Newspaper of The New York Herald, August 24, 1843, Page 1

Newspaper of The New York Herald dated August 24, 1843 Page 1
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k '? ' * TH Vol. IX.?No. 831?Whole Mo. 3443. JOHN HERDMAN'S OLD ESTABLISHED EMIGRANT PASSAGE OFFICE. j^j?^ rffty REGULAR LINE OK PACKET SHIPS. 61 South ?trret. New York. ... PASSAGE to and froin Oreat Britain and Ireland, via Liverpool .ind Loudon, by the regular packet ships, sailingon the 1st. 7th, 13th, 19th, and 25th of each month to and Irnin Liverpool and to and from Londou lit, 10th and 20th of each month. . . The subscriber has made unequalled arrangements to bring nut emigrant*, ajid can, with great confidence, assure those persons sending lor their friends, that every due and diligent attention willbe shown them, and all who embark with them Passage can also be engaged from Liverpool direct to INew Or leans, Mobile, Savannah, Baltimore, I'liitaUeipnia, uosion, aim to the different |>ort? of the British Province*, at the lownst Mn, Willi thoso arrangements, together with the advantage which his Liverpool corrwpondents possess, being larjja ship owners, and extensively engaged in tin* freighting business despatching * early al least I Oil lirst class ships from Liverpool to the va roiis ports of the United States, with freight anil passenger*. The facility offered by this establishment is unsurpassed, ami from the large number of lirst class ships employed in the line there can be no detention whatever, which will be guaranteed. The price of passage will be at the lowest rates, and should any ol those sent for decline coming, the passage uiouey w ill be as customary refunded. The steamboat fare from the different ports to Liverpool can, as usual, be secured. JOHN HKIiDMAN. 61 South st, N Y. or J. k W. KOBINSON, near Wall street, Merchants and Emigrants' Agents, No. 10 Oon-e PiazMi. Liverpool. DIIAFT9 AND EXCHANGE. The Subscriber requests the attention of those remitting mo ney to their fiiends to his umsfuulled arrangements for the payment of his drafts on demand, w ithout discount or any charge whatever, at the following Banking Institutions, viz :? IN ENCi LAND?Messrs. James bull. Sou fet Co., Bankers Loudou. Messrs J. Barnard it Co., Exchange and Discount Bank, Liverpool. National Provincial Bank of England, and Branches throughout England and Wales. Yorkshire District Bank and Branches. Birmingham Ranking Co. Lancaster Ranking Co. IN SCOTLAND?Greenock Banking Co. iu tilaigow and Greenock. Eastern Bank of Scotland and Branches. IHK LAND?Provincial Bank of Ireland. Amagli Cork Kunis Mallow Athlon? Carlo w Knniskillru Moneyinore Itailiu* laviiu waiway cmaKn Hi-lfast Colerainc Kilkenny I'aranustowQ RainbriH^t* Cooteinll Kiliush Nligo Hdlvin.-ua Dublin Londonderry Strabane Hindoo Dowupatrirk L&rgeii Tralee Ballyshaunon Duiik lnnou Limerick Waterford Clonmel Dungsrron Monachal! Youghall National Bauk of Ireland. Billinsloe Castlebar Moate Tipperary Banagher Enniseorthy Nenah Tuain Boyle Kermoy Jilew Thomastown ('other _ Calway Jtoscrea Tralee Carrick on Sair Kanturk Iloscoininou WestjMirt ' 'asllerea Longford Slico We* lord Charlesvill* Loughrea Tallow Wicklow Clonmel Michaelstown Thurles N. B ?In addition to the Liveri>ool and London iwckets, the subscriber is also agent for the regular packet* sailing weekly from New York to New Orleans, Mobile. Charleston, and Savannah, by which passage can be secured at the lowest rates. jylJ-tf JOHN HERDMAN. OLD LINK LIVERPOOL PACKETS. flfSv 'T'HK OLD LINK of Packets for Liverpool will hereafter be -1 despatched in the following order, excepting that when the ailiiiK day falls ou Sunday, the ships will sail on ill# succeeding day, vu:? From New York. From Liverpool The CAMBRIDGE, {Jim. 1 July 19 8i0 tons, < Oct. I Nov. 19 W. C. Burrow,r Feb. I Mar. 19 Hie ENGLAND, (June 19 Aug. 7 1M tons, < Oct. 19 Dec. 7 is. Bartlett,f Feb. 19 April 7 Tlie OXFORD, < July 1 An*. 19 800 tons, < Nov. 1 Dec. 19 J. Ratlibone, r March 1 April 19 The MONTEZUMA, (July 19 Sept. 7 1000 tons, < Nov. 19 Jan. 7 A. B. Low ber, r -March 19 May 7 The EUROPE, I Aug. l Sept. 19 C18 toni. < Dec. I Jan. 19 E. G. Furber, r April 1 May 19 The NEW YORK, (new! f Auir. 19 Oct. 7 9jO ton*. } Dec. 16 F eb. 7 T. B. Crop|ier, f April 19 June 7 The SOUTH AMERICA, i Sept. I Oct. 19 C30 torn, < Jan. 1 Feb. 19 E. O. Bailey, r May 1 June 10 The COLUMBUS, (Sept. 19 Nov. 7 70U tons, < Jan. 19 Mar. 7 G. A. Cole, ( May 19 July 7 These ship* are not mrpaisod in point of elegance or romfort in their cabin accommodation*, or m their last sailing qualiti< s by any vessels in the trade. The commanders are well known a* men of character and experience, and the strictest attention will always be paid to promote the comfort and convenience of passengers. Punctuality, as retards the day of sailiug, will lie observed as heretofore. Tlie price of passage outward is now fixed at Seventy-Five Dollars, for which ample stores of every description will be trovided. w ith the exception of w ines and liquors, which w ill e furnished by the stewards, if required, ^ Neither tlie captain or owners nl thine shipi will I* responsible for any letters, parcels, or packages sent bv them unless regular bills of ladin/ are signed therefor. For freight or passive, apply to GOODHUE & CO, 6< South st. <\ H. MARSHALL. 18 Burling slip, N. Y. and of UA KINO. BROTHERS & CO.. LVool. iv H PASSAGE FROM GREAT BRITAIN AND IRKLAND BV THE BLACK BALL OR OLD LINE OF LIVERPOOL PACKETS. [Sailing from Liverpool on the 7th and 19th of every month.] Persons wishing to *end to the Old Country for their friends MO make the i.ecessary arrangement* with the subscribers, and hire them eome out in this superior Line of Packets, Sailing from Liverpool punctually on the 7th and 19th of every month. They will also nave a first rate class of American trading ship*, failing every six day*, thereby affording weekly communication from that port. One of the firm (Mr. James D. Roche) is there, to see that they shall be forwarded w ith care and despatch. Should the parties agreed for not come out, the money w ill be returned to those who i<aid it here, without any reduction. The Black Ball, or Old Line of Liverpool Packets, comprise the following magnificent Ships. viz :? The OXFORD, Tlie NEW YORK, CAMBRIDGE, COLUMBUS, EUROPE SOUTH AMERICA. ENGLAND NORTH AMERICA. With such superior and unequalled arrangements, the sub crilwrs confidently look forward for a continuance of that support which has beeu extended to them so many years, for which the} are grateful. 'I hose proceeding, or remitting money to their relative*, can at all tames obtain Drafts at sight for any amount, draw n direct on tlie Royal Bank of Ireland. Dublin, also on Me?*r*. PRESCOTT, OROTE, AMES Si CO. Banker*. London, which will be Paid nil demand at any of the Banks, or their Branch)"*, in all the principal towns throughout England, Irelaud, Scotland and Wales. Apply, or address, (if by letter, post paid.) ROCHk, BROTHERS St CO. 3A Fulton street New Y ork, next door to the Fulton Bank. N. B.?The Old Line of Liverpool Packet* sail from this I port for Liverpool Oil llie 1st and 19th of each mouth. Parties returning to the old country will find it to their comfort and advaul ige to select thi* favorite Line for their conveyance, ill preference to any other. d!i7 r ' TAI'^COTTS tiKNKNAI, I'A^SACK OFt'K'li, ii PECK SLIP, NEW YORK. Ml iML ML The subscribers beg to rail tin* attention ol their friends an.I the |>nblic generally. to their auperior arrangement* for bringing out iwasenser* from, ami remitting money to any part of Knglann, Ireland, Scoflaud or Wales, in the magnificent pack i't ships, comprising the " NfcVV LINK OK LIVERPOOL PACKETS,' VIZ.:? Ship ROSCMJS, ('apt. Collin*. Ship 8IDPONS, jplain Cobb. ship 8IIKRIDAN, Captain Pepeyater. Ship GAR I! It' K, t Kptain Skiddy. New ship HOTTING UK It, Captain Bursly. Ship SOUTHKRNKR. Captain Wood house. Ship ROCHESTER, Captain Palmer. Sew Ship LIVERPOOL, Captain Eldredjre. Hailing twice every month ; and w ith the " UNITED I.INK," composed of anpenor first clam American ships, sailing every ten days, will make five ships in each mouth throughout the vear, (or one every six day*) thereby preventing the possibility of unnecessary detention. Passages direct from London. Bristol and Greenock to NewYork. Also from Liver|H>ol to New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah <'hnrlratou, Philadelphia, Botton and Baltimore, and the various port* in British North America, can at all tiroes be eugaged on liberal terms. Persons wishing to send for their friends, will not fail to see the advantage* to be derived from selecting this line in preference to any other, and they may rest assured that unusual care vi ill be taken to make the passage agreeable, the ship* being titt?l up with an eye solely to the comfort of passengers. In all cases where the parties sent for decline coining, the monev w ill lie refund.d withrnt any deduction, a* usual \ free passage from the various seaport* ol Ireland and Scotland, can also be lecnred The regular packet* for which the subscribers are agents, sail as fi Hows, viz To and Irom London on the l*t, it), ;iu,l 20th .