Newspaper of The New York Herald, July 31, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated July 31, 1843 Page 3
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LUDIKU iTiiu OK BAMS* II* DirriwwT Pabts ow THE Couktit. , Jan, IMS July ill. Loam. Spade. I.oam. Sprat. Binks of f. C. 6.5?5,045 V17 08) 6 17 910 1.172,689 "aokofTsnn 2,156.701 4t3 451 *,401,73) 568,329 B ink of M.ssnu'i, '1,146,077 452 )77 1,071(91 986.740 Bulks ofN Oris. 34.6?8,623 4,695,787 35819.161 9610,404 Kl.BkofVir. I,>15,621 243.9IJ I.J78.496 220 280 Bk ofKenlBcky, 2,636,728 810,021 2 786.090 995,1"6 B ?i'k< of Ohio, 3,192 533 541,"96 4,053.952 688,543 Pks N.Hampshire. 3,547 833 184,874 3,173 175 164,126 Bmki of Maiur, 4,405 660 175 301 3,9'6 6I3 '53 591 Tot-.I, ?60 8 9,678 JM.268,064 461.434 6^7 $10,941,878 ? , Cir. Dtpt Cir. Dtp*. Banks of H C. 2,9i6 271 1,84 1 86' 2.0'9.313 1,653.823 Bk of Trnnessse, 7'?,HI 187 427 939, >27 250.938 Bk or Missouri, 471,560 509,029 739 300 779.728 BU? N Orleans, 1,216 237 3.420 232 2,337.770 4,483 356 hi BkofVir. 61 <,291 521.181 422,228 582.740 Bk of Kentucky. 1,586,595 356 742 1,687.664 5 2,205 BksofOhio, 1 360,143 748 879 1,993 420 551,601 Bks N. Hxmiishire 1,010.328 J?7 879 9'6,l<7 365 574 Hacks ol Maine, 1,I06,?6 1 542,017 1.'47,625 633 C98 Toll), tn,013,796 $8,731,153 $12,204,641 $9,813,042 Theie bank* have',remained very quiet during tbe last is montha. Their movement! bave been mostly in exchange, and the remit if a large accumulation of specie with but little change in the other features. The season of the year is now approaching when the crop* require the mean* of the banka. They are sufficiently strong to give that assiitanoe, aid lay the foundation of a large prin? business. We do not apprehend that the imports this fall will be so lanre os to induce a large remittance of specie, although the amount of bills on the market is now small. The close condition of the banks will probably enable them to meet all the increased calls of business without bavin? recourse either to specie or stock loans' Hence we do not imagine that money will speedily become o va.uabl* as to induce a sudden fall in the latter. Money is now very cheap, cheaper than ever before, and experience has shown that it i* exceedingly hazardous to borrow money at such times for purposes ol speculationHigli prices of stocks, and cheap rates for money are usually the precursori of revulsion. But as we have stated, we do not apprehend any speedy advancc in the value of mnnnv lipnnma uin iln nni tap that imnnrta nro lilrulu to exceed the proceeds of exports, or even to come up <e them. We have received the annual report of the commerce of the Island of Cuba. Thepresent return under the new Intendaut is much more minute in it* details and compre. hensive in it* results than some former ones. The new Intendant has a reputation for fiscal abilities, acquired in trying times under Espartero, and the present report is not derogatory to that reputation. The return for the year 1842, presents some diminution in the trade of the Island as compared with the previoMS years, in consequence of the supprension of the African slave trade, and the duties levied upon Cuban produce by the United States as well as other republics contiguous to the Islands. The general results ot the comparison are? 1st. 877 ships less arrived in 184? than in 1841, and the number sailed was 3*0 less. 'id. The imports of the Island, is compared with 1841 are $1,008,697 more, in which sum if included $10*,664 of steam machinery, pans and other articles for the use of sugar plantations, which, beiag free of duty, were not in. eluded in former returns. 3d The direct exports of the Island, have increased as follows:? Increase exports of Island products, $1,118,076 " of geld and silver, 191,7S9 " of iron and old copper, 6,606 Total increase, $1,333,270 Decrease of foreign products exported 372,226 Net increase of exports, $961,346 4tb, The general mercantile movement has decreased as follows:? Movement in 1841, 61,8*6,133 decrease in 1043, imports, 443.881 " " exports, 89 913 668,793 Movement in 1843, 61,833,23* 6th- Notwithstanding the decrease in the business movement of the Island, and that the duties and customs regulations remained tne same, the crown revenus have increased as follows :? Duties of imports, 81,813 " of exports, 66,069 $116,831 This result has been produced by the superior manner in which the regulations of Havana have been enforced in the prevention of smuggling. The customs ol Havana present the lollowing result:? Increase in import duties, >77.705 " in export " 14,666 Total, $393,360 The following is a table of the comparative duties at each port, showing the increase or diminution of 1843 over 1941:? Duli it of Import. Dutitt of Export. Iner. Drcr. Incr. Dtcr. Havuis, 377,705 ? 14,555 ? Alatacxia. ? 7u,206 ? 18,844 Trinidad. ? 47,164 1 903 ? Otnraegc?, ? 9,015 6 869 ? Nenvius, 19.(91 ? 3.457 ? Han1* '"iut., ? 15,158 ? 464 itcnirdiot, 1,285 ? 966 ? ^an c-m-irurr, ? j.ijz l ziK ? S'.JaRO, ? 169.290 35 977 ? Gibara, 391 ? 8.699 ? Mumnuillo, ? 19371 2.355 ? Jtaracoa, ? 3.9i2 ? 1634 >399 071 $337,261 $76.0)2 $20 913 The value of merchandUe imported and exported distinguishing the flag, are ai follows:? IMPORTS ANP Eir.IT) OF THK Isi.AND OF Ct'BA Imports. 1841. 1842. Jncr. Deer. From ?,iaiu id Sniuish v-ssefs, 5,841,325 5,508,035 ? 333,290 foreign." ? 49 316 49,319 ? Koieitn countries in 8p. vrsielt, 6.622 716 7,869 004 1,246.288 ? " " frreign " 9,317.317 9 189,776 ? 128 106 In warehouse, 3,229,483 2 0 1 394 ? 1,208 0(9 Total, $25,081,408 24,637,527 $<43,881 Export t. To Spill) lu Bp. ?f?. 3,454.988 3,"'29,970 274,982 ? tllhcr coaulr-ea do. 2,?69 339 2 342 816 73,507 ? " " in foreign ilo 18 201,529 18,804 349 60 2,756 ? Wart home, 2,848 694 1,887,536 ? 1,041,158 Total, *,774,614 26.C84.701 89.912 Theae are the moat important remits presented by a comparison of the returns: ? Importation and Exportation of the Island or Cuba for tmk v* ARt 1(41. 1841,1840, 1839 Importation. 1839 1840. 18 1. 1842. Liquors, 2,390.569 1,999 068 2,429,875 1.203,7'3 Provisions, 1.885.403 1,819,753 2,180 266 3,21?.79t t'ic'S, 119 2;6 109 '65 65 085 45,421 Fruits, 226.186 229 354 2*7,575 269 192 Brradstnffs, 3,446 85! 3,751 631 4 02 ,616 3,506 '88 4>ils, 1,1)48,7.9 1,l?5,739 1,437,887 291,807 F'sh, 3M.7 4 439.795 418,,7? 448 <82 Other articles, 292.277 301 7i0 290,139 1,290,756 Toul, $9,805,950 9,776,428 11,092,925 10 !71 350 Mtnu/aiture. 4 "Iton, 3,084,776 3.918.880 1,991.036 1.722 884 WeollsB, 281 066 3'<7,*78 195.278 291.388 Lllirn, 2,805,7>0 2 503.263 1 913,880 3 112 81' Leather, 571.158 524,934 381.687 376^402 Bilks, 489,114 435 518 294,302 386.160 Total, $7,231,895 7,740 0'4 1,809,185 5,889 671 I,limber, 1,292.788 1,331.015 1.379.154 1.119.419 ?1eUl?, 3,803,119 1.691.866 1,173,996 245,478 r fCiom metals, ? ? ? 1,262.119 Other article#, 4,162,048 4,160,815 2,669,003 4,051,127 W.?iehon?e, ? ? 3,i'57.043 2 0'1.3**4 Grand total, $26,1:5,803 24,700,189 26,081,408 24.6S7.527 Exportation. Siuar, 8,290,'87 11263,366 11,613,798 11,447,009 <; ffrB, 1,950 460 2,114 5^4 1,426.1121 2,998.269 Mola?#e?, 300 163 1,346.420 121,188 815 933 Ham, P4 055 211.#51 226,050 204.550 War, 147.686 115 311 207,133 2'.0 KV8 Leaf tabacco, 1,27 3 069 1,396,609 719,360 742,864 C (** . 63 ,668 636 122 1,331.121 711,4i6 <>Opperore. ? 3,706.95 1 4 605,<90 4.981 405 Othrr article#, 3,753.245 581.814 1 .'>32 588 1.255 968 Island product. 16 626,627 21,300,701 22,282,'57 23 140,731 Foreign Prtductt Si.*, >01,685 74,119 45,207 4,919 Qmcktilver, 9.U00 7,461 ? 8,621 L.ineu, 333,616 164 604 67 418 6,075 l otion Wool, 513,772 1.842.192 ? 106,"o5 4;otton minafat. 843 "59 539 061 24,446 ? liquor#, 135 252 95,106 159 347 ? Olher article*, 1,180 046 (66,349 2211 072 1,4642 Foreign product#, 3,139 4 30 3,587,9JI 510.<86 >38 272 Npecit, 1.726,804 1,153,100 l,0??2 4.71 1 290,660 Waieho?#e, ? ? 