Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 6, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 6, 1843 Page 3
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|BY THK SOUTHERN MAIL. Males of Stock at PMadclphli. f.1000 State &' , lt?70. rath, 48); 1000 du 1961, caah, 4-J ; JTflOO Tenn. Bondi, 14th May and Nov, HOf; HHW New <II R, AJ |?-i rtnt, Ads fl 30; jo* (tiur>'? Virkaburn <!f; 7do Mrcbanira' B?nlc. 18|; $J00(l Citv Va. 1871.101 Jj >I<?? do 1S8J, 101f; $IS0 bUW fl'., 1X40, A3; 200 Lehigli Navigation, AO. Am * ibnrof Phila Buuk, 43 LATEST SOUTHERN 3illP NEWS PninniiUHit, July J? Ar- A-drieh, Baker. < hirlut n Into < udrni?" Kty ti, N Yorl ; Columiiia, H m?er Nai'tnck et; It >1 eri B O ov*', Treititi, Nurwic'i rttAll athula, K-1 i ortlaui!; Mu'da, M|arrs, Irutpnr i H? O K nf.De Wolf , Ka I Hirer. IU<I mli Kuow ton. P"i<an ou'.'i; Ho'dei B<;r. ^-u, Bakri, Prn?iiJeiirpg Bf .iidy wiue, S ip^Bloii, H irtiora; Jn jtiuling, D.ile, Norwich. Bflow.Johi Dun ap.Choi e, J.iti rjojl. Arr I h. v? m Prun, T?>Jor; 0*k. Rydrr; Snaii Bnv, A tares, ( Home. How ..Jam d, V?un<i Katie. Ut>l??li*r, tad Ke'ii a?. VVh.ldm, Bo?tf>n; W. Wilau.i. Batrr: IS B ri.lle. Val'on; L.ntna. Cottrall. NY'.rk Oien Tarb<<s Bull ; < huM Tk?mrtmi B mr?k, anu Muii*iu liy i", iituiic, Full Kifer; FhiladtIptiia, Barnaul, IVantuck, t; JjjBr wo.Mit, Haitfi'rd; Ivanhoe. Pi?at, Newhuryl> ri; Coutuiuiina. Hichtrrito-, Calaii, Mr, Emperor, Shaw, .\i-wp< r ; Li'n. li-wu, NH?f?n. NoxroLK Jitlyj?ArrJW Kimplnr, Oabvne, ?d* Ana K.I n, T- wutend, N\ork; Stnvrr, fiaouor. Ill the ltnailt, Hh raterkct, < WD, Poitlaud f r hchmoud. health superior to every thing.? Krom Newton, we have knowledge oi ihetkiet; r. AKrom Lock*, tbe rulea which regMlute ths wile; From Hhakipeare, portrait* of the human miud ; Pi am By roil, all thai'* glo wing, v*m, i ertnt d. And so we might rehear.e their vxrit-d claim!, Through tbe bricht volume* of a thousand names. MtEBut there it one from whnm a boon more bleat, Wh have received, than from all the iv?t; A boon than knowledge, witdum, song or wit, f>-i That't far moredear?and all acknowle tge it. FiF?!" What la that bleating?" at.k yon bound ii-g sw ain, 80 lately airugglingon a bed oi pain ; A?k yonder man,to rosy and to trim, J oat taved from fever'd head. and wtating limb; Ask wlifri' von r.hooHt1?nnpnmipcru/ill vmi lit.or Which liktui hymn, (hall full upon your ear ; Fur all willeay, '-Sweitaoothei ol our ill*, The Health rtstored by Dr. rETtRS PILLS!" riincipdl office 125 Fulton,corner Nassau Hied; A. 8. Joidau, Button. BRISTOL'S SARSAPARJLLA ?This wonderful medicine ia daily growing in tavor wita the medical faculty. Naif Yoax, Jan. 19, 1843. Mi o. C. Biuitol:? Sir:?My kon bat been BfflieU'd with an obstinate scrofnlouN affection,attended witb exUniive ulceration! about th>a head. both internal and external, having neen more or less afflicted with thisitisi-aseirom hia birth I am now pleattd to iniorm you that ho i? now enjoying gouil health. Petfectly cured by your Saraapatilia alone?after fruitless attempts oi other medicine* and remedies by the prolesaion. It would .ffjul me pleasure at tiny time to confer with an*- who may desire to know of the naturr and effect* of Biintol'd tnj itore, 408Stanton street, or Ht my dwelling, M Suffolk street. N. Y. Yours, tenpertlullv, J L BURNETT. ftij- PROFESSOR VELPEAU'S CELEBRATED riLL*. lor the cure of Gonorrhea or Uleet. This invaluable l|>?ciflc for tboie diatretling complaints, has been the fruit* ol tweuty-flve years experience of Prolessor V , in the hospital of Le Chat ite, in Pat is, and pronounced by the uuanimou-i voice of the medical profession of all conn trie*, as the only remedy known to perform a cure in all constitutions. Sold in boxes containing a hundred pills. tim* iio/.fu, ?"> i-arniuny iiaLHt'u, miu Heui iu mi |>?ui vi the Union. W. 8. RICHABDSON, Agent, office and consulting room* ul the College 97 Nassau itllKt. {&- FOR DlaKAutts OF THB CHEST AND Lung*, Dr. Taylor'* llulaam ol Liverwort, 374 Bowery, 'fht* grunt dmcovery in medical acience ha* khowu couoiusively that concumption, cough*, cold*, aathnia, (fitting ol blood and ail other diteake* ot the cheat and lung*, can alone be cured by thU vegetable medfene. It had been behaved for many year* mat thero were properties in the herb Livrrwott, which werecapablc ol reatoting any diteaned lung* to sound and vigoroui health. Tina conclusion wu* founded upon the ettecta Liverwort pto duced *b?" taken in the common way?health waa im proved, butraiely ie*ioted, end lurn* natincou* doses >.ere requisite to pioiluce the leaat good etfecta. Thi* necuinaruy fifVeulWlli# u*vof thi* invaluable herb to thu?K<aut r*qmitd lur th?* reatoiation ol" health. Th? propnetoroi ifce Uul?am ul Liverwort, alter many cbt,* inical experiment* diacoveied in the usual mode or pr?. faring Liverwoi l, inoai ol tta medical piopertie* aiu io*t, .111(1 Hl?o tbat many vf the Tatietn * ol LlVei wort Co'itain ed very small quantities i f matter useful lor diseases ? >< hile two or tbiee varieties al>oitiid with uutJical Ip?itiM o( auch peculiar |i?tvtr thut lie doea not h??iaie iheir curativo puwera ato iu-h they properIjr u?ed, cum certainly,the (ir?t, mul p?-riiap? the aecond, wtiiiu H will greaily relieve tlir tlil>d nage ol cou?timption. The wholeproperties ol Liverwort are concaiitruu d in the B;il.iam ot Liverwort, which tor aeveral > ear* hue piovtul ol inch great benefit to m)1 pernom Who have 11 * <> it. De Car elui to aee that tho new label, with the ilznature ol Gordon J L?eda, rolti wholesale aqent, 118 M.iiden Lane) i* ftttachtd to ?*ch bottle. ____________ ?&~ THK LONO DHY SKASU.v?It U the opinion o: many eminent and old pli) aicianr, freely ?ipre??eil, that the probt will be nurkmi with much dieeaae In 'act, the influenza ia only the prccur?or ol much tuvt 1? j el 10come, an it haa been obm-ived that wheulr.flu ei:i pruc? doa in the apring time t In di?enieii ol ihe w ai ni -i . <>u,r,i'' great provutition wi<l drhility which that ? It- > leave* ia the aystun oUchtimea leaves ?o little strength to contend with even the common >.'i?cj?r? ol the wirrn month*, thut great lataiity eoaaea. Mhernian'k Cdiuphor Lozengt-a are recommended ?? * B|>rr,ltlc?the> giveinua 10 the ?yatein? they pn vent thu evil etferta ot . |H <1 v in and miatinu upon the conititutioti?and will re at ore to healih quicker than any other article you can . . bly make u?eof Dr. Aherinvin'a warehoiia* n *t No ,K NaMim atreet. Agent*, 110 Broadway, 10 Auor lieu* , iJ7 Mudion atreet, la* Bow try, 77 Eait Broadway, noJ ^ Willitm (tract. J.1 each. W. 8 RICHAHDiON, Aue'nt. Office and consulting rooms ol the College, 97 Nassau street. N. B. Country patieuts can obtain a cam containing a sufficient quantity oi Professor V.'s remedy, with lull directions for use, by addressing tbo agent ol the College (po?t paid) giving a full description ofthe complaint, eud t ncl jsiug $3. 09- A STARTLING EXPOSURE?A certain old gentleman living in B?d St., has lately become a common nuisance to the old pernio! hi* own age, in that neighborhood; it appeari he has succeeded in marrying (and being loved too, by a young lady,) a rich widow, fat, lair and thirty; here'*the wedding dinner party?A or ti old white headed fellow*, the bridesgroom's friends sat there?the bridegroom himself, the old rascal. he was over 70, yet his fii e healthy old cheeks, his dark whisker* and ban contrasted stiangdy with white bald hesdstof his friends, many of thein younger thau himself. Aftt r dinner, he told them how he won the lady?for thre?weeks he had used Joce's ('oral Hair Restorative at 3 shillings a bolt e, on his head, and the Italian Chemical Soap ou his skin. The firs' will force the hair to glow, stop it from Mliug off, cute scurf or dandruff, and make ligitt, rsd or grt-y huir naturally d-tk and beautiful; to diess the hair, nothing can excel this; the soap will cure any case ofthe worst eruption,pimples, s, sunburn, 11 bites of mNfquitoe?,m*ecis, &'<>, it will change dark, sunburutor yellow skin to a fine healthy clearntss. Lit persons give these one trial only. Thisi<isi>ld at the low price of 3, 5, or 8 shillings a bottle, at the sign of the Ami rican Eagle, 8i Chatham street, New York; and by these agents?in Philadelphia, by 7a? b.r, corner Third and Dock s rectf; or next to the Ameiican Hotel, Washington. D. C.; |in Boston, 8 Mate street, or 139 Fulton ft., Brookl) n. 'jQ- THE FOLLOWING TOILETTE ARTICLES aie deser>ing particular* attention :?Gouruud'a Subtile, lor the safe and entire eradicati n ol superfluous hair from females- upper lips, sides ol the face, uiolrs, t ev"brows wetting ou the nose; the hair concealing a brood and alevated forehead, or the mor stuhliorn beard ol man. Ol thetruih of this proof positive can be shown b? nvtry purchaser seeing it testid, lt-ai ing the skin soft, mooth and lair But be sure you ret the gjiimnu, to be fonnJ only at 67 Walker street, oue door Iroin Broadway, $1 per battle. Also, Guuraud's celebrated Eau do Beau'e, oi i rue Water of Beauty, lor thoroughly exterminating tan, pimples, blotches, niorphcw, ?n-< ?M ertip Hon*, uouiuiurs L.H1UU v egetai jtaqnaa noage^ nap ni to tne complexion a most beautil.., > . u . mo vahle by tubbing with a bandketvhA* < r lii i 10 i th,or by pnKpii ation?60 cent* jut bo:i;?. ?