Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 21, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 21, 1843 Page 3
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thc|or<ler|of David Cromwell, on the |return of the^certi flcate. ~~ ' ft For a long aeriea of year<thu mania of 8tatca,|Corporationa and individual', in the United Sta'ea, vim to run in debt. The debt* accumulated to too great an extent, and bankruptcy was the remit. This insolvency hi,a been developing itself for the last leven years, and in all thnt tim? the Wall atreet preia, with the Courier at ita head, hoi been bolstering credit, awearing through black and white, that coucerna known to be bankrupt were wotthy of all credit. Thia fact, with the conduct of many agenta aent abroad, helped more than anything elan to deatroy American credit. Such audacioua falaehooda were publiahed in order to deceive the unwary capitalists, that foreigners could with truth exclaim that " there ia but little truth in American journala." Diacredit hat now spent iteelf, bottom ia reachcd, and elements aro col. lecting themselves, out of which to form a aoaaon of re. newed prosperity. Where are now the Wall atreet press? Are they assisting the upward movement f uoes their patriotism lead them to auitain returning confidence ? Far from it. When affair* were unsound they nd*?avored to prove that they were hi-althy. Now, that they are in good condition, they endeavor to defame them. As nn instance of this, the conduct of the Courier, in regard to the Stato of Illinois, ti nn example. Illinois, or all other State*, ran in debt beyond its means, and was one of the flrstto tail, because the d?bts wero contracted with the express understanding that objects for which the money wa? borrowed would reimburse it without taxingtho people. Discredit overtook her belore the works were completed, and the people could not pay the interest of her debt. There was no broken faith ; the money was lent on the security of the canal, and the canal by the late law is given up to the creditors on condition that they complete it. This will be done. When the commiuion ra were here for this purpose, the Courier putted them daily, and endeavored elaborately to prove the abundant resources of the State, particularly May 10 and May 31. Yet on Wednesday last, it turned round, and endenvored to show that the Stat could not pay at all. The following are extract; irom the leaders ofthe Courier at different time* Pro. Con. Mav 10.?We not only Julv 19.?The question Statu has taken the proper inclination to discharge t/7 alep to induce thoae who are In the first place the State already interested in the Ca- has Beyer paid one dollar nal securities to come for- (rom her own resources. to ward with the aid necessary wa'da either the principal to aecura it*completion, hut or the intereai of thia debt we are also of the opinion The hank* for Rome time that the work itself, when paid intereat on the bonds completed, will repay with so'dto them, and the Canal eertain'y evrry dollar expend lo'? and lands furnished ed in its comtruction. But tome means towards the the existing bondholder* Canal, but these were acshonld not alone be looked quired by a grant from the to for the mean' to complete Qenrrnl Government. The thia work. The business interest on the Canal and man and theoapitaliit of this Internal Improvement bonds cltv have a deep intTeut in was sometime* n et.hut only this In'erprire. and should, by borrowing the money, according to their ability, and thus increasing the give a helping band to bring debt; but this has been all, It to a successful and speedy and It Is therefore true, that conclusion. theStatehas never devoted Mat 81?The effects of a single dollar to the pay. this measure, and of the in- ment of principal or interest, formation presented by the drawn from her own legiticommissioners, in their cir- mate resources. cuiar, nan neen 10 mnuce an uunng xn? continuance the holders of bonds and of the thirty cent levy, there other evidence! of the in- was no revenue to be dedehtrdness of that State, in voted to the payment of inthis country, on account of terest, and there certainly the canal, to subscribe for can he Lone with fifteen their pro rata chare of the or twenty cent levy; and sew loan, and the commit- yet this degree of taxation ioner* are ?bout to visit tnuit be admitted to be burEurope to offer to the fo. thentome. Twenty cent* reign.bondholdera the same for S'ate purposes, fifty opportunity by which, centi, ifrt quired, far county should they avail them- purposes, and an additional aelvc* of it, they will rritore road t-ix, all levied on the tht mint of their ifcuri'iei entire property, real and anil wake thtir ultimate lii/ui- personal, of each individual, dotion certain. Such is the and this with an arbitrary confidence here, thnt this minimum valuation of real will be the result, that while estate, in most cases much Illinois Internal Improve, above its real valuo, is a dement bonds have risen one gree of taxation to which, hundred and thirty per cent we think, the whole popusince the passage ofthis act, lation of no other State is New York bonds have, in subjected, and which the the same time, risen but ten experience of thn State of per ccnt. Illinois, in the attempt to exact the thirty cent levy, shows cannot be increased with the Iftast prosppct of success. How then, it the State debt to he paid? We shall refer to this sub. ject again. The secret ofthis folly is that when theCommirsioners Were here the Courier was exposed to one influence, and now to the contrary one, which grows out of the oppo?it on ol those indebted to the State, and of parties disappointed in certain expectations. We agree with the Courier of May 10, that the Legislature took the proper course The money was borrowed to build the canal, and the ncnal bond holder* have no caui>e to complain if they ultimately get their money out of the canal. Neither they nor the people of the State ever supposed that the debt would be paid by taxation. Now, there is a large class of holders of improvement bonds, who took advantage of the state of the roaiket, and tiought them up at low prices. Wbrn the law of (he last session was agitated, those people strongly urged the imposition of a ta* which would pay two per cent of the debt. Two per cant of the debt would give them 8 per cent for their invcitment, at the rate at which they purchased; a fact which would have defeated the object ol willing the public works available. It is the ideas of these people that the Courier is now vomiting forth. Unlrss the money is obtained to complete the canal, neither the canal nor improvement fundholdars will get their monty. When the canal is completed, the people will be both able aud willing to pay a small tax towards discharging the improvement debt. To throw any thing in the way of so desirable a result, is wilfully to destroy the interest of all concerned for the temporary fancied interests of a few paltry individuals. There is now no doubt, according to all the advices received yasttnlay, but that the money will be obtained to complete the canal. The canal deM and its property is II loiiuwR, sccuramg to unueu omica rvuiia avcumeui Hi, being a document referred to the Committee on Cuili, February, 184* Illinois Canal Df?t. Bond*, >3,741,18/1 Interest due to January, 1843, 314 A31 Caual scrip bearing interest, 341.971 Interest " M due to January, .'>fl.4ift < ertiAcates not beariug interest 800,000 Due contra:tors, per centage retained, 190 000 Total Canal debt, $4,783,117 Canal Htsouncki tkndkrkd ro Bonn Holukhi. Canal anil lands, lots, water power, lie. $8,500,000 Due for lands and lots sold, 907,691 Forty thousand acres of improvement fund, 300,000 Two hund'd fctenthousM acres land.val'd at 1,000,000 $8,007,689 The report referred to speaks o? follows In looking to the probable revniiUH from the Illinois and Michignn canal, w? see that a belt of country, ev tending Irmn Chicago to the m xitn oi the Illinois river, and for sixty or eighty miles noith aiul south of this liue, would do its btuitiest on this canal This would embrace a section of th?- State capable o1 producing an agricultural surplus, us larmi as that produced by the whole State of New York. All this section of country would be supplied with merchandise and manufactured goods by thisainryot trade. In the siLgle articles of salt and lumber, - e think it susceptible of demonstration, that a majority of the counties so situated would snve an amnunt BMiually, more than sufficient to pay their portion of the Inti r> it en the entire public debt. Take for example the county of 9angnmen. She paid to the State revenue in 1841, between $10,000 and $11,000. She consumes ten thousand barrels ol salt per annum, which, at three dollars per barrel, costs her $30,000. On the completion of the canal, she could save on it at least ono dollar on a barrel, and at the same time obtain a very superior article. The avet age cost in Chicago, say $1 37 per brI. $1 371 Transportation from Chicago t? Meradoaia, 371 Meredosia to Bpringfteld, 35 . 3"?. OBT.UR nil .1" 1-U...O.