Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1843, Page 2

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1843 Page 2
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NEW YORK HERALD. Irw York, Thursdny, Augnit 17, 1*43. r'onKiGN Nnvi.-The tleam thip liibemia, C*|w tain J<idkin*, from Liverpool, lias been at sea thirtnA n iIji hai'ina aailji/4 ? ? ?U? J ?! - ? ?* OI ?" MOJ"? WM uir 4 II IIIM. Clip lb hourly expected, and will bring sixteen days later advices. Hie ' treat Western nailed from Liverpool on the ftth. and has been at sea twelve days- She has a fuil tr ifilit of foreign manufactures, which will i impede her speed slightly. We shall look for her to-morrow. Symptoms oy Retprjung National Prosi-muty. We hear less and let-g every succeeding day of the melancholy cry?" hard times." The couutry has fairly roused itself from the stupor into which it had been thrown by wide-spread disaster. Men have ceas d to complain, and acting on the sound ndvice administered to the man in the (able, they liav? put their shoulders to the wheel, and spend in active and energetic exertion the time beiore vainly wa-ted in c illin? on Jupiter for aid, and looking irly to every quarter lor help. The practical lessons tif'prudence, cauiion, patience, and honesty, which were taug'it us so lorcibly, are beginning to bring ronnmeirsoou truiis correct noiion?oi me manner in winch busings of all kinds t-hould b" conduced ate more ce^er'Hy prevalent, and what is be'ter, m re extensivt ly acted upon The mnriin ot miki e lortuur6 in a d. y h. 3 disappeared Me n have learn ed that the reward of honorable i?du*ry is slow but cer'ain, und they ferl 'hat long and di'ieeo" preiaratiou of ih* soil, and rarrlc. cts'iug m ol thr wed, and watchful attentioi to the ri-ine crop in ull the stages of its progress, are nectary before ihe golden sheaves can crowi: the toil of the faithful laborer. This city?the great metropolis of the Union?has been the first to fetl the influence of the returning tide oi commercial prosperity. We have been presented this season, on all hands, with the most gratifying evidences of the improved stateo'" business and enterprise in nil departments. The shipping trade has manifested a decided increase. Our wholesale inarch 'iits have been making better sales than for vera! years past, and en the ca^h principle to an unprecedented extent In all our chief streets the imprortd sppeannce of the stores gives a very favorable impression of this growing prosi>erity V'itliin ?h** In t year we have had a large number of ;yeedinuly handsome new stores erecied in Broad' ;t,and the proprietors ot many old ones have been tn'is stimulated to improvements in theirs, so that thi> beautiful street would now suffer little in com1 iason with the most fashionable business thoroughlares ol P.iris or London. Jn speaking of the symptoms of returning national prosperity, we caunot omit mention of the remark able tuoreased prevalence ol habitat of domestic eco nomy, and retrenchment of individual expenses The dishonest, corrupt, profligate, unprincipled clasees, who, in the days of our fictitious prosperity squandered millions in " all sorts of riotous living," beggaring thousands of honest men, and pollu ting society by the rottenness of their ex'ainpie, have all gone to the devil, or are repenting in sackcloth aiid ashes; whilst their places are filled, or filling up, with men who wish to live soberly, pay their debts, and leave the legacy of a decent 1 n ihnir nnctcfitu 1 net 1 *?r ui<v Ann rtnnfrnar ' ihe appearance of the dinner tuble at one of our principal hotels now with that which it would have ' presented a few years ago, and he will need no other proof of the improvement in the habits of ourcitizeus. Where there used to be a dozen bottles of wine, there is now not one to be seen. The wholesome discipline of the "hard times" has done more to make men temperate, and reform them of profligate habits of personal expenditure, than all the preaching of the whole race of Beechcrs and Springs. But one of the most encouraging tokens of the approach of better titnee, and that which affords the most consolatory assurance of the speedy uprooting of evils, which had well nigh threatened the stability of ournaiioual institutions, is to be found in the marked and growing disposition amongst the great mass ol the intelligence, patriotism, ai.d moral worth of the community, to eschew the spirit of fierce partizanship, and to get rid forever ot themiterable race of unprincipled, reckless, heartless, trading politicians who have been ready at nil times to *?ll the best interests of their country for a mess of pottage. This is the true reforming spirit. So long as it lives and operates, we need have no fears of the safety of our glorious institutions The recent movement?so auspiciously commenced under the guidance of men ol acknowledged patriotism and probity?whose main object is togive to the peopt.e the rightful dispensing power?additional means of securing the good behavior of their representatives, is highly onvnous of great good when viewed in connexion with the increasing dislike and dread of party spirit, and mere party hacks. Many of the old ha'ks will soon die a natural death, and the remainder will struggle in vain, against tne omnipotence of pu^e and enlightened patriotism New men, Uncorruptei! and untratnrm led by p*rty as-oeia'ioiis, will then en'er 'he field, and th# nfl-iir^ <T the cosn try will be managed, not for the born fit of a "^arty ,** but tor the benefit of thecoun'rv itself We have, th<-n, no reason to fear tor the future As in Rome it was the mark of a good citizen lever to despair of the republic, so th'-good citi7.-u ol thewoild will never despair of the fortunes ol the human race; and are not those fortunes bound up with those of free America! Ib not America the great harvest-field of the world?the home of outlawed liberty?the sanctuary of persecuted rt iigion?the great ex&mplar to all the other nations of the earth, and through whose agency they are destined one day to be united into one family! And that mm must be sadly unfitted lor the enjoyment o'. the privileges, or the discharge of the duties of American citizenship who cannot be aroused by these considerations to a due s?n?e of hifldeep and olemn responsibility. Let this influence be fully admitted an J extended unto others, by all right-.earied men Let honesty, and justice, and fideliiy ,r> those principles of liberty on which our fore r.Uiers lniJ the foundations of thi* great social and -lolttical f-ibrie, actuate all in public and in private ife, and there will soon be peace and hippite.