Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 11, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 11, 1843 Page 1
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mesasss TH Vol. IX ?No. 918.?Whole No. 3430. To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapaper-publiahed every day of the year except New Year'* day and Kourth of July. Prico 2 cent* per copy?or $7 'Jti per annum-postagespaid?rasli in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALli-pubUshed every Saturday morning?price 6J centa per copy, or >3 1J per annum? ( outage* paid? cash in adranco. t bt%i tociiio iiiiiiiuicju. iu<ti iuo me milium oi tjje Jlerali) is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and incrcaa tr?K fart. It ** the largest circulation ?/ any pujier in thii uly, orthe world, anil is, therefore, the bett channel /or hu nniii men in the city or country. Prices moderate?caib in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the moat moderate i prices, and in the most elegant styleJAMES GORDON BENNETT, rnofrtr.tok or the Hkhald E?t* kliimmbkt, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nassau streets. HKITISll AND NORTH HMKIlll AN ROYAL MAIL ! ST F.AM SHIPS, Of 1200 tons ami 110 hone iiowflr pari). I Appointed l?y tlie Admiralty to nail between Liverpool and i Button, callinu at II1I1I11 to laml anil receive Passt'uiaa|*r* and IK'r Majesty'? Mails. HIBKRNIA. t'a|>tain ( liarles II. F.. Jitilkins. CALKDONIA, Captain KilwuilU. Lott. AC ADI A. Captain A li tamler Ityrie, BRITANNIA, Captain John Hewitt. I Will sail lot Bostou via Hnlifa*. , From Iiihto*. From Lntitroot.. i Acadia, ltyrie, lGtli August. JOthJuly. I llilietnia, -ludluns, 1st Sept. 4tli August. Britannia. Lott, ICtll do I'Jtli do Tlicse s 11 i ps carry experienced surgeons, and art' supplied with France*' Patent Life finnta. Passage to Liver|iool $130?To Halifax $20. No U-itlis secured until paid for. For passage apply to D. BRH4HAM, Jr.. Agent, ' au3r No. 3 Wall ?t. New Vorlr DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, Sic.?Persons about remittiiiK inoncy to their friends in the "old country,'' can In* imp- 1 plied ?'"n? or 1,8, 3, 5, 20 *i ?M or any amount, piviililt on ilemanu 1 without discount pr aiiy other charge, Ht tlte National Hank of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs. James Unit, Son k Co., ' Hanker*, London, I. Darned & Co., Exchange and Discount 1 Hank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Rank- 1 iiiR Company, Sir Wm. Forbes lluuter & Co.( Scotland, and the brandies in every jmisI town throughout England. Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steamers Great Western or llibemia, by W. J>i J. T. TArSCOTT, . At their General Passage Office, <3 Peck Slip, corner South it. N. B.?All letters from the country must come post paid. 1 jyllr ri r~il |">*1-"ra nK gN?'-AM? int.'!. A Mil ! 4ic.?which can be sent by the. steamship i ^^HOian^ACADlA, sailing from Bostou on the lGth , ^^SsSHESsfc* We have at all times for sale Drafts at sight i for any amount, drawn direct on the Koyal Bank of Ireland, , Dublin. Also, on Messrs. Prescott, Orote, Aines St Co., Bank- | era, Loudon, w liich are paid free of risk or ajiy charge whatever ill every Province and County, liesides all the inland towns throughout England, Ireland, .Scotland and Wales, thereby Answering; the -.mie purpose as Hank of England Notes. Apply to or address, if by letter, ((>ost paid.) ROCllE, BROTHERS & CO., 35 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank. , P. S.?R. B. Si Co., have a regular succession of tint class t shi|>s sailing weekly from Liverpool. Those sending for their , relatives will find it their interest to have them brought out through ui. One of our firm, Mr. James 1). Roche, is there to ] forward passengers with care and despatch. For passage apply as above, or to \ JAMES D. ROCIIE, 14 Goree Piaznas, *u5r Liverpool ( r?r.w i?usir. wr iiiVMtii/iiL iai/AMS. To sail from New York on the 2ilh and Liverpool on the 13th of each month. i?. tttgy m < mrTm Nrw VoTt^Ship HOKCIU8, Captain John Collins, 25th July. ' Ship Slf)l)ON8, Captain A. B. <-'obb, 25th August. ^ Ship SHKKIDAN, Captain K. A. Depeyster, Sept. Slop OAR1UCK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 2Jth October. Krom LivEMrooi.. Ship SHF.RIPAN, Captain K. A. l)e|>eyster, 13th July. siiip OARHICK, ("apt. Wm. Skiddy, 13th August. Ship 1M)S( ICS, Captain John Collins, 13th September. ! Ship Sll)[)ONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. These ?hi|>* are all of the lint class, upwards of I MM tons, , built in the city of New York, with such improvements as combine great spoed with unusual comfort for passengers. K.very care has Iwhiu taken iu the arrangement of their accom- 1 modationi. The price of passage hence is $75. These shi(>s . an- commanded by etprrimiced masters, who will make every . eiertiou to|m general satisfaction. ( Neither the raiKailis or owners of the ships will l)e resjioiisi- , hh l ir any letters, parcels or packages sent by tliem, unless regular bills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to i K. K. COLLINS x CO., 56 South sf.. New York, or to | BROWN, SHIPLEY ?c CO., Liverpool. Letter* by tlie packets will lie charged 12'^ cents per single J sh.s't ; JO cents |wr ounce, and news|>a|iers I cent each. jy7 ec 'i'HK NKW I.INK OK LIVKKPOOL I'ACKKTS. <ifi? >!!& i N~Sru- ! New ship QUEEN OK THE WEST. < jgh 12.i0 tons. Philip P. Wood house. t IhtlV May Sh.p KOCHE8TER. IM ton.. ? Briuou. <irtth June. , Ship HOTTINOUER, 105(1 tor,, ) j?|{; Ira Bursely, S 16th July. , Those substantial, fast sailing, first class ships, all built in ' the cjtv of New York, aie commanded by men of experience and ability, and will Ik1 disiutched pnnctually on the 16th of 11 MMi . i Their cabins an> elegant and (oinmodious, amj are furnished [ \% illi whatever can conduce to the case anil rnmfort nf mhhii. ' Nrillvr the captains or owners of these shi|>s will be responsible for any parcels or packages n ut by them, unless n-gular 8 bills lading are signed therefor. ' For freight or passage apply to VVOODHCLL Si MIN'TURNS. 87 Si>ntli street, New York, or to FIELDEN, BROTHERS In < (>., | au fl Liveriiool. OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKET*. J jjfiy ; 'I'lIK OLD LI N r. ofrackets for Liverpool will hcrcattcr be t 1 despatched in the following order, excepting tbat when the r sailing day falls on Sunday, the ships will sail oil the gucceed- r iiiK day, vt*:? ^ 1 t rom New York. Krom Liverpool TheCAMBRlDOE, (June i July I!) Hid ton*, < Get. 1 Nov. |9 W. C. Burrow, f Keb. I Mar. 19 The ENGLAND, I June 19 Aug. 7 7 )0 toil*, \ Oct. 19 Dec. 7 S. Bartlctt, ( Kelt. 19 April 7 The OXFORD, \ .Inly I Aug. 19 800 ton*, < Nov. I Dec. 19 J. Rathhoue, ( March I April 19 TV MONTEZUMA, iJnly 19 Sept. 7 1000 ton*. < Nov. 19 Jan. 7 A. 15. Lowlier, (March 19 May 7 I The EUROPE, k Aug. it Sept. 19 r 618 ton*, < Dec, | J.,n. 19 t K, G. Furher, r April I May 19 1 The NEW YORK, (new) i Aug. 19 Oct. 7 t 9i0 ton*. Dec. Iii Feb. 7 1 T. 0. Croppe*, f April 19 June 7 The SOUTH AMERICA,! i Sept. 1 Oct. 19 ? Ciifl ton*, <.Ian. 1 Feb. I c E. O. Bailey,f May 1 June 19 t The COLUMBUS, i Sept. 19 Nov. 7 t 700 tons. <Jw. 19 Mar. 7 (1. A. Cole,f May 19 July The*e ship* are not surpassed in point of elegance or comfort j in their cabin accommodations, or iu their fast sailing qualities by any vessels in the trade. T Th<' commander* an* well known a* men of character and j experience, and the strictest attention will alway* be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passenger*. 1 Punctuality, as regards the day of sailing, will be observed as heretofore. I The price of passage outward i* now Hied at Seventy-Five Dollars, for which ample ston1* of every description will be pro* ided, with the exception of w ines and licptors, which will he furnished by the stewards, if required. Neither the captain or owners ot these ships will he responsible for any letteia, parcel*, or package* neiit by them unlets regular lull* of ladiug at* signed then-fur. For freight or pas*asc, apply to OOOI) 11UE k CO, fit Sonth st. 1 11 viAiiuuii 1 it 11...1. v v .111(1 of DARING, BROTHERS ft CO., lWM* ' J jy 12 TAl'SCOTTS GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 PK?'K S).ir, NEWiYORK. m. m. m. m. 1 'lie subscriber* lieg to rail ill* attention nl their friends an.I the public generally. to their superior arrangements for bringing out passenger* from, and remitting money to any part of England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales, in the magnificent pack ?1 snips. Comprising the J "NL\V LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.:Hhi|i ROSCIUS, Capt. Collin*. Ship 81DDON8, Captain Cobb. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain Depeyster. Ship O tit KICK, Captain Skiddy. ? New ship HOTT1NGU ER, Captain Bursly. f Ship SOUTHERNER, Captain Wood house. Ship ROCHESTER, C aptain Palmer. New Ship LIVERPOOL. Captain Eldredce. Hailing twice every month ; aud witli the UNITED LINE," coimnised of superior lirst class American ships, sailing every t ten days, will make live ship* in each month throughout the year, (or one every six day*) thereby preventing tlx* pouibility of unnecessary detention. Passage* direct from London, Driitol and Orrenock to New York. Also from Liver|>o?l to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah Charleston, Philadelphia, Boston and Baltimore, and the varion* port* in Bri?sh North America, can at all time* I* en- ' gaged on liberal term*. Person* wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to *ee the advantage* to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may rout assured that unusual care w ill be taken to make the passage agreeable, the ship* being fttted Up with an eye solely to the comfort of passenger*. a In ?ll ca*e* where the parties sent lor dwlinc coming, ihe money will lie refunded w ithout any deduction, a* usual. A free passage from Ihe various seaport* of Ireland and Scotland, can *] also be secured *' 'PI... >..<>,il.<* n:wLi>(* for itliich the tnlu^rlL.*. .?il t?? i'oilow*, vi* S?To and from London on the l?t, fit, and 20th ol each month. To an?l from Liverimol on tin- 1st, Tth, Wtli. 19th, and AMh of each month. New Orleani, Mobile, savannah, and ( harlenton, wnrkly throwhoat ill* nuou. HtMlTTANt: fia. Ferioni in the country wiihiiiR to send money to their friend* hy rnrlminK th?' mun they with lent, with the name and addrrra of the parti''* to receive, it, may rely an a draft for the amount tiring forwardwl per ftriit packet, after the receipt thereof, and an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail Drafti at aight, for any amount, an' iwyalil* on demand, without discount or any other charite, at the National and I ro?in< i lal lUnlta of Ireland and branch'1*, Lantern Bank of Scotland, Orccnock, and their branches. Meun. Jamea Bnlt, Son fc ( <v ] Hankers London hsrbante and Discount Hank. Liverpool and in every principal town of tJreat Britain and Ireland. Kiirther particulari made known on application, if by letter, out paid, lo W|k I T TAPHl'dTT, , diy r 43 Tack 8li|i, cornet South it J E NE NJ ^ jb. jft. >m 'ASS A OK. KU <>>' <.I<KAT BKITAIN AND IRTTATO m *i.?. r\ uit I M<ll IJINK UK LI V Kit POOI* PACKKT8. [S tiling from Liv*r|*>o| on 11??* 7th and 101 li of every month] Persons \\ isl?iiiK t<> ?end Id the Old t'ountry for llieir friends ran make tlie necessary ?manK"ni**nts with the subscribers, ami liave them rout* out in this superior Line of Packet*, Sailing from Li%erm>?i| punctually ou tlie 7tli and 19tlt of every month. They Hill also Itave a first rale cla** of Aiiimiican trailing ships, nilinj; every nix days. thereby aft'ordiui; weekly coittmunicalion from that Port. One of the firm (Mr. Jamtu l>. Roche} in there, to *ee that they shall l>e forwarded with care ami despair h. Should the iiartiea agreed for not com# out, the money will he returned to those w ho paid it here, w ithout auy reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise (he following magnificent tthii*. viz :? The OXFORD. vl l.? NKW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS EUROPE SOUTH AMK.UK A. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. Willi such superior anil itneonalled arrangements, tin: subicribers confidently look forward for a continuance of that sup|K>rt w hicli linn hem extended to them so many year*, fur which they are ?;r??t?-rul. Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relative!, can it all times obtain Draft* al sight for any amount, drawn direct >n tlif Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin, also on Messrs. PRE8COT'l\ UROTE, AMES Ik CO. Bankers, London, which will lie ttaiil on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout Eliglaud, Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Apply, or address, (if by letter, post paid.) ROC I IE. BROTHERS & CO. l''ulton street New Vork, nett dl>or to the Kulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this [>ort for Liverpool ou the 1st and 19th of each month. I'arti"s returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Liue for their conveyance, in preference to any other. d27 i .K>HNIIEHDMAN'S OL1 )liSTABOSHKir EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. XjKip- -tJKP- irJC-Pi. jjfjfc KKUH LAIl LlNfcW PACKKTSfUPS,6l SouthstrecT New York. PASSAOF. to Wld from (ireat Hrit:tin and lirlanil, via Liverpool anil London, by iIih regular packet .ships, sailing ?n the 1st, 7th, 13th, l'Jth, and 2,'ith of each month to and from Liverpool and to and from London 1st, loth and 2lllli of each month. The subscriber has made unequalled arranRi'ments to bring >Ut emigrants, and can, with great confidence, assure those iierions sendinR for their friends, that every due and diliuent attention will be shown them, and all whoenibark with tliein Passage can also be encaged flora Liverpool diiect to New t >rleans, Mobile, Savannah, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, and to the different ports of the British Provinces, at the lowust rates. With those arrangements, together with the advantage which Ilis Liverpool correspondents possess, bciug large ship owners, ind extensively engaged in the freighting business despatching yearly at least I IN) first class ships from Liverpo<il to the ?,i rous l?ort? of the United States, ? itli freight and passengers. The Facility offered by this establishment is unsurpassed, and from the large number of first class ships employed iu the line there can l>e no detention whatever, w hich w ill he guaranteed. The ['rice of passage w ill be at the lowest rates, and should any ol ;hose sent lor decline coming, the passage money will be as customary refunded. The steamboat fare, from the different >orts to Liverpool can, as usual, lie secured. JOHN HKRDMAN. 61 South st, N Y. or J. St W. ROBINSON, near Wall street, Merchants and Kmiprants' Agents, No. 16 Ooree. PiH7.'/.as, Liverpool. flRAKTS AND JsXCHANOE. The Subscriber requests the attention of those remitting mo ley to their friends to his uuiNiiialleil arrangements for the paynent of his drafts on demand, without discount or any charge whatever, at tin- following Hanking Institutions, viz IN KNULAND?Messrs. James Bult, Sou ai Co., Bankers London. .Messrs J. Barnard Sc Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Lirerpool. National Provincial Bank of England, and Branches lliroughint Knglaud and Wales. Yorkshire District Bank and Branches. Birmingham Banking Co. Lancaster Ban king Co. IN SCOTLAND?Ureenock Banking Co. iu Glasgow and jremock. Kastern Hank of Scotland and Branches. iitKLAND?Provincial Bank of Ireland. \inagh Cork Kunis Mallow \ thlnne Carlow Kuuiskilleu Moneymore Dill ma Cavau Gal way Omagh Belfast Coleraine Kilkenny Parsonstowil Bainbriilge Cootehill Kilrush Sligo Ballymena Dublin Londonderry Strahane Sainton Downpatrick Largeu Tmlee Sally shannon Dungannon Limerick Waterford 2lonmel Dungarron Mouaghau Youghall National Bank of Ireland. Billinsloe Castlebar Moate Tipperary Banagher Kiiniscorthy Nenah Tuam Boyle Kermoy JJew Ross Thomastown Josher _ Calway itoscrea Tralee w/arricfc on JSair Kant 111k lioscommou Westj?ort Jastlerea Longford Sligo Wexford Hharlesvillu Lonuhrea Tallow Wicklow ClonmH Micnaelstown Thurle* N. If.?In addition to tin* Liverpool and London packet*, tli?* lubscriber it also agent for the regular jackets sailing weekly 'mm N? \> Fork to N. w OHw, Mobile. < htriolMii and Savannah, by which passage crii Ik- secured at the lowest rates. iy!3?tf JOHN HKKIhMAN. ;!