Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 26, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 26, 1843 Page 3
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09-important to the unfortunate.a curt* guaranteed ?The College ol Medicine and Phar niuey,oMhe city of New York, entahliihwl lor the sup. pression of quackery, is now pr? pared to treat all disease* of a private nature, and otter to all those afflicted with these distressing maladies, advantages not lo he met with at any other institution in this ceunti y, either public or private. From the constant correspondence, an<l from private arrangements between the Medical Institution ot Europe, all the improvements in the treatment of these diseases are forwarded to them long before they reach the majority of the medical profession of this country. With suoh advantages,together with the combined skill of the hrst medical men of this country, the College feel intisfied that the good work they have undertaken, "the suppression ol quackery," will receive the patronage it deserves from that portion of the public requiring thtiir services. Terms, for advise, and all medicines, $6. N. B. Patients living at a distance, by stating tbelr disi ase explicitly, in writing, giving all symptoms, together with the treatment thay received elsewhere, if any, can obtain a chest containing all medicines, with full direc. tions for use, with a guarantee of cure, by addressing the Agent of the College, post paid, enclosing fft. By order, W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and Consulting Roems of the College, 97 Nassau street. __ (K.J- INFALLIBLE?The certain Bedbug Exterminator, warranted in all oases to exterminate the vermin and prevent a return Alio, Poisons for the ceitaio destruction or Ant?, Moths, flats, Cockroaches, See. The celebrated Kly Paper which destroys the flies itr.mediately upon alighting on it. For sale by DU. LEWI9 FEUCHTWANOER, 3 Wall at. MUNEI N-.RKUT, Tneiday, July !45?0 P. M, The market is astoninhingly dull, even for this period # of the year. Probably there was never a less aggrigate amount of outstanding obligations in the community than at this moment, and there is but little spirit to enter into new enterprisns. The sales at the Board were small, and prioes generally better. OhioO's rose }; Illinois J; Can ton 1; Harlem Long Island fell}. At the New Beard there were few sales, but rates evinced the same degrac of flrmnesx and disposition to rise as at the Old Board. About the middle of April Ohio 0 per cent stocks were at 6S?by a forced movement they were run up to 90 in the middle of May. The steam power was then < xhausted, and the stock has stuck at that ever since, although New York 6's are ut 100, and are worth 118 according to the government stoek. Several facetious letter* were written from a broker's cellar in Wall street to hnd or Ran* in Ohio, offering to guarantee that the stock would go to par. Why is it that it ia now the lowest or the dividend paying stocks in this market 7 Is it owing to the hifth confidence in the integrity of Ohio ? It is invariably the case that when lawyera undertake to promote morality by attempting to legislate men into honesty, that they only fix a tcsp for honeBt men, and make them the victims of designing scoundrels, according to law. Who is benefited by the usury laws? None but the unblushing rascal, who, when money is valuable obtains what he wants of the confiding capitalist at the market rate, which being above the legal rate, gives him the right to cheat his creditor out oi his due. The capitalist, aware of this risk, charges on additional sum in all cases, t? guard against it, and the honest man really in difficulty is obliged to "pay the piper." Thelawiin relation to stockjobbing are precisely similar ia their xffecti. The law enacted by the wise lawyers provides that time contracts in stocks are illegal and void, and that alimonies paid on such contracts maybe recovered at law. The effect of this law is as follows A periun wishes to gamble safely goes into Wall street and tells a broker th?t he has got 20 to $10,000 of a certain 3' ock and wishes him to sell it on time. The broker dt mandsadepo*ite of say $600 to secure him; and makes the sale. In the mean time the price of the stock rises. It then appears that the person had no stock, but depended upen a fall to buy it in. However, in consequence of the rise a loss of say $10*0 is inonrred. This throws a lots of $600 upon the broker, and when he demands the amount, the percon turns rouna wun me cooled and moat ineffable villainy and sues the broker under the law for the original deposite. None but a scoundrel, long trained in a course of thieving, could indeed have had the hardihood to carry out such a scheme of plunder; but it is precisely suoh outcasts that benefit by the folly of the lawyers. The following is a comparative return of the Banks of Ohio Banks er Ohio, 1843 Jlpril 30. June 30. ATotei 4" Notet <? wimfj </ Rmki Hills Dit Hp'cit. Mill Di<. Specie (. unt >u Bank of CoInn:but, $533 920 $717,821 $587,0?5 $170,957 Rank of Norwalk, 142,477 30 939 143,146 29 944 B?i)k ?il Wooner, 376,812 88,7119 473.300 93,347 Bank ol Genu**, 134,560 10,791 132 985 11,024 l.ommotcial B<iik of Cincinnati, 1,040,456 4 0,855 937,147 56,15? Buik of Saiidutkv, !8I,9?3 49,530 173,9 8 57,377 Bank of ' ircltVllle, 347,674 46.383 331220 63,697 i.,iikof Maisillon, 231,676 50.601 286,904 97 845 B>?k cf Xenia, 139,209 44,859 166 23: 55,161 Lafayette Balk of CiDcnuati, 806,175 58.960 821,785 53 032 $3,933 906 $639,456 $4,053 952 $688 543 _ L Oir. Dep. Cir. Dep. Cllli'oo Bai'k of Columbal, 369 040 71 r.07 49 780 102 654 Binkcf Nor walk, 20.765 . 0 870 19,736 3 2 ,090 bank of Wowter, 314,765 10,252 457,659 40 095 Bavik of Gaau.a, 14 551 12,930 14,153 11,321 Coniineicial B ink of CiaciiiQUi, 51 648 255.857 52,377 183,525 Bank of fandmky, 182.032 19,921 198,994 11,972 Bault of Circleville, 170.119 46.9l"> 2i8,9?6 39,081 I'ank of Mauil on, 18'.982 23,080 359 149 25,845 B.nk ol Xenia, 93.716 67,923 134,631 56.091 Lafayette Bank ol Cincinnati, 56,<81 45,793 46,905 53,011 $1 489,839 $576,081 $1,993,470 $555,601 These aggregates present the foliowing result! Jtvnl 10. Junt 30 Inc Dre. Loans, 3 933.9H6 4.(13.91! 1:0,Ub ? Specie, 639 416 688 143 49.087 ? circulation, 1.489.899 1,99 ',470 103,171 ? Depoilis, 176,081 111,601 ? 21,680 These results are different from those in other icctioni. The Banka ara rapidly pushing out their paper instead ol allowing *p?cie to circulate. 'l'he reiult of the Bank of Kentucky statement appear* to be aa follow*. Their reiource* are $9,069 441. Pcductautol their liabilities, $19,994 to cover loaac* 385,296 Stock fund 33,881 profit* 100,000 contingent Fund, $678,170 And then on the 8chuylkill Bank Stock,which they oan buy in thia market on an average of 90 per cent or lew, make* about 310,977 $796,147 Thia will give thorn a surplus on their stock, say, Kentucky Stock owned by the Btatr, $700,000 Individual* and Companion, 2,99-1,000 Overissues by Schuylkill Bank, 1,084,000 $4,782,000 Thia clearly leave* a profit of about 10 per cent over and above all liabilities it the Bank should wind up today. One of the penny paper* recently made a statement in relation to the Long Island Railroad, about a sale of tome of its property, and a motion to investigate the transaction of tlie meeting. The only foundation fur the statement whi h at best was of no consequence, appear* to be that a special meeting was called in order to ascertain the locality of the $46,000, being (he late instalment called in. A late mysterious movement in the stock seemed to emanate from a "motive power" that wanted "regulating." The result of tha meeting wa* a protest againit the "one man power," and a resolution to place the money partly in a Long Iiland bank and partly in a Wall street hank, to he drawn out by check* oi thw presiding officer in favor ef two of the director*, countersigned b) the Secretary. The practical working of the system of high taxes in the United States ii made very apparent in the arrival oi a Swedish ve**al, the Albion, from Canton, with tea*,Sic. The brig we* chartered by Americau merchant* for the voyage, becauae she could perform the voyage cheaper than American built va**el*. Tho present tariff" impose* a tax of $6 per ton on all American built vetaela, which i* a bounty in favor of the foreign carrier. The duty upon hemp, upon cerdage, upon canva**, upon iron, upon woollen*, and all other article* uied l>y ship builder*, rigger*, cordage maker* and teamen, form a bounty in favor ef thoae foreign ve*ael*, moatly of the north of F,urope, that atekxpoaed to no auch taxation at home. All the legialation of thia country for the latt JO yeara, haa been to navigate the ocean with empty *hip* too costly to charter, and forbidden to bring home foreign producta? Under such a itate of thing*, foreign veaselt must inevitably be our carriers. What i* the object of protection 1 It is avowed to be to "build up home manufactures " That ii, to induce people to go into that branch of induatry. It is alledged by ita advocates, that so many people will be induced to go into that business, that competition will ultimately enable them to undersell foreigners. Now it people are tempted to go into manufacturing, it will be only became that business will bo more profitable than present employment*. This effect will he produced first by making present employment* unprofitable. Thi* is the case in point. Shipping is unprofitable because it is I eavily taxed by the tariff, and disabled from bringing home foreign goods. Foreign vessel* can now carry for li s* than American. The capital of ahip owners la de. preciating, their vraaels goingto decay, the stamen turn lout ol employ, and were lately parading the atieetafor improved wage* The next atep la for the ahip ownera t-i pnt their capital into cotton milla, aell theii ships at a brie and winding bobbinet. Jack muat exchange the "marliDg?