-* In 11 our borders, and the voice of rejoicing throughout the whole land. The Pspartpke ok the Scotch Murderess ? Yesterday Mrs Gilmotir. alias Corhran, commenced her return voyage to Scotlnud, there to take her trial on th<* ch?rge of murdering h?r hueband. She sailed in the packet ship Liverpool, in cbirg- ot the officer, McKay, who came in pursuit *t her, and every thing was done that humanity eoulrt proiti,>t to s< cure her comfort on the pa.-sage She has for her use and occupation a cabin between dcck?, which we.* made for th<' accommodation of the better class of steerace p?s? ngers. She has a fem-ile attendant ex;ire.-sly to administer to her wants, and t>h- will be ted w ith food from the cabin. She was exceedingly cheerful?all her assumed idiocy had disappeared, and the spoke with sanguine anticipation of the result of her trial, though in a letter winch she wrote to her coun sel before her departure, she expressed her ex ncctation that attempts w ould be made to swear <kwny her life. Mr. Comrnbsioner Rapelje, who, throughout the investigation in this case t:bs acted with much firm determination in t!ie enlorcem^n: ol the treaty etiptila'ionB between the two coun-' trirw, accompanied the prisoner out to Sandy Hook, naJ ?4W her committed to the great highway of netions, and tdf?ly delivered from Inn juriadiclii-n The treaty haa be?n, th??r?Tf<re, k#?pt inviolate, and the faith ot the nation in thia mafler is untainted. It was intended to h ive degpntchi'd her by the Sheffield ou Moa lay, but u?e captain or owners re Tuaed to take her {?> The Bowhn* Green Fountain will be illuminated on Friday <*v?ning between the hour* of eipht , and ten o'clock. Stat* Elections?Governor Jones, the Whi( candidate, is re-elected in Tenne?ee over Folk, who ran as an out-and-out Van Buren man. The majority for Jones is mere than it was in 1841.? The Democratic press attribute the defeat to the refusal of their membersof Legislature to allow an investigation of ihe ofl iirs of the State Bank, and th-ir defeat ot the election of United States Senators by the Wliigs, whom it is now alleged would have voted to repeul the bankrupt law. Of the members of Congress elected, five are Whigs and five Democrats?one district doubtful. The Whigs Inve carried the Legislature, and secured the two U. S. Senators. In Indittna, Howard, the Democratic candidate for Governor, is elected?Bigger, the present incumbent, being defeated, although his inHjority in 1340 was nearly 9.000. Robert Dale Owen, Thos J. Henley, Thomas Smith, William J. Brown, Democratic members of Congress, are elected?and Caleb B. Smitti and the member from the seventh district, Whigd, are alaochosen. Four members to hear from. In Illinois, Douglass, Democratic, opposed to a protective tarifi", is elected to Congress, and Cyrus Wiilker, Whig, the friend and advocate of Joe Smith, secured his election in the sixth district through the Mormon influence. John Wentworth, editortof the Chicago Democrat, and the tallest man in the State, is elected by 1500 majority. In Kentucky, the Whigs have elected five mem bers if Congress and the Democrats the same. Las Congress the Whigs had ten and the Locos only two. In Alabama, the Democrats have carried the Lesin'rtiure. but the result for five members of Congri'k'h whs U'iknown at the latest date. In North Carolina, eight of the new CongreB=ional Districts have been heard lr?m. Each party has four members pertain?hn?h rlmm ?h? nn/>prtain the unleavened Inmp. aiid'rrevent the rascally practices introduced in all recent county conventions nst-embled to recommend ihe nam* s of public officers. Let this be looked to b tore 'tis too late. Fatal Accident on thk Ekik Raii-roab -Yesterday, a labouring man, named Fnzpatrick, was killed by falling through the bridge at ihe Hampton Depot, on the Erie Railroad It appears ihat he was thrown, by tome collision, from the freight cus, and tell through the bridge. When he was laken up he was carried into a hotel close by, where he died, after three hours sufleritig Hii d<*u*hter was with him, and being true Catholicr, a'tempted to read the service ol her religion. ltual Decision.?The HighCourt of Errors and Arpeal* ol Miseiraippi have decided that a note, giv< n for the purchase money of a negro brought luto that ftate as merchandize, and for sale, is void, and of course not recoverable. For Lok? Bhancii ?Mo one who vista the neighborhood of L'?ng Brnrehat this season should fail to spend a day or two at Hammond's Pavilion intel on the North Blanch, .is it n one of th irw.-i romantic, pleasant report* m the vicinity district. The Tyler prpss of 'he north endeavorto attribute the dt feat of Polk in Tennessee to his advocacy of the;re.election of Martin Vun Buren, and the defeat of the Whig memln rs of Congress in Kentucky to their Piippoit of Henry Clay; but we presume this conclusion has been drawn from their anxiety that such should be the tesult, and not from any actual knowledge on which to ba?e a conclusion. The Madis.'rinrs of Tuesday says:? "Onvrrnor P.ilU mt-y charge hi? defeat to the Olobe. A criiciliator) spirit nhouM havp been cultivn?nJ, and the Sub Treusury not even n9tn>\l.M Are you there, Biddy Jones! Ia this as mncii a? to tell the Democratic Tyler men recently appointed to office, that "the Sab- t reasury must not even be named" at the head of government1! First Movk on the Pueside.ntial Chess Board. ?Tne Democratic party with' its numerous heads, horns and tails, mingle together this evening in ward assemblages, to iielect delegates to the State Convention, to be h<-ld at Syracuse, on the ldih of next month. Rich fun may be cxpected; and a few b!oodv noses and black eyes, to aid the physic and the law, will precede the termination iu several of the wards The crv of the partizan piess of the city is, " 1-t every friend of Mr. Van Buren be early at his post to-night:"?The motto of the "Tyler Guard " is, " Important movements are on foot?be on your guard." " The boys " go for the selection of delegates to the National Convention by congressional districts, and will endeavor to instruct those chosen in the several wards to sustain such a salutary measure. The Clay men look on and laugh at the rumpus, while Old Nick himself, in the distance, with a leer and a grin, stands watching the progress and advancement of his subterranean kingdom, by such collisions among avowed political Iriendn. The Irish democracy generally are opposed to Van Buren delegates, and in favor of selection by congressional districts, and the rabk and file of the party throaghout the city will suppcrt the latter position wherever it is made a question, as it should be in every ward. Let pot house babblers quarrel as much as they please, the people have learned 60 much by previous humbug, that when the proper time arrives, their voices will be heard giving preference to some sterling Statesman, unpledged to partizin favoritism, who will thus be elevated to the Presidential chair in spite of noisy politicians. The time is fast approaching. The tickets that will be run to night are various* but the most prominent are the Van Buren, the Calhoun, and the Cass. In the ninth ward a Cass ticket will be run, and it is said that its supporters are very numerous. It is advertised in this morning's Ilerald, and it will be seen that its friends take the Calhoun ground on the subject of the National Convention and the immediate election of the members of which it is composed, by Congressional districts. 