Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 16, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 16, 1843 Page 3
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?mmmmm?mm????1^? We ywuritof |?n m? ?? a rtltliw to the Maw York and Ohio Cisili The following will ibow the bu * cineae ef the Pennayhraala Canal at Pitta burg. Bi-iiteii or tin rum?ti.*ai?ia Canal at PiTTiauau to Auol'it Iit (4 Moil HI. ) Product thipptd via Canal ... IMS. 1813. Flour, hbli 50,653 101,814 Bxcou, lb* 9,368,in 20.281,436 Tobacco 8,022.623 12,988.682 Butwir rtinlI CmmJ 78,474 302.009 1. ml and Tallow, 782,536 1 562,681 ProTiaiOlU, 723,637 1,318.910 Fauhert, 121411 136.714 Wool. 729.33A I ,586,505 Cotton, 837,111 1,009,630 , 87,293 1,292,100 Van and Paltry, 51,187 71.283 Whiskey, ealla 22,193 69,718 Grocenaa, Tbi 592,854 816,855 P1'. 3,348 SI,654 1" uniltur*, 197,649 237,515 KaRi, 99,346 215,077 Merchandise received via Canal. 1842. 1843. Morrhandii/, lb* 5,811,832 11,036,051 Ortreries, 1,126,271 5,349,179 Hanlwarr, 1,067,963 2,131,478 (^iiwuiware, 581,279 913,013 L'ruijj, Ol<-. jj.lil'i 9.11,<19 Copper and Tin, 45,2)1 171,064 Leather, 11,860 172,117 * 'lay anil Gypsum, ton* 78 ?,.!$? H H (ioodl, lbs 523,000 651,123 Tobacco. 173,312 221,632 Provisions, 264,305 743,710 f looms. 3,208,218 9,018,721 ish, bbU 1,709 5,631 'l bia is an indication of the growth of the trade orer the Fenntylvnnia works. Halca at the Stock Exchange. $5500 Bute 3*?, 45 100 ? Aub St Roch RR 91% 2000 do5'?, 1851 100 175 Harlem Rll 37*4 ln.OOO Ohio 6"?, I860 blO 90* 50 do 37% 13,Ci00 do cash 90% 450 do 37 "000 Kentucky Sixw 97 50 do liCO 38 2000 Kentucky 5's 82 25 do cosh 37% 1000 Indiana Stc Bonds 31 25 do 1)30 37% MOO Illinois 6's 70 35?*' 25 do cash ?7% 5 slirs Biink of Com full 96 5tl do bOO 38 25 Mecb Bkji Asso 87% 200 do 37% 25 do in % 200 Long Island RR 52% 75 do 88 600 do 52% Second Board. 25 Harlem RR b30 38 450 do 38% 25 do 38 225 do b3 38% 25 do b3 38% 150 Long Island RR 52% fx> do b30 38'i 150 do 52% 00 do 38% 1000 Kentucky 97 250 do s30 38% 3000 State G's, 1802, 108% Sew York Public Stock Exchange. 30.000 U 8 Loan ?'s 114% 1000 do [?I5 35% 1000 do ilO 114% 2000 do 35% 1000 do 30ds 114% 3000 do btw 35% 1001) do s'JO 114 lono <lo bnw 36 2000 U S 5's, '53, WOO do bnw 3i}i 11X10 do 1)10 Will 1000 do bnw 35M 1000 do bio I03J4 5000 do >3 35>4 '<00 do 101 1000 do i3A 35 40n0 N York G's, '52 lOS'i 1000 do b3 35,'? 0000 Ohio G's, '60 b30 30>Z 5000 do s3 35J4 2000 do 90,l4 25 Harlem RR 1)60 37'J 20(10 Kentucky 6'? 07 25 do blO 37% 1000 Illinois Canal 6'* 35V 100 do cash 37m 1000 do blw 3.'i'a 25 do blO 37'j 20 slirs Mecli Ilkx A?o fiyvj loo do nw37li 25 do b30 WJ 50 do blw 37>i 60 Paterson RR b30 51V 100 do cash 37% 35 Farmer*' Loan .21*4 30 do 373, $6000 luda Dol Buds, 20y 33? 175 do bl5 38 1000 do b20 33?J 25 do cash 37 V 1000 do btw 33X 50 do ?10 37% 12,1)00 Illinois 6's, ^0 btw 25? 100 do bl5 3B 1000 do s60 3.) 'i 25 do blO 38 3000 do b3 35S 50 do 1)30 38 1000 do s30 351, 50 do 1)60 38 1000 do btw 35?'? 50 Long Island RR b30 52jtf 3000 do 35.H 150 do cash M '4 1000 do s60 35 100 do cash 52'* 1000 do 35& Second Board. 15,000 N Y 6's, '62, I118J4 50 do btw 52*< 5000 Illinois 6's, *70 , 35?* loo Harlem RR 38 10,000 do blO 35% 50 do 38'4 100 Long Island 52% 50 do Thursday 38% State off Trade. Tuesday, Aug. 18?6 P.M. Imforts i:?to Boston ?The quantity of West India Molasses received for five years liom January 1st to Au gust 1st 1839 40 961 bhdi. and tc*. 1S40 48 304 " " 1841 48 1*18 " M 181J 43,588 " ? 1843 33,76) " Quantity of West India Sugars received for five years from January 1st to Auguit 1st ;? 183 9 25,409 boxes 4,321 hbds. 184 0 93,438) " 1,7bI ? 184 1 40,406 " 2,362 " 1842 40,868 " 3,633 ? 21,368 " 2,071 < Montrkal Aim Trade.?Below we give the stock on band on the 11th initant, with amount of shipments up to that date Pott. Ptarli. Total. Shipprd 11793 6,932 17 716 In Store 1,277 434 1,711 10,426 jlthts?Pots still very dull, at $4 81}. Pearls w? quote at fb 31}, with sales to a moderate extent. Sugars are in very active demand, and the alight advance noticed a f?w days since ii firmly sustained. Hay ?A fair inquiry prevails for shipment and domestic consumption. We quote 46 a 6 60 cent* for prime qualities. The supplies sru moderate. Whiskty ?Drudge we continue to quote at 23 cents, and barrels at 23} a 24. The demand is very steady, and sales to a lair * went. Provisimit ? All articles under this head are dull. We quote pr me Pork at $9 87$, and Me?s$ll 26 a 11 37}. Beel still remains as last quoted. A little demand lor medium qualities of Lard. We quote sales at 6} a 6} cents. Cotton Trade. The markets at the extreme bouth is a* usual at this season 01 the year, sm^U, and it ia difficult to maka accurat* nnntotinna In thia tnarbuf n*>#t (ku Am lift* ol holder* consequent upon the prospects of the crops and the advices irom the other (ide ha*, in tome degria, checked operation*. The tale* in this aity for the week are 6,?00 bale*. The *tate of tha crop i* now ai follow*: RECEIPTS, EzrOKTI and PtOCX OP CoTTOH IK the UfllTED State*. 1841. 1843. Receipt* 1,069,9S4 :i 307,93} Export* to Greet Britain .. 9.'4,143 1,1 )8 b85 Export* to France 39? 337 340.191 Expert* toother |iort*.... 119.263 186-164 Hlock 61.7J9 M.i'W The tramaction* in anjr of the port* hare not been large, and quotation* are nearly as follows:? Cotton Phicf.s.?Livrnrooi. Classification Ar. York, *1hk. II. N. Orleans, t'p 4' Florida. N OrPt If Mobile. 'lug 6. Savannah. Inferior- S'iaJJtj SVaWi Ordinary- --i), i.'>"4 S", ifi S Middling- 6&a6?k C,\\6W !i%<(i' j i?aC INI i<l. Fair- 7 \ J *7?| 6}fc(6V Fair 7 ??', 7^?7# 7X* H,** Good Fair- \H B^alM 8}4a8V 7 a fin# 9 *10 9>,?10S 9 a!>U 9 In relation to the growing crop we have made dift< rent enquiry in the most authentic quarter*, a* to the atate ol the crop in all parti ol the country, and there seem* to be no diflerence ol opinion, all concur that the crop mn*t in ev it ably be short?a Mobile paper remark*:? Tho weather with u* Mill continue* unaettled, and well grounded apprehension* now exist that the prevalence of similar wratbrr throughout tke interior muit seriously injurn the agricaltural interest* of the stata. h is now eight weeks since the commencement of the wet *ea*on and fiom all that can be discerned to the contrary, it may continue to the next change of the moon, now in the 2 I quarter. Tbat the cotton crop haa already been materially affected bv excessive rain, there is abundant reason to believe, and Irom'he beat information tbat can be obtained of it* (ituation, we believe a very moderate average crop cannot be exceeded under the most favorable circumstance*?while the continuation ol wet weateer muit detract every day more and mere from the pros* pect. Last season 3 bales of new cotton were received here on the 4th of Augus.. Thi* year we have not a* yet heard ofa matured boll being gathered, although theredoubtless have been many before this. A Charleston paper state*?" the very small stock now in market on sal , and the late wet end stormy weather o unfavorable to the growing crop*, no doubt induced the former to maintain a firm stand." A correspondent of our own state* as lollews :? Editor or the Herald Sir :? 1 have lately passed over I he middle of the cotton growing country, and a* far as I saw and heard, the crop ia not only from four to Ave weeks Uter than usual, but it iaseriaualy inj ired by bad weather, particularly in Louisiana and ITpunr Alabama. In parts of Mississippi, it ia a fair crop, hut in other parts somewhat injured. All along it is mote or lesa injured, and u"on the whole, even with favorable weather and no frost for the residue of the season, the entire crop of the country cannot exceed 16 or 16 hundred thousHnd hairs. I have no reference to the late storm in speaking of bad weather. I met it in North Carolina, where it w s terrific j and if it extended to S. Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Alabama, the damage to the cotton crop* muit be immente. But thi* la all conjecture. A. B. Corn Trade. The large inrpluial bread itutfs weahall haveon hand in thi* country, alter all the harveat* are through with, will be larger than ever before known,and pricra fore the close of navigation, reach a lower point than ?a have ever recorded. From the present advicea from Europe, we can pretty surely calculate on the oropa through, out tho continent being abort, which result ia the only hope we have for prlcea to be sustained at home. The crop*of Great Btitain are so precarioua, and the injury, if any, so general, that a tew days unfavorable we*, "t her Just beforo harvest, will reduoe the yield throughout thg island very materially. The arrival ol the Great iMttern is consequently loekod lor with the moat intense anxiety, as on the complexion ol the advice* received bv her, depends the weal or woe ol the speculator* and hoidem throughout thi* country. Should the next news give a decided favorable report of the grain crop, the only outlet lor the accumulating httfeks in all our seaport markets it shipments abroad on home account. To sustain price* at h me, the snpplie* muit be decreaaed.and uolesi an actual demand spring up, speculative export* must and will be made. HThP receipts in this market continue very large, with n trifling demand. We quote O-nest'e $4 s7l?J6, Ohio Rnd Michigan, 4 7? a (4 &7J; Ohio round hoo|>4 91} a $4 !