-U uuiru, JIU.UW. An equal amount could be aaved on lumber. Wheat hasbeec worth, on an aversce, thirty cent* bushel more in Chicago than In Springfield. The cost ol transportation could not, on completion of the canal, exceed ten cent* a bushel, leaving n nel gain of twenty cent* R btlihel. This would amount, in e surp ns of one hUDdred thousand hn?he|s, to f'jn.fmo These estimates Can be readil car led out so as to demonstrate, that ever) county wilhin seventy milrs orthecnnal or Illinois river, wouid mnk'' net gai i of thousands of dollars pi r milium, on (lie completion ol this work. The tolls on the Krie cnnal, In the year 18J\ the first year after ill completion, amounted to fAflfl.OtH'i in IS.'O, to (TS'i,lK)0. In I83S, after a reduction oftwmty percent,they had in creased to $l,Mj.0%. In 1*26, when the tolls on the Erie canal amounted to $703,000, there vni less business done than will be done on ours the llrit year after it goes into operation. Ohio, Miohigan, Indiana and Illinois, were then comparatively a wilderness, and their rich soil, the products of winch have swelled the income ot the Krie canal to millions, was useless for want of labor, and its rank vegetation rotted in the depths of the lorest, and on the lace ol the broad prairies. Evon as lata as 1836, when the ajgre^atf value of property transported on the Erie C in ifwas $07,000,00<l, $S0,000,000 belonged to the citizens ?f the State ot N York. The tolls that year amounted to $1,014,Sli i 0. Why should not the amount of property on the Illinois river, and Illinois and Michigan canal, within a few years after its completion, equal that belong lni{ to citizens of the State of New York at that timef Our soil |< far more productive, is cnltivated nt less expense, VQr population equally industrious and enterprising, and nur climate mote deniable. We are willing, then, to (S.vfl it asour eelibcratoopiniea, that the tollacrtha canal tin rs completion will, wi'hin n short period, pay the In. te?t on our en*ire public debt, reduced, as It will be by ?uir 01 c?nai laiuin, and internal improvement, andotner I property. Males at th? Mtock Viicliaiigi. *500 Ntw York T*i 'II 1W iWOO Ken'y fl'. long 16O 96$ lu'W Ohio 6'( 1860 89 w 5000 Indians 8 Jl* loot do do Mi 15 aha* Mrmtn Loan 21 ->000 do da 89 25 do do 21$ 1000 do do 8#X 50 do do J:)j 000 do to *10 89 100 do do 21 liiflO do do 89 25 Ban* sf Coir lull '<7 ii oo Stale 5K'?. 1861 102 10 Mohawk Kit cJO 35^ M i0 do 6'?, *62 108 ^0 Harlcin it K Lift 000 Keut'y 8'j, ahort 9JM 76 do do IS S2>? >?>ii0 l'o do 50 do do uw 32>? looo Keui'y t'i, I ug 96* 25 Aub U Rnch HIl 95 moo do do |60 Qi>j 50 Long lalaud hH 51\ 1000 do do 100 96% 25 Pateraon K R a 30 5o>* SccoimI Uoar>l. 125 ahia Harlem K H 33 4000 Ohio 6'a s3 89 225 do do 33^ 7j sh a Firm Loan 20)4 100 do do b 10 3J>i N?w York Public Stock (exchange. )OiiA I4r?v I. inr.*! 7(ll lilt/ .1... LV..I u II L.A n.*/ 61)00 111 6*4 IBt>0 bl5 3'\ 25 dj dj t.:i 3/>S '<100 do 1870, 32JfJ SO (lo do cam 32s WOO do d) ?3 20 do do bnw 3*2 1000 do do 110 32V 2a do do ca?n 32* 1010 Ohio 6'? I860 >15 8K& 2-J do do bid 32* I00C do do cuh 89V 25 do do cull 32* 1000 do do 75 do do bio ii% luiO do do (14 89 25 do do 3 K ?ti?0 <?t> do 1,20 a*4{ so do da bu.? 32>i lO'JO Keu'y 6? b30 96 25 do do ca?h 3ih> 100# do do 96 25 do do blO iili 1010 do do >3 96# 24 Mohawh Kit bJ 3oK 5i00 do do ?3 9o\i 25 Pacrioo H U op'tf 50>? looo do do tio 9i^ 25 do do op'g 5 IGi 0 ?lo do |I0 100 F<irmf r?'Lodii ttiw 2lJt? 3u00 do do *10 ?u>4 100 d> do ilw 21 25 ?hs? Harlem ltil cjjIi 25 do do 2oM 40 do do 3<>? State ot Trade. TtiDE or Montheal ?Receipt! of produce up to the 11th July , lor the past two yearn :? Jl>he? Pork 4" Beef. Flour. Grain. 184.2, 6S8U bills. 84,003 bbla. 967,7*3 bbl*. 316,871 lm. 1843, 7381 " 4,068 " 136,678 " 60,388 ?' Cleared for foreign ports, during the same period for 1843 jiihe$. Pork 4- Bttf. flour. Wheat. 13,802 1)1)1*. 60 bbm. 35,989 bbls. 16,417 bu. JtsKei?Pot? sell at $4 60 in (mall lota aa wanted. Pearls we quote at $6 31$, wituout any alteration in the do maud Whitkty?Hale*, in barrel*, at 23 a i4 ots. Cotton? The loreign nowa has caused a (till further depreoiun in the market, and price* must give way belore sale i to any extent chh be eltected. The operation* yesteiday reached about 300 bales. Provitiotu?Very little doing, l'ork and Beef are particularly dull We quote u decline in Mess at $11 U& a 11 31}. The ruling rates, Piime$9 SO; Beef without altaration. Sugar?We noticd a slight improvement in the demand, without any variation in price*. Ilay?The d< mund is very good, and price* well *u?tained. The kales are principally at 40cts. OUt?The demand for Whale is rather limited in this maiket. Our last quotation still tules. At New Bedl'or l there is very little doing in Whale. Sperm sells Ireely at 66cti, at which sale* to some < xtent were mad* in Fan haven and Westport. The rcreipts are large, amounting lor the week, ending the 17th inlt., to 6606 brls Sperm, and 9760 bils Whale. A cargo of whale arrived here from Nantucket, for sale. American Linseed we quote at 7o a 70 cent*; English at SO. Nothing doing in Sperm. Whalrbone.?The sale* of this article are to a fair extent, but prices lire not sustained. We reduce our quotations to 35 cents, which holder* submit to, and at which purchaser* take hold freely. The stocks are heavy both in this city and at the east. The receipt* tor the week, endinc the 17th inst., were 69,6( 0 lbs. Coffee?We have no change to report in either the demand or price*. 8t. Domingo we quote at $6} $5 74; Brazil 7} a 8;Leguayra 7} a 8c. flour ? A moderate demand with fair receipts, charac terixes the maiket. Prices do not vary from our last quotation*. Genesee itili rules at $3 06} a 6 131; Michigan, $4 87J a $5; Ohio $4 87J a (5; Richmond County *6 60 li 5 76: ncnrarftnwn C.S 371: Alauarirlrtn * A M) 1 n ?.S <>.v Brandy wine $6 87$ a 660. Corn Meal, Brandywine, $i S?} a $2 93 Ryu Flour, lancy prime, $3 76} North river do, $3 37*. Wheat continuei dull, with receipt! to a moderate extent, a (air supply, and declining price*. Corn iiin active demand. We quote southern 66 a oticti, and northern at 66 a 66} cts, weight and measure. Canal Commerce.?Amount of raoit kinds of produce cleared at Akron on the Ohio Canal In the month ol' June, 1843 30,013 bbls Flour, &11 bbls Pork, 62 " Whiskey, 21,781 bush Wheat, 38,680 bush Mineral Coal, 71,373 lbs Merchandise, 21,131 lbs. Furniture, fee. 273.815 " Iron fc Nails, 13,912 " Glass and (i. Ware, 3,750 " Lard, 4.937 " Pork and Bacon, 32,297 " Butt-r, 61 ,ti6 J " Cheeie, 9,606 " Dried Fruit79,934 feet Lumber. Amount of most kinds of property arrived in the same time 1,070 bbls. Salt, 457 bbls Fish. 91,811 bush Wheat, 361,760 lbs. Merchandise 16,736 lbs. Furniture, &c. 49,972 " Oppsum, 264 360 " Iron Ore, l3,Hi3 ' bole Leather 233 M Shingles, 78,909 feet Lumber, 26,236 lbs. Pot and Pearl Ashes. Amount received lor toll, $4,179 24. Wool Trade. The agents of the eastern manufacturers are quite plenty throughout the western country, making purchases to the fall exteDt of the clip. Price* have gradually i:nnrnv?*<l linrA thp hnt Int an that !??? loaf anU.o show an advance or three anil four cents n pound, from the starting pi ice. Holders demand a still higher price, and prefer keeping, than to submit to present rates Wool is an article that improves by age, and the producers will find that the increase in bulk is more than suffi. cient to compensate for the loss ot interest on the value. We do not wish farmers or dealers to hold on lor a great advance or for extravogant ptict*, but it U the opinion of all concerned in the business, or at all acquainted with tne state of the market, that price* must sensibly improve before the season has tar advanced. The new clip is spoken very highly of as to quality, and to remunerate the producer* i#r the expense of keeping their flocks of !>heep in good order, through 10 severe a winter as last, price* must go above present quotations. The receipts of wool at Buffalo from the we?t are large, nioit < f which in immediately forwarded to the east. A' Rochester the operations have been large, the sales of the '.iw clip reach full 6i)0,000 pounds At Avon lull 00,000 pounds have found purchasers; Genesee 300,(>U0 pounds, Dan?ville 120,000 pound*. The Bout on market stand* lor price* a* follows, which are only considered nominalPrime Saxony fleeces, washed, peril), 3ft a40; American full blood, 33 a 34; do J, 3J a ?; do J, 29 a 31); $ and common, 2S a 27; super northern pulle.l lumb, 26 a 30; No. 1 do do, 23 a 2d; No. 2 do do, l."> a 20; No 3 do do, 12 a 15. The advices we receive from the west, are so favorable to the production of this article, that we cannot think but that in a few years, wool will be to the w?