<1 each month. To and from Liverpool on the 1st, 7th, 13th, H?lh, and 2Mh of each month. New Orleans, Mobile, Savannah, and Charleston, weekly throughout the atastin. REMITTANCES. Persons in the country wishing to send money to their friends by enclosing the sum they wish sent, with the name and address of the parties to receive, if, may rely en a draft for the .1 mount being forwarded |>er first packet, after the receipt thereof. and an -ekuow ledgement f >r the same returned |*r mail. Drafts at sight, for any amount, are payable on demand, without discount or any other charge, at I he National and Provineial Banks of Ireland and branches, Kaateni Bank of Scotland, Greenock, and their branches, Messrs. James Bull, Son Si Co. Rankers London EicImiiaf, and Discount Bank, Liverpool and in every principal town of Great Britain and Ireland. Knrther particulars made known on application, if by letter, post paid, to W.'St J. 'I TAPSCOTT. diy r 43 Peck Slip, comer South st |?ffv ttih Mfy NEW YORK AND IIAVRK PACKKTS. Heeimil Lil*?The Ships of this line will hereafter leave New York on tlie lit, and Harra on th? Ifith of each month, as fol lowi, ?i* . numn i '??* Jfr.w You. FnnMlltvDK. N?w Shi;> ONhlDA, ( Im March. mil, April. Captain <l?t July. l?th Autiunt. J.imei V imc*. ( lit November. |i,|l| I)pi',<inh<T. Ship BALT1 YIOIIK, i l?t April. ir.ili M?y. Captain < Ut Anemt. September K.dwarn h nnek.f lit Peeemhw. rath January. Nliip UTICA, (l#l May. i 16th June. Captain < l?t Septeml*r 16th Oct..!**, T- rederick Hewitt, r lat January. 16th February. Nrw ?hip St. Nir.HOLASC l?t June. i pith July. Captain < lit Octobw. \ 16th November. * J- B. Pell.f lit February. f 16th Mnr?h, The aMommodalioiii of tneie ihi|>s arc not inrpaawd, rum I'itmilt all inly I* required for comfort. The price of < ? hill | na.ijfe in $|ihi, Pattciiam w ill he npj lie.1 with every re ?ji>iiitr with the eieeption ol wine* rind lnjiior*. I*ooda intended tor them' veaieli will In" liirwinkil hy tlie ?nb -1 . i , fo'e Iroin .iin other than the expenma arm,illy in. %nrr d Oil them, poi fraiitht or passage. apply to X. - n BOYD k. IIiNi'KKN, Airenu, jrti tc No. 9. 1 ontin* Bmlding, cor. Wall and Water >(> E NE NE\ NKW LINK OK LI VKItl'OOL PACKETS. To sail from New York on llie 2.*>th and Liverpool ou the 13tli of each month. & &. ilk. I4 It o m N k W Ship BQ8CIU8, Captain John Collins, 25th July. Slgp SlDDONH, Ciiitain A. B. Cobb, 26th August. Skip 8IIKRIDAN. Captain F. A. Depeytter. 25 th Srpt Ship GARR1CK, Captain Win. Skiddy, 25tli October. From Livkrpool. Ship 8HF.RI0AN. Captain F. A. De|>eyster, 13th July. Ship (JARKiCK, ( apt. Win. Skidd)-, 13th August. Ship RO8CIU8, Captain John Collins, 1 lith September. Ship SIDDONS, Captain K. B. Cobb, 13th October. 'Inese ships are all of the first class, upwards of 1000 tnna, built in the city of New York, with such improvement* as combine ureat 5{>eed with unusual comfort for i*i*senger*. Kvery carp his lieeti taken in the arrangement of their accommodations. TIie price of passage hence is $75. These ships are commanded by exjierieuced masters, who will make every exertion to eive general satisfaction. Neither the captains or owners of the ships will l?e responsible for any letters, parcels or packages sent by them, unless regular l?ilIs of lading are signed therefor. For freight or passage apply to K. K. COLLINS x CO., 56 South St., New York, or to BROWN, BIIIPLKY & CO., Liverpool. Letters by the packets will l>e charged 12)* cents per single ghaet ; 50 cents per onace, and newspapers i cent each, iyl ec FOR NKW OKLK \NS. LOUTHIANNA AND NKW YORK LINK OF PACKKTS idilv rfjjv tlffot or the better accommodation of .hippert, it i* intended to despatch a *hip froin tlii* port on thk l.t, 5th, llltli, 15th, 20th, and 2itli of each month, commencing the Kith October ami contin inw until May, w hen regular day* w ill be appointed for the remainder of the year, whereby great delay* and disajipoimment* will t?e iipevmited ilnritio- 1I.0 f ' lowing sliiim will commence litis nrwwnnnit: Ship \ A/.OO, Captain Cornell. Ship 0< ON KK,< apuin Jackson. Sliip MISSISSIPPI. Captain Milliard. Sl)ip LOUI9VILLK, ( aptain Hunt. Slop SM \KSPKA K K, Captain Miner. Ship ti.VSTON. Captain l.ilhxn. Sliip 11UNTS V ILL K, Captain \11?m(?*itl. Sliip OCMULGKK, Captain Leavitt. silip NASIIV ILLK, Captain Dickiusou, Sliip MKMPII1HL Captain Knu;ht. Sliip LOUISA, Captain Mnlfonl. These ?lii|>s wern all limit in I lie city of New Vork, expressly for packets, are of light draft of water, have recently been newly coppered and put in splendid order, w itli accomuiodations for irassengers unequalled lor comfort. 'l'hey are commanded by experienced musters, who will make every exertion to give general satisfaction. They will at all times he towi?d up and down the Mississippi by ifimlxnti. Nssjucf the owners or captains of these ships will be rns|?inslide fiifjewt'lry, bullion, precious stones, silver or plated wire, or lor artv letters, parcel or package, sent by or put on board of them, unless regular bills of lading are taken lor the same and the value thereon expressed. For freight or iiaxsage, apply to K. K. COLLINS & CO., 56 South St., or HULLIN St WOOUKUKK, A?e,,t in New Orleans, who will promptly forward all goods to (heir address. The ships of this line sre warranted to sail punctually as advertised, and great cars will be taken to have the goods correctly measured. inr KOR LI V EHPOOL?Regular iwcket of the 25th MuJfflfV August?The splendid fast sailing packet shipSIDJKHmIH)NS, will |H>silively sail as above, her regular day. Having very superior accommodations for cabin, 2d cabin and steerage passengers, |iersons wishing to embark should make early application to JOSKPH McMURRAY, I III) Pine st., corner of South. The above will lie succeeded by the splendid fast sailing packet ship ASHBURTON, Capt lliittleson, and w ill positively sail on the 7tli September, In r regular day. Persons w ishing to send for their friends residing in the old country, can have them brought out by the ships, or any of the regular packets, by applyiug as above, (if by letter post paid.) al9 r NKW LINK OK L1VKROOL PACKKTS? MHPjfVPacket o| 25th of August. The elegant, fast sailing Rtr-iKaSBii'id favorite packet ship S1DDONS, Capt K.B.Cobb, will sail punctually as above, her regular day. The ships of this line are all 1000 tons burthen and upwards, and thei r aecoinmodations for cabin, second cabin and steerage l>*a?