Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 14, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 14, 1843 Page 2
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Ni.W YOKk HERALD. I*rw York. Friday, July 14, 1843. Saaaroea Sramaa.?Our reader* will pleaae bear in mind (hut iht- Hi'iitM ou be obtained daily, on the arrival of thv car?, from Mr. Lewia, opponte the United state* Hotel. Li<i>iii.iin<>h, N . Y.?The Herald c?ii b? had ?f Mr. Lc?if, Kiuaaclaer Houm. Subscribers leaving their ad. ,trea* ? ill be tervpd regularly. Ma. D. Lkmak, Middletown, Codd., u Agent far the H raid, of whom may be obtained copiaa at the Daily aud Week!) Herald. Sino Sing, N. Y., Mt sari. Stanton Si Co. Kii?o?tos, N. Y., Mr. Z. Waller. Mr. Ilennett'a Letter* from Kurope. Before our paper of this date reaches Europe, Mr. Bennett will, in all probability, have arrived there, and by the return of the Great Western, or jierhaps sooner, we shall receive the first, of his promised series of letters on the preaent |>olitica! and social conduionof Great Britain. A great deal of interest ha? naturally been excited respecting the accomplishment of Mr. Bennett's principal objects in vibiting the old world, and our readers look with great anxiety for the results of his observation. His letters will not be, like those of several newspaper scribblers who have recently visited Earope, or are now engaged in travelling there,?mere compilations from guide books. Th?y will contain something more valuable than prosy, and often blundering descriptions of scenery. Conversant tor a long period with the politics of England and this country, and familiar with all their existing relations, Mr. 111 l- l-l j . ... uruiiru win ue cnaoira 10 communicate a large amount of valuable information, and his opinions will, we are assured, deservedly command some respect and attention. The progress and fproepects of the Repeal agita tion?the struggles of the Chartists?the growing advance of democratic principles in church and state, present subjects of the most exciting interest in Great Britain and throughout Christendom. On these, and all kindred topics, Mr. Bennett proposes to write at considerable length. In order to collect materials for graphic and entertaining sketches of the social condition of En? land and France, Mr. Bennett will visit the chief tashionable watering-places, and summer resorts? subjects, which, we need not tell the readers of this paper, will be handled in the moat amusing and agreeable style. Not the least important object of Mr. Bennett's voyage was the extension and completion of important arrangements for the earliest transmission to this ottice of important intelligence from Europe. He will have some official intercourse with the French government relative to their transatlantic steamships, and no proper eflort will be wanting on his part to enable the Htrald to supply the Union, including our neighbors at Boston, with the first intelligence of all the movements in the old world. If Mr. Bennett succeeds in carrying out all hie plans?and if he fail, it will not be for want of tact and energy?the Herald will be made still more w.ortby of the public patronage, and its present commanding influence receive great accession of strength and power. The Case of Mrs. Gilmour.?The proceedings in the case of this unfortunate female were again postponed yesterday, in consequence of the severe illness of Mr. Warner, her counsel An affidavit to that efiect was presented, and also a certificate from Dr. Nelson, Mr. W.'s medical attendant. The examination ot the medical witnesses was accordingly adjourned till Saturday, at 2 o'clock in the afternoon. A little incident occurred, w hen the affidavit respecting Air. Warner's illness was presented to the commissioner, which we may mention, as it presets a beautiful illustration of that contemptible feeling of professional jealousy which has so repeatedly degraded the medical profession of this city in the ryes of all honorable men. Tne Commissioner, forgetting lor a moment that Dr. Nelson was one of the medical gentlemen appointed to investigate the mental condition of the prisoner, on seeing his name appended to the certificate of Mr. Warner's illness, asked, " Is Dr. Nelson a practising physician! ' and then turuing to Dr. Hosack, inquired?"Do you know him, Doctor1." The Doctor started to his feet, and said, " No, sir, I don't." Several highly respectable gentlemen who were preseat, imme. diately rose to inform the Commissioner, that Dr, Nt-lson was the eminent Canadian surgeon recently settled here; and one of them, with some surprise, a-^kfd Dr. liosack?" Why, is it possible, Doctor, that you don't know Dr. Nelson!" " Oh," replied Dr. H , ' jee? no?that is, I don't know him per j sonalJy." We think Dr. Hosack might have replied to the commissioner's inquiry?" I have not the pleasure ol knowing Dr. Nelson personally, but 1 know him by reputation to be a highly reepectableiphysician." However, we must not expect too much from the Doctors. New York doctors have never, we believe, been particularly distinguished lor politeness and fraternal affection to one another. As to Dr. Nelson's notoriety here, the thine will soon speak lor itself. He is rapidly getting into a splendid practice. Respecting this investigation, a very great deal of interest has been excited, and it is daily increasing. The siiectators yesterday were much more numerous than on any of the preceding dajs. We do not wonder at this. There are many circumstances onnected with the case which invest it with interest,beside the fact of its being the first case occurring under the treaty. We republish the clause in this treaty bearing on the case:? [Extract from 10th article.] 'Provided that (to wit a aurrender) ahall only be done upon ?uch evidence of criminality as, according to the laws of the place, where the iugitire or person ao charged shall be found, would justify hit apprehension and commitment fur tiiml, tithe crime'or oQence had been there committed." The proceedings in the case, promise to be sufficiently protracted at all events; but we are unwilling to make any iurther remark until the matter has passed from the hands of Mr.Rapelyea,ol whose competency to pass on it in its present stage there I can be no doubt . Stcam Ship Columbia Safe.?The schooner Lagrange, Captain Allen, arrived at Boston on Tuesday, reports seeing a large steamer standing for Halifax 30 miles eas' of that port, on the afternoon of Wednssd y, 'he 5th inst/j This was no doubt the Columbia, aa Cap'ain D:igSMn of the Acadian, re* porls passing St al Island on Thursday, the 6th inst., and did not see auy thing ol the Columbia. Capt Merrytnan, of the ship Scotland, at Portland, from Liverpool, reports, in passing Seal Island on Sunday the 9th inst ., saw a steamer lying off and on. This was undoubtedly the steamer sent from Halifax to tak?> the passengers and crew of the wrecked steam ship. Captain M. also reports, that the Columbia must hav got off, as he saw no steam ship ashore. The Repew, Agitation ha* been completely annihilated in the southern States; and at the north the political hacks who spouted so energetically in ita UHL ort. have l>?