Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 24, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 24, 1843 Page 1
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mmmmrnmrnsmmmmmesmmimmMm T H' JL XI . Vol. IX.?fl*. ?0l._Wwolc H*. 3413 To ih< Public, THE NEW YOriK HKHALD?daily new jpaper?putlished every day of tho year except New Year's day and fourth of July. Pries 2 cents per copy?or fl 90 per anas n? postages pal. I?cash in advance. THE VV?F,KLY HKH iLD -publishedevery Saturday morning?price 6^ centi p?r copy, or $3 13 per annum postages paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS arc informed that the circulation ol the Herald ia orcr THIRTY THOUSAND, and inc.reaii.- if uat It hat Ike circulation of any paper in this city, or the teorU, and it therefore, the bitt channel for hutimti men in the city or country Prices moderate?cash in advenes. PRINTING of all kinds, <uoculed at the most modcrat* prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PxoratiToa tr m> hkiuld iLfTABLiiniunT, Northwest corn or of Fulton and Nhmo itreot*. BRITISH AND NORTH AM. K. [I I CAN UO*AL MAIL 87 ISAM s?llir8, or 15-00 torn md lis hor?e tower each. Appointed by (he Admiritl'y to a?il between Liverpool and lioston, calling at Halifax in land and receive Paaienseugen and Her Majwtf"?Mail". HlBKRMA, Cntain Cl arl??H. K. Jodkiu. OALKOON1A, <*;irtvn b.ilwiml G. Lott. ACAF?<Ai Capum Auxandat Hyrie. COLUMBIA, Captain N. Shannon. iJltlTAN>'iA Captain I< hn Hewitt. Will mil for 05ton tia Halt'ax. vanw LIVkKPOOl. FROM BOSTC*. Acidla, Kvrie. 19'h Mar i?th Jrne Co'ntnbia, Srannon <t*< June lit July Hibernia, Jodliiua, 19 b June 16'h July C*l?doni?, Lott, 4th July litAU* These ihiptcairy experienced lurg'oni, an J Fiance*' Patent 1 ile iioata. No berthuecared until paid fo* Apply to it. B'.UUHAM. JR.. Agent, jeRr No. I Wall itTeet. New York. ' r r-riii DV.AKrs ON KNOL^D, IKV- \ LAN1). St.. ?Perrons about remitting mo/LsftWlkl** ,0 their fiieni! ;u the 'old ftnuiitrv," c u ' a ,n'T' "d with Drafts, in nutns nt I, 1 ? !*(?? ? " ? 3, 5, 10,2d U ?50. vr an* amonbt. u-v:tbte on dmnun ', wrtio t d.scuunt ormyotlier cha ge. at the National B-uV <f lr?l?>.J, Pr- viucial do.. Mrair* J noes Bult. 8 r. '? Co., B?.n^*r?> Lou' on, 1. B<rneJ & Co., Kxehmce and Dm: uct UmiX. Li.erp^ !, K. v lein tiwk ?l s-'cotland, Green oek B-uliiou Con pany, Sir Win. Fo b.-? H.m'er Si Co., icotl?nd, and the bradw in ev^ry post town tNvit^bont Ktglaiid, Irela .H. Scor'^nd ti Wi!:i, which <*raft? will be foiwarued by the ttc>m;ra Oreat Wester j or H'b.-rnia. by W. U J. T. TAP3COTT, At their General Pj'f fe CVfce, 43 Peck Blip, ct. S.iuth it. N. B.?All letters from the eouutry mutt come ixxt paid. It l" REMIT I'ANCES TO IRELAND, kc ?The HkJ-xV tabacnber continue* to transmit money ip?uji? large XttlU^Cvor ?mall. to ncraona residing in any part of lteland io the saine manner at he, cud hit predecessor in business have done Tor the la?' thirty yerri and wore; any part of Euglan<l orScoilbnd. Monty reinittei) by letter (post paid) to t!ie subscriber, or personally 'epoaited with him witu the name of the person or l>*r<nn? n Irefnd. England or S-'oiUnd, to whom it it to be out, ard nenrest p<;>t town, will he immediately transmitted and [Mi-i accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or lor wariVd to the sen l?r. In iiae mainer money, or claim* on persons ia any part of Ireland, England or Pcot'and.can be collected by the subscribe r for persona rcti(!:ng in any pa>t of the United Bt.-.tei or Ca btdvfin'1 will be paid to the m accordingly i 17 Un*r <iKOH<?K McBKIOK., Jr . B2 Cedar at. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. ?& & & fpBE OLD LINE of Packets for Liverpool will hereafter b? A <!'.-tpntchrd in the following order, eicepting that when the Miliiisr ty f?llt on Sunday, the shipt will sail on the tueceediog d 'T, vii J? For New York. For Liverpool. The CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July 19 50 tons, {Oct 1 Nov It WTC Barstow. I Keb 1 Mai 19 The ENGLAND, CJnne 19 Ang 7 750 toai, {Oct 19 'Dec 7 8 Birtlett. f Keb 19 Apnl 7 The OXFORD, tJuly 1 Aug 11 SoOtor.s, < Nov X Ooc J. I'Kthbone, f Mrrch 1 Arril lil The MONTEZUMA, 4 July 19 itjepl 7 UUO ton*. \ Nov 19 Jan 7 A. H. Lowber. < Miw U 7 TfceEUROPE, I \ng t t'lt U *18'.^ns, < Dec I Jan i? Fnrber. f AptU 1 Mil 19 Tj? N&W S"OKi< l-ew) i Au* 19 Oct 7 451 toai, {Dec 19 Feb 7 T. B.Cm'-rri.r April 11 jao# i The SOUTH ANKMCA, ifsp. 1 On 19 65fl tona < Jri'i I Feb J9 1). G. Bailer, t May t Jnne i? Tiie COLViUJLS, (Sn* 1* No* 7 . 708t,nn. <J*i 19 Mai 7 U. A. ('ole. '.via* 19 July 7 Their ?lii/i? are rot inn ->? U iu noint rf elegane* or comfoit ia fieircih'u acrnniio Nations, oria thiirfeat killing qualities b* ?nr Teare in the tr?de. Tne con,m*i d?ia air w II known as m*n of character and etp rienc, ?nd t'-e ?t actual attention will alwaya be paid to picmoie rue cotnfj tau'i c uveuience of paaaengera. l uuctuxlitji, aa iCKiirda the day of sailing, will b? observed ai h<'-iol"ore. The price of passage outward ia cow fixed at Seventy-Five Dollirs. Tor which ample atorea ol ever* description will We provided, with the evteption of wines and liquors, which W'H h? I'urnisnea by the stewards, if rrqi red. Nenn>r thr c<pt?ini or ownruof lirxe ?hips will be reipon ?ibl? for any letters, par-els, O' packages acnt by thru unless rrgul r bub of lading are siguod therefor. Kox freight .or pe?aage, apply to QOODHUE b CO., (4 Sooth it., C. H. MARSHALL. M Burling-riir, N. T. JylJ and to BAR1NU *HOTHKR8 It CO.. L*pool. TAPSCOTTS GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. The aubacriben beg to eallUhe qgteuium of their frienda and (he public generally, to their superior arrangements for bringing oat paaae?cer? from, and remituog money to. any par- or England, lreU"d, Scotland or Walca, in tne magnificent pvckrt ships, comprising the - NEW LINE 6? LIVERPOOL PACKETS." VIZ.JShipflQSClUS, Capt. Collina. Ship HIDDONS.Caprain Cobb. fchtp 8IIK.RIDA.N, Captain Orpeyiter. Ship UA ltl< I'K ' sprain SkidJy. New shir HOTTINOUER, Captain Baraley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Capuin Woodhonae. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ahip LIVERPOOL,Captain Eldredge. Sailing twice e?ery month; aud with the" UNITED LINE," eompoted ofsnpenor firat class American ship*, failing every ten days, will tnake fire ship* iu earli aiimth throughout the year, (or one every six days) thereby pr:venting the poaai talitv of unnecessary detention. r???aae? direct from Loudou, Bristol and Greenock to New r : A!?I from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Savao mime, Philadelphia, Boatou and Baltimore, and the vnrtot ?-vvr? in British North America, can at ail time* be engaged an liberal tertni. Persons wisoiog to send for their frienda, will not fail to aee the advantages to be derived liora selecting this line in preference to any other, aud they may reat assured that uunsual csrc will he taken to make ihe i mange agreeable, the ahipa being itteil up with an eye solel- to tlie comlortof passengers. In all casea whe ?tl.e p'r;ica ?. nt for dccliue coining, the money will be re nd-d without ?ny d -duction, aa uaual. A rec passage from die tat ious aeapo.ta of Ireland and Scotland, ea.i ilin be tecurod. Tl rcguier packets li.r which the subscribers are igentt. aril as follovs, vix To anil Irma Loud .n on the It , !0:!i, apd 2f\h nf t?i:!i moniTo ami from Liver, ?ol on the I at, 7'Ji, 'Jth, 19th, and IJ'.S of eich inonlii New Orleans, Mo&ile, 3av.uinah. a?i Chai 'eaton. weekly i..oui,I omi the aeaaoii. KEftilTTANCES. Peiiont in t. e eonnirv wuhiug to aend in iney to their friend* by icto'ing t leirum they wish seut, with the n-ime itutl udiess of (lie 'ceive it, m.y 'elyou ? draft for the bf'iw forwarded per fir?t packet, ePei the receipt tr.ereof, ahc afi aokno?leJ?