Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 6, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 6, 1843 Page 3
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City Intelligence. Akhkut CoHrimiv -The publication in the Herald of ' yesterday, of the arreston suspicion ot the three colored men, William Thomas. John Golden fend Jamei Edwards alias Jim Truck, by officer Stephens, in Chatham street, while endeavoring to sell a lady's gold watch, was the means of leading to the discovery of tho owner, and the full committal ot the negroes to the Brooklyn authorities for trial. Ob Friday morning, between the hours of ae* v?a and eight o'clock, a negro, who turns out to be Edwards, alias Truck, entered the house of Mrs. Mary Elizabeth Antrim, near the Military Garden, Brooklyn, during the absence of the family, and opening the front parlor door, he saw the watch, which is valued at $40, hanging overthe mantel piecu. He was in the act of taking it down when a little girl, aged about 13 yean, daughter of MrAntrim, who happened to be at the window, watching thu motinna nl 11,.? turn nihur mi-n turned round. ad on seeing him, began to scream violently. He seised h'T, and placing his band on her mouth, pocketed the watch, and then, throwing her with much force on the floor, escaped. The back of the little girl's head was badly injured, but she was able to describe the scoundrel so perfectly, as to leave no doubt as to the identity. But three hours elapsed from the taking ol the watch, before the culprits wore lodged in the City Prison, by officar Stephens, assisted by Mr. David Kisner?a fact worthy ot note in our Folioe records. Robbins a Tarw*.?Benjamin Valtmire, a German emigrant, boarding at 83 Washington street, entered a com plaint of robbery and grand larceny against two fellow emiirrauts, whose name* are Lewis Fritz and Wiihi-ltnina Miller. Wurrauts were placed in the hands of officers Ruckel and Spencer, who lodged the parties in jail. Valtmire swears that in 1)is trunk he had twenty gold eagles aud one half eagle, of the value of $100, also 480 silver American half dollars,- equal to $314, making the entire amount to $316, all of which money was carried oft. Both ol the prisoners were seen in his room together on Thursday Korning, and on searching the female's apartment the piece of iron used in forcing open the lid of tne trunk was found. Tin* and other circumstances warranted the committal, In full, ofthe accused. Stolen Property Recovered?Some two or three weeks ago officer Cockefair recovered a quantity of coats, cloaks, lie. and the publication ol the circumstance in this paper, led several persons who had lost such articles to cUl and make inquiries Among the rest was the edi tar of a newspaper in Q .?hrn, who, about the 1 -th Janu. ary last had a v?ry line blue rlotu cloak, valued at 136, stolen from him from on hoard the steamboat while lying at the pier foot of Dnane street This cluak was pledged on the 81st ofthe sunt* month at Simpson's, in the Bowc. it, by a man named Joseph Klli<, lor $7,In the name of Mr. Raberts.No 84 Mott street. The cloak being identifled,officer Cackofair arrested the prisoner Ellis, who was instantly recognized by Simpson's clerk as the person who had pledged it. Ellis, it appears, is well known at the different pawn offices, and there is little doubt but that the other coats and cloaks ruoeiveil at tno some tinui wl'h the above, have been stolen by the same person. Owners are still wanted for a number. Citv Prison Statistics?Return of the number of prisoners committed, <li>char;ed,and r> maining in prison, lor the week ending Saturday, August 6-h, lg4J:? v While. Black Total Malt. Female. Malt. Female Committed, 138 81 0 10 327 Discharged, 78 82 7 3 110 Sent to Bl'well's Island ti'i Remaining in prison, 97 30 16 II 164 MALAC II KALLOV, Keener Citv Prison. U. 8. Circuit Court. Before Judge Betts AuausSv?Benjamin Harding, who was arrested yeaterdwy lonn assault with a dangerous weapon, was this morning tMitenced to pay a Sue of $36,and to b? con&ued at hard Ufor for two year*. Thomas Darin, who pleaded guilty to an assault and battery on (hip-board, was sentenced to py a fine of ten dollari, and to be imprisoned at hard labor for six month* Supreme Court. Ao?uit 5.? The Ptoph vs. Benjamin Slater.?The prisoner was indicted in the N. Y Oyer and Terminer on a charge of arson, lor setting fire to an inhabited dwelling house of one Peter Lang, situate and h ing in a certain s'reet called Broadway, in the sixth ward of the city of New York, known and distinguished as No. 333 in said street, be. It turned out in proof that the dwelling house was situated on the west side of Broadwuy, in the fifth ward of the city instead of the sixth, as charged in the indictment, whereupon theconnsel for the prisoaer took an objection on the ground of variance. The Judge who presided at the Oyer and Terminer, expreased his opinion that the variance was fatal to the indictment, but being advised that the Court of General Sessions had ruled otherwise, he allowed the trial to procnad, and Slater was convicted. The Supreme Ourt, however, have decided that Jndge Kan'.'s opinion was correct?that the variance was fatal, being in the description of locality ami not merely in the nue ; and it i? declared by all the hi st writer* on evidence and pleading that a misdescription of locHlity in the indictment i* a defect for which there it no remedy. Marine Court. Before Jnder Hammond. Avaaar 6.?Edward H Hudson vs. Elbert TnM?n.~ This vra* an action 01 assumpsit brought on a note for one huadred dollars given by the defendant to one John H<wl?y.and by him translerred to the plaintiff. The defence wii, that the note was given lor premmma on policies, contrary to the first Revised Statutes, page 670, againat ruffling and lotteries. The war waged wos fierce and ferooiaus, and witnesses examined pro and con ; but it was of no avail. The plaintifT, who is a lawyer of no inconsiderable tnl?nt, remarked that it was hard timea, and thatcash wat scarce, and must be had seme how or other, and that he would have it, "policy or no policy"? lottery or ne lottery. As he seemed determined to have hia own way, the Court and jury decided in his favor for oae hundred dollars and costs. The plaintiff appeared in persou ; J. J. Howard for defendant. Chatham Th*atrk.?The Easier Brothers make their 1st appearance at this Theatre on Monday evening. Throughout England and Prance we hear they created a great sensation. Their powers and gymnastic feats are said to be fearfully surprising, and not the least doubt exists of their becoming (he great Lions ol America, as they wtre of Europe. i lie iiiaungeiiicut nave ?i iru juuiuiuutMy ju pruurinn these great artistes, nnd the enormous expense they have risked in securing them for the Chatham will be returned threefold for tfieir liberality in catering for the patrons of ib*> m?*urite Theatre. Q&- THE EVER Al'TKACTIVE, EVER VARYING American Museum, is as successiul as usual. Throngs of visitor* attend there day and evening, nnd the watchful manager always ha* *.'ia< thing new Hint curious for the admiration of his patron*. The most diversified and interesting entertainment* are advertised lor this week, by eighteen talented perlormers. The new saloon also open* to morrow, ns a " Perpetual Fair," and it will prove not only an efficient advertisement to depositors, hut also a valuable acquisition to the curio?itie* of the Museum Among the numerous articles already deposited, is a Van kee invention called the" Seamlvis Knitting Loom," propelled by a dog It is laid to be one of the most curious and ingenious invention* of the ageCOTTER H DETERMINED NOT TO BE beat?n. He culled on u* yesterday, to say that to day, Sunday, ha woul t serve, at a lunch, from eleven to three o'clock, a genuine green turtle, in soup, tree, in his new and elogant dining saloon, on the first floor of the Hotel Dieu All Natioas, No 111 Broadway. H* must have a big lua when ke give* away genuine green turtle soup. {H7- TRUTH VINDIUA TED ?The public general ly taUn but little iatere?t in the private nffans ol business men, when actuated by fair and honorable competition. It i* with regret th it the subscriber i? compelled to allude to an advertisement in the "Sun" ol Ki id?