'What a Shocking Bad Hat You've Got."? The former application ol this phrase as evincing ihe rudden friendship of candidates for Parliament to their almost bare-headed tenantry, on the eve of an election, will be in partial exemplification in our busy cities for the enbuini; two months, and the aereeabl", affable, friendly and enquiring character of some men will be so chnnged,that were their out-door demonstrations extended to their families, s'ron? suspicions of insanity would follow from wif? and children. With about one hundred candidates for the Assembly, twenty for State Senator, t'urty for Countv Clerk, fifty for Sheriff, and f >rty for Coroner, in each political party, it is not astonishing that the era of out-door politeness should be yearly revived. To pass one of these gentlemen, with his eyes elevated to some important political station, without his offering a hearty shake of the hand, a feeling inquiry into the state of your health and business, and a moat anxious and earnest desire to know the precise condition of your wife and little ones, would be a violation of manners that no candidate would be guilty of at this important period. Already has the game commenced, and rnary the pcor devil who is supposed to stand in the way of idvancement of some * spirant, brains to discover by secret slanders and sly inuendoes of political friends, that he is not exactly the man he has bee* cracked up to be. Retaliation follows, and recrimination ensues, and the most warm and devoted political friends are this severed for a lime by the chase for office. Then corned the scheming, the raucussing, the tru ksterin*, and the fraud, in order that one particular clique or body of men shall hoid the balance of power; and thus it is that oftentimes the most incompetent, corrupt, and miserable apologies for men are selected to perform the important dudes of most responsible offices The people, therefore, should in due time awake to thege t-vils, and take the responsibility within ihem-reiver to excoriate such excrescences from the body politic A few sterling, honest men, selected a* delegates to nominate candidates for the fall ler.iion. Will be enabled to nnerni* na lnv^n t#i Midnight Scene on Saratoga Lake.?We made a flying visit to "the Spring*' the *ther day?skimming the surface of the Hudson as far as Troy in that swift aud pretty boat the*'S wallow," and then running over the railroad from the village ol classical name to Saratoga, under the guidance of Mr. W. S. Smith, who appeared to us about the beau ideal of an American railroad conductor, and in our opinion that is no trifling endorsement in Mr. Smith's favor, for in railroad conductors and steam.boat captains, tiiis country goes a little .ihcud of any other nation in which omnipotent steam is woiking for the children of men. The scenery on this railroad route is enchanting. It will favorably compare with that of any vale in England. To the right the prospect extended about a mile,and was bounded by a chain of wild, well wooded hills, with here and there a deep, dark ravine, through which we very much longed to scramble, and forget for half a day (he turmoil of the toiling earth. From the bases of the hills the ground sloped downward with a gentle inclination. It was for the most part in a fine state of cultivation, and waving with the blooming hopes of the husbandman. Occasionally, as we dashed along, our view was interrupted by a thick grove, in the law, close brushwood of which, a fellow tra veller assured us there was abundance of woodcock, and a tolerable supply ol squirrels. To the left the InnH^fAIW tnunu ra'ilua on.I nroujnt- I ed a most charming and agreeably diversified pros pect of farm*, and orchard?, and groves, and cottages, glistening in the radiance of the noonday sun. All lay in a holy and sabbath-like repose, the effect ot which lost nothing by the tinkling ol the hells of the country churcheB, summoning the dwellers in the hamlets to the house of prayer. We were greatly pleased with Ballston. There was an air o' comfort, of quiet, and of cleanliness about it, which gave it a most inviting aspect. The gentle euminer breeze seemed to welcome the traveller, and the pleasant green trees to salute him gracefully as lie passed. Then those charming cot lages?one we remember well, by reason of a lovely ro3e tree, which shaded, mayhap, aa we supposed, the bedroom window of some fair village girl There is a very good " travellers' home" ut Ballston, and we wonder that many in pursuit of health and pleasure do not sojourn here, and kill the time by making a daily trip to Saratoga. That would, we think, agreeably diversify the scenc, and do any thine but diminish the enjoyment of a visit to the "springs " Every thing looked charmingly lazy at Saratoga. Tne very dogs seemed to partake of the geueral lassiiude, and could scarcely take the trouble necessary to get out of the way ofywur cane or your boot, anil a black cherub, which discharged the responsible duty of a weathercock on the top of one of the houses, appeared to be in serious doubt whether to violate the universal repose, by obeying tha motive power ot the ghost of a breeze which fluttered over the building It was certainly exceedingly hot, so that a West Indian friend who accompanied us, acknowledged with a groan, the power ot a North American sin ; besides, it was approaching the dinner hour, and the ladies and gentlemen were dres. sing. There were, however, a pretty fairt-prinkling 'f gentlemen practising at the bar of the "United State*," and others sitting on the piazzu, smoking and yawning, ajid conversing in monosyllables. Alter dinner?an excellent one?we drove to "the Lake." It i* a beautiful little sheet of water, set in a very picturesque frome ot fir trees, brushwood and brambles. We rowed across it?performed ablution in its clear waters?dreamed a way an hour or two in the cool shade of the trees on its margin?and were about returning, when the renowned Isaac Edge, who has often threatened to fulfil Father Mil. ler's predictions, made his appearance with a regular " exhibition." lie was determined, he said, to see the effect of a " display" on the lake, and was perfectly