Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1843, Page 3

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1843 Page 3
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HONDY JHAKKKT. Wednel day, Anguit 10?0 P. M. The Stock Market wu better to-Jay ; Harlem rote 1 per cent; Canton { ; Illinois | j Kentucky J ; New York 7\ ; Long If land At the sew Boutfd there wer? aalci o( Government utock at 114). We complete thte r? turns of the city bank*, to-day, as follows:? Dv'k or New York Cit*. Loans. July Jan. July Jan. .1 t'ff. 1BU, 1I!I2. 1812. IB13. 1843. Buteh's k Dror'u 1,087,498 969,'311 1,006,160 938,660 991.24* Seventh Wind It 11,118 677,408 733,311 713.202 782,440 Tradesman*, 767,216 681.001 728,667 716,910 72T.MS9 Mechanic. kTra<t? 402,321 317.018 376,802 322,223 418,JW Greenwich 373,176 290,462 215,128 209,124 20j,463 Total 3,463,402 2,931.360 3,011.968 2,9<m.i49 3,228. 118 Fultnn ? 714,118 ? B*).?8f. 1.136.298 N Hirer - 860,879 - 731 > Chemical ? 890 928 ? 833,810 941,21-1 Manhattan ?1,316,911 -1.130,902 1,081,137 Total 3,822,880 * 3,186.337 4,111,873 Butch'/k DroT'i 111,062 91,780 130,988 133,114 114,271 Strenth Waid 47,624 46,148 K'n?r 15'!!.'? Tradesmen, 67.178 71,392 88.18.1 ft .227 96,914 Mechanics & Trmds 36,263 32,873 38.741 54,986 39,an Greenwich 51,510 32,3a8 33,418 J3,1j1 37,107 Total 316,937 297,581 316,309 341,280 394,567 Fulton ? 100,720 ? 200,149 220.201 N Hiver ? 72,102 ? 79,117 89,370 Che illicit ?' 91,311 102,739 97,819 Manhattan ? 239.240 ? 488,003 603,021 Total _ 503,673 870,808 1,010,449 Circulation. Butch's k Omr's 211.302 356,471 191,161 197,913 274,633 Seventh Ward 134,167 106,094 114,693 12i.,141 176,016 Tradeswens 132 312 127,1611 101,139 107,111 139.7H7 Mechanics St Trail 123.799 101,279 99.511 101,0/7 110,910 Greewich 98.882 76.877 49,461 44,360 63,262 Toul 700,602 668 293 518.8J9 570,812 764,648 Fulton ? 217,656 ? 194,119 26:i416 N fliror ? 175.791 ? 111,901 181,847 Chemical ? 246,437 ? 219,010 276,126 Manhattan ? 223,163 ? 286,191 106,112 Total 861,011 ? 841,968 837,031 Depotilti. Batch's & Drors ? 350,744 ? 404.663 623,712 Keiimth Ward ? 140,701 ? 196,289 302,762 Tradesmen* ? 331,029 ? 368,117 106,130 Mechauics k Trads ? 172,968 ? 194,412 261,496 Greenwich ? 62,117 ? 86,877 144,561 Total 1,061,919 1,210,8381,830,101 Fulton ? 347/J62 ? 380.172 662,060 N Hirer ? 307,791 ? 377,386 .',81,100 Chcmical ? 441,303 ? 456,691 673,473 Manhallan ? 532,011 ? 519,879 872,836 Total 1,628,110 ? 1.761,1332,789,471 The aggregates of all the Banks, of -which there are July return*, are as follows:? AOGREOATK R.ETI HN9 OK EKIHTKEN BA:*K9. Loans. Sjircie. Cil'eula'n. l)ep. July, 1841, 28,684,788 5,828,619 3.985,846 ? .Inn. 1R42, 23,905,720 3,566,328 3.991,6311 11,280,829 July, 1841, 27,209.823 4.957,090 3,508,1129 ? Jan., 1843, . 23,985,933 5,303,509 3,637.1171 12,331.5.52 Auk. 1843, 29,794,338 12,21.'),531 >1,1SJ,0U1 20,332,215 Tue lollowiug are the aggregates ot four Bauus, of which we have no July returns :? Jan. 1812. Jan. 1813. ~1ug. 1843. l.oons 3,822,880 3,586,337 4,151,873 Specie 503,073 870.808 1,010,419 Circulation 865,061- 811,968 877,031 Deposits 1,028,410 1,761,133 2,789,371 The aggregate of all these Banks for the three periods, are as follows:? Jan. 1812. Jan. 1813. Aug. 1813. Loans 21,783,600 27,572,270 33,949,211 Specie 1,071,001 6,171,317 13,225,783 Circulation. 4.856,650 4,479,642 5,360,115 Deposits 12,915,309 15,05,385 23,121,716 The net circulation, it appears, is as follows :? Jan. 1843. Auk. 1843. Circulation 4,179,612 5,360.115 Bank Notes on hand 5,629,698 4,508,18!) Net Circulation 851,926 Excess Notes on hand 1,150,016 The amount of checks inclu led in these bank notes, j8 not given?a large proportion of the latter are the issues of the country banks. It appears then that theso banks hare withdrawn from circulation as follows Of specie lt,225.7R3 Of paper 4,508. lf>9 Total 17,733,972 ,4 e no/* * i ? ihucu a.oou 11 a Diminution of circulation, $13,373 Sft7 The deposites ot the Bank* are, for the moat part, but another name for loans, and although they are liable to be withdrawn for the noment tor specie, yet they must all soon be applied to the purpoiea for which they were obtained viz., to pay the loam due to the Bank*. If an individual has a note maturing at one bank, a discount may be. btajned at another. The proceeda are a deposits to day and are withdrawn by check and transferred to another bank in the retirement of a discount. The circulating medium of th" country has been reduced by the operation of these bank* $12 875,157, yet the cry is that money is cheap ! e* ceodingly cheap ! can be had at rates lower than ever before. When the terms are inquired into, however, it is found that a certain description of paper made by certain men for certain purposes, will command the money. In the whole western and southern country money is not only exceedingly scarce but it is almost impossible to procure it on any terms. By the operation of corporate institutions all the money of the country which should circulate free as air, ii poured into reservoirs, the keepers of which stand, continually crying cheap money ! cheap money ! but It is cheap money only according to their dictation. If there were no corporate institution* in which money is ucked up out of the pockets of all individuals where little accumulations take place, money would freely and easily find its way in all departments of business, performing it* legitimate lunction* of effecting the interchange of good* between man and man- Its constant activity would cause a small amount to do infinitely more business than is now done by aJarge sum. The opera tion of banking is to draw all into a certain circle and then allow It to baomploycd only by certain person* (or certain purpoae*, in which in many cases the ofllceti claim an intereit. No mechanic* or working men ever get a loan from bank*, or are in any way benefitted by them. A (peculator who calls himtelf n mechanic will procure large loan* and monopolize a business and malr? a fortune out of the mechanic* who ?o the work. Indus try.honecty a;ul frugality are now no longer of any uie to the young man in procuring assistance in hia business. Two names and a reputation fir ingenious laicality will command all the means of the banki, providing the officer! have an intareat in the apeculation. The ratarai of th? Bank* of New Orleans to the lit inat. are aa follows: ? Banks or Nrw Orleans Jfi.r 1 and Acoi'it 1, 1813. July 1. . 11/g. I. Ranki. Cir. Dep. Cir. hep. * (Bank of Louisiana. 953,434 2,091,825 030,1182 2,174,54ft '? I Canal BankingCo., 10,670 4,087 19,1211 i;,OI2 City Bank, 150,525 273,26.'> 135.385 180,030 v < Louisiana State Bk, 76,624 411,756 70,004 520,030 'C Mechanics' St l'ra* ders' Baulk, 426,790 1,134,405 314.965 773,170 ? (.Union Bank, 63.310 230,797 68,395 211,138 I,690,350 4,161,135 1,218,052 3,965,243 In Liquidation. Citizens' Bank, 4RS.5I5 200,236 458,661 282,029 C onsolidated Ass'n, 161.87.1 31.084 2.13,810 35,555 617,420 322,220 692,501 317 ,.'>B1 Total, $2,337,770 4.483,355 1.941,153 4.282,827 Issets. Specif. It fit. Specie. W (Bank of Louisiana, 8,369,722 3,050,070 8.270.012 3.116.1158 I anal 4t B'king Co. 4.788,115 21,755 4.736,701 21.8.',J 2 I Citv Bank, 3,095.987 416,94 3 3,074,858 413,770 I Louisiana State Bk, 2,651,4541 451,213 2,717,035 618,023 c < Mechanics' (k TraSI ders' Bank, 3.708,010 1,583,730 3,317,869 1,108,185 ? | Union Bank, 9,830,630 378,473 9,669,061 400,653 32,443,990 6,104,080 31.605,439 5,858,0.',7 I ilizens' Bank, 8,703.880 5,375 8.748,416 5.017 Consolidated Ass'n, 2.641,293 943 2.601,553 l,UU2 II,405,173 6,318 11,349.069 6,019 Total. 43,845,163 6,010,104 12,815,408 5.861.886 Jfov. 20. Jan. July I. JIur. 1. Loans, 38,281,605 34,628,621 43.819,163 42,845.108 Specie, 3,805,763 4,580,737 6,010,101 5,861,019 Circulation, 1,197,800 1,216 237 2,337,770 1,941,153 Depositee, 3,774,099 3,420,232 1,183,355 4,282,827 Naif* at tl?*( Stock F,xrlinni;e. $4000 State 7'?rt8 100W 54 Howry Ins Co 111 1000 do 6's 1,2 lORtZ 2 0 Harlem KK 38k 3IKK1 do 5 s V,1 102>J 800 (lo 38%1 2000 do 5* 1858 100 140 do 3sC 2000 Ohio fl's 1850 l.i Canton Co *>*, 2000 do fi's I860 00V 25 do *60 25 100 do bM 90)2 25 do 1)30 frU IOiiO do 90.?$ II# do ruli 2-.C 10'" ?j? D90 9*'* I/) ntomnffton RR Iil5 Itw 'UNm do 9 % ?.'? d.) nuh nC 3KM Indiana j'?, JO rr? 3'V 25 Ho Ijji > > 7000 Ind Dol Tlnds, 25 yni 3:<\ 10 Boston It Prov inn jft'o do b30 :i3)< 29 n Kin, co lis >00 Ohio 6'i, TO SB 15 Auhnrn St Koch RII fl| W 4000 Kentucky f>'? 97M 50 Fanner, Lnan viu 50 ,hr* Hunk of Com full !*> '4 100 do ?|2 15 ?tim la* Co 102 VI do |a M Merchinti* KiCo R'^ |A0 do 1,30 22 JO of Com ncrip 97\ 75 do cn,h 21% Socoiul Hoaril. 8000 Illinois, 1860 30 100 do b30 38'ii 71 ('anion Co 20 50 do *10 3B4; 225 Harlem RR ,3 3Hl{ 75 do ?:t 311 U '<0 do ,30.'311V 50 do 110 S8K 100 do 38 "?w York Pnltllc Stock Bxchiuigr. $1000 U State, 6', (30 1HJ? 25 do b30 22^ 1000 do |I4?5 '50 do ,15 J|?t >000 do 1)30 115 150 do ,30 22 MOO N Y 6', 1852 10:t'. 100 do 22' , 7000 do 10*W 50 do *30 |2? 