Newspaper of The New York Herald, June 30, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated June 30, 1843 Page 1
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TH \ Toi. IX.?Ho. lit VMll ? . 3380. To til* Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?published tWfry day of the year except New Teir'i 4?| and Fourth or July. Trice 2 cents per copy?or f / *jo per ?mum?postages paid?cash in a tvance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?publishedevery Saturday morning?price cent* per copy, or $8 12 per annum? postages paid? in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of theII'.raid i* over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing rst. II /ic# the htrgttl circulation of any paper in thit city, or the world, and it therefore, the beet channel for kunneoi Ken in the city or country. Price* moderate?CMii in advance. PRINTING of all kind*, executorial the most moderate jnicca, and in the most elegant stylp. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PaoraiKTon or thi Hkbalu Establishment, Northwest corner of En I ton and Nassau street*. FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The K.ytl Ma'l Pteam Phip COLU viillA, N.Shannon,Esq Command.r,will leave Boston for the above purls.on Sa urday. 1*1 of Julv. Passage to Liverpool $120, Passage to Halifax, 20, Apply to D BU1UHAM, Jr . Agent. jilt No. 3 'Vah street. - ? DRAF'l S ON IrtELAND, he. which can b- sent rry the Royal Mail steam ship COLUMBIA, sailing from Boston on the 1st July. Persons sending rann-y to the r rela ives residing in the old country, can at all tiuirs obtain from the subscribers Drifts at s klit for any anionii', on (he Royal Bank of Ireland, also on th old establnhed banking h use ol Messrs. Present , Uroie, Ames A Co ol in, which are paid free of discount, or any ch true * hatever, iu, very town throughout Eugland, Ireland. Scot' tud and Wales, ther- by answenng he same purpose as Bank of England aud Ireland notes. Apply to, or address, if by letter, post paid. ROCHE, BROTHERS St CO. 35 Fulton .treet, J27 i u.xt door to the Fullon Bank. . II:'AFI'S ON ENGLA ND, IRrvr^S-fLAND, kr ?Persons ahoui remiuier S&Xi'iP'.'li'kid**n*y io their friends in the ' old Couutr/," ar fei c'li be applied with Drafts, iu sums of i, 2 SP"- " 3,5,1(1,20 k ?50. raiivamotit, pay tb a on i"iui uiphvu'u ur.'iiy (nun ens kc, mint: ?i lonat iu< <f I'M uJ, Provincial Bmk, do.. M-eara J ,m-? huh. S l. k 'Jo B ankers Lou on, I B irned St Co., Kaehauge anil Due 0! B iik Liverpool, to tein Hank of Scotland ijieen oek likxn C-iup ny t S<ir Wm. Kobea Hutrer St Co, Hc.itHnd. Slid ti r i>r i in tverypoa' town throughout KetUud. Irnlan ', Kent nl St Watea, wnir.hstrata will be foiw-rdrd bv the "S.t-ECier Caledonia," thai l> B imn he luJulv, k? W. It I. T. TAPSCOTT, Attheii Qenerat Pa-aage Office, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South it. N. J! ?Ail let.ero fr. r.i tlie country must come poet paid Jf 22r * Jftag- KEMTT t'A \CK8 TO IUKLAND, Itc.-The WiliJjffiV tbaeriher coutiiioea to transmit money in turns large iC ai-SWot .mall, to neraoua residing in any part of lrrlind in the 'Hui? maimer a? he, end his predecessor to business htvo done for the hiai thirty jeers and racre;\ any part of Kugland. or 8cotl a .d. Miintv re<nirti-i1 hy letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or poreouajiv drp sited with him wiu the name of tlie person or parsons in Irel'ud, England or Scotland, to whom it ta to be ace: y d ui-sr' u jmat town, will be immediately transinitted an i p i I '-cc.irdiugiy, and a leceipt to that effect given, or lorwur d to the reu ler. In Ii e naoner money, or claim* on persons in any part of Ire I nd, kuland or-cot'and, e .u be collected hy the subscriber for parse-a residing in any pa't of the United States or Canada aad will be paid to th -m occorriiugly. ) 17 lm?r (ir'OUOK McBHlUIC. Jr , 82 Cedar at. AtlrJfc I LD BLACK BALL LINK OK PACKETS bflfldfVKOK L1V KKPOOL?Packet of the lat July?The <li.i ...I., riTViiun Rambot-e, will br deepatchetToa aboro. The acriDii'i vd.iimw* for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, by this ship, arc unsurpassed?Thoac wishing to secure bertha should mak early application to JOHN HERD MAN, 61 South street, near Wall it. N B?The regnlar pa'ket of the 2iih J ane, csn yet take paiseuger* at the lowest rale. P 8? 1 hose scrdicg lor ti irnds rtsiding in Great Britain or Ireland, can h ire then brought out by the segu'ar packets sailing weekly from Liverpool, at the lowest ratas. ami Drafts famished, as usnal. lor any amount, payable without discount throughout the ,United Kingdom, on application as as above j20r UN 1 1 ED LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS KcfcV ?Packet of Ijt of July.?The well-known, fattsailin* ai d favorite Packet Snip OHIO, Captain II. Ltot,. will sail lunrluallv as above. The i. ccoaiu-ou ,tiouj of this ship for cabin, second cabin and steerage resiergeis cannot be tU'paisrd. Her between decks . wli cb are very spacious, sre fitted up with a d -giee oi comfort amiiual ed by ny other packet inporL '1 i.s a ab ul vijilinr t:.e " Oiu Cooutry" cannot fail to be pircrrd wiih i.bc urs.gc menls made lor Their comfort. The , p ice of ..lej-ga V n g lemarkaUy low, those wnhiag to secure o ill: * t. . u l nut fin. to mai-c en Iv application on board, foot f street, or to W. J. It T. TAPROOTT. . <3 Peck Slip, corner South street. * 0s. Pevsocs w-shicg to send Icr their fueids, cau have them "iro u'.t c?'. in lirst c'ass Am.-riciu Packet Ships, tailing from Live ipi t'l weekly, on favurab'e t-rins je2l ee ' UK LI V Estt'OOL.?Regular pseud ot the 7:h ki3i.'"tyk Jnlv.?I he very superior, fast sailing packet ship .flip :i?P4TRI'JK Hf.NKY, Cap.ain Delano, will postively i> .1 us above. Having vvry superior accommodations for cabin,second eabki and an-er.v,e passengers, persons wishing to embark thonlc ms>s early application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to JObKl'Jl McMbltUAk, 100 Pine St., cor. South. Ti e above wi'l be succeeded by the spleudnl picket ship Virginisn.fCapt Aden, and sail on the 13lh July. P risons wi-iusg to send lor their friends in the old country, can have them brought oat by the above ehip, or any oft; r regular packets, by applying at above ; if by letter postpaid. jar r A411 PACKET FOR HAVRE?Second Line.?The kf YQiAthip ON " IDA, Jnmc- Funk, master, will tail on the JEwHmIxo(July. BOVD fc HIN'CKEN. jl r 9 Tonnue building Wall st. *> kuK NEW UK LEA N 5 - LUli IS1 AN A AND -NEW YORK LINK?Regular Packct-To sue,4'ic^ftgcced the *'cesburg?The fast saihng packrt ship OCONEE, C'pt Jacksou, will have issmediate despatch. For freight or passage, having nandsome inrnish, d nccommcJationx, apply oa board, st Orleans whurf, foot of Wall st. orta E. K COLLINS Ik C O. K> be. ?th s> So*,.pert I'tayrely npou having their goods correctly msasur ?d,tad thai be sines of tans line will tail punctually as adverRead. Aire guarantee to that tfect will be g.veu and fulfilled uvu mav oe racioitea. A*;?nu: in N. Orleans, Hull.a & Woodruff, who will prons: ly i.'