Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 20, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 20, 1843 Page 2
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< ( N?,ono finrtre* to wnrr^nttrr tb* tort, apprised the Junta that he would set fire to Barcelona if Zurbano were moleiied This menace caused the utmovt 'Tm in the city; itnr! a comrnittoe wa^ pent to Mor'j'ifh. com - il ot th>- reuch ?ud I ng| ?h Ci 1 otb' r (lig'ii rtr*?f th" city, t? induce ' h h> ; ri i' M - acr d, inll'u < <-ed, i -s i- -?r i f U>e recihuMon w^ch Prim xnv.iit il <> Z ir >ano, ?hile Prtm was li-d b\ i- s 11:i ..I U r<>r ikii.t vi.rrr It* ?nnw a! ; "< h. Mallei* remained >i that deuo lovk on the 26 rhr rr^rftot) lud aprend C.irunna had it? j'rnHunriiimu nl'i a*<ii!ist the {' gent on th?* lfl h ; 6 v. r, on ih-- 1!''?; the capitnl ot Old I'tuti V, on ih** 2"> h ; ?ud Siutiago. Lugo, Orenn*, | Vigo, iiruij*<>! , C<i<i a, and oilier ihcra, had <'ecUrr.l ihemat-lvrn. An attempt at Panipeluna had brf . i,\-; viui (||i Hasqur Provinces remained quet < V n Halen had asaumed the com* < t thr ira i* again*' Ground ?, and had ?bt- attack <>n thr 16 h. Th- Pr/mc Hay* ihm General Serrano, Lopez's V\ ar Mi> isier, had phased through B.iyonne, on his wa\ to Catalonia, and that he was gomg to t'titei Spain in company with Generals Na'vuez and CoMcha, aeherenis of Chriatina. Ktarswere enteriained lor the conuunance ot tranquility in the capital, which had heen a moment enH inrerrd on the 15 h hy an individual having cried, ax ihe Qnecn and aister were walking on ihe Prado,"Loag live the abaoluif Queen!"?pointing Ht tt;r* i rnill* (liatr cemation of E-pirteroV Regency. T*11 * i vru !m.'* excited suc'i b (umult, that the two Prioci ?-es w re obliged to seek reluge irHheir carriage but n?**hmure cunts of it Tiie National G iu t'.M dridntd is*u-d aa tddress to the Nation, i! Guard ihrouch.'tu the kingdom, urging them to rally round the Queen and Eapartero. Portugal. I/sbon papers of the 12'h instant, state that the Qneen ar d the King Consort had again given up a portion < f their annual income, in order to relieve ihe necessities ot the country. This was to meet >111 intended address ot the Cortes praying tor such reduction. Instead, the Cortes voted the>r Majesties an addrtj* ol thanks lor their generous concession. On'he 11th, the Royal Family, with the Queen and King t'onsort at their.head, went to a bull right; wita which it appears they were highly gratified. RumIR. The Augsburg Gazette stales, on the authority ol letters trom St. Petersburg, that Prince De'goronki. who had arrived at Croiistadt from Lubt-c, had i>een arrested, with all hi1* servants, immediately on I their entering ihe port. His papers were taken trom j him and put under seal. A let'^r trom Setnlin, June 15, announces the ar- I rival of Baron Lievea, on his way to Belgrade, | where he is, it issiid, to superintend the approaching election to the throne ot the principality. Qreecc. letters fr?rn Athens of the 10th ult. announce that ihe afl?irsof Greece had arrived at a crisis,and thit nothing but a complete change ol system could prevent tiie kingdom trom tailing a prey to anarchy. The king, however, apjieared to persevere in hid old plan, for although both the army and the navy were reduced to the lowest amount, his majesty had created eight major generals and two rear admirals, t lilun and India. ""he despa'ches by the overland mail have unexpectedly come to hand. In Scinde, Sir Charles Napier, n is stat d, has scotched the snake?not killed it. Shere Mahomed, nt the date ol the latest accounts. was again at the head of a prodigious army of Helooches, and had sent a message to the old Genera', to the eflVct that having lought two battles tor his country. he wished to have a third for religion. SirChules Napier was making every effort to comply effectively with this request. Ttie following abstract ot the news contains all that is interesting : ? The news from China extends to the 2S'h of March. Her Majesty's steamer Vixen, wuh the Secretary of Legation on bourd, had arrived on the ltiih Some delay in tke ratification of the treat v wis anticipated, in cons?quence of the death of E opoo Th- Plenipotentiary had been dissuaded f iiin proceeding northward for th-* present, in case t?f mining the new Chinese Commissioner on his way southward from Pekin Everything continued quiet, and the ill feeling towards the E iglish appeared to be abating nt Canton. Nothing of any note in the way of fighting had occurred since our last?but another great battle w^s looked for about the beginning of June Shere Mahomed had managed to rniWt from the hills to the westward, an army of So,(MX) Beleoches, w ith 20 g ins?'heee were p s'ei in a strong position near Hvderabad, soar- to cut c.ifl"rhe communication with Suk'< ar It was undcr*t >od that Sir C larles Napier wnii 1 go oat to meet them. so soon as reinforcements sn ived sufficient to make up for ih? loss of her vi?i?"9iv's 22 i anfl the l-<t Gren idiers There ?wms -oni*" reason to exi>ec' disturbances in the Pimjaitb. Shere ting has had a paralytic -troke. Should this prove lata! t? hirn, the Governor r-tierrti will probiblv discover h.t the Kyber uou o'iins constitute the limits na'ure appears lo nave H-^i-'gned to 119 Hnt'.i f.ii'id. S^ngor. aiM the adjoining states r re-nil i i?ru;heii, t>ur considerably lei-s so Oiait ?t lh- djre ol <>nr lust. All i-q net in Kvtu!. The Gov rnor General remains at Agra for the present. in 1i.? hi general is tranquil and contented *.lar "oris Hiitino;ile advices speak ot the continuance of hostile demonstrations on all *ides,but ol uu d- cided acts. Expect ition, as to the la ure, is centre i hi .he approaching arrival of Baron Lieven From Alexandria ihe news is important, inas much as the Pacha has publicly expressed Ills intenti> n ot associating in the Government Ins grandson .Abbas, in consequence of his own age and iiitirmi* leg, and Ibrahim being an nvahd. Uutortunate]y between Ibrahim and Abbas there is a deadly feud, which, ?t tue old man's death, may lead to oivil war. Foreign Theatricals, Ac. Th *rn ii nnthtnu u/.irlhi/ nt aaP/ttal nnlirft i it t h - I foreign theatricals by the present arrivals. ^Kniey and 6on were j?eri'orming at the Strand Tueatre. Mad. Vestris ana Celeate at the Harmarket. GriV:, Cerito, Camili, Guy Stephan, at Her Majesty's. Madame Birtalozzi, the mo'her of Madame Vestris, died on Thursday, June 29. A' H-r Majesty's Theatre,* lew Saturdays since thr?*e Qieens were beheld in the 6?nie box, her Majesty the Quern, the Queen Dowager, and the Q'leen of the Be lgians. H*b Majesty's PtPKR?The Queen has just apjKjintf-d Angus Mackay, broilier <>r th** p'i>er of the J1e Ouke nt Sus-ex, fo be J It Majesty's piper at t^ie Royal Palace, so that the r?yal ear and 'hose it various right honorables will" be regaled with mountain mus<c at the court of England. Highisrd drf?*es and ornaments are to be provided, one for the morning, another for midday, and a third for a'ter dinner and state occasions. The equipu-nt will be complete and splendid. H-r Majbty's Thkatre.?The I)->n Pnnjualt of D m'ze'ti, wrh all the honors of its Parisian popn' irity u,?ou it, was introduced to theoe boards on the 2't h .lu'ie on the occasion ol LibUche's benefit The house wasden^ly crowded. Labltche's personation o| Don Punptult is u masterly piece of bnffj performance. Grist played the pari ol iVormt witli great archness and spirit. Ma. Bsauam ?This celebrated^ tenor returns toni<ht, atter a suecensful provincial tour. He has worked in an aaioiuxliing mannnr, having given fo irtf-n concerts with his son t.'harl's iu eleven d^vs, Heginuiot at Worces'tr oath* 18th of Jun?-; Wolv-rhamptou, 20tli; L tchfiel?l,2Ui; Derby, 22d, ( iiorui ig and ev'-'iiiu ;) Shrfii-iJ, 23d; w*kefiHd, 24 h ; Hudder.