Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 17, 1843, Page 4

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 17, 1843 Page 4
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Facta and Fancy. Ohio Rivm?At Pittsburgh, on Saturday, the ' River had twenty inches of water in the channel. , At Wheeling, the same day, there were two and i a hilt tert ot water in the channel?at a stand. The Cincinnati Gazette of Friday says? Navigation for medinm size boats continues unin- 1 terrupted trom this city down?and the small class, 1 like the Pinta, find their way up and down from ' Pittsburgh. I The Wheat Crop.?We apprehend that the crop ] is turuing out better than the most sanguine expect- J ed A friend in this village owned a field ot less J than five acres, which last spring had the appearance i of being almost entirely winter-killed We saw lvrn thretihnig it last week, and when about three- _ fourths through with their work, the hands were _ betting u >011 an estimate of the quantity?over or ) under 130 bushels. On being cleaned it measured ? out 170 bushels! In another case, at Onondaga li Hollow, two acres of around yielded over eighty bushels, and the crop o? 25 acres is now confidently expected to turn out 750 bushels, where not c. more than 500 was anticipated before harvest. JjJ In another retpect too the crop exceeds the product y of former years. It weighs 08 to 65 lbs. to the oi measured bushel, whereas ordinarily the weight * seldom comes up to 60 or even 53?Syr acute State Journal. c Ckops ?The w(feat crop in tins quarter is now b harve*tr-d, and some estimate may be formed ol ? jisquantity and quality. The last is excellent and b several samp'es have been purchased, weighing 64 pounds to ih- bushel. The quantity is not asgreat d as in some years, but may be considered a fair ava;age crop, and tar above what couM have been an- t ticipited six weeks since.?Seneca Obtrrver.. -I Odiv Fellowship News.?The annual meeting ol * the Grand Lodge ol the I. O. ot O F. of Mas.~a- r chusetts, was held on Thursday and Friday, 3d and c Uh instant, at Gneampment Hall, in Boston. P. tl G Rev E. H. Chapin was elected grand master ; [ P. G. Chaplain Thomas F. Norris, deputy grand J master; P G. J. H. Brown, grand warden ; P. G. William Hilliard Esq .grand secretary ; P. G. He- ' zekian Prince, grand treasurer; P. G. Rev. S. Lo- J veil, grand chaplain ; and Past Grand Master Daniel Hersey, graud representative ; P. G. A. Guild fi an additional grand representative A very full representation were present, from the subordinate Lodges?great harmony prevailed. The Order is very prosperous in tins State.?Oliot Branch. r Too ooon a Joke to bk lost.?It has been stated , to us as a tact, that the candidate for the Legislature ai in this end ot the State, not long since while enga- o Red in canvassing one of the counties in his district f bordering on North Carolina, became so anxious c' in his endeavors to secure his election, that he ac p tually crossed over the State line and went to work ,c busily among the farmers of Buncombe county, ? North Carolina, to obtain their votes. It is said that > he had progressed several miles into the old North J State, on his labor of love, before he discovered that he was out of his range. This was "talking ] to Buncombe," to all intents and purposes.?A'nox viMtiTenn) RcgisUt. Charity Hospital.?Report tor '24 hours, ending J at 6 o'clock last evenin* :? Admitted, 8; of yellow c level, I. Discharged, 9; of yellow fever, 0 Died, 2; of yellow fever, 1. Vellow fever patients re- ^ maining. 10 Whole number of patients, 321.?N. ' O. JtuLttin, 9th. ' Thk Brittaknia.?This noble ship, the pioneer of i the line of mall steamers between Liverpool and -1 this port, was taken into dock on her arrival out in 1 May last, for repair. We learn from uieut. Roberts, " now of the Acadia, that on close examination, every p timber was found perfectly sound, and in every par- { ricularas strong and secure as iron and wood could ? make her. She has been coppered and fastened, c and several recent improvements added to her en- a gine, which has been thoroughly overhauled, her ? fittings and furniture renovated, bilge logs added, in li; fact every thing has been doue toadd to her appoint- ,(l inentd f ar the comfort of the passenger, that science could suggest. She may now be pronounced one s t>l the best steam ships afloat.?Boston Transcript. '* Ccy The 68:h arid 81st British Regiments have re been ordered to encampment cm the Plains of Abia nam. i ne rau^ tor tms movement is, mat ine soi- t), rtWs are all affected with sore eyes.?Munlreul Herald. C Counterfeit Notes on the Farmers' Bank of F Va ?The Norfolk Herald say9, within afew weeks jj pis-t we have seen two notes 011 the Farmers' Bank ai of Virginia, of the denomination ot $30, so well executed as to deceive any but the best judges. " One of them was taken by a merchant a lew days t ago from a stranger, in payment for an article par- (< chnted by the latter, to whom the merchant gave J,1 $ 19 in change. r, ????gp?>? ?i tl OFFK'K OK JEFFERSON INSURANCE COMPANY T, ?Office 30 Wall street. This company continue their bn- |, siness of insurance against lo?? or damn*:*' by liri*, ou goods, 0 wore* and merchandise, and also on vessels and their cargoes, agaiust loss by inland navigation. DIRECTORS. Thomas W. Thome, Elisha Riggs. r Thomas T. Woodruff, Benjamin R. Robaon, John R. Davison, Francis P. Sage, j Thomson Price Joseph Allen, t John H. Lee, Johu P. Moore, Moses Tucker, James F. Holmes, c Caleb C. Tunis, James R. Whiting, ii Anson Baker, Wm. K. Thorn, t Joseph Drake. Irad Haw ley, s Johu C. Merritt, Thomas Morrell. S THOMAS W. THORNE, President. <)EO. T. HOPE, Secretar.-. ml] jgb g CIRCULAR?To the sub agents of Parr's Life Pills, iu the five New England States:? Bos-row, Aug. J, 1843. Plosse take notice that the agency of George Robisru, of Bostun, for the sale of "Parr's Life Pills" in the New England Si aes. lias terminated; and that we have withdrawn from .him all right to use imr name on the pills, boies, labels, wrappers, tic., designating the "Parr's Life Pills." _ Any further acts done by you as sub-agent for the sale of said pills, will therefore be without authority; and if you receive from ?iid Geo. Roberts any more boxes of pills purporting to o lie the genuine "Parr's Life Pills," and sell or dispose oi the STine, you will do so at the peri! of using a spurious article, and p of interfering with the rights of the sole proprietors. . An age'it w ill be appointed immediately, in the place of the !i *4id ffoorjre Roberu. from whom a of the genuine tyill* l-. ran be obtained, and due notice will l>e frieen 01 his appoint- < inent. Vntil then please address Thomas Roberts & (Jo. (norelation of t^eorge Roberu,) No. 304 Broadway. New York. 1,, aulO Iwer THOMAS ROBERTS CO. J* GREAT IMPROVEMENT IN FRICTION ~~ MATCHES. r A NEW ARTICLE OF MATCHES, without brimstone L -?*.or any other offensive quality, and actually waterproof, h*? m? lately been patented by letters patent of the United States in iiij favor of the in vent or. W. K. A shard, and are now inantifac- ani tured and offered In t le public by the Proprietors of said pa- wl lent at No 161 Blnk-r street. New York, where all who wish w l to purchase good nia'ches are invited to call auil prove them. dei And all persons whatever are hereby notified of the said patent j and warned not to violate or infringe upon the saine in any tin manner, lest they iucur the oenalties of [he law in such case*. ou These matches ignite with ease and certainty in all wetthers me and climates, and burn with a brilliant flame ; and if idaced in a vertical position, will continue to burn Ion* enough to several lettnrs with wax. They may lay immersed in water for hours and days, and it is believed even for weeks and when taken out and dried, will ignite and burn as before. Three quail- j tie. of those matches are made and sold as above, namely?No. !, Extra and Perfumed. The latter are agreeably scented and fit for ladina' toilets. Exporters, aegar smokers, housekeepers, and all who use tnatchua. will readily perceive how decided the advantage |K)ssessed by tlK-ae over all otliers. Orders and communications to be addressed to j Ci. BOWK.N, No 1CI Bleeker st. jv2l lm*r Age.ut for the Pateiue?a and Manufacturers. ? 8HI&T MANUFACTORY, o AND GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING STORK, v> fJQ N1A1DEN hANl',.-.Just received the latest and most ex " approved French mttern shirts. A general assortment of in shirts, under garments, hosiery, cravats, handkerchiefs, ?r. U hbirts and under garments made up to order ajid repaired at th short notice. For sals, 100,000 skeins black and light dyes new- lii tng silk. WM. COLLINS. m jy2ft Mdys r ^1 __ fr INDIA TEA COMPANY. r, 188 Canal stkkkt, New York. EM Ol 1? Al?r,D by tlw? satistaclion given mice the opening of their establishment respectfully invite tl? attention of rnerrluuti and families to their ample stock of snperior Tra? and Coffee, purchased for cash, by one of the firm, low? esperienced rr in the tnde.aud for years an inspector of Teas imported by the *< East India Tea Company, of I,ondon. Tlier confidently recoio 'I mend tliem, not only aa the beat in quality, but a* cheaper, fro "j 10 to 1J iwr cent than can be had elsewhere. All orderspromptl and faithfully eiecuted. auHlm'm n _ u. M. PEYSEIl, 8c CO., v J ^O. An William street, corner of John street, and <37 Broad- {'j way have received, by recent arrivals, an extensive supply nf the following FANC Y tiOODS, winch were carefulU seJected by a competent person at Paris. Berlin. Jtc.. and which {.| tltey offer lor sale, in wholesale and retail, on liberal terms, ... cl Berlin Zephyr and Oerman Worsted?the most complete as- c, sortrnent. t n Berlin Embroidery Patterns?a choice (election. Ciuvass for Embroidery, of cotton, worsted, linen, silk, gold Mid silver, of all widths and qualities. Silk ( limiille, for embroidery, trimming and flower making. Furn Twist, Uerinan, French and Eugfish, plain and shaded, in skeins, sm In, ami on uoi h. I- loss silk for Embroidery and Fringe makers, in skeins and on spools. Suspendari, superbly embroidered, and Stispejider Trimmings. void, Silver and Steel Beads, in all Nos. ' lother ol t'?-irl, Gold, Silver and Steel Purse Ornaments. <?ol?l and Silver V ruige, Braid, Cord, Twist, Thread and fi Tassels. _ \ Embroidery Frames, and a variety of different Fancy Arti- i, las. 