Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 30, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 30, 1843 Page 1
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TH] 1. U.???, 407 WlMlt M? *419. The Great Bunker Hill Herald, PubUiheil od superfine paper, containing a full account of the celebration of Bunker Hill, confuting of the de eriptiona, and Mr. Webster's eratioL : accompanied with five splendid engraving!,comprising 1st. A rare and original view of the Battle of Bunker Hill whirh (Anb ttlnc.n on the 17th June, 1775: ex* hihitini; the array of the American army, engaged in deadly conflict with the Bntiih troop*, their ships and tkar torcea. 2nd. A view of the proceMion forming on Boiton Commoo. 3d. A view of the procession crossing Warren i Bridge. 1 4th. A view of Bunker Hill Monument from the narth, 1 Da it looked on tha 'lay of the celebration, with the flags above and crowds below. ! 6th A view of Bunker Hill Monument froa the southam buy, a* U looked on the quiet Sabbath morning alter i the celebratian. 1 Agents will pladae transmit thoir orders before the edition will be (old, at tha demand is unprecedented. The price, agents, $8 per hundred, or eight cents per copy. Retail, l*i| cents. To be had at this office. 1 AGENTS, 1 na following is a list of agants for tha Herald, where subscriptions will be received, and single numbers ara 1 found for sale:? , Boriton, Mass. - Messrs. Reddinsr & Co. Philadelphia, Pa Messrs Zieber k C?. Baltimore, Md Wm Taylor. Washington, D. C ......... Do. Buffalo, N. T T. 9. Hawks. New Haven, Conn. T. H. Pease. Hartford, Conn J. W. Judd, Albany, N. Y Geo. Jonas. Troy,N Y Levi Willard. Lnusingbitrgh, N. Y A Lewis. Newark.N.J D Smith. I CaukilL N. Y^ H R?we. t'fPKHKIll, I> I , ! KIUIlHWIUir. Sing Sing, N. Y .9. Bard. I New Orleans, La.. ....... J. C. Morgan. Cincinnati. O Robert Carnaha \. PatHrson. N.J Matthew Dougheity. Rochester, N. Y A Jones. Klizabethtown, N. J Samuel Crane. New Brunswick, N. J William Solomon, i St. Louis, Mo .Woodward k Matbew*. i Charleston, 8 C Amos Head. Hudson, N. Y Oeorge Clare. 1 Augusta, Oa 8. A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala . .M Boiillemet Pot>f(likt?-psie, N- Y. Levi Smith. Trenton, N.J J. Kaunsley. Louisville, Ky W. A. HaMe?aan. Whi'dw*, V# F. C Brookman. Npw Lmu?nn,<'on.. 8 & O Roger*. Utica, N V J.B.Loat. Pfashville, Te^n A. Billings. fiyracuse, N. Y James Robertson. Bridgeport, Ct 8. W. Hn'ch. Jackson, Mis* J. W Clark. Vickabutg Miss .... . ...Mrs E. A Parker. New Beiitord. Mass ....A. Robinson. Providence, R. I John Oreen. Worcester, Muss L- Thompson. Nsn'ncket, Mass J. P. Hossey. {fc7~ Yearly subscription to the Daily Herald, $7 J5, , nn.i lor a shorter period Bttbo same rate. The Weekly Herald, $3 36. i "CpBtjHC.., FOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Raval Mail Steam Xhip CALKDONIA E. O. Lou, ommnn'ler.wili l?ave Boston for ths above ports, on Toes* sy, Ausnst 1, 1143 Passage lo Liverpool >120, Passage to Halifai, 20, A Dpi* to D BRIOHAM, Jr . Agent. I j' Zt 8t t No. 3 *Val' street. ^ I h DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRK. /JuwlV LAND, iic?Perions abom remittint moftffeB?y to their friruds in the ' old Country," 1 SjAflf c>u be applied with Drafts, io sumt of I, 2 ?????~ J, a, iu , ?u ?i Jfcau, ' r miv anioniii. pnynu r uu demaml, W't'nout discouut or.-nv other cha ge, at the National 1 B*nk ">f Irrl?ud, Provincial B?'>k, do., Messrs James Bnlt. 8 ii & Co. Btuk'i, Lou ou, I BimeJ ll Co., Kich*uce and Due. on' B uk, Liverpool, Ea tern tfauk or Scotland, Greenock BtiikiiiR Company, Sir Wm. Fobes Hun'er tt Co, ^cutland, aud t ie br-uchee ia evrrv post town throughout Ergland. Ireland, 8cot'*nd it Wales, wlvch drafts will be fojwarded by 1 the stenmrr* Great Westetu or H hernia, by W Si J. T. TAP9COTT, I At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South at. N. B ?All letters from the country muat come post paid. 1 IT llr I REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fce?The VJygV subsriiher contiunes to tranamit money iiisHms large fmmmim'tr mall, to persona residing in any part of Ireland in the same manner as he, end his oreaecessor in business have done lor the las. thirty yens and any part of England ?r 8ci?\latrd. Money remittt'l h* letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or persouallv deposited with him witu the name of the person or persons in Irei nd, England or 4roiUnd. to whom it is to be s*-ut, a> d nearest post town, will he immediately transmitted aud ntul accordingly, and a receipt to that effect give*, or lor ! warded to theseu ler. I In like manner miney, or claims on persons in any part of tiel nd, Euriand or Scotland, can be collected by the snbscrier for p?r?t.s residing in anv pa>t of the United States or Ca- I Dads, avd will tn paid to the m accordingly. 117 lin't GEOHGK McBtilDE. Jr ?2 Odar St. ' OLI) LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS < j&Si j&L xSL m SSL THE OLD LINK of Packets for LiTeipool will hereafter be ( despatched in the following order, excepting that when the tailine uy falls on Sunday, the ships will tail on the succeeding day, Tic s? j For New York. For Liverpool. The CAMBRIDGE, tJune 1 Jnly 1* ?i0 tons, I Oct 1 Not H W.CBarstow.f Feb 1 Mar 19 The ENGLAND, I June It Aug 7 750 toas, {Oct It -Dec 7 B Bartlett. f Feb If April 7 The OXFORD. lJuly 1 Aug ? 800 tons, < Not 1 Dec 1* J Ra'hhone, f March 1 April It The MONTEZUMA, (July It ;8ept 7 , ]i 00 tons. (Not II Jan 7 A. B. Lowber. r Mar It May 7 The EUROPE, (Aug 1 Sept It 618 tons. Dee 1 Jan 1* j E.G. Furber. i April 1 May 19 < The NEW YORK, (new) ilAag II Oct 7 , ?50 tous, .Dec II Feb 7 T. B.Cronper.r April II Jan* 7 , The SOUTH AMERICA, ! Sep. 1 Oct 19 | 65? ton*. \Jan 1 Feb 19 < O. O. Bailey. 1 May 1 Jane II The COLUMBUS, i Sept II Nov TW tons, \Jan 19 Mar 7 O.A. Cele. I'May 19 Jnly 7 These ships are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort , in their ctbiu acrommoilations, or in their fast tailing qualities by ?nv vesse's in the tr?de Tne (omnni4ir> are well known as m*n of character and 1 ei|?rieue>, and the strictest attention will always be paid to | ptomote tne conifoit aud c?nveuieuce of passengers. t'ouctiinlity, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as < heretofore. The price of passage ontward is now fixed at Seventy-Kive | Dollars, for which ample stores ol ever* description will be < provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which j wi" he fnrnunea By the stewards, if reqo'red. *1?IIIWIIIM liptl or ownora of these ships will be respon i siblelurauy letter*, parcels, or packages sent bv them unless regul u bnl? of lading are signed therefor. For freight ;or pas- i sago, apply to GOODHUE h CO.. 64 South sc., 1 C. H. MARSHALL, 38 Burlmg-slip, N. Y. jyli and to BARING ?WQTHER8 It CO.. L^poolNEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. TV sail from New York on the 25th and Liverpool on the llth iif each month. M jft. Nr.*' Vo^tT Shir HOSfll 18, CapUiu John Collins, 25th Jnly. Ship SIDDON8. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th August. Hhii SHERIDAN, Captaii. F. A. Depeyster. 