Newspaper of The New York Herald, 23 Ağustos 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated 23 Ağustos 1843 Page 1
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I II ' III TH Vol. IX ?No. a.'JO Whole No. U444. To the Public. THB NEW YORK ilKKALl)?daily newspaper?published uvery day of the year except New Year'* day and (fourth of July. Price a centapercopy?or $7 2# per annum? postages paid?cash in advance. THE WEEKLY HERALD?published every Saturday morning?price 6] cents per copy, or *3 13 per annum? lwnt?K<!s paid? ca?h in advance. ADVERTISERS ara informed that the circulation of the Herald is over THIRTY THOUSAND, and inoreaa ing fait. It has (he largest circulation oj any paper in this rily, or the world, mm I it, therefore, the best channel for bu tttiets men in the city or country. Prices modcrato?cash n Hdvanco. PRINTING of all kinds executed at !h? moat moderate prices, and in the most elegant style. JAMES GORDON BENNETT, PkOrmKTOR or tim Hkhald Estailuiimkint, Northwest corner of Kulton and Nassau streets. aubnts. i .? (Aiinninv ii a list of a*euts for the Herald, where subscriptions will be received, and tingle number* are found for ?ale:? Boston, Mas* Messrs. Redding It Co. Philadelphia, Pa Messrs. Zieber Ic C?. Baltimore, Wm. Taylor. Washington, D. C Do. Buffalo, N. Y 8. Hawk*. New Haven, Conn T. H. Pease. Hartford, Cflfcn J. W. Judd, Albany, N. Y fleo. Jona*. Troy, N- Y Levi Willard. Lansingburgh, N.Y A.Lewi*. Newark,N.J D Smith. Catskill. N. Y .H Rewn. Peek skill, N Y T. Monk home Sing Sing, N. Y. W. A. Stanton. New Orleans, La.. . J. C. Morgan. Cincinnati. O.. Robert Carnaha \. raterson. N. J Matthew Doughoity. Rochester, N. Y A- Jone*. Elizabethtown, N. J Samuel Crane. New Brunswick, N. J William Solomon, St. Louis, Mo Woodward fc Mathews. Charleston, S.C............ Amos Head. Hudson, N. Y George Clare. Augusta, Oa 8. A. Holmes. Mobile, Ala M Boullemet Poughkeepsie, N. Y Levi Smith. Trenton, N.J J. Raunslcy. Louisville, Ky..... W. A. Haldrman. Wheeling, Ya F. C. Broekman. New London, Con 8. Ic O. Rogers. Utica, N Y J. B.Loat. Nashville, Term A. Billing*. Syracuse, N. Y James Robertson. Bridge|>ort, Ct. S. W. Hatch. Jacknon, Mis* J. W. Clark. Yickiburg, Mii* Mr*. E. A. Parker. New Bedtord, Mass A. Robinson. Providence,R. I.. John Green. Worcester, Mass L- Thompson. Nantucket. Mass J. P. Hussey. QJ- Yearly subscription to the Daily Herald, $7 36, and for a shorter period at the same rate. The Weekly Herald, $335. BRITISH AM) NOUTI! AMF.I'II'AN ROYAL MAIL (BTI' A M UIIIPU Or 1200 (ons ami 410 horse Mower eacli. I Appointed by the Admiralty to sail Wtwfui Liverpool and Button, calling at Halifax L? land and reeflive PiisseusniRers ami Her Majesty's Mailt. HIBEHNIA. Captain Char leu Tl. E. Judkius. CALEDONIA, Captain Kdwaril <i. Lott. ACADIA, Captain Ah van ! r Kyrie, BRITANNIA, Captain John II- wilt. i 11 sail for Boston via Halifax, Vro.m Boston. From Livfurooi.. Acadia, B> r: Itith Auguat. 19th July. Hibernta, Jmian t Sept. 4tli August. Britannia, Lott th do 19th do These ships en l>erieiiced surgeons, and are supplied with Frances'Patent I ISoats. I\u;sage t? Li I S120?To Halifax $20. No berths v .mill paid for. For passage apply to D. BKIGHAM, Jr.. A?ent, au3r No. 3 Wall St., New Vork. DRAFTS ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, Sic.?Person* about remitting money to their friends in the "old country,'' can be supPlied with Drafts, in sums of 1, 2, 3,5,10 *51?I?20 XS0, or any amount, lettable tin demand wit boat <S*c<>uiit or any oth?r cliirge, at the National Bank of In I oid, Provincial B iiik, do., Messrs. James Hu11, Son k Co., Bankers, London, 1. Btrued &. Co., Exchange and Discount Bulk. Livar|K>ol, Eastern Bank of Scotland, Greenock Banking Company, Sir Win. Forbes Hunter Jk. Co., Scotland, and t In; branches in every post town throughout England. Ireland, Scotland and Wales, which drafts w ill be forwarder by the steamers Great Western or Hiberoia, by W. St J. T. TAPSCOTT. At their General Passage Office, 43 Peck Slyi, corner South st. N. 11.?All Utters from the couutry must come post paid. jyllr r '"'"ITU ON ENGLAND, IRELAND, y^Bj&flHVltc.?which cau be sent by the steamship ^^fc^^j^te>A?^AniA, sailing from Boston on the 16th mMMBsBb* We huve at all times for sale Drafts nt sight for any amount, drawn direct on the Hoyal Bank of Ireland, Dublin. Also, on .Messrs. PreaCott, Grote, Ames It Co., Bankers. London, w hich are paid free of risk or any charge whatever in every Province and County, besides all the inland towns throughout. England, Ireland, ^Scotland and Wales, thereby answering the same purpose as Malik <>l England Notes. Apply to or ad,lr*?s, if by letter, (post paid.) ROCHE, BROTHERS & CO., 33 Fulton street, next door to the Fulton Bank. I'. 8.?R. B. 8c Co., have a regular succession of first class slip's sailing weekly Irum Liverpool. Those sending for tlieir relatives will find it their interest to have them brought out t lirongh us. One of our firm. .Mr. James I). Roche, is there to forward passengers with care and despatch. For passage apply a. above, or to JAMES D. ROCHE, II Gore# Piazzas, mi'ir Liverpool. | **? REMITTANC ES TO IRELAND, fce'.?The MPK*Vsnli<cril>i'r continues to transmit money in sums large JMHllbru smill, to persons residing in any part of of Ireland in the same manner as lie, and his predecessor 111 business have i dune for the last thirty years and more ; also, to any part of England, or Scotland. Money remitted by letter (|>ost paid) to the subscriber, or personally deposited with him, with the name of the person or persons in Ireland, England or Scotland, to whom it is to besent, and nmrest post town, will lie immediately transmitted, and naid accordingly, and a receipt to that effect given, or forwarded to the sender. In like manner money, or claims on persons in any part of Ireland, England or Scotland, can lie collected by the subscriber for persons residing in any part of the United Slates or Canada, and will be paid to them accordingly. j 17 lm*r GEO ROE McBRlDE. Jr. 82 Cedar st. AtfE* FOR LIVERPOOL?Regular |?ckct of the 21th MryljV August?The splendid fast sailing packet ship SID.SmMBaDONS, will positively sail as above, her regular day. Having very sti|??rior accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage iwssnigeis, persons wishing to embark should make early application to JOSEPH McMURRAY, 10(1 Pine st.. corner of South. I iip anove win Mitri fiirn uy me spu-nuiii lasi sailing | picket ship ASIIBURTON, ("apt lluttleson, ami will positively sail on llir 7lli SepMmbtr, her mitilar day, lYrtnus w ishiug to "'"'I 'or their friends residing in the old country, C?n have them bronnht out by the ..bive ship, or any of the regular packets by applying as above, (if by letter poat paid.) r &&& NKW LINK OK L1VKROOL I'ACKKTS? MiS*?VPackei III 2j|h of August. Tlie elegant, fast sailing JSmnCms""' favorite packet ship SIPHONS, Capt K.B.C'obb, will sail punctually as above, her regular day. The ships of (hit line are all 1000 tons Imrtheji and upwards, and theiV accommodation* for cabin, second cahiu and steerage passengers it i? well known are sii|M>rior to any other line of packets. Those wishing to aecure bertha should not fail to inak* early application to W. It J. T. TAPSrOTT, 13 IVck Slip, cor South street. Persons wishing to send for their Irienda to come out in this favorite packet or any of the line, can do so on favorable terms, and those wishing to remit money can have draft* payable on demand, without discount or any other charge, in all the post towns of bngland, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on application as above. The new packer ship Queen of the West, will succeed the Sill.Ions and sail on the 161 li September, her regular day. l an33 r ~ KOR LIVERPOOI.? Packet l?th September ? WjHfafVThe new splendid iwcliet ship QUKKN OK THK j#4*$SeWKS'l', Philip Woodhonse, master, IZ'iO tons, will I >ail on her regular day, the lfith Sept. Kor freight or passage, having accomodations iineqinlleil for elegance and comfort, apply on board, weat side Hurling slip,or to WOODHULL k MINTUHN8, 87 South st. The fine packet ship Rochester, Captain .lohn Britton, 1100 tons, will succeed the Queen of the West, and sail on her regular day, 16th October n?0r KOR HULL. F.NOLAN I)?A lint claai AmeriMtyjVcan vessel, now loading, could tak? a smill quantity jaMMA&vof light freight, il immediate application is mad" to * WOOPHIILL k MINTUHNS, r iil5r H7 South itmt KOIl OUADALOUPK.?The Tory miiwrinr rnn. WrjMPy nrr fonten?1 nml cO|>|*rr?l French ship OuSTAVK W!plPKiiVl><H A HI), rapt. Net? ret. Mh?