Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 1, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 1, 1843 Page 3
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'i<u 4a f)i tOfiL|alaa1K? t di tu luiw ito fix M K*ruicr?'L?.M II <10 # M ((Wild Ifawrd. f 1000 Ninon 6'?, ft SldV36| i?'00 Onio ?" , "60 ON 91K JOOO ill) ? 34C lieoo da JiUftppg 81 vS initu do baw m)i 6000 <lo ptc yiw 5M0 do baw|?V loou dj alOafto c 9IX *00 do tmw-jujg im?o d j 3d aft ore m 1000 do b'0g?>, 3WMI d> 01 91 ??U0 'Jo bp ? ? ) Ill UO Keu ackr 6* '? 2" ?? d> b30 35^ io thaa L. laUiul July! IV* Slate of 'J rade. ?we notic6iQi64 stncootiriiflt 01 anoui If In, mostly at $4 6gJ. In Pearls there ia ruthur more do in?. The salts amount to JOO barrel* at $6 26 i iYKaltbont?We liave heard of aalet to some extent at 84} cents. Oilt? Sales of Whale at ?iio; Olive 86 a 871 ; Enstlish Liimewl ?.V, Provi*i0n??Very little doing in any article* under tkia head. Wa quote Pork nominally at M 60 to 11 60. PraTlalon Marktt, The Butcher* complain of hard time*. This insufferable hot Weather sends beef and all other heavy meats a beg King for customer*. The lightest meats are in damaud, such a* mutton and lamb, but fi?h finds the most sale. Salmon sell* at 1* pet |>ound, which i* uncommonly low for any season. Straw, berries are plenty and cheap, they will soon be gone to make way lor Raspberries, fee. Cherries, Gooseberries and Currants are very abundant. New Potatoes are plen ty, but those brought to market are poor things; they sell tor Is per quart, dear enough. Early Cucumbers are setling at 3 a 4c each. The murket is abundantly supplied with the early vegetables. The gardens in tke vicinity want rain very much. Prices or Provisions. Api'lea. bbl $140 a 2 74 Lobsters, 6 a ? /VM' ragm. Dunch-'-U a 14 Mutton 7 a 8 Beef, per lb 6 a 9 Onion*, per bu*h 40 a 40 BuultPU cwt-?-$4.40 a|f Parsnips, ik i dm. ,.-37Jfi? " Beef, coruetl S a 8 Porter House Steaks 12>?a? Blackl'uli," ? a 10 Pork, per lb 4 a 6 Beet*, per buDclt 6 a? Pi*?, roa*ter* ? a$l Butiei, fre?li, per lb 12 a 14 Potatoes, bush 31a ? Butter, firkin, per lb 6 a 8 Potatoes, Swt,hf pk.? a 31 Craba, dot ? Hailishea, buuch ? a 1 Chickens *75 al 00 Itliubarb, per bunch, 4 a ? Clam*, 100 a 37 K kirloin.-lb 10 a 12 Dried Apple*, bbl- ? a$IH Bslmou, ? a I2X ICela B a 10 Hh"d,each ? a ? ICiii;*, 12 for ? a 12% Striped Ba?s, lb 10 a ? Frean Cod-* ,.,.,4 a 4 HmuuKea a 8 Flounder*, ? a 4 Turnip*, per bunch,- J a 4 Jowl* 2 a 3 Tripe, lb ? a 4 Lettuce, doa 12c a Turkic* l,00a$1.4f Lamb, per lb 7 a 8 Veal 4 a 6 Corn Trad*. Our market continue* in a very uusettled and fluctuating condition. Far the past three day* price* have remained steady, notwithstanding the state of the receipt* and demand. The abundance ot money exert* a powerful intluence on the price* of flour, in tike lace of large stock* and abundaut harvests. Tho receipts at thu port arc very small for the season, when the supplies are so large at the weat. The total n?mbtr of barrels received in ihismurket siace theopening of navigation,is 331,669 t The receipt* at Buffalo, from the opening of navigation to the 38d inst., amount to Barrels ol Flour, 392,699 Bushels ol Wheat, 383,501 Tlie receipt* and clearances for tha Ea*t, at Buflolo, of Flour and Wheat, for the third week in June of thia year, amount to Flour. Wheat. Arrived from the Weft, 49,404 bbl*. 133,S68 bushel*. Cleared for the East, 44,381 do. 99,654 do. Balance left on hand, 4,333 bbls. 33,304 bush el*. The bulk of the receipt* at Buffalo are lorwarded for the east as fast as bouts can bo obtained to take it, but there are many stopping places on the canal and river where flour finds storuge, for winter consumption, contracted'for by eastern speculators. Flour laid in lor stock ot this keasan, and at present prices, will not make the fortunes ot many men. The prices of wheat in all the Western markets are far beyond the proportionate price of flour in this. At Buffalo wheat sells quick at fl 13? a $1 16; nt Cleveland, (1; at Rochester >1 13}; and in this market for $1 16 a $1 30. At the rate ot the lowest quotation, flour should be worth here per ddi, instead 01 $5 75. The quotations for thii market, from galea forconsumption, we give for Qent-ase $5 68 a $5 76, very little in, and operation! trifling at these pricea. Ohio and Michigan $6 80 a $i> fi'ij; Georgetown $5 60 a $5 02J; AUxandiia the lime. Rye Klour we quote at $3 37$ a $3 60 for tine. Meal, Jeraey, (2 87J a $3. Brandywine $S 12J. The harvest throughout the South and Weat is progressing rapidly j already large quantities have been safely housed. In two month* we snail have in market cargoes of new wheat Iron the South. The cultivation of this valuable grain is carried on to a greater extent than ever beiore at the South. Georgia will this year raise her ov n bread stufli. Miasissippi has produced more than ever before, and of a superior quality. The production* of these two States will add to the total product largely, and leave a large quantity raised &t the Weit to find seme other market fur consumption. The weather for a few days pust has b?en hot enough to help the corn very mueb, and make up fer the past cold weather, and bid* (airto give us more than an average yield. Notwithstanding the unfavorable reports fiom some ol the old wheat gtowing sections of the country, we have a? yet set ii notliing to iiiduco us for a moment to doubt but that the agricultural production* of the United States will be ner rly an eighth larger than ever beiore. At Baltimore the a^th instant?There is no demand for Howard street Klour, and the tiansactions are very small. Hol lers generally ask $8 78 lor fresh ground of good mixed brand*, while parcels not so recently manufactured, ere bll> red at {>8 tO-KzThe only transaction that has ceme to onr knowledge to day is the saleof 100 bbl*. ol lresh ground at $4 37 j. In the present ?tate ef the market, we are unable to name a definite receipt price. A small aale of Sutquehunna Flour was made to-day at $*76. The receipt* of Pennsylvania Wheat yesterday and today were light, b?ing only ahout 1000 bushula. We note a aale, not prime, at 117c, and another at 130c., atrictly prime was (old at 133c. The demand for Wheat to-day is leva animated. We. hear of no receipts of Md Wheat. Bales of Md Corn at 64c tar both white and yellaw. Sales also of Pentia. jellaw at 54c, and of Penna. Rye at 03c. Md. Oata sell at 96 a 37c. Cotton Trade. The Cotton market has continued very quiet hare aince the arrival ol the last sttamer. From thr extreme South howev?r,accounts show an improvement in pricea, consequent upou the receipt of the new# per the Acadia. The statement of the crop i9 as follows rtanifts, ICxruRTs and Stocks or Cotton in the U States. 144?. 1843. Receipts, 1,641,434 2,324,416 L?j>oit? to Great Britain, 8*1,641 ],4o5 02S Exports to France, 367.134 824613 ?xpjrts to other ports, 103 S84 173 093 Stock, 114,306 188,0.7 The transacting for the week at the leading ports have besn at follows J? Stocks, Salks, Price* a?i> Kfmarks. Stuck. Sain. Prices Remarks. New Orleans, C4.JV2 13.UM S a7 firin Mnki'e, 13 HOl 2,lino ti ?8M ria- *? 8 iviiuii ,h, 13,23 1,452 5 *6>i hrm ChAllH n, 1V13 3,5191 6l4?7W JNew Vork, 4#,0u0 7,10 i a9H Arm The following are the quotationa Liverpool classification N Orleans Mobile Saritn'A. N York June 21. 2t?f. Hth 3<ith l.r.nn, i?..l ? Or.lin.vy, 5?'Jxi 6 a6* 5&5K J* iH Mindi ng, 6K 7 J^at.^ >>< Middlii.* Fair, 7 *1\ *fca7S< \ ?7> , air, 7& 8 8 alt* ' Oaod Fai\ *>.a?V ? <>X*1'a S^?9 Ueod Mid t me 9 a9>J ? ? 9J4a 0 PhllMlelphln Cattle Market. Junk it.?heef Caill*?1000 went to New York?8*0 Beet Cattle ?tr? offered in market, viz : 60 Irom Penn'a, nud WO wentern, ul wliWt 440 were left over ; Rales madu nt $3 76 to 4 76?extra $6 to 6J -Cou>? and Calve*?176 at nwrket. Sale* from $16 to 30 ? ritra *44 8pring?ra HO a 14. Dry cow* *7 a P, Col in?M AO to Ji?extra $3 to ft 60 ; by live weigh 4J to 3}. Hogi?300 Pennsylvania and 160 weatern at market, aal< 3 ?re made at 4 a 4)?extra $4 00? 160 went to New York,(04 120 leftover. Sheep?1320 at market. Ralea at $1 76 to $4 46?extra 3 dollar!. Foreign Markati MaTanzai, June 17th ?Beci, mesa and prime $# a 10; jerked 8 A I 3 a I H; do New Terk J 4 a 1 0; Cheese, Am, Ifl IS; Flour, Am 14: Hama, Aa,9 a 14; Lard, 14 1 34; Lumber, hoarda, Bath 41; do BflMor, 40i do Portland, IS a 18; pitch pine, 17 a 41; hoopeJW; Potatoea, 4; Pork, mesa and prima, 10 a 16: clear,14; Riee. 4 4 a 4 4; Coffee,lat qua lity 4; Jd and 3d,6 a A; Honey, 36c,wlth caak; MolSfcaes, clayedira; Muacovndo <U>4? a 4|; Sahara, half white, 6 6); ball brown, 9 BJ; whites, dull: white; alone, 8 .< flj; brown alone, 4 a 6; yellow, A a ftj; Muscovado, 3J u 6, dullFreight?Baltic, ?