*t, whbt cotton is to the south, or wheat to the whole Union. Farmers of the wnt arc giving up the cultivation of wheat and the raising of black cattle, and are directing their whole attention to the production of this staple. The extent of soil, combined with the climate, ensures the growth to the greatest extent, cf the most (uperior quality. An in elligont wool giowerof Iowa *?ys lie can produce wool in Iowa of the Driest texture, fur one third the cost to raije it in Vermowt. In this mxrliet the tale* are confined principally to foreign varieties, tkeciipof domestic not reaching here for sale from first hands in large quantities. We quote fjr American S ixony, 28$ a 30; do Merino fl., 31 a 38; do 4 f blood,32 a 26; common to J blood, Id a 22; pulled No. 1 and super, 31 a 2 >; do Mo 3, 18 a 20. Brighton Cattle Market. Monday, July 17, 1*43.?At market 295 Baef Cattle, 20 Cows and Calves, 1800 Shee;>, and ltX) Swine. Paicus?Beef Cattle?A small advance was effected on some qualities. We quote a very lew extra $4 75 a S5, first quality 4 SO r 4.03; second quality $4 a 4 26; third quality, 3 73 a 4 25. Cow* and Calves?Sales at $10. $19, $24 and $80. Sheep?Sales of lots at $1 50, $1 75, $2 and $2 25. Swine?No lots were fold to peddle. At retail from 4J to 1c. married. On Tuesday evening, by the Ilev. Bishop Onderdonk, Mr. William H. Smith, < f UnndiUn, N. V., to Miss Augusta An* stfphrnt, of New Brunswick, N J. Long may they liveHappy may they be } Blest with contentment, And from misfortune free. On the 19'h instant, in Orace Church, by the Rev. Dr. Taylor, Lieut. William Oilnam, 3d Kegimeot V. S. Artillery , toConnKi.u A.,daughter ol the late Paymaster, i. D. Hnyden, U. S. A. Died, On the 20th instint, Emklt Frances McDkrmott, youngest daughter of llugh and Jotianna McDermott. Her friends and those ofthe family are reipectfully invited to attend her funeral this afternoon at 5 o'clock, from the corner of Third avenue and Kighth street. On Thursday, the 20th instant, Bknjamin, youngest son of John and Adelia Williams, Veturinary Surgeon. The friends aud relations of the family ure respectfully invited 'o attend the funeral, from the residence ot his father, 823 Broome street, this Friday afternoon, the of July, at 6 o'clock July 20th, of bleeding of tho lungs, Edward D. Trot, aged 22 years and 17 days. liislriend* and acquaintances, nnd those of his father, Michael Troy, are respectfully invited to attend his fu. neral.from the residence of hi* father, S8ih tween 31 and 4th avenues, Yorkvillc, this afternoon, at 4 o'clock, without further invitation On Thortday, 30th in?t, Mart A^f, daughter of E and M. Browning, aged 1 yrar and ft month*. Thfl Jrttnda nnd acquaintance* arc reapectfully Invited to attend her luneroi, to-morrow niternoon, at 4 o'clock, from the r? aid< nee of her lmhcr, 209 Duann *tr?et. liMtHt Aflvlcea UKCKtVtD AT THK NEW YORK UBKAJ.D OPPiCC Antwerp July | Macao Much 7 *t''ca June 10 Madras Dec. 24 AunCayrv June 56 Manilla Feb II Antijtia May SI Mala?n June 19 Bombay March 24 Mont, video May 25 tlntavia Feb. It Mannham Mas 4 Bermuda Ju>i? 19 Matnni n Jnne 2J Bonaire-* April 9 Mayan, ez June V7 Utteno* Ayret M?y 21 Maracmt.o M*rch 9 B?<m March 31 MaUmorai May 24 Belli*. Hond. Juuu 20 Meiic< Jum S3 UarbadoeJ May 29 NeuviUa Jn*e II Q?toU Oee. u Na??ia, N. P.?? Inns 21 Irhice--"-' '{eb. 20 Oporto May 30 Cape Town, C.O.H - March 24 Oaha,8. 1. March 12 Maich 15 Jnne .10 it'iilneirol 'una 12 i'onan Prince Ju y I Cutliaileua June 23 f once, I*. Jp y 2 Ch.'igroa June ifl Para Jims SO alUo March 30 Pernamhnco Miy 24 'alourl* Mav 11 ll< > de Im,? I O.iilu Jnna 13 RiuLapor* Airil V iJemeran Jnna * Sjritney, N. 8. W. Ket?. 17 d'aval May 2? Ht. Helen* in (JibralUr Jane 21 Thomu J.,|V * . jHiay \oi) i < Oct. 'ti Hi. Jn? i iinayaflia, P. K.* Maf 28 Sr. Jam* de Cnl>a*? Jnr.e 25 twuaivfa Jnue t Hf. Johns, r. l\ June 28 liftUeston J^nc 10 81. (Jroil July l Hari* M St. Martha Uec. 2 Hun burg June M 8l. Domingo April * H?*ana July i dL John, N. B. July 8 {j'V.U March 13 Surinam June li mlihi July II Tampieo Jnne * Jcieiniv March 3 Tobaaeo May >1 Jicinrl Ju'y I Trinidad <1* Cuba- June M lUiiK'itou, Ja. June 17 T^lcahuniia April ? Loudon July 3 Valparauo April H Liverpool J ily 1 VeraCrui July I ?.? <?uayn> June IT Yuc.<iau M*y *6 Lalina ..- March 30 Z-niibir Jan. 81 'n??cii)|n'i Arrived. Amsterdam?Ship Angelique?A H i'ukkur, and on* in lite atceratf Nohw*t?Barqar Johanna?8 Buche.C L Clawionand lady, A Biyuild and lady?111 ui the i'.eer?ge Korelttn 1 asportations. I akin Ti u;ii a.??ii Hmii brolh?t ic co?42 O >no", Ho Igea V cu?32 H Karnum 4i i ro? 11 Dorr fc AH?n?S Thatcher.Tm ?( r 8c co?2 SiO' e, Swan | St co?J tiro H D n?31 Wolfe & Buhop-39 Bird, Onlilau k co?I ' ? M Sli w ?17 W S & K C Mclul ?li?J W i?lcKe? & | c>?20 ? Cauldw< II & C' ? I Wight, -lu g-? Ik Shaw?7 i Kobin?on?4S To ker, Me id ii co?} Lewis Are'burv jr?21 A' U Maber?24 <Jodfr?v, fVtiaun St ci?18 Ch<? K Bui Ik < 'lark? i ?2 Wolle fc G>lie?pi'?7 Stoue Si co? IS 8 eel, Lt> x'f r St Bu?h ?31 Peabody, KgK? h co?IS J-.lin Thuinn?2# Johu Hrrdmin ?100 lm tin platt > 12 caik? P>i?lpt, Und*e & o?7S0 ?ack? ?alc Woedhnll Hi Miuturu? I Cuw J.u Doualdto-?jl ca?e* 18< 1 cow io order Ambtkrdam?Sli p Anu'liqie?102 ripta ff'n 200 ?'*h? tin ?8 rk> iKfddrr 2J < otic 2S lii?i>rr? inuier-l waif Scliuch ndi, Favi? Si co?I c? ind e IOii bdli ?te?| (Mucin Si K u,< i?1 ck? VieUirlk Acne In?r> J V* iohelliau rn?(3 bJ led H B krr?4 ck? H utrheti It Unkar'?I do wine Metn Ik Stucke,?200 bags colfee 2 0 ub> liu T U.-i *rli?2 "*? I Kurrn?2 Date* li W l? T H *l*li?00 Iwwa n>iu<ai<l i>ed Don h Si Coui-mr. ? Hunk L A ilt N iiii-W ha. a Ci a \ trnl to niaato?10 bdl? tiu IkO bag* barley 1 txn 9 ' ks u> ' rder m.^akI r i mirhdka l d Sailing llayi nf the Steana Ship*. I FROM MTKRPOOL. FROM illEKIO, Caledonia. l<ott A tig 1 Acadia, Ryrie July 19 Aug. 16 Hackcti to Arrive, Packets t? Sull. rn OM LITKBrOOL. I m? uinnniil 8. America, Baile<*, J jte >0 Ri>sciua. Collina, July 25 Ashburtou. Huttleston, Juue25 hurupe. Fuiber, Aug. 1 from portsmouth. POH portsmouth. St. James, Sebor, Jmie 20 Pantlira, Dennis, Aug. 1 Montreal. Tinker, July I Toronto, OiiswoM, Aug. 10 from hayrr. for hatkl. Ulica, Hewitt, June 16 Khnne. Johnatou, July 24 Albany, Wiitaon, June 24 Baltimore Fundi, Aug. I I J4iUp itlast?ra and A^ciilo. Y/e (hall caieem it n lavor, if Captain* ol' Vessel* will giro i io Commodore Kouert Sii.vkv, ol our News Kieet, a Kt- , port of the Snipping left at the l'oit whence they sailed, the i Veurli Spoken on their 1'aaaage, a List of their Car^-o, and *ijy Foreign Newapaper* or News iliey may have. lie will feoard thero immediately on their Arrival. Agents and Cor- , respondent*, at houie or abroad, will also MBfi r a lavor by , ending this Office all the Alanue Intelligence thay can j obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully , l*;?i ('. I POUT OS" RJ?W, JtLV 5U. tvn 4 48 | moor Riara 12 0 il'n 7 21 I Minn 3 14 Cleared* Baiijnea Kunomna, Manifi -'d. Kin J n?'ro, K Corning It Son; Sir 'anac N? wton, ( Hamb) Wetiholdt. Hamburg, Pchmidc Jk H ilclieu.? Briga Cowell, LnWreace. (iibnltar, S Brooai h Co; Toi><i, Valpey, S' Jig > do Cub?. Tliomp on k A<lama; Clano , Le ?> d, Madeira, Nes.nith, Leeds Ik Co; Asia, (Br Ik Chamber* S John*. NF tJiilL-uii .?Schr* Bai'imore.Wcf'am, t'etersburg, Jame* Hauler; Cuilew, Ciowell, B .llimoie, a YV Lorn*. 'trrlvtil. Ship Tr,rnlinta, Smith, fr m Liverpool, June 21, with mdie, to N L & U Guwold?168 >t erage pasaengc*. Ship Angel que. ?dw;ir<la. frim Amsterdam, June 15, with mdae, io Si'huchardt, Favre Ik Co. Bremen uaique J.ihanna Mmamg, 55 data from Drominen, Norway, in biliatl, to Noltenius Ik r'lvcnatrdt. Brig Uruudee, Aad.rjou, 8 days from lamden, with lime, to master. Brig Ant Maria, Allen, 7 day* from Lubec.with plaster, to mas er Brig North America, Richardson, from Machiaa, with lumber to matter. Schr select, Davia, from Newbera, NC with naval atorea, 10 master. Scnr Tyro, from Noifolk, via Long Island Sound, with lam ber. to mester. Schr Htqowi, Lovell, 4 days from Boitou, with E J llerricb. Below. Four ships, one brig, unkaonu. Sailed. Shir Hendiic'' Hudson. M >ore, London; brig Belle, Myers, Wilm ntton, JSC; Dutch galliot Louisa, Heibuer, Antwerp, and oihers. !>?ii?ral Rtcorri. A fwiwDLiwo Captain ? A frw months since,a schooner called the New Citizen, Captain Wood, lert JVo'fiik for St. Pierre. Marnui^ur, intend of dome which, the c piam nt into P it Hoval, and sold one half cf the cargo, but the consul ius- , perttng I lllllllllM Willll|( _ llii the pri'ceei** stopped, aud or- < dried hi-r, with the balance of the cargo, to 8t 'i homan, and treiice home. Ohhuumvnl al Ht Thomas, Captam W"od dischMged the cugo he had on bond, and re-loaded (or La UutVM aud Por'o Cahelto, where ha ubtaiu dnchater l>oin a J .Mr Foa'er to take n careo of ci ffac to New York. Jle proceedeu ou the voyage, aud on ar i?ina off Ja<-mel, ft Dotmuto. the schr spruug alrak.and the capia n ruu her iuto Laucelon, a small, out ot the way port on <hc coast ol Ml. Domiuxo, wh? re { the vrss?l was coiwWmne'' by he authorities. aud sold with the ciriio, by Optain W (he having previously destroyed the i l? ers) he reprenen ing himself as the owner of ihe whole.? < Tne proce?d? were nb. nt being p?id in o his h-.nds, when the i crew mforn ed the au lr ritics that Cap'.'in Wood's stiinneu' i vv?f. false, which ia'inced them to hold on to the money until further orders. The imm f th.! consignee m tli s eity is not an wn We obtain the ?bove facts from Captain liheph. a d. of the brit; lustiaa, at thii p irt from Port au Prince, who Is i statts that two of the crew thatsai'cd in the Ne<? Citiz n from n'Jtfolk, nnti' liie wh>ct'i<d< mi?d end so d, cene h-reaspart <>f l is creu.hud I'roai whom he obratned the information ? Thev leave in a day ri iwo for Norlo'k, to find the ow er, if poss bie, w.iose name is Ye * lett. Any one iutcrest-d can i btaiu further particulars fro'ji Captain Shephe ird, at F. Grifli.i Si Co.'s, 117 Front street Loss or thk Ship Haivovek.?The following letter from Captain .Martin tc Mvsiis J is P Il i d'S, of Providence, givt s , the particulars ?f the of the ship Hanover, ol that port, on ( her passaqe to St Petersburg. U'e undi-rsuno that insurance ( to ihc amount ot $11 TOO was effected au the vesarl, cargo and freight?