* haa very comfort*hi * a? i ??nui><?Jmion* lor jHwiWRori. KorCMKhtor.^applyMo^ & H,N( anl?pc 0 Tontine llnildiiie, cor. Will and WUmb. XA^ KOR NKW ORLF.ANS?Star Line? Fint n*nKRWPVUr l"ecket ship with despatch?The splendid, well JsMMNmIo"'" ii packet ship FRANKLIN, (apt. Kennedy, will Mil u above without delay. She ha* splendid accommodation* for cabin, 2d cabin and strerafe liuiseiiKers, who will he taken at the verv lowest rates. 'I'llone desirous of securing births would do well to make early 1 application on board the ship, foot of Pine street, or to JOSKP1I McMURRAY, 411 Idee MM) Pine ?trn?t. XA&- FOR NKW ORLKANS?First Packet KKxi^-'I'lie superior fast nailing ship NIAGARA, la plain jMM|i?a' ole, will lie de>|Hitclie(i in a few days. I lii? ?u|riior ship lias unsurpassed accommodation for cabin, >nd cabin, and steerate passenger*. ana only require* to to examined in order to command a preference. For passage, apply on hoard the ship, pier 14 Kast Kiver, or to JOHN IIKRDMAN, CI South at, near Wall at. N. B.?The ?ub?ciiher will despath llrst class ships weekly for New Orleans and Mobile during the fall and winter,and tlie i ill beat i he icry lowtat raw. a u 21 r 11*11 NKW OULKANS.?-Louisiana and >^3MrV New York Line? Regular packet?To succecd the JWitKal.nuisv The fitt sailing packet ship IH'NTS. VIL|,K, I apt. O. K IVIumford, will siil a? above. For freight or passage, ha. iug handsome furnished accommodations apply on lioaril, at Orleans wharf, foot of Wall street i>r to K K. COLLINS & CO., M South at. Agents in New Orleans, Hulin (k Woodrnff, who will i prompHy fwward all goods to their address. The packet ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain C. Hillard. will tncceed the ilunurille. au21 r E NE NEW I NEW LINK Or LIVERPOOL PA4 KK.TS. I To mil from New York on the 2Mb and .Liverpool on dm I3ih of each monill. t* KOM NKW \ oil K. Slup 1108CII/8, Captain John Collin*, 23th July. ' Sl?p SIDDONS, Captain A. B. Cobb, Ifttli August. i Slip SHERIDAN. Captain K. A. Dejieyster, 2.">th Sept Ship GARIIICK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 2,Uh October. F'ltOM I.tVklll'OOL. Ship SHERIDAN, Captain K. A. f)ei>eyjt?r, 13th July. Ship OARJUCK, Capt. Wm. Skiddy, 13th August. j Ship HOSt I US, Captain John Collins, 13th September. j Ship SIDDONS, Captain E. B. Cobb, 13tli October. These ships are all of the first class, upward* of HHtfl tolls, built in the city of New York, w ith auch improvement* as combine great ?|>eeil with comfort for l*assengers. Every cste lias been taken in the arrangement of their accommodation*. The price of passage hence is $7J. These ship* i are commanded by et|>erienced masters, who w ill nake every j exertion to give general satisfaction. I Neither the captain* or owner* of the ships will b? reeponsi, ble for any letters, parcel* or package* sent by them, unless re| gular hills of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to E. k. COLLINS Si CO., 56 South st., New York, or to IIHOWN, SHIPLEY it CO., Liverpool. Lettejrs by the packet* will be charged I2li cents |x.r single lieet ; 50 cents ]ier ounce, and new spa|iers I i ?-nt each. J> 7 ec THE NEW LINEOFLIVERI'OOL PACKETS. lifj^ *i$Sy 8hipjohI?wrid?L' New ship QUEEN OF THE WEST, i Jg1!' j^VutTv1"' laJO ton*. Philip P. Woodhoune. 11Gt ' Ship ROCHESTER. 860 ton*. j John Britton. \l6lhjnne. Ship HOTTINOUER, 1050 ton*. ? K?*!Jnb*rIra IJursely, ? KiT" Those substantial, fist sailing, first class ships, all built ill the city of New York, are commanded by men of eaperience and ability, and will be dispatched punctually on the 16th of each month. Their cabins are elegant and eommodious, and are furnished with whatever can conduce to the ease and comfort of passengers. Neither the captain* or owners of these ships will he responsible ler any parcels or packngee sent by them, unless regular bills lading are signed therefor. F?'r freight or passage ajiply to WOOUilCLL Sc MINTURNS, H7 South street, New York, or to FIELOEN, BROTHERS k CO., an 9 Liverpool. " MARSEILLES LINE OK PACKETS. !&$& Tm undermentioned ships will l?e regularly disnatched from h'Mice and from Marseilles oil the lit of each mouth during the vearl? ' From Nmw Vnrk V1?r.?ill?? COURIER, rapt, Duggan, June t. Auk. 1 TKE8COTT, Capt. Myrick, July i. Sept. I HELLESPONT, ('apt. Adams, Aug. I. Oct. I CORIOLANCS, ( apt. Hail.-, Sept. I. Nor. I H'RY THOMPSON,Capt.Sylvester, Oct. I. Dec. 1 They are all cu|>pered ami copjvr lasteued, anil hale excellent accommodations for passengers. The price of cabin passage will b# $100, exclusive of wines and liipiors. (roods addressed In tlie agents, BOYD & HINCKEN. will be forwaaded free of other charges those actually paid. For freight or passage apply to BOYD & HINCKEN, A Rents, No. 9 Tontine liiiililjuus, or S. BROOM St CO., m?flr 103 Front street. FOll NEW ORLEANS. LOITISIANNA AND NEW YORK LINE OF TACKETS ^ jfH, Fur tli< better accommodation of ship|>ers, it is intended to despatch a ship from this |x>rt on tM Ut, Sth, 10th, liUi, 20th, and 25th of each month, commencing tin- loth October laid continuiuK until May, w hen regular days w ill be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delays and disappointments will lie prevented during the summer months The following ships w ill commence this arrangenieul: Snip YAZOO, Captain Cornell. Ship OCONEE. Captain Jackson. Ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain Hilliard. Sliip LOUISVILLE, Captain Hunt. Ship SHAKSPEARE, Captain Miner. Ship OASTON. Captain Latham. Ship HUNTSVILLE. Captain Mumford. Ship OCMULOEE, Captain Leavitt. Sliip NASHV ILLE, Captain Dickinson, Ship MEMPHIS, Captain Knight. Sliip LOUISA, Captain Mulford. These ships wera all built in the city of New York, expressly for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been newly copiwrrd and put in splendid order, w ith accommodations for passengers unequalled for comfort. They are commanded by experienced masters, wh? w ill make every exertion to gi?e general satisfaction. They will at all times be towed lip and down the Mississippi by ste*inboats. Nitirtiur the owners or captains of these ships will lie responsible lo?jim,lry, bullion, precious atones, silver or plated ware, or for afti letters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless regular bills of lading aru taken for th? same and the value thereon expressed. l. . i',.,...i.i ......... ....i. K. K. VoLLINS V <U>., .V. South at., or Hl'LLIN It WOODRUKK. Agent in New Orlcans. who w ill promptly forward all k?o<U to their address. The ships of this line are warranted to sail jiunctually an advertised, and great car* will be taken to have the goo,Is correctly measured. mr NEW JERSEY RAILROAD AND TRANS PORTATION COMPANY. NEW VnHK A AD NKWAIfK FAHK RKDUCEU TO TWKNTY-KIVK CENTS. From the foot of < ourtlandt street, New Vork. (Every day?Sundays excepted.) Leaves New Vork. Leaves Newark. At ? A.M. At 2 P.M. At 7 A.M. At I1,' P. M. 9 Ho. 3 do. 8 do. 4'? do. 11 do. 4 do. 9 do. S'3 do. i'i do. 10>% do. 7'2 do. ?!?j <lo. 9?i do 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. From the foot of ( ourtlandt street. I,eaves New Vork. Leave* Newark. At 9 A. M.and tV' >' 12'- M. mid 9\? P. M. NKW YORK, ELIZABETH TOWN. Leaves New York. Leave* Elizabeth Town At 8 A.M. At J P.M. At A.M. DjP.M. 9 do. 4 do. tt'a do. 7 do. U do. 41* do. Ill do. 9,'a do. i*, do. 12 do. The trains for WeMlW-ld, riainfteld. Boimdhrook, Snmerville, ite., connect with the 9 A. M., and 4,'s P. M. ; trains from New York daily, Sundays excepted. Kare between New Vork and Kli/.aheth Town 25 cents. Kare betvmi do. and Somerville, 75 cats. NKW VORK AND HAHWAY. Leaves New Y'ork. Loaves Railway. At 8 A. M. At J P. M. At 7 A. M. At 3 P. M. 9 do. 4 do. 8 do. do. II do. do. 9J? do. 9 do. fi'j do. ll*i do. NEW VORK AN!) NKW BRUNSWICK. From foot of ('ourtlandt street, New Y'ork. daily. Leaves New Vork. Loaves New Brunswick. At 9 A.M. At i P.M. At (i A.M. At II1., A.M. .1,. 