Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 19, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 19, 1843 Page 1
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' . S9Mean99-f!!!!! TH vol. I*.?Mo, 19A WAoU Ho. 3408 . To tli? Public. THE NKW YORK HERALD?dailynewipapor?publlihrjl ovprv /t.v Ar tha rMT BxCflDt NfiW YcW'B dlj and Fourth of July. Price a c?nta por copy?or |7 36 per aalum?pontile* paid?cub in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price cents per copy, or M 13 por anuumpostages piiid?oash in advance. ADVERTItik'.RS are informed that the circulation ot the Herald i? over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing a?t- It hat the large it circulation of any paper in thil city, or the tcorU, and it therefore the be$t channel for busintti mm in the city or country. Price* moderate?caah in advance. PRINTING of all kinda, executed at the moat moderate >ricea, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GOftpON BENNETT, PaoraiBToa er the Hkkalo E>t*BLisMifitit*, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau street! The Great Bunker Hill Herald, Published on superHne paper, containing a full account of the celeoration of Bunker Hill, consisting of the descriptions, and Mr. Webster's oratioi : accompanied with five splendid engravings, comprising 1st. A rare and original view of the Battle of Bunker Hill, which took place on the 17th June, 1775 ; exhibiting the array of the American army, engaged in deadly conflict with the British troops, their ships and tlinr lorces. 2nd. A view of the procession forming on Boston Common. 3d. A view of the procession croaaing Warren Bridge. 4th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the north, as it looked on the day of tne celebration, with the flags above and crowds below. 6th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the southern buy, as it looked on the quiet Sabbath morning after the celebration. Agents will please transmit their order* before the edition will he sold, as the demand is unprecedented. The price, agents, $8 per hundred, or eight cents per copy. Retail, 13J cents. To be had at this oflce. - URAFT8 ON ENGLAND. IRELAN D, iic.?Persons about remitting molo their friends in the 1 old country," c'nbe rnpptied with Drafts, in ?nm? of 1, 2 3, 5, 10 ,30 It ?50, "r auv amount, payable on demand, wnnont disrouut or *ny other cha ge.atthe National Bank of Irel<ud, Provincial Btt.k, do., Messrs J inn Bull, H.)n Si Co.. Banker*, Loikod, I. Barneil fit Co., Exchange and Disc un< B nk, Liverpool, E? tern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Buking Comptny, Sir Wm. Ko bes Hon'er k Co , *cotIsud, and the branches in every pott town throughput England, Ireland, Scot -nd fit Wales, which drafts wili be foi warded by the ?te"m:Ts Great Westora or H'bernia, by W. & J. T. TAPSCOTT, At then Genera! Pottage (1/fice, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South ?t. N. B ?All letters from the country must come post paid. )y llr XJKfr KEMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fcc.-The WryTy mbictiber eontiunea to trauamit money in tuini la'ge JKflBa??or >inall. to neraont residing in any part of Irrlaud iu tlie tame manner a? he, end his nredecusor in business have done <or the lat; thirty ye?ra mid moie,alio,to any part of England. or Scoilard. Money remitted by letter (poat paid) to the tubacriber, or peraobally deposited with hnn win the name of the peraon or prraon* in Irel-nd. Eugland or Ht oiland. to whom it la to be ami, a-id neareat poet town, will be unmt-diatalv transmitted and paid tccordinu'y, and a receipt to that effect given, or lorwarned to the sen ler. In ii*e manuer money, or claim* on peraona in any part of ^^'Dd, Em land or Scotland can be collected hy the snbacrir 'or prriana residing in auv part ol the United States ar Canada. and wiil t>e paid to them accordingly Ii7 lm*r GWOKOE McBrtlOK. Jr . ?2 Cedar at. JOHN HERDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. M. at M. ^MUJCAB LTNEOF.PACKnTHlPS.e^Suhatreet, New York. CAKHAUE to and from Great Britain and lreland.via Livrr - J ? ? ? ?-i 1-. .u; .. !,. I>u I "lUtl L.UH1MHI, UJ IIIC irkuiai ai,,, , vu ?.v lit, 7ih, .3th, '9Cn, and Jlih of each month to and from Liverpool. and to and frum Loadou lit, 10th and 2"th of e*ch mouth The nbtcriber has made unequalled arrangement* to briiur out emu-rant*, and can, with great continence, a? ure those persons seudiue for their frieodt, that every dne and iligrnt attention will be ihown them, and all w* o embark with them, r'asiage can alto be engaged from Liverpool i i eci to New Oricam, Mobile, Saiannati, Baltimore, fhiUdelplria, B ) ton, and to toe different ports of the Britiih Province*, at -he lowest rate?. Witli thase arrangement*, together with the advantage which hit Liverp ol c ^respondent* possess, being la ge ship owner*,and eiteusuelt engaged in the ireighting niiueas despatching yearly at least 100 first cla*s ships fniD Li-errool to the various ports of the United States, with freight and pajseuger*. The facility offered by this establishment is unsurpassed, and from the large number of first class ship* employed in the liue there can be no d'trnuon whatever, which will be guaranteed. The pnee o< passage will be at the lowest rates, an ? should any of those sent lor ecline cimiug, the pas sa^r money will as customary refunded. The steamboat fare from the differntt ports to Liverpool can, as usual, be secarta. JOHN HKKDMAN, 61 South st, N Y, or J. K W. KOBINhON,near Wall street. Merchants' ai d Emigrants' Agent*, No. 16 (Joree t'laxuu, Liverpool. DRAFTS AND JLXOHANOK. The subscriber reque*t* th- attention ol those remitting mo- ' ney .o ihcr friends to hs unequalled pmngem-nts for the pty> mnntnf his dr fts on demand, wiih mt d sc<>nnt nr any charge whatever, at the foilawiLg Banking Institution*. vis IN KNULAND?Mtxr* Jame* Bull, Son It oo., Banker*, London. Messrs J. Barnard It Co,, Kxthange and Discount Bank, Liverpool. National Provincial Bank of Kucland.and Branches throughout Kngiaud anu Wale*. Vi,rli,hii? Dniript Bank and Branchea. Btrminxh im Banking Co. Lao uster Banking Co. . . . I N SCOTLAND?ureenock Banting Co. in Glasgow and OretDock. hmeni Bank of Scotland and Branches. lttr.LAN U?Provincial Bank of Ireland. Ain-uh Cork En?is Mallow A'hlone C'.rtow Enniskillen M inttmore Bilioa Chvmi "alway Omagli Bi*tf<i*t Coleraine K 'keuuy Pd'soostown Bmhtidge Cootehill Kiliuth Bligo iulltauua Dublin Londonderry Huabane Btudon Oowupatrick L*ig*n Tralee i'.allyat.annon PuuK*i-uon L'meruk Waterlord Clonmel Dungarron Monaghan Y?ui|h<ll .National Bank of lielandBiUinaalo? Casifeuar Moate Tipperary Bunsgher Knoueorlhy Nenagh Tmm Borie Ferinoy NewKoaa Ihcmastown i n?]icr Oalw.iy R< screa Tmli.-e Cairick on Sair Kan urk Koseommou Westport (;aatle>ea Lougford Siiko Wexford Itnriesvill* Lonfhrea Tallow Wicklow Clonmel Mncnetatown Thurlea > b ?In addition to the Liverpool and London rackets, the subscriber i* alao agent lor the reaular park?ti sailing weekly fr >m New.York to Ntw Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, and S.ivannaii, by which paaaage can be secured at the lowestratea. jy13 tf JOHN HKKDMAM. VHE NEW LINE OV LIVERPOOL PACKETS. jfik 4& jfe To tail from New York 16th, and from ILirerpool 6th of tach month. gh,pHO]^&HI040 U",< I ?