-?'n triff ht*>npr( inln uilpnrp nnH flr# I looking out lor other liah lo Iry. Ireland, however, will beiore very long, hare large accessions made to her rights in spite of all this. Ytt not exactly in the way the repealer* anticipate. Puskyism inthjc United States ?The recent developments of the rapid progress of the " Tractanan" doctrines in this country, continue to excite the greatest interest amongst the religious circles Great anxiety is felt respecting the promised txj>o?t by Drs. Anthon and Smith We wish to defer till after the appearand of this pamphlet, some lengthened remarks which we have to make on this subject. We have be-n furnished with a considerable quantity of interesting materials, and will be enabled to exhibit a tolerably full and accurate sta.e ment relator to the spread of Puiwyism in the American Episcopal Church. The InrLUENZA?This epidemic, which visited ourcitieasooverfly, hat* now g< n-'rally disappeared. I' is now prevailing all over Canada. v*t. ?('apt.Silas H Stringh&ra |iasl>?rn appoinjtU Commandant of the Navy Vard, al Brooklyn. \ ^omumcnknt of St. John's Cou^qk, Fordham, WhSK hksrur County, Nrw York, Thursday, July 13 ? Ye.-terday was the annual coinimocemcutol itils vouthtul but highly promising institution, now entering u|wn the third year ot its existence. The proceedings were announced to commence at two o'clock P.M., and an extra train of cars to start at half-past twelve o'clock. To make assurance doubly sure, we concluded to take the halt-past 11 o'clock tram, which we did, but under no small disadvantage Irom the great crowd ot ladies and gentlemen who were anxious to be pre i sent a( the comm?nc?ment. The weather wan exceedingly pleasant, otherwise it would have been most oppressive to the throng od board of the cars. The excursion was rendered the more difficult on account of the exchange oi can necessary at the i place where tne bridge was recently burnt down. However, with some inconvenience, all suc: ceeded at last in arriving at Fordham; and a 1 short walk Irom the terminus of the railroad | brought us to the romantic and beautiful ground upon which the College is built. The College grounds were formerly the private property of a gentleman whose name is well known to the public, and are surrounded and interspersed with a variety of noble forest trees?the elm. the mmmiiM th?? willnw ih? locust, and the cedar. A beautiful lawn in front of i the College is spread out upon a gentle acclivity? I and on this occasion was rendered peculiarly attractive by the newly mown grass, which filled the air with its sweet scented perfumes. Very nearly in the centre of the grounds was erected a large and magnificent tent, beneath which a stage was erected, and ample seats prepared for the accommodation of teachers, pupils and spectators. The main pillar or pole upon which the tent rested was very gracefully entwined with Hemlock and retei, And iweet untiling jioaiea, the work, we presume, of the students' hands. The buildings of the institution are at present few. It ib a Catholic College, and was founded, as we understand, by Bishop Hughes, who is now upon a visit across the Atlantic. Under his fostering care it may be expected at no distant day to take a high rank among other similar institutions. The RevMr. Uarley is the present President of the College, which now numbers about sixty students. We found, on our arrival upon the ground, a large assemblage of ladies and gentlemen, and many of the young ladies with charms and attractions of no ordinary character, as may readily be supposed, when we add that thev were mostlv all danahtera of the "green isle," And these charms were heightened, in no small degree, by the rural scenery amid which they were displayed. The Brass Band from New York was early upon the ground, and their performances abundantly justified the praises which they are accustomed to receive. At two o'clock the students and professors march' ed down to the tent and took the seats provided lor them. We noticed upon the platform the .Rev. Doctor Power, who presided upon the occasion, the Rev. Dr. Pise, and the Rev. Dr. Varella. The Rev. Mr. O'Neill, the Procurator of the College' made himself ffeculiarly agreeable, and provided for the accommodation of all present with great activity and politeness. We now come to the regular exercises of the day, which consisted mainly of speeches, poems, and other original pieces in Latin, Greek, French, Spanish, and other languages, and also in the dis- , tributionof a very large number of premiums, con- ( sisting chiefly of books. The performances contained many allusions to Ireland, and her present efforts upon the repeal ques- | Hon, which id every case brought down the ap* < plauee of the audience. The following a copy of the PROGRAMME Music Grand March Estraniera " Polonaise Kail )f Poland, an Anginal speech, by Henry Do} er, N.Y. Music from Capuletti e Montechi Sacred Ode, in Greek, original, by Edward Murray, N Y. Music from the Opera of Torquata Tasso DisraiacTioN or fremitus. Music WalU " Cavatina Semiramis The Hall of Death, an original Poem, by WilliamD. Morange, Albany Music from Julieta k Romeo " from Norma Riego, an original speech in Spanish, by Alex. A. Allemotig, Charleston, S. C. Music Riego's March " March The Laurela of Riego OI9TKI*l'TI0R CO*TII?t'*D. .Mime Thoughts o( Home ' Ciro iu Babilonia Landing of Columbus, an original roem, by John O'llara, Brooklyn, N Y. Music Hail Columbia " Ocean >Vave Poetry and the Poet, an original French Poem, by Felix Kennedy, N. Y. Music Marseilles Hymn " Belisario distribution coktinbku. Mu?ic Waltz " Polonai?e Character of Goafrey of Bouillon, an original ?peech,by James C. Brenan, Charletton. 8. C. Muiic from the Opera of Moaea in Egypt Joan tl'Arc, an original Poem, by Rob. Hogan, N. Y. Muiic March from Norma DIITBIBUT10N FINISHED. Music Cracovienne " Aria Iphagenia, an original Latia Poem, by John Tur- ' ner, Brooklyn, N.Y. Mutic Lugufcre { " Ma Normandy Patriotism, an original apeich, by. . .Thos. Doran, N-Y. 1 Music Quoniaaa ] " Home,Sweet Home In the matter of the distribution ol prizes, we ' heard the name of John Carroll called bo often that we scarcely recollect any others. Wed#, however i recollect the name of Alexander A. Allemong, i from S. Carolina. There were several others i whose names deserve to be recorded, but we forget ' them. i The performances of the boys upon the stage were highly creditable both to themselves and to their teachers. The whole exhibition, indeed, gave the most gratifying evidence of th? present utility of the institution, and furnished abundant promise of future still more extended usefulness. Thk R-ELioiors World.?The "fair, fat nnd for ty" Margaret Hithop called on us yesterday, looking more rosy, good-natured, and pious thaD ever ? Margaret is about to make an extensive tour of the provinces, and the "Enemy" had better lookout ? She goes first to New Haven?where she preaches on Sunday next. From thence she journeys to Hartfor1, an'i many other places, building up the faithful, and putting down the stronghold of Satan, till she gets to Boston, where she expects, in that citv of holiness and worldlv wisdom, to complete the gathering in of the one hundred and forty-four thousand families, who are to constitute, according to Margaret, the "household of the Lord." NmsANCPs.?Our attention has been called by a correspondent to a nuisance in one of our principal streets. We will let him tell the story in his own way | JaM> |Oo?r>or? Brni>KTT,E?