-iiK'-<3 ' ?i? superior 111 any oilier J me ul packets. Those w isliing to secure berths should not fail to make early application to W. & J. T. TArSCOTT, i:i Peck SIiji, cor South street. ' Persons w isliing to send lor their friends to come out in this favorite |>acket or any of the line, rim do so on favorable terms, and those wishing to remit money can have drafts Pays- , Me oil demand, without discount or any other charge, in all the |*)st towns of England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, on applical ion as above. The new packet ship Queen of the West, w ill succeed the Sidilons and sail ou the ltitli September, her regular day. > au2:s r OLD BLACK B ALL LINK OK l'ACI( E'l'S.? ] KEjRPWPaekct of the 1st Septemlier for l.iv rpnul?The fast < ffj tulMsailiuc packet ship COLUMBl'S, Captain Cole, i will lie desiwtched as above her regular day. Those wishing < to secure berths will require to make early application to I JOHN HERDMAN, Gl South street, near Wall st. I Passige from Liverpool can as usual l>e secured in any of the i packet ships sailing weekly, nup drifts furnished for any ! aniuuiit payable at the National and Provincial Bank of Ireland and Branches, and Messrs. J. Butt, Son & Co., Bankers, Lou- ' don; Excliaii^ and Discount Bank, Liverpool, and Branches, I throughout England and Wales, (ireenock Banking Co., and Eutem Bank ofScotland and Branches. Kor further particu- I ?.rs apply as above. an ^3 r AMP* KOR LIVERPOOL? Packet 16th September.? ( MnMfVThe new splendid iiacket shipQl'KK.N OK THE EST, I 'till ip Woodlionse, master, \2M tons, will sail on her regular day, the 16th Sept. I Kor freight or passage, having accomodations unequalled for elegance and comlort, ai>ply on board, west side Burling i slip, or to WOODHULL & M1NTURNS, 87 South st. i The line packet ship Kochester, Captain John Brit ton, 800 tons, will succeed the Queen of the West, and sail ou her re- ] gular day, 16th October a20r KOR LIVEKPOOL?The substantial last sailing packet ship SOUTHERNER, T. D. Palmer,in.uter, jMtittewill sail 10th ilist. K or freight of the bulk 1300 hlils., or passage, having very good accommodations, ajuily to the captain on hoard, west side Burling Slip, or to \VOODHULL St MINTURN'S, au22r 87 South street. KOR HULL, ENULANI)?A first class AmerifcV-WFVcaii vessel, now loading, could lake a small quantity nil 1 fa '' light freight, if immediate appplicslion is made to WOODlll LL k MINTURNS, alJr 87 South stru t. x> j-- KOR til'ADALOUPE.?The very superior coi>Wr3MrVl>eJ fastened and coppered Krencli ship OUSTAVE , j||i?,Klllll A11D, < .i| t- N' L-irt. She lias very cmnforta- ' For freight or passage apply to BOYD St IHNCKKN, aul2ec 9 Tontine Building, cor. Wall anil Water st*. . _ ? ... I *1*5? FOR NKW Oil L KAN S?Star Line?Firnt rcgutrMW^fclar packet ship with despatch?The splendid, well ' JWtitf|?kn<>wii packet slop FRANhi 1,1N, Capt. Kennedy, 1 will sail as above without delay. She has splendid accommodations for cabin, 2d caltin and < steerage passengers, who will he taken at the very lowctt rates. Those desirous of securing births would do well to make early c application on board the ship, foot of Irne street, or to JOSEPH McMURRAY, t> an 10 ec 100 Pine street. FOR NKW ORLKANS-First Packet Ship- t WHNrWTtu* superior fast sailiug ship Nl At >A11A, < aptain c jHMNm* ole, w ill lie despatched in a lew days. This superior ship has unsurpassed accommodation fur cabin, . 2nd cabin, and altvrag* passengers, and onlv requires to be ev- | atnined in order to command a preference. For i>as*age, apply ; on board the ship, pier H Kast River, or to JOHN HF.RDMAN. ' 61 South st. near Wall st. e N. II.?The subscliber will despath tirst class ships weekly for New Orleans an il .Mobile during the fall and winter.and the < || is? |ga will lie at the very lowest rates. auLMr 44^ FOR NKW ORLEANS.?LhUm and KrjWrV New York Line?Regular packet?To aucreed the jfMfal'"'iiM. The fast sailing packet ship lll'NTS. VILLK, ( apt. O. It. Mnml'.ird. will sail a* above For freight or passage, hat itiu tandwune furnished accommodations apply on board, at Orb ins w barf, lout of Wall street, or to K. K. COLLINS He CO., 36 South it. Agents in New Orleans, Mnliu fc Woodruff, whn will promptly forward all goods to their address. The packet ship MISSISSIPPI, Captain C. Ilillard, ?ill sncceed the lluntsville. au2l r NEW YORK k BOSTON SOUNli *MI,OT. AWF.N PRESCOTT, rilots, or takes charge as mister and ' * ' pilot of vessels bound to New Bedford, over Nantucket Shoals. Boston, Portsmouth, Portland, Kennebeck. and 0THKR PORTS. Oflice at Frye 4 Shaw's Nanttcal store, 222 I Water street, corner Beekman. Reference to a number of mer- " chant*, and the several Insurance Companies in this city, Boston. anil Portland. JYIt tmisr ' FOR BUFFALO AND ALL PARTS OF THE WEST ' ASSOCIATION r ASS AUK tiFFICF, To ALBANY. Utica $2 00 Rochester, $3 00 1 Syracuse, 2 V> Buffalo, 3 .">0 J Osweiro, 2 23 l'p. and Lower Canada i iO By the fast line to Buffalo and found, $8 00. For pasSag* apply to Si. L. RAY, nn 'l 3ni m 93 Barclay ?treet, New York. , si'mmki? arran?;i-:mknt NEW YORK AND PHILADELPHIA KAI .M)A!) LINK ] DIRECT, _ ! Vu Mr.w?n<, Nrwm?'?tiwic ?. rnwrioi, Trkntoi*, )JoKI?r.!?TOW!* A*l? I'HHortifnN six iiTTi it* Lenvnif N"w York daily front IV foot of Cnnrtlamlt *t. i Morniug Lmaat 9 A. M.?Mail Pilot Line at P. M. The Morning Line pvoccrda to UorUrntown, IV" in tlicurr ny i tteamlmat to Philadelphia. . ' I* Keening Line proceed* direct to Camden (opposite to Philadelphia) without change of car?. r???r\ierrn will I'mrnrf tlieir ticket* at the office root of I'nurtlnudt ntn-H, where a < ommo<lioii? sinimhoat, will In-in readmcst, with baggage crate* on hoard. JJuladt'lphi* bags uie crates are conveyed from city to city. wilRnit being opened by the way Each train i* proeided with *, rV 'n which arc apartment* and dri-uiug monu rtpreaaly for the ladie*' u*e. Keturning. the linn leare Philadelphia from the foot of Walnut ?tre?l, by steamboat to Bordentown at 7 o'clock, A. M. and by railroad from Camden, at i o'olock, P. M. The line, for Baltimore leaveThiUdelphia at iji A. M? and i I*. M being a continuation of the limn from New York. jyH lm*?c I'ATER IK I \ R AI LK (>A I > IMA FARlu ONLY 26 CENTS. From Patcrson to Jeney City. On and after Monday, I7lh July, the curs will leave PATKIMOV Dkfot Lrav* Mm YORK. ? A. M. ? A. M. II* " 12H r. M. ? P. M. * ON SUNDAYS. Lr*vr P?t?rson Ditot. Lwrt Niw Yoi?. 734 A.M. !? P. M. . fi ft Ml I miapormtinn r*M | lv <lmly (nrnilM)'* ctc*|>t<>il ) Fmen- I I Ror? *rr *<lriiir?l 10 be at the >>nry, foot of < OiirtUndt ?tiwt, ? | few uiiuitlri btfuic the ?l*t?"d honi? of depUlM*. jj IV 6m UL~ L . . W YO V YORK, THURSDAY M NJ;W JKRSEY RAILROAD AN!) TRANSPORTATION COMPANY Pafaga gaaaa N K\V VOIilv" AM) \IC\VAI; K. KARK UKI)l'( Kl) TO TWKNTV KIVK I'KNTS. From the foot of ourtlantlt Nrw Y ork. ( K.verv day?Huudays r?ci>iiteil.) i . l.ravn N.-w V,.rt I <i I At 8 A M. At 2 P.~M. At7"A: M:'At"lk P. M. 9 tin. 3 do. II tin. iK do. 11 do. 4 ilo. 9 ilo. j'? do. I di>. 10K do. 7 0 do. 6^? do. 9j? do 8 do. ON SUNDAYS. ^ ? From 1I11' foot of ('ouitlnndt striff, Leaves New York. liFKn Ncwiirk. At 9 A. M \\ r. M At 1:", I'. VI. ;inil I'. M. NK.W VOHK, KL1ZMIF.TH TOWN. Leave* New York. Leave* Klimheih Town At ? A.M. At S I*. M, At 7'i A.M. :ilt I*. M. | 9 do. 4 do. H'i ilo. 7 do. II do. 4l* do. ID do. 9,'* do. < .')'? do. 1 a do. The train* for Wc.-.tfiehl, I'l<iinfifld, Huuudlirook, Snmerville, Sic., i-'itin.'Ct with tlit- 9 A. M., and 4,'a 1'. M. ; trams from Ni w York daily. Sundays excented. Fare lii t\viv'ii New York and Town 2.'i cent*. Fare between do. and Soinerville. 7S omit*. NK.W VOHK ANU KA1IWAY. Leave* New York. Leave* Italiway. At ? A. M. At 3 P. M. At 7 A. M. At 3 P. M. 9 do. 4 do. B do. do. A 11 do. 4*^ do. 9^ do. 9 do. r.'j, tin. n't do. NKW YORK AND NK.W BIlUNSWKK. From foot n|" ( ourtlandt street. New York, daily. Leaves New York. Leave* New Brunswick. At 9 A.M. At I P.M. At ti A.M. At 11'4 A.M. do. do, 8*4 P. M. ON SUNDAYS. Leave* New York. Leaves New Brunswick. At 9 A. M. and \\ P. M. At 11'? A M? and P. M. K;ire. except in the Philmlehihi.-i Ir.tnw IihIwmh NJaw V,,rli ami Nt-w Brunswick. 