Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 14, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 14, 1843 Page 1
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TH Vol. IX -Nft 441?Whole No. 3433, To the Public. THE NEW YORK HERALD?daily newapaper?publithed every day of the year except New Year'* day and Fourth of July. Price i centa per copy?or $7 28 per annum?postage* paid?caih in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD-published every Saturday morning?price flj centa per copy, or $3 12 per annum? poitagei paid?cash ia advance. ADVERTISERS are informed that the circulation of the Herald ia over THtRTY THOUSAND, and increaa Jug fait, it has th? largest circulation oj anu paper in thii city, or the world, an A it, therefore, the beil channel for bu ttnttt men in the city or country. Prices moderate?cash in advance. PRINTING of all kinds executed at the most moderate price*, and in the moit elegant styleJAMES GORDON BENNETT, rKOrB|KTOB OF TUK Hc&ALD ESTABLISHMENT, Northwest corner of Fulton and Nauau streets. AGENTS. 1 ne following Is a lilt of agents for the Herald, where aubacriptiona will be received, and single number! are found for sale:? Boston, Maaa Messrs. Redding k Co. Philadelphia, Pa Messrs. Zieb* St Co. Baltimore, Md Wm. Tayloi> Washington, D. C Do. Buffalo, N. T T. 8. Hawks. New Haven, Conn T. H. Pease. Hartford, COtxa. J. V. Judd, Albany, N. Y Geo. Jonas. Troy, N. Y Levi Willard. Lausingburgh, N. Y A. Lewis. Newark, N. J , ,D. Smith. Catakill. N. V H- lUwn. Peekskill, NT T. MonkhouM 8inj Sing, N. Y 8. Bard. New Orleans, La J.C. Morran. Cinciunati. O Robert Carnaha * Patorson. N.J MatthewDougheity. Rochester, N. Y A- Jones. Elizahethtown. N. J Samuel Crane. New Brunswick, N. J William Solomon. St. Loui*, Mo Woodward fc Mathews. Charleston, S.C Amos Head. Hudson, N. Y .Gvorga Clare. Augusta, Ga 8. A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala M Boullrmet Poughkeepsie, N. Y Levi Smith. TtenUn, N.J J. Rannsloy. Louisville, Ky W. A. Haldeman. Wheeling, Va K. C. Brookman. New Loudon, Con 8. fc O. Rogers. Utirn, N Y J. B.Loat. Nashville, Tcnn A.Billings. Syracuse, N. Y .James Robertson. Bridgeport, Ct S. W. Hatch. Jackson, Miss J. W Claik. Vickstturg, Miss Mrs. E. A. Parker. New Bediord. Mass A. Robinson. Providence,R. 1... John Oreen. Worcester, Mass L. Thompson. Naotuoket. Mass J. P. Hussey. {fry- Yearly subscription to the Daily Herald, $7 26, nndfor a shorter period at the same rate. The Weekly Herald, $3 26. BRITISH AND NOHTH AMERICAN ROYAL MAIL STEAM SHIPS, Of l?0A ton? and 440 horse power each. Appointed by the Admiralty to sail_ between Liverpool and jx/siou, unmnK ai imim 10 laud and receive I'dsseuirngers anil Her Majesty's Mails. HIBERNIA, Captain Charles II. E Judkini. CALEDONIA, Captain Edward G. Lott. ACADIA, Captain Alexander Ryrie, BRITANNIA, Captain John Hewitt. Will aail fur Boston ria Halifax, Fxom Boston. From Liverpool. Acadia, Ryrie, 16th August. 19th July. Hibernia, Jtidkina, l<t Sept. 4th August. Britannia. Lott, IGth do 19th do Ttieae shi|>a carry experienced surgeons, and are supplied with Frances' Patent Lift Boats. Passage to Liverpool $120?To Halifax $30. No berths secured until ixiid for. For passage apply to D. BRIGHAM, Jr.. Agent, *u3r No. 3 Wall si., New York. DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, Stc.?Persons about remitting money to their Clfriends in the "old country," can be supplied with Drafts, in sums of 1,2, 3,3,10, ?St ?50. or any amount, pnTable on demand withotat {oLfcount or any other charge, at the National Bank of Ireland, Provincial Bank, do., Messrs. James Bult, Son Si Co., Bankers, London, I. Bamed Si Co., Exchauge and Discount Bank, Liverpool, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Win. Forbes Hunter Si Co., Scotland, and the braucliex in every post towu throughout England. Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts will be forwarded by the steamers Great Western or Hibernia. by W. Si J. T. TAP8COTT, At tlieir General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slip, corner Sonth st. N. B.?All letters from the country must come post paid. jyllf - rt| ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, /MaIVV &c.?which can I* sent by the steamship ACADIA, sailing from Boston on the 16tfi ^Mfnrlr f * We have at all times for tale Draft* it sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin. Also, on Messrs. Prescott, Orote, Ames 8c Co., Banker*. London, which are paid free of risk or any charge whatever in every Province and County, besides all the. inland towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, thereby answering the same purpoie as Bank of England Notes. Apply to or addrws, if by letter, (post paid.) ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO., 35 Fulton stmt, next door to the Fulton Bank. P. S.?R. B. k Co., have a regular succession of first class ships sailing weekly from Liverpool. Those sending for their relatives will find it their interest to have them brought out I hrough us. One of our firm, Mr. James D. Roche, is there to forward passengers with care and despatch. For imssage apply a* above, or to JAMES D. ROCHE, 14 Ooree Fiazxas, Liverpool. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOLTACKETS. To sail from New York on the 24th and Liverpool on the 13th of each month. eHR tlffv >Hfv h rom Nrw Ship RQACIUB, Captain John Collins, 2Ath July. Ship 8lDDOn. Captain A. B. Cohb, 2Jth Augnst. Skip SHERIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeyster, 25th Sept Ship OAK KICK, Captain Wm. Skiddy, 25th October. From I.ivcitrool. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain F. A. l)e|wyster, 13th July. Ship OARRICK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, 13th August. Ship ROSCIU8, Captain John Collins, 13th September. Ship SIODONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13th October. These ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 tons, built jn the city of New York, with such improvements as combine great ?|?"ed with unusual comfort for imssengers. Every care has be?n taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. The price of passage hence is $75. These ships are commanded by experienced masters, who will make every asertion to give general satisfaction. Neither the captains or owners of the ships will be responsi Dl* lor any inter*, parcel* or package* *ent by tt#m, iinleaa regular bills of lading are ?ign*d therefor. Kor freight or paanage am'lv to E. K. COLLINS ot < O., 56 South ?t., New York, or to BHOWN, SHIPLEY fc CO., Liverpool. Lrttnr* by the packet* will be charged 12V," ceuu |wr tingle lin t ; SO cant* |>er ounce. new*papen I cent each. jy7 ec THE NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. jib. m m New Ship LIVERPOOL. UMton*. fc^r. John Lldndge. Slfith April. N.w ?hip QUEEN OK THE WEST. (J?!}) lib# ton. Philip P. Woodhouaa. I J$?*r>' Ship ROCHESTER. IM to. ? j?* John Britton. StfthJune. Ship HOTT1NGUER, I0M ton.. ] {"{j ^^b*rIra Bur*ely, $ 16th July. Thoae *nb*t&ntial, fast tailing, 6r?t claa* ahip*. all built in the city of New)York, are commanded by men of experience and ability, and will be diipatrhed punctually on th* 16th of each mouth. Tlieir cabin* are elegant and eommodiom, and are fumiahed with whata\er can conduce to the aane and comfort of paaaeuger*. Neither the captain* or owner* of the** ahipa will be responsible Kirwy parcel* or pucka*** ??nt by lliem, uule** regular bill* lading .ue aigned therefor. Kor freight or iM**ag* apply to WOODHOLLfc MINTURNS, _ *7 South ?treet, New York, or to KIELDEN, BVOTHER8 k CO., * 1 _____ Liverpool OLD LINE LIVERPOOL PACKETd. m m m. m PHkTiLD LINK of Packet* for Liverpool will hereaiier be despatched in tlie following order, excepting that whan th? sailing day fall* on Sunday, the *hip* will *ail ou the aucceeding day, ti*:? ?rom New York. Krom Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, (June t July )? 