Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1843 Page 1
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TH *?. U.? ?. *0i.? Whole ? . **AO. To tb? Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newspaper?put. Ushed every day ot the year oxcept New 4Tear'? day and fourth of July. Price 3 cent* per copy?or $7 38 p?r an*nm?portage* paid?cash in advance. THS WEEKLY HER\LD?published every Saturday morning?price 6^ cent* per copy, or $# 13 per annum? postage* paid?cash in advance. ADVERTISERS are inlormod that the circulation ol the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and increasing unt It hat the largtit circulation of any pap tr in thii city, ?r the world, and it thrrefore, the hctt channel forbutinttt men in the city or country Prices moderate?cash m advance. PRINTING ofall kinds, necuted at the most moderaia prices, and in the ino^t elegant style. JAME8 GORDON BENNETT, PsorniKToa *r THE HkRALD KiTiSLHNHK.1T, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets AOKNTS. 1 n? following is a list of agents for the Herald where subscriptions will be received, and single numbers are found for sale Boston, Mass . .Messrs. Reddins & Co. Philadelphia, Pa Messrs Zieber k Co. Baltimore, Md Wm.Taylor. Washington, D. C Do. Buffalo, N. T T S. Hawks. New Haven, Conn. T. H. Pease. Hartford, Conn J. W. Judd, Albany, N. Y Oeo. Jones. Troy, N Y Levi Willard. Lansingburgh, N. Y A. Lewis. Newark.N.J D Smith. Cutskill. N.Y H Rowe. I'eekskill, N Y T. Monkhouse. Sing Sing, N. Y 8. Bard. New Orleans, La J.L. Morgan. Cincinnati. U Robert Carnafca l. ratt.'rson, N.J MatthewDougheity. Rochester, N. Y A Jones. Elizabethtown, N. J Samuel Crane. New Brunswick, N. J William Solomoh, St. Louis, Mo Woodward k Mathews. Charleston, S.C Amos Head. Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Augusta, Oa S. A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala M Boullemet Poughkeepsie, N. Y Levi Smith. Trenten, N.J J. Raunsley. Louisville, Ky W. A. Haldeman. Wheeling, Va. F. C Brook man. , New London,Con.... S. U O Rogers. Utica, N Y J. B.Loat. Nashville, Term A. Billings. Syracuse, N. Y . . . .James Robertson. Bridgeport, Ct S. W. Hatch. Jackson, Miss J. W Claik. Vickfburg. Miss .. .Mrs. E. A. Parker. New Bedford. Mass A. Robinson. Providence, R. 1 John Green. Worcester, Mass L- Thompson. Nantucket, Masi J. P. Hnssey. Yearly subscription to the Daily Herald, $7 25, nndfor a shorter period at the same rate. The Weekly Herald, $3 26. KOR HALIFAX AND LIVERPOOL. The Reral Mail Steam Ship CALEDONIA E. O. Lotl, leave Bo?tou for the above ports, on Tuesday, Aniast 1,1(43 Passage to Liverpool $'20, Passage to Halifai, 20, Applvto D BRIGHAM, Jr.. Agent, p 22 6t r No. 3 "Vah street. f rtlM UKAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, fcc?Persons about remitting inos23!wnvLp^tn'y lo their friends in the ' old conntry," AVilff p in h# atn>itli**?l with Drufti. in itimi of 1. 2 3, 5, 10 ,20 k ?50, "r an* amount. payable on deinan><, without ducount or any other cha ge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bmk, do., Messrs Jiines Bait, Son It Co.. Bankers, Lom'on, I. Bamed & Co., Exchange and Discount B<nk, Liverpool, Ea-tern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Win. Forbes Htiu'er & Co., *cotInnd, and the branches in every pott town throughout England, Ireland, Scot!*nd 8t Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steamers Great Western or H'bernia. by W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, At their 'Jeueral Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, cor. South at. N. B.?All letten fioin the country must come post paid. ly llr TAPSCOTT'S GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. Ml 42k ^Tn^ubeeribers beg to call 'the ijfteution of their friend* and the public generally, to their saperior arrangements for bringing out passeigers from, and remitting money to, any par* of England, Ireland, Scotland or Walei, in tne magnificent packet ships, comprising the NEW LINE ftF LIVERPOOL PACKETS." VIZ.>Ship ROSClUS, Capt. Collins. Ship SIDDONS.Captain Cobb. bhip SHERIDAN, Captain Depeyster. Ship GARRICK.Captain SkidJy. New ship HOTTINGUER, Captain Bursley. Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Woodhouse. Ship ROCHESTER.Captain Talmcr. New ship LIVERPOOL.Captain Eldredge. Sailing twice every month; and with the " UNITED LINE," composed of superior first class American thipa. sailing every leu aays, will make five ships in each mouth throughout the year, (or one every tix davt) thereby preventing the posai ;? uv of unnecessary detention. i'linirs direct from London, Bristol and Greenock to New r; Also from Liverpool to New Orleans, Mobile, Sava" ?, n .rieston. Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the vano'< c.-tam British North Ameriea, can at all times be engaged an liberal terms. Persous wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to see the advantages to be derived Irom selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual earc will be taken to make the passage agreeable, the ships being fitted up with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. Iu all eases whe-?the p-rties sent for decline coming, the money will be rr sailed without any deduction, as usual. A ree passage from the tai ious seaports of Ireland and Scotland, cai also be secured. The regular packets for which the subscribers are agents, sail as follows, vit To and from London ou the 1st, 10th, and 20th of eaci, month. To and from Liverpool on the 1st. 7th. 13th, 19th, and i5th of each mouth. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, a?j Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum tney wish sent, with the name and address of the parties te receive it, nuy rely on a draft for the amount being forwarded per first packet, after the receipt theneof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. Drafts at tight, for any amount, are rnyable on demand, without discount or any other charge, at tne National and Provincial Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scetlaiid, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bult, Son It Co., Bankers, Louden, Eichange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and in every principal town of Great Britain aud Ireland. Further particulars made known on application, if by letter, postpaid,to W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT. d5yr 43 P ck Slip, corner HoutS ?t. HE NEW LINE OK LIVERPOOL PACKCTa. ?& ife M. T^aiHrom New YorMOth. and fron^Liverpool 5ti^^ach month. Ship BOTT^aUEE. 1010 16th July. New ship LiVERPGO'L. 16th August New h-lGre- Western,^ tons, 1#th September. 8hipROiXKSS:850,On- 16th October. These substantial, last sailing, first class ships,all built in the city of New York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, asu will be detpatcticd ,.uuctually on the 16th of eaeh month. Their cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of pasiengers. Neithert'-e captains or owners of these shirs will be responsible far any parcels or packages seut by them, unless regriar bills lading are signed there/or. For freightor WM?lLtOk M|NxuRN8 J7 South street. New York, 10 PlfiUUHili, nnui nr.ivn ? ?