1U <(.. III. P M ON SUNDAYS. Leave* New York. Lovh New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. ?ii?l 4V r. M. At ll'? A M? anil s', I'. M. Fare, earept in the Philadelphia trains, betweeu New York and New Brunswick. 50 cents. Between New York anil Railway, 25 rents. Passengers who |>rocur? their ticket* at the ticket otlice, receive a ferry ticket tiatin. Ticket* are received by the conductor only oil the day when purchased. aul9 r 8UMMER AK RANGEM ENT NEW YOllK AND PHILADELPHIA 11AI jftOAD LINK DIRECT, Via Nkwark, Newhritiswick, Primcito:*, Trknto!*, BORDKNTOWPI AisR Bl'ri.IMiTOX. Leaving New York daily from the foot of < "oiirtlamlt it. Morning Lin*at 9 A. M.?Mail I'ilot Line at P. M. The Morning Line proceeds to Bordeutowu, from tlience by steamboat to Philadelphia. The Evening Line proceeds direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of cars. Passengers will procure their tickets at the office foot of Courtlaudt street, where a commodious steamboat, will bain readiness, with baggage crates on board. Philadelphia baggage crate* are conveyed from city to city. wiTObt being o|ieued ny the way Each train is provided with a car in which are apartments and dressing room* expressly for the ladies' use. Returning, the lines leave Philadelphia from the foot of Waln"t street, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at 5 o'olock, P. M. The lines for Baltimore leave Philailelplua at 7W A. M., and 4 P, M. being a continuation of the lines from New York. j > 28 3in*?c ___ ' FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OK T1IE WEST I ASSOCIATION PASSAtih OFFICE TO ALBANY. Utica $2 On Rochester, $3 (H) Syracuse, 2 25 Buffalo, 3 50 Oswego, 2 25 Up. and Lower Canada 5 50 For pa*5a;,? apply to M.L.RAY. m211m 99 Barclay street. New York. & co's* 1 KNOMBM. FRENCH, RF.MtlAN AM) AMKKH AN KVPitL'fls ni'mt-r u iviiiiu'aimiim; ,\\n ~ ~ 'c () MMI8N i () N I K I t: s K.'.' HARNDKN k CO. will receive and forward l>y their daily E*|mi Can, Specie, Bank Notes, Package* and rarcela, f??any part of tin' United State.s or < ', and )>v ll>"' MeainiTi anil packets ta any part of Kuidnnd, Ireland, Scotland, Belgium or France. Particular attcntinn ia pud lo tlir purchase or *?J?* of all descriptions of merchandise, collectiiiK and payinV Drafts, Note*, and Bills, In tin- entry of merch utilise at iltr ustom House, and to the general transaction of any and .ill kind* of forwarding and commission bn^itit'?n. Dill* of Kxcliaiige in sums to luit, furnished on St. John, N. B., Halifax, N. ?., or on any part of Knrope. AII (rood* mint he marked "Harden It Co." Fort-inn Pott Officii Letter Bag* are made^ip for all the Hoyal Mail Steamers from Boston, and llw steamer aud sailing packet* from New York. Principal offices and agents!? I Messrs. Wilmer and Smith, 32 Church street, Liverpool, Knglnnd. _ Mmri. Maclean, Maria Si Co., J Abchurck lane, London. Messrs. Kmerson St Co., Paris and Havre. Samuel Haight. Ksq., American Consul, Antwerp, Belgium. Messrs. J. and J. ( Woodward, St. John, N. B. A. W. Oodfrey, Halifax, N. S. J (i. Woodward, New OrleMll, La. Messrs. J. B. Sar.erac Si < o., Havana. Haniden Si Co. II < ourt at.. Boston. All goods mint I* marked Harden k Co. N B.?Hsrnden k Co. are alone responsible for the Ion or injury of any articles, or property of any description committed to their can*! nor in any riak assumed hy, nor can any lie attached to the New Jersey Steamboat Navigation Company by which their cratea aie or may l?' transported; nor tlwNew York Providence, and Boston Kailroad. or the Bostnu and Providence Railroad Corporations, in ie?l?-? l lo ilieir contorts at Miv tittic liAlviNUr.IN ?. ( Q., jyIt r ' No. 3 Will ?t., N*w York. W YO YORK, WEDNESDAY 1 NEW YORK, ALBANY'. TROY AND MONTREAL EXPRESS. | Mm* . Ilarnili'ti St t'n. having disposed of tlii'ir rootH from NewYark to Albany and Troy, tin- subscribers, tin* old conductor* of llarudeu V Cu'a Northern Eipreu, from New York ? ill continue to run. as heretofore, leaving New Y ork, Albany anuTroy Dnilv. ami connect at Troy with Jacob*' .Montreal Express, aud will forward Specio, Brink Note*, Fickun, Bundles, l'm? oMioods, Ikr. to an)' place between Nev York ami Montreal, ami throughout the ( an ida'i Alio East from Troy ami Albany to Boston, and West from Albany to Buffalo. All bnaiuH.19 entrusted to their chare? will ha promptly attended lo. Particular attention will lie paid to llie collection of no(e?, dr.tfta, acceptances, See. aud prompt n't It ma made lor tlia name. PULL EN St UOPP. OtHcca?Pttllen St Coup, 3 Wall street. New York. Tboa Gondii, U Exchautje, Albany. A. (i. Kilklus. 228 River street, Troy. S. Jacob** Etch uiLe 4 nurt. ML Paul's *t. Montreal. REFERENCES. Nt:w Voxk. Ai.manv. Tmov. Prime, Ward k King, K. J. Humphrey, Jno. Payne, Jacob Little Si ( o., Tliot. Ouugh. I'. WelLs; John T. Smith & Co. H K. Stow, Pepoon & Hoffman, 0.8.DoiiKla*?, Car|>efitcr &. Yeruiiljre, F. Leaks. Houghton Si Co. Drew, Robinson & Co. * IQr FOR. ALBANY, TROY, CHKAOO and the CANADA8. Tlio subscribers having completed dm r arrangements with tlif rnople'i LIiih of StiiaiiiboaU, oil ilie North Kivur, and the llail Itoad Companies west of Albany lor running their Kx prwfcs f?r tho season ot 184:i, an Kxprens will leave tlittir office, No. 3 Wall Ktreet. N?w York, every evening, at <marter to 7 o'clock, for the above named aim iniei mm diate placet. IMPORTANT. For the ?jreafpr safety ami security of all valuable and money packages entrusted in their care, they have Salamander Iron Safes on board of the steamboats, in a strte room occupied exclusively by tliemnelvea^ and the tnewncer in rharue Sleep* in the sain** room with the uon sates.into x\ l?i? 1? all such padkak'e* are placed. i'OMKKOY * (OMPAN Y, ml ec No. 2 Wall street. paterson railroad. w-w-^wr-CT' FARE ONLY ? CENTS. Kroni Prnmnn to Jersey City. On ami after Monday, I7tli July, the cars will leave Patmison Dkfot Lkave Ntw York. 8 A. M. 9 A. M. 11% " 12K 1\ M. 4 r. m. s " ON SUNDAYS. Lkavk Patkhjon Dm*ot. Lkavk Nkw York. 7>? A. M. 8?iA.M. 5 P. M. 6 P. M. Transportation cars ply daily (Sundays excepted.) Passengers are advised to lie at the Kerry, foot of Oourtlandt street, a few minutes before the stated hours of departure. jvlQSm NKW ARRANGEMENT. KARK AND FREIGHT REDUCKD. OA REGULAR MAIL LINK?KOU PltOft. TTi.T3?VII)KN( K AND BOSTON, via, STON3K *"* 9 INQTON ANI) NKWI'OKT?