2.848,661 1,8(7 636 r < .rind Total, $21,48 , 862 25.941.781 M,774,611 36,684 JO I Stair of Trade. There ha# no material change taken place during the pa#t wpok in any of the important staple articles in thia market. The depressed a'ate of the Cotton anil Flour market is an evidence of the prosperity that exists among the producer# of these articles, a# nothing hut theimrarniv aupplie* that have been brought forward cau ie# the low pricoa, and the atocka are held by second or th ird handa. The indications for a good fall trade in all branch ra of buainea* are good, and will no doubt increaan aa thenearon advance#, for tha element# of proiperity were never healthier. Jiihtt.?The demand for pot# i# increasing an the price fall# off. We cannot quote ruling rates at tha close of operations for the week over $4 37Jh4 48J Pearls main, tain former Quotations, and occasionally sale# an a little above 81fa6 87^, are the extreme*. The stock of pot* and pearls on hand the 30th in*t., tvas:? a, Inspected B 9S4 barrel*. Not inspected, 7,000 do Total itoek 1?,?84 Same time 1841, 8,234 In favor of 1848 ?.7#o The total receipt* at the inspection warehouse, up to the 9flth inat., amount to 37,394 barrel*, flame period 1843 94.7S8 In favor of 1848 AM Theiialea 6f pots for the week just closed, wai about 3000 barrel* Naval Sfou*.?We quote Worth County Turpentine at 99 J?, spirits Music, and sales to a considerable extent. Molatm?Thisaitlcle is in fair demand, with a tendon oy in prices to advance, unless the supply should improve. We notice sales of Porto Rico at J<4 a 97 cts; new Iberia at 3? ct? New Orleans 14) rts, mostly to the , trade, on tha usual terms. CVf?n-The market remain* a* belore quoted, both a* regard* price and demand, that the alighteat indication* el < an improvement are viaible, and from present appearan- 6 cea, the preaent itat? of thia trade ii likely to continue c until the foil trade ii (airlv opened. HoUeri are tietermi ned to hold on for better price*, or to become more tho. I roughly latiified than they are of the pronpect abrwarf ? 1 The Acadia may bring tavorable news, but judging trom the ad vices by the I ait ?wo arrivals, the chaucra are i against any improvement Irom that quarter. The nouth* ? ern marketa areall vrrv dull, hut ?! ? si.n,........ ,.i i ... have fallen oIf to large a per cent, that between this and the coming forward of the new crop, price* may receive ? sudden start, and holders may obtain an tdvancesutti. cient to remunerate them for holding on to their stock. Whe* we take into consideration tho immense receipts 1 into Liverpool, with the trifling demund from this couii* 1 try for English manufactures, it is not surprising that at thi* season, prices should be where they are, or the demand so limited. The nales in this market for the pu*t ' week, rearh nearly 3000 bales, and the receipts of the 1 same period 84ftS bales, leaving an addition to the former stock of MOO bales As there has been no alteration in prices, we again give the same quotations that we have for two or three weeks past. Lithrpooi. Classification* U/dands N. O. Mait's. Inferior, 6 6 a ftj 3} a ftj Ordinary />} a sj flf a 6 Middling ft3 a 6 tt a <H Middling fair a 61 83 a 7 Fair 61 a 7 7* a 7i Oood fair 7* a 74 tij a 8| Fine - a ? 9J alf?i Oils?The stock of Whale in first hands in this marke1 is trifling, ond unless supplies reach us soon prices must advance. The las', sales were at SS cents. Crude Speim is also in active demand and holders demand an advance. WudllntfiRH AmUri^.n >oll> ? 71 ? "*??<" English, in firmly held at 85 centa; Palm Oil, sain to some extent at 6} a 5Jc. Whiskey ?Our former quotation or 33 ctf. for drudge, is still current. Barrels held at 34 cts. Rice.?This article is in limited demand. Sales of small lots at $3 87 j a $3 for good quality. The salt's for the week reach about 600 tcs. Provisions The demand for Pol k has slightly fallen off, although the advance before quoted is sustained.? Prime, $9 7ft; Mess, $11 26 a $11 37J, are the ruling rates, with a disposition among holders to demand an advance on Prime. Beef closed with a better demand than we have noticed for some time We quote Prime, $6 a $6 26, and Mess, city, $8 I3J Lard is improving, and lales to some > xtent have been made at)6Ja7 for vary fine, a; d 4| a 6J for common to good. Butter is not very active; good family qualities sell at 14 cts Not much doing in Cheese Lead?We quote Missouri pig at $3 30, with small sales Sail?Onondaga is sold in this market at $1 05. At Syracuse nearly all manufactured goes west. Last weeks sales ware made readily at $1 35; occasionally some at$1 18. The difference between that market and this forbids the shipment of any East. The demand lrom the West is sufficiently large to take all that is manufactured. Spirits ?We have no alterations in articlea under this head to make as regards prices. Salesof Brandy, J J Dupuy, at $1 60 a 1 65 ; A Seignette, $1 70; Otard, $2 13 a '2 35; Pellevoisin, at $1 70. Jamaica Rum is held at $1 35 a 1 37 J. The sales are confined to the wants of the trade. Domestic Goods?The demand for brown and bleached Shirtings and Sheetings is very limited, and does not yet feel the beginning of the Fall trade. The shipments lately have been small, prices remain as last quoted. We look for considerable activity in manufactures very soon. Export* of Tea (rom Canton to England in the; eight months from 1st July to 38th February, in 48 ships Black, Bohea -350,33i lbs. ('ongou 18,669,194 " Caper 10-2,585 ' Souchong 399,916 " Hongmuey 169 645 " 8ort? U8.547 " Pekoe 353.848 " Orange Pekoe 438,431 " Total black.... 30,110,388 lb*. Green, Twankay, 1,137,889 lbs. Hyson, 830,131 " Hysonskin, 46,433 " Young Hyson, 390,966 " Ounp wder, 383,4*8 " Imperial, 181,398 " Total greeD, 3.959,,191 lbs. Total, 38,069,479 Syracuse Salt Works.?The following statement from the superintendent's office, shows the quantity inspected at the several villages for the past lour weeks, commencing June 36th, and ending July 33d Salina 184,050 barrel Syracuse 168,340 " g. (iiddes, 34,491 " Liverpool, 74,660 " 456,53# " Corn Trade. This market does not present a single favorable feature. The tu' ure presents nothing favorable to the speculator,or producer. The new crop is so near at hand that operators begin to be wary and postpone their purchases until the state of the yield is more satisiactorily ascertained. The crops throughout the whole Union have proved to be so abundant that prices sensibly feel the effect ol it. The new Wheat, and Flour manufactured from the new grain, have declined in this and the southern markets, to so great an extent, that miller* have withdrawn themselves from the business, until later in the season. The paper* from the Weit give the most favorable reports ol the wheat crop just harvested throughout that part ol the country, and even in the old wheat growing district*, the uaual diseases the plant suffers from, have not made their appearance this season The harvesting has already commenced in Genesee, Livingston and Ontario counties, the three best cultivated counties in the State ior wheat, and the report is that the yield will exceed last year, both as to quantity and quality. Another week will settle the business for wheat, and enable us to coine to some more defiaite conclusions than we can at present, with partial report*. The receipti ol Flour in this market (till continue light notwithstanding which, the demand i? K> small,that stocks on storage increases, and prices tend towards a decline. We predict that every barrel of floor that goes into store for higher prices, will, before the close ot navigation be forced into the market, ami offered at lower rates than present quotations. The market closed with sales of Genesee at $4 H7J a (A; Michigan and Ohio flat hoop $4 76; Georgetown 95 26; Ohie, round hoop, $4 87$ a f# 12$; Brandy wine 96 li$; Richmond county 96 37$; Brandy wine, fresh, $6 87$. The stock ot Wheat is quite latge, but holders will not submit to the price purchasers demand it a'. The lost sale was at 91 lor old Wvs'ern. Kye we quote at 65 cents. Carn i? very dull, with large rrceipts?sales of North River at 65 a 66 cents weight; Southern 63 a 64 cents, weight. Oats, quick at 28$ cents. The prices for all kinds of grain mutt leel the effects of favorable reports of the new crop, and as the season advances, must decline. The luture sales of wheat will he at a decline from present quotations,or we are much mistaken in our information. At Albany, July 39th.?Flour mil droops, and there is scarcely sufficient movement in the market worthy of notice. We quote Genesee at though we do nat he&r ol any heavy sales at even that price. Ohio is offered at M|, but finds no buyers. It may be quoted at $41 a 94) In Oats and Corn no change. The arrivals of Fiovr at this port, during the past week, have been a trifle short of 30.(100 hbls. At Philadelphia the 39th inst. the demand for flour has been moderate this week, and prices have again declined. Sales for shipment early in the week at 95 per bbl, since nt94 94a4 87$ torfresh ground Pennsylvania flour. W?ek's rales lor export .'>< 00 hbls., including 600 Brandy wire at 95. To-day we qnotx Iresh ground Pennsylvania at 94 87$ and Western at 94 81 Ja4 if7$ per bbl. Kye Flour? Demand limited. 8 das at 93 26 per bbl. Corn meal has declined. Sales of 25*>0 bbl* at 92 7*. 2 70h2 62$ per bbl. for Pdniisyl. vania,and9'l 87$ for Brandy wine meal. Asaleof Pen sy Ivania hbda at 912 50 each. Exported this we. k 6052 bbla flour, 910 hbls rye flour, 41 hhds ami 3416 bbls corn meal. Whent is in limited request,and prices have further declined. A small sain of good Pennsylvania red lor shipment on Saturday last, at 91 10 per bushel?since then sales at 91 0?