050 ton*, < Oct. I Nor. 19 W. C. Burrow,f Keb. I Mar. 19 Th# F.NOt.ANl), I.font 19 Aug. 7 750 tuna, ] Oct. 19 Pec. 7 S. Bartl?tt,r Kcb. 19 April 7 TV? nvtnnn f !?i? 1 a.._ >? W>0 toil*. \ Nov, 1 Det. 19 .1. Rathbone, f March 1 April 19 ThaMONTEiSUMA, I July 19 Sept. 7 1000 tuna, Not. 19 .Inn. 7 ? A- ? Lowber, ( March 19 May 7 lha EUROPE, i Aug. I Sept. in 618 tons, < Dee. I Jan. 19 ?_Jp: Furher, r April I May 19 The NEW YORK, (new) { Aug. 19 Oct. 7 9.'>0 ton*. 2 Dec. is Feb. 7 T. B. Tropper.f April 19 Juna 7 The SOUTH AMERICA.l \ fl.pi | Oct. 19 fi.Tfl tons, l Keh. I h,. O. Bailey, r May I .Itine 19 The COLUMBUR, ,9 Nor. 7 700 tona. <.l;n. 19 Mar. 7 (?. A. ( ole, I May 19 July These ?hijw are not surpassed in point of elaganca or comfort in their cabin accommodationa, or 111 l hair fast sailing qualities liy any teasels in the trada. The fOfimMidfri w* wall known u mm of character ind ?perienci> and the strictest attention will always he paid to promote tne comfort and convenience of passangers. Punctuality, as rcfards tha clay of sailing, will he observed as heretofore. The price of passage outward is now Hied at Seventy-Five Dollars, for which ample stores of avary deaaription will he provided, with the exception of wines and liquora, which will be furnished by the stawards, if required. > Noithcr tha captain or owners ol thaae ships will he respon TOla for any latters, parcels, or iiackarea sent by them milms regular bills of lading ara signed therator. For freight or passage, apply to OOODHUF. It CO, M Soath at. . , C, H. MARSH ALL. 3d Burling alin. N. Y. , Mil of BARINO, BROTHERS k CO., Lspool. Jy >1 E NE NE\ TAPSCOTTS GENERAL PASSAGE OFFICE, 43 TtCK SLIP, NEW YORK. i M. M. M TT7^bscriber?T?ini\c?II th? Attention oi llwir I'rirud^ln tha public guiierally. to tlurir nuixirior arraiiijouiMita lor brinK- , in* out i>*?s?'ni{er? from, mud rtuiiaiiiL' money to any |?rt of j r.ugland, Ireland, Scotland or Walw, m tint magnificent pack J et ship*. comprising the " NfUV LINK (TK LIVERPOOL PACKETS," VIZ.:- 1 ?JV'' Capt. Collin*. ShjP SiDDONS, Captain Cobb. Sliip SH Kill DAN. Captain i)r|>?y?ter. Ship OARRICK, fcapuii. 8kiddy. Shi,, So'lfTHV.BNKH.^Captain'Woodfiotisi. ] Ship ROCHESTER. Captain Palinet. 1 New Ship LIVERPOOL. <?ptam Eldredge. Sailing twicn every month ; anil with the " UNITED,LINE," composed of superior lint class American ships, sailing every ton (lava, will make live ships in each month throughout the , year, tor one every lit days) thereby preventing the possibility of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from London, Bristol and (Jreenock to New York, Also frpin Liver|>ool to New Orleau*, Mobile, Sa?annah Charleston, Philadelphia, Bostou and Baltimore, and the various ports in British North America, can at all timis be eugageu on liberal terms. Pontons wishing to send for their friends, will not tail to see the advantages to be derived from selecting this line in prefer- I enre to any other, and they may rent assured tliat unusual care will be taken to make the iwssage agreeable, the ships being fitted up with an eye solely to the comfort of jwssengers. In all cases where the parties sent for decline coming, the mo- 1 ney will be refunded without any deduction, as usual. A free 1 passage from the various seajwrta of Ireland and Scotland, can 1 also be secured ' The regular packets for which the subscribers are agents, snil I as follows, viz To and from Loudon on the 1st, ill, and 2tllh ol each month. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, Ktth, 19th, and 25th of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, savau- 1 nah, and Charleston, weekly throughout the season. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and ad- , dress of the rarties to receive, it, nay rely an a draft for the amount being forwarded per fyst packet, alter the receipt thereof and an acknowledgement for the same returned per mail. j Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any other charge, at the National and Proviu- * cial Banks of Ireland and branches, Eastern Bank of Scotland, ^ Oreenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bull, Son It Co. Bankers Loudon Exchange^and Discount Bank( Liverpool and 1 Ill C...J I'iiuyai'ni lunn ui vZ| r.ll Drim 1II all>1 iri'iailll. Further particulars made known on application, if bv letter, . post paid, tojfl| W.rk J. 1 TAPSCOTT. diy r 43 PbcIc Slip, corner South it ] pasWhe from gkEat brH\\in^nd irklaSd t BY THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool nu the 7th and 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to send to the Old Country for their friends Cnn make the necessary arrangements with the subscribers, and hare them etfme out in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing from Li\erauol punctually on the 7th and l'.ith of every month. They will "so have a first rale clans of Amaricsn trading ships, i sailing every si* days, thereby affording weekly communication from that l>ort. One of tne firm (Mr. Jamas D. Roche) is there, to ?ee that they shall he forwarded with care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money will he returned to those who paid it here, without any reduc- , lion. , The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships, vir. i The OXFORD, The NEW YORK, , CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS. EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. , ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. , With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the subscribers confidently look forward for a continuance of tliat sup- | l>ort which has been extended to them so many years, for which they are grateful. 1 Those proceeding, or remitting money to their relative*, can j at all times obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, drawn direct i oil the Royal Bank of Ireland. Dublin, also on Messrs. PRESCOTT, GROTE, AMES & CO. Bankers, London, i which will he paid on demand at any of the Banks, or their Branches, in all the principal towns throughout England, Ireland, Scotland and Wale*. Apply, or address, (if by letter, post paid.) ROCHfc, BROTHERS 8t CO. 35 Fulton street New York, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packets sail from this port for Liverpool on the 1st anil 19th of euch month. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advantage to select this favorite Line for their conveyance, in preference to any other. d27 r JOHN HERDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHEDEMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. tfjjy KtGULAR LINtUJ? rACKE^SHlt's, 61 Southstrw! New York. PASSAGE to and from Great Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool and London, by the regular jacket ships, sailing on the 1st, 7th, 13th, lilth, and 25th of each month to and from Liverpool and to and from London 1st, 10th and 2Uth of each mouth. The subscriber has made unequalled arrangements to bring out emigrants, and can, with great conlideuce, assure those per?ou* sending for their friends, that every due ami diligent atteution willbe shown them, and nil who emhaik with them Patfkge can alto tie engaged fiom Liverpool direct to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Boston, and to the different l>orts of lit* British Provinces, at llie lowest I rate*. With those arrangements, together with the advantage which his Liverpool corres|iondent* possess, being large ship owners, 1 and extensively engaged in the freighting business drs|>atching yearly at least 1110 first class ships from Liver|>ool to the va roils ! ports of the United States, witli freight and passenger*. The 1 facility offered by this establishment is unsurpassed, and from 1 the large number of first class ships employed in the line there J can b? no detention whatever, which will be guaranteed. The 1 price of imssage will be at the lowest rate*, and should any ol 5 those sent for decline coming, the passage money will be as * enstomary refunded. The steamboat fare from the differeut ports to Liverpool can, as usual, be secured. JOlIN HKHDMAtf. 61 South *?, N Y. or 1 J. t)1 W. ROBINSON, near Wall street, ? Merchants and (emigrants' Agents, No. 18 Oorre Piazzas, Liverpool. 