'Vl Artificial Flower*?a choice selection. J" Fringes, of cotton, worsted and silk, imported and domestic ,,'fl Oimi*, J aasels, Buttons and all other kind of trimming Jy 17 Uro?ec DWILHELM8. No. 2J4 Broailwsy. opposite ilie Fountain * his received a Uric supply of Goods, which he offers wholesale. and retail, at very reasonable price*? ?? Berlin, Ze|>hir, wor?lcd. (ierman, cariiet and shadad Worsted Kmhividery Pattern, * Imintiful selection (:?Nt?u of erery deacription W i-ted. Silk, ottou, Oold ,ind Sil?er, Lmhroirieriea, Trim; iiiiiik mid Flower rrnkiiiK I henille n Flo?? (tud I'urae Silk. i'lain find ahadedj J Artittcid Flo wen Mia K'*theri 01 A ureal ?ariety of rait iron Work ol I'erlumery, lo I* told in |mrka#na from 'a lo >* fTo?j, at very in low price* _ tl Faacy Note t'aper*, Waferi and Knrelopen, toHf-tlinr with a w large a??.run<-nt of fancy article*. (More*, Work and Hejrar ? ' a??* ci Rings and Taasels for purae* anl2 lm'ec \1<>\ y.\ fo LEND Ahkaham j jackson, pawnbroker, No. m Itaade atroet. near Broadway. loan* momy in large or tmal I aiinu, u nw) b? required, on watche*. jewelry, ailrer ware, dry y. Mia. wariUK apparel, and parental properly ol e*ery descrip. ei I mm. JyJ? lw*r 1 LARD -IJ bt>l?. ??r> choice L?rd, lor sale by k. ti COLLINS ft CO. }' an |A mi M Month atreet ' \\T l( I I I N i > PA I'I I! J *? IflOO ream* low priced ruled foolscap. 4 V jflO d i <I" do letter For ?ale by J 2 all ec I'LK&SL ft UJIOOKSJU Lib?t> at. " HIB H EXcSkNGE!HOTE^BB?HBH FIK subscriber woulil inform his friends and pblic (hit he liaa lately taken (hi Kichauge Hotel, No 2? t ourtlaadt itreet, in the cily of New Sork The whole hum bu lw?n thoroughly repaired, and refurnished in ?n elegant and commolioui niaiiuer, ami in ft cry arrangementalwMit the eatahlishnent hu creates! desire has Iwen to furaiah ev?ry Uiinf that the ipirit of the age reouira* fiom competitor* lor pvbhc favor. It* ocaliou in the business |?irt of the city, and convenient proxiunt> to the |Hjint? of arrival and departure of the steamboat and -ail road line* of couitniinication, particularly recommend it to he business and travelling community; while, at tlw same time ill moderate charge* will he adapted to the time*. He has Krai I so fortunate a* to sr< u r? the service* of Mr. Erastus Phelps, one of the late Proprietor*, w ho will be the inucipal manager, w hich, of iUelf. lie leais Confident will be he best guarantee that can he offered, that every thing will be o conducted a* to giveentire *ati*lactiou to thoie who shall avor him witii their lutrouage. , , , , V. B. RYERSON, New York, July ?, l?43. aj lm*rc BOAKDING REDUCED. \TALTON MANSION HOrSK-326 Pearl .treat. Frank>? hu S.iuare, New t ork.?J. >owler He Sou beg leave to turn thank* to their friend* aud the public in raienl, for the beral lupnort they hare received for several year* pa*t at the Jove hotel, and nope. bV atnet attention to Imtm^ tn ini'i if a nitinuance of tlieir favors, the proprietor! having reduced the ices of Boarding to 60 cents per djy, or two dollars lifty 'iits pai week. I'he house is situate in the most business part i' the city, being convenient ta the Albany, Boston and Plula*ll hia steamboats: likewise to the Loiidou, Liverpool and ristol packets. Tin above house needs no comment as it is ne of the most airy and s|>acious premises in the city, having large yard with a fine spring of water, with every other requite to make it comfortable. In fact, the above house combines lore comfort in its line of business, than any other in the it*. The senior proprietor, being always 011 the premises, he rill see every atteutiou paid to Ins guests, not only by himself, at by his agents and servants. Ales, wines, spirits, xc. 3 cents glass. Fine London and Dublin porter, in draught and ottle. P. 8.?Private rooms for families. No charge for storage. N. B ? No connection whatever w ith the Waltou House next .nor. j2 2in*r ________ _ N THE BELMONT HOUSE, NEW BRIGHTON? The Subscriber having titled up this establishment t a great exjiense, for the comfort of his friends anil he public, and grateful for the very liberal |iatronage aleadv bestowed on him, trusts by his exertions to please for a ontinuance of it. lie Ih'k* to inform them that he has still two double and lirer single rooms unoccupied which he will let oil terms low n suit the times, if immediate application be made, and will e happy to accommodate |<ersous wishing to enjoy the beauty ud advantages of this place. The situation is one of the most desirable 011 the Terrace.? laving a very fine large bathing house directly in (Vont, the oarders can eiijoy that luxury w ith the greatest convenience nd pleasure. Tne steamboats ply constantly throughout the day to and rom New York. GEORGE P1EK1S, Belmont-House, New Brighton. June 28th, 1843. j30 r ~KL1Z A BETH FORI1 HOTfc L. ELIZA BETH PORT, NEW JERSEY. PIE subscriber begs to announce to his friends and the public^ that he has taken said Hotel, (lately kept by E. Alricli,) which has undergone a thorough cleansing ami repair, nd is now o|>en as a public boarding house for the reception 1 visitors. Tlw table will be furnished with every variety the market (if>rds, ami every attention will he cheerfully bestowed that will onduce to the health, comfort or enjoyment of visitors, with rices to suit the times. The near proximity of Elizaheth|>ort > New York, renders this a desirable summer retreat for merhants and others, engaged in busines iu the city, as the steamoats Cinderella and Waterwich leave New Vork,>nier No. I Jorth River, and Elizabethport every two hours diariiik the ay. JAMES MOORE, jyl# lm*r SJEW LEBANON STRINGS is the most healthful and ' pleasaut place of resort for visitors during the summer aonths, ill tlm United States. Visitors from the south, who intend visiting that place, will ml it the most expeditious route to land at Hudson, thence by ailroad to Edward's Depot, where stages are iu readiness to arry them to the Springs. The cnrs leave Hudson at 6 A. M. and 4 P. M. or on the atrial of the boats from New York, and passengers arrive at the Iprings in three hours from Hudson. a3 3w*r lETRENClIMENT THE ORDER Of THE DAY. VTOTICE to Citiiens of New York and Strangers sojourn in u > intheCity.-GOS LING'S SPLENDID DINING IOO.MS, Nos. 61 and 66 Nassau street.?The immense patroage which has been extended to the subscriber by a liberal and nlighteiied community, has enabled him to enlarge and imrove his Dining Rooms so as now to accommodate two hullred !>ersons at one time. Whilst making these additions to is favorite and well known establishment, he has not been onliudful of the still greater comforts and conveniences of his ustomers?having thoroughly ventilated the light airy saloon, nd detached the kitchens, so as completely to exclude the ffluvia and heat which necessarily arises from cooking for two r three thousand ix'rsons jit day. The walla of the saloon live bwn embellished by some of the most elegant and costly !il Paintings of the ancient and modem schools: marble mlrs and statuary, and busts of Washington; Napoleon, Jtc. kc. The bill of fare surpasses all others in any part of the United [ates?including stlmon of 30 and 40lbs weight, at 18 3-t cunts r plate, with anchovy sauce, butter, bread, Sic.; all kinds of ast and boiled meats of the besl qualities, with bread and getables, at 6 cents per plate; green peas, new jiotatoes, aspagus, strawberries. Pastry of all kinds; turtle and other soups eaks. cho|>s, ttc. and one hundred other different articles of e choicest description, at prices equally low. Best Java Coffee, green and black l'eas, at 3 cents per cup ; hocolate 6 cents, Sic. Sic. Attentive and civil waiters are employed, who speak the rench, Spanish, German and Dutch languages. Every* article served up iu the neatest possible style?and in every department of the establishment competent and exjierieuced overseers re placed. Having visited and being conversant with the mode of busiess of many of the best conducted Dining Saloons in Europe, Lme.rica, and the West Indies, the subscriber feels no hesitaion in assuring his fellow citizejis that his establishment is In* erior to uone that he has seen in any Bortion of his arrangements?besides which, the superior qualities and low prices of very article included in the Daily Bill of Kare must, in that es|>ect alone?exclusive of all other considerations?render it be very ne plus ultra of Eating House on this Continent.,, The establishment lit* been supplied throughout with Croton Vater, which passes through improved filterers^ and the Saion is open every day from 6 o'clock A. M. until 9 P.M.. and JOHN At OK FAT. A? the season is advanced, the present stock of summer >ods will he sold low. au3 lin *r ITATrHKH.?The largest and most splendid assortment of ? Watches in the city, is to he found at the subscriber's.? he it constantly iwmnf all dMCriptiona of Hold and Silf Watch*, of the newest style*, direct from the m.mufacrert, in hngland, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to Fer a larger assortment, and at much less price*, at retail, than y other house lu the city. Gold watches a* low as $211 to ch. Watches and jewellery exchanged or ((ought. All str.hes warranted to keep good time( or llie money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired in the beat manner, J lower than at any other place in the city <i. (;. ALLEN, imiKirter of watches and jewellery, lm*ec wlwlgw and retail. 30 Wall street, up stairsPKACtfR* FOR HALE. IMIK Subscribers have for sale about Six Thousand Baskets 1 of Peaches, on orchards, growing in Delaware. Tliese rchardt are three and four sears old, the trees all budded, and ii **foriSt kinds, and uncommonly fine, even for this u. iiK-iruii, wr mum, Mill compel* Willi any lit may go into any market. We offer lo net I them by the uket delivered on the ? liarf at Delaware City, or any oilier ay ?e ciui. Tim buyer to give lecurity for llie fulfilment of >n tract. Any one wishing to pnrrhaac can write, or rail and nee the rcliarda and ?ub?cnber? near Delaware City, Delaware. All mimunicatioiif muit be noil paid JOHN C CLARK. wm. n < Lark REMOVAL TO NEW YORK. ['Ill- LOSS . | .i t, and Lc?? no hindrance to (In- act of ' ? ... lOlIN I-'. THOMAS, I ii.k UK M.ikii, in . ?!*? tfally informi (lie public that lie lia? remnwd from Phi delplua to No. 472 Water ?treit, cornet of Plkr ?t New Vork ity, where he contmue?|lii manufacture Artificial I.imln, on I'Un tiie luoat cornvt and leui fumplliated, liavinit, through eaiity invented, made, and worn an artificial leg for fort) an. and hem a manufacturer fur thirty-Art yean, te?l? i .inli?n( of kiviiir aatufaction to all who call on him for Lrgi, [audi. Anna, ot the common woodeu Leg*2 Jm*iu n Sundays from 7 o clock A.M. until 8. j9 3m?r HENRY GOSLING. BOOK-KEEPING. "PHOMAS JONES. Accountant, 183 Broadway, continues I throughout the Summer months to receive pupils who are ractically and thoroughly instructed iu the various duties of he desk. Private lessons .ire given when preferred. Published and for sale by the author as above?44 J one's Trinities and Practice of Bookkeeping," 8vo. $1 60. This work ihs beeii adopted in many of the lirst Academic institutions in his country. ami his heen republished m EagllML K??r a vnopsis of tnis improved method of teaching, see art. 2 Hunt's Merchant's Magazine, Dec. 1842. Accountantship?Accounts adjusted in rases of dispute, litiatiou, insolvency or death. Books oj*ued or balanced. a3 Im#rc BUTTONS. PATENT AGATE BUTTON DEPOT, PaTKRSON, New Jersey. THOS PRO88EE, jy2S lm?r Patentee. DALE <te MAXWELL, ~ No. 2 CEDAR STREET, NEW YORK. 