/UM i?11 r Liverpool' NEW LINK OK LIVEKPOOL PACKETS. T? Mil from New York on the 25th aud Liverpool on lh? ltih 4f each mtnth. & ft & &L F>eM Nkw York. Shir BOSCIU8, Captain John C0II111*, 25th Jnly. Ship 8IDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th Aamut. Ship SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. DrMTiitr, 25tii Sept. Ship (JAKHICK, Captain Wm. Sknldy, ?5th October. Khom Livkrpooi.. Ship 8HERIDAN. Captain K. A. Drneyater, 13th Jnly. Ship UARRICK, Captaia Wm. nkiddy, 13th Amnit. Ship HOSCIl'S, Ctptain John Collini, 13th September. Snip HlUDONt?. Captain E. B. Cobb, IStli October. Theiei him are all ol'the lirat claaa, upward* of low ton*, onilt <nthe ctty of New York, with tach improvements a acombine great Miecd with nnutual comfort for raaienger*. Every care ha* been takes iu the arraniiement of their accommodation!. The price of pa**age lience it 175 Theae thipt are commanded by eipenenced maiiert, who will make every ewrtion to Kite genera atitfactiou Neither the captain* 01 owner* of tV 11. :Mwill be reaponaible for ai y letter*, parcel* 0; packagt taen by tnem, unlet* regular bi 111 of lading are tig ned therefor. For freight or puttee, apply to JC. K. COLLINS k CO., 56 South *t., New York, or to BROWN. SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. Letter* by the packet* will be charged 12* e?nt* per iingl* the*t: 50 cent* per onnce. and newtnapcr* I cent each. iy7 cc M " M. M .NEvt YORK AND HA^T^PACKETS?Seconu Line ?The inip? of till* line will hereafter 'eare New York on ihe IH. and H<*i? od the 18th of each mon'h. m foil' w?, ?it:? Prom New York From Havre. New ahip ONEIDA, I l?t Marcn. v Ibtn Aytil. < {let July. < lt>th A?(ta?t. Jamra knock.( Ut November. ( I6t.. Deo. Ship BALTIMORE, I tit April. I |?(|, May. CajWmn < at Anirnal I 16th ?<-pt. Edward Funck.( lat December.? I6tti Januaiy. Ship UTICA, i HI M?r. _ ( '6th Jane. Captain J lat Heptembert l6th'October. Frederick Hewitt.{ lat January. if #th February, New ahip ST. NICHOLAS,U?t June. I tetli July. Captain { I't October < llth Noy. J. B. r?ll.C I?t February. ( i?th March. Tkeeeeommodationa of the?e ahipa are not inrpaaeed, eorahmiug all that may be required fur coml'O'l. The puce of cabin i< mage loo. PaMeniirra will b inpplird with every reqniaite With the exception of wiueaand liquora. O >o<ia intended for theae yeaie wit' be lorwarded dy the tutiarribeia, frre Iro m auy othei, than the exptnaei actually in>rarreion them. Forfreiaht or pn<aa?e, apply to _ BOYD It HINCKEN, Ajtenu, jetiec No. Tontiae Building, cor Wall and Water eta. .41 | * . 4 > ' -t 1 E INK N JOHN HERDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. A M. M Ob LINK OK PACKET SHIPS, 61 Soatn itrert. New York. PASHAGK to and from Ureal Britain and Ireland,via Liver* pool and Loudon, by the regular packet iliips, tailing on the lit, 7th, 13th, 19th, nnd2iih of each month to and from Liverpool, and to and from Loudon lit, 10th and 20th of e-ch month. The ?ubirriher hai inide une^nalled airangeinents to BritiR out emigrants, and can, with ifreat conii 'ence, atr lure thoae perious leiidiiin for their friendi, that every Jue and 111igent attention will be ihown them, and all w>-o embark with them, t'asiage can alio lie engaged from Liverpool l i'ect to New Orleam, Mobile, Saiannah, Baltimore, rhi'adflphia, Bo ton, and to the different i>orU of the British Provinces, at the lowest rates With thme arrangements, together with the advantage which his Livrrp ol correspondents poneis, being la ge hip owners,and extensive!* engaged in the weighting niiness despatching yearly at leait 100 nnt clai? ships from Liverpool to the various ports of the Uni ted States, wjth^freight and imnseugi r?. ine lacuity onereu oy uiu tiunmumni n ?usurpassed, and from the large number offirst class ships employed in (he line there can be no detention whatever, which will be guaranteed. The price of passage will be at the lowest rates, an I should any of those tent for decline coming, the pas age money will l>s ai customary refunded. The steamboat fare from the different ports to Liverpool can,as usual, be securcu. JOHN HKRDMAN.61 South st, N V, or J. fc W. ROBINSON, near Wall street, Merchants' and Emigiauts' Agents, No. 16 Ooree Piazzas, Liverpool. DRIFTS AND EXCHANGE. The subscriberlrequests the attention of those remitting money to fheu frieuJe to hi* unequalled arrangements for the payment of his dr-fts on demand, withnui d icnunt or any charge whatever, at the following Banking Initiations, vix :? IN ENGLAND?Messis James Unit, Hon 8c Co., Bankers, London. Messrs J. Ba.nard tk Co,, Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool. National Provincial Bank of England, and Branches throughout Eugiand nnu Wales, Yorkshire District Bank and Branches. Birinivgh<m Banking Co. Lao aster Banking (Jo. IN SCOTLAND?Oreeneck Banking Co. in Glasgow and Greenock. Kasleru Bank of Scotland and Brauclies. IRELAND?Provincial Bank of Ireland. Amigli Cork Enuis Mallow Athlone Carlow Knniskillen Monevmore Ba'litia Cavaii Galway Omagh Belfast Coleraine K'lkenny Parsoosiown Banbridge Cootehill Kiliush Sligo itallvmena Dublin Londonderry Strabsne Bunion Oownpatrick Largm Tralee Ballyshannon Pungamion Limerick WaterioM Clonmel Dungarron Monaghan Yvuihill National Bank of IielandBillinasloe Castle oar Moate Tipperary Bauagher Kuuiscorthy Nenagh Tuam Boyle Fermoy New Ross Thomastown Cosher <1*1 way Rrscrea Tralee Carrick on Sair Kau'urk Roseuminon Westport Castlerea Longford 9"go Wexford Chanesville Loughrea Tallow Wicklow Clonmel Mitchelstown Thurles N. B ?In addition to the Liverpool and Loudon packets, the subscriber is also agent for the regular packrts sailing weekly fr >m New York to New Orleans, Mobile, Charleston, and Savannah, by which passage can be secured at the lowest rates. jy 13 tf JOHN HEKDMAN. m jBk jM hASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool ou the 7th and 19th of everr month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Couutry for their friends can make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and have thein come out in this superior Line of Packets, sailing Tr.ev will also have a first rate class of American trading ship*, sailing every six days, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. Oue of the firm (\lr. James D. Roche) is there, t? see that they shall be forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for uot come cat, the money will be returned to those who paid it here, *ithont any redue tion. 'Aie Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magniticvut Ships, viz:? The OXFORD. The NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE. COLUMBUS. EUROPE. SOUTH AMERICA, ENGLAND, NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unetjnalled arrangcineats, the subscribers cootidently look forward for a continuance of that sapport which has been extended to them so many years, lot which they are grate Ail. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relatives, can tall times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PRESCOTT, GROTE, AMES & CO. Bankers, Loudou, which will be paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Blanches, in all the principal towns throughout England, (reland, Scotland and Wales. Apply, or address, (if by letter, post paidj ROCHE, BROTHERS Sc CO. 15 Fulton street. New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st and 19th of each manth. Parties returning to the old country will tind it to their comfort and advantage to select thU favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other. d27 r REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fcc.-The ?