>. in which it is attempted to he shown that I am actuated by jealoti* and vindictive motive* in exposing a transaction which cannot lail to throw the odium where it proper I v belongs. The Sagar Depot, now occupied by me, wa* foimerly in the possesaion o. P. L Munos, who, alter having disposed oftheitock, fixiur. *, good will, lie , has nnbiu*hingly taken the store adjoining mine, with a view of drawing oft my cn*tom. How far such a transaction comports with lair dealing I leave the public to judge. The following certificate speaks far itsell :? Thia is to certify, that on the tenth day of December, 1841. I purchased from Mr. P L. Mtiaa*, on account of Mr. P. oilsey, all hi* rinht, title and interest, in the good will of store and customer*, No. Bowery, and that I communicated to Mr. Munos at the time that I di 1 not purahaae it for myself, but solely for the benefit ol said Oilsey; and that ?aid Qil*"y paid over to me the mm ol one hundred and ninety dollars, being the nett amount ol bill ol *ale, pnid b^r me to ciid P. Muno* and hi* n**igns; ann mni prune*, mi. uiisey nnn to pay n back hill to the On Company due by said Minion, amounting to over right dollar*, an alio aix wpekn bark rent, via: from lit November to ISth December. 1841, amounting to eightyseven dollar* and a half, lor the truth of which statement I am willing to be qu .ilified, Signed. M RADER, No. 46 Chatham street. Mew York, May 1, lfl>3. 0(7-THE CHINESE HAIR ERADt^ATOR. 1a warranted to reanot a hair from an> part of the body, or the money returned, or it can be s*tn u?ed before ptirchasLaiutifying Lotion?For removing all tan, freckle*, ami burn, morphew, ana ronghnpse, and |ra?ea the akin rery solt, and gives the complexion a beautiful hue. oYlrirfffe'a Balm of Columbia?Thi? is the only article that will keep the head free from dandrntf, keuping tlie hair from falling out, and roatorr* it where bald. Jonea' Hair Oil?A11 who use oil on thpir hair, will And this the finest, clennrat, and the best in use; it is highly perfumed All the above to ba had only at 91 Cortlandt at. Psais, July 10, U43. OQh D?a* Hta Your Medicated Lozenge* havp been tried here b/ n>me olo?irfl'?t ph>siciana and families, and proved highly iticcesslul. An immense quantity might be ? ! t here, and I wi?h you to sr?d me 8,00(1 hoses Worm, 8 000 b .*p* r?ugh, and 9 400 boxes Camphor, by the next Havre pack pt, and I will immediately place thpm be lore the public; so aa soon to securo ?? high a reputation for yon as yon 10'*e?s in America. This is the sea on which it is highly important to improve so that your name may be nil over the oountry; and that our children may learn to "cry for Sherman's Lor.engea.a* they are said to in America. Tours respectfully, E. SHEPPARD. To Dr. NxtRMAn, 10(1 Nassau street, Naw York, U A. BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Sklei of Stock* at Philadelphia yesterday. M (hare* Wilmington Railroad, II); 100 do. Vicktburg Bunk, St; 30 do Wilinini t in R-ilrond, 111; 10 do. Lnuiarille, 70) W1 Penn*> Ivanla ?'?, 1843, 01 J; f?76 ( ounty i'l, 1900, (old) 90; 6 abarea Camden and Aroboy Railroad, (9 LATEST SOUTHER!* SHIP NEWS. rHiijkOKLrHU, Aug. 5?Arr Win. Peun Taylor: Home. Howe*, and H. G. King, De Wolfe, Boaton; Laurel. Whitman Fall Hirer; Kenduike.-itf. .Mitchell. New London: Philadelphia, -jh.ini, Nantucket. Below, Win. Thatcher, Decker, from Port Antonio, Ja. Baltimork. Aug. i?Arr Phebe Baxter, Crowell. Bo?ton.? Brig Architect, hence for St. Thomaa, put into Norfolk veaterday to repair, having been run into bv a ?ehr. ?,Al? iasdbia, Aug. J?Arr Firm, Thouipsoa, Bermuda. Kid Pilgrim, Boston. NoHroLK, Aug. 2?Arr Reaper. Kent. St. Thonuu. In Hampton lloads, James Perkins, Hall, from Havre. Arr 3d, Champlaiu, Portland. Elisabeth Citjt NC. July 29?Arr Wm T. Bryant, Everlon. West Iudie*; Wm C. Preston. do. Wilmington. NC. July 27?Arr Hebecca, MeOuire, St. Thomas. tId 28tli, Brazil, Andrew, London; 29t!i Belle, Myers, Work. Q(J- SONNET ON GOURAUD'S BEAUTIFYING Preparation!. Naught can woman'* charms eclipse More than hair around her lips ; Naught ao dull a look bestow As a forehead mean and low. Quick the blemish then remove That o'er shades the smiles of lave, And theenchroaching curse eje'?t From the throne of intellect! Lo ! the medium I reveal? Oouraud's famous Foudre Subtilo ! For tan and pimples 'tis my duty To recommend his Eau de Beaute And to the sallow,brown and wan, His Liquid Rovge and Blanc d'Esnagne. To be found only in this city, at 87 Walker street, one door from the corner of Broadway. The Hair Eradicator can be seen tested,leaving the skin smooth, soft and white, every fibre of the hair uprooted and destroyed. 0(7- IMPURITIES OF THE BLOOD-No medicine can r>e used that will purify ettectually the blood, from all the bad effects of mercury, eruptions caused by imprudences in lite, or bad state of the system, as Comstock & Co's Extract of Sarsaparilla. The price is in proportion to suit the times?-Price 60 cents per bottle; $4 per dozen, and warranted as strong and pure as any ever made. To be had only at il Cortlandt st; Brooklyn, of Mrs. Hays, 139 Fulton st.; L. i*mith, 320 Broad st. Newark. OQK LUCINA CORDIAL ?This celebrated article for females to use, can be had genuine at Cortlandt st.. ou the proprietor's terms. MONEY MARKET. Maturdny, Aug. ft?'-i P. M. The stock market presents lens activity to day, without any marked variation in prices. Ohio 6's fell J ; Kentucky i , Harlem } ; Long Island J. Illinois rose } ; Kar mcr'i Loan At the new board the transactions were to a fair extent. The receipt* ol specie at this port yesterday from Valparaiso, to different firms were $142,409, more than compensating for the late exports to Havre. We have repeatedly had occasion to refer to the dispute going on in relation to the *J? per cent to be retained from drawbacks on goods imported. It appears that the Secretary has now rereised the decision of the Comptroller and confirmed that of the Collector, as follows Trkasi'HT Diiartmknt, > July 31st, 1843. 5 Sir Your letter of the 20th inst., calling the attention ot the Department to the construction given to the 16th section ot the Tariff act ot 1844, respecting the deduction of two and one half per centum from the drawback to which goods, wares and merchandize, imported before the passage ef that act, were entitled, has received immediate consideration. As this was the first time the question had been presented lor my opinion, it became necessary to examine very carefully all the laws heretofore passed on the subject Having done so, the conviction of my mind was very strong, that the construction of the act heratolore made, was erroneous. Bet being un willing to reverse the decision of a predecessor, without the strongest and clearest evidence of mistake, 1 deemed it my duty to take the opinion of >ne Attorney Oeneral of the United States. That officer has examined the sub ject very tully, and with great ability, and is of opinion that the terms of the 16th section ol the act of 1842," are free trom ambiguity, and do not authorize the deduction Dy tne collectors, 01 the two and a ball per centum on the amount ot drawbacks allowed upon goods, wares and merchandize, imported before the 30th of August, 1843," and that such goodson re exportation, are entitled to the benefit of drawback as provided for by the acts of Con gress in force at the time oi the passage of the Tariff Act of 1843. Concurring entirely in this opinion, you will govern yourself accordingly, and will immediately refund to all persons who have paid the two and a half per cent,or any other sum, upon the amount ol drawback to which goods imported before Aueust 30, 1843, were entitled, the full amount so paid. Tha course to be pursued in regard to refunding in th> se cases, is to be in accordance with the provisions of the3d seclon of the civil ami diplomatic appropriation act of the 3d March, 1839, acd the regulations of the Departmeut on the sutiject. I am very respectfully, Tour obedient servant, (Signed,) J. C SPENCER, Secretary oltho Treasury. Edward Curtis, Esq. Collector of tha Customs, New York. This is just. The following are leading feature* of the Bank of Virginia :? Bank of Vibhinia July 1843, and North Wf.stern Bank. hank of Virginia. N. Western Bank. 181'. 1813. July >812. 1843. Loans, 4,878,634 4,427,044 770,641 ? Bills. 