25th Sept. Ship UARR1CK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th Octobcr. t MOM LlVKHroUL. _ Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K A. Deueyster, 13th July. Ship GARRICK, Caitain Wm. skiddy, 13th Angnit Ship ROSCIUS, fiptait. John Collins, I3t!i September. ?nii SIDDUNS. Captain E. B. Cobb, Uth October. f Th< ?e> hips are all of ilie firsl class, upwards of 1010 ions, omit m'he cttv of New Vork, with sach improvements ascombine treat n-eed with nnnsual comfort for passengers. Every care lilt been taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of paas.ige hence is These shins are com manded by ri^rrirnerd master*, who will make every exertion to *i?f ??t>ern atWtaction Neitnc. the captain* i?r owner* of tS it..rawili be reapomible Tor at y letter*, parrel* or package. lien by tnem, onieM re, gular b' 111 ol lading are ugned thereTor. For (rwight 01 innue, apply to K. K. COLLINS fe CO., 56 South ?t., New York, or Co BKOWN. 8MPLEY k CO.. Li'erpiol Letter* by the packet* will be charged 12K cent* per *ingl? ?be?t:50 centa per otince, and newapaper* I cent each, jy? ec rOK NE\ RLEANB. LOUISIANA AND NEW IRK LINE OF PACKETS Foi thr better accommodation of ihippera, it ia intruded to d?ipa:cli a ship frrnn ihi* oort on the lit, 5th. 18th, 15th. 20th, and i *>tli ol e u*li mouth, coin i encing the 10th October and continn- i ion utuil .May, when regular day* will be appointed for the re- i m-inUrr ol tne year, whereby great delay* and disappointment! i will be | revented during the tuinnier mouth*. The following i (hipt will commence tin* arrangement : I ??mp YA/.OO, Captam Cornell. Whip Ot'UNEk, Captain Jackson. I .Hhu> MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. Whip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAkSPEAKE, Captain Miner. Ship OAS'! ON. Cwtain Latham. i Wiip HUN'J'HViLLE. Captain Mnmford. fillip OCMULUEE, Captain Lvavitt. Ship NASHYILLK, Captain Dickinao*. Ship MEMPHIS, < nptaiu Knight. Sh<t> LOU ISA, Captain Mulford. The*r ihi|? were all bnilt in the city of New Fork, eiprei* i lor packet*, are ol light draft of water, have recently been H' wly c.>ii>ered aud pot in iplendid order.with accommodation! lor pajneiiger* uueqtinlled for comfort. They are commanded by eiperuncrd in.iatei*. who will make every tterti*n to give Sineral aatiilaction. They will at all time* be towed up and uwu the Vli!*iaaippi by (leamdoiu. Neither the OWIMI* or captains 01 inese snip* will be raspousi blr for jewelry, hulliou. precious stones, silver or plated ware. 81 for nay Utters, parcel or package, teat by o rpul on board ol l- in, u til cm regular bill* of lading are taken for the iiu and Ihr value theieou expressed. for frm hi or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS k CO..* South st-.ot HUL.LIN (k WOOUKUFK, Agent id N*w Ofle-iui. who will promptly forward nil goods to tlieir addiesa. The ships of this line lire warranted to tail punetually aa advertised. and (real car* will b* taken to hare the goods oorr*?t<'uarsd. i E NE N VHE MCW LINE OK UVERPOOMTACKETsl * ?& M ?L M. To tail from New Vork 16th, and from tLi verpool 5th of each muii tli. 3w?HoT,!ra" i w-i.iT. N.. .hip UVMKHil.. nit | A??? New ahip (ifein Western, 1250 tou?, < ,.,l a P'-iliii P Woo^house, J 16th ScPt?"Bb?Ship ROCHESTER, #50 ton., t M?nu,r John Brittoo. f !6th ?ctoberThne substantial, fast sailiuir. tint class ships,*ll built in the tity of New York, are commanded bi' nieu of eiuenente and ability, ana will be despatcucd , uuctually ou the 16th of eaeh M'-ntn. Their cabins are elegant aud eotnmodioui, and are inrnitlied with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of pawenrerc. Neitherf'e captnius or owners of these ship* will be reeponlible for any narcels or packages seat by them, nule?? reitvlar lills lading are tinned therefor. For freight or passage apply to WOODHULl <k M1NTURN8, 87 South strict. New Tork, A, L-iii-i nvu RIIOTIH'HU SI rn ie2l r | rAFSGOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 48 PECK SLir, NEW YORK. iif$v -iff* iit(* The subscribers beg to call 'the intention of their friends md the public generally, to their superior arrangements or bringing out pas?*?iger* from, and remitting inoiiry to, auy iar* of kngland, IreUud, Bcotlaud or Wale*, 10 tue magmticcut racket ships, comprising the " NEW LINK <SK LfVKKPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.:Ship ROBOIUS, Cnpt. Collins. Ship SlDDONS.CaptainCobb. bhip 8HEKIOAN. Captaiu Depeyster. Ship <M KKH'K, Captain Skill ly. New ?hip HOT! 1NOUER, Captain BuraleT. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodliouie. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Palmer. New ship LIVERPOOL. Captain Kldredge. Sailing twice every month; and with the" UNITED LINE," jomoosed of superior first class American ships, sailing every [en days, will make five ships in each month throughout the rear, (or one every in days) thereby ptimlUI the possi >ilitv of unnecessary detentiou. Passages direct from Loudon, Bristol and Gn-enocb to New r. Aleofrom Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, 3avai> ii.iriestou, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the tano i ' c.-?iu British North America, can at all tnne? be eu(aged an liberal terms. Perions wishing to ?end for their friends, will not full to see ihe advantages to be derived from selecting thia line in preference to any other, and they may re*t *s?ured that unusual earc will b? taken to make the passage atreeabl*, the ships being Gtted up with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. Iu all cases whe'<the p'rties tent for decline coining, the money will be re -taded without any deduction, as usual. A ree passage from the ?ar ious seaports of Irelaml and Scotland, can also be secured. The regular packet* for which the subscribers are agents, sail as follows, vii To and (roni London on the 1st, 10th, and 2fcth of eacn mouth. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, 19th, and 25th of each mouth. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, a?j Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum thev wnh sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive it, m. y rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per fir*t packet, after the receipt theceof, aud an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. Dr ifts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any ottur charge, at the National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, .Messrs. James Bult, Sou & Co., Bankers, Loud?n Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool) *ud iu every principal town of Great Britain asid Ireland. Further particulars made known on application, if by letter, post paid, to W. fk J. T. TAPSCOTT, d5y r <3 P ck Slip, corner Sont" st. JOHN HERDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. *& M. m. KEGULAK LINE OF PACKET SHIPS.81 South street. New York PASSAGE to and from Great Britainand Ireland.via Liverpool and Losdin, by the regular packet ships, railing on the 1st, 7th, 3th, '9m, andSSih of each month to and fiom Liverpool. and to and from London 1st, lOtn and 20th of e?ch mouth. The ubsciber has made unequalled airnu^ementa to bring out euiwranu, and can, with great conn 'ence, asmre those persons tending 'or tlie'r friends, that every due and uligent attention will be showu them and all w1 o embark with them. as>age can also be eugaged from Liverpool oi'ect to New Oneans, Mobile, Sa>anuan, Ba tim?ie, rhilarit-luhi*. R > ton. and to file different iu>rLa i>t tne British Provinces, at the lowest rates With thvse arrangements, together with the advantage which hit Lavarp <>l