-emcnt for the aume returned per mail. Draft* at aig'it. for ji*7 amonnt, are payable or d. mand, wlthont diacounf' ran" o'.ner charge, at the National aud Provincial Bi-cks of Ireland and bnuchei, ErJitern Bo.ik of i'r^tlaiid, Ureeuock, and their btauches, Messrs. James Butt, Son fc Co., Bankers, Loudan, Esrhange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in every principal town of < Jreat Brirain and Ireland. Fnrtherparticalar* made known on application, if by letter, paat paid,to W fc I T TAPSrOTT. diyr 43 P ck Slip, corner Sont' ?t. /UK hKW LINK OK LIVKRPOOL TACKKTB. m. Mk i& M To uul Iroin New York 16th, and from ^Lirerpool Hh ol' ?ach mouth. 8hip ^R11, ,0i# t0M> 1 Ja"New ,hir V/.h^Sffi:1114 lOM' (<?h A.<?t | lith October. 1 Th' ? inb?t-i:ual, I*<( tailing. krat cImi abina.tll built in tha ltyof N?w York, ant r< mmm. J*d by men of ei|>ericute aud bill)r. Ma will t>? drtp*t< hed i nueiually oo th* lCUi ol each ^ Their eabini tie elegant nod roinmodioua, and are forunhrd with whataTer can coodaca (otlie eiae and confoit of paateu"'N?itheri' eaptmna or ownen ef the** thipt wi!l b* retponiible I'm any l arceUor parktKe* tact by then, unlets rcirriar bill* l*Jioc ir? iiRiied therrlor. f- S^SSV^tli! ? m-.TUHN., ? . r South men, New York, or to riKLDKN. BUOTHKBS fc CO.. |?ll r f^rrpool ~$%$L fci NK? YOKK AND H/.TVfc P\rKKTB?Sri oua I in* ?Tho ?nijm of "hi? lin> wi.l he-. t'ier'i.*re New 11.-k iba ji: ?ndH vie ' u ifcth o(?, eh ni..n-h, f? loil'-wf, ?tr? Ft nv JVrtn Vork iluatt. >*? thip V>NKti>A, uu vlarrn. \ loi.i S ml. Capt.iid < 1st Jul*. ; it Hi A'., ajt. Jtn>f? FVrek.{ I .t November.? IfiL. l>< c. Ship B K, ( Ut April. I irh M*y. O.iftfai . . J 'l A <:"t < I6, F.n?k.( l?t Uteeir.h(>r. { :tui Jr.i.iimy. Ship U IH'.A, l i-Miy. C fithjut.#. I ai iuu < itt >*ei>tembej < ICth tfctuber Frederick Hewm ( ut J?Uunry. ( t rn > Kturum. I new imp m .MUIIOU t o, l III .? - < ?U| mi,. C.tfU.n I U< tober. i ?ih N..? J. J. Pell.I Ut February. ( <Sut March. TheKeeomino<Ulion? of ihrae ahi|>a ara not turpaaaed, combiniiiH all lliat mnv he rtqnxed To. enmfj't The pur* of itkin IMMige u f 10 PaasMigen will b lapplied with tveiy renin lite with the etceptioaof winea and liijuou. O > ?' intended for tneae rrnr I Mill be torwaided dy the 111' aeiibS'*, Iree Iro a any oih?i, than the cipentea actually meuieJ on them. Kor freight or i atiage, applr to ? BOVI) k HINClvfcN. A??nt?. jeJiec No > Tonim* Bulting, cot Wall aud W?t?r it*. E NF/ N. JOHN HERDM AN'3 OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. $ ? 1 ? : HKUULAH L1 Nil O r, P A C k Eia HIP 8, 6^JouiT^treet, * New York% t PASSAGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liter- I pool and Loedon, by the reuular j-achK ships, # I'lu g on the 1 lat, 7ih, 3th, '9tn, ami 25ih of each month to and from Liverpool. ana to and frcni LomLu lit, ICtri and 2*;Ut of ?'Ch month. t The subscriber has mide un^qnalled arrangements to ? briQij out emigrant*, and cvi? with great coun^e^ce. as- * sure those persona aeudiaf? #or the?r friends, that every aue a?'d il?g'-ni attention will be shown the in. and all who I embark with them. I'asiane can *Jao be engaged from Liverpool ( i ect to New Orleans, Mobile, 8a?auuah. Ba'tunw, j Philadelphia, B > ton, and to ti?e different porta oi the British ? Prrvinres, at the loweat ratea 1 With thi/sr arrangements, together with the advantage which hit biverp ol correspondents rosscss, being la Re J ahip owners,and ritoDsively rnuacd in the freighting utineas despatching yearly hi least 100 first claat ships from Liverpool to the various :ortt of the United Bt ites, with freight ;.na nnaaaiirr^H 'I'k,. I *T 1 Kn ? I. .. ?mt* ?>1tft l.m PI. f 1 1111. ! surpassed, au<l from the lame number of tirst cltas ships employed iu the line there can be no drten'ion whatever, which will be ?aTanl?<d The price of passage will be at the lowest rates, an l should any of tliose tent for decline crnniuB. the nas sage money will Di rt customary. refanded. The steamboat 1 fare (roui tlie different porta U> Liverpool taa,as usual, lx ?ecarta. JOHN HRRDMAN.61 8omh et, N Y. or i J. h W. KOblNHON, bear Wall street, I Morrhauu' ai d Kiniurr ts' Acrnti, I No 16 <ior?e I'wr.nn, Liv>i;pnol. ' DRU'TS A>il) l! lt>HAN(JlS. The tuhjcr lifr r> ques't th? s'tnut'on ot those remltt'lis mo- 1 oey lo 'hair fiiend? to liis unequalled prntcemi tits for tlie piy- < mentof his dr fu on d;cnind, with u' <1 tenant nr *uv cliuige, at th* lb:lowii g U'likinii lii'ii uiion^, viz IN KNoLAND?Mcsm James Butt, ion k Co., Bankers London. Mcis s J. Bit.Bvd b Co,, Exehao^u and DiicuuutBck, Limum!. : National Piovin?inl Bank of ICnnland, and Branches through- 1 out Knginud ettu Walts. Yorkshire Uis'Met Bank ?cd Branches. Birniiiiiih'm Banliirir Co.. ] Lm?ster Banking Co. I.N 8COTi.ArsD?ureenotk Banaics Co. in Glasgow and { Gr*enock. Eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches. ' IKKLAND?Provincial Bank of Ireland. Am-ith Cork Ends Mallow Aihlouo Carlovr Enniskillon Monevmore i Ba lina Cavao "alway Omngh Be'fast Coleman K 'keuny Parsons to vrn 1 Banb.ii'ce Coottiiill hilmth Hligo 1 <il,;uuna Dui.lin Li-n-'oitderry f'mh'ne ' Bai. ion i'owi:p^t(ick Lmx-n Tratee Baiiysiantcn Punipuuon L'menrk Waterio-d Cloaaiel DiiignrTjn Munr.ghau Y.U4I11II National B?u'< of l-elaud Bitiiu-jioo t btt'eocr Mo?te Tippertry Rniiitgher uutscciiliy NeiiasK Tufio Borle Feisnoy Nrw Ron 'I h"m a:own Cosher 'Vway Rr-screa Tial-e Currick on Slir Kai?u-? Hi 'cor, mou 1Vr?inort Cistleiea Longford ^"K? W?*'ord Ch>ir.e?wli* L'Mi|[hrsi Tallow Wickluw Ciooniel Muchclstown Thurlrs N. tt ?In sdditiou to ihe Liverpo 1 nn I Lor don pa-kets, the tnbi<r'>??r i? ?Iso (Kent (or the re?ut&i i?fk t-. ?aili> it weekly fr>m New York to New Orlt-uni, Mobile, niarl-?ion, and Snrann^ii, by which passage ca;i be teen red at the lowest rate*. jy!3 tf JOHN HEBDMAN. m & m JASSAUE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OV LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool oj the ?tli and 19th of ererj month.] Person* wishing to send to the Old Coniitry for their friends can make the necessary Arrangements with the subscribers, and hire them come ont in thii superior UM of Packets, failing from L iverpool nnctnally on the Tth and 19th of ever.' month. Ttnv will also haTe a first rate class of American tradiuu shi|?, tailinc eT?'?T ti* days, therrby affording weekly communication Irom that nort. One of tne firm (.Mr. James D. Roche) it th-Te, t? tee thai they thall be lorwarded with care and dec patch. Should the partiet agreed for not come cat, the money will be returned to thote who paid it here, * about any rednc tion. 'Hie Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Panels, comprise the following niagniGeiint Ships, Tir.:? The OXKORD, fhe NEW YORK, CAMUHIDHK. COLUMBUS. KUHOrE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND,. NOKTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arranftemeats, the subscribe rs confidently look forward for a continuance of that upport which lit* V.een extended to them 10 many years, lor which they we cratefil. Those proerriJi-i. or remitting money to their relatives, can Ktall umei obtain l^ratu ci >i<ht for say amount, drawn dircct on lilt Roy?.l B?.n - of IreU id, Duo Un, al?o ?.ti lMei?r?. 1'JaJ?8CO'1T, UltOTE. AMES & CO. nit'ki- n, L'.sden. which will be p?H on ^maud at any .f th>. iJ ?'- - , r their Blanches, m all ilie t rie ,.<.1 towns ilnnu/ihout EuuUud.Iio'anrt, Hcaildml i.d V. ,'es. Apply,or auiiier.i, (ii"by letter. tM?r ilOCHE. lUOTHt.VS U CO. 2) Knltcn street! New \ oik, ii?*t Inortc '.he Fulton Sank. N. B.?The OM L'.zz of l.ivtri nol rickets snil f?cia this P'/'t fo? Li?o.