Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 15, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 15, 1843 Page 1
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' ?mt _gg3??gg?am ne TH i. 9*0* To tlM Public. THTT njw vrtnir hvii Ai.n_.lailvnewir>aper?pub ( Ushed vary day of the year except N?wTurtlij and Fourth of July. Price a cent* per copy?or $7 98 per an?um?postages paid?cash in advance. I THE WEEKLY HERALD?published erery Saturday morning?price 6} cents per copy, or $& 12 per annum? postages paid?oath in advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasiag aat. It hat the largest circulation of any paper in tkie city, or the world, and ii therefore, the beet channel for htuineei wun in the city or country Prices moderate?cash in ad VancePRINTING cf all Kinds, axecntedat the most moderate frioes, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, Paorai*Toa ar thf. Hkrild Eitasmsmmsnt, Nortliweat corner of Fulton and Nassau streets The Great Bunker f?ill Herald, Published on superfine paper, containing a full account of the celebration of Bunker Hill, consisting of the descriptions, and Mr. Webster's eratiot* : accompanied with five splendid engravings, comprising in. a. rare uuu unjiuiii view ui mi suiue 01 Blinker Hill, which took place on the 17th June, 1775; exhibftiag the array of the American army, engaged in deadly conflict with the British troops, their ships and thwr forces. 3i?d. A view of the procession forming on Bocton Commoii. 3d. A view of the procession crossing Warren Bridge. 4th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the narth, M it looked on the -lay of the celebration, with the flags above and crowds below. 6th A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the southern buy, as it looked on the quiet Sabbath morping after thecelebratian. Agrnts will please transmit their orders before the edition will be?old, as tha demand U unprecedented. The price, wholesale,to agents, $8 per hundred, or eight cents per copy. Retail, l'ij cents. To be had at this office. ^Ic FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The R*tu Mail . team bhip HlOKKMA. C. H E. J?dMus, Esq. Commander,will leave fiotton for the above porta, 00 SuLday July 15th. Passage to Liverpool $120, Passage to H&lifai, 10, Apply to 0 BRIGHAM, Jr.. Agent. Jll r No J "VM itreet. ~ DRAFTS ON KNUH'ND, IRKLAND, kc ? Persons about remitting mov^Kj^^KJkMkary to their friend* in the ''old country," C'ube (applied with Draft*, ia sums of I, 2 3, 5, 10 ,20 k ?50, *r any amount. payable on demand, without discount or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bsnk, do., Messrs. J^mes BuIt, Son k Co.. Banker*, London, I. Barned k Co., Exchange and Discount B nik, Liverpool, E?tern Bank or Scotland, Ureenock Banking Company, Sir Wm. Forbes Hunter k Oo., Scotland, and the br?och? in evenr post town throughout England, Inland, Scotland & Wales, which draft* will be forwarded by the *te*ra?r* Great Western or H'bernia. by W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their General Passage Office. 43 Peck Slip, cor. South at. N. B.?All letter* from the country must come post paid. Jy Hr REMITTANCES TO IKELaMJ, kc.-The lg]R*W subscriber continues to transmit money in sums large JHM?or small, to penon* reiidiiut in any part of Ireland in the same manner ai he, i'ud hi* predecessor in buiineis have done for the !a*t thirty year* and any part of England, or Scotland. Money remitted by lettei (poat paid) to the rabacriber, or personally depodtea with nlm. witn the name of the penon or perions in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it ia to be sent, aid nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid aecordingty, and a receipt to that effect gives, or torwarded to theaanlar. In liie manner money, or claim* on persona in any part of Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected hy the inbecriber for persena residing in any part of the United States or Canada, and will be paid to the m accordingly. i t7 lm*r QEORGE McBRIPE. Jr, ?2 Cedar *t. JOHN HERDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. rfffe. dSt ?& Jm hWuUAR LlN^W.PACKET^HIPS, 6^oaX*treet, New York. PAHSAGE to and from Great Britain and lreland.via Liverpool and London, by the regular packs* shipa, sailing on the 1st. Tth, 3th, 19tn, and 25ih ol each month to and from Liverpool. and to and from Loudon 1st, 10th and 29th of eich mouth The subscriber ha* made unequalled arrangements to Dring oat emigrants, and can, will) great couneuce, usure those |?non> sending for their triends, that every doe and il-genrattention mil be ihown them, and all wt o embark with them. I asiage can alio be engaged from Liverpool neci to New Orleans, Mobile, 8a aunali, Baltimore, Philadelphia, B > ton, and to the different porta of tbe British Province*, at iho lowest rates. With these arrangements, together with the advantage which hia Liverp ol eurrespondent* possess, being la ge ship owners,and extensively engaged in the freighting nsiness despatching yearly at least 10t firat class ship* from Liverpool to the various ports of the United States, with freight and paiseugers. Tbe facility offered by this establishment is unsurpassed, and from the large number of first class ship* employed in the line there can be no detennon whatever, which will be guaranteed Tbe price of passage will be at the lowest rates, an 1 should any of thoee sent lor oecline coming, the pas sage money will as customary refunded. The siemnboat fare from the different porta to Liverpool can,aa naual, be socurtu. JOHN HKRDMAN, 61 South at, N Y, or J. k W. KOBINSON. near Wail street. Merchants' aid Emigrauts' Agents, No. 16 Goree Fiaztas, Liverpool. DRIFTS AND EXCHANGE. The subscriber requests the atteution ot those remitting money io *h?ir friend* to his unequalled prrangements for the pay* msntof bis dr fts on demand, without d tenant or any charge whd'.eter. at the followibg Banking Institutions, via IN ENGLAND?Messts James Bult, Son k to., Bankers, London. Messrs J. Barnard It Co,, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool. National Provincial Bank of England, and Branches throughout Kng'and nnu Wales. t Yorkshire District Bank and Branches. Birmingham Banking Co. Lao'-nster Banking Co. IN SCOTLAND? Ureenock Banging Co. in Glaagow and Greenock. Eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches. IRELAND?Provincial li ink of Ireland. r Ainigh Coik Knuis Mallow Athlone Crrlow Enmskillen Mjnevniore Bilioa Cavan Galway Omagh Belfast Coleraine K ikenuy Parsoostown Banbiidge Cootebill Kiliush Bligo Kallvaiena Dublin Londonderry Stiabane B.iudon Oowopatnck Largtn Tralee tallys?,annon Dung&nnon L>meri>k Watertord Clonmel Dungarron Monaghan Yeaqhill National Bank of IrelandBiHinaaloe Castleuar Moate Tipperary Banagber Kimueurthy Nenagh Tuam Boyle Yermoy New Kim Ihomaatown Cosher , Galway H< scrrs Tralee Cairick on Sair Kan'nrk Koscommon Westport Cistlerea Longford Sligo Waxjord Char<esville Loughrea Tallow Wicklow Clonmel Mitcnelstown Thurles N II ?In addition to the Liverpo-il and Loi_don packets, the subscriber is also agent fur the reaulat park-1. saihi g weekly fr >in New.York to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, and Savannah, by woich passage can be secured at the lowest rates jylltf JOHN HKKDMAN. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. tik M M 'T'HE OL^LIPIE ofPackeu lor LiverpooHvuniereafter be 1 despatched in the following order, excepting that when the sailing any falls on Sunday, the ahipa will sail on the succeeding day, vix >? For New York. for Liverpool m..Kii?Dinnv t i l?l v i> ?ll? VAmi)mi/V(W| ? <0 uuu a ?- / ttOton*. I Oct 1 Not 11 W.C Bar*tow.( Keb 1 Max II The ENGLAND, I June it Ang 1 75<m m, {Oct II Dee 1 I. Bartlett. f Keb 1* April 1 The OXFORD. iJoly 1 Aug II MO tone, < Not 1 Dec II J Rath bone, ( March 1 April II The MONTEZUMA, ljuly 1> riepl . 