24,026 43,891 123,018 ? Storks, 706,847 714,869 33,182 24,482 Spt-cie, 893,304 710,382 166,678 124,418 Circulation, 2,479,294 2,027,421 308,980 249,828 Deposits, 633,086 808,260 167,769 ? Among our English files we find the following interesting to the United States shipping interests :? The "stiong government" has got into a new scrape with the export duty on coals. That duty is subject to various contingent modifications. The duty is 3.1. per ton for coals exported in a British skip, and 4s. per ton if exported in a foreign ship. It, however, the said foreign shin belong to a state having reciprocal treaties or duties with England, and be bound to land her cargo direct within any portion of her own reciprocating territory, the duty is only 3s. If the foreign ship, however, be bound to another foreign country, the duty is 4s .whether the port of destination tie within or without the territory ol a reciprocating country. The shippers of the United States and Russia frtqnently carry coal from E glish ports to South America, the Havanna, and other ports beyond their own territory?and in a recent instance, one ol thcie vessels, a Russian, was charged the double duty. The Commissioners of Customs decided that thedu.y of 4s must lie paid, but the Board of Trade and the Lords < the Treasury, having considered the subject, issued an nr/lar /los* i a r it at "Thai it i? contrary to the terms of tho treaty concluded between thi* country anrl Ru*tia that coal exported Irom the United Kingdom in Russian ships to foreign countries,oth< r than Rutaia, should be charged with any otheror higher duties of exportation than co.V.s similarly exported in ? British ship; liutthat, iu order to s?curethis nririlege to Russian ship*, an amendment of the existing law will be necessary." It i* further iniimated, ai it will require (ome time before the required alteration of the law can be (ubrailted to and o' tain the sanction of the Legislature, that the Treasury have directed instruction to lie issued to the officers to treat coals exported in Rnssian ships to countries other than Russian, a* well as to Russia, upon the som? footin g as coals exported in British ships to those countries. A supplementary order extends this rule to Prussian ships The treaties with Russia and Prussia stipulate that their ships shnll stand on a looting of eqtidlity with British hips. The treatitt iciih tin United Sta'ei and other countnes stipulate that their ships shall be placed "on the s^me footing with those ol the mo<>t lavored countries.and shall psy no higher duties." H nee it arisei, that the re taxation granted to Russia and Prussia must be extended to all reciprocating countries without distinction. In the meantime, the ltw, the xtatute Uw of the country, is *u? perieded by a Treasury minute, ordered to take effect in its place, until the late Customs' Duties Act can ho amended, so as to n medy the bltn.der committed by those who drew i up. The export dnty on coal has failed financially, and commercially it is universally condemned. When, then, it is found necessary to bring in a bill to alter and amend the law in regard to this obnoxious impost, which has already been found to act most oppressively on the shipping interests, and 011 the wage* ol the miners, common sense says that the proper way to deal with it, would he to repeal the export duty on coals altogether. It remains to ne seen vhetherthe minii'ry will add the Export Duty Coal Amendment Bill to their other abortive measures of this famous "do nothing" session. Thisis aninatanceof the difficulties into wkich lawyer? fall by their nnmberles* rwtrictioni on trade Like "Sancho" they fait into a " labyrinth of litis " and cannotget back to the path of honeaty and free trade. Halci at the Htork Kicliaiiijf. $3500 u States 6't, 1862 114 10 N V Insurance Co 103 13000 Ohio 6's, 1860 90)* 10 Mntlul Insurance 101 2000 do s3 90 15 Merchants' Ins 92)tf 5000 do 90U it) N II Insurance 111 2000 do ?3 noV 20 Manhattan Ins 105 looo do blO !K)V? 15 Canton Co 24?* 3000 do 119 50 do b30 24'g 2000 Ken'y 6's, 30 vrs 97 100 !fallen Hailroad bid 37 1000 do sl5 97 400 do :17 1000 do s3 97 too do b30 37 10000 Indiana Bonds 1225 do *30 36M 5000 lljinois Bonds 34 >2 150 L Island R R b20 53), 500 City 5 s, 1870 '19', .V) do b30 53,S, 75 slias V irhabunc Bk 2\ 50 do v!0 53V 113 harmer* Trust 20% 1.50 do 53* '[f 'J" "60 20'.^ 2,'i ratersou Railroad 54)? ^ 20^ 75 Htonington Hailroad 31)5 Second llonrcl 25 slias llarlrtn 11 R h30 37^ 50 Farmers' Loan s3 20), f'O do 37 50 L Island R R s30 53 100 do 36 \ 50 do b3 5J lew York Public Htork Kuhan?r. JKI00 Oov't 6's,'62 s90 113V 25 shas Canton Co.thw 2.'| 1000 do lllj^ 25 Harlem Itailmid hlfl 3fl 1000 do h20 ll4*i 25 Ho nw 4000 do 5*s 104 50 do riK 1000 do blO 104 % 75 do ;I7 1000 N York fi's, '62 b?0 10?), 175 ilo Imw 37^, ! 14000 Ohio 6's, 1860 30ds 901* 25 do bnw 37*-, 1000 do ?3 90V, 100 do blO 37& I 1000 do blO 90S '00 do blO 37V ! 8000 do s3 90_ 10 do slO 37% 1000 do 30d 90% 75 do r?H I00U do >60 8925 do 37 2000 Illinois Canal 3lH 2. do 37)? 1000 do 'l?, 2j do nw J7>? I 5000 do t4ji li'i do bnw 37X iiyw ino qoi f pqg rrt uy? ?u? r>:w WV. *?? do flil ai t>i# ?? , 17000 Illinois 6'i, in* M 233 L Uland R R MX '*>00 do 34 V 75 do b30 53 V I ?000 do MU 2? ilo 53* I 30(10 do bnw 34*2 100 do 53 V *>00 do bnw 34 V 25 do b30 53 V I 1000 do bnw 34 K 10 ili 1st Jan 53* *100 do blJ 34V 50 do *30 53 1 * 00 do bIS 34V 100 do 53 V ' 1000 do b 10 34 ^ 50 do b3A 53 V 2000 Kentucky #'? 9" 25 Catmon Railroad 55W <5 (ha* Canton Co 24\ 25 do 55*i SO do b20 25 Second Board. $1000 Illinois 6'?, 1870 34*{ 1000 Ulinoit CT ?V '?0 ^5 1000 do bnw 35 50 *ha? Patcmon RR b30 53V 1000 do :I1 V .'>0 Harlem Railroad 57 V 1000 do b20 35H 50 Canton Co blO 25 Foreign Market*. Rio db )nnilO,Jun?n, 1813 ?The recipti of Flour ince our li??t cempriae .500 hbla Haxall, ex Hannah, from Baltimore via Pernambuco ; and 400 hhi? H?xall and #00 bbl? Brandy wine, ex Isabella, fro>n Now York. Price* of thU article are well imtained.and transaction* have heen eff-oted to the extent of 3floo bbl* ?*av 1700 bbla BalUmere, ex Roanoke and IMary. at 12|1B00 r?*h, in bond, equal to $17; exported 7000 do do do at 17||;700 hhl*. Rich mond ex Hannah and Operate Gardner, at 10fland ftOO hbU ex Isabella at 1711500 cash, equal to I8I|7.50. The stock in all handi in animated at 28.000 hbla., of which 2000 hbla. are Richmond and 2000 bbli Baltimore, remain : in first hands. At Bueno* Ayre* on the 3d init. Flour waa minted at 0 ' patacoon*, nominal. StNtn hhU. had arrived aince the lent | RdinisKion, and no pronprct of a fuither opening until j September. At Montevideo on the (Jth inatan*, owing to heavy rt- I ceipta, Flour was dull of tale, at $12, to net $7f Mpnnlah. I Prirea of coffee remain the same, gay for inp?r>or SfltOO a 1 Q||<W); good fir?t?S||lon a The ararclty of *tnpli * make our dealers firm, m>twith?tandie? the late discouraging advice* from ITnrope and ynnr quarter Died. On Saturday morning. Auk. ft'h. John Lswfois, hoot maker, a native oi Scotland, aged 44 year*. The funeral will take place thia (Sunday) afternoon, at 4 o'clock, from hi* late reaidence, a-2 Varick, corner of Grand at- The fricndi of the family are reipnctfulljr in vited to attend. Paiirnneri Arrived. AwTwrHP?Ship Sarah Sheaf? Leonard Su?*el, Lewis S11. (tael, Francis Sugael, Ursilla Sitsjael, Nancy Siiicael?100 in the steerage. Bf.rmup*?Schr United States?F. Godet, A B. Oodet, H. Oodet. C. S. Lines, Marearet Ruvell, Jane Tuplin, Susan Darrell, N. Darreli, E. Signdurn, E. 'ones. C. Tones, Mis* B. Huter, C. Greeley, F. Jackson, S. Allen, W. Fales. Foreign Importation*. Antwkhp?Ship Sarah Sheaf?in casks lu McCall?(4 casks 10 cases wine 20,250 pitchers Herding It Kunkelmann?5 pkgs md?e Kessler & co?5 case* IH cask* mdse 10 em? stone* H Wiener?7 whetstones J Kavser?14 Cases wine I do mdse 1 china ornament to order Rto .!avflnn?Ship Henry Tnke?(Reported yesterday)?14 hales wool I cask seal skins 11S hales fl ix 9 cks lime juice 11 do gum 13 hales whalebone IW bacs coffee Burr Si Smith, Warren ?)0 do J WaUon?OIK do 199 bbls oil Lawrence St Minor, New London?139 bags coffee White. Stevens Si co, Philadelphia?52 do E J, Mi*. New Haven?101 do W C Atwater?310 do 4 bbls seal skins Pinckney Si Smith, New London. marseh.i.r*?Barque Weskeag?300 bxs lemons S Broom? 300 do soap Dutilh 8c Consenary?4 pkgs silk A Si E A Randell, Boston?2 do Shaw. Blake Si co. do?100 bxs soap C H Schneider?300 do f> cks cream tartar 309 hkts oil E Grnnsefte?075 do Mason Si Thompson?75 A J Ott Mourate?159 O Wheelwright ?5 O W Churchman?" ' ' F.nien putsch?000 do OS cks mdse 1'> bales 100 hx? P A Breithaupt?17 hales A Loubat?2 pkgs H Williams Si co?I I R St Felix?It A Caselli?1 do 21 bxs silk I bdl I A Voisin?95 bxs lemons 2 cks verdigris 2 do cream tartar 31 hales 4 cks 3 cases Fitch Si co?2 cks almonds 20 bxs wine 75 do oil 34 pkgs 1 box joap J L Gaulin?fiOO do 6 bxs mdse 12 stone flowerpots.! Mitchell?I bales corks J Angus, Philadelphia? 200 bales Pillot Si Le Barbier?1 bskt K A Belknap, Boston?2 L Penney?100 bxs soap 150 bkts oil 40 bales 2 cks I bbls 4 pkgs to order. Matawzas?Barque Isadore?(Reported yesterday)?153 bxs sugar T) Curtis?32 luls do Howlaud Si Aspinwall?124 do Spofford, Tileston 8i co?146 cks molasses 3 do honey A bbls sugar F G Thurston. MARITIME HERALD. Ml)Ip Waaler* and Agents. We shall esteem it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give to Commodore Robert Sii.vey, of our News Fleet, a Report of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, flie Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and any Foreign Newspapers or News they may have. He will board them immediately on their arrival. Agents and Cotrespondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will he thankfully received. PORT OF JfEW YORK, AUGUST O. ion risks 5 2 I moo!