-rwvd al! yottds to their address. I ha nnc-i.el sI.ib Louuvilln. Copt. M. Ilnnt.vr ill meet *?4 he Oeoner. j 22 KOR BIjFKAlO and all parts ok the west Wsm^ AM34jClATlON rA Plo.. OFf ICE fu ALBAN Y. 1 I'M, $2 00 Rochester, |S 00 % Syracuse, 2 Z'i Bnffnlo, 1 00 Oswego, f 20 Up. & Lower CaaadaO 00 Kor passage apply to ALL. KAY. , t ntl 3m 93 Bare'ay street New York. ?NKW YORK SCHOOUCY'S MOUNTAIN AND EA8- rfgy---T? , Via E.and Somen ille R Itoail.?>\MfiF**^y? >V?*s Mountain, leave pier No 1 sortls nver, at 8S o'cli ci A M. daily (Sundays excepted) by aieamboat to Eiir.abetliport, or leave the foot of t.oarilana atreet at 9. eloca A M. by J Kailrond to Elizabelhlosiu, thenre con* neel vrith the cara for Snmerville couches, thence 20 milea to the Mouii'.aiu?a>riviuK eaily in the afternoon K ir <a?*.on leave as above procet'd by railroad to Somer viil*, eon hea lrom thence (only 34 milea,) arriving in EasUu at 8 .'clock. J This iou e, on "ccount of the abort diatance by coachea. m. bine it b> ar ths m ?t pleaaanc and ea..editiaoa, commends it self to licipatiiinaBe. Mr. Sanderson. the proprietor at ? niemi e, I aa p.ovd.ti liiin elf tai h carriages and horaea l comuioc'a'e 1 riv.i'e parties with extraa at the shortest, and on leaso.rab'e terms. Kor avaia apidy to H D. Hope, Merchants'Hotel, 41 C landt at. i"Mtuc?ra [nm riiiladtlnhia to Schoolev's .Mnmfain will leave PI,I MMBki ml 7 o'cl ;ck, A M.. by New York i .iliOid liH> ' HMl^Kitkatvirk. tip endsri coaches frtm thence, arrivi iK at wfiti Hjitno eyly snnr afternoon. ji>3 2m*r 'NBW VOHK, HCHOOLKY'8 _ JJjH?^|LmOUKTAIN fc EA8TON. Leave i r loot of Conrtland stree', -.daily (Sunday* e? t,.ti d> a. 8 0 -">ck. A. M., hy lailroad f om Jersey city to Morristowu, tnence by I ost covche* ihr. ngli Mmdhain,Chester Schoi.ley's Mountain. Anderson Toivu, Port Golden, \Va?nii?ton. to Kaetui.. At Wanluugton. a daily line intersects to autl trom Bel'iderr For seat* epply to J. liill, at J. ration's, Commercial Hotel, 78 C(?rtland street. N.B ? Ellrsa furnished at the shortest notice by applying to N. B l.n-e. IJuited States Hotel. .Morristown. mvll 3in ee ROCKAVTAY TAVILLION-LONO ISLAND UA1LRO\D. m "'h Trains nron this ro?it leave Brooklyn, South oi 1^3 Fcrrr, for .1 inaica, where coaches are in reatli .s A jCwi ne-s tor that il-liih'f'il resort, the Marine Pavil_35!?5J5*. lion, at the fo||owinn boors, vir.Half past 9 A. a'7"t o'clc ck anil half past (I P .vl. Retui' in*, lerve Jamaica at H A. M? 12 M. and 5 T. M. for Nev York. Fare to Aimaica, 'is.; through from Brooklyn to tie Pavilion, 78 cents. j?I< 6o*r NJtvV AHKANoic.VlJCNT. FARK AND bflklOHT REDUCED. ,M?e. ^ ItK'lUUH MAIL LINK?rOR PROVIOKNCR AMI B 7?TON, via HTOV vtfTOn A.N!) NEWPORT?Composed oi the I oil wing superior steamers, rnnniny in connection with toe Htoninirtoi, ami Cnasou and Providence Railroads ? M AasACHlNtTTS. Capl Comstcck. H HO lie. ISLAND, t apt t'oayer. PKuvinr.M.t. NAH IAO^RBBTT. mohkuan. One of which will leave N?w York daily (Snndaye riecyted) froui Pier No 1, C utery Place, N. River, at 5 P. M A KRANGB viKNTB. Tke RHODF. ISLAND,.Capiam Thayer, on Monday, and lor SlcmuKton and Newport, and Flid.ry for Ht:'he1ldA88ACHU -ETT8 .Captain Comstock, on Tueeday sod Tntirseay for Htoningtan, and Hatnrday tor HtomiiKtou, Kewporsaua Providence., Pasi. nKCrs, on the arrival of the steamers at Btouington, mbc immedialely forwarded in the epleudid and enmmoI * Cays of tia Railroad to Prov dcnce and Boston, and il for Newport wdlpra.-ced in the stesmere on Monday, Wcdncid . S?J Matuaiav, and on the inters ruing days, prncrrd vis Stcitn. ton p ;li an io Providence, and nam the i< r lol mtlont any additional cimrne. W.i,et? iot the itntr ileaniera' bertha canbo licnrtj on bona, o< it the officio! .... . ? l.iKNDfcN k CO., No 1 Wall atreet. nr.?On 10(1 >ftci the 10th tint, freight will Dot berrceiyeil lyil forwadrd aict Inltmit 4 P Mi m**na* m nkwakk "and" jskw. YORK-rare only 11* Ceiita !?1The irkndad ateanier CAHlSAl'l, Captain Julio Oaffy. On and nf cr M< n-p..y .Jane 5!h, win ma a* follow! I avti !lir tool oi Baielay ureet, New York, at 10 A.M., an ( KM. Cram Ute foot of Centre atrert, Newark, al7X A.M., and f. vt. i' reight carried at tut low ratea alilni a E NE 1 J NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPOKTATION COMPANY. * urt reiiiiccd to 143 cents. x'romiiir lost oi CtturiLittdi meet, New Yoxk. (Ever daT--Sondiys e* r.dnd.f . ? Leaves New York Leaves Newark A' 8 AM. At* P.M. AI 7 A.M. At 1* P. M. 9 do. 3 ,!o. ? do. 4 Ho. 11 do. 4 Ho 1 do. 5* dr. !>X do. JCx 7X do. tie. 9X do. 8 do. ON SUNDAYS, from toe foot of Dotmlandt street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At S A. M. and 4V P. M. At 12W. P. M. and oV P. M. NEW VOJIK, LLl/AaCTH TOWN, Leave New York. J.eav. Elizabeth Tow* At 8 A.M. At 3 P.M. At 7!* A. M. 3* P M. 9 do. 4 do. ?H do. 7 do. 11 do. 4% co. 10 do. 9H do. OH do. 12 do. The train* for Wcunelil, Plaiufielu, Boandbrook.Houierville, Ac., connect with the,9 A M, Rtid 4X P M tt.-?ia* lrour New York, daily, Sunday* esccpted. ' are betweeu New York and Elizabeth Town 10 cents. Fare between do .uid Somerville, 75 cents. YORX. AND KAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Kahway. At 8 A.M. At J P M. At 7 A.M. At 3 P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 do 6% do 11 do 4V do 9H do 9 do 'jZ do UH do NEW YORK AND NEW From loot of CnnrtUtid street, New York, daily. Leave New York. Leave New Ilruuswic* AOA.M At 4 P.M. A'6 A.M. At 11* A. M 5X do IX do 8>? P. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Brnnswick. At 7 A M aud *% P M. At 11H A.M., aud 8H P M. Fare, nchr to tke Philadelphia trains, between New Yo-k and New BrnitawieV, 60 Cents Bttwten New York and Railway 15 cents, fteteiiaers tvno procure their tickets at the ticket otticv, it eive a lcrry ticket grans. Tickets are received by the con IflPtor ftnlv fiti fVif* wh? i nnrt<Knt/*f1 mil 1in#F I Kinata Tjipo win m rim n i '* ttiirtbethtowu >ud I y nnrrville Kiilioad, for three days, viz:? Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday?tn and (mm New * ork and Somei ville, Roird Brook, New Market, Fill' lield, Scotcnylaius, and VVi?ifre il, winch is the moit pleas-nt route and villages, 'ore roni trj excursion, mth? State of New Jemry?maki- it (our t useach'way. Some* ville is fort rai'es from the< it', coun'y i at ol Some.