-1 10 a 4 16: Hamburg and Bremen, ?i 2 6 a 4 7 6; Great Britain, Jti 4 A a4 in; Cowea and a market, ?4'J A a 4 10; United State*, cottro par bag, 60c; sugar, $1 46, dull; molnaaea, $5?ratea AI moat nominal (VanaMauco, June 3, 1943? On the 93d hilt., barque Cornelia, from Richmond, arrived, with 4A49 bbla Uallego Flaur, of which 1140 bbla were lande<l here, and the Cornelia aaileJ lor Bahia with the remainder en the 31et ult. Hamo day, brig Hannah, from Baltimore, with 010 bbla flour, crackera, tea, aperm candlea, lard, lie , and alter landing a portion of her cargo, proceeded to Rio with about MW 1) flour On the J4th, the Cumberland, from Philadelphia, with R67 bble flour, and assorted. Oftheae importation*, the tea hai been placed at 1860 and 1360; c.andlai flAfj lord J#0; crackcra 4.1?0 nnd 4 'JOO; and about IJOM or 1400 bh^ flour at 18||JM)0 and 'i0|| perhbl. The Mock ol the latter article, no<v in flr?t handa, conaiita of'about 3400 bbla.of which IflOO ar?- Venetian; and ahetild no early arrival* take place,not look for any material deolma frem preaent prlMft Sugars are in demand. HidnlL ltttlr demand at 110 ra par lb. Freight* to the United Statea, MBe offering; Sugar* to the MeMlterruiioan ?-2 6a per ten. To the North of En. rope Si 6a per ton. Pric.ea current tor (uiiher jMWmilara?Bread, pilot S|| a I), unsaleable ; Crackcra, pTr 20 lb?, 1 n?t nale at 4i,10<> to 4,joo; Candle*, iperm,6'aand ?' . io/h). tallow U-JIO i>?r ih little Icmand;* 3.' per Mi Itnain SII'MO per bb^, Am T?r HflUOO nor demund; Beel, prime [(.j| per Mil, none on n In, nnd little demand; Bmur, American IIJ70 p?r lb Engltth ||460j Lar.l per lh, abundant; Hi leu, <lry ?alterf 11130 |?erlb; 8?<ar?, white in bbl* 2!!?00pernr! brown 21)600. Fnlthfl! At New Orleani, June QJ-AVe have no alteration to nonce in fralghta : thorc I* but llttlo offering either to fo <>i)jn or coaktwiw port*. Cotton per lh to Liverpool 1.1; Hjvre Jo; New York, $1 W?l>er bale; Boston, $1 AO do; Tobacco to Cowea, fcc. * '? <! a 86a. Ut?ft. On Friday morning, aftora ?h#*t but iminful lllne*a, M?ht I.OVIH, eldeat daugtlUfrW Archibald and Mary Hall, in the J4th veer of her aml The irietutflof the family art mprcthilly iavitadto at- ' li n I b?r (nn?r?l from tha rutdmo* of har father, tt Oil er at real, thii afternoon at ht^ vast 4 o'cloek On the Both instant, LoaixM ouaham, second ion of W C. R- Engliah. The frienda al 'h? family are respectfully invited to at tend tha funeral from the residence of hi* father, No. 6*2 Irrlag place, corner of 17th afreet, thia afternoon at half paat lour o'clock, On the 29th instant, after a lingering iliaesa, Dr. Alex iiidii McKk.hzie, aged 4fl year*. Hii frienda and acquaintances are respectfully Invited to attend hia funeral Irom hi* late residence at tha house of James Montgomery, No. 94 J ine street, on Saturday July 1, at 4 o'clock, P. .VI Lo*t overborn d, Irom the ship Jiroen Edward, of New York, on the pa**ng? from Liverpool to Matanza*, on the night of the ii&thof May, in lat 27 47, Ion 43 SO, Mr. Edward Toifrsma, Ar*t officer. He wai a very worthy and smart man and hi* loaa wai very much regretted by all on board. OtT" The Connecticut paper* will please copy. PaHengcri Arrived. Matawza*?Baiijue Herichal?J Htdtnoud, and A Whittletev. New Oaleans?S'iir> P*u'h?a?Mr L'grev*. A palacnicoi.a?Scl<r Onavia? henry Hodge*. l?dy "Dil lw;> childrea, D K Do<fge, W W Allebbeck.B Avery, J C Alien. C P atr, H Howard, Mr Jone?. SAVANNAH ?Pilol but O B C irnming?E D Simonton, J I Johmop, J W CathberUoii. J Mouerfort. Paaaengera to Arrive. Cuari.riton?<-hii> An>oi>?T A CoflW. lady, nur*e and fant'Ij, Mr? H Mitldleton, Mil* MiddUtoii and maid, A Mtdd'eton, ladv, nurie *ud ch Id. Miaa Chadwick Mi*? Bri^it-t, Mt* Hayne, ion and "tmi, M>?* Hayne, ') Hamtnord, lady and ion, Mi?i Crawford, Mr Bennett, Mr Neal. PorelKii Importation*. Matanzai?B iron* Heri< hel?139 hhd* < tigar Bpafforl.Tile ton k to?50 H Colt It co?SirO boiei D Cortit?200 do Mcyr d Stucken. Uomeatlc tm|M>rtatlon*' Nkw OaLnAiM?Ship Pnnthea?7757 pin 'ead C H Hoeera tk cn?19(10 Pul'en It Colgate?346 pigs nopper C Ila'atead?951 do lerd A Averill h co?81 hhth to acco 1223 b?le* ct "n l*'aher Bitrwerth?3 8 do Rohrrti Si William*?36 ci R O Godfrey?22 bale* hemp J W M< O war. Apalachicola?Jrhr Oct?vi?? 93 ba!e? cotton H Haviland ? 61 Br*111 it K ee'and?19 ''entre It o?Il6 to order. VI A It I TI M K H E kX~L L)T Ship Waaler* and Agcntij We ihall eateew it a favor, if Optaiti* of Vea*e!* will criv* to Commodore Koueit Hilvev, of our New* Kleet, a lt? port (if the Skipping left it the Port wheuee they allied, the Veiaeia Spoken on their Pa?*age, a List of the-ir Caret), rnd inv foreign Newapaper* or New* they may have, lie will board tlicui immediately on their arrival. Agent* and Correspondent*, at home or abroad, will ?l*o confer a favor bi sliding to thi* Office all the Marine Intelligence they ear. obtain. Nanural Information of anr kind will be >hinkfollv received. K)KT OK KKW YORK, JULY 1 tin mac* 4 34 I moon *et* 9?57 UN *ET* 7 33 | hi?h WATER II 31 Cleared. SHip* Victoria, M?rean. London, J Oiinwold; Oilord, R?thbone. Live p ot,C H Mtrahall; Oneida, Kunck Havre, B^yd IkHi.cken; Crutoval Colon, Wroitli, Hav*)a, Spnfford, Ti'e ton Jt Co.? B igi Hyder Ali, Tei<oi|, St Croix, AI*op It Chauneey: Tonqnin, Norton. Neovitai, Holt It Owen; New Orlean*, Viayo, Havana. K dr Zildo; Toomai < utt?, Perkin?, Stco, E Ricnardton It Ca ? Schr Specnlator, (Br) Mclntoih, Literpoe!, N8. Tho* Winniett. Arrived. Ship Huntiville Mutnford 18 day* from New Orleans, with cotton, be. to E K Collins li Co. Ship I'<uihea, IX-umi, from NOrteim, via Norf lk 3 day*, with cotton, Wiu. NeUon ehip Hannibal, Moritrty, 4 day* fiom Chirleit m, in ballmt, to B'vd k Hincken. Pnrque Herschel, Aciami, 8 day* from Matanzai, with ?uuar, lie t<> m t r. B ig Re^ulitor, (Jlo??on, 8 dav? from Lnbec, with 140 ton> plaater, 'o ma^'er. Schr Octav a, Chinch II, 19 day* from Apalachicola, with cottou, to rriastc r. 8chr M K Robieton,.Pugh. 3 daj* from Ocracoke, NC.with naval ttorea, te S. L. Mitchell, SchrJ'tnaaC. Berime, Cranmer, from Waihington, DC. with co?l, to R. f-. Wertnore. Schr Reviater, Hartuck. from Newbern, NC wi.h naval itorei to S. L Mitchell. Sehr M<r ha M. Kowle, Nadal, from Ocr&coku. MC. with storia. Sihr K. A. Staveus, Bnggt, 3 d-yi from Baltimore, with milir, to J. He N. Biiggs Schr I ommerce, Krag, 4 d\ys from Richmond, with corn, to J. Hooter Schr Catharine Wilcrx, Liscomb, (torn Kichmoud, with tar and coal, to U. Kot'a U Son. SclirG. 8. Molt, Ban&tr, 5 dayt from Richmond, with coal, o mutter. Schr Tmcarora, Smick, 3 days from Kichmoud, with mdse, to master. Schr Samuel C. Abbott, 4 days from Richmond, with mdse, to master. Schr Harriet St Hannah, 3 days from PhilaJel.hia, with coal, to mister. Schr Me ry Gillaut, Wiletf, from Virginia, with apples auJ pouters, to master. Pilot boat U. B. Cummin., White, 5 days from Savannah, in ballast, to ma.ter. BclOW. Oj? brig, from New Orleans. Hcmlrl ."lav-ln* Correspondence. OVFICK OK THK KltODl: Ist.ASPER, ) Newport, 'tine 29, l*4S. S Arr 28th, Giteua, Lecdt, ai.d Atlas, Vaughn, Providencc; Si ria Migbi Warren; James Si Samuel, Somert, <ud America, Bcmara, Fi'l River; Emperor, Shores, Thuiii iu, <nd O idr, <'res;ey, K.i?t Ore'UWicli, all f r Philadelphia; Pout Boy.Uiav, Bos'on for Baltimore; t i.iukliu, B. nj tun.:, Scutiamp:ou lor NYotk. C'?n?r?I Ke'.-ord. KoRF.iorf Lkttiii Office.?The packet ships Victoria, Capt. Morg-n, fi r London; Oxfj'd, Cat t. Rnthbane, for Liveipoo1, and Oiuid', Capt Fuuck, for Havre, all sail to-r?ay at 12 Vlock. Tim ietter bags cine at Gilpin'.., in the k'.iclnnge, at 1>X o'clock for the former, and II for the latter two CoiLiaion.?Brig Orleana. Lewis, from Baltimore for Rio, whilst >tan mg down the bay, Toesdiy miduuht, with starhoard tacks oa, wj? rnsi intn hv schr Pi giiin, Kiaher, from for B'ltimor , and by the collision the schr's masts were both can led away There was no one at the ichr'a he'in at the time; all t andi were >'*lr< p ou deck, and the passenger* a me fire or six in number, below. They were taken off bv the Orleans, and Mas erred to 'he steamer Jewess,->nd th<- acbr Ukun in tow as far a< Cove Point, where ?h- anchored. The Orleans received no damage Vksscl Ashobf ?Capt Oihbius of the E'ii'beth, at New Orleai t, r- por I?Jnne 9, sa v a Urge Vrsa-I with painted porta, and masts tone, a? ore .>u the reet to the eastward of the Harb <r of LaMuos, Poito Hico. C'pt Axwotth-, of Col hephdnl. nt r.h..rUirnti r?n il, ??? > (,.,** ,Ki..?ak 'M /.I ?v?,_ less the aboc.1 4 miles NNEof Cape Antonio, with 7 sinail sc*>rs ne ir her, uo doubt wieckers Wmci at *Ea ?i apt Thoie, *f the KuUlie, at NOrleaus, lep .?i??June II, saw a brig, apparently Anwtcan, bolt, m op, 5 miles fr m the shore, iu the Bay or (, stuth sided Cob*. Pchr Emerald ?The leaaof th? Emerald, Allen, and nine m?n, is co rect (bar'- wv?, how# ret, aa et ormthedn'e. Cap* Alien la s'ill at I'rtU'.d waiting to c<t home to Y\rk, ami ?t ue that he saileu from Noif. Ik To Mir >' 23<l or May, (not 3d) and on iht HO h he n et with the d's srer H aud th cook were taken off by th: K.nglith ac'u P-eh A n b^uc.d o m John, and from he pot on board a fislin g iclir off Monhegau, at) la ,ded at Owl<head, thence he went to h.