Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 27, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 27, 1843 Page 1
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TH ?l. IX.-?Ho ?0 ??. **10 To th? Public. THE NKW YORK HltRALO?dailynewtpajttr?pub. iisneo ev?ry any oi ttta ) ear escajw ?ew mtrinj Fourth of July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or f7 iWperaakuin?pontage* paid?ca*h in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price cent* per ropy, or $S 12 por annua postage* paid?cash in advance. ADVEKT1SK.R8 aro informed that the circulation ol the Herald ii over THIRTY THOUSAND, andincreaai^ ft(II 11 hat the largest circulation of any paper in Ihit city, *r 'he trti-li, and it therefore, trie hen channel fvr buttnett ntcn in the cily *r euun/ty Prices moderate?cash in tutV l/DCu. FEINTLS'O of all kinds, execute at the most modorel* prices, nau in mo mo?muisuni ?iy?u. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, f'.'ioi'hii:Toa v r tiit. Herald Kstablishmkkt, NorthwMt corner of Fnlton and Nassau streets. The Great Sunktr Hill Herald, Published on superfine paper, containing a full account of the calenration of Bunker Hill, consisting of tha dosariptions, nnd Mr. Webster's eratioi accompanied with five splendid engravings, comprising lat. A rare and original view of the Battle of Bunker Hill, which took place on the 17th June, 1775; exhibfeing the array ot the American army, engaged in deadly conflict with the British troops, their ships and Ikur lorcas. iid. A view of the procession forming on Bolton Common. 3d. A view of the procession crossing Warren Bridge. 4th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the north, as it looked on the :ay of the celebration, with the flags above and crowds below. 6th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the southern buy, as a looked on the quiet Sabbath morning after the celebration. Agents will please transmit their orders before the edition will t'e sold, as thu demand is unprecedented. The price, wholesale,to ngrntn, fiS per hundred, or ei?ht cents nar/i.m. Kitoil 1 111 ......t. fToRTHiiRN AND WESTERN EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. The tfubtcribers havint completed their arraneements, are now prepared to forward passengers'o all the Northern and Wr<U"u State* and Caaaria, bv daily lines of towhoats, railroads ml s'eamboata, via the Noith rivcrand Erie Canal,upper Lake*, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh, Ohio river and Canal rontes The following are a few of the most important point* j? Via Utiea, Buffalo, Pottsville, (talen.i, S-racass, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Toronto, Oswego, Detroit, Cincinnati, Kingston, Roehe?ter, Milwaultie, St. Loul?, St. Jolitu, Leckpor', Chicago, Louisville, Montreal. Alto to any port of Ohio, Illinois, Mi??ouri, Indiana, Michigan, Tennessee, Kentucky, Wuctmim, Iowa, Upper and Lower Canada. Having given inch universal satisfaction in their London and Liverpool liuea ot packets, the subscribers will endeavor to nuke the present undertaking equally deserving of public fa vor. The attention of emigrants and others it invi'ed to the follow low rates of pusage ov a few of the most important points, any other places un the route being equally low, viz:? Utica, $1 50 Columhas, $3 ot St Louis, $14 00 Kvracnse, 1 T> Sandusky, 5 75 Galena. ]g 00 Rochester, 2 00 Detroit, 6 0b Canada. Buffalo, 3 50 trtilwaukie, 10 oo Toronto, 4 50 Oswego, 3 50 Chicago, 10 00 Kingston, 4 50 K'ie, 4 50 Pittsburg, 8 75 Hamilton, 4 50 Cleveland, 5 50 Cincinnati, 12 00 Montreal, 5 00 For further narticulars applv to W. k J. T. TAPBCOTT, at their General Passage Office, Peek slip cor South St. Tate Notice?This office is not connected with any other in tint city. <l6r Vf)h RIIVIfAI.O ANn Al l. PART)) fit' THV. WU'ST ASSOCIATION PA^AAif- OFMCK TO ALBANY. Utiea, $2 06 Horhe<ter, S3 00 Kyraeuae, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 M Oiwego, 2 25 Up. & Lower Ca^adaS St For paiiine *pply to M. L. HAY, m2l lin <3 Barc'ar afreet. New York. FOR HALIFAX AVD LIVKRPOOL. The R?yal Mail ?te*m Hhip OAL.ltDO.NlA K. O. Lotl, ( oniman'Vr.will l?ave Boiton for the abuve porta, on Tuesday, Annual I, 1843 l'<u?a?e to Liverpool $120, t'aua?e to H&Iifai, 20, Apply to D BHIGH AM, Jr .. Agent, j' >S 6t r N'i 3 'Val atreet. DKAfTB ON KNOLAND, 1HKLAND, lie ? Pernoni about remittm* mo/^KjRKaMnrT to their friends in the ' old ennntr?," ! C' h h? lutip'ied with Drafts, iu lumi of I, 2 , 3, i, 10 , 20 k ?4<i, r am unomit. payable on d'in.\n ', wt'ioot discount orany other cha ie. at the National ol Ireland, Proriucial Bink, do., Messrs J<mesBnlt, R nki o. Bankers, Lou on, I Humeri St Co., Kich&me and Diacuuui B n?, Literpool, K? (em dink of Kcotland, tireen oek II u k rii C'unpniy, 8<r Wm. Kohes Hanter ti Co , *?cut land, and tor br'LClim in eve-y post town throuithiDl Kngland, Ireland, 8cot'*nd it Wales, which dra'u will be forwarded by the ste-imers Oreat Weitaro or Hibsrnia,by W. k J. T. TAP8COTT, At thair 'ienera! Paaspfe (Mfiee 43 Peck Slip, cor. South it. N. B.?All letter*from the country mini come po?t paid. )y llr ffg REMITTANCES TO IRELAND. kc ?The subscriber continue! to transmit mom y in iuhi large kmall. to persons residing in any part of Ireland id thr same n.auaer u he, i-nd hi? oredece<sor in business have done for t-v last thirty ye?ri and more; any pan of England. or Scot'.and. Money remitted hy latter (post paid) to the subscriber, or persouallv deposited with him wit? the name of the person or persous i'i Irel'.nd. England or S<mland. to whom it 11 to b? ?'Dt, and neareat p *t town, will he immediately transmitted and paid iccordituiy, and a receipt to that effeet given, or lorwanled to the sen ler. In like maimer m >uey, or claims oil persons in any part of Ireland, Km land or Scotland, cm be collected by the subscriber lor persons residing in any pa t of the Uuiled States or Canada, asd will b? paid to them aecotdiugly. i 17 im*r UKOHOK McBttlbE. Jr . 82 ('edai st. BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVCK tofyJW POOL PACKETS? Regular Packet, and tails TueaJwUKa iay, the 1st of *u?o?l?The well known 'nstiailiuK f?vor:tf packet shio kUR'TPfc. Capt. fc.dw.ud O. Furber, will sail iwitively ?s above, day. t he accou.modatioui of this magiutcent packet (or cabin, second c ibin and iteerig* paiseugera, are Weil krown to be nnsu'iMS?ed tor sp'eu .or, convenience Mid comfort, by any oih?r vessel sflot Those visiting ihe old country will tind i to th-ir interest to select th'S desirable conveyance in preferec?? to auy other. For terms of paisa-e, which will be low, e-rW application shonj.t be made to ctioose the be t b rihs, apply on hoarJ. fontij Ree^mau afeet, ar to the sub cribers ROCHE, BROTHER.* It CO , 35 Fnlt Street, next door lo the Fulton Bcik. P. 8 The E?'"pe will sail from Liverpool i n the Ifch ol Papt. Ponous ??D?litig for their friends ean have them brought out in her, or any of packe s comprising this magnificent and u?e lUilleil line,sailing from that port on ilie ith and 19th ol each month. Draf's at sigiit f>ra?-y amennt,drawn direct on the Rryal Honk of Irrlaud and oil Messrs. Prescott Orote, Ames It Co., bank' rs, London, which are pant f ee of di?c >unt or auy 1 barge wliataw. 'ii every town thiooghoot England, Ireland, 8co>I ami n?.il WnUa Vrtr n luair* At r . #n?i? tknv* 1 he new nod m Iuidcent pscaat nViip New York, wi'l succeed 'lie above picket, md Mil for Liverpool on ihe itth A? gust, ||flr regular dav, iiW AOP' FOE L1VKRPOOL?NEW LINK?.Kegn 1st MV P*ch?t of 25th Aug?The S| lrlidni Packet Ship AdtlMlKtflDDO.NB. Capiaia K B. ? obb, of 10 u tout, trill i?nfti?r4> tail aa above, her regular day. For freiclit or pasaage, hiriiyj aaroininodMions unequalled for splendor oi comfort, apply on boanJ. at Orleans wharl, foot of Wall street c to K. K. COLLINS St CO. &* Booth streal Prica of passage $75. Tn? Packet Ship (jheiidan, Captain F. A. Deptyster.'will an-c?'il the Siddons, and tan the Sith of Sept. Fassengers um? rt' f on the ihip* olthil ni.e xiag animal |? ss advertised. jyJUr CLD BLACK BALL LINK OF PACKKTH J?fWFOR UVKHPUOL-Pscket of the LstAng-The ^ Laplendid last uiilug n?