1 DRAFTS AND EXCHANGE. The Subscriber requests the attention of those remitting mo ney to their friends to his unequalled arrangements fur tlie pay ment of hi* draft* on demand, without discount or any charge { whatever, at the following Banking Institutions, viz.:? IN ENGLAND?Messrs. James Bult, SoU x Co., Bankers London. ? Messrs J. Barnard Sc Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool. National Provincial Bank of England, and Branches throughout England and Wales. Yorkshire District Bank and Branches. ? Birmingham Banking Co. 1 Lancaster Banking ( o. t IN SCOTLAND?Ureenock Banking Co. in Glasgow and ' Greenock. Eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches. I IKtLAND?Provincial Bank of Irvland. I Amagh Cork Euuis Mallow Alhlone Carlow Enniskillen Moneymore ? Ballina Cavan Gal way Omagh i Belfast Coleraine Kilkenny Parsonstowu Bainbridge Cootehill Kilrush Sligo J Ballvmeua Dublin Londonderry Strabane 1 Bandou Downpatrick I.argen Tralee 1 Ballyshannon Dungaiiiion Limerick Waterford Clonmel Dungarron klonaghan Youghall National Bank of Ireland. Billinsloe Castlehar Moate Tipi>erary Baiiagher K.nnisCorthy Nenah Tiiam J Boyle Kermoy New Rosa Tnomastown ' C.oshflr Calway lloscrea Tralee 1 ( arrick on Bair Kanturk lloscommoa Westport Casllerea Longford Hlieo Wexford I Charlesville Loughrm Tallow Wicklow ' Clonmel Mlchaelstown Thurle* N. B.?In addition to the Liverpool and London packets, the I subscriber is also^ent for the regular jackets sailing weekly 1 from New York to New Orleans, Mobile. Charleston, and ! Savannah, hv whirli ham*** ?? K- .t it. jyl3-tf JOHN i'lKKi')MAN MARSEILLES LINE OF PACKETS.- i m. m. m. m '1 h? undermentioned ?lui>? will be n-gularly dis|wlc>H-d from ? hence mid from Marseilles on the 1st of each month dining the year:? i From New York. Marseilles. < COURIER. ( Durgan. June I. Aug. I t TRESCO'I T, Capt. Myrick. July I. Sept. 1 HELLESPONT, Capt. Adam*, Aug. 1. Oct. 1 ( CORIOLANUS, Capt. Haile, Sept. 1. No*. I 1CHY THOMPSON,Capt.Sy Iveater, Ort. I. Deo. 1 Tliev ire all coppered and copper fastened, and have e*nrllont 1 accommodation* for |<a?*euger*. J The price of cabin pASHagi'will b? $100, eiclii*iv? of wine* r and liquor*. c Good* addressed to the *ge:it?, BOYD fc HINCKEN, will be forwaaded life of other charge* than those actually paid. t For freight or |>aa*a(t apply to * BOYD & HINCKEN, Agent*, No. 9 Tontine HuilrliiiR*. or 9. BROOM h CO., r mSOr 103 Front *tt*et. 1 FOR NEW ORLEANS. LOU19IANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OF PACKETS I m. M. M. M. i Imh the better accommodation of shirpersTit i? intended to de*ixitch a ship from this port on th? 1st, Jth.lOth, 15th, 20th, T and 24th of each month, commencing the 10th October and continuine until May, when tegular day* will lie appointed for the remainder of the y?ir, whereby great delay* and disappoint- I ment* will be prevented during the tummer month* The following ships w ill commence this arrangement: J Ship YAZOO. Captain Cornell. J1 Ship OCONEE, t aptain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliard. { Ship LOUISVILLE. Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKBPEARE, Captain Minar. Ship GASTON, Captain Latham. i Ship HITNTSVlLLE. ("aptain Mnmford. , Ship OCMULOEE. Captain Lenvitt. Ship NASHVILLE, Captain Dickinson, Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. , Ship LOUISA, Captain Million). These ships were all built in the city of New York, etpress- j ly for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and |mt in splendid order, with accommodation* for i?uisengets unequalled for comfort. They are commaniled by eioerienced masters, who will makeeverv ejertion t? give ganrral satisfaction. They will at all time* be towed np and down the Mississippi ky steamboats. Neither the owners or captain* of tho*e shi[>s will be re>|*>n ihle for jewelry, bullion, precioin stones, ailver or plated ware, or for any letters, iisrcel or package, sent by or put on board of tham, unless regular bill* of lading are taken lor the same and the value thereon impressed. For freight or Passage, apply to R. K l'ni.LiNS k CO.. M South *t? or HULLIN It WOODRUFF. Agent in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all good* to their address. 1 hf fthiiw of this line are warranted to nail punctually a* ad?erti*ea, and icreat cart will be taken to l?a?e tnf Roods rorrrct* ! Iv mwurwl. mr PATERSON RAILROAD^ asms can aa w w n \ kT'on i. v From Paterson to Jersey City. On inn *lt?' Monday, 17th July, the c*r? will li*r? Patkrho* DrroT Lr*rr Nr.* York. * A. M. 9 A. M. IIX " I2X P. M. 4 P M J " ON SUNDAYS. Lkatk Patrrio* DrroT. Lkatr Nrw York. 1 7X A. M. ?X A. Mi | i P. M. _ S P. M. Tr?n?i>ori?tion r*r* |>ly daily (Snnd*y? etrrntpd.) I'mcn- 1 ?rf ndriirtl ts br .il tlif K?rr)\ foot of I'oiirtUndt ilrMt, a , >w minute* brfor* th< it?t*d hours of drimrtoif. Jy 19 fm i W YO V YORK, MONDAY MO POME ROY & co.'s f HdlE- DAILY KX-1'HI.-SM IP N/- ^ [TOR ALBANY, TROY, (CHICAGO and theOANADAS. Tlie slilisrribers knin completed the r arrant;eineuta with he I'uoplu's Line <>l" Sti lainboats, on the North River, and the Rail I toad Compmiies wait of Albany fur ruuning their Kiprrsi or the season of 1B-1 J, nil Kipress will leave ,their office, No. 3 kVall ?tivet. New York, every evening, at i]uart?r to 7 o'clock, 'or the above named and intermediate places. IMPORTANT. r or the greater safety mid security of all valuable and money packages entrusted in their care, tlifly have Salamander Iron Sale* ou board of the steamboats, in a strte room occupied e?eluiirely by thtmselvei, and the messenger in chant* sleep* in he same room with tlie iron stifea.into which all such Dadknge* ire placed. POMEROY it COM TAN Y, ml uc No. 2 Wall street. ENOLISH. FRENCH, BELOIAN AND AMERICAN EXPRESS, (iENEltAL FORWARDING AND COMMISSION HOUSE. HARNDEN & < 'O. will receive and forward by their daily Kxpress C?rs, S|>ecie, Dank Notes, Pack igi's mrt Parcels, to any |>art of the United States or Canada*, and l>y (lie steamers and i?.u:keu to any part of Eng laud, Irrland, Scotland, Belgium or ['"ranee. attentinn is paid to the purchase or sale of all deicriptious ofmerchandise. collecting and piyui Drafts, NoM, mil Hills, lo the entry of merchandise at the Custom Hon*1, *nd to the general transaction of any and ah kinds of forwarding and commission business. Hills of Exchange, in sums to ant, furnished 011 St. John, N. B., Halifax, N. 8., or on any ( art of Europe. All coods must be marked "Harden St Co." Foreign Post Office Letter Bags are made up for all the Royal Mail nleiin*rs from Bostou, and the stvamer and sailing packets from New York. Principal offices and agents:? Messrs. Wilmer and Smith, 32 Church street, Liver|>ool, England. Messrs. Maclean, Maris Si Co., 3 Abcluirch lane, London. Messrs, Emerson & Co., Paris and Havre. Samiirl Haight. Esq., American Consul, Antwerp, Belgium. Messrs. J. and J. O. Woodward, St. John, N. B. A. W. Godfrey, Halifax, N. S. , I. O. Woodward, New Orleans, La. Messrs. J. B. Sazerac 8c Co., Havana. Ilarnden & Co. 8 Court St., Boston. All goods must be marked "Harden & Co. N. B.?Harndeu & Co. are alone responsible for the loss or njury of any articles, or property of any description committed o their care; nor is any risk assumed by, nor can any In- atached to the New Jersey Steamboat Navigation Company, by ivhich their crates are, or may be transported; nor the New k'ork, Providence, and Doston Railroad, or the Hostnn and Proridence Railroad Corporations, in resjiect to their contents at uiy umr. HAKNIJKN h (JO.,, JVl2 r No. 3 Wall .it., New York. NEW YORK Forociuioley's Mountain, leave pier No. I ilorlh river, at o'clock, A. M., daily, (Sundays excepted) by steamboat to KTizabethport: or Wave the loot of < uurtland street at !