c ^respondents puj?f?, being la ge hip owners,and eiteosiveU engaged in the reightiug asiness despatching yearly at least 100 first class ihips fr m Liverpool to the various ports of the United States, with freight and passengers. The facility offered by this esuhjtshim t is uuinrpcsaed, ami from the large number of first claaa thi^is employed iu the line there can he no d>ten ion whatever, which will be KU?rant?ed The price of passage will be at the lowest ratei, an I should any of those lent lor > ecliue criiiug, the pas age money will 0* ai customary refunded. The a'e.inboat fare from the different porta to Liverpool can, a* usual, be secoreu. JOHN HKRDMAN.61 8011th st, N Y. or J. & W. ROBINSON, near Wa'l street, Merchants' at d Emigiai ta' Agents, No 16 Goree fiaizas, Liveipool. DRAFTS A>.U KXCHANGfc. The subscriber'rt quests the atteut'Ou 01 those remitting mojejr .0 'heir friend* to his uuequalled prrtugeinruts for the p*y uiiMitof his dr fts on drra.imJ, without d ic?nui or anT charge whate?er. at (h* foilewii g B Miking ln?ti utions, vii :? IN GNtiLAND?Mtiirt James Bult, Sou It Go., Banker* London. Messrs J. Ba.uard It Co,, Exchange and Discount Bank, Lirerpool. National Provincial Bank of Entland, and Branches throagh>ut England auo Wales. Yorkshire District Bank and Branches. Birmingh<m Banking Co. Lau Aster Banking Co. IN SCOTLAND?ureenock Banging Co. in Glasgow and Sreenock. Eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches. 1KKLANU?Provincial Bank of Ireland. \migh Cork Kn?is Mallow tihlone Cprlow Enniskillen MoneTmor# Bi lina Cavan 'Jalway Omagh Belfast Coleraine K ikenuy Pa'soostown Bmbtidge Cootehill Kiliuih Sliga lallTBieua Onblin Londonderry 8tiab?ne Bindon Oowiipatrick L^rg-n Tralee Hallyatiannon Dutigannon Limeri'k Wateriord Jlonmel Dungarron Monaghan Y ? 0 <j h 111 National Bank of l.elandJilliu-uloe CasclcL-ar Moate Tipper&ry tanagher Knniscorthy Neuagh Tnam Boyle Fermoy New Ross Thomastown Josher JMIway Rscrea Tralee Warrick on Sair Kau nrk Roscommon Westport Jastlerea Lougf.trd ""If0 Wexford huriesviUe Lmghre 1 Tallow Wicklow 'lonmel Mitchelstown Thurles N. b ?In addition to the Liverpool and Lot-don packets, the inbscr'her is also agent for the rewulat park-ts sailing weekly rim Nrw York to New Orleana, Mobile, Charleston, and Savannah, hy which pniaage can be teenred at the lowett rate*. jylj if JOHN HKHDMAN. ML m Jfc Jfc ^^^1ARSMLct!9 LIM^Ji^ACntTS The uudermcntioued ?hip? will be regularly di i?-. >^d from imce aud from Marseille* on Uie lit of eack moi n duriug >e year? From New York. M .r*eille?. LJOURIKR, Cant Dutrgan, June 1. rtu( I rRKSCOTT. Capt Myrick, July 1. S?r?> I HELLESPONT, Capt AiUrai, Auk I. Uctl CORIOLA NUS.Cap Hail*, Sep 1. Nov 1 H'RY THOMPSON, Cap SyWeiter. Oct 1. Dec 1 They are all conprrea and copper fattened.and hay* excel VeI lecommodatiom for paiitengeri The price of cabin paianxe will be $109 eiclunve o wine* knd liquor*. Ooodi addreued to thaa cent*, BOYD & HINCKEN, wUl ?e forwarded free of other 'Thargea t>?an those actually paid. For freight or pauage anplv to BOYD k HTNCKKN, Agent*. No. 9 Tontine Buildings, or ?. UHUOIVI K CO., mJO r 103 Front atrret. BLACK BALL OR OL.D LINK OF LIVRK iH^PUUL l'A( Ki-.IS K gular Par ket,and sail* Tne* jMaMfci ay.theUtof amru'i ? the well known 'aat sailing ravori(r picket *hio KUROfli. Capt. kdward O. Furber, will tail positively a* above, lierreguUr day. Mi' accou.monatioui o? in<> m iguinceni pactei wr canm, lecnnd cabin and steerage iiatsrugers, are kto?n to tie nnsuriwsied tor tp r I or, convenience mid comfort, bv any xher vessel ??1 >at Those visiting <hn old eooutry will tind it to th'ir iut? rest to selrtt th>? desirable conv. \au< e in prelersnc* to any other. Koi term? of patsa* e, which wil' be low, surly application shooM be modn to cnoose the be t b'r.hs, apply on hoar'. font o| Ber*>inan at-ert, or to the sub cribers RUCHE, BRui'HfcKS U CO , 36 Knit itstrfet, neit door 10 the Fallon Bank. P. 8. The Enrope will sail from Liverpool on the 19th of Bepi. Person* ?n.dii.g fot their friends c?" have them brought out in her, or any of we paike a comprising this makntl'tc'ut aud unenuilleo hue,sailing from that port ou the ith and 19th ol each month Drnf ? at sigM fnraey amonnt.drawn direct on the R'yal Bank of Ireland and on Messis. rrescott Orote, Amn It Co., bankers, Loudon, which are paid f ee of diic uut or any tharge whale**'. 'U every town tluoughoot England, Ireland, ? and Wales Kor passage, Ike,, appiy r? above, 'J he new and -n gnificent pscKvt snip New York, wi'l succeed the abovti pacget, and ?ail for Liferpool on the 19th An gnat, her regular day, IV25 ~TttZ NKW LINE 1-iVEHrOOL PAOIUTS JrJV?1 >iet '*lh August?The sideadid we|l kuown fast sailing i>* w packet ship L1VICH I'Ot >L, l.ap John R'dr.iJi e, ll'>0 on* buithen, nuwon herseeond voyage, atid will nail n <siti"eiy ?sabove, her r-gnlar day. It ii well knoan and equally n>.iinttrd by all, that tne Liyert ool is the fasten pack t tup tin' ? us ont of New York, hiiriun b-itenthe I a krt ships New York and wh? ffir Id, on her la?t |.as'?ge hence event data, and ?'? > evny packe on h. r rtmrti passage tnat ailed in cr'n p -nv with hei, as - ell as Inos which s>m en se*eral d js be I re her. Her accomm* ditu na lot Catin, secoud cabin, and aierrige passengers, aie so very superior, that it his k*iued f r her the name of >he " FloatingTtl.'Cs.'' Those wishing to s< ore berths ! this ma n ficeut ship, should not rail to mnkc ?;"rlv application ou board, i?or Bmliuu Sup, or to W It J. T. TAPSCOTl, 41 Peek Slip, ?. corn? r South street. 1 he Liverpool will seil from Liverpool on the 5th October, affording a_ favoiab e opp<>rtui.i'y to those wislin g to seyd for their rrirnus to come ont in her, ?r any oi the regular hne, on reason ble terms, and ih< se wuhing to r mit money, can > ave drafts for *ny arpom t, payeb'e ou demand in all the principal towns of Oreat Biitam and Ireland. The dlddous wiit succeed Hie Liverpool, and sail 25th Ang"" _____ j . 28c S4HL m ? &*? XHf,L ?-r L O U181A N A AND jflfkNICW YOHK LINfc-Kim Hegnlai Packet?The ??CsVery fast sailing coppered ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. having very laige proportion of her cargo on boa<d, early all engaged, can yet take some i. ore fieight if im?.e diate npplicntiof is made. ForirriKm ?>? nyiui nnmiiomo mrr.uiifd *r< ommodaiions, *rpl? oa hr*rd,AiOrle_?ns wh* |, t?<,t of Wall t i.rto * ", OCM.LINI. k U), bo (niih at Shippers will please lend in their bills of lading early this nomiBVt Snippers mayrtly npon havinu their goods correctly measaAirenta in N. Orleans,llnllin * Woodrnff, wno will ?r< aptly forward Ml goods t> the.; address. TT>a aacket am* Leoisyilla. Capi. M. Hunt, will aare??* in* OMm. W V o KW YORK. SUNUAY MO OLD liUi'K BALL LIME OF PACKETS 7 JfJ#V>OK LfVKIlPOOL-Ptekr' of the lit Au?-The (MNKwanleodid luloi'iiiv Dew pa<'k?t ?hir iUKOPK, Cat'taiu Kuiber. will be despatched *a tbove, he- regular day. Thia rlrurtin thip hj?u?u-pa??. d .<?ci>inim>d.<t>oB? loreaWu, ,), 2d citbiu iind steerage pairg^en thou wuhitiK u> lecure . berth* will require to raalte r irly application to 1 , JOHN HCKDMAN, M <1 8"ith ?tref t, a ar W ill it ^ The tpletidid packet ship KOSlIUs, O.plain Collins. ??iU eu the 'Sith i ist h r regular day. A 'ew moi? pastel Iters call yt be icrom nod led <t ihp In west rates ^ N. B ? I uiuc fri-iti Leai Britain ami Ireland via Liverpool, can at u ual be ? cured At the I i i?eit rites by "ie regular picket i ?mpi saihuK w.