> urn, L:anc d'F.ap igue, gives to the skin a rich dazzling wuiieuessanil umootliu**?,freefrom the injurious propertied generally en eriug into preparation* lot the said purjioses?35 cents per l> a. Ooar.'u i'a Vegetable Essence ol Tyre, lor dy 11>g the hair ? rich dark color or beautilul jet alack, withoutjBtamtng the ekinRemember, tha only office in New York where the above articli-a c?n be had genuine is 67 \V alker street,one door Irom the corner ol Broadway. ft?- THE ORIGINAL AND GENUINE EXTRACT of Sarssparilla, prepared by Messis. lain stock tc Co., 31 Cuuriliuidt, ia warranted a* good as any ever made, and for juat half tho price usually charged, viz: 50 cents per butt ie, $4 per dozen, It cannot be surj a?*' d in purity nig the b.ood, without r urging Have thu or none. Agents j\lr? Hayes, 13!) Fulton it., Brooklyn; D. Smith, >30 Broad it. Newark. THE FOLLOWING ARTICLES HAVE ALL hte.i in uae a long time, and by actual trial pioved themaelve* inullible lor all complaint*. They ara tecommended lor? i Kbeumatitm and contracted Cord*?.The Hewe'* Nerve nud B^ne Liniment ami Indian Vegetable Elixir, war ranted to cms. Dratue-a cured by Dr. McNair'J Accouitic Oil. Pile*?Ha)'a Liniment, wariante \ to cure. Re-toring the Hair, and keeping the head free from Ian null-Nothing can do it except tha genuine Oldndge'a B .liu of Columbia. East ludia Han Dye?To color the hair. v> orma in Children?The only sato medicine that i? iree Irom calomel la Kolmatock's Vermiluge. Beware of an imitation id the city and countiy * Sum ntr Complaint?The Summer Cordial ia a (ure cure end preventive. All of tne alwve article* have been tested by uae, and most signal curea performed. They are, however, much counterfeited, and the only place to get the geuuii ? is at 31 Courtl?iidi?treet; Btookljn, Mr.-. Hayea, 139 Fulton tt; Newark,831) Br?-' M. (tfj- the genu ink kxi'iiact of sarsatarilla, ot.n flan and -arhakras, prepaied and old by the College ol Medtoineaiul Pnarmacy ol theeity ol New Yorh, loi the radical cute ol all diaeasea arising i from un* impure statu of tli blood, viz: Scrotnla, bait Ilhtutn, Kingwoiin or Tetter, blotches or pimplex on the 1 >i>'e or body, Rheumatism, malignant Ulcers, undallt.'i* easts aiming tioni un injudicious uso of mercury- This puu ly vegetnb e extract is prepared under lhe*iiperlu t. nd nice ot the ttrst medical mea in the City, and now uaiveib.illy preaciibed ay the medical faculty thrtughout the 9 iu* ua possessing all tha curative pioperthaof tneditfeieut vegetable*it iseompoieil ol in the highast concentrated form. Sol I ia single battle*, 76 cum* ?uch, in case* coil'aining hall a d?7.?n, |3 60, in do containing OCh THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE, 'or tliecuroof primary or secondary ?yphilis. Thi? pow e.rfui alteratissj*cum bustd ut ACoirhinHumnf hoUniaal remedial agents, which ext rciso a specific. etlwt oii the. vrrihle vialqdies. Sold in Idtge bflttM fi Mf W; in to. $1 each;in ca^ea containing half a'toz'D, %b?care, ul'y packed and sent to all parti of the Union. W. rt RICHAKUSOV, Ar<>?t. Office and Consulting Room* of the Coll?g'.> of Mt-d'cine iud Pharmacy, 97 Nas.nn >treet. A10I\K V AIA11KUT. AVcJue-day, July 5?6 P. fl. The influence of tee holidays was upon the market, and but little was done. Prices did not msturially vary. Onio 6'? fell f ; Harlam rose J ; influenced by the great success of the road yesterday, when the nceipts at the present low ratfsot fare wereover $1200, being the procoeds of I1.M0 pas'angctrs transported upon the rood.? umig iiuurauu ro?<- i per cent to-.iay. 'l'ne insttu ment of $| 60 per share on the stock of this company was payable lat July?making $29.75 paid in upon the share of $50. The price to day is 63 per cent, or $0 25 per (hare with the new instalment. The quotation U the per cent of the par.value,from which is deducted the amount to he paid in- thus : 53 per cent ol $60, $20 60 Deduct, to be paid in, per share, 20 25 Market price per share, 0 26 It is itated that $10 per share will complete the road ? Illinois fell 4 ; Now York fl'J, 1602, } ; American Each unjre Bank rose$. At the new Board sal. s of Govern ment loan at 116}. By an official report, dated 20th Inst., we learn that the total amount of Alabama Bank money withdrawn from circulation and burnt since the adjournment ol the legislature, has fcren over two and a hall million^. From the Huntsville Brauch no returns had been received. unum impressions, amounting in nominal value to nearly five million!, have also been destroyed. The following i* the official statement:? Circulation okstroted bt auaNino. Branch Bank at Mobile, $846 7.28 " " Montgomery, 844,b?i4 ' " Di-?a ur, Jiti 4_'0 Bank of the State, 604 9J1 Total, $3,6'Jl,t>73 Bum iMritrisiOKi op Bill* burnt. Brunch Bank at Mobile, 'J,377,600 " " Montgomery, 1,635,000 " " Decatur, 1,011,620 Total, 4,936.040 The steamer via Boston brought about $160,000 iu specie. The news from abroad in relation to commercial allairn is of a still more favoiable character tlion that by the lireat Western. The change of the weather for the bet ter, and thn recovery from the panic on political causes, produced the following effects upon stocks In the week ending Juno 10. British Fundi Jukk. 19. Alun Wtd. Fri Sal. 3 per Cent Cnrsolj, ?nnt ? ? ? Ditto Inr account 92K 993X 95H* 3 p-r C uts ludaced, 9iJJ ?' 93U 3H pjr Cmt< llidacji', KO* 101 101>i 10i>i l.ou; Mil.uitiri, ? 12.h 12& ufi Bank 8 ock. 7 per Cent, 179 179 ? ? Kichi quer B'I's, 21 ret diem 54 pm 53 50 54 Ioaii Loads, 3X ptr Cent. 53 i m ib 60 ? * Ei Dividend. This was a rapid and great recovery. The state of affairs in Spain had, however, a gloomy influence still upon the marketa both in Londonjand Paris. The papers of the latter city remaikas follow* Though tha fall in Frohch Rentes is attributed chiefly to (Spanish intelligence,it may probably turn out that the decline is more truly owing to the preparations made by bankers to put themselves in lunds for the approaching loan. A loan, sooner or later, is inevitable, but whether it bf for 150,000,OOOf. or 300,000 OOOf. or whetuer it will take place in the month ot October or in the ensuing ?p > g la not yet determined. One thing, however, is r.eiima in hi i.a 1'tace ol Fans is not eqwal to a new burden ol 3> *0,000,0001. should the minister wish to contract fjr that lum. In ml lition to this anticipated loan, a new Bank of discount and deposite has been started at Paris. It was chartered last year, with n cnpital of 20,000,000 francs, $3,750,(100, to l>e increased to 40,000,0(H) francs, $7,500,000. The stock of this institution is ottering in the London market, also. At Vienna on the 8:h June the new Austrian loan to the amount of 40,000,000 of florins, Metalliques, (*20,000,000 a' fire percent, had been tasen at 107 per cent, by four of the most eminent houses there. This negotiation had not affected the prices of other Oov rnment seenrities, which remained till that day steady and firm. At B rlinon the 11th June, the new Russian loan to the amount o( 60,000 000 ot tables (f86,000,000.) ot five per cent, for the purpose of finishing the St. Pttersburgh and Mopmw Railway, woul! he opened th?rein a lew days, anil would fine plenty of takers at a good price. There was but little* change in American interest. Cotton was down a little under the influence of large receipts; but American provisions were in demand at full price*? This is a most important fact, and holds out to our farmers theproapect that cotton will not, as for the last twentyyears, be the only agricultural product that increases in export. The return* of Treasury note* to the 1st inst., present the following results Tklasurt Notes Outitihdixo. Jlpril 1. May 1. June J. July 1. Issues prior t) Aur 1842. 8,6E6,104 8,674 981 8,616,'51 8,559,145 Ac* of An*. '42, 3.90V554 3 017,740 S O 0 740 3,008.940 H.d rmtd, 25,tl2 60 650 19.tRH> 19 840 Grand total ou!stsn iuK. 11086,387 11,6)2,075 11.607,C85 11,548 245 Thia ia a very trifling decline in the outstanding amount; atill it is a decline, and so lar gives evidence that the revenue of the government is nearly equal to ita expenditures. The present conduct of the Treasury depaitment is perhaps the most disgracelul of any that has occurred si uce the formation of the Government. In our nanpr of Mnndav wa remarked 111 >nn th? manner in vhirh the public creditor* of the Federal Government of the United State* ware deprived of three day*' interest deducted out of their July dividend. It appear* Irom the following extract Irom the United States Gazette, publish ed on Monday, that the matter i? exciting indignation there alto. The O izettc state* a* follow* We are sorry to see the Government pursuing a c.ourie which may well be denominated"ptlly larceny." A gentleman inlormed u* to day that he purchased about a Tear since *ome United State* Loan. On the 1st January last be received the regular simi-nnnual pay mint of intere>t, 8 per cent; but to-day, on applying to the l'hilade.lphia Bank, he wii tolil that be could receive only lbl day* interest,such being the order* of tba Secietary ol thu Treasury ; conn quently he is tricked aut of a trifling amount of interest. Tbi* is contemptible. It really seems aa it Mr Spencer wn* doing every thing in hi* power to injure the credit of the United State*, aud defeat tho sulutary influence of the measures adopted liy the last Congress. It bus alway* been u?ual lor the Government, lor States nnd for Corporations to pay equal semi annual instalments of intere?t, without regard to the number of days which may be contained in the half year. Wo have never met in all the anna;* of corporate ras eality anything ,?o mean, *o contemptible a* this. The mind that projected it, must have been educated in the bellif tliat the succcstful robbery of a " hen roo?t" 1* the acme of human glory. The department for the lait six months si ems to have been employed in doritlng such cliem."