Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 22, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 22, 1843 Page 1
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lot,* a*. 8411 The Great Bunker 11111 Herald, Published on superfine paper, containing full account of the celebration of Bunker Hill, consisting ol the de oriptionn, and Mr. Web?ter"? oratioi ; uccouipanied with five splendid engravings, comprising lit. A rare and original view of the Battle of Blinker Hill, which took place on the 17th June, 177J; ex* Uihrtinjr the array ot the American army, engaged In deadly conflict with the British troopi, their ships and thur forces. !lad. A view of th* procession forming on Boston Common. 31. A viow of tho proccssion crowing Warren Bridge. 4iu. A view of Bunknr Hill Monument from the nerth, a* it looked on the ay of tue celebration, with the flags above and crowds below. Sth- A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the sonthern buy, a* it looked on the quiet Sabbath morning alter the celebration. Agmts will please transmit their orders before the edition will ><e sold, as th<? demand is unprecedented. The price, agents, $9 per hundred, or eiir ht ccnts per ropy. Retail, 1-J cents. To be had at this office. ??? ??~ ? --- Blvi'li-H AM) NORTH AI.iV.KICAJN ROYAL MAIL M'J CAM *mri?, Of t?0# tons \nd 440 horse power each. Appointed by the Adaurslty to stil hftwei-n Liverpool and Uo.toa, cslhug st Hali'w to Uud and receive Posscnseuuers ami Her Mojeai ?'s Mails. HlBERNfA. Caftnm C'arlrs H. K. Judliins r.AI.VDONIA. t u.his E.lward O. Lntt. ACADIA. Captmu Alisaudee Rjne. COLUMBIA, Captain N. Bnar.uon. BJUTANMA- Captain Jchn Hewitt. Willsailfur "ucton. >ia Halifax. rX'rli LIVS.RPOOl. FROM BOiTOR. A"*tfla, Ryrie, 19 h May 16lh Jiloo Columbia, fclatinon ?th .luuo 1st July Hifceroia, .ludkms, 19 h Jti..e 16'h July C*l*doui?, Loll, IthJaly 1st auk Th?? shirscarry experienced surzeons, and Frances' rtUnl 1 iln Hoau. No berth* sccured until pui 1 fo . Apply to I). BRIOUAM. .IK.. AR*nt, Jufr Ho. * Wall itreet, New York. DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, 1UBX'1 ft'w" LAND, fci ? Persons ah-\ni remittii'B moTpftJkS* nr y to thrir frieii-ta iu the 'old country," .'Jbir - lu c nbe nypli^'! with Drafts, iu'iimjof I, 2 MaA^^dKXaii 3t jt |o , 20 k ?5(1. r ativ atnonul. payable on demand. w:t'iout docoaut orcnv other cha ge. at ihe National Bduh { IicNnd, Provincial B"jk, do., Messrs J -mes Bult. S- n & Co. BAuk-irs, Lon'on, I. Btmed & Co., ftichmge and Due on' B nf, L'<?erpo<il, Ea tern Bnuk of Scotland, Greenock B irkipg Compuiy, Sir Win. Korb<-s Hun'er U Co., 'CJtl?nd, -md toe or-teh** iu every, post town throughout K.cglaiid, Ireland, Scot''ud Si Wales, wh'ch drafts wilt be fuswdtded by the ste^m-trs Ureal WtJtera or H'bernia. by # W. b J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their 'ienera' Pjtt'gn (VSce, 41 Peck Slip, cor. Suuiti it. N. B.?All letters from the country must come post paid. )y Hr REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, lie.?The mB&JVsubscriber contiuors to transmit raunty in rum large ima11 to i'ers'm? reii Jing iu any |>art of Ireland in the same n.anstr an he, his nredece'ior in business have done lor tte l?s< thirty yet rs and any part of Englan'!. rr 8:oiiard. Money remitted hr letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or personally ^'1 with Mm witn the name ef the persou or prrtotti in Irvi<ml. Kngland or Srailaud. to whom il is (o be >?iit. a'd nearest p< *t to wn, will be immediately transmitted and paid ccordmg'y, and a receipt to that effect given, or lorwrrn d to tlieseiiW. in life mariner coney, or claims on persons in any part of Irrl -ud, En?lano or Vcot'aud, eau be collected hy the subscriber for peri?rs residnj in any pvt of the United Bt ;tcs or Ctnada, avd will be p.?tii to thorn tcror<liu?ly i '7 lm*r Ofr'OH(?K McBtilOE. Jr , B2 I'nlar st. OllU LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. m m. m. 'TWJE OLD LINE of Packet! for Liverpool will hereafter be -I duipatched in the following order, excepting that when the aailins i.'tvfnlle on Bandar, the ?hip* will fail on the mcceeding day, ?i* For New York. For Liverpool. The CAMBRIDGE, (Jane 1 Joly 1ft HQ ions, < Oct 1 No? 19 W. C Baritow.f Feb 1 Mai 1? The ENGLAND, (June IS Aug 7 TjO tons, < Oct lft Dec 7 S B irtleX f Feb 1ft Apiii 7 The OXFORD, (July 1 Aug 19 800 t'.-ni, Nov 1 Dec 19 J >f?thhoue. i1 March 1 Ai>ril 19 The MONThZUMA, Inly 1? .SfPt 7 . li IK) ioui. ',Nw 1? Jan 7 A. B. Lo-rber. i Mm 1ft May 7 The EUllOl'E, i Aug X Hepi K 618 toui, ,De? 1 J'n 1ft E.G. Fnrher I April 1 Miy 1ft The NEW YOKK. (new) ( Aug 1ft Oct 7 1*57 ton*. .Dec lft Feb 7 T. B.Ctonner.l April lft June 7 The SOUTH AMEIUCA, Hep. 1 Oct lft (50 ton*. ' Jan 1 F?h 9 D.U.Bailey, I May 1 June ) The COLUMBuS, t Stpl 11 Nor 7 7(>0 to&s, < Jan M JVInr 7 O. A. Cole, f fciay 13 Jnly 7 These shire are not mrri?ss'd <D i oiul of etegmc* or C'lnfort io f'fir eihm <c<-< m:n?J?tion?, or ia ll>< ir fail sailing qualities br Kur feuri in ib? II-dr. Tnr poii'miid'Miftrr well known as m?n of chanctrr "nd trp rime, and rk? strictest attention will aiwiyi be paid to pK.moie rue coifcfj>taud C'>i>Teuieaee of puseugrrs. i ut.riu.ilit>, as icsardi the day of sailing, will be observed ai heftofore. Thr price of passage outward is now fixed at Sf renty-Fire Dollars, for which ample stores ol ever* description will lie provided, with the eiception ol ?mu*i ?nd liqnors, which wf h? fnreisneo by the stewards, if reqa-rad. .Veiinertheciplun- or.-mnrrsof 'he?eship* will be retpon cibir for any letter*, parcels, or packages sent 1y thria uul< regal <r b?ls ol itdiug art signal UierrTor. If'or fire sht oi pus*go, apply to GOODHUE fc CO., %4 Sonthst., C. H. MABSllALL.iS Curliua-llip.N.T. _ jylJ and to BAU1NW "HQTUiCKh fc I.Q.. l,\?ol. TAi'scorrs general passage office, 4a PF.CK SLIP, NKW YORK. ^ M. M The subscriber* bos to call 'the attention of their frir.ids and the public geuoraily, to thrir superior i?-r.-..:i [rra uts for bnntring ont p.M?iieer? from, aud rvraittiuR money to, any pnr* of EiiKlan.l, Ireland, Scotlandot Wales, in ire majruncenl picket shins, comprising the " NEW LINK OV LtVKflPOOL PACKETS," Y1Z.>Ship POSl'lus, Capl Collins. Ship SIDDON'S Captain Cobb. bhip H H if. KI DAN, Captaih Drpeyster. Ship OA HHICK, Captain ftkidly. New shin HOTflNOUEK, Captain Borsley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Wondhouae. Ship ROCHESTEH.Captiin Talincr. New ship LIVERPOOL. Captain E'.dredge. Sailing twice eterjr month; and with the" UNITED LINE," comp iled of superior Grst clriss American shiiis, sailing every ten dars. will make fi?c shirs in earh monh throughout the year, (or oof every III days) thereby preventing the posai fril'lv of nuneresaary detention. I'ss sates direct from Laadou, Bristol and Greenock to New r. Afrom Liverpool to New Orleu-s, Mobile, Sarin V- io;>stou. Philadelphia. Boston and Baltimore, and the f anoi -ci'siti British North America, can at all timet be engaged on liUrral terms. Persona wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to K? the advanugrs to be derived irum salectiug this line in prefo-rluct to any other, aud they may rust assured that ut> usual care will b? taken to make the r uiijc arreeable, lite ships being fitted op with an eye solrl-rto the comfort of passenger*. lu all r.oe<% whe'<the p-rtiea aent for drcliue coming, the muney will he re nuded without any deduction, na usual. A rer pass.tjre t.-om the tar ion* seaport, of Ireland and Scotland, tan :tlso be secured. T <i regular packets for which the subscribers are agents, sail as follows, vitTo and from Lundou on the 1st, 10th. and Wth of ra-ii raieith. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, llih, Win, anJ t4th of each month. New Orleans, M mile, Savannah, -uij Charleston, week^ jtuifuj^li^nyhe season. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum tney wish sent, with the name and addrrs. of the parties t? receive it, m.y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt tftcri of, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per nail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discaun'. or any otlu r char^a, at the National and I rorineial Dank* of Ireland and braurhes, Kasrern Bank of Se?tlntid, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James liult, Sou it Co.. Bankers, Lonil.ii, Exchange and Discount Bauk, Liverpool, and in every principal town of Great Britain aid Ireland. Farther particulars made kuowo on application, if by letter, Mat paid, to W. ?t J. T. TAP3COTT, r Ml P ?b Sim ri.rti?r Sm.f at i'HE MCW LINE Or LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ?& ?& &L To ami Irom New York >6th, and from Liverpool5th of each month. Ship HOJTWOOEK. i omi ?oM, ,#t)| Jo,y. New ahip L.IVEKPOOL, I1M tom, f.... JohnTCMrutie, 16th Angnat New ahip Or?* Waetern. 12S0 tone, l4fl, v_ Philip A W.HVfhoow, Uth wptcaMi Ship RO' HESTER. ISO ton.. * J?h U itton. 16th October. JThfae aob?tantinl, faataailinn, ftnt elaaa *!?; *, dl huilt in the itv of New York, are c r.unaudad by men ol"eiivrieu<e nuJ ability, an- will b* despatched lUi.ctnally on the 16tft ol each """Their cabina are elffaiit and rommodiona, and are fnrmai'.ed with whatever can cou<!uce to the eaa? and comfort of pa?e? Pveither t -e captaina or ownera of theae ahira will be reapon?<Ve foi any arrrla or package! ??Bt by them, nnleaa rexriu ba la ladiug are miud tharelor. """" " raViOL" k MINTURI*., f7 8??uth itrf^t.Ncw Toikt ot to riELDKN. BUOTHEHS k CO.. ( tl r j$Jt M Nti? YORK AND HAV K PACKETS? "on I.IM ?The "nipanf ?hi? line will nar~aller'ear* New Ynra<nih< lat. and ll-vi# ou tha Itih of e el> mon'b. a? foil- w?, nr. ? Finn A>ir York Fram Haiti. New ?h?p ONEIDA, t lit Martn. t Ifctn A. ill. (a.Jtmu {lit July. < l?th Aii,iut. J.imri rnnck.f !.f Nnomhir r int.. lire. hip B\LTIM0R1?. ( Ui April. C liih M?r. Odtr.ini J it AiiHoat ( 10:h fit i>t. Kdvr*rd F-intU.f l?t December f Itth Jneuaiy. ShipUTICA, I'uMty. C Jnne. l,ap'*iu < i?t ^rptrmbeij ?th miobar. Frci'trick Hewitt ( lat Jannary. ( eui Kroioarv NtwihipsT. NICHOL.18.C I't J?n? I l?'h Jalv. (V.uid < '?t U< t< bar < II h N ? J. 9. Full-C l?t V?br??y. ( tfui Match Th?acrnmmrd iliooi of ihir? not ?ur!iaa???i, com Miiiucall nni? b* 'ninircd (V>. c.-mfo t Tha pn. r ni c* bin it $ i0. FhM*i>c?rt will b (applied with tvet) minima with the ' tc-ptiou uf whim and li.|?on. O xmii iiifrhdrd for tlirax ????e i will b* loiw,tided dv th< ubacrih^K, (ree Iro < any oihm, than 'he ni'inwi ar.tuallf in eorrai on iham. Kor frcinht or raoasr. *| plv to BOYH It HINCl*fc>, Aftnta. Jt2Je? No Touuua Bailtiing, coi Wall aud Wattr Ita. B NE NJ< JOHN HERDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED" EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. m- M. m. M. Kp.()UL\R LTVe UK,rA''KKTsiUPS, 61 Hculi itrfrt. Nf?w York. ^ PAS8AGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Li**r* po^lI aod LomI ?u, by ihe rfuular packet ?hipi, #auii;g on the <?t? 7:h, 3th, 9tn, amJ25ih oi each month to and from Liverpool, and to and fix in London ??t, lOtn and 2'Jth of e en month The tnbacHber has m*de narqnallcd arrangements to briuif not emiK'Miit?, and eaa, with HP?*!. conn ence, asmre thone pertou* MMidinir 'or fhe?r 'rieiidi, that every d?M and attention w ill be ahowu them and all w o emtvuk w?th them. ai?a*e can aUo be engaged |Yo?n Liverpool i i eci to New Orleans. v^oi'ile, 8a?aiiuah. Ba timbre, I hi'adrlphit, B ? ton, and to the Uiffertut i?oru or the uniun Prt viiirrf, hi-ne lowrnt Mtti yiUi thkie nrranttcmenu, together with the advantage which hi* i-iv?rr? ol c >rrespnndeii'j possess, bping la k'>' hit> owners,and nv> ?i\ elr enuatr-d in ill's reighting nsmess despatching veailj i leait 100 lirft class ship* fr.iin Liverpool to th? various p.,its of the Uutrd Pt?te?, with freight and passengers, 'l'he facility offered by this establishment if- nu* surpassed, and from the large number of lint class >hips emplureit in the line there can be no d'teu'ioti whatever, which will be gu>rant*eil The price of pas^ige will be at the lowest rates, ati I should any of those sent lor eclme c-miiyg, the pas sage moiiest will Di as customary, r? fuuded. The s'ennboat fate Iroiu tne different porta to Liverpool tan, as tuuai, be secured* JOHN HKRDMAN,61 South ?t, N Y, or J. k W. H?>BIN!*ON.ucar WVI street. Merchants' a' dEiuigiu. u' Arrets, No 16 iioree 1'iazzas. Live: pool. DR\KT9 A-U fe.X;HANUtt. Th* snbjcrbtr r< quel's th? attention ot th .se remitting monet o 'h* i frieud* to l.s n??ijui'Ii d .tr'r^eni' nti forihe pjymmtcf hit dr fit ou d. matin, wi.h ni d c-um or aui charge wrliweter, at th.- foilawu g Bullion In>ti ntion-, vix IN i/.\tiLAND? J nnej Bult, Sou Ik (Jo., Bankers L.<>ndo i. Metes J. Ba.nurd Si Co., Kithsog* and Discount Bank, LiVCrii .ol. National Provincial Bank of Koiliml, uid Branches tli.oaghout Kngiaud ;>u Wiles Y?rk?hi-? Districr Bank atd Branches. B'tmi.iah'm Banking Co. Lan fitrr BcnLing Co. I.N SCOTlAIsD?uuenock Banting Co. in Glasgow and Gr?enock. Eastern Bank of Scotland Mid Bra.ic' ei. iii, i a v. 11 p.i.?:n>i.i n ...i. ... i? ... i Aui<k>i ("oik Mallow Athlone C-ilow huniikillcli M >ne?inoro Btliua *->alway Oroaith Belfast Coleratne K 'henuy Parsonstown B-mbridce Cooiel.ill Kiliuth Migo '" >li\mcua D-ih'.in Londonderry Stmh>tie Btiidiin I'owupat-icU Lugo Tralee Unll5H.*nnon Patix.iunon Liinemk WaterforJ Cloumel D nn?truu lYionp.^haa Y.unh-ll N itional of 1 t-1,xu JBil!i*i?sloe Cnsile.. rr Mauls Tipperary RstnitUer uui?ci>rihy Nen*[ih Tmm Botib Fermoy New Ron 1 h mistown ('other 'Ja'wiy R-sere a Tisl>:e Cauick on Siir Kun uik llcscon-insn Wrstport CmIhh liOBmbid S'ibo Wixi<?d <'h?Tie*?ilJe LnoBhrei Tallow Wickl.,* Cloumel Mitcnelstown Thurlts N U ?la addition to the Lirerpo >1 nn I Lnrdon packets, the abacr>hrr is alio agent tor the regular pack-t- sailii k woekly lr>ui New Yoik to Ntw Oile<>us, Mobile, Charleston, and 8 'Tanuah, by which passage ea.i be seen red at the low pat rate*. jyi3tf JOHN HEHPMAN. i?& tASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th *ud 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country Tor their friend* cm make the necessary i.rrangemenu with the subscribers, and hire them come uut in thia superior L>ine of Packers, sailing from Liverpool unctually on (tie Tth and 19th of every mouth. Tt ev will also hare a first rate class or American trading ships, stiilinc ev> ry six days, thereby ufforriiuc weekly conimuuication from that poit. One of the firm ( Mr. Junes D. Roche) if (here, t* see thitt they si.all he lorwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not cores cat, the money will be returned to those who paid it her*, >thont any reduc tion. Jthc Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnilicunt Sham, vix The OXFORD. ivhe NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROrE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior find unequalled arrangemeals, ilm subscribers confidently lo?'k forward for a cotiiinn&nce of that support winch l-ts l.ten eitanucd to them to iiuuiy yean, lor which they are Kiatef'ul. 'i hose proceeding, or rimittlnK money to their relatives, stall times obtain Drafts at siuht for ?ny aiooant, drawn direct on the Royal-Gin!* of Ireland, Dublin, also 011 Messrs. rMESCOTT, OKOTK, AMES b CO. Bankers, Loudoa, which will be paid on demand a; any of the Banks, or theif Branches, in all the principal towns llirouguoul EutjUud, lr?laud, Scotland and Wales. Apply, or addreas, (if by letter, post pr.idj ROCHE, UIIOTHEU9 fc CO. JJ Kultou street, New York, next door to the l>'uh u. Hank. N. B ?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st ijti\ 1'lth of each month. Parties returning to the old country will find it to th?ir comfort and tdvantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to inv IWWi dTT r Atw une. oi< luiVMirouL. i-aukhic. To a from New York on tlie 25th "ud Liverpool on the IRa if each TUtnih. M M # ? FBUM Niw Voni. 8hip ROSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 25th July. 8Iup BIDDONB. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th Aoiiuit. Hhip SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Oepcyster. Htk Sept. Ship UAKK1CH, Captain V?'m. Skiddy, iyji Octuber. Khom Lircnrooi.. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Deneyster, 13th July. Ship OARRICK, Captain V/m. skiddy, 13th Ausn? Ship ROBCIU3, Captain John Collins, 13th 8. pt'inber. o:up MUUUft'5. Captain E. B. Cobt>. Uth Octi her. These ihipa are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 ion*, bail! usthe city of Now York, with sr< h improvements ? senmbine ^reat-vci'H with unnna! comfort for i-usengen. Every cire -vas been takes in ihe arrangement of their aceomraoJatious. The price of passage hence is t'i These ships are commanded . by experienced .iiaircrs, who will make every eicrtif?? to *i*r genera atis'aenon Neither the captain* or ewne.-s of t1- si. rmill be responsible for ai y letieTi, i>arcols or packaft; t?en by tnem, unless refnlar b' lis uf lading 're kijtntd therefor. Forirvight or paaittfe, apply to ?. K. COLLI Nrt fc CO., 56 South ?t.. New York, or to DROWN. SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be ct arged I2X cunts per Mii^ie 50 cents per ounce, and newsr i; >rs 1 cent jyl ec FUR UL&A^D. LOUISIANA AND NEW I JKK LINK OF PACKETS &MM&M For the better accommodation of shippers, it is intended to despatch a ship from this i>ort on the lit, 5th, IQ:h, IStli. Mth, Mid I'jth ol earh mouth, coin > eticiuj the 10'h October and Cihtinaiuii onnl Mny, when rcgnlar days will be appointed for the re> minder of the year, whereby Rreat delay* ahd <'.isap]>oit>tments wi!1 be i resented during the summer months. The following ships tvii commence tins arrangement: >*r?ip YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OC ONV.K, Captain Jackfon. Ship MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. Ship LOUI8VILLK, (Japtaiti Hunt. Ship SHAKSPrOAKK, Captain Miner. Ship UAS'i'QS, Captain Latham. binp HCNTSVlLLK. Captain Miimford. SI.;;. OCSibLOKK, Captain Learitt. rttnp NASHVILLR, Ci, tain Uickiuson. Whip MMinus, Captain Knin'-t. LOUISA, Captain Mullord. The?e ships were all hoilt id the ciry of New York, eTprerl for jiackeu, are <>l' light d-?ft of water, have recently been M' wly cowered mil pat in splendid order.with accommodation! lor pw?rucer? um-'juilleii for comfort. They are commanded by eiperieucjd nutters, who will make eyery to k"* amoral satisfaction. I^iey will at Ml times be toweJ up and |"WD tlie Mississippi by iteamboa.'a. Neither the owik r? or captains of these ahipa will be responsiblelor jewelry, bullinu. precious stones, silver or plated ware, or fir any letters, parcel or package, seut ty o rpul on L??ard of them, unl-sj regular bills cf lading are taken for the same and ths value theieon cipressed. for freutht or LKAsage, apply E. K. COL1.IN8 ?t CO.. 56 Sooth it., oi HULLIN & WOODRUFF, Aeent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their address. The snips of this line arc warranted to sail ponctually as advertised, and Kteat care will be taken ro have the goods correct|? nvaanred BH cus uuLc.t^4~iivii>i9i^,\a VO.IK LIN fc?First llesolar Packet?TN? vtSUiiVer* fast sailing c ppir d ship OCONI&K, C*p<ai(i l...lTr??? ir ali<l . r-.v I.,... inn .?f her ctrco tugantd, will be pr< inpily dt'ipatchej. Kvi IrriKD) or iia*?a*e, ill*in* n*.iu*uun< inrnUh-d r.rrom m iuhu ibi, apply on noard, at Orleana wharf, foot ol Wail I or to t. It COLLIN* (t Mi. U& :-ouih > 8 lit rei? mifNlT BpOU hHIW tlwir MdnUj r.iea?s I,and (lilt ?!ur.? ol this lint will ml pnneta.\?iy n 'Avit 11 d. /\ur uuiruire to that ?lV?ct will be eiren and t.i'Xltea th;t may be required. Amenta ij n. Orlefuj.HulIiri ft Woodruff, rron will 1 ly i"TW*rd ait Rood* l<> their addretx Tha racket ?bii> Loui?Tille..Cnpt. M. Hunt, wiU nftfi " ()fnn?ii. lyll tfK'- I LU BLACK WALL LINK UK PACKETS KOH LIVKRPUOL-lVcket of the lit A?s -The frfrA i%i*r'"'"l"< fattiai'iua new parkrt ihiu ?. UllOPK, Capiaiu Kmbcr, will be deapatched a? above, her rtk'ulm d?T. Thia tIfRanti hip hu H' ?u a*coniuiod.tlioui lor cabin, 2d cahiti ami ater rage paairugrri. 1 h'?ae within# to tecure | bertha will i eg aire to rank* early application *o .... I JOHNHtRDMAN, i 61 S'nthatre?-t, a-n.r whII at. The iplftidid fackft thlpROHolUl, U ptun Coliina. taili 1 m 'tc 2jt . i >at. h rr> gulai day. A ew more p?ne. (era cm It be aci-i m ocd.<l?d -i ihe loweati.iiea N. B.?t-a??age fromOieai Bniaiuaml Ireland ?ia Liverpool, can at t nai hei. cm id it the l.iweat ratea by Mia reaularpicket ainpt aailiu* weekly. The mbte iber hjmt c i.e!ud*d onequtlled .ntrmi n'a for the parm?nt of hn dralti at tha f?ll*w:u* banka?The National and Provincial Bankt't l<elwn. and at all Hie r b auchea. Alio -he Ni'mail *liI P'orincial Btnk of K.ngl.tnd and all iti hranenca thronghout Kngtand e ,d Walci. Al?? (ha t,nat?rn Uitk of Scit'iud, the Uireuoek n-iDbiiin Co, aud all their i.rnuelicj, thioujiout ticotlaii eor fnnher partii uUra pply at above kpu mvilhpoui New Line? Re* tiler ' Parket 16th Auiintl?'I he new vdeinid New ! k <Mlnil"i'lt parket aliip LIVlCRfOI L, J?>.u Kldrulie, , m>? ei. ll.iO'.oua, will till no the i#:h amkui|., lirr r *ul*'day. *urrrei>ht?r pa *aga, hnviiR ?erv tltgaut i>nd n>-Miya>eomni' u.Kinuf. apidy <> rhe t apuiu un hoinl, we>t tide Dullmg nlip, or 10 WOOUHULL k M1NTUKNH, . ,. ? VI fliin'h atreet. The new packet ?Kip Oratt Weitern, Thilip Woodhoiue. Matter. Will iO eeidihnl.iferp.ol, ami aail oit her rivnlar day. IKfi gi.'p'einlier jvlHStr MSL ,LIJ[i?UP,00fc?MtW LINK-.Kegttwi 4fc?<nly ~J>a HpieudnJ Paikei rM.ii JaMl&aRUdClUS, Captaia John Coliina, of llt)3 ttit?, rill |i uitivel) aail'ia nbore, her rtgoUu day. Kor Ireighl oi ' ha?iiia aecomirodAtioua uue^na.iert for apltudor o apply on Boy I .at Orlei\n? irnarl, font 0f arrrai .... K . I .< II. 1.1 l\J S te i \l ft ',i *?? " , _ ..iw < ***** PURW IH??I Trice of pMtaf? 175. *1 ..3 i ticket db.p Jt'ld Capiain [?. B Cobb, ol UlC .301, 97il! fucceed iht Ko.ctns, t&J uui the 4&ih oi Aug. n< ' ' f?M?nn?r? rn?T ?lr no 1^* ?>?r? ofthit line ??iMoc nviw I t *? ni^nn^l J??8L. T} A<J??lJ< Bale* >1i *"Uri Kid* IV jo <lo TrieMe II. I# ?8. P. K ilo. }(N) <)> Whi c UjinMiic? oi ?al?< toy Jylfiec rtlladlL ft 1J..U0K8, No, St Liberty i(. MnBMBMBBHHM????1?! w to :w YORK, SATURDAY I HAHNDEN ?V CO.'S ENULI8H. fc'HKM H, BELGIAN & A.MB"Jf.XrHEHS. KOUWA^D?SE-SE?INU 5? COMMISSION HUjHK. HA-llNDc. ? U CO will rrevivo ?mI forwa'd by th'ir daily Expiau ?. Speeir B uk N<it??.l'*ckar?? and P?rca'?, lo any p*rt ofiht Uoi ed Slslea or caii'd i an 1 by mi'fxtn aid picket* to ?uiy ptrt ot K<giati'i, Ireland, SioiUnd S-Ik tun or Kf?nc". Pari: cnWr ntrrn'ion ia pai?l ro the pur'-tiw or ?ale of nil dr crin'iim of m icli'ud * , c. Ilrctmjr aud payirg 0>afr?. Noli a, and B l a, to m? rutry ?. 'nrrcSai.due 11 ih Cui'/m ll?u? . and lo?h? s u'ral ir>n-?cti ?n of anr-"nd ?ll Uin of fcrwa dinir I'd pnrnin>a?i<tii h\i?i<<iMn. H t > <~C it'vcK > r.. in m>na m ait fumi*h'dcu 8'.. J.Ln, N. B, iialifix, JN. S , or on any part <>( fcu op*. AII good* nuit b> in uk'd " Jlamd-ii & Co " Foreign P> *t Office Lettrr Bus are m?d? u;> lor >11 the Itoyal Mail Stumer* frin B ?t jn. and the ateatner and tailing pilkeU froio New Vor* _ Tiincipi! office* w' *(rents Met?r* Willmer aud Smith, 32 Church itrret, Liverpool England Mctiri. Maclean, .Mamand Co., S Abrhnrch laae, London Me-?ra Kmer?on <uid C IV.rii and Havre S-mucl II in1". K.-q . American Co *'nl, Antwerp, Bt^iim Mrim. J uid J U Wuodwird, 31. John i, N. B. A W O idfrey, Halifax. N 9. J O Www ird, New Oil aim, I.a. Medina J B 8 imcfc'o H v ua. Harmlfn It Co.i 'c utt itrret. II ?ton. All gonde oiuu be marked "Hamden and Co." N B ?H linden and Co. aie -iloua te*v?u> hie (or the loas or injury olany arnelea, or proj'-rty of any description committed to ti>eir car ; nor 'a any ri?k j.invd b? nor can any be attached to the New Jeuey Strirubo't Navisa'i- n Company, by which'bcir ciate* ar-, or ma - be tiamrorird; uortheNww York, IVovidenc-. and Bo-ton Ha Iroid, o? the Uotto < aud Proviileuc" itailroad CorporAtioLi, in rt apeci to ih ir c nteuu at anv urns. HA M)k'^ ti I/O.. jvt2 r No. J W-ll ?t.