Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1843 Page 2
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nsw yorf hfrajujl OiiiTMt *riiiaa-0?r rmd'ri will pU*>? bur in Ml"d ihit (b- H. I, ' ran br oMainwl daily,on thraimal of thv c?rt, Irom Mr L<?u, oppoiilt tk? llmlvd Slain Ho't-1 L*?i?i?r.B?-?nn, v T ?Th> Hirild cm h? had ?f Mr. L??i? K nwpli'r Hoon sah?cuber? laavuig ib?ir ad. dim oil h- ariTfl "t flatly . Mk D Lrn?"> Mid n, Conn., i* Affn? for th* H ral i, o< -1,urn ma) be obtained comet ot tbr D.<ily and Wr??i) H'rtld. 8i?<i 8i*n N V , 8'anion k Co. Kmo.Ton, N. Y., Mr. Z.Waller. Thf Foreign Newt-lht llcpeal Agitation? Pro|rcu of the Revolution In Qicat BilIklBt The news brought from England by the Hiberni* although it does not present any new topics ol interest and importance, gives ua some additional intelligence of the progress of exciting movements there, and we have accordingly devoted a considerable space to extracts from our files of papers. The sgiiaiion in Ireland continues with unabated *igor, and the universsl attention of the preas Ii is very difficult togueesat uhat the |>oli? cy of ihf ministry mey be; certainly to judge from thr armimenta expressed by the condu tors of the pr*.-*, they will find it exceedingly difficult (or them to adopt a course whicb would please even their ow n adberenta. The Times broadly asserts that 'r-land is on the very eve of rebellion, and adds that " there is no uae of mincing the matter." Trie Standard, on ihs contrary, laaghs, or affee s to laugh, at the whole business, and predicts that the whole agitation will be aa dead in a few weeks, as any of the numerous convulsive movements, which acknowledged O'Conoell's paternity. The Morning Chrontrlt demmds the immediate forcible suppression of the movement. The Dublin Evmittg M'til?one of the most rabid Tory papers in the United Kingdom?la still more violently n favor of coersive measures, and demands t'leir immediate adoption, or the retirement *f the Ministry. We do not think it unlikely ihat a change of administration would take place ere long in Great Britain. If so, we shall hear very little about Repeal. "J He "Agitator" would theu cnunge m* lacucs as heretofore, and the oppressed people of Ireland, would be ?m used for the fiitteth lime with paternal advice to " bide their time"?to trust or try the whigs?and all the successful humbug of a verj fur tunnte patriot. What does Ireland want 1 She wants the adoption of practical measures for educing the re sources ul the country?she wants the bodies of her starving peasantry fed and clothed, and their minds enlightened?she wants to get rid of the iniquitous legal eBtablishm'-nt of an adverse faith?t-he warns ti. pet rid of, i( possible, a more iniquitous deitMgoK'it-ism?fiio wants to be delivered from the curse ol absenteeism. It is utter folly to excite any people to tu?(?e for natit nnl prosperity in mere po luical meat-urea Give Ireland a more adequa e rei res-eniation in the Imperial Parliament? lei ber commerce be placed tu all respects ot protection and tavor on an equality with that of England?let encouragement be givrtl to the introduction and investment ol capital?let the Biiiish government do what it is rumored they have ottered to do, give a guarantee for the money rtquired in the execution oi the contemplated railway in Ireland?let a juat, liberal, and practical legislative policy be adopted, aud then the blooming valliea of Ireland will resound not with the wails of a starving naked population, but with the flad sound* of peace and industry Rat, give her now a domestic piiliament ?deliver her over to the mercies ot demagogues, lay and clerical, and instead ol the chastisement of the Englii-h whips, she will suffer the chastisement ot scorpions. The little fii ger ot the new despotism would be thicker than the loins of the old. And it must coma to this one day, and one day so >n. All over Great Britain the evidences of an approaching modification of her social institutions are apparent. Large accessions to the popular rights must soon be made. Why then, true friends of human liberty, pray for the violent dismemberment *>f that ancient and illustrious nation?why deliver up to intestine discord, and violence snd blood, its .k u* .....u 11:1 *aiicv? pviituu, wucij iiic imgiai ui iiuui auu uirvny, advancing in peacHul majeny, tell us to be of good courage, and points to the brightening future 1 Progress of Pcsbyism in this Coc.itbt?The followers of Pusey have multiplied greatly of late in this country, and the flime of heresy begins to burat forih now with considerable vigor It was not indeed to be expected, that the Episcopal church here would remain undisturbed by that exciting controversy which has threatened the very existence of the parent church On Sunday last a scene of gr- at ex^iiemeut look place in St Stephen's church. Eleven candidates for ordination presented themselves After the u?ual exercises of worship were ter minated, Bishop Oaderdoiik, according to the utual form, slated that be was about to orJain the young men, and req tested that if there was any person or perrons who had any objr ciions to make, or knew aught against them, they would now announce the tme. A moment of silence endued, when the Rev Hugh Smith,o! Si Peters,rose in the middle aisle,and stated that he had by letter yesterday informed the Bishop that he should protest againtt the ordination cf one of the candidates, Mr. Carey, in consequence of his holding opinions favorable to Romanism ; and he did now accordingly protest. Whea he aai down, the Rev. Mr Antbon, of St. Mark's charc in this city, who had been sitting in the same pew with Mr Smith roa*> anrf in !ik#? manner nrru tested againtst the ordination ef Mr. Carey, for the name reason. Hi-hop Onderdonk stated that he had received the objections, ol the Rev. gentlemen, and had in consequence appointed six competent and worthy persons 10 examine into the charge which had been made agatuot Mr Carey, and that they hid iu-ly reported to him th<*t it was unfounded; ai d thd< ula i #i> his own conviction, and that he ahould p oceed to orddtn all the candidates. He th?n commenced reading the prayer, and during the ceremony Views Smith and Ambon both arose and left ihe chtircn. We hav>- good grounds for mnking the statement t i >t ijreii partially successful, have been mi le tu stifle the new movement by those most f? orah e loit, inasmuch a* the laity are not regarded as f>eiiij sufficiently prepared f?>r the reception ol ttie new laith Full developments, however, ol itoe extent, lor years, ol the Pmeyue movement here, must now KHin be mad* We hive been inlormed that many ol ths Episcopal students of theology hsve been inoculated with the heretical doctrines? w' u?e the techmcdl term without meaning any reproach,?