rotted, at $95 a 100. The demand for America is small. Corn Trade. At Philadelphia the 27th inst.?Sales of Flour have not been very extensive thu* far thi* week ; wo have heard of no sale* nt leas than $6 35, and some ask $5} ; there nave neen iom? small sales of extra brands at ??. Rye Flour has larther advanced; talcs have been made at ?3g, and holder* psk $3). Corn Meal has been told at ?2 81 to 2 87 for Pennsylvania. Wheat?stock light, sales of about MOO bushels at 120c, a part to arrive. Corn?Sales of Pennsylvania llat at 5-ic, omul yellow do, quoted at 58c. Southern at f>4 a 65c. Kye?Sales at 84c. At llaltimore, the 27th insb, the market for Howard street Flour has been in a very unsittled state lor several days past. On Saturday a sale of 000barrels good standard brands was made at $5 75. A sale was made tins morning of a parcal of the same description, but not so re. cantly manufactured, at $6 37}; and we note also two other sales la-day ol fresh ground parcels, one at $5 50 aed the other at $8 02}. Holders are now generally aakf ing $5 75 for fresh lots and ?5 50 lor old. We are unable to naaae a definite receipt price. We hrnr of no transactions in City Mills Flour. Some ot these millers who iiave fulfilled their contracts name ?5 75 as the rate at which they are willing to sell, while others ask higher. Wheat has further advanced. To dav several I' parcels of good to prime Pennsylvania rod were sold at 118 a 122c. Several small parcels of Mary land reds were sold to-day at 00 a 1 llic, according to quality. Hales to-day of Maryland Corn at 64c. lor yel!low, and 55c for white. Several thousand bushels Pennsylvania yellow Corn were sold on Snturday, and to-day at 54c. We^quote Maryland Oats at 28 a 27c, aa in quality. At Albany, June 28th, Flour was firm at SaturJay'a quotations with atendeucy to a further adv-Rnce. We do (not hear of many transactions, and fiour is generally held at ?3,75afl for good brands without any regard to State;thp preference, it any, being given for Oenesee. A sale of 3IHI0 hush. Oats at 2P eta, and 3500 do. 29}c. 1000 hush, i Shorts at Italic. At BuAalo, the 28th inst., the receipts of grain, SsC., since Saturday are tolerably large, and there is no tailing ( oil in pricis or disposition to operate. Some kBmples of ' wheat remain afloat unsold.the holders asking an advance ot thiee centr?6,000 bush of Milan, however, were taken at ?1,13}, by two Rochester millers. We know of no 1 Ili. ' nois gram on side; 400 bbls flour, equal quantities of Black Hock, and Ohio told at ?5,26; 200 bbls inspected Mich I brought ?6 13}; atmall lot ol mixed brands Ohio sold for !fl The seconi mentioned operation, however, is as aa the market will hear to-day to any extent, t Cleveland, Junr 34th, the canal receipts to day arp I barrels of flour, 8103 bushels of wheat, and 1534 hehofcorn. The ?ales ol flour to day are about h not) I?good standard brands *5a5i. fancv *6l. iiiclii,bn? bliU C. Millj, the quality of which in much improved. k 9 ? pnca paid for wheat it withheld. Com in ouiet. 1 f Louia the 17th init?1 ho gradual advance of w J tv * 11 Flour in all the Atlantic citiee, favor* the pretention! of holder*, but we do not think they will ?ucceed in their demand*. We quote u|>ertiue, including country and city brand*, at M 141 a 4 76, a* embracing the ottering and asking rate*. In Wheat the transaction! of the week, which have been eatenaive, have ranged from HOto 8?c per bushel; by far the larger quantity being at 80 a 83 which may now be considered the top ol the market, though very choice lots might bring more. We quote at 80 a oSc per bushel. Posaigltkeepale Wool Jtlarket. June 48.?The following cash prices ar* now paid for wool in this market Saxony 36 o 37J cent*. Merino 31 a 83 " Half blood do ti Bakeweil' and Cotswold 17 a 10 " FrclgliU. Charleston, June 24?One engagement lor Glasgow at 5 16th, and one lor Havre at f cents, constitutes the transactions of the week- Shipments in vessels up for Liverpool have so lur been made at fd, but we understand that for the little room now remaining, jjd is asked. There is hut one vessel disengaged in port, which the owner is not disposed to put tip.unless he can secure a full freight ut not less than |d. For the north vessels are at this moment plenty, and freights of Cotton and Hice isto at about 60 cents. Married. On Tuesday the27th instant, by the Rev. Spencer H. Cone, Wm John Mvi'kkv to J an k Elizabeth BaiLiT.all of New York. Died. On the afternoon of the '28th instant, William Henry, second son of Samuel Tribit, aged 3 years and 6 months. The friends ami acquaintances of the family are respectfully invited to attend the funeral on Thursday afternoan, at 6o'clock,from his father's No. 634 Greenwich street, without further invitation. On the morning of the 'JSth instant, Dr. Christopher Backus, aged 84 His friends are respectfully invited to attend his funeral from his late residenceNo. 13 Broadway, this '29th instant. Suddenly on Wednesday morning, of Pleurisy, Eowahu M. Swain, son of the late Peter Swain, in the 221 year of his age. His friends and (he friends of the family are particularly requested to attend the funeral from the house ol F D. Allen, 21 Allen street, this (Thursday) morning, at 10 o'clock. Latest RECEIVED AT THE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE. Antwerp May 28 Macao Much 3 Africa April 19 Madras Dec. 24 AusCayes June 2 .Manilla Feb I Antirua May 121 Mala-ia May 12 Bombay March 21 Montevideo April It Balavia Feb. 9 Maranhem-- 4 Bermuda June 11 Malanzts June 10 Uouaire April 9 Mayag.ez June II Buenos Ayres- April 29 Maracaioo March 9 Bahia March 31 Matamo'-as May 24 Belize, Houd. May 22 Meiico May 30 BarhaJnes May 29 Neovitu June II Uniiota Dec. 24 Nassau, N. P. Msy 27 pen. 4u uoorto ]viav 11 Ope Town, C. O.H March 24 Oahii,S.L March 12 Canton Much 15 Pari? May 3il ctenluegos lane 7 Portau Prince J ue 13 Carthage na Sept. 15 i"ouce, T. K. Jnue 1! Chagres May 21 Para Ma/ 7 Callao Marc^i 311 rernamhuco M iy 24 Calcutta March 12 Kin tie Janeiro May 19 Cadiz May 10 Singapore Dec. 9 Demerara May 25 Syifciev, N. S. W.** Jau. 26 Fayal March27 St. Heieua May 8 Gibraltar May 18 St. Thomaa luue 4 (iuayaquil Oct. Hi St. Hurts I Uuayama, P. H.---* Mi? 28 St. Jago de Cuba June 10 Uonaivea April 1 St. Johns, T. II. Jane 19 (jalreston Jnue 10 St. Croix Juue 14 Havre May 31 St. Martha Dec. 2 Hamburg May 19 St. Domingo April 4 Havana Juue 17 St. John, N. B. June 21 Hayti March 12 Surinam May 8 Halifax Juue 19 Tainpico June 2 Jeremie March 3 Tobaaco May 23 Jacmel May 28 Trinidad de Cuba** June 9 Kingston, Ja. Mar 20 Talcabuana March '9 Loudon* Juris 3 Valparaiso March20 Liverpool Juue 4 VeraCrnz Juno 4 La Guayra May 30 Yucatan May 26 Lima March 30 Zanzibar Jau. 21 Passenger* Arrived. Livertool?Packet ship Independence?A Shade, llsaht 11a Shade, Fbiuk, E Fink, M Fiuk, VV Cooper, J Hunt, M Kyan, A Morrii, C lngoldsby?155 in the steerage, one born on the passage. St John's, Fll? Brir Kebecca?Favier Zavier Msztero, Leonid s McVillalon, Franc am Cauales, 'J uba Ksiiuerele, Silvers Saldaui de San piyo, Penito Sampiyo, Miguet Sampayo. Canlots -.uinpavo, Manuel Mario,i. Savannah?Brig Exact? Mrs R.ashaw, Mrs J W Webster, Mra A Huntington ano child, Mrs A S evens Mr. Hendricvsou and lour children, Mrs Dr Van Buien, Miss Williamson, Miss Bradley, Com Reu.haw, G K Heudrickson, A 8:evens, K F Trowbridge, J Stoddard, Mr Lawrie, Mr Cnrtis, aud K Hutchison. Charleston?5chr A Mitchell?H Tober, W Delle, L F Ha'c, A Skrlly, L Hodgkiss. Foreign Importations. Bio pg Janeiro?Barque Euncmus?376 bags coffee E Coning Si ton?137 Gordon Ik Talbot? 804 S Barstow & co? 33 Bates St ci.?1517 lo order. Buenos Aybes?Baique Elvira?2 bales ostr'cli feather* M Fraser?10,910 horns W W De Foreit?202 hides J H Doorman?417 do U Brewei?1 bales skins M M De Forrest? .20 fsringes sah 93 hales wool 12 do 50 li.des to order. Sasal?Brig Forrest?490 bales hemp 10 tons logwoid Underbill Si McKmleT?**7 ha es hemo Hovsl.nd St Asninweil? fhbi'ss skins I bx md/.-220 bxs extract 210 half do481i|rdoA Putouilc?4 biles skins Bouchard & Tnebuud St Croix? chr Delta?10 hhds sugar J C Whitmorc?51 hbOs a igar 0 do molasses 36 pun rum De Foirest?4 hhds sugar O Peresforil. St Choix?Brig Eliza?200 hhds 35 bbls is tar 15 puns ram B De Forest Ik co X m.flDAD?Bug I s-irnn? 310 hds 25 tc? molasses r Harmony ?38 hds do Mpnfford It Tilestou. 