Newspaper of The New York Herald, 15 Ağustos 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 15 Ağustos 1843 Page 3
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- BY THE SOUTHERN MAIL. Acquittal of R. PJUowdkn.?This intereft;ng trial, which lasted six days, was brought to a close ' last Saturday afternoon, by the Jury, after a few minutes absence from the Court, returning about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, a verdict of Not Guilty. On the announcement of this verdict there was an evident and audible expression of gratification by clapping hands on the part of the audience, which, however, the Court endeavored to suppress. After returning the verdict of Not Guilty, the jury retired into the Marshal's office, and there all put their names to a paper of which the following is a true copy ' " Wt, the Jurors who tried Mr. Dowden, do acquit him fairly, fully, and honorably, and pray that the Praiideat may ro-initats him in office " The District Attorney, on the rendition of the verdict of acquittal on the charge preferred against | me |iiiouucr lur Bicauug iuc xicwuij nui", ounounced his intention to abandon the two other indictments for forgery. The prisoner appeared to be J much overpowered by bis feelings when the verdict , wasannounced. < In the course of the day Z. C. Lee, Esq , and the 1 Secretary of the Treasury gave evidence to the j Jury as to the manner in which they had treated ( Mrs. Dorsey, as to what she had said to them, and ' what they had said to her, denying the truth of J many of her statements, and repudiating with indig nation the charge oi conspiracy. i Sales of Stocks at Philadelphia, yesterday. $800 Domestic Creditor Scrip, 86 ; $mco City A'?, 1868, lOiJ ; 1 share Farmer* and Mechanic!'Bank, 32 ; 9 do do 11}; 74 do Mechanic*'Bank, 87{ j $9000 Tennessee 6's8i: > $1000 Wilmington RR loan, 18)3,7til: 10 ihare* Camden ! fcAmboyRRBT. After Board?38 share* Girari Bank Si ; $600 Wilminr- k ton RR 6'*, 1858,76| ' , LATEST FOREIGN SHIP NEWS. 1'itiLADKLPHiA, Aug 14?Arr Manchester l(Br) Smith, KleuIhera ; hxcellent. Davis. Savannah. Cld wm Kennedy, Marti ii. Barnadoes; Pearl. Harding, Boston. ^,?AVJIMORf\ Au* 23?Arr Water Witch, Le Brou, St Johns. T R; Roe.lSneilicor. and T R Bet ton, Travers, NYork. (')d ] 12th, (ioeth, (Brem) Homann, Bremen; Draco, Sears, Rio de * Janeiro and a market; Maria,.Latourette, NYork. ? 1 Richmond, Auk 11?Sid Columbia, Tressell, Leith, Scotland. OKomjKTowN, 8C. Aur'1)?Cld Chai Hammond, Talbot, St ' Thomas: ( titnlM*rl?inl Pnrtl.u.l Foreign Port*. St Johns, PR July 3"?hi port, Frances Jane, Coffin, for Baltimore, 10 days; Louisiana, and Ark<ui?as, for Philadelphia; ] Waocamaw, unc. ^^^^ City Intelligence. 1 The Teotiiwo Match between the celebrated hone* ' Lauy Suffolk, and Oneida Chief came off yesterday over 1 the Beacon Course at Hoboken. The purse contested for 1 waa only $300, three mil* heat*, under the saddle, but the 1 attendance waa large and the day unuiually fine, with a strong breeze. Lady Suffolk was the favorite by long 1 odds, and therefore there was but little betting on the result. Sho was backed by Bryant, and the Chief by Ludlow, both riders ol known repute. On the first heat, the ' Lady took the lead and kept it, being a portion of the time some fifty yard* in advance ol her opponent. On the la*t quarter of the last mile, she appeared to fall off, and to the astonishment of all, except perhaps thoie who knew all 1 about it, the Chief shot by with his striking pace, and won the heat by a fall length. Time 7m. 44a. Not withstanding this unexpected result, the backers of the Chief were shy, and few dared make on offer of any thing like an even ahew. The start was fair, and the 1 horses kept nearly together, changing partially, but the Lady leading until the last quarter, when she again fell off, and the Chief darted by and won the heat by full five lengths. Time 7m. 62s. The long face*, and those who had courage to accept the long odds, which is the winning game in the end. were strongly contrasted on the elongated and shortened visagea ot the crowd, and many a lark made up hi* mind never again to re'use odda when it waa offered. Previoua to this race, a match came off between Hiram Woodruff's horse Cottage Roy and William Whelan'a mare Fashion, two mile heats, in harness, Tor $1000. The race waa won by the latter in two atrright heata. Time, 6m 39s?Am. Sfl?. Infamous Outback on thi East R tvra.?Captain Theo* dore M.Dougherty and his pilot, William Renoad, of the steamboat" Jacob Bell," entered a complaint at the Lower Police office against Captain Charles Peck and Pilot William Woods, ot the steamboat " American Eagle," for an outrage, which, if proved, as the affidavit of the parties complaining seta forth, the severest punishment which the law permits ahould be visited on the accused. We report the case as it ia given in the affidavit. About half put three o'clock in the afternoon of Saturday last, the steamboat Jacob Bell atarted from the cast side of the pier at the foet of Maiden Lane, with a number of paaaengera on board for Cold Springi and the intermediate landing places. At the same hour the ateamboat " American Eagle" moved for the ssme destination, from the west side of the sli, at the foot ot Fulton market, and together they proceeded up the East River, the Jacob Bell keeping tke Long Island tide of the river, and the Eagle the city aide. In this order they arrived opposite Seventh street, when the Eagle crossed over to the Long Island side, " evident- , ]y with the intention to interrupt or cross the course of the Jacob Bell." When the latter boat reached Bushwick Point "sue was maliciously run into by the Eagle, striking her on the side house, Captain Peck and Pilot Woods being in the wheel house at the time together." The guard ol the Eagle then overlapped that of the Bell, and thus locked, the boats proceeded for nearly a mile, wheu on nearing a { brig anchored off the southern extremity of Blackwell's Island, they separated and passed the brif, the Bell on ner mruoiro ana ino m|ip on ner larDoard *i,!e. Upon | clearing the brig, the Eagle ?u again run into the Bell, atriking her en the larboard quarter just abaft the ?halt, | "with great force and violence, carrying away the rail , and (taunoheoni, aplitting the plunk abear and materially damaging the wheel honae, and cauaing great 'on- , aternation and alarm to the paiaengera and crew." The ] affidavit Inrther atatea, " that the Eagle waa purposely aheered, alter passing the brig, and that both the captain ( and pilot had noid of the helm at the moment." Officer Barber arreated the partita complained of, and they gave bail in the aum of $600 each, to appear and answer the , charge of " miademeanor." The affidavit of the captain , and pilot ia aupported by that of A. B. Lelover, No. 163 Maditon atreet; also, by J. L. fcudder, 7 White atreet; Edward Bishop, 599 Grand atreet; Edward Kiaaam, 16? Maiden Lane; L J. Wyeth, 776 Broadway ; P. Price, 140 | Fulton atreet. and aeveral othtra who were passengers on board the Bell at the time Muaniaoua Aassui/r on a Shipmatb Samuel Jacob*, oneol the crew of the packet t'bip "Southerner," which arrived at tha dock on Maturday last, entered a complaint gainst hia ahipmate, Jonn Power*, who, without any provocation, (truck him a blow with a heavy iron belaying pin on the left aide of the head, felling to him the ground and ovtting him severely. The pin wa* sufficiently heavy ' to have felled an ox, and it la only a mercy that the blow i did not cauae inatant death. The biacluhearted villain was committed for an attempt to kill. A Thimbu Riugm?Yesterday officer Joseph arreated a notoriou* thimble rigger named Charles Walton, in i Chatham atreet, lor Mealing from the (how ca*e ol J. C. Lenner, No. 83 Chatham atreet, a gold patent lever watch valued at $100, on the 12th June last. The property waa recovered from the raacal, and on searching him there were found $4I|, a gold chain and key, and the implement* for hi* nefarioua trade. He wa* fully cotr- , mitted. Tiik Wrong House?On Thursday last, a man calling himaelf Alonzo Carroll, placed on livery at the atable of Meaarr Harrison and Rantz, No. 103 Heater atreet, two marea, which he aaid he had purchased lor $00, while coming on the road from Poughkeepaie, he being a trader and accuatomed to deal in horie fleth. He eflered them to ?>.. 11mm ? > > ?? <a? --- ?"i?J ?? ? .mv ? ?v. - % fTVW, VIJU ICtBITt'U UII U1H IIHI'l^illll. Meantime the owner, Mr. Smith, of Milan, Dutches* coun'r, arrived here, and gave information to the Police, and onicera Stokeley and Cockefair on Saturday traced tliem to the above stable, and yesterday arreated Carroll, w hen ho came to roceire the balance of the sale. He is of low stature, and hails irom Rennssoluerrille, Albany county. r Sinn Sik? Diiein.m.