1000 ton*. I Not II Jut ' A. B. Lowber. (.Mar i( May The EUROPE, Uui 1 Sept 11 18 tuna, 1 Dec 1 Jan 11 E. 0. Kurber. f April 1 Way II The NEW YORK, (new) An ? Oct ?S0 tone, < Dee if Keb T. B. Cropper. ( April II June The SOUTH AMERICA, I Sep. 1 Oct 1) t d *. JJ.f ' 'eh II D. G. Bailey, f May 1 Jane II The COLUMBUS, I Sept 11 Not 7M tons, < Jan 11 Mar O. A. Cole, f May II Jnly Thete ahipe are not iurpi*?*?d in poiut of elegance or eomfoT in their cabin accomodation*, orio their fait tailing qnalitici br anr vrneia in the trade. Tne commardeia ate well known a* mm of character an< eip< nener, auil the tlrietrat attention will *lwar* be paid t< promote the coinloit and eonrenieuce of paaaenger*. ruucuuoit), a* regard* the day of *ailuig> will beobecrredai heretofore. . , . The price of passage outward n now nied at SeTenty-Kin Dollar*, for which ample (tore* ofererT deacription will hi proridrd, with the eieepuon o< wine* and liqaor*, whiel will he the tuwaidi, if required. Neither the captaint or owner* of ihe*e *hip* will be reapon sible for any letter*, parcel*, or package* lent by them nnleii rtgolar bill* o( lading are iigned therefor. Kor freight or pa* age, apply to GOODHUE It CO., M Sonth *t.. C. H. MARSHALL. M BurluSllip, N. Y. jy If and te BARING wtfoTHERS h I/O.. L>oot. ?HE NEW LINE Of LIVERPOOL PACKETS. JISL kftiL Jtf_ Ji* JbBt JSHl JbK Aflt To *ail Irom New York 10th, and from ILirerpool 5th of oael month. shlpHOCT,SX?,H' Now *hip Great Weatern, 1190 tons, J .... . I'hilip 1\. Woo<thon*o, 1 "th September. Ship ROCHESTER, 190 ton., \ .... _ w J?h Bntton. \ Uth October. "heM aiibetantial, laetaailing. first clu* ahipe.all built in th< cut oi r?ew *ora. are ("mmnnoin ay men 01 experience am ability,ana will bit de? patched inncmally en the l(th of eael ninth. Their cabin* arc decant and commodioni, and are farniahe< with whaterer can condnce to the eaae and eoafort of paaaeo era., Neithertke eaptaina or owner* of thete ?hir* will be retpon eible for any larcelaor paekuei Mat br then, naleaa recria bill* ladiui are urned therefor. tot freight or PMeace apply to aWoODHVLL It M1NTURNS, or W riKLDBN, MOTHKks Tw)?' j?ll f Liverpool. E NE NJ tapscott7s (>e?eraITpassage office, 43 peck slip, r??w ^ork. m> m m i ne aauarrioeri oeg 10 can ine nuenuoii 01 tneir iricuus ind the public generally, to their superior arraugemeutt ior briuffiug out MMnnfl from, im IflUraaf mouey to. any parf of lLaplaud, Ireland, Scotland or Wale?, id tne maguiuceut packet tlupi, couirritiuK the " NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ>Ship ROSC1U8, Capt. Collin,. Ship 8IDDO\8,Captaib Cobs. hhip 8HKRJDA.N,Cnptaiu Depeyster. Ship OA RltH'Ki aptaiu SkiilJy. New .hip HOT'ftNOUER. Captain Btusley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhouse. Ship ROCHESTER. Captain Pnlmrr. New ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Eld/edge. ..... _ Sailing twice every month; uid with the" UNITED. MNK, composed of superior first class American ihipt. sailing every ten days, will make five ships in each mouth throughout the fear, (or one every six days) thereby preventing the possi ulitv of unnecessary detention. Ptssates direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New f. Also from Liverpool to New Orleans. Mobile, Savan L iiArienon. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the uno'i ' i -siu British North America, con lit ?11 timev be entaxed on liberal terms. . Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fall 16 see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual carc will be taken to make the passage agreeable, the ships being fitted np with an eye solely trt the comfort of passengers. In all cases who' t the p'rties sent for ^lecjLine coming, the money will be rr'mded without any deauclion, as usual. A ree passage from the vat loos seaports of Ireland and Scotland, can tlso be secured. The regular packets for which the subscribers are agent*, sail u follows, vi? To and from Loudon on the 1st, 10th, and 30th of eaci> rtioath. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, and ttth of each mouth. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, and Charleston, weekly ihr.vhrhont the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclc?'iig the sum tbey wish sent, with the name and address of the partiei to r.*ccive it, in. y rply on a draft for the imonnt being forwarded per rtrvt racket, after the receipt thereof, and an acknowledgement for the same wStVnwd per mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or auy other charnc, at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greeuock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bult, Son & Co., Bankers, LmhUo, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, U)d in every principal town of Great Britain aud Ireland. Further particulars made known on application, if by letter, post paid, to W. fc J. T. TAPSCOTT, d5y r n P-ck 81 rp. corner Soot'' st. JfiSL JfgL rtf mat aBt Jfife PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE Of LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends cu make the accessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come oat in this superior L.iae of Packets, sailing from L iveroaol. unctually on the 7th aud 19th of every month. Ttey will also have a first rate class of American trading ship*, -w??w iK?rfhv nflfrmlinf wnp.klv rnmmunica tion Irom that port. fone of the firm fSTr. Jame? D. Roche) ii there, t? see thai they shall be lorwarded with care and aespatch. Should the parties agreed Tor not come (.at, the moner will be retained to those who paid it here, tthotit auy redne tion. Tht Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, viz The OXFORD, The NEW YORK. CAMBRHJUE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With inch superior and unequalled crrangeineats, the slbscribe rs confidently look forward for a continuance of that sopport which I As been extended to tliem so many yean, lor which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can atall times obtaiu Drafts at sight for any amonnt, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PIIKSCOTT, QROTE, AMES It CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the priucipal towns throughout England, lieland, Scotland and Waifs. Apply, Or address, (ifby letter .poetpaidj rocheTbrothers at co. ti Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port far Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties returning to tne old conntry will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other. d27 r NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. * ftntii Vrtrlr nn iW Mfh itnd l.ivpmml on the 11th 0f each m?nth. m m., FROM NEW VOHI. Shir ROSC1US, Captain Johu Collins, 25th July. Ship SIDDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th August. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, ?Stli Sept. Ship liAKKICK, Captain Win. Kkiddy, 25th October. KrOM LlVKRPOOI.. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th July. Ship GARRICK, Captain Wm. skiddy, 13th Auguit. Ship ROSCIUS, Ctpuia John Collins, 13th Stptrmber. Ship S1DUONS, Captain E. B. Cobb. lJth October. . Theses hip* are all of the first cla?a, upwards of 1060 ions, DUilt tothe city of New York, with such improvements ascombme freat "d with unnsnal comfort for passengers. Every care has beei ake? in the arrangement of their accommodations. The prate of passage hence is $75 These ships are comlied by experienced majters, who will make every exer? to give general atiafaction .Neither the captains or owners of tv ?L-Mwul be responai,te for ar y letters, parcels or package sseu uy mem, unJess regular b< lis of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage, apply to E. K. COLLINS Si CO.. 56 South st., New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY It CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12H cents pe' single ?he*t; 50 centa per ounce, and newspapers 1 cent each. jy7 ec lift 4&Y NEW YORK AND HAVnK PACKETB-Seconu Line ?The snips of thH liue will herealter leave New York on ihe lit, and H<r;e on the 16th ?f ench inon'h, as foll"w?, vii:? From New York From Havre. New ship ONEIDA, list Marcn. v Ibth Awril. Captain < 1st July. < Ibth August. James Panck.f 1st November.? I6tu Dec. Ship WAJJTlMnmr. ( 1st April. C itth May. WPHlD < st August < 16th Sept. Edward Fanck.