'OLE Agents in the I'nited States, for the French Re|>ort 1 of Fashion, translated into English, with Pattern Sheets. Mtume* ttc. for tailors, dress makers and milliners, received >m Paris on the arrival of every Packet. Those who w ish p only original French Fashion now sent to America in the i^lish language, can have them by calling as above. Terms of tlie Elegant, or Tailors Fashion, Five Dollars per ar, issued monthly. Le Foilet, or Ladies Fashion. Ten illars |?r year, issued weekly, with eighty four line colored el engravings l>er year, or seven each month. jy29 lm*r \VM, T. JENNINGS & CO. JRAPERS AND TAILOKS, 231 Broadway, American ' Hotel, opposite the Fountain, solicit attention to an assortiit of seasonable goods, including Cloths, Cassitneres, V t*t;s, See., in all the new and various styles, under the assurce that the system of " small profit* and quick returns," lich has elicited so liberal a patronage, will lie continued, lile our arrangements are such as w ill enable us to fill all orrs in future with promptness. K feature in the establishmmit, which must commend it to ise requiring articles for immediate use, is the addition to r stock, of an assortment of first quality ready made (iar nts, consisting of Surtouts, Frocks, Dress Coats, Pantaloons, Vests, _ Office Coats, Travelling Frocks, Dreasiug Oowns, Stc. \ choice collection of Silk and Satin Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Glove*, Susiienders, Hosiery, Under Shirts, Utiwm, Mn*lin Shirts, Collars, 8cc. prim winch must offer inducements to purchasers. y?4 ln*K CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. PHILLIPS. Merchant Tailor, (lair of 7 Astor House, ' Broadway.) im|imi?l with iIih necessity of meeting the igency of the tunes by the reduction of In* prices, and findK It impossible to do so while subject to tin* enormous out>s a Broadway location neceivarih incurs, ki.m determined on eonlv way to effect this?without di*i>nraKeineiit to the quaty of hi* garments: he has. tlierefnre, removed lii? established to I'M NASSAU ST H.EET, corner of Beekinan. where ntlwnen can now he supplied at a deduction of ten per cent om his former low price*. The followinjj is submitted merely as a s|>eciuien of til* irrgoing assertion ? Superfine I oats made in the best style from $16 to $18 Kxtra do of the finest quality, - 18 to 22 Challie Vesta, - $2 76 S. I'. begs leave, in conclusion, to observe, tlie above articles lay be relied on, ill all respects, to tie of the most genuine demotion, mil lower than any other house furnishing the same ii ilit. of Mticw*. jyl liur HEAP < \ >11 TAILORING EST A BLt 8HMKN T 7 :m I'EAKL, LATK 108 BKKK.MAN STREET. rllK Subscriber, well know ri for the cheapness and durabi* lity of his work, desires to inform his patrons and the blic, that he is now, to suit the economical tendency of th? ines, making garments of the very best quality, at a reduction ' 20 |ier cent from former Prices, and leas, it is believed, by 20 I cent than garments of the same quality are made by the leap houses in this city. In order that gentlemen inay understand what is'mean' by teapness, the following bill of prices is submitted to their nisideration, with a guarantee that the goods shall be of first ,te oualitv, and the tit unexceptionable Superfine west of England ("loth Coats $12 10 $18 Pants of black or fancy Double Milled Cass, J to 7 Vests, of Silk, Satin, (kc to 4 Making and trimming, in the beat style, at the following iee* : ( oats 6yi to $8 Pants and Vests, '4 to % AM orders effrulMl with nunctualltv and dejuiatrli ~ MEDICAL. MEDICAL CARD. rjFFICE. No. 1* Fulton itmt.?DR. FAWCETT.MemV-/ her of tiie Koyal <'olle*e of Surgeons of London ana K.dinhurkti, and Member of the Jefferson a]ndical College, of Philadelphia, s'lthor of several woiks ou the generative organs, kc.. confine* his |Uactica to a certain class of ualicata diseases, in all their various stages und complicated form*, the wont cases of VMiiuaal affections will yield to his mode of t rent men t. without raatraiut in diet, hindrance fioun business, and without tnercury. Constitutional debility, impotency, sterility, seminal weakliest, nocturnal emissious, and all thoia deplorable diseases which an' brought on by a secret destructive habit of inconsiderate youth, aud other etcessive indulgence* .if the passions, which undarmiiM the constitution ana lay the foundation of premature decay, (see l)r. Kawcett's work ou these subjects) can be radically cured, and the parts restored to health and vigour. Strictures of the urethra, attending as far as the prostata gland and neck of the bl.idder, and which is generally produced by the bad treatment of disease, and frequently it origi viui iauiLiuj cuiru, uy ur. raw c?tt, at 106 Kullou stri-et. I'. 8.?Dr. F. is tlia oldest advertising Physician in the city ; his diplomas from Loudon. Edinburgh, and Philadelphia, are hum; u|> ill large frames in his office, when his works can b? obtained. Price 50 cents. jy27 lm'in TllK I'KIVATE TREATISE?This littU book itself is * designed for those who require a s|>eedy and private cure for certain infectious complaints, and lu which the best and most convenient treatment in a plain and faithful manner. Ths price is $1. The present advertisement, however, is to state that th? author has now published the most interesting chapter ?that on the causes which render these complaints so obstinate and lls|ail| ill the form of a single letter, which he supplies, free of expense, to any one w ishing it. llis reasons for doing this are given in the letter itself: and in this, also, will be seen ' why so many |>ersoiis suffer ou from mouth to month with a complaint wnich is so prone to affect the mind as well as functions of the body, and which it so easily and speedily cuft-d i when once its nature is explained. t But lest it should be supposed that the letter here referred to e professes more than it really contains, the author begs to state, i that beside his long experience, he lias testimonial letters on ' the subject of his integrity and skill from the most eminent s physicians iu Eunipe to the most eminent in America, as Sir i Aitley Cooper to Dr. Mott. of New York, Dr. Physick, of t Philadelphia and others; and also that he is i*rmitted to refer ? to almost every qhvsician of eminence in the city. a Dr. Ralph would also further state, that he is consulted on (! diseases of this nature at his private residence, No. SB Ureeu- t wicli street, at any hour, and those who honor him with their 1 confidence, even in the most complicated state of disease, will be surprised at the ease and quicknees with which, in general, they will obtain a cure. jylllm'r ( THE MEMBERS OF THE NEW YORK COLLEGE r OK MEDICINE AND PHAKMACY, of the city of <, New Yoik, established for the suppression of quackery, in re- > turning thanks to the public, and the regular medical practi- t tioilers of the United Slates, for the liberal assistance rendered < tliein during the last year, in suppressing the shameless imi>os- i! tun s?wish respectfully to call their attention te the following <j prei>ar itious which have been tested in every manner bv the I Collide during the last year, and although the result of years \ of exi --idler of the first medical men iu Euro!*, have far ex- j ceeded llieir most sanguine expectations. r EXTRACT OK THE GENUINE SARSAPAR1LLA, f THE COLLEGE OF mSDUJINK AND PHARMACY, Ii Of the City of New York. s This article has been prepared at great expense, according to i the new process of the Parisian pharmaceutics, and is conli- \ dently denominated the only really valuable preparation of Sar- 1 sa|?rilU now oft'ered for sale in tliis country. Together with 1 the active principle of the Siinilax oflicivalis?the best fspecies i of the root?the college have incorporated the peculiar modification of sugar, whicti has been termed glycyrrhizu. In the " Extracts" of the nostrum venders and certain druggists, the common extract of liquorice is the chief ingredient, and can ] readily be detected. But it is iirojier to state that in must cases t this extract of liquorice is adulterated, and contains copper de- I rived from the pans iu which the decoction of the root is eva- J tHirated. The College wish thus particularly to guard the public against the jiernicious tendency of hnxtuiws containing lime ollsi.tilie. of thi. no!.,,.,..,! Ii.,,,..ri^ "I.'.tr^.? prepared by the College, contains also au appropriate quantity < of the peculiar crystallizable principle, obtained from that va- " luable \egetable bitter, Gentian, (so called from Oeutius, King t of Illyria, who first discovered its great virtues.) A small poi> * tion of the active constituents of the Laiitus Sassafras, alio- s titer vegetable, whose efficacy as an alterative and purilier of s the blood is well known, has likewise been added. These se- ( veral articles have been incorporated, and their peculiar priuci- j pies com|Hiuiided in a highly couceutrated form, and the result j lias been the production of a vegetable alterative and tonic, uu- > equalled for |>ower and efficacy. # ? The College merely add the following extract from the edi- ] tion just published of Brande's " 1'ractical Dictionary of the t Materia Medica" :? ' " This article has been prescribed in chronic rheumatism?in i obstinate cutaneous eruptions?in indolent uh'ers?in glandular affections?in diseases of the bones, attended by dull aching , pains, tumors and nodes?wasting of the flesh?and it has , proved a valuable reined v, and has sometimes effected a cur* , where other alteratives Inve lieen long administered in vain, i and wheu.the|disensed state of the system has been of many yean ' duration. In the after trea'ineut ol syphilis, and in cases where , mercurv has injuriously affected the system, it |K>sse?ses pow- | ers not hitherto observed iu any other article of the Materia j Medics." Sold in single bottles at 7i cents each. t " In cases of half a dozen bottle*, $3 60. t " " " one dozen, $6 1 Cases forwarded to all parts of the ITuion. j THE UNRIVALLED TONIC MIXTURE, I For the cure of all the protean forms of dys|>ej>sift, low spirits, J loss of ap|>etite, lassitude, debility produced from youthful in- t discretion, or an impaired constitution. The College recoin- \ inend this grateful mixture as emiin-iitly adapted for the iuvigo. j ration of the whole system, and the complete cure of all the a