-tnd th*t they are lully prepared to advo cite all Hie old doctrine* ol the Catholic church, winch the Protestant*rejected at the Reformation. I nis religious movement is a most interesting one, and it wul soon engross a great deal ol public atte mon The Browolecs, Oheevers, Moriarlys, and the whole race ol polemical warriors will be up in arms, and the great battle between the rival churches will be waged with more violence than f-ver.? We shall ol course watch the movements and give tbem a proper place in the chronicles ol the times Unon Falsi Colors ? At the recent" World's Convention" in of the most violent and in" mt*r?te of the apeakera ?u an individual named J?a C Fuller, who paaaed himself ofi, it aaema, ? an Amerieaa, and ia repreaented by the "Timet" M*" *>ecimen of a genuine yankee." We are informed that ihia i* not true. Fuller ia a product of the Eogliab soil?a very poor one, too?and boiled aoap in Brietol before he came to oar ehoree, about eif ht yean aince. It now see ma that he ia trying to make the pot boil in another way. Horron to Nrw Yon ?Quiciwi H*a.Aj,t ? Captain Com<(ook on Taeaday made the quickest paaaage known from B*aton to New York He lett Boatoa ail P M, aud arrived Taeaday morning a >*aw Vara at (A. M , eleven hwora Foc*th of Jolt Motim*wt? andDot>?? ? New Tftwned a flner day than Tawday. The eky w* clear throughout the day?a treah breexe prrv iilr" | moat of the time?it waa Dot opprewively hot, n< ww inert any thing in the weather to mar m? pov sure of the occasion. Nevertheless, although the weather was favorabl. tin ' heath spread it* bWssings over the city, an although the Governor and las suite were here, anth* Mayor rrc-ived him with his blandest ennltai dins beat jokes, and although the Corpora tux and ihe military and othrrs drank punch at the Cit\ Hall hy the hogshead, and did all they posstbl) coald to get up the steam, yet, grieve we to say, th? Fourth passed off in New York with most disires sing apathy audquietude. We have heard ot Boar cidents worthy of notice during the day. Indeed, excitement ami enthusiasm exhibited than hat ever been known before. Few people, comparatively, left the city?'the steamboats in their excursions were generally lightly loaded. Stetson says the Astor House was never before so full upjn a fourth of July?he dined about 250 The same was true at Howard'*, where about 270 sat down to dinner?and ihs like wastrue at ibe American. We account for all this apathy from the fsct that the Fourth has followed so closely upon the heel? of the 17 h of June, the President's reception, ana the Bunker Hill celebration. All the enthusiasm and all the patriotism, and all the effervescence, and what is worse.all the money seem to have eva poraled on that occasion. It is difficult to burn ground twice over in so short a time. Principal Incidents of thk Day.?-In the "morning the Governor and suite arrived at Howard's, about half paBt eight, according to our announce ment yesterday. After nn excellent breakfast in Howard's best style, he was escorted by the military down to the Battery, where he reviewed the troops And here we may remark that there were ptrhape never before on such an occasion so few troops out; there might have been fifteen hundred in all. The Governor and suite then proceeded up to the City Hall, where he was received by the Mayor. Common Council, and friends, and tho military paid him a murchmg saluteNext came the matter of refreshments in the shape of punch in pipes, punch in hogshead.-, punch in barrels, punch in tureens, punch in inuirp, puncii in tumoit-rs, ana craciters, ami cheese. Nev-r, tince punching was invented, were a Governor and suite, a Mayor, Common Council, and friends, so punched before as they were on Tuesday puna! ed by ihe glorious and patriotic 4" Sixth," Alderman kmmdDi. The Sixth Ward will hereafter be regarded and known as the patriotic Ward. In the midet nf this flow oi punch, his Honor the Mayor toasted his Excellency the G<>vern?r, and the Governor toasted "the Empire City"?to which the Mayor responded in his usual felicitous and spi rited style. In the mrantime a large nu nber of the citizens were introduced to the Governor in the Governor's Room, after which the Governor, the Mayor, and friends went to Gen Sautord's, where they partook of a pplend d cold col ation, with wines, &c- Sic. Gen. Sauford first toasted " the day we celebrate"?six cheers. Next, the " Commander in Chief" The Governor, being greatly fatigued made no response, but requested the Mayor to do it tor him, which he did. The Governor then gave "The Mayor of New York"?which brought out the Mayor in the best speech he has made for many ye irs? it was full of fun. The Mayor concluded by giving " The connecting link between the Civil and the Military," ['ne Common Council,] with a conclusion which we did not catch, alihou h it was beautiful, and complimentary to the military. As they left the room, the Mayor gave?" The cleverest fellow among us, both in the English and in the Amencan acceptation of the word?Major General Sandford"?nine cheers To which the General rescinded in his usual happy manner, and at two o'clock, the Governor returned to Howard's, accompanied by his suite, Mayor Morris, and other a..J .-j:..: 1. < uic uiftuiriiru iuuiviuua.9. i rruug v^ijr uiucii in tigu- d, hs we have already observed, and slightly indisposed, he retired to his room, which he did not leave again during the day. Nothing lurtherof any interest, either on he part of the Governor or of the Mayor and Corporation, occurred during the day. The Celebration bv the Mechanics and Workingxen in the Methodist Episcopal Church in Green street, was conducted in a manner creditable to the Committee of Arrangements, and all concerned. Mr. Moore's oration was one of his happiest efforts, Those only who listened to it can appreciate the oratory. We understand the committee intend to ask a copy for the press. Trips out of Town.?The order and quiet with which 400 000 people Tuesday celebrated the birth day of treedom in the commercial emporium, is peculiarly manifest in the operations on the Har lem Railroad That con pany transported 11,000 adults, with half as many more children, through streets, crowded with tro<>|?, vehicles, and persons, without the smallest accident, delay or inconvenience. Baron De Gerstnier remarked that "rail roads are peculiarly d> mocratic in their nature " This wassiagularly manifest on Tuesday, when,'or 12} cents, a person could enjoy a pleasant ride of 7 miles from City Hall to Harlem, being 1 13 cent per mile. At this low rate of travel the company received $1,200 during the day, affording evidence that the conveniences and cheapness of railroads are duly appreciated by the public, and like all democratic institutions, are deservedly popular. During the day we paid a delightful visit down the Bay to the Hamilton House, kept by our friend Curtis, at Fort Hamilton. Here we found fine air, fine grounds, fine