*;' subscriber continues to trausmit money in sums large Mm ab"r small, to uersous residing in any part of Ireland in *e same manner a> he, L-nd his predecessor in business have >ue for the last thirty yesrs and inore; any part of Enguid. or Scotland. Money remitted l>y letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him witn the name ?f the person or persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to be sent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted and paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect gives, or lor warded to the sen ler. In like manner money, or claims on persons in any part of Ireland, England or Scotland, can be collected by the subscriber for persons residing in anv pait of the United States or Canada, and will Lw paidt>< them accordingly. i 17 lm*r GEORGE McBKlDE, Jr, K Cedar st. jgag- BLACK BALL OK OLD LINK OF LIVER MWW POOL 1 ACKh.TB -Regular Packet,and tails Taet MMmm ay, the 1st or August?The well known 'astsailing favorite picket shin EUROPE. Capi. Edward G. Furber, will sail noiitively as above, tier regular day. I he accommodations of this magnificent packet for cabin, second csbin and steerage passengers, are wnl known to be unsurpassed lor splen or, convenience and comlort, by any other vessel allail. Those visiting the old country will find it to their interest to select this desirable conveyanee in preference to any other. Fot terms of passate, which will be low, aavl? annliAtlnin *(i/inld K* m a Am rn ?linnta ih? k?il K/r ha apply on hoar 1. foot >( Beebman at'ect, or to the subscribers KOCHE, BUUTHEKS k CO , 35 Fultn street, Den door to tne Kalton Bank. P. S. The Europe will aail from Liverpool on ihe !9ih o( Sept. Persona sending for their friends nan have them brought out id her, or any of me packe'a comprising this magnificent and unequalleu liue, sailing from that port oa the 1th and 19th ot each month. Draf a at light for acy amount, drawn direct on the llryal Bank of Ireland and on Messrs. Prescott Grote, Amri & Co., bankeri, l.oucion, which are paid f ee of diic >nut or any charge whatever. in every town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Walea. For passage, kc., apply as above. '1 he new and magnificent p?ct?t ship "en York, will incceed the above packet, aud aail for Liverpool on Jie l?th An gust, her regular dav, jy25 THb. NEW LINE LI VbttPOOL PAi;Ka.TS wfllW?I'arket Ihth Angust?The snlendid ??|l known fa*t tailing n?w packet ahip LIVERPOOL, tap: John ETdrTdTe, 11)0 torn burthen, now on herseco voyage, and will fail positi'ely asabove, her regalar day. 1: i well known and equally admitted by all, that tne Liverpo 'I the fastest packet >hip thai s> via out of New York, havius beaten the ra'ket ships New York and Sheffield, on h?r I ait p?nage hence evertl d.'.vs, and also every packet on lit r return passage tnat tailed in company with her, as ?ell ai tnoss which sailed WW; ral d'.ya her. Her accoinnKddtiuDs lor catio, second cabin, and steerage passengers, ate so very snaerlor, that it his Itemed for her the name of tha " Floating Palace.'' Thoie wishing to secure berths ii this ma u firenl ship, should not fail to make earlv application tin board, loot Builiug Sup, or to W. fc J.T.TAPSCOTI,.?PeckSlip, _, corner South street. The Liverpool will sail from Liverpool on the 5th October, affording a favorab e opportunity to those wishii g to send for their friends to come out in her, ?r any ol the regular line, on reasonable terms, and these wishing to rsmit money, can nave drafts for any anion t, pavsble on demand in all the principal towns of Great Biitain and Inland. The Siddons wiil succeed the Liverpool, and sail J1th August j\ 28c - < LU UtA< K BALL LINK O* PACKETS (HKk'OH LIVERPOOL? Pacaet of the IstAug-The HNHaiaplendid faat silling new packet shia iSUHOPK, Captain Pnrbar, will be despatched as above, her regular day. This elegant ship hjs unsurpassed aacominodatious lor cabiu, 2d cabin and steerage pastengrrs. Those wishing to secure berths will require to make early application to JOHN HERUMAN, 61 South street, n -*r Wall st. The splendid pacJiet ship KOSCIUS, Gap tun Collins, sails en the 15th inst. her regular day. A >ew more passengers call yt be accommodated ?t the low est rates 11, u.?n\MrtMC inunviirii oiuaiiiauu can a? uitial br secured at the lowest iates by the regular packet nips iniliuu wetkty. Thr subscriber has ju?t c< Deluded qoequilled irrangem'-nt* for thu pavm-nt of hit drafts at the fellowing banks?Thr National and Provincial Banks rf l.rUixl, and at all thcr benches. Alto the Na'ional and I'.Toviuciai B ink of Knglnnd and all ita branches throughout Kugland and Wales. Alto the Eastern Batik of Scotland, the Greenock Banking Co, and all their Branches, throughout Scotlan i. hor fuither particular! apply as above. jy30 r miii? VOK 1,1 VKKrOOI...?Kegnlsr paeKei ol tlie 7th :dCi#V?f Angnut ?The very inprnor, last sailing packet JHBhship INUKfENDKNCK, Captain Nye. will positively tail aa above. flaying very superior accommodations lorcabiD,second cabin tud steerage painrngen, persons wuhiiw to embark shoul.1 ?aka tarly application to J09KPH MeMUKMAV, 100 Fine at., cor. Mouth, above will be succeeded by the ipleudi I p'tketship Shtmeld, Captia > Pophina, and tail on the ll.h Anguit. Persons wishing to aend for their Iriauds in tha old eonutry, can have them brought out by the above ahip, or any ol the regular packata, by applying a? above ; if bv letter ?o?? P?id. jvJO 8 r ? ryti 1,1 VK-KlOOi, NfcW LKNIL?.ftrguisx jrBra^r?f.K?t ol ttth Aug.?The Hpiendid Packet Ship OHBkSIUUOiMH, Captain K B. < obb, of I0:ia tou?, will poaitirely aail as above, her regular day. Koi freight or passage, having accommodations unequalled for splendor or eomfort, apply on board, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street 'pIL. nr J?" R- UOLLTN1 It l'0. it South .trset. Pnce of passage f75. Tne Packet Ship Sheridan, Captain K. A. Drpsrster, will surcsed the Siddons, and sail the *?th of Sept. Passengers may rely on the ships of thu line sailing Mn'lial |y ma?iy?yiiB*n Jy28r jtfL N V w'VoRlTl Yvt"'? Nn*^LOV181ANA AM' LINlt? ?irat Regular Packet?The <*l?fc*ery sailing coppered ship OCONKK, "Twain Jackwin. having a very large proportion of her cirgo on board oerlv all *titf*krd. CA II Vff fib* .. 1 WU| v..., ?-. ?f-"-.-- . ?-* m via iiriRniii imme diate application I* made. Kor Ircixht o? p??a?jc*. na?ini? handsome famished acrommod*tioai, rpl? o? i"'leans whail, foot of W?l il.nrtt . j v .tWn* V1,1W*o,Ui,i Shippers will uleaie tend in their bill* of lading early ihii morning, . _ . , Snippers mayrely ?pon hiring their goods correctly measn Atfcota in N. Orleans, Hullm ft Wood raff, wno will pronpt If (orward all g'?"d? to .their addiess. The racket sit Loauville. f.spt. M. Hoot, will snree*? , I)mb>? yt9 f i out) <vlN ft WRlTlXli I'AfltK?A mil assortmrut of theae desirable pan*" ?the maunfaaurers price for sale by PKHSSlC ft B HOOK 9, jyWec , No. II Liberty *bet t, X w ro EW YORK, MONDAY M wTruur* JI;U jn//ii<UL'V'i< I NKW YORK AND PH'lLA^KU'HIA'KA^LRtJAD LINK Via Ncwaik, New Bat't??wica, i'mncKTon, Tkicnton' BoaniHTowri and Burliwotqw. tofljQ flBfr foladhi THROUGH IN SIX HOURS. Leaving New York daily from the (o t of Cou'tlandt it Morning Liue at 9 A. M.?Mail I'ilot at4ji P M. Trtf Morning Liue proceed! to, trom theDce by temnbiuii to i'niladeli hia. The Evening Liue proceeds direct is Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) with >ut change of cars. Passeugers will procure their tickets at the offi'e loot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat.will be in readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed Trom city to city, without being opened by the way Kach traiu is provided with aca' in whicli are a, artmen's and ilressing rowms eipressly lor the ladies' use Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the footof Walnut street, by steamboat to Boidentnwn at i o'clock, A.M. aDd by railroad from Camden, at S o'clock,4P \1 The Hues for Baltimore leave Philadelnh la at 7X A. M., and 4 P. M. being a continuation ol the lines from New York je< NEW JERSEY rt.AlL.KOAl> X'MU TK.AMCP0KTAT10N COMPANY. ~""w V< WFA Far* reduced to !1s canti, Final the font of Ceurtlaadt street, New York, (^ver^da^?Sunday s.earrpted.^ ^ 4. n "A. M." aYi * ~P~ M. At 7~ ArM. ~A.rf* f. M. 9 do. I d'i. I do. 4 do. 11 do. 4 do 1 do. iSi ilo. 5K do. 10X 7K do. SX tin. 9* do. ON?S UN DAV 8. From the Tool ol fjowrtlnnrft street. Leave New York, Leave Newark. Al 9 A. M. Mid 4V P. M. At 12KP; M. and 9X P- M. N&W YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN, Leave New York l.ea?? Elir.abttb Town At 8 A.M. At J P.M. At 7K A. M. W P M. 9 do. 4 do. 8>4 do. 7 do. 11 de. 4JJ *o. 10 -to. IX do. 5)4 do. 13 do. The trainsfor Westfield, Pl&infield, Bouml k' V)k,Soii>ervill?, fee., connect with the,9 A M, and, 45K P M t linslrotaNew York, daily, Suodaj's excepted. Kara between New York and Elizabeth To w u 25 cent*. Fare between do and Somerville. 