*, and three have already been put in practice, as follow *: - Heif.urc o throeiinys' interest, uuejuiy, ism, o,i.w? Hf I aJiiilinii ol Treasury Note*, 100 (H?i K?tra cliaigc of Jj per cent on Mexican Indemnity, 6.7at) Proceeds ofthrec " cute'tricks. $112.96? li not thi? a glorioui result ? Congress will no doul<t order the Treasury note* paid in full, but tho delay give* little ready cash to go upon Congreiswill al'o order justice done to tha suffering public crcditori, and restore them tho three days ofjwhich they have becu shamelessly deprived. The person at the head of the depaitment, n the exercise of his profound cunning, in calculating days' interest, seemed to iorget that the Government agrees to [ay 0 per cent lor 80S days' interest. He has |i?M but 8M days' interest, and now owes the balance. II h? into id to establish the rule of paying days' interes1 oul) the rule must woik l>oth ways, anil as neit year is leap year Mio gentleman will have another day's interest to pay, which will amounf to $-2,045 on (he whole loan It moy be in contemplation,however,to strikeout the Sundays, us they " are not woiking days,"and so pay inters* only on3lSdaya in the yt nr, bocauio money should not be allowed to work ou Sunday*. Iu short when moral obligation, honor aud even common honesty are set a?ido, there i* no end to the tricks ol pettifogging lawyer*. N*l?? at t ha Mtock i;x<:ftHli?i. 91IHM N V State V. ,'4S MJt 7000 Olli #'s, 1M1 ftt V( joiju laditMSuiViBls sijj d' hud. ?ns Inn* 1 lioois 8'n, I860 jj Tfl^h.sNation,I Bit us'' |?i' iCiitii.ep.Bd, ]&AmVoh* k .VM ; < ;Kcu?Vky?'( nwk ;V*i '^'"""ri JiTco , W i." w* a6 "3?"' ? ? n <>+& r ? fs "" &, ? * do S3 CutCou Co Mvtond Donrd. .MX) I.iivg liUlu bl it |J 00 lrin< W* iju 1011 i'o SI 'unit (J li n G'< iL ioi do ?Ju jOih.?lltiWm IDJ .10 i.'i flew York Pulill* Mixh Kit Imi.g*, ??'K>n U flunl',. inn ?11C'? Mioo Kruiuckt ?'< V ,v v vs'i, mi ioi tii*!K*r?iff b<oj ?s 4000 Ohiofi, law 91K MLIilHdRH . , 43 IWO do 91* 50 do b,#'1, M., . iUWJ <1 j blfc 25 da ?iW? M* 1 00 do 91* a do ' * J3 ! bOt.ii 6*1, IDbO S3 7? <>o itiOda ST* It 00 do J)k 14 ?> v Wjk ' 2i00 do 1179 3>* 5(1 do 4K 10<>0 do 3*jl 140 do . 43H 'oo:t do yj 24 dj iiii M00 do *7 d? 31 200 Harlem Kill road 32 \WQ dn ?liJ? 31M 25 do 32M 2 >00 <lo 31% 24 do ??>* 1000 d> bthw 33?, 26 do blS 34.% iooh Kentucky 6'* 97 HccoimI Board. I60H0 Keutucky 6'a, bnw 97 340 t!.ai Look l?Htid 44J< 7IMI0 do bl5 97 100 .to 44 1000 llliO'in ? ?. 1870 U\ 10 d . b7 44)? *000 do btW 34 750 do 54% 1000 do 33 State of Trade. flour- The market far tbis aiticle inatill dull,although the demand is a little better than it was on Mondav. Prices we quote at $5 02), at which small sales are made lor consumption. Ohio nud Michigan wc quote at $ > AO. rho western markets are getting filled with flour aud wheat to an extent that muit soon effect price*. Cotton?The Halt* of this article hare been lighter ince the arrival of the (ttamerthan before, and prices are tending a littlodownward. The news has had rather an unfavorable (fleet on the market. Jlthei?We notice sale* of Pot* to some extent at $4 6J a 4 #6, the latter price showing a slight advance ; I'earls are still very inactive, we hear of no change in prices. Hay?8ale? of bales for shipment at 36c. Countjy ii Lot offered in large quantities. Corn Trade> At AJhany the 3rd instant.?There is a moderate demand for Flour to day. Gencfee 5J ; Ohi->and Michigan common brands $6J; choice do ij. There is scarcely uny wheat arriving, although much wanted. At Baltimore the 3rd instant.?There is but a limited demand lor Howard Street Flour, and we note a slight decline. Sales of limiteJ parcels oi fre?h ground good mixed standard brands were made Irom stores on Saturday ami today at $6 50. Holders uniformly uk the same price. There is ho fixed receipt price. Sales of 1*00 barrels City Mills to-day at $6 M. We hear of no sates of Susquehanna Flour. Some choice brands are held at $5 76 Thr sales ol Penna. Wheat ou Saturday and to-day,comprise.1000 bushels at 118 a 118c. A cargo of 1000 hushela new North Carolina Wheat?the first new wheat at market this season?wan told to-day at 126c per bushel. The quality of the grain is very prime, but it is not in condition for immediate grinding. Salea to-day ol Md. Corn at 63 a 64c, for both white and yellow. Sales of Pennsylvania yellow at 64 a 6l|c for prime, and of infeiior at 6ic. We quote Md. Oats at 24 a 27c. At Rochester the 3rd instant.?An uncommon animation in the Wheat market, the arrival ot every waggon being watchid with an eagle eye. Sales lively at $1 12| al 18}. The shipment ol Flo-r per canal for the last montli were light, amounting only to 15,254 barrels. We quote $5 n 5 26. Corn?Little m market, sells at 42 a 44c. Barley?Nothing doir.g, say 25a28:. At Buffalo ih<* 3rd mutant.?There have been (orty arrivals at this port during the past forty-eight hour*, bringing in, besides the usual quantity of western items, 20,000 bbis ol fljur, 22,i Of) bushels of wheat and 3,600 bushels of corn. Of course such a heavy stock, coming as it does ti[ion n falling market at the seuhoard,will cause a further decline .f not a panic, and it is impossible to fix a range 'or operations. Wheat is wavering b< twaen $1 6a 112, withoutsa'e* at either quotation. Two lots of Corn (3800) were bought by an eastern man at 42 a 43ci. lt>0 barrels of St Joseph flour sold at $4 88. The principal millers and flour operators are however out ot the market to-day, in consequenceof the general derangement. The Soathport wheat cold on Saturday at 106c, to a Lock port miller. At Cleveland the 1st instant?The canal receipts to-day are 7831 hushela wheat, 5804 barrels of flour,and 2244 bu. corn. Flour ranges from $6 to 6 121 for round and flat hoops, the best fancies being held higher according to views ot holders. Wheat $1 8, some oilers aro reported higher. Nearly all the operations are made forahort sight exchange on New York. At Cincinnati the 1st instant No material change in market?about600 bbls were sold yesterday at $4 6, and in some cases a shade higher was obtained, chiufly bought for immediate shipment. Freights. Charleston, Julv 1.?We quote Liverpool 6-lftths, nominal. To Havre |c. To New York 26 a 37$, and to Boston 60c per bag. Savannah, July 1.?The last engagement made to Liverpool were V>y the ship Howard, at |l lor square aud 7 16d loriound bales,but as the is now lull, Jd is asked by the Rosalama, the only ship engiigwil, now loading. No vessel up for Havreor any point on the Continent. Coastwise jemain firm at previous rates, say 7oca $1 per bale for Cotton and 60c per cask for Rice to New York, and (1 a for Cotton lo Boston; Mobilk, June38.? We have no cngag< ments to report since our last notice Another ship has gone on the berth for Liverpool. Parcels have been taken at j but 7 lbd now asked. Coast wise steady at per bale. Apalachicola, June 21.?To Liverpool, Jd per lb.; Havre, leper ib.; New York, $1 50 per bale; Boston, Jc per lb.; Charleston, 4c per lb. Married, In this city on the 29th instant, by the Rer. W. W. Everts, Mr. John E. Sharp to Mis* Martha M. Adami. * Died. On Tuesday afternoon, the 4th inJt., of couiumption, Mary Tilton, wife of Hiram Tupper, Printer, formerly of Boston, Rged48 years. The friends of the lamilv a-\d the Members of the Mer cantile Lodge of I. O of O K., anil the Order in general, art-invited to attend her funeral this (Thursday) after, noon, at 9 o'clock, from No 31 Sullivan street Her re main* will bo tak?n to Crtnw^oil C?m?lurjr lor inter* ment (H7- Boston paper.? will please copy. 0;i Wednesday morning the 6:b instant, Mi*"" Sirah Jan* Pm.mkr, daughter ot the late John I', Esq. in the 38th year of her nge. The relatives ond Irienils of the family, also those of her brother Aaron B. Palmer, are respectfully invited to attend her funeral service on Thursday afternoon theOth instant, at 9 o'clock,at the Allen street Methodist church. Tier remains will be conveyed on Friday morning tbe7ih instant, at 7 o'clock, irora the residence of hei sister Mrs. Tamer Ann Hamilton, No 86 Kldridge street, to Mimmironeck, Westchester County, for interment. At his residence 333 