*at J hou.astori, thenc to Po-tland, iu a ea er lluutrets The ve*iel oelo igi j at Suffolk, Va and <>ue of the two wimrt who were :osi i?.tei drd VC'tu.R iu f'-a inn th- vessel regulatly, with corn and flour, bet We n th I place and Norfolk, i ho male, Wm [S K' uue y, belougt-d ao Charlestown, M a; the ,e?t oi those Ins , he capt lu does u t kn>w tht\ belorneil ? jo,.11 [low, the coilt. who whs savtd, belongs to Snaffoid.NH. 'I hia report inay b- relied up mas true. The persona reoorttd lost i'i cl'ar'Uf 'he wret **amlien Oie ves>el was di*m<i>(ed, *ere Jos AniVrsoi-ai d Hy M irdeu, owueis; Win Fletcher,J inta Melcher aud John Brown pa???uin-'s; Wm N Kennedy, ui\te; JaC' It Brown, Hy Cole and John, seamen. Whalemen. Arr at New Londn 24th, Pembroke,iTate, Indian Ocean, via St Hrlena, 9>0 ?h 200 ?p and 6uu0 lbs boue. Spoke March 2', 'ongress, Mystic, 12 wh?; llth, Tened s, NL, 700 b ils; 19th, D <ve, d?, 500; 22d, Ntptuur, do, liOO; S9tli, I'lieuu, <'?, ooo.i a to Desolation. Toe New London publishers would greiulr enhance thi value of their journals, as would also the matters of vcsels add to t'-.e i r jselnlness to the wha'iug c inmuuitv, if they would take the trouble to r< p ?rt veia'la ntlie' ,h in those belongi g to the district of New Loudi n, on the arrival of wh.ltrs at that port. Arr nt New Bedford 28;lt,Uncaf, H'alnioiith, to fit for a crui e Bid Chili, Delier, luilun .:tnl Pacific Oceaus; Chen kee, D< foil, do. Ipokwu Rob I'oy, L'guna for N Y> rk, June 15, in the (Julf of Mexico ?bv the Oct vm, at ;hit port O<ceoln. Atiakapas for .NY oik, June 22, lat 30 17, lou 76 30? k/ the s in Wit-d<or Castle, Oluver, N Orleans lor Havre, June 17, lat 23 >0, Ion 85 5. Canada Btltinrioie for Valparaiso, out 3? divs, May 31, lat M 10 S, Ion 34 55 W?bt ill Philadelphia La Vl^rru-e, Marseille* fo< Sr I'omin.o, June 7. Ki hard, (Br) Liverpool for Baibadoes, May 25. Sandwich, ( Sr) B.ubadots lor Loudok, June 7, ft Barts W by S 3tl miles. C Dnea. Lecpold, S Jagode Cuba for Spain, no dale, off Care Aittotno Rob Kov, Mar It, Liverpool for James River, Jane I, lit 44 40, Ion 31 3t'?by the F. rat, at Newburyport. rior-l^n Parti, Matanxai, June 20? In poit, Cerdelia, for Boston, soon; CI o, of Portland, for Ca'd ii-s.tu load for Boston, do Maiiil, Cnoa, Juq? 15?In port, Lincoln, McLeilan, Idg far Bott n ( ir.wrt'mos, Jnne 10?rn port. Flora, of Boston, from St Jago fur 1'riesie, art 9th?th? d'pta'n end mate died -it St Jngo. '.apt John Perry took char.e of her, and died ou the nwining of her arrival at Cienfu-gos. [There i? a discn putcy between ?hi> arroon au'l the out vta NOr't ans ] Alto in p irt, Kisez, O > dr-ch, (lost ii, n it <'<n ; Freighter, BUuchard wrg Irt. Mavau*?i, ?' > June 17? In porn, Keuuebe .-, Smiih, Cowis and .i inkt, Idg; Chas Thomas, Barstow, wt/ c?rgo; Trojan, Buckn.m. Baliimoie, Idg; Wm H i altnau, wig fri: Tangier, Sparks, d*; Eve ine, Hooper, from Boston, d ig; W A aidw-ll, H,, tor Philadelphia, 3 days; Baltic, Piki, Newburypor',7; Hnltaua. B >ston,7: St Thosnaa, Brewster, wtg f?t. KlN?ST*tt. Js. Juu 13?Iu poit, J tne, nf and from Philadel> ohi.i; l.cho, D>er ford ; Itus.ia, of North Ysrmouth, for New Yoik; ()cta?ia. Chat-, fur a po t in Cuba. Ql'i- arc. Jane 24?Cld Am, Daiis; Coverdale, Benann; L i dy Milton, Sinu HI; Wt llingtoj, Johnson; Macao, Scott, and Sarah, McLe n, Liverpool; Leipzig, Ritchie, Dtiude-; Lord Oakley, Crow, Bridcewater; Manner, McDouough. Oalwsy; Sumlordhain, Heron, StoclMon An ota, Hutu* ; Will,am, I i' oS>ii?ou; Cove, Roktr a, and Andrew Marvel, Chamb-rs, Hull} Orestes, Porter, and Mar*'.Tate, London; Mai vest Home, Josa, Kalrnouth; Calcutta, Uetallick, and Kmtuue , Peataou, Btutol; Sir Wm Wallace, Husbuid, Abeideen;Couatns,O ay, Siign. Lake Porta. Ci.cvri.akd, June 26?Arr n Crevolin,Caldwell; l< x'ngt-n, Aiidtriun; Hud.op, Bemi : W 4} Rueklier, Whittle; (JsteMe, M'fcor, J D Ueau ne, Al'en; Huroa, Conolly, and Buffalo, ? ) itt,, Oil II .in, ; r.i: ||, i?9, r Hi If I 1/rllUlt. I-IU? i: I l>l uui , I i 1 kitit; C 4 Mamnall, o-njimin; W r-rn, Richmond; Sandniky Davnon; N BidiMr, H 'iritftnoi ]VUr?h?l " e y, Ji>ho*ou, an I Tippeeanoc, Krllowi, Unff In: >n, Hi ma d>; Hi Law rtiter, Oartr. <.ud Hinukiiu, Tract, LMwefo; H OranMer, 8pi lcer, Detroit. I limit* Porta. , Canto* Vnue U?Arr Oicala, flnyutim, .mJ Ht Piarre, Bry | ant NYoi*. Bath Jm? 2J?Arr Bor 'e. ui, NYork. Md jl'h, Frta?? Li ?> ,S?lyei>r, Martmiqn* PoRTi.ann, Jnn? 27?Arr 'J hmnrn, f'awycr, Philadelphia; North* amlitm. Pratt, Balmnre N?watiaTPORT, Jn e 2B?Arr Antora, Woodbury, Richin ond. Malum, Jnne 27?Arr Ktnuald, Snow, (Jeor*et>w?, DC; 28lh, He V1?, Call, Bn?t n, to load for! tee in* Bear*, Philadelphia Cld 27 h Ti(tri<, h rye, Alnc.1 Hid ViDtagr Moat-1 una. Or n get wo DC Jiiup W?Air \Vm Schroder, B?yley, Mayatnet: Df l?v??r?, Kuher, Phit dr'pluai W 'ty, roik, Ct? nfneMa; lie* I'D,!; < at Ion, Ttolf, Havaua; Hairier, l"nll? r; All". P*rrv; Rirort Rryaut; Lion, Baker, and Teaaer, MrK-i tie, I' ilaoelphia; Ah-wit I. i?rmc , Verker.aad Lumaton. Cio writ, Sc* York. wigliai* tor 2?hir? nnd a brig I Idt an d*, (jtwilrll, I'hiiadntphia; Klovwnc*, (lowland, La Oatyr* ~u i nirt# tib?ll?| Mary, Traletkeii. Havannah; t'onncil, B >krr, I rsYorki >u?it, Ntrker?on, do and Albany Arr 21th, Noun B nd, I rn krr, New Orleatia; Ailmu*. Hardy, Cape Haytirn; I Dlarm, Morton, Ckarleaton; Cieero, Nickvnon. and Jaaprrt r Nick?u?n NYcik. S"J C.J?dcnia. Br ail, Maid of OlUao*. ! Omu, Ar>bf Amelia, Nicw BioroHii, Jfnr rf~Hid Knr, Wiug, anil Vermilion, Jam, Pbradelphi*; Juo Allyii, Baltimore. , Naktucikt. Jau? 24?Arr Cnamnion, Drew, NYr?rk; rilot lUmiv. ?. 9ld 5f5th t'uw' Philadelpl,i ; 26rh, Philadel |>hii, Barnard, 4ji Oolutnt ia, Hoover, do?lhi? ve??el w'? re ported in the Nan'ucket ptixra aa litviug anil, d ou the 18rh inatart. Paovtottvcr, Jaoe 28?A-r Louita. Leedi, and J K Crouch. Toinliu, Phiiarie'pnia- Caledonia >>pe!tran, Albany; Woi Vv Hawkina Hawkina; AS'^naut, Taylor; Gen Brinard, ' Rondoni; Pr??f 0<aj?, Blyd ubur?t, and Ki-nzi. Durt?e. New York. Mid. wind rt, Atl-a, V?u*h*u and Galena, Leedi, Phi lafelphia; Olyim m, Batterlev; Ar,i?a'. J nr, aud iatr-.Ter Jell, Knednut; 'f auilatinn, Wcl'a, N York. Kali. Wtvsa, Jure 27?Arr I H Bird, o, Brown, Work. S'd 1 Mar??-tu Rv-n, Strange; Yantic, -nd Eictl, ?Yoik. Niw Hatkn, June 28?Arr K VViIImius, gtubba, Philadel Ehia; t'el<?'e, Wnifht, and Tantivy, Cli pman, Albany. Hid ,ouiaa, Hoover, Philadelphia; Lady Waahington. Timmai, J Albany. Alhahv. June Arr Pacific, Hperry, N*w Haven; Union, Diltinifhaiu, N'ntncknt; Belle, Brtwikt, Hariford; Mona*ch, Tyler, Providence. Ha-daerabble did not arrive veaterdav.Ra rrpaited. Sid 8 K Smith, Bills, and i?lu?elle. Stautiard New Htvea; Gein, Ditbrow, Providence; T W Thome. Lovell, Norwich. Philadelphia, Jane 30-Arr Rlw rd, Steel, Buenoa Avrei; '"uintierland A ni?, P?rtiamlmro; B? jamiu, Treat, NY'rk; Sooth Cam illa, C irbett. Save n?h, Jnhn J.c, Baker, Provideice; Man CI rk, S?c>i, Key Weit. < Id B acilvn, Hiteh own, an.) VVarrm T tcomb l? oat mi ; Ore-d. B brier. Ha if-*, N8; '*ril|i?nt, Mciiityie, Bnghtou, Ma??: Jtbtz L. White, It lter?. N Wik -H*i riMont, Jnn* '?#-C|d Arctic, Ph'llips. Kioslid a market; Franc* * J -urt, Ct tB Si Johns. Pit; koirmke. Cors"Bt N York, fl'd "iuii, 'fvder, H moii; M rchmt, fc llerv, P?*t wpnu; Anu De ?i-? II '?f, B' rinuda: IUic'iumii Teiry, NYork. Hichmuho Ja 1? U?Arr Ionic, O'Oiw . NY' ik. Crrr I'orriT June 2d?"Id rvir.iiog* Russell, Antwerp. Chahlmtoh, lnue !7?Air Cnl T Sh'ph'rd, Aiwor'hy, Ki i'> on, Ji. Cld V Dice, Tliomp'O.i, Liverpool. "'Id Hi li mornl Oe:ier, and Aiikju. Btrkwan, l\cw i ?trk; Shakspi are, [Brl Henderson, l.iveri>?o' Moulk, Junr 12?Cld Atli-ns, Chase,and NnU'ilus, Crosby, B ? mr, Mrrsa h>ir*r, MYork N ew Orlkaks. June ??? i rr It'.lii betk, Gibbnni, Antwerp; Mil . hies Liverpool; EuU'i. , [Krl Thore B >rd?au*; Ktbecca, [B ] E ' it her*. Cld Ail iim, (lay, km4 Hi idoo. Por rr, I B mtdi ; < i iou. Howe, MYo'' ; Ui in, Kreein n, B emeu; liiitrn, Hirf'ey, Liverpool; Aj >*. Be^ee, Cha leato. ; t jlu'e, S*rii Laku.h 1'o'Vml to m- , HMriiAid, mm V?l u. TV PIC CASTKKH WAN i KU. THKKV. or lour Type Cas'en wanted immed.ately, to whom alenlv etn; i<iymetit nd regular payment will be given. N. tl.?No*ie nee ? ply but meu of steady an' re^nla* h > bits and who uuleritaiid their l>u?iurii, L JOH VSON, Type and Stereotype Founder, je29 3'T .No. 6 G?or?ie at. PniUdelphji. BOA RDWANTlCD?Immediately^ iu a pirate Ii.i.ily in the country, within GO milts ol f1 ew ?fork, lor a ladv,three chi'd eu and s- rvant, and . t modeiate piieea. The best reference* niveu and a?kcd. Address J D.S" at tins offii-e, by letter. j*29 3t*r BOA RUING ?A few Single Geut'emen, or Gentlemen niid their Wives, ca'i be accominodati d with pleasant roouis and board, by apulyiat ai M Veie.e ?tteet mlO lm*r Bt/AHOIN J?A family or two can be handsomelv accommodated w th board At N<w.vfc, N J. Tlie sima'iou u oue of thr most delightful iu the place, and but a few steps Irom the stopping i>la<-e of the rail cars Kor luriher informationapply at No. 27 Maiden Lane. m27 lm*r