satisfied with the small body of spectators which our party composed. We waited then until the twilight had darkened into night, and taking advantage of the absence of her majesty, the moon, who had not yet arisen, we rowed to the middle of the "dark lake," and then Mr. Isaac with all appropriate solemnity,discharged his fireworks. The cffect was certainly grand ; and particularly so, when the pyrotechnist waved over his head an immense torch, emitting colored fire. The sulphurous glare falling on the figure of the enthusiastic exhibitor, who was descanting on the jjlory cf his art, with sundry rather picturepque than graceful gestures, gave him a sufficiently diabolical expression; whilst it was not difficult for imagination to people the dimly illuminated wood on the margin of the lake with all sorts of grotesque and infernal personages. The whole scene was indeed exceedingly romantic, and of itself was worth the entire journey to Saratoga.? Next morning we were ofl; and in a few hours were quietly seated at our desk once more. And thus we traverse the extent of a kingdom in a day. In a eeason or two we shall have our juc-nic parties on ihe top of the Pyramids. From New Grenada ?By the arrival of the barque Ann Eliza, Captain Marschalk, at this port, from Vera Cruz, having sailed on the 14th ult., we have received the following items of interest. Bogota, May 14 -The U. S. Charge D'Affaires, Mr. Blackford, had been negociating for a treaty with the government of New Grenada, requiring :is the first condition that the additional duivot five per cent on American vessels should be abolished ? This had been acceded to, but when the matter came before the Congrefs, the proposition was rejected by a unanimous vote. There had been an insurrection among the Negroes in the province of Pastro, but it nad been suppressed. War was expected between New Grenada and the Republic of Ecuador, in consequence of the former refusing to pay certain claims set up by the latter. These claims grew out of the assistance rendered by El Ecuador to New Grenada, in suppressing the late revolution. General Flores, President of El Ecuador, had promised the command of part of his forces?o General Oy>ando, one of the lenders in that revolution, in case war should be declared. Oarthagena lmd been declared a free port from the 1st 01 January, 1844 Tiie importation of gunpowder had bepn |>ruhibited from the same date, and the fabric of t ie article declared a monopoly, like that of tobacco. Nibui's?Gabriel, havei/s Benefit.?This mrst excellent arti?te, whose skill, taste and talent have contributed so much to the success of all the pieces performed by his wenderful family, takes a benefit to-night. Hie name alone would attract a more than oidmary crowded saloon, but he has a rich programme for hi* numerous friend*. The Bedouin Arabt, a most exciting and novel entertainment, is in be produced for the first time this season, Gabriel dances with Mi?s Wells a new Spanish Pusde Deux. Tight rope by the family?to conclude with the Pantomime of enchantment, Mazulme Thof-e who desire n teat al all will have to be at the Gardt n early* Chatham Theatre?Beyond all qi stion this house now presents the strongest claim for public support of any similar establishment in rhis country We have not for many years seen such an array of talent as is now engaged at this Theatre.? Vandenhoff, Forbes, Jamison, and Scott, assisted i by Mrs G. .Tones and Mrs. Green, nre capable 01 sustaining,with all proper effect and excellenc, any dramatic author in the Engiiah language. With such ariiMt? at their command, the management i may wll exclaim wrh Richelieu?''there is no such word an jail f" Go, all, and witness this splendid i conjunction of talent and genius S?e advertisemeni under the head of amusements. One of the English universities, the Surrey, it is said, has conferred the d> grec of Doctor of Divinity upon the Rev. James W. C. Pennington, the niilnrrrl ('iinori'i'al ifuialist nrpacher. in Hlirtlord. He haebeen in London atteudmi? the Worlds Convention. From Gjuuat.tar ?Hy the arrival of ilieSi. Cloud at Hoeton, we have Gihmltar dates to the lltli u!t. Letters from C?di7. atate that the river Guadelqiiver had been declared in a stale ol bloekadc, and that all rommni..c.iiion hitwr^n Cadi7 and th** interior hid been ato(>|*ed. City Intelligence. The Mrttii * *?Inquest.?In yeeterday'i edition we gave a lengthy account of tbo murder of William Cullen, alias Philadelphia Bill, at the newly opened Porter house of Thomaa McGuire, No. 340 Mott street, by hiscomrade Jamea F-Blaney. An ioqui-at waa held in thu Court Room of the General Seamons, immediately after the post mortem examination made at the dead houie of the City Hospital by Doctors B it k and Conger, attached totbat institution. We give below the particu lars of the examination in full; also'he lull affidavit of John R. Hopper, which gives thu history tf the ull'ray Irom its commencement to its cod. John, oeing jrarmni,?i?in?i live hi r<?. ?3< F.liiabeth 8 rer'j ;<m acquainted with the prisoner Blaney fiom childhood, and the deceased since a>x>ut >ix mouths past. 1 was sitting iu the house of McUuire, where the ntl'ray took place, when Blaney and Cullen entere I togetber, both apparently intoxicated. Tbe time was about half past nine o'clock. Blaney knocked my hat oft,at which I took no offence, as 1 tbeught he meant nothing by it. The deceased remarked to Blaney that he was my friend, and would not itand by and see any friend of hi* insulted. I explained the matter, BUnev observing that he had known me longer than he (Cullen) had, Some words took nlace between tham in explanation. Blaney put his hand on his neck cloth, as if with the intention of removing it, when Cullon remarked, " that ii betook oft hit clothes, he must lick kim " Pievous to this, the deceased had twice ottered to shake, havds with Blaney, but he refused, adding that he (Oianey) would never shake hands with him (the deceased) the longest day he lived. An altercation then took place between them, and the dt ceased struck at Blaney, but McGuire interfering, prevented the blow, and removed the deceased into aback room. Blaney then took his ?eat on the counter, and imlediately after got down (another witness stated that tbe me was about ten seconds or one minute) and lo.lowed . i! deceased and the others into the back room 1 lol ! wed to ry and pacity him, bat before 1 could inter ere, lllmuyhad struck the deceased. I "a*" him with some ii; 'rument like a knife in hi? hand, with which he struck him. I could not identify tbe knife positively, but believfl that now shown me, with marks ot blood uj?n it, to lie the one. As Blaney entered the back loom, he said, " if) ou ever interfere wi'h me again, I'll take your life." I went to the door after Blaney struck tho deceased, they soon alter carried him out, dnd then 1 saw blood on his arm Thom4s McOuirr corroborates the statement of Hopper, but states more particularly, that previous to Blane> 'a attempting tn remove bis neck cloth, the deceased wanted him to tight him, and had tapped him several times in the face. Jxmes Mclntyrn also stated the same thii g, and Joseph Fit/ worth adds, that he suw IXlaney tako the knife and open it?that he advanced, holding it extended down by his aide, and as he seized the deceased by the nock, he p lunged it into the body, "giving the blow forwnrdand upward." Tile deceosed, on receiving the fatal lunge, cxclaimed?"