Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1843 Page 1
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TH 1. IX.-?Ne. SilO. W1MI* ?. M'4 4 AUENTS, 1 D? toll? wing 1* a lilt of agent* for the Herald, where iub?cription* will be receiTed, and (ingle n?mber? arc found for ?ale. . Boston, Mut Mints. Raddin* m o. Philadelphia, Pa Mesin Ziebei fc Co. Baltimore, Md Wm Taylor. Wanhitifton, D. C DoBuffalo, N. T. ?. Hawk*. New Haven, Conn T. H. Peaae. Hartford, Coon J. W. Jitdd, Albany, N. Y Jonoa. Troy,N Y Levi Willard. Lauaingbargh, N. Y A Lewia. Newark, S.J ?D Smith. Ctatakill. N. Y H lUwe. IVekskill, N T. Monkhouse Sing ?ing, N. Y ? Bard. New Orleani, La.. . J.C. Morgan. Cincinnati, RobertCarnaha\. Patnraon. N.J Matthew Uougheity. Rocbeatwr, N. Y .A Jon?*. Elizabetbtown. N. J Samuel Orana. New Bruaawick, N. J.. . ... .William Solomoh, St. Louia, Mo-. . Woodward k Matbewi. 1'iianraiuu, now. Hudson, N. T Gaorge Clare. Augusta, Oa 8.A. Holmea. Mobile, Ala M Bonllemet Poughkeepsie, N. T Levi Smith. Trenton, N.J J. Raumley. Louisville, Ky W. A. Huhleaaan. Wheeling, Ta. F. C Broekman. New London,Con.. B.ltO. Rogori. Utlca, N T J. B. Loat. N'ftahville, Turn A. Billings. Syracuse, N. Y Jamas Robertson. Bridgeport, Ct 8. W. Hatch. Jackson, Miss J. W Clark. Virkshurg. Mis*. .... , .. .Mrs. E A Parker. New Bedford. Mass A. Robinson. Providence, R. I John Green. Worcester, Mass .....L- Thompson. Nantucket, Mass J. P. Huasey. Yearly subscription to the Daily Herald, $7 96, andfor a shorter period at the same rate. The Weekly Herald, $83*. r nn - DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, 1RELAND, k<; ? Prrsons about remittiiis rao 'V^lUPnw** v to their friemU in the ' old country," e?n be >anpli?d with Drafts, iu inmi of 1, 2 S, 5, 10 ,20 k X50. or ativ amount, payable on demand, without discount or any other cha ge, at the National Bank of lrel?ud, Provincial B"K, do., Messrs JtmrsBult, B n k Co.. Bankers, Lou on, I Barncd k Co., Exchange and D'scaur B -ak, Liverpool, Ea tern Bank of Scotland, Green ork B*nkiag Company, 8ir Wm. Forbes Hun'er St Co , "cotland, and ttie branches in every p?*t town throughout England, Ireland, Scotland It Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steamers Great Western or H'bernia, by W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, At theit Meneral Passage Office, 43 Peck 9'ip, cor. Sooth st. N. B?All letters from the country mutt come post paid. )y llr > NEW LINK OF LIVERPOOL PACKET?. 1'' sail from New York on the 26th and Liverpool ou the ltlh nf each m?nth. A i 1 1 NtWIOBir Ship ROSCIUS, Captain John Collins, 26Lh July. HJup SiDDONB. Captain E. B. Cobb, 25th August. PMp SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, Sept. Ship GARR1CK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. From Liverpool. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. Depeyster, 13th July. Ship GAKRICK, Captain Wm. etkiddy, 13th August. Ship ROBCIU8, Captain John Collins, 13tS Beptrmber. ^lup 8IL?UUMb, Captain E. B. Cobb, ISth October. Theses hips are all of the first class, upwa.-U of UN tons.ouilt luthe cfty of New York, with such improvements ascombirie Kat speed with unusual comfort for passengers. Every care been takea in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage lieiice is $75 These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every exertion to five genem arisfacoon Neither the captains or owners of tl sL . Mwill be responaiWs for ar y letters, parcels o: package ssen by tnern, ttnless regular b- 'is of lading are signed therefor. For irsight or passage, apply to ?. K. COLLINS k CO.. 56 South st., New York, or M BROWN. SHIPLEY k CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will be charged 12X cents per ainglo she* t; SO cents per oonce, and newsimpers I cent each. iy7 ec OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETS. Jtf rPHE OLD LINE of Packets for Liverpool will hereafter be 1 despatched in the following order, excepting that when the sailing lay falls on Bunday, the ships will sail on the succeeding day, vix v? For New York. For Liverpool. The CAMBRIDGE, (June 1 July It 150 tons, '.Oct 1 Nov If W. C Barstow.f Feb 1 Mar It The ENGLAND, (June 11 Aug 7 750 tons, .Oct 19 'Dec 7 8 Baitlett. Keb 19 April 7 The OXFORD. (July 1 Aug It 800 tons, .Nov 1 Dec It J. Hathbone. i March 1 April It The MONTEZUMA, I July It ;8ept 7 . KM tons. .Nov It Jan 7 A. B. Lowber. I'Mar II May 7 The EUROPE, i Aug J Sept It IB tens. 1. Dec 1 Jan It E.G. Furber. I April 1 May It The NEW YORK, (new) iAii It Oct 7 50 tons. Dee it Feb ? T. B. Cropper.I April It June 1 The SOUTH AMERICA, '.Sep. 1 Oct 19 (50 tons. 1 Jan ] Feb II D.G.Bailey, r May 1 June It Tha COLUMBUS, I.Sepl It Nov 7 "00 tons, '. Jau 19 Mar 7 G. A. Cole, i May It July T These ships are not sncpesst in point of elegance or comfort in t*>eir eabm accommodations, or in their fast tailing qualities bv sny vesse's in the tr?de. Tnr commanders are well known as m?n of character and etpr rienC", sod the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comfort and convauienee af passengers, t'uuetuaiity, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward i? now fixed at Seventy-Five Dollars, for which ample store* of ever* description will be provided, with the exception of wines and liquors, which w>" he for.tisneo by the atewarda, if required. Neitner the caput m or owners of these ships will be reapou aiblr lor an> letter*, pixels, or packages sent by thein unless regular bi'U of lading ara signed thorefer. fc'or freight or pa?*n*e, appiy to GOODHUK It CO.. M Sooth at., C. H. MAKBHALL.M Burliui-slir, N. Y jyH and to BAKINH ?m?THgB8 fc CO.. LW JOHN HERDMAN'S OLI) ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. ^ & & & KMiL'LAH LINK OF PACK1CT SHIPS, <1 South atreet. New T"rk PAHMAtiK to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool and London, by the regular paek<? ships, sailing on the 1st, 7th. 3tb, >ttn, and 25ih or each mouth to and from Liverpool, and to and from London lat, lOtn and 301b of secti month 'Die inbsnriber haa made unequalled arrangement* to bring out emigrant*, and can, with great confidence, assure tno?e persons seeding 'or their friend*, that every dne and tl'gent attention will be ahown them, and all w^o ubark with them. ' astage can al*o be engaged from LiverKiol I'iitrt to New Orleana, vloiule, Huanuan. Ba tim>re, iiUdelptna, B > ton, aud to the different porta of the British Provincea, at the lowest rale* With these arrangements, together with the advantage which hi* uiverp ol correspondent* possess, being i* KC hip owner*.and eitemivelv engag-d in the weighting uiine** despatching yearly at least 100 first class ships fr m Liverpool to the various ports of the United States, with freight and penaeugi-r*. The facility offered by this establishment is unsurpassed, and from the large number of 6r*t class *hips employed the line there can be no deten'lon whatever, which I will be gu?ranteed The price of passage will be at the lowest rues, an i should any of those sent for recline coming, the pa* aage money will n? as customary refunded. The atemnboat fare fromue different pons to Liverpoolc& usual, be seJOHN HKRDMAN. 61 South *t, N Y, or J. * W. ROBINSON, near Wall street. Merchants' ai d Emigiai ta' Agents, No 16 Qoree Piazzas, LiTeipool. DRAFTS AND KXOHANOK. The subscriber "requests the attention ol those remitting money to 'heir friend* t* his unequalled emiigements for the pay* mentof his dr fts on demand, withoutd >o"uo( or any charge whatever, at tb* foilewibg Banking Institution*. viz IN ICINULA^U? aictars JAtnes mm, son ai uo., D&nien. London. Mtmrt J. Bunard h Co,, Kicliajtge and Diacoant Bank, LiProtmritl Bank ofKnUaad, and Brauchaa throughout Kitfrotid Mii* Walea. Yorkahir* Diitrirt Bank ud Uranchca. Birmibdh n. Banking Co. Lin utei Basking Co. IN SCOTLAND?i?re??ock Banainc Ca. in Ul&agow and Greeuock. Eaaieru Bank of Scotland aud Uranchea. I Its. LAIN U? Pro*inciaJ Bank ol Iralaud. Am<gh Coik Kn?n Mallow Attilone Carlow Knuiakillen Mnnevmora Btlioa Caean ?'