prospects, a fine, n' &t, well ventilated house, fine eatables, fine drinkables, and a devil of a fine fellow in Mr. Curtis. His house is l?ironi*ed this season by some ?f the i'itt of the city. Tnere are now stopping there, Col Bankhead, Messrs Dudley Selden, Sim Draper, Brown, E Curtis, Preecott Hall, Wm P. Hallett, the Grays. Griswolds, and a host mr re?about 130 or 140 in all Mr. Curtis gives his first bnII tor the season on Friday evening next. He has the same band of mu sic that was last season at New Brighton. Colonel Batikhead's celebrated band is also quartered this season at Fort Hamilton A great many private parties drove out of town to the various suburban retreats One of the happiest started in their carriages from the Aator Hou*e,uo der the command of Captain Jim Stetson. Severn distinguished gentlemen from Boston were itnnn^i them They vi*itrd BuniliHrns, on the Bloomitisd ile road, and Nowlan's, at Prospect Hill, where they received all the attention w hich the celt bra'ed piiiloiiophers who preside in these temples could render. Thk New Fountain at Bowun? ' >rekn.?The space now known an the Bowling Green, wm originally the Esplanade, in fn>nt of the gate of the lortre^s constructed by the Dutch, and known un der the English tule as Fort George. Up to tn? time of George 111 , it waskDown as the Parage, sad was h triangular space enclosed by posts am ?ur ouoded by trees. Karly in the reign of thai' loyal subjects of New York, far from an ticipanag the tyranny of vhich ihey were to be th? objects, erected to the monarch a leaden equestnai statue, supported on a pedestal about twenty faetn height; the pedestal was of brick, faced with Port land stone?for it was not yet believed that a nev country could furnish materials for srchiteclnra ornament Early id the revolution, tbe statue was torn Iroir its base by a rope iaatened around its neck tn< dragged contemptuously through tbe srreeta. Tbi material was then run into ballets, which did gooc service hgd inst hit mercenaries at the battle of Long IsiaiiJ Tbe padastal long remained a memorial ol I he downfall < ( tyranny, but was, with bad taste, re| n'wed ?oi/ie years eince At the time ot the erection of thf statue, the triI ovularepheroid was diminshed to au t gg-shap?d vhI, winch was burrouadtd with an iron railing, 'id the irete which are uoi within it, were plan -d This sphere has now become the seat of a foun <in, ereced from the deeigns of Mr. Jame* Renvick, Jr It is placed in a basin 90 fret in diameer. In the middle of ihia, rial's to the height ul 17 ket, a matw of rude stone, weighing 350 tons, aratiged to represent the rocks of a natural waterfall, xlubiting three different ftcea. In the middle of his it:as->, a pipe one foot in diameter, delivers the vaterlo a jet which throws the water in the form of a plume to the height ot 70 or 80 teet. As it falls it is received in a basin on the top of the rock work, whence it spreads laterally, forming cascades. The ">?!' .i1r Agaiatant Alderman Pet ligrew, who took (he contract, and was aided in ita performance by Mr. Aaron P. Price, master mason. Thia fountain played occaaionally during the day, and in the evening, to the great admiration of all who beheld u. We should have mentioned in our description that in addition to the main jtt, there *rr 32 small tide>rt? d'eau, which produce a very line and beautiful effect. There are also sixteen bat wing gaa lights placed dt suitable distances around the outer edge of the fountain?and inclined at such an angle aa to reflect the light directly up npon the main jet as it risea irom the centre of the rocky pile. The effect in ihe darkness is most beautiful. Oa the evening of ihe 4th, at 9 o'clock, a small " top draw" on the Beaver street side gave way and caused the fountaiu to atop playing for the evening. It is already repaired. Mr Keuwick was the designer of the plan, and the whole has been executed at the expense oi the citizens in that immediate neighborhood, who all express themselves satisfied and seem delighted with the whole design. Among other persona of taste, however, there is a difference of opinion. But we cannot enter into a discussion of this matter at present. Inthb Evening.?In the evening the usual places of amusement were open?museums, theatree, Jcc., &c ,with theexeceptiou of the Park Theatre, which looked very solemn?not opened at all. The fireworks were unusually brilliant, especially at castle iraruen, widiws, ana Washington ana Franklin Squares. Niblo's was the great scene of attraction. Almost 50;0 persons visi.'ed the Gardens during the evening. The inimitable Ravels |ietformed, and elicited thunders oi applause. Incident of the Fourth?The New York Pilots on the 4 h, had in the Park Fountain a splendid miniature model oi a Pilot Boat, fnlly rigged and decorated with fligs. Her nam* is the Independence It was a very pretty affair. Firk.?On the 4th, at 10 o'clock at night, a fire broke out at Mr. Charles Coleman's establishment, (the brother ef Messrs. Samuel and Robert Coleman of the Astor House.) nt 71 -t street, burning the etablp, sixteen eows, one horse, and all the out- I houses. His house was^avtd from the fire mer? ly ' by a grove Df trees which intercepted the fire. The fire pat-sed 500 feet on to a n? i^nhor'a hoiioe, whirh would also undoubtedly have been burnt had rot Mr. Coleman, with h:s men, gone to thai place and aroused the inmates, who kiew nothing oi the fire uutil Mr Coleman had p?t it all out. The whole feuppoaed to be the work of an iiicendiary. Another fire on the 4 h, at Poiighkeepe e, burn, the Dutch Church in that villus*. The V?lfk of ths Ckoton WaTk* was very well tested on the evening of th<* Fourth. A sjmik g> t amongst a large qiautry of fire works in a store ad* joning Cireeu's elegant drug establishment at the corner oi Walker street and Broadway, and had it not been tor the abundant and ready supply of the Croton water, very serious consequences would have followed. Steamboat Wave, Caft. Vandirbilt.- -As th s boat was returning to the city on Tuesdcy, loaaea to tne guards with passengers, there oeing full seven hundred men, women and children, on board, she came up with and attempted to pass the sloop Amity, Captain Clark, returning from Fort Hamilton with a private party of gentlemen on board. When off Governor's Island, the Wave endeavored to pass across the bows of the Amity, she being belore the wind, and under great press of sail; Capt. Clark slightly altered his course as the Wave approached, to avoid a collision, if posssble, until he saw Capt. Vanderbilt's determination to cross his fore foot, or run into him, when be held his way, leaving Captain V. to do as he pleased. In a moment after the two vessels came in contact, the bsom of the Amity sweeping the deck of the Wave, damaging her upper work, fortunately without injuring her passengers. Having been an eye witness of the occurrence, both before and alter the collision, we look upon Capt. Vauderbilt's conduct, as deserving the condemnation of the community. The total disregard of life Mnd limb exhibited, we would not have believed existed in the heirt of any mm, es|>ecially in one that has the lives of so many entrusted to his judgment and care, and who has had the confidence of the travelling public so long. A Caf.