5000 Kentucky Oj ,30 <*;V so do h20 22* 2000 do nli 96J$ lfl| do 22*:. moo do 1.10 97 20 Cuiloil Co 1,30 26 10.000 Illinois 6?, To 35J. 2J do hl5 t>V 1000 do htw 35% J5 do 2 >\ 1000 do tw 35* 2} do ,30 2.,1, lO-OPO do 3.1*, 75 Harlem RR Co filV |0,(!00 do blw 3574 75 do 311W 10.000 do 30 15 do blOSH'i 10 (too do blw 30 200 do bin 38 2 4000 do tw 357* 440 do jri, 3000 do ,30 3 'S 50 do bin 3H>, 2000 JIIinoim Land!)', tw 35?ti 100 do aid, 3H'? 10 ?hr? Ilk Com ncrip bOOWij^ 350 do 3D ' 50 Farmer,' Loan 21 \ 50 dO hlJ 3Bl. 50 do 21? 2, do bin 5iC * "0 d> ,10 llS 150 Long Island RR bs.i flccontl l?o*rfl. 10.U00 Illinois 8',, TO bio 36H IS do jjij 1000 do 36 20 Canton Co blO 2V: 7000 Gov't 6 V 62 1M; 1. 25 do blot., 50 Fanner,' T.oati 1>2>,, 611 Ifulrm RR lb!0 Jfl'i jO do tw ns State ofTrswI*. . Auction 8*l? or T?a, C*?oo or the Zkhobii?The whole of thu cargo ?u offered yeateiday, but price* e?pected not being realised, mhw iota were withdrawn, a* will be ?e< n below. The quotation* for thi* sale tell below the price* obtained at the ftr*t sale. Thu market is overatocked withtki* article, and future sales willihow a decline irom present rett? Thatei m* *1 the *?1? yeatorday were fix month*, satislac ory ndoraed no'e?, payable in this city. Ou'ipowrter?10half elieats #1,26; 18 loW; l*do7S;16 do 721 i 70 'lo 70; 44 27 do ?2 l(J lofll; 29 do 6"; |<i <lo <>3j; 18 d? O'i, 22 (lo 51}; 10 do n!'J; 5> lo AO; 20 'lo 44 16 do 86; 10do 3Jj; 00 do 31; 60') 13li box* ? 37; 26 iH 3b}; 20eaa?a tacit 19 2ibcannistera 61; 70 do 60; (IB hf chest* 176 ISib box*** uud 30 case* <-annisier? withdrawn ) Imperial?10halt chc*t?$l; l8do74} c?nt?; 18do72l; 14 do 7 J; 8 do 71}; 16 do t'6; 2B d 64; 14 do H2}; 12 do 6;, 13 do 61}; 13 do 47; 10do33; 10 do 321: 41 do 32, l"0?lb boxes 39; 300 do 38}; 200 131b do 37$; 111 ca?r* car * 12 91b cannisier* 3d}; (30 uulf chest* 100 cases cannister* withdrawn ) Young Hymn ?13 half chest* 82}cents; 33 do 81; 11 do 80; 12do 74; 44 do 68}; 99 do 6al; 30 do 6?; 23 do 64}; *6 do 68}; 23 do 62, 227 do 49; 28 Jo 481; 2' do 48; 18 <to 47; IQhlAili. l4A,Um. ma I . ? .. .. ' .....W, .-.V UV iiJjj urn UI> ?.7; |.1 (IO 44; 34 (10 43); 74 "O 43; 38 do 43; 22 do 411; SI do 40, 9 do 39}; *250 du 38; 375 do 36}; 159 do 31. H\ son?20 chest* 58 cent*; 34 hf do 64; 10 chests 82; 32 do 50}; 10 do 4!); 21 do 47;'22 <lo and 83 hf do 46; 79 l?( do 45}; 30 do 44}; 51 chests 43}; 114 do 41, (I8U 111 chests withdrawn.) Hvson Sum?47 chests 50 centi; 110 do 40; 56 do 39; 20 do 36}; 103 lif do 32}; 66 chests 30; 130 do 28}; 120 do 27; (6l' chests withdrawn ) Oblong?6 cherts 61}; 10 di do 60; 10 half do 69; 10 do 584; 26 chests 44} Koken Souchong?20 half chests 46}; 34 do 44}; 40 do 44; 38 do 28; 102 do 25, 20 do 23}; 10 Jo 21}; 00 do 21; (190 withdrawn.) chulan Souchong?95 half chests 31 cent*. Mohe* Souchong?78 ehests 30 cents. IVcco?43 chests 51 cents; 6 do 49J; 49 do 46; (46 withdrawn ) P.iwchong?40 chests 60 sen's; 66 hT do 40}: 35 che?ts 37; 149 do 36, 10 hf do 36}; 890 do 36; lit do 34}; 162 do do 29}; 17# do 26; (73 chesis withdrawn.) Souchong?26 20ib boxes 48 cents; 2 '6 do 38; 65 withdrawn)? 60 17lh do 41 (216 withdrawn)?20 131b do 47}, eOdo 46; 100 11 lb do 47. Ningyong Souchong?10 half cheats 46} cents; 76 do 4??(81 withdrawn.) C?tton?The sales of this article hare diminished very ma eridlly within a tew days. Both hslders and purchasers appear disponed to await the result of the expected European advicts, before operating. Very unfavorable reports Continue to reach us from the south. It is almost a certain thing that the now crop will be much smaller than the last Six bales of new cotton arrived at New Orb-aim on tbe7th Inst., from Hodney, Miss. The sales in this market rule firm at the advance. Jiihtt-Pots rather tending downwards. We continue to q'tote, however, $4 31}, although some small lots have been disposed of at $4 26. Pearls are rising; most of the sales are made at $6 31}, but we hear of operations at $6 25 Hay?We notice sale* to a moderate extent of good qualities, at 42u45c. Tliedemni.d for shipment has fallen off; most of the Southern markets are sufficiently sup plied, and the sales lor the East have neurly given that section a fair stock. Flour? This article is still very dull. We cannot quoto Genesee over $4 87}^4 94 at which moderate sales are made to supply the demand that exists for consumption; Michigan and Oiiio $4 75wl8lj; Ohi-?, round hoop. $4 81] n$6; Southern id hardly enquirid for, and quotations onnnot be considered otherwise than nominal. Holders of wheat have aeen compelled to do as we predicted; prices have declined, aad sales to some extent have consequently followed; new end old we quote 95b98c; the stock in quita extensive, and the supplies very steady, end to a moderate extent. Rye is scarce, and in active demand, at 69d70c. Sales of Northern Coru at 67<i58c, and oi Southern at63}a65. Oats are plenty, sales at 27}a23}. The receipts of flour and grain at Btifrilo, have w.thin the past few days been very light, caused, we think, by there being noue brought into market for shipment at the Western markets, in consequence of the harvests going on in that lection, which occupies all the time and attention of the producers. Oil? Whale u vety scarce in this market, in demand and prices tending upward. The last sales were made at 34 cts., which purchasers submit to unwillingly. Since our last we have heard of two arrivals at thu east, both small cargoes. The import? of whale an?l spprm oil into the United State* for the week ending the 14 h inst. near 2880 bbls, Sperm and 7555 t>bls. Whale. At New Bedford the Nth a Rale of crude Sperm at 70 cts. 8everol parcels of unbleached spring oil (old at 65 cU., which price is now ol ferefl and refus* d. 68 cts n now asked. 100 bbg. South Sea Whale hold at 34 cts., and 600 bbli. northwest at 35 cents. Coffer?Thin article is quite fiim. with at riling demand. The sales include small lots of Maracaib*, at 7J r< 7J; Brazil 8 a 8Jc; LaguayraS} aSJcjSt. Domingo 6c; Java life. Provisions?No alterations have taknn place In cither price or demand. Our laft quotations stili rule. Fiih? Dry Cod is in demand, an] sales rule at (3. New Mackerel are ir demand, No. 1 we quote at $10 60; No. 2 }8 50; No. 8 $5 75. The receipts are small. Whiikty?Sale of drudge at 23c; barrels 23J a 243. Freights. Mobile, August 9.? Abaut 350 hsles of cotton are all that is Ht present ottering lor shipment, and there is some doubt whetbur the vessels no v here will take it or go to New Orleans. One of the disengaged brigs is ottered t II per M. for staves, at which rate wc understand the Ganza has filled up. Savannah, August 12.?We are still without any wove ment in loreign. To New York the packets are loading at 50cents per bale for cotton in round or rquare bales, and 50c. per cask for rice. A transient vessel engaged a full cargo yesterday at 50 cents for cotton, and .17J cents per cask lor rice. To Boston th? rate is f 1 per bale lor cutton, and 76 cents per cask for rice. Married. In this city,on the l.vii inst. by the Rev. Mr Bangs, Captain John Lr.Ens.ol Warren, Me , to Miss Klizahktii, eldest daughter ol Captain David Deane, of this ciiy. On Wednesday, the 16th inst. by the Rev. Oeo. Bene diet, Mr. Benjamin D a leu, of Apalachicola, to Miss Mary A. Bcnchlet, of this city. ' Died. On Tuesday, the 15th inst. Joskrii 0'C#nnoii, in the 63 ' year of his age. His Iriends and acquaintances, and tho<e of his father, in law, Isaac Collard, and nepnew Michael O'Connor, are respectfully invited to att>nd his funeral this morning at 9 o'clocu, from his late residence, No. 9 Frankfort street. Passcngrrs Arrived. London?racket shin Gladiator? Miss M iry 1) C'aten, of New York; Mr Johu T. Humphries, of Lo.idon?and 40 in the steerage. Savannah?Briff Madison?Mr V.d w?rrl? l.iHv .ml Mks Orwell, Mr? Burr. Thomas Smith, Bateraau, a"d 3 in the steerage. PaM(i);'fri Snllrd. Liverpool?Shin Liverpool?J Kdoti, Lieut Col ileputv Adj General, lady, 2 children and servant, Canada; Mm A C Winchester, Lieut71*1 HeK,, do; Mrs Fulton, Scotland; Mrs K F.ldridire, and Mrs L Kldridiie, Massachusetts; Mr YV Tapscott, aud 'J children, NV'ork; Mrs A Patrick, Scotland; Mr I) Seten, Canada; Mr K Fairthorne, I 'hi lad; Mr i' Townseud. Connecticut; Mr I. Blackstonc, S'York; Mr G McKay, Scotland; Mr J Lord, Boston. Havre?Ship Rhone?Mr H Unfour, of St Domingo; Mr II Roques, of Paris, Foreign Importation*. Lo*r>ov?Ship Gladiator?21 pkffs II W .1 St II Mali?S Patten & Stewut?22 K K Collins?5 Che?t.>r, < lark St Co?7 J Owens?7 Richards, Bassett St Co?7 H S Ballard St eo?3 W B Hend St co?3 T Sheldon St co?27 < ummings St Roach?5 Arnold St Co?12 O \V Morewood St co?2 'l'horn Stco?2:>II Jessup?10 W Brow n?2 G Meyer St Son?5 W Vyse?2 Wells St Spring?4 W Fisher?3 T Hunt?2 Goodhue Sc co?8 T liarsey?I T Rockwell?3 B Morton St co?!i 'i M llaywood St co ?2 K Baldw in?60 A A Lowe?2d R L Merch?16 ' John Gihon Stco?3 Delalield it co?3 K Northam St co?100 S Barsl<>we St co?I M St T Morisoii?3 Barber Brothers?2 poneys T Britton. AftTwritP?Ship Plato?1 case C G Gonther? II) hales Nevins St co?6 do .1 Keysler St co?1 L Fairman. BlltAcni?Schr Atlantic?397 hales tobacco 11,000 cocoa nuts JO loss cedar W Aijnew?9000 pine apples 1J0 bundles bananas I JO do plaintains S YV Lewis. Domcallr Importnt Ions. Savannah?Bri^ Madison?25 bass feathers J H Talman?2 chests tea IJ cks wine Hill St Goudv?20 tons iJon W L Miler? 