*lway Otaagh fi<*Ifuc < olcraine K 'kenuy Paraooatown Banbtidg* Cootehill Kilnuh Higo Paihneua Dobliu Londonderry Suabane Baiidon rtowitpatriek Largan Tralee Baliyaiiannon Ilnugannwi Limerick Watcrlord Clonmel D.ingarron Monaahan Yauthtll Notional Bauk o( liclaadBiHiuaalo* Caatleuar Moat# Tipperary haimgher Knniaeortfcy Keu?W? J'"1 Bo?>e f rrmoy N?w Row Ihonaatown Coahar Itolwav Roaerea Tralw Cimck on 8*ir Kau'nrk Hoaeommon \Veatport t natlerea Longford 8ii?i> Wcaford t'lmrieaville Looghrea Tallow Wtcklow Cloumel Mitchrlatown Thorlea >. 11 ?In addition to the L.iTarp?"l anil Loudon pa-kcta. the anbacrher i? alio agent tor lb* re*ulai pa.-krt> aailioR weekly fririi New York to Mew Orlean% Mobilit, t'harlaaton, aud Harannah. by which paaaage can be aacnred at the lowe?t ratei jyllti JOHN HKKDMAN. M. M YORK AND HA^^m'aCKKTB? Beconu i.n.e ?The ?rui?of thia liue will hereatter laa?e New Voranniha Ul. and H??ie on tha ISth of aaeh innn'h, ?a foil' w?, ?n:? fVrim Pine Verk From Ha ire. Naw ahip ONEIDA, v lat Marcn. Captain _ i lat July. < lutli A<u??L Jamaa rnnek.( lat Noyambar.f itit.i Dec. hip BALJIMOKK. (Hi April. liuhMir Uhftitn , _ , J ? Auutut I 16th Sept. Mward F?nek.( lit U?ctmb?r.( 16th Jmuaiy. Ship UTICA. I tthjone. ?,ap-ain i ' ? Heptembetf i?th October. Fraderiek Hewitt < lit January. ( ?th February, N?w .hip WT. NICHOLAS, i l.t Jan?. I 16th July. Cvptniu \ l't October < Ifth Not J. B. Pell.C '? February. ( ifth March. Theftcronmodttiona of theae thipa ara not tar patted, eombiniuK all that may be required for comfu't Tha pnea of cabin |M?ti?f It $ M Piuteugera will b tupphed with traiy with iha eiceptionof winaa and li^uora. Oiiite?d#d for met* taate t wii' be lorwaided dy iha (mi ttiiHUi Ira* fro a at>y other, than the etpenaea actually >neurr?J on them. Kor freight or i a?tage, applf to ^ BOVU It III NC* IcN, AgenU, N9.? Toouua Building, oot Wall and WMiW. E NE NEW SUMMER JlRRjiNGEMENT. NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA. RAILROAD LINK D'RKCT, Via Nkwark, Niw Bmunswicb, 1'mirceton, Trenton* uoruentown ?ku publiwotow. jBytiES tffanteftt Tj TMHOIKIM l\ Uiv wniTiiw Leaving New York d<tily Irotn the fovtof Courtlandt it Momiu| Liue at 1 A VI.?Mail Tile* Liue at 4* P M. 1 ne Mortuuu Line proceeds to Bordentown, from thence by steamboat to Philatielj hm. _The Evening Line proceeds dirert to Camden (opposite to rhtr delphia) without change of cars. PattrDKfri will procure their ticket* at the ofieo footof Lourilandt street, where a commodious steamboat will be in readiness, wiih baggie crates on board. Philadelphia bagg-ige crates are conveyed from city to city, without bring op?r*a by the way. Each train is provided with a car in which arc a, <?.rtments and dressing roams espressly lor the Udies'use Returning, ?he lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut* treer. by steamboat to Boideurown at v o'clock, A.M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'clock,CF M. The lines for Baltimore lo.?ve Philadelphia at A. (VI., and 4PM being n continuation of the line* from New York je4 .'His; NEW LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKET? &2XL w&L sjSat T^JtlHrom New YorCTSth, and fioralTTvarpool 5!nT>r?och nionUi. New ihip LIVERPOOL. 11M ton*, $ !!*!) J?h?\l4rid?e, l St^ April. New ?hipQUEKN OF THE WEST) If u ?'ptrhv.v Ship HOCHESTEH.8W ton., > ? 4.)^"berJ.h, Briuoc. I ** ft 'e. 8hiP H?UKt;R' 1050 t0a1' >?th M?eh. Ira Unrsul , ^ lu|)| ju|y_ Thfir snbatantiftl. futwiliuit. 'irnt cUm I Duilt in the city of New York, an ooomudiil by men of eipenence . nd ability, will be despatched .uuctually on the 16lh oI each month. Tlimr cabins are elegant and commodious, and are furnished with whatever can couduce to the ea*e and comfort of passenger*. Neithert1 e captain* or owneri of these ship* will be responsible toi any i arcels or packages scat by then, utiles* regriai bills lading are signed therefor. For freight or nass-yre apply to WOODHULL fc M1NTURNB, (7 South street. New York, or to 7IELDKN, BROTHERS ?t CO., ie>l r Liverpool cUK Nlfi\ hUKANS; LOUISIANA AND NEW >RK LINK OK PACKETS For the better accommodation of shippers, it i* intruded to despatch a ship from this nort on the 1st, 3th, IBth, 15th. 20th, Mid 25th ot each month, com.i encitig the lOth October and cohtinoiiig antil May, when regnlnr days will be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointment! will be | revented daring the summer months. The following ships will conimeuce this amusement : Xnip YAZOO. Captain Cornell. Hhip OCONEE, Captain Jacksoi.. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliird Ship LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Bliip 8HAKSPEAHE, Captain Miner. tliip GASTON, Captain Latham. Ship HUN'I SVILLE, Captain Mnmfo.-d tihip OCMLLUEE, Captain Lravitt. Sliip NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson. Ship MEMPHIS, Captaiu Knight. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships were all built in the city of New York, expres* for packets, are of light draft of water, httre recently been 3 wly coppered and put in splendid order-with accommodations lor passi-ugers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded br experienced master*, who will make every to give Jrneral satisfaction. They will at all time* be towed up and own the Mississippi by steamboats. Neither the owners or captains of these *hip* will be reipomiMe for jewelry, bullion, precious stone*, silt er or plated ware, or lor any iiuen, parcel or package, aent By o rput on board ol them, nul'n regular bills of lading are taken for the une and the value theieou expressed. For frei bt or passage, apply E. K. COLLINS h CO., 58 South ?t., or HULL1N fc WOODRUFF, Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to their addresa. The ships of this line are warranted to tail punctually aa advertised, .aid (treat c?'e will be taken to hare the goods correclly -"'"""I rrj KfcVUTiA iLB,3 iO lae.LiA.NU. flic sabscnher continues to transmit money l.'iaums large JHRMkBOr miall. to oersons residing in any part of Ireland in the same manner as he, inid his preaecessor in business have done Tor the las; thirty ye?rs and uioie;aljo,to any part of JLngland, or Scotland. Money remitted hy letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or peranually deposited with him wit i the name wf the person or persons in Irel'ud. KugUud or Si oilauil. to whom it is to be SfBt, a'd nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted ?ud paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or tor ?jM?d to the seu ler. In like manner money, or claims on persons in auy par: of Irel'ml, Kn&land or .^cot'and c n he collected Wy the subscriber tor p-;u?ns rend nc in auv pa-t of th<- United States or C?aada, and will b?'paid to thi-m accordingly ji7lm?r (IKOriOK McBkIOK. Jr , tt Cedar st. LONDON LINK Of PACKfcTH?Packei Itth WTjrWV Anuusl The d. w.ll known fist sailiLg Mlfa ocket ship TOltOM'O. Captain (J iswold. will a ii po mrely as ab >ve, her resnlM- day. Ha'irtg splendid aceomi' uaii nt for cabin, second i abin Mid st ermte pasrenger. 'J h i. withii g to sm-ur* beiths, or par??g-;, si on d m: ke early i- 'i licatiou on b. ard or to W 4 J i' TAP;10?