--?t, York DAILY fcXI'UrSS rt)K * L11A N TROY. B'JKFALO, CHlCAUO AND THK CANADAS, The anliscribert havint coin; let d their arra^gcmeuU with the People'* Line r.f 8u-.aniboa;?, on the Noith Hirer and the 5^ <)<". icJi "" 7V *< >. <K da. 13* do. ON SUNDAYS. From th4 foot ot OmulMndt rtreci. New York, Le*?e Nawark. Al 9 A. M. and 4* P. M. At )a/4r. M. aud 9\i P. M. NKW YOKX, JCLIZABICTTI TOWV, T,e???. New Yo?i? Klifbttb Tttn At t A. M. At I P.M. At T't A. M. S* P M. 9 do. 4 do. -Jo. 7 do. 11 d?. 4?J <o. 10 -to. ?X do. do. IS do. Taeuiinsfor VVocuria, t'iMQflcIn, nnuciiiK ~<>k, Sonierviile " .e., coouett *.'.h the ,9 A M,iuIMFMi iiiu tiuai fte* Xor.i, Jail7, fcaiwlay . mt?, Fare beiwi>en New Yoik asd IC'UabtLA Tenuis cola. F\ie berv'frc di and Soine-riHe, 7;, reuu. .ypw YORK, AND KAHVVAY. I.enre New Y"rU. Leave Hahwar. At I A. M. At 1 PM. At 7 A >1, At 3 V, M. 9 do 4 1)0 8 tin OK do 11 do 4?.( do 9^ d? 9 ilo X -*0 II* di NF.W YO!?K *ND NKW ? RUWIWirK. From loot of t 'onrtlalid atreet, New York, daily. Ijt?f i\>.v Yotl. T,f '.re New Bmw?w? At 9 A. M At 4 P.M. A 6 A Al 11)< A M. 04 do 71' do (H f. M. ON SUNDAYS Lute New Y>rk. Lc,.ve New Brcaawick. At 1 A II and 4\ P M. At 1IW A.M.. aid**. P M Fare, rxehpt in th? Philadelphia iraiui. Lttweeu !?ev- Vo?ti r.Du New Brnnswir' . 60 ctnU Between New York rjjd Ualiway 15 cuts. .'%ur either* wno procur# t' eir ticked at the ticket omce, < '?i?e a ferry ticket grill*. Ticket* are raeeired by the rot 4grtn only w? 'He a?,? whsri Mirehmed nil 3m*r 7cw ter jtnnJis gem est NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA KAILIIOAD LINK U ReCT, Via New***, Nrw Baumwici, Princeton, TngNTorr' BORDCKTOW* AND UURLINOTOJI. "^mMLKUl IN Six HOURS. Leaving New Y<?k d.ilytrnm :h?- <o tof Con'tlandtst Mrtmin Line at 9 A M.?Mail Pilot at P VI. TlTe Mnrmiiu Li te proceed* to Uorde.iUi wn, liuin thence by teainb >at to Phileilelihia. The Evrn-ng Luie ()r >oe?.l? direct lo Camden (opposite to Pli'l dclpliia) wii)i >u. c!i?Dgc of cui. P??uifn yv ill procure their ticke'* at the ofll'e I ot of Conrtlaudt >tr*et, where a cotnmodio'ia iteambont n ill be ia reediDCM, with hug* -ge craret on hojrd. Philadelphia hiwrfnjre er.i'et ar? conveyed from city to city, wi'lioui hriuit opr.ed by the way. Kach tr-un it provi :e.l wi h JCn* in which u? a, artineu:* md i*reui:iK ruuin* cipiet^ly lor the l?Uie?* iimi. Returning, .he line* lraye Philadelphia from the foot of Walcat'freer, by ureimhiat t> Bo deotown si t o'cloek, A.M. and by railroad from Com Jen, at 5 a'elnc k,*P< M. The line* lor Baltimore leave Phi'ideliihVt at7>* A. M., ?nd 4 r. M beiig < f.oiitinnjii?Ti of tSy line* Iruin New York JH NEW YORK. 8CHOOLE*'3 ItijjgljLMOUNTAIN k EASTON. Leate ih f.>ot of ?tree', diily (Fai'dayi ?? rj it J) ?tlo e.ock, A. M., by railroad f om J-r?ey city to Alorriunwa. Mence by Poet *o.iehe? through Mendhaib,Cheater Kcho'iUj t Mountain, Anderioo Towu, Port Colden, Watliingiou, to KaatO'i. At '' 'aldington, a d.iily line lutertecti to and from Be|>idere For t?M? apply (o J. Hill, *1 J. r?tton'?, Commercial hotel, 13CcnrcUiidifeet. N.n.-Kuru furtr ?h?d ? ih? notice by applying to V. R. I.n'e. United 9??r?i Hotel. Mo ri'town. mell 3m ec ~ NEW Y< 'HK ?CHO')LEV8 I I I MOUNTAIN aND EASVia E. and Horn-Ailte V Road hoi Mcliooiea^i Monut?in. le^ee P'er No I >unli rive,-, ai IMo'cli'fi A M ?fa11y (Sunday* r*e?pt<-il) by to Elicnbetht<ort; or lure the foot nf I ranl?i:d atrret atfl coc* A M, by N J Raitroid to Eliz .b. tlnowii, iht-uce connect with the cars f>t S mrrulle c cha.i, 'ht nee 20 mile* to pie Moun ain?att.yidge.ilyu the afi?ru<Kn Kir H'eu abo?f i>r-ic?*rtl bf Milroal to 8r.m*r riilr roi*? hrt Irotn tlience (ouly 34 inilcs,) aiiitu g iu IfU.fct u ?8 i*el. ek. Tin on e, on eonnt of the ?hrit duaree by nv? k>iif it b; lAr tht m nt radiant tud r1 Mi'mn*, cun v ud? it I'll lopunli".Kt' ' -Vlf S4M<lert?n lie proprietors 8..! r.liupntid (1 h-mellwi li c. .m.V't ,u d lior?r? t > roi.imoJ?t? | Ni i.ic with r.itru .it the iltortett uoner, iu ' on rK'.onab'c icina K<>r irafi KPflf to M D. Hop#, Mrrclutata' Hotel, 41 Court lanritit. PtMrngtrt fr? ui Phil<d-'p,'u to "ehoolej'? Minnrtio will ! *?? I'hi '<t-<|.hi< it 7 o cl ck, A M., I>? P*. w Yolk rnilrond II" t > Nrw Scmnwirk Hp rmlid co?fhf? Ircm lhrn<-<?, r.iTi "i gMtnf untimain Mflym* *fWno-'n. llm'r SjTHAW PaP&H? 1 00 rrumi ol Gri wo ?i* , 'or talc fc/ I 3 PUtJSIt ft. BitOOK<*, Jyll?? Mo. ft Liberty iiitik Hail Kuan t oin.^mes weir <>l Albany lor runwnj itinr r.xoress lor the itas^a of 1KS3. an Kxpresa will Irave the^r office. No. 1 Wall street,New Y?>rk. e>ery evening, at quarter to 7 o'clock, for the ab ove u line J ? d intermedia e places. import ant. Kor the greater safety iud security of all valuable and money gkckaxej ent:n.trd to their care, they have -al?m iud-r Iron af'.s on board of the stea i, boats, in a av.te ocm occupied exe!u ively hy thtrmselre*, a'd the meuenc-r io clnr?f itleepi in tin rime ro.m with the irou safes, into winch all ?uc\ picktgea are placod. TO MfcKO V it COiM I'A N V, iul< c No. 2 Wall street^ 3 wall, mtulk r. Tin subscriber'. 'he old con 'a -ton of Hnrnlcn 8t Co.'s Express from New Yo k, will con'iu 'e ta ruu ts hrrei?fore,leav> i.K New York, AIf?ny and Troy daily, and wi'l forward Specie, Bink Notts, bundles, i'a-csof Oiods. Parcel, Sic ttc , in connection with Mrssr . B tiley h ll. Willi's "Ore?t Western Fipes?,"to and fr<-m the lollnwii g placvs, z' Utica, S>rac>r?, Oswcko,Auburn, Seneca Kills, O neva, Canad ugua, ltoclies er, Bmavii L.ckport, Buffalo, U-Iroit, t'lrav. laud aud 'h'CWi al .o to Kingston,Tornn- > ml H unilton, in C'Bnria West By Jacobs' Northe iu kxp'esn, t.> Whitehall, Bniliuctnn, 1'li.Mn|nuiu aud Phtuljurn>>; -ilto to St J hut, Montreal aud Q;e:iec, iu t anad* r art They will als i e-nluct with f-lairh a Co's Soiukern f" i; n a* at New York, and forwar I articles of every description to Philadelphia.Baltimore and Washiuiston. Paiticn ar ar.ten'ioi will be paid to the collection of Notes, Drafts, (Itc and prompt r<tnru? mad * bv fiit Kip'eis. facli mesaenge mill he uiovided without of Wilder's Patent fcai.v minder thereby alfo ding greater security in the liausMission of valuable tapers. Sir OFFICES. PU? LKN Si COPP. No, 3 W.,lls'r*et, New York. THO-MA" GOUGH, No 15 ^'athdiivr, Albany. A. (J FlI.KlN!-*, 22;' Hirer street, Troy. H JACOBS, Ktcii 'Dge Con.t, St. Pml, Mrnfreal. Iteferenr't? Me. r? Irime, Wird U K"i*. Ja?v b Little fc Co., John T "muh it C" , Pcimiou & fl.ffinaii, Ca peirer &i VermJIyo, iionjlitoij 4i ! o . Drew, Ito iujom J* G<'., N. Turk; k. J . H "in. iirey, k.'f| , '1 Iminas Cough, K:q , Aloany; J jIiii Paiue {??(]., e*?nier, Weill, do., d. K. Blow, d r., C. 8. Uonglas, ilu; F Tror m6">d EiVli'cSANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The Snbsr. ilien hsiioi completed tlu?r artanscir.euts, i\re now |irri?.'*ti il to forward p'4tse gert'o nil the Non'wu ani Westcn Stales and Ciunia, o .ily lio-? of to^'vm't. rni r.'.mli mi! s'etmlvM'i, via lit? Noi'h rirerand Eiir. Canal,Qpocr Lakes, I'li'ladelphiti i>ud I'utsju uli. Ohio river and rootti. Tlie follow log are a few of the inott impoitant Via Uti.a, Buffalo, Ponanlle, Galena, Hv rarest, Cleveland, Pittahnwh, Toronto, Oswego, Detroit, Ciuciuuaili, Viuirjtou, Rorhester, Mi'waukie, St. Loni?, St. Johns, Ltckpor', Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Also to any port of Ohio, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Keutucft?, Wucuksin, Iowa, Upper and Lower Canada. Hiring giren tnrh universal imisI.c i >ti in their I-ncilon aod Liretpool lines oi ii-ckeii, ihe subscribers will endraror to ni .lic the present undertaking equally deterring of public fa Tor. .... The ettertioa of emigrants and others it invied to the follow low rates of piss?t;e to a fi-wof the most important points, any oiher places ua the male bring "qially low, viz:? lUica, il 50 Colum' Bt, tS i'9 e*t Louis, $14 00 Hvaftfia, I T.i f'tidutkr, 5 75 Gilena, JS 00 Hochetter, 2 00 Detroit, ? nb < ah id a. Buffalo, 2 51 Wiilwuukie, 10 00 Toronto, 4 f0 Os'*cgo, 2 i0 C; irij.o, 10 Of) Kibgstou, 4 53 E'i*. 