46 bales cotton Orray St Tuft?278 do J M Bescott. MARITIME HERALD. Slilp Mnslcrs nnd We shall esteem it a favor. if Captains of VmseU will Rive to Commodore Roiikkt Sn.vr.v, of our New* Fleet, a Hiiiort of the Shipping left at the Port whence they sailed, the V essels S|*oken on their Passage, a List of their I'mi, and any Foreign Ncwsjwpers or News they may have, lie will hoard th-m immediately on their arrival. \|{euts and Correspondents, at home or abroad, will also confer a fvvor by sending t. this Office all the Marine Intelligence they can .ilitai.i \ Information of anv kind will lie thankI'nllv rfceivrd. fOM OF RIW YORK, AWMf 17 uif Rl*i? 5 13 I M?01 RISKS 10 l? Ult II.T9 6 54 | IIIHII WATER 0 55 Cleared* Ship Sutton, Galloway. Charleston, O Satton?Br barque Comet, Wright. (Quebec, Woodhull Minium?Bhm \ iito* riii. (Aril) Marti no, Me.ninaand Pilffmn, L Palmenj Diploma, Klii?, Mgewirk, Me , Nesmilh, Leedi tit ( o; Km pi re, Kelly, Bain, Me., Buck & Peters? Br schr Dolphin. Tfuforn, \ armonth, NS, J 1! Bmine. Arrived. racket shin Gladiator, Biitton. from London and Portsmouth Jul v Orinnell, Mintiim St Co. Ship Plato, Chase .of Boston. 3U day* from Antwerp, with indw to Schmidt fc Utlcheu. July 21 (at II. Ion 21. etchanged signals with ship Clarissa Andrew*, hound Eastward. Barque Ann Louisa, Marschalk.30 days from Vera Crnt.with hides, goat skins sirsapsrilla and $2.'?,0fln, to Ilargous, Brother* %?ro> . ^ Birkenhead, disg; Anahauck. \N ilsou, iust ar; Mary, i ennel, to sail snout Venn*, sld same day for NOrleans lat 21 15,82 10. ptssed shin fcuroi*Mii. bound to the norlhwsrd; lat 24 40 Ion 80 15, passed three masted schr Sea Bird, bound to the northward. Barque ljammohern Rov, Cutis, 41) days from Hamburg, in balltst to Schmidt at Balcheu?141 pasnenuers. Brig Michiiau. Colman, 13 day* from ( uricoa, with to Bourhaua It Thebnud. Left Alpine, Cusbman. for NOr leans in 13 ds. the only Amvcssel. The btig Hudson, Martin, for Rio de la Hache, sld Jul) 30. At Ltcuira, July .10, Roanoke, Webb, of Boston, tine; Com Warrington, Gate hell, for Baltimore, soon, only Am vessel. Brig Canary, Baker, of Dennis, 20 days from Mobile, 31,000 stave* to order. Br brig Telegraph, Wells, IS days from Demarara. in ballast to Mlddleton XCO, Left brig Larab, for NYork, soon. Bru; Madison. Buckley, days from Savannah, with cotton to Sturges* k Clearmaii. Brem?chr Alain, Sadenburg, from Rio Jaueiio, with 1600 bags c jffee to ordtr. , .. . ^ Schr Atlantic. Nickcr*on, 11 aay? from Bararoa, with tobacco. kc, to 3 W Lewis. . Schr Pemaqnid, Bailey, 1 days from Machias, with lath to Smith k Boynton. Schr Wolcotf, Ryder, from Boston, with md.e, t Jonn Schr Pnrdy, Tolton, Norfolk, shingles. j :1 In . W?lpey, Norfolk, whttl. ?<-hr Thorn**. We*d, Virtinia. nchr f-Jotildft, ?, Viruiun. Hchr J W kVrniifon nj?.mi NnH'nilk mils*. Nailed. T.ioket ship Liverpool, Eldridge, Liverpool. General Record. Commerce of Qukrec.?Comparative stafmeiit of arrivals tonnace and passengers, ;it lilt" Port of Quebec, in the year* 1312 and i813, to the 12th Aus., inclusive for each year. J rst'U, Tannage. r?w"pri. Aur. 12 IB 52 51)3 101,181 37.030 Ans'. 12 1813 783 270,088 17,714 Mere t!ii? year 2W1 17,901 less 20,005 Comparative statement of arrival* aiul towage from 11 *' lower Porta; in the years 1812 and 1813, up to tlie 12th Aug, in each year Auk. 12 1812 41 2,077 Aug. 12 1813 37 2,762 Lea* this year 4 85 lucfaae. The total number of vessels cleared at the Quebec Custom Home, this seasoi, inclusive, is 607. Slur Memphis.?A letier to the underwriters of the snip Memphis, from ('apt. t?turgea, dated at Chicumacomico. the 11th instant, states,?"! have this moment left the beach lo despatch au express to Norfolk for the steamer Boston, to take the .Memphis up the coast. The ship will, in all probability, be riding at her anchors by the morning tide, and 1 am happy to say we disturbed but liitie of litr cargo. One small schr has been loaded alongside. The oilier vessels hsve arrived and will commence loading to-morrow. The ship is i|tiit? tight and but little injured " On tne night of the 13th the steamer Boston was to be despatched to tow her riund lo Hampton ltoads. ship giiurd?Capt Clark, of the Rival, at Providence fin Matanzia, reports thai on her passage lm St Thomas to M. in lat 23, 40, Ion 83 30, fell in with the (iirard. lull of water aim stripped ol nil her sails and rigging. Took from her I chain cable, the other being fast below could not g? t it. Whalemen. Sagiivmhok, Aug. 12?Arr Huron, Oree.ii, fin Crozeltc Islands, w ith oil and hniie Spoke. May 22, lat 37, 8, Ion 25, K, barque' America, Cooper.tsllarbor. 15c0 wh. Aug 11, wliale ship Buckley, of Nantucket, bound in. Also, arr Crescent, Ro>* fm New Zetland, 10th April and Rio Janeiro Itli July, with 280(1 lirls nil (300 sperm) St 18,1100 lbs bone Sold 13000 in Kio. Reports at New Zealand, Liverpool, (ilociiin, NBedford COO brls; Roman, Baker, do 500,bound to N W, Feb 18th, Huntress, Tabor, NB, 700; Mont|ielier, Talicr, do, 1500; Moctezuma, Tower, do, 3000 brls, 300 *]'? April 2d, Moulczumt, Baker, NL, 3000; Silas Richards, Dering, t?H. 39o0, [The S Richards spoke the day before the i Dickason, Havens, do 3500; Sabina, Slate, MVotk, 2200. last of March[; Panama, Crowell, do, do, 380U; Fanny, Fotdham, do, 1000. Uiicas, (retell, NB 21 hours out spoken, Norman's Land bearing NNK, 60 iniltts. Cld at New Bedford 15th, Florida, Cunningham, Indian Ocean; Rodman, Newcoinbe, Pacific Ocean. Spoken. Berwick, 25 days from Liverpool for Philadelphia, 5th iust> lat 42, Ion 57?by the Plato. at tliis port. Metnperell, from t'hiadeiphia for l'orto Rico, 14th inst, lat 36 20, Ion 72 10?by the Telegraph, at this port. Cottage, 15days from for NYork, supplied her with water, lit 21 28 S, Ion 83 10 VV?by the Ann Louisa, at this port. Columbus, Cole, Liverpool for NVork, parted with 17th ult, lat 15, Ion 20?by the Noiiantnm, at Boston. Tamerend, Lovett, Liverpool for Baltimore, 11th ult, lat 50 45 loll 1H??by the same. A steamship, under canvass, steering ESF., 19th ult, lat 41 20, loll 23, probably the Great We-stem, 6 days out?liv the same. \ .1,,1..I,|. ,I?. It,.r^nl.r, ,,, ll,,l,,?.?l nl miduiirlil. 81 h iusl?by the same. Talma, Win son, Boston for Croilstadt and St Petersburg, 12th instant, il >1 ivs out, ( ape Sable N. 12 HB8gue??by thttMM. foreign Ports. Kin Janeiro, July 4?In port, Courier, Wolf, NYork, Just arr; Lucy Peuueman. Keller, Cette for Mozambique, sail in ? few da> s; Porpoise, Liliby, St Thomas for St Thomas, 6th nit; Curtis, Abbott, line: Duan, Kosier, Angola for Angola, fith ult; Zotoff. Crop, Richmond, unc; Napoleon, Cheesebrough, Halt for Bait, 6th ult; Hope, Oriscol, do une; Isabella, Lowell, N Vork for do, tith ult; Montevideo, Reedall, do for do; Poutney, Mount, Bait, just arr; Rozario, Taylor,St Thomas lor An Kola. At x Caves, July 29?Sid Pew, Kvans, Boston. In port, Doty Chase, Doane, NYork, 3 ds. Haw going iu Hidevat,Cook, Wilmington, NC. Vera C'rvh, July 31?In port, Union, Wilson, for NYork; Ocean, Flinn, for sale; Colmar, Krost, wtg frt; Mexican licet, Com Marina, ftn Tobasco. Point Pktrk, (Guad.) July; 2 ft?In port, Hanckjey, Portland, in 10 ds; Centurion, Norris, do. Idg; Sebajjo, Coffin, do, 7 ds; Caroline, Washington, NC, 2 ds. Quebec, Auk 10?Arr Viatic, Helton, Gibraltar; Geo Bell, Gibbon, Charente; Tory, Prvce, London; Baltic, Cordrain, Yarmouth; Matton, Buruicle, Bordeaux. Avon, Masters,L'liool Ganges, Blytli, Glasgow; 12tli; Maria, I lent, Algiers; Alice, Miller, do; Luna, Wear, Bourdon; St Nicholas.Morgan,Little ferry, Port Wicklow; 11 White, Park, Algiers; Jupiter,Sedmin Gibraltar; Victory, Hill, Hull; Eweretta, Park, do; Kndyniion, Sinclair, Algiers; Acadia, McKen/.ie, L'pool; Chorister, Roberts, Algiers. Cld lltli, Brunswick, Veale, London; John i 'lift.... I' ,11 ,l?. PI - A,.? ,- I1..I.I:... 11........ il.,,. . I,, Portsmouth; 12th, T Hanford, Herbert, Cork: Gauges,McLuod, L'pool; Carrs, Starks. Lom)oii; Anne, Smith, London; Leander, McPhelan, L'pool. Lake Ports. Buffalo, Aug ii?Arr Ocean, Chase; Marshall, Benjamin Crevolin, Cauldwell; Caroline, Clark; Starkie, Brown, and Benton, Perkins, Cleveland. Cleveland, Ohio, Auk 12?Arr Alabama, McCarty, Oiweso; Huron, Connelly; Rocky Mauntain, Gardner; Rochester, Vantassel, and Trenton, Deauro, Buffalo: Luciuda, Fields, S Harbor; Gamble, Hamilton, Toronto. Cld, G H Walker, Allen; Rochester, Vantassel, and C J Marshall, Benjamin, Buffalo. Homo Porta. Gardiner, Au? 4?Arr Orient, Aampton, Roads. Owl's 11 f *o, Aug 11?Arr Rosanna, Pendleton, Thomaston for N York, Spartan, Moore, Baiieor for Bait. Portland. Auk 12?Arr Freighter, Blanchard, NYork; Andromeda, Skolljelil, do: 13th, Andrew Scott, Emery, NYork; 14th, Chester, Knight, Havana; Ontario, Hart, Matauzas; Ea gle. Fullerton, NYork. Bath, Auk 13?Arr Swanton, Davenport, Liverpool; Trenton, Mansou, Cadiz; LagranKe, Wiuchejl, NYoak; Lion. Millay, St Thomas; Baltic, Moulton, do; Frances llellen, McManus, Point I'etre; New York, Merryman, NYork. Clias Tho. mas, Barstow, Wl dies. PoiiTSMOi'TH, Aug 11?Arr Statesman, Was*, NYork, and sld 13th; 12th, Montana, Eldridge, do; 13th, N American,Richardson, do. Salf.M, Auk 13?Sld Elizabeth. Baker, Georgetown. Arr II, Cardinal. Dimon, NYork. Cld Diana, Small, N York. Boston, Aug l.'i?Arr Nonantum, Kevy, Liverpool; BetasLufman; Mexico, Preston; Palestine, Stevenson: Squire St Bro thers, ?; II Lawrence, Tuttle: Wm Pitt, Tavlor; J Wesley, Huntley; Council, Biker; S M'Dowell, Hitchings; Wave, Crowell; Retrieve. Burnham; Pensacola. Black, and C Pitman, Townsend, Ph'lad; Evelina. Chase; Rubicon, Donne; Convoy, Crowell; Mandarin, Hinckley; Ja*:>er, Howes, and Anaconda, Hall, NYork; .Marion, Higgini, Newberu, NC; Kitio, tiiles Richmond; '1 hos Edwaru Gilchrist, do; M Joy. Joy, of and fin F.llsworth; Magnolia, Haskell, Roudout. Telegraphed, Sard;, Foster, Rotterdam; Franklin, Trac y, Trinidad; J W Paige, Bait. ('Id, Chile, Knovsles, Valparaiso; Cambridge, Washburn, St Jago and Mattzanilla; Adadian, Jones, Halifax; Sebools, Hopkins, Bangor, with part of her inward cargo; Pan chita. Gray, New buryport; Mary Stanton. Bearse, Bali; November, Long, Churmtoa; Lion, Bake^ Pnifad. Providence, Aug 11?Arr Danl Webster, Osden; Motto, Rackett, and Congress, Hillock, Rondout; Juno, Sturge- s; Te cumsey, Cnild, and Empire. NYork; Pacinic, Swift, Norfolk, via NYork; T Feuner, Nickerso.i, Pliilad, via Fall River. Sld, Jas Lampheer, Keuney, and Hamlet, Tuttle, NYork. New Bedford. Aug 14?Arr Charles, Luderwood, FYoik; Passport, Lew is, Virginia. Norwich, Aug 1ft?Arr And Jackson, Albany; 13th, Aurora, NYork; Alula, do; Geo Washington, do; Joseph Brown, Philad. Sld Exit, Albany; Crusade, NYork; Hudson, do; Lady Adams, do. Hartford, Aug 13?Arr Ohio, Farnham, NVork; Triton, Hall, do; llili, Kagle, Francis, do; Mary Elizabeth, Smith, do; Citizen, Hall, Dennis. New Haven, Aug 14?Arr Juliet, SLannard, NYork. Sld, Empire, NYork; Reaper, Kelsey, Albany. Aliianv, Aug IS?Arr S R Smith, Bills, NHaven; Tiger, Nye, N Bedford; Vermont, Amen, Boston; Outvie, Marston, do; r'xit White, Hartford; J Randolph, Pliilad. Sld I'tica, Bearse, Boston; Louisa, Oeis, do; Florence, Lovell, do; Massa soit, Brown, Fall River; Huntress, Gardner, Providence. Philadelphia, Aug 10?Arr Benj Lunt, I'm Trinidad de Cuba; Emerald, Hodgen, from Fall River; Boston, Haskell, N York; R Hush, Bray, Providence; Be.ij II Field, Vangilder. Kicitinonu; t* w unaiiih, do i ion, *\ i.oikicm; reru, vve*i, rail Hirer. CM. India, Selby, L??fhorn; ( iuilda. Goodell, Boiton; Abiuail, (Jrrnt, do; (irrm. Lincoln, do; H W (Jhuidy, Oundy. and Pilot, Poland, do; .\1 Slarlah, lioijen*, Salem; Patriot. 8|?h*I man, N l.Veil, Mary Ann Caroline, Corson, Providence; A|Umalm, (told, Cli.irte.ton, Ma..; Star, Nickersou, Plymouth; S Higbee, Iligbee, Hiiigham. Alexandria, D. O., An* 14?Arr Hartley. Dearborn, Kingaton, Ja; Harvest, Small, Ho.ton. Hid Falkland, Crutn, Halifax; New Union, Cha*e, Moutego Bay. KitKUKttirusui H<s, Aug II?Arr Huston, NiorU; Talma, Conklin. Sydney, CB; Lagrange, Bo*ton. Richmond, Auk IS?Clil Dunharton, Knapp, Rotterdam._ Norfolk, Aug 14?Towed down to Hampton Road*, Now England, Lowell, bound to London. In Hampton Roads, Rob Ro\, James River, bound to London. Sid, Eugenia, Caftec, for N York. Savannah, Aug 12?Sid Wm Buck, Ooliler, Boston. In port Newark, Mervin, NYork, 1 >1^; Gaulle, Allen, NOrleans, wtyl Augusta, ShaiHer, NYord, Idg; Clinton, Lyon, do, disg; Divi.l Duffel, William., do, ldg; \\ oodstock, Tucker, Havana, wtg; Wilder, Jack.011. Boston, ldg. Mobile, Auk 9?Iii port, Metamora, LittlefieliL ork: Acton, Barry disg; Kalco, Kelly, Bo.ton; Gauia, Soule, disg. New Ori kan., Aug 0?Arr 1'ecouie, Park, NVork; Ajax. Love, Charleston; Emblem, Kenny, Matamons; Mexican steaui.hi|> Pretitia, Longhead. Vera Crn/.. I Id, Osceola. Child Rotterdam; Vistula, Schneider, Gibraltar: 11 Morri., Outerbridge, Havana. ( ' ENTL KMEN'S LEFT OFF WARDROBE U itlemen or families de.irous of converting their b it off wei'i*inp apparel into ca.h, can obtain lor the same fie highest cash price. To families and gcntllMnen quitting the city,or changing residene !, Iiaving ally superfluous effects to dispose of, u ill (hid ll much to their advantage to .end lor the subscriber, w ho will attend them at their residence by appointment. II. LKVETT, No. C John st, New York. A line through the post office, or otherwise, w ill receive prompt attention. Clothing cleaned, altered and repaired. nun Imr I) I. MUNOS, Importer and I Wet in Um Ih .i If <\ Mia 8< ' gars, respectfully invites hi. Iriend. and the public in general, particularly the judge, of the article to call at the .tore 31 Bowery, lignre ot the Indian Chief at ine door holding the sign in his hand. Helta, received by the late arrivals a ? handsome sii| ply of the best flavored S?gar?, equsl to an f in the city, if not sii|>erior. The above .tore will be open from fi A. M. to II o'clock, P. M. jy22 lm*r TO THE LOVER8~OE HCPF.TtlOirBLAl J5fTEA. llowqna's Mixture.?This extremely delicious and unparalli d Tea, so highly celebrated in China and Europe, jn.t imported, is now lor sale at the ( snton Tea ( omp-iuy's Gene. raliTea Establishment, 121 Chatham .tn-el. New \ork. ami I Hi Fulton street, Brooklyn?in packages- Price SO cent, and $1 each. jyMi lm*r J ( " 1 I I I V I I. |\,| \ ,, I I I 1 V.-' ty, will be sold by the suliscriber at the lollowiug low prices for ea.h ; fresh broken and egg. from lump in the yard, screened uul delivered to any part of the City St * > per toll . stove St 75 ; large mil Si 50 ; 15 cents per ton less will In* charged il taken from the boat?weight and quality w arranted. PETER ( 1.1 MTON. jy2 2m*r 574 Greenwich, corner of King St. OKKFKK. OF Juffmon INSPRANIK CO.) New York, Aug. 7, 11143. ) r|MIK Board of Directors of the I oinpanv h ?ve Tin. l)av ile i (lai' il ? ilj? iiI'MIiI 111 ! > !! |XT cent, piyabls to tht stockholders, mi and alter the 10th inst. Trainier Bonks closed until that day. anil OKO. T. HOPF., Secretary. CROTON WAT Kit It \TIIS?For Ladies and (fentlcinen, at the Merchant*' Kichange. The subscriber rv*pectfully inform* his friends and the public thai liis Bathing K*U?bli*hment for Cold, W?im, Shower, and Medicated Vapor 11 iths. is open d lily, (Sunday* eieepted,) at No. II, in the lltsement of the Merchant*' Lachiuigo, entrance iii William *tre?t, near the corner of Wall. Kor convenience, cleanliner.s, and comfort, this establishment is not to lie surpassed. The I.adien' Baths are detached from ihnse appropriated for < n'litleinen. ? ith an raelu*i*e entrance at the rorner of|W;JI and William streets. (If the armiiKemeut* of the rooms appropriated for the I.silies, the proprietor cm only say, that from toe favorable opinion* be*toWesl by several vim'- , tor*, he can honestly .mil justly pronounce them the he?t in the | On Wcdiieday and Thnmlay of every week, from 8 o'clock V. M. to in I'. Si , tlw Ladies will l?e waited upon by a res[?ctible female attendant, and no ore or attention necessary to coin- . mend this establishment to public favor, will he omitted. Prices?Hinglc Baths tl cents. I'lVe Tickets for $1. Dr. LittletWld, as ( hiropedbt, or ("on Doctor, always in at* ) tendanc*. l.Ol'IS J. BELLONI a Hi 3t n*cc 1 PsiRlUGUSE FtMALE PILLS 'I'lU'Sf Isr famr.l and celebrated Pills, from Portuml ne we i 1 l? rci'ive, to l?' obtained in this cmnitrj ,id\eit;?- ' inent on the last column, fourth pane | WANTED?At 61 Wall street, a few thousand dollar* of the Bill* of tlie Essex Bank, Guildhall, Vermont. aul2 lw*ec SITUATION WANTED.?A young English woman, with good recommendation*, it desirous of obtaining thesituation nf chamber, house or children's maid. Understand#plain cookmil. and could make herself generally useful in a private family. Application to be made at 311 Washington street. alC 2t*r 'T'HE 8UB8< RIBKH return* hi* sincere thank* to hi* friend* I and the public for the liberal |>atronage he ha* received ; and, as hehas made new arrangeme iu in hi? price*, he hope* that h? will conti ue to merit their patronage, and he i* cn ili* dent thai there in no bonne tint surpasiei hi* in serving uii Steak* and hope* And .is the husi'ie** smsob ha* commenced, lie w ill Ix1 in reuli'ir ; to serve Kreikf.Mt to merchants a id pnsengerg landing from xteamhoats, at an early hour. Di'inert from ltM o'clock to J o'cloi k?Tei* and f uppers till 10)^ o'clock. H. Bl'RGALEW, ti Heaver street, au 17 3t' r "TJKNTISWY p\R. GLKNNY, Surgeon and Dentist. ha* returned from the I / If.., I .. .1 ,...1 I I ,V. at No 038 Broadway. a!7 61* r OTOPPANPK UATll, n3TSoTBrSTdway, corner of W.IkC er street, respectfully returns Ills thank* to his friends mid the public lor the liberal patronaire with winch he liaa been honored for the last 2U yuan, and alio w hi le proprietor of the Arcade Bath, and during the eaterprse of the a'. Geoige Hotel, ho|*-? in his new, ereeted at a great etiiense for the et|ireu purpose of a bathing establishment, with ajl the latest impioveinciits and comforts, nothing ou his part w ill be negleted to please which haw hereto!" ire gained him the eitensive patronage of a liberal public. He flatters himself that his endeavors to please w ill merit a continuance of favors I* realter from his friends and the public. i IIMII.KH O. STOPPANI. Ladies' Dallis?entrance in Walker st. Price lor a Bath. 25 coots. a!7 2w is" in rpHK NEW YORK LEGAL OBBERVER?Juit pnbliS A <d, No. I.I, vol. 2, containing articles?1. Abolition ol punishment of de.iih fur Murder, by Dr. Mease, of Philadelphia? 