Hudson street, on the 4th of July, Samuel Bahnett, in the 46th year of his age. Pasifiigeri Arrived. At Boitoi*?In the im Liverpool?Mrs Loi m, Mi s Luring and female i'i v,.nt, Mr? Brooks, Miss Ur .oki, Midan# Papii em Ml e Papineao, M'le fapiueaa kid ferrate atr? nt Mai er Pipinesu, Mrs Biu? wngy, 2 ehiHren, I maW and 3 fem tie a?r- an'*: Mr nod Mrs Wainwnght 3 chi'dien i>nd servan , Capt Kicbd Tiask, Capt Kit otf, Mr aim Mrs Andrews, Col L-rimr, Master Lorinu. Cap' Tenuant, Mr Brooks, Master, Brooks, Mm Bnrber, Muiis Kahre. Cavt A'in?lie, Juan Pe.tx, M er Ferex, l)r Du ham. Olio At (ha, A"ri d T H W'ters J \ Dickson, W T Mmrar, H "<in>th. Ids T L?vin, A N Jol nton.CJ Colbert Jas A uistroiiK, Bmj ard I H I'rown, Lord Moigouid, Messrs Dotfv. * nderion, Sia.'r>, (Inst-, M ilai d, C bot, Weddei, Mot , B.iues, HarlMd, Klliirr, ?,'ai tni i Slurp 1> N?64. Fro n t.iveri Ool to Hali'ax - Capt Wentworih, 'arfi. 4 childr. r and i.u se. Mis Oreive, Mast Chas Atlism. * r Jmustooe, C Clark, I D we. Sir Itapert Oeonre, B<rt. and 2 Mr Jolv, J ? FUu 1?, Ww Bitlei?16. Halif x to Bos:m?? l)r Parsnt t, Mr fell tier, 1? B Lindsey, Mr I'aliiater nu I ion Mr I'r us;, Miss VVhaleo. Mrs McLeaue, Professor Mc''ar'ai?:?9 Total 19. Sr Thomas?Biig Gardner H Wright? S O Wl.itn?y,cf Boston. Passengers to Arrive, Savannah?Brig L Biluwii.?Wm Crabtiee jr. lady and two c'limrtii, Ch rk Saylrs and I <lv, W G Kooic, J Kel eg, Mailer Sa> Ics. Foreign Importations. I iviai-nni.?ShinoHi ntih in?S J Conn?h?5 Saii'h W.irfnl U cj?3 8 Htiki I?' 0 Adilied Si co?i f Bairet;?9i Mnl k Gi iilan?25 O ?il ii k Ho k-??2 I Lffl' Hi? ! Wm Cl.auiic jhco??) J M ^li iw?211'eahop. llm k co?17 W ismi t iSmrti'i kcj?69 J Mc'Jil. Si co?8 U H??ld?u k 8oa? 44 H(|m> h nthtii?Jfl ii ?' ttlicktu l?.2 1' f rth?18 h ftoi* i.kc ?I Whiir k Bin ff-tiu?91 ( uuninRh.?m k Hu "nu*U?9 K iitrr 8t co??3 D 0?k?y & Sou 18 T U Mibee & c ?43 Hicki k ro?8! l ?> ktr M nd k c. ? 2i A lilait ?18 llnt-hinton Si y? -5 K r\!c K'k fi; Woil tiU<iU? ic 2 ii K 'It lewiuhi ?I Va dsiwort k Hiywaid?12 J 3 Jou> k c ? 3 A Sis < r? 891 lacaa Mil .Vl uro.'.i;?1 cU ? h .k? 8ct 2(0 >01.1 i>id iroti to outer. H?vkb?<!??60 |k? L libai?3 t>Di??,(.'hr a km ? l *. not e k co?4 Tohy <-reri-??2 K Ki>>r k Holey?I D H .ddi u Si Cou?13 .Mali 7. in. Hood Si co?U fcebku ro k lluito ?1 Joho M .?un k co?I Rtit.cs k Ms ke?i ^ F Fi? or?3J nuOM y??i?)JC *?(n?utu ?cu? Sjoe , Chn*< k cc?2 Uaib"tn k H <??:w i ?I H B kei?I O H ? enoeiu?fi A 0 S j'?aii k o ?2 K M l>a?ii?4 A B rbtf? i John K, H>d k co?22 III iiiiu, Mtiila d?' J C Howe k cj #o?> u? I l onhiih k w> leudciick ?i li llemiitH 1 k co? SJj. Pi 10 ? 1 A (i W.nC k ?2 8i|> k 1 hum ton?I l. b B kc ? 16 bfi c? v Oai.u k cti- 5 F Coiiiucr?I Mi>iau<ii .? 2 Ei Kanyf?1 Clmrni d Srhi. 10Hr?b.?v? T ? ft Ke'ii?1 a K Ott Monri.s;?1 A k O A Ii- nda l k cc?1 W H II.Minn., k co?2 Yudig Smi 1. kcj?1 Johu Mew id k co?4 J >? . h n Li J iiiri IS Fallot?4 A Hurt ?I bruitll u, K Or k eo?1 Lirci>! < Tilliuui i?I D-*ra ?m-? kB .1 id?1 W romg 8t UaiiDe?1 F Umbci k D-iol>in u.l?j 11 lleuneqau?1 Do it ham k Moivrr?7 Lmme-4 VVinht bturito k S:i.? a?1 it? u naid Ii c ?I Lhai Vuuchet?10 b'.bkeli led win 1" W Pc midl k Voxel?I pkg mi z: II B irfmrr jr? t do 8a??ic, UiOtbi k co? i do C Mathrv?I do B.ianv k T eimoii? I c ie win* andjicju r A Ma>ot?I do ibit; Ln z F ert?4 do ^ 1 eJ0l.11 l)i itnyin?Sikt'imi'aj 1 are.l ?nn,lci Mnrau k Frelii?1 i?lu n.< z Lohur ???2 do Wil-y k I'uiui.m?1 do ?l?reel popen Tamra, MeOll Si co?2 nV? radzt NVcrcklutill-i?7 do (J H'j?eiih?og Si c >?3 do fcl V. idlti?25 bi?keti wiur J DuihliI * fo? 1 i'ku iiMir M Calherin* Hulrt r?Ii d.), G.ui' uini. ktv.?i do O KMI yer?io I?HalW>M i t A H H;ti n il & u? 4 pkg? mdti Lot a hi*hh Si Wiaemlonck ??ilo (' l?il t k Slemn b?a to 0 11 It k Mci-o dm-i do cU ff<* k IVieibrr?3 d > Cli rraiid, He Inm kSiutit?? TAV hi &C'j?ld> li> nam? I do J VViUiworh?I iki t. t,^ru??Jno Don it A In? ilu Ui h>-u ken. Pui1 d? *tl hk iC?.ph >, b ? il Vic u St Aenr 1?1 n It H ll.iiRf< St e. ? Jiil B i>k-r?t St H" t i?b?kt ? *f W <) 1 nt! hen?"i?I i??r in * K.w.fph St \ di M? J <* >Vi? Il , M i|[r> St f h w?I d > ** M Hchiiri . i?I d . U rl bnn~j do \V in rt- i ? i il. K ?ln kct.?liiio u rrr (in I Uuun St fi? !) I I, lift 1/ St cc?S4>?k> mdr. i. d i t ASTLK?.?liio Kou h ? t ? IC If ft- I J < ; a fo i?*rc..vk i? ,.nio???7 ch*iu* l ck I bdi M >< k. 10 cro>v \rt ^qiiini, Bm he i?# i k? l*m,i bUck Inireiil .id J lit ? Jrn lnuf? 3ck* I' ?-o ?M??*e obl> i-p omMl't J R mire ?o u?<0 dt lllcii l*n>l>WntkB cl.u ij-?i> ?>'76 nkt ?in U'j iku><J b >lnr? wook?70 ck? J. 0 h l? l> > ?\*i?i i? I Ml I fui k B hi .ii 1>l <lk R * B Snidimirtr?IB tki II i?o??l oil to orUP" ButMrN-Mnp I'ubelU? 6*6 p<? m;ton bugging 2 ck? 3 bi> itucii k K ii; i?6 do Jub \?i i ?6 >o s k H C< huiuii?II il> INoiieciuv at l'*v u?l'.di?8 d > P i iiu k > tin?i hk . D ? 'i.H?i d.i Dl M?> ??ll. HouC OOliilhniHI 1 Cotim. ? ,lind neiucntik Uakli.-rJ?13 uo 8 k it K ultimo.?19 Lit .0 rlrr. Mii.ti.t-Brig Mmgtret Ann?2??qr cmki P J Fntiri >?6191 .jt i. i i.lfi lit d^rn ?Maimonji, Nnphi-j* tt to; >7J! i>ul?( 174 ha I il?:nnqruo nmu.i. J [io*e? (I ,N Cr h)-$ 70 \V Ue. unin' ?40 <lo J Huntrr r?LmMo ? B?ritia ttw bw li m u> Sflflfl do imag** i>6 ci if| ioi:C?i*Me *0t* a.moudiJO Imri ft!b ti? SI do* 43 .! > i .ainry ifni 28 om?un*9 Broom <* c.-1 hf piff winn W H ? n irarom to the mwtet. St i hiimm?Bug ?i?.durr II Wrmhi?2lS n.? fur.e i i?e?? Tweed k l? K I'tdiif ?SB 0 VV J Kitrmiu?400 do Vki s nic*u 7 d.nbloo'it J Kuttik St ton?4MI bath?u ill: Ur. ti Ik Voio. l/oantlc Iwjtornilotu Nun Om.KAm?ShipC?nto??JW bhl? pork fi do bft f JU do tio krk> lu<t AH tin 119 ? *hi?t 8 ?M* ?tcd 70 do b> rob 2179 ?ka iMfn K K Ci.lliui he ? 34 l?l?? li. imp M Co* ktl?911 ?ki e >mi ( tbU v! ?i| t. c*ik? lmn? JS t>U tobacco 11 balra i<r>Uu>< ^bti h R..b-n??i hbl t>c??wi* Urtenwar, H*n?y Sc co ? I bti injur t", A- in>??:0 li ill *l? I'Jdo rlnptT J ? TmIoi?71 b?>? cottou D? l'?r?tcr k Wlm?i?r?h?70 do J A Mr<Jr-*or. MARITIME HERALD .. ...I i .. Hl*lp niilwt and A(|??ta< ' ""Wi shrill astecm it a f*?or, t1 ?'-aptams of Vessels wiil &r. o Commodore Hont?v of out News Kleet, ?r K? ^ort of the ULi; piug 'en u (he fan whence they sailed, thVessels tljiokcii ou tli'ir a Lul of their Caruo, an ui? Foreign Newa|4,i?Ti ot News ih?y rjaf h?fe. lie wil ?j*rd tl cm immediately on their annul. A*?nU ?bil Goi ipspondeuts, at lioKif or abroad. will also remfcr * Iivor bj louditg in this Olflce all the Marine Intell'itruce th. f est biam. N mural tjforna'.'on oi e.17 kind will Ce thaalfiilT (aeeivrd. Utf fl'CW I'OIili, O ii? inn Vjtf | moon 3* lOH MKT J UlMtiH 2 49 (lltarala Pl.ijs Si M-rr, Fotter, N * (irle?ns. Stanton li Krosti Hi'iiave, Ua le\, D fh. Mr. Wondh^il & Mniurus: UU K'-w Lvnbrtt, iJo. Buck & 'Men ?B irqti* I a Uraugn. Potter, Dai k rh aid Bordi-a' x, Jo'm < gilru.? Brigs St'a, (Moiuh) Ruvl, AiniltnUm, Barclay St Hust'd; Cernnne, (Sic) CflChio, P v>r>, U< ilTn y k UubKit 'D: Moliictn, iVluant f'ou an P.i ce, rt \V Lewi*; Pre mic, Pt;k Vew Orlrans, J Kl well St (Jo ?Cch-? Morning Star, ( B<) P uddm, Nsssiu, N't*. S Broom fcCo; Fortune, Smith, Portsmouth, NH< Arrived. Packet thin Emerald, Howe, from Havre, May 26,with tndse, to Wm Whitl?rk.Jr. Ship R? p"bli<Lace, 37 days from Liverpool, with mdie, 10 Taylor k Merrill?IJ7 itee'dge pnasencera. 8 \i;i I..null of Cairollton, Bird. 43 d.ys from Liverpool, wi IwPl'Oi cks salt to J. Walker; 14 cases T Miliar?234 p:? senKeii?nip M*?s?ehnse't?, Wilson, (of Waldoboro) 45 day* from Liverpool, in ballast. to m*attr? IJ8 pa.engers. hip Kia ru l)?na, K'i b i. 37 d ,yi from Liverpool, with 200 * ('ill o O <>d u- & t.:,i?7g i asorngers. Sliip Levant, Whittlesey, So nays fiom Liverpool, with salt, to H. Hawland; 21 sacks do Unuutll, Minturn Ji Co? 1J0 passengers. Mup Kmohas?elt, SYstrr. 23 day* fiom Newcastle, E. with coal, btc. to B irelav k Livingston. Bieuiro ship Isabella Aiidr-luen, from Bremen, leit the Wrsei May 10, will) uu'se, to Oehichs It K tuner. Ship C?nton. Otis, In u> New Oilcan, June 8, with tudie, to master. Barque Msrclln, from Piletm >, April "2. with (rait, to st Broom k Co. 'I he &1. has t x,ienm ced wvsUtly winds an-: culms Hwedith hrig Helena, New nan, t>8 dtvs (rom Cadix, with 151 la:h s salt in U. liixlel. Nniwi Itiail L.U He en'xi- nruiman M ilaia n.aman Ni iwi. , iu bi'iant, t? ord r?M pasje'ger? Norwtgiaii bug Wo1 ioBtun, ? Mill, 40 dayi from I. urvig, Norway, with in n. to E. Huh?85 lawmen. Bii Ctr-?, Bl mliieri, (of foiti-nd) 47 days from Antwerp, with 7 oki soda 2 c? muse to Getdwg Si Co. Brig M tg\ret Auu, Cros'iy, 57 da,s trim Malaga, ond GibratUi 51 ?liys, wiih wme, kc ol'.J Fr-n^ia. Br:g H inmj, Wait, IU days from Mnraciibo, with 1500 ban cofl're 30 lib's baliam to Bout-baud 8c Thcbaul. Left no Am. * > >?!