-jz*.?A small sail boat, containing four men, was capsized on the Fourth in the narrows, just oft Fort Hamilton They succee ded in getting on her bottom, and were rescued, after drifting in that situation nearly half a mile, by a boatihat put out from Fort Diamond. Movements ?Gov. Dudley, from North Carolina, arrived yesterday at lhe American. Doctor L .wson, Surgeon General of the United States Army ; the Hon. A. C. Hand, snd lady, of N. J , and the celebrated Alexr. K. McLong, arrived yesterday at the Cedar street Hotel. John C. Rives, editor of the Washington Globe, has arrived at Howard's Hotel. Amongst the arrivals at Howard's Hotel last night, we observe the name of Singleton Mercer, of Philadelphia Gen. Wool, U. S. A., has arrived at Saratoga. DisTiNottrsiiBD John C's.-We start the followirg list of distinguished John C's. Are there any John C. Calhoun, Candidate lor Presidency. John C. Spencer, Secretary U. S. TreasuryJohn C. Bennett, Great Mormon Apostate. John C. Hives, Eiitor Washington Globe. SoHoot.k*'s Mountain Mineral. Springs ?As in the month* of July and August, many ?f our fellow citiz-ns will desire to sepk some cool retreat, we cannot render them a greater service than to direct their attention to the advertisement in another co 'imn, of Sehooley's Mountain Mineral ' prings ? The mountain air is redolent with health and the vat> r xingularly salubrious ; the house iscomfottaMe ami commodious nod "mi tie host" very attentive. pHO?prcT HaLi. ?Thi* p ira ij-e of n place, is !he greatest resort on the i.-lntid Nowlan has a periliar faculty of enticum citizens to ill a house. Co.mmknckd ? A cnn b of |mud ballr at the rf Inonf House, New Brighton. The fir?.t wus a sjilenlid aflair. Hannah Moi?. ~ i h.iri''r? me pnbiiahins the writings of thm emin< n' w >m?n in eight nnr( b rn, >?f nearly l.V) rages, at twentv-five cents earh W? foubt uct that the ladire ni l uke car*, forth# tonor of theirse*, that a pretty large edition will esold. Mrs More's writings are in every branch if literature, from the merely enteitaining to the t ally useful; and display a talent rarely equalled.? Number one is published, and contains a portrait. Patkvt Right foeSal^? Mrs. Dibble, the pro rietreM of the patent right of a truss, which is ughly spoken of, oHers her interest in it tor sale A rood chance lor a medical man who wishes to turn otue of bis s^are cash to favorable account Mrs. D's advertisement will be found is our columns this day In* Oovhrxor'n Movkmrxts Ymtmday.?In the n.o-rirg ih>T*maT Itr.nrk Veeiverf-v greet ? nu.rber 01 c?U*at liia room* at Howard'a. He wu 0 in'ith ijitcur d, and did not go out till after dinner., 8 At three o'clock he wua waited u^on by Hi* Honor ^ the Mayor, and member* of the Common Council, j who were in reddmeaa to take him on an e*cur- N *ion. r.. it,. which JfTllfcri WCJC piUTIUVU IUI IIIV vv?.-.., r, were filled by the following individuals of the ? partyHis Excellency Governor Bouck, with hie it aid*, Colonel Hamilton of Albany, and Colonel f< Brown of Queen's county?his Hoaor, Mayor Morris, the life and soul of the party?Pretident Purdy, whose health has very nearly recovered, to the great joy of his friends?Aid. Emmons, who waB theChairmaa of the4ih ol July Committee,and who mixed,manufactured and cooked all those hogsheads e of punch, a liquor in which the worthy " Sixth" 1 felt it to be his official duty to drink, the health ol ? all his admiring friends upon the Fourth?Alderman * Vandervoort, who sm>s he attended the fastest trot- ? ting match upon the Beacon course on the Fourth, 0 which hus ever Mfcen got up in these parts?Alder- , man Brady, who says little, but keepa up a devil ol t a thinking, and is hard to be understood?and Al [ derman Nichols, who stopped at the half way r hout-e, when he went a ' cherrying," and then 1 steered the sc?w up to Ru g's Bridge, when h<? i ougtit to have steered her over to Randall's Island; ' not that we mean at all to insinuate, nowever, mat the 14th Assistant saw double on that solemn occasion Such and such were the individuals who escorted th?* Governor and suite en his excursion. In the first place the party drove to the House of Refuse, under the superintendence of Mr Terry, and were guided about the establishment. No no tice had been given to this establishment, nor to the others afterwards visited, of the intended visit of the Governor, and they were therefore caught in their every day dress. We took simple notes of all the operations of the Institution, and especially ol Aid. Emmon's admiration of the razor straps, but we have not room to record them. Next the party drove round to the Alms House, under the superintendence of Mr. Morse. Here the Governor was shown ihrough evtry department, and was greatly delighted Among the inmates were not a few young mothers, and still younger citizens, who seemed very much pleased to see theirIriends. Every thing about the Alms House shows that we have an efficient city government. Leaving the Alms Honse, the party next drove to the Denf and Dumb Asylum under Mr. Peet. The whole appeared in every day dress. All the manufacturing operations were been here?which was not the case at the Alms Houre. After that, the 1 pupils were called into the school room, and require d to go through with sundry exercises on the slate, which they did with their well known skill. The Governor asked them the following question:?"Do you like to make advancement in religious proficiency V* To which in various language they replied in the affirmative. His Honor the Mayor asked them, what whs i1ij ff?ct produced upon them by the Potter's Field 1 ( vim h is in their immediate vicinii}.) All 'he answers to this question had a "bad fciuell" in them, which wrought very powerfully upon the olfactories of the present Aldermen,