distressing maladies for w hich it is the appropriate remedy. I] Sold in large bottles at $2. Small do. $1. In cases contain- t ing half a dozen, $1. Carefully packed and sent to all parts of ii theUuion. t PROFESSOR VALPEAU'S CELEBRATED SPECI- r FIC PILL, t For the cure of Gonorrhoea, Gleet, and all'mocupulent dis- t charges from the Urethra. This justly celebrated Pill has ef- j fected more good since its introduction into this country by the s College than any other medical discovery has done for the last quarter of a century. Its effect is truly astonishing on the uri- 2 nary organs, arresting the most obstinate disease in three or | four days, that formerly required a medical course of from 1 eight weeks to four months. I Sold in boxes at $1 each. < , THE PARISIAN ALTERATIVE MIXTURE. , For the cure of primary; or secondary forms of Syphilis.? This powerful alterative is composed of a combination of botanical remedial agents, which exercise a specific effect on those terrible and loathsome maladies. One of the members of the College having been connected with one of the principal hospitals of Europe, has had ample opportunities of observing the operation of this specific, and he has been so completely satisfied of its value, both froin his exlierience there, and from having cured every case with this mixture that came under his observation since he has been connected with the College here, that he confidently recommends it as the safest and best remedy for this class of diseases. All persons suffering froin secondary Syphilis should use this Mixture without delay, as it is the greatest strciifetheuer and t purifier of the constitution at present known. t Sold in Isrue hottle* at Small (In ft I In piim mhuSm a iuK half a doaen $i. Cmrefuily packed anJ sent to all parts uf s the Union. SIR ASTLEY COOPER'S PILL. For the cure of cutaneous eruptions, gout, chronic rheumatism and to improve the tone of the digestive organs. This invaluable remedy, long and successfully used by the great man : whose name it hears, is now first offered for sale iu this couutry, in boxes of 5A cents. THE RESTORATIVE PILL, ' For the cure of those complaint* peculiar to the female set, ' and to restore and preserve the regular action of the female or- J cans. This preparation has been in use by the most distin- ] guished practitioners in London and Paris, and its utility has been established beyoud cavil. Sold in bottles at Si each. a THE AMERICAN ANTI-BILIOUS CATHARTIC ' PILL. ( This Pill?one of the happiest combinations of which modem J1 science can suggest?has been prepared for the peculiar use of ' those subjected to the trying vicissitudes and influences of our American climate. Th<* effects of Particular climates on the 1 healthy exercise of the (unctions of vital organs are only be- J ginning to l>e properly studied and understood. Unlike the dis agreeable and drastic purgative of the nostrum venders, this preparation does not irritate the bowels, nor produce piles and f other distressing affections, but by exciting the whole alimen " tary canal to healthy action it carries olf all the vitiated secretions, purifies the blood, aud gives new vigor to the vital powers. J Sold in boxes at 50 rents, with full directions for use. IMPORTANT Td THE UNFORTUNATE. A Cure Guaranteed?The College of Medicine anil Pharmacy f of the city of New York, established for the suppression of [ quackery, is now prepared to treat all diseases of a private nature, and offer to all those alflicted w ith these distressing mala- 11 difs, advantages not to lie met with in any other institution in " this country, either public or private. From the constant cor- " respondence, and from private arrangements, between the inem- U bers of the College and the most eminent Professors of the Medical Institution of Europe, all the improvement* in the tr'.itment of these diseases are forwarded to them long before .. they reach the majority of the medical profession of this coun- * Willi such advantages together with the combined skill of v th" lost medical men of this country, the College feel satisfied J' in.ii trie good work they have undertaken, the suppression oi y quackery " will receive the patronage it deserves from that 1 portion of the public requiring their services. Terms, for advice, ami all medicines, $5. ' N. IV?Patients living at a distance, by stating their disease 1 explicitly, in writing, uiviug all symptoms, together with the J treatment they received elsewhere if any, can obtain a client 1 containing all medicine*. with full directions for use, with a [ guarantee of cur*, by addressing the Agent of the College, j>ost ' paid, enclosing $5. hy order, W. 8. RICHARDSON, Agent. ' Office null Consulting Room* of tl><< College, !?7 Nass 1U ,t. '' j > 22 Imr j dtKOO RKWARD?CR?88'BPF.MFIC MIX TURK for 1 <ip<jvjv/ the cam of OonorTnon, Gliwt, Stricture and analogous complaints of the organ of generation. 1 Of all retriedic* yet discovered lor the (above complaints this 1 is tl>e most certain. n It makes a s|*?dy and permanent cure, without the least restriction lo diet, drink, ei|H>sure or cliange in application to I1 business. We give no long quack recommendations to deceive the pub- " lie. II the medicine does not speak for itself no one shall " siieak I'or it. Our object is to notify where K can be had, and '' the proprietor challenges a single case of recent Gonorrhoea to be bruuglit, in which the mixture will not effect a rapid cure, , under a forfeiture of $.'<00This is h disease that unfortunately pervades all ranks of society?high, low, rich and |>oor, matrimonial and single. They are here presented w ith a remedy by which they can cure themselves w ithout the least eiiiosure, in the shortest time |H)(si- 1 ble. J Further, the 'disease cannot lie contracted if a doie of the i mixture is taken at night on going to bed when exposed. Il is put up in bottles with full directions accompanying it, at Si a Dottle. One bottle lasts a week, winch generally cures ?many are cured in two days. For sale only at Wm. H. Milnor's, 192 Broadway, comer of John street, opposite Franklin House, New York ; J. Jones, corner of ( hestnut and Seventh streets, l'liiladtlphia : nnd at J. M. Smith's, 13# Washington street, Boston. jy 13 lm*rc OUNBURNT, YF.LLOW. OR DARK SKIM LEAKED and Kruptions, Bite* of Mosquitoes Cured: by the use of a cake (ay. very often half a cake) of that most surprising invention called the Italian < hetnical Soap, The more this is used the more astonished are people at its wonderful effect.? Last week it cured no less than three cases of old scaly salt iheurn, lor which medical skill and the most powerful lotions had lieen used in vain ; hundreds have been cured of freckles, tan, sunburn, and morphew this summer by it. There are many who do not try it, because it is " puffed in the papers. This we are obliged to do to introduce it ; we can, therefore, conscientiously, recommend it a* almost infallible in any cutaneous aruptions or disfigurement, such as pimples, blotches, freckles, tan, scuivy, salt rheum, erysipelas, barber's itch, bites of bed bugs, galinippers, lie. It gives the skin, a youthful, i healthy bloom and freshness. Persons living at the South should never be without this. Captains, merchants, and others, liberally treated with. A small fortune might be made by an enterprising person to bring this to a warm climate. Sold at .Vi rents a cake, by T. Jones, at his wholesale perfumery store sign of the American Kagle B2 Chatham street, N. York ; ana by these Agents?in Philadelphia, by Zieber, corner Third ann Dock streets, or next to the American Hotel, Wash ngton, D. C. ; in Boston, 8 Hiate street ; in Charleston, I * S. ( 2W King street ; in Albany, 57 State street i in Brooklyn, 139 Fulton street. j>24 lin'm NOTHING WILL BF.AUTIFY, DHKSS OR CLKAN THK HUMAN IIA IK so well as a three shilling hottle of Jone's ( oral Hair Restorative. It make* the hair deliciously soft, dark and silky, and will keep it ?? thrice as long as any other Hair stuff, beside, it positively possesses these qualities. It will force the hair to grow, stop it falling off, cure scurf or dandruff, and mike light, red or grey grow naturally dark and beautiful ; we sell three shilling bottka of this, that the public may try it without ei|>ending a dollar, as is ibe usual charge ; we know it is pretty much all represented, and are not afraid : but people will buy more?let persons give it one fair trial, and their will lie well satisfied. They can see the names of the molt riftiwcubh' prrtoni at onr ?tor? who have uwl ihn, and recommend it. Sold. 11 ice 3, S or ft nhilliiiK* hottlc, at the nirn of the A me- I rican Katie, M Chatham itm t, ff.i Amenta,/leber, 3 l.pdn *r liitilditiita, I'liila ; (tabling, H State utr'-rt, Botlon ; 47 State < m , AIInm) ; 207 King ?t., Charleston, S. ('., or 139 Fultou ?t., f Brooklyn, I ^ NivIm Ihatiif pMto null' hvm ihi old Naplei Soap, I " ?0la hrrp for three >Ti 1111 iiica a ho* ; it makes one of the earn.' I J?t. thickest. and inoat Ustiug latlier of toav made, it is beauti. k fully sera ted, and put up u> aeat jars| jyMila*m| MONTHLY RETORT OF THE NEW YORK MEDICAL AND SURGICAL INSTITUTE, No. 75 Chamb^.Btrret.^ immw% CASKS HUtttDBt ULLI "I'tlbA l c-y. 3 Seminal Weakness. 2 Enlargement of Uw Heart. 2 Inability to hold the ITrin. 3 Midwifery. 1 InlUmmatiou of tlx Bladder 4 Secondary Syphilis. acute. 9 Primary Syphilis. 4 Inflammation of the Eye*. 13 Gonorrha*. 2 Cholera Morbna. 5 (ileet. 2 Ulcerated Breaatl. 2 Onarism, two under tmt3 Fluor Albua. meut, doing well. 4 Ulcers about the neck of the 6 Buboes, by an ifnproMd womb. method of treatment. 1 Sore Nipples. 4 Rheumatism, acute. 2 Falling or the womb. 2 Scrofula. I l'uruluit discharge from tha 4 Cutaneous Eruptious. ear of a young lady of 1 Delirium Tremeus.1 eight years standing. 1 Croup, child. 1 Enlarged Liver. 2 Dyspepsia. SURGICAL OPERATIONS. 6 Hermoorhoidal Tumors re- 1 Canctr of Breast removed, moved from a lady who 1 Adipose Tumor removed had 'eeeii a sufferer twelve from the face. years, and lias resulted in J Urinary Fistula. a iM-rlect cure. 1 Tumor removed from the 1 Fistula in Ano. eyelid. 3 Abceases in the Anus 1 Fracture of the Arm. 5 Stricture* in Urethra. 2 Injuries of the Heed. 2 Intlained Testicle. 1 Hare lip. . . 1 Hydrocele. 