>'1 T. SI Trcii Slip cor Hnn.h s'reet I'ersons wiihirg 'o send for friends can hare 'htm bn i at ia the sbove favorite >lup or snv of ih? einlnr I n?, on r-isonable t imi, and those wishirg t? remit moD?y can have drafts for aoy am nnt. payable on demand, in all ihe piiocipal towns ihronsh.-at KnglnnJ >2 r Ajtfi- KOR tON DON? Ketular Packet ol the lOtn of iHvk Angus The splendid p?cket ship TOkON 1 O, JwUkWapt. Otiawold, will positively sail as above, bar regular day. Having very superior ace?mmodsfions for cabin, tnd cabin, and steci^ge passengers, persons wishing to should make early application on board or to JO*?PH McMURRAY, H# Pm* street, Corner nf South. P.r.nni wiahlnv I,., it...;. f~....l. ... 1 bronchi out by the ?"hip? or any of the r**?lar thickets. by trrUniff ?? (?' Vv lifter. po?t nntd ) *lr l? FOR L.IVMtfOOl ?The Nrw l,7ie?Hrgular hMV P fUrl 16 h Augnat?Th' n-w ai lecoid New York iSUibt'oilt packet thii? 1 11 EK' OOI,, Jjho Mdridge, uir>tcc. I it0 torn. will aail on tne Igth Annul , l er >eenl?r day. For 'rn^nt or p aaage, baring rcy ele.aiit aid looinr aceomoindiliom, ULuly to he P nHmou bo^id, w i. side Bulling or to WOODHUlL & All.MURNH. 87 *< U'h ?t. The i<* pecket ?h>r Oreat Weatern, Philip Woodt.ouae, metier, will aucceed the Livor.'ool, and kail ou her regalar day. Mill September >i A/fjt Till NtW L.NK MviiiniOL 1'Ajvc.TS ifffV-pH. ket isth A?guat?The a"l?n 'id wjl known fait KttAkaailingrew packet ahip LIVKHt'OOL, Cap J >nn K.Mr.<1. e, MM loua burthen, now on heraecond mnmr, a?'d will ?il pnaitt'eiy aa abore, her r-gula' da? . It i? well kno ?u and eqially admitted by all, that tne Lirerrool ii ihe faaleat pack-t >lip thv a in oat of New York hirinn b-?teo the ra ket ahipa New York and "heffirld. on h?r la?t i-aa*age lience aerertl dara, and a'a-> ev-ry packet ou hrr remrn raaaage ttiat aailrd in compauy with he', aa -ell < ti>oa* which aai ed ae*rral dja before her. Her accommrditiona lor calio, tecond cabin, and ateerage paaarugera, me an trrr annrilor, that it hia gained f t her thr name of .he" FloatingP?lae Thoie wtailing to at en re h<itlia h thi? ma n fi cut tlii, tnon'd not fail to make e?rl? appli ?*fion oi, bna-d. loo' Bm'i 8'ip.orto W. fc J.T.TArsCOTl'.O Peck! , curner^' thatreet. The Liverpool will tail from Liverpool oa thf October, affording a favo'ab e opportaui 7 to thoae wialin g to aend for their frit nda to come out in her,-r nnv o< the rrguur l ue, on reaann bte terma. aud itirae wi.hing to r-mit ni<m?y, can . ave dnft? for aHyaiuou t, r*v-b e ou demand in all the priucipnl towtia of Oreat B itiin and Ireland. The dlddoua wiit aurceed the Liverpool. and tail 2irh Augq?t j? age H'K 1.1 V KHI'DOL ? Kegnlar paean nl the 7ih vlVWcf Augnat ?The vera aopenor, fgai tailing paeaei f*E3Meetup I .N DKfEN DE.SCK, Uapmin Nye. will poaitirelr tail aa above. Having very auperior accommodating for cabin,accond eabu. and ateerage paaaengera, peraona malting to embark ahnald -sake early application to JOSKPH McMUMAV, IOC Pine at., cor. South. 1 l,e ahoye will be auccetd'd by the apleudi I pteketahip Shiffirld, Captia Pophrta, iud tail on the ll.h Anguat Pciaona wi: to aend for theit tnenda iu the ?ld conutry, can ba?e them httioght ont by the abore ahip, oi uiy ol the regular packeta, by applyinir aa abore: if bv Una oat paid. ; ?>>U L.1 V Ml I'lJOL?,\(,W Li>r.? n<> nil i*f|PW P?rket of ISlh Aug.? I"he Splendid racket Shij iW^BIDDONS, Cap:aia K B. obb, of l#J3 toot, will jvnitiTely anil aa abo*e, her regular day. for freight or aaara^e, hiving atcnmmodatioua oueqaaJeii far (plcndoi 01 eomfrrl. arnly on board, at Orleana wharf, foot ol Wall atreet at to K. k. i.OLLINH 4 ? 0. M Hoath atrial. Trtcc of pua'ge Vila* rack* '^hip MhenJao, Captain F. A. DtpeTatrr, Till J11. rard th? Hiddona, and a?ii fba Vtb of Sept. F'aomgera iimy rely m? ih? ahipa udhia " >? ?*>; - ual l? < *H^ertiaed JyJBr fP- I'AHlAOK KOH LIVM.KPOO.. ?To aail 3rd k?ffy Au,ut. -Thea?renor ahm BHO I'HKRS, Cap am JMMHEaDaiiirl, hating n larje part oi herenrgo on board will be (i. >i<? ci ed > abo?e Hating atipener ace mmedatmua fur a fr w cabin, aecoud cabin, aud atreiatfc paiaeniif ra, who ?ill b? inkro at I >< rate*, early application ahjald be made on boaid, foot ol D itet aircet, or 'o W hJ T TAPBOOTT, M19 r ?J Pfca Mlp, corner Sonth atreet. ' ?4C rOM NfcW OKLKANH? LOUISIANA ANT) JajPy NfcW YORK LINK?Kirac Keanlar Tacket-Tke jHMbvery faat aailinc coppered ahip OCONKK, C'prain Jackaon. haTirg a ret> laig* proportion of her c ino on bond, nearly all enoaed, can Tat lake aome i. ere fitightif mae diate applicatio i la mad.'. Kot ireifht or paat?ge, having handaome ftiranhrd arrommodationa, reply on board, at ?rle*na whirl, loot if Wall ?t r.rto K. K COI.LINV t CO. MSaUkf) Hhipnera will ple.ue aend in their billa of lading early ihia morning, Ttnipceia may rely apon In ring their good* coirectly meaaaed. Agenti in S. Orleana, Halliti h Woodrul, woo wll ly forward fill gnoda to their addreat t'tuwrku (lit* Louianlle. Capl. M. Hunt, will aaeeea4 h? Oeon ?a? , _?a ISK: ^OW w O H L K A> 8-Loon mm ?^rt New VtIWV V 11* Lin*. Regular lacker?To .nrr?ed ihe Orleai M-Th' 'aat hi ina pack-1 ik p LOUI8V ll.LK, < apt ,?i. Will Mil m ab he. Ki frruhtnr paange, bavin* h'tidaome lurni>h?d k< eommiitla.ioiia,*i ply od l>o?rd atOrleana Wharf. foot of Wall ?t, or to K. K COLLIN* k < O , Sfl South atrerl. hhipperamay rely ?5on har>nf their gooi'a correctly marked. Ai' '?ti iu New Orleatia Hulliu k WindruB. who will nr-irn'lf forward all goodt t-> Ihei- no tr<?? k If ,>.rket ahip Hiintnii'e, Capt O H Mom ford, will atifcp it i' ' Lo'iianll" air rx? KML BOA I' KUIl 8 ALU ?ar* ch?<|i, ?Uh har JJfrW.mli aud tacale. tl leal Iouk, ?H feet beam, SH feet flujy^.lprp The boat ia new, an an I a f.ut taller vi.i> D. arru by callio* a Itl Weat atreet, between L)ti<na and JtTI'rrrti jvIO J?*r |roh f HILiODT um CiaH I IlK?The New ,#1#W Yo-k built ahip ?li AK PK a Kr.,7M tona bnnheu in MMLmopiate order for a ^VcSll All'l CO. II, !X Wiinih atreet. rtf Tit)H VKtlOHT OH rA?-A?fc ? TtoKe? York boilt amp flHAkfriCAKh, Capt A.Miner, AKflKaTM.tona tmrthei, in ps'Ofi order A pull to 1. *. COLLINS k CO. i,n, NMuiitwt W YO YORK, WEDNESDAY ! NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANSPOFIXATION COMPANY iNkV YOHK A Ml) NRWAKK. I'M-* rillHMd to <iS CCVltO. from the lout of Ceunlnndt itreet, New York. (?\er> day?9nhds*a e*<epted.) _ . L???e? N'rw YOrk Leave. Newark A' ? A. M. At 3 P.M. At 7 A.M. At 1* F. M. 9 do. I Uo. j do. 4 do. 11 <lo. 4 >io t do. 4X do. '-0. 10K IX .It. *% 'la ?2 do. do. 1>N 15UNDAV8. JTrom the Coot cl Courtlatidt it. tel. Leave New York Leave Niwark. It S A. M. and 4\ P M. At I8KP. M. and 9* P. M. NKW VOKK, KLIZAUH/TH TOW!?, . 'ie -?e5' YUk? '* Kli*ab?b Tews. At t A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7? A. M SHi P M. 9 do. 4 d.>. ?W do. 7 do. 11 d?. 4J( #o. It Jo. *54 do. , 5)4 do. IS do. Die ;miu? for Weitlktd, PiaiuAeld, Botimlkr v>k,8omer*i!U, fee., conuect with the ,9 A M, aud 4* P M l \imlroroNew York, daily, HmuUyi eiceptcd. Kare between New Fork md Klirabeth Tov.u3i cen'.?. 'are between d? and Some mile. Tt, canu. Mrw YOHK. AND KAHWAY. Leave New York. Leave Rtiiway. M 8 A.m. At i r IY1. At T A M, At > P.M. 9 (io 4 do 8 do G!< do 11 ilo 4St do 9S de y do "j? do llM do NfcW YOKK AND NKW TKUVSWICK. From foot of Courtland itreet, New York, daily. New Yurfc. I.eive New Bruuswie* At 9 A. #r At 4 P.M. At 6 K. <V1. At IIX A M. 5* do 7W do 1H t*. M. ON SUNDAYS L*?ve New York. Leave New Bruuiwick. At? A M and 4!< P M. At 11* A.M., and 8* P M Fare, excltp. iu ike Philadelphia trim*, betweeu New Yo>k Uid v*w Brcn?vr:rr. JO ceuta B<*tw<reu New York and Haliway IS cant*. > attenuate wno procure the r ticketi at the ticke: otticr, >e .tetve a (eriy ticket gratia. TickeU arc received by the con iactc.r only on the day when pnrehaied. mil 3m*r FOK BUFFALO AND ALL PAKTB OF THK WKST kjejL Wtmmmnmeum ASSOCIATION PA^AO;, OFHCK To ALBANY Utica, 12 00 Hoche?ter, S3 00 Syracuae, 2 Xi Buffalo, S 60 Oiweco. 