<) Sir?Knowing well your sincerity in wiihing to clean?e the city or all manner of nuisance*, 1 beg leave to call your attention to two or three wooden ahantee* at the corner of Maidrn Lane and South street*. Theiie placet are a receptacle lor every thing diiguaung lioth by day and night. I trtut (knowing your naefulnetii) you will exert your mighty influence, and have thesv den* cleared away forthwith, and receivethe thank* of A StBIUKIBkH * ?!> WILL WIIRIK. July 13,1948. The Street Inspector is hereby notified to look to this matter. L>inn*r to Mr. Hknshaw.?They are making arrangements (or giving a dinner to this gentleman beUre he leaves Kooton for Washington. Mr. Henshaw, it is said, in return for the compliment, contemplates presenting to the city of Boston the recipe for the manufacture of his celebrated cathartic pill. 1 Good. I Aliaon's History of Liropr during thk Frkncu ' lUvournon, No. XI., has been published by the 1 Hari>ers. The sale of this work has been unprere armed in t-Au-ni, una us popularity is richly dc- 1 nerved by the good qualitieo evinced by the author an a writer <nd a historian. Five more number*- < will eomj'lrte the work For eile nt this oH'ice. I J Pri -f 25 cent? per number i mmsmmsmmmamrnm Canada. j The mtula do not bring us any newe of much in- I terest from the Canada* A riot ol trifling nnpor- I tance had occurred on the Fourth of July, at Sherbrooke, in consequence of a /racaa between some republican spirits who were firing guns and rockets, ana a few of the British. An Irishman got his nose flattened, and (hat was, ?we believe, the only damage done in the row. Tn the case of the burning of the Bibles, at Champlain, a committee of Protestants and Catholics had investigated the whole affair, at the request of Bishop Hughes, and report that some forty Bibles were burnt; that it was done by M. Telman, a missionary from Canada, and recently from France, in pposition to the express wishes of the resident Priest, and that the Bishop of Montreal promptly condemned the act within five days. The Bibles were distributed by Protestants, against the declared wishes of the Catholics, with whom they were left. A violent storm occurred on the 2d inst. The violence of the wind was greatest in Lswer Canada, where it was accom|>anied with hail, and occasioned much damage. A Quebec paper mentions between 60 and 70 buildings, chiefly barns, which were blown down in different places in that vicinity! and by a letter from Berthier, which we find in the Montreal Courier, it appears that the damage in that neighborhood was still greater. Berthier is about 50 miles below Montreal. Thk Crops.?Through the Beauharnois townships the appearance of the crops is anything but promising. A large proportion of the potatoes planted in the spring, were rotted by the continued wet, and tho-ieput into the ground more recently, have been killed by the continued drought. Hay will be a poor crop this year?it has suffered much from want of rain, and ia prematurely ripe. Of wheat there is but little sown, but it looks healthy, and will probably succeed better in this than in previous yeur*. Oats and barley look sickly, but corn planted lale [ remises fairly. In the Eastern Townships, again, hay is said to be an excellent crop, oats and potatoes good, but that corn will be very deficient unless the trost keeps off longer than usual infie fall. The great loss of stock, occasioned by the severity of the winter at the west, and the probability of a short crop of grass,it may be reasonably suppose*!, will considerably increase the value of cattle. Exportation of horned cattle, to a considerable extent, are going on to the United States; lrom the neighborhood of the Chateauguay alone, upwards ef 700 head have been exported into the adjoining States of New York and Vermont during the Ust two weeks. Biauhaknois Canal ?There appears a disposition among the men to resume work, at the old rute of wages, and previous hours. Some hundreds commenced again yesterday : and although s?me of ihe more worthless still hold out, yet it is believed, in the course ol a week the works along the whole line, will be again in operation. The Commission, appointed to investigate the nanooa nf tho rlicfnrhunnaca Uua rafnvnw^ ts\ tnu n in consequence of the illness of one of their number. Mr. Morrogh: so soon as another gentleman shall be appointed by the Government, they will resume their labors. We are glad to learn that His Excellency the commander ol the forces, has fully approved of the conduct of the troops, cavalry and infantry, at the late fatal riots.?Montreal Herald. A detatchment of the Royal fArtillery left last night per steamer Montreal, tor Quebec, en route to England.?Montreal Herald lh/iirwf. No proclamation has yet appeared for assembling Parliament; but as the last session rose on the 12th October, the usual intimation cannot be far off? Montreal Herald. Seven Days Later from Sr. Domingo.?By she arrival of the brig Maria, Capt. Stetson, we have idvices from Port au Prince to the 1st inet. We find very little in ourfiles of the least interest. The island was perfectly quiet, and the public af fairs harmoniously conducted by the Provisionary Government. No election of President had yet taken place; the convention of delegates for that purpose was to assemble in Port an Prince this mouth. Some progress was being made in rebuilding the city, which was nearly consumed by the disastrous fire of last year. The market was well supplied with American provisions. Flour very abundant; about 3000 barrels on hand, and no demand. Considerable of it must perish before it can be consumed. No definite quotations can be given. Audubon, our indefatigable naturalist, has reached the field of his present season's labor?, as will be seen by the following short letter, just received by a Irrend :? Fort U*ioiv, (three miles above tho mouth of the ) Yellow Stone lliver, lat 47 -20, N.) June 13, 1643. ) Mt Dear Friend :? We arrived safe and all well yesterday afternoon at this place, which is unlike any thing T ever saw before. I cannot write you a long letter on account of the confusion and excitcment at this moment among us. We are in the very midst of the game country. We saw yesterday no leu than twenty-two mountain rams together, scampering over the high clay hills close to our boat. We nave made the quickest trip ever performed by kteam to this place, and that without touching a single snag or having scarcely an accident worthy of remark. We intend leaving this on our