*; barque hileu, Hamilton, to tail suou lor Liverpool Brig Gardner H. Wright, Cult*, f om St. Thotms, Jnue 18, ami 1 nrm 23d, with specie at>d salt, to Bietl Sc Vos" ? Left no Am. tetsels at latfr. Hailed iu co with scnr Lydia, far Hartloid. Ai Bt. Thomas, sclu Sarah f r 1 hiLdelphia, in 3 days. Briti'h brig Edward Whitney, Shilling, 18 dayi from Wind sor, s 9. wiili plaster, to muter. Bii i?h brii Sea Klower, Cuch an, 20 dt/S from Windsor, NS wuli plasrer. to 8. u'e & Whi'nev. i'rimli biij Htten Auu, Hughts, 16 days from St. Jolin, NB. with plaster, t O'der. Nth Allred K Thorn, Saufor.1, 5 dayi from Wilmington, NC with n .val s or s. Schr Caroline 11 liter, Stoliely, 4 dnys (rrm Cherrystone, with co.u, ti. H. i'. Haven*. Schr Ldibburg, Decnor, 3 days from York River, with oysters, 11 rrmster Sloop St iJary, from Charleston, with rice. Herald JHnrliic Corru|M>iitlenv?> UtricK or thk Hhouk Islander, ) Newport, July 4, 1843. I A rr Id, Unmswick, Chainplin, of . nil fur Providence, f om Indian Oc. an, wit Li. bbls wh and lbOsprim oil, _nd 7,000 lbs bo"r j Car liue, 8t?asy, 8.-v u.uuh foe Providence; N>ntucket. Giflo.d, Uundout for Fall River. Sid V'K.lvut, lleatli. New Yoik. General HcrorU. Bah<4UK Livkhpool, (Ur) Swiuf.ud, frmn Liverpool for Qu-m c. with 2if pas-etigtri, ia t*etaiued *t Gross- Lie its consequence of h ving sicknets ou bond. (live deiti.a occurred nn lie pa-sage out, a>d mere were 11 sick when 4he arrirtd at G o ?< I le Whui at 8ia ? On tho 24th nit. to the northwestwei I of H-tens, aw it small fur.? and aft si lir. ol about 7j tots, with b?lli ansg re about ix feet below ihu cross trees, bulwaiks siovtd ami mils ft f-d. An THtK?Chpt Uiwiy, ol Tli .s Washington, NC., leju is on me 221 Mlt. iu lal 31 45, ?7 I'.ithoms water, be saw ihr wreck of a ?ts?cl(s p utcil of about 250 tons, with h?rt.r<rn uu er water, masts i d bowsprit gone; bu'.tvaikj paioti d l ack, wi u on- white itreak. Launch?A liue bru i f 12> t?n?, c-IUd the Ttpax, was lau.i In u list we k i-t K s .oit Me Sn> is of a beautiful moiiel, ownv i by i coin|Muy, aud i. intended for a Southern paukfi, a. d' r ?< m nan'1 il Capi Va pey. Co'jMK.RCK ok Albant?Nurn rr of vessels and amount of to until- lice s U it lli iw.l it *ib u , fioin April 1st o Juno 30*li i8ta:?71 vessel'. C 85 t m; curiesp iirting quarter fir 1842, Iicciik d, 4i49 tuns; d ff icnce in lavor of 1843, 14J6. Notice to Mariners. Hamburu, Jane 12, 1843 ?The Nav gallon snd Harbnnr Depii'aiiou ?i he lurxe tlir-e ma t liglii ship Jacob H iuricli.beii'U about to be tani-n in o ibis i on ow rds iho mi die of this ] root lli lor iei*|ts, auo liai vessel < two uusts wi I be subil.lut 'it during In r abteuce nonce of whkh isbeieb. given. '1 lie i*i yal Swe.lisli Minne Adininist. .ti -u i as, under date Mav 20:h, inbii.litd Us toll wiui,? sr., ll% t iu conformity with tne pvbl eation I the I5ih Apiil o< h prrcedi g > ?-ar, the al e'Uti n ahd d ITarent con>rrn< riuuof h c ai lire ol Fal * tsrbf into a uit lemicular li. lit of ihe 2odr?ik, hi* b<en elf riri ; 'nil t' at iHis new lighi > ill, th- 21 h f Jim be iuh'.^d loi thr fir-t ti"?e, aod f e pro'ino tt- li. hi erase 10 buru, lu'tradol whi h ih lenticulir light will be sh >*u in the hooiawlii. h he n>veil <h law, preseti e for 'he sa??e, and w nli are <h> >am? as thtue du iu? w cli ih cj.i fire wa>. k pi I un.iutr, fo?thst a bu iy p..ii>t*a i d. lias b-rr planed at ? ic v. Tti&v.uoi .?wi?ii|'.ad,wu lllj utt 'II iwi: Ul I lie ao Ctt I, eu Lo?alaU-, or Afelftiigti Uniundi at I!) f. ei w^irr Thine tronuda ate ai>u' e i pWb f.l( th Tom ifirmer* cot) I, ? at*, on 'i ? uo ill shore of <lie Brae ik, R hull * geograrh cal leogueof the swiii a Schi ira. [roca) ?nd E8f. half K, one Ke'*'4i li c I I--.KU-, iI.r E?tt m Lma Pviui. Hunu l'ivr bten i Uc.d within a f w d iy>, at thn following poiuta iu ine Putom .c iuver. One at Oruuy Inland Bar; one jl M >r. mud Puiu', or e at Port T<b<icco thja.i, one a P?isiminoo liar; one at L"W<r t tdu Point, one at k,awe Kettle j3o:toiu; one at thi Kettle Bottomi; one at Kaggrd Pwint.? Moment tiieni licuyi merely to replac? old unci? oihera are stationed at new poiuta. Whaleiutii, Art at New Bedford 21 iu?t K oridj, Cunningham, New Zcdnd 'J tCu bhU ? h G'Mi d > >p. Sp..he Dec 4, Milium, NB, 1100, 550 :p? repid Jan 6 600 wh 54 ip. Heard I'm in Jan, (Joy Troup, N B, I too, Uft ap?r-!iitd Keb 17, I2l'f); L igod i, do, 2300, 450 I'?'epld Keb 8, 22U0;*1 o Braiders do, 150 wh 350 ap. hnil nit i Hnbiri Town; Dec 17, Kutnaolf, Cox. do, 80 ?p, I rl wh? reptd Dec 10, 300, 140 ip >,?>k Jan 14, Monti zuina, \L, ''700, *!M ap?l- td Jan IB,: 050, 15th, Logan, > B, 700. bound to % <V I oaat Sid tin Bar ol lilandt Men M dta, Pa k-r NB, 700, 80 ip, for " W Coaat. Spoke flkne 25 lat 32 V, Ion 03, Moi.tSoinery, Warreu, JO ?r; 9 h, t.t 38 I 'D 68, Maine, B laion, 33 ; ud? 4, lat 7 S, I ri 3t 39 , L' tido . PdC et, Howlaud, of aud for Kmrhaven, 1950 ?p Arr at <fb 3 I. Geo Purler, Lure, Pacific Ocean, in h 1450 ip. Spoke Oc. 12th, I'hciil, 11 inih'iu, Nam, <8 moi, 1550; Dec 3d. Nanag^usct, C? (Tin, i'o 950; K?b i7, oil .vlocha, Damon, Tot trr, Mnwpoit 40 ?p; at TJeahuaua Mch ?0, Timoleon, of aud for 3 ?. 201)0 i b!? A t at Sag Harder, en t1 e '.81I1 lilt., Cad mm, Smith, fretn Cro/;lt?a, via 8; II U,a, in 45 Oav>; 13^0 bb a oil, 8<>00 lb* 3jth ult, N hit d, H'/Wi ?; 1100 bbli 100 bbl? in a d 10(0 I'S hone. Liftai St H-letia, M.iy 21, to aail the aamediy, B rbar.i, H .wei, 1300 nbl?; MoLrnomh, Hrdgei, t'oldrpug, 1550, to a il the m c'ay <>u * < ruot :B ati?tte, Lic>. Kttinuutb, 230 ip Lyn g at Si II lena, Alriiiu!. V/tat, of Mystic, 14 0. Spokcu, K. b. I3.h, A' nor, smith, ! airtaren, 41 w; M?. ch Ijth. Hallv Ann, P. 11, too; utt h? < ape ol O .od Hop Vet'.a, ol H iw'?',d. bdgarioffii, no oil, <no?out; May 13, ott a:.n h of St II le'i.Corne lia, Derail, SB, 351 >n, crai<iny; 15th, C31 lb, J lu.ea, B /ttou, I0J ap 5) w. Slu Coiicord'a, Car?.iiah', S At aettc. Sailed from Nui(n:ket 28:h ult. Oeo Waihiog'on, Pinkhatn, whaling. A letter f nm 8 H B ack cr Etq U 8 Coosul at Tahiti, relio ant T, Keb 'J, .*!?rcur?, Oiay, htoniti tou, ."00 bo a, 50 ap I he Peiutmi ieiiorted Nov, Ohio, Smith, Nam, 8j0, Omega, O rdn?r, fH, 22i'0; Orion, do. 5?0 ?p; L ij?. Providi-n e. 900, ra L) c Kl>i Surh.cK, Nant, 280?icptd in Sept with 300 I he I. I Kicminud, ^ B. reported in J.tu. E ilibeth, Sal.rn, 1000; 'Tiitin, ol B -ol,'Z5 libit; Tuscalooaa NB UOO Lying > u and uu Tahiti Feb 15, ha? Ficder'ek. NB, 500 ap, wneh repor eit m Ja , Triton. Cha*e, N B. HO ?p; Parifie, Taber, do, 1500?rentil Nov 15, 1600; Clnnor. Wirren, 200ti wh 500 ap?leP'lited Feb 1. 9 0 wh 500 ap. The () Mitchell.of >ant, rcptd in Dee, Ma aichutatia, Nicitenou. Nam,070; Mw (Jarey.'i'ohet, do, 330; Onion, Liir.aa, NB.tOOon l oud; Potomac, Naur, 700; iu J.ih, Levi Surhuck, do, 55n; 8uaan, (iowlaud, NB 400; Ouieua, H.'gg lty, N1A11, 1100; Motticvl'o. do, [050; feineiiu, do, 1350; Lytiia. do, *>50. Tue Columbna, N U, in D-c Ja)ian, Nat?t,57J?le. 'd Ai g J, 1310; Swili, Fuber, NB. 180.? The MariaThereta reported in Dec, Cenrtor, NB, 1650 wh; Clement, N L, 2 00 wh nnd ip Tie Kl.iabeth, f- B, % ok? in Jau. l.eomdu, Nye, NB. 150 ap: Tob'C.o I'laul, do, 110; Her1., t.rjpo, Sippic iD, 17 rnos oat, 46j; Oi'U Jaektun, B i.iul, HI. 110 bbli. A letter 'rom J B Willi'tan, IC-q, XI S conaol at th* Bay cf hljiidi, reports at Biy oi I. Keb iu, T?ro Broth ra, Tiukhain, N Hedfo t', POO (5.9 ?l>). Hcaid Iron Die 1. betwreu ,4 Z -alino and NV * Holluia, Thot IM 'Vert JJ, Il.iv. IU, S'gbaibor, IJ0H; VI ,r?, B o? lie 1, N Bcdfoid, 500 ?p Dei JlOtnJick 11, ' amsdu I, Briatoll. 20j at-; lie., e- It.inrl , Kai/hiteu, 900. J. fl?r<o ', Howl ud > ilmnfoii, Co ap; l'hoci?n Uny, N I), di ed >200 while 80 p -i"k u Keb 11, n > tat It", S.'hir. u. >in th, F-i liancn, 500 ubl?; Dee j0, i rieuti>hi|i, la er, Oe, 900 bo ? H-aid from 111 J -n, C Mitchell, Keei.e, Nant. 600, D ?rmouth. \\ imp> uiy. Nil, 23 inoa out, 1070; California,, N B, 8 in' a, ii 0 A l< tier from the Peri, RaaaaM, NB, raporia her at Sitnond'a T?*n Ai ril 6. wit 850 sp ' nui-t 3)i 100a, aud then home. D ait on board Vlchl, John Sauford, of NBedio.d, aud Wo> B .tiew rt, of M.ddleaorougli. L- f ou ili re lick, Mr Beaid,. f M up iaett. 3J mate; Warren B Potter, Horatio Oliver, aud Kic d Wood, ?e ,meu, all of NBeoforJ. I lull D x er, fro.u New Bedford, 011 a crniae, apakan June 29. '? 10, on 61 20. fir dt Tliuiura Africa, May 20, J 1a Monroe, of r 15 m aih, 69 bl'. Ci rd?ri,?l and Nik London, from NewZealand apoktn Juue 25. lat 3j 42, loa 27 35, oil not atated. flpokan. I* 8 ah'p "ara'oga, hcnce bentid no a crviaa, Jute 11, lat 33 :n ion 46?by the L?va t, at thu porr. Tbm Pert uu, Sd ya fiotn Philadelphia for Canton, lat 31 30, Ii II 59 4'? bv the M reel a tthiaport h i and .ah. L. v. r.i ol I r PoiUdelp'iia, no date, olf 8t Oe< r<ca?b, >n< Km ci< Dep<n,ikia p;it Iniiii (fl ) n date, lar 45 1m 10? by the tame. ,V|ri. i a, > u, nil 'liih Hoy,, NOrlaint for Livrrol a?e? vo?b>' 1I1 Bakhaw, at thia port. But >h Q'i cm, (Br) Ne>v Bruurwick for Liverpool, no data. I.il45,l u 11?bv t o H -r. nlea, at thi? port. LiV'ip ol. Mobile lor l.iverp ml, Jnue 16, lit 34, Ion 81 '5. II B M rtu.ani ahip Or.