-w packet ahi* >tUKOPK, lyiiaiL h uibar, will he despatched as above, her regular day. This elegant ship liaa unsurpassed accommodation* lor cabiu, rd cabin and steerage paaienirera. Those wishing to secure berths will require to make early application to JOHN HERDMAN, v . . *1 S''uth street, n~*r Wall st. The splendid packet ship ROSt IIJM, Oaptain Collins, sails en the X5th inst. krrrrislai day. A few more paaaergers can yt be accoa modsled ?t the lowest rates .V B ? Passage fromtiieal Britain aud Ireland,via Liverpool, can as n-nal be * cured at the loweM ratea by the regular packet ships sailing weekly. The snbsc-iber has inst c- tieluaad uuequuled irnugrm-'nts for the pay rarnt of his drafts at the fallowing batiks?The National and Provincial Banks < I |.eland, end at all the r h-'nettas. Also the National and Provincial B*ah of Kngiand and all its hmaencs throughout Kngiand and Wales. Also the Kaattru Bank of Se< Hand, the Oieenock Bank in* Co, and all their branches, throughout Srotlan.i. For futther particulars apply as above ? jy80 r rOK LIVK.HPOOL.?Regular packet of the 7th taffH^tf August.?The imv snpenor, fast .ailing packet ^niSNksship INDKrlCNDKNCK, Captain Nye. will positireif aail aa above. lUring v?ry superior accomaiodationa forcabin,second cabin and stetrave passengers, persons wishing to embark ahnnld naaks early application to JOSEPH MeMURKAV, 100 Pine st., cor. South. T^e above will be snccetd'd bv the spleudi'l pseketthip Shifficld, Capua i Popham, and sail on the ll.h August. Parsons wuhnsg to sand tor their Irieuda in tha old coantiv, can have them brought out by the abova ship, or auy of the regnlar packets, by applying as above: if hi l~u?* post pain. r Xt'r . ??#* FOR NEW ORLK4 NS?LOUISIANA ANu fc?it^Nlf.W VOHK LlNk.-rirat Regular Packet-The >^MHBB?v<'ry fait sailing oppercd ship OCON KIC. C?pi?in Jackaon having a very laige proportion of her ctrgo on boaid, reany all engaged, can yat take some uere fiaight if imu.e diaie application is made. or passage, having handsome (nrnished accommodations, .'ipt.!y n? boerd, a: Orleans whart, foot of Wall at orto fc> K COl.LlN'i tit CO. 5* South ?t Snippers :/nyrely npjn having their goods correctly measaed. Amenta in N. Orlesns,Hullui U Woodruff, Wiowiii >ro?-ir? ly forward all poods u> tnair address. Thesacket ship Louisville. Capt. M- Hunt, will aarcead 'ha QeO" e iy27 FOR HAVRK ?The coprered aid coppai fas en MMWVed trench nhip CAHOLIMC, C?ptain t-fgraiu For .|WlMl'sirht or paaaage, torwhuhina has very comfort ? abu acLo.nmodatious, apply to _BOYDJt HINCKKN, E NE NJ DAILY KXPKKH8 ri)K \ L B A N THOY. BUFFALO, CHlffAUO AND 1'HE (JAN AD AS. Tlie lubicnhfri havinv completed their irrauiieaieots with the People's Line ?f St 'inho i t, oil tli? N .rth Hirer and the K*li Koad Cominucj wen nf Mluny for running lh<-ir Ki|>re? lor t'ie teaiou of 1843. JU Enirrii will leave their office, No. t Wall itreet.New Y"rk, every evrniug, at quarter to 7 o'clock, lor the above named .v d intrrinedia'e place*. IMPORTANT. 1< or the greater ?.fety md seturity of aN valuable and money packagea eutiuited to their care, they have *aUimnd?r Iron Salt* o.i board of the ?teainboat?, iu > itate room occupied exclusively by theaisrivet, and the meuetiger in chit*" ?leep? in the nme room with the iron ?.ife?. into which all ?uc\ packages are rlaced. POMKtlOY It COMPANY, niiec i\o. Z wall ttreet. SUM VF.n~J}iHUN(} K M E N't. NICW VOBK AND PHILADELPHIAKA1LROAD LINK 1) RKCT, Via Nkwaue, N w Brunswick, PRinciToif, Trewtow4 BOZlnsrVTOWN AND BUELIKClTOjl. MSNm*. a"! Tl fgBelBEflHE. THROUGH IN SIX HOUKS. Leaving New York duly troin :he fovtof Conrtlandt it. Morning Line at 9 A M.?Mail Pilot Line at4X P M. Tltc Monimu' Line proceed* to Bordeutown, from thence by ateainboat to Philadelihia. The Evening Line proceed* direct ta Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) withouicham* of mi. P-tstentrer* will procure their tiekeia at the office I' Ot of Courtlandt atreet, where a cotnmodiona aleamhoat w ill be in readioeu, with bagg 'tie crates on board. Pniladrlphia baagHtfe cratct are couveyd from city to city, wiihont being opeued by the way. Each train it provMed wiih a car in which are a, artiueut* and ''retains ro?m? tipretaly lor the I'diet' ute Returning, the linet leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut 'treet. by a'eainboat to Bo>detH"Wu at i o'clock, A.M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 > olnek,*'/' M. The liuet for Baltimore le.tve Phi lade iph la at 7)j A. M., and 4 P. M. heing* continnatioa of the line* from New York je4 NKW JJtKSEV RAILRuaJj A>.i' T.K.ASPORTATION COMPANY. K*r? rtfluceil to M cienta. frnm the font of CanrfliflCTf tVPet, N?w Yotk. (Every day?Sunday* ex?epted.T\ Le**ea New York Jjeavet Nemuc A<. I A.M. At t P.M. AtT A. M. -At I* P. M. 9 '!o. I do. 2 do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do ? do. 5K do. !)>i do. 10?< 7X do. (X da. S,V do. rto. O.N SUNDAYS. trom t!i? Ino* r.l 'Joaitlaudi ?rect. juears New York, Lravt N?vr?rii. Al 9 A. M. rnitl (VP. M. At I2KP. M. and 9X P. M. NEW VOHJi, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave- Naw YorV J f?lixnhetb Tow? At a A. M. At 3 r. M. At lk A. M. SX P M. 9 do. 4 do. gtf do. 7 do. 11 de. 4X ro. 10 io. 5X do. , ,.5* do- 12 d0i he vraiDs for Y/eittvetd, Pfciufido, Moaudb' 'ok?Soinezrill?: ic., connect with the ,9 A M. aud4XFM; UniiromNsw York, daily, Snndays excepted. Fare between New York and Elizabeth Tow u 25 e.tnu. Prtrc between do and Somervell?, 75 cents. YORK, AND UA WW AY. Leave New York. Leave Hahway. At I A.M. At J P M. At 7 AM, At J P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 do 6)t do tl da < v ,!n aw .1. a ,i? 13? do lljj do NEW YOKK AND NEW HllirNBWirK Krom foot of Coortlaud street, New York, daily. Lot??r New York. Leere New Brnuswut* At 9 A. !* At 4 P. M. Ar 6 A. M. At 11M A. M. 5>i do 7M: do IX JP. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New York. Leave New Brunswick. Att A M and A\ P M. At 11* A.M.. and I* P M. Fare, exchpi iu ike Philadelphia rraiDt, between New Yo'k and New Brunswick, 50 cents Betweea New York and Railway JS cents. Passengers wno procure their tickets at the ticket ortice, re eeiTe a ferry ticket gratis Tickets are received by the eoi: tloctor only cm the d&v when purchased mil 3ra*r PATERSON RAIL ROAD. flWto fluMfli figgsfft aIIH ww (TMle. Oi>LY * > bfe.i"MT8. From Paterson to Jersey City. On and after Monday, 17th July, the cars will leave Paterior Depot. Liavk !New You. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. I'X " ? la* P. M 4 P. M. i " ON SUNDAYS. Leave Patcmon Ukpot. Leave New Yore. 7K A M 8* A. M 5 P. M 6 PM. Tiansp-rta ion Can ply daily (8md*v'? excepted ) Pasaetigeis Are advised to ko at (he Ferry, foo Coartlandt street, a few tniautea befoie the slated hours of depa.lure. jy 19 6m I ?-*| NfcW YnHK V? MOUNTAIN *ND EASSH*. Via K. and HomemlU ?'*^1* Foi Jchoole?,s Mountnn. leave p'er No I ?ortl? rive.-, at (K o'i ckAM. dulv (Sundays excepted) by steamboat to H nab-ihport; or leave thr loot of Couriland street at ?" ' A M. by N J Railroad to Eli/.^beihto <vn, thence con_i with the cars for 8. mrrviile ?v*ch?s, thence 30 miles to .e Moimiain?arriviug early in the afternoon Kor fcastoa le.fe above proceed bv railroad to Somer ville, coaches from thence (only M miles,) arriving in Easton at < ocluek. This tone, on -iccount of the short distance by cosches. nia km* it by far the m ist pleasant and et <edr.ious, commends it sell to puhlicipatioiiage. Mr Sanderson the proprietor at So merville. has p.ovidea himself wi'h carriages aud horses to ac *AtnntiulaU nviVala ^ *' " ? " ' ? ? ao-l ou 'ea&ouahle u rmi Fur seat* apply tc H D. Hope, Merchants' Hot* I, 41 Courtlanrtt st raaat-nfera from Philadelphia to rtchooley's Mountain will leave Philadelphia at 7o'ef.>ck,A M., by New York railroad line to New Brumwiek. Hp eudid coachea frim thence, arri yi"K atrne mountain early same afternoon. 3 2m?r NKW YOKK. 8CHOOLKY'8 MOUNTAIN k EA8TON. Leive ire loot o( Coartland street, daily (8nudo>s ei<-eptrd) at 80 r.ioek, A. M., by railroad f om Jer'ey city to Momstown, trtence by Poai coaches through Mendhan,,Cheater, Schooley's Mountain, Anderson Town, I'ort ("olden, Wasliinaton, to Kaitou. At WojnmKton. a daily line interaecta to and from Belridere Kor seats ^pply to J. Hill, at J. Patton'a, Commercial Hotel, TJCourtlaud street. N.B.?Kitraa furuish?d at the shortest notiea by applying to N. B. La?e, Unitrd Hiatei Hotel. Morristown. m*ll Jin ec KOCK-AWAY PAVILLI<?