Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 2, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 2, 1843 Page 3
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READING FOR SUMMER HOURS?MERE DITH, by the CounteM of Bleaaington. Thi* new ro. manca. Ju*t iuuad from the New World preea In clear and beautiful type, afford* the me*t delightful reading for the wana dog 4aya,of any thing that haa been iuued thi* ueaaon. Id a recent notice of the authnreaa, WilUa, the popular author of " Pencilling! hy the Waya," aayi :? " Her common *en*?I* the?tronge*t feature of hei mind, ha it adroit, *hrewd, *pirited, and of indomitable phynrat and moral courage?better fitted to he heraelf a heroine In the moat trying emergenciesof human adventure than to portray one on pepar. Tart, nound aenie, clear, sudden wit, and a aort of ma?ter spirit presence and auperiority, are her leading qualifier She nnitea to theae, great au?ceptlhlllty to muaic, to pathos in poetry or narration, and unbounded gnneronty." Meredith more than sustain* lhi* high encomium. Price 34 centa. Office so Ana ?t. J. WINCHESTER. ft?- THE CELEBRATED TONIC MIXTURE FOR the cure of all the protean forma of dyspepsia, loaa of appetite. lassitude, debility produced by indisgresaion or protracted sikness. nervous headache, and all unpleaaant sensation* ariaing from a weakened conatltution. Sold in large bottle* $3 each; umalldo $1, in ca?e?containing half a dozen (6; carefully packed and ?ent to all parti ol thelfninn W H RIfHARDSON. Agent. Ofticeand Consulting Rooms of theCollege of Medicine and Pharmacy, 97 Nnssiu street. (KJh IMPORTANT TO THE UNFORTUNATE ? A cnre guaranteed The College of Me<licine and Pharmacy, of the citv of New York, established for the suppression of quackery, ia now prepared to treat all diseases of a private nature, and offer to all those afflicted with theae distressing maladies advantages not to hp met with at any other institution in thiacountry, either public or privnta. From tha constant correspondence, ani< from private arrangements between the Medical Institu'ion of Europe, all the improvement* >n the treatment of these diseases are forwarded to th^m long before they reach the mninrity of the medical profession of this country. With snch aitvantages.together with the combined skill of the first medical men of this country, the College feel (ntisfli-d that the good work they have undertaken, "the suppression of quackery." will receive the patronage it deserves from that portlen of the public requiring their service*. Terms, for adviee, and all medicines, $6. N. B Patients living at a distance, by stating the'r diai ss? explicitly, in writing, riving all symptoms, 'ogether with the tre?tment they received elsewhere, if any, can obtain a chest containing all medicines, with full direc. tions for use, with a guarantee of cure, by addressing the Arent of the College, post paid, enclosing ffi. Bv order, W ? RICHARDSON 4*ent. Office and Consulting Roams of the College, 97 Naaaau street. (?- WHO WILL HAVE A BALD AND ORET bead, or bad hatr??When we can prove that after trying a three shilling b ottle of Jones' Cornl Hair Restorative, you will feel convinced your hair can be restored?the public havinsr been chpated so often by worthies* hair nostrum*, hut the fact of our selling three chilling bottle*, muat prove the tnith of our statement*?and that we are not afraid of peraona trying a small quantity flrat, we warrant it to poaaeaa the following qualities: It will force the bnir to grow ?n any part where nature intended hair to grow, atop it falling off, cnre acurf or dandruff, and make light red or grey hair grow dark. Fordreaa. lngtbe hair aoft and silky, nothing can exceed thia?it make* it trulv beautiful, and keepa it so Can be ha 1 at the aign of the American Eagle, 32 Chatham atreet, where it ia aold?PriceS. S or 8 billings per bottle ? Agenta in Philadelphia, Zeiber. R Ledger Buildings?in Boston,8 8tate street?in Brooklyn, 1?9 Fulton atreet. IK?-THE GENUINE EXTRACT OF SAR8APARILLA, fentian and Saanfraa. as prepared by the New Ynrk College of Medicine and Phirmncv, ia a aovereign remedy for acrofula, ring worm, blotches, mole*, ulceii, pimple* on the face or bodv, rheumatiam, glendtilar affi'Ctiona, diaeasea of the bone*, waating of the fleah,and all cemplainta arising from an injtidicioua uaeof mercury. Sold in aingln bottles 76 cents each; in caaea containing half a dorpn $3 50; in do containing one dozen $fl; care, fully packed and sent to all parta of th ? Union. W. S RICHARDSON, Agent. Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Naiaan atreet. MONEY ItlARKRT. Tueatlny, ^ ng. 1?6 P. Bt. There was a much better feeling nt'he Board to day, and price* generally rose. Harlem }; Canton^ J; N. JRailroad, J; Ohio J; Kentucky J. At the New Board the animatioa was also in aome de* grre im|iroynu. By the packet of yesterday orders were transmitted for thirteen miles of railroad iron for the Harlem railroad, to oomplete the extension to White Plains, and tor 11 miles of iron for the Mohawk Railroad. These orders will be very acceptable to the English iron masters, whose business was never in a worse condition. At the latest accounts contracts had beea made at ?3 10 per ton, or $16 8!) cts. When the Harlem Railroad was built the iron cost ?11 per ton, or $6-1'. The stock of the road cost the present proprietors $9 per share instead of $50! They now extend the road through one of the richest counties ia the State toWhite Plains,at 35 per ct. of the proportion, ale coat o( the old road. White Plains is a large town,in the centre of farms whose productive qualities, drawn out by the facility which this road affords of placing their milk and vegetable* daily in the New York markets,will immensely increaae in value. This cheapness ot construction, increase of travel, and of general wealth along the track of the road, are the guarantees of the success of the work. By it New Yorkers will have pure H'ttlchtiter county milk daily at their doors for 4 cts per quart. The letter of Mr. Biddle, of July 90, IMS, is certainly one of the boldest attempts to disorganize the Union, throagh the instrumentality of a foreign power, ever put forth. Many attempts to effect the same object have been made; but none so atrocious as this. ''Philanthropy" is the plea of abolitionists, in seeking to carry rapine and murder to every man's hearth. A "restoration of confl. dence" is the plea of political disorganizes wlio seek to destroy the federal Union, by making the government the instrument of taxation, to extort money from the Statea for the benefit of stockjobbers "National honor'' la the plea ol Nicholas Biddle in perauading foreign governments to purchase up the debt* of Statea, in order to Fiie them in the United Statea Courts, in order to extort payment for debts contracted through hi* instrumentality, by farct of arm. Aa the debt) now stand, the htates cannot he iu *1. By a forced construction of the constitution, England might buy up the claims of ita citi. zens against any or all of the Sta'es?sue them in the Uni" tnd S ates Court, and obtain judgment. What then 7 Who is to execute 7 the federal government 7 It is with the utmost difficulty that she can retain in her hands, the land revenues now to pay her own debts. Mr. Biddle states that the other states mutt arm and compel the 4e inqutnt Statu to pay. This, no doubt, is a very detirablt consummation, but where is the end 7 Will the Connec' tic.ut farmers march to Mississippi to compel them to pay an unjust 4eht, illegally contracted with this aamo MrBiddle 7 If England those to go to war to obtain payment for her citizens, she had only to hold the federal government reeponsible. This her citizens petitioned her to do, aid Lord Aberdeen answered in the negative.? What would be the course under Mr. Biddle's Ufa' advice 7 The government of England would first buy up hnnif* of Illinois for instance, at mar. If she irnvx !<? it would be uitiry. A suit would be then commenced, and lllinoi* order*4 to pay. She would then plead ina bility, aa now. She would then be threatened by force. Her cauae would be r*pou*ed by thoie in the aame predi camant. It would then ?tand thua :? Population owing delinquent debta 4 6S7,fi8? ? good " 10,840 6#6 " no " 4,i74,l07 Here are nine State* with a population of 4,600,000 to he compiled to pay debt*, many of which are not acknowledged by twenty.ono Btatel, with U,AOO,OO0 of people who have no intereit in the matter. Here ia a fine chance for a civil war, if people would fight; but Mr. Biddle i* aurely not ko (anguine aa to nuppom people will cut each other* throat* in order te refvind to London broker* money which he borrowed and loaned to Wall *treet editor*. The consummation would then be the armed interference *f England. Thl* will yet be the end of tho paper yitem. In aa article of May 13th, we end< avowed to *how that the great fall in price*, which had Uken place in all article* of auppliea and raw material* haJ enabled the do meitic manulacturera to turn out good* proltably at far le?a pricea than formerly. We then atated at follow*:? Let u* look at the reaulti?lOO.OOO yard* negro plain Oct on* in 1B19, would ?ell for that iiim would l)iiy 1117,141 lb*. New Orlean* cotton, or 1000 hrl* met* brt'f The aamo number of yard* will now *ell for $10,000, which will now buv l4J,*ft7 lt>* New Orlean* cotton,or 1144 hrl*. me** beef, aalollow* Plain Cotton. Ibt. Cotton Mnt Btrf, Au*i?t, 1839, (III,MM) .d> $'5 0fl0 1117 i4l ur I U00 obtt. May, It 3, 100,000 " 1#,0M '?? 