-fi-id, 2G.h; iiradford, 27ih; >i ill, u; Leeds, 2f!i, (morning and evening ) Mr Kraham hassung, with encores, thirty five songs and duef in one day,and was never in better health. On Monday, Mr Hraham and his son ieave for Heading ?London Sun, Testimonial to Mr Macrkady ?A meeting was beld, on Monday last, at Willis's-rooms, St. James's, London, for the purpose ef presenting Mr. Macre-i<!v witti a tribute ol respect, in consideration ol the > mat ion in which he is IK id on account of his protessional qualification* and his upright conduct us a private man The Urge hall was crowded almost to suffocation. The testimonial is a magnificent ?roUi>, reaiingupon a kind of concave triangular !>?-? , bcMutitully chis'd, and wrought with Hie fi ier,t artjs'ical taste. It stands about two feet mm ii* eMiinaiea value is ow guineas ? Mr. Mdcr<-adv wrts led to th* platlorrn by hi* H.nydl Highnetw the Unite ot Cambridge, who presided nn th?* oc< aston, at.compauied t>v several distinguished literary and theatrical character*, n-nong wuorn w<> may mention Charles Dickens, E-q , and Mr Harlfy. Ai soon as Mr Macready aj?t"ared, the whole aaseinblag" broke forth 111 one ?i?ooU '-oujbUr-i ot mip'-iute, which lusted toracon* k, i< rable tim-5. His K.'>yal Highness pres.-ntrd the t' snmonial in the name of the committee to Mr. M tcready, who made a ueat and very appropriate reply M' 'hirk-: K-an bus purchased Key Dell, a villa ne 1 r Horndean, in H*mi*hire, for 3700 guineas. Tber? is a par* of thirty acres attached to it. M de C'tttellunc hac conceived the idea ot forming an (vuLtmu dtt frmme de Ultra, to be composed ot lorty leinale writer* ot tiie greateat celebrity Md'le Rachel has l?ren received at Marseille* with th?* greatest enthusiasm?with honors unprece deiiied A numsrou* CdVakaHe was waiting lor her a' the ga?e? oi the city, and in the evening they give her a serenade under her windows fashions for July. (ITi-uni Bergar'J Lidra?* Uiwte of Faihion ) "be csinci iait l. hava been more numer. -i ,? i <1, an I. grocrally upexalng, iu bettor ta*te, an It.-i "(iuJ..rt?l a* ueciltxl upoii; ? I'M atiaiMWMir u/wi(' ?aJ < kat,t<iuu son turn, ui ,- v? ry v?riou?. bUlUww of ttie liftliteit liind #r? preferred. Silk it ?<i! jotn employed exet?pt for ilrown bonueta, or torthoai- with chip fronts. The lining* connitt of ribbon to coriespoud, and ft iwcri of varimn hu.?. Th?y art* nl wa} * ot a clone iba| e Crap* ctpolti arts n tirh m f ivor iii half !rea?. tcna ar> m ?ile c'o<t, r>t>t fhf niriir t* motivrat !y o(>rn. \Vliit? )a ?I* niicli in ' Utor eap<t|??aii I ehopt i Suni- or.i eutirf.y timn j ?'i i , ?hd ire : t , m, .< *i<h llov i > ?.-f *iKh t*n li- I silt) hi ip > ,i< i' t:.'(i nk pnri>nce ot the l?ce. W'beWlK* i* mpio/ed w'y U)r tl i 'I' 111' K H Ui :>I . y eo\ ?'l t <> (1?/?un C'??ai/??I'ttnifti'i Hint m<iitt)l<*U maintain their vogue; thi- .am ui Clrmtntint m o. e i>l tli** p.' n?at. 1 li? mantelet u la Duel), t III'-ICII-I ? rn Uv<ir Tnej Ct>' tmnn to he made either 11 whitel.iit or uigand.v, and are lined wiOi |.i .? .1 ii.ti, ..j. . 1' .? u inihiing i? al* aj t o( lace, wall v ilcnblr ii* .. . 1 I if. -nr. iihii'i || '>y ,.:i < rn'Moi.leiy m applictMion. Mantelet* and . <le:ot?ol t.irUtmie, aiege(liiuliy im'in'irl.n , Iwtd with rok>r?d tattVlM, and trimmi l with bro..d wt ite lac* Scarf, ? Bairgp >ivri are decidedly lavl.iouable,ind will iik iiiH.ot continue i? b" f t, KiiiHui^u so iih ?ummer | *ha wis, m nle ol (in m maurial, but wtt.t Ctuunieru pattern', kat r ma te thru' appearance. Rvbtt ? Li ht material* jor robes tire decidedly in a mujii ity, although tuK cameltun, bartgt am much iu r- <| ?i-*t I ucks htut ilen flounces mo aiuMi in ia*or (or nrglift or dmi toiltltr; but <Uep flounces are preferred lor tin latter. Both tuck*and flounces ate? dgtd with fringe, anil tor vieni if dtess, wi'h lace. They are very becom. i"<C lor tall, gracetul tif urea, but are not adapted tor short ones. Ti mining* f?i Tilhrr will be tqually laahionable, ami moy be mo<t tnlvaut<geously adopted by thoso iaJws who are undersized. C p*?Caps, and head dresses of hair, are neatly equal!) taatiiftn'tblej th* latter are alwa) t ornamented in a very simple style A wreath of flower*,or one formed ol coque*(>t rihbon.with a knot on one side, or el?? a lace lapr>et. confined at *t?rh side by n roae or twn, 01 three small It >werr will, we have authority lo state, ho adopted by the mos <!i?tinguisht'd leaders ol tushioii. Bracelet?.?Bracelets nre indnpitisublo for hilf dress and e?< ninir toilett< s. Those ol blue, enamel and gold, will decidedly be most iu request. i itrkcf a. Latest London Motif Mahkkt.?The arrivals by the Orvrland Mail atu not known a? yet in sutttciuntdetail to produce anv eneci, l?Ut mere is uisgppoimnieui iuai our commercial re.utioii* with China are still ver'' far from boing adjusted Tii' jrolitical accounts nre 11 important ; but the state of Iceland imni! alarm this morning on tlir Stock Exchange, ond alto the v?.ry unfavourable intelligence irom Spain, which is daily assuming a iuor? seiious aspect. These causes have more than counter acted the satisfactory appearance of the weather, as re- j gat d the crops, an<l prevent the rue which appears likely to take place oil the opening of the market. TUe firmness undtr which oui Consol market opened at 94| to 94$, has gi\en way a litttle siuce the early part of the morning to 94 j to 94 j, but the business transacted his no' been very important. Reduced are 94.J to 94jj; Reduced 3 J 101 ^ tr? 101 j; Long; Annuities, 1'2? to 11-16; Ex. ckequ. r Bills, 64 to k6 premium. '1 he various rumor3 which have reached this country through America relative*,) Mexican atlairs, are not eon firmed by the arrival ol the Went India Mail this mornirg The Mexican mail has brought 40 000 dollars on account ol the dividends. The dltterent funds this aiiernoon remain stationary, with the exception of Spanish, which ar? rather better?24$ to 'JSJ lor new 3 per cents; this arises from tbeoperation of parties for the fall not having beeu folio wed up?but there is no fresh news. The Bank ?f Bordeaux his diminished the rate of discount to 4 in place oi b per caut. lor all bills bavin* more than 4t) Jays to run, nud lor deposits of share* and state securities, iic We commence this part with a word relating to the prospects ol the harvest. We have travelled since last Friday from Loudon to Coventry, thence by coach through Hinckley to Leicester; Dei by to Hull by railroad; by coach or open* carriages from Hull through Beverley and Burlington to Scarborough; ther.ce to York by mail coach, end to Loudon by railroad. Our brief reportoi the cro^s is different from what it has been or would bu ot the south. Throughout this route north of Derby, the acreable produce of' wheat cannot possibly be equal to that oflatit year, and all the crops are backward, most ol them ol irregular growth, and look starved There were not, throughout our journey, two hours of sunshine, all put together, cud the temperature of the atmosphere war. extremtly cold. Ol two important facts we have convinced ourselves by observation and enquiry; and as one of th m tends lu alter our previous impressions, and, in some measure to contradict our intimations, we must stat-; it Taking the great county ol Lincoln, and nil that lies north of it to the T we<d, there is not so much oil wheat ol home growth is store as there was at the same date ia 1S4-2. Neither will the growing crop of wheat throughout the same important section of thecountiy, \ leld ii quantity per acre equal to iheyieid of J84J. Whelhtr the ad iitioua) breadth (chiefly at the expense of bariey,) will afford n full compensation for the deficiency remains to be proved. We had