$&> *$$$* iMR N KW VUKKA^O IIAVKETA( "KKTS! Second Line?Th? Ships o|' this line will hereafter leave New ifnrk on the Itl, ud liaflt oil (lie ilitli of rich month, .15 Julows, viz. :? Khom Nkw York. From JUvuk. Vew Shij. ONEIDA. < l?t March. ( Ifith April. Captain < lit July. < Ifith August. Jntne? Funck. f 1st November. ' hitli Deccmbflt. iliil> BALTIMORE. (1st April. I Ifith May. Captain _ < 1st August. < Ifitli September. Edward Kunck.r 1st December. r Ifith January, ihip UTICA, i 1st May. I Ifitli June. Captain < 1st September. \ Ifitli October. Frederick llewitt.f 1st January, r Ifith February, ^ew ship St. NIC HOLASl 1st June. i Ifitli July. Captain \ 1st October. \ Ifith November. J- B. Pell, ( Kebruary. ( Ifitli March. The accommodations of these smi* an* not surpassed, roin iniiik all that may I*" required for comfort. The price of catin passage is $1011. PassHiigers will l>e supplied w ith every reluisite w ith the exception of w ines and liquor*. (foods intended for these vessel* w ill be forw arded by the stillcriliers, free from any other than the ex|>cns<? actually inurrcd on them. Kor freight or passage, apply to HOYI) St HINCKEN, A cents, je25ec No 0. Tontine Ituildnm, cor. W.dl .mil \V,n. r sts Klit NKW OHI.KANS. .OlMSIANNA ANI) NEW VOHK I.1NEOF PACKETS Mh ijfe Jv Hm iWmmmm iHi? or the better accommodation of *hip|?er:<, it is intended to lespatch a ship from this port oil the 1st. Ath, 10th, 15th, 20th, nd 2.'>th of each month, commencing the 10th October and conlimine until May, ulien regular days will he appointed fur the emainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointnents will l?e prevented during the summer month* 1 he lb|owiiiE ships will commence this ai rangnnent: Ship V A ZOO. Captain Cornell. ShipOtONKK.t aptain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Milliard. Sliip LOl'ISVILLE. Ca|(tain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPKARK, Captain Miner. Sliip OASTON, Captain Lathmn. Ship III:NTSV1LLK, Captain Mumford. Ship OCMILOKK, Captain Lanitt. Ship NASIIVILLK, Captain DickiuBOn, Ship M KM PHIS, Captain Knyiht. Ship LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ship* were all hnilt in tin* city of New York, expressy for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been lewly cop|H?red and put in splendid order, with accommodaions for i*assengers un?|iialled for comfort. They are com* nanded hy experienced masters, who will make every exertion ? give general satisfaction. They will at all times be towed IP and down the Mississioni hv th^mlni.ii< Neither the owner* or capt&iim of time ships will be responible for jewelry, bullion, precious *tonc*. silver or platml ware, ir for any letter*, |>arcel or package, sent liy or rait on board of hem, unless regular liilU of lading are taken lor tlie same and he^ value thereon expressed. For freight or pa^satfe, apply to K. K. COLLrNS 8t PO.. 56 South *t? or IIULLIN St WOODRlJKK, ABcnt in New Ir leant, who will promptly forward all good* to their addre**. The ships of thi? line are warranted to Mil punctually as aderti? d. and Rreat car* will be taken to hate t(> Rood* correcty measured. mr *iw JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS I'ORTATION COMPANY gaagra NKW YORK AND NEWARK. FAHF, RF.DIM'F.D TO TWKNTY-FIYE CF.NTS. From the foot of < onrtlandt street, New York. (Kverv day?Sundays Mcepted.) Leaves New York. Leaves Newark. It 8 A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 A.M. At l.'tf P. M. 9 do. 3 do. 8 do. 4,'i do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. J!? do. 51^ do. 10!* do. 7'? do. do. 9do ON'SUNDAYS. From the foot of ( onrtlandt street. Leaves New York. Leave* Newark. At 9 A. M. and t\ P. M. At 12', P. M. and 9\ P. M. NF.W VIiItK, KLI/ABF.TII TOWN. Leave* New York. Leave* Elizabeth Town It 8 A. M. At 3 P. M, At 7W A. M. J,1* P. M. 9 do. 4 do. Il'j do. 7 do. 11 do. 4 k do. 10 do. 9X do. ft>i do. 12 do. , , The trains for Westfteld, Plain field, Round brook, Somerille, kc., conned with the 9 A. M.. and t>? P. M. ; tram* roin New Yoik daily, Sunday* excepted. I> are between New York and Elizabeth Town 2.'? Cents. rare bet ween do. and Somerv ille, 7i eent*. NKW YOUK AN1) HAHWAY. Leave* New York. Leaves Railway. It 8 A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7 A. M. At 3 P. M. ,? do- 4 do. 8 do. Ho. " oo. 4%$ do. 9},' do. 9 do. NKW YORK* AND NEW BKUNSWK K. F rom foot of f 'onrtlandt street, New York, daily, i ? .''V.1'" New York, l.eave* New Brunswick. U 9 A.M. At 4 P.M. At r, A.M. At IIS A.M. SJi do. 7? do. #,'* P- M. ? . ON SUNDAY* . ? . W New York Leave* New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and 4V P. M. At ll'4 A M? an.l *% P. M. i m ' ,n * f Ulini, bctwmi Now York ml New nrunswirk. -,0 ctnU. ortwrvn ,ipw i nm inn iMhway, 25 rents. rAMtqpers who procure their ticket* at the ticket office, reei?e a ferry ticket arati?. Tickets are received by the conluet??r 0111 v <?n the day when pnrchwed. in 11 :iin r PATERSON RAILROAD. WW SHk. KAKr, OM^ t> CKNT\ Krnm Patmnn to Jorupy City. On ami after Monday, 17th July, tli* will I?mv<> Pati n?ni Dktot |Li.?v?. N? w Yn*?. ? A. M. 0 A. M. IIX " '?* * P. M. J ON SUNDAYS. L.icay? P*Tr.n*oi Dsfot. Lk*v?: Nrw Yob*. 7x A. M. *X A. M. 4 I'. M. . ? P. M. Transportation nn ply <1?iIV ( nmlay* Mcmtml.) I iw?' fer? are a<lvii?*H to l?? at the Kerry, ??1 < ourtundt treet, a ew tnmutt? before the ?taV?d hour* ol denture. Jy 10 im ? I 1- -! W TO ?W YORK, FRIDAY MC Mt* OH r <> M KK < > V I rff I iir aas "SSm, -WW KOIl ALBANY, TROY, 4'HI< \?i?> mil th<> CAN \DA8. The oubicribera having compli-tnl tli<-r arnnmiMni-nt* willi 111*' IVo|i|t'i I.inr ill itn 11 it' Nnrtli Hiv.r anil llir Kail lioad Comji.oiie* west of Alban\ for running ilieir Ks press for the mm*oii ?| 1013, an Kx press will leave itliclr office, No. 3 Wall street, New York, every evening, at quarter to 7 o'clock, for the above named and intermediate placet. IM PORT A NT. For the greater lafrty and security of all valuable anil money package* entrusted in ilieir care, iliey have Salamander In mi Safes on hoanl of die steamboats, iii a strte room occupied exclusively by themsclvest ami tlie m<*s*eii|rer in charge sleeps I lie name room \% itl? (lie irou Hale* i mo v\ I i ?* j i all aiieli padkage* I an* placed. POMKROY & COMPANY, I miec _ No 8Wall ii-'i ENGLISH. FRENCH, BF.LGIAN AND AMKHH AN KXPRESS, GENERAL KOIIWARDING AND COMMISSION HOUSE. IIARNDEN & f O. will receive ami forward by ilieir daily Express < ars, Specie, Dank Notes, Packapesand Parcels, toaiiy part of the United States or Canada*, and by tlie steamers and packets to any part of England, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium or Ft ance. Particular attentinn in paid to the purchase or sale of all descriptions of mercbaildiie, collecting and paying Drafts, Notes, and Hills, to tlie entry of merchandise at die ('tistuin House, and to tbe general transaction of any and all kinds of forwarding ami commission business. Bills of Exchange. in sums to suit, furnished on St. John* N. I) , Halifax, N. S., or oil any part of Kuro|ie. All goods must l?e marked "Harden Co." Foreign Post Onice Letter Bags are made up for all die Royal Mail steamers from Boston, and the steamer and sailing packets from New York. Principal offices and agents:? Messrs. Wiliner and Smith, Church street, Liverpool, England. Messrs. Maclean, Maris & ( o? 3 Abchurch lane, London. Messrs. Emerson & Co., Paris and Havre. Samuel Haiglit, Esq., American Consul, Antwerp, Belgium. Messrs..!. and .). G. Woodward, St. John, N. B. A. W. Godfrey, Halifax, N. S. J . G. Woodward, New Orleans, La. Messrs. J. B. Sa/.erac & t o.. Havana. llariideti & Co. H Court St., Boston. All goods must l"? marked "Harden & Co. N. B.?Ilarnden & Co. are alone responsible for the loss or iuiurv of an v nrti.?l..? c i to tlieir cnrr; nor is any rink assumed l>y, nor can any l>e attached to ihr Nt-vv Jersey Steamboat Naviftation Company, l?y wliicli their crates an*, or may lie transported;u'>r the New York, I'ruvoleticc, anil Boston Railroad, or tin1 linstmi and Providence Railroad Cor|>orUion?, in respect to tlieir contents at any lime. HARNDEN it CO., jy 12 r No. 3 Wall st., New York. _ ._ NKW YORK. __4EZSZlVin K. and Somerville H. Road ForSimooley's Mountain, leuve pier No. i .N.irih mvh, at R*a o'clock, A. M., daily, (Sundays excontcd) by steamboat to kllKabethport; or leave th* foot of ( ourtLml street at 'J o'clock A. M., by N. J. Railroad to FJi'/.ahethtown, thence conuect with the earn for Somerville coaches, thence 20 miles to the Mountain?arriving early in the afternoon. For Kastou leave as above, proceed by railroad to Soinerville, coaches from thence (only 31 miles) arriving in Kaston at (> o'clock. This route,"on account of the short distance by coaches, mak| ing it by far tlie most pleasant and expeditious, commends itself to public patronage. Mr. Sanderson, the proprietor at Soinerville, has provided himself with carriages ami horses to accommodate private partus w ith extra* at the shortest notice, in on vmsomMi t i i i i h . For seats a|>ply to 11. I). i!o|?e, Mercl ant.' Hotel, 41 Courtland St. Passengers from Philadelphia to Schoolev's Mountain, will leave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock, A. M., by New Vork railroad line to New Brunswick. Splendid coaches from thence, arriving at the mountain early same afternoon* 3 2m*r SUMMEIt AH RANGEMEN't. NKW YORK AND rillLADEM'IHA RAILROAD LINE DIRECT, Via Nkwabk, NKwrnttrifswicK, I'bimcktoi*, Trknton, Boiidrntown Amp Bl'Ri.imitqn. THROUGH IN SIX HOURls. Leaving New Vork daily from tin- foot of Courtlandt st. Morning Line at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at P. M. The Mora ins Line proceeds to Bordcntown, from theuce by iunbott r.? Philadelphia. The F.vening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Phil ufelphia) w jthovt ehugi "t cits. Pasiiengvrs will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, will be in readiness, with btggafl* cutis on board. Philadelphia baggage crater an* conveyed from city to city, wihout being opened by the way. Kach train is provided with a car in w-hich an* apartments and dressing rooms expressly for the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street. by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroad from <'amd??n, at 6 o'olork, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7^# A. M., ami 4 P. M. Iieing a continuation of the lines from New York, jel BLA< K BALL OR OLD CINE OK LIVER?*fVPArKKTS FOR LI VERPOOL.?Oul\ regular '^F*Sftw?pncket sliip and sails on Saturday, the 19th August.? 1'he new and remarkable fast vxiliug favorite packet ihipNKW YOIIK, burthen IfK'iO tons, Captain Thomas B. Cropper, will sail ??ositively as above, her regular day. # r nil .It OIIIIIIUU ILMUI* 01 mis maKiiiticeui pacK? r ior1 caDIU, *U cabin, and steerage iwssengera, it is well known an' unsurpa>seil b>; anv otlier fennel afloat. Those. visiting the Old Country w ill find it their interest and comfort to select this desirable conveyance. Kor terms of passage, which will be \ery low, and those wishing to choose (he best In-rllis, early application should he made oil board, foot of Bee k man st.. or to (he sub* seriben. HOC UK, DKOTIIKKH k CO., 3.'i Fulton street, New York, next door to thcFultoii Bank. Note.?Pas senders will please bear in mind tliat the packets of this Line sail punctually as advertised, therefore,will meet with no disappointment in selecting the aljove packet. P. S. Tlie New York sails from Liter|tool ou the 7th of October. Pa IOBS MmN|| for tli ir friends CM hftTfl t hem bfOI|kt out in her or any of the |*aekets comprising this magnificent and unequalled Line, sailing from that port 011 the 7th and 19tli of each month. For passage apply as above. The packet shin Columbus will succeed the New York, and sail for Liverpool oc the 1st of September, her regular day. au8 ec ???- REM ITTANCK8 TO IRELAND, Ec! Thl j^yjVsuhscrilH-r continues to transmit money in sums large 1 A" ?j*!?'>r small, to persons residing in any part of of Ireland in the same manner as he, and his predecessor in business have done for the last thirty years and more ; also, to any part of Kngland, or Scotland. Money remitted by letter .(post Paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the person or persons iu Ireland, Kngland or Scotland, to whom it is to liesent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted, and Paid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the sender. , In like manner money, or claims on |?crsons in .inv part of Ireland, Kngland or Scotland, can l?e collected by the subscriber for persons residing iu any part of the United States or Canada, and will In* paid to them accordingly. jn lm*r OKOHOK McBRIDE, Jr. 82 Cedai it. NKW I.INV OK 1,1 V KH l'()< >1. I' \ l K KTS.? 1 MrJWfVPacket of Itith August.?The splendid well known, .W'TiwLlast sailing, new, favorite packet ship LI V Klil'OOL. ( apt. John Rldriai[f, 1150 tons burthwi, boh on her sacond voyage, will sail positively as above, her regular day. ft is well known and equally admitted by all, tint the Liver- ! pool is the fastest packet shin that sails out of New York, having beaten the packet ships New York and Sheffield, on her last passaue hence several days, and also ever> packet on her return | passaue that sailed iu company with her, as well as those which , sailed several days before her. Her accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage passengers, are so very superior, that it has gained for her the name of the "Floating Palace." ? Those wishing ! > arcun bertha in Uiia magnificent ihip should not fail to make early application ou board, foot of Burling slip, or t?! W. k J. T. TAPSCOTT, 13 Peck slip, corner of South st. The Liverpool w ill sail from Liverpool on the Mb October, I affording a favorable opportunity to those wishing to si ud lor I their friends to come out in bar. or any of the reguTtr line, on reasonable terms, and those nialiinir in remir. mnmu ??n I?.?*h I limit* for any amount, payable on iTemaud in nil tfie principal towns tif llrwt llrituin nn<l Ireland. The Hidilou* will aiiccee!! the Liverpool, mill *nil 2jlli An?ust. ail 11 re I'M! I.IVEHPOOI.-Tlio New Rocnlar ll(h Aiunst?Tin" now snlondiil New Vorli jSjiWmKm'""!! paekot ship MVKliPDI)!/, John Kldridco, master, Il iO tons, w ill sail on tli? 16th AiiKiist, her regular day. for freight or passaco, having very eleeant anil roomy accomodation*, apply to the captain on board, west *ide Hurling slip, or to WOODHULL St MINTURNS, all #7 South it. The now packet *hip Uiieen of tho West, Philip Woodhon*e, master, will mccml the Liverpool, anil and on lier regular ilay, 16th September. Jttfg- OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKETS.? taJWMJW P.ii ker of" iho lllth August.?Tho f;i?t aailiuc packet JiE$ti5t?..hip NKW YORK, Captain Cropper, will he despatched aa above her regular day. Ilor accommodation* for cabin, aecond cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpa**ed.? Those ? isliiug to secure berths w ill niinin- to make early application to JOHN 1IERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall st. Passage from Liverpool can a* usual be ecurod in any of th" packet shi|? sailing weekly, anp drafts lumislied lor any amount payable at the National nnd Provincial II ink of Ireland and Branches, and Messrs. J. Butt, Son k Co., Hankers, London; Kxchanpe and Discount Dank, Liverpool, anil Branches, tliroiitthunt Kuglaud .mil Wales, Oroenock Hanking Co., anil Eastern Dank ol Si:i-tland ami Branches. For further parlicil[\r? apply .is above. jy 21 o<: rOB NKW OIILK.ANS-Stir ' WTlMrVlar packet ?hip willi despatch Tlw splendid, well JOMmC-'iuowii packot ship KHANKLIN, ( apt. Kennedy, will sail a* above without delay. Sli.' has splendid accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin anil steerage passengers, who w ill be taken at the very lowest rales. Those desirous of soctirinK birth* would do well to make early application on board the ship, foot of I'ine *tnvt. or to " JOSEPH McMl'HKAY, Mi 10 ec IIK1 Pine street. ti.- FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular |*ckct of the 13th Wf*fV August?Tho \ cry sn|ierior list sailing paokot ship JlSSjly^Sllr'.KKlELl), Captain Popham, will positively sail "llTv!ne very'superior accommodation* for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage iiassengor*, |>erson* wishing to oml>ark should make earlv application on board, foot of Maiden lane, or to cany ai)iin.ii JOSEPH McMUHRAY. aulfl.'C HHI Pino st., corner of South. tjy I (>K NKW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New JSJfyVork Line?r??ilivjly First ReirnUr Packet-Th# fast sailing packet ship LOUISVILLE, ( aptJioTllniit, loading u Orlo in* wharf, foot of Wall street, has nearly all lier cargo outfaced and can take tome freight it immediate application is '^^UNsVcO.. M South at. Shippers liwy rely on htifing their goods correctly menV?t> n?U?in?- Ifiilirt St Woodruff, wlin will promptly forward all u?o?l? 1to their ad<b???. The packet ahip HUNTSVIliLh, ' ?|t. O. R. Mnmford, Will Mictftil ihr Lowi?rill*. auO w NRW YORK k BOSTON SOUxNU flLOT. nWF.N PRF.SCOTT, PiloU, or takn charge at mum and " pilot of rmwrlt bound to New nnllonl, owr Nmturkrt Hhoali, B.ntoii, Portsmouth, Portland, Kwwlifcli, and OTIIKK PORTS. Office at Krye fc Shaw'a Nautical atnir, 223 Water atrart, comer Bcfkman Reference to a number of merrli una, and llu' nerrrai Insurance Companies in thia city, Ho?ton, and Portland. Jyl# Imur RK II IRNING, AUGUST 11, 18 KOFI BUFFALO AM) ALL PARTS OF T1IK WEST. aa & aft r. I.'\ I M> <1 I ASS \(,I ; TiFKH'K TO AMIANY. j l:tica $J (iii Knrhivb-r, # ! ?<> Sy raciur, I T, Bullalo, 3 Ml Osw eijo, 2 !Ji l!|i, anil Umrr Caiuda i M For p.-vtWe apply lo Si. L. KAY. ] m21 iin 'ii Narrlav New York. IU)( KAWAY I'AVII.ION LONtJ 1S1.ANL) KAIL- t KOA I). , TraiiM unon litis r??.i?l Iimvo Brooklyn, South 1 i|l;IiU[ l|''r,y. for Jamaica, where loachcx arc in re.vlines.n JSK?ShK tor lli.a ili I i k Iii i ii I resort, ili>- Marino Pavilion, at " following hours vis :?I l.tIf-pa^t ! A. M , I o'clock Hliil liall-piLsl li IV M. llclurniiiK, leave Jamaica at fl A. M., I? M.. anil 5 P. M. for e New York. Knrc to Jamaica 2i. ; through Irom Brooklyn to the Pavilion, 7.^ cent*. )t-21 #w*r 1 N'KW A IIIF.Ym J KM K N T. I FARK AM) KHK.IOHT RKOTTfKD. .MM aA HI <il LAIt MAII. UNK-FOK PRO- 1 fl^SH.?^?VII)KM'K AND BOSTON, via, STON- r Mi .. iif ivi:'I'i:v A\l) NK.\VI'()RT?< oih|h.,i iI j ul tin lujl.iw iiiK ?ii|*'i mi >I"' inn irnuiiiiu in connection w itli \ the Stoiiin^ton anil Huston ami Providence Railroad* MA SSA<' 1111SKTTS, Cant, ('iimntock. a HIIODK ISLAND, ( apt Thayer. r PKOVIDKNCK. N A KH A < i A N S KTT. 1 MOIIKOA N. I One of w hich will leave New Vnrk daily (Snnilays except- n eil) from I'ier No. I, llatierv Place, N. Itm r, al i P. M. ? AKRANOKMKNTS. S The HHODK ISLAND, ( ipuiii Tl?ayt*r, on Monday, ami I Wednesday lor Slonington and Newport, anil Friday lor ^ Sloniimfon. The M \SSA( HrSKTTS. Captain <'om*tock, on Tuesday and Thursday for HtoniiiKton, and Saturday for HtoniiiK- t ton, NfW|>ori ami Providence. 1 PaaiMniriir* ..n ft.* nrritv.l ,>1* . O. -! * ? ?!? 1 . ... ..? h?.t ir.illll'ni HI ill till MIKKUI , Will j be immediately forwarded in tin* splendid and commodious 1 ('ars of tli** Itiilnuwl to Provideuee and Boston, and if for I N?*wim>rt will proceed in the rIhiikt Moheu.oi (in MU|tcrior or- p der) from thence .it 0 o'clock tin- following morning, thus giving them an opportunity of a night's rest mi hoard tin* >t?'un- I er Massachusetts or lthode Island, and then breakfast on board 8 ili?* Mohegau. ^ The abote steamers have Inhmi thoroughly c*|uip)>cd and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and sc curity of passengers, aud uot surpaesed hy any in tin* United S Sf itfi.. | For iwtssace or freight, which is taken at \erv reduced rate*, \ apply on hoard, at north Aide of pier No. I, 22 Broadway, or of fire of Samuel Devean, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the ronie and steamer*' berths can In* secured on board, or at the office of S IIARNOEN St CO., No. 3 Wall street ft/""Oil ?nd after tln? ItUli iust, freight will not In* received rul forwarded ift?r half-past i r. M. m0 6m4 m ( OA FARE REDl ( ED FOR BRIDGEPORT A N j) NOltWA LK?Landing at Beltlen'a t Faiv to Bridgeport. 2.f> cents. Fare to Norwafk, 12f?cts. J Fare to New Haven, 75 cents. The stenmhoat MUTUAL SAFETY leaves Liliertv street \ Pier e?ery morning, Sunday excepted, at 6 o'clock, for Bridgeport and Norwalk, touching at Btddeu's Neck, running in con- 1 lie*ion with the llousatonic Railroad. Returning, leave ( Bridgeport at half-past I I*. M., or on the arrival of the cars. j New Haven Line?Stages leave Bridgeport immediately on the arrival of the boat. The distance is 18 miles, with fine * roads and a beautiful country. Fare to New liaren 75 cents. Oflto (hoc of Libei I \ strw I < j> IK I m *re ITU I All GREGORY, Agent. fc aOi REGULAR'OPPOSITION FOR BOS TON, via NEWPORT AND PIIOVIJbmh2L??. DENCE?Fare to Boston $2 50; Deck $1 .'Hi; ' no charge for Berths. Newport and Prov iueuce $.1; Deck .'?n i cts. The fast sailing steamboat CIJRTIH l'KCK, Captain ( Wm II. Peck, leaves Catharine Market slip, East River, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. ' For passage or freight apply on board, yr to A. D. PECK, t05 South st. an5 lin"in f ~Mi 8KVKN (? ( [.(>rK KVKNINO 1,1 NK ( *^~j-^rrr,ir ALBANV AND TUOV .tin , without ( ^ ** * ?tj,o Ki>l.*n?lid low prMiMini steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. MoLftin, will leave tlir foot of [ Courtlandt atr<*t mTy Tuesday,Thursday, ami Saturday l| evenings, at 7 o'clock, lor Albany direct. m The Swallow lias a. large number of state rooms,aim for speed and accommodations is,not surpassed on the Hudson. au8 ec ll "_U 1 tra ' I'l'.OI'LK'S I,INK OK ST K.AM HO \TK J A?CfriU^KOIt AWlANV?Daily at 7 o'clock I'. M.? ii JKm M 'i'i.......I. direct?From tn? steamboat pier l?itween <ourtlandt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. St.imboat KOCIIKSTK.R, Capt. A. Houshtoii, will leave u Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Kvening, ?t 7 o'clock. n Steamboat SOUTH AMKllICA, Oapt. L. W. Bramard, c will leave Monday, Wedueaday and Friday Kvmimii, at seven ? o'clock. t # Steamboat NORTH AMKRICA.'Capt. M. H. Trueadell, L landing at intermediate places, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Tlie COLUMBIA, Capt. 11. O. Cruttenden, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5 P. M. Passengers taking tins Line of Boats will invariably arrive in Albany in ample tune to take tlio Morning Train of Cars for tlie or west. Tlie alMive boats are new and substantial, are furnished with netit and elegant Stale llootns, and for <1 and ae.coiiilliodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor Passaije or Freight, apply on board, or to P. Hchult/ at the office on the wharf. au7 Otr .MM an INDKPKNDKNT RKOHLAR OPPOSI1>N NHSHT LINK FOR ALBANY SKLAND TROY.?TIIKOIU.II DlllF.i'T . WITHOUT LANDING?Tlie commodious and substantial * steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Captain O. House, will leave New York, from the foot of Barclay street, on Thursday, the :<d instant, at 5 o'clock, P. M., arriving at Albany and Troy in time for tne cars going west. Regular Days?Leaves New York every Tuesday, Thursday ami Saturday afternoon, at ."> o'clock. Leaves Troy and Albany every Monday .Wednesday and Friday afternoon. |\ Freight taken at reduced rates. Apply on board. P. S. The above boat has undergone a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. a 1 lm *y . 0* NO MONOPOLY?FA RK. RKDUCKD. JML. New Independent Op|>osition Line lor Albany til JB sis fr direct. v The new and commodious steamboat NKW IKRSKi'apt. R. II. Furey, will leave the foot of Barclay street, New York, [) every Monday, Wednesday and Kridav evening, at 7 o'clock. For freight or passage apply oil board, r reighl taken less 0 than tow boat prices. The New Jersey is furnished with elegant state rooms, and j for sjH-ed and accommodation is not surpassed by any steamboat ( mi the Hudson river. |!7 mM SKVKN O'CLOCK MOilNING~~LINK I " A.:mi3?FOR ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate j[ 'TBr jar iff i ...a; _f ...... t|?. aieainboat pier, at the fool of Barclay street. Breakfast.and Dinner on board. | K Le ivps New York?The Kmpire on Monday, Wednesday ! . mil Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, it 7 A. M. ? n Lauding at?Caldwell's, West Point, New burgh, Hampton, Pouehkeepsie. Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, IT. Riil Hook, Bristol, g I'atskill, 11uiLou, Coxsackicand Kinderhook. ^ The new low pressure steamer KM Pill K, Captain S. II. Roe, ^ on Friday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug. II. tt The new low pressure steamer TROY, Captain A. Gorham, tl on Saturday, at 7 o'clock in the murium;. \Hk' 1^. I For passage, apply at the office, foot of Barclay street, or on ' joanl. <U Notice.?All Goods, Freight, Baggage, Bank Bills, Siiecie ]J( }r any other kind of Pro|>erty, taken, shipped or put on board .j lie Boats of this Lineynust lie at the risk of the owners of such foods. au6 2tr 01 SKW \ (?I!K AND Kl\<is TON STKA.M FUKItillT AND P.YSHAOK LINK. w ^ Vt at?1 I'or Kingston, ami Delaware and Hudson a( flg-M^3?(,n,,l-stiunboats KM KHALI) and NOR- ? 3jE=pLa.wii M . ar S".?rk. loot nC Murray strut, every Monday .mil Thursday at ,'i t'clock, IV M. . "J Will le.ive Kingston (lt<>nt landing) every Wednesday an.I Saturday it :i o'clock, I". M. U The NOltWH II.' apt till John Samuel*, will leane New v York, foot of Warren street, ever) Wednesday and Saturday at , 5 o'clock, I'. M. ly Will Kingston (Koudout landing) avery Tuesday and If h'tidi) il : o'clock, I'. M F.XTIl Y THirs. Thf K.MKHALI) will l>'tv? the lK>t of Mnrny *trcet every " Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. lletuminif, leaves Kingston at T( 1 o'clock same day. v For freight or passage apply on hoard, or to ! . WILLIAMSON, iJAllLOW 8c CO., " r'l "tin r III HY.r itwH. d JOI HTATKN ISLAND FKRIli FOOT ?I- .r I'* J*(*K WIHTF.IIAI.L s r.?Til, *teamlhiats / T. W 7r. STftTKN ISLANDhlUiid SAMSON will J run as lollo*** until further notice :? Leave New York II, 0, III, 11. I, 2, 3V, 5, fi, 7. a Leave Staten inland 8, >, In, II, |, 2, |, J, ti, 7. (I Leave Nrw \ <>rk and Hhtoi Island every hour en Sunday. y Staten Island Ferry?foot of Whitehall street, to Clifton di- r rect. The steiinlioat ilercnles will leave New York? I*. Al.? Clifton, I'. M. on Sunday, July Kith. W I'. S.?K.xcursioii to Kort Hamilton, Sundays excepted.? [, Leave Fori Hamilton 7,'a A. Al., returning from New York, l {'? I'. M. _ jll r " OA ST AT F.N I SI, \ Nl> FF.IIUY?CLIF- 2 gTT!!SlrC3? TON. N> Alt TIIF. N MtUOWS-l'niil ? ^ e further notiri, tin 2 o'clm k trip from While- 1 li.ill (tin- STATF.N ISLANOElO ill. after making her j], usual landing at the (Quarantine and Staplc'.on. proci*'d to lh> i III ? whirl it I lifton, the Telcgriph. The SAMSON will I pare I lifton wharf for the City, at 1% o'clock. V On SiiihIh; ?, lie1 2 o'clock trip from Whitehall will proceed direct to I lil'loii, w ithout tou<'hiiiK il the (Quarantine vid Sta- y elctmi. and the return boat ? ill leave Clifton wharf at 6 o'clock . ) i " . cent*. h This arrangement will afford a delightful excursion to the w Narrows, and an o|i|*<itunitv of enjoying llie sea tmi'w, *cein ry ami pr* <pect, lor w liich that part of Si itcu Ulaud i- so ce- " lehralid, w ith ample time for a ramlde, and halhins on the am 0 side. j 29 2wr Q .mm jg* NF.W AHKA NOK.MF.NT loll a SHIIF.WSB1 'IIY?Lou* Branch. Suidy |. I look, (>i in House and F.atontowii Landing. The new Steamboat BHKF.WSBIJKY, Captain John P. ? ( oriies, w ill now run as follows, on and after I'liursday, 27th inst lea* inn New York, from the foot of Ilobiuaoii street, <j every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. Al. : And F.atontown Landing ou Monday, Wcdneiday and Friday, " .if I" o'clock, A. M. 9 The Shrewsbury will nin a* above* weather permitting, un- u til lurllier notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners. Fare :I7', ci iits. N. II.- Stagei w ill he in attendance to convey passengers t( from the aforvsaid landing places to any part of tlie count) re- j{ Tlir Shrewsbury will bo tlw inner paungp, when practicable. 9' j*IJr u .um Nf'.\V\l!K \NI> \MV YORK,?Kar- ri "i)t\ 12'j I inU !?Tlx- M'leuiliil uteainer PAS#? n 3C_?_iJnLmJE-* * I' ill'r lime Mb, will run 14 t'ollowa _j Lair tli, toot of Barclay atrvet," New V ork, ;<t III A. M., mil * ' M- . *' the foot of t'enlrc street, Newark, at 7>. A. M., ami pi anil IX P. M. Th? accommodation* both for |>as*cni;<>r? and freight have been Krvatly improved. " Freight carried at very low r*t?. alfi 6mr at IIOt'K A \V A Y AND'NRW YORK hi ISTAtIK?Will run a* follow* on ami a(Vr Inly 13th inat. I,cave Ilockaway at 1! A. M., f, tor iNrw >om, returning leare tlw? Waverly llouae, Umad- . way, at SK I'. M. for Rockaway, by way of South Kerry Pi Paancnu'eri leaving their uainei at ilft Pearl street, w ill be tnuic-. h tually called for by HENItY < t)NKLIN, . an.V lm*r TioprWof. H NIAGARA FALLS. a PERSONS Titiliac Um Falli, m? iafonwd thai 'b. wkqh I r||Hllf ofituvraand Itminbo t fire*. for returning by the way ot the St. I.iwrvm. Montreil, Tieotul, . i, through tl Lake (foirff* to Caldwell'*, |a $11 7J. Tin* la preferable to r?- J turning the name way attain by I'lira, ke. I, ike tJeorge it but 21 in lie* from Sajatoga? good alig"*. " jy'JT 2Uw2w*r 8 [ERA I 43. liut'im* Ay km. j a |uorru*ponilence ol the Herald.] o Buknos Aykes, 17ili June, 1813 * Movement* ami l)oingt? The St/witlron?Art of Cltmtmy and il? Vaunt?Nome Partirulart in re/a gi lion to the state o/ A/)<ur? in Rivtr Platte. JfahSiii:? j'1 You will be able to collect, from the British Packet, J* he operations of our armies iu llie Bind.i Oriental c n Corrientcu, <fec , so as we know any thing N ibout it. This paper, at) well us the Spanish J( iew?pa|>er published in this city, are loud in their B inimadversions against Commodore Purvis, for his e nterference with the movements of Admiral n Jrown, which they call the most revolting specinen of arrogance ever put on record, not to be sur- j1 lasst'd by Commissioner Lin, or any other Chinese ' Mandarin, when addressing a " Marbarian Eye," " icc. &c. Tlie Commodore gets his share ol personal v ibuse aho; Ins " extraordinary and disgraceful f ;onduct," as they call it, being ascribed to a desire 11 o make himself notorious, alter having bwen lor hirty four years stationary on the list of captains, I' nd they conclude by calling him Commodore Pul- v :as, (the Spanish for (leas, which are very nu- " nerous arid obnoxious at Buenos Ayrea and Monterideo ) 1 In the meantime, Admiral Brown's squadron re- '' urned here from Montevideo, 19th May, alter laving been " thwarted in every attempt to bring ^ he war to a elose. Iliroueh the unwarrantable in e Here nee oi' Commodore Purvis," and remains itationary in our outer roads. He is, however, pre- j taring for some expedition. An tins E<juadron lias j 10 often been mentioned, we annex u list ol the ! ressels, viz: ? trig UimhtbI Bilgnino, 'it sunn, O.apt. J. Thornn. (hip Tvntj-Uiaof liijf, M ? Cipt< king. Jrig General Exchange, 16 " Capt. KaOitmL Irigantine ltopuhlicaiiii, ti " Capt. Craig, iragantinc Vigilante, ft " Capt. flegui. Schooner Chaciltnci, b " Opt. George. C Schooner Ninth July, I " Capt. Gonzales. j Old Hrown himself in a native of Ireland; his: shief officers are English, Scotch and Americans. Last month,Capt. R. W. Beazeley, a native of lie United States, and formerly an officer in Comnodore Coe's squadron, wiu liberated together with leveral other officers in the same tquadron. They lad been confined to prison ever since IH41, when he Monlevidean brig of war Aganeha vyus captired. This act of clemency was recorded in honor ; >f the anniversary of Rosas' only daughter, the i)onna Imanulita, who filled 2(? years on the 24th j if May. Rosas has ordered to be presented t? the Museum : jf History at Buenos Ay res, a sword, a coat, and mndry other habiliments, said to have been thrown i iway by Frutos Rivera, the Montevideo President, , it the battle of Arrogo Grande, on the <>th Decern-j >er, and also a Lanee, which General Lopes, Exroveraofof Entre Rios, threw away at Ins flight, >n the same glorious occasion. The Envoy from Paraguay, Don Andres Gil, | [uilted Buenos Ayres some time ago, having lulilled the object of his mission. We are not aware >f the nature of the same,but from the official attenions shown, Hnd the praxes which the newspapers ivisli on the Envoy, we presume the result baa been , atisfactory to this government. Some twenty brigs and schooners belonging to ( lis place, but which have been sailing under the ardinian, Lucca and Brazil flags, have had these I * >reign fl igs struck down and the