|iike" for the "shuttle"?the "spun-yarn reel" (or the "spindle," and by the time he aan make a good maiketable muslin, the people at large w ill discover the benefit of protection, and the "outside barbarians" will be allowed to land perhapa on "Florida reef" as a great faror? while the lawyer* debate as to what shall be done with tham neit. Mule* at the StfM'k tCxrhMiigv., *000 NY ?Ut?7's 1149 109 J Bulk of Com icrip 97 W 1000 do S'sI8S8 99j? 60 d> d> 971? S00 do 6'? I860 lug 25 Cant u Co tSD l '|(2 2000 Ohio 6's 185# 89X 60 do <!o blOJ 2?W 4001 Ixd. Jter. Bubdi 33 2J do ?> 2?k 5010 Illinois Special 33JK 100 do do >!? 1ZS ? d0 L . ,30(J :,3>? 7S Harlem K K 3:?? MOO K'ulucky 6 . 97 375 d? d.? 3< 4 2??0 do do b30d 97 Jo o do l-60d 14 *a d> , <!o ?10'S 97 250 do (Ia 3)V 4000 Ohio 61 1860 9) 50 do do nw 31 olio rfn I1 150 Bank 3 innn 1 i? rf0d 9U, 58 y- >r"n K K 8b SlinSi,S* Ss"3S"" ?*" S* sus'ssufj'jasf ,s" ,8* Seoonil Board.. 10 thai Canton Co. 2\\ so that Cong 1<. K K 51% innn m**!, *orl4 I'ubllc Stout* Uichange. 000 Ohio fit 1860 90 ISO Hurlej l(l( 34 S V' i 2,Auf. 9?? 50 do do blOil 34U nn ' l J . 1-4 do "'q bl5.1 34j? k ! l"", b,)o 9">? m do do h i) 34^ J4HK) Kcniuckv 6 a q?i2 imi <?.? #1^ i.? ?. ta 10(10 do do 97 no do do I* 34 1000 III. Canal 6') 1I?0 34 21 do do a20d JI V? 11(10 III. 6'? 1870 liiw 33K 21 do <lo 6000 do do b30il til 221 Look Island KK ' 1000 do do 38j? 100 oo do blOJ :r>H SHOO do do i30d 31S 30# do do 12K 6000 do dj 33ft 121 do do b3U VzX 1000 do do alw 33* 10 do d> a lid 5 iK 4COO Udiaui, 25 yra b30J 32 171 do do I!' ?! 12j% 1000 do do 31^ 210 do do I I ((' ii% 111 alias kaim Trust Co 2i !08 do do -i "lid ')23a 21 Cnutou Co b30d 24)4 '0 Stoningtou ft K 31 "n 31 do do b30 J 21>4 State of ' rade. Miami Canai. - Wkfklt Tolls roa Juki and July. 1842. 1843. June $264 84 $660 69 " 10 476 84 697 06 " 17 417 #0 607 71 " 34 381 06 620 81 July 1 316 *24 396 33 " 8 286 94 291 16 3131 31 'i860 68 2131 31 Increase in lix weeks $729 27 Auction Salt of Woollem?The following invoice ot Blankets whh sold yesterday, on a credit ot nix month*. They were of the celebrated manufacture of Z Oraniei, ot Marseilles, and were the real Mackinaw. This co:u prises the entire lot held in New Yark Kour bales, 60 pain blue, 8 lbs 3 points, $3,76 a 3, C; 2 do tiue, 60 pairs 6 lbi 2| points, $2,60; 70 bales uf6 > pairs, 8 lbs negro white, 8,'26 u 3,46, 60 bales do, 80 p li rs, 6 lbs, 2,37$ a 2,60;20 bales of 80 pairs, 6 lbs 3,70 a 2,3 10 bales 01 60 pairs colored horse blankets, 1,86 a 1,-7; 66 bales white Mackinaw, 30 pairs,8 lbs, 3 points, 4,76; 20 do of 40 pairs, 6 lbs, 3| points, 8,26 a 3,46; 3 do do ol 60 pairs, 4 lbs, 2 points, 3,30. 3 do do 100 p >irs, 3 lbs, 1 point; 1,66; 16 do do 60 pair8,3 lbs, 1 point, 1,66; lObaies scarlet, 30 pairs, 8 lbs. 3 points, 6,60 a 6,62J; 6 bales 1 jue, 30 pairs, 8 lba, 3 points, 4,99. Blankets damaged, and 'old under Wardens'Inspection?204 9 4 dultil, 1 61: i >4do twilled fancy stripe, 1.67J; 6 bales of60 pairs Whi .ey, 10 f to 16 11-4, $3 per pair; 4 bales, each SOOf^ncv striped London duttil, 64 by 74 inch; 02 u each; 1 1>h it-of 160 fancy duttil, 80 by 90 "inch, 02$; !? bnlp- contain' i g 474 twilled Huddle blankets, 38 by 80,40 cents; 3 hale* ol 200 each, black striped twilled, 54 by 74, 66cj 3 b?lo< ol 200 each, 64 by 74, superior, 63}c:2 bales ot 340ea.'u, brown plaid horse blankets, 44 by 80, 67$ cts. cash h eur?We have not the least alteration to record in t'-i is urticlv. The demand is very limited, and prices re main as belore quoted : for Genesee $6 12$ a 6 18}; Ohio $6 06$ a 6 12j; Michigan $606}; Alexandria $6 12$ a 6 26; Georgetown J>5 25 a 5 S7$; Rye flour, J.3 37$. New Wheat has made its appearance in this market from the western part of this State, butholders do not feel disposed to submit to present prices. Sak-s of new North Carolina at $1 10. Cotton?The sales yesterday reached a few hundred bales, at old prices, without any improviug tendency. Hay?Sales at 40 a 45 cents far shipment, to solue extent. Sales are making for the country, on account of short crops in the immediate vicinity ot the city. Whaltbont?Sales at 36$ cts. for north west. Proviiioni?Articles under this head remain without the slightest alteration in,'either demand or prices. Whit key?We still quote drudge at 23 cents; barrel* 23$ cts. .hhtt?Pots continue in very limited demand at $4 60, and Pearls at $6 31$. Freight!. Charleston July 23.?The only vessel up for Liverpool h*s completed her cargo at 5 16ths An engagement of a brig to load with rice for Bordeaux, was made in the forepart of the week, but we could not learn at what rates. These are the only veisels now in port bound to foreign ports. For tho North, offers are exceedingly scarce,?*nd 96 cents are willingly accepted for rice und cotton in square bales. Pnssengers Arrived* Canton? 'hip Horatio?Capt J Sheanrpn, of Brooklyn,lite of the schooner Princess, sold in Chin-; Capt J 8 Doane, of Boston, 1st* of iht brig Suah Ab Kill, sold. LivKRr 101/ 'Imp Aihburtor?l.nnnteis Amer'ca Ves'ueci, Her J Liaison, J H Cociran, H Smith, Mrs Dunning and two children, Haviie?Ship A'lfo?N Nilrs, Mr. It Nilrs, Matter F Nilot, Mi?* K N'les. Miss t Niles, Mr A CheriDut, Mr K Williamson, Mrs Williamson, Mts?rs W h iepwitli, J Walsh, J Voyt, T Wolf, T Brundhler, U K>rld, J Akerly, H 0 Jackson. Pamngeri Sailed. NiwToaa?Shir Riscius?Sir Win tfnsith and lady if Worcestershire, En?: Mr H Muhsoi a d lady oi Toronto; Miss Caroline Imiuk of llnbliu; Mr Wm Foot, lady, two children and servant ol L ndou; T Bolton K?q of Liverpool; P Har inony. Kig ai d servant or New Yoik; Archdeacon Cummingi of bntland; Th? Hon Hev A Uaveudish of do: Messrs ti B Morewood'of NY< ik;iJ K?d b of NOrleau;; M Kelly of do: J Thompson, and C Smith of Trinidid; L Franklin of NYork; 11 L?*renre olCanacli; W lelmouli of do; Capt K Campbell of ihe Brrisli Armv; Mr !1 W Mcail Kmc ot NYork; Sixoor F Compo of Italr; Sign.r A Di fonti of do; Messrs C Voioaten of Paris; G Buchanan of J iotsics; A Douglass of do; Wm Boltouand l?d' of Liverpool; J Matthews of Sc.ul<nd; V-'m Hejcock of NYoik Passengers to Arrive, Savannah?O B Lamar?Mr; A K Gorton. 3 childttn aud ?*r*ant. Mri Sli"r':ock n,H 5 rhi!.lr?n \1 r. Vt l'r.i.,1. ranrnt t children and servant. Mrs GW Pt' e.Mr?TH Marshall, Mrs Hemerlin, Mm E Hale. Mm K Shi'lork, Mi<? & Uui1irmrltci, Cap*, nantner, Vessr* Whirple, U W Wooley and 2 children, J F Doe, W O Trice, M Hall, G W Pnc , A K GorI'on, A Hantitigtrn, M Luce. *1 Prt-ndergast, li Lfthrop, J W N- riit, J P Marshall, J H * VersLiMe, J Miller, J Berne, J P Bauui', C Hootihkirk,acd W Hooghkirk. I'orelgn Importation*. Caistow?Ship Horalio?14 pkusmdse A A Low?I in A M Lawrence?39 do Gordon Si T<lbot?4i0 chU 1600 hf do 113 bxi vou.g hyson, >647 chl? 388 hf do 800 bit hyson, 282 hf chts 1600 bis gunpowder, 1117 hf ch'.s 21 cn:s 900 catty bx? imperial. 2 00 hf clita :'00 bis souchong, 4 10 mats cuiia, 41 |kgs mdie to order. LirearooL?Ship South Amer'ci, reported yesterday?'7 cs W Wiiii'nar?h?3 bkts S H S*omi-1 c*sV A Ludlu- & co ?7 do Cornell Brotiier?5 hhdi brnndy H Tobias?1 cs Wilson, Whirew lylilfltco?1 do SiOae.Swan St co?1 Stone & c <?J crates A > rower?2 hales J Hliodes?8 cs H J.iftray St co?1 R Van Nest?3 do E H Jacob?1 cs J N.pier?i bain 8 T J >ues St co?1 J IkK Laipeie?2 cutiC B Cou?-it St co?5 cs J Hobir son?I cask J J Chamberlain?1 box K Grundy?1 ci H Hoyle?31 J Gihon St < o?1 b * G iulds, S'rsbo !* co?20 boxes H Auchinlo's St Sot.?3 '1' Hw.i wick?41 cs Peahody, Hi> gn St < o?5 J LcfT rts?2 ltussrll, Matsoii St Taylor?54 G Summer St co?42 trippi la co?4 balcj Halitead, D ?is St co? I2csW McK r St c ?4 Ciir.mberiaio. Jonca St Sou? 3 Woirells, Wiinl St ci?7 do 3 cs Wright, Storgjs StShiw?2 Thompson St c:>~10 J B Warreil St So???8 biles 13 cs Patou St Stewart?5 C Ha's end Ik co?l K Leopolr?1 c? 12 grindstones J Van Nest?I cs CleTeland Ik .Vlunsoti? 6 Coffin. Bta IcySt ce?6 J Falcoaer? 1 G W Huut Stca?I Branch, Abernethy St co?6 Dorr St Allen? 2 do 3 bales Mngh?s, Ward St co? I k. A *GF Krerson?7 cisks N Lnllum St co?4 bcxes Smith, Sti r*?M St co?31 bo*i? o biles 1 parcel A Mitchell St co?1 hoi J D Winded?6 ci B F Wh?elwr'ght?1 hoi J J?ck?on?12 t ales 'Cooker, Mead St m?22 bui;a J Gihon St co?2 balos Hnr.t St Br ithfr??7 cs Kerae Brothers? 33 do S hs Bmte'liel I It Fisher?12 cs D Oakley St * jn? I do 3 bjlei llicti rdsou St W.tsou?1 cs Mall Brothers?3 Harvey St Sragg?2 casus T Moon?) ci 2 bales J J Siewa-t St co?1 a*. J tinnier St co?2 L :id St ') aylor?30 !?;* Frrgaaoi, St Wali er?3 ca T Wadf worih St Sot ?2cks J T DoUu St sou? ItcsJ Nicholson?4 do W Whrelwrighl? !6 c??k? L uedict? 