way downward on the 15th or 20th of August, and proceed slowly, to afford us all opportunities possible to collect whatever we can, as well specimens as knowledgeof things that we could not study on our way up. Remember me kindly to all friends. Always sincerely yours, JOHN J. AUDUBON. Tjie Ciiy Guarhs.?The City Guards, one of our crack companies, under the commaud of Captain Mason, leaves this city to-morrow at 3 w'clock, for Cil^n C?ve, for fen days encampment. This company we understand number some sixty men, of the Kivlipof rputi?ntaKiliYu nnrl era their rotnrn thou will jive a ga!a, which|we hope to be able to report. N?w Volunteer Company.?We have heard thai i new and elegant uniform volunteer company is ibout to be organized infthis city, under the command of James Stetson, Esq , of the Astor Hoase. The uniform and accoutrements* to be of a novel and very elegant description. CrtY Dikbctory.?A very excellent business directory has just been issued by Daggett, of 79 Nassau street. It contains besides the usual matter some very interesting tabular references, and an accurate list of the copartnerships in the city. It is the best thing of the kind we have seen. Stock Tables ?A neat quarto volume lies before us, wi !i this titie in gilt, upon an arabesque binding. On opening it, we find sixteen tables, exhibiting the present value of public stocks, interest payable semi annually or quarterly, redeemable from one to filly years, to realise to the purchaser any rate of interest from 3 to lOperci nt p-r annum. The work is un immensely valuable one to those who are to make investments, even a small one, in stocks. Its price is but $3, although it occupied two years in its laborious calculation?. It is sold by Mesier, 28 Wall street. Gratittjde.?Gratitude is a somewhat rare vir tue in these degenerate days. Morris and Willi*, however, don't seem to be devoid of if, for they're testilying their grateful sense of an increasing patronage by making the " New Mirror" more attractive each succeeding week. The number for this week is like a good bottle of champagne?sparkling,exhilarating?and you can't let it out of your sight till you have finished it. Saratoga.?Among the arrivals at Union Hall, the other d.iy, wan the Hon. John Quincy Adan His step is firm and quick, his eye keen and piercing, and his whole appearance venerable and intere t. ing. Age, however, has laid his hand upon him ; but the old patriarch shows how wt-il a frugal and temperate life has enabled him to reciM its d"mands. A little incident occurred as the " old rn: n eloquent" was pa^finx through the hall to the tea table. Several gentlemen had Htationed themselves in the hall to get a view of a man so renowned in the hi i lory of the country; when he made his appearance the remark was made, that in stopping at the Union, lie showed himself consistent, for that he had " ail iroeated the Union from his childhood up." The various hotels at the "Spring*" are rapid ; illing up, and the season promises to be very gay *i ?r??i?Aira I?ifl Wilkinson. I'. 11 Captain, Boi-ton, Lieut. C. B. Poinrtficter, or.ler to D?r .. ur rerokod?leave twe month*-, Lieut. B.C. wari* to !?* Decatur; Captain H. H StrinKkam, to command Navy Tar<1, Brooklyn. / lap????????????? Theatrical amd MtrsiCAL.?Niblo's ie the only place of amusement in this city doing any thiug.? The Gardens are crowded every night. The inimitable Ravels have commenced their engagement with even more than usual tclal. A ^reat number of actors and actresses are in the city out oi employment. &Mmi>uon was in the Columbia?unfortunate as u&ual Some people say that he was the Jonah oi the fated vessel, as in every undertaking it has been his luck to be shipwrecked, or nearly so. Perhaps he may have a turn of good lortuoe now, however. Let liitn bring back a good operatic and ballet company and he may make up for former losses. Signora Castellan, who has created such a tremendous sensation here, will give a concert in Philadelphia, and then visit Niagara and the Canadas " lor health and pleasure " Mr. H. P. Grattan has been lecturing on the drama with success. Russell is making a very successful tour of the Provinces Dempster is giving concerts in Buffalo. The players of the late Trement Theatre, Boston, have engaged Union Hall, Portland, for a series of dramatic entertainments. Yankee Hill is at Albany. Mons. Bley, the violinist, gave a co cert at Quebec last week. M'lleCalv6, it is said, "insists upon her determination to retire altogether from the stage." We are truly sorry to hear this. f Max Bohrer, the unrivalled violincellist, is at Pittsburg, Pa. The Seguins are at Cincinnati?and Dr. Lardner is at St. Louis. Niblo's ?The new opera Ia.* Diamans dc la Couronne is positively to be acted to night? M'selle Crtlve having so far regained her health as to sing without disappointment to the public or detriment to her well earned fame. Madame Le Court has a prominent part?also, Messieurs Le Court, Mathieu, Young Richer, Deesonville and Bernard. We regret to hear that this opera can be but repeated once more, so that the admirersof Auber's music well sung, must not miss so excellent an opportunity, for full justice will be done to his composition, both by the singers and the orchestra, which, under the masterly direction of Monsieur Prevost, is without any equal in the United States. New Bathing Establishment.?A very elegant bathiug establishment has been opened at 101 Bowery, under the reputuble name of the "Knickerbocker Biths." The proprietor has reduced the price to one shilling. We believe we may with confidence recommend these baths to all who wish to enjoy the luxury which they offer at so cheap a rtitf. Nowlan's Prospect Hall.?As this is the best time in the season to take short rides into the country, we know ?f no better place to get a delicious ice cream, or good attention, than at this beautiful place. It is a pleasant ride, and the distance is not too great for the most delicate invalid. From Guyaquil.?The yellow fever, which had been raging with much violence at Guyaquil, was abating at the last accounts. The Steamer Makoaret, for Liverpool.?W? learn from Mr. Lewis, agent tor the royal mail steamers between this port and Liverpool, that the steamer Maigare' will be dispatched immediately from Halifax to Liverpool, taking the mails anil such passengers as may prefer to go forward in her to awaiting the sailing of the liibernia. The latter vessel, it will be recollected, leaves this port for Liverpool, via Haliiax, on Sunday next, 16th inst.?Bttslon Tiarmtipt. Marine Disaster ? The U. S. ship Macedonian, Capi. Mayo, bound lor the Coast ol Africa, got under wuynt the anchorage about 6 o'clock this altemoon, to drop duwu to Hampton Roads, but had not proceeded moie than half a mile, when a sud den Hurry of wind and rain from W N". W. took her all aback, and without alio wing time to clew up or take in her tibials, drove her astern till she came toujof the Pennsylvania, producing a concussion which was distinctly heard ou shore, a distance ?f neatly hull a mile. We have not heard the extent ot the damage, but from some fragments of spars which driited past Town Point, it is supposed that the Macedonian is minus her gaff and spanker boom. Thetquall lasted lor nearly half an hoar with great violence, during which the United Srates steamer Union, and schr. Flirt, dragged up abreast ot Town Point.?Norfolk Herald, lUfA inst. Common Pleas. Before Judge Ul?ho<!er. July 13. ? Peniamin Brown vs. the Mayor, Corporation, fyc.of New York?Thin was an action brought to rrco v?r compensation in damages far injuries sustained !