who will no doubt in due time remove the nuH4i.ce < to ? firier place. In conclusion, the Mayor rrquested Mr. P? et to inform them ihat on the part of the Common Courcil, h- ga\e them an invitation to call, wh< ii thry t-hould com* to town, nt the Cny Hall, and they t-h uld br bliown the luilding itself, aiid hi jo the various pictures, Arc, whuh it contains Thid invitation gave thfin all great delight, which they exlt>bitrd t y giving the Mayor nine cheeruand within? him a long lite. Lastly, the party the Dis'rihuting Reservoir The wa er i*3:& leet deep in it. From this ] place, thry drove back to Howard's. Movements To-bay?At i past 9, the Governor and auite, M iyor and Common Council, will visit the ships of war, in the harbor, which will receive them with appro; riate salutes. From 12 to 2 o'clock, Ilia Excellency will receive his friends at the Governor'* room, from whence he will takr a recces until three o'clock or thereabouts, when he will visit the "Farms" on Long Island, J starting from the Alms IIous<?thence to the t "Island"?and thence back again. To-morrow he will again be at the Governor's i room from 12 to 2or 3o'clock; and on Saturday ! he will visit Yonkere; of which more hereafter. Signora Castkllan Giampiktko's second and last concert will be given this evening at the Tabernacle. It is altogether unnecessary to add a word to this simple announcement. The building wil be crammed. Niblo's Garden ?The Ravel family commenced their campaign on Tuesday with great rclat, and were applauded more than ever. Though the garden was crowded to excess, every thing passed oil without the slightest confusion. This truly talented family make their second appearance this eve. ning, giving us a comic pantomime, dancing, tight rope performances, icc. Gabriel appears in M. Istthalumeau, in which he is so irresistibly amusing The whole bill is iuvititig We anticipate another succeesfnl season for this ever-welcome and astonishing company. Thk Park Theatre ?After all. the rata are not to be permuted to retain undisputed possession of "old Drury"?a privilege which having been sane t fied by such a long period of respectful acknowledgment, it is naw almost sacrilegious to disturb However, the rats are to go ; and the wind and rain which have indeed visited the roof and face of the venerable pile " too roughly," will soon find new and more formidable barriers en which to expend their tender mercies. Astounding as is the announcemeat, it is yet true that the " old hou>e" is to be " restored." The melancholy traces of ha!i a century are to be efliced, and the bricklayer, and the plasterer, and the slater, and the painter, and the carpenter, will soon Illiterate all the honors which the claws of old Time?who never forgets his duty, and is, albeit, in the anti-conservative way, the most attentive of landlords?has cast " around the dear ruin." It is true?so, oh ! ye of li'tle faith, cease that modern pintomimic expression of ii fidelity, and repeal ing the union between your thumb and the aspiring extremity of au already sufficiently flittened organ; i let your extended digits no longer describe circles in me air. wim a princely munificence worthy and characterin c of the man, Aotor liai appropriated five thousand dollars for repairing the roof and front ol the houte? a l.keBum for resuscitating the loi'g fndfd glories nt the interior?and a prize of fifty dolUra to the o? iit r>f the Scotch terrier who will l>?-t mi.-tain lie honor* of hi? pedigree in the nppr?i-' Ivnv tangumary, and, we fear, protracted conilict wi h hi* li.r'du ry ei?mies. IVis gnrifying intelligence we have t?*ce;ved Iri'm a Beetle nun ol untl'Mihterl veracity and wIiommtimite and accurate k ii>w|--d<e of evfrytfiiru o i r>f* r< i-t in 'he affairs of tin h im for the laM q t-i'ier i f .1 century, j i-tlv eniii'? ^ linn to the moot implicit re?iit The M.-and,ilous rumor then, that hj ruin >t ' old L> u.'y" *'n? to be ('Ofiturnmatrd, and the 'roioti water allowed to perform ita gamSo's amid if s JCattrrjd !:a.?:n ;a<e, is utter'y * ithout fuuuda'i>n. A Dicnrn Hit ? K ihy'? p? rlornance of Richard tt e Third 1<m?i night. The house was crammed, anc he neWiftoys were in perfect apasir.a of delight. Court of Krrori Jolt 8-Tbl? Court met pro forma M il 7'c'oc^J,"d, <h*n adjourn'd ,to dim) in Altwrtiy oa tha 19 h day ot This c >nrt Uai twenty-eight <lay?. This term was ataigned to the h?*a>in* of can??? VP' * " ?, error, Mid there were 67 caute* upon thaCalangar, one whick the plsiutitfin error h?J t? discontinue wit.. out coat?, on account nl the banBrup ry 01 m? ??? ? > in ?rror. Una wm affirmed vrl.h doultln coata upon <Jr" lault, one wu affirmed, with double colli, ti|>ou nr((u nenl, and aixteen w?rn argued, sod thedeciaiona (Stiam poatpooed, Ira vine (ortj -eight sauiaa uodiapoisj of. At tbft nait tarm appaal ? 10 pr?i?r?>n;?, *ni no otiiMou writ* of arror K to bahaar J until After I tba tea rib waak Id tka tar* | City Intelligence. Common Cuiut-Joist Mutihg.?A.'. Lair paat A* a 'clock the Board wa? called to order by President Irown, whan the clerk proc*odwd to call th? roll, and a J uorum of each Board cot being present, the Common j 'ouncil stands adjourned until the fint Wednmday in t xtmooth. The DotrJ 01 Aidariruc is uJJourned until a loudwy night next The record* of the Police D^^artinrut of our good city | ( >r Tuesday, furnish u? with but few items ot interest, j vHich s,>eaks volumes far the nutty and ratioual patriot- ( im of tike New Yorkeia. Xi*o number ot commitments 1 )r riot, druukt?nness und disorderly conduct, are lewrr , hen on ordinary occasions, while but one chevalitr de in- ! uiirieconi! under the cogitizHnce ot eur vigilant police. 1 (or wwre there any accidents ol a serious nature, so far a could be ascertained at the City Hospital and the pri- i on. We give Ijelow th? priuciffkl it'mi ofnews. Discharge or tHt Watch.?Ephraim Parker, Mary turns, Catberinu McBargh, Thtmu Hainan, Johonna .! ?, were severally committed for being drunk and noWy. i'hoinas Leyden waa locked up lor paying hia landlord nith blows instead of dollars. James Curley, a diminutive pecimenof atailor, was found snooziugon a stoop 'a the low try, and beiug rather the worse tor liquor, was re ituuded to coal his temper. Barney Hart preHented a mug f mo?t uusightly hue and shape, and was seut below 10 eceiv* the attention of the prison physicians. He had a mall Hare up in Cross street, which ended in ? bloody ,mi/l i lnr<< lliirt. TllPOH ilarkiei w?-r? r. niou.l/. l ... he ceil* for treating an Irish watchman rather uncour :] eou.ily. Barney Mt'Csbe wus lully committed lor ! obMng Charles O Briggs, a sailor belonging to the ! , <?rth Carolina, el hn leather purse, which coutain> j (1 a dollar and a half in specie Barney thougui to | j 10 the Char.ey bv telling him that Bung, wua . lia cousiu?but Briggs denied the relatiouihip.? i ] ?aac Thumpson.a black boy, waa found in Spring street viih a cage containing (our ) ouug canary buds, and not teing able t? tell where ha came Irom, wan locked up o await further examination. Jjmc* T. Jajce, a rather expectable looking young man, waa lined for being Irui k and sleeping in the fctruet. Ho was commuted un. ' 11 the money u s paid. The watch were then dis- | 'barged and the caudle* extinguished by order ol Justice , tlatsell. And thus ended tlm wutcQ returns for the null ol July. J Mischikvius Conduct ?About eight o'clock Tuesday 'Vf-ning, a butcher boy, while passing the fruit store ol I Mr. James Walsh, No 39ft Broadwav, near Walker meet, let Itie to a Roman cauole which l?y with about thiity lollari worth ol fire works, displayed lor sal in fr mt of he window, and in a moment the entire lot blew up, maling a terrible contusion, and causing lerious apprben lions lor the safety of the premises lor several minutes ? Had it not been tor the presence of mind ol the shop boy, vho at once rigged the C?