2. History and Practice of Injunctions?3. Covenants to settle, future property?Reports, Chancellor Walworth's Court,House v. Housttf what Rre fixtures?Dower in mortgaged premises? ViceChancellor Saudford's Court, Le it v Wall and others-Sale of wife's real e.state? Rescinding agreement?Vice Chancellor Whittlesey's < ourt, Pettibone v V&nlteuM'lacr?General Baiking L iw?8ivcitie performance?Power of Directors to make contracts?Mater v. Bates et al. Receiver of Fanners' Bank,New Orleans?Banking Law?Specific \terformance?Court of Common Pleas, N. 1.?Morrill, Public. Administrator v. Jenkins, distress lor re it, subsequent to death of intestate chose ill action not distrain able?Uernson t Smith et al?Replevin?Damage? Ev idence?Verdict?English Case, tyuueu,s Bench, lle^. v. Badger, Refusal of magistrate to accent bail on account of political opinious?Miscellaneous. Published semi-inouthly at lie Ann street, N. Y. at $3 |ier annum in advance. an 17 I Mi S AMI'hi, OWEN. h.ditor and Propiieior. SEOARS. TOBACCO, SUGAR fc COTFi e. ^0 000 JLHT " EC hi V ED, of the celebrated Lord By. tJ\JyyJyJV' roll brand, consisting of Regalias and medium sue Segars. 32.000 of the Elnriila brand iln do do. 20,000 Low price Havana*, ?1?? do do. 11 Bale* ol Otiua Tobacco. ft Dale* of Ha vana ito. (i Cases <>f Free Labor St. Jago White Sugar. 12 Bags of suiH-rtor do Coffee. For sale by A. A. 8AMANOS, aul7 lin* r No. fi Wall st ami 889 Broadway. Mm# hkw a u i> LOST?A *m%ll whita, wire haired terrier bitch, young, and answers to llie name of KAN, was missed froin on board ship Southerner, hi Burling Slip, on lull lust. As it was a present, any one returniiiK it to us w ill receive tlie above reward. No ouestions asked. WOODHULL St MINTURNS, .?17 2tr R7 South street. M LOST.?On Sunday tlie 13th, a white French Hoodie Dog, \yilb a n il mint on each car, and answers the name of VETO. lie had on a brass collar with the ow uer's name upon it. Any nanon who w ill bring him to the office of this paper will be suitably rewarded. aull 3tec rff _ LOST. STRAYED OR STOLEN?A Bay -.ISSS^Horse, white star in his forehead, two hind fetlocks ' ^ A i ?hiii, a tlii. li hl.n-k mane, with a dark thick tail, growing about six inches out. At the Shephard's, on the middle road, where be was at pasture, or 7 Krankliii Market, a liberal reward will be paid for recovery. a!7 3t*r D1 SB ROW'S HIDING SCHOOL, 408 BOWERY. MR. D. has the honor to announce that his School is open for the reception of pupils, daily, Sundays excepted. For Ladies, from ft A. M. to 3 1'. M. For UNIMMO, I'roin 7 to !l A. M ., and I to 7 P, M. Highly trained and iiuiet horses for the road or parade, to let. For terms and particulars apply as above. au.'? 3m*r CJODA ASH?00 tons of high strength for sale by PE11SSE Si DllOOKS, al'm No. 61 Liberty st. MESSINA RAGS?SO bales landing and for sale by PERSSE St BROOKS, al7m (il Liberty st. TNTEREST1NG TO TilE AFFLICTED.?The proprietor A of the Hunterian Dispensary, No. 3 Division street, wishes the afflicted to understand that the celebrated Dr. Hunter's lied Drop is warranted to cure in any and all cases of disease of a private nature. Accompanying each vial is a comprehensive treatise, explaining every stage of this fearful disorder, so that a person with tlie most limited education, call understand. Any person buying this medicine will lie attended to until .i perfect and lasting cure lie in.ule, which generally occupies from three to eight days. Price $1 per vial, which is warranted to cur* in any caw, no matter now long standing or how deeply seated in the system, or no charge. N. B.?Private parlors lor consultation, with private entrance attached, where the Doctor may he found at all hours. This medicine can be obtained at Boston, at No. 3 Spring MOM. That sold in the drug stores is a counterfeit. Albanv?Mr. Win. Russell. Druucist. I No. 3 South Pearl street, and of liim only in that city. au!7 lt*r rioiTF.K, TW1NF., 1>I'< K AMI SALT-liii < . >?? ? very superior qunlity ol" English Sheathing, It to 32 oz 2U0 halea Bridrort Some, llerriiiK aud (Jill Net a Twine, ,'iji to 30 thread inn bolts Leith Canvass, Nos 1 to 5 100 do Pilot ("roton Duck, superior quality, Nos 1 to 1 Ml cases Sheathing Felt, well adapted for ships on Ioiik voyages In the manufacture of the above articles no exi>eii?o glared in material or workmanship. For nil-1 in lots to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS fc. CO. an!) ec Mi South street. LARD OIL?7i bbls very extra miality, for sale in Iota to suit purchasers, by E. K. COLLINS ik CO. aul ec 6t? South street. BLEACH I Nil"POWDER AND SODA Asli?OfsuKrior (inility, in lots to suit purchasers, for sale by aitiJ m PEHSSE & BROOKS, til Liberty st. CJTKAVV WIIA PPING PAPER?40iKl reams t'rnwn Straw O Paper, for sale by PERSSE & BROOKS, aul'! in fil Liberty at NEW I )i.|C! L HOUSE. com thi sale ok ALl THE PHILADELPHIA PUBLICATIONS, No. 2 ASTOR HOUSE. WILL BE OPENED on Saturday morning, the 19th inst., for the exrlnsive sale of the Philadelphia Periodicals, a new and splendid Periodical and Cheap Book Establishment, with the good will and support of the publishers. We shall have on our counter for sale on the 19th, and ready to ship to agents? Graham's Maga7ine for September. Godey's Lady's Book for September. Ladies' National Magazine for September. Beside* a large and various assortment of all the popular works of the day. Particulars in a day or two. (Jf/*"Country Agents, by forwarding their orders immediately, will have the .Magazines sent in advance of tl>? dav of publication. Address GRAHAM <k CHRISTY, al<> 2t*r No. 2 \stor House, New York. INDEPENDENT ORDER OF GOOD FELLOWS?The a I'nllowing Lodge* meet at 8 o'clock, P. M.:~ Constitution Lodge, No. I, Tuesday, at 300 East Broadway. Washington Lodge, No. 2, Monday, at 300 do do Jefferson Lodge, No. 3, Thursday, at Brooklyn. New York Lodge, No. I, Wednesday, at the Shaks|>eare Hotel, corner William and Duane str et<. aull Im'ec f EEC IIES L EEC I IEsTT LEECHES ! ! :-30,000 larg e and healthy Swedish and German Leeches, just received and 20,000 Swedish and German Lcccbe* daily expected, |>er Washington and Howard, from Hamburg, for sale at the lowcal market price at G. A. St II. WITTE. auir. lin'r Importers of Ltvches, 41G Pearl st. N. Y. KDM. C. COATF.S avails himself of the pleasure of informing the Ladies and Gentlemen of New York and its vicinities, tint he continues to Paint Likenesses at the shortest notice both Portraits and Miniature*. Those who will favor bun witli their patronage, are invited to call and see his specimens of the same, at his residence, 387 Broadway, WRM W h;te and Walker street*. N. B. Mr. C. alio continues to gi?e private lessons to gen tleinen. I.adies in classes Wednesday anil Saturday afternoons. Also, Landscapes painted to order, I'm in the smallest to the largest size. Those who with to make it their profession, can be perfected in all the above hrniche*. by applying as above. Daguerreotype likenesses correctly copied in water colon in 21 hour*. aul6 lm'ec PK' K si IP DHPFNSAN Y. TNOCTOR CARPENTER may- be consulted a* usual at him ol il established office, No. I Peek slip, near Pearl st. Dr. C. is x regular bred physici.tu and surgeon, and obtained his diplomat in this city, in the year 1813, under the hands and st?ls of John R.B. Rudgers, M. D., and John Stearns. M. D., then President and S. t retary of the New York State Medical Society. No connection with any other office. all 3lis*?c TO PRINTER*. F'OP SALE?A Fount of Minion and Nonpareil, which has been used on the New York Herald. Apply at this office, afl tf LUCINA cordiai:; o? Tiir. E L I X I It OK LOVE. J il olden lime, among the Jews, That man a second wife might choose? Whose first, by Kate's unkindly doom, No children bore to bless his home. A 111 ic teil thus, the Hoinan matron Pi ?>ed to I.iicine. the mid wile's patron; Egyptian ? ires, in such a crisis, < ailed to their aid the Priests of fsi*; And even now, the meek Hindoo? Wsrm as her clime, and tender, too? If childless twelve months from her bridal Flies weeping to her senseless idol, And with raised hands, in accent* wild, Petitions Drainah f >r a child; For well she knows, Love shuns to bleas The Hindoo bed of barrenness. So much for lose in days by-gone, And savage customs in onr own; But say, even now, does Love's communion Bless in ol H laud, a sterile union' Noj oft times conjugal felicity, Is thus disturbed?ay, e'en in THIS city. Vet may the barren, if they try The means "increase and muuit'Ijr," With "Love's Kluir" for her friend. The childless w ife's repiniiiRs end. But not the nrocreative power Alonk, is this Elixir's dower, Consumption's ills it will prevent, With vigor clothe the impotent ; Suppress a (fleet, whate'er its date, And all life's functions renovate; Eruptions from the skill it cha?e?, And brings luck beauty and the graces; 'Tis woman's trust?and ne'er deceives her. From Fluor Albus it relieves her, And <?ach disease, (with j>rn(ier care, too,) Her fair and fragile form is heir to. These are but TRUTH*, who call* them fiction Shall have stern proof in contradiction, Letters?all forms of attestation? Kriitn the s a n n i of every nation; With grateful missives from all uuarters. Penned by Disease and Qpackery * martyr*. iHiHHuin v> in* i?)