30 ci'iiU. i Between New Vork and Railway, tl.'i cent*. | Passengers who procure their tickets at the ticket office, receive a ferry ticket gratis. Tickets are received by the conductoronlyon thoda > what hmd. i?M r LAKE ONTARIO STEAM-BOAT AOUTE, " FROM HO;HKSM:K. T 11 R E K S T K A M - B O A T S. zggi The A DM1 RA I., for Niagara t ills direct, <5v- - \ i.i Lewistou) daily. XnJSLZ. The GOR E, to'1 oronto anil Hamilton. The \MEIIICA, for Toronto, touching at Cobourtfh, 1'ort Hope, Sle.. making a daily communication to Niacin Kails, Toronto, Hamilton, Sie. A NEW ROUTE BY WAY OK LA K E ONTARIO. Pkueogen oaa avoid the Qawoco Ciaal, bj takins the Railroad from Syracuse to Rochotter, and then take steamboat for Niagara Kails and Buffalo. The splendid, lance and new Steamboat ADMIRAL, Captain (iordon, one ol the best sua boats that ever floated on the water or lake Ontario, will leave Rochester landing every morning, (Sundays excepted,) at half-past 10 o'clock, or on theatrival oi the cars from Albany, for Niagara K ills and Buffalo. Through from Rochester to the Kalis in I! hours. Passengers leaving Syracuse in the morning at 1 o'clock, will be at the Kails at 8 o'clock in the evening, and arrive at Buffalo in time for the morning steamboats up the Lakes. II. K1LKINS, Agent. Office, at the Morton House, llocnester. The steamer Gore,Captain Robert Kerr, will leave Rochester for Toronto direct, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday evening, at 7 o'clock; and will leave Toronto lor Hamilton, every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday inorniug, at II o'clock. The steamboat America, Captain Twohy, w ill leave Rochester Landing for Toronto, touching at < oburgh, Port Hope, Bond Head and Darlington, weather |*-rmitting, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, at7 o'clock, 1'. M. Rochester, Aug. II, 1813. aul51m*r NK.W ~ARUA"N (TK.M TTtf T. KARK. AND KREIOHT REDUCED. OA HKOULAR MAIL LINE-KOR PROfl T>icC3?VIDKN( E AND BOSTON, via. STON^ ** ~U iM.rniM AND NK.WI'OKT?fninposed of the following sii|<erior steamers, running iu connection w ith the Sloiiingtou and Boston and Providence Railroads :? MASSACHUSETTS, Cant. Comstock. RHODE ISLAND, Capt Thayer. PROVIDENCE. NARRAGANSETT. MOHEOAN. One of which will leave New York daily (Sundays except- i ?d) from Pier No. 1, Battery Place, N. River, at 5 P. M. I ARRANGEMENTS. < The RHODE ISLAND, Captain Thayer, on Monday, and 1 Wednesday for Sloiiingtou and Newport, and Kriday for i Stonington. > The MASSACHUSETTS, Captain Comstock, on Tues- < lay and Thursday for Stonington, and Saturday for Stoniug- s :on, Newport ana Providence. t Passengers, on the arrival of the steamers at Stonington, will :ie immediately forwarded iu the splendid and commodious I'ars of the Railroad to Providence and Boston, and if for Newport will proceed in the steamer Mohegan (iu sii|>crior orler) from thence at C o'clock the following morning, thus tiling them an opportunity of a night's rest on hoard thu stemn r Massachusetts or Rhode Island, and then breakfast ou board 1 ihe^Mohegan. 1 1 tie above steamers have been thoroughly equipped and prepared to promote celerity of travel and the comfort and semnty of passengers, and not surpaesed by any iu the United St iti-s. i Far passage or freight, which is taken at v?rv reduced rates, jLPl'ly J1" board, at north tide of pier No. I tl Broadway, or of- , flee of Samuel Deveau, freight agent, on the wharf. Tickets for the route and steamers' berths atu be secured ou , >o;ud. or at tlw office of , HARNDEN &. CO., No. 3 Wall street , [T7~On and after the 10th inst, freight will uot be received | mid forwarded after half-past 4 P. M. m96lW* m I PEOPLE'S LINK OK STEAMBOATS ! K(>lt ALBAN V?Daily at 7 o'clock P. M.- | rf ^ tlie steamboat pier beween Courtlandt and Lilieriv streets, Sunday etcepted. i The steainlioat K NI<'K ERBOCK EH,Capt. A. P. St. John, ( ivill leave Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at 7 P. M. StMtnboat RO< HESTER, ( apt. A. Houghton, will le*ve , Monday, Wednesday and Kriday Evenings, at seven o'clock. ( Msn. Link. Steamboat SOUTH ASlERICA, Capt. L. VV. BraiuaHJ, will leave Monday, Wednesday, and Kriday, afternoon, at 5 ('clock. Steamboat NORTH AMERICA, Capt. M. 11. Truendell, ivilf leave Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Evening, at live ('clock. Passenger* taking this Line of Boats will invariably arrive in [ Mbatiy in ample time to take the Morning Train ol Cars for ' he east or West. 8 The above boats are new and substantial, are furnished with c leal and elegant State Rooms. and for speed and accoinmoda- r ions are unrivalled on the Hudson. Kor Passage or Freight, apply ou hoard, or to P. C. Schulti it the office on the wharf. au2l 6tr SKVEN O'CLOCK MORNINO I,INK ' Sg?^"?r^3*K0H ALBANY. TROY, and intermediate ? jL?Jg W, Landings?Krom the ste.ainl*mt pier, at the , oot of Barclay street. Breakfast aud Dinner oiTnoard. r Lt-Aies Nmv Vork?The Empire on Monday, Wednesday c jnl Kriday. The Troy on Tuesday, Thursday aud Saturday, v it 7 A. M. (, Landing at?Caldwell's, West Point, Ncwburgh, Hampton, ? 'oughkecpsie. Hyde Park, Khineheck, U. Red llook, Bristol, _'atskill. Hudson, Ctixsackie and KiiuWhook. The new low pressure steamer KM Pll< E, Captain S. R. Roe., in Wednesday, it 7 o'clock in the morning, Au. Iti. 4 The new low pressure steamer TROY, Captain A. Uorhain, in Thursday, at 7 o'clock iu the morning, Aug 12. Kor passage, apply at the office, foot ol Barclay street, or on J loard. t Notice.?All OooiU, Kreight, Baggage. Bank Bills, Specie, s >r any other kind of Pro|ierty, taken, shipped, or put on boaru p he Boats of this Line^uust lie at (lie risk of the owners of such t: oods. auMr U ** S E V K N O'l L< X K E Vl.MMi LINE '' 5. ?y?r^g?f?r ALBANY AMI TUO\ direct, without r" '' "j' 1 " iu ssnrv steamboat i ai- VI i i) n' A (l-T .... ~ At 1 .U- c?. ..r r "ourtlandt street every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday iveiiings, at 7 o'clock, for Albany direct. The swallow lias a large nmnl<er of state rooms.and for speed . uid accommodation* is not surpassed on the Hudson. au8 ec TO TllK I II AVKLl.lNtTPI IIUT\ rrJA OPPOSITION LI N K?Thesph'iidid steam- v NKW IKH8KY\C*p, Itohl > if it's 3r. POKTSMPCTH, i ,?pt <>. Home, will form it dails line lor lite balance of tke season between New York | and Albany. Leaving Albany and New Vork every netting. Freight will In1 taken al low price*. For freight and passage ap|Hv '"i hoard. an2 Int* s&i itk.<ii lah opposition Foil iiosfe TON, via NKW PORT AM) PltOVIDF.NCK?Kare to Boston $2 Ml; Deck SI 50; iio cliarue fur Berths. New|iort and Providence SI; Deck Ml rts. The fast sailing steamboat CURTIS PKCK, ( aptain Wm. II. Perk, leaves Catharine Market slip, Kut Itiver, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at Jso'clocU, P. M. For passage or freight apply on board, or to A. L). PKCK, 205 South st. au.'i lm*m OS\ NEWARK AND NKW YORK.?Fair fl?J*only 12>^ Cents !?The splendid steamer PAS3Ei--a?-aELs A l(', after June 5th, w ill run as follows:? Leave the foot of Barclay street." New York, at 10 A. M.. and I P. M. Letves the foot of Centre street, Newark, at 7 >? A.M. and uid 1 y, P. M. Tilt- accommodations both for passengers and freight have wen enmity improved. Freight carried at very low nte*. jylS :Jm*ec U3\ STATKN ISLAND FERRY, FOOT flk P*^sn? J*OF WHITEHALL ST.?.The steamboat* Y ' laf hZ. ST AT F.N lSLANDEIland SAMSON will uu as follows until further notice :? Leave New Vork II !>, 1(1, II, I, J, 3t4', J 6. 7. Le.iye Staten Island 8. 9, in. II, I, 2, I, 5, fi, 7. Lear? New Vork anil Staten Island every hour ?n Sunday. Stal' ii Island Ferry?foot of Whit' hall street, to Clifton divert. The steamboat Hercules will leave New York2 P.M.? L'lifto>i,S P- M. oh Sunday, July 10th. P. S.?K.jiOniipn lo Fort Hamilton, Sunday* eacepfed.? Leava Fori Hamilton 7)? A. M., returning from New ? ork, IM P. M. Jll r -a* NEW ARRANUEMKNT FOR 8HREW8BURY-I Branch. Ss.idy _IC?m?n lie H Hook, OcMit 11<> ?? and Kutontown Lauding. The new Steamboat SHREWSBURY, ( aptain John P.