4 50 Pirtshnrv, 8 15 H nnlton, 4 50 Cleveland, 5 50 Cincii>D*li? li Oj Montreal, 5 00 For further particulars aiilv in W. Ik J. T. TAPSOOTT, at their General Passage Olfi e, Peek slip cor fc-oaih st Tate Notice?This office is not connected with auy other in tliM city. j 16vEW J EH SKY RAILROAD AND TRANS POJITATION COMPANY. nrKVVOHM A ND ?HwiuU. Fsrt r^ilnceil to 29 c?nti. 5\i?m toe 'o."t of Cenr.'Uriit street. New ?YiV. (E??-r,- day?Suitdays e*i rpted.) LearosNew Yor* Leatrt Newark 41 * A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 A.M. AtttfP.M. 9 do. I do. t do. 4 do. ?1 A i An ? t*r i "R W T JL& JoL JC ilORNLN(;, JULY 22, 18 KOlt BU If PALO AND ?.LL I'ARTS OK THJfi WEST Utic?, f>- no Ho'hf ter, $3 00 ?yM<.a$e, z 25 rnffiti, J 40 O?<vcgo, 2 25 Up. h l.owi-r CilmuIaS 50 Kii puim "tpi'lf f'J vi. L. RAY. re^1 > <H Bi-r'n? itrrn N>w York. PATEKSO.N HAIL ROAD. mmm&. Wall* UM.V * Patm ii r? irtHT l'Kr> On aivl after Monday, IJth July, llio ran will lenre atrr?. n DeroT. Liar* > kw Von*. II A. M. 9 A. M. ?'* " ? wa r. M 4 P. M. i " ON SUNDAYS. Luv? !*tkiu>!? i)icr<>T. Lkayk Nkw Yon*. 1>4 A M 8H A. M 5 r M V M. Transn irit inn f'm pi; ! air (Sm'liv'j eteeptH ) r.wifnc?r? *r? la hi: .?t. i j l?Vrff ,lio Coortlaudt itiecti i ft- ? inmutfi before the auieil hou ?<>( depi luic. jyl? 6m _ _ _ ROCKAWAY PAVlLLION-LONG^isLAND HAILUO\l>. Ti*>na upon tins roid Imre Brooklyn, Pout i Fe fry, far .1 mnica, when coaehe? ara iu reaui uc t lui :liAiti'lt^h ful reinrt, the M irine I'.tvilT lian, i iii? r.?li >?iutr huura, viiJlalf put 9 A. M. I ilVli i.k mil 1. ,lr i,>. ra U Ili-riiruiiig, I re J mi?i ;> 8 \ St. P 5P M. for New York. Fuel) J .uiiic<, .1.; 'hroimh from RfO'iklys lo Hi* Pavilion. 75 ceu?. je.4Gv*r ?**&?"* esm httVEN K MORNING LINK P' H, ALU'NY I'ROY, a-il lulerraodi?te L. tjoiiuo ?From (he ->te<uih<"ac | ier, ,?l liio loot ol UmcUy (tree!. fa*t and Dinner on New VcU?The Km: 'ra on Monday Wrdn'Mtay a'nl "'ridar. Tin "I'rjy on Toe diy, Thundty .?uJ Saturday, at 7 A. M. LmkHu-.' at?rinid ??.|U, Wes'point. Ncwbnrnh, H^pton. Po'i7!inei-r?i- Hyd? P.i k. TShiu-'-eck. 'L He I iiook, Bmtol, C&ukiil, Hiidirn, Cotsnekiea>?i K> i-.thnoU Toe n?w low nre< ireivteamho.lTROY, Capt A.Gorlnm, Ti Julv 22, nt 7 o'clock ia the di^tdi it. 'I he EMPIRE on .Vo'day mormiis; ft7o'clock. F< r paxage, apply at ins nflice, fooi ol'Ba cUy strett, "r on baid Noti.-*.?All Coo.;!*, Freight, Barrcace. Bunk Bill*. Specie, or any other kind til' Property, taken, s -i p<t', or put on boara thr [toatii ot tnis Line u:uit ba at liir ri?k of tiie owner? uf ?aeh roods 4 c. j?22 3'. r ^ P.!.OPLicT^"LiNK t 'K MTEAMBC ".'I? flk^jr^5r2*r O -i ALBAN V?Daily at 7 i.'c ock, P. M ' - T** -ir I'y-'i?In?[ i-i'.-itt-ti,1! (,om tut fteambfyat Pier ^ct fen foariian4? ^nii Mherty streets 8t.-K!nbo?t ROCHESTER, Ct;n -V ll iuishtrtn willleivt Monddr. Weiloendiv ?ml FvH?? ?v*tiiiui?, ar 7 o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMEBICA. Cnpuiu L W Braina?!, will leave Tnraday, Tliur?d?j anil tte.lurd.iy evening*, at 7 o'c'ock. Htearnboat NORTH. AMERICA. M HT-ne?de.ll, at intirm?diato lai.di.'K*, will lrnvc Tuesday, Thursday, aud Helur.lay afternoons, at i o'clock Hoy<?**Jij[? or (reiirht, jpply on board, or to P. C. SeholU ?t t'ie office on the whatf. iy '7 fit .33* Nil MONOPOLY?FAtti Hc.l/ljcf.U tffNew independent Opp-.iitiou Line lcr Alia?7T direct. The new aud comnvidion* ilMnVnt NEW JK'lSEY, Ca^t. R. H Fu'ef, will tesve the loo'of B'.relay street, New V"r*.e?ery Monday, WeduesJjy and Friday eveti'r.K, at 7 o'clock. For freicht or ptii'.'/e a:'p!y on ^oarU. Freight taken leu than tow b ?t rricr*. The New Jcnej is fn^ijhed with elegant ?t t? tnoi i, and for ?, - I'd a <1 accoinnmuAtlon ii not lurpai ed b> ?.i.y h*?mi bo", on tt"* H '.i?o" r'T r n7 -gj4 K r Ami mM ?. Itlu* mid in' .eniife The *?e?mbo t SWALI.OW, Capt 38 " tm * ' icL*a?, will t'."! foot of CiXxllxid ? r.-t on i.n ar ?ft?it no n J4^h in t. "15 o'cl ck jj'-S Pr in ft v \ KICA N O K NT. KARfi A\'l) XtiMUHT REDUCED. oA HE(4UL\H .MAIL LINE?FOR PROvIDEN<MI B'N filV. Tia 8TO * 1NGTON A ND NEWPOitT-Compoted ofthc foll^wiutf ?ni'rrior ?t?amer<, rnntiinv in connection with the btontnseon ^u'l Bomou and Providence Kailroadi:? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Coin?tock. V'^O'IK ISi.AN.J, Capt ih->yer. PilOVIDE N\Ri- AG V*BETT. MOHBOAN Opeofwhith will v??? NV w Ycjk d->'ly (T?ntit)iyt except cii) Iroia I ier .Jo 1, Uittcry -V >,i?er, ARR\NO& uKNTl Tt.v KHODK'SLA^D, Cinpmin Tli >vir, on Modhi*. end Wrduct ay lot St',mutton s-nd Ncwt'in, Kid KimIij fol Stonius'nu The V1A8BACHU "ttTT8,C*r ain Com?tock,on Tum<I ?y aod Titurarav for Htoniust n, and Saturday tor Ktouiuiitoi. Newport *ud 'rnvideuce P<neu^rr?, <m tuc arriral of the Itea'/tcrs at Htcuir.itoi , will be immediately forwnr?1?d in the ?pl~t?di"' ai.d BCryrni'dioui Car* of tne Riilio*d to I'rov de.ici tu<i L'oitou, m il if for Newport will i ra eed in the iicir:?M no Moud .y, VWJ. ne?d*y and H itnrday, and ou 'lie ii.tervrnmi; d*j?, proceed Tra Mloui>>!, ttiu Riilt'i'l to Piori'cure. and tioin inaacs in the a;?Hra<*r Jol??, without any addition*.) e'pawe. Tic&eu 'or the 'ootc aud iteatners' berth* can be teenred od boiru, O' *1 llie office of HAKNDKN tc TO , No S Wallatreet. 1l7"Oi r.nd a'ter (lit tO:h imr, fre hilt will Dot It* ceired tnd forwarded .liter tialf-|);i?t < P_i"l tro Our' in NKW YOKK AND RING tJlON K'FKAM YRKIGHT A.ND PASSAGE I,"'.VE. jgft Kor Kinfftton, and l>~'*warf andMud?<n E-a*iS Canal?Meamboau J?.M?KALi> aud ,NC?, ShSsEKwicH. 7'he K.M " '?A IjD, Captain Johu Ketrham, will lenye New Vor* foot of Murray itreet, evsry .VioudHy and Afu-iiiy at J o'e'oek P. M. Wuiler/e Kin^iioD( lauding) eteiy Wadtiesdiy and Patnrda* it 3 "'clock, P. M. The >OKWICH, Ceutain John 0M3H?ls, wiii leave New Votk, Iooi of'Varira itreet, every Wedaemay tad 8atnrd.iy tt S o'clock, r. M. W,ll J a>? Kinjita i (H.iodont *i>din;j) every Taf? '.y lrd Friday at I o'ciock, P. M. KXTRA TRIPS. The KMKHALP will !eave the fo?t of Murray ?fc-t every Untidy noruing at 7 o'el <ck. Retuni'iu learej Kiui.r.ou ei i o'clock ?.<rr.r day. Kor freight or p'.? aie apply on Vaard, or to WILLIAMWON. UAULoW t CO., >>| ?n*r - I W??i itr?ct. -,4-u.^r# .oM MOTION 15L.AND WKHRV, FOOT /?_ %j4?'1K "'HlTlCMALl, iT ? ill* ?t??n.loat. s-fL; -,'rr. " *' - " l^LA^DtR aud bA M30> will run *? l./llow? until father nolit>*? Lcive cw Yo k 8, 9. I. II, I 2, 3!* 5 6 7. L*a~c 3tu-n Ulanl 8 9, 10. "1. 1, 2, 4,5 6 7. f,e rc New Ynr!i *1 d V.ntru Mai?l evcrc hour on flnndar. P. 8 ? <?x> nriioa to Ko/t H miltnn. Saudtr* excelled ijr",e Fort Hamilton 7 < A. .M., tt;nnnr.z Iron H? w YoruJ'4 P M. Fare to Staten 6V' ceuti. D> to Fort II milton 12K Ce m ' . ? ?* ? ? x-e? .Xl!.w AN U iNr *? IfUKA?r-i.f 'iS.-Wt.tJ* ocly IIH Crcta !?The ; lendid ile imfi .. **?... PA*3AI<", Captain John Gaffy. On and fer Mon' T, JiTfie Vh, Will ru>- as follow? r-,i! loot ol U.-elaj street, New York, at 10 A.M., nil 4 P.M. I.rn?? > the foot of Centre street. Newark, at 7J* A.M.. an<? IK M F'eiirhf e?rn?t1 at yery tow r?fes. *1' < nif 01 'M T FOR NVWPOHT AM) PKOfi^Jat^3tyiDKV?.r-A?BIVl\0 IN T:MK KOh rk^-jaLSc-PAi-ftKsutf.rts T-? TAKE THK OAKS TO BO^ru.N? V ri $i 50?!)((.!? fw $1 ? The new, com itiKitii !! anil iM nhflil (. UKT|i PK' K, UatiMin VVra II wj 1imve t'ir iiior ea\t tide Caibriine Maiket Hip V.-it Kivrr, ?rer? Monday, Wedue.d.iy and Kridiy, al 5 o'clock, P. M. 1' or p isntft u,J [rcicht i qui'e at I i Snath it. np stairs. )v7r /"J* FA UK UKPUCBO FOK WHlDGF.PORT J'AXU NO.tVVAi.K-L uding at Jie.dcu's Fare to Bi'dfcport. tS e?nt?. PiretoN r*alb, U'-i cti. Fare to New Ha<-en. 73 cent*. Thes'eam nv MUTUAL 8AFF.TY leavet Liberty ttreet Pi rt??r. m >rr>id.. ?ii:i 1 >y r?"?p>d, ?t (o'cli k.torBri Report and NnrwUa, f"uc i ng at Bfdej'a NccU, lUViiiU id connexion with the H'.'Usvonic llailroad. R*tiirtiir*, leave BriU^?i?r' at half-ptst I i* M., o on ?he arrival of the can. New UnTe'- Liui*? Rtng-a Imt Br'dtjejwrt iinmeciiirlv on the arrival of ihe b*-t The 'lutauee i? ilniin with flee ro?d? mil a b nnoful ronnt-y. F<re (? .\ew Han. n 73 cens. m foot ?f l,ibert> ?lreet Jvll I ? '_? URIAH ORt'OOHY. Agrnt. ,*?