( 1st December ( 16th Januaiy. Ship U TIC A, ( 1st May. C 6th June. Captain < 1st September< 16th October. Frederick Hewitt { 1st January. ( i6th Febraarr, New ship ST. NICHOL AS, ( 1st June. C 16th July. Captain < lit October. < 16th Not. J. B. Pell. { 1st February. ( >6th March. The accommodations of these ships ara not aurpassed, combining all that mav be required for comfs-t. The price of ca bio passage ii f'It. rasseugcrs will b- (applied with every requisite with the exception of winei and liqnora. <t mils intended for these reue s will be forwarded Hv the subscribes, tree fro * any other, than the expenses actually in carrel Ob them. For freight or ratsage. apply to BOVI) !i HINClvEN, Agents. jettec No. 9 Tonnae Building. cor Wall and water ?t? rOK IlLEANS. LOUISIANA AND NEW lOBK LINE OK PACKETS For the better accommodation of ship|iers, it is intended to despatch a ship from this nort on the 1st, 5th, l#th, 15tli. 20th, and lith ol each mouth, com.i euciDR the 10th October and enntinnlux unnl May, when regular days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointment* will be | reveuted during the summer months. The following ship* will commence this arrangemebt : Hnip YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE-Captaiu Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEAHE, Captain Miner. hip <lAS'l'ON, Captain Latham. Ship HUN'J'SVILLE. Captain Mnmford. Ship OCMULUEE, Captain Leavitt. Siiip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Hhip MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. kl-'p LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in th? city of N(? York, expresa for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently beea J/wly coppered and put in splendid order.with accommodations lor passengers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, who will make e*ery exerti?n to give Seneral sstisfaction. They will at all times b? towed ap and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these shipa will be responsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated ware, or for anv letters, parcel or package, seat by o rpttt on hoard of lhem,uui?s recnlar bills of lading are taken for the same and Hie value theieon expressed. Vor freulht or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS & CO.. 54 South St., or HULLIN k WOODRUFF, Agent in Naw Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to tlieir address. The snips of this line are warranted to sail punctually as adrertised, and great care will be taken to hare the goods correetl? measure.I m4 ^ BLACK BALL OK Ol.D LINE OF LIVEK MUK I'l II II > 'Al If . TA?I m I r llrnihr I < ! .- r ?nH .nil* ' JBCMw0" Weilnea.iay, the 19th of July ? 1'he new and cele( hrnfd aat tailing, favorite packet ?hip MO "TKZLTVA, bnr' then 1150 'on?. Cap'. Alfred B. Lowber, will sail potiiively aa 1 above, her regular day. l h? accnu.modationi of thi? magnificent packet (or cabin, teeond cabin and ?lfrr?ur paiarugera, are wil ktown to be 1 nnatirpaated tor apleu or, convenience nnd comfort, by a*y > otherveaael afloat. Those Tinting the old country will find ii lo th? ir mtrrrat to aelect this deairable convrvatiie in prefei en?* to any other. For terms of paaaase, which will be low, early arplie ition ahonM he nude to chooae the be't b- nha, ' apply on board, foot ol Beekman at-eet, ?r to the ub'Cnbera HOC UK, BHuTHKHti k CO, 33 Folt n street, nett door to the Folton Bank. . Not*.?It ia conaxlered by mm? that the Momemma ia ihe Taateat aailing hipufloat, having left Liverpool on her last voy *** to thia xx>rt in comuany wi'h tha ship* Hnttingncr, Hargrave and Hibemia, aud in advance of her opponenta aeveral d?jra. -J*- Monreinma will aiil from Liverpool an the 7th Z*9f' , "?r?oD? (ending lor their frienda can have them bronght n'j*?7 of tiie paeke a comprising thia inakniflcenr , Sf M? h monih "* "'''"I "?m thM ,,0,, on ^ wh "d 19th ? -rn' ESS*.*' JtP-Jpp,T M "b0T? i r Li?*rnoliiPnnU Lop? V ???**?> above packet and aail lot Li erpool on ,he In Aognat. her rcanlar day, jyllec Packet' WthV Juir^Vk'-Th* N"w Lin?? Kenlar fiftbuiu'WckS. rnaaier, 1040 tone, will aail on Monday neat, I7tli mat For passage onfy, haying lyge and commodion. state room.. ? The ?up?rior newpacket ahip Liverpool ^TnL.m'TAn J Kldrtdge, \\M tons, will snecead the Hotuiicuer, and mi?ou 11 herretnlardny. l*th Aumut. ' ",5? ' ***- KOK LOf DON -Hoffvlw Packet of th. ?n.h * wJVWJnlT. The plenflid picket ship HENDjIIi If aAbHUUBON. <;?pi. Moora, will tail u ?t |uui u?y. ' Having rery taperior accominodationa for cabin, >nd cabin Mid i|trri|? puaenien, per#)U wiihici to embark ihoulJ a ke early application to JOWftPH McMI/RRaV, _ _ 1(0 Pin* ttreet, corner of South. *Pertotit withinc to t?nd lor the it (rieuda, can have there ronght ont by the abort (hip, or any nl the regular packets. h? pplfint ai above, (il bv letter, i>?tt paid ) , )l| W YO EW YORK. SATURDAY "have you heard the newsv DR. COOKE WTUKNED FKOVl KNOLA.ND. TJ B8PKCI V "LLY mfonn? h.? frirud? ami patrmj <hrooth I* nut ih<! Uu t'<l Miaui, OaDida, North nud 8"uth Am tic*. the Britnh Coloi.ifi, lie , ih it *11 the late?t important infiirm ti'u Iroin Korope, he i* nmveri?lly performi >k enrea of the w or?t cU'? ot Vrturcl Di'ertrt iu it? inoit Picur-rated fo"ini. with nupr< cedemed < xpcdilioti And diiiwtch. <tud may ?p?in b co<>?ulted *j u>u<l. pen na'l/ftndeonniltuiitly, *t hi? office No 3 Nnr'ou aire t, Als^ny, N Y. Di COOKE .t teir'a i-tr?otiSil? m hi* "at'enu. COLOHKD HNOKAVIMJS, descriptive of Dii'aie in buth trxei illustrating all iti ? ')?: malignant forma wilh a ro i plrte t'nctical Treatiae on Venereal ('< mplauti aud their itumcdi-te * "( remote cunvqii'W,>i. in rind na ohae rratiou* ou certain affictioua of the litem*?may be er<iuineri at any time if desired by the uuf.<riuQate at the Hospitu, where patieuta will find it roth rouveuei.t and *drauuiieous to t?(?ardaud lodge with Dv Cooke, who will comfortably accommodate them.while noder medical ireatment.unti! recovered. usu.. n. r?Ai I,... ,1 ;? f?._ meat of Disease, lie believes to belonir to uo ether by that name in this country; thii well known Physician aod Surgeon, v>ho I has no Ageuts, and is not couiiec'ed with an; limilar estnb i.h I mrut in the United States. can be fouud at the Albany Lock Hospital. Nj. 3 iNorton street, Albany, N. Y., a?d do where else The nnfortssMA will please " attend to this part of their do ty, take dae &od timely notice and govern them?elve? accordI "H" 'IEMEMBICK NO. 3 NORTON STREET, ALBA \ NY, N. r. jv!3 lmr H imi HARNDEN & CO.'S SEgSflF KNOLFSH h'RBNCH, BELGIAN It AMEHJ?W|fir-|<-A^ EXPRESS, UEH,KAL KORWAhD gT^INU St COMMISSION HOUSE. HAKNDK. S lit CO will reeeive and forward by their daily Exi?ess < sis, Specie,B nk Notes,Packagesand Parce' any p?rt of the Uni ed Stares or Can?d i. ani by the ste<"-ers aud rackets to any pirt ol England, Ireland, Scotland, B:lgiuin or ' France | Part cnlnr nttrniion if paid to the purchase or sale of all dei serrp'ioii of m' ich ?ud>s?, colltcting and |>aytug Drafts, Notes, and ? tnc entry o> merchandise at the Cuitom Hons*, and to the general transaction of any and *11 tinns of forwatlinf nd c?inm'ssion business. B'llsof Kiclitnge. in turns to suit, furnished on St. John, N. B , Halifax, N.S.,or oil any partol En op?. . All goods must be m irked " Harnd?n St Co." Foreign Pest Office Letter Bits are msde up for all the Koyal Mail steamers from B 'ston and the steamer and sailing packets from New V ork. Principal offices an<l agents Messrs Willmer aud Smith, 33 Church street, Liverpool England Messri. Maclean, Maris and Co., 3 Abchnrch lane, London Messra. Emerson and Ca, Paris and Havre fl'muel Hvgl.t. Es?., American Co*?ul, Antwerp, Belgium Messrs. J and J G Woodward* St. John's,|N. B. A. W. Godfrey. Halifax, N !? J G Woonwaro, New Orleans, La. 4 Messas. J B S-irncSt'o Hivna. Alt Hood* must be marked "Harnden and Co." N B.?H-rudm sad Co are alone rcipousihle for the loif or injury of any ariicles, or property of any description committed to their car ; unr i* any rnk uiiumtd bv. uor can any be attached to ihe New Jeney Steamboat Navigation Comumv, by which 'heir crate* ar1, nr mar be transported : uor the New Tom, Provideoc and Bo.ton I'a Irotd, or the uoiton and Providence Kailroad Corporation*, in reaped to th'ir c intents at any tirnx. ilAHNDEN & CO.. jy 11 r No. 3 Wall street. New York. KKW JERSEY ItAlLKOA 17 AND XKANS PORTATION COMPANY. Fart reduced to ?5 cents. from the tout of Cenrtlandt itreet, New York. (Every day?Sunday* eirepted.) Leave* New York Leave* Newark Al A. M. At 2 P. M. At 7 A. M. At IX F. M. 9 do. I do. do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do I do. do. 5* do. 10>< IX do. (J? do. 9X do. ON8UNDAY8. from the foot ol CawiUandt itreet. Leave New York, Leave Newark. At 9 A. M. and 4* P. M. At 1IHP. M. and 9K P. M. NEW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leave New York f.eav* Elizabeth Tows At ? A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7K A. M. J* P M. 9 do. 4 do. HJf do. 7 do. 11 de. 4X to. 10 do. 9* do. 5* do. 1} do. The train*for Westfteld, Plainfleld, Boandk; "ok.Somerville, kc., connect with the;9 A M, tad iXTM [ tin* from New York, daily, Sunday* excepted. Kare between New York and Elizabeth Tow a 25 cent*. Kue between do aad Soinerville. 75 cent*. hlfV YORK, AND IUHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Rahway. At A. M. At J PM. At 7 A. M, At S P. M. 9 do 4_ do 8 oo 6>< do 11 do 4M do SH da s oo s}2 do 11\ do NEW YORK AND NEW KRUNSWICK Krou loot of Courilaud street, New York, dailr. Leavr New York. Leave New Brumwut At 9 A.M. At * P.M. At 6 1. M. At 11* A M. 4X .lo T< (In t. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. At > A M and i\ P M. At 11* A. Mand EX P M. Fare, ciclipi m the Philadelphia traius between New Yo?k and Nfw Brunswick. JO ceati Between New York and Hah way 15 cent*. Passengers wno procure their tickets at the ticket omcc, . reive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the col 4?ctor onlv on 'he ar.v when purchased mil 3m*r SUMMER. ARRANGEMENT. NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINK D RfcCT, Vu Nkwhi, New Brumwice, Princeton, Trenton' Bordentown and Burlhsoton. THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York d.nlylrom :he lo- tof Coortlandt it. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at 4* P. M. TITe Morning Line proceeds lo Bordentown, from thence by iteamboatto i'Till add; lua. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the ofli'e (not of Courtlandl street, where a commodious steam boapw ill be ia readiness, with haggtge crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from ctry to city, without beiug opened by the way. Kach train ia provi led with a car in which are a, artmenla and dressing roam* cspressly lor the Indies' n*e. Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnm'treet. by ateamboat to Bordentown at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'clock mt M. The linea for Baltimore leave Phlladcluh 14 at 7X A. M., and 4 P. M. being* continnauon of the line* from New York. je< ffliim NEW YORK, gr. VHpBjjpL MOUNTAIN It KASTON. Leave ti e foot of Conrtland street, daily (Snudays I'-ef.icU) u 8 o ciock, A. M., by railroad f om Jer*ey city to Morriatown, tnence by Po*t coaches through Mcndlian. .Cheater. Schooley a Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Colden, Washington. to Kaaton. At Washington. a d.iily line intersects to and from Belvidere For se'U* aiiply to J. Hill, at J. Patton't, Commercial Hotel, 73 Oourtland utreet. N.B.?Kitrna furuishrd *t the shortest notice by applying to IV. B. Line. United States Hotel. Morriatown. tnvli Jin ec ?M NKWYHRK SCHOOLS Y'S MOUNTAIN AND EA8- j. . '^BJHL.Via ft. and Someriille H RmiI 1 Kor Schookv'a Mount- in. leave P'er No 1 North river. at o'cloci A M. daily (Sunday* excepted) by steamboat to Eliiabrthport, or leave the loot of ConrUand street at 9 o'clock A M, by N J Railroad to Kljftbellitown, thence connect with the cart for Sumerville ffVrchei, thance 20 mile* to the Mountain?arriving eaily in the afternoon. Kor Kaitoa lea*e aa above, proceed by railroad to Somer ville, coache* from thence (only 34 mile*,) arriving in Eaaton at < o'clock. Thia iou e, on *ccount of the ihort dia'arce by coachea. ma king it by far the ooit pleasant and exoeditiou*, commends it self to puhliclpMronage. Mr Sanderson, the proprietor at 80 nervilfe, has p ovided himself wi'h carriages and horse* to ae commodate private partiea with extra* at the ihortett notice, and on rea*?uable term*. 1 For aeata apply to H D- Hope, Merchants' Hotal, 41 iConrt1 landt st. Paaoengert from Philadelphia to Schooley'* Mountain will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock, A. M-< hy New York railroad line to New Brunswick Splendid coaches from thence, arriving at toe mountain early same afternoon. 3 2m*r KOCKAWAY PAVILLIOS-LONO ISLAND RAILRO \ D. ?i rami npon mis ro^a icnvr ornonyn, noam Ferry, for J maim, where coaches arr io readi n>?? lor th.U drliich'fnl resort, the MiriuePavil? Imn, ?t the follow in* hours, vix Half past 9 lock mid lialf ju?t6 P. VI. Returning, leuve Jamaica at t A. M.. 12 M. and 5 P. M. for New York. Pare to Jamaina, la.; through from Brooklyn to the Pavilion. 7) cents. je24 ??*r .>?;?/ arrangement. EAKK AND IRfclOHT REDUCED, ^aan /serf RKOCLAR MAIL LINE-FOR PRO^-^r^arv,DK:N,;K AN0 '??Ton, via bto^W and NKWPORt-Compoeed of the following innerior iteamers, running in eonnection with the Htouinaton ?nd Boeion and Providence Railroadi:? MASSACHUSETTS, Cant Comitoek. BHOUK ISLAND, ( apt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARMAOANBETT. moheoan. One of which will leave New York daily (Sundays excepted) from Pier No I, Battery Place, N. Kiver, at 5 P. MARRANOEiWENTS. The RHODK IflLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stomniitoa and Newport, and Friday for Htoninrtou. The MA8SACHUSETTS,Captain Comitoek, on Tuesday and Tnnrseny for Stonmgten, and Saturday for Stnnington, Newport ana Providence. Pauengers, on the arrival of the iteamers at Htomngton, i Will be immediately forwardrd in the ipleudid and eommorisons Cars of ths Railroad to Providence and Boaton, and if lor Newport will praceed in the steamers on Monday, Weduesdavaiid Satnrdar, and on the iGterveaiiig daya, proceed via Stoningiou Railread to Piovidence. and liom thence iu the tteamrr lolu, withont any additional charge. Tickets for the ronte and itr amen' berths can be seenrad on t>oe.rd, or it the office of IIAHNDKN k CO., No 1 Wall street, tr"?* On and after the 10th iuat, freifht will not be r? ceired lunfor warded after half-peat I P Mi oUta* tn VEW YORK AND KINO H TON 8 TIC AM EREIOHT AISD PASSAOK f.