Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 25, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 25, 1843 Page 1
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TH r?l. I*.?IMm. MOM .Wfcf.. ft*. 1414 '? ?* ' hi Public. THE NEW YORK ^EUALD?dailynewapaper?pab. Uabed every d&y of th l}wr ucopt New Year's "lay ond f ourth of July. Fri a r.cuti j>er copy?or |7 90 per annum? postage* pai'1,_cash in advancc. 1'HE WKKKL ? HERALD published every Saturday DiorninR?price ty cents per copy, or f3 1'J per annum postages paiil- -na?h in advance. AUVERT'jSh'.ttS are informed that the circulation of (i.eHerald over THIRTY THOUSAND, and incrwuiig ft. It' mi the larf/st circulation of any paper in thil city, *r the < frU, nm( it therefore, the beet channel for *un ???the c?.*v <f euvttiry. Price* moderate?iamlrtuicu. PRINTING of all kiud*, uiocntc.! at the most moi!o;au .frirei, and in the moat elogout titylu. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, fSOrmCTUK ?l TNI HI: KALI) EtTABLISHMKNY, North w mt comer of V alio a and Naiasu atrwet* BRITISH AND NORTH AMERICAN ROVAI. .MAIL a'J EAM S6HIP8, Or 1300 tool lud 4<? honr power each. Appointed by the Admiralty to aail between Liverpool and tin-ton, calling at Halifax to land and reeeire Paaien euitera mud H?r Majesty >a Mail'. IllBERN'lA. Captain I'.liarlra H. E. Judkina. CALEDONIA, Kiphi'i Edward O. Lou. ACADIA, Captai'.u Alcinudw Ryrie. COLUMBIA, Captojn N. Hiiannon. UUlTANNlA. Captain Jelin Hewitt. Willaail for fusion, *ia Halifax. /r#m Livt'/roo.'. ruoM eoiTow. AcuJla, Urne, 19! .h May ISth June Columbia, il.annon ?f/i June lit July Hibenfia, Jadktui, 19/th June 16th July Caledonia, Lott, 4th.Inly 1st Auk These shipacarry experienced surgeons, anl Frances' P strut J lie ".oats. No bertha aernred n/ktil paid fo*. Apply to D. URIOHAM. JR.. Ag?at je?r No. 1 Wall atree',, New York. The ? rTO*rl X'' ,,n) LIVERPOOL. i\L? R?T*L;i. VJ..1r? -.l?in CALEDONIA E. Q. Lott, ( omn taoriar.vrill '*"* ? j?tou for the abjve ports, on Tuesday, August I, ISO _ Vassage to^i^iverpooi $120, Passage^ t0 Halifax, 20, ApclVto D BU1UHAM, Jr.. Agcmt, . 6tJT No. 3 'Vali street. r r-r, DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRKLAND, kc. ? Persons nlioul rrmittiDg ino10 friends in the "old country," cm be *nppli?*?J with Drafts, in lumi of I, 2 'i, 6, 10 ,20 k ?S0, r any amount. payable on demand, without diseouut ori'tiy ntRer charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial B-.ik. do., Messrs. James Bult, Son k Co.. Bankers, Loin'ou, I. Baroed & Co., Exchange ana Discount Bank, Liverpool, Ea-tern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Booking Company, Sir Win. Forbes Hunter k Co., Ncotlaud, aud tlie or?nche* in everrpost town throughout England, Ireland, 8cot:*nd Ik Wales, which drafts will be fix warded by the steamers Great Western or Hibernia. by W.IJ. T. TAP8COTT, Ai their Genera! Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South at. N. B.?All letters frum the country muit come post paid, ly llr REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fcc.?The ,JCTxV?cb,r"hfr continues to transmit money in sums large .^HPMEwor small, to persons residing in any part of Ireland in the same manner a? he, tnd his predecessor in business hava done for the lasi thirty yesrs and more; any part of England. or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him. with the name ef the person or persons in Irel'nd, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be sent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, aud a receipt to that effect giv:u, or lorwarded to the aenler. Id like manner money, or claims on persons in any part of Ireland, Rutland or Scotland, can be collected by the subscriber for peisnss residinu in any part of the United States or Canada, and will b? paid to them accordingly. i 17 lm*r G+.OHGE McBKlPE. Jr . 12 Cedar st. OU) LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS, ft ? ft rPHE OLD LINE of Packets for Liverpool will hereafter be J- despatched in the following order, excepting that when the sailing lay falls on Sunday, the ships will sail on tl?e succeeding day, vi* >For New York. for Liverpool. The CAMBRIDGE. I June 1 July 19 ttO tons, {Oct 1 Nov II W. C Bantow.f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug 7 750 tons, < Oct 19 'Dec 7 8. B Artie it. (Feb It- April 7 The OXFORD. I July 1 Aug 19 S00 tons, < Nov 1 Dec 19 J. Kathbone, t March 1 April 19 The MONTEZUMA, {July 1? iSept 7 . 1U00 tons. < Nov 19 Jan 7 A. B. Lowber. f Mar 19 May 7 The EUROPE, (Aug 1 Bept It SIB tons, t De.-. 1 Jan 19 E.G. Furber. f April 1 May 19 The NKW YORK f* *? hn> 1* t 7 '*40 tot*. '[Dec It Web 7 T. b. Cropper.I April It .Inne 7 The SttUTH AMERICA, I , Sep. 1 Oc; 19 *40 tons, .Jan 1 Feb It D. (J. Bailey, May 1 Jane It The COLUMBL8, i Sept It No* 7 700 torn, Jan It Mar 7 O. A. Cole. Mar If July 7 These shij* are Dot tur passed iu point of elegance or comfort ?n tt-.eir cabin accommodations, or in their fast tailing qualities t)T an? vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known at men of character and eiperiener, and the strictest attention will always be paid to rromote the comfort and convenience of past-niters. I'auetnality, as reifaidt the day of sailing, will be observed as rrrrtolore. The price of pa?j<tge outward is now figed at Serenty-Kive Dollars, for whicii ample stores ol ever* description will be provided, with the exception ol wines and liquors, which W'llfce fnnusn'jd. by the stewards, if required. Noitner the. captain* or owners of ihete ships will be retpon sible for any letter*, parcels, or packages sent by them nulesa rrgaUr bill* ot lading are signed therefor. for freight or pass lie, apply to GOODHUE St CO., 64 Sonth at.. C. H. MARSHALL, M Burling-tlip, N. Y i*12 and to BASING **OTHERS * C(?.. L^pool. " JQYIN HEROMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. rtj- Mfc tm JkflL SflBl mSL ^^^W?AR LpjsRTRpAci^^MsHirS.S^OTthstTeet, New York. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool and London, by the regnlar packet ships, sailing an the 1st, 7th, 13th, Itth, and tSih of each month to and from Liverpool, and to and from Loudon 1st, 10th and 2Ctti of each month. The tnbseriber has made nneqaalled arrangement! to bring ont nraigrauts, and caa, with great confidence, assare those persons seuding for their friends, that every doe and liiligrut attention will be shown tham, and all who embark with them, rastage can aJ so be engaged from Liverpool oiiec# to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, Baltimore, nii'adrlijhia, B.i ton, and to the different ports of the British Provinces, at the lowest rates Witk these arrangements, together with the advantage which his biverp ol correspondents possess, being la ge ilim owners and pvtetisivelr ernraired in tlip irriirlitinv ntincu draiMlchitig yearly at least 100 fint clas> ships from Liverpool to the various ports of the United Statea, with freight and passengers. The facility offereJ by thin riMWutimrnl is unnariMssad. and from the large number of first class ships em- j ployed ia the liue there can be an detention whatever, which vrill be uiteed The price nl passage will be at the loweit ralea, an-) should any of those sent tor 'feline coming, the pas sage aoaev will b> M customary rrfundtd. The steamboat fate from the different ports to Liverpool can,as nsnal, ha ?ecarau. JOHN Hf-RDMAN. 