8t Johivs, PM?Brig Hebc-coa?233 l.htli augar j B Lata I a?4 kegs tamarinds quantity frail J Pavne. bnmaitl'c Importations, New Orleans?Brig Andrew Bing?495 cks m .lasses Clark & co. New Haven. Savannah?Brg Exact?234 bal-s G Collins?117 Parmlee & Bod<. r??3 M Emanuel?18 J H Ta'man?50 11 It Grav a?23 N O Miller?49 D Letter?'6 Smith, Millf & co?53 Baratrw, Pure St co?12 pkxo to order. Charleston?Schr A Mitchell?45 bales cotton Bprague St K?> nsau?25<J9rhens. j MARITIME HERALD. Sailing Days of the Steam (Ships. from liverpool. from america. fLWestrrn, Hoskeu June 17 July 13 Hrnernia, Judkiui June 20 July 16 Oaledonia, July 4 Auk 1 Packets to Arrive, Packets to Sail. from liverpool. for liverpool. Viritini'U, Allen, June I Oxtcrd, lltthbone, July I Liverpool, KMndge, June 5 Patrick Hen.y, Ueiano, July 7 New Yo;k, Oopper, Juce 7 Sheffield, Allen, July 13 from portsmouth. for portsmouth. Toror t", Oriswold, May 10 Victoria, Morgan, July 1 Westminster, Atwood, June 2 Quebec, Hebard, July 10 from havrk. for havre. Baltimore. Fnuck, May 16 Oneida. Knack, July 1 Emerald, Howe, May 26 Emerald, Howe, July8 hhonc, Johnston, June I Argo. Anthony, Julys StUp Mnstsrs and Agents, We sli&il esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give in C- intnodorr Hubert Sti.vkv, of our News Klcet, a Ue ,o.t of the Shipping lefl at the rort wheuce they sailed, the \ esscls Spoken on their Passage, a List of thoir Cargo, aud snv Foreign Newspapers or News they may have, lie will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents r.ud Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also r.onrer a favor by tending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they ceu Obtain. NeiticiJ Information of any k>r.d will be thankfully received. POKY OK AKW lOKK, JUNK 30. suit rices 4 33 i mon* acts 8 55 s' iv sets 7 33 I hish water 10 13 Cleared. Ships Empire, Swascy, Hamburg, & Balchen; Sheffield, Pnrtvr, B<lh, Birstow It Poae?Barque Urania. (Swed) Yongli Rotlerdtm. Bx nen O aves 8c Co,?Brigs Michigan, Cclemnn, Curaeoa, do do; John 11 Hieveut, Hall, Bermuda, K A Tuck, r Joi Ham, (Br) 'iary, 8'. Johns, NE. T Winuie't; Metarnnra, Lit'l.fielo, Mobile, E D IIinfant 8i Cm?Srhrs Strnl He her s, Ray,TflllM, 1 8. R M AtWt?er| V'lera'i (1). ) Lowe, Ahaao, 9 Lr.orn; Ann Eliza, Towiiseud, Kit' ,mond. J Hunter. Arrived. Packet ship Independence, '?ye, from Liverpool, May 26, with mdsc, to OriniieP, .Vinituru 8c Co B rque Ku,loinns, Maui field, from Xiio dc J. neiro. May 19, vth c.-ff," , c E. Corn ug 8c 8on. Baiqur U vira, Urates, 51 <11>s from Duenoe Ayrrs, Willi hides, to er. Brig K.>r. t:, Olmstead, 21 days from Seal, with lump, to Und. .V McKinle . Brie <Isntou, PeltiugiP, 13 dar> from 1'tinidjd dc Cnbi, with ill r lt> sex, to Nesmith, Leeds fc 0 Brie Rebecca, Hillimau,9 days from St. JoI>di, PR. with stig.,r, to J . B. Lasala Brig Kh-.i, Lock wood. IS days from St. Croix, WE. with sugar. t.v l< l)r Purest k Co. ling Audnw Ring, Tl.tir ow, (of Lobtc) 24 days from New O.It-^uis with indasses to Brett St Vose Btiit Ks?ct, Johns' o, 5H days from Savannah, wi.h cotton, to k Clearman. Bntt Vsr.dali r, Brtrr, 15 days (rout St. Domingo City, with 737 res canton wood 837 crotches mahogany l |?ace satin wcod It libls com 37 do honey to A. C. Rosaierr. Srhr 1'opic. Smith, 13 days front St. Domingo City, with 165 ctutche' mahogany too pieces ctnuon wood 16 bbls honey 18 do gum to M. dad Piatt. S hr Mary ("aroliee Latvsou, It days from Bsr coa, with 11,800 pine apples 21,000 oranges 100 bunches bananas 7500 cocoa nuts to order. Scltr Drlta, Marshall, 16 diyt Irom St. Croit, with sugar, to master, Sehr Ri< hmond, Heavy, 12 days from Havana, with 315 hlids 2! t. a mo asses 10 M. Dusildt). Bchr Honda, Mott.tid.iss Irnra Metitiiaia, with boo Hon n I pine applet to A U?t Ik Ae.keily. , ?chr Ales. Mltchr 11, Pratt, R days from Charleston, with cotton, to K. W, Demill. rtct.r Mary. Krramon, 4 days from Newborn, NC. with natal tore*, to 8 I, Mitchell Sfhr Kliiah Piggott, Hersey. 4 Jayi from Newborn, NC? bonnil to New barm. 8rhr Karuer, Hickman, from Inilnu Rivet, wi li staves, to matter 8chr Anthr caphera, Parker, from J mi > River, wilh wooil, to matter. 8chr Charlea Henry, Winitate, from Indian River,with itavea to matter. 8elir Mir / Ann, Uodfrey, from Jamet Hirer, with wood, to m ttrr. Sclir Page, Nichols, 4 days from lost n.with rndse, to the abet 8ehr Mail, Lonm:, 4 days from Boston, with mdte, to tlie matti r. 8chr Cornelia, Kicketson, from New Beiliord, with oil and cnndles, to Older. titnsral Record, Capt. Sim.iman. of the Rebecca, from Hi Johns. I'II., reports 16tli uli. a slaver sailed I'm coast of Afiica ; same vessel bed a thoilliine previous discharged a car,o of slaves; II 111 areoutits n? ;|I0, others inarr than 180. la a veiy emai ls reii state, many not anle tofsfsnd wheu landed. She ia a si arp topsail schooner, Baltimore to i't, a-id to sail vrry fast; it until r PorinK'iese colors? appeirrd to have a large crew rr the rroit piratical looking men I i var saw." Krv, June IB ?The cargo of the Rudolph (Ironing it re-thipped on hoard hrig Al ibama in good order, and the is to sail this day for Apalaehicola The salvage on the cargo and in iienals is $9,1 in 12; do. on the hull, St 6. coit end ssi enivs, ?f>ll 08; to al,$18,507 40. AshoRv ?I apt Johnston, of lite, arrive ! at Quebec 24th insr. Irom Liverpool, teptr's a vessel aanore tn Biisraniiti> shoal?topmasts down. Whalemen. Lon<l >n Tacket, Howlaod, from Pacific ffcan for NBedford, with 2000 ip, apt keu May 20, Ut 14 13, lou 34 53? by llie kllvira, at thia port. Kagle, or FairhivrD, 7 tlaya oat, on a ciuiae, apoken Jaue 27, lot 32 30 Ion 69?by the Delta, at thia port. Win Si Henry, Proyincetywu, 4 tip a out, with 12G bbla oil, apt keu June 3, lit 25 46, lou 84 51?by the Andrew King, at lhi> port. Arr at Bnitou 27th itat. Pacili:, Cook, Gulf ol Mexico, yi? Pro?iacetowo. h-poke May 3Uln, Deborah, ol kMgirtowu, li moa tut. with 50 bbla sp. Arr at Port'aud 21th, Fulton, Bickford, from G juldaboro for acruiae. A letter lio u L C Richmond. Luce, NB, reportaher off Tahiti Keb I, 20 tnoa out, 1600 bbla anin oil, ail well, b lund into Tahiti. A Inter from no board the Lexirut?n. Weeka, Nam, rcpotta her at sra, Keb 14, with 15C0 an, bounl iot> Talca' uana to fit r.,r Mi.lif ,c l?lin? I.-..I, in I1..I...... U.,u,l ,,..1 I ... NIK 100 libls up. Kxchai ge. cf I'll mouth, 6 mos out, spoken June 14, lat JO, ion 80, bound In the Bahamas At F.nneo Feb 80, Youug Katie, 30 moi out, cf auil fur Nautirut, mil. Kxpi.oit of a PRoriiCETCwN Whalkr ?The schrC'idclia, Cupian Cook, of Province town, u lew days mice, when 70 Iioiiii out on a whaling cruise, Nanluck-l benn,8 W by N 3'? tuihs, captured a very lur.e >iitkit whale, and alter saving IV0 ' Ida oi oil aud $11 It worth of bone, cut adrift and sailed f>r h line, acco..iphshiug avery shrrt but profitable voyaze, basing been abartil but four days. 1'liia whale 's the largest that hat ever been cavght from Provincetown, and u supposed t) be the largest ever aeeu upon aur court. 