-sette, and but two hours and a halt ride froiu the lLKAVK NEW YOKK FOR THE ABOVE PLACES By New Je sey Railroad. By Steamboats From foot rf l ourtlaudt sheet. Fro * Tier No. 1 North River At 9 aud 11 o'clock. A M. At anil 10 ? o'clock, A."si. 3 6X t. M. 2 6* f. M. The Sowerville Traiua leave Eli/.ibetlitowo on arrival of Nr w Jeisey cars and steamboati, at 10 and 12 o'clock, A. M, and at 4 ana 8 o'clock, P. VI. llATUHNIU KOK NEW YOHK Leave nomrrville. Leave B nud Brook. At aud 8 o'clock, A. M. At 5*i sod 8U o clock, A. VI. 1X 5 P. M. I% "ij P. M. Leave P'nirfield. l.eave vVostfield At 6?tf and 9 o'c'.tik, A. M. At 6V and 9'a o'clock, A. M. 2* ? P. M 1% 6*J P. M. K?n! from New York to Soroerville 75 cent. ?Bound Broos and New M?rket 82>4 oeuts?Plniufield and hcotchp'aiws 50 eta ? !V<.?itield3''>i cents. ie 29'ojyl*r MA FOUxTH OF Jl'LV EXCURSION? ^ .JtVr3?Ti> PEHiH AMBOY AMJ NEW "* niiiTsi.iu <;K. from Barclay street wlmit", at 9 o'clock?The last and ple.'j'iit steamboat RAK1TAN, Cant Isaac Fisher, will make an excursion to P-slh Amboy and New Bmnswick, on Tueida?. July 4th, leaving the loot of Baiclay st, at 9 o'clock, t k> >,*; (he outside passage, ffTordiug pleasant views of the bay and hribor the Nairo-v., the Public Weiks. the Qeartantiue, Sandy Hook Light, Ac?lauding at Perth Amboy, and proceed direct tn New Brunswick. Retaining. leaves New Urunkswick at >? before I P. M. and Penh Ainlmy at 3 o'clock, arnviug in New York at 4>i P. M. Fare for the whole rxcunou, 50 cent* Fami'ies aud pleasure pa ties will find this the most pleasant snd healthful excursion on the 4th. The Karitan has ample accommodation sufficient to*affnid general ssti:f<ctnn The hou'snl "departure will be puuc ua1. jr28 iw?ec agtMCfk sd U11AV1) Excursion to the Fishing Banks, flLs-J^y?sJ?every Tnesdav. Thursday and Friday raorn 3?_JB^X.iiigs during th> season, landing at Fort Hamilton each w.y. Fare 50 em's for the excursion. The steamboat SUPEKIOH, Capt. J. Gould, will commence her regular trips ou Tnuriday morning, June 15th, It'm the pier foot of Chambers st, at 8 o'clock; Amos it, quarter past 8; Canal st, nan past 8; Pier No. 1, Ba'tery, quarter to 9; Catbe'ice Ferry, Brooklm. at 9; foot ofPikest quarter paH9; au I Pier No, I, Battery, at hall past 9 o'clock for the Fishing Banks off Saudy Hook. A band of music is eugaced. Refreshments ou board Extra but furnished gra'is. The celebrated fisherman, Capt. Peacock, with hi* harpoons, is engaged j!4 lm*ec NEW YORK. AND KINO STON STEAM FREIGHT AND PASSAGE For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson M^oxffiS*iMrnl*D<nal?steamboau EMERALD and NOR a-JsdL w icH. The EMERALD, Captain John Ketehatn, will leave Nes* York foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at 5 o'clock. P. M. _ , Wnl leave Kingston (Hondnut lauding) every Wednesday and Saturday at 3 o'clock. P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leave New York, bo: of WarreD street, every Wednesday and Saturday at i o'rl a, P. M. vo .. i?? ' f - any atI o'clock, P. M. 1 EXTRA TRIP8. The KM EKALD will leare the fo*t of Mnrtay street every Sundy morning at 7 o'clock, Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock same. day. for freight o? rassaee apply on hoard, or to WILLIAMSON. BARLOW St CO , aai S?*r Ifi4 West street. jgm HUMMER ARRANGEMENT FOR W T^~|iVj""J"L''0*""T"v ' t Branch, Ocean House, Blace Point, Kuinsou, and Eatoutowu Lauding, thp ugh the iunrr passage. the Dew Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain Jonn P. Corlirs, will l> ave Eatontown Landing on Sunday, the 4th of June in t., and run as fol lows,to wk: leavirg New York, from the foot of Robinson s'reet, every Monday, Tne.-.d y, Weduesday, Thnraday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A.M. Returning, will leave Kacontov u Landing on each of ilie a boy- davi. rt I o'clock, P. M. On Saturdays will leave New Y"ih at 2}{ o'clock, P. M., and Eatoutewu Landing on Sunday* ar 1 o'clock, P. M . and Ocean House at 4 o'clock. The SHREWSBURY will run as above (weather permitting) until further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners. N. B ?Stages will be in attendance to convey passengers f om the aforesaid landing places to any ran ol' the country required. j? 13 ~ZHTVTKTS | -LANC, FERRY, FOOT WHITEHALL -T-Ihe stasrol.oaU J O'PS'1-.' a |8LA x DHI and SAMSON will run as follows until further notice Leave New Yn k 8, 9, 10, 11,1 2, 3Vi. 5. 6 7. Erne suten Island I, 9, 10. 11.1, 2, 4,5, 6. 7. Leave New York and fliateu Island evei v hour ou Sunday. P. 8.? Excursion to Fort Hamilton, Sundays excepted. Leave Fort Hamilton 7X A. M., reluruiug Irani Naw York P M. ill r gn Hamilton house, fort hamfir tafijii^'ll-TON ??The steamboats 8TATKN SKiwBslKglLlSLANDe'K and SAMSON will ruu every day (Sundays excepted) during the season, as follows:? Leave Fort Hamilton ?t 7)4 A M. ?nd 4 . P. M. Ne\> York, Whitehall Dock, at 3>< P. M. . This arrangement may bo relied on as permanent, as its contimitnce will not depend on any contingency. j 15 3inr a?im gM PiOPLK'H LINE OF STEAMBOATS ALBANY?Uaily at 7 o'clock, P. M. JLMKJE.'l'l>in>(n Direct (Sundays excepted) from t: e Steamboat 1'ier ret een ('ourtlandt and Liberty sticets Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capl A Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday spd Saiurdnr evenings, st 7 o'clock. Steamboat SOL I'M AMERICA, Captain 1, W Brainard, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday sveniugs, at 7 o'c'ock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M II True?dell, landing at intermediate places, will leave Tuesday, Thursday aua Saturday afternoons, at 5 o'clock. For passage or freight,apply ou board, or to P. C. Hchnltz at Sb* omce on the wherf. jc'<6 Iw r MAYOR'S OFFICE. ) Chsrlestoiv, S. C , June 10, 1843 { TO RENT FOR A TERM OF YE ARB, O FOR SALE, Ji/i That large and commodious establishment known as . * the Charleston Hotel, situate m a central pattofthe city. mflLfroBting on Meeting stiert, sr uth on Hayne street, and adjoining the exleitive range of wholesale stores: east on note I street; north on PincHiey street The hotel is about 15(1 feel hy about 175 lc< t deep, fou-stonrs high containing about I it parlors and i hambers, beanies the dining rooms for ladies Hud gentlemen: a so. bar mam. reading room, olfic. s. store rooma mid kitchen; alao, fi?e corn anil a harbei'a room. in baaeineiit, and fronting on Havne >'r ft?a luge cittern, eontailin g ?' lit 8"> 00(1 gatlcna, and a foiM pump, in cave at lire, attached thertt ; alio two welly on the prrmiari. The whole front of the Hotel n tinlie llishr d with a ipacioua two itory collonade. Termi of aale will b?, a credit attending over a period of at leant 8 yeara, ond conformably fo the proriiiooa of the lite "Stan- Fire Loan Act,'' aerured by mortgage of premivea; approved ircnriiy will be raitired on levee or aale. fropoeala aitdreaaed to the Mayor of Charleston, will be received until the 15th Jaiy rietc. J. S' HMKRhlC, Mayor N. P.?The following newvpaperaMhe [New Vorg H-rald and Conner Ft F.nqwi/er; ihe t?"