-,?v>! oa the 1st And 19th of e?cii m"*". ih. raitiri leturnicK to the old counuy v.'ill tiud it t? t'..?ir comfort aud ide.Miuie 10 selet.* thii f-vouto Line for their coavej'anrt , in Prrfrrfic? 10 w ffl?T. d27 r iNEW Oi' 1.1 J fc.UJfU'J.L. I'ACKJC'X'b* To from New Vork on trie 25ln and Liverpool on the ltth nf each wnth. M. M M, Kk?m New Yoke. Ship ROSC1U8, Captain John Collins, 25th July. Khip 8IDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 2ith Auinist. Bhtp SHKRIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, RSt'i Sept. Ship UAKK1CK, Captain \Vm. Skiddy, Jtitli October. Krom Liikhvooi,. Bhip 8H EKIDAN.Captaiu K. A. Deneyster, lft.h Ju!y. Ship OAKKICK, Captaia Wm. nkiddy, 13th Au^uit si.;.. ttoKi'iiiu .i.,,. i,An r..u;,.. it,-, w k^. 1-lVUtioOL^Tbf iNcw l.toe?-Ut.%wW WT*-FV' l"'u Ao.ti?I~The nr >?, ?> Nrn 10 k UnBbi^oilt LlVi>:m Ot L. .fc.bii K dm.1 e, Ci .< rf. IIMI t.m, will Mil "?n ?? ? ' S A?c?,t, Irt-r r null' <I?T. korf.rohtw rVp,K? M?irg ?nv *l?nn : r.n.l ro'.iu, *< torr.ii> HjJ.i'iii, !vWf " il? ' ?? (A.m. ini anl> U.uli,.g Blip, or 10 V. OO'. 'CM. k MlMim .H, il S'-nrh Itreru The nci? patCet ifcip <i'eu ^ t.fn, IMt|. Wnoilho???, V\, wit. * i thr Litvipjol, ai.ii Mil? net ini -i day. KtS W^ter-her ivd ? ? r UK LlVirtrOU . -N .** ,fc_" K. ., .. J. j '? t o| Jul'.?Th *i?i* .a.d F*r'n tt'jduuWOsl ICS, Crtp'^ii J.ilm Cbltia*, of >|u L .jj ,m ,>.?ui?<ly " ! *? hei itgulai iM, ?foi f,?. f 'MM <, haiiuv ??coDiinoiUuou? nuei|<! lot lomfori. apply on W?ul mim. >f to H.. K. (. OLLlWb t CO. 14 9oBCh itrni Fiic? of pMM*? |73. , _ _ 1q? t icket 0ru|i Si?M?n?, (?rtAin K B Cobb, of l?o ?om^ will ?acc?e4 the Ro?CiUt, %*id an ih? 26tii ol Ati, h? "fkMMi/ri mar rtlr on the thipt ot tliii tin* Milias p?itu? ?t id?> m?*H i*th 1} AUS?Tji Bale* Mi???un iw? ^ JO ,d? TricM* H- b -*8. F.B, Jl?. MO do White dom't.ic?or ?rIo by . . jfiCec a rtltsaic || BitOU&S. No, It LibertyIV Amp r>IUL)U.\9, Captain K. B. Cobb, Uin October. Theseihins are nil of the first class, upward* of 1M)3 lOiis, onilt Mthe city or New York, with s*ch improvements r trombiue treat jwei! with annsu&l comfort for passengers. Every care ;..-j iifeu takea in the arrangement of their accommodations. Tl>? price of passage hence is $71 Time ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make ere. 7 exertion to *i?e genera a-itf?raon Neither the captains or owners of A iL .rrwill be revponiiole for at y letters, parcels o; packac: Men by term, tinlets regular bi lis of lading are signed therefor. Fortnight or t.a*i?ge, '.pplyto k. K. COLLIN? CO., 56 Sou'hct., New York, of to BROWN. SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12J< cunts per single ?he*t: V) cenn per ounce. and newspapers 1 r.rnt each. jy7 ec FOR NE> RLEANH. LOUISIANA AND NEW i >RK LINE OF PACKETS For the better accommodation of shipiwrs, it is intended to iesparcb a ship from this nort on the 1st, 6th, loth, 16th. 28th, and Jjtli ol each month, com 1 enciiig the lOtli October and cohtinning until M.iy, wheo regular days will be %pj>ointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and dis appointments will be j reremed during the summer months. The following ship* will comrr.cuce this arrangcm*us : bhip V A ZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship 0CONEE,C,!iptainJacUson. Ship MIS.-IKH1PPI. Captain HilliaH. Ship LOUISV II.LK, Captain Huut. Ship SH A 1. *PEA HE, Captain Miner. Ship OAS'J'ON, Cauuin Latham. Bhip HUNTSVll.LE, Captaiu Mumford. 61'ip OCMLLGEE, Laptaiu L?*vitt. 81.ip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship M EM THIS, Captain Knight. IsNp LOUISA, Captain Mnlford. These ships were all huiit in the city of New York, eiprfxv for i>ackeis, ate ol light draft of water, have recently been 2/wly Coppered ind jtn in tplcntlid order,with accommodation* lor pMMeiiger* a: ^inp.Med for comfort. They are roinnwndeJ >y eipeneiiced n.Mters. who will nriWe eeery ex.'rtwn tc piee Seneral s*tis(\c'ion. They will ?t r 11 times be towe.t up aaid own tin Missixi) pi: > it -amboiLi. Ne.ti-er tneowtMrs or capu > of 'he:e nhir* will be respor:?ibl for je*e ry, hulliou preeion* itou> ?, silver or f.!att d War*, r :'or my It'.tt r*. taiciil or ^ack.tge, s??ut by o rp<ct on beard of |h<-ui, tuleu retulcr bil'n cf lading ate uiitcn lor the iau>e itnd the rati thereon exported. Vor freinK o< p.v?.j?e, apply e. K. COLLINS & CO., M 8onth st., or HULL! M k WOODRUFF, Agent in Now Orleans, who will pmniptlv forward all goods to their address. The shi|<* of this !iue are w?r-nnted to sail punctua ly as advertised, and urea: care will be to have Uie goods correetI* fnr?tnrerf n*? 1\j& N&W Jnh'A.<? -LOflalAvA 4NM Vi'V; ItlUK I.I X h K...t JJ.,,,1.. P...b.t_-rk? 'SStLrerv fait Mil n* flipper d thip <) '()\BH. Optait Jac'tMtu having a Tery laige prupor iou of her c rm on boa d, leiriyall mimed, cnuyst trke wine u ere I eight it mine diate apiliratio' is madi. C'.h Ireiubl or naaMge, having handsome tarnish'd accommodations, apply u? -">*rd. at Orient vrharf, loot of Wall t. or In K. I( COl.LINH k CO. 0? foutlt m Saimwra laayrcly upon h.?viug their kui<i? correctly ineasai J,and tint tvt tiKia of thi iinr will Mil pnucm&lly as aJ?erused. Any ^mrauiee to that effcci will be given ina lulfilltd that may be required. Anew iu N. Orleans, HrJUu Si Woo.lrnff, who will p:hji??ly t 'twud all K >t?l i til their tddtrss. The racket thiv Louisville. C?M. M. Ilnnt,*. ill succrad ?h Q?on-e !>8? <>LD BLACK BALL LINK OK rACR>.T8 jlWirOt LIVLHrOOL?f 'caet of ti-e istAmi-The jHlSbaplendid fait sn'ing nr.w packet ship ?< UKOPtt, Capuiu Hniber, will be despatched as above, her regular day. Tlis elegant ship hasn' in I Ml ted neconunndationi lor cabin, Id cabin and ?teerase piateugeri. 'Ilioae wishing to iccnre bcrtlia will reqaire to make eurly application to JOHN IlKKDMAN, <1 H >nth street, n-irWall it. The splendid packet ?Hp RO&clUS. Uapuin Collins, sails the ait'i i ist h-r regnUi day. A ew more passengers can yt be accinBitiodHled ?t ihc Ion est ra'rs N. B ? (-image tromftreat Britain and Ireland ?ta Liverpool, can as n nal he si roied at me lowest latea by the regular packet snips sa.liug weekly. Tlio snbsciber hes jnst e> neluded ouequ<lled -tir^niemeu't for the pay *nt of Ins drafts at the (ellowing biiilii? The National and Pr j. i-cial Bmks > I I.eland, and at ail ilie'r b'?n.het. A'ao ilie .Na'ionil m.d ' nvincial Bsuk of F.nM"?d vid all its b inches throughout Kpgland and W.ilrs. Alsi> ii< Liisuiu Bat.k of Se. :mod, t?ie OreeLOCk nankin/ C<?, and til thtir, ihiou?luut ScolUu'i. r or fiHtHf paflieitlnn pplv u ti.iove j\20r W TO 1SW YORK. MONDAY M *yin?_ HARNDEN .V CO.'S I1 KNOLI8H. KKKfst H, BKI.OIAN fc AME?JSK!hSLI<:AN KXPKKSS. UE^KAL KOKWAUDJOE-INO *c COM V1I8SION HOU8K. I H A.RNT>K N fc CO will receive ami forwa'd by their daily ' ?ipteu a*a, 8i<ecie.B uk Notes. Package* and Parce'i, to any rtnfihe Uni ed States or Cau?d i. am by thea'e"?er< aid i<ck?b 10 ai>y put ol, Irelaud, Scotland, B-lgiutii or frxar.r. r.ut'CulaT attention ia paid to the pnreVieor sale of all drcrio'ion of in tch .lid s?, cjlrrtuig *ud paying Drafta, Notes, mJ B I'a, to tnt entry o. merchandise ?t ih> Cuitfm > iu<J:o?ht general iMn??cti >n of ?* end all kin a of forwidug-rd r<>min'i?iOD binine.i. B'Manf Kschtuge. in turns 10 hi it. furuiihi'd ou Si. Jehu, N. B , Halifax, Is. 8 , or ou any i.irtol Ku'i>;i.