857 or 1.149 " Aetna1 bal. in f*ror of tanou factum, 3},71* IU Thi* i* an extraordinary * e*nlt; one third lea* money now command* the aame quantity of manufacture*, a* in 1839, which command* Ad per cent more raw material than in that year. Thi* in the true lecret of the protection of domeatio manufacture*. Thi* ha* been the real cau*e of the export of United Hlatn* cotton* to England for aale. That export ha* continued freely until pricea are Rftected. At Boaton the de maud for ex(w?rt i* good, and the ahipment* for the week ending July 29, were a* follow* Domestic* exported during the week ending July 58, 1848, from the port of Boaton Smyrna bale* Earn India* Miquelon 10 " Total, 47 s A Baltimore paper #tatea aa follow*, Ik. 1?4 1. I? J ?* - > woo hale* nnd oatei from Eartern factorlea, nt well an I targe auppliea from tbote in the vicinity of the oity.hv I wfciohetocka of thoae Jeerriptiom moat ia demand bare I Wn partially replenished?buyers howerer, ere still operating freely, fcr export to South American marketa. Thli export demand consequent upon low price* has taken oil the surplus and caused prices to rise healthilyThe prices in Boston market are as follows :? Paicci or Domestic Ooods iw Boston ?r DirntaanT Platans. JlugiiMt. Dec'r. May 17. Jlug. l. 11)9. 1MJ 1M3. ?7 ioch brown ahirtiiHK, 6X?*>< 30 " " ??ry stout, 7*??9 #i6?i 6?1)< JXim, 37 " chesting-, 9<1(> Ss6H 6.)?*6>S 37 " * vrry sU ut, I0?10>{ 7?7K 6^7 7 ? 40 " " llHalil ??- 7Ka 8 40 " " fire, ?s? 10<I0H 9tl0 9>?<l'1^ 46 " " " I J* 16 lis? 8*19 9:9H 30 " drillings " 10*4*11S4 7)?>8 b^a7 h\ 7 28 " bleached " llKal2K 8 ?9 7 ?8 7H?8S " 8 " jean. 12^13*6 9 8 >9 8^?9 < 30 " " blenched, ? *? in *lu)i 9 alii 9 * 0 : '0 " ihirlieu, 9K%I2 7 *8 7 a8 7 *8 ? " HHaU 9X 12 9**12 9XU2 Negro t>l*iu cottons, 12 al5 10 all 8 *10 8 alO Negro lioseyi, 20 r23 16 *20 16 *20 16 *20 j A general ailvance in prices is here apparent, but rates < have not yet recovered the seyere depression they under ; went in consequence of the stagnation caused by the first t nlua?nf()iatariff Vnr ia tliu a/tvaniia n(mauJ Kw * r> "? ( improvement ot the ''home trade." It if the reaction I caused by the fact thit price* fell so low as to make the goods profitable to export even to London. The drillings J lately sent to England for sale are quoted alone at 10 ( cents At this price 100 yards paid a duty in Lon- ^ don of $1 or 10 per cent. 100 yards of the same goods manufactured in England, sent here, would pay, at the same cost, a duty of $6, or 60 per cent! Is that duty just or honest? As to the ability of the manufacturers to turn out goods at their low rates, the following from the Jour- 1 nal o( Commerce gives some e*id?nce :? Factoht Stoc*.?A Boston merchant informs us that factory stacks have arisen one third on the par value.? Rtnrlifl whirh trara much BO Bl IlOt to bti worth morn than a third of the par, which was the case , with many ol the nstaMUhmenta, have doubled in value. Thii is corroborative ot tha above extract from our article of May la The'contraction of the currency and the abundant crops have produced a fall of price*, which en- I able manufacturer*to underaell profitably the artizam of J England in their own market*. Thi* eatablishesthecon- i trol of their market*, and destroy* utterly their pretroce for protection. 1 The value of cotton goods Imported into Cuba in 1843, ' was $1,406 416. Thia wa* imported from the following countries :? , In Spaniih Foreign Vtstiilt. Vault- Total I Hpaia, 35.S2I ? 35,>21 i ?'*i-?<l Statei, ? 80,905 H.tM I F f nice. 221,885 23.101 244 906 H'.ntbnd. 6U0,6it 31.320 63'.940 Gfrmsnv, 28? iJI ? 28i lii Other places, 225,793 4/09 2J9 80S Total. $1 3#6,"80 139 335 $1,405,415 The United Statei have the means and ability of sup- j plying thi* whole demand for good*, and but (or the paper *ystem would long tince have done * . The paper cur rency ha* lifted the leval of price* ao far above that of other nations,competing with us in the Cuba market, that we necessarily lose the trade. Now that price* are low, a tariff has been imposed of 60 per cent on Cuban sugars, which are the only means they hava of buying American cottons. Thii duty is imposed to compensate the Trvasu ry for what is kept out of it by the prohibition of other articlrs. The manufacturer* have paid the lawyer* to deitroy their own busineis. Said attli* Stock Exr.haniif, $5000 Indiana 53 yr Ponds 30K 10 Lsithtr M Bok 101 1000 Tit* Fires, 1868 99 25 Fd m-r?'Tiuit 2<iJi 1000 III Sc Midi Bauds 34 20 N H luturnnnn 114 15000 OliioS'", 1860 89V 13 Aah & Syrd RR 96 1000 do blO >93* 70 <'au(OD Co 24 B"iri ui) uij B>7k nrrirm ?n UU JHM 1000 do 1856 89 ISO do 3?? 4000 Ken C'l 39 yi?, b30 97 58 do bJO 3>K J000 do 97 75 do 34fi 1000 Illinois Bonds 34 10 do 34>? 10 000 do ;34$? 6N Jeiter RK 8^ 1000 do >30 33% 25 f'ateison 1(K 5374 Second Beard. 50 Hirlem, ?J 34K 2C0 Harlem ?3 *4}? 51 do i3 34% 2000 Kentucky, 97 New York Public Stock. Ifiichange. $10,000 NY 5'?. '61 *4m 101V 50 do blO 34# 1000 Got5! 5'?,'62 104# 50 i?o bl2 3I& 1000 Kentucky 6's 97 150 do t?r J4 v, 1000 Ohio 6'?, 1868, >10 8')% 50 do bn?? 34? 1000 Inda Dol Budi, 25 ys 32 100 do b30 34j? 10110 do 32V 100 do . flO 31-, 5 00 111 618T0 33K 20(1 Long Island KH b3J I0O0 do tw 3 s 50 do 52)4 2000 do 33)* 50 do bnw 5'jfi 5" *hn rh?nix Buk, nw 8^> 125 do ?30 52S 50 do bfcw 19 2(i0 do b20 5' Jtf 25 do 89V 50 do t30 52J* 370 HtrVtn IIR 3iH 10(1 do ?35 5<" 100 do 34X 150 d? t60 52Ji 100 do b30 35 20 C anion Co 21 *4 550 do btw 34$? State of Trade. Amount of Auction Dutiea paid by the Auctioneers of the city ot Philadelphia, for the Quarter ending 30th July, 1843 My era, C lag horn St Co $8008 68 John Stoke* k Co 3349 33 Claghorn, Robins Si Hill 3179 30 Thomas, Furness k Co 2655 38 Davies, Stevenson St Co 1536 48 Richards St Bispham 137175 C. J. Wolbert 77-3 83 C- C. Mackey 609 94 Lyons k Hart 31713 Mosea Nathans 69 66 W. P. Aikins 67 34 T. J. Poulterer 33 43 Total (10,946 09 Little Schotlxill Coal .Trade.?Coal traniported on thii road, for the week ending on Thursday evening : Boat!. Tom. Laat weak, 9 404 Per la?t report, 311 l',484 330 11978 Flour. .Thii market continaei ?o dull, that pricei cannot be conaiderad otherwise than nominal. We quote (4 93) a $6, but the sale* are >o trifling and pricci to un steady that we merely give the last rate offered ; other brands remain without alteration. Oil?Nothing doing m either whale or sperm. The last quotatioH* are still demanded, bat the tendency if towards an advance. Therehas been another additnn to the stock, by an arrival at the east < Lead Wt: quote sales to a moderate extent of Missouri pig at $3 30 Ashti?A very limited demand for pots, at (4 374 eta ; Tearls are steady, at $k,31i, at which small lots find purchasers Cotton?\erv little doing in thii article, and the little doing was at old prices. Holders and purchasers are waiting for the next European advies with anxiety.? The -*lr? yesteiday amounted to about 400 b iles. Whalebone ? This mticle is declining fast, the sales for the paat two daj s has shown a falling iff of two cvn's per pound. The last sales of South Sea were at 84 centl. The stork, both here and at the vast is large. Provision! ? We qnote sales of prime pork, at $9 75, and Mess al HI 37J ; Her), prime at $6 a 6 13j j city Mess 35 ; Lard is in fair demand, and sales at 51 a 6c. lor goodquality. Vet y little doing in Butter. Wequotel4 cts for prime ./ isn ? w e quote price* ior union* unaer mi* neae in n Improving ttate. Mackerel Ne. 1 *ell* al $11 and No. 3 at $8 '26. Dry Cod it in demand at $2 94, at which all the receipt* are disposed of. The ftipplita of mackerel are mall, Hiid th?