\?LONG 1 ISLAND RAILItO\D. M "'"'I Traill* upon thia ro^d leave Brooklyn, flontti Kerry, for J-maica, where eoaehri are in rendi lieu tor that deligh'fsl retort, the Marine Pavillion, ?t the folfciwiug hoar*, rn Half pint 9 A. M.,4 o'clock and half p*?t 6 P M. Returning, leave Jamaica at I A. M.. 12 M. and 5 P M. for New York. Fare to Jamaica.through from Brooklyn to the Pavilion. 75 cent*. ie24 6?#r AKKANUK WENT. HARK. AND ?KMUHT REDUCED. _u I REGULAR MAIL LINK?FOB 1'HOflZ^S?J3?VIX)K.>Cl? AND BOSTON, via HTO>"m' L'- iviiTnM AND MEWPORT-Compoaed ol the following tuperior ateamera, running in connection with the Btoainaion and Boatou and Providence Railroada>? MASSACHUSETTS, Capt Comatock. RHODE ISLAND, Cad I'hayer. PROVIDENCE. NARHAO\N8ETT. MOHEOAN One of which will leave New Yqrk daily (Snmlaya eieepted) from Pier No. 1, Battery Place, N. Hiver, at 5 P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Werfueaday for Stomngtan and Newport, and Kuday for Stoninatou TheVlASSACHCETTS, Captain Comitock.on Tuetday and Tnuraeay for Htomngtau, and Saturday for Sloningtoti, Newport and Providence. Pauengera, on the arrival of the ateamera at Btouington, will be immediately forwarded io the apleudid and comrooHuini 1'nrB itf th# KjiilrniH In Prn?i? ?.! R/utnn .1 for Newport will prareed iu the ateamera on Monday, Wednesday *"d Saturday, and ?u 'he ikterveniiu day*, proceed via btonm?tou Railreml to Providence. and fiom thence m the *?eamer Mat, without ?Dy additional charge. Ticket* for the ronta and (teamen' berth* can be aecared on board, or it the office of HAHNDEN * CO , No t Wallatreet. [T7"On apd after the 10th iuet, freight will not be p ceived ana forwarded \l>er half-pa*t4p M m9 8m* m M DI'?ECTFOR VWPOHT AND PKO ?^;tJs^J*VIDKNOr-AKHIVINO IN TIME FOIl SE^liljE-PAfhENUetirt TO TAKK, THK CAMS t () BOSTON?Fare *1 50?Peck Fare tl?The new, commodioiM aad fait Milling ?te- otoat ( UK I Is PE<;K, Captain Wra H Peck, wi'l leave tli- pur eott *ide ('athnir.e Maiket blip, fca*t Hi?ei, every Mo-.dey, Wedneeday and Fridiy, at 5 o'clock, rT M, For i uaa?e and freight inquire at 2 i South at. np itam. jy7r ^ KAKr. REi'liCEU FOR BKiDoEPOlFt ^i i * NOrtWAl.ll?Lauding at iieiden'a K3uLn?i. Fareto Bridgeport. 25 e*nt?. Pure to Ncrwaik, 12H eta. Fare t? New Hti?en. 75cent*. The I'earnboa: MUTUAL SAFETY leavn Liberty itreet Prrever, morning. S?nd?y e?"?p'ed, ?t (o'clo k, lor Briugeport and Norw^lk, toucn ng at It de i'i Neck, luuomg in cnuneiinn with the Houaatonic Kailroad. lit turnmg, leave Bridgeport at balf-p?t 1 P. M., or on the arrival of the carl. New Haven Line?Suge* l?av- Bridgeport immediately on the arrival of the h?<t The riiatance i* '8 iniie*. with Fue road* and a beautiful country. Fate ( INew Haven 75 ceuta. Ofllce foot ef Libert', ?treet. jyU I in* re URIAH ORPOOH V. Agent. >M llWTItN I ?LAiND FERRY, FOOT fljlH-F-J""''' WHITEHALL oT.?The ttetmbonta 3K3MCK-nTATKN ISLANDER and SAMSON will run aa lullow* until further notice*? Leave NfW Yoik I, 9,10, II, I. S, JX.5. ? 7. Leave Staten Island I, #, 10. II, 1, 2, 4,5. 6. 7. paT* w V?'k *ud Sptteu liland everv hour ou Sundw , " r,SltV?"'#.n ,0 "0" Hamilton, Sunday* eicepied I.e^ve Fort Hamilton 7}( A. M., returning Irem New York l\ r M ill r j|?4?i/'aL INfcWAKH ANU NEW ToRK-?art '-*" ? The *t Undid iie.ioiet StiJS*. PAS8A1C, after June 5th, will ma a* folIowa 8? Leave the foot of Bnrrlay *treet, New York, it 10 A M , and 4 P. M. Leave* the foot of Centra itreet. Newark, at 7X A.M., and P. M. I he acrommodatiima both for paaaenger* and freight have | ire"i?hi r'?me<i M eery low ratee. *l?amr SEaJbLl^LANDi1 M nod 8A\iftON will ran eyery day <Sund.ty mceptedl durum the in on, u louowt;-. L??ft Kort Hamilton at 7H A M. i\nd 4 < P. M. N?>> York, Whitehall Dock, at P M. Thi? arrai?t<ement inay b. relied on u permanent, aa ita ?on tinnanrr will not dei-end on mi contingency j 13 Imr JBmi UOOl A.>-> Tn^nrsrcranr JOHN KKAUY respectfully luforme hia(rien<t> ' iTThe pat>iie. that ha haa com.nenceo hnaioeaa in the above line, at No. <H Naaaan atreat, where ha will thankfully receive and faithfully eieeoi-, all ordara ha way be lernrerf with be nmat reeaonable taraaa,lar *a?S> I w tr0 SW VORK. THURSDAY BYTHE PRESIDENT <>F THE UNITED STATES. IN Parnninc* of law, I, JOHN TYLKK, I'reiident of th? 1 Unite' Srarr? ol Au.ernut, do hereby drcltre ?u< nun* known, ih-it i uhlic ?*1> will ?r helil nt iho iiuuetmeDtioned L->?d Office* iu the Sute of Iltinuu, at ihe peiioi'ii hereinaflt r dei i'iiMcd 10 wi A.t thr Laud OflW at l.'itou, commencing oil Monday, the ti'ir.leth ?l*y iA October uext, lor the di?po>al ol lh' public land* within f e and. rmriiu iurd towuiln,* Atid pari* of town to wu?" North of (he bite line, and Kut of the third principal meridian. Towmhip thir'y-i'*, thirtt-?ev-n, thitiw.ght, thirty-oiue, forty, forM-f ur and forty ? ' ol raugr nut-. 1'owDshi'i* thirty-tii, thiriy-ievcn, thirty-eight, thirty-uiae, forty, and forty ou?, xlraure two. Towuihipi thirty ie?eu, ihiiiy-ciuht, thirty-oiue, forty, an! foity-oiie of rune three. Toe to'ilh eait quarter of nectiou fourteen, and th? ?r>uthwrit '1'iailer of iecti?u ;wmty-four, iu townihip thirty three of ran-'r one 'I'lu <> uthwit i)u*.rler of lection two, in townihip .hirtjthr?r, of range three. The ea>t ha I * of the uoith rait quarter of ircliou twenty one, niid 'he ?r?t half of the no'lhwmi'juarttr of tectum twentytwo. in towuihip ihir'vsii ofrsnttr three The west halrol the norli???l qntrte. of lection twenty one in townihin thirty ?ur. north of the bate line, of range one. Writ of the third principal mendian The rail Taction of the noathwetl fra?' ional gnarter of ?ee1 tiou twenty " nr, (011 the rait onle of K?ck river,) in towi ihip forty-three, of raiwe "nr. eait. I Notch of the baie line, and tCait of the fourth principal me ridian. Tfiwialitii .iak,.un nf ....a. Townships eighteen, tweuiy-fonr, and twenty lire,of rang" three. Townships eighteeu, nineteen, twenty-four, twenty-'ive.aud twenty hi, of range lour. Towuktups eighteen, nineteen, twenty-four, twenty-fife,anil twrny-sii of1hum** five To ?uship twenty two of '*nge six Towuthip lw?iity-lhre*. of i?uge seven. The uoiilieasi qutrier ol section thirty, tu township eighteen *f ii.ige one. The north-east quarter of stctiuD thirteen, in towuship nin?teeu. 01 range one. 'I'hi' uo'tueim fractional quar'er of section thirty four, in trwuship twenty-oil*, o ra-ge two. The rati half uf the uouhrasi quarter of section eighteen, in township twentvti ree, of range lou . Ti.e vast half of the s utheass quarter of section township twenty-one, ol range seven The wesi lull of the northwest fractional quarter of section five, in township twentT-OLe, ol range nine. The southwest qa ?rler of seciion tr?e, and the southeast quarter of secti> a thirteen, ui township twenty-two, of range aine. The west half of thn northeast quarter of section thirteen, in towuship tweniy-thrte.of range nine The weii hall of tne outhwest qu trier of section twenty, in townshio fifueu. *ni' the east hull ol ih? sonro-wesf nimrtnt of se-'ion twelve, iu township tweuiy-eight, of ran*et?n The norihest quarter of lection thrr e; welt halves of sections ix and srven; south half of section tle?eu; ?orih nail and i 'i I*.writ jiii. in ol tectum fourteen; cut hmf of icctiun 11111 ? i.; fast ralf of sectiou leveuteen ; writ halves of leciiom eiKht-eu anil nineteen ; north nalvei of sic iom twin y one >ud tw uiv-cne ; louth haivei and uo thwnt quarters ?f sections thirty aud thirtv-out ; louth h. .11 uud northeut quarter of lectisu thirty-two; south half end north-wcit quarter of seen iu thirty three; aud the soutnwest quarter ol lection thiny-four, iu township thirteen. The north linlrts of lei limit oue to lii, i elusive, loumweit qu nor of seuion six; writ Inlviiof mcCioui irveu, cm'.tern, nineteen thirty, and thirtvotie, .