! am stabbed," and fell on tbe floor. Previous to their coming to McOulre'f, they had csllrd nt th? po. ter house of Alexander K. Forbes, No 7 Centre Market, between the hours of 8 and 9, and drank toge tlier twice; hut some grudge existing between them, led to hard words, and they grappled three times,but were separated by Forbes, when a friend of tho deceased took him out into the street, and were proceeding together, when Blanuy, having tied hit neck cloth, followed, apparently with the intention of accompanying them amicv cahly. rt. IL.1 it. .? i wvlui uiauun dilki*\v jiii ? h[hi?iuhi inn iirKfuseu was admitted to the Hospital a little after 11 o'clock ? When brought into the ward,his face had a pale, death like expression. On examination, I found a wound in the abdomm, on the left side, about a hand's hreadih above the hip, over theedge of th? false ribs?a cletn wound ol about half an inch in length. But little bload oozed. Oa the left armthsre were two wounds?one on the inside, a little below the middle. thn other on the outside, about an inch above the elbow joint. The wounds had not up psrently severed any of the large blood vessels. There were evidences of considerable blood having escaped into the belly?pulse weak, and failing?he was very rustless, but rational. He survived to a quarter before three. The wounds were properly attended to. The body wn? examined at nine o'clock this morning. The belly was very much swollen, evidently in part from commencing putrefaction. The wound of the abdomen could be traced about three or four inches inwards, and inclining upwards. On opening the abdomen, thn fluid blood escaped from the cavity?it was estimated at about two quarts. A large quantity had escaped behind the lining or meiicolon. Tnis confined Mood spread very extvn. sively; the wound was found to pass between the 10th and 11th rib. near their anterior extr< mities, and without wounding thn bowel, it penetrated behind it?beyond this, it could not he traced, owing to tha clats of bloot which ohscurec the parts. The extravnsated blood extended up on both sides of the spine under the pleura, and waisern in the cavities of the thorax or chest. About six ounces o: fluid blood was contained in the right cavity of the pl>ura. The ?rgana were healthy; the wounds of the arm were found to communicate- A blunt sound wa? passed from the outer wound to the inner along a track behind the bone?it was evidently made by a single stab of toiao sharp instrument which had pjssi d from tue outer to the inner side of the arm. The wound in the abdomen was the immediate cause of death undoubtedly. The dimensions of the wounds corrn* ponded with tlie width of the blade of the dirk kni'e.w ilh which it was said they were made. Dr John Conger joined Dr. Buck in the history of the examination ana the cause of death. The annexed testimony of officer Bird is important as showing the disposition of the pruoner immediately alter the deed. Officer Charles Bird being sw?rn, states?I am aptached to tL? Upper Police?J?fferson Bi own gave infor nation that a man had been stabbed on the corner of Houston street and the Bowery?Justice Taylor directed me to attend to it and he would follow in a few moments. I ran all tha way and saw the decerned?1 enquired for the man who had committed the d?ed, and was informed that he had started for the Upper Police office to deliver himself up?I overtook him as he was crossing the Bowery in the immediate neieV orhood of the office, iu company with McOuire? I asked bun if he was the man I was i?nt alter, and be replied that be was, and was od hit way to the Police office. Verdict.?The jury, after an abicnce of scarce a mi. nute, returned n verdict that the deceased, William Cul. len, came to bi? death by a stab or stabs inflicted upon him with the knife shown, or some similar instrument, by the hand of James F. Blaney. The prisoner is 33 y earn of age, and i? by trade a marble cntter, residing at 267 Mott street. While on hia wuy from the upper Police to the hallsol justice ho enquired ot the officer if he was in his charge, and appeared stir priied on being answered in the affirmative; nor was he aware that the unfortunate Cullen was dead until he saw the jury impanelled this morning, when a slight trembling betrayed how unexpect'd wa* the stirt ling news. He is of middle stature, stoutly built, and of a determined cist ot countenance. His face is ?tro*gly marked I y the i-mall pox; eye*, light blue; hair", dark nubunj, cu' close behin 1 ; the lips thin und bloodless. During the examination, in the earlier part, he appeare I thoughtiul, leaning bis head on his hand, his elbow resting on the back ol his chair?but towards the la'ter part, he lell last aslee>, and c,n aw king lie seemed surprised to find the witness, Forbes, on tlieftand. The surprise ldsted but f ?r a rn?mi nt, when I again began to doze, and bo continued hall-sleeping 1. d waking until tne veroict was rendered In the evening, his roun el attended and etidenvored to procure a commitment for manslaughter, but the co'oner or,.tred it to lie made out specially as the Jury had lotind thei- verdict. The case bsa excited much interest, and during the in vestigntion by the coroner, the Sessions room was very densely filled. Porter houses, similar to that kept by McGuire, should be closed, as there it is, that the elass of young men to which he deceased and the jtriioner belong are wont to indulge in drinking, gambling, and in every specitisol disorderly and vicious conduct, which di'graces our city, and entail upon our citizens crime* ana habits which must, in the end, bo destructive ol good government, and the stability of our institutions, whish are founded and established, alone upon the moral integrity of the community. A Pic* Pock it.?Thomas Heprv was caught in thract o' picking f om thecoat pocket ol Mr. J C. Battershy, of No. 77 Chambers street, his pocket book, enn'aining pap?rs of some value to the e n ner. He was seized by Mr. J. J McManns, who witnessed the movement, and finally committed for trial, IIodrimo Montr D hawk it ? John Thomas, a young boy, but an old sinner, was caught by Mr II Wagtner, on this corner of Walker and Mott street, behind his counter, and no doubt with the interilior, of robbing the till, as the instrument with which this species of robbery i? generally t fleeted, was tound in his p icket. The f ther otihelal bad, on other previous occasions, obtained his release, by hard intercession, nut neither parental castigation, or criminal action, can effect a changc iu tbe young stump's morals. Canadian Parliament ?By a Proclamation, which appears in the Official Gazette of the 10th insf., we ob?orve that th< Provincial Parliament is summoned |'o m"et at Kingston, for the actual despatch of business, on the 28ih day of September Che same Gazette contains a Proclamation, givinp Her Majesty's assent to the reserved Act of last Session of Parliament, entittled, "An Act to im pose a Duty upon Foreign Wheat imported into this Province." Tina Provincial Act, wo presume, wii reserved lill after the parsing ?f the Imperial "Act for reducing the Duty on Wheat and Flour, he produce of Canada, imported thence into the United Kingdom Capt CoMEAtr.?We are plad too see that th?* authorities have, thouph somewhat tardily, taken active steps to discover the authora of the late outraue on the Chief of Police. A reward of iwentyfive pounds is offered, under the authority of the Mayor, for such evidence as may lead to the discovery either of those who planned or who perpetrated it ?Montreal Gazette. Koman Catholic Mehmget Jle'i. ruvx Htaica that the Consecration of the Rev. p. I' Plielan, as Coadjutor Bishop of Kingston, will take place in the Wench Church, where the Iri^h population will have sufficient jBccemmodation lo wnness me elevation to ins EpuooMCV ot their former beloved ptBtor. Two s> rmons will be preached on llie occasion, in Ennlinh Rnd French The Bishop of Montreal will be consecrating Bi#hop, ps lAtrd by the Hit-hops ol ^ydirne, Toronto, Boston, Kingston, and the Archbishop of Baltimore.?Montrial On;, Dn?/iu?/mnN. ? The Cornwall Intelligencer tatea, oil th< authority of private letteralrom Kipr ton, thfti the rov< rnment hKs'declared Anihon\ vtanahan, , a defaulter to n large amount, in hi- amount as collector of customs of Toronto, and have directed proceeding' to he taken ng-iinst hi* "ecunties; at the sinie nine, the Hon the Cnromi" (inner of Orown Lands was notified ol the Inn, Mr .Vlanahan being un agent ol this department. The Piienix Ban* Tkiai.s ? On Monday the trial of Wyman and Skinner was resumed, and occupied the day without any sensible approach to a termination. Alter various un9ucce*tul motions by the counsel ol the prisoners, the defence was opened, and was progressing when we last heard Irom Concord. A county paper somewhat ironically thug comments en this trial: It inay be very presumptions in us to offer advice to the august individuals who are engird in the benevolent work ol dctendniK the unlertuuate g<*n uemen now on trial in this town. But nothing shall prevent usdoirg our duty towards our fellow creatures. We, therelore, liuiuUly suggest to the learned counsel, that they abandon the line ot defeucr which they have assumed, and tall back upon the popular ground ol insanity. This will save their clients, and nothing elite can. There is abundam proof that the accused are insane. Mr. Brown must be insane, or he never would have not into such a scrape, with so little benefit to himself. la any proof wanted of Mr. Skinner's insanity T Behold it in acpcuianuc, Ilia penIlPDlldl COUIll*nance, and the pallor which marks his cheeks. As to Mr. Wyman, Dr. Thompson's testimony can leave no doubt on the mind of any rational being ot his insanity. According to the Doctor's testimony, this 'gentleman,* as the indictment calls him. while acting as President and biiector of a limit, was,reduced to the extremity ot' 'forking over' the ready, by t^ars and grey hairs! We put it to the illustrious counsel, to the honorable Court, and to all reasonable men, if any thing of a like character ever happened to a ?ane bank official! When the tiger turns from blood, and lap* milkwort the shark refuses the leg ot a in-in, and goes with a relish to a vegetable dfet?when the eagle paases by the lamb, and gathers the violet and the dew tor his meat and drink?when the wolf sincerely mourns over tne cruelty of the dog in not |x-rmiiting his fleecy charges to roam?when all these things shall have taken place, we slia l be in a fit frame of inind to listen without laughter to the suggestion that a bank official was ever ready to take tears and grev hairs as collateral securities for money loaned. Until they do take place, let not our common sense be outraged by the assertion that such an official is accessible to the ordinary, common, every day feelings of humaniiy We, there fore, repeat our advice, and were we Mr. W.'s couusel, we would not hesitate to take the position, in the full conviction of our ability to maintain i., that our client was|admirably fitted for the Presidency of a hospital of incurables. Ambon's History of Europe ? We have received from the Messrs. Harpers No. 13 of this highly interesting and able history. The whole will be published in sixteen numbers, at 25 cents each, making four volumesW 000 pages each. No la opens the fourth and last volume. For sale at this office. Superior Court. BefoieCbuf Justice.! n-a Al'o 16 ? In the matter of Solomon H'uljson, s fraudulent debtor?This * as i? case uuder the act for the abolishing of imprisonment lor debt and to punish fr?u liilcnt debtors. In the spring of 1943 the defendant purchased goods on credit to a piftty la?ge amount, and went on a peddling tour in the West. He shortly after returned to this city and represented to his creditors that he had b^en robb d on the 31st of July, 184], on board the steamboat Swallow, on her passage dowr from Albany, of $61)00 in gold, which he ha.I had in a belt round his body, home of hit creditors hau him arrested under this ?ct,on the charge of having fraudulently disposed of hia property, ending the proceedings before the Chief Justice. The de fendant applied to the Bankrupt Court for a discharge ? Judge Betts, on argument* of objection filed in the Bankrupt Court, and on the proofs ae'.ied the defendant a discharge The Chief Justice having Mi;p?nded his decision the Bankrupt Court-ihould decide, this morning on motion ot Mr. Shu'.'ldt, Counsel (or the creditors, pro creded to a decision. IIis Honor, after hearing the allegetions ufthe parties nn * the proofs in the cause, decided that the charge was fullv proven. The defrndeut was thereupon committed to the Eldridge street prison. O. A. Shufeldt, of Counsel lor complainants. T.J Smith, Counsel for defendant ffi?