75 cents. MV*r YORK, AND KAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Rahway. At 8 A.M. AtS P.M. At 7 A.M. At 5 P.M. 9 do 4 do 8 do Bjf do 11 do 4X do 9% da 9 do 3X do UK do NEW YORK AND NEW BRUNSWICK. From foot of Courtland street, New York, daily. Lefcte New York. Leave Nev/ Brunswick At 9 A. M At 4 P.M. At 6 A.M. At 1IX A. M. 5X do 7V do 8X P. M. ON SUNDAYS Leave New YrrU. Leave New Brunswick. At9 A M and 4J? P M. At 11* A.M., and ?X P M lTare, eichpi lu tlsc Philadelphia trains, between New Yn?i: and New Brun?*iel!, 50 cents Between New York and Haliway 75 cents, f'assenuers who procure their tickets tit the ticket olice, re eoive a ferry ticket cratis. Tickets are received by the co*. {actor only ?n the Jf.r when nnrchas*d. mil 3m*r COli BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST ^ ** - * ASSOCIATION PAss.\Ui OFMCE To ALBANY. Utica, $2 00 Roche iter, $3 00 Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 1 50 Oswego, 2 25 Up. & Lower ('aaadai 50 For passage apply to M. L. RAY. mil Jin 93 Barclav street New York. PATERSON RAIL ROAD. Mb ffgaga VVT1 gwgjfe Lk \RK ONLY CJCNTS: On and after Monday, 17th July, the cars will leave Patersun Depot. Leave Niw Yobe. 8 A.M. 9 A.M. HX " 12* P. M. 4 P. M. i " ON SUNDAYS. Leave Patkmon Depot. Leave New Yoke. 7X A M ?% A. M. 5 P. M. t> P. M. Truiip irtvion Cars plj dAily (Sunday's evcepted.) Passenger* are advised to be at the FVrry, foo Courtlandt itieet, a few minutes befoie the slated hours ol dep.*.lure. jy 18 6m SNKW YOHK, BCHOOLKY'S MOUNTAIN ?t KA8TON. >t of CourtKnd street, daily (Suudavs eifepled) at8o nock, A. M., by railroad f om Jersey city to Morristown, tnence by rosl coaches lliruugh Mendham,Chester. ^ctiooley's Mountain, Anderson Town, I'ort Colden, Wasliiuxtou, to Kaitou. At Wutuugton, a daily liue intersects to aud from Beividere For seats apply to J. Hill, at J. Pation's, Commercial Hotel, 7S Courllaud street. N.B.?Litres furnished at the shortest notice by applying to N. B. Lose. United Siatrt Hotel. MoM-istown. hit 11 3in er ROCKAWAY PA VILLI OM?LONG ISLAND RA1LRO\D. Trains npon this road leave Brooklyn, South Kerry, for Jamaica, where coaches are in readi nets for that delightful resort, the Mtriue Pavillion, at the following hours, vixHalf past 9 A. M.,4 o'clock aud half past 6 P M. Returning, leave Jamaica at (A.M., 12 M. and 5 P. M. for New York. Fare to Jamaica, tt.; through from Brooklyn to the Pavilion.75cents. iei.4 6?*r ?ICW ARRANOKvlKNT. FAKK AND t> K1CIOHT RKDUCED. JXM i\CiUU l<au .haiu biiir?rv.'? i nv fl^SL?g?VlDK.lNCK AND BOSTON, via STO<?* tirj iviiTMM AND NEWPORT?Computed ol the following superior steamers, running iDcouaectiou with the Stomngtou aud Boston and Providence Railroads:? MASSACHUSETTS, Caul Comstock. BHODK ISLAND, Capt J'hayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAIMNSETT. MOHEUAN One of which will leave New York daily (Sundays excepted) from Pier No 1, Butery Place, N. Kiver, at 5 P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE ISLAND. Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stouington and Newport, and Friday for Stomngtou. The MASSACHUSETTS,Captain (Comitock,on Tuesday and Tliureeay for Stouington, and Saturday for Stoniugton, Newport ami Providence. Passcugrrs, on the arrival of the atearneri at StoniugtOD, will be immediately forwarded in the jplrndr' xnd commodious Care of the Haihovl to Providence ami Boston, aud if for Newimit will praceed in the iteameri ou Mouday, Wednesday aud Saturday, aud on 'he intervening days, proceed via Stoning ton Kailraad to Providence, and fiom theuce in the learner tolas, wilhoat any additional charge. Tickets for the route and steamers' berths can be secured on board, or st the office of HAKNDEN it CO., No 1 Wall street. [T7"On and after the 10th inst, freight will uot be received ana forwarded after half-past 4 P M m9 6m* in im "'OK KEV PORT AND MIDDL.H"TO^N POIN i. d?i'v (Suudivs ri e.ted) jKvvaMTSL touchiug at segnine's Duck. Statin Island. On aud af'er Mindav Jaly 11st, the steamer KOCK i.A > U, Captoiu Crawford, will leave Middleiowu Point ou Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thusdays nnd Fridays at half-past 'neo'cl cW, (tide neimitting) aud Ke? Portal two o'clock, P. M. Re'aruing leave New York, foot of Rnbiuson street, on Tuesdays, w dncsdays, Thursdays ?n<l Kri' ays at eight o'clock. A: M. and Saturdays at two, P. M. Stiges Will be in readiness on the arrival ofth? But to convt? passengeia to Freehold, or auv part of ihe country. Uniform onveyan-es on 'I arg? Evmsions. Parties of p'easure will be t*ken to aud from Fort Hamilton or Key Port, at reasonable rates. j\29 lm*m ^ ori f A?r. KP.uui'Ai' run uniuuf.nnii <M iV^M) NOKWAX.R-L.iu.Iidi: at Beidcn's JLJH3LNect. Fiire 10 Bridgeport. 25 centa. Pare to Norwalk, 13 J* eu. Fare to New Haven, 75 cents. The iteanboar MUTUAL HAFKTY leaves Liberty itreet Pi'rever, morning, Hauday eirented, st o'clock, tor Bridgeport and Norwalk, touch tig at Belden s Neck, runoiug in connexion with the Honsatonic Kailroad. Rr turning, leave Bridgeport at half-past I P. M., or ou the atrival of the care. New Haven Line?Stages l?a?? Bridgeport immeniatelv on the arrival of the bo it The distance is 18 mile*, with fine rosds and a h-aiinful connt'y. Fare 10 New Haven 75 cenU. Offic? Coot?(' Liberty street. jyl8 lm*tc URIAH ORH-OORY, Agent. .MM MM DltfcCT FOR NHWPOHT ANU PRO fai rtii'^*V<DKN,;K-AwKIV''>iO IN TIMK FOR 3L^auLP^8KN(4KKH TO TAKK THK cams TO tJOSTOIS?Fare f I 50?Deck Fare X I?The new, commodious and fast sailing steamboat CURTIS PK< K, Captaiti Wm 11. Peck, wi'l leave the pier east side Cathenne Market Hip. ICait River, every Monday, Wednesday and Fridsy, at 5 o'clock, P. M, For passage and freight inquire at 3 5 booth it. up stain. jy7r _______________ _Mrl jem STATn.N ISLAND khKHY?CLIFjWiH~ji J*- TON, N*'AR INK . MARROWS ?Until JKJL. Id'ther notice, the 2 o'clock trip Imm Whitehall 11he S TATE v ISLA.NDKIt) will, after miking her usual landings a th - Qi-mntue and Stip'etou, proceed 10 t'.e uew wharf ar Clil'tou, near the I'elegrai h. 'I h> CAMSO."1 will leave Cliftnti wHarf for the city, at 'clock. On bund vs, the 2 o'clock trip liom V\ i itehall will proceed direct to Clifton, with nt torching at tne Quarantine au<l Stenleton, and the retnrn boat will leave Clifton wharf at 6 o'clock Fare 2X cents. This arrangement wil> afford a d?lishtful eieuraion to the Narrows ?n4 an opportunity el enioym* the hi brerr.e, icenerv and prospect, lor wli'ch that part of ataten Island is so ce lebrated, with ample tune lor a ramble, and bathing on the s?a side. i 29 im r .MM 4tm .MKWAHK AND INK.W VORK?Kaie only 12^ Cents !?The S| lendid steamer PASSAIC, after Juue 5th, will rtik aa folLeave the foot of Barclay itreet, New York, at 10 A M , and 4 P. M. Leaves the foot of Centre street, Newark, at 7X A.M., and ^"he" accommodationi both for pauengeri and freight have been greatly t upcoved. Freitlit c irrieii at very low rates. al* ?ni > |JI | .-grn HAMILTON Hot8b. KOHT MAM flTLrH^3?|LTHN The steamboats STATKN XZ^JKJK.IsLANDi1 11 and SAMSON wl'l ruuever, day (Sundays excepted) during the follows >? I .... Hamilton >t 7M A M. and 4 . P. M. INen York, Whitehall Dock, at 3\< P. M. Thii arraiiMeineut may b? relied on as perinaneut, aa iu continuance will not depend on an? contingency. jlJJmr N K VV AKHANUKAI fc IS T KU't Sll KK.VVSBI' IIY?Loin Branch. Hvdy 3B^JBJE.Ho k. Ocelli House and ICatontown Lauding the new SHHKWUtfllKY, f'artiiu Jonn I. Corlics, will now run ai follows, on auil af'er I'hnrtasy, 17th inat leaving New York, from the foot of Kobmsoa siren, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdav, at In o'clock, A. M, Aud Katontown Landing unMouday, Wednesday and Friday, t I# .i'c|oeii, A M The Shrewsbury will ran a* above, wettrer pe;milling, until fa>ther notice. All bagfai<e at the rink of the ownert. Kar- |?X cenu. N. U ? 