>4|. Georgetown, ft a J>6 1SJ; Brandy wine, $4 34; Rich mond County ft IJ a f ft 'Jft; Howard afreet, A a #6 I2J.? Rye Flour, 3 131 n(3 96. Torn Meal, j 87J a $3. Very trifling sale* o( Wheat?new and old daily arrive in large quantities and In consequence of holder* lirmly demandin* previous prices, the atock I* <*aily ?increaiing. The sales rule at jl. Wequote lalei of Southern Corn at 44 centa. The receipt at Tide Water are on the increase. For the flrnt week in August this year the arrival! ol Flout nnd Wheat are mote than double what they ever were for the same period before. There Is no danger of starving in this country for sometime to come, at all events. > Account of Flour snd Wh??t trrlTed at TfcU W??r d'UlDf ill*? 1 < v<tk m Juiul TtimtloltkAug. ' inIX FUurkil,. HWku. I 1830. |7.119 MM MI.T4# lit 418 ' 1840. 3.1,914 7,H?9 861,764 331, MS , 1841, 3\601 14.888 640.136 ISO ?.'8 , 1W4 J 18 436 16 09A UUM 347 981 1843, 68.341 33,389 731,044 333.840 1 Taking flour aud wheat together (th? wheat rnluced -1 to oarrel* ol litre buiheli) there arrived at tide w?t?r to the 7th Auauit initant, 776,713 barn-la againit 706,074 barrel* in 1840, the Urgent arrival in any previou* year. > - ? f New York Cattle Market. At Market?900 Beef Cattle, frtih , 30 Cowl and Calve* and 3600 Sbeep and Iambi. , Ba?:r Cattli?Priceaof last week were sustained, and t we quote ?o correipond $3,60 to $4 75 a 5,60. 160 unaold. Co wi AfD Calves?All taken at $16 to $35. SHKtr and Lambi?Sale* of 3400 at 76 a $i to $3,50 for Lamb, and $1 to >3,50 a $3 for Sneep. ^ Freight*. ChAitLKiTorc, Aug. 13 ?No veiieli up for foreign porta, * and but two of our line veuels In port, both loading for v New York, for which place Freight* have advanced to 75 cent* per barrel lUce, and bale of Cotton. Married. _ On Tueiday, the 16th initant, by the Rev. Charlei F. 1 K Stohlman, Qeorc.e Mohh, of Bremen, to Jani, young- I eit daughter of William Leo Wolf, M. D., of Hamburg, , Germany. Passengers Arrived. ; (ioTTE>Bt'HO?Brit Svea?Mr Mathisen, two children and I servant, Mr Ilellberg anil lady, Mr Kranson?and J7 in the sti*rage. S r Johns, NK?Brig Terrenora?W Barnes. Forflgn Importations. (toTTt.NBi'Ro?Bri? Hvea?100 tons iron Boormau, Johnston . & co?JO do Halicht?1 box to master. Baracoa?Schr Pacific?530 bales tobacco 27 sticks cedar 4000 cocoa nuts Aymar & co?7000 pine apples l.'>0 buui'lie.s bananas 10,000 plantain* Cropsey ill Uilmaitin. MARITIME HERALD. Hailing Day* of the Steam Ships. i FROM LtVr.HrOOL. FROM AMERICA. Acadia,, Ryrie Auk. lti i Hibernia, Judkins Auk. 4 Sept. 1 O. Western, Hoskeu Auk. > Aug. 31 Britannia, Hewitt Aug. 19 Sept. IC Packets to Arrive. Packets to Sail. KHOM I'll KIIfool,. K)K LIVERPOOL. 8. Whitney, ThompiOil, July 4 Liverpool, Kldridge, Auk. 10 Columbus, Cole, July 7 New York, Cropper, Auk. 19 Sheridan, De Peyster, July 14 Siililons, Cobb, Auii. 2i FROM PORTSMOUTH. FOR FOHISMOUTH. Gladiator, Britton, July 10 Westminster, Atwood, Aug. 20 Mediator, Chadwick, July 20 St. James, Sebor, Sept. 1 FROM HAVRE. FOR HAVRE. Louis Philippe,CastolT, .Inly II V. de Lyon, Stoddard, Aug. 10 St. Nicolas, l'ell, July 16 Ship Masters and Agents We shall esteent it a favor, if Captains of Vessels will give i to Commodore Robert Silvky, of our News Heet a lie- i p<irt of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the j Vessels Spoken on their Passage, a List of their Cargo, and j any Koreign Newspapers or News they may have, lie w ill board them immediately ou their arrival. Agents and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a favor by sending to this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can obtain. Nautical Information of any kind will be thankfully received. PORT OF NEW YORK, AUGUST If,. sun risks 5 12 I moon risks 9 43 sun sets 6 S6 I hioh watkr 12 22 Cleared. Ships Jessore, Meacom, Singapore, Davis, Brooks & Co; Liverpool, Kldridge, Liverpool, Wopahull Si Minturn; Rhone, Johnston, Havre, Bolton, FosSt Livingston; Mexican, Dam|, Bnenos Ayre?, Barclay St Livingston; Telumah, Olidden, Newcastle, Me. Nesmitn, Leeds St Co.?Barque Isadore, Springer, Portland, Me. F. G. Thurston.?Brigs President, (Bremen) H using, Bremen G. St K. Schumacher; Mazeppt.CoUon. Gonaives, Badger St Peek; Leone, (Br) Liswell, St. Johns, NF. T. Winniett; Ava, Chase, Norfolk, Nesmith, Leeds Si Co; Denmark. Mereen, Bath, Me. do do; Othello, Ryan, Richmond, J. Klwell Si Co.?Schr* Krie, Matthews, Cape Haytien, S. \V. Lewis; Corine, (Br) Johnson, Bahamas, I. Balen ik Co; Tiisearora, Smack, Richmond, Allen Si Paxson; United States, Moore, Bermuda, W. A. K. Daven|>ort. Arrived. Swedish brig Svea, Nisseu, 56 days from Gottunburg, with j iron, to order. British brig Terrenova, Percy, 22 days from St. Johns, NF. in Itallast, to G. Si J. Laurie. 1 Schr Pacific, Smith, II days from Baracoa. with fruit, Stc. to AvmarSiCo. Left no American vessels. Sailed in co. with schr Atlantic, Nickerson, New Vork. Schr Caroline Huuter, Stokely, from Cherrystone, with corn, , to Hat ens Si Co. i Schr John Clark, Collins, from Philadelphia, with coal, to < master. Schr Helen, Collins, 3 days from Philadelphia, with coal, to master. Schr Doane, Williams, Virginia. Schr 8. Rockwell, Virginia. Below. One barque, two brigs, unknowu. Sailed. Ship Sheffield, Pophain, Liverpool; brig* Dimon. Charleston; ; Enterprise, (Br) Yarmouth; F.xcel, Savannah, ana others. Wind N. Herald Marine Cnrre*]x>iideiiee. Office or the Rhode Islander,) Nkwport, Auk. H, 1843. S Arr 12th, Clarion, Culeinan, Boston for Albany; A M Hale, Chase, do for NVork; May Flower, Kiug,.uid Hector, Kimbal, Koudoul. Arr 13th, Oscar, Presbv, Taunton for NYork. Slil Clarion, Albany; A M Hale, Yantic, and New York, NYork. Arr 11th, Jane Henderson, Paulin, Philadelphia. General Record. Packet ships Liverpool, Kldridge, for Liverpool, and Rhone, Johnstoii, for Havre, sail this morning. Their letter i bags close at Gilpin's, in the Exchange, at half-past eleven | .).I^.L Ship Mf.mphii.?Capt. Coffey, of schr F.ngenia, at Norfolk, ! with part of the cargo of thii ship, re|>orts that the Memphis ! wv moved ahout SO feet on Wednesday, the 9th inst. She will 1 probably be got off. ' Shipwreck.?Brie Mary, rapt. Taylor, left Sydney for St. Johns, Nr . on the 9ln ult. and on the lltli. at 7 a m, was run ' down by ship Mary, of Sunderland. The brig sunk in thirty 1 minutes. Tne accident took place ia the midst of a dense fug. s Vessel insured. * Wrf.ckkd.?British brig Orient, from St. Andrews, NB. for * the West Indies, with a cargo of lumber, was lost on Seal Isl- " and 29th ult. St. Johns, NK. July 20.?Banitie Minstrel, Wright, from ? Quebec, with a cargo of lumber and deals, hound to Hull, out 1 12 days, went ashore at St. Shott's in a thick fog on Wednesday ' morning last. Cargo may probably be saved. The master and 1 crew Jiave arrived here. Whalcnieii, 1 CId at New Bedford 14th, Arab, Wrightington, of Kairhaven, Indian and Pacific Oceans. Sid Gen Scott, of Kairhaven, Dag- ' gett, Pacific Arr at Nantucket Bar 12th, Barclay, Barney, Pacific Ocean, 11 Talc&huaiia May 13. 90(1 sp. A letter received at Kdgartown fiom the Thejiix, Hamblin, 1 Nant, reports her at Tayta in May, with 2000 sp. Spoken. Alabama, City Point for Cowes, 23d ult. lat 40, Ion 49 45?.by the Athens, at Newliurvport. 1 North Carolina. Dnnnmond, Liverpool for NVork, 7lh intt. lat 42 45. Ion SO?by the Fornax, at Boston McLellan, Orr, 7 days from Bath for Cuba, Aug 7, no lat, See. given. . Kosato, Cook, Mobile for Norfolk and NYork, no date, off Tortugas. -.Clyde, Sisal for NYork, 30th ult. near Tortugas. j! Foreign Port*. v Qrr.nrc, Aug 9?Arr Caliotia, Caiton. Mobile; Clyde, Hal ii crow, and Caroline, Marsh, Liverpool; Sir Walter Scott, c Wright, London; 10th, Reward, Frost, Hull; Chapman, Chris- o tie, Portsmouth; Commerce, Davison,Cadiz; Sapphirus, Gib- t| son, L'Orient. CId 10th, Toronto, Douglass; I.ydia, Uray, n and Albion, Morwick, London; Hope, Duun; Ulysses, Pratt, v and Robinson, Wilbum, Liverpool; Chaoiplaiu, Nicholas, i Bridgewater. ... - . 0 St John, NB. Aug 8?