*' * N,W 'h,P jih^nd^: Ui? t0n, |> * New ton,iltth Ship ROCHESTER, 850 ton., j1((h October. These substantial, last sailing, first class ships,ill built in the CJtv of New York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, aau will be despatched punctually on the 16th of each month. Their cabin* are elegant and commodious, and are fnrnuhed Tilth whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passenger*. Neither t'e capuini or owners of theie ship* will be reiponsible for any i-arcelior package* *eot by them, unleia regrjar bills ladiug are aigued therefor. For freight or pa**a*e apply to WOODHULL k MINTURNS, 87 Mouth street. Mew York, or to F1KLDEN, BROTHERS It CO., jell r Liverpool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKET^ M m. rPHE OLI^tlNlC of Parkeis lor Liverpo^^^^^reafter be A despatched in the following order, excepting that when the ailing tJ?y falls ou Sunday, the ships will (nil on the succeed ing day, Tit ?,.,DDln,., For New York. For Liverpool The CAMBRIDOE, (June 1 July 19 UO tons, < Oct 1 Nov II W.CBamow.f Feb { Mm I The KNULAND, tJune It Aug 7 7S0 toH, , J Oct 1* Dec 7 H Bartlett. f Feb if April 7 The OXFORD, lJuly | . aS? II 100 tonj. < Not 1 t)ec u J Rnthhone, (March 1 April U The MONTLZUMA. iJnly II "Sip, " . luoo tons. < Not II j#n 7 A. U. Uowfcer. {Mar II May 7 The EUROPE, I Aug 1 Sep, It <18 ton*. J Dec 1 Jan II E.G. Fnrber. (April 1 May 11 The NEW YORK. (u?w) t Aug )| Oct 7 *50 tons. I Dec II Feb T T. B. Cropper.r April II June 7 The SOUTH AMERICA, I 3ep. 1 Oct II 50 ton*. < J\n 1 Feb 19 D. U. Bailey, (May 1 June I* The COLUMBliH. 1 tt?nt It Not 7 700 ton, J J*n 1? Mat 7 O. A. Cole. f May 1* Jo'T , T Their ahipa are Dot >nri>eiee J in point of elegance or comfoit U their ethni accommoriationa, or in their faat tailing qualitiea br any *e?ee? in th? tr?de. Tnr eommai>deia are well known u n'n of character and npr rienci, and the atrieteat attention will alwaya be (Old to piomote the conifoil and convenience of paaaengera. riiLCUMliiy. aa legarda the day of auling, wiU beohtertredaa hereiofore. The price of paaaage outward n now died at 8eTenty-F"i*e Dollnra, for whieh ample atoree ol ever* description will he pmrided, with the exception ol winea and liqnora, which Wi'l he the atewarda, if required. Neitner the ciptiiini orowneraof ibeaeahipe will he reapon aihle for any lettera, parrela, or paekagea aent by them anlna regular hula ol lading are aigned there Tor. If or freight or paa age, apply to _ . GOODHUE fc CO.,M Sotthat.. C. H. MARSHALL. Jl BurlimMlip. N. Y. jyU and to BAKING "HOTMEHB It CO.. L^pool. AAA- r()K MVfcRroOL?The New Line-Henlar fnrvVy. Tacket Itth Animal?The new, aplen'tid New York jHMbbnilt paekat ahip LIVERPOOL, John Kldndie. mja.tir^ IIM 1011a, will imI oo the itth Anguit, her regnlat day. ?r mmhii, riRTing vctt eitgani an<i roomy accommodations, *pi)ly to the Captain on board, west side BurlIDK Slip, or to WOODHULL k MIN+UR'sa, '' "J?| jyto.'Mp OrMt Wnt?rn, rhilip WnodhonM, ?Li?#tpi#I, and tail oo her raanlar day. lotii oepwrnoer. jyll Itr E NE NE PASSAGE OFFICE. EiViKiRANT The Subscribers haviu( completed their arrangements, are now prepared to forward passe gers >o all the Northern and Western States and Canada, bv duly lines of towhoats, railroad! and iieimbo.i"i, ria the North river and Erie Canal, upper Lakes, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Ohio river and Canal routes. The following are a few of ihe moat important points Via Utiea, Buffalo, Pottsville, Galena, Svractus, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Otwego, Detroit, Ciucinnatti, Kingston, Koeheiter, Milwaukie, St. Lonl*, St. Johns, Luckport, Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Also to any port of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Keutuc+^^k Wisconsin, Iowa, k and Lower Canada. Having given versal satisfaction >n their London and Liverpool line els, the subscribers will endeavor to make the prese > taking equally deserving of public fa vor. .... The attention of emigrants and others is invited to the follow low mtes of passage to a few of the most important points, any other places on the route beinc equally low, vir.:? Utica, $1 50 Columbus, $9 ?0 St Louis, $14 00 Syracuse, i 7'i Sandusky, 5 75 Galena, it 00 Rochester, 2 00 Detroit, s 06 anada. Buffalo, 2 50 Milwaukie, 10 00 Toronto, 4 f0 Oswego, 2 50 Chicago, 10 00 Kii.gston, 4 50 Krie, 4 50 Pittsburg, 8 75 11 -miltou, 4 50 Cleveland, 5 50 Cincinnati, 12 00 Montreal, 5 00 For further uarticulars apply to W. & J. T. T APSCOTT, at their General Passage Offi'e, Peck slip cor Mouth st. Tate Notice?This office is not connected with any other in this city. jlfir DAILY EXPRESS FORALBAN TKOY. BUFFALO, CHICAGO AND THE CANADAS. The snbncrib-T, having completed their arrangements with the People's Line of Steamboats, on the Noith River aud the Rail Koad Companies west of Albany for running their Express lor the season of 1R43, an Express will leave their office. No. J Wall street,New York, every evening, at quarter to 7 o'clock, for the above named ai d iutermedu'e places. IMPORTANT. For th? greater safety and security of all valuable and money gtckages eutrmted to their care,_ they have Salamander Iron afes on board of the steamboats, in a state room occupied ex clu?ively by themselves, apd the messenger in charge sleeps in the same roum with the iron sales, into which all sucV packaitei replaced. POMEROY h COMPANY, nuec INO. 2 wan street. KOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OK THfeTwESl A>?U~AT10N PA-??\UE. OFHKK TO ALBANY. Utica, $2 00 Rochester, #:j 00 Ryiacuse, 2 26 Kuffilo, ] SO Oswego, 2 26 Up. k Lower Canada6 60 For passage apply to M. L. KAY. m211 in 9J Bare'ar street New York. BRITISH AND NORTH AMKRICAN ROYAL MAJ1 HI HAM SIIII'9, Of 1200 tons \nd <40 horse power each. Appointed by the Admirrlty to sail between Liverpool am Boston, calling at Halifax to land and receira Passensengers and Her Majesty's Mails. H1BKRNIA, Ca| tain Cliarlcs H. K. Judklns CALKDONlA, (-.aptAJD Edward G. Lott. ACADIA, Captaiu Altxander Ryrie. COLUMBIA, Captmo N. Snaunoo. BRITANNIA, Captain Jchn Hewitt. Will sail Tor "oston, via Halifax. FROM LIVt.afOOL FROM tOSTOH. Acadia, Ryrie, 19:h May 16th June Colombia, >tauuon 4th June 1st July u.I,..11,,.,. in l. I...,. ic.u 1..I fceKSroR. Lott, uhJ Hv In Aut These shirs cairy experience surgeons, and Krauces' Pateu I ife boats. No berths secured ontil paid fo>. Apply to D. BRIOHAM. JR.. Agent, je6r No. 1 Wall street. New York. M jr JR ^^^lARsfltLTfS LIMf^)K?ACK The undermentioued ships will be regularly dispatched fron honcr aud from Marseilles on the 1st of each uionih dunui the year? From New York. Marseille] COURIER. CaptDaggan, . June 1. lAus 1 TRK.SCOTT.Capt Myrick, July 1. Sep 1 HELLESPONT, Cart Ailami, Aug 1. Octl CORIOLA NU8, Cap Haile, Sep I. No* 1 H'RYTHOMPSON, Cap Svlvester, Octl. Diet They are all copper** aud copper laitened.and ha*t eicellet ccommodatious Tor passengersThe price of cabin passive will be $106, exclusive o, wine and liquor*. Uoods addressed to the a gents, BOYD It HINCKEN, wi] be forwarded Tree of other charges loan those actually paid. For freight or passaKe ami* to BOYD It HTNCKEN, AgenU. No. 9 Tontine Bu'ldings, or S. BROOM it CO.. mM r 103 Front street. LONDON LI.<K OK PACKET*? Packet ni ch. i'H^?0MiJn v? The splendid, new, fast sail'ug p?ckrtshi| iSlstHENDRU K HUOSOS', Capt Moore, will sail po .ii?ef* a* above, her regular day. H hide superior arcomirxxlat'ous for cabin, second cabin am steerage pisstnge-s, those wish ing to secure births should no fail to make early application ou board. ?ir 'o W. Ik J. T TAPSCOTT. 