* prices obtained are high for the season , IVhiikty?Drudgw sell* at 33 cents, and barrel* at 34 cent*. Way?The demand for thipment hat tomewbat itecline i, hut pricet continue firm at 45 a 60 cent* lor prime qualitiei. Brighton (Cincinnati,) Cattle Market. For tmf Wbkc, inDinn Jult 24th. 194 head Beef Cattle $2 60 a 3 00 per cwt. 144 " Fat Hogs (*till tlep) ? a 1,87 " 174 " Sheep 03 a 1 36 per head. 44 Milch Cowi 8,00 alfl.UO " Freight*. Charlkiton, July 2* ? No vettel* up for any foreign port For the North, dull at the nominal rate of 36 centi lor iquare Cottan and bbl* Rice. married. On the-29th inst. by the ?ery Rev. Dr. Power, Jonn B(anY,E*q of Ann Arbor, Michigan, to Bap r tra Clara, youngest laughter Of the late Tatrick Trant, Ktq. of Waterview, Co. Kerry, Ireland. Died. On Monday evening, July Slit, Jacob ArPLrr, in tha i 80th year of hit age The relative* and friend* of the family, and the butch rat this (Wedneaday) afternoon, at 5 o'clock, frem hi* late reaidence, IIS Forsyth street. At Fonda, Montgomery Co. N. Y. on Tueaday, 36th ult. OaaRitT V.Oavis, lateof thia city, in tie 31at j ear of hia ace. In the death of thia younir man society haa lnat one ef ita brightest ornament!, and n large circle of acquaintance an unwavering and ateadfaat friend. For integrity ol purpose and uprightness ol character h<* atood conspicuoua. In hia buain*** relations ho win persevering, I piompt, decided and firm, commanding the admiration and esteem of all who had dealings with him. In private life hia virtue* shone mors brightly,for he proved himaell' an indulgent father,a kind husband and sincere friend. j rua?ng(ri Arrived. J malaga?Barque Sslnda?Jnau Sanrho, Joseph Ssuchr I Paaaengeri Mailed. ] l nooti-Pic'xct ship Pauthes?Mra Nr fl?ts, Philadelphia; ] i j* i .!, maica; w Smith. Jisc;li Bingham, Kuglaid;Mi Klia* Wuka. n'^'n f.nrope?wm Btllach, Andrew i BalUiili, mi is \ iindervoorl. Win i'nre. of new y?-k; philip i A m"V >?df=vck.jp1"a' n"* Orlrai.a, John 11 i) vi s, wm i Monlt.Mnhil,; j. hn Watte, lady and child, m, Petri., Mrs t.oi and two children, of Canada; Rev Thorn la Mntphy, of | Ireland. r IIjv?a ? ta^ket ship Baltimore?k Unkhart and Isdv. of New Y?tk? h i rri ivnon, m . m or ffe -nd two children, ? i "vi'tr n'"" dn?s goe, France; llrrnmd-r, Jose m Una, Spain; John i horp and aon, j v Rriceland i Pamngrri to Arrive. , vf'ic?lrj "nd u,|v. vv Rail Cord artl lad., Mis Wilier, MlssHitil ou. Miaa m Moore. Dr Buah Lr L B Bncklrv, Meaars Winter, ftmith. HiaUl, i, w Bates. Foreign Importations. ) Malasu? Bsrque Saloda? 2f0 qr rks w nr mh> l>?a*? |,moll, , Mo halai mnta .2 bflles corks p.l unci#<i? kotrs rsiaina A (Ja'oway?154 do f Htalher?610 do It do p Haitneny ?114 bta 7 hi'do 14 qr do a Oaloway?4t bcies slcnjndi 19 <1 j aha'la t do books Boulett fc Woiford MARITIME HERALD. V ? Tl Ship Huun and AftnU. jj W? thai I eueem it a furor, if Captains of Veaaelm will mv? i 10 (.ommoUnrc Hubert Milvkt. of oar n?w? N!?et, Ke ? iiort of the Hhippuifc left &t (he rort whence they ?ail-d, the V "?wii Spoken on their Ptamce, a LUl of their ' 1 rko, ai^ i'j? Foreign Newspaper* or N'ews they in?y haee lie will * oard ilieui immediately oo ihsir arrival. Agents I nil Cor- *? espoiidents, it home or abroad. will also confer s (nvor bf r ' tending to this OfRce all the Marine Intellweure they ceti ,D >hiain. Nautical Infermati-m of ?ny kit*! will ! * th^oli'all' JJjj eeeiyed. *, _ _ J I'ORT OF VBW YORK, AUGUST 9. 1 I !? lilt) * 58 I mot)!* IKTt 10 38 fa I * ?i 7 13 ! HI?M wsi r* II 40 ,e' ==============^^ B Clearnl. * Ships Hellespont, Ellis. Ha?ana, Spofftrd, Tileaton 1c Co; ^ (mm', (Bremen) Ediard. Bremen, No'teuins % Pavens'edt; Vonee, J?cks<'n, New Oriel' , E K Col I ius Ik Co?Brigi >Vm Neilmon, Robinsou, Port an I'nuee, Hkeldu.g h Ferru; _J Power Smith. do, H W Lewi<; Lin'tn, Collins, .\3obile, Unrifea h rlrarma Hrhra Hard, Nick-nou, Cor icoi. Comer It Nirkerson; B'Uniy, P'rliDe, Newheru, NC M Plat*; Sew Union. Chsme, Al< *'inlrn, Baditrfc Peck; VVeymnath ;oueh, Kirhmoud, All'ti h Paiion, Ked Jacket, Jarvis, do, A } Coolay It Co. Arr1<r?<f. ? B?rq>ie Saluda, Towu?e?d from Mallfft, Jane 18. O braltar ln'y 2, with frmt, to P J Francis. A 8chr O-iess, Wainwright, "0 da's Tom 8t Johns, NF. with . lalmon. old copper, he to I' I Ve?iua 9t H n?8 passengen. Bchr F.rrickion, Muci>el>, 4 d> y? from Foston. with indie, to Poster 8t Niekermon. Jr1 lie low. ,h One >hip, uukuown. Mallcil. I Sh'pa Pauthsa, Uennis, Lnnd >n: K.urop*. Kuibe', Li'?'p>olt ' f Balt'innr , Kuuoii, Havre; brig Rosier, Coruug, M?<r.iunim, ] ( lud others. p, llnrtlit '>lurlii? Corrnpaniltnr*. at Omen or thi Khodc IiuhuhJ P* Nkwpcrt, July 31. IIM3. i ' Air 30th, Adams, W<trr*n. Hon* out fnr B>>t'u; ' uii o?. "* Brightmau Kail Hiver for Bilimor*; IJ K'ot?, Par?rr,do ? ror Jain-s Hiver. SM Denmark, IS Yoik, M'tsasuit, Albany i Ciimm'Hli'rF, t'lklliTfr Sid 31st, Caiid>ce, Baltimore; Ueo Klotti, James Riv>-?. ^ Lat? R from 'nip MsMpma ?Th- Ratulator Arrived at ' Norfolk 30th u". from Kl nhcih City, b inting II n<nrD(rn from'h* M?m his, sho e on Ctiieimicninico Maid. which * hey'eft ou Tuesday. 25th The ship h>s "u-II inrhes of wa- ? ter lu her, nil wi I peo'sbly br gotten ?ff if 'III" w?t?ihar coo- {.' tidu*s (avotable. All the eirgu wiih he eirepttou of ihe ' when' and c m, wi I he nnr>-d??o*"e i" ? d inav'ed sme. ** A VtHCL STRUCK ?T Ll(lH1!S|HO ?Brig W.M?dstoCk .Tuck- " rr, l\mg h?ir Kig |,i?'d, H.-t una- , Wag >(>?rk hy i h n'tic during a seve e atj'iill on the 36 h ult The fluid thivered the " f re tortiallaut nv?st in three pieC'S. deac?ni'ed the it<i ,tO'r I JJ iiivcr ab-ut ten feet louir f nm ib : (on-mat i. (IIcd the c bin JI wth a e'ood of 'uff ca'ing smoke, and p*s ed olf Croin the ^ Jeck It is thoug'it it w?s attracted hv a chiin thai lay near the foremast. Tin-explain, ma e. stew rd and conk were <m b.ia'd, and fortunately neaped nninjur-d. C*pt TenalMi >' ihe vsiel eire ully after the iqaall, and found that ihe had snatained no other dam>ge. Brio Kaishaw*. Cap'ain Hervey, (late Snow) sailed (roin New 0-l'au? i9tn alt for Balite, Hand, to proceed theuce to , New York. [ Ship * lkrt?The aails, rigging and materipR saved from the wr?ck of ?hip Alert, Mso ih* hu'l aid mat' I ills rnnim g with the s''ip, as she lay* st>an <ed at Ci'Uiity harbor. were to be jj old at H ilifai on the "8th tilt. Ti e A w<s a new ship, on her . first v^yase, and was oulyafew hours ont "f po't when she was wr-ckeil. Sne was owned oy Messrs Cuna <1 k oO. md we* 'ully insnreil in r'ngland. ' Dismasted ?Sclir Champion, ol and from Nantucket far N Y rk. caigo oil and bone, diimisted, put into New Haven 27th . a'R'h tilt P??ckidsd ?Brig Grand Tuik. tor Prosnect. whirh milita>ed ani wrut n^ore on Ooveiaor's I.laud. Boat'n h.ubnr. got oir at high water ou Saturday, and proc eiled on her voyKg1*, t otal Lou ?Brig Favor>te, ashore on Lnvell's Island, wilt proh blv b<- lost, wi h her cargo, '90 t ns coil. She was a good . Unibnty built vessel, shorn 2(1 years old CoMMtRcr. or Qui arc .?Comparative statement of arrivals, ^ tonnagi- and passengers, at the port of Quebec, in the ) eais 1811 and 184 J, tu the 27th Jul; :? . Vessels. Tonnage. Passengers, i, 184 2 48" P6 2- ' 56 621 " 1843 734 250 333 15 864 J Difference 2 4 80 091 ?0,657 Comparative stMement of arrivti't and tonuagr from the lower porta, In the yean 1842 and 1843, np to the 27 h July, inclusive, in each year;? J Ves?'l?. Tonnage, t 37 3,3'8 * 1(13 29 2 237 , Less this year 7 _ 141 J Total number o( vessels cleared nt Quebec, for sea, since the , 10th ol last Mar dp to 27th July, 602. , Notice to Mariners. \ Cubhknts or the Bay op Fodv?Much haabeen said 1 la'ei* lu the Iia-'e'*, of the extra"'dinnrf ourreets in the Bay of t Fundy, which mum lite lo?s of the Columbia These cur- I 1MB M?IMIIwmi ai ;.ltoge>h?r unusual, and are biought ' forward to furnish an argument exculna'orv of th? captain ntd pilot for the wreck of that vessel. It ii nevertheless a fact ' well known to shipmaktiri who have ravigawd the waters br- . tween 'he porta <n New Krgland and Kurope that the current! in the Bay of Fundy, between Cape Cod and C^pe S'hle, and Cape Sable ai.d George's Bank, are by bo m*ans uniform, bnt are affected by the force and dirtc'iona of the wind, and can nerer be relied od. Tie cirrents sometimes >et strongly to tne norihward, through 'lie South Chaopel, between Oeorce'tand Ca|)e Con, iuto the Biy of Kundy aud n a natural consequence vessels bound to the eastward will relet to the n irthward of their apparent eou se?as was the case with the ; !<ilunr?bia; a> d i on the oth" It'iid. the currents se: s >meiimes with ich rapidi- J ty to the South, that veHeli when steering from Boston Bay, ectt half sou'h by compass, have been swept duriug the night f on George's Bank, and have narrowly eicaped ahipwrei k.? This was the case wi'h the fricate iotomac, when Caiitain Nicholson commauded her a number of years ieii. and this cause struck twice heavily, on George'a B um, and her escape was indeed providential. Another U 8 ship, steering f??r the south of Cape Sable, some yeais ago, lound 'he tea very rough during the night, aud in the mom'iig the officeta were aston- , ished to find the decks oovered with sand, washed on board while crossing George's Bauk timing the night Mauy instan- 1 c-s ii.'ght be re ,>ted, where the effects of the current in these J waters have been experienced by meicham shirs, and caused much ala m. con usion, or disaster A prudent na<'igator,theiefrre, while navigating the waters between New ICngland and Nova Scotia, or indeed anywhere else, will depend less < n the rnnrse sieered, than his lead an?