*to? Con iert the Philadelphia United Statea flazelte : the ftiHtmnrr Ainerirvu the Mew Orleana Brc; the Mobile llegiater and Journal will invert the above in a conap'rn 111 place once a week nanl Ihe llth proaj. ino. and forward their accongta for payment to Courier office. j2l to Jy'5r " I'llVSICI\>h?FAH vl FOR MALE.?/Tphir"';W licnn I'ving near a very p'evaant Tillage abont llinty rAiMLinitaa from the city, and who ia eetenaively etigu'd in bit Pioleaaion, III uld Iivpoae of hiv enti'e eatvhlivhmtut. An immediate practice through a inoat beautifttl country, and daily tcceaa totha city. tender thivan opportunity lor a phvaicuu rviely to be met with. The f-rm cmaiita of about fifty ai.rea of foon land, in a high atatr of cnltivntinu. On the ptemiaea aie a good ht.nae, carriage home, nam, iea houa?, Icc , aa well aa alinoal avert variety of font trera. Addreaa W E H at the office of the Commercial Aove'tner, or apply at Mo .13 Pine atreet, where mure minute narliculara will be given. j2l |w*m MFOR SALE?On rraaouable and accommodating terma, a new nouae and lot, pleaaantly situated in Naaaanatrnet *tlhe head of Siautcn atreet. Brooklyn. .i "i"L7 r n ' a ?l Sdi Couniellor, Ike.. No I Front ]3* St*" ROBBIM8, Maaon.JW Pearl at., Brooklyn. a,i 'nl, k'SA'TrVi8 lno<l<rn huilt Uiree at ny oriek , el1" ? N? '6 Oreen atreet, fiuiahed with ailver lunii tuie, marble mantlea and gratea throughout. A fine large yard, with never failing cistern. Will be let l?w Foi further iMrticnUra apply to ! ? imi? aitken. brothers, - )" lm ec Mo. ltt Fulumatreet. *3?, fUlIK -For aale, the laige Conaerv-M3?lory, with all toe ei'rinive apparatnv nu.ched thereto 'b" garden, (late Mr. Terry'i,) Henry at, llre k vr.' For (twther paiticn'ara apply to * W. RUSSELL. Flnri.i n? .1,. : W. Rnuell ha? niao (or ?a<r at low p'ieea, a inperb col'rction ol linn healthy Piantt in bloom tnd in rota, ..t g- raniuma 1 uri, veibeiaa, violat, dahliaa, tttliaa, rhododtudroni, aalv.a? potrnillta, rlrinniiaet. cactuart, ma?noliti. Iioiieyaucklea, ami other deairble i?rrr ihonie and garden pUnta and react. Bonqoci* benuMlolly made up to ordt r. All ordera for the iueaof New York and Brooklyn, delivered Iree of charge and pnnctnaliy attended to. jli2w*r ' l')K. 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At the last meeting ol the Philadelphia Repeal As Duuiauviii,aotruc ui me grrairdi ui sortie r iuuk. piacr. The tollo wing report wad presented:? The Committee, appointed ut the meeting of this Association, held on ib?- tv li iHt, to take into WAlUWiUN the speecu reiiorted to Uuve been delivered by Mr O'Oounull ou the 1 titu oi May last, in itie Loyal National Ho. peal Association iu Dublin, and to rejiort on ttio same, lespectluuy report:? fhat they have considered thu matter refeired to them with that OUte and attention which its importance demanded. They permed with pain tho speech relerred to them, and reported to huve tiueu delivered by Mr. (J'Counell, and the Judgm-nt 10 which th <y have arriv< d, relative to it, is ouibodied in certain resolutions, which thuy will submit to the Association. They conceive it to bo the duty ot the Repeal Associations otthe United States, acnug in their associate capacity, emphatically to disclaim all connectioa and sympathy with every soci-ty termed tu reference to the politics or any ui the domestic institutions oi this country, including,ot course, tuu Society lor the Abolition ot Slavery in thu southern and westei - states. To permit local and domestic questions, ou wh.oh these necessarily eiists great diversity ot sentiment, to be mixed up with our proceedings, would iutro duce such discoid uud embarrassment into thu Association, as must inevitably trustrate the great and glorious object ol our lormatiou, the Repeal ot the Legislative Union between Ireland and Oreit Britain, coiicerniu., which there is among us but one mind and one iceluig. Whilst perfect ireedom is conceded to Mr. 0'C>uiiell, both iu holding and expressing his private opinions on the subjact ot domestic slavery in thu United Stairs, your committee think tnat, to denounce any mail for holding contrary opinions, savors ol that political intolerance which Mr. O Council has, on other occusions, himselt, most sincerely and eloquently disavowed. Tills Association has, Ueretoiore, successfully resisted all attempts to divert us enthusiastic exertions Iroin the oue gieat object which every mail ol us cherishes iu his utmost heart, utul it still becomes us. with that iinunimity which has hcrdoiore characterized our course, aud which alone can enable us, to render essential service to thu cause ol freedom in Ire-laud, to stand lor ward as one man to avert every new element ot danger. It is with pain aud regret that we reflect that this danger has proceeded lrom oue (innocently without doubt) whose voice on other subjects has ever been, and still is, omnipotent amongst u?, yet we must not permit even the great Liberator, respected and revered as he is, to prescribe to us what shall ne our private opinions and actions, or to dictate to Us, citizens oi tho United Slates, the standards of our politicul faith. Alter maturely reflecting on the whole matter submitted to them, your committee liud nothing in the speech ol Mr. O'Uuuuell that should diminish in the slightest degree theLttection of the members ol this Association tor me people ot Ireland, or damp their ardor, or weaken their utiorts to uid thi ui in pressing tor and achieving their dui ling -no .sure of Repeal. Though u email cloud may lor a moment shade our path, vet never have the dawning hopes ol the piopie ol Ireland shed a brighter promise ul the sunburst ol lihoi ty than at this time. Let not, theretore, obstacles and duliculties which always tieset the progress ot every glorious undertaking, lor one moment discourage or perplex us; but let us leel that it is ottr privilege to have an opportunity of making lresh sacrifices ou the altar of a country whose people are our nearest and dearest relations, and possess as many and heroic vn lues us my nutiou under heaven. (Loud cheer tig-) 'lhe President of the Association?Mr. Stokes? supported tins report in a speech, which is thus reported in the l'ennsylvanian: ? Mr.SToxi:* said he did not rise to argue the question