^E. .MM Kor Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson ?3jj&L?3^Canal ?a:.' .inbodU KMERALD aid NOM; ThefcAlftluVLD, Captain John Retcham, will leaya New fork foot of Marray itteet, every Monday and Thursday at} )'tlo<k. f. M. , , .. , Wul leave Kingston (Roudont landing) every Wednes'ay ind Saturday at ] o'clock, P. M. Tha NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leava New Fork, foot of Warren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at ?o'clock, P. M. _ WJI leave Kuwiton (Rondont landinit) every Tues ay aid triday at t o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the roet of Mnrray street eveiy *?ndy morning at T o'clock. Returning leaves Hinirst< n at 4 I'tloak mae. day. "r fre,cht w npsuxmo^uw * co. 1 1M 4 < >RK I MORNING, JULY 15, 18 Literary Notice*. Lkk's Physiology.?Published by Turner <te Hughes. This in the fourth edition of an invaluable work for schools and (an lilieg. It has been prepared with great judgment and care, and presents a moat excellent and instructive epitome of the sciences of anatomy and physiology. The whole performance reflrctscredit on the talented author, Dr. C. A. Leeol this city, and we cheerfully commend this improved edition to the favor of all interested in the education ol youth. Republication ok Cooper's Novels.?Lee & Blanchard, of Philadelphia, have commenced the republication of Cooper's novels in a cheap and elegant form. The two volumes containing the " Water Witch," price fifty cents, have just reached us. Sir John Froissart's Chronicles.?Winchester has just issued No. 4 of this celebrated historical work. Andral on the Chibt Harrington Haswell of Philadelphia have just issued this admirable and highly popular work. It embraces the diseases of the heart and lungs, and ought to occupy a place in the library of every physician, whilst its clear and intelligible style render it fit for the perusal of all noa-prolesbiou 1 persons, who may winh to investigate these interesting diseases The Langleys have it tur sale, and it may be had also of Francis fc Co. Thk American Journal of the Medical Sciences?This national medical journal tor July, has just reached us. It is an excellent number. Sold by Wiley & Putnam. Mips Leslie's Magazine ?An excellent number. The illustrations are novel and remarkably beautiful. The Kovkr.?No 17. A very good number. Published at 162 Nassau street, by Labree & Dean. New Music?Hewitt has just published, "If I had but ten thousand a year," by Russell; " Grand Austerliiz March," by Geo. W. Hewitt; "The Alpine Horn," by John H. Hewitt; and the "Woodside Waltz," by Miss Marion McGregor?all very pretty. City Intelligence. Important Arbeit or Co?htk?fkitkr? okCoin?The Mayor of our city, aided by officer* A. M. C. Smith and Welch, for the past several week* has br.en engaged in (arreting out the headquarters, and ascertaining the opc ration* of a gaug of counterfeiters of Ameiican coin, whole ingenuity and (kill in the manufacture was such a* to deceive some oi the best judges. Having, by nightly watches, in which the Mayor himselt has taken an active part, succeeded in maturing their plan of operations, on Thursday morning about S o'clock, in company witll Justice Taylor and officers Welch, Huthwaite, and Scally.they proceeded to a house located the ttrst above Burnham's, on the avenue, which is so situated that any approach in the daytime could be observed trom a distance of several hundred yards. Having surveyed the quarters, and taken positions around the building, so as to prevent escapc, one of the doors of the premises was instantly broken in with a sledge hammer, and the inmates surprised while in a sound sleep. A mnn named Joel Nason, well known in Boston as a black and white smit1*, of wealth and former popularity, and another named George Whitehouse alias Willard, formerly keeper of an intelligence office in this city, and his wife, were found upon the premises, and all the implements necessary for coining half eagles, with a press of great power, and excellent and well cut dies, 8cc. While they were se. curing the implements, the wife of Whitehouse suddenly became indisposed, and made an earnest re quest to retire into the yard, which was very politely but prudently refused by the officers in attendance. 8he then, in a peculiar manner, apologizing for the little in. delicacy she was about to commit in presence of the officers, made use of a large bucket standing near by, and immediately requested to be allowed te carry it into the yard to empty, as it might be offensive in the room. Officer Welch, with his usual gallantry and sagocity, said he would relieve her from that duty, and carefully pour. peeled, a largo and beautifully cut hall eagle die, that the had depoiited in the bucket while stooping. This specimen of woman'* quick perception and ingenuity in an emergency, was thus, unfortunately for the counterfeit- i ing party, instantly foiled. The implements and coiners being secured, and the la'.ter safely lodged in the lock up house of the I'pper Police, the officers then proceeded to the house of the wife of the celebrated Tom Rector, in Walker street, and there arrested n man named J.Sherman, an old dealer in counterfeit money, who wai in bed with the notorious Mrs. Rector, closely locked in her arms and those of Morpheus besides, and disguis* d with huge night cap on his head. Securing him with a pair of ruffles, he was deposited in the same prison with his associates, where they are all held for iurther examination. The testimony against each ia full and conclusive, as Sherman has been concerned in purchasing and prepariag the implements' for coining found at tke house i where his associates were arrested. The Mayor of our city is entitled to great praise for bis exertions, in connexion with officers A. M. C. Smith and Welah, in that fully securing the arrest and almost certain conviction of an association of coiners that would have flooded the community with spurious money. All the officers concerned deserve credit for the caution and sagacity evinced in thus " doing up" this business, so that the law can be applied with lull force. Counterfeiters will also learn, that New York city ia no place to settle down to transact their nefarious operations. The Way to Seste a Rascally Cab Drives?In the Special 8es*ions yesterday morning, Recorder Tallmadge, witk Aldeimen Rawion and Brady upon the bencn,two cab drivera, named Jamei Henry Salming, and Dani-1 Hendrick, were arraigned to answer a abargu ot assault and battery, with threat*, alleged hyC.B Dibblee, a gentleman who came paniHiigvr from the Mouth on Thuraday evening last. Mr. Dibbles testified, that he engaged Hendrick, the driver ot the cab, to take him from the wharf where the ateamboat landed to the East Pearl itrcet House tor twenty five cent* In passing up Broadway the cab was flopped, and Salming jumped down from the seat and demanded the fare lor the ride, which was refused until hewai carried to the place ot destination. Salming then demanded one dollar aa the price of fare, which was also retused, as twenty-five cents wa* the price agreed upon. Salming then drew a knile, and threatened personal violence if his request wa* not compiied with. Fearing danger, Mr. Dibble" oftered fifty cents if they would itop the cab and allow him to take off his baggage, which wa* refuaed, and the cab was then driven down Broadway with great hatte Mr. D. becoming alarmed threw hi* valiae from the cab window, and finally cucceeded in drawing hi* trunk frem the top\>f the cab to theatreet. notwithatandiag tne atrenuoti* effort* of the driver and Hi* aaaeciate to prevent it. The raacal* were then arreated by the watch, and after a full hearing of the case, in which it wa* ascer tamed that the cab was not licensed, the Court sent Salming to the penitentiary for six month*, and Hendrick lor three. As an old associate of our*, in the r?porting line used to say, " That aerved 'em aazactly right," and will be a lesson to all rascally cab driver* to beware of such trick* in future. A Child Poisohbd.?A melancholy in*ta?ce of the want of the exvrciae of pronar caution in rrenarinc poiion for rati, occurred on Wednesday in the upper part of the city, in which a little girl named Ann Eliza Twite, about four yean old, loit her life by eating anme meal mixed with aiaenic, which her mother ha<! laid in the cupboard, which wa? minted with rati. The mothi r teitifled before the Coroner yesterday, that on Monday evening last, ihe purchased three ceuti worth of arsenic from Doctor Scott, who ktepi a drug store on the Sixth Avenue, and mixed it up in lome dry meal on plate which ihe placed in the cubhoard. On tho iollowing morning about nine o'alock, on her return Iromthe pump, ihe law her little girl Handing on chair at the cubboard, and on examining her found that the child had ?om? of the meal in her apron, and had evidently eaten a portion. She at once applied to Dr Scott, who gave a do*a of caator oil for the child, who took it, and for aome time continued to run about. She ahortly alter began to vomit, when Dri. Wilion and