41 Pec* Slip cor South St. Persous desirous of sending for their friends c?n h>*c then brought out in this splendid ship which sails from London oi the T'h 9-pt*mber, or any of the regular line on rea>onabl< terms, Those wuliing to remit m^ney ran have drafts for air amount payan'e on uetnand iu all the principal iowui of Grea Britain Irelaid j12ec I'LO BLACK BALL LINK OK PACKET! (MffyFOH LIVERPOOL? Packet of the l# h Juiy-TH MHbinlendid fait atiimc new packet ship MONTE ZUMA. C.iptain Lowber, will be despatched oi above, he regular day. This elegant ship haa ursurpassed accommodation* for cabit 2d cabin and >teero?e pasicngers. Those wishing to aecan bertha will require to make early application to JOHN HtRDMAN, 61 South street, B -ar Wall st. I N. B.?Passage fromOreat Britain and Ireland tia Liverpoo! can at u .uai be secured at the lowest rates by 'he regularpackc snips sailing weekly. The subscriber h>a joat c< beladed or eqii tiled irr'.ngemeuta for the pavm*nt of hi* drain at ihe fo1 I.wing bank*?The National and Provincial Bauka<f Iceland and at all their b-anches. Alao ihe Narional ntd Province Bank of England and all its branches throughout England an Walea. Alt* the Eastern Batik of 9c< tUnd, the tireenoc Banking Co, and all their branches, throughout Scotland, f o fnither pavtit nUt* apply as aboye. JySr KOH LIVERPOOL?NEW LINE-.Reenia Packet of lith July.?The Splendid Packet Bh. jMnWvKOBClUS, Captain John Collins, of 110) torn will positively sail as above, her regalar day. Kor freight o passage, having accommodations unequalled for spleudor <i omfcrt, apply on hoard, at Orleans wh.trf. fool of Wall street r to K. K. COLLINS St ( O. 46 South strcst. Price of passage fliTne Packet Ship Siod ins, Captain E.B.Cobb, of 1(C loss, will succeed the Roscins, and saii the JSth of Aug, Ih tfolar day. fats, ngers tif iglj on ihr ship* otihis line sailing ran'tct y tadfertiseH J' 2br jWRi: ?U frbfv KKt OOL.?Regular packet of the 19*. ^NU^Jnly.?'The very superior, rut sailing packet stu KUfiBaMONTEZUMA, Captain Lowbei, will postivel ail aa above. Having very superior accommodations for cabin,aeeond eabi and steerage passengers, persons wishing to embark shanl make early application to JOSEPH MeMUKKAV. ?? .... ... 100 Pine ?t., cor. South. Tbe above will be sticceed'd br the nplendH picket ihii Rotciui, Capita Collins, and tail on the 25tli July. IVrtom wir.iiing to ?fud lor their Iriendi in the ol conutry, cau have them brought oat by the above ahip, ? auy ol the regular packets, by applying aa above ; if hv lettei >o?i paid jv |j re .mfi jgm ulanu kkhhv, koo'j q3pO|* WHII UHALL jT.?The steamboat SZMJLSTATES ISLANDKR and 8AMSOP will run >u follows nntil further notict*? Leave New Yo>k I, 9. to. II, I 2. 3!<,5, 6 7. L'avc Staten Island 8, 9, 10. II. I, 2.4,5.6 7. Leave New York aid Suten Island everv honr on 8nnd^. P. S.-Ki ursion to Kort Hamilton, Sundays eicepted Leave Kort Hamilton 7K A. M., returning irein New York JV P. M. Fare to Staten Island, 6J< cents. D > to Fort H milton 12V cents. ill r .(Mf| 4H HAMILTON HOU8C. KOHT IIA) r^3?lLT?)N The sceamboats 8TATKT jB^aaJHUC. IL A VD" H nml SAMSON will ran ever' day (Suudtyi excepted) d'irintf the seanou. as 'oiiows>? Leave Fort Ibmil'on at 7H A M and 4 a P. M. INe.. York, Whitehall Dock, at 3% P. M. Thia arrangement may b' relied on as permanent, as its con tinn?nce will not depend on *nv contingency jlS Imr .mfl u* MlMVIKK Ai<KA;>UK vi KM foi fciTi 8 H H K W 8 B U R V- Long Branch, Oeea KLMjLMouse, Black Point, Knmson, and fcatontow Lan>4ing, through the inner ptssnge The new Steambos SHKCWSBUItY, CapUin Jor.n P. Corlies, will leave Katoi town Landir g on Sond^y, the 4th of June in t.. and ran as (ol lows,to wit: Irarirg New York, fiowi the foot of Kohinso street, evfry Monday. Tnetd<y, Wednesday, Thursday an Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Ketnrning, will leave Katontow Landing on e.ich of the ahov* davs. at I o'clock, P. M. On Si tarday will leave New Y>>rkat o'clock, P. M , and Katnr town Landing on Smidavs at 1 o'clock, P. M , and Ocean Hons at 4 o'clock. The 8HRK.WSBURY will stop at Fort Hamil tin each way. Fare 37)t eents, and stopjin: at Bandy Hook, going an commgN. 8.?Stage* will be in attendance to convey patsengei from theaforaaaid landing places to any part country rennirer tell Mm NttW AHK AND NIL W ~ YOKK?far BmKU* only UK Centa !?The ?| lendid ateatnc m_MCJL PASSAIC, ('(plain John Unffy. On mi alter Monday, June 5th, will rua a> follows J? Leaves the loot ol Baiclay meet, New York, at 10 A M and \ P.M. Lenrea the ftvM of Centre itrtet, Newark, at TX A.M., an I 1H P. M. H'reieht carried at very low ratea. al??mr AUAiVl* A y- V. 3 iMfcW 1UKK A.N U NILWAHA ?1 PUKHS.? ihe public are respectfully informed that t > mbacribers ka?e established an htpress between New Yo-( uid Newark, N. J., for the transraiaaion and ipeedy delire ?f packages, bundle*, money, lie. ke.; the collection of not j and Mill, and all other biisieesa appertaining to an Kxpvu Order* for article* to be returned by the Kipreu will ? ielirered free ol charge. Office in New York at No. 7 Wall atreet, ?jd in Newark, SMITH'S Newspaper Depot, No. 120 BrouJ *t. L.ave New York M 11M A. M. ind <1< P. M. Leave Newark at t A. M. a?d IK P. M. jH? A DA MB > I'O ~ BOOi AMU 3HOK Wl'ORt. JOHN HKADY re?peetfnlly inform* hiafrieodi ind the public, that he ha* commenced business ini the abori line, at N Na.sati ?tiret, wliere he will thmiklnlly ree?i?i ud faithfully erectile, all order, lie u.ay be farored with H^nii *1 re*?nn?blr term* lor e?sh *"r "0111.011X111; OK LIME." 200KA.K. ,.r .0 VD VjtM AKK-r.JK^ A I. K HI 4#lf Mfl e 1 I 1 A W ill' v ilT II k b T 'Mr - ... .... W I IJ W YORK. WEDNESDAY TAPSUOTT'S GENERA1 j PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. * ^ The aubscribera beg to call the nttcutiou of their friend* I Ami the public centrally, to their ?U|wnor arrangement* for bringing nut pass<i?iger? from, aud remitting money to, any pur* of England, 4ieUud, Scotland or Wales, in tne magnificent packet ships, comprising the NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.>Ship ROSCfUS.Capt. Collins. Ship 8IDOONS,CaptainCobb. fehip SHERIDAN, Captaiu Depeyiter. Ship GARRICK, Captain Skidly. New shin HOTTINGUER, Captain Bursley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhotue. Ship ROCH E8T E R,Captain Palmer. New ?hip LIVERPOOL.Captain Eldredge. Sailing twiej every month; and with the " UNITKL) LINE," composed of superior fir*t clat* American ships, sailing every ten days, will make five ships in each month throughout the year, (or one every sil days) thereby preveutins the pos?i tolnv of unnecessary detenwou. Passages direct from Loudon, Bristol aud Greenock to New .*. Alsofrom Liverpool to New Orle\n?, Mobile, Savan I. h.irieston. Philadelphia, Boston end Baltimore, and the tano ? British North America, can at all time* be engaged an liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not full to see the advantages to be de rived Irom selecting this line in preference to any other, aud they may rest assured that unusual carc will b? taken to make the i assaue agreeable, the ship* being fitted op with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. lu all c?scs wlie' tthe pities sent for decline coming, the money will be r? Tided without any deduction, as usual. A ree passage from the vv ious seaport- of Ireland and Scotland, can also be secured. The regular packets for which the subscribers are .igent*. sail as follows, viz To aud from London on the 1st, 10th, and 20th of eucli mouth. To and from Liverpool oa the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, and 25th of each mouth. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, aui Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persona in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclnsi.ig the sum they wish sent, with the name and address of the parlies to receive it, m?y rely on a draft for the ' amonut being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt thereof, uud an acknowledgement for the same returned per 1 mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, with| out discount or any other charge, at the National and Provincial Binks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, 1 Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bnlt, Son &Co., Bankers, London, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, r and in every principal towu of Great Britain and Ireland. Further particulars made kuown on application, if by letter, post paid, to " W. Si J. T. TAPSCOTT, 1 d3y r 43 P ck Slip, corner rtont st. . " m m. ~ jst 1ASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF | LIV KRPOOL PACKETS. I [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th aud 19th of every month.} Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have them come onl in this superior L.ine of Packets, sailing from L iverpool unr.tually on ihe 7th and I9th of every month. T( ev will also have a first rale class of American tradiug ship*, sailing every sii days, thereby affording weekly communication Irom that port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Rochet is there, te see trial they shall be forwarded with care and des * patch. Should the parties agreed for not corre ml, the money will . be returned to those who paid it here, ?ithout any redue tion. 'Jfce Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packet*, comprise the following inagnificvnt Ships, viz:? The OXFORD. The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, MIULAIIU, nunin AllllinilyA. With such superior and unequalled airangemeats, lha sub scribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that tipport which lias been extended to them 10 many yean, fur which they are grateful. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can atall times obtain Drifts at sight for any amount, drawn direel on (he Koyal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PRESCOTT, OROTE, AMES k CO. Bankers, London, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Blanches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. 1 Apply, or addrcts, (if bv letter, post paid,) ROCHE/BROTHERS ?t CO. J5 Kiilton street, Nuw York, next door to the Kullou Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each month. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to any ether. d27 r ? NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS.. To a from New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the lWi * of each mtnlh.. Ml ilk Kn?m New You*. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 23th July Ship SIDDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th Auguit. ,, Ship SHKRIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, 25t)> Sept. Ship UARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. Krom Liverpool. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Depeyster, 13th July. ii Ship OARRICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 13th Auju't Ship ROSCIUS, Capram John Collins, 13th 8?ptemb?r. Snip SlUDONSj Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. Theses hip* are all ofthe first class, upwards of 1000 tens, ouill ...ii.. .in, ,.r Va.i .--i. Seat *j>ee(! with uua*aal comfort for passrugers. Every care j been taken in the arrnuKcnirnt of their accommodations. The price of pastairr henae if $71 These ships are come manded _ by eaperieo?e3 masters, who will make every e*crp tion to iii?e Ketierel atisfaecion . Neither tlie c.ipuiu? or owner* of l'- ). Mwill be reipooiihle for at y letter*, parcels 01 packafi - ssen by tnem, unless roil (nlar bi Its of ladinit ajre signed therefor. t Jforlrvijjht or tvi*&?j<e, apply to E. K. COLLINS fc CO., M Sooth ?t., New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY Ik CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packer* will be charged 12>{ emit* per single n ?he?t: 50 cents per ounce, and newspaper* 1 cent each. jy7 ec i NEW YORK AND HAV.?E PACKETS?Seconj Line ^ ?The *n?ps of this line will he??ali?*r lea ?e New Yorkonihe 1st. and H*yie ou the 16th of each mon'h. as foll'iwi, vii;? Finm New York From Havre. 'r New ship ONEIDA, I lit i\larcn. ilt.tuA.ri!. Captain < 1st July. < lt>th A intuit. t James Knock.f 1st November.? 16iu Dec. t Ship B^TIMORE, t lit April. C 16th May. WttTain < ?t Aognst < 16th Sept. Edward Fanck.f 1st Decembsr I 16th Januaiy. . Ship UTICA, C 1st M\y. ( 6th June. [ C'apinin < 1st September* 16th October Frederick Hewitt C 1st Jauuarv. ( Ct'i K< tiiuarv, I" .hin ST MI'HIIt. * H I I.I fin. I ICrh Int.. i. Captain < l?t October < ISth Nov lI J. B. Pell.( 1st Kebrnary. C 'Cth Mar<h. |J The accommodations of these ships ?r? not surpassed, com bining all that mav be squired for cwnfo't The p'H-e of cav bin pits lite is t 00. Passengers will b- supplied with every requisite with the excrption of wines and liquors. O torts intcaded for tnese resse s will be forwaided dv the * snbsciibns, free fro a any other, than ihe expenses actually in' cane J on them. For frewht or raisagr, apply to ' BOYD k HINCufcv, Agents. jc25ec No. 9 Tontine Bnilriim; cor Wall and Water ?ts. t. /OK NK\ RLEA.NS. LOUISIANA AND NEW I JKK LINK OK PACKETS " Ml I Kor Uie better accommodation of shippers, it is iutended to despatch a ship from this nort on the 1st, 5th. 10th, IMh. 2(lth, au< Ijlli ol each mouth, com.i encuig the 10th October ami comma p ing tintil May, wheu regular days will be appointed for the re L mainder of the year, whereby great delays aud disappointment! will be j reveuted during the summer months. The followinj _ ships will commence this arrangement : Hnip YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Shu. MISSISSIPPI. Captain Hilliard. Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain Hunt. ? Ship SHAK 8PEAlip., Captain Miner. Ship GASTON". Captain Latham. j Ship HUNT8VILLE, Captain Mnmford. .. Ship OCMLLOEE, Captain Lvavitt. . Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. S?i-'p LOUISA, Captain Mill ford. I' These ships were all bnilt in the citT of New York, einresa for packets, are of Inch! draft of water, have recently heei i| 3/wly coi>pere<) and put in aplrudid order,with accommodation* lor passengers unequalled for comfort. They are comniaudei br eipenenced matters. who will make every exertion to gm Seneral satisfaction. They will at all timet be towed np *n< own the Mistissippi bv steamooata. I Neither the own. ri or eaptaiua of theae ships will be reipoiui It ble lor ji Aelry, bullion, precious <tone?, silier or plated ware or for auv letteri, parcel or package, tent by o rpnt on board o i them, unless regrlnr bills of lading ire taken for the sime art the value theieon expressed. T ?nr freight or jpassage, apply J E. K. COLLINS & CO.,5? South at., or 1 HULLIN Ik WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to thV'ir .?Ul#-?t. The snip* of tint line are warranted to sail punctually m ad rortised, and irreal care will be taken to have tne goods correct i* mmntired iti? : BLACK BALL OR OLD LINK OF LIVER. ' iHffy POOL i At K ".T8?Only Krgular fat ket. a?d ?aili n JeMfcon Wedort ay, the i9th of Jult ?The new and ecle " d a?t tailing, favorite picket thin MO -TKZU v A., bm 1 then 1 50 on?. Cap'. Alfied B. LiOWber, will sail potitively ai i" above, her regular day. l hr accou-modationt of thi? migniftcent packet for cabin, * seeonJ i-abin and steerage pait-iigeit, are w> il kLo ? n to de " nnsarpaned lor tp en or, convenience and comfort, by asy n other vessel all "t Thoie vititing 'ho old country will find i. to th-ii intm st to scltci ih t desirahle conv > am e in prelei 1 ene? to any other. Fot iumi of pa>s4> e, which will !>< lo# .