rorlics. will now run as follow*, on and after Thursday, 27th inst :?("aving New York, Irotn the loot of Itohinsoii street, i.?m Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday, at 10 o'clock, A. M. And Eatontown Landing on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, at Id o'clock, A. M. The Shrewsbury will run as aborts weather permitting, until further notice. All baggage at the risk of the owners. Fare 37H cents. ' N. II.?Stages will lie in attendance to convey passengers > front lite aforesaid landing places to any part of the county re quired. The *hrew?bnrv will go the iuner paaaage, when praet icible jelJt a'A FOB TIIK FISHING BANKS?OFF & HOOK ?Kverv TDMDW, X^i2S3L\VKl)NKS!) VY.TIIUKHDAY.fcKUIOAY Theileatnlunt SLTKUIOU, t'apt John (tonld.w ill leave tlK) I'ier loot of Chambers at, every Tiiwdiy, Thursday and Friday morning; leaving foot of Chambera street at H oYloek; Aino* t at reel '* in?t atrert !j past 8; < alhUrtiie ferry, Brook- 1 Ivn, 9; foot of Pike street |*ut 9; and pier Mo. 1, B.ittery, ^ ' l>.i?t 9. (.undine at Fort Hamilton each way. Bait fnmishnd on board, gratia. A Band ol'Music accompanies the boat?andevery thing will 1 lie done to make then* Kti'tmimn pleasant and healthy. A Chambermaid w ill attend to the ladies and children. Fan- lor the etenrsion 50 cents. anM Iw ?ee j scr*. -I? ROCK AWAY AND NEW YORK ' W STAOK?Will run a> followa on and after \At Inly nth in?t. I.eive Itnekiway a' II A, M., for New I.TK, returning leave the Wavarly House, llrond way, at 3'-? I'. M for tine ka way, by way of Month Ferry Passengers lea-, inn their nimea it tin PetiI -jIu-. i, will |,r tnally called lor by ItKNIO CONKLIN, an.f I m r Pmiirietor OOTTON |)| < K? American Pilot t'otton Duck, of v?ry ^Isnperior quality, a complete assortment. for sale in loti to sun purchasers by E. K. COLLINS Js CO., I w?Jr it Sou lit strrtt. 4 RK B ORNLNG, AUGUST 24, BY THE PRKS1DKNT OF THE UNITED STAT KS. IN pnnmnre of law. I, JOHN, IVjident of the 1 I'nitiil Stair* of America, do lirml>> ilri'larr and maki* know n ili.ii public xal<-? w ill b# in lil at tl?' uudrruH'iitioiH'il Lund Offices. in ilic T.*ritnry of Iowa, it lh? |icrio<l? hcr*inal'nr tkuiuuati'il, to wit - k At tin* Land Office it I>n ltn<|u?, ruinmencmg on Monday, I he ?i*teenili lias of October licit, for llic ilis|?nal of the pnblie landi ?itliin tin* limits of the nndermfntiuticd towimhip, vir.:? North of the base line, ami Kast of the flllh principal meridiuk Townships eighty-two ami eighty-three, of range one. Townships eight) -one, iighty-two anil eighty-lint*, of Mine l*? > * Townships eighty-one, >'ii(lity-tvro and eighty-three, of range three. Townships eighty-three, nf range five. An island in tin* Mississippi river, eontainiug thirty -one Rft10ft acre* forming.part* of ,ertion* thirl i-lour ami thirty-live in towiialiip sevciily-ejght, of range three. North of tIn* Itaie line, aiiilkWest of tin' fifth prim ipal literi nan Townships eighty-two and eighty -tloee, of range one. At the Land Otlii*'' at Kairfield, commencing 0,1 Monday, tin* second day of October nevt, lor tin- eisposal of the public Uiidi lieieinalter desicnated. v]/, North of the base line, and West of tli?* fifth principal mericli?tti. Township seventy-six, of raui(e nine. A?i island i?i tin* Mississippi river. foriniiiK )iuti of sections seventeen, eighteen, and nineteen, in townJiip aixty*cii;ht, of ramce two, and parts of section* thirteen and tweuty-four, of township sixty-eiirht, of nnjc three. '1'wo small isl uids in tie-MHs* issippi rirtr, forming part of section si*, in tounship seveatv, of ian;;r one, and part* ol sections one and twelve, in township seventy, of r.mfn two. An island in the Mississippi river, forming; parts of sections fifteen, sixteen, twenty-one and twenty-two, except that portion of r>it* island within the limits of sections sixteen, and two isl md* in the same river, one of them forming: a |H?rtion <?f sections twenty-two, twenty-six and twenty-seven, and the other parts of sections twentv-two .Old t\ve.ntv.^v?*ii?all 01 Lowuahin seveuty-four, of ranu* two. Three inland* in tin* Mississippi river, forming i?nrts of sections twentf-one, twenty-two, twenty-seven, twenty-eight, twent)-nine ami thirty-two, in township seventy-one, of rau? one. Huron Island, and *i* small islands in the Mis*issippi river, forming part* of seetions iIipv, nine, ten, ftttf*?ati, sixteen, twenty-one, twenty-two, twentv-three, twetftY.?it twenty-seven, and thirty-four, except mi much of Huron Islauus as lie> within the limits of section sixteen, in township seveuty-two, of raiij;e one. An island in the Mississippi river, forming pirt of section three, ill township seventy-two, of roiije one, and juirt of section thirty-lour, in township seventy-tin**, of rang* one. An island in t!ie Mississippi ri\?r funning parts of section twenty-two, twenty-*- von ami thirty-four, in township seventythree, of range one. Four islands in the Mississippi river, forming: p*rts of sections twenty-eight to tinrt> -live, inclusive, in township seventy-se en, of ranffe one. Lands appropriated by law, lor the use of schools, military, or other Purposes, ill !?< deluded limn sde. The sales will each be kept oj?eii for two weeks, (unless the lands are soon disposed of.) *nd no longer \ and no oriv ite entries of land, in the township .;o offered, will l?e admitted, until alter the expiration of the two week*. (riven under my baud, at.the l'it\r of Washington, this eighth day of June, Anno Domini, 1?U. JOHN TYLER. By the President: THO. H. ALAK K, Commissioner of the (ienernl Land Office. NOTICK TO Pli K-KMITION < I. VI MA NTS. Kvery persou entitled to the rifclit of pre-emption to any lauds within the limits of the townships .1 how emu unrated, is required to establish the s inie to 1 !? satisfaction of tie* |{?-gister and Receiver of the |?ro|ier Land Office, and make payment therefor, as soon as prietieable after seeing this notice and l?efore the. day appointed for the commmn einent ??f the pnldic sale of the township embracing the tract claimed, above designated, otherwise such claim w ill be forfeited. - ' THO. II. ULAKK, Commissioner of the General Laud Office. I- ' . |UH U? f()0l r PK1LAI)ELPH1A DAGU Ell R EOT Y P E ESTABLISH MENT. KXCIMNOK BUILDING, ROOMS 20 k 27. rpHE Subscriliers. having procured tlie Agency Cur Uie sale of I VOIOTANDKR'S I) ACHIKRREOT Y rK API'ARA TUS, constructed according to Professor Pmval'i calculation, have on hand a large assortment of these Appiratns, and artists ,is well a.i amateur* of their art, wishing to procure a good apparatus, will find it to their advantage to procure instrument* af this construction. They alio have lately iinfortad a Unainantity of Herman and French plates, aim all tlie chemicals jsed in their art, which they warrant in every respect, a? they ire made to their order. Polishing substances, and inorocco ases, and all necessary material* are sold on the most reasonible terms. The following gentlemen have an reed to act as heir agents, vi7.:? K. White, Ksi)., 175 Broadway, N. Y.' P. Hass, tsq. , Washington, D. C. i Dr. A. Cnspari, Richmond. Va. P. Laurens. Ks<j., Savannah, (la. William West, hsq. Cincinnati, Ohio. All communications (post paid) and orders, accompanied villi remittances, will be pronipliv attended to. and should be lirected to W. In V. LANOkNHKIM. je I :im*r Exchange Building, Pliila. EXCHANGE HOTEL. TMIF. subscriber would inform his friends and :he public that I be lias lately taken 'h? Kxchauge Hotel, No 28 Courtlandt itreet, in the city of New York. The whole house has been thoroughly repiireil, and refurnished in au elegant and commotions manner, and iii every arrangement ab"ut the establishment his greatest desire lias been to I'nriiish every thing that the ipirit of the age reijiiires fiom competitors lor public favor. Its ocation in the business part of the city, and convenient proxinity to the |HiiuU of arrival and de|)artiire of the st?iiiiboHt and lilroad lines of communication, particularly recommend it to lie tiiisiuess and travellim; community; while, at the same time lis moderate cliarK''* will lie adapted tu the tunes. lie has been so fortunate as to secure the services of Mr. '.rastus i uci|is, one ot uie late proprietors, who will lie tlie riiici|>nI manager,. which, of itself, h? |i ?(i eonlidwjit will In" ha beat (linalM can he offered, that every thing will lie o conducted as to give entire satisfaction to those who shall ?vor him with their patronage. V. B. RYER80N, i New York, July 20. 1813. a3 Im^re. BOARDING REDUCED. [yALTON M ANSION HOUSE?326 Tearl street Frank*" iin Suuare, New York.?J. Fowler &. Sou l?g leave to eturn thanks to their friends anil the public in general, for the iberal support they have received for several yeirs past at the ibove hotel, and hope, by strict attention to business to merit a ontiuuance of their fivori, the proprietors having reduced the 'ricesn BotldittttON cents per day, or two didhr-lilu :enH per week. I'lie house is situate hi the most business part if the city, being convenient to the Albany, Boston and I'hilalelphia steamboats; likewise to the London, Liverpool and Jristol Packets. The above house needs no comment as it is me of trie most airy and spacious premises in the city, having large yard with a line spring of water, w itli every other reijinite to make it comfortable. In fact, the above house combines mr comfort iii its Ium of business, ihau any other iii the ity. The senior proprietor, being always on the premises, he t ill see every attention paid to his guests, not only by himself, nit by his agents and servants. Ales, wines, spirits. SfcL'. 