$ 1 <*8a1 ?6 lor good red,and 2000 bushi-ls fair quality at 91 06 in store. A lot of good Illinois at 1 OS*. Sales of Southern at 91 for old, and handsome new, the first arrival this season, at 91 06 per bushel. To day 9l03al05is the range for Penn. wheat Rye is dull. Sales ol Pean. at 62a61, and "outhern at 64 cents. Corn is in moderate de I Unl... ?l P I " J ..... M?v. VI .rnu?;naiiin Iiuu IIM IUUIIU Mild 04UOO cent* for flat yellow ; Southern yellow at 63a64 cents,and white at 62a68 A *ale of inferior Weatern white at 61 cent*. Oat*?Hale* of Pennaylvania at 33a32, and Southern at 31^81 cents. A cargo of 2000 bushel* Maryland at 30 cent*. At Baltimore, the 29!h ln*t., the market for Howard treet wai unusually dull, and a decline on *alea of freah lot* had taken place. $4 S7J were paid lor fresh, and $4 7ft for parcel* not so recently manufactured. City Mill*, made from new wheat, was *old at $6 26, at which 3000 barrel* found piircha*er*. Mado from old wheat, we quote $6 1'Jj. About 1*00 barrel* Susquehanna sold at $ft. Rye fl'itir, P<*nn*ylvania l*t, at $3. The inspections for the week reached 9,910 barrel* and 198 hall bairela The auuplie* of wheat were quite light, and the *ale* of new Ma. and Virginia red*, ol good to very prime quality, were made and are making at 9* a 100 centi We quote thoae tate* today, for the qualitie* specified, but where garlic i* found to any extent in parcel*, they will not bring the pi ice* by Neveral cent*. New family flour, white wheat, are worth to day 106 a 110 cent*. A^parcel ol prime new white Tirginia for family flour, waa sold at lSOcenta. A cargo ol 2400 btiahel* mw North Caralina red waa s?ld yesterday at 98 cent*. Oh Wedneaday a sale ol 9000 bushel* old Penna. red wa* made at 106 cent*.? To day a parcel of old Prnna. ted, of good quality, wa* *old at 99cent*. We quote old PannB. rad* to-day at 96 a Met*. Sale* of m..Idling white corn at 62 a 61 ct*, and of yellow at 64 a 66 cent*; Penniylvania yellow ha* generally sold at 66 cent*, occasionally u parcel or ?o a cent more. Hale* of Pennay lvania Rye at 60 cent*. At Buffalo, the 38th tilt, imall lot* ul flour were aelling at $4 25; 90 cent* were offered for a cargo of Ohio wheat, without changing hand*. A cargo of oat*, 3,600 bushels, arrived from Baudu*ky. They will not bri?g over 20 cent*, a* they came to an ov?r*tocked market. At RocheMer the 2<Jth inst., being the latest raport ol that market, the price of wheat an I flour wai the *ame aa before quoted, not *ulHcient arivingof either to change the ID ark) i. V>'<' learn Irom the Democrat that the quan- I tity ol fljiir (hipped ea*t at Rocne*ter, aince the opening of canal n.ivigai :?n, i* 102,141 brla ;ot wheat 269,491 bu*h. Ol thi* atuiut 176,000 bush, were purchased and shipped at Buffalo. The remainder wa* (hipped at Loak|>ort and Albion, and other poita intermediate. The quantity received from the ?outh on the Oaneiee Valley Canal. amount! to 62,Ms buahela?making the (ol. lowing aggregate: By Erie Canal 260,491 By Clenaiae Valley Canal 62 <198 Total 912,180 At Cleveland, th<? 26th, the Canal receipt* were 6,800 barrels flour, and 7,118 b??hela wheat. 800 buihnla wbi at told at 82 oant*; 600 barrela round hoop flour at M, and 100 rtut hoop at M 12*. Kxport* of flour and wheat during the week ending the 22d inat.:? Flour, H'hrat. To the U. 8. Porti, 2a,3?7 br>* *8,106 bu?h. T* Canada, ?? 6,071 do. rt??7btli 41,177 bath. At Toledo,lOhio, the 2lit inat , flour now ?Hlin? at >4 26, whwat HI rauti, corn 10 eeuti Tha raceipta for the i week ending the ant, by the Canal, wera l.aflfl brla. floor, 1,206 buahcla wheat; 11,427 huahela cora/aud 2,432 buah>ata. At Cincinnati, the 2rith in?t the receipta were light.? Moderate nal a of flour were made at $3 33i$3 37}. tVheat atill commanded tf> eta at the milla. At Michigan City, la, July 17, wheat poured in heavily; in<l the pricea paid averaged 87}c to tl. Large quanti iea have been ahipped, aad there ia RtUl an imrnenae {uantity to go forward. Frelghta. We have no alteration to report in thia part The [ acketa do not get full freight*, but the following ratea ire current for all that la taken. To Liverpool?cotton 3 10d a }d per lb; turpentine la Id a la tfd per bbl.; heavy gooda I7s 81 per ton. To Lon Ion?tobacco 2Aa per hhd.; lmval stores 2a a 2a 01, do.; ineaam'i goo la 30a per ton; heavy jonds 26s a 27a 6d, do; rice and aeeda 7a per tierce. To Havre?cotton Jc a |c nut* Hi aaViua CM a CIH nor (nn * flu a ilA l? . Aiium i( rnn hark $10 d?.; whalrhona per lb , measm't goods (10 per ton. At MoaiLK the 3'ld inst?On the date of our last report a **iip and a brig arrived from tea, both of whom have since received partial engagements coastwise, at 11J p>'r bale, ami eipect to be able to fill up small cargoes. Part ot a foreign cargo purchanud within the la?t week, i? understood to be held lor ahipment whenever a (avorable opportunity occurs. There are 4 or b vessels empected shortly. A schr loading tor Philadelphia at current rates. At New Orleans, the lid inst., a fair business has been done in loreign freights this week, considering the late period of the season and the reduced stocks of produce, but rates have not undergone uny material change. The engagements of which we are advised are one ship for Lnnuon at 37s 8d ; one tor Rotterdam at 87s ; anil one for Gibraltar at$ll for tobacco; on# for Trieste at 45s #1 for tobacco. 11 et*nts for cnttnn- ami imA irtr fVtte at ?42 for *t>vei. l'he rate* Coastwise riven way a little 1 ha following ?rn the currpiit rat< kt? Cotton?To Liverpool, |<1. per lb;do to Havre,! a I cent do; to New York, per bale; to Boston, fcc., ?1 3ft a $1 60 per bate. Tobacco?To Cowei, kc., 87?. 8d per hhd ; do toLon don, 87a. ftn.; to Hamburg and Bremen, 34?. a 36*. j to Li* verpool, Sfts.; to Havre, 32s. 61 ; to New York, *4 50; to Boiton, $4 fin a 9; to Philadelphia, $5. Sugar and Molasses?To Northern Port*?From the Coait, $3 a $3 SO; from the City, *3 a $8 -26. Bacon?To Northern I'or1?-$S a $3 60; Pork, do, fl'Jj a "ftci nls; Flour, do, ftO a tfO cnnti; Lead, do $3 a $4 per tonAdvice* HKCIIVID AT TIIE NEW YORK HERALD OFFICE Antwerp July | mrcao Jkpril 12 Atnca... ... Juue 10 Madraa Dec 24 Auxtayei Juu* X Manilla Feb 21 Autipia Mav ?l Maii-a June 19 goinuay March 24 Mont, video May 25 Bamvia Feb. 2? Marauham May 4 Bermuda Jnia 19 Matanz.ii July 18 Bonaire- April 9 Mayan, ez July 3 Buenos Ayrei M y 21 MaracaiOo March 9 BaJua March 31 Matamora* July 1 Belize, Hond. June 20 Mexico June 23 Barbados J?,y i NeuvitM Ju(le ? l)ec. 24 Nauau, N. P. July 5 Berb'ce*.*.. .. ... Feb. an O(>orto May 30 Cape 1 own, C.O.H *Miy 16 Oaliu.8.1. March 12 Aom 6 Paris June 3fl June 12 Portau Prince Ju'y 1 CarthtKtna June 23 I'ouce, P. B. July 6 iiin? ^ra Juue 27 "March 30 Pemambuco May 24 /"' ji- May ]3 Hi ) lie Janeiro June IS -{one 13 Singapore April i7 "Ji1118 21 Syditev, N.S.W.... Feb. 17 JW*1.; 'May 26 8l. Heleua May 10 i J""e 21 St. Thon.aji July 10 rnoton!5 ii' u 15 Barts Juue 1 Oaayama, P. K..... July ti St. Jaao de Cuba*" Jul* 10 '7 St. John,. P. K. - Ju y I J? y 18 St. John, N. B. July J5 J.ul>' 14 8t* Cro'x July 1 ?*"r June 30 St. Martha Dec. 2 Havti 'MUei ?* Pomi"KO June 3 hJIuL. ^?rch?'^ Surinam Juue 12 ? July 23 Tampico June 2 iV f" March 3 Tobtuco "May J3 I?.??. '''? July I Trinidad de Caba*.* June 14 Kingston, ja. ... .. jnjy u Talcahnana April 23 H,.ndo?\ July 3 Valparaiso Apr 12 L"?l>ool July 4 VeraCruz July 1 La (iuayra July j Yucatan Juue 21 March 30 Zanzibar May 15 Pamngcri [Arrived. Pouto HICO?Brig Wm H Talmau?C H Mathiai, and W B XI AY Bra Bt DftMIScn?Srhr Si Thnni.._n. L A t'nn nl at Aik ' ' ?yet. N?w Orlfani?Ship Elizabeth Firth?L H Kennedy. New Orleans?Schr Callao?F J Qoincy. Apalachicola?Briir Alabama?A Brown and lady, H C Swain, lady ai.d child, T Ormati, E Andrcwn, R C Kerr, C J Shepherd, T J Smith, Wm Clark, Cajt P Sheffield, Mail Wra Oman. Vnrclyn ImiKirtmtluna. Livkrpool?Ship Lauc-ahi.e?20 pkga M Brown?6 Barclay k Liviiimtnu?I G Coil?2 F Sleiuhail?9 8mi h, Thugar k co ?100 Tooker, Mead k co?<2 Elliott, Bar owi U Babe, c*?9 S T Jone* Ik co?2# Wiijtit, "*'tirire*Si Bh*w?7 H Farnuni k cc? 31 Kftiltr & co?12 WiUoD k Brown?5 8. one & co - 9 O-'rton, Hodge* v co?2 Kk1 Hobbiiu?26 Bird, Oillila* k c??7 J.M Mc; '.ill Ik co?8 A B McAlpic?4 l.'a?id 'ladaan? I J Oili >u k co?D?rr k A leu?4 Peabody . Kigg* kcc?9 Wo'l'k Gilleipie?12 Garner k o? 98J bxi tin 5 ci*k* Phelpa, Dodge k co?3 Ltwn Atteroary?4 B K Wheelwright Ik co?892 ?k* si:11 i ay lor It Merrill?31 water c <*k? 2 cunbooae* 1 medicine cheit Joa McMarray. OtmMtlt liw porutluui> Nkw Orleans?Ship Eluahrth Kirth?200 halea cot'on K Irv ii?217 tiki lend B H W d?7ii8 do 806 bbla rye 9 do beana 9 do flineed E K CiJIius k co?11 hhd? 192 keia lard J Harper?5 hb'? m<>'n??rs L P Hill?2 chaine<bl'i 24 hhda tobacco A>mn h eo?8 bbli h im* K H Potter?V78 *k? corn 282 bale* h-mo N L k O Gruwolrt?157 tihda tnbarro Bnorrnin, Johnston k co? 150 do sugar (' Havens * eo? 100 balta h?mp K Oo'iiiug k son? 96 sks coin K L Mjitlaud?752 hides I2t6 bt>l> tobacco 217 biles cotton to ordtr. Apalachicola?Brig Alabama?131 bales cotton Eldridge Ik co?? W C Wl.nmore?69 Gray k('r*sb??10 Kober a k Wil l-ani.?2t> lioi rmjH, Jolonton k co?107 do 136 aticka c-dar to order. ?????? M A JU T 1 M E H ERAL \) jhI1Iii<< JUnya of tit* 8t?an> Ships. rrnM liverpool rROM america. Caledonia, Aiik l Acdu, Kyrie J?ly 19 Aug. 16 G. Western, Hosken Ang. 5 Aug. 31 Packet! to Arrive. Packet* t? Hall. v*om !.nv:arorL. ro* litkRpool. Stephen Whitney, Jul* 1 K"arope, Karber. Aug. I Southerner, Calmer, July 5 Icdepvudenrc Nye, Auk 7 Coiuirbns, Cole. July 7 ro* pohtsmouth. from Portsmouth Panthea, Dennis, Auk. 1 Montreal, Tinker, July I Toronto, Oiitwold, Aug. 10 Oladiatoi, B itton, July 10 ro? xirur. >'HoM hatri Baltimore Funck, Auk. 1 Albany, Watson, June 24 Argo, Anihouy, Ann I Siltie ue Urp.sse, July I Louis Philippe, Castoff, Jul? 8 Skip fflnurs and Agent*. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains ol Vessels will j,it. W Cjin.nodore Kohert Silvhv, of our News Fleet, r titport of ;h? SUippiug left at (he 1 ort wheuce they saile;!, t!i<Vessels Spoken on Uieir r***age, a List of their Cargo, and any Foieign Newsjupers or News they m.ty have lie will board liieiu immediately on their arrival. Ageuu and Cotrespondent*, at home or abroad, will also confer * tavor by seiidiug to thi* Office *11 the Marine Intelligence they ian obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully IMMa n? or RKW rURH. JVLV 31. IUX RISKS 4 56 1 Moon 9 28 sir* si rs 13 I me* **Trs II 58 Arrtted, Hhir Line?shire. Lyon, fr m Liverpool, June 25, wnh mJse, to Taylor Si Merrill?243 steerage pusengers. Whip Klr.aheth Fnf P.erce, 20 oavs irom New Orleans, wilh cottou, Ik", to order. Sailtd iu cm. witn b nine Liou, Be field for NYors. Brii: Win H Tulrom M?tlu*s, 12 days fr m Porto Hico, with III hh'4i sugar 6i do inolasses 20 tc? do to Alsnp It Clitnucey; 20 hhds molnssi s to mastar. Br<g (ianu*s Dodne.21 d?vs from New Orleans, with 250 hhds sug r 5 b>gs wool t? D Leioy. .... _ Brig Alabama. Stewart, I9diys fr< m Aralaclucoh, via Key West 9 days, wnh cotton, to Hturg<s Ik Ciearinau. Brig Ji>a?ph Uorh..m, (of Charleston) 9 days from Key West, with iiijar, to Maitlaod 4t Kennedy. Bng Tops7., Ore?u, 5 day* fiom Nowbem, NC. with naval *tnre*. to S L Mitchell. Schr 8'Thnmas, Brewster, 18 days fr >m St Domingo, with 1C5 ton* logwood 23 b ts coffee to K P Buck. British aehr Knmna, f'otchii.?cn. 8 d>ys from Eleuthera, with 4000 dozen pine apples to P Bileu ItCo. Left British schi Corine and Twin, for Philadelphia, next day. 8chrCall*o. Swcsev, 18 day* Irom New Orleans, with MOO bashe'scorn to Oray fc Crosby. fchr Sterling, T*ylor, from Wilmington, NC. with naval stores, to K S Powell Schr M*ry, Ft igaicn. from Newbrrn, NC. with n*r*l stores to 8 L Vlitchcl' 8chr Union, B ill.nee. from Piyrrouth, NC. wiih mv*l stores to bryant & Ma".Und S-hr Ch*? K Th 'rne, Chimberliin, from W,s innton. NC. wi'h naval t'nret, to J Ojden. i-cnr Ann D,, 2 daya fiom Norfolk, with tobacco, lo Sturuei 4k Clearman. Hchr -..ichetn, Kubf, 3dayt from Virginia, with wood, 11 the matter. ..... 8t hr Emeline Hebecca, Taylor, from VirKiuia, with wood, to matter. Hchr Mary, Bedell, 2 days from Virmnia, with wood, to the trait r. SchrC M Smith,Chamberi, from York Hire', with wood, to inaaUr. Hrhr H<-roiue, Coati, 2 daya from Virginia, with vr.wcl, to the matter Hchr Trimmer, Lyona, 2 dayi from Jamet River, with wood, to matter. Hchr 8 wallow, Robertton, 3 dayi (mm Virginia, (hinglrt, to J Barnwell. Mr hr I'-lin'on, Harding, 3 daya from Bctton, with mdie, to Fntter Sc Nickrra n. Schr tlvgnet, Snow, 3 daya from Bntoo, with md e, to Fottcr (k N'ckerton. Soli Win Bryan, Mott, 3 dayi from Boiton, with mdir, to J H Btower. ? . He low. One alii|i, unknown. Wind NK. U 8 jhip lodeperdenre it at anchor at the IW Spit. Ilaraltl fflarlne Corratnonilenca. Office of the Rhode Iilawder, ) NrwrsBT, Jiilv M. IM3. s Arr27ih, St?r, Niekenon, Machiaa lor I'hiladelpliM; 2?th, (VUttaaoit, Brown, Kali Hiver for Albany; I'ott Boy. Gray, B'lliniore for Fall Hiver; Auu A Parker, Bnghtman, rhiUdelj i hia fir d?; Commodore, W ilcot, Rrittel for York River, Va; Dmmvk, Kfder, Providence for NYork. Sid Star, Philadel ' Arr 29th. Vigilant, Heith, Prnvidence fer NYork; Chftilet, Matoo, .NYork (or Providence?the C carried away the leal nt her ma,mail off Beavrr Tail Light, in the heavy HW blow i..i ?i. i.i dtixril Ilacord. Kinr Ui**i?d, before mentioned, wai aeen on (he 20th intt. lat 24 to, loii 11 15, in low of wrerkets, by 1 apt Str wart.ol the Alabam?, * thia r? rt The wr?c?er? repotted that nu Knuluh it-It ?t ut aabnre n *nt rrevioua en Key Vacaa. Capt. bBKWurm.ol thj* St. Thomai, at thii port, reporti ha?ing ?e?n, IRih iuit * full rigurd br't, at p<rently Htvtch, at anchor off To iunaa?'ihe h?d brrn Rihurr, and a wrecker wu laviiir near her Mail ro* thf. Pacific ?Letter hi? will be made onat ihe Eli h <ii| and Pott tifllre, to leare in the eatlr pirt of Amiuit rat h\ir Al Utten by thii route will be aeut (row P nama, to the varnui porta on ihe Paci/lr coatt, and "t i the Hand ? ich noil Society Island*. The mail will reach Panama about he ttrh Avgnu, ?n,l will be lent direct to Gutyaqml, from ? hich port iteamni run to Callan anil Valparaiao, toachiDi a' <11 the intermediate porti. Krom Valtaraiao yeaaeli are con lant y leaving for the ''an Iwirh *nd other lal <nd> in the Pacific. I etteri aeni by tliii mute will be anre of reaching the 9 <ndwicb Ialand* afoot the laat of Oetober, in time to meet 'he fleet from the NW Ooait, ibould there be a reaael at P ii ma on th-ar i?al ol ih- in \ I mare, the lettert will be forwar til,I direct Irom that port, and irnre about the midiMe of Dctobvr. 0 B*io Ciro*iir. Brown, from Kmidout. NV for Bo?ton, with 700 tom rosl in icuin* iu'o H< <<> harbor uwht of Jith. with ?ii o'ii v i| exoeriencrd Boston pi'ot on boatd, a rock nn (he Hatd-nir'a wh u ?t tup rati of 9 knot* per himr?( ihe w?? In a sinking condition ?? t^e w?ter *u soon on the -abm flour?run h?r nvrouoil on Lo?ell'? Uland, where she fille I ? d (ell over in a few minutes. B?to (iiAKO Tun*, which nailed from Bolton 51th nut. f>r Prosper, writ on ?i"? trot's Islnnl.where she now lies niir'i ?'d tlrv. I'alifa s, July Ig ?Wh?ci or th? AlkrT ? i,eitrr? i?rrived Ik town Iron O o?e Island on Kun*'aytcop 'into*partienUrs ol the late disaster to the bvqne Alert. Thf aitillti'tial information, beyoud whit We ifaineti op R?I?i4?T| it that th ofh -ll ihe live* on bo.-rj were sated. e??jtT ailic_e r* if* idk to there earrpt wh\i |hey it'.od in, was lost; and tha' the o sienuers. among them ?s worney at il children, ?e?e ! It in a (lritiiuie notidi ion. Tli-y will have Sef'.' 'Hictm ere inn j ii-ne by Her M je?tf'? iliip It. m>, which arrived at tnw p?tt on I Friday. aid tailed ag in on Ha'urday uoou for the wi'Cfc O 'oar Island She is enwcted to return this rnorriog, with par of the snff-rers.*ud wi'i mike another ttip immediately for the irrnainil*r of th<in The whole of the iroips h ought from the week?together with th? women aril fifcl'ilreD will bee" billed, we uuderat-ilid, in the troop sVir Win Brotnhain, for Plymnn'h. Skamkns1 VVann, with imall store*?To Kurope. lmr month, ? a 12; Mediterranean, ? 10; We?t Indies atld New O leant, ?a 12; Coasting, 12a?; Km Indies, 9a 10; South America, ? a 18. WhaltiiKn. Sailed fiorn Nantucket 27'.h init. Geo Washington. Pinkhain, Sb' a's. Kkknoh While Fiihkrik*?It was s'ateo recently by one of the Fr'urh Ministers ( in the Oiaaibirof Deputies, thot the Fiench whale fuhery wai declining "became it I.hi! no protection or friendly por'i " The b?n-'ty paid by the government to whalemen in 1839, was 96<>,000 franca; U40, 623,000 frauCH Klithermen. Spoken?July 16, on the B-nks, at 44 3", Morning S'ar, of Plyinou h, 6 w?ek* rut. !6W0fi?h; tame time, 'ordova ol K ugit. il 8 week* out, 18,000 li h?by the Lancashire, at thti I*"'1 Mpokcn. Ki'nberly, | from Hr Thrmat for Newberr, NC July 25, I la' S4 '5 Ion T*' SO?In tl>? St Thomas, at * h'* port Paraxon. IV York for Mantanilla, July 20,lat 28 11. Ion #9 40? by the Maty Cole, at B-sion .'?r?ler: Porta.