2 26 Up. It Lower (?a&ada6 SO For paitage apply to M. L. KAY, m2l tin 41 Barr'av ?tie<?i New York PATERSON RAIL ROAD. KMii- O.NLY ? > UKNTH. Froui Paters'-n to Jersey City. On and after Monday, 17th July, the car? will leave Patbrion DiiroT. Liavk New Vor*. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. II* " 12H P. M. 4 P. M. 5 " ON SUNDAYS. Leave ratkiion Depot. Lkavk New Yo*k. 7* A M 8* A. M 5 P. M. <i P M. Transportation Cart plj daily (Sunday'sexcepted.) Passengers are adviied to be at the Ferry. foo Coartlaudt street, a fe ? inmate! before the dated houra of dept. ture. _jyl96oi St-W Y??BK SCHOOLS V'B MOUNTAIN AND EA8Via K.aiid Somen ille R HmH Kor 8choole?'? Monut'ia, leave pier No 1 Morth river, at X o'clock A M, daily (S.indays eicrptrd) bv steamboat to Elizabethport; or leave the font of (Touriland street at 9 clock A M, bv > J Railroad to Elizibethtown, thence connect with the can for S.intrvilie cvicliet, thence 20 mile* to the Mouuiain?arriving ea-ly in the afieruoon For ferviton lea?e a* above proceed bv railroad to Somer viile, coachei from thence (only 34 miles.) arriving iu Easton at 6 o'clock. Thii lon'e, on account of the ihort distance by coachei. ny? king it by far the most pleasant and expeditious, comminds it sell to publieip.itronatre. Mr Sanderson. the proprietor at So merril'e, has provided himself wi>h c* mages and horses to ac commodate private parties with extras at the shortest notice, and on reasonable terms For seats apply to H D. Hope, Merchants'Hotel, 41 Courtlaudt st Passengers from Philadelphia to Schooley's Mountain will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock, A .\)., by New York railroad line to New Bntnswick. gpieudid coaches from tlienre, arriVI. u at 'ne rmmntain early same afternoon. 3 2m*r NEW YOHK, SCHOOLEY'S --i?. WHEfLMOUNTAIN k EASTON. Leave tl * foot of Coortland street, daily (Suudaya ei -eplrdj at 81? nock. A- M., by railroad f om Jersey city to Morrisrown. tnence by Post coaches through Meudhani,Cheater. kUliooley i Mountain. Anderson Towu, Tort Coldeu, W*in>n,,roii, to ttaatou. Ai Wellington. a daily line intersects i Belvidere r or seats apply to J. Hill, at J. Tattoo's, t 'orrunereial Hotel,73 Conrtlaud street. N.B.?Etui* I'uruiihed ! the shortest notice by applying to N. B. Lu?e. Unitud Staten Hotel. Mo*riatowu. iiivll fin ec ROCKAWAY PAVILLK?\-LONO ISLAND HAILRO VD. Trams upon this road leave Brooklyu, Sontb Ferry, for J<maica, where coaches are iu readi nos lor that delighiful resort, the Marine Pavil39ESEL lion, at the following hours, viz Half put 9 A. M.,4 o'clock ami half pact 6 P. .vf. Returning, leave Jamnica at I A. M.. 13 M. and i P. M. for New York. Fare to Jamaica, as.; through from Brooklyn to the Pavilion. 7icents. ie'?4 6*?t inEW ARRANGEMENT. FARE AND f Kh.lUHT REDUCED. .MOT jgm REGULAR MAIL LINE?FOR PRO<C!r5tlJ3rVIDKN(:E AND B'^TON, via HTO>. XLlCLlMUTON AND NEWPORT?Composed ofthe following superior steamerr, running in connection with tne Stonington *.id Boston and Providence Railroads:? Massachusetts, capt Couutock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt I'haycr. PROVIDENCE N ARB AO 4. N SETT. MOHEOAN One of which will eave New York daily (Sandayi exceptei)irom Pier No. 1, Bettery Place, N. Rtter, at 4 P. M ARRANGEMENTS. The RHODE I8LA> D, Captain Thayer, on Monday, an.l Weduesday for Stonirgton and Newport, and Knday for Stoniug'ou The MASSACHUSETTS,Captain Comitock.on Tuesdat and Tiiurseay for Htoniugtin, ana Saturday for SuiniQRUU, Newport and Provideuce. Passengers, on the arntal of the steamers ai Hronington, J rill be imuiediaiely forwarded in ihe splendi-l and .aminoions Cars of the Railrotd :o Profderiee aud Boston, and il for Newport will pra^eed in the steamers oil Monday, Wednesday and S-.tnrdav, and on'he intervening d .yt proceed via Stoniuntou Railroad lb Providence, aud fiom thence in the steanei hilai, without any additional charge Tickets lor the ronte and steamers' herth? can be secured on board, or st the office ol hahnden fc CO., No 3 Wall street (TT"On aud after the 10th iust, Ire ght will not he r ceived nafor warded after l-!>lf pa?t t P M niO 6 ns* m FOR KEY P.'iRT AND MIDD'.*. Tll^N POIN i. d.i v (oouda.srx e. ted) SCvSCSK. touching at negniue's Duck Stafn Island On and after Moodav Jaly *ltt, the eun-r RO' H'.^iU, Captain Crawfo?d, wil leave Vlidd'etown Point on M'>n lay?, Tueidift Wfdnes lays. The sdaya and Friday? at half-p.ii' 'neo'el c>i, (tide neiivitting i ami Kef P rt at two o'c'ock, P. M. Re'arniDg le<ve New V >rk, l > .t <-f R ibiut u street, on Tuesdays, w dnesdavs. Thnrsd<ys ?nd Fri ays at eight o'c ixk A: M. ai d aan rdays <t two, P. M. Stiges w II be in rei'iiuen on t^e arrival >fth* Bi't to conv? paisengers to Freehold, or any part ofihe 0"Uiitry. Uniforiri c nveyan rs on argu Fi usions Par?ie? of P'easnre will he tikeB to aud frum Fort Hamilton or Key Por , at reatiniable rl-tea j 29 -I'm jta* FARE REDUCE') FOR BHlDtiEPORl' AND NOKWAlS-L .nding at Belden^ Fare to Bridgeport J5 centi. Pure to N'.rwalk, 12* eta. Fare t? New Ha?en, 7? cents. The steamoov MUTUAL SAFETY leaves Liberty street Pi*re?er. morning. *?n<l?y e?rep'ed. ?t o'cliv k. lor Bridgeport and Norwalk, touen ng at Be de i'? Neck, rtlaning ia eounexion with the Housatouic Railroad Returning, leave Bridg*(ort at half-past 1 P. M., or on the arrival of the carl. the arrival of the boit The diat<uiee i? 'I miiea. with fine roada toil a b-aotiful eonntT- Kore ' Sew Havrn 75 cms. Offief foot #f Libertv atreet. jv*? Im'n 1TWI \H 'iH^OORV. Aiwit. fit* DIIECi rOR nhwpoht AND pko to- Wr3*VlDKNCfc-AHKIVINU IN TIMK KOH ^ raLPAHfKNUltH^ T > TaKK THtC CAH8 1 O UOS 1UN-Kara SI 50?Deck Kare (I ? I'he new, commoilionaand faat tailing tteitil'oat ('UK I'ls PK'.K, Cnnum Win H IVck. wi'l leave t*e pier e*?t aide t'ath- ine Markei Hip, K*?t ttiver, every Monday, Wrdue?d?y and Kridiy. ai S o'clock, P. M. For paaaagr and f-eight in-jure at I 4 Month it. 0|< etaira. JV?'_ jm NKWARK AND NKW YOKK-Kar. Cuwr^iaa* only 1JX Centa !?The ) lendid ateamei JkaJUL PAB8AIC, atler June 5th, will rna u Col Iowa Leave the foot of Barclay atreet, New York, at 10 A M . and 4 P.M. Leaveathe foot of Centre ?treet, Newark, at A. M , and Kl' M. The ac orainodationa both for ptaarngrri and freight have been greatly i .i proved. Kreiani carried at verv low ra'ea ,-gjMV. jm siAlr. N lsLANU ? - Kit* ?ojblf* TUN, NKAK 1I1K NAKKO W 9 ? Un il vCaZjHUL fu ther notice, the 2 o'clock inp trooi Whitehall (the rt I ATE v 18LA NDKH) will, after nwkiuf h*r oaual la dingaa tin Qi'raut ne aiid fltapleton. nrocred io < i newwhatfar Clifton, uev the Pelerrarh. 'I h 8AMS0.1 will leave I liltoo warfforthe city, at 4X ''rloek. On 9nnd?va, the 8 '"'clock trip liom W tnt?hnli will proved direct to Clifton, with nt to'ctung at tn? Q'tarautme ami 8upietou. and th" retnrn boat will leave Clifton wharf at 6 o'clock Vare i\i centa Th^a arrangement wil> afford a d'lwhtfal eicureioa to the Narrowt, and ?'i oppoitmmy ?l enioying the ??a brrr*s, aee oery aud prospect, lor wh'ch tint part of i^aten Island la *o ce It ItrMed, wild aimpio tune 10. a rumoir, ana mmioi on tne at* tide. _ ) ?9i?r .?* HAMILTON HOt'SK KOHT HAV1 FL I'tllN ??The sieninbo.iti 8TATKIN i WTtf I I 1 * It It n I " \ r'KT" wit' rnnevery lay (Suudaya ricriitrdi dnnnf tlie tearon.aa onow?:? Lrare Fort Hamil'oti at 7H A M "ml ( t P, M. .Ne.