61 South st, N Y. or J. It W. ROBIN HON, near Wall straet, Merchants' ai.d Emigrants' Agtuts, No. IG Ooree Piazzas, Liveipool. DRIFTS AND fcXCHANUK. The aabscriber requests the attention of thue remitting monev to their friende to his unequalled arrangements for the paymentof his dr fts on demand, without d iconnt or any charge whateter. at the ftiilawii g B?tiking Initi utiou>. vit :? IN ENGLAND?Messrs James Bait, Sou k Co., Bankera. London. Mrssra J. Ba.naid It Co,, Eichange and Discount Bank, Liverppol. National Provincial Bank ofEnrlaml, and Branches throughout Kngland mm Wales. Yorkshire District B..nk and Branches. Btrminghsin Banking Co. Lan- aster Blinking (To. I.N SCOTLAND?ureenock Banking Co. in Oi.ugow and Greenock. Cittern Bank of Scotland and Branches. IK&LAn U? Provincial Bank of Irettnd. Ain?gh Cork Mallow Alhlono Carlow Euniskillen MoneTnioro Bs Ima Cavan "alway Omagh | Belfast Coleraine K ikenny Parsoustown I Bmbridge Cootehill Ktliush Hligo iillrnena Dnblin Londonderry Strabana Bunion l>ownpatrtek Largsn Tralee H.illytl.annon Dnngaunon Limerick Watertord Cloninel Dungarron Mouaghau Yamthill National Bank of IiclandBilliuasloe Castlei>ar Moate Tipperary B-.u.ighar KneiMorthy Nenagh Tnam Bovle Fermoy New Ross Thorasatown Cosher ?i*lwsy K'sarea Tralee Csnir.k on S&ir K.ui'ntk Roscommon Westport < ulerea Lotgford Sngo Wrvford <'h?-ie?rille L>ughre\ ThIIqw Wicklow Clonmel Mnchelstown Thurles N. II?In addition to the Liverpool f ml London pa-kets, the snbscriher is also aget't lor the reuular parktiti sailing weekly Ir >m New.York to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, and iWannah, by which iustage can be secured at the lowest ratea. Jy1Jtf | JOHN HKHDMAN. M. Bk M "^^^iarsHtiTS lini^T^Packkt^^^ The undermentioned ships will be regnlarly dispatched from hcnce aud from Marseilles on the lit of each moult daring the y?*r? Krom New Tork. Maraeilles. COURIER, Capt Daggan, June I. (Aug I TIIKBCOTT, Cap*. Myrick, July i. Hep l Uh'.I.LKSPONT,Capt Ailann, Ang I. Octl COIIIOLANl'H.Cap Haile, Sep I. Nov 1 HKV THOMPSON. Cap Sylvester Octl. Dee 1 They are all cojuierea anil copper fastened,and have etcalleni II'Tiiirnnminiiniw mm The price of c*hin pemge will be fioe, exclusive oj win*? * iVm'daaddreMed to the a genu, BOYD fc HINCKEN, will br forwarded Ifrre of otH?-r .Twitef than tli??e actually Paid, f'ortreight or pMM*e applv to . BOYD li HINCKk.1V, A*?nU No. 9 Tontine Building*, or B. liKOOM * CO., m8flr 108 front IMK, KOK mioHT 0#0HA|Tlt*.-TW kmtfMWrior Br. ha.k CO VlKT, H?nrr Wr?ht, muter. S.M> jtwMs'x'r't? burthen, > uowdiae.harniiu her cirgp.and will "~f0' "w 'WAODF/UVL * MINTURN. E NE N ? .flk I ASSAUE FROM GREAT BKITAUS AND IllfcLAND BV THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OT LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool ou the 7th and 19th of every meuth.] Persons wishing lo seud to the Old Coautry forlhrn friends can make the wect??ary arrangements Willi trie inbieriben, and have them com* out in this superior i.iue of Packed, sailing from L ivenmol i uuctually on the 7th auii 19t>i of every mouth. They will alio have a lir?t rate class of Ainrricau trailing ship*, aailiui; every sii days, thereby iffordmR weekly commnmcatiou from that port. One of the firm (Mr. June* I). Roche) it there, t* see that they (hall ha forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for Dot come ^?t, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, - ithont any reduc tioo. Tfce Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Pa b>oU, comprise the following magnificent Ships, viz:? The OXKORDj the NEW YORK. wi.'iurvi iniri, 1/ULUITIDU9. EUROPE. BOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With inch injx riut and unequalled airangemeata, iht lub erihera coufidrull y I >ok forward for a continuance 01" thatinpport which liaa been extended to thein 10 many yeart, lur which they are grateful. Thoae proceeding, or remittitur mener to their relative*, can at.ill tiinea obtain Drafta at sight for any nmount, drawn direct on ihe Royal Benk of Ireland, Dublin, alao on Meiari. PUEHCOTT, OROTE, AMES It CO. Bankera, London, which will b? paid on demand at any of the Banki, or tlteir Blanches, in all the rnuciiial town* throughout England, |p*land, Scotland and Walei. Apply,or address, (if by letter, t>oit paid,) ROCHE. BROTHERS St CO. 35 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Kulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packeta aail from thia port fbr Liverpool ou the lit and 19th of each mouth. Parties returning to tne old country will And it to their comfort and advantage to (elect thia favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other. d27 r NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. T? fr-m New York on Urn 35th and Liverpool on the llth <\f each mmtfi. M. M M . M NnwYon!; Ship ROSC1U8, Captain John Collins, 25th July. Ship SIDDONS. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th Auguat. Ship SHERIDAN, C aptain F. A. Depeyster, 25th Sept. Ship UARRICK, Captain Wm. SkidJy, 25th October. From Livkktool. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyater, 13th July. btup u AKttli K, Captain Win. Okiitdy, 13th Anguit. Sl>i|> ROSCIUS, Cnptaiu Johu Collin*, I Jtli September. Whip S1UDONS', Captain E. B. Cobb, JJth October. Theirs hit* are all ofthe lir*t clam, upward* of IDWlom, ouiU uitht ffty of New York, with *?ch improvements ascombine <rcat *,>eeil with unusual comfort for passengers. Evpry care has been take* in the arrangement of their accommodation!. The price of passage Ueuce i> $71. Theae ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to fit e genera ari?faction Neither tlie captain* ur owner* of tV si i?*will be responsible for ai y letter*, |?rcel* nr package ss.-n by thera, unlet* regular b' II* of laditiK Me signed therefor. Forlrwight or pa?*tge, apply to E. K. COLLI NH Si CO.. M Mouth it., New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY Ik CO., Li-crpool. Letter* by the packet* will be charged 12>4 emits per (ingle *h??t: .*>0 cent* per ounce, and newtpwr* I cent each. jy7 ec J'OK INE\ RLEANb. '.OUI8IANA AND NEW i IRK LINE OF PACKETS Ml Kor the better accommodation of (hippers, It is intended to 4e*patch a ship from this iK>rt on the 1st, Sth, 10th, 15th. 2*th, nod tith ot each mouth, com.i ruciug the 10th October aud cohtiualUit. until .May, when regular day* will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delay* aud di*appointineu:s will be | revented during the *umuier months. Tfce following ship* will commence this arrangement : Whip VAZOO. Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE, Captain Jackioo. Shiji MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Captain Miner. Ship GASTON. Captain Lathmn. Ship HUNTSVILLE. Captain Mnmford. Ship OCMLLGEE, Captain Lvavitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickimcn. Ship MEMl*ilIS, Captain Knight. Sh>p LOUISA, Captain Mulford. Theie *nip* were all built in the city of New York, express for packets, ate of light draft of water, have recently been jt wly co|>pered and put in aplcudid order,with accommodation* lor pattenicer* unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced master*. who will make every exertion to give Seneral satisfaction. They will at ell time* be towed up and owu the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captain* of the*e *hips will be reiponsible for jewelry, bullion, precious stone*, siUer or plated ware, Or for any l?tte/i, parcel ot package, sent by o rpnt on board of them.nnlei* regular bill* ofiadinj; are t?k?n for the *asne and the value theieon expreued. S\h freight or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS & CO.. 56 South St., oi HULLIN Ik WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their addreu. Termed, and great earn will be laken to have lt<r grodx wrrectIt measured. ml KUH NfcW ORLEANS-LOUISIANA A "li" u2S>NttW VOHK LINK?First Regular Packet-The 4MNmvery fast sailing coppered ship OCONKH,, Captain Jaei [ton. having a very large proportion of her cargo onboard, I nearly all engaged, can yet take some u ore freight if iiuii diate application it made. For ('Right or :>s?<?age, having handsome furnished accommodate it, app'y >/U ^oart1, ar Orleans w.'iarf, fool of Wall I. or i- It. K CO 1.1,IN# tt CO. S* Soath s?. fMu, ra iu?yrely upou having iheir goods correotly raeatai ?nd laaltbe ship* of tliii hue will tail punctually ut sdver. Any gaaiamae to tltf.t effect will bo giTen ai:d fal.i!'