C2J.ENTLt,MKN and tneir wives orsiiglr gentlemen can be * accoinmndited with board in a most d'siraM* and pleasant location rvittiiu a few minutes walk of the Kulion and Cathariue Ken if j. Apply No. 80 Ad&ius street, Brooklyn, L. I. Reference exchanged je20 eoo2w*r flAMISIIMk' ii't irrwii'M'i u rl... rr to Broadway ?To let, to genilrmen, with break ast and tea. Refereece* required. Address, be* itIH Park J'o?t office. u>12 Im rod??c 'T'U LET ?Splendid Urge rooms, well lurniahed, for 8i_j{le A G-ut'einen. wuh bieakfast uuJ lea. Enquire at Si Walker atr^eNjH^Bri^w^y. je4 lm'ic dtjOMI) TO $400 w?uted fir one yea'. for wh'ch nnd?ni*hljpOV/vJ security will begirtn. Adiiress O. O , H'rald Office j30 2t*r NEW WOKK. rPHIS DAY PUBl HHf D md for sale,wholesale" and retail 1 by BUI OKH8 It HTRl^GEH. 22'. Broadway corner <<l Ann. AN ORIGINAL AM^KK'A> *OVEL. KINGWOOD THE ROVER, A Tale of K-o i la. b? H W. Heib-rt, author of Cromwell, The Brotl.e a, kr. lie, a work ol (ish wrought (interest, published iu beautiful atyle, at only O.NK SHILLING. T?e Lidr's National Magazine for July, containing a plate worth 25 cents, Cor only I8J? cents. or (2 a year. Vpr.nat ukc Wwil or the Maid's Kertnge?Hit'.orirai R> ma i e, by H \V Herbert A I t^e Plolide'priia and New York Newspaper! cju.tantly on hand. Th* Minor aud Rover, tkc. 8ic. r.ouurry aift-u'a applied wi'h any and every thing in the line cf the. Chetp Publication Bus.nea? nd u>? Pub ishe?- p ices,by BUHGKSS k STMlNOEK jyl U*m 222 Broadway, corner of Ann Fourth or iuly ' CELEBRATION BALL. MR. J PARKED liia tl>e honor to aiinrunca to hit friends and the puolic thai he intends Hiring a Grand Ball, ou tha evening ol .he 4ih of Julat W.uhing'ou li ill, on which occasion the room will be handaomely dec. rated. Ths company will b* supplied with the moat choice icea and fruits of the season. Tickets for adttiision 50 cents?to adao't a gentleman and hia ladiei?en be obtained at WaaSitg on H?ll, Tammany Hall, and Lovejot's Hotel jyl 4t*r REFR.4LERR ATTENTION THE Repealers tf New York, Brooklyn, Williatrahorgh, Richmond Com ty. <ird the idjacent towns and tillage, that intend to un'te with the public aathiritiea iu crlerr?tiog | tht Uloriofa Auznrarsvy of > ur National i?d- i i.d > 0- .. tht gwe tiir'h t> freemen, < ai> . e supplied with the o i-nnai n .In >,l.n I...I l.v !.? H-, .! I ?mmi >?. I gr ' n ?aMu riibou, hv applvitig personally, or i*r tntil, to the publisher, VAl-fcVi'lSK, fcutiiaver nud Print-r, No. ! Brei-m n New Yoik. j Wli Irsale price oil wide satin ulb >u, SB per 101; retail .2>? ceat? 'acn. Wli i e?j|; price >.n n^riow satin li'jboa SI ver ICO; retail 6>4 c< nti each. jyl 9. *r CARD?The proprietors of Castle G?"deu beg leiTe to returi their sincere lb .nki to the ?(fie r> f the U. S. ship Noith Caiolina, for iheir kndi.ers in rJe ioc a detaehmcur fer the exti'iimshment of the fire at th* U iirn ve?t<*iday m uniag, an 1 also to the crew for ?h prnrn ti >-si of their dnty. jl lt*y FHfcNt/H & Hfc |S'<M, I'rntijetors FtCKKT SHIP ONBiOA FOB HAVUK-Puunim wi'l nlrat^ on boa/U at Pier No. 3. N rlh Rivei, 12 o'clock. tins d<v, precisely. Th- m il will c m* at tin Post office , and letters be taken from tha Mending Room*, at II o'clock j|r DACKK I 9HIP 1ML I I ViO iR, from Htvre?Consigned 1 will plea e lend their permin O'i bond, at p er No. 5 Noitli live". All gtods not pcim.tted by tke 3d Jolv will be sent to the public store. j30 3t*c NOTICE. rPHlC STKAMBOAT D'AMOND ii will. <r*?n for a f-w ' week*, in r !er mnuorrgosome repairs and te-eiv< a new aet of bxilrrt, wh?? sh? will ait'in resume her place on the >jver with h-t s eed inucli in ^rovrt. j2 4-t NOI\Ck.-l he iuh < ritv i .ntt-ud i being absent fro ths ( >r a.ini? lime, rnd h ? fully enp owered Mr JOHN ? . A SA.nFORI) to act for him iluin* hut ehsnnce. Office i9 \niittr.-.f P. CHO \TKAIJ. JK Jmi' 21. 843. j22 3w*r ARK CV AV.'K MJH MANUFAOT?'Hr"RH?For sale or io I i 'or n tern of ye- rs, iVo l^.ta < f land, on Hie Corner o' "'o'syth nd 8:an on ?t ecta on which i> * brick fouratoiy Inn ili i mi' hnadietl f-t m length 'n Foray h street, and in' ty fivr f 11 in l-nu'th on St-iuonsr*?t hnilti ipn ??ly fi-ni iiuidCturiac pnrpojei. F r fu-'h-r iMrti nUn apply tJ A VIHER"i >' WIUHT, ivI tw*m IV 9' B ''' m m ?tft. V A .11.1,' U e. I> ? I hr.i- Mini iwiul '? y sup-r.or qual'y j*st itCCivcd, f r s^le w ' iteail a. d reta.l by J.W M. ASFiNWALL, ) 313t". c 16 \V'illi.m <tre't BA tH AInL) SACKS of nl description, awing' CO', >n-< bed loiti mi, ic tc , mail i Ii- lust n numr enu n.ost reaainible teuns, by GEOKlii tMDWICK. No 10 > Iff xratt, near J d n afreet. Any nuiHler <f haga miu il with any two lett-riinlbe el,hnb>!t ?i hotit extra < harge, the o ar e<>rk Irudera iu Me a 1 Votk made to order. Al oidera tnankfally received ?ml pane j toMH atteneed to. i3"3'*?c qfrRot'AtfL*#?H PKaL/.(?KAF, Ocnlut ana ?>o*i ' eiiu. (,nii?l it. No 110 (Hem.veil I ruin Btoadw.iy >4 h>u cont'a .ll; on hind a l.irge aoonmvut of Spectiele. lor ahoit i ighted <nd f r si htfd peraons ( selling off at reduced prices james bec.. & co JiSPKCTKULCY Lfor.n their cuitonK"* ard l rnuten vuitinu th? c tv, 't m In oidsr to rviiu"* their stock at this tc.H'iu of th''ye? , thiy w>i|?HI, ?t rery rrtlti"ed price*, ilUck Lace ' nrcliiiala liimiaed vriih I ice and f inxe. do d > Cam il? do do do Blick, while aud cO'Orei1 l,r? Hcurf* Plain blics fillei net C dl jiIi, rery htasy. do 10-4 do do 8?>a *1*. do do Bich ft 4 fin d do do new style, do dn do Point*, uo Kiiili fillet 4ti?wU. 9c irf* bl ck, co.ored and whit*. 4-4, 6-4, 8-4, plain and figured fiile' i"-t. I'AKIO f.ulJK IDKHIK'V Kmbroidered Caidiii* Kmbrorirrrd Cardinal Capri, do Shawls. do Dirun Kobe*, d) Hcarfs A few Yervii h Spencers, do relennei. B > ueti and K-inchous. do Collar*,u-w *tyle* Culureu* Cai ?. de L Can b' oil in. Do tree W.iiat*. do do Haid'.a !) > L ( ami) brocks, do do do children'* Do do lt< hri i <lo Oneinprttc' Jh me?etts Tarltoa Ci?ll<r* and CnfTi. i do Mauchette*. Dimity d> do lack ooou8. i Black It while Mechlin Veil*. Whit': poiiitdeAnuleterreVeil* < o 4 i do Da mi no d> Demi do do do do Bitixals do do da Hot fa Bruxellei. do do d< Veil* B ack Men(? Mo Wh't kBI'k Glinmre Berthts. W Nile Mfi li'iu Barbi. do do Mala* do c'o ** ua n- Is d> do do Poi?< deC.imp d> do V .h-nconn da do do J.eale do uo Leale Us hie d > du do B ntelle* do do KetMi?#* re do do d.? teal Hrntsali - nd imitation Caroi .a' Caiie* Ollars Pelerin<s, tfbawla, liilf-squire nffa,. c, Ac. Baal Merhl in, real imini d > a"glelerre, Bmie'lei, Lule. ! Kiiflnh point end Kngliwi Brnaial* L'ce and Edging, ?-4. X,?4, t-4 aud 114 Nett*. plun aud I'unred, from 12H to 37 % een'i y-ird, I.mtuion La !-? aud Edging!, from oua cent a yard?tome eituely n?w i alter ns MUSLINS. . Mn-'ioi. fi aartiogi, and I d* ivlailio, Blond & Flouncing i.Hi, 4ct? yard Dotted do 3d ~ Hue'-4 CambricMmlin It dd Figured do 4 i h 6-4 Jarcouat do U6J Kinnroiderrd Tailtou. " 6-4 Moll It id White 4 4, ? < 8-4*12-1 Tarl'n e 6-4 I^'ioaook li 6d Blick nud colored do n-< Biahop Lawn, l?6d 4-1 t>-4 8-i hi 6-4 Bo k 9J Piria Vntliu for embroid ry 7-8 Ini tuion ainb'i id Ke >Mf\ a in Colon , 6 4 t.?ce Blnied, ?? 6d striped and plain Tnrltori. ?, 6-1 Pla'd 3a Patent Stp'd for Capa. , 6-4 1'npe lip'd a'd checki U 6d 1 Linen cambric ilendke chi?f?, reverie hein-Uitchad. . Tape U .idi-n la 3d each. 4-4 i.iuen C?m'jric. Paiii printed Jaccoui-ta :?6d Black 8ia Hc.-rlt. i do do Mn?ti? do do Sha?la. do do C?mbiic?, do do Cardial*. in do do B-ltrnuea, ]atd Colored <lo do ? do d> Oryaudi. do shxw? ft do d? Banaiiei. do Banage* do to M Black do do line do ti d> balorine*. do Caie?fcarlV ( Silaa *?d F<m ..rd?, very cheap;. ?ud a grtat vaiiety 14 black <t "tmnnifr Silk ii #'i >.iril Crinoline ai.d net !-kiitt; black iu 1 " whit* lixir and tarui chthi; i>;uaaoi?, criViU, >.ig?, wboon*, t? nil, UekVi Kie?n tanaitr 'nd nett vrila *' I j> I 3 4 6 7 m No 19 w?v, fMPOK I ANT TO TKAVfcLLICHS ANO HOU8K. " I KKKI'KKS?l.ile and Property Preiervera? P.itent K? I t(| :orkm? Hevolvinit Pia'oli wliinh can he di?ciianr"d an tiino lf in Aa in tny aeconda, merely by | nllini th? trigger. Ttie cli in Jar ?u<* barrel are in one iiecr, and in refoie cannot be bi V t -.parr, like ?ome repealing piatnla. I'll" c<,nairn<nion i? vetj 'p mple? hey ean be ?lr??n Mom ihe pockct and uaed with onr and, withouttli<< loaa ol a moment. .r Kor tr?v? Hera, hoo?e *nd ?tore aeeptir, raptaita, planter*, jIiblic i.rtirj miiI other*, th! v are ?u mdn; eiuab'r ample. a? hey cau protect their |iTe? and |>ro|*ity ii attacked by man i?r otia. If I Imiteri wonld ?rm then,?el??