( ..uiposed of the following superior steamers, running in connection w ith the Stonington and Boston and Providence Itailroads :? MASSAC HU8ETTS, Ciuit. Comslock. RHODK ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PliOV IDKNCK. NARRAOANSETT. MOHEOAN. One of w hich w ill leave New York ilaily (Sundays excepted) from Pier No. I, Battery Place, N. Hiver, at S P. M. ARRANOKMKNTS. The RHODK ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and Wednesday for Stonington and New|>ort, and Friday for Stonington. The MASSACHUSKTTS, Captain Comstock, on Tuesday and Thursday for Stoningtou, and Saturday for Stuniugton, New|?irtand Providence. Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, will be immediately forwarded in the splendid and commodious (Jars of the Hail road to Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will proceed in the steainur Mohegan (in superior order) from thence at 6 o'clock the following morning, thus KivmR them an opportunity of a night's rest on hoard lliv steamer Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and then breakfast on board the Mohegan. The above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and security of passengers, and not surpaesed by any in the United States. For iwssage or freight, which is taken at very reduced rates, apply on board, at north side of pier No. I. 22 Broadway, or office of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers' berths onn be secured on board, or at the office of HARNDEN Sc CO., No. 3 Wall street (t /""On and after the 10th inst, freight w ill not lie received ami forwarded after Inlf-past t P. Si. inft fun* in LAKE ONTAHIO STEAM-BOA U rvOUIE, froVI rochester.. T H R K K S T E A M -BOATS. oa The A DM I It A I., for Niagara Kails direct, fr?(via Lew iston) daily. The GORE, to '111 roil to and Hamilton. '11??> AMKRICA, for Toronto. U ?? toiH.. !1 P?n Hope. ,Vr.. making a dally coinmuuicatiou to Niagara rails, Toronto, Hamilton, Itc. A NKW ROU'^K BV WAY OF LAKE ONTARIO.. Passengers can avoid the Oswego Caual, by taking the Railroad from Syracuse to Rochester, and then take steamboat for Niagara Kails and Buffalo. The splendid, large and new Steamboat ADMIRAL, Captain Gordon, one ol tlie best sua boats that ever floated on the water or lake Ontario, will leave Rochester landing every morniug, (Sunday* excepted,) at half-past 10 o'clock, or on the arrival ol the cars from Albany, for Niagara Kails and Buffalo. Through from Rochester to the Kails iu 8 hours. Passengers leaving Syracuse in the morning at 4 o'clock, will be at the Kails at 8 o'clock in the evening, and arrive at Buffalo in time for the morning steamboats up the Lakes. II. KILKINS, Agent. Office at the Morton House, Rochester. The steamer Gore,Captain Robert Kerr, will leave Itocheater for Toronto direct, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, at 7 o'clock; and will leave Toronto lor Hamilton, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday morning, at 8 o'clock. The steamboat America, Captain Twohy, will leave Rochester Landing for Toronto, touching at Coburyh, Port Hope, Bom! Head and Darlington, weather |iermiltiug, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at 7 o'clock, P. M. Rochester. Anir. K. Ull ?.1lSlm?r m *#"in UM PEOPLE'S LINK OK 8TKAM BOATS &rr^t?*?3*KOR ALBANY?Daily at 7 o'clock l\ M.TKmmmmJT Wr. Through direct?From the steamboat pier between Courtlandt and Liberty streets, Sunday excepted. The steamboat KNII KK.nBOl K Kit,('apt. A. P. St. John, will leave Tuesday, Thnraday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. Steamboat ROCHESTER, Capt. A. Houghton, will leave Monday, Wednesday and Kriday Evening*, at seven o'clock. Steamboat SOUTH AMERICA," Capt. L. \V. Brainaftl, will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Kriday, afternoon, at J o'clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. H. Trneadell, will leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live o'clock. Passengers taking this Line of Boats will invariably arrive : ill Albany 111 ample time to take the Morning Train of Cars for the east or west. The above boat* are new and substantial, are furnished with neat and elegant State Rooms, and for speed and accommodations are unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor Passage or Kreight, apply on board, or to P. C. Schnlti at the office on the wharf. _________ auL'1 fitr uA SEVEN O'CLOCK MOItNfffO LINE fl| ? J*yQlt ALBANY, TROY, and intermediate ,3E_oJ9L>JE_ Landings?Krom the pier, at the foot of Barclay street. Breakfast and Dinner on board. Leaves N?w York?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday and Kriday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, at 7 A. M. Landing at?Caldwell's, West Point, Newhurgh, Hampton, Poughkeeraiie, Hyde Park, Rhinebeck, U. Red Hook, Bristol, Catskill, Hudson, Coxsackie and Kinderhook. The new low pressure steamer EMPIRE, Captain S. R. Roe, on Wednesday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug. 16. The new low pressure steamer TROY, Captain A. Gorham , on Thursday, at 7 o'clock in the morning, Aug 12. Kor passage, apply at the office, foot of Barclay street, or o* board. Notice.?All (iooda, Kreight, Baggage. Bmk Bills, Specie, or any other kind of Property, taken, shipiied, or put on board the Boats of this Liue/mist be at the risk of the owners of such goods. an 16 r Imn SEVEN O'CLOCK EVEN I NO LINE for ALBANY AND TROY direct, without ^BnaojH_?C_.landiiig?the splendid low pressure steamboat SWALLOW, Captain A. .McLean, will leave the foot of Courtlandt street every Tuesday. Thursday, and Saturday tellings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The Swallow has a large numlier of state rooms.and for speed and accommodations ii not surpassed on the Hudson. an8 ec TO TIIK TRAVELLIVO PUBLIC! fiOi OPPOSITION LINE?The splendid steamboats NEW JERSEY, Capt iioht Kury and XJffi T PQUTS.MOl TH. Capt O. House, will form a daily line lor the balance ol tbe season between New York and Albany. Leaving Albany and New York every evening. Kreight will lie taken at low prices. For freight and passage apply On iMiard. au2 lin ' .Mft 0* HKi.l LAR OPPOSITION KOli lidsTON, via NEWPORT AND PROVIJfa?JRt ft DENt I*.?1> are to Boston $2 50; Deck Si 50: no charge for Berths. Newport and Providence Si; IWk VI cts. Tn? last sailing steamboat CURTIS PECK, Captain Win II. Perk, leaves Catharine Market slip. East River, every Monday, Wednesday and Kriday, at 5 o'clock, P. M. Kor pissage or freight apply on board, or to A. D. PECK, SW *4,til t h .1 o..-, In, MA NKWAKK AND NEW YORK.-Ks* ll ? J*onlv 12K Cents !?Tlie splendid steamer PAS^K', after J Till" 5th, Will rilll Ha follows !? L'-ave the loot of Barclay street, New V'ork, at 10 A. M., and t r. M. Leav-s tli' foot of Ontre street, Newark, at 7,S A. M , anil anil I), P. M. , The accommodations both for passengers and freight Iwe been greatly improved. Freight carried at very low rate*. jyl61m*ec .Mf) ?/J\ STATEN 181,AND KERRY. KOOT mj3*Q^ WHITEHALL 8T.->Tli* steamboats ? W. JT STATEN ISLANDER and 8AM8ON mil run i** liillowR until further notice Leave New York 8, !>, 10, II, I, 2, 3)t, i, 8, 7. Leava 8taten Island 8. 9, 10, II, I. 2, 4, i, 6, 7. Leave New York and Staten Inland every hour en Mauday. Staten laland Kerry?foot of Whitehall street, toTlifton direct. The steamboat Hercules will leive New York! P.M.? Clifton, .'i P M. on Sunday, July |flih. P. 8.?E?. ursion to Kort Hamilton, Sundays escep'jd.? Lear* Kort Hamilton 7)? A. M., returning from New l ork, 3?i P. M. _^ll * _ a_i?| jggk NK,W ARRANGEMENT FOR ^rry^a* SHREWSBURY?Long Branch. Sandy ^T" II....i, M llou?an<l Katontown Landing. The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, ( amain John P. ('orliea, w ill now rim as follows, on and after Thursday, 27th it,st (e.irin* New York, from the foot of llobiusoti street, every Tnesdav, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. And Eatontown Landlug ou Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run as abov?v weather permitting, until further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners. Kare T7K cents. N. B.