|il OfO i B scton, and S18 000 at the W?shr gtou and Amencau offices iv Pnvide'ce?he lorruer had $H,000 oil the ( ship, and the latter $10,000 on the cargo. The cargo cons sted of lice add cotton. I>OHTH lloPALIXHA, J'llir 18. 1813. OentIem?n? I hive been uufortu ate. *nd loil the ship on this til ind, an the north poiu' vVewrut on shore in n very thick ti g on the 16th in-1 At half-pis. tan p M She itmck on the reef; I th-n put the helm d >wn, and shi came heart to tie 1 wind, but b fore ihe could n?-i headway, ihe In-cked her rnd- i deroff. and'vote cliar roni d, head to ihe ?onth. We th n clewed up the laili the wind was N E, ard ine con'inutd pouudiug a lew mil u'ti, whru she bilged and f, 11 over on her side. It must have been the CQrretit tint set me < ti heref; for, when it cleattd up at nine, I shap-d my course for Kair i Island, ai d judg d myself imug fiv< ku?ts. ^e hid beeu 1 steering K nail S unm 9 P M, w hen the * iud headed u> i ff lo 1 K8K I ii.o >?ht it safe to run, as I had good denarius liom > the land it 9 r M A SK coars- < ught to h-ve cleared her of ' vryttiig. A'tn the shii. bilg-d, we clear-d awa* the lo g I boat aud got ht r ovnboard by 12 ruiduight The ship t'limpiug veiy h rd, and The sea littug, thought it heit to le. ve her ? . 11 the n r v f in , the fog cle 'trd up s. nie. and we saw li* I n d I and fnmd a io gei en shore. Two men emit liom the , iihnd lo assist ua. j I have employed an agent, Ruber! Vciith, who is an sgen1 for ( Lloyds. Ws have got ou' the provisions, nils, luaning rig ging and aoout So bales cotton. If it is smooth, we sh II save , m arly all tne cotton; if not. ihe will go to pieces very quick , Ou Monday 1 sh ill start f'r K'mUwMI wi h ih? trew, an i slnll end them r.i Liverpool ou tneir way home. We have had the wind froin the eaitward for three weeks, pari with a great deal of fog. I am very sorry to have to write you such a letter as i tnis?it is hard lack for me. Yours, respectfully, Luther Martiiv. < Whalemen. Arr at New lie 'ford 18th iasf. Peri. Kussell, Indiin Ocean, ? St Helen* Mat 87, with 85<i i bl> ip oil. if h l it off B*riniida, Young k>tl- of >.nd for Nan', lull; nine day, iiw a whaler ^ supposed the Airontu', of and for Mystic. Old at d i. Pci?i*,Whpp?y, Iudianaml Pacific Oceans; Ague, . Vi'.cen', Atlanric. Sid Human, Shocklcy, Indian Ocean and . IN W I 'out. Nati'ucket, July 18?Sid f.n Outer Roads, Empire, Vecder, Pacific Ocean. Railed Iro.n New London 13h, White Oak, Newry, South A'lautic; I?th, Geo it Mary, Biker, do. 1 The Marv, at Nantucket Bar 15 ti, report! in aildi ion?Dec J 27, Young Hero, Nut, t?0 sp?rep d in Jan 100; H icules Hick- c eioo, N B, R inoi, 170? reptd id Feb AO; Keb 6 Ksjali. Writ, t do, 18 mos, 700; at Thhitt in March, Cones, H immmd do, 0 ( moi,400; Kr'Uglin, Sll. 20 moi, 100 rp 1301 w; Clifford Wayue, i Crowell. KH, 21 inos 1100. Touched at Tahiti in March, Chas Phelps. Hall, Stouiugtou, 7 m"i, 60 ip 100 wh; Japan, Hiddcll, Mailt, 18 mcs, 6i0 sp; O.T Troup, Jenney, Nb, 16 mos, 1200 b Is oil. h? Pilgrim, at Somerset 13th, brought 280 bbl? sp. A let e from th* Isabella. NB. reporti h?vtig spoken in Jan, Young Phen *, >he >rman. NB, 25 inos out. 1900 sp. ' Sydney. N^VV J in *1?The Loudon Packet wai runoi ihoie ' at W'hapoa, Bay ol Islands,prev o I5lh mst. to be repaired, 1 the bl-.Je of asw<.rd ti-h having pasted through her bottom. ' \rr n Hobr.r: Town Feb il, Henry Lee, Bennett. 8H. with 330 bbla. i 8|>ok?ti. j May Flower, NYork for Livet| ool, 27 day* oat, Jane Si, 1st ? <9. Ioii IS 20?bv the Aukel que, at?hu port. ! ilwird, bulkier. II mil a k for NYork, Jane IS, iat 46, Ion c 26 40?by the itinr. f'aato , of Ba h. atandinz E, wen July 16, off Block laland? * by th Tarolinta, at thi. p >rt. iN'mrtd, ,\.w Orleans for Norwich, Conn. Jaly 13,1st 31 5), Ion 79 J Aichelaoa, Crowell, New Orieani for time,all well, July J U. lain. Ion 76 50. 1 A'*o, Bxton lor Canary lahnds, July 13, lat 65 60 W, lat I1 42 36 S. c Ua y Ch ?e, NYork for Hayti, Jnly 5, lat S7 SO, Ion 66?by * ttie i' INtw Bedford. 5 Gliuc-atsf, i'roctor, Havana for Cronatadt, May V> no lat, , kr. ?i*eo. ' S?'i.os, IUr.d, Boaton for Gottenb'UR, Jane 11, lat 41 N, Ion 60 W. ? An<<ro>co.-'?in, of Po'tlaud, 10diyi Im Norfolk for Jamaica, a Jane IJ, la SO, l< n 63 20. ' Hriny. On*, lOdaya fm Boaton for Bi?erof Plate, Joly 2, lat j 38, Ion 42 49. {, I *"ra, t*now, 10 daya fm New Orleana for Lirerpool, July 4, i oft Key Weat f G 0'Kimia Treceh, MntnDtiu lor Boaton, J'lly IS, eff Gay ? Head, beealratd. , Korean Porta, A i?twt?p. Jn'y 1?Arr Mary Francea. Farnham, Havana ti ( ai.ctJTT* Miy 12?lu por', Catu, Halirt, Boaton, ?ia Care T0?n, COH, 7ih; Arfit, Cwllli, for Bnton same or neit o d?>;J c lb P< rl im, Purolt, f? r do, ?; laaao HiCka, Bndiit". *aieio.abt Stub; Mo?l?m Km c\ fur N York, |<1?. Hid Id, Jcihn N O im'er. Ciuia'oi h,r, Philadelphia?fot ?R'<>und he'ow . Garden K? aih 4.h, aiid iem*ii.ed7ih.tnt piob bly proceeded ( a ion alter f I Ron 11 aDT, June 2fl?In port, Bea K.afcle, Smith, for Uoatou, ' few rfaya. T <orr.r?M*onv. Jane 13?Arr D antha, Ph?rey, Hanna. Uovr.n, June 29?Off, Nareua, Maauiy, Boatan lor Hotter- " Ai.MotTTH, June 3V-Off, Nitnrod, Wne, Havana for Hamb'i'ff Gki*4a June 21?In po't. Vener.nela, Randa l, for Palermo, few da a. Sid nht 20ih, Al iMmlfD, Lane, NY-rk. Gibraltar. Jane 'I?9ldCervantea, Tofta, Cadit. Mh.vout, Joue 30? Arr Kama, Madia n, New Bedford for i Rotterdam ? .. .. h flavin*. July 5?S'd Olga. Thaiter, Cowe?; Mt Vernon, for n t'-e coaa': Hat irony, Male <iaek. Genoa. I t, Livmroot., Juue 28?' Id Hy Lee a, Mitchell, NYork: N < Carolina. l>rnmoi?n>l,d.i; JalT 1,Tamenejid, Uiliimoie. Ad* Akbat H 'Hi r. In* China, with dei| atch; Geo Stearns, NYorU 4 dos Atlantic. Milktt, NOtleana, do. , Malaga, June i9?In por., tialuda, Townicnd, for NYork, 3 u ?rMaV?(iLLirii June 26? la port, Fonm, Wilaon, for Boaton, * ""mataoiib*, rR June 27?In port.Trrjtn, B'ifkman, f.r N .. Yoik j, II, lief, H r n',di>it; Kvailira, Cooper, for Boaton, S. I'nliic, Pike, ' ewhuryp>K,4, Sultaua, Irjna, NY, rk,3; Char t< lo'te, roller, d<> I. _ . . . .... Q Qmnxc, Jaly J3?Ah S BflltrJ, WatrrfoH; Chief* , rtiu. LuuriToT). t.ivrrvool; c' lilorniA, Awld, aikI Huniiron. Dick, Olnanw: John ft Maiyt Wilkir, Litbon: CoiMRtxIorti, I vltuhe wmu, Oan.-rt, Orwi..; Kleiuot, Smith, *nd Umcr, I U Domglat, Contrail*; HttfM niler.wov, Soli ill* i>|>fimi; I hrutiMi i, I j rortamiituh, 6w<ii', Murkm, Cork: IMIi, M tunuc-r, By- I ium, Plymouth; ChampUm, Nicholw. Baltimore. Cid 12th, | ^oid^le. Hall; Uanirti, Ll?rrpool ; KirgtW. Londou Hth i??o*n y, Murray, Ho; <?h?ron, Addie, do. i ' HoTTtRDAM. June 27?lu port, Sarah, If otter, f*r Beaton, on h? 3?'h. Smyrna, J?n? >? In port, Mohawk, Chaae, for Boaton, f?w Uv?. ""'v Ami >? ! mmoaronc. Ai?i< 17?In port, India, Nott, for U Siat??, ibt (0 > A m ?raarl S?un?y NSW, Ktb (7?lu port, Nrreua, of S-tlcm. for do or B> 'on, aooti. T*iv(TK jimt* 11? In por?, Hcotlai d. Cara'en, from NYo k, Uil 'r, Alrtilu'1, f?rki?..5t dm Cu nbetUud, Ha il?y. lo'iin do hint Cld Alterti.'s, Jov<? NYoih. M V?-HA HUI, J'lly I?1(, Auu LcniM, .War?ehnlk, for N York, it'h. Iiika Porta. BiT?r?Le, Julr 17?Arr Bir'i *t n. Sinn: AleM, So* lie; Mar > II. tleijim'n; Alpa Owen; M wr??. 8 '-iicer; 'I'**" laud, Wil u.; H<| o. Tyler; M Krame, M K.uty; Huron, li 'mi I. ; bid lie, N'orinau; Carabridtie, Hrlfrrich; Ar.v e. Hiud L I'u. i it. An It rviu; Ti"i>erauoe, V?Ilowa; J Uro? V? ill, II- I.di-rr, Damon; Moaea, Kipoo; War/eU.H'Chmoi.d; fj 'nkiior, Divi,.. . Couati uiiou, Waite; Tr?ntoU. maSrow : < nhh-T H-tt u,. M W..k . S, Uuylrt H do Z iff'. M uo"'t ciew'i'ud; A Window, N^k**r i ii, "iiH 8-t'iir, I) (?. mi J >n? ili; Hataua, Wa'iior: Fivorttr.Boalaw; O'awa. W. baler; Michig'ii. Browuimr and Pitorme, SI.ii tick, i |, r k-; Kouator. Wile-*, Michigan Dity; Ui e> Tom h<?rr h i>nk. L ^'iidirkv; Em*!*. Turner, Huron; Morgiaua ftM?e, 3<n tii>ky; Mia?i??ipoi, Haymoua, Milan; Tpi i? 2 I. Uh.hi u< S iiuiei, < r ? I'U, Jo??phine. 1 i.kvkland, Ju v 1,-Ar; K<>?rO*, Chalmefl. B'lff'lOiiK O Merrick, \1 nor, noil J I' rin Or,, I'nwrgo; Kri-', B rro v. Sandusky; M Miller, McPkail, and A meda.McBride, Pt Stanley. Horn'' I?or?? Bath. July 7?Arr Franc*. Mar?h'll, Liverpool; 15th, North S-?r. Smith Pt IVt r; MrUeliAn. H ra ,a via P r'lawd. Old bordeam, 8 mtli, Writ Inrtiea; H-inover, Mtockbndee, Point Pe'rr. T rtuawo. July l'i? Old 9onhia. Have*. Wi'miniton; 17fh, I xrrh, Abbott, Poito It cu. Arr IB h, Cere?, Blnuchaid, New Y'>rk P.1I?t?M0TTTH. July 1?? ?!d Turk, Hamilton, N'Yorh. Uloiikiici. Jaly IB?Arr iiar^h, Kimball, Portland for N Vo'?. July I!)