national colors a ois ted instead. This shows an increase of confi- ? ence in the security of the Buenos Ayrean govern- 11 lent. On the other hand, a number of the river " rafts owned in Montevideo, small schooners of '' orty and fifty tons, are sailing and trafficking under H he English fug, and doing good business under the 0 trong protection of Commodore Purvis. These I'! reseels being mostly manned by Italians and other " oreigners, we do not comprehend how the mamru- a rre agrees with the British Navigation Law. This 11 s, however, no business of ours. ? The absence of an eflicient marine force from the " foiled Slates, has seldom been felt more urgently c n these waters. Ronton. HIiirn-iiKinilenre oT I lie Herald. I Tkkmmnt Hoiisk, Huston, Auk. 7,IK 13. ui lejxirture from Nao York?Ship 1Munch? Our Company?Detention on tht Sea an^CLand?Ar- 0| riv.d in fioston?Impressions of the totc/i?Business Prospects of the Country?Trial / IVyman?Trip to Nahant? The Herald, tic. etc. In. Editor :? n Dear Sir:?Among some tlir??e hundred mortals, found mysell a passenger on board the splendid learner Massachusetts, iuduced thereto l>y the fa* or.ihle impression I had imbibed iu the praise given y your correspondent, " John Jones," of her capacities as a sea-boat, with an excellent commander -a glorious fellow. On leaving the point of the ity, we were held in view of a large ship while she lunched, by the boat being " sloed." She went oil I tine style, kissing her new-born element, and liding oil like a sun beam?gracefully as a swan.? >ur company, as usual, was a mixture of all sorts of tankind ; but all respectable, 1 believe. Several ood fellows were on their w.iy to Blake's hotel, tonington, to try their hand at trout. Th?y spent () le night " right merrily." There was a general '|? irn out of the passengers on hearing the steam let tr?* II and the boat lying mill, supposing we had arrived jjj' :Stoninuton; but on reaching the deck our |>osi- u", en was somewhat romantic, the fog was quite i?>t lick, and we were lying quiet at anchor some filly |l|,r ilee from Sionington?the dark gloomy elouds * (' rerhanging all around ; the silence and tranquility n hich had so instantaneously succeeded I he roar /S id turbulence of the sea without, and the comfort ' >if securilv for the night, of which we had a "l,v ospect, nil combined to produce sensation* *"}! a most pleasing character- The enjoyment was * t ha need by n lull band of mimic belonging to the j . Stales Marine corps, the ladies, of which there vere a Rood springing of pretty ones, great delighted with tlieir overtures, marches and gal?p:id<?. Ataxia tlie moraine, instead of finding ?*> un"'l?<*s in I> >ston, we were just ready to take the elm ainof ciraat StentBgton. The tremendooa tormts of rain liad caused all embankment to give ray, covering several rods of track with dirt, and hi ere we were detained some two hours, much to the 01! etriment of good appetites, no pros|>ect otWing for J meal till we arrived at the end of our jnnrnev.? j r[ l sudden onslaught was made at the "Halt Way vll louse" on pies, cakes and coffee, that would have V isgraceda regiment of soldiers on a return trom w uty. No regard was paid to the ladies, so that many fere obliged to turn out among the neighboring w. irm houses in search of something to eat. Some " ' rent blsckberrymg, and others amused themselves *(l' y attacking a bale of codfish, which happened to e on board. Albeit we arrived here in time to eat !'| neofthe best dinnera imaginable, such as Jim 'etson, of the Astor, and Cspt. Tucker, ?f the tii. remont, know how to serve up 1 regret you did "[!' nt make his larder an acquaintance when you were j',.,, st here. Depend on it you would liave enjoyed hia oursclt "gloriously" at this capital home, whose "" putation is known from Maine to Georgia.? JjJJ /iiat a queer place is Hoston ' The stately, sombre 1 ue of the granite buildicga are quite 111 k?e|'iiig rith the iron bound aristocracy of iig citizens, into j rhose society one might as well try to enter withut a strong endorser, as penetrate the walls ol !hina. 1 noticed the most splendid houses ar? tennted, if not owned, by the. disciples of Galen and *culapius. Boston is a queer place?a funny place -a nice place, with all its aristocratic "notions." ' I'A The Eastern manufactories ate in active operaon?nrileiM arr uhnndant tor llieir COlton mauufat- I irca for exportation, and if the tarid is only left I 'here it is, depend ou it ihestreets will not be paved rith gold, but money will be plenty; indeed it in now J* bnndant, but locked up mostly in the banks. I am tim )ld that at least eight millions of capital are lyiug f" lie in this citynlone. The shipping interest may jfler aomf by the present tarifl, on account of the sk ecreased imputations?but w hat of that in cnrnpa- . son to the great interests of our agriculturists and I lanulacturersl The merchant* and all classes de- i ? re only to be let alone, and this is what the dema- ^ ogties and politicians wont do. The country needs .in nee, and all will go on as well as in days gone by. 1,1 The trial ot Wyman, cashier of the Charlestown ' " auk, commenced at Concord yesterday. I under ami you will have a full account from a faithlul >tn4. A delightful place is Nahant, situate ten miles I om Boston. It is decidedly the finest watering- ' ,l .?ce in this country : nature and art combined, ave rendered it ju*t the moat romantic and wild j ml ace imaginable. Take the little Fulton, Cfij tain andcrbilt, of New York, winch plien h*re daily, nd you are there in an hour. The Pnvillion i? _jj tuate on an eminence, eeveral hundred feet above le bay, commanding a line view of the coa?t in all irectioriH, a? lar a* the eye can reach Lynn, the *'" reat ahoe mart, i? seen to advantage, and ia only Ul,| cceasible from this place by a drive on the bcach , mo; 1 ? j sm L D. Price Two Cent*. t low tide. On our arrival we were met by n bevy f beautiful girls on horseback?so lovely w?*re they, re imagined they were a troupe ol sea nym,>haj scaped Irom llieir rock-bound coast. The houw i well kept by Mr Drew, I should judge, Irom the assemblage of fashionable naini-N I saw regm red Irom all paris o( the Union. 1 noticed the retty and accomplished Misses , with their no ea handsome mother, were there, delighting the i/jfiaux with their sw?et sounds and sunny smile . Itoltnn. Kaq , the extensive shipping merchant ol lew York, with lannly; also a genuine and live omit, incog. (W'here'a D'Orsay ?) under the aouriquet of ".Tones." We had barely time to sunon onie capital fi-li, that are caught here in shoal*? at a bowl ot chowder?visit the "Swallow's Cave," nd hear the deep-toned, Bolemn " M'*sic ot the deep"? lick up a lew shells on the shore?chat a spell with he Penobscot Indians, under the kind guidance of dr. Welden. editor of the " Hunker Hill Aurora," vh? proniued to gel up the sea-serpent lor our espial wonder, provided we would stay a lew days, an lisMuakeship was some miles distant. " The Herald" maintains its popularity in these arts, and is looked to as the only proper source of orrect information. The same talent seems to b? t work in itacolumni as heretofore, which has been o well managed by its absent proprietor. Messrs. Irainard andt'o. and Redding and Co , extensive ews agents, sell a "powerful lot o' Heralds," as the rankees say. Ami, now, commend me to th? guardian smrits of the deep," on otr trip to the brings, and believe me ever thine, Thalaba. Nctv Lebanon S|trli^N. I Gorreipoiidrnce of the Herald.] V V A kit 7 l?a'? Wetting o/ th? Shakers jmtljHmtd on account of the weather?Creed of the Shakert, fyc. la. Editor We were promised by the Shakers that, if the ny should be fair, there would be a public meeting t their monument yesterday. Inasmuch an there itid been 110 public meetings by this people for a ear back, expectation was raised to the highest itch in consetjuenee of the announcement, and very carriage in the neighborhood was engaged i>r a number ol days previous, for the expedition. L'he news lead also spread through the neighboring owns, mid every waggon was brushed up ready for n early start. 