>ton plug in fiont, and played ipouthe tunning muss, the damage would have been nurh worse, as the awning was on fire in several placet*, rhe young rascal who Caused the mitch.el managed to itcape in tbe melee, but vse learn that he is known. Rodhkht at a Kirk?Daring the tire on Monday liglit in Wellington street, a lellow, named Michael farsons, was caught in the aot ol stealing a military ;oat, which belongs to a musician attached to one ol the [lnilorm bands, and a black frock coat, lor which h^ stands [ully committed Accidents?There wereonly thraeaccidents reported it tbe City Hospital on Tuesday. Two colored men were run over, the one by a fire engine, and the other by an .rtillery carriage?no bones were broken. The third was a >oung lad, who wai brought there by his mother, with his lace badly burned by tbe blasting of a powder born, while firing olt'soinr squibs A w holes a lk Rob?kh op Boots a>d Shoes?During the mouth uf May iasi, William Keplbeck, who k> eps a very extensive ladies' boot au?l shoe store at No. 160 Cana' street, lound his itock diminishing in a ratio not at all proportionate to the returns, am was much puzzled to understand how the deficit was caused in his stock. He begun to make enquiries among the trade, aud was sur prisea 10 nua, ui various stores, tomt doois tuia suueB, which be imagined were, er ought to boon bis own shelves, and which he ascertain!d hud beto sold by a journeyman shoemaker named Juhn Tompkins, who represented h>mselt as the muker, und owner ot the same ? Now it so nuppened that this John Tompkins -/us, or hud been, a journey man lor Mr. K^plbeck, but ha I just tiien made himself scarce, having gone on a visit to bis friends in Monmouth, New Jersey. Mr. KeplbecK, instantly went to work, look an inventory of his stock, itid louud that ut variua- times there bud been stolen frum hiiii upwards of $160 worth of boots, shoes, buskins, &c., in ulso traced the property to the following places where Tompkins had sold it 'o Cornelius Christie, No 410 Hud ion streel; John Shaw, 465 Hudson street; Robert Nichols 17J Hudson street; Gardner S. Chapin, 9U9 Spring street; Francis Barker,4iS,Hudson street; Joniei- Bo}d,&7 Fourth itreetj and Hugh Frews, No. 341 Hudson street. Afh.lafits were made by each ol the above, and then Mr Kepi>eck started lor Monmouth, N. J., where he lound Tomp. kins, and by a ruse managed to get biin to accompany him to this city, where he arrived on Monday evening, and was at once lodged in the Tombs to keep bun sober md cool during the glorious Fourtn?h bas made a sort >1 confession to officer Joseph,of tbe robbery, and will in ill probability pass a few summers at tbe btate House ut Sing Sing. The Touch Gamc.?On the night of the 14'h June last James Jenkins was decoyed into a house of ill lame in Leonard street, by a girl named Frances Burdett, an.1 while there had the sum ol $-J4ft stolen Irom bis pocket book, which was carefully replace 1 in hii coat pocket. Officers Stokely and Cockefair w ere put on the trail,and on Tuesday arrest) d a w hite felloe named Itodney Ouy, alias Doctor Ouy, iud a colored pall named William Did il'mus, together with the girl, all ct whom were fully committed for tbe robbery. A Lust Trunk?Dominick Mayoch, a public forter, No i?9, who resides at No. 167 Washington street, was r-mploved by a sti anger to carry a hair trunk from the Philadelphia stesmbout landing la?t night, but by some m?a is or other the owner got separated from him, and he not knowing where to follow with bis burden, brought it to the Lower Poliou Omcp, where it ran he hod on uppli atiou. It it a round top goat *kin truok, and has a cunt with the name of "Mr. J. Power, passenger, Philadelphia" attached thereto. The ownar should he thankful that it loll into such honest keeping, or be had seen it for the last timo. ATTturrsD Suicidk in Sino Sijiq Paisort.?Wf learn, 'hat on Friday last, a conviot of the name ot Lundy, u ho hai been sent lrom this city some time since for a grand larceny, nude an attempt to commit suicide i<y throwing himself into the river, out of which he was takes baforu his dread purposa could ba accomplished. On being questioued as to the motives which ceulJ indue* him to date so iash an act, he replied, that a keeper of kis room had threatened him with a flogging, and he prefer red to end his punishment with his lile, rather than endure the infliction of so degrading and inhuman discipline. enc-are from 81*0 8ij?o Prisow.?The new keepers of this department appear to git along very badly, torn* how or other, as scarce a week passes out u c hear of Mime escape, row, or comprint ot the brutal treatment of the convicts If the chaises are louuded in truth,and we fear there is sume shadow of ground lor then-, the Common Council fchuuld at once ei?mine int.i the cusp, and immediate and prompt remedies applied to prevent thu inert aseofthe evils complained of. During the Kourtb, two negroes, named Ki unci* Peterson and Med nil Crolt, contiivvd toescapi) lrom their cells, and have not since been heaidof. They were sent up in the spring lrom Richmond county, Staten bland, lor havii.g committed a burglar) and laiceny Dkath or a Prostituti?An Ivqnest was held at the dead house on the body ot Catherine Dingham, alias Kate Shaw, a nativeof England, aged about 'JS years, who has been leading a life ot intemperance and prostitution in the city for the last couple ot years. It appears in evidancu that thB hapless untort'.inate was turned lrom the house in Crosi street, where she boarded, heinsr at the time in toxiCHted, andevidently dying She, however, managed to reacb the cellar of a porterhouse, kept l.y a parson named Waters, at No 69 Cross strn", where die whi fouuil in the Inst agouies of death. Vtrdict?dud irom intu.nperance and disease. A Dtfi or B?i?ulak*?On Ilia night or the 4th July, the store ol Mis* Abby Oakley, at No. 11 Carmine atreet, wui burglariously entered through ibe rear window, b) lioring a large hole in the kliuttei*, anj inserting the hand to undo th? iast'-mugs. O'l examination it wa< ascertained th^t property, consisting ol silk handkerchiefs, laces, glori*?, fcc ,to th? amount of $70, or tlter^abouts, had been carried off The cane wat placed in the itaaiU o/ officer Lambeit and Nchmoi ol the Upper Police, who tuade a (.ounce upon the hjuno No. Ibl Wooster itreet, where they lotind lour men, thive of whom made their esc ipe through the scuttle leading to the roof, and thence by the rear to the tree', while the fjurth, nomed James Crump, ?? taught On searching the premises, evi-ry article missing w*h discovered stowed ca efully away in various plnc??, ogetherwith a lot ol ai rer apoous, and other urticle*, undoubtedly solen. Also a ijnautity of burglars' tools, if every size, figure and make, irom the jimmy to the skeleton key; in lact, a complete fit out lor an organized g ng. Crump i< fully committed, and vigorous < If.irin are ra iking to catch the remainder of the Wooster at ree' p*riy, on whom the eyes ! the police have been fi?ed lor a long period. It li supposed they belotif* to the name gang na thoce arretted on Monday through the iastru. mentality ol Mr. Oallon, ol the Bowery theatre. Hithik Svshciocs ?On Tuesday night, a* Valentine Ripier, a baiberol rolor rending at No.