Pohto Rico, (n-rhxra Ponce) lu'v M?In port ,Wm Kenne dv, Latonr, for PluladrlpliM 20'h: P"lce jmtarr; Charles, for N V ork '8th Hid Del'n Kc? fr'dt Philadelphia. St Pibrke. Mait July 7?8'd Jo^n Cioihy, Hopkins, for Trinity, lo disrharge. I < p. rt, Alpine, Cu-hman, from Boitnn, di'g; (io? Tomi-son. of <"?!?i?, untold; <*cnrge, of Baugor, do; Mart HlM, MeOi'very, for St Mmtiws 3 days Qi'cbkc. July 25? Arr Manapea. Quui Glasgow: Maria, K'aui. Liverpool; Kohf k George, Diiod, <",adi?. ('Id IaB'ne Jackson, Sunder) >nd; Al, ?ishw eh. ->ud Abigail, V'lpey, Liven o -l; P ovi-icia's' Williams, Londonderry. Coion, Storer, Newcastle; 26h,AfTgh n Bl - k G eeu??ck: Unicorn, Al'an, Loiidou; I ady C?nirb< II. Po *er, W.iteiford; Symmetry, Dale, and Mary, Redpith, Newca?tle hake Forts. Buffalo, Jul' 27?Arr Indian". Kline, Michigan '"ity; M"r chant, Johnson. Si Jo eph; K'e'ener, Bartbplorny, Toledo- La Salle, A'len. Chicago and Si Jo>e h; New York , Ba'teifi?'d, Charleston: 28tl< "ucknor, Davison; Minerva, Speicer; frit Tr der, k'ar'j IJuiied St'tes, Travels, Sandusky, Divison; Buffa'o, Tyler; (Granger, Spencer. and Alr? Owen, Cleveland; Lrm pgtoD, Anderson, Solidarity; V3J, M D >nsman,W id, Chicago. f'Lr.?M.*ND, July as?Arr Amazon, Klasgve; J Smith, G.'<'devan'; Kudora (,obb: Hurou, Conol y; Oeean Chase, and C mbridge, Connolly. Buffalo. CI I Nicholas Biddle, Normau, Erie. ilomi Porta. I'ibbeii, July 16?Arr Montn?l er. S'arkpole.Marseilles.? Sid 18th, M'gunticwk, Trim, P >rt Leon; 20 h, Tarqniu Trim, NHi I....... ii., n .1.. Hath, July 26? 'vrr Jut M'Cobb, Batehel 'er, Martinique.? Cl'l 26th, Haidee. Fiitner Barbad<??. Portland, Jul' Arr St I,eon, Babsou, Philadelphia; 27h. Dublin, Hkollitld, ''o, via H<rraw?ll. Boston. Ju'y 29?Arr Midrilesei Grozier. M>fuizas;Dromo, Drvereau*; Va'haUa, Tlmtehrr, i d Julia Si Helen, Ba'tlett, (Means' Anna Reyu'ild*, Taylnr, Philadelphia; Mary ("ole, P.ior, 8 The ".?; Hmry Leeds. Humphrey.Cienftiegoa; Jaue. I rinkwat'r, Matanzs; Ceu'her Lomond, Port Leon via Old P lint Cornfoit and Kew York; Pat'paco. NichenoB, Havre de Grace, Md; Antelope, Forb?s, Norfolk via N York; November, ' on*; Krtw Preble, Pet'inni'l; Paltii,Crowel>: Benj Franklin, Fliau; Ma ' it Susan. Mines; P ot, Polai d; Geuoa, L imi her, aud Kmily Knight, M'lntyre, Ph I delphia; Detroit, Can in tt, and Oliver. Ka ler, Albany; Hcuowd, Lovell, and John B, Gnrliam, P'ew York; Isab-lla Richmond. Telegraph'd, brio Tuscan, and Marnier Signal for < brigi. ('Id Tim Picketing, Ti'd*n, S' uth America; K iz< Burge.s.'B <wcrs, Cienfuego ; Thoosa, V lina. Aug Cayes;Onte ie, Jenkins, J rcinie; J >s Baleh, Hallett, Baltimore; T?sso. Moo-e, Havana; Abigail, Grant, aud Susan, Bray, Philadr Iphia; Mary Jaue, Crablree, Wa?hington, NC; Stranger. Lewi>, A bauy; A Lawrence, Mneker; Jasrer, N ckerson, and Cotuit, Nicker on, New York. New BcsroRD, Julv 28?a>r Pilot, Williams. New Orleans; Adelaide. Hlocoin, Albany. Hid Pensaco'a, Philadelphia; Pomona, NYork. Nantucket, July 2t>?Sid Ellen, Collins, Philadelphia. Kdoartown, July 27?Arr a schr from Philadelphia, with coal, for Portsmouth. Providence. July 28?Arr Auuawau, 8waaey, Charleston; Richard Thmnpson, Barker, Philadelphia; Gem, Diibrow, Albany. Fall 1'ivkh, Ju'y 26?"'Id Red J 'cket, Philadelphia; Atlantic, Heynolda,d >. Arr 27ihy Geo Klotis, Virginia. 8ld (Jaud'ee, B ightmnn, Baltimore; Kicel, D .tioing, Work. Bristol. July 27?Arr Oteola. Wyatt, Fall River, to load l?t Norfolk; Wiilard, Miller, Providence for NYork. Sid Cherokee, Usher, Richmond. Albany. July 28 nail 20? Arr Two Brothers, Goodspeed, ana Norwich, Crosby, Boston; Kin, and Mohawk Cla-k, Hartford; Tantivy,'hapman, NHaven; Andrew Jackson Kwmg, Nmwi h. Sid Baltic, Crosby, Boston; Caledonia,; Avon, Clark; Helen, Gardner, aud Hero, Sp'lman, Proyi d^nre. Baltimore, July 29?AtrOmvu, [Norwegian] Buteuschen. Antwerp; Mar ha, P-rker, Boston; Depoiite, Kendrick do; C L Gtger, Hudson; Maria, Latouiette. aud Thomas Dill, Mac Lamar N ? u. Cld Merchant, Murphy, A mule dam; Clemenline, [Breri"] Gess'lman, Bremen. Norfolk, July 27?Arr Win B Marsh, I'earsall, and Mary Jane. M'-Math, NY"'k; Union, Paine, Boston lo- Richmond ? Sid J T Gotham. Williams. New* oik Theie were |7 sail of veiaela lying under ShwII'i Point Inst ereniuu. detained by ea?terl? winds, among which were achn Hare, of Baih, and Mary, of Providence. Savannah, July 26?Cld Roialasin, [Br] BulUlry, Liverpool. MoaiLf., Joly 21? Cld Koaato. Cook, NYork ?it Norfolk ? In port, Olive k Elna, Marshall, r.nd Canary. Baker, New York New Oklkaiv*. Jnly M?At Ocninlgee, P*et, and Union, Rusitl . NYi rk. Cld Charlotte, M-lio'V. Kalmnuth. Towed to tea Colombi i, Caledonia, Apihorp, Persian, Isaac Alle'ton, Victor Jaccj-'rinont. Agn?t. Arr 2l?t. Hmt, Co> klitiK, Li verpnol via Apalachicola. Cld Bwder. Ho mu London; H ro, Ooldins, and T Stree", McCoaarl , Havana; Watchman, Mnrray Matamoras Arr22il, Carlton, Jamieion, loini Petre vi* Mr Thomas. (.'Id Kegulos, fhildi.HaM; Eula ie. [Fr] Tlio'e. B"rdHT?; Ondiaka, Olid 'en, Liverpool; M'>z?rt, Wtlch. and J >hn F'hrman, I on*. :o?n and a inkt; Ad*, M^jor, nud Maria [K<] Brriham, 8t Pierre In porf ?2d Alnbami, Banker: Jine Ros*.Mi'rrill;Ocn>ulgce, Pert; O^io, Hatch; Union, Ku???-li; Wohinutun, Ila tlett.nnd HrBocr?t, H wn. New York; Antwerp. Smith, Cetie; Chaos, Larkiu, frt or chtr; Duncan. Pii'rum, B i?toi, Eng; European, McLellon; Nep unr Peach; Pennsylvania, Gross; Suffolk, Ropers, and *ovi?h, Ryan, Lond m; O'nesee, Jack: Mareum, (1 ay a>'d Q ien Victoria, R <u'?tt. Have; John Baiing Ml Oael; Severn rtirever; 8t Petersbnrii, Howard and Thomta Batte'sbv. [ Br] Lntch, Liverpool; Norin?inlie, Hpildinu, and Oibers, [ Breine ] Kiter, Bremen; Ojiario Jameson. Tiitiie; Oice'il *, Child , and TrWMl, W iseVRotterdam; Pnitici, Paine. Cette: Kialto, Adami, aud Rochester, O ?en, Cowes, kc: Viatola, 3chneide*a, and Ailo'fo.lf^n] Estrada. Gibraltar; Root Morris, Ou'erbridge,, Gcorg, [Swe<l] Carison, Gott* nhu k. \\T AGON WA^'I KD?A gnoatrium covered bo? wa ** gon.Mtc.n stiffatraltpringi. Apply at 271 Btodway, corner of Chamber' street, bttwecn I aud li o'clock, on M 'i U m'Tiiing js3l It'ec WANTKD, A PRKHON ('OVPKTKNT TO DRAW MAPS ON PARCHMENT ?Address I, Ci-y H. te I, with re'erencesnf qanliA atiou J'30 3tis-r \\J ANTED-A situation as li?he n rter, oat <l"or clerk, or ' warehouseman, in a respectable store. The advertiser writes a good plain hind, has a perfect ku^wled.e of the eitv, and ImtIiik b.-en tired t'< industry i> enpab ? and willing to i?ke himsell genera'ly nse'ul to hi* employer. A iy person in waut of a Heady- con d*ntial man, wi-h the bestol eitv teferei c and seennty if required, will please apply by note t<> "L." Herald Office, which will be pniictanlly attended to. jv29 ?tr OlTUATION W- N I KU-An" Irish Woman (Pr t rml) lately arr veil, is iu want ofa sitnuion as clumberm >M or waiter in a j.rir re family She can give high y reaprcuble eitr refereree* an) perfectly nndersia<i>fsher busicrss Address "Mary"a' this office. jy*t>6lr TO SHIP M A STB H 9 AM) OTHERS. TfcTT his home, O" the tjth inst Jo-epn Anderson, an in J ilent"* apprentice to J itD"? A'ci ca D n'al Hur*?i n, No. 4 Mnrray street. !?ew Vork; is It ye?'S of age, amilI in stature , (air completion, ina a small sc-ir ou hia forehead Had ou when lef , a s'taw ha', us i ?n paatalonni and jacket, bine pl?id vest, white shirt *hn-? atyl woollen hose Any information resii-c rtg him will be thankfally reccted bv In a . ffl -ted widowed mother, tlnih Anderson corner of .Morton and West street, or No. 4 Murray street AM etpenses paid, Sontliem papers will please copy. j vM 3t* r_ POST OFK!'E, ) NewYo'k.Jnls V i8I3. J KNOI.ISH MAll ?Letter rer Hoy *1 M?il * r.alrdonii, which leases Beaton on the 1st of Auguit nut, will he clot'd at the Up er and Lower Pos Off er io thi< cut, ou Mo .11^y nest, the 31* mat it 4'i rrnnn'es p*at 4 o'elnek, P. |vi JOHN LORIMEK OKAH - M. iyan 3lr Pos' Master. Owen Auil'ix sisd Moim irr? K R Co I WM"wur,*1!* Jnly 7th, 1843 A Capital Stork of thia Conipu' will be paid on the first <1 iy of Anunat neit Shareholder,whojr- ?t. clt i? re?iatered in the city Tran?f?r Book, of thia Compiuy will be paid tb'ir dividendt, at the Bnuk of the Stue of New Yo-k, in the city of Ynrli, and thote whoae atoek ii not rcuia'ered ill the citv will receive r.?vment at thu ffiee The Trana'er Booka will becl-i/d front theZ'it in?t til' Ut Aiienat 3y order, (.HAS. SK Y MnUB, Treaar.rar. lyHtVatr Oifc^VKK t AI.KDONIA.? I.etvr B*?a lor the Royal ^ Mil! Mtemier CAL D"NIA, (or Liverpool, cloac ?t HvD^en k Oi'i Kiprru *n<1 K re gn Le t-r Office, on Monday. th< :t!*t mat., at 4 S o'clo k T >i l"?* H Si Co '? arrangement* ire ?nih that ?oit'?e can be raid to aov put o K ii rope, or (be Ind'i ?, and the Letter! forwarded with th? ' certain y and de? arch They alio make np a S ecia B*g for the Over and Mail to India. All letter* are lorwarded by their eipr.?? to th? ahip (under government lock) to eninte ibe-r rearhii g it m icaioo. HAHNDKN t O . i y?9 3t r No I Wall atreet. PACK*, r SHIP UTlt;A ?KOM HAVRK-'on*i?Dee? by tl.ii thir. will preue aend their permit* on board, at pier No. i Nor h Hirer All good* not permitted by the Slat in?t, wiM be liab e to he rnt to ihe pnbl c itore. BOY I) St HINCKKN, jyJJec N i 9 Tontine Bnildinira, PUOTKC i ION Of HIJMW L ! e fc BUILDI.NOMt SHIPS FROM LtUHT.NlNU.-r-owert'iinpr .