* with t;>u ?fvn, thf? ? vonlil lm?f un CAUifto lear the inauireciionol tSeirilatei ,1, The t nblir are Hinted to eiamine the aanie, *a their aicnpli rity, being warranted not to get out of order, ana jMrltei tf. alety, will cMUiuly reeommeu.l them otar *U other* WhoU VV alt and trt-itl v, J. U. BOLEN, lOtBroidwar, mlt lm end i**re between Wall and Pioe ata, LONG BRANCH house on the m.ii.GIN of the atlantic ocean. . f BARCLAY Ic CO rtapecifolly inf"im the pahlic 'hat J*tliew huuae (f iinrrlf H-m't.) will o.en on Mniid?y, the II inet., for the rceaptiuu of riaitori dnrinK th<" warm aaaaoo, nil lireauin* rhat their abi i'y to areuramcdate with pleaa- !) Odin., fronting the a**, ami properly reutila'ed, i> known to aii?t .if the ?it'ifDi of New York accuaW>?"ed to . it the ?hf* r?ut watenui; p ece?. il.e char\ct?r of their table. aud hr uifscu-III* T.I.I'u? ilcjiar me ma of tin honae is ion Well j ii.denioi?d to neeil ane rema k being <u tit?T b*lief? pr"?ei- ( 1*1 foe eleanlmeM. ?|iod order, ai d gooii ehe?r, conthuieo M'h th? healthful anit meliorati'i# elter.u o' the aa* baih ?U'- | Ire??-, induce* the belie! that thay will *a heretofore re?eiT' , > due proportion ofpublic i.atrou*?e. Piieen fixed to meet the ia?a. , t..i? l.< Oil ... I_..wl I,.,-r BOOK-KEEPING. ~~ ' V4 U. W. K. BAKI.OW rrapectfully aunooneea that he haa 'I aucceeded. MR. C. C. MAJ**H, i u hia buainesa u an Accouutaut and T?aeher of Book keeping i o '.hit ciiv, at hi* loom M 1 edar atreet. wher# he will continue ,h? aAine thorough couiae of initrnciioii and pi?eiiee, ao anc- I aal'ullv f Mowed by hia prederrasor. Mr B. aolicit* thepa j Itoua/e of the mercantile community ,and reai.ect.all> aak their \ irlrutiou to "he following caul "II. C. MAK^H, Account?nt, retnrma hi? d'?te'nl ackifw ledtfeoieiita to hia tinm p'ua trinidi tor their In g c< ntinued IMironate. Hr haa no* d'?c btinned hia huaiuest id 'hit city md ia s*cceei!ed iu the a me by Mr. W K B irlow, whom lie coiifid ml, c mmrLd to thr'a??r of th. menaiile coinui?ni , ty ?? a KrufleoiaH of ?*rell. ut character, thoinn(plT ??l'; aimed , with lh>- acie> ce of Biinn-ire j mg aim emi eut'> qualiiied 10 I init art kuairuction. He reipeetliil.. b'tp.aka for lila uncceaeo- t the puRic favor to which he hlOMll v? been ao largely id drbied C.. MAHSII." * Hia term* are reduced n unit the tlknra to till w ici will ( auiitlr the pupil to receive inatiuciiou until he ia thoroughly , qual tied for the counting loom. t W K BARLOW, Accomtaot. jltl Ini* r R| Oilar street. DAGUERREOTYPE? ' JOHN ROACll, OPTICIAN, 72 NA- -AU sT . N?XT lOJ I1N HT , rPHE su'itciibfr o vott d lii??'iMitriu io griui'iiig anJ arrapp- ' A nut k. ?i,H> a p ? v <4ua in U?nu, rri-'a d ?coveri< a, aiuee th u J thf great d <iiui.ll lor Ca.i.(r.i? ?? e Vi-u him c- u-tnul enip'oy ' mem, and with >uch p.> ctice lie fer la warranted in avying that 1 mairu . . a c. rn.uu ted by him, have ' I the i.nprovt-ineiita 1 thai enab e nperjiort to on ain u>:r< ti. I'liotog a lu g>-ne ally nu< h held iu act.-tain poaitiiii to appear distinct. thoae ta ' liei. v ith inv api a-aim Tf tree fn>iu th a de'ect. Tnon iigh in stractiona given if itquiied. Unln accoutoanied a-nh ciah, pro tly iq. j? 2>lin*i_ PHILADELPHIA U UiURiTTTEuTVPE ! ESTABLISHMENT I KXCHANUE BUILDING KOOM9 26 & 27. fPHK Subscribers, hav,ug u; icurrd 'ha Agenc? for the sale ol ? A V() GTANDKH'8 lfi\UU KilllK.OT KPE APPA11A- . TUS, constructed ac ording io Profeiaor Petzv?l's calculation, Iiiitb mi hand a large fiiortmeul of thcae Apparatus, and >rlt?la a? well aa unite lira of their art. w ithr.g to procure ' a good appa'itus, will find it to their advantage to roc me in- J trum-nls of this construction. The* nlao hate lately imported a lirje quantity ol Uciinan anil K em:'. platea, ami all the ' chemicals m thiir a>t, which they wan ut iu every re- . spect, as they are made to their order. Poliahiug su balances, auil morocco ciset. and all necenary in iteriala, are sold on the ' moit reasouahle lerma 'I he followiui'. K>.uileni?n have fgroed ' io nci *? Hirir ngeuia, viz * K. Wh.te, Esq , 174 Broadway, N.Y. s P Haas, Esq., Washington, D.C. Dr A. Caspari, Kicntnoud. Va. P. Uuieui Esq., Savannah, ti>. William Writ, Esq , i.incionati, Ohio. AM communications (pi*t pud) and orders.aecoinpanied with I remittances, will be promptly att.-ndrd to. <ud ?hould be di- ' Meted to W Ik F. LANOttNHMM, ! jelSmr Exchange Building, I'litla. 1 TO COPPER-PLAT iTv"MUSIC PRINTERS, ; AND PUBLISHERS, &c. ? UOK 8 A Li" , a I'irst-rate lr >u Cspper-plate or Mutic Print T iutf Press, (twenty eight aud a hall inch roller*). Has been iu use hut a short linc-ia iu perfect order Also, one of twenty an inches,and a woa*l?-q one of t weuty four do. f l'bry will be lold at a price worth a purchasers prompt , attention. Apply to H. W. TONE, iu31 III)*r 16 Cortlandtstreet. New York. , SHIRT MANUFACTORY AND OK NT LUMEN'S FURNI-HI sU sTOIIK, ?!(! MAIDEN LANE?J,is n.eived the tate t and twit ' U3 app oved French pate-us shirts. I* Rettera' es^ortm-n 1 ofsl.iits, under eaim ' t .hosier/, crsvata. iMud.erth ela, 8t?. . Blurs and under garments o adf Hp to order and re vredat 1 aho;t notice. For sale, 100,0C0 tktiuci Mack and light d?et sewim'silk. WM.COLi.INS. _j30 1m*r_ SHINttLK MAI'HINK?One ol Flag*'* Patent Hhingle Machine', which can he worked elin?r by steam or hurst power ?nd will tut JO.flnO thiiivlfs in one day, hut little Used and in prime order: will he sold * <> h'W nq immediate application to UROSHIM It 8CHHEIBER, 78 William street. lt can bs seen at the store of MESSRS. S. DUNN k CO , j22 Jtm IS' Water street. "RETRENCHMENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. \TOTICK to Citizens of New York and ftrangers toj unite LN in the Citv. rtOSI INO'8 SPLENDID DIVING ROOMS, Nos. 61 and 66 Nassau street?The imim-r?e patronage which has been extended to the subscriber b a librral and enlightened eowinunity. has enabled him to enlarge and iioprore hit Diuittg Rooms so ?s now to ccc ?mmnK:e two hundred persons it one time. Whi'st inakint: these additions 10 mi r.rvonre nwi wen Known iiMt>iiitiin-iit, In- lu> not D.-en nutriidful of the still greater comfort* and conveniences of hiacuatomeri?'iavine thoroughly ventilated the li?lu aiiy saloon, nod detaci rd the lii'chena, ao as completely to exclude tlie i flluvU and heat which urcenaril; >ii?i liOD c ok in* for tyto or three housaml t? raona p?r dv/. The the 8v I ion Iiktc been *u belli.h. d by some o<" he moat e'.g-uit ai'd coit'y Or. Puimikgs of the ancient and modern schools; marble tillars aud atatuaiy, aud butts of W <? mgt.m, Napoleon, c. Sic The Bill of K.?re aurp^ssca all others 'u -n7 part of the United States?including salmon of 30 arid 40'h? Wright, at lucrum per pi ite, with anr hnvy *ance, butler. br>ad. fc s I kit Hi ol" ro lit iu<l b i!<dtneat of the bee nullities, win brea'and veget hies, ? 6 ceof i i' i plate gr-en pew, unr . i faloei, atpitrn- us, strawberries Pastry ot all k'li ?; 'n tie *id i thcr sonpa.steaks, r.'iuH, kc and one I u i< red oiirr d (T rent arlieits of ihe ch icent description, at pric?s >quallv low B at Java Coffee, gieeo ?nd bi*i.k Teai, at 3 cents pel cup; Choc late 6 Crt.ta, fitc.&c Alteti i"e ai,d i ivrl w.uters are employed who apeak the French, Spanish, Oeinu , and Du eh lanju g-s. Ktery aniclq ia served up Hi Ihe neatest | ox ble itvie? ul is ev? ry u?paitnw u? of the eaub'i hment c..mpe'.e01 and lperieticed over aeer? are pi ced. Hav<ng viailed *nd bein^ converamt with the modeofhuainesa of ruaoy ol the belt conducted Dining Saloona in Eorope,America, atd Ihe West la i>s. the auharribe. feela do hesitation ia asaurinn hia felU w citizens that his e<tabliahuieiit is inferior to none that he hta a.en ia any poriiou of hia airargeinenta?b-aid>-a which the supe lor on iliriea and low priccs of every article included in the Uaile Bitlof Ore mutt, in th"t respect alone?eicln nve ol all other considerations?r' tid?r it th' T-r y ne pint ultra of Setting House on this Continent. The eiMbtiah neir has beeu "upidied ti rou . hout with Croton Water, which puteatnroufh improved lilte'era; aud the S MH is o| en ? veiy itav fr .m 6 ( 'clock M until 9 P M , and on Saturday's from 7o c'ock A. M.mtilO jfl 3mr HJCNR V OOSLI N't MEDIC\TKD vapok I A'.iH<IH?,ic i?m i.o.<i 'vtne K cult; fir ihe iir# ol t'o* prevailing I riu.-nti. Ihe Paths are admmister d >t i-ducd ,o c -n, at vlri. Carrol 'a Kstatdishinent, 14 t ruithudt snlphn Bi hs fo.eriu- ' ti"na < f 't eakin. ?i?n fro' 6 A.M H ii P \1. j24 iw r MEDIUAL CAUTION?NlJpUKF ~ TO S r ?iK rt f\i <1 oll fii-he n.?f (< cnv?d Thn r-ity i abonuf'R w i h d ??rli in, l H tmrn tl] v% i h a l?> u tr i g of tifl in iiy of ;h? in n t*r i w - cl'twr, r oulj wnlkrti th i ?ihft t.i t I ?i i* ta m?u#? Ju ?n i r.??! /?/ r?? 1/ diploma* It yon n<l'i < in i at -II Ir in eld t x;i.rieiiced ' phv*can and ? > i ill "i Ur ?C -... < ! iniv <1 I'eck S<i.?. dow N . 1(0 OiiAilnoi ?t ee', ne?r Pe.-rl ?t New Y rk , whtrf tlic imldeit r.ud inott < i .. il ti .ui o. .reamu n?. in all , rt> iaus in?'. be dtp- u<!<-d m. T.i- U?t iit h? h-ufirt- yea'* i H'lii-n1* ill <xter?nr. h ?- ( i italaand in private j.r c i<e. IL* fiunly iredici'ie? lor T jri u? , nvniri,kifs i> ettollei . Ai.e- dance 'till 10 P .?!. Ofli^eawfll arranged for privacy, jy r UO'/TOK OLOVKK ?ppii?e* hia I'nenda who h.v.. quiied hr I. t'er il h- aa l?f the r'cti"r ot I n prolemon. . t* at nr on inu>-< to cu r tho.