<nd the nortti-weit uorter ol sect.o i tw-ntv three, iu township found u of ranpe four. Sectioni three, ten, fourteen, fifteen, and twenty-five; north halves of irctinui one, two. lour, fi e six. seven, twenty-one, twenty two, tnd twentl-fiur; loutti halv?i of >e tiou> eikhl and twei.'y-three; weit ha vei of sections eii(htcen, uineteen, Hurt', and thirtv-oue; ioitih-we>t quiKeri ofiectioninx.ieven aid twent>-folir; soil'heast quarteis ol irctioui lour twenty, and iweiiiy-twc; norhweii quarter" of section r| Ten, and nor heuit iiuarter of lection thirty-three, in township fourteen, ofrauge iix. North of the brie line, and Weit of the fourth principal meridian Townshp fifteen; the cait part of an island in liock liver, in s?c iou thiuern; alio fractional sections eighteen ana nineteen, in towuihip seientsen, el range two. Kr>-ctinnal sections uine'cni anil twenty-one ; writ hall of fractional strtion tweut -two; noith half ^1 section twentyfire; hall ol uorthe lit qWUWf ot sictrou tweuty-m; st.nth halves of sectioi.i iwenty-n vrn and twenty-?ig:it, and n nthwen q.arter of section iweulv-*i|(ht ; uoitti half section thirty ; northeast quarter, south-west quaiter, uor'h h-ll of u?rthw?it quarter, and we.t half of io?thrait qiarter of lectiou thirty-one ; section thirty-two, evcept the v.est half of lhenonh*eit quarter; lectioui twenty-nine, thiriy-three, and thirty-four, snd the well half of the north-west quarter of section thirty-lire, in township leventeen ol range three. Fraction <1 sectioni twenty-one to thirty two, inclusive, and section inirty-tw-e, id towusnip levvuteruoi range K ui Hart .? ' an i .14 .1 iu Hip Mississippi river, in st^tiou 'iiree, iu (4 wn?hip frfteen; fraction*! sections i nt, tw>, eleveu,fourteen, tw?u'y two,, iwentv-seveii *ud thiriy-ioar. iu i4 wnship sixteen; and the fractional section Uuily-six.iu the lr?c ttona township i4-v?ntcti!ii| ranite sn. At ih? Lidu Otlice a Chicago,c?nnnencinK on N.ondny. the twent) Trlh iIa o' S |it? mbei next, lor the dispes *1 of the put^ lie tantih hereinafter desiiiuMvd. to wjt ? Nortrol the bat*- line, a<.d K\?t of third rriucii>al nteridian. Kra tiuual township* thirty-one and ihiity-lwo, bordering od the Iniliina Nta e inr.ol rank' fifteen The rati f-aeuou of the si-uthieaat quarter :>f section six, iu township 'hirtj-three ol rau. a fonr. Tl'eeist half nu.i norhwest qu.rterofthe north eaat qnvler of aection livre and the north half i.f the uorth west q ? 'rter of the Mine secti n. in township thirty-mue, ol range r>-he. I The eaa! hilf of the southeast (ja.-.ttr of lection fifteen, in IOW4 ship fottv-thre-, of range eleven 'I he ut>rihweat quarter ol section twelve, iu township forty, of ranse thirteati At th? Land Office at Danville. com-net.eing on Monday, the second day of October ueit, ft>r the dup1" 1 ol the jiublic I ai ds within the lim>ta of fraenonal towi.ahips twau y-eight.tweutynine, and thirty, north of tne case line, of raute teu, wett of the tre nd principal meri<iiin. At'he Lari>i Office at Knskaskia, commencing on Mon'lav, ih* sixteenth d-y of October Uelt, for the disposal of the public lauda w.thin the liaiita of the southeast qm ter of section thirty-three, and the aouthweat fra-'i -nal qu trier oi the >a ue aection, on i<land tweiit?-f4>ur in the Mississippi river, id townah'p thir'eeu, sou h, ol range thier w at Atthr Land Office nt K<| w* rdiville, c mm-ncing on Momlay, the ninth tuy of October net , for the diapotalol ihe public la"di within the limit* ?l friction*! section* tin v-ne and thirty two, in tiwuah p sn uorih, of ranee iea xest, aud lm?ti >n il section 4 wentv township six norm,of range tle? < n west, constituting islands numbered sixty and stxty-ons, in the Al tie Land ( (Tit at Qaiory, coir>in*?icinK on Monday, the twenty third d*y uf October nnt, for .he di*|io?il ot ilir puDlic land* witnin ih- limits ol tie uudr im<n(io..ed tracts, viz:? noun of the base line, aid East of the fourth piinopal meridian. The north halt and soatheast quarter of section twenty-three, n township foar, of ange three The northwest quarter of section Iweuty-two, in township (even, ol'taige seven Lauds appropriated by Isw for the n?r of schools, military,or othrr pmpose-, will r?e ricludtd liom sale. Tne sales wilt each he kei t open lor .wo weeks, (unless tfca lands are soouer disposed of) and n? longer: and no private en tries of land, in the twuships so offered, will be annulled an il after the miratiou of the two weeks. Qtven under my baud a', the Cily of Wa?hi: *ton, this eiihth day of June, Anno Domini IM3. JOliN TYlEK. By the {'resident: THO. Ii. BLAKE, Commissionei of the General Land Office. NOTICE TO PHE EMPTION CLAIMANTS. Every person en itled lo the rigktnf pre-emptmn to any lands wthin 'he limit* of the townships above enumeral"', if te quired tn establish (he same lo the ??f sfai tiou ol ihe Ref later and Receiver of the proper la d rffi.-e, an" in ke pa. men thcre'ar as aoon as practicable after seeiag this no>ice, and bef 're Ihe day appointed fjr the commencement >f the pu <iic sale ol the 'owtuhip, embracing ihe tract claimed, above desi|ualed; otheiwisr suck claim will be forieiied THO, H BLAKE, Commissioner of (he Oeueral Laud o.Ace. ie2< ltaw to 16Qc r ' Of'EKATIVE BIJBOEV OF THE ttVK, gqa -tiu?, CatiMctd se*ies of the Luis, and Srmcil t eaim nt of ihe sys:e,n generally, at No 5 Merc*r it. Wit in the past I] \ea's Dr. has been appointed Surgeon tn he Deaf and Dumn As\ loin, and House of Refuse, he has performed the < per?tio>i forsqui'iliug on 3*^ pe'Soos. I( is nmduc.ive of litl e and ue e fills, if properly performed?'he eye heroming iii.tiotlr str ight. IV D reiers to the Vayor and Sheriff of New Yora, ihe Kev FVi* Vaiela. Hon Judah Hammond, J^s H Har', V. n. A D Hrnww M O PIMPLES. EKECKLK8 fc-.?CHURCH'S VEOfcTAh L f LOTI N t r re mot lug pim, tan, sci.rbu.ic an" citineoas eruptions < f everv description. The use rfthis Lniitin for a snort time will transform the meat sallow < ompleiion into a radiant whiteness renders harsh and rough skin beau i'ully >olt, smooth, and even impa'ts to the lace a healihy ana juvenile bloom. Sold in bottles at 7J cents etch, at C huich's Diipeuaarv, 1M Bowery, corner of aprin<st. jvl i Im md'm UR. THOMAS' SPECIFIC PJLLS YI^HEN so many are rafTering in c lus-q ieuce of a ce-taiti ' delieate disetse remaining a long time nurnted, ii berntues ve?y im.jort.nt t? oht\in a remedy that e*n always be depended upon, 10 remote such complaint from ihe system aoou ennu. 11 to pre vnt the roatihtltv >1 i leaving hot Weak urn, nrbilitv.or incurable fractional deraugemci.t is the parti atfereilIi K?> long been n antjeet rf aerioui coniideration with the m dotal facnl'y to di<i over Mime im-d cine orcomhma'ion of uwd-cinei, that wcu<d never fail to rtmove tt once the |>ain ti<1 i fl imiDfitiOD, aud ni the lame tun' aci a* a ap. ciic in removing ib' firat cauiea of rll this unna'nrai and riia-aaed ac turn in ihe, organa anhject to thu rompia-nl. Tie peculiar ttucture and otganixaliou of the pata, iruder it very iwpor taut that the medicine naed ti -eitore them ahould cuimd uoihinK liable to d> irju y, by tinply removj g the etternal of fiaeaae, he I ^ re the diaeiie itaelf la entirely removed f">m the ?v?t>tn, and thua loll the fean of the patient 11 to fanci d aecnty.tohe awakened at aoine lutnre ear to the a arming c naopenaea that follow too an ely inch a ccurae ol treatmeut. Dr. I'hnmaa'i *<pee A Pills will ipeedily and lately cure the moar comi licated and arve e eaaea of 'lua d aeaae t y removing ihr drat cana? iron tie a>atrai, aid at the aim* litre gently aiimnlatin* ihe or ana to a natural and healthy action. Any one nccuatoined (o "lie long and tediona. aa well as unple>?atn< courae rrquired with other remediea,will be aatoniah I 10 find their tomplaiut pleaa -n'ly aod aafriy reinoed <n a very >h irttiine. a. d the ayilem re?rored 10 perfectaud oatnral a t>on, nit liable to be distnrbed by ihe weakueaa and delnlny anally left alter the oeeur-enee of (tiia compliint Ageuu ai 79 r u'ton at, cor tao'd; 77 Kait Broadway, cor Market at, an-i *73 Br< a'lway, cor ' hnmherat. I'nei- $1 j ag I m?r TO MANUFACTUHEH8 AND DKAI.KKA IN M WOOLLK.?S ? Hen, . Ylifeun, Kiniiher of Clothi. < ianmerea, Hatmetu, lie . Corner ot Laivht aud Wa?hi, gtou it., >. Y , reapectlully lufonua the maiuifactu'era and drale'a in woollens, thai hia eiubi'ahment la now in ncceaaful opera tion, aad that he ii prepared to eircate with prompt' en all order* hi hn line hit may be eonfidad to him. Hpecimeiii ?f hia ?