* lookout?aud if there should b- a pilot on noaid, it is und< ub'.cdly ihe duty of the captain of the rnip to set that the ship is prope ly navigated across any con?iderable tract of water, and to remind the pilot of his duty " when negligent. " Whalemen. Sailed from New Bed ord 29th ult Messenger, Downs, Pacific Ocean. Cld at do f9th, Patific, Merrihew, Indian and Pac fic Oceans; n 31st. Octavia, Barker, do do; Hercules. MarviM. ou,h Atlantic I ind linlian Oceans; Braganza, Wateiman, Pacific Ocean and fu N'W Coa?t. r, Arr at Sag Harbor 23d ult, Alexander, New Yotk, to fit for a ec cruise. oi U*u,b . n ? " k"-" r, F.nglish steamer Ethiope, ateering N, teen July 11, lat 33 IS, A on <0 49?b? t<?e 8a ada, at thi? port. 'Flower '(*o reported) of Pror,denee, signalized July 24, lat (a 19. lot 61 30?bv the une D?ver, Austin, Calcutta for Boston, April 11, lat 1 44 8, Ion n< H 49 K A Foreign Porta. Gibraltar, July 2?In port. Pom, 8t Cloud, Colombo, and ~ Ither reported later. Mitiiiii, July 24?In prrt, rat-era, Whitney, for I'owm, i ready; v? sinugton, Biahop for Phi ad-lphia, t or 3 days; B r- f, mid, from Bottiin, i iag; Kival, Claik. for Providence, few d?; 1 H"? Hinrkley. "? Qut Btc. July 26 ? Ar? Oeo-g? Lockwonds, M'Kenzie, Bor- 1,1 V ui ''Id Kiuotoii. NewhitP, and Bride, Baker, London; ' Blaach, Hem'erso , Donegal; Ccid le, Hall, Hull; Foster, L cki?s. do; Q u-en ? f the ' cean. Telle*. nod Miltia e? Ii- P' wi>', Liverpool; B i aunia, Couhhatd, Briatol; J liu k Robert, 1Y 'K' hnte, Belfast ,0 StJhu.NB July 26?Arr Perseverance, Blackburn, Borduaoi *' St Johns. N F. June 17- Arr Hope, Jitlard. ('adit; 19 h, _ Pnm< D"tina, Philips, do; 20t*. Garhnd, Wrigh , d<;2l?r, t Active, Nichols. ??; 2Vd. N~uu'us, G'oomhr due, do; "alii v. more, Bfckm're, Phil d>-l| hia; 26 h, Corsair, Lucas. > Y?ik; h h. H"tnrr, Dnukwa>er, d ; 28 h Oueas, '* n nwright, Ho; c Jjlia, Pali?t?r do; H< uod, Polaud, L ?b ?; Jnly 3, ' -rteretta, w Bnvra. L" b <n; 8 n, Ca 'a, Bivev, Cmliz; Kuph-aii , J imeaon, md Joa Hani, Carry, NYork: Adelaide. Rieves. Liibun. ?? ilnina Horta. <h kastport. July 80?Hid H uri.aod Harriet, Geor* t"wn, ce >npi"<?> d ?C; "en Mark, NY 'rk; Hpl.ndid I'hiladeiphi>; ISth, r' M r'ha Washington, Bai h d rt Wisca>skt. July 28?Arr Allianee, Tuck?r, Liverpool via 9av*i.n?h es B?ano?. July 28? Arr M'tcel'ns Oi n. VYork. fokhmouth, July a7?Arr Sp.rtiu, 9a gent, Philadelphia; tn H'da<?a<< do T N r w RURtpobt, Jnly 29?Arr Mozvl McFarlagd, Uonloot. Kale* Julv 29? At A ?irt Viual, Niehola, Philadelphia. Boston. Ju'\ 29?Arr Tuse?n, C?ggins. Philadelphia H I' d Fra??r Ki?h, NYorV Cld Yncatan fatker, BiMun-r<; vVro Penn.Tayor and Hnme, Howes Philadelphia Ar 30th, ^ 4 mth?g?, Archer, Calcutta C?eo1?, Wvman, W.i in^'on, L NC; Gibraltar, Yates; Ga'lm, Pea'h ; Marl er. Kidder; Mary " K'liiPall, Ingrihaii'; H\laa Enaiia; Hri>r?, Bli-li, and il'itetta, f" N\e Phi ade'ph'a. Arr 3 ?t, Clio, Marw ck. Maiarxaa Tia Newport T, legr?n|,ed. Alleu, M in?"n, Cnraeoa Cld ArO'i, ! *J hnr?ton. Crnn?tad'; Lion, Pe.e'?nn, Hio JAneif1 Niw Bior *D July 29?Ari Wm Men y, Hobinaor, W.I- at mniK on. Nl.s Lngr>n^e, All> n. B it< . yia Ta-p uliu Cove, t' r Freae icl aburg?put id io oblaia m-dica axiata c.<- for ona of her aien, A ?el F eeman, whoie ahouldar waa diiloratrd? g Air 30 h, Mary, Horlou, Norfolk. Hid Oueco, Bates, Thiladelphia I RaTincifcK, Jn(v 29? Arr P ileitin*. Kif-hen, Knffnlk, Va; si Ridirut. Wil.ty C'liUdel^h a; Co. grra? H lUKrk Rmidoit; W,n II H iwkiris, Hmkin-. do; Rhude'id Hall, NVork; oi fTth. II H rrTrnue l Ut'pi Jnr.?tnn. N,wivir|. IVto n r Lewiv Virginia via NYoik; Wm h Menrv, B.b e, H'n<f ut; ro 2*th, Fame. Sprim mi. Alb 'iiyj 30 h, Arrival Jan'. H ndont ? Sid IJ'h, Glide >eise,*id Lon'M. Leeda, Philadelphi i; l.?Hy Jane, Halock, Hondom; 29th. Hettr Ann, Trays Native. Fid It, a?<l Saml Vl'Dowfll Hitcheus, Phil dpi liia; laa l.?Pi>h?er, ? K?nnv; T>cnm?eh Child, and Jun", Htnnres, New York: 30 h. Elm Hand Bak*r, Baltimore; Jaa Barbour. Bangs, and Mi er- *' v*. Uuiirf. Philadelphia; Vutlaut, Heath, and Jas L Long, Hawkina, NYork Bristol, July 27?Art RoHt Mills. Darling, N'Orleana via N Yrrk. Mid Commodore, Wilcoi. and Osceola, Wyatt, Norfolk Arr 28th. Amity, Ash, N Y?rk. / New Hath*, July 31?Sid lit len Gr*y, Waas, NYork; Pio- / neer Ward, do;?>|<nte, Wright, Albany. el Alia^t, Jo'y 31?Arr Albant, B?con, Boston; Morning u Siar.-nd vi.gnet. M >son, NYork S d Vintage, Bearse, B s p? ton; H R Smi h Bi'l*. NHaven: Jnoi rr Bee. Prorid?tire. ct I'hiladclphi*. All* 1?\rr Lidy Chapman. ( Br) "duriet, ,% Wi'miuL mi, Del; Twerd, (B-) 8 irrnp, l?nihera; Phebe D, fj Smi h B ?toi ; Cotunl, Penuy, and las T Haifiel.l Ingertoll, ,ij I'anirgo N< ; koimdes, Morley, Har'fo d. B Mow/ urreney A Hh vp, K'una'nu. J '; a b rqn? and om b ig. name* nnkrown ? M HIilTa-ry Not, A drraim, St Thomas; Ganges, Horn, B isoa; n< Diamond H !loc?. >'ilton, Mki. Arr a> th-Phtl tdr'nhia and ? H. ill H H ii'rond Wharvrs, Richmond, July 29 a 30?Mary (i Sc t lib irn. Ellis NHaven Baltimorf. July 31?Old Architect,Gray, St Thoma?; May "r Klow. r. l n mpion Bnb does and a mark, t; Am-thy>t(Br] ,n D >aii?, Ha'il i; A?n D.'iiinan, Howe Brrmuda; Gil'aiit Mir>, *** Kr>n?, St JohuSm PU; Willi tent. Cole, and Roch'S'er,W ?e, Ne* York. S d Kt L?*i n> e. Brown, Hott'rdam; Merchant. Mnrphv, Ainater' am; Clunr ntiur f Bietnea] <teiss Imann, ?na " Kr?c- rick. [ Breu.euJ H jegrmann, Breint n; Alicia, Wniter, o Kingston J?. C Norfolk Jnly 2*?Arr Avon, Berry, N York In Hamntoa en It >a a, Oberlin, H vt, from J imea Ri'er for Cowea. Md from sn he Roads, Orion, Bailey, Boston; Olof Wyk. Meacom, City Point X <.H4iii.*?T0f?, July 29? Arr Atwntu, Leach, and Koreal I Kinu.Keliy.Mataiixaa; Z^iihrr. Koby, Havana. CM Anaon, lUrk'nau, and Sou ht ?rt, Herbeat, .New York, Argon, t'h ae, . Clvladi Ipbia; Gleaner, Katon, Boatou. Hid Echo, Austin, ?? Nortlirrn p.irt. In p ill, Trrmont, lVlor, and Thoa Bnunett. J5. Ha'tey, from Liverpo<.l wtir; Emma, [Hwj K ing, t* ucde'go " ruaira; Oriay Taft, Lovett, for P ovidence, lag; Eleanar, Hobha. Bi't' or , do; Emily, Peikins, Bonoa, du; Geoigc, ' ^nil i w?, SYi' *f ><a?4^-v4H . JuU 27?Arr Maditon, Rnlkler, NYork; Eieal- I en'. I)a-i?. t'luladeipl 11 Sid Ith. Eicel, B*IU r, Ne w Yoik. I?l Id "'ft. Will ata?, M di Ittown, Ct. <. N*w Omiifii, lu y 21?l id Dnnran. Pntnam. Bristol, Eng; "i Severn, t'hee?T, Liverpool) > 'Ibers, ( B"m ] K.i er. Bremen; toi Mabiina, Bunker, *Yo k, A'olio, l8l'] Estiado, Gibraltar; j [Jregon, Cmwrll, %ot?ieh, Ct MONEY TO LEND. ABRAHAM J, JACKSON. PAWNBROKER, No. U a*- Keaile street, ne?r liro^dway, loaa' inoaey m lame or null sunn, ?a may Le requited, on wa chea, jewelry, ailvtr ",f arare, dry gond>, wiarmg a, p?r?i, and peraoual pr. petty of {"' ive y detcni lion. JyM Im'r ^ ^K. FCMMORB COOt Kfl'i" Anawer to Captain Mae- of' kamie. on the tnh|eet < I the Bml* of J*ake Erie, is now unntr ra, and run 0? nan iiirit or in ijuuuiiira i?t apiiiica* i or* ion to VKAXCIH MOohiAYV I coi I It*in ?ilo?? Hotel. | i 1TANTKD? By a reapaeeible v>un? wosu. nntinn ' plain cook, Wuo4t?m chanWmid.tMma'rM* nr wett'f tdfl'tiitr wonld liMt titgidim inHthn n lh? aln'r 3 pari tier Bnt of refereue*a giwea u to eharaerer. capability . Wonld prefer* private f*tn>ly. Apply ?t 175 Chamtwr ?t ll 2l'm irANTKl)?\ tiinmioD u lijlii jorter, ont d?M?r cierk. or ' warehonsrinnn. in a rm rcuMe atnre The aleeriiaer ite? ( pood plamhnud, hu a p?rf?ct knowledge of the city, d hariug been bred to imlimrv i> capable and willing to Q ke liimeelf nenera'lv Die* il to hit employer. Any per?o.i want of i Heady c?nd?ritMl man with the beet of eitv reret r and eeenrity if reijaire l, will plraae apply by note to ,, t." H*rald Office, which will be punctually attended to. vM ?fr MlB Men'.iein?n (') who ti m the habit ofmretiiig a mar- I ned ladv of Jeney City, and walking about with her in II city aud eltewheie. had be.t t .ke ihia hint 'od di??*ntinue eh mtereo-iree nr e?p*u'? will follow, fcyeu a Fmc may f iro that "alP'doea not alwayi "end well." <i2 l'*r ?ACK{CT SHIP UTIt-A "KOM HAVKE-''nnmiiee. ' bv ihii ?hi" will p eate ?eud their ^eriuita on board, at pier , o. 3 North Hi?er i All Rood* n?i i<ermitt*d by the )l*t inir. will be liah'e to be nt to he puhl catore. UOVD Ik HINCKKN, i?2?ee m . ?'e,>.. n>>Mi?? l CHOWDER AND CLAM ROAST, \ TURTLE BAY HOUSETHURSDAY, 8 AUGUST?AT 4 O'CLOCK, ' ?1 V r TirKltTH HfTV CENTS. A CAHD. . ! i NUMBKH dI the L?"y of 'he Pr?t??t*nt Kpitcopnl | L I hnreh. in (hf f tynl Y?rl? heinit'le?iroa? to enjoy i iidvant i?*t <"f t Week y p?rioit c ! for the prom tioii *li'e I ' Practical Cliritt anity "nd Din-incti'e Prio?iple? of the hnr'lit wh'ch t!'ey hetoiij? n ifround" eijnally free from r (pint ofl. vitodinnriiini-m on the one hand aid of Pnteyitm | i the o'hrr h**e formed themtelve* into an atto?i*tiou for | ? pn lirationnf inner o"d?r 'he t tl- of I THR P'lOTK.HT/tNT CHUK'-HMAN. I he E'i'n-UI D^paitnunt of vvhrh will he eondoeted br a riryman and ? Krx'or nf otieo'our <-ity ehurchea It i? pro- | ?ed t" ! ?- ihi? p?ner in the folio form, printed "0 fine pv e* id with n-w type II wil> he funmhe to MlkM'ilm at $2 -0 ( r annuui p?yab!e in adfree The fir?t xnmber will he ai'y for "'pliTery on o> b?f 're ih? '#'h day 11 \i utt. Tho?? iron* of rat'aiDinv thit |i*ri >dical a n rerpectlully nolic l?d , > hm d iu their ii-<m?? at their r ikii roi ?eu<ence. f>(fl"euf Pob'i'a i n No I I f niton it. up atai ?< , N. B.?Fo. lhf r rw'itul.iti in the I'roti ectutot the firtt puni- { i it> )'ii m | i'Hr. >kw voi k lkoal OBRKHVEH. No II Vol J I I for Aacutt 1, contiini' n lleport* in ihe United Sratet I