of repeul or abolition, but lor the purpose of saying that he joined with his whale heart in every sentiment contained in the resolutions reported by the committee to which Mr. O'Gonnell's extraordmary speech had been referred. He would notat that time argue the repeal question, because he did not desire by any means or m any manner, to taint that which was true and good, by bringing it into con nexion with that which was tulsu and bad. He did not argue the atiolition question, because thut was not the jiluce or time tor the discussion ol a subject on which men might < tiler'tain an honest diiference of opinion, and which w.i? not necessarily associated with thut which relates to the interests of lieland? nay, which, by the constitution of the association, was virtuully excluded lrom withm the wulls. No man, (said Mr. fc?.,) should avoid any proper responsibility?no man should shrink lrom the expression of his views on any question ot public policy, wlien the lute.est* ol his country or his private convictions ol duty require it. (Applause.) But, gentlemen, a lung experience ami intimate Knowledge of your propriety and patriotism, warrant the belie! that you wilinot sutler any man or set ol men to direct your attention lrom the one si gle object of your association?to distract your minds by say minor matters?to introduce irrelevant subjects lor the purpose of driving out by violence and confusion that order and harmony which have so honorably distinguished your course hitherto. Here, (he exclaimed.) we are the friends of Ireland, [tremendous applause]?-uotuing more? nothing less. (Loud and ioug encoring.) Elsewhere wo may difler as freemen should, without hesitation or restraint, save what thw decencies of life require; hut here we agree us Repealers should in all that is essential to the furtherance of our common object. (Loud cheers ) Religion, slavery, party pontic-, neither have any proper connection wiln our object. Wti cunnot set on either, Mtttlnot discus* either (Cheers.) I assure you.iientlemen, that so long as I have the honor to preside over your deliberations, neither shall be discussed, unless after a reversal ui ti.e deci 'ion of the rliitir. (Chi enng, and cries of" That's right,'' " that's right,"" we'll stand by you, 'See.. When, however, Mr. O'connell, or any other man of influence, U'es such language in relation to Repeal, or utters in his Repeal capacity sucn opinions in regard to us or our fellow citizens, or publicly makes in ? Rope. 1 ball charges against our country, her institutions and laws, tending to injure interests in which wu are all involved, it is not o.ily our right, but our duty to protest againr-tsuch measures?to repel such attacks?10 answer such charges. (Cheers ) Sir, as a native American citizens, I glory in the laud of my biith. Itis the holiest and happiest spot on earth, for it is consecrated to fr> idom. (Knthutiastic applause.) Not, sir, to un abstract and impracticable idea of tree jom, but to a real practical, con stiuitional freedom. (Loud applause ) Murk you, constitutional, legal freedom. Strike down the constitution, teach the people to despise the laws, and by whatever name we may cull ourselves, we shall be the vilest slaves. Sir, it is under the constitution and laws, that a portion of our fellow citizens lay claim to the involuntary services of their negro servants. They show the same title to their property which we show to our rights. He who would, under the spurious pretext ol philanthropy for others, rob me of the rights purchased by my lather's blood, must expect, and shall receive such an antwer as cannot he mistaken ?the indignant answer of a freeman, to an attempt to argue away the sacred charter of hn liberty. [Loud cheering ] Sir, Daniel O'Connell is an illustrious man? what is better, he is an honest man [deafening RppluuseJ. But he has fallen into error in regard to our country?he has done great injustice t# our people. He never was in this country, and somehow or other has misconceived our duties tooursilves, and to one another. [Here Mr. K11 lion rose nod called him to order, when an immediata cry of "sit down," "lit down," was addressed to Mr. K. Irom all part" of the house, and followed by hisses, until complied with. Mr. tttokes then proceeded] His language is unfortunately fresh in your memories, and I will not join you aud other gentlemen by repeating It. But I will say that without our own consent and invitation, we should permit no man?no body of men on earth to meddle in our domestic affairs. We invited tho French to aid us against the (oe, and they responded to our call. In. vited by Ireland, we here aid her so tar as our duties as good citizens will allow, against the power which was once the common foe of both. [Cheers ] There is an etseutial dillerence between an unauthorized interference lor i-vil, and ? solirued intervention lor good. rt r hpk liu iiu t-iRn l.'l'l uTruer? wr wMl IHMlllllu IIO fareign d.ctstion. [Loud applause.] Mr. OTonnell has i'oki ii plainly, let us speali equally plain. Let imI sanetion by nn unanimous Vote the sentiments embodied in the resolution of th? committee. Let u? recollect that a singli* Irishman is hut one of eight million*. Let u* hear in mind that "principles, not men,'' i* the true republican motto?that the redemption of a race i* the work oi ffoil, not man?that eren the Liberator himiell i* entitled to that name only insomuch as he fulfils the mission of a higher than any eerthly power [Long continued applause ] Gentlemen, said Mr. A., I have expressed my opinion. I hare performed a paintul part, tint I telt it to be my duty, and hare done it unshrinkingly. Whether by so doing I shall lose the affection and confidence of those for whom I have long latmred, / do not know. But I do know that any other course than that which I hare Adopted, would have been moral treason to the land of my lore, and the law* which I respect, and which many of you have sworn to support. Mr. fl. then sat down amidst a burst of deafening applause, which continued lor sever 1 minutes, ami seemed to cause the very building to tremble. Three cheers for the President were then given, and order being again in a measure restored, Mr. Coi.shss rase to addrass tho society in opposition to the rei>ort, but ere he had hardly commenced, the shouts, cheers and hisses of the audience, ami the repeat ed cries of "Question," "Question," "Sit down," ami "Goon," entirely prevented his being heard. The rar.sinr.isr desired that Mr. C. might he permitted Is liroteed. lie asked it as a lavnr fifth,, aoeieit. A Voter?Out of respect to you wo will listen to him, but let him be brief. Mr.C. then proceeded. He condemned the