( Id Fifeshire, Hume, Liverpool; 9th, a Jessie Amelia, Newton, and Phenii. Raycryft, Cork; Wasp, 1 Lovett, Africa; 10th, Alliert, Keith, (llesgow. ^ r Havana, Aug In port. Kleuot. Hambuiy, line; 1'ncas, i Ro-ch, do; Apalachicola, Brown, N Orleans, ldg; T Street, McConnell, do.disg; Hero, do, ready. i: St Joh.xs. PR. Aug I? In port, Frances Jane, Coffin, for t Baltimore, I days; Lucy, and Arkansas, for Philadelphia, ldg; | Cesar, of London, for ( ork and a mkt, 4. c Matamohas, Aug I?In port, C C Xabritkie, Peterson, New t York, 10 days. Valparaiso, Jinn- 1?In port, Smyrna, Coming, to sail noon c for the U States; Coquimbo. Knowles, for Dotton. Slil Philip ,t Hone, Terry, lor home; Chile, Kuowles, Boston, with $70,0(H) r in specie, copper, Sic. i( Callao, no date?In |>ort, Newbury port, Janvrin, of New i York. Lima, June 10?In port. Splendid, Crosby, sold for $11,000? n Cant Crosby has returned home. c Oirralt sr, July 12?Iii port, Rhode Island, Church, Mobile tl for Oeuoa; Pons, Graham, line. |i Rio Jankiro. June 16?Sid, Sarah Ann, M A Smilley, for p Malouina Islands; |8th, Cuba, Dabson, Kiver I'late; 21st, Ores- c cent, (whaler) Saidiarhor. a Home Port*. Bswnon, Aiir ii?Cld Brazilian, Hichborn, St Peters, Mi?j. " Nkwbi'rvport, Aug 12?Arr Athena, Jones, Cadiz; Helief, Leigh t on, MayaguM. il, Aiir 13?Arr Salem, Noble, Calais for Barbadoes, put in leaky. In port, a plaster laden herm bri^,bound to Philadelphia. Boston, Aiir. 11?Arr St ( loud, Davis, Gibraltar; Prompt, Davis Baltimore; Envoy. Richardson, (late Thomas.) Trinity, J Mart, via Holmes's Hole; Emily, Perkins, Charleston, Benja- Ij min. Treat. Philadelphia; Oil Bias, Howes. Ctlie Havtien. Nep- t tune Steams, New Orleans; Pamlico, Stoddard. Richmond; Pa- tl lestine Slevenson. Philadelphia; Gov Arnold, Bacon, do: Danl Webster, Wis ks NVork; Pioneer, Crowell, do. I Ith, arr Albert J? Henry, Barstow, dojForn**, Wilson, Marseilles; Trenton, Pit- '' man. Havana, Susan, Pittee, Turks Island; Palin, Eldridge, Phi- [' Inilelphia; Kmily, Poland. Rondout; John Dnnlap, Case, Jere- h mie; Pamlico, Pulford. of and from Wuhiwtnn, NC; Star, e Thomas. Norfolk; Mechanic, Georgetown, DC: Columbia, tl Berry, Philadelphia; Bold ComnMnger, Winn, do; ( harlea, *i Dodge, do; Cora, Graves, do; Lewis Bruce, Studley, do; Elvi- e ra. Racket, do; Mandarin, Hinckley, Alban) ; Henry Curtis, 1 la I let, do: Marietta, Crowell, NVork; \ Lawrence, Meeker, c do; Oicar, Bsker, do; Temperance, Bray. Rondout. Signal for a a liriR. Cleared, Francis Burr. Foster, St Petenhurg; Vintage; h Bearse. Alhauv; Victor, Hallei: do. Sailed, Saturday, w ind J< NW to WSW. Chief. Hebron; Patriot, Merchant, and at nuihl, Anna Yeynolds, Dover, Antares, Benj Franklin. Nothing of ? conse<|ueiice sailed on Sunday?wand westerly in the mormnR. afterwards SE to SSE, niRht SW. Schr Lake niled on Friday ( eveninR. b New Bi.nroRti, Aug u?Arr Lady Clinton, Cranmer, Pliila- tl delphia. Sid Industry, NYork. NA(tTrc*rr, Aiir II?Arr Mariner, Adams. Baltimore. ft Providkhi r., Ahr 12?Arr Indiana ( orson; Pamelia, Carl; l.onisa, Leeds, and A Lord, Philadelphia: Caledonia, Spelman; Hero, Spelman, and Monarch, Tyler, Albany; Junes Oorham, Vail, Koiidout; Hamlet, Tuttle, and Advance, Gardner, New , f!1" !P' Rival, Matanras. Sid Adams, Nirkerson, i I hiladelphia; Victopjr, p'rench.and Providence, Brown, New I \ork. Arr 13th. Hannarett. Bahcock; Model, Ireland, and ? ntices Ann Uui, I'l..I..I..I..i l - s . 1 John A?l*m*, Penney; Liberator. (Aom. and Champion, Kick Ml, Rondont. Sid Union. Smiih, and Trvall, Oibl>?, Haiti- h more. , Bmitoi.. Aiiir in?S|d New York, Maura, n.vl Ewl, Onnninf, NYork. Arr.lljh, UlUlrt, liiKraham, Mobile \ia llartford; Commodore, Wileo*, York Riter, Va; Volant, Williams, Rondont. i Nr.* Hurt, Anjr II?Arr\ Ken w irk, Ward, NYork.? | Sid Brandywine, llimon, Philadelphia. I, Phii.adki fHl*, Aiir 15?Arr Turk, Kldridm; Stilla. B.?njr?, . mil Pilol, Poland, Boaton; America, Tread writ, and Klizalirtli, , Wiley, Salem; Louisiana. Marah, St Johna, PR: (onurem. f, Brow n, I.uhi'o; Sarah, Webater, Mobile; Manchester |< Br) ' Smith. Klemhera ; Kitfllent, I)a*i?, Savannah. ( Id Wm Kttmedjr, Martin. Barhadnea; Pearl, Harding, Col- , by; Alexander M, l.onk, and Splendid, Shark ford, Boston? , Arrival* at the Ftiilada-lrhia and Reading Railroad Wharvoa, l Richmond. Ah* II ? IS. Germ, Lincoln. I.a.tport; Caailda, drill. r^Silem; Rambler, Month, n Prospect; I hralieth, Bea?. "frALtiMoVr, Au? H?\rr Ida. I lall*u, ami ViiciMn, Baker, ^ Bo,ton, CIdOeo Sholltold, Skolfleld, Havr*; Marine, "V an. q?d, lamp* Bay| Emily KUlMtl, Laud?nn*n, La Ouiym, Richmond, Martia, N?w York; Jaute, Stoddard, New Origins. C|d Sew Kn^luid, Lowell. ^ on Jon. Sid Lynch bunt, NYork; W VV Wyer, Bostou. Norfolk, Auir l??Arr Viiwiniui. BnIcII NYork; Ko??to, ook, Mobile for N York. Sid J W Kunrton, Otbora, New I Ark. Washington, NC. Auk 8? Arr Oriole, Pepper; TWymii, Jouk'hty, hi J James Otis, LitchAald, Boston. J-'lu Oriole, do; >l?ry Ann, do. .Ocracokk Bar, Aug 2?Arr St rierrv, Morse. West Indies; . aroline, Pratt, Newport. , . (-Hiii tiTot). Auk 12? \rr Wwcimaw, Vincent, 8t 'K Iij port, Tremont, Taylor, and Thou Bennett, Halsey, rom LitPriMiol. wtg; * alhoun, Myers, for NYork. ldg; Moou, la yes, do do; Julia, (Brem) Dauiiamaim. to load fpr Bremen; 'ir H Parnell, (Br)Moir, from Dundee, distf. Savannah, Aug ii?4'ld Win Burke. Oolder, Boston. Nr.* Ori.I'.am, Aug 7?Arr St Mary, Foster, NYork; Helen >Iar, Tliomas, Antwerp; Sliaw, Leatitt, and Delia, Kales, Boson; Ajas, l,ove,Chaileston. Cld Antwerp, Smith. Celt#; Norland ie, Siiauldine, Bremen; Union, Hussell, and Democrat, lowi-s, New York. IAT A NT ED?At 61 Wall street, a lew thousand dollars of the *' Bills of the Kssex Bank, Guildhall, Vermont. aul2 lw*ec SITUATION WANTKD.?A young Kngliah woman, with J Rood recommendations, is desirous of obtaining thesitUatlon >f chamber, house or children's maid. Underslanns plain cook"K, and could make herself generally useful ill a private family. Vpplication to be made at :):t Washington street. alti 2t*r | (). OF O. K.?The members of H'liiciM'k Lodge, No. v.*. O. K., are invited to attenda inerting of |V Lodge, his day, the 16th, at 9 o'clock, A. M., at National Hall, for the iiiriiose of proceeding to Staten Island to join the nvmliers of Iticlimoud County Lodge in dedicating their Hall. The boat Will leave pier No. 1, North Iliver, at half past in o'clock. WM. SHARP, N. O. Henry S. j i nnings, Sec'ry. P S _TI?. ?,?,?|u.rL ,1... I l,.l... ... ..I nvited to join in the above dedication. *A Bsnd will ie in ateudauce. alii ltk [NDfcPENDENT ORDKR OK CiOOD KKLLOWS?The ? following Lod|e* meet at 8 o'clock, P. M :? Constitution Lodge, No. 1, Tuesday, at '(00 East Broadway. Washington Lodge, No. 2, Monday, at 300 do do Jefferson Lodge, No. 3, Thursday, at Brooklyn. * New York Lodge, No. 4, Wednesday, at the Shakspeara Hotel, corner William and Duane streets. ault lm*ec r 08T?Two Promissory Note*, dated 14 th of August. 1(113, livable lBli?6. for one thousand dollar* each, payable lo W. W. Woodworth, aud by him endorsed. Any person returning the Notes to me, at 116 Broadway, will l?e fiirly rewarded for their trouhlu. aIV It*r OENIO C. SCOTT. LEEC HES !. LKKCIIKS ! ! LKKCHES ! ! !-.30,000 Targe and healthy Swedish aud Oerman Leeches, just received aud 20,000 Swedish aud (iermau Leeches daily expected. |>er Washington auil Howard, from Hamburg, for sale at the lowest market price at U. A. Si H. WITTE, anlt> ltn*r Importers of Leeches, 116 Pearl st. N. Y. UACKKT SHIP LIVERPOOL, KOR LIVERPOOL.I Passengers by (his .ship w ill please be on board steamboat HERCULES, Whitehall Dock. This Day, at 12 o'clock precisely. The Letter Bags close at half-past II o'clock. WOODHULL St MINTURNS, a 16 i 87 South street. EDM. ( < OATKS avails himself of the pleasure of informing the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York and its vicinities, that he continues to Paint Likenesses at the shortest notice both Portraits and Miniature*. Those who will favor him w ith their iwtronage. ;ue im iti d 1.1 call and s'-e his specimens if the same, at his residence, 387 Broadway, between White aud Walker streets. N. B. Mr. C. also continues to give private lessons to gentlemen. Ladies in classes Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Also, Landscapes painted to order, from the smallest to the largest sine. Those who wish to make it their profession, can be perfected in all the above brancM*, by applying aa above. Daguerreotyiio likenesses correctly copied in water color* in 24 tour*. aul6 lin*cc l>OI'K ( I TTIMiS, OTTKIt AND ( <>ON SKINS, jg,;' " 7 hales Rojie (*nttiiiKs A small lot otter and Coon Skins] I barrel Beeswax?for sale by a 16 3t*ec WM. P. MALTB1K. ,21 Broad st. MEDICAL AID l^OCTOR CARPENTER S old established Peck slip DisJ-7 pensary, No. 4 Peck slip, New York, near Pearl st. Private aud confidential. all3t*ec PE( K SI.IP DI8PENSAHY. "PXOCTOR CARPENTER Inay lie consulted as usual at hi* old established office, No. 4 Peck slip, near Pearl st. I)r. C. is a regular bred physician and surgeon, and obtained his diploma* in this city, in the year 1813, under the hands and seals of John R. B. Kudgers, M. D.. and John Stearns, M. D., then President ami Seeret ire nl'llie Npu'VnA Atat* UulinJ ti. No connection with any other office. al t 3tis*ec TO I'RI N IT:Ks7 UOR SALE?A Fount of Minion and Nonuareil, which lias beeji used on the New York Herald. Apply at this office. a6 tf . AMERICAN HOTEL, :NKVV"YOHK -^Havml; comple^ ted the reoairs and alterations of the American Hotel, and the adjoining house (which I have annexed to it) I respectfully lolicit from my friends and the public a continuation of their Mtmniffi The situation is as good as that of anv similar es tahlishment in the city. It fronts on the I'ark, ana the F'oun lain is immediately oppotif. The house has been newly carjieted, and erery thinK thoroughly repaired. jHeodlm?rc WM. B. COZZENS. I.