much conversation with a very intelligent Lincoln. hi in* larmiT, wuo nomi mure mail iiiuii acres in ui? own hands and with his two sods, mom than anoo? ail. we understand, light tillage land; and this gentleman ottered to contra"t fur his whole produce of wheat this year at four bushels i>er acre less than the produce oi last year. He did not himself hold uny wheat. We Had ihat the Q teen's officers have seized a quantity of American lard as spermaceti oil. The owners hav-s but to prove that it is wholly and exclusively the pro. (itic? ol the p which it undoubtedly is?to get it liberated These offici i# cannot be genuine free tiaders. or they would not show lliu disposition to obatruct nnpirts. Inthetormsr caie, also ol seizing Amtucau manulactures,they were wrong. We shall have mjre to say on the?e interest^ n?rv branches of tr-flic. The coiton pie e goods "oii-igin dto Messrs. Baring h .d not yesterduy been -i.,d, when they have all been dispose - ol. mere may be pit dieted concern ing u ure traffic in similar The wool sales hare gone off steadily and firmly, and former piic>s have been juv ubcut m.mtaiotd. Wo do no anticipate any fall in the prices ol wool; fcom<i kinds, lor low priced good', have advances in price The e was a short supply at \1arlt Lane to day ; prices firm, with, in ?om>* c*ses, a nttle advance. There ! a v.-r good d- m inJ (or monev in th^ discount market, and, bu? ft?i the denre to get hold ol bi Is in anti cipation ol the tot Irorn the J.ily dividends, rates charged to the p iblic would have advanced They have remained without alteration.? banker's Ci'cul r Londo* Cor^i M*ihi t. July 3.?Tht supply of Wheat was I barely eqnal to the wauls of of our millbrs; an.t notwithstanding the weather his been fine to day,we have had a lair sale for Knglnh Wheat at an advance of Is to -li per quarter, and there has been a fair extent of business done in free foreign Wheat, "t an improvement ol Is p?r quarter on tk.< price? ol this day week. The supplies 11,id stocks of Flour ate small, and it sells freely a' Is per sack advance. Barley supports late pt ices, and continues scarce. Drans are in greater demand, and Is, per quarter dearer. f'?aM fully maintain the price of this day week Oats continue in rather short supply, and the demand baing good, we have a fan trade at an advance of 6J. per quarter on the, prices of this day se'unight. I.ivrarnoL Cottoh June U3?The advices from t he United States, noticed in the last circular, still continue lu affect the mm k> t, and a< the purchases of the trade have been confirm ) to their immediate wants, prices ofiuferior an middling Ameiican and Sur it ar. agniu |1 l?er lb. lower. Egyptian n m nn heavy ol sale, but without change ol price. Speculators have taken 1 700 American, and exporters SuO Surut, and the total sales have amounted to 2J 410 bales. June 30 ?The same heaviness which has been noticed in inc market lor *omi! weeks past still continue*, the trade not baing induced to purchase beyond their imm' diate wants; hut tor export tht*ie has been a better inquiry. In prices littla change can he noticed this week, although sal?s in thu coimnm an I mid Hing qualities ol Ann'.:rn ere with much difficulty effected, unless at a dii'imc ot 11 per lb from the last qtotutions. Speculatori. i.?7? taken 1000 American, and reporters 2500 Anuria.! There have l?*eu lorwarded into thecouutry thii at ,.ith unsold, 2*2 930 Amerir in, 210 Pernambuco, 60 Marnnuani, 100 Surat and 3"<) E ;ypt>an. The sales of the wh'K have compriied 3d ,370 hale*. July 4?The market on Saturday was by no m> ana animated, Out prices continued the tame at those pieviously quoted. About 4i>00 bale* were void, and yesterday a simi1 l?r number of bales were disposed ct. The supply is stil [ very large, und there is no piospect of any improvement in price*. Hales lromthe-.(4th totheSitb June inclusive?420 P?ia Island,7><! a lijd, Stud, do do: l?30 buwed, u 6fc; 18,510 Orleans, a 6J; 49*0 Mob.le, 3? a 4$ K rum I at Jan. to the ;io u, l?H. 711,011 tipo- ?From 1st Jan. to 30th J'inu, 1812 0S3,iit>d, 1443, 1 038 587. Consumption?(Taken for) Fioni lit Jan. to 3oth June, 1812, 438 85"; 1843, 563.700 Current prices this day?Upland, inferior, 3|la4; middling. 3j a 4|; liJr 4| a ftl; good fair, 4J a 6; g *"d and choice, ftj ii 6J; New Orleam (inter. Tien ) 3} a 3}; interior, 3|a4i ; middling, 4>4);lair, 4| lair, 6} a 6}; gov 1,81 a6J; very cboi e riii ui i U ,7 a 8; Mobile, inferior, )| a 4; middling, .V a ., 4j;good fair, 6 a Sea Island, std, and aa?- f-.inii'l, 8j a 7 ; inferior,7 a 8 ; I middling,8 ?V; fairtlea':, not hue, 9 a 10; good clean, and rather fine, 10 a 12, line and clean, 1 2 a -24. EsrtMjTED S-roc?s,30th Juno? 1H42 1843. American 434.260 718,260 Brazil 61,650 06.000 K.gvptian 22,340 27,'10 We'st India, kc 16/ 90 17,040 East India 97,400 80,140 Total, 64 3 530 014,140 Livkhvool C?*t MAR*fT, July 4?Having had a heavy hower ot rain on Wedne-da/ evening, with n north west wind a co ler temperature since, the c haracter of the weather has became rather lens favorable to the rapid advance of the crops towards mat\i'i*y; in conse. quence ol which the trwio here has acquired a more aieady appearance during the p<*' two day ?, an 1 though within that period nothing more than retail transaction! fan be reported, lass disposit io? to press sales ha< been observable, and the general quotations ol our last were lolly maintained. The weather again having undergone a favorable change, our mark't ol t? day will most probably be aomewhat <tapr*M?<i, and most description! ol grain rather cheaper. At Friday's markrt there wai a good attendance ol dealers and miller!, who purchased wheat more freely than ol late, at a general improvement ol Id to 3d per 70 Ihs. on the rates ol Tuesday, whi'-h must be considered 31. per 70 Iha. below the pticet of that day fortnight. Flour, which had previously submitted to a dr* line of about is. per barrel was in better request, at as.ignt improvement. The O it trade exciting little attention, verv few sales were ell-cit d, but Irom the itaiitml supply at hand, holders were firm at former prices Oatmeal,on the contrary, moved rather steadily into consumption ,and wijh a speculativa inquiry or two, obtained an amendment ol lid per 240 Iba The only iteration in the duties this week ii a decrease ol 6 1 per qr tllUOn ColOUial Kve. The tinlv _ll..rat.r.? in <>.? ilnlli-I thia v?e?'k u it decree*)' of ftl qr. upon Colonial Kye. Barluy bfiiin ir.oie rally wanted lor KriixlitiKi waa in i ?m y itemanrt Ht unti.1*< nru ?i iJ. to S.I. per 60lb?.i and Malt ?n held lor rather higher price*. B' ana and Pea? continued to rulf preoariy the name x . |?>t noud. Proviaiom.?American?Nru ethe )#ih ult th?m>irktt for American Provi?iun? hua remained v.ry firm, the arrival* have continued light and the atock geta tail reduced Oood New Beef continue* to meet t reniy anl?; 011 !? ill taken by ?om'! parcha*er* V<ry little New Park yet arrived) ttioh woul'! aell wall Old n firm at tU? quotation. Fine Cbees''ia wanted, and thi; fir?t arrival* ol fuch will "*H freely th?2raarke? b?-tn? quite clear j for niid liin* *wita ihei* la aUo an Improved demand Laid ia iirmiy u?1j at the lata ?dvauoe, tna arrival* ami con | tinue light Grease Butter haa U* n in active demand, I and Tfrj little? i? now 1 ft in flrat hand*; the hwi for the . I Scotch dealer* purchaiing being now about commencing, iti? not unlikely price* may go yet higher. Hi Be?The only business done in K ce, during thelait i* iUia ihi>. .U ni ? (.mi hitfi at fl? 0.1 in I'Ji nnr COit . lor or inary to very line whiti-. LntkrouL July 3 ? Our last respects were nnder data ol l9tH li ?t , mi I igain tvetugt" wait on >ou with the <tat?>o our prov.Mou mvket. Cheese, U. 8?Tiie?to. k in 'in^or'nrs hniid- beirg reduced to a vety lew ton*, very lit', i iuisin?