1 Contraction of knee joint. DR. H. BOSTWICK, Attending Surgeon and Physician. C. McMANUS, Apothecary and Secretary. a4 lmec PARR'S LIFE PILLS. rIE following decided and extraordinary cure effected solely by the u*e of PARR'S LIFE PILLS, s confidently submitted to ouch and to all who test a medicine ly its own merits. The sale of this wonderful medicine has xtended all over the world; and the benefits resulting from heir use is emsrienced byiwrsous in all climes and countries. Die agents of Parr's Life Pills are daily receiving authenticated titemeiits from persons in every rank of life. Such an accunulatiou of facts, ou the most honorable testimony, cannot fail o convince every intelligent being of the almost miraculous liaracter which this popular medicine has deservedly earned s a safe, siieedy and certain remedy. Instances are occurring laily of persons who w ere almost at death's door being restored o sound and vigorous health, solely by the use of Uiis neverailing remedy. kTo the Agents of Parr's Life Pills. Washington it., Boston, 18111 June, i?J. Jfiiitcmen? With gratitude and pleasure I announce th? cure wrought on nyselfby tlie use of Parr's Life Pills; iny whole system was Iwanged; I was so costire and bound up that existence to me vas a punishment.. Sometimes the heat of my body was such hat I perspired with the least exertion, and so much that iny 'lothes would be quite saturated, which soon brought me jo n, and I became very thin and weak. I applied to three liflvrent doctors, but got no relief. I next applied to the Inirinary, but all to no pur|K)se. 1 then tried your Pills; but ne'er mail had less faith in advertised medicines. I .took three >ijls at night and two in the morning; never was medicine more mid and soothing ill o|ieration; but these were the only effects or some lime, yet they were to me a great blessing. 1 kept :onstaiitly taking the pills for four months, and found them :radually overcoming my ailments, until I was at length retored to perfect health. I can now most cordially vield faith o the cures set foith in your little book, thoui;h 1 confess r vas at first vervesuspicious of them. You are at lilierty to pubisli this, for 1 think a greater blessing was never given to man[ind than what experience tells me has beeu conferred by the isc of your medicine. Yours, respectfully. WftLlAM pearson. They are sold retail at. most of the respectable druggists in *Jew \'ork,and by duly appointed agents in every city and own from Maine to Louisiana, Canada, the British pruvinces, iavana, the West India islands, and South America, in boxes, -0 and 2,'i cents each. jy20 linr THOS. ROBERTS 8i CO., 301 Broadway. WORMS KILL THOUSANDS. CHILDREN are most subject to them, but persons of all ^ ages are liable to be afflicted with them. Bau breath, paleless about the lips, tiuslied cheeks, picking at the nose, wasting iway, leanness, pain in the bowels, joints or limbs, disturbed leep, frightful dreams, moaning and sometimes a voracious ipp?tite, are among the symptoms of worms. Many are docored for months for some other imaginary disease, when one >ox of Sherman's Worm Lozenges would effect a cure. Dr. Ityan, corner of Prince street and the Bowery, cured a man of orins that was reduced to a skeleton, and by only one box_ of Sherman's Lozenges : he is now as fat as an Alderman. The ion. B. B. Beardiley has saved the life of one of his children by hem. The sale of oyer 2,000,000 of boxes has fully tested thein. l'hey are the only infallible worm destroying medicine known. What family will be without them 7 Consumption, Coughs, CoUls, Whooping Coughs, Asthma, ind all affections of the lungs, will find a healing value in Sliernan's Cough Lozenges. They saved the Rev. Richard De Koest, the Rev. Mr. Streeter, Jonathan Howarth, Hi.),, and that worthy old hero, Leonard Rogers, from the consumptive's grave. I'hey cured ill one day the Rev. Mr. Dunbar, the Rev. Mr. Hand:ock, Win. H. Attree, Esq., of distressing coughs. They irre lie pleuantest cough medicine and cure the soonest of any inowa nmedv. Headache, S3?a-sickness and Palpitation, relieved infroinfive o ten minutes by Sherman's Camphor Lozenges. Persons atending crowded rooms or travelling will (ind thein to impart itioyaucy of spirits and renew their energies. Those suffering rom too free living will find a few of the lozenges to dispel the lorrors and lowness of spirits. Mr. Krauth, of the Sunday klercury, has repeatedly cured himself of severe headache by hem. Captain ( hadwick, of the packet ship Wellington, lias ritnessed their efficacy in a great many cases of sea-sickness. i Sherman's Poor Man's ['faster does upon rheumatism, lumago, pain or weakness in the side, hack,, or any part of he body. Mr. H. C?. Daggers, 30 A nn street, Henry R. tiouldiig>35)s Chatham street, closes J. Henrique*, Kso., and a mulitudeof others have experienced the wonderful effects of these Masters. Trice only 12^ cents. Caution is necessary to see hat you get tlie genuine Sherman's Lozenges and l'la^ters, as here are many worthless articles attempted to be palmed off in ilace of them, by those who would tritle w ith your life for a hillin|;. Dr. Sherman's warehouse is at 106 Nassau street. Agenta, 110, 73,4J9 aud 601 Broadway, 227 Hudson street, 188 Bowery, 77 r'.ast Broadway, 86 William street, 10 Astor House, 139 Fulton itreet, Brooklyn; J. II meson, Williamsburgh; Trim*., Broad itreet, Newark; Van Yorse, 89 Chesnut street, Philadelphia; liuthrie, 4 Stanwix Hall, Albany; aud Redding Si Co., 8 state it rei:t, Baton. allec IWaLLIBLE VEGETABLE REMEDY for Uyseutery >- aud Diarrhoea. OwK.r.o, New York. I hereby certify that l am acqmftnted with the composition >f this Syrup, and that it is composed of vegetables entirely, utd of those that have no injurious effect upon the. human sysem. I have frequently tested it in severe cases of Dysentery ind long standing Diarrhtca, and it has invariably controlled lie diseases EZEK1EL LOVEJOY, M D. Owego, June 12th, 1843. 1 hereby certify that I hart closely observed the effect of this nedicine in various cases of bowel derangements, and am (ally innviiiced that it is highly valuable, and that all who are .(flirted with obstinate Diarrhoea and Chronic Dysentery liould have its benefit. E. B. PHELPS, Physician and Surgeon. Owego, Jnne 12th, 1813. For sale at MILHAU'S Drug Store, 183 Broadway. jy23 lm*r Vf ADAME COSTELLO, Female Physician and Graduate as Midwife, offers her professional services to the ladies of his city aud country. Having had long experience and surpri:ing success in the treatment of diseases incidental to her sex, .pprises ladies on the point of confinement, or those suffering rotn suppression, irregularity, obstructions, (fee. that she will le happy to afford a comfortable temporary home at her resilence, where they can always have the best medical treatment ud the most matronly care and nursing, or if preferred, will vait on and attend them at their own houses until perfectly reovrred. Madame C. particularly begs to impress on the minds if the delicate, that she officiates personally in every case, so hnt hesitation or dread need never be apprehended. N. B.?Madame Costello would inform ladies residing out of he city, whose health would not admit of travelling, that she vould devote her i<ersonal attendance upon them in ally part of he United States within reasonable distance. Madame C. can be consulted at her residence, 34 Lispenard treet, at all time? aud with the strictest regard to the wishes of ler patients. All communications aud letters must be post paid. j>26 lin'r FEMALE MONTHLY PI M.S. V/T ADAME COSTELLO-Female Periodical Pills?Onar " anteed in every case where the monthly jieriods have lienine irregular from colds, tic. Their certainty of action has ong been acknowledged by the medical profession, and liunreds that have uselessly tried various boasted remedies. Care > sometimes necessary to their use ; though they contain no ledicine detrimental tt the constitution. Advice given gratis [> all those who use the Pills, by Madame Costello. 34 Lispeard street, corner Walker and Canal, where the Pills are sold, 'rice SI |ier box. jy26 lin*r DK.. THOMAS' SPECIFIC PILLS " ilTHEN so many are suffering in consequence of a certain de?" licate disease remaining a longtime unc.u red. it becomes ery important to obtain a remedy that can always be deluded pon to remove such complaint from the system soon enough r> prevent the possibility of its leaving any weakness or debiity, or incurable functional derangement in the ptrts affected. It has long been a subject of serious consideration with the nedical faculty to discover some medicine or combination of nedicines, that would never fail to remove at once the pain aid inllammation, and at the same time act ax a s|iecific in renoving the first causes of all this unnatural ami diseased action n the organs subject to this complaint. The peculiar strucura and organization of the parts, render it very important tint lie medicine used to restore them should contain nothing liable o do injury, by simply removing the external evidence of dis?se, before the disease itself is entirely removed from the svsem, and thus lull the fears of the patient into fancied security, o lie awakened at some future day to the alarming consequences hat follow too surely such a course of treatment. Dr. Thomas's specific pills will speedily and safely cure the nost complicated and seveie rases of this disease, by removing lie fust cause from the system, and at the same time gently stimulating the organs to a natural and healthy action. Auv one acciisiniiied to tlie lung and tedious as well as unleasant course required with other remedies, will be astonished i) find their complaint pleasantly ami safely removed in a very hort time, and the system restored to |?rfect and natural action, iot liable to lie disturbed by the weakness aud debility usually eft after the occurrence of this complaint. Agents?At 79 Fulton street corner Gold; 77 East Broadway orner Market street, and 273 Broadway, corner Chamber street. 'rica $1 j v 26 Im t n#.A i iv%t'iviiiNAn.i tvurtr.,. ohff.rouk i'kii obkn dicok. r\H. JOHNSON lnl?-H this method of informing (the public tint hi- still affords p-lief to the afflicted of both sexes, and my hi' always consulted with the utmost confidence in the vorst cipes of secret diseases, or any ol tl fleet* resulting rom the tine of mercury, or the mal-practice of iiuacks. The bllowing Mtrsct of a Tetter in tin-possession of I)r. Johnson, learly illustrates the triumph of knowledge ami experience iver modical quackery, and at th" same lime shows the great lecessitv in the public discrimination between the regularly ducated physician mid the chailatan. Ji an Sin:? I put myself tinder the csre of a nostrum render when my lisease first appeared: lie promised to cure ine for one dollar, mil in ide hut light of mv affliction. Instead of improving I lec.xme none every day?my appetite failed, I wa? unable to ittend to baaine?s, and alter expending $120. thi? rile imposter mil the impudence to tell me he waa not a doctor, but merely old hii ituff. In this hopeless situation a friend hired a carin^e (not being ahle to walk .it the time) and dnitt me to your ifftce, 17 Duane street. Von examined my cane and promised 0 cinv me. Vou ha\? |>erformcil your undertaking in a short line. As I now enjoy [>erl'ect health I think it my duty to hose afflicted to malte this statement public through the press. TIIOVIAM J. THURSTON. < ar|ienter, I Munroe st., N. V. A medicine may be had of Dr. J. to prevent the above disease n any of its numerous forms. Office o|>on from 7 in the morning till ten at ni*ht. auId lm*m HAND'S STAIN EXTRACTING FLUID, for taking y out s|>ots of pitch, mint, grease, oil and stains of all kinds rnm woollen, linen, silk, cotlon, and other cloths, without inuring the color or texture. This valuable chemical preiwraion will thoroughly eradicate any soil or stain from the finest is we|| m the stoutest fabric almost instantaneously. It should ie in every house, and in every one's |Hisseasion, and those whfr five it one trial take pretty good care to keep a supply on hand -having once found out its usefulness they would not think >f lieing without it. Full directions accompany each phial. To be had of U. A. Banter. 