5 cs I bale J McCnll St co?20 bi?les A l? Vet ffmi-t?J cs A T Strwan Stc>?3 I'alcs H S Ballsrd St ?.o? 400 box ? III p'ntws 44 B Morewood St co?50'ora coal 1400 a>cka silt C H Marshall?98 ca 56 bunilli a a eel t bal's I cask 2 bbl? 2 hf <>o< kegs to order. Liry.Hfooi.?Stop Aoh^nrtoti?IM tana coal. 2760 twgs salt Or n ell Muiturn St co?21 pkga ladxe H'.nae St co?'7 T ii beil?3 Bmi 14illil .li St co?St' W Wh < wiigh:?10 l> Oakey St sons? I Hndio'i?34 H? teifield St Fisch?r?25 H?ll Br therr? V) G dfre> P:iti?on St . ??26 J*m? MtCallSic ? !0 11 S Ba!lardSti'o?i a S Ktwirt?4 A B McAlpii?t C A'>head (k < ?5 K tS-k' r St co?I Henry Furi.nn. St co? R Bill St Clark?2 Gnfl n St Pullm it? i J KohitaonSt co? 1 C H Shnhain?1 K Ba?>e' St Abor,.?I tiordeu St co? t J H Worvell & sou?2 L-'Wis St co L Colhonrn St Co?Hals ed Hame?Stc ?I Woivell Wood St rn?13 I T Jones St_co?J K II J'C.II?I A II v'an >ni-6 Jal!r..y Kfo-I mimrrSc ime? ?3 ''hnuihfr* Jo'inea k H?iaer?I Pnon k Sltewtri?Jrniu Li ffrit??17 Pei >iody Kiggt k c i?6 W MrKce 8t c )?59 O rue, r, Ct?M N Ciippa & c??M H I&bution?5 A ? Mc * I, me? 5 Tonker Vim-: Si co? Ifi I Si H Slaari?7 M Whrelrigl'i ?7 K .Vlar?ha'?IS Parous * ony ng * en?37 J Oihon & co? t W B Bend?13 Hurhea W.inl Si c ?3 Hni.t Brotneri?I WmI' nil Townntui!?3 Hunt Ik co?3 J Kilconei? 3 Cietelan ' k Maaow ?I Sh.iw BUle k o?3 W <i Hum k c ?1 ? B k J B M'gliati, Phila^el hM?I Bramht1!, Ab'tueihy k Collina? 3 Mnnengrr Froth#? W W Chea'.er & co? 3 J .Nieho!a"u?3 J Morion?2 W Fi?hrr?3 Maimer k Htya?1 Itiohardaon kWat 'in?7 J Brnren. Philadelphia?' H (' T ttchwed< i?II 8iud? Ko* Si co?3 k' Tomn it 8 ?u?15 liwlia k ttcott? 13 VV \V itelight ken?3 O "e.tice?9 8t>ine kco?I Hiriev Si Mlmg?7 .1 Mfliv.t?? T M-ller. rni'iJilphiH?I J vv?ti?i TVcy.Miaei k I r win?150 pkgi 500 bn Hnpla'ea?5 caaea alieathiug ;op??t to oid?r . _ Ha***?Ship Argo?CO barketa wioe J Wolff? 20 do KW Schmidt?l nkKc iik'u t A Lohse?I P A B'tn?3 Bicean k Bci jiuut? 5 U B Wrtinwruhi?1 Hnpaey k Daekat? Bern k Hoc if?i Oirmnne n?-l Tot?n?eu<l k Sharplea ?1 Uudtrwood, 'I ct- rel 8i Ulair?6 bright, Sturgest k S iw? K Stoddaid?I Spiai, Ch>iit k Cc?I r. Bf ithoiid?1 A C >ttet?? J A Klrmn.ine?1 A Nictiol: ?4 K Wadaworth? II Dorr Si Allen? 9 "chermeihom k B ukei?2 Ynuug k Cilia?I BH Ifield?I J A King?4 L B Trimbli ?1 J Dnpt> ?10 K Fn'fetle?8 Keraru k C< ? 3 M.trlirg k Dune?J Umber k Van narai?Jit) _j fr B>rlx? i K Ht< iid*id?II Brnkanl k Hutton? |it, Ahro'.peMt? II C Mailland-4 A OA Kerall-1 Tea .' J1 Miltot k H .coill?7 C Bnaei?ft H C Uorlcl ? .2 Bi-llin k Lnnde?' O brniamin?I Hnrden at Co?2 M K Drat'ei?7 0 Bonct? | K fe'irlria?ICC Ki^ii^r?13 iNol ?mtu k P fni'adt? H Un>l*'?oodk Blair?t K A Warr?n? I K \Varni.?fi V Biutneil?I M A Giiralla. tloTTKgnaM?Ship .VictaiiK r i?21 ca a madder 0) bb'a miiala;d a>;.-H 25 bcgi uutrtH-sa 1000 br?ni rnnrry ?reil v.01 (laba tin " phi' J Dnrand?1 j*a- wine Biriig k Bi-2 do auuff Wil.irlnur k Vo/aclitll?I caak I btla tobacco A Similar. C*o*aTanT?8h-p Vlnican?<5 lona hrmr O B MoOirwood -M bil?a di i| cr.) McCalI k co?65 baUa foo pircea tail elrib H N Pack k ? n?ICOfltbuihala ll'iir. H H P fc M Bridget?50 lilea ?hrcting C H K Moring?20 hf b.tle( hen.p balca mdr.i In or ilt r. On? hk w ?B irqtie Kh*iK?th?A c -.act 5 keg* Schn'tr fk Blrydrn?I ( * '% Molf?ni? * nMrpn?U#:t?l r ska T k T L Tiii*p?*r ?SdnC I) W LiUrnduM?IS Hi? 7 hrxet H It II K ',7 ili I Ki.ndim-llhnlfii') Ik T SflhoniankAr? . A*% i r.M* w H Kr?mWg fcco?3rn<r? Karncr (k \V. -k??11 tun i h?i? Vu'lur * Armli1?ido II S-nd It c ?16 do fn ord?r L*oi i?A-Schr Zniiah?130 t?Mol lngwi>od to Howland fc Aipinwdl liumutli. imjuiftwilivn H?tani?*h?Bug Barthliili? 5W i>alf? < ottou 50 rki rier to D Woodhiiry nnd nrdar u.. , t M .A !{| TIM E HE RALD. Mhlp nut?n and Agents. V/e aliall ntrrn. it a faro?, if Captain* of Ve??*U ?iil ?; *' o ( !.inmo<]nrt Kobsht*. of our N?w? fleet. a K? . Oft (if til* Mhtnnillt/ Ufl # ??? !?,.? m? \ nA t K# ?e.jeS Spoken ou their a l<iit of the-ir ( rco, nuc! i* Foreign New?j>*peri or .\-w? they '??T ha?? Mr wi!l r<J them irmiiediatelr on thair arrival. \?rtii and Co' respondents, at horns or abroad, will a'io cod ft r i favor by e:uli. r,-. tikis Office all the Ma^lt ' IntelHii' n<-e fh?T car ;btair N-.-nnM Information of m r ' Iw' t1!i tV.Ma'.'t joceit?e<l. 1 , .11 lj\ ao. UN Kills it I MOO? Kill! 4 8 <t n T 20 I men with.. 8 J3 Cleared. Baiks Naihua, P'rry, Oibr?ltsr. <"#ok St Smith; Johanna. (Bretu) Hernay, Brcmtw via Baltimore; Ainicitia, (Hatnb) M'um.r, III tterdam?Brici Ohio, Dim, Madeira, Neimith, Leec'i&iCo; Lucia Maria, Preua, Stettin, via New Loudon; Slnnnoo, (Br) Stapleitou, St John, M). Stoke* it Amhnny; I L) wd ino, Scinzula, Oenoa, L Palmine; G!or?, Mitchell, Antwerp?Jcliri Boat "U, Jonei. Kappnhannuck; Oitrir.h, Ellis, Port au Piinee, S W Lewi : Tyion, A?ery, Jjmjt Hi .er; Selec , Dumaj Newbern, NC. Arrived. Ship Hj'atio, Howlmil, from China,Macao April 12, Anttier Mar 1, witn teav 8tc., to (Jrium-ll, Miuturn fc Co. Left at Wbampia. ihipi Thoi IVrkm?, auil Panther. June 26th, lat 40 b, lun u v* , .aw mi Am imp sirering to 'he Sun li a ail Kill, supposed her th - Hele'ia, from NYork. <1 Atwiei March 4, ihi Lehigh, aud on the 10th. ihii> P>u! Jo les, b;>th for Caiiton. Tlie Horatio sailed fr<in New Yorkou the 1th Move nber I >t, bad one hull !red iIiti iwimc < ut, remaiued iu Chna 57 days, an.1 has bceu absent 8 in i'ithi an<l 30 days; out n( hooii i assagei both ways. She prrf rined her I <?t voyage in the tame seaion in uine inontht aud ten day*, aud the iivei^g- ol tlie fonr passftgti s oue Ml red and fuur duyi. Ship St James, Setior, from L udon, June J6th, with mdse, to O mnell, Miu'urn St Co t ncke( ihip Asliburtun, Huttlesou. from Liverpool, Juue 25, with mdie to Griuui II. Minium k Co. Packet ship South America, (reported lestrrday) Bailav, from Liverpool. July 29th, wi.h mdie to Goodhne k Co and L H Marshall. July J, lat 47, ioii 34 40 pasted barque ls?i>eila, of Boston, bound Kast. Ilth instant, was iu company with a brig boanrt to ihe westward, pain'ed black, took her to be a inau < i war, and parted company on th* 19th. lat 41, Ion 61 50. On the 19th, passed between 250 aud 360 flihermeu ettiising aud orne hamid to the Grand Ba.iks. The H. A. has bet-u 15 days from th* Banks, lias had remarkable liue weather during th-i *h de passage, wuh a continuatiou of light winds aud calms; she tonk a pilot on >h* list imt, iu Ion 76, since then had 48 hours light winds Shi Utic i, H?wet, from Havre, June 16th, with mdse to Boyd k llincken. Ship Ai*o, Anthony, from Havro Juu?*?4th, with mds? to W Whitionk. 9;h lust, lat 42, Ion 62, spoke ship Toulou, fin Antwerp lor NVork. tup Mexican, Drming, 54 days from Cronstadt, with hem? arelav St Livingston. Ship Metaniora, Lowe, 36 days from Hot erdsin, with mdse to the master?83 passengers. Sw banjue Kmle'ick, Leriuan, 45 days fiom Antwerp, with milse, to Gerdiiit; tk Kemhelnnuri. Brein brig President, Husinu,49 days from Hotterdam, in bilI ill to D b Shoe m?ker?165 iiassenge's. Brig Grind Tuik, ??, 23 days from TYbasco, with mdse, to Neinuth it Leeds. Bremen baique Klizabeih, Mei.nttns. 46 days from Bremen, with nid:e to Nol;emas fc Pavenstedt?1(6 teerage passengers. Brig Savannah, Haw'ey, 7 days from Savannah, with cotton, to Sturgrss k Clearmau. Schr 7.u lali, Pack, 30 days from Lagoua, with logwood, to Howlaul St Aipinwall Left brig Ann Klin, Diinton, in the transport service lor Lima, in 8 days, the ouly Am vessel in I ort. Schr Harriet Aun, Smith, Virginia, fruit. Schr Protector. Lake. York River wnml ><chr K P Horion, Travis, York River, fruit. Sloup J Siniih, Justin, Smithfield, V.i, apples. feloop Passport, Lewis, Virginia, apples. Below. Oue of Stantotis & Frosts ship) from New Orleans. 8all?d. Packet sliip Host ins, Collins, Liverpool. lleralit .Hariri* Correspondence. OVFICK op THK KhoDK IsLAIDtR, > NKwroRT, July 24. 