> =>-"? +1'A M/MMKK AMKA.VUfc 1 Kun i!cr*i/r3,ani<KVV^BURY-L..L* Branch, Ocean a m. "" B' c. Pumt, Ituinon, and J.atoutown>(oif. ihr iiKh the irtijer pt"?-?ge l'he prw Steamboat VVt? >L' !< Y. Capt'in Jonn P. Corlie*. Will leave Katoatow * L*ndi it on Hnnd iy, the 4ti of J mn in t? and rim na lol Iowa, 'o v. i:: I-hvii r New York, f'0*> the foot of Kobiotoa rrrn.ev ry V|oD<l<y, Tnesd y, Wrdnead^y, Thnr?day and I.-.; . > ' A \1 1!. u.,11 k" L,?t>d> '? on f 'th of 'he abor- iiav? at I o'cl-'rk, M, On Saturday a will lr?vr New V lHai. 2!< o'cIock, P. M., < :id Kitoii town l.a.rdioic on So. divav loVlorh, P. >1 , and Ocean Ho<i?e at < o'c I'.'ie SlUlEWUBUHi' will Cup at Kori lltmil M? a r?i war. K >rr 37)t ceaU, Anil ?ti>p, ia. at fcaudy Iljok, not:>u nd euininjj: . ii ? -Stare* w ill l>? in attendance to conyey pa'sencer* finiu lut aforea-.rl laDili-jg Dliicee In an? r"rt country required |rl?_ *r? HAMILTON HOUSK KOHT I1 fcUc:TifS?IiJlttN The itoaniboata STATKN ST, ,Jtr> H m?d SAMSON Wl : ran e?rn day (Huudayi eicrntadl d 'iioj the je.i<ou, a? 'OiidWrJ? l,ea?r Kort Hamilton at A VI ?i rt 4 * P. M. Ne V?i i?. Wf l.iieliall Dot* ai JJ4 P. M. Tliii arrai.k'empttt irny t> relied on a? permanent, m ita een|it.n?iiie will urt <! > nd on ? >--iinf.f? >-" "HAVE YOIT HE AH D THE NEWS 1" Dll. ?; O O K K IfTlTKNfcD FHO>l KxiLAND. RF.sp:<-(; l Vt LLV inf.. mi h ? lrieiirt? au-l pair -ni 'h-o'i jlii tt' ih Uu ( d Stairs, <! nidi, Nr rili hd 8< uth Ain tic* tke Drit ah Coin i ?, tie , th t hi?i.'< all the lateat ?m,.oaiijt i 'lorut'lo n from Kuroi e, he in amvirt.illy peifo mi it cie> n< iSe wont ell ? O' V? oar: II). eaae in ita moat rg^r v-ud follTM, Witnanprte?deBI?d tSpcditiot atid diapifrh. nud uii> iamb r> - u (rd a? nin'1.11 m ur ly p.oJVoBlidui i ll.y, at hi. ffiee No 3 x-r'on ?:re-1, AI way, N Y. Dr. CliOKB a ti,u?<* i en-mail* to I?? "itVtiti. COLOR* D KVO'MVPm, dene i tiie ol Diteate iu bvith ?ti-? lUmtr-iin? all ill wo*'. mi liitoan'fjrma withifoi ple'e I Treatise on Vener*. : mptan ti aid r? eiT i .urnedi te a n I remote i >u-' im-n"s ie'ud u. n'ia ivatiou< on cr r ai i a(T etione of th<- U'rrm?mt be ? ? ?i?ined at any tune if de-ired by the m f r unatr ?t il> Hom iIii, where pat'enfa w ill dud if Voili eour?u ei t aiid ad?*t tineona to hoirla id I due with D# Jjooke, who will com f.irtl It '.erociiiod >t? them while u. d>rr mcdiail irratni<ut,nii ti! re'oeer- d . , " h t' err ee'ebr^tT D. Cook miy hi?e utiiie'l in tn- trea'm* it of Ilia liey-a to. fl mir ImO ihefby 'hiiunm .nihueo'i try; thi'well I i: iwu P.iy.icia 'd ' '? g on, h itita no AanilB, ?<l it ri v?i'h * ay ami .?r <?; i i> nv n( in ih- llnlrd Stale. em k?'m J i 'ho Albany I ?. k N > 1 Norton xctt, All?iuy, N. Y , o <1 n> * her. ?ln<*a Th? mfirtsn?te will pl???e " ai'md to ihia part of thair i'n iy. Kii^o due ai d liiuely uotico audcutem linn ?'ve aeeot "fir 11CME.Y1BKR NO. 3 ISORTON UTRKfcT. M.BA NTi N X. jjllluir IERA 43. City Intelligence. An Ab^uaiulato*.? Sooui'tima since, a r?rt?in Ho bert Mac()a>gor Moore opened a comniifaion store in Providence, Rtiodu Island, and engaged largely in bmine??, receiving a very oan?iilt-r4bl<-degree ol patronage. Property of various descriptions, such as dry goods, horses, wagons, furniture, Stc., wire d. p >site<l for nolo in hii auction mart, * In a tuldenly ho was reported as liuv. ing g>no off, h i* and bagg.tge, having nsea the horses an 1 wagotM to convey away alt the property he could conveniently move. This ruthrr astonished the nativts or the capital of the Charter State, as he hail managed to get into a credit o 1 upwaids or >10,000. Ho was traced to this city, and yesterday officers Stokely and Cockelaire orrcstfd him. He wa* immediately forwarded to Providence, ai a requisition had been sent on from the Governor of the Siate on the complaint of Otis [I. Keltuig, who iB one of the S'tlFurorfl. Drum RrscLTim; kitn?i Qitackkkv?An inquest was held :it thehouteol Mrs. Catherine Barnts,on the l.ody "f her sun Joliu iiurnes, ut IlkWillett street, who came to his death Ironi disease ol the lungs, but hastened, as it is bi'lievfd, by the improper application of cold baths, prescribed by u miscalled Doctor named Westlake, wlio resides somewhere about Tenth street, between Avenues C and D. The deceased lias been sick since January lust, and had been attended by Doctor Niebols, but, lit a later period, by the advice of tome Iriundii in Williaimburg, WastUke was called in, who ordered u cold bath each niuht and mor.nnH', the water to ho drawn front a hydrant, niid allowed to stand in the Run lor twelve hours. This h uh v.'Ub uiiuiiniMiered three times, when his sister, on ob8' rvn.g the result, refused to continue them, and on Saturday last called in Doctor Nichols, who piesctihtd some medicine, but lound u too late to lave iile. He was of opinion that tne unfortunate deceased wns hastened to the ((rave by bands of WestlaUe, hi the coldness ol Ikn tmth Intallv nuNt\iratir>n nnil hia nlttiaUnl ? ?/ r~....... powers were loo ljr reduced to produce n reaction alter the hath. The Jury n Itirned a verdict that i }?.* <U ecu . I cams to hi* death i'rom dima<t> ?l the lung", hastened hy thi! improper application of col.i baths, through ignorance on the part of Westlake, the person who prescribed thetn." MlUVWMlt Accidkht. ? Yesterday morning, m Fr.mcin Pier, foreman tu Mr. F Dunn, build* r, wa.i engaged in laying a roof tier ol beams on a three story btick house in ptojjressol building ou Twelfth street, between Ave uu< B 5 Bud 6, he nn.le. it lalsp step, and was precipitated to the cellar. Tile workmen hastened to picit hnn uii, i.lit he w.ib a corpse before they reached him The body wa? taken to the house of .Mr Dunn, it No. 113 K'v x street, and medical aid called in, but they nronouuctd iile extinct. An inquest w?s hald, and the Jury rcturntd a verdict " me deceased came to his death hv accidentally falling from the roof of the house on which he was employ* d." The deceased was a native ol Germany, and about as years of age. The Dane (iun. Ai<aii On Saturday nvenii.g last, asDivid Mums, of No 167 Delancy street, was standing on the corner ol B-ekm in street and I'ark row, watching the "magic whe?l" at the American Museum.he observed a small boy nick up, as though he had Just ."bund, a leu ther pocket Imok, when a young mun, callinir liiomll Audiow H Ruckwull, stepped up to him. and together they followed the lad and overtook him Mo demanded some reward betore giving up tho hook, and Kockwell pioposed to Moi i is to pay the lad some money, as by adv rtising the pockot b >ok h<- could make mow y. Morris offered $5, but the lad lefusrd. Af er some Iu ther conversation Morris paid inta R >cltwell's hand* $10, to ho given to the hoy, when Kockivell sloped one way an.) the boy tho other, leaving Morris alone. The pocket h<>ok contained the usual "filling" ol post bills of the Globe B ink. and a lew bills of tho Farmers' Dunk, Cutarauguu county, which was worse than worthless. Yes terday he espli d Kockwell and gave him in charge ol a P.ilice officer, when ho was fully committed. It is somewhat surprising that a shrewd, sensible, business man could so easily and so successfully have been duped alter the caution so oft repeated in the' police reports of this city. Koiuikry rs Cross 8trk?;t?On Wednesday afternoon I Put or Malloy ami Patrick Durns stopped in at John L) mohoe's, No. 7o Croos street, f >r a glass of sotm thing to driok, and while there were Jiiued by Green a id J imi ! Dunn During the limn a! the bar. Donohoe ohs. rved Oretn thrust his hand into Malloy'* pocket feve ral timet, and liturd U urns check linen fur such conduct, i hey lefttog.ther iuJ thoitly alter Green and Dunn returned to Douotioe's with money, telling him they had cleaned out M illoy. and off ring him six dollars to ke- p d.nk, which hn reltned. Th> y then proceeded to Chat ham street and rigged themselves out anew fiom hexd to fjot, uud n;ain returned to try snd purchase Donoboe's silence, hut not being attic, they decamped- Officers Neali? aod Scallry, cous'a'des ol the Suth ward,were placed on 'he trsc!