<> Uinanaliip may be aeen o i appliratioD to th- (tenlie ton wiiM - nauiea are annei d and to whom he naa liberty to relet. He alio re'era to the |..Mowing rema hi uptn hi* workman hip at the Kaintthe American I latilute. THr. MOLD MKUAL hai been awarded to H. MUeon, tor t?e moat beautifully AnUb*4Clothe U MinmilM rt tiueiti dupayed at the late enifcitiooi the Iriautute lia?e tutu mime tkeir teatiiunny to (lie |>er'?cii?D of thr att, l>v w irh Vlr hn t ni mi ntnl one of thr moat im|c"taiil aonreei of ihe m*Mif?ciliriiiK wealth of the United Hutea, by addiox, at a vary trillion coat, from i?n to fifteen tet cent o the *a>nr of I lie c'oiht aabmnted to hia pmceaanf tiiuihing a?d pfrpmUO". The brilliant fitiiih and .ilky into ttinen of the elntha thna ere > ir. d, mac. laiialy every on# who will et*rain<-thrm, ol th? feat aupciio ity ot the proeraa utnaed In Mr Migr >u Maii?f?c;ar- ra atid im i*>rte ? will d > well to acquaint ihemielfea oy pirioual elimination v. Ith the meiit ol h a in'ehtiou Ord. ra m iy Im Idlat Net Sluni'it ' ine it. UCKKRSNClCH. HaHieJ, Hanieik Co . 31 Naaaau it. Lambert It WinCOU, ! Pineal. W. O. Uauiila v * Co., M I'ineit. Wilaon, Bntlri Ik o.. 37|Wiliinai >u I). iirngtiaai. W> Pin* at. '?? lan*r RE E MOJINUNU. JULY 27, 18 A KAKE CHANCE. FOR S%LO?A Porter Houae, hi no? oi th? bfit iitoatioiii I ii ritv kiinwti im i> ? h'.n?t Kivrr Coffee HourC, 111 I Mouth ttrsct. with all the futures attached thereto, vi*. mrand omtinenu ahuffleboard (muter cover) lilH, trABSpa' JDCiaa, There It *lt<? attached t> the hoaae eijh ??in IkikImI1 )i> ^,,r" n<shed lodmtuj rooms . the whole wi'l he disposed -t < '** to^ahle valu mm. The houte i< it present doinit au efe'lent butiness, bat 'he health of its pr-tent p oprietor unl urgent basinets at the Bi ?th, ? the r? iton for hi* ?vi:itins a cnttoine'. Tr.e Kattern B -In nrtivr >pnot*te the door ; 'he vtriout lineiol l,otidii, Liverpool, Ne # Orlr'nt ad <?her p ck"lt are in '!? im: iedi?ie licmity, aau l*>- k'nllon Marcel, t>ue bloc* below. To my one with nit to engage in the butm*** an opportunity it offered worth looi i ik *t>-r. Ko fimh r particulars, rnqtire of A, H HUHMS I'l Hon'ht're.r i--r LlONFEOTIO NhKY. (5:!KAMS, ICE*1, JE LIES, &c. &c. &c. WHOMlHalK AND KP.ralL. ?t Hedged I'nces at 73 Canul street ? JO-iN BKA.i)ri\, the well known proprietor of ihe th Vf old ei'sbliihmentlor th* la? leu yens, erilefol for the pit ou-itfe h ill rto r-C'ived I om hii illetidt, uu i deiirout to >ti?rit a con'.iiu luce of it, ret,*ict folly inform* [h< ui and the public xeueral y tt at he m now ready to supp y families rud iWlert in th? city and eooniry, wi h Confectionery, in all it? bra iche*. in inch quantities a? they b? pleated to o'der, always provided they ueep within the bouuds ol possibility. '< he e?tcnt md elentnee of hit Spinous for the reception o' coiup-Jiy, to which it ?tuched t privite .-tloon (dp it"ir<? e?prettl i foi the ute of families 'ovet ier?itn the acknowledged su e'iuritv of hit ''ie?mt, Jellies, Ices Confectiuneiy, and refiet,ini*"tt generally are too well kuiwn and t o generally apu'i 'iated to require commendation b> advertisement rtv intiniaiuiiif lor hii mtanlith e<it Hir tuu". lor reruntion which he bit ai ir??r.' ptint ?nd eipeme biiili no f r it, he I ope, to tecnie a con inuauc* 01 ihe ei'ensive pU'on?ue Ic ha heie'o ore h?en I .v.,n ?<l with, ^ud cive he tame univerial sal f Cti 'ii -o *1' who I vor "iwi with their cuitoin. Creams Jelliet, >ud Icet in forma, at 6a i?e? qnart. Order* aent 10 any p?rl of the city liee ol expense. jy 9 lai*ci I). M. PEYsJEK. flc CO.. ^t) U# 'Vilhnmttr*e\ comer ol J"nnt're?t, andMF Mro?< i* w ly. have received, by itc lit arr vili, an ea'eusiva ,U|<ply of tne following MNCV IIUOUH, whicu werr> carefuWy se!ecte?l hy a comi>eteut pertou at Pant, Benin. He . 2Hil which they olfrr lor aale, in wholeiale an?lreidii. < u liberal terma, tii Bei Imi Zephyr aud Derman Wwnttd?the moat complete aaaortmeut Berlin Embroidery Pattern*?t choice lel-ction. Canvjtt for Mnh oidery, of eottou, worat?d, linen, ::!h, gold and silver, of all widtiii andqaalitlM. Silh Chenille, for embroidery, tinniniuR nud (lower makin<r. Purse Twist, Uerinan, Kreuch aud Kiiuli.h, plain nnd ah<d (I, in skeins, atickt, *nj on tnoo's. Kl ?( ">ilk lor Ktnb.oidrry an ! Fruits intkers, in skeins and on spoola tin?|w.Mien, superbly embroidered, aud Suspender Trimtni'ui O.'ld, Silver an 1 Steel Brads, in a'l Not. Mothe' i)l PMrl, Olid, Silner nnd Steel Parse Oruament?. (J ild mid Silver t ringe, Ur*id, Cord, 'l wist, Thread and Taitel*. Embroidery Frames, and a vari<ty of diffirent Fancy Articles. Artificial Flowers?a chocc nelen'ion FriUK's, ol cotton, worsted >iud silk, imported aud domestic. Oimpi, Tassels, Buttons and all other km J uf tri'nmiou. }?IT Vn*-o \VM. T. JENNINGS fe CO., " DRAPERS AND TAILWH8, >2\ Broadwiy, Amciican Hotel, opposite the Fouii ai-i, solicit att B'iou iom> ?sow* ment of s.nsooable Koods, incIndiiiK < loths, Cnsiimeres, V??tiu. s.kc., ki ?'l toe new nml Virions styles, amler the hsmvaucf th u the system ol "sru'll prufiss aud quick leturun," which h ?s elicited so liberal a iiafoimise, will h continued, while our ar augments tie inch as will enable ns to fill all orders iu ntUt with promptness A feature in the establishui nf, ^hleli must command it to those rrquiriuv articles for immediate ui?, it the "dlitionto our stock ol' mi assortment of nrst quality ready made Uiriiienta, consisting of Junius, Frocks, DrrssCoati, P-intalooni, Ve-'a, Office Coats, TrivellinK Frocks, Dressim; O iwus, Stc. A eilOici* trl CIIOQ 01 8ilk and "'aliii ricirfi, I'-nnti, H?ndk-icliieft, (gloves, Suspenders, Hosiery, Uua?r *h'Nit Drawer*, Mualin 8 lirts, o||a>? lie. At p'icn which mast offer inducement! to pa rhaien. jy?< 3m*rc LL WHO Wavi' miul), VAiHIUMaUlc. cheap OA ITS.MS are iavi ed to cal: at WaLKKK'i celebrated tflipitw, ?I9 Broadway, d irth weit c n*t of Caual n.reei Uooii city man* y altera, htiiktui, tiea niH slippers at prices (0 prr rent. I'ta thin ever before offered AUo, gent*' l>o??' ami children'^ fin* K each and native calfd'ett l oota cheapen you ever f.w; <lo dotfeuts, Coy*' aLid ihi drill's quarter bum, Bairen au'l dr ?> short tlto, the (re ateat variety of all the different kind* tor family use, to. numerous to euu<aerat?. All wnowtot iiiv of ihe *bnvt .nuclei, are invi'td to call at WAI-KKK'S Cheap ttoot and Shoe Store, 4 IS btrndw y, north wist mrner '-ana' ?t iyn in'-n KU ITONS. PATENT AOA.TIC BUTTON OfcP??T, PiTOIOI, Nl.w Jkrikt. 'iHUo PKO?9?LK, jy8S lm*r p" en'ee. r<> tIi lok s. WH. ST' MEMKTS i*?'? le ?e to announce to the Trade I tat r i? n-w a id c >mple"e ?v?t-m fur I a"im (Jarmrn't ol eve ^ Jeicipnon, it now r>uhluh*ri and ready for tieliverr It would h.e i/npoati'lle in the to in o' an ?dverti?eineut, t" con vey an -n*->i|u v? Idea ? e ezien' >ud ni'litt of the wck; tin' for Ihe information i f thine who ha?e uot heen *pp;i>td o in riibiication,it maybe io >per to tare, that it it (he n-tnlt of muiy yi ars irmly. ided nr aneiteusive and fissionable iractice The fav -table opi-nou eater a'ned by the riad - iu general of the audoi'a abili ie? ir< c n >? <he btceiaity of tatinu more than th/t it has aire dr lece-vtd ihe amyo'-atinn of ihe moil m nent in t > pro canon. It it entirely free from all nitric ciei, ei'txr in the adiiieamremeutt or in the d af.mii. The bo-ik ro .laipt Seveu'een f\rr int P atet, i m<<r?<:iuK ?a no.ny d Ifrretit k nit if Uaimeo't. am?nc whi. h are Krociand D'eis Con-. OI vaiiout sty 'et 41 d sins; lao, (he S rtoa', * ck i ?o*t, r>> ch P^'int, Oriental t-osi Uniforms; ill 'he ?*ii tit stylei of Waistcoats L iditt' KiUiib H hi i; tfieeehea 'nd ania loom i f i v.iry lieacri; tion; ttillhtf Jt lh Ueneral Kema *? auit Int.ruction* ielati?e to th? v.irirut lorun or <iiiprnpi>tioni, by ahieh thoie of ev?n moderate capacity will he enabled to apply the lynem w th incceia, and a' the aame tim? ayi i.l ihoae difficulties ' h i h neceawillr accompany a I inymfic .tion I au A't The whole formiwi a neat b utid yolnm? f bom fifteen in. het tqoare; <nd Ihe ttv'e in a hi h it it not up. at a i.