1813. J Arr2Jud, Nicholas Biddle, Waltou, fin East Greenwich for Philad; (.'has u Thnmpson, Srel< y. Kail River for do; Erin, Uardnr.r, Dighton, for do; Thos l?euner. Nickerson, Providence for do; Joseph Brown, Lewis, Kail Kiver lor New Yoik Arr 23d, Lucy Ann, Snow, fm Richmond for Kail River; Edward, Parks, Iroin Providence for Phildtl; Rienzi, Durfee, and Ariou. Heath, fm Providence for New I oik Arr 24th, Clio, Marwick, fin 7th icst. Sid in eo. with barquf iluutrcs-, f< r Europe Left Hudson, for Europe, re.nly; ivnddlesei, anil Arno, for do, 4 or 5 ds; Natclez. for N York,do; Hibemia, and Orb, fm Portland, disg; Jane, Drinkwater, ai d Helen Maria, 111* for Boston; Oak, of Boston, wig. Es?ei, Durfee, fin N York f.w Kail River. Sld, Erin, Philad; Arion, NYork A banjo* and biig passed up this morningOfkick Salkm Mksisteb, > Salkm, Julv 24, 1843. \ Arr, Rattler, Lambert. Zanzibar. Left at 2. , Cavalier, Andrews, for Salem via Majunga, May 15: Lewis, Tallmau, NB, 17 mos out, 400 bbls sn oil; LeBiron, Parker Mattapoisett, 15 tnoi out, 400 sn.sld Much 28, ou a crura- The Lewis reported having spoke Kt h 5, barque Marcella, Ellis. NB, If mos out, 200. Le t at Si Helena, Carthage, Archer, 87 ds fm Calcutta for flalsm. nil dat; Biz&ar, of Bostm. just achored fin Cantou I'orNewYoik. old iu c> with ship Win Baker, (iifford, of and , for WaTeu, full. Barque Oem, of aud for Sagharbor, full, sld 13th. Oener&l lUcurti Brig Virginia Packet. Captain Brazier of this vessel, abandoned off Cork Island, came p.usenger in the Merchant, at Port'and from Liverpool. Notice to Mariners. Notice is hereby Riven, th -t a Kloating Light is statisned in tnr fnir tl.tunel iu*o Bombay harbor ahout \ of a mile to the S W by S (torn the fair way buov, in about 9 fathoms at high w iter, .iud 7 fathoms at low upring tides, with the following brariu; and distances Klax Staff on Malabar Point, N 5' 46" E, distau* 6 90 nautic mijes. , , , ? , , . .. i ne ngnt nousc on i^eiana, m jr jv distant 4 ">6 uantic miles. The fair way huoy N K by N, diilant of a mile. The floatiuK Jightat the imkeu rock, N S8' 50" E, d.stant 4 68 miles. Kennery Island, S 14' 15" E, distant 7 43 miles The point of the 8 W, proug in G fathouis loot ground, bears N about 2 miles. When approaching the harbor, if the llo ting light vessel is seen beaiiDg on any point from N by E, ronu I to the eastward a< f?r ai 8 K bj M, a ship might steer directly (or it, aud whan np with the light vice I should steer from her N K e?sterlv. so as to pa s about three-quarters of a mile to the eastward of the o:her light vessel, which is moored abcut a 4'iarter of a mile to the southward of the sunken rock. After rounding the rock light vessel, yon mav steer mare norther y. and n it b; at night. should rui?hor about I mile to the N E by N front it, wheie the water will b? <m .loth The south point of the middle uround^hoal, bears NNE, distant 2 miles from the rock light vessel. Both light vessels are painted red ea> h carryitg a ba 1 on the light mast aud duriug daylight lliey heist a red llig when a sail is in ight. The outer floating light bnrns a blue light at the end of eatli nour during the night, and displays a toich at the half hours. The flood 'iJe comes in from S W and ebb from the N K. It is high waier at 12 hours on the full and change ot the moon. D KOS8, Master Attendant Bombay. 28th December, 1812 Notk ?The tloating light was tried duriig the last momoon and rode well, but in in ' event i f her breaking adrift, the lair way kujy is continued at its station. Whaleman. Ntw Bedford, July 22?Old Juno, Spooner, Atlantic Ocean. Spoken, Gen Harmon, from Londonderry lor Philadelphia, July 17' lat 42 55, Ion 57 50?by the Ashburton, at this port. Mobrit, from Brunei for London, with the 49th legirnent on b-.ard, May 24th, lat 29 S, lou 42 K?by the Horatio, at thu port. Command i, Hunt, for New York, May 29th, I at 30 8, Ion 36 K?by i he same U 8 brig Boxer, on a cruise, July 7. Pan Matanxas 88W 40 milas?by the Clio, at Newport Sterling, from New Orleans foi St Andrews, Jnly 16, lat 35 IS, Ion 73 12?by the same. Cordelia, from Matamu for Boston, July 18, lat 37 36, Ion 71 42?by the same. Christiana, from Hava' a for Boston, same date, ht 37 36, Ion 71 52?by the same Amelia. Holland, of and Irum New York, Jnly 20, lat 39 40, Ion 71 53?by the nme Warning.od, Munroe, front rlnhdelph'a for Barlndoet, Jnly 19, lat 35 3'. Ion 69 40?by the Kattler, at Salem. Galium, Gray, Irom Boston for New Orleans, Jnly 22d, lat :i9 27, Ion 69 15?by the same. It'ipli 111'ihock, Druminond.New OrleaLs for Liverpool,Jnne 30, lat 36 30, Ion 74 25. Caledorii", ( Br) Corbett, New York for Liverpool, July 6, lat ?2 45. Ion 39 30 ........ Lenmler,, Boston for Kio de Janeiro, June 14, ht 2-4, lot* 44 30. Pilot boat schr, (or Ktinner,) Philadelphia lor Pernam* buco, ?*ire tune aud p ace. Zeiviah, from Laguua foi New York, July 13, lat 13 10, Inn 79 30?be the Geo Washington, at Baltimore. H.Lin,ire, from New York, June 13, lat 59 44, Ion 35 A?by the Prriident,a' thlt port. Sterling, from New Orleans for St John, 28 days ont, Jnly 22, l -t 40 Ion 70 35?by the same. Sterling, 8aui ders, Savannah for Liverpool, June 20. lat 46, lou 38 10. Ann Hale, Mobile lor Liverpool, Jane 74, off Key West, IS days ont Uran I Turk, New Orleans for 1. ochelle, June 25,1st 43, Ion 31 25?by the Orion, at Norfolk li e/.. Long, Jainn Hirer fe-Bremen, 17th inst, lat 38, Ion 74 18. 2 dais OUV?by the same Rival, from St Thomas, of Calais, Me..9th init, lat 22 50 N, Ion 84 40 W Ocean, of and from New Yotk, 14th iuit, lat 24, Ion 83't St Lawrence, of H.ilit <* New Orleans for a P.irt iu S|nin, 16th iusl, lat 24 06, lou 80 44. Kurcten fort*. Macao, April 12?In port, U S Frigate Constellation, to sail the same day lor the United states, via Manilla for supply of stores?all well MarriLLa. Feb 21 ?Unrai, Pierce, (mm Bcston arr 20:h, only American vessel St. Joii!?, N. B . July 20?Arr Albert, Glasgow ("Id 18th, l.?<tu S.i. K.I. . wul. b'...i.. i ?j ? qlium', July 19?Arr Pomona. Dunn, rj?wc?mle; K AtUtt <>n. Bin h, Botdexm; Dew D on, Storm, do; Kibi'iann, Wi'bn-n, (Jibrmtar; Turn, Coulthiro, Dublin; T Dufoid.lln Mrt, Cork; Leailbeater, Pi -kcrilitf, Newc*?tle; Xin'hus, E.nlin BorJeani; A Moore, LV'ol; Br-rchbv, 8e,tle,<io; Phillippe. Uirrowa.) ub>.; Antie, Smith, Boidenui, Ur^n ii, Kerr, t.eith; Liverpool, Taylor, Portim.-u'h; Victory, Biym*n, Loijdi n; \ew Bruuawiek, Hunter, Hull; Covenanter, Pitlrrton; Le,utf?r, Phelau; Mary Campbell, Beigei aud Ellt\, Senel, L'pool; Calcutta, London. > N P, July 1?9ld Curleton, Odgeri, London; Jane, You:i?c, NYnrit via KUuthera. I.ake Ports. Clkteland, Ohio, Jn'v 21?Arr Detro't, E?tt(leiton, S HarR Hunter, Br?tt: Bnrlingtnu. 9im?: W Joy. Litcy;lj H Walker, A11 n; Koi liefer, Vaot'aael; Ha cite, Minor; Bnltic.Dt* (rout; H lieiard, Igo. Deiter, Domini-k: Mi??ouri, Minor; Minerva, Spencer; N Amenca, Callard; Wa?ren, Hichmond; W O BuckRor, Davie?n; Argyle, Hinn, and Teiai, Hawkin*. Befftloi Cong-eta, Barr, Oiwego; J H Lyon, Drake, do. Cld, N Carolina, Travera; Owacunga, Montgomery; Alert, Bcoville. Victory, Cook; H Crevolin, Caldwcil; Tteaioo, Denhrnw; O RiehmnRd, Corchetter. and H Aim worth, Ph. at Bnlfnlo; Ouridt, EiW, (MWifO) CJen Honttou, Pertoai, Ottdeua hurgh. Home FortaFrankfort. Julf 19?Sid Clinton, Kilborn, Ouadaloope; E Blike, Cole, Hivana. Porti.aud, JnlT 11?Arr Merchwt, Jordan, Liferpoal., July 22? Sid Granite, Cayenne; 23d, Oriental, B*atell, Alrica; hliiabeth, Hooper, do. NkwRt'RTfoai, Jnlv 12?Arr IlcKn'ator, Clotion, Bondont; Emblem, Strouf, do; Southerner, Gibta, Philad. Botroi*. July 22.?Arr Ann, Towne, Baltimore; Ttm, Baker, L"?nna; S'hlne, Bin-'iu?ton, Hivr?d? (>Mee; Kloridel Mar, Kinn. Ir. II <?tim re; 11 ir?,nt, Small O orgetowu, I). Henry O King. K i t Bailey, Kclipae. Wh< Idi Conn'hi*n, i h i? ; ?'?roline, S itilley,. ntt Maty & EIim, Biiley, P.iiln !pku . } i n < i v - !, i (1 Hirntt, B c ?n. Albuf, Fiir Di Im Herd ( Im <, lambe, tuj Olfathm; Hatterly, i ond M?; Brfsev Pic? e.Oroie Kmalotti, m i ill, \ r w York. < 'd. KoIh tWaln Re?fi, Philnleli hli; Williin Pitt, **k? r, d?>, ?'in Flynn, di>; Lir >c? . A >n, Ff*deriektj>urg; P<iocM I). flinitl Phi d l? hi :' < ' r w u, N# 11 mbtnir . S\Jn> \ , 1 H Ohvr Kli/it?r?ih, VVir. heutMrh, II ??rr (In M l; - u'M roliu?, i ?>bbf H, .n.d EtiM Mf? Hero, J?n??, Mobil*, Ajil, MtoHdarH, Hirhmoud; KmIm* Nienolfl, Philadelphia; Rusttie, CmIum? Phi*idoiplii*i ?m rire, Rleepr. Rnodoit; HpJ?ndid. Cfowell; B B'piow, Brim prukliD, Bryant, Nrw itHj;wiv?, Holt - u . " 'fw York. TtUiniphta-liMQ, Bps if rd, iron N?w w li?4us Si^-r I for 1 ? ? < Id, 1 " ' 1 '* D?0'i Bast Iooiatt Nitfiri, Herscy, MuU fid? urf Bmboi Ayrti; Nnutilui, Cli'flfi Liu-: .In, (iib tlter "1 M I U nco, Nilw Bmdfohp, July 22 ?arr, Cornelia, Bieketaor, Nrw Vork;Coiiutbiai, S relit- d, .J,>; aid. H-len, Perry, do Arr ?3d. Kowena Willif>inn, Bar llivrr, NC; .1 Allyue, Collina, Ba'ti^or*; B d?nce. ' ick-raon, Alba?.'; ?l?l. I"duatry, Ca?hm*n. New V <rk. PRoviDKrecK, July 22?Arr, Watre, So ton, Pie'on; '"'.ncore, Bru?h, r III "I Hird r nblil-. DavU. A'b?ny ; Mirarth, Tyl'r, Alhi v, lot riwtirLo, f)TOiinM(( T-nl r, K n^outi Jaaiea (i)rlui.i, Vail, K.mdoiil, M s?? Rdar^Bliti-n N Y'irk; 1'cnmxh, Child, New York; Pmof Oliaa, rB. ne York; Tranaatin Wrllt, New Vork; Kmp f, Dayton. New York; King Phillip, Bord?n, Kail Uivtr; ?'J. Kien*i, Durlee, New York. Arr23d, Krancia A 8?war<l. Ro?a, Philadelphia; Id Thomaa Kcuii r, Nicholaoo, Pliiladelph>t; Denendence, 8mi'h, ?iiIIiv*ii; Kipatur ftnrgeii, New York; Hanlicrabble. Davii, Albany: Arion, Heitli New York. Fall Uivkm July I!)? Arr, Car -liui. Put , votth Carolina; Caoriace, lirighfmau, Bal'imore 20th, aloop I H rtord-n. B'owa, New York. 2lit, Olive Br inch, Sht,w . Richmond; aid Charlei M Tkompaon, 8eeley, Pliiladeli hia New Havi:?, July 21-Arr, KC Fiaher Johue?n, Marticie.oaudtit Martina; Marthrll, Clark, Porto Rico; Joaeehine, Brickhouae ^'orth Carohui; Pnaidenf, Fnaoi*. New York, Warren, Smith, Kuiir?t?u; aid. New York, J <ne?. New York. At.BA"rr, Jnly 24?Arr, Talent. Batei, Boa'on: Vintage, Bearae, do; Mobile, Stmmard N*w Haven, Jupiter, Bee, Pr viden e; Helen, Oird er. do; Hera, 8pelm u, d*?; John, Bu'roveha. do; Axm Clark. Nantucket; aid Auguan. Nickeraoa Button; Herald, New Yi'rk Philadelphia, July 25?Arr, Sw^ti, Suell. New Orients; h.fii i, Whidon, B >stoii; P anet, RoMuaon, Ba'h; Peunarl aim, R con, B clunond; Globe, B ia'.on; Miry Saotch, burn Kllia. New York; Surveyor, Houeh, New Haven Below L"Uiaa, (i.illiiKher, Havam; cM, Sn'iiatid >ali, Weal, Liverpool; Hvlaa, Kuatia, Biatrn; M rv Kimball, lugrabainllmron; Catherine Amanda. Teal, Richmond; t?"di, Sproul, B i'ton; B irleue Ky-n, Welden, Nr rw-ch; C'; Dary An" < -a roline, Corann, Providence; J B Mo'e.iu Vooihtea, 8irg Si i*, N^w Yoik. Nohfolk July 22?Arr Ant. Inpe, Forbea, Boa'on ; Joaai'li (Jorham, Wlil am?, K-y VVrat. II dayi, ?illi augari, bound to New York, put in with lo?i n| f iretop-nait mu . atay, running ringing, tltc, and leaky, Imrii.g eanerienccd * aueceaiiou ofheavn we?iher 00 the paij^?n; Pacific, Swi't, N Led'or|?; Pilot boit Selun, of U iltimnre PVIda, fin a ciuue. In Hamilon Roadi?