>y the plaintiff in consequence o; the culpehle negligence f the defendant*. It appears that the plaintiff', with a Mr. Andreas, was returning home about 8 o'clock on the night of the 19th November last, in a wagon, and ou turning from the Bowery into Third street, hi* horse and wagon came in contact' with a large sugar box which had been placed in the middle of the s:reet fey the defendant's servants, without any light being placed there to warn the drivers of vehicles of the obstruction?and inconsequence of the collision, thn plaintifl's home he came unmanageable, ran away, upset the plaintiff, and bruised and injured him to seriously that he was confined lor ten dajs, and is not recovered wholly yet. for the delencc it was coutenued that the box was placed in the position described as a protection for vehicles from dam* age that might he sustained by falling into a large hole which had be n made for the purpose of attaching a stop-cock to tbe main pipe of the Croton water?that the moon was one hour lugti?and thut the accident wa? wholly attributable to the plaintiffs negligence or want of skill in driving. The obstruction in question, it was understood, was under the nose of the police officers ol the upper office, wbo were unable to see it as they (.at on the stoop, through the smoke which waa emitted from their grateful Havanas. The case was contested at every step by Mr. Cowdn y lor the corporation, and Mr. David Graham (with whom was Mr. R. K Winalow) lor the plaintilT, i ut alter a long absence,the jury returned to the C ourt with a verdiot fur the plaintiff?damages $ 100. Benj. Iirown and Samuel Jindreai vs. the Mayor, Commonalty, fc of New York?This action embraced the s.,mc material facta a* the case preceding, with the adili tion of Mr. Andreas as a plaintiff, he sueing wi h Mr. Brown, as partners, to recover compensation in daaiages lor the Injury done to their horae, wnqon.ani harness. The plaintiffs are well known house mavers, and at the timi; of this transaction were occupied in their business (or Mr. Jno. H. Howlnnd. Thi- jury found for the plain, tiffs?damage- $100. Maria E. Wilton vs. The Mayor and Corporation.?In thiacase thndelendants weresuedfor neglectingto make a sewer at the corner of 4?th street and 7th aveaue, an.) thcieby causing considerable damage to the property of the plaintiff It appeavc-d that Mrs. Wilson was tho owner of four lots ?nd a house on the above location, and that owing to the grading of the rand and tho want ol a sewer to ^arry off the water, it had remwintdthere ti> the depth of two or three feet, and rendered herhou<e tintenantabl'. It was al-o proven that the walls hail settl< J down irom the same cause, and the foundation been undermined. A nonsuit was moved for by the Corporation counsel,cn the ground that the suit was novel. The Corporation hnd olten been sued for neglectn.g to repair sewers, hut never lor not constructing one. The Court suggested thu necessity of reserving the question lor a lull bench. JIM Honor then charged that if the Corporation was liable it c< uld only he lor the loss of the rent, while the premises were actually untenantable. The Jury found for the plaintiff?damages $66 67?subject to the opinion of the Court. Kor plaintiff, Mr. Fauchet. Kor de'endant, P. A. Cow. drey. Mart in Co. vs. Monmnulh If. Hart, Sheriff?This was an action against the Sheriff lor loss sustained by the plaintiffs in consequence of the neglect of the defendant or his deputies. Messrs. Marvin Ic Co., who are extensive wholesale irrocers. ha I some veara -urn htisin< i-i transactions with a person named Lambett Van Hosen, wha became indebted to the plaintiffs to a large amount, being little l?s? than $4000. A bond for the amount dtie was ultimately given, find Rome twelve yean ago Van Hosen conkssed judgment, but execution was not issuvd until the month ol February, 1U43 The execution whi placed in the hAiidi ol the Sheriff by Mr. Colt, a proles sional gentleman, by whom it wa* issued, and a deputy of the d< feiidant levied on Van Horen's household luriii ture at his house in Broome street, and 014 a quantity ol liquors at his store in Kpring street. By some meani or other, however, the whole property produced nothing for the plaintills to this suit, and hence this action wis brought. Mr. Blunt, conns 1 (or the defendants, contested ilie oose at its commencement, an I before the (acts were elicit ed fiom the witnesses, on It gal grounds, he raised many objections to the admissibility of the docunv ntary testi irony, amongst which was the judgment record; heot< jected to this document on the grounJ that it was a Judtr ment record, given to n firm which differed from tin plaintiffs to this suit; but that objection was overruled, ina aichns the plaintiffs were described in the record survivors,lie ,*f the party alluded to. In the next pla< ha objected that execution could not itiue upon ajtidi: ment confessed after two years from the docketing, without consent of the Couit. But here twelve years had beer suffered to elapse, and no proceedings had been had b irirt facial to levive it. In this case* the plaintiffs in ihei' diclarAtion endeavored to meet the case by v.iryinff thi trovnda of action. In thn flrkt count it wim laid In levjing and not returning when there wu? aoOicient I ("iv th?' ilebt; ne*t for not levying when thi-iv wim plant} of icond", and for not returning ; and thirdly, nirnply f?" 1101 returning i ami the learned counnel for tho.lelnnl .f. contended thut be had the li^ht to go beyond th<> rxecu ti*n,and enquire ir,tn tho correctneu of tbenntered< i pioceeding*, which he argued were irregular, and )i therefore anked the Court for n noimuit. Mr. Oca*Hii replied, but In for" th? ra?e waa d?ci le. thr- ( ourt a tjourned. bbbm?????ammmmmm?