8pokan? Kdward, Steele, Buenna Ayrea for Philadelphia, May 11, lat 29 70, Ion 43 51?by the Elvira, at thia port Science, hence for Mar-caton, Juue 24, lat 32 40. Ion ti8 90? by the auuie. H'U'y, NOilcana for J.ondou, June 18, lat 29, leu 78?by the Kicliinoiid, at thia p i t. Ui on, hence for Charleston, June 21, olf Hatteraa?by the Canton, at thia port Oazelle, hence Cor Tnrka Island, June 24,1st 28 30, Ion 71 30? by the Topiu, at this port. Kichrnoud, Bates, Silem lor Knst Indies, Ju .e 13, lat 41 33, Ion 68 40. Comet, Voaaey, Philadelphia for Kingston, Ja Jane 19, eff Cape Vlay. Madeline, Shank land, Philadelphia foi Falmouth, Ja. no dale, &c. given. Manhattan, Doane, N York Cor North of Knrope, June 21, lat 39 40, loa 71 46 Men ka, McLrren, NOtleana for Liverpool, June 13, lat 39 3O, Ion 50?by the Catharine, at Boston. Foreign Port*. Havana, June 17?In port, Forum, Murdock; Snon, Mans* liehl; L gonia, VYaterhouse, and Poland, Smith unr; Florai Siniih; Sultan, burned; Aleno, Wailing; Olgs, Tbaxteri Cm lokee^ Lord, and Tartar, Smith, for Co wes, soon; Talma* Winsor; Camera, Whiting; John Fehrman, Long; Minerva' Knowles; Burner. Thomas; Harmony, Macoduek, aud i reulon, Pitman, fitorchti; Browu.fcr Marseilles, soon; Augusnne Hurd, for 81 Petersburg, I8ih; (Jenava, C0IB11 and Aipietuet. M iilpi, do, soon; Hudson, Buckman, aud Cvelops, Hogeis, Hamburg, do; Fuveuce, Decker, Key West, 18th; Ark, JohLson, Cowes, Idg: single, Fullerlou, oisg; Oliomau. II n nuin, fit or chtr; U W Knight, Safford. lor Iiist"n. 21st; Uncus, Hoitch, !k Orleans, next wrrk; Alvoid, Mr son, disg; H.iuuah, Wotdmaii, uuc; Cyrus, Hill, da; Anu A P?rker, Brightinan, Idg. Cld 16 h, William, Baker, Boston; Ocearus, Smiih, Nor folk; Merchant. Lcilie , Mai auras; I2lh, Huntress, Griffin, do; Ceylon, Trott, Boston. Matanzas, Joue 11?Arr E'iro, Perry, Liverpool. Cld I6th, Cone id,Li rd,do St Croix. Juue '4?In poit, Smith Tuttle, for NYork, next d y, only American. Triniuad. Cuba, Juue 10?In port, Cord, vu, B Aymar, aud John Udlm, for Car e?, idg; X.ida, from Wise-user, disg. Milt ui,do; Shamrock, Idg for NYoik.Grauil; Adelaide, Bostnu, ueit 11.y. IV" mcjm tld nay he'or- lor IN York. Baiiacoa, June 16?In port, Mctaiuora, Finukliti, for N York, 4 day*. Sisal, June 7?1.1 port, Dover, Cuitis; Cottsge; Mague', CroneU, Oen Marion, Sylvester, Julia Si Heleu, Baitle i; K U.'rd hi, ai d H.ilcvon, Peterson. St Johns, I'll. Jiiuo I!)? In nnrt, Washington, dug erauite; Tuho.hi, log; Dip),una, fnui NYoik, d sg; Vrsper, Loll ud, of Pmla.'e phis. hoc; Atlantic, Hdy^rd, ul Pmviueeiown Idg; New Union, from St Thouiat, i i?t diai-d; Agios Lis ( Bi ) 1 ee, Idg; Merchant, < f bund iluid.Vn; H rmnny, of Jetsev, uuc; Genevieve, ( h'i) lor Niniz, lUu. ' nester tailed mine (lay . 5 nil U Pat liter, lor Milton, Dei. s tiled 17th, (a sclir tupnosid her was pi?sed 2.1 Rio ok Janeiro, Mtv !9?Iu poit, Henry Tuk*,'(wh) Wats iu fromNrw Zealand, disg oil; Lncv Peuuiinan, iKeller, lor E Coa.t Air ca. Idg; Piiaelit, I'r ill, W Una t Alrica, no; "Tric il", Iioiii Bord.-aux, dug; Porpoise, Libbey, I'm IV (lonstof Aftica,u'c; Geo G-rilipr, Hili. from tt.luinorc, wig cargo; Amelia Mu bollatid, Milliugtuu, for NYork, 1'; Cuba, Babsou, disg; Fabius, White, Co; Curtis, Deuimeti, do; Sarah, Chase, lin liuruo. Avres; S' Helena, L niber , from Csbuuda, arr 17ih; Thames, Wiley. Florida,(wh) Cunningham, tailed tarn- dav lor N Bedlord Buenos Avres, April 29? In port, Eiw>td, Steele, for Philadelphia; George, El it, Boston, soon, Chancellor, Beauvais, aud Sg iinor-, Mauisou, for New York; Trafalgar, Barber, ditjt; Morning Star, Merry, do; "iaiati/ga, for Boston, Idg; Au ora, Doj le; Hrltu McLeod, No rit, air 26th. Monteret, California, Mch 26?In port California, Arthur, nnc; 'Passu, Hastings, for Sau Fraucijco, 27th. Quebec, June 22?Arr Jane. Pocta; Huron, Mciir, and England, J. hnsou, Liverp >ol; J tee & Barbara, Ci, Boston;, Oute br due, NYork; Girunde, (J ilightby, Bordeaux; Com tus* of Durham, Stow* Cuba; Affghtu, Black, Mobile; 23d, Aidebar iu, Fishwrek. Savauu-h; Miuerva, Duck, Mobil'; Roger S ewatt, fiegg. Greenock; British Am- ri .an, Richards; Maria, J >shur, l.erich; Jessie, Parget: Wave, Wheler, and Hubert Kerr, Morrison, Liverpool; Scinio, Greggs, ana Gleticairn, Robinson, Loudou; United Kingdom, I .lirlny, MiibilejConsbrook, Kmlsy, NOrleans; Suprrb, Hamilton, New York; Bunadca, Brown, Glasgow; Industry, Stevens, Dublin; Warren Hastings, Galilee, Mobile; Creole, Claiku, Londonderry; 24th, Romulus, Cullender, Gr-runck. Cld 22d, Lord Kavensavorth, Ncwliam, Liverpool; Pacific, Mortiton, Aberdeen; Cl'fuin, Baldwin, Bristol; '1 haines, Clarkson, London; Gleaner, Dalawell, do; Standard, McMullaii, Belfast; Druid, Brown, Bri>tel;23d, Henrietta Sophia. Fai-bnrn, Dublin; Harbar.a, Cleveily, Liverpool; Gov Douglas, Hyde, Bristol; Sea Bird, Lya I, London. Lake Porta. Buffalo, June 20?An H Clay, Hoot, Huron; Bugbi e, Ti!ton, Toledo; Dolphin, M'Coy, Manmee City; Joy, Lacv; Trenton, UisDrow; Free Trader, Karl; Nort :u, Dobbins; M Freme. McKiuty; Ocean, Chase, and Luanda, Fields, Cleveland; Willis, Thayer, Ashtabula; Koscoe, Chalinrrs, Huron; Kingman, Hand, Sandusky, Cleveland, Jnue 24?Arr Rochester, Vaulanel; F. Jeunev, Davisou; Delaware, Mnigau, and Alert, Sciotn, Uufftlu; Hy INnriou, Dobbins, Toledo, cargo to Buffalo. Cld 24th. William Ca\leyv Taylor, Kingston; lly Norton, Dubbins, Buffalo; Luc:n 'a, F ield, do. Chilaoo, June 19?la rort. Velocity, and Hoosier, disg; O R'Chmond at Southport, bound up; 21s , Gen Harrison, ana Havana in Lake Hnrnn. and Albany in the Straits; Amsworth, and Mulligan iu St Clair Ilivtr; Rocky Mountains, Eijustor, and Potomac in St Clair River on a race before a stiff wind. Home Porta. Lubec, Jane 19? Sid Regulator, Clouon, NYork; 21st, Po cas.el, Curtil, do. Machias Port, June 18?Arr We Peun. Fester, New York. Sid 17th, Ks impli, Simpson, do; 21st, Patriot, Catcs, do. ri.1T. . ? , l?.?. -?._arr l,,|,? n,??w?r Rlllt.m Mew VnrW Eastern siar, Deiiuuoo,; 26'li, Elizabeth, Soule, St John?i|ICwtpOlt toI Philadelphia?came in Id change her put s. Newbu?tpokt, June 15?Arr Alphiou, Snowman, Philadelphia Boston,, June 27?Arr Catharine, Gsrdner, Smyrna; Aurora, Chase, Trinidad; Halcyon, Patten, NOrleeus; VVasion, Morton, Piclou, NH; Sarah Jane. Gill, Norfolk; St Lawrence, Griffin, Philadelphia: Mnitli, Wherler, Wilmington. NC; John Mn rav, Derereuy, Baltimore; Wilder, Shihits, Richmond; Hope & Smau, Winslow, Norfola; Olive & Virginia, Kollihs, Fredericksburg; Maryland, Ku.uell, Bi owhill, Md; Ho d Command! r, Wing, and Nararmo, Danmn, Havre de Grace, Md; Larkin, Churhuck; Altamaha, Long, and Diamond, Hallock, Philad. Ipl ia; Redwing, Sleeper, New York. Cld Maid of Urleans, Wiswell, Palermo via Norfolk; Wm C Ellison, Fawcett, Montevideo and a mkt. Pkovidkncs, June 16?Arr Grafton, Cameron, New York; Oceola, Ho!t. S vanuah; Juli i, Vaugilder, aud Achsah D, Philadelphia; Adva ce, Gardner, .vYoik. New Haven, June 26?Arr Surveyor, Houck, and Mary Elizabeth, Clark, Philadelphia; Laniaa, Hoover, Brandy wine; Lady benwicli, Ward, NYoik. Sid Pacific, Sperry, Albany; S'ml Taprati, liauks, mid J Brick, Reeves, Philadelphia. HshTroBD J one 24?Arr Saml Hall, Lawrence, NawYork; Ironsides. IVhirley, Philadelphia; 26 h. Albatross, Pelton.aua Superb, Vail, N York. Sid Rival, Knsbie, do. ALuaNT, Jn?e 27?Arr Al?aoy, Bicon, Boston; Erie, New Bedfi rd; John, Burroughs, Providence; Bnrhugtou, at d Sliepherd'ss, Mount, New York. Sid Nancy Fiuley, Adams, Nantoe 11 I'HiLAiiKi.PHiA. June 28?Arr Caraccas, Wheeler, La Quayia; M iiu hesier. ( Br) Smith, Nassau, NP; bt Leon, B-hjon, Bang r; Coiistitut<oii, EmUcott, and Chanty, Smith, NYoik.? Below, a schr supposed the Or illoo, Luf V in, Irotn Cape Haytien Cld Nayarr*, C.le, Pernambuco; Orion, Wilkius, La Gaayra; Germ, Lincoln, and Marg'ritta, Everett, Boston; Woodlanoa, (Br) Johnston, St John, NH; New Zealand, Poland, ami Taim riaii-, Nproul, Salem Air in the Schuylkill, Pelon, Haich Portland; Jaatz L White, Rogers, I residence; Ind ana, Corson, N York. Charm ston, Juns 21?In port. Belvidere, Wamb-rsie, f r Am we p, r-at, ; Eiiiaw. Th inpsoti, Glasgow, Idg; Richmond, Che'-ey, NYork.ilo; Marathon, Brown, Boston, do; Venice, 'I homiisou, a?d Cruiader, [Br] Johnson, for Liverpool, Idg; Shaksiieare, [Br] Henderson, do, ready JHaruet ik Jessie, Conner. nom Lin riMio1, wtg; Hannibil, Moriarty, for New York, readv;C?lhatiue, Berrv.for do; Alison,Barkinan, do, Idg; Juuiter, Carter, Havre do; Champion, Wanen, for de, do; Cailiar<no, [Swell] Su, drman,tor North "f Europe, do; ensan J sue, Fletcher, fm Boston, wtg; Moon, Hayes, and Tynee, McCoriniek, for N York, Idg; Cumber and, Locke; Long Island, Howell; Leonora Collins, and Nancy Jane,Smi NYork,wig; Attslapas, Hoyden, i honiastou, disg; Hideout, Cook, F ranklort, do; Gleai er, Eaton, do do; Annawou, Swatey, Newport, wtg; Pinta, (liven. Frankfort,.do; Mary Km.bill. 1 graham, Thomaston, wtg; Echo, Austin, ball River, do; Choctaw, Elrlnrfge, Boston disg Port Leon, Fia. June II?Arr II VV Brown, Kelly, NYork. Cld 4ih, Van Bureu, B bcock, do. NEW YORK OAS COMPANY. KF. SIJLVFD?I h i Sri vs ral of toe I irgeat C'nsiimers I ave had the r ra e .educe", it i hut equitable hat all the customer!. ol the aforesaid Company's uaisli.whi esjoy the same adaant ge. The' f om and after the aunexed dtte. ihe Company wjll el arge f r 'heir ga- [> cuts ?i ly, instead cf 70 cents per 100 euFic feet, ih.