* sets I 10 ?l!N sets 7 8 I RIOH water 4 47 Cleared. Ships Independence. Nye, Liverpool, Grinnell, Minturn Si Co.?Baroue Elvira, Graves, Gibraltar, Howes, Godfrey 8i Robinson ?Brigs Savannah, Smith, Savannah, Sturges 8i Clearman; Tybee. McCormick, Charleston, Geo. Bnlkley; Tarquina, Ludlam, Richmond, Thompson Si Adams: Eagle, Fullerton, Portland.?Schrs T. R. Betton, Travis, Baltimore, A. B. Coolev Si Co; Roe, Snedicor, do, .lohnson SiLowden: J. B. Moreau, Voorhea. Fredericksburg, A. B. Coolev Si Co: Jas. 8i Samuel, Somers, Richmond. Monevbam Si Beers: Admiral Colpoys, (Br) Smith, Barbadoes, Middleton Si Co. Arrived. Ship Delia Walker, Condry. (of Newbnryport) from Liver pooi, .nine in, wun mnse, to master. Ship Monument, Marshall, 30 day* from Glasgow, with md??, to NetnHh, Lwdi 8c Co. Ship Sarah Sheaf, Gray, 40 days from lAntwerp, with mdse, to Geo. V. Gerding Ship Marianna, Phillip*, 10 (layj from Hamburg, in ballast, to Post 8c Phillips. Barque Weskeag. Spaulding, (of Thomaston) 51 days from Marseilles, and Gibraltar 35 days, with mdse, to S. Broom ? Passed Gibraltar July 1, in co. with brig Albano, Buxton, for Camden, Me. British brig Charlotte Ann, Vroom, 20 davs from St. Kitts, with 1113 bnshels salt to J II Braine. Sailed in co. with brig | Woodbine, for Varmonth, V. S. i Briii Washington. Sargeant, IB davs from St. Johns, P. R., with 86 hhds sngar 55 do molasses to Thompson 8c Adams.? 1 Vessels left before reported. Brig Diploma, Fly, 15 day* from St. Johns, P. R., with 188 hhds sngar 60 casks molasses to J. B. Lasala. British brig Leone Liswell, 16 days from Windsor, N. S.t via New Haven, in ballast, to master. British briir Lilly, Stevens. 20 days from St. Johns, N. F., in ballast, to Siffkin, Ironsides & Co. *** Rrig Gen. Siark, Langthorn, 8 days from Maiagandari, N. S. with lumber, to R. S. Tucker. Brie Apphia. Means, 10 days from Lubec, with plaster, to the mister. SchT United States, Moore, 90 hours 'from Bermuda, with specie, to W. A. F. Davenport. Rrlow. One barque, two brigs, unknown. Wind NF? IlernId Marine rorreipondence. Ornc.r. op thi Hhodi; In .aider, ) Nrwrnsr, Am; 4. 1843. S Arr 3d Midas, Dennis, and Mo?e* F.ddv, Blrsen. Providence for New York. Passed up, Algonquin, New Orleans for Providence. Anr 4th, Poland, Smith, New York; Gov. Ilopkim, Monroe, Bristol for Havana; Wm Thompson, Stewart, Fall River for Philadelphia. Sid Midas, ami Slose* F.ddy, N York. Qrnernl Kcrord. Packkt ship IrorprsDtucr, Nve, for Liverpool, will sai to-morrow at It o'clock. Her letter bags close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange, at half-past II. SrtiR \tla\tic, McFarlaiid, from Philadelphia for Barbadoes, with a cargo of flour and corn, went ashore on the point of the Cape, neir the beacon light She missed stavs and before thev roil Id |M hi* il"'iir iblltlMk, She sprung a leak and the Water is up to the cabin floor. ConrrssioN.? Capt. Stubbs, of the Saldana, st Baltimore from Rio Janeiro, reports?On the night of the 1st inst while heating into the t'apes, weather thick and rainv, came in contact with hriir Hannah, from Rio hound to Baltimore, and carried awav jibhooms. bobstav. started cutwater, and stove the head. T1 II him iIi In.t mains iil quarter sail, and other damage not known, blowing fresh at the time. Si hh Fani v, of 84 tons burthen, sold at Roston the 4th inst. for $2,125. She was pilot boat built, and a fast sailer. SrHRs Ohio and Sarah Ann.?The following are the names of the schrs Ohio and Sarah Ann. who were lost by the wreck of the Ohio, on Gammy Shoals. F. uit coast of Pataironia, Dec 7, 1812:?Peter Powers, seaman, of the Sarah Ann; James Sherman and Thos. Brennaid, seamen, and F.dw. Lanson, cook, of rhe Ohio. Thomas Ogilvy wss killed two days after in an orchard at Rio Negro, bv a negro slave. As the Sarah'Ann was at Rio Janeiro June I.'), we infer that she got ashore first, and her offcers and crew left her and went on board the Ohio, and that after the 0. waa wrecked, the Sarah Ann was got oft and repaired. Commfiics: or Liv? Rroot ?For the quarter just ended:?Of vessels reported inwards from foreign parts there were 1.22?, against I,111 for the corresponding quarter of I8i2, and against 1,081 for the same quarter of 1811; of vessels cleared outwards, from foreign parts there were 1.226, airainst 1,071 for the corresponding quarter of 1842, and against 1.094 for the same quarter of 1311. Marintr's Wanr.s. Phm-admi-hm?With Small StoresWest Indies ?id South \merica. $12 a 13; Fast Indies, $11; Coasting, $13 a 14; Europe, $11 a 15. Whalrmtn. Sailed from New London 4th inst. Lowell, Benjamin, NW Coast At Hio Janeiro June 28 Crescent, Roys, from New Zealand for New York; Harvest, FH. oil not stated. At Otaheite April 11, Wm Penn, of Falmouth; Candace, N. London: Good Return, New Bedford?the G. R. lost fore and main topmasts and head of mizen mast, in a heavy squall, lat 30 S. Ion 1.54 W?oil no?i Spoken?Dec. 32. no I , i ? >|ii i 13 days sail of N. South Wales) ( anton Pack' N i! I" in ' >. 100 spm; March 21, off Oahn. York, Kdgart. . I . i:ioi, |:rei wh 700 sp; 30th, North America, Warren, 3'" Mpoken. Concord, of Boston, 9 days from Havana, \tig. 2, lat. 35 54, Ion 68 30?bv the United States, at this port. Jane, of Greenock. Havana for Trirate. out 10 days, Jnlv 26, lat 30 34 N, Ion 71 to W, all well?by the H H. Cole, at Baltimore. Rhode Island, of Providence, Mobile for f Jenoa, no date, fcc. given. A British steering to the westward, was seen 1st inst. on George* Shoals, and si* hours afterwards another British steam er, steering to the eastward?by the Weskeag, at this port. Klahcrmcn Herald, of and from Plymouth, Ma*s for the Grand IBsnkt. spoken 30th nit. lat 42 56, Ion 64 25 Foreign Porta. Matanzas, July 21?In port, Paragon. Cnrtis,'for Amsterdam, unc; Camera. Whitney, for Hamburg; Ontario. Hart; Cy. bele, Kdwards, and Motto, Williams, for Portland, ilisg; Agawam, for NVork, do, and others reported later, Sid Orb, for Portland; Tartar, Smith, Cowes (and was parted with 29th off Hatteras.) St. Johns, P. R., July 20?In port, I,nc>;, unc; Richmond, 1 Barron, from I harleston, via St. Thomas, just arrived, Water ?? lint, mi r?%. i iiuiihu, /sikiiis, iinr; freeman, Coffin, discharging. M Thimimh i>? i ma..July 12 In port, r ranklin, Tracer, for > Boston, Id*; / iid.i, Cunningham, and Calcutta, Park, both for 1 do.Idtf. St.Thow%ii, July IB?In port. Hope, Short, from Barha- ! doea, unc. jutt Mentor, Trefethen, for Bonaire, unc; ( aaket, Heed, from Baltimore, aisg; K I). Wolfe. Kenton, ' Madeira. do; Man Hill. McOilvery, Martinique, do; Trio, | { Dome, for Turk* Island, unc; Waccamaw, Vincent, for lee- . ward, tame da v. Sid tttli, Panfhea, Meulthorp, St. Martins, to | load salt; Samuel, Fork. Bonaire; IRth. Moiey, Spear. Wil- \ mington, NC. i pmiumrijco, lun? i}-an Plutarch, Tighlman, Philadel* r phia. Touched 1Mb. Poultntf, Mouatt, from Baltimore, and ^ sailed aanie day for Hio Janeiro. A Arcatv. Brazil, previous to Jnne 1?Arr Naumkeag, Town#, t Salein. , % Hio Ja*mho, June 23?In port, Lucy r enniman. Keller, for * Fast Coax! of Africa, reads; Porpoise, Lihltey, for West Coast 1 of Africa. Idg*, Curtis, Dennett. Kirope, do; Hone, Driflfoll, i disg; Napoleon, Chesehrough, for Baltimore, ith July; Duan, 4 Foster, for Africa, waiting carlo; IsaU'lU, l?owell, Naw York, j ? soon, Bosario, Taylor, from Africa, repg; Sarah, ( hase, told; 1* 8 ship Columbia, Com. Shnbnck, L. S. corvette Vork* f town, Nicholls, from the Pacific, to sail for New York 97th.? a Two Fnglish bar*|ues belonfini to Captain Hoat's evploruiK ^ tquadron. arrived IRth. hound home In |?ort 99th. Zotoff. > ( roaa, from ltichmond. Montevideo, Riddel I, Naw Vork, ami Dthara as above. t- u V*i.r??Ai?o, M*v !?In port, Conuimbo, arri??<l a frw davt I Philip Hnw, for home, early in May; April 29, ' New- i jurvport,' from N*w York. Oaiu', March 10?Arr JMirinK, Snow. Bottou; |14th, D'> t [Jnitottc, ; T.ima. from Anqniqu*. A Qt-m?:C. Ant. I?Arr F.llrr*|i?v H^rv?V. l,i??n?ool; Huror, i SiMiiaon, Belft*'. fill .Inlv 11. BlaW*. Fraanr. Ln?rpoo'| Blondi*, '"nwfnrd, Qlaafow; Veptun*, LamWrt, anil Fmnci?, Ray, Ncweaitlif.nkr Fort*. Bt'r?*i.o, Atlir. 3? At T?0(.I<v Mountain fnrtii, DffToi'i Virginia, Pninln., ami Shepparil, Oiiraeo anil St. \ > Ioan<h , ' Cl rvti.avrt. Ohio, .Inlv 11?Arr Vt, Film's Mrlfintv; ' . 'I TVmrnr. "ichariUrtn: O I?irlitnoml HorrliMfpr: Oa7*tfi?. Mi nort Buffalo, Tvler; f'leireisnd f.vnm; Huron, Conolly; ^ . ^ <) Bneknor, Davison; H,.f?#.r TVmirlr; Whif, P*r% i?; l'p*m intjfon, Anderson: V (J. Mnrrirk. Miner; Toy, Liryi H. r Constitution. W%iiet v*1 T^in. H^wkim, * Buffalo: L?dv Wnshinirton, Henderson; Biliimore, Sprwu^, C Crooks. T. Ooler, Co1I?m, -* ?<! .! Louisa, Fowvth; Oawwro rid Rurli"L'toM. Hi?ns: M Frrmi, MnTinlv; Afi' , hnfu. Orav; Rfioto, Oip'les: If. Runii, Fisk;.?. On'*t, Malliu; , ? Col Benton. Perkins; North Amerirs, r?IUnd: TipWtnor, Fallows; M rrevolin rsldwell. T??tis, Hawk'-'s: Amnion, ' S. Oirard, Mr Anlfv: II. \innworth, Pheatt, and N * Biddlf, Hanrinirtou. Buffalo; Tom rorwin, IiS*ournne, Black **iv#?r; Moms it F.Iim, Bipson; C. Dominic. Richmond, and J. ( D. Betuprie, Taylor, 0<w^o. . Home Portn. , Ka?tfo*t. July 17-Sld Mnrtha Wmliinrton, Barbados; , 31st, Salem, (from falai*} Barhidoti; lole, ana Only Daughter, ? NVork, Bri rAiT, Me., July 28?Arr Columbia, Fnstport for Pbila? dtl phia. rAMDr.w, July 27?A rr Tho*. P. Hurt. Boston. I THOM??tn?i, An?. 1?TM F.rho, P obi n son, Norfolk. Hid .Tulv 2*>. Tom Paine, Anderson, Vorfolk; 20th, T<ncinda Snow, F^l^, do. : 1 Bof?To?ft Aiisr. 4?Arr IT S. sloon of war Boston, fjonir, F.a?t Tnilijn snd Pacific Ocean, via Hio Janeiro: Kllima Isadora, Hallett Tarsns, A?ia Minor?f*>e K. I. i? the second Atwriesn I