> o'clock A.M., by N. J. railroad to Elizabethtown, thence connect with the cars for Somerville coaches, thenca 2U inile.s to the Mountain?arriving early in the afternoon. Kor Easton leave as above, proceed by railroad to Somerville, :oachas from thence (only 34 miles) arriving in Eastern at 6 /clock. This route,"on account of the short distance by coaches, inakng it by far th? most pleasant and ejpedi!iolts, commends itielf to public patronage. Mr. Sanderson, the proprietor at 8onerville, has provided himself with carriages anil horses to no :onunodate private parties with at the shortest notice, ind on reasonable terms. Kor seats apply to 11. D. Hope, Merchant*' Hotel, 41 Courtand st. Passengars from Philadelphia to Hchooley's Mountain, will eave Philadelphia at 7 o'clock, A. M., by New Vork railroad ine to New Brunswick. Splendid coaches from thence, arriving at the mountain early same afternoon. J 2m r SUMMER AH RANGEMENT. <E\V YOHK AND PHILADELPHIA RAILROAD LINK. DIRECT. Via Nkwark, Nkwihuinswicii, Princeton, TnL.vron, Bohdkntown And Bubi.inotqn. THROUGH IN SIX HOl'Hs. Leaving New York daily from the foot of < 'ourtlandt St. Morning Lin? at 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordeiitown, from thence by i team boat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. ^Passengers will procure their tickets at the office Coot of ^ourtlandt street, where a commodious steamboat, w ill be in eadiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crates are conveyed from city to city, wihout being opened by the way. Each train is provided with i car in which are apartments and dressing rooms expressly for ;he ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut street, by steamboat to Bordeiitown at 7 o'clock, A. M. uid by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philadelphia at 7'i A. M., and I P. M. Iieing a continuation of the lines from New York. jy2R 3m*ec BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE-OK LIVERjl*#yPACKETS KOR LIVERPOOL.-Oulv regular MMHlSm'acket ship and sails on Saturday, the nth Augiut.? i'lie new and remarkable fast sailjng favorite packet ship NEW VORK, burthen 1050 tons, Captain Thomas B. Cropper, will lail positively as above, her regular dav. The accommodations of this magnificent packet for 'cabin, 2d :abin, and steerage passengers, it is well known are unsurpassed rwr. ......... v<. .?< * nnr ]?ir KBI ill llie Mill mK-TSV a III nut? n>? very superior t.iat sailing packet ship W""V,""n " Captain Popham, ?ill positively ,?t\ ? aliove. Iliv ink ??y inptrior accommodations lor cahin, 2d caliin and iteerage passengers, |*ir?nni wishing 10 emliark should m.iki' rarly application on hoard, foot nf Maiden Ian*, or to JOSKPII McMURRAY, an 10 fo 100 Pine St., corner of South. FOR NEW ORLEANS?Louisiana and New ****V.York Line?Poaitively Fmt Regular Packat?The filSSl?Lyi'V\ fast sailing racket ?lup LOTMsVILLK, ('aptain M. Hunt, loading at Orleans wharf, font of VV.ill street ha* nearly all her cargo engaged and can take aome freight if immediate application i? made<on hoard orito E. K. COLLINS Ik CO., 56 Sonth it, Shippers may rely on having their good* correctly m??Agents in New Orleans, Htilin fc Woodrn(T, who will promptly forward all K"1"!}10 their address. The p.icket slop 111!N rSVlLLK, ( >pt. O. R. Mnmf rd, ill succeed the Lonisrille. _ __ an!) ec NEW YORK * BOSTON SOU N U 1*1 LOT. fjWF.N PRF.SCOTT, Pilota, or takesi charge as matter and * ' pilot of veasels bonnd to New Redlnrd, over Nantucket Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kenneheck, and OTIIK.R POR TS Office at Frye It Shaw's Nautical stun-, TTl Water street, comer Baakman. Reference to a number of mer:h ints, and the several (niuranc* CompaaiM iu this city, Bo?. on, utd I'onUud. jyll imitr >V aiy otnar vessel atloat. Those visiting the Old Country Till find it their interest anil comfort to select this desirable onveyanoe. For terms of passage, which w ill be very low, aud hose wishing to choose the. best berths, early application hould be made on board, foot of Beekman st., or to the sub- I cribers. ROCHE, BROTHERS &. CO., 35 Fulton street, New York, next door to iheFulton Bank. Note.?Passengers will please bear in mind that the packets of his Line sail punctually as advertised, then fore,will meetwith 10 disappointment in selecting the above pneket. P. 8. The New York sails from Liverpool on the 7th of Ocolier. Persons sending for their friends can have them brought out in ler or anv of trie packets comprising this magnificent and uncalled Line, sailing from that port on the 7th and l'Jth of ach month. For passage apply as above. 1 The packet shii> Columbus will succeed the New York, and ail for Liverpool oc the 1st of September, her regular day. au8 ec frjRg- REMITTANCES TO IRELAND, Scc.-The. 1 KfjyjfVsubscriber continues to transmit money in sums large BMBMHOr small, to persons residing in any part of of Ireland 11 the same manner as tie, and his predecessor in business have lone for the last thirty years and more ; also, to any part of ''.nglaud, or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (post paid) to the subscriber, or lersonafly deposited with him, with the name of the |*rson or >ersons in Ireland, England or Scotlaud, to whom it is to be- , ent, and nearest post town, will be immediately transmitted, md iwid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or for- i varded to the sender. In like manner money, or claims on persons in any pajt of reland, England or Scotland, can he collected by the subscriler for persons residing in any part of the United Slates or Calada, aud will be paid to them accordingly. j!7 lin'r OEOKOE McBlfl DE^Jr. Satjedar st. NEW LINE OF LIVERPOOL TACKKTS- ! ItlaRllfcPacket of 16th August.?The splendid well known, { W$<9Eafast sailing, new. (avorite packet ship LIVERPOOL, apt. John EIdridget 1150 tons burthen, now on her second royage, will sail positively as above, her regular day. ft is well known and equally admitted by all, that the LiverKinl is thi' fastest packet ship that "lis out of New ^ '>rk, havng lieHten the packet ships w York and Sheffield, on her last | lassage hence seieral days, and ilso every packet on her return passage that sailed in company with her, as well as those which t utilea several days before her. Her accommodations for cabin, lecontl cabin ami steerage passenger*, are so .very superior, that it has gained for her the name of the 'Floating Palace." I Those wishing to secure berths ill this magnificent ship, ihouhl not fail to make early application on board, foot of Bur- I ling slip, or to W. ?t J. T. TAPSCOTT, 43 Teck slip, ^ i _ _ corner of South st. | i nr lirrnxkii wm iaii irom Liverpool on the 5th Urtobrr, iflording * favorable opportunity t?> those wishing to send for heir friends to come out in her, or any of the rrgnlir line, on rnsonable terms, and those wishing to remit money, ran hare lrafts lor any amount, payable on demand in all the principal owns oft treat Britain and Ireland. The Siddom will succeed the Liverimol, and nail 2.')th Anrtwt. aull ee FOR LIVF.RPOOL?Th? New Line-Hegnlar KfJWV Packet 16th August-The new splendid New York !BMMkMl''|ilt iwclcet ship LIVERPOOL, John Kldridge, naster, 1160 loin, will fail on the 15th August, her regular hy. For freight or passage, having rery elegant and roomy acconodations, apply to tne captain on board, w e?t aide Hurling lip, or to WOODHULL Si MINTUHNS, *12 87 South it. Tlie new packet shin Queen of the Went, Philip Woodhouse, naster, will succeed tne Liverpool, and sail on her regular Jay, 6th September. OLD BLACK BALL LINE OF PACKKT8.Mr*3l[V-'1*cl<et of the l!>th August.?The f*?t sailing packet 5fffiMjii?hip NEW VORK, Captain Cropper, will lie drpatfhed a* anove her regular day. Her accommodations for ' thin, second cabin and steerage passengers are unsurpassed.? rhos'1 wishing to secnre berths will leiiuire to make mrly ap lication to JOHN ItERDMAN, 61 South street, near Wall st. Passage from Liverpool can as listed lie secured in any of the arket shi|>s sailing weekly, anP drafts furnislied for any mount payable at the National and Provincial Bank of Ireland ,nd Branches, and Messrs. J. Butt, Son 4c Co., Bankers, Lon- '