?d ( may be reytured. Agents in N. Orleans, Huliin It Woodrnf?, whr w:U -rc J j-* iy forward Ail goods to their address. The packet shi? Louisville. Capt. M. Hunt, will succeed <h? penm e iyJ4 rtT (jLD BLACK BALL LINK OK PACKETS iflWWKOli LIVERPOOL? Packet of the IstAng-The JHUBb* fiend id fait tilling new packet (hip itUROPE, Capuim barber. will be despatched aa above, her regular day. This elegant ship has ntsurpassed accommodations lorcabiu, 2d cabin aud steerage pastengers. Those wishing to secure berths will require to make early application to JOHN HERDMAN, 61 8"Uth street, ?*ar Wall St. The splendid packet ship ROSCIU8, Oaptam Collins, sails en the tjtli iost. htr regular day. A lew more passengers can yt be accom nodaled at the lowest rate*. N. B.?Pajtage fromOreat Britain and Irel.-.nd.tia Liverpool, can at n-nal be secured at the lowest rates by the regular packet snips sailing weekly. The tubsciber has jmt concluded unequalled .-rrangrmrnts lor the pavmrut of lna drafts at the following banks?The National aud Provincial Banks ol Leland. and at all ttieir hrrnches. Also the Nanonal tod Provincial Bauk of England and all its braueliet thiouxhnut knglaiiJ and Wales Alto the Eastern Bank of fecttl.ind, the Greenock Ranking Co, and all their branches, throughout Scotland. H or further particulars apply as above ' jy JO r NEW LINK LIVERPOOL J'ACKf.TH ?t'actet iflffw 2Ath July ?The splendid, fatt tailing Tacket Ht.ip JHBitm HOBCIU8,(Captain John Collint,will sail positively as above, her regular day. Tne ships of this line are nil 1000 ton* burthen and upwards, and their accommodations for cabin, tecoud cahia. And steerage passengers, it is well known are superior to nnr other line of packets. Penou* about to vint the old country, should not fail to exirnius the accommodations of >hit magnificent ship before engaging eltewhere, and those wishing to secure berths should not fail to make early application to W. & J. TATHUUTT, 43 Teck slip, corner Sonth at. Th Roiciai will sail from the Uih of September, affording to (ersnn.? wishing to tend ror their friends a favourable oppor [unity of having them nrought out id her, or nor of the regular lili*, on reaaon^ble terms. Drafts for lame or small ?tiin? payable on demand, without discount or any other charge, in all the po?c towtir of f'.ugland, Inland, Scotland or Wales, cad also be obtained on application ai abf)?e N.B.?The Liverpool will succeed the Roscini and tail on the ICthof Auiintt. iy20ec lTVKRPOOL -Kegolar Packet ot the 2}ih rfJrVof Jnly. The spleurfid packet ship ROICIUS, JMAb1 apt. Cobb, will sail aa above, her regular Hay. Haviug very sutwror accommodations for cabin, ind cabin, and iterr^gr passengers, persons wishing to embark should ih/.ke early application to J08KPH MeMURRAY, IPO Pine street, corner of South. Persons wishing to sand for their friends, can have them brought out by tile above ship, or any of the regular packets, by aopl?in? as ak>nve, (if bv letter, post naid ) t2Jr >'OK LIVKHPOOL?NEW LINK-.Heniiir tSjQa fat Wet of Vith July.?The Splendid Packet Ship IHJHifcltOSCIUS, Captain John Collins, of 110.1 tons, wiTTplisTtively sail at above, her regular day. Kor freight or passat?, having accommodations nnegualied for splendor or i apply u board, at Orleans wharf, font of Wall street trto K. K. COLLINS h CO. N Strath imst Price of pnaarrfjs f7S. 1 rie Packet Ship Si.Id.ins, Captain E. B Cobb, ot IfCO Sous, wiil surraed the Roscius, aud sail the iVh of Aug. list ti {(liar Jiy. faixngers imy rely un the ehipa <ftbis hne ?a:Uc* MB*t*a' ?as advertised __ J^?r xJKy- BLACK BAH. O" OLD LINK OK LIVCK MfyPOOL t'A( KK I I K-gulax Packet,and sails Tur? JAlMKa ay, the 1st of aoK'i't?'1 he well known 'astiailiug favopte picket shir JCURO'lC, Capt. Edward O. Knrber, will sail ooiitively as above, tier regular day. ( Uf,tuodations of this magnificent racket (or cabin, lecoudaihm and ?teer?ge pa;seugeis, are wmI kso'*n to be unsurpassed tor spleu .or, eonvt-uience ?ud comfort, by a?ty other vessel aflm. Those visiting ihe old country will tind it to thnr interest lo select th s desirable conve' an<;e in freleienca to any other. For terms of passat e, which will be low, eajlv application should be made to c'loese the he. t b-rtha, apply on boarO, foot of Beet'inan st'eei, ?r to the subscribers ROCHB. BROTHKKsh CO. JJ Knit'u street, next door to the Knlton Bank. P. 8. The Europe will sail from Liverpool on the 19th of Sept. Persons sending for their friends can have them brought out in her, or any of t>ie parke s comprising this magnilVen' and iinr lu tlleo liur, tailing Irom tnat port on the Ith and 19th ot ench month Dr^f i at ?>#ht for * y amount,drawn direct on the R< yal Hunk of Irelnnd, nod on Metai*. rreacotl Ortite, Anifi & Co., banker*, Loudon, which are paid f ee of diit .nut or nor < huge whatever. in every town throughont Ei)gl?nd, Ireland, Scotland and Walei For paatege, lie., apply > above The new and magnificent packet *hip New York, wi'l *ueeecd the above packet, tod tail for Liverpool on Jie i9th Anamt, her regular dav, LI?5? KUMMKn JIRRJlXnEMENT NRW YORK AND PHILADKLPHIA RAILROAD LINK DRKCT, Via'Nkw4*?, N?w Bamiwici. Princcton, Tubwtoi*1 BoapKMTown and Buhliivoton. THROUGH IN MIX HOURS. Leaving New Yo*k daily iroin the fovtof Conrtlandt it. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at Of P. M. Tffe Morning Lid* proceed* to Bordentown, Irum thence by Ueamboat to l'mladel|.hia. The Kvening.Line proceed* direct te Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without chance of cara. Pa*?enger* will procure their tickeie at the ofllee loot of Courtl.indt (treat, where a enmmodion* iteamboat will be in .endiue**, with hagg?ge crate* on board. Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to city, without being opened by the way. Kach trmii i* provi4ad wuh a car in which are a. artment* and dre**itw ro?m* rtpreuly lot the l?die*' n?e. , , , .... Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot ofWalnoi ?weet, ny iteamboat to Bordentown at 1'o'clock, A.M. and by railtoad from t'amden, at Jo clock.v^M. The line* for Baltimore leave Phlladeljph at 7H A. M.. and i P. M. being a continuation ol the line* irem New York. Je4 Ill I W TO EW YORK, TUESDAY M KRN EMIGRANT [ PASSAGE OFFICE. The Subtciibera havnu completed llirir nrrnUKemenU, are , now prepared to forward pane .grr? to all the \onheru and ( Weitcn 8tate? ami Caaada, by duly linra <>t towboata, railroad! and aie.unbo.ili, via the Notth riteraml Erie Canal, Upper ( Laket, Philadelphia and Pitt* bunch, Ohio river and Caua1 < roote?. The following are a few of thn uioat important point!. Via Utiea, Bulfalo, Potuville, Uilena, 8yracuaa, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, wawego, Uetroit, Cijc.iouatU, Kingston, < Ro*he?ter, Milwaukie, St. Loul>, St. John*, Lackport, Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. 1 Alio to any port of Ohio, Illinois, Miaiouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, J Kentucky, Wucmiin, Iowa, . Upper and LowerCnnada. J Having given auch universal aaiiafowion in their Londoa and Liverpool lines oi ptcketa, the subscribers will endeavor to nuke the present undertaking equally I'tinnu* of public fa 1 1 *or. Thi attention of emigrant* and other* ia invited to the fol- I low low ratei of ptasagc to a few of the ino?t important poinu, I any other pl'.cea ou the route bein# rqnally low, via:? Utiea, SI SO Oolumliaa, $9 at St Loaia, $M 00 Syracuse, I Ti Hiiuduaky, i 75 Galena, It 00 Moehastar, 2 00 Di'troit, 6 o<. <-inada. Buffalo, 3 M Milwaakie, 10 00 Toronto, 4 !0 Oswego, 2 50 Chicago, 10 00 Kingston, 4 SO E'io, 4 50 Pittahnrg, t 75 Hamilton, 4 50 ; Cleveland. S 50 Cincinnati, 12 00 Montreal, 5 00 For IViuher oarticulara apply to W.fcJ.T.TAPSCOTT.attheirOeneral Faasaye Office, Peck alip cor Month it. Tata Notice?Thi* office la not eonnacted with aay other in thi? city. .'I6r NSW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRAM** POitTATXON COMPANY. Far* reduced to 38 cent a. >'r<?m the lost of Caortlandutreet, New York. ' (/.very day?Snsday*.e*<eptcd.