_, wiiii iiuuerint; nreain, Almoat within the iawa of death; Now in their nightly prayer* repent. Thank* to Life's friend. in Naxaan utreet, \nd sometime" names the very iniiiilier? ".Ninety-two Nassau "?even in their slumbet ? ( Or, dr.'.iminii of Diaeaae* ordeal, t ry out for the "Litcina (Sordini." Terjons ordering this medicine from tlie country, b> -?>ii<I>iii{ , i irmitUiic, can liave it boxeil lip ami sent to any part of th<'niton. Price S3 per hottle, or $21 per dozen. AI?o for ?ale at s Ni rth nth <t, Philadelphia. aulff lm*ec NIAGARA FAIJ>. nKRSONS riiifinit th" Kalla, are informed that the whole 1 1 e?l?!ine of?t ii?'? and ateimboat fares, for returning by the 1 *ay ot the St Lawrence, Montreal, Ticondeuma, through , .ake Oeor*e to Caldwell'*, is $IJ 74. This in pruferahle to re- ' urmnc the utin way aram by I'tica, fcc. Lake Oonce la but *7mili"? from Sarafo**?food itafon jy|7 2taw?w r JTKA W t'AFK-K?1< 00 rtims nt tlmeti ?n- <or >i\le~b* 3 PKKS8Eh BHOOlU, I ir e* No. ?t Liberty itrcab | AUCTION SALES. THQM lb H H LL lu< tioiwei BV BKLL ?c HOW AMD. ( Stui ts Xo. Z2 .inn itrerl anil Itf Fulton itrut ) Thursday, At 10)* o'clock, in tlti* salesrooms. Piano Forte*, Painting* and Furniture?Without rvscrve, 10 splendid piano fort!*, by the be*t maker*. both uew and **cund hand. . . Also, a fine invoice of paintim:, lomeflftint furniture, etc., kc. I Alio, a superior and splendid assortment of elegant futniture from WeUumday. FRIDAY, At ln'vj o'clock in the sale* rooms. Regular sale of flaunt, fashionable, seasonable and staple dry j good* of all descriptions, clothing, fancy and pledged articles, hardware, jewelry. Sic. A fine consignment of sii|>erioi fresh imported dry good* and hosiery. ? SATURDAY. J At 10^ n'clork ill the salt* rooms. Larue sale of sii|ienor household furniture of all descriptions, by virtue of a mortgage, consisting of elegant brii?sel?, ingrain and venitian carpets, rugs, oil cloth, bed*. bedding, bedsWrtds, bureaus, chairs, tables, looking glaases, solas, wardrobes, china glass, and plated ware, various housekeeping articles, kitchen utensils, Sic. Also, a valuable piano fort". Also, two large iron chests. A At 11 o'clock, at the auction room. Laud and Farms Sale?Will lie sold without reverse, a tract ? of land Containing t28 acres, situate most eligibly in the town t til Palmyra, Pike count, Pennsylvania, known on tlw Konimis* sioners books as No. 118. It is '.l.'i miles from New Vork, from which tdace daily stages run within five mile* of tlw lots V map of the ilreinises and every particular information will be communicated on application at the auction rooms. To let the neat two story bnck house No. 37 White street, 'I very low to a irenteel family. F.nquire at tho auction rooms, or Mr. Hnrspoo), No. 16 Whitast. II. UUAltlJ, Auctioneer. CATALOGUE SALE iif Cabinet Furniture, Sic ?C. S. |i Smith will vll this morning, at in o'clock, at his a room Wi Broadway, one d>or above Read* st, an aaaortment'of t superior cabinet furniture, consisting of dressing and plaiu bureaus, marble top and rose ?oo<l centre lables, sofos, chairs, | (various pat erus.) secretary bonk Case*, work tables, enclosed waslist uids, cane and rash seat chairs, liair mattrasses, pillias- \ ters. Sir. fcc. i Also, an assortment of astral ami so!ar lamps, girandoles, t kc Also, four pieces oil clotii, will !? sold in loti to suit purchasers. al7 It*r ' BEN7AMTN~MOONEV,"Auctioneer. ~ AUCTION ftOTICK?Hardware, Cutler*, Onus, Pistols, l Fancy OooiU. Sir.?B. Moonev Si Co. will sell this day, at | 10 o'clock, at 91 Mauled Lane, a supetior assortment of Hardware and Cutlery, viz: 700 cloz ni|ierior I, 2, 3, and 4 blade pen and |Micket Unites; 1 ">n doz table and dessert knives and forks, stag guard carvsrs; 1000 carils i>en and pocket knives, lazors, scissors, &c. Also, hardware, vi*: steelyards, saws, sadlery, screws, locks, trowels, hammers, sledges, tea trays, table and tea spoons, shot bags, &c. Sic. Also, 100 sujierior double barreled guns, to close sales. Also, au invoice of pistols Also, an invoice of fancy goods. Sale without, reserve. Catalogues are now ready. ?17 lt?gc 11. H. TIMPSON, Auctioneer. HARDWARE AIM TION NOTICE?To the TRADF.JACOB S. PLATi'S Kourtli Fall Trade Sale of Hardware, this season, will take place on Friday IRth inst. at 10 o'clock, at lite Merchants' Eichange Auction Room, 21 Piatt street, consisting of the following Ooods. iu original packages, viz : Mouse hole anvils, bright tace and colter key vices, 5 eks * F.nglish sad irons, hooksand hinges, sledue hammers, balesh<>e tluead, composition tea kettles, iron weiuhtv llouenk lint's best warranted sieelyards, CntieriU't ami best patent l<ul( hinges, beedscrews, brass kettlei, fire irnui. Scotch brace and bitts, plated squares, bind and panned saws, Italtcr chains, cross cut saws, brass cocks, night and racking do, tea tiays, padlocks. ' Alio, Klfl grots table knives a id forks, pocket and penkives, razors, scissors. Hit:, of every description AUOj Leonard's hackstrap sbovels, Eddy's C S do, Parker Si White?s coffee mills, he. Stc. Also, in assorted lots. Hunt's C S broad hatches and axes, : shoe tacks, aw I bl ides, h it and coat houks, lianil saw files, 1 stubs and plates, shutter lilts,1'nippers, sheep shears, trunk locks, banbury do, trunk handles, Britannia teapots, and the usual assortment of oilier ^dods. ' N It. This sale is particularly worthy the attention of the city trade. aul7 2t*r O. WARREN. AM&gafg, TO IMPORTERS AM) MANUFAITURKRS.-WILLl AM LYALL IWMCtfaUV informs his friends and the public that his new Auction and Commission Store, No. 4W Broadway, opposite thu New York Tattersalls, is open for the reception of American and Foreign Goods, either at private or public sale. The store is 90 feet deep, and lias Urge show windows, and the light is also admitted from the roof, and is peril ips one of the best store* for exhibiting paintings. furniture, lamps, plated ware, china or fancy goods of any kind ; and the situation is not exceeded by any other store in Broadway ? Merchants. Manufacturers and others, that have goods to dis- I pose of vv ill find it to lheir advantage to de|>usit them at this < store. The commission will be moderate, and all moneys re- 1 ceived will b? faithfully paid over. N. B.?Families or other* that have Furniture or Goods to dispose of, can have them sold at the store or at their respective residences. Publishers ami Booksellers in* informed that at soon as a sufficient number of Books and Stationery it received, shelves will he put up for regular evening sales. alo lw*ec | FOR SAf-K AT Pl/RUr, AUCTION rIMIE RAH WAY MANUFACTURING CO. will sell at ' I- public Auction, on 17th August, at their Print Works, in I Railway, N. J., all the machinery, and moveable property of the company, consisting of printing and engraving machines, 1 calleuders, cop|ier cylinders, uye aoppers, dying and bleaching apparatus, steam boilers, steam engine. 2.S horse power, with I boilers, 2 fire engines, 2 patent balances, iron safe hydraulic and common press, large and small slide Iillie, with complete, set of turning and boring, and blacksmith's tools, an assortment of imported steel, and new and old iron, a quantity of drugs suitable for ealido printers and dyers, tubs, casks, and large cisterns, stoves, tables, benches, Stc. Catalogues of which may be had on application to Mr. Philip Ttussler, at the Print Works, or of FERGUSON St WALKER, jyl!> lm*r :>] William sir'"*. CHIP SOUTHERNER FROM LIVERPOOL. Consignees for this *hip will please send their permits on board, at west side Burling slip, or to the office of the subscribers, w ithout delay. All goods not permitted iu five d ivs mutt be sent to public itc re. WOODHULL St MINTURNS, an 11 ec B7 South ttreet. JaA TIElTl"oATkT"fEHit\ h'oTjsK^tT, let?aiofiTie , PvTR stock, fixtures, boat* and furniture, if required, for sale , I'lYli'1''"* advertiser wishing to start west the whole will be sold low. G. A. LANK, i ?I6 >w*r Hell (iate Ferry House, foot of With it, K II JmA TO LET?Saint John's Hall, No (I Frankfort ttreet. PjB Enquire of DAVID BRYSON. j 'i IL l'> 1t*m 46 Frankfort ttreet. ML FOR SALE OR KM II A M.E FORI ji'Y"PRO!''! PERTY?A small Farm of about sixteen acres, in the (ill 'iiirh-it state of cultivatiou. situated but five mile* from the llobokeu Ferry, leading to the city of New York. This property has on it an excellent 2)4 story dwellii g house, 3i by ( 'ij, built in the most approved stvle of the State, with outbuild- I ing-i and all other conveniences to make it tuitable for a trades- | man's residence wishing to retire from the bustle of the city, ( and yet be able, within an hour's drive, to visit his counting house, as two stages pats the house night and morning. It is also suitable to the market gard ier or small farmer, at the I same time taking boardirs from the city. But above all thit, J.iJ. :~l- ; i? * as the St. John's Ilall, beiuit situated Iwiweei Hobokeu and llackeusark, embracing the whole of thai nrvat irafic that passe* those plarcs to the interior of both tho?c states. New York and f New Jersey. The laid I* arm will be sold cheap, the present 1 proprietor having business in f'.iiKland | N R.?There is about six acre* of first rate potatoes; also . five acres of buckwheat; a quantity of youni; fruit tree*. Itc , . all in a flourishing condition Application to be. made to Mr. . WM. McDonnell, Auctioneer. 