-Wc learn that on Satnrday morning laat, the period of aentenne of John Dougherty, convicted of grand larceny, and *ent*no*d to two years Impriaonaaont, having exdired, he was discharged. Hia first visit to the town gave him a chance of doing a neighborly act for a fellow convict, who was very Iwdly off* for sometobacc, so he purchased some and laid it under a stone near to where tho intended recipient must paaa to and Irom work. He was, however, detected, and by order of Lyndes he was tied up, and received two dozen lashes on the bare back, aAer which ho was thrust from tho prison gate*. Dougherty has commenced a civil and criminal suit agsinat L)ndes, laying hia damage* at t vary heavy amount. Koaama hi* Captain.?Thomas Carman, > hand on hoardihe sloop 'Jamea Whaley,"now lying at Catharine Slip, was arreated on a charge made by the Captain, Benjamin B. Abram*, far atealing from him the atim of $83 in silver coin- The accuaed, when charged with the thett, admitted it, and gave back the aum of $10 IB, etfWing, if not imprisoned, to woik ont the balance. The captain, uiikciiii r?y iciaimi id continue mm in nn employ, and handed him over to be diapoaed of by the proper authorities. liHi xtn Conduct or a Btknotiir*.?An inqueat wu held at the Hark Dead Houie on the body of Henry Jordan, an infant, aged but aeren month* and aix duya, who died in the Almi Home on Sunday laat. On the examination, the father atated that the infant *n a child by former wife, and having married again, the atep mother rein ted to piovlde for the infant, and about three weeka ago ahe pat it in the cradle and then threw it out into the Iard?that at toon aa he beard ol it, he took the child and 1a other children to a neighbor at No 84 Mulberry at., where they remained for that night, but not being ahleto make the neceaatry arrangemeMi lor the board for them, he waa compelled egalit to bring thean tohiaown home, the wif< ateadily refilling to take charge of them. The chili', had a tied rilarthnvi, when he entained an order from the Police for ita admlaalon to the Alma Houae. It ?ai preacribed lor by the phvaician for the City Prltoo, hut without any beneAt resulting. The Jury returned a veadict that the deceeaed child came to ita death by diarrho i, tad through neglect of ita parent*. AogWta. I Cone?pond?nc? of ths Herald I Augusta, August 9, 1843. Duelling Ghowt Story?Incredible Superstition. M*. Editor:? As your paper is generally the first looked at lor information here, so it must be in New York. I trill therefore give you the particulars of a duel which took place here this morning between Mr. J. W. Jones, the editor of the Chronicle and Sentinel, and Mr. James S. Gardner, Attorney at Law. Mr. Jones was the chnllenrer Thov mot nn.t pt changed shots ; Mr Jones missed, but Mr. <*.'s ball passed through the_ lappels of Jones'* coat, and as Mr. J. expressed himself satisfied, the matter was amicably adjusted, and the parties returned to the city. Mr. J. was seconded by Col. A. Kenyon ol Muledgeville ; Mr. G. byCapt. John Barney McKinney of this city?both of the gentlemen conducted themselves in such a manner as to satisfy any one who doubts, that the " crittert" will fight. I arrived here not more than a week ago, and it seems to me 1 have arrived here in a very excited lime ; for in addition to the above, this whole community have been laboring under the greatest kind of an excitement, caused, as ihev say, by the appearance of a ghost, which many affirm they have seen upon several occasions, and so great has become the alarm, ihat the property of Uol. Pelick in the neighborhood where it is said to appear, cannot be rented at any price. It may appear to you almost incredible, but I do assure you that I have seen full frown men armed with guna, pistols and Bowie knives parading the streets ; watching for it to ap>ear; but in addition to all this, this is a most :harming place to enjoy oneself, as there are some 'choice spirits" here. Should any thing worthy of lotice occur whilst I remain here, you shall hear iom me again. Yours, P. J. D Mass Mkktino.?The friends to the new movement in favor of a reform of the constitution of this State, meet this day in the Tabernacle, as will be teen by an advertisement in another column. MONEY MARKET. Monday, August 14?0 P. M. The feeling at the Stock Board wu much better to day. Prices generally improve. Harlem J; Ohio J; Illinoi* J; farmer! Loan } At the N?w Board. U. 8. Loan roie I nar cent: Lone [aland 4. The West will be supplied with money by the sale* or heir own produce, which ia rapidly gaining favor in England. The progresa of baiinei* it alio indicated in he statistics ol the Erie canal, that great channel of communication between New York, city and the WestOfficial tolU to the lit of August show the tons of merchandize shipped ?n the canal, distinguishing that distributed for consumption threugh the State of New York, and that passed on to other States of the West. The year 1830 was the great year of bank expansion* and large import*. The figures ihow that in that year as compared with the present year, the west bought SO per cent more good* and told 60 per cent leas flour , that is, in 1839, the Western State* bought one ton of good* for thirteen barrel* of flour sold. Thi* year they pay for what they buy. The aggregate quantity of good* aeut West has been scarcely greater than lait year, when exchange* were *0 much in favor of the United State*, but the Southern trade ha* been much larger. The toll* on the Weatern| public work* continue to show increasing amounts. These swelling tolls are from tLe increase of produce shipped { altogether the import of merchandize, aa indicated above, being no larger than last year. The whole aspect of the Union ia one of great promiae. Every thing looka well in a commercial and financial point of view, and nothing but the unhappy propenaity of lawyera and politiciana to meddle with the aflaira of private individual ala, stands in the way of the higheat degree of national proaperity. The attempt to graft the exploded monarchical systems of taxation and oppression upon republican institutiona, cannot but be ruinous. State of Trade. Schuylkill Coal TaADK ?The ahipmenta for the past week have declined about 35,000 tons, and thetwo following weeks (inconsequence ot the encampment) they will probably decline still farther. t canal. The following ia the quantity of coal shipped by canal the past week, ending Thursday evening:? PotttTille and Port Carbon 8,730 Schuylkill Haven 3.1130 Little Schuvlkiile. 1.015 13,09} Per last report H7.8I1 do Little Schuylkill 13,838 230,040 213,834 ht R?inotr>. From Pottuville 2.72J " Schuylkill Haveu 4.16A 9,890 Per I at! report 89,121 r 90,Oil Total 339,74} Philadelphia and C?lumbU Rul Road.?NusiHeroI car* cleared during July, 2,756. AMOUNT Or TOLL* HKCKtVED. Railway $8,768 71 Motive Power 0,633 86 Total $16,393 67 Auction Salki.?St. Domingo Mahogany, cargo of the brig Victoria, 8J a 37c, over $ luO (our months. Cotton.?Holders of thia article in this market are very Indifferent about making laleton the present quotations. The unfavorable report* regarding the new crop* have had a very favorable < fleet on prices, and an advance must be submitted to, before further sale* to any extent are made. Purchaser* would do well to make whatever speration* they want for immediate n?e, before the next European advice*, provided they can do so at a alight ad. trance on present price*, as news will undoubtedly be revived that will induce holders to demand quite an advance. The sales yesterday were made at a triflinr improve ment on former rate*, but the advance ha* not yet become general. Jicontinue to quote for Pot* $4 31 J, and Pearl* at >6 31}, with very moderate lales. f'ltmr?This article it still in moderate demand, at $4 97i for Oene*ee; Michigan and Ohio $4 75 a $4 04, all other brand* remain at the quotation* given in our la*t. Wheat U very inactive, and holder*, notwithitanding fair receipt*, do not feeldi*po*tdto mhmitto a reduction from previous quotation*. Hye ia in active demand, and *ale* rule at 60c. Hay?A fair demand exiita for good qnalitieaof North river. The aalea for thipment are at a moderate extent, nd ruU at 4A a 60 cent* for prime. The domeitic consumption ia large, which matt of the sale* are intended to ">ppiy New York Cattle Market. At Market-goo Beef CatUe, freah ; so Cow* and Calve* ind 3600 Sheep and lamb*. Brir Cattle?Price* of laat week were auatained, and we quota to correspond S3,AO to $4 76 a 6,*0. ISO unaold. Cow* ahd Calve*?All taken at #16 to $25. Sheep and Labbi?Sale* of 24(H) at7? a $J to $3,60 for Lambt, and $1 to $-1,60 a $3 for Sneep. Married. At Perth Amboy, on the 13th in?tant, by the Rev. John Roger*,Pastor of the Baptist Church in that place, Mr. William Tbasb to Mi** Scsan Ann Lopiki.u, daughter of Charle* Lofleld, On th?30th ultimo, James N. Thimble, of New York, to Mia* Anna M. Buchanan, daughter of Andrew Buchanan, of New Jer*ey. Died. On the 14th instant. Mis* Ann Knatp, daughter of the late Shubel Knapp, E'q , formerly of Connecticut. Her friends ami relative* are invited to attend her funeral at the residence ol Henry B. Knapp, 604 Fourth treat, on Tueaday 16th, at 8 o'clock, A- M. MARITIME HERALD. PORT OF NEW YORK, AL?U8T IS. srw rises 5 11 I moon 9 12 sc!? sets 6 j7 i ii 111h water ii <9 Cleared. Ship Arabella, Price, Portsmouth, NH.?Brigs Black Hawk. Robinson, Rio Grande, R. Coming Ik Son; Moliawk, Oorham, Ia t'nayra, George Whiiaknr; Knlerprir.e, ( Br) Durkee, Yarmouth, NS. J. H. Brainc; Kxcel, Baiter, Savannah. Sturgen St (.learman; Victory, i'.lwell, I harleaton, K. S. Powell; Grand Turk, Mayo, Norfolk, Neamith, Leeda k Co; Odr?aa, Coffin, dp. Barclay* Livingston.?Schra Henry flay. Tucker, Key VV e?t, W. W. I rati; Victory, Oickion, Alexandria, Sturgc< Ik t learman; * assins, 1'rieatly, Olouceater, Mass. John Klwell 8t Co. Arrived. Ship < riatoval Colon Smith, 8 day? from Havana, with sugar, Ike. to Bpofford, Tilraton k. Co, Ship Ohio, Hatch, 13 davi from N? ? :.u ?..? to Bidin k TNk. Brfmi n I'rif Jowphinf, Sandt, 44 dayi from Bremen, in hallul. to order. Brig 0|*n?n&o, Vom> |f> day* from St. Ja?o de Cuba, with miliar, kr. to Ptuiacomb x Beckwith. Britf Harriet, Brown, II 4ay? from Turk* IiUn<l, with 37110 butheU ?alt to Middleton * Co. Hrhr Don, Williama, 3 iUy? from Viminia, with lumber, to B. N. Foi. Schr Ann Klin, Thornton, 3 daya from Kolly Landing, with com. to II. 1'. Harem. Schr Michie*". 