<e d Ifi ulf, i (implicit.o nod pt< - ' tracu d euu thai icqatre pr?cneal i s- ?rn uee to eutu ? ?or ( cea* Dr (J hs* ire - >d a re u'ir med'cal 'du-'at'on, an I i* | not clarird with the lu*t of rr edifV pretc' de>* u d r iwumrd , name* He ha? c luhnrd h'liurlf i> au office pi dice lor. the , la?' '4 year* ij this rit\ ? vii in tn? author of -eve.*! rrratiie* gn those Hi* charge* are to anil he tun a ai d lir uni'taucei oi hi* i at cut* He nut* hi* medicine* for one ( rU*. o'd iea-e* in pneel* et il Hi* office* ar- iu 2 Ami * ? t P ivate entrance 4th door Irorn the Mtixtitn. Laui' ?t nfli e i [loot. j?lit*m 1 WONDERFUL DISCOVERY. ! OTH1K v H'A OLUTION KOrt I'HE HAlH. which will 1 cliaiiReJjreyhair in it? o-.giti.l color n a few minuet ? | Thi* *o!uii xi i* uiff rrut ftoui ?ny ?tl off.-re<l, aud c uiioi <ail | "( !*|v rcedi gallnthea It it highly r flic iro n-, a il |H>??-**ri | thgieatauV* i*k of beautifyiuc ttir hair, wi hont ujuri.k u*jiii?th. i Those who d ub- 'M virtue* Rre requested to have t> eir hair <hang*d before plying their money. Il t n tibtni* would take Ih a method, th re won I be uo reason to complain. One trial will prove th* fact. So'd whole** .-nd retai'. aud applied, at No 5 Chatham if reel, oppoire the Hall of Kecoida. New York, up ?l> iia jyl lm*r UN f K HI A.N UlRPf.^-AliY, 3 livi.ion *t -Uahli.hed lu 1835 for the *1# of ihe'ainnu* Hoot"''-Red D-'p, now | known (or i * uuparal i led cmta ail over he Uni rd Pa'iand fcurof e, iu d leasr* of a private nam * thit hav? b-ilTl <1 'he I *<ill of IOIM of 'h? moat eminent phyocuna. ?ay notltill el I the hundreds of doc >ri thlt *'.irt up like rainlin ."i * all over t econntrv Pnct f I per >iil. waxraoted in a'l caie* No . other pi ce in lhi?cit can the true article he louml Alter I luviiu re.d ill the little book r r nted on thu d *e ?e. and ??nl j a'l the medicinei ?o|J el ewhere wiihout b iu? cured, try thi*. . mill if it <loe? not uro you, we w.;I not tnke yonr money ? 'I'hia mnlicine cat not be obtamed in Albany. A counterfeit i? told in Maiden Lane. jl IL* M t BEACOiN COURSE?TROTTING. M ithUv, 'a v M, at 4 P. M ?A mateh for $ioO, bet ?*an A > 'o-rUlin'i i 'k ( C.nttage Bay ?L(I J. WoOirutf'i b iu. Faihwn C -two mile heat> in hariieaf. 3 Alan, on Tuend.iy, July 4th, at 4 P. M. a inm fur tlOO-mila *i ( II, heal S iu i, for which the following celebrated hnrsea arc _ utered . , T H. Ti(u? euten i. k. Independence, John 8|iicfr, ?uteri ch. r Bepoo, D. Brient*, entera m. I.*dy Nnff?lk. > < ludi pendetiee and Bepfo ha?iuf made the fdlorjo* nine on Inadry la?t at mile liean o?er tha ab^ye conrae?lit h?it in '* nW^?; 2d hrat in 2m 3lX?; 3. heat in 2m J#a; 4lh heat in da n >8? . >ih liaat in 2m :?5 _ jl. 4i*r mT vali ablk~ rstate in nf.w'jersey, lhFt) t SAI K?The iiib<cri*!er offrra foraale ihat well * UA?tu< wri raliuible eat <te, toimrrly known aa Uln?< i Place, fl r?r Dinnl e, in Morris comity, New Jrraev, ahout ihirti * lit s'rom Hie ci'y of rCew York, at.d twenty from Newark. * lorrutiwu, the cilnty to*ii, m di<U t almut uvro miles, 0 whirh |ilac? t*irre la ? railroad cotninaoieation t wice a dty 1 New V ovk. Tlitie i> likfwit mi almost daily eooD 'amra* ou Uw oonehet l>*t*een tl'? premttr* and Mrrutowu (1 Newrli. TKe e fat* cniit^n* ?b Mit two Imndrec arr. ?, xxit tsiotfty arrtt of wn'fih aie valuable vfoodlmi Mid th* iL mtii?ftrof it (food artblr poture Mid me* 'ow ltn?*. wMl w*? red *n<1 ni'lwsr d,&j.d i <ur of it f*ed*d dOWQ d?rm? the last > idic wifh cloTPr <ud tirnoti y seed. Th? H-*n?* i? a tioe tuba antial l?rirk bnililiij? Mit te iiyfi e front ht fifty fee*. d#i?i?. It waj bnilt by thr lit* ^ i nluiu'i (Jlovr r, a K*r tlem it of ti?t# and wealth, who tele cf r| ( it location for itt h?- ihtn'nca*, aiid the beautiful a?d pict#- -*oae ic^nrrv aronx.d re u mi e*c I r:.l tinoke h nwiml n goo I jer H<'<u?r <>u J* c prtmiaea, bctidea * ? o<) com h nae, bur.i, a'ebie, S?' kr hp ? nil n it we I S'orkrd with choice yooiiK trill, ami there Ptt kIio mi apple orcharn on ih? pr? mit, a, ?dJ a rurieiy ot yonrm (tad ?p'? trrea hare b rn tet < o daring tha In apring.? * he I nU r I n il it but * abort diaiaurr Ir ni the Morr a L?ua\ ' 1 hich aff .id facil'tiea fur carri lug t*n?d aad 'Ui.b r to mar- ' at t. It la ditidrd frou> th- orner portion of tli Ivm b? &r *' OtkaWM Hirer, which I'Mtdl *nh li?h. The ? are ala> i ro liah pouda b. aoufmly located on the timber land, and " ureil ?ith a earie'.y of fiih e|" For further pvti olara.anply to ilw oropti tor on the preini- i i, or to \1eiarv WILLIAM and JOHN O'BHIKn, No. in ! 'all atiaet, under the M< ehtnici' Batik in th? <ity of New t* i>rk,#r?o JAMKH W WHITE, T? ? , , l oanaallor at Law, HX Pme xreet. toi New York, JnnaK.lM). )t it*r j 4it V/ 1 lW? / - - a--TT?t *I i " u? /\oeti ??? *, * i.1, Ji HO?'?? ' f>ru 1/'? 11 .Inn ind U* KATUR'JAV Ll'?? ?*le of elegant %>itnri i > ir>?- ?n|# roon*. l.vit* Mir of fU*<Mit Iniui urr?eo ?rri"Ofi ' h? entile houaaioIiI fur mure, k.uheu u'eitiU, ??c. 1 otn a family gmug up ion ??!? < inx Alio. it iplandid atoek of eilv made eabiaet iamia r.mul a large po,tion of ike aock of a aofd and inanxgany :hair miimfantirer. A'ao, to |.ny * judgment, I* French brdaleada. 5 locking :hairs. 2>rcrrtary bi> kruri, Ac. Aim, * firat late aiaort<iieui of sscoud hand furiutiira, by or ler of an aaiiguee. MONDAY, 3d, At IS)f o'clock in ?hff teles room, I'awnbroker'a u'c of aplend"! jewelry, gold and lilver diamond!, lie., by ordrrol Ktthrr Le?y, pledged i.ver It nontha. 'J'hia will be deriderily ihr moat v>lnaWe and comprise the >eat iiaoitmrM of aiticlea in the line of watchea, jewela a"d eweliy, p raeaed to the pob>ic f' r -ever*! yean. Tha aale nil be conducted oo the - ???t houortbl'* pr*n?*ipl*B. JOHN P. ho v . A nc'r BV JOHN H WOO )iMTK, 8 ne >o 159 fcu Mnt'tirt THIS PAY "t 10 r.'cl <ru, in the a con room. Mort*a*e |rUini lire?Bv Older f * m.n>bnl a-id by rirtue "f 4 ntorfu i * nrifr it/ uf h >n??" Id urni ur?, ominiiioK 1 piauo of a ?u ?ricr and li >> , 2 i?'c> <1 a? pa, ?of h?v'? fHd, 1 large'I maiiiit bur* u with Hi ro , 2 <Wo ill*. 10 bun DIM, 1 t f i |>ti iu ? rb c t. p crime table. 2 idhIk [?nv il >, ilinii.n ii I tr* it > work do nii 'imiv Ft. cb?ira,can* ?U do. m uitcl |[l uiea, (liei do, l?o*> inn "lo, 2 ?4>le(idi>l iml'i>. 2 amal '?I1I - 2clon,a< d >ht>ltr,?jl p Intiu. a,l riiir-nt i to.' orpetl, 2 Bruaarll* d >. 2 i.?r?i i do, IU a. 1 ?u ci ir li ??y btdalcad, ? lib at-iir r?d? hr.t?|.|iirn w a atniida Ike JOH \ ' A Y. M m ?l. jv' ff *ttoro ' f rM 't W. A. t' * KTIi'. , *ur ioDr?T linMS-J. LIQUORS A I) <i_By CAR TEH It *? < < l. on > iitrd-i ,rhii l?> luly, t 10>? o'oi ch, n tb? ator<* Vo. :tit> B '*<!? i". tjoilnr Hi I, i r?i at aplmdid ?-ao of r*ry choice Maeint, hh?riv, Port,Clirnl, old l ' unn", Hwan Jiu, St. C'Oix ml J unniiM Ku n, in bottlri and drmij'-liri".? a t of thear W'ii-?awrre iult-ci"<1 *or | rival} nw, ?lld may ?u warranted <>i the vititwrta ai<d fiut* fl iv r. Alao, CliatiiMKur of v iri( in "rauua; ?ff*c id'l* bo*-a ?up"ior black ><iid Uret-u Teaa, in Original packagei?Hilt- poauiy*. j??29 3t ia?f AIII ION NOTirk?Fomtiii ami Home Pl.una in rou initiation.?A LEVY will tell iii cr>"'iutirtiuD, on Monday ii'iruititf. 3d July, at II o'clock,at IS B uailwty by Older of x* nloit, 30 i ota Placla, collating ol loan, tfeiauiuma, ver MtUta jiMTtfa, o.?ttu*ea, &c. A'ao ju<t received f i.,.i Itily.o.angc and un mlrct-a yellow mil wlo'.j 'a in ra ofl'meal aorta tiibnoiei.ranuacultu ol vanoua hidi*?, Sti: St . Mil pnaitive jr 1 2t*ni A U< Tf ?N . aRD.? AKTICK & CO . No. tie rtroad > ? way, w iiiiic ti.ilI, Eeu to llil rui fli i ubHe tVat t'?ry col.inur to make veiy if)-ml adv.met, ta .*nV cm u: t. oti Kit nture, nd all ilocriptioiit of Meichandiz-, erher fir MSI >r private aale. Regular ia'e* ol tiew and sec nd hand forniure itill mlie place every WrdMetday ?i d Kriday ?a'es of ^'iih i .mil (I i oeries on S'liurilav, wj'I U y ( on Tuef lay*, l'etura? will he ifnderen trie diy ftttcrvKlnKli or on he tame dtv, if required No interest or eiira coo miiaion haigrd ou the . vances. j2J-3 eod ec NEW TORK k BOSTON soundpTLot rjWKN rilESCOTT, Pilot, 01 takes charge aa muternud pilot of vessels bonnd ro New Bedford, over Nantucket Jhoila, Boston, Porumouth, Portland, Keunebeck and OTH Kit 'OK I 8. Office at Krye t? Shaw's uauricnl atore, 222 Water treet, comer B??kuian. Refcrmice tfi a lumnci Ol MlMhlBtl, mil tke several lusunuce Caaipjuiies in ton citv Bi.atou, uid portl?ij'l. jltini'sr inm uviTiU'tJoi.?- \ w x.irs ?.- .iux Packet ol 2jtl July,?The Splendid Packet Sh p ROSCIUS, Captain John Cullina, of 1 l?j tout, will [iosnivcly tail aa above, liei regular Utiy for Ireizht o Mm e, having aacoinmodatiou-, ,i . for st.leiidor 01 lomf 'tt, apply on board, at Orleans wl.arf. foot of Wall str.