ittiie' t.ourt of n longr,; Dreinonof Jndfe Weill: lu re i 'ei"| The Act of Conxieit ?n far <t it nn'ertnket to di?- ' i?r*e i debtor from ileMe nntr rterf before th? nmiur ?f 1 >e B inW nic i Art, without payment no' to di?ehnr*e his i iture *cijiiniii oni or nropei'y roro iahility to thote deb't. i ithoui tne eontr nt of a inai oi ity of hit nediror* it nueonttiitTD'l fu f/han'ellor Waiwnrth'i i ouit Mieklet, ? Brayid; Rtuktnrt* .1 rh?n? and c?rtifie\t-t Jidtmeui; ''o?u; st off; in re the R?e^i ir-r of .Caui'"l'?rii* anil Cat'fcill R-i' iad On; Ordr* r'ireetin* Blo-'uholdert, to ?** Reeeite'; r?etlcal "'oini'; Law of Attorniei; I ieu *n fiin-1 in ' iu t; ' ??f? wiih ?.r? B - J? --- iu ? .r <-?u'r-uur?r ni ptisitirrs nriwtru rreat Bntai.. an<< ?ranc-; Miscellaneous, ke Published at <3 A'JU (, N. V , semi inou hly, 'I $1 P*r an n:a id adriuep. SAMUK.L O^KN. V(litor r in! Pioprietor V?l I may hr hul iiai.dso,uel* bnnnd pr ee tl ?t 11 r TO capTTATTIST^ JUBLtC STOCKS AT AUCTION-We are requested to ea I attention of rai.itnliiu'o th> rablie ^toeks to h* sitd t the Metehants Kirhinge, thia day, at l< o'clock, bv Anihn? J Bleeeker k 'Jo Anc I'urtri, by Older of t*e Krcf??r? ft'ne Amnion lusu-?nc* CoiniMiiv of *-? Y ik, tie:? l"M I* V. i per cl O eida Lake Canal k Keeder, U51 i,7 0 do fi " Kr e Can'l Ojxnm?, IHM 7 0i'i Jo 6 " I.on* l>la"d Railroad State 8toca, 1>6I '.tidO do 6 " Erie' anal Knlargement, 1IK.0 7 mo do 6 " Neer York k Erie Railroad, IM>? 9 000 U. 8 5* " ||44 7.0U0 do 6 " 1161 August 2nd, 8)3. m? lt*r REMOVAL "TO NEW YORK. "PHK LOfS of F??f nd Legs no hindrance to the act of 1 wlhiutt? IOHN r, THOMAS, C rk L't Maker, ?r. espectfully iufmms the pub ic that he hia iemove rotn *hilac<e|i hia to No ?7i W?ter street, eo per o| Pike it, ve? fck Lily, if I'art he continues to roamtHCnre Artifi inl .utibi, on a plan tht moit correct nail Iras' cim,dieted bavUK, ihr nih * canity, invented, mad an t worn an aitifloial en lor l tt? ye-iri, aud h^en a maiuraeturer for th riv fi?e ears, feels coi'fidem of gyng satisfaction to all who call on li'ii for Legs, Hands, Aima, oi ihe common evondru Ler, a1 lm? in K A UK H k'.lll'CED. A CAKD-ALL NATIONS HOTEL, No. Ml B-oadwav '? ? Hafiug abolished the Hoarliug Alie-s as heing aa<n ted o the c-atacter I *'m to establish lortha All Nation*' Hotel, rd h -Te confe led t e spacious Saloon, n when the game faa played, on the uroumi fijor, to a Kestau ant, or Dm ii g. iupicr anil Oyster K win, it bow hen g the iar,est apa tmrHt if the kind in the ci'y, aud ha< been ti led up in a costly and eehnche Myle This room affords mi ihe ineaui oi ac-onc uodationg three hundred boardrti, without roo ns, ai S3 per yeek. Dui'jer? at SI 50 (>er week, Suud iy eicei t'd; besides he means ol aerying to otder, such joints, plates or dishes, na lie most fastidious may desire, at m <detate charge) Private 3ining Rooms for parties; furnished Bed Kooms to 1 t at piices auging at $2 and upwards per week Thinklul for pa?i favors, I solicit the patrourge of gentlemen i*i g or dining dowu town, &c. al 3tis?r JOHN f QTTKK MUTTONS. TATENT AGATE BUTTON DfcPOT. raTEatois, New Jersey. THOa f'RuSSfcK, jy>5 Im'r Pa'eutee SEGARM SEGAKS!! [JENHIQUK8, 51 William street, offers for sale, in lots to Is snitjiurrhasers? 10,0r0 Li Norma Segars, of a most superior quality, direct ro > th- m iuufaiucre't. 5t00 Kiug Kegalius. 5010 Q een do, inlODboiet. 1(1.001 >ornn Pawulos li 000 Pri'^aneras. 20.(00 Nonegas. The abore Segari are well wot hy the attention of cornoiaeuis heiug made U|i eipteisly to order. iv31 'w?e JARUWARK, CUT MAILS, A 2,500 Kegs Cut Nails, 3d to 40(1. 50 B <ei fine Wrou?h: Na Is, 6, A, <0 and I2d. 5 Casks low priced Table Cutl'ry, a camnlete assortment. 3 do do do Hand vd Pannel Haw*, 5 do warranted Slie'f eld Ami a md Viee?, assorted 10 Tons do Steel Broad Bsrs. Alio, Norfolk I Helm, bed ?c ews, roqad bolta.iron rrindle 'C-i, plain, split 4nil ribb d percnssian caps , ate Sic. Kor tie >t low prices, on the nan il credit, by . J<>I1N A ItSWBOULD, _>l_6tis*r 9" Jihn street. STRAW GOODS. P B ".NNETT, 31 John street, Importer "d Manufaetur' cr of Italian Ktench and Knglish Straw tf.jods, respect lly iuf irm? the nnbli? that he la selling off at tho loweat cos I ices, a sp'endid alack ol Ladies' Fesuonible Straw do ids, insisting of anaiaortment of bonnets made of the most aaperi qualities ol brai'la, vit--Victoria Braida. French and , nfcliih Uunatab'e do, Italian Holland and Pedale do. Pliocr 'tierito, Imperial anil Shell do, Tuacan. he. he lie The above a.-ticlea are all got up iu the must b< coming and hionable shapes Light summer fancy bonnets. The Krench Whalebine bon" It, a durable, white, hgh' and eitremeW beautiful mticle I lao Krrn-h Lncs Braid BonneU. jf various patte rua >8 Im'rr i HAK.KVS WIGS AND SCALPS k 0 BAttKt, Artist in hair, from London. The real hernia of hair itill s and pie-e iiiuent above nil others, heir iie^uliar light.Eiasamer, a^ Teiitilaiiug i har ctei?ihrir Kit shaped 11 telly is the uatural hair g owt?their rlasticu* id ihei'superior miteriai aud wnikin-nrh'P is well as their ?I' of fmuli aou anangrmcnt all coinhiue to fo in sa h perc*. Heads ol htir tint they must be seej to be fully aptciatrd. new system of the art of Wiz Making tau?ht in (We leans. See a specmeri ol d'rry'. Wins and iscilps wh ch will : sfy thi-mo>i fasti>'iou< that he is the best a"<1 ch apest mi;t in the eitf. 146 Broadway, corner of Libtity st, up siairs. a'l 2wis*in v AK. ULlM .wfcDI ATf.D /APOH B A 1'tlS, -sub l.ll ' rd 125 The e B.rhsar>- nc -inn* mini b? the facu'i} for e rare of rhenium> m mm, e a d l-ver, tcailel I. v? r, lip, sodo-n colds, mi I i hose diseases ol the skiu wrnch ths an ol (rerspirstion oeca?io'is. A Vapour Ba h, il properly ipl-d. vires a tranquil and p'ess irable tentauoo, son his itated feeliugs.'eudi-rs rhe skin soti an ) pliable, Hives (oue to seer-ti g ogaLs and energy to the in'el tct, affordug a insolmg mot* outness no' to be rtaiurd iv auy other ami. al means.That the tenderer ol a Vaiio Bith m no) t? weaken relax, i? sutlicie ,tw proved by its r-ihileraung lullnenee on ose in heal h, as well as by its giving strength in mauy dis es of debility- i M*a Carroll grateful for the pstron'ge bestowed, continues du i is'ertlie Bsths -r reduced priets, at >K ortlaniltat; . ? from 6 K. M. till '0 P. M. Hati.s seut to any part of ths city. Sulphur B 'ths require ilf an hon-'s notici. il 'wisr U~M. PEYSER Sc CO.. J J0 110 William stre*', corner of Jonn street, and 41/ Ur???- f " way. ha?e r-rceivetl, by rec nt atr vals, a i eatcaaif ipply of the f.illowmg KANCY liCOl)!*. whicn weiireluHy seie'ted by a competeut person at Paris, Benin c , *H? which thev offer lot aaie, in wholeaale ami retail a libm'ti ruia, viz Zephvr and German Werated?the inoat complet lao-m-eut B'rlia Kinbroidery Patterna?a choie?aelcctiou. I Cnvs. Tor l^mh 01. ery, of 'otton, worat-d, linen, tilt. r>'d Rtid silver, of all wdtlit auii quVitien *illt n.emlle, for embroidery, tn'timing and (lower uiaktn Pmae Tirni, German, French nnd Kugluli, plain and i-d o,inak?ina alicki, ?nd on ipoo'i. Kl.?a Xilla for K.mbtoidrry and Fringe maker*. in akeins and u ipoola S'i?|imulrr?, auperbljr embroidered, *Dd 8ujpend<*r Trim il' Ka O ild. Silver ani Steel Beadi, in a'l No?. Mother of Pearl, Gold, Silver *nd St?el I'nrie Onamenta. 0 >ld nad Silver Prince, Draid, Cord, Twiat, Thread ?Dd tatclii. EmtroiJery Framea, and a variety of different Faney Arti ea. Artificial Flo-?eri?a eho'ee election Friuff?.ofeott .il, wonted and ailk, imported and domeatic Gtmpi, Taaaeli, Futtom and all other kind of trimming. iv 17 In ee ' 1 I.L VVH<> WANT GOOD, FASHION?BLK cheap OAITtHHare levied tn cal: at WALKKK's celebrated teaparore, 419 Broadway. north west c ?ri>?r of Canal aireet ?o<i eity mvte gaiters, baikini, tie* and alippera at p wea 30 rent I ?a th-n ?v?r l? fjre offered A'ao, genu' bo"?'an<1 iildrcn'i flue F-enchand 'lative calfd e*a i oota cheapest you ( 'er aawx do do gents, boys' and ihi'dru's quarter boots, t liters and dr ?? ('ioes A lao, the gtr atest vane J of all tli? i Iferrnt kinds lor family use, to., unmerous in enatoerate. i II wno w 'lit any of (he above articles, are invited to cill ai 1 'Al.kick's Cheap iloot and Shoe Stole, 419 Biaadw?y. i irth w?-?t rorner ('.anal at jylt |W*<1 j 'It*. A I' BARGAINS?A KAK?T i II ?N? K ? 1 >.? ..? 1 wiih the tmnres and lease of a whelestle im m>n mi . id Shoe Store, in one of the beat situations for the business ill- etty, formerly oecuptsd by the lite Mr. John Hutchina. 