^cimen of Ar , is pertiati. u ieqaaliei1. The worx cau be ob.ained on at l'..i . ...... . , . ik?.. ( . .1... .,... the stoie c tu be forwar.ied tu any part o the u lined Swte* jyiiS H*r UA8H TAILORING E3TABWSHM KN I. >J FH LLII'S, Merchant Tailor, (late of 7 Aator lloaar, Oa Hr?adway,l impreued with the uec--anty of aieetijkf Che engeucy of the tune* by ihe "triuction ol hia puces, and rinding 11 impottrhle to do to while itthject 10 the aurwooi outlay* tiro oway location nerestarily lacara, hat determined ou tin oalv wi to effect this?without disparagement to thr -inality or hi* trartnenu; he Sa?, therefore, reinored hi* establishment toj 136 .nA^SaU 81 KEKT, corner of Beekman, when ge itlemen can now be supplied at a deduction of ten r>er cent frna hi-former low price*. 'I'he following i* submitted merely is a specimen of the foregoing assertion ? Superhuf Coat*, ina.^e in the heat style, from tli to $11 Kitra do, o! the fin??t quality, II to 23 ChMlie Vea-a, 2 TS rt. P hegi leave,in conclusion, to observe, the above article* may be relied ou, iu >11 resect*, to be of the dm geuuint fe*enptiou,<iid lower than aur other home furnishing the *ame imitv of anie'et il Imr GKM I.KVI '.N AVI) l.^'l' ()>>' WAhl) ttOB?.?Orutletnen or fajiilut drairo'i* of convert ug heir left off area-iugapparel into ca-h. can obtain for Lhe aame the highest cash price To fauii i>* nd gentlemen quitting the city, or changing raaiaence, haviav any ?H|.eirt*ous effeeta to dispose of, will find it much to cher .idvanuge to a??d In the ub<erioer who will attend ihem at their realoeure hy appoi..tmr> t. H LfcVETT, No 6 John *t *nd 144 Varickat, Mew York. A line through the p.. it olHce, or otherwise, will receive pro art %'teat on. Clot'img cleaned, altered "tid reoairrd. jyT 1m*ee SHIK.T >1A .N U f aCI'O It Y, ANJ OK.nTLKMEN'H fURMHHl:M? -TORE, CQ MAIDEN LANE?Jntt received the l?:e?t and mnit approved Fr-nch pattern thirl.. A general aiaortnieirt of aniri*. ui.der garment , honery, cravat*, haiiiikerciuefg, *0. Khirti atiu under gai Went* made ut> to urdtr and impaired it thort notice. Kor *ala 100 000 tkeint bl<ck and i?nt d>e* tawlag 'ilk. W.V1. COLLI V!?. > *1 V.<fr9 r ClKOiU'- WAK.B-UAI^ m?l Ik?. l?N J UI A RUBBER HOSE i* nonlideutly recommended for any pnrpoaea for which leather i* ated, and it warranted to poeaeat the following pr perties r? lit. It i* rerfecily tight under presgure of the Croton. 2d It i* made of the urongest fabric*, and will not mildtw to injure in the leut.aud regnirea no attention. Jrd It ia not Jrairuyed by coming in contact with oil or gTeaae, nor au.'tened hy eld weather, nor can the mbber de compote, a* ilinLf artielea are in no case used. Hhould the Uait cnmnl lint he made of the Hose Oft ooaaea. in* the aboaa properties, it will r?e takec back, at hot lime ra- | aide n< an month* (rom i* porchaae, end other giv?n in ei change without charge 4ih. Coo|>liun and jet p'pai will be attached without chaise. Buyer* will note that we are clearly satisfied thai thil hose ( i e |ir?fii(i| making #hich unknown toauv other in the trade) ts mat the article It -ng wanted (or Ira.ling *?ater ?ud many other liquids. HOKACK H. DAY, 117 HB* r ^Meeee?lT to It'***'-!** I It f H Ma-nent "GrtEAf IMPKOVKMt.NT IN FRICTION MATCHES. A| NEW AKTI'.'.K Or MA I CHE^, without brimstone or auy other offensive <] inliry, and actually waterproof, his lately heiD patented by leriers puetjt ol the United *tatcs in favor nl the inventor W K Ashard, and are n >w imnutacturf d and offered to the pobl ic by he pro< rie'ors "f said parent Bieecfcer attest. New Vor* wh> re all who with to purchase good notches aie lU't'ed to call anl prove them And aM ,* <na wnateter are hereby notif.ed of the aaid patent ami warned not to violate or infringe upou th? mine in a.iy manner, leat ihey m^ttr the pen'lMea ot Ih- law iu ?neh ca?ea 1 hr?a matches u He Willi e ite an I cer ami* in a I wealiiMs and climates, and barn witl a brilliant flame; aiH if placed in a vertical position, will onttu'io to luru 0114 en ngh t aeal several letteri with w<u l'h - m?y lay im.nerted in wat<-< lor houn and <lavs, 111J it it believed evii for weeks and when taken out nnd diitil, "ill ignite atnl Burn it hetore. Tbree qnO'ti's of t .esa march's are rnioc m i aold aa above, namely? No I, Kl'ra anil Perfame.l Tiv* Inner are agreenb'v scented aatl At <or Indies' toilets KiporMra, stjar imokert. i.onsikeenera, aud all wh > us- tn itches, Will readi y perceive h -w decided the adv nt?ge possessed hr these over a>t Others. Ordeis and tv mmnniCMioui t ? hp iddress*dti ti UOVVfcN, \o .ti rtleeckent jyJI lm*r Agent fny the Pnea'eei and M <nufvrurer?. ???a,, 1 PIIL* III r 1 j iv irib runiiio. J. 1 (V, \ TO lV.0r.-Mr KHANCM K. ' HUMP, Waith I r |)lu' ' M?k> f, III Wt*tI auee'., (?ni to iti'onn hn frirurii I I nid ihe public, thai iimeiieiiJeut Ol' |ht- watrn buti ? ?. hr n I v replied M ii. ?*e AdTAOffi in -m:i, nn 40.<1 inn tiirei wvenn, ! s <liMniind>. iiliri i<-? ?rtt?, i|?>ou?, foik?, aud run df? m>tn.n >f liitld or ail?er ill snv ahupe, idi? idad lor 1 mint-ili ate sale. n 1 (iii 1.1 an? Aiminut pud lor old Hold mid ailTer. Waichei ol ( deacn>tiou rtpmred ? I w.irrauted .. MOim ?el~ Im*f W ATCHh i? ihr UrtrtI Hid mini ipipulil <mui(OI>di of . Wnlchra 111 the city, u "> ** luiml at the uh?cnf>?r'?.? ' \i he ii enlist ulty receiTiim all dean , unna o( (told mo - liver W^tchrt, of the 11-wnat at>le^ direci irom tha mai o ? l.\ctirer? ill ItoKlaud. K'lnre aud *wit*ert?ad, hr 11 en- ' nibifJ tsoft' ? '-uner aainrtmeot, aud at miieh le?a pncM, a fl itutil than my oinei home iu the'it* <>old watchea \a lu* <1 ? |)t to ft) e?.'!i W1 tchea ,ui<l lewrellery eichanged m fl nought Ail n.'tc.iea warraut-d 10 keep good time, ot th? " moo*T rcarnei'- , .. . t Walehet. cleeka ao-l > eellerr isixirad m the best man aer Hid warranted lower than at anr other plnee id the city. U O. ALUf. S, importer ol watehe? ?it* lewellerr, r ifl lm?i Whole**'* and retail. M Walt atreet. np stain I [ERA 43. City Intelligence. Ca?b or Ch*iiti*4 Oilmou*.?Thi? Scotch woman, wholfi cam hat tjicilnl no much intereat, brought before Recorder Tillmadge in the Court Boom of the General Seiiiona yeiterdny morning on a writ ol njbi aa corptia iaiii>*<! by her Coi<na>-l. Alter ?ome con*erantional argument by the legal (pntUmcn on both which a rerjueat w*? ri2?d? by one of her Counael for the poatpnnenaent of n rfeciainn til' Recorder until there turn of Mr. Warner from Waahingtotl, Recorder TallIftadge decided that the accuaed being committed by a United State* officer having magtaterial power,ha in hit capacity ax a state officer, ha I no pow< r or Juriadiction in the cane He therefore ordered her to be remanded to the Cuatody of the United States Marshal. In alluding to the granting of tho writ of habeaa corptia the Recorder remar ' that he woul<l take occailon to atate that a re'uaal on hin part to grant auch writ on the ittUavitu preaentad to him would have rendered him aubject to penalty of <1000, which i? the fine impoaed for auch refuaal, in accordance with the lawa of our State. Thia (act we publiah to correct the erroneoua atatamentathat have b?en made by a portion of the pr.ii* relative to tholaauingof the writ. Mo?t M)likch?lt' Accmiwr %n accident of the mn?t diatreaaing nature occu red at the anilth ??