essel that baa ever vi*i?e<l Tarsus; TTndine, Du*bnrv; Homrr, < Drinkwster, PR, O-irlsnd, *"lis?ons, Virginia, rid I Mirv fc ?iisin MVekt \Vw Orleans: Porto ^ieo, Otsv, Phils- 1 delphis; P?en*i, Fetse^den, Hav*n?: \V*n Hart, Norton, Wil- 1 i min^ton, D#?|; Splendid, Prowell Work. > Hot str.s Hoi.*:, Auvj. 4?An Milton, York, Trinidad, Cubs, i Aw Vrw Rrnronn An*. S? Arr Alexr Mitchell, Hippican for j Philadelphia. Sid F.llen Rodmac, and Neptune, New York; : ( Adelaide, Mbu Pnov?nr*rrr, Amr 1?Arr Adams, Nickerson. Philadelphia; ^nw?, Swiff, and Velocity, Smith. Hondout: Smith Darling, 1 Brown, do fur Pnwtucket. Sailed. wind N W. to SW. light, I .!n?n J. de Cirtasena. teller. Machiaa (or Philadelphia); Oem# Dtshrow, Albany; Midas. T>ei?ni*. and Moses Fddy, Bliven, NVork. BeiiTOT, Aucr. 2?Arr Ann A Parker. BritHtmin, Philadelphia: Ariel, Tuttle. do. Sid Amity. Ash, NVork; Id, Got. Hopkins, Mnnro, Havana. WsnTronn, An? *>?Arr John F. Crouch. Tomlin, Philadelphia : 3d, T.eandor, Ely, and Merchant, Mills, NYork; Pheni*, White. Albany. A' n*w. Aug. -I?Arr F.lir.aheth, Woyt, New Haven. Sid Amanda. N;el<??n*nn; Henrv Cnrtiv Hallett; Norwich. Crosby. 1 and Two Brother*. Oood?po#J, Boston; Albany, Oibbs, and John, Bnrroucha, Providence Ph?? aofi pmu, Ansr V? Arr Oerm, Lincoln, Fsstport: Tangier. Parks; TTero. Curtis. a*d Tame* Barbour, Bangs, Providence; Francis D. Decker. Smith, and Columbia. Hoover. Vew Vork; Tvanhoe, Post, Newhun'oott rid Republican, Troy, N. V.: Palestine, Stevenson. v*d Monl'or. Be?se Boston: Bet- ' sev Vichnrds, Bndlev. Wickford, 1 1 J. Lvhrand. Nichol son. Providence*. Francis A Seward. Boss, and Superb. Lomhiril, NYork Arr st the Phil"?delnhia and Beading Bailroad Wharves, Richmond? An* *>, Cinderella. Burgess, and Wave, Crowell, Boston; Motto, Orient. L T. Bai.t 1 v?pk, Aug I?Arr Solomon Salrus Oray, NOrlaans; Johanna, f Bremen) ^tensing, New Vork; Saldana. Stuhbs, Bio Janeiro; Demerar*. Bl*nchard, St Thomas: Draco. Se*?rs, and Chickasaw, K>ndr?ck. Boston; H Tf. Cole. Boyce, Sr Martins vi* St Thomas; Warren, T?teomh, Portland CM L*dv Arabella, Bimpson. Rotterdam; Nimble, Ferrell, l*io Janeiro and a mkt; Sallv Ann. Pattison. Barhadoes and a mkt; F|i7% Jine, Mavo, Boston via Bappahaunock. Bid F.dwina, ^rest, Marseilles: Susan, Lauderman, Montevideo; Fame, (Br) Webb, B?rbadoes. m printers FOB SALF?A Fount of Minion and Nonnereil, which has been used 011 the New York Herald. Apply at this office. auft tf I LOST?On the evening of August the Alhambra, or in j pass!ng along Broadway, an opal ring, plainly net, with name* eBfCITtd on the inside It is much more valuable to the loser than it can be to anv other person. A liberil reward will he given by leaving it at 174 Greenwich st. comer of Dey sf. anS 3t*i ALT PF.BSONS having left property at 126 Pearl street, are requested to fetch ihe same away within 21 davs of this elite, or they will he told at public auction to defray the expenses that is incurred on them. an 6 !f . J \MF.s FOWLER. REPF \!.' BRPE A L! - A mntinc of tfw United IriiH p^nl A**ori*rion of the city of New York will he held at Washington Hill, on Monday evening, the 7th in?tant, at 8 j o'clock. Let there be another grand rally of Rejw?aler? to hear ; the cheering news from Trelvd. a/> 2t*ec BARTHOLOMEW OTONNOH, Sec, MONF.V TO LF VT>. Abraham j. .i.u'ksov, pawnbroker, No. m Reade street. neir Broadway, loan* money in I a riff or small iiimv as may be required, on watches, jewelry, silver ware, dry Roods, wearing apparel, and personal property of everv description. iv3(l lm*r CROTON BATHS pORNF.R of Fast Bfondwsy and Catherine streets ?Priee V/ reduced to one shilling ?This expedient course renders this Bathing House superior in its inducements to any in the city. It is furnished with lead tubs. which do not transmit disease. Ladies' Bath, No. IB F.ast Broadway, next door. Price alto reduced. at 3t*r RTTTTONS. PATENT AGATE BUTTON DF.POT, Patfhsov Nf.w .Ifhsev. thos prossf.r, jy251m*r Patentee. | portuguese female ptlls. THESE far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are j we perceive, to be obtained in this country. See advertisement on the last column, fourth page. COAL, COAL?Peach Orchard Red Ash Coal. first quality, I will he sold hy the subscriber at the following low prices for cash: Fresh broken and egg. from lump in the yard, screen- j i d, and delivered to any part of the city at >5 per ton; store >1- j 75; large nut $1.50; 21 cejits per ton less will be charged if taken [ from the boat?weight and quality warranted. PF.TF.R CM\1 TON, iy 2 2m*r 574 Greenwich, corner of King it. ] P L MT'NOS, Importer and Dealer in the best Havana I Segars. respectfully invites his friends and the public in t reneral. particularly the Judges of the article, to call at the j ltore 34 Bowery, figure of the Indian Chief at the door holding f the sign in his hand. He has received hy the late arrivals a < handsome, supply of the best flavored Segars, equal to any in the city, if not superior. The above store will be open from fi A. M. to II o'clock, P. l M. jy?2 Im'r \ t). m. peyser, <te co., 'M'O. 110 William street, corner of John street, and 437 Broad- i * wav have received, by recent arrivals an extensive supply ' of the following FANCY GOODS which were curefuVIv <e- \ lected bv a com|>etent iierson at Paris. Berlin. Stc . and which j they offer for sale, in wholesale and retail, on liberal terms, ' vi?.:? Berlin Zephyr and German Wonted?the most complete ir ! 1 tortn'ent. Berlin F.mbroiderv Patterns?a choice selection. I ' Canvass for Fmbroidery. of cotton, worsted, linen, silk, gold and silver, of all widths a"d qualities. Silk''henille, for embroidery, trimmi n^ and flower making. \ Purse Twist, German French and English, plain and shaded, j in skeins, sticks, and on spools. Floss Silk for Embroidery and Fringe makers, in skeins and on spools. Suspenders, Isuperbly embroidered, and Suspender Trim-j mine*. (roll!, Silvr and Steel Beads, in ill Nos. Mother of Pearl. (Jold, Silver and Steel Purse Ornaments. Oold and Silver Fringe, Braid, Cord, Twist, Thread and | Tawl*, Embroidery Frames, and a variety of different Vancy Article* Artificial Flowers?a choice selection. Frinses, of cotton. worsted and silk, imported and domeatic ! Gimps, Tassels, Buttons and all other kind of trimming. jy 17 3ro*ec I Hardware, cut nails he.? 2..W kegs Cut Nails. 3d to lftd. ifl bag* fine Wrought Nails, t>, 8. 10 and I2d. 5 casks low priced Table ( ntlery complete assortment I 3 do do hind and nannel Saw?. "i do! warranted Sheffield Anvils and Vices, ass'd. 1 1ft tons do Steel and Broad Bars t Also, Norfolk latches, bed ?crew?, round bolts, iron candle, ticks, plain, split and ribbed percussion caps. Sir. Ike. For tale at low prices, on the usual credi|?, by JOHtf A. NEWBOULD, al Sti?*r Oil ?ohn itreet. pKNTLKMKN AND I.xniVS" J.KFT-OFF HMtP"2"R0BF. ?.Gentlemen or familie? desirous of converting their , { left off wearing apparel into cash, can obtain for the same the | highest cash price. To families and gentlemen quitting the citv, or changing resi- ! j dence, having iny superfluous effects to dispose of, will find it much to their advantage to semi for the subscriber, who will at- < tend them at their residence bv appointment. H LEVETT. No. B John ?t. and 144 Varick st, New > ork. j A line through the post office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention. Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired. jy7 lm*ec MONTHLY REPORT OF THE Njr.w VORK MEDICAL A\r? ^TTWO'CAL TN3TITUTF, Vo street CASES SUCCESSFCLLV TREATED. 3 Seminal Weakness 2 Enlargement of the Heart 2 Inability to hold the tTrin 3 Midwifery. , 1 Inflammation of the Bladder 4 Secondary Syphilis. ! Mats 9 Primary Syphilis. 4 Inflammation of the Eve*. II Ornorrh*a. 2 Cbolera Morbu*. .1 Gleet. 2 I'lcerated Breasts. 2 Onarism, two tinder treat3 Fluor Albtta ment, doing well 4 Clcers about the neck of the fi Buboes, by an improved 1 womh method of treatment. 1 1 Sore Nipples. 4 Rheumatism, acute. I < 2 Falling of the womb. 2 Scrofula. 