-All goods inott be mirki d " Hanid>-u k Co " Foreign P< ?t Office Letter Ban are made np for all the Itoyal Mill Steamer* from Boston. and the steaiu.r aad tailing packets from New York. Principal offices and agents Mettrt Willmer aud Smith, 32 Church itrret, Liverpool Eugland Messri. Maclean, Maris and Co., 3 Abchnrch lane, London Mesara. Koiersou and C?., P -ri* ami Havre Samuel Hugh'. K?q.. America Comul, Antwerp, Belgium Messrs. J. "id J Ci Woodwatd, .St. Joliu s.'N. IS. A. W Godfrey. Halifai. N 8. I. O. Wootiwarn, New Orleans, t.a. j u o nav na. Ilarndiio & Co. 8 < Jiurc ttreet, II icou. . AH goodi mutt be marked "ilaruden nod Co.u N B ? Hirud?n and Co. -ire aloue raf;>ou*ible for thi loii or injury olany ar'iclei, or property of any description committed to their car ; nor i* any n?k i.xiu.-nrd bT, nor can auy beat- ] lu'-hbd to the N?'W Jeisey HteamhoM NiviiM>i"a Compiav, bv winch 'heir crutea ar-, ?>r mar b* tr;uiaior.ed ; uorlhe N?w Vork, Prondcncf and B j?ton lla Innd, or the 1101110" and Proridaatsa llailroad Corporutioui, lu r< ajn-ci to th ir c nteuti at >nv tiino. HA''NDB'N & CO.. j? 'H r No. !< Woll -tr>>t V-jW York j DAILY KXI'Kifcgi FOB \LCAN TKOY, BUFFALO, I CHl<lAOO AND THK CANADAS, The inbicriberi hmiuz eomileted their a/rauRcneut? with [he People's Line of Steamhoa'i, outlic North Kiver n:d the Kail Koad Complies wear of Albany (or ruumiig their lor the leaion of 1843, an Expren wll Itafr their office. No. 1 Wall itre/t,New York, o?ery e?euini{, at nuaner to 7 o clock, ror the liboru named ai d intermedia'"- placed. 1MPOKTANT. , For the gmlrr sife'.y and security of ail valuable nnd money rackaftei ent:uit'*d to their c.iro, r.hey have Saljm md?r Iron safe* 0:1 board of the jtea.ibontt, in ? fate room ocr.up'ed exclgtivrl; by lh?ni?M?ei, a>'d the meiiMis:?r in ch' -tf ile-^pi in thenme rouin with the iron v'ei, into which nil ?ucu. d icUauei u? placed. POkVJfittOY I* COMPA NY, mite No. 2 V/ al' street. I'ULL K.v (Ir corp's KXPltEBS, 3 WALL STKfcKP. Tha mbieriber*. the old cou- n iuri ot H.:rnden Si Co.'? Fxpresi from New Yo k, will .ominne to run a In. ret? forr.iravina New York, Ai ?nv and Troy daily, and will forward Specie, Bink Note* P..'-ki*vek. Cnudlca, O?e?of Qmoui, Parcell, be See , in conut ctim wi:h Mtur.Buley Si Howard's "Ore?t W*?t?rn Rip en," to fnd fr. m the tol'owu a placei. vx* lUica, 8*rao?e, 0>wrjro,Auburn, Seneca F?'l?. Oneva, Canad.?i*ua, Kochener, .ISiiavia Leckport, Buffalo, Detroit, Cleav land a><d rh'C?jr>: alio to KiiiK*'oa,Toron<n and HMuilton. in Canada We?t. By Jacobs' North, ru Kip: em, to Whitehall, Burlington, Chimplniii nnd PlatUtmruh; alio to St J hua. Montreal aud Uiewe, in ( anaita cast. 1 ney will bum connect with H'icli h Co '? Southern fr'*rre?? at New York, and forward article* of ererv tleipription to Philadelphia .Baltimore and Wtuhingtoo. Particu'ar attention will be paid to the collection of Note*, Drnfli. Sic. au<! prompt r: tntui in id br frit Kgpre**. meneutfe 7 will be provided w.iihor,eof Wildi-r'? Patent Salamander Safer, thereby ado ding greater tvcunty in the trnn*miaiioa of valuable paper*. Sic ofncf.s. PUM.KN fc COPP, No, 3 Wai! street, New York. TilOMA1' OOUGII, No. 15 fc'tcliaii^e, Albany. A. (). FII.KINH, 2i? Hirer street, 'troy. N JACOBS, Exchange Conit, 8t. P-ttl, Montreal. Referenp???Mes?m prime, \Yird St K'lir. Little Si Co., John T Mnith 81 Co., t'epoon & H./Ifmau, Ca*t?ii'er Si Vermilye, Houghton Si Co , Drew, Koliituon Si C?.. N. York; K. J . Hnmi iirt y, Esq., Thonia* OourIi, Esq , Alnany; John Paine. E-q , Ciihier, ' . Wells, do., d. K. Stow, d ., <rf. Douit'na. dn; f Leahe. do Trnr m6 rod E^IURA^T PASSAGE OFFICE. The Snbtciiber* having completed their arrancemrnti, are now prepared to forwmd ruiif a en <0 all the Northern and ru;td? ami s't v; i the Noitli riveraud Km, Cunal,upper Lekrs, Philadelphia aud Pi'tsUU'Kh, Ohio river and Oanal rouiv-n. The foi'ovr'jfc are a few of the uiost irapoiuiit point* Via Utii-a, BuTilo, rotti?i1te, O.kaa, BtrcuHi I< > < ' ,n1, Pittslwuh, Toronto, 0?we*o, Detroit, CititiuimUi, Kicjjiton, Ko'lie 'er, Mihvaakie> St. Louis St. Johns, Lee* or, Ch'tigo, Louisville, Montreal. Also to any port of Oi.'o, I'.; i non, Missouri, ludhci, r.' ictiignn. Tortoi r^ee, K?.iuc*y, V?i*CHa?iu, Iowa, \'r>per nnil L?w< .'Canad;; Havioir given inch nnivnul satisftu:'i " mlielr London MM Liver, ool liui'i oi packets, the subscripts H'll eii'imror to m.tke the piescnt undertaking etiaaily Crserviug of public fa Vol. The .-tterlion of emigrants and others it inri'e't to the follow low rates of [ to n f"wof the inoit important t-oiutt, any other placet ou the male bring ?qi*llF low, viz:? Utica, (I SO Columns, $# i'O St Look, $14 00 Hvactss, I 74 M?ndu?kv, 5 75 Galena, 18 00 Koeh*?ter, 2 00 Detroit, 6 tM> ' AHADA. Buffxlo, 2 JO fr'ilwaukie, in 00 Toronto, 4 fO Osvego, 2 50 Ct icago, 10 0(1 KiLgston, 4 50 Eri-, 4 50 Pittsbuig, 8 75 H uiilton, 4 50 Cleveland, 5 50 Cincinnati, 12 00 Moot'eal, S 00 for fur.tier particulars a; plv to W. & J. T. TAPSOOTT, at their General Passage OSC'e. Pi ck slip cor i?ooth it. Tare Notice?This office is not couuected with any other in this city. -'Ifif NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPORTATION COMPANY. Fura rcdi'cctl to il^csnti. Frem the fust of Cenrtl.-indt street, New Fork. (Kvery daT?SuudaTS.eii opted.) Leaves New York Leaves Newvk At I A. M. At 2 P. M. At T A. M. At 1* P. M. 9 <lo. S do. I do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do. do. 5-{ do. Of do. 10X 7H do. ?X do. 9* do. do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of Cowtlandt street. Leave New Yurir. Leave Newark, l > A. M. and 4\P. M. At ItKP. M. and 9V P. M. NKV7 YOlOi, i.Ll>;ABKTH TOWN, Lea*? New York I.?ev? Elizabeth Tows At 8 A. M. At J P. M. At r\C A. M. l^P M. 9 do. 4 do. 8>4 do. 7 de. 11 Am. 4JJ io. IB 1o. 9X do. 5* do. 12 do. Ttr tr.-Jnsfor Wr.smelU, Plaicfi?l", 0c<vndlv -ok.8oraervi!l?, fee., connect with t!??.'1 A M, and.OffMl uuslromNc* Vcl- dulif, Sundays tvcepted. Fare between New York and Pl.iaS'Ui To?,i 25 ccau. F.ue be'veeo do and 3omerville,75 rests, vyw YOKK, AND KAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Railway. At 8 A. M. At S P M. At 7 A M, At 3 P, M. 9 do 4 do 8 AO 8j{ do 11 do 4M do 9X An 9 do '.?f do 11X di V/llMf t vn Ml'UU Tl! tAICUriOW From foot of Couulnml atreet, New York, daily. Le?te New Voir. t-e^ve New B>una At? A.M. All P.M. At 6 A M. Atll?A M. 4.* do 7 -s do on bunpays Lci?<" New Y->-K. I.euve New Btu:u**ick. At 3 A. M aiid *h ? ->i. At I1H. A. VI., a d ?S P M K?re, eaekpt in tk? Philadelphia traiid. ociweeu Nov* Vo*1* ?n<j 1?ud?wic'. 50 <-ei>ta B- '.wren New YorV i>.nd Kahway 54 centa. Pukieimen -trio procu. t fhei/ ticket? at the ticket attics, .* Kite d ferry ticket fnrh Ti'.keta are received by tt.e cot doctor ou't on rlie om wlmn nro'iai*'! roll 3m+r HUMMER .IKimifQKMENT NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINK O KKCT, Vu Newaub, Nbw Bhi'h.-wicr, Phiucjto!*, Tl?ci?t0r?' borih'."it"wn *fn> uurlinhto*. THKOUOH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New Yoik d..ily trnm :h- fo tcf Cou-tlnmlt it. Morning Line at 9 A M.? Vlail Pilot Line at4*< P M. TlTe Morning Line proceed* to lioide. town, train thence by steamboat to I'luta'cl, hia. The Kveu>ug Liue proceedi dirft te Camden (oppoaite to Ph'l?dtlphia) wiihoukch.idfr of can. P.iaataaera will procure thcrtickcft at the offi~c f-otof Courtlaudt utreet, where a coinmndio'n itenmboai.will be ta readiutaa, with ne crates on hoard. Philadelphia baggage cratea are coueyei' from city to city, wi'hout brill* oi ened by me may. ?\C\ trail. ii (.rovi 'ed wirh ac.'r in Tthicii v? a. nrimrn:i anil creating ruwuu espreasly loi the ladiea' nte. Returning, 'he linea lea?e Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut 'treet, oy steamboat to Bo deocwn at 7 o'clock, A.M. and by railroid from Camdcp, at j o'clock,M. The linet for fUltnonre \r <f Phi..tile u.h i? at 7)4 A. M., and 4 P. M. being a contmnai. t^e lines from New York. je< >KW YORK. BCHOOLKY'8 fpfi.MOUNTAIN fcfcABTuN. 