1?Tp Baltimore, with copper ore, to Johnioii St Lowden. ... Schr Kxact, Perry, from tlie Delaware, with melon*, to tlw '"ffchr Delight, Ketchum, from Virginia, with melon*, *> the Sitiojt Maria Si Hannah, Oaiidy, from Philadelphia,with coal, to Tiadale h Co. Herald Marine CorrMpond?n?f. Boitow, Ans. 13. 12th?Arr Jamet Perkim, Hall, Hampton Roada; Mohawk, 4 ha?e, Smyrna; Benj Kranklin, ! linn; Lodemia k Klita. Pric?; Willi, Bird, Corign, Monitor, ?nd .0?n?e?, Hon, Phi ladelphja; HuM|Bg|L VMaMihiiry; (Hrden. Hamer, {jarred* C.rac. Vfa Bmn K7n.l Red win*, Sl??t*r, N lurk Cld An 4 (< Anunw. Crowell, ??" ? Franklin, h int ma, llfQdttkitTrj". Cliainbirlain; Henry, Nickersou, and AwwmtmaM, 8*nw, N Voik; Qiieeu, r.ldridge, Baltimore. IJtli? A n U. j/.inin, TfetiXl Got Arnold. Bacon, and Palatini*, Stephenaou, AiliaHplut. General Record. Collision at Hea.?Qt'racc. Auf. 10.?'The N. America brought up three ol" the crew of the baniue Olwnliurnie, of Bideford, Capt Day, on her second voyage to thu i*>rt, thi* ??a?on, which vessel was run into on lira !ft>th ult. al I til 1 in, ><v Canities Monts, by the slti|> Lochlibo, and almost immediately weal down. The crew were, however, fortunately saved. We understand tliat Caplain Day aud tin- lemiinder of the crew are coining up in a nchr. Whalemen. Leauder, of Mystic, on a cruise, JpuLen U<\ ult. lat 18 50 N, lou 37 30. Spoken. Brazil, Andrew, Wilmington, NC. for Loudon. Aux 6. Ul % lou 64 10. Korelgn Port*. Havana, Auk J?Arr Rapid, Ward, and Kuipresario. Colliu*. N York; Howell, and F A Brown, Charleston. Sid 3d, U S bri< Boxer, on a cruise. In port Mil, Forum, Murdoch, for ('owes: Oxford, Cutler, and Beaver, F.dinuiids, unc; Biuiwy, Thomas, North 8?a; Cyclop*. Rogers, Hamburg; D Webster, Parker, Key West; Camilla. < P rus) Keinwert, Cowea; J Minde, I (Dan) Lutzen, Hamburg; Lady Male, (Br) Alexander.Falmouth; James Heid, (Br) Wyllie, Liverpool; Serafin, (Sp) Oali, London; August*. (Bremen) Block. Bremen; Faitli, Johnson, and Republic, Lincoln, Mobile; George, Hartshorne, unc; Pelicano, (811) Cadiz. nr Jaoo dk cfia, July 26?In port, Kmilv, Bernadou, for Philadelphia, 3Uth, only American vessel. Sid lfilh. Hector, whi>. t.:? ,t.,i. <11.1 v 1. i\ ... c .. 11. Lake Porta. Buffalo, Aug 12?Ait Missouri. Brown, Toledo; ToWo, Haskins, Detroit; Granger, Spencer, Cleveland; Wabash, IvlcOre, Sandusky. Home Porta. Prospect, Auu 4?Cld Cuba. Blanchard, S America. Gloucester, Auk 10? Sid Sarah Ann, Bates, Surinam. New Haven, Auk 12?Arr Geo Washington. Brown. Baltimore; Klizabeth, Hoyt, aud Reaper, Kelsev, Albany; hmpire, Thompson, and President, Krishie, New York; Peuusvlvania, Hinson, Philadelphia. Sid Atlantic. Moutague, Barhadoes; Tantivy, t hapman, Albany; New York, Jones, NYork. Hartford, Aiik 13?Arr Lion, Deming, NYork. Philadelphia, Aug 14?Arr Norris Stanley, Cope, Turks Island. Below, lianger, (Br) Halifnx. Cld Win Penn, Taylor, and Krie, Richardson. Boston; Woodlands, Johnson, St John, NB; Kdward, Park, Lynn, Mass; Chas M Thompson, Providence. Norfolk, Auk 11?Sid Sally Ann, Patterson, Barbadoes. In Hampton Roads, Texiilor, Clark, I'm NYork, houud up James River. Tanpiiim, Ludlam, from NYork. |<assed up James River yesterday. New Orkkans, Aug6?Below, IVconie, Park, New York; Delia, Fales, Boston. Cld Antwerp, Smith,* ette: Normandie, Spauldiug, Bremen; Uuiou, Russell, New York; Democrat, do; Hope Howes, Havana. POST OFKICK, ) New York, August 12th, 11113. ) ENCiLISII MAILS.?Letter bags for (ireit Britain |vr Iloyal Mail Steamer Acadia, which sails from Boston on the Kith ilist, w ill be closed at the Tpper and Lower Post Offices in this citv on Tuesday next, the. lJtli inst., at 15 minutes past 4 o'clock, V. M. an 12 3tec JOHN LORIMKlt GRAHAM, P. M. XAT A NT KD?Several respectable active ig men to can" vass for a very |>opular law ?ork, just published. A small stated salary will lie given till the parties become acquainted with the business, when they will lie paid by commission. Inquire of 11. M ART IN St CO. . al.'i It * r 26 John stre<-t, up stairs. DOO LOST?KIVE DOLLARS RK.WARD will be paid for a small white w ire haired terrier slut, answers to the name of "KAN." and was missed from I on board ship Outhenu. at liinl mi; Slip. No iiuestions asked. Apply io WOODHl'LL St MINTURNS, al5 Itr H7 South itnvt, jp* ~ WANTKD TO ItENFud.~or paitof ffTjB a very small BOU, in tltis oily or Williamshiiruh. suitaj-yt1'111 lor a Kentlemeii ami his lady, who have furniture. Would be willing to take rooms and board with a small family, sav a widow lady ? (lh lew or no children. Kent, which must he quite low, paid in advance if desired. Applicants please state terms and particulars. Address "J. H." Herald Office, a 15 lt*ec T O. of O. F.?The members of Hancock Lodge, No. I!), are * requested to attend a special meeting at their I.mine Room, National Hall, Canal stnvt, on Tuesday evening, I.'illi iust. at o'clockfor the purpose of making arrangements to attend the celebration of Richmond Count v Lodge. By order of WILLIAM SHARP, N. G. J. JENNINGS, Secretary. auli lt*r B E N J AM IN M ()ON E Y TA^thni^rT A UCTION NOTICE?BIRMINGHAM & SHEFFIELD A HARDWARE. GUNS, PISTOLS, FANCY GOODS, Ike.?B. Mooney & Co. will sell this day, at 10 o'clock, at 01 Maiden Lane, 4.'j0 casks, cases and lots, of a general assortment of heavy and shelf Hardware, Ike. viz?Plate and Rim Locks, Sledfes, Mill and Cross Cut Saws, Butcher Knives, Steelyards, Vices, Files, Planes, Squares, Screws, Horse Brushes, Nails, Buck, Forefmck, Whitebonn, Ivory, pin'd and swg'cl Table and Desert Knives and Forks, Stag guard carvers, Pearl, Ivory Stag, Horn and Cocoa, 1, 2, 3 and 4 blade Pen aud Pocket Knives. Also, for account of the underwriters. 3 cases 3 million Percussion Caps. Also, 100 su|>erior double barrelled English twist (inns. Also, 100 pairs Brass and Steel Barrelled Pistols. Also, an invoice of French and German Fancy Goods. Catalogues an- now ready. ait 15 lt*r BEACON COURSE?TROTTING. TUESDAY, AUGUST 14. At 4 o'clock, precisely.?A Match for $300. A. Vauriper names g. g. Grey Tom. (J. W. Patrick " tir. m. Isidora. Mile heats, best 3 in J, in harness. Immediately after, a Purse for 1'acinR Horses, for $50. One Mile Heats. A. Qnackrnbush enters br. g. Indian Ned. J. Mabie enters hi. ^. Black Rock. 8. Loiik euters if. g. (?ay Deceiver. *15 It*r OYAL MAIL FOR LIVERPOOL?Letter Bags for the Royal Mail Steam Ship Acadia, will close at llaruden k Co.'* Foreign Letter Office on Tuesday, lilh, at quarter to 5 P. M. HARDEN k CO.. all 2tec 3 Wall street. C ASTLE GARDEN. GRAND SUB-M AH INfc) fcXPLHSION, Will take place on TUESDAY AFTERNOON, Auk. 15. at four o'clock. nmtiiv tivi on .1... .. .11 l,.,....... v..._ U"n gator, who has made a number of ex|>eri meats of his SubMarine Explosions ami Sub-Marine Arinor lielore John Tvler, the President ol'I lie United Stale*, Cuinmixlnre Downs, ami the heads of Departments: alto in Boston Harbor, to a large coucourse ?fcitizens, with entire satisfaction, has the honor to announce to the citizens of New York ami its vicinity, that lie lias made arrangements with the proprietors of Castle Garden to make some of his SUB-MARINE ROCKET EXPLOSIONS, In one of w hich he will blow up a VESSEL OK EIGHTY TONS into 11)00 fragments; also one or two small Sub-Marine Rockete capable of throwing a mass of water, sixty to eighty feet into the air. and bring to the surface of the water a rant quantity of mnd, kc, from the bottom of the ri?er, and shake the foundation to such a degree as lu imagine a small earthquake to be in the vicinity. THE SUH-MARINE ARMOR, OH. EXPLORING APPARATUS. has been fully tested and adopted bv the Navy Department, and will lie exhibited, and every part fully explained, by < aptaiu Taylor, ill the Centre of the Garden, besides some experiments of Ouupowder under water. Captain Tay lor has just returned from the old Hustar Frigate, sunk in time of the revolution, near Hurl Gate, and succeeded in taking from her several pieces of her deck, timber. copper sheeting and papur, and one of her pieces of ballad; also one of the cannon halls, which he w ill also exhibit in the Garden. I amain Tavlor, when divssed in his armor, looks something like the Canadian Giant, but more formidable. The following will he the order of proceeding*'.? h'irtt, the location of his Apparatus w ill lie exactly in the rear of tie- Garden, a Schooner Ling close into the Kort. where the operator, w ith hi* armor, will be elevated to the view of the K|?'Ctators: then a single flag w ill lie hoisted and an explosion of a keg of powder will follow. The tlag will then lx low (Ted It w ill again lie hoj*li*d as a signal to the descent of tlie operator, who will remain unrtSr water 40 minutes. The operator will then arise of his own accord by throw ing off his w eights under water. He w ill then In* taken on board of the vessel, and the armor offered to any one who ma> choose indesceml. If noonc wiahM in til dnsit Mr Tavlnr will airiin descend, and brink! up article* from the bottom, to show s|>ect<uors that lm travels at will. A boat will be in attendance with a connecting cord, following his (iMUtrpi or movements; after which thet? w ill fx* another ei plosion of a Vessel of Eighty Tons. OENSRAL PRINTINa ESTABLISHMENT, N. W. CORNER OF FULTON AND NASSAU 8TS. Is (applied with every material necessary for the prompt, neat, and economical execution of every description of s^aiOT 333 2?