^wier, May 20,a off Pernau.buco, cnnaiig. i r nyIvanin, i Di.?aci|iu i icr uaiD uori, ja r i, in a n, Im '7 It. jtr b I'tmiell, Huty, NOiIcad* for Cowea, Jon* 23, off <'* ml tt Krrl (ViUifac, tUenng K, Junr ' 7 Ut :<S I, Ion 69 10 /vtk, Htvuua fur B ittwii, June io off (*ar>>lort. CI* mrniinr, O Inui u, Biiuicn lor t) iiiuiore, July J, 15 mi>? K of U'-Tiirgat i>* mifiH, Chisr, Himbmnfir Jam?? Hirer, Jane 17, RioJy H??k W l>v V ISA mi'fi. r ffurl. Hum*y, 9t J?g> d? Cab* for Tneate, May 10, Ut 33 10, Ion 37. c< iidor. Mayo, Ma'tmii for lUmharx, Jane j, do Ul.lkr. Lou;ia, Wrodtide, II ivm* for Co*?, Juae 3, lat 43 30, Ion J> JO c.Uirpor, Pioct) r, JS day* fr< m N Yoik for 'Jromtadt, June 7, Ut M I ju II M. John Holland, Li >err ol f r Th ina?(< n, Juno <>, Ut 4t 30. lou 10. Trenton, June 14, Ut 43 41, Ion 7M. ?'?r?ut<i I'orli. Amitkrdim, June 16?!. port. Oao Kyuu, SuHit n, ' dy. A?T?mr. Juue t? Air t.'?ntot\ P?ckaiH, NOrlcam. la tort ;6h ? rah -i mf?. O.ay. I i NVort.ldg llAlMV all 1 . 1 "f, v UohltftD, WWItliUf Fit w Vmk t r __ . i r r i,m 7 sli. / ?hn t nn? tirr. 1 h*y#r, NYork C .iwm, Juup 16? Arr Veuic*. Uill, Hlf iti. Hlil i7ih, V#i ? , M Ml SIM 1or Lnri Ion ( ?pc ("i.rH DiWio.JVtob'lt lor Liftr^OO?. < .INK Ju:.e It?Off, P.ll' ""iifi irom ni??.<i.iiHn tor i.c t?il <*?*. Md '? h, y?r ri>ulh, M?ih?w?. from New OrlciM, c'.f! w'hJo'<' II? \r? WaiM-ht, Schnlii, New York. Uim ih. , niiorey, H i**u? toi i'roim*<l?. Cadi* Jnur 3?Art L-1*, 1) ?*T,N York; Sth, Athene, Jonei, R< (ieroain:Tlh, John A Roth, Walker. Antwerp, (' ooiiitvtft, Jnat It? Off. ?.>|.r>iA, Draper, AtnoDth (or Liverpool?7th, in * hen y gile i.( wii.d, lint Tore and in .in topsaila. I'alcutt*. Arrtl W?In poit. Argo, <orli??, for Boston, ?ht J? d-y?; Modem, ITreuch, for NVoik. ?b< ut June 1; Jacob P.;ikini, Pirrntt, diis; J N <* -?)? , ChHatorh r, for Philadelphia, Id*. 8 <1 18'h a 19th, Rouble, B>iia*tt, Bo?ton IfiTHt (,'Hinnii,, Ju is I?-Ah 0?prey, Lowlhrr from M I'auxu. Dt*u, June 15?Arr Jobaune, Mtnvtg, Brem: a for New Vor*. Oundkk June 9?H'd Kir H Pdin'll, Moir, Chirlr.ton Do?lh, Juue IS?Off, (Joetce, Human, Irom Bi?u en for BiltllHt.Pf Klihoh. June 5?Arr Henrr, ftleaoa Trinidad for '"ron w .11; 11 tii Htllort", aoi'th, New York for do; I1ib, Ctarina. Orov.aud Ari>-tro F.bmi.H tauaf r d?; Dotbory. Giddin a. vUtnriu for d.'i Mwau, Bl inch rd, HiVna for Koum b-rf; *3 it, II iniiU'K, Lorabre, do for CriiMta4i: Nnulilm T- k??* bU'V "viy u.x,, i.,r do; r*n rp ?pr Kaoi^ra, Nrw Y??ilc for Si^n ^ l3lh| B >ckr?hagiui, Chtrlr?tc>a for F aval, May 26?lu port, It\rbinuer, B.-owu, for fl >?tnn. 10th Juri? ("AI.MOU-IM Juue 15-OIT. Leonora, Or??e?, f m r"> 16 h, B Itiio m, .lever, B i I in re I -r B finru. The Naioit, friw M^Uoi'ilur uuch'trK d *>4M> *o* ? kUK-ii, at <1 U?c-lUiii'l thet ran h of ,||<! Inwrr tier win I diMolreil ORAVK.?ri?D, June 18?Mi! Si J mei, S-ho-, NYnrk UmiiALTAit, J ur 4? < it < ? hariue. Wiugatr, NOileana; 6 >i, < cit. nt ?, J'uftn, U. ?ton Hudy.Thom a?u. H?? ni *ud I lil lor Incite; 7iii, U 8 ?lii|> C> lumbui, Cob M irgan, fr.un i Toolon. IUvhe, Juue H?Arr Diadem, Bar?mw, Mobile. Bid, ] B< li-lor, Itoitoil. Cavil; Jm I'erkina, Ha l, *?Yoik. Halifax, N8 June >7?A'r Kutaell, Matthewi, PhiUdelphi i Kinsalk, Jur.e 16? Off, Rheiidan, De Tenter, NYork for L'Vefnool. anil landed 6 piateiigi-ra l-i*KHp ol. 'one 18 ? Ari S. oi'mi, M<-Kenxi*, Savannah; I7h,i raion, Towne, MobiV; Ntw York Packet, i.amout, Stiaauah; Lyons, Uym. NOrleans. 8lil 17 h, Bsater, Kdmonda, Hi*a i>; Bombar, Oay, Boston; Sw^tira, lKvi , Phtl ida'phiii; i9ih, Tacitus, Barstetv, B itali; "0 h. Sou li Amriica, llnley, NuwYok; Piouaer, (irahaui, Alftudria D .; lilh, Scoi ?, We ah, Baltimore. L<oadui{ 2utu, Car-.viu, P.rthn mn, Oarri. k'iiii, Oraradi, Colombian*. H| vio.and Bruce, limn, lirury Lrtili, A hburton, Niagara, ilriculm. O AteTaiM, T rilinla. Lancaahue, ani NO'th Carolina .NY orb; Alcliadria, Mr? null , (J'ncoia, Charl ton: Kichd Auler .on, I. iiy Puiut, Va; tVolu?, ILurntaa, and Mary Siruili. Hav .in. CM and ready l'.ir sea, Trtnioii, Snow, Boston; Carolina, Sherwood, NY-.rk. Advertised, O a nda, for B >ston, 21*t: Klafin. do I5'h; Orando, N'iclf U d do; Hutsell til ?x, ISYok Jilyi Lmcisier, In iiibt jili U Mtifciii, ill m e; Mylraiiu Jeuania, and N Hiddin, ito July i; Kl:ti fth Di-nii'i-ci, do .Vh; Ait>lniit< u. d<> J 25; Muuoiui.Iihih. In) delpbia. iO i>; T/inn-nuii'l, Lovatt. I'ur 13^'timote, ui.c; JR Aodirraoo, I 'try Point, 2t h; Sob eiki. O iv n'piil maatir. NOrl?au?, uttc; Xor'li Carulltn. D ii'rmond, Nl ^mk ?5;h; Heic li-?, M.idmnu. d.i " ith dmpateli; S Wftitui y, li uipaou do July I; Berwick, Har nux, Pbilnilelpliii, iornedine ? ; K'izibetn Bruur, Poliard. B -vou, to iui: end 'n K a?io; Bj riimton. Union.uo toclear2U(li; Par nruoii. Wi.odb irv.di; Hutau Drew, Wiuinr, uu Willi de-.n.i rh; t bicora, ItoKi-r, Clmr eitoo July 20; Maryland. H itil, Auriaudria, ; Wol?a, J.-wett, lla, ina Jjiii*2I; K irotaa, Cnauj, do wiib d.atMli-ti; Maiy Smith, Ln-wia, no July i. Londih, Jaue 18-lfi p iri, Kh iri.u, l.ucai, for Boston, com mrtiC-d Idle 6'h; Kdwa il, J.-nurv, U'lt moio, Idif, Montreal, Tinki r, ami (i a>IUtor, tinttou NYork. Lkohomn. JiiLu 8-ln put, fc-ff-iit, Koopinan, for Now York, loedinx Luaon, Jur.e 10?in port, I' S thip I).*lawarr. Malta June 1?Arr Plemde.. Whiti*. L>vnora. Mar?kill??, June 13?"Id Aihano, Buxton, M.ils< i. PlyMvUI h, June 17? Off, Viuiiit i, J uien, Bremen fer B.iltitn' re PKNZAncc, Juue 17?Off, Ctibk, Viwcr, Ha?au* for Am stirlini. I'oiitjmoutm, June 17?Off, Frederic!?, Autwerp for New Yo i. ^^ai'.kmo, June 4?No Ameiir^n reurls in port. Sid Uh, /?? ni, i n.neti, i >ru; is', a u, a s?e i Boston; .viay *7. T H B.i.iou, 8h-w, iVY r. ;2liU <Jit> BkC. Jane 29?Arr Provinci iliat, Wiiliami, Phil del ( hi ; Km*?toti, Nr wham, Hull; C< quelle, 0 net, L'vmool; Co ti iima, biiatt. Leilii; Mam.iei, l^o, p II, Loudoi ; Qutru of tlit (V an; Til y, I iveepool. J ly 1st? lohn Thornptou, Ptrkiu, L"iidou; C..x m. Htoier, Coik; Kntib"l> Il?d, L tdm; Liverpool, Jw,ui{>f ..d, Liverpool _ ( leared Ju*.e iO.h Uo\trnor Ha<c mri, II It-, U"yi(.ck IlicMnoid Lis?, Donald. Loudoii; Lock woods, Youug, U'itiol; Ladi Constable Couiso't. Liverpool; C.iil-tuo, SriniiiTj; June 10 .h. slenfrewsnlre. Bums, Liverpool: Kitiustou, Su.n-r, Ne vcastle; I\4arinus, Newham, do; Lord W-?|r>cU, L'ukis. Liverpool, Calypso Glass, Dnitim.uth; I\in e G:or.:e, fcriebd, f>tU? oath; tfcphia, Leslie, Loudju; July 1st, Kmcra'd, l.? glitou L..v<rp ?.*l; .Neimiiu-v VViUoo, Uujiiii; fciuvny, Giltuev. l.oLdondern; l,ilburn, lL.lti on, Loud id; Corniliu'. llaufoid. Sanderland. H ivca Gaboop, Aluca, Maj 20?In port, Reaper, Gallup, of H'.lem, otic Rottkhuam, Jane 17?In port, Hollander, Kwe r, To: Boston, to vail lyih Hit;*. Jun? 4?H a its Boy, Blaiidell, will commence ldg for Bottou ill 4 or !> Cnv?. ar rETK'.'nuso, JiinB 10?Arr Noch, For*ylh, Charleston., Ju nil?Kemiimm;, Victoria, Woodbarf, s4: VHMlM llbr Boston. to sail abtJ>ilv i. The V wan detained ou fie siiji ll d y? by tliort uccs; ?Ue wai to be rigged ?nd reloaded. MnuroKs, Mch 13?Iu port, I&dia, Nott,one only American Vri e . Smyniva, May 29?ia port, M obaw k. Chan*, ldg for Boston. Scillv, June 14?Off, i>i<rno d, Nlf?rk lor .Ylalagi Salcomhk, Jane 14?Off,, Bradley, Tiinidad de Cmiii lor Mr ini ii. SumriAM June 12?In pnrt. Spartan, I'o??l tnd, lor B/ton, Idg; i allinadge, Waitr, fr >m Portland. Ui?k, t > tail in Niekerie 28 li,'o load lor Por litid?the cook of tbn T wis lost first week ?ut ou the outward passage. St Th iMas, Al'nci, May 24?In pott. Active, Smith, for Pri'iC>??l*i ml TaiksTE, Ju >((?Sid Sea, Allen, Botd'nu*. Arr previ u-, l'? 6 11. 4J11 se, Cook. Pitnaoibuci>, Iu pint 8 h Cumbcland, H d'ey.trom < atiuxis, just air; A beitiM, J , ) Ce, fit NvW York, ldg. 1'iU'iiLi.o. June 18?In port, Nepfoue, Stearns, from nud for Belixo, Hondariu, ouly Aiuerictn venel. I.ake Ports. Bi.'KKAi.o, July 3?Arr Owai uu?ah, fciolo, A'ps. G"?ol, Hoop, N America, M Kr'me. Saudusuv. K T hJ'i, W J >>. Momiana, Moses, Buffalo, H nu,irie, V.cory, aii'l Crrti.lin, 111 vt*j.iiid: VVileo*. 11 nron! H iri, uv * miilttikv: VfiHCirr -t JnitpiiiDii vijiwH kie; Amyle, Toledo; Merchant, Aiaoinee; Alleuan, Milan; Pe.-rtai t, D Hnuit I'nrlt, R.tncoii. Jun? 29?A r Clinton, Adam?, Baltimore. fotTUDD, Ja!> t-'Vti (Jile i, Sv??rt? r Hvmn; Margaret, Y nr., hoodoo'; 21. K ir , Bake, Hivm; Id, T'ligeit, Hoardman, Kr-derie'.ibaig Wave, tlo'bfock, NYork; Juue 30, Anurum d i, liuile, (to. I'obtjm t.'TH, J'Hie 26? Arr Pl*uet Philadelphia; 29 It, O n Wa.rea, d i. 9d 27 in, t lad Utah, do. Bt low 3j h, Pactolut, LiveffO d >N?.w?u?tpoi*t, Ju!y !?Arr Liu sni. Oeors town; Ford, Vaiiua Ouay utllt. Ooltttnl i i. D?tiiit?, Phil?d(l, hi Sal? M, July 2-Arr L'binou, 8r wu; ltoiaell Kins:, Kijw Kranli in, Cudhli g Phllniieip ua OuaTON, July 3?Arr riib uU (t) Jnil> u, Lire P" I. New K eland, hott-i, Httuli in ; Ciiib ick rt mi, Trim l : Win M K'i?'- ri il.irtuK. K I' i < ii jr ahrtfi I i, .mi L. izi, Sa?yri, Pnilailelplu ; spl n 'i l.Ciowell, I> Votk, Mi igira, Love!I, Al'xuir. Cl<l Co.uinbii, K :nt, Altxiudiia; U..ld Com render, W iu?, N V i.k. Pi.TMotiTH June 29?A" Hi leoa, Cawmtiee, Philadelphi t. .new litDi- onu, July 2? Ar Conciia, Cuthwu, Ne* t?rk; Mrtcy, Ainuli V r, iuta. Sid Keput) ic, Snule. Mitl d Iphii. NaiTUCKKT, Juue 29?Arr K.liz .brth B iar.i?*, I In d Iph-sj Arr, Avon,, Albiny ; Mouomoy, NiCaorrou, New Yotk. Phovidkncc, July 3?Arr Teac dale, Stoadara, NYork; 2d, Priagou, Ciurry, Pm'adelph't S d Sauil iiciiry, Wniie, Kolly Lauding; Kteit*. D?ie, NY.vk Uriiioi. Jui.e 30?Air I'tarl, Ptaree, NOtlcau*. Sid Com Wilci. .