report? spokvottheba.l policy ofap|>ointing the committee in the lint piece,end desired to otfur a resolution that he thought would have a tendency to quiet the matter. The resolution pronounced the uppointment of the committee a false ten, und proposed to suppress the report. Alter being advocated for aomo time by Messrs. Colahau and Killion, it was loot. Mr. Kiluion then rose amid loud cries for the question to be immediately put, intermingled with shouts and his ses. lie declared hi* determination to be heurd at all ha zarJs. aad after some time order was lestored and he proceeded, mooring under great excitement. He at some length omsistd the report, declaring that if it was adopted ho would immediately resign the otiioe which ho held iu the society, (tnat of Secretary,) and leave it foraver. lie then otfeied the loliowing is a substitute for the resolutions attached to the report of the committee " Whereas, certain documents have appeared In several of our city papers, from Irrland, purporting to be .1 reply to the Anti Slavery Society ol Pennsylvania, S'gn 9!mmm "gggggggg . , IEKA ) u ed, Jami'i H luton, chaiimsn, and a spe?ch, (aid to horn been delivered by Daniel O'Connell, relative to slavery in this country; and, . ' Wheaeas, tint Constitution ot both cnuntrie-J recognize tint right ol thought, and thtt privilege of expi rising it, tvii bold ourselves in no wise accountable, nor in any way connected with thtt expressions oI'Daniel O'Cvnnoll, or any other p?raon,on an> (uhjitct apart lloin thn Repeal of tho Union betwei n Groat Britain and Ireland, an is expressed lully in our Constitution,and in the following re solution, adopted by the National Repeal Con vrntion of the Kneads of Ireland, held in this city, on the anniversary o, tho immortal iVsshlngtnn. !Ud o! February, UMt, and which is declaratory of tho views now entertained by us, to wit :? " Resolved, That the only objeet of the Repeal Convention of the Untied States is 'o aid, by norul n.ea a, the peaceable t rtorts ol tho people of Ireland to regain their ancieut legislative independence; and that they have no >lesigu or desire to luteilere, either by action or opinion, in any matter of religion, politics or abolition, connected wi'h the -ocial condition or governmental institutions of this country." An angry and exciting discussion arose on this amend ment, and the contusion and disorder surpassed any thing which had preceded it. The President declared himsell completely exhausted in Ins efforts to preserve order, and large numbers retired, believing that an adjournm- ut would be ellected without taking liie question; nut finally being ho loudly called for as ellecttialfy to stop i be discussion, tho question was put and the uuiendment was agreed to?and the resolutions as amended were adopted, the amendment being inserted as a substitute. The report ol the committee was then rejected. The. result having boon antiouuced by tho President Mr. Stokes immediately left the Chair which wise taken by Francis Pieman, Ksq., one of the Vice Presi dents. Amotion was then made, and unanimously ugreed to with enthusiastic acclamution, that "the Association have entire confidence in the wisd-im and patriotism of the President, and return him tho most hearty thanks, lor the able und impartiul manner in which he has always presided over our deliberations, and morn especially tonight." Mr Stokes then re-appeared, and waa ieceived with nine rounds of applause He briefly said that he thanked the mi mbers for their kind expressions, and bowed to thn wil ol the majority, so far and so long as he was conneot ed with the Association. But that us u good citizen and a true hearted American, he owed a duty to his country, which lie could not, nor would not either neglect or forget. lie would do what his honor required in relereuje to the motion which had occupied the attention of the As. sociation, und begged them to adjourn to Wednesday evening next, to hear a communication which he should then niHke to them. The Association then adjourned. Arraionmkntof Rogers for thr Murder of Mr Lincoln.?13y special summons the grand jury came intoGouit on Tuesday morning, and were charged upon the subject of murder somewhat Briefly uui cieuriy uy ma iiinior v^iuci j uanuc onuw. s ncy then retired to in<iuire into the cause of the death of Mr. Lincoln, and at 11 o'clock they returned witha bill for murder against Abner Rogers, Junr., averring that he killed the late warden with a shoeknife. Just before dinner, wc are informed by the Boston Post, Rogers was brought over Irum the State prison, where he has been kept in irons since the day of the murder, the 15th inst., and arraigned. He looked cadaverous and pale, in the extreme, but seemed to understand his situation very well. He pleaded "not guilty" very distinctly; but immediately added?" I don't mean to say that I did not do it; but if I did, I did not know it at the time, and that's the reason why I say 1 am not guilty ol murder." Court?When will you be ready for trial 1 . Rogers?I should like to have as long a time to prepare for my trial as I can?I could be ready in September, or November. Court?It is desirable that your trial should take place at as early a day as possible. Have you any couusel 1 Rogers?My father has been to see me. and something was said about couusel, but 1 dou't know whether be has engaged any or not. , Court?Do you wish the court to assign you counsel 1 Rogers?Will there be an opportunity for me to answer as to that ufter to-day ! 1 want to hear from my father before I fix upon any thing. Court?Where does your father live 1 Rogers?In Newbury. ' Court?You can send to Newbary three or four times a day. The sherifl will see that your letters are properly conveyed, and on .Saturday you must be brought in again to have a day for trial fixed. Rogers?My father lives back in the country part of tue town, and 1 may not be able to get word to him by tint time, and I should like to have you make it longer if you can. I want you to understand how this thing is. 1 hadn't mv reason when 1 did that deed. If I had had my reason I never could have done it, fori had nothing against Mr. Lincoln. The prisoner now went into an unintelligible narration of circumstances to show how he had lost his reason lor some two days before the murder; that he was pursued by night and day by supernatural being-1, who persuaded hirn that he was to be kept through time and eternity in the state prison; that they knocked hirn about when he was awake, and waked bun up when asleep, and played the poco game with hirn, whether he would or not, und they continued in this course till he was completely hewidered, and didn't know any thing -:il L l I 1 I. 111...j \yl? i 1 1? tin lie wa.s luiu lie uau kiiicu mr i^iiiuuiu. i Cocbt?