} Leave* New Fork Leave# Newark ki ? A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 A.M. At IX P. M. 9 ils. 1 do. 1 do. * do. 11 do. 4 do ? do. 5K do. 4W dn. J0H 7X do. ?>< do. 9* do. do ON KtJNDAYfl. from 'Jie foot ol Cffsrtiandt street. Leave New YorV, Leave Nawarh. Al 1 A. M. and tV P. M. At l?WP; M. and 9\ ?*. M. NKW YOKS. KU2ABETH TOWN, f.euve New York. Klir^bet'v Ti'wn At 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7* A_M. 3* P M.. < 9 do. 4 do. do. 7 do. 11 da. ro. 10 do. ?Si do. 6>t (io. 12 do. ThetTainafor VVjaitfeld, Plainiield, Bouiida'^Jt.Somcrviile,. . It;.,connect with the,9 A Ivl, nnd;4VP,%x t: uualron Ntv York, daily, 3ui*Uy.i eicejited. Wart between New York and .thzabeih Tov?,i;5 cent* Kara betwecu do and 8 inurviile. 75 eeuti. ?i L* Ur V/tUl' A \T\ li i tltll i L Lr \rr New York. Leave Kahway. At 8 A. M. At 1 PM. At 7 A.M. At J P.M. 9 do 4 do II do 6% do II do 4V do 9?C de 9 do IK do ll)( do NEW YOBK AND NK.W "KirNRWlO-;. From foot of CourfJaud street, New York, daily. Le&te New York. New Brauswi?*. At 9 A.M. At 4 P.M. At 6 A ,V. At 11^ AM. S)H do 7X do X'. M. ON SUNDAYS Lenve New York. Leave New Brunswick. AtS A M .tad 1% P M. At ll^A.MandSH P M. fc'are, eichpl la ike Philadelphia trail)* between New Vo'1' Uii; New BmiwWL 50 cents Between New York ruad Railway 23 cents. PuaeuKent who proenre their tickets at th? ticket oitice, rr, ceive a ferry ticket (train Tickets are received by the cm: factor oulv oti the d<y when rnrchaaed. mil 3in*r rOH BUFFALO AND LL PARTB OF THE WEST <s&A ip tta ASSOCIATION PASBaw*. OF* ICE To ALBANY. Utica, $2 00 Koche.ter, $3 00 flyracuss, 2 26 Buffalo, 3 60 Oaweco, 2 25 Up. k Lower Canada5 50 For passage w'7 to M. L. RAY, ' m?t tm 91 Barclay street New York. PATER SON RAIL ROAD. " JBto *? ?? ?*!?? n.**i"T*I tf A.MH. UNLY * OKNT.8. From Patcrs>u 10 Jtury City. On and after Monday, 17th July, the curt will leave "ateiuon DF.pot. LKAVK NKW YOUK. ? A. M. 9 A. M. 11* " ? P. M 4 P. M. 5 ON SUNDAYS. LriK Pitkuor Or.rot. Lbavk Niw Yum*. T.H A M. ?>4 A. M i P. M. 6 P. M. Transportation Cars ply daily (Sunday's excepted ) Passengers are (drum! to he at the Ferry,foo Conrtlmidt street, a few minotra before the staled hours ot depa.ture. jyH 6m ?NEWYOM, SCHOOLEY'S MOUNTAIN AND EA8 .Via K.and SnmemlleK Road. lev's Mountain, leave pier No. I North river, at IX o'clock A M, daily (Sundays eicepted) by aienmboat to- j Elizabethporti or leave the foot of Conrtland atrret at?<>'- 1 clock A M. by N J Railroad to Elixabethtown, thence connect with the can fir Snmervilie eo.ichas, thence 20 miles to. 1 the Monniain?arriving early in the afternoon 1 Kor haston lea?e a* nbo?e. proceed by railroad to Somer . viile, coaches from thence (only 34 miles,) arriving in Easton I at 6 o'clock. 1 This ion<e, on ?cconnt of the short diatance by coaches. ma . kin* it by far the mmt |<!eaiant and eipeditions, comineudi it 1 self to publieiratronage. Mr Sanderson, the proprietor at So ' mervihe, l<ai piovided himielf wiih carnages and horses to ac c commod ite private parties with extras at the shortest notice, and on reasonable terms l! Kor seats apply to H D. Hope, Merchants' Hotc', 41 Court- ? landt st. Passenjen from Philadelphia to Sehoolc7's Mountain will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock, A. M-, hy New York railroad line to New Brunswick Splendid coaches from thence, amvi"it at toe mountain early amne afternoon. 3 am*r J SMifurvnnt ? nnniero^ | MOUNTAIN* EA8TON. 4*8*? it of Conrtland street, daily (Sundays eircr t. d) j at 8o cock, A.M., by railroad from Jer?evcity to Morristnwr. r tnence by Tost coaches through Mendhan,,Chester. Mcho jley s i Mountain, Anderson Town, Port Colden, WashmgVon, to Easton At Washington. a daily line intersects to a; jd from i Belvidere Kor seats apply to J. Hill, at J. Patton's, C.oinmer- n eial Hotel, 73Conrtland street. a N.B.?Eitras furnished nt the shortest notice by a# plying to f N. B. Lose. United States Hotel. Morristown. inrt i Sm ee i ROCKAWAY PAV1LLION?LONG I SLANT) KAIL- J tn?n i ? Trains npon thu road leave Brook lyn, "outli f Kerry, for Jsruaica, where coaches a re in readi T nest lor that delightful retort, the M arine Pavil- 11 ,,lion, at th* following lionrs, viz Half punt 9 1 lock aud half j>a?tS P. M. Returning, leave Jamaica at 8 A.M., 12*) S P. M. for New York. Fare to Jamaica. is.; ihronith from Brooklyn to the Pavilion. 75 centt. ie246?*r < * ARRANOKMKN T. KARK AND h REIOHT REDUCED. irn jgm KEOIJLAR MAIL LINK,?KOR PROAZlM,<3?VII)KN( K AM) B'WTOM, v,a HTO*?l!K^jZ3E.INUT<)N AND NKWI'OKT?Composed ofthe following surerior steamers, rnnning in connectiou with the Stouington and Boston and Providence Railroads-? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Comslock. HHODE ISLAND, Capt Tharer. FROVIDENCE. N A RR AO A N SETT. MOHEUAN One of which will leave New Yqrk daily (Monday* eiaepted) from Pier No. 1, Battery Place, N. Ki"er, at 5 P. M ARRANOKVlKNTS. The RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer, on Menttoy, and Wednesday for Stontngton and Newport, aud Knday for Stoningtou The MASSACHUSETTS,Captain Co*aa:ock, on Tuesday and Tnurseay for Stoningt?n, and SatnriJtey for Stoningtou, Newport anil Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Btoru:;g;oD, will be immediately forward?d in the splendid and commndiona Car* of the Railroad to Providence anil Boston, aud if for Newportwill praceed in the sir unrrt on Monday, Wedneiday and Saturday, and on the ii.icvreuiug daya, proceed via Htoniuttou Railread to Providence, and from thence in the iteamer tolas, without any additional charge. Tickets for the route aud steamers' berths can be aeenrgij on bond, or it the office of HARNDKN It CO., No I Wall street. G~f*On and after the 10th iust, freight will not be received wdforwarded after half-past4P M m9 Sni* m NEW YORK AND KINO U PON STEAM kHEIUHT AMD PA8SAOE f,-?ME. .MKt *0\ For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson eteunnoMs EMEKALD anil iNOHi TSCSMSILwich. The EMERALD. Captain John Keteham, will leave New Vorkfoot of Murray vtreet, every Monday and rtmiadny at} o'clock. P. >1. Will leave Kingston (Hondout landing) every Wednesdsy ind Saturday at J o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samnela, will leave New York, loot ofWarren street, every Wednesday and Saturday at > o'clock, P. M. WJI leave Kingston (Rondopt landing)every Toes '? .vk) Friday at I o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD will leave the font of Mnrray street every Somly morning at 7 o'clock. Returning leaves Kingston at 4 o'clock same day. for freight or pissajte apply on board, or to Wlf.UAMSON. BARLOW h CO., a*1 lm*r 184 W*at street. ^ SIATEN INLAND FERRY, FOOT " flZJiljSs'lK WHITEHALL -?T-Th^ .teamb.mts SC*anE-8TATr. >- ISLA '1)KH and SAMSON will run as Iwllow." until farther notice ? t Leave New Yoik I. 9, 10, II, I. J. 3*.5, S. 7. e Leave Staten Island 1,9, 10. II. I, 2,4,1,6.7. n Leave New York and Ststeu Island every hour on Sunday. I P, S.? Excursion to Fort Hamilton, Sundays eteemed I o ?'?M Hamilton A M.. retnrnioc Irani Ntw York IV I I p m7 ' - i, har? to St?l?n liUml.6^ tmtt. D > to Fort Hamilton 12K ; ?0U. _ ill r li A** >fcWAK* A.NH > h.VV IUUK-V,,, MiimJT nSr l3* 1 'nf?'?'llir ?i Uuitu* (' SmJUL I A^HAH , I Jiilin U-!Tw On n-id *fl?r Monday , Junf >th, will rn? HI follows * LfHTr? thr loot of B?el*y street, New York, M 10 A.M., ' ?nd?P.M. Lrn*??the foot of Centre street, Newark, ??H A.M., mid 7 IH P. M. 11 kiemht nurrieil M Terr low rates iilMim r l >** ' T5PTVT 'T?H"NV W PI M?"