9U|ii will be in attendance 10 convey passenger, from ?h? aforesaid landing places to anv 1*1. of lb* ronnty reqyirfd. .The Hkrewsbnry will fo the inner |..nss(?, wheu pncticaielir ' K K f 'OH.NTNC4 ITTT.V 91 i?Ll'4 . V ^ .a. 9 V U A Ui J * " GRAND DEMONSTRATION AND PIC-NIO EXCURSION jOt IN celebration of (he Ki'St Anniversarv of I. O oftt'ehvbi'** on Wedte*d?y, Aug _JfcJC_?d. it til ii Cove. Tlii" splend.d B- Lt.K, commanded by tl.e well kunwu ' ?pt Joel Stone, n Chartered for the ore itiop, together with N Y City Brats Band, and wi'l Iran* 'he following pliem:?4,ale Prison dock at ,V? to 9 o'eloei t foot of 8rrmg st at 9 'eloefc s pier N". t North Kiver past 9 o'clock; root of Hike it, Kul Kivrr H ??*?? * 9 o'clo k ; froin loot < f Di-lancy it ILast Kiver t lo a o'clock Tickets furihe nri nil eau he ohi ined at W in Trs 10V 10 Weil ill nf I W Do'lge ci r ol White an < Broidw <y; fc H Wr>gh''s Temiwi* ce Home, jo mtio ofHoutton a*l Kirstst: H" K. Lee, cor of How-r? n ml Stanton it; ?l?o olBrot'ier C??, No I Comm<ree >t New rk, and at 'hs dirter-nt I Hidings on the m'ruing of the rn nrsiop. The Anniversary will alio he calebra'ed hy an Orati n to be delivered id the (ireen ?tre?" M<-th?<lis> Kpucopal Chnri h iu the evenin , b? Hro liei William W illace, lat f Kentucky. An efficient Choir will alio be in a'teuiUnce. Th? Mavorand f'ominen Oomiril of the i ity of New York, Hon George Brings, Hon. Kr e inghnv?on,Capt PutricklDovIe of Kentucky, Mr Levin of l'hi|*delphia. Mward C Uelevan, Esq , Oeorga Parker, Esq, of Boston, Henry Kieli, En), of .New York, and oth-rs are invited to attend. Tickets 12% cent*, to b? oh ained of the Committee on hoard the boat o'-t the door of 'he '"knich. N. " ?If the weather should pruve unlavorahle, the cieur ion will he positioned until Inrther n-itic.c. ivHI H*er .MM PEOPLE'S LINE OK STEAMBOATS Q^SSQjSt*'OK ALBANY-IMily at 7 o'clock, P M. jiEaaaMEdKLT^wougn Direct (^tiadayi eieepted) from tra St Hiiiljunt Pier Net een ('oiirti.mJt and Liberty st.eets Steamboat KOCHE8TEK, C<t>? A Houghton, will leaye Tuesday, Tharsdav aud Saturday evenings, at 7 o'clock. niciuiiiwai owu i 11 vnridin u * uniuiru, ill leave Monday, Wednesday in?l Friday evenings, at 7 o'clock. Hteainbcat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M H Tmwdell, laridicis at intermediate landings, will leave Monday, We uesday, and Kri 'ay afternoons, al 5 o'clock. H'oyasaage or fr-.ight, apply on board, or to P. G Scholtr. at the office ou the wharf" jy IT idMft Mm hfcVEN O'CLOCK MOltNlNO LINK ALU'NY TROY, and Intermediate .MLjKx L>udinvs ? Krom the Steamboat pier, at the foot <>l Barclay street. flreakf.iit aud Dinner on board. Leaves New York?The K.rntire on Monday Wednesday and Friday. The Troy ou Tueiday, Thursday nud Saturday, at7 A. M. Landing at?Cald wells, Wnstpoint, Newburgli, Hanptno, Pou?hkeei>sie. Hyde Pak. Rhineheck, II. Ited Hook, Bristol, ChmUiII, Hudson. Cnx??ekie and Kiwlerhook The steamboat TROY this Saturday morning, 29th July, at 7 o'clock. The EMPIRE. on Monday morning, th? 31st. f?'r passage, apply at the oAce, foo? of Barclay street, ?r ?ti board Notire.?All Goods, Freight, Baggage. Bank Bills, Specie, or auy other kind of Property, taken, snipped, or put on board tli- boats ot this Line uiust be at the risk of the owners of such goods fcc. jv29 2tr .mq m* monopoly-fare keducedNew Independent Opposition Line for Alba3K3UHUiL.ny direct. The new and commodious steamboat NBW JEK8EY, Cart. H. H Ku'ey, will'eave the foo'of Barclay street, New York, e?ery Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, at 7 o'clock For freight or passage apply on board. Freight taken less tliau tow boat prices The Ntw Jerser is furnished with elegant stite rooms, and forsprcdand accommodation is ot surpassed by any steamboat on the Hiu'son rivrr j|7 "HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS 1" UK. COOKE RETURNED FROM ENGLAND. RESPECTS'! ILLY informs h s friends and patrons throughout the Untrd Siates, Canada, North ?nd South America, the British Colonies, 8(c , that haviug all the latest important Information Irom Kurope, he is universally performing cure? of the worst cla?s of Venereal Dr*ease m its most aggravated forms, with unprecedented rxpedition and disiiitch. and may ( liaiu be consulted as u>u?l. pers -nally and confidentially, at his office No 3 Norton stre- t, Aliuiv, N Y. Dr. COOKE a tends personally to In* natienti. COLORED ENGRAVINGS, descriptive of Disease in both sexes illustrating all its Most ma Ijgonnt forma with * complete Practical Treatise on Venereal Complaints and their immediate and remote couseouences. in cludm; obs-rvatious ou certain affVcrions of the Uterus?may be ein.iined at any tune if desired by the uiilorluuare at the Hospital, where patients will find it both convenient and advantageous to l>oar<l and lodge with Dr. Cooke, who will coinfortaoly accommodate them.while under medical treatment,unUl recovered Whatever celebrity Dr Cook may have attaiued in the treatmeat of Dis?ase, >ie believes to belong M no ether by that name in thii eon itrv; thu well known Phyiiciai and Surgeou, who has 1.0 Aitents, aud is not connected wilh -uy similar eatabiiah inent in the United States, can he found it ?he Albany l.ock Hospital, No. 3 Norton street, Albany, N. Y., aud uo where else. The unfortunate will please " attend to this part of their dn ty, take due and tunely notice aud govern them?elve> accord'n?r% KCMKMBKK NO. 3 NORTON riTREET, ALBA NY. N v i? 13 tin' BOOT A.N ) ttHOfc STORE. JOHN !< KADV reap*ctliilly informs msfriends and the lablic, that he has commenceu business ii the above line, <t No. 99 Nassau street, where he will to inklull j receive ?iti faithfully etenute, all orders he mar b? tavorert with I >i# rnoft r???on*hl- l#rmi Inr r?ih PAK1S B ?OT8 ANO LA?T" MADE TO ORDKK BV E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, (Basement,) one door from Courtlandt eireet. E. SURh'.R, Bootmaker, an I maker "f s, an V. ve"of('lerce of Paris. begs leave to iuio'in hi fri*i>di and all ine mna'i nrs of n gentlemanly "ehaussore" that lie ran now make, in New York, with the best K eica ma.eria's, all that is so |>erfectly made, in Paris, by ins maate the C'lebi?ted bontm'ker Clcrce, whose uuniniiui custom' rs on thi* side ol the A lantic <re resieetfnllv iu?iied t'> try 8 USER'S b..ots and las's before they deapair ol being cliausses' in New Yi'rk, a'i'r the nicest, I-test Paris fashion. Also the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold j v 78 I in *ec BUTTONS PATENT AGATE BUTTON UEPOT, Patkrsou, Ni* Ikiiit. THOa PHOHHfcK, I iy2't lm*r Patentee. i GREAT IMPItOVKMLNT IN" FRICTION MATCHES. ANEW ARTICLE OK MATCHK9, without brim.tone or any other offensive quality, and actually waterproof, hat lately been patented by l"tter? pnenf ol the United States in favor of the inventor W K. Ashard, and are a iw unuufactared ami offered to the publ ic by 'he proprietors of said patent at No. Hi Bleecker street, N?.v Vork. where all who wish to purchase good matches a'e in?i'ed to call aud prove them And all persons whatever are *>erebv notified of the said patent and warued oot to violate or infringe npon the um< iu any omDuer, lest they incur the peualriet ol the law iu such cases. The?e matches nj iite with e?se au'l cer aiutv iu all weathers and climates, nud barn with a brilliant flame; ami il placed in a vertical position, will continue to lorn .out; en unh it seal several letters with wai Tliev uuy lay immersed in wal?