Ion; Eichnnp and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and Branched, hronghont Kupland and Wales, Greenock Banking Co., anil eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches. For further particuars apply as above. jy 21 ec frSg- FOR NEW ORLF.ANS?Star Line?First regnWMPfVlar packet ship dc.?natch?The splendid, well fJpftlfcknowu pa< k.-t slop FHANKLIN, ( apt, Kennedy, sill sail as above without delay. She has splendid accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and teerage |w.sscngers, who will be taken at the rny lowest rate*. Those desirous of s? < niing binhs would do well to inake early ipplication on board the snip, foot of Pin* street, or to ' JOSF.TH Mc.Vn'HRAY, anlftcc Iftfl Pine street. RK I RNLNU, AUGUST 14, 11 FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WKST ifik ASSOCIATION P^SVUTKTTTFM'E TO ALBANY. I'tic* $ > IK) llorliestrr, ?'l 00 8yr*cii??, 2 2i Buffalo, 3 .VI t|i, ana * aiuua J JV For |i.uAji?? apply t<? >1. L. KAV, _m?1 3m 93 Barclay street, New York. ROCKAWAY PAVILION LONG ISLAND RAI1. ltOAD. _ Trains unon tins road leara Brooklyn, South r ei'i'v, for .MiitaicH, wliert* coaclira nre in rrH'limws JWiSBHJC for that delightful retort, the Marine Ta* iI? ?i?, at - tin- ti 11111 w i 111> liniirg yj/. ;?Half-past 9 A.M., 4 o'clock ami hull-past 0 I'. M. Returning, leave Jamaica at fl A. M., 12 M., anil 5 P. M. for New York. Kara to Jamaica 2s. ; through from Brooklyn to the Pavilion, 75 cents. tiw *r N'EW Al<KANOK.MKNT. FARE AND FREIGHT BEDIJCF.D. xsGt REGULAR MAIL LINE-FORPRO?7 rrt VIDKNt K AND BOSTON, via. HTON^ iv^T.m ANI) NEWPORT?Composed of thu following superior steamers, rtiimitiK in connection with the Stoninfton and Boston and Providence Bail road* MASSACHUSETTS, ('apt. Comslock. RIIODK ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAO A N8KTT. MOI1KOAN. One of wliirli will Ur\ve New York daily (Bnudavi excepted) from Pier No. I, Csc^ry Place, N. River, at i P. M. Alt RANUKM ENTS. The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Tliayar, ou Monday, and Weduesday for Stonington and Newport, and Friday for Stoning ton. The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Stonington, and Saturday for Stouiugton, Newport and Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of tho steamers at Stonington, will he iinineUMli'ly forwarded in the splendid and commodious Cars of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will proceed in the steamer Mohegan (in superior order) from thence at ti o'clock the following morning, thus giving them an opportunity of a night's rest on board thu steamer Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and then hreakf.ut ou hoard the Mohegan. The abovft steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to protnbt* celerity of travel and the comfort and security of passengers, and not ai*rpa*s-d ,by any in the Uuiled States. Kor passage or freight, which is taken at very reduced rat??i, apply ou hoard, at north side of pier No. 1, 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, ou the wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers' berths iyui lie secured on hn.rJ A, .1 flu. ..If,.-.. ,.r HARNDEN St CO., No. 3 Wall street (T7*"On and after the 10th inst, freight will not he received and forwarded alter I P. M. mOfim* m aa fare Ited I ( eT> K? >11 Bill purport ^~v -j* and norwalk?Landing at Balden'* ^ II* * No It. Fare to Bridgeport. S,'j cents. Fare to Norwalk, U'(Cls. Fare to New Haven. 75 cents. The steamboat MUTUAL SAFETY leave* Lilierty street Pier every mornine, Sunday excepted, at fi o'clock, for Ilridgupurt and Norwalk, touching at Belden's Neck, running in connexion with the lloiisatonic Railroad. Returning, leavu Bridgeport at half-past I P. M., or on the arrival of the cars. New llaven l?ine?Stages leave Bridgeport immediately on the arrival of the boat. The distnuce is IB miles, with tine roads and a beautiful country. Fare to New Haven 75 cents. Office foot of Liberty street. jylO Im* rc URIAH GREGORY. Agent. ga regular OPPOSITIONS)!! BOSTON, via NEWPORT AND l'ROVI3jLmmmJOLJL. PENCE?Fare to Boston $2 .V); Deck $1 50; no charge for Berths. Newport and Providence $1; Deck 50 cts. The fast sailing steamboat CURTIS PECK. Captain Win. II. Peek, leaves Catharine Market slip, East Ititer, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. For passage or freight apply on board, or to A. D. PECK, tfl5 South st. au5 lm*m .MM a-\ _SEVEN O'CLOCK EVENING-LINE fl- J?fnr ALBANY AND TROY direct, without 3EL_^B^zLlanding?the siilendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. McLean, will leave the foot of Courllaudt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday evenings, ?t 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a large number of state rooms,and for speed and accommodations is.not surpassed on the Hudson. au8 ec I am PEOPLE'S LINE OF STEAMBOATS ALBANY-Pailv at 7 o'clock P. M.! ? mmjUL y direct?From tlie steamboat pier botween Courtlandt and Liberty stn-ets, Sunday wicepted. ROCHESTER, ('apt. A. Houghton, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at 7 o'clock. S t earn boat 80UTII AMERICA, Cant. L. W. Brainard, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening, at seven o'clock. Mail Line. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA. Capt. M. II. Truesdell, landing at intermediate places, will leave Monday,Wednesday and Friday, afternoon, at 5 o'clock. The COLUMBIA, Capt. R. G. Cruttenden, luesday, Thursday and Saturday at 5 P. M. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will invariably arrivr tin Albany in ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The aliove boats are new and substantial, are furnished with neat and elegant State Rooms, and for speed and accommodations arc unrivalled on the Hudson. For Passage or Freight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schultz at the office on the wharf. ati7 6tr _^in w INDEPENDENT REGULAR OPPOSI^U^-PMlCCfrTION NIGHT LINE FOR ALBANY spT'jt ami-. TROY.?THROUGH DIRECT WITHOUT LANDING?The commodious and substantial steamboat PORTSMOUTH, Captain O. House, will leave \T?ur VnrL frrtrn f n(' hirrlair ?tn?>f nil Villi ruin V. lliH 3<J instant, at 5 o'clock, P. M., arriving at Albany ojki Troy iu time for the cars going west. Regular Days?Leaves New York erery Tuegday, Thuriday and Satnrday afternoon, at 5 o'clock. Leave# Troy ami Albany erery Monday.Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Freight taken at reduced rate*. Apply on hoard. P. S. The above boat has undergone a thorough repair, and is in first rate order. a2 lm*y jgft NO MONOPOLY?FARE RKDU<IED". ?Jri,-,. New Independent Opposition Line for Albany S?_2fiZ-dir?<t. The ne'- and commodious steamboat N F.W JERSEY.Capt. R. H. Furey, will leave the foot of Barclay strert, New York, [ very Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, at 7 o'clock. For freight or passage apply on board. f reight Ukeu less than tow boat prices. The New Jersey is furnished with elegant state rooms, and for speed and accommodation is not surjussed by any steamboat on the Hudson river. j!7 NKWTORK AND KINOST()N STEAM FREIGHT and passage line. jmmi For Kingston, and Delaware and Hudson A*?T*T?jr7i?*?ranal?steamboats EMERALD and NOR toF-iV w" ii The EMERALD, Captain .John Ketcham, will leave New York, foot of Murray street, every Monday and Thursday at 5 'clock, P. M. Will leave Kingston (Rondout landing) every Wednesday and Saturday at 'I o'clock, P. M. The NORWICH, Captain John Samuels, will leane New York, foot of Warren strwt, every Wednesday and Saturday at 5 o'clock, P. M. Will leave Kingston (Rondout lauding) every Tuesday and Friday at 3 o'clock, P. M. EXTRA TRIPS. The EMERALD Will l*ate the loot of Murray street every Sunday morning at 7 o'clock. Returning, lantes Kingston at I o'clock same day. For freigkt or passage apply on board, or to WILLIAMSON, bARLOWfcCO., a21 3m*r 161 West street. .mwi stat en island kerryttoot WHITEHALL HT.->Th* steamboats 3t^3ifcSLsTATEN ISLANDERand SAMSON will Leavp N?'\v York II. 9, 10, II, 1, 2, Vi, 5. fi, 7. Leave Statcn Island 8, 9, HI, It, 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7. Leave New York and Staten Island every hour an Sunday. Staten Island Kerry?foot of Whitehall street, to Clifton direct. The steamboat Hercules will leave New York2 P.M.? Clifton, .'i P. Si. on Sunday, July 10th. P. 8.?Eicuraion to Kort Hamilton, Sunday* etcepted.? Leave Kort Hamilton 7)? A.M., returning from Nnw York, 3>4 P. M. jll r | I STATKN ISLAND KKRHV-( I,IKton, NEAR THK NAHHOWS?Until 3C*iltK3EL further notice the 2 o'clock trip from Whitehall (tl?