1 Leave ii e loot of Conrtland atree', daily (SaTdrtjs ei-Tpied) alto cock. A M., i<T railroad f om JeHey cily to itlormtown, tnence by I oat coaches through Meutlhan>,Chester, Srhooley a Mountain, Aude^sou Town, Port (Golden, WMoiugton, to Kastim. At Washington. a daily line mtersecta to and from Belmierc ror leiia apply to J. iiill, at J. 1'atlou's, Commercial Hotel, 7JCcortlaud?tie?t. N.B.?K*tr a furti ??*d t the ?horte*t notie* by applying to IJ. Lute. I oiled V. .;e? H 'tel. Mi rrniowu. .:"I1 ,r.i i e o NK\V' HS RCVOOLKVS i MO^^ANDKAt, J V i.i ;|l? : '(in J iwa1 "yn. K 01 "*r i nih-?'? let>? p er i\n | .\ouk n*nr, m tV o'cl c. M 4?iU ?Snud iT? r*c?|itc<1) by ?.jiini>nt to , V'/xl'UKiOft, <w !r?f? ti.?? In H of ( ouiutril tfrefi ut 9 <A 'lOc. A M, b1 ii I M?ilnurf lo t,iSo>tD, rheucr cou. <*t with ih<: can for 9 nurfjl'i oVmi, tht-ucs JO mile* to > Mouu aii.? irriviave>.Ir u 'hr alt^rnoou t Kii lut<i. lrn't-M *oo?p j.nerfi' byk. ? lo. <) -|i?? ifom t'liucc (oily 31 nun,) writing'n Ktttoo < Uiext rk Tt i' on f, oa ?rrounl of u.t th^rt dim; er by cc-c ;tt. n* I Hi* 11 b> Mr tli in v pii unit ?. J <t, editu.u?, c miruuJt h > ??li 'ii i uDlir.trli ?*! Mr t*tid?'?OQ i.*i? pro, nrtur at ti I Ottrtil e, l>u p liinuelf wi n ciina*** ?ud nor?M t? ?c I .'Otntoodatr priT4'? I Uti't with tIU*1 al the thoiUul uouee tod on leaxouablc icrmi .... ' 'or irau api'lf to U D. Hope, Mrrchanu'iloMl, 41 Conn i?odt at. I Paaatngprt fro in Pliil*d*'phia to Jtc!v>ol?y t Mmntain will < Ua?* I himlrlphu it 7 o'clock, A M., by New York railroad I li?? to N?w Sninamrk Sp rndid eoaehu Item th*nc?, Mri- t T"'g atloe mountain wtrly minr afu?nr>nn. Jim*r sJTHAW PAPK.K?J.00 iftmi of Crtwa ?i**, for aalc by ! ^ PfcllSSE tt BttUOHS, JylSec Wo. tt Liberty itrctt. J R K JH (MINING, JULY 24, 1848 fOh BUFFALO AND ALL TAKTS OF l'HS WEST iA>?S<M:iAT10N PAsMaU-. OWkll'b' T.i AI.RANV. Utica, $2 no Morhftiter, *3 00 Byraciae, 2 25 Bo (Tain, JM 0 Oawcyu, 2 25 Ui". Si Lower Ca.isda5 50 For spi>lr t<> vi. Li. RAY. , tl mTl \ry <?1 Bare'nv ttrrci Mrw Yotli. PATEttSON RAUTROAD. 9l < V?Kk 0>L.y m CUNT*. r K'om I'ater?"u io J*r??*y Citv. Ou *n>1 ?rt,T viouJay, 17th July, the r.ara will leave 8 iTKiis. n Dsror. Lkavk Ni:w Voii. . B A. M. 9 A.M. * XIX " V-X i\ M J, 4 p. M. a " 1 ON SUNDAY3.* i ateqion Jtror. Lkavb New Yon*. ? 7y, A. M. 8% A. M Br 5 !'. M. b P. M. I Traoaporta'ion Cat* plv Ottlv ( S,id-Uv'? ) Pa*- t KBfftri are advii?i< to be at the l<Wy. loo CourtUuilt atrect, i fe-r rnu:at?a before the iu;cJ hou.a of dcp? ture. jylO 6m I KOCKAWAY PAVILLIOV? L.ONO ISLAND RAIL- ^ tt(l\D. 8 Train* upon this ro'tl leave Brnoklyii, *ot"U v \S??!?l.JL Ferry, lor J n^au-.v. wSrre coache* are in ?m,i r * ' una lor that d liih;fnl rcmrt, t>u* M-rin? 1'avillinOi H i'- tol .j'it liuiirg. viz H*lf b 11 4. i\>.,4 n'clrck ami Sin 11 |,i ic i' \f. I B Returning, U ve J.vnHiai r.r ? A. M. 1? M. an 3 51* M. for | r. S-1'* to u.s ilirouuli Ijoin Brooklyn to j Im wrllm.tsiifnu. jr.4 8>?*r rfi^sr^rT1 to** ~i'"T)pCh!N LINK. sfBAMBOATS t yr? jIA'iMJ* i,-0 i At. HAN Y? Daily nt 7 o'clock, P. M < jr..i l-tw.Vigii Uimct (; '!?.I 'v< ws^epled) Iroin li i Fliuimbo^t J'ier tet-f en CotmUt:ii tad I.ihcUT stiaets. StoiruooM UOCHtSTKR, Oipi A Houunton. will .oavs r-'csday, acrf HMortlavuvrnintrs. *r 7 o'clock. Sienmb-at SOUTH AMfcltICA, C?"hm! L W Hrainard, will ten*? Mond?v, Wednesday ind Kiiday evenuik's, at 7 ) clock. Steamboat NORTH AMKHl'-A, Captain M H T?i.-?de!l. "tiding at intermediate l-utlin^s, will lc?ve Tuesday, rhnrsday, and Saturday "(ternoons. at 5 o'clock. Korpfisiage or frcn'ht, Apply on board, or to P. C. Schskirt the office on the yhi;f. jy )7 fi I ** SKVRN 0'.;l,U'.;K MIJHMNO LINfc ?"jj*"* j** yW A Ln a ny TROY, and Inrermedr'te L*n'!:fcr5 ? Kiooi thi* *toiiaboat ntr, ,atth~ (o"i ol Bstclftf street. Btwkl'tit u<i Diunor on boara L'*v?? New Vo'k?T'ie Km ir?. ? < M t&dsy xVsdw*?diy ?rd t"i.'?e. 'ih>-'i r iy cu Tucsdiy, Thiuidsy uud ( titu'uiy. nt7 A- M. i.'Udtn:? at?<'.?Jd wllx, VVet'p.rint, N'wb'; vh, Hivptmi ??ux'vmensie Hyd? Pa I'. Klii.irS*ck, " tie ! Monk, Ou'.'.l, C?'?kJI, Hidnon t'o*j?rkie t"i( Ki.'frhook The *uambi>ai KMPIUK, ( Vo.iiia)) moniini at reven o'eoeV. '"he new low pres nmsteatu'io-tTUOY, Oapt A.Gorhara, Tursd.i? lull'a5, 't t oV.O?H in t!lt m'rtii ({. K< r pAtspfce, amly at the dee, f"u. oi'Ua clay stieet, or eu bo'rd Noti'e.?All OooiU, Krenlu. B.'BKa/e. Bank Hills. Specie, or any otber kind of ProperU, ttk.-n, ?iuop* 1, or pat on boar' the Goats ol ttiis Liue. msut Im ot tk-e risk of the owifrs of such goods l?c. j >22 3t r I /*** IS" *10>0P0iiV?KAHS ?i?uOt:t'.i)' Pjri.. ^Hsi? y,' New Independent Upp '?ition Liue for AlbaJtS-J* Br TZ-ny direct. The uew and coinmodiom steia>'<?at iN'KW JF Y, C*rt. R. H Kti'ey. will >fi\e the luo* ot ll-rch.y ?treet, Ne*-. VorU, e?ery Monday, Wednnaday aud Kridar evei-ig, at 7 o'clock. K?r freight or jMnia?e apply on bocrd. Freight kaltealess than tow boat prices. Tlie N*'W JerieT si f-jmuiiel with elecant ?t-te roomt, and I fnrmrrd and arccmniMhUvn ii lot inrp.uie'1 l>y ?Ly t!*!>ri j boat on tti? H"ii?i>n riv-r i if ( ?as* K r At ittut H')d iivnieuiat* . C<i??? !?n '.era. The itf?mbo<t SV/ALL.OW, Cn'if Jfc i ngiMiy * vicL<ian, will leave V.e foot of C.:'irtland 1 ?irvrC.>'U v ou'ey afterrniton 2J'h in?t, at 5 o'clock- k"3 1'c ] INK*' ARKANOKMKNT. ! KAKJC AND r IIMtiH I' REDUCED. ! aA REUUL.AH MAIL LINK?FOR PRO- , Vll)K\l K AM) B'?*T<>N,viii HTO , imitiim AT-.D NEW VOItT?Composed \ of the lolltwiiiK minriorttea'nera, runuinty inconnection with the 8tonm;rf>ii -;nd Bo*u>n and Providence Railroad*:? I MASSACHUSETTS, Cant Conrutock. KHODK I9LANIJ, Capt Ihayer. PROV IDEiSCK. I NARRAU \M8ETT. MOHEOAN Oneof--*hicli will 'tave ''.Yo-k (SanJayi tiecpleci; fiom 1'ier .'"I J 1, iJ v:vry I'.iurr, at 5 l' M AHRANUXviteNT*. T-* ni'OD1'. ISLAM), Oapuun TU.\yer, on Mond-iv, an 1 \V*:'m'Ti;iy tor #t inii.?ton suid Newport, aud Viidar lor s(oui!l('?0|l J r.e v'.A'. 'iAf'ilt) ETTS.OxT.tAiii <'omi'.iM>,on Tuei'lay and Tr>or?ei r "r ftttuingtan. aoj.t iSaturiinj tor tStoniagtoD, Newport anil F-ovideoce. ptt4?ein!c?, ' u the arrival of the ite? inert rt Rfonincton, wiii bo im-i.ednte'y forward-d iu the ?pl- udi-' ?nd commodious c?r? of i.s' ll-utiov1 rn and Bn?t>n, a;ul if for Vevport wilt ;ira e*d m t' ? tt-atners on Monday, YVcd* u<it2?v?nh h-to?hiir, ?nd m]''n itterviuiu? illy*, proceed v:a Mtoniiutofi K-ili-'id to Piovideme. and liom thauce in the ?'.e>-mrr toht. without any additional cHwve. Ticket* <or the mute And ?teamer?' beuh* o-xn be itcured co bo?/d, or it the ol7ic< of HAHNDKN k CO., No S Wr.ll street. ll_.r~Ol and "ifter thr lOih init, freight will oot be r eeivcd ana forwarded after hill^jt IP m m9 6m* m NEW YOKK AN!1 KINO HI'DN STEAM FREIGHT A;>D PaSHAOS fi" VK. jj& Kor Kindlon, and Delaware and Hadiou yyK'H ? *" EMERALD and iNOI>; The fc. MKHAf.iD, Captain John Keteham, will leave New York foot of Murray street, every Monday aad uir?Jayati o'eliA P. M. \/i.l leave Kinxstott (Rondoat I ami in;;) e?ery Wednesday and B.v.urd?v ?t 3 o'clock. P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John '"arnnels, will'eave New York, foot of Wa.-reu street, every Wednesday aud baturday at a o'clock, P. M. WJllrave Kingston (Handout landing; every 'A'uee *.y a: d Friday at I o'clock, P. M. EXTHA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the font of Murray street every Handy mormriK at 7 o'cl?ck. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock e.imr day. For freight or passage apply on heard, or to WILLIAMSON, BARLOW 8t CO , 1m*r tfi? West aire* I. .Stw-) M 81ATEN ISLAND KERRY, KOOT SEe2a2fc3"?l< WHITK'IALL dT.-Tbe scea-nboau ^ ** ISLANDER and SAMSON will run a? I diows until further noticesLeave New Yo k 8. 9,10, 11,1 2, 3'$. 5. ? 