> York Whitehall Doc*, at F M. Thia arrangement way h? relwd on a> nrruiitwnl, aa iti con tinnance will not depend on my contingency ilSlrrr _ wj 1 g&\ N(W A K KANUEMKN T FOH fciiii t"tr ?HHfcWHBUKV-L",n? Drauch, Sandy k, Ocen. Il?u>e and KatonUiwu Landing > lie uew Steamboat SHUK W#UUIt Y, Cijiimn Jorin P Corliea, will now run a? f.dlowa. on and af'er rhnrttay, 27th inat Itafitig New York, from the fool of Kobmioa afreet, eyary Tue?d<y, Thnuday and tlatanUa, at 10 o'clock, A. M And F.atontown Landing on Monday. Wednesday and Friday, at in .'?|or?, A M The nhrewtbnry will ran aa ahoy*, weather i>emiuiri*, until fn'iher iin'icx. All baiigaae at the nak of the owuera. Kar? fTX centa. N. B ? nta**a will be in attendance t* rnnyey puaenaera from iiia aloraaaid landing plaraa to any i ?ri of the rounty repaired. Che tthrewaburr will go tin mn-i i>>aa?*.\ |wb?u |i icaWe. vut RK H MORNING, AUGUST 2, l<ake fflaiiopae f [''ortupotideneaol the Herald.) t Monk's tlrrrrl,) j1 Lake mahopac, July 27. 18-13 j Tht Like and ImIc* Srtntry?Isikt Fishing?7ht J1 Clwte, GunntHtr I}iilhinir Vimttnrm? Tfc? Butrhelort, a?d the enjoyment of the Married? t The Owl Club, ami the Henerage of its Members? H The L uteri and their Storiei?Ttu Bto'id* and the J, Anti Hlooii??'rhe Young fjidietandtheir FUhtng h fxcurtioni; in short, the ramble*, adventurtt, 1 amusements, and habits of every body. v Fkik.nd Bennkit!? b Not having observed among your numerous 11 country correspondence any account of the proceed [ ings oi the season, thus, at tins moat delightful , place, and presuming that auch would be interesting n to at leaat thoge who have had the good lertune to ? become acquainted with the secret of its existence ' and not yet been able to render to it their annual ? summer vtoit, I embrace a few Ifisure moment* 1 (r-theran unusual episode in the lives of those * who become involved in the charming society here) * to undertake the task; and, in connexion ih>-rewith, as many of your readers, and perhaps even 1 yourself, may scarcely be aware ot the existence, still less attractions, of so, till lately, obscure a spot, I will (hoping that the consequent extension of my communication will not r?*nder it the less i worthy of your indulgence in its insertion,) a'tempt ? a br>ef description of it A more lovelvone Nature a could not desire} Hud it has been pronounced by * those well qualified to judge, to be equal to any ot " the famed European ones of a similar character " Its principal feature is a lake of clear, pure, and * generally placid w iter, about four miles in lenath, t and two miles in breadth; and, besides the intru- f ni on of a small peninsula, embracing three wooded t inlets of the most exquisitely picturesque descriii- 1 tion, with varied shores, abrupt, rocky, overhang- ? iug and pebbly, and atlording the most romantic ' grounds tor pic nic ine excursions and bathing;. 1 The lake is situated in Putnam county, about thirteen miles Irom Peeksliill, and fifteen rniles from ' the great roton Dam, with the river of which it \ communicates. It was once under consideration, < I believe, to employ it as the head of the sup- i ply of water for the city ; but, upon survey it was apprehended that its water would I be neither sufficient or reliable in quantity. It is 1 supposed to be about 1800 feet above ihe level ot the Hudson, and the road from Peekhkill to it is a sue- ! cession of ascents, sometimes abrupt and at others gentle, occasionally relieved by a descent or level. The greater part ot the county indeed, although containing many extensive and highlv fertile farms, is mountainous and sprincy, and aoounding in rivulets, ponds and lakes. The one in question?Lake Mahopac?and which derives its euphonious name from that ot the chief of a tribe ot Indians, which formerly iriliabiied thiepartof the country?is much the largest and finest. It is one of a cluster ot three, imoeauea hi oisiances01 a nan, ana one mile, 111 h knot of widely spread hills, the summits of several ol which afford splendid prospects of either one, two, or the whole ol the group. Lake Mahopac, thus viewed at one point, its glassy surface sparkling at the base of the rich green sward of the surrounding lulls, seems like a diamond in its green velvet casket; at another, languidly and darkly undulating amid the forest trees encompassing it, like ihe liquid, streamy eye ut a lovely girl, floating 1 about beneath its dark lashes. Diverging from the lake are many interesting rides, peculiarly so, to those fond of varied and mountain scenery. One of ' them, to Cirmel, the county town, situated upon 1 a pretty little lake about four miles distant, is considered remarkably fine, and is not an inconsiderable attraction of the lake. As regards bathing, which seems ta be ?n important consideration in visiting the country, I haye already alluded to the many excellent spots of this place ; but one 111 par ticular, from its peculiar locality and great extent of gradually shelving shore, is esteemed as unsurpassed lor the retirement and security it affords to ladies and'children The lake abounds in fish, such aH pike, pickerel, |**rch and bullfish. The latter are caught in great quantities, and though 3'uall, nrc num doliciuus. llonri guimiag v>u ?lm> be obtained in the vicinity. In ?hort, there appears to be nothing that could render a summer's sojourn | in the country most satisfactory to the most varied tastes, that this place does not afford. Roardirg accommodations, scenery, society, amusements, t and climate. The climate here, far trum being , harsh troin its mountain elevation, or damp from its lakey proximity, is blande, invigorating and sa- f lubru us Colds are very rarely contracted, and consumptive invilids become benefitted by a re?i. B dence here during the summer. Thus endsmvde- y scription, and strange as it miy seem, its charming * subject was nlmost unknown as a desirable place ol ? summer resort until a few years since, when some asiray i\ew xoraers, wanaenng aooui me country in search of som? new place to renovate themseves during the solstice, stumbled upon it, and after selfishly revelling upon its virgin charms by themselves tor a seuson, accidentally exposed the secret in the exultation ot their discovery. The knowing ones mul iplied rapidly, and though "mum" whs the word, the ulace has become pretty well known and appreciated The last three seasons it has been thronged with visitors, and the very last many were unable to procure an abiding place, notwithstanding three large hotels and numerous adjacent farm houses. The hotels and principal farm-houses are situated on the borders of the le.kc, about 300 feet equidistant trom each other, so that their boarders, who are constantly intermingling, form, i" fact, one community The hoiels, which are obliquely opposite to each other, ('he main road rnnning between them) we?e formerly under different proprietors ( vlr Monk and Mr. Berry) but are this ' season united under the proprietorship of Mr Monk- They are new, large, well finished and handsome buildings, and under excellent manage tnent?the superintendence of Mr- Crane. The farm house is conducted by Mr. Berry, and its ac C'immodations, though small, are of the first order. The landlords of bold es'ablishments are reniarka- < ble for their courtesy, affability, liberality, and attention to their guests. The season thu-< tar has been rather duller than whs anticipated. A great many visitors have, how ever, arrived, and the great mass are expected during the month of August. Several extensive merchants, with their families, have been, and r -ome are now here. Also many young married t ladi- s, some with a pledge or two of affection, are t residing hf-re for the season, whose busbat ds' busi- ? ness in ihe city ke*ps them there during the week, j and who