>?r?s fltjr Intelligent*. Av6thkr Griat Tiiot.?The race between Lady Suffolk, Bfppo aud Oneida C hi< I ever ihe Beacon Course on Wadnesduy having cuutel tome disaatislaction on the part of the o w<iot a ol Beppo, the proprietors of the course have ottered a purse to be contested for on Monday next, ' between Lady Suffolk and Beppo,in order to test the speed of these two celebrated trotting'nags. The hetting runs about,even although "the Lady" is the favorite. Folic*.?We are happy to learn that the Mayor hah stationed a portion of the City Marshals at the several steamboat landings to protect the community from the depredations practised at those public places. The Sthkkt? of our citv anoear to be crowing more filthy a* the weather grow* warmer, and the puuiic are demanding prompt and efficient action on the part ot the member* ef the Conmon Council to eflect some change for the better.?Public meeting* ahould be called at once in the several ward*, instructing member* to adopt home measure that will rectify the existing evil*. The Cohorkr will pre*ent a counter statement to that of Surgeon Green, ol theU. 8 Navy in the Herald and other paper* on Saturday morning. Circuit Court. Before Judge Kent. Jult 13? William W. Niles v?. Charles J. Manning?In this ca*e the plaintiff is a person, and keeps a large academy at ltavemwood, L. I., and the action wa* brought to recover the ium of $360 lor the board and tuition of the son ol the defendant. The defence set up w a*, that the establishment wa* a regular model of the one so graphically described by Dickens in hi* immortal work, "Nicholas Nickleby." That the pupils, instead ol being taught rirAflr I.satin an/1 orithmotip ur?r? rnmn?IM in nfnlh? provisions lor the household from the steamboat to the academy, to make hay in the fields, gather sticks, ami, in hort, to take lessons in natural ami practical philosophy, on the plan so beautilully developed by Squeers. The subjoined advertisement, from the Courier and En quirer, read in Couit, and proved to have been inserted by the plaintiff, is rich enough for Boz, and goes to prove that truth alier all is stranger than Action "To Parrots.?A gentlemnn and his wife, of liberal education end large experience, believing great schools to be great evils, have in principle relinquished the superintendence of a flourishing establishment, and in a healthy location near the city luve devoted themselves to the education, physical, intellectual, and moral, oi thrre beloved children. The undoubted result is th? progress in one year ot Ht least three years. T?o or three additional pupils will be received soon, whose tuition il similar progress be not made, will he remitted." The Court will charge the jury this morning. Court of General Session). Before Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Rawson and Brady. Jamf.s R. Whitino, Esq., District Attorney. Julv 13?Johanna Collins was tried on a charge of burglary in the third degree, in entering the premises of Miss Cornelia Waldron, in 06th street on the night ot the 11th of April, by breaking the sash ot the basement window and stealing several articles ot clothing. She was convicted and sentenced to the State prison for two years. John Ulkason,charged with receiving stolen goods, knowing them to be such, entered a plea ef guilty and was remanded for sentence. Mart Elizsikth Biowh, a colored woman, wai 'convicted of stealing a quantity of clothing from No. 14 Thomas street, and sentenced to the State prison for tw o years. John Hillikin was tried lor attempting to enter the premises of Andrew C. Bowdoin, of No. 106 Wooster street, convicted and sentenced to Sing Sing for two years. Lkvi Heine was tried on a charge of perjury committed before the. Marine Court in a suit between John Fithblaat and William A. Darling, in which it was sworn by accused that Darling stated in his presence that a bill, the recovery of which was sued for by Fnhblaut was correct. The testimony was the same os was reported at the trial of Hallensteiu, who was convicted for the name offence, and a verdict of guilty was rendered by the jury. He will be sentenced to day. Unless the case of Thetlord and Sutton, for grand larceny and burglary in entering the Exchange office of Baker is commenced or ready for trial, the term of the Court will expire to-day. The case of Schermerhorn will probably be called for trial to-day,er next week if the Court holds over. I? ??? <Vf- LAST DAY BUT ONE OF GENERAL TOM THUMB.?The American Museum ban been thronged for the J ait few days to see that perfect wonder, Tom Thumb, previous to bis departure for Albany, which on Mon lay next. To Jay and to-morrow he will be visited bv thousands, anxious to give him a porting hand. To morrow clones the engagement of Mr. Hiirringten, the very prince of ventriloquists and magicians, who gives irich entertainments every evening, and tomorrow afternoon, ut 4 o'clock, for the accen.moduUui of schools, families, he. {??- PEALE'3 NEW YORK MUSEUM.-CASr AR HAIjSER, the Wild Bnv of the Woods, to be scon lot One Shilling, besides the whole attractions of the Museum, positively for two days only, Friday and Saturday, July 14 and 1A. This remarkable nondescript is supposed by many to be the long talked of connecting link between man and brute. His history is involved in mystery, rx cept he is supposed to be a native of the island of Rownes, wheie he wasfound living in a savage state, living on fruit, herbs, &c. (K7-THE GENUINE EXTRACT OF SARSAPARIL la, Gentian and Sassafras, prepared by the New York College of Medicine and Pharmacy, is now universally allowed by the medical faculty o! New York to be the greatest purifier of the blood at present known. The combination of gentian anil sisgulra* with sursuparilln, aud the absence of..11 miuural preparations, gives it a decided advantage uver all other mixtures soi l under the | nnme of tarsaparila. It is a soven ign remedy for scrofula, salt rhium, rheumatism, ringwoims, blotcnes orpin [ pies, ulcers, nodes, secondary syphilitic affections, and all (licenses arising from an impure state of the blood. Sold in single bottle* at "A cents each; in cases containing half a dozen, $3 60 ; in do do, one dozen, $6 j carefully packed and bent to all parts of the Union. W. 9. RICHARDSON, A?ent. Otlice and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau treet. , (K7-EA9T INDIA HAIR DYE.?This celebrated Dye J will color the hair any shade Irom a light blown to a jet i DiacK,ana win not in me least sum the skin, warranted. To b? had only r.t 21 Couttlandt street; 1S9 Fulton street, i Brooklyn;320 Broad St., Newark. {?7- WHY WILL YE DIE ?" Death marks hii prey?when least we think of him, lie rushes like a tiger from his lair ; The cheek of bloom grows pale, the bright ere dim, And life departs 'mid our untamed despair." On the humid spring nlmosph<*rc Death spreads hit banner, Upon its black tie-Id tec "Consumption" displayed ; The sexton, stern lordut Molality's manor, Can scarcc find a moment to test on his spade. The skeleton king hath no sbait in hi? quiver, Dipped deeper in poison, I ween, than a cold; And would yow a friend from his venom d? liver. Seek quickly the place where the antidote's sold. Death stands at your elbow, then go as directed, Buy Peters'Cong li Lozenges?take them and live ! i riURAMON rCT(ts' WOUM LOXKNOKS. The "worm" that in children kicks vp such a riot, Touched by Peter*' Warm Lozenges instantly squirm*; And no creature in life can ot worms be the diet, While they are prescribed a? the diet of worms Principal office 126 Fulton, corner Nassau streit? Agents, John M. Moore, 16? Ilud*. n street: A. 8. Joidan, a Milk street, Boston; J. 8. Murphy, 90 North Sixth St., Philadelphia. 