-eklv. The tubsciber h^s juste i.e!ud?dau- u< ei|U\lleil -'r'llgeiOnuts fur tlw payment of hi? ilrtlts at the f ni lowing bauki?The Niitioua! and Provincial Itmki > I I eland. pr and at all'lie r b'suchea Also ihe Na'ional and IVoviucial u-u.ui CUKIK-U mm .111 HI II llll'liea IIHDUKIIOUt P.HIflHUll Bllll Wale*. Alio the Kasiem B^tnk of 8c. tiaud, the Greenock w Ranking Co, ami all th.-ir brnochei, throughout Scotland. ! or further ptrtH uUr? pnlv as above jv30r fOK LI V KKI'OOL.?Hegiilm j>?C*e? of the Tift .j, jfi'HlV'' August?The v?r> superior, (*si <11111111 packet SKSfctsiup I N IJkli'EN DICNCK,, t ,i| min Nye. will p?ii- nl uil a? shove. cl lUnuK very superior accommodation* for catiiU,a?coiid cabin (i w<l passengers, persona wishing to eir.bark thoti'd . oaa?? *rlr applieatiou to 11 JOtKPH MrMUKKAl, w 100 Puie St., cot. Sooth <k 1" 1 shove wi'l be succead>d b? 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H Tffe Moruiuu Li n. proceed* to tiordeutown, lrom thence by steamboat to PniladeLhia. 8 The Evroina Line proceed* direct to Camdeo (oppoaite to C Philadelphia) with >ut change of oar*. 0 P***m?er* will piucure their ttckRi* at the office foot of Uourtlandt street, where a comuodiou* iteatnooal.will be in mdineu. With Iwug ue crate* oa board. v Philadelphia batofaae cratts are conveyed from city locitT. c wi'hont briuRopened by the way Each triin i* provi 'eil with a car in which are a.ortmeni* and dreninx rowm* etpreuly for ! the l?die?' u*e. 1 Returning, the line* leave Philadelphia from the foot of Wal> t oui ?treet. by *teaniboat to Boident?wu at ' o'clock, A.M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'clock,?P M. The line* for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7X A. M., and q 4 P. M. beiag a continuation of the line* from New V'ork. je< v NEW JKKSKV RAiJUftOAli AN u TKAftfc- tl P0&TATION COMPANY. I' Far* reduced to *45 cent*. u Jfiom the fo?t of Caurtlandtitrest, New York. v (Every day?Sunday* eicepted.) i, Leave* New York Leaves Newark 11 A< 8 A.M. At 2 P.M. At T A.M. At 06 F. M. pi 9 do. S do. I do. 4 do. Vi 1J do. 4 d.> 1 do. 5V{ do. 5H do. !UH IX dn w do. 9V do. e: <lo. bl ON SUNDAYS. From the : -oi ol Co*rtl-ndt tireei. Leave Nev? Yora, Lt ave N* ?vari. pi At 9 A . M. and 4%S P. M. At 12* M. and 9X P. V. hi NEW YOKK, KL1ZABKTH TOWN, Leave New York l.ea?? Elitabdh 'loirs At I A.M. At J P.M. At TW A. M. 3* P M. " 9 do. 4 do. 8>i do. 7 do. e 11 da. co. 10 io. i.-i do. n 5H do. 12 do. " The train* for We*ihe!d,, Boaudkr v>k,8onKtvilU II kc., eouneet with the .9 A M, and P M t un*lr.i Ne>i (; Vork, dailv, Suuday* excepted. Fare be. ween New V orb *nd Elizabeth Tow 4 2i c?il*. Sfajre between do and Somerville, l'j cent*. K YORK. AND RAWWAY. 1 Leave New York. Leave Railway. At 8 A.M. At J P M. At 7 A M, At S P.M. 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PATERSON RAIL ROAO H -fiS&B' iSAiflftl ftC9ff3 ~iw ? h'^Kr 0>LY *' l/fcMTS. 11 From Pa'erion io Jersey City. ar On and ?ft<r tlnndar, 17th July, the car* will leave a Patkrso* D&roT. Lhavk New Vorr. 8 A.M. 9 A.M. of JIM " 12X P. M. to i P. M. 5 " 8a ON SUNDAYS. Lt.krr. Patp.riow l>kpot. Lravr New York. r~ 1% A. M 8* A. M H 5 P. M. 6 PM. ur Traii?p?itaion Cart plj daily (9nndw'*e*cepted.) Pas- i setiKers are advised to be at the Kerry , foo Courtlandt street, a few miuntea before the stated hour*of depa ture. SO iyi? ?m i n ?NhW Y'?RK 8-!RT>OLlCVS be MOUNTAIN^ND Eas. -jr.L. be _Via K.and Somenille H Road.b] ilea's Mountain, leave p'er No 1 Morlh river at oi 8>4 o'clock A M. daily (Suudays e*crpted) by skeamt>oat to Knzabethpnn, or leave the foot of Courtland street fit 9 clock A M, by N J Railroad to Klizibethtowu, theuce counect with the ran for Somervilte oo.iclies, theuce 20 miles to hi the Mountain?arriving early in the afternoon For K as to ii lea?e as above, proceed bv railroad to Somer ' ville, coaches from thence (only 34 miles,) arriving in Kaston tr at 6 o'clock. it This louie, on acconnt of the short distance by coaches, ma ... kin* it bv far the m ist pleasant and exoeditinus. commeuds it If to poblicipatronaue. Mr Sanderson. the proprietor at 80 Tt anerril'e. has p.oeidea himself wi ll carriages and horses to ac hi commodate private parties with eitra* nt the shortest aottce, ... and on reasonable leruis. For seals apply to H D-Hope, Merchants'Hotel, 41 Court- w landt st in Passenger* from Philadelphia to ftchoolty'i Mountain will ;j leave Pht'sdelphi*. at 7o'el"Ck,A M., by New York railroad line to New Sruns* ick. Mp eailid coaches from thence, arri- CI vi"g at trie mountain early same afternoon. 3 2in"r pr 1*11'flfl NEW YOHK, gCHOOLKY'S.:-^. [h *|g?*MOUNTAIN It KABTON. gjjgajSf in Lease the loot ofConrtlftnd street, daily (Handays esirptrd) 111 at 8 o e.ock, A. M., by railroaJ f om Jersey city to iVlorristown, w Uience hy Post coaches through Mendhan.,Chester Mchooley's Mountain, Anderson Town, Tort Colden, Wasliiunton, to Kastou. At Washington, a daily line lutersecta to and from tr BeWidere Kor seat* apply to J. Hill, ?t J. Patton's, Commer- ol cial Hotel, 7JConrtland street. l, N.B.?Kitns furnished it the shortest nntica by applying to n* N. B. Ln?e. United State? Hotel. Mornstown. MTU Iiii ec at KOCKAWAY PAVILLIMN-LONO ISLAND HAIL- I*1 RO\D. H' <? *1 Trains npon this road leaye Brooklyn. South sh vl ill IT* rrv for .1 mAie.t wlmr* <<n*rh?? ar*? in r?a<li J . ne?? lor that d<-ligh fnl retort, the Marine Pavil2H91SL lion, ?l the following hour*, vix Half put 9 A. M.,4 o'clock and half past A P M. Returning, leave Jamaica at ( A. M.. 12 M. and 5 P. M. for New Yorlt. rare to Jamaica,through from Uronklyn to * the Pavilion. 75 cent*. je*4 8?<?r "I >*,w AKKANUKVIKNF 'm PARC AND tHMUHT HKDUCKD. ?? RKQULAR MAIL LINK?KOK PRO- b( flZ^$MU3eVIUK>(.K AND B'MTON. no 8TO ?i W * J ivh tiim AND NKWPOKt-CompoMd ai the lolliiwiuii m. enor ?t<-ainer?, ruuuiiig iu connection with the Btonington and Booton and Providence It.iilronda:? re MA8MACHU8ETT8, Capl Comitock. HHODK INLAND, Capt lhayer. PROVIDK.mCK. Ill N ARRAtMNHlCTT. o| MOHKUAN ? ? lh One of which will leave New York daily (Sunday* eieejI(id) from Pier Mo. 1, Battery Place, N. Kiver, at 5 P. M ' ARRANUIt MKNTjJ. m i The RHODK 1BLA >D, Captain lhayer, on Monday, and >. 1 Wednesday for Atoning ton and Newport, and Kuday for Stoma* ton. The viA8?A( IIU^ETTS.Captain Comatock, on Tueiday hi md Tunrieaj for tttouiugtnn, and Saturday for Stumngtnu, th Newport and Providence. PaMrQRfn, on the %rrit?l of th* itfam^n %t Htouintiton, will be immediately forwanlid in the *plendi<l and commn fli diou* Car* of the Railroad to Providence ami Botton, and il ufot Newport will pra eed iu the *teamer? on Mouday, Weduetday and Sntnrday, and on (he intervening day?, pioceed via Stimuli;ton Railroad to Provi.lcuce, and Lorn thence in the m | learner fola*, without any additional charge. 