&aajs,2ai?, Public attention is requested to this establishment, in the assurance that ample satisfaction will be given?as regards ty|R>graphy, pre?i-work, and charge*?to those who require fancy or common, lan{e or small work dimply and expeditiously executed. LABELS, CHECKS. WAYBILLS. CIRCULArt.8, SHOW BlI.I.S, BALL TICKKTfe. STEAMBOAT BILLS, BILLS OF LAI)lft<), RAILROAD BILLS, BUSINESS CAKHS, STAGE BILLS, CATALOGUES, PHAMPLETS, BILL HEADS, HAWDBIL8, NOTES, FOU THEATRES. CIRCUSES, CONCERTS, MUSEUMS, LECTURES, ftjBLIC MEETINGS Or any other places where the largest description of printing is imnired. The facilities for this work an> not equalled by any once in this city, for, besides the large assortment of HkAOlKI OftlflAj&lliOTAH, Tywip This establishment has the LARGEST PRESSES IN THE CITY. Great rains have been taken to provide every material that can possibly be of service, and therefore person* having occasion for Showbills, will find it greatly to tneir advantage to patronize this establishment. IT r'Any sue or torin "I Mill can he lurnished at v?ry short notice, at any hour, night or (lay, by applying in the fourth atory to Joseph Klliott. aulltf CONFECTIONERY. CREAMS, ICES, JELLIES, tec. tec. tec. WHOLESALE AND RETAIL. at Reduced Price*. at 73 Canal street?JOHN BRADKN, the wall known pro prietnr of the aboee old e?tabji?lnnent for the laat ten years, (ratefill fiir the patronage hitherto received from hia friends, anil dniroaa to merit a continuance of it, respectfully inform* them and the public generally that he is now ready to titpply families and dealers in the city and country, with confectionery, in all ita branches, in such quantities a* they lie pleaaed to order, always provided they keep within the bound* of poaaibility. The eelent and elegance of lui saloons for the reception of company to which ia attached a private aaloon (up atairs) expreaalv for the uae of families, together with the acknowledged uperi'orily of hia Creams, Jelliea, Icea, Confectionery, and refreshment! generally, are too well known and to>) generally appreciated to require commendation by advertisement. By maintaining for Ilia establishment the sti|ierior reputation which lie haa at great pains and eaimue built up for* hopea to aecure a continuance of the ejtensive patronage he haa heretofore been favored with, and give the ?ame universal satisfaction to all who favor him with their custom. Creams, Jelliea, and Icea. in forma, at tia |>er quart. Orders sent to any part of the city free of eaiwuae. jy9 lin'ec rlf fURHllANCE of an order of the Surrogate of the County of New York, notice ia hereby given U> all |>erions having ?lanns against Peter Murphy, late of (lie city of Naw York, gentleman, deceased, to present the same with I he vouchers hereof to the subscribers, at the office of K.dmund 8. Derrv, No Jl AVall street in the city of New York, on or before the eighteenth day of September neat. Daled New York, the lith day of March, 1813. Ij/%\ v? II a 11 ? r. i , JAMES C. BELL, mi? uwbnu Admwutnton with ih? Will wjnmU, | rife- t|f& . VOR^ANO HA Second Lian?Tin* Hliii* of this line will ken-after leave New York on the 1st, aud Havre on tie-DHh of each mouth, a? lidIowa, Tlx :? Know New York. Kkom IUvm:. New Ship ONKIDA, i l.i M<icli. ( 16th April. Captain silt July. < 16th August. James Kimck. ( lit November. ( 16lh December. Ship BALTIMORE, l lit April. i 16th May. Captain < lit August. < 16th September. Kdward Kuiirk. ( 1st December. f loth Janiiarv. Shipl'TlCA, i 111 May. I 16th June. Cajitaiu < 1st Septemlwr } 16th October. F rede rick Hewitt. ( 1st January. ( 16th February. NewshipHt. NICHOLAS^ 1stJune. i 16th July. Capuin < 1st Ortobrr. \ 16th November. J- U. Pell, flat February. ( 16th March. The accommodations ol' tliese slops are not surpassed, combining all that may be required lor comfort. The price of cabin passage is $101). Passengers will lie supplied with every requisite with the except ion of wines and liquora. (ioods intended for these vessels will lie forwarded by the sub cribers, In* Ir.nn am . .t li.-i ih.m I In- expenses actually illour red on tlicm. Kor fieiichl nr iwasaie, apply lo BOYD fc HINCKEN, Aseuts, j?2i flc No. 9, Tontine Building, cor. Wall and Water sta DOC I Oil BKLL. "T\OCTOR BELL devote* lii* personal attention (daily, un^ til 10 P. M.) to tin" removal of private dinnuci in every state. All MiflVrint; under protracted cases, asxravated or unsuccessfully treated by inexpericacwl or pretended practitioners? thoae laboring under tlie destructive effects of mercury or <iuarlc nostrums and ill who suspect tlie remains of disease lurking ill tlie system, may consult Or. 1). always with a |juarante<* of a cure. Persons contemplating tn.irri.tse, who have lieen the subjects of delicate diseases, may consult l)r. Bell with honorable confidence. I'ost jwid let tarn, describing the case of persons at a distance, have his prompt attention. Or. B.'a treatment never exposes to suspicion, and is well known to be safe and iwrmattCflte yCj^ Private offices 87 t 'edar street, two doors from Broadway, aul2 lm*ec rfM> MANUFACTURERS AND DEALERS _IN X WOOLLENS.?Henry ItiMOfl,, Kim.I Cloth*,C??*imeres, Satinet*. ice. corner ol I.sight and Wuhincton it., N. Y.. respectfully inform* the manufacturer* and dealer* in Woollens, that hi* establishment it now in succe**lul operation, and that he i* prepared to eiecuta with promptnea* all orders in hii line that may be confided to him. Specimen* ol his workmanship may be seen on application to the gentlemen whose name* are annexed, and to whom he ha* liberty to reler. He also refers to the following remark upou hi* workmanihip, at the Fair at the American Institute. THE <H)L1) MEDAL liai been awarded to 11. Migenn, (or the mo*t beautifully (111iahed Cloth*, Cassimeres, and Satinets, displayed at the late exhibition ; the Institute have thus become their testimony tn the perfection ol the art, by which Mr. Migeou has augmented 0110 of the most important sources of the manufacturing wealth of the United States, by add ins;, at a very trittiug cost, from ten to fifteen per cent to the value of the cloth* submitted to hi* procexs of finishing; and preparation. The brilliant finish and silky smoothne** of the cloth* thus prepared, must satiify every one who will examine them, ol the great *u|>eriority of the process pursued by Mr Migeon. Manufacturer* and im porter* will do well to acquaint themselve* by |ier*onal exami nation with the merit of hi* invention. Order* may be left at No* 63 and 64 Pine st. REFERENCES" ITalsted, Haines Si Co., 31 Nassau street. Lambert Si Wolcott, 63 Pine street. W. C. Langley St Co., 61 Pine straet, Wilson, Butler Si Co., 27 William street^ D. Bregham, 60 Pine st. jy23 lm?r PARIS BOOTS AND LASTS MADE TO ORDER By E. SUSER, 175 Broadway, (Basement,) one door fromCourtlandt street. E. SUSEll, Bootmaker, and maker of Last*, an " Elve" of Clerre of Paris, liegs leave to inform his friends and all the amateur* of a gentlemanly " chaussure," that he can now make, iu New York, with thebe*t French materials, all that is so |>erfe<'lly Blade. ill Paris, by his master the celebrated bootmaker Clero*, whose numerous customers on this sule ol the AllJiilir are respeciiuny Minted 10 try nuSKR'8 boot* anil lasts before they despair or beiug chausses' ill New Vork, after the nicest, latest Paris Fashion. Also, the genuine Paris Jet Black Varnish sold. jy28 lm ec BOOT AND THOK STORK?" 0tJOHN ltKADY respectfully informs his friends and the public, that he has commenced business in the above line, at No. 99 Nassau street where he will thankfully receive and faithfully execute, all orders he may be favored with on the most, reasonable terms for cash jy22r MEDICAL AID. DOCTOR YOURSELF PKIVATELY. FIS IMPORTANT with many people in need of medical assistance, that they obtain the liest advice privately and nromiitlv. All who may thus desire to consult a professional menu, should obtain a little volume called the Rubicon." The fourth edition of this work, with engravings. has recently been published. It is much enl irged and greatly improved, embracing many subjects of interest and symptoms of disease not before alluded to. The various forms of bodily and tneutal weakness, iucaiiiu'ity and suffering, which come under the head of Private .Maladies, are faithfully delineated, and the best practical method of obtaining sound health; it is a work plainly and practically adapted to (he use id'all who may unfortunately need its frieiiflly.assistaiice, of whatever age or sex?that portion of the work treating lijion Impotence, and a certain destructive lialiil of youthful indiscretion, from whence result "constitutional debility," will lie found both useful and instructing to all classes ?it is a friendly yet silent monitor, where sensual orseiual debility has made threatening inroads upon the health or constitution, and points out not only the ineuus of esca|>e but the certainty ol restoration. The chapter on stricture is worthy of particular attention, and should be read by every one. The author's method of treating this complaint is without pain, and affords a i*sitive unconditional cure, requiring generally only a very short time in its accomplishment. The price of the book is 50 cents. Sold by the Author, No. II Barclay st, near Broadway, and at the following agencies, which are drug stores, viz :? No. 80 William st, near Maiden Lane, No. 79 Kultou st, cor of Gold st. No. 77 Kast Broadway, cor of .Market st. 