*or|?ik. , rSRwroBr J.i v 2?.\r, Motet Kddy, Biiten. *nd Wi"ard, Miliar luiitewY rk Kt IV v de&ce; A'lon. Hiatb, l'ritid?i ce. far New York; 3J, an Viramuu, Uii-r>ngut, iinN?w York?dattiua'.iou ch.-ngeJ tin Pail delphu in c uit?q i?oce wf r.u inja y to her MidJjr, h&?in< mituye 1 white beating out n( New York harbor and touched on lio^eruni*' l?!a;id The V towed oa out of the q taiier boitt cf ihi tte^mnr 1"IU?\cnuti IK, whii h Wat t*?eu from the crane b? th-bom ri. of a tchr, W'ieu ((.inn g tl rounh H"'l Oa-e ru haturda* aft'iuoon I at ; arr Southpo'i. S.urgu, It Ycrk to: Providente?did Hiei 7.i. dU'l Arion, NY .ik Niw Haven, July 3?Arr Mo?ellc,3!?uQar4, and S R S > ith. Bill, Albany: Empire. Thumpton, a id Pietidi-nt, FritMe, N Yor . Sid fc. I'uue., H i.iy, >ewbern. NC; New Yoik.Jtuct, N York. Ha&i ro*D, July I?Arr Anthrcue, MtihniD, Philadelijtii; 2d, B U t'aiker, t/lark, d ; lo'lmta, Hharp, do; Pearl, buinmcr viobile; O ct , ttickinaii, Ualtimorr; Ohio. K n ham , aid Lion, i)4u..u., NYoik; Joh i Cot, Ciumb, Albany; Pile ail, W In te do. Sill 1st, regie, K ai.cit Mt oik. 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SavannaH July I?I Id Jamei, How i, Dm mi. i?ld L Bald * in, I liompj.m, NYork. ad June 30, Paudoru, Til ingbait; K-d Hi ver, Aveiy. and Spy, ?.iiit< r?, Bottou; Marg-rer, Jrlie rtm, G irdiner. Mc. ApatacHiaoLa, June I"? Arr <)!i?e Br-'iich, Kngliih, Sivi.iiioi -, 2lt , Altuama, Siewart, NYork. Cli! bornutn.Craw rmd, and Victory, Klwell, NY?,rk; 1 hat P Halt Pendleton, But on. June 23-Cld D-nnurk. F o?t, NYork; "<lh,Aythirc. (i>ij Bakar, L'v<-rp.iol; B H Fie d, Vau O lder, and Maiiaaiin, Martin, Pni ndelpnia; Mary Ktner, Weit, Pater oa. NJ. Nkw Oiiutt, June 27?Arr Iiaac Allerton, Tnrrev, ?nd llrgn at, Tnumptou, Ltverpoo1 rid Etl.nan I Perwi >?, I net null, I) ntnn. Arr mil, Bn?u. li n iwi n, u ii-ey, noon- ; in. i?ii. Hobbim, Harre: Ap horp. Bitke, Maranlli-a <;i.| Tir< Ot. I.MI, Loadoai Aiiui.r. i- m.lis,and I) uJjin Ml? N V ; Oolambat, Ht.ceii, Krr . a; Mona, [ ')r m ] BtHi'r, do; Win It Klii.brlh, [li] filciitf. L<T<r|iMilt M4.I1 Vtu Co 1 maujer, tH?u] K k?-u, oihraltir; Jiuti, f-tnaor, U.i ! morn;'e, 3io<K <ird, Hicim oml; tuiao tpjfToid, *n>lt id. Hot ou; .Nim.od, Yooi'j, Norwich, Cl. Totted ><own Wey- | bo. tri, Cncdabueiu, H1 ni*!*'., O.ig >a. 9iratoifa, Wailiiiksjii. I Kln.blf tn ?MWI.I II mmmmm ? in i TIT ANTf.D?A lilmitioo in thit city ?t chamber ''id " ' '* l.oniren, b; a very itaptcUbls girl, who r u fire ?? ? c?|'ti?mb e city refrien e fat caiMbil ti, ?Cr- >r Wual 1 to it I .di'V or <!hil(!rcuf' in si I t? navel ihfm?nt??y p?rt Uruseti M.t't or fc,uroi>o. 1 l?a*o e*<j ure at No 77 c.'itny ?t. if 6 at int'r AYOUNii WJ'MAN w uiu a ?. uati'Ju?the e?n do rain cooki' g. w?hi.ig xtxl thiIii slid c ill gi?r reterenre tinm her U'tpUo*. Apply ?t#S jnhmtreet. Jy9 !i*l i"Winn>V^ WaSH >.l'??At Uotlii ?' >. 61 lUdlh >*.??'i I 1 ; .thiinr I* yeaii f *** fo * o li ih' wom j 4 3- T df??i, aT\ Wa NTuNFw ? tc'm iicl leai 1 ib ft?a ?jpOU\7v/ to be ? cured by a 'if* i?? u, ?,d int.itK K? "u a >cj<*I. Apidy, by letter,to S. W , i'oat Oflit), No# ^ oik i.tldl'l _ MOAHI) IN r.'H" COU -T.?> ? \i?e?l?miu md ln> wilt ?au b? aecoaimr,di.?d *1 h nvM iu atmatl pr ?i(r iannly u I'.it' Uichmoiid, n- it tn: water a .J bat a le w ?ta|>? from f.r la otug. 4!m apartmnsa [o >t in th?? lower part f l?ie city, tuiraM* I'or a 1 nail t<m;lf. Kur In pMliiut ir? e qair* at IS> I ?r'tdw?? j,H TO L6 I Splsnd a I nge mo >.t, well luruuheu t->r ?i iglt 1 Orftt'cuieo, wiih o.?a\fiai nni t?a. K i,|uir? *1 d' H it ? ? r , oeu Broadw iv Ul lw*e? j iLkMIC .>1 llill ?nr I ?ci"iiini JU 'J with ixurd m ^ in iti d >ir? -l? m>il rl-a??i>( loct'iib. wi'hln a tr w (ninntr*" o th-- Fulton *i|J 'Uthnrm> Kirrt?-t. An It Ni? k* A J v:m atrtct, D1 >ok'yi>, L I Krfaraoce e? h i.g^.i j?70 aii. ?'?*r CIILORTDE OF I" 0(\/^ CASKS OK -OKVP ' I * K k.? K')K ?ALK l? V -wviu I B'.ODK* Jy 3.- NO. fiI I K-ti'. rHK/_r_ j J'ORTUUUI . ?.. ' . , . : ' T*?*Wfar-la* ,J >-.J **!wrtiai t ,i'a '?> '* . II vrf p ?i?*u ?' * - r?<l if \ ?Tf * - " ? *? .'? mma 1'HOM 4* OKI.I.. AO?I >o*?. By Bit hi' 4 t?OW*Ki. *'? y-i.f.Jl .n *k4 II* rvutmtu ~~ I'MU >: SO IV. f i r ? 'i'ocW ii th* ?!#? room ?!> *?? firUi, miMiiui ?n?! furniture. nsi?ri!i- ofG l-mut >o ' <*o ?1 -nil sniK^of ?r 'od acti ?n JTlpr V-*fl pi ?f;n lor ; \ fcflU II ||| c if t f -.i di i !*"* oc of / ***?< ?? ? h ii h Id u ! C4*>io?'Tirol'?re fall Icacfipnrs, lamin vmh, utir u t r\, t%bir oo'?n? Alto a va'iiab'n of th rr? 01 cinal anmsat tiftd ra de-ti ;>M itingi, by e !?*" ' in e a. K D ? V \ l"H " "I ci ihi ?nl4 ro'unt. E? ra 8>le 'f ? eg n'?e?""tu le dry good., atnmer ebch;cg, U? i.-ry |o?n, mill .e/y. 'c. Alv> ?ti?'Kir- 'iftMc of El? i?h and Tt? <"\ ni"ei io<l t'im?rr , lothi, li it d. i in. a, g*mbro mid i S-m ittirta. Sc e. Al o, 2 p*'l<?grt fri th ?'id ? uo*jaMe dry g >o>r?, i i !oti to tnit lamille*, t : ?A1U'ID\Y. At I0*< /'Vo*k utilK ??!? ronm. Kegnldr'in I t'ciwiv- n I -jf i<< << did tecoud haidacdoeir houachonl I Mid cabinet fur.imre of ill I'eae.ripiimir. ,v A. '"AKTKR, /> n tioueer. QPL.KiVf)|D Kl'KM rUHt, r- cloee nl?-Bv Carter k ^ Co k'rid.y, 7ili July, at !l \ o'cloe", .it tHe a'nre 311 Brudwiy, coiiaiitinx ol io.u, ruieauaof *1' d?teriptinnt, waa'i'ru >i. iockera, divani. ol'omuia tir , H'liiag. eeafrc ai.u i r mvUsI tibiea, wardrube', workttandt French bed i ffdi, -ad every oth.-r artie'fl 11 ri-?auy 10 * w? II (urnialied It.>? ?,nil wiirtiitcdollli' very beat wnrkntanaiipand mibriala A'? . dinner and 'oilet aet, gliawaie a:nlcatl?nr Male ivi |ii?- with 'it ?e?erva i*ia?'*r MI'iA'i Auc'r ???? A UCTI )N N. ('I'll . K.?Pereinp'orr fie of ilie entire (d'M> ?* lure of the H. (iirorue H'licl, o. 61 b.'o'dtv \y C noprliiug iill tun |i?i|or 'a ! i.e.'ro- in lnro.turr, lifli* i utanai'i, ailver ati' pi ned ware, fls?i aud Clum, itock of wiuea, bed linen, ulanketa, mait'eaae* ?< HOLLlHAY k JKNKIN8 wi'l ?ell *t *ua'i)D onTHURBOAY, tbe 6<h duv of Jn'y, nt In o'clock. A M , at toe St. (is r/? Hj el, N > 61 Broadway, nu<i eontinu* daiiy ailil *JI old, (li? e ti.e luimtuie, ailver n.l r'uled ware,? oefc of wi:fi He , cntauiet t'i llii?e.Un?i?eeii4bU.hmiiut,conip iiiug B'ii? la mid ingrain c rputa. iol<?, divai a, ottom >. a mil euohea. p-er canlie, dining *U"t cud i tiier and inaut>d gl.iaea, ualioi tuy and nap e chli't, routing d'>, French bi dateada, u jlent in iple do, dieming bureaui will) K'a'aea, wtnlrobea, maliogiav ?i< ?tin<!a arid igilatielta, Ublea. cu.l-dluir mattraaaea, b*d4, bolater-, pillnwi and palia^aet tup-iior ?,?? and Kremh blinkela, c.? are Mi" ea, kc , * indnt* (h-dea. dviwk cu-taina, and ni'ialm embroidarMl do, intrble t<v baieam ind cntre U> b'e?. h u- nirroia, airr?l and ui?nrrl I uipa. tfir.Kidilca and cind Irli ii. ?,il clu b, arair mpci a d roJa Aiio. U'ar nock of h d liaeii, coi.?i<uug of I'n'u aheeu. iio;li' rnd l oub e billow e aei >ubl c i'bi inp.i:ii, tovrela, Cjuuierpane*, H'rcnch ni.d roao blaukata, Ik- it A'a-'. all t1 e "iock-ry ad ||la*a wire, cou lati-ir of wbite h'n n li paieeUin, a io ot e, kindi. cm gla<a * inea, Irmjnadea, mn.tilura, eelriy *la??ea fitieiMI, deiantet, bnwlt, piteher* cliamp ijrne and lie ;u>ur, l"aa-a, ice cre?m dn, aalti. ke . em brao'iiK-i larce aud ei'eurive vaiiety, rnd dccmteia fordilTsrent winta. A a-v. ?ilver war-, rompriiiug ailvr eoffee and tea pott, at?Kirbowa ind milk i i'enera, larre ?i'fir ai>oou?, Heiarla. tea. alts phii *ud rauatiH do, il ''er aoup I idler, i I vet fork' v.' ? and small .'limed n-.ii plain do. iu??r tonua, fer k . A'go kilih-n ware, Ike., m naiatn.. of large coop r t.a.en. saucepans nl nil six's. aoup an I laiccpiu, Cupper ..idles, trying P 'in, skimmers, ladlrs, a .id every variety of kitchen oteiuila and it Itu> ruin, 4tc. 6t-. r I'O. liaios.i'hmde i ra, 1 ail and other lump*, a ad a great variety ol other li iharticlei Alio.wiues Ike. The entire stock of wiira, emb'a-inc mideiri, ?h? rv. port aud various other kii<d<, winch will be euatnemed fully iu the cmalognet. t ull paiti 'i.!ar? will be K?(n in c*tilo.tuea, which aiay be had on .ippli jr.iou at oar at re, No. 1:1 Broad at., Werfneaday before ha Th? ?*le will be cotriatted daily until the entire furniture U who'ly dia^os'd of. Turns ciiih, iu City funds The site olfeis an opportunity fur families aud oth*rs to supply the in telfea aeldicn rri aentrd. jyXtec Srt;OND HAND KUKNITUHEat Aucti >ti-Tio?btid*e &''o will ? I tliia morning, Ju y6, ?' lu o'eioc, at their tore *>04 Bmadw aaaorltaent if new city made la*liouible I'urkiture, hair matrasaes, pilaite's, windew ahades, flour mat liny. Ike. rtl?o, a lot ofiplet did second hand furM'ure, amorg which are chairs. ceu;r.tabl . ({<, pier tablea, rocker, oil c.otn. lie. AI'O, one apt* ndid Onus. la carpet. Alao, one a-rouil tuud pia <> lorte. Also, aamall invoice i ofsitvt r ware *n l cutlerv.araon? whieli are I'm* tplenrud tolid ai'ver peucili, a,d beautiful pen aud potket tmives M?