Hunter were called in and prescribed for her, but without rocceii, ai ihe continued to fail, and died during the forenoon of Thursday. Verdict, " That the decerned came to her death by eating a quantity of arsenic, mixed with meal during the absence ot her mother from the houie." Cmoi.pra inrakttim.?The Coroner ali(|aald an inqueit yesterday at the houie of Barnard Kaiu, No. ?40 Water atreet, on the body ol a male child, which waa born in hii houie under very peculiar circutnitancei. On the evening of the 1st March a woman came to the houie, and en> quired for aperion, who ihe wsi told lived there, but had left. She wAidresied in a dark colored calico frock, a light hat and dark cloak, ami appeared very faint and lick, no much io that Mri. Kmn invited her into the room toreit herself. After a while the requeated a doctor might be lent for, and alter diacloilng the fact that ihe wai on the point of becoming a mother, Doctor Charlei lk( .L ..... an/I <lull? 1.. I . k.?ltka> .vi hi ail w ? umoivum, n?u uniTcirii iiri ?i a uc"<ni/ male child. On the 8th ot March ?hn left to *o to New Jeravy,rennet-ting Mr* Kain to keep the child.and nhe would return in a few day a and pay her Tor her trouble ? but nothing further ha* bp#n heard of her, except ikat whan the baby wai about aim week" old, a man called to nee it, who dated that the mother would ?e down wban the month waaout The woman ipoke of baraaif aa Mra. Rain, and callrd the boy E l w ard- and thia la all that ia known of her or her family The child waa muck troubled with cboUra infantum, which reaultftd fatally. The Jury returned a verdict accordingly. 1ERA 43. HcuoaRHioi: or thk Luiui An inqueat wu held on the body ot Eliaa L Kipp, atthe hauae ol his wile, Elizabeth Kipp, on the corner of Eighth Avenue and 37th street, ngid J9 juri, who died sud.lanly yesterday morning, from loss of blood. , Verdict, U'-mjrrhage of tho lungs. KKirinn Bad Costr***.?Andrew I,. Chapman, of the North Am .'ricari Hotel, on the corner ol the Bowery and Bayard atreet.while enjoying the doubtful aocu i> of Mary Murphy,batter known by the soubriquet ot Irish Moll had the miiii ol $37 taken from hia f>ocket, by the talre one, who lelt him a primmer in a bedroom at No 37 \mhouy stieet. When he gained hia liberty lie tractd h- r to a grocery on the earner of Anthony and Ch-uiptl strata, kept by Claua Clauarn, where ahe changed into ?l*v t a Ave dollar bill on the Farmers &. Mechanic* U*i>k o Rochester, and a three dollar bill on the Lawia County Bank, which Mr. Chapman recognised aa being i pmt of the mon?y loat by him. Mary denies the larceny, but ac knowledgea that ahe changed lome hills,vi hich Mi.Chap man gave her aa a return lor her lavors. 8hu w aa, however, fully committed. A rsorr.a cast roa puhiihmknt.?Captain William Dahew, ot the towboat "Milan," from Reineback, utrh. eaa county, lodged a complaint againat James Lewia. pilot of the steamboat '-Ouzelle," for having, on the afternoon of Saturday, July 8th, between the hour* of Ave and six o'clock, backed, or caused to be backed, the said ateamboat Gazelle upon hia boat, the Milan, aw he waa hauling out of the alip at the foot of Jamea street, with a large number of male and female passungera on board, cauaiug thereby much alarm and danger to the aaid paaaengers and injuring the lioat to the aerioua loaa of the o wnera ? All this, it ia alleged, waa done without any just cause, and itso in a malicious manner, with oatba and violent threatening* that he would amash the >aid towboat to piece*. Lewis waa held to bail to stand hia trial for malicious mischief. Takido wiiat niD i?ot klonu to him?Mr. Ferris Hathway and Charles Richards lodged together in tne ?*rae room at No. 96 Veaey atreet, in the month of Octo ber, 184j. The latter went to the bar keeper, Mr William P. Henry,anil demanded from him a cloth cloak valued , at $10, which Mr. Hathway had placed in the keeping of the bar keeper, declaring tnat the coat waa I is property, and so received it. The case was stated to Mr. Hathway | by Mr. Henry, who at once got a warrant out for Richards, but he managed to escape until yeaterday. when he waa arrested and tully committed. i Fraud?Ephraim Wright, a lad about 14 yeara old, was discovett'd to have obtained from Measra. Wild It Merrium 4rt ilaxnn hnnks of iroM leaf, worth $3?also ' Irom Lewis Katen, No. 70 Canal street, 23 dozen ot name, worth $1 76, by representing himseh as an apprentice to Mr. David Walker, No. 172 Fulton street, but which was a fabrication. He waa committed for a fraud. Stealino 8ilvkr Spoon*?Mr?. Sarah Ann Harbison caught James Wilson in the act of pocketing a lot ol silver anil Herman silver table and tea spoons,ol the value of $10 60, t h t property of her husband James Harbison, No. 47 llooievelt street, and had him committed to the Tombs. 8tvalino Cassimkkc.?John Thompson was discovered in the act o( carryinggott a piece of cassimere, ot the value of $38 I2J, the property of Henry Kenworthy, of No. 64 William utreet, and is lully committed for a grand larceny. Pktit Lihcrmn.?Charles Hedges, a black man, stole a pair of gentleman's gaiter boats worth $4 from the shoe store ot Patrick Roan, No. 1 Nassau st. John Potter was caught in the attt of stealing a calico dress and other articles, worth f 1 76, from No. 6 Stone street, by Patrick McCornville. Matilda Banks entered the premises No. 11 Clinton street, and stole two calico dresses, and six dresses belonging te the children of Mathew Berry man, and wns caught by Druiilla Craft, as she was making her exit with the plunder. A Voumo Villain ?A* Mrs. Hester Ann Barndollar, of No. 238 Walker street, entered the b ikery store of Air. William Anderson, she found a young rascal very tangft oiily perched upon the counter, makiug efforts to induce the money drawer to reveal its treasures, and so intent { was the young thief, that he did not hear Mrs. Barndollar until she grasped him tightly round the waist, and carried him into the back room, where he drew a knife and made an attack upon the women, frightening them from their propriety, until they procured assistance from the street, when he was secured and sent to the police office. Circuit Court. Ui-lore JmlRff Kent. July 14.?Nilet v*. Manning?This case, which occupied tho whole of yesterday, was this morning given to the Jury, who found for the plaintiff?damages $7.V Lucien B. Hauki vs. Richard J Richardt it ml. ?This was an action brought by the plaintiff, who is a paper makor residing at Hartlord, Conn., to recover the amount of $270 lor paper supplied to the defendants, when on to print the newspaper known as the " Spirit of the Times.''' The plaintitraasertsa joint liability of Richaid J Richards and John Richards, and alleges that they are Joint proprietors of the "Spirit of the Times"; but the del. ndant John Richard*, denies hi* liability, the ) taper having been furnished to his brother, who is a well know n press owner and the printer of severalother > ?* tpipeisen contracts, lm? who has become insolvent. It app< arit that the Messrs. Porter, the original proprietors of the " Spirit of the Time*," found themselves much embarrassed in the au tumn of 1341; they were indebted too.ieol the defendants, Mr. R. J. Richards, and a Mr. Cnrii^K held a chattel mortgage on their paper and uttahlUhmcnt. The two Messrs. Porter and the two Meesrw Richards, who were engaged together in the printing of the " Spirit of the Times," it was understood, met for consultation on the state of their affairs, and it was arranged that Mr. ' R. J. Richards should procure an aa?igiiment of prior I mortgages to himself, and that they should conI tinue the publication, one of the Messrs Porters still remai ling ns its editor. The assignment of Mr. Curtis's | foreclosed mortgage was accor dingly made on the 5th November, 1941, for the nominal consideration ol $|, to I Richard J Richards, on whose account a public, sale was j made to his broker, John Richards, in whom thei>tle win rested on the 14th December subsequent, tor the nominal ) consideration oi f 10, and since that period ?h'j i.huim ol ( John Richard* has appeared on the paper as it> piO|>ri*toi and publisher. It i?, however, alleged, that in | urkuanc, of the secret art angem.nt between the Messrs Porter aid the Messrs. Richards, Richard J. Richards is still a proprietor. Evidence was called to prove his declarations 1 to that ettect, and likewise the exercise of the power of a i proprietor by the purchase of paper for the Spirit of the Times, which was recognized by the brother, J?