('ST.?On SimmIu tin- i:ith, a while French Poodle Dog, w ith a red mark on each ear, and answers the aiiJ^iumeof VETO. He had on a brass collar with the tw uht s name upon it. Any person who w ill bring him to the iflice of this pa|>er will be MntaMy rewarded. null 3(60 dTsBROW'S liiDING SCHOOL, 408 BOWERY. MR. D. has the honor to announce that his School is open for the receptiou of pupils, daily, Sundays excepted. For Ladies, from !t A. M. to 3 r. M. For <ientlemen, from 7 to 9 A. M., and 8 to 7 P. M. 11iuhl> trained and nuiet horses for the road or parade, lo let. For terms and particulars apply as above. au.'i '.tin*r STATE OF NEW YORK?IN < VIAN( ERY-BEKORE THE ASSISTANT VICE CHANCELLOR OF THE FIRST CIRCUIT. ANN E. YATES, ARCHIBALD WATT, aud oihers. 1 N Pursuance of an order of this Court, made in the above 1 cause, w ill be sold at public auction, under the direction of the subscriber at the Rotunda in the Merchant's Exchange, in the cito of New York, ou Saturday, the twelfth dajfcnf Aumist Rext, at hall-past twelve o'clock, at noon, all lhat certain piece or parcel of land situated, lyinif ond being at Harlem, in the twelfth ward of the city of New York, bounded easterly by the Kmnbridge road, westerly by land belonging to Peter Meyer*, the heir of Jacob Meyers, and J. fl. Lawrence, and northerly by land of I. Mott, containing twelve acres and an half acre, be the MOM more or less. ... Also, all thai other piece or parcel of land, situated, lying, aud hieing at Harlem, in the ward aud city aforesaid, bounded on the west by Kingshridge road, on the north by other land of the laid Archibald Watt, on the east by the Eight Avenue, aud on he south by the other land of the said Peter Meyers, containng six acres of and seventy-four hundreds of at) acre, he tliesaine nore or iess. Also, all that other piece or parcel of liud. situated, lying and sest by tlie Miu:Ht Awmir, on the norlli by other land of the aid Archibald Watt, on the east by land of the said I'eter Meyn, and Charles H. Hall, and 011 the south by land of John Meyrs, containing twenty-nine acres and ninety-six hundredths of ill acre, be the same more or less. Also, all that certain other tract, piece or parcel of meadow md upland, situated ill the ward anil city aforesaid, being the lorthern part of the island in Harlem river, hounded on the mrth and east hy said river, and 011 the south and west by lands if Peter Meyers, Charles H. Hall, and Peter Meyers second, conaininK ten acres and thirteen hiuidreths, he the same more or ess. Also, all that certain other tract, piece or parcel of meadow Hid upland, situated in the ward ana city (foresaid, being the outhem end of the island aforesaid, bounded 011 the east and auth by said river, and 011 the west and south hy laud of the aid Peter Meyers and John Meyers, containing two acres aud wenty-two hundredths of an acre, be the same more or less. Dated 30th of July, 1813. STEPHEEN A. DAQOETT, Master in Chancery. The above sale is postponed until the 19th inst., at the same lonr and place mentioned above. HENRV FULLER, Solicitor ?n?!31wec MEDICAL AND SUROICAL CARD. " PH1NCIPII8 OBSTA." \TORTII RIVER DISPENSARY, 2<>4? Fulton street, near Greenwich.?Dr. Merrison, Memlier of the Royal College f Surgeons, London, continues to be consulted confidentially rom 8 o'clock A. M. to In P. M. daily, on all diseases of a pnate nature, and all those distressing symptoms consequent on ijudicious treatment and the imprudent use of quack nvdiides. A regular medical education, with au extensive practice f over 22 years, enables Dr. M. to adapt the proper remedies to lie various constitutions as well as to the various forms of those usidious maladies. Dr. M. is daily consulted by patients 1 here the leading symptoms have been only checked, still leavng the poison to lurk 111 the system, until ultimately it develHi's itself in the deplorable shape of "secondary syphilis." In cases Dr. M. warrants a perfect cure without mercury or derterious drugs, or confinement from business. In some forms if the disease, cures are performed in three to five days, mid in iroportion with malignant cases, STRICTURES OF X RETHRA.?Obstructions in the irethra, sudh as strihtitres and enlargement of the prostrate ;land, accompanied w ith much irritation and dull pain in those rnrts, an-some of the connequeuceg of mal-treatment. Dr M. ures strictures in a scientific manner, promoting their absorpiou w ithout any pain. In some advertisements on the subject if strictures the symptoms are defined. This is delusion?bein-' aiilargenmit 01 theproatr^ta (had, kc, would pn4n? nalagoii* symytoin*. It is cruel lot. ruin1 patents w itli bodies. Sir when in reality there is no stricture. Or. M. is frenciitly con suit* (I wlit'iv pttifnu have been injured by such in mnrniwr course. CONSTITUTIONAL DEBILITY.?Thousand*ofyoung nrn arc suffering from tin' conaequeuce* of indulgence in a sen't destructive Tiabit, mid whom' nerve* are further injured from lilt ii*i' of nostrilin* and pretended siiecilic*. which stimulate onf to induct' gretter depression. Dr. M. treats such eases on nrely pathological principle*. and never fail* ill establishing a ure. Strictly confidential. Letter* |?>st |>aid, and containing feeof $:t. will ensure prescriptions Mill MI ..r lor $10 nied iues will lie forwarded and a cure warranted by the |>atieiit givik a hiilorv of his case. Office 20i'j Fulton st. near Greenwich. N B.?With two or tlin* rxceptioiu, Dr. M. is tlw only* I led advertising Surgeon in the cjty. j>30 lin*r I OVK, COURTSHIP AND MARRIAGE I UST Published, Physiological Mysteries anil Revelations ' in Love, Courtshipand Marriage; an Infallible Ouide Book. >r married and single, on matters of the utmost importance to W human race, bv Kugene Beckland, M. D. Translated from ie third Paris edition, ny Philip M. Hawaitl. Among the matter* duly considered in the work, are "Mat rs of serious importance, to single and yonng manied person*." The causes of and certain cure for barrenness.'' " The art* of canty and courtship. " The danger of Military practices, and , OW the habit may be removed, and its effect* cured," "The suse of love and jealousy, w itli infallible reined ie* for eradicalift from the mind the seed* of a ho|>ele** or an unhappy pasion." ''Offspring, w itli newly discovered modes based on *ciiitilic principles, for the prevention, or propitiation thereof."? Intermarriage.' Press, with the form and colon moat beDming to the variott* shapes and complexions." " Tbe most uspicious season for wedlock." " And most other matters of Iterest ill single and married life, as rentes the principal sub c'ts above noted." Kor sal< wholesale and retail, at 102 N.u>*iu street, New fork. A post paid order enclosing SI, directed to HOLLAND V iLOVKll. New York city, will procure a copy of tbe work ring sent to any part of the United States, or the Canada*, or | iree copies will be sent for $2. ( Twelve copies will be sent to one addle** for $7. None but ranked or post |>aid letters taken out of the po?t office, an 12 ImdSiw*ee MKDlCATtD VAPOK RA?H-i HI t'ot'HIl.tVnT STKI.l.T. 1 ^STABI.ISIIKI) 18f>?Scarlet fever, odd*, inrlaiiiuiitorv a and chronic rheumatism, kr. cured in a lew d*y* by the us? f.1.1'. < arroll'* Medicated Vapor Baths. I Open from <i i n the mom ins till 9 o'clock at night. Sulphur Bath* mpiire one hour's previous notice. Portib'" 1 albs sent to any |>artofthe citv or Brooklyn. Bathing tui s i ud hip hsths for bin-. UMwec HARRY'S WIG* AND 80ALP6. I ( . BAKKV. Artist in Hair, from London. The rval ! \ . head* of h?ii still sf.iml pie-em i Q0lt above all other*.? rheii peculiat light, gn**amer, and VMnlatin* charactei^-their . f iiiit snaped' \ ?ctl> tie- natural hair grow*-Unit elasticity ml their *uperior material and workmanship, a* well as their tvie of finish and arrangement, *11 combine to form such i>er el heads of hair, that they must l?' seen to lie fullv appre. iated. . \ new system of tbe art ol Wig Making taught ill five lesmis. His-a specimen of Barry's vugs ind scalps, which will , Itisfy the most fastidious that he is the best and cheapest Ilia- | II in tlie city M6 Broadway corner of 1 ibrrty it., np stairs. ( a2 3wis*m ____ IVRfriNU PAPLR.1000 ream* low priced ruled looUcap. 300 dii do do irtier. Kor sale br < Ml M PERSHK k BROOKS, <1 Liberty it. nory 10 ,nwr|in r.iinni. an MTI N'OTH K.?All |*r?>n? lurniir any fall claim again*! Ju H Duminii'k, late "I th* city oT N. York, butcher, ilernunt, If ptiiimlril I" pn nl llio Mill'- Willi i In- toiicIwrn llii-rof, Id J li* kubicribwi at I hi- hotwe No. 93 Mmn ikm. AI?o, nil ? ihoae indebted to the e?tat? of W deceased, to milk* payment 1,1 Iwfore the 20th day of Noyember neit, to ANN M DOMINICK, Kt'* m20 to N?lt Kin I law ? Sr niaoara falls. . DKRSONS vuiting lln" KalU. air informed that ilie whole B I , M<.n... Ill'm?i(i"< .111)1 ?tmnli<<at fare*, for returning hy llie ?" wiy ol llii- St l,awmice, Montreal, Tu-nndeinpa, through , I, ike Oivrgr lo CaldweJlV it $13 75. Tlii< ii pruli-rabU" to nr ' ;?ming tin" Mine wa< ?ain by I tict, Ike. I.ike ?ieorgi> n but V mibn Irom Saratoga?food ntagm. 