1 Purulent discharge from the 4 Cutaneous F.ruptions. i ear of a young lady of 1 Delirium Tremens.' J eight \ Mrs standing. I Croup, child. I 1 Enlarged Liver. 2 Dyspepsia. SCROICAL OPER ATIONS. fi H'-rmoorhoidal Tumors re- 1 Cancer of Breast removed, moved from a ladv who I Adipose Tumor removed had been a sufferer twelve from the face. , years, and has resulted in 2 Urinary Fistula.' a |?-rlect cure. 1 Tumor removed from the 1 t'i.H.U in a ? ul 3 Abcesses in the Amu. 1 Fracture of the Arm. 5 Stricture in Urethra. 2 Injuries of the He*(I. 2 Inflamed Teaticle. 1 Hare lip. | i I Hydrocele, I Contraction of knee joint, i , DR H BOSTWIf'K, Attending Surgeon and Physician. C. McMANUS, * Apothecary una Secretary. M imec """ t,A PAR LOR k BED ROOM TO LFT.-Piwuanily ! situated in Robinson street near Barclay, in a private family. Would I* let. with or without board, to^two f m'li, or i lady and gentleman. Kor terms apply at No 40 ' ftobinson ?treet. a 3 Sir I 0 tTO LET?A Urge, handsome Hunw, No. S7 Hudson < street, with or without an id.iojuing store or office. I Alto. < small House and more No.30 Hmlson street.? j moderate. Apply No. 21 (Imlaon street. anS fit* r FOR HALF, OR KXCHANOK FOR C1TV PRO- i PKRTV?A small Farm of about sixteen acre*, in the highest state of cultivation, sitmteil hut five in ilea from iboken Ferry, leading to th<* city of New York. This iroperty has on it an earcllent 2J{ ?torv dwelling House, 35 iv built in the moat approved style of the (Mute, with out- ; niildings and ill other conveniences to make it suitable for a [ rarleamail's residence wishing to retire from the hustle of the ity, ami vet he alile within tn honr'a drive to visit hi* counting MM MlWOriMpiM IM IMM iiikIh nil monrioji -It in I so suitable to the market Gardner or small farmer, at the same line taking boarder* fiom the city. But above all thin, ihat a situition for \ rotd aide tavern.which it has been known a the St. John's Hall. Iwing situited between Hohoken and 1 ii keiiMck, embracing tlie whole of that great trafic that pnaaea ft hose places to the interior ol both those States, New \ ork nil Ni'w lersei The saul Farm w ill be sold cheap, the precut proprietor having business in Kngland. V it TU,? .k.?o .. f.~ -I? r Ire arm of buckwhmt; quantity of'young Inm trew, lie., II in \ flouriahiuK condition. Application to I* mad* to Mr. i r> ?\l, Mr DON NT. LL, Auctioneer, 171 Chatham ?trwt. New u r'orfc. 2 r M ' in hmI >rtHHi < ( tl?' |niri'li??'4m<> i -v4 ,u ii r? V M1H.OU buud auil U?jrl4(4?a. tub lin*?u | ? AtTCTTON SAT.ES THOMAS BELL. AnctimtMr. BV BF.LL k HOWARD (Stores No. 22 Ann an 1115 FxJton ttfteU ) MONDAY. \t I0K o'clock i?i tS# **!*? room. F,*tw *%l? of <?l**%iit and Mliiihw honi^hoin fqpwni*, Dv Irtuo oft vnortrur*, compri?in? ^nfirw ho?iv?K**pinf %riclc? ami mr^rior cnt?in#f fun i fur* of a |iw'?l fimijv, parlor, rawing room* and *v?<! room*, kitchen Btfiiili. china. fl*w ml plated war?, looking ft MM, CQrtlini, and a rot^woou piano on*. Mao. a lire* and additional lot of rholca fnmitn^, tn*. pro?rtv of a gentleman leaving tHu citv, forming * moit riaiiraDle ariety, Including another mano fort*. TUESDAY. At Ift*^ o'clock. at the auction room. Regular, evtensivo and Taliiabla ?al? of rich itipli dry |MM AI?o. London clotha, c vwimerca, ^ trunk* clothing, l fari?tjr of pledgad ttooda, icw*lry. watch**, book*, vancti**, THTTB8DAY. A t 10^ o'clock ?n the room. >v ckmIwoi. Thin tale will commris* truly superior warrantmI piano forte*, and m choir* a collection of original ancient ind modem iwiintinir* as any in the city A mon particular <leicription will appear on Tuiltir momini;. t'ataloijne* in time. The paintings, fcc, can he seen on Tn?sday. The public mav he assured the tale will take placa^rxin t or ihine, and be peremptory for"sXle at public "auction TIIK. KAIIWAY MWITFACTUKINO ( O will mII at , public Auction, on |7th August, at their Print Work*, in Railway, N. J., all the machinery, and moveable property of lie company. consisting of priMinff and engraving machine*, allenders, copper cylinders, dye coppers, dying and blenching ! ip(?ratui, steam boilers, steam engine, 25 horse power with 4 toilers, 2 fire entities, 2 patent balances, iron saf*, hydraulic ind common preas, larye and small slide lathe, with complete let of turning and boring, nnd blacksmith's tools, an assortinent of imported steel, and new and old iron, a quantity of irtlgs suitanle for calico orint?rs and dyers, tuba, casks and Ian:'cisterns, stoves, tables, benches, flic. Catalogues of which may be had on application-to'Mr. Philip rrussler, at the Print Works, or of ?U FKRUUHONHtrVVALKKR, ivl9 lm?r SI William street. BEACONICOITRSE?TROTTING. j-OREATEST SPORT'OK I'M . SEVSOM On'Monday, August 14th, lft 13, at three o'clock precitely, a match lor SIMM, between H. WoodrulTa bl. n. Cottage Boy and Wm. Wheelan's li. m. Fashion. Two mile he.ats in harMM, At 4 o'clock precisely, a Purse of $20<l, for which are en lewd and will positively start, the two Champions of the World, Lady Suffolk and Oneida Chief-Tliiw mile heata under the saddle. K'7? Oreat excitement already eiiista in the (porting circle* in regard to this Race. Lady Suffolk having in her late trots made the best time on record, at mile heats, and Oneida Chiel being known to be the best pacer in the world, beu are freely offered that the celebrated Dutchman^ lime, 7 321^, three miles, made mi this Course in IR40, will lie, as the Kditors of the Spirit of the Time* would uf, "knock'd into fits." __u5 U(*r w DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, AH Sic ? Persons about remitting money to their friends in the " old country," can he supplied with Drafta, in mms of I, 2, 3, 5, 10. fc XiO, or any amount, payable on demand without discount or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs. lame* Bult, Son Si Co., Bankers. London, I. Barned Si Co., Kvchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool, F.astern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Wm. Forbea Hunter Sc Oo.( Scotland, and the hranches in every post town throughout hngland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, w hich drafts will be forwarded by the slenmcra Great Western or Hibernia, hy W Si J. T. TAP8COTT, At their General Passage Officc, 43 Peck Slip, corner South it. N. B.?All letters from the country must coine post paid. J>llr ? ? DRAFTS ON RNOLAND 1RFLAND Str - which can In- sent by tlie steamship A^l-A DIA, sailing from Boston on the Ifitn Wt have at nil times for sale Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin. Alio, on Messrs Prescott, Grote, Ames Si Co.. Ranken, London, which an- paid free of risk or any charge whatever in every Province and Comity, besides all the inland tow us throughout England, Ireland. Scotland and Wales, thereby answering the same purpose is Bank of England Notes. Apply to or address, if by letter, (post Paid J ROCHE, BROTHERS k CO., 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Rank. P. S.?R. B. 81 Co., have a regular succession of first class ships jailing weekly from Li verpool. Those sending for their relative* will find it their interest to have them brought out through us. One of our firm, Mr. .lames D. Roche, is there to forward passenger* with oare and despatch. For passage apply as above, or to JAMES D. ROCHE, U Ooree Piarias, auSr Liverpool. INDEPENDENT RE( JUL All OPPOSIg.^T*.C5?T10N NIOHT LINE FOR ALBANY ** -9 *vn TROY.?THROUGH D|REf'T WITHOUT LANDING?The commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Contain 0. House, will leave New York, from the foot of Barclay street, on Thursday, the 3d instant, at 5 o'clock, P. M., arriving at Albany and Troy in time for the cars going west. Regular Days?Leaves New York every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at S o'clock. Leaves Troy and Albany even' Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoon. ? Freight taken at reduced rates. Apply on hoard P. S. The above boat has undergone a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. -**?a2 lm*y .MM jg?t ' NTrMO\7)>oT Y-FA R E REDU< ED. Indep-ndent Opposition Line for Albany The new and commodious steamboat NEW JERSEY.' apt. R. II. Furev, will leave the foot of Barclay street. New Yorlt, very Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, at 7 o'clock. For freight or passage apply on Hoard. Freight taken less ban tow boat prices. The New Jersey is furnished with elegant state rooms, and or speed and accommodation is not surpassed by any steamboat in the Hudson river. j 17 an SEVEN O'CLOCK MORNING LINE BJT5*Vg?FOR ALRANY TROY, and intermediate ^ * 1 ?I:-.??From the steamboat pier, at the oot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Dinner on board Leaves New York?