*,d L,i*h.. nin? Conductor*. Apnly to or ad<!re** j. A POWKHS, 174 Broidwav, New York jyg Im'rc PL. VUNOS, Importer and De?ler in the b?at Havana Begara re*iectfn ly invite* h*? fnenda *?d the public in ?ei etnl, partial) ?rlr the jridife* of the article, to oil at the toie 34 Bowery, of ihe Indian Chief at the door the ainu in hit hand He ha* received by the Ut* arrival* * hitid?fm? atipaly of ine beat flavored Segar*, eqml to any id the ci .y. il not aoperior. The abave *tor? will be open from 4 A llu'elock.P. M. yn itn*i G'HKAT BAROAINS?A RARK CH ANCK.?The f wi h ilie fixture* and le \ae of a wWri'le ami rrMn u.w and Shoe Store, in one of the beat aitqatton* for the Iraainea* id the city, lo.itierly occupud Uy tlie lite Mr. John Hutobioa, deceaied, will he (old cti?ap for ca*h. I craona aettiag out in tli* bnttneiiiwoild And i: much to their *dvint*ge t > call iti Ijn Cnatna.n atreet, op, oaite Kooaevelt. and etamitie for'themaelvea Im're COAL., < OAL?Peach Orchard Bed A ah (Jo?l, liiat inaltly will he ao'.d br the anhacriber at the following low pricea for caah Kreih broken and eifg, fiom lump iu the yard,icreen ed and delivered to any part or the city at ti t? r ton ; atove It 75 ; large nut $4 JO ; 15 ce ta per ton le** will he chargedlif tatahen Irotn the boat?weight and gtiiility warranted PKTEK CLINTON, i v,i tm*r Oreeiiwieh, enr er nl Kiac ?. SEUARS! SliGAiT^M j William atreet, offer* for aale, in lota to [] nit pun h-ii-re? I , 50,O'O Li Norma Seitari, or a moat (uperinr <inality. direct fro ? th' tniMinfaiUfra'a. MOO Kiuk Krg^li.n. SOi 0 Q t-en do, in 10 U boiei. Id.Oflo .<.rma Pawt?lo?. nnoo Pt' >nr*n? :il 0(1 * OH'- 1 Th? ibuva -i* i?aie .*? II wror'hy the attention <>l coi uuk- 1 can, twins mad* up spreulr to ontar irll lwac AUCTION SALES THOMAS BPLL.. Auctioneer. BY BKf.L fc HOW AH D. <*tT*> So. ? Jinn and lift Fulton ,tr?iu) VKDN?*DAY At IA)tf o'eloek in t*e '!?' ?oo? , , . , Furniture ??lf?Wilt mgilnii'd Ihr ?? ?'of ?pte"dia Mirrn?nrf cf nil ^?eripdoQi from Vfo<lnra<l?r ?*nd Thursday. f'inn"fnrf*i iaintioft, ipUfldHl carp*|? ki A'to, n ntimb^i of ? ?*K\nt I* i I ton, Brussels. VtMliimo" n kmiu cnfrpu, in lln* ??ro#r| fiv? op^nor WOM h?nd piano tnrtra, by ihf h?it v?ak#rs; an** the rnllrrtion o' cn? ic? pMBt* m?. t*-e property ni a gpnt'eman a>??teiir. Kale po?iti?e AI?o, i roniigninent oflargr ?iV .p'endd French plate lookin* Rl m'? FRIDAY. *il? at H'rlffn, h* order of a Ke^eiTer in ' haneery?1t M oM^elt.b' virtne n( an order of th? ''ourt o( Chanee y wi'l he to'd (It the premi.e. t'? renidepee nl 1'har'et ''enry H'll, K.tq .in the ll'h war.l ol the city of Vew Vo If, a lar*e rjmn tity f>f household 'ilruiime of nil de.criition*, teteral w i|(ons, Ike. Sic. AT PRIVATIC MALK. A f>rm nf nb nt i^OO ?cre. of trtrxl, part >( whirh i? 'ninro.ed ti iviutf a ?? mi * I hom , b?m ?rwuud, fca aitiwedsIIm f-nn Albany anil ahont the same fr^m he Utica 'nil road ' Prire low?Title indisputable?Term, re .ontble. Inquire ?t the ane'iou room Kor Hal* or Kirhangi?A arm ,of loo acre. "f land, brautifull" situated on Morehonte Lake near the villaii. Alto, 131 acre, of IvH, in the t<iwi ol Well., tbont 6'> mile, fiom Albany H RNRY, Anntiontrr AUCTION NOT1CV?Sin I'd 8. Pray will .ell ihi. d-v al ihe atore 'V* Broadway, near d-n L*ne, f(>r acorn' l of Mr. O. A Hal1, a v luahie ??'d patent le?er watch, double h. V .t... I ? full i.ur.lU.I Alto, bv "rder ol e ?!w VlrLvio, ?ne foil *ewe\Ud to <1 d??l p^f?rit lever: one anlendid d?arh?'l lev*r, 23 jfwrN, md real indf pen a nf aeeond; 2 of the fin* an bor c \o*nif"H with < t p??y a Id ruses, dial* aud rnp?, 13 jewela autt. ble for a l?dv O' V**lltlf (Vlaa. AH tha tbn?? w%fhe? are the fi'?a%f "oa'itT th t can be im p-rfed. and w?l| be warranted first rat 'imc herp#r? Hale poai ??* for ci?h jtII l'*?e FOR SALE *T PITH* IO AUCTION. rPHE RAHWav MANUFACTURING CO. will tell at * punlic anr ion, on 17th Auutiu. *t their Print Worka. in flaiw.iv. N I all the machiuery, and movable prop >tv of'he company, mnaiuinir of prinfntand entraaing maetiinea, calleu'lfrt, corpe'e?linJera dve c?pt*?r?. dying anil h|eachin? apparatus. ?te?tn hoileia, iteam engine 25 hor?e with . boilers. 2 fire enginei, 2 patent balanrea, iron aafe, hydranlir anil rrmmon pr-??, U ge ami ?tnnll a'ide lathe, witn complet' at-t of turning and boring, and bin kamith'a tools an aa?or ment of imported iieel, nd new and old irou, a quantity of 4ruga anitabV for calico print-ra and dyer*, lub?, raaka, and large citterns, stoves tablet, benebea, Ike. Catalogues or wbich may be hail on application to Mr. Philip Trnulcr. at the Print Works o? of KERUU90N fc WAI.KKR, jy 19 'in'r _____ Sl William I'reet. NSW YOKK 8t BOSTON j SOUND PILOT i JVVKN I'RESCOTT, Pilot, or takes r.harge at mailer and " ' pilot ol Tassels bound 10 New Uedlord, o?er Nantucket Shoals Boston, Portimoutli,Portland, Krmieheck auil OTHEH PORTS Office at Krye & Shaw's nautical store, ?2I Wafer street, corner Beekinan Reference to a uuuiber ol Merchant*, auH 'he several Inaur mee Cunv "'lies in this cit? Busum. an.' " 'tlatid |1t 'mis* KOK 1,1 VKRPOOL?The New Litt?Rendu |i99vP cket I6lh August?Th<' new ?i>lcu<li<l New York ijMMKa'oxl' packet ship 1.1V ER"OOL, Joho KldHdge, matter. 1 >'0 tona, will i?ail on the 18th Angus , her regular d v. Kor <>eif}nt or p ssage, baring ?ety ele, ant a"d rooms accommodations, apply to 'he ra> tain on bo?rd, w ? side Burling slip, or to WOODHlTiiL k MI > TURNS, 87 "nu'h ?t The new packet ?hip Ore't Western, Philip Womlhonse, ?,!.. .. U-.I ......I Ik. iU ??l ,?,l ...,i .... i... .1... 16th p'emHfr '*30 ???- i-AtSANB KOR LI VeTTRK) o -To s-il ~3rd mr^WrW Anum'?The superior shin BHO PHERS, Capai'i jjuwilMUiiniel, liavioK nWt p'.rt 01 her cargo on hoar I will >it aii^ cued >s above. Having superior acc 'mm?'lat'"ns for a few cahiu, second cabin, and steerage passengers, who >?ill be tnken at low rates, eirly application should be .oade on board, foot ol Dover street, or 10 W IkJ T TA PSCOTT, H29r 43 P-ck ?|ip. eorn-r South street. KOH FREIGHT OR PAH*AuK?The New jgjJV York built snip SHAK^PEaRE, Capt. A. Miner, JHtons barthen, in perfect order for a long voyage. Appl. to K. K. COLLINS & CO. ,1 VI r M Bnuth street flit- SAIL BOAT KOR SALE very cheap, with her lffS^^sails aud tactile. 12 Ifet louir, 8K feet beam. SX feet JMNflfedecp The boat is new, str >ng, and a fast sailer, ivia? bj secu by calling a' 195 West street, between Dusneand Jay streets j v 30 3t*r a TO EE I'?A part of the modern liuilt two store brick house No. 2'2 Eighteenth st, between the eighth aud ninth Aveuues The hou e is in good order, aud ha'juit been painted throughou?a d-siral le residence for a small geuturl lamilv. Rent moderate an possession immediately Kor pariicul?rs enquire oil 'he uremia*# or Of j?JI 3ti?*ec W Si O. CUM "I*. '>1 Miiden Lane tTO BAKERS?TO LE'l?That modern bnilt two story H iii', No 78 Bayard street, containing hirleen rooms, wi h a patent I akery for a oakir, vault* txodei and ihe Ciotnn water has Dee i introduced in the yard. Terms moderate to a n?d tenant, "or further particu'>-s apply to \ D Rl.'Si>KL, 46 <>i ire hi j\30ec AN EXCEI.I ENT O I'POR'I If MT V is now of fere>' to any one wanting a firs: rate esiahlishineut. a ' m I- -' distance from Ne w York, a Public House, well sun d, with nrnidv grounds and every thing in the best otder I ? the h?u?e is coia odious, aud all the out buililr. gs in (he best condi ion. A good chance lor ?n old countryman, as lie tould raise vegetables enough fur the New York market to pay Im rent, coming in low. Kor particulars enouir- at W. REYNOLDS' Store. jv29 2t*r 6I Lin euard st. neat Broadway. aOOMS TO LET MIN THEBK.LMONT HOUSE, NEW URIOHTON ?The scnbei havinu fitted np this establishment at a gi i i>|>eu>i:'or the comfort of his friends and the , at rs telul for the very libera, patronctie already bestowed on linn, .rusts by his exertions to please for a eoutinnance of itHe begs to inform them that he hassiill two doable and thice single rooms auoi t itr i'd, which he will let on terms low to suit the times, if iroinei. t ie application he made, and will be happy to accommodate . r oua wishing to enjoy the beauty and advantages of this pi MS Th* situation is one ol the most desirable on the Terrace. Having a vety tine large bathiug house directly in frout, ihe boarders can enjoy that luxury with the greatest couvenisuce and pleasure The steamboats ply constantly throughout the day to and from New York. UEOKGE I'lEKIS, Be! mop t Himse, New Brighton. June Itth 1843. J30 r nm ILLINOIS: 'LLINOIS!! ILLINOIS ! !