0| Ticket* lor the ronte and teamen' berth* can he lernrad on hoard, or *t the office o< . .. HARNDKN * < O., No I Wall .treet. <>l (T^On and alter (he 10th luit, f'eight will not barceived *,< aaTforwarded after half-imal * I' M ml dm m l. "CHLOR1UK OK LI>11.." nrvrv iamkm or -hoYD'H" MAKfc? rOR "ALK BY ! ' < iJih RK H RNIN(i, JULY 30, iKi;< he Trlnl of llmtcri?thr * l?t?rge of the tur? JU<ll(r?I lie J||iy 1IN1 hil'Kffi tun The Court convened at the u-nal hour on Thurs- hia ?y worniiin, and ihe jury huviiiK hern called and I ie unit lo be in their places, \ is tlonwr Chief Jumice *"> haw uddressed ihe prisoner, and informed him ?he at he was at liberty to add any remarks of his pre vn to the observations ot his couusel upon the '| ridence in the case. . The prisoner rose in his place when directe d to i so by an officer, and after listening to tlie re- "V ark ot the Judge, which was once or twice re- the med, stood a moment us it at a Iocs to know jt , hat was required ot him, and sat down again ithont speaking. Chief Justice ?haw then proceeded to charge the ma ry with reference to tne law which should govern td[ leir decision. His address occupied two hours id a halt in the delivery, and was in a high degree j ear. impartial, ami interesting We quote from le Boston At/as. H>- remarked at the outset upon ,hf le grave and important character of the duty lov hich had devolved upon the jury in reference to I ie case helore thfin, and upon the considerations t,?, hich should influence them in preparing their wt. linds for its performance He then w<*nt on to ale the law ot the case, in substance as follows sot 'lie Legislature ?>( ihe Commonwealth, he remark- his ;f, had for reasons of public expediency, provided (t.r lat t >e State prison j-hould, so far as the examiua- Ia_ on of offences therein was concerned, b?* deemed > be as well a part of the county ot Suffolk as of llddle^eit The trial of persons accused <.f murder j,ei nd, by the same authority, been made the duty ot cn quorum of the Justices ot thf Supreme Court,and |,j, I a jury selected partly by lot, partly by the choice ,n(1 I their tellow-citizf ns, and partly by the prisoner j imself The Court had therefore entire jurisdic- -fl; on ot the cane at ihe bar I would be the duty ot j,,, le jury to decide both upon the law and upon i" facts, that is, to judge what facts were nrov> d, t,r) nd whether such as were proved amounted to the m| ffence chatged in the indictment. They were to HU xanine all the evidence, and then to say upon K,. leir oaths, whether or not the prisoner was guilty joi f the wilf ul murder of Charles Lincoln Jr, Esq W} The relations ot th<- prisoner and his victim to ach other did not affect the law of the case,though yQ ley might tend to illustrate the facis and the mo- |,e ives ot the prisoner. Of the fact that the unlortu- ov ate Warden Ml by the hand of the prisoner, and ne ied instantly from a blow inflicted by him, there cn ould be no doubt The question then wap, whether he homicide in this ca^e amounted to murder. The [jt rime of murder was defined 10 be ihe wilful and frt iialicions taking of human life, by a person of com- ih etent judgment, in the peac# ot the Common- w; ^e^llh xnrl w.lkmO i,wt;fi?UI- M .tmlowlo V ...-._j.-ii.nure v...-.-v. nn light be either justifiable, excusable, or criminal, nd the latterin a areater or Ies9 degree. In this ja, nee these distinctions were immaterial. The act se f the prisoner was either nwderwith malice afore- gH bought, or excusable homicide. Where a person tui nth a instrument expressly adapted to the purpose, tli ommittwd ail act ol barbarous violence, the law ^ resumed the existence o( malice in his heart, and IU] t was for him to show anv circumstances ol pallia- re ion or justification In the case at the bar there eil vere ull the physical ingredients of murder. The j,, uestion then was, whether the act of the prisoner ou ras to be excused by reason of his insanity Upon fH| lieir view of i his question their verdict must entire |)U /depend It would be pro|ier for them to state in rt-, beir verdict, if in lavor of the prisoner, that it whs nunded on his insanity. The question whether he an tiould be sent to the State Prison (or the rest of his ini ?rm of sentence, or to the State Lunatic Hospital, rfrr] ;ould then be one to be decided by the Court in iewof all the circumstances of the case. The Miry Ca ad < nly to say whether he was penally liable. The nui esump'ion of law w is that the act of killing was mu limitary and malicious. Therefore, when that dot as proved, the burden of show mg circumstances of are tculpation was upon the prisoner, unless reasona- n, j e doubts of his guilt tlioald have arisen from the ?se proved on the part of the eovernment. The tU? esumption of malice was to be conclusively re sn] u'ted in some way, and it was immaterial from ! \\r hich side the rebutting proof might come; whether | he din the witnesses tor Government, or from distinct i y? vidence offered by the other side The crime of ! W) iurd?*r was defined by no statute?in its nature 0|( could not be?it must be gathered from the j ha ommon law of our community, as received j win England by our fathers, and adopted to 11 | (hi renter or less extent bv th^ir descendants.? tU( 'o commit this crime i< person must be ol con i?e- | a|,, at understanding. A child incapable of disnn- . no lishing between ruht and wrong, a turious mad- ! |ai lan, or an idiot, could not, of course, be guilty of j i lunitr. Il there were no w,II, no power ol judging ' r|pi the nature of actions, no conscience, or it the j f?r >wer of the understanding w? re obliterated by r<.t, >111roll11 g mental disease, there could not tie guilt I ?-t| lies-were extreme cases. In til such the general 0( lie of law was so plain and simi le that they were "|< -ver brought to trial. The difficulty was in the 1 hum .-* ?< I nnu vtirir-iy til I itirriliru mir iu w,l hicli no general rule could be made to apply.? ' net uch w.Te cases of partial insanity, where the nn- 8(, jrstaiiding was perverted by insane delusions, influ- grv icing the subject of them to believe in the exis- | * nee of a t ilse state of facts, where there was some |ov ipacity; and the question 'hen was whether that on jgree of capacity was sufficient to enable the in- j (,ai vidual to distinguish between right and wrong r,.H r tlrere might be cases of monomania, in which | (,vi ie mind of the patient was s-ne upon all subjects I th* it one. In these cases the afll cted person might j 0f capable of reasoning correctly, of drawing cor- ) 8ii< el inferences, but as this reasoning was built upon 1 v>>| false foundation, as the facts from which these I th* f'Tences were drawn had no existence but in the f flamed imagination of the sufferer, the conclusions un ere false. In these cases the man was not excused, H he had the capacity to distinguish between right I id wrong as to the particular criminal act. Again, bri person might be of unsound memory, incapable pm understanding the relations of things, or his duty arr others Hut, although laboring under partial in- p^r nity, if the person understands the nature and BOr insequences of his act, then he is responsible for he Then if the prisoner's mind had been proved 0U| isound, the question would be whether his mental i Wi I Jrniiru.ri|?.nnru ins irnwm nun Ills juuvilirui, ( oil* that his act was the rwsult of an uncontrollable ! All lpulse. In that case it would be the net ot his , '.hi >dy rather than hif mind The evidence here had | ') en ol partial insanity?melancholy, accompanied the 1 mental delusion or hallucination. This delusion con r morbid brliel might or miuht not exist, but where <ja) really existed, it would justify acts commuted an( nder its immediate influence, which would have to | pen |U9tilinble had the supposed state ot lacts really ani listed For instance, it a man should sincerely <,{r, link