'No. 188 Bowery, cor of Spring st. No. 146 Uelancy st cor of Suffolk s t. No. 89 Canal st. No. ? Kultou st cor of Water st. The work is written by Dr. Gregory, who is still in the practice of his profession, at No. II Barclay st?where he may be consulted cofidentially any day iu the week at all hours nrtlie day or evening. Doctor Gregory deems it worthy to remark, that he has often been applied to for relief by patients, who, having been treated for the cormdaint, were discharged .is being cured, and themselves were of opinion that it was really so. A few days elapse, and the disease begins to show itself again; in some instances only occasionally; in others again the relapse is |>ermanenI, inducing at length a chronic inflammation, attended with other visible effects, which it would be indelicate to describe in an advertisement, hut which will lie recognized readily by every; one so afflicted. It is such a ft tin of things JU thin that terminate in stricture, and it is by surgical means only that a stricture can ever be permanently removed. Not no, however, with the chronic inflammation or ratln-r induration: for in this stage <>f the malady there is a cure, and that too nv mild and simple means. Doctor Gregory is proud to say that lie has discovered and brought to his aid a remedy never liefore used in these cases, which has proved successful in every instance where it has been applied, and lias effected cures in rases of from 3 to 13 years duration. This announcement is not made through motives of vanity and love of boasting, but simply to inform those in need of the remedy w here it may lie found. Those seeking Dr. Gregory will find him at his own house (not a drug store), Nu. II Barclay street, near the I'ark, until a late hour ex fry evening. i| /" Persons at a distance sending $1 by mail will have the work (in sheets) promptly forwarded to their address as |ier order. ail 12 Im'ec PHILADELPHIA. DAGUERREOTYPE ESTABLISHMENT EXCHANGE BUILDING, ROOMS 26 fc *7. rPHE Subscribers, having procured the Agency for the sale of 1 VOIOTANDER'S DAGUERREOTYPE APPARATUS, constructed according to Professor IVrrval's calculation, have on hand a large assortment of these Apparatus, and artists as wull as amateur* of their art, wishing to procure a good apiwrstus. will find it to their advantage to procure instruments of thif construction. They also have lately imported a large quantity of (ierman and Krench plates. and all the chemicals used in their art, whirli they warrant in every respect, a? they are made to their order. Polishing substances, and morocco cases, and all necessary materials are sold on the most reasonable terms. The following gentlemen have agreed to act as their agents, via:? E. White, Esq., 175 Broadway, N. V.' P. iiaas, Esq., Washington, D. C. Dr. A. ( 'aspari. Richmond! Va. r. (.aureus, aavapn^n, i?a. William WW, Kiq. Cincinnati, Oluo. All communication* (post paid) and orders, accomiwnied with remittance*, will be promptly attended to, and should be directed to W. (K F. LANOENHEIM. je I |m*r Exchange Building. Phil*. ~ MANUFACTORY. OF CUT. TLA IN AND MOULDED OLAS8, /"\F every description, French and K.nglish Porcelain, astral, and solar lam|H, warranted, girandoles of superior iiuality, To tli? public in general, which are in the habit ol' (laying extraoriiinary prices for the above articles?it is a great discovery to dealers, hotels, steamboats, shipmaster*, IH families, that they can get supplied at very moderate prices, at Stouvenel Si Brothers glass manufactory, No. 2*.l (Jold street, or at their de I Hit, No. J John street, near Broadway. Goods sent to in any iwrt of the country free. All articles matched to patturns, and glass cut to order. Wholesale and retail. Call aud satisfy yourselvea about auality and price*. an3 Im'ec STOCVENEL it BROTHERS. CROTON WATER?DAY'H KIKST PREMIUM INDIA RUBBER HOME is confidently recommended for any purpose* for which leather ia used,and is warranted to possess the followiug pro|>erties 1st?It is |ierfectfy tight under pressure of the Croton. 2d?It is made of the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew to injure in the least, aud re<|uirea 110 attention. 3d?It ia not destroyed by coming in contact with oil or grease, nor stiffened by cold wmtlier, nor can the rubber decompose, as inferior articles are in no case used. Should the least complaint be made of the lloae, not possessing the above properties, it will Ite taken hack, at any time inside of sit mouths from its purchase, and other given in exchange without charge, 4th?Coupling and jet pipe* will be attached without charge. Buyers will note that we are clearly satisfied that this hose (the process of making which is unknown to any other in the trade) is just the article long wanted for leading water aud mauy other liquids. HORACE H. DAY, jy 17 lm"r Successor to Roxhury I. K. C., 4,'? Maiden lane BRISTOL'S SARSAPARILLA. For thi; last t>:w Years Ai-proved by the Medical Faculty, CASE OF SCROFULA. Nrw York, August7, 1wj. MR. C. C. BRISTOL?Sir? I have great pleasure in hearing public testimony, (for I trust you will publish it to ihe world.) to the iHiwerlul and surprising effect of your Sarsa|ianlla on a grandson of mine. The boy was fearfully afflicted With Scrofula ill his right eye, to that extent aa to banish all hoi*' of his aver swing again with it. So extensive was the ulflitf it ua* tV'trril liv ill* familv it wmiM in>t?r l? cnrv<i; bat that at jHPdiataat day it wonfd prove tin-Aual end of him, as to thi? life. All who In-held tin* boy pitied liiin ami would recommend i?? and another n-nieil v. | Out all alike ,wu unsuccessful, a* like the effort* of the different physicians who pRMlihnl for him. Month alter month passed away, with no other change hut for the worn', and III* *nfterings?more intolerable. Our feelings a* to hu fate i-.oi Utter lie iinaitni'Ml th.m lohl, nwl whit to do.we knew not, hut the hand of Providence iuler|x>sed. One o| our friend* in conversation with another gentleman, named the cane of my grandson to him, and brought him to new the b<y\? This gentleman informed us that ho|>el**s ? the caae waa, Bri?tol'i Sarsaparilla would make a cure of him. Thin ap|H-ared too much to hope for: Imt tieing assured by the gentleman of its <-lh. cacy. we ventured to try ??, and now we have the unsiieakahle satialaction of saying h? is entirely cured from hi* Scrofula; ami we now lake great satisfaction in recommending your val uable and efficacious remedy, vir.. Bristol'* Sarsaparilla. Yours, with great nwnei t, JACOB DOBBS, 1*6 Stanton itre*t, corner of Attorney ?t. To C. C. Bristol, Ks<j. I hereby certify that the above statement of the cure of my on it correct iu every particular. MARIA PF.NTLOW. See that the w ritten signature of C. C. Bristol, ia across the fork ol tlx- bottle. City Agents for the sale of Bristol's Sarsaparilla:?Wni. Burger, wholeaale agent, JO < ourtlandt and IM (Jreen wich sis; and at retail at the following places:?Milhau's Pharmacy. 113 Hroidway; Kushton It AsPinwall, 110 Broadway, W William it., and 10 Astor House; J?s, H\ me, M. D., ?:t Bowery, and John Myine, HI Kulten cor. Water *t., and all druggists in town MIMCWBy ailH Jtis'ec fail nho WANTCD ON REAL KSTATU.?Any <JpOV/iV/V/V/ company or capitalist wishing a safe investment for a sum of about frill,nun, secured hv fee simple real *tatr, on Kiat riw, with biuldtnfti, kr., in lull ?M, and ,MdiM i??""? , m.v ^M?S?ro8r anil .... sornw g( Fiont^t. | imedical: ~ ^"MEDICAL CARD. OKKICK, No. l(?i h'akoa itirrc.?l)B. KAWCBTT, M*m- it Ikt ?r tl.e Kiiyal I ollege of Surgeon* of London .tn<l K.din- u burgh, and Member of the JiftniM Medical < ((liege, ?>i llula- ? delplna, author ill' several work* on the generative organa, !*c ? coufiue* Ilia |?Jartioe to a certain flaw of ilelicata disease*. in nil I' their variou* singe* mill complicated forms, the worst cum of n vwitmul affei'tiniu will yield to his mod# of treatment, without ' restraint in di?t, hindrance from buaineai. and without mar- j en,>- .11. t .institutional debility, impot?m?y, sterility. setniual wea*umi, nocturnal emissions, and all those deporebU uiaaaaea ' which are brought on hy a secret de*tructi?e habit ol incoiiai- I t'erata youth, and other excessive indulgence* of tha paaaions. U w hich undermine the constitution ami lay the foundation ol ? premature decay, (?. ? Dr. kawcett'a work on these subjects) 11 can be i.nliiMlly rured, ami the part* restored to IhhIiIi and vigour. Mtticture* of tlx- urethra, emending aa far aa the prostate glaud and neck of tlu- bladder, and which is generally produced by the bail treatment of disease, and frequently it originates Irom maaturbatiou, can Im radically i-uiedj by Dr. Kaw- 1 cett, at 1% button *treet. _P. H.?Dr. K. la th? oldest advertising Physician in the city ; {* hi* diplomas from Loudon, l-.diiiliuritli. and l'lnladel|ihia, are >' hung up in large frames in hi* oliice, where his work* can be ?' obuineil. Price si) cents. jy27 lm*m CI 'I'HE nUVATG TB?ATISK- ThS liula book ittdf k S a designed for those who re>]iiirss a speedy and tirivate cure ol for certain infectious complaints, and in which the liest and <|a most convenient treatiuent in a plain and faithful manner. The B price is $1. Tim present advertisement, however, is to statu oi that the author has now published the most iiitereating chapter ,i _>h? on rite ran- whirl, I.., il?.?