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday ind Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, it 7 A. M. Landing at?Caldwell's, West Point. Newbnreh. Hamilton, Ponghkeepsie. Hyde Pirk. Uhinebeck, U. Red Hook Bristol, r.f.kill. Hudson. Cotssckie and Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer EMPIRE, f'apfain S. R. Roe, [ 5ii Monday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug 7. The new low pressure steamer T'tO", Captain A. Oorham , I an Tuesday, at 6 o'clock in the miming, * ug B. For passage, apply at the office, foot of Barclay street, or on I hoard Notice?All Goods, Freight Ragtraire Bank Bills. Specie, or any other kind of Property, take i, shipped, or pat on noird I the Boats of this Line,must he at the risk of the owners of such | goods tufi '2tr .MM -a* EX< UBMON OP PLF V8URE?TO AT~?fctJ?3?MAi:KINAW GREEN RAY. N.c ?Fare IK iv" the entire trip S2t ?The new splendid and i commodious low pressure steamboat INDI \N \. Captain J T. Pheatt. will leave Buffalo for Mackinaw, Sault St. Marie, foot of Lske Superior. Green Biv, and fnd am Settlements, on Saturdav, August 12, at 10 A. M. The Indiana is anew and commodious hoit, having an upper cabin of 130 state rooms, and will he fitted etpresslv for the occasion, and no pains will be spared to render the trip pleasant and agreeihle A good hand of music will iccompanv the excursion State rooms or berths may be secured by applying to the captain on board. a.1 ,'it*re I!Of KAW \ V A ND NEW YORK STAGE?Will run as follows on and after r..l,, 11.1, ..... I I,.,. ,,. ,,04 \1 for Nrw VcJrlc.r*?fur?iinii Fmv* th* Wur^rly Hnnv BronJ. ivav, at 3^ T NT for Fnrlnwuv. hv wnv of **?? rFVrrv l'"?vinK their nam^ it 340 P#?irl w?|l K* nunc-, iwllv eiilN for hv HENRY CO.VfLIV, n '. I in r hujwlmit. NEW YORK * BOHTO.V jK fOTJND PILOT rjWF.N PRF.SPOTT, Pilots, >>r takes charge a? matter and pilot of vnv>U hound to New Bedford, over Nantucket I Shoals. Boston, Portsmouth. Portland. Kennebeck. and OTH '.R PORTS. Office at FryefcSh?w'? Nautical more. 222 IVater street corner Bwlinwn. Rffrrrnw to a number of merhants. and the several Insurance Companies in this citv, Bos- j on . and Portland. jyU lmi*r ! MJ- REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, fce.-Tfci ' InHl^Vsubscriher continues to tran?mit money in sums larfe Wi urlKV, .1 small, to petions residing in anv part of of Ireland >1 the same manner a* n?. and hi* predece**or in buiinc** have lone for the last thirty year* and more ; alio, to any part of Rutland, or Scotland Monev remitted hv letter (post oaid) to the subscriber, or [wraonally deposited with him, with the name of the person or ?r*on? in Ireland. Rngland or Scotland, to whom it i? to hepent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted, ind paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the sender. In like manner money, or claims on persons in any part of 'reland. England or Scotland, ca a he collected hy the siihscri>er for persons residing in any part of the United States or Ca* lads, and will be paid to th?m accordingly. J17 lm*r OROROR McBHlDR, Ir R2 '"eilar *t. FOR LrVERPOOt?Tin New Line-Begular Packet l<lth \uznst The new splendid Ne# V'ork STv w^hiiilt packet ship LIVF.RPOOL, John Kldridee, naater. tl.Vt torn, will sail on the Kith August, her regular lav. For fteight or passage, having very' legsnt and roomv acconodations, apply to the captain on hoard, west side RnrlinK lip, or to WOODHf'LL k MINTI'RNS, ' an} XI South st. Tlie new packet ship Queen ofthe West, Philip Woodhonse, nister. wil1 succeed ' ' '.rpool, oid sail on her regular day, 6th September. XM^ FOB H\V\N\ ?To sail positively \ngnit 10 (C*yWThe line t>st uling hrig VIRO|NI\, Fimham, utcr, will sail m alwive For freight or piss^ge. PPK to RAMON DR ZALDO. a'I 4t*m *1 Front street. ' FOB Ol F.BF.f The first i'1'ss superior Flntish fcfWy har-ine TOMF.T. fart If Wright, will sail in ill f' -'JfiOthin week, and take what freight may offer For which or passage apply to the cantain on honrd st India harf of to WOODHULL k MINTHRVS, ad\ r *7 South at. 1 Jug*. I OH NK.W OHI.K. AN s-Louisiana and New ! iMH^Vork Line?Positively First Regular Packet?The , BkBjBBwfsst sailing packet ship I.Ol ISVILLF Captain M Innt having a large proportion of her cargo engaged anil going | ii hoard, will have immediate dispatch For freight or passage, having hand*ome furnished arcommoations. apply on board at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall treet, or to R. K. COLLINS k f O., M South it. Shippers may rely on having their good* correctly men "Agenti in New Orleann, Hullin k Woodruff, who will romptlT forward all ?pod? to (heir wUrm The packet .hip HI'NTSVILLK, ("apt. 0. R. Mnmford, i ill iaee?M the Lmtirllk ' jgji ILLINOIS' ILLINOIS ILLINOIS!!!-A?y pfolperaon having for *ale at a very low price, from SO to 1fifl acrea of flr?t rate l md, dry and undulating in Vermillion 1 minty, near Danville, lllinoia. inav beer of a purehaaer hv apKin* to J \MKH SHAW, 1J1 K niton ?treet. N V. or hv letr pott paid, alating the lowest price |ier acre, the end loca* on. the peculiar quality, and the quantity of the land; if im- I roved. itatmg the particular* of ?ach improvement* and the lanner in which the land is anpplved with water for farming irpo?ea. And alio Mating the cheapeat and mint direct mnt' nm New York t'ity to the lamia dtscrihed N. B Stale the quintitv and quality of the lein iiig on th< nd. ia Im'nno Trn LOVERS OF SUPERIOR HI " 1 ' 1 Hiiwuiu'i Muture.?Thi? nmwlv <1.1 . n 1 " illele<l Tea, ?o highly celebrated I nported, i* now Tor ?alf it the ' *1 I m KtUbmhm*nt, 1X1 (. nathnii ' ?trm, Brooklyn?in UMch.i??-? V jjy iu**t I ?? I HIM - I AMTStfMTCNTTS. fiRiiO'wnARnirv Diraetor. MW. roHV SV.FTO*. To rw-twr? it < tVWf, THf, n\VFr, P\MI?,Y . Movn*v *.tTn??r r*?. TVH Vt-Sf nrtSf RF.VOLVIVI ?iT\Tr?:?t TK. fl rnnnfl)? t oVlirlt, with th? '11 *Tture fn l,t* |# 11 \uS*T Tn h? W'- W I H? , s?-M ,:,i, ?> < ??? ? -? !< * I /^rwt^lo l? r vlir hr 'V^W! R*??l wl \1W. L?on ,n w'.i-S m tSa TurSt "t?Sv rS.? H,,.t T'.tylv THf v? hour'* iv?? w?< S- ,n t r,, nmmrn<<t? *nl rv'ru'y*. ,? 1., il,, fj_, | AVTiei? !r? ^wn?, Fnvt !? ?., -,,1 .? *?, . ? ?r -s? rSoicf*t kiwi*, *nl in jw ?iiwv. will found. After whirS ?S? "iitow! m. ra'lvl M X7.111,'*V. T1**". VlflHT OWl, Miml'ne, fH? Vi?ht Owl, M' W#)W rh#?i|jer Buriiuio, t?w "?* ( F.mi!*, Onhrw ? THr, r?u? *i?i < nil 11.The Splendid Orrh^trn will perform ?erer*l popnW ?el?e?1oM of new Vfmie. Mn?iml Diwetor, I' r. 'fill \ ?tnVt Pnliee wi'1 He io itteodvie*, *nd irreit <!%r? t?? lie'i to pmvent tH? vlmUtinn <jf improper wn. Ticket* Filtr Cent*. Mir be h*d ?f fHe f>*rd?n during the d?r. *"*" \ limited nam her of Remon Tlelt?t? will S? dl?? t?o?e4 of "'"Vo r>o?tpo>?m?"' ,i tM? e?t^M'?hm?Ht on Mieotnr n'th? *? thi> f ln?vl from t^ovfw^i* to *he ^*loo?? ? 'im>#'i?l ?>?| ik> win ?itnon, wIliA h Wlfilwl from th? toil %nd lift**, e?n S# T<ened mnm*n?N oo'i^e, c i f vpiT \*i "tm?T\tk?. Bnx#? f?0nt??t*t? f?UC ??? *??. Door? will open ?t ? iimrt?r out 7, ?nd 'K? '"iirtiln will rig? at * oo-srt^ h?ton> ft oVIocW, I"--' ;.. t r .i._ tMl l.. n,-^k?ra ' " MOVn\v Pvi'viMO-nfiM K# formed HRRCITLK* OF BHTTT^Vv Dlon*f?|<i, VIUW W?-ntH#ea. Co?nt Oaltier, Johnson I P^a^eas T*th*vt. Mrt M T/veg Sir AmedM, 'Booth i flntlld*, Mn W*?t#rn To floodnU with ?he l%*m+\* of ^ TMV HW1FW Cnl#h Qfinf^tn, Mr xVali*^tt f f.ner, Wn?#n " rwHin^ nrivr* o\?n^v vvn pp.nppTTT\(. rif. P T BN1N"M, Manaw. Vnw An#"? ! f') fh<? ni|Mie i Snlend'd Raloon, eoMtam'H >irticle< of Tra le, Ma mftem-es, th# \rt*, Invention*, kr., making \ pn'TjnrTTT^^ *MTH. WifSrtnt *?ra rS-?r? for ^'N'm'61 ! Amon* *he mv?\* ar*iet*? deoos'te-l *s th* **otirv Knit^ne ^oom. for mannfactnHn* atoeWnr*. rlove*. andeverr urtifU of innir*' fo ill wHoW, complott 111! ^tTllM^ ! The wKaU o?Weat?on r?f V-vttin'"' is pfrformfh BV \ noo! ft will be in constant operation every Hsr and Feeninr, a,,fl < THF, GREATEST M^tMVirAL INVENTION OF T'^ * The has M^it^ w*k tH' f^itr Win B^n?l of ten nl^, Master ^ n'mnn-l th# Ne<*ro Oi'ir#r Mr ^K^m Pojji, the rhnm> Nondeserin*. *nd his e l'ieved 0o<* ? OrMt *Vea*erv the "Tjocomotive imitater, fcr. Brotiwer the fomir Sin*er ?rerito, the D vise me. \ dmittance to the Mnitiim, Oirdon, &**. W rintihalf price. an* ec ffnnoK^V rVrT?F^qrn \TT^\rTIOVq VRfTF TVQ^RTTVTTrv'MT, CON^KRTS. AT TTTF. PAVTMONoffheFlvaian Fi #1da?Every After/*. noon ?A *?nerh Br*q? Bund will he in ntfendanee on th? lawn in front of the Pavilion, and perform * variety of new and popular A;r*, 0?#rtnw>?, Marches, fcc fc.r. This additional nov??1tv to th# far-famed Hr?ntv of it* scenery cannot fail to increate the pleasure dffiH from a vitlt to thi? verv favorite resort The frrrv boat* plv to ITohoWen from Burellt, fanal and Chiantopher *t* Fare onlv fiV eent*. an*? tw*r vfw ^OTWFPOWFS AN F.nvine without Ro?l*r, Furnace. Smoke Pipe or Chim* ??ev.?TV Dr?W?- will have 'he honor to show the on?r*nsl working mo<lel .if the new motive power, which ha? eveit?'' ?o much attention in the scientific ,^nH merhnnicil c'fclen of P^iiV??1??1phi?. to the citivn* of Vew York, for a few dayt, at No. 4M Broadway, "evt f an?l *t. The room will he owi on Mondav. 