-FA > IMMTT ^~r**?c3? VlDKM A IkH IVIMJ 'N TlMK - MI X?JE-Z-r* -SKNUi'.I: < I i 1 A K TlI f. C A I' fl 1 1(1 UOrt 1'OM?Kirr ft JO ?Ueck Kire II ? Thf new, rein m idio'n \i:d hi: tnl'nn ?l< i n i' 11 KTI** PK' K, < u tr n Wn H Pfrk. wi'l I'?t? t?.- rier *< ! ti'l? l>lli?ii?e V'?-U,t I Hlip, ICut Hi?er, eter? M rtw, W'dnfulM n<l Kridiy, ,t i ojcloek, P. M. y?l II'HW*1 And freight i.:., me Ml J lonlh st ipi'on sr r KMtNINO. JULY 25, 184 iMDM PKOPLK'S LINK. OF steamboats al~ " AL1IANV-IU.1t "< 7 o'clock, P. M SK~?HfcJfc.T,#i>UKii Hired ( J'UKlaVi el'eiiteil) (toin f Hi;Pier b?l ?tcu f'unruacJl md Liberty ?ti*ett Hiram boat IHNJHICMT KK, C ip< A Honvnton. will loaf* ineiitv, Thnrtri?7 ibd H^(uriin?iveunit(>? *r ' o'clock. tteMnbon! SOUTH AMKHH'A, Caouiu L W Briuuard, rill leave Momlir, WrWtdnr ?iid Kridnr eTeniuga, at 7 'clock. Mb-amboat NOilTH AMKKICA, Captain M H l'rneidell, *ti<l?c|j inirrmrdi.Uf hmlnKi, will lei?e Tueaday, J'liur?d.vr, Hid H<UUr.lny afternoona, at 5 o'clock ( ori>4aaiue or frriulu, - ;>i?lt on bo*rd, ?v Co I'. C Schnltl ?tt the omen on the wharf. ^ jy 17 6' mWTT1 irvkn U .;LO( K MUKNI.MU L,irsi?; jBf I?|'i .3* "" " TROY, aad Intermedial* .al, LmhI ?K'O'n ilit' "'teambeat iier, ?tthe loot ol Ihicin street. suit Dinner mi imajd L*a?ej Now York?The Kmi<ir<- .? Monday Vi duesday >nd Friic, Thr Tr>y yo Tueidiy, Thursday and .iMnrtlay. it 7 A M. Landinc at?<;?lil wells, Wi-stpoint. Newhu'gh, Hampton. I'ourjMtecptie, Hyde Pa'k. Rhio?heck, W. He-' Hook, Bustol, flsjjhill, Hnd??u. I'oitackie au<l K! .lerhook Tnn nfw low premgre steambo it TKt) Y, Cap! A.Gorham, this Tuesday. July 25. ?t 7 o'eln?k in the morning. The steamboat KMPIKK, Weilneiday moruitig at seven o'clock. Frtr passage, apply at the offlce. foot of Barclay street, ?t ?n bo'rd Notite.?All (Jooila, V r?m I it, Baggage. Batik Billi, Specie, or my other kind of Property, taken, snipp*<l, or put on board the Boats ol thin Liuo, mutt he at the rink of the owners of such goods fee. j?2J Jt r jMn/fl IN n~M( j N OPOL Y?FAR K 11K 01J (T K D New Independent Opposition Line tor Albn i i^JPLut direct. The uew and commodioui steainWnat NKW JK!t'3KY, Caft. R. H Kn'ey. will leavs the too'of Barclay (treet, Nrw York, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday eveu'eg, ?t 7 o'clock. For freight or jjasaiue apply on board. Freight taken less than tow boat prices. The New Jersey is famished with elegant at te rooms, and forsptedand accommodation is not surpassed by any steam boat on the Huition river j IT kark reduced kor Bridgeport ^JH^AND MJHWAlK-L ndiug at Beideu's Fare to Bridgeport. ?5 cents. Paie to Nurwalk, 12H cts. Fare to New Haven. 75 cents. ThtilcimtMut MUTUAL HAFF.TY leaves Liberty street Pi-rever, rooming. Sunday e.cppted, M 6 o'clo-k, lor Bridgeport and Norwalk, touching at Beideu's Neck, runoiug in connexion with the Houialouic Railroad. Returning, lease Bridget ort at half-put 1 P. M., or on the arrival of the cars. riew Haven bine?nn|p> luc nridgeport immediately on the arrival of the brut The distance is 18 mile*, with 6ne romlsaud a beautiful country. Fare i? New Haven 71 cent*. Offic foot tf Liberty street jvl8 1in?te URIAH GREGORY. Agent. MM SUMMKIt AKRA.NHEniENT" FUR SHItE WSBUUV?Louir Branch, Ocean JLaJbE.Home, Blnck Poiut, ituimou, and Eatontowu Landing, through the inner passage Hie new Steamboat HHKKWlbUliY, Jonn P. Corlies, will leave Eatontowu Landi> g on Suuday, the 4tn of June m l., and rim at I'oI lows, to wk: leaving New York, ("torn the foot of Robinson afreet, every Monday, Tuejdty, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock, A. M. Hemming, will leave Eatontowu Lauding on each of the abov- davs, at I o'clock, P. M. Ou Satutdav ? will leave New Yoik .it tlft o'clock, P. M , and Katon town Landing on Sunday* at 3 o'clock, P. M ,aud Ocean Honsrat4o'clock. The SHREWSBURY will stopatFort Hamil ton each way. Fare 37X cruu, and stoppiu . at tfandy Hook, going and oniingN. B.?Stages will he in attendaacr to convey passengers from tli* aforesaid landing places to any part country required lets HAMILTON HOUSE KOliT haM ILTIIN ?The steamboats 8TATICN ! tHf(lW, I^LA ND*'K and SAMSON wit' run every lay (Sundays excepted) d'Jrini the <ouows:? L-nve Fort Hamilton at 7>4 A M. and 4 * P. M. Si York, Whitehall Dock, at 3X P. M. This arrangement may he relied on as permanent, as it* continuance will uot depend on anv cintiugencr. j 15 linr "HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS V on. COOKE KKTUHNED FKOM ENGLAND. RESPECT FULL Y informs h s Irlends and patrons throughout the Unites States, Caaadg. Nonh nd South America, the British Colonics, lie , that having all the latest important i'iforui*ti"H from Europe, he is universally perform! ? cures of the worst cla>( oi V> risreal Diienie iu its most rggr?vated forms, witti unprecedented expedition and disinteh. and may Main b~ consulted as usual, pers-ually aud'coufidrntiilly, at his Dffice No 3 Norton sire, t, Albany, N Y. Dr. COOKE a tend* perrionnilv to Ins natienti. COLORED ENGRAVINGS, ilesciiftive ol Disease in seirs illustrating all it* anoit malignant forma with a complete Indie*! Treatise on Venereal ('<mplaints md their iiumedi-te *"d remote consequence*. ih clud nr. observations on certain aflVctious of the Uterus?may tie niMHi at auy lime if desired hy the unfortunate at the Hoipitai, where patieuts will fiud it both ronven'ent and advantageous to hoard au>l lodge with Dr. Cooke, who will comfortanly accommodate them while under medical treatment.unti! recovered. Whatever celebrity Dr Cook may have attained in the treatmeat <>f Dis-ase, ne believes toTjelona to no ether hy that name in this coil .try; this well known Physiciau and Surgeon, * ho has no Ageuta, and is not connected with any nniilar rsub i>h ment in the United States, can be found at the Albany Lock Hospital. No. 3 Norton street, Albany, N. Y., and no where else. The unforunate will please " attend to tkis part of their dn tv. fflkc iin? Anil fiinnlv nittir? nml irnvrrn tliciiuplvrt flrrnrd "*r5- RCMKMBKK NO. 3 NOilTON STRKKT. ALBA .NT. N Y . jr 13 Iinr A RAKE CHANCE. FOB 8ALE?A Porter House, in one of the best situations in ihe city, known as ihe Kn: Kiver Coffer Houre, III N(,nih strart, with nil the (inures attached thereto, vi*. jar and iriiameuu shuffleboard (undercover) signs, ttanspa' .-ncies, kc There in alsn attached to the haute eigh'een handsonr ?1 y farished Inditing room . the whole will be disposed ol ,t a rea iO"nble valu ition. The house i* >t present doing an excellent business, hut the ualth of its present p oprietor and utgent business at the Jouth, * the reison for his wanting a customer. Tne (Cistern Bonis nnive opnosite t e door ; the various ines ol Loud >n, Liverpool, "Nr m Orleans and other p-ckets re iu ifs immediate victutiy, and the Fulton Maraet, one block elow. To .iut one wishing to engage in the business an opportunity i offered worth looning after. Kor further particulars, inquire f A H BUKNS I I South street i?