|e positive. irg ir?r A IK; HUN MH -<aie of O en nu.) .dot Hods* Piatt* ? \. LEW will aell on K iday m r- iuy, at II o'>,>t IM Bi-o.idwtt.a fpv d>J col ec'ioo f cuu tliou pin??, r iaea ol v oinua aorta, verbenas, aerau uma, lie. Alao ill-? mua uder ofihe pljnia itiil .evened li<.m Trieste, I'a r. con i< Ii.i of rmoa mil orao e Iran, whitn a d lellow jasiiit'. tub-iosM, ra uiicnlosea Sic, Ac. ^nle p aitive. j>? 2 ia*r NBWVORK & BOSTON ?OU NuiMLO T. OW EN PUESCOTT, Pilot, or take* charge r.s master aud piloi of Kisels bonuil rn New l}e<1t.>rJ, over Nmtucket Uc-.:oii, I'orumontD, Portland, heuuibeck and OTHER PORTS. Office at Krye Si flaw's uau ical store, li'J 'Vaier atieet. comer Qeekmau Reference to a unmeet ol Mere'iauta, ami ton several insurance ' >mu'-tara ij tbii c;r-? Boston, W* f'oTtNnil- J if tuiar dfcOX HEWUl) WILL "E P/lID FOR TIIE HEco^ety of the foil w nv arm-lea. wli clt w?re ?tul?xi nml s o' lurk U?t (>?nibii fr m iNn 2 P>rli r *c liaw black ir-iclu cunt. I be.ver aick com, I henaer over <.oat, 1 tlack drcfi costs, 1 lew M ck diem coat, I ''srn il ' ? CO't 1 brown Iroc* coat 1 put blue en" irn era piaia, pair b rck caaaimera p.i.ita, > liair French b um>m caainner* Dion, I piir croaa-b.-frd p-n't, 2 , m I'd eunurra iwma. ana leveral .>.ti-r tin II mticles. A liberal reward ?ii| b> t>*id for tne arrea: ol the thief, aud tlis recovery of iny port o< ih? ?hi>v? ar idea. i I i_?y PK.VKHLVY r DOWI INU. q'H". ISEW VOHK X:\IfK TKADE AS-iOMATlOV * .inn u .ci to ibr. i oSIic ( n' a ?<neia< mer.irix will b" h I I 1'lii ICvru i'g, Jul; Gili. t II o'ulocl, at Mill rt Hi'l , D wcry.opn it" to niiriug ?rrei., t adm-t p oceeriiwii in re1 tiill 11 itir r<c*nt movrmenu m I lie lln-nifi'in ' uuuca ?ealablithi y the old rratlK-t'oni iiw'n the * usi )ea of Weighing T'd \1?? uriinj; and r.lao tooppoae lh* if ji-ct uow ic a?iiatiou for i x nd i k ainili-1 nt wor?e ie?mcti <i.? api. J other k.anchei of tr?de. Ai' |ieiso"i*- in favor of fr'e trnde pun it 'ei. und of haviog onr 8' i'e <iud ?"t?y H vernroenta ti. c nl'nrtn tlieir ?n>-ii?ore? to tlie I'i'i' ofihe am aud the ngh a au<l we'fare of thi peoplt, ar? luvtrd rn alien'1 JOHN nOMMF.KtOHD, I'reiidrut. K. U V 1D J L, H e I ^I iir *v cr.1t i-r. jv? lt*r I ' Si' PU5LHHK,') at the B ?c n "flic 91 H"? vel at, J .NY, tu-w elm in ?of ? IHAU-iy llr EOF b'-u d tl 00, n <>oi dii5 Ci-i't. Ti e B i'e ot Nature, codtaitiits the ?*ential part? of ecitce w.u??, (chev-ea: book * ran ) si 2 ?1 * B nti.-aolilie Bthle, 50 cen'ti t ible E*rriciaZ) ci*ri'??:o.?'hi-r na^c it? Ln tJiut nr. fu^i ihe Frrucl , 25 ceuta?Ci "ii i hi of M<ui~l aud ih? Arxclypaa, 38c;nt>. I lin Li ol* Th mil Pain*, i d rouiu.' hi< cdtP,?r? i l.i't 'r? 11 Waih ngt p, bouu I (I >5?i i b iwla (1. KT/*" The Bmcoo wreklv, coct^iniuu jii Ai ronjmjni E, nrme K, 'rp! era of :he I :acetr, $2 per aiiauui. jySiod 2??r P\~RiOtTiiT5 VIA.NCHKH'I KK, I'om New Orf*<n>,it d a< h iifcir if at Tliome'i Mr-'iri Brooklyn Conai(u*M will pie ne Ml nd to ih-i receipt ol their aoo'i imoi dmelf. F-r fur'.her iufuimatinn an.dy to _j}6 E_K t jiLLINB It r'O., rtfoa-lnt. SHU* rHAKIfKAKK, Irom LiTrrpool?Comi?uea> b? thi* slop wi I pl?t?r tend their permi i on biaid, at Orlrana wli411,fo* t of W ill Utreei. All^ooda notpeimitted in fife daya will he a'lit to public atoie. )t<i PACKET KHlt' HUMTiiVIblK, iron .Ni-w Oiieaua. ii di?cliS'ui|'K at Kverett'a whaif, Brooklyn Conaicneca *re ier,nested to aueud to the receipt of ihcu toot'* tmidediatt ly. j vjj UoaTFI ui-Ficb,) Al^aur, July 1. BI'J. > rPJIK term per cent btniJa, lamed by tiie Comptroller is ? '3 2, and ;??yaMe ouf year from date, will be redeemed tt tli- Tieaaary, iu Altvuy, nr at f n fl1a* >attan Sank, in tiic i iiy ofNew Vurk, and oo the said boudi will ceta* afar the ilnlnim ?-f the year !or which tliey weie i sued. jv< ' ir A (j KLAHti. Cqipi trolle.". CH AKCU* L?CHARCOAL?la now eelliug at the New Y\>rk Chi coil Depot, k.oi 15th aireet, N. H , twenty pr ctnt cIichi er than auy oth'r pl'cr or dock iu the city, ana 11 d lurf* by tne Oi-i ot vra?<m al train It 61 li 3? per ha ihe t'Dgle hiriel ?rf-r the year. '1 hr ciaie wafoat are al*od?> lireriug it nl jOj p r load, I rr olenrutrr, In any pi rt ot the ciijt. At?? on haud. a ont ten thou til J bu he.;* of fuednat ar fiom Gd to rd per hirrrl delivered 11:1 Loatd reela a' the depot dock. Ai tl i idiui la in denutid at a mime, fjini*rg would do well to icnd ihrir oideia iu tneuMtely. N U ?Tin* Dei>-it waijoua ar* all painted black, whir* lev trie I ?i< .. uumliTi J ' New York C-lnucoal Depot,loot Lith >t, N. K. All oidjrn, by poat or othrrwijs.will be promptly atraudad to. il6 i>t*r VH.N KTI VN li'iml M a ra, C ipiunta an i tie puolia~ ! in grhe.Ta.? W n'a ' a'etit Self Staving Veneiati Wiud-iW B lad. Tint ranal impoiliut, ct'*?r, aimpla ui'l e..u?ei i?tit in,)r<iteine u, adapted ft puotic rtietaa well a? in rate dwelI a worth cauu it ' e ?p reciated unl-t? \ on call an-* tea t*i n fiued up at'he cabinet wiraioomaof Meaari Hum* It Tnnqiie.m Br adw t". ?ta'e i* for tale nr th-trad* topplied witn mcuii'iu* c?>eap A| p'y at abore. or to J?hn Weir, I'tlei'tee. M'inuiacturi * Bell Hanger. 90H Htnurtly ttr-et, Mrw York Ka im'?e* wa icJ to furnithblind* j>8dt*t fcCHOOl.EY'H MOUNTAIN M NfcHAL HPHIVO MAK8H HtATH HOUSE. rPHI9 well known ratiOli<h?ieul waa opcred (or the ree?rJ tiou of pimoanftf j the nr't of June u'.U Th' honaea and -riimidr lure bd o put iu perfect u.d t. Art uo paint a;?'*d to rniilei the plice ple'aam and <te?irah|*. The nuMraiKiird ll tier* III -?elf thit ?i li inn en-nr* f more Uian twrnty >ea in ihe butrro (he * ell rxahliahcd leiiutanoo of ih* pltie, the eel- brliy ih- med qqan iea of the water ii I i Tigoratlc:* air 1 ihe mnoiit ou, ?il' cooiinue to hiai lhat linenl pttroca^* with w h ha * t h*relo;ore been foforad. IV imprcTem i'ta at ihe Mrie 4 *" uut in wit'-in a few > ?? ptitab< the rrictiou of au i ir/ anl e*cre i fly t aaybuifd-_ uiKuvrrihe lock frcm which I aura t?e w ler nd he?hovt*r_ inn ba'ht eorinceiedwifli it, add g,"ai!y to Int. cem.oit I ?ut ion; all which 11 ennrely free to 'I tf e oo?e i o> etvy m thtre bjiB* no inch ihnghrre '* " ei 'a.ire pronrietor?h'p either of tne lameial w? e, ?r tie raon. t_ m air Thp u id*r ifnc i hn in pe,l*ctord<r warm rnrt coli1 bilhi eon- ected with bit eat bli?hni?nt. nod all the mui>?ei I ?4in>'? ot inch * hllliatda, bowling i,lley, 'joolta, fcc And for the hccommodtkio'i if ihe n ore ?ayo ( nn-ofn -ny. inHiil mmic u iTcvi-ifd, fe-eatmiwd nplay l"i ' liiiof partieatna mi.?t ? ute?-i Mill ?u>? nt N*waod e< mfor ible rtni>.i(,>idhu ue?? *rd pnJi t h' T??? will b* k-pt to lit. The table w .1 be e l wit.all the laiiety of tn? ?e*?ou, aodprtp led ?ith ilie bi>t (kill of hrra h mid American rooker ; .Ld the c nrs?-? will he iu attic. aenrdatte < > the ?<lue of mob y ??d theatiten 'hetim-e i'he ficilitita of g>'tiui; he h ' bt'D If O-Ily li?r*at?d ?inre the 'a?t \eur. The Motiu and Kia?j mil n il hni b<i'n rebuilt, nr.d ii now < >.? ol t' e h ?nn the couulrv N.w m il /eiHi.l ear? h *e os-u pi e d tpoo it. tuil by ?inni|fm?iit with the New J.-i?t-v Kailroail <% i?-ny, gi dir*ei. frjr/i Jntey I'y to Mji uukii 1- rti New Y >ik at ft o'clock, auil ii rite At Main* o u by hlf-,vat te i o'eotk A .".1., tiieiic* h u< v am' r. in f.) table ?tag*t, a dair ? .ttbe .' lonLtmi hy 3 o'clock P.M. .Vieco d willleave I>iew Yon at 4 o click P M , ai d arrive at \| i ri^ b? ha'f paat 8 o' lock, wheie e..mi>> tabl ei c .u be or- amed to i" o-i t? tli* uwuiitaiu tfie sunt ?r ?iok il dturtd. Tieront* by Someivtlle ttilroa'l, and a 'iue ?>f irtgei connect td with it wi.l, it i? u .dt r?Vod be -oon hi o. erauou. K. MAH9H. Dated Heath H >oa>, teho'ley'i M. attain, Jjuc 30, IMSi\<l?>dJwr _ _ PATENT STAY TKU5?. MK?. OIB <*i. K, iheir.y.H i ia ' patentee ifthee?l< b ?tt4 "9t> y IV'ia aud A'd r ina *o?ror?", nhugioe*. .l . .. I. > hi of ftt'e tun |Q. t'** t dfiau tm^ot vitfi 4 medial m?i I m u or o7h*r p* ' ?'!) d ftp- i?ii, | r ii>e m^BH'ictUir I of thia valiabU ud fMetia wiy'*irn&ts* d ft/t<tle Mft D w u'd Ut?p"ie < f f* pat 01 fjf h f >r ih* ?w?U irrm, or * porn cm oi 11. ?Ld < ol* null p. '* I ally t ?u,*r lit ul ih*i? antra* ai> o rh?ai?clr u iuc i t tm? * t ij| l be *'f?d nn n Mn. D 'i I *U'? h?a free uiitti rah1' if r\ - a iBt) ?e*? m net ik d ;?v f c Ity, it?d h?s , r? ? nt? ff *r .iff r ?a 4 (i f *-m 1 ot por(???ii*r oi* ^ikii'if a i?ft iu*' -tin tit ?>?? f. ?of .*>!? ? rnit Th v? at ?jt r .ictcv ..I .h# i t r iurn h ^ <i l?<eiy e n?u'*r*bir 4ii(rmr:.r# d " t^e a U I u of eor?**' * t I * d na i? I (If cov* r$. Ape Mnti to b? i..-idr t >1* Dioh'^at < JO I: mi ?rf v? K?i( i p?r?0b4ilf, bx f r# in the morn g. J 6J ' O .St J < i if. \ Op ' H t. v , - VIM (I *. t .i t f if1 u ii in ul thi an I ic ! t ?Min?u( oi ih*? ri'fiifVi er*9!v,a' W.? y Mere-r *t Wjf in m* Uf** Dr. 0iiooKtu b '?u a* poti'i d t ht Dfa'and Dob Ag\ Him, and ot h*r>*' peifo mrd thi? pfrir.^ r qai-iiiL* on i # #o n, ft >* * irt o(' fttrf t |*iii %it I f !.il!i,i r ???? rif p#r /nreJ?:h^ o^.' mi ii ij?t \Lt y ?r uht. D* I) ?#.rr# to'li# Ma,or tiM flbtnff of Tor*, he !?* Pr ii V.??!.< H n Jud h flftii.r.oud, J i H. Hait. >1 D.? A. D. H?uter. >1. I) jv*?odlia*r u ?i

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