-?s h.ik bi't ii Jone ?inc*? our last public snle, SOtH N'ihj ; but there It it bilsK inquiry tor (re>h iiupoitaHum, .lift (he tiler dtlcillKions u ouln command lull) 3" | per cwt, and ordinal y and mi id inf,, 3c. per cwt over U?t q 10'atioi s, and we advance our rate* accordingly. The I act now just asrcctamtl, that the home make lias been | tollv on< lourih It* t!ian last \ear, has given an impetus id tin' <:i in ind, Mbiflh NW very likely to lie (WnllllUll ! A(?*m we re ? at, that ll le largeHheese in wanted, |i[iliriu quality, something butter than our highest quolatum uia > be look ml to- Pivsrnt prices m.iy l>u saiu to he, oidiuary, 4 is. a 4it'iUiiddling. 44< a 4ds ; fiu?, 4S<. a ol? per cwi,duty paid. Duiy, 10*. 6l- per c.vt, with five ; per cent added. Beef, U- 9 Our transaction* iu thin article, since >-ur l'ist mport, have been very limited lor want ol import, hut buyer, stand ready to take large auiutitiea, if cured and ! paeki d suitable totho market. We have had a very fair i export demand. and much of the stock ol oi l Bri t has | moved ott A recent advance in the price of new Irmh i has created a strong leeling in favor ol Ametican Beef; i and we repeat, that our American friertds cannot be too | careful in consulting the wishes and pr> judices on tins aide of the water, if they wish 'o secure a permanent and valuable inaiket. Already (when properly cured iind packed) does American take precedence in price and quality, of Irish, English, and all other foreign Beef, and > only a moderate ilegiue of attention is require ! to main! tain thi advantage. Haviug been ?epeatedhr asked to describe what ia here I termed India'' B-el, we beg to say, that it is made up ol i (at caltln, wi ighinif from 7 to 9 cwt, and consists of flat I libs, biifckets, a lew pieces of the middle cut of standing i ribs, bu< no sirloin or tump piecea;it would,however, be 1 much improved, bv one first cut round (not the shann I round) in each tierce. It i invariably packed in tierces, ! which must have four iron hoopa, say one nt ?ith*r bilge, , and one under each wood chime hoop, ai d the lull quan ; tity of wood hoops. The weight inay lie either 3(14 or 336 I lbs, but the loriner is the invariable w< iglit of the iri?h. Fur present prices, wo quote I Pi ime, (in bhls of 9'?# lbs ) 36-.i4J?. Me?s, 4rts;io4i. Extrn Mess or Family, 6&ihoO*. I 1 Prime, (in tc? ot 33tHhs) would otnniatirt 66su76s Me*?, | 8i)j95j Extra or Family, OisalOOs, oil in bond.? > India packed a? described, would probably command I 90s the tee Duty. 8s per cwt with b per cent added. Poi k, U. 9.?Again liavu we to say, that so limited have hem the import* of new Pork, that we have no additional guides ii* to quotatioui. The circumstanced an advance in Irish has caused more inquiry for old American,which 1ih* improved considerably. We ti tut ere long we Khali he receiving parcels of new; but, mi-iintim". we teel we are safe in raifing our quotations to 34s u 3(is for new prime, and 38*u42s l?r men, per barrel oi 200 pounds, in bond. Duty, 8* per cwt with five per cent addedL^rd, U 8.?The operations in this aiticle areonly to a moderate extent, holder* bviag too firm lor buyers. We repeat our last quotations : inferior, 39 a 30s ; middling, i 33 a 33i, and fine, 3d a 30* per cwt. duty paid. Duty 3s par cwt, with five per cent added. Hams, Dried, U. S?No impart since oar la?t, and wc our then quotation, say 60s, duty paid, tor prime, well cured. Duty, Hi per cwt, wit.t five per cent added. Butter, V- 8?No import, and prices nominal. Duty, 20s per cwt, with five per cent a ided. Butler Grease?Thia article, is in demand for shaep shearing, and is taken at our last quotations, say 36s. a S8h. per cwt, duty paid. Duty, Is. 8J. per cwt., with five per cent, added. Soaper* Grease? In fair demand, but not so brisk as of lute, and we reduce our quotation somewhat: say to 39s. n 31s. per cwt., duty paid. Duty, Is. 8d. per cwt., with five per cent, added. Wtieat, U. S?Very little under lock; and the continuance of fine weather obligrs us to reduce our quotation* to 6*. 61. a 7s. for free, per 70 lbs., wLile 4s. 6J. a 4?. 9d. may bequoted in bond. Present duty,2lls. per quarter, or 3?. fid. per 70 lbs Flour. U. S.?This article has maintained itself hotter than wheat, nnd we are able to renew our last quotations: say Sweet Free, 37s. n 28s.?Sweet in bond, 21*. a 33*. per barrel. GEORGE WRIUHT & CO Statk or Tradk. Lkkds?Although there has not been iiny improvement in the markets at our cloth balls this sedi, thero has nevertheless been a considerable quantity of goods delivered to the merchants to order, principally beaver*, pilot cloths, and other heavy goods, calculated lor the winter trade. There has also been a few fancy c.lonkini's ::nd tweed# sold for the continental market, and a little more inquiry for fine cloths, the stocks of which are lighter than (or some years pjst at the same period This being betwixt the seasons, busi. ness is dull in th? warehouses, althorgh the general impression is, that from the low price of goods, the superabundance of money, and the moderate price of provisions, there is a better prospect lor trade than at any period since the panic oi 1837 Bradford?The attendance of merchants at this market on Thursday was lully equal to the average of late ; and the demand for manufactured goods was propor tionatelyextensive.* Though the stocks on hand were low, qnd neatly all were sold, there was no material chang* of piice. For yarns there was a good demand at late prices. The wool market w as brisk, but as the supply has lately increased, there was no upward tendency in the price worthy of mention. Hoi>DKRsriri.D.?There was the usual attendance of buyers at this market, and some uf them purchased ruth* r more freely than they have been in the hatiit ot doing tor sometime past, and we may iM that in general symptoms o. inertia< d activity were manifested. In the i woil market there is also more animation. Most of the important Qernnn wool fair* have now terminated, anil the prices paid seem to be tally <quai to those realized I Jflxf % ear. Halifax ? There was but little doirg to-day in the Warehouse*or piece hull*, owing to it being fair tiny. We cannot note any chauga-luring the week in price* of go .Is In yarn no'new feature. Wool is offering freely, but w iii.out change. H*van Markkt, SOth June, 1343.?Cotton*?Our mar^ kt has worn u ituil appearance throughout the week for notwithstanding that theie ha? tieen a current amount or business transacted daily, there has been no animation displayed, and the demand ht>* been merely to supply urgent necessities. The downward tendency noticed in oui preceding circular, has led to a depreciation in ordinary and inferior United States descriptions, price* ot which have receded fully If, and even at this reduction, not the slightest degree ot spirit has been visible. The liull chsiacter of the accounts from England, coupled with 'lie continued discouraging s<ate oi trade in the internal districts, are the cause* to wuich the general de. (cession must be attributed ; ai d although there is no I ositive pressure to realise exhibited on the part ol hoi. d*rsofthe raw material, still they are upon the whole w iiliig sellers; but dealers evince an olivio s disinclination to Pom? forward freely, and would jp all probability not be induced to operate to any extant, utiles* at a farther decline. Qt.'0TATtOT?R. Mai a or Jin- Bon ordin a C out ant a pitit couranl btllt march. New Orleans, 51 a 031. 