23(1 I'enrl street, up stairs, or of iVood Jk Morrison, !> r "200 < ireenwich street. vQ) New Vork, ind almost all reputable druggists in town and country. Be particular and ask for Slnnd's Stain Extracting Flnid, mil observe the label on each phial is signed by the proprietor ii his own handwriting. Also may be had as above Shand's celebrated compound Ala aster, the most popular and efficient article known for rcmovIIg tail, freckles, pimples, blotches, whitening and cleaning In skin, Vr jy 13 Im'rc 1 I ITHKR AND FINDING STORK, Spring itM, I* two <|.>ors from llw corner ol Washington street, uesi Minion Market, New York. Constantly on band a general asortment of Sol* and Upper Leatlier, Black Morocco and Kid tknis, willi Deer, tioat and Lambskin Bindings,Shoe Threads, 11.11 11.1.1?... HIlMf 1I10B li..? ....I I ?.L ... ,ining?, Boot Cord and W?h!i?, Boot Tn*?, LmU, lUminrr*, I 'incen, Awl? itnil.Tuclii, with * full nasorlmrnt of Mhormt- I eri Tool?,.?| the moit approved iMttrrnt. I ?0?1# "l WAKIltN 8. YV1LKLV, ' ^! "HAVE YOU HEARD THE NEWS 1" DR. COOKK _ RETURNEDKROM ENOLAND 15 E8PECTFULLY inform, hi* friend* and patron* throafhoiil tin United States, Cdiiida, North and South America* the British Colonies, he., lhat having all the latest important information from Euroiw, ha ii universally informing cures ol the wont alas* of V enerHal Disease in it* most aggravated form*, with unprecedented exiwditien an?l dispatch, and may again be consulted aa usual* iwrsoually and confidentially, at hit office No. 3 Norton street, Albany, N. Y. Dr. COOKK attends personally to hi* patiruta. . , , COLORED ENGRAVINGS, descriptive of Disease in both sexes illustrating all it* moat mv lign.uit lurin* with a complete Practical Treatise on Venereal Complaint* and their immediate and remote consequences, including observations on certain affection* of tlie Uteru*?may If "aminedat any time if desired by the unfortunate at the Hospital, where patients will I'lnii it both convenient and advantageous to board and lodge with Dr. Coolie, who will comfortably accommodate them while under medical treatment, until recovered. Whatever celebrity Dr. Cook# nay have attained in tlx treatment, ol Disease, he believes to belong to no other by that name in tlii* country ; this well known Physician and Surgeon, who has no Agents, and is not connected with any sftnilar establishment in the United States, can be found at the Albany Lock Hospital, No. 3 Ncrtou street, Albany, N. Y., and no whure al?e. The unfortunate will pleas* " attend to thi* part of lhair duty, take due and timely notice and govern ihemselve* accordREMEMBER NO 3 NORTON STREET, AL It wiu l'ir? 111.11 <i iciurr camioi r*isi an mink as no luipt-oiiueiu to the How of uiinc is observed, whirl) it tjuite a mistake. A stricture often eiists for years without producing any very striking change in tliis re*|?ect; indeed a diminished or interrupted stream of urine belongs only to the worst of cases, and it is to prevent this very state thai these remarks are published. The advantage, however, which ignorant advertising lieople take of this erroneous notion is very cruel. Kvery body knows how men of this description swarm about this cilv, and tliat they w ill sell their nostrums as long as any one will buy them. Now, it is a fact, and one which every real physician will immediately acknowledge, that Ml the medicine 111 the world, alone, ran never cure a stricture. In Proof of this, nothing is more common than for the w riter to tie consulted by |<enons who have lieeii taking all manner of things?as colored drops, and pills, and cordials, and the like, for many months together, but whom, on seeing the real nature of the case, he has cured in as many days. With a view of preventing these impositions,-therefore, it seeins desirable to lay before the public a few plain circumstances by which a Stricture may lie known, which can be easily done : for although the symptoms of this disease are numerous, there are threa of e?|iecisl nniiort, and these three may lie stated very briefly?they are the following : The first relates to Thk mannkr or rmisatirrn.?It has been already said the stream need npt be much diminished or imiieded. Hut observe attentively, after it is finished and the clothes are re-ailjus^d, whether a drop or two will ever steal away, so as to wet a little ?nothing is more indicative of stricture. The neit is Thk Timk a OoNoKitHfKA has niMii.iin uncintb.? It is difficult to say how long a Oonorrlnna or (fleet may run and not produce a stricture, for one is naturally more disposed to stricture than another ; but, as a general rule, if it should be suffered to go oil beyond six weeks, this alone would afford sufficient grouud at least, for the suspiciou of a stricture. The last is? Thk ErrrtT a Rtbictuiik ha? rrno thk miptd.?Th? effect of Stricture is to depress the spirits and to le?3en both D _ L_f? JL- lvI3 Imr PROCREATIVE ELIXIR AND FOWDEKZ FOR STERILITY. 'THE Undersigned has the pleasure to annoimca that ha has succeeded in obtaining the exclusive agency of the juslycelebrated " Elixir and Powdars," for the Uuited States, fu all cases of incontinence, painful and difficult menstruation incipient stages of consumption, languor, debility, night sweats, and wakefulness, it is surprisingly efficient and cetain. Its chief and great celebrity, however, is in eradicating every symptom of that state of tne functions superinducing sterility, is too well established to require comment. Indeed such has been its success, as to make it doubtful that what is usually termed sterility in fact exists, since by the use of this wonderful remedy, iiroiierly persevered in, a cure has in all cases been effected, auJ what had been supposed incurable natural defects proved to be only some deranged state of the functions within the pow*rs of the skilful and scientific combination of the virtues and essences of the nourishing, strengthening and invigorating ingredients of which the " Klixir and Powders" are com|K>se<rto remove. _ The undersigned is fully aware of the existence of a false de licacv which would feign interdict all ineiitiou of every sub teet derogatory to its own narrow sense of propriety. But it It hiich time for enlightened science to dive into the hidden causes of the miseries afflicting the human family, thereby to discover the tneaus of conferring happiness where before misery existed. It is not to be disguised that to the oppressive dreary loneliness oflen experienced by the married who are uu blessed with offspring, making alike the past, the present, and the future, but a vast gloom, a desolate and barren wilderness in life's pro*|>ects,fpbject* and ends, can we attribute why so many thus circmnstanced, waste, their days either ill silent melancholy, cold indifference, and, frequently, even in actual bickerings bordering upon hatred. And yet, forsooth, we are ueither to inquire the cause, or apply the remedy. Children are the connecting anu endearing ties between hut band and wife, creating a focus around which centre our aTftis, our energies, our joys and our hopes. To watch from time to time their gradually developing powers of mind and body, is a constant source of happiuess to the parent. The thousand jittle offices the mother is called upon to perform for her child is to liar a fountain of joy. Kor its prattliugs and its gambols nothing can compensate her. And in after years when the sun sets upon our declining years, when our mental and physical powers are on the wane, when sickness and decrepitude are upon lis, then are children a comfort and a solace. Lonely, indeed, is the home of the childless. How inestimable, then, is the discovery of the " Klixir and Powders" which has effected perfect cures in thousands of instances in Enrope in supposed confirmed barrenness and sterility, deemed hopeless and incurable. Its action is not sudden anu ephemeral, but gentle and gradual, by degrees displacing the latent causes affecting the body, strengthening and invigorating the generative functions cheering the mind, enlivening the spirits, and engendering a free, full and healthy circulation. Its great celebrity is fully deserved, and the undersigned has no hesitation in recommending it to the American public. The inventor, the famed and justly celebrated M.M. Desoineanx, of Paris, is too well known for his success in the treatment of derangements of the genilsl functions, by the use of the " Elixir and Powders," to require any assurance from the undersigned. A sale of more than two hundred thousand bottles and packages is sufficient evidence of its usefulness, and the estimation in which it u held. Price $:t a bottle. A package of powders which can b? sent by mail, to any part of the United States. Price $5. Each package making two bottles of " Elixir," with full directions Tor preparing. All letters must be postpaid, and directed to DR. V. MELVEAIi. Box " 24 " jyio im-r wrnce. lidcjifk. MEDICATED VAPOR BA'I HS. 25 COUBTLAHDT STRF.KT. "ESTABLISHED 182fi?Scarlet fever, colds, iullainniatory ami chronic rheumatism, Sic. cured in a few days by the use of J. P. ( arroll's Medicated Vaixir Baths. ()|>eii from (i i it the morning till Oo'clock at night. Sulphur Baths require one hour's previous notice. Portable baths tent to any iwrt of the city or Brooklyn. Bathing tubs anil hip baths for hire. al2 Iwoc BARRY'S WIG? AND SCALPS. AC. BARRY, Artist in Hair, from London. The real heads of hair still stand pre-eminent above all others.? Their peculiar light, gossamer, and ventilating character?their being i.ha|?