01 j >"27 2law*w"r JTKAW r*n?>' ? jrl*" <1 L?U|?r ittMt. (h NEW PERIODICAL HOUSE. ror i ill: hale ok ALL THE PHILADELPHIA PlBLlCATtON8, No. % A8TOR HOUSE. WILL BE OPENED on Saturday morning, the l(Kh inat., I'or tin* exclusive iale of the P(>ilarlel|>ltiA Periodicals, a naw and splendid Periodical and ( heap Book Establishment, with the good will and support of t)i? publishers. We thall have on our counter tor tale on the 19th, and ready to ship to agents ? (, Graham's Magazine fur September. , Oudey'a 1.\d> > Book for Sentenil>er. j, Lidie*' National Magatine for Veptember. ., Beside* a lartre ami various assortment of all the popular work* * of (he day. Particulars in a day or two. f^^Countrv Agents, by forwarding their orders i in wed lately, will have tn ? Magazines sent in advance of the day of publi- I cation. Address GRAHAM Ik CHKISTY, ?l? Zt^r No. 2 Alitor House, New York. r <ROT ON WATER BATHS?For Ladies and Gentlemen, J at the Merchaula' Exchange. The subscriber res|ieclfully informs his friends and the public , that his Bathing Establishment lor Cold. Warm, Shower, ana Medicated Vapor Baths, is ojieii daily, (Sundays excepted,) at No. 41, in tin' Basement of the Merchants' Excliange, entrance iu William street, near the corner of Wall. , For convenience, cleanliness, and comfort, this establishment j is not to be surpassed. Tile Ladies1 Baths are detached from those appropriated for iieiitlemeti, with an exclusive entrance at the corner of|Wall and William streets. Of the arrangement* of the rooms appropriated for the Ladies, the proprietor call only say, that froin tin- favorable opinions lieslowed by several vial- ' tors, he can honestly and justly pronounce them the beat in the ' city. Oil Wfdnedav and Thursday of evary week, from 8 o clock A. M. to 111 P. M , thf Ladies will I* waited U|H>n by a res|iect* able female atteudaut, aud no care or attention uecesaary tocoinmead this establishment to public lavor. will l>e omitted. Prices?Single Baths 2J cents. Five Tickets for $1. Dr. Littledeld, as Chiropodist, or Corn Doctor, always ill attendance. LOUIS J. BKLLOSl alf? 3t i?#ec L.UC1NA CORDIAL, OH THl ELIXIR OK L O V E|. In olden time, anions the Jews, That man a second wile might choose? Whose first, by Kate's unkindly doom, No children b?re to blest hi* home. Afflicted thus, the Koinan iiKtron ! Prayed to Lucine, the midwife's patron; K* vptiau wives, in such a crista, Called to their aid the Priests of lsis; I And even now, the meek Hindoo? 1 Warm a* her clune, and tender, too? If childless twelve months from her bridal i Flies weeping to her senseless idol, And with raised hands, in accents wild, Petitions Hramah fjr a child; For well she knows. Love shuns to ble?* The Hiudoo bed of barreuness. So much for lore in days by-gone, And savage customs in our oWu| But say, even now, does Love's communion Bless in 01 it land, a sterile union I No, oft times conjugal felicity, i Is thus disturbed?ay, e'en in this city. i Yet may the barren, if they try The means "increase and multiply," With "Love's I'.lixir" for her friend, , The childless wife's repiniugs end. , But not the lirocreative power Alonk, is this Klinir's dower. Consumption's ills it will prevent, With vigor clothe the impotent ; Suppress a gleet, whate'er its date, Aud all life a functions renovate; Eruptions from the skin it chases, Anil brings back beauty and the trace,; 'Tis woman's trust?and ne'er deceives her. From Fluor Albiw it relieves her, Aud each disease, (with proper care, too,) Her fair and fragile form is heir to. These are but rllUTHs, who calls them fiction Shall have stern proof in contradiction, Letters?all forms of attestation? From the savans of every nation; With grateful missives from all quarters, IV,m,-,l hi n,a 11.1 m?HVN Thousands wlto lay, with lluttei'ing breath, Almost within the jaws of death; Now in their nightly prayers repeat, Thanks to Life'* friend, in Nassau street, And sometimes names the very number? "Ninety-two Nassau"?even in their slumber? Or, dreaming of Diseases ordeal, Cry out lor the "Lucina Cordial." Persons ordering this medicine from tlte country, by sending a remittance, can have it boxed up and sent to any part of the Union. Price $3 per bottle, or $21 per dozen. Also for sale at No. !)U North 6th st, Philadelphia. aulG lm*ec A PURb;, UjNAUU LTi RATED fcXl RACT OF >arsaparilla UNINJURED BY HE4T, Is JONES' EXTRACT OF 8AR8APARILLA CANDY. 25 CENTS A PACKAUE CONTAINING SIX OUNCES OK THE HOOT, rPHAT IS,| warant one single package tocoutaiu the medicinal a- properties of six ounces of pure Sarsaparilla Root. Persons who are taking Sarsaparilla for any disease, should try this. 1 do believe that one package contains more resl Sarsaparilla, than three or four bodies of the pretended stuff sold at SI. All afflicted with scrofulous diseases, derangement of the system, impurity of the blood, (k:. should use this?also with salt rheum, scurvy, chronic, rheumatism, pimples and eruptions on the face, fee. With the sensible reader, this will answer all the purposes of a long, (laming advertisement. Of one thing rest assured, I here state nothing but truth. This Extract is uniiljured by heat. The machinery with which I make it, cost me over three thousand dollars. Price 2."i cents a package. Sold at the sign of the American Kagle. 82 Chatham stn?t, New York. Agents?3 Ledger Buildings. Philadelphia; 8 State street, Boston; or 130 Fulton street, Brooklyn. aul.') lm?ec medical aid doctor yourself pkivately. FIS IMPORTANT with many people in need of m'dical assistance, that they obtain the best advire privalely and promptly. All who may thus desire to consult a professional friend, should obtain a little volume railed the 'Rubicon." The fourth edition of this work, w ith engravings, has recently been published It is much enlarged and greatly improved, embracing many subjects of interest and symptoms of disease not before alluded to. The various forms of bodily and mental weakness, incaivu'ity and suffering, which eomc under the head of Private Maladies, are faithfully delineated, and the best practical method of obtaining sound health: it is a work plainly and practically adapted to the use of all who may unfortunately need its friendly assistance, of whatever age or sex?that portion of the work treating upon Impotence, and a certain destructive habit of vouthfm indiscretion, from whence result "constitutional debility," will lie found both useful and instructing to all classes ?it is a friendly yet silent monitor, where sensual or sexual debility has innde threatening inroads upon the health or constitution, and points out not only the tneans of e?ca|ie but the certainty ol restoration. The chanter on stricture is worthy of particular attention, and should lie read by every one. The author's method of treating this complaint is without pain, and affords a positive unconditional cure, requiring generally only a very short time in its accomplishment. The price of the book is jO cents. Sold by the Author, No. II Barclay st, near Broadway, and at the following agencies, which are dniy stores, viz :? No. 80 William st, near Maiden Lane. No. 79 Fulton st, cor of Gold st. No. 77 East Broadway, cor of Market st. No. 188 Bowery, cor of Spring st. No. I Iti Uelancy st cor of Suffolk s t. No. 8!) Canal st. No. ? Fulton st cor of Water st. The work is written by Dr. Oregory, who is still in the practice of his profession, at No. II Barclay st?where he may be consulted coIKlentiany any uay ui the ?een at alt Hours ot the day or evaning. Doctor Gregory deems it worthy to remark, that lie has often been applied to for relief by patients, who, having been treated for the convplaint, were discharged as being cured, aud themselves were of opinion that it was reilly so. A few ilays elapse, and the disease logins to show itself a?aiu; in some instances only occasionally; in others attain tlie relapse is permanent, inducing at length a chronic inflammation, attended with other risible effects, which it would be indelicate to describe in an advertisement, but which will In- recognized readily by every one so afflicted. It is such a state of things as this that terminate in stricture, and it is by surgical means only that a stricture can ever be permanently removed. Not so, however, with the chronic inflammation or rather induration: for in this stage of the. malady there is a cure, and that too by mild and ' simple means. Doctor Gregory is proud to say that he has discovered and brought to his aid a remedy never before used in 1 these eases, which has proved successful in every instance when' it has been applied, and has effected cure* in cases of from 3 to 13 years duration. This announcement is not made through motives of vanity and love of boasting, hut simply to inform those in need of the remedy where it may be found. Those seeking Or. Gregory will find him at his own house (not a drug I store), No. 11 Barclay street, near the Park, until a late hour ' evervevening. I /*" Persons at a distance sending $1 by mail will have the ' work (in sheets) promptly forwarded to their addn-ss as per order. au If lm'ec | PHILADELPHIA DAGUERREOTYPE , ESTABLISHMENT F.XOHANGK BUILDING, ROOMS 26 fc 27. * T111F. Subscribers, having procured the Agency for the sale of ' 1 VOIGTANDF.IvS DAGUKRRKOTY PK APPARATUS, constructed according to Professor Perrval's calculation, ' have on baud a l.irge assortment of these Apparatus, and artists ' as well as amateur* of their art, wishing to procure a good apparatus, will find it to their advantage to procure instruments " of this construction. They also have lately imported a large quantity of German and French plates, and all the chemicals J used in their art, which they warrant in every respect, as they * are made to their order. Polishing substance*, and morocco ' cases, and all necessary materials are sold on the most reasonable terms. The following gentlemen have agreed to act as ' their agents, viz:? < JC. White, Ks?1m 175 Broadway, N. Y.' i P. Ilaas, Ksq., Washington, D. C. Dr. A. Caapari, Richmond. Va. P. Laurens, Ksq.. Savannah, Ga. William West, Lsq. Cincinnati. Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied with remittances, will be promptly attended to. and should be directed to VV. U F. LANUENHEI.M. Je I lin Kichauge Building, Phila. soHiBAiuii) GENERAL FRINTXlVa KSTABLI^HMEN P, N. W.tOHMCIi OK FULTON AND NASSAU 8T8. Ii supplied with every miitrrial necessary for the prompt, neat, , ami economical execution of evwy description of t T-L33ot <2$*> fr&asisaB?, i Public Mention it requested to tlii* establishment, in the as- ' sunnier that ample satisfaction will be given?as regards typo- ' graphy, press-work, and chamw?to those who require fancy or ' common, large or small work cheaply and expeditiously 1 executed. LABELS, CHECKS, , WAYBILLS, (;IH< l'L\As, ( SHOW BII.I.S, HALL Tl< KKTS. 1 STEAMBOAT BILLS. BILLS OF LADING, RAIL ROAD BILLS, Bl SINESS (A HPS, STAGE BILLS. ( ATALOOUES, ' PHA.MPLETS, Bl 1,1. I IK ADS, HANDBILS, NOTES, NS-vcsw mmm . ? on THEATRES, ( IRIISKS, t ON< ERTS. MUSEUMS, J LECTI RKS, PI'bLIC MEETINGS. Or any other places whcr>- the hmest description of printing is * rrouirra. Tlv facilities tor this work are not c?iiiallH by any oflee in this city, for, th?- Ur*? assortment of PLAJfl AMID WWE, This establishment haa th* I.ARGEMT FRESHES IN TIIK CITY. (treat pains have Iw'n taken to nroyide every material that can '' possibly Ih' of service, and therefore persons having occasion for '' Showbills, will find it greatly to tneir ad van tag" to pMmnite iIiih establiahmaat. i ' Any sire or form of Mill can he nirnished .it very short J loticn, at an^' hour, night or day, by applying in the fourth AUCTION SALES. THOMAs BELL, A BV BK.LL k HOWA1II). ( St urea So. 22 c */ ri ri itrfrt unit 1IJ >Ni lion it reef.) WtUNKHDAV, At Ifljf n'rlock in the sales rooms Lire* wle or superior home.hold furniture of *11 descriptions, iy virtue of a inortKaR*. con?i?tiiii? of elnjmit bnuteU, luirmin 'id venititn carpets, rut's, oil cloth, bed*, beddinjt. Iml rnid-. iur?iui. chain, table*. looking glass** solas, wardrobe*, china ;la*s, aad plated ware, various honsekeupmic articles. kitchen ilcmih, Sic. Also, a v.limbic piano forte. Also, two large iron cheats. THURSDAY. At 10,i, oVIock, in the sales rooms. Piano Forte*. Paintings and Ftirnitnre? Without re?enre, 10 >plendid piano fortes, by the liest maker*, both new and *econd land. Alio, a fine invoice of painting, soinr elegant furuiture, fcc., lie. KIIIDAV, At 10lj o'clock ill the sale* room*. Regular sale of elepant, fashionable, seasonable and Itaple dry roods of all deA, riptioti?, clothiug, faucj and pledged articles. I w.irf It'tti Irv St.' I SATURDAY, ( At II o'clock, at the auction room. Land ami partus Sale?Will lie ...Id w ithout renerse, a tract of land containing It8 acres, niuuti- moat eligibly in the town >f I'alinyra Tiki' count, Pennsylvania, l>m>?n on tli>' Koininisminers booka as No. MR. It i? 9> ittil<*? from New York, from which place daily stam-s run within live miles of the lota. A uttp oithe Premise* and every particular information will l>c L'ommuuicated oil application at the auction^ rooms. To let the neat two story brick house No. 37 White street, very low to a genteel family. Enquire at the auctiou rooms, ?r Mr llorspool, No. 16 Whit* at. <). WARREN. Auctioneer. TO IMPORTERS AND MANUKACTUHRRS?WILLIAM LVALL n'speetfullv informs his friends and the public that his new Auction and Commission Store, No. 119 Broadway, opposite the New Vork 'I altersalls. is open for the reception of American and Foreign Goods, either at private or public sale The store is !K) feet deep, ami lias Urge show win(lows, and the light is also admitted from the roof, and is perhaps one of the oest stores for exhibiting paintings, furniture, lamps, plated ware, china or fane/ goods of any kind ; and the situation is not exceeded by any other store in Broadway ? Merchants, Manufacturer* and others, that have goods to dispose of will find it to iheir advantage to deposit them al this ilorc. The commission will be moderate, and all moneys rereived w ill be I'aithfulh paid over. N. B.?Families or others that have Furniture or Goods to dispose of, can have them sold at the store or at their respective residences. Publishers and Booksellers are informed that as soon as a sufficient number of Books and Stationery is received, shelves will be put up for regular evening sale*. alO lw*ec ~ FOR S \ l> AT>U?rir! AU'VIION rpHE RAHWAY MANUFACTURING CO. will sell at a. public Auction, on 17th August, at their Print Works, in Railway, N. J., all the machinery, and moveable praperty of the company, consi .ring of priming and engraving machines, callenders, cop|ier cylinders, dye hoppers, dying and bleaching vpparatus. steam boilers, stesm engiue. 25 horse power, with I boilers, 2 lire engines, '' patent balances, iron safe, hydraulic and common press, large and small slide lathe, with complete set of turning and boring, aud blacksmith's tools, an assortment of imported steel, and new aud old iron, a quantity of drugs suitable for calido printers and dyers, tubs, casks, and large cisterns, stoves, tables, benches, Jkr, Catalogues of which may be had on application to Mr. Philip Ttussler, at the Print Works, or of FERGUSON Sc WALKER, .1V10 lm*r ,'il William street. SPECTACLES.?C. H. PFAUZORAF, Oculist and Opti^ Clan, Canal street, No. 85, (removed from Bioadway, 5.'?l) his coustautly ou baud a large assortment of Spectacles lot short sighted persons. Also, every kind of Spectacle Glass. .oil ltn*ec T"? I f irUINO iirnehL' ii isrn mm inn ,?. I * - ....... . w ?? /*ii v cwu/s. /i.-jn?v/i su|*Tlor f quality, in lot* to suit purchasers, tor sale bv aul2 in PKRSSK Sc BROOKS, 61 Liberty ?t. STRAW WRAPPING I'Al'Kli-IUOO reams Crown Straw Pajier, for sali" by PERSSE & UROOKS, .iul2 in G1 Liberty at COPPER, TWINE. DUCKAND SALT-150 cm*' very ?u|>erior quality of English Sheathing, U to 32 OS 200 bales Bridport Seine, Herring ami (iillNeta Twine, ila to 3U thread 100 bolt* l.eith Canvass, Nos 1 to 5 loo do I'ilot Croton Duck, superior quality, No* 1 to 4 AO case* Sheathing Kelt, well adapted for ships on long voyages lu tn? manufacture of the above article no exfienso spared in material or workmanship. For sala in lots to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS k CO. . au9 ec 56 South street. P .RTIKHTSH F-MALE PII.LS rf,HE8E far-famed and celebrated Pills, from Portugal, are we * perceive, to be obtained in this country. See advertise ment on the last column, fourth page. CLOTH PAPER.50 re 9i nis 10 by 48, polished 30 do 3ft by 10 do 70 do 31 by 30 and 30 by 10 do A superior article, for sale by PKRS8E St BROOKS, al2 ni 61 Liberty street. OH IP soil ThT: R Si ER FROM LIVER POO L.??Cm* ^ sicuees for this ?hip w ill please send their permits on hoard, at. west side Burling slip, or to the office of the subscribers, without delay. All goods not permitted in live days mutt be sent to public store. WOODHULL St MIN'TCRNS, aullec 87 South street. M HKLL GATE FERRY HOUSE?To let?and the JimM stock, futures, boats and furniture. if required, for sale ,I' vM, ''*' advertiser wishing to start west the whole will be sold low. G. A. I. ANK, alt; 2w *r Hell Gate Kerry House, foot of 86th it, E. R. MTO LF.T?Saint John's Hall, No 8 Krankfort street. Enquire of DAVID BRYSON, alfi 3t*in 46 Frankfort street. FOR SALE OR EXCHANOt FOR~ITY PRO|->'V PERl'Y?A small Farm of about sixteen acres, in the "r>i 'rr'vit state of cultivation, situated but tive miles from tile Hoboken Kerry, leading to the city of New York. This Property has on it an cscellent 2!