>hu Richards, and by him paid lor. The paper, for which this suit was brought, was purchased by Richaid J. Rich ard*, and used lor the publication of the Spirit of the Time*, but John Richard* now refuse* to pay; and for the defence it wa* alleged that Richard J. Richard* being posseued of large preases, contracts to print various newspaper* in this city, and that he nays, on hi* own account, large quantities ol paper, which he re sella to the establishments for which he prints. It was attempted to show thst he had personal transactions of this nature with which John Richards had nocencern, and that fo? paper so furnished he was alone liable, and that to him alone the concerns to which he supplied it were answer nhlf. or nniri for thuf nfner. ss well as for the lise of his I preaae*. II the plaintiff'establishes hi* case, be may rw I cover the amount lor which the action is brought, for I John Richnrds is said to be in prosperous circumsfanoer; l but if the defence establishes the ?ole liability of R. J. ' Kichiirds, nothing can be recovertd, aa he has become in- I lolvent; und hence the gistof the case. Judge Kent will charge the Jury this morning. Court of Common Pltu. I Before Judge UlahoelTer. i Jillv 14.? Marvin vs. Monmouth BHatt?This case, which ci mmenced yesterday, occupied the whole of this day, also. Ai we stated in yesterday's Herald, this waa an action againit the Sheriff for lo?s sustained by the plain. tiff for the neglect of the defendant or his deputies, to whom an execution had been intrusted. We gave the facts yesterday. The Jury found for the plaintiA.damages $3,370 68. General Seaalona. Before Recorder Tallmsdge and Aldermen Brady and Rawaon. James R. Wmitino, Esq., District Attorney. Jui.r 14? Moiit V. Htach.?Alderman Scoucs delivered the opinion of the rourt in the case of the special demur rer interposed by the defendant in th?case nl the " People vs. Moses Y. Beach." for a libel on John R. Pitkin, and which demurrer whs argued id the June term. The decision ia very lengthy, and overrules the demurrer, obliging the defendant to plead to the indictment. The (Junit Cait.?Jacob Guntz, impleaded with Mortz Silt er and Abraham Otintz, was placed on his trial on a charge of stealing from M< Name* k Bowen, Ne. Irt Wil. Ham strew, corner of Braver, on the QJd August last, two pieces ol lace worth >30 This case has been nailed on every term of Court since September last, when the bill was found, but from one cause or other it was pat oft. A nolle pro tt qui was entered by the Court in January last in thn ease of Abraham Ountz On the trial of Mil. tier the Jury could not agree. 'I he evidence wan precisely the tame aa that given on that trial. Mr.Theodore McNamee f.eing the principal witnea*, he having ob nerveil the lace* fall out ol the hat of the present defend ant Into a luce box lying on the counter, aftar he had hern accused by Mr. McNamee of having stolen the property. In this he wa* *upported by the teMimony ol the clerk, Abraham U Letion, who gave Mr. Mr Vamee the information which led to the detection. Mr. McNamee wore that to the beat of hi* belief, the lacea ?o stolen coat them orifinally from 997tof'i8; that efforts had been made by Mr. Kei*er, the bail, and by Mr. Price and Vultoe, counsel for the partiea, to compromise the mater, but without sticceta Mr. Week*, book kaeper, testified to having made an estimate of the price of the laoea *o ntolen, at the police office, and that it wt? over $30. He ala < Mated that he believed the coat of the lace originally wa* over fM. Tkedefence called to the stand Abraham Gunti, a l>arty originally included in the ca*e, to prove the valua ofthe lace*, but he could not lucceiaftilly controvert the tatement ol Mr. MrNameeand Week* Several other witneiiea were examined a* to the good character of the |iri?oner. Verdict, gnilty of grand larceny Ttteprl<oner wa* then remanded to priaoti to await * ntenc . Sentmctd ?Levi Heine, found gnil'y mi perjury, in the case of Fisbblatt rrrtm William A. Darliiig, tned in the \Ia-ine Court before Justice Sherman, wa* Sentenced to the State pri*on for a term i f .hree ye*ra Jnhn Olea*on, convicted aa a receiver of stolen geods. in [ Uicnaaing a quantity of silver spoons from *ome hoy*, knowing the lameto hestolen property, wn* sentenced to the Penitentiary for one montn?there being sum* mitigating cirrtiM tances. Pita ?f Guilty.?Mortz Sllber, impleaded with Jacab Ount?, as reported above, with the consent of the Court, entered a plea of guilty of petit larceny, and was allowed ^ until Monday to give in aflidavita in mitigation of punish- >. nent. ' a i ? Adjournal until nrat Monday at tk? usual boar., u ? I TV JL-A JL/? Two CmU, l|hth Ward Court. Before Justice French. The COI?STITBTIOH4LITV OP the OBlltf Lim - fmu Qrout vh. Uanitl Jidt*.? Thi? was an action brought by lie plaintiff, who ia Measurer Oaueral ot Grain, against he delanilant for violating sec. M, art. 2, chap. I, part 1 >1 thi* Revised Statutes, which prohibits any person,other ban those appointed by law, Irom measuring any grain n the city of New York, for hire, pay or reward, under l pe.tally of $3?. The defendant, who is one of the former measurers of rrsiu, whose term of oMce expired last January, coniim>'d uftvr the eipiratiou of his term and the appointii.-iii ol his successor, to measure grain as hefore, but in >td< r evade the statute he engaged himself as a laborer ' > the captains end owners of grain sloops, and in that C'V.irity he mexsured all their grain, performing, howmv't, pom** sdHi'iontil set vices, such as assisting t? throw woo l on shore, collecting bills, kcIt uppeared on tho part of the plaintiff that the defendant had measured grain onboard the barge Rhinebeak several times; that he performed the sane servica aa the regular measurers; that the grain was sold uy this mea surement, and the legal fees charged by tha captains to thn nnrrhaa*>Pr that tlm panlum nf tka D hinahfl?lr had paid him about $30 for hi* aervicea, in which wire included hia additional lat>oron board ol the barge. The Counael for tha defendant contended that tha act for the violation of which thia action wan brought waa illegal and void. That the charter granted to tha city ol N- w York by Oovarnor Montgomery, in 17S3, conferred 'ipon tha Corporation of tha city, the power of appointing mcamireri o I grain forever; that tne charter having t> en ratifli'd and confirmed by the aonatitutian of thia 'ite, tbia privilege waa in the natureof a veated rig ht, acl co >ld not ba taken from tha city by a aubaequent act uf th? L gi'UMire That admitting that inch an act could tie p.iaatd, thn conatitution required that every act atretic? a bo<<y politic or corporate iihonld ba paui d by atwotlnrt vote, and it had not been legally (hownin thia caae that ?hia act had received auch a vota. The counael tor tkie plaintifl contended that the privi1' ge conf' i rail by the colonial charter, waa a mere grant of political power to the city of New York, for tha purpose of muuicipal governmi nt, which might ba recalled by the p-ople of the State. acting through the lagialatura, at pleaaurr. That it waa not in the nature of contract, which the State would hava no power t* never, but it waa a maro authority ta tha city of New York to exareiae certa;n powers of government, which ctherwiae would be exerciaed by the State and which waa gi anted a* a matter ol public convenience, it being inexpedient to btirdan tha State legiaiature with evarv thing pertaining to the local government of the city. Tnat in thia manner the oity. tilr?