* ear'y l^plicuioo ih??H be made to ctutcie the be t b-r.hs, ' apply on boarJ, footol Beekman afreet, ?r to the tub cribert KOCHK, BROTHKK& h CO, H ? n FDii aiirrn, neit door to the Kalton Bu,k. * Note.?It ii considered br many that the MomrimniMi iht ' fasten saning ihipxrtoat, having trft Liverpool on her lait voy age to this port iu company v?rh the shift Hottiuguer, Hare grave ami Hiterria. and arr'Tin* in advance of htr opponents it several d'vs. d P. 8 1 lie Monrernma will oil from Liverpool en the 7th dept. Persom sandii.g tor their friendse?" hare them brought out io her, or nay of Me packe ? comprising this magnificent aud Iine.ioalleu lice, tailin* from that port on ihe ith and 19th d ol each month. For postage, Sic., apply ?? above. The pacK-t ship Kutope will tneeeed the above psckrt and tail lor L.i?erpool on ^e 1st August, her regular day, ;y Hec f H'OH N*W ORLEANS-LOUISIANA AND ifllLNKVi' VOKK LINK?Kirst Kevnlar Packet?The r mkavery fset sailing coppered ship OCO.NKfc. Captain Jarktnn, now loading and haTirg a very Urge proportion of ' her cargo enganed, will he promptly despatched. Kot freigHt ut jiAtnge, ihvium liauiltuine inmitht d accom . modationt, apply o# tmard. at Orleans wharf, foot ol Wall 1 st. orto K. K COI.LINS ft Co! M nootl, ? Khirpars mayrely npon hwinw their goods corretilv measnia I. a id .hat tie ships ol this line will sail punctually ?t advertised Any guarantee to t.'iat elti-ct will be giveu and (u'fillfd . that may be tequned. Agents iu N. Orleeua, Hnllin ft Wovdroff, who will prtaatI ly forward all goods to the' - address ) The packet sliio L-omavtile..,Capt. M. Hunt, will i?cce?4 th> > ocnee riu (JTRAW ?JtOfl rramtof Crown mi-, fonnle br 9 . PKR9SK 31 BHOOKH, 7 jyI6*c No. >i LibtrtT itrfft. QHOK THKk,AD?10 b*f<*a !No. lu, gnod i nt wh:l ? ^ lo; tile by If. K. C OLLI N* k CO, JfWt *4 ?<>nUi ?U?, i* iRK I MORNING. JULY 19, 11 Philadelphia. [Correspondence ot the Herald.] Philadelphia, July 15,184S yiiui r uteyiam ? nr. i yn/f? i^tuen vtciorui?rrotest ant Astocialion ami Dr. Crossman Dear Bennett The controversy which has raged in the English and American Episcopal church for the pa9t ten years, iias arrived at a crisis?the war is no longer of words, but of deeds?the acutenesj of disputation lias been abandoned for the fierceness of combat? the signal for battle is already given?and the blow struck by the Rev. Messrs. Anthon <te Smith is the preconcerted token tor a general movement in the Americn church, subsidiary to that recently made in England by the suspension of Dr. Pusey. It is to your valuable paper that both parties turn for an accurate, full, and impartial report of the progress,development and results of these momentous move* ments. Among those who are likely to play a conspicuous part in the coming contest, none stands more prominent as a leader of the Anti-Pusey forces, than Stephen H. Tyng, D D., Rector of Epiphany, ExHector of St. Paul's, Poet-Laureate to her Majesty Queen Victoria, and last, not least, the amiable Pa of Dudley Atkins Tvng, A. M Doctor Tyng, like certain fish that thrives best in muddy waters, is peculiarly adapted for conducting the opposition,(lor so Anf.-Puseyism is termed here, on accouut of the avowed Pmeyism of the Bishop,) having been gifted by nature with a fearless and resolute mind, and havipg gained a lirm and martial mien by early association with the Boston fr'usileers, who distinguished themselves by their valor and conduct at the burning of the Gharlestown convent. The Doctor is, moreover, a man of great address, much eloquence, with a good deal of sophistry and a little erudition ; preaches the everlasting gospel and the ever-varying thir'y nine articles with great force and energyloves the church, the Queen and their lit le highnesses with great iervor, and hates the devil, Odenheimer, Dr. Pusey and the Pope with perfect cordiality. The Doctor, though in his forty-fifth year, is kept whole-'iearted and happy by a second wife, a young lady about thirty years of ace and extremely pretty, (a daughter of T. Mitchell. Esq .conveyancer.) and having a prospect of $15,000 or $20,000 at the deatl of her parents. He likewise enjoys the fruits of ma trimonial felicity in the possession of four or five litth Tyngs, and realises the sweets of divine faith inth' shape of $25("0 per annum, continued during sum mer excursiwns on account of health. Me is, be sides,the idol of a large and wealthy congregation? tnough perhaps somewhat of the parv&nu orderwho have built a fashionable church, at un expensi of $20 000, for their dear Doctor, and are ready ti face Dr Puseyt thedevn, or even Dr. Onderdonk ii his behalf. It is to this the Dr. is indebted for th impunity with wlucti lie has been permitted to main ' tain and set forth principles in direct opposition t i Episcopal doctrines and discipline, and to repudiat and disavow, in his frantic efforts to put dow Puseyism, the very fundamental principles of hi own church. Your readers had an opportunity, whilst the Docto lionized it in the city of New York, during the lati anniversaries, of observing his thin and intellectua countenance, his courtly and gentlemanly manner and his warm and impassioned eloquence, qualitiei which at once point to New England as the place o his nativity. Dr. Tyn^ was born in Boston, an< emigrated with his wife to Philadelphia in the yea; 1828 He was placed inttie Rectorship of St Paul's (ihr Si Episcopal church in Philadelphia, in poin of respectability,) where he was much beloved asar efficient Pastor, until the death of his wile in '37, when he gave great oflence by marrying hispreseni wife, (formerly a Sunday school teacher in his church.) but nine months after the death of his firei wife. Tt? a deputation of mammas who called or the Doctor for an explanation of tins step, he made no further reply than, " Ladies, T could not marry all your daughters." This affair resulted in the Doctor leaving St. Paul's for the Epiphany, whicf his party built for him nl the corner of Chesnut ant , Schuylkill 8 h sis In 1841 the Doctor went to Grea Britain, and incurred the displeasure of some of thi 1 dignitaries of the English church, by preaching t low church sermon. If is return was earlier thai was anticipated, and his career since has beei one of unmitigated vituperation of Puseyism, Pope ry, cross, church altars, ministry, Acc Only twe things have escaped the Doctor s condemnation? the union of church and state, and the visible head1 ship of the church in Queen Victoria; which he i approves of as highly conducive to the progress of piety and the stability of religion. The late abortive effort against Puseyism, in the form of an associa'ion against the progress of Popei ry, in which the whole Protestant ministry, with ihe exception of the Puseyites, were united, was the still-born fruit of Dr. Tyng's excited imagination, tr which may be ascribed some of the singular posi tions assumed in the celebrated address of that as sociaiion. The Doctor's hostility to the Cross has been sc constant and vehement, as to lead many to suppose it originated in an obliquity of vision, g?nrrall) called cross-eyes, from which the Doctor was re lieved by the skill of Dr. Grossman, only a yearoi two ago ; since which he has dispensed with the us? of green s|>ecks?but surely the name of ihe scien tific operator. Crossman, ought to lead the Doctoi to modify his denunciations of Cross men gen erally. As the marshalling up of the forces for the cominc campaign hn9 already commenced, I shall notify yot of the arrival of the various companies, and, in mj next, of the Southwark Trinitarians, who, with their banner-bearer, Coleman, are already in the field. A dear, dear man is Mr. Coleman, ot whom, More Anon. Navigation in the Wrst.?The following article from the Pitisburgh Sun will interest business i men:? 