3 cents gliss. Fins Loudon and Dublin porter, in draught and lot t le. P. H.?Private rooms for families. No charge for storage. N. B.?No connection whatever with the Walton House next loor. j2 2m*r 1 AMERICAN HOTEL, NBW YORK.?Having compI? is- ted the repairs and alterations of the .American Hotel, and he adjoining house (which I have an lie led t<i it) I res|iectfully olicit from my friends and the pablie a continuation of their at milage. situation is as good as that of any similar en ihlishinent iu the city. It fronts on tlie Park, anil the Foiln i sin is immediately opihisite. The house has been newly car- ' eted, and every thing thoroughly repaired. jit coiiim*n- WM. B. COZZEN9. KTEW LEBANON SPRINOS is the most healthful and , ' pleasant place of resort for visitors during the summer . ninths, in the United States. Visitors from the south, who intend visiting that place, will I ml it the inost egpeditious route to land at Hudson, thence by I lilroad to Kdward's Depot, where stages are in readiness to . arry them to the Springs. The cars leave 11udson at 6 A. M. and i P. M. or on the srrlal of the boats from New York, .mil passengers arrive at the tprings ill three hours from Hudson. a3 3w*r [tETRENCHMENT TIIE ORDER OF THE 1)AY. fcTOTICK. to Citizens of New York and Strangers sojonniing 111 the < jiy.?4t u n ii t w u s sn,t?>?in inrsi.xt ROOMS, No*. 61 and 66 Nuuu street.?The imantiK patrowhich Im >-xt - IimI to the Mibscriher l>v a liberal and "nlighti'iied community, hi* enabled hull to enlarge and improve hi* Dining Room* *o a* now to accommodate two hundred peraon* at one time. Whil*t making these addition* to li* favorite ami well known establishment, lie ha* not been nnnindful ol" the *fill gnwter comfort* ami conveniences of his mstoinera?having tluiroughly ventil ateil the I in lit airy ialooii, ind detached the kitchen*, ?o a* completely to etclude the 'lllnvi* and heat which uece**arily arise* from cooking for two ir three thousand ihtsoii* |>er day. The wall* of the saloon lave been einhellitlied by lotne of the mo*t elegant and costly )il Paintings of the ancient and modem schools: marble pilars anil * tat nary, and bnsts of Washington, Na|?n|eon, See. ate. The bill of fare surpasses all other* in any part of the t inted States?including salmon of 30 and 401b* weight, at 18 1-4 cents >er plate, with anchovy sauce, butter, bread, fcc.j all kind* of oast and boiled meat* of the best qualities, w ith bread and eitetable*, at 6 ceuta per platej green peas, new |>otatoes, aspaariis, itrawberrie*. Pastry of all kind*; turtle and other soup* teak*, chops, Sic. and one hundred other different article* of he choicest description, at price* equally low. Best Java Coffee, green and black Teas, at I cent* per cup ; li.Tn|ate6 cents, Sic. lie. Attentive and civil waiter* are employed, who speak the 'rench. Spanish, tierinan and Dutch language*. Kvery article * served up in the neatest possible style?and ill every departnant of the establishment competent and ei|*rienced overseer* re placed. Having visited and being conversant with the mode of busiie*s of many of the beat conducted Dining Saloon* iit K11 rope, America, and llve Weyt Indie#, the subscriber feel* no heaitaion in arsuriti* liis fellow cifi/eu* that Ins Ml tMHllMWl is in- . erior to none that he has seen in any portion of his arrange- I news?ue?i?;"s wiurn, me ?iii*Tior <111.1 mm anil tow prices 01 very article included in the Osily Bill of Fare mint, in thai | es|**ct alon 1?exclusive of *11 other comiiimtiaiM?mida it I he very ne t'lns ultra of Katinit House on this Continent. Tli* establishment has bwn supplied throughout with (Jrotou iVster, which |*is.'es through improved Alterers; and the S? oon is o|?a n fry day from S o'clock A. M. uutil 9 P.M., Hinl 7 o clock A.M. until H. HF.NItY (H)SLINO. SF' 1A lis, TOB M'l'O, ST'OAR V COFKFK. r-n (tjW) J L' HI' H.K< KtyKl). of the celebrated Lord Byl/v/jUV/V" roii brand, consisting of Itcgalias and medium tire Senars. ;t2,0fi(l of the Florida brand, d<> do do. 20, noil Low price llannu, do do do. It Hales ol On ma Tobacco. S II,iles of Havana do. fi t 'ases of Free Labor St. .1*10 White Hngsr. 1U Hans of suiwrior do Colfee. For sale by ? A. A. SAMANOS. ?ul7 lm*r No. fi Wall it and 2B9 Broadway. PI, v, 1 NOR lmp?ri 1 1 f <I-T in the beat Havana 8e gar#, respectfully invites Ins friends and the Public in ; general. particularly the gadges of the article, to call at the itore .41 Bowery, figure ol the Indian t hiel .it the door holding I lie sign in his liana. He has received by the late arrivals a | landsome sui ply of the beat flavored 5egars, ecpial to any 111 he city, if not sii|>erior. The aliove s:i re will he oi>en fmm II A M. to II o'clock, P. VI. jy? ' 10 ' r HOOK-KEKPINU. TSOMAS JONK.H, Accountant, 18:< Broadway, continue* J throughout the Summer months to receive pupils who are | practically and thoroughly instructed in the various duties ol lie desk. Private lessons are given when preferred. 1 Published anil for sale bv the author as uh<ive?" June's Prin- s Uiples and Practice of BookkeepiM," 8vo. tl AO. This work ( tns been adopted in many of the first Academic institutions in Ins country. ?l has Ifeu republished 111 F.ngl s-nl. For a ,,1' rliis imnroved method ol teaching. see art. 2 Hunt's I Merchant a Muptinji Dec. 1*U. ... Acconntanuhip?Aoconnto a dj fitted in cam of dispnu, lite t ration, iiMolvrucy or death. Book* opened or balanced. 1 ^ % [ERA 1843. Concord. (Corr<'r|>on<lt'no<! of ih? Herald.) Concord, (Much.) Au?ii8l 21, 1813?HJ P M Vine oj the Village?Rmlroatl to FtU hbur/f? It* Advantage*?I'rice of Peat?Capital City <f New England. OI all ihf villages in New England, this iicertuiuly the most d'lHtinguiahed. In literature, steam, I floods, hank trial", mouuments, sand-soil, churches, i military, school houses, dump night air, and cough*, it is unrivalled, unequalled, unparalleled H held an important position in history since the fir*t April shower in 1775 net in; and, if nothing occurs, more serious than the performance of a financial fare, like that railed tl?** Phenix Bank Trial, the place must continue to l.itrea.-e in wealth, intellect and green peas. There 14 one thing, however, that may ailed its prosperity. That is, the railroad now building, winch istoconaect Boston and Concord with Fitclibur?, ?nd perchance Montreal. This new intercommunication will be opened in the cmirse of a year or two, to the distance of lorty miles into the (li-artol Nf*w Englaud, and then, of course, all 1 he farms between this place and Vermont, on the line of the road, will be brought into direct competition with those fitu-ited in tins immediate vicinity and between here and Hot-ton 'I his is a local view, it is trii", of the advanta?