?Arr A^'gril Ik Klin Drincnl', and Phi* Ireland Humeri, flliladdphl ; ( h n I hum *, B ratow Mava iun; l<'um>t. Hobi?' ii, W Irnn f'nn, Nl'; H iner, Kent; (JrTiao, ChjM, an<l W J 'ineion, NYorU Sigtial fcr I 'hip Hid J b i{9. < Id J W P,hub. Tax lor Bal inmr ; Odenti, HmhII-v, vi?foile; Mi lire. Mayo Aleiauilrit; Palm, fcldriiiga, Plnlailel hia; A'li ny. lj phi , Albany; Victor, H 'Met >aau 9 A Ann'^* 'It Nu?h#?r?n.i N. V % !? Nrw BroroHD. Ju!y 18?Arr*Erie, Wing; Oneco, Drew; W Browu. Bumf,us, ami Republic, Sowle, Philadelphia; Home, [)?lau'?. Baltimore; S?iali, Staples, NYork. Providence, July 17?Arr Attaliapas, Haydeti, Ch?rle'ton; Tho? H Bi i.ton. 8 ubbs, M'liz.beth Oily, NO; J mes Barbour, Btnits, and Danl Bakrr, B*k*r, Philadelphia; Sally. G'ad'I'ng, Albany; Beni Franklin White, and Arrival, Jaync. Koudou'; J ii Lanpliter, Kenny; Willard, Miller, aud Editor, Da) ton, N Vork. Fall River. July 14? Arr Margaret Elizabeth, TBr] Falkner. aad V c guard, [Br] Oard, 1'ie.tnu; Joseph Brown, Lewis, Ron<!"Pt; lSih, F.mpr-1>, Pitman. Pietou. . Newport, July 17?Arr Commodore, Wilcox, Virginia; Carnliue, Brighini in. Fall Hirer (or NYork; Despst h, Nicke.i"ii, New York for Boston; Pio?ee7, Moore, do (or M?c tins; Chare, Abb?t. Prov d?*nce for Turks Island; Ornament. Kelly, Boston T>r Albany; Telegraph, Chace, do for NYork; Charles, Mason. Pro?n'enc? lordo: Aiion Heath. New York for Provileue?. A'r '8th, Vesta, Ladieu, nd Birtnn. Law ess, Philadelphia; Chas M Thompa n Seeley,do for Fall River, with lo?s of m"in gaff, and maiuaail much aplitaud to-n; Fair Dealrr, liny, Roniuut for U sion. Md Ornameut, Telenraph, and L'h'rlei. Nkw London, Jnly *3?f rr Ellen, Smi'li, New York; M'.h, N'W l.ond in. Smith, do; 15 h, N?w l!,i gland, Mi' ir, and Hrru'en. McOv-n. do. 16th, W.o Henry, Raibe'. A'b?ny t -r N w Bedford; i7 h, Frankliu, Smith, N Votk. Sid IJlh, Washington, Howard, do. Hartford, July I8-Arr Leandor, Ely, and Star, Robbins, N Vork. Ai.ranv, July 19?Arr Oaledonin, Spelm?n, Provid'nee; Molnwk Claik. Hattlord. Sid Oottnt, Nickerson, a'id Herild. Srudd* r B>?ton; Fame, Si elman, Provideuce; New Jenny, PhiUd I pi la, Philadelphia. July JO?Arr BH Field. Vangilder, Mobile ?ia Key 'Ve?r; O n War en, Day, Por sni' utb; H?nry, Bl'*h, Charleston; Kichd Thompson, Buck, Providenr*-; Ojuoa, Lanpheer, do Old America, Tread wt II, 8al> m; Planet, T^bey; Hoswell King. Caswel ,and Surplui, Nichols, Bottou; Eli*>beth, B'-nrnr-, Na- tucket. Baltimore. July 19?Cld L'da, Hitvk, Rioand a mki Sid Johu, Cuffij, La Ouayra and Porto C .bello; Ja? Power, Keene, Nanin. NoRroLg July 17?In Hampton Roads, Ha'kaway, Nichol on, liom Lit'iimioI, boon i un Jam- Rivrr; Francis Stanion. l?favour, from Hivre; Wm Wallace, Hicks, Thomaiton, for orderi. > Oharleitor, July 17?9!d Ann Eliza, Mallory, New London. New Orleans, July 12?Ar' Vntnls, Schneider, and Amaxili, Park inson. Vera 'roz Old Charlotte, Ttire, Leghorn; Onited 8'ates, Pecan, Philadelphia; Oikltnl, Beny. Livrru'l; P iwhatan, ""riod'e. and 8 tracen, Hil? r, New York: Cola r has. Coffin, Ri.ston; Alhunhra. Wilsou, Trieste and Venice; J A Lam aster, Cotela d, Richmond jewellers wanted. A FIR ST rate Diainrud-Pe ter sud fust rste hand to make sr-al rings, to whom good wages and constant employment will he given, Address Jv?l6f r JOHN H. WWEET. Boston WANTKD?A. you-'g laly of a business lutn who would b" wilnug r? st-idv the interests of the einnlryer. to arte' il a hakery and ronfeclionery store ia a pleasant pirt of the city, whtre sh< wil' have a comfortable home and a permanent situ .ti itit'n?y hear of a place by addressing a note in own haidwritmg to Bakerv. Brooklyn Pott Office, statu ir where an in tcrvirw may h" had. B ooklvn. July'9 h, 1841. jy2l_3t*f tf.10 KKW/AHI) offered to any p-'snn who wiUreturnx up -IV/ number of account book" and "wn rtol'U from No. 13 "> ?e.irl II. WARoUIlCJ k DANNK. j2l H*fC _ Jfjlfl RKWAHI'-8w>n from ihe Swedish hr'u John P J. \J Johnston at C? ii>le st wharf, N. K,? yawl, al>nnt 16 ret lonir. pai?tcd b|t>clc out-ide, and int'dr (frcen nd led t 'lor, has fourcopp?red rowlocks. The above reward will ha piid fo' tne rrro?ery of the boat ou application to captain on hoard oral II' G eenwie.h st iy2? 3'*r HKWARU?' oit yea'erdiv afte'ooou in Lispena ud it, a ladv's *old bre< t piu, oe'amnUt s'laoe, wi h n'ne not es, purp'e anl wnite. encased. Th? litid*r will jj?f the abov.- rew \id by leaving it tt ihi? offic, or at 47 L'speuard it. iyil 3 "r BOA* IH NO?A iHini'v ?m1 a few siukI? Renilemaa >an be ccrmnodaud t4!3 Broom ?treet Kear Hroad>-*y . Tran?c ii' rrn< n? ^Mailings quiet home in a central situation wi'l find it plra?an', aa !?'.. Imuse is la'ife.airv and (Iran, havi?* been painted throughout ; the family united >na Hrenhltj r?r -?? modera'e. jy'9 lw?je. DK. PIJSEY'S SERMON. Tt'E BEST KOI IION?Will be puk i.h'd this da?,hTi. A Ppa>ks. (9 Na?sa" street, up rtai'?. a Sermou b? Re* K B P"?ey, 0. D., preach-d before the University nf Oxford r?n Uie fouriti (*nnda? after k',iu er, with pr?ftce, explanatory noi?? Si , for wiich he was impended from preaching b'lore the Utii<er?iry f>r t 'nyn if ?t I'm " VOK MAI.E. nfiO "Hp'K* ele?eu inches, on bo?rd Brem 'arqtie fac/jV/l/vJ J ham Fiieil';ck, at tho Floating Dock, bail lliV r. Apply to the (y?,t <ni on hoard, or >o A. KODEWAf.D, ly'9 3t*m is Bro d stre'tj FOR 8ALE?Cheap. f>rf Ii ; ahindsome Piano, nearly a? tiood aa n? w, h-vns Fr? i:h vtmi, with h\rn pedal CI quire nt No. ,33 Cana1 street, between the h rati of t?n and h""- j?n 3tina*r TILBl/HV KOi< SALE ? A vary handsome Engl sn mala Tilbury,f.?r sale, 1 years in nve-price tlOl to MK-Sfl^NOKKM. M l.iimVrst it 12 Iw'rr n? i m u ni .-liiiuy n o" ' iftn ii< ? '?a or so rer 1 ' s us cm h? a< cnmm mated with biard and 'odium at Sandy Honk L'fcht Hum*, dori g (he warm weaiher. Thoie who ?>e f? d of fi?h'tiK atd sailing cu b- necommndat'd w i'h b -ais. Die steamboat (thi?w?b?r?,it the trot of K>;bii:?nn st, stops i-r - each way. Term* moderate. j>20 2ii.?r I W BARTLgSON. 'NEAT R A H ( J \ I N V? \ RMt/,. < II ' x' K ? I'ne s'ock ^ wiih the fiinrtsand leas" of a irhw'ei le >nd retail Boot ind Hhne Store, in one of ihe best situ itions for tS- business n ihr chv, fonierly ocrupi-d by the l.tte Mr. John Hutch ins, leceased, Vfi'1 he sold c i*ap for c*?h Persons letlin: out in the bit men would furl ii much to :hei' adv ititage to call at 120 Chatham street, op.osite Koinepelt and ptimi'ip 'nr Im^e PKOTKO ION OK HUM \ N LI TK BUILfMNtii Si SHIPS KttO.Vl LIGHTNI VO.?Powers'improved Li/hulint CVindiicors. to or addresi.1. A POWEIiS, Jo Merchants' Kschangr. New York. iy3 lm*re 3riCCTACLftB-C, H. PHAL/.liRAF, Oculutand OoVf ciin, Canal ?t, No 110 (Removed from Broadway 554 has nmtantly on hand a lar^e Msurtment cl Spectacle.' for short if h ted and far si. I.ted |>erjons. Alio, every bind of Spectacle O'uiiei icSS lm*ee M'OTI K?The cnpartner>l?i[> heretofore existing between '7 the ?ub?. ribers, under the tirm of Wood & Morrisen ia his day d' solved bv nrvnal eonsent. S Morrison will conuiae the banueia and settle the ? flfii of the ;"irtn. 8AMCKL O WOOD JAMES MOHIIISON. New York, Jnly i?0ih. m< 3 jy 11 3t*r ^TOTICr-?J he co-pariucish'p heretofore ei sting betweeu -x Jnbu N. Geiii i and Uaut' voort Van Vrinken, under ihe uni and firm Oeuin & Van Vrarken, it this day dissolved ly mutual cmsenr fe bn linrat in future will be conducted by Janstvoort Vau Vranken, who is authorised to seale all the iccoDQta of laid firm. iDHN N. OKNIJf, OANSEVJOIU VAN VUANKEN, 214 Boadway. New York. 18 h July, '813 iy'fl 6*r NTKW DIS'.OVSHY lor giUiug, nlverii g end platinizing L * hy Hydro-Electricity, without tia'vamc Battery, at? ver? rifling ttiiense and labor. Prepared Pow.ler for gildiog, ailreriiu and platinizing, with n very simple apparatus ai d the diectimis, to make nee ofthi??ecret hr jv# ltn*er OKO TIEM AN N*. S3 Chatham ?' V/fKS WILLIS, L'dy of lufurmation nf future crenu and -** what hat paned, learned in astrology ami aatrouomy lives ladies private lectures on this edenee. ?t her rooms, 265 ?lir.abe'.h st, ten dnnra from Houston, near Bleecker, and has lonstantly on hind corn and cancer salve, and a so e cure for he anno, and if any ofuher medic ns it l-urchaseJ rives inlnr nation i^rali* ie'D A LL WHU Want OOOD, FASHIONABLE Cheap (< AITEHS are iavi-ed to cill at WALKEK'* celebrnied :Heap (tore, 41} Broadway, north west cirrnr nf Canal street, jood city mane iraitera, buikim, ties and slippers at |iii?ei!0 it-r cent l->s th >n erer before offered A'so, gciiti' buts'aud hildreo's fine K'ench en'1 native calf d'eas t nots cheapest you v-r saw; do dogi ntu, boys' and chi'dreu's quart' r boots, aitert and dr*sa shots Also, the gnat?st varie.y of all tne ifT?rent kinds tor family n?e, to., numerous to enumerate. Ul wno want any of the above articles, are invi'td to call at iVALKEK'rt Cheap Boot and Shoe Store, 4i9 Broadw-y, lorth wst corner Canal st. jy l7 I m'ec [ITA rCHB9?The largest ard most splendid >ssorrmentof v ? Watches in the city, is to he found at the suhsenber's.? he is coustintly receivisg nil descuptions of O^ld and iilver Waiches, of the n-weat styles, direct from the inaiinactnrers, in Eaigland, Fiance, and Switzerland, he is en tiibir<1 to oiler a 'atper -taaortutenl, ".fid at much Irs* prtcea, at than any utner Iwaae in the ?