* story dnrlli. g hou?e, 35 by S5, built in the most approved style of the State, with outbuildincs and all other conveniences to make it suitable for a tradesman's residence wishing to retire from the bustle of the city, and yet be able, within an hour's drive, to visit his counting house, as two stage; pass the house night and morning. It is also suitable to the market gard ter or small farmer, at the am1'time taking boarders from the city. B'it above ill this, What ;i situation for i roadside tavern, which it has been known I as the St, John's Hall, lieing situated between Hoboken and I Hackensack, embracing the whole of that great tratic that passe, I those places to the interior of both those statej. New .York and | rvew jersey. l In* sai<t hari^ will fie sold cheap, the prevut proprietor having husine** in England. N B.?Then' i? about six acres ol? tint rate Potatoes; alio fi?c acres of buck wheat: a quantity of young fruit tree*, die , all in a flourishing condition. Application to be made to Mr. WM, McDONNELL, Auctioneer, 171 Chatham st-ieet, E? w York. If more convenient, a portion of the purchase money may remain on bond and mortgage. au6 lin'ec t MONTUO.MKM \ "HAL.lT M()MT(?()M Ell V. AI-A.?The proprietor* uf this establishmc it, so favorably known lo the travelling public on the greu thoafes between Charleston and Mobile, an' determined to maintain the hiifli reputation for comfort and liberality of arrangement which it has so long, and they trust, not nudetervedly enjoyed. The buildings, which are very spacious ind conveniently arranged, have been thoroughly repaired, and the bed rooms both double and single, have been refurnished with new beds and bedding, also, with every necessary article [or comfort and convenience. I'lie parlors, both public and private, are large airv, and elegantly furnished. These facilities .with careful and attentive servants, a cellar well stocked with choice old wines, a table supplied with every luxury that ihe season and market can afford, a id the linn determination of the proprietors to omit nothiug that will tend to the satisfaction of their guests, vfilljthey trust, ensure. them the favorable mention of the travelling public. An omnibus will, at all time*, lie in readiness to convey passenger* from the Hailroad to the Steamboats to the house, free of charge. W. TILLEY 4iC0. Montgomery, June 7, 1843. au 32m*r ILLINOIS! ILLINOIS ! ! ILLINOIS *! !-Anv K^lperson having for sale at a very low Price, from 80 to 300 ** ir r i of first me land, dry and nndulatinK, in Vermillion I'ounty, near Danville, Illinois, mav hear of a purchaser, by a|>plying to JAMES SHAW. 1S1 Kultou street, N. Y. or bv let jet post paid, statin; the lowest price per acre, the enact locaion, the |ieculiar iiuality, and the quantity of the land; if imiroved, stating the particular* of such improvements and the n oiuer in which the land is supplied with water for farming nirposes. And ?lso stating th?- cneipest and most direct route rom New York "city to the lands described. N. B. State the quantity and quality of the feneing on the and. j22 lm*rc -%*f> j/m 8EVENl)'< LOrK~MORNTNO LINE fL fKyCJaKOR ALBANY. TROY, and intermediate Z,_hLiLLandings?Krom the steamboat pier, at the not of Barclay street. Breakfast and Dinner on board. Leaves New York?Tha Empire on Monday, Wednesday ml Friday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, t 7 A. M. Lauding at?Caldwell's, West Point, Newbnrgh, Hampton, 'oughkeepsie. Hyde Park. Rhine beck, U. Red Hook, Bristol, | 'atskill, Hudson, Coxsackie and Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer EMPIRE, Captain S. R. Roe, in Wednesday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug. II.. The new low pressure steamer TROY. Captain A. Oorham , m Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning. Aug 12. Kor passage, annlv at tha office foot of Harrliv ihM m >oard. Notice.?All Oooda, Freight, Bagzagt. Bank Bill*, Specie. >r any other kind of Property, taken, shipped, or put on hoard he BomU of this Line^nuit be at the risk of the owner* of such {oods. au IK 2tr LAKE ONTAK10 yTKAM-BOAT nOUTK, FROVI ROOHES KR. T II R EE ST E A M B O V T S. yrJ The ADMIRAL, for Niagara Kills direct, Qr?J*l>u Lewiston) daily. ^ *** The GORE, to i oronto and Hamilton. The A ME IIICAs for Toronto, touching it Cobourgh, Port l{o|ie, Jkr. rn.ik111K a daily communication to Niagara K.ills, Toronto, Hamilton, lie. A NKW ROUTE By WAY OK LAKE ONTARIO. Passengers can avoid the Oswego Canal, by taking the Rail oad from SyrMiiv lo Rochester, and then r.ike steamboat foi Viagara K ills anil Buffalo. The splendid large and new Steamboat ADMIRAL. Captain rordon, one ol the be?t sob boats that ever floated on the water ir lake Ontario, will b-ire Rochester landing every inoriii ig. Sundays eicented,) at hall-past 10 o'clock, or on the arrival ol hei'ars from Albany, for Niagara Kails and Buffilo. Through iom Rochester to the Kails in 8 hours. Paaseiij(rrs h-av lug By acuse in the morning at I o'clock, will In* at the Kalis at 8 ('clock in the evening, and arrive at Buffalo m time for ihr norning steamboats up th>-Lakes. H. KiLKINS. Igent. Office it the Morton House, Rochester The steamer Oore,Captain Roliert Kerr, will leave Rochcstn or Toronto direct, every Monday, Wednesday and Knday eveling, at 7 o'i-lock; and will lean- Toronto lor Hamilton, ever> Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 8 o'clock. The steamboat America, Captain Twohy, will leave Roches- 1 er Landing for Toronto, lonehina at ( obnrgh, Port Hope, lond lle.ail anil Darlington, weather permitting, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock, V. M. Rochester, Aug. 8, 1813 an|j lm*r fcSt- LONDON LINK I' M KKTS Packet .'nth Vug". ' MkTSV ?The splendid well known fast sailing |>acket shi|> nKWESTMIKSEK. Atwood will sail positively a> hove, her regular day. Having splendid accommodations foi I abin second cabin and sterrage naMtm, those wishing to t ecur>' berths should not fail to make earlv applicationon hoard n r to J T. TAPJM OTT. I I'eck slip, corner South St. i Persons wishing to send for their friends can have then ' nought out by the abure favorite ship, or any of the regulai ine, on reasonable terms. Those wishing lo rvmit money can , ave dralis for anv amouut.imvahle on demand in all the priucial town* iii England. wl>' 45^- KOR HI LL KNOLA.ND A first c|.? A.n.r, an ve<?.-l, now loading, could take a III til .|uantit) UUwLs'f light freight, if immediate appplica'ion is made to VVOODHCLL k MINTI RNS. 1 allr 87 South street. ' KOR OI'ADALOUPE.?The verv ?uj*-1it>r cop- ' JrVl',,r f"" '"'I 'nil coppered Kie:ich ship ( ( STAVK 1 \ Id' 'apt. Negivt Sli' I las i ej' . ..infill 1e accommodations for passengers. Kor freight or pa*sage a|iply to BOYD & HINC KEN. i anI2ec 1 Tontine Building, Cor. Wall and W ater sis. KOR NEW ORI.K\NS_Kirjt Packet ShipJfWSV. The tir^ class iia< ket *hi|i KALAMAZOO, > spiai 1 P4*i*GuMci ern i, will meet with immediate despatch. 1 1 his superior ship has unsurpassed accommodation for c-ibie ' d cabin, and steerage pasaengars, and only miuires to be es nincd in Order to command ji>re<k*rufe. For passace. apply * i hoard the ship, pier H Eaitliiv.T. or lo JOHN HEADMAN. ? 61 Smith st. near " all st. in X. B.?Tha lubsfl! iber will deapalh tiwt flye ships weekly ? r Saw Orlamis a? i! Mobil* during the Ml and wlntertudtha d tatac* will ba *tc ha vary lowaat raws ?iu?aa nn AMUSEMENTS. M111,O S UAROEil. . Director, MR. JOHN SEFftW. WEDNESDAY. Aurmjl#. 18U. GREAT ATTRACTION Two ENGLISH VAUDEVILLE*. hNHTRUMENTAl CONCERT; Md KIRt WORKS! To coinmiMirc at a quartrr to I o'clock. Oti rtur" to " Li- Ur mum Noir." A?b?r 11I* Mlow*d by 4 urw :ui<I or <ii I V*tid?tilW, euttUM MILITARY MANaXTVRE8, Or tltp 1 nn.rriirt't I iinnlti* Fiaocoue, ? you,m firmiy Jin C H Hunt I'oiiUi, John Sefion Hall an honr't intermiv,ion will lie allowed for promenade and .... . , refie?hine<it in the Grand Saloon, Where Ire Creams, ! rnit lc??, and Hefreahments of tha choiceet kind*, and III gr?at ?anrty will I* found. Aft'r whick, a Knuid display of FIRfc WORKS. OriftIR to " Le Che*al d? Bronxe," Auber To be followed by the I .mailable Vaudeville of JOHN JONBfl. Ony Ooodluck, John Sefton After which Tlii- Spleudid Orclwutra will |?-iform several popular i?l?<-tioo? of ww Miiaic. Musical Director, '? C Hill. A strict Police will be iu attendance, ami great care laUrn to preretit the admiaainii of improper persons. [?> Ticket* Fifty Cents. May be bad at the Oarden during th#_a> A j1|n|t(1<j 0f gaa?on Ticket* will be dia l>o?eil of , IC/~ No postponement at this eatabliahment on account 01 th? weather, it tlir Grand Kntrance from Broadway to the Saloon it protected, and the new Saloon, which it veiitilated from the top and ?ide?, can be o|?eiied at a moment's notice. CHATHAM THRATBB, OHBAT ATTRACTION WBDNKMDAY KVKNINO, Aug. 16th. The management hav<> great pleasure iu announcing the eoeajcemmt , for a few uiglits, of the following dnnn(fui?hed reformers MR. O VANDKNHOFF. MR. FORBK8, MR. J M SCOTT, MR. O. JAMlfeON. The i*rlurtnanv? to^onitni;nc^wi^li the Tragedy oT Brutus, " Mr O Vandenhoff Marc Autony, * For bee Cassiua. Jamiaon t M u.