<s of the road, aud i?perhaps too e.onsetvative in this age o'. farces; yet living in a village like Concord, one cannot entettain i anv other lor a moment or two. Hut to l.tke H com. I preheurive, a cosmopolite's view of the improve- j rnent?for in this view the road actually becomes ?n improvement?and we cnuuot rejoice too much over the enterprise. It in riot only to unite a htm dred villages in one family circle, out it ia?provided the road is continued to Montreal?to unite one nation with another. It is not only to aid in the progress* (l| civi'ization, but it ia to benefit the poor by cheapening the price o| produce, and throw more wealth into the hum of the agricultural classes. When this thorough! re ia opened?provided,again, we negotiate teciprocity treHtiea with England and France? every farmer on the line will be kept actively employed; he will turn Ins capital oltener; and every farm house will exhibit s-igm of inereas tug prosperity. More spades, more ploughs, more huge paws, mere hoes, more cotton and woollen cloth, more alines, more people, indeed, more every thing, will be needed to carry on the great business of lite. Ail trades will thenceforward improve. Farmers, who previous-ly raised only sufficient for their own wants, will then have it in their power to bri ug every acre of land under cultivation, by hav ing a rea<ly and speedy means of conveyance for their produce to th- sea coast. Such, in short, will be the results ol litis railroad. But to go back to t ie loeal view. It is exacted, when the road is completed, and the well known " Concord Engineer"' throws away his pipe and runs the first locomotive from Boston to this village, that many families now living in Boston will tukc up their residence here. It is our opinion, however, that very few persons will make this change, as there aie a dozen villages or more nearer the city, which will oti'er too strong inducements?stronger than we can oHer. Several families, who have connexions here, will undoubtedly make the cliani;'', Imt their number is almost too small to couui in making an estimate upon the iiicreas-* of a (own. Wlmt ih one family to five hundred ? Is it u figure in (he great sum ol the world! Setting aside all these conside-ations, which amount to l?ui Utile in the great movement of the H?e, it appeals clear to us, that thts Fitchburg Railroad, hi connexion with the Providence, Worces ler, Norwich, Salem, Lowell, Nashua, Concord, Western and Kasteiu roads, and all their brunches aud turn-outs, will make Massachusetts one stupendous city? one immense depot. It will soon become to New Knglaud what Boston now is to Mass sachuaetu?the chief city, with ratlrouds for streets. Yours, H. Avon. [Correspondence ot the Herald.] Avon, August 17, 1818. 7Tif Visitors?Avon Unsurpassed?'Ifie Crojn?The fjualiti- s n/ tlir tPater?Potties and Live Making. Dear IIk^.nktr:? Again I seize my grey goose quill to write ol Avon and its waters. The upper and lower springs are thronged with visiters, owing to the enterprise of the able and accomplished proprietor, Captain Asa Nowlen. The invalid and votary ot pleusure? ihe politician and scene-hunting c hild of romance, ure thronging hither by dozens. The walks in and nbout the village, are delightful, and astroll beneath themoon, at evening, with ihe girl of my heart, lias charms "to dream of, not to tell." Where, in >ur extended country, can a more beautiful vale be lound, than that through which the Genesee meantiers'? Around other watering places ol greater <" notoriety, the tea'urea of the Iindecape are lens at- i tractive than those that enchant the eye in tins gar ti?n ot the Kmpite State. To or.e, like mysell, WlJIJ&r V|*|U1I IUI ?l 1*1 m?3 I'WIUVH VI ?n%, Jim ir hounded t>y brick hihI mortar, ihe pure air ami picturepque eceuery of Avon, all'ird unalloyed delight The corn und potatoe crops in this vicinity are improving Late r uns, mcceeded by geuia! sunshine, hive given the *'murphya" u vigorous biart, und they may be litaid calling in the lull It r more roori. The New Bith Spring, that I referred to in my last, U becoming a point ot great attraction ; the water, in my opinion, is more palatable han that ol Saratoga, and the most qbstiu.ite cases of disordered liver, diabeien, chronic nllections ot the opine <ud asthma, have yielded to its remedial power The worthy, well-bred, and compldisant discoverer i ?nd proprietor, Captain II. K. Iliekox, informs me r hat his spring is unquestionably the louiitain h^ad f it the other springs; in digging, lie penetrated to he hardpan and struck the precious vein, that irlestined to water on Lite's tree many a lading ilossom. Away with prose?I grow poetical! < Ihem! i> BONO * Oh, the new Bath Spring?the clear Bjth spring, I love its merry flow, As it gusheth upliom the parent vein * That lietb far below. ^ The pale <>( cheek, and the bowed with pnin, To it* (livercurrent flock, ,1 A* ihe tribes otoht, ah laint with third, y When their leader smote the lock Thfl hot paved streets of Uotham quit, > Ye creature* who delva lor gold? Beneath the wrinkling touch of care, Ye are growing untimely old. lltste ! tarry awhile at the New Bath Spring, And leul ye are young again ; I One glass will tuna a heart unstrung, Or quiet a throbbing brain. 1 Bright pool to renew his waited youth, i Old Ponce de Leon tried Vainly in southern lands to find, And at laat. heart-broken, died. And though lair Avon'i Fountain Well, Time'* march would not have staid, < One grateful draught, a merry man, The veteran would have mude. The precious stream is bubbling up From dark Karth's central core, Auddwclleth near its lourcc the gnome i 01 cabalistic lore : I Three cheers then lor the Fountain Well! * Forever may it fljw, For its h< aling wavediminiaheth T*e sum ol mortal wo ! \ What think you, Bennett, of my skill as a lyru ( l>ard \ With General Morria for a tutor I would j won measure rhyme with more ease than my head -i-.i- .:i.i...? m l [Tier II llir.iomto 1 I UUUIl i**y Iiiinmi n?^..7o ilial T was "port borr,"but my lather, being ol a |. contrary opinion, made me a counter-hooper ut the tender age ol twelve. However, my genius could not be cribbed in by my matter of fart avocation, for 1 fell in love with a fiitle black eyed gypaey, and, my bump of ideality b?coming excited, I married ^ tier name, not to immortal but to mortuary verse? [ for my effusion was heir to early death and burial ' A.ltor transcribing on gilt edged note paper my pre ' clous love lay, and tending the same to her address, ,, I received, in due time, the annexed laconic reply: ? " Bia-Enctoled is your nilty attempt ot rhyme. The \] lady who would receive your *>t*nnee? must necmaril; h |WMei? two qualification* that I cannot boast of, th. 8 io!t heart and a toller head. Youn, ADA. ? Thus was the blossom ol my poetic genius nipped in the bud?aye! to that unfortunate passage in m> ' tiistory is, alas, traceable the tact that I am a bachelor, and that I live , "A* livr.t a withered hough? 1 BlonomU'**, leeflem, and alone." Ever yours, Lro. Scrrw Naii.s.?An extensive screw nail manuactory h?a been established ut the village ol Homer i rille, N thirteen milea from New Yoik Ttu | icrews made are known by the name ol "Jnmes i Company Screws." ('Ins Manulactory is but one " >f a dozen of vannus kinds about to be established '' mt the "Somerville Manufacturing Company." f rhe water power is very extensive, and six or se- ij /en v:ry favorable sites lor factories are >et to be J ? lei. * . ,.i ai-Jiun i I LD. I'rlre Two Cents. I Atlantic anu Pacific Canai. ?The contract i entered into by tli" H rings. ot London, with tlm | K epubl'c ?f New Grenada, for the construction of a nhip canal acroan the isthmus ot Darien, provides ( lor rerfinir to ill < Coinnnnv 11??* line l<?r >l>?. ?' ' work, with eighty thousand acres of land on ihe ' i wo banks. and lour hundred thousand acres in the i interior. These princely merchants do not appear in this transaction in the agent* ol the British Govern1 ment officially ; but they are British subjects protected by the Government, and doubtless many imi portant advantages will be secured ?o Great Britain, both political and commercial, by ihe completion of the vast wotk here projected , The time hus been when the construction of thin Atlantic and Pacific Canal?a work of world wide concernment? was hi our own hands if we had chosen to take up the matter. Other nations on 1 the oilier side ol the water held back as though it were expected that our Government would executa an enterprise! to which it seemed called by position as the foremost power on ilie American continent, and as a power whose comiivrcial spirit and energy would hardly brook the interference of a European nation in a work so )>eculiarlv American. The occasion, howt ver, has been sutlered to pass. Through our tardy indifference the work which we would not do has fallen into hands that will do it?into I hands which "ill hold it with a steady grasp when it is done. The key of the whole American conj tinent is to be hi i be keeping of England? there I being, as it would seem, no proper guardian of it on this t.ide of the Atlantic?at least none with spirit enough to step lorth and claim the function. The completion ol a ship canal between the two oceans, us projected, will mark an era in the world's age. The