(Irion. B.,iley. Havre ?t Peterahurg. f Kattoo, pa??ed through Hampton Koa-!a and np Jamea Hirer ?eaterday. QgoRngToww, 8 C, Julv in?('Id Mayoppa, Colraon, New Yo'k. Cham-kito* July 22?Arr Concord, Butler, Neuvitaa. ^IJ Vir irft & JfMie, (ouiinr, Liverpool; Suiton, Galloway .New ork. Prciideu', ftymmes Ph ladelphia. 2lit. Tretnout, Tavlor, Liverpool, wtg: Thomas Bennett, Halaey, l.iv. rdool. do; Aut ?i, Barkintn, Yoik.dts'g. Kmm*. (8w) King, redairs; Arabian. Bonnev, for Bordeaux; Ojswior Raton, Nortbeiu Port, loidiug; Keho, Austi.i, do do, Idg; Geo Marion, Wilmintlon. Savannah, Jnlv 90?Ai r Alliance, Tucker, Liverpool: Phi Ium Doate. New York. C'd, Pmta, Giveu, Boston; G B Lamar, Sanneimun, l\York; Tioga, Lewis, do. Sid, Comet, N H-ven: I'intn, Boston Atr 2l?t, Woodstock, Tucker. Tri'tdiildef'uha. Cld. Alliance, Tucker, Wiscasset. Sid, OB Lamar, NVotk; Tioga, do. Nrw Orleani, Jnlv IS?An Antwerp. Smith, Bos onj Koht Morns Otit?rhrulg<- fhilad; Himn, Spright, St Thom??. Old, Colmnbii, Robinson, London; I Allerion, Torrey, Boston; Htrafloid Brewer, Ba't; V Antoinette, Smith Tampieo. WANTED?By a young man 21 years of age, a >itu irinl in s clrv Hoods iohhing house. I'oss' sses a verv l uge Dataller of northern, south rn, eai eru and western fri'-nds wliotn he no influence. Has a wholesale aud retail knowledge of dry goOds. Bestof references as to character, fcc., given A n>-te addressed to S. and left at this office will be promptly attended to. P S ?A house that sells to every sr ction ol tbe country .and for cash or short credit, would be preferred jyil 3t*r WANTKD?A litnatiou by a voting mau who can give the best ?t city references. Would like a situation as clerk in some wholesale grocery store, or at almost any kind of business. Tne advertiser wrtrs a fair hand aud would have no ok jeetiou to live with his employer, or accept of a situation in the country A liue addressed to M. L., at this office, will meet with atteirion. iv2l itin SITUATION WaNTED-A'i Irish Woman (I'r t a'aut) lately arriveii, ia in want of* situation ?a rhiniberunid or waiter in a private familv She ran give high y rsaprctablo eitv reference! nnl perfectly understa ids her businrsa Address "Mary "at thi? office. jv'ti 8tr TO ORUUOIBTM.? Wanted by a yonng man who has been in the re'nil drug business fourteen yea>s,nnd perfectlv acqm u'ed with th?. minor operatious of >ttrgerr, a situation as cltrk. having been engaged a( some of tb? hm houses. both in 'hit oily anil LiOUilon?no objection to the country. Addresu, Druirgirt care of Mr. Squire, 46! Four'h street, First a?euue. jyJ4 3t*m BOAHDING?A family end a few single gentleman uan be accommodated at 413 Broom street, near Broadway . TrausciMiH nersona wishitu * quiet home, in a central situ itioD, will find it pleasan', as lilt house ia large, airr and rlean. having been punted throu.hotu ; the firmly united and agreeable; terms utodnrae. jy 19 lw*rc BlltU liO8T.-H0 Iteward? A dark greeu singing < anary bird flew away Irrm No. 7 Greenwich street, on Monday ereuii'g $ 0 reward will be pan) to any person who returns him as above. jy35 3f r T OST?L?st this day ill piiimi through William street, J-1 from the store of Messrs. Wilson Butler 8t Btldwin, to the Pearl Street House, one money belt rndeof hedtickiug on one side, and white drilling on the other, containing 'our one hundred Ohio state Bonds, isnurd in favor of the Mayaville and Zmestille Turn.'ike Road Cornpiny, and nude payable to the ordsr of John M Smith, and receivable for suri lus revenue, and dated June 10th, 1813, signed J >hn Brough, Auditor of Slate. All\ one (or one hundred and forty odd dollars, drawn and payable as above. Also contaimut sundry notes, payab'e to my ord?r, and sorns husiues' letters from Pittsburg and Philadelphia. The public are cautioned against negotiating the above, as they are not endorsed hv me. At liberal reward will be given if teiureed to the store of Messrs. Wils n, Butter & Baldwin, No.2.1 Willi imstreet. JOHN M. SMITH, London, Ohio New Yomc,Jnly22. I8IS. jy 21 Iwec* WlLi> shortly be published, by J. A S"Allks, 109 Nassau street, A Letter to a Parishioner relative to the Ordiua tion oi Mr. Arthur Catery by the Kcv Benjamin J Haight, Hector of AH 8 ints Church iyJ6 lt*er FINK OLD OIL PAINTING4?To Amateurs and othera . ?A coheet'on o( very fiie original oil paiut'nga, in good preie vaiion, for sale,among which isagem by Jan rfiein wiih his sign manual: a pair of highly flu shed Cahinet Pictures, Italian schenl; A Holy Family. on panel, Albert Duer; A Flight info Egypt, school of Ponisiu, nnl others, worthy o1 high consideration The whn'e Wi nld he soid at a fair price and wtuld auu a gentleman of taste furniahing hia home, or * apeeu'ation to any periou g.nni to Europe. -m. be aeen any I otir during the day at 14 Carmine atreet, urar Bleecker. jy?6 3?rc piX I'U ItES KOH A REfECTORV ?Any peraon having A Kim cases and other articlea neceaairy lor a confeetionerv, will hear of a customer, l.y leaving at the office of Herald, a letter aildreaaed to K. P. j>25 4rr FRENCH SHIP OUSTAVE EDOUARD, from Martir,:que.?Debta which may be contracted by the crew,will uot be paid by the Captain, nor by the conaigneea BO VP Ik HIN< KEN, jy?5 3tr No. 9 Tontine Bnildmg. PACKKT SHIP ROSCIUN~ H'OR LIVCBPOOL ? Pes1 sergeia by thiaahip, will please be on board the steamboat Herculea, at Whitehall, thia day (the 25th,) at 12 M., at which time tne ship will aail. Letter bans will cloae at the utaal placet, at hall past eleven o'cloi k jyli r PROTKC ION OK"'HUMAN LTRK. flUILDINOS"! SHIPS FROM LIOHTNI\4i.?Powers'improved Lightninz Conductors Apnly to or addreaa j. A. POWERS, 175 Broadway. New York iv8 Irn'rc PL VIUNOS, Importer and Deiler in the beat Havana Segara, reaiectfn'ly invites hia ftienda and the public in gei.eral, jiartical <rlv the judges of the article, to call at th<atorc 34 Bowery, figure of the ludian Chiet at the door hold ug the aign in hia hand He has receivrd by the late arrirali a handsome supply i f tho best tWv jred Pegars, equal n any in thecity, if not suiwrior The abuve aiora will be open from 6 A. li o'clock. P. M. yzaiin'i MRS CARROLL'S MEDICATED VAPOR BATHS, 23 Conrtlandr atreet, are a ?afe,certain,and ?i>eedy core for cnugha, colda, aore throat, aweiliug of the glandi, rheumatism, antfneaa of the joints, agne and (ever. Open from 6 A M. till 9 I' M. Sulphnr Batha requires one hour'a notice. j2'61r SPECTACLES?'J. H I'KALZORAK, Oculiat ano 4>ptt ciao. Canal it, No 110 (Removed Iroin Brn-ulway i'A haa constantly on hand a large assortment c! Spectaele- for ahort aighted and far sighted j?eraoua Al?o. every kind nl SiKrt' cle.Olasiea . ?( Irn "re GREAT BAROAINH?A R\RK CHANCE-The atock with the liitnrea and leas* of a whaleaale and retail Boot and Shoe Store, in one of the beat aituationa for the huaineaa in the city, formerly occupied by the late Mr. John Hutchina, deceased, will be told cli?ap for caah Persons aetting oat in the btuineat wonld find it ir.nch to thei-advantage to call at '20 Chatham atreet, op,-otitis Rooaeveltaiid examirie for rt rmaetvea lm*re fJOODtflN St C't.'S WRITING I'AI'RH-A fall aaaort ! ineut of theae deairable papera at the mannfaTtnrera prices foraale by PKHSSE ?t BROOKS, jyMec No 81 Liberty atreet. Orrtcic Auira* aid llocftFaTKlt R. R Co I A8l<,M|. A NNU AL PIVIOKND of three per cent, on the Capital 8tn~k of thio (;ompanv will be paid on t'ne tint d*y of 4n?nat nett 'ihareUoldera.whnae l<>ck la reiriatcre'l in thr city Tratiaftr Booka of this Company will b? paid their dividemia, at the Bank of the 8t?e of New York, in'he city u( *?ew York, and thoae whine atock u not registered in the citv will receive p vtneut ?t thi? rfTioe The Tranaler Booka will he cl^t.-d from theJ'at mat til* lit Augaat. Uv order, CH AS. SKY MOUR, TreMtutr. )yM tA lat r GENTLEMEN AM) J.ADIKH'LKFT 0?K WAKD HOB" ? Gentlemen or familial desirous of convert ng ihe'r left otr wearing apparel mtocaih, can obtain for the aame the hit;heat eaah price. I'o families - ml gentlemen qaittirur the city, or changing residence, haying any *nperfl'?oiis effects to dispoie of, will fin l it rnnrli t.> their tdranuve to send fir the subscriber. who will attend them Rtth< ir re?i<le?iee by appointment. H LEVETT. No. ? John *t nd 144 V.irick at, New York. A line through the office, or otherwiae, will receive promt t a'tmtion. Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired. jy7 lm*ec COAI. < OAL ?''each Orchard RedAshCo*l, Aiatquality, will be (old b? the snbscritter nt the fo'lowing low pricea for talk Kreah broken and ?gg, from lamp in the yard, screen* ed mil delivered to iny pait of the city at tS l?r ton ; stove |l 7'> ; I uge nut $1 ; 25 ce ta t>er ton lean will he charged if 11* taktn from the boat?Wright audnualuv warranted PETEK CLINTON, y 1 fm*r 1^4 Greenwich, cnr- er of King at in MOM '?ALI.