07- WORMS CAUSE DE\TH ?If there ever was a time when parents shoul J be watchful over the health 1 of their little one*, or hear in mind the above wise say mg, j the present is luch a time. Although worms are eommon in the young, and frequently in.the old ami middle aged, at all times, at this season ol the year when fruit is so plenty, and so little legard is had to the quantity and quality eaten, the danger irom worms is veiy greatly in { creased, and too much caution cannot be used in detecting the symptoms which indicate their pretence. Dr. Sherman has discovered a specific. His Worm Lozenges will eradicate them when nil other means fail. They h.v been effectually tried for the last lour years and have never l>cen known to fail; children take them without any difliculty, and none who have ever used them ar dissatisfied with their effect*. Be sura and get the geuuine at No. 1(6 Nassau street. Agents?110 Broadway, 10 Astor House, 8? William street, 227 Hudson. 188 Bower* . 77 Ea*t Broad w.<v, 18"> Knlton street, Brookly n, anj Mi Chesnut streit, Philadelphia. : (HT-THE UNRIVALED TONIC MIXTURE?Pre. pared by the College of Medicine ami Pharmacy of the city of New York,tor the direct all form* of Dyspepsia, loss of appetite, debility, lassitude, derangement ol thnerrea, nervous headache, indigestion, and all symptom? attending a weakened constitution. The College cotifi dentiy recotnm? nd this grateful and valuable specific ex eminently adapted for the invigoration of the whole sys. tem, and the complete cure of all those distressing alflictiona for which itis the appropriate remedy. To all per- ] sons differing from the preaentprerheated state ol the at mosphent,tliTa celebrated mi*tu-e will he found truly in vigorating- Sold in large bottles $-J each, small do $|, in I cases containing half a dozen carefully packed, and | ent to all parts ol the Union. W. 3. RICHARDSON, Agmt. 1 Office any consulting rooms ol the College, 97 Nassau t street. r (iQ- (COPY) New York, July 10, 1H43. r MrX.C Bristol.:? s Sir?Itis with great .< alisfaction I write you concern v ingthe use and ?fleet ol your valuable Humaparilla iu my case, which was one considered past cure, and re n sisted all the numerous remedies applied by plijsiciiii e and others. Mydiieise was scroful.iof a most dreadtu |, and alarming fottn?hope hail fled es regards ucure, with out the loss of both my l> gs. It would bo useless form 4 to attempt tostate my stiff,rings-Mifticient for me to s..\ ft that my distress was as gient at mortal could endure and r live. Atthe most trying moments of my affliction vout . Harsaparilla was r. comtne'.dsd lo me as the only cu t that could be relied upon I procured your Marsapaiillu and within two months I have been raised from a bed < % listress and entire helplessness, to he able to resume n>> ,| mi mi r ui)ilea 01 mv ati?i before ohm month more ?h*ll bo entirely fri?>i| Iroai lh? laat ventage ol dliea'e. 0 Hin now enable ! to ro about, to th<i HStonlahm. nt ol al tl who know me, and ihia gr. at curn ha? b.*n mado b} ? your S.tnaparill i alone. | therelore rejoice In being ab?i to recommend to mlfnring humanity, thl? truly great an valuable remedy, Rrmtoi'i Hariapnrilia. It iamy de?in ] 'a* my cami* a powerful proof of toe virtu*-* ol yo'j 0 Jjraaptrilla) that you should makn known to the wot (hit,my itat. merit ,that others may be bwitntted theiewj I With respect, fcc. . , . " H All AH STRKKT, ')** ^''"l^/wTo^k 0 TO-C.C. Baiaroi., of Bnflalo. * Bold wholtinle nn<l rt.mii V' " V" landt (tract; Rnnhton fc C?-i f ! u?S m " Mormon No. 1x8 Orwmwifh ??.; Wood fc Mnrnmiii, *>. Gr#?mwloh *lrr?ti J . "3 B?w"7. *nH 'Irugf.t ^ ganoiMily "by the southern mail. (itlH or stock mt Philadelphia yeaterttay. IS ibarea Philadelphia Bank, 63$; 10 do do do 634 $2,000 8 ate A'f, 18S9,48J; *0 tkan-i (Jirard, 6}, $600 City S'a, 1837. 1MJ; $l,#00 Kentucky ti'*,95j; 3 ahai-aa GirarJ, 51; -20 do Union Tenn,63|; 8 do Mac aod Munufac. Bank 14J; $300 Wilmington #'?, 7J; M shares Fbilad Bunk, 63 10 do W?atern Bank, 41; $1,000 City 6'?, 1871, 10-JJ; $1,vik. Cincinnati ?'?, 18#0, 91; 6 *h?r?a Mchuylkill NarCo, JS} 10do Philud Bank, 6); 3 do Oirard Bank, *4. LATEST SOUTHERN SHIP NFAVs; I nn ADKLrHi*. July 13? \rr Acorn. Hnwn ? d Kn,n,. Nichon Butlon; tirbccc.i, 8illinU; (),||jn AnilJ? Rilg.Tha.low ?nd Piquet. T>rry, N York* AUihion Snifw who. N wburypoit; Monitor, Beate. New BedforI* Kr-vnr Williams, Kirk,, bnnnd ro Nrvy tl,vr" reiarnVd ?J rrn , Cld Henrietta. FairtU, Weit ludiVi P Baltimore, July IJ-Arr P*t'P?co Nickcr*on, Bctou.*?ou,id a1., shi^ Orl?*n?. bnj. Janet and Oeo Oaidnei Cld Orpheus. Hill. Valparaiso ai d a inkt ALKXA.tDiUA, DC, July 11?Arr Biuhrod. Portland* Star Bath. Nie. * HieHMoriu, July 13?Sid Anna Hooker, 8a!eni Nkwhehn, NC July2-Arr Topaz, linen, Wc*t InUici 5tii, 8<imIi l-'oombi, do ? harlkitoit. juit 'f?^rr aj<>i, sieeee, ami ('&nbbeau, al leu, JN Of learn; Lacy BUka, Hjumir,Cnmltu, Me. (l?n?r?l Kioord. Hchr K Williams. Ht-.ibb?, bound to N w Hi?en, ret'iror to Phil d 1 [ )ii.i 13ili nut. to rep it darners, having, iu a bloi on Tucrnl y,outiide Cape Miv, carri-il hwjj hermittiuiaitjue below the oos? tr:es. C?, l S slate* thst au"iher large ler r i tight curried .iww her for^m-is'?believes ?he wsi alt* en Icxde I?lucceedtd ID Keitiuic Idto tke Breikwatei, wkne li left her (?- CHEAPER THAN THE CHEAPEST, AN!) /. QUOD as THE BEST, AND NONE BE I'TER.Miss Leslie's Magazine for July iatbia day published, an ia truly a moat magnificent number. LltT or Embkllishmknts. 1. A Distinguished Member of the Humane Society, uperb Mezzotint, by Tucker. i. The conflict. 3 The Poet and bia Lady Love. 4. '1 he Uymg Knight. A. The Conization, a series of illustrations of Colt idge'ttUenevieve, in an entirely new style of art. The contents will be found equally interesting. Anon the contributors for July will be lound Miss Leslie,Phi Benjamin, T. 8. Arthur, Miss Hannah F. Gould, and host of other*. This magazine has reached the seven! number, and ha* p*ined a popularity untiui pasted by an magazine ever olfVred to the public. The true secret < its success is in getting up it guotl magazine cheap, on! * I 50 a year in advance; single numbers 16 cents. Pu lithcd liy Burgess &. Stringer, U39 Broadway, corner Ana strtet. N B?Published this day, No. 11 of" Allison's Splend, History of Eurepe,"to bo completed in 10 numbers. A the first numbers on hand, and tor sale, wholesale and r tail as above. Price 35 cents per number. 