-[interrupting him} -You appear to be relating some narrative. T.iat is not in place now. At your trial will be the proper time tor anything of that kind which you may wish to ( tier. Rogers?I only mention these things so that you may understand why it was that I had not my reason. Court?All that can be heard in due time. It is desirable that your trial may take place at as early a day as you can be prepared, lor several reasons. Rogers?I understand you. I know they'll carry the thing against me us laras they can, in order to maintain prison discipline. But 1 know 1 am not knowingly guilty, and I place my trust in God lor the little while I have to live. He knows whether I am guilty wr not. [The prisoner again lell into his former strain about being beset with evil and invisible spirits, until he was somewhat peremptorily cut short by the court ] The matter ot counsel was not decided upon, and the slieritl was directed to take the prisoner to the Leverett street jail, and bring him in again on Saturday, when a day lor trial will be assigned, and counsel nominated by the court, unless the prisoner's friends procure counsel for hitn. Court of Krrorn. June '29.- Samuel Hall, Plaintiff in Errar vs. Obadiah Xeu cnmbc, defendant.? Mr. Kmg opened tor the plaintiff Newconibe endorsed a note lor V2i<>, drawn by one Farmer, in favor ofthn plaintiff, who contends that the de femlant isMJable on an original undertaking, aa surety to pay the note. The defendants claim to he liable only as endorses upon the usual demand and notice, and not as I maker or euamntee. jY,r. Sandlor J appeared for the defendant. Court, of Common I leal, Before Judge Inglii. Jvnr.79.? C?nn?t ?? Dunham?Thi* case, which ? ai commenced yraterday, wai brought to a clone to day, the Jury finding'tor defendant. The plaint iff, as we hate already itated.wnsan apprentice to Mr. Dunham, to leam the trade of pianoforte making, and he nought to recover damagea lor a breach of covenant for the defence, it was contended that the plaintiff wn* mentally incompetent to learn, and alio thnt he was of dissolute and liugtv larj habita. Theie allegation! were denied ai firmly athey were asserted; hut on behalf of the defendant, ta?tl mony wai given t? ihow that the plaintiff had been instructed In us many hranchea aa It was ttaual lor the trade to tench in the time lor which he waa hound. Tui r-were other pointi in the caae of minor importance, aad the rvlult was as we have atuted. Giorgt S. Cary vi. Gad Taylor.?Thu was an action to recover damages for an assault and battery. The plaintiff was a collector, and In hie occupation he called upon the defendant for the amount of a debt j aome alter cation eniucd, and the defendant undertook to chaitiio tha plaintitr. The assault wai clearly eitahliihed, and the only remaining question wai the amount ol damages to he awarded, and an this point the Jary were unable lo agree. From Cape IIaytikn?By the schooner Orralloo, Captain Lulkin, at this port this afternoon, in eight days from Cape Haytien, we learn thut the island continues to he still in an unsettled state. _ There were rumor- of difficulties at Tort au Prince, in consenuence of a difference of opinion existing among a number oftfie government rule/s. American produce was generally low. There had been no sales of flour owing to the wreck of a Spanish brig, with a lull cargo, saved in a damaged state, . . . . ?,r. ti... h?.i Wllicn n?CI sui?|?|irti mc Him ??v v>i.H,iyu uau a cargo ot conee, logwood, Ace., with #2000 in s|?ecie.?Phil. Chrnn. Treasprt Note Robbers.?Ueyndere, one of the treasury note robheraat New Orleans, has been admitted to bail m hi# own recognizance, there ai>i>earing no evidence to connect htm with the robbery ? Jewell wm remanded for a further examination. Mt rdkr by Indians.?Information has been received at St bom# of the murder of a white man by a |>arty ot Sioux Indiana on the Little Vermiliou river. The man belonged to the Little Vermilion trading i>o?t L D. eric* Two Untf, Fi'.nkral Honors ro Mr. Leoark in his Nativk City.?The intellinenee of the death of the late Attorney General excited the moat marked and general feeling of regret in Charleston? his native city. According to notice, the members of the Bar of this city met in the Appeal Court Room, on Monday last, nt 12 o'clock, for the purpose ol paying a tribute of respect to his memory. Judge King was called to the chair, and S. A. Hurlburt, Esq , requested to act us Hccr* tary. J :dge King, on taking the chair, add*?ssed the meeting in a very impressive manner, adverting to the early life and career, and the unlooked lor death of the deceased?after I which, H. Bailey, Esq , the Attorney General of the State, introduced a preamble and resolutions, by some appropriate and pathetic remarks. The " Charleston Patriot" publishes the resolutions, which are as follows: ? Resolved, That the members ol the Charleston Bar, whilst they deeply feel the privation which our country has Niistairiril in the death ol Hon. Hugh Swinton Legare, late Attorney (Jen era I of the United States, and which they cannot but regard as a great oational loss, peculiarly deplore this afflictive dispensation ol an Almighty Providence, as the extinction of one of the brightest orna ments of our Stato. Resolved, That in token of our regret for the public lows, and of our grief for the sudden disruption of the private friendships tiy which the deceased was endeared to us, and to give expression to our sense of his public and private virtues, we will wear the usual mark ol mourning tor the ipaotai thirty days Resolved, That a copy of the foregoing preamplo and resolutions he forwarded to the nearest relative of the deceased, and that the Chairman of this meeting be requested to present them to the Courts now in session in this city, with a request that they may be entared on their respective journals. Resolved, That a copy of these proceedings be transmuted to the department of the Supreme Court at Washington to he put on the records there. Resolved, That they he published in the different papers of the oity. In the District Court of the United States on the preceding Saturday,the court being called t? order, and his Honor Judge Gilchrist about to deliver the decree in the case of the assignees of McDowell, Edward McCready, Esq., District Attorney, addressed the Court as follows :? the court proceeds I Hither, to announce the death of the Hon. Hugh 8. Legare There is a period between the announcement of n calamity and the lull anprehenaion of its woe, when theminu and heart leem stupiAed. Such now is ourcondifion ; and I