()vS BLA' K l>K at 37H rrnn per IUjV/UU gallon ?Superior Bl ck Ink, which flows well; bee in-a very black, and does not deatroy the steel pens. la of* f. rrd I'or rale, wholesale and retail, ny DK LKWIS FEbCHT WANGLE, jyW It'eod ec No 1 Will street. TO THE PUBLIC. Jt? -I f\i\ TO tlOW-Mr KKANCI ? K - HUMP, Watch i|) I w' ' Makrr, 218 Grand atreet, bega to inform hia frienda and the public, that independent of the watch buaiucaa. he it prepared to u, ike advaocca in a?h, oo gold aud ailver watchea, diainonda, niter tea aetta, ai?>oiij, forka. aud every d??-riptiou of gold or ailve; in any shape, intended tor immediate aale. .. ... a- '-iI -u --J IC-? ?l e?-rs description repaired ~.nJ warranted Ml Grand itrfft idt lm*r BUTTONS. PATENT AGATE BUTTON DEPOT, PaTKRtO!*, N(W JkIM(V. THOo., jy25 lm*r _ Patentee. | N I'll R8UANCE of an order of the Surrogate ot the Conn "tyol New Vork, nonce it hereby giren t > all pertont having claimi against Peter Murphy, late of the city of New York, gentleman, deceased, to preaeut the time with the Touchers thereof-to the subscribers, af the office 'if Edmund 8. Derry, No. 51 Will street, in the City of New York, on or before the righteeuth day of September neit Dated New York, the 14th da* of March. 11*3. JACOB HARVKY, JAMKH C. BELL, to I* lawflm r Administrators with the will anneied, All WHO WANT GOOD, VA8H1ONA0LE Cheap GAITERS are issued to call at WALKER'* celebrated cheap rtore. 41# Broadway, north west cwmr of Canal aireet. Good city m me gaiters. butkma, tie? and slippers at prirea 20 per cent, lets thm efcr liefore offered. A'to, gents'. bovt'aod children's fine Kreuch ab<I natiye calf d-est mota cheapest yr.u *< v saw; do dicentt, bovs' and children's quarter boots, > .titers and dress inoes Also, the greatest eariety of all the different kinds for family me, to., immrrons to enumerate. All who want any of the above artieles, are invited to call at WALKKM'S Cheap Boot arid Hlioe Store. 41# Broadway, uorth west corner (.'.anal (. iy 17 lB*e? ?toI*, Hhr\ h rd, Phil nilIphi*, Hlranf r B'trt* ft <1 Btantr, ''* wit, Albany; A L iwrmcf, Meekar, Vwtor, Gould; i ay I or; Tinder, Nickertmi ami Unlatch, Nickeraon. .NYoik. 24 in, ntr Tijrk, n.Mrnlgr, Pniladt*IpeU; 1'earl. Harding and fclliott, Baker, Philadelphia; DauirI Kruucia, Small, Am Cayea; AUCTION SALES THOMAS Rr LI,. Aucii'iiir?< BV BKLL ft HOWARD. (.Slore* No. M Jinn and 1IA Fulton i/r??<?.) vvkdnkwatand thwkhday. A i 'OH o'clock, io the ?alca ro<.m Latge Htleof Hp'eodid (,'o'nit?r??Bv (.laulogne?By ord?i of a rereirer? Ttif Mle on thege two day? will cnrnpnae an rt i " naive ?rd vilu<hle ?\rietrofthe but ci'v m?il* w*rrtntr<! Caouiet Ku" iiurc <>ffcred for ye*f?. RU<I will inc'ude the b?-? stork off timet and apriuit *eat*aof u in ill* city; M do roclmu rii&i'i' U aaper Crenel v-datcad1; Wfrdmben) p'am and <lre? iiiK btireaua; chain f?U deacripf lona; a yarietv or be'lroon> unitiiir; parlor and drawing rooin do; ptauo firlea; lampclocka; vnaea; apVnd'd nain'inffs; caaca ?f atnffed birda; cu ii<?itica; pai itrd bliuili, lie. ft . The aale will commence on Wednesday and continue i n Thttraday. Th'a tale will be poaitive. Alao. a ant erior ??ri?iv >irj!r:i! accond hand furBitnre. from n family giving up hnmekcening. Comprising almost every article useful and elegant in the Ine, consisting of carped rirrs, oil Cloths, muting, table*, rh'ir*. t>un mi, iuf?, sideboards, wardrob?s, H'.'ench and other bedati'ds, looking nlmses, book ci??s,rocking and parlor chairs, matrrssi's. beds, Ixdding, table liuen, clocks, ?i?e?,china cut slui, kitchen KHIDAY. At 10)4 o'clock, nt the sain room. Large sale of elegaut letaouablr staple snd fashionable dry gooils. Al-o, in continuation, the stock of a wholesale and retail d'jr goods store. Also, clothiuy, fancy goods, pledged articles, hosiery, London clotln.cussimt-rev Testings, some jewelT, cutlery, tiard ware, Ict. SATUKDAY. At 10* o'clock ar the sales room. Furniture Bale?Will be conli ued the sale oC splendid furniture of all descriptions, from Wednesday and Tlmrs- ' dir. ly'S* AT PRIVATE HALK. A firm of about P01 acres of I and. part <>f which i* im >rov ed having a saw inill. holla', b?rn orchard, Jtc sinia'ed i'? miles Iro'n A'DHOV ailll an illr 111* IVIO ll nil nu UUC< '.111 rimi Price low?Title inditputable?Trrinj re tunable. Ingoirr l the i ii c'm i room 1 For Hale or H'.ci-lnnge?A fur 1 ,of HtO acret "f land, brauiifull' aim itrd OU Morehoute Like near f he AUo, lit acrea of lauJ, W the town Of Wr.'It, nftont 65 unlet from Albany. ___________ Al I rioPTNTTf ICJC-Bt CAKTh;K k CO-Furniture, Piauot. B'in<la. Itc ?Tnnrcday ITih July, at h*ll?p**t 10 | oVIork mNo 316 Broadwav.O' tliic Hull, a 'rtr?e ani iplendid aiao'tmeut of tne moat faahiomble itv made c?bin-t furniture eompnainir etery rlicle in the line, tic:?ao'aa, rhaira, rorli. eri irwuip cbaira card, rentr* and hrenknut tiblea, aite aion dining taMea, marbli- topbureaua, ottoin.ia, diraiia, bookcatet c aillea, 6i?. Alio, II) paira Vmi'ian Blinda, 5 i-leicur Pianoa. made bv Wake % ulpi.n Krniint, Hands I, fcc , new an* aerond liano. Sal> po?i ive'y without reaerye. jv2S2ir FOR SALE AT PUB' fO AUCTION. 1 THE HAHWAV MANUFACTURING CO. wiiiaellat pniilic auc iod, on 17th Annual, at their I'riut Worka. ill ' danwny, N.J all th? machinery, and move?b'e prop tyofthe t company, ronaiaiiuit of printing i'nd encraviiiK inackinea, cat- t leudera, cupper c linden. '*vm enpoera, ilyiuic and Heachin* a apparaiua. item boilnra. tteain euiiine 15 bora* pow, wilh . a b'lilcrt, i fire enicinea, IpatMi' balance*, iron aafe, hydianhc aud i.omiiion pr-ta, la kk aud ?mall ahde lathe, t*itn cmnpletr art of tannine and b?riu?, and bU< kamith't *tat<riment ' of iiniioitr'* aieel, lid new and old iron, a ijuan'ity of druita <1 auitahle for calico printer* and dyera, tuba, CMkt, and lariie ci'trrua, atovra tablea, iieufhea, Sic. CataloKUea or ?vUich may be nail c? application to Mr. Philip 1 Truatltr, at the Print Worka or of , I KEKUUSON fc WA.L*KK, r jy 19 'm*r SI William ancet. ti NICW VDKK St BOSTON 'r tfOUWFT!,OT t OWEN PHESCOTT, Pilot, or ukea charge aa matter and pilot, of raaaelt bound to New Bedford, oyer Nantucket * Hhoalj. Boston, I'orisinoulli, Portland, neuuenec* and o 1 he.ii PORTS. Offica it Ftye ft Sh.iw'i nautical ?tore, 221 Water < street, comer Beekma-.i R-Terence to a untiiher of Merchants, and the sever'l Iniuroice <)?tnr?tnei in tin? CUT. Button, mid Portland jll Itnisr FOH NKVV (jRt.EA" 9?Merchant Lire?Rego MHwyia' racket ol the 28th Julv?The ver? superior last WMb< iling packet barque IKAD FKHRY, 8. Chain, Master, will ??il mi above. Ifor p*?iage in cabin, lecou t cv hiu ar.d steeiage, having very mperior accommodation!, apply i on board at I'ier No. 14 E. K or to , JOSKPH McMURRAY, Jyy>ec 1'0 Pine it ."nrn? r of Sontli, N. Y. io* VALUADLe, MII.L PROPERTY, Sic.. FOR , SALU?Favorably known'S ()i dn r'? Milla. Mini , .UJBL'iuk, Onuge couiiiv, IN. Y O 'e ol the heit mill stinds in the county, supplied with iu nnfail ng stream ol water. It i> about seveu miles from the New York and Kiie Railroad, 3 Hii'l in the immediate vicinity of a tract of counlrv famous for r the growth of wheat. Upon the premines are the following 1 buildiugs in good 1 ud snbstanti tl order:?A flour null with two run of stone, a plaster mill and raw mill, nearly 1 ew, four dwelling-houses, on* of which it a Commodious and vn'uahle building, with suitable outhouses; .1 slnre home and sheds, ? gon maker's shop, blacksmith's shop, tailor's shop, 'nti other a buildiiiL-s. The premises comprise about twenty-three acres ol land. The whole issiluUcd most advmtagenusly fur business, bring located iu the centre of a licli and fertile reciou of the coauiiy. Part ol the puichas* money can remain 011 bond and / mortgage if desired. For further particulars inquire of the ub- ' scriber on the premises, or of JONATHA N LANK, Oothen p jy? n?cc d ROOMS TO LET ?j JmL IN THK.BELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON 1 OJ?Tne S11 inciifcer haviug lilted up this establishment it Kr<' upense Tor the cointo't of his friends and the <1 public, an r" lelul for the very libera, patioucae already be- 1 stowed on liu.i, .rust* by his exertions to please Tot a contina- t auce of it. I He beys to mlorm litem that he has still two double and | thieesingle rooms uuocttn iMl,which he will letou terms low to suit the tunes, if imioe 1. irjf application be made, and will be happy to accommodate nous wishing to enjoy the beanty and advantages of thi? phe?. The situation is one ol the most desirable on the Terrace. Having a very line Urge bathing bouse directly in front, the boarders can enjoy that luxury with the greatest convenience and pleasure The steamboat! ply constancy throughout the t!ay to and from New York OEOlUiK PIF.R1S, Bel moot Home, New Brighton. ! June 28th. 1B43. ____ j}f) r iital A GOOD <"HAN<'K iioffrredto any person want vTjW Mm to engage in the Hetail Orocerv, Liquor and Feed XVULbnsiness. The stnre is w?ll situated, and has been oe enpied for the last It years by the present owuer The itore ' will be let leptrnte from the dw> lling if require!1, lor one >.r more years. to a good tenant, The terms will be made easy Addrets M. T . H<-r->ld Office j<26 i'*rrr jtot TO LKT?The Store 97J< Naaiaa Uriel, 111 the Iter i^jB aid Building, adin>ribly calculated foi retail hnssnest, ^JLbeing in oue of tb-most poi aloas thoroughfares in the 1 city Im.neil ate possrsiioji given. Apply at the Herald of- ; nee. curort o> INn??m ?n? Fulton at". IVIfl' rn^rn ILLINOIS . LL1.NOJS!! ILLINOIS !!!?Ai.y > w6q|prrioii h ?viug for sale *t a rerv low price, from 80 to 3<>0 *dk?.icrea of firat rate hod, dry and undulating, in Vermillion < County, near Danville. Illinois, may hear ?' a purchaser hy upIIIyiiii; to JAMKS 8HAW, 121 Kulton st N. V , or b? Inter postpaid, stating the lowest price p'r acre, the enct livaiion, the pecn.iai quality, n.d the igiu'itity ol the laud; if improved, stating the iwirticluars of snch t provemeuts and the manner in winch the land II supplied wuh water for farming purpose* And also stating the cheapratand inoit direct rotate fro u Mew York City to the land* described N . B ? State the qnautity and quality of the fencing on the land- lm?rc BOOT AN J SHOE STOKE. < JOHN ilEADY rei|i?rtfully informs Ins friends and thr public, that he h*? commences businesa in the above liu.