- "TO NURSING MOTHERS" WHO MAY BE trouoled with that distressing-complaint "Sote Nipples," and who find it difficult to nurse the child, Dr. Sherman's Papillary Oil is recommended as a specific. It has now been in use many years and has neverfailed in curing the disease in two or three days, no matter how bad the case, if the directions wpre strictly followed; nor is it disagree, able or hurtful to the child, so that its application will not prevent the mother from nursing the infant during the cure. Mri. Kneler and R<Tnsen, two old and experi enc^d nurses, have wituessed its effects in over 4*0 Crfsi s, and never knew an instance of it* failure, and Dr. Castle knew a esse so bad that the nipple appeared as if it would drop oft, and when all ordinary remedies failed to give relief, the first Application of the oil allayed .ill the pain and smarting, and a perfect cure was eff cted in three days. Dr. Vanderpool, 192 Fourth street, one of our best physicians, from extensive experience believes it to be infallible, and Professor Bingham has seen it used frequently, and in no cast failing to cure in from two to three days. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is No. 106 Na**au str.'?t. Agents?110 Brondway; 10 Aster House;i-27 Hudson street; 139 Bowery; 77 Kast Broadway; 86 William street, ai.d 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn. . 09- TO FAMILIES.?Every family, rich or poor, should always keep in the hous* some of the Magical Pain Extractor, from Comstoak 6c Co. in case of accident by fire, as it is a sure safeguard, as it will save life in eve ry rase of barns, if the vital parts are uninjured. It lait week saved the life of a child of Mrs. Curran, 169 Washington strret, and anyone who has the least doubts can call on the mother, or on her physician, Dr. Harrij, No. 1 Stone street. It al*o cured inti-immation of the ejes of Captain Samuel Bird, Peekskill, N. Y , merchant, in three days, although for years he bad been under the best medi. cai skill in the country. This salve is a public blessing, and acts as remarkably on all outward eruptions and pain in any part of the bodv. vTo all who cannot pay for meeici^t wo willfgiveit eratis. as Me>sri C. & Co. are determined that its virtues shall be known to every family in thin city. To b* ht.d only of them, 31 Courtlandt street, and of agents, Mn. Hay*, 139 Fulton street, Brooklyn, and only of D Smith, news and periodical agent, 810 Broa 1 street, Newark, and at the branch house, Comstock 4t Ross, 63 Cornhil), Borton 1*. 8.?Mr. Smith informs u* that it saved the life of a child in Newark last week. Now any one, if they re* member what they read, will recollect that within the last month four or five poisons have 1< st their lives bj fire, andtheburns were no worsethnn these two children, and the whole s<t of doctors at tho City Hospital cou 11 not sive them. Truth will speak. (BJ- CLEAR THE TRACK.-All tho puny cflorN of the opposers of the celebrated Chinese Hair Kradicator will end in disgrace, nn'l the increasing popularity ofthis article must mipercede all others Ladies who are troubled with hair on the lip, low forehead, moles, (hick hair on the back of the neck, or any where else, will find the Chinese remove it, nail the sliiti left actually smoother than before. All can see it used before purchasing. To he had only true at 31 hi. In Brooklyn of Mrs. Hays, 139 Fulton st; Newark, S3" Broad ?t; and also only in Boston, of ComMock Si Boss, S2Cornhill. Cty- TO THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLICAN Electors of tho Ninth Word.?The Ticket hereinafter mentioned, is submitted to the Democratic. Republican Electors i f the Ninth Ward. They are all in favor of the true Republican principle that "the People th mselves should select their representatives to the conventions of the party, without the intervention of fnmm tte? * or any other bodies ol individual* " Kor this reason the) advocate the broad principle that the Dleguti* to the Democratic National Convention, at Baltimore, shall he elected by the People, in their primary assemblages, and not by a parked coi vent ton, to he held at Syracuse. In dependent D -mncratR are nominated for your supportmen, w'jo. if elected as your Delegate*, wil? eo for the rights of tfce People, in oppoMion to the claims of tho?e who have tor years urn.gated to themselves the sxcltisive right of controllng the D .mocracy of this city and Btot* The Ticket proposed lor your support, is tho following :? In favor of the single district sy (ten. MME-t H 8UYD<M. EDWARD PAT t ER^OV. HENRY P. >VANM iKER. <&- SAND'S SARHA 'ARILLA ?The following let ter was receivtd from a gentleman in Newark. N. J.: ? In themonihof August, 1813, 1 was taken with a *evere cold which settled in my throat, causing violent inflnmmation. Si-veral of our physicians virile! me, without affording ine any relief. I was now confined to my bid, without appetite*and perfectly helpless, until tho month uf March, 1341, when a friend who had been cured t y the use of it, lecommended S inds's H irsaparilln Thv firit bottle I took gave jne such relief that I was determined to continue it, and alter taking the third bottle, found my appetite restored and my health so much better tho; I could walk about and attend to my business, I need only say that my case was considered hopeless, nothing els.i gave me any relief. I was redueed soliw that my family and fiiends gave m>'up for lost. I now cheerfully give the above for the hem fit of any one who may be so fflicted, and will give any luither info, mutton to any one who may call on ine. JAMES I'AYLOR, No. 14 River streit, Newark, N. J Wo certify that the a'-ove tal^ment is true in every rWMOt (1 VVHEI-AN No 11 Riverst. D. HWKKNY. No. 14 R ver st. Newark, N.J. For conclusive evident-< of its tupeijor valur and efli cacv, see certificates in this and other citv / net ?. Prepared and fold, wholcfdle end retail, and for exportation, by A. II Sands and Co., Druggist*, (Or.inite timid ngs,) ii73 Broadway, corner o( Chair.!).- alieet, ?New Yoih. Sold also by A B. and D Sands, 79 Fulton ?tr*iet, find 77 Knst Broad* ay, corn.-r of Mailt" t afreet. Price (I par bottle? Mix Lotths (01 $S. Original dtctiments may be seen at our store. Q[Jm TO THK LAD1KS? The Beautifying Lotion, from Cortlandt street, in the oaly article thnt will ic move tan, freckle*, roughni w, pimple* and ntdueaalrom the face and neck, and p.ivo the complexion a beantlfwl title. It is a cosmetic tiiat every lady will continue tuing ift<*r having it once. 