- price hitherto paid. Trie insp-ctors he s-nt rou id o extmine and r?g ilate all < < i is, with orders to in-t net cache insuoier how ihe n Brhu.e ac a, so that henceforward he ma be ruth ed to whether sai I meter ri |uires cornctiu or not. That all the hew York Morning aud Eveni ng I'apt r' sye rei|Ue> ted io inseit this notice three limes, unJ to send tm ir hills in f r paimenu By oruer, R. ROSENBERG!!, Secretary. New York, June 26th '841. je2> Sir OOYAL MAIL FOR LIVEHPOOi.?Letter K g? for * > steim?r Lolumtu a, whchaai's froin Bosto < on Ist inst.will close at Harnden Si Co i Koreigu Letter Office, on Kridiy, 3(ltli, at (inane to 5 o'clock, P. M Je29 ?. r HAKNDKN 8t CO. No. 3W?i|?', DOST OKKICIC, New fork, Jane tt, ISO.?ENOLlSH * MAIL?Letter Bripi pier R >yal Mail H earner COLUMBIA. which leave* Boston on H u?'day i e?r, ihe lit c.I July, will be clove I at the n? lower Poat Offices, in tlm city, on Knday, the instunv, at 15 iniunirt jnat lonr o'c'oclt, P. M. j28 3( r ?jOHN LOIUMKH PRA^AM. P. M. BO( TUs?fliUril Hitif JUL'.. BOOTHS aronuil Pt>e Park and Uvtery, oil the 4th of July nest, may be obtained by applying at the Mayor'* Office lurii.Kthe pwraeut w eek, hetwi en tin hour* of * and 10 o'clock in th- m rriiiiK, or 3 to r. o'clock in the afternoon By order, Jtritia* MONSt >N CLaWKE, Srnt ]UOU.\ T CItOTON OAKUe.Ni near iTie Distihiitm, 1*1 Keiervoir. tllih stir el. Tne tuhier her leap* ctfu'ly ml > mi hii fiier.ili and the public in general, that lie In* up-tied the above U irdeu, and is no w tia ly to tturuiih the ill with tile best of lii|ui>!?, wmei, seeais, anil other rrlr<shmrnt*. Umujurta beautifully made up at low prices. Je2? it*r NOAH TUHWELL. 'PO HOTEL KEEPERS, STEAMBOAT 1'KOI'KIK A TORS ai d Dacca of 1'ublic Ainuiement, Ac.?JAMES (. Mt>KKEI,'l2i I'rince street. New Y'UK, HhImWIII a nperior article of Sheet Bra**, suitable for liniuir stairs, which he otfera for avlo cheap. He alio finishes and puts them on in a superior style, at the shortest notice, and on the most reaotiaola terms. m!2 lm*y NOTICE?The snhsrtibcr uitiuds brine absent fro u the city for some time, and In* fully emenwered Mr. JOHN K. A sANS'OKl) to art for him dtpinr his absence. Office 3!) Ann Street. P. CHOATEAIJ. JR. June 21, Uti j22 iw*t ME Die \ 1'a.D VAPOR BAT IiM are lecotumended by the Vacuity for the cure of the prevailing Influenza. The Bath* are administered r.t rrclucrd prices, at Mrs. Carroll's Establishment, 23 Courtlandt street. Sulphur Baths for eruptions oftlieshin^openfrovnt^ M. j2t lw r 'pHK TRUE EXTRA ,T Of SAKSAPAKILLA from 1 21 IhiUrtland sfeet ia gaining a popularity liev. r before known, in fact it i s so'd at a retaonanle price, and ia made of a# good matenili as anv other. One trial will contnce the meat sceptical. To be had only a* above, price to cents pier bottle; If iierdoren. |20r (J PEC 1'ACLE??~ H PVALZUUAF, Oculist and OpiT run, (.nun tl, No 110 (HemoTrcl Irom Hromlway 114 h? I enntlimly on Hand a lirgr Msnrtmrnl of Kpectmlet lor ihort UKt.trd and fir si, htrd persons. | Also, eterv kind ol SptcUde Olassti. jeiRlm*en ' TYPE CASTKH8 WAN I ED. I IIKP.C or Itur Tri? fatten wai ted immediately, to whom ?,Le4"I,*n,P|oy,n?"t nod ifiuUr payment will be given. . , ""jf* nee 1 ? ply but meu of neady an regnlar hibm auJ who un lentaod their I unneM, L JOHNSON, . Type and Stereotype Koutu'er,

je29 3:r No. 6 Uaorae at, Puiladelphia. TIT ANTkCTOM MOffTOAtJlE?From S3 0 0 to ? on property in Queoo't fouut?. on I..I , well located Enquire of OnOitUE K. B iLl) WIN, Counsellor at Liw, |t29 2t*r No ?7 Bee leu-an at, up a'aira tfljO RKWAK U?l.aet, ou the uightofthe 3d mat a cartiuan'a ' o aeeonnt booh for work done by Mi'hael He'den.for Mr Owen Byrne. Whoever will return ta'd book to M W? er at, in us gojd order aa when lo t, ill ill receive the above reward ONVLN bvunic, ]?9 lt*r 59 Water .reef. $A It K w a K I).?Lo?t yeal'iday, a small package contain t ii,g nbouc $!H. iu hi Us of smai1 demons ion*? I'a, 2'a am' 3'a. T ie tinder m il yei ill-above reward hy handing ihe same iu thia o'*fe. je'9 2U MX KEW aHD?Lost, while leaving ilie Apollo Saloon, on t]p?J Tuesday evening, a >imU mrin.iraiidnin bonk, T"' Nesi i l'a I i tmon l Diarv !<> ltu3 J The person having it in his imsaeaainii will confer a favor and recr ire the above re ward,b> leavine it it toe 11 e r I <1 Office, or by eucloving it addresseii to the ow tier, wt.oac ra il ta inaiiie, tliroagli the U|iper post office, boi at?. je'<9is2t*r Bo.t HI) WANTKD?Immediately, iu a p irate family iu the o utitry. within 60 mi lea ol New York, for a lady,three ch'Mieu ami a- rraul, and at moderate prices. The beat lelerei cuv ? iveu uud Jik-d Address J D.K-at this | office, by letter. j?29 3t*r BOARDING.?A lew Dingle Gentlemen,or Oettllemen and their Wives, can be accnmtnodatrd with pleasant rooms and boon!, iiy ipijyingatil Vetey street. m30 lm*r HtlAKDlN .?A larinly ir two can be Ii uidsoiiie I v .icroinmoditrd with hoard at NiWa'k, N J. The aitnaiiou tt one of the moat delightful in the place, aim but a few steps from thr atop,nny [Ha-e ol the rail esrs Kor further information apply at No. 27 Maiden Laos. tn27 Im'r GENTLEMEN and tnrii wires, ortu gle gentlemen can be accommodated with board la a most desirable and pleasant loca'iou, within a few iniuutea walk of the Kulton ana Catharine Perries. Apply No. tiO Adami street, Brooklyn, L. I. Reference eii hanged jr20 eon2w*r IJA XUSOVIK APARTMENTS iu Houston street, clear " to Broadway.?To let, to gentlemen, with break'ust and tea. References required. Addreu, box 2#8 l'ark Poat office. ml2 Im eod*ec O LbT ?Splendid lar^e rooms, well luruiahed, lor si-'gle Geut'oinen. with Ineaaf.ut ami Ira. E.i<|uire at 81 Walker sti'ri. lie n Broadway. je4 lm*ec SHINOLE il.'Vi II INK ? Due of Kligy's I'a tent Shingle Machine, wliicli can he worked either by steam or horse power and will cut ttO,000 ahinylea iu one (liy, but little used aud iu prune order; will he sold veiy low on immediate application to GR03HIM It SCHUEIBER, 73 William street. It can be seen at the store of MESSRS. S. DUNN It CO , j2t 3(in I8"? Water street, f ARD1& BACOS-8 H id. Bacon, it 3i B urels t a d. 2ii Kegs i.aul, Kor sale by E. K. COLLINS It CO., j38rc 66 ouili straet. " THE ABlifcY HOTEL. r|'HE aubscriber has opened the apiendie mansion known as f- lbs Alike y, rs ~ hotel loval* d on ill s bank of the beaU'lful lliid-ou,at llSMlMdlW, a short I'iiiau c above Hie sif nun atone, rhoie who Iin e visi'rd the pi ce have been delighted with its "iry aud roe antic si nation tiring reniaiknhly h- aithv it is truly a desirable resoit lor toe citizens i f V* York du itig the not srasou Hype son latieitoii, tne pioprieior wil eiu.esvor to ei d r full a?ti facii >u to these who may < a I upon him. I he house W'M he c matauily sup, lie . * i liau, hdeh cacirs inu suns nntiuls c? ?n- ci > II rd. k. h. van ren98ehek New York, June, 1III3 N. b.?A la ? rooms r. mniu uuoc u led for t >e accummodali?D of rtoarders, * Iki can be taken tiy ilio d-v. week.o- ve il, I lie Bluon ingdale li> e of n with car- f.i ami alteuii*' driv. rs, start from the City Hall everv In or in ill'd y, ruiiiiiiiK bv the v i' k'nr- 12l, c is 11S*1 UAlJimFliEOfYPE; JOHN ROACH, OPTICIAN, ^ 71 NAk-AII UT . N ? XT I O J HN 9T rPHE sumciiber d voted bit silt ntmn 10 grim ing m l ami g I mc eel sea. p < v uus to L) gUirrc 1 d scoveri, s, sinceth i tli- gn at demand tin Caiurrna it Vtn linn <: n <-ni|i ny mem, and with such |>> idice lie I - 11 war'uut'd in saying that itisiruMien s cuslru led by him, lu>e <11 the inpruvr nni.1 that enab e oneraiois in ob aia i u C"Si. Pnutog a li? g ue a'l( loui' b held in a c:< 'ain i>oiili <u to a|i.'ear dial inc. , those ? ken With mv a|ij-a-a'U t a*e free from tli s de eel. Tnon ugh ill strnciious given if i-qiliied. Old rs in named illicsh. pro-i| tly a'teuded in. j-75-|in?i PHILADELPHIA L) UjUEKREOTYPE ESTABLISH Ml.NT EXCHANGE BUILDING. BOOMS Mkff. THE Subscribers, having pr irured ihc Annie to- the sale ol J VO Ol'A Nil Elt'S DAGUKKREOTVFK ATP Alt A TUB, constructed ac orditig io Professor Petzv.u's calculation, have on ha,nd a I'lge assortment of these Apparatuv, and artitts as well a? imateursof Iheir art, wishing to procure a good apparatus, will find it to their advaulng e to irooire in struineuts of this construction. The* also hare lately imported a large quantity of German and Kreuch plates, and tli the chemicals u.