have just time enough to dart up here over < Sunday, snatch a kiss from their beloved, and dart ( oaca. amiif oin nacnetors too are nere, wtin,wiifn I they are not smoking or at table, are fusing about * with the ladies, who use them as dogs (o fetch and carry Some young ones, too, who are learning, f There are also some young bloods here, boilin* over f with spirits and deviltry. They organized an " Owl |, Club" a nhort time since, as members ol which they ? mysteriously disappear in the day time, roosting t] perhaps at the bar, but. under the shades of even- ? mg, commence their fluttering and hooting. The smashers, cocktails, cobblers, juleps, and scgars, as well a* the slumbers ol the quieter portion of ihe p community, sutler until almost the peep of day, n when the owls adjourn. Then there is another party of nice young men, whose lack of spirit deter q( or debar them from tne owl Iraternity, who prefer f? to loal about the streets and steps, reualing each other, and occasionally a curious loafer witn Hil- ^ lingsgate stories. The owls are the wild? h they the mild party. Then there are some fr ?reen young men who keep aloof from jr both divisions, though the devil is at work ai () their elbows occasionally. Then there are some p( younir veterans in every thing we csll "life." They circulate about with every body?Torn, Dick and ir Harry?and do every thin* with impunity ami ap- jr plause?sing, dance, drink, smoke, and tell stories r And among all, there are some highly respectable, c educated, excellent fellows But lew young ladies have heeu here aa yet, a Miss It. from the city, be- , ing the prettiest; but lots ( I them are expected in '' A ukust The day is spent here about in the follow- ! .... .... Tl..u.. ' Iim llinilliei . l ih?p? iiiiviiuiii* ?u Hsu vimik unirsiiy n ih*'ir hand before breakfast, mid sometimes d<>n't return until evening; but fishing excursions are Re- 'J nenlly postponed until utter breakfast. It tak?s '' place at seven o'clock. Then ensues a stagnation ['f| of every thin#?a general lounge, except tor person* about to depart tor P-ek*kill to meet the boat to go w down to the city. Thin lasts tor an hour. Then T whoV tor smiling, or fishing, or walking, or bathing, ,, ,?r riding, or staving at home, or sundry other things, J mthe word Determinations are formed, the arrangements tn ide, and breaking up into their re- ^ spective parties, ofl all g? for the morning The dinner hour (2 "'clock) generally fetches them hI 1 straggling in wnh tremendous appetites, and full of conversation and merriment shout the morning's adventures. After dinner corn' s another pause.- \ The ladien disappear for an hour or two. N>me used up gent slinks ofl to his room, while the stont r|j er portion of the party distribute themselves about y the stoop and steps, pnfl away at their segars, snn rti then commences the storv telling The hiilingsgatr iR boys now n*e in the horizon, and the threadbare t\ jokes and tale? of their leader soon detaches ihem J t - . ? FEK A 1843. rnm the rest of the crowd, and they are left to heir own mutual entertainment At about lour 'clock a few start oft on a ride, a lew on a fish, a ew on a futhe, a few on a nail, and a few for a iilen. Tea taken place at five, and with a alitn atendance. At ahout six, the riding parties are in motion, hngr> who d>> not en'er into them i-pend their time hunt the house or on the lake At about nine retty much every body is on hand for the concert iiid nail, a room for which, with a piano,i-t provided iv the Proprietor of the hotel It litrttH until atimit 1 o'clock. But the dayspporr is not yet ended The ndies and gentlemen sometimes net up a dime of vhir't, and a cobbler or lemonade before going to i ied But every bodv has retired generally by 12 i i'clock,ex<'i'pt the owls, who are then out in full father They keep poor Lyman buny in supplying hem with hm excellent compound until nearly morn rig, when they hover off to bed, and in five inmates othin? disturbs the silence of night but th? crickets hirpinar, and occasional bark of some uneasy dog have hus furnished you with a description of this nchanting pla'-e, and the manner* and customs of Ls visitors, which hoping will prove enter'sinine our readers and thai it may lead some of them to faror it with a visit during iheir summer wanderings ; or "the more, the merrier." Apologizing tor havug so long intruded upon you, I remain, yours truly, <Sec APKX Thk a km dp b? io Antm-hpk ?This vessel was built at ?n?t Boston by Mr Samuel Hull, for It B. Forbes, F.<q of his city. Her length is lli f?et, breadth of beam J7 feet t inches, depth IS (Wot 7 inches, anil she is per register 37i oos, und is pierced for 14 guns. Her how m long, shsrp, ind rakish, and above the water line bears a striking re emhlance to that of the British ship of war Spartan, vhieh was at this port last winter. It terminate* in a mall neat hill.-t head. Her sides am smooth and rounded, ind incline in wind above the water line She has a very lean rtin, aa I hmvUorae stern Her stem frame is round id in shape like that ot a pilot boat. The ornaments on ler stern consist of a gilded star on eai'h side, with the one, shamrock, and thistle, encircled hv n laur-1 wreath mi ween them, the whole surmounted by n spread eag.e lolling in its talon* two half displayed flays On duck she has a small topgallant forecastle tt- far alt is the windlass. A midships, bet ween the masts, is occii )ied with the galley, long boat, and a small house She lias a high quarter <lecU or half poop, tinder which is the *ahin. Her bulwarks, likr those of most armud yesaels, ire solid as her tides She has a monkev rail lore and alt Her cabin has two entrances, oneon each side, fronting forward, and is spxciotis and airy. It is fitted with state rooms on hotli sides, and receives light throu ih n splendid vertical sky lisjht, between five and six feet long fore and aft, and three feet wide at the has In the a'ter part ol thesk v light is the binna'-le, and the same light which il luminet the c?mt>a*s partially ligh's the cabin. This contrivance is eicelient ; should the light be extinguished, it can be immediately replaced without trouble ; betides, there is no danger of the binnacle being washed away ? She is ste- red by a wheel through th?t medium of an end leas screw attached to the rudder head. Shu carries two quarter boats and a life buoy. Below, she has a half deck whore the petty officers sleep. The forecastle, in consequence ot her being very sharp, is rather small. Its entrance, however, is well protected by a large companion. She has a platform re- I semhling a deck, laid lore and aft over the ballast It is estimated that she will stow about one thousand chests f opium. Her beams aid knees di-play great strength of construction. Outside she is painted Mack, with a white streak and black porta; inside, cream color She is built of the best materials, is coppered and copper las tened, and, at present.draws about fourteen feet water Her hatterte* consist of fourteen 18 pounder (Paixhnn) guns At present only eisht ot them ant mounted?four nn slide carriages invented by Mr. Forbes himself, and the others on common truck carriages Mr .Forbes'* in vention is worthy of notice. His carriage works on h slide. The outer end of this slide?that is, the end at tha vessel's side?is circular, ami if secured to the deck hr n large holt fattened in the beam helow. The innerend ofthe slide has a swivel, iron rol ler at each corner On each siile of th?