*r for hoars and (lavs, and it is believed even for weeks aud when taken out and dned, will ignite aud barn as before. Three ?utlities of these invches are maoe aud mild as above, namejr?No. I, Ki'ra aud Pertained. The latter are agrceab'v scented and lit for ladies' toilets Kiporters, se*ar smokers, housekeepers, aud all who us: in itches, will readiiy iierceive h w decided the adv titage possessed by tliesv oyer all others. Orders aud c iiihiuihc >tiou? t-? be aildressed to G BOWKN, No 161 Bleecker st, jy2l lm*r Agent for the Patentees aud VI<nufacrurer?. dale sc maxwell, No. 2 ?;fcUA< STREET, new york, SOLE AgeDts iu the United Sutes, for ihe Freu h Report ot Fashion, tra is'aird nto Kunlish, with H tteiu Sheets, Covnmes Si-, for tailors dress make.t ana nillm- rt received from Paris on the ariival of every i'neket. Those who with the ouly original 1> reach Fashion uow s nt to America iu ti e EuRli'h language. can have thtm by calling as anov. t erms of the Elegaut or Tailors Fashion, Five Dollars rer year, issued rnouihly Le Fo let, or Ladies Ka hum, Tin Dollars p r year, issued weekly, with eighty 'onr line colored sir el * lig'av mi's l"T y ,-a r, "r v ii month IfJ 1* r WM T. "JENNINGS & C<>, 931 Broadway, American Hotel, OPPOSITE THE FOUNTAIN. AKE OFF&HINU an entire uew stjle Fancy Coats for travelling or husnii-ss purposes. jvifl Stis*ec ALL WHU WANT GOOD' FASHIONABLE mean WATTE KS are iavced to call at W ALE Ml' > celebi.ited cheaptiore, 419 Broadway, north west eorp?r of Canal street. Goou city maoe gaiters, baskius, ties and slippers at prices 20 per cent, l-ss than ever before offered Also, gents' boys' and children's fine Kiench aud native calf dress ! oots cheapest you ever saw; do dogentt, boys' and children's quarter boots, gaiteri ami dress shoes Also, the grralesi varie.y of all the difT'reut kinds tor family u*e, to., numerous to enumerate. All who want any of the above a'tidles, are invited to call at WALKKK'S Cheap doot aud Shoe Store, <19 Broadway, north west corner I tanM st i y 17 l?t*ec WATCHKS?The largest and most splendid assortment of Watchei in the city, is to be found at the subscriber's.? As he is constantly receiving all descriptions of Gold ana H.lver Watches, of the u ;westistvlcs, direct from tha matinlict'irerf, in Ksiglind, Frauce, \ad Switzerland, he is enenabled to offer a larger assortment, aud at much less prices, at letail, than auy oinei house iu the eity. Gold watches as luv as |2(l to $3i each Watches end jewellery ctchanged pr bought. All watches warranted to keep good lime, or the money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired iu the best maiper, and warranted lowti than al auy other place iu the city. (J. (J. ALLEN imr-O'iei of watclies and lewellery, j?1 lin'r Wholef - and retail. M rv - i nr-?t. an stt a T?0 MANUFACTURERS AM) DKAlKHS IN A WOULLKkS ?Heurf Mi|[enn, Kiniiher of < .loth*, Ca?ntnrrei, Batwetti, fcc , corner ol Lnuhtunl Waohmxtou it , N. V , iei|*ctlully ii.fnri.a the m?nul*cturer> aud ilealca in woollens, thai hi* r?t?l>iitlirnrnt u now id ncceitful open tiou, dnd that lie u prepared 10 eitcu'e with proinptneu all ord'ri in hn line liat may be court led to linn. Specimen! of In* woikmamhip tnxy be iern on appliratiou to the gtuilreien whcir iiameiare ?nm i.d, and to whom lie hai liberty- to reler. He ?l?o releri to the following reina III tip u his workman* thip at the Knirntlhe Ainriicm luxitute. THK OOt.D M K.DAL h.i* been awarded to H. Mtgeon, for the moit beautifully finulird Clothi (J itimrrn and Stiue't* displayed ar the late (itubitioii; the liiititute ha?e tun home their te*tinv*ny to the peritenon of the ait, bv wi irh Mr. Milton h m nurmeiiled one of the moit unp Unt lourcei of the m<uiif.<ctai iiui wealth nf the United Mute*, by adding, at a ?ery tritium co?t, from ten to filteeu (? reu( :<> the nine ol the cloth* itilnnitted to hi* piocria ol tinishtuR ami preparati 11. The hnlliant finmi aud > 11 la y itno thneai of the cloth* Hiui prepared, niuit satuly every one who will examine thrin, ol the gre.u luperionty of the procei* pnriMtd by Mr Migeou. Manufacturer* and iin liorten will tin well to acquaint ihnn?elf?* by perioual eiamtnatiou * ith the merit of h * invenliou. Urd?r* m *y be leli at N>'* 61 and M I'ine it. HKKMtKNCtiH ifulated, lianw* V Co., JI Naaiau it. Ui.'nbertk W .icoil, 61 I'nie *t. W.1J. Lautley 8t Co., M Cine it. W-lioti, Butler k Jo., 27 (WiliUm il U. bip?li?m,6? Clue it. VV'I tin* r PIIK TRIliTEXTRACT p? MAtirtAt'AItlLL.A 7ru A SI Cuurtlaud itieet i* gniuing n Popularity ueierbeiore known, in fact it n mid at a reaaor,able price, and ii made i1 a* good material* a* aur other, One trial will r-on?ii ce tl 1 P'i*t?ceiiti"*l To b* Wl only ?? <, price 5$ cm u per < ?tll?i fl !>?? ll'?'?ll It*' NKW Ulitt uVlllt lur gilding, ulrering aud piatiuiMi.g | by Hydru Kleetririty, withoui lia'Tnoic Hutcry. u ? ?ei) trifling tipeu*? *?d labor. Prepared Powder (oi milling, ail- 1 ?erin? anil platinixiut, with a very maple arperatu*ai d the .ft- ' rrctioni. to make lie* of thi* *ecret. 'oli'bi; I iya lrn*rr " <? TIK.MANV.M Clutlnmit ' 1MI a w I'a PIT. It?I nn rrami nlllr?WiillI 01, <!*>, 5 PICK8SK * BROOK*. jyl??c Wo. ti Libeilj iun(, | I tj t\ A Daflalo. (Corrnapondttncu ol the Herald) norrAf^o, Julv 27. 1843 Reception of th- Hon. John ty. Aunmt?Trade and Commerce?Emigration?Health of the City? Agruydtural Pitriuit*?Trmptrunce ?Morality and Religion? Theatricals. i Ja.viks < okijon Bknnett, Esq.:? Ukak Sin,? At an early hour yenerday morning, the steamer Bunker Hill, iiiiviue on board n lommittee appointed by our citizen* tor the purpose of **??ci?riiruc the venerable Ex-Preaideut to our city, proceeded to the Falls, where he had been spendm* a few days with Gen. Porter The d ty v*s an lovely km could nave well uesireu, ana an excursion ui>on me m.igara, though short, m mi have uHorded the old k^iitleiiian much pleasure and satisfaction. At 4 P.M the boat approached our wharf, where thousands ol our citizens, and many strangers, hud congre gated, all anxious to catch a glance at the " old man eloquent." an some have b?*en pleased to Call him. The air, lor Home minutes, was filled with hearty cheers, and a procession wan soon formed which moved up Main street to the park, where previous arrangements had been made tor ihe reception of our distinguished guest He was received by the Hon Millard Fillmore in a short but very appropriate address, to which the old gentleman replied in happy remarks ol half an hour't duration. After congratulating us upon the prosperi.y of our flourishing city, and U|>on the freedom and liberty we enjoy, and expressing many heartfelt thanks for his kind reception, In- said? What shall I nay to you 1 But an the return for welcome in gratitude, and at gratitude in somewhat loqua Cious, I miiKt say something farther 10 you. What can I nay but to congratulate you ? I congratulate you then upon your condition in the world. I congratulate you upon that ireedom which you enjoy?I wisn I could say at>ov? all upon earth. I congratulate you u|>on the land in which you live?u land (lowing with milk and honey?a land of mountains and valleys?of mountains, ami mountain* all over the world are the abodes ol liberty. Liberty is a mountain nymph ; hut beside that general property possessed in wrery quart?r of the globe, you possess a blessing reserved by the Creator for you alone?and that is the phenomenon of which so late in life, 1 have, within the last four days, been a witness. Your 1 <nd is not on ly aland of mountains, but of Cataract* an J Whirlpools? object* of nature in which the Creator of the world ha* displayed hissublimest power. In visiting them--in gazing at them?indwelling upon them, a* in the Inst four days | have done, I have frit somewhat as I seem to teel in your presence. 