*ity Gold w.itehea ta Ua? a 320 to ttt each IVatchea u>' jewellery eichauited or muni All watch'* warranted to keep 4 on J time, or the aoncy retnruefi. Vy uchea, elocka and jewellery repaired in the heat manitr, <nil warrao'eri lowei than at '.uy other place in the eity O. C. ALL."'. N im^oriei 0/ wntetie? "ft 'ewellery, jyj lin'r Wlmli *- ? ?i>il w W?|l HM?t itr ?t*in "1 O Al'i '.UAL ?''each Orchi d Red A ?h Coal, fi at inali'y, J will be ao'd b? the ?nl>acrit>er at the following low p'lC-a or c^ali R'reah broken and e?*. from lamp 111 the y ird, ai-rernHand delivered to any par! if the cry at Si per ton ; atote $1 5 ; lane i.ut $4 50 ; 25 co ta per ion lea? will he charged il to<k u Iroin the boat?weight and qoal'tv warranted PKTKK CLINTON, y 2 *rn*r 5rl Greenwich. cnr erof Kmc a*. (riiEAT IMPROVEMENT IN FRICTION MATCHES A NKW AHTIC'.K Of MA I CHK.S, without brimitooe ^ or any other olfmaive q ality, and actually waterproof, aa lately beru patented *?T l"'te rn patent ol the United Hiatca a favor "I the investor Vv K Aahard, and are 11 >w m'Dn'ae*rrd and offered to the public by he proprietor* <>' ??>d patert > N >. 16 Blerrker tirerl, New York, whrre all who wi?ti to nirniie good matches are in i*eil to call and prove rhem kud a'l i>er?< n? wlnte?er am heir >? notified of thr aaiil piten' ud earned 091 10 vi or inlru'Re upon tl>a lame in a"/ i??n?r, Irat iliey in- ur the penalties of the I ?w in ?'i'h caaea 1 I hr>? mg'ch'i it i:e w ith eme an** eer atnfT in ail wratnera nJ c'ih.Ue?, ^u'l ^arn wit': a brilliant flam*; aiM if placed in rt itical poaiti"?u, wrl contiuae toJmu nng en ugh f> ?r*l 1 !?rfl lel'e ' with W ii Thar may lay immerard in wntrr > ho r? Mil, aatf it m i>. lMT?a evau for wreln atd wiirn ,rn nut and d ird. ill ignite aul tail ai before. Three Iiitti-auft nan in Hi h*? are irnae <n?f ?old a* abore, nimt- i ? \o. I, Ki ra and IVitorard. The latter arn agrteab'y ieiije.l ai:d Ht ior l'di??' toilrt? Rgporter* ?.ir imokrra, io? kceiiera, and all wh > oa m ltchei, will re idi'T perceivo w r-iil.-'J the aiIv mag'- pjitened bfthea. . v I o hrr*. Ma f i','l c mmnijicuiooa t.a be nldrraa-d t) O BOWBN, No. XI Bleeektrtt, jyll im'r Agent (or the Patentee! Mid Manufacturer*. a ttnnr'taxt oat tjo i thomas bfll. by *??x k howahd. (Starei No. *J2 Jinn and IIA Fulton itrttt mtiday At l#M? rtV'nrk. mi t e utfo mom? L^rge, evtinfive ?o<I valmblr ale of al g?nf Clothing, su if r or ?< 'litable liiicy ifd it'pli Drv Goodi md Houtr> v' plrd?ed uriielM. gunt. wat<*he?, Sec. Al?' in con! iuo*tiop, tt e tlrgau* itoek of a wholesale tail drv goods itore H.iioe time, a splendid g?ld dial pa'?n I <evrr w fh, ? c a?#s guns, and a var'etv of ciriatitiM Alao* < odstcobd hand b er rump, cost $136. AI?o brandy and gin in pipes and half pipes. SATURDAY. At ilX o'clock, in th- ? '?? room. Lvg? S^U of (rd)uil hmid unil uew fu.nilnie of *11 d?wnp I tiom nt I0H n'eloek, in the ?*le rnomi I Also, a superior v triety n? evcelVnt second hand fura'turr { from a family giving im housekreping Haine time, three valuable pi &no fortea by orner of the Mar 1 thai. I A?so, tne entire handsome furniture ?*f a gentleman goirg t? ICu ope. Alio, a quantity of new furniture, Frcnch bedsteads, sofas, ko. 0 monday, At 10 1 2 oVIock, in the snles room. Elfa Sale, by order of h H?*c?*iver?~Hnf is. chain. ottomans, waafr stnndv, fix: 4A pain ed wish n'^nd* *n<l t? ilet table?; 8 dor. ' mahogany par'or chair*; 17 sp'eudid plain aud cushioe scats.,lai; 15 spring and iu hion d ? * ?^i?w ch irs VI TUESDAY. h At o'clock, nt the auction room. m Li'ire, eirensivc ami eaiuatiie smc oi 'iruMit eiotnme. iupeI nor seasonable fancy and staple dry go* .Is .md hosiery, pledged j nrticlcs, kiiijs watcties, ?c. : A 'so, io continuation , the r lepaut stork of wholesale mid retail drv good* a ore | Hardwar ?Also, 'he b?|.!iiee nf 'toe* ?f hardwa'? furnist: I.' I inn <t?r?. rem or <1 for cnvenieoc* oi sale, compritiuc t geneI r?l ymety of articles i t the io? a AT PK V?TE BALE A farm of ftb"nf rot r cres of land, part which is mir???il tt hkvinv a saw mi'l. huui , b rn "rehard. kc si'iri ed 15 tnil?-? from Aloanv an I *h ut the nv"e Ir-rn he Utic? Mil ro?d Price low?Title iiid:?j,nt4ble?Terms re tunable, I. quire st the anciou ioom i Kor Ha'e or Kirhanire?A far n ,of 100 acres f Imd, baau'i m loll-li'ufd ou Moehome near'he vill?ne >, Also, 15 > acres of 1 in I, in the town uf Wells, about 65 m'les from Albany. A UUTji)V \(J FT*:K?Hhe'iffs sale, "r. fh.s day, af 10 oVlocW, If IPO W*r?r ?rreet c<vn*r of Oi'Vir street, by order of the Sheriff, the ock of ifroce?ie? a??d 'iq ? r? con* L tained in the store coiP'riaiun te'S, coffee, nce,?j??c*? soap and >*ni c ?nd'es, fuh, np^rior Sp^nith re >r<, tofc*cc >, 1 wrarP'Uff l>*l ?r and re - u-?, rum,pid, wines, cotdi'ls, ei-e!l*n' aland <*.a*k?, krgt qrcasfti. scale*, Nie*tur< * beer cud cider p'l" pt, eoanter. har, tlast ease, ahe>.ng? show cue, oil aud in c?r.*,coff?e m*ll,8tr jv2 II r*' JSO flVlFJJJCPjT, Au t'onrrr. QHINGtK MACHINE AT aIFtioSivll & Co will ?.-ll on Sam div lieit, the 2 I ins', at 187W?terst one or i* I^kic"s '*atrii? chiif'lr Vtarhin.'s. whi< h will cut 20 pro nhingltc in one d.iy ,and can he worked by aleatn o' horae puwer. ivP St'ec f, FOR SALE "T PUR' 10 AUCTION. H THK IUHWAV M * NIIKACTUKI VG CO. will ?11 ai pti.lic unr i n, on 17th Auguat. at their Print Work*, in * rtaowny (VJ all thit machinery, ai d rnovr? b e prop ty ofihe " compai y, ? oiiMiiiug of print u( aud en'raving inaetinei, eal- " len^era, e"l'p? C'li/dera, die CKfUM, dying ajd He-iohing '' apptMina ?te?m hril?>a. ?t?ain nisiue 2J horae power, wilh 4 f h' ilera.'2 fire eug lira, 2 pat'Utbaia?c??, iron aife, hydiaulic ' aud iommon pr<m, 11 ge and aniall alid* lathe, wita complete aetoftu limit and b jriug, and bl ?< k?m 'Va looia <d mini mrnt of importrd tieul, nil new and old iron, n qiian ity of dniita anitnb'e for C?lio> piinttri and dyera, laba, ceaka, and large ci'terua, atovra table*, banehea, Stc Catalnguea or wbich may be bad on applioUlou to Mr. Philip Trnaaler, at the Triut Worka o' of ,r HERUUSON 8i WM KK.R, >' jy 10 'm'r 51 Willi im rreet. NEW YORK Ik BOSTON SOUND PILOT. C /YWKN PRESCOTT. Pilot, or ukea charge aa ma.ter *nd tc * pilot of reiaela bound io New Bedford, over Nantucket Slioala. Bottou, Porumoaili, Portland, Kennebeck and OTHER _ PORTS. Office at Krye St Shsw'a nautical atore, 222 Water atrect, corner Ueekmiui Reference to a uumber of Mercbanti, anil the aeveral Inaurmce Cerauaciej in thia city Buttou, ami Portland. ilt >mi?? KOR THK FI?H1VO BANKS-The apieud d. faat sailing aloop KX I'R *. Cnpt n.. VauW*rt, will P Uiibin ke an etcumun In the Kiahi g Bantu n Saiurdny |< renin* n X', July 12d . leavi ng the foot of Hairison atieet at h 10 o'clnck, P. M., and returning on Hnnday. at the pleasure of f tho companv. TUe ?!oop will be provide* with a ararioni awn n lug and no'hiug will be left undone for the comfort '.nil convt- o nitnce of th? paiaenger<. H'are fir the scurai n 40 centa?n-mengern fining tbeir own PMtiaiena. "lit I art i hnl ? i bMh?rr.Hni. j 21 2t 3 TO CARPET MANUFACTURERS AND WOOLLEN \ 1JYER9. a V rLUABI-E PROPERTY AT AUCTION?n-: W-dneadav. the 21 day oi Augut at 10 o'clock. A M , will be aoid, ou the premiiea, at nublic aale, without le- ' aervr, the following valuable nroperty? One f inr hone ate m engine and boiler copnerand wood r dye kettle, with a rariety ofd'inB anpgraiui; 3 new three ply ciip*t leomt, nt<n ing pre", shuttle!, apoola bobbina, carriet n patrerm and deiigua, t gether with a great variety of articlea ,, uaed iii u car <t m*nuractory r? Alio,'he right of red rnptinn in (h* followi-g raluab'e pro (j pe'ty vir?l'he c >mnlete caroet wai tug and dying eatib'iah- ? tneni. aim? ed at Nrw Hiven Cnn a< d fronting ab mt 18' f ,, on Kaft stieet, a d runn'iig bit* t? Mnl river; Willi 36 carpet c, !o<iro? t | Aiso, the right of red-miiiion in the ipinninr mil I at Hamd-n, | lituit il on V ill river, ab ui 5 n.i'ei from ^etr Haveu con ill 11 iitgof mill.baardi e home about It acres < f I in4 ?ud otie of the Heat water p n ilenes in tne rou"tv, witli ci dnir mid ipiu- / Ding machinery -tilfi iert tc anpply <0 I 'onin witn filling. I A moie detH'led 0 -script on m <fe> med i-n > c-ssary, as any person who inav wish to purchase will probably make personal ei-unuai ion. For further ioformuinn en.imre oi o! r. V|XVr? N | Trustees. " N?w Haven, lulv I7'h, 1841. jyl1 2tdy ttwyVe KOOMS TO LKT w M IN THKBKLMONTHOINE, NEW BKIOHTON u j>? 2 ?The Sut,?cnber ha>in. fitted up this estab'iihmen'nt ,Ui*'J -' i *(>enfe for th- comfort of hit friends nuH he public, a i r* Iclul for the veiry libera, patroncxe already be stowed on liu.i, .ruaia by his exertions to please Cor a comma- (h auce of it 11* begs to inform thean that he has s'ill two doable anil _ unijle rooms nnnccm sed, which he will let on tarms low J to suit the times, if imineuine application be made,and will be happy to accommodate . uous wishiiiK to enjny the beaatv H and advantages of tht?|>la?