'ceased, will be aold e;i?ap for cash t'erxms settiag oat in the bitouete wonld And ii moi:h to ei? advantage to call at ID) Chatnam atreet, op.osite Kooae It and ?vmti e for rreres?'ves 'a'rf [i'kctaclft S?h PKaLZ' kaf, Oculist and up'i 1 cim, Canal at, No 110 (Hemot <d Irom Broadway V.4 hat _ instantly on hand a large assortment il Spectacle* lor ahorl ithted snd f?r si hted peisous H?AL, t OAL ?feaeh Orehai d Red .* ah Coal, fiiatqnaliry ' will he aold br rhe inbarnber at the following low pricea r caah Creah broken and fn, from Inmpio the yard.erreen , ar J delivered to any pirt or the city at ti per too ; ttoee ft f ; large nut tl 50 ; 23 re t> per too ! ?? will he charged if u- t ken Irom the boat?w ;tght nnil qnaltvwarranted r PKTKK CMNTON, t y,2 Sn*r 'ift OreenwieS. enr ?r nt Ki i - ti ? <0 THp LOVKK8 Of nUn.ttHm BLACK Vf.A- " Howip.a'a Miiture?Thu extremely delicioui and tint sral ? ed Ten, to hifjhly celebrated in Ohio and Knrupe, ml iir rtad, i? .><? for aale at the t'aatoD Ten Ciimpauy'? Uener* ?* KtMbliahmciK, HI ( Mth m>t New V?w r, and lit K ti I . it iHMt,Brooklyn?in me IVwUHMiii liml , W_!l n PEACHES FOR SALE. 'HK Subaciibert have for aale ahout Mil 'l'honaand Baaketa of Peachea, on orcharda, growing in Delaware. Thea-- c 'harda are three an.) lour ye ra old, the traea all hodded, and \ the beat aaaorted kmda, . nd uncommonly fine, even f >r thia ighhorhnod. The f'Uit, we thina, will compete with any it may go into any market Wa offer t?a'll iheoi by the , net, delivered o? ihe wh?tf at Delaware City, or any other v y we can. The buyer to give aeearity fur tho falfilmani c?nu*ei. \ny ne wiahing to pmchaie can writ*, Ot can and aea the hard* and anbaenbara. near Delaware ' ity. Delaware. All r mmnuieariona mint he poet paid. JOHN C CI.AKIC. yt7Jw*r WM. D. CLAKK .. AUCTION SALES THOMAH B I1 LL, Aaetinncaf. BY BKLL k HbWAHl) (Ater?# So. 92 Jinn and 116 Fuilen 9trmt?.) DN-HDAT At in the aalea room KnrntClre ?aSe?Will he eoDtinu*d the ?' ; of aplendid furiture cf nil deicripfiona from Wedn'adae and Thursday Pianoforte* raintiofa, aplendid rarp^ta 1 A so, a numhei of elegant Wilton, Brnatels. Venetian an I ivraiu rarp^tt, in fine ordert five a peri or ?oeoud hand piano ^ rules, by ihe heat r-?kera; an* the collection o' en. m painiUu , the property of a gent'eman amateur. Bale positive. THIJRHOAT, At 10 I a o'< loch, in the .ales room Hplfudtd H?le Af ^>i(irinr< n*nt Iffl'tM, inH 'Vg^nt Kuvpore?The sale will commence in the Ann meet More, with a ap iery of iii*^u' anil eleaant nrtirlri of household and eabihcI urnitnre and otherarticlea <n the-ine. In the Pnlmn a'reet itore, 5 valnable piano forres, and an en- f re collection of superb original p intiogs, fine enga?ings aid ionks Alao, Militmy Equipments, and a splendid pgir of duelling itftola. Alto, with which ihe ?ale will commence in the Ann street tote, a Urge lot of valuable foods, by order of the a-'ministraor, comprising clothing, ory goods, a quantity of |ewelry, furliturc, painter's materials. bookr, music w tch, trinkets, gnn, ruuks, flic the property of a gentlnman deceaaedCHIDA y. Hale at H?rlem, by order of a Receiver in ' haneery?At II i'e|nek, by virtoe of an order of the'"nun of Chanceiy will le ao'd at the premises. the reaidcnce of '"harlei "enry Hall. , Caq , in the IJth ward of the city of v?w Vo k, a large qaan ity of hoaiehold lartiitare of all descriptions, sevetal wagons, kc. itc. AT PRIV'TE SALE. A firm of ab"Ut POO acrea of land, part .>1 whirh i? morotcil taving aaaw inill. hooa?, birn orchard , fcc utailid tS miles "mm Albagy auil a boot the aaine from 'he Utica 'ail road Price low?Title indiapntable?Terma re .sonable. Inquire ?t he "itction room. Kor Hale or Kichange?A farm, of 100 aereg "f land, keamti- t lull- sitaued on Mo-chouse Like near the village A'so, Iji acrea of Uml, in thetown of Wclla, about ?J inile* Vom A'hanv FOR SALE AT PUB' IC AUCTION. THE R AHWAY M ANUEACTURINO r.n will sell at liunlic auc inn, on 17th Augnat. at their Print Works, in 1 rta'iwiy-N.J all the machinery, ami move?b'e prop ;ty of'he osnpany, consisting of print ng and entraving machines, calenders, copper cvlioders dye cipoers. dying and Meshing ipparatns, ?te?m boilers, steam engine 26 liorae powe?, with . filers. 1 fire engines, * pat-nt balances, irnn aa(e, hydraulic ind common pr-as, la ge and nail slid* lathe, wito complete ict of to ninv atid boring, and hlai ksmith'a tools an asso' mept >f imported sieel. nd new and ol<1 iron, a qoan'ity of Jruga niitable for calico printers and dyers, inhs, casks,and large interns, stoves tables, benches, Sic Catalogues or winch may he had on application to Mr. Pkilip Trnsaler. st the Pnut Works ? o' KERQUSON It WAI KKR. jy 19 'm't y William s-reet. /*L CAMP MEETING AT HI * O HI NG? The las sailing s'eam^oa' WAVE. "plain V.inilerhi t, will ic?y,. this ino-uiog, Tu-ulay i Angus. Ju, the loot of Delaucv at X pist 0 A M; ' lhariue i tvip )? c'ore 7; Ch^in^or it it 7 o'clock ; I1 m?l it )* i?il 7; Hainui.>n<l ? H put 7 H'lnrn'ng?Leaving Sing Sing >? pa t | IP. M Fare each way. IB* cents ! N. B ?T. ij ariangrmrul will continue daring the Camp , Meetigi, nllt?r , GRAND DEMOMSTR A HON ANDPlO-NIO EXCURSION jXH IN c? fb"[in? ?f he H"i-it Anniversary nf I. O of Krchiibi,#'? ?iiw/pil'fiii*yl Aug , AmJCJLIiI. stlil'U t'ove. The iiilfnd d in "out Br.LLE, commanded f'V tl.e well kuown I an' lool Atone, is t Coaiicraii fur the occasion, tngerhe- with N Y City Brnis B*nd, ami wi'l leave the lo'lowing pt'Ce.:?'* ate I'ris n d ie1" at X 11 9 oVIt c?; foo* of Spr'Ug at 9 >'cloe* ; pier Ni 1 Norm Kiv?i % pnl 9 o'clock; root o( I'ila? ?t. Ksst Kiv r ^ im' 9 9 o'clu ; from loot I I) lanryst Kast Kiver *4 to a o'clock , T ckets I ji th<- eicnun 2 eta. can he obni"ert atW Trsiu's. . '0 West sttof I W.D ?'gi, Ci r ol White anH B-oadwiy; K H Wr gn''s ! eaio'ia te Home ju ictioi of Houston an-l Kirat at; W K. Lee, cor of Bow rvand **tanton s'; a'?o of B ot'ier'>i. >'o I Cocntimrce at Newark, and at In differ nt l.todiagi on ti < iu<t ioi of th- i nraion. Tli' O 'n Cove fimperance ?ocl?'y have iu*it?il 'he Ovst'r Bav. Mir ha?*ett, Cold Sppng Hn ,ting-on ami Norwich boei'tira to br prea<- t "? t'-a' o?cvion Oinner w.ll br papared in the U<nr? by (hr O'eu Cove -oe'e'v. The Anniversary will ai?o be eel i>r?i* d by an Orati n to h? delivered IB the ureeti stree- M th'",ia ftplaeopgl litiarctl in the rveui-i , h? Pro lie W|||j|it Wtllace. I t fKrutucky. An effcient Choir will alio b" in attendance Th? vli^oraud C. inmen Cnnnil of the ity of New Yolk, H"n G org* Brugi, Hon. Pr e inghnviou.Capt P?t ickiD iv'e nf K-nt?eay, MLevinof I'h'l <de Iphia C.d wu'd C Del?v in. Esq , George Parkrr, Ks?j, nf Bon'oti. H'ory Rieli, Esq. of .New ?ork, and Oih-r? are invited ) attend. Tick. ii I2H ceuti, to b? ob ained n'tha Committal on board the boat, or t the door of he Cltu ch. _ N. w ? If th' weather sh'n'd pr ye nn'avorable, the evar?ion will he pea' poned nn' il ihe u i''?irHay ' V Vec INDEPENDENT HKOULaK OPPOSITION N|hH . l |>K, FOR ALBANY AND TROY. jMQ JOk l'HKOUO'' D1HECT withnnt landing. S. The rnm ood o"'and iuh't?n ial st?ambo?t jL?AJC. I'< IH T - MO 11T H, 'aptaiu O H inae nil' le?ve (New York from the foot of Ba'dav street, on Thunday, the 3d ii i?aut, at } o'cl ck. P. M , arriiLg at Albtny and Troy in tim? lor the cir? g-m-t wen Keg'ilar l'a?i?^eivea H> w Vorli cyery Tneaday, Thnridav aud Hatu'day alternnoj, at 3 o'clock. Leavea Trov and Albany every Monday, Wedneiday and F idi? afternoon I eight taken at reduced ratea. Apply on board. P S The abrve boat Iiai ujdeignne a t*?otough repair, and ii iw firit r te oider. Itn?y .MM ju PtOPLK'U LINK OK STEAM BOATS iZ^LQiii-Oii ALBAN Y?Daily at 7 o'clock, P. M. jKnM9QL?TI>ri>tigti Direct (.''ttudayi eieepteil) from ti ? St?aml)ont Pier *f en <"onrtlaini< *nd Liberty ttreeti Steamboat RlH-HfcSTKR, Capt A Honghton, will leave Tneiday. Thnrwt?T and Hatnrday eveuingi, at 7 o'rlork. Steamboat SOUTH AMKBICA, Captain L W Brainard, will leave Monday, Wedneiday ind Friday evtmngt, at 7 o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Captain M H Ttietdell, landicg at intermediate landiuki, will leave Monday, Wedneiday, and Friday afternooui. at 5 o'clock. Kor paaiage or freight,apply on hoard, or to P. C. Sehnlt* at the office on the wharf. jy IT JMkM -m SEVEN I'I Lot K MOKM vti LINK ?a3&9*FoK ALBANY TROY, and Intermediate L-iuIium* ? Foni the Steamboat pier, at the loot ot Barclay itreet. Breakfut and Dinner ou board Leavei New Yot*?The Kmpire on Monday Wedneiday and Fridav. Th- Troy on Tueiday, Thundiy aud ^atDrday. at 7 A. M. . L-udlng at?Caldwelli, Weitpoint, Newbn'gh, Ha?pton Poti/hkeen?ie Hyde Park. Rhiuebeck, " Ked Hook. Bristol, '* 1,,ll. HHiltnn t'owirlim 41^ ICh 'l-rhook The n*w low-preianre steamer TltoT, Uoi.v^iu A. Uuiham, this 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug. I The K V1PIHE. on WeJu> >d<y inurniuu. at 7 o'clock. Frr iiassage, apply at the office, fooi ol Batrlay street, or an board Notire.?All Oooiti, Freight, Bagrage. Bank Bills, Specie, or suy kind of Property, uken shirpsd, or pnl ou board th- Boats ol this Liue must be at thr risk of the owpers of inch goods He. an l Irr .MQ jmI NO MONOPOLY?FARE REDUCED New Independent Opposition Line for Alba S^3CH^X.ny direct. The Dew and commodionv steambaat NEW JEHSEY, Ua[t R. H Kn'ey. will leave the loo- of Barclay street, New Vork, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, at 7 . o'clock. For freight or passage apply on board. Freight taken less [ than tow boat prices. [ The New Jersey n fnrniihed with elegant stne rooms, ai'd ' boat on the Hndiou rtrer i.7 ' 401 8 I'ATKN ISLAND KKKKY, KUOT 1 WHITEHALL iT-I'he .te.mboat. ? *^JK3E-8TATe.N IHLAvUKK and SAMBON < will run ** tollow* ontil further notiet ? Leave Mew Yo k 8, 9, 10. II 1 2, 1*4.S. 6 7 L*a"e Staten '*lauu I, 9, 10 11.1. 