7. L?a-e *t*t^n Island 8, 9, 10. II. 1, 2, 4,5, t> 7. Leave New York a"d Siaten l?ia>il even' hour on Sunday. P. 8.?Etcumen to Kort Hemiltrn, Sondiva eieemed. Lcve Fort Hamilton 7 X A. M., re uinim lr<?in New York I.i4 P M. Fare to Stiten Island, 6>* ceuti. Do to Fort H railton 12',i ccis ill r **W~i ivtVVAHK A.N U A t, W V OllK?t n? iit'iv * -iP only 1?>< Lenta!?The ?, lendid steruner in PASSAIC, Captain John Uatfy. Ou and afier Monday, June 5th, avill rui as follows Leave, rne loot ol Uuclay street, hew York, at 10 A.M., ?aH < P.M. I Leaves ihefoot of Centre street, Newark, a:734 A.M., and 04.P.M. Dl ifcClCOK X> ?VPOHTAM)t'.>U- ' VlDKNCK-MltUVlNO IN TIM* ^<?K v - - -?t rv ^ to take tiil cakm lO MOs l UIN?Kat?! $1 JO? Deck F*r? f I ?The new. commodious And fist * ilin? stea'nhoal CUllTIS I'fc K, CioUiu I Wm li reck. wi'ltave tha dtrnjlMiK Oathwiina Market i Hip k,Ml Hiver, ??erj MjuUht, Wedueiday nndbridiy, at 5 u clock, P. M, h or i><M<U(e .md freight inquire ?2 i H.mih st. tip ituir*. iv7r sXA R VUtC HEDUCKn FOR URiDGfCOKT fiv- AND NOiiWAlii- i> tiding at lieidui's fare to Ki'df eport. J.'i ctl.ts. H<rc to N rfilk, HVJ ct?. Kate t" Nf* Ha'rn. 7j?'eiit?. The s ?8rrKo?; MrTl'Alj ^\FKTY ? Li' ertv jtrret r<Te?er, morninr, " na.Ay e. ?epted. ?'6 o'clo H.'orBn ? 1.0rt and N'?rw*lk, touci iij i; B du i'? Ne^M, iu mi u in colpciicn with the Hnu lUilroid. Ueiun ir?, leave Hi.:, i c'( <ttnir-p-<t it. M? o MtkmrintwiiNt n New H ivt Line? 91 [?? ! ?? ItrdKeport iintucui.i'ely on the urn a1 o;' the but The 4i?tance i* >tnii"? ?i(h *t.e ro?d? em' a Heautifu! cunru y Fife l? ?<e w Han u 75 cenis. foot ?l Lib*, ty streer jyl?lm*.c UaiAH OOWV. ?ir'nt. ? U'i\ -IiSTM".'1 A iHA 1 Ut. I' Ji\J i (L, ^|V??SflitKW-unV-I^t< Bni'ch, Oce*r ilti i ii tr I1 -"-r h: >ci [Vint, Ku.inon. and Utootnwj Lantl iik, fhn ugh 'V inner the uew Strmnb.w HIIKtWB.jUKV, Car lllll Jnnn I Co'lit t. Will l-SVr IClt.'ll I towu Lmdi k on S-tniUy, the ?lh of June in t? and nn as lot lows,to wir: l*ari<"g S>-w Yo.fc, t'.owi the foot r.f Hobinso? r??t, ev-ry Mmidiy, Tns?d y, Wedn*? I TlinM.lny ntid Kn lay, it 7o'clnck, A. M. Hnm liu?. will les?? Kato'iinwn ' L'.ri'li .g on c ch of he .ihov* da *. t "'cl ck, t'. M. On b I lurdty will leare New Yffkut 2><'iVIoe r, P. M , and tfinfn ( town Landing ou Sni.d 'V? at 1 c'clock, I*. M.,aud (! : \a H ? '?e , at4o'cl'?k. The SHltKWSBLHY will atop at Fort lUinil 1 t. n ^eh whv. I Kirc 37H cent*, and itop|iia< at Sauily Hook, koiok and | Ci.minK- , N. I*.?Sta*e? will l.? in atteudsTica to convey pa???ucer* ' from ti.aafora<AiJ laauibk p. tct* to any paxt couni/y re,|uneJ ' Hi j -4j.,rw?e? jggk h/vMlLTQi^ HOiiSh ?U K'l" HA >I > Gic - ' f-ii' II. t'< ?N?'i"li? te iinho->ti HTATKN r iUL^J.'GS-l t.ASpr U ->11.1 FAMSON wl'l ruuewry f flay (Sawtay* eiccjil?a> awim me enow*:? i l?*a?r Kc>rl ll million 7H A M ud t ? P. M. i Pit York, Whitehall Dock, lit JHi P. M. Thi? ?ft*?Krmrnt in*y j relied on a* p-rmanent. ** it* eon- J Wi.a?lif will not ileie i ll on co^t'igrnrr jlSVn- h 8 " HAVE YOTT HEAKT) THE NLWS T " OR. Ci O O K K ? nif.TUhNKr FI'OVI tt.VOL AND. C DE9fRC1 ri LLY h>r< trth Iimo?i dutr n*throughly <.nr ih? Un t?d t: luda, .Nor'h-lid S 'lith Aim-ricn. . lllc 1*rii ?i ( nliiiii' I, kc , th .1 Imtm| ?H rhe latrat nn.oiwit it- u ! 11 from h^rni e, li? i? nuivert illy perfo mi ? ci ?a c t( t!i? * or?t -la a o' Vi n.'??! Diieaie in ita moat i-gitr .ai?d ti 'mm. wiji a ir?Cideni?d ci.i-'Uitlon i- d dunifh mxl irc.v | i?in b ti"? '"l^iitil.t'it ci Iv .".u lko:ilivl u'.iU'y, fit hi* dice J Hi Km aire t, M >aiiy, N Y. c Dr. CtlUKK i t?ii' a raui'a.l" tn I la r>ati?nt?. C cm ??.* U -.MOM \VI - (Jt, ,t 't?c iptivoof Di> a?ii in buih a?a?? illu ifiiuit nil it* w?o*t ma- fi ft'. iu'. fiinut ritli leoupldc Vr ,?*tt"?l Tr -jtiie on Vcuarc.l niMv'll atall'tiflr 'di t>! .i i I rtoio'.t r->a< iju-nrr*. i;< I !nd n? o' a irii:l" rtruii aff er>o: a of ll ? Uirn.*?mi' u niuiui it nay tin* ii iV-i.fl t'v tin RrfvltaMK the ni I., i ; v. i 'i p MM !i III btlh rniivrn bm ai.d an- ' ' tiki o-' > oo ir I ?: t ! >dit?- *iin D Cooke, who will row |;| ortamv -c. oinmod-l* liioul *lii!? nailer umiicii irratm<ut,au- ?v llltrotmi ,, v- It t'y?r ceVbnn Dr Co >? may ha>-f attained in ?h- treatncj*of l?ia-Mf, t.e ll'liaMiwWoliitiMi therHy rhituaim- If nihiicou try; i tita ?.m rikiwii rnyiicm . ii.n nuruu, . i> im iio Apente, ?i>4 it nut ennnri'ed with ?nv eiflii'nr eenb i h nmt in il>? I irtcJ Huik. caii be '<iqi.U ?t 'he Albany I ?m k 1.xpi'?l, Nj. 3 .\ortim ?tr?*t, Albiuy, N. V., a_d m wheie w il?e. l The nnf irtunnte will ple??* " *tfend to this pert of their du r, tik? due and timely nu;ic? ?ud govern tfcenuelvei eccor.- Ir "u'/" HBMEMBEK NO. 3 NOHTON STUEKT, A I.DA W *V,N. f. JlUUU c< HHHHRMMi -J- -ML J [ERA Noieh OM America, hy a "Man of Utrr.iNKss."? rhe Liverpool Times has published a very interesting i stter Irom an intelligent English merchant, who ta ? hfojunt ir^H*1.1.. 4 T?| * I ,? m navriitii^ hi nun uuuiury. l nry ^ivc ?* ! ence of great good sense, much liberality, and no mail powers of accurate observation on the part ot lie writer. Plain, common sense, practical men ot u-iness are the tourists Irom wiiorn the people ot tie old world are moat likely to obtain c irrect no- i ions ot the condition of this country. As tor your gotidtical, conceited, uplandic book-makers and iiagdziue-writers?Paliaw! We annex a lew pas iged from the letters ol this correspondent ot this Liverpool Timet, which will not be read without Merest:? Lowell ?When at Boston, the other day, I vilted tne factory and engineering establishments at jowell. This place, which has sptuo;r up within lie lust t wenty years, is now uiade into a ci'v, with is municipal corporations, itec., and ut'eautilul city t is?wide streei.H laid out at right angel;:, excellent uiidinM. mostly of red brick, and as clean and neat s tho'igh they were built ynterday The young fomen in the fi..-tories are nlto *ether a different ace from our factory girls; they are veil educated, .dy-like in their uppt artinoe, ifre -i and manners? one ot them .iie daughters o clergymen, and nany are the d lUght^ra <?f respectable lurnierd from he country er< und Lowell; they cam two and a mlt to three dollars per week, nud live at boarding louses I' ach factory miMter baa a numbrr ol these oarding lious'sjsoine huye <hirtv or forty, and he tikpscare lo have no persons placed in them but nose of good moral character. The girls must ioard iu the houses belon^i'iir to the master for vhom they work, but are at liberty to choose out it those tor themselves. Trie keepers of thece boardng bouses ea*u their living by it, und us there ain lot giTMsumeient to nil meiH a,i, uiose wno rraui i,e gins the beat have ili? greatest number. They ay a dollur and a au.;rtt r per week ! or board, wasting and lodging. ProvLsiona are ciieay, and ihey ive well lor this money. thua leaving them from tij. o 64 GJ. per wet k aett f<>r cloueeior other tues ? I'he m-11 ei.i(.loved at taesc factories generally earn idollar per day. Caitain Tylkb?Ubpeai.?This Hhb/u^d ? Presi lent Tyler w.w hfre this week ; h' i* a" plain and ^arse-looking as an < !d farmer. II" was attended >v several ot the heads of thw Government, m!I as lain hp himself, and ti;?ro was very liu'e more rept ct paid to him in t'ie procession, or at lite theatre, han to iiny other person?they treated! in civilly, md that was all. He i- not a popular "'resident, le is too honestfor bf ili Whig3 and T^oco >cos,and lierefore pleases neither. Very lew of the citizens, )? u large number of soldiers,with b:\ndsol inu^ic, oitied the procession on the d ly ol his .irriv; I. The Irish repealers got up a large procession, which lolowed ihe other, but it u| geared to bu theirobj ct to ihow their numbers, rather than to show their rei|)ect to ihe President. Ihe Irishmen here foolishly anoy that O'Oonnell u ou the point of revolution zing nil Ireland ; that England wi'l tioci follow ; hen FrauCi', Germany, and other States, and that I n a comparatively hliort period all Europe will he inder Republican Governments. The New Vork Herald, which appears to be one of their organs, >r adly states these to be their objects, and glories in the magnificent project. A very large meeting is now being held in the Park, in Irontof tiirCity Hall, ind the Irishmen are speechifying in gr<nd style ? riiey are raising a great deal ol moa^y here to send to Ireland. Aaont 1000 dollars were raised at one meeting, and th-y also talk of sending over men and arms, if tnesc should be necessary. The Inshmeu heie i.ra in earnt,si aitout Repeal, whether O'Connell is or not, nnd they universally hate the liuglish ns th*-tyrant.