* ila The situation i* one ot the most desirable on the Terrace. Havinit a very fine Urge bathing house directly in f-ont, the boarders cau enjoy that luxury with the greatest couveni <uce Q and pleasure u Tne steamboats ply constantly tbronghoot the day to and from New York. ..... GEOKGft PIBH18, Belmont Home, New Brighton. dt Jnne f?th IB<1 jia r MAIN EXCftLLftNT opi oruuitv n n w oflVicd to "J anyone warning a fl-st r?'e Ks'a lishinept a short di?- _ 'sure Irora Nr* York, a Public H use, well >im-ted, *|_ nit'i ample gniuuds and every thi g iu the ocst order?the F h u?e is co"imod'oa>, and ill the outbuildings in tne best on- pn dition. A good chance 'or an o d ronntrvrian, as lie culd di raise vegetables en..ngh for the New York mirket to pay Ins w rent con ing in low. Cor paiticulars, nqn-re a <)? W. REYNOLDS'Store. jy 15 <t*r 6? Lispen*rd sir-et, n?ar Broadway. Pn A OOOD CH ANCfc it "ff-red to any person want- ' J .>w Itjg to engH,;?; id ine ttetnii lirocery, Li por ami Peru ' VS.hiitin. iB. The amrc is well limited, aud na* t'rn ne C" copied for the last II learn hy the present owner I he stote ' will he let separate fimn thi d>vi lling if Hqmrei1, (or one w no re ye'.rs. ro \ good fen-nt 'I he terras will bt m?d* ea?y L" Address M. T . H r l>' Office. j v>7 5 *ec jj/gtL TO I h.'l ?The ?tore WX !N is>au itnet, in the Her >1 I^W il<( Building, aln.-r'bly ealcalitei' f> ret 11 ln??nea?, I J-VMLhriiiK in i>, e of th- m "at po uh u< in the ru city Im i el ate possession giveu. Apply at the Herild o'- t > hce. corner of Nassau an'* Fulton st?. iv '0 ha mML TO LE l ? Apleisam neatis luri.lined lodge g room, jTTrtt Toi n gentleman. 1'erma inoitera-e Apply IM < auii C ' U rl iylt 6ti?*r V I US I' HL'BLISHr.D at the B "aeon Office. 91 H? Tel it , .'' J N.Y, anew edition of ?* IB AU*S' LIKK OF Ja.PU?, bound SI 00, n ooa d? 74 cents The Bible of Mature, cod taining the essential parts of scarce works, (cheapest book t W( tan') llli?Tic Bj e'ies ot thf Biblr, j0 cell's; Blbltf tt? traits VI ceu'a?tovriher cMi?l.e l.'icat ur, from the French, 2i cents?Ex oii i in of Dsuiel and the A;? e'lypae, i 38 cents. 1 he Li e of Th >m?? Paine, ro taining hi? c?lt- |v, bra'ert I et er? t > Wash'ngt 'n, bound it S5?in b?*n's $. The B?acoti weekly, containing ?u As ronomi.-al ? K|ili?me'n, orpl cea of the rinneti, $2 per annum. jyti rod jw?> \ yTOfPAM'S BATH?Mo ts* Uro-ifw-iy, coi erofWalF- ^ ^ er street?Re pecifiilly >e nrus hit lit u ks >o his f iends nil i.he pnh'ic for the lih,ral pat ou go with which i.e has been ,? honied for the laat '/'0 yean, and also while propii-tnr of rh? . Aicide Hatn, and daring the mfrpiiae o| the ^t (J?orge il?- r? tel; Hopes in his new establishment, erected at a great eg, e1 re i, 'or the express par oso of a bathing establishment, with all the & latest improvements aiid ccmfo'ts, no hiu- on his r rt will be neglected to please which lnve hereto'uir gained hun'he eg- ,? tensive patronage of a liberal public. He tl .iters himself that his endeavor to pless* will merit a continuance of favors nere. i. after (rom his friends and the t ub'ic CHARLES O. 9TOPPAM " L'dies' Btths?entrance n Walker street. l"tiee lor ii Bath. 25 cents j?t9lwis*ec _J OWLY UNb SHILLING ! VVAKM BATHS. a K^'ICKKRBOCKRR BATHS, ,oi BOWERY. 'T'HK Sl rtsChlBKR restectlolly Uke? leave to invit.- I d -? piinnr lie* tiun iu ine u.tiucu ctiainia meui,rnuti*i * " iuk (.1 Wj m, C"ld. and Shower Ba'tia, fitted op with taste, v' cooTruiencr a<"d order, interior to uoue in thi* city. Charge s at rhe following rf(laced rate* w Single Ticket*, ia>* ceuU, 10 for $1. b? Jy'i ?W1. m n UOMPF.RT8. TO THE L.OVI6KS <)t SUFEliU)# BLACK TKA(lowoua'i Mixture?Thu eiuemeiT dehci<.aa an?i nnparal a1 leled Tea, ?o highly celebrated in Chinn and Kurope, jntt im portt?l, ii ii>w for tale at the Canton Tea Company's timers r?* KauMilllieeat, '31 Ohath?m?? N(? YwI, and 118 Knl ton ttreot, Brooklyn?in ttnkuo'. Prie? M>**nta and ti each lid *r IMPORTANT TO FKMALES. f FE'IALKS liibo ink under an/of'he Irani of diatreatiig 1 runplaiota incid>v t to ihe ft mile frame, wi'l find a r-me (hi dy by u inn the celebrated ' Portuguese H unale Pillt." Their th< cert-i nty iu nil canes of difficult or ?upi>r???ed men<trnation ia hi tmIv wonderful and ha- i trended tlmr fame fn m P ritual i > .? ererv part of Kurope. They are we perceive imporud luto iw the Uuited Statet, hy ) < lilt. F MELVEAU, IJ9 Liberty afreet. M [fee adtertlaement oul??'r mm o?it i pane j jji02t#r n<> tj'iTVTAPa.K ?Dr. PfctTiHTW AN5KR"* Fl?~P^per i? neither old oor imported, nut much aa to kill the tliea ina'antly upon their a'igl ting on the patera. He lua n > Atrenta, but he teila all the Paper he cao prepare frith, for old fly paper ia not worth having. A at -he Drm ?tore of DR. LEWIS FtUcHTWANQER, ;,n 2 Wal' at eet N. B?B'd'u*. r?t. mo h, cockroach, -bi, n-oiq uto audall other i on oi. lor ererr lute, t a'd ?'r i'lD ; a'to hii ele^rited ' compound chemical wnal>-oi 8 >p Coi atiO'ly nu ha"d,dru>t, .> ... .i - m ...u i.. .I_ ... i .....I . i... on and must r> ?*"??* e pr'cr.a ______ ^ 3l*r?d ec 1 VAMLT A ac.AIN8, * ? j ,i 23 ilia ino?no V.ini 'a Beana. ,| 2 (110 Inn WU|ie (i n*er Ho >1. / 1,100 lb? Kreu h m < Ameruan Jujube rule. ?n , I taik ItiMt a Sheet lift riais no, For tale, wholesale and retail, by ...... n<>i J. ?. A8PINWALL, V jy'l Jt*r _ William street. ,'^j, CHANGEABLE LOCKS FOR SALS. JAMES KYLE'S INVENTION. JUITABLK for Batiks, Offiies, and Store doon. where let Cj safety it required. Peraona in waul nl a fi-st rate article foi a t hat port**', may obtain the name by applying at 16 Hammond ?ai lit Mr (if Vniltiw le*9 'IW f tffl ~ SfTTirr^MANUKrtCTOHY, 1 ANi) OCS J'Lk.MfcV.4 FURMH1IIISW STORK, AO MAIUKN LA,Nt-Jiit reeeiyed ihe latest mil moat [ VJ*7 pprorni Kr?itch |>ait*rn ahirti. Acenernl aiaortoieut of ? 1)11r<a, uuder rirtneut', In a ery, cravats, hauUkerctllefl, \\ Shirts ana U'ider gaitnr nta made lit'to >.rder ?ud repaired at hort i.otice For sale 100 .000 ikeins hi irk aud i?ntd)essei? J' i?R?ilk. W>1. COLLIN9. (1 yM?fldv?r vy rVMTATIVK 8UHUH* Of THt KV *.. Iqi uiiil. Ca 'I ^ t nciil ae-<aes of'the Lids, aiU Sarvieil f-eatir nt or ih- /' va'.-tii generally, at No 5 Mercer it. Wit Intfti ratllfM'i V* 1)/. Dixon has been appointed Surgeon 11 'he Deal am' Uiim for i \sTloin. aud Honse ol Hem je. he has i*rfoimed the < per tioa n 'T rqttiiitiL'V ou 347 re ?oo?. It is product i?e of lift' e v?M "O" | r faih. improperly performed?ih? e??? bee*imiqff ?u1t'J rpt .ti mlu. I) 1) i?ier? to lh? V1%for*nd8h*riffor N?w Vor*. I | 1 the He* hrn V *rrla, Houl Jn<Nh Hammond. J- _>' "y1- I Id. Oh A.D.HanUr. M.U. iruodm't fl ? ? AMUSEMENTS. NIHLfm Director, vi? WOVMm I^RIDAV. J*'t t< t?<l Hrrond night m New Yn't f *>" >i-w Open of LA KILL"1 D" Vn?ie bv m wM#* . . . "jioiMtla \1iu?ien- B'*? untl fh? wholo of lit trench C mp?tir wi i ?pp??*. Me perforinmr? "o rnmrnrncr .it D'?e-t?iT wltfc the 0??rtnre hr the <lriiid O ? ?!??"*. mU Kilih d'i H-'aim.-nr Dnni**"i. robe hy. Jd Htn-.n M.?r Vo-li -h-Opmtf rmc CHILD OK THK KSO; vle.NT Mane , M'M. U?1to. Hulpice, u.?, if... I .a Vlimnlaa, Madm M thi.n La Mil -hi-aae, Madm Hoh II a i0"*0- Mom Rirher C",r? <her.o* Herman, BnneHer t""*' Danee Baran'*, Ch.fferr latwreu the first and tecnrd ae*a nf the np?ra, halt an bOOT** luterimaiiou will he a"owrd f r?r prninreail* m,(i r?freahmeuta in the (J-and Saloon, *here ice Creams, ic.nny be had. THK PHOVir-VAOK MUMCALK. ^Iiirhrare an mnch aalialarti'in liai ??ain,will air?in enliven r per'oH n( miermiaMon. anl in ord*r to reu-ler th-a <lep?iv cut worthy th? muncM rhara ter of 'he eamhlii^ioeat. A Splendid Orehealra ha* bean seen'"4 Musical Director, U. C. Hill Nirhta 11 fthe Ha?el Klini!*?I'neadara and Thnradiya. VU it? r.f fhe h'rench Compane? ^'oiidaya. Wednesday* Hilm <n ' Hafrdayi A uri'l Tnliee will h? in etrenoaDee *ofl gIMt ik'ii 'n ore rent 'he admiaaion of improper pera-na. '"" "Tickeu Kilty Cent*. May be had at tne 'garden d?r<?? ie day. T~7" A limited namoer of ttounn Tiraeu will i?ae4 of. 'CNn pn-tpn-<ement at tma eataei'emem on aecoonr ?? ?* ffaihfr, aa the ((rand Knrran-e from Hroailway to tn? n*i??*a i p'orerfert, ami the nr ? Saloon, which in ventilated Iiom M ap and liilea. i*?ti he ^n-'rvnl at 4 mo?i ot's ha';'* CHATHAM TIIKATHKMesirs. Jxck-nn It Wiliarl. Lesaeea* Bf in ?5 e?nti- Pit r?n'?. loots will ocen at a oonrter p??t T and 'h<i Curtain will rite at a QU*'??f h?(orr t o'clock ["HI* F.VRNINO?The c.???!,? with J* 'MKHMAM I.N L() ' |H)V-M.rrreh D-lany I Green; 'disard Walroft; I oui<'< Mm B n-"on To he f >How"d by FSKWH SPV-Mathilde. M'? H lewis- H-rteant d? B'-'it*. *tr f Qrcen. To conclude with ths MAID Ot MUV1TKR ticKHH AT nrH' iti' AVn AtHtAL GARDEN. If?" Every t>.i? and Kyeoi"* this week The M?n l?r Im en??giil 21 t len'ed Performers, and U annv t? innou-c- n enti-e new eta in Vairum No?eltiei, le ha* en*r??' a l-eauti'n1 an-* wondarfnl AUTOMATON MIJSI'AL LADY! rhich rout t'S 000 a> d ia the remit of twenty yean' labor. It lat a a ?r?at variety nt ai a en 'he Accordion, with a preci on never eqna'lrd by a hntnan hemg. It utterly larp&saee IT ai? 