|t1m*r GREAT IMPROVWMhNT IN FRICTION MATCHES. * A NBW AHTI'-LK OU MA I'CHK 9, without briinstoce fV or any other olTcnsive q iality, and aerially waterproof, las lately beeu patented by letters psieut ol the United States u favor ol the inventor W K. Aahard, and are now manufacured and offered to ihe publ ic by he pr?ff>rietors of said patent i'. No. I6t Bleecker street, New Jfork, where all who wish to inrchase good matches are tu-i'ed to call and prove them iiul all persons whatever are hereby notified of the said patent i md warned not to violate or infringe upon the same in any tttntirr. I est. ihev in<-ur the Densities ol th? law in sneh rases Thr.e nialche* i< ite with eaae and ceraiotv iu all wrilltrii 1 mil climate*, and bnm with a brilliant tl line; and if placed in | i vertical position, will continue to tnrn long enough to seal , evcral letter* with wax The? may lay iininerseaiD water iur hoara and data, and it la believed even Tor week* and when akeu out and dried, will ignite and Dma a* before. Three liitlitie* of tne*? match** are maee ind aold aa above, namef?No. I, Kxtra and Petfnraed. The latter are agreeab'y cented and lit lor Indie*' toileta Ktportera aegar imokera. ' >on*ekeeper?, and ail who ui- muchea, will readily perceive | i iw decided th< adv .utage potaeaaed hy theaa overall other*. < )rdei*aud communication* ra be iddresaed t > G UOVVKN, No 161 Bleeckerit, ' ivJI Im"r Agent for the Tatenteea and Mannfarturer*. ( " LAMPS'! HORN'S LAMPS." I :? IJORN's PATKNT HOL.IO BOTTOM GLASS | n FOUNTAIN LAMPS.Kor chemical oil or cam | >hine?Tlien- Lamp* have now become celebrated, and eaten i in rly uaeri.and are,in fact.the admiration and wonder of allwho lee them ;tlie ntoit aplendi l in appearance, the unr economist! tiflft light ftDeqaa I'd in brilliancy ft*d dur iluliiy; and none are ao perfectly *ale.*imple and er*v to manace ana trim; >oc Until will give Mil IibIh than tix aperin candle*, at au expenae of I-?a th in hall'a > ent per honr. Allwho examine aud me them ili ftae, admire them for their lieautifnl neat appeartnie, mnplicity, ?afety and ec momy, and above all, tor the *'i[H-rioraplendor of their I'ght. And, i . fact, it would aeem they are de-lined to become the universal 'ighi, ao great ha* bec< ine their demand Shonld there be any who yet prefer the light, let them look at they pn** Mea*r*. Hand* Si Co'? Drug Store, corner of brOadway and Chamber't , and hand red* of other ilacea where thev have the true lie ht. Kor further particular* all at No. I3t> Koliou at., (new building) t?e only place in VfW Fork, where they are l?r*Ve wholi aale and retail bv J. O Kay (ft 1 to. Beat clirm cil oil 62 * cent*.and campiiine JO cent* >er gallon. A liberal deduction bv the barre l to *ell agan ? ilao on lamp* to agent* or other*, to *rli again. je ZVIm * ec. TO MANUFACTURERS AND DKALKK9 IN^ A WOOLLK,i?S ?H?nry Mifenn, Kiniaher of Clof In, l a*nmrrei, Satmetu, fcc corner of Laivht and Washington at., V. Y , reipectlnlly luforni* the manufacturer' and dealer* in ivoollena, thai hi* eilabiiahnicu' i* now in nuceeuful opera ion, and that he i* prepared to exrente with pronptnen all irder* iu hi* line hat may Oe confided lo him Specimen* of ii* workinanaliip may be *een on application to th* geuilenen vhoa- name* are annex-d. and to whom he hfta liberty to refer. <i-alio reier* to the following renaiki upon hi* workmauhip at the Kairatihe Americin I utitute. . THft. OOLLf MKDAL laa been awirded to H. Vli^eon, (or the mo*t beauti(ut!r fin hed Cloth*. C'Mimere* and Sitiuett* di*p<nved at the late ixhibition; the liiititole luve thas borne their teatimony to | he perfection of the art, by which Mr Migaon ha* . lamented ine of the moat imp irtanl source* of ihe m niil riqnng wealth if the United Stite*, by adding, at * very trifling co?t, from 1 en to ti'teen per e.ent to the value o( the c'oilia lubmitted to | ii* ptoce**of fini?hing and preparation The brilliant fiuiali i indailky Mno thneta of the clotn* thn* prrnarrd, mu?r aatiily very one who will examine thim, ol the great inperiomy ol !i> proci'M i"ir?n(il hy Mr Mig.-.m \1 iiiafact?r< r* and im | orter* will do well toarijtiaint ihcmselrea hy per*ouat ex.imi- i lation v. tth the raent of Ii * invention. trrdera rn.<y be lallat Noa 61 and 61 l ine it. < KKKKUKNCKS | naxtei. tid'i'in i/o . ji Hamuli. Lambert II Wolcott,M Pine it. W i: Uuiiley k Co,, <4 Pimii, Wilion, Bnller h Jo., 27 William it. L>. lire*60 Ciue it. 'yn tm*r 1JA8H TAIMMMN : ' 9 At<MSHMENT. J PH'ULICB, Merchant Tx.lor, 0?t? of T Aitor llome, ' Hr??adw*ir,) irnpr?m d with the neceintT.of iKFr.inti the n*fnry of ti e time? by the reilnetiou "t hu price*, and finding i impomble to do lo while luhjrrt to th? etiormoai outlayi I >ro?ilw?T loe?ti?u ne'cuanly incnri, hat determined on the ( nly wi to effect thii?without di?ptr.r.jemeiit t* UM uility ( t hit garmenti! he ka*. therefore, .?u?fe4 hit eitabluhment r? ISO .NASSAU 8'1KRKT, corner of BeekmaD, wheie e itlemeM ran now bo mpidied at a deduction or ten ier cew ' row hi i former low pticei. ? The folli WiiiK ii lobrnittetl merely a specimen of tb? ? >r*KOinn ?nertion , Inper- r Coau, ina'le iu ihe beit ityle, ;rom |ig to Sit r ,?tii J?, of thefin?*l umlitT, )? to 12 lhallie Vti'i, J TJ ' X. I* heg? leave,in eonela?ion, to obierve, the above artielei Hf h relied on, in nil reipecu, to be of the moit uenmnr lower than anro'lier home fnmiahinit (h* iam< >i il i v of awielea il Imr TO THK PITHLIO. M(l|?TOIVi*-Vr. KKANCIh H HUMP, Watch t pl\M' 211 i.erbegs to inform hit frirndi a ml tSe Public, th.r iiiciepe'iden' of the watch bun ??. hr n , r |n ill t > rni'e ?dim<?l in-a?h, an rfolJ aod iit?er watehei, ' i month. *il?rr i'l letti, spo.ina, fork*, And rverv del riptiot, ?i I I...Id or ulrer id an; lhape. intended lor immediate lale n am t> VIT aKOUDt poid for old gold and lilver, W a to he* "t q ?-ri ileieriwtion rrpured in I wairanted 24i (iraml itraet l?M lm*t f r E R A 3. liltortry Notices. Thirty Yicakh kk^m Home.?Tappen ?fe Dennett, ol Wash inn ion eireet, liotUon, have published n snmll volume vailed 44 Thirty Yrars from Home." i* i.. . ? i 1. . .i i:r- j li m a ?' i j * iii? il?i1111iiuuuk on imiiucm uir, acu givts th** beat acccount we liave yet seen ol the sea li<lit between the Frigates United States and Macedonian, written by one who witnessed that terri >le battle. It is a volume that every sailor should have in his library. I> not only gives description of battles, but goes into all the particular* of li sailor's life, and the management of affairs on board vessels of war. Indeed the book should be in every library. Strauss?Thk Like of Christ?;<>r a critical examination ofhu history, by I Jr. David Fred Straut-s. Translated from the German, and reprinted from an English edition. By G Vale, 94 Koos'veil st. Hours of Improve*?Or i6te-a-t?te conversation* on Language and Belle Lettres. liy Joseph W. Wright, C. E , who is very favorably known to the public as the author of " Piactical English Grammar." Lectures on the English Languaoe, Style and Composition, dec.?This is a very neat woik It is Part First Chronicles of England, France and Spain, and the adjoining countries Number 4. Price 2ft cents By Winchester, 30 Ann street. Blackwood's Magazine, for July? #2 per annum. J. Winchester. Single copies I8J cents. Miss Leslie's Magazine, for July.?For sale by Hurgess <te Stringer, 222 Broadway, American Museum Buildings. The Ladies' National Magazine?being the Artist and Ladies' World combined. Number for August. For sale by Burgess Jc Stringer. Graham's Magazine, for August?a beautiful numbt r. For sale by Burgess ?te Stringer, 222 liroadway. Catholic Family Bible, Part 3. Price 25 cents By D tfe J. Sadler, 18 Carmine st. Farmer's Encyclopedia?No. II, with a plate Price 25 cents, l-or^ale by Burgess Ac Stringer, corner Ann and Broadway. New York Legal Observer?By S. Owen. Vol. 2, No. 11. 42 Ann st. The Rover?Fdited bv Seba Smith and L. La oree. vni i, nos. 11 oo 10. id< nnsisiiu si. New Music.?No. 4 of the "Bird of Italy." Purchusf rs will please call and get their numbers. Woolsiok Waltz?by Miss Marion S. McGregor. Published by Hewitt<fcCo , 239 Broadway. 