-, .t No 99 Naaaau ttre?t, where he will thankfully receive " sn<! f.iiilifnlly eieeute, all order* ho itay ,he UvoreJ with ie m??t reaaonable termsi'nr rash ?W> I MAUA.VIR. COSTELLO, Female Physician and urnduate as Midwife, often her professional services to the Indus ' of this city and conntry. Having :<ad loug espenenee and sur pririiik success in the treatment of diseases incidental to her sei, " apprises ladies on the point of confinement, or 'hose suffering from suppression, irregularity, obstructions, ?c. that she will he happy to alford a comfortable temporary home at her residence 1 where they can always have the best medical treatment and thr moat matronly care and nursitig, or if preferred, will wait oi. and attend them at their own lioasrs nutfl perfectly recovered Madame C. particularly begs to imprest en the minds of the | delicate, that she officiates personally in every case, so that hesitation or dread need never be apprehended. j N. B.?Madame Cestello would inform ladies residing out of the city, whose health wonld not admit of travelling, that she would devote her personal attendance upon tli-m :n any part of i the United States within reasonable distance. ; Madame C. can be consulted it Iter residence, 31 Lupenard i meet, at all times aud with tnestrictest regard to the wishes of her patient* A ! eotn.-iinniestiontaud letters most be peat pei.-!. _jyJ6 lm*r 1 FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. ? V/TADAMK COSTKLLO?Kern-iIe Periodical Pills-Unarl? a.iued in i iinMN whers '.lie tnoutply periods have || liecome ir egular from coldf, If. Their certainty of II ict on has long beeu acknowledged by the medical profession t'n' hundreds that hava uselessly tried varioua boasted rente- hi dies. Care is Miurm.irt uecessary to their use; though th*v tl contain no medicine detrimental to the constitution. Advice given gratis to all tho?e who nse tlie Pills, b* Madame Cos r' telli, ?4 I.U-euard st. cjrnv Walker and Canal, wh?re the tl Pills ?r? Pri"' t' t>?r bei jv2B'm*r S DR. THOMAS' SPECIFIC PILLiT ~ u U/HRN so inniiy i e luffrnuK ill c nisrq'idii-e of a retain delirate diseise irmxiuing a long time unrured, it beBOMl Very important to ohuin a temedy that esa alwaya be depended upou, lo remote such complaint from the system soon enough to prevent the posaibilty ef i a leaving any weak neis, nehilitv.or incnrable functional derangement in the parti , arfertrd. * I' has long been a anl'jeet of serious consideration with thr in dic.?l family to diacuver some medicine cr combma'ion <>f medicines, that wou'd uever fail to remove at once the pain . and i fl miiratoii, aud ai the iam? tim? act at a ap, cilic in removing the first cauaea at all this tnin Mural and di(aaed action 11 ihe organa auhject t" thia comp awit. Ttlf IKCtliU atruc'urr and Organisation of the pa'ta, render it very itnpor. i tai.rthat the n>ediciue inert to reatore them should contain 1 nothing liable to d > irju y, by limply removn g the external a rrnlenc- of djaeaae, bfl .ro the dueaae iraelf la entirely re- ii moved from the system, and (has lall the feari of (he patient V ii to fanri> d security,to he awakened at antne luture eav to tl.e h alarimug cunaeq ueccea that follow too an rely inch a cuurae ol treatment, n Dr. Thomna'a Specific Pilla will ipeedily and safely cure the > moar compli'atrd and aeveie caaea of 'Ii is d sease by removing v the firat canae irom ll.e atatem, and at the aame time gently stimulating the ornana to a natornl and healthy action. Any one accnatomed to the long and teiliune, at well aa un- I pleaaant ronrie required with other reinedie?,? ill be aatomahrt ol to find their complaint pleas'Utly and aafrly remo.ed in a very k< hart time. *rd the ayatem reatored to perfect and natural a tion, n it liable to be disturbed by ihe wenkneaa and debility taually left alter the ncrum nc i nf this complaint Agenta at 79 Knlfou at, cor (told; 77 Kast Bioadway, cor Market st, 1\ and 273 Broadway, cor t'hamhei it I'riei $i j\J6im*r A A I LOUD OK W| CNIHIItS tearifv to the asromshing effects produced by Jun 'a Hair Tonic Among he utmea >tlach'd to t'ie numerous certificates of its regme alive luflnence on the hai-, vve notice those o some of the uiost re .,r <pe table cil lens of Moaten, to whom the incrrdul .na are re(erred fir peraou'l en-'ence o' its . ffieacy In eiara where ihe bai> h?? fallen off in consequence < I aiekneaa, it speed'ly in- _ eats ihe bald acalp with a tbiek and (lotsy growth ol 'hat great accessary of beaaty. Al> <liaeaa>? of the hair, aurh aa dan (.< Irntf, scarf, lie , ere eradicated by iu > pplicatmu. The silky tppearance whieh it iraparta to the flowiug treaaes of beauty. ,. rf tiiUta if an n <1 a M m atliu'd fiT f K . toll t. Hill 1 lentletncn to whom nature hu been UKiiardly in ihe diaiMuii- , tinu ol hnnort. mar toon "ia*e the apart* crop \ luiuriant one, by itiiuulating iu*rowth, with Jayue'j H-iir TOBIC. _ . II Hold br tie Agent* A. BID Hain't, DriiMitU, No 7S ~ H'ultnn ttrcet, eorner ol Oold; 273 Broadway, 77 f aat Broauway. )>mtit?r JJ ' TU THIS MKPIOI * KF ?? ??clai.f ?d the other day. on A tat'.nit aoine of Jayi?'? Toni V-imitute. It cert inlv ia? o me ol' 'lie ranae?n? flavor which one 'taoria fa with the *i ile.i of phyt'C Children ronai.ler it qnte ? treat, and in ikinr it their pnlat'a aie gratified, and <h?ir health reatorrd at hetameiime Jayi e't Tonic Vermifnte not only demon vornia. hnt cirrict olf the mil' u? iu winch they are imbedd-d, mil pffectt a radieil aid permanent enre. Kvery mother '1 tnowi the prominent tymptomtof wnrmt, tarh at veracity, I Irinn'tt, fetid breath. grinding ?f the teeth durum tleep, pile- iu ?M of the lipa, iichinn of the i oae, ?c . hnt ih.-rr *re Mil ii icia not to generally rteognited. A dry cnagi , dull evet, it uhrceinent of the abdomen, and many other ivmptomi comun to other diteuet, frrqnently denote the pretence of rorrnt If their eiit'enc* it even antpected, the Vermifuge ir?ld oe idminittered, became it can do no harm in \ny c?ae, i iid may do incalculable good B?>ld by A. B k D 8andt, DrtiggnU, for the proprietor, at holetale and retail. No. 79 pVtoD it, corner ot Gold; 77 Katt Irrcdway. '73 Broadway. jy?3 it if I VT f.W UIMi OVfcltV for gildina. tilverina ?n<l idatiniMog j: ' hy llv<lr->-Kt< ctriritT, wifhonf Ual*u)iC BMierT. U * r"7 I riflitm fti i< nbor. Pr*pnr*il Powdf r for tfiMiDf. ?" I erin? nnd plntinixuiR, with it tery timi>lr *p|*rittu? ?' d tn? ui- I j rcttona, to mahr n?e ofthiiMCret *n|i? b? j h?lm*er OKO TIKMAMN."? tt f wr t* ' \ AMUSEMENTS. If nil. ?** (JAMIiKf D-ree'or vtr ll?H^ H??Tn*| W^DSKHPAV, Jnlv M IH* Lw We?k nf the Open Com *iiy. I?*?t night in N. w Vorii of th^ n?w Vli'iUrf Open of LA KILf.fc- nn KKOIVRHT. Vti?ic bw Doni??t.?e. 'a whies n\i?mon lie f'aW?, Vloiiiicnr Blfi mdH th? whole of thl reneh C ,minnr wi'l ?ppe*r. I ,e r|?r(n n*nte t<> rnoimeoc* ?'8 n'"li?elr ore"-*" wfth the 0*f iirr to L? Kill* 4ii Rrrim?nC Don'natti To he ' hy lut tnn? in N^w York. ?h- f), ?M of IHK. I HILD OK THK RKOIMKNT Mvi*. vpiUi.i ? , Mon* Bio*. I.? Marantic, M*dm M'thien L.a!Ju-hcM', Madm Hoh.ll n Motu Richer ??' <> Otemor Harm in. B?ch?r t'"1' Dan?e Kits Barantz, Ch.ffery Halt an hnnr' inlermiiaioti will be allowed lot promeaade snd refrethtnonti in the Grand ftaloon, where |r? Creams, fce. may he had. THK FROMKNADK MUHICALK, The Splendid Orchegtra will perform lereral popular election* or im>w Mii*ia. Muiieal Director, U. V. flill Nirht* nfth* Havel Family?Til"1" *? *nd ThnridAr?. iti oT the H'rench Comoan? ? 'n'i I*ya. Wtdneadaw 'riday* *n't Safrday* A Hfi' l Police will be in atteniance ?D?I *ieat mo <k?-n ro prevent the ailmi**ion of improper per??n>. ^Ticket* Kifty Cent*. INhr he had at the 'harden 6w*" ' he ilay. 