-e', ii to k. k. COLLINS St< O. is Sooth (treat. Price of passage 8110, 'l'ne Packet Bliip Si.M.ins, Cap.aid K. B Cobb >t ;(00 Icui, will succeed the Ro^cius, and anil ih? /ith cl Aug, ntr ' regular day. t\\t??nger? may rely on the i'uim ol ti>i? lino ?n"lii'? r?"'t??i l a? advertised. je26r ' AfiiC Foil LIVERPOOL?The New Line?k^oiYr ''a l*>th Julv?The new. silrnlid New Yo k tffi-VWi I-" " l*.:Uet ship H<>TTlNOUKlt, Ira Buraley, om'er. 1050 out, will i-til as above, henrgular aay. For freight or pa-tun#, bavin# I me and coinm diou* stale rsomt. apply to the i-nnlaiu on bo ird, wetl aide Bulling Slip, WOODliULI, St M1NTUHN8, 87 South street. The tupoior newpackct ship Liverpool, Captain John Eld.idge, ll'iO tont, will sit'cerd the Hottuiguer, and tail ou her rcunlarilav, I6tli August. jyl r BLACK 15A LL, or O d Liue of Liverpool I'ack IcrjN^^rti"?S.-ils this day, Saturday, at 12 o' lock?The rejuJb'iarklble fan taili .(( packft tlup OXKOHD. C .j t. J,, n.i K ihbtuij, wi.l tail positively a? above Siie c -u hatil*o elv accommodate a few more cabin, 2d cabin and steeiage pMtet gen if application u made to the tuhsoiberi by leu o'clock. R0CHK, BROTHKR9 St CO., 3S Fulton street. jl ltr n-it up?r to the H alton B >nk. I *** PACRE1 KOK HAVKk.?Mecoud Linei?The I ?hip f>N KID A, J?uie? K?nk, matter, will ?%il on the | jSAKalitof July. BOVD Ik HINt'KKN j3 r !> Tontine Hnili*ing Will t> _ ?- ~1 MM KUU Til K T( I. ! \ I'UM INPERTH AiN.B lV ANU NKVV HUN ?W I. K I'no HiTClay itif<t?h?Tf, a' 9 o'i locU?Tli. tail n d plei. ut i iniuiiRAK1TAN. Capt J?a.i- Kither, will mike an im > n t P . I h Am my pud New B ?ntwi< k, on Taotda' Jii v I h, Uavinir die loof <( Ba>clav ?t, .-t 9 o'clock, t king tin ouuid- i ??\g?. ?lf ?d . j pinatan; vi-ws of the bay cn l tnibor th? Narro ?t. it e Pnhii ' VV^rki the Qaa>ractine, Study H k L k'ii >i ?l udniK t f?>ih Amlioy, and prute< d di ec to N * Biuniwick Hetnipiug. leave* New Unii s at !?. to 2 I*. vl and Pepli J mbtiy af 3 o'clock, tim in; iu N? w If ut* at 4>i T. M. ' a.e for fl " wlr'le ru n ? O'.:, 50 c i? l> tnii ien and pleaVIre p? lira ? ill find i],,? tlie tno*t pi' ja:,t ml h'al hftil 'icuitiou ou ihe 4th Ttie Raman iiat am, le *? C'tnm dation aiitB i nt <o~. ?ff td gen. ral aati f-cti'U The ] l.ou n.l d. iMt'iiri- w ill be im: c na j. .? w'tc i foulll'l Of jut.v.?two (jka ' d ?L X M'l>?lO^H AUOUVD 91 AT k. n " ' ' * * 'n 1 " f ?t uiii ? <nil id t)ii n* ?.r nihil. I FA.KHI * 1,1). ipt <iii Trek, will lin e the foot o' Htininoud ?tr-e at I A M ; <'*1 il <.li-u:iictf strict twenty mirm es ^ast 8 ; Ma let ?tree' 8>fc ; C th r lie ifrtt, Brnoklt u, ft% ; pier Tio. I, Batury t'Uc<, N.Y ).k b( # o'clock AFTEHNOON EXCUJUJON-Iu the afternoon. She Fairfi Id will I. ?' e ihe foot of Hammond street at 2 o'c'ork ; Cmsl street ten minntrs pa?t 2 o'clock ; < limber* street 2L4 ; Market ?tr??t ?)< i ' thirii e street, Brooklyn quartet to J ; pier Nn, I B.t ery Place New York H 3 o'clock Fare loi eerh ir p three shillmit?Children, ra!f price The Fai held will .top at Pntli Am ov bo h rii s, ?nd stay inffi. lent tioir f r ri'sseng rs to v sit ' r P ?i ion and Oi' *n. 1 here wih be ' splendid haud of muxc oil b >ard. I>tfreslime tr ' f eve ? kind oil h isrd. [ aches St Jew* ci y ' 7 A. *1 j10 3 *r jm Fi iU, TH iF rtfLY~FX' OT ^I() VjL . I.-w tleinUx SIIKF. V-BU'IY, 3C?JBK y | -pr III Cur ies, Will leave in- I joi o ti.iniu mi . t , mi T" si'a\ m rn L(t. e 4 h mst at. at 7 o'cluck " r Hiirew-han , lau. in, <t Fort Haini 'ou, Ocean H ids. , ai d Bl C. T >ui, > c'l ev R lnrni, wi I eave Hurtwshury I mi Katnutowi Luil' j *t < 'cl.ick P Vl. Hi g - wilibin rea iu islo ci:.? \ !> ?* srr? to L<>'* Bra ch De > aud any p?rrnf th c * ?iqai' il ji I Jt*r ,4MBse'V ' OU KTH ' > J I/'. KX XTltS N III &T-?ferfNK'' H 'KOH Mi- re*,JAMK8 ?r frJ ir via I 0> <" pt in ulir -d. wii lei.*' f" i.l ?v i 'luly <rli, at o'clock, A M . H tn Hid i t *k?r a; t B, I., ill . .'iCi w v ,t i :-lawe'l'? id vp ist, and ??r i?inif a \..?*en ith tin-tijnu h? pr ct ?-ii ii ' f odd lil. wi citireu- s jtii ry, Ik . and to hi ar h or* i- ti ii lioooi ro! ihe 4 b, r<iq l iu i ti x.e for the tliea te ?ti o h" t > veii:n* a... elements f , he < it v. F re lor the #*cii ?i0" TJ rnt? ^"unc n raga \ W.ll il.o le >vr foot of tVarreu st e>.t i>u W dnradtT morning ' /u t 5 h, it 7 r>'c ck. iyl4''r ' I <T~AAD e.ACl!R*lO> Mi HA>>LnM ' On uudij- mftrr o<> ', Jul* ?d k tr liiH v t * en-i. \*?j? i hesti-lim nx >'U PS I'. li >K, Uapta".< (J uld, wi'l to-ruo row Hii'd y afternoon, l-ave t e , "o?it of '"li?'nbrr? sf nt hi i>a?f I o'clock; Ti ? No. I, 0. tuty X . :o ; Ki>sr<p|i ?t ?t 1; Pi?e >< ['"si 2 and lMnucy st H i>? t ?, j Hid ret' in t . the ri v n' nil r ry h 'Ur. ja I tt'r , *- ) titlA *0 r.t' U >mu tn thr kishlrg Mauks, < nrj*fjdr, J*every Tueid.iy, Thanday and Kri *y iu ,rn- i >g-ings t'uring the mwu, tno^iuu ?t Fort Hainli (i i'ii< h v-y. (fare 5? c?n's fo> th? ncnr ion. Thr st ain- < nut HUPK.KIOK, Capt J G uld. w ill c tnm?nes tier regular rips on T''U's<l*v mornuw, Julie lith, Ir m the pier foot of ( 'liainbr n st, it 8 o'c'ock; Amu it, qu trier i ast 8; Canal st, , hi i .i-t 8, l*i-t No. I, ll i tr i, qnnm r to 9; Cntl'e u.e Krrry, h Iroot 1} u. hi 9; 'o I ofTi^es' qj.irtrr ia?t9,an P't r "0,1, n I ittfty, nt hall past lo'i.loek lor ;h* F ?hi kB nk? ff Sandy lo >k. A >aud <if m *ic is eng id. Hrfreshmerts cn . oird Kstra b?it fnrn'ahad gr < is. Th#celebrated ftshernan, apt. Pni-och, with hi ha-1"' *??? i? engaged j M ! in * ec ( t40\ no MOM>POLV ?KAHit nEUULKD. i V New liidei riid-ui Opi anion Line loi Albs | >?" /JMLjBL iit ilitect ! h ri *nl cemrn iJiom r,'eam*>"?at NKW JE"SF.Y, i C?|t. II.H Fuey.wtll \?ethf(oo of B rclny itrert, New , ? orb, e?ery Monday, Wednesday and Friday tvru'i g, ?t 7 , 'clock I Fur fre ghtor pa?tni<e Rt ply on boird. Frembt taken leu , ih^n tow t> i?t rric *. The N'W Jcrie^ ii fnrniiilied witli elettiut it te ro?.n?, and t orik icHa d acrotna. ii not impasted by ?i y iteam , io?r on t<\> H t?o-i r1* r. HZ ( .MM M* Li,MC Fuh ALBA V. at o'elnck A M? K*re 5- ?nta llirlnw J i-nre ?te o<b > t AI. B\N V.' >pt I.. Je:i I Ilia, Mill foot of Bnr< I y, on Tliit .. orniuK, Ju y [at t Her r'irnlBr d*y? are Tni aday, 1 liitradty anH H iturday r For pkatite at ply on boatd. F.t uhi taken at the lowest a ?te?. Notice?All xoods, freight, ^ngciRe. b^ck hills, specie, or <1 ny uih*r km i of n'operty. tal-en shipi ed, nr put ou board thu ri oil. n nst nea; the tisk of the owners of sueh goods, Jkc li jvl Itf e A MOltNINO LINK-FxH ALb'NT f, br-'^&ra1 TKIH, h d lotrruiedia'a L?uJiu*a ? Fiom HkwiaBHEL th? loot ol Bvrl'i alrret. r I he l w n l a'Orr s'eatnboat TltOY, Capt. A. Uorhara, this ^ 'uesday morni it, at 7 o'clock. , '1 h-Low Pr-asure Steimhoat EMPIRE. Capt 8. K. Roe, j u Weureadiy rooiDing <t 7 o'clrrk. , Noti e.?All liooos, Freighl, Baggage. Bauk Bills, Mpecie. r suy of ,rr ko.d . I" Property, taken, shi ped, or pnt rn ooara ' if Botta ot tnia Line mnst he at the risk of the owners of irh Uooda. Freight, B iyg?g?. >?. j30 r ai ,MO iMU r - ') I' L K.'? LINKDK MTEA.MBUA'lT p ALBANY?1> illy at 7 o'clock, P. M ti EJESi l'?-<iian l'<rrct(^nnd.iyseirepied) Imn, t e d ir unuiMt Pier ^rt-ren f'ourilandt and Liberty stieeta Xteambott HOi^HF.BTK.R, Capt A Hongnton, will leave uesday, Thnr?<l?7 apd tUturdav eTeniugi, at 7 o'clock. Hteiimbnat ^Ol. I n AM Eh IC A, '"aotai'j L W Brairird ill leare Mondir, Wedneaday and Friday erenings, at 7 clock. NORTH AMERICA. Captain M II Trn-idrll, ? udicg at initrm-iiiate pl-ces, will Icare Tuesday, Thurs- ]) y and Saturday afleruoons, at 5 o'clock. F'lyasea^e or freight, apply on hoard, or to P.^ehal;?ai ? awee on the wharf. J''-6 'w j j mp) Jjma h i .a fftn hLA.NI) k'khhlf, fouf * L'.f. .yy. H11 *1J.v V ',?~Th; ^7>'bo*H bi imaabiiinif,- irun 'r i* buii gn.ngui> ill run ? I liow? Ulilil lurthtr noii<v f< L.?*ive i > k I, 9. 10 11. I 2 1)4 S < 7- *1 L'?'* l?Uod *, ?, 10 tl.l.J.i.S.t.7. Ne* V'irk * St?t?-n Ulabd ererv honr oi annd* , I' S ?K.?< un.on to Ho.t Hoiuillon, riumUy* mctrtrd. m Mte Fort HunultouTX A M., r?tnrmuii Immd Niw YorV JS M ill r i i TO LICT?K o'. fun nnt to fift May out, ?<>m? / r* fj v*.v pl< mint ?|><inm<-iiii> in the |i i? ,t? re* ?tor? b i It ''"rrlii < h' ate, No II W?u? ?rr?i, (hrtweru ? il Vrtiici) kniublr tor >m*ll tan tiint, of q n?t i d retired iu hiu, Kent |i#r rnontli $11, n-eoiiti tori*, $7, third ry N iunr on iti<> iimni"-* j l |i*r i L. hUU LloHr TTATa ln)a wt7MMr*-o ? rl H, 137 Br iiiw^t, hiui ao? au rscdt ut uiortinfui k? ttcniiu *u nm?*r Hvi, *hrch h* d*iir?? t? off?i to t^t ' bl c, ?*obfli tiug o' the d?(T r? i.i *itidi nod ih (let of (mi- V. re ii 'i > inn nan *? cn .<rr far auprrinrln point f t><- m ' ?n>! to a y "tt. rd III t>m or \ v othrr > 1 ,ih itknurhi a. the fHV Thnae i* want of a I>r!u arid ?p|| lortned Hi j. ' V caMin at f e ?b ?e uutnfeti, obtain audi ?u article a? "" 1 Ul?e ?iilire ??'i?f ttli >n M o, a food Min tdirnt ol Leghorn, Panama and Spot-on '} B j' ?* ? ? "O f UK LUVK.RK OK "iCTtTKIUIt nt.A( h I I.AHow rta'i Miltnr*?Thia r tfremf ,y aua mil ara M rd Taa, in highly rplrhmtad fl (t:m> aud Karui*. ! *' ' rt?d. ii i??w for aalt at the Cant >u Taa 'oin?'anT'? (IfBymi n H.a?aMiah????, 111 Cha-l aom >iw T?i, and III Fol 'P 1 atrrat, Brooklyn? laeaat ea. Pr?a M a?ata and tl ?ach -I *? lm*r ?? ftlblfi'm uahik* "'" tof, mr. i oh ' skitton j'ATl/RDA v. . .!? i,; | BIN* Vir of M, B* HNaRD, ?