~Stages will be in attendance to convey passengers from the aforesaid laudinc pUces to any part of the county required. , The Shrewsbury will go the inner passage, when practicable. jelir - IIOCKAV'W AMI M-.W \ (IKK V jJCvrJ# -flP STAOK?Will run as follows on and after t?> grig^HiMfc.iiiiv 13th nut. L?mvh Rockawny at 8 A. M., for >,.rk, rftnninikC l*aw th?* Watrrly Home, lirnnd. w.iy, at !\ M. for Horkiw.?y, by way of South Kerry PiMmiffm Ira tins; ihfir nairns at MO JVarl *tn*t, will be pane, tuallv cillH f?ir by HENRY CONKL1N, anJlm'r Proprietor. RK H HORNING, AUGUST 23, I). M. PEYSER. Ac CO., NO. 110 William street, corrnrof John street, and 437 Broadway han iwcunl, by recent arrival*. au esieusive auppl v of tin* following F/YNC\ GOODS, which were carefully selected by a camirtNit pmon it hrn, Berlin, Sir., anil which they offer for sale, iu wnolesaU aud n*tail, on liberal terms, vie:? Berlin Zephyr and German Worsted?the moit complete ?? lortment. Berlin F.mbroidery Patterns?a choice selection. Canvas* for Lm broidery, of cotton, worsted, linen, lilk, cold Hid silver, of all widths and qualities. Silk Chenille for embroidery, trimming and flower mskiug. Puna Twist, German, French and Kugfish, plain and shaded, iu skeins, sticks, and on spools. Klom> Silk for Km broidery anil Fringe makers, in skeins and oil spools. Suspenders, superbly embroidered, and Suspender TriinmiuKs Gold, Silver and Steel Beads, in all Nos. Mother of IVarl, Gold, Silver and Steel Purse Ornaments. Gold aud Silver Fringe, Braid, Cord, Twist, Thread and Tassels. F.mbroidery Frames, aud a variety of different Fancy Article*. Artificial Flowers?a choice selection. Friuue*, of cotton, worsted and silk, un|>orted and dtmestic Giiii|?, Tassels, Buttons aud all other kind of trimming. jy 17 3m*ec DW1LH F.LM8, No. 231 Broadway. opposite the Fountain, has received a large supply of Goods, which he offer* wholesale, and retail, at very rrasoisrile prices? Berlin, /ephir, worsted, Wei man, car|>et andshadad Worsted F.mbroidery Pattern, a beautiful selection G&nvaaa of every description Worsted, Silk, Cotton, (told and Silver, Kmbroideries, Trim niing rtiid Flower mnkiiis Chenille Floss and Purse Silk, lilain aud shaded Artificial Flowers and Feathers A great variety of cast iron Work Perfllliierv. to be sold ill iMickaL'e* from V In Ifrniu if verv low prices Fancy Note Papers, Wafers ami KnveIo|>es, together witli a large assortment of fancy articles, (times, Work and Segar Cases Rings and Tassels Tor purses. an 12 lm * ec DEPOT OF GENTLEMEN'S FANi V DRESS ARTICLES. KEADY MADK LINENS,UNDER (iAHMENTS, (Sic.Sie. rlMIE Rubscrilier would eall tlie attention of their matrons and A strangers visiting this eity, to their rich and extensive assortment of stocks, scarfs, ciavats, gloves, siisiieiiders, pocket handkerchiefs, dmuing towns, hosiery, lambs wool, merino, silk, cotton, Berlin, buckskin ind oilier under shirts and drawers. Their assortment of thoabove goods, and all other articles appertaining to a gentleman's wardrobe are rich, varied, and extensive, and well worthy the attention of the fashionable community, they would particularly recommend their new stvle of gentlemen's shirts, as containing many improvements. TImshirts at present manufactured by them, are cut to suit the form of the wearer, thereby doing away with the large merplus of linen used under the old system of cutting, and adding not only to the comfort of the wearer, but to the lieanty of the form This improvement was so manifest to the Judges of filiate fair at the American Institute, that the first premium was awarded to the subscribers; their patent clastic Brace is particularly recommended to all persons who have acquired the habit of stooping. They will lie found of immense benefit to persons of sedentary habits, by bracing the shoulders, they strengthen the back, and expand the chest, am! will hi' found of no nii|><-<litnent to the free use of the arms. They would also call attention to their patent elastic Russia or riding belt, (ientlemen may depend on being suited with the liest ami most fashionable articles, by calling at the old establishment of PARSELLS Sc AGATE, au 2ft lm*ec 237 Broadway, corner of 1'aik place. " DALE ATMAXWELL; No. 2 CEDAR STREET, NEW VOIIK. QOI.E Agents in the United States, for the French He|iort of Fashion, translated into English, w ith Pattern Sheets. Costume* be. lor tailors, dress makers and milliners, received from Paris on the arrival of every Packet. Those who wish the only original French Fashion now sent to America in the English language, can have them by calling as above. '1 crms of the Elegant, or Tailors Fashion, Five Dollars tier year, issued monthly. Le. Foilet, or Ladies Fashion. Ten Dollars |>er year, issued weekly, with eighty four tine colored steel engravings |>er year, or seven each month. jy29 lm?r WM. T. JKNNINGS CO. ~ DRAPERS AND TAILORS, 231 Broadway, American Hotel, opposite the Fountain,, solicit attention to an assortment of seasonable goods, including Cloths, Cassitneres, Vesting*, Sic., in all the new and various styles, under the assurance that the system of " small profits and quick returns,'' W Ilicil llrVH I'licilfil 5?? llin-iai n I'aiiuuoKr, >1111 i?r kinuinuru, I while our arrangements are such as ? ill enable us to (ill all orders in future wiih promptness. A feature in the estahlisliinwut, which mint cummmiJ it to those reouiring articles for immediate use, is the addition to our stock, of an assortment of first ijuality read/ made Garments, consisting of Surtouts, Frocks, Dress Coats, Pantaloons, Vests, Otfice Coats, Travelling Frocks, Dressing Gowns, Ike. A choice collection of Silk and Satin Scarfs, Cravats, Handkerchiefs, Gloves, Suspenders, Hosiery, Under Shirts, Drawers, Muslin Shirts, Collars, &c. At prices which must offer inducements to purchaser?. jy2l lin**c CHEAP CASH TAlLbuiNO KSTABL18HMK NT, 301 PKAKL, LATI-. KiR 11KK.K\1 AN 8TRKK.T. THE Subscriber, well known lor the cheapness and durnbilily of his work, desiivs to inform his patrons and the public, that he is now, to suit the economical teudency of the linixs Mialinu n,ri?MmU ?f (1m. itirr |H>fsls?4li(v.?t? of 20 i>er cent from former prices, ana less, it Is in lieved, by 211 l<*r cent tluu g irmeuts of the same i|U.ility are made by the cheap houses in this city. In order that gentlemen may understand what is'meant by cheapness, the following bill of prices is submitted to their consideration, with a guarantee that the goods shall be of first rate quality, and the lit unexceptionable sujiernne west of Kugland I loth Coats 812 to $16 Pants of black or fancy Double Milled ("ass, 5 to 7 Vests, of Silk, Satin, Stc 2)4 lu 4 Making and trimming, iu the best style, at ilie following prices : Coats 6)? to $8 Pant* and Vests, 1}2 to lj? All orders executed with punctuality and despatch. JOHN MOFFAT. As the season is advanced, the prcseut stock of summer goods w ill lie sold low. ai^i till *r CASH TAILORING ESTABLISHMENT. 1 S PHILLIP*, Mtfdwtt Tulor, (hti of 7 Astof House, J Broadway,) impressed with the nfcniiity of mfdiiix llir 1 exigency of tli* times l?y tlie reduction of hi* prices, and find- J iiiK it im|?ossih|e to do so w hile subject to the enormous out- ' lay* a Broadway location necessarily incurs, has determined on the only w t1 tO effect this -Without dttpungfmnt tO the lity of hit garments: he hits, therefore, removed liis establishment to i;*? NASSAU HT1IKK.T, comer of Beekman, where Kentlenuii e 01 now l?r ?oip| lird at a deduction of teu rcent u< im Kit foimer low prices. The following is submitted merely as a specimen of the foregoing assertion Superfine Coats made in tlie best style from $16 to $18 .1- ?r ?i.? r.