that another, who wis coming towards him km i the kindest manner with a present, was advan- jiH< ing with a pistol to kill him ?il the torin^r should Vel ally see things through this disordered medium, i j-jd [id should kill his imagined adversary, with a view ve, lerely t? defend hitnsell from imminent danger, he tut ould be justified. This form ot insanity was usrady Wrt dicated by bTooding morbidly over one particular cot ea, which could not be removed; and this hallu- "It nation would exculpate a person, where the sup- ??x >?ed state ot facts, existing only in hi" mind, were ynl tch as would justify him if they really existed in l0 | e nature ol thing*?as in the c?se last stated, or ; the case of a man who believes himself to act ider the immediate direction of the Deity, and ho acts only in accordance with such imaginary ' immands. Hut if ihedHusive belief concern some iflmg matter only, or il the subject ot it be capable J1 distinguishing between right and wrong, then his -tier illucinaMon would form no excuse for his criminal :t. vr'; ie prisoner labored under a delusive belief merely no' at thf Warden was going to pnniah him by a not lort solitary confinement or n shower bath not ?P' mgerously sevrre, then he would he fully respon- an' ble tor his act. The rule was, that it the ins<tne 'hit lu^ion was such as to justify ihe ant if the una- wo ned state ol tacts really existed, then the delu W ve belief was a justification. Or it the afflicted wn were setz?d with a violent paroxysm of in* Bt*'| nity, by which reason and memory were over- l*1" >rne, or il the act resulted from a real uncontrolla- !" e impulse, in which the mind had no share?then "nt e a?t could not be deemed guilty, nor the act of a "< sponsible (>erson Where such a delusion was al, it niuht operate to excuse a crime, although I'"to ere might be, in the general demeanor and action If ili?* ui?ki?*>r u?ifltin<7 ivriiluir The mips!ions ti?r IKH ( in to de-ride were I:? frai 1 Did an insane delusion exist in the prisoner's bro ind, and had it been proved 1 If not proved, then 'he ey would find the prisoner nuiliy. nev 2 If the > xistence of a delusion had been esta- I' ' mhed, did the accused act under the insane belief P*v at the Warden was n?t gunu to shut him up VP" erely, but about to exercise over him such an in- his lence?either through his fond or otherwise?as 1 ould inevitably destroy his life ? wai 3. Were the tacts, taken in connection with the of i ental delusion, indicative of ?uch t d-t awed st-?te mei mind in the accused, as to warrini ihe fonclu- unti on that he committed the act umfei ihe influence fhi such a paroxysm of insanity, ?i ii r? time super 'hat ded his mental functions altogether, and rendered "'ill s'nctions nncontrollible by his will T thej I he Chief Ju-iice then recapitulated the princi- w<<] 1 feature* of the evidence in oewn, wun h run- I UK commentary upon ita iniore remarkable fea- | ERA! h, in the course of which it was matter o( conmi surprise and ad'niraiion to see how skilfully / Honor contrived to throw the cleareat light upon thi subject under consideration, without intimating ?'* ' opinion oil on?' side or the other, or allowing Br" inrv to guess on which side his own judgment pooderated. *r 'he I'l'v retired (or consultation just before 12 nil :!oel< ; nt halt past 7 o'clock tliey were sent lor ^ the Cinel Justice, and the foreman slated that h i y had been unable to agree upon a verdict, and vould be impossible for them to agree They t re ao^orilinvlv dixdiarffed. and ihe nriaoner re- pU tided to jail. It is stated they stood 8 tor acquit011 the ground of insanity, and 4 tor conviction Bn D,M ,ohd VI irpkth a^d a Krntcckiaw ?A friend of mi! editor of the A kanum Oizetle relates the fol- ! eoi iriiiK ruh*r pleasant story: ? j"."' n 1841,a yong, broid shouldered, hi;j-fi.?ted Kcnkiati?a r> gu' r t?red stock raixer and drover? J at on to Buffalo, New York, to purchase of d?* wis Allen, who had just reiurned from England, ,,n nf of lue imported stock After he had closed purchase, finding he had a day to spare, he de- ** mined to spend it in a visit to the Falls of Niaga- p/ So, after nreaktast, he stepped into the passe n- x. r cars, and louna the depart*!'ut which he select- an occupied by a modest-looking and plainly dressed itleman. lu a tew moments he commenced a d?? nversation upon the subject most interesting to "r n, to wit, imported stock and the bargains he had ide, and iufiirni"d his lellow traveller, in the most c( cisive in-inner, what was th* best breeds, fee ?r ie stranger, alter hearing him out, without dissent- 0f 5 to what he had said, spoke upon the subject of (jr mlish stock generally, die di He rent kinds of (,r eds, the properties of each, the best cross for ()V 'k, butter, <tec , and displayed in a modest ,;r d unassuming manner, such minute and neral information on the subject, that it as- ,|( lishcd the other, and he asked him if he ^ is not a stock raiser. Me said no, and the tt, ' asked, as usual, "What might he jn ur name,sir1" "Morpeth," was the reply. "Mor- jn th," said he,' Morpeth!" Now, I have been all er Kentucky, and travelled to Arkansas, but ( fn ver heard of the name before Where did you cj me from, Mr Morpethl" "From York."? w fork,"said lie, "New York! A great place?beats 'xingtonor Louisville, I admit?but did you come |tj nn the city or country, Mr. Morpethl" "From (1j e conntry." "Well, it is a very Kreat State; al dya saving and excepting old Kentucky, it is the oi iest country I ever saw." a| In short, while they conversed on the subject of ^ 'ruing, and the stranger without the least parade fr eined to be perfectly familiar with the subject, and rer hearing at length the superior style ot asricul- w re in Ketmicky, and the astonishing productions |0 ere, the cords of fine stock, grain, &c , he related 0j e improvements which had been made iuagricul? i ........ ,.i i ;?Iuntu ih^/t.flo. ;! IC II y III- fill.-. ... VI.. r.. . II nt kinds ot soii, the distinguishing properties ol jn ch, roiaiion of crops, effect of climate upon pro- jn ctions, dcc See. At length the Keutuckian cried n| t, " Why, Mr. Morpeth, you must have followed vv ruling for a living1?" "No," he said, "he had not, ar t it wan to him a subject of great interest " The it of (lie journey was filled up with a description of mt the Kentuckian had teen on the Mississippi jn d in Arkansas, to which trie stranger listened with of ere.-t. At length they reached the Falls, and, r? lidst constant exclamations ol astonishment on W ; par'of the Kentuckian, they passed on to the 1 nadian side. Upon reaching ther? they saw a 1"-. nher of negroes dressed in regimentals, with sketa in ilieir hands. "Why, wltat the devil ;s ihis mean?" asked the Kemuckian. " These soldiers," said the stranger. " Soldiers! j,,, ;roes tor soldiers! well, byO? d, did you ever ?? rir the like' Well, when I eo back to old Ken- fe :ky, and ie|| ihem thdt ihe British have negroes for on die is, they never will believe me in the world, ea by, sir, if an Arkansas oveiseer were to come *>r re with bis big whip, and give it on*- crack, I tell jj*1 u, sir, that a regiment of these black rascals Jjf mid drop ibeir muskets ana bee for quarter Now, w'( i lellow, you muht have heard that we like to ve aot into a war with the British abwtu some pP iindary or other. I tell you that the first bom d<> it was blown would raise a regiment m old Ken- ?n ;ky that would e.veeptljis land from shore to t?l ire Nothing could resist them; tor I tell vou thl thing c-in beat old Kentucky tor war or raisin; "* sioik." J: fUter a while the bell of the tavern rung lor din- nn r, and they both hastened in, the Kentuckian be- in e. When he reached the room tie found the vm ile fult filled with neerof-s, and stored The qu nnfer, without appearing to observe it, took hold '?