- STATKN ISLANHKR) will, after making her u?nal landings at the (Quarantine ana Stapleton, procml lo the new wharf at Clifton, mar tlie Telegraph. The SAMSON will leave Clifton w harf for the city, at IV o'clock. On Sundays, tlie 3 o'clock trip from Whitehall will proceed direct to Clifton, without touching at the Quarantine and Stapleton, and the return boat will leave Clifton wharf at 6 o'clock Kan' 12)$ cents. This arrangement will afford a delightful excursion to the Narrows, and an opportunity of enjoying the sea breeze, scenery and prospect, for which that part of Stateu Island is so celebrated, w ith ample time for a ramble, and bathing on the sea liile. j 29 2wr _ ?aji ?| -jj NK.W ARRANGEMENT KOIl 8HRKWBBURY?Long Branch Sandy Jt?^SfcJt?IliKik, ()i c?ii House and Katontown Landing. The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, Captain John P. t'orlies, will now run as follows, on and after Thursday, 27th jnit ; leaving New York, from the foot of Robinson street, very Tnasday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. And Katontown Landing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run as above* weather permitting, until further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners. fare JTH canto. . N. B.?Stage* will be til attendance to convey passengers from the aforwaid landing places to any part of the county required. , ... The Shrewsbury will go tin' inner pissage, when practicable. _ _ jel'Jr j-i-l _u| NF.WARK \NI) NK.W VilliK KarfL. rHLC^aonlv I2.'a Cento !?The splendid steamer PASe T" SB v * n . alti'r .Jnnc Jtli, will run -is follows:? Leave tlte toot of Bam lay street,' New York, at 10 A. M., and 4 P. M Leases the foot of Centre street, Newark, lit 7>? A. M., and ami \\i P. M. The accommodations both for passengers and freight have been Rr'ntly improved. Kreight carried at very low rates. jy 16 3m*ec ROCKAWAY AND NEW YORK RTAOE?Will ntn it follows on and after WlW'Wty Inly 13th in?t. Leave Rockaway at 8 A. M., for New TorfcTretiiminir I'M re the Waverly Mouse. I< roadway, at 3J* r. M. for Rockaway, by way of South Kerry I'assi-nxers Icanntc their names at 340 Pearl atreet, will be iwnc*. In ally called for by HENRYCONKLIN, h u 1 in * r Proprietor. UNITED HTATES T E A EMPORIUM, 121 late 129 Chatham street, New York. And 116 Knlton atreet, Brooklyn. Aoejict, 318 Bi.r.RmKR STRF.KT, W II (> I- K SALE AND RETAIL, ?TMIB CANTON TEA COMPANY continne to offer for A sale new and fragrant Teas of every variety and style.? Their assortment socially include* the moat delicious and powerful grade* of Orecn and Black. Evsry package bears the stamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teaa therein are so thoroUKhlv seemed from light and air, that their quality and power will irmain unimpaired in any climate. Their system of prosecuting business is, |>erhapa, scarcely to be excelled. It is founded upon the utmost regard to the rights ol the customer, especially with respect to weight and quality, and unriTalleii cheapness. All purchasers are called upon to return any articles which fail to give them the utmost satisfaction, which the money will he cheerfully and promptly refunded. Country merchants, public establishment*, heads of families, and shipmisters will Audit a decided advantage to supply themsejves from this establishment, (bM isr J?v* Co? rrr._roasted every day. Oriler? from nil p?rt? ol ih? United m*t?? xvrcntrd with promptitude ?nd di-npateh. IT The only wurehouM in Annie* for the wl? of HorUN't cdebrateu Black Tea. jW lm*m ?????? I | * [ERA B43. 'l'lw Uric Itallronil un^l Suiiilny Train. Mr Editor:? From a paragraph in your paper headed "Be not righteous overmuch," vour readers are led to understand that there is a "Sunday milk train" now running on ihe Erie Railroad to Goahen. This is not so. The citizen* of New York who receive thw millc thought it necessary that the milk should be ! delivered on Monday, the Fame as otner days, not ! on Sunday, as some pretend; tor the Goshen milk hasalw.iys been delivered in your city on Sunday morning bince the road went into operation, but because certain men choose to devote one day in seven "to hide the damning deeds" of ihe six, there- j lore your citizens must do without milk on Monday, ! and ihe Goshen farmers must go to work on Sun- i day and churn their iniik, or else throw it away and give up the t^isiness. _ j I here endeavor to state the matter just as it exists, and not as I would wish it to be, for I have al ready given my vote against the Sunday train, pro- i vided there is no other work done on the road on lli(? Suhtimli?hut lh?> nr?>Hf>nt nrv shout "the laws of (iodand the moral sense" is only another yarn ol the "pipe layers." and is intended to distract the attention of the friends of the Erie Railroad Irom oilier matters of more, importance to the eastern divui-tn. This llimsy affair is readily seen through. Mr. Jaines Bowen, now ycleped President ol the easterndivision, writes a letter through the "Express" to H. O. Seymour, Km|., whom lie (Mr. B ) styles "superintendent, Asc," in which Mr B authorises Mr. S to run an "extra truin" at 1 o'clock, A-M , Monday, i. e. midnight. Now, in order to get this "extra train" ready, the work is a II 1 done on the Sabbath?the milk procured, the train 1 arranged, the agents and laborers employed, neces- 1 sarilv preventing them from enjoying the quiet of ' the Sibbath, besides depriving them of their rest at 1 night, and that at an extra expense to the company; ! whereas ii the tram was run at a proper and beimonable now,no unnecessary labor would be performed, 1 the train would be ready on Saturday night, the * milk procured early oh Sunday morning, the train ! run tltrouflh without extra labor, and allowing all ' concerned "time" for religious worship as the ( "law" directs. It is really humiliating that nil thin mischief and 1 mismaiiHgemetit should be allowed on the road ' merely tosuit the lanatical notions of three or four ? supercilious hypocrites, and through them to cover and cloak the designs of bad men. All this holy horror comes with good grace from these men when it ia well knewn that the trams have been repaired 1 every Sunday1, both at Pierrnont and Goshen? j "writers" have nlno been employed on the Sabbath 1 at the offices in Wall street and Piermont to trans- 1 act the business of the company: and more than this, ' as we are informed by the residents on the line, the 1 work was carried ou on many of the sectimis wholiy ( regardless of the Sabbath, more especially those l. sections near flamapo;all tins, too, under the supervision of these men who now express so much ' righteous indignation Mr. Editor, we would ask your attention to ihe ! letter in the " Express"?it is a remarkable docu- ! ment, and is signed by the same man who si.'tied ! I that other remarkable letter to Col. Webb, which I ,,.u .i,? <>k.