7th Anfniat, 'Vom 9 until 1 o'ctoi'lc. froni A nntfl #> oVIoclf. a?i<! in fh* eve.,int. Admiwon, to defriy etpente of room, Stc , 25 cent*. an 5 1t*m Dr8BROW*S firrnrvTi SCHOOL, ' in? noufF"V. MT? P. hi* tf?e honor to amorwee thaf hi* School i* open for the r?-rcpt?on of pnpr1*, da?1'*. ^nndar* evrepted. For T.-*ff?e*. from 0 \. \T fo T P. M. For Oentfeme-i. from 7 to 0 \. M , and 1 to 7 P. M. i Ffiifhlv trained and nn?*t hor*e* for the road or parade, to 1#t. For term* and narft'mliri ^onlr a* ahove a5 t?^*r TTTK A Tp m ^ T, VOTT^K THF. iinderaifrned, fof the firm of T?nd1nw ^ ^m?th, minv cer* of ?he f'harle* T',??ifro New OHeana. the Mohiln l?oni* Theetrea,) will arrive in New Vork on M?*?d*v, 7?h jn*t.,and will remain ahontten diva, for the pnmoae of comp'etinir the winter arnnirement* of the ?h?>ve named theatre* ? Those who have ?ddrea?ed the firm *t f^oni* *inre 1?th Tnly will ph?a*e com?nnnic\te cooie* of their letter* to the nnderai^ned it the A*tor Hon*e, immediately. an* Itr^ SOT, SMITH. "O^'N I HATtDIVOF n?*n^rffn1lv ?n?nnifM hi* arrival in I II N#w Vnrk. and *h?ll b# happv to submit for tb#? inv#?tifa,: n of isr**nt ritiftpna.hia rrwbod of *t???,??o?rr?nhiM* id#B?.on Tn^div ovmin^ n*rt, A"7n<t #th. at A n.Ho Hill, wb#r* #arh who tn^v b# %n fnrtn*at# ai to attend. will b# nut in pnM?*?on of ?nm* ralmM# ficilitiM toward* mental mlfir*. not #a?il}r f?inNinwl in tbi* card. SonvtMnv wfll b* handed to each rinfnr for fbi* object. a? tb^v #nt#r fb#? door. Pr?riona to th# prartin! #Miinrri?#*. Mr. H. wfll make r*Mn?rk* on fU nrifin and nro<*#aa of tb#? *rf of *n#*cb. *nd I*** itnirtm* ofthf linTin7",p7vntiin bi#rn??!ynSJca, iid tb# mb. <*on?nt nc#ner of m^f^nhonV-tf <vmbnN in rfie adranc#mmit of CIT'lln^on *nd <?fl"^fit of mankind 2d Onirin c%f Vt\e*rv ?nd the Fin# Art*, 'h#:r ro???nir>ora? M#nitt rvrinrorttv: dineHpt'r# pnw?n of tb?? Ornftal V*tfnna; P'vtlr Im ?fw, tnnniitfwl m rh^ rb#nr#? tn tb#? Or?H?|<* t.i<I Pomv)v (and whirb dinpliwl irvlf in bonta of #?loon??nr# and #nthtnia*m and #xt#mi?onin#nn* nonvn at thfir public rmtirtb.) 3d. Tb?? Origin nf AlnhnWi, (r#prM^t*tiff of th# forty aotinda rwnpn^in* thf orrana nf ip^rh.) th^ir onfop^n ne??cy in rvwinff a mtm'^tad# of mind. Sir., ranae ^iphincd and th* cnrwti*N idontH *nd bv whom. Ifb Th#? final obi?of r.fibn fjMTtnr* d#r#lnp#d nnd practically elucidated. An exhibition nf \ n#?w wav of ^-?rn*rr??otVT*n* thnirrhta, mv p^pom who mnv b* prwill mik* ? *bort nririn*! addreaa. *"d hi* word* ?r?" iiphntly *pn?ir visible in Kirmcfvphira. Thia ope?-?fion will be fnM'* elneid-?ted Admittance V) re^ta Ticket* to bo bad at lb# A rb#n#nm# Franklin Hon*#. *nd at the dnnr. mi 4 *t*r vo y R~nj vo w tSmp"pottvtr y AFFTV Mllea from fbi* c?tv. wW bn*rd can b* n romped at tbe r*te nf fwn flnllira per week ch?ldr*n tvdcr fw#'r# ' ' ar* of a??e nnf dollar n#r w*ek pl^^^nf. ?mm#? d*a?#lr on fb# bmk of *b* r?rer if Pnekv V#^k. rn^n#ff?>nt ? Crn?r?n nr Frb# fro'n ?b# <n?' #!# Cifbinn# *l?n. d^*l** *' ** ** M , fnt- ?*?#?? "No# pim^ 'rt flrbrtol ?l?o fnr cb'Mr*n. TNfnni?^d f>o-n* w?U b# Irt fo thoa* who prrfrr if. All l#n*?* r*>?t ml4, dir^^l to E PARDEE. 1ln^ ^t#m B R |9TO|,'fl Q * r? q ^ p \ Pff^A. A^TONIfUMIVO TT'T>r ^TrW VOP'', fnlv^fb. IWnl-TW Fr?#nd ^ inr *nrb I von ilfbnnrb T b*?v# bid tb? p'm?HT# of m^inff Vnn, but I bur# ?b# b^noi>-?^?^ of barJr?r "^7 ?nn ^^v^d from ? mn?t sptpi* ^nd d^?i*i??'"?' m^^d** tbronrh ihf n<^ of \mnr truly v^lnab^ fl^raan^WU. Abo?if fnnrt*#n i rnonfbi ??r^\non? fn fpv nal**?' vottr m?N|irin#, n^v ?oi wig , frrat^'l bv wi'-il ?r#?f1i?m?n ^ rnfn'*? or t*r;i ; the n#rk bnt ^11 rfTor*? to ?tiv"b?* d*d n#>? ornmnl^h inv i?nnd for b?m H?? rap' ',, aOf^d frr>^y d-?** to d^y ?1"t?l Wf bfrim# alirm^d for ?b# ^fw- of b\ |*tW <*o wi? fb# nlp^r^tinn tba' Jt wn i? rv*?* mr# TU| ??p^ ?in?r t't h?? wn fpt'" fr???hffii' **?d b# #-?t - ?--r-_ . M 1. ._L. r?I: ..J in infill foreboding* to ?l?e i*?n'f of1*''* \ fi,,*'d, to whom w* Cm! cmf'** indebted for HU fc?*?d ??? ***d %,*r **, on the Kov, tli^f h#? ??*oii|<| *e>?d y nht*%?e?*n w^?o?n 'ie l(nfw WottM enm hi?n He did ?o; ***d to ***** ??inH" *'1 he ir^nrnmBiflpfl t little i?neni*??r ohv?<<? *?t *?**t *-'r:?ed m# tn nM RrMfol% ^i^n^r'lli. M h* ?Mfe 1 of ?<*? ? ** pontl frt if in ?ii#*S ri?M "iv mn'i TSi*'w? ro ??r^t'v ?? d" reefed r? ?frot to q^re m?* ?on if w?d "ow vr?? Kiv# f'i# -?*vl I lo? of SeSoM'n* onr oved from in mH'- env^: for hid h?* di?ei?e heen left ?o nrev noon hirn he ronld ??ot h'r?? luted lo?? *?* ?* now welV. f^r-iI health i? *ood. tnd with sntefnl *eel?nff? fo fhee *? the proprietor of n*if i remedy, 'v* nerihe h?* cnr* ?ole'v to the n*e of vonr ^nmnmriHn w# therefore t*We plemnr* in commending vonr mediri*?#t ilfho't?h iveme to the mviy nov tninn of fhe div. f|??lv fiatiM in the tnner* of thi? eitv. We cm tmlv ?my yonr ^wpirilla Hm proved to he a b*!m of hie untold to u?. With irmat re*neef, fce SAM*TF.L MCOAWAN, 605 Watar itreet. To I', C. Briatol. Buffalo, New York. S>? that the written ?iijnatnre of C. C. Briatol ii acroaa tha mrlt of the bottle. rifv A*cnta for the aalc of Briatol'a SaraamrilN :-WM, BI'R^FR wholeaale a?ent, V) ''onrtlandt and ISO Oreenwich at : and at retail at the following nla^ea :?Ntilhan'a Ph->rmaev, 1SI Broadway: Hiuhton V Aaninwall. 110 Broadwav, <V, William itrwi, and in A?Mr Houae: fan 'vnw, M D , 60 Howarv, ^>i<1 fohi 'vw 10 Fulton, comer Witw itmt; mil *11 dim*ciata in town and connrrV. a4 Itia'ec TNTULfULt TCOETAILt XCNDT for Dr*n??T ? mid Diarrhoea. Owroo Vrw Von*. f lierebv Pertifv tW I im wjit*inteH with tho eompo*ition df ihi? <<vnit' <nd thit it i? cnmnnieil of ve*eMMe* entire)v, anil of fh^e th<t h^re nn i i inrion* effect noon the hnni*n ?v?ter'i, I hire fre>ineTi|v tented it in lerere cn?e? of T)\-??'iterr und Ion* ntandin* Diarrhea*, and it ha* in?*riably 'controlled tho dineaae. F.ZKKIF.L LOVF.JOV, M D. Owe*r?, Jnne 1?th, 11(1. I herehv certifv that I hare cloaelv oh?erred th? effect of th'i medicine in variotia <-iaea of bowel ileranifementa. and am fitllv co'irinced that it i? hijhly ??luable, and that all who are afflicted with obstinate Diarrbma and Chronic Dy??ntery ahonld have its liene^t. F. B. PTTKI,r* Ph'.fician and Sanraon. Oweso. June 12th, IMT. Foraale at MILHATT'M Dniij Store, I0S Hiwilwiy. ivSI im*r TO M A N tr F A r T r R f. r ? 'ANT) DF.ALFU8 IV WOOLLF.NS -Henry Mi*eon.. Finiaher of Cloth#. C?f i-imerea, Satinen, In corner of I.aieht and Washin*tou ?t., V V , reapectfnlly inform* the inannfactnrera and d?alera in ^^'oollena, that hia atabliahment ia now in ancceatful oi?erafion. and that he ia prerwred to ca>-cnte with promp'neaa all or ler* in hn line rfi?t m*v be confuted to him spffimmi of his wnrkma>i*hip miv b? ?een on application to tne'vantlemen who*e mm? w *nne*?d nd to whom he ha* liberty to refer. He uNo ffrn to the following rem-irk upon hid workmanship, *t the Fair at the American tn*titnte. THE OOLD MED\1, b*? been iwirded to H. Mifenn, for the mmt he^atiftollT "ni*hed f'lothi. <'***imere*, noil Satinet*, HinpUred at the Ute p*hiliition ; the tn*titnte hire thin become their testimony to 'he perfection o( the art, by which Mr Mijeon h\? *n*ment?l me of the mml important *onrce* of the mannfactnrin* wealth if the United State.*, by adding. at a very triflin* co*t, from ten tn fifteen per cent to the ralne of the cloth* *nbmittjd'to hi* proce** of fini?hing nod Iprepira'ion The brilliant finish ?nd *ilVy *moothne** of the cloth* fhtt* prepared, mu*t f1']'). pvery one who will i>T*mine them of th? *r??t ?iiperionty "of the prnce** panned by Ma,*Mi?eon. Mannfactnrers an? ,m; porter* will do well to acnnaint th-mtelre?hv per?on*^e*ajninution with the merit of hi* invention. Orders may he left atNn* ?>1 *nd *< Pine W "CJ^. RV.FF.BFlVrFSH*l*ted Haines fc r? itSvwajtnut. Umhert i Volcojt. *!!!?. W. r f.vtflev k< ? "I Pyi TT:.,...* \Vil?on, Butler k < o., 7T William *tr?etj 0 Btvshtm *" P">* ?? jytt lm*r _____ HAtL- COLU MBI A!!? rrrpurr }"'ir i?-^ cmii, ft'ST OUT?Thom.wt important work *T?r puMi.hH on ' ?mi)liiiiir. entitled " iiirrction to Smnkni, ami Hint* to Part-tita to pn-riMit tli-'ir chimrwi hecnminir th# victim* of th?> |w.i?.>noo? ??l ' inflwnc# ?Rc.u<mwlwith aoch tnoaaic oJ in?irn<-tiT<' matljjr, m to aatmiiah th* very*pink* of modern philo?.|>ln>r?, .trio illiMlrafpd with a unpvrh wiiravii*, tvpiraentin* a Klei'i* Maohin# on ww and improved plan?hv A. Dioi "1111 I'or aah". wholesale and r?-ui| it H <)?> H >u?r, Vo. ti t vktni ,trwt i,.. V)t?M th * In Bull-titL^wi at ,1 , 'i Vfu, n'ii, i . f\ ,| ...i, , ,il it t'w TriH' Him ' Th'1 mini i|i..r.>n it allowed t" ntfitn a"' *t* V I") , ST(> ! v*w '?*?I "om? in ''?rk Hoc*, ?d ilwr A?m Bmadmi', ?>uih <nb. iU *?w lin*r?

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