^? 10 00 C'hallie Vests, ........ $2 75 8. I'. Iiegs leave, in conclusion, to observe, the above articles may be relied on, in all res|>ects, 10 be of the inott genuine descrinfiou, and lower than any other house furnishing the same quality of trticlw. jyl Imr G-ENTLKMKN'S LEKT OFF WAKOKOBK?Hentle"ineu or families desirous of converting their led off wearing apparel into cash, can obtain lor the same the highest cash price. To families and gentlemen <(uirtinar the city,or chancing residence, haviiiK any ?up?rtlaou* effects to dispose of, will mid it much to their advantage to send for the subscriber, who will attend them at residence by appointment. II. LE VETT. No. 6 John *t, New 1 ork. A line through the post office, or otherwise, will receive prompt attention, ( hulling cleaned, altered and repaired. aulT Imr I SHIRT MANUFACTORY, AND UENTl.F.MKN'S KCHNISIIINti STORE, ' ^(1 MAIDEN LANE.-vJ 11st ivceived the latest and most approved French pattern shirts. A general assortment ol | shirts, under garments, hosiery, cravats, handkerchiefs, Sic. . Hl.irts and under garments made np to order and repaired at ' short notice. Kor sale, a Counting House Desk, with three >1 drawers and book rack. \VM. COLLINS. j I MR lfll*T | BUTTONS. ' , PATENT AOATE BUTTON DEPOT, Patkhson, New .Ifrskt. THOS PKOSSEU, 1 jySS lm*r Patentee. I J. SOKIA'S CHEAP PYEINO ESTABLISHMENT. Mil. SOBIA l>egs leave respectfully to inform his friends and the public in general that owing to the depretsed state of the times, he has reduced his price 26 per cent below the regular chances. Lade-* w ishing their summer dresses, shawls. See. dyed or pressed, will 11 < I it much t > their advantage In paying lum a visit. Gentlemen will also do well to call with sach articles of wenrinir apparel a* may nerd dyeing or pressing. All orders will lie punctually attended to, and the article* done up in the best style at Soria's establishment. No. I IK) Pearl st. Ilis branches an' at No 2i7 Blercker St., No 34.'! Bowery, and at Sf>7 (fraud St. Also a branch at 19 Fulton st. Brooklyn, and at Newark, N. J., corner of Broad st, and Washington Place. Merchants can h ive all kinds of goods dyed and put up in their original forms, and on moderate terms. Principal office i*ni IV.ul ?t. antt UNITED STATES ~ TEA EMPORIUM, 121 late 12!) Chatham strert. New York. And 116 Fulton street, Brooklyn. Anm ?, 3in Bu'U'Stn Stb>.kt, W II O I. E SAL E A N 0 11 E TAIL, I rPllK. CANToN TEA i'OMI'ANY continue to offer for | I sale new and flagrant Tea? of every variety and ?t>le.? . Their assortment s|"ecially includes the most delicious and 1 powerful grade* of tlnifl and Black. Every package hear* the Itamp of neatness and elegance, and the Teas therein are so thiirouglilv seemed from light and air, that their quality and power will remain unimpaired in any climate. Their system I of prosecuting business is, perhaps, scarcely to be excelled. It j is founded upon the utmost regard to the rights ol the custom- , ar1 neciall) ?ith rrspact to weight and quality, ana unri\ all d < le ipness. All purchasers are called ii|hui to return aii^- ' irililes n nil 11 inn ill *. ......... . (he money will lie cheerfully and promptly refunded. ( onntry merchants, public establishments, bead* of families, mid ship- ' masters will find it * decided advantage to supply themselves from this establishment. (iihi im: J.i\ > Corfu* routed every day. Orders from *11 part* of the 1/nitcu Htates executed with promptitude and despatch. . i; / The only warehouse in America for the sale of Hon,|n i , i-i li lirited Black Tea. ii!> lrn*in < THE INDIA TEA COMPANY. 1 188 Oanai. sibkkt, New York. ENOOUIiAOKD by the satisfaction given since the opening ! of their establishment rifcpectfully invite the attention ofnier- I chants and families to their ample stock of superior Teas and i otfi-e, purchased mm can, !? . on oi ilie ni,loaf r\|>erieticed iii the trade and for years an inspector of Tea* imported by the i Kast India Tim < oinpany, of London. They confidently recoig | mend them, not only a* the liest in i|nallty, hut as ehea|>er, fri? lit to liinw cent than ran lie h id elsewhere. All ordersprouipll 1 and faithfully ssccnted. aul lin'm ( WA'l'CIII'.S -The l ir^. st .ml nn.?l splendid of ' Watches in the city, is to bn found at the subscriber's.? J As he is constantly receiving all descriptions of Child and Silver Watches, of tlie newest styles, direct fnun the manufacturers, in KunUnd, France, and Switzerland, he is enabled to offer a larger assortment, ai?d at much less prices, at retail, ' any other house in the city. CJold watches as low as to Sii < each. Watches and jewellery exchanged or houitht. All ' walclies w arranted to kii p Rood time, or llie money returned. Watches, clocks and jewellery repaired in the best manner, | an I wai ranted I nv?r than at any other place in the city * (1 I',. Al.LKN, importer of watches and jewellery, J *6 Im'tc WHoImaI* tod rvuil, 30 VV*1I atrta*. up lUirt ? COTTON-l.91b.,? J #u 20 No. #l A>ib*ny tt. j [ERA 1843. H I'ii/.IIN. From h vi rv valued cnrrfumn.lcnl. whose com mtiniealions have frequently appeared in the Herald, we have the following interesting intelligence of a late dute s? Rio, Ith July, 1843 By the U S. corvettc John Adams, whic.'t left Montevideo, 20tli June, we had no letter nor journals, but one ol the officers who had hern on whore the same diy, relates that the city was in ?reat jubilee and enthusiasm, advices having arrived that , General ltiveira had routed one ol Oribe's cavalry divisions. The Harrison ol the Cerro had made a sortie on the 10th June, reinlorced bv three battalions Irom the city, and driven uwuy Oribe's troops, who surrounded the mount on all sides. Aii officer and twelve men ol the tfuenos Ay res I'atricios pulsed \ over to the Montevidenns. Government proposed to take a loan ol $100,000, from the merchant, to I repay in three months; in the event ol a r?iu?al, paper money was likely to be emitted. We have a lew days later news from Rio Grande of 2d June, confirming and giving detuils ol the | battle of Poncha Verde, where the rebel army was completely defeated, with a loss of 600 men killed and wounded. The Kio Grande war, which has c?s'. Brazil the latter years, 5,000,000 or <>,000,000 a year, is considered as nearly concluded by this victory. The advices from Rio, official, about the the Ilio Grande war, are ipiite different Irom the advices some New York papers have given to their readers. Speaking about rebel forces ol 10,000 or 30,000 men, which is quite ridiculous, for anyone the least conversant witli the Province of llio Grande The French frigate Uranie, Admiral Brerat, has arrived Irom Toulon, together with the corvette Sabine. The Admiral is comniMsury Iroin the King of France to Queen I'orn ir6, and commander-in-chief of the French forces in the PaniHr or l/Oi / iiiim mm flit* I*'r?*n<,li mil if Tli'? !