- rnmi.l.i..!. ... ami liiiKcriiiK?in the form of a single letter, which ti? iii|>i>ii<>a, ni free of expense, to any one wishing it. Ills reasons for doing c, tliia ire giveu in the letter itself; and in this, alio, will he seen w why ?o uiany j**r?on? suffer on from month to month with a |,< complaint which i? ?o prone to affect tin* mind as well a* func- a tion* of the body, ami which is so easily ami >|>ee<lily cun-d |M when once its nature ia explained. But lest it ahould lie supposed that the letter I wire referred to professes more than it really containa, the author hega to state, that beside his long ejperiance, he has testimonial letters on the subject of his integrity and akill from the moat eminent physicians iu Europe to the moat eminent in America, as Sir T A?tley Cooper to Dr. Mott. of New York, Or. Physick, ol I Philadelphia and others; and alao that he is permitted to refer al to almost every <|hyaician of eminence iu the city. tl Dr. Ralph would also further atate, that lie ia conanlted on r? diseases or thia nature at his private residence, No. 88 Green- c( wicli street, at any hour, ami those who honor hint with their confidence, even in the moat complicated state of disease, will tl be surprised at the ease and i]uickiie*s with which, ill general, ti they will obtain a cure. jyll lm*r b< m rpHK MEMBERS OF THE NEW YOHK COLLEGE 1 OK MEDICINE AND PHARMACY, of the city of U New York, established for the suppression of (juackery, mi re- b< turning thanks to the public, and the regular medical practi- ai tioners of the United States, for the liberal assistance rendered them duriiiK the last year, in suppressing the shameless impos- fr tures?wish respectfully to call their attention t* the followiiiK preparations which have been tested iu every manner by the College during the last year, and although the result of years ~ of e*|H'rience of the first medical men iu Europe, have far exceeded their most sanguine exiiectations. EXTRACT OK THE GENUINE SARSAPARILLA, H Prepared by ' THE COLLEGE OK MEDICINE AND PHARMACY, di Of the City of New York. ai This article lias been nreliared at Lrreat emteiise. according to ol the new process of the Parisian pharmaceutics, and is confidently denominated the only realty valuable preparation of Sar- f?i saparilla now offered for sale iu this country. Together with c< the active principle of the Similax offieivalis?the best 'species pi ol ihe root?the college have incorporated the peculiar modili- tr cation of sugar, which has been termed glycyrrhizn. In the cl " Extracts" of the nostrum venders and certain druggists. the In common extract of liquorice is the chief ingredient, anil can N readily be detected. Out it is proper to state that in niest cases di this extract of liquorice is adulterated, find contains copjier dnrived from the puns in which the decoction of the root is eva- ~ unrated. The College wish thus particularly to guard the pub- f lie against the |ieriiicious tendency of mixtures containing large quantities of this |H>isoued liquorice. Tilt* " Extract Ir prepared by the College, contains also an appropriate quantity of the peculiar crystallizable principle, obtained from that va- 11 limbic vegetable bitter, (ieiiliaii, (so called from (ieutius, King ri of lllyria, who first discovered its great virtues.) A small por- c tiou of the active constituents of the Lantus H:isial'ran, anotliei vegetable, whose efficacy as ,-ui alterative and ijurilier of * the blood is well known, has likewise been added. These se- a veral articles have been incorporated, and their peculiar priuci- i pies compounded hi a highly concentrated form, and the result ' has been the production of a vegetable alterative and tonic, unequalled for power and efficacy. 1 The College mtuely add the following extract from the edi- 1 tion just published of Braude's "Practical Dictionary of the l; Materia Medica" :? n " This article has been jirescribed in chronic rheumatism?ill e. obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indolent ulcers?in glandular p affections?in diseases of the bones, attended by dull aching d pains, tumors and nodes?wasting of the flesh? and it has h proved a valuable remedy, and has sometimes effected a cure n where other alteratives (mve been long administered in vain, c and vvheiuthe|diseased state of the system has been of many years a duration. In the after treatment ol syphilis, and in cases where e mercury has injuriously affected the system, it possesses |>ow- o ecs not hitherto observed iu any other article of the Materia h Medica." t Sold in single bottles at - 7i cents each. la " Iu cases of half a dozen bottles, S3 50. " one dozen, Sti 8 Cases forwarded to all parts of the Union. in THE UNRIVALLED TONIC MIXTURB. . , r. For the cure of all the protean forms of dyspepsia, low spirits, v? loss of appetite, lassitude, debility produced from youthful in- ri discretion, or an ii?|iaired constitution. The Colieue recom- st mend this grateful mixture as eminently adapted for the iuvigo- tl ration of the whole system, and the complete cure of all the distressing maladies for which it is the appropriate remedy. C Hold iu large bottles at $2. Small do. SI. Iu cases containing half a dozen, S5. Carefully packed and sent to all parts of K tne union. u PROFESSOR VALPF.AU'S CELEBRATED SPECl- n FIG PILL, a For the cure of (lonorrliir.a. Gleet, and all rmocupulent discharge* from the Urethra. This justly celebrated Pill has ef- n fected more good since iu introduction into this country hy the 1 College than any other medical discovery tuu done for the last t quarter of a century. Its effect is truly astonishing ou the uri- f nary organs, arresting the most obstinate disease in three or n four days, that formerly required a medical course of from e right weeks to four months. r Sold in boxes at Si each. t THK PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. Kor the cure of primary or secondary forms of Syphilis.? \ This powerful alterative is composed of a combination of bo- |i tanical remedial agents, which exercise a specific effect ou those o terrible and loathsome maladies. One of the members of the College having been connected with one of the principal hospitals of Europe, has had ample opportunities of observiug the operation of this specific, and he r Ins been so completely satisfied of its value, botli from his experience there, and from having cured every case with this mix- p ture that caine utidei his observatiou since he lias been con- tl nected with the College here, that he confidently recommends it as the safest and best remedy for this class of diseases. All c persons suffering from secondary Syphilis should use this b Mixture without delay, a* it is the greatest itreugtheuer and tl purifier of the constitution at present Kuowu. s Sold in large bottle* at S2. Small do. SI. Incase* contain h ing half a dozen (?. Carefully lucked and sent to all parts of the Uuiou. t SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, ifout, chronic rheumatism and to improve the tone of the digestive organs. This invaluable remedy, long and successfully used by the great man whose name it bears, is now first offered for sale iu tins couutry, in boxes of 40 cents. THE RESTORATIVE PILL, For the cure of those complaints |>eciiliar to the female sex, and to restore and preserve the regular action of the female or- ~ gaits. This preparation ha* been in use by the most distinguished practitioners iu Loudon and Paris, and its utility lias been established beyond cavil. o Sold iu bottles at $1 each. f THE AMERICAN ANTI-BILIOUS CATHARTIC r fn This Pill?one of the hamiiest combinations of which moilprn .I science ran suggest?ha* been prepared for the peculiar use of |? those subjected to the trying vicissitudes and influences of our American climate. The effects of particular climates on the healthy exercise of the functions of vital organs are only lie- {> ginning to he pro|>erly studied and understood. Unlike the dis agreeable and drastic purgative of the nostrum Tenders, this preparation does not irritate the bowels, nor produce piles and other distressing affections, but by exciting tlie whole alitnen T tary canal to healthy action it carries nil all the vitiated se- I cretions, purities the blood, and gives new vigor to tlie vital powers. Sold in bote* at 50 cents, with full directions for use. " IMPORTANT TtJ THE UNFORTUNATE. ai A Cure (Guaranteed?The College of Medicine and Pharmacy M of the city of New York, established for the siippriwsion of , quackery, is now prepared to treat all diseases of a private nature, and offer to all those afflicted with these distressing maladiys, advantages not to lie met with in any other institution in this country, either puhlic or private. From the constant correspondeiice, and from privata arrangements, between the memtiers of the College and the most eminent Professors of the Medical Institution of Knroiie, all the improvements ill the treatment of these diseases are forwarded to them long before they reach the majority of the medical profession of this couu,rV With such advantages together with the combined skill of the first