-ed iu tin ir a t, which they warriut in every respect, as they are made to their order. Polishing substances lUid morocco cases, nud al| necessary materials, are sold on the most reasonable terms 'I he following gentlemen have agreed to act as their agents, viz K. Wh te, Esq , 17j Broadway, N.Y. P. Haas, Esq., Washington, L>.C. Dr. A. Cnspari, Kicniuoiid. Va. P. Laurens. Esq.. Bavannan, Ga. William West, Esq , Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and oiders,accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to, and should be directed to W k V. LANGENHEIM, je!3mr Kirliangr Buildiug, Phila. TO COPPER-PLATE (V: MUSIC PRINTERS, AND PUBLISHERS, &c. DOR BALE, a lirst-rate lr>n Copper-plate or Music I'liul" mg Press, (twenty eight anil a half inch rollers). Has been iu use but a short lime?is in perfect order. Also, ouc ol twenty sis inches, and a wooden one of twenty four do. They will he sold at a price worth a purchasers prompt atleutioa. Apply to R. W. TONE, tn3l lm*r 16 Cnrtlandt street. New York. UNITED STATES TEA EMPORIUM, 111, late 129 Chatham ttreet, Ntu> York. And 116 Kultou Street, Brooklyn. Ams,'t J16 Blmickkr strkkt. whclesalk and retail. nHHfi CANTON TEA COMPANY continne to offer foi A sale usw and ragraut T?as of every variety and style. Thsir assortmen' specially includes the most delicious and powerful grades j< Ureeu and Black E?ery package bears ths stamp uf ncR'ne*sand elegance, and ths Teas therein are sti Ihnronghlr seemed from light and air that their quality aud rower will irrj in unimpaired in any climate. Theirsvsten; of prosecuting pe?ioe?s isperhapa scarcely to be excelled. It is founded nrtl the ntmcst regard to the right* of he custom ?r. especially Witt re;pect to weight end quality, and un,iralled cheapness. AJ1 pnicnaser* nvc called upon to return any article! which tail to give them the lulled satisfaction, which the money wil' be cheerfully and promptly refunded. Coup trr merchants, public estab'isbm-iits, heads of families, sdJ shipmasters will find it a s.lvectaga to supply tbew?elves from this ettabWr.:. tit. Genuine Java Cofkre roosted everyday. Orders from nil parts of the U at tea Aretes executed with promptitude aud despatch. KJ- The only vertnouae >s'Autariex .'or the rale of Rou la i'? eelehrated Tea j'9lm*ra CAUTION.-Conuterfeit fal. inapdrr Iron 8nfes having made their appearance- in Auction Rooms and another unfailing evidence of the great superiority of Wilder's invaluable guards against (ire. Dampness having formerly been the on y objection cgaint: them, and that now having b-cn effectually overcome, lenders them a perfect article. The public are assured that the subscriber ia the oulv person authorised to sell or dispose of the genuine Halamaodcr, and that all Wilder's Safes, sold by hiro, will be equal iu eve-y re spect to those tested in fnrnacei. or in sccideutal fuel, where vain -hie books and papers liaae been preserved unharmed iu the most intense heat for many boars, securely locked iu the 8ala?.auder. when the contents of every other safe exposed to the same heat, li tve been entirely core timed. SILAS C. HERRING, j 27 titd v?3' w y r No. 139 Water street. PRIVATE DISEASES. A CUKE GUARANTEED ?The College of Medicme aud Pharmscy of the citwol New Yorlt, cslah'itned far the suppression of quackery, is now prepared to treat all diseases i f a private ea ire, andeff-rto all tboae ntllic'eil with (lo se diatresiing main tee adv-imgrs not to be raei with in any other institution in this c< untry.eithei public or prii ale. Ktom the constant eorresiaiiioenc , and from private aiMiigcm-nts, b tweeti the uiemheia of the College and the moat eminent Pit few ore of tno Medical lustitutina of Enr igr, all laeme* raenta ill th* t raiment of th-s- diseaaea are forwarded to them I nit; before they reach the majority of tit- eredieel profession of this rountry. All persons who have tied the celebrated preparatio of Professor Rieord."The Parisian Alterative Mixture," c?n bear testimony to ts being the m >at powerful remedy ever .iscovered for primary or secondary fsphilis, strengthen ng ihscoosti niion, whilst eradie uiog the disease. Prof-ssor Valpeau's dircoverv, iu hta Specific Pills, for the cii e of gon< 11 liea and fleet his raised him immeasurably above n I Ilia < otiieiiipor.ariea in tV* particular branch of ?h-orefes-ion With such celebrated remedifs togetner with the combined skill of the fust medical men files country, ihe College f el sa'ialied t ?at the good w?rK they lure undert-keu, " tns ippresaiont fqtiickfiy,"will receive the pstrotiago it deserves f " hat i> rtiou of the puh'ic requiring their services. Terms, for advice, atd a i medicines. *'1 Oilier, aid Consulting Roerns i f the College,97 Nassau St. W 8. Kit HARD-ON. Agent. N. B.?I'at'tnts living at a distance, by ata.ieg their dia-ese eivic' l in wriiina, aiving ad symptoma, t gr.her wi h 'he tre linen: they rece ved e sc? have, tl i nr. a iu obtain a h-st c sat-is.i g-II in slieoier, wub fn I direct! >n I r use, wi h a guaiant-e of edjrcsniig he Agent o trie Coil* ge. post paiil, ciic'o ing ?5- je Xa-3?r YOADKHSMITH t.vuiA . t i >UGH BA~L5l rHll xeitjciue has le'-ome ealablished, and in tlie eauw ton of all who have tri-d it. proved , r-e.. in-t'lly superior to every medicine of the rci ent nay. iu use.ior t' e erne o. ct iigns c olds, convutnpnon, bronchitis, dilficu tv < I birmhii g. 'aiu i ihe sidc or chest arising from ohis. l ooseness, pr fuse < *i-tctnration, a id null* ?w. nis, * e. It has proline-, ihr mon astoinshqig cur>-tiiat ever o is nr. du td hy gov medicine, ami has c iiu.d t ie most i oweiful testimoni tls, artmug which sre lllf f ill MS l'l. !? New Yotk, June 23J, 841. To the Afflicted:? I hate l-cen for six jesrs distressed with a lev- re pain iu the side aud chesi, secxmpauied with a dry I hare tried numerous eongh lenudjs, but looud no r-hsf from euy ol f icuds, to try V nd?r ini.h's I ilmn C outh It I in and before 1 had the third bo.t e I wa? rrtt?>e<l r >"> heal to. AUK'HAM MORTON, No. 180 h'nltoo street, New York. Caution?None are genome without ihe signature of the proprietor written tipnti ll.e inblcof tl.e bottle l're,ared and aold by K. W VONDERSMITH. Hole Proprietor, j "7 ?t?'rd is* in No. 61 tirvenwb street. BaKRY'.- wigs and scalps 1'HK imjiiit nee wt ieh al n?. a hare attar bed to th Head <1 Hair, ia a cl'ar indn of the rain tet on p.riouvl fun re, n I wh. u by aomr capricious li?ak of Nature . ha hum in forin it dernved of itafair proportion Ait ia r> eorred t , in order, bv artificial meant, to apply the deficiency, Hence hare ariaeu tl.oa' wonderful diarove let which bid ui.ure Barry's V eoti I line ud UNMS mer W KM ANU PCALP8. The complete aucctaa that the above named haamet with in the m innfaenire ot hit unrivalled lieada < fhair, lor the laat two vena, lar exceeds hit moat lauguine etpre'aliniia Ht reaper fully aoliciia a call, confident of saliifyftig the moat faatidioita th it he it the heat anil cheapeat maker in the (yty. Thev can he had ntilr at H6 Broadway, corner Liberty atreet, up stairs Private rooma for filling Wigs and Toupret. je2! 2w ills' m " |)b SURE YOU'RE KIOHT?THftN OU AnrtAD," ' I' was David Crockett'a immortal wa rliword, and at at nliea with great force In the selection of medicines Kmpirica , boast of their "nniveraal panaceas," warrauted to cure every complaint, fiom rorni ou the tore, to uberclra of ihe lotua. lllitTI ihem i or; fliev only wish to rvlieve ihe plethora ol [ your pmae, aad core , ot what elfect iheir noatriima have upon youi pe-aon if you want mediciuea endorsed by the Cariill 1 c ilea ol hundreds of men whose names you kuow, and whose snn; le wi ld ia sacred aa a thousand oaths,select ihoae prepared I \ Ur Jayne? a physician whose skill and whoar cha acterare a double guarantee against imp union. In the history ot pitl ' iiionarv disease mere ia no lecnrd of cures more astonishing rhku in ire performed hy Javne'a Eipecuiraul. tVe will not say that it will rtire Consumption in ita wont stages; but it nnipiestionably hai restored to heslth patienta wl.q appeared to h laboring under all the fatsl symptoms ol that diseaae. Hold bv A. B. St L). Saudi, tlrnggiaia. No, 79 Fallon street ; 273 Broadway; 77 Kaat Bro-dway. j26 ?mis*r J MKlt. VVILLlH, Lady of Information of future events and what has paaaed, learned 10 aatrology and astronomy tires ladies private lectures on this science, at her rooms, 265 llmbeih st, ten doort Ir on Houston, near Bleecker, and has constantly on hand corn and cancer salve, and a ante cure for trie ague, and if any of |her medicine is purchase! gives information gratis. ie2n lm*r AUC TION SALK; THOMAS BELL. Aacti >M o BY BELl fc (lOVVAK.i 'Jui| Hoi. IS Jinn and Hi Mlm'fhi,. FRIDAY. At 10% o'clock iu the sales room. Dry Goods, (llothnu, ar d pledged meirhaodit.e. SATURDAY Large sale of elrgant fnn>iinie in the tale rooms. VONUAY. 