>;i rU Lucy Penniman, cleared for Goa, wiili ? *n?'rdl cargo; brigj Porimise and l)uane, loading lor Africa, (lie one just taken 800 hbls. gunpowder on board ; brig Kentucky, Capt. Asken, arrived Irom Quillemaine, 7(? days, 111 ballast, and 27 passengers, put under quarantine. J. L. Tcxnrt. The New Orleans Bulletin of Monday, the 14th of Augua:, has the following late information from Texas:? The steam packet Sarah Barnes, Captain Jones, arrived from Galveston on Saturday morning,bringing papers to the f)ch instant, twenty-three days later than before received, and Irom other parts of the republic to corresponding dates. Captain Galan, of the Mexican army under Gen. Wool, arrived ar Washington, the present capital or Texas, on the 25th July, bearing despatches from his government He cave otlicial notice, it is stated, of the withdrawal to the west side of the Rio Grande of all the Mexican forces?the Texan line being acknowledged to extend to the east bank of that stream. Captain G. also had "a proposition from Geueral Wool to President Houston, to appoint commissioners to meet at Laredo, to arrange some plan of operations against the bands of robbers and inurdeiers known to infest the western borders of Texas, and which, if not suppressed, would prove a great obstacle to any trade that might be opened." The Washington Vindicator jays:? "We presume that the object of this proposition is designed lo arrange some plan by which the robbers and murderers who are interrupiing the intercourse between the two countries, may be suppressed. In fh<? mHitnfimp it urili nnl inf^rl^rp with the ?pnpriil negotiations which may be in progress between the two countries. Certain it is that hostilities on the put ol Mexico towards TexuB has ceased, and about sixty troops who were on this side ot the Rio Grande, have been ordered to Matamoras." The TkxanNavy?The Houston Citizen says? Com. Moore and Captain Lothrop have be<?n dismissed trom the arrvice ; the lormer for disobedience ot repeated order*, in the cases enumerated in th?* President's proclamation ; and Captain Lothrop tor refusing,to take the command when the Commodore waasuapended and ordered to rei>oit himself, in arr- ot to llm Doi?rtm?at of War and Marine. All thr leuixiniiig officers, with one or two exceptions, have resigned, and the vessels are now in the hands ol the Naw Commissioners. The sreater part of the crew of the brig W^harton will p-main on boird, and about one third of the ship's crew. Commodore Moore, we learn, will appeal 'o Congress tor an investigation of his conduct. The disbanding of the navy as above stated, produced much excitement in Galveston, and it is said that Houston was burnt in effigy. The Civilian states that " moderation and dignity characterised the officer's retiring." Th?* brig Sam Houston, which Mi Galveston on the 7th instant for this city, lias on board a number of the officers and men late of the Texan navy. A public dinner was given I* , Commodore Moore by citizens of Galveston on the 28th ult., as a mark ot approbation ot his conduct, , und of censure upon the President. Commodore Moore and Mr. Moriran, the Texan ( Navy Commissioner, have each published an address to the public, explanatory of their apparent , disobedience ot orders. We make selections of such other items as we ( find of interest. The revenue cuttf r Santa Anna left this port on Sunday for Matamoras, carrying ns passenger, Cap- < tain Galan, the recent bearer ot despatches from t im? tn ihia irnvfrnnirnt. I We understand that Brig. Gen. A. Somerville ia a candidate lor Major General. A correspondent of the Citizen states, information lias been received from ilie West, that some persons had visited the Lipan Indians and stolen twelve horses from them. They were pursued into the settlements, the horses recaptured and themselves taken, but they afterwards escaped.?Galvttl(m \tw?, 8 h iiut. I 11. B. M sloop of war ftaylla. Captain Sharp, ar- | rived at Galveston on the 23d ult., in ten days from Vera Cruz?bringing despatches to the British Mi lister. General Houston starts to-day, July 2!Mi, for the ' Indian treaty. H<- accepted an invitation to a barlacue at Fantharp's to-dav, andnt Crockett on the I'll o( August. From all the indications, his visit ( o the Trinity will show that he yet enjoys in a ante degree the peoples' confidence, whatever J nay be said to tlio contrary.? Himttan Citizen. 11 Thk Convention.?On the 17ih of July only six members appeared at La Grunge to attend the con- I mention, and those who were present considered it t unnecessary to organize a meeting. The Hon. W. t E. Jones, of Gonzales, and Mr. J. W Harrison. < were prevented lrom attending by sickness, and t Judge Webb, having recently lost a favorite son, I was unwilling to leave his family. j i liThe counties of Jackson and Victoria, did not i elect any delegates. The grievances of the Western people will now, we hope, be submitted 'o the J proper tribunal?the Congress o| Texas.?llauttim Star. A Defaulter ? One of the Indian agents who j was seot by President Houston to Galveston, some weeks since to purchase beads and other trinkets for th*" Indians, has "deeamped" with the public money placed in his charge. A person was sent in [ursuit of him, but in vain. Whi n last seen he was wending his way towards Mexico ? lb. Poi.oiers Returning ?About 16<> troops from the Red ltiv? r counties passed through Harrison conn ly in the lore part of July on their way to the Weil; but having received iniormation ot the armistice ihey disbanded and returned home.?11). A new college is about to be established in San Augustine, under the auspices ot the cltrgy, and . memtiers ot the ivieiiiouisi r.pia<'0|>ai i>nurrn. a ?l>erial agent has beeu dit^-itched to the I nited States, with instructions to procure, regHrdle* ?>f expense, competent male and female father*; ample means have been provided tor the erection of large and commodious building?,and the institution will go into o|N'ration by the first ot November next. ? CUizm. It ia understood that the Comanche*, who were **id to have been in large numbers below the Lare. Jo road, and made a visit, not long since, to Cori us ' Christi, had pa Med pp the Kio (Jrande, with feelings ; hostile to the Mexicans. They did not leave the leighborhood ot Matatnoras until ihey had taken some prisoners, but were represented to have left ihwm at Laredo.?UuJvt?tnn JVcwt. We notice in the National Vindicator an account ?f a quarrel which recently took nlacc hi Austin, jetween Mr. Nolan and Captain Mark R l^ewis, in ' which the luiter drew <1 pistol Hnd shat the former lead. Lewis is snid to have been taken into ctwody, when two ot Nolan's Irienda came upon the >risoncr and killed liim ?lb. !&* The people of Louisiana, like manv in New i'ork, are seeking to amend the consiitution of that State. The question whether a convention shall be issemoie.i 10 amend me constitution 01 me mate ol , Louisiana, was voted upon by the people of that Mate, in compliance with a resolution of ilie lei<is- , ature, at th? Id at election. The result ol this vole ' n such ol the parishes as have been heard Iront, ' :onstituting the principal part of the S'ate is, voices n favor ol the couvention 10,313, against it 2,tw3 " LD. Price Two Cent*. -- ~ ,ar Mil iary Nnllrm " Km>d and Diet "?In no country is (here more need of the labors of plain, intelligible, and aoien< tific public instruction respecting the way in which the stomach should be treated than (here is in (heae ' United States. From the nursery (o (he graveyard. Brother Jonathan sutlers from habitual violations of the dietetieal regimen, which should be obaerved by all who wish to avoid the horrors ot dyspepsia and (he doctors. We think that this work of philanthropy is now in & fair way of accomplishment by the publication of an enlarged and improved edition of the admirable treatise on" Food and Diet," by the justly celebrated Dr. Pereira, of Loadon We know ot no work more calculated to benefit physical humanity, check the inroads of disease, and teach us how to enjoy (he good things of this lile. The American editor, I)r. C. A. Lee, of this city, has added a very valuable appendix, and we do not believe that a single point connected with the subject?extended as it is?has been neglected. The chemical elements of foods?their digestibility ?nutritive qualities?tiima of eating?and the regimen adapted for disordered states ot the digestive, organs?are