> a chair, and pointed to an empty one by his t-ide y g?d," whs the astonished interjection of the ntuckihi, "you are nor going to eat your dinner h negroes, are you? I can't do it, sir. I coul I rer show my lace at home again if I were to do Tg " "Well," said the stranger, "I am rather hun, i acknowledge; but as we are fellow-travellers nn ill not b uk you humor We will go dowi^ to the at ver island, pass the suspension bridge, and dine Fe v system every man stands on hia own footing "i ip is able, ?"d thinks it f?.r his interest, he may you, hut, tf he does not choose to do it, how can i get at him 1 There is no law to touch him or property. (J here are but fe w vessel* here at present, and 1 'he it to ?ee no more Trade is very dull, the stocks ilmost all kind of good* large, and the hong " chants not disposed to increase their business il a settlement with the Gngliah is concluded ? s Male of things will probably grow worse until t time, unless a rupture should take place, and mo e after it, if they [the hong merchants'] lose ir privileges Heavy shipments are on their f from England, and I suppose the Yankees will be slow to help overflow a glutted market.^ ^ the American side. Now that i* just into my me rid, my old fellow, we will do so." Wl^n hey Vf? iched iti - suspension bridge the Kentuckian was j 3' !*twh>'limd wiih astonishment, and swore that ' fer y nev r would believe him at home when he told 1 sir it The stmnger was perfectly familiar with ' p'h :h things hiv I told him who was the original in- ' pr< ritor of t uch budges, and the great improvements th it had been made since this one had heen put up, ri' detects in its style, how they could be repaired, pu proved, See. Here the Kentuckian butst out into w hearty laugh, and said, "Well, stranger, so have found you out at last, you are a ni dge builder by trade," slapping him on the >ulder in great glee "No, sir," said he, "you mistaken, but I have been a great deal with son? who are tond of such things, and acquired newhat of a taste for thei/i." "Well," said the niuckian, " I hear the last bell ringing, let us get ^ dinner. We will have a bonlr ul wine, arid I i? I pay for it mysHf, tor I would rather have lost 1 of the calves I h ive purchased of old Buffalo en, than not to have bet n here to day; for I hare I lota and gobbs of fun !" rhey sat down to dinner, drank iheir wine, and Kt-ntuekian filled up tie chasms between the ror irses with praises of Kentucky and abuse id the nadiansand British He had always hated theni 1 he would always hate them; he would just lik* have anoih'-r brush with them to lick them again, I great deal more in the same strain, to which the inger listened patiently, and sometimes with a id of quiet inten-st He went on to -ay that he J heard that the English were in the habit ol tra11na through the country, and then writing books n iculing and abusing us. He just wished, by Heart, that he could catch some of them in old Ken- Or ky. He had heard, as he came along, that there s now a great Eng'ish Lord travelin g through the " iniry to write a book, and he had heard his name. was Lord?Lord?Lord Morpeth, I believe." hat's my name, bir," said the stranger. "The d?I; ' i don't sujr eo! Tavern kee|>er, what do I have ttr paycftt [From the Btm'on Pout ] Macao April 10,1H43 rou will of course have h^ard long since ol the lem-nt and treaty between the English arid Chile. The English ratification has been received e; but owing to the death of Elepoo, the Chinese nmis*ioner, and a new one not having vet arrii to fill hi* place, an exchange of ratifications has j' asyetbeen made. The business is therefore T>i yet 8' tiled, ami mav be again disturbs, but the ?" ni?n st ems to that the (Chinese are in ea-nest, t will act in good f.nth in the matter. However ?n ? mav be, it is not less certain that theyareat ?fi rk night and day upon their torts on the river? '*x 1 T-ther ih? ir object is to make new troubles when ??)l forts are finit-hed, or merely to fie able to put a ?*' p to the irregular tradf- now going on ut Wham- ^ i, remains to be seen. i.-.ii lome ol the conditions of the treaty, a? they are ??J' li-rstooi,, will make a radical change in ibe mode I safety of doing business here?that, e-perially, dishing the Co hong.a condi'ion I fancy 'he Eng* j i w || repent having demanded, as it will destroy 11 lost all the responsibility which now exists We f N v know where to look for a remedy in case of * * id in the package ot teas. Most of the goods Jj/J u?ht her>' are sold to the hong merchants, and ih?sale is considered perfectly mfe- hut under the LD. friM Two Oanta. The Vic Chancellor's Terra. U*l*tant Vice Chancellor Sanford elo*ed hi* term in i city yeiterday, havin* disponed of hi* entire calendar 4cu<rl. The following dention* were made in caaea ued during the 'ermt? -firam Wiltt and othart *?. THt Hok'itok f H*dio? ft Co ? A Dean for complainant*,?' Hteven* and *. -?e i* for defendant*. Decree for defendants Bill duma with ro?t?. 'nmr< Jink and wife r?- Tiihtai Ten Kyck?T>it n w P IV. H. TVn Kuck. C Steven* lor complainant*, L Palmer lor def nilant* Ducrer that complainant* -re itl?x1 to a legacy of $3(10 Irom each detendant, whh * of auit 'Uai 4- Raton w? Pi trey fjonn?H. Steven* for eominnfit*, R H Oillett for defendants. Demurrer all) vnnd hill dt?mis*ed with co*t* iiAn C. Harrington ? Partridgt ^ Hooker?C H imhall tor complali.tnt, R H Pruyn for defendant*, f ree that l?s? than $I'KJ la due on naurtg?g*. Bill dialled with rout* f.adock ffmrti **. Hump f Hutttll ?C Steven* for nplninant, I Rhoa'ea tor defendant Bump; decree for mplamant for hi* deht, Inteieat and roMe. without pre 'ire tn defendant's claim, net up M w;if o'f *ct off. William Crandall, jr., v? Jidam Jt floytlradl and ml ? Koon torcomplnw?nt; K Miller lor d?l?adnnt*. Decid that complainant i* not entitled to the value of hi**up rt, lie , against Hnytradt or the premises In question cree for partition llnvatrndt allowed hi* ceat* sufose ent to hi* appearance. Chnrlet H /.anting Hrffivtrv*. Jnhn TVnndwrlk and tnrlti D Gonld -8 H II<mrann l for complainant; M. R>ynold*<or dntendant* A**iffn*nent declared void, d judgment valid No co*t* to either party. We are informed that the Assistant Vice chancellor will rule the residue of the <" hh? argued at thi* term on the at Monday of September ne*t ?Albany jlrgui, IBtk intt. Difkrrentul Dittie" ?The following extract hi veyB some important information, which nounta to a further circumscribing of the powers Colonial Assemblies It ha* already been dect d that they do not pou?e#H authority in arrest for each of privilege without the precinct* of their vn chamber; and another power, which being: at nes exercised, th< y of course imagmeu mernIves to enjoy, ih now swept away. The imi'oti)n ofdiflerential duties en the pari of Provincial semblies, ban never, that we are aware, been atnded with prejudicial consrquenceH ; hut their lposition in certainly liable to abuse, and in some stances may