>nd op^r?*dSora rhe recent proceediu"s of the English in Oliiu-t, Allgivinis'ar, Scinde. alii"? Sandwich l-h?ida, nn?i (heir rluuns ou the Oregon Territory, have excited the fHlousy and fears of all cu ^es 01 me Americans. They believe th it tins policy of England is empire. Gravitv of thr Yankbss.?The people of 13 nston arc retnaikablj' srave, ecrc !y a smile is to he seen o.i their countenances, anrf all 'heir conversation is o' the same character., The (Inuricuus learn u'l they can from the English, and tiy u> go beyond us in every thing; tbe.y value the good opinions ot E.iglisiimen, and feel acutely whenever we speak ill of them; but tht-y do not care lor the good or had opinion of any other people on earth. Travelling?In travelling, the universal practice at the inns is a common table for all, and a common charge for all; you get meat, drink, lodging, and auciinrMvcc iur iwo uoiiurp, wr irss, p?rr ci.iy. i ni* travelling here is immense; the whole country seems in motion, every body hs busy a? ihpy can be, and the celerity with which they ?-at their rneaU i? surprising; Im a k fast, dinner, or tea, is over in Iio/ji a quurtcr to halt an hour, with four or five courses, and, as soon a3 they have doue, they instantly rise Irom table and go away; there is very little social i conversation at table, all beuu too busily engaged in eating to have time to tpeuk to each other, and j the passengers on the roads appear as taciturn our own countrymen. It is seldom you can get the Americans to converse. The immense advantages of political and social freedom, and exemption from excerfive taxation and military force, ere every where apparent; every public building, and almost every public institution, ip open forev?ry person to go in a<.d examine without cnarge, and without iutrnductiou. The working clashes cannot bo oppressed here aalhey are in England; there is no crawling kervility on the part o! tiie (>oor, nor haughty rnuuaer in 'he wealthy, and yet there u respect paid where it is d ie, by all parties, except to the poor Alrican race, who are treated with ?reat contempt, by nearly nil P- ace and good order every where, and jet there is neither policeman nor soldier to be seen. MANrr.*crur.KS and Bnsixwd.? i lie Americans '.re pushing their own manufactures in all direclions, and are competing with each other, so th;it viih their immense resourc '*of iron and rot I, they will be enabled, in a comparatively short period, to manufacture ?? cheaply, and in much larger qoho'i:ies than ourselves wage are higher than with im, but th?y a<-e trying to r'-'duee fiem, ?nd they would soon be'q'iallv (o.v, hut toe workmen leave and travel info l'ie veet wb r' ver it is attempted. Every person 1 have conv -r 'd with, connected with business, is crying out rn'v the present tarifV. It is doing the Americana an immense amount o! mischief, in p raljzing trade a?/l lessening ronFU'ii| tion, .nd aW'ioJgh the act was pmtil 10 support a id encourage nu'.ive m*.nnfitrturet>, those | aires now complain that they hit ye mor>: competition, lower pr.cs, ;.nd less profits itaan tliev ever had before. There will be little clone in Eu?liFit poods till the tariff is modified, and it is generally expected this will ue done next aession of Congress. An Amrrican Porrt-WAt it.?I sow tl,^ States navy yard, atoree, and eusme, end meehinery for spinning and twisting cab'*-?, which is i r superior ro any thing of the k-ud I have s. en in 1' 'gland ? The America's are mowing their own he up on the Mississippi; and the foreman of the rope walk siya ihat it is inU' h f .iperior, and will s and a much uglier test, than the Ru-tian hemp, and that 'lie cables they mi^kr are very much better und stronger hon the best they get from England He told w of two curious philosophical ft.c'.a; the first on lia authority, the second *v.i witness'd. He slated lint il* you heat tar, such aa they use for their cades, 100 degre'8 above boiling heat, you may dip .our hand in it with the greatest impunity, rind vithout the least injury, and that they are in the 'oimfnnf hnhit nf Hrtin<r urt th#? mh??r ?. iliuf fh?. eathern strut*coming from the engine, at.d work* ih?" machinery, kk highly charged wi'h eleciri ny. By standing upon a non-conduciing body,and 10 ding th* fiu^eio over the strap* pretty cloaf-, you ifcome clarjed with the electric fi nd, and can ive out sjxirl.j as fVom the electrifying machine. Effects of RssrnicTtve Pomcy.?I have just een a gentleman who has travelled in Hu;:ia ; he was cent on a .'i>ecii'l mission by the United iiaies Uov?-rriiieut to the Emperor of K^rsia, for [ic purpose of opening un i'lt'-rcocr-c l>etween the wo ttouni. 'efl, foi ilie supplyh" of llusria withmif iunery lor 'annfaotutiug lie cane 10 > *..<?tnnd i> order mac'tin ry to the amo'tnt o! 200 000 d<?l trx, but found lie touid noi send ii aw.iV on uedui't of out Itwa prohibiting its exportation; in i/nc*<i"ence !,iis \v>s rnnirit rt'.u.eo in it: Unit'd .' 'tite:', h i i f-t.i to Kn sn ; ordci* wi re i?n sent to the ' t>-a lot WKi'^) dollni worth? liia ves sent, and now they up msking an almo-' nlimifedq'taiitny. Thii? tdtli. uainnl r. 'ms<? .j n-.n-i !' our ab.stiru restrictive pol cv ; und this iu Hie vss America mmrUiug in all those il.iug^onwhi- h e are in the habit oi priding ourselves 'I ne Ami? c>in and H up-nan governments are on the very i?e-1 rms; and they are carrying on a trade with each her mutually beneficial. 1 hk Shakrks.?1 do not wondfr that the Shakers, eaimy as tney "re, nntl auccesslul hs tiiey navr i en,>,hav? not attracted more general attention in a ( re country likcAnn ncn;I met with an Eiijrli-hiiim ( ho spent nine mon'ha in the Watcrvli* t tih^kfr , immunity, and 1 have also seen the agent tor the L D *> rvlM Two C?bU. Hair of their gooda, who conttrrns the Matemelh; I lie eaya that their government wu a mixture ot tf? I ninny, feuperatition, and ignorance; tliat the. menv I h'-rn knew nothing about their financial atUira; that I in*?y are governed Dy n-acona hoc] eii]erj whot* they do not choose, and have no power to remove; that they h ive plenty of Rood plum food and clothiOf?, Rood lodging, and every thing beautifully clean, and in order; that there n no tear tit want, either present or future, f??r anv member Hut hern the p!ea?aut part ends Scientific pursuits are pro In luted? ?ven phrenology; nt? member u allowed to l? iVf any books other th tti those approved by ihe eliici*. and these are confined to the Bible and & lew Shaker publications; there are no public amuse, menu, no pleaaiaier w iv of spending time than in labor, and that they labor from sunrise to sunset without anv other intermission than their meals; they kneel down n tew minutes for devotion before und each ine d ; their motions in sitting down and ri|j|ng up, at all times being done with mathematical precision. Their children are taught reading, writing, ami a little arithmetic,?nothing more, except their religion Should any relax in their labor lorn little time to read, Asc., they would be accused ol indolence. They are kept in strict obed.crce to tli- ir leaderflby visions to the t lders from Ltrly Anne and from George Wach ngton in the Oliier world. These persons direct them what to eat, drink, wear, when to last, Ace ; they last upon bread and water, and their cattle yet hall allowance on thowe d.iys Some time ago. Lady Anne directed the brethren, through the elders to give up the use ol sugur and n| Ghine-e tea, which was done accordingly, uud all are expected to follow implicitly her supernatural instructions. It is no wonder, under t>uch circumstances, that men and women living in celibacy, and all laboring eo many houra, should get very rich, when they sell all their surplus productions at much higher prices than other pereona, hut no rational person would desire to |iv? in such a condition of society. fuiir ikorr chaeocs for f?roert aoarwr ciiaai.ea j. colk. jr - '.jrvat excitkmsnt at th* pougk Coum?the fokoea hkld to bail im .