- carriage in an iron wheel about 14 inches in diameter. From the centre projects an iron holt about an inch, and on this bolt is hipped or placed a lever, which acts on j'?g? or notches around the circumference. The lever heaves the wheel round This wheel is connected with a cog u heel on the inside of the carriage, which acts on cons laid ou the bed of the ali'le; and by this means the gun is hove out or in. The wheels on the outside of the carriage hav# breaks similar to th *e used for cran-s, which can be used to secure the etin from running out or in or even rec >iline when fired with the greatest ease When the gun is fired hv the application of the lever to I In- inner I no Ol the silfie, tri? K'ih <11 tin ulewt-i" 0. ?- >11 l ..II, H...I loaded. in board The advantages of this carriage over I he old f shinned wheel or truck earring'- are gr> a1 H i If Ihe number of men can work a gun on Mi Ko In s's plan required to work one on theold plan His plan dispense* with quarter tackles, aid'1 tack les, train tackles, and oven he breeching it?? If. He has tested it hv repeated eipe. "iments and has found if completely successful Mr. Forbes has also invented a new wad, which, if *uclenfttl, will be a great saving. It is made of wood, is hree inches thick, nearly the aize of the bore of the gun, nd has a grove around the circumference in which arns mnv be "wound"to make it fit a* close as a spun arn wad. The expense of thii wad will not exceed hree rents?the expense of a spunyarn or Junk wad ii ver ten cen's. But to return to the guns: Th?y were all cast expresaly t>r the Antelope; have all lorka on the percussion prin iple and are unquestionably as fine pieces as can be Mind in any vessel in the naval service Her small ar sament. too,is very complete. Her magazine is alt, and I well nrnterted She is a full rigged hrig, b?t can he rigged into a ship r hark with ease, as she has all the bolts and oth< r awnings required Her lower masts are verx "taunt," lo"*,) and topmast* short. They r?k?! well aft, Hurt iave n very dashy appearance. Her bowsprit stands >'pll She carries a ?pr t*ai| yard on the en 1 of it outide rtf thecap, secured in the centra by a *wivel. It is on?Hered an excellent improvement very ?f)imrp, and look well. The yard rim of he>- lower and topsail vnrd* ,thn honm and qtiar or lron? (?) arc all of composition. Her :op*ail sheet*, ies and runner*. and nearli- all the standing rieeing bout the b?w*pr|r, are ?f chain There are iron b*t>d< ?er th? he* I* of the lower mwt*. secured to holt* that i?m thrwnvh the heel* of the topmasts, for the purpose ol asin* ?he ?rtis*el trfp?. am! of brirginc the weight o' h'* topnsasts morn immediately on the head* of the lower lasts. H<'r lower rlffjjing sets tip to dead fro on the rail iside of the monkey rail? s'.im has no channels; there ire, as we before remirked, her si le* are perfectly month Bi'lonr and aloft. Inside and out.aho * certainly one of the nest vesiels of Iter size afloat, a* ihehas prosed hersell i he one of the s'viftesf. She was b'lilt and equipped Grreeshly to the plans of Mr. Forbe* himself |n a few svs she will sail for China, tinder the command n( apt. Dumareeq. late of the ?hip Akhar H?* i? said to b>o' only an excellent sailor, hut wha? is more rare, ?ad leref ire more cnmmendahlft nn<v?rm?n'? Iri^nd 8ur ess attend him and hi* biMtiti'ul briw.? Rni Ion Pn$t. C/awana?Hootch John Rot ph.?ll in currently pporter) in thi* city. ?nrl r*lly believed to b<rii*. that Vlrs. John Rolph, wile of l)r ''olph the raitur, ha* been lor onme time h?*re, and has niacin otne otartlina revelations to Sir Oharle* Vletctll ? -? -> ? r a..,. : _ turner aav* tnat wne wenr ho mr a* '?? nurr iu fh?is v hi* excellency that at leat-t one memb?r ef hip 'ouncil from Upper Canada was more deeplv im ilicated in the rebellion than her own husband, vh'< was now an unfortunate exile in a foreign land WhethirMra Rnlph made any ouch statements n his excellency or not, we cannot say ; but of this set r urre.iders'rnay be rertun. namely: that the idy in question whb in this citv last week, and that he spoke her mind very freely to a respectable *enleman from Toronto (now a resident here), is qual'v certain ? Kmgttnn Stalttman. In Western Canada, the apt>earance of the crops enerallv promnes a good yie'd ; except in some urts. where the fall wheat suffered from the seve tyof the winter. In the Johns'own district an in ct lias attain made its Hi>|**tir?nce, which in former csons proved deatru five to the wheat, and the irm?'rs tire apprehensive that much injury will be ' "ained this year in consequence. In some pi tees ie ertjh? have been at work, and the root crops Hve suffered Potatoes in low Unrfs have sufi'-red om the hetvyrain"; the seed rott?d, and re nhntir in some casea has been had recourse to. Upon te whole, the pwtnfoc crop in the various districts romises to be abundant. Tiik Harvkst?In the London and Talbot disictg wheat harvest ha* already commenced; and j i the course of a few days is expected to be nene- ( il in the western part* of the province.? Toronto 'olonint, 26th innt. ] A Short Foot Kaci?A short foot race took ac6 in th^ CVlw Avrnuf*, on Friday last. he. veen Lit-nt. Wtndham, Kovfll". and Serjeant Mcillivray, of the 9CW Highlanders, for ?20 aside ? oth were in active training for a fortnight, and ?peared in excellent condition The start took ace about twenty minutes past two o'clock, in esence of h number of gentlemen who had he's i a lar?e amoun' Many were disappointed from itnessin* the timfch, on account of the time Inch they started not being generally known ? he race was a magnificent one. being run under n seconds? Mr. Windham contending an well as is speed would permit; hut McOillivray was too >werlul lor him, winning l?y about twelve feet ? second race is talked of , but is not vet decided win.?lb. The Boston Atlas suites that a Court Martial has en ordered to convene at Fort Sullivan, Eas'port, ugust 8th. for the ttial of Lieutenant S B l)aw m, of the 1st U. S. Artiilery, on charge of insubormation, preferred against him by Captain J. H 'ir><W, comrmnrinnt of the pout Th* Court if imposed of Mnjor T Whitim, Prrpirlrnt; ''?( mm porter, Ni>rrii(in. nii Fubbitt; Lienx-nnnf# i-quith, Smith, tin I n i);1L. eutenai ' Hr? ttii?n, Advocate LU. "ri?* * ,?? ?nCa, Proimbi.r Piracy?Tl? ?loi Fiml av/rT" c| Providence, which I*-1? b?i?e y ni? 'nirjr for New York, xbout 9 o'clock, ti n><Iti-h S W of th^ Hen and Chick rm?, 10 mile* S E I Cuiijbunk fell in with it Mchootier, w nb nil t*il hi mh i\juninf pretiy clone to her, #ii?cov?*r?d tbut th?re no ?ne on board. They ini ni? di??i?*ly bcntd?d V er, found ihnt ah?- had one an rhor di>* n vnb h ?b??t cope, and on trv in ft her pu me?, found thr*-* leit of water in fur hold, and on limber t-furrh din oven-d thut ?he w.ia acutiled lorw ard jiut above the co\\?r Th?- forecastle waa torn to piece*?ihe blinks lorn down?a hole cut in the cabin door, with an a*a lyin< hettide it tk? _ i . j: j? ,.|| __i? 1.|_ iii?7 <;.tmil win in ijrrni u i?'