69 a 78 84 a 100 Mobile, 61 a 61 68 a 74 83 3 ? Upland and Florida, 60 a 61 6U a 73 76 a 96 Virginia, 60 a A9 61 a 69 ? a ? Alabama and Tenn- 60 a 60 t>6 a ? ? a ? Sen Island, 140 a 160 ISO a 308 336 a S60 Coffee?The following were the sale* effected?3611 bae* 8t Domingo, at 3f>c*3l>$; 190 bag* Brazil, at SS*c; 436 bags and 30 tils Laguayra at 4lc(65, and 303 bag* Ha vana, at 44~?60 per i kit. rocoa?A lot of 440 bag* Para Cocoa, imported in the Aigle. Ashes?Some small lots of American Pota*h, fir?t braads,found buyer* at f4l a f41 60, and a sale of IJibbls, expected by the Duche**e d'Orlean*. was made at 140 60 a 140 (U$ per SO kit. du'y (IS 36) paid. Rire? In ''arolina Rice, quotation*remain at f 31 a 36, per 60 kit duty (f 1 37$) paid. Stock 40<! tierce*, Whalebone? A lot ol 3 ton* American fishery, to be delivered by the 10th July, was tak<:n at ft43} per half kil. duty paid. ui'iin?tii^ioun m' i 10 jr-i w % , duty cll't) (isi'i. fcU'i (iig? wer? rec?iv?<l from New York anil New Orleans Tallow In- ? I3T hrls New Orleans Tallow havingbeen taken at 161 ft* |-v 60 kit, duty paid. A lot of five tons American l.s'd wax run off at t 48 50 per SO kil, also duty paid. The Clifton, from New Orleans, had on hoard !i4 cask*. Steamship Columbia.?Captain M'Kenzie.of schr M.try. from Liverpool, N. S., slues that on Thursday, 13 h niBt., while passing 8?al Island, he saw the i.teanotnp Columbia. Slie appeared fo be upright, her chimney and nil her masts were standing. He could not tell whether sh'j whs afloat or not, but she appeared to be outride of Ulack Ledge. Two s trill vessels were at anchor close by, and there were a number within two or three miles. Capt. M. did not go near her, suppoeing (-he had got off. Halifax papers of 10'It inst were received by mail ywMerday. Schooner Caravan arrived on the 10 h from Se.i Island It had been previously reported that the Columbia hud broken in twain, and this vessel makes no re|>ort of a difierent tenor. She had three days passage, and brought some of the materials of the Caravan. The steamer Margaret, Capt. Shannon, with the mails, tec. lrotn the Columbia, cleared at Halifax Hiti inst., and probably sailed same day. The names of s- vm passengers hre mentioned, in addition to which are "fj ladies, lf> gerillemen, and 11 in the steerage," supposed to be a i-ortion of I he Columbia's passengers.? lioaton Advertiser faj- We lenrn th it the I 'resident has ordered the sloops of war. building at Norfolk, Va . to be called the " Jnrmstown "?that at Host on to be called the " Plymouth "?that at the Washington Navy Yard the "St. Mary's," in commemoration of the first pUces of permanent settlement in America.?Madia-mum Ex-Premdk.vt Adams ?We learn from the Glens Falls Clarion that the Ex-President passed through that village on Thursdav last on his way to Like George, Montreal and Quebec. \otwuh*tandirg his intention to travel incog, the news of his coining had preceded him, and a large number of our citizens bp ernbled to greet him on his arrival. A' Caldwell, fhg* were hoisted, and u salute fired in honor of hif arrival at that village Capk or Good Hopk, Arnri. 18.?H. M S. Lily arrived in yiinon'a Bay on 11 li in?t , chased on *hore ?nd destroyed, nfj Quilliniame on the 4ili ult. a hrignntinr named Eeperanza, under Pornmueae colour*. On the 14ih ?!t. ilie detained ihr Portu' barque De?eng*no and on the 17ih ult. the Brazilian barque Confideniia, both off Q'lillirnaine, den with ?lave cargoee, and ?ent them tor Simon'e bdv. ^'*vai, -U. S. Ship of the line Delaware aniled ir??n Li*bou, Juue 2, destination not reported. jNiyU'" YOKK HEH ALl> \>w York, I'lturwUy, July 30, 1843 Srmniik ? Oor reader* will pleai-e bear in I ihn '!> Hi raid ran lie obltkiut d daily, on tin- anival fihvoar>, irom Mr. Lcmu, opjxuite thu United btatei Hotel. . I , N. Y.?Th? Herald can be had of Mr. tewij, Renaielaer Houm flubacriberi leaving their adit-en* will be terved rrgwlaily. Mh. D Lvmiki, Middletown/Conn., i* Agent turthe '?raid, of whuinma) be obtained copiw of the Daily and Weekly Herald. Sinn Simo, .V- Y., Mmn. Stanton It Co. Kinoiton, N V., Mr. Z. Waller. A It letters on business with this office, and communications intended lor insertion, must be aiaressea bh nemuiore 10 jamks uutuun editor and proprietor of the New ?ork Herald. Thk Fobkisn Nkws by xhk Calbdokia.?In one hour from ihe time our despatches arrived yesterday morning, the Hp raid was issued, wiih a full and well arrati?ed digest of the foreign news, whicti the Caledonia brought to us; and we were thus ' enabled to supply, exclusively, by the first line to ! the South, all that region of country with the intelligence. Other cny papers came out at a later hour, but only with a meugie, unintelligible and accidental collection of stale paragraphs; and thejteven were tuo late for the first Southern mail line The promptitude and despatch which were manifested in the Herald office on this occasion were, however, only those characteristic features in its business arrangements, which have been ao often exhibited be tore, and which will always be seen in future when occasion may require. The Herald's t-uperiority over its contemporaries in this respect, is indisputable, and will remain so. We republish .the news in our edition this day, with some additional items ofpublic interest, that such of our subscribers may receive ihe news us received the email part of our edition which was worked off befora the boat arrived. Aspect of Affairs In Great Britain. The intelligence received by the "Caledonia" possesses very considerable interest. Not the least important is that which relates to the efforts of the abolitionists tor the annihilation of slavery in Texas. There is at present in London a Mr. Andrews, who acts as the agent of the abolitionists of Texas; and he has had several interviews with Lord Aberdeen, to whom he has fully submitted his project for the abolition of slavery in Texas. His project is this?the organization of a society inEnglaud who shall advance a sum equal to the value of the slaves now in Texas, and receive payment in lands, the Texian government paying over the money to the owners of slaves, and changing the constitution so as to effect authoritatively the abolition of slavery. The favor with which this project has been received, is sufficiently manifested by the fact, that Lord Aberdeen has agreed to recommend that the British Government shall guarantee the payment of the interest on the loan, upon condition that Texas become a free State. A nu.nberof influential Quakers are taking an active part in favor of the project, as, in their opinion, it presents a very auspicious means ot effecting the abolition of slavery in the United States. In the meantime, the project is opposed by the party in favor of free trade with this country, because in their judgment the movement is likely 10 ieaa :oa serious uioiurutuicc of the present amicable relations of the two countries, and we have learned from the best authority, that a poweiful party, with Lord John Russell at its head, will be organized with the view of effecting a change of Ministry on this issue alone. Cap tain Tyler has now a chance of making a decided move towards the annexation of Texas, offering at the same time to make a treaty?tendering the olive branch on the one hand,|aud dealing defiance on the other. Tne repeal agitation in Ireland continues, it will be perceived, with unabated vigor. In one week the " rent" was upwards of six thousand dollars.? The repeal movements here hud excited comparatively little attention ; but the contrijutions of "the specie" were not without their effect. The whole tendency of Mr. O'Connell's movements has becoinc more manifest?to wit, the t j?