13ut on Saturday afternoon the sky leeame suddenly overcast by thick, heavy clouds, iortending a rain storm, which came in good earieat, and continued all next day. In consequence if the storm, the meeting did not come ofl, very nuch to the disappointment of not only the expecant audience, but of the Shakers themselves, tor 1 ielieve they like to have the " people of the world" isit them, and although the society consists enirely of old bachelors, old maids, widowers with * iving wives, widows with living husbands, and orhanswith living parents; yet 1 almost suspect that atiire is not entirely dead in them, as they profess : is, or not so much so but that the Shaker boys ke, occasionally, when not observed by the elders, > cast a side glance at some of the pretty girl* morigst the audience. And the Shaker gtrfe, too. Lord bless their pretty faces! strap|>ed down nearly ut of sight beneath a hideous cap,) they too, when ley see a handsome young man, with his sweeteart on his arm, and observe the tender manner in diich she is treated, and consider how happy they ppeur in.e.ach other's society, they must have some i the feelings of mother Eve come across them, nd say in their hearts, "though it be a sin, yet 'ould I like to taste of the pleasures of society, iendship, and love, of the world." Yet they arc II taught that there is nought but deceit and all ther kinds of wickedness out of the Shaker sociey?that the boys are rakish, and the girls " carnal linded." God knows, the world is almost as bad s they represent it to be ; yet 1 had rather meet iy fat<- in it, with all its faults, than to dance way my days in ignorance of all that makes life esirable?love, friendship, and the virtuous interourse of the sexes. 1 saw one of the Shaker elders this morning, and It'S boot* and lasts before they desimir .?r heiag cimumw hi *5 ^ Ol k .IN i tkr UK >L I ||i .1 I'm. b M ? tin- eniiiini P.iri* Jet HI nk V aruish sold. v2H I m M A i A ?U)~To Jthe 70.?#h> tiHHurrittl and 10,000 marri* <1 I. nlirs < ?' \ * V<?rk. Tl??' subscriber len shis r<ini|i|irn'*iiu to the Ladies, inform them it hi1 i* furnishing citv'1 fh<?es of the ln*?t kind at such Cti an cannot fail to ?Htt Hh1 most economical. ll. Hf Silk i hi.'rs, ma?le Co order $2 26 a $2 A B*st Pruned 2 00 ? 2 25 Binknn 75 n I |f)f Ladies Slij?i?*r* 62^ a 1 00 Miwi' tluiteri ..... 75 a lit rhow wljo r*ll ?i thif ?torr invarubly call again? th** lest ?|ence of the ?ati*faction of his customers with his prices I thr durability ol In* shoes. B. i ity and country deilrrscan have their order* eieen* on tlit- inoatl.iyor.ihle utiiis, and with shoes made by tin* I \% > ?rk in* it in the Country. I), O. I HOSBYS La-lies' JHh.* fitot*. No. j2 ( atherine ?t. two doors Inlow Madison *t. 1 tm'ec BOOT \ N I) HllOK ^TOHK ^J JOHN HK.M)V rv,p . iliillv informs his friends the (nihlie that he his com men cm business in the .?hor* at No. 'id Naiuii street. where lie will thank fully receive ?si* It fully eteCute, all orders he may be fsvorrd with on tlie it rvasubabls umu for cash. j y 22i i* nan! that ilu'rf would undoubtedly be a |>ublia irr.tmK >tcxt 3*libath, *lioul<I tlie weather be fair. Should nature smile u|>ou us once more, and give ahunsliine instead ot water on a Sabbath, and aa ather Miller says, "bliould time continue," you lav expect a lull report of the sayings and doings I tliisbtrange people next week. IV FIMIjA'DFLFMIIA. 1)A< URRRK( >TYPK RSTAHF.TSHMKNT. KX<' Ft A N< ?K BUILDING. IIOOMS 26 It V. ^IIK Subscriber*, having prorurfd the Agency for the ?l" VOKJTWDKItS lM<^'KRHKOTVPK AITAHA I'S, eoustructed according to Professor IVrtvaPi calculation, ve on hand a l.?rv<H iHtiirlmmit ol'tliw* AppaiatiM, and arti?t? well as amateur* of their art, wistliiiiK to proeur* a good aprataa, will rind it to thair adraataga r-? proem* iiftfVMHf this coii?truction. The y also bare latajj iniportad i Luna autity ??r < irrmui and Krcnch plates, and all the chemicals d in their art, which thev warrant in every res|*.'Ct, as they made to their order. Polishing substance*, and morocco ies, ami all necessary materials an* sold on tin* most reason' e terms. The following gentleman have agreed to act aa ir ;n:enLs, viz:? .. White, Ka<|..l75 Broadway, N. V.i \ II t*s, hs?j., Washington, I). )r A.Ctspiri, Richmond. V'a. ' Laurens, Ks?|.t Savannah, <?a. Villiani West, Km|. < iiirinnati. Olno. Ml communication* (post pain) and orders, accompanied ill remittance, will he promi>fl\ attended to, and should he rted to W. .V F. I.AN(tKMIKIM. ? I lm*r Kxchauge Building, IMiila. MANUFACT1 >RY. OF CUT, PLAIN AM) MOULDKD GLASS, F every description, French and hn;:li?li Porcelain, astral, and solar lamps, warranted, girandoles of stl|w?rior inality, the public in general, which are in the habit of paying eiirdinary prices for the above articles?it is a great discovery tellers, hotels, steamlioat*, shin-masters, and families, that y can get supplied at very moderate prices, at Stonverwl 8c tie rs glass manufactory, No. V.) Gold street, or at tl]wir de, No. I John street, near Broadway. Ooods sent to in any r of the country free. All article* matched to patterns, and cut to order. Wholesale and retail. ill and satisfy yourselves about uuality and prices. 8 roi v knkl v bro i uk kb. roton watkr-day's first premium in DIA KI'BBKK IIOSK is confidently recommended for purposes lor which leather is used,and is warranted to gn>si the following properties it?It is |ierfectly tight under pressure of the Croton. I ?It is made of the strongest fabrics, and will not inildew njure in the least, and requires 110 atteution. 1 ?It is not dehtrnyed by coining in contact with oil or ise, nor stiffened hy cold weather, nor can the robber de it complaint l??' made ?>f the I not possessing (Ih* ihovA perties, it will he taken back, 4U11V tiiitf inside of si* nihil from ifs purchase, and other k*vt*n in exchange without irge, ill?< oiiniintr and jet pipes will be attached without charge, yen will note that wo ap- clearly MtiiUfd that thii hose (ine ?c? of making which i* unknown to any other hi the trad*) Oat the nrticle lou^ wanted for leading water and many ??r liquids. IKlliAt K II. DAY. y 17 lm*r Successor to Koxlmry I. II. 4.'> Maiden lane V) M \ NT F \ I'T I H K lis AND OF.ALKRH IN WOOLLKN8.?Henry Micron,, Finisher ol Cloth*. ('?%nores, Satinets, Sic. comer of Laight and Washington *t., V.. rfipfctlnlly informs the manufacturer* and dealers 111 oolUns, thai hit cfUbliihnifi i mcqsmM omi* hi, and that lie is prepared to fifCVto with promptness all orr? in lii? line nny be confided to him. Specimen* of hi* rkmanship may l??' *een on application to the gentlemen whose me* are an.iesetl, and to whom lie ha* liberty to refer. Ilo io refer* to the following remark n|?on hi* workmanship, at ? Fair at tlie American Institute. THR GOLD MEDAL lieeti awarded to II. Mlffloii, for the most beautifully fluted Cloths, C ass i meres, and Satinet*. di?played at the late libition ; the Institute have thus become their twnmonf to perfection of the art, by which Mr. Migeon lit* augmented of th.? most im|*ortane *ourre* of the niaioifacturiiiir wealth the I iiited State*, by adding, at i very rnflimr cost, from to fifteen per cent to the value of the cloths submitted to process of fmiAhirig aad preparation. 'I'be brilliant finish I Milky *tnoothiies* of the cloths thus pre|?nred, must satisfy 'ry one who will examine them, of th- great sii|?eriority oi preces* pursued by Mr Migeon. Mannfactnien and mi ler* will do well to acquaint themselves bv i?vr*oual eiami ioil with the merit of his invention. )rd?*r* may be left at No* #1 and #4 rine st# ItKFKKKNCKS* IT.listed, Haines <'n.t *?| Nassau street. I imb? rt 5t Woleott. oS Tine ?treet. W. C. I?angley Jkf'o., fit Pine *treet, Wilson, Butler 5cf'o., :?7 Willi nn ^treet^ L>. Jiregham, 60 Pine st. ,n lm r HIS BOOTS A N I> LASTS VADK TO (Tuphll BY K. SUSKIt, i i'roiidway, (liawnieni,) one door fromCourtlandt wtiret. K. SI'SK.H. Rootm.ik' r, and maker of Lssts, hi Five" of t lerce of Paris, l?egs letve io tnfotm his nds and all the amateurs of a gentlemanly " rlitiiiiiiv,,) t he rm now make, in Ntw \ orb, ith the j?esr French tubals, all that is s<> |s*if?Ttly iini!**. ii: Paris, by his master th" 'hrated bootmsker f l> rf%\ who** numerous customers on l side ol the Vllant reslieeilulli invited to tr) 81

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