medical men of this country, the College feel satisfied that the good work they have undertaken. " the suppression of quackery." will receive the |iatrouage it deserves from that portion of the public requiring their services. Terms, for advice, ana all medicines, N. B.?Patients living at a distance, by stating their disease explicitly, in writing, giving all symptoms, together with the treatment they received elsewheiv if any, can obtain a chest containing all medicines, with full directions for use, ? ith a S guarantee of cure, by addressing the Agent of the College, post v |iaid, enclosing $i. ei fay order W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent >> Office and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau st. l-i jy? linr tl RKWARD-CR088'SPECIFIC MIXTURE for n tyOYIKJ the cur* of (ionorrhrea, (ileets. Strictures and ana- g logons complaints of the organ of generation. f Of all remedies yet discovered for liie ;abo\e complaints this il the most certain. f It makes a speedy and permanent enre, without the least restriction to diet, drink, exjiosure or change in application to business. We give no lon^ quack recommendations to deceive the public. If the medicine does not sjieak for itself no one shall r speak for it. Our object is to notify wl?'re it can lie had, and * the proprietor challenges a single rase of recent < fonorrli<i?a to i| be brought, in which the mixture will not effect rapid cure, under a forfeiture of SMM). This is a disease that unfortunately pervades all ranks of societv?high, low. rich and poor, matrimonial and single. They are here presented with a remedy by which they can cure themselves without the least ex|*?sure, iu the shortest tune inissi- '' ble. tl Further, the disease cannot be contracted if a dose of the 0 mixture is taken at night on going to lied when exposed. It is put up iu bottles with full directions accomiianying it, c1 at $ I a bottle. One bottle lasts a week, which generally cures . ?many are cured in two days. cl For sale only at Wm. II. MiInor's, 192 Broadway, comer of c' John street, op|>osite Franklin House, New York , J. Jones. n corner of Chestnut and Seventh streets, Philadalphia ; and at J. M. Smith's, 138 Washington street, Boston. jy 13 Im'rc CI'NBCRNT, YK.I.I.OW OR DARK SKIN < I.F.ARED and F.ruptions, Bites of Musquitoes Cured: by the use of P1 a cake (ay. very often half a rake) of that most surprising invention railed the Italian Cheiniral Soap. Tlie mora this is used the more astonished are people at its wonderful effect.? Last week it cured no less than threw cases of old s< al> salt rheum, for which medical skill and tlie most powerful lotions had been used ill vain ; hundreds have been rured of freckles, tan, sunburn, and morphew this summer by it. There are ma- _. ny who do not try it, because it is " puffed iu the iwpeni. This y we are obliged to do to introduc e It , we can. therefore, IIOR acientiously, recommend it as almost infallible iu any cuta- A neons eruptions or disfigurement, such as pimidea, blotches, V" freckles, tan, scurvy, salt rheuin, ery?i|ielas, barber's itch, bites of bed bugs, galinippers, &c. It gives the skill, a youthful, healthy bloom ami freshness. Persons living at tlie South *" should never lie without this. Captains, merchants, and others, "* liberally treated with. A small fortune might be made by an w' enterprising parson to bring this to a warm climate. Sold at 40 cents a cake, by T. Jones, at his wholesale perfutnery store, sign of the American Kagle 82 Chatham street, N. York ; anu hv these Agents?iu Philadelphia, by Zieber, corner Third anil Dock streets, or next to the American Hotel, Washington. U. C. ; iu Boston, 8 State street ; in ( liar lesion, S. C., 207 King street ; in Albany, J7 State street ; in Brook- r1 lyn, 139 Fulton street. ^ jy2t lm*m I NOTHINO WII.L BEAUTIFY, DRESS OR CLEAN of THK HUMAN HAIR so well as a three shilling bottle n> of June's ( oral Hair Restorative. It makes the hair daliciously th soft, dark and silky, snd will keep it sn thrice as long as any b.< mi.!-. .. .I. ....... > rim'n; i?mrnn incite qualities. w It will force the hair to grow. atop it falling off, cure ?c?rf or ?c dandruff. mill make light, ml or grey grow naturally ilark and beautiful ; we sell thrre shilling Wilis of this, that the public or may try it without e?|wiidiug a dollar, aa in the usual chirge ; en we know it is oretty much all represented, and are not afraid ; hut poopl* will buy more?let persona give it on? fair trial, and they wQI be well satisfied. They ran w the nam> i of thf moat resectable |x-raons at oar store who ha?? used this, and ?T recommend it. 1 Sold, price 3, J or I shillings a bottle, at the sign i?l the A me- re. rican Kagle, 112 Chatham street, N.Y. Au-ntv /ielw-r, I l.edi: lad er Buildings, Phila ; Keddlng, H Stat* atrvet, Boston ; J7 State I i at.. Albany ; 207 King St., Char lea too, 8. C., or 119 Kulton at., a Brooklyn. , . w The N'aplea Shaving Paste mad* from the old Naples Soap, yei is sold here for three shillings a bo* ; it inakea one nl the ? *?'. der, est. thickest. and moat lasting lather of soap ?'j1* *? ". Ha folly owl P? BP IS IWM/Wi - | rIK mlwrrilier Mould Mil the iiublir that lie liu lately taken th< IMNMIinL Kb. if loariiaadt feet, iii the city nf Ne* rttw, fk> ll(il buum Uaa bean I'iriiuiflilv p*imir>'?l. i!i<li(rrrif(t((ni|(Nft at *ud comino* 1om? muUM, uiH in er?l* aireilfSMft WMt the e?tabli?hlent his KP-mnit 4e?ir* lutUuiMIVIM (Mr thin* that ma liirn <>l the auc require* 1'ioad ooraraqton for pMblic laror. It* ration in tin* l.u?m.? portortBd city, ud eourenient pro*llity to the i?nnt? of irrif il mH aej.irfnr* of th? utemmboet ud lilroad hurt nf roniiiiQnication, particularly recommend it to tie bu?iue?? and travelling onimiiuity; while, at tha uma time us moderate rlurgea will l* adapted to the timai. I|y ha? hei-n *o fortunate r% t<, m, ure the ?*r?ire? of Mr '.rutus rhelp*. one of the lata proprietor*, who will ba the rinri|>al inaniu'er, which, of ittelf. I.? I.4. coufident Will ba ha beat guarantee that can ha offered. that ever-, thin* will be i) condui'ted M to (five entire satisl'm tiou to those who .hall iror him with their patron.!** . v B HYF.RBON. New \ork, July OT, ISil 4j im?re BOA&DINO REDUCED. IT ALTON MANSION HOI 8K-XM H-rl liu Souare, New Vork.?J. Kowler k Son !>< ? Live to iturn thanks to their frieuda and tlie public in general, for the beral support they have recqjved for Kivral yean l??t al the Dove hotel, and ho|?* by strict attention to business to mem 4 intiuuanre of their favors, the proprietors liaviuj reduced the nces of Boarding to JO cent* |?*r day, or two dollar* fifty *uts |ier week. The house u situate 111 the mo?t business |>*rt the city, being convenient to the Albany, Boston and I'biU-IpUi.i steamboats: likewise to the Loudon, Liverpool and ristol packets. The above house needs no comment a* it u le of the mott airy and spacious premises in the citv, having large yard with a line spring of water, with every other requite to make it comfortable. In fact, the above house combine* ure comfort in it* line of business, than any other in the ty. The senior proprietor, being alwaya on the premise*, he ill nee every atlentiou paid to his guests, uot only by himselt. ut by hia agents and servants. A lea, winna, spirits. Xc. J cents glaaa. Kiue London and Dublin porter, in draught ana little. P. tt.?Private rooms for families. No charge for storage. N. B.?No couuectiou whatever with the Walton House ne*t nor. ji 2m * r ROOMS TOTET N THK BELMONT HOl.'SE, NEW BRIGHTON? The Subscriber having fitted up thia establishment t a great esiiense, for the comfort of his frtejid* and le public, and grateful for the very liberal patronage al' nil) bestowed mi biiu, truata by his eiettiona to please for a nnttmiance of it. lit' begs to inform them that lie has still two dtntble and nee single rooms unoccupied which lie will let on terma low ) an it the times, if iiniiii'iliate aiiiiliration !? mi,I., ami will f happy to accommodate persons wishing to enjoy the beauty iid advantage* of this place. The situation is one of the most deairableon the Terrace.? laving a very tine large bathing house directly in front, the oarders can enjoy that luxury with tin greatest convenience ill pleasure. The steamboats lily constantly throughout the day to and om New York. GEORGE PIERtS, Belmont-House, New Brighton. June 28th, ISO. J30 f KLIZAKKTHPORi HOTbL. elizabethport, new jersey. rllK subscriber begs to announce to his friends and the public, that he has taken said Hotel, (lately kept bv E. Allien,) which has undergone a thorough cleansing anil repair, id is now o|>eu as a public boarding house for the reception ' visitors. The table will lie furnished with every variety the market afirils, anil every attention will be cheerfully bestowed that will induce to the health, comfort or enjoyment of rlsitorn, with ice.s to suit the times. The near proximity of Elizabethport i New York, renders this a desirable summer retreat for uier1.1ms and others, engaged in husines in the city, as the steami?ts Cinderella and vvaterwich leave New Vork.tnier No. I lorth River, and Elizabethport every two hours during the ?y. JAMES MOORE. jyl8 Im*r JEW LEBANON SPRINGS is the most healthful and ' pleasant place of resort lor visitors duriug the summer lonths, in the United States. Visitors from the south, who intend visiting that place, will ml it the most ex|>edilious route to laud at Hudson, thence by lilroad to Edward's Depot, where stages are in rradiueas to in v them to the Springs. The cars leave Hudson at A A. M. and 4 I*. M. or ou the arrtal of the boats from New York, and passengers arrive at the Iprings in three hours from Hudson. a3 3w*r tETRENCHMENT THE ORDER OF THE DAY. VTOTICE to Citizens of New York and Strangers sojourning > in the City.?G OSLINd'S SPLENDID DINING IOOMS, Nos. 64 and 06 Nassau street.?The immense patroage w hich has ban emended to the subscriber DJT a liberal and iifighteiied community, hns enabled him to enlarge and imro\r his Dining Rooms so iu now to accommodate two hunred persons at one time. Whilst making these additions to is favorite and well known establishment, he has not been unlindful of the still greater comforts and convenience* of his ustomers?having thoroughly ventilated the light airy saloon, nd detached the kitchens, so as completely to exclude the ffluvia and heat which necessarily arises from cooking for two r three thousand persons jier day. The walla of the saloon ave been embellished by some of the most elegant and costly til Paintings of the ancient and modern schools: marble nilirs and statuary, auil busts of Washington, Napoleon, lie. kc. The bill of far.