1 Th^re was quite a sudden rise in the Monongahe[ la yesterday and this morning, and we noticed the i marks on the Monongahela 9 feet water, which is a i rise of 7 feet in the last 21 hours, letting ofl all out steamers ot every size. There is a good deal dwint now on the wharf, shipping all the goods destined for the West and South, and all sized steamboat can now reach our port. The canal to t leavelani and Meudvi'le and intermediate porta will be readj for navigation early next week, perhaps on Monday Within a few days about 2ft) tons of goods have been shipped for Sante K?e. Mexican merchant have arrived from the Eastern cities by the canal and they have also purchased from our merchanti i Hnd manufacturers from $15,000 to $20,000 of Pitts l burgh manufacture, Urthe same Mexican market j Our Santa Fee merchants took advantage of lb< r:?e,and have left with all their goods Within t few days several hundred packages of furs from th? | Rocky Mountains have passed through Pittsburgh, I for the American Fur Company, New York. Thus showing the vast importance of our rivers, our port of Pittsburgh, and our Pennsylvania canals, in the , transportation of goods, produce and specie for and from Mexico, the Rocky Mountains, and the W*ai, South, North and Eastern section of our rising and flourishing republic. Our market is extensively well supplied with an excellent assortment of foreign and domestic goods, groceries, and Pitta1 bur?!i manufactures, and selling low for the times and the season of the year. Firks and Alarms ?The alarm of fire at 1 P. ' \1. wu Saturday, was caused by the roof of a house taking fire Irorn sparks, at the corner of Orange court and Washington street. , Yesterday morning, about 1 o'clock, fire was disi covered n a three story brick store on Cen'ral street, occupied by Messrs Wheeler, Stevens Fullam, dry goods, and by Messrs. K Jacobs Ac Co., lancy good ', toys, <.V:c. Messrs. Jacobs & Co.'s stock of goods is seriously injured, but the loss is covered by insurance. Messrs. Wheeler tfc Co.'s stock was slightly damaged by water and smoke. The other alarm, about 2 o'clock, was caused bv some person setting fire to several bales of cotton stored under a shed on Mercantile wharf, Commercial street It was extinguished by the crews of the packets lying near by, before any material damage was done. _ , The alarm last evening, shortly after 8 o'clock, was false. This morning, about 2 o'clock, a ten foot building on the corner of bjwex street and Ksuex place, was discovered to be on fiie. It was occupied by Messrs. Tent & Baird as a grocery and provision ni o/\rtrla v?li??>s4 of ?5t JWMl was entirely destroyed, one half' of which whs insured. The fire was discovered near a cask of spirits, which soon hurst, scattering the Aimed to all parts of the shop, Hnd preventing any part of the goodstrom being saved.?Boston juiptr of Monday tvining. Whkat in Michiom*.?A person connected with the geological department of Michigan, has just returner! from a tour through the State, <ind says the wheat crop will be remarkably abundant. IE HA 343. Court of General Hculoii. Belore Recorder Tallmadge and Aldermen Rawaon and Brady. James R. Whitino, Eh<[., District Attorney. July 18?This being net down as the la*t dav of the present term, a number o< prisoners were arraigned for sentence. The first called whs Jacob Gumr., a 0<*rm.m Jew, convicted of grand lar. ceny, in stealing on the 33d ot Augu?t lust, two piwces of lace, valued al $30, trom the store of McNamne N. Bowvn, 16 William street, was sentenced to the State, prison lor two years. Mohtt. Silikr, who wai impleaded with Gunti in the same indictment, and who had entered a plea of guilty of petit larceny by consent of the court, was then sentenced to the Penitentiary for six month*, which the Recorder remarked, would serve as a lesson to aim and his a?sociateg engaged in shop lifting. UF.0HI1K Ul'llMINllH, COIlVll'ieil III conapirm jr, in cuucnvoring to extoit money Irom William R. liracie, ol Brooklyn, wan sentenced to confinement iu the city prison lor fifteen days The punishment was thin reuueed, Irom the lact that the accused hail been in confinement for upward* of seven months Col James L. Wmrnrs:,aUo impleaded with rummings in the same off nee, was then sentenced to confinement in the city prison tor three months. The Recorder remarked, in pausing this sentence, that there was not a particle of evidence that the accused had ever received a cent from Mi' Oracie, yet the jury had couvicted him, and the court were then fore hound to impose the penalty of the law, and in consideration of the fact of his being in prison but a few weeks, they should sentence him to confinement in the city prison for three month*. I.utim/ Conviction/.?The Court then stated that In the cases ol Hubbard N. Bush, convicted on two charges of selling lottery tickets, the sentence would be postponed until the other cases pending were disposed of. Case of Margaret H-'a/jon ?The sentence ol this woman, convicted ol gruuil larceny, in stealing a treasury note of the amount of $MH), from her employer, Aaiou Ad' lphus, 01 William street, was postponed until the next term. Discharged ? On motion ol counsel, David Lofland, a colored man,charged with burglary, was discharged, he having haen in confinement two terms without being indicted. Dhjinttd of.? On motion of Messrs. Warner and Camp, counsel lor Susan Jane Rattry, indicted for bigamy, u ho has been confined in prison since March last without trial, the Court ordered that nominal bail should be entered, and she was discharged. The Grand Jury then came into court and ottered the following presentment:? The Grand Inquest lor the city and county of New York have thougnt it a part of their duty to visit some of the charitable and penal institutions of this county. In preseniing theirohjervations on these seve al establish I ments, they are more actuated by a desire to impress the importance of some changes already suggested by former I inquests, than by the intention of presenting any new ohI solvations. u visiting ill" ?. uy rrisonniey were Krauuuu 10 uuu u in a cleanly statn, and. as they were informed, achangc j for tho better hail decidedly taken plant. They would, however, present, ti>at the situation of witnesses detained there is precisely the name as ihat of the convicted felons; that they are canfined in cell*, and ar,'> strictly speaking, prisoners This tact is brought in bolder reiiel when it appears, in the course of their visit to the different apart, e mentsof the prison, that there is an ?t-undance of room 3 which Is at present unoccupied, and wnich, it is believed, n could, with little expense, be s? arranged as to secure the e detained witnesses in a manner infinitely more suited lo their situation, la presenting this delect, most earnestly the inquest they do so to impress more strong. 0 ly the expe liency of making so desirable en ulteration, C and do not wish to arrogate to themselves the originality n of the suggestion. s It has I uther appeared tn the inquest Ihat the mode of transferring the prisoners from this place to Black well's r Island might bo conducted in a manner less offensive to e decency. They allele to the indiscriminate placing In the vi-hicle which conveys tliem, of males and females, the for ner, in an instance which came under their obscr? vation, in u state approaching to entire nudity. They re" sprctfully present, that by keeping the sexes apart, esptt cially in cases similar to the abova, the cause of morality 1 would be promoted without interfering with the euds of f justice An improvement might also be made in the modw of conveying the food lo the different prisoners, as the [ vessels which are used for this purpjse appeared to be kept in ;i very unsightly manner. In visiting the Alms Mouse, they wero gratified to find 1 it k<'pt with a cleanliness and order seldom exhibited in similar institutions, and the grand iuquest found much to I approve of. Whilo on this mihj?ct it may not be impro. ? per to call the attention of the proper authories to the ! necessity which exists ol establishing work house. The liiqucit have been informed that thin subject hak , already been under consideration, and, no doubt, has been duly considered ; but the inquest would urge this esta blishment upon their attention, as they verily believe that J the large influx of foreign paupers often and materially interce pt that, charity which in due to our own citizens, t and which a work house would perliups importantly : diminish. 