= v* will- h or r ih, c?lrh . rd h*tiu* k'ndlv f. mrj^iupp.., 10 ? Wbv!atj'kvtoi^ki", K (rA,LVKll^n*4rriwi madam k. mccouhl" ' auvi-, m'hkllr. laqimi, m matiiik.u -v1uns '> kl.'ottht bkrvahd k ?us. ttlchch. The performance to commence at hal'-DMl T oVlne* ortriMiv WJJI? the anginal <>??nure t<> L'AmWxidnra To oc followed bjr, >mt tim? in N?w York L A viRAA-tADRKJK. DISTRIBUTION. Hetmette, Mile CaWe l nanotte, Manage l.reoaii Korwnttua, M Bernaid Between the eecond mil third act* of the opera, Vr Bernard ?<!*? Ch'iaa of h whole b -?neh Company, will uug tnr cetbrned ^a'teillea Hym .. THK. rH()M?.NAI?t MUHICALE. Which eatre to 'ooch .tufacuon laa' aei o.wili g no enlivn , the par ed "f n'errnni.iu au I iu ord r t > r'tHei th depart Hut worthy th n U'lrO < hara> ter of 'he eafahli?><nneat, \ Splendid Orchaatia haabeen tecum! Muiical Dir. clor, II. C. HiM Nigiitt of the Krench Couipany?Vondayt. Wnluetd tyi, Krida'tau' !*at rdaya Nichit o^the iCnglitn Company?Tnetriavt ?iid I'rvi'adtvi . C7"" A t ri i Po'ie will be in attendance ?n<1 great oare tah> ii to prevent the .nlmiaaion of improper pe>t lit 1 ~*"Tlckeu Kifiy Centa. Wav be had at the iardtu daring the -'ay. (I/*" A limited uuinber of Heamn Tiekeit be <lia poaed o'. /' U I* lltlflrt SATI'HD \Y. J-tlv I The public ia reipectlullv informed that ia consequence of the unr *pei ted detention of MH. BOOTH, rhia theatre will ha CI.OSBl) nntil TUKStiW NEAT, JULY ( 'M?. The Lait Nunt of the 8ta?on. Dae boticc will ba g?eo of the entertainment* prepared for the ce<ebiatiou of La National ludepeiiilnuce "AMKHIOAN TtUATltK, VV ALM i HT.i PIIIIiAUKIil'illA. UNDER THK DIRECTION OK .Y1IS8 CUBHMAN. THI ' EVENING, J.'lf i, will b- performed COMhDY OF EKuORrf To eoi'eluda w th the A ?&R. in Hi It A. M WIHHALL Lrttee Bowery A utplilt *i?hi> A. MAMN AND KUKl/S VVELOH. PH M'HIKTOHS Bo*i-? 25eeut?; Pi', UK rentt Poor* own at half paat 7 Performance r<> commence at go cn.o., THlrt EVENING, Juiy I, the oerfoimanee will c* with VICTOBlUa RETURN OK THE WARRIOHH OK \u?;?ta>. Little Olenrov in a daihinir and ?l?-ing not. New act ofigrRttruntni by Mra U?un. Kiguor Thrill, will appear on 'be enrde votaura. Intermiation of IS minutea?after whieo THE SPRITE OK THE SILVER BHOWER. Mr Shay, the Chinete Rdlancer, in a variety of Feat*. To conclude with, CAHBONA.IIO. Equmtrian P'recfr, Mr ''adwtii td-r. f'lown, J Uouin. AJt*tvH>r>4 4 miBJt II . AND .C^IAL OAHDfcN. OKN '1" M ''HUMB'S BO v ? I'AJ - TE IN MI IATIKE T?0 8PLe.Nl?ID PEKF RMANCK8. h'uil performance ai l'?uro'clock, " M krening performance On thu oe.asion OENL "t<5m' THUM, JK. will arpe.r r'aiiuK the whol" 'I iy ami crr.uiug iu the lull military drea* of Nn H iiartu Mr. HAKlU.NU A OV ai d Mr. H. O. SHtRvlAN, th? *?pnli'i. Li P-ntr Ceii.. the daintme. an oihe's. SALOON AWIKN^IONS ei'eij d?f an-l evening Albino Lay, I'hren 1)101(1041 F.iaminarions. l?MudCosni<>r<nia Ike. Pr>c? of admusiou iii cents Children onder Win tulf price jelMr Auh. (i iKrt' VnHii ? TUB LAaT DA AND BK.nkFITOF THE MAN MONKEY, The Giant <>'irl bring ? gait d mi Monday THE WOKLD CHAl L*.NGF.I> TO PKODUCK A NO VKMY IIALK HO WONDEKFUL! It is a being a, pi'euly forming the long looked lor connect in? link be'ween the MONK" Y AND WITMAN SPECIES! It is csl'eil CASPAR HAIHER, Jr. and'ppears to be a cni j'inctHMi nftlie hiunl an I quadtuprd, about 26 ye rm old. It was discovered in the woods in Hhode Island. dnriLg the latr D'lir eicitement. Two i lelformances on 8atur Inr, at three and half past eight o'clock, t'.rn , hv Mr. Delnrue, the great mmc. Miss Adur a ul Mr tlronwer, tbe Yneatitls, Miis tlUuelu d, the Female Juggler. he. Admission to the whole ONLY ONE SHILLING. tivoti ualoon. " " I ^ItNMAN, the former proprietor of the Tivi?Ii H?!onn K ? . ' idk ifiaUe trrai gtmcnti with the prrient proprietor, hu Mk m eha gn of the >>on?e, nd wi't give one 01 h;a ftnud Military luviuii >u H*Mj on the 4 h of July. Tip Uird ?> will be n.-ene ?r n foTio r nee t inn<,luri.iihe<'with etc luio y the oat-n "nil u iViuj shall he wntirg Okivf enure aatitli.cuoti loth >?e who may f*?>r him with > edl. T irliei* i.'.iy be M<l >t Collier I Mfifhtat'i Eltbuiie; Palrooi'i L iu otn Iiouie Exchange; at A.f L,etnrge,l9l Canal it, am< at the Maloon lln BuiiJ.1T eveuing'nthe Oa:d.*n will bpopen'd for rumm, fc>j j w >tii i QlOVORA A. CA-IKULAN OH AM I'l RT " O-Haa the I; V.I in iuii"..Lf:e ' hi frieu an' lh?. that it.e will give herifco I and I n Cui'e ft, at li e 1". h> rntcle. on T"or?<lay < ?eni gun July ?. asuix cd by tnuueut arliati Fo particula m i. ?ini I oi'n. I 'caets oue dollar each, to b. hid ar the Mniic and Hot. Is. j i 4 6 3 i?*i HOHoKEN. TN'KKASED oncerta d'lCte a la I Vnt rJ on the rh n.otn.ifM n i<T? . Wednsatfay* and Saturdi't Kr-r to ;| - i uhlic. The pro; rte'or ?if the Pavilion at the Kly?i in %'el ij tint fa* rite au I u equalled ilace of ninmer re?ort, h? g? h ive to lulorm the public, that at great eip-me he h aeffei.ted -in e'ga<rm>nt with tha' eel-brn'ed l?ad?r. M' Mver?, who iated by hit eicellen'b?nd will rir?a leiiea af iuatruinentil concetti on rheli*D in Ooutof the PitiIio.i, the firm c i.eert to be ivea nn nearay, J una Nth From the derid-d aucci that attended hiico'certa lest eaiou,'i e j.r pi.etor eotiliden ly ant'ciuatea hat thu effort for the gratification of the public will meet with a ftu?r*l appioval j3 5w*m TMIK AHIBITIO NOI' THE N ' I lONAl. A. ADHM~V I will co?e on f awlay ti e 4 h of 'ul> . at 10 o'clock, t M , No pictnre of i.e pieieni colleuiiu ?an ever ag?ln be e?a? at (he ro ina of. ie Ac idem* Ad 'I'uinb *5 errU. I'amiognea tjj^ ecuta je|! |w*re ^ FfK E WOJiKS bi/Vb, JR., I I IIU I THK m?itfiir>iitt, Mncil, anil brilli.-or exhibit onal Fire Wiifkt r mn.ul tctuiel ?i 4iu or uiv other country, art r.ow r. vl l-ir t'elivery <> > the luweai tern*, 10 I. La to mi it commi Pre* ;u.d paiili-* f r ihe celt hr ?liun of mirth 01 JdITi at the United Hu*i? Laboratory, Jer*-yCny. Order It: t with 1 W Holbert u, 7J M?c<1'n l.ane, or a Nihlc'tor nat'e fj.irden, will ircenr imrnrdiap attei lion. li> <)? de'itnt d 10 nny part ol the city Iwr of ipet>*e. my 24 iuJii Ml i-*ec KAHIIY'S WIGS AND SCALPS. rPHK imj'?>il.iic* ?' ich nl m * nave ett t h. u t.> th Head of I tlair,i*aci *r in I of he v.ilu el ou inmm I figure, ml wb?n by irnnr np'icioui fi? i* of Nature . n? ham iu form dfp'ivrti of i[> fan prop. rtwn * 'i i? re* ltd t , id op0T, by L'tltiri, I t" i opi ty ih? d-ficiney, Hence ha?e antra l.? i w. iidcrfni itiicoi c to which bid u Barry *a VeutiialiUK aid m> i V It.H AND l?CALP8 The eimi'li t? iu c. .? t at ih? jb. re named hat mat with in hr m tKiif>cu'? ' It a uu . ivalled head* t f hair, lor 'ha laat two far t treida lua men' ansuine eiperanum Ha rrincially eo'iei % i c* i, c >rfi 'rut of aatifytof the matt fa*iilioue th it he it th l>e*t * cheape?t inak- r in the c ty 1 hay , be had . nit at US Bro td*ay, corner L berty ttreet, up tan* I live room* foi titling Wi>i and Toupee*. je24 2? io?* m I'o Hl'TlCL KtU fclfr, ?'1KAM B (J ? T PhOPKllT1 TOH^aid Plucrt of Public Ammom' lie.?JAMM I. M<'HFKT.'lll Prince atieel, New York, mt on tar tare* aui>eii"i mcli nl Sheet Bi na, unable fur in iuh atairv, which e ufF> r* fur a le cheap He Mo fimaliei aud pnu them od m *ui?ri'>r atyle, at me ihnrtru o. tire ?nd ou the moat reaouable ierw>t. m?l i?i>i DM. 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Bel f< tj iti the u-f trade piinciple of a moderate cmh price it a vond article, they requeat ihr la?"?i of the poWie at t?? >?ve pUce.or 1 iheatore of Robert Jorioatou. No. il Court ludt $ttr*i All order*, on iny ?caleo< atie iw ??nety,promptr itt. udv-d to, by addr<***iutf the tubaenbera at Miner ol to* "'""l^HOLAS A, KOLLBKRO h J TRAtMKJJH, m v 7-2m r w >r?imut L<?uP*ch. Jttny, ' I'l I'AKH, VHOUHAL* *J{5 fHw-'ftoEr f % y near V*1'? ke? iUv*'.-MluSHits rH. EjA.N^I f:H.VtIUT * \jAUL, 'in.;:- mumlfnntn, would re.peetillv call the aitenti a ol ib' public to their eatabliahmeirt, .. its giuddwiv. they keep eouatmtly on band aa rtrijaivr ui r'-n.-iit if fine-wortl ?mtm, hnulied in ike feral fit. AH h'atrumrou 'ion Chit inauulactory, loug fmornhly nut iu the I'nited 8'*lts where it reoenril thr fir?r >.rei:lhi .xaidril bT lh? Amerirau inati'nte, for the heal litiilai, r mad* ?' id) <n*lrriiil? nil in aueh ani*rioi m nuer, u ibl.a ihe maker to warwot them to aland aay c main. 4i anttia !>< loie i>utch iu? clue ? hi tr, are rrquated to call 1 riimiuc the ai leu a<l workma.iahip of thai' iHmMMi I aeiertaiu the yn ta 1 hey will fee found lower tian at r uthrr linnet id tne city 'It. Pn. trim. Pr .lnaor of the F atr aud Uuiur fee** leaf* lUinoaiirr that the afeore <uraiueaawhU do ooc interfere iu lead with liii oilier rugtcitaie.ifa; he aull coatiuara to'?i?# inuiaa uauai, at JBj Br.-?l??? nrar w?lh? al. n?'4 l??t iITkTI uI rJdh htMALL PV . Mc.Sf. (ar /iaard aud ocieofaied Cilia, m u>J?rU?at.aa we ?ateai?e, to fea 'ibumed ia I>- la ??a<^ HiafclyitM NM 'ha 'Ml r- <<Ri. f <*'1* rw

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