-A?v w3<||ierson h <ving lor sale it a ?eiy low price, from 80 to 3G0 asA^. ?cies of tirst r?ir land, dry .iud undul ltmg. in Veimillitln ( ouutv.ueir Uanville. Illinois, may hear ? a purchaser by ap pl>ing to JA vie 8 SH * W, 121 Knlton st N. Y , or b? letter post nid, i tating the lowest price p-r acre, the exact Ivaiiou, the pecu.iai quality, aid the quaiUty ?] the land; ilimprovrd, stanog the particlnars o| sach i p '> |?MH and th- inanuer in which the land ii suppljred wrh water for lariniug purposes And also stating the cheapea: and most direct mate fro a >ew york City to the lands described N. B? Bute the quautitv and quality of the fencing on the land j?2 lm"rc 1 THE OLlr ENEMY REVIVED ! STATE PRISON MONOPOLY AOAIN ! ! ! NOTICE. ALL Tra'era oppressed or i jured by inrr'rgemeuts of their rights as Mechanics, by th* S'.'te Pns n Monopoly are requested to atteuda tieneral Meet'Hg 10 be held at the M nt gom. ry Hall No. 7 6l'rince street ue r Broadway, on Tuesday Evrn n*. August 1st, U43 at 7 o'clock, to take into Pus drration the necessary measures to be adopted tor | teventinu this inf-mous mouopcly of con-ict labor to the it-jury of al. hou- st mechanics. The uieinbers of the New York Delegation to the latn ('onyentton of M'rhanics held at AlbaLy, are i?rticularly invited to attei d on this occas on. N B.?Every Km pi oyer and Journeyman Stone Cu'ter of the eiliea of New York. Brooklyn and Jersey City is eipected wil I forward. JAMES DICKSON, 1 HENftY LAB KIN, SCommi:tee. jy3l 2t?ec PATRICK ^Af-Hl'S ANDREWS' COMBINATION LO( K r?1HK Amrrir?n Biak Lock Coiniwiuv In e had iun?"rtant J- .mi>rov?mrijtt mad** iu thi? ta'u fbl#? rc 'ritv, ke* | lug it af rne from of iiroirction burt<lar>, locksraitnt he, and twoUinVr*ut lapfOVf^ locks Imv? hm lobiuaird 10 n f. with a reward of ra-iuey from fi'5 to I5u0 to the loic'iona nuc Who ahoald tucct** <} in prmo^ thf Mint* and certincatei of th^ far are ofihe at.r m, tt to opeuiaid I )Ckt -re in Che hands ol the Af?nt? This lock is presented with contidmcc *g insl P'cks, fslsr keys kc, and bsuk ollicers, store k>-eper< aud others desiung security, are invited lo eiatniue the improved locks. Banks having the old locks Ciio rn'iange ihes* fur Ifwwi nn?s, K In?p >he improvernems mads st a small expense, thereby saving the eipense of |i cks which hare been oiwneil iu ? verjl instances. Locka with iflt> t<i It, U2 ch uiges suit \ble lor store doors iron c> est*, bink vaults, he, i. tio to $'.00 Kur sale at the omje of the Company, No t Jo ?' Lane. K WADSWDItTH. General Agent ot th?- A B Lurk Comany. ( or rl|? information of ihe 'idle ? i f tbe bs ks. the following citificu* is presented a, living soine in'orra iti m of n ? r tamlockfT red by pets ir wtio hue been Unwearied in t'>eir endeavors to destroy Andrew's Patent <'ntn ifiatinn woek . . New York, June 9:h, 1141. 1 his is toceiiify? I'list a Patent I'ermntai 11 Lock, manufactured bv Messrs i D'y, Ne ?ell k Day. of th s citv, wbieh I ck wis iu an iruudeor ot "ur store, w is this d?y su-ces?tul v pi k-d ajd opened by Mr D vitl " rn'th ay ung eutleiina n the rmnloy of the 'Am-ric n Hank Luck Honpin',' aul Mr m Dun ham, a practical lorksn.ith <nd h in i ntae u'er I Aodre?r>' C 'inbi a'io < Locka This L'ck Mm -entlv liren imp o? d by Mr John Day ?ucees.or to u N.fc D . ?h > has repeit'd y asitirc us that it was a sale lock ?od c. aid not He p'ek-d or Opt e I with also keys, and we have also reived i0 'me ensnrauce from Mr H nry C J'ia. v , of Newaia, N J , an Agent 'or he sale of the Periflu allot. Lock Neither M nm li, or Mi Ditkhnm ever saw ihe tin" In y to this <>r its duplicate, ami opened the one demonstrated "P"" ' on store, ?i it 'bei "* ins mments, although we changed t e k?y veial li.u's during their operations, aud we a<e pel ff Oily sa islied of their ?' iliti 11 open an? of the saiu fYr.notation Locks And we shall n > lou(?r rely DiniL siid Lock as proof agimst ba gl?rs, and havi one of "Aailrews' ( oni'ini'ion Locks" We are sa.tsfiid that Mr. Htoi'h eonld f i en any >'ermti atiou L< ck i a few tritmres were adu| licst- key to the luck put into his nanda t notwithstanding the declaration of ihe manaficiarer to the contrary. feigned, HKNKDIf T k ARNOLD. ' Watch Makers. No. 44 "ler.thau'a' iLschange, N V, , We alio certify to the anneted stemi nt, hating be> n present and witnessed the whi 'e process of < p-uii g <he said t'ermutalion Lock. Higbed, JOH V LOTTIKK, , Jyllrt?w DAVII) HKACH. lAYNR.'S ( aKMINATIVK b\L?AM -Dis aae has " o|ieneJ its spring business,and we have many oinplaictsol c |i n s in the si'imai h and bow Is, dy.euinv, <1, siepsi t, ronsti puion, croat>, sick tie dach*, and other alitariiis growing out of cold a d derangement of the dig st ve and secret'Ve Innctio"s. Those wtio desire immediate relief fr m uch torio ing yiritaiious shrald rrsort to that safe ai d eipediuoas r-medy, Javn?'s Carminative Balsam. This medicine acts anon the Hu ds from which the blood is K'uerated,??d thus pa<ifi's the i vital st e-m at its very lonree. To the ditections which ac- * company each butt'e of the Carmiuative are attached ee ttfi (J cates of cares from men ci ihe h gheit standing in the learned c? professions. p Hold at wholeaale a'<1 retail ny * . u ? i' " itnu, utnigutt, u No. 79 Kill ton at; ?.71 Broadway; 77 Kaat Broadway ll jyll Mil' i 'I FaYNE'8 fERMIKUOK ha? gladdened the heart ol many J n miiiher, who hud tipcoifil <> >u to follow her child m the ; Kr*Tr, bat found it restored to litn aud roiv health by th.t cele 1 bratrd specific. It eipela worm without irritating the coats of the .tomach ml bowels, and c.nnbiuee me nrta aolatonie , witn tlioac of 40 alterative. Neither the V*rm fu?e nor the ' Kit eeiormit haa a lival iu the whole rauce ol the materia medici, torthe diaeaaea for which it adapted Wot mi are awept away fr.>m the atomic!) and bowfla by Jiyne'a Tonic Vermifuge aa br the iinorn ol deatraetioo. ( They peruh uiider in searching i fluenc- instantly,and are ei;ie|ied with the muca< in winch they ate in bedda I. The cure ' is in almost all caara permanent, and if a reru rence oi the die nlerahoul I take place, a few doM? ofthe preparati n will ne? ' rer (ail tu rrodnc- the deaired obieet?for the affect does not 'veahen with repetition Thoae who autfer from (ilea m renitteut fever,or any complaint whin a mild t nic or aitrratife may he desirable, will Aud in ja na'a Tonie Vnmilagr.i moat raloablc it . edy Sold by A B. ll D. Hmda, Drnuglata,at wholeaale and retail. No 7fl H niton atieet; J7J Broadway, and 77 Kaat Broadway, jy31 5tia r . ' tai'LICR-' H FFAT./. "ATF. ' illl, > unl ?t, ? 1 from B?o*Jw'v 1 ti:\ i * I * .>ul?>nrf w lor? *mm rti???./ I 1 ?i? U - uii ftr ?i .hud it Hon 1 A lav, vcrvkiud <?l ?p?euelr Ou?n > "lm " AiyfTJSKMFN'S ,..\ p*h?'r" _-*.. Oif<??!ln?. v., IIIH *' MONf'AV I"' M IV' ^ bkskwit or >iov* 1LE* ?? 'l?t( nitht ?.f th? Fr?n?h 'ln?r?jt#Bip?TM'i*l|? f'ftlv* in mn f)nfw! ' 1AKtid ?. I?? 'ill* ? ? '??im?llt' H ml only ni?ht of the n? w Bo?ie?> r'*** THK BU^'D v \ S AVO HI* ?W* , . t I ree crlchrotad Ow-arr*' m *-* ea'idnetH nod ltd by Mom Pre*o?t. 'Pie ri< rm?nee in rnmiiur f v 7H o'rlrie*. 'h th? CjTertnre fn 'Totmn" P "?? he followed hy the UnuMu?i??l V?ndr?ilU, in OO* ct now pl?yi"??f the V u l V T^.-tn in P n?, eatitlad L'AU VKt'dl f. RT - r?MB ATON ' (The Blind V <- iid l>u "titk.) DIITHIH' TlOff [Vfvlime Pelaiiedc Roqurt, Madam" Y?fhi?a ( 'iidotif, Mil# Ancli* Affile, i? ?C"lptor, M r>e<?<tnrill? Dr ./"livel, Mnti?. V?thied [)nrrnr MOM. Ot<rHOt 'uginal Oy?ft?re tr> "L'^mhasaadrlee" A?b?f To b?- fnll?w?d hv the 'cona ut ot L'AMBA'BADHirK. On?n flomiqne Hennetre. Prim.- Donna, Mil* C?l?? rharlitte, Msdame I eci.ort La romf?fK Antnitt, M'Me I ??ier M'me Barreck, V'm- Mthlau Kor'nnatiia. M. B?rti'd t.e Doe dr Valberg, M Leconrt Benedict, M. Hinhir H*U i hour' intermission will he allowed for pmnrMM i fj rfmwift in tWe rlmn^ : Whste |rf rre*mi fTrnit t^?, and R#frMhi**nri O" 1*1# ehoieeit kin la in"! in gr*at "arietr, >?ill h? found Ovrinr* t* "L? Pi'le < ? Reyimen* Donlggfti Toconclnde with ^ -me in Niw y.i'fc. th? second act of thr ()n*^a#qri'l?i I.A KU.LV D" HltOI^K^T. THIS ' HH.r? nv THK KKUIMKVT The Music by Domt*tti, ?h* ronimwr of more fban thirty . popular Italian Operas Mane. Mile Ualr?. ... , nt'er to Mia R?gim* nt ) 111 which el'Hrnrter sh? will (inr t,.. reiehrated Martial Cgy?tine?"H?lot ? la F*?nre'.n whieh waa receised oi Wednesday and Prid>T wi>h the moat enthuaiaaric approbation Holpice. (Sergeant) Mona Bt<-s. I.e Marquise, Madm M'thi?0 La Dnchesse, Mai'm Hobill n 'I'on'o, Mona Riehar far'ca Oternot Herman, Bn?ch?r L">ia, Danes gae Barin'x, Ch'ffery The rhnrnirt win be tang by a Terr lady and gantlem the French company Nirhta oft he Ra?el Family?Tne?ii?ys and Thnrsdtyi. Niu it? of rhe Kreneh t'ompanT? Vondays, Wtiunraaaya, H'rida*? <n Saturdays T~?* A ?'rn t Police will be in Miennance ?ofl Kieat care taken to prevent the ailmiaaiou ol improper peis<>n>. Tickets Kifty Cents. May he hail n tha 'iaiden during the day. T^" A limited nnmtrar or Reason T>egets will b? dia l-osed of. (T^ No poitpnnement at this eetagiisment on account ? #naiher, as the Orand Entrance from Broadway to the ftaionn it protected, and the new flaloon, which is ventilated limn tn ion anilsicjei. can he cnVo?ed't a moircnt's no'"" (lIUKKir** HI'mCIM;, \N|) /RRIAL OAHDEN. T"5"" Kvery Dav #fd Kren'"ir this week. The M?n?ger has engaged ID t lented Performers, and u I'aonv to annon-c? u entire new era in vlnsrnm Vo?elties, n. in, Mr Wll.flAM COI K , the Oreat ('on'nrti'r la'. fr >m the Lmd?:> TKeatre*. *nd lute frona th" Park Theatre m th'? citr, who will apnea* in * variety of Claire OYMNA'TICfl, together with hia*dncated ind talented Da;.