1 They would also present, that great inconvenience is ] experienced in those departments fionting on a nianufacj torj , the soot and smoke of which often fills said apa tmi nts [f the chimneys of the manufactory were ruined ' to a proper height, much, if not the whole of the nuisance, would probably be abjted. The dilapidated state of some parts of the outer wall of this institution was pointed out to the jury, and they cannot help calling the attention of the proper persons to this lac:. The House of Heiuge also came under their observation, and they cannot sufficiently express their approbation, not only as to the order, regularity, and neatness which ruigned throughout every department of the rsta blishment, but of the institution in itself, which tends so materially and effectually t<* prevent crime. If any change is to be wished for here it would be, that its capa1 city could he so extended hs to augment largely the sphere of its benevolent and humnne uc'ion The buildings 011 UlarU well's Island appeared to the inqu- st as capable of much improvement. The n fectory , and darmitories of the lunutic hospital are totally , inadequate to the number of its inmates, and the impor' tanceof this will peihapsbe more appreciated hen the situation of tho unfortunate patient* is taken into view. The same detect exist in the space allo'ed for exercise r and recreation. It is totally unfit, in their opinion, for it* ' present purpose, and imperiously demand* some altera tion. In turning away from these defects, it i* a pleaaure r to enable in to express great satisfaction as to the excellence ot the arrangement* of the other departments of this hospital. r Tne appearance and condition of the prison wan *atis- ' factory. The female hospital was, in the opinion of the 1 inquest,on too small a icaiu, and, beiides which, from the ' mode and the material of its construction, i* too sentibly l acted on by the temperature el the (eason. It would he desirable to hare a atone edifice constructed for this de. , partment. A similar opinion seemed to prevail in regard to the conking house ol the establishment. It is too small (or it* intended purpose!, and, being also constructed of wood, it is suggested whether it would not be advisable to ! substitute a more appropriate and aectire one than the preient. It farther presented itself to the inquest, that the separation ol the mule and female prisoners might more rigorously be enforced. In vititiog the Long Island farms but little presented ' L itself to the inquest ? hick would in their opinion ame- I liorate this truly benevolent institution. The school de I ; partment appeured in a most favorable point of view, and refltcts much credit on its superintendent*. The jury'* , attention was, however, called to a subject ol some imi portance, and that i*. either the erectiun of a suitable building, or the appropriation ol one already built, as a ' kind of quarantine, where children, on their arrival,could be kept during a period of time, long enough to ascertain whether they were affected with any latent contagiou* B disease, ere they are allowed to associate with it* other , inmates, and tku* prevent among them the introduction j of any malady, which, under the preient arrangement, has, as they are informed, often taken place. By establishing a quarantine ol n lew days, the recurrence of *uch * a mislortune might perhaps h? avoided. In mnkinr the above nresentmerit the irrand inniisit 1 regret that from unavoidable circumstances, they could ! not appropriate morn timH to the summation of the?e , institution*, but it i* a aourco of aatUUction to And so i much more to approve of than to condemn. I NO C. DKLPRAT, Foreman. Dwioht Lathrop, Secretary. New York, 19th July, I84S. The Court then adjourned for the July term Fatal Accident ?We record, with regret, the death ot a most respectable citizen of Montgomery county, Maryland, which occurred on Monday, the 10th instant, under the following distressing circumstances: As Mr. Frederick Uaither.whose residence nnear Unity, in Montgomery county, w*s leturning home trom Baltimore, riding inasulkvwith his son, a youth ol 13, the horse became suddenly affriahted by the tailing of Mr O's hat, and galloped ?>fl at full -peed, overturning the sulky, and throwing out both Mr. (r and his son. The former being struck on the head and face with the iron part of the vehicle, had his skull so severely fractured and his face and cheek so terribly mutilated that he died on the spot; the latter, thou rndered insensible by the fall, recovered in a sh ^.and had the horror of beholding his lather nuled corpse. An elder son of Mr <i , who was traveling with him trom Halnmore on horseback, witnessed the death of his father in the shocking manner above described. Mr. O has left a widow and a numerous family to mourn his unexpected and melancholy end. He was in the seventy-fourth year of his Hge. The acci Jent took place on the Baltimore and Frede.ick turnpike, near the seventeen milestone, ft is a remarkable fact, that after the hone, had run about a mile with the broken vehicle drugging after him, he returned of his own accord and stood still close to the spot where the dead body lay. The Election.?Sufficient returns have come in to show that the democratic candidates for Congress, in all the four districts have been elected. j When the official returns shall come in, we *hall i insert them tor iuiure reference. No doubt the vot?? I is in favor of a convention by a large majority ?N O. Bulletin, KM tntl, Joskfh Vanor, of Ohio has been put in nomination to succeed Gen. Mason (who decline* a re-election) as Keprrsentat ive in Congress from the district in which he lives. i - ii-- 1 - - - ' T.n Mm Two UnU, Har.ndkn <te Co.?Wf observe that several of our eastern contemporaries, have lately given a brief history of the Express l-ine of this enterprising firm. The nxme of Harnden will descend to generations yet unborn, as the proiectorol the most important links of communication between the merchants of our principal cities, that the commercial community of any country can possibly enjoy. It is hardly five years since the first Exprecs commenced active o(ieratiori8, and at this moment the amount of business diverging from this city finds constant employment for four distinct companies. The Messrs Harnden 5c Co havingestablished and perfected agencies on the most important route in this country, have crossed the Atlantic, and extended the advantHgeaof this business to the principal European cities. The most trifling articles and the most valuable gems are transported from all parts ol burope, witli the greatest regularity, safety and speed. We look upon this branch of commercial communication as yet in its infancy, and a few years must see it so extended as to read) almost every town or village of any note throughout the two hemispheres. Messrs. Adams Ac Co. are doing an extensive and profitable business by the Norwich route, which their enterprise is continually increasing and their liberality securing against any and all competitors. Messrs. Ponieroy Ac Co. and Pullen & Copp have the exclusive control of the norihern route, with depots and agents at all stopping places oil the river, railroad and canal. The depots of these companies in this city are all in Wall street, and the activity presented on the arrival or departure of our magnificent