- other citiea in the State, exerciaed certain power* uf Kovernment, a portion of tha sovereign power ol the S'ate " hat power waa grafted, and ita exerciae limited by charier. It might na increased or restricted ny subsequent acts m tne legislature. in republican form of government such Kraut could not, Irom it* very nature, become u right, or be the subject of an Inalienable grant No legislature woul.l have the right to part thut absolutely with Any portion of the sovereign power of the State, and place it where it never could lie reached thereafter by the people Such an authority, or such a consequence waa inconsistent with the whole nature ol our government. The fact that thia charter wn< recognized by the conatitution of thia State, did net make its privileges perpetual, or it* grant* inalienable. It limply gave tne charter the lame validity in the State thnt It before possessed in the province of New York. The charter waa annulled bv the act of revolution, and without ita recognition by the constitution, It wouid have no euistunce under the new government. The effect,there fore, of the constitutional provision waa to continue it unimpaired; and a* it would have been in the power of the King o! Oreat Britain to annul, alter, or revoke it at pleasure, (he people of thia State, who have aucceeded to him,as the source ol power,have an equal right to change, moduy or repeal it. The counsel cited a number of authorise* in support of thia poaitioa. He further contended that the plaintiff waa not required to prove that thia act wai pained by a two-third vote. It wai enacted that the lawi, aa published by the authority of the State, were to be received as evidence in all courtaof justice: and aa this act wai fourd in the statute book, it waa to t>e inferred prima facte that it .was paaaed with all thft neceaaary formalities. He admitted, however, that the Court might inuuire into the fact, and accordingly submitted the journals of the Legialature for 1833, by which it appeared to have been passed by a two third vote. To ihiathe counsel for the defendant objected. The judge decided that this act waa a valid subsisting law; that the Legialature had power to repeal any portion ot the charter, o* to abolish it altogether; that they constantly eaerciai'd this power, and that the whole charter had been amended, new provialona added, and then abolished in 1H34. He supposed that the fact that this law waa found in the statute book w?uld be auflioient to raise the presumption that it was a two third act. According to the authority of the Supreme Court, be might look at the journal! or the original act. and aa the production of the journal* had removed all doubt, he would nn n-irar/f it. Tim counsel lor the defendant than sentenced that tha facta proved by tha plaintiff did not conatitutea violation of the statute. The defendant had not been euip'oy ed to omasum gnin, but aa n laborer to perform general ?ervicea. Iln had measured thin grain aa a part of hia general employment, and hi* compenaalion had been paid for hia seivicea generally. The captain of the Rhinebeck had a right to employ bin aa hand on board, aad put him to meaaure grain il he thought proper. This point wm arguml at great length by the respective counael, and tha Judge aubmitted it to the Jury whether auch an employment win an evasive violation of the statute or not, who returned a verdict for the plaintiff for the Hill amount of the penalty and cost*. Charles T. Duly for plaintiff; N. B- Blunt for defendant Navai,.?The frigate Macedonian did not suffer iny considerable damage from running against the Pennsylvania, near Norfolk, as slated in our paper renterday. the lost her stern boat, which waa : >ni|i|*'tely crushed ; her stern davits were carried iwHy, and h?*r spanker baom broken. Some other j'iglit injury was sustained, all of which would b? epaired in two days. The Pennsylvania wu not much injured There were, we believe, several ladies on board the Macedonian at the time of the accident, who were a good deal frighienad. V?he will soon be in sailing order again, aad leave for the coast ot Africa, she being the flagshm of the -quadron under Commodore Perry. The following is a correct liat of the officers :? Isaac Mayo, Captain; Thomas f. Craven, Lieutenant; Charles H. Poor, do: B. W Hunter, do; J. J., William U. Whiting, do; Jamea MrCormick, do; John '"ontee, Flag Lirntennnt; Matthew C. Perry, Jr., Acting v'aaier; Edmund L. Du Barry, Fleet Murgean; Henry F.'ttn*, Purser ??, Chaplain : Edward J. Rutter, P ?? < 4?*iaiant Surgeon; Joihna Huntington, A??iatant #nrr?r)Ti; Mar in Roche, Profaaaor of Mathematics; J. C. Rich, Lieuvnsnt Commanding Marine*; Wm C. Tuck, "antain'* Cl?-rk: Oeonre H. Cooper, Paaaed Midihipmaa; William II. Thompson,do; Andrew Bryaon, do; Joel 8. lennard,rfo; V debipmen I) R. Lambert, Peter Wt?^er, lr., Theodorir Lee, Aaran K. Hngbaa, A. Col en Rhmd, Lyman R Law, Alnaudrr A. Memtnui, Wiugata Pil*iury. Robert A Marr. CorneLiu* C. Wiliiamaon, Mif ter'a Mate; Joahua Bryant, Boatswain: John Clapham, Uunner; Amna Chick. Car|>enter; William H. Brajtos, Hailmek-r, William Be?r? Punier'* Steward; E.J. Boa. vine, Suramin'*Steward; Floyd Waggaman, Esq.,Storekeeper to the African Squadron. TheU. S. brig Apprentice, on a cruise, arrived at Gloucester 10th instant, and waa at Salem neit day. Mklancholy Ace idknt?A terrible accident took place |*!>t Saturday afternoon, on the Lehigh and Surquehanna Railroad, about three and a half miles Irom this borough Mr Theodore Titus, with his wife and son, and a lad about fourteen years of age (the two latter of whim had been out on a visit to the husband at bio mills, near the Lehigh) were coming in their ?wn conveyance, a truck car, to Wilkesbsrre. They had, with the aid ot a common brake, simply, came down the tminel plane and the 1 m..i ? el... /,? ?.nk i,?i below, there are three plane* ) On reaching the head of the second plane, one mile and a rod in langth, descent one foot in ten, Mr Titus was requested to put on the shoes of the car, a aafe Kuard beyond all contingencies But unfortunately, feeling confidence in his power of control over the car, h?- neglected to take the advice given, and disobeyed the express and positive orders sf the Lehigh Goal and Navigation Company, which are that no car should pass the planes without the shoes. HuslxnH. wife and son started on the deacent?it whs but n moment before it was discovered that all ommsnd of the car waa lost, ana sweeping with a ightning-like rapidity, the doomed freight was scatered at the bottom #t the plane?the wife almost a nangled mass, life instantly extinct?the husband iruised, lacerated, senseless?the son with skull ractured. and dangerous, it not mortal wounds, as he result. The diataare that Mrs. Titus was hrown, her head having struck the fragment of a ;ock, could not have been less than Irom thirty to ifty feet; the son was also thrown from the car iorae twenty-five or thirty feet. Mr. T. having reained hold of the brake, it seems must have retmn d his position until the truck struck against another, at the foot of the plane, as he was foand not more than ten feet from it. . It is but justice to say that the passenger-trains iver this road are provided with, and use that enure safety guard, the ifioe, with which the car will not only not run down the plane by gravity, but reluirts a how to draw it down. I mpiuioii^the fact is it is important to tne iravener, wn? mi?m ? ? *i<e be deterred from the route. There it,, in fact, lot aa much Hanger in descending the inclined >lanrs with due precaution used, as there is in a Irive from your office to the mint. Father and soa ire ptill alive, although their situation is critical. *CHANGEAPILE LOCKS FOR SALE. JAMES KYLE'S INVENTION. Jl lTABLk, for Bank*. 0?<m. ?nd ?tor. * -. > i* rvqairoH. Purww is *?? H^miron 1 lAt pnrpo*., m?T obtmt tjie <* ?* *>J uprlft* ? * H?m?p , tor of iUUMIi lm }

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