< servants by reason of disappointed hopes,"(kc. l*ut ! to the letter. It purports to come from the assignees Now we would like to know who these assignees are Some time since the public understood that the property was assigned to Peter Cooper, Esq., Campbell, Hezekiah C. Seymour, and Ed- 8 ward Miller, Esq. We also understood that Mr. Bowen had resigned, or was expelled from all con- ? nection wiih the Company. It these things were J so, caD you inform us by what means he has again been made sole ruler of the Company's destiny In his letter to Col. Webb he assumes the prerogative of President of the Company, and in the second letter ia chairman of the assignees. Who are the as signeesl Who, and what is this man that dictates , with ho much authoriiy the affairs ot the Company 1 Again, supposing that " an editor knows every- ' thing," can you linform the public whether there 1 has been any detailed statement of the business on j* the Eastern division 1 It is usual on railroads and c other public works to report the st?te of aflairs on- " nually. This road has been in operation nearly three years, the receipts about #300,000, and we c have heard of no report. Why is this 1 2 While you are on the subject, please inform lib if there lias been any report sine* February 3rd, 1841. I In a pamphlet issued from the office in Wall street, 20th Apr.1,1842, Mr. James Bowen, then President of jthe Company, informs us that an annual report was being prepared, lias that report yet been made T public ' Mr. Editor, try and throw some light on these dark proceedings. By the way, you promised some weeks since, through your financial columns, to lay / the manner in which business has been transacted ' - L _r 1 l _ _ 1 on in is rojui urrure yuur rraurrtj. we noj>c yvu j will do bo, for if those who now control the pro|>er- " tyof the Company at Piermont are determined to ti oppose the farther progress of the work, then the B true friends of the Erie road should take immediate j" measures to have the charter of the Cornnany modi- *1 fied. to enable them to intersect the New Jersey roati at Paterson. This will end the petty equable about pipe laying with these political jugglers, who r have now held tne entire work suspended for three v years. We have also the best authority lor saying "e that those interested on the line will "grade" that portion of the road between Paterson and R amapo. Respectfully, Nuw York and Erik. " C< Consecration of Bishop Hknshaw.?The solemn lf nnd imposing rite of consecration of a Bishop ot the Protestant Episcopal Church, was performed at St. cl | John's Church, Providence, on Friday morning at ? ten o'clock. A large number of the clergy were in attendance. Six Bishops were present anu assisted i? in the exercises? Right Reverend Bishops Brow- 01 nelJ, of Connecticut: Onderdonk, of New York; Hopkins, of Vermont; Doane, of New Jersey; Johns, ol H Virginia; and VVhittingham, of Maryland. Morn- ' ing service was read by Rev. Dr. Crocker, alter which was sung the 106th Psalm. The sermon was v\ then preached by Rt. Rev. Bishop Wluttiughani, of Maryland. The collects and commandments were read by the presiding Bishop. The epistle was read by Rt. Rev. Bishop Johns. The gospel by Bishop Hopkine. 1 Bishop Whittinghatn's sermon was a very able hn and eloquent discourse. 'sl The record ol the. proceedings of the R I. Convent 1011 ol the Protestant Episcopal Church for the o> Diocese ol Rhode Island, held for the election ol a Bishop, and the election of J. J' K. llenshaw.were | read by Rev. Azel Dow Cole, Rector of St. Paul's w Church, Woonsocket, Secretary of that convention, 'j | The letters of approbation from the Standing Com! mittees of the Dioceses of each State in the Union, u were read by the Rev. Henry Waterman, Rector ol St. Stephen's Church, Providence The letters ol aasent to the consecration of Rev. J. P. K Henshaw as Bishop of Rhode island, from the Bishops nf ih? Knupmtat flhureh in fh?? Ilnitfrt Strips, wrrs read by the Rev. Mr. Hathaway. Right Rev. Bishop Brownell then proceeded with the consecra? tion service?the litany being read by the Right Rev. Bishop Doane. The services were concluded . by the administration of the Holy Sacrament, which was received by the bishops and clergy, and a very large number of the laity. ? The services were of n very solemn and impres- '[ sive character, and deeply interesting. Bishop Henshitw is now the head of the Episco- i< pal Church in Rhode Island. He is a man of deep ' piety, of sound learning and distinguished ability; * eloquent in the pulpir. and irreproachable in private lile. lie was on Thursday instituted Rector ol Grace Church. The clergy of the Episcopal Church in Rhode * Island were, we believe, all present, together with clergymen from Massachusetts, Connecticut,Maine, |>f New Hampshire, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Among others, Kev. Prol. Ogilby, of the N. Y. Seminary, and Rev. Drs. Milnor and Coleman. Navt Ordkrs, Aug. 7 ? Leave of absence for *n three months to the ollicers of sloop Yorktown, at t. New York. Ix Auo. 8.?Leave of absence for three months to the ofiicersof the sloop Boston, at Boston Assistant Surgeon H. D. Taliaferro, to Hospital near Nor- folk; Mid. A. N. Smith to receiving ship at Boston, 4 after leave on? month; Mid. T. Pattison, order to ? the Falmouth revoked, and leave two months. 11 Aro 9.? Commander Wm Inman, to command 5r the iron steamer to be employed on tno Lakes; Lt. : Oorge Minor, to the Warren, Norfolk; Lieut. J. I II. North, to the. steamer Union, Norfolk; Lien's. ? R. F. Pinckney and R. S. Trappier, to the Warren, P Norfolk. ! Aro. 10.?Lieuts. B. Shepard and Fitzallen Deas, v to Navy Yard, New York; Lieut. John A. Rues, detached from Navy Yard, New York; Lieut. R. a Semmes to command oiateamer Poinsett; Mid T. '} n llf_: !-L. J . ? I l ... 1 rm/tn ' < i>. v* niiiwrigui, ueiuciieu iroui iitmiiri umtm, Norfolk. F, ttcy The editor of a newnpaper at Coluinhus, Ohio, apologises for the nonappearance ol hi* paper at the regular time of publication, hv saying a that he waa " engaged in cowhiding a lellow who had alandered him, and did not net through early t, enough to get out with hia paper! ti? LD. ? - ? -rr-r??rrf Price Two CenU. Cnmoirs Kxposiihk ok Theatrical A ffaies.? Mr. W. J. Hammond, the late lessee of the Theatre Royal, Liverpool, appeared before Mr. Commissioner Phillips, at the Liverpool Ha*kruptcy Court, to receive his discharge as an insolvent. The learned commissioner, together with the official assignee Mr. Follett, having carefully examined Mr. Hammond's schedule and accounts, the Commissioner inquired whether there was any opposition, and beins answered in the negative, he proceeded to deli\er the judgment of the Court, observing that he. must say in that case he was not in the least surprised a' no creditor nppearing to oppose Mr. Hammond; and the careful examination he had made of the book* and accounts, fully bore him out iu the observation he had made. The correctness and accuracy of the insolvent were highly creditable to him; his bonkn were perfect models of neatness and accuracy, lie (the Commissioner) never saw any ...?IV uvauiuuii y lie *CI J IIIUVII irgicucu IV see the little encouragement which a moat industrious and enterprising proprietor of a theatre had received in Liverpool. It held out but very little prospect of success to any person who might speculate in theatricals (or the amusemen't ot the public in that town He found, on looking over the assets, that the nightly receipts were ?18, ?13, and sometimes as low an ?8 ; that the weekly receipts were ?220, whilst Mr Hammond'* expenses and salaries amounted to ?228, thereby making him a loser of, after all his industry anil anxiety, of not less than ?8 per week. But Mr. Hammond had beea by n* mean*) parsimonious in his endeavors to cater for the amusement of the public. He found in the month of February, when Mr. and Mrs. Turner ind their child were at the theatre, that the weekly receipts were ?161, whilst the salaries and contingent expenses were ?1(>5 ; so that, even with their lssistance, Mr. Hammond was a loser during the week of ?4. Again, in th? month of March, he ound the names of Mr. and Mrs Mathews, and Mr. Fatten, whose attraction was undoubted in thetheitricul world, the weekly receipts were ?438, whilst lie expenses nnd salaries were ?430. leaving Mr. lammond, for the .-support of his family and as a sompensation tor >iih industry and anxiety, ?8. It ippeared to turn that the speculation was incom>arably iu favor of performers; tor whilat Mr. H. vas only receiving JuS per week for himself, some if his performers were paid as much aa ?200 Mr. Follet, the official assignee, observed that he expenses did not include rent and taxes. Th<* Commissioner said that was so. He found, when Mr. Webster, Mr. Strickland, and Madcmoiielltt Celeste were at iho theatre, that the receipts or the week were ?275, and the expenses #266 ; whilst, when Mr. Farren and Mrs. Glover weie erforming, the receipts were ?