171 Chatham street, Lew ? York. , If more convenient, a portion of the purchase money may re- | main on bond aud mortgage- au6 lra'oc , MONTOOM ER Y~ HALL~ MONTGOMERY'. J ALA.?The proprietor* of this estahlishme-it, so favoJ^QLrably known to tlie tnrnlini public on the ureit tho- I rou^nfares between Charleston and Mobile, w determined to maintain the hipli reputation for comfort and liberality of ar- , rangement which it has so long, and they trust, uot unde- | servedly enjoyed. The buildings, which are very spacious j and conveniently arranged. have been thoroughly repaired. and , the bed rooms both double mid single, have been refurnished w ith new beds ami bedding, also, with every necessary article | for comfort and convenience. The jiarlors, both public and , private, an- large, airv, and elegantly furnished. These facili- , ties with careful and attentive servants, a cellar well stocked e w itli choice old trine*, a table supplied with every luxury that ,. the season anil market can afford, and the firm determination of , the proprietors to oinit nothing that will tend to the satisfaction of their guests, will, they trust, ensure them the favorable ? attention of the travelling public. An omnibus will, at all ? times, lie in readiness to convey pasaeneers from the Railroad ? to the Steamboats to the house, free of charge. W. TILLEY It CO. Montgomery, Juue 7, ISI3. ,, au Kra'r wum illinois! illinois ! ! Tl linoiS~!! !-Any mil person having for sale at a very low price, from 80 to 360 * icrea of first rite land, dry and undulating, in Vermillion *' County, m-ar I) uiville Illinois, may hear of a puichaser, by n]>- * pi) inii to james BHA\V, 121 K niton street, n. Y. or bv let ter po.t |*id, stating the lowest price per acre, the exact loca* 1 tion, the iiecnliar quality. and the quantity of the land; if improved, stating the particulars of such improvements and the manner iu which tlie laud is supplied with water for farming \ i'l il-' niatniK the ehei|?'st a-id most diiect route . trein New York city to tlie lards deacrilied. ' N. B. State the quantity and quality of the fencing on the land. j22 lm*rc new YORK It BOSTON cOUM> I'l LOT. i AWEN PRE8COTT. rilots, or takes charge as master and " pilot of ves?e|.? bound to New Bedford, over Nautucket Shoals, Boston, Portsmouth. Portland. Kennelieck, and OTHEU PORTS Office at Fry* fc Shaw's Nautical storv, Water street, corner Heekrrin. Itelere>ice to a number of merrhnits, and thesceral Insurance ( omiNuiie* in this city. Bosion m?il Port I ui<l ivii imi?r ~Nr.U~l.ISK. OK LIYKROOt, l'Ai;KF. i SmEV9>. Packet of 2Mh of August The elegant, fast sailiuii ? fivoritr packet ship sii)|)ons, c'apt k.b.t'ubb. \ will ?.ni ^unctuilly us ?bo?f, her rvguUr day. 0 i in- >||||? v-1 [Ml, mil' mr' ,111 Iinn> nun nurriM'll mil Upwards, n and llirir accommodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage puiH|eri il ii wfll known an* superior to any other line of ,, packets. Those wishing to secure berths should not fail to K mak< early application to ? W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. c 11 Peck Sliji, cor Somh street. ti Persons wishing to s?nd l"<>r their triends to come out ? in thi? favorite packet or any of tlie line, can ii? ?o on favorable , terms, anil those wishing to remit money cin li.ive drafts pays* * hie on demand, without discount or anv other charge, in all the B l>ost town* of r'.ngland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on appli- <j r it mil I. ,, The new packet shi|i Queen of the W?t, will succeed the Siddons and sail on tlie ICtli September, her regular day. ni an 16 r oi day. tli " KJK LIVF.RPOOL?Packet 16th SeptemberJpWVThe new splendid packet ship QUKF.N OK THK '' K.ST, f'hilip Woodhous#, master, J?M tuns, will sail on her regular day. the 16th Sept. J For freight or iiassage, having accom odations uncpialle.! for elegance and coinlort, anplv on board, west side Hurling tin or to WOODIIILL k.MINTl'HNS m South >1. ,. The I'm# packet ship Rocheater, Captain John Britton, 800 _ tons, will succeed the tiueen ol'tlw West, ami tail on her refill <r fUv, ICth October a!6r KOK NKW OKLKANS?Louisiant and ,Ne*? J V^vWrVYfuk Line?l'o?itl?eljr Kiril 1'acket?The , rt i"" L-' ship LOlfiSVILLK, Cap. 1 t^in M. Hunt, loading at OrWnt wharf, Toot of Will street, J! has nearly all her cirgo eof*?ed anil can take ?ome freight if immediate application Is made on hoard or to K. K. COLLINS fc CO., M South it. t' Shipper* may rely on having their goods correctly men ur?'?! Hit ii>I*?r* will p!oatr sen din th?*ir bills Iviinn ?Mrlv thi i day. ... Agents in Nfw Orleans, Huhn fc. Woodruff, who will f, piovnpiiv forward all koo<I.h to their addm?. The packet .hip HU NTSV ILLfc, Capt. 0. It. Momfonl, ,'i " ill succeed the L'OtisS'tlle aul7 r ilK- . J" OH VV'. Wf?0 RLKA NS?Kirit Packet si,,, WHe^VThe ftrst class racket ship KALAMA/Dd, Captain ^MNi*l{UMc('erre >. will meet with immediate de?i<nfch and : i.iil I Otitively on Kriday, lDth Antrim. ' i Tliis superior ship ha? unsurpassed accommodation for cubit. Ind cabin, and steerage passengers, ana only require W Of * immed in order to command a preference. For passage, apply .,j on board the ship, pier 11 K.att River, nr to . i,,,, JOHN HKRD.MA.V, CI K uth St. near VI all st. N. B.?The snbsci ihcr will despatli first class ship* weekly fur New Orleanaai.) Mobile during tl.e (all and winter,and the ,<<u?dgr will be at the very lowest rates aul'r AMUSEMENTS. ^ RIBLO M O A KDKlf. Din-dor, MR. JOHN WRITTEN. THURSDAY. Aumitt 17. I8U. GREAT AtTITACTION. BENEFIT OF (JABHIF.L HAVEL, Who will appear ill four mitrrtainmeilta. ir.tN.ght of the Bnlnuin Arilm. _ . . , ? I Iw Kimuih Dane* El /unaeado de Cadiz, by OmbfM R*. ' Lata Madimr Uton Javelli. To com |ud? with for the 71th time the H?rl?i?ln Comw automimr of ,, , . mazllmk. Harlequin, Gabriel Ravel. To commence >t a quaitar to 8 o'clock. Jrertun't" L? Pre ?ut Clerc?, H?ml4 After which new * <t varied iierfnrmancea 00 lh? TJOHT ROPE. Bv the Havel Family, Tojbe tuccecded by, 2d time in N?-w \ nrk, i new and original Hpaniih Dancc call, d F.I /.tpateado da Cailii, bv Gabriel Ravel and Mad one Leon Javelli. '1 o be followed by the BEDOUIN ARARS By the Ravel family. After which, 71th time, the Pantomime M M ZULvlH: THK NIOHT OWL. tatulmr, Mr Wella Chevalier I3.iri.ino, J Ra>ei .mile, < Jabriel Haul Marlon, Antoine RavH lahamatn, Mona Dauverijiie Krouiiro, Joteph Ravel 'olfiJU", Moil Maaaetti Motor. Mom Julie.ii Marina M'me Jerome Ravrl Jn'ie Mr* Hunt Zulim i Miaa Wella After which i'hn 9plenciid Orcheatra will peif'>rm teveral popular selection* of new Mutlo. Mutical Director, U C Hill. '' A ttrict Police will be in attendance, and treat cut t* ;?i ro prevent ihe <dmitaion of Improper peraout. rr Tickeu Fifty Ce.itt. May be nail at the Garden durlaf hejlay. ^ ji- A limited number of Seaiou Ticket* will be die* >o?ed of r*"/" No poatpniietnant at this eMiblithme it on aceoe "I o'' leather it the Grand Entrance froin Broadway t" the flvlooa i protected. and the nrw Saloon, which it re ili'Uled Imm ihe ,op and *id?M, can be oiwnftl at a momentS''"tire CHATHAM THICVriUt. O 'KAT ATTIIA* TION THURSDAY EVENING, Aug ITth The management have (real pleaauiv in annonneing tt? ea |ai(emftnt, for a few uighti, of the following du'iui'iithH ptr orniera .? MM. G VANDF.NHOFF, MR. FORBES. MR. J. M. SCOTT, Who will appear thin evening for tlie tecond Um? The performance to i ominence with the Tragedy ol OTHELLO. Othello Mr Fnrbn logo ; Mr Vandeiihofl Ca*?io Mr Walcott Rode iiro Mr Hunt Brabantio J Oreene IVidemona Mr* G Jnnee Emilia ; Mr* J Grwwm To eonclude with THE ADOPTED CHILD. Michael Mr J M Scott Dreat Circle 50 cenU?Upper Bnxea 2J ceiiu?Pit UV^ rent*. )oort will open at a quarter paat 7. and the Curtain will rite at a quarter before ft o'clock. ANRRIC'AN JtriTMRUM. GARDEN AND PERPETUAL FAIR. B T. BARNI'M, Manager. Now opened to the public a Splendid Saloon, containing arli :lea of Trade, Mamiliietu ten, the Aits, liiventioui, kc. making A PERPETUAL FAIR. Without entra charge for admiaiion Anions the many article* alteady deposited it the Rotary K ii mi UK l< doiii, tor m tnulactui um stocki ig*. gloves, and #< err irticle hi wearing apparel to measure *11 wnole, complete ana termless ! The whole operation of knitti'i IS PERFORMED BY A DOG! It will be in militant upexation every Day and Evening, u the greatest Invention of the ate The manager li.u engaged tliia w?k the City Brass Band of ren Musicians - also. Muter F. Diamond. the Banjo flayer \n?l Nefro Dancer. Mr. Wm. Cole, the Chinese Nondescript, mil liii educated Dog?Great Western, the Locomotive irtutatator, Ike., Brouwer, the Comic Sinner?Cerito, the Danseuse. Admittance to the Museum, Garden, fcc. 25 cents. Children half price. au<! ec PKAIiR'tl NirSEVM. ACARD-.MR. H. BENNETT, Manager of Penle's Museum, respectfully announces that the itove