$17,000 ?[t being ri' ore j that tfvcrnl other heavy torgeriea had been discovered aguinst Cole, and that he would l?e brought again before Mr Justice Rogers tor another examination thin morning, a lnro,? rtM?rpw^!ilnlioi. nl th#? nwrr.iurtix nf Uiwt.m assembled in ami about the Court House' at an ear.v hour, to Iv.toa to the examination, and witnets the jiriaoner. Iii (act. Court Square, and the purlieus of tht> temple ot Justice whh for this day the grand promenade of merchants, brokers, ana men of business, I and resembles Srate street at high 'change At halt past ten o'clock, a vym habeas corpus was served upon the prisoner, who has been in jail since his first examination, and at eleven he was brought into Court in the custody of the jailer, Mr. Nathaniel Conledge. The first warrant, made un.^er the complaint of S. O. Gray. President of the Allan li.iuk, charged the prioonfrr with making :i false, forged and counter* ieit note of the following purport:? $680 03 C'HTOjr, Jan. JO, 1841. Six raonths aftar date, I prcmlff* to nay te t .ieordv of Chnrle* Cola, Jr., five hundred .ti<;ity.>,ine dill rs, <3 100, value received. JONATHAN PATTEN. And, nfier reading the complr Ik* to 'lie prisoner, he was ordered to recognize in $?000, tor his appearance lor trial at the next term ot tht Municipal Court. The next warrant on comp'.aint of J H. Champney, messenger ol the Washington Hunk, with tittering a lalse, forced, and coui?t"if,'it promissory note, wnh intent to defraud, as lollowa:? %AU 37 Bolton, March 6,1843. fMx month* f?o;n da'.e, I prnmi*-'to pay Charles Cole, Jr., or ur'ter, four hundred and twenty.lour dollar* 87-IPo, tor valuo rtc< ivcil. GEO W. W1LKIN8. A'id upon this lie wus ordered to recosnize in $2000 lor his 1 ppc irai.ce lor trial ut the next term of the Municipal' ourt. lie WHd tlun fin-i, pied ui?in two other charges made by :<aiuur-| O O'rav, President of the Atlas li 'nk ; first tor making a lalse, lorded und counter* Ieit note ;is follows:? Bo*to"?. June 10, 1948. Fur value received, I promi*? t>> p:iy Charl>-? Cole, Jr., or or'er, four hundred, sixty one doll or*, infix months. *401 0t). lliCHAUD MARTIN. And the other of the following purport:? (3:1 CO. BotTOi, March 29, I34t. Fonrmonth? after date, I promn-e to pay to the order of rhnrlea Cole, Ji.,three hundred and euhty-one dollars ?? inn 1 -< UV >t' | "" wiviuni u- Iirnnma la < I 'l'?? > "' wo'>< *? uo ?|ui|l*J by an* ti'cr m rhi??vtr, i-ii, ! ? ?? I Aft* "*?>rtm-a|?f S>>,AM AMJ* OjlfLAMlj'tS AL Thia -aublialiinrut haa the UKOKST IN TUB CIT*# (Jrral P*i?? haTe tskan to proride twy material thai can pp.tibly h* of teiaict,and therefore peraoci haTing oce?" mm lor Sliowbilla. will find it greatly to heir a<ivaau?e M [latromtr thia eatabliahment. ijIT*" Any an* or form of Bill can be farniahed at hit ahorl W1M If ^ffOe. THKh.AU?10 Met fo7tr'^'od 1 ? * white? 5 lor a.\ls by K. *. tOLLI>rt & lO, jyit t * 8o?ih ?UMt, ? RICHARD MARTIN. And upon each of thepe he waa required lo give horn's hi ill** nurnsot #21XX), with bonds under winch he was already held, making $I7,(XiO. It the private property oi the prisoner, furniture. elate, &c , has bt en attached to the amount of $89,000 upon civil suits.?Boston Mail, 22J intt. The Army. Military Acadkmy ? The following named offieer* have been detailed for duty at the Military Academy, to take effect on the lnt?epten beti? OpricrM OKnitnru. 31 Lieutenont J Gorga*, ordinance; 3d Liiurrr.ant H. A. Allen 3d artillery; ad Lieut. A. I'. Stewart, 8.1 artillery; 2J Lieutenant A. P Howe, 4th artillery. Ornerti RnLicvro ?1st Lieutenant W. B. Blair, id artillery; Brevet Captain O. T?> lor, S<l artillery; lit Lieut. M.tiit K. i. S.eptoo, 3d artillery; lat Lieut. E. A. Sbira*, 4;h artillery. Kui< *?litniguation of 3d Lieut. Win. Robertson, accr|>?f<1 I?>Iv lo. l?t Artillery?3d Lieut. 0. L. 'U'burn.tiaMferrcd to the 3d artillery. 31 Artilli rr?Lieutenant Col. Uate* hn* been ordered in tin < ori.mmelo: theOgiethoipt Barrack*, at Havanuah, O*0l'gia 31 Artillery? Captain W. Wail ha* been ordered to joit hi? rompinv at Kurt Moultrie, CharWton, Houth Carolina, and I o perform in addition the dutiea of A Q M. I h Artillery?Lieut. Col. Payne ban asiumed comoiaod oi Kort Mcllenry, Baltimore. N*tt Drr??TM?i?T, July 3, 1943. T Ri nui.trioi* ?Ship* ol war, in approaching the Capea of Viiginiti, shiill Ui connidertd on pilot ground wb?n withir ?i*ty miles nt the Cape*. If it Virginia pilot i-hallolliT at tlii* port, the commander ahall reci ive Hm in preference to a bay pilot. If ro Virginia pilnt often, a bay pilot may betaken, vh.i whall be {Bi't piloiii?(. 'o ihe anchorage in H&mf.ton Road*, where a V"g:nn pilot ahall he taken. 11 a luy pilot h. 'nlii'i beyond aixty miles from the Capes, hum ii Vi rgima i>. ' ?l<all off- r nt nixtr mile* di?. tance, tii?Tlcgiiik rilot spall b?- received. Pilot* employ- 1 to i ke v*?? Is oui ol Norfolk shall not be jxiitl itnul thry shiiW actually ?o on toard; ami they shall not bo called on board until the ships are ready to prorvwl to ? ?. Tilnta hrirglr.g ves'els from tea will not be retained any longer thuu 1- absolutely uccia.cry. a p upshcr. Mtt.itaky Dfpajvtjiikjit ? Some change" having recently been in the commanding officers of me Military D<-|>nrtmcais, wc annex a corrected litt o! them: No. I?Colonri Twiir**. headquarters Pas* Christian, Mi<* . during tfco summer months, and New Orleans in the winter. No. i ?Brigadier General '? Taylor,headquarters Fort Smith, Ai k No. 3 ?Major Ueneral Oainrs, headquarters at 8t Lou I*, Mo. Nu. 4 ? Brigadier Uinet al Praiiy.Dotroit, Mich. N't 8?Biig3di> r Oooera! W<?), '"roy, N VNo (J ? Colon< 1 J II. CiMie, ro>i?n>."itb, N. 1 No. 7 ? Cotoi,?-l J. B W:'l->acn, fort ...'anroe, Va. Nj. S.?Brigadier (Jv'Ltrji ArmistoJ, Kuurt Moultrie, S C. No # ? Brlrad>r Ooneral Wor.'h, St. Auyu.itme, K F. ?Jlrmy and A'ary Chronic! ~ nraiaZapD asztr AL nuarxxrca EST A HI i 181' M K NT, V. W. CORNEW OK KULTON A? n NASSAU PTS. ;s sarr'ita with ""T itt?ter.*l weemry for Cia prompt, ae u uul economical ciecut on oft .cry description of ffAS332 2>&S?0!?aa3?. l*u lie attention is reon??t?d to thi* establishment, in iht tur*nce ?h*t ample sain i'.iiou will !? Ki?eu?r? regard* typolTK|iliy, pri:sa worW, and eln'?>'??to llio-.e who r?qiHre fancy or MinmiiD, lunie or si*4il work ilisaply md eipeditiously eliM'fl. LA8*H. CHfc't'lfS. v, > v CIKCI/J.A n?, HriOW B'ln>LI. ri'KKrH. stfca.m'iOAT hills, bil( s of l*djvq, If l.ltOAl' "'Ll.-S, M Aiff Jill L.S, C4l \t OOUK9, r \ v ? '.ii. *.t?, ai w- a OS. HANDB'I. \Ols.h BMC t* ? vi ?* * *"* M TlfFATH'iS ClRCITwK^ CONCERT*, MUSEUMS 1,1-. IU-KE-. ri;cL.r M?-,r.ii\c?H.

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