2, 4.5. 6 7. Leave New Y"rk *'d ^tate ii la I and e*?ry hour ou Snnday Beaten 1*1 nil KVr y?f rot of Whi eha'l *reet to Clif on direct. Th* it**mb"*( H re ile* wnl Irate .New York 2 P. M ? Clitt'in,i P, M oiiHutdrtV JmyiOh P 8? Aicnraien to Kort Hamilton. 8nnd*y* eteeoied Leave Kort Hamilton A V., rciurmuR tram N*w York iW P M ill r Pi K. W | V OH K Ittt k BOSTON sovnuptlo r OIVKN PUK8COTT, Pilot, o take* charge ?* muter *n<i pilot of bouii l to New Bedford, >rer Nantucket ^lioali Boiton, Porumouiti, Portlaud, Keuiiebei k ami O'Ptl K 11 PORTS- Office at Krye h Shsw'* u^utical *[ore, 221 "Vater itreet, corner Beekmao Kefereacetoa liumivr in Merchant*, ind the *ever*.l '"far'nc OmDamei jtiii en# Beaton, in. 1 Portia Pd __ ill 'nit' a TO CI r?A part of (he modern bailc two aiorv 1 brieK )<oti*e No 2 3 1" ightrenth *t, betw-ea ih<- eighth 1 and i ioth Avenn * The hon e I* in good order, atjd ' tt-jmt b??n painted ihoothon ? a d-iirabla e*id-nee f-r a ' mull genteel ami ?. Kent modrra a *n < po**e??l<i? iname- 1 li-tely f or parncul "* e i |uire on he i.nmn * or ol irU W 10 1 U H M h. )| M ?nlr n Lane. aT.l BAKKKH- P i LI>?t?That mo em bniii iwn I i'iii; Hnv, No 7|Ba\ard *t eet, c ntnin Hi; fiirleen , room*, wi h a i>*teM akery la- a baker, va>ilt? a .Her , l'*?. and i ha CiOton w?t r ha? ire i n rr iloce'l I" ihe y*ril. r ,in. m. drrate 10 a ? d tenrn". Cor foriher i'*r"e"' * *f i> I hi A D H H *?? k L '6 Ceuire n j_30 J? , kooms to lfct tIN THKBeL.MONT HOU.-K, NKW BHIWHInN ' ?The su.?etibar haviiu fitted up till* f"?n it h men el ( a tft ' >i?u?e 'ot lhe c?Dilo>t of hu frieii''? mil lie ( ,ii (. i III for the ?ery libera, patios. cae alirai'v be ttowen on lun. .run* by hi* eirrtinu* to pleate Tor * ei'O'inrtnie of it He begt to mlor-ii tie thai he M* t ill two iloobl? to*' , ih >-a *iii?le room* n t" i m i? >1 which he will let on 'ermt lo? ( to *ait the tune* if imin' i ' trv"c?''Oo be rnade, nuil will ' ??e happy to acc iiiinoi?'c ou* wi*hin? to enj >y tha neaaiv j iaJ ?a?*in ige* of tin" pliC' _ , Th- aituailuo l? one of tne moai a-airanie on tor t rrncr Hlflut i fm; fine Uri|? batluug home directly m f.ool, ihe > loardrra can enjoy ih?t Intnry with the giaaieat eouvenienee iud ple'ture Vkr atr.twhoita ply constantly throuflioat the J*? to ?u<! rrom New York. HKOKOt PIICH19, Belmont Hooee. New B-i?hton. Jane >?ts. IM?. i?n r M ILLINOIS LLINOIS ! ! ILLl' OIS ! !-Ai.y K<J(l h .ring l-u tnle ( i ?eiy low i rife from DO tu KO <dkk tc.ei' f Am ale I oil, dry nud ui do' iiing, in Vn'i.iilioti > niiitT,M'l Uamlte llli ioi. n>av hr?r ? ? rurchtaer by ?p K il) III! to JA VI f.S dH * VC, 121 I" iHoo el N Y , '>r b. letter b met i aid, tahrg the low-at puce p-r acta, the met U"? Ion, n he peru la qunlit', m d the qua nity >.' >h? land; il improy. d, a laiiu* ih . ar> "I art i p'o enru'i m l ih m-na-r I m WlMli ih? M ii enppited wi h water for fanning i u;, oaea c Vud al?o >t ttioM thr chiap-a and utoit direct iwatc Im i .> w foik City to the iiori > dear, ibid J .1 U ? Si le the quantity and quality of tha (auriun on the | atd j "4 irn'rc p BOOT A.N ) SHOE STORE JOHN I'ICAIIY reapactfully informa niafriendi r n<l the rojlie, that he hat cotnineoceo buameaa in the ahoer ? inr, <t No. $? Naaaan itreet, where he will tn-iuk luily rer?itr ? n * faithfully rjrrntr, all ordera he u.ay he larored with ? ? maan' hi? in? r?e^< ^ >AJ?Io BJOTa AND LA*Ti MADE TO ORDER BY a E. 8USER, 75 Broadway, (Basement,) one door from Court- . landt street. J K. Ht'SKK, Bootmaker, ?n l m'kerof Laata, an p ve"nf Irrre of Paria, bega leave to in In. to hi. ,, rin.da and all me amattura of n gentlemanly "chaiiaaure," 0 hat he can now make, in New Vork, with the beat K'etrh r n< ariala, ail thai la an perfectly made, in Pane, hy ma muter ? he Cfl?-r>'iileil bontoi^ker Clerce.whoae umrroua ciiitom'fa J II thi> aide of the A l.intte are reapeetfnlly io>i'ed t> try r II SH.K'rt Iv ota and I ata before tin y rteapair ot being'chaua- , re'ii. New Y"rk. a't?r the metal. I'leat Pana faahion. e Alao the genuine Pana Jet Black Vamiah told. , jr?8lm t c _____ t JHO'l EC i ION OK HUMAN L!li|i. BIJILDINU* It , SHIi'B KflOM LIUUTNINO.-fowera' imiimveil Uuhiing < ndue'ora Apnly to or ad.treee i. K. POWERS, 17J IMvdway, N>w Vorn iy?lm*re "CHLORIDE OF LIME." 00 ^ASKB or "BOYD'H" NlAKE-roR HALE BY i VV PEHSS*. Ii BHOOK^ ??t? Nil. ii MRK'ITV HTIICtT ST7R?T?J7I inch* Com, Uu?iu* fr?m ship ftlizabath FirlJt, ' -> iu prim* orilo, foi aal* by 8. K. CULlIM * CD. 1 ?>T M J'oulh ? portt mnsf tem autttto PHE8K far-lamrd and e?l?br*i*d Pilla, from h' I W* prrrcive, to ho ohtaiu?d "> 'hi? eo>m? ? J'?l? " , " . ><-nt un Um> lul oluin" r?uui t*.r A MTTSEMfrWTS. IHLiOH 0*H0*? D-'wHor V. IIIUN ?? wirnvrwn^y. ? i?* ITAHKB'vrnTOI M'f.t.n r*r.vic r. *B'I lut ii?h' nf lh? Fr*??h "n-n ?<*n?n?ny Firtt only DI? t ?f fo?(Jr?n-f Hut ri'jl 0.*f?oJ v. x . ANNr Boi.rvv n? Miuic hy Doniatttl, ?h? rn?tr>'<*rr of mow thiftT kpfo^H H,_ pOW,Ur 0p"~ M'LLK f'A?.v? MON* W.KS. MAD^Mf. tr^THT MOV? i icrn' ti c ^ "f 'h? Frrnch <'ompi*f T > n?ifn*m*| < r" . -|t TKn'r'i.rt ?(? > 'H# irtrture in Anue 4# n?. " Doo T K# ?nr>*0mA*4 Sf ANNA ROLKN/v. Arnie ?* V"? r.o>? ll?nrr VIII, Mir. BVi line Pf ymour. M'n ? Lr-nart Pe*ey, ^ * wonrt * 'fred. VI R .*S?t H"r?T, R?ih?r Kochefnrt, fhnffary Kill tn hoar'- inrermirainn will he il'nw?H (m imiiKi^i *nd rf'whfiMM in the '?r*nH Rel*w?n, Vh?re Ire rr??mi. ITmii |ee?, ?n?* Refr??hroe?i?? ?' the thai. ee?t kin-l? an I id ?r*?t ?*ri?tr, '?.ll ?.e loond TIIK P?OMit*?Ar?B Th<i MplenH.d Drehe?tr? will perform ???tr?l popnlur election* of new Mmie Miuifil Olmlor, U. C Hill \ ?'r*ff Police irill he vlenmteee ?i??l Mioei W* **f#n '? iir#v#nf 'he vlnm?iori i>' improper pert"it?. "" Ciftr r.nii Mi? he hn.l ?t rhe '*ir4e <lirin( lie *?, '' A limited nomtw ?f he?mi T 'ten win b* 4i?f (M??tr>o,?#e?ent ?? itn? ?*Bit??nenron *er??nr ? rr>* Mrtnri from nroartwav to toe new** n pro^rftd, and fS# n?<? 11a loon. which > T^ntilit?4 Crow in fop *n?! iidea. rtn Hf *n*'o*?<1 *t a moment** po'ie* CMATIUm Til R VTKK Meaire Jwlttrtn % ^ilUH. * * *LiMCtf Rove* 1\ rentt- Pit. HH o*n*a. IJoort will onen nf a ioart#r p-?at 7 *nd ?K? rnrtain will rite |( a m'r^r I *VnrW B""-flt or O Itmiaou THT 4 'VRVfVfj.TS Wirf??nc* to common** wit \ HtTq^ANH?si R vy vq v_Oh-aMe. H iT^; *001*11 t i ** *omj nm-lU, m-? o 'm?i. To conclude with he WA.W1 Of K OF fHR OLRV. ^ fiit r rr a f <tr?ip.r ?f AVO /R*IAL OARDJCN. ,rr R>ery Oav and f.eeni** fhit wwk. The M-n??*r ha? en?afed ' t'len'ed Performer*, ano la v>nv to inoirr* n entire new era in Mni^nm Noeeltiea, Mr W|l,l | \ M COL*!, the Orear ('on'om^r int. fr ^m the London Tl.^afret, a?vt lat* fro?? rh* Park Th*?fr? ?n fh?? ciMr, eho wH' an^ea* in * wrifff *>f *'la??'e QYMVA*TI^II? og*rher w?fh hi*'nd ralen???l Dnr Bf 'XK^, who*# rre?t feaft of ie<ra'*itv, obedience and t lent, hate placed him mon* the wovo'.HH op- T^r. AO*? H* win H-*nee tinv. pnf o??t 1 liarht )nmn fhroneh a Hal ?an climh aled-'e*. walk lam?, frot. kirk over a ehair, and n?** M??m# on? o'h^r aaroniaMn? ^e?tf. Veo *"(*7*11, for ?ne we* k on'*. 'he celebrated OfOR^ifC WftSTEiiV rrcn'ir ^no "i?*f*d OIK A WP^lRRN. Th* K#if d*1iaev>r of V^ero r,,?araet** and fhe beat V^fro Dancer w^n w-'l pr*a?nf fo *h? 'over? of o*i?th fhe moat r*e*o* impnmtjftn, in rhe ?f * eo ?ecr aH orii?nel lm<ratio.. of ? t.n* m rif? Kmr*>e ar fu'l tn*ed V-arr? Ct'r*** mil' Virginia B:*alt<l wo. T'iia m ^a' if re ?-din ?re nerform nc* h*? cl<cit*d *h? admir ?fion of thotiaanda 'U ill the prmci* p?' 'hr?i??i in ?h? ^**te?. T?>p ri v B*"a? B^mI #>'' T'nireen Maticiene it eazaced f?r th" aleo**? nn'l ?*?fe. M?* PHI! L?P^, th" oo^nlar Vncaiier. Mr BROWCR, the romic Ringer. I. a r* T|r* '' Per^rmmrMrr?*v ^e-'wdur ?nd ^'nrdny Afternoon at 4 o'c'ork ^nd *^erf Kreninc at half.r>*?t B p'c* of qrfmiation W eeiitt. 1 hildr^p an?ler ten n?lf i?n?e. fT'T ee J> M R* VAO*. h^ipf drlv ewo?n, ?*pth Mepo?e en'i ?ay fh?? Hei<NNn'Weri?r hy hi th.en^h"! ai'ei* roff'he po'fe of^^l'imofe d V?w Y ?rk-a mate of Am-r?etn *hip?. *a?*nrd? of *h?ee ' ean, and U eowth* ^o?w* Ian int??p*-fe* fe# the N^w York P*??\/e foi twe Pn?t*e ?oo or <vn|. frrenr* : Kaa *e*d thA t*fee?-ar h#f ?re hr Mr J K*on. ell vih'ch he nn'q*iie4?^l|?r d^-l he f'n* n*non?nt o*lHe? 'ith thn? he ? *rqnin'ed witK rV. Ri*rh-neill?r. who wM i tha* h* h fti'Sf.iW inryu'e'ed f'^e "flldi? u ?