contravene the intentions of the Imrial Government with respect to foreign nations, r whose particular trade tariffs have been espeally framed. It is to this general view alone that e must look for the wisdom of the restraint upon ip Colonies ; and yet there is something unnatural i preventing a detached portion of the British Emre, from making regulations to protect its own inistrv, or which may so regulate the trade with ther countries by its legislation, as to benefit itself, id give encouragement to an intercourse with the olonial brotherhood, in preference to that with >reigners The ignorance which prevails in the riiiah Legislature upon Colonial aflmre, might ell have been allowed to plead an excuse lor alwing the dis'irit dominions nf the Empire to judge r what wa? best for iheir own welfare in this reiect, subject to the proper constitutional checks ? they are 10 be considered merely as make weights i Imperial negotiation with foreign countries, an npreMioii which is gaining strength in the minds ' their inhabitants, if cannot be expected thatthej ill long reiam their aflection for, or their alleffiice fo, the mother country.?Halifax Timet. Aristocratic Tastrs of thk Eagh.k ?A writer Siliman's Journal, giving an account of the birds Connecticut, thus describes an Fagle, domestited in his yard It was what Audubon calls " the aihington Eagle? 1 This noble bird was ?hot in New Canaan in April, It, anil was aenf to me in Stratford by Mr. J. Sillman. > anon recovered from his wound, a'ld became perfectly meaticated. I kepi him awhile confined,but soon found unneeeaanry, beoausa, if ha left mv premisva, he would turn to the stand nt night. I have known him to eat urteen birds, (mostly Muaricapn tyrannua, king bird,) id then he was sa'Hfled for a week appeared to prer this mo le of living, and paid no attention to a daily pply. He. however, in the coarse of the summer hemean mischivotis among the youngdtH'ks ol my neighirs, that I was compelled to kill him A single aneoite of his conduct m iy not be uninteresting. While ha id possession ol mv front yard, oceupying the centieaa ? s'und, ('he wa k? making a aemicircle to the door,) he mild remain perfectly quid if gentlemen or ladie* enr..d _ hnr i< a nersnn with tattered garments. or anoh raon* an were not K'nitomn) to comn in at the front or pi terel thi* yard,it wa* wctually dangerou* for tlem, d they could only e*c.ii>e the tremendou* Kra?p of hi* on* hy running with their full *tr>-ngth and "hutting ? pate after them. Fictiofthi* kind ofti n occurred, d I wa? orc:i*ior>aMy compelled to relea?e from hi* up ouch individual* a* he had taken captive. With, a ola w in th" *ward and *rm*, he would hold quietly v nvtn with the other. My domestic*, both male and nal?,olten felt thi* power of hi* talona ami gra*p. Ha viId not alio v their pa?*ing in that yard, and long acain'ance did not chanty* hi* tamper to war d< them If, werer *uch person* paaaed bim in the adjoining yard, the door in the rear of the house he made no crratint* What render* thi* truly remarkable *ai, he d no training to thi* purpoae while in my poaiecaion. rl wa* wild whan I received him. h We hive on several occasions remarked on the ttlarpreference the Chinese give to the Carolua (f FerHinanH Hollar*?the former being estimated them at times at 12 per cent above par or the rdinand dollar, hi* being the one in which pay nts of Spanish dollar* are m^de ut par, whilst the xiran Hollar can only be disposed of at between n 6 per cent discount, thn? causing a fanciful difence of value between different coins of, intrin'allv,the same weight anH silver value Man/ in?hive be^n trieH to wean the Chinese of tl*,a jiid ce, but hitherto wi'hout success We hope a' Sir Henry may prevail upon th? Chinese authoies in future payments of duty, to receive the R.eblican Hollars at par, or th? ir real silver value, bv hich mean* their Hue appreciation, we think, will onest be brought about, hrH thus much mconveence and xeriou* loss avoided?Cantrm Rtfilter. 14 (. *! >'. A. ti?P) OBSrSBAL PRZN7ZNO ESTABLISHMENT, w. COKNKK OK KULTOIV AND NASSAU ?T?. aupphed wilh reory material neeeaeary for rhe prompt, mm and economical eieetinoii of erery rtcacripnon of 5T&3J?* 33S !P?a3J?ra33B. blic ittrtitmu is reqaeated to thi? eatabliahmcut, in the t?ance that ample aatiafac>ion will be kitci>?<u regarda typonhy, prrta work. and ch.irtre?to thoee who require fancy or nmon, Urge or small , woik.j (/heaply nod eipediaooaty icwed. LABKL8. CHECKS, WAYBILLS, CIRCULAKX, SHOW BILLS, BALI. Tl< KR I'S, STKAMBOAT BILLS, BILLS LADING, KAILKOAI) BILLS, BUSINK8* ( A KDK, 8TAOE BILLS. CATALOGUES, PAMPHLETS, BILL HEADS. HANDBIL'S. NOTE?. mm m mm mmm' u? kuJI ^mp9 ro? lEATRtfH, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS LECTURES, PUBLIC MEETINGS, anr <*nri plaeea where the largest deacriptiou of printing ia uimd "!\e facilities Tor rhia work are not eqnalled by an* ce in r. -city, for, beaidea the large aaaortmentof pyUftjW -A/J1E) ?MiflAj&lillKfij'Ati, TTt fA, This eetablialiment ha* the liARCRNT P?< , SSKiS IN THE CITY. eat pains have been t?k#n to provide eeery material that 1 rn**ibly be of aervice.aud therefore persona haviug oaean for Showhilla will find it greatly to (heir advantage to ronize thia establiahment. UNITED STATES " t' A EMPORIUM, 111, Uu* 129 Chatham tired, Xnr F"rk And 1IR Filtou Street, Brooklyn. AulK T t't BlBCCKII STRKaY. WHI L*SALE AND RETAIL I1fi CANTON TEA COMPANY contioaetc offerfo* sale new and ragram Teas of avary variety and atyl ? air aaaortmem specially mclndea the caoat delicious a 1 verfu I grades tiree 1 and Black E?ery package bean I e mp of naatne'rsnd elesanre, and the Teaa therein are jo roa^hl r seen ad from light and air that th.-ii qaality and err will ii>m 111 unimpaired in any climate Their svstera nrosecuting onsiness laperhapi acarcely to be exaelled. It sanded nrnn the ntmoat reeard to the riahta of hecaatoni specially with rearec.t to weight and quality,and on,r leo cheapness All purchasers are called npon to return any rlea which tail to give them the falleat satisfaction, which money will he eheerfnlly and promptly refunded. Coanmerchanta. public establishment*. heads of familiae. and uaaatera will find it a deeidad idvaotar* to (apply 'S?? ? from thii eatahliahraent *t?rtt??c J??* Corpse routed a*ary day. tderi from *11 aarti of tht Unite* Ht?t? wtttl jiptitnrt'* and deapateh "T" Th? orl? warahoaaa ial Anar ea fer ;th? u.atf B?J ta*ir>? PUH8UANCE of an order of the Bnrropate ot the Cms T o( New York, notice la hereby giren t all paraoaa Na^taB ma acamit Peter Morphy Ute of the city ol New tor*, tlemnti, deceased, to preaent the aame with the roacnera reof to the mtMcribera, at the office <( Kdm ind S. Uarry, . 51 Will it reel, in the citr of New York, on or befora the hteenth day of September neit )ated New York, the lith dav of VU'eh. I?<1JACOB HAKVKI, JAMK9 C BELL, >1* lawftm r UMniiiniw" ?"* rh* ?"na?a4. F in l h (i? J ft If f. Hfu; roraVanr M,n,M NY-O(fee * Wall 'r~',?.,T rIL C? ,KL/h5 E? *o-l7aMi*"? M.dD|5^re"i"diia and alao, ?n reaaeft their *rhi??'M W Thoraa Kltiha itiui fhootaaT WooJruf Benjamin R Kohaoa ;ohn K l>ar.??P fran-ia P Bare ThomKJU Print lo??ph All?0 lohn M John P Moor* vl? <$ Tnckn Iihh K Holm## :*l*b C Toni# JimM H whitu \i?if?n Rninr *Vm R THsm '^ ph ll'Hif iriwi Hiwl#? 'tin \ ThW? vLoflf ?IV| k.. -mmjrr

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