*t aide of the lat Avenue and Second atreeta. whereby on" man. D iitiii Conroy, wa< killed almost inatantaneouaiy, and t.vo others, Andrew Learv and I'atrlck Kevin*, ao aevere ly injured, that but very alight hop- a a"* untertalned lor their recovery. The acci'ent occurred thua? maater builder, named Longntreut, ? a? erecting a three atory brick houseon the comer ot ?Md atreet? lor a Mr M?rne, and the building ha I reached to the third stary. The front on Avenuo A, was inmn conraea lower than that fronting on Second atreet, and threw men were employed ta tend the mnaon working on that aide. They had ju?t 'turned from their dinmra, and with their hod* II ascended the ladder and dumped on the acaffold ench hialond. Thia brought the thrae together on the acaffoldiog, which waa a horae raiaed on the ledger ac.affold uaed in building the aecond atorv The weight waa too much, and the ledger pole, a alight dry pine apar. gave wav, precipitating the acaltolda, nricka, mortar, and the three unfortunate hodmen to th? area below, con founding all tog 'thei in n moat unfightly manner. The ma?on who waa working on the aame acartoldine at the farther edge, he ring >he cr <ah, th'ew himielt acroa* the wall, and thua aaveit him'elf Irum being mingled among the man On removing the bodiea Irom the heap of tim her*, brink*, and niofer, Conroy was all hut dead ; Leary had hi* legs iractured, and the hack o< Kevins appeared broken in two Tho?e who witnessed the scene described it an most agonizing Doctor* Arch?T, Billings and Harlow were instantly summoned, and hy thi ir directions the torn hodies were carried to the city hospital, where they now remain To day the coroner will hold an inqiest on the body of Conroy, and If upon the evidence givan before the Jury such ((round* for blame a* w>< think <?xists, he shown, we have every confidence that that will charge the Jury upon their pow -? as will io stamp the conduct of those in fault, that in fi'ture masons or master builders will be morn cautious in the disposal of workmen's live* We learn that the dav previous three workmen employed at the same huil ding refused to peril their lives on the same scaffold, and were in consequence discharged. AcDiorfiTsi-i.v Duowstn -A vonng lad aged about fourteen years, son of Captain O'orge Hartwick, of the schooner " Elizabeth," was accidentally drowned en Monday afternoon, while sculling a small boat up the rirer to procure Iresh wa'er for the vessel which lay at her moorings at the Tarry town Dock. The father, alarmed at not seeing his hor re'urn at the proper time. n*?n? lr? nii*a? of l..m art A f, start.I ihti hnat (WnmilPil OnH the hov'a hat floating on 'he water, which evinaed the misfortune that had happen)))]. Kflorta were made to re. cover the hn Iv that evpnin r, bu' to n? ptl'pnae; hu? the father succeeded the ne*t morning, and immediately brought it to the c>ty, where an inqueat was held on I*. Verdict, accidentally drowned. Thi> Touch OoMf Ansix? Another victim to the mor cilesj pilterirpa of those miscreants who live on the wages of intamv and pollution ?Yesterday a voting Em"raider named Oe^rge Halfio, who ha? bnt recentlv tanil'4 on our shore*. *a? en'ieed by a eirl nnmel Mary Conrk lin in'o "a to^c.h house," at No 33 Leonard ?t , and was there robbed of ?verv cent he possessed, not leaving him enough to get a breakfast with. Hi? story i? tha' after thev entered the hedroom.he retired first, and the girl, in order as ?h? sai I, t? prevent ?nv per?on fr m dfs covering him, let down th? curtains, which wrr>- 'hick and verv clo?e?she laid his gar-rents upon a rhair out. aide the foot of the bed. and than blew on' the candle ? * 'm* ten minntea af'?r, ahe le<> the room, nn ter some pretence, and did not re'urn Halpin think* he heard a rap at the door, or a signal before ?he left him He got up how <r. dressed himself, and found his purse containing t 41? in sovereign, silver and btlla, musing. He secured 'he services of Welsh, who deal red him to keep p->*s. ?a on of the room until some person came; and then to call in the watch. This'he lad did and about flven'clock the nevt morninv 'he girl came with a cart to remove her fumitii'e. knowing there would be n close earch made for her, hut H ilpin npiKwsl the removal, and very opportunely met the same offi-er, who wen with him and arrest? | her. Whe is well known at the Police office na an adept at the touch game, ar d twice hefore > a cape? 'he nenitantiary, through want of sufficient evidence to commit. Tfiai. of Rooichs ror Mtrdkr ?Th* trial of Abnpr Poj;prf>, jr . for th* murdpr of Churls Lincoln, jr., late warden of flip Stafp Prison, common red in Poaton on Monday morning. Mr Parkpr opened the ra?p for thp jrorprnrnpnt, and introduced several witnews, after which Mr Remis opened the crsp for th? defence, but did not close until Tf lay forrnoon. T iip Poeton Post savd. that before a j'irv wm impannel^d. thp prisoner had exhausted h'9 twpntv I ppremptory chalipPBpa, and thp liat of pirnrg mm I moned aUo. Hp th'n revoked two of hie challen- | flp?. and thp rpjpctpd juror* wptp sworn. Thp |urv wai thpn onranizpd as follows Isaac ^chofipld, foreman ; Thomas O. Bacon, I T?U_ J tJ'-l. - r?l l?? T..U l?kn I, '?eor*e Pa?s?row, Ohar'e* P Plymp'on, Willi-tm Reed, .Te??H St?v#?n?, John Thompson, Lewis Went, worth, David Wild After th* indictment wa? rend, Vfr Parker, for the prosecution, opened 'he ruse in a vrv impre?. sivp and elaborate adrtre??; unH presented to the jury the whole law of murder in h v?rv learned manner, and also referred to numerous medical -* 11'hnriti^a nnon the suhiect of insanity, to m?et the rlefenee relied on by the coun?el tor 'he prisoner He said the prisoner wa-? horn in Newhiirv. became early ad dieted to dissioated habi's?learned 'he ?ho?' maker's trade?was sent to ihe State prison for pa?:nar eonnterfeit money ? srved 'wo years?hehaved well for some time after his discharge?ih<*n went on a fi-?h'n? vovnyeto T.,(hradnr. and on his return relapsed into his form-r bad habits?broke open a More in Andover, and in 1SW was sentenced to live years in the State prison. which t*rm exp'r-d in March las'. In February last. Mr. Lincoln, in obedience to the statute, reported him to the county attorney of ^uflolk as a second comer, and on the trial on the information in Marc'i, Mr Lincoln, a? ? witness, did not speak s? v/ell of the conduct of Rogers, as a prisoner, as he did of others who were in the same predicament; and while th" others were sevr-lly sentenced to one, two. and three rnon'hs additional, Rogers received six months On this account, and because his Is7>t<e?s ?nd refractory conduct had exposed him r> fre?l" enf pun ishment, it was supposed that he ch#*r'*bed de?>p resentment agiinst the wirde-. and 'here won'd b? <omi' evidence that he h >d tittered repea'ed threats | to "fix" Mr Lincoln He hid hern three time* hi. ihed during the we# k previmis to the murder [n conclusion. Mr Pirker said no intimafon h id ieen received frum the friends of the prisoner that le w;is insane. The first branch of evidence put info the case vas docunv ntaty. consisting of th? commission of he I?tc warden, the several convictions of Rogers, ind his sentence as a second comer. As the facts immediately connected with tlr* tnurfer have already been presented to the puhlic in the Post, we shall not give the testimony of the mi this point, in fall. It was in substance as ollows!? On the 15'h of Tune, between five and six in the ifternoon, Mr Lincoln, in company with MowFaquitb,of this city. went into the shneshop, tosee i prisoner named Thorn, to ascertain if h<* was the ?-rson referred to in a Inter of inqirrv received by ilr Jtquilh When they entered, Rogers wa? at vork in the lower part ot the hop, upon a m 'lira**, md when thev got down to where Thorn was at vork, Rogers left hi* bench, passed over t? another onvic'V heneh, seized a sharp shoe Unite, returned apidlv behind the convict, and, approaching Mr. iincoln from behind, he suddenly plunged hi* knife wice info Mr L'a back, Hnd upon Mr L'a turning lalf round toward* him. he plunged his knife into lis neci', and severed th'1 carotid artery, and Mr i di<-d probably (in the opinion of Dr VV?IHer) irithout even breathing after the last Wow was truck. Before Mr. L. nad received the last blow, ie ha I raised his aword cane, which was wrested rcmi 11 i>y vnn am nor reimqiimn nianoin pon it itil it was broken in his hand, inn de?peHtn *trii.'fllr. Mr. Lincoln fell into the nrmiof Mr. ) tvid Snraent, the officer, and wa? borne out of the hop by omc portion of the p'i*oners, while another ortion tfii'd and secured Hiicrn Alter (he la*' ilow, Mr J^qnith heard the word* '* I tr>ld vou I 1 ?ould.M The voi^'f cxrn" trom the ?i>ot wh> re Ri> ;? rs whs *>tnndifte Mr J did not *ee his mouth, I ecauae hm face waa turned aidewiae from him As witneeaea for the defence were under e*an>i 7 lation at 1 o'clock, th* iae will not probably be l?