establishment will open on Monday next. August 21st. The Museum has been cleaned and renovated during the recess. The Manager is in treaty to obtain a most Wmideiful Living Curiosity, which lie has no scrupl" in asserting will he pronounced hv the public iii|K'rior to Tom Thumb, ( ss|>er Hamer or the Giant Girl.? Kurther particulars will be given in a few days. al6 Iw HOHOK~fM INCREASED ATTRACTIONS. F"EE INSTRUMEN TAL OUNORT". AT TllK PAVILION of tlie Elysian Fields? Every Affi tenioon. A Superb Brass Baud will lie iu attend ince on the awn iu front of the Pavilion, and |<erform a variety of new mil popular Airs, Overture* anil Marches, <tc , Ike. Tins additional novelty to the far lamed beauty of its scene v cannot fail to increase the pleasure derived from a visit to ;fiis favorite resort. The ferry boats ply to llobokeii from Barclay, Canal and Christopher streets. Fare only cents. _ an^ 2w*r A(?L' IT ALlANI.?IJl' Italiani di ijualuii';ne c iniliiione, e loro figli, ancorcho nati in Amrrica, residenti in quests piazza, comprendendoei nel loro mimero que' della Svizirra Italians, Trieste, provincie Illiriche. Dalmszia. Fagusa, Malta, Corsica e di og ii altra eontrada, la di cui lingua e Iulica, qualuniiue siasi il loro governo,risnettivo in ?urop?, sono invitati sd un' ssseinhlea cbe si terra alle sette ilella sera del H del current* .4 gnsto. nel Salone I'.ilinn (I. hair b r? street, al di supra del Caffe), per sentire, discutere, approval? o rigettare, a lor piacitneuto, un progettO teidente non irienoa raDdere nspettabile il loro nouie nazionale, e la loro coii'ianonalitm in auesto paese, chr a promuovere i loro interessi individual nelle diverse oeeupazionl, a cui si trovano addetti, ed a rivestirli di tutta quells considerazione pubblicae privata di cui godonogli itranien di ogui altra naz'one domicilhti nell' Unione Americana. ,\uova 1 ork I:? A^nsto IINU at! tM A MKPI'rAN HOTEL," NEW YORK.?Having compl* it ted ib?? repairs and alieraiions of the American Hotel, ant he adjoining house (which I have anneied to it) I respectfully inlicit from my friends and the public a continuation of their patronage. The situation is as good as that of any similar ea tabiishment in the city. It fronts on the Park, ana the Foun Lain is immediately opposite The house has been newly car..., .a ...j ... ..... ,u: ..ui,. ?i jllwdlm-rc WM. B C.OZ7F.N8. DOPE CUTTINGS, OTTER AND COON SKINS. IK. " 7 ball-* Tlope ( lilting* A small lot otter ana Coon Skins 1 barrel Beeswax?for sale by alfi 3t*ec WM.D, MALTBIE .21 Broad st. SPECTACLES.?C. H. PFAUZQRAF, Oculist and Optl J cian, Canal street, No. ti, (removed from Bioadr ay, 4J4) ms constantly on hand a laige assortment of Spectacles for hort sighted persons Also, every kind of Spectacle Glass. au3 lm*?c 1TATE OK NEW YOHK-IN <HAN< ERV-BEFORfc THK ASSISTANT VICE CHAN* ELLOK OF THE FIRST CIRCUIT. ANN E. YATES, ARCHIBALD WATT, and oihers. I N Pursuance of an order of this < ourt, mad* in the above cause,..will be sold at public auction, ondrr the direction ol he subscriber at the Rotunda in the Merchant's Exchajiget in he cito of New York, on Saturday, the twelfth day of Auflust ext. at half-past twelve o'clock, at noon, all that certain piece ir parrel of land situated, lying ond being at Harlem, in the welfth ward of the city of New York, hounded eaaierlv by the Mintsbndse road, westerly bv land belonging to Peter Meyers, he heir ol Jacob Meyers. and J B. Lawrence, and northerly by and of I Molt, containing t waive acres and an half acre, be the >ame more or leas Also, all that other piece or parcel of land, situated, lying, and , wing at Harlem, in the ward and city afoiwuaid, bounded on the weat by Kingsbridue road, on the north by other land of the .aid Archibald Watt, on the east by the Eight Avenue, and on he south by the other land <>f the said Peter Meyers, containng six acrea of and seventy-four hundreds of an acre, be the same more or ie?s. Also, all that other piece or parrel of land, situated, lying and wing at Harlem, in the word and city aforesaid, bounded on th? west by the Eight Avenue, on the north by ottier land of the aid Archibald Watt, on the east by land of the said Peter Meyrs. and Charles II. Hall, and on the sonth by land of John Meyrs, containing twenty-nine acres and ninety-six hnndredths of ii acre, be the same more or less. Also, all that certain other tract. Piece or parcel of meadow nd upland, situated in the ward and city aforeaaid, being iIm orthern Part of the island in Harlem river, bounded on tbe trth and ent by said river, and on the south and west by landa f Peter Meyers, Charlea II. Hall, and Peter Me\ers second, con* lining ten acrea and thirteen hundrethi, be the same more or *s. Also, all that certain other tract, piece or parcel of meadow nd upland, situated in the ward ana city xforvsaid. being the nuthem end of the island aforrsaid. bounded on the eaat ana uutb by said river, and on the west and south by land of the aid Peter Meyer* and John Meyers, containing t wo seres and wenty-iwo hit'xltudihs of an acre, be the same mora or lee*. Paled 20lh of July. 1R-I3. STEPHEEN A. DAOOETT, Master in CiumcmT. The above sale is postponed until the 10th inst., at the same lonr and place mentioned above. HENRY FULLER, Solicitor aug!3 lwec MEDICAL-AND SUHGK'AL CARD. YOUTH niVKIl DI8PKNSAR\ . 2(M^ Fulton atree*. nut a Greenwich?Dr. Merrison, Member of the Royal Collage nf Burgeons. London, continue to be consulted confidentially from B o'clock A. M. to 10 (' M. daily, on all diseases of a private nature, and all those distressing svmptoins consequent on injudicious treatment and the imprudent use of <)iiack mAlirirles. A regular medical education, with an extensive practice if over 8 Vftars, enables Dr M to adapt the proper remedies to lie various constitutions a? well aa to the various forma ofthoan usidions maladies. Pr. M. la daily consulted by patients ?h< re the leading symptoms liave hem only cheeked, till l?*vrig 'lie |*>lsou to link in the system, until ultimately it develi|?n itself in the di*plor?ble shape of "secondary Dphilis " III II cases Dr. M. warrants a i>erfect cur? without mercury or d<* eterious drugs, or confinement from business In tome forma if the disease, cures are |<erformed in three to live days, and in >roportion with malignant cases STRIC-TIJUKS OK I .'KKTHRA.?Obstructions in the rethra, sudh a? stribtnrea ami enlargement of the prostrate land. T Inpamed with much irritation and dull pain in those arts. ar? vine of the coiinerjuencea of mal-treatment. Dr M. nres strictures in a scientific manner, promoting their abaorpion w ithout any pniu. In some advertisements on the subject f atrlcturej the symptom* are defined, This ia deluaion?be auaeenlargement of the prostrate gland, Sic. would produca nalajoua avoivtoma. It is cruel to torture patient a with bouies, Stc wfun in reality there ia no stricture. Dr. M. is fluently conaiilted where patieuta liave been injured by such an ni'nii'T course, I OSSTH TTIONAL DK BILITY.?Thousands .>f >uung ien are suffering from the conae<|ucncea of indulgence in a w -et destructive habit, and whoae nerves are further injured from ie use of nostrums and pretended specifics, which stimulate onto induce gmiter depression. Dr. M. treats such cases on trely pnthol igical princiiilea, and never fails in establishing a itv. Strictly confidential. Letters post paid, and containing lee of $.1. will eusiin- prescriptions and advice; or for $10 medines will be forwarded and a cure warranted by the patient givig a history of his caae. Office villi's Knlton st. near (JreeMwich. N B ?With two or three exceptions, Dr. M. ia theonlyqualled advertising Surgeon in the c'ty. JfW lm r I OVF COURTSHIP AND MAKRMGE fl'ST Published, Physiological Mysteries and Revelation* 1 i?i Love, Cnnruhipand Sl#irri-%<j?"^ ?n I ?f.*lI bl** Onide Book, >r married md tinicI'*, on matter* 01 t^ utmo?t im|?ortance to M human race, h> Kline*'** Beckland. M. Translated from le thinl Paris *<! (ionTby Philip. AinunK thf matters duly considered in the work, ir? Mat>r% of serious importance to ?in*le anil young mvried nersont." Tha caunea of and certain cure for luirremic**. " The art* of rantv and ?ourtihip." " 1 he uaugnr of solitary practice*, and r>w tli?* habit may be removed and *? effects cured," " Tha iuv of K?vr and jaslousw with infallible remedial for ersdica n;* fr??in the mind fh?* itMH ofa hopMm or an unhappy pa .in " " Offirriiitf. h ith newly ditcuviml mod** boned on pci ititir principfria l??rth* prevention, or propitiation thrnof.'M? Ifitennirtiage.' " Ur**??, with the form and color* moat beni m f to the various akimpt and completion!." "The mo*t I'icimii "wwii iur nruioi K Aim moil oilier nvuirnui ?re?l in ?n,?'|r ,cwl married life, u ralato the principal ?ubt? iinivt* noted. "'>r "I* wholesale and retail, at 102 Nasiau ?treet, N?w >rk. ^Lorder enclosing 51, directed to HOLLAND It -V . LH, New Vork nty, will procures copy of the work ng tent to any part of the I'nited State*, or ike < jnadai or Fe copies will be icnt for %J welve Copim Will lie vol to "lie aildreaa lor |7 No nke<l or pint imiiI letD-ri taki-il out of the |?>?t office al11m<mw*K

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