event will stand forth to give a distinctive character to the century. It is to be a five years work? to endure forever. The whole aspect of commerce will he changed by it. It will accelerate the revolution now going on in China more rapidly and more thoroughly, than all the force of British armament?and not thrre only will it work changes, bill in all Polynesia and Australasia, and the western coasts of South America, which are now reached by doubling Cape Horn. We observe that a writer in the Alexandria Gazette i? <>f opinion that a better route for a canal between the.two oceans is by way of the river St. Juan and lake Nicaragua?much belter than across the isthmus ol D.irien Tins latter route is through a mountainous region lor some forty or fifty miles, while by the other the distance required to be cut will not exceed fifteen or twenty miles, and as rivers empty into ilie Pacific at no great distance above lake Nicaragua, the inference is fair that no great difference ol elevation exists between the lake and ilie oceau. Il would be worth while unquestionably to send a special ngent to Guatemala on this business- to make inquiries and examinations at least. The last ambassador sent thither from the United States was not able to find any government there ; after much painful searching he was obliged to give it up. We do not know that the Guatemalans liave any government yet?possibly they have. At all events an envoy might be sent, and for aught that any body known, he might return with knowledge of the two important facts?that a practicable canal route between the Atlantic and Pacific, and alive government both actually exist in Guatemala.? Italtimoie American. Mexican Stkam Shits.?It has generally been supposed here, that the Steamers Guadaloupe and Montr/.uma belong to the Mexican Government. We have however been informed by Uol. Morgan, tlmt some of the centralists ol Campechey, who are residing in Mexico, have written to their friends there and informtd (hern ttint these vessels ore owned by a company ol British capitalists in London, uml Hre merely loaned to the Mexican government at a certain rate per month, and security given that they shall he rt turned at the close of the period ol the contract in u good condition; or proper allowance made lor t'.ie damages they may have sustained. II these vessels had been captured by our Navy after the proclamation of the President had hern issued, the British government could perhaps have required them to be restored to the owners, and perhaps as in the ca?e of the Eliza Kuseel, w< uld have required our government to have made restitution for the damages sustained. 1 his may account lor the anxiety manifested by the British (JoiihUI at Vara Cruz to prevent the Ausiin and Wharton from visiting Catnpechey And may account also for the sudden visit ot ihe Bri'itsh brig tpartan to (Jalveeton.?Houtton {Ttxat) Telegraph. A Word From Lord Morpeth?" Vou may take the word ef one who speaks Irom experience ot the matter, that in funk and cordial hospitality to the guest and stranger, John, the elder Bull, niuat work h:*.rd to come up to Jonathan, the lusty yea"liiug," (Laughter and cheers ) 3E3Zai5JrW? GENERA! PXHrTTZlVO BSTABU8HMSNT, *. W. CORNER OF FULTON AND NASSAU STS. % ?a|?i>li?*?l with vxorv matrrUI necnmary for th* i>rom|?r, a?i(, aimI rronnmir*! f*i#rutiou of ftffy ilwriffion or 2r.^533K S'Sl, BmSHStX??* 'ublic attention is rei|nestei| In this establishment, in the asnrance that ample satisfaction will lie git en?as regards tvpftrapliv, press-work, ami charge*? lo ihnir who require fancy or onuimn, lanjo or small work cheaply ami nprwionilf lecuted. LABELS. CHECKS, WW BILLS. CIRC I LARS, SHOW BILLS, BALL TICKETS. STEAMBOAT BILLS. BILLS OK LADING, RAILROAD BILLS, BUSINESS CARDS, ST A OK BILLS, i ATALOOI'KS, rilAMPLETS, BILL HEADS, IIANDBILS, NOTES, mm m m *m mm?? PHKATRKS, CIRClrSK!S,' " nNCKRTS, MUSEUMS, LE?-TURKS, n unc MEETINGS, tr.niy Oilier plain wlicn1 the I tru-nl description ol Printing is rniiiml. Tli" faciliti** f ?r thi* work art not equalM by *?7 iffri" hi thin city. tor. the l*fRr ftMortnwit of PLAJiKl AMD 'OHM A?tl? AVAL fV'fili, Tlii? nttlili<liin>ill has the L..%K?E*T PKKNMKH IN THE CITY. ireat twin* have bm Iak"n to provide every material that ran nullify I* ill " ri ice, anal therefore iiersons having occasion lor hewhill*, will find it greatly to their advantage to patronize is establishment. I) M. PEYSER, ?te CO., ^T(?. 110 William street, I'niuer of John sir"*', and 437 Broad ' way have received, by recent arrivals, an extensive supply f the follow ii; FANCV UOODS, which were carefully se. cted bv a competent person at Paris, Berlin, Set:., and which iey offer for sale, in Wholesale and retail. ou litieral trrma, Berlin Zephyr and German Worsted?the most complete asortment. Berlin Embroidery Pat term?* choice selection. Caiiva-is for Embroidery, of cotton, worsted, linen, silk, gold umI silver, of all width* and qualities. Silk Chenille, for embroidery, trimtnim and flower making. Puna Twist, German, French and English, plain and shade*], n skeins, sticks, and on spools. Floss Silk for Embroidery and Fringe inakars, in skeina and >n spools. . .... . _ _ . ?- ? ??I? .ssn?.l>l>< ?mlir,,?l..ra/l ami Miia nan i\mr Trim nu^pnwri, miTiiny TWI/IW.wiw, mings. <fold, Silver Mid Steel Beads, in all No*. Mother of Pearl, Gold, Silver ami Steel Purse Ornament*. Gold and Silver Fringe, Braid, Cord, Twist, Thread and Taaaeli. Embroidery Frames, and a variety of different Fancy Artidee. Artificial Flow en?a choice (election. Kiiaw, of cotton, worsted and ailk, imported and domestic Gimp-, Tassels, Buttons and all other kuid of trimming. Jy 17 3m*ec f"\ WH.HKI/M8, No. 231 Broadsvay. opposite the Fonntam, I' lias rrcived a large supply of (Joonw, which he offers liol-aale, and retail, at sery leasmtltile prices? lerlin. Ze|ilnr, worsted, German, car|wt mid sliml hi Woraied mbroidrry Pattern, a beautiful selection 'anvass of every description Voisied, Silk, Cotton, Hold oid Silver, rmbroidr's, I rim nn-.i; mil H"?" tn Is m;; Chenille r|.,s iiiil I 'ii Silk, plain and *ha>M Irtitiial Flower* ami K'nthera V great vanely of cast ir >n VVoik 'erfumery, to be aold iu package* from )i to X gross, at very low price* ?am:y Note Plipers, Wafers and Envelopes, together with * large assortment of f'ticy articles, Olorev, Work and Seg ir Cases Rings and Tassels for purees. an 12 lm*ec I. SO HI AM CHEAP DYEING ESTABLISHMENT. lTU. SOItl \ lie 1 I"ne re . ectfully to inform his friends and "* the public ill general lliat owing t<> the depressed state of ie times, he has ri duced his price !i> per cent below the reguir charge*. Ladies wishing their summer dresses, shawls, Su\ dyed or rrnsed, will find it much to their advantage by paying him a isit. I ientleinen will also do well to call with such articles f wearing ip|>sre| as tnay ne?d dyeing or pressing VII orders till tie punctually attended to. and the articles done up in the st style at Soria's establishment, No. 4911 Pearl st. His lirviches are at No !t?7 Bleecker St., No 3t-' Bowery, and t W7 Grand st. Also a hniich at 19 Enltou st. Brooklyn, ana t Newark, N. J., corner of Broad st, and Washington Place. Merchants can have all kinds of goods dyed and put np in heir original forms, and on moderate terms. Principal office 490 Pearl st. "iU "" " fNKGToN WATER UAV'S FIRST PREMIUM IN ^ l)IA RUBBER IIOSE i< confidently recommended |.. my purpose* for ? I- -her is used.and .. warranted to po*| tight nndrr pret-nre of the Crnton. 2d ?I t i s made of the strongest fabrics, and will not mildew o iiiilire in the leu', and requires no attention. VfjT . ' destroyed by coming in contact with oil or . J.or ,t10mfit by cold weather, nor can the rubber de mimwe is inferior articles are in no case nsed. Shonld the complaint be made of the Hose, not |>oasea?int the above imiiertitw, it will he taken back, at any time inside of si? n.mtlis from its purchase, and other given in enchange without ''lib* i ..iipling and jet pipes will he attached without charge. i... %?. 111 mitM w?* :%r* rlfaiU MtintKHl thnf fhn [inw (y** roc#** of making which in ?n known to any other in the tratt) ,on" wa hoiticvii day. jyit lin'r Succewur U> lUikbluy 1. a. * *4 >! ?* a