*ciment from oflice of the Peel administration. The Galway speech, and several others of a similar turn and character, are sufficiently indicative of Mr. O'Connel"s great present object. And we now repeat, with an added conviction of its accuracy, our opinion expressed some weeks since, that a change of ministry mutt soon take place in England, and that in that event, the repeal agitation will assume a very different character. It will be as quiescent and as obliging as it was during the administiation of Lord Melbourne. The riots in Wales, although troublesome enough to the authorities, end disastrous to those engaged in th?>m, are not of much political importance. They have been the result chiefly ot great and wide spread distress, in consequence of want of employment in the iron-manufacturing districts. Th* relicrtmia virnrlH in T4r?>nf Rrifuin onnfiniwu tr? pretent ample scope for thoughtful reflection and interesting observation. Pusevism continues to make rapid progress, and the breach between its advocates and the faithful adherents to the doctrines of the Reformation, within the pale of the Episcopal church, is widening every day. Some hints respecting the probable interference of the State authority, had began to circulate. We are of opinion that at no very advanced period, an open and decidcd disunion will take place. The results of such an event must be of great importance and magnitude. May not a coalition take place be. tween all classes of evangelical dissenters, and the "old light" or anti-Puseyite party in the church of England t Some shrewd and wrll-mformcd olwrvers of the religious movements, have some time since predicted thai the day was not far distant when the Catholic church would be the established church in Gr' at Britain and Ireland. Stranger events than that have come to pass in the history of the woild. Altogether the present political, social and religious aspect of Great Britain is full of interest to the attentive student of the world's progress. The seeds of a mighty revolution in church and state have been sown, and they are already ripening to an harvest. News for the Politicians.?We last night learned from Washington, on the best authority, that Paul It. Geor?e?our * friend George"? hat nctuslly been removed from the office of Naval Store-keeper, and his predecessor, Cravens, appointed to succeed him. Movements.?Russell was to give his second and last concert at Albany last evening. Russell, Burton, Turnbull, and Tom Thumb, are all now at Albany. the arrivals at the hotels 111 this city have no" probably at anytime been ho numerous as at the present. The City Hotel, Howard's, the Astor, the American, are all very nearly, if not quite, filled to overflowing. The Hon. Gbo. H. Proffitt, M. C. from Indiana, arrived here last night, and will remain for several days at the Astor House. He leaves Norfolk in the levant in the course of ten days, to enter upon the duties of his mission as representative of the TTnited States at Rio de Janeiro. At Howard's, we notice the arrival of David Barnum, En]., so universally and popularly known as the proprietor ol the City Hotel, Baltimore, his lady, th*ir twn daughters, Mrs. Stannard, nnd Mrs. Mc. Laughlin, with their two daughters? all on an wicamion to Rockuway. Mr. Barnutn is now 73 yean of agr, and probably the oldest hotel proprietor in the country. Ooncrrt ?By an advertisement in another co lumn, it wi'l be seen that the British and American Musical Soeicty gives one of its Subscription Con certs this evening, at the Assembly rooms of the 3hnkspeare Hotel. The array ol namra in theirpro I 'rammr of jx-rtormnnct* <nYe? f>ro?p*f<t ot a delight tul Conutrt ??^ The Wruxh.imm of thb Foukim Oboan-?We auted a week or two since, that the organ ol the Fourierites in this country?th? geniun who conducts the "Tribune"?had become awfully bad-tempered of late, and we hinted that in all probability rumor would turn ont to be correct, and that a revelation ot the cnu^e of iliis melancholy exinvi~: 'nee of ill-nature would ere long be made. We regret to find that the evidences of approaching calamity are becoming still more and more apparent every day. One of the special objects of the abuse of this creature with distorted body, and mind as contract t d as a vinegdr cruet, and temper as sour as its contents?is an humble individual to whom has been allotted a share in the management ot this paper, during the brief absence of the editor and propiietor. The individual who has been thus attacked, has uo intention whatever of personally repelling ihe a? sault on liis character and literary reputation, which the Svlvanian "Squash" has atteinnteH. H>> I h just pride in being able to Bay, that lie can entrus1 to not a few, whose good opinion is indeed valuable, the vindication of his moral and literary character Ironi any aversions which the most rabid and malign int enmity can suggest. The organ of the Fourieriies has not manhood enough to disltnb his equanimity, or inJuce him to descend quite so !ow us to enter into a co'lision wiihtuch an antagonist. If you cone into close contact with a chimneysweep, your clothes will give evidence for many days of the unlucky encounter. A word 01 two, however, may be with propriety addressed to the public in reference to the pitiable attempt made to injure the reputation of this paper, under covert of an attack on an humble individual connected with it. The appearance ol an article on the drama, in the editorial columns, instead of amongst the miscellaneous matter, with due acknowledgment of the source whence it wasderived, has been fully and satisfactorily explained. Not a shadow of blame cau be properly attached to any individual connected with the establishment. Nothing, however, could more fully evince the petty malignity of the Fourieritea, than their attempt to represent the synopsis of the leading doctrines ol the Puseyites, which appeared m our paper of Monday last, as having been borowed without acknowledgment. It was distinctly stated that it was " compiled from an authentic source," and every body saw that it was never intended to represent it as original. But out upon the miserable traducers of the reputation of one, whose only offending has been, that on more than one occasion, he was iustrumental under the efficient direction of his employer, in eftectually trouncing these fag-ends of humanity?these?Fourieritea! We have done with them. " Shall I prick him, Sir John I" " It were superfluous?prick him no more." Firk at Sing Sing Pkison.?We have received intelligence of the destruction of pait of the workshops of the State Prison ut Sing Sing yesterday,by fire, by which damage has been done to the amount of some #10,000, as we have heard it estimated, the greater part of which will fall on the contractus.? The buildings destroyed are the brass shjp,in which are manufactured stirrups and other articles used in the completion of harness, the plain makers shop, and the etone cutters shop, which had been fired in three different places, by an incendiary. Fortunately the prisoners, to the number of 769 males, many of whom are men of desperate characters, were each confined in their separate cells at dinner, at the time the fire was discovered, or the consequences might have been the breaking loose of so many desperadoes on the community in the confusion which the fire occasioned. And this doubtless was the result contemplated when the act of incendiarism was committed. But why, ii may be asked, the frequency during the last few months of crimes committed by the prisoners at Sing Sing, and why are there so many actual and so many more attempts to escape! Since the present superintendent has held the position to whicti he was appointed, but some three months ago, we are told thtre have been more escapes than during the preceding five years. There must be some prompting incentive with the prisoners to risk so greatly for a doubtful accomplishment of their liberty. We can believe that even culprits may be so