&)3. and the salaries tnd expenses, exclusive of rent, ?3)5, leaving a loss >f ?4()to?Mr. Hammond. Underj(these circumitances nobody could doubt the necessity of Mr. Hammond having to apply to that court tor relief; uid it wan highly creditable to him, having fas ha [the commissioner) understood, a very large family, hat there were no private debts. It therefore gave liin great pleasure to find that there was row a law n existence which enabled an honest man like Mr. rlamtnond, to be released from his liabilities with>ut any imprisonment. He had very great pleasure ? n urnnling Mr. Hammond's discharge, and he ioped he would be more fortunate as a performer lian he had been as a manager. Mr. Hammond begged to tender his best thanks to he learned Commissioner for his favorable expreeion of opinion of him. The Commissioner said it gave him very great leasure to make those observations with truth and ustice, which he sat there to administer. Mr. Hammond received his protection, and withIrew in company with his solicitor, Mr. Banner. Philadelphia. Daguerreotype ESTABLISHMENT. EXCHANGE BUILDINO, ROOMS 26 *27. TMIE Subscriber*. having procured the Agency fur the ?1? of 1 VOIUTANDER'8 DAOUKHltEOTYrE AITARAriJS, con*tructed according Co Profmior Pnrzval's calculation, lav on hand a Iante a*iortro?nt of llune Apimratus, ami artists is well as amateur* of their art, wishing to procure a (food apwratii*, will tind it to their advantage to procure instruuwiits if this construction. They also have latefy im|>oried a Urg* [uantity of < Jerman ami Krvnch |>late?, aun all tlie chemicals !?ed ill their art, which they warrant in every respect, a* tliey re made to their order. Pol lulling iiilntancm, and morocco Ilea, and all necessary material* are sold on llie most raaaouble term*. Tie* following gentlemen lute agreed to act ai tieir agent*, *ii:? E. White, Esq., 175 Broadway, N. V.I IP. Hass, r.sq.. Washington, I>. C. Dr. A. I a* pari, Richmond. Va. P. Laurens, Esq., Savannah, (Ja. William West, Esq. Cincinnati. Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied rith remittaucei, will be promptly attended to, and should ba iree ted to YV. 8c V, LANjIeNHEEM, je 1 :im*r K.xchange minding, rtula. man uf actor yT , OF CUT. PLAIN AND MOULDED GLASS, )F every description, French ami English Porcelain, astral, and solar lamps, warranted, girandoles of superior ijuality, '?? the public ill general, which are in the habit of paying riaordinary price* Tor tin- above articles?it i* a great discovery > dealers, hotels, steamboats, ship-masters, and families, that ie>' ran get supplied at very moderate price*, at Stou vmal It rothers glass manufactory, No. 29 (told street, or it their deit, No. I John street, near Broadway. Goods sent to in any irt of the (Ymntry free. All articlm matched to pattarnt, and ass cut to order. Wholesale and retail. ( all and satisfy yourselves about quality and prices. an] Im'ec 8T0UVENKL k BROTHERSPROTON WATER?DAY'S FIRST PREMIUM IN^ L)IA RUBBER IIOHE is confidently recommended for ly purpose* for which leather is used,and is warranted to |x??? the liillowiuK Properties :? l*t?It is perfectly tight under pressure of the Croton. 2d?It is made of the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew i injure in tlrn least, and require* no attention. 3d?It is not destroyed by coming in contact with oil or rease, nor stiffened by cold weather, nor can the rubber deimpose, a* inferior articles are in no ca*e used. Should the ast complaint be made of the Hose, not |>os*es?ing the abovw mpertii's, it will be taken back, at any time inside of tig lonths from its purchase, and other given in exchange without harge. 4th?Coupling and jet pipes will be attached without charge, luyers will note that we are clearly satisfied that this hose (ttie rocess of making which is unknown to any other in the trade) i lust the article long wauled for leading water and many tfier liquids. HO RAIT. II. DAY, jy 17 liri'r Successor to Roibury 1. R. C., 4J Maiden lane r) M A N U F A C TU R E R S AND DEALERS IN WOOLLENS.?Henry Mit teou,, Finisher of Cloth*, ('?*meres, Satinets, Iko. corner of Laight and Washington St., V.. respectfully informs the manufacturers and dealers in 'oollens, thai his establishment i> now in successful 01 *raW, ami that In* in prepared to execute with promptness all orrs in liia line that may he CimMed to him. Specimens of hia nrktnanship mav l?- si-en on application totlie gentlemen whose ines are anneied, and to whom he ha* liberty to refer. He to refers to the following remark upon hia workmanship, at e Fair at the American Institute. THK GOLD MEDAL * been awarded to 11. Migeon, for the mmt beautifully finied Cloths, ("aaaimerea, and Satinets, displayed at the lata hibition ; the lissatnte haTe thus become their testimony to e perfection ol the art, by which Mr. Migeon has augmented le of the tno?t important sources of the manufacturing wealth ' tin' I'nited Slates, by adding, at a retv trifling coat, (mm n t<> fifteen per cent to tlie value of the cloths submitted to :i process of liuiahing and preparation. The brilliant finish id aitky smoothness "I tin- cloth* thui prepared, miut satisfy cry one who will examine them, of th" great superiority of ie imjcess pursued hy Mr Migeon. Manufacturer! and ia nrter* will do well to acquaint themselrea by personal nam ation with the merit of his invention. Older* may be left at No* 63 and 51 Pin* ?t, RKKKHKNCESII.listed, Maine* St. Co., 31 Naaaan s treat Lambert Ji Wolcott, 63 Pine street. W. C. I.angley Sc Co.. #1 Pine stiaet, Wilson, Butler Si Co., 27 William atreeti D. Bregham, 60 Pine >t. jy23 lm*r __ AH IS BOOTS AND I.ASTS M VPK TO ORDER BY E. suser, 75 Broadway, (Rasement,) one door fromCourtlandt Btrret. P.. SI'SKH, Bootmaker, and maker of Last*, an 1 " Klve''of Clerce ol Pans, begs l?aveto inform In* lends and all the amateur* of?imllnnanly " chaussurc," lat he can now make, in New Y ork, * ith the be*t Krench marials, all that i* so perfectly m itV. it: Pa/it. by hi? master the lebratrd bootmaker Clerflt, wiioat- numerous ctiatomers on lis aide of the Atlantic are maprctfillly inrited to try SITKH'S boots and last* before they dc*;iair or being cliatUMa' in lew Y ork, after tlie nicest, latest Paris Kaahiou. Also, the genuine Pari* Jet Black Varni*h ?old. j y2? Im ec A f'ARI)?To the 70.mi0 unmarried and 40,on? ^^P^m irrii d Ladies of New Y ork.?The subscriber tan rsTiis compliment* to the I.adirs, and would inform them at he is furnishing city made ahoe* of tlie. ha*t kind at such ice* as cannot fail to suit the mo*t economical. Best Silk Oaitera, made to order 12 25 a $2 50 Beat Priuiell IdOl t? Buskins 73 a I I2J* Ladies Slippers 62', a I on Misses'Oaiter* 75 a I 00 Those who call at this store invariably call again?tha best idenre of the satisfaction of his customers with his price* d tlie durability af his shoe*. N. B.?City anil country dealers can have their orders eieend on the most favorable term*, and with shees matle by the at workmen iu the country. D. G. f ROSBY '8 Ladie*' Shoe Store, No. 32 Catherine st. two doors below Madison St. jy3 lm*ec ________ ~~ BOOT \M? 8HOK STORE. ipP^V JOHN RKADY nuiwrfullv !"fonn? hi* friend* ul Dm* public, thiit ho hni commeiired h'ui'WW in lh# ahoro lie, ?t No. M Nwu< ?treet. whei* he will tkanklklly r?ee,ve rid faithfully execute, *11 <> he m?V be farortd with on ilia mat muuniahle term* for raah Jv~_ V WILHKLM8.NO.IW Broadway. i>pr?*ite l ha Komi Win, J. ha* received a larfe aiipplv of Oood*. wlueh he offer* holaaale, mid retail. at very raaaonaM* priera^ ierlin Zcphir wonted, Oerman, Carpat *11(1 ihtiM Wonted Embroidery Pattarii. * beautiful selection mrau of every description Worsted, Silk,? otfun, Oold anil Silver, Lmbroiderief, Trimmini; and Flower making < lien I lie |o<a and nir?e Silk, nlam and \li.tded Klower* wid Ke.ither* Kn-?t variety or c?*t iron Work rliimery, to be sold in parkas** (Vnm W toJH gro*?, *t ??rr low fricea tnev Note Paper*, Wafer* and Envelope*, ti*rther with * larne attornment of fancy article*. Glori*. Work aad 8eg*r ( un Ring* *nd Taaael* for pnrw*. Wit l?*w MONK Y TO I END i BRATVAM J 1 A?'KSO\, rAVVNRROKF.R, No 5$ * Read* street, near Broadway, loan* money in Urge or small ma, aa may h? rwpttred. on watch**. jawalry, ?ilv*r wart, ?*rv od*. wearing apparel, ami ivrtonal property o! e?enr wrip* >11, jySO lm*c

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