have not at command either the language of the heart to convey my feelings, or that ol the intellect to express my thoughts. We cannot hear of the unexpected death ot an ordinary companion without feelings of awn. But when one occupying a station so eminent, distinguished by otficiai elevation us woll as by those qualifications which rendered him meet for office; whose whole life was nn intellectual labor,crowned with eminent success , standing so intimately connected with the judiciary of the United States?when this head oi our fraternity has been suddenly called before the in Igment seat ol our eternal Judge above?it is hut little lor bis brethren to ask of this court to forego the consideration o the thing8oftime,and lorget te pronounce its judgment. To which the Court responded as follows :? Ma. Attohskv, and Gkntlxmkn or the Bam :?The Court deeply feels the annunciation which has just been made antl the propriety of paying evAy respect to the memory of the di cased. Mr. Lcgnre iif life Ailed some of the must distinguished stations undeg the Federal and State Governments, and in all ol them proved himsalt worthy ol the public conAdence reposed in him. But it is ns one of us, gentlemen, that we are called upon to deplore his loss. As a member of our profession, he elevated its character by his talents and hit virtues ; and remembering the intimate associations that have existed between the deceased and ourselves, we must indeed leel that we have lost a triend and a brother, and I should be insensible to those feelings if I did not accede to the motion which you have made. Let the court adjourn. Washington. (Correspondenceof the Herald.J Washington, June 27th, 1843. The Mexican Indemnity?Non-Payment of tht Claimant*?Cause*. To James Gordon Bennett, Eaq., Editor of th* New York Herald, Undokr of Wbonos, and Scourge ok the Evil Doer:? sir,? It is now ten days since official notice was received at the Treasury Department of the deposit of the Mexican indemnity in the Mint of New Orleans to the credit of the United States, since which many of the claimants or their representatives have been clamorously knocking at the door of the tieasury, demanding that the law of Congress, which makes it obligatory on the Secretary of the Treasury to pay them forthwith, should be executed. The Acting Secretary, in the absence of Mr Spencer, informed them that a difficulty had arisen in the case, which must await the solution of Mr. Spencer on his return. Since Mr. Spencer's return, it is understood that the point of difficulty is the following:? It being by la.v the peculiar duty of the Secretary of the Treasury to receive the money from Mexico, and bring it home to the United States, and then disburse it pro r'ta to the claimants Mr Spencer, in discharge ot that duty, appointed Mr. Teyton A. Southall, the ugent <?l the Treasury Department, with authority to receive the money from the Government ol Mexico on the 30th April, as stipulated by the Convention of the 3d March. Mr. Southall, the Treasury agent, embarked at Pensacola, on board the Dolphin, and arrived at Vera Cruz on the 2oth March, but loitered away his time on the road, and did not reach the city of Mexico until the 2d May. In the mean time Gen. Thompson, our Minister at Mexico, in virtue ot power conferred by Mr. Spencer's antecessor in office, had commissioned a commercial house of the ciiy of VeraCruz, to receive the money on the day appointed lor payment, Rnd to ship it to the United States.for which service he allowed them to receive from Mexico the 2| per centum designated in the Convention as a lund to cover the expense of transmission to the United States; the service was promptly and satisfactorily performed by the agents appointed by Mr. Thompson. They received from the Government of Mexico the commission allowed by treaty, and very properly retained it in their own hands Mr. Southall, while writhing under the mortification and loss occasioned by Ins inexcusable delay, hud the weakness to enter a protest againat the payment i f the money by the Mexican government, and by that distempered act placed our government in the most ridiculous attitude that can be imagined. He, however, solaced himself with the idea that he would make the poor claimants responeible for the consequences of his neglect of duty, and now has tfie modestv to require that the Secretary ol the Treasury shall withhold 2J per centum ot the claimants'money, and give it to him in compensation for his in> fficient services. This is the grave question that has for the last ten days occupied the Treasury Department, and su8(>ended the distribution of the money to the claimants. What solution will be given toil bv the Secretary of the Treasury, is yet unknown. The claimants, one and i all, protest against having their money taken from tlicm so unceremoniously; but as I happen to know what is going on behind the curtum 1 am at no lorn to divine the reault. Mr. Sonthall ia a Virginian, wan formerly ? purser in the navy, from which he was dismiesed by the loeoloeo dynasty; add to which he is a connexion of Capt. Tyler, and is poor. H.70O would be ol aome service to him, and would not be much'lelt by the claimants, aa they have been disciplined to suffer, and may well stand a little more unfiling from the foregoing premises; and my knowledge ol the man?my vaticinations are in favor of the admission of Mr. Southall'sclaim Aftsr which the claimants will be graciously permitted to receive the residue. Yours, truly, A Looker onVANII.LA BK * NB.?Three em^ll oaset ol vetyauperior quality jest received, for sale wholerale au<i retail by IAS. 8. A8PJNWALL, _j30Jt*ec 16 William ttreef. VJ HINttLIt MACHINE?One of Klagg'e Patent Shingle O Machines, which can be worked either by itaaaa or horse power, and will cat 20.not shingles in oue day, but little used end in prune enter; will he smd very low ou immediate appii cation to OHOBHIM It 8CHKEIBER, 7i William attest. It can be icen at the store >f MEsBKS. 8. DUNN It CO . ;27 3tm 117 Water ttier t. OKKICE OK JKEKERHON INSURANCE COM PA NY?Office 36 Well street. This Company conunse their bus*knee of inaur.aice against !sn ot damage 'jv lire, Ofl (Ofl.)g. W ' n ! i iprphsn liTs athI also r??a fusasla nil (hfir tirzui r;iin*i loaaby 'lil u.J iw?i**iion directors. w Thorn* ICIiih* Hirrs V WoodtuC Leujamm n Hobttl John K Dsritsn I'rancitV S?n* Th iraj'Mi fric*i Jo**ph jVllru John H !jec John P Moor* Mm** Tuekar Jam** K Holm** iTleb C TuU'j Jain*. K Whitiof kiiaon Maktr Wm K Thorn J?i*[.i> DraU. j'*4 Hawley I hti i, Mtm ft Thorn mMorwH THOMAS w, THORN'S. Preaiu*wi. ui\J. X. Ut>r?., o?cr?*tr. mil J l(* i

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