*' 'ht nine *?orw*gi*ua. which ire nnh'i?^e?l in the C^nri^rao'f Rnqni^r "f fH? ^ ominw D'pineo? i? n?rVt'T w?l' viifi'?d# fmin e.on?erfe'ion? held wi?h ?aid Hii?o'nei ler th't He ! flier ? iineatt, or in,)^.(*nfls fHe S rw-**hn langnve. 8nid HiicS*ne?|l#r it. *1 d *DOaen etrilr heli??*?, ew ?lo?ed to obtain p?t*en%ert f-*e i rant porta ti^n comn*n;e? *r?H o*h?fj# oppoae.1 fo ?he m?o ci*rion. j A mr* SAY AGE. 8worn before me, the it.dtyof Aefi?r, (T 4 *OOE. Hi>ci>?i<?r < f th? <Mt? N'? V?rh. Wr, "-'o'WKeinin, eTlilrinn *h< ,hip Win'? fl?d. bT o?r own con??fr? deeUit >h?'. wi *i I Bl' "onv rrvrne" tn tV1# 4??nr.?tl0i l.tu?, wh?-? on*c?< ?t Tiii'i v'r n H'fni Bnm? (lT^c'ly a\ nfivl wi.h thair ciodoet low 'H? o?. O'lr wn n*"ir?, onr hnnil?. H?f- O'f'n. V?i1? ^hri-fmnioB Llai, F(fl Anlnn?i!, S<rn'l>i'<l?fr, H iloYferi, Lordala Arxicnnnd Artlnckim Neil- "';'j . _ ><il? r r?l. w*?1??r?n Vm,. Kltrn Jihu ?>l?*n ?knr?, Ch?i" ti <n C ?iban?n, Li*? Kr?n? D?tt?rWiM0 Wr, NiTw-eim emiitrnim, (">m 'hw ,h p \rm. t>r """Wl co> a**nt, dr< lurp thit ?? will 'ecimm'nd oar coantrym^n t1* the AaancMli-tn Lini- wh*?< onr own c untrrmni. Mr Kroi, ia aitc^*>f. K#?irig prrlac Iv a^'iafi^'l' wi'h their co iduct towarJi na. Our own narnea or haoda:? Aal'if, H?n? A^n^naen Land*. <>a?en'laren*en, Herhiorn Otneraen, Muna Atro'aan. Jeoe n-'tn?laen. F. *nho- Jona Duttar. K- rC"m MilToraea, Ole K' udaen. John J?na*(i ''aateti, Hvn K lO'laen. O.t.n P-rt-n Eiretn, H -n? h'n grimeeD, Hint 0"? n Notbyr, Bugehor, Jrwnri Kiiletoti, I. dm W A idrn >n. beim mom ileaote and l*T. thai of T^ti'idiy, t*>e d-v on w'nc1' ihe Nirwe?ian? referred to in the preeedil'K nffi *?jr, eaane fmm 'h i|tt innti'ie. thai a f'troboit w.a teni aloiife'd* of th# li(ht*ra on which'f't-y wer? -ll r<qne?ted fo irn fnr ihatr pe>t'K- to Alh'?v that i mht, o-* ?nr|i 4? rhof to mi. w?t? trane'err-d dif'Ctl* V "?<l? th? I'ff'i'ri* on fxMrd the atf imlv^l; Ihmp thv rmtiMi. 41H ao * im thei' ownchnre. 1ml *tr? pit on ooa-fl the io> boat Veto and T'wwint Kimb?ll. and remained here ?t)til S^itt'day n ?ht. ?nd during that tune we b?*et t>y the rmu-ra who ende??.ired to rrrile di'wa' aftction ?in"n? tn-m, atd, t? nine '<t?nt. 'nccreded, until fKey en!ied open their Coe?al who c*m? down and i??e?ii?n'?4 the matter, ? d eipretaed I imtelf perfectly uti-fied, and let them ? we'l tatiificd <1 himtelf. Sworn fo, the Id d ijr of Annual, i|iJ F A TALLMADOE. Re-nrd?r i f (he C'tw "r New York O W A VPKHSOV, Agent "'the New Y " P le'ue Aatoeittioa. To Me Editor of th' Courier and Enquirrr :? In foot natier of ihi in 'rnniff l>ah ith.-d what | nrporfw M ie ?n affidavit of nine Norwgitna c o'tumoii etifenienra relai?e to mrtelf * <! ihert, fi'ae in every luerticolar. u the fo'? "W'lf alilein'iit Iif T rie ? ill ah m: I em * Norwegian bf ii"h,end> rnidritof Boeti n. wh>reiiv f?mily now era. ana 'fit K accidentall? in th ci y on Mun^**. 2 th inly. I learned ho vni> of in* cnni|tr> in?n had amved at 'h? <io rrentjoe. nd well knawinu the fr'<jo?-nt *?"d he itlne fr od p-acfiaed iv thr runn*rt f tr?ntmr atr-n lin*a up'n 'ipmtrtM ttranreirt I rn-il-rn inqnirr at t the b?tf ard ch?-p??r rn<d*a or th- ir fin Ji'ir HII..U m fh'ir p'-ce of d?aiination K o-ei the >eti itif rm.i|,.n I rnnla nh-nin I Hee-me wall 'e'lified th-tihe N'wVmk P'?? Ka *??-ici?tion for the 1 roiecti nof rmirranta waa the nao<i tafe cmf-'itthle and rh*apeit mode of conway fiee | nim-di t'le ??eigh' an lairodnction 10 the aaent a QnrfM'in". C"l J D niewenaon. and tendered hiiw nr erTire? aniiiiernretei. C I H. i ifo'm-d me thtt he h d ii hit ttni'lov a Ni<rw>irian whih d been ronitlr reeomnaend'd to I'ltn hy Mr. Oeltion, tne fmun'r keeper of the 8?i1?r'? H ma b ardi 11 houae. and Ii t he h-d (on id Iiti a m*n of ee>d"atey, har?e ?'an 1 le-tel iit?tice. and he ?oald bt mucS pleaed ir mio'd render him *nv a?> tic-i in rav piwer 1 content" d to d > to Cd ^t?yen?oii rd?c d I'l mv h^ndt >t?e h'llt c o' 1 oi ( i t "f fare and 'egn'ationa. and rrco "men'a'inaa nf the Atto. I t'oa. n incd in the Nn'?nivi I. ma it e which h re comptttd wit' thoee of a itoul r k nd flute-' in 'alieh >nd Itrrm-n. ? d f, D ill hem 'ine cornea Th-ae bill CM S.da tir?il mveelf a?t ,V1r Stfge. the ^crwunn in n Hrfict. to Mid im neard th* thin. We eieh wrote letter* aceotnpaoytag the bill*, tud t nt th-m on b'wrd the thi|ia. S i >u aftei i"it rome of the . ri"eu*l men Crom e -eh ehtp r.r m? on ehore w lb two men of their |>ar y, who eoold i.ifik, read tad write the liiiiiim At th'i interview we more Mly ? apl?ioed h- ohjctaof tke <mo'I ri >o. end -id ire?1 them to take pea ivt' ? d *o dir'CtW to 'h?i' pl?C* of deatioati??. At thia i?'fn?w rh?y d?t-i mined to come to the city to make further la|0'rv. ?nd'f hryroo'dno' be trantpufd npon better 'e-na oey would rtlnm it d te' e pe??'(e ( om qo r n'loe. They me to th a e t?, pitted the who'e dav h?re, arte ill f qa re, eta rue to the qi?'amine and mv'e their -tr'aniaeient* fort !? ?? to Vlnwuki I it I'.JD each, lull raHriiic; e^i'dr-n >a f price; inlantt B' ^e'thre-Je-'rt fiee In the thip A'fO. h-1- ?firbrt?'-n forty aid fifry p *r ha? hardy nt n a ad hei-wietf. who he ? <?! ti n g'<e'U> transport the wmlo li tan'e t'l Vi w?u I . fr?-e i f a'l rhar.'e, tot"her with iw-B\r?-tr t<o r i f th? -en e cl front on b 'aid t^e >h p e II il that t 'U'P 'tt nt ?<I e '0 r mm to V)i w okte *Vea of ill vhirye Cn' ?' r to iot rue*?d nt to r ?et p?rti? lar n u'n-uo'i-ti > aw h nrc'Oii rni'D. '? ?t ta un'hiog hat d' do <tr cil\ *ne, ot in ke at V timmitea tn?t 'h' aatociaii <? *. ii it im' ca'ry oot. and in eeerv pjr'icu ar w? obey d <h 10il'II"tinna t a g eeu nt ; h't t elthe 'ir?-f?lv *r md rretlt, ti tm ted th i I wat i" 'h rm lo? of the g >*ei?-*eat, Jt an officer ol the Hrattdont ot the Unit d S ?tea, H eia y ei iattr*m ft made wi h t' V0?w.giant fiw hon ' ?in or ati n 'o ilwtnaie, hit re? thua f?? t.i h'ally keot, nd trrf im*d by the-atoclt i ?n Id* "ft'- know W Rt*rh TI- II. r ft ?ere t> tee him hut am ikf irm?d. aad eheee that i- hn tta?ht >mi lim n' of h> ao i-Uo . ea a OermtB to e piet 11; laill'( 'B 0 el hit o'j et ta i 0? .o ielar* "a Ka acera * it ine. Dt mit ei retent <tio"a. He ta ooi a N. rw> t'*n, >nd I am taMi'rd bv rtuxa ? ho know him in'ini'te'e. tha ho loe> not >ieak. it dot auilerttaod tha Norwa(i>- '"otoaae. L K Rfcu.V. gw-a to tha 'at d?y of Aagut, IM3. B (o-e *, r A TALLM *DOr.. Reennl-r of h- eit^ of N? w York. at lt*r lAOE'S VKKMieiOf. hrt gladdened 'he heart ot maoT ' a in t'h?r, w io had cipen'ed ao >^to to'low *er ch'ld to tho raee, ho' I uud it reatnred to hie and r?a* heilih be th aealoi ated tpei-ifie |i etoela wof with <ut irr tailog the aoota ( the . tomach no 1 bo ee'i, and e-'mhinea tae virtn a of a toni? ?itn ihnt? m an alt?r<t ye. N-ither h? V in la iDortha 1 I eeiorant nut ft n??i iu in* urniir rnnw ui u? uiamm 'or 'hu diimfi for which ir ! adapled W?.m, are iwrpt *w?y fr m ti>? (CDi'di ~ad btwala by (Til*'" TnMe Vfrm'fuf- a* b? the h? om of daaiiaetioa. I'hey pernh under it (rirrhio* i (Inane* 'nt' I krt <?l'ed ?>i(H ih- mui-n? iu wtvrh they ?r? in b*dda Tha car* I in n'nt > 4M tii' p*ri??neiit, "KM a nn reuce oi l?? diarderahool' lakt place,* (r * rt laea n' ihe |ir-pi'?'i o wIII M r I ijl In nrm'nc t in dr.l'*d ohi> er?(<ir the afftc' doaa not ?*nken ?ih repe'iton Thow who autf*r (rocn t iea o rail((?b> f??n or auy con piiut ?h?r? ? otiid t n ? or ai' xv ' * drairaMa. will And la it ue'a Touie moot ilaihl- e edy S..ld by A U ll U Sandt, wholtaale tud retail. I o 10 Kill ton aticet; /7J Broadway, ami 77 Kaat Broadway. jyII i ia r | AVNK'S CaIIMINA I IVK, BALSAM ?Dn w naa ' opened ti iprinK baaineae, nod ?r ha?* nun; omplainta of aina in tha itoi?a< h and bow la. dytenterr, drtrepaia, ronaliition. emnu, tick ne ila<-he, and other alinente trowiu ?at f colli a. d neraunemeni nl the di(*al ?0 and aecrel'?* Inooio~a. ' Imae wlio d*?ira immediate relief fr in uch umuiia* ifilalioba ahi alJ rraort lo that aale ai.d eipeditioaa r-medy, la*n 'a ('arminatiea Balaam. 'I hia medicine acta ojoa tha In'da from which the blood ia generated, i;d thai pa iBea tna italtleim al na ?ery ?onrce To trie direclK'na wlhi?iNac'' DpaiiT r-ac.i hutl c of tha Carminative ye atea of < area from ntuo the h gheiiauodiuit iu u?a nad 'fe'daTiholawla.-d by A B A D Manda Dn,?laU. ^o.7<> Fn'ton at; t~>t Broad?ay; T7 fcaai oro dway jy?I Ilia' r lira ri H* H? I he larifeet aud moil aplepdtd noiWtnt of W tha eity, " to ha loand at th? anbacriOefa.A? he ^conat n"lf r*??"*1'1* " <?.?,.^tiona. ol Gold and Watrnei of Uie n-weal atTlaa. direct Iron tha tnaunVJtnVer. Awland. France, and *w,Uarlaad, he .. an.-..Med to offer a a riter laaortment, and at mnch leaa prieaa, ?l Sian an* otnet hoaaa .? the -ite (told w,lthaa STow to eaeli Watahaa and a wall err aich?n?ed or oogtit All watcnaa warranted to aeap *ood tima, or tha ?o*t raiaroad. 'vatchea. claeka and ,awcll?rr .etuiad iu ?? baal in?? rr, tad currant*1 low#r inau at *"? <. '' Ai.LK * . * ?< !? r ? ??? . r wM. . - . - . ? ? ?