steamers, is the most convincing evidence of the unbounded confidence the commercial community of this city have in the gentlemen engaged in the business. City Intelligence. A Okua or Watkh and Land Pibatks rrokks ur.? It will ha remembered that a few weeks since we published a statement announcing the tact of the escape ol' two desperadoes, named Charles Ellwood and John L. Roades, from the jail of Orange county, in this Htate, by means ot false keys, and also the arrest of four of their BSsociuU'S, who accompanied them. A reward being of' fered for their apprehension, officers were on the alert for their arrest, and on Mondny morning officers Tompkins, Bird and Delries, of the Upper Police, having aicertained their whereabout! to be about three miles Iron) the city, on the North river side, they arretted them, and found a boat containing a ?had net, several carriage cushions, am) other articles of value that had been stolen. On aearching the premises where these lognes were found, they discovered John Vowlan alias Owens, who recently escaped from Blackwell's Island, where he had been sentenced for six monthl.. Secur. ing the three and lodging them in prison, in company with Justice Taylor, they returned to reconnoitre, and arrested the celebrated North River longshore pirate, known as Bill Woods, and Bill Campbell and Mosul Stei.lson. all ktiewn as desperadoes and thieves of the worst character. Anoth> r search led to the discovery ot a quantity of cloths, supposed by the marks to have been stolen from tome tailor 'a store in New Jersey, and ti e fui'lii'g of four stolen coats, several gun*, pistols, and a quantity of dry goods, supposed to hava been tBken from some store at Piermont, Rcckland county. Three Ol H1U H'HIl wni" IUU1IU iuuim n , u? IIIHU II uiDtnui JiiniOIS on Stciilson, which no doubt he had prepared lor *elfdefence, tmt which he hail not the courage to use when arretted by the officers There if no doubt that theie rogue* had combined together for a summer's aeriei of depredations in the vicinity of our city and the short s oppo. site, ond therefore lh< ir arrest is a matter of public benefit, and entitles the officers concerned to much credit for their exertions and energy. Bill Woods has been for years the terror ct fishermen and persona rending on the shores of the Hudson, and has cunningly managed to avoid punishment. It is, therefore, to be hoped that he will now receive his deserts Person* in New J. r*ey and ltockland county who have lost property, will aid the police in this bt>*ine*a by calling at the office corner of Third street and the Bowery,and identifying the thing* found in the possession o f these thieves. His Gold?:n HcHrmti Blastvd?Marshall* Lowe and Lounsberry, while on duty at the steamboat landing at the foot of Courtlandt street, by order of the Mayor, to prevent imposition on strangers and other* by cab and hack drivers, espied an old offender named Calberalia* Morrison, dodging about, watching hi* opportunity to catch a flat. They seized and searched him and lound in his pocket a brass watch labelled gold, and a new pocket hook filled with hills on the (Jlobe Bank. He wa* sent to the Island for six month* as a vagrant. Roaamn a Till.?A young boy named Nathaniel Webarer, who was employed to tend bar at No. I Houston street hv Mr. William H. Leeach, decamped suddenly,ctrrj ing off about f 17 in Bank bill* and ailver coin. He wn* caught, committed and confesaed the theft, returning what money he bad not (pent. Adhimstkkiwu L/atd*wrm Ikcac riouiLv?An inqueit was held at the house of John Cooney, No. 28 Fourth street, on (hi-body of William Hitchfield*, an infant, which had been placed in charge of his wife to mine, by a woman who called three timri to tee the baby, but whoae reaidrnce or name In unknown. 7 he baby vm ill, an I Mr!. Cooney (rave it a done ol cantor oil and laudanum. Finding that the latter waa aenoutly affecting tha child, Dr Urovet wat called in to lee it, who adminiatered medicine, but it became woiae and died- Verdict?Death by thu administration of an overdoae of lau dan am. CIirait - onrti Before Judge.Kent. Jvlt 18.? JVnni, Grant + C? vt. William T Dennis 4f Co ?This was an action to recover the !>al a*ce of an account lor goodt aold and delivered to the defendants by the plaintiff* The plaintiff* roside in thii city. It appeared that the defendanti had heretofore done busineta at Bripioville, about ten mile* from Auburn, and that two of (he defendant*, Seneca P. Dennia and Jamea C. Wood, had at the name time done bminear at Auburn, under the firm ol Dennia 8c Wnod. The defence waa, that Denaia Si Wood, the Arm at Auburn, were not partner*in the firm of Wm. T. Dennia Sc t o , at Scipioville. There waa much evidence given in relation to thoae two flrtna. It appeared that the Arm at Anhum had turniihed the Arm at Scipioville with good* to commence buaineaa with, and r?cei veil a share of the prolitt of the atock they had lurniahed that concern to commence buaineaa upon; that the Auburn concern at the tame time forbid the other Arm from liking their name or credit in any manner It did not iliatinctly appear that at Auburn, alter the Sciplo ville concern had got agoing in buain?at, had an>thing to do with them, except mine confeariont tending in tome men mi re to implicate the defendant Wood. Hit honor the Judge decided if the Arm were in reality partners .they had no right to forbid the concern at Scipioville from uaing their credit, and if the defendant! were all partneri the jury mutt judge from the facta before them. Verdict for plaintiff*, $396 ?fl. U. M. Spier, Etq , for pluintiflf; Edward Sandford, F.tq , Slawytr vs. Samr dfftvilanh an abort.? Bnmi' question. | Vnrdict for T<laintiff', 49. Snmr attorneyi ? above. ""ohanoeable locks for sale. james kyle's invention. CUITABLIC for Baiba, Office*, uid Store Joora. when 4 aaf'rty is required. Peraona in want of a drat rate article for Sat purix'?e, m<f obtain (he tune br applying at M H immnnd If, eor of I.Tnda -?n tm#F JAYNt S^AIK TONIC will reprodnce hair wherever it l.a> t>ef<ir* grown. revivifying th? decayed roou and f<m lug thrm roaeua forth a new and rigorona growth nf nuare'a moat gl" rinaa umui'il JfroureaJ brcomea bald from die cue, urtrr reaor' >o a wig in hide bl'miah. that will effectually prevent the hair from gruwing, br keeping the ? *l|i coqataafty hot. ind oh?ir?etitiK the perspiration. ri at try J-iyne's Hai'^Toi ic. nod if it uoea ant reatote the fl-wing hono.g of yoor expat, w? will cot aent to pay the wif nuker for rooting it with an ?rtfic al material. gold by V B It D *and?, Druggists, No 7? Knlton atreet, 77 f aat Broaoway. 271 Broadway )<KMia*r ALL WH'? Want mood. 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NB* T,H?. enbicnber bf*?t>.iu?oan<-. to ^*??"?1 lie, th** he hat takm iaid Hot*L|lw?ly kept or K-Al d ich ) which h*? aa^gue a ihorcjgh c!j*r,,ni and reptir. ^Qd if qjw open y a public bonrd'Df Iwum fjr Ih? rcctptioD 01 " Th0 ?bl. wi I be furwahed with eeery T.r-.'T the myket iffrrdi and eeery ftcminn will be r heerfolly heatnwt d that will romloc" to th? health, com'.-rt ox enjoyment ?f "at'ors, with prion I" ?ui? th? timea. The near crotinitr ?f n.'iiib?'hooit to New Y?rk, rendert thii d>atraM? ?onmer reir> it tor mer'buit? andothe"e, tntaged in haameaa in iha city u il* atearobnate Cinderella ond Waierwich l*?ye N<-w York, pier No. I Nctth Hiver, and Kit.ibethpori eeerv two heu'e rfunnc the da * JAMES MOOHIt. Jjria Iw't CHIP CHM<LKI* CAKKOLL fBOM HAVHS-COB^ ii*neea by ihi? thip will pteaae aend their wiriniw on b>vrd >tPie- N?. ?, North Hirer. wiilviat delay. Al r'oda not petmitieii by the Slat, will be ?en? to the pnblie ?tote. jy*> Itf WHCAT-1IN irl.Hr *8*ikar*t.

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