* Bl'.UKV, who?? great feata of aatia"ity, nbrdi-nceand t'lent, lu?e placed him among the WONDICR8 ??F THE A OK H? wiU dance. liny, pnt out * light jomp through a bal lo*n. c'imh a ladder, walk limr, trot, kick over a rhalr, and en?c? nnmeioua o'heraatoniahing feata. AI?o engaven, (or one we?k nnlv, the celebrated GKORUB WESTEitN, recently dfno"-i?ated OHKA ' WESTERN. The he?t delinen'or of Negro Character, and the be?t Negro Dancer living, who wi'l preaent to the lorera of mirth the moat recent importation, in the ahape ?f a co lect ard original inntatio'i of a Loc m?ti?e Engine at fu'l apeed N?gro Egtravt gania Virginia Breakd iwn. Thia moat eitraordinarv perform nnce haa elicited the admiration of thouaanda in all the principal theatrea in the United "fatea. The City Br-^an Band of Thirteen Mneiciana ia engaged for th? talconv. garden and a'age Mra. PHILLIPS, (he xipnlar Voraliat, IVfr BROWBR, the Comic Singer, LA I'KTI l> <;EHITU,fcc. Perfnrman'-eaevcry We'neidav and Satnrd ly Afternoon at 4 o'clock, and every Evening at half-paat 8 Trice of ?dmia?ion 25 centr I hildren older ten lu?lf nice. iv'T ec THE GREATEST NATURAL CURIOSITY IN THE WORLD. Wltff Ki1iibi;iiie at 99 Wm B oadway, ae*r Authrny it, I ' Tor i ?h"rt time?a Double Spannh Lite Bnl . taken eear Buen^a Avre?, on the Plain*, bv ^pani i?d<, in tne tear 'B40 and imported to New York in IRH, and eiin?ider"d hy naturalivi 'o he 'h? nv?*t wonder'ul deformity in the known world. H'1 hi* a doable wod pl*e, double hreaat, double paunch, douhie rib*, aii en*, I'nuble hina, and Koine o?h?r parti donhle. He i? perfectly totnd i d i g??d lealth, and aunp"?ed to be nine veari old, a'id wei*li? ntur I'jOO pounds. Hrofe??or? ol Natural Hutorv, Mumton? and \mlomists would do well to viair and judge for thcmaelrc* AI?o, a call with sti leva, two bead* and two tails. A. Sea Doif.or Sea Leopird, takeu alive tu the North Rlr?r. The head r'aembliog that of a 'lot. at<d ikin *pott?d like that ofl 'he Leopard. Truly a woudcrfal euriosttf. Wolf, Mooke?i,fcc. Admission IJXcrut*. Children under ten years half priaa. Good M'i?ie in attendance. jy2J 4tis*r MRS. BUTLER. ptLEBR^TKD ?a an Klocatinnist, respectfully inform* the p blir that she Purpose* giving one en'ertiiu neut in New York, prior to her immadiat? dtpaitnre for Enropa. It will take p <ce at the APOLLO SALOON. On MONDAY KVElNINO, Jaly 31.r. She will, that evening. n cite 'he ino t choice of thofe pieaes which h.ive obtained 'he approval of it mense cadi' nc-?, in he United States and in f'aoadv nmoniit wl ich will be? Osaitn'a Address to the Buu; a hrie' diseonrsa oil Pbreuology; brantiful s|>e-ch of a" Indian ' 'bief in reily to a nn-i|e from ihe P'eaideut; The Battle of Waterloo; Holt li^aies from Shakapetrt ; an* conclude wuh The Daughter ol ( nn, s? eml.giz-d b-r f e first i ta |.?r, ii.oln ling th' preaaof every State where ?h? has given it. Thia n pi ni?ely the I ait ti in* that ? ih- Oaughter o( "nn be r? retted in America To commence at B o'cl ck. jv? It*rc CHESNUT STREET THEATRE. PHI LA DEL PHIA* TO LKT?Krom the 31it dar of July inatant, lor ? term of one or more yea'a, this long established and popalar nr. with its ipaciooi and elegant saloons, scenery, wardrobe, library, innaic, machinery, property and gaa 4itnrea lu well known repntatioa, both in Korope and tne United rttates rendera unnecessary a de'ail of ihe numerous \nd ierali<r advantages nad indicem nta which preaent thorn elvea to the considerafou of an efficient management, to at* inre "liir-h will o? the chief objeet of the proprietors Address prnpoatls, whir.h aha'i be cowid- rrd o' fi leniitl, to 'The Board of Agent! of the Chrinnt -it-eel I'hratre " No. II Somti- l)e aware A'emir 'liilnd'lphia i?7toai*r MONEY TO LEND. Abraham j. jackhon, paw\bb< ker. No. s? Rt-aHe itieat, near broad way, loan* raonev in large or am<ll?:ima, >ia may be rejuired, on wa chet, jewelry, ailyer ware, dry goods wearing apparel and personal pr< party of evcy description. jr? lm*r PEACHES FOR SALE. 'PHK. Subioibers hare for aale aboat Mil Thousand Baaketa I of Peaches, on orchards growing in Delaware. These orchards are three and loarye'rs old. the trtes all badded, and Of the best assorted kinds, and uncommonly fine, t Ten f >r thia neighborhood. The f-uit, we thin*, will compete with any that m-v go into any market We offer t?S'll iham by the basaet. delivered on the wbvf at Delaware City, or any other way we ran. The boyer to give secarity for the fulfilment of contract. Any "no wishing to pu ch ise can write, 01 call and sac ihe oichirdsaud aubscrihers near Delaware ' ittr, Delaware. All communications muat be post paid. JOHN C OlAHf. iy27 .)w*r WM. D. CL?K<. CONFECTIONERY. CHLEAMS, 1CEU, JE LIES, See. Sec Sec. WHWiK.MALE A"*D MKT AIL, at Rednced Piices at 71 Canal street?JOriN BKAUiiN. tha wall known pro i<rieror of the ah^ve old eatsbliahment for the lai ten ya?rs, iriteftil for the pat-onage h'lherto r-crired I otn bis irieuJs, nn desirous to morit a eontinn mce of it, respaeifnlly informs ihem and the public general y that he is now ready to aapply families rnd dralera hi lh- city and conntry, wi h Goufaei'Hiery, in all ita branches, >n snch quantities as they ba pleat>,l In nvilap a I iv i va nmv <UJ fK?V li?<in ifKin fha hnnnrla nf Mwibility. I he eitent and eleitance cf hi* flaloona for the reception of ompiny, to which tMc.he'1 * priTate ?alooi (an atairil ei[>re?l> lot the utr of famil'**. 'o/etner?ith the acknowledged in.enoritT "f tin Cream*, Jrllirs. Ice* Confectionery, tod r?fte*hm?nt* jvnera'ly, nf loo well known nod t ogene'dly ippr-fiated to requlr? aommeudation by adeeitiaement rty m<iniainiiiK l'>r hi* rtt*o!i?h eul the inp? lor reputation which he h ia ai K'e* paiut "ml eirenae hnilt uo r<r it, he ope> to venire a con inmnC" ol the eiretiai'e i??t'on??e he a hereto ore heen heonred with, md Ki?e the ieae onivereal it'itl ciion to ?l! ?ho ( ror turn with their caatotn. C'cnrai Jill let, ud Ice? in forma, at t?? n*' q lart. Order*aent oany p<rtof the city lire 01 expenae. jy 9 lm*ec T)-PEYSER Oc CO.. V W 10 William Hi-e', corner of Jonn?tr??t, and41/ Hrttm* ' wiv, hate r?cei?ed, by rec ut arr rale, au eaieimite apply if the following MNCV OCODf*. which were j'rf.illy je'ecte'l by a competent peraon at Pane, Berne, in. . a no which iher "ffrt lor aale, in wholeaele and retail, ii librrat terini, Tit Beiin, Zephyr and German Werated?the moat complete laaortment Brrliu Kmbroidery I'atierna?a choice ael'ction. i'anyaai for Miib'Onlery, of eotton, wor*t<d, linen, kilt, told and nlver. of all width* auo qaalitiea. Silk Chenille, for emftroidery, tiunmiua and flower makine. fiiiaa Twiat, (Jerinan, French and Engliah, plain and hrd d, in akeina iticka, *nd on ipoo'l. Kloaa Silk for Embroidery and KriDge mikera, in akeina ud in apoola. Hmrwiiiler*. mnerhlr embroidered, and Hearander Trim nu ga. (iold, Silver an 1 Steel Beada, id all Not. Mother of Pearl, Mold, filver and Steel Pane Ornament*.' (iold and Sil?er Pnnge, Braid, Cord, Twilt, Thread and l\t?<el?. Kmbroidery Frames, and a rarwty of different Faney Artllee. Artificial Flower*-?a choice selection Vringra-ol cotton, wonted and ailk, Imported aad domeatieUimpt, Taaaela, Button* and all other hind of trimming. jvIT im'ee MEDICAL TRUTH. "\0'''T0R i. EVAKH, (ormeily of No. 1' Pa'h Slip, conmine* to cure all delicate uneaaet, at hit ofltee. No III Ihat'iam atree neir Tearl, where the real eld Dr Kvana will e fonnd bv hit namerona ei quiring Irienda. I' forty year* ei ^rirnee in vauoua hoapitala. Ike , entitle him to preference verihenninel aa charlatan, then 1a Dr K. entitled to an i"?e*uatiou uf hia cliima He wuliea the public to uudeniand hat there la no Ur. Kvana in Peck Slipt but tome pe"0" nt a ua'ne, or havii g oDe ot which ne ia aahamed. ?iioeer^r? deceive Hie pnbl'c by borrowing a name which baa nereio or* vitmeu iomi celen uv d ?edic#i prtcncw. ? ? N. B ?A? turfing nad hut?bu? Kfmi to preTalent. th? nflM uoate invalid ctu t be i^o cautiona in c h eoeinfa neaiMi . rod LV SHIwT VIANl/KACTORY, avj ? Mm M BV? r C R H H HI > <? <*TORt. "?r? VI AII1K N I A S K-Juit rrceived the latett and aoit wlnrorrd' frroch pattern furta. A general aaaortinent ot niru Snder garment-. h....rry, crar.u, handkereni.1., ?c. ih.,1. .DO ujdtt ttimtnu made up to order and iepair?d at holt nolle?. Fr'Ale 100.000 black ?"' "\in ' _ , rrTffi- LWVEKB U? ?liri.KK)K ULACa TKA? jlowqua't Mi?tn?e?"l'hu ?iirtinr.v 4elicii>ae and anparal 1 Tea, ?<> hinhlT celebrated in IJhm ?nd Karope, jaet imrted, i? uow for aale at the Canton T?a Company itlcaani i <.?ttHiah??-m. ltl tialb m ? s?? V?* r, and II# nl ? ?tre?-t, Brooklyn-i- ?-> ? aaek ita *r _ ? |5T?Rri <*1'E K KK 'v Pi LI "* it , , . ? . bi in ' . "l ' " w. ,?.cei?e.>" r ot>tm ?d im tk nwuti* nui??>i. tfc* laat aoliiw" 'ourtii M?- i