3d, At loHnMnck in the salts room, Pawnbroker's sale of splendid watches, jewelrY, Bold anil silver diamonds, fcc., by order of Either Levy, p'edged over ID mouths. W. A. CARTER Auctioneer. SPLENDID FURNITURE, BY CATALOGUE, BY CARTER k CO. Kridav, 30th June, at 10% o'clock, At ihe Store No. 3lti Bro'dwsy, () ithir II II, a veiy eiteunve uortmvnt of Cabi' el Furniture, by the tie at inanulsc urert in ihe city, ai <1 w arriuted of ihe belt inaterials, to close Sprint advances, emitting of superior inahoitaur French tndiieadr, hair and velvet rockers, enclosed ?a?n sta"dt, w -rd robes, book cases, elegant sofas, three-lourths and full French chairs. nurs? and rowing rockers, div n, n. tomans, cod and can lie failles, ilrruii L. j,111,. ?,,,( ,,,,ItiiL* ,uv fun. crib. Ilnw-. Muds, desks, work table mid piano slops. Also, table etiiLry, glassware, dinner and toilet sets, Ac C?lalouiie? ready ou ill" NT pttfiou, ? lien the furniture may be eiain.ned. Itlep i live and wlli'Ut rrirnr i '? at*' < W. A.CAKTE t. Auc loorer. WINES, LIQUORS AM) SliGAt?-By CARTER & * * CO, on 8. tardty ,ihe 1st July, ut 10>* o'clock, a' the store No. 3l<> BiomI vav, Gothic Hall, n uu *t splendid assortment of v?*ry choice Madeiri, Hherrv. Port, Claret, old Cognac; Swan Gin, Sf. Croix *nd J imaica Hum. in hottlf? and demijohns.? Pari of these Wines were selected for private use, and may be warranted of the vinragt s and line flav r. Also, Champagne of various brands; a f?*w cnldv boxes suptrior black and Green Teas, ii original packages?Sale positive. jrM 3t is*r WM W 8HIMI.KY . Ann. Micr A UDTION NOTICE?Ureal Uaiuims is Chine, Ol.itasnd ?* Karl hen ware ?The auction lair il tb* ' ii!" and vaiied s'oc.k contained ill the store 8 A*'orHuse, rousi liuit of a spleudi I variety of diuiier, lea aim toilet acta; a lame assort incut ol rich cut glass, wines, tumbler*, cli impsgnei, decanter* See.; t?r>le cmlerv, razOn, scissor*, peukui'r*, dressing case*, wilting desks. Ac, ?e, will lie cunt lied nil Thursda next, J 'Itie : 9111. '1 lie ureal brraai u> nbtaiued by purchaser* durin the past week, uiuat * ? an induceinent to a'l w ho are in want ol ucli a tic I ** to attend N. B.?The ?toie to let and lixiii'*t for *ale. J2?2l"ee __ K hlMI'SON 8 Astor Home. A 0'CTIO.n NOTmTk? miaM* U Oil. I'M NI I Ua? f*- E. W. SNOW will sell tint eveir * at 8 o'clock, lu >i? Oilier,, 32')^ Br >-d w ty, opp<ut te llio Hoipltil, the beau i?ul cell ctinn <>l Oil Piiulnius. by oar Aui?t*. nil h nd'iimely fiamed They will poaitivel, b? wild. Oentlemeu wiahiue to furnish their parlors wiM do well to atte- d, a, bargain* will be nlTeied them. Ani uiu tbein are " Jonathan'* lot -oducfnn te Gcotrel Societ." b. Clonney ' H'1 y K?mil?,"liv B >1 du* handicap-*, by Cropiev, Dreuun-, Calferty, Sec ike i 9 lt*m AUOTiON NOTICE?Executor's fa e ol fni'l' mi ?A c-C-VYwill ell th" morning n II o' 151 Broadway, a quantity of fine (J renli u?e l'lnni*,ol every variety and in line o der? Sohl by order of executors. a nd on Erifav niornUjr, at II o'clock,**me place,wilibs * Jld 2(10 liueat Tiibrroaes; ,(i laruc Ornuue and Lemon Tree* 10" W li.le mid Yellow Je?* m uei, audi! la.K a Urauco Tie ? in pot*?These plania are just received by til" Caroline,Iron Trieste in Italy, and are worthy the alteution of gio.. era j 29 2'*iii Auction noncK-GrV-f'-airof ?7u. i?r u.,w ?MUe* c id h nd Fit n hire, by TRl)BKIuGlb tk C<K I h Mom* k, h 1 o'cl-ica a th? i s les iooin 3th Bro-td y, .1 rge c .iltfct on of n?w a d f hio ?th> Fu ni nr co? mining a general assoiimtlit ?uch at i generally olfcicd ?i uriiu AUf, a tiiosi spif u id li?i ofs?c i d h u ', hu i 'L u ed, an of ?'hiia in >k . r?i(jNi 1i g of t fa chi rs, a &pici.d d tucscr, piei Hid ffUfrtj I b Ik A'so, ii I >i ii farm *ond h \inl mr iilure tt Also, ft. m - s I nd d'ill p'irrcd window nh^des. AIso, a lot o- Ii nr cloth, in i auerus In ch is aiitl sofas j/9 lt#r Auction ard.-uartik * co. n . i6 tro^i way, Gotlnc H <11, nrg to i f jrui the i Ub ic fksf. tkey < tinutr t<?indttr ifiy i? rai adv ices, to ?ny in it f on k'u ii tu r. ?u I aIi ilnpiinfiom uf VIerciistidiz . h-i f,? all ' i . or p'ivit- tile K?guUr-a>< oi new d iec u<t h?u I ftuui ore will ike p hi ?: ever* IV* (UeHli? * <I hnday. e- of Wiutiand G (C^r eum 8<*lQr<Jdy, '.u<? Uy 1 loo \% o? I u .i\s Returns *ill be reude to# dey i t- r be le, or < the ?nme d iv, if required No iu'.erest or ex r* ro . mi si ?.i tiin'K'd on the vi j >m 3 owl ec AUCTION Norn;*.?sou choice uoube uehh s ? v,j kttis ?3l Kuljiiit Mill sel1 at ihir * < r?- 13 r??a a' ? ? ou Thursday uorni g n- \ , at 10 o' Iocs MO Double I) bias ue oly pack - d it b'ftxei and w-ifu'ed. AI?o, a lot of d'?e siosing Itt BfciAGON OOURsE?TROTTING A Purse for * CO will be si m, to com-oil ou o .? awe Course on Tuesday, July 4 I.? Milt beats: b si tlrec in live; free fir all lio-srs. f~arrymi; ketch weight. Entiles to > e made at K. Smit' 's, 31 P?ih Stow, hy 9 o'clock P. M., Thursday, June 29 h?ilire e or inure 'n in-ke a r ice. jr28 NEW YORK He BOSTON SOUNl)PILOT CWBN PRJC8COTT, Pilot, or takes charge as master r.nd Cr pilot of sesscls boutirl to New Bedford, oyer Nantucket Shoals, Boitou, Portsmouth, Portland, Keuuebcck and O THER PORTS. Other at Krye L Shaw's nautical store, 2?1 Water street, corner Beekman. Reference to a nuuiner ot Merchants, and the several Insurance Cwtuptuiira in this cit* Boston, and Portland. jlllmisr eaa JfcpMB Excursion Trips will he ruu on the Elir.abethtowu ?nd Sornerville Railroad, for three davs, viz:?Monday, Tnesdsy and Wednesday?to ami from New kork and Sotnetrille, Bound Brook, New Market, Platufield, Stotcnplaios, and West lie d, winch is the most pleas IBt lOftS ntd villages, (or a country excursion, iu the State of New Jersey?inakirg; (our t its each way. Hoiae'Ville is forte miles from the. ritf, coun'y seat ol Some,-sette. and but two hours and a half ride from the city. LEAVE NEW \ OHK FOR THE ABOVE PLACES By New Je se> Kailrnmi By Steamboats From foot of t'r>urt sidtsi-eet. From Tier No. I North River At 9 and II o'clmk. A Y At ?X aud I0>? o'clock. A.M. 3 6* f. M. 3 6* P. M. Tt e Soirirrville Trains le??-e Eli/'hethtnwn on arrival of New Jersey cars and steamboats, at 10 and I? o'clock, A. M, aud at 4 and I o'clecW, p \i. llRTURNHJ FOR NEW YORK Leave somerville. Leave B ointl Brook. At 5H and 8 o'clock. A M. At 5J< 8'? o clock, A. M. IX 5 P. M. jg f.X P. M. Leave Plnirlield. Leave vVestfield At 6X and 9 o'cloc k, A. M. At ?V and 9X o'clock, A. M. 2 V fi ('. M 1\. I. V M Fare from New York to Somervitle 75 ceut??Bound Brno* aud New Market S2>4 cents?Pltiufieldand bcotchp'aius 51 cu ? Wcstfield 3TS cams. te29rnjy?