'T~A limited nnmntr of Bea?o'i ic?et? will * ' lOimi oT. T , *" No postponement at tnt* eauniliment on acconnt m ecather, ai the Orand ICntnncn from Broadway to tne nai??? protected, ;\nd the now Maloon. whiah i* ventilated Iron tn op aud tide*, c.aii be ene'o'ed at ' moment"* no'iee CHATIIANI TIIRATRK Vlesar* Jackson St Wili,r,|. Leisee*. Bote* 55 cent*-Pit I2*< cent*. L)oor* will oiien *t a rjnnrte, i^t 7 and the ''nrtain will riie at a in-rter 0 k rHIS BVE*I'IN'J?The p?'f'irmaiice to commence with vvw YORK AP"R NTH K To conclude with the HONEST THIBVKS. A*?KKU"*? trmilf'r., ANP .r.RIAU OAHDfcN. TT" Every Dav and Kvening thi* week The M?n?ger h? engaged l| t'len'.ed Performer*, and i? noiiy to ?nnon-c? <u entire new era in Moienm No?eltiei, if h <? n?n|(?o? Mr WIL'.IAM COLK, the (Jreat (/hiu?i Nonde*cnpt, >o.i> the L "idoti T?.ealre?, and late from th- Park Theatre in hli city, wit' arviea' in -i variety >f '-lawc OVM N A'TI^S, og'ther with hi* educated >nd mlen'e ' D?? BI'.LEY, whote reat feat* of (avaeicy, ohediencevid t lent, hare placed him mong the WQNDKRS OK T"K AO". ' H? will dance. ainir, pnt ont a light jump thrrngh a ha I nan. e'imh a lad'er, walk lame, trot, kick, km I enact nonir iu> aitmtiahing fell*. Alio engaged, for "ne week out*, the celebrated OHKA ? WESTERN. I'he he*t delineator of Negro I'liaracter, and the heit Negro )?ucer living. who wi'l preient to the lover* nl mi'th the mo*t ccent importation, In the ihape of a co tect ard original imiatio.i of a l.oc in"ti?? K.ngme at fu'l *peed Vegrn Egrrava an** Virginia Breakdown. Thi* rn-nt eitraordinary perform litc <*? elicited the admiration of thouiand* in all the priuciial theatres in the United State*. The ('icy Ur?s? Rai>d of Thirteen Musician* i* engaged for h>- mlconv. garden and *tage Mm PHILLIPS, the popular VoealiU, MrBROWER, the 'omic Singer, 1.* KKTI'l'" CKRITO.fce. Perlrrtnan,-e*e?erv Wo tnefdav and Satnrday Afternoon at o'clock, and every Evening at half-pa?t ?. Price of admiuion 25 cent* 'Jhildren ander ten half piite . ly " rc ""jAI.K'H foHK mi'?ar.?i*'. AND PICTURE OALLKRY. Broadway, opposite the City Hull. CASPAR HA SfcH, the Wild Boy of the Weeds.-* TO BK sEKN ^'OR ONE SHILMNG les'des the whole stractiont of the Mnwum, for a few dayg oniier Thit remarkable oonJucript it topposad by many to >e the 'onif-faUe.1 of connecting 'inV lietween man and brute, lit history i? involved ja mystery, eicept he is supposed to be > native of B'reno, where he w is found in n ?.iv?i;r arntft.livinx >ti fruit. h?rbt he. n-*" Adnvttion to the whole oni.Y OVK CHILLI NO There will he a iier'nrmance on Wednesday ?nd Saturday al land 8 o'clock P M. in which Mr. H Hwey the BafTo Sieger md Swoid Hw illower will make his first appearanc iu New k'ork, ajsittrd b? others. JIO ' THE THIRD SUBSCRIPTION CONCERT or THK BRITISH & AMERICAN MUSICAL SOCIETY, At thc Oiiaivd atsrmiilv Rooms, SHAKSPF.ARE HOTEL, -lORN'KR of Dnan. a d .treef, THURSDAY KVKNINO. July 2Tth nil, to onrnence ?t o'clock, nnctiidly, on which occ anion the following rire and eg'raorinar? combination of mntie-l artists from Kngland, Ireland V.\lea Sc 'tlind.and native, w>l! tsaitt and perform some of lie " o?t beautiful a'd popnlar National Melodies of thos? etiiective counttics during t*?e course of the evening Nti'nerons Artiats of hiah c?lehr ty. whose names will be In'v nnnonticed. Ii >ve also signified their intention of unring ?ith the Hocicy previona to its fiunl organization. for the ftin'e preaervaunn of the Englith and American School of Molie, and with a new of cnncrutMting the native f lent aid t?uitu of Hoth com tnea VocAl. A"?D ImsTRIJMBNTAL rCMrORMBRI : MRS VIOWI.KY miss Reynolds. MISH VcOLOIN. (Her third and l?at arpeatance at these Concerts.) MR AUSTI N PHILLIPS, MH I'LIBRHITUH MR C W BK VMRS, MR -THONQ. MR BOULARD,sod Mr J A 'OHNSON, ( Hit first apuearance m i nblic.l And for this occ'tiou otilv. he cele^ratw' Welsh Mmstiels, THK HUGH'S TAMILY. veing their last epjieataice pieyions to their departure for the Panadas, Master DAVID HUOHES M ist< r .J HUGHE* a-d Mist HUOHES, Who will perform on 3 Hups, the Violin and Concertina. Conductor, v)r Austin Phillips These performances are under the entire direction of Mr 'h's ? King,(eldet son of the etninen'. English composer. The initiumantal department will be numeroni and com ilete I he Piano engaged for thaia Cancerta la oue of Chambeta :eleh rated make. Fall particular! will ba duly announced. PROOKAMMK. Part I. 1?Introduction? Band, Roaaini 2? Glee?The Witehea, Meaara Phillipa, Johnton and Bonlard, M P King !?' olid?Mhould he upbraid. Mra M<irla?, Biahop I?Ballad?The 8nn hi< bright ray?,Mr Clirehngh, Biahop i? Song?The celebrated Keho Hong. Miaa MctJloiu, Biahop I?Holo <'-ocertinn?De Ber-ot'a Seaanth Air oti the Concertina and Pianoforte, Maater D Hughea and Mr Phillipa, De Beriot r? Duett? Doubting, teasing, renug, Mra Morley and Mr Beamea, Moiart 1?Bong?A Life on the Ocean Wa?e. Mr Bou lard, Ruaaall ? Song? I'll be no aubmiuiae wife, Miaa Ray nolda, Lee >?Bella'1?(M. S.) Farewell my Harp: worda by Hewlett 'I'owHaend Cole I. K?q. Harp Obi igar>, Mr rhillip) and Maater D Hughea, A Phillipa I?f"inile?NnW with grief no longr bending, VIra Morley, Mix McOloin. Venn Phillipa, Johoa in, Strong, B'tilard and Beanea, Roaaiai PART II. I?Trio?'Three Harp*' CraeoYienne.Miat Hnihea ?i d the Maater Hughea. Bochaa !?Duett? ''onld a m < i be lecaie, Meaari Phillipa au<i Beamaa. Tra*eri 1?Bal!ad?My father Land, Mra Morley, Barnatt I?Hong?Fair child o' the Weat, Mr JoMnaoo, Hodgaou >?Ballad?Miaa MrG'am. ?? Nolo Violin, De B-rio 'a Siith Air; Pianoforta. Violin aid Ha*p Obliaato; Maater J Hnihea, Maa'e' D Hughea anil ^r Phillipa, 0a Beriot '?Hong?Kite Ke*r ey. Mra Reynold*, A. Laa I?McmcIi Hallad-Mv B?v Tammie. Mr Clirehugh ?? i? |}ii-tf?Comr rare ?ith m?.- th? ?ea, loye, Mr? Morley ? d Mr Jobnioo, Bellini >? Hong? >lr Phillipi, ? Finale? Uand, Boildieu The ruin, regulation* ??' constitution of the "ociety will s readr lor.rihacribera and performing nembtri, preyino* to le ueit? oueert. Pera.m* detuont of becoming Subtcriheri or Member*, are cinei'ed to leaae their mine* a'd ad >r??a <t Metar* Firth k lail'a, No. I Franklin fqiun, or at ant of the principal Mane torea i? early ! * poa ible, which will b- immediately at. :nd(d to. TKRMS OK SUBS' RIPTION t Ticket fot four Cor,CMt?, fr m date o tubtcnption, I 50. For one 'ientlemni nnd two Ladiet, on* C.orcert, $1. (T^ Single T.cket*, 40 eenta, which may be had at the oor on the evening of performance, or at any of the piiucipal rfu* r ?'ore* Subscription Tickets n >' tianaferable. JylBtty rHK (IRKATF.ST NATURAL CURIOSITY IN THE WORLD. VH'W F.xhihi'ing %t 99 Wrtt Boadwty, gear Anthony *t, for ?ah> rtttin*?a DonMe Spanish Lj?e Bul\ taken tear luen"* Ay ret, on the Plaint, bv 'h? "nam ?nU, iu tne year 'WO id imnortedto New York in IHI'J, ail I considered t>y natnralI'a'obeihe moat wonder's I d?'ormify in the known world le has a double wind Li e, doonle brs**t, doable panned, dou le rjht, ail egs, 'onhle hin?, and some <>'h*r purls doable. He it perfectly to'ind *'id in good nealth, and tur>p?sed to be me veara old, and vaeigt ? near IMO pounds. Profetaora "I 'mural Hittorv, tirgeorn and Auuomitts would do well to iait m d judge for themselves Alto, ? calf with ait leva two beada and two taila. A Hei Dog. or Sen Leopard, taken aliee in the North Hirer, 'he head reteinbling that of a log. ard tkin apotted like^that I the Leopml. Truly a wonderful curiosity. Wolf, MonBT,'fcr 1 . . . Ailiimiioo l?H eettU. Children under ten year* hall price. Good VTitic in attendance. jyM Utia'r JfKHMKHlBM KXf'LA INIMJ ? vir nnaoenxiM win 'J-?iv a f.ecture t!ii? luif. ?t (t o'clock i* hu ro< nu, limit- Boiidmit,73 (:h?nT'er?t'eet, jo which he will ?how the ' icy of tr>e pre?aVtit iwmnrtiou* in rel*t?oo to what h*? ?D oiled "Mmhi ruin ' and " N?n ?lo?y " \|r. H will cmi' ? |>er?oti to f Ul i no * ?t?'? of tntn*e, tod mim e the r*l 'M'i't bnlie Ph.nomea\, withoat contact, ih* u-eof n? fl'iid, mitjuetic or netroai. Admittance tt cent*. nHiii hesnut street theatre, philadelphia. LET?From the 31*t day of Jnly in?unc. for * tettn of one or more year*, thiilooi e*tabli?he<l nod ix>|v ir home, with it* ipecioat ind elegaut ial<> >d*. scene , wardrobe, library, ma?ic. machinery, property and #a? ft*ret It* well known repvtatioa, both id Karope and the nited dtate* render* nnueceaaary ? de'ail at ihe unmeroa. d ceciliar adyant-ge* and inducement* which preteut theml Tea to the con*ider?t'on of in efficient management. u ?eire which will o? the chief object of ihe proprietor*. Addre** propo?al?, which ?n*'l be comidrred eennoen'je'j. The Board of Agent* of the Cheinnt "treet Hoitii Deaware Philadelphia. fyrw " ONLY ONE 3HILUNO? warm baths. h..w..rv KNR'KK.HBO/ KKK BATHS, lOMlOlfltBY L iiahlic tte"tion lo the *h??e .:??rd in?n<. ronaial Mol W? in. Cold. *?d Hlit'Wrr Hatha, tailed up widi iuw. !nvenience i?d orJer. infer w "> "?"> mthucitr. Chan* the follow.n* rf.tared r*l?( *?*??? g UQMPKHTS mTth* lovers or bupehiok black teai| Vuin:?? thia eitrameiy dalieiona and auparal . i Tea, ?>' iughlr celebrated id China tod Earoi<e, jnat in :?I, n i?w Tor mte *1 the Ctnlon Tea Company'( General * Katahlnhmett, J?l Chativmet Naw Ve?i, \nd IK P"?l i Kreei, Brooklyn?in Mck<ur*' ?-on ? ,J > aaeh M "" * r PORTI GUE8E FKMAL.E PILLS. HKHK faMamed and celebrated Pilla, from P?rto?i, are we pereeiTt, to he obtained in thu Cimntrt *?? nWfrttoe itl >m (he leal column (bnrth Mae A'

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