1 fell unable to speak. It seemed as il there was a suspension, not only of words, but ot thought ?that it threw a man, seeing them (or the first time, into the condition ascribed to the prophets of old?as if the spirit of Ood came upon him?as if he Raw the vision of the Almig'.ity, falling into a trance having his eye* open. The fall of those dashing and roaring water*?the initant destruction with which we know them to be fraught?the danger, the leap which they tempt us to make and mingle with tln-m?the gfrt'llu trunmiilitv nf till. Innf river mu ll iu vista before thi m and the smooth nnil silent current in which they (low again afterthn (all, showing in contrast at one view, tho extreme of violence ami repose?and above all that rainbow get in cloud, the covenant pledge of God 10 man, that what in its nature in destruction shall not degtroy ? form altogether a picture for the imagination which one f*els that words cannot expregg. When the recollection com?s that the intelligence and industry ol man have made thoge water* tributary to a great public improvement, and the Catanrt itielf an ingtrument of the bounty ol G.?d for the benefit of the human lamily, by borrowing from thi' stupendous wonder ol Mature a portion ol itsgtream lor manufacturing purposes, we cannot but exclaim, "Great and marvellous are thy works Lord Gud Omnipotent ?in wisdom hast thou mode them all." Alter alluding to several of our most distinguished citizens in a complimentary manner, he congratulated himself upon the pleasure he hud received from coining among us. 1 have," said he, ' been at Lundy's Lane, and at Chippewa, with that illustrious man, Gen. Porter, who lin? fought in the hattier" of his country. I have seen no memento of that political era between these two countries, divided by dial natural phenomenon between the twn. as if Heaven had considered it too much f?r one "'"here (in Canada) [ have been received as a friend, with friendly greetings, and I ejaculate a prayer to God, that this state of temper may be perpetual?thir the sound of war, and of garments rolled in blood, may never again be exhibited." He concluded h s remarks, which were received with dtalening plaudits, with many thinks and a prayer to God whw rules the world, and all hi the world, that he might make us as happy and pros|>erous as we deserve. After which, he proceeded t?> his lodgings, at the American, where many of our citizens had the rionor of a formal introduction. n the evening our spirited firemen got up a torch light procession, which was very effei uve This morning, alter rr ceivii:g the calls of many ladies and gentlemen, Mr Adauis and suite left in the cars for the east, no doubt hiKhly pleased with his tour through western New York Trade and commerce, though to all appearance in a healthy state, does not at present present as much activity us during the early p irt of the season July is usually a dull month tor business in this city, but I h.tve no doubt it w111 revive in a few weeks, and Ruflalo will iigain re^uijie her wonted life and bustle There has been, if I am correctly informed, more emigration to the fertile west tins season tUari lor many years Agre^t many tferroans have ttrnved here, who have gone west, while others, more wealthy, have purchased from the Ogden company, and settled upon the "Indian Reservation." The people of this city, generally, have recovered from the influenza, which was so prevalent here a few weeks since, and at present 1 hear ot but little sickness. Those who are engaged in the pursuits wf agriculture are now unusually busy in securing their crops, which I am told are very productive So far as I have been able to learn from the western -ta'es, the crops ot w teat and most other descriptions ot grain, ha re come in much better than for several yeurs The cau*e of t?rnpera"ce, I am happy to intorm you, is still advancing Its vast ben? fits have hern felt by many a heart-broken wile, even in this city, and many children who had the mistorturie to h?ve intetn|>erate fathers, will ever rejoice that their n<ttural protectors have been snatched trom the brink of ruin?even drunkard's graves, oy the temperance reformers It is, indeed, a noble and praise worthy cause, and if proper efforts are continued, rtim and all intoxicating liquois will soon become a drug in our city Let those who diligently labor in the cause, be encouraged, and let us, as we ought, become a temperate, happy, and industrious people. Urder such circumstances ourcountry will improve ?our citizens become enlightened and refined?the arts and sciences will be more fully developed, and we shall arrive at that acme so devoutly to be desired by every well wisher of our glorious republic. Morality and religion have somewhat revived since my last, and many things seem to indicate a stirring upol the |>eople A revival is needed here, not only on account of depraved and wicked sinners, but for the benefit of professed christians!? We have many hypocrites among us. who put up long petitions for the salvation of sinners, but such prayers, as Burchard has said, seldom reach abov the w lis in which they are heard, and, lor my own part, I have almost concluded that our be?t citizens are among those who never made any high-sound ing pretensions to sanctification Father Miller, I perceive by an advertisement in one of the papers, is soon to appear among us. A tent is to be erected at Cottage Garden, and the services are to commence on the 5th ol August; to be continued from ten to filteeu dnys. This, I ain inclined to believe, is nil wrong Religious fanaticism should never be tolerated in an intelligent community, and such men as Mr. Miller should not be permitted to create an excitement, or work upon the minds and passions of those who are susceptible of imbibing Ins silly impressions. He has already produced more insanity, by the doctrines he pretends to advocate, than he can pos ibly atone for were he to live live hundred years. Theatricals, so far as the'Eigle street theatre is concerned, are beginning to improve. Mr Itice and his company, as 1 informed you in my last, lelt coon after the -till inst for th* west, and the theatre has been occupied by a new company from your city, who have presented mu< h attraction to the lo vers of (lie drama, which I believe has been m> t by our citizens with a liberal support No other nmuif tnents, except steamboat excursions, have been present during the summer At the recent sitting of ihe Recorder's Court in this city, no less than nine were found guilty of Stale prison offences,and have accordingly been lit tended by our officers to ihe beautiful ?ilU?e ot Auburn, where they will find a healthy location and plenty ot business. These mm were not citizens ol Erie county; but as our police officers are remarkably shari?-siiihted. they were "brought up landing," and are now reapii g ihe reward of convicted felons. In addition to the vigilance of our olice, the new district attorney, Mr Havens, perform* his duty ta ibfully and fearlessly, so that if ro?iie>? are brought before him, the tuffuence "I wealth and respectable connexions, will not shieM Iheni from the jusi requirements ?t the law This m n*ni D?rn nnnn#?n jumirr snouin nr n*r ? i lo all. 1 he iiemtliy ? crime should t?r ttvvurilrd. Vours, dec. * ^ L D. fit* t wo rnntm Llt?rar) Nutlrva. Rail Road Jouhnai. ? Every man who feels interested in the growing proaperity of thin country must observe with the highest eratificntion the pre. sent indications of returning success to the cause of Internal Improvement Works which ha-! been suspended, will, there in good reason to hope -ood he resumed, and many others commenced .ind '.