all discussed with great minuteness and ability. The appendix is exceedingly interesting and instructive. The work is very elegantly got up, from the press of (lie Metsre. F^analev. and is sold for on** dollar. Convinced of its great value, we cheerfully commend it to universal approbation. Froissart's Chronicles? Winchester,New York. ?The sixth number of Sir John Frotssart's Chronicles of England, France, Spain and the adjoining countries is un exceedingly valuable number. Catholic Family Biblk.?Sadlier, New York ? This in the. fourth part of the Catliolica' Family Bible, translated from the Latin vulgate, with annotations, flee. It is in the quarto form, and has the approbation of the Right Rev. I)r. Hughes, Bishop of New York. Southern Literary Mkssenokr.?The Aufust number of this popular periodical comes to us under hanged auspices. Letters and Despatches of Hk&nandos Coktes ?We hail this elegant translation wiih great pleasure, us a very valuable and interesting addition to our national literature. To Mr. < leorge Folsom, the accomplished translator, and to the spirited publishers, Messrs. Wiley >V. Putnam, the thanks of all interested in the early history of the South American Continent kare eminently due It is certainly not a little remarkable that such an important volume should have for i?o long d period escaped the notice of any English translator, and we feel no small pride in being able to record the fact, that to the American press the literary world is indebted for this,the first translation'intoour language. There isa romantic interest about the coi,quest of Mexico by the Spaniards, which renders any authentic detail respecting it exceedingly attractive. The " Letters and Despatches" of Cortes are written in a very graphic style. They bear the impress of accuracy throughout; and beins so fully corroborated by the statemenis ot subsequent creditable historical au thortiiea and travellers, tliey are commended to us by all the claim3 which truth and impartiality conler. The chivalric enterprise of Cortes in all its progress?the condition of the country?the opposition with which the successful invaders met?the final settlement ot the Spaniard*?are described with great minuteness and eflect. The work in an indispensable companion to Stephens' valuable works, and must occupy a place in every good library on this continent. Tanner's Map op the United States.?As a woik ot art this is one of the most beautiful maps ever published in this or any other country. But its elegance is not its chief recommendation. Its accuracy and comprehensiveness are worthy of much commendation. All the recent government surveys have been inserted, together with the new counties, towns, railroad* mid canals, in every State nnd territory of the Union, as well as those in Texas. With tiles'" important additions and corrections, the map will be found as perfect as the existing materials would allow, and perhaps more so than any other hitherto puMiplied, as it embraces a vast amount of fresh information contained in no other map with which we are acquainted. This is certainly the case with regard to the plans of cities; there is no map ot the kind extant which gives that minute and detailed view of our principal cities that this does, and we regard it as a very important and peculiar feature ot the work. Sketcues or Yale Colleue?Saxton Ac Miles. New York.?This is a neat volume, entitled " Sketches ot Vale College," with numerous anecdotes, etc., by a member of that institution. Among its contents are the Annals of Yale, a chronological table of events, and its present state in all its departments, together with college life, college customs, college anecdotes, >fcc. The SotrvKNiK and other Tales?Dunigan, N. IT.?This is a translation Irom the French, and may institute a pretty present for youth. New System of Mathematics? Wells, Hartford. ?This is the third edition ot " Porter's New Syaem of Mathematics," with the addition of a comllete Heady Reckoner, lor the use of farmers and mechanics. The Social History of Great Britain?C?lyer, Sew York.?This is a neat volume on an interning subject, to wit, the social history of Great Britain during the reigns of the Stuarts, beginning with the seventeenth century; being the period of the settling of the United States The work is dedicated to the people of the United States, because the volume exliibits the socal condition ol their patriotic forefathers at the time of their first emigration. Farmer's Encyclopaedia.?Carey & Hart, Phiadelphia ?This eminent publishing house nas isni"d the twelfth number ot the Farmer's Encycloudia, of rural affairs, which is adapted to the Juited States, by a practical farmer. It ap|>eara to :ontain much valuable information. Ten Thousand a Year.?Carey and Hart have ust issued an excellent cheap edition of this admirable novel. Celkiikatkd Trials of all Countries.?Carey I art, Philadelphia.?This thick volume contains rials of all countries and remarkable cases ofcrimilal jurisprudence. It is understood to be but an iPiiiit uniritr, lor other similar compilations are to nlliiu; t ln?ni?h 1 ruin th ia i/olnni** nlnnp fhpr#* in ollf_ icient ot the horrible 10 satisfy the craving of almost any apatite for such reading We, nevertheless, ire ot opinion that the collection of these trials in a convenient form for relerencr, may have its uses. Monthly Skimm, Surr-utMCvr to thk Nkw Wori.d?Winchesier, New Yo?k-?The August No. contains continuations ot the Tales and Romances by James, Ainsworth, Lever, Dickens and Lov^r, with which the public has acquired a familiarity trom preceding numbers. James' "Arrah Neil, or Times of Old," is a recent addition to this work, and we understand it is hm first attempt to write & work iu monthly p*rts. A Watkbm*m)!? Aftray on t'trnnay ? A party ?f nine young men ot Philadelphia went on a saifng excursion down to Fell's I'oint, on the Jersey lide on Sunday. Light of ihem went into bathe, indthe other brought a melon from Mr. Fell's watermelon patch. Mr. F , who had for several nights Mint suflered severely by degradations upon his grounds, was, with two of his neighbors, on the watch. On ?eeirn them nppronch armed, the party ook to their boils and pushed for the Pa. Btiore. The pursuers pu <h?d niter them in n boat, fired,and wounded 7. One received a ehot under the eye. Another wa" serimi.-ly hurt. Three hliots went (trough Ins hat, and lodged in hi* skull. the flesh of us left arm w is dreadfully torn, and hia lett side vhs in u pitiable condition. The Ledger says Mr. ?\ then gave up the chase, nnd the young men pro:ured medical aid on ranching the snore. Defalcation in Wv?t Camhbidqk ?The Concord :orropoudent of the Lowell Courier gives the folnwing account of a defalcation in the town of ifu.i n .v til ~ -i .. 7 CBl ^,!""iu^r. ^ i nr*m iu*uny m a muc iiubm lenn* antir which took place last we*fk in tha own ol West Cambridge. A man who moved into hat town about lour years ago, and who has nade Iii iiih?* II twr the last year somewhat notorious, fit town with hi* family, Ins horse and his cowa, twfcn Wednesday night and Thursday morning, ?nd has not ?ince Keen heard ol. Ho glorified in lie mime of Capt Cud*. 'le whs treasurer ot the Odd Fellows' l.odgf in ihat town, and to ohow Itow true he was to his tru^t, he has not parted with l cent of the lund.* i- anybody, but lus taken them with him <abou'|M*>> He managed to get about $150 ol the town's money in hit hand?, and he has ie|>t that too." Cot-HT ff'K TUB COKRKCTION OF ERRORS, AuftllSt !l?Mary I. vinaiton vs. Hannah Nickleaand al., idimnistrators of Andrew Stickles, deceased. Mr. acob .Sunderland continued his argument for re pondenf.

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