?iu' i ?n?i ?niu'ini?; articles were i.1 k? n awiiy execpi the quadrant and cnmpasa, winch were found in the mail's locker? the captain'* iruuk wad found cut open, and was completely pillaged <?n examination, the veeeel proved to be the schooner Lannia, of Alexandria Dearborn, master, with a ear o of flour, kiln dried meal, black eyed pens, yellow corn, and red oak staves The crew list, toundin the captain's trunk, whs as follows 1?Charles H Dearborn, master; Walter A N'lioll, m-''- ; John Johnston, Cook ; l).tvnl Babe, William Webater, tieorge Matnews, seamen Nicoll 1a Ironi Nortiiumbe rland county, V.i ; Johnston haano residence opposite his name : Babe is from Cape May. N. J ; and Webster and Mathewa lr?m Baltimore. The captain aad mate, with Bab* and Webster, could write?the oiher* made their in?rka in eigmng the articles, which tact rnny prove to be of nonie importance By an examination of the schooner's papers it appeared mat she sailed trom Alexandria, July Irt, lor Antigua and a market, in the West Indies. She is owned by George J- Thomas and others, of Alexandria. The last regular enirv on the log-book, apparently ill the mate's hand-writuig, is ou tile 10th ot July, latitude 2i), course S. In a small hook, found in the cabin, the following entry in rnsde :? Khid4V Niowr, 14th July, 1843?About htli puat ten o'clo k it wns the mate's n htch on derk alorg with me, when the captain came on deck and told me to keep the vesselto the wind, and I dona so; then the mate was sft on the neat close to tho tntfrel, asleep, and the csitsin wont up ami shook him, and aaid, you are a damned lei. low io he officer of a veanel. and struck at hiai, aod they at one anottW The mute got the captain dawn on his hack on thetalfrei, and man sheet block under them; it gave a j- ik and pitched them overboard 80 I put my helm down,tint it ? of no use, lor by the time the vessel was found they wore not to tie fieen There was do one on deck but m> it-it. and could do no good lor'turn 1 mu forward and called the men, hut by the tim? 'hey got up the vessel wai. going ufora the wind snd we could Jiot tear or s.'e them. lath. Kept th? vessel her coarse. 16th. do. 17th. do. 18th. Saw a vesstl, stood tewards her to And what course to stand for the nearest port. Told us due West tor Bermuda, and NWN lor New Yotk. Which we done so. 10<h. do. In the back part of tho log was found the folio wing discrepant statement:? 19th July 1S43. McaaeaairouM. On the night of Friday the 10th, about 11 o'clock,I and the mnt? were on watch together,when the captain tame on deck, and struck the mute for living aaleep on watch, ond the mate struck him back again, when they toeaed each other shout, the mate lying ou his lia?k and roiling. [No signature ] In the same mall bonk referred to shore were leund, on another leaf, the following memoranda :? 14th July, 1941. 1 aptain and mate got drowned fighting. 16th. Kept vessel hnr course. Iflth do. 17th Npokr a whip, told us to keep our ahlp West for Bermuda, done ao lor'J4 hours. 19th. Th< tight it wan better to keep her North West, and get tn some port in Americs or home. 10th. Kept her NNW. The boat ol 1 he veshel, which from the tackle used in hoisting,was evidently a longboat,was gone. The gangway r?iI was taken away to make room lor the bunt in hoi-ling her over the hide. The chest* of ?he t-eamen were gone from ihe lorecasne i ne captain a irunn was siove open, as we mentioned above, mid c?>rii|>lt-iely ransacked of every ill ink ol the slightest, value. Ilia letters were all left W? hav no time to speculate upon thin mysteiiousuflair, but it is the prevai ing opinion h?? a piracy has tieen committed, and (he captain aud mate thrown overhu ird Th' re is loul play somewhere, ai;d titue will develop* the mysteryThe Fairhaven arrived here last evening with the Pcho?iier in tow. :*?he is now in the possession of Mr Gordon, the U. S. marshal!?Btd/ord B\UItlm 31?l uit The above is, without doubt, the schr. Sarah Lavinis, Captain Dearborn, that cleared from Alexandria July 1, for the West Indies. Anothbk dfstrrcritf Fikk at St. John ?The St Louis (.V B ) New Bruriswicker of Saturday has the following:? At three o'clock this morning, a destructive fire broke out in the Urge building owned by Mr b A n<ley, and occui led as a tan house, baik house, dec. and fronting on KitigV Mjuare ; co rapid was the progress of the flames, that in a lew minutes the whole building was on fire, which instantly communicated to the adjoining houses, and in a very short time all the buildings fronting on the Hjuara to the eastward ol the tan house, and those on Sydney Hireel tlf-rf in jl.mffia Thu r> rnlri>u ot th? fire was >?n rapid, that ninny person* escaped wnh barely their lives ? Wving every thing to the destroying e|-ment Owing to the strenuous exertions of the Fire Companies assisted by the military and a number of citizen#, the fir?- wm fortutiHtely confined to this qiiarter, although the aspect wa* ?o threatening, thai at one time the bnddings on the opposite side ot the street were on fire, ai d 'he Catholic Chapel, the Court House, and the fine ruige of dwellinghouses on that side of King's i-quare, were in imminent danger Ahout twelve buildings have been laid in ashes by thin unfortunate occurrence, hut we have not yet been able to ascertain the names ot all the soft. rers, or'he amount of insurance effected on ihe buildings destroyed; but we tear that very few of them were insured Mr. Ansley, who is the heaviest loa. r, had nothing insured?his loss is very heavy ? Besides three tan houses, he lost all their contents, with a steam engine, apparatus, Ale , having saved nothing liijJHJiLftlQQ) tlSNBlAL PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, W. COKN'KH or ti-I'LTON AiND NASSAU ?T?. l< tupplicd with *-?erv material neceianrv for the i ronpt, ami and economical eiccunou of rtetj daicnptioo of Follie ?ttcntion ' reqnetted to this Mtablithiaeot, id the ( - tiirance m il impif win ? ion win neairen??* rrgi/oa typo irnhy, | rr?? work au<1 rh?rgr??to thoa* who r^juire fancy 01 I'oininiiu, largr or ?itmII .work cheaply and *xpeditioujly "tecuio'l. LABK.LS, CHICKS. WAYBILLS, CIHCIJLAHu, HHoW BILLS. BALI. ri' KE I S, 8TKAM BOAT RILLS, BILL* Of LADING, RAILROAD RILLS, BUSINV As I;aHO?, STViK BILLS, CA l Ai OUUfcS. PAMI'HLKTS, BILL HEADS, HANDBIL'S. NOTES. rot IHEATHKS, CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS lectures, public meetings, Or any >K"in plMn where the lanteat description of .rlutiag it regaired. The facilities for this work are not equalled by an* imce ill n 'City, for, beanie* the lance aeaortmaDt ?f QAVAMl'SUVliMS, TfVri, Thia eafablwhmeDt ha* ih* LA RHK9T PH/HHRR I!t TIIK CITY. lireat p*ine harp heeu rnken to prneida e?ery material thai tan pe.aibly be <>f aeieica.and therefore person* Kinui ocm* lion fur Showbills, wilt hnd it greatly to 1 hair adraalage to patronize this establishment. rr^Anr unnr m of Bil! ran be famished at rerr ahri r?orir? |f "TO MAMIIfM'TIIHEIH A>f> DKALEH9 FN I WOOLLE iS ?Hen-y Mijeon, Kimaher ofCloih*. ( aa* i'meres, Batinrtt*. lie corner of Laiuhl uid Washington at.. N. Y , rerprctfnlly n.fori.n the tnnnufartn er? ami deale-s in woollens, 'hat hit establishment is now in ?neceaslil opera tioo, am! thai he n prepared to ri-cti'e with promptness all orders in hia 'me h?tmiy be coun led to him. Bpeennaua 01 h<* ?soikm.uiahip liny br ae?n on application ro th? *einl?n?n ?h< s- naiaea ar* atioet d a1 <1 I" whom he ha* liberty to re er. He also re<e'? to tb? following rem* k> open bi* wuramao hip atthf Kmr?tth? Aincrie.n I THu. GOLU M KIML ?M* heen .warded to H. Mueoo, (or C*e ? -? J"? '*'1* Uhrd Ctolh* C'.?im?r*? and S j tino,'h- loaCituj. h... .-mmMVW.~ hi" i???t3 !^>lfCmmi"inii< ?t?iir * ?" * ?< ,h* '"'"of CH'ing waalih n?th. ITni!ccPst.tee by ? '?!?"1. ? " TerT trifling eoat, from /'?,I(i;tJ.nnrSVe't-0 hr -me ol the e o.ha aahmilted to rn fo n teen ry- j prenarati ? <. The brilliant finish 'ou^ikr'mo "f >? ?"?* th,, pre, m?. saiisfy .Mrionawh-'wil etanaiOf them, of the g'eat siperio icy of ?h7 "r.a-d by Mr M'genn Manafarnr,? and im norteo wi'l ' ' loxeqaaioi ih?mielr?a Oy pertoual aiaaiLIiiiiB ? iih ihe m>"it of H iu?entioii _ l?rd. r* in ?y ba 1*1) *' N?* Hl'oHI riua it. rekkkknces H ilued. Hwik Co Jl N?*?i? ** Lambert It W con. W P ne ?t. W I Laualev k Co.. *4 Wilkin. Bnil' h. .ft William ?? {i tre.nam ? *1 1 'm ? - J .. - ? - CT n wn 'or ?ale 'y S " I I. ? 2. BHOOHB, Nu. |i LtlMltf *u??t. iV A

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