*ea to lite jury thui afternoon. ??I ! -! "I " ' 1 L IJ. Frfm twn < Tcxu (Corrwpondf'n'TM ol the Bat*14 ) Galvkstov, T?x4- June It, l?W? Mwdrr of John O'/'ru/n Jamtcs fJoBDon Bf.NNrrr, Esq ? I)kar Sir:? Permit me through the colnronf of ynnr vwlnahle paper, to relate h melancholy aMaminHti*n. p rpetrxted on one of our most esteemed f? li w ri' z-n?. Col John O'Rrmn, formerly of Preioot', Cnniidj, while ?f?nHin^ in the door of hia residence t An nhuac, Liberty county, some forty mile? from thia city, on the morning of the 9 h matanf. abont right o'clock He wax shot with a rifle, the boll penetra> ting hia Iv-art, and he fell prostrate without a groan. The aaaiianin was concealed at a distance of aom? * forty paces in a thicket, behind a fencs?aUo in! utantly h aecond discharge waa levelled at a person by the name of L O Fiirniiaa"n, who waa engaged j in conversation with O'Brian, and waa severely wounded, hi* arma being broke, and aeveral buckshot penetrating his body H- i?, however, last recovering He immediately caat hm eyea toward* the spo' from whence the report came and saw the asua*ain leave hia place of concealment IIer*cogniz?-dhimaaa pereon by the name nj Chambers, who haa (or a 11m?* paat been engaged in a law suit concerning the ?Hid t?wn ol Anahuacand it* vicinitv, with h-aid O'Rrinn, involving considerable property?the li'igation ol which had recently terminated in favorc? said O'Brian. who had a few dava previoua taken poanefcion of hia righta. ?.* Yonra. ?kc W. P. S ? Ogdeneburgh auC? Preacott papera will please copy the above. Portland. [CorraniondtMica of the Herald.) PoRTtMNr?, July "20, 18-13 A town "Way down EutfV?Tyltr In/luenct? Rumor td A/ipoinlment:??Stat? Convention and John C. Calhoun? Ihentricah? U S. Dittrirt Attorney for IWutnt?Noset?Electloni, (J-c IJkar Usnnbtt? Are you aware thai there is a "considerable of a place" in these diggins, Known by the uatrie of Portland* I have never seen its existence noticed in the Herald -which, by the way, is much read here?Bnd I thought I would apprise you of the fao?, and at the same time, dive you an idea of what is going on in these parts. Amongst other matters, the "Tyler influence'' ia work insr in this quarter We have all sorts of people here? (^nd some besides !) Among the political movements now on foot, and which have been in agitHtion iJkorne months past, is > proposed "reorganization" i^he government offices here?and after much tribulation, it is riow talked of a? a settled thing. The present Postmaster and Collector of the port, are about to be set aside, and a certain ex-postmaster, and a certain ex-collecior, both worthy democrats, it is said, sre to be' reinstated. I "speak bv the cnrd," when I inform yoti that these changes will take nlace is the c?u-se o a very few weeks The ex-officers have worked the businens very quietly, and the present iiicumben*s are now moving heaven and earth to avoid the blow. Rut it is no eo?they are both r?bid whig*, put into office as sueh, and by the existing policy out they must ?ro! However, they seem determined to "die name." but their political fate, for the present, ia | ?enl>'d I The State Convention for the nomination of Gov prnor, has taken place? at which, vou may recollect, a resolution wan passed approving of t^e course of IVIartin V in B'iren. and commending him t<i the people as the choice of Maine, for the next Presidency This movement wai totally unexpected, and the feeling which has since evinced itself throughout the state, has pronounced it premature and unsatisfactory. A* far as lean hear, th- great majority ot the real democracy of Miine are most, decidedly in fa^or of the nomination of John C Calhoun as their first choice But we ?-H a 11 nee The members of the la'e Trvm->n' Theatre bav# been with lissome ?wo weeks They are established in very neat and tasty quarters, at Union Hall, nnd are doing a first rate business The house is fi'led, nishtlv, with the beauty and fashion ot our city, unit 'he company must be ** coinine money.** Mrs Cramer hss won eolden opinions among us? and the beautiful little Fanny Jones has taken the bea-ts of all our young beaux entirely by storm ? She is certainly a beautilul girl, and an accomplished tianvuM. The dea'b of the Hon John Holmes of this city, late IT S. Distrjct Attorney, leaves a vacancv to he filled immediately by the ttovernment, of consideI ruble importance Mr Howard, the former incumbent, a sound ''emocra', who wasremoverf by Gen. Harrison, will undoubtedly receive the appointment The greatest curiosity we have here at present, is the nose of th' editor of the " Daily \ merican," an out-and-out. Calhoun, radical, locofoco prir.t?conducted by Renj-min Kingsbury, Jr , Fmi , a eood writer, a thorough politician, and a frienn of John C. Spencer. He "nose vot he nose"?and haa a arood deal of influence wi-h the President. and the present cabinet This in very reasonably accounted for, however, from the fact that Tyler's nasal prohoscis is of verv " generous dimensions"?and Kingshurv's id ditto. ** A fellow-feeling"?jron know the rest The parties are brushing up for the Gubernatorial and congressional elections, which come off next month. and there ia a good deal of activiy eihibiting The whiggieg are determined to take advantage of the apparent disaffection in the ranka of th? democratic ptrfv?owing to fh? somewhat conflictin* " Anderson" arid " Kavansg i" interests?but 'h'1 lo<*o? will pronably " rally" when it come? to the sticking point, and Hon. Hugh J Anderson will, no douht, be elected Governor of Maine by a handsome majority. Many of our firat families have left town for th? Sprints and other wareri >g places, ?nd business is " dull enough" at this present writing. The low rates of 'ra veiling has induced a considerable temporary absence from >h* citv, and matters generally are quiet as a summer's morn Adieu! Yours truly, H. W-BB?wmmmmmmmmm?^9M91 aSNBCAL PKINT1W? ESTABLISHMENT, x. w. roRvr.r of fulton and namatj st?. I tupplird wirh ?-verr for rhf prompt, aeot ?nH ernnnmiral fffmnoo ofHr*cripnon VASSSS 39? PoMip nttmtion >? reooMt'd to (hi* ettahliahmrat, m th* mrinrc (hut ninpl* tatufne'ine will h* ?irro km rrftr^w trporranhT, pr<-?? work. and rh*r*r??to thn?? wt?o r?quir?- fancy at -ommon, Ur?* or imal! work cheaply *nd riixuliauntW tecarad LARTLS. f'HM'KS. WAYBILLS. ClrtCITI. A ?? <*HOW BILLS, BALI. ru n*'*. 8TKA VIHOAT SILLS, BIL(.? Of L*DI>?0, RAII.R'I AH BILLS. BURIN**- OHOtt, STAtsr, BII L9. CAT Ai OOWKS, PAMrMLRTS. BILL mRao?. HANHBIL'S. NOTIC* rod THEATRES, CIRCUSES, COVCRRTS. MUSEUMS LECTURER, PUBLIC MF.ETINOS, Or any oth?r placet wher<* the !ar?e?t deaerlptiou of inincini te rryui'ed The fteilitiea for thu work are not *qn*ll#il by (U?T >tfice id thu city, for, beeidea the lame ortment of AMD @w?j\aiiiKnrA4i -inrra, Thu earahliehinent hu (he liARHRKT PRiCMR? Iff Til* CITT. Ureal p?in? haee been tr.lieo to provide ey?ry mMerial that tn pi'.nblv he of ter?ire and therefore peraont having ocea?ioo for Showbill*, will nnd it neatly to h?ir adeaataae t* patrnnite thit *?t?bli?hmetit. Any if or form of Bill eati be farnithed at rery abort V DlXTQVn rod XRRfltCTORV ? A07 pennn having " ?!<* ca?a? *Dd o'h?r artielet n?ceaeiry l?r -ton-re, will h*ar of ci tnm-r Vy Iravin* at the 'lea of H?nld, a >li? ?>lil-?a?ril 'n H P i< ti Inr PHI) I fc< ION IIK HII M ' N L - - I" BI I L HI M ? ? Jl HHIPH FnOVI LUJHTN1NG?.-owart'.mpr *.* Lw1"I< I..?...~ A....I. .J.I.... . 4 I'llWfc'HI 171 B'O N ' " (I PL v?lJV01. *rul D*l?r in th? l?#?t H?wi *W*r? rng ^c:fn iv inv-fa h*? fr? <* * ! che pabl'eia ( *' '*1, M^r'irql rW ?h? ji?lir^9 of th- *r Mo c?M it tn? ??nr* 14 B >w*rv ft /.n f 'h? Imlnj if t*?* d?*o' Hn?.i the /-ii in hit hta I H* h*? ??!<* r-4 Njr ih? lit* *rn*?tt % hinds m- nnn rj i f .i? <>? < ( fl r >r# J &eg4r$, *qa4i to ?oy ib th*ei y if nor %ar*ro' m ^ . u . , , . . _ The *b >we will fx* op#n from 4 A M. to I u clock, r. M. fH'm'i I HW.A r B4KCMI VH-A HlHlCj ll I. Kjfi ? r>i? uZJ' U* wi h fh# rtf MW ?n?l l***e Of 9 ?um .mm* 10.1 *ho? ?rnf#. in tS- H-?t ?ltnUl?JTI f(ff tfc<-batiks in ih# eitr. nt*rlr ?wii'wd *r f,?* UU Mr. John Huernuu, wiM I* told fof Mth P?r?ont ?eitm i on{ in th# Jit .tne?? wonld flnH ir m?eh t# 'h#i?iiJ? '** to?vltt 'JO i4(ii ?tr?#t. r>p otir# Kooii* r#Tf ??<! ?>'"?! 'm* -* r*oitD *i> * u ? '!? 'vmrnu A 'Ri-A i<i" 'T mr ,t oftheie del ribl? p*pi?r* *t 'He n I'Pf,e** r?f.V|, br PfcK99H ?r BKOOK9. ,/lfce 1 <" L'>?rr? *" ' _ 'id \l. O \L ? "neh OcmJI 'I <?b ' L/ wiHbeivHb th? ?? *> fi>.'!o?io? 1 J* p or e*?h fr^ih br km ?nd ft?? l"?l' ' tl I ?.d J?li?'r<-1 (.. v./ptrroftrw ci'T?t '.I"'? J ( U'|( niiKM^w up?V?? , ^.'lh "? ?? #? 4km from th? bo?i? wjight ?u<l l|ap|l-'jp^^ (-^i y )\t I y * "4 * ? 01 *"*

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