*d exactly as the natural hair grows?their elasticity and their superior material and workmanship, as well as their style of finish and arrangement, all combine to form such perfect heads of hair, that they must be seen to be fully appreciated. A new system of the art of Wig Making taught in five lessons. See a s|iecimen of Barry's wigs and scalps, which will satisfy the most fastidious that he is the. host and cheapest maker in the city. 116 Broadway, comer of Liberty st., up stairs. a2 3wis*m PRIVATE DISEASES. A CURE GUARANTEED.?The College of Medicine and Pharmacy of the City of New York, established for the suppression of quackery, is now prei>ared to treat all diseases of a private nature, anil offer to all those afflicted with these distressing maladies advantages not to be met with in any other institution iu this country, either public or private. Krom the ennstant correspondence, and from private arraliceineuts, between the member* of the College and the most eminent Professors of the Medical Institutions of Europe, all improvements ill the treatment of these diseases are forwarded to them long before they reach the majority of the medical profession of tnis country. All persons who have used the celebrated iireparatinn of Professor Ricord, " The Parisian Alterative Mixture," can bear testimony to its being the most JKiwerful remedy ever discovered for primary or secondary syphilis, strengthening the constitution, whilst eradicating the disease. Professor Valpeau's discovery iu his Specific Pills, for the cure of gonorrhtEa and gleet, has raised hm immeasurably above all his contem|>oraries in this particular branch of the profession. Withsuch celehraied remedies, together with the combined skMI of the first medical men of this couutry, the College feel satisfied that the good work they have undertaken, " the suppression of quackery, ' will receive the patronage it deserves from uliat portion of the public requiring their service*. Terms, for advice, all medicines, $5. Office, and Consulting Rooms of the College, 97 Nassau st. W. S. RICHARDSON, Agent. N. B.?Patients living at a distance, by stating their disease explicitly in writing, giving sll symptoms, together with the treatment they received elsewhere, if any, ran obtain a chest containing all medicines, w ith full direction for use, with a guarantee of cure, by addressing the Agent of the College, post paid, enclosing (5. je2# 3inr ON STRICTURE AND ITS CURE. rPHE FOLLOWING REMARKS WILL PLACE BE l FORE the jrnhlic a few most deeply interesting facts.? First that the 'disease raited Stkk ti'Rf. is of very frequent occurrence and often exist* in persons who are not in the least aware of it ; next that a very erroneous notion prevails respecting Stricture, and that ignorant advertising people take a bad advantage of the erroneous notion ; then, that there are three particular circumstances by which a Stricture may be always known?and in the last place, that the cure of Stricture is certain, free from pain, and generally accomplished in a very little time. With regard to the first of those remarks :? It is well known that Stricture is the result of a badly treated Gouorrhea. If, for instance, that disease is suffered to conti; nue on from mouth to month to month, it slides into a gleet, Now, there is no pain or inconvenience iu gleet, and therefore it is often suffered to remain indefinitely. But it should be known that gleet implies a chronic inriammation of the |m?sage, which naturally terminates in thickening, and this thickening at one |>art or other of the passage is stricture; and further, that although stricture may thus remain unnoticed for a length of time, it is far from laying dormant, but is the hidden cause of many serious maladies, not only of a sexual, but those also of a nervous and dyspeptic kind. But what especially leads the attention off from this disorder oouuy anil 111 *111 11 activity. i ms m?u ia one wi mr immi l ummini efTi-cU. Not, however, that it ia aeen nlike in every incliviiiunl, but it i> common that the writer rarely aees a caaa of stricture (and he sees many every day) in which the patient does iiot complain more or less, that he is not so capable of business as formerly. It ia gratifying alao to witness the Uniform return of apirita, and the disappearing of other imladi* oa the cure progresses. With regard to the cure of Stricture, on thi? aubject it in stifficient to observe (and it ia stated with confidence aud pleasure) that thia ia certain, free from pain, noil generally nfcomidiahed in a very little time. So much aa thia could not have Iwen advanced acime yeara ago ; but auch li.ia been the improvement in thia art, and auch the practical etperieuce of the writer, that he can now accompliah the cnr? of stricture to aa many days aa formerly it demanded moutha. The writer alao !>egs to atate, that for thoae who w iah to nildcrtake the cure themaelvea, he haa published a little volume, called " The Private TRr.atiar, in which not only stricture, hut the cure of all thoae delicate discaaea which require especial care and privacy, ia directed in the plaineat manner.? It ia advisable, however, that thoae who aua|>ect a stricture. if pnaaible, ahould conault the author peraonally, and nothing will surprise them more than the eaae and certainty of hi* meana of cure. Separate rooma, alio, are arranged for thoae who may have to wait a little. It only now remains to say a word or two on the ground on which the public, and eapeeially stranger* coming to thia city, may rely with confidence on what li.ia been ndvanced. With thia view Dr. Ralph begs to atate that, beside hia rank aa graduate of Kitiuhurgh, be. lie., he has lieen engaged in the. cui? of thoae diaenaes, b<ith in hoapital and city practice, for more than thirty veara, and haa published two editiona of a work e?preaaly on tnein. Alao that he haa testimonial lettera from the moat eminent physicians in Kurope to the moat eminent in America?.is Sir Aatlev Cooper to. Dr. Mott, of New York, Dr. I'liysick, of Philadelphia, and others, and that he ia permitted to refer to almost every Physician of eminence in this city. Dr. Ralph is conaulted at his private residence, No. W) Oreenwich street, towards the Battery, at any hour. H? may also lie consulted by iKist. The little volnme above referred to is one dollar. J'" 2 *r HOIXiF.S' ( Ll.r.BRATF.D LONDON BITTKRB.'I'liMMf hiiirrx nr?* Inulily recommend***' l?y# tn* m*Mlio.i|laenlty of K.ur?|w, aa a restorative for the appetite, anil are also s positive cure for fever and ague, and can lie obtained at all the principal hotels in the Unites States. . , Sold, wholesale only, at No. Ill h niton street, one door from Dutch st. Price $1 per gallon. .... |>. H,?-Country Merchants are wnested to call and etainnie for themselves. .. . Agents for Boston. Mass., Messrs. Blake aid I rumhull, cor ner Milk iml IVrt.r.l its: for Providence, R. I , Mr. T Mpen c?T, No. 1J Wr?t WttK ?ti for Mui., Mr. O. ruiuam, I No, m J&mcs ?t| J17 lm*r? DEAFNESS. DRS. CASTLE AND EDWARDS, AURISTS qo-l BROAD WAY.-Extract :VUJ " I cheerfully comply with the reqeeat of Lieut. Me Iotoah, to teetify that ha vru invalided home .u'uulit for duty, in coiuenuenar of total dealnesa and discharge* froin hii ear : that while in New York, on hia way to England, lie placea himself uuder tlie professional care of Dra. Caatle and Edwards. Auriata. Uuder their treatment he recovered hia hearina. and has returned to hia military duty. * liigued, H. McNEVEN, M. D. Surgeon to H. M. B. Forces. JaniUM. ACOUSTIC DROl S. A jure cure for incipient deafneae, earache, pa inn, bulling!, or singing aounda iu the ears, collectiona of hard wax or vitiated seereliona of the ori^ana. Their acoustic oil haa bean a |>opular remedy u a curative in all diaeaaee of the ran for upwarda of twenty yeara. Otficea removed to 181 Broadway, coruer White street. jyli lin*r /"IRIUS TOOTH WASH?l'repared from the original recipe ^ af No. 3 Gold street, Ni w York?1 lie Orrie Tooth Wash ia purely a vegetable prepatation, possessing the propertim of cleaning the teeth and mouth?restoring the guins to a healthy alate, and preventing any unpleaaant taite or odour iu the mouth, whetlKr ariaitg from decayed teeth or from a deranged state or the stomach. . . ... . ... % , It ia designed to be used with a tooth brush, and will be found to suiwrsede the necessity of a powder keepiug the teHli clean and preventing the wearing away of the guins from the teeth. It is particularly useful iu cases of spungy gums, restoring them to a healthy state, and causing them to contract arouud the tooth. In painful affections of the teeth and gums, ansiug from exi>osure to cold, it will be found highly beneficial. It is particularly serviceable to use the Orris Tooth v\ ash at night just before retiring to rest. This method is recommended by eminent dentists, as by so doing all particles o! food which accumulate during the day an? entirely removed, and the mouth kept through the night in a clean, sweet, and healthy state. * Sound teeth and white teeth are the most valuable portions of poor humanity ; but how many neglect the attention necessary for their preservation, even when surrounded by all the means needed. Among these we know of uoue more pleasant and effectual than the Orris Tooth Wash?it cleanses and whitens the teeth, strengthens the gums, purifies the mouth, and sweetens the breath. We recommend iu use to all young and ?hl;?-(Boston Morning Post. 1 he Orris Tooth Wash is the best detergent we ever used on our enamel.?