severely dealt with, while expiating their crimes against society, and be made so hopelessly miserable in their dreary imprisonment, that they will preferdeath in the attempt to escape from their tortures, rather than remain in longer endurance. But ught such a system to be adopted with the criminal men whose confinement in Sing Sing has become necessary 1 We have heard a recital of.thr wrongs of 'he inmates of thut prison?for the convicted guilty may be greatly wronged, while society is not benefitted thereby?which call loudly for investigation. We tru?t the proper authorities will institute inquiry, and if the present keeper resorts t# unnecessary cruelty, let his power to tyrannize be taken from him. Winchkstsr's New Publications.?This morning the New World Supplement will be issued with some new featurea. The first part of two New Serial Romances, by James and Ainsworth, are added to this the seventh number of this wotk, the one entitled Arrah Niel, or Timet of Old, the first serial romance ever written by James, and the other Modern Chivalry, or a New Orlando Furioso. t> -I... .u- i. ?t nu... zl*wit, in which the movement! of the author's characters a?e in this city, particularly amongst the conductors of the New York Press, some of whom are shown up considerably. There is also the usual monthly contribution of Tom Burke; and al together the numWer is a rich one. Mingo's?To-night Gabriel appears in a new element "air," by the assistance of his stills, and the costume of "Pulichioelle." Punch is a personage wonderfully raised in public importance recently.? One of the most s"ccetf?ful and amusing papers in London has been styled "Punch." In the early part of the Beaton, we had an opera on the subject ol the facetious "Punch"?and now, in a still more welcome sh?|>e, we have Gabriel's "Punrhnnd very agreeable i( ib. It will be the great feature of the evening's performance. Tight rope by the whole family, dancing by the present Madame Leon Javelli.andjthe opera orchestra will play Auber's overture to the "Crown Diamond*." Avery attractive bill. ' Chatham Th batik.?This establishment op?ns to-night under the. new management with an entirely new and excellent company ; and from the 1 well-known tact nnd talent of the gentlemen who are to have control, we have no douiit it will be conducted with proper energy, taste and judgment. The plays selected for thin occasion are, the comedy of " The Soldier's Daughter," and the drama ol " The French Spy the latter being the piece in 1 which Mdlle. Celeste acquired much of her protes1 eional celebrity. Mrs. J. Greene, an old favorite here, but who has been for tome years absent, plays Widow Cheerly in the comedy ; and Mrs. Lewis?who has been more recently among ue, and whose personation of similar characters to that in which fj^fppears to-night is only second to Celeste ?Iila.'? )uaj: Frcnch Spy. A rich treat. ? T CLA vi BAKE -Robert J. Melville, the nropifiF!??. the upper end of Ward'* l?land, near little HMJK. ite, Informs tl?n epicures of New Y#rk city , and i lefty, that in ronnexion with Juhn Hilliker his silent, he has recently discovered a bed ol the moat rich, tender an.i luicionaclamfi uveraeenin this community) *om? fewthouaanda of whirh ti'ill hn arivivl mi In II mair I nificent ' Clam B il<e" on Ward * Inland THIS nfter . noon at hnlf|n*t three o'clock precisely, These truly deliciou* ftcb, that have the flavor of the cl?m with nil 'lie r1?-lic icy ol t>1 < oyili r, will hIiio be served uo as " Chewdrr" and in various other dishes lo suit tho palate i of ipicuici. All other ncrvuajry refreshments of the i but quality will alio hj found on the ground ai well ?' boat*, bait and fi hinfjt'ieklr for those vho would dealri nn hour's recreation In taking Black fl?h in little I Gate Pcraoiis going out can he taken tothelUd House or Benny Oaruo's, by the Harlem stagea, or the ral -ro?i rare where* nail boats will be found alway* In rowuue tovouvay them to thaIsland. City Intelligence. Pkctcncbi.?John B. Wright, grocer on the cornerof Rivmxton and Sherifl atreet waa yeaterday ?rreated by officer Denmston, on the folio wiug charge of ' obtaining gio Is en false pretences'? On the 13'hof Mnylsft, he culled at the store ef Mr. William Story, grocer, duin* business at No It J me* rtrtet, and n>?Ja ruch repress,stations of hit property and freedom from debt that Mr. S. wtn induced to give him crtdii at different timea to tho amou<>t ol $*91 20. Mr. Story then mude such inquiries into WiigUl'a eiicum stances ca furnished him with information that Wright, on the very 13'.h day of May on which he repreaented * himself ?o clear with the world, hi? had actually executed a bill of vale of hia entire at ick, fixtur a, St ;, to Benjamin O. Gurmean, to cover a debt of $t,25D and upwards, ...Kink V... Kim . on! .ilsn lint hj ur?a - V/U uw W >- ? ) - ".wounnj to the dim of Whitney and Loci;wood in over $10o, for good* purchaied from them. This atati-ment wai fully corroborated, and in dclault of bail, Wright was fully crunmittrdfor trial. Exrimtivc Skbvick?Mr. Daniel Wark, of No. 208, Canul street, left Joseph B Ellit in charge of hi* bar for a short time,while he was absent an business, leaving in the clock the sum ( $>7 in bank bilh,which were missing en hit return. Ellis denied the charge of tie theft, an 1 was fully committed to answer. A rutladki i'hia Pickpocket.?One of Governor Portei's particular pr-ts, who was liberated by him Irom thv> State prisou, wberu he had been s?ut for a term of three years, for picking the pocke! of Oideon Scull, Ecq , somu time last 9print;, was yesterday committed to tho Tomh?, lor pre-sing his old tra ie on hoard the steamboat Independence, which had just arrived at the wharf foot of Pier No a, North River. He had been pointed out to Captain Forbes on gom:( on board, and was followed by him very closely throrgh his tour of the boat. The Captain arrested bim in the very act of drawing from the. coat pocket of a gentleman, pxsaenger, hi* Ivather wallet, which no doubt contained a handsome sum. The Captain being anxious lest hit prisoner should elude him, did not permit him to withdraw the wallet altogether, and in the hurry forgot to ask the name or residence of the gentlemnn wn nftt>mnn>/1 in Ku r lx *_ auu *77 ??i?' ? Mtpuyou ui ins |iru|?eny. ouuum this statement of the arrest meet bis eye, he is particular* lv requested lo call it the Lower Police, ai hia presence and testimony (ire needed to secure a full conviction to the State priion. Further Particular* ?The gang or robbers mentioned iu yesterday 'a edition, us having been arrested on the lnth Avenue, have been separated Tor a time, as i harles Elwood and John L. Road?