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Cld, Wm Thatcher, Decker, l'ort Antonio; iladinn.ih. Knowltou, Boiton. Hai.timokk, Aug lfi?Cld Northumberland, Naaon, Montevideo and a market; Belle, Muteri, Barbados*. mmB?m GREAT WESTERN IS DOING A UREAT busmen* at the American Mmenm. Ilii imitation of a locomotive engine surpasses all conception, and can be .....,ra/>iatA/l nnlvr Lv hl-ltlCT hfBrd. Mr f!ol? Mail** I Diamond, See., kc , lire all bright stara in their several spheies, and give universal tatiifaction. They give a rich entertainment to nltfht at 8 o'clock. The new Hall fitted up a> a perpetual lair, attract! great attention, and mirnt meet the encoursgement Of btuiueaa men. It ia certainly an excellent thing. QQ- NOTICE?John A. Oa-iin, 1>of the firm of Genin St Van Vrankeo, inform* hi* friend* and the publi^, thiit lie has opened Stori' No. 91 Broo ItVuy, 8rd iloor above Wall stri-et. A good assortment of Hat# tfonalantty on hand. Hat* ot anv ?tyle m^de to order. Or?- TRUTH vT^DlrATtU.- An article having appeartd in this piper, with th?* abovr. title, in reference to a oontrovcrst between myself and P. L. Munoa, my name was inadvertently omitted over the certificate ef M. R.?d?r, Krq , by which it wa-t inferred that the atore wn? occupied liy him The segar atore, SJj Bowery, formerly occupied by Munoa, was purchwd lor myself by Mr. R i*er, where toy customers will find a capital Mflortment ofohoice Principe and fe?iiis ol lavorite brand*. P. OILSEV. eg- FAT TURKIE9 AVD PIGS HEADY RO 4STED are ?>aid tn run about the ktreet', with a knit* and lorlt stuck in their aides, Miegging, in the moat piteous tones every one they meet to come and eat them, in the beauti lul land of Cockaigne Who would not live in auch a land 1 And yet, unless you were well supplied with Peter's Pills, the foul flend of Indignation would seize upon you, aud prove thedirect foeot your peace by day, and ol your ease by night. But see how it is here in tbti United States. Pigs and TurUiea are exceeding plentj', but Peter's Pills and Lozenges are much more plentiful; nni) scarcely one out of a hundred of her 17 000,000 of inhabitants groans under the horrors el the nightmare, and these lire the only persons who do not use these wonderful medicines. Principal oltice 105 Fulton street, corner Nassau.? Agents, J S. Murphy, Oil Nurth sixth street, Philadelphia; A. 8. Jordan, 'J Milk street, Boston; Dexter, Albany. Q&- THE WRITER OK THE ANNEXED IS WELL acquainted to us|as our popular agent,and ot hi' respects bility find standing it is as highfus any man in hi* community Chiulksiofi, Aug.3, 1843. Please send me $300 worth of your invaluable Hoarhound Candy, anil draw on meat ten diys sight, and much oblige me. I am now out ol it, and the "grippe"!* beginning to be prevalent, and I fear I shall be quite out before I con gat more. It is very popular, and I take tHn bes- means as I conceive to give it a still wider popularity. 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Thin universally admired mixture, being pleasant to the taste and smell, gently astringe* the fibres of the stomach, and give* the proper tensity which a good digestion requires. A* pothing can be better adapted to holp and nourish the Constitution,so there i* nothing more gonerally acknowledged to be peculiarly efficacious in all imvard wasiings, loss of appetite, indigestion,depression of spirits, trembling, or shaking of the limbs, shortnem of breath, or consumptive hanits. In all nervous disorders from whatevercause arising, its t ft'ct is truly wonderful, and all that train of sinkings, anxieties and tremors, ? hich so dreadfully aflect the. weak, the sedentary, and the delicate, will in a short time be succeeded by cheerfulness and every presage of heaith. Sold in large bottl s, $2 each. In small bottles, $1 each. In cases containing half a dozen, $5, carefully packed andsent to all parts of the Union W. S. RICHARDSON. Ag-nt. 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Thi* certifies that for aeveral yeara 1 have bet n attunes subject to a violent cough, and occasionally a high lever ; r^irr.l much corrupt mutter, and wu, finally, thought to tie in the last 8>?g? of consumption. At this time I heard of Dr. Wiatai's B-tlar.nof Wild Cherry, ami comm. need taking it, and fiu.iing Immediate relief from it, I out all other medicines aside. I took aeypral bottle*, which entirely cured my cough the lever leit me, and my appetite was soon r?t>tored. From itagood effect* in iny case, I would reC'tmoieiid this medicine to all Who .ire Hin cted with an affection of the lunga. JONATHAN FERRIS. The above certificate la atrie.tlv correct. KNOWLF.S JtCHEE?EMAN. Sold at 1Q5 Fulton, corner Nassau street; Dexter, Albany: Gotham, New Haven; Mr*. 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With such i 1 vantages. fogither with the combined ski J of the liict medical men of this country, tlio Colli go f< *t satisfied that the ^oo I work they have uni1? rtaken, ' th uppression ol quackery," will receive the patronage it deserves trorn that portion of the public requiring their service*. Term*, f r advice, ami all medicine*, %b. N B ? Patients living at a dist-tnne. by stating their disease explicitly in writing, giving nil fymptom?, togethi i with the treatment the) received elsewhere, if any, fan obtain a chpst oontnininir all medicinrs, with lull duecHons for use, with a guarantee of cure, by addressing the Agent oftho College, postpaid enclosing $f> By order, W 8. RICHARDSON. Agent. Office and ConiultiDg Room* ot the Colltge, 07 NasFau street. 0T7- IMPORTANT TO THE UNFORTUNATE ? A cure guaranteed?The Collf g?-cf Medicine and Pharmacy ol the city of New Yojk, established for ihe sup pression ol quackery, imow prepared to treat all diseasi a ol apuvata nature, and off i to all those rfflicted with these distressing maladies, advantages not to be met with at any other munition in t)iin country,cither public or prlvu'e. Ftom ihe conataut correspondence, Hnd from l>rivato arrangements between the Medical Institution of ! Europe, all the improvements in the 1 r> ntment of these disease* ore forwarded to them long before they reach the majority t f the medical professions of thi? country. With ?uch advantages, together with the oomMned kill of the firat medical men of fhi< country, the College) j feel satisfied that the good woik which they havean<ler> taken, "the auppreaaion of quackery," will receive the pntroi aje it deserves from that portion of the public te. '?! quiring their service*. Term* for advice, and all medicine*, $S N. D. Patient? living at a distance hy stating thfir lis. ease explicitly In writing, giving all symptoms, togetler with the treatment the* receivid elsewhere, ir any,<au .iladn AkMt containing all medicine*, with full tin < iions for me, with ? guarantee ol cure, by B.ldreBning hp of the College, po?t paid, enMnrlrrM ? ] By order. W H. Rl( HAHD^ON, AgW Office and CM?uHinK Hoomt of the College, 97 Nm*u I street.

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