< o: the parties, and afier a hard chu*e lodged them In safe custodv The amount of money taken from Malloy was upwards of f 90. Among the bill* was one fM> billon th Dank of Amcricu. ot thi* city, the remainder h.-i-igot vatious, and small denominations. Green and Dunn are fully committed for a grand larceny. t*t> a OHrKsinti Cask.?John Conway wns oh served by a domes ic of Mr John Harrieon, No. 11 Franklin streo', endeavoring to break opvn the lid of Mr. Harrison's leather trunk, which was in hia bed room. She gave the alarm and Conway fled, carry ing off a mahoqany dressing esse with a full fit, out worth $0. which was sub fequcntly recovered from the place, where Conway acknowledged hu bad hidden it. He is hilly committed. 8tkaliii a flsnctR'i Wsnoi*?Watchman Natlia tiiel Gie found a lellow who gives the name of William Burke, dragging a grocer's wagon after him throu.-h i hfltliam s'icet near Orange street He deteined the ant I mat, arid the wagson wan claimed by n person of No ;il 'uiheiry street, who hss entered into lionds to prosecute Burke a: the next General Sessions, for a t;r?iid larceny. phtit Lakckkik* ?Charlci McDermo t, ?tole a lot of wet clothing Irotn the yard of Michael tlaegeity, No. 337 W.iter street?the articles were valued at $6 2o. William Johnson was caught by a clerk ol Lawrence >1. Steven*, No. 93 Beaver street, trj in t to steal u pi? re oi silk ribbon, worth $.1 and was tnken to the Toinbs for a petit larceny and nn a-sanlt and bit'ery on the clerk. Cntlierin?? Hnm. Hon wu committed lor roMiing a 'ello w coloi ed woni.m, of two d'esii s slid to t>e worth $13. Mur\ llnmi.toii was sent to for *t iilinK a pair of shoes worth filly centi from thnntoro of Wm F. II illi lay, No. 'i Bowery. A darkle tumid Mark Harris, was catight by otticer McGrath in the act of picking an Englishman'I pockcton the Five 1'oinU. Mien Cove. (Corraipoudence of the Herald.] Glen Covb.L. I., July 18, 1843. City Outrilt, Cam/> Pvtnnm?lhtir Embarkation, Voyage, Rarp'.ion, and Pronprctt. PKAW *:K? 1 was about writing you particular respecting the encampment of thin gallant corps, when I (ound myself anticipated by your correspondent N. F. However, 88 he hns been somewhat limited in his remarks, and the friends of our military guests m .y be anxious to know how they lared during the storm on Saturday, and in what way they were received on landing, &c. tec, some additional inlor UIU'IUU ?<" l"?" UUIIIIVH DVUIR. At a quarter pist 3 P. M. on Saturday, lG.h mbta t, oneof the neatest and best dieciplin* d volunteer corps intlie United States, led by their worthy ca|itain, Mason, Ktq . marched on board the American Eagle, Captain Peck, lor Glen Cove. Having taken their position on ihe pr?minade deck, accompanied by Dodsworh's l!rass Band, of which it is needless to speak, the densely crowded bout moved oH"amid a showerof rain and hii7ZiV The wharf seemed one mass ot animated hats and umbrellas. The soldiers having formed a line, were ordered by their captain to siand at ease, but not in their bare skins. The day being warm, many ladies, in the innocence nl their hearts, looked n> though they m ght have mi?con-itrued 'he captain's meaning, or thai in their ifaoru'.ce of military privileges perha|? such orders might be n<'C?^sirv, were soon undeceived by seeing the men doff iheir huge bear skin caps, to give place to those ol liahtt r texture. By this time ihe rain was decisive, dark clouds came ruehinK on, to burst on our devoted heads. The rain it Ml, the tempest roared, And water* trom the scuppi-rs poured. These lines are original?'(on honor. Despair seemed pictured in every countenance?soldiers thought of the comforts ol home and the delights of a wet tump, and the ltdies ol all the pietry dressts which the soldiers would not see;i.there, who had anticipated 'h' enjoymuit of thin day lor a werk pre vious, sat down on wet benches, or stood upright in little rivuletsol water, occasionally fishing out their hrown p?p?r bagijage pircels, and scratching their heads to know where ihe pleasure wa*. The steamboat captain seemed to be in a Peck of trouble, and ' his e'erk, Mr. Neuman, looked as if he would like to make every one pay twice. All were more or less iiuder the weather. The worst, however, must sometimes end, and so it was with ii-; before we passed the picturesque isle of Hikers, the rain ceased, mid the sun shone out in .jl it? cnlpnrinr. lmviiii? thp vnvnfforj nn minnrinnitu .f viewing that spot so favored by nature (tor mua<j tuoes and verdant mild). Orutlemen walked and liidi?*a talked ; cjoak* and umbrellas were tossed <.?ide u* usele-a incumbrances; then1 was no rain ;>ut tlif- reii$n ot pleasure?all again whs gaiety and life. Captain Mason, evi r anxious to |>l.-Hs-f, ordered his band to clay tome of their most beu'ilul airs, rllthough th<# American Kagle is a temperance boat, * ?ine of the musicians would not peiform without i liora. Things being settled to their satisfaction, ''ley mounted the proinen?de deck, and nave ili'ir 'fiends a mos-t intellectual blow-out Mr Wallace, he gifted master of the violin ai>d piano, wason ?oard, and expressed great satisfaction at 'heir per? formance C ptain I'ei k rubhed his hands and ?miled, and his clerk seemtd quite a new man; it was repotted that the captain felt so happy that he xpTi'Hboda wish to return the passage money; tlii^. however, wan Bubitquently contradicted, a lact 1 the ludifH, is deserving ol all praise. lie m indeed wortnyof the gallant corps he c<unm.iiid?, m tliey ure also of hirn. List evening they partook ot an entertainment prepared lor them by Mr Jo nee, the obliging landlord ol Glen tlove House, and on Friday m-xt they give a hull ill the camp. Governor Route will be there, complete in one volume I re cret ihat business in the citv will prevent my attending it It will be a Hpl>-ndid altair. Wiih many *pologitB lor occupying so much of your valuable time, 1 am, dear air, yours truly, O. K. [From the SpringllflJ (111.) State Register, July 7 J .n IK -.111 I II? VIOKKUK TIIK I ATK AH REST ? UUr Clly was visited this week by the nitnit of Missouri Hnii Ins counsel, and nl.-o by Mr. Walker, counsel of Joseph Smiih. An application has been made in Governor i'"onl for a mtlnaty force to retake Smiih, which, we learn, W now uuder considi-tation We proceed lo Rive the facts, ns we have learned ihem, i ot the proceedings under the arrest thust?r: ? Joseph Reynolds, the asent of Missouri, after leaving ihia place with ? writ, proceeded to Nanvoo to nrrest Smith On hie hriivul he ate* rtair<td ihat Smith was at Dixon, in I>ee county Reynold* in company with a constable <>l Hancock, proceeded t? Lee, aid arrested Smith at Palatine Grove. near Dixou. Ail in company ifi-n returned to L) son. Cyrus Walker, ('lie Whii? candidate lor Coimre?*) was at Grand de Tour, only six miles oil, and was immediately retained by Smith Under the management of Walker as hi* lu wyer, ^ nil ill sued out a cap'as a^iinst Keynoldxniid theconstabletor damages in arresting him, and they were immediately arrested by the Sheriff of Lee county. Siniih, Rt vnolds, and the constable, ail obtained writs of habeas carpus, und proceeded towards Quiucy for the purpos? ot having a trial btfore Judge Younn ; Smith betn? in the custody of, and Reynolds and tho constable being ia the citstody of the Sherifl of Lee county 1 hey all proceeded towards Quincy together, Smi'h beine attended by hiscounsel, Cyrus Walker, who broke all his-M'itointments in the distiirt, where he wusto have nddressed the people ; and Reynolds was attended by his counsel, Mr Mason, ot l)>xon. The whole oartv made some ston Ht N?n?nn where (he .VIi>souri agent says h<- was forced to 40 against hi* will. Smith and Walker then sued out a writ of ha1 <ms corpus Iroin the Municipal Court at Nanvoo. The ca*e of Smith was brought before 1 that court, which, after hearing a very able speech Irom Mr. Walker, three hours long, and very loud in lavor of truth, tlmt Court discharged him from imprisonment. Thus the matter now aiands. The Executive of Illinois has so far performed the duty r> quired hy the Constitution nnd laws, and he will doubtless persevere in that course without deviation. Naval.?The U. S fchip Independence, the fhg ship of the Home Squadron, sails on Tuesday next, on a cruise down the const. GtJEAT I.VlPilOVKMhNT IN FRICTION MATCHES. ANKW AK'l IC.Lfi OS MATCHCS, without hrimatoon crauyower otf?n?i*e qMhty.and actually waterproof, hu laiely veru patented "v l-'iera p'.rnt <>l the United Ante* in fi?or n( the inv-Lti>r W K A?hitd. *ad are n >w m>DUractui'd and off^rrd to the pub! ie ly be prnrrie'on of Mid patent a'. N'?. 