* have been sent baclt to Orange county jail, froiu whence they esca|>ed, to serve \ out the term ot imprisonment there?this finished, they will tie returned here, to pay the penalty of their later depredations in this county. The guns, fishing net, and i several other artic les have been ideutiiM. and all persous ! having lo-t property such as descritud. should call at the Upper Police and aid the ends of justice l>y piosecuting thw rogues. The officers made a lurther examination of the spot yesterday, and brought back liom thcnce a quantity of goods supposed to be stolen. Again at hki oi-n Work?Mary E Hewington, who has but recently returned Irom serving out a term of soma months in the Penitentiary, was yesterday lound id Twenty first street, with a bundle, which on being examined, was found to contain a figured muslin dress, several handkerchiefs, one with a lace border and worked corners, several laco caps, collar*, Sic., all ladie* wearing apparel. As there is no clue to where she obtained the articles, persons having lost such description ot' property from their dwellings, should call at the Upper Police office, and endeavor to send her back for the good of society. Petit Larceny?William Munn, a young lad, was fully committel, for stealing from Oliver Crosamau, No. 143 West 17th street, a $3 hill, and some small change. He acknowledged his crime, ami will probably be sent to tho house of ri luge, to correct his morals. Lunatic Found Drowned.?The body of Margaret Oliver, who recently escaped from the lunatic asyium at BUckweil's Island, was louad yesterday, and au inquest held by the coroncr. Cty-THE AMERICAN MUSEUM 18 THE GRAND theatre of entertainment this wet k. The wondetful Automaton Masical Lady is producing a great sensation hy licr astonishing feats on the Accordian. The Hughes family, Mr. Cole, Sic. lie., are receiving great applause nightly. The whole performance, Indued, Is of the veryhighest order, and fully susiains the high reputation of that popular establishment. Performances tnis evening at half past eight. ?7- ENGLISH NEWSPAPE RS BY THE ARRIVAL OB THE STEAMER CALADONIA?We have leceived a trash arrival of late English Newsp ipeis. The London Illustrated News -The hauusomest newspaper published in the world. Price 13] cents, or $9 a year. Delivered to any part ol the city or Brooklyn. A lew complete setts on hand. The London Punch, 14} cents single, or $S a year. Tne Pictorial Tim;s?A splondid paper, 18J cents Jjf 1 " ' The London World of Fashion, containing the fashion* for August.- A splendid work. Subscriptions received to any of the English publics* tians, and punctually attended to. BURiJESS St STRINGER, Wholesaleand Retail Periodical Dealers, 222 Broadway, American Museum Buildings. ?J*NEW NOVEL BY JAMB4 ? SIX ROVIANCF.S for one 'hilling l'h s morning will be published, at tiie office 30 Ann street, the seventh num'ier o' the New World Supplement, containing the llrat parts o' two new novel*, by the belt writeis ot the day, viz: James and Ainsworth. The contents are:? 1. Arralt Niel. or Times of Old, by G. P. R J.imes, r#. ceired by tho steamer Caledonia, part I. 3. Modern Chivalry, or a New Orlando Fnrioso, by W. H. Ainsworth, author of "Windsor C?9tleItc. 5. Martin Chnzzlewit, chapters 16 and 17. Land* in New York?Falls in with Col. Diver,editor ol the "Rowdy Journal"?Goes to a boarding liouie? Describes the habits, manners and custom* of thu New Yorkers, iu a style which they will be anxious to read. It is the richeft number yet. 4. Tom B irke, Levpr'snew military romance. The August part in advance of this capital work. 6 ?. 8. D , or Accountsof Irish Heirs? a cont nuation of the capital lri*h story ol "Treaiure Trove,"1 lull of fun. 6. Loitering* of Arthur O'Leary, by Lever. Priceof single numbers IJ J cts.?Mail subscribers one dollar ayear. The New World Bla< kwood'* Mugazine and Supplement are sent for $3 a year. Back numbers stiil supplied. J. WINCHESTER, Publisher. fc?- A CURE GUAR AN TEED?The Col'.ege of Medicine and Phatroary of the city ot N?\ York, established for the suppression ol quackery, is now prepan d to treat all diseases ot a j rivato nature, nnd oili r to all those blfticted with these distressing maladits advantage* not to be met within any other institution in this country, either public or private. Fiom the constant correspondence, anil Irom ririvate arrangement*, between the member* of the Colrge and thp most eminent Protestor* of the Medical Institution* of Europe, all the improvements in the treatmeat of these diseases are lot warded to them long before they reach the majority of the medical profession of this country. All persons who have used the celt brated preparation of Professor Ricord, " The Parisian Alterative Mixture," can bear testimony to its being the most powerful remedy everdiicovered for primaiy or aecondary syphilis, strengthening the constitution, whilst eradicating the disease. rroiessor vaipean* discovery mm* ppccme rms, ror the cure of gonorrhea and gleet, ha< rai-ed turn imineasut ably above nil hit contemporaries in thi<? particular branch ol the profession Willi such celebrated remedies, together with the combined (kill of the flrot medical men of lhi< country, the College leel satistieu that the good work they have undertaken, " the suppression of quackery," will receive the patronsge it dcJervestromtliai portion of the public requiring thair service*. Terms,for advice, and all medicine*. $6. Ottico and Consulting Room* of thu College, 97 Nataeu street. W. ? RICHARDSON, Ag'nt. N B?Patients living at a distance, by Mating their ditpase explicitly in writing, giving all symptoms, together ivith the treatment they received elsewhere, il any, can obtain a cheat containing all medicine*, with full direction* lor use, with a guarantee of cure, by uddrviaiDg the Agent of the College, pott-paid, enclosing $i. (KJ- BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLA.?Thlt prepiration of Santanarilla surpanes any thing heretofore elf-r ed to the putiiic ts a renovator ol the human system. !' recommendation by the medical faculty i* luch, those af. flicted with diseas.s of the blood or nerves cannot tail to he lolly convinced that it will perform all that i* claimed for 11. The nmmerons testimonials of those who have "nee dfully tried thi* article, place* it beyond n doubt, that Bristol'. S imapsrillu it n tale, *ure and ede . luul remedy for all diteasi c of tliu liver, cancer, tcioiula, salt rneuin, indigestion, and the various nervou* affections, which is the unhappy lot of many to be heir to. There has not appeared before the public, In our estimation, an tirticlo so well calculated to purify the system a* Bristol's Snrsa paiilla. Tile experience and Handing of Mr. Bristol is a iiitti.' lent guaranty to all disposed to try this efficacious remedy. ' Sold wholesale and retail by Wm. Burger, 50 Courtlandt street, and at retail by llusbton Si Aspuiwall , Milhau's Pharmacy; Sym<?'*, Bowery ; J, C. Morrison, 183 Greenwich street; Woo I b Morrison, -J09 Greenwich st. ft?- WK KNOW A BROKER NOT FAR FROM "Ur office whn>n head win no l>nl<l as to expoae entirely his phrenolcgicaldrvelopmint*, which,considering that they betokened# fc'ood d spomtion, not in reality very unfortunate f nevtirthele**, he mourned the low ot locks he had worn. Alter n fruitles* reaort to miscalled restora'ivea, he purchased a bottle or two o( Oldridge'a B.ilm of Columbia. We are not puffin*. Thia case came under our positive knowledge, and we nan give the name of the gentleman?,V. O Cily P. 8.?The tamo found in New York at 21 Courtlandt at., near Broadway. P. Smith,and William T. Mere-?r, agent* for Newark. (fty-THIC PLEA OF INSANITY HAS BERN MADE use of to advantage in many ol the aggravated eaten of murder com mitten of late yenra, and has often cleared the guil'y from the penalty ol the law. Ther<? it no doubt Miurh insanity on tinny nibjects, and particularly that of resorting to nil the rpinck medicines of tha (la> for the cure of mnny diseases, when a bo* ot Sherman1* Loiengu will effect a speedy euro. Thry relieve dinribai aid ,*)wel complaint', arising from overlo ultng the stomach .viih fruit, aoprevalent at thi? season ol the year?cure headache in fiom liveto ten minute*, destroy end bring .iway all kind* of worm*, relieve and cure the moat inveterate caaeaol whooping cough sought,aathira, and impression of the curat, influenza and consumption. and ? n warranted SDacifio for that molt disafreeahle and liitfiiing ot ail complaint*, furer and urii*", hri-nkfnK it npattVctunlly lu h akortrr ?p?i? of ttmu tlion any otti?r remcdy now in ua*. Dr. Shurmau'i watrhniiar, 10# Nn an ilrMt. A*'i>'a, 110 Broadway, 10 Aator llou?", 297 lliidnon itr*< t, IH8 Bowcrv, 77 Kaat Broadway, aitd % < 4 i tiaanut atrraft, I'UUadatphia.

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