~.. Portia, Mr? O Jones Calphurnia, Mr? J Own Casca, J Own* Deem*, Booth Ocfaviui, Jackson pinna, Phillips Servius, Oilier Varro, Bruc* Trebouiu?, Lennox Pindarui, Jones Titinius. Walcott Metellus. Blajlu Soothsayer, Collins Popilius Lena*, Hiephwu Citizens, Hunt, Anderton and Nelson Lucius, Mrs Griffith To conclude with the Farce of JOHN JONES. Guy Goodhick, Mr J M Collin* Urea* (,'irele JO cents?'Upper Boxes 25 cents?Pit 12>$ cent*. Doors will open at a quarter past 7. mi<l the Curtain will riaaat a quarter before 8 o'clock. CXSTLK OARDKN. SPLENDID EXHIBITION OF FIRE WORKS Will take idace , . THIS EVENING. Auk. 16th. The Evenings Kntertnintneur* will leu in at hall past 7 o'clock, WITH SIGNAL ROCKETS ! _ At intervals; and at hall past R o'clock, the achibinoa of KIRK WORKS. Will commence in the following order, ??: CHAl'LET OK KLORA. STAR OF POLAND. TRUE LOVERS' KNOT. CROSS OF MALTA. And conclude with DIAMONDS AND ROSES. This beautiful piece defies competition, exhibiting all the arte in pyroti'clmy, and occupying; a space of IJOO feet. Admittance Vt cents. aul6 lt*r AMERICAN MUSEUM. OARDKN AND PERPETUAL FAIR. B. T. BARNUM, Manajw. Now opened lo the public a Splendid Saloon, containing arliclej of Trade, Manuf.ictn.ies, the Arts, Invention*, Ike. malting A PERFfcTUAL FAIR. Without extra charge for admission Amonir the many articles already deposited is the Rotary Knitting Hoom. for manufacturing stockings, gloves, and erarr article 01 wearing apparel t? measure all whole, complete and seamless ! The whole operation of knitting 18 PERFORMED BV A DOG ! It will be in constant o|ieration every Day and Evening, and is the greatest Mechanical Invention of the aire. ! 'l'he manager has engaged this week the City Bran Band of ten Muxiciaus ! also. Master K. Diamond, the Banjo Player and Ne-lro Dancer. Mr. YVm. Cole, the C hinese Nondescript, and his educated Dog?Great Western, the Locomotive imitatator, he.. Bronwer. the Comic Singer?Cerito, the Danseuse. Admittance to the Museum, Garden, 8tc. 25 cenlt. Children half price. au< ec HOHOK^ N INCREASED ATTRACTIONS. FRF.E tNSI KUMEN1 A L <.(>N<'h RT*. AT THE PAVILION of theElyaian Fields?Every Afternoon. A Superb Brass Band will he in attendance on the lawn in front of the Pavilion, and perform a variety of new and popular Airs. Overtures and Marches, Itc., Ike. This additional novelty to the far famed beauty of iu scenery cannot fail to increase the pleasure derived from a visit to this favorite resort. The ferry boats ply to Hoboken from Barclay, Canal and Christopher streets. Fare only 6^4 cents. au5 2w*r NR.V MOTIVE POWER. A N Engine without Boiler, Furnace, Smoke Pi|>e or Chim .1 ney?Dr Dn ke w ill have the honor to show the original working model, of the new motive power, which has excited so much attention in the scientific and mechanical circles of Philadelphia. to the citixe is of New York, for a few days, it No. 414 Broadway, next to Canal street. The mom will be open from 0 until 1 o'clock, from i until i o'clock, and in the evening Admission, to defray expense nf room, Air., 25 cents. auO lwis*m A t AHD- MIMI BKNNKTT. Mwiaeer nf A nin. respectfully announce* that the above .establishment will open on Monday neat, August 21st. Hie Mu?euin has lieeu cleaned and renovated during the recess. The Manager Is in tr>*ty to obtain a most \\ onderful Living Cariosity, which lie has no scruple in asserting will lie pronounced by the public superior to Tom Thumb, C asper Hauser or the Giant Girl.? Further particulars will be given in a few days a 16 It* NEW IVIL'SIO. THE VE?Y L'VTFdT PITRUCATIONS. A TWILL, 201 Broadway, below St. Paul's Church, invites the attention of purchasers to the annexed list of NKW AND lO'ULAK MU?*C. being a small part of a large and valuable stock of Music be |uu recentlv been receiving from publishers in Boston, illT~l phia and Baltimore, all of which is for sale as cheep as at the small shops about town. Purchasers can depend upon obtain i"ST correct editions of all Music purchased at ATWILL'9 MUSIC SALOON. True heart of Woman Widow to her child The Earl's Bride Mother and her dying boy I'retty blue star Skylark matin chime Minstn-1 Child The family bible, by O. P Mother's Farewell, air, del Morris, Esq. conte O! come and drink with me Last Greeting Early fr'rnds Amid this greeuwood smiling Sabbath Evening's Collection Passing Bell of Original and Selected All it over Airs, arranged for 1, 2,1, Landlady's little daughter and * voicesGrave digger No. 1 Sweetly ye blow, Itc. Outlaw's death Kni ?h.f w auuerer i u>ni|iK luifei incm We com* back Bellini When the moon o'er the Ink* is S Thou art (on*. beaming ... Beethovtu Love's Memorin 4 Oh that I had wings Oh hast thou forgotten the Whit* beautiful hours 1 Aa upon a summer he. A solemn protest touching Herold these Bunker llill pro- 8 And sayst thou this,he. cendingi, by Straws Knifht Not a Spanish maid)*!!, by the 7 Farewell, I will not Countess of Blesrington weep. he. Bellini The merrv lurk, written by 8 Where the Autumn the Hon. Mra. Norton wind Becthovea The Sailor's Funeral 9 When shall we meet Teddy O'Neale agiin Whit* Wife t Lament 10 On how sweat ia tnuaie Duett by A. Adam* tone*, Bellini Thou art lovelier, by Auitia It Let Araby boaat Phillips Zeunoc Hong* by the Hutchinaon 12 Another aix day'a work Familv Maadar V t aper noil* at sea, quartette Vca, I ahould like to marry Snow storm Take vour time Mis* Lucv Vulture of the Ali?a Oh uk? ina back to Switzar Our Father's hearth, quartette land Old Dan Tneker Merrily o'er the wave* Boatman dance Oh sail with me I ioing otiejr ile mountain When the moonbeam Friendship,love and truth,sung Henry Clay'* Quick Step by the Suffolk Lodge, Gov Boucfc's do No. 8 of I Oof OF Virginia do KusseM's new and popular Old Dan Tucker do songs? Dunbar's do Gambler's wife (ton Winfield Scott's do Dream of the reveller Manilla do Indian huuter Florida March do New Foundland dog Kendall's do If I had but a thousand a year Prince Albert's Royal do Land, ho Locomotive do Ship on lire Association do Old King Tune La Betxky's WallM and Oml Mother who hath a child at loHMea? s?* Pauline Walt! Will nobody marry me Gipsey do Rockaway ./ni.unine do I'm afloat Aurora do Not married yet Archers' do Vea, I should like to marry,he Evergreen Gallop he he. Dangerreotype do Loves' chosen hours, words by Furioso do H P Oration Friendship Wait* and!GallopAt length a brilliant ray, cava- aile Una, sung by Miss Ade- W V Wallace's Waltz'*? lade Ketnhle in the opero Las Sympathta of Semiramide La Meticana Vh that day I well remember Le? I'erle* I'rayer from Seiniramide La Dnseatla Dark day of horror, from Si. miramide |;7~ A l.beral dn'sonnt when several pieces are wan tad?Caalogue* given gratis. ATWILL'S MUSIC SALOON. OStis W h S 201 Broadway, naar the Franklin Hoom. \GL" ITALIANI.?Gl' Italian! di qiialunque rondixione, a lnro rtgli, ancorche nan in Amenca, reaulenti in quaata cmnprendeudosi nel loro numero cjue' della Svitzera tali,ma, Trieste, pravincie Illiriehe, Dalmazia. Pagusa, Malta, oraica e di og u altra coulrada, la di cut lingua e ltaliea, qnaiinque siaai il loro governo nspettivo in F.uropa. sono in vitati d un' aasenihlea che si terra alle sette della sera del 19 del corente Agoato, nel Salone Palmo (Chamaera street, al di sonra elCaffe), per sentire, discutere, approval* o rigettare, a lor iacimento, mi progettu teudenta non meno a re idere nspettabil* I lorn nonio nazioiale, e la loro ronnaxionalitg in nueato paese, he a promuovere i loro interessi iiid'viduali nelle diverse occuaxioni, a cui si trovano addetti, wl a rivestirli di tntta quella onsiderazione puhhlicae privata di cui godono gli i trail leri di gin altra natiene domiciliati nel 1 * L'nione Americana. Nnoiia York 13 Ag.wto I8H. ___ _ all ?ac NO < TTRE. M> PAY nil. COOPER of II Duane street, between. William and I I ?'U_.i a-L? #i... ..I..ri>.>f! of in( iruiinff the citizen* .nri (tranci'it that In' mil illoni* ndief to the afflicted of both e*e?. andmcv > * ?lwa>a chuaulted wi'h the utmoat confidence >i the wor?t caa-a of delicate iiiwi?.-? Dr. toojm, from a mi twice of many )"1M in hoapiula M Kurupe, <le>oted to the reatment of <Wic?te dm-""- *? ?|trn?i?r practice in !ii? city for the lui ten > ?? u>"? pedicular branch of the roAvai'w. guarantee* .1 *i/?, -iw > .ind effectual cure to aocb nwiiuiw! ihrinaejvea under lite trr.itment. Kedent cam uml in '? " or three day?. Dr. Cooper uw* no merrurv or anr ther danaemt" tnedicin*. Dr. Cooper** m id and iudiciona iod. of treatment will require no interruption from tinaineaa or tendon in diet. I'eraona .?.On ted with protracted a id deplorale cue*. ??'d not dennair of complete recovery Dr Cooper form* the public thu he i* the onlv regularly itmlifird iUff*K>n ho adriTtiwa in Dvane alp**, eahibiti no diploma irom e Stuyti'*ant Institute of thi* city, procured by Jala* ecrunt?a and falac pretence*. Th? moat inviolable ?e. raa? obeerrad all coniultatiou*. Separate office*, to that pati*iit< cannot DM iu contact. Letter*, |?Mt paid, attainted to. Charra* motit*. Oft* open from 7 tn the mornlaf until 10 o elcck It |ht OrtUa liOuiwtt ?0 l?*f

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