*r aWa 0tk PKOPLK'H LINK OK STEAMBOATS Br vr3F|1'0'1 A LB AN V?Daily at 7 o'clock, P. M. SEissdlEeibsThrcajgn Direct (Sundays eieepted) from t. ? TMratnboar. Pier 5el ?een f'ourtlandl aud Liberty streets Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt A Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thurtde7 md Saturday evenings, at 7 o'rlock. Steamboat SOL I'll AMERICA, Captain L W Braiuard, will leave Monday, Wednesday end Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M I!, landing at intermediate places, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. Forpassage or freight, apply on boar-J, or to P. C. Hrhnltx at the olfie- no the whirl. ir'J, I w r iMf) /Ok MORNINU LINK Fob ALBA ?Y, at CV .. ?J*6)k o'clock A M ?Fare 5> cents The low 3Ciiww9CjEaPrtrl>are ste.inhiat ALB A.N Y. Cspt L Jenkins, will leave foot of Barclay, on Thursday morning, June Mil. Her regular day* Tuesday, 'I holiday and Saturday K?r pass tge apply on board. Freight taken at the lowest rate?. Notice?All goods, freight, baggage, bank hills, specie, or any ether kunl of property, tar ru. snipped, or put ou hoard ilos boat, must beat the risk of the owners of such goods. Ac jr21 lincc JgjT MORNING LINK?FOR ALB4 NY. jjl? | TROY, and Intermediate Lsudiugs ?Fiom Ti " i rw m the lootol Baielajr street. Th-Low Pressure Steamboat EMPIRE Capt S K. Roe, on Weonesd >y mo'ning ?t 7 o'clock. Noti e.?All Goods. Freight, Baggage. Bauk Bills, Specie, or any other kind of Property, taken, sninpsd, or pat 'n board th* boats ol tnis Line must be at the risk of the owners of such Goods Freight, Burgage Ac j27 r Mm m NO MONOPOLY-FARE REDUCED. B, ?, New Independent Opp sitioii Line tor Alba sCdFattufLny direct. Fare 25 cents No charge lor Berths. D rk passage I2S ce ts. The lew aud comm idiom steamboat NEW JERSEY, Ca[t R. H Knmy. will nrethr loo of B relay-treet. New ork, every MonJay, Wednesday and Friday even i g, at 7 o'clock Koi freghtor pvssage a.ply on hoard. Freight taken less h in tow h at prices The New Je-sir is fori ishect with elrgaut St te rooms, and lorsperd and iccorna,. dal'i u is not sitrpai ed by a v ate'rh'oat on ft. H .'.or. f,y r ||T Jvel VaL' ABL' EST A'IE IN NEe jehnk.y "jB f'O SALE?The si b en er offer* lnuir nat 'ell I''Arii*"' wnval" b|. est re, lorm rlr known <s Glover Pi ce, iir.i D n?il e, in Morris cournr, New J ra?y, is, ur hirly mil s Ir m ti e ci y or it* York, and ' wenly Irom New s. vlortist wn, the county to*ti, is dsti t about ii reu mi es fro which plac? there is railroad corneal irs io' twice advy to New York. The e is likewia au alrn i tdn'v com mu aI ion In st |* coaches bctwreii tie prsAisri gr.d a rriitoai and Newark. The estate contains b ut two hnn r a rts, about iiuety acres of wnich a'e v iluab'r w lodlaud "l.d thi reniaiudcr I it good aiabl pasture aud m i ow lind, w?ll w tared and m lined, and part of it sreued dowu during the Us sp iusc wuh clovrr 'hd timothy seed. The Mansion H u?e ,s a fine suhs anlial brick hui di g aeventy-fl e fiotl u. fifty feet de-ep. It wae b it by the late Culoce (Jiover, n gei.i'ein noftsst anil weahb, wh set rt d this locallou for its h?stillu tii fli,and the beau.ful and picturei'tae sc-uery aroui <1 '1 Here is an esc lent smoke house sml s ItooH ire hoii r ou the premises, he*ides a it o I com h nse, bam, s'able, fcc To *mlsu is we I forked with choice voauv frnit, s il th. re i. a'to - n Kip'r orchsr.i on th" pre mis su>i ? v-ri ty ol |om? ut Ited ?,>p r trei? hs?r b iniei in guru it tie Is spring.? The t mhr r loud i? llul s short lili *"< Ir in the Moif s ' ?n? , which -tl nl f '.I t> a f r cirr lug wool am' u b r ro m?iket. It is divul-d f o . th o h"r porn n of th ft m b; I e lv<'ck?way River, which s'ooidv ?i h ti.h The e -re sis two l-i ge fnh ponds h-eti lu iy loc-itri. on the timber laud, at.d stored with a variety of fi.h ti'iir further pvti n'srs. rnnly to the nropil* tor on the premise., or to Mush. WILI.IAM and JOHN OrtRI-... No. Id Watt street, under the >l. ilm.ics' lit k in the nty of .New York, or to JAMES W WHITE, Honusellc r It I. tw, H>4 C tie Street. New York, Jone i'l l|4| j?3tia*r I Mt'tlH ? ANT TO TIUVKLLKHH AND IIOUSI 1 KEEPERS?Life and Property Preservers?Pafenl He If Corking Revolving Pii-n!a. which can be discharged sn times in as m m) seconds, merely by ..oiling the trigger. The chamber aud barrel are in one piece, and ih -refoie cannot be blown tpait. like somr repeating instills. The const ration is veiy nmple?ihey can be drawn fiom >he pocket and used with one hand, without the loss of a moineut. Kor travellers, house aud store keepers, caption, planters, public officera, and others, they ara an indispensable article, aa they cau protect their livea and property if attacked by many perioos. If Planters wonld arm themselves with this weapon, they would have no cause to fear the lusurrectionof their alavea. The public are invited in eninii.e the aanie, aa thc.r aunpli City, being warranted not to get out of order, and their perfect isfety, will certainly recommend them over all othara. whole lata and retail. J. G. BOLEN, lot Broadway, tnWt Im end i?*ec between Wall anil Pia? stv. TO THE PUBLIC. iJtinn TO tfitioo ?Mr. k RANCIt R. CHUMP. Watch A VJVJ Maker, 311 Grand street, begs to inform his ItienHs tnd the nubile, that independent of the watch bu.i rsa, "eta i rr pa'cil to make advancea in cash, on gold and si.ver watches di mortis, lilvrr tea actta, spoons, forks, at <1 evert d ripl.on of gold or silver in any shape, intended ; i asn n any amount paid for old gnl.l and silver, waicneati tverv docrii tion repaired and warranted. Jd? Grandatreet. iel? lm*? \ VI US KM KN1. . ? ? ? . M NIULO'X OA B I' KM. Dirertor, Mr JOHN *lt?TON. OHKAT -MUIHT. Kin* app?"raec? of Vi?? MACA>. who Will tin* an nAi Plainly aii' dance a Faiidiniro A I" e?li ?! rf Foil ! For it o BENEFIT of MH BtH'ION Hti laat appear** ce ihu #??? . TWO CAPITAL FIKIJILH THURSDAY. J not SB, I'lio performance t? <>rnia?unr nt li*""-n*ti 7 o'clock nrciacip. " mi inn \j\ rr nr in nci^r > , rtun-r. Will |i? produced toe li'ithly ' utihiihle burletta called, AM MAI. At GSETiSM I he Doctor, Mr Fuller Hii Men. Owns Meiith , The Valet, MrBmtou Immediately eltei tin lift pier, end previous to the inlet .. .. bmiIH, Mr Burtr n w II e i,e ? etc ea'led, ?M2?Or, (themes and Chimes <m the Hun* of the Timet Between the pieere, hell en hnu '? iDtermis ton for pri ineniule in (he. Ottrfrn nuil Grand iViloao. THE PROMENADE MU8ICALF., Which gese en much satisfaction laet eee on,will main eutieei the |ieriod o( intermi<ei?o. en I in ord-r 11 tender tlvs depuiV mt ut wui thy the iliisk el r heiec ler of the establishment, A Splendid Orcheetra has beeu secured. Muaical Director, U. C. Hill Orcrtnru to Don Join, Monrt. To lonclmle with , let lime, the new bnrlrtta, ceiled the WAGER. ^ ran'i Webeer, Mr Bnrten Mile Judy Mac en will einit the hutory of Mistress Malot/eand dance in a new set 11 cotillions. _ Nights of the breach Company?Monday. Wedneedafe, Fridays en' Saturdays Nights of the English Company?Tuesdays and J'hursdaya. on whii h occaaion Mr W K Button will t ppear. A ?trp t Poller will be in attendance end treat care taken to prrvent the admission of improper pmsona iTicket, Kilty Cents. Mav he had at the 'Jaiilen during the day. ITT" A limited number of Season T'ekete wilt be ilie poaed or. f . It K I'HKN I I. THURSDAY, Jnne 29 The public ta respertlnlly iuformed that in conn ptetce of the uor xper ted det' ntirn of MR BOOTH, i hie ili-a're wdl he Cl.t>oED until TUESt?A NBA r, JULY i. IW?, The Leat Nikht of the Sen,on Due notice will bejrisen of the entertniuinenti prepared lor the ce ebiatinn of ihe Na.ional Independence. dmrs. 911 cts; Tit, 23 eta; Gallery, I'H eta. lioois open at 7, lierfo maucra commence at half past 7. " A 111 KRlcitN Til * AT'HK, WAX NO r IT. FIIIL.AOKL.PHIA. UNDER THE DIRECTION OK MI88 CU8HMAN. Tick?t Niitht THIS EVENING. J"oe 29 will be performed LA*T DAYS OK PGM kII Aft r wh'ch BOM1A8TES KUMldSO Toconclud wnh'li?f'OsJU IKK. all r _ K. A. VI l SHALL. Lessee. Bowery A mptilt newts-. A. MA^'N \ND HIJKI'S WKL' H. P? ?"KIKT'H?S Boxes 23 cents: Pi', 1 k re- O ors open et h ilf pest 7 nerfor , C' cumin. in t H o w, THIS EVENIXO, June 29. l> nerf.omsnre wl? o nir c tt 'h VI TOV.IUm RETURN OK : HE WAWHIOI8 "F it*: i' A v I iflle Glsproa in a deah "id 'tiw ac N> ec* oftq'ps'ru (.m hv Mis O s in Signor Thn I, wi i appear o 'h cord v la...? llittrm sion of I 3 in n 11? her ? luce THV 8H MTf P|T T"K SI VEK SHOWER. Mr Bhsy, the Ohin?r R sue, in v- ty ol F art. Tor c'" e < ir'>, < AKRONAHO Eqii"?"itn D-rc-f T, Mr '? etlide . 