-JOO Rivington ?treet, wa? about retiring to bed, he dissovert d a whit? loafer stowtl a vay in the corner ol the?, net, while hia hat, shoes and coat were lottnd depo?i'ed in u hs:rel clo?i by Tbe fellow gave the name ol Antonio Murer, and la evidently ol foreign . xtractlon. He i? lull/ comtaittad. SreAi-iK" CorrKi Two boys nam d Robert Dunn and William Hilla were < aught In the act ol st? aling a quantity ol copper shen-hing and spike* liom the st uumnoat now nuildina at the ship yaid f ?ot of Hi*th Street, East ? ?- ' ? - - Maai^ra Tltahnn nnrl Simontfiii. Hl.d lilTfr, nr |<iu|irnj ui , , wttr? commit'M lor a petit Icrcmj'. a Youno pv t(ch'<iit.?\ jonngimp of miarhlef, n?m>d Uaiiii'l Holland, having procured a quantity ol qnitu, o.raohtr*, and chaser*, which lie amine I hiniiell Aiih fltibg off in thu atableof Mr J-tmei" Kerriiigham. No 7 Oieat jonna'afreet, injuring the hor^e* v ry a<?er. ly, and endaugering the aaltty oi the properly, on which waa ti large quuntlty of hay. draw, fc^. Hh ?n caught on tho spot, anil alter receiving, ai hi> merited, a vara chaati?em?t?f at the hand* of Mr. Kerringham, wat 'akeu to tie Upper Police office, whnre^ie waa reprimun' del nnd fined $?, which >omeol liia fritndj paid, and the young ratcal waa liberated. Mvirraioua Death?The following hat been tent to ua On Hunday, the 3d mat., the body ol a wut lound floating in tltacreek a lew y ardi Mouth of WrlgbtV tavern, near the Junction ol the Hobokeii and Hai mhiiiiroada ; the depth ol' water wa< al>out eighteen incliea \ ne hand wan connected by a handkerchief to n ?taki driven in the mud The body wan freih and apparently dead only a low honra. The Cotoner ol B'-rxen, Joim ?>. Spear, buried h.m on the brow of tho bill a IJ ir. r.t ?o whera found, and repotted "a m n, nana unknown, lound dio* ned"!t Oa Taenday, II o 4th, (omit gnufleininof Jeraey City had lh<? bodjr exhumed fur?*aminn tion, when it waa lerugtur.ed, by the lift', clothe", hdJ a memorandum thai of Mr I! nimniu flongland, a r>apectkM?oRi prriter, ol ?mill lam ly (a wlf# and three vour.a L'hilfleen r.?.,lini/ in JuTt?\ I"itr> lie lelt <irm' ii Knd.,v mortiinK ; told l.ii *?!! ' h* ? ji r oln|f in tba i o?r? t? Newark, uriii woull return on Matur^a? tTi-ning. I I'he body wa* placed lb ti coffin and Intarrad in the ccdi.j- I t*rj. Inqiilrln tra on foot, but at jrat no further Jtuo* 1- I If* hM b*?u ba<I|*a tbla aiMf alar Jaatli Superior Court . flti,'oru Chief Jualic* Joue*. Jvlj t^?G*?rte R Run ell tl. til. va. Fletcher miion, 1 ah 1 m? wui jon,e?| some magnitude t>oth aa to be pecuniary liabilities and the piiacipleaof law which t involved. The aum in liiigaiiou. (or which *Jje Jiry ?uud lor the plaiutitt, waa *|7 ?94 and tlie liabilities ,rote on trading trauaactiona win, Chioa an l the Ei?t inder billt of credit iaaurd by the drfendanta' agenw? L'hc imuoitancn ofthi'Caae induce* nim ,i?Uc rm. ort until to morrow, for the purpose of securing greatJr iccuracy. Circuit Court Before JuJge Kent. Ji'LT b.?Jvhn Peck vx. Ruftii MtacA, et. at ?This wm in action brought hy the i.older el a promissory not* igawst Willism 0. Rice and Co. iti makers. The defeudmt* pleaded in abat> ment, that other persona ought to lave been madtt partita to the suit, and the defendant Rice plt-adt-d, likewise, a discharge in bankrup'cy. Tho irmol'Wm. C. Rice and Cocon-isted ol lour partners in he forwarding butinets. Mr. Mruch holding a ona iotirth nterrst. In tho year 1837, at different pei iods, be dis)0<e.t of his interest to two separate and distinct persons, ind the simple question for the Jury, to which the cbsh was narrowed down, was whether \lecch had dispo^d >1 bis interest ut the time this obligation created by the l>romisa>rv note, now in litigation, was made Titers were vario-i* other points in the case, wnich, in (act, was >ne of a complicated nature, but they were now exoludrdthut tbejiuy might settle a question ol fact. Amongst >ther |K)intsr?i-ied by Mr. Mnach, it was contended that :he debt lor which this note was given wis not lor partsership purposes, but lor the purcbaie ofCanal stock Sic., ind this may lorm matter for future trials, to which the itlaira of tli? firm (now somitime extinct, may give riax. The Jury, after being looked up for some time, came intoComt, and stated their inability to agr e on tho point submitted to thi m: they were, therefore, d.s:harged. W? understood they stood six to six. Court, of Mimmon Pleas, Before Judge UMIioettrr. Jolv 4.?J'lhn K Bowen vs. C^arltt C. Wright and Jeremiah Ilotchkesi ?This wan an action on a promis-ory note lor $736^ dated July is. 1841,drawn by the plaintilf in imtui iii mo unciiu?iiii>, una eiuiori<n<l ny them A witness aimed Johnson wai called to prove that tho defendants worn in w lit of | ecuniaiy men. s in their busiiirt* trans, action', and thnt he procured Uii? nott* without consideration Irom the plaintiff, ler the accommodation ot the <infendaiits ; and it appeared the defendant* did not mike provision for the note, but left it to fall up m the plaintiff, who waa compelled to take it up For the detVnce, testimony wa* adduced to prove that the note waa (riven in payment for eood* sold by tha defendants to John?on in the naov of Bowen. Thi? contradictory testimony wai submi'ted to tko jury, but a ter being out all day, they wero unatile to come to any 'Incision Gardner Wheelwright v?. Caleb S. Benedict ?This waa an uctioii of as*ump>u brought tiy ttm ptai, .tilt,asthe holdprolu piomissory note, against the defendant 11a the last endorser. The di'f" pleaded the i?tue. and that the note tvaa usurious. The no'.e was drawn on tha 27th Mept. 1841, lor V>0l), by Andrew I. Mead. payable to tlie order of Alam Mead, and endorsed by Alam Mead, Piatt Townsend, am) the def ndant j and for the defence it was attempted to be shown that a usurious premium , was paid lor it, in con'eqnence of pressing pecuniary difficulties. The case lias been befeie tried, in January of the present year, when tl o jury were unable to agree. It was not disposed of at the adjournment of the Court. General Sessions. Before Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Brady and i Lee. James R. Whiting, E?q-, District