( Boston Trauscript. b or sale by the principal druggists in the city, m4 r THORN'S COMPOUND EXTRACT OF CAlArlocl, PAIBA AND SARSAPAR1LLA. TjOSShfiSiLS a lew advantage* not enjoyed by any Othec x medicine for the cure of all sexual diseases ; aud which must, with an enlightened public, nuidvr it assuredly highly popular, and a desideratum long .ought for in the medical world. It ueeds no confinement or change of diat. In its approved form, that of a paste, it is aiitirviy tasteless, and causes HO unpleasant sensation to the Patient. It has acquired the utmost Uin? in almost every part of Kuro|* ; it has been examined, approved of u*l .auctioned by the faculty of medicine, and recommended by the most eminent of the profession. Preiaired by J. B. Thorn, cliumist, Loudon, and for sale wholesale and retail, by JAiMKS TARRANT, 266 Greenwich street, corner of Warren street. Also, at 2 Turk Row and SIS Broadway, 163 Broadway, 4M Broadway, corner of Lis|>euard street, 2J9 Broadway, corner of Walker street. jy 18 ln?? m NO CURE, NO PAY. DH. COOPER, of II Duane street, between William and Chatham streets, tskes this method of informing the citizens and strangers that he still afford* relief to the afflicted of both sexes, and may be always chnsulted with the utmost confidence in the worst cases of delicate disease)!. Dr. Coo|ier, from a residence of inany years in hospitals in Europe, devoted to the treatment of delicate disenses, and from an extensive practice in this city for the hat ten yenrs iu this particular branch of the profession, guarantees a safe, speedy and effectual cure to such persons as put themselves miner his treatment. Redent casm other dangerous iiiedicin->. Dr. Cooler's mild and iudiciou* mode of treatment will require 110 interruption from bnsiues* or alteration in diet. Persons afflicted with protracted and deplorablepeases, need not despair of complete recovery. Dr. Coo|>er inform* the public that lie is the only regularly qualified surgeon who advertises in Duane street, and eihibits no diploma from . the. Stuvvesant Institute of thi< city, procured by false certificate* and false pretences. The most inviolable socresy observed in all consultations. Separate offices, so that patients cannot come iu contact. Letters, post paid, attended to. Charge* moderate. Office ojien from 7 in the morning until 10 o'clock at night. Office 14 Duane it. afl lm*r DOCTOR BELL. T^OCTOR BELL devotes his personal attention (daily, un^ til 10 P. M.) to the removal or private diseases in every state. All suffering under protracted cases, aggravated or unsuccessfully treated by inexperienced or pretended practitioners?those laboring under the destructive effects of mercury or quack nostrums, and all who suspect the remains of disease lurking in the system, may consult Dr. B. always with a guarantee of a cure. Persons .contemplating marriage, who have been the subjects of delicate diseases, may consult Dr. Bell with honorable oonfidence. Post paid letters, describing the ease of persous at a distance, have his prompt attention. Dr. B.'s treatment never exposes to suspicion, and is well known to be tafo aud permanelit. HI/" Private offices 87 Cedar street, two doors from Broadway, aul2 lm*ec HULL'S TRUSSKb NOTICE TO RUPTURED PERSONS. PERSONS afflicted with ruptures may rely upon the best I instrumental aid the world affords, on application at the office, No. 4 Vasey street, or to either of the agents iu the principal towns in the United States. Be careful^ to examine the back pad of Hull's Trusses, to sue if they am endorsed by Dr. Hull, in writing. None are genuine, or to ba relied upou as g?od, without his signature. Many persons have undertaken to rend imitations of Hull s celebrated trusses, and thousands are imposed upon in consex quence. These imitations cannot be relied upon ; they art made by unskilful mecluuiics, and ate no better than the ordinary trusses. . Rooms have he?n fitted up at No. 4 Vesey street, exclusively for ladies, having a separate entrance from the business department, where a female is iu constant attendance to wait uihiu female patients. nui lm ec TO THE LADIES. DR HULL'S UTERO ABDOMINAL SUPPORTER '"PHIS new instrument for the radical cure of Prolapsus Lten 1 or Falling of the Womb, by mtenia! application, suiierseding the use of the objectioual l'easary, is confidently recommended to the afflicted as the means of perfect restoration to health, it never having failed of informing a cure, eveti under the most aggravated circumstances. _ . The Supporter has attained a very high character 111 Lump* as well as in this country. It is adopted to fhe entire disuse of iieasaries, and all other painful surgical expedients t iu the Lyinc-iii-Hospitals of London and Paris, and is universally recommended in Eur?i>e by medical men of the highest rank.? Iu this country it is sustained by tlie leading members of tlw faculties of Colleges ami Hospitals, and by all the eminent private practitioners. ...... . Kooins have hrvti lurnisneil exclusively lor lames at rso. i Vesey street, hiving a separate entrance from the business department, where a lady is in constant attendance, to mpi>ly Trusses and Supporters to female |?itifiit?. aui lmi c TO MARRIED LADIES. VfADAME RESTELL'S PREVENTIVE POWDERS. " I-?Those invaluable Powders hare been universally adopted in Euro|ie.btit France in particular, for upwards of thirty years as well as by thousands iu this country, as being the only inild, safe and efficacious remedy for married ladies, whose health forbids a too rapid inorease of family. Madame Rested, as is well known, was for thirty yean female Physician in the two principal Female Hospitals in Europe?those of Vienna and Paris?where favored by her great ei|x>rience and opportunities, she attained that celebrity in those great discoveries iu mediral science so specially adapted to the female frame, for which her medicines now stand unrivalled, as well in this country as in Enrmie. Her acquaintances with the physiology and anatomy of the female frame, enables hor?by tracing thp decline and ill health of married females, scarce in the meridian of life, aud the consequent rapid and often apparently iueiplicable causes which consign many a fond motlier t? a premature grave?to their true source, to arrive at a knowledge ?f the 11 unary causes of female mdisl>ositions?esiN>cially of married females?which, in 1808, led to the discovery of her celebrated " Preventive Powders." Their adoption has been the means of preserving not only the health, hut even the life of many an affectionate wife and fend mother. The advertiser feeling the importance of this suhject, and estimating the vast benefits resulting to thousands by their adoption, would most tespectfully arouse the attention of the married, by all that I bey hold near and dear, to their consideration. Is it not wise and virtuous to prevent evils to which we are subject, by simple and healthy means within our control.? Every dispassionate, virtueus and enlightened mind will unhesitatingly answer in the affirmative. Price live dollars a pack age, accompanied with full and particular directions. 1 hey can be forwarded by mail to any part of the United States. All letters must be |H)st-|?iid, and addressed to MADAME RESTELL, Female Physician. Principal Office, 148 Ore wicli street. New Vork. Office hours from 8 A.M. to 9 o'cloc P.M. Boston office, No. 7 Esse* st. jlO 2m*r FEMALE MONTHLY PILLS. /"~\WINO to the celebrity, efficacy, and invariable success of Madame Restell's Female Monthly Pills in all cases of irregularity, suppression, or stoppage or those functions of nature upon wlucb the health of every female depends, silica their introduction into the United States,now about four years, counterfeits and imitations are constantly attempted to be ( aimed of)' f#r the genuine. Cheap common pills are purchased at twelve cents a box, put up in different botes, and called? " Female Monthly Pills,'' with the object of selling them, if possible, at one or fWo dollars alios. Females are therefore cautioned against these attempts to impose upon them. It is sufficient here to state that all Female Monthly Pills are counterfeits, except those sold at Madame Restvll's Principal Office, 112 Greenwich street, New Vork, aud 7 Essex street. Boston. Price f I. Madame Restell's signature is written ou the cover of each box. N. B.?They can be used by married or single by following the directions enclosed inside of each bo*. Hold also by appointment at 261 Grand street, corner of Allen, New York. jeltl 2m* r PORTUGUESE FEMALE PILLS. invented ani> i*akrarkn n* M. DE BOUDELOtlUE. M.D.. LISBON, PORTUGAL? 'IMIE Scientific combination of ingredients of which these l ills are composed have made them the wonder and admiration of the world. They are know n all over Europe to lie the >nly preparation ever discovered that has proved invariably certain in producing the monthly turns. Their certainty, in all cases, being such that they must not lie used during pregnancy, for though always mild, safe and healthy, they are certain to produce miscarriage if used during that period. The directions are translated into English, and are enveloped round with the senl of the importer, stamiwd. Each box con* tains the signature of M. de Boudelooue, aud the English directions have the signature of Dr. F. MELVEAU, authorised agent for the continent of America. They can lie transmitted hy mail to any part of the United States. Sold by Dr. F.M ELVEAU, agent and im|>ort?r for (he United States, office 120 Liberty street, near Greenwich st. Price $.1?half boxes $3. No half boxes sent by mail. Sold, alio, by appointment, of Mr. F. M., at 120 Cherry street, near Catharine ?t. letters directed to Dr. F. Melvean, box 24, New York, will meet with immeimte attention. All letters must be post paid. mlfl liudStw M A D A M E R E 8TELL, FEMALE PHYSYCIAN, Office and residence, 14? Greenwich street, between Conttlandf and Liberty streets, where she can hi; consnlted with the strictest confidence on complaints incident to the female frame. ivjnaaine nnini * cx|ierienep KiinwH-ugr m of obstinate case* of l? male irriMrnlmity, stoppage, suppression, he.. is such as to require Imt a few days to effect a peiTed cnre. Lar!i''n desiring proper medical ittHWlM awing confinement or other indisposition. will be icconjtnowt during such time, with private and respectable hoard. .... '' Preventive Powders, for married ladies, whose delicate or precarious health forbid* a too rapi'i increase of family, will M sent hv mail to any part of the UnitedI State*. I rice $A a package. All letter* (post-paid) addressed to bo*. 861), New York. Boston Office, No. 7 F.?*e* street. N. B.?Madame KESTKLL wonld inform ladies residing ont of the city, w hose health would not admit of travelling, that she would devote her personal attendance upon them iii any part of the United State* within reasonable distance. liin 2m* CAUTION TO FEMALES. ly/TADAME RKSTELL, FEMALE PHYSICIAN, would 1V1 inform ladie* who, with a proper delicacy, have a repugnance to the treatment of their complaints except by one of their own sex, that in all cases she attends to them personally, her experience, practice and knowledge enable* her to do so. She deems it necessary to Mate I In*, a* she doe* not wish to be classed with the pretender* continually appearing and disap* I tearing, advertising a* " Female Physician*," who too ignorant and incompetent themselves are obliged to get tome scarcely less ignorant <|iiack to experiment instead. Consulting parlors and residence, 148 Greenwich street, between Courtland and Liberty streets. Hour* of attendance from 9 A. M. to9 PUBLISHED DAILY BY .JAMU8 GORDON BEIfNETT, N.W. CORNER FULTON AND NASSAU STREETS Tut Nvw York Hrnai.n?A daily paper, issued ererT morning of the week?price two c?:?ti i?-t copy. Country subscribers furnished at the same rate, for any specific period, on * remittance in advance. No pa|wr sent an less paid in ail- * vauce. 'I'lir VViir.Kt.Y Issued every Saturday morning at t?i o dock?l>nc? ?ii aid a *uaht?:? cknti par copy?furniohoil to country anbfcrilinri At |!) U |?r Annum, in atfrane*, or At th* lame rme for any ?pfciwrt period, CoRRCiiroNliKRTfM* i*,|ii.?t?d to aiMrrt* their l*ttw* to J??tri Oo*d0fi BuNNrTT, Proprietor and fcditor?and all let rrion butinr*t mutt t? poat paid.

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