16' B>rcker afreet, New Ifovk. where all who wi.h to piirrhinr Rood inatfihea lu.ied to eall and prnv* ihem Ai.d a'l i>crMiD> wr.aievrr arc hereS* notified of thaaaid p tent au-' ?t ?med b?c 10 ?i lat- or ioffirge npon lh- aame 10 ai.v uinnii r,1' 'bey in ur (he penM'ics o' lh,* I*w u tn'h cue* a. 'J Ik ?e muteh-? i* itc ?.th e ->e an ' trr aiut * to ail weataera ni c't i.atei, uid bnrn with a brilliant fUm-; a?i it piae<d lu a yettici' pO?iti"n, wi'l con'itme to tarn obit en n?h t > at ieveril let*er? with w it ') he* tnay lay icniaened in wat-r for hojri aud <.ai>, ami i' ia believed even f ir w?eha aud wrten tnken olt arid d ltd, will ignite and tiara aa before, l'nrea qaUtti'l of it ear inuch-a "re rntoe < *! ?ol?* aa above, ime> iy?N11. I, Krn and P<"fum>d The Infer am agr?eab'v cei ted aud St or hd.??' toil?t? KtpnteM ?e ar tmokeri, > on keeper*, and all wh uc m tche?, will <e<di v peicri'a h w < ?cid.-il th.- ?dv nl'g p -Meaied br thea# over ail o.h ra. OiUenaude mniaoicvoui r- he iddreai'd 11 , ,1(1 w If* \f v- c, " 1 1 tis ii , I 'W ?" ocr cp*r jv'l Im'r 'i ntl'iriV ri'c< fM?iiil ru??i. A~lL 1WHi W,M MOID. K\HMIMX "tttt cn?*t? vtAI i'r.WW \ir i-?t riitu c.l *t W Al K ?K' < I) 0?'lwiv.i'"rih wfii c >; i r f C mal i.r*i t. UoM y in '?i? ? i?, tu Uttiv ( f < a; ! al'pperi at p ii c? :o p-l fit I 'tth n trrr brl.if T r* Vao, K'-'it'' ho>?'a'>rt co'Wnti't fi K t nth an-' u?t>*e c' f<1 ?a - on eh?ap??t u iy-r *.w;Ho <ln 46'itt, ftnyV and lii J.' u'? qu.irt i bum, uai'ei .au dr ?? thOfa _ *lao, H>? -r v?t t ? of all t m "Ml r.utkuiUfor t unity u r, in o m-?ma to n,n nerat*. Ail w o ?an( ?iiv of ilie nbovt a>tie.a, at< d to eall at WAI.KKhM .oit and Snoc Storf, ?i9 Btnulw y, our > w a? rorn* Canal a? jy 17 | a'w \X7 A ' <;H s?i h? Ura.ii ai d n>??i tp r-cdiit tao im-nt <if *? Watcl f in the city, ii > H? (oaml if th? ?ub?rnr?r'? ? A< he if enott oily prcrmng all d-aei j liona o( (K id md *il*er Witchra, of thr a w?t?t atyle* Jue< i irmn thr tnai n nubled tooffci a 'irjer ??orlnieot, ?od 41 much le?t prioe*, *t etril. ill .n ?i>t oliet hoqje in the *ity IJonJ na'elies ? lew > t20 to *15 e^rli Wttehe* in*< tewellery eichioiied or ?>M<ni Ail ?Mut?i w?-miileil u> kn*r ifood umt, >r tho niucry re r-t?eil ?.t'?.rk? -nd i?w?IUrT t*w?l in the be?i iTtanI?r, *uJ ?Mir-otri>r| low*: t.SaL M -u> cthti [ *< ' w the eitf. (i. AliLS "i, i n, ort*? ol weteiie- f ?wp|lsrT, jv? ' >*? Whol' ' ami ??!! ? W.ll or train A UAKfc; (JUANCIS. Full S'LE? V Toner ll'iuif, in ?w m the b#H ?iln?fjon? u he ri v, kbownftih; ?a<I Ilivrr Ci>lf?e Hoo'e, III uth?ir?el, wrh nil the liimret fwclw','h?relo vit *rend nrnvnruu ahuflleboird I'luJii to>? ) (igM, t Miipii bciea, lie Th re is alio mutched to h?nie cgh eeo h^n.ltnir >lf fara Shed lodmruf ruvuiM . ihe wnole ni I t>e dui>OM J ol 4 a i?a 10' tb!< v ila 111 ?n. The h ><! < it "t p-??ent ilnJin *n ei'e'lent ba-in?*r bat h? he^Uh ol I't pt ?ent punii-tor :<u<1 n itni hn?iu-?? ?i the S?. otli, tihere t'ui f 11 hit w?t>rib| ra<tonM-. T|i? fc?t ?t? B u rriiee puoat* t e door ; the frioot lipr'ni l.?D'l>iUi U'f *n 00', N?* Or'r<ti? A ti i> ei?i? re in it* uauuditie . itiuilf, uia l-ip Pulton Manut, ooe blocs Delow. To in? on* ?>nh n(j to engage is'h-buin-m an npno'lfo'V i? offer*d ?<"tMoo lugtn r. to tor h r ptrticitUn, >rquir? 01 A H IJUltNH I | Mon<h ?r??> | ) |> im r " LaMI'.*!' H? >K N S LAvlP>" << MOUN'.I PU'KNT M>Ur> BOTTOM OLA?# II KOUNTAIV LAVPi '-Nor enerotcal nil or ca a phinr?Larni i h-tvi rww b*co '?e ce'?^r? ?d. tiH ?iub %iv?ly DSF<l,'!?>d *rt,iD fact ihe * i'nimtion and wonder ol til **>?? %tt thrui ; :h? wwt ip'eodtil i?? pp?Mr*n*e, th? iflp> f^nomieu nH fivf nliiiht ao nut I d iu 0 tilt ocj ami tftmbili-'v; ton lion* ?> jwvi*ctly Ml'r aiui}>ie ?tid ? ? to maneee a?o mm; on- It mo flili fire ir re Iiwhi than '* ii^rni c<nd/*t. er *u pepie of I ? thta h ilt a *nt p?r hoar. All e*?min<* aud thorn iu nte, liairc th*m ^ rheir b???wiiaJ ue?t appear?nce, mp'icitr, iafetj md ec momy, and *hnwe all, forth* n. perior -lei d/r of their Kb' And, i fact, ?t would ??-#rn H?f *ri? <1? tined to bee ??ne ill univaral ivhi, lo^rr^t h*a bee me (heir ^errand Sh n!d lher? b- aay who yit prefer the I ght, '<* ihein 'o ?H \% hey pi** yfe??ra. Sanaa Co'? D uk Srore, corner of broa < way end Chan off ft, jn:l I nndr?da of other placM wbare ihrr bar* fhe tme lunt Hor fu th#r particulars <mII ?i No. Ui Kalcoutt ,(nee build ng) c.e only piece in **?e V >rfer. wh- e 'fi?f *r? fo'tt e *hnl??*te ?nd retni b'J O. K.iy * ' o. Be?teh*m c <1 oil 62 \tn i and c.tonpr ioe W *?u a per ?>lloo A liberal dednctiou b, hf l.?r-e i to i*il It on I tin -a to ..genu or o %r\ |r M'm e* " CHLOKIUK UK LIVIK." .>00 '-apkm or bo\u *? m ?KK-roR -ale or PKKftHC fa BKOotf*. <vt sir* - lib 'iT? ifurVr CH/YNOEAHIB LOCKS FOR SALE. JAMKS KYLE'S INVENTION. O I'lTABl.? (or D ; lit, VHIrn, ?nrt *i?r? <Joor? wttar* n'?iy it r* |air*H PrnoH w * ,* ' nt* for S?t cnirn ??, m<? vbttia th? MB" #T M>P<TU?i M W l1<mfnoa4 ?, Ml ?( L D. Trio* Two Canti. make known in jus-tic* to the party. Grossing 'he Sound, the water beiwj rather ron?>h. our gay boat rut a cons derable dwell. About half pant mix, being then almo>t clone to ?-l?-n ('ova dock, the drum beat to urtns, which brounht ihe soldiers to their l^a, muskets w?re aeized, ai d <h<? band placed. Th?* latter struck up that mott rIorioimotall mnrttal airs, ihe Mar?cllouse Hymn How hhall I describe the landing 1 Allihe world, and half Long Island, must certainly have been there. Yis? Week* wa? on the pier, Ht'inilinif at hi* pout, With WiUon an.i June*, I'.f } And Mcrritt, all bonm. Try inn who could halloo most. Tin rp clinein ! my gallunt City Guard*, Wti give you welcomes thousand, Th>' ?.?mu you *11 find throughout the Co/a Kioin Umlt-rliiU to Townsi-uil; Kvary truth' uml fruit wu 'v? rrprvaeuteiJ here?? Smiths, carpenter* ami tnilnri , All ftreet you with achecr? Valentint* aro *catt?rr<l round? Vou '11 doubt tlm when >poken, Mid Colr? of every grade mid ku?, ' Lump, hunt, uolt, and broU?n: Hjrolil, too, with hit) kon, Chiltlu HaroLI, Nut the icampikh rovur, Anil thousand.) more, W liich, to count o'?r, My nong would no'er be over. The crowded whirf and beach deemed one voice. All hats and ceremony was waved to rive welcome to this splendid company. The villagers were backed by citizens, and wagoua by hor?et?; full men, as a matter of course, pr? used in front, and thort ones borrowed h* ir neighbor* toes 10 elevate them, to have a first _bikhi; doc;* harked, horses neighed, guna tired, lad it-ti bustled about or were bei-ide gentlemen, and gentlemen were beside themselves All w.ih gaiety and confuhion. As the enrps marched from the landint?, the vocabulary of admiration was exhausted l?y the ladies to express th^ir feelings On reaching the ground, matters were found to be arranged (or their comfort, which it trust have taken tttrkt to prepare. Popper being the firat rousideration, the eoldiers pitched into that, and th?n pitched thei/ tenia The "clink of hnmrners, tloBing rivets up, gave uwlul note of preparation." Since then gnity bus reigned triumphant; indeed, it conld hardly be otherwise. Cnptairi Vinson, po?se.-smg, aa lie does, all the ease and grace of a true gentli in-in, with the gallant bearing of a soldier, ia leaving nostone unturned u> nuike ,i lasting impression Tlie uniform hospit ility and |olitenefS extended toward strangers visiting Ina camp, and the willing manner in which he, on every occasion, tendered his excellent band for the amusement ot

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