0(7" METALLIC TABLET?This is the most perfe article fur the purpose designed ever invented, havir the wouderiul power of producing the keenest at smoothest possible .!ge ol the razor, in a tenth part oftl lime that is required on a hone, at the same timedoii away with the unpleasant use of oil and water. It is tl same size as an ordinary strop, and as simple in its its With one of them the means is ever it hand ol keepii razors in perfect order. The tir#t cutlcrs of England at France have them in constant use, and recommend thei The celebrated M. Millikin, cutler to the royal navy, 3 Strand, after using one li e years, sent u certificate its superiority to the inventor, wh> re it can be seen.w'\ < many others Iruui the most scientific gentlemen cl rt country. O. 9AUNDEUS, inventor and manufacturer #1' the Metallic Tabli 163 Broadway. fty-HU.MBUG-Since the geuuine Extract of Sari parula, from Ul Couitland street, has been put before t public in the city uow*paj>LTS, and such immense qua titiessolo, the piopi ietor ol a certain high priced bar P trills hns come out calling others valueless. No dou it is less then valueless to him.becuusu people have sen enough to sec through his humbuggery, and buy a I better article at kalf the pricu. He|cannot now sell 1 lew ounces of stuff'tor the exorbitant price of one dollai ..unci tan ire imu ai -ji i/oumandl sire Dearly double the strength and quantitylor fti cents j bottle, $4 per dozen ; and even without price, unless proves to be abetter article than any Buffalo qua humbug ever made. The agents for Conutock It Co.'s Sarsaparilla in Brot 1} n, Mrn. Hayes, 189 Fultonst.; Newark, D. Smith, J Bread street. CUT-A MIRACULOUS INVENTION TO Cip Eruptions and d'scolorej skin, the bites of musq too*, galhnip,>ert, Sij., toother with pimples, blotch' fiuckks, gultrheum, scurvy, erisipiles, lever or he sunburn, and any other eruption or disfigurement of t face or body, lire removed in nine cases out of ten by t Italian Chemical Suap. To introduce this to the pub it has been necessary often to putt' it. Some have not ut it ontliat account; li t such give it one trial; theiHVct vi Kin prise th? m. The most wonderful property of this that w ithout injuiicg, it changes dark, sunburnt, or y low skin to a fine ht ulthy clearness. In short, it is, 'or t ptirpo'e ri commended the uiost excclleut an I use:ul vention of ancient or modern times. It Is sold w ao.e.or reta'i ut the sign ol the Americun eagle, li (.'hath street, N. Y ; AO cents a cake. In Philadelphia, Zieber, 3 Ledger btiillilii.'S: in Bust on, 8 State street; Brooklyn, 139 Kulton street. Junes" Coral Hair Restc five, nt 3 shillings h bottle, so famous for restoring i hair is fold at the suae places. {K7- TRUTH WILL SPEAK?A CHILD BURN Tu DEATH.?On Suiidtiy morning, a little girl nan Mary Elizabeth Schenud, aged two year*, was sever baiuid, in the absence of her mother, who had left! alone in the room while she went to her husband at Washington Parade Ground, where he keeps a sor irun siaui. it is supposed tnol mo Jhiid managed to puSec.-kion cf the mutch box, aud, while plaj mg wit) M ini'of the matches ignited, and let fire to hrr clot! Dr. M?rtin w?i call?d into son her, b't she died in evening. Verdict, that '.he child came toherdeath being accidentally burned. Thi?chil l coiiM have been saved had the Magical I Kxtractor, from 31 Courtlandt street, been used. Thin < k iow,as much as human Judgment can judge by what know, it has done; mid no mother can lurgive hersell lear child loses its life by neglect to keep this salv the house. It stops all pain immediately, heal* witbo tear, and will save lite in every case if the vital parts uninjured. Within the last two weeks lour lives h been lost by tire that might have been s*ved by this 11 actor, had the Dortois had humanity enough to ut But they say that they do not care how much go< Joes, lor tht y will not use it because it is a propriet medicine Out upon such meanness. There ure m honorable exceptions, however. To be hud true only at :il Courtlandt street; Brook 139 Fulton stre-t; Newark, 3J0 Bioad street.? [Evei Tost. J This salvo was applied to the little boy, who was ever t y a cart in Na?* >u street, corner ol Deekman, v immediate relief. And to show the whole world there is 110 hnmbtig hbwut this salve, a person wii any time apply it to all actual cases of burns, set biui.i s, kr , nnd recuve no pay without the full bei is r? ceived that we advertise it to do; aud now we li it to all candid people to lay aside prejudice about Sillvi?. PUMRJUKHHBBaKlflnHMMPSHmnBMr: mONKV nAHKH-p 1 Itni-MlHjr, July 13?0 P. It The stock r* irket Urm, although there i? It tnim.ition of late. When money flowed out from Banks rapidly into the Stock maiket price* rose ri . ly. The volume of money 10 employed doe* not * n.)w to increase, or rather the desire to borrow it inch rmploj mi nts, is not so great as it was?hence murk"', is stagnant. The operator* ate generally fu stock* on borrowed money, and bui tew stocks are c lutely taken out of the market. Kentucky 8's rose noisffcllii Long Island rose J ; Farmers' Loan J. At thu new Board, United States Loan sold at 116} . A vulu'iblt* work ha* been prepared by Mr. Jo*epl Trice, a clerk in thu Bank o( Commerce, comprising teen tables, showing the pre*ent value of stocks, red' Dole from one to titty years, bearing any rate of int< from 3 to 7 per cent, payable both semi-annually juarterly. In order to show the nature of the r*ork jive the tollowing sample* : ? PmitM WOKTM i'C Pi* I'KB ('KIT STOC?, liTtHUT API K SlMI \ BMUAL1.T . To realize. To realize. To realize. Tut Yeari. i^rcl. ijierit t/> 1 10H mo ! ?? ?>2'ia >00 Mil li 2 H2.93M lot 9"?89 1010 55 101 3 1U4.3I.91 10J1J7J 101 57 5 llil 4 10 J ?- : 4 1U3.UI .9 102 0417 10 5 106.1*811 10I6M2 K2 4S74 lw 6 10 0850 105.4564 102 WW 10' 109.2 *.? led fu) i< 3 3 03 10' 8 110 31M 10') 9179 103 ? 899 II" i 9 111.3918 107 6109 104 0196 10 10 112.41*32 10* J.i09 1 4 3907 Itl 19 119 7400 112 99i7 106 7615 to Thus a person wiahing to invest in the goverr loan pelmanently, looks over the stock list, and ob? what rate of interest the beat stocks yield. He finds ic 6 per cent. To find, then, the value ot the go ^ n.intfl per cent stock, redeemable in nineteen years o give iiim ft per cent for his investment, he runs he column of years until he comes to nineteen? tb igbl until he comes under the column of ft per cent est. lie then find* the truu ralua or the fl per tuck to he 111,#017. Thfreare few people, however, yould assume tho preient ratei of intercitto be pe entonea, an1! letou: their mon y at long datei nt xtiaordinary low pricei?aay two per cent below i jgalmtn The preient state of the matket alto precl' ny |nit comparison between tho real valnei of itock >r iniitance, New York fl per cent *!ock, lemi an pdrrmable in 1964, tell* at 108 on tho aame day tl lulled Btatu itock, of precisely theaame dateand t ' i-ili at IIS. Why is this 1 Theiecuiity of the fe overnment I* no greater. On the other hand, i brewd capitalist* consider It not io gflod, taking th umstanceiof the creation of the itock, the |>oMitile government, anil the protective political event i onaMeration. The New York debt il entirely cov the income it ha? created, and ii absve continr 'h<- prrnrnt dd>t of th^ led*r?l *overnment it the flr.t rratnd lince It* formation in time ( peuae for rev ur|>oie?. It iathn progeny un I it?u? or the nbomi *ir iv?nnnC"'1iinil rank cori uptioN of a political part rdernd tiy tmrxpectrdimrcraa. Kor 64 >rarathe I I late* *t??a<llly diac.hatffd ita debfa, until it hail pa )4IOJtOyWO> lu the mid?t or profound peace and idtional wealth, an embargo < laid upon fo*pf?n nd a lebt i? eivatr) 'vhicli ?An lU at the ratfol >1 00 p?r annum, and the department, inatead ol I ' ^

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