Attorney. The Court reassembled yesterday at 11 o'clock, when the following Grand Jurors answering, were empaneled for the July i erm?tji: John C. Delpont, Esq. foreman, Walter Barnes, Robert B. Bojd,Henry A. Beach, Thos. Barker. Joseph W. Coriies, James Harper, D wight Lathrop, John McClnre, Junes viurphy, Bryan McCahill, Jubn N. Say re, F. S. Winston. John P. Ware, Jtime* M. Tice, Stephen H. Sammis, James A. Tiillord. Charles Pitt, Heary W.Boswell, Matthew Daly, and James McGill?Total, 21. The Clerk then proceeded to callover the names of the pnsoussummoned to attend a* l'etit Juror?, and a sufficient number uns? ering, the business ol the Court wasforthwith proceed'd in. Plka <>r Guilty ?Edward Diamond, indicted for man slaughter in causing: the death of Patrick Rush, in the month of April last, was allowed by the District Attorney to enter a plea of guilty ol assault and battery?the physician to the City Prison, Dr. McComb, giving it as his opinion, that tht immediate cause of death was Apoplexy Diamond was followed by the deceased to the hydrant on the Five Points, when, being insolent and troublesome, Diamond shored him away, causing him to fall on the pavement, and d ath immedia ely resulted ? The Court taking into consideration the length of lime he had been in prison, sentenced him to but oneday'sconfinement in the I'onib*. rickrocKET i rial.? \iii iiammono, iiiui rumpion, was placed at tho bar, charged with having com mined a crand larcf-ncy in picking the pocket of Captaiu Major Birges.s.of thii schrvuiner High f'rie?t, in William street, near Well, on the 29ih of June last, and stealior thualrom a leather wal.'et containing $194 in bill* oftne Merchant'* Bank, together with a check on the Fulton Bank lor $4# S4 The prisoner, after consultation with his lawyer, withdrew the plea of not guilty and entered that ef guilty. The Court in. passing sentence, rem irk* ad on the life and character of the prmmer, agains'. whom there were three other chargesof a similar nature in the police office of this city?while in Philadelphia he was iquallv notorious. In const ijuence of such charges, the Court inflicted tho severest penalty allowed by law, which is Are year* in the Stale Prison. There being no other business ready,tho Court adj:urne l until to day at the usual hour. flo- TH? GLORIOUS 4th WAS GLOK'OtJtLY celebrated at the American Museum,and we arehsppy to learn that the manager has retained all the uttraciioiu o? that day, for the remainder of the week, including ToniThumb.the very concentration of all diminutivenesa. Mr Hinington, the prince of ventriloquists and magigians, Mrs- Philips ami Onto. As this is the last w?>-k of Grn. Thumb, thousands v. ill, of course, no to see him. Those who have Met paid 1. im u visit, should lose no time in doing so. QQ- SUCH A GLORIOUS FOURTH OF JULY AS TuesJay, P ile's New York Museum never saw bslore. At s fair calculation we should couceire there must have i'.aen nearly ten thousand persons present. Wl h such attrac'ions as the Giant Girl, who is alone worth twice the money to see; Mr Holman. the admirable tenor singT; Master n.ittler, the best Ethiopian danrer in America, and a host ol other Inlehti'd performers, all lor one shilling, stid it is not surprising that the plice should be well patronised. (K7- CASPAR HAU3ER, THE NONDESCRIPT? Muu wonderful of ?iod's cr< ation, still continues stCroton Hall, corner ol the Bow t ry and Division'street,where he is daily visited by hu-idri'ds of our most respectable citizens, anil by them pionounctd the most astonishing fraak ol nature they ever beheld. It is impossible to say who or what he is, both from thefnctol his appearance and that he was found perfectly wild, and can give no description ol himself. That he is no hum|>u ? each ona who has seen h>m will say, h -?ides, hn is free from every thing ettensive; and 1 idles can visit him with the utmost propriety. Thosu who have not se< n liim would 4o well to do so immedia-cly, a? his Southern engagements will not permit him to s'ay in this city much longer. Tba low price ol aonusxion, only one shilling, will enabla every one that has a desire to see him. NEW WORK BY PROFESSOR 1NGRAHAM, en'illfd "MARK MANLY, OR THE ?>KlrPER\S LO' K,"' a tale ol Bos'on, in the older time ; will b? published thi?~ day, and tor sale at Tntlle's N-- ws Otfi'-e, No 4 Ann stre t: Axlord's, lfl3 B.vveiy; Gradlegi's, 4?l? Broadway ; Greene's News Ollice, Brooklyn. Just received, per Great Western complete selts ol the "lllustiatid London News,'' in monthly parts. Also, Bohnins' French newspaper, vntitl.d "Courier de L* Europe" Now publishing, in rs, ' The Mysteiies ol Paris," hv Eugene Lnet. ' Bell'a Lifw in London," "Weekly Despatch,"" Satirist," "Sunday Times." "Illustrated London Lite," " Wilmtir's News Letter," and h variety of others, nre for sale at Tuttls's Am -iican siul Kireign Agency Olft;-,o, No.4 Ann strovt, N. Y. (Xf- KHA^IVLIN SAL. I WA I C.R DA I IP, UAHI LC OARDEN ? T..ia aplondid establishment coininuea to t>e the focu< of all wlm regard h, cl?-anliue??, and com lort hi indiRpentable lo lh- preservation ot a xounl cointi ttitioo. The wattr, n >w. divested of the unprecedented bent, that discourage^ many from enji>)ing it, and we nay ?-rroueou?ly, Inn recently aaaumeit n healthy temperature for the shower and ?.v lunning hath*. that c*n b# pii jljftdwith prrl'Ct ou'vty. In every rnprct, Thnmu'il DHtha afford the moit pertect uccomm<><iation we hire yet enjoyed. ? {H7-THE CELEBRATED TONIC MIXTURE FOR thti care ot despepaia, loss of appetite, lassitude, debility, predisposition to conaumption, and all thoie unpleasant ,i feeling* attending on a weakened constitution. Preparad and fold at the College of Medicine and Pharmacy. Largo hottlea. $1; small do $1; cue* containing ball a dozen, $5:car?iiiily pocked and swnt to all part* of the Union, W. S RIC,.ARD-?ON, Agent. Officeand conaulting rooms01 the C >llege, B7 N.issub street. 0U- BURNS, SCALDS, AND ALL INFLAMA'io*, will i>v riired ij ncker. and without acar, by the Magical Pain Eatractoi, from Comstock k C*., 31 Couitlandt it., than all the piofrMlon shook up togather. M .ny may say we apeak unjustly ot Doctors, but when they rjHun to u?i tin article that liatt and will save lite in case of burnt, anil the complete < ati- in immediate application five*, under the Billy and ridiculous plaa, (a? tbey aay) 'lint it is a "quack medicine an I tliereiuro will not u*e it my way '' 1'here ure, however, a great many honorable exception! among the profession wUo have tried and lound it the most perfect controller of pain In oa?e of lira, ever discovered. As ? e do not wishtn d ceive any one, the money will br returned, if no hemflt ia received. To ... IUim I ..nin -II (Yiilltlaild at : Mm llaun'i l io k, tt Brooklyn' D. Smith, 3Ji)Brrtal it, Newark. ng. OR. 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