1 1n*n, J.Uonia. KK UAPI Ml-HFtT ? - I) iEKI sL GAI?"L . T"">PFHF RvtANC-S VE' VOAY irft perform nee si f ur o'clock. p M. Kv. ni .? p- 'f-rmanee a' h-n pas 8 <J?, pint induce en's h v VtU' N L TOM IM'UM J ( to In-g > l is sisittoC >ns?s fur "iip W - k onlv. He c ii hc *c. n i r th" Mutci m all thi? week at all honrs dnri iv he iNv ? d '? uii it Mr HAHRINGIO- e. il Mr H O SHER M A V, ih? rn alii L" Pent, Ceri . the dan?t u?e. ?n oihe-s. BAI OON A SI E N * !') v S every da arid eve-nag A!h no Lav, Phren E.a lunations (irmrt Loanmr ima, Ac fr ee of admi'siou ii Cents. ' hildrep ninler ten u> If p-ice. jelgr Ai,R> DRW vrff* ill* n THE WORLD CHA? LKNOF.D TO PRODUCE A NO VCL rv HALF so WONDERFUL ! !r is a being a pa-eLllr forming t'.e Img looked lor connecting link between rlrr MONK v AND VUMAN SI'E' l"8! It la called CASPAR HAULER, Jr. ?nrl ppetrtto be a corj -retina of the hjped and quadruped, ?hour 25 ye-ra old. It w s diicorrrpd in the woods in Rhode laland during the late D or excitement. Two performance* evcrv i.'tv, at three and half past eight o'clock, n.m , hy Mr. Dularue, the great m raic, Miss Ailair end vir Rrouwer, tlie locsliita, Mi? Blancn? d, the Female Juvg'er Ac. rv- Admission to the whole ONLY ONE SHILLING. T voi.i saloon DENMAN, the forme proprietor of the Tivoli Saloon, hav imr trade arra' gt merits with the preaent proprietor, hat takm che g- of ti e Mri-e, ?ud will give one ofhia Grand Military Invita i <n Rails on the 4 th of July. The Gird as will be opened, as on former occs. ions, fnrnrtried with eve? Inin y tha season afford-; ?nd n-'lh-ng shall be wonting -ogireuD'ire atisfnction toihose who mav favor him with a ctll. Tickets may be had at Collier's Mer-hsut'a Exchange; Palmer's Cm nm House Exchange; at A P Lefurge,l9i Canal at, and at the Saloon. On Sunday evening's the Garden will he open dforcreama, fcf. J'??51i?T ACOalKRT OF BACHED ? I18IC will be given by the membera of rhe New Eork Sacred Mutie So-nty, at the Tabernacle, on Friday Evening, 30rh instant, in which will be iiitr rc'ucerl several pices Lorn the Society a lor>hc> ming colleen n of Cf.ureh Music, together with songs, ehonuee*. Persons drsirotit of attending tnav obtain a free admission by aptli in* to Saxton fc Mi'es, Broadway; Kirth It Hall, Franklin 8<|Uire, or 10 either of ih- Board ol M <oagers. Any outstanding tickets of the 8. M Society, w.II be received at the door. Performance Co comtnci.ce at J* pant o'clock. je2l Zt'm HOBOKEN. INCREASED ATTRACTIONS !-r0ncertj d'Bte a la 1 Musird on the nfr.eriiooua o f Mondavi, Wednesdays and 8?turdayv Free to the public. The proprietor of the Pavilion at the Elysian Kiel it. that favorite aud unequalled place of summer resort, begs leave to iulorm the public, that at treat expense he h >s effected an engagement with that celebrated leader, Mr M vera, who, aatiated by hia eicallent band, will rive a aeiiaa of iuatru mental eoncerta on the lawn in front of the FavjUoa,the firat 0 ncert to be riven on Wednesday, Juno 14th. From the decided lacceai that attended hie concern leet eacon, ti e proprietor confidently anticipatea that this effort lor the gratification of the public will meet with a geneial approval. jtJ2w*m To HOBOKKR?EL YTfAN FIELDS-URaND tXHI BITION FREE TO ALL ?The proprietor of th-above named place, ever anxious to amine tli- ere it inaaa ol eitisens v lira oadv viait this agreeable and h-althy re?"rt. ia addition to hia splendid Band, proposes to girethe following perform anrea, to wi' Tliurid iy, June 23 1843, during the afternoon, Mr. H od will inske a Terrific Ascension on the Aeria'Cotd, to the ex reoie h-igr.r of 3ftfl feet and luck. Prof Oirveywill lure the pVai lire of appearing on the crenaent cord?in this tot Mr. O standi alone. He will alio have the pleasure ol introducing his son, itv led the V mm, Ol dia'or, in a vaiiety of noetn ma f-a'? not to be excelled bfany other in the word. Performances to eoinmenoe at 3 o'clock, P. M. j48 2t*e? THK EXHIBITION OF THE N *TIONAI. Ai-ADEMY * will close on Tuesday the 4 h of luly. at 10 o'clock, P. M, No pictnre of'tie prerrut collection can ever again be seen at the locina ofthe Academy Adji'ssi iu 25 cents. I r.iaiognes <2H cents. j?2! Iwepc. ARCH STREET THEATRE. (PHILADELPHIA,) TO LET. The board of agents ofthe akch street THEATRE, Phil delp >ia, are prppared to lease trie onild iug for lire season uf 1843 '44. or a longer period, to an enterprising manager, up u very liberal terms. Applications addressed " Board of Agents of the Areh street Then're. Philadelphia." leliat 51 Market street at the.8 W corner of 4th and Market, or wnh P M. Lafoerende no. I0 0 Crows at eet. will lie attended to. rHIt.sDBI.rHI*. June 13. IHI3. jell w?? FIRE WORKS. isaac edge, jr., pyrotechnist. THE most extensive, varied, and brilliant exhibit'onal Fire Works sver manufactured m this or any other country, are now ready lor delivery on the lowest terms, in lots to snit committees aud parties for the celebration ol Fourth of July, at the United States Laboratory, Jersey City. Order- left with I W ilolberfn, 75 Maiden Lena, or t Niblo't or astle Garden, will receive immediate attention. Goods delivered to any pert ol the city free of expense, tnv Zt toJuiO i**ec NEW FIREWORKS LABORATORY, BY JOHN TRAOARDH. PYROTKCHNI?T, F ?' M SWKDfcN. MBSHK"4 KOLLRMtO* TH A01 h DH hare the honor to inform the America ptihftc that they hive ??? filer \'V ;in v-ried MSOrtmen! or Fur Works of nil *ud er-ry Vind ?t thei s?/tb'?*h t eut Hannmus L<>lk Dock i New l-'-ry a haO m It fr in Jersey f r. , opp")?|t* et Yor* *hirh r' ey offer to Commute. * n<i ?*her?, u the rrotr *ne,rude prices in t r m irke? B? 1 r v uk i the n?-* trad' piin' h le of ? ?i.?<le*Hie cash ? nc for a good article, ?hr y reg e*i In fav rj of fhe j oMic ar tne boy place, or tthesten I Rc<lwt Johoitoa x<? ') # "a?r nndt s'p el All order *, on iuv ?c*?eo *iz* r ?d irrn.promp' r 'i nd d to,?i ddresMni h* ' - it iUdkvv ? I h* ,l>oer places K'Hffhi? A hdLLBKHt.k ? I MMMHDH my 7-2m** rint'nin Loti D t h v - * ftFIREWORKS. CRACKERS, Vc K>>I;H I'H ji;LV. ?.J <(>' VTRV ltd 'icy <ea|era id hieworha mil Hod it to 'j then advantage to ea I * d fftinn e id ci cdii>i aaaortnrnl f the teal ijnalit y. at h. A YLI FKh'M old rat i li hni'Dt, MS hailtam at/e> t. A l?me i|iiaotity ot firi crarkera jn.t reel red Keueinber the utaol the loo mammoth akv -nrkeu and Dnld k- a |?IRKW<>HKs BY TH* MANUfACl I Hkks D C MOHAN k f'U PyoUrh'isU, 71 Chatham street, offers o he idi: lie a splendid aaaortrm* t of Fir we ks, superior in <\ lality nd 11 tun* ss to ?u> in this o any ofher c-o fry The tb ve har? teen n nrnitHnii d by them 'tpre*?l f.?r ihi? mar kef; o?o r *n sett m c chv?i?rih-n ao\ *e? d.r in t ?d,i d .'linmuree *ill m1 ?d* f ohi i -eir store N pcMliiu from this , her? n i.78f hat anintfet (Jot.d* delivered ?n ?u part of he <:? y f-r e of cap* dm . N. B ? \ ibit ou Fireworks ef snper or gaahi v. with enmi. n. red, purpt* , frraeti, yellow end In* hies A'so, c? lored fire.n tnr |H>und. Jl 1m*re ( 2 UI I AHf, WHOLkraALTk AND He. IAIL.-V? Brt.aa 'Y w>y i,ear kei atrtet.? MfcdHHS. kit. k.NN?T HCH v) IDT A VIAUL, tluitar m'iiu'acmre a, would re?p*<"tlully call tlie aitoon-m ol th- public to their eatabliahmcot, \n. W5 Broadway, where they aerp const miy en laodan riteuai.e aaaortmeat ot line-toned Kuitara, Am<hrd 10 the beet atvle. All I ittrnmrnu from this manufactory, l?"X favorably known in the United Stntea where it the fir.t premium awarded by the American lusti'nte. for the best Ooitar, ere made of tuch tnaieriale mil in luch a inferior m nuer, aa enable the maker to warrant them t < stand any r >mito. Strangers before pnrchiaiua eleewhere, are regaealed to call and examine the spleo ied workmanship of theninvtrtiiaenta. aud niceruiD tne t?r? ei. They will be found lower than at any other home in the city , . . . Mr. Pn Krnst frofeeeor of the Fllte and fruitar, beta tear* to announce that the abore amusements do not Interfere in the leait with hie otner engagements; he .till conlinne* to'sne leas una a. uenal. at M Broadway near Walker ar. mH lm*y HUNTKlllAN UlSFr .N.wahV. 1 l)mvio? at. ritabiiaheii ,iii IMS, lor the eale of the fimnm Hunter's Red Drop, new known for iu unpar.lied enres all over the United dta'es a. J S.iirwpe, tit diseases of a [iris ite natnre that hare baffled the kill of some of the luoet eminent phy.icipos, lay nuthi of of the hundreds ol doctors that sfcil up ilka mush'oons sll eeer 'he rouutry. Price tl per rial. wartanted in all cares. \o ot ier place in thirritT can the trne article be found. After h inn* read all the little bunks pi inted on this disease, and e. ed a'l lh? medicines so d elsewhere withont beig* cored, tiy ti is, a d if it dots not rare yon we will not take your money. TV is medicine einnot be obtained in Albany jc? lt*r I'UKI UOUf-Sfc tP-vVlAl.t, I'A.:,.. J 'IIKHJ, far-famed and eclebrsted ''ills, ? in Partus el. ee a we parcsi't. tu he Ootsiceil ip it ir winr ^ee'asyeatMM aest oi the ,stt eo'hutv. lo-sero .