1 r I had but a Thousand a Ykar, or Robin Rukp?as sung by Mr. Ruasell. Published by Hewitt Ac Co and by Firth & Hall. Granii Aitstrrlitt March, arranged as a duett? By Gen. W Hewitt. By Hewitt & Co. and by Firth & Hall. The Alpine Horn?by John H. Hewitt. Published by JaiuesLi. Hewitt fc Co., 239 Broadway. Lord Byron's Works.?No. 6 and 6 of thin elegant republication of Myron's work has just been issued, and may be had ot Burgess Ac Stringer. Brandk's Encyclopedia.?No. 10 is out Thisia truly an invaluable work. Two additional numbers complete it. The Harpers are the publisher*. An Amkrican Steamboat Captain is thu eecribed by a correspondent of the National I nltUigciuer. and as the portraiture will, we are proud to say, do for aJmott the whole class, we are tempted to give it a place here?nt all events it may serve as an excellent model for imitations? " 1 was on board the 'Swallow,* the stillest skimmer of th<* w,iters in which 1 have yet traveled, and 1 made one or two mundane and gregarious observations on the voyage, and the principal one was the watchful and delicate attention of the cai>tain ot the boat to the comfort of the ladies and children 'in ooant; and, apropos of ihat, the supe nonty of this class in our country over those of every other I could wish the foreign travellers among us might take our steamboat captains on the t-udson as specimens of our habits and mannrrs, and, for the three whom 1 have the pleasure to know, (the captains ot the Troy, Swallow, and hmpirc,) I am quite sure that no gentleman couici desire, lor wife or daHghter, more courteous and well-bred care than they habitually bestow on the passengers who embark with them As an instance, (which I noticed and think worth recording,) Capt McLean chanced to discover, at the moment a ladv was going ashore with a child and nurse at 9 o'clock at night, that her destination was on the other side of the river near a landing w here the boats do not regularly touch As it looked like rain, and she was to cr?ss in a row-boat, he stop|ied hf*r baggage on the plank, begged her to be seated lor a few mi nutes, and ran the 'Swallow' across, landing her almost at her own door, very much to her delight and relief. It should be set down in his honor; and long may devotion to women be, as it certainly is now, a national and peculiar feature of Americans !" British Association of Scirnck ?We are glad to learn that it is not unlikely that Prince Albert will accept the invitation of the Local Council to attend the meeting in August next Profeasur Sedgewick and several others have accepted the in vitaiions cent to them. The American minister, who will visit us on that occasion, is one of the most accomplished men of the present day. The Lord Lieutenant has sent in a subscription cf ?25, tnditwillbe further seen bv the following letters lhat no exertions are wanting to draw a large meeting "London, June 13th, 1843. "Sir.?I have the honor to acknowledge the re;eipt of your favor of the 30th ult., conveying to ne the obliging invitation ol the Local Council :o attend the meeting ol the British Association or the promotion of Science, to beheld in the city )f Cork in the month of August next. If rny public luties will allow rue to leave London at that time [ shall be most happy to take advantage of the kind iroposal of the Local Council. With rny best hanks for the courteous manner in which you have >een pleased to make known to me the wish of the Local Council, 1 remain, ?Scc " Edward Evkritt." 41 Mr Wm. Keleher, Local Secretary." " Great Wkstrrn Steam ship Okfjck, ) Bristol, June 6, 1843 $ "Sir.?The Great BriiHin cannot be ready to quit this before October. If it were otherwise, I should have much pleasure in urging the directors to grant your request by sending tier to Cork on the occasion of the visit ol the scientific gentleman of the Association But it you will have the kindness t? inform the members generally that such of them as may return via Bristol, who will take the trouble to obtain a ticket from yourself or the general secretary, shall have every accommodation oflorded them wf viewing th<- ship by calling at this office. Trusting that you will have as numerous an assemblage as composed the Bristol visit, I remain, <fcc. " Christopher Claxton, R N., Manng Dir. " William Keleher, E-q ?Cork Rejiortrr " A Royal Rkqijk.t.?The papers relative to the expedition to the River Niger were recently pre sented to parliament Amongst other documents wil be found a Hespa ch from Captain Tucker, dated Fernando Fo. May 31, IS-M), to the Admiralty, giving an account of his mis?x>n to King Denny, of the Gaboon river. " His JVlajesty" seems to have been infinitely delighted with the resect Paid to nun by the repeated salutes with which Captain Tucker honored him, but sadly disappointed with the presents?a gold medal and chain?sent to him t>y the Queen of England. " His Majesty" gave xpression to this disappointment by dictating the (cllowing letter to the yueen:? " To Qitbrn of KN?r^i*D. " Sinter King Denny, of Sandy Point, Ri*er Oaboon, irnmt erobracw you lor the thing* you ?end mo by Captain Tucker, your war (hip Wolverene, whoiUihnllhrm me hi*day with grand ceremony, which much plnaaml mi> ting Denny wan too much gla I to mvp (jnwri'i men beoag Lynx, which co?t l'i<> dollar*, which I too much (IkT to give Queen King D^nny wi*h very much to be brother to Queen, and will be very glad uippone ()ucen no l?'t Spani?b *hii> come lar (lave* j and *uppo*? ijuren lend plenty Kngli*h ?hip? to me for trade for vory, gum, l>ee*'* wan, dye wood, and ebony. And ting Denny winh my *i?ter *end me a great-coat, with ioc*aipot?* or apaulette*, waistcoat, and trowier*, plenty [old in them ; rocked hat with gold and feather ; tword ind belt, plenty gold : and two ?a?y chain : and King )enn> wishe* Queen health and good bye. King Denny rery glad be hear Queen got htiaband. " King Denny Town, i hid 3d day of Moon : V " King '/i Denny, < # , May 1?, 1M0." > murk TiieCas* or thk Pilot or the Pionkkr ? Lloyd, he pilot, wan brought before the Judges of the Oyer nil Terminer on >attir<l?y morning, upon a writ ol ultra* mrjnu Their honors decided that the ofenee with which theprimmer 1* charged, wasa bailihle one, and fixed the amount of hail at Jfti.OllO? ( file security was not*niered, and the pnnoner waa emandeW.?Phtia. Sp. Timn t LD. MM Two Ouitt, NulMnrti Agnln Mk Editoh,? We art hin v '<> *? ? that th? intolrrable numanccei of slaughter housrH begin* in thew hotdavHt" attract the attention ot our uiAm. ing citizens. F reside in th>- Ninth Ward, mid near Fourth street and Sixth Avenue, and in a section of the most closely built and compact dwelling houses in the city. Il yoa take a small circuit, described by Hleecker street, Sixth Avenue and Fourth street, or Harrow, ami as small a s|>aoe as it is, we will venture to affirm there are not less than two to three hundred futilities; and yet, within this narrow compass there are several of these abominable slaughter house nuisances. Fourth street from Sixth Av?-uue to Harrow street, is kept in the most awtul state of tilth and dirt, by reason of a large slaughter house on its south side. Their oflul and ether carts fill both sides of the street for nearly a whole block. The butchets and their rowdy boys work all day on Sunday and all Sunday night, disturbing the whole neighborhood, anil preventing sleep, by reason of their loud oaths and horrid yells, combined with the bleating and lowing of cattle, the barking uud howling ol dogs, with popping of whips and rattling <?l carts The noise ol the half savage butcher's boys seeniB to be greatly improved by the auxilisry aid o{ a grog shoo or two close at hand, where they drink and revel when not at work, during the entire night. This scene of noise, disturbance, >tec. is kept up every night in the week; but is much worse on a Sabbath afternoon and night than aiiy other. Aw hole tier of well built brick and genteel housen, inhabited bv respectable families, is annoyed to the severest degree of misery, by the condition of this street and slaughter house' They, too, have to close their windows to keep out swarms of flies; but to little purpose; for they find entrance, and stain the panes of glass and all the furniture with their filth The people of this neighborhood have refrained <roi?i complaining for fear of offending the sovereign rowcles in the neighborhood, who, io revenge for complaints, might inflict some grrater evil, without ihe fear of the Corporation or