-nr ried to successful termination Among th? gre*t workuconnected wrh the in11*rw?il improvrnfr1 this emended country, railroads and other iiicmi communication are obviously of the firat mu ?rtance We have great pleasure in observing that the public nnnd begins to appreciate the value of the multiplication and extension of these great means id promoting the settlement and increasing: the trade and wealth of n?r wide spread republic Among the efficient agent* in promoting thr cau*e of intern tl improvement, we have pleasure in making favorable mention of the Rm'rond Journal am! Merhitnirn' Mngmmr It has long labored in thi? important tiHd.aod haw circulated a vast amount ot useful scientific information We are confident that ihe appeal which the tulented and industrious editors nave maoe tor puonc suppon, win not r>e ut tered in vain They ask also to be put parly in possession of information tn relation to the operation of the different railroads It is of great impotjanoe to theni 'n short they desire to be furnished with any and all information in relation to thia vast and growing interest, that may be useful to others, and to the Journal They auk as a special favor, of each Railroad Company, a copv of their present rates for freight and panseneers per mile, or through, as compared with 1841, that they may form a table giving at one view the charges on all the railroads in the United States We trust that these very proper and reasonable requests mav he promptly complied with, and very sincerely wish i>rosi>eritv to the ttuilrmd Jourffil. Ii is published by L). K. Minor and George C. Schaeffer, 23 Chambers street. Price #2 pA annum. Barne*' Notes on theEpisti.kto the Hebrews. The Messrs Harpers have just published "Notes, Critical and Explanatory, on the Epistle to the Hebrews," by the Rev. Albert Barnes, a Presbyterian clergyman of Philadelphia. Mr Barnes is the author of a series of volumes, of which the present forms apart, intended as a popular commentary on the New Testament, doctrinal, critical, geographicall archaeological, historical and in o'her respects explanatory. Mr. Barnes' labors have mef with the most decided success. The Notes on Hebrew* make a fine 12mo. volume, and are illustrated with engravings. Productive Farming, or a familiar digest of the recent discoveries of Liebeg, Johnston, I'avy and other celebrated writers on vegetable chemistry, showing fiow the results of tillage might be greatly nngmented, by Joseph A. Smith Price811-4. New York: D Appleton ifc<!o. This valuable compilation from the receni discoveries of Johnston. Davy, Good and others, appears to us very valuable; divested of the scientific and technical words, it m suited to the comprehension of every reader We wish it were in the hands of every farmer in the country. Tiik Ladies' Seriai-?The ladies are bound to take under their esiiecial patronage the edition of Hannah M<>re's works which the Harpers are publishing. In that distinguished woman we see the influence which may be exerted by her sex; and a power over high and low, rich and poor, greater limn mat exerciseu ?y ??r?* murr, w?m nr?n ?utained by another writer. For their own credit, aa an evidence of their appreciation oj female talent properly employed, and to prove their good taste in literary matters, we trust the ladies will subscribe rn m*ai*e lor Hannah More's works. Harper's edition, which will he published in eight numbers, at 25 centseach. Cheap enough. No. II is out, and for sale at this office. TiP Follm?1Cor-RiFR dks Salons ?This isajnurnal ot the news and fashions (or millu.itrv and drew makers. r> |>orted weekly in Paris, wiih sf-ven co?fumes per month. It is published expressly for lla|e Ac Maxwell, importers and dealers in milhnary and dressmakers' trimmings, No 2 <'edar street. New York Independent of ihe valuable letter press matter which this work contains, its plates ol Ushioua are far (superior to any other work of the kii>d. Thk Fi.ebant?This is a journal of the newest fashions for drapers and tailors, published for the s i me firm It contains plates of the sections of garments, which are doubtless valuable to the tailor, but to our uninitiated eyn they look vastly like the diagrams and innumerable figures which the tyro in land-surveying has to perpetrate. Thk Dkmochat'C Rrvirw for Attarrtrr?Lang |ey% N Y Tbe number for August of this tnatnia<ne contains several valuable articles, an?l an improvement is seen in its general appearance; wt do not, however, give the engraver credit for furnishing a liketiens of Mr Senator King "Corner Loungers," wnh Joseph C Neai's "Penmngs and Pencilling* in anil about Town," is a pleasant relief to the heavier, but \aluabir papers of O A Brown son on the "Origin anil Ground of Government," and the one entitled "The Irish Rrp?-Hl Question," which is probably from the pen of the Editor. Its poetic contributions are of a superior order, and its fictions are gracefully written. Thr University Magazine ?We have received a copy of the July number of this periodical, which is published by Geddes, Philadelphia, and edited "by a Committee of the Philomathenn and Zelosophic Societies of the University of Pennsylvania." The committee consists of under graduates, and Ihe character of its contents, which, by the bye, are very meagre, may be gathered from their titles and the soubriquets of the writers. " Popular Qtimnallni h?/ 11 " Vfllph AHn ?Kmif VlkfhinO flf h tale of Blo?>df by neither of those other Fellows." " Be.gamin Spike. a tale, by Some Fellow " ThiB latter is the continim'ion ol a story; the other contents are <>me three pages of large tyjie on "American History," and a stanza ortwo on that novel subject " The Harp " Spakks' Lipk or Wa-iunqton.?Stringer, Broadway, N V This, the i:iih number of this great national w<irk, cornrnenc a the appendix, with " the origin and genealogy ol the Washington Family,'* and also contains an account of General Waihington's expenses while acting as Commander-in-Chief of the American armies?his religious opinions and habits, together with some remarks on his Farewell Address, last illness and death, &c &c. This is a work that should be in every American library. Illustrated Edition ok tbk Book or Common Pkavkk ?Ilewett, New York No. 8, or the July number, is got up in the style which has characterised the previous numbers ol thia valuable work. Cyci-opkdia or BiblicalLrntRATUBK ?Newman, New York Part II gives promise of great excellence lor this work, which is to be completed in I Illireil ilailU'rIB China?Martin Jc Co. New York?Nos. 4 and of China, in a series of views, displaying the scene* ry, architecture, social habits, tec , of that ancient and exclusive Empire, are parts of a publication bjr Thomas Aliom, E-q .accompanied by historical and descriptive notices. At a point of time when China has assumed an interesting position in the la<<? of the world, this publication will be found useful. Its plates are well engraved and its letter press descriptions instructive. Pcskyism Examined by patjbionr ?Published by Jobs S Taylor & Co , 145 Nassau st. This is a very elegantly got up edition ol a work which must meet a great sale just now. The talented author discusses with conciseness, but in a very intelligible manner, all the poinis involved in the Puseyite controversy. History op thr Westminster Assembly of Dt> vinks ? Hy the Rev W M. Hetherington?Published by Newman, 199 Broadway. A very accurate and impartial historical account of one of the must remarkable bodies that ever assembled. Dr Hook's Call to Union on the principles or the En?lish Reformation?Published by Redfield, Clinton Halt. Despite of the title, this is a controversial discourse ot ureal ability. A great number of valuable notes are appended. In these days ol rel'gious controversy, it must be acceptable to many readers. Kt.y Moore's Oration?A Fourth ol July'discourse. As rhetorical, and rather better than those thing-<UMially are. . . ? , The New Mirror for last week is an excellent number The editors have given us p.enty ot original matter " Industry must prosper united with $uch genius it must triu?'l'h. The Great Walkin? Match on thk Che use a Course ?The fir*' twenty four miles were performed t>v fil worth m 4h f)2m 49< ; by Fogg in 6h. lm. IT- Flworth's shortest tune was 9m ; his long 16'ii 4<5? Fom'i shortest time whs 10m. )?*; his liiim'ci. l^'ii Th? second twenty-four miles wni> i>erf>>rmed by Elworth in 5 hours 14 minutes, 6 seconds?by "ogg in 5 hours I6minut'*?, l(iwc?n^ Kinorth's rest tune was 9 minut>* 67 j-ecoods; his|on??si, 17 minute* 46 seconds F? ?<-* ?h.>r?fst I'm*-. II miptiirp40 seconds; his lon? ci 17 mijuiM. 1 ' ill) it *<-ir la.-1 night uiflood condition ?Hotion Twits uf Saturday.

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