'lar work of art in the knrwn world Mr WILI IAM COLR, the Great Chinoe Nondescript, " n the L""don Theatres, an-1 lite from fh- Park Theatre in Meitv wil annea'in a variety if Cla-a-c OV VI N ACTIOS, ia >ther with his edncited *nd talen'ed D >* BM< LK V, whoaa e-<t feats of sajra'ity, obedience and t ilent, hare placed him nontt the WONDKHS OF THK AOS! H? will H -nee sing, pot out a light lamp through a bal >an elimh a ladJer, walk lame, trot, kick, and enact Humerus astoniihing feats. Alao eng'ged, 'he celebrated HUGHES FAMILY, or amtrian viinaceli whoae abilitiea have aarpriaad tha enre Mti ical World The f'i V B"S? Bard i a emitted. M'? PHILLIPS, the porn I ar Vocal iit, and LA PETITR KH|T*?, Mr M O Sherman, Itc. are engaged, in addition i 500.008 eo'ioi;tiea Pric* of admniion *5 cenu. Children under ten n>lf pii?a. jy IT ec . Pk.ALF'11 ?KW Vim K AND PICTURE OALLERV. Bmadwav. oppoiite the City Hall. CASPAR HA SK.R. th- W.U Bovf the WoedsT TO BK SKKN FOR ONE SHILUNO lea'dei lh? whole atrartiona of the Mnaeom, for a few daya >nger. Thil remarkable nondescript is inppoaeil by many to e the long-talked connecting lina between man and brute. !ii hiitorv ia involved in myitery. except he ia mppoied to be native of B >r*no, where he was found in a lavage state,living u fruit, h rbi. Itc. n^=- Adm.iiion to rhe whnle 0"*LY ONE SHILLING. There will he a iier'ormaneeon Wednesday ?nd 'a'aMay at and 8 a'elork P M. in w^ich Mr. H Hv?ey the BafTo Siwter nd S??.d ?w ?llower will make his first appearanc m New i'ork, aniitrd br otheri. jlo r JHESNUT STREETTHEATRE, PH1LADELPHIA. r) LET?From the 3lit day of Jnly ipitant, for a term of one or more yean, thii long established and poplar home, with its spacious and elegant saloons, sceoewardrobe. Iib-ar*, ma? c. n>*chin?ry, p op-rty and gas fir ir?? lr? well known -etaution, both in t^orope and the Dited -tatei render* nnnereaiary * de'ail of >he ntimfrniu id *<'nli?r ndvint oea *fd indnccm nt? w'>ich p'eaent them *?e? to the rotu'.l-r-f on of an efficient m>u*genient, lo ? irr *?hieh will n? the chi*f oW?"l of '.he proprietor* * ftd**H rroim?al?. wh'rh ha't He courid*r?d to Tne B"a"l of A genu of the ''hfinn' "treat TV?ir? " No. i ?nn"' n? A ? 'n- "hiHH" Iphia. jvTtnif r \ (iHF.AT BOAT RAI'K will com. off at the * F.elda. Hobolteu, on Monday. the 24th of Jnlv. IMS. HKaT HA- K. Fo' 25 feet Boata, to low four n?r? in each boat, lor a puna f tw my five dollars. K-trance $2, the entrance money to e s> cond beat boat. WONf) HACK. Free for all fnnr o*??d Kacr B?i?. A po'*? of fi'ty rfollan ill he ei'e'i. five dol!ari entrance the id* rune* money to go Z he ?e< < nd hi *? host AM Hoata w "hill* (i> en**' 'or 'he a'-ore rm>e. w II plea?e to I'er ?t he Collonxie, Klvai-u ^ ?'?! . on o- h? (Vi-e 'h? 2*d ! aa mi boat'i will he ^1 oweii to 'n e' *r?r 'h r di e Thil lug the fi'?l r'Krft.i of llio lie ?>n, w.- ?n in <> d t'>?t all * re'?brated faat Ka e Bo?'? will ?n'e in th- 'i?o?e c n'eat. ji IS 6'i?" w vi'-'ipTY , WK'OM) aDVE -.T OHOVK'M < K I ' M(, in ew ^ Jer?e>. commencep *t Port iuiiton (for . e l called nation) heiween ih? Ocean Home and Heil B uk, on Tht?f?Julv 20. nt3. P M , toeonlinne 4 orA iliy? Thcateamer <>m? Irom Ka ton Matket. 'and* pt**encen ily. n??r iheijroanil, touchi>i? at tha I >wer Wh >rf, tear the tidnn'iie fur "men Wand pa??en?ei? Tne liVer?l . wner ihe Boat'irt|i?he* Ticket* at 2'i Cei.t??half the ?uu?l pnee. For ^aU at iU-Mii)ni..lit '"ry O tic? 9 'pmcn N. Y 9er?l Lec'nrer* are etifiged. B jard and Tent Hoom on mo"i|? t?m?. Tne -'te me-Orn mm < full iwi Leave* New York, t'Oiailay, at tt A M. liriHay 8 A. M l*?ttifday 12. M. lon lnv. "> A. M and 4. P. M 'I u-?daT 1. P M. jv 19 1t'?f J I'jHLY I MPOKTANT?D-atnef Oired? Scarpa'* Cum1 pound K eoiote Acoottic Oil, f r the cute of Deafne**, litis and the die harpe ol m Iter from the ear*; alto all thni* agreeable nonnl'keihe hnzi n.- of insect* falling of water, hi/.i nt of atea . Slc.. which are ivmntnmi o< an achine ilDrii. and al?o generally arandtnt wirn the dii-ea* HcH the following editoiial fiom the Saturday Evening at Hure fo- DeiT'ieia? We h*ve he?rd much lately of the'A 'jof "'cirpa'* Oil, in tw? of deafneta, end aatnti<hing re? by thi* limrle remedy, hpye been u"qa*at'onahly permed A? the'flltor ?.f a eiKl'liinf rtte-?i?ely ri ncVun ih? cnuetiy, we diem it on' duty to call public atni u to |hi? >ixc fle Tlioae r.fflie ed with 'Hi malady will d "catpa's Oil for iWnet* we'l wonhy atrial 1 h luniriinrd ce-wfleate wnl be lead with intercity? run K< itnrt? De 'net* in a di?e??e winch be? hitherto been enniidered in. /eble, hu' I can in'orin h imblie thai it i* a mistaken ide??n? deal Tor leti j ear*. a J eoncinded that I muat remain aci troi inant iniiii'hi nn'c I uw iu yoor papci an a> TTtiae?*t of Scarpa'* Oil (or Deafueaa. Aa the l<**> reaort, I eonided tu try it. I am now happy to i-y J can hear a? well a? vet did l'wo ol riy friend* likewiae tried it. Ona of m wu a? deaf tint he uted nn car tmtnpet; now he hear* rfrctly well - ithont it. The other waa very "inch troubled h nonet in t?e ear* und h-a l, Mid he at or-ce found relief, d i? wi ll Ona bottle cii'ed n e, which I thought getting ill pretty cheap. Yourt.&c SlL a8 eUuBEE, Second meet below Tine. So'd a? wholeaa'e and retail by A. B h D Hand*, DniggiiCa, > 70 'ultoLtt, 77 Kant Bro'dway i73 Broadway. \ 16 5* i?' r l/ir>KTM><T, Jun? 28. Ihl fOTl; B OK K UKV1PIION OK TRKA8UKT ' NOTES.?Notice >i*ieby girru that (hi* Depaiuneut M id? to r?<J??rn nil the Tie??ary Sole* ol (lie United BtMM retolore luatH, nn I uot inclndrd iu the auttee n?rw b? this WimiiutOD the Jt? h day of April l ut; and ncco'dtan to th? jtisious ol different acts ol Uou.-reas, interest on the Mid vma') N"tes which become due ?uor before the 31st day ol i|ti9t next, will cea<e ou that Way; and on all remaining eiinury Notes . ow ou tat miliar, and which become da* at T subieqn-iit tune, iiuernt will cease on th? day* when sy resi>ecti?ely become due. I he notes inrlnded in thia notice will be redeemed by the ipotitor-ea ol tt e United States, in the city of New York, at I he city ot Wu' iu|(ton, or at tne Treasory J. C. SPENCER, iy 2 Iwr Secretary of the Treasury. Urricc Auhuhm *no not Hurt* H. H Co I (."u ml'inu i, July 7th, 1143. > l SilMI- * NNIIAL niVIOKND o| three per cent, on tha ^ t-a.nt I Stork of 'his l^ompaaT will be paid on the firat y of Ancut neat Shareholders,whose atrck is reentered in ie city Traualer B >ok? i f this Crmi><nr will be paid their didei da, at the Dank of ihe St ite of New Vork, in (he city ol e w York, and those whoae stock is not registered in the city ill recriee pigment at this flic* The Transfer Books will id S'd from thel'st inst til* IstAnmat. Liv order, CH AS. SK V MOUR. Treasnrer. lyM t v?t r TATK OK NEW YOHK-IN CHANCERY BEFORE THE ASSISTANT VICE CHANCELLOR Of THE FIRST CIRCUIT. ANN E. YATES. RCHiBALD WATT. aod other*. N I'minn c? of ail order of tfiia nor', m?He in ihe above , will be ("Id at pnnl e auction, tinder the diieciion of r abicnlier at ihe Itoiundn in the .Merchant ?.?chu>*e, in f^uy of New \ ?ik, ?n Sntnrtlijr, the twelfth d*r of Auputt ii. * half-mat tw?l>e o'clock, at noon all that ceriain piece la'Cel of la?d tllnateil, tfinic. and bei??'t Ha lem. io the 'rlltn waid of the city of New Y?rk. boundfd eatterlv by - ninirinMOk-e roa?, wei'eny or um wiuu?im i<> irtr yen, he heir of Jirob Myeri, .nnd J B Lawrence, and ittierly t y Mud of I Moti, imitiiiiiD* twelve iciei and an If acre, he i he nm? m.'re or I Vio, all that oilier niece or peicel of land, utnated, 'ym( and I K at Hnr rin, in thr ward ?nd city' on ih? it bv Ku??hr d*e load. oa the north ty owier land cf the d Archihi'd Witt ?u th? eait *y the ki?h h A?eoue, and tn? touth by the other 'and of the laid Peter Myen.crntain[ iii Ktrri <n<i ie?euiy four hnudred hi of an th? ne more or |ei?. tlto, allih't other piece or p?rcel of land, limited, lyin> I be i.* it H ulr m, Hi ihe ?md Ld ci'y *f ?>?iaid, botiu<*?d Ihe ? e?i hy ihe f 'ght Avennr, on tie north hy other land ;'> s<?i<l Atchib?ld <* an, oti th? e'?t by l?nd i>l ihe id PeVyei?. aid < ht'lei H Hail, and ou the ? n'h by Und of if Mye'i, coutau u twenly-u-e iuki nud n ney-tii han d In of an acre t>? ihe lame mote or leit. kl??, nil that crrtaitiohn iract piece or parcel of meadow 1 ui>l>nd, ntQite < in the ward *n i ei y aforeiaid, eit* the iltero part of the island iii Hurlem n?er, bin .d?d on the lh end eait bt laid nvrr mil on Ihe ?on'h aid weit by lindi Peter Myer?. Charlei H. Ha I, and PrterM\en tnd, cobnin< ten iirrei and thirteen hnuereithi, be the i.inie more or VUo, all that certain o'her t'ict. piece or parcel 1 nplai'd, "HBMrd in me w rJ aad ciiy i/ore??'d, on ? tn? uherti rnd of the iil.ind aCo'emd, b-'itlid'd oa the ?a?l and it ' by laid n?ir. ?ud en the ?>-it ?nd n >r'h by md ol me ,1 P ier Vyeri ?nd John Myen. contnn.HK two acrei aLd fmy two hnodifdihl of *n ?c.e, be 'lie ime mare or leu. )ai?d Wihof Jnly, "JgrfcPHt.> a DAO"*TT, Mii lu Oauce'T. IKNHY CULLKR. ?' ??*?? J, a Itaw tw*r 1 s55i"imK:'i toUeikfrfo! rii n, it , , " i im\?.6rt fucfct Corn, now Uud'og fron? il>u? A*Nm? MtDrv, forby K. ol LL k CO l|r y ?* n.h ??># ( JoD ?IN v C iii WHlTINU I'AffcH?A iu . ? "? meiii ol'th?M du rable papeti at ihe tnnnnli urtn pnc?( iiie by PtthSSlt It BKOOKS, l??c No (I Liberie Hreet. "foK'n urfisE KRmaLE PTtLs. IKS lar-AOitd in oelebrited Pi III, from Portn^il, ire *c perceiye, to te obtained in thn coantry. fee MT,Tw t On the I ait column, fourth Ma*.

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