* surpasses all others ill any part of the United tales?including salmon of ill anil 40lbs weight, at 18 3-4 cants ?r plate, with anchovy sauce, butter, bread, See.; all kinds ol iast anil boiled meats of the brat i|ualities, with bread and getahles, at U cents |i?r plater( green i>e:ui, new potatoes, aspagus, strawberries. Pastry ol all kinds; turtle and other souiw eaks, cho|'?. Ike. and one hundred other differeut article* ol' le choicest description, at prices equally low. Beat Java Coffee, green and black Teas, at 3 cent* per cup ; liocolateti cents, (lie. Sic. Atteutive and civil waiter* are employed, who speak the rench, Spanish, (ierman and Dutch languages. livery article i served up in the neatest possible style?and iu every dnpartlent of the establishme4it com|>eteut and experienced overseers re placed. Having visited and being conversant with the mode of busiess of many of the best conducted Dining Saloons in Eurojie, Unerica, and the West Indies, the subscriber feels no hesltaion in assuring his fellow citizens that his establishment is inerior to none that he has seen in any portion of his arrangenents?besides which, the superior iiualitiea and low price* of very article included in the Daily Hill of Fare must, in that es|>ect alone?exclusive or all other considerations?render il he very ne plus ultra of Hating House on this Continent. The establishment has been supplied throughout with Croton Vater, which passes through improved filterers; and the 8a?o11 is open every day from 6 o'clock A. M. until 9 P.M., anil n Sundays from 7 o clock A.M. until 8. j9 3m"r HENRY OOSXINO ^ BOOK-KEEPING. rllOMAS JO KS, Accountant, 181 Broadway, eontinue* I throughout the Summer months to receive pupils who are radically and thoroughly instructed in the various dutiea of lie desk. Private lessons are given when preferred. Published and for sale by the author as above?" Jone's Priniples and Practice of Bookkeeping," 8vo. $1 M. This Work as lieeu adopted in many of the lirst Academic institutions iu nis country, and his been republished in England. Kor a vuopsis of this improved method of teaching, see art. 2 Hunt's Merchant's Magazine, Dec. 1812. Accountantship?Accounts adjusted in cases of disputa, lirial ion , insolvency or death. Books opened or balanced. a3 lm*rc BUTTONS. " PATENT AOATF. BUTTON DEPOT, Pati:r*oiv, New Jf.kirt. TH09 PROSSER, j>Mlm"r Patentee. DAM-; fc MAXWELL, No. 2 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. IOI.K Agents hi the United States, for the French Hanorr ' or Fashion, translated into KiirIihH, with Pattern Sheets ostnines Ike. for tailors, dress makers and milliner*, received nm Paris on the ?rri?il of fvny Packet. Thou* who wish ic only original Frwirh Fashion now sent to America in the nglish language, can have them by railing as above. T hum of the klegant, or Tailors Fashion. Fit# Dollar* pee >ar, issued monthly. Le Foilet, or Ladie* Fashion. T?ii ollars |?r year, issued weekly, with eighty four fine colored eel engravings |?r year, or seven each month. jy29 lm*r WM. T. JENNINGS & CO. \RArK.RS AND TAILORS, 211 Broadway, American ' Hotel, opposite the Fountain, solicit atteution to au assoitlent of seasonable goods, including Cloths, Cassimerea, VMtigs, Sic., in all the new and various styles, under th? aasur nee that the system ol' " small profits and quick returns," rhich has elicited so liberal a patronage, will be continued, rhile our arrangements are such as will enable us to fill all orert in future with promptness. A feature in the establishment, which must commend it to lose requiring articles for immediate use, is the addition to ur stock, of an assortment of first quality ready made Garleuts, consisting of Surtouts, Frocks, Dress Coat*, Pantaloons, Vests, Office Coats, Travelling Frocks, Dressing Gowua, lie. A choice collection of Silk and Satin Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchief), Gloves, SutiH-nders, Hosiery, Under Shirts, Drawers, Muslin Shirts, Collars, kc At prices which must offer inducement* to purchaser*. |yt4 8w*ic CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 1 PHILLIPS, Merchant Tailor, (late of 7 Astor House, ' Broadway.) impressed with the necessity of meeting the rigency of the time* by the reduction of his prices, and findIK it impossible to do so while subject to the enormous oiitlys a Broadway location necessarily incurs, has determined on ie only way to effect this?without disparagemeut to the <jov ity of his garments: he has, therefore, it-moved his establishlent to t ki NASSAU STRKKT, corner of Beekinan, where entlemeu ran now be supplied at a deduction often per reul The following is submitted merely a* a ipeciuien of ilia oreuoinit assertion :? Kupnuw t'oata made in the beat style from $16 to ?1B Extra do of the finest quality, - II to 22 Challie Vests, ; $2 75 S. I'. U-k? leave, in concluiion, to observe, the above article* nay I if relied on, in all re*|iects, to be of the most genuine decnntion, and lower tluui any other home furnishing the umo luality of articles. jyl Inr <11 K.VI' l \SII TAILORI.NO E8'TABLISHMKNT, 301 PEARL, LATE loa BEEKMAN STREET. nIK Subscriber, well known for the cheapness and durability of hi* work, desire* to inform his imtmns and thu ulilic, that lie la now, to aitit the economical tendency of the mes, making garment* of the very best quality, at a reduction f 2n |?'r cent fiom former price*, and less, it i? believed, by 10 er cent than garments of the aame quality are made by the heap house* hi this city. In order that gentlemen may nnderstand what is meant by limpness, the following bill of price* is submitted to their insideration, with a guarantee that the goods shall be of tirst Lte quality, and the tit unexceptionable : ? ?U|iertiiie west of England ' loth < 'oata $12 lo $16 I'ants of black or fancy Donbl* Milled < ass, J to 7 Vests,..!' Hilk, Satin, kc 2k to 4 Mak nig and triminiuK, in the beat stt le, at tlie following rices : Coats lis to II I'ants and Ve?ts, X to % All orders executed Willi puuctuali^ a^iji^dea^aKh. ^ As the season is advanced, tl.e present stock of summer mkIs will be mU low. au3 Im *r IT A Tl 'II ! 'H ?Tli? IimhI ?nil ...I MJ -r V Watches in the city, is to be found at the rabacfiber's.? i he is constantly receiving all descriptions of Oold and Silr Wall Iim, of (lif newest stvles, direct from the manufao rers, in KiiKland, Kranee, ami, h? is enabled to Fi r .? luriii-r v-?ortm<nt, inwl at much le*s price*, at retail, than y other nmise in tlie city, (iold watches as low as %M to I'll. Watches and jewellery exchanged or bought. All itches warranted to keep good time, or the mone> returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery reimred in the best manner, 1 warranted lower than at any other place ill llie city (J. C. ALLEN, importer of watches and jewellery, Im'ec Wholesale and retail, :M Wall .Ireel, up stairs PEACHE* FOR SALE MIK Snbacrihers haTe for sale about Sit I hoosand Biskets of IVaches, on orchards, rowing m I'elaware.^ I lieae chards are three and four years oM, the trees all budd?<i and ' the best assorted kinds, and uncommonly fine, even for thia ighborhood. The fruit, we liiiok, will ^omwte with any at may 10 into any market. W e offer to sell them by the uiker. delivered on the wharf at Delaware City, or any other ay we can. Tha bu>er to gire security for the fulfilment of miraci. Any one wiahin* to pnrchaae> can wnlf or call *nd ?e? the chard* *iui atibicribera near Delaware ( itv, Delaware. All iinniuiiicittioiif inu?t l>? |?>at paid JOHN CLARK, jyfn?'r Wit P. CLARK REM*)VAL T<> NKVV YOWL 'HK. LOSS of Kfet, ami Legs no hindrance to the act of walkinif-JOHN K. THOMAS, Cork !. ? Maker, Ike. pe.tlnlly informa the public that h<> ha* removed from Pin Mphii to No, 472 Water atreet, corner of I'lke at, New York ty, whfif ha ci>nliniea|t<> manufacture Artificial Liinha. on Ian the moat correct and leant complicate^ havinit, through eaalty, invented, mail*, ami worn an artificial leg for forty ir?, anil heen a manufacturer toi ihirtv-tive veara, teela co?hit ol' iiiviiik aatufaction to ail who call on him for Legi, nila, Arma. or the commou wooden Leg. ? -

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