tne law before their eyes. Hut seeing your correspondent's ii< if i ?il cimilur ?wi lu in tlnia nurf f h#? fiiwn Pniifii'u us to feel a little courage, and to hope something may be done tor our relief. Landlords are as much or more interested in these nuisances than tenants ; because, it they cannot be abated, they will soon find them entirely unoccupied by respectable people,whereby their rents may be materially reduced. It is the duty ot landlords, to sue at once tor injunctions against these internal nuisances, unknown to any other decent city in the world, in the midst ol their thickest population ? And why are cartmen permitted to drop their idle carts betore other people's doors, thua obstructing their way, und rendering the street more dirty ana filthy thin it would otherwise bet This should also be prohibited. A ClTIZKN of thk 9m Ward and a SlTFrK**R. From Bermuda.? By the Falcon, Capt. Pitt, we hnv< received tull files to the Uth in?t.. and the only items of interest we can find are the following! ?The Legislature hnve exempted coals for the use ot (lie Royal Mail f^tearn Packet Company from the ad valorem duty imposed by the 6th section of of the supply bill. Her Majesty's ship Tenedos, Lieut. Fayrer commanding, arrived at the naval yard on the9thinst. The Tenedos brought out 330 convict* to be employed on the public worka, und about 60 mason* and bricklayers, with their families. Among the passengers were the tamily of her commander, and the daughter ot the Governor of the islands. The rates ot pilotage tiave |ust been revised, and ar?- now?for every vessel drawing not more than eight feet water, 40s. For every vessel drawing more than eight leet. and less than thirteen feet, tne further sum ol 5s. tor each and every toot rrore than fight. For t-vt-rv v??sh>-1 drawing tourt?**n leet water or upward*, os. tor each nnd every foot. nEflmfluia? GrBJVEJu AL PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. COKNKK OK KULTON AND NASSAU BT8 II su(iptie<i Willi every mnerul necessary Tor the prompt, mki and economical execution of every description ol TA33OT 333 maOT&B&n Public alteuuou i? requested to this establishment, in tin) ajmrance that ample satislac.ion will he *ive??as regards typography, prcsa work, anil charge*?to those who r* quire lancy or oinmoti, large or small work cheaply anil expeditiously -xecuied. LABKL8, CHK?K8. WAYBILLS, CIRCULARS, SHOW BILLS. BALI. TH MKTS, STEAM BOAT BILLS, BILLS t?f> LADING, lAILROAl) HILLS, BUSING St. CAKU*. STAG IT, BILLS, CATAl OGUES, PAMPHLETS, DLL MKAOs. HA.N DBIL'S, NOTK.V ro* THEATRKS, CIRCUSES, CONCEKTS, MUSEUMS LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS. Or any other places where the largest description of urlntinf is -ejuired The facilities for till* work are not equalled by anv ffice in thin city, for, braidei the large assortment of AiXllE) Tfvr^g This ealabliahtnent has the LAROKNT PH/iNNKS IN THK CITY. 'Ireatpaiui have been taken to provide every material thai an | o.sibly be of service, and therefore persous having occaul ui to i Showbills, will find it greatly to heir advaatag* to natrouize this est ihlishment. if?" Anv sixe or forrr nt Rill ean be formatted at very short lofiee 3f I f h i' r. oh Tin- c h.Ktiy.N TS hVkan?;e coM pa " NY?Office K Wall street. Thi? Company comma* heir bnssiiest of insurance against Ion nr dauiaga by lire. goods, wares and merchandize and also, on vessels aro f'eir ?s<Kue? agnu:at loss by inlaDd navigatioa 0!RK<Trf|t8 rhomia W Thome Elift-* Ki?i Tliom.uT Woodrc* iScnjamin R RoMO> lohn H llariMP Francis? Rage Thomson Price Joseph Allen 'nun W Lee John P Moore Moses Tucker James K Holme' . ,a!eb C Ton:a Jinn R Whiluii Anson Bauer -Vn K Thorn laeph Drake Irad Hawley Merrilt Thomas Worrell VI OMA" W, THORN*. Pr.s.d.M. **?{"?. T K IT m!?? l?k DAGUERREOTYPE. JOHN KOAOH, OPTICIAN, 72 NAMWAU 8T..NCXT TO J< HVBT rIK subscriber de yoted hi* attention 10 grinding and srraag* mg Lenses, previous to U.inui rroi discoveries, since th^n the great demand for Cameras given him constant employ .lient, and with such practice he feels warranted in aaying that matruaienui cnnatru. led by him, ha?e all the iniprovementa "M it 'liable uperatora to obtain aucceaa. Phutoy raphe generally must be he'd in a certain position to appear distinct, those ta ?eu with mv appaiatnt are free from this defect. Thorough in itrjctious giveu il required Orders accompanied wuh cash, nro nptly attended to*r OMOTON w aTKR?Da V'H rim PUKvllUM Iff. vy F)IA RUBBKH HORB is confidently recommended for \ny purposes for which (either is ased. and is warranted to poe eaa the following properties r? lit. It is perfectly tight nnder pressure of the Croton. 2d It is made of the s'rongeit fabrics, and will not mildew to njnre m the least, and requires no attention. Ird It i? not destroyed by coming in contact with oil 01 {rease, nor stiffened hy cold weather, aor can the rabber decompose, as mferi. r articles ate in no case nsed. Hhonld he least complaint be made of the Hose, not possee?ing the aboye properties, i< will be te.ken back, at any time idtide of sii mouths Irom ile purchase, and otner given in eichange withoat charge 4th. Coupling and ]et pipes will be attached without charge. Buyers will note that wr are clearly satisfied that this hoeefuie process ol making which is unknown to any other io the trade) sjust the article long wanted for leading waterand many other linnirf. H OH A < K H DAY. ilT lw*? >iiww?" to Hoehnrr I R fi. M UNITED 8TATB& TKA EMPORrtTM. 1*1. latt 12P Chatham *trni, iV<w Y~** i And 116 Kolton Htreet, Brooklyn. ASM ;T III Blbbcio ITHIIT VH< lT^ALK. AND HKTAjIL. "i ?HK t ANTON TKA CO MP ANT oootinie to ..ffrr for ' >tlei?w tad ragrant Teat of teery ?artetv and ttylo. ru?ir attor'men' tpecially iiiclnde* the i?ott delictual an? H, w?rfbl grai'et Greeu and Black *'*?7 package beam th? ituni'irtf n?t'ne??and "left*nee. and In# Tea* (herein are * rhnrongiily re<io ed from fight (ind air that th'ir quality nod i,)?f r will if m iti nmmpaired >n any climate. Their miiiri >1 protecntiug nn*me*t itperhat* scarcely to be excelled, it a fnnnded noon the otinoet regard to the right* of he rattom r e*i>eci*llv with re*r*et to weight and malirr.anl en., ailed cheapno** A11 parchajer* are railed apon to return any .rticlei which fail to *t?e iliem the fnllett aatiafactioa, which he money will be cheerfully and promptly refunded. C.oaa -ry merchant*, public e*t*bli*hme?ta, head* of farailiea and <nipma*ter*will find it a decided "lfuui> t? tun*!* tVigt<?! ** from thia eatabliahraen*. fjuwriw* Ja?? Corr** roaated every day. Order* from all part* of the Ha.te" "l?i?? tie*?t*d with onii'tita J* aod de*peteh ,<0|y wM,honl<, ; .! ^ Mtrir.* i^r !*h? net I Bot WI..1 T.. ,mWA't'rirH the largeat akd moat ipiendid MotmruiiW Watchea in the city, ia to he fonnd at the *nhicriber'*.? At he i* couttmtly receiving all deacriptiont ot G<>ld and *il?er Watclie*. of the n-wett *tvlea. direct from the mannlactnrerc, in Kawland. France, and Switierlaad, he it enenabled to offer a larger i**<irtment, and at mock let* price#, at letail, than any otnet hout* in the city. Oold watchea aa low < to each Watche* and lewell ery etcbanged oi ought All watcne* warranted to keep good nine, or the money returned . . . . Watehet, clockt and lewellerr repaired in the b??t manner. and warranted lower than *t toy other^place ii the eity. O. C. ALL*". N imi>ori?? m \ll Im'r Whol'- " w*' "? ?*?"? '"'CHLORIPE OF LIME." orwrv i ahkh or BOYD"" M * H K.?FOR ?ALIC BY 200 PKK?*?. k BROOK*. NO ft t**W?TV <TWif?y S^CT"0- Y-If: tawsvivriv M